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  2. Tyler giggled softly as they played in Jess' arms.
  3. Maxie babbled happily to his mommy. His mind regressed to a infantile state. "He will once he understands his little needs." Tony replied back."Just be patient little love"
  4. Nora smiled back as she took Jamie in her embrace and sighed
  5. Sephy


    "Yeah babe" Mike replied as he grabbed Chrissy and the diaper bag. Amy fussed as she kicked, trying to get the belt off.
  6. Jess took Jimmy into her hold as well and snuggled both boys.
  7. Lila sighed softly as she held him close to her heart. Skye smiled at this. "I feel like he appreciates my attention more than Anakin does."
  8. Jamie just wasn't use to his mommy being around as much. He smiled seeing she was still there with him. "Mommy" He cooed happily with a gimmie hands.
  9. baby frost


    Chrissy way he’s her go inside and continued to look out the window hailey looked over to mike with the silence in the car.” Everything ok.” She asked
  10. Maxie giggled happily "Mommy" He cooed softly. "Yeah that's fine" Tony reassured her.
  11. "Hey... what about Mommy?" Nora said with a slight pout to him. "You're MY baby you know." She said
  12. Sephy


    Ashley kissed Chrissy before leaving. "Bye sweetie" Mike drove his family home afterword.
  13. Jess looked to Jimmy. "Your Mommy's preparing dinner, snookums." She said
  14. Jamie started to wake up with a soft yawn. "Mama?" He cooed softly. "Nana?"
  15. "Oh you are so cute." Lila said and gave him some kisses. Skye nodded. "Okay okay. But I do like giving him attention. That's okay, right?"
  16. Tyler giggled as he enjoyed a little time with his mommy. Jimmy woke up with a yawn. "Mommy?" He called out
  17. Max only giggled as he enjoyed his mommy's attention. "I'm not sure honey, but it's possible" Tony replied. "Don't push anything on him okay?"
  18. I wonder how many of us diaper messing and wetting lovers , masturbate in their diaper after they have filled it up and how they do it. Description of my technique is I lay on my side put my winnie the pooh blanket between my legs against my diaper and the move my hips back and forth until I cum and I do my little rhyme gee gee pee pee goo goo poo poo gaa gaa caa caa wet wet mess mess cum cum in my diaper
  19. I hope you totally enjoyed your soaking wet and poopy diaper, its always fun to fill up a diaper with poop and pee
  20. I woke up several hours ago in a very wet and messy Dry 24/7 diaper. It happens almost every time I sleep.
  21. Yep I woke up absolutely soaked this morning but that might have been because I had a late night bottle
  22. Wow, thank you so much for being so open and honest. It sou is exactly like my current situation. I was reading it and I had to stop half way through and double check if I wrote it. When wearing was only occasional or my desires came and went she was accepting. As time went on and occasional turned into always accepting g turned into barely tolerated. The worst part is, she won't even talk about it and pretend nothing is wrong. Part of me wants to go see a therapist just to get it all out in the open.
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  24. I’m fortunate that the “AB” side of me is either small, buried deep or possibly both. Asking my wife to change my nappy (whilst not an overpowering fantasy, as an inherently lazy person I’d have to admit it sounds convenient!) would be a deal breaker. So would overtly AB gear. I’ve traded down from being “accepted” as being diapered and aim for “tolerated”. Sheer practicality has meant that over time I’ve become less concerned with trying to arrange life so that she never sees evidence of my nappied state though.. Tonight, I got changed after work with her laying on the bed, well within sight line. I did not bother with acrobatic contortions to obscure from her view that I was wearing a nappy and plastic pants under the jeans I was changing. If she sees, she sees. If she objects, she objects. As they say, offence is often taken but rarely given. I wouldn’t change myself in front of her though and I make sure that all “used” product is swept away from her view and dealt with. I think if I had a fantasy, it would be that this is all somehow regarded as “normal” and the silent censure would go away. I also think this will remain fantasy for the foreseeable future.
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