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  2. I’m Beka (aka Bek) from Florida and I’m so excited to finally join this cite and talk to you all!!! ☺️
  3. I’m a little girl looking for an online mommy or daddy. If you are interested please contact me. I promise I’ll try to be good 🥰
  4. Messages are always welcomed. (:

  5. you did a good job with Alex. keep up the good work.
  6. Nat

    Pull Ups Vs Diapers

    Diapers. Pulls up just don't hold enough.
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  8. I really Like rusty pins red rye,, thats an awesome idea. unless its an ABDL, then not so much you may lose a possible new future friend. What if you were to drop a big log into a couple of them and see what they do with them? That could be really interesting I would love to hear about what they do with that or a big messy diarrhea could be interesting.
  9. I have tried pull ups only once and very quickly found out they are very inadequate for my incontinence needs. I wear only tape on premium diapers as they are the only protection I have found to contain my wetting and messing accidents.
  10. Mostly Sega growing up. Loved playing my brother in games like Power Rangers and Columns. Didn’t get into Nintendo until I got a 64 when I was like 10. Then my life consisted of Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Stadium from there on out.
  11. I could be talking out of my ass here (pun intended), but does anyone else get a different sensation when you mess in a pull up type diaper? Especially with the waistbands that are almost skin tight like the pull-ups name brand. There’s just something about it being thinner and tighter that welcomes more pleasure in my book. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The north shore deodorizing spray works well in case anybody was wondering. I also am conscious about it. As long as bed sheets, towels, blankets are washed, carpets vacuumed and occasionally cleaned there should be no reason to worry. Wax warmers are life savers. And don’t forget to change your air filters in your homes! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. well illl show lstee we done here
  14. Melissa gave a nod. “Alright there are left overs in the kitchen. Should still be kind of warm as I hadn’t cleaned up yet..but its all yours now” She said back smiling looking to Erick and Scarlett watching them close. “I’ll take one of the guest rooms for me and Elena but tonight I told both Elena and Caroline they could have kind of like a sleep over so you know movies, a little popcorn and pjs. They even built a pillow fort to sleep in again they have been getting alone amazing and Caroline is so sweet letting Elena pick the first movie and even helping her pick out pjs-“ Melissa paused there looking to her phone and then back over. “Another teacher from the school with a few kids. I had asked her before if she could watch Elena so I could go with you and your girls to the doctor’s appointment tomorrow that is if you are still taking your girls and still want me to come along. If not its good I’ll take Elena out and then you can send me a message when is a good time to come back,” Melissa didn’t want to push it and stay in the house if Erick wasn’t there she just didn’t feel good about that. After hearing she could skip dinner Scarlett relaxed, she still did kind of hide under the blankets some but overall seemed more relaxed there still laying on Erick watching the two talk and listening. It was only when Melissa said something about an appointment did Scarlett move looking close to Erick not freaking out or anything just watching him closer. She was guessing if they were going it was because she had been sick but then why take Caroline since she was fine right? Scarlett’s mind raced as much as a little kids mind could before she just turned wiggling tighter to Erick pulling at him softly and signing ‘Sleep, movie’ As she wanted to watch a movie or something but stay right there as moving too much also made her feel sick again and she didn’t want to try to think of what could be coming the next day.
  15. Vincent laughs and pulls Duncan into his arms “exactly, my secret weapon” he takes Duncan’s tans “let’s go to work baby”
  16. Brian runs the bath water then lifts Taylor into the tub “let’s get you clean baby girl and try not to peepee in the tubby, I know it’s hard for babies sometimes” he began to gently wash Taylor “”let’s get the baby clean”
  17. Baby continued to cry as he nuzzled into his daddy for comfort. Every so often he would mumble “not a baby” or I’m a big boy” or daddy, love daddy” before he slipped into a deep exhausted sleep
  18. Bobbi looked at her daddy with trusting eyes “yes daddy you know best, I’m just a baby so it’s up to you” he smiled and kissed Daddy’s lips
  19. Nick got stern “baby you need to stop panicing please or daddy will have to sedate you again, I can’t explain anything unless you calm down please baby”
  20. Erica beamed, he’s 12 almost 13 but he’s already a man, he takes after his dad all height and muscle” she laughed “I miss him but being with you makes it bearable” she winked
  21. Mike laughed a little “it’s sort of silly at this point bud, you might as well just stay in your jammies for the night” he shrugged anyway I’m going to change then we could maybe hang out in the back yard for a bit”
  22. Kyle kissed Drew’s cheek “well maybe sweetheart but actually it’s about time to go daddy needs to get back to work and I think it’s about your nap time” kyle stood and pulled Drew onto his hip Paul took Kyles and and they headed for the door
  23. Ben smiled “there’s my good little worker” he stood and took Josh’s hand leading him to the kitchen “now buddy you milk is on the table and so is your assignment for the morning” on the table there was a large poster board with big blue writing on it it said “In this house Good employees...” Ben looked at josh “please start by making a list of all of our rules. It will be like our contract ok sweetheart”
  24. "I trust you my dear Kayla." I watch as the baby plays with the ring and rattle. Then, bending down the cherns board of the playpen, my neckline became visible, and I ran two fingers into the baby's diaper and discovered it was wet. "What a nice girl. Wet your diaper" I and James, over his diaper, in front
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