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  1. quickly read the 1st chapter realized this was gonna be a story to read for later so for now I'm heading out for a little (okay...A LOT) of march madness. Marking for later!
  2. I think this thread can use a few one-liners from probably the king of quotes--Oscar Wilde "Religion is the fashionable substitute for belief." "Religion is like a blind man looking in a black room for a black cat that isn't there, and finding it." "Truth in matters of religion, is simply the opinion that has survived." "People fashion their god after their own understanding. They make their god first and worship him afterwords" welp, the above plus Monty Python's Life of Brian pretty much sums my thoughts on religion and has for a very long time. Well, okay, not really. I mean I do have my own thoughts but I'd rather not insult people on this board. I wouldn't hesitate on others but I'm purposely less confrontational here which means no politics and no religion despite my background in both. P.S. BTW, rosalie, you might not want to use Einstein's GR theory as your proof/non-proof strawman anymore because the GR theory was recently, again, verified as accurate not only within our solar system (sine 1919) but now much farther and as technology gets better it'll become a law eventually. https://www.newsweek.com/einstein-proven-right-after-theory-general-relativity-confirmed-work-distant-990584
  3. Britnee


    sigh...I envy you. I remember when I felt that excited and could barely get the diaper on for obvious reasons. Now, while I still get excited (because...DUHH...), to have the same issues of barely able to get them on requires my fiancee/mommy which, if I'm honest, is okay with me since I don't like doing anything super sexual without her anyway so it kinda works out. my first piece of advice is to just enjoy it. My second is after the initial OOOOOOOO......phase is over (probs about a week or so) take a step back by not wearing them for about the same amount of time. This is just to be sure those feelings aren't simply because of some form of taboo excitement from trying something new and "naughty" (and by naughty I mean against the social norms to enjoy wearing an adult diaper not that wearing them is bad). Reason I bring this up is because for some it can be similar to an adrenaline junkie moving from rollercoasters to bungee jumping, to sky diving or mountain climbers going from a traditional belay climb style to a faster speed style like Simul climbing or from solo climbing to free solo. Meaning, once you don't have that "high" anymore you find something else to fill that void and that can and has lead people down some dark paths. (don't want to be a downer or anything just want you to to be aware). Main thing right now is enjoy and later figure out what it is you like about it and what you (maybe) don't.
  4. agree with squishy. No one is gonna give a rats arse and my guess is if these guys have been throwing trash for any amount of time (up and over the side of a walled truck) then they've thrown bags heavier than one that's 35 lbs. Hell between my two boys and myself my kitchen trash can weight that much. Another thing, if they're anything like one of my poker buddies who owns his own recycling/trash and dumpster rental business, about a year after I helped him with the legal aspect of purchasing the company he told me he went from being able to barely lift his weight to lifting nearly three times his weight. If you're concerned about the bags breaking then sure split them up into two bags but I'm not sure that even matters much. Just don't get the el' cheapos from the dollar store or where ever get the good stuff and you should be alright.
  5. OH MY!!! Diaper change needed after reading the last few chapters! I would like to know what happened during those two years! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY!
  6. such a roller coaster of emotions with entire story and I've come to the conclusion they all fucking suck at life and deserve to be driven out in the middle of nowhere and left for dead. I'd probably kill them all. Sarah: hates this entire thing but saw it as a way to get revenge on her Husband for pissing her off. She took it too far, enjoyed it but turned out to be a narcissistic cunt. What a surprise. Kristy) she doesn't like George problem is she felt she was a pro dom after 23 minutes of wiki searches, starting a fetlife account, and a few prior sub. Yea...sure. She's constantly fucked up less than Sarah but more than George but that's not a high bar anyway. I think she does honestly care about George but because she, too, doesn't know the difference between fun and reality up until now. George:, while easily seen as the least harmful and over all much nicer and more grounded than the others thus deserving of sympathy, and maybe from the other's he will but won't from me. Not one bit. George doesn't get a pass for betraying his friend's trust and loyalty for a mistress who cares about him so much she blacked out and beat him while screaming safe word but no...she kept going. I know it's super hard to find someone in the kink so you're willing to give them a break but Kristy isn't a dom, she's a opportunist who got lucky. That wasn't just reckless, it was both unsafe and illegal. She'd better start showing some submissive side and kiss George's ass. She's right, she doesn't deserve him. Nick simply stated...he's a different type of narcissist but a narcissistic nontheless but that's not all. Whenvengeful, piece of shit. that was. I've been doing this before.There would be no friendship after which would be right to blame Kristy but it was then I realized I was in a dream...no...not yet anyway. While I agree that was simple, thee practice would see how it's apprenticed. If it DVR I gve away more of Aidens nick is neither super intelligent or whatever needs to learn that a submissive, sissy, bottom, doesn't give the domma carte blanche 24/7 but I guess the real problem is on't know t know nearly what she thinks she knows and she just had a good George dick slap to the face about it. she just had a huge awakening so...maybe hopes for her. again, it's such a phenomenal story and the characters you created Elfy, are far ffar
  7. OMG! So excited to see the update that I tinkled a bit. Thankfully Mommy diapered me up before she left so I won't get in trouble. LOVE the updates! thank you for continuing to write awesome stories, Sally!
  8. Proud ESTP here. Se, Ti, Fe, Ni I'm skewed or dominant Extrovert, Thinker and can pretty much switch between Sensing/intuitive on the fly and can switch between Perceiving and Judging when I need (such as at work). I often switch to an ISTJ when I'm stressed or put in uncomfortable situations but that's not often because I adapt and conquer most things I encounter. I make it happen. How I work—I have a picture in my head on how things will be, and I’m totally involved in the here and now. I am go, go, go. And that creates a lot of successes. I just dodge my way through the sparks and problems. I’m very task oriented. I like to do something, get it done, and move to the next thing. I love circumstances where it’s a challenge. I’m a doer. What’s the mission and how are we getting there? Let’s work together. Let’s go. Throw any obstacle, I’ll find a way. New stuff, that’s the thrill. I love to learn. I can take a prior experience and lay it right on top of what I’m doing today and carry it all forward, and it’s a snap. I do a lot of brainstorming on my feet, organizing the points in my mind mentally. What’s to worry? Just adapt. But draw me a picture, get me a list, or put it on my calendar. Sitting still is hard for me. I am really activity oriented and I don’t need lots of supervision. I look for variety in most positions. If it’s not there, I tend not to stay. I’d rather go out there and do it, just get on with things, and I can communicate that without having to spend a lot of time explaining. People know that if I have something that needs to be done, I do it. And I ask for help when it’s needed. I am totally a people person. Working through people is the way to get things done. All of my energy, fun, and most uplifting experiences are focused around people. I don’t beat around the bush. Sometimes I have to tone it down a little bit—people may read me the wrong way. I’m very comfortable working either together as a team or individually. I like having flexibility, options, negotiating points. Some people need somebody to be very clear, very direct, and very to the point. That’s how I operate. And work needs to be mutually enjoyable for all of the parties involved. Celebrate achievements. Recognition or reward runs very high in my value system. I love the challenge of creating something pleasing to the eye. I like the order, to walk into a place that’s totally chaotic, nothing’s happening, and there’s a great opportunity to straighten things out. I like to get the job of placing all the stuff, making it right so it works. I like somebody with a little sizzle. The most important thing in relationships is absolute autonomy and independence. I admit I like to be in control and yet I’m kind of easygoing in that I just want freedom. Freedom to me is leave me alone, let me do it. Anything that constrains me around that I don’t like and kind of rebel against. I don’t like to be told what to do or what to think. I also like when I'm able to speak my mind and not hurt other's feelings. This is one of the best things about being with my fiancee. She's an INTJ and we normally balance each other out pretty well but there are those few times where we've found each other telling the other person to fuck off or fuck you. I know, most everyone doesn't and probably can't imagine doing that with their SO. however, for us it's never personal and we never cut each down or insult (you're a bitch or asshole), call each other names, or say things that we know we can't take back during an argument. Truth is, she's the best thing to ever happen to me and I value her opinion above all others. h my kids it boggles my mind how she, again, again she's an INTJ. OTOH, even if I do hurt you, you need to understand that it wasn't intentional and that I don't have it in me to correct the problem unless it threatens the relationship that you so the likelihood I hurt you again is pretty high. Sadness, anger, etc...to me take up too much of my time to dwell on them so I don't If you have something to say then say it, otherwise don't waste your time trying to be subtle about what you want. And although I know it’s good for me, I don’t like feedback either. It takes a lot to rattle me, and even then I just go on. I tend not to dwell on things, but sometimes I have a tendency to imagine worst-case scenarios, especially when I am stressed. Family is very important. Just getting together and being close with the family, I think that’s satisfying. I don’t have a whole lot of really deep friendships, but yet I like to think people would describe me as dedicated, determined, and loyal. I sometimes have difficulty concealing what I am thinking or feeling. I don’t like the pressure of having to say no. I can be somewhat cool but a genuine friend as a personal relationship evolves. Trustworthiness in personal relationships is very important, that we can disagree and still be friends, and if our backs were ever to the wall, I’m there and I would expect the same. If I don’t respect someone, I avoid them. If I can find another way to do business I will. I surround myself with people that I feel comfortable with, but they’re totally my selection. I respect intelligence. If you're not my intellectual equal (and I can tell pretty fast) then I've got no use for you as a friend or companion. I can appear as cold , calculating, and devoid of all emotions when I'm stressed because my shadow function. This is where even I get scared of what I'd do so it's usually better if I'm by myself than around people but that doesn't last long and if it does I will take care of myself. Let's get one thing clear, there are only 5 people in this world that I allow myself to care what they think, my dad, mom, my two boys and my fiancee. Everyone else, even my friends, well, I give zero fucks what you think of me or my actions and telling me is a waste of your time. My friends know this because I've told them and they accept me for who I am because I'm, truthful, honest, trustworthy, and intensely loyal...to a fault. Those who know me know all they need to do is call me and I'm there. I don't have very many friends, 3 to be exact and I only really talk to one. I'm also ridiculously I like taking on something that I want to do and getting it done and seeing results, keeping things moving along just to see that I have met some goals—a feeling of accomplishment in a day. I’ll always take bigger risks if I feel confident enough. Then I’ll work with it for a while, and if I see it’s not going anywhere, I just move on and go from there. I guess that generally summarizes how I deal with situations
  9. holy hell anyone else see the movie Annabelle? this looks strikingly similar...
  10. how much? uh...tree fiddy. my first thought, welp another example of a fool and his money are easily parted. my second was lol...they made them pay 10.28 for shipping when they just netted a profit of $1223 from an item they found in their parents basement that had been there for 20 years when their cousin came to visit. Nostalgia is an overrated emotion that falsely projects a time when things were better. I have zero emotional bandwidth for nostalgia and often argue with people for wasting time and energy on a time that was never as good as they remember and because of it we get trumpers, brexit and shit like this which is nothing but someone preying on someone's emotions of "remember when you were young and weren't allowed to wear these...well now you can! for the small sum of $1231.00+shipping!!! You can't put a price on your youth and reconnecting with it...BID NOW!!!" You guys are super optimistic on who the buyer is/was. Now don't get me wrong the person who bought these has more dollars than sense and far be it from me to tell someone what to do with their money and I'm all for making money as a seller but that's fucking ridiculous. Not going to speculate as to why they bought them but I sincerely doubt it was a super rich dude and I've never heard of a diaper collector before but nothing surprises me anymore. I will say something about the seller though. The seller is a crook. Plain and simpler. They're no better than the false call centers that dupe people out of all their money. I guarantee you some of those bids are from the sellers alt account who sets an auto bid minimum price and it goes from there. I've run into it a few times myself. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying good money for something hand-made or to replace something that was broken but there were several times I bid on other items where (in one case) the price went from $5.50 with one bid for a week to $45 in about 20 seconds. Now of course I've been in auto-bid wars before but and found myself in an auto-bid war with this same person on 4 different items. Some I lost some I won. I kinda figured it out during the auctions but since the bidders were set to private it wasn't until I saw the items I lost relisted a few days later under a different account that had an address in the same town of the first seller I had my confirmation. Ultimately they'd set auto-bids from one of three accounts and just relist them if they won. I notified ebay and they've since been banned but that goes to show you the lengths some will go to to prey on people.
  11. Try Etsy and ebay first search under "adult baby hair bow" "sissy baby hair bow" or "DDlg Hair Bow" There are so many super cute hair bows out there the problem is there's too damn many. here's what you get with a general ebay search. I figure you can narrow it down from there https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2499334.m570.l1311.R1.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xbows.TRS0&_nkw=bows&_sacat=45220 here's what you get for a "DDlg" search at etsy https://www.etsy.com/search/accessories/hair-accessories?explicit=1&q=DDlg+bow If none of those work out (can't imagine you couldn't find something with 50000+ but maybe shes picky ) then just you could look at a place like the sissy store. They're limited but they do have a few like this: http://www.thesissystore.com/hair-flowers/sissy-hair-bows That should get you started.
  12. This...this....this is the worst idea...ever. I'm just going by your post and I certainly don't know your family dynamic and I certainly understand the fear/anxiety that one faces when you're deciding to tell someone or not especially if that person is your spouse or BF/GF. That said, it seems to me that using your past to manipulate your wife into thinking there's something wrong so you didn't have to tell her about your DL side so you can wear them in the open is a piss poor way of revealing this side to her because, well, you're not. To me your wife, like most good SO's, reacted out of concern and her recommendation was the same (and to save your bed from pee spots) so to her it looks like a medical/psychological problem which worries her but she's not goin to get mad (her wanting you to go to the dr) but to you it's diaper fun time (love it when she sees my sagging wet diaper in the mornings.). So really all you've done is trading one lie for another so you could get what you wanted (openly wear diapers and the trade-off is that your wife gets to be an unwilling participant in diaper fun time since you've not only removed that choice for her but you've also removed her ability to make her choice using all the facts available keeping her intentionally ignorant so as to make it easier on you so you could bypass the true anxiety and fear this thread is for. You speak of courage but what you described is just the opposite. Courage isn't fearing of her reaction to what she thinks is something that you can't control, to a wet bed and intentionally peeing (again most spouses aren't going to fly off the handle...it happens), then after getting a positive reaction, upping the game every so often again using your past bed wetting as a "reason" despite, I assume you not needing them because of medical reasons. Courage is looking at your wife and despite the anxiety from not only knowing she may she'll be hurt (both she and you which is obviously not something you or anyone really wants to do) but also despite the petrifying fear of rejection you do it anyway because it's the right thing to do which is almost always the more difficult of the two decisions. Now, again, if I've gotten it wrong then I truly apologize but the way it reads...IDK...something about this seems...wrong. Maybe it's because it's been a stressful week having taken on two different clients whose soon to be ex spouses are manipulating my clients so perhaps I'm a bit touchy about it but again all you've done is replace one lie with another to get what you want which is to openly wear diapers. Your wife, OTOH, gets to worry not only if you have a diagnosed medical or psychological issue, on top of if this will lead to being incontinent. Seems to be a bit unfair...
  13. HOLY CRAP!! we get more than one @SallyKATstories on the same day!?!? Someone pinch me... Missed your writing, Sally and LOVE this beginning!! Can't wait to read more!
  14. uh, yea, as everyone above has said...the site can wait. family first...always.