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  2. sarah was very sick of it at this point dew to her anger and fustrayion with trying
  3. “If I was you I’d sit down little do you realize your little business meriting had already started.. Kayla pulled up the computer flipping it around and her step mom popped up on the screen.. “Hi Mrs Stevens would you like to talk to your little step daughter!” Kayla said full of herself.. “Hi Chloe I talked to Mrs Brown and she made a very good offer so she is now your boss and daddy is no longer here to save you so you have fun with your new boss bye sweetie this will probably be the last time I talk to you you’ve always been a brat and I’m sure Ms Brown will know how to handle you oh also i
  4. “Two weeks?!” Everything up until then seemed to be of less importance. James’ incredulousness eases. He had brought a pen with him as a playful sign of initiative but he wasn’t as eager to use that joke. Two weeks. He can do two weeks. Fourteen days at twenty-four hours for twenty-two dollars that’s... Easy money. Finally, he nods. “Alright. But- um, what kind of rules? What kind of punishments?”
  5. "Not quite, I have a contract and it has a couple of clauses, the first for your protection is if I end this I owe you a years sallary so you can go back to the real world where if you choose to end it than you just get what you've earned so far, since you will be a baby there will be rules and punishments if you break them so there is a 24 hour freeze period after a punishment which means you can't end it then if you ust want to quit as a heat of the moment thing" Ava explained as she showed him the legal document on the table. "Also while you are a baby you are not expectd to do chores
  6. I finally read this. I enjoyed it a lot. Though Jenny's issue with the nanny bot in college would be an interesting story. I have a feeling it's why she had that blankie and probably why she blushed when her mom said everyone there has seen her boobies. I wonder how she was treated while back in diapers. Did the college require her to be changed by someone else? I bet going home to her parents didn't go well. I wonder how old Jenny was when she was potty trained. I image it's probably not uncommon to see Amazon adults, especially the women because they're still cute I bet parents or even
  7. Kayla was shocked when Evelyn began smacking her.. She danced around but Evelyn had a vice like grip on her wrist so Kayla wasn’t getting away! “Owe owe owe!” She cried as the Smacks hurt and the scolding didn’t help either.. “Yes yes I understand!l she cried as the smacks didn’t stop! “Please mommy I’ll be good!” She cried figured by calling her mommy that would make her happy! Maybe just maybe that would make her quit!
  8. Joey let him self to be picked up out of the booster listening carefully where the various things were, and put what his mommy asked for in a big dried before carry it, with a lot of effort, to his mommy "here it is" the little boy said to his mommy delivering her the Bucket full of carrots and apples.
  9. There is a moment of stunned silence, followed by consideration. Then disgust, then consideration once more. “So it’s like a job.” He concluded cautiously, mustering up the courage to look Ava in the eye again. “With a contract and everything? And all I have to do is act like a baby?” James scans the room as if expecting a camera crew to appear. The consideration becomes serious. “I can leave at any time, right? If I decide it’s not for me? No more tricks. And all I’ve got to do...is be a baby.”
  10. "Well I wouldn't have put my hands on her if you idiots did your job" Chloe said thinking at first they were stopping what looked like an assault untill it dawned on her the police wern't being called and they listened to Kayla to take her into the office. "Oh please don't try and act smug and in control" Chloe said as she looked at Kayla "you screamed for me when I grabbed your ear, do you want a spanking is that it there are no security here to save you now little girl" Chloe threatened
  11. "And while I'm sure you are wonderful Jamie, do you think I've seen enough of yours to be that enamoured with you?" Ava offered not resisting as he pulled away. "I'm not going to sugar coat it Jamie, you'd be my baby, you'd call me Mommy, you'd wear diapers and have your diapers changed when you used them, you'd play in the playpen, have naps, be fed, be bathed all the stuff a baby has" "But you'd also be here rent free, and every week you complete a wage worth twice the ammount of your former job would be put in your back account so if you only decided you could do 3 months and want out
  12. Kayla was shorter and Chloe was bigger and stronger so Kayla could do little as she Chloe grabbed her she would make a mental note of that when she had Chloe back to being a baby! Her Nanny would need to be bigger and stronger then Chloe and she would make sure Chloe wore mittens so she couldn’t do naughty things.. “Owe owe!” Kayla whined until they got out the door.. “Security!” Kayla yelled and before she could say another word security was on Chloe like she enemy #1! “Take her into the office I’ll be back there in a minute!” Kayla said rubbing her ear.. That bitch oh well the cat is out of
  13. Roxanne sobbed softly. She hadn't expected this! The feel of her own mess against her bottom made Roxie uncomfortable and hit her pride hard. How could she even do something like that? She knew she could blame Gianna and even Miglietti for this but she could of at least tried to get up and find a bathroom herself.... The warmth in Gianna's voice did comfort the distraught police officer to an extent. Roxanne whimpered as she felt her mess squish even more against her bottom as she was carried by Gianna to the nursery. She never felt this helpless before and could only cli
  14. Evelyn pulled Kayla towards her but instead of onto the mat she delivered five hard spanks to her backside "Listen brat, it's not fine I'll be a baby after what you did it's a privellege and you will act like it after what you did you are lucky I havn't forced you to be a dog after all didn't I say no backchat or negotiating we are not going to do this song and dance everytime you get embaressed you will be a baby or you will be homeless do you understand" Evelyn yelled delivering more swats making her bottom begin to turn pink
  15. “It’s not violent!” Spencer insisted. “There’s not even any blood! Come on, one more time.” He’d much rather play this than the toddler games. The boy that had been watching speaks up. “I’ll play the winner.“ Spencer looked over his shoulder at Mya. How could she say no?
  16. Chapter Four I watched with blurry vision as my little sister got out of my bed. The plastic of her diaper caught the morning light. Heavy. Thick. Even without my glasses, I could tell she was wet. Maybe I could turn the tables. Maybe I could say something… “Do… um…” Deep breath. Focus, Lucy! Think, think, think. “Do you need a change? If you ask your big sister…” Even to myself, my voice sounded so far away. “Oh yeah,” Mira said with unwavering confidence. “My diaper is very wet. And I still outplayed you. How does that feel, hm? To be outplayed by such a little gir
  17. James’ eyes narrow at the new nickname. His fair skinned cheeks quickly turn a pale shade of red. His lips move to correct her; it’s James, Jay, J.P, Jim, but not Jamie. And yet he doesn’t. He limply holds the watch in his hand, examining it with inept curiosity to avoid looking her in the eye. “Some people date for personality.” His awkwardness was a clear indication of inexperience that he now seemed to be trying to mask. His chin tilts up. His ears burn. He swallows, searching for words. “I-I-I- You tricked me. What am I supposed to say? Of course I don’t want to be out of a job but-bu
  18. What kind of crazy ass woman is she! Kayla thought as she saw the dog collar and what a choice between a dog and a baby! Both sucked big time and both were humiliating but I guess that’s the whole point! She thought to herself.. Kayla knew she had no choice. “Fine I’ll be a ba— b- baby!” She whined and stuttered nervously as she could barley get the words out!
  19. It took Sarah at least 20 minutes to complete the first painting for babies. I looked at the first painted picture of Sarah. It was Donald Duck walking on the grass. Due to the fact that crayons were difficult to hold in hands with mittens, her drawing was similar to the drawing of a baby. Many times her scribbles went beyond the boundaries of the picture and, in general, was inaccurately painted. But I praised her. "What a clever girl my baby. She drew the first picture for mommy. I am so proud of you that I should boast of it with all the students
  20. "You know what little girl, I am sick of your shit" Chloe yelled loosing her cool and standing up the height difference between the two now clear but she didn't care "who the fuck do you think you are coming into my place of business you are not an employee because I would never give someone so worthless a job now I tried being nice but fine I'll march you out of here myself" She reaching up and grabbing Kayla's ear
  21. It sounds to me like my experience is very similar to yours, @dribblez; I try to stay relaxed and open to spurts of flow, but when I get wrapped up in something at work, or when I'm, say, driving in heavy traffic, I stop paying attention... and I stop intermittently weeing. And then I will have an attack of urgency 30 or 45 minutes later. I had forgotten about this episode in your blog, @oznl, but now that you mention it, I did read that at the time, and essentially, your description mirrors what happened to me. Almost eerily, right down to the running water - I was brushing my teeth.
  22. At first mya thought the game would be just a racing game then realized how violent it was. “ oh boys we need to play the toddler games i’ll let this one slide “ mya said to them as the watched. Cody was happy to be playing with spencer the game was pretty fun. He picked a red car that went super fast plus. As they were racing he would try to crash into spencer. Spencer ended up winning the game. “ That was a good race. what game next “
  23. Kayla was informed immediately about the phone call cause little did Chloe realized that would be her last order given that she would ever be taken seriously cause sure in her new life she could order and kick and scream but it would be considered a tantrum and she would be spanked or her mouth plugged with a pacifier.. Kayla went to the bathroom made sure she still looked like a bratty girl. When she was done to her satisfaction ok it’s time for Chloe to be put in her place. She walked up to the secretary. “Do you have it good thank you.” Kayla took the bag and she went back into the office.
  24. "Okay we can do something else" Evelyn said getting up and going into her purse and pulling out a collar "If you don't want to be my baby you can be my dog, I can get a nice kennel in the yard for you to sleep in, I'll have to get some large doggy bags since the poopies you make out there will be a lot bigger and We'll have to make a stop on the way home to get you some dog food" she said with a tone that indicated she was not playing around "How would you rather leave this office, diapered saying ga ga goo goo, or naked on a leash saying woof woof" Evelyn taunted holding the diaper in on
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