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  2. Noteworthy that it was a clumsy dating, because he never explained his methodology. No one really knows where his "calculations" come from, but there are many who suspect that it was him subtracting 27 from the Anno Passionis (which is wrongheaded, because Jesus wasn't 27 when he died), and folks try to forgive him by claiming that he was referencing the Nativity as AD 1, not Jesus' actual birth.
  3. I'll vote for a sequel as well but... Include an orgasm or two or the poor girl is going to lose her freaking mind!!! 🙂
  4. This dating system was devised in 525 by Dionysius Exiguus but was not widely used until the 9th century.
  5. Both my kids didn't breastfeed, but my wife did let me try it a couple of times, I loved it, but my wife said it made her uncomfortable or something so she wouldn't let me continue lol.
  6. It is E. My wife breast fed twice, and if you have not had the experience? Believe me, it is very, very hard to avoid drinking the stuff when you are making love. To me, it tasted so sweet that I sometimes struggled to keep it down. All of my married friends were in the same boat, and had the same reaction, but there must be guys out there who like the taste. To each his own!
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  8. Hello all, Recently I have decided I want to make changes in my lifestyle and live out my AB desires more. One such change is wearing diapers 24/7 whenever I am not at work or around friends or family. So basically diapers all of the time when im at home or out by myself. One aspect that has always kept me from doing this in the past is the cleanup for messy diapers. It has got me wondering what are peoples efficient methods of messy diaper cleanup? That is, ways to make cleanup as easy as possible. Currently, I am leaning towards getting one of those handheld attachments for my shower so that I will be able to just clean my bottom without having to take a full blown shower every time.
  9. A very good analogy. For the record, there is no year 0. In the Julio-Claudian dynasty, as throughout the Republic, the government used the consules ordinarii to date official documents. Thus, what we call 1 BC is the year in which the ordinarii were Cossus Cornelius Cn. f. Lentulus and Lucius Calpurnius Cn. f. Piso (Augur). AD 1 is Caius Caesar Augusti filius and Lucius Aemilius Paulli f. Paullus. A second dating system, which began in the first century BC with the pedant M. Terentius Varro, became increasingly popular in the Imperial period. This is the ab urbe condita (AUC) system ("from the birth of Rome"), which starts in 753 BC. Thus 1 BC = AUC 753, AD 1 = AUC 754, and so on. Because there is no fixed point to which we can attach the birth of Jesus, the terminus post quem presently sits at 7 BC, and the terminus ante quem at 2 BC. Into the second century AD, what we call Christianity was an underground sect to which the Roman government was oblivious. To see how oblivious, one need only read the exchange of letters (Epistulae 96-97) between Pliny the Younger as Governor of Bithynia and the emperor Trajan (AD 98-117). The notion that there was a prescription against public displays of nudity in the early Empire is way, way off the mark. Keeping in mind that Pompeii was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79, the paintings that graced not only brothels in the city but also the suburban baths are not only sexually explicit but also highly instructive. These are readily accessible both in print and on line, and are but a tiny fraction of the evidence for public nudity in the early Empire.
  10. I hear my cat herking at 3-4am somewhere in my apartment, I stay in bed, thats a problem for tomorrow me to worry about and clean up. No, Im not a fan of the sound and Im saddened I couldnt do anything to stop it from happening to him from doing it because it cant be a pleasant task for a cat to go though 😢
  11. I wore to work for around 30 years, if anyone ever noticed they said nothing.
  12. For those looking at the Haian Pants check out Ailexpress.us. Shipment takes two to three weeks but the pricing is much better than most US based retailers. I'm waiting for a delivery of Haian pants now, They use to be oversized so I ordered mediums, I hope they are not too small.
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  14. College (Where I first learned about the Internet and when I used it the most, and where I learned the most about what the Internet was: one of the happiest times of my life)
  15. In addition to this, it's also worth remembering that the Anno Domini system wasn't introduced before the early sixth century, when a monk whose name escapes me at the moment declared that based on his calculations it was 525 years after the incarnation of our lord, i.e. his birth. (His maths wasn't great so he set AD 1 about four years late, but that's beside the point.) If a story is set before the sixth century, it wouldn't make sense for the characters to use the AD reference. It would be like having a story set in the 1920s and having someone referring to "the first world war". It wasn't the first world war until there was a second one. As for catholicism, it wasn't a thing for more than a thousand years after the death of Christ. It could be argued that the Council of Jerusalem (AD 48 or 49) is the point when christianity splits from judaism since they decided it was acceptable for non-jews to become christian. What was to become catholicism split from what became the orthodox churches in The Great Schism of 1054. There had been regional differences between the eastern and western church before the actual split, but formally there was only "christianity" before they schizzed (Yes, I know that's not a word, but it should be.)
  16. I will NOT say All vaccine meds are Bad. I am against the covid shots They Were Way To Rushed out, With No Testing. I'M not one of your Lab Rats. If I need it later I will take it. My son had several of the shots because work made him and he Gave us a minor covid just by visiting us after his shot,,,,, so the shot will carry the bad stuff after you get it. I soooooooooooo far have had a strong immune system and hey we are gonna go when God says not the DR.
  17. Thank you for the agreement. I am not going to argue re: vaccine vs anti-vaccine as I have my reasons not to vaccinate while you have yours to vaccinate which seem to contradict, so lets simply state that in that topic, I disagree, but fully respect your opinions.
  18. I found the dental floss too thin for my trust level. I'm using a 10# test braided fishing line more to my liking and trust.
  19. Well that’s a big mistake. I don’t have any idea what Paige is planning but I do know that it isn’t going to be good for Miley/Alyssa. I know for sure she isn’t going to be winning that Drivers License back. I will be waiting to see what happens next.
  20. Nice that you can do that! Nice that at age 22 you seem to have a great job with your own office. Looks like your future is off on the right foot! By the way, Welcome to Daily Diapers, the best AB/DL site there is. Hope you enjoy it here.
  21. Daniel let himself be put on the table while he continued to suck his thumb; he was regressed but not enough to lose the awareness of what was happening. “noo! Not my little bell!” he said snivelling covering instinctively his genitals while Susan begun to clean him but he didn’t do anything the Amazon woman removed softly his hands before taking an enough thick, with the face of a doggy with a pacifier in his mouth printed on the front. The little young boy snivelled a little when his red butty rested on the soft diaper, but he let the woman spread the cream of his little bell and butty before closing the diaper and taping it. The little boy is been picked up and carried to Susan’s car where he is been put down next to his friend in the rear seat. Daniel said to her that all was OK and that she had been very brave to resign together him.
  22. Well said. You can still get Covid even with the vaccine but the symptoms may not be quite so bad. Just because you have been vaccinated doesn't mean you get in the face of a person infected with Covid 19 while he's coughing. Working in a hospital as I do, it's amazing how the number of infected patients and deaths have dropped off the past year and a half or so once people started getting vaccinated. Those anti vaxers - fine! Get really sick in the hospital or even die if you want to. You say you haven't gotten Covid? Maybe it's because so many people have been vaccinated now that it doesn't spread as much as it did 3-1/2 years ago. I know I have had 5 vaccinations for Covid and I am still here with no side effects. I couldn't say that if there was no vaccine at my age and with my health issues. I'd probably have ended up as one of those statistics. You don't believe in a vaccine? Fine! Do you ever go to a doctor for any other treatment when you get sick? Do you take medications they prescribe? Do they help you get over your illness? Have any of you had to go overseas and have required inoculations before entering a specific country? Have you had Measles vaccine, Mumps vaccine, Polio vaccine? The Salk polio vaccine has nearly eradicated polio. Since the launch of GPEI, polio cases have decreased by more than 99%. In addition, polio vaccines have prevented an estimated 20 million cases of paralysis in children since 1988. Can't understand (other than people who read uneducated right wing anti vax social media sites) why some people are so against something that has saved lives. Don't believe it? Look how much Covid has gone down since the vaccines. Yes, it's still here but no longer a Pandemic. It didn't just go away all by itself.
  23. Wow what wonderful information 😄
  24. AD 1 = the year Jesus was born. AD 4 = he was 3 years old. AD 380 (roughly) = Rome formally makes Christianity its state religion. So sorry, but there was no Catholicism in AD 4, nor any split between Judaism and anything but Zoroastrianism, which was still hanging around in Judea when Jesus was born. There wasn't even any Christianity yet, because Jesus was still a toddler. Even if I give you the very WRONG assertion that AD = after his death (that's actually Anno Passionis, another, competing dating system around that same time) Rome did not even legalize Christianity in its empire until 313 AD, shortly before the Council of Nicaea in 325.
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