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    I know there's gotta be some of us out there! Looking to get to know friends on here, if we hit it off, maybe IRL.
  3. Same, no partner in over 10 years(2008 was my last partner in rl) and not had fun/fuck buddies/one night stands in about 15 years time. Last time I had sex too. In real life, locally no one fancies me. Maybe because I don't know any pan/bi/gay guys. And the women I know don't like the kinda guy I am,and go for tough guys... People online do but they are usually far. Have do very naughty stuff online via cam with people(mostly guys). Sometimes involving diapers. Since tumblr sadly started deleting adult pics, although there's some diapered pics left still... There's quite alot of diaper porn on pornhub. And fetlife too!
  4. Yes, but if it's other abdl's or people who fancy me, I tease them with it, and show them me padded. I rarelly get compliments in real life, and haven't had a partner in over 10 years so nice comments about me makes feel happier and wanted unless it's done by old guys. :X
  5. lol ya its just a side story. or a character focused chapter.
  6. Longest I ever worn was 2 days... Was a Abu Peekabu with stuffer. Saturated it with pee, slept in it and messed in it a few hours before taking it off. And got off about 5 times in it. And took many pics. Would say diapers are 70% sexual for me! A great comfort/stress/anxiety reducer too! However the more I wear the LESS sexual I find them. Tight fitting soaked drynites or diaper and not masturated or worn in days and I'll really orgasm in it. Wearing multiple drynites all soaked usually gets me the most horny. So does the stale pee smell!
  7. I would use them all up, after doing very naughty poses in them! 😜 Probably for ppl on fetlife and a few lucky guys! Old Tena slip maxi isn't that special, imo.
  8. Kris brought TK back to her bedroom and laid with him on her bed with Leon as she kissed him multiple times.
  9. Jess returned with a real kiss to his cheek as she placed his bib on and served his meal. Sophie nodded as she carried Tyler downstairs with her.
  10. TK was shacking as he buried himself into his mommy.
  11. Yeah 55 ml seems about right, that's when my bladder first starts contracting (50-100 ml). I think it's a disadvantage because I don't want to feel like I need to pee every 15-30 minutes. For this to be feasible i'd need to wear a diaper 24/7.
  12. Jimmy smiled happily. He blew a kiss to his mama. Joey went to get his son and Sophie for dinner "Hey you two it's time for dinner"
  13. baby frost


    “ kitties it is then.” Hailey said as she followed mike to the exhibit Chrissy got comfy in the stroller as she’d daddy pushed her
  14. Skye blushed a little. "Yeah yeah. Lucky, I don't do it now then." She said as she hugged Max and nuzzled into his chest. "Oooh.. Mommy's kind of getting hungry too. I'm sure our pizzas will arrive soon." Lila said
  15. "Don't think you're so innocent princess, you did a few things yourself as a little one. I'm sure your mommy told you" Tony replied. Once calmed down again Max reached to hug his sister Ani's tummy began to rumble.
  16. Kris got up and went to get him. "Oh TK sweetheart." She scooped him up into her arms as she held him. "Shhh Mommy's here, darling." She cooed and rocked him.
  17. Jamie slept peacefully for the night. TK woke up in the middle of the night from a bad nightmare. He was wailing and extremely scared.
  18. Jess was soon done with hers and served before going to Jimmy. "Wow, baby. You did color real good." She said
  19. Joey got finished his work and started to serve them up Jimmy tried to get his mama's attention to show her his work. Tyler was all smiles as he played with his mama.
  20. Today
  21. Skye nuzzled into her father as she looked at her brother. "And I thought Ani was naughty." Lila held him close to her as she kissed his forehead.
  22. Tony sat by his Skye and took Max to help him calm down. "Thank you for at least not ruining this for him. It must be truly hard for him" Ani returned to his mommy and buried himself back into her
  23. Lara yawned as she cuddled Jamie and then soon fell asleep as well.
  24. Jamie suckled on his thumb as he slept. He was buried into Lara with a smile behind the thumb
  25. Sophie played some toys with Tyler in the room.
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