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  1. https://store.steampowered.com/app/708820/Baby_Hands/
  2. Perhaps a whole post is quite necessary, but the line was pretty silly and nice. Vanellope is gazing across the vast ebay floor and says something along the lines of there being Big Baby clothes called linggary(lingerie)
  3. http://jasongan.com/progressive-babyman.html The ones at the beach he seems considerably padded. Theses commercials are ridiculous. They are telling people to grow up and get their own insurance by trying to infantilse people, but there's no point in doing that besides padding the companies bottom line. It's understandably in the companies best interest but in no way mine. No amount of name calling is gonna make me spend extra money.
  4. This guy wears this outfit in a couple of videos over the years.
  5. Anyone who registered on their site for their club received a 15 dollar off coupon.
  6. I've Teddycon, diaperfest, uslittles, house parties. Debating on West Coast Jungle or Teddycon for the fall.
  7. Megalo

    RGV South Texas

    From Browntown(Brownsville) to Htown(Hidalgo) , I know it's unlikely but any one occupying way down south , Texas butthole. Edinburg, Mcallen, Mercedes, Harlingen, San Benito. Over 18
  8. Which episdoe of Archer? IM having trouble finding it.
  9. Recently been trying to play some Commander.
  10. Megalo


    Got a new laptop and have been playing WoW, but it's not really a gaming laptop.
  11. I am really interested in getting a PA, Prince Albert. Is there anyway the piercing itself could act as a cath/stent? Is there anywhere such jewelry may be sold? TY