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  2. Teen to Toddler (private with sephy)

    "Danny, you'll have to give in at some time, your mother has locked the bathroom." Lisa replied as she put him in a over sized bouncer.
  3. Diaper bulge ??

    I do have some diaper bulge due to OAB and having to wear thicker diapers through the day. Though I do try to cover up so it's not too obvious. At home I really don't care as my wife knows and appreciates that I'm responsible and wears a diaper, so it is quite obvious I'm wearing a diaper both by the bulge and that she already knows.
  4. Why i choose now to poop in diapers

    I just recently started pooping in my diaper. I have been diaper dependent for several years now due to OAB. I usually only poops once a day, in the morning. And it's easier just relaxing and fill my diaper and then hit the shower afterwards, instead of having to untape / unpin my diaper and then do it it in the toilet. The feeling of just letting go and feel it spread in my diaper does give me comfort.
  5. Jet-lagged for Falloutzone (priv.)

    Quinn cuddled and cling to Stone as she slept and would whimper a little in the night over not having a toy to cuddle or Stone to snuggle up to otherwise it was peaceful. Small quiet whimpers, a few sucks of her paci and soon enough Quinn was awake. Quinn wasn't as bad as Stone but she was still not fully there. Quinn suckled on her paci and stared at Jay with a slight giggle allowing her babyself to come through a little bit more. Only to frown, "What wrong?" asked Quinn softly her voice muffled by the paci noticing the odd quietness from Jay. It was unusual. That's when she heard Stone. A sudden hunger filled her. Fuck.... "Jay," said Quinn slowly taking her paci out briefly only to wince badly because of how much she craved to have the stupid thing in her mouth, "how bad has the Paladin been? Is she on full wife house mode?" asked Quinn for concerning of her team and concern for her Paladin, "If she is I could maybe help bring her down and back to her normal self?" added Quinn softly not having seen Stone take McKinney by the ear. Quinn shivers. Her paci wasn't in her mouth and she felt incredibly upset despite the fact that she had taken it out. Quinn puts it back in and suckles sweetly on it whilst staring at Jay. Quinn's stomach growled lightly. A sharp pain hitting her head causing her to rub her forehead a little. The diaper wet, cold and sagging between her legs. Small frustrated whimpers escaped from Quinn as she covers her eyes. Almost any thought of food would cause her to think of THAT wouldn't it?
  6. Pubic Hair Removal

    I just shave a few times a week. keeps my private parts etc. nice and hairfree.
  7. clothdiapers and plastic / pul pants are the only solution which works for me. I'm a sidesleeper so no disposable (tried them all) can keep my bed dry. When it happens and I crash in only a disposable diaper, I usually wake up with wet clothes. This is also why my wife have requested that I have a pad on my couch to catch any wetness from a leaking diaper. Our bed is also protected by a bedwetter sheet after ruining a couply of matresses....in the early beginning when my bedwetting started and I was trying to figure out a safe solution.
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  9. Stoner to Diappers

    We sleeping on plane sucking our pacis
  10. Word Association

  11. The Baby Sitter App.

    hehe, very nice story. Can't wait to read more. ^^
  12. Angel Hunter (Chapter 7 up Nov. 21)

    The story is terrific so far. Doing a chapter a day is going to burn you out fast (i should know I've done it twice) try to pace yourself a bit, and you'll do fine. Like you I don't have any real diaper experience, but I have gotten a lot of inspiration from the other diaper stories I've read. If you feel your running out of ideas, i can suggest three things. First, take a break for a day or two. It helps relieve your mind a bit and makes it easier to think of new ideas. Second, read a few other diaper stories to get some inspiration. You never know what you might find. Lastly, just ask for suggestions. while you are not guaranteed a good sugestion you still might just get a good one . Also, I would suggest posting this on your DeviantArt page. You might just get a few more people interested
  13. Life Swap

    lol her name was Vicky Vallencourt! That Abigail is the DEVIL Great story and it's cool to see some more crossover characters from your other stories.
  14. Crinkle 1-2

    Part 2 As his mother rocked and soothed him in her loving embrace, the sobs that were growing in his chest were replaced by feelings of gratitude. His mother hadn’t gone berserk, far from it, she’d seemed understanding and… and… and sympathetic to his ‘situation’. His mind, which had been racing to find excuses, make up reasons, answer those difficult questions that such a revelation was sure to bring, suddenly disappeared as the calming influence of his mother’s gentle rocking produced a different sensation. He’d forgotten just how enjoyable it was to snuggle: It was safe, it was secure it was… nice. She patted the silky, crinkly bulk wrapped around her son and was immediately transported back to the time when this was a regular occurrence. He was always a loving child and even before his father had died, the family loved to hug and cuddle. After that fateful event, mother and son drew closer finding comfort and security with each other. However, as he got older the intimacy had to change. She desperately wanted him not to grow up being a ‘mummy’s boy’, he needed to be able to look after himself. She wasn’t a clinging mother, she knew when to cut those apron strings but, oh how she missed her baby. There had been so many times when Ryan would be up in his room and she knew he was wearing his nappy. It was his little ‘secret’, one he didn’t want to share with her. Although she was desperate to say something, to tell him it was OK. She worried that her knowing might stop him from doing something he obviously wanted to do and she didn’t want to take that away. But now? She thought the loud ‘crinkle’ sound was his way of inviting her in, to be part of his secret, one he was happy to share and more importantly, be comfortable with. Was she wrong? ++++++ Ryan didn’t want this feeling to change. He knew that at 24 years-old he should be over this need, this desire, to feel safe in his nappy, to love his mother’s embrace, to enjoy his moments of simply being ‘little’ again. In his head it was an escape, an escape he felt guilty about, although that hadn’t stopped him buying nappies, disposables and other items when he needed them. He had no idea why but recently that desire had grown stronger. He wasn’t overly stressed at work. In fact, he found that both easy and satisfying, no there must be some other reason… why else would he have bought these super noisy pants? “Mum” “Yes darling, mummy’s here,” she continued to stroke his hair and hug him tightly. “Err, mummy,” his voice was low. He didn’t want to change this dynamic. He felt safe and contented in her care. “Mummy, did you know?” “Yes sweetheart. I’ve known since the very beginning.” “Why did you never say anything?” His voice was almost childlike. “Because it was yours… something that you wanted… if you had wanted to share it with me I would…” she corrected herself, “I am… fine with it.” The hug got tighter. “Ryan, you’re old enough to know your own mind but if you… if you need something … something that makes you happy… well…” “Don’t you think it’s weird?” “Where’s the harm? Who are you hurting? Who needs to know? It’s OK to have secrets, even from me, I don’t mind but if you are unhappy about the situation it’s up to you to change it. That’s why I thought these noisy,” and she rubbed her hand across his silky bottom and smiled at the slight crinkly noise they made, “I thought you’d decided you wanted me to… notice.” He was enjoying having his bottom stroked by his loving mother and snuggled in closer. “I think that I did. I don’t know why I suddenly decided to ‘announce’ that I liked to wear nappies but… I guess… I must have done.” She patted his padded bundle of babyness. “Ryan, I love you and… you can wear what you like when you like as far as I am concerned. You can tell the world if that’s what you want to do and I will support you.” She looked into his damp eyes and finished her little speech. “You are all that matters to me and if you want to be a baby….” “I like being little mummy.” He coyly interrupted. “If you like being ‘little’… only at home then I am happy as well. I will help in any way I can… what do you want?” Ryan began to think – what exactly did he want? +++++++ Without being aware he was doing so, he sucked on his thumb and gave it some thought. It had been over two hours since his mother had left him to go to her own room to sleep but in that time, he was positive he’d have an answer to his mum’s question, “What do you want?” Alas, no new revelations had entered his head simply because of the way his pants gave him an accompaniment to his every move. Crinkle. He curled up. Crinkle. He stretched out. Crinkle. He rolled over. Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle. He was more involved in the noises he was making than with answering the question but rustling around in his bed had proved one thing; the company who made his pants were not lying when they said ‘Make some noise.’ He pulled off his protecting pants and gently rubbed the soft satin against his cheek. He loved the fabric with butterflies and birds and was pretty impressed by the thick crinkly plastic waterproof innards. He slowly ran the two different materials over his body and shuddered in delight at the experience. He removed his nappy and slid the pants across his genitals, which instantly reacted. The velvety ‘butterfly’ kisses as he touched each part of his body delivered shivers of sensuality and excitement to his already over-burdened brain. His orgasm had never been so powerful. He lay there exhausted, his chest covered in the explosive aftermath and he could barely find the strength to pull his precious pants up his thighs to cover his leaking penis. The awareness that there was now a sticky dimension to each crinkle drifted into his dreams as he slipped into contented unconsciousness. ++++tbc++++
  15. Remanent smell after a clean up

    Thanks for the responses. I'll never really know if she smelled me or not, but it seemed like I could smell myself every time the wind shifted. But it could have also been the leftover smell that was in my noise. I was near a dumpster so she might have just thought it was that.
  16. How to change a messy diaper in public?

    I've often thought of ways myself. It depends on where you live.. Here in California, there are a lot of parks and restaurants that have out door porta potties. Store washrooms are difficult because if you walk in with a bag with a diaper in it, the store camera personal might get suspicious about what you're bringing into the store. If you had one of them cargo Vans with the seats in the back, like the kind you see in Scooby Doo, that would be a great place to change, but other than that, I would try a local gas station bathrooms that are not locked before you poop. Or change in the woods in a remote location where you'll have time to change. The more messy your poop, the more difficult it becomes. I would never poo in public if I felt like it was going to be runny. A hard poop is very easy to clean up obviously. Wearing diapers out in public is no issue at al, but pooping is a difficult and risky chance. Either way, you need to find a place where you know for certain no one will be around. And remember: that sometimes you find a place that seems safe, but then someone walks buy, or you miss someone who was standing near buy. You always have to think about things that have not happened yet. I've changed in outdoor dumpster holding bins at parks during night hours. But I've had some joggers come close to where I thought they were going to enter where I was. You just never know what's going to happen, and who is near by I've come to realize just how smelly poop can be to others, especially to someone who comes in contact with the smell for the first time. I once had a fantasy that some girl would smell me and think it was cute, but the reality is, the chances of that is 1 in a million, if even that. If you want to small like a baby, you'll be better off loading your diaper up with Jonson's & Johnson's baby powder. I've noticed that when you wear a diaper that has a lot of J&J baby powder (specifically), it can actually smell stinky. I went into a massage place once wearing a diaper that was loaded with baby powder. When the girl gave me the back massage, I was only wearing my diaper because she asked me to drop my pants. Long story short, she grabbed the back of my diaper and looked down there twice. I asked her why she did that, and she said she thought that I pooped. But I honestly did not, and I was not passing gas either. For some reason baby powder in a diaper can make it smell poopy. Unless perhaps it's just a mental association people have with powder and poopy diapers. I myself have noticed that my diaper smells stinky when it has a lot of baby powder in it, but it could be a subconscious thought that's associating the powder smell with my past memories of stinky diapers. By the way bdmw96, if you wouldn't mind me asking: I'm curious to know what the poopy diapers means to you? It's a subject that fascinates me. Like for example: If you were to poop your diaper in public, what is the out come you wish could happen if you could have your way? Would you like a cute girl to notice it and smile, or give you a look like you've been bad? Tell me about your inner though if you wouldn't mind.
  17. ABDL Or Medical Brand Diapers On Flight

    Get a plain colored onsie and exposure will be a non issue. I wear dark blue.
  18. What's Your Portable Music Player Set Up/Preferences?

    I use earbuds for my Ipod Touch. I like & quite frankly need to have a secondary device separate from my phone for music. (Because I listen to my Music So much). It is very rare when I am not listening to music, especially when out & about. Of course this means that even my Ipod's rechargeable battery loses it's ability to hold it's charge for a long time so this means that this year's Christmas gift to myself will be a New Ipod Touch Rockies Fan.
  19. What's Your Portable Music Player Set Up/Preferences?

    I used to be all about my ZuneHD, I even used it when out and about even while I had my phone with me, I only had the 16gb version but my portable collection started to increase, Now I have my music on a 32gb sd card in my phone(Galaxy S7), I also use Skullcandy Crushers: https://www.skullcandy.com/headphones/CRUSHER.html which allow you to use a cable with a microphone on it so it can also be used to use your phone to communicate without taking them off your head. Not much for noise cancelling, but I can listen to them loud and have never been told off by a bus driver to turn my music down.
  20. The Baby Sitter App.

    (Next Chapter: Meal Time) “Chase. I need you stop.” Jeff said as he placed his hand on Chase’s shoulder. “No…” Chase said. “Your acting like a baby. If you don’t stop then I can help you stop. Do you need another spanking, like the one you got a hour ago?” Jeff said. “You. You wouldn’t.” Chase as he stared at Jeff. “Don’t try me. Now are you going to listen.” Jeff said. “I don’t…I don’t know.” Chase said. “I’ll decided for you.” Jeff said as he raised his hand and smacked Chase’s right thigh with a quick smack. “Ouch…what was that for.” Chase said as he looked down and saw the red hand print on his thigh. “Now. There is more where that came from. Just eat ok.” Jeff said. Chase looked around and saw that most of guys were already eating. “Alright. Go ahead.” Chase said as he put his head down and opened his mouth. “Good boy. How about we start off with some mashed peas, huh?” Jeff said as he opened the first jar of baby food. Chase just kept looking down and kept his mouth open. ‘That’s fine. Here comes the airplane.” Jeff said as he filled the spoon with the mush and shoved it into Chase’s mouth. Chase almost gagged and puffed up his cheeks. “Swallow it. Now. Do not spit up.” Jeff said as he stared at Chase. Chase knew that he had no choice and swallowed the food. “See it wasn’t that bad, was it.” Jeff said. Chase just glared at him. Jeff kept feeding Chase until all the jars of baby food were gone. His face was covered with the baby food, along with his bib. ‘Alright, here is two bottles of milk you need to drink.” Jeff said as he held them up. “But I already had mashed peas, sweet potatoes, and baby carrots. I’m kind of full and I still have to go to the bathroom.” Chase said. “Well once you finish your two bottles and then you can go potty. Chase remember you are a toddler/big boy. You still use words. So, the quicker you drink the quicker you can go.” Jeff said as held up the bottle to his mouth. Chase just sighed and opened his mouth. Jeff shoved the bottle into his mouth and Chase began to suck on the nipple. Chase noticed that milk was sweet to the taste and began to drink as fast as he could. With in five minutes he had finished the bottle and his tummy was sticking out a bit from how full he was. “Oh my. What a full belly. Are you ready for another one.” Jeff said as he giggled and rubbed Chase’s stomach. “Please stop. I really have to go.” Chase said as he squirmed a bit, it felt weird for Jeff to rub his belly. “What’s wrong, you have to go potty.” Jeff said in a mocking tone as he held up the last bottle to Chase’s face. “Yes. I have to go potty.” Chase said as he felt his bladder begin to build pressure. “So, you want daddy to give you the last bottle.” Jeff said as he swung the bottle back and forth in front of his face. “Yes. I want the bottle.” Chase screamed. “No. Say it right, baby.” Jeff mockingly said. “I. I need…Please, Daddy…. I need…the last bottle. Please give me the bottle.” Chase begged. “Good. Now say I’m Daddies little baby boy.” Jeff said softly. “Please…Jeff….” Chase said. “Say it or I’ll make you piss yourself and shame you infront of everyone. Now say it right.” Jeff said as he raised his voice. “I’m Daddies little baby boy.” Chase said softly as tears began to form in his eyes. “Good. Now what is my name and what is your name.” Jeff said. “PLEASE JEFF.” Chase begged aloud. “Answer me.” Jeff said. “Your name is daddy Jeff and my name are Chase.” Chase said softly. “Correct but what is your title, I know your name Chase.” Jeff said. “My name is Baby Chase.” Chase as he stared at Jeff with teary eyes. “Good boy. Now here is your baba.” Jeff said as he shoved the milk into his mouth. Chase just began to suck down the milk until it was gone. Once the bottle was done, Jeff began to wipe off Chase’s face with a rag until he was clean. “Are you full” Jeff said as finished cleaning up the jars of food and bottles. “Yeah.” Chase said as he moved a bit and could tell he over ate by his bloated belly. “Alright. Are you ready to get down?” Jeff asked. “Yes. Please.” Chase said. “Good boy, now let’s see what’s next.” Jeff said as he looked at the schedule at the wall. “So, we can either get you a bath and get you ready for bed or we can watch a movie or play.” Jeff said. “Potty now please.” Chase said. “Oh, that’s right.” Jeff said as he took out the tray and hit the button on the five-point harness in the high chair. He helped Chase down to his feet. “So, I guess you can go back to playing in the playroom.” Jeff said as he grabbed Chase’s hand and took him to the hall. He pulled him into door that said potty. The room had a line of potty seats that could fit all the guys here. There were six in a row and had various animals on each one. All of them had belts on the waist and handle bars with straps for the hands. “Alright Chase. Let’s get this off you.” Jeff said as he started to unlock the belt. “Wait. Can’t I do this myself.” Chase said as he backed away from Jeff’s grasp. “No. Only a daddy can. Now you said you had to go. Stop playing and lets get your pull up down.” Jeff said. “Wait I have to use that with you watching.” Chase said. “Yes. You have already been dressed. And if you use your pullup, your one step closer to diapers, if you do use it, your one step closer to big boy underwear. Don’t you want my little baby. Don’t you want your underwear back and not training pants.” Jeff said as he tried to coax him. ‘I don’t know” Chase said as he looked down at his pants and could feel his bladder about to burst. “Please don’t make me decide for you. You have until the count of three or I decide for you.” Jeff said. “I don’t…” Chase said as he wanted to try and keep his modesty as much as he could. “One.” Jeff said. “Please daddy.” Chase said. “Two.” Jeff said as he raised his tone. “Daddy. Please I need more time.” Chase said as his heart began to race. “Three. OK. That’s it. Let’s do this.” Jeff said as he grabbed Chase and began to pull him towards on the pottys. “Daddy what are you doing.” Chase said as he began to pull away, but Jeff was to strong. Jeff easily placed him on the potty that looked like yellow dog. Jeff quickly placed Chase’s patted bottom on top of the seat and easily strapped his waist down to the potty. “No…Please stop.” Chase said as he tried to undo the waist belt, but Jeff quickly took each of his hands and strapped his hands to the handle bar. “Hey, let me out of this thing.” Chase said as he tried to break free but couldn’t. His hands were trapped, and his lower half was stuck the chair and his legs were forced on the ground. “No. If you can not go potty on yourself for another ten minutes. Then I’ll let you use the potty by yourself in private. Deal?’ Jeff said as he walked over to the counter and grabbed two items. “This isn’t fair. You can’t do this.” Chase said. “Oh I can. It’s either this game or I give you laxatives and make you wear a diaper with a body suit and put you in the play room and make you shit yourself.” Jeff said. “I can do it.” Chase said. “And one more thing, I don’t want to hear your mouth anymore.” Jeff said as he came over to Chase and placed a blue paci gag on his face and strapped it tight behind his head. “Mphmm.” Chase said as he squirmed. “And now the time begins.” Jeff said as he set timer and it began to count down. “Oh if you don’t make it. Then you will be placed in thick night time diapers for tonight.” Jeff said as he chuckled and sat down across from Chase. Chase just began to tear up and squirm in his restraints, he looked over at the timer as it ticked down slower and the pressure on his bladder grew stronger faster. (Next Chapter. Potty and Bath Time)
  21. Diapers: Sexual or Comfortable

    It's both for me
  22. A Family Affair!

    He got to the podium. My name is Christian Mitchell and I wet my bed still. A few months back just saying that would make me blush with embarrassment. Heck anybody saying that would blush with embarrassment! Why because we're not supposed to talk abut that. All of the sudden I had no choice, I was outed by a teammate. Growing up o had lots of friends several were like me and wet their beds. Their secret was safe with me and mine was safe with them. In high school an opponent actually the Center had found out I was a bedwetter. On first and 10, he called me out telling me I want you bedwetter, he pointed at me. Seems he knew somebody that knew me that knew I wet my bed. I went up the middle right over him and sacked his Quarter Back. Loss of 4 yards it was now second and 14. He hadn't learned much because he did it again usedan the BW, word. My teammates told me they got my back! And they did they made a hole that I could drive the perverbial Mack truck through it was now third and 19. They yanked him and put a different guy in there after what I had done to their starter this guy was shaking in his cleats. Also growing up I was freakishly large. By the time I was 9 I was as tall as my mother. By 13, I was as tall as my dad I didn't stop there I grew almost another foot since then, I was made more fun of my size than ever being a bedwetter. I'm still big, by the way thank you for the snack you served here it was good! Laughter came from the crowd. Good things have came out of being outed as a bedwetter. I can't go a day where somebody doesn't come up to me and tell me how bedwetting has affected thir lives, either them, or a sibling, family member, good friend, some never were touched by bedwetting, but think I'm brave to talk about my bedwetting problem. Which for me is no problem at all! All I have to do is fall asleep, no problem! More laughter, like falling off a log! When I was outed I wondered why me? I'm a nice guy, I know several QB that would disagree with that but that's my job. I was talking to my mom, she is like Yoda, she is the family philosopher. She asked why not you? Never thought about that before why not me? Growing up I used to sing this song that said let t b ere be peace on earth! And let it begin with me. Why not me. My mom also told me being a bedwetter is something I do, not who I am, I define it, it doesn't define me.. like I said my mother is the Yoda! The speakers before me when they talked my eyes glazed over, the only word I understood was Enuresis. What do you expect from a jock? Th a ts where you guys come in your the smart ones! Not me all I ever do is chase a little brown ball all over the field, my job is to be where it goes. Not an easy task sometimes. I don't know if you noticed my date tonight this is India Taylor. I consider her the most beautiful woman on the planet. This gorgeous woman grew up wetting her bed. You doctors need to find a cure for bedwetting so beautiful creatures like her don't have to suffer though this ailment! Since being outed I have found out there are c a couple of bedwetters besides me in the NFL. I want to thank Susan Abott for allowing me to speak to you tonight. Please, you have the ball run with it. Thank you! He got a standing ovation.
  23. Sadly this is a topic I have a large amount of interest in. I too am on the larger size, I have spent a lot of cash trying diferet size plastic pants, even the 5x from plastic pants,com. Nogo. I mean, yah, I can wrap the pants around my waist 2-3 times, but it still does not fit around my thighs. So far the only plastic pants I have found that fit have been the rears olga pants, and the Christy pants. Thay have a larger thigh opening. It really bothers me that if I get plastic pants for my waist size, mostly I am lucky if I can get the leg openings around my knees, let alone around my thighs! Its kinda weird to me, as I do not seem to have freakishly large thighs or knees, but thats how it goes. There used to be some other places that made pants with better size leg holes, but not many, and all of them are gone now. Good luck on finding plastic pants that work, and keep us posted if you find something else that works, I know I am interested in more veriaty of plastic pants for my own use. Side note, I have not tried much with the pul pants, but, I am planing to give a few a try, just worried about the amount of money thay tend to cost, and no proof that thay will fit.
  24. College Roommates RP

    “He seriously handed you a pull-up? This is so embarrassing,” Ashley groaned as she helped Jim by tugging her leggings down before she stepped out of them with a blush. ”It’s kinda cold in here,” she blushed shyly as she waited for him to open it so that she could step into the pull-up.
  25. Young parents (private with babygabrial)

    Carter wines "noooooo but I wike dat" as he struggled with not sucking his thumbs since he always does that. Amy orders a kiddo ice cream cup and finds a bench and sits wirj Chris trying something new as she put a little ice cream on his hand to see if he would eat it off his hands
  26. Big family vacation

    "No you guys we are somewhere really special that mommy and daddy think you will enjoy" as Amy carries each of the twins off the plane and checks to make sure Peter has Chris and gabrial. Shortly after Amy manages to get the twins in there stroller "ok let's wait for daddy and your brothers. Did you guys have a good nap"
  27. new home new life

    I can tall its going to take some time getting use to it
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