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  2. Thinking before you put a diaper on?

    I am someone who is mostly thought but take very little action. This, however, I act on pure impulse for the most part, I blame the lizard part of my brain.
  3. ABDL pet peeves

    I've been on the internet for a long time now (23 years or so) and one stereotype will always hold true, count on there being some white knighting mouth breather who thinks they are owed something. Guilty, except for the few instances where i can't get the packing tape cut through fast enough, also I have to exercise care cause i keep everything super sharp. I've buried the blade decently in my thigh twice now, so I'm getting decent at sewing.
  4. Kafkaesque in the nature of.

  5. Yes I like them very much yet my fantasy is to be caught in a diaper in public .it dosnt bother me to talk about it with someone who is at least a little open minded. I mean it's a DIAPER it didn't make a diff .What color it is. It pretty. Sent from my SM-J327P using Tapatalk
  6. For a title it seems like Cammi is starting to understand Jo's perspective and feeling so how about some kind of variant on Understanding Dawns?
  7. The Naughty Couple!

    I did my darnedest to avoid Melissa! I spent most of the night watching TV. In our room In the living room we had a huge 65" TV, in our Bedroom a 32". I was just so embarrassed that I would starve rather than come out and eat dinner with my wife and Melissa. About 8:30 pm Melissa came and asked me if I was mad at her if she had done something to offend me? No Pumpkin I think I offended you! How daddy she asked? This morning when I felt you up. But you mommy thought you was doing mom. Like I said I'm so glad you two still have that kind of relationship. Daddy can I be honest with you? For Allen and I our love life hasn't been doing it for me. In the past 6 months we've had sex twice and I got pregnant one if those times. Allen has a.... boyfriend, he is gay. They gave had sex more than I have the past few months. Now I have nothing against Allen being gay, it's just he was supposed to be married to me! I felt he cheated on me, just like it was with canother woman, even though it was a man. I was feeling ugly, then this morning you did what you did to me it... excited me yes but it made me feel like a man saw me not as ugly, but worthy! Not ugly! Pumpkin I don't think your ugly! Far from it, I said! I know daddy it's just you made me feel like you cared for me, I know it was wrong, daddies and daughters aren't supposed to do those things. But daddy I liked it! I could of stopped you at any time, you know that but I didn't! I didn't mean to make you feel bad daddy. I didn't stop you because I liked it! I needed it. She looked at the floor still do! I was surprised that she would say that. My wife was watching I was surprised that she wasn't killing us both. She was crying. Richard I have a confession to make to you. First of all I'm sick really sick! Pancreatic Cancer it's Metastasized. I'm dying, second while we have been married your acquaintance Harry raped me I got pregnant if you get technical Melissa, isn't yours. I know she has only known you as daddy, daddy I had one of those DNA tests that's how I found out I'm not even B- like you I'm Type O-, I couldn't be yours and be Type O, mom's not Type O- either, why didn't you tell me I asked her? Tell you what asked Brenda? About Harry I asked? I was afraid you would of killed him! Your right I probably would have I said!
  8. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Although I have had plenty of experience with catheters I have had no success with stents; always uncomfortable. Today I tried what might be another variation of the 'holy foley'. Several inches back from the balloon, with a pair of side-cutters, I made a single cut at an angle so that a flap formed, being careful to be on the opposite side to the balloon line. After sterilizing, the catheter was inserted in the usual way and a spigot placed in the outlet. The remaining catheter is tucked into the diaper, inert. I can feel the flow in the same way as with a stent. Zero discomfort.
  9. Will a Wet Diaper Make a Room Smelly?

    Simple question - if the diaper is used why not dispose of it ? Why store or let it remain in that room's vicinity to smell it up ? I take a newspaper plastic sleeve and put the used diaper in that and take it out with the garbage. If using cloth diapers take them to a laundry room and take care to soak the smell out and wash then and there ?
  10. Today
  11. Only if wearing diapers of colors associated with the alternate aisle side of the gender issue. But really when wearing diapers unless on a exhibition exposition it really doesn't matter - no one sees what one is wearing. Perhaps in one's own fantasy fetish world the feeling would be I am wearing girly colored diapers and I feel so Pretty (in Pink) !
  12. She really tried at first, but that went right out the window when Cammi needed her. Thanks! <3 I'm glad you're enjoying it. There will be another chapter tomorrow morning
  13. Thinking before you put a diaper on?

    I don't know if it is so much a matter of Thinking before you put a diaper on which you need to do anyway or is it a matter of economics getting all the value and use out of that diaper - and how one manages ones diapered time to achieve that. So you are ensconced in some comfortable place and a need to go results - do you rush out to use the porcelain facility to save the one time use diaper or just do it and chalk it up as a full or partial one time use of the diaper. But as for thinking before you put on a diaper on - you are going to use that diaper perhaps one way or another. So there should be no thought about that - but more so can I get more than one use out of it ! Number -1-s are easy to contend with - no contest - with the number -2- your values will be with your individual hygiene requirements ! Do you want to wear a smelly messy CRINKLE BUTT diaper or a clean CRINKLE BUTT personal pleasing noisy diaper ? I think that there is very little thinking involved here !
  14. High school nursery(private)

    Sarah looked at the floor and at Hailey, before she could say anything Hailey picked her up. From this angle her mom got a good view of her diapered bottom She held onto Hailey and looked at her ”Mommy I’m thirsty”
  15. College nursery( private)

    Sarah shook her head, she had enjoyed her food but was full ”no Thankyou, I couldn’t eat anything else. It was really good though. I’ll start clearing up”
  16. Kilts and Nappies

    Hi CDfm That sounds a lovely idea and, if it wasn't for the cost 'd like that However, there are hundreds of tartans (Black Watch and Gordon Clan my particular faves) it might be difficult getting the correct tartan to match the kilt. Having said that, I'd love to see a range of tartan plastic pants on offer I can only hope. Thanks again for the suggestion.
  17. modeling, teachers, and lots of diapers ch4

    hi!, because of my work scheduled, im thinking of just separating this chapter in half just like i did with chapters 3 and 4. this way i can post something and still give myself more time to finish.
  18. From big Brother To Baby Brother

    ( did you even read my post)
  19. Grandma's Baby (Private to Danny and I)

    As the ringleader comes out and announces all the performers I clap my hands enjoy having a good time and while the trapeze artist is going on and everybody is looking up a cramp hits my stomach and I just let it out filling up my diaper and not paying any attention to it
  20. 6 Months In Diapers (private with BabyGabrial)

    I take you out of play pen and pat your bottom before walking gear to the nursery and putting you on the changing table " can baby Danny hold his legs up for Auntie Mandy so she can clean his big poo poo up?"
  21. Family Road Trrip (Private with Danny and I)

    " but Gabby and James the babies" he complains having a pretty good argument wondering why his mom is doing this when she has two babies already
  22. "I want you to stay in this corner until I figure out what to do with you. I will be calling your parents" she says sternly at him
  23. Bedwetter in Training

    How have you accomplished peeing more frequently and in smaller volumes? Drinking more during the day or by doing something different? Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  24. (We. Literally. Just. Talked. About. Adding. Plotlines. And characters. Without. Telling. Me.. And. Always adding. A. Random. Significant. Other. Out. Of. Nowhere!)
  25. The Proffesionals.

    At home, getting ready for bed both of his girls were diapered. They were having a sleep over. It was just Cynthia and Denise. Denise asked Cynthia, you still wet your bed to. Well yeah, I do why? Mommy and Daddy both still do said Denise! Yeah I Know said Cynthia I got it from our daddy. Really said Denise. I don't know who I got it from. Your mom and dad said Cynthia, like me. But mommy and daddy aren't my mommy And daddy yet! What do you mean asked Cynthia? I'm being adopted I'm not adopted yet, then they will be mommy and daddy. I just have a daddy no mommy mine died, said Cynthia. You should ask mommy to be your mommy. I'm sure she will be yours if you want her to be she will adopt you like me! Can she be your mommy? I thought at one time she could when I was with the last lady she really seemed to care about.... my well being. That's why I called her when I got hurt by that last lady. She is a good mommy said Denise. My last mommy and daddy were mad at me for peeing all the time, they spanked me. When I got here I didn't get on trouble for peeing and i found out mommy and daddy pee at night like me, they never got mad at me. Mommy told me she was what they call a bedwetter. She told me I'm not one until I get older. I'm just a late bloomer now. Well I'm a bedwetter said Cynthia. I'm older than a late bloomer. Stu checked on his two girls. They were both asleep and Cynthia looked like she was holding Denise who had her back to Cynthia. Cynthia had her arms around her little sister. If they had been covered he would have snapped a picture, since they were only in their diapers, besides Cynthia was developing and was topless. He had referred to breasts as pillows and Denise was using Cynthia's as her pillow. He covered them both up. She was 14 and the photo could be considered porn. He felt pride swell with in him he had two beautiful girls, 3 with Naomi. His son wasn't bad either.
  26. The Little Thief c2 (2-19)

    A lot of people seem to like this its just so cool but there story could not have been made without the help of diaper_teen66 who did the rp with me and PinkTheDinosaur who makes this story so great.
  27. A Summer's Regression

    Paige smiled and nodded. She spun again and got 6. She was at 97 now. Sent from my SM-J327P using Tapatalk
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