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  2. Ishigreensa

    Science! Next door

    Bradley was unsnapping her snaps, when he got to the fourth snap or so to go, she suddenly collapsed and started to cry and appologize. As soon as she appologized, he knew what was happening, and he felt her bottom and the wetness inside made it warm so he knew he was right. He pulled her into a hug, pulling her on his lap as they sat on the floor. "Sarah, you're not the first one to have an accident like this. The suits have heavy duty snaps to make sure that chemicals don't get through because sometimes, the chemicals are dangerous, but that does mean it takes some doing to get them undone. That's why you really should tell me as soon as you have to go from now on so you don't have this problem all the time, okay?" He rocked her a little bit. "I know how you feel, honey, but it's not such a big deal. I can clean the suit, and your clothes should be dry by now, so you can change. No one has to know you didn't make it this time, okay?" He patted her thigh as he tried to talk her down with her in his lap. By now, the liquid was starting to seep through, getting on his suit, but the suits were waterproof from the outside, so that his own suit would just have the liquid cascade, eventually, down and off of him.
  3. Bettypooh

    LF Advice, Self diapering, Bigger guy

    My tummy protrudes way too much now What I've had to do is to fold the outer cover inside down to the padding in front to keep the diaper from sagging in the middle. You can do that in the rear as well. It makes a world of difference in fit Bettypooh
  4. Snowmom55

    Science! Next door

    Sarah let Dr. Kool in still crying and dancing frustrated. "Please hurry Doctor I dont know if I can hold it much longer!" Sarah cried out as he was only about half way done, that's when it hit her. Between her dancing fit and him jerking the snaps apart Sarah lost her fight. Dr.Kool had a few snaps left when the flood gates opened, while he was still holding the back of her suit Sarah wet no flooded her panties and science suit as she collapsed into a ball and cried and sobbed "I I I'm sssssooo sorrrrrrryyyyyyy Dr. Kool! I'm so sorry! Wahhhhhhhhh!" Sarah cried in defeat feeling like she upset the professor for peeing in his suit and felt like she looked like such a baby.
  5. Bettypooh

    Welcome to.....

    Of manufactured goods, you can bet your butt that Disney royalties were paid before they got to market. They're very possessive about their ownership rights and who they license them to. Bettypooh
  6. Ishigreensa

    Science! Next door

    Bradley knocked on the door and yelled that he was coming in. Once in, he saw her dancing around, and he smiled. "Do you need help with the snaps?" he asked her. "If you are okay with me doing it, then come and let me start." He waited until she gave him permission to touch her, and then he started to undo the 12 snaps that went around the top and bottom, but when he was on about the sixth snap, that already taking about a minute to do....
  7. Little Misty

    experiment with magic gone wrong

  8. Little Misty

    Big and little sister learn a lesson

  9. DiapersOfTheStorm

    Computer Nerds - What are you running?

    1) MB: there are better options for that price, one, boards with newer B450 chipset are almost the same price and will support Zen2, so that's a better option for future upgrades, ASRock Fatal1ty B450 for example .... Anyway, board you picked is a full-size ATX. Do you need that? Wouldn't Micro-ATX size be enough? How many PCIe cards do you plan to install, this board is supporting up to 3-way SLI or 3-way CrossFire, and the graphics card you picked doesn't support SLI anyway. Not to mention, SLI doesn't always scale that way, and unless you're going for the absolute pinnacle performance, it's far better and cheaper to just get a GPU that's one tier higher. 2) CPU - highest AMD mainstream platform SKU at the moment, can't really say anything bad about it. Do you plan on overclocking? If you, you might want to consider a board with more VRM phases. 7) I'll jump to GPU, this is a mid-range GPU that you're pairing here with a high-end CPU. That doesn't make a lot of sense for gaming. Going down a tier with a CPU, to Ryzen 5 2600x, and a tier higher GPU, to RTX 2070, would make a more balanced system. 3) PSU you picked is quality unit, but 850 watts is total overkill for this configuration. Even 750 watts is an overkill. 650 watts is still way more than necessary for 2700x and 2060 at stock speeds. Your CPU has 105 watts TDP, and your picked GPU has 150 watts TDP (2070 has 185 watts TDP). With some overclocking headroom and other components power consumption in mind, I'd get either a 650 watt 80+ platinum certified, or a 750 watt 80+ Gold certified power supply. This power supply is only 80 Plus Bronze certified and it's not fully modular (fully modular power supply is of course not necessary, but it's nice-to-have, and saves a lot of work if, for example you need to RMA you power supply, or you go a tier higher with the same brand. I've recently upgraded my power supply and because it was fully modular and the new one I bought from the same brand, I didn't have to re-do any of the cabling, just unplugged the old and plugged in the new. https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator When I put the parts you picked in here, added some LED strips, bit of overclock and overvolt on both CPU and GPU, and set the usage on 24/7 gaming, result was 529 watts at load, 650 watts recommended. Even if you keep the 2700X and go for RTX2070 and overclock and overvolt, 650watts is still good with some headrom, although then you might as well get a 750. Remember, that's with 24/7 usage in games and overclocking + overvolting, which does increase power draw. Are you going to do that? The reason why you don't want to go absolutely over the top for a PSU is that they are most efficient when utilized between 20 to 90 percent load. An 850 watt power supply will be below 20 percent load when your computer is at idle. 4) RAM - nothing wrong with that, just make sure it's 3000MHz or higher, but not way too much higher - again, planning on overclocking the memory? If not, 3000 MHz will do. Personally I wouldn't do it, memory overclocking has diminishing returns, so as I said, don't spend too much on memory that can clock way higher than stock speed of memory controller (on 2700X that's 2933 MHz) 5) Storage - samsung and WD have many product lines, so .. a brand and capacity doesn't say much. Samsung 970 EVO will be great for OS, productivity apps and projects, perhaps some more demanding games or games you play most often (can't think of any that would come close to utiliting even SATA SSD speed, let alone NVMe SSD speed, but it will reduce load times compared to HDD), WD Blue HDD for everything else. 6) have no experience with that, so.. from the looks of it, where the dust filter is, there is only a signle-sided front intake, I'd be worried about restricted airflow. It does have a bottom intake as well though, which kinda makes one wonder what even is the purpose of the front fan slots ... That's the thing I hate about PC cases is they always go with what's trendy, so in the mid to late 2000s there were all these crazy gimmicky case designs, like these god awful abominations: (no idea why they call the first one iCute, it wasn't cute at all, it was actually super cringy. I fucking hated these, whenever I saw one of these severe cases of uglies, I wanted to smash 'em with a baseball bat) ... then few years later after that, case manufactures got a little more sensible for a while again and we got some good, functional desings, with decent airflow. And now everybody is crazy again. This time, it's tempered glass EVERYWHERE. Because hey, screw the airflow! Who gives a damn about the case allowing good amount of air through. What matters is that it allows good amount of LIGHT through! Because.... RGB!!!! If you don't have RGB now, you're nobody. If your computer case has less light sources than an average Las Vegas casino, throw it in the dumpster and go sit in the corner of shame for a few days. And once you've done that, keep your head down whenever you're in public, and pretend that you don't exist. It's just pure cancer... like, is this a computer, or a christmas tree now? All those color shifting lights, what good for is it anyway? It's distracting, it's annoying, it adds power consumption and a heat source inside the case, as if there wasn't enough of it already... One place where RGB makes sense is keyboard, as long as you can configure specific colors to specific keys, which may be advantageous when you're looking for like specific function bound keys while gaming in a dark room. But other than that ... ugh. 8.) this cooler will be more than enough for the ryzen. I can't find what generation pump it uses (it's definitely Asetek though, as most AIOs are). I'd just get the newest NZXT Kraken of appropriate size.
  10. Kingdark

    From Belgium, hi I say!

    Very good to meet you, I love to get to know like minded people :d
  11. Snowmom55

    Science! Next door

    Sarah shuffled to the bathroom behind Dr. Kool as quickly as she could. Once at the bathroom she thanked him and jumped inside quickly closing the door. Sarah thought to herself 'Oh thank god I didn't think I was going to make it. Now to get this silly suit off.' Sarah pulled at the snaps in the front, they didn't pudge. She pulled at her left then right side, still nothing. Sarah began to panic and tried pulling at the snaps on the back. Now on the verge of almost wetting herself Sarah was now about to break down into a tantrum or a crying fit. After 5 minutes Sarah was about to give up with a last big pull and whine she thought she got it! She felt something let go, she looked down and didn't see anything until she felt the big spurt of pee in her panties. "Dr. Kool! I need help like right now please!" Sarah cried out like a toddler who needed help going potty.
  12. Katyadiaperlover

    Promoted... To be baby (with Little Giammy)

    "You are very cute one-year-old baby. I have been taking medicines for lactation for a long time and my breasts are full of tasty milk for you, but first you need to finish your bathing and hygiene procedures"I take you out of the bath and wipe lightly with a fluffy towel in a flower.Then I take out the depilatory cream and put it on your pubis, ass, arms and legs. wait 15 minutes. I wash the cream with water and look with pleasure as the cream leaves your body along with the hair. The latest reminder of your past adult life.Then I wipe you dry and wrapped you in a towel in a cocoon and catch you in the nursery at the bottom.
  13. Katyadiaperlover

    a bad punishment for Samuel (private with Katyadiaperlover)

    I look with interest as Alexandra changes the diaper to Samuel and how he is still trying to fight ... The baby’s whole body glitters from baby oil .. "Thank you for helping, Alexandra. I would not have managed it alone. I think the baby can play in his gaming playpen after changing the diaper"
  14. Little Giammy

    Promoted... To be baby (with Little Giammy)

    I continue to play while you wash me, I appreciate your songs and I smile listening it. When you refer to my pubic hair I blush very clearly.
  15. huggybutt

    LF Advice, Self diapering, Bigger guy

    Oh and kind of a trick I use sometimes. you can put copious amounts of Vaseline around the leg gathers between your thighs and diaper after it's all taped up. It eliminates diaper chafe and feels amazing when you walk. Just be careful because it can stain sheets and clothing.
  16. Summertime

    Word Association

    Alice's (ok so you need to be of a certain age to get this reference )
  17. Little Giammy

    a bad punishment for Samuel (private with Katyadiaperlover)

    NANNY ALEXANDRA I take the little boy and I lay him down on the plaid then I open the towel and I start to spread the powder on his groin, spreading it with my heand. Then I take a fresh diaper SAMUEL When she tried to spread the powder in my private parts I lock my legs NANNY ALEXANDRA I see the he try to resist "Samuel don't try to resist!" I say him but he continue to resist "Samuel i will not repeat you" but he don't listen me "ok!" I say putting him on his side and giving him five very hard spanks SAMUEL I scream crying while she spanks me and I have not other choice to open my legs to let her do what she has to do. NANNY ALEXANDRA I take a bottle of baby oils and I poor a little bit on Samuel's groin spreading it wit my heand on his groin and booty, and then in his body before to take a diaper and after I opened it i take Samuel for the ankles, I rise its up and I put the diaper under his boot.
  18. Today
  19. Ishigreensa

    Science! Next door

    "Of course," Bradley smiled. "This way, honey." He walked her up and to the bathroom, and waited by the door. "If you need any help, I'll be right here." He was going to just undo the snaps, but he thought on second thought, it was better she realized she couldn't do it herself otherwise, she might get scared and think he was being strange.
  20. Ishigreensa

    Kidnapping her little sisters from the System

    Jim smiled and soon relaxed turning on the TV to watch for a while. Nicole watched along side him, cuddling. "Thank you so much for helping me with my little sisters." "No problem. You are their mommy now, though, so we can hide who they are." "I understand." Soon enough, they also went to sleep....
  21. Diaper_teen66

    your love is a big baby

    that somthing i.wont say
  22. Diaper_teen66

    big sisters play time ( open)

    i ignore the song and just wait till you are done wasging me so i cam hide for the rest my life
  23. Pete671

    Hi from the UK

    good for you, enjoy the freedom and good luck with your studies,
  24. huggybutt

    A fiend posted this on FB

    I found this one hilarious.
  25. Anon17a

    Protective Heroine and her Ward

    Lara nuzzled Jamie slightly and sighed happily. "He gets easily distracted and sometimes strays away so you gotta make sure he holds your hand."
  26. Jess held Tyler close and smiled a little. "My cute sweetie." She said. "Okay, doctor. I'll make note of it." Sophie chuckled. "Well...." she stopped herself as Jimmy was called and brought him inside.
  27. Anon17a

    Once a wife twice a baby.

    Skye hugged him and then carried him upstairs to her bedroom. "Sounds great, sweetie. I can't wait." Mary said
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