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  2. Tommy enjoys the movie laughing at all the funny parts getting popcorn and butter all over his face hands and clothes during the movie. Even wetting his pull up during it but not saying anything. Emily laughs at some parts too but is mostly curled up with daddys arms and holds teddy bear. She falls asleep by the end of it sleeping peacefully
  3. I tried lying to my Mommy one time when I was a small girl. Never again. My older sister was always lying and getting punished for it, but not me. Learned my lesson very fast. But yes, please continue to post more stories. It was a fun read. But not sure if I am a big baby......
  4. I haven't posted a story here but at the site I did post on you had to move the story. I would expect it is the same here.
  5. Chapter 37 – Time flies. March came around before I knew what had happened. Time truly does fly when you’re having fun! It was warmer, but wetter in our home town. It was just that soggy spring time of year. The Selvage’s lived a very short distance from our high school, so we decided to walk on a rare sunny Wednesday in the middle of the month. It was a gorgeous day, sun shining and the high mad it to the mid-sixties. I was walking along with my cane on the inside. I kept it toward the yards while my Merry was on the outside. She insisted on walked on the road side to protect me. We were holding hands talking about prom the following month. “Baby you are doing so good! I can’t believe you’re already walking this far!” Merry gushed. “Kitten, it’s only like six blocks. I used to run miles and miles.” I scoffed. “I know baby, but just a couple months ago walking to the car and to class was too much for you. I just can’t believe how fast you’re recovering!” Merry said kissing the side of my face. I squeezed her hand, “I love you Kitten. My back still hurts, and this leg still does what it wants to sometimes. Overall, I’m doing a lot better. Dr. B and my neurologist are very happy with the recovery so far. I think I’d ditch this cane if my leg wasn’t so flaky.” I mused. “Still nothing in the bladder zone though huh?” She asked dangling lightly off my side. “Nope, not since you asked yesterday.” I laughed, “I think it’s pretty safe to say that the nerve damage is permanent at this point. Dr. B wants to wait on the final ruling for a few more months. There’s that die test they can do to take pictures of my nerve conduction. Fancy way to say they can run a test to know for sure.” I pointed out. “God, I don’t want you to go back to the damn hospital. If I never see you in a hospital gown again it’ll be too soon. That sucked! But, we got to do what Dr. Daddy wants!” She told me. “Preaching to the choir M! Dr. Daddy. I love it! I still get all these weird tingly spots, and sometimes my toes go numb on me. There’s no point in taking the test if all it’s going to tell me is yes or no. I really don’t care. I’m not planning on giving up the diapers either way, so just looks like more money to me. I love walking home with you though. This is really nice. I feel like a good run, but I know I’m not there yet.” I told her redirecting her. “With spring comes prom you know. I wish some good looking guy or girl would ask me to prom. I know my wife will be pissed, but she hasn’t asked me yet either so.” Merry hinted shamelessly. “Pfft, I put a ring on it woman! You at my side was implied.” I muttered pretending to be offended. “A girl likes to know she wanted. You know that! I can’t let you take all this amazing for granted!” She giggled gesturing at her whole body. “Merry Page, you will go to senior prom with me and that’s final! I promise to sway closely to you, even on the fast songs. Cause… that’s about all I can do…HAHA!” I barked in laughter patting at her shoulder. “Why Maddison Page, I’d love to be your date to senior prom.” She goofed all formal like. Like she had a choice. “Do you hear that?” I asked turning my head to hear a far off noise. “Yeah, hope there isn’t another fire. I can see our house from here so we are good.” Merry said shielding her eyes from the sun. We kept talking as the sirens got louder. “I want you to wear that red dress again. OMG! Babe I love that thing.” I told her squeezing her hand. “Well, I wanted to get a new one, but I’ve only worn that dress to Appl” Merry was cut off mid-sentence. I barely registered that my hand was suddenly empty. It was the hand that she had been holding. Before I could process about her absence, I heard the most awful noise. I heard the sound of metal crunching and scrapping against metal. I heard the thunderous sound of thick wood snapping and the howl of concrete being gouged. I looked over to my right side where my wife had been, but she wasn’t there. The front end of a silver car was sitting there instead of the love of my life only inches from my leg. My eyes dilated, and I wasn’t seeing anything anymore. I inhaled and took in the world around me with the only sense I could trust. I remember catching the faint smell of burning oil. I could smell burning rubber too, and ozone. It smelled like the air after a lightning strike. I stared at the hood of the car that occupied the space where my mind told me Merry should be. My eyes finally seeing what my brain was failing to process. So many sights flooded my senses. I remember recognizing that there wasn’t a driver in the silver car by my legs, and that the driver’s side was a mess. I looked back to see what caused all the damage. A white SUV of some kind was high centered on a power pole stump. The front end was steaming and three police cars were pulling up behind it. ‘Oh, it was the police we’d heard.’ I thought. I looked into the SUV and saw the driver splayed against the steering wheel the air bag just now deflating. Only fractions of moments had passed. Time was all fucked up. I felt a nagging at the back of my mind while I processed the site before me. It felt like there was something more important that I needed to focus on, but I didn’t seem to be driving my own thoughts. Later, I was told it was shock. My mind latched onto the details it could process not the ones it refused to. I heard the smack of a powerline hitting a shrub near me. The world came crashing back into real time. I shrieked like a banshee and jumped toward the silver car wanting to put some distance between me and the live wires that were flapping and crackling around. I raced around the silver car and Merry finally took center stage in my mind. I panicked at not knowing where she was. I got distracted by shouting. I looked up to see the police approaching the driver with their guns drawn. I stumbled and looked back down at my feet as I got off the side walk. I looked around for my wife. Then I saw her. “OH MY GOD. NO NO FUCK NO! OH MY GOD MERRY! MERRY! MERRY!” I wailed with every bit of air in my body. I inhaled and began the litany again, and again, and again. I couldn’t move forward, but I HAD to be at her side. I couldn’t get my feet to move though. My brain was sending to many signals all at once. I was shorting out, but I never stopped screaming her name. I felt a police officer cradle me to his chest and turn us from the view of my wife’s mangled body. “Ma’am, I’m so sorry. Are you hurt? Tell me your name!” He began to yell. He had to yell to be heard over my wailing her name. “Merry! Her name’s Merry. She’s my wife.” I screamed as loud as I could, but my voice was leaving me. My vocal cords strained beyond their tolerance and I was cracking and breaking. I coughed and hacked trying to sooth my throat so I could talk. “I’m so sorry miss. There’s an ambulance on the way. Were you hit?” He kept talking to me trying to keep me engaged. I railed against him banging my fists into his chest trying to see her around him. I tried to get one last look. I needed to be with her. I wanted to lie down in the road next to my love. I wanted to leave the world behind to seek what comes next with her. I just needed to be with her, but he wouldn’t let me go. He held me tighter and tighter. I hyperventilated, and black started creeping around the edges of my sight as the supply of oxygen to my brain depleted. I froze jutting up rigid ght nearly breaking his hold on me, and then I passed out. I came around in a moving ambulance. They’d seen the scar on my back and its freshness. The EMTs opted to run me directly to the hospital for evaluation. You don’t take chances with spinal cord injuries. “Ma’am, can you tell me your name?” The EMT repeated over and over. Finally, I cut through the soup between me and reality. “M…M…Maddie” I choked out. Suddenly, the accident came rushing back to me. “Where’s Merry? Where’s my wife? Where is she? I need to see her.” I screamed. “There’s a second ambulance with her ma’am. We are all headed to the same place. It did not look good Maddie. I don’t want to get your hopes up. I’m so very sorry. I need your whole name. Is there someone we can call?” She told me. “M…M…my phone. Is my purse here?” I asked. “Yes ma’am. Wait leave the oxygen mask on. Good girl. I’ll get your purse. May I look for your driver’s license?” My EMT asked. “Yes.” I stopped messing with the mask over my nose and mouth. I felt like the mask made it harder for me to breathe not easier. Then I got disgusted with myself for worrying about my own comfort when my Merry was alone. I felt numb. Some part of my waking mind had just realized that Merry was likely dead. I felt like a robot that was shut down. Like a computer booted to the old BIOS screen. Nothing but basic input and output. I closed my eyes, but the darkness didn’t have mercy on me this time. No, I had to stay and deal with the emotions. “Maddison Page is it? So that was Merry Page your wife?” The lady questioned me. I don’t know if I responded or not. I don’t know if I corrected her or not. I remember unlocking my phone and hitting my mom’s cell number for her. Then all I remember is the buzzing of life having the arrogance to continue while my Merry lay in the other ambulance cooling. I was livid. I was crushed. I was defeated. Great gut wrenching sobs poured out of me in the emergency room. Doctors and nurses flew in and out of my room. I swallowed a couple pills of some kind while nurses rushed around and jogged my gurney all over the hospital. Whatever they gave me kicked in and the darkness finally took mercy on me. I fell asleep. It was a dreamless sleep. The kind of sleep where my mind shut off and didn’t hold me accountable to the passage of time. I woke to the sounds of sobbing what felt like only moments later. I slowly opened my eyes to see my family in their own fits of hysterics. Then, the afternoon came rushing back to me. I gulped in air filling my lungs with oxygen, and wailed, “Take me to her. She’s here isn’t she! I need to see her take me to her.” My screams brought the nurses and shocked my family out of their own grief. Paul, Beth, Dr. B, and my mother all bolted to my side at once. They all laid their hands on me. My two mothers pressed their heads to mine and we all cried. Dr. B held Bugs from the back and Paul held Beth. Paul was the only thing keeping Beth on her feet. There were soft mutterings of “She’s gone sweaty.” “You don’t want to remember her this way baby.” “She wouldn’t want you to see Punkin.” “There there. We are all with you.” “You’re not alone.” “You’re not alone.” “You’re not alone.” “You’re not alone.” But I was. I was alone. My wife was gone. I was half of who I was meant to be. Half of who I was. I was us, and now I was me. “I feel empty Momma. God it hurts so bad.” I whimpered against my family. “What hurts dear?” A nurse asked me. “Not me, my heart.” I wailed racking sobbing cries of misery. Somewhere deep in my mind I wanted to be strong for Paul and Beth, for Mom and Pop, but I didn’t have it in me right then. I was filled with sorrow, regret, pain… loss. It was a loss so heavy I could feel it in the air like a thick fog against my skin. “She’s going to have another panic attack!” My nurse barked. The room quieted immediately. My cries grew quieter without the room’s grief to feed them. “No, it’s too much! I can’t. I can’t do this without her. BETH, MOM I wailed pulling her close to me.” I was trying to comfort her, but I was just making it worse. “Why can’t I get it together! I just want to hold Mom so she doesn’t hurt so bad. I don’t want anyone to hurt like this! OH MY GOD! I can’t fucking take it.” I couldn’t fight back the cries of anguish that kept catching up to me. Mom and Bugs each found an ear and a cheek. “Shhh Sweety, we’re here. We’ve got you. We’re with you.” They repeated for many long minutes until I’d finally cried out all my tears. Dr. B was busy in the corner discussing my case with the ER doctor. They’d done an emergency MRI while I was out. He was reviewing it. “Why are they doing all these tests?” I sniffled. “Cause you were in a horrible car accident baby.” My mother whispered. “I wasn’t hurt though. It was just my Kitten.” I dissolved in the empty tears and dry racking sobs battered my chest. “Oh baby.” Bugs cooed in my ear. When Mom and Bugs gave in to their own sorrow and pain, Dr. Ben and Paul took their places by my face while their women cried into their men’s backs. I wanted to wrap them all in hugs and take away their pain. I wanted everything to go away. I wanted Merry to crawl up in the bed next to me like she had after my surgery. “God Pop. Every fucking thought I have leads me to her. It hurts so much. I can’t breathe.” I told Paul. “I know Punkin. It’s not fair, not any of it. I still have you though. I have one of my girls. Don’t leave me now little one. Stay here with us. We need you. We’ll all hold each other together. We are family baby, all of us. You are my daughter and my daughter-in-law too.” He kissed my head. “You’re ok Maddie. Your MRI was clear. How’d you not get hurt?” Dr. Ben asked tears streaming down his face. I pulled him into a tight hug. I squeezed him for all I was worth. I knew he was going to marry mom eventually. He hadn’t left us over the diaper stuff and he’s here with us now during our grief. He wasn’t just clinging to mom either. He was there for me too. I loved Dr. Ben. “Dr. Daddy.” I whisper cried into his ear. “Hold me.” I begged him. Ben got into my bed and pulled me into his lap while Paul raised it to a full sitting position. My mother sat down at my feet as I pulled them fully into Ben’s lap. Bugs rested her head on my lap and stroked my knee. Paul rubbed my mother’s back reaching across them to bring Mom into our family puppy pile. I’m fairly sure we all needed it at that point. They rotated with Beth holding me and the guys at our sides. We just cried and whispered reassurances to each other. I soaked it up. I never let go of Ben’s hand. I needed my Dr. Daddy close. He’d taken care of me when my back blew up, he’d taken care of mom while I recovered, and now he was taking care of me again. He’d kept up with the medical stuff while we all dealt with the emotional stuff. He’d earned his spot in my life, and Bugs’. No one would question him now. A short while later the police came to take my statement. Both my mother and Mom stayed with me while Dr. B and Paul stepped into the hallway to discuss Merry. I didn’t envy Paul that task. I knew what he was doing, and I was glad I didn’t have to do it. He had to decide how to care for her remains. He had to decide which funeral home they’d use. He had to see if there was a plot available at the family cemetery. No one should have to bury a child. No one should have to arrange a funeral while they are grieving their loss. ‘Only a few years difference and that would be me in the hall making these decisions for her. I don’t want too. I don’t want too so badly that I don’t even care what choices Paul makes. I trust him. I only ask that she be closed casket. I can’t see her lively lovely face all placid and cool caked in makeup.’ “I don’t mean to be gruff officer. I’m sorry. It’s just simple. We were walking and talking about prom and in the very next moment noise, smells, and then she was just gone.” I told them. “He snatched her from my hands so fast that I didn’t even realize she was gone until I wandered around the car away from the power line. It was all just a matter of moments.” I reiterated. “Sorry ma’am I mean no disrespect. Just to be clear, you didn’t see anything that happened?” He asked. “Only after. I didn’t even see Merry get hit. I was looking the other way when it happened. I think I felt her absence just a bit before all the other sensory input. The horrible sounds, smells, and my poor Merry on the ground. God, I can’t get it out of my head.” I started a soft slow cry again. “That’s all we need ma’am. The kid lived. He stole that car and shot at an officer during a traffic stop. Kid was on something, got antsy and bailed. Drove between two parked cars just behind you. He went right between them at about sixty miles an hour. The two parked cars spun like a top while he broke the light pole finally bringing the car to rest.” The cops reported. “What will happen to the murderer?” Beth asked with acid on her tongue. “They’ll throw everything at him ma’am. He’s just an idiot kid that made a series of really bad decisions while messed up on something, but they’ll bury him for the loss of life. Not that I’d want to live knowing what I’d done if I were him. Not something I’d like to carry. The kid has a long miserable life ahead of him when he sobers up.” The officer nodded his head. He spoke from a place of revulsion, anger, and yet compassion. I could see it too after the nice officer helped me focus on it. His life would be terrible if he wasn’t dead inside. I could empathize with the kid’s situation, but I couldn’t find any sympathy in me. “His life will be rainbows compared to mine. I’ll never wake up next to my wife again!” I barked. I wanted him to suffer, torture would be too much, but with what he’d done, he needed to be punished. I wanted him to feel the burden I was already feeling. For every empty hollow moment I’d have for the rest of my life without my wife at my side, I wanted him to pay. I wanted to crush his hopes and dreams for every empty night I’d sleep alone. I had a lot of very focused anger in me just then, it helped fight back my tears. All I could imagine was every holiday and all the empty chairs. Unbidden, a mental image of me standing at the alter in my wedding gown came to mind. I was sobbing alone on the platform in front of everyone. “I want him prosecuted to the full extent of the law on every crime committed in the slaying of my wife!” I demanded in a shallow but rising tone of voice. “Do I need to get lawyers involved to press charges?” Beth cut me off. “My husband, the girl’s father, will want to know.” She told them. “I can’t tell you for sure ma’am, but the loss of innocent life here will light a wild fire at the prosecuting attorney’s office have no doubt.” He promised. “Again, I’m very sorry for your loss ma’am. I’ve had a loss too. It never goes away, but it does get better every day. Be strong for yourself and each other.” He said patting my leg while donning his hat. The officers exited our room quietly. The guys came back in and looked around as the officers left. I was tired and worked up at the same time. I knew if I could just relax a little I’d pass out. I was sure they were going to release me though so I held on. “Dr. Daddy, hold me again.” I told Dr. Ben. It wasn’t optional, so I didn’t give him a choice. “Of course darlin.” He told me. “I will be here. I will be here for your mom and you both. For Paul and Beth too. Whatever ya’ll need, just let me know. I’m a doer, so you guys need something done, I’m on it. I have a couple operations I can’t reschedule or give to another surgeon tomorrow, but I have my staff working to clear my schedule for the next several days after that. I lost my daughter-in-law today. I want to be with my family.” He said. I looked at my mother and she held up her hand. “Oh Momma I’m so happy for you two.” I told him sobbing into his shoulder. “I asked her yesterday. She said yes. I’ll really be your Daddy darling. We told Merry so she’d make sure you stayed around for dinner tonight.” He told me rubbing my back. “Well, there’s a silver lining Bugs. I wish you both the best.” Paul said patting Dr. Ben on the back. Beth leaned in and kissed Bugs. They hugged, and my mother took a moment to show Beth her ring. It made the ring Merry had bought me look like a claw-machine toy. I was ecstatic for Bugs, but I couldn’t summon the happiness that I wanted to give her. “I really am happy for you Momma. I’m so sorry I can’t smile for you.” I wailed into Dr. Ben’s shoulder falling into a terrible sadness. I didn’t really surface from there. I fell so deeply into my emotions that I didn’t process anything for the next few days. I existed in a haze. I wanted to be there for my family, but I just couldn’t process the loss. It was too much pain, too much loss of potential. I know I cried for Ben when he left the Selvage’s house to perform the operations the next day. I lay in bed and didn’t move for three days. I’m not even sure how they got me to the funeral, but there are pictures of me there with everyone else. The few memories I have are mostly when Bugs or Dr. Ben came and went. When Ben was there I needed to be in his lap. I needed to feel his comfort. I needed my new Daddy. When I woke up on the Saturday after Merry passed, I finally felt my mind clear. There was the weight of the loss, but it wasn’t as debilitating. The lethargy of lying in bed was still over powering. I yawned and rolled over in my bed. I inhaled deeply still able to smell Merry in the covers and on the pillow. Fresh tears trailed from my eyes and slid down my cheeks soaking into my pillow. I opened my eyes again and looked at my mother. She was laying there nursing her pacifier and snuggled in tightly to a large teddy bear that Dr. Ben had given her on Valentine’s Day. ‘She looks so amazingly comfortable. I’m thrilled that she’s so happy. I just wish I could find that for myself. I feel like my heart died. Like I have lost my shot at happy.’ I fumbled around for my own pacifier, but couldn’t find it. My thumb found its way into my mouth filling the void my binkie left. I settled into so quiet whimpers feeling like my stomach was going to revolt. I grimaced and bit down on my thumb until a particularly violent cramp passed. I closed my eyes and tried to ease myself back to sleep. I focused on my breathing alone and nothing else. Images from Merry’s accident tried to creep into my mind, but I caught them and replaced them. The sign on the hotel came loaded in my mind. I held onto it tightly. I flashed to some thoughts of the elevator, then to the hot tub. I flooded my mind with as many memories as I could. Memories like Merry at my side walking to elementary school. We were so young and cute, skipping was involved. I recalled when we started cross country together, Merry’s first date, and blowing bubbles in the front yard while my Daddy barbequed. I flooded my mind with twelve years of Merry with me. Tears of loss flowed freely. Tears of happiness mingled with those tears of loss. I wished I had my own teddy bear to nuzzle. I needed the comfort, but I couldn’t stand to wake Bugs. I slowly wiggled closer to her and lay my head on her teddy. My stomach rumbled again and I debated on getting up. Instead, I convinced myself that it didn’t matter. I didn’t know where my cane was. I had no idea if I was already messy or not. I couldn’t bear to be away from my mother. Instead, I retreated into those memories and let come what may accepting my own excuses. I soiled myself out of laziness. I shuffled around in my diaper wiggling my butt. I could feel the squishy mess down there, but I couldn’t find it in myself to care. I’d deal with it eventually, but not right then. “Maddie, yous gettin muh bear swoggy!” Bugs smiled down at me. “Are you wiff me today baby butt?” She giggled. “I’m twying hawd Momma. It huwts so bad.” I told her affecting her speech effortlessly. It was easier to be young right then, to play like nothing was wrong. It didn’t hurt as bad that way. The situation wasn’t so heavy. I just wanted to pretend like my life wasn’t over and hide from my issues. I grunted and filled the seat of my diaper and sighed when the pressure was off my stomach. “Oh baby. Did you make a messy? Let Momma fix you up K?” She sat up humming. I just kept sucking against my thumb. Bugs changed me and cleaned me so fast that I didn’t get a chance to dread it at all. She was so good at it that it was easy for me to stay floating in my happy memories. Bugs was standing there with her hair in braided pig tails, pacifier in her mouth, and her humongous bambino diaper poking out from under her Lego Batman nightshirt. She didn’t look like the momma I remembered from before the fire, but I liked this one better. “Where’s Daddy?” I asked her.
  6. Good chapter. Stu was extra lucky especially knowing now that the guy had planned on killing all the men present. The guy obviously didn't txke a very close look at the threat he was facing or Stu would have been one of the 1st shot. I will be watching for more.
  7. So, an officer pooping on the poop deck when the ship was pooped would have some poor sailer with a pooper scooper cleaning up the errant poop from the poopy poop deck. Either way, both of them would be seriously pooped afterwards.
  8. That sounds good
  9. Jackie Stonehardt was a Senior in college, and was nearly done studying for her teaching degree. While she knew that student teaching was coming up next semester, she was really nervous for it, and would have really liked someone to practice on. She didn't know if any of her friends or classmates would allow her to practice on them or not as she would have to assume they are like nine or ten years old to get the real effect. She didn't ask them. Brooke was one girl that she had known for a while, and she wondered if, with her way of being able to get things done, if she might be able to set her up to work with some freshmen or something, using her influence to make the younger people behave and let her tutor them. Though their course work would be higher than she would be teaching, she imagined she could still manage and treat them the same way, so she figured she would talk to Brooke and ask her about it. They had been sharing the same house for college now for about two years after all. One morning, a few weeks before school was to start, Jackie went into the kitchen looking for Brooke, and she sat at the table. "Brooke? I know we don't really need the financial help or anything, but you know, freshmen are always strapped for money, and you know how much we hated the dorms when we were freshmen. You never had any privacy there, and when you wanted to study, there was always parties and noise so it was hard to study. I was thinking, why don't we adopt a couple of freshmen this year and let them stay here? And I was also thinking, my full time student teaching course will be coming up next semester, though I've been volunteering at a local school, they still don't really let me teach anything, and I'm nervous about how well I will do, so I was wondering how you felt about getting some girls together for me, letting me turn the living room in a classroom once a week, and letting me practice? Of course, I can try to do it when you are not at home, or if you wanted to help me, then maybe you can be my assistant. I was thinking about tutoring twelve girls once a week if you are okay with that just to get some teaching practice in." (We will focus only on our four characters though. The other ten will just be background once a week).
  10. Thank you so much! I used to do writing professionally and I can make stories in just about any style. I tend to think about how to make a compelling story first and then figure out how to insert the fetishy aspects second. Maybe some day I could even start taking personal commissions for stories. In my many years of being a mommy I have learned the kind of things that big babies like! This story was pretty fun to make. I know stories here are usually made in shorter bursts and continue on through the thread but I tend to just keep writing when I feel like I am on a roll and I don't want to stop until I feel like I am done. I will try to make some more stories in the traditional DD forum way, but I will continue to make these large self-contained singular stories as well.
  11. Isabelle wanders around downstairs. "Honey. Isabelle is down here." Skylar says as she drinks her coffee. Isabelle is walking around in a thick nighttime diaper and her Olaf pyjamas holding her teddy
  12. Hey everyone, it's the final chapter. Thank you so much for sticking with this story. Expect to see it up on the main site sometime soon! --- Fourteen: That’s A Wrap, Folks Three dozen eyes tracked me around the room. I didn’t move. I didn’t speak. All I could do was stand there, in total silence, and wait. At the head of the classroom, Greg finished his introduction and turned to me with a smile. “They’re all yours, J-Man,” he said. I flashed him a grin. “Much obliged, Greg.” Greg sat down near the front of the class, and I took his spot at the podium. It felt surreal being on this end of the education system, even though I was used to having an audience. And that feeling didn’t get better when I realized that most of these college kids were only eight or seven years younger than me. There weren’t all that many years between us. Ah, well. After my previous month, this was nothing. “Morning, guys and girls,” I said. Clapping my hands together, I looked around. “So, who here has ever seen community theater...?” *** Dust floated through a shaft of sunlight in the window. It swirled around, caught up in a sudden gust from my feather duster. A few quick swipes removed another layer from my den’s shelves and added to the mixture in the air around Emily’s head. She glared up at me from underneath the TV table. Well, more like she pouted, which was still pretty adorable. “Ugh,” she exclaimed, “I am taking the longest shower after this.” “You want some company?” I teased. “Keep dreaming, girlie.” “Hey, you girls shower together all the time, right?” “Ha! Only in your wildest porn collection.” “Like yours is any cleaner?” I brandished my feathery tool at her. “Apparently, you’ve got a thing for guys in women’s clothing—” She jumped up from her crouch. I dodged the snap of her dusting cloth from her left, and then the playful slap from the right. Emily giggled through her fury, and I couldn’t help but laugh, too. It had been a memorable two weeks. In that time, the only contact we got from Mr. and Mrs. Parcher was through their attorney, which suited Emily just fine. Several signed pieces of paper later, all of her ties were finally cut. No more guilt trips. No more surprise calls. No more private detectives. Emily was a persona non grata, and she was free to give up the house that she could no longer afford on her own. She was also free to have a few late-night crying sessions. I took it upon myself supply all the requisite cuddles and tissues so she could sleep. But once the house went up for sale, she began to pack up all her things. I offered my help with that, so long as she could help me prepare my place for a new housemate. What amazed me the most, though, was how little we saw of the “other” Jordan. I still occasionally put on my wig and a cute skirt, but Jordan Baker only came out once the sun went down and all the dishes were put away. Emily, to her credit, treated me about the same in both personas, so my alter ego wasn’t needed as much to help with the transition into a real couple. But when she did come out, the sex was pretty mind-blowing. Back in the present, I took up a box marked “Fragile.” I gave it a cautious shake, heard glassware tinkling around inside, and gently set it back down on the floor. Emily watched me with her arms crossed and a teasing smile. “Look,” she said, “if it’s marked with a ‘G,’ that’s from my grandmother, so don’t break it.” “Okay. How about the stuff marked ‘M’ or ‘D’?” “All stuff from Mom and Dad.” Emily shrugged. “Break as much of it as you want.” “Don’t mind if I do!” I threw back my head and let out a wild cackle. Then, without missing a beat, I spun around, sweeping my leg up for a devastating kick that would destroy a small shopping bag marked "M." Of course, I froze my leg in the air a few inches above the bag and glanced over my shoulder at Emily. She shook her head and smiled. “You’re such a dork.” “I know you are, but what am I?” “My new idiot landlord, apparently.” I withdrew my leg and frowned. “Hey, now. That’s not fair. I’m letting you stay here rent-free.” “Uh, remind me how that works again?” “Ok, maybe not entirely for free. You’re paying me back in groceries, an extra hand with keeping the place clean, and, you know, the general pleasure of your company.” Emily went quiet for a moment. I could see how much those kinds of compliments affected her. And every time I saw that, I let loose a mental flurry of insults against the nonsense that George and Virginia had put into her head growing up. How could such a talented artist have so little concern for herself? “You really mean it, don’t you?” she finally said. I smiled and walked over. Putting my arms around her, I whispered, “You know it’s true.” Emily sighed into my shoulder. “It’s okay if I keep asking you that a hundred times over, right?” “Sure. And I’ll answer the same every time.” She sighed again, and her fingers dug into my shoulders. I closed my eyes, and we took a much-needed break in our chores. Around us, the dust swirled through a shaft of sunlight and settled across us without protest. *** “...Now, the really cool thing is, no matter what, you’re never really alone on stage. It might say in the script, ‘And here is where Prince Hamlet delivers his soliloquoy,’ but that’s not true. He’s got characters like Ophelia and Claudius spying on him. He’s not supposed to know this, of course, so he thinks he’s just thinking out loud. And more importantly, you’ve got an audience watching you. Intruding on a private moment like the filthy voyeurs they are.” I paused and soaked in the class’s laughter. Then, with a chuckle, I stepped back. “Well, that about wraps up my lecture.” I glanced around the room. “Any questions?” Several hands shot up. I called on a black girl in a yellow sweater. “Is it really hard to get into theater?” she asked. “Like, you know, are you giving up your life to be on the stage? Or is it something you can manage with other projects or jobs?” “Good question!” I answered. I thanked her with a quick nod, then swept my gaze over the room. “So, if you’re a sad little geek like me, then, yes, the theater will devour every waking second you have.” I paused for another round of laughs. “No, but seriously, you’re already figuring out as college students how to find the right work-life balance. Trust me, it took me a few years to get it right, too...” *** Not even a day after we finished moving her in, Emily became the center of the neighborhood’s attention once again. Maureen, Janice, and Alice organized a small get-together at my place. An “impromptu housewarming party,” as Maureen put it. Complete with angel food cake and white wine. Even though I’d been living there for years without the same treatment, I didn’t complain. I mean, how could I when I saw the giant grin on Emily’s face the entire night? I had to admit, for all her gossipmongering, Maureen was an excellent hostess. She whipped up the cake herself, and her neighbor Alice—whom I now suspected of being more than just her neighbor, given the way they smiled at each other when they spoke—had brought the wine from a friend with a vinyard. Janice, meanwhile, spent the entire evening bending poor Emily’s ear about her grandchildren and about parenting, and then apologizing every time she brought up the subject of parents, and then awkwardly complimenting Emily’s dress for the fortieth time. Now, that last part made me laugh. Emily had originally picked out that floral print dress for me. That was the other surprise of the housewarming party. None of the three older ladies made a single comment or query about my crossdressing. I couldn’t decide if they were too embarrassed to ask or if they were actually being respectful. And then, I decided I didn’t care either way. The little smile and thumbs-up that Emily gave me from across the room was all I needed to see. *** “...And that’s all you need to know about the AEA.” I shrugged. “To be honest, though, you could look up all this and more on your phones in, like, two seconds. But thank you for your question... Josh, was it? Yeah, thank you, Josh. It’s good to get informed early on.” I scanned the room for more eager faces. As I did, my eyes caught something on the periphery. I half-turned and noticed a familiar face smiling at me through the window of the door. “Sorry,” I said to Greg. “I think I need to cut this short if that’s cool.” “Hey, no problem.” Greg turned and raised his voice for the entire room. “We had a great time as it was. Right, guys?” A chorus of yeah’s and a round of applause came back to us. I laughed and shook Greg’s hand. Then I offered waves and smiles back to the room as I headed out. In the hallway of the community college building, Emily stood next to a small bench across the way. She wore a green dress underneath a white cotton jacket. For some reason, as our eyes met, I got the strangest feeling of déjà vu. Like we’d met under the same circumstances not too long ago. But I shook my head and took a step toward her. Emily fell into my arms with a giggle. “How’d it go?” “They’re sharp,” I replied, pausing for a kiss on her cheek. “The next generation’s in good hands.” “Awesome. I’m so glad we got to do this.” “Me, too. Wanna celebrate?” Emily looked up at me, teasing her bottom lip through her teeth. For the briefest moment, I felt like I’d said something troubling. “Um, sure,” she said. “I was, uh, gonna suggest the Adams Bistro, but... well, that’s not exactly a place I want to visit anytime soon.” I nodded. “Sure, sure. Consider it crossed off the list of suggestions.” “But, you know, there’s that little Asian market on the way home. How about I treat you instead to a plate of spaghetti and a bottle of Merlot?” I chuckled, looping my arm around her shoulder. “As served by a cute girl like you? Count me in.” “Don’t forget. This cute girl can pin you down anytime she likes.” I grinned at her enthusiasm. Then, as I looked her over, I got a terrible impulse in mind. Without no warning, I slipped my hand down from her shoulder to the small of her back. Very gently, I teased a finger across her waistline, where I felt—and heard—a distinct crinkling. “Oh!” Emily’s face turned bright red. She glanced around the empty hallway. Then her eyes found me again in a vicious glare. “Really? You want to check me now?” “Relax, Em.” I grinned as we made our way back to the front doors. “It’s not so bad. Besides, if you need changing, I’d rather find a bathroom now than have you sit in it for too long.” “Hmph. You’re such a dad.” “And you’re cute when you’re mad. It’s only fair.” Emily opened her mouth to respond, but she stopped herself. I noticed a sudden, sinister glint in her eye. I didn’t resist when she slipped her hand down my side and gave the back of my jeans a not-so-gentle swat. I had to flinch when I heard the diaper underneath rustle in response. “For a Daddy,” Emily teased, “you sure do you enjoy being diapered, too.” Now it was my turn to blush. “You know, it’s not so bad when you’re trying to build your confidence. I forgot I was even wearing it halfway through the lecture today.” “That’s good!” Emily’s grin was merciless. “Practice for later tonight.” “Oh, don’t worry. I think cute little Jordan will make an appearance.” She laughed, and I slid my arm tight around her waist. Emily leaned into me, utterly carefree, and we pressed on through the doors, out into the quad, and back to my car. Overhead, birds were chirping, and a soft orange shine from the early evening sun touched everything we saw. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be out on a fine autumn day, in boring old Thebes Park of all places. If you’d told me last summer that I’d be happy to be there, I’d have laughed in your face and called you crazy. Well, I’d still laugh in your face now, but that’s only because I’m crazy, too. It helps considering the company I keep. THE END
  13. Dam heads to his room. Tom comes upstairs and sees Isabelle "hey honey. You want me to read you a bedtime story?. It's time for bed"
  14. Cool thanks now if we can get them in real life that will be the S@&$!!! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  15. Isabelle finishes the bottle and drops it on the floor before heading to see her daddy still holding her teddy.
  16. The will not reimburse they get billed as DME which means durable medical equipment to the DME provider who supplies them whether it be a company or a pharmacy the reason for this is people have falsified records in CMS dictates that Medicaid must have a physical claim submitted by the company or Pharmacy filling the order with the amount ordered as well as the needed coding for the bill, otherwise if you have a script they will not reimburse you they pay only the billing party ie DME provider Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  17. Paint.net
  18. Sean shook his head. It was a little disgusting of someone her age to sit there and pee her pants, but then again, if she was telling the truth about the state of the washrooms at the store, and the car accident holding her up, and everything... and there was no reason not to believe her. He didn't think she had ever lied to him before, and besides, why else would a girl her age pee her pants? He sighed and nodded. "Okay, I'll look past it this once, May. It's not like you do this all the time. If you really think you can get cleaned up on your own, then I guess, but I don't want you getting an infection, so make sure you are gentle but you clean it up good. Take your wet things down to the laundry, but don't start the laundry because I want to make sure of how bad the accident was. I am sure you are already embarrassed, so I just want to check for myself rather than berate and question you about something that is obviously very embarrassing for you." He kissed the top of her head and helped her stand up pulling her off of the toilet and onto her feet. "And if you ever pee your pants again, I mean I hope you don't, but if you do, you come to me right away. Don't try to sneak off to clean up or I will not be able to trust you, and if I can't trust you, then... well, let's not get into that, okay?"
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  20. Aww poor kid. *sends the leaky diaper off for punishment*
  21. (I don't like images on roleplays) "It's your own fault. You wanted this crazy fantasy". I change you back into big girl underwear and remove all baby accessories. "If you want to fantasise you can move out. I didn't agree to this"
  22. Jim picked up his little girl and started to carry her to the car. As he did, she started to wet a little more on the way out, until her pants were just soaked and she was wetting into her father's arms as he carried her. If he noticed that she was wetting, he didn't say anything. He took her directly to the car and then he put her down on her feet so he could unlock it still seemingly oblivious to her wetting her pants. Jessica had seen her little sister peeing a few moments before they got to the car, and she looked from her sister's dripping legs up at their father, but he seemed dead set on ignoring it, so she decided it was probably best to ignore it as well. Jessica didn't want to startle her little sister or make her feel worse than she probably already felt. She already so scared!
  23. I liked your story, Rosey. Easy to read, and provided some chuckles when the baby was caught lying. Thanks!
  24. A lot of the stories I posted here over the years managed to get scrogged by the character set encoding problems when they upgraded the version of Invision last year. Someone wanted to know if I had a clean copy of Restricted License (one of my stories). I decided that in addition to fixing the text encoding, I really should clean up the story in general (most of the time the postings on DD are hot off the press so they have problems. So I created my site to give me a place to put the revised stories. There's also a list of links to the original versions of the stories (either on this site or a couple of non-diaper sites I post on). Enjoy: http://www.willnotwill.com
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