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    • That actually sounds like a really good idea. Someone should totally do that! I think what would also be another good idea, would be to build adult baby gyms. I think some places DO build them, but they're always VERY expensive and it would be great if they were more streamlined so that people could afford them more, on a regular basis.
    • Nintendo Switch = very strong daytime distraction. Parents are likely to notice soon and take countermeasures.
    • Stacey held Lara across her lap. Lara had become quite familiar with this position over the last couple of years. She settled in and got comfortable, resigned to take her punishment. Still, there was a levity in Stacey’s tone, and Lara thought she might not be in for too hard of a spanking.  CRACK! Stacey smacked her hard across her panties.  “Well? What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?” Stacey put on her best mom voice.  “Um… well… we WERE snuggling,” Lara said with mild defiance. “But we were doing… other things, too.” Stacey spanked her once on each cheek.  “Other things like what?” Lara was silent. Ted watched with bated breath, getting his first look at one of the girls spanking the other. His hard cock oozed into his sodden Pamper.  Stacey grabbed a hold of Lara’s underwear and pulled it up between her cheeks, exposing the girl's bare behind. She landed five quick hard slaps.  “Ow! We were fucking!!” Lara yelled out, as she wiggled on Stacey’s lap.  “There,” Stacey said, landing another blow. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?” The spanking continued, but the intensity decreased. Stacey playfully warmed up Lara’s bottom, making it a nice shade of pink.  “Alright, stand up.” Stacey lifted Lara to her feet. She wagged a finger at her. “No more lying, or I’ll wash your mouth out with soap.” Lara, blushing with both sets of cheeks, rubbed her bottom, enjoying the warmth Stacey had created.  “And as for you, buster,” Stacey turned and reached toward Ted. She grabbed his ankle and started pulling. She stopped and took a long look at the big boy in his big diaper.  “Well… I guess I can’t be mad at you when you look that cute. But I still wanna slap that diapered booty. Come on and get over my knee.” Stacey pulled on Ted’s ankle again.  Feigning reluctance, Ted climbed across the bed and lay over Stacey’s lap. His cock was very hard, straining inside his wet diaper.  “That’s a good boy.” Stacey patted his butt. “Pee-ew!! What a stinky little peepee boy!” Ted was grateful to be able to hide his face. It was humiliating, but at the same time, he was insanely turned on.  Stacey began spanking him, thumping his diaper loudly with each swat. It definitely did not hurt through the cushioning, and Ted let himself relax across his friend's lap.  “You know,” she said, keeping up her rhythmic pace, “I was thinking earlier this morning - I wonder if maybe we need to add a rule to the list.” She held her hand on Ted’s diapered bottom for a minute and looked up at Lara.  “I think bedwetting should be punished with a spanking. What do you think, La?” Ted felt very nervous, but did not speak. Lara stifled a giggle at first, then let out a loud laugh. Stacey thumped Ted’s butt.  “I don’t mean wet diapers,” she pinched the squishy padding between his legs. “Just wet beds. If you have a diaper on, and it gets wet - no harm, no foul. But if you fail to protect the mattresses and wet it…” She resumed spanking him in rhythm.  “…that constitutes irresponsible behavior that needs to be punished. Wouldn’t you agree, Teddy?” Given that he’d had two accidents in a week, and was current wearing a soaked diaper, lying across Stacey’s knee, Ted had no argument. But he still couldn’t find the courage to acquiesce.  Stacey increased the intensity and speed of the spanking. His diaper still provided plenty of cover, but Ted got the message.  “Yeah, ok,” he grumbled.  “Good,” Stacey gave him one last smack, then hauled him to his feet. “Why don’t you go add it to the list.” Ted shuffled over to his desk and opened the drawer where he’d stashed the list of rules and punishments. Although the list had grown over the years, there was still some space at the bottom of the page.  Reaching for a pen, he couldn’t help but be aware of the feeling of his wet diaper. He had previously become very familiar with the feel of a wet Goodnite, and he now realized he may soon be quite familiar with this similar, but new feeling.  It was either that, or he would wind up with a very sore bottom when he wet the bed.  In the white space at the bottom of the page, he slowly wrote ‘Bedwetting.’ He looked over at the girls, almost seeking their approval.  “What do we think is an appropriate implement?” Stacey asked, looking over at Lara.  “Hairbrush. For sure, hairbrush.” She smiled and winked at Ted.  He blushed and wrote down ‘Hairbrush.’ His eyes scanned the paper and were drawn to the words ‘ALWAYS ON THE BARE.’ He hoped he would never have to find out what a bare bottom hairbrush spanking was like. But deep down he knew, it was only a matter of time.  Stacey leaned over his shoulder.  “Very good,” she said approvingly. She smacked his butt, eliciting a loud squelch. “Now let’s just keep the bed dry, and we won’t have to worry about any nasty hairbrush spanks.” “Ok…” Ted grumbled.  “Alright, I’m off to the library. We’re hitting the bar tonight, right?” “Yeah we are!” said Lara. Ted nodded and smiled.  “Good. Then that means a diapered bottom for bedtime, right Teddy?” Stacey spanked him again.  His smile faded, but Ted nodded again.  “I’ll see you two tonight.” Stacey turned to leave the room. She spanked Lara hard over her panties. “Be good!” Lara yelped and giggled. She waited a moment for Stacey to leave, then closed the door slowly. She turned to Ted. 
    • And we all missed the obvious answer...   "I'd make a poopy in my diaper."
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