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  2. This morning is brought to you by the courtesy of a wet and messy Attends Premier diaper and pink Trifecta pants from NorthShore Care Supply. Ahhhh, enough said.🤗
  3. I went potty in my Attends Premier wet morning diaper 45 minutes ago while in the kitchen getting coffee and checking emails on my phone. Messing my morning diaper comes so naturally that most of the time all I need to do is relax without even pushing. I also have on pink Trifecta PUL pants from NorthShore Care Supply. Now that I am sitting down, the warm, squishy poopy in my diapee is sooo comforting. Over the course of the next two weeks work will be very hectic but my diapers will give me some solace. I won't change for several hours. after my morning exercise, by that time I believe the correct term is that my diaper will be ripe.
  4. To get back to the original topic: Yeah..... Nah.... I don't think so. The politie just haven't considered her best camera angle when removing her. Even if we disregard Occam's razor, a modest tweak of image enhancement suggests a very distinct bum crack, the landscape for which is obscured by diapers. If you look at the fat deposition on her thighs, that would be consistent with the slightly puffy derriere. Of course, as others have said, if she WAS diapered, I'd expect sustainable hemp cloth under canvas pants, something like that 🤣
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  6. Thanks for sharing! This app is excellent, I had no idea how many times I peed in a day. But I've realized that sometimes I forget to register (when I'm concentrating on some office activity, for example).
  7. By now Steven feels the need to visit the toilet, but he wants to take care of Diana first. She was long enough in her poopy diaper, so Steven complies "Ok sweetie, let's get you into a nice fresh diaper.", moving over to the changing table. He does so a little squirmy, but he's a big boy who can hold it in. Concentrating on avoiding a accident in his pants, he forgets to take the syringe with the medicine with him, which may be an opportunity for Diana to take it instead. Looking back at her, he encourages "Come here baby girl, come to Daddy so I can change your poopy butt.", giving her a warm smile. There is truth to what Steven said earlier: They won't be able to leave until one of them completed their training into becoming a horny little baby. The head of the facility doesn't care though if Steven finishes training Diana or if it ends up the other way around ...
  8. I’m not going anywhere with u u can talk to him but no way r we talking jack I’m filing for divorce in the morning get out of my house both of u *throws ur clothes at you slamming the door to my room shut I’m calling the police if y’all aren’t outta here in five minutes
  9. Anya got up and turned to the girl, shocked, then angry at her, then angry at the man who hadn't informed her that they were together! She slowly got up, and crossed her arms, staring at both of them. She looked over at Jaimie and frowned. "Let's go... Have a little chat."
  10. She rolled her eyes and shrugged, " if you say so. if they tried to say something you have a receipt. so they shouldn't be calling the police unless they can prove it. they're wasting the police's time not me." she retorts. "Only cheap stores make you check your bags at the mall anyway." She generally never shopped stores like that so she found the whole situation excessive. she sighed and nodded, she didn't really want him involved in her shopping choices but it was his money. " fine can you not bring up the underwear please." her face flushed red in embarrassment. she reached on the side of the skirt looking for pockets. annoyed to find that there were none. "can we get a different skirt this one doesn't have pockets"
  11. Jaimie:honey I’m ho… *notices two sets of clothes on the floor and giggling opens the door* Gasp JACK HOW COULD YOU AND WITH THIS BIMBO I WANT YOU AND UR HUSSY OUT OF MY HOUSE
  12. She waddled behind Francine, still clutching her hand tightly as she was escorted to the car. But, still in a very full diaper, she had no choice but to sit in her very own mushy bean bag chair for the duration of her ride. Based on her quivering lip, it was clear she could start bawling again at any time! But as the ride progressed, she slowly calmed down. Eventually she looked to her left and at the woman in the driver’s seat. She was… simply enchanting. How or why someone like that would waste their time on someone like Dahlia was beyond her. But she had to ask, lest she wonder forever. It took a while for her to gather her courage, especially considering what she was sitting in, but eventually she managed to blurt out a few words. “Why me…? Really?”
  13. You please. Maybe come home and catch your husband with my character, and you throw a fit so the woman takes you outside to talk to you... and uses it as an excuse to trap you and get babied.
  14. Francine quickly caught the pacifier and placed it in her pocket for later before escorting the waddling girl outside to the car. She must've been a miracle worker too, because nobody spotted them as they hurried outside. Francine got her in the car and drove off, forgetting to change the poor girl as she was in such a hurry to get out of this neighbourhood and back to her lovely safe home.
  15. "Because that way, we are not questioned when we are in the aisle shopping and they might see the bag ripped open, and wondering what else was taken," he started to explain to her. "Young people don't understand that using things these days is stealing if you haven't paid for it yet, even if you intend to pay for it later. It sometimes causes trouble and police are called for no reason. This just avoids all the trouble. Besides, I didn't want to be carrying around your wet in clothes everywhere in the store." He frowned to her. "Do you take things and use them before you pay for them? This is Walmart, and not a Mall, you know. At the Mall, shops are separated, and it's normal to carry things from one shopping space to another, but in places like Walmart and Kmart and places like that, taking a bag from another store into a different store makes you look suspicious unless you check in bags and stuff like that at the front, which is basically what I did." She seemed really clueless, like he'd expect from a thirteen-year-old kid. Adults knew that you checked in bags at the front of the store and claimed them after you paid for what you were shopping for, and if you forgot something, you left your bag at the car, if you had one, but since they didn't, then leaving it at the front was the best way to make sure there was no trouble. "We're going to get you two more pair of pants and three tops. You can get some bras, but no point in getting panties until you get your problem fixed so you don't need the special stuff. I already got you those for now." He grabbed a cart, and started to walk her towards the pants and skirts.
  16. Wanna do it while we do our frozen rp?
  17. “O-okay…” Dahlia murmured, the pacifier Francine had loaned her falling out of her mouth as she spoke. But how was she going to get to the car without being spotted? She was like a walking biohazard! People would surely notice! But all she could do was sniffle and grab Francine’s hand as she trusted the woman to escort her to her new home.
  18. Francine squeezed her tightly "sh..." she murmured. "Sh, it's okay..." she continued. "You're safe here with me. Come on Dolly, let's get you back to the car. I have fresh diapers in there you can get changed into. Doesn't that sound good?" She asked and helped her up to her feet. "We can get out of here and back to my house and you can have a nice, safe night in a big soft bed. You can even share with me if you need." She whispered.
  19. Hey everyone! Rolling right along here, I felt I needed to add this type of chapter in here to flesh out the world a bit more and add some context to the other chapters coming up with the growing bond between Nancy and Emily. This world may still be a little sketchy, but there are still some bright spots and I think I was able to capture the two sides pretty well here. Going forward, I will try to add another chapter tomorrow, but my day is seeming a little packed, even to edit the next already written chapter. So, bonus if I have the time tomorrow, but otherwise, the next chapter should be up sometime Sunday. Next, as a reminder, I’m now polling between two stories to figure out what I should write next. The two choices are listed out in chapter 2, so be sure to check them out and let me know. As I will announce my winner in my last chapter, that would be the deadline for you to make your opinion known. As usual, I hope everyone enjoys this next chapter! Chapter 5: A Peaceful If Not Odd Existence Waking up around my usual time, I saw the sun shining just like in one of my drawings, and things only seemed likely today to get better, after all, it was a Saturday. Now, Nancy always liked my drawings, and though they weren’t very good, I still liked making them for her. It was kind of fun and that and a few activities, like those I had planned for today, seemed to make up for some of the more… concerning things recently. Reading was getting to be a little more difficult, but I easily offset this with just sticking to some of the more picture-heavy books. It was a loss, but my new friends at daycare more than made up for it with my newfound free time. I also found myself tripping as I was walking and then stumbling over my words more times than not lately. A few crying fits, some Band-Aids all over my skinned knees, and a hug from one of the daycare staff or Nancy usually helped me through it all. The worst though, was my pull-up. Despite finding a new show I liked with Princess Poppy from her cheery face on them and my love of their pink softness, they represented a point of failure in my current life. Each morning, I woke up all fresh-faced and happy, but my pull-up was sadly damp or even to the point of being soaked. My cheeks would flush with embarrassment, like this morning, and of course, Nancy would soon enter to witness the scene herself. “Oh, dear. Another accident?” she would always ask. I could only tearfully nod, but Nancy did her best to help me clean up and don a fresh new pair for the day. It was horrible, but it revealed one positive in my life that had been growing for some time now. The day had progressed and while Nancy had a few tasks in the morning, she was now happily sitting cross-legged on the other side of the tea tray from me and was finely sipping down some tea from her own cup. Unlike daycare though, Nancy made the extra effort of actually using real tea in our little play times. Teatime with Anna was great and all, but I treasured my times with Nancy since I had rediscovered my love of the event. “Can I have mo’ sugah?” I asked as cutely as I could to Nancy. “And what’s the magic word?” she popped back, staring at me with one eyebrow raised. I sighed, but I knew she was right. We had been working on my manners, but the process was still a little slow. “Please Nancy? Can I have mo’ sugah?” I stared back at her with my large glassy eyes, the same look that Anna used on me before but was now teaching me back at daycare. I didn’t have much these days, but I definitely was perfecting this skill as best I could. Nancy rolled her eyes and sighed in a more joking than cruel or annoyed way. “Oh, my aching heart. Put those eyes away missy, but just stop before I keel over from my heart breaking.” She even gripped her chest. “I’ll get you more sugar… just please… no more.” I giggled and held my teacup over to receive some more sugar in my cup. Bigs like Nancy always liked their tea bitter, but I, like most other Littles here, was developing quite a sweet tooth lately. Beyond some of my more recent… setbacks, it felt like it was becoming my fatal flaw. Still, despite my previously mentioned setbacks, I knew things could be worse. For instance, Taylor was plummeting down faster than me at daycare recently and had already ended up in the Meadows room. After I went there to borrow some wipes from Miss Tully, I was terrified of ending up there myself after seeing him toddle about thickly diapered and all. Miss Tully just stared at me for a while as I retrieved another pack for the Canopy room, and I swore I could feel a shiver down my spine… almost as if she was telling me with her eyes, ‘Soon… you’ll be in here too.’ I nearly shuddered at the notion even now, but just decided to focus back on Nancy. We hadn’t received much together time lately with her super important job, and while a part of me still wanted to go back home, I felt like if I did, I would miss her the most of everyone I had met here. There were a few odd moments where she would give me this look that I swear was some strange cross between happiness and relief, but something always came along and distracted me before I could think about it more. “Penny for your thoughts, Em?” Nancy asked me, now setting her tea down. “Oh! I…” I wasn’t sure what to tell her, as I didn’t want to share any of my recent curiosities with her. I thought I was caught in the middle of an unwinnable situation, but then, I heard a bird chirp outside. ‘Yes! That’s my way out!’ I pointed to the nearby window. “It’s just so pwetty out! Biwds chiwpin’ and sun shinnin’” I mused contentedly, really trying to sell my act of omission to her question. Nancy, it seemed, took the bait. “Oh, you noticed, huh?” I nodded enthusiastically and she just chuckled. “Well then. I guess there’s only one thing to do. How about a walk to the park today, huh? Would you maybe be interested in that?” I looked back the window showing the outside world and saw all the birds flying overhead and the nearly cloudless sky. It was a beautiful late spring day, and everything seemed to pull me outside, but once again as of late, two things scared me out there that I had come to fear more. First, other Bigs beyond those I had already met were really starting to make me nervous. There was more than one occasion where I stuck closer to Nancy and almost wanted to grab her hand. Not necessarily in comfort mind you, but more as to show that I had already been ‘claimed.’ I really wasn’t and I still wanted to go home, but they wouldn’t know that, and I would therefore be safe. Second, though, my pull-up was a constant reminder that I was wearing them for a reason. The last thing I wanted was a near miss like had happened a few other times in the past week. Still, the pull of the outside was stronger than my fears. Besides, I would have Nancy by my side. So, I nodded my head and smiled about as wide as I could. “Can we? Please? Do you weally mean it?” Nancy chuckled and quickly got up. “Of course. Now, put your cup back on the tray and then you try and go potty for me, okay?” I bounced up to my feet and nodded as I set my cup back on the tray as instructed. Nancy just smiled and left with the tray while she left me to do my business. Right then, I was just grateful I wouldn’t have to mount the stairs like I used to when I first came to live with her. See, the house was designed for a Big in mind, so every step was a really big climb for me, and with my pull-ups… my near misses would have been full-blown accidents right on the stairs if not for the tiny potty in the downstairs bathroom that Nancy had set out for me last week. A little humiliating for sure with its babyish designs of diapered princesses, and I always found that odd, but when I had to pee, it might as well have been the greatest gift ever to me. So once again, I popped in the bathroom and only closed the door to a crack, just as a precaution in case something did happen and Nancy needed to help me out. Still, once I dropped my tights, I waddled over to the potty and sat down with my pull-up soon yanked to my feet… thankfully, still dry. “Whew!” I said out loud as a rush of pee soon could be heard splattering on the inside of the plastic surface beneath me. I was a little worried that I initially didn’t think I needed to go so bad, but I still had made it, and that’s what counted in the end around here. “Everything okay in there?” Nancy asked from the kitchen, a few clinking noises following her words as well, likely coming from the dishes she was now washing. “All good! Made it jus’ in time. No accidents today! Pwomise!” I shouted back. “Very good, Emma!” she praised me. I always loved it when she did that lately. I didn’t even think twice about announcing my business to her anymore, as just as long as I got that praise, followed by that wonderful tiny warm feeling all over, I was happy. I had to imagine that it had been a trying week for Nancy. I felt that she was still happy, maybe even happier than when I first met her, but I could tell that between her job and my new… oddities, like the potty for me, she was also more stressed out than ever before. I blamed myself, and I almost considered going back to Mrs. Tatum’s, but Nancy insisted I stay. She called it a ‘burden of a caregiver,’ but I just was more paying attention to the fact that she told me I could still stay with her. Regardless, I soon finished up, used my potty stool to wash my hands while I sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song and then exited, feeling prouder than ever. Nancy was still packing a few things up though, so I just plopped myself on the couch and started reading another book. It had silly pictures and was always a guarantee to put me in a good mood lately. Finally, Nancy had packed a bag that now hung from her shoulders, and while I hadn’t watched her pack it, now trusting her to do so for me, I almost could guarantee that there was at least a few snacks, a jacket and some drinks for both of us, and maybe even some chalk, coloring books, or a small book in case I got bored yet still didn’t want to go back home. Unfortunately, I also knew there was also likely a change of clothes, some wipes, and a fresh pull-up… just in case. So, resigned but happy, Nancy and I walked out of our house and strolled down the sidewalk to our local park. It was really a beautiful day, but I also had a teensy bit of trouble keeping up with Nancy. Every step she took, I had to take two of my own. It soon became a bit exhausting, and I was momentarily distracted by another Little riding in a stroller. They seemed so happy… so at peace… so… I shook my head. ‘Where did that thought come from about a freakin’ stroller?’ I momentarily paused, completely in disbelief with myself. Nancy noticed. “You okay, Em?” she asked, stopping herself and turning around. “You need to go potty, or…?” I quickly shook my head. “Nope! Just a little sweepy. It’sa lotta walkin’.” Nancy only smiled and waved me forward. “I know, honey, but it’s okay. We’re almost to the park and you can just sit for a minute if you need to, okay?” For some odd reason, as soon as she mentioned the prospect of being close to the park, I felt a sudden surge of energy ripple through me. The park was so close, and we were both now wasting time. So, after nodding, I took off. Nancy just laughed behind me, and despite my exhaustive pace, from her much longer legs, she easily kept up with me. Finally, a block later and out of breath a little, we made it. The park was just like any other I had seen back home, but this one was actually sized for me. While that was worrying on one level, there was a growing part of me that actually became excited to see playground equipment lately. Now, I know many people from back home would probably judge me for that notion. I even judged myself the first time I swung on one of the swings or giggled going down a slide, but everyone back home hadn’t been through what I had. When one’s day is filled with sing-alongs, oddly colored food, and above all, the condescension of everyone taller than you, a playground is just pure freedom. On a beautiful day like today, I made sure I took full advantage of that. While Nancy parked herself on a nearby bench, I went off to find new adventures on the playground. It just so happened the whole thing was built like some giant plastic and metal abstract castle, but to any Little with an ounce of imagination like me, it might as well have had a sign that said, ‘All Princesses Welcome.’ To me, it was perfect. Today, I just happened to be the oldest Little here. The other two that joined my game instead of running off to go play in the sandbox like the other younger Littles had, ‘I mean, gross and scratchy, right? Who needs that?’, were Jimmy and Donny. Both were in daycare with me, but both had been assigned to the Meadows room, though Donny seemingly not far off from joining the even younger Burrows room. I kind of felt bad for the tiny guy, seeing that room as little more than a holding facility for those too young to basically do anything, but he was perfect to be my leading dragon today. “Okay, Donny. You just sit here,” I instructed him, using his subpar walking skills to my advantage, “and jus’ say ‘grrr’ or ‘rawww’ evewy once in a while, o’ when I tell you to, ‘kay?” Donny looked up at me, and due to his thumb firmly pocketed in his mouth, he just giggled and nodded. I wasn’t sure how terrifying he was going to be at being my scary dragon today with his thumb in his mouth like that, but still, he at least seemed happy to play his part. So, I then turned to Jimmy. “Okay, Jimmy. You’s goin’ to be my knight in shinnin’ awmo’. Sound good?” I asked, already knowing what his answer was going to be. Apparently, in his former life, he was quite the ladies’ man and seeing his still-chiseled jaw and deep eyes, it wouldn’t surprise me. Anyone seeing him now though, clearly diapered and on his way down the regression pole, wouldn’t be faulted for doubting that story. For my purposes however, he was perfect to be my brave warrior. As expected, Jimmy nodded quickly. “I’ll save you, mi wadee!” My would-be hero even dropped to one knee and picked up a nearby stick as his trusty sword. I just smiled at how perfect all this was turning out to be. So, all set, we began. I perched myself in the tallest tower, being sure to grip onto the railing up there, at least just to avoid being reminded to do so by Nancy… again. She made a bit of a scene last week and some of the more taunting Littles couldn’t help but laugh at me afterward. Determined to not repeat that mistake again, I held firm with one hand, and then called out to my hero below. “Oh, Siw James!” I cried. Jimmy didn’t turn and then it struck me what was wrong. Unfortunately, I started to notice that some of the younger minded Littles began to forget bits of their old life. It scared me something awful at first, but I just learned to cope with it like most other things around here. Jimmy probably only was ever called ‘Jimmy’ now, so that’s probably all he knew. Sighing a bit, I started again. “Oh, Siw Jimmy!” I cried out again. This time, he turned up to me. “My wadee!” he called back, more squealing than chivalrous, but it was still what I was looking for. Smiling, I looked down and hoped everything would work out today. So, a good time later, Sir Jimmy and I, the Princess Poppy, navigated the hallowed halls of our castle and then the wilds of my surrounding kingdom. Donny just sat in fascination as he watched us, and just to keep things interesting, occasionally, I would point to him to make his noises. To my surprise, he usually took his thumb out of his mouth, even if just temporarily, to say his line. Some spittle and drool fell out onto his shirt and the mulch underneath him half the time, but he still was a very good dragon for our playtime today. Finally, we were getting to the end just as I could tell the day was getting late. I felt a tiny urge to go potty, but seeing we were so close to the end, I just pushed through. Honestly, for a second, I was a little envious of Donny and Jimmy, both of whom clearly used their diapers since we began, but I quickly brushed the thought aside. I was not a baby. “Huwwy, siw Jimmy! The dwagon is this way!” I called out, donning my own trusty sword stick. “Yes, mi wadee! No mo’ bad dwagon aftuh I get dem!” he heroically charged. We both then ran headlong right into the underside of one of the slides that just happened to be where Donny had crawled off to at one point. It made a convincing cave as we approached, and I then pointed to Donny. Once again, he popped his now likely dirty thumb out of his mouth. “Grrr! Rawww!” he shouted. “Oh no! We doomed!” I clung to Jimmy’s arm, and for a second, I thought he almost looked at me the way I would expect any date back home to, but doing a little of improv I guess, Donny yelled out again when I hadn’t even cued him and stopped the moment. “Rawww! Fiah!” He then half-spit, half-gurgled and looked angrier than I had ever seen him. It was hard to understand what he was doing, and it wasn’t part of my plan, but those noises plus ‘fiah’ and being a dragon, to my delight, I just assumed he was spraying fire. Smiling and taking the moment to act a little fearful, I looked back at Jimmy. “We done fo’ Siw Jimmy. He’s spittin’ fire!” Jimmy patted my interlocked arm with his and gave me a tiny little smile. Something told me, that despite his well-used diaper and the large cartoon bird on his shirt, there was still a tiny part of him in there. “Togethuh…” I nodded, smiled, and we both then turned and ran at Donny, both our stick swords pointed right at him. Donny gave one last “Raww!” to us, but Jimmy poked him first. It was just a tiny jab, but I could already tell that Donny’s regressed emotions were getting the better of him. Panicking and not wanting to cause a scene, I adjusted my original ending a bit. I bent down and tried to seem sad. “Oh! Wha’ have we done! This poh lonely cweatuh…” I then had an idea and snapped off one of my purple hair clips. “With dis… potion of healin’… I…” thinking quickly, but knowing my audience, I just made up the first thing that popped into my head. “This will heal you!” I then bopped the hairclip right onto Donny outstretched belly. Nothing happened at first, but to add a little extra magic at the end, I started to tickle his belly. In seconds, he was a fit of giggles. “Da Dwagon is healed! He goo’ now?” Jimmy asked innocently as I reclipped my hair clip. Seeing his wide hopeful eyes, I nodded. “Yes, Siw Jimmy, we saved the dwagon an’ the land. He shall be a good dwagon fwom now on!” We all then hugged over our successful journey, but it seemed right in the nick of time, as both of their caregivers began to call them over. I waved goodbye as each left, and I sighed in happiness, but the moment didn’t last long. Right then, though, my bladder twinged, and my eyes bulged in fear. “Oh sh…!” I looked around and gratefully spotted Nancy. I then ran over to her. “Nancy! Nancy! I need help!” I yelled out in panic. Worrying something was desperately wrong with me, Nancy bolted up and ran over to me. “What? What is it? Did you get hurt? Did those boys hurt you?” She even began checking my hair and then my eyes. I quickly stopped her, my urgent need only growing stronger. “No, Nancy… I have to… have tuh…” I then crossed my legs and started to squirm helplessly. No matter how bad I had to go right then, I just couldn’t get myself to say ‘potty’ out loud. Stupid? Maybe, but it is what it is. Looking down at my obvious potty dance, Nancy’s face became a little calmer, but her eyes took on a look of recognition and urgency. “Oh. I see. Well, come on there!” Without thinking or taking a second to ask, she grabbed my hand, wheeled around to retrieve her backpack, and ran across the large lawn in the park to the restroom at the top of the hill. Gratefully, no one was inside, so Nancy made quick work of undoing my pants and dropping everything before resting me on the large white potty inside, still holding onto me so I wouldn’t fall through the extremely large lid. I saw the door wasn’t even shut for the first few seconds, but I honestly couldn’t care less. I was just so relieved that I had made it, and looking down, hadn’t leaked out into my pull-up. Like me, the real Princess Poppy remained dry and as happy as ever. Beaming with an almost unusual amount of joy and pride, Nancy then helped me off the potty and readjusted everything back into place. Once back out of the stall, she bent down and looked at me face to face. “Emma. I’m just so proud of you. I know everything’s been a bit difficult lately, but you’ve handled it so well. You’ve made me so happy, understand?” Just feeling her radiant praise once again, I only nodded back in relief and happiness. For her part, Nancy seemed positively thrilled, and after a good handwashing, we both then walked back outside. Before we did though, I saw the large me-sized changing tables in the corner of the restroom. Seeing as the potties were Big-sized and the changing tables were my size, a tiny fear managed to slip into my head. Still, once outside, realizing it was getting dark, Nancy and I headed back ho… to her house and then made and ate dinner together. Once all that was done, Nancy and I watched a little TV before bed. While I knew she liked her procedural dramas better, I had recently taken a keen interest in, who would have ever guessed, Princess Poppy. I wasn’t sure what it was, but she just spoke to me in a way that so many other characters on Littles TV didn’t. She didn’t make me feel fuzzy or loopy after… just more like I had learned an important lesson. It might have been sharing or not telling lies, but I still found it endearing in a way that I couldn’t shake. Regardless, I yawned, and chuckling, Nancy turned off the TV and looked back at me. “Okay, missy. I know it was a fun day and all, but I know someone who needs to get their rest. It still felt way too early, but yawning again, I just sleepily nodded. After helping me back up the stairs, Nancy drew me a quick bath and let me do my own business. I kept slipping with the soap, and Nancy offered several times to come in and help me, but I still felt a streak of some kind of independence. Fading perhaps, but it still lingered, so I always said no. Once all that was done though, Nancy waited for me in my room alongside my pajamas and maybe even something behind her back. Usually, she would just help me with my pull-up and pajamas, but this felt different somehow. Worried, I asked, “Is somethin’ wong?” She shook her head and just patted the bed beside her. Nodding slowly, I sat next to her before she sighed. “Emma… this morning, and a lot of other mornings recently in fact… your pull-up… it’s been a little wet.” I looked down at my feet in shame. “I’m sowwy…” My voice even cracked a little. Nancy then pulled my head gently to look at her right in the eyes. “Look at me, sweetie. I want you to know that I would never blame you for something like that. You can’t help it. It’s just something that happens to a lot of Littles here over time. You must have just hit that limit recently.” “Buh so much… it feels so hawd!” I felt I was on the verge of tears, but right before they started to fall, Nancy pulled my towel-only clad body into hers. Oddly, her warmth just kinda felt nice… safe even. I still felt upset, but my tears subsided for the moment at least. “Honey… life can be hard sometimes. It’s how we face it that matters.” She paused for a moment and then smiled down at me. “Think about when you were a princess today.” I nearly recoiled in shock and tiny bit of embarrassment. “You saw that?” Nancy chuckled. “I did, but don’t be embarrassed. It was nice seeing you so happy out there, but at the end, before you came running up to me… I saw you save the dragon. Because Donny was upset, right?” I nodded, marveling at just how well she was getting to know me and my usual outcomes in those scenes. Most of the time, the dragon would be slayed, but since Donny wasn’t, Nancy likely knew there had to be a reason. “Exactly. You changed the outcome based on what you were witnessing,” she began to explain. “Donny was upset, and you reacted. You didn’t just sit there and let him cry… you made an effort to help him… help the situation.” She then reached behind and pulled out something that made me tremble in fear more than anything else in this world. “Like that situation, I think we need to react to this one you’re having at night.” She then moved the diaper closer to me. Nancy though, saw my fear of the crisp white object, and hugged me a little closer. “It’s okay, Emma. It’s just a diaper. It’s not bad. Just a little more protective than your pull-up. If you like it, I can get you some Princess Poppy diapers even, but tiny steps first. Are you willing to try it out for at least one night? Just in case?” I thought about it about as hard as I could right then. At daycare, everyone knew that diapers during the day were a one-way ticket into the Meadows room. As it was, Anna was nearly there and I had comforted her after she wet her dress the other day, but that didn’t mean that I wanted to join her. Wearing them, even at night, felt like such a big leap downward. I still wanted to go home after all. What would my students or even friends say if they ever found out? Still though, the diaper lingered in front of me. It was nearly completely white, save for a few pink and purple swirls along the waistband. Not babyish to my relief, but the whole concept felt babyish enough as it was. Seeing the pail Nancy had set up in my room though, I knew she was right. I was so wet this morning and very uncomfortable after just a moment in bed. If it was just for one night, I felt I could at least try that. So, regretting everything and fearful of what was next, I just nodded. Nancy limply smiled and then gave me a tighter squeeze. “I’m very proud of you, Emma.” We just sat there for a moment, the diaper still calling out, but finally, Nancy spoke back up. “Let me just help you with these, okay?” I could only helplessly nod back to her. Then, as if in my darkest nightmares, despite my reluctance to wear them for one night, I let her ease me to my feet as she then produced a single changing pad and laid it on my bed. It was all covered in tiaras, diamonds, and was of course pink to my small delight, but it still represented something nearly unthinkable to me about a month ago now. “Okay, honey. Just keep breathing and all this will be over in a sec.” Again, I could only nod, as she then removed my towel and gingerly guided me back onto the pad. I had never felt so vulnerable in my life, and I just squeezed my eyes in terror as I began to hear the tell-tale rustling of plastic right above me. In moments, it just got worse, as I felt Nancy’s hand firmly grip my legs and lift them to the ceiling. I had been vulnerable here before. My three spankings in daycare were evident of that, but Nancy… she was different. At first, we just seemed like roommates, but there was a tiny voice in my head that had been growing recently. I thought it was just the usual dynamics of being small in this dimension, but the more I thought, the more I couldn’t deny something I horrifically thought about one day. After all, though I’m sure some situations existed this way, one roommate doesn’t diaper the other. Here, in this dimension however, another title was applied to that person, but I just couldn’t find the power inside of me to even think it right then. Regardless, my thoughts soon shifted to my own situation where Nancy glided a cold wet wipe along my unmentionables, or at least that’s what Anna tried calling them the other day. Feeling so exposed, humiliated, and terrified, I even whimpered a little. “Oh, I’m sorry honey. I know their cold, but just one more moment. We’re almost done.” I just mournfully nodded back, and Nancy kept right on going. As she said though, soon after, I coughed a little as I smelled the horrible scent of baby powder. ‘Oh gosh! Does this make me a baby now?’ I just tried shaking that thought away. It was just for tonight, but as Nancy sealed the front of the impossibly thick foreign diaper up between my legs, my confidence in that notion wavered a little. “Okay, sweetie. You can open your eyes now. It’s all done.” I did and looked down at the near cloud-like garment surrounding my lower half. I was mortified but couldn’t help but poke at the terrible thing. I think I would die on the spot if anyone knew about this, but Nancy just patted my shoulder and helped me up to finish the nightly routine. It was getting late after all. Smiling gently, Nancy then helped me into some pink polka dotted purple pajamas, leaving nothing to the imagination to my shame over what I was wearing underneath, guided me as I brushed my teeth, and then tucked me in for the night. As usual, she left my bedside table light on and a book for me to read. I often would pass out while reading it lately, but I always noticed it was neatly placed back on my nightstand in the morning. I knew at that moment that Nancy would check up on me during the night, and to be honest, it just kind of made me feel safe for some strange reason. Tonight, though, just as Nancy started to leave, I asked her a single question that froze her in her tracks. “Nancy… can you wead to me?” I almost thought I broke her for a moment, but she spun around and looked at me like she did whenever I would mess up something for the first time. Instantly, I felt I had done something wrong. “What did you say to me?” I cowered in fear that I was about to get in trouble, but I just repeated my question. I mean, to be frank, I was having some trouble reading lately, and Nancy was there, so I just had to ask. I’d rather ask than not at least hear a story before bed. “Please don’ be mad, Nancy… jus… can you wead to me?” I offered the book, almost acting like my shield, up to the Big. Nancy took the book in seeming bewilderment, but to my relief, simply grinned down at me. “Of course I will, Emma. Don’t ever be scared to ask me something like that, okay?” I just nodded and smiled back. “Good. Now, scoot over.” I did so and Nancy flipped open to the first page after settling in. “Once upon a time, there was a farmer named George. George lived in village far from anywhere else but dreamed of adventure.” I smiled and feeling a little sleepy, I really didn’t mean to, but my head slowly drifted over and onto Nancy. At first, she seemed startled and paused before flipping the page, but then just leaned her head against mine and continued to read to me. I felt that I could still read the illustrated pages in front of me, but Nancy was here, and she now just seemed happy to do it. I felt like we both won tonight, and in this world, I felt that was never a bad thing. So, I just snuggled into Nancy further, and listened to her as I drifted off, peaceful and happy.
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