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    A club for those of us into music and music production

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    A club for Parents and Caregivers.

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    This club is for "older littles" in the 4 - 7 age range (adults IRL, of course). We don't wear diapers. Course we don't. Well, maybe some of us do at night still, or for long car journeys. But basically we are "littles" who wear proper underwear. And try not to wet it. But don't always succeed *blush*

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    well, noticed there was no club for ppl like me who like to role play toddler ages in which one may or may not be wearing diapers (including those who are like me in that they may be subjected to "diaper discipline" for wetting their panties/undies,etc).

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    British people will understand the reference This group is for all you Brits! With our amazing sense of humour. There's guaranteed banter. Whether you're in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales OR any of our little islands. We don't mind! The more the merrier! This club is restricted to Brits and those who love us. Come and join the fun!

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    This club is for adults with an age play age between 0 and 2 years old. We wear diapers 24/7 and use them for their intended purposes. We also like mommy or daddy to take care of us.

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    For littles in the 8-14 age range (adults in real life)