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  2. Rebellious Teen to Teen Baby (With Baby Frost)

    Chrissy crawled off to the toys in the room to play
  3. All symptoms

    Maybe a UTI or something. Go see your doctor or urologist!
  4. Baby Dylan says "Hi"

    awww Welcome to the site BabyDylan On the top right hand corner youll see settings for your profile. That is where you would be able to add a photo.
  5. Brother comes home ( private for me and Danny)

    The other kids were sound asleep as the car continued the long trip to the beach. Not long after a strong scent entered the car as a sleeping aurora deposited her breakfast into her diaper
  6. You are new here. Take some time and read through the forum posts, especially the ones about being diapered in public. You will soon realize people say no one notices. It's true unless you are very obvious about it, such as wearing super thick diapers and skimpy cotton shorts or baby clothes, or you go around with a pacifier in your mouth. What we say won't help your comfort level at first though. You have to work gradually into wearing diapers in public to gain confidence. The first few times you do it you will be nervous and think everyone knows what you have on under your clothes. Soon you will realize no one is paying attention to you and no one notices at all. The more you do it and realize no one knows, the more comfortable you become with wearing in public. I started slow by going to a road side fruit stand. few people around and it was for just about 5 minutes. Next time I walked around down town, small town for about 15 minutes. After that I started to wear around stores and no one noticed at all. I have been face to face with a salesman 2 foot away in Sears buying a VCR (Obviously years ago) actually wetting my diaper and he had no clue. Even when I've gone into a medical supply store years ago in diapers looking for good quality waterproof pants, the clerk asked me about the paitent. I had to tell her they were for me due to incontinence and she had no clue I was wearing diapers. People will tell you no one notices, but you have to just go out in your diapers to convince yourself it's true and slowly gain confidence.
  7. Dr.Baby

    Alice: hay mommy h-hay Lisa. Lisa: hey kitty cat how's my fav little brat doing. Alice: good just um playing with sissy. Lisa walked over to both girl's. Alex looked at the young girl she was a bit shorter then Elaine had big glasses red frizzy hair and freckles ( really well note me and maybe I can help )
  8. Life

    Emma walked up to Jamie picked her up before Jamie could say something Emma sit on the toilet put Jamie over her lap then held her in pleas Jamie started to yell but then got a hard smack on her bear wet bottom
  9. Cartoons

    Phineas And Ferb, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, TMNT 2003, TMNT 2012, Steven Universe, Avatar The Last Airbender, Sonic X, Sonic Boom, Sofia The First, Elana Of Avalor, etc.
  10. The Cruise (Updated 12 August 2017)

    So anyone wanna help crowdfund this idea I have a cruise line??? Really loving the pace and the internal monologues.
  11. Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

    I used to eat my ex while she peed.
  12. Dr.Baby

    "It's just not my kind of thing to be honest Alice I'm bored just from watching you " Alex says not rude about it as she understood there be thing both girls wouldn't like and was okay with that "hey girls what you doing ?" Elaine ask when her and Lisa came in to Alice room (yeah still couldn't get that to work for me so gave up now )
  13. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    Maybe Sophie should be double-diapered, just in case?
  14. Plastic Undies or Bed Pads?

    Uh, please look at the info next to New2DL's posts. She doesn't have a "friend" to point downwards.
  15. Life

    "Your not my mother she did the smart move and killed herself" Jamie mumble and grumble to herself "should of done that myself then wouldn't be in this shit " she carried on and she clean herself
  16. Dr.Baby

    why do you say that sissy. ( can you pick the name please. all so the game is on steam )
  17. Life

    okay sweetie mommy will be right outside if you need help
  18. Life

    "I clearly wasn't listening was I " Jamie says still frowning and covering herself now "I can clean my self up now can you please leave " Jamie adds looking away
  19. Diaper thief turned infant

    I hug you and my new puppy tightly
  20. new baby girl

    I smile and wet myself "uh oh"
  21. Diaper thief turned infant

    i smile
  22. new baby girl

    i open the closit and show its full of baby stuff
  23. Today
  24. Life

    Jamie sweetie I asked you if you wanted me to clean your bottom and you said yes
  25. Being spanked on a pooey nappy

    As someone who remembers being spanked after doing a poo in my nappy when I was 2 or 3, trust me it does hurt through the nappy and it can make you cry.
  26. Booted Baby (Private with Danny)

    Everlyn jumped up in surprise as she simultaneously wet herself. "Mom. What the fuck! Calm down will you!"
  27. Life

    "H...hey you can't touch me there " Jamie said her voice going high as she moved away from Emma now I remember why I didn't play as a kid how dumb could I be to let that happen Jamie thought with a deep frown
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