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  2. you get 50 bear bottom spankings
  3. Aaliyah: your doing so good Alex mummy is proud of you
  4. Jamie its ok look your going to be living here so if something is wrong its ok to tell me
  5. Carousel diapers from https://theabdlshop.com/ are by far my favorite diaper. I've tried just about all ABU's and Bambino's and some Rearz and while I really like them all the look and feel and perfect fit of the Carousels makes me the happiest. The large size is currently on sale and the price per diaper is less than the other brands. I'm really worried the mediums are gone though. I'm a size 31, and the large are for 38 - 50. Does anyone think I should order them anyway?
  6. Hailey was happy it was Saturday. That meant she could take a break and her husband could watch the kids. They were a handful at times. She need a couple hours off to herself to get her hair done and maybe nails. She loved all the kids the same. Sometimes is was hard to keep them all in line. Hailey turned over when she saw her son adam and looked at the time. " adam go back to bed it's not even 7:00 " she groaned covering her head with a pillow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  8. Thanks for the SuperDuper hint. I can't say it helped me though, so I will wait on an update/s. Would that be tonight?
  9. It was a Saturday morning 5am. James had been gone all week on another business trip but would be back later that day by the afternoon. That meant Hailey was left to handle her 4 active kids JJ(16) Alex(8) and the 3yr old twins Adam and McKenzie. She loved her kids but they could be a handful especially when James was gone for work. Adam as always woke up early that day and yawned rubbing his eyes and stretched. He saw his twin sister still asleep and He climbed out of bed in his green onsie pajama with monkeys on them. His night diaper soaked as the Elmo designs were gone as well. He sucked his thumb and grabbed his teddy bear ready to start the day and made his way to his parents room and found Hailey asleep and began to nudge her "mommy mommy I wakey now" trying to get her to wake up
  10. i thought of putting the m4 stripes inside my cell phone case (inside the transparent back), but chickened out. the shirt is awesome, and abu shirts are a good idea too!
  11. Hi and welcome Rhys. Glad you joined us here. I hope you and your fiancé can have some fun with it, I'm sure it will be an adventure, good luck. Have fun and enjoy!
  12. I have 4 packs of 10 left and looking to sell them for $50/pack you cant find them online anymore so there more for a collector unless you really want to use them you can. or if you have a trade let me know. cash only/trade that means you must pick up. im in the sterling IL area
  13. Hailey thought about it. " I'll stay with Matt " Hailey said putting tanning lotion on. Gabe was up to his waste going under the water having a blast. Matt played with sand dumping on him asf. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. " it's okay baby I hope you will accept your life sooner than later " Hailey said as she wound up the mobile. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. James ran a small fast as he could to keep up with gabe. Ryan called out to them to not run too deep into the water but could tell they weren't gonna listen and turned to Hailey "you want to stay here with matt or go with the boys to the water
  16. Cole crawls through the vents trying to figure his way around before he spots an opening seeing the security robot checking the cameras
  17. Patreon subscribers can read chapter three of this story right now! Get access for a $2 pledge, or get access to all my exclusive content for $5, or visit Babes In Diapers for tons of free stories and more! They had wanted to walk through the park after dinner… now, trudging down the path towards the parking lot, Eric was beginning to regret not using the valet at the restaurant. He held Veronica’s hand and guided her down the street, the thumb on the other hand firmly crammed into her mouth. Her dress was obviously stained with food, and people were starting to notice. Worse, she was getting slower every second, her footing becoming wider and wider until she seemed to be waddling. At last she simply stopped in place in the middle of the path, her feet spread wide apart, staring at Eric like a deer in the headlights, sucking her thumb frantically. Her hand slowly went to her crotch, which she began curiously prodding and rubbing. “Veronica?” he asked. “What’s wrong? Are you OK?” She didn’t seem to be listening… she continued standing awkwardly, poking at her crotch with one hand while sucking steadily on her thumb with the other, a worried expression slowly spreading across her face. In the back of his mind, Eric thought he heard a strange sound… a kind of plastic crinkle, not unlike a grocery bag. Veronica looked up into his eyes, her expression frightened. Taking hold of her dress, she slowly hiked it up, the fabric creeping up her legs, revealing her soft pink knees and her creamy smooth thighs, and Eric checked around to see if anyone was looking, almost asking her what she was playing at. “Veronica? What’s--?” The diaper crept up over her crotch, and Eric was confused… why did her panties look so bulky… and plastic… and-- It wasn’t until the dress reached her waist that he realized it was a diaper… his gorgeous, vivacious, chic lover was wearing a literal, adult sized pamper, complete with cartoon decals, beneath her Chanel dress. Eric stared, horrified. Lost for words, he stammered, eventually blurting out “why are you wearing that?” Scowling at him, she made a bratty noise from behind her thumb and stamped her foot, angry and embarrassed that he would suggest that she would voluntarily put a diaper on. Eric grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into a deserted alcove. She trailed behind him, awkwardly, waddling as fast as her bulky diaper would allow. “Veronica, what’s going on?” he asked, concerned. “Are you…?” he trailed off, staring with gaping mouth. At first, he thought there was something wrong with his eyes… but he was definitely seeing it: Her clothes were moving, writhing and wriggling on her body, the fashionable, silken dress re-configuring itself into a new shape. Veronica was aware of it now; beneath her, her hard, leather shoes softened, the heal flattening under her and transforming into a pair of well-shined Mary Jane’s, complete with a little buckle on top. She was forced to stand, feet shoulder-width apart, helpless and emitting the occasional squeak or squeal of dismay as the hem of her dress crept up her legs. She stamped her feet, but still the dress crawled steadily up her thighs, until it came to rest just inches below her crotch. The plastic bulk of her diapers visible bulged from under the hem of her dress her like a big white bubble, her rear-end sticking out comically behind her. Veronica sucked her thumb anxiously, staring at Eric, silently pleading. He stood by staring, mouth gaping, feeling useless but unable to think of anything to do. She felt her hair moving, shaping and tying itself into a pair of babyish pig tails. Beneath her, the transformation was nearing completion, her dress taking shape into something more appropriate for a little girl on her first day of school-- except for the plunging neckline, which generously revealed Veronica’s ample cleavage. Her jewelry and adult accessories had vanished… except the jade heart dangling around her neck, which, unnoticed by them, flickered oddly in the twilight. At last the transformation was complete. Eric looked her up and down… her sexy legs were bare between ankle and thigh, and combine with her cleavage, there was no doubt that she was a beautiful young woman. But her outfit was totally ridiculous… a completely infantile dress-- the kind of thing you’d see a toddler wearing in the Sears catalog, topped with a pair of pigtails and an industrial sized adult diaper beneath. She looked at him, eyes swimming with tears, silently pleading with him to somehow, someway fix it. Eric, though stunned, knew he had to move fast… the park was crowded, and it was only a matter of time before someone saw… They both looked over, horrified, as voices appeared on the path, rapidly approaching them. He grabbed her by the hand and prepared to drag her off, but he was too late: two young women, not much younger than Veronica herself, were coming down the path towards them. They spotted the couple and, in unison, did a perfectly timed double take, their attention instantly locked on Veronica. Almost immediately, the women burst into loud, derisive laughter. In response, Veronica broke out in a fiery blush, twisting and squirming as they giggled and pointed. Eric pulled her off back towards the main path, well aware of their snickering behind them. He took the lead, trying to get them to the car as quickly as possible… But Veronica’s diaper was thick between her thighs, pushing her legs apart and forcing her to toddle awkwardly behind him. People were starting to stare, and Eric was feeling self-conscious. Veronica, meanwhile, was blushing furiously and trying to hide her face… but at the same time, she couldn’t stop herself from glancing from side to side, nearly bursting into tears when she saw everyone staring at her. She scurried along behind Eric as fast as her diaper waddle would allow her, her Mary Jane’s clacking along beneath her. In her embarrassment, she was slow to feel the gradually spreading warmth swelling up inside her diaper. With a gasp, Veronica realized she was pissing herself. She froze in place, the gawking crowd totally forgotten. Sucking her thumb with increasing urgency, she reached down to press a hand against her crotch, the soggy material squishing wetly against her, confirming her worst fears… she was wetting her diaper, and she had no idea that it was happening until it was too late! Worse, the stream actually seemed to be getting stronger… she tried to clamp down and stem the flow… but it just kept coming, stronger and stronger, a noisy hissing emerging. Veronica made a small, embarrassed noise, stamping her foot, boiling in frustration at her inability to control herself as she absolutely flooded her diaper. “Veronica? Are you--?” Eric couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but there it was… his beautiful lover, whom he had never seen looking anything other than gorgeous and elegant, was standing before him, dressed like a giant baby doll, complete with a soaking wet diaper… apparently uncontrollably, judging from the min-tantrum she was throwing. People were starting to gather around now, openly snickering at them. Veronica was mortified, and she was desperate to get back to the car and get out of there… but she was riveted to the spot, unable to move as the diaper grew warmer, wetter, and heavier beneath her with every passing second. At last, the stream of urine slowed to a slow piddle before finally ceasing, leaving Veronica standing dumbly in front of a crowd of people who were now openly snickering at her. Popping her thumb out of her mouth, she looked up at him, her eyes big and brimming with tears, her bottom lip quivering. “Ewic... my didee’s all wet,” she lisped, drawing a huge laugh from the crowd. It was up to Eric to, once again, take charge of the situation. He grabbed her by the hand and pulled her off towards the parking lot once more. At last, they were back at the car. Still drawing stares from the bystanders, he bustled her into the passengers seat and slammed the door behind her. He climbed in behind the wheel and turned the key. He looked over at his date in the passenger’s seat, sucking her thumb in a pissy wet diaper and looking at him expectantly with her massive blue eyes, pleading with him to somehow make it all better. “Now what?” he said to himself, shifting into drive and pulling out of the parking lot. Babes In Diapers
  18. ...and it all repeats again when he gets "Caught"
  19. Update soon? I hope.
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  21. Removes all teeth except 2
  22. The dr puts me into a carrier and hands you it
  23. I fall asleep
  24. Kayla was finally over eagerly rinsing her mouth out. She laid in her crib drinking her bottle. "Sorry mommy."
  25. like being sissyfied a little.


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      cute,but would be cuter with snaps and feeties sleepers.

  26. Alex smiles when Aaliyah says that and carries on riding her bike not knowing Aaliyah had let go and she was doing it on her own
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