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  2. "That's right, you are!" Chloe cooed, slipping spoonful after spoonful of the baby food in Kayla's mouth. Some of the food ran down Kayla's chin and onto the bib. Chloe used a burp rag to wipe off Kayla's mouth. When she had finished the first jar of baby food, Chloe picked up the bottle and held it so Kayla could drink.
  3. My girlfriend is incontinent and when we were broke we experimented with cheap diapers, Depends with tabs specifically. Around that time she was normally wearing DC Amor or Bambino most of the time. What we found is she'd go through 5-7 Depends in one day, not including the night. Part of this was their low capacity but they also started to feel gross and uncomfortable long before they were fully used. In the same time she'd go through one or maybe two of the Amor or Bambino. On top of that in a fairly short period of time the Depends started giving her rashes which, before, almost never happened. In fact it hasn't happened again since and this experiment was over a year ago. I'm only comparing the days as she always has to wear something better at night otherwise we have a wet bed. So in conclusion— • The Depends cost about $3.50-$5 a day and would cause rashes. • The Amor or Bambino would cost about $2-4 a day, required less work from me changing her, and never gave her rashes. The choice was pretty clear even when we were having trouble paying rent. Now we use a variety of different things as she likes having choices. Equates it to wearing different underwear which I think makes perfect sense. We use Amor, Rearz, Aww So Cute, Dottie, and ABU. We stopped using Bambino after we had a huge shipping issue with them.
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  5. Hailey knew Kayla like her pacifier just buy the way she sucked it. She rocked and patted Kayla back. " it's okay just calm down honey " Hailey says to Kayla then starts to coo softly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. "No it won't it can't be!" she cried as Hailey rocked her at first Kayla wouldn't open for the pacifier but she knew it was either that or a spanking so she opened and soon she was calmed down.. No one knew but Kayla didn't give up her pacifier until she was five and now she had it back it was like something awoke inside her.
  7. "No no please not here!" he cried as he could tell he pushed it too far. He felt his diaper come down and then she began spanking him he kicked his feet and cried as she scolded him. "Ok ok I'm sorry!" he said crying
  8. Hailey sits down then blushes when ryan kisses her hand. " it was nice and the food looks delicious " she says taking a bite. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hailey rocked Kayla. " you will soon this will be life everyday so you won't hate it you be use to it no matter what you say " Hailey says she still patting Kayla back then slips a pacifer in her mouth so she can calm down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. "I am's I am's!" she said playing with her mommy these were special bonding time..
  11. "No I won't no I won't I hate being a baby!" she poured. Kayla wondered if everything she said was true but how she couldn't hypnotize her could she! She knew wetting herself would be done physically where she lost control but she couldn't make her act like a baby and be used to it! That's absurd. She thought to herself.
  12. Alex felt better right away now that she was getting clean
  13. James pulls her hand over to the dinner table as Ryan brings food over and kisses her "hey have a good nap" as he helps james into the booster chair giving him his sippy cup and gives him his food eat
  14. Aaliyah then put Alex on the changing table then took off Alex diaper and went to work
  15. Timmy climbs into Hailey's lap so she can see better as he yells and cheers while watching the game and watching James play as he cheers on his brother and claps as he tells the people around him "dats bwoter dats bwoter "
  16. "Good mummy me no like messy diaper " Alex says nodding
  17. I made it from 2 caths and 2 ET tube inflators
  18. Hailey smiles. " well that was very nice of you of Ryan " Hailey says. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Ryan put James down from the counter when he heard Hailey wake up and James ran out to the living room "mommy mommy I wook winner"
  20. Hailey goes over to the bleachers with everyone else. " sorry but you have to sit here with me and Tina " Hailey says getting them comfy. Tina sits down. " hailee pway fone" she ask Hailey gives Tina her phone so she can play her game. " Timmy look the game is starting " Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Aaliyah picked up Alex and said. ok Alex but first let's get your bottom cleaned
  22. Alex lay bonny down on a pillow carefully and cover her with Alex blanket before turning around "uh huh shhh mummy bonny sleeping " Alex whisper and crawled over too Aaliyah
  23. Aaliyah walked back in and said. ok sweetie ready for your bath
  24. She was odd too was Alex first thought not like her mummy at all but she like Elaine being different she understood Alex a little better than Aaliyah could not that Alex wanted a different mummy no but she knew she was safe with Elaine too when her mummy wasn't around
  25. Hailey didn't even know she woke up to the smell of food. " hey what's going on " she asked going to the kitchen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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