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  1. jesse78

    Photo on 5-8-19 at 16.56.jpg

    Very cute diapers
  2. jesse78


    Hi kim, welcome. Great place to be yourself. Have fun
  3. jesse78

    Peekaboo I c a Diaper.jpg

    Your adorable in that dress
  4. I'm bi sexual and have started to explore my sissy side. I feel very feminine when wearing my bras,panties and other girly things. I just love wearing pink diapers with all my girly things. Nothing wrong with being yourself
  5. Myself I enjoy giving head as long as it's with someone I know well.I enjoy the feeling of pleasing a guy with my mouth and swallowing his load is a very special thing to me
  6. I wouldn't say I need to wear diapers but after wearing for several years if I'm not diapered for bed there's a good chance I'll wake up in a wet bed
  7. Nice to hear, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
  8. Bought my world wide pin 5 minutes ago
  9. I wake up every morning needing to pee. I sometimes wake up in a wet diaper but before I get out of bed I need to use my diaper again