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    •   Chapter 6: A Slow News Day   --One Hour Later, Aboard The Bebop-- Faye took a deep breath before stepping out of her bathroom. The events that had transpired over the previous night were entirely a blur to her. However, the shame and humiliation felt as fresh to her as the clothes she just put on. 'How the hell did I even end up in that Monkey Cage?' She couldn't remember anything after inhaling the chemical, but everything since receiving the antidote was crystal clear.  The purple haired bounty hunter had refused to talk to anyone, including Jet and Spike. Faye had fought the urge to rip off the defiled garment as she walked through the crowd. With each step the disgusting muck spread while strangers taunted her. She may have exposed herself to dozens of people, but to remove the diaper would've landed her behind bars. So, she had to walk in her own filth and even sit in it while Spike and Jet had all the windows rolled down in the rental car. She remembered that awkward car ride well, but did her best to block it from her memory. Faye shuddered and decided to break her imposed vow of silence as she walked out to the living room. The guys were watching television, Jet sat on the couch while Spike smoked as he stood off to side. Ed was playing on her computer until the orange haired girl noticed her entry.  "Faye-Faye!" The teen called out as she ran over to Faye. "You better now?" All eyes were on the purple haired woman. She looked down at Ed and slightly smiled. "I'm fine, Ed."  "Good!  Ed worried about lot about you!" The hacker hugged her tightly while Faye tried to push her away. "Yeah, I know that." Ed finally released her and Spike turned back towards the TV while Jet smiled. "Heartwarming." The balding man chuckled from the couch. "So, what the hell happened to me last night?" Faye demanded as she walked over to where Jet sat with her arms crossed. "You must've came in contact with that neurotoxin and the Jester knocked you. Ed told me about your 'girls only mission' and I found you laying outside the compound." Jet paused for a second. "Honestly, you're lucky I found you before someone else did." Faye sighed. "I know. Now don't tell me you dumped me in the zoo becuase you just said you found me last night." "That's the part that no one knows. You escaped from the Bebop and ran off into the night and then this morning we find out that you're playing with monkeys in the zoo." "Who told you I was in the zoo?" "Channel 3 brings you exclusive footage of the Taophos Zoo Monkey Woman" The announcement from the television captured Faye's attention as the news correspondent narrated the clip being shown where the purple haired bounty hunter swung around a tree. "We have no idea if this is some kind of prank or a sociological experiment. Rumors are abound that this could be a form of guerrilla advertising for a new reality show. Pardon the pun." The journalist stifles a slight chuckle. "That would explain why she didn't get arrested for this bold and bizarre act." The other news anchor added. "That's a good point. Whoever she is, she's now an over night media sensation on the web. A multitude of cellular videos of her have surpassed a million viewers on various websites." Faye angrily picked up the remote and turned off the report. "Hey! I was watching that." Spike said with a smirk. "We need to burn all footage of me swinging around naked damn it!" Faye demanded. "That's not possible, Faye-Faye. It's all over the web!" Ed called out from her computer. "You can hack it!" Faye smiled and briskly walked over to the sitting girl. "That's what you're good at!" " Ed can get rid of some of it, but not all." The hacker popped up a video of Faye, topless and jumping around in her dirty diaper. "This says that over one hundred thousand downloads have been made." Faye turned pale. "That means that you can delete this one, but anyone who downloads it could just put it back up!"  "Well, isn't it every girl's dream to be famous?" Spike asked with a grin. "Damn it!!" Faye stomped off to her room while Ed played another video. "Ooh, ooh, ooh, aah aah aah!"   -See You Later, Space Cowboy-
    • Anna wanted to ask something else, but she decided not to.  She didn't want to hear the answer straight if her suspicions were true, and would rather just go along as though they didn't understand each other than to have it admitted to her, that she had to be... the way she thought they were trying to make her. She smiled. "Okay, if only Miss Brenda touches me, and only if Miss Brenda washes me and ... and... the boys don't ever try to ..." Her face became red.  "I'll let Miss Brenda bathe me." She lifted her arms.  As long as the boys were way over there, then what did it matter if they saw her body?  She had accidentally shown her body to other boys before for stupid reasons, and as long as they only saw and didn't touch, then it really didn't matter.   Adam waited for Imelda to tell him that she was done before he approached her to start getting her undressed for her bath.   Robyn smiled at Jessica. "Good girl, honey." She pulled off her top and undertop and then started to undo her skirt. "I promise, when they allow us to, I'll let you do as much as they let us.  I know you hate being treated like a toddler, but that probably won't be for at least a couple of months from what they told us at orientation for the program, honey."   October looked up at him when it was time for him to start washing the trunk of her body, her chest, stomach, and back, and she just smiled up at him.  His touch was soothing to her, and she liked the way he bathed her a little more than the way her stepdaddy used to do it.  He was a little rougher, and it sometimes hurt because he thought he had to scrub her.  Maybe Jason wasn't getting her as clean, but she didn't want to say anything about it for her chest and stomach.  she'd rather be a little bit dirty than to have it hurt to take a bath.
    • Nancy sighed, "I know that if anything I think you'll be a bit harder on me," replied Nancy only to smirk, "then again I could always just bat my eyes at you," joked Nancy, "but no I understand I do." reassured Nancy not wanting Jade to think that she was going to take advantage of the situation. Nancy's heart fluttered and her breathing hitched. "I want you to be in complete control," whispered Nancy resting the back of her head on Jade's chest, "mama I need you please." whimpered Nancy. Nancy turned herself around and buried her head into Jade's chest clinging to her, "I can handle anything you want to throw at me." "Mama..."  Nancy pulled back a little and lifted her dress up a bit showing off her underwear only to blush.
    • Mya picks up Emily and rocks her gently. “ what’s wrong you had a nightmare “ mya asked patting her back. 
    • If this is a short sample of your newest diaper adventure,  consider me a paying customer. When will it be out to the public?   $$$