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  1. Holy shit. DD changed again? Guess I should checkin a lot more often.

  2. I tend to use a "detailing" trimmer with the lowest attachment. It works and doesn't shred that particular region, but I don't do it as often as I should.
  3. "I'm still here, under the moon..."

  4. I kind of do, kind of don't. I have an interest in being an astronaut and would love to buy a replica spacesuit to walk around my apartment, and use my diaper while in the suit.
  5. The question is not why, but why not?
  6. Agreed. When I was walking to and from work, diapers would have been handy. Of course, this would be one of those things that sound great in theory, but may not have worked in practice on some nights.
  7. I work as an auditor/MOD (manager on duty) for a hotel. If I feel brave enough to wear, it's usually a Pull-Up style, but don't use it unless I have to.
  8. XP Medical has been my go to for a while. They've been very consistent with my orders, and always have what I'm looking for, short of discontinued products.
  9. Wasn't ABDL related, but I've had USPS do that to me too. I got one of those "missed you" tickets and I went in after I got off work around 7 am THE VERY NEXT DAY. After waiting about an hour, I was told it was STILL on the delivery vehicle.
  10. I've slowed down a bit on my diaper use. I'm not seeing a purge anytime soon, but a mixture of changing situations, both personal and financial, makes a little harder to be padded as often as I want. Having said that, I'm glad to have discovered Abenas, Tena Maxi Slip, and Molicare. Kind of hard to go back to Deoends or Attends. At some point, I would like to try something with a print design on it.