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  2. DLBabyJessica

    The Craig's List Mommy

    Have truly enjoyed the story thus far and am anxious to learn what developments will surface during babe Robbie's visit to the doctor.
  3. Well, she has been very upset with feeling like she's taking advantage of Vanessa. It's something that every little goes through, probably every sub as well. I can see after her long talk with Jess she starts to first get uneasy about it, then after more thought she realizes that this might be her way of giving back to Vanessa. Yes I am sure she will have lots of emotions about it, maybe even a little curiosity, but she has mentioned many times about how she wants to do something more for Vanessa for letting her stay there, buy her food and other items she needed. It wouldn't really be out of her character, it just might add more to it. But however @bbykimmy writes it, it will probably be better then anything I can come up with since she has a better understanding of each character then I do and on a whole other level.
  4. NappyJames

    Being babies is best way to fix renlship

    I splash you
  5. NappyJames

    Mommy wow am not big kid now

    Something strange was happing to Sarah she was going backwards it started when she started going in her pants
  6. Wannatripbaby

    Breaking the Girl - Chapter 26 (Updated 7/18)

    Face and other body parts. ;)
  7. RambleLamb

    Breaking the Girl - Chapter 26 (Updated 7/18)

    I don't want Dani to rush into this, it isn't in her character. I see her snooping and finding bag, being unsure about things and being unintentionally distant with Vanessa and Vanessa talking with Seth later, Jess piping up about the talk she and Dani had, yadda yadda yadda, Aubrey is eaten by a bear. For the record, I like your Dani idea, something about this girl trying to give Vanessa what she thinks she wants but not being able to get the diaper on right is very sweet. No bears for Dani, only kisses on the face from nice ladies!
  8. DiaperHappiness

    Favorite poopy

    My poopies are always very soft which makes messy my diaper all the more enjoyable. And because I have a bit of an IBS issue I tend to do more than just the first large soft poopie so I never change until I know I am finished
  9. *ponders* You might be onto something. I hadn't forgotten about that bag, but I also didn't think much about it in this context. Now when Vanessa gets back she finds Dani in the "nursery" wearing a diaper that wasn't put on very well. Dani is trying to pay Vanessa back for all her help and wants to make Vanessa happy, at the same time there is a quiet part of her that she doesn't want to admit right now that is very curious as to what it would feel like to be in diapers and curious to how Jess feels. bear, truck maybe even a nice deep cliff she can be pushed *cough* trip and fall into would work.
  10. YourFNF

    Diapered Camel Toe

    (gives finger guns)
  11. dmavn

    Evil Lolita Club - Chapter 10! 7/18

    2 things I just absolutely adore. Lolita and diapers.. really think I should have been born a girl...
  12. Today
  13. DiaperHappiness

    Diapered Camel Toe

    I love the look!!!
  14. DiaperHappiness

    Another Peeing into Your Diaper

    I very much enjoy the pleasure of having a boi-lover wetting himself directly into my diaper, be it in the front or back. I find it so sensual, so erotic, and without fail my tucked in clitty gets all swollen and looking for escape...giggles
  15. RambleLamb

    Breaking the Girl - Chapter 26 (Updated 7/18)

    My bet is that Jess is going to go full little Yoda and teach Dani that there's nothing wrong with being Little or being a Little that wears diapers and that will lead to Dani snooping and finding that bag you thought we'd all just forgotten about. Great job, @bbykimmy, I can't wait to see what happens next! Aubrey vs a bear is being considered, right?
  16. DiaperHappiness


    With the right trusted person, of course as it can be a most intimate moment between giver and receiver. I wanted to write in more detail but can't find the actual gay section where it would be more acceptable
  17. oldwetter66

    How does being a bedwetter make you feel?

    I started to wet day and night after A fall on ice in 2013.I did not like it at 1st but now I know I not the only one and I have meet others that wet too so I am ok
  18. baby frost

    Family of 4( private for me and grandmaster 342)

    Ruby had just finished the last pancake putting them on the plates.” I can make bottles for the little ones real fast.” She said Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. BabyDL44

    How does being a bedwetter make you feel?

    It makes me feel like I'm regressing back to yo my youth. I wet the bed until I was 15. My mother made sure I was padded every night.
  20. lilzander382

    What Else Do You Wear To Bed With Your Diapers?

    A plastic back Crinklz diaper. In the summer a light weight cotton footed sleeper, in the fall/winter a heavier fleece footed sleeper. A paci strapped to my pjs and my plushy with my musical mobile playing and projecting stars onto the ceiling.
  21. Warmwetandcozy

    Whiskey and diapers

    I didn't get a hang over I feel fine and it didn't do shit but make me feel freaking cold conclusions alcohol is an ineffective sleep aid but shows good potential for helping me to cool off in the summer and anything under 90 proof isn't worth the taste of the s**t to begin with also for any one whose wondering I had a half pound of Turkey before drinking and followed each shot down with half a bottle of Gatorade
  22. grandmaster342

    Family of 4( private for me and grandmaster 342)

    "Ok, so eggs and bacon are done!" Kurt said as he got plates ready for everyone making sure to use the kids toddler plates. Also, he remembered to not put eggs on Aurora's plate. "How are the pancakes going?"
  23. cute little kokiri girl

    the tail of Alice

    Michiko: were is Alice
  24. Diaper_teen66

    the tail of Alice

    oh nothing mom
  25. Kaylaindiapers

    But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    "Whatever." he said angrily never realizing that they probably talk about him when he's sleeping. James blushed bright red as the girls fawned over him. "Hey wh--no!" he squealed trying to stop them from seeing his diaper. He didn't have makeup on today but his checks were still bright red with embarrassment. "Shut up no I don't I want my white ones!" without even realizing it he accepted his baby status.
  26. cute little kokiri girl

    the tail of Alice

    Michiko: hay girls what's up
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