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  2. Chris saw his mother and asked "You doing okay mom?" By this time Chris has been living on his own for the last year. He did came home to wash clothes and to just see his parents. Luke kissed his daughter.
  3. Well I mean, I rarely get to mess because the people that live with me don't really like it, but I like to just leave my mess in my panties without changing. No matter where I am
  4. I agree. This is an interesting yet dark story that has me waiting for more.
  5. It looks like Ann needs some confidence as well as incontinence assistance. I like how you are showing the 3 people starting to mesh together. Thank you SallyKAT for sharing with us
  6. "Yeah but at lest I know when to stop being rude when I'm in trouble unlike Alice " Alex said after blushing badly
  7. Mary sighed as she held Thea and kissed her head softly rubbed her back. "I suppose I was going to take a shower anyway." Thea smiled as she cuddled with her Mommy. Lila smiled happily. "That's great to know, Daddy."
  8. Tony smiled happily. Chris took his brother into mild hug. "You got me if you need someone else to get threw the week" Tony sighed feeling a little less stressed. "That's great honey" Luke said with a smile. "That's the way I felt when I was with your mother"
  9. Thea nodded happily. "I'd love too, sweetie." She said and kissed his cheek and saw their mother nearby. She went over to her and hugged her. "Hi Mommy!" Mary shouted a little cause she was surprised and also got wet. "Thea!" Lila blushed a little and nodded. "Yes.. It makes me feel safe, warm and loved. "
  10. "Well I couldn't sleep last night. Would you mind sleep with me tomorrow. Mom said she'll sleep with me tonight" Tony said a little nervously. He felt like he was doing something wrong. Luke smiled. "Can I ask you what could be a personal question princess? Do you go to bed with a smile? Does going to bed with Tony, just to sleep, make you happy?"
  11. Holy cow.. I didn't see this coming.. Awesome chapter
  12. "Yes, baby bro?" She asked as she looked at him. "Frankly, I've seem to gotten used to it too." Lila said and chuckled
  13. Another beautiful chapter in Luzy/Josie's saga. Please keep up the wonderful progress.
  14. After dinner, Ryan worked on his English paper in the kitchen while Sharon, Sarah, and Luke watched a movie in the living room. Sarah looked through Sharon's Netflix for a movie she knew Luke liked. Luke lay down in Sharon's lap and sucked his thumb while he watched the movie. Sharon wasn't planning to put him to bed until 8:00, but his eyes started to get heavy before 7:30. She checked his diaper and decided it could hold another wetting. "I'm going to go ahead and change your diaper and put some of your new pajamas on, okay? We can come back and finish the movie." Luke nodded drowsily. "Try to pee-pee one more time before I change you." Luke whimpered. He still got upset when he had to pee-pee in his diaper. "It's okay, sweetie. You still need to pee-pee before bed at night, just like I'm sure you were doing before, you just have to do it in your diaper now." Luke shook his head. It had been a while since the last struggle to get him to wet, so Sharon knew he probably had to go by now, even if not too badly. "Will it be easier if I put you down?" Luke shook his head and cuddled more closely to Sharon. "Okay, sweetie, but if you don't potty in the next few minutes, then I'm going to put you down," Sharon said, hoping that would encourage him to wet his diaper. Luke did need to go potty, but not badly enough to make himself go in his diaper. He tried, but he couldn't make it come out. "Okay, sweetie, I'm putting you down in a minute if you don't pee-pee," Sharon said a few minutes later. "I tried, but I can't!" Luke whimpered. "All right. Let me try something." Sharon carried Luke to the bathroom, turned the sink on, and sat on the toilet lid with him in her lap. She held him close and pressed gently on his stomach. "Go pee-pee, honey, it's okay. As soon as you go potty, Mommy will change you and put some new pjs on you, okay?" After a couple of minutes, Luke was finally able to relax enough to wet his diaper. When Sharon felt his body tense up, and then relax, she held her hand to the front of his diaper and could feel it growing warm through his pajama pants. "Good boy," she murmured. "Let's go pick out some pjs, okay? You've already had a bath today, so you don't need another one before bed." She carried him to his room, got a diaper and the wipes, and laid him on his bed. Once she'd taken William's pajamas off of him, she removed his wet diaper, wiped him down, and taped the clean diaper on him. The new clothes she'd bought for him were washed and put away in his drawers and his closet, so she opened the drawer she'd designated as his pajama drawer. Luke's eyes widened excitedly as he sifted through them. He settled on a pair with airplanes on them. "Good choice." Sharon zipped Luke into the footie pajamas and picked him up. She loved footie pajamas, but she had stopped putting them on her children by the time they were Luke's age on account of middle-of-the-night and early-morning potty emergencies. That wasn't a problem now, though. "Let's go finish your movie." Sharon paused in the little hallway between her and Luke's rooms. "I put a nightlight in both of our rooms, and I'll leave the hall light on every night. If you ever wake up during the night and need me, don't be afraid to come get me, okay?" Luke nodded and lay on her shoulder. She sat back in the rocking chair, covered Luke with a blanket, and rocked. She knew he wasn't going to last much longer. She wanted him to get more used to being in her house before she made a point to tell him it was bedtime and put him to bed in his room. Several minutes later, he snuggled more closely to her, thumb in mouth, and drifted off to sleep. Sharon kept rocking him, not quite ready to put him down. A little while later, Ryan was finishing his English paper. His stomach had been rumbling, and he went ahead and started filling his diaper. When he started peeing a moment later, he gasped and looked down when he felt it spilling out the sides of his diaper and cause his jeans to grow warm and wet. He instinctively pressed his hand to his crotch to try to stop peeing, but the damage had been done, so he let the rest of his pee out. He hadn't been keeping track of how wet he was, and with two other diapers to keep track of, now, Sharon hadn't checked his in a while. Crap. There was no way he could get out of this without Sharon knowing what happened. His jeans quickly grew cold against him, and he was more than ready to get out of his wet pants and dirty diaper. "Sharon? Can you come here for a minute, please?" His face flushed a deep crimson from embarrassment. "Just a minute." Sharon carried a sacked-out Luke to his room and tucked him in. "Night-night, precious boy. Sweet dreams." She kissed his forehead, made sure his nightlight was on, and grabbed a diaper and a pack of wet wipes before she went to the kitchen, knowing it was about time for Ryan to have a dirty diaper. "What is it? Ryan! Are you feeling okay? You look flushed." Too embarrassed to say anything, Ryan just stood up so Sharon could see his wet pants for herself. "Oh, honey. Let's get you changed." She could get him to her room without Sarah seeing him, so she discreetly led him to her room. After she'd put a towel on the floor, Ryan lay down so she could change him. God, he wanted to die. He didn't even have the presence of mind to pull his pants off, so Sharon gently unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off of him, cleaned him up, and taped the clean diaper on him. "Wait here, and I'll get you some pajama pants. Be right back." Sharon rinsed Ryan's jeans out, put them in her hamper, and went up to his room to get some pajamas for him. "I'm so sorry, Sharon," Ryan muttered, feeling humiliated. "It's okay, honey. I'm sorry I've been distracted and haven't checked your diaper like I usually do, but this is why you need to tell me when you're wet. Please don't worry about it, though. I know you didn't do it on purpose." Sharon threw Ryan's soiled diaper away, washed her hands, and wrapped her arm around his waist as they walked back to the kitchen. "How's your English paper coming?" "I'm going to read through it one more time and print it out for you before I submit it. I've already read it a million times, so I'm sure I've scanned over a couple of mistakes." "That's why I'll look at it with fresh eyes. Just bring it to me when you're done." Sharon left Ryan in the kitchen and went back to the living room, where Sarah had found something on TV to watch. "Did Luke go down okay?" Sarah asked. "Oh, yes, he was out," Sharon replied. "Thank you," Sarah said, shyly. "I like putting him to bed and stuff, but..." "It gets old. I can imagine," Sharon said. "That should never have been your responsibility. You're welcome to put him to bed or take care of him whenever you want to, but I'm responsible for him. You don't ever have to do anything for him you don't want to do." Sarah nodded thoughtfully. She was starting to worry about what was going to happen when she turned eighteen in less than two months. Sharon had said a few things that sounded like she expected Sarah to be with her longer than that, but did she know how close she was to turning eighteen? Sarah knew their other foster parents had no plans to keep her past her eighteenth birthday, but she had a glimmer of hope that Sharon would be different. She excused herself to get something to drink, hoping Ryan was still in the kitchen. She found him at the kitchen table, packing up his school things. "Um, Ryan? Can I, uh, ask you something?" she stammered. Ryan shrugged. "Sure." "You're a senior, too, right?" Ryan nodded. Sarah took a deep breath. "So, what, like, happens on your birthday?" "Well, these stupid diapers will be gone, for one thing. I'm sure Sharon will take the four of us out to eat or something, and then I'll probably do something with my friends that weekend. I haven't really thought about it, other than the fact that I'll no longer have to wear diapers," Ryan answered slowly, not sure what Sarah was getting at. "No, I mean, like, you'll be eighteen. Will you still be able to stay here?" Ryan finally got it. "Oh, yeah. And you will, too. I heard Sharon talking to our social worker on the phone this morning. She was talking about meeting with the guidance counselor at school so she can decide how to help you after high school before we even met you guys. All we knew were your names and ages. Even if I hadn't overheard that, I would still be sure that she would let you stay." Sarah still looked nervous, and she jumped when Sharon came into the room. She looked from Sarah to Ryan. "Everything okay?" "Yeah," Sarah mumbled. "Sarah was just worried about what's going to happen when she turns eighteen," Ryan informed her. Sarah shot him a murderous look. "Why, is it coming up? Do you want to have a party? I haven't looked at your and Luke's files enough to even know when your birthdays are. I need to do that." "No, she was worried about where she would go," Ryan clarified. Sharon understood. She and Ryan had such an easy rhythm now, and she'd forgotten about some of the insecurities he'd had when he first moved in with her. "Sarah, don't worry. You will have a home here for as long as you want. Between now and graduation, we'll work on a plan for after you graduate. I'm going to help Ryan, and I'll help you, too. I promise." Ryan had good grades and was already starting to apply to college, but she had no idea what Sarah's academic record was like, so she didn't bring that up. That information was probably in her social services file, but she hadn't looked at it yet. Sarah was relieved, but she felt a little guilty. Sharon still didn't even know her, but Ryan had obviously been living with her for a while, so she could see how he and Sharon had a good relationship now, which prompted her to support him even after he turned eighteen. "Sharon, you really don't-" "Sarah, it's okay. I want to help you. I wouldn't have agreed to having you and Luke placed with me if I didn't intend to have long-term relationships with both of you. Please, don't worry about me making you leave. It's not going to happen." "Thanks," Sarah murmured. She went back to the living room to watch TV, happy that she didn't have to worry about her upcoming birthday anymore. A little while later, Sharon was ready for bed, and Ryan and Sarah looked like they weren't far behind. "All right, you two, I'm going to get ready for bed, and then I'll change you guys for the night. Go on upstairs, and I'll be right up." Ryan and Sarah trudged upstairs, and Sharon went to her room to change into her nightgown and get ready for bed. She went upstairs and changed Ryan before going to Sarah's room. Sarah heard her coming, so she released as much pee into her diaper as she could, knowing she wouldn't be changed again until the next day. Sharon came in and quickly, but gently, removed her damp diaper, wiped her down with a wet wipe, and taped a clean diaper on her. She straightened Sarah's covers over her once she was in bed and sat beside her. "Is it all right if I sit with you until you fall asleep? I know it has to be unnerving to be in a new place like this." Sarah nodded, surprised at the offer. Sharon waited for Sarah to get comfortable and started scratching her back. "If you wake up and need to be changed, or if you need anything at all, it's okay to come wake me up." Sarah nodded drowsily. Sharon leaned down and kissed her forehead. "I love you. Sleep well." The words came so naturally that Sarah didn't think anything of it at first. She gave Sharon an incredulous look when she realized what had been said. "I'm sorry, honey, I didn't mean to freak you out. But, it's important to me that you know you are loved. I love you because you're a child living under my roof, and nothing will change that. Over time, I'll come to love you for the person you are, but, until then, I want you to feel the comfort and stability that come with being loved." Sarah still looked dumbfounded. "I don't expect you to say it back just yet, and it's okay if you never feel comfortable with saying it. I just want you to know that I love you and am here for you, no matter what." Sharon had taken the same direct approach with Ryan when he moved in with her, and it had worked pretty well. Sarah just nodded, too stunned to speak. She hadn't heard 'I love you' from someone besides Luke since before her parents died. She loved hearing it, but that had been the last thing she'd expected Sharon to say. Sharon patted her back reassuringly. "You don't have to say anything. I know that's not what you were expecting to hear. Go to sleep, and I'll see you in the morning." "Thanks, Shar," Sarah murmured. Sharon's gentle fingers running over her back put her to sleep in no time. Later that night, Luke woke up and immediately felt wetness between his legs. He started sobbing so Sarah would wake up and come help him. Sometimes, she was able to hide it from their foster parents when he wet his bed, but sometimes she wasn't. He was too drowsy to remember where he was or to realize that he was wearing a diaper and still had dry pajamas and sheets. Sharon jerked awake, and she was confused to hear a child crying. Had William spent the night with her the night before? No, he wasn't sprawled all over her. The events of the previous day quickly came back to her, and she realized it was Luke. She got out of bed and rushed across the hall to his room. "Luke, sweetheart, what's the matter?" She sat on his bed and pulled him into her lap. He was inconsolable and continued sobbing as he thrashed against her. "Luke, honey, it's Mommy. Remember?" Sharon turned on the lamp beside his bed, hoping he would be less frightened if he could see better. That didn't help, so she picked him up and carried him to the back porch after stopping in the living room for a blanket. She sat in the swing with him, hoping that the cool night air and the soothing movement of the swing would calm him down. She started swinging and speaking softly to him as she held him close and patted his back, and he finally started calming down after several minutes. "Shh, sweetheart, it's all right," Sharon murmured as Luke's cries subsided into hiccups. She brushed his bangs back from his forehead. "Can you tell Mommy what's wrong? Did you have a bad dream?" Luke shook his head and snuggled against her. "Did you wake up and get scared?" Luke shook his head again. "Honey, you're going to have to help Mommy out a little bit. Are you feeling okay? Does anything hurt?" Luke gazed up at Sharon with frightened eyes. "I wet," he whispered. "Wha--oh, your diaper?" Sharon gently squeezed the front of his diaper through his pajamas and realized he was a little wet. "That's okay, honey. I'll change you and put you back to bed. Is that all that's wrong?" Luke nodded sadly. "Are you sure?" He nodded again. "Okay. Let's go change your diaper. Try not to get upset if you pee-pee while you're sleeping. Even if you weren't wearing a diaper and wet the bed, you wouldn't be in trouble. You're not quite big enough to be expected to stay dry every night. Lots of little boys and girls your age accidentally pee-pee while they're sleeping, and it's not your fault." Sharon carried Luke inside and changed his diaper. He squeezed his legs around her and gave her a mournful look when she started to put him back in his bed. "All right, honey, do you want to sleep in Mommy's bed?" Luke nodded and lay down on her shoulder. "Come on, sweet boy." Sharon carried Luke to her room, tucked him in, and held him close to her as they both went back to sleep.
  15. Tony hugged his big sister. He had not hard feelings with his sister. It was all in the name of fun. "Sis?" "He's use to having someone there" Jason chuckled.
  16. Thea smiled as she soon went to hug her baby brother and kissed his cheek. "My baby brother~" "Awww.. Well I do miss sleeping with him as well." Lila said and sighed softly.
  17. Tony got soaked from one of his sister's balloons. "Tony struggled to sleep. Mom had to hold him for a nap earlier." Jason told Lila.
  18. "I think Amy would like chocolate" Ashley replied to Hailey.
  19. Thea giggled as she threw them back, all of them getting soaked with water. Lila smiled. "He looks like he's having fun." She said and nodded a little. "I'm doing great." She said to Jason.
  20. Daisy cooed sweet nothings to her charge. "Go back night night baby"
  21. Today
  22. "Sorry mommy...mom" He said in a more mature way.
  23. Tony hide behind a tree and throw a few balloons at his big sister. Luke smiled at Lila. They already done their wedding work for the day. "Does he look nervous?" he asked. "Maybe you should go spent a little time with your big sister. Jason came to visit Luke. He said his future daughter in law. "How are you doing honey?" He asked in a similar would ask one of his children.
  24. (I think you may be a bit far ahead, the nanny hasn't put us in nappies yet. It was just about to.)
  25. Kate goes to get ready for bed. She went to her son's room. "Night Danny honey" She told him sweetly.
  26. "Fine with me." Thea said as she started to throw water balloons at her brothers and laughed. Lila heard the siblings' happy laughter and peeked through her window. She smiled as she saw the happy sight.
  27. "You can join with me" Chris told Tony. Chris gave his baby brother some water balloons. Tony was still heavily treated like a child. It didn't bother Tony. He enjoyed the attention. Plus no one really made it seem like a bad thing
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