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  1. Forsite Diapers has several non AB patterns. Many years ago Depend put out patterned pullups. They were ugly and didn't last long. Oddly I was part of the survey group that picked the patterns. The rejected group was worse.
  2. "Murder by Death" is a comedy send up of mystery movies and books, parodying five or six famous fictional detectives. It is full of objectionable humor. Watching it on various cable channels that edit it for content makes some scenes rather confusing as the set up for the joke was cut earlier because of a racist joke/comment/effect in that part of the movie.
  3. I used my Rollator, so I had a seat, only standing to get at the higher branches. The blueberries would have been cheaper, except for the long drive and most of the day spent. It was very relaxing.
  4. Just pointing out the law. Plus there's always someone else finding out, Cable guy that needs to take a piss, or whatever. Personally I'd rather have the changing table in my nursery near my crib.
  5. This was at a farm. All the bushes planted in nice straight rows, with plenty of help all around.
  6. @WeaselDiaperBoy I formerly was a member of FetLife, but found that many of the membership were abusive, lying scum. If you did not kowtow to them, they began to post abuse and lies about you. Moderators were part of the clique, and ignored what they did while chastising the targets. So, not going back.
  7. On Tuesday morning I went blueberry picking. It was a nice relaxing couple of hours. The temperature wasn't bad and there was a nice cloud cover. I would have picked more, but it started raining. When I finished, I texted my neice to see if she was home and if her toddler daughter would like some blueberries. A silly question, she loves blueberries. We chatted for a while, she had been thinking of asking me to join her blueberry picking this week, but she wasn't feeling well. So it worked out well. I dropped off most of the rest of the blueberries I picked for other great-neices and nephews. Before returning home. It was a great waste of time, money, and gas. But extremely enjoyable.
  8. https://daring-diane.blogspot.com/?m=1&zx=6993bd3a08b7adc7 Daring Diane has a couple of stories where that is the theme.
  9. Like DailyDi, I am asexual, so basically all the answers are No.
  10. The leak is just something that happens in a small percentage of men. That crossed with varicoceles, varicose veins on testicles, another small percentage of men. The pain increased while I was standing, the longer I stood, the worse the pain. It was fiunally corrected by the insertion of a rather long wire into the leaking vein. This was some of the most intense pain I have ever felt, you wouldn't mistake it for anything else.
  11. I stay in my diaper as long as I can, but try to change before it leaks.
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