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    • how would I make a character guide on this sight? I add multiple characters when they fit into the story. ill try to make one on deviant art as its a lot easier to manipulate and change when i add more characters. ill leave links to it when it's done.
    • I watched for a moment as Alice was humping Bobbi’s diaper before going over and smacking her leg. With tears in her eyes, she got off Bobbi. “Bad girl! You know she gets full rights with the toy today. If you keep acting up, you won't get to have ‘fun time’ at all today.” I sternly tell the Alice as I turned my attention to Bobbi and helped her up. Bobbi was a short girl with a nearly flat chest but an adorable face and lovely long black hair that touched her shoulders. Walking her over to the kitchen table and sat her fluffy bottom down on a chair. turning to my baby Alice with a look that told her she was in trouble she followed and sat down across from Bobbi. “It's not fair, why does she get to have it all day,” Alice whined causing Bobbi to give a slight giggle to her frustration. “Because Alice today is her re-birthday,” I tell her as I open the cupboard to pull out a box of cookies. “What's that?” Bobbi asked. “It's a day where little babies are done with their training and get to go home,” I tell her and lay down 2 cookies for the both of them to tide them over until lunch is made. “I want a re-birthday!” Alice said with a demanding tone, to which I pinched her nose and turned her to face me. “If you keep up your whining you'll get your punishment. Do you understand?” I ask her with a smile and with fear and tears in her eyes she nods. “Good.”  I prepare them a lunch of pb&j with carrot sticks and milk before sending them both to the playroom.  During the summer of when I started, I had them add a living space under the school. At first, it was the size of a small apartment with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. One for me and the other for baby Alice. The night I broke her I realized just how cute she was and couldn't stand the thought of her diaper butt in jail, So I kept her for myself. Now every summer when the school is being fixed up, I have them add something or add more space for something. Now my home is beautiful and cozy, plus for those really naughty kids are introduced to my “PLAYROOM.” Once I'm done cleaning the kitchen I sit down on the couch and finish up my little project. I had a small scrapbook of little Bobby's transformation. ***********************************6 months ago The school year was just about to start, and already I had a few troublemakers early on. During the summer I'm given a list of all the new students coming in and look at what their records say about them. I don't mind the kids that get the odd detention because I'll get to them when they do get in trouble. It's the ones who are always getting into trouble that I look into.  For these kids, I go straight to the source and meet with them and their family. I then try to find the problem and fix it like making the family be more open to each other or having the parents back off their kid a bit.  I learned that kids will mostly act out because of some family problems. But then there are the ones where I have to take over such as a bully being abused at home, so he lashes out at school, a spoiled brat thinking they're top shit, to kids just being assholes just because. For them, I really get involved, and soon it's all fixed. Bobbi, however, was a different story altogether. Her mother died 7 years ago, and her father remarried 3 years ago. At first, Bobbi was all supportive of the marriage, but when her father had to leave for months at a time, she soon began to hate her new mother. Just a week before school started I visited Bobbi's house and meet with the new mother. She told me everything that has happened. How she lashes out, gets into fights at school, was caught more than once smoking weed, and even tormenting her little stepbrother who still wets the bed at night at 6. After hearing all that I just couldn't help myself but want to help. So for the first time ever, I ask the mother a question. “Would you like that sweet little kid back?” 3 weeks into the school year I finally called Bobbi into my office. Usually I would have called her in a lot sooner but I had to get things ready, and I wanted to focus a lot of time on her so I worked hard on the others just so I can focus a lot of time on her. The punishment went smoothly. Using much the same tactic I used on Sara I used on her except I didn't put give her a laxative and I kept the locking panties on her. Telling her if she wanted out she would come to the school at 6 o'clock in the morning, 2 hours before the first class begins. At first, she called me a bitch and that I couldn't do this to her and that she would call the cops or sue. To which I told her to go right ahead. I won't stop her. This stunned Bobbi as she now began to wonder if I had some way to avoid getting into trouble or if I was just bluffing. Before she could even try to think of something to say to me I told her to have a beautiful day and pushed her out of my office leaving the girl to walk home with a diaper under her skirt and being too embarrassed to do anything. Bobbi kept quiet about what happens and when asked what happened to her pants she told her mother they ripped, so the school gave her a skirt to wear home. She then went to her room and tried everything to remove the lock but found nothing worked. She wanted to try some of her dad's tools but didn't want to risk her stepmom finding out. Reluctantly Bobbi came back to the school in the early morning. Having gone without dinner for not wanting her family to somehow find out about her diaper. Plus getting very little sleep because she really had to use the bathroom. I was happy when I saw Bobbi. I even asked if she used the diaper yet? Her face went bright red and repeatedly told me no. So I decided to check for myself. She tried to stop me, but I would just leave the lock on if she wanted to fight me. I lifted the skirt and felt the diaper all over. The girl was trembling as I poked and prodded all over.  “What a good girl, you keep it clean, what a good girl,” I told her which made her face grow even redder. I then ripped the skirt casing Bobbi to freak out. I ripped it in just a way that they now wouldn't stay on the young girls frame no matter how hard she tried. “Come now, let's get those undies unlocked,” I told her before taking her by the hand and walking her through the school, leaving behind the now ruined skirt. Bobbi was beyond embarrassed walking through the school with her diapered bottom on full display. She was just so happy that no one was around to see her like this. She just couldn't wait to get this damn thing off. But Mis.Mare had just one stop before they got to her office. They stepped right into the boy's bathroom. Bobbi began to freak out a little more as she was dragged into the room and forced into a stall with the teacher. Then right in front of Bobbi, Mis.Mare got the toilet, pulled her own pants down and began to pee in the bathroom right in front of Bobbi. Bobbi was so desperate she started to clinch the front of her diaper, trying hard not to pee herself. “Aww, what a good girl trying to hold it in. but you shouldn't worry it won't leak.” the teacher told her with a smile on her face as she finished up.  “Like hell, I'm using this thing you damn bitch!” Bobbi said to me, but I ignored it.  When we were finally at the office, Bobbi was close to bursting. I walked over to my desk opened up my door and asked for Bobbi to come with me. I asked her to bend down a bit so I can get to the lock and as she did, I grabbed something from behind her before unlocking the panties. “Finally!” Bobbi yelled as she tried to stand up and rush out the door to the bathroom but was stopped when a hand pushed her body back down over the desk. Before Bobbi could even ask what was going on, she could feel a paddle smack the back of her diaper. Bobbi pleaded for it to stop but Mis.mare continued. Giving her a smack for every bad thing she's done. Her body couldn't last any longer as her body began forcing her to let out everything it had. “What a good girl, you don't waste your diaper.” Mis.mare told Bobbi as tears began to stream down her eyes, wondering just how much worse this could get. She didn't have to wait long as her paddling continued! When it was done Bobbi was so tired, she didn't care she was being picked up by mis.mare and walked thru the school again. This time with a full diaper on display. The teacher took Bobbi into the girl's locker room and sat the girl down on a hard bench before going over to the showers and starting them. Bobbi dint stops her when she stripped them both and forced her into the shower to help wash off the mess. Once done Bobbi was given a new change of clothes but instead of panties, she was given a pull up instead. With no choice in the matter, she put it on, along with a simple red t-shirt and black pants that felt a little snug with the pull up on. Mis.mare then lead Bobbi to the nurse's room where she was told to lie down on the bed. She did as she was told just wondering what this crazy bitch was going to do next. Mis.mare just pulled out a small blanket and laid it on her. “It’s 6:45 right now, and the first bell isn't till 7:53. Take a nice little nap before school starts,” she told Bobbi. Without any complaint, Bobbi nodded off from exhaustion. “What a good girl.” Bobbi spent the rest of the day in the pull-up. It wasn't so bad, but the moment she got home, she ripped the damn thing off to put on her real underwear. Bobbi didn't see Mis.mare for the rest of the week and Bobbi thought it was finally over until Monday morning she was called into her office. Waiting for her was a paddle and a diaper laying on the teacher's desk. “Are you ready for your next punishment?” mis.mare asked her. “No, I don't want to do this!” Bobbi told the teacher. “I don't care what you want. This is your punishment for being a bad girl.” “But you can't do this!” “But I can. And now little girl you are starting to get on my nerves. You can either be a good girl and accept your punishment, or I can force you back into that old diaper you used before. I made sure to save it just for you.” mis.mare lied to Bobbi about that last part, but the look of shock and disgust on her face was priceless. “Please, I'll do anything. I just don't want to be in diapers!” Bobbi whined, and the both of them stared at each other. For a minute the tension in the air was high, and Bobbi was afraid she might actually be put back into that nasty diaper. “Ok I'll give you a lesser punishment.” mis.mare told Bobbi as she put away the thick diaper and paddle.  Bobbi relaxed a moment until she then pulled out a pull up. “What's that for?” Bobbi asked already knowing it was for her. “Your new punishment. You are to take this pull up, and every morning at 7 you are to bring me back a full one.” mis.mare told Bobbi. “But…” Bobbi started, but mis.mare stopped her. “It's simple. You take the pull up home. You decide when to fill it. You can fill it with pee, with poop, or both I don't mind. But you must come to school wearing it. If it's not full or you decide not to do it, then you'll get an even worse punishment.” With the rules set out for Bobbi, she took the pull up and went back home. She kept the pull up in her purse and was trying hard to think of some way out of this and just decided she would take the pull up and put it on just before 7 and go then.  That plan didn't work out so well as when Bobbi woke up she used the toilet before leaving and only realized what she did when she got to the school. She quickly changed into the pull-up and tried her hardest to pee, but just a little came out. Mis.mare was not happy with it. She paddled the girl and told her she had one more chance. But now not only did she have to bring in a full pull up in the morning but also after school as well!  To make sure Bobbi know the risks of disobeying, mis.mare pulled out a big baggy with a full diaper inside. Courtesy of baby Alice that morning but Bobbi didn't know that. The mere thought of that diaper scared Bobbi she held in whatever she could during the day just so she had a full pull up for mis.mare. At night Bobbi was even too scared to use the bathroom late at night for fear she might not have enough for in the morning.  Mis.mare even gave her a little present to help her remember. A small sign that she hung on her wall that said ‘what a good girl, remember the consequences.’  This went on for 2 weeks until one terrifying morning. Bobbi pissed the bed. Bobbi was so upset that she began crying waking up her stepmom who came in to check on her. The stepmom then went over to comfort the crying child and to tell Bobbi it was just an accident and that these things happen. But Bobbi wasn't crying because of that, she was crying because she now didn't have enough to fill her pull up. Bobbi couldn't help but cry even more when she told Mis.Mare what happened. But Mis.mare is a fair woman and said to the crying child that under the circumstances she would help her. Bobbi didn't know what she meant until Mis.mare's hand slipped down the back of her diaper and felt something is squirted into her butt. Mis.mare then told Bobbi to write ‘what a good girl I am’ on the board until ‘it’ happens. She had no idea what “it” was but she did as told and after a few minutes she felt a cramp. She then remembered that the pull up had to be full with one of two things. And she was about to do the second. She wanted to whine, she wanted to use the toilet, but she new mis.mare was just trying to help her. It didn't take much longer when Bobbi felt the back of her pull up to expand and just squat down to finish. “What a good girl you are.” mis.mare told her and even helped get her cleaned up again. This time, however, she suggested that until her punishment was over, she should wear the pull up to bed as well just in case of any more accidents. It was another two weeks, and she was in pull-ups full time now. She figured why to waste the pull-up and underwear. She had to wear a bit more baggy clothing to help cover up the pull-up, but she didn't mind much. That is until during her history class she felt a little odd. She felt wet for some reason, like she just…. Bobbi jumped out of her seat freaking some of the other students as she ran out of the classroom and into Mis.mare’s office. “WHEN IS MY PUNISHMENT OVER!” Bobbi yelled at the teacher who only looked at her with a smile. “PLEASE TELL ME! I HAVE BEEN IN THIS PULL UP SO LONG I JUST WET MYSELF WITHOUT REALIZING IT!” she continued to scream. Mis.mare calmly got up, walked over to the girl and began to swat her padded behind for screaming at a teacher and for leaving in the middle of class. She then sat Bobbi down in a chair while she called up the history teacher and tell them that she was now dealing with Bobbi. Once Bobbi was calmed down, Mis.mare explained that if she had gone with the first punishment that it would have been over 2 weeks ago. But because she wanted this discipline it won't be over for another 4 weeks. Bobbi didn't even try to argue about it. She knew she couldn't win, and mis.mare could see it. “Wow, what a good girl you're being, not whining about not getting your way. I think I might have something you can do after school that might lessen your punishment.” mis.mare said and Bobbi got excited.  Bobbi didn't even care she was sent back to class in a now cold wet pull up. She just wanted this to be over. The moment class ended she rushed to Mis.mars office just so eager to finally be done, but mis.mare just told her to sit at the desk and do her homework until she was done with her work. Mis.mare wouldn't even give her a new pull up telling her she could wait a little while longer for a change. Mis.mare then left for 30 minutes to deliver some paperwork leaving me bored and in need to use the bathroom again. But I did as mis.mare said and be a good girl for her. When the teacher came back, she could see the young girl fidgeting in her seat trying hard not to go number 2. Without wasting any time mis.mare took Bobbi by the hand and lead her to room D-3, a room Bobbi has never seen open before. Once opened Bobbi could see a stairway leading down and was told to head down. When she reached the bottom, she was now in a living space under the school. She was shocked that something like this could be the school that as she walked further inside, she didn't notice the hallway to her right that had someone running towards Bobbi and tackled her. Both bodies hit the grand and Bobbi began to freak out. One because she thought she was being attacked. And two she literally just shit herself. “Bad Alice, you know better than to jump on people.” Mis.mare said as she pulled the blond girl off of Bobbi. “Sorry mommy.”  the Alice girl said with a smile and stuck her tongue out a little. “Wh-whats going on?” I asked now baffled. “Well, you see my little girl here been getting a bit lonely recently. And when I saw what a good girl you were earlier I decided that I would end your punishment early if you did just one thing. “What's that?” Bobbi asked in total confusion. “Just spend the weekend with Alice. That's it.” mis.mare said with a smile. Before smelling the air. “Alise didn't I just change you?” turning to Alice, and I finally realized that she was wearing a bright pink dress with a very notable diaper.  “It's not me!” Alice said proudly as mis.mare checked the back of her diaper before looking at me. “Well, I guess someone's a stinky baby.” Mis.mare said to me and I couldn't help but blush hard. I had messed my pull up so bad that it leaked all over. Getting poop on both my skirt and shirt. Mis.mare then stripped me, got me as clean as possible and threw Alice and me into a bath while she told me what was going to happen. “I've already cleared it with your mom, so you'll spend the weekend with Alice. Once that's over you are no longer in trouble.” mis.mare told me. I didn't even question it and just nodded in agreement. “What a good girl you are Bobbi,” she said in praise. After we were washed up, mis.mare left us to play in the water for a bit while she threw my clothes into the wash.  When we finally got out Mis.mare diapered Alice and put her in a cute pink onesie. I was next and instead of my usual pull up she diapered me in the same thick diaper as Alice, telling me that they won't leak before giving me a long white nightgown. I then was lead to Alice's room. It was big and pink. The floor was covered in little girl toys, she had what looked like a changing table that was filled with diapers and other baby products. On the other side of the room, she had a big bookshelf filled with baby books the stuff that Bobbi herself read. At first, I thought Alice would have a crib, but she instead had a regular bed. She even had a giant cute stuffed animal that was 6ft tall and was very fat, it looked like something out of a cartoon. We played dolls and colored for a few hours, and I had to admit I was having a little fun. Not long after that we were called into the living room and seen it was all set up. The couch was covered in blankets. The coffee table had plates of chicken nuggets, pizza pockets, and french fries. There was even a veggie plate in the center. “Now let's get this sleepover started.” mis.mare said as she put in a movie.  Alice and I were warm under the blankets as we ate our finger food dinner and watched a cute movie. The only hard part was using the sippy cup Mis.mare gave us. Once the movie was over Mis.mare had us help clean up the mess before having us set down blankets for a little bed in the living room. By now it was close to 8 at night. “Ok girls who need a change before bed?” mis.mare asked us. My diaper was still clean, so I didn't say anything. “One-second mommy,” Alice said. Looked over at her diaper and saw that it too looked clean as she stood up and then squatted down right beside me. I watched in shock as her face scrunched up and the back of her diaper began to fill out. Her face suddenly relaxed, and a hiss could be clearly heard from her diaper. “What a good girl.” mis.mare praised Alice as she waddled over to her mommy for a diaper change. “Bobbi, will you go in your diaper for mommy too?” Immediately I thought why not? I'm already in the diaper. I just watched Alice use it right in front of me. And I really wanted mommy to praise me as well. So I got on all fours and began to fill my diaper just like Alice did. I then crawled over to mommy who was now changing Alice. Alice giggled saying I had a big diaper butt and began to pat it. “What a good girl you are.” mommy told me. As soon as we were changed mommy had us lay down on the blankets while she got us out a treat for being such good girls for her. She came back with a box and told Alice to get on top of me. “You're going to love this,” Alice told me as she got on top of me. Before I could even ask what was happening both Alice and I began to moan as something vibrating was put on our diapers. “What naughty little babies I have.” mommy said as she took turns playing with us both for a few minutes before rolling Alice off of me.  We were both panting when mommy began to play with Alice. Rubbing the vibrating wand all over her diaper. “Ok Alice, tell mommy how much you love her.” mommy asked her.
      “I LOVE YOU MOMMY SO MUCH!” Alice screamed as I watched her cum right into her diaper. “Good, now Bobbi come over here please.” mommy asked and patted her lap. I did as I was told and sat in mommy's lap where she lifted the front of my diaper and slid the vibrator in. The vibrator was so intense I grabbed it as my body began to shake. Mommy then began to massage my chest and whispered in my ear. “What a good girl you are. Now if you want to cum you must tell mommy how much you want to be a baby.” “I WANT TO BE A BABY, PLEASE LET ME BE A BABY MOMMY!” Bobbi screamed and jolted as she too felt the joy of being mommy’s baby.
      ***************************************************** Bobbi’s been with us since. I personally took her out of school and been training her in my home. Playing well with Alice and her toys, even the special ones. Over time she became just as happy and behaved as Alice. Soon my alarm went off, and I got both babies ready, and we walked upstairs. Waiting for us in the back of the school was Bobbi's stepmom, or should I say, new mommy. The new mommy was very surprised when we came out the back door and for the first time in a long time could see what Bobbi had become.  Bobbi was wearing a light blue dress with frills covering her diaper. Her hair was beautiful and long, and she was even wearing a little makeup. Nothing the old Bobbi would be caught dead wearing. “I-it can't, are you saying, is she really?” the new mommy stammered until I grabbed her hand and placed it under baby Bobbi's diaper. “What a good girl you're being Bobbi, why don't you show your, new mommy, what you like doing now?” I asked. With a bright smile on Bobbi's face, her diaper began to get warmer and more massive. Alice and I watched as Bobbi was put into her car seat and was taken home to enjoy her new life with her new mommy. “Come on little Alice. Let's see if we can find you another sister.” mommy told Alice.
    • (I tried to explain it to you that the diploma is real so you would realize I was over 18) "I'm going to relax"
    • (i didn't know that) Sally: So what our you going to do tomorrow