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  1. Let's see... There's Breathing. Diapers. Drinking. Diapers. Eating. Diapers. Sleeping. Diapers. Peeing. Diapers. Pooping. Diapers. Diapers. Diapers. All joking aside, they are number one after the necessities of life. I can and have gone longer without the other things I enjoy longer than I have without diapers.
  2. I'm not a fan of the University of Tennessee, so no.😛
  3. Not for lent, but I gave up on big people undies years ago. Although I do try to get my poopies in the potty.
  4. @rusty pinscuriosity mostly. The Assurance I picked up in the Clearance aisle a long time ago because a friend of mine that occasionally visits has a tendency to forget things like spare diapers or his normal undies. I also have some Ninjamers that I bought when they first came out, but they are too small. I vaguely remembered that many decades ago the largest bed wetting pant sort of fit. Goodnites were the largest I could find, although I hear there is a bigger one in Australia. So I wanted to see which was better. I was fairly sure the Goodnite would out perform the adult product, because adult mass market products are deliberately made poorly as opposed to those made for children. Parents will complain about poor performance for their children, but adults won't for themselves because it would embarrass them.
  5. That makes the car a size 2 diaper. They are 11-18 lbs.
  6. I pretty much agree with @Little Sherri. They are better than store bought adult products, but they can't hold what a real diaper will. If I had minor urinary incontinence, I would definitely use these over the adult stuff in stores. They are surprisingly stretchy and fit decently on my somewhat chubby adult frame.
  7. I was at a vendor booth at a tabletop gaming convention and bought an embroidered towel that says "Who let me adult. I can't adult." All my friends thought it was appropriate.
  8. So they went to three hospitals in Lahore and found 400 men that had had COVID and most had some sort of urinary incontinence. Next up. Survey of American Kindergarten determines most attendees are little kids... The presence of a small number of adults couldn't be explained.
  9. I would say that it was likely a combination of three things. First was the tighter fit, although the adult pull-up did fit well. Second is a better design with the Goodnite. Third is just better overall leg gathers. Now having said that, the Goodnite contained a larger mess for a longer time. And yes I prefer my regular diapers as they will contain even bigger messes, for longer times.
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