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    • Littlejx9

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    • BabyWendyMarie  »  janet88

      Your cover photo is simply striking.
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    • mamabug

      Chapter 8 of The CEO Cuck is now up! Chapter 9 is on my Patreon page! (along with a lot of other goodies!) https://www.patreon.com/mamabug 
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    • BabyWendyMarie  »  Kathy67j

      I love cloth diapers and plastic baby panties. Would you be MY mommy? If you would, i would be a very special baby for you, and I would be your friend too! 😍
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    • Morioriaty

      04/08/2020 Invented a new card and dice game in which i do not  think any one else has yet thought of. The rules  of  the game are classified and how to play it same. Why give away what can be my only meal ticket ?
      Also i found the joy of canning fruits and other foods to pass the time and also a good way to make fermented home brew drink. Melon dew was tried and the first ever batch of it in a mason jar was well  enjoyed with the chicken and two eggs platter. I have heard allot of ambulance sirens today and not too mention allot of yelling from people whom are for the lac  of better term losing one's shit. Screaming as loud as one might think  some one was able  to the following Ima packing heat ! Come at me come at me! This was just after sun set by the way. Here we are this is what we have now for a world. All  the i should have done this and that thoughts,pointless far too fucking late.
      This may not  end all  humanity but I will  say this the Earth will not be as trusting of any governments. Globalism is killing the planet this virus out break pandemic alone is proof enough. This is the real life Stand the movie prologue come to life. There are days in which i wish I was not as educated and i envy the foolish some days. I was told an expression related to such. An empty mind is a happy soul. Ironic in it's own way. The old world is no more and as i said this may not end all humanity but it will certainly will  never be the same and even into our great grand children we shall  be paying for this. Toledo by the way where I live no help is coming period. Seems the Earth forgot that Toledo is as much apart of the US as the rest of the Earth. Shops have lines out side with people not staying six feet away. So I go to the back  of the line and wait. Or if I feel there is a issue going to take place I go else where and get the items of need and not have to deal with panic stricken unstable lunatics. Two people at a time is the latest number I understood it to be. I will  say in the plus side shopping has never  been so  quiet as long as you avoid the wrong types of people.
      Getting out of here is top goal one and the means to get out of here and into parts not known is going to be a must have goal to reach. Regardless of where I am I can say it shall  not  be in an over sized city. I have a touch of  this nasty virus by the way and purged it out the hard way. A whole bottle of vodka was drank down and then i purged it out the hard way. After the purging took place after three days of non stop vomiting went  on I shouted as loud and told the Devil  to go screw himself  with a rusty pipe and passed out to  sleep soon after. And after that peaceful sleep was done and I was awake  and living. I had the most nasty hangover ever experienced. I will take a hang over over dying anytime at least i can sober up and  have breakfast.
      I made  breakfast of what i now called the chicken or the egg platter. It is a giant  chicken thigh with two whole fried eggs on white bread with hot sauce. Felt nice to not have to throw up after a meal. Last of it is now at best maybe some sore lungs with congestion coming out. So I should be by all rights dead by now and yet and yet mind you I am here. A bit sore and very confused and yet grateful. An ex of  mine and myself by the way are now together again. Who would have seen that coming in all honesty ?
      It took a pandemic to wake me up  and get back on the side of God. Now more so than ever all the doubts i did have are gone. Not going to say sorry any longer for my faith. Any one whom  is reading this thinks of me in any negative way I pity you. check the body count  of the world and tell me God is not pissed, go ahead and be that way and deny the truth right now if you want but do not expect me to say sorry. Not going to happen any longer. So the card and dice game  will be sold to  the right publisher of said game maker once this ends and I have unfinished business to attend to as well and now a renewed faith in God. Better late than not at all is the phrase best used to explain this.
      Sure I have made my grave errors no pun intended  to any one whom lost some one close to them in anyway. And yes I suspect I will in some small way make errors but however it must be my age and greying beard but I am getting allot wiser. Shy of some sore lungs and hacking up  congestion all else is better than expected by any or all means.
      I will further not be counting on money or help that is not coming. No i do not believe anything this or any other government tells me shy of what i know in person as fact. Skeptical logic is by the the most healthy of logical way of living. I know there maybe allot of people that are shaking the heads and laughing right now and that is great. Congratulations for making fun of people whom in which are living with this shit hole Earth and the wrath of God. These false tin gods of how faith in science alone has about as much emotion as a cold calculator with no sense of humanity. And for all this and so much more do I pity those whom think this is a joke or a hoax or are too stupid to see the facts for what they are. Only one solution comes to mind and I am afraid it is the only one. Have the same sort of personal experience as this and tell me after you live if you live that this is some sort of joke.
      The night is long the skies are of fog. Unknown fates intertwine. Can you not see the bodies being piled up nine by nine wide and high? Oh these poor fools, these walking corpses seeking a coffin. Seek with in one self and feel the truth stay within. Yes the road is long and trip far from over. A cure you say might be or no? Where is the truth, where is the sense and decency from long ago ? 
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