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  1. Globalization in AB/DL literature is always neat to me...except the Diaper Dimension, that's cheating, so the idea that The Innocent expands and gains traction around the world is totally something I'm into but it's also a very daunting task and will have to come at a later date.
  2. Thank you! More things are coming! I feel like there's more story left to tell about The Innocent and its expansion, so maybe that will happen at some point. I'm honestly just happy I finished a multi chapter story because I'm kind of really bad at that.
  3. Chapter Ten There's an old saying about leopards never being able to change their spots that people use as a way of justifying falling for the tricks that some people use to sway others. Take an abusive relationship for example, someone will rationalize that the abuser has changed because they're apologetic and remorseful for their past actions and give them another chance but when the abuse starts up again the old adage is carted out as a way of making the victim not feel stupid for trusting their abuser, though it really just comes across as a gentler "I told you so" more than anything else. Charlotte couldn't change her love for Renee and her want to be with her, nor could she change the little side of her that she hadn't known existed until it was brought to the surface by the older woman. As soon as Renee showed back up in her life she found herself being drawn back to her and hating herself for it because of how Renee had treated her in the past, but when Renee demonstrated that she'd changed all reservations went out the window and she eagerly fell into the role of submissive and obedient baby to her beloved Mommy. Denise couldn't change her submissive nature after years of living under Daddy's rule she recognized that people that possessed stronger will than her, which was most people, could bend her to their will without much effort if they knew what buttons to push. When Renee took a firm hand approach with her she instantly fell into line and became what the younger woman wanted her to be without hesitation and was happy to do so because it kept her from getting punished for being a defiant and naughty baby. Mr. Figueroa couldn't change his love for Renee's long dead mother and was beholden to his daughter because she looked so much like the woman he still loved after so many years, nor could he change the need to get revenge on the man that he believed robbed him of a chance at a life with his beloved. Whatever his daughter asked of him was done without consideration to the fact that it may be wrong be it deceiving a journalist his daughter said was important to the plan for removing Daddy from power or stealing medical supplies from the highly restricted R&D lab that most didn't know existed at the compound for her, nothing was too big an ask when it came to his daughter. Renee is the embodiment of the statement. A young woman that has an innate ability to get people to do what she wants by any means necessary. She's used sex, drugs, hypnosis, psychology, reverse psychology, threats, you name it and she's used it to get what she wants from a person. Her lies are so deep that she doesn't even realize she's lying sometimes, she's bought into her own manufactured truth so completely that she's able to mimic the behaviors of an honest and genuine person knowing full well that she's anything but because she's got her own agenda and nothing is off limits when it comes to attaining the power she wants. ************************************************************************ "There's a small collection of bottles in the fridge at the nursery." Renee told her father. "They have pink caps on them and each of our little ones needs to drink the entire bottle before you put them down for their nap." she explained. "Heat the bottles in the bottle warmer to get them to exactly 98.6 degrees, no more and no less and make sure they drink all of it, do you understand?" she asked. Mr. Figueroa nodded. "I know how ta give a baby it's bottle, Renee." he reminded her. She smiled and placed a hand on his arm. "I know, but I need everything to go smoothly today and I can't concentrate on what I need to do if I'm worried the babies haven't been fed properly." she told him. "Call it me being a nervous and overprotective Mommy." she added with a light chuckle. He nodded his head. "I'll do it just how ya want it done." he told her. "Are ya sure that's all ya need me ta do?" he asked. She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. "I'm sure." she said simply. "Trust me, Daddy isn't going to be a problem." she added. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "Be safe and don't dilly dally when yer done, I'll worry an prolly do somethin' stupid if I don't see ya when yer s'posed to be back." he told her. She nodded her agreement and then turned from him to address the girls, clapping her hands a few times to get their attention. "Alright, sweeties, Mommy needs to go take care of some grownup business and Grandpa is gonna take you to the nursery for a nice bottle and a nap, so everyone up and to Grandpa." she commanded in her maternal tone before kneeling down beside Stephanie. "It was very nice to meet you, Stephanie, I can't wait to see you again!" she chirped happily as she pulled the little girl into a big hug as she helped her to her feet and gave her a gentle nudge toward her Dada. Pivoting, she turned to her own babies and hugged them both as they toddled up to her. "When will we see you again, Mommy?" Baby Deni asked softly. "Mommy will be the first thing you see once your nap is done, baby." Renee cooed. "Be good girls and drink your bottles before your nap and then right to bed, okay?" she asked. Both girls nodded as they hugged her. Renee broke the embrace and took Charlotte's hand and put Baby Deni's hand into it. "Hold your little sister's hand until you get to the nursery." she told Charlotte. Charlotte gave Baby Deni's hand a soft squeeze. "I will, Mommy." she said. "Are you gonna be-" she started to ask but was silenced by her pacifier being put into her mouth before Baby Deni's was put into hers. "Off you go, angel's!" Renee cooed as she stood up and guided her babies to their Grandpa who had picked Stephanie up and was softly bouncing her as she hugged him and watched him take Charlotte's other hand and lead the group to the door. ************************************************************************ Renee sighed contentedly as soon as everyone had left, taking a seat on the bed after pulling her phone from her pocket. She opened her message app and tapped a quick message to Daddy. "I need to see you." The little bell ringing sound came a few seconds later. "Why?" She closed her eyes and put herself into the frame of mind of the girl Daddy thought of as his daughter and typed her response. "Pumpkin needs Daddy's special attention." When the bell rang again she looked at the screen and smiled. "Come to Daddy's office, Pumpkin." Going to the bathroom mirror she looked at herself for a long while, examining her facial features and her body language, adjusting them until she was sure that she was presenting herself as Pumpkin, the girl that was still just Daddy's baby with grownup clothes on and made her way out of the room and across the compound to Daddy's office. ************************************************************************ The large wooden double doors to Daddy's office always used to make her nervous when she was growing up, like the Principal's office door did for normal girls her age. The thing was that she was never scared of being in trouble when she stood outside of them, like the Principal's door, she was nervous in the way that a virgin hesitates at the bathroom door knowing that on the other side is a person waiting to have sex with them. She and Daddy had been sexual partners for longer than she cared to admit, mostly because doing so would mean jail time for the man, age of consent and all that, and no matter how many times they'd done it, which was many, she still felt nervous when standing outside those doors. Standing outside of them today brought no nervousness, just resolve, a strength that she never showed him, content to keep him believing she was his compliant little fuck toy, his silly little girl playing dress up that would fall to her knees and crawl to him at his whim just like every other person at the compound. Today was the day that he would finally learn to crawl himself, and it was that thought that made her wetter than she'd ever been standing outside those doors. She knocked softly, the kind of knock that a timid girl desperate for approval and dick would have and took a deep breath and let it out before putting on her game face and opening one at his permission. The room was huge in comparison to the rest of the rooms at the compound, furnished quite intentionally to resemble the Oval Office at the White House, several couches and chairs in the center of the room with a long glass coffee table between them and an enormous wooden desk at the far end where he sat smiling hungrily as she walked into the room. "Daddy is very busy today, Pumpkin, so we'll need to forego our normal preamble and get right to the business at hand." he told her as she shut the door behind her. She nodded softly, her eyes fixed on the abstract design on the carpet that she always stared at when she first entered the room, her hands clasped together in front of her, her shoulders low in a display of submissiveness that she knew he wanted to see from her. "Crawl to Daddy." he commanded. She nodded once more and dropped to her hands and knees, her head down as she crawled between the couch and table, the rug squishing up between her fingers as she made her way to him. She heard the chair creak as he pushed it back from the desk and then heard the zipper of his fly going down, knowing that his dick would be out when she rounded the corner of the desk, knowing just where her mouth needed to go without even looking. As the fleshy appendage entered her mouth she made a show of it, moaning softly as he put his hand on the back of her head and guided her up and down the length of his shaft. "Teach your new little one to do this just like you do." he commanded. "That woman hasn't been able to give a good blowjob since before you were born." he added. She nodded softly and mumbled an agreement, stealing a glance upward to see that he was leaned back in the chair with his eyes closed. Reaching slowly upward to the space beneath the seat of his chair she found the small pouch taped there and pulled the syringe from it, working the cap off carefully before pulling herself off him and jamming the needle into his thigh, pushing the plunger down and sealing his fate as she scooted backward on her butt. "What the fuck!?" he screamed and shot up from the chair to attack her, only to stagger and drop to his knees almost as soon as he rose. Renee smiled and rose to her feet. "I want to tell you a story, Daddy." she said sweetly as she stepped over him and took a seat in his chair. "Once upon a time there was a woman that had doubts about this place and she was punished by having all of her adult thoughts ripped from her mind leaving only an overgrown infant." she began. Daddy grunted and strained and managed to roll himself onto his back to look up at her, his eyes burning with rage. Renee smirked and kicked off her shoe and pulled off her sock before resting her bare foot onto his still erect penis, gently stroking the shaft with her toes. "The woman had someone that loved her very much, but never had the chance to tell her, and he put a baby in her tummy one night and was sent away for a very long time by the evil king." she continued. "Fucsh yoosh." he slurred as the injection went to work. Renee clucked her tongue at him and wagged her finger warningly. "Now now, if you're going to be rude then you won't get to hear the end of the story." she warned. "The woman had a daughter, but didn't survive the birth, and the evil king took the baby to raise as his own, but with special benefits." she said with a firm press of her foot onto his penis. Daddy winced and glowered at her. "One day the girl's real daddy came back and told her all about what happened and the girl decided to make the evil king pay for what he did." she told him. "The girl got a hold of a special medicine that the king was making that would replace his silly regression machine and got the evil king to lower his defenses until-" she stopped as she felt him humping into her foot, smirking at the sight of him laying on his back with his eyes closed as he tried desperately to get off. "I'll wait until you're done, sweetie." she cooed, teasing the head of his penis with her big toe. He couldn't focus on anything other than the need to cum, shamelessly humping at her foot like some pathetic whore. "Make your little mess for Mommy, baby boy, show her that you're ready for your trip back to diapers." she teased. "Maybe we'll try raising you as a little girl and see if that softens those nasty edges of yours." she mused aloud. He heard her and hated what she was saying, wishing he could stop what he was doing to get up and smash her pretty face in, but he was so close to getting what he wanted, what he needed that he couldn't stop now. Renee beamed widely as his penis spasmed beneath her foot and the former leader of The Innocent helplessly came on her bare foot and on his expensive pants. "There we go!" she cooed as she gently stroked the quivering member as it finished emptying itself. "Can you tell Mommy that you're ready to get cleaned up and into a nice diaper?" she asked sweetly. He opened his eyes and looked up at her, tears forming in his vision as he bit his lip. "Made mess." he said softly, his voice lighter and significantly more timid than before. Renee wiped her foot on his pants and stood up from the chair to move to where his head lay on the floor and lowered herself to the ground and lifted his head up and onto her lap where she softly stroked his thinning hair. "My real daddy had a nice long talk with the lady that was working on the medicine," she told him as she lifted her shirt and undid the clasp on the front of her nursing bra to reveal the swollen nipple beneath. "and she explained that a concentrated dose like the one you got will make the person a completely helpless infant in mind and body within ten minutes and with regular doses they'll stay that way indefinitely." she told him as she guided his head upward to her breast, her breath shuddering with pleasure as he latched on and began nursing from her. "But, if they get small doses, say through ingestion of treated breast milk, they'll simply be inexplicably horny and totally pliable to the whims of the person they've imprinted on," she said with a smile, "like babies do when they nurse from their Mommy." she added. As the milk flowed down his throat he began to cry as he listened to her, the sudden wetness in his pants making him feel uncomfortable. "Once we've got you all settled in with your big sisters in the nursery, we're going to go to work distributing our special breast milk to all the secret babies on the internet who will be so eager to come to Mommy and join The Innocent." she explained. "But that's grownup stuff that you don't need to worry about, sweetie, you just finish your milk and Mommy will take good care of you afterward." she added with a satisfied smile creeping across her face as her victory cemented itself in the form of the former leader of The Innocent pathetically crying as he messed his pants like the baby he was forever to be. Epilogue "Cult of Personality" By: Charlotte King Many of us have seen them on television as a kind of sideshow oddity, a thing to be gawked at and mocked because of how different it is from the "normal" way of life. When we see an adult wearing a diaper we think they're sick either from a medical standpoint, but when we see them dressed like a baby playing with toys we assume they're sick in the head for some reason. It isn't normal for a grown adult to behave like an infant or small child, but my time with The Innocent has shown me that there's certainly nothing wrong with it. Before I came here I felt shame about my feelings of peace and relaxation when the girl I loved babied me. It was difficult for me to accept that taking a step backwards, or many steps in some cases, in my development as an adult was alright, that I wasn't doing something wrong or hurting anyone and that I had nothing to be ashamed about. My family didn't understand this need I had and disowned me when they discovered the nature of my relationship with this woman, and it drove me to push that part of me down deeper and to pretend like it didn't exist which made me depressed and feeling like I was living a lie. The Innocent showed me that I can be a baby when I need to be, allow someone else to take the reigns for me when life becomes too much for me to handle. At the time of writing this article I have a tummy full of breast milk courtesy of my loving Mommy, a dry diaper taped around my waist, and the sounds of my little sisters playing in the playpen in the other room filling my ears, making me want to finish writing this so I can join them before naptime, and I couldn't feel anymore happy, loved, or lucky than I do right now. This place has been called a "cult" by many people that don't understand the reasons a grown person would willingly trade in their responsibilities and careers and families to spend their days acting and being treated like a baby, and I used to think that those people were wrong for thinking that, that "cult" was a bad word because of groups in the past with the same title killing themselves to try and attain spiritual bliss and serenity in whatever waits for us after life ends. Knowing what I know now, living here with these people and experiencing the life they offer to me, I don't disagree that this is in fact a cult, but one of the definitions of a cult is "a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.", and though diapers and playing baby aren't strictly a religion, they are a thing that people turn to in times of need for salvation from the stresses of the world as a whole and in doing so they relieve that stress that may otherwise manifest in ways that are harmful to the individual or to those around them. I recognize that The Innocent isn't for everyone, but it's a place without judgment, racism, sexism, ageism, gender bias and any other negative stigma that the people of the world hold toward others around them. Before you judge The Innocent negatively and look down on us as freaks or degenerates, think about how amazing it is that by simply wearing a diaper and playing baby an entire community of people has managed to create a place free of hatred and violence. Think about the person that commits a hate crime foregoing that act because they were happily sucking a pacifier in a crib. Think about the mass shooter that didn't pick up a gun because they were happier with a rattle or stuffed animal in their hand. Think about the violent criminal that never hurt anyone because they were rocked to sleep while they nursed from their Mommy before bedtime. The Innocent is no longer afraid to be seen and welcomes anyone that wishes to to come and see what we're all about. Everyone here is free to stay as long as they want and free to leave just as easily. I'm sure my viewpoint will be seen as biased because I've chosen to live here and be a part of this community, but I doubt that anyone in their right ming could fault a young gay woman of color for willingly trading in her panties for Pampers if it meant living in a place where the meanest thing said to her was that she was a poopy head for not sharing her toy. ************************************************************************ Renee closed the browser on her phone and turned it off before setting it down on the desk in her office, the swell of pride in her little girl reaching the stratosphere as she sat back in her chair. She'd read the article every day since it came out the year before, and every time she read it she was truly amazed at how wonderful a job Charlotte had done. The Innocent had seen a two hundred percent increase in new recruits in the weeks and months to come, leading to a half dozen sister sites opening up around the country with the first of seven international sites scheduled to open before the close of the following year. The article was half of the major success with the treated breast milk business bringing in the lion's share of the new followers, though no one but Renee knew about that business. The people that showed up looking specifically for her were processed straight into the nursery willingly and eagerly and given more of the milk to keep the effects going. Renee's smiling image was plastered prominently around the compound so all the babies knew where their milk was coming from and would form an immediate devotion to their all knowing and all loving Mommy. Even the babies that were fed by the wet nurses and lesser Mommies found themselves hopelessly and helplessly enamored with her, doing everything in their power to prove their love and complete devotion to her whenever they saw her. Daddy had inspired devotion through fear, breaking people down and shaping them into what he wanted them to be by having the threat of total regression looming over their heads at all times without saying a word to them. Renee inspired devotion, as far as everyone else was aware, by being genuinely loving and maternal to all of the people in The Innocent, and they in turn loved her and looked up to her as their Mommy, as the protector of their way of life and of the benevolent provider that looked after them all and never asked for anything but for people to be happy. Her phone alarm began to ring and she felt her breasts begin to leak softly as she picked up her phone to silence the alarm and got up from her chair to make her way to her daily lunch date with her family. ************************************************************************ "An den you know what happened, Mommy? Pwincess pulleded my hairs!" Baby Deni exclaimed, finishing her story. Renee looked down at the little girl at her breast, Daddy, now Princess, had come a long way in her time since the day in her old office. She was completely hairless except for her eyebrows, all her teeth had been pulled out leaving her with just pretty pink gums to match her always pink attire. Renee had opted not to physically change her into a girl like what had been done to Stephanie, allowing for moments of deeply degrading humiliation when the mood struck her and she teased the poor thing about her silly and useless little "clitty". Princess looked up at her Mommy but said nothing as she continued nursing. Renee knew she wouldn't get a response from Princess, the poor dear could barely manage to sit up on her own, let alone form any kind of thought more complicated than a drool coated gurgle or giggle. Turning her attention back to Baby Deni she reached out and caressed the older woman's cheek softly. "She's too little to know any better, baby, I'm sure it was an accident." she cooed reassuringly. Baby Deni had also fallen quite far from her time in pretend power. The older woman was now as incontinent as Princess was and had given up walking almost entirely unless a grownup was holding her hand. Her language skills had declined sharply and taken on a much simpler vocabulary and pronunciation for most words she used, a long overcome lisp returning without concern and, to her Mommy's complete surprise, a request to have some of her own teeth removed so she looked more like a toddler was granted, leaving her perpetually just above teething and only able to handle certain solid foods. The older woman nodded softly. "Is it my turn yet, Mommy?" she asked. Renee nodded and pulled Princess from her breast, quickly inserting the girl's pacifier into her mouth to silence the immediate whimpering that would build to full blown wailing that she'd learned came from the abrupt stop of a nursing session. She allowed her father to take the girl, helping her down to the floor where she lay placidly looking up as her former wife took her spot at the nursing station. "Did you have fun with Charlotte and Stephanie?" she asked softly as the older woman settled in and began to nurse. Baby Deni nodded softly, her quiet little nose breathing the only sound she made. Renee looked up at Charlotte sitting in the booster seat to her left and smiled at the girl as she ate her macaroni and cheese with her fingers, her bib and mouth caked with the orange goop. "What about you, big girl, did you have a good morning?" she asked. Charlotte nodded emphatically. "Uh huh! Stephy and me played hide and seek and then colored!" she chirped with a mouthful of her meal. The most mature of all the little ones in the family, Charlotte was allowed to feed herself, help with the babies, and even wore training pants during the day now, something that Renee had been so pleased to see made the younger girl so proud and happy. "What about Baby Deni?" Renee asked her. Charlotte sucked the cheese off her fingers and shrugged. "She's too little for those games, Mommy!" she declared. "We tried to play hide and seek with her but she just went to the corner to poop." she added with a giggle at saying the word "poop". Renee looked down at Baby Deni. "Did you do a poopy?" she cooed rhetorically. Baby Deni was almost asleep at her Mommy's breast and said nothing and sleepily allowed Grandpa to take her from Mommy and off to the crib for her nap where Stephanie was already snoring quietly, the older woman taking her pacifier when Grandpa offered it to her and snuggled up to the younger girl in the crib, plans to have naughty fun with her when they woke up fizzling and disappearing in her milk addled brain. Renee put her breast away and stood up to go to Charlotte and wipe her face and hands with some baby wipes before lifting the girl from the booster seat and hugging her before placing her on her hip. "I'm gonna take her for an N-A-P, dad, can you get Princess into her bassinet okay by yourself?" she asked her father. Mr. Figueroa nodded. "She's bigger than the rest, but she goes down just as easy." he told her. Renee crossed the room, stepping over toys and other baby things to kiss her father's cheek and let Charlotte kiss and hug him. "We'll see you later, dad." she said. "Thank you for looking after everyone for me." she added. "No need fer thanks, that's what Grandpa's are for." he said with a wink at Charlotte. "Love you, dad." Renee told him before making her way to the door to her and Charlotte's bedroom. "Bye Grandpa." Charlotte said with a wave as they went through the door and closed it behind them. ************************************************************************ Apart from the childish drawings hung up on the walls and the changing table and diaper pail in the corner of the room Renee and Charlotte's bedroom was very adult. It was a place where Renee could take her sweet little girl for some quiet alone time away from the world of babies and innocence. It was her place to fulfill the other needs that Charlotte had and for Charlotte to do the same for her. Renee set the girl down on the bed and knelt down to unvelcro her shoes and slip them off, followed by her socks before moving up to undo the clasps of her overalls and help the girl shimmy out of the clothes leaving her in just her light purple undershirt and training panties, the colorful cartoon characters smiling from the crotch at her as she stood up and slipped out of her own clothes to get onto the bed and beckon her girl to her. Charlotte crawled up the bed and next to her Mommy, nestling in next to her so they were face to face. "I love you, Mommy." she whispered. Renee kissed the girl on the lips softly, her hand moving downward between the girl's thighs to gently caress the crotch of her training panties with her long fingers. "Remember what we talked about, Charlotte?" she asked after parting lips with the younger girl. "Sorry, Renee." Charlotte said quietly, forcing herself to change what she called Renee to comply with the woman's wishes when in the bedroom. Renee smiled and resumed kissing her girlfriend. Knowing that Charlotte was hers body, soul, mind, big, little, all of it all the time was intoxicating, like a drug that she couldn't stop taking. "Are you ready to try what we talked about?" she asked softly. Charlotte shrugged. "I don't understand why we're doing it." she confessed. Renee felt the padding beneath her finger warm, knowing that her girl was having a little accident and also that Charlotte wasn't aware of it. "Because we're together in this and I want you to be as much in control of things as I am in case something happens to me." she said. "Baby Deni never could manage to handle any kind of responsibility and Princess never really allowed her to try and I don't want that for us." she explained. Charlotte caught herself staring at Renee's breasts and sucked up the small amount of drool that was forming at the edge of her mouth. "I'll try." she said. "That's all I ask." Renee told her before rolling onto her back. "Whenever you're ready." she said once she'd settled. Charlotte crawled to the end of the bed and got off of it to walk over to the changing table to gather up the diapering supplies in her arms and bring them back to the bed to set them down near Renee's feet. "What comes first?" Renee asked. Charlotte thought to herself and moved up to between Renee's thighs, placing her fingers gently on her puffy lower lips. "We need to give the baby positive attention to help them feel relaxed and comfortable." she answered. "And?" Renee asked. Charlotte paused. "And teach them to associate wearing their diapers and being a baby with pleasure." she responded. Renee nodded. "Very good, continue." she said. Charlotte went to work pleasing Renee first with her fingers and then with her tongue until the older woman came to her conclusions and lay relaxed on the bed. "Next?" Renee asked. Charlotte wiped her face and fingers clean with a baby wipe and tended to cleaning up Renee. "We get them ready for their diaper." she answered as she finished wiping the older woman and got the diaper unfolded and, with Renee's help got it under her butt before applying powder and cream, the smell of the powder bringing another unconscious spurt of urine out into her training panties. "Very good." Renee praised as she moved her bottom to help Charlotte carry out her task, smiling at the girl as she diligently brought the diaper up and snugly taped it closed around her waist. "Done!" Charlotte declared proudly, a wide smile plastered on her face. Renee nodded. "We've got the baby in their diaper, what's the last step?" she asked. Charlotte's smile faded as she wracked her brain to try and come up with an answer. Renee held her arms out and beckoned Charlotte to her with her hands. "Mommy cuddles!" Charlotte exclaimed as she suddenly remembered the last step and shimmied her way up to where Renee lay and let the older woman cuddle up to her like Renee had done with her countless times. Renee sighed contentedly and put her lips to Charlotte's nipple, sucking softly on it like the babies did with her, smiling as she felt Charlotte begin to rock her and rub her back. "Excellent job, Charlotte." she said after separating from the younger girl. Charlotte smiled. "Thank you, Renee." she said before giggling softly. "What's so funny?" Renee asked. Charlotte snorted. "You're wearing a diaper." she said with another wave of giggles. Renee nodded. "Keep laughing and I'll make sure you regret it when you have to change it later." she teased before kissing her girl on the lips once more and began to initiate some more adult activity. ************************************************************************ Mr. Figueroa looked down on Princess as she lay in her bassinet. "Ya ready for yer special baba, Princess?" he asked quietly, looking to the crib to make sure Baby Deni and Stephanie were still sleeping. Knowing an answer wouldn't come her unzipped his pants and hoisted his cock out, resting the head of it against the former Daddy's lips. Every day for the last better part of a year he did this before every nap and bedtime, forcing the deposed and diapered despot to suck his dick and swallow his seed, believing that every time he did it he was getting a little bit of justice for Shelly and for everyone that had ever been forced into the same position Princess now found herself in. He knew that Princess knew what she used to be and knew that she didn't have the ability to fight against what was happening to her no matter how much she didn't want any of this. One of the things he hadn't told Renee about the medicine he'd gotten her was that it didn't magically turn someone into a baby, it simply lowered their inhibitions and rewired their brain enough to make them extremely submissive to literally anyone, more so to people that were more dominant like himself and Renee. Princesses tooth removal was his idea, partly to make Princess harder to understand if she ever was able to form words one day and partly to ensure she didn't bite anyone if she had a moment of lucidity from time to time. Once Princess had finished her special baba, her mouth was wiped clean and her pacifier was inserted so she could slip off into infantile slumber while her Grandpa devised new ways to secretly torment the girl until he felt the scales of justice were properly balanced. ************************************************************************ Renee smiled at the still sleeping Charlotte as the younger girl sucked softly on her thumb, pushing the thought of putting the girl on her breast out of her head, knowing that doing so would reset all the progress she'd made. There were times that she missed her baby girl greatly, but she was building Charlotte up for the next stage in their lives together and she couldn't jeopardize that for the sake of a little more time with Charlotte back in diapers. Charlotte fussed in her sleep and furrowed her brow before opening her eyes slowly and moving to get up from the bed. "What's wrong, honey?" Renee asked. "Potty." Charlotte mumbled sleepily. Renee reached out and gently grabbed the girl and pulled her close to her. "It's okay, Charlotte, you can go in your training panties." she whispered reassuringly, surprising herself as the words spilled from her mouth. Without argument or hesitation Charlotte nodded and returned her thumb to her mouth before softly grunting as her face scrunched up as she pushed body to give up the fight against having an accident. Renee kissed the girl's forehead as the sound of Charlotte messing her training panties filled the quiet room. "Good girl." she whispered. "Mommy's good baby." she added with a smile as she gently pulled the girl's thumb from her mouth and guided her to her breast, sighing softly as she began to instinctively nurse, thinking about when she'd be truly ready to let her baby grow up or maybe if she'd ever truly be ready for that day was the better way to phrase the question. All she really knew was that she was happy and so was the rest of her family, and if things continued to go the way they had been for The Innocent there would be no shortage of people that could fill the role of her second in command while Charlotte focused on filling her diapers. The End
  4. Chapter Nine Charlotte was the first of the three women in the bed to wake, her eyes opening slowly to see Renee next to her, her arm embracing her lightly as she slept. Looking across Renee's bare breasts she saw an older woman with her thumb loosely hanging from her mouth as she too slept. Looking back to the breast closest to her, Charlotte felt a pang of desire within her, remembering her time nursing from Renee in her hotel room and closed her eyes as she shifted closer to the engorged nipple and cupped her hand around it as she brought it to her mouth and began to suckle. She didn't know who the older woman was or why she was in bed with Renee or why they were both naked, or even how she'd gotten here from drinking her bottle in Mr. Figueroa's arms, but she didn't really care about any of that because warm milk was flowing down her throat and filling up her tummy and she was with her Mommy again and that was really all that mattered. Baby Deni was next to wake up, her thumb slipping from her mouth as she opened her eyes to see a young black girl across from her suckling softly on Renee's breast. She felt her face grow hot as the girl opened her eyes and their gaze met. Worried that this was a test of her obedience, Baby Deni snuggled close to the breast near her and cupped her own hand around it to bring it to her lips as she began nursing like her unknown bedmate. Renee opened her eyes at the feeling of the two women nursing from her and smiled as she reached her hands up to gently caress the backs of both her baby's heads. "Well, this is a nice way to wake up." she cooed lovingly. Both women opened their eyes to look up at her with a mouthful of her fleshy milk sack and both had the same tranquil, almost sedated look in their eyes but remained silently save for the adorable little breaths from their noses as they nursed. "Charlotte, this is Mommy's former adoptive mother, Denise." Renee said as she ran her hand over the lovely little afro puffs Charlotte's hair had been formed into. "She's going to be your little sister if you decide to stay here with me, you can call her Baby Deni or just Deni if you prefer." she explained in her sweet motherly tone. Charlotte took her hand from Renee's breast and lifted her head, reaching across the pale, flat stomach of her Mommy to softly stroke the older woman across the naked divide's bare arm. "Hi, Baby Deni." she said quietly, her voice having settled on being a little higher and lighter than normal to make her sound more like a very young child. Renee beamed proudly and rubbed her sweet girl's back. "That's very sweet, Charlotte." she praised before turning her attention to Baby Deni. "Baby Deni, this is Charlotte, she's Mommy's very special first baby who she loves with all her heart forever and ever, can you say 'hello' to her?" she asked. Baby Deni copied Charlotte and reached her hand out to softly stroke the younger girl's arm. "Hi, Charlotte." she timidly responded. Guiding both her little ones back to their breakfast source, Renee smiled and rubbed their backs. "You're a good girl, Baby Deni, Mommy is very proud of you." she said softly as she savored the maternal delight of feeding her babies. ************************************************************************ Mr. Figueroa had woken to a terrible hangover, his vision blurred, his head pounding, and his clothes reeking of whiskey and piss as they did most nights. He'd cleaned himself up and gone about his normal routine, being a high functioning alcoholic allowed him to conduct himself as if nothing was wrong outside of his room where he drank himself closer to death every night. The routine was simple, wake up and shower, grab breakfast from the cafeteria and take it to the nursery to eat while he fed Stephanie her morning bottle and spent a few hours with her. Today was no different save for the knowledge that he'd be leaving the nursery to go meet with his daughter, and depending on what her plans entailed maybe he'd find himself with no future days to plan. "Mornin' baby girl." he cooed to Stephanie as she stood up in the crib peeking at him through the bars as she held on to them. Stephanie bounced up and down excitedly. "Dada!" she squealed happily, her already sodden overnight diaper warming once more as she dribbled into it. Setting down his plate with eggs, bacon, sausage on it as well as his muffin and an orange onto the rocking chair near the door he made his way to the crib and lowered the side to pick up his little one, hugging her to him as she wrapped her arms and legs around him and sighed contentedly. "Missed you, Dada." she said softly. He gently rocked her with him as he swayed from side to side. "Dada missed you too, angel." he told her. "Ready for breakfast?" he asked with a pat to the thick padding of her rear beneath her fleece pajamas. Stephanie nodded eagerly and snuggled against his broad chest as he set to retrieving a bottle of juice from the small fridge in the corner of the room and settled down into another rocking chair with her. "Today's the day, angel." he told her as she began to drink the bottle, looking up at him with love as he looked down at her the same way. "No matter what happens today Dada wants you to know that yer the best thing that's ever happened to him, okay?" he asked. Stephanie nodded slowly, though she had no idea what he was talking about. She knew he'd been busy with something for the last who knew how long, she didn't have any way to measure time in the nursery apart from when Dada came to see her in the morning and she had her meals and naps, but those didn't come with defined hours, just regular intervals. All she knew was that he was here with her and he was cradling her in his arms and the cold juice was refreshing. "Dada is gonna take ya to meet his daughter today, angel." he told her, knowing that she didn't know what he'd been talking about when she'd nodded. Stephanie looked up at him with confusion. He nodded. "That's right, ya have a big sister." he told her as he softly stroked her cheek with his thumb. "She's real smart and is gonna love ya to pieces just as soon as she meets ya." he added. Stephanie smiled, juice dribbling from the corner of her mouth. "Tay, Dada." she gurgled, dribbling more juice. Removing the bottle from her mouth and wiping the juice from her cheek he rocked her slowly and gently patted her bottom. "She's gonna change everything round here." he mused quietly. Stephanie furrowed her brow and grunted softly before she began to fill her diaper and then giggled as a few quiet toots escaped her. "Well, maybe not everything." he teased as he leaned forward and kissed her forehead before rising with her to carry her to the changing table. ************************************************************************ Renee stood up from the bed and stretched before turning her attention to the little ones on the bed. "Charlotte, why are you all dressed?" she asked. "Don't you know this is a day for nudity?" she teased, getting a giggle out of both the girls. Charlotte let Renee undress her down to just her diaper so that she and Baby Deni were on equal footing. "There!" Renee declared happily as she bent down and tickled both girl's tummies lightly, getting more sweet, babyish giggles from them. "Now, who wants to play a game?" she asked. Both babies raised their hands and squealed their willingness to play with little chants of "me!" coming from both of them. Renee clapped her hands together and beamed down at the two girls widely. "The game is called 'Who Wants to Take a Bath With Mommy' and the rules are simple, the first baby to make a poopy wins!" she chirped excitedly. Baby Deni raised her hand sheepishly. "Yes, Baby Deni?" Renee asked. "Umm, what happens if we lose?" Baby Deni asked softly, her cheeks flushing. Renee put a finger to her chin like she was deeply pondering the question. "Well, the loser has to wait in her stinky diaper until bath time is up for Mommy and the winner and then she will get her own bath." she answered. Both girls nodded their understanding of the rules. "You may start trying to go," Renee said, looking at her bare wrist as though she had a watch on. "now!" she shouted excitedly and took a seat at the foot of the bed to watch her babies try and fill their diapers the fastest. Amid the cute little grunts and rustling of diapers as both girls shifted into various positions, Renee thought about how amazing she was at all of this. She wasn't being conceited or anything, it was just that she had a natural gift for making people do things like this to please her. She actively hated the regression room that Daddy used to bend people to his will, not just because it had robbed her mother of her personality and made her unable to protect herself against what was done to her, but because none of the people in the compound were here against their will, if they wanted to leave they shouldn't be forced to stay by reducing them to baby minded adults. The whole thing left a bad taste in her mouth and she had decided long ago that her ultimate goal would be to destroy everything in that room after she put Daddy through it as a fitting end to his reign. "I win!" Baby Deni exclaimed suddenly. Renee snapped out of her thoughts and turned her attention to her little ones. Baby Deni was on all fours, her cheeks flushed but a proud smile on her face as she looked at Renee for approval. Charlotte was squatting a few feet to Baby Deni's right, her eyes closed and her thumb in her mouth as she grunted cutely. "Let Mommy check." Renee commanded with a gentle pat to the bed beside her. Baby Deni crawled to Renee and let the younger woman pull the back of her diaper up to see the mess within which she gently patted before clapping her hands. "Good girl, Baby Deni!" Renee praised as she patted the older woman's head before leaning forward and kissing it. "Charlotte, baby, how's it going?" she asked after guiding Baby Deni onto her lap to rub the girl's back as she lightly bounced her squishy bottom with one leg to reinforce that she was wearing a messy diaper but that it was normal and a positive thing for her now. Charlotte didn't answer, she just continued to grunt and suck her thumb with her eyes closed. Renee cleared her throat sharply. "Charlotte, does Mommy need to remind you that you're to answer Mommy when she asks you a question?" she asked. Charlotte whimpered softly and opened her eyes. "I'm sorry, Mommy, I'm just trying to go." she said quietly through her thumb, her speech an adorably garbled prattle. Renee patted the bed in front of her to beckon Charlotte over. Charlotte crawled over, a pout on her face as she looked up at Renee and over at the happy Baby Deni with the winning load in her diaper. "Baby Deni, give your big sister a hug and kiss to make her feel better." Renee commanded. The older woman scooted off her Mommy's lap and to Charlotte where she threw her arms around the younger girl to tightly hug her before leaning back to plant a big kiss on her cheek. Renee clicked her tongue in disapproval. "Cheek kisses aren't for sisters." she chided. Baby Deni hurriedly planted her lips on Charlotte's to comply with Mommy's wishes, moaning softly as Charlotte's soft lips parted and her tongue entered her mouth, moving across her own gently as it explored her mouth. Charlotte lay back onto the bed as she guided Baby Deni down with her, kissing the older woman sweetly and deeply, knowing that Mommy was watching and wanting to give her the show she knew she wanted. Charlotte reached her hand behind Baby Deni and pushed the older woman forward with her hand sinking into the mushy seat of her diaper, getting a surprised moan from the older woman as she let her tongue dance with Charlotte's. Renee watched the display with a smile creeping across her lips, a sense of satisfaction washing over her as she watched her beloved Charlotte take the reigns in the little makeout session, leading the surprisingly submissive Baby Deni into her first interracial gay experience all with a sagging messy diaper taped around her waist. She wondered what Daddy would think about this situation for the briefest of moments before she caught herself and pushed the dreadful man from her mind to focus on the show in front of her. Charlotte cuddled Baby Deni to her as they continued making out and rolled with the older woman so that she was on top of her, giggling sweetly as she broke off the kiss and watched Baby Deni's eyes flutter open as she whimpered softly at the loss of the sweet kisses. Raising herself up so she was straddling the older woman's stomach she arched her back as she ran her hands down her body, over the crinkly plastic around her waist, up Baby Deni's stomach to her breasts and lowered herself to kiss the older woman's nipples and tease them with little flicks of her tongue. Renee covered her mouth to keep from giggling at the display of total dominance that Charlotte had over her new little sister. Reaching out her hand she gave a firm swat to Charlotte's padded backside. "No teasing, Charlotte, you know how impatient little one's can get if you make them wait too long." she chided. Charlotte expertly shifted her position so her face was above Baby Deni's diapered crotch and Baby Deni was below her own and looked up at Renee with a look of lust and eagerness that made Renee visible shudder as a pink flush formed in her cheeks which made Charlotte smile wide at her just before she buried her face into Baby Deni's diapered crotch. Renee watched intently, her fingers deftly moving between her thighs as things unfolded in front of her, both girls moaning and panting as their diapers crinkled loudly as they gyrated into each other's faces. The room suddenly went silent as Charlotte let out a muffled fart and finally filled her diaper as she humped Baby Deni's face, the older woman crying out in ecstasy despite being as close to literally shit on as was possible with both girls wearing diapers, Charlotte joining her in orgasmic bliss shortly after she finished messing herself and Renee biting her lip as she came at the end of the bed just by watching everything happen. All three women panted heavily as Charlotte looked up at Renee lustily and crawled to her, moving between her thighs to lap up the juices she'd spent on the sheets while Baby Deni took up sucking her thumb as she watched the two of them. Renee lifted Charlotte's head up with a cupped hand beneath her chin and kissed her on the mouth softly, the younger girl whimpering into her mouth as she returned the kiss eagerly. Breaking the kiss, Renee smiled at her two girls. "There are no losers today, everyone gets to take a bath with Mommy." she declared before rising from the bed and beckoning her two babies to crawl behind her to the nearby bathroom. ************************************************************************ When Mr. Figueroa knocked on the door and got no reply he slowly opened it, setting Stephanie on his hip as he entered the room. The first thing he noticed was the smell in the room, the pungent aroma of sex and feces lingering in the room. The bed was stained in several areas, the blankets and sheets in total disarray as he walked further into the room. He heard giggling and splashing coming from the bathroom and made his way towards it. Inside the bathroom in the large tub were the three women he'd left there the previous day. His daughter Renee sat at one end of the tub, Charlotte sat between her legs facing away from her and Baby Deni sat between Charlotte's legs facing away from the other two women with Renee washing Charlotte's back and Charlotte washing Baby Deni's back while Baby Deni played with several brightly colored plastic rings floating in the soapy water in front of her. "Girls, say hello to your Grandpa." Renee urged. Charlotte looked to Mr. Figueroa and then twisted in the tub to look at Renee in confusion. "That's right, baby, Mr. Figueroa is Mommy's real father." Renee told her as she helped her turn back around the right way. Baby Deni waved excitedly, flinging soapy water from her fingertips. "Hi Gampa!" she exclaimed. Renee looked at Stephanie perched on her Daddy's hip and smiled at the girl. "You must be Stephanie!" she cooed. Stephanie blushed and buried her face into her Dada's chest. "She's a little shy, but give 'er a few minutes and she'll warm right up to ya." Mr. Figueroa said as he rubbed his little one's back. Renee nodded. "Can you hand me a towel?" she asked her father. Mr. Figueroa nodded and grabbed one of the large bath towels from the rack by the door and handed it to his daughter, casting his gaze to the floor as she rose from the tub and took the towel to wrap it around her body. "You don't have to do that, it's just nudity." she told him with a soft chuckle. He kept his gaze on the floor. "Yer still my daughter." he told her. Renee nodded, unseen by her father and moved past him to retrieve her clothes from the other room, returning after a few minutes properly attired. "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable." she told him sincerely. He shook his head. "It's jes that yer the spittin' image of yer mama and I'd hate to make a fool outta myself by lookin' at ya any kinda way that wasn't proper." he told her. Renee chuckled. "Well, when you put it like that I'm really sorry for just letting everything hang out in the open." she said. He cleared his throat. "Maybe it's yer upbringin'." he said, looking at Denise harshly but softening his gaze when he saw her picking her nose with a soapy finger and sneezing repeatedly afterward. Renee shrugged her shoulders. "Whatever it is, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable in any way." she told him as she resumed washing her girls. ************************************************************************ "What's true and what's not?" Charlotte asked after she was dressed after the bath. Renee sat her up and kissed her forehead. "In good time, sweetie, but for right now Mommy needs you to be her big helper and keep the littler ones occupied while she and Grandpa have a grownup talk." she said sweetly. Charlotte shook her head. "You can't keep me in the dark, R-Mommy." she said, catching herself before speaking Renee's given name and properly addressing her. Mr. Figueroa smiled at the younger girl, she had spunk and he liked that, even though she was diapered and dressed in an outfit sized for an adult but designed for a toddler she was still trying to call the shots. "She's got a point, Renee." he said. Renee looked from Charlotte to her father. "I don't want her involved in this, she could get hurt." she told him. Charlotte put her hand on Renee's. "It will hurt me more if you lie to me and keep things from me like you used to." she said. "Remember that you told me you were going to be honest with me from now on?" she asked. Renee sighed. "Fine, but all you get is answers, you're far away from any action that happens." she said sternly. Charlotte nodded her understanding and let Renee help her off the bed and lead her to the small table across the room where she was placed onto her Mommy's lap by Mr. Figueroa before he took a seat across from them. "We actually do have business to conduct, so you get twenty questions and then you go play with the other's, deal?" Renee asked. Charlotte nodded her agreement. "What's the story with Mr. Figueroa and Baby Deni and you?" she asked. Renee shared the details of her life, her real mother's tragic fate, the circumstances of her conception, the planned coup to take over control of The Innocent, all of it and sighed. "It sounds like the plot of some kind of crazy mystery romance novel you see in the grocery store, doesn't it?" she asked. Charlotte lay her head against her Mommy's chest. "I'm sorry about your mom." she said softly. "But I'm glad that Mr. Figueroa is your real dad because he's really nice." she added. Mr. Figueroa smiled at her. "I think yer nice too, little lady." he said with a wink that garnered a little giggle from Charlotte and a smirk from Renee. "Are you going to stop me from writing my story?" Charlotte asked after a long pause. Renee shook her head. "No." she said. "You've been the key to all of this from the beginning because you were going to write a story about this place." she explained. "Daddy and Denise were afraid of me bringing you here because they feared being exposed, but once I'm in charge we're going public and your story is going to send us there." she said. "Why?" Charlotte asked. Renee gently rubbed her back. "Because if this place stays a shadowy, clandestine cult then people will have even more of a reason to judge it negatively. Society already looks down on people like the one's here, thinking they're pedophiles or just pathetic losers that can't cope with adulthood, why make them think we have something to hide or that we're doing illegal or immoral things here by keeping them in the dark about us?" she asked. Charlotte nodded. "You've thought a lot about this." she said. Renee nodded and kissed her forehead. "I want what's best for the people here, and I genuinely believe that full disclosure is the best thing for this organization." she said. Charlotte rested her head against Renee's chest and smiled up at her before looking excited. "Oh, what's the deal with the milk filled boobies?" she asked suddenly. Both Renee and Mr. Figueroa chuckled at the question. "Well, we have a medicine that makes ladies create milk for their babies even though they didn't have the baby like a mommy normally would." Renee explained. "Plus, I've always wanted to be able to breastfeed you and I started taking the medicine." she added with a kiss on Charlotte's forehead. Apparently satisfied with the answer and the kiss, Charlotte moved on. "Why didn't you just come clean with me about what you were planning from the beginning?" she asked. "I mean, why all the secrecy and using Mr. Figueroa to string me along?" she added. Renee smiled and rubbed the younger girl's back softly. "Given our past, would you have dropped everything to come help me?" she asked. Charlotte looked Renee in the eyes and quickly looked down at her own hands as she nervously fussed with them in her lap. "Probably not, no." she finally responded. "Well, there you go!" Renee exclaimed. "I didn't want to manipulate you into doing anything against your will, but I did need to mislead you a teensy bit to make sure you ended up where you are right now." she said. Charlotte sat silent for a moment and nodded softly her understanding. "I forgive you." she finally said. Renee looked confused for a moment. "Forgive me for what, sweetie?" she asked. Charlotte wiped her eyes as she began to cry and turned and threw her arms around Renee and buried her face into her ample chest. "Hey, what's wrong, baby?" Renee asked as she hugged her baby girl and gently rubbed her back. Charlotte pulled her face away from Renee's chest and looked up at her. "I forgive you for everything." she sobbingly declared. "I forgive you for the way you treated me when we first got together because you've shown me that that person hadn't taken the time to learn how to be a Mommy, she was selfish and shortsighted and made all the wrong moves to get what she wanted without caring about my wants and feelings." she explained as she sniffled and wiped her nose with the back of her hand. Renee grabbed a tissue from the small travel pack in her pocket and quickly wiped Charlotte's nose for her before resuming her calming back rubs. "That!" Charlotte exclaimed. "The old Renee would never have lovingly wiped my nose without a word, she would've belittled me and spoken to me in a way that made me feel like I was small and childish so that I would question whether I was fit to call myself an adult." she explained. "But you just did what a mother would do with her child and it made me feel like you were actually my Mommy." she said. "You got a smart little cookie there." Mr. Figueroa commented with an approving smile. Renee nodded. "You don't need to tell me, I already know." she said with a warm smile first at him and then at Charlotte. "Thank you for forgiving me, Charlotte, it means a lot that you feel like I've become a better person to you." she said, wiping an errant tear from the corner of her eye. Charlotte nodded once as a punctuation to the events at the table. "I'd like to go play with my little sister and," she hesitated, "grandma?" she asked. Renee and Mr. Figueroa laughed loudly at the question. "I wouldn't bother tryin' ta put labels on our little family, sweetheart." Mr. Figueroa told her. Renee nodded. "Mommy and Grandpa are the important ones to remember." she said. "Do you know why, baby?" she asked. Charlotte sat in deep contemplation for a moment, the tip of her tongue peeking out from the corner of her mouth. "Because Mommy and Grandpa are the grownups and we're just babies?" she asked. Renee and Mr. Figueroa shared an impressed glance and Renee nodded and kissed Charlotte on the forehead. "You three are anything but "just" to us, sweetie." she said before helping her little one off her lap and giving her a gentle pat on the crinkly bottom. "Be good and play nice." she urged and smiled as Charlotte nodded and toddled off to join the other little ones. "Yer very lucky to've found her." Mr. Figueroa told his daughter. Renee turned her attention back to her father and smiled and nodded. "I know." she said. "I'm glad she let me show her how much better I've gotten at all of this." she added. The two focused their attention on the task at hand and began discussing their plans for the following day.
  5. It was REALLY good to a point but the writers just kind of ignored things that they'd previously written, character development and stuff to make the ending make sense and that's just insulting to the fans and the product in general. I would highly recommend the first seven seasons, but that eighth is a tough sell.
  6. I actually meant Game of Thrones the show because they struggled to stick their landing. Can you imagine Denise suddenly taking over The Innocent because she never wanted it and that's just what kind of leader they truly needed? Also, Kenneth is banished again because reasons and Charlotte kills Daddy like it ain't no thing? Shameless plug: You can read ALL of my writing over on my DeviantArt page via the link in my signature. I have written many things, some long, some short, some good, some pointless, but they're all there for you to peruse and judge to your hearts content. The plan is for things to be done for these characters, whether that means everyone's cards are on the table at this point remains to be seen, I suppose that's what spin off's and expanded universes are for... The title was really hard for me, because I had that song picked out for the title before I had the actual story in my head, then I went back and forth on the how's and why's of everything, trying to figure out how I was going to make Renee seem like the antagonist while also making her a likeable character. I wanted the story to be one of interpretation, like, one person reads the dynamic between Renee and Charlotte as manipulative and unhealthy while someone else reads the same thing as misguided but with good intentions. I wanted Renee to seem awful and the villain but then become someone to root for and love and I wanted Charlotte to seem lovable and the hero but then maybe not the star of the show. P.S. I was also quite fond of that line. An excerpt from the last chapter: Renee looked down at her trembling hands, squeezing them closed tightly to strengthen her resolve as she looked up at her dragon and climbed her way up his haunch to his back. Before she could give the command for her dragon to take off a million arrows and Scorpion bolts rained down upon her and her winged treasure because she was a silly twat that didn't pay attention to the fact that she was completely surrounded by her enemies while she was standing there being uncharacteristically nervous and oblivious. Charlotte screamed in anguish as she watched her Mommy of Dragons slump forward, but knew that she had her story that would finally make her a successful journalist. *Rains of Castamere plays throughout*
  7. In case anyone was wondering, this story will be ten chapters total, so we're almost to the end of the road and I hope that everyone reading is as excited to see the conclusion as I am. Thanks for reading and commenting and supporting this weird therapy exercise that I'm doing for myself, it's really great to see people enjoying this story because I didn't honestly think I was going to write again but it's cathartic and escapist and whatever else positive for me and bonus points that it's not just me shitting the bed with inconsequential bullshit...I just jinxed myself out of sticking the landing, didn't I? This will be my Game of Thrones.... Chapter Eight When Renee was born it caused quite a commotion at the compound. When her mother arrived at the compound a few years before Renee was born she'd had trouble adjusting to the world outside, recently dropped out of high school, homeless after a breakup with her boyfriend and as good as dead to her family, she sought a safe space to live her life and be free of the burdens of the adulthood she found herself being swallowed by. So it was that she was welcomed into the loving arms of The Innocent and led by the hand to her new life in the nursery the compound to work her way up to being taken on as a baby by a loving Mommy or Daddy. Adjustment wasn't as easy as she would have expected. As much as she was woefully unprepared for the life of a responsible adult, she did enjoy the freedom her chronological age afforded her and going from being her own boss, spending her days having sex with her now ex boyfriend and her nights drinking and partying, to having every aspect of her life managed for her including her ridiculously early bedtime quickly became too much for her to bear and she bucked at the authorities that sought to keep her literally pacified earning her a trip to the "regression room". She wouldn't be able to tell you what happened after that, her speech patterns reduced to gurgling and mindless prattle, but she wouldn't ever worry about that loss, she was content to lay in her crib and giggle up at the brightly colored mobile above her head while she drooled and leaked various substances into her diapers. Roughly nine or so months before Renee was born a man came to visit her infantile minded mother. He'd been visiting her every day since she'd arrived at the compound and had designs on becoming her Daddy once she made it through her time in the nursery, but his inability to share this information with the subject of his infatuation led to her growing restless and winding up where she was and had been for the better part of the last year, as an infant with the body of an adult. He'd loved her the moment he'd laid eyes on her, her dark eyes sparkling in the moonlight the night she'd arrived and he'd shown her around. She'd laughed at his corny jokes and shared her story with him as they walked, pausing to take a seat in the cafeteria and share a bit of leftover pie from dessert earlier in the evening, her infectious laughter at his bushy mustache being peppered with pie crumbs cementing his love for her completely. When he'd slipped into the nursery that night he planned to tell her everything, even if she didn't comprehend what he was saying he wanted to say it to her so that there wasn't regret in his heart for not letting her know she was loved in this place that only seemed to care about reducing people to second infancy for reasons that were never fully explained to anyone in the cult. Best laid plans being what they are, he found himself holding her in his arms and rocking her as she quietly nursed her pacifier and slept like the baby she now was. He couldn't tell you why he'd done what he did, it wasn't meant to be as sick a thing as everyone made it out to be, it just happened because she'd woken up and looked at him and in the nighlight lit glow of the room he saw those dark eyes sparkling and felt that the old her was still in there somewhere looking out at him and asking him to give her some of her adulthood back. With her diaper cast aside on the floor beside the changing table he entered her and gave her all of himself, filling her with his love and devotion before cleaning her up and redressing her before putting her back into her crib and kissing her goodbye. ************************************************************************ Baby Deni lifted her head from between her new Mommy's thighs, her mouth and chin coated with the younger woman's juices after she'd exploded in ecstasy from the professional grade pussy eating the woman had exhibited. "Who's a messy girl?" Renee cooed, feeling another wave of arousal at the flush in her former mother's cheeks. "You know, I've been thinking about what to do with you, Baby Deni, and I'm not sure that having all your thoughts wiped out is best." she mused aloud. Baby Deni's face lit up. "Really?!" she asked in excited disbelief, her reddened face slathered with female ejaculate making her look ridiculous without her knowledge. Renee nodded and patted the bed next to her, smiling as the older woman hurriedly crawled to the spot and nestled into a snuggle like any good little girl would do when her mother beckoned. "I thought maybe I'd let you play a little game to help me decide on an alternative for you." she said as she rubbed the woman's back in a small circle. Baby Deni obediently nodded her agreement to this proposal. "I want you to pick a number between one and ten." Renee told her. "Six." Baby Deni said quietly. Renee smiled at the woman's eagerness, not even the least bit interested in what the number signified or what the game entailed. "Six, huh?" she asked. Baby Deni nodded slowly, unsure now of her choice but not wanting to anger Renee and earn another spanking. Renee shifted herself from beneath the older woman and sat up on the bed. "Please go get Mommy's robe from the bathroom, sweetie." she stated. Baby Deni scurried to the end of the bed and began to quickly walk to the bathroom before Renee's voice came from behind her. "Did Mommy tell you you could walk?" Renee asked. Baby Deni blushed again and quickly dropped to her hands and knees to crawl the rest of the way to the bathroom, wincing at the cold tile on her sore backside as she sat to reach up and grab the robe from the back of the bathroom door, pulling it down on top of her and feeling like she must look like a real toddler playing in Mommy's clothes before crawling back to Renee with the robe. Rising from the bed and looking down at the older woman, Renee donned the robe and sat on the edge of the bed. "Six is a big number, isn't it, sweetie?" she asked. Baby Deni looked up at Renee and nodded sheepishly. "Should that be how many years you spend in the nursery?" Renee asked. Baby Deni went pale and shook her head vehemently. "Please, no!" she pleaded. Renee savored the fear in the older woman's eyes for a moment before speaking again. "Should it be how many months old you're treated as?" she asked? Baby Deni was starting to cry now as the outlook about her fate seemed to be growing grimmer by the second. "Mommy, no, please!" she begged as the sobbing began. Renee leaned forward and stroked the older woman's hair. "Should it be how many spankings you get every hour in front of anyone interested in attending?" she asked. Baby Deni was bawling now, her tears rolling down her cheeks as she weakly and pathetically begged for her Mommy to show her mercy. "Did you or Daddy show Shelly Thomas mercy?" Renee asked her. Baby Deni looked up at the younger woman in stunned silence. "Where did you hear that name?" she asked, wiping her tears from her eyes and ceasing her sobs. Renee looked down at her charge. "My father told me about her." she said. "You remember Mr. Figueroa, don't you?" she asked. Baby Deni shook with fear and nodded slowly. "It wasn't my choice, Renee, I-" she started but was cut off by Renee's open palm smashing into her cheek, sending her sprawling to the floor. "You stupid little cunt, I know you didn't make the decision to regress her!" Renee spat. "Do you honestly think I'd believe that a woman that pisses herself from a spanking and is so cowed that she becomes a little pussy eating slut without any protest would be allowed to make any kind of decision around here?" she asked. Baby Deni was crying again as she held her inflamed cheek and lifted herself back to her kneeling position in front of Renee. "Please, I'm sorry for what happened to her, I-" another hard slap put her back on the floor. "Sorry" doesn't even begin to come close to repaying what you owe me!" Renee shouted as she grabbed the older woman by the hair and pulled her back up to face her. "I don't want your apologies, I want your obedience." she said. "I want you to love me and worship me because you fear what I can do to you, I want you to obey me and never even consider defying me because you're so appreciative of the privilege to even have the option to think of defying me instead of being a helpless baby minded nothing like my mother was because of your Daddy." she explained. Baby Deni nodded eagerly. "Yes Mommy, I promise to be good!" she wailed. Renee stood and removed her robe and got back onto the bed and wordlessly beckoned her new convert back to her side with a pat of the bed, smiling as the woman practically flew back into the position she'd had a few minutes earlier. "Our new game is this, I'm going to ask you questions about Daddy and how I can remove him from power, and you're going to answer me honestly and without hesitation, if you do well Mommy will not only let you keep your silly excuse for an adult mind, but she'll also reward her new little one with special attention to her naughty parts." she explained. "If you don't do well then I'll make sure that you and Shelly Thomas have more in common than just who your daughter was." she threatened. Baby Deni shivered in fear but nodded obediently. "Yes, Mommy." she murmured quietly. ************************************************************************ Renee had spent a lot of her time at the compound after Charlotte had left her It had started as a way for her to surround herself with people that shared in her desires and feel a little more normal than she felt laying in her dorm room clutching a shirt that Charlotte had left crying as she thought of how close she'd come to having the baby she wanted. After she'd settled in at the compound after such a long absence she found herself spending most of her time in the nursery doting on the little ones and lamenting her own lost baby. "Ya doin' okay?" came the Souther drawl of a man from the doorway. She looked up at him and nodded, not answering for fear of disturbing the little one drinking her bottle in her arms in the large rocking chair. "Heard ya were back and wanted to get a look at the prodigal daughter." he told her as he walked across the room and took a seat in the other rocking chair. Renee smirked. "Wish my parents shared that outlook." she said sadly. He cleared his throat. "Listen, there ain't really an easy way to say this and I ain't fancy enough to try and figure a way to ease into this," he began. Renee held up a finger to her lips and gestured her head down to the sleeping baby woman in her arms, smiling at the man as he came over and carefully picked the woman up to take her to one of the empty cribs and lay her down inside before following Renee out of the room. "What were you saying?" she asked once they were in the hallway. He sighed. "I knew yer mama." he said after a long moment of hesitation. Renee scoffed. "Everyone knows her and Daddy." she said. He shook his head. "Yer real mama, the lady that made ya." he said. Renee looked at him warily. "Listen, I think you have the wrong girl." she told him. He shook his head. "I know this ain't easy to hear, and I'm sorry about that, but yer mama would've wanted you to know the truth." he told her. Renee sighed. "Fine, tell me whatever you're gonna tell me so I can move on with my life." she said curtly. So it was that Renee Dupree learned the truth about where she came from and who her real parents were and her life changed forever. ************************************************************************ Baby Deni snored softly snuggled against her new Mommy, thumb gently twitching in her mouth as she slept, her Mommy gently stroking her hair as she lightly rocked with her. Renee thought of the last hour, pumping Baby Deni for information and pleasuring the helpful little thing as a reward for giving her everything she needed to bring Daddy down. She smiled and kissed the sleeping woman's head softly, happy that she'd molded her into a new little sister for her sweet baby Charlotte to play with while Mommy ran The Innocent. Baby Deni had answered every one of her questions without hesitation, proving that she was sincere in her desire to obey her new Mommy's wishes, and hadn't fussed at all when Renee fetched a thick overnight diaper for her to wear, earning her a very special diapering that allowed her Mommy to lick her pissy little slit clean and even pay her little bottom the same attention and bring her to several mind altering orgasms the likes of which Daddy had never been able to give her in all their years of marriage. She found herself wondering why she'd stayed with Daddy for so long when all he did was keep her under his thumb and punish her when she strayed from the path he believed she needed to be on, he rarely showed her affection anymore as was evidenced by his willingness to let Renee pleasure him without hesitation over the years while he overlooked his own wife's needs. Renee diapered her new baby for her nap and wondered what the little one was thinking about as she lay on the bed in the milky afterglow of her multiple orgasms. "Penny for your thoughts?" she'd asked on a whim. Baby Deni turned her attention to her new Mommy in surprise and blushed before shrugging, "You're a good Mommy." she whispered. Renee was genuinely surprised and forced herself not to smile as she finished taping the thick diaper closed, patting the front of it softly. "Am I?" she asked as she returned to the bed and brought her little one in for cuddles. "Daddy never took care of me like you did." Baby Deni said softly, her thumb slipping into her mouth as Mommy began to stroke her hair. Renee allowed her smile to appear now that her little one wouldn't see it. "He's a bad man." she said. "Mommy's going to make him go away though, and then everything will be all better." she added. Baby Deni nodded softly. "I'm sorry for lying to you and for being a bad Mommy." she said after removing her thumb briefly and replacing it once she'd spoken. "Hush now, little one," Renee cooed quietly. "Mommy knows it wasn't your fault, and she knows that you're a very little girl and pretending to be big and also a Mommy was too much for you to handle." she said reassuringly. Baby Deni nodded again. "You gonna make my big girl thoughts go away?" she asked hesitantly, repeating the removal and replacement process with her thumb. Renee kissed the top of her head. "Mommy doesn't need to, does she, sweetie?" she asked. Baby Deni shook her head. "You're going to be a good little girl and behave for Mommy, aren't you?" Renee asked. Baby Deni nodded. Renee smiled and sighed contentedly. "Your a good girl, sweetie, and Mommy loves you and will always take care of you." she said quietly. Baby Deni sighed her own contentment and closed her eyes, a little yawn escaping her as the events of the day caught up to her and she slipped off to sleep. ************************************************************************ The light knock on the door caused Baby Deni to stir lightly but didn't wake her. Mr. Figueroa entered the room a moment later with the still sleeping Charlotte in his arms as he carefully closed the door behind him, raising an eyebrow as he saw Denise naked save for a thick diaper and his daughter entirely naked beside her, cuddling the girl to her with one arm while she held a finger to her lips with the other to let him know to stay quiet. He crossed the room and looked for a place to set the sleeping girl in his arms and placed her gently in the crook of Renee's other arm after the girl raised it for him. Renee smiled at him as she cuddled Charlotte close to her and remained still to make sure both girls were still asleep before she spoke. "How was she?" she asked. "She's gonna be very happy here with you." he said. She smiled and shook her head. "With us." she corrected. He returned her smile. "One big, happy family?" he asked. Renee nodded softly. "Mommy and her baby girls and Grandpa and his baby girl." she said. "You work fast." he told her as he gestured to Denise. Renee scoffed. "She was the weak link in the chain." she told him. "I probably didn't need to do any of what I did to get her to where she is, but I was having fun." she confessed. "So, what did you learn?" he asked. Renee shook her head. "Tomorrow." she said simply. "Go see your baby and let me spend some time with mine and we'll meet tomorrow to discuss what we're going to do." she told him. He rose and nodded. "Yer mama would be proud of you." he told her. "She'd be happy to know you helped me." she said. "I couldn't have done any of this without you," she hesitated for a moment before adding, "Daddy." to her statement. He smiled but it quickly faded. "I know ya mean well, Renee, but please don't ever call me that." he said. She nodded. "I understand." she told him. "I just wanted you to know that you're my father and I love you." she added. He smiled at her and nodded and looked like he wanted to say something else but just nodded again and walked to the door. "Have a good night." he said before slipping back out of the room. ************************************************************************ Sitting in his room later that night Kenneth Figueroa took a long pull from his bottle of whiskey. He'd been struggling with seeing Renee more frequently since telling her the truth about her mother and himself, the girl was the spitting image of her mother and seeing her was a constant reminder that she was gone and never coming back. When it was discovered that Shelly was pregnant Daddy lost his mind with rage at the total lack of decency that Kenneth had displayed in engaging in sexual congress with what was essentially an infant in a woman's body when he confessed what he'd done and why. Refusing to apologize for his behavior led to his banishment from the compound for a minimum of fifteen years, long enough for his child to be born and raised without him rendering him a stranger to his own flesh and blood. Through his connections within The Innocent he learned both of Renee's birth and of Shelly's death during the birth, a final turn of the knife that fueled his hatred for Daddy and strengthened his resolve to bring the man down. Time had made Daddy soft or forgetful or both, and he'd welcomed Kenneth back into the fold without so much as a warning about going near the then almost adult girl. Kenneth returned and stayed on the fringes of his daughter's life, seeing her mother in her every day bringing him pain and suffering he struggled to deal with, coming close on several occasions to ending his own life, but he knew he needed to make contact with Renee and tell her the truth so she could decide for herself whether she wanted to follow Daddy or if she wanted to join her father in overthrowing the man in charge. When Renee left for college he started making his plans without her, chiding himself for putting off approaching his daughter and wondering if he'd missed his shot until she returned and he bit the bullet and told her everything. "You'd be real proud of 'er, Shell." he said to no one. "She's gonna put right what I couldn't." he added before taking another swig of whiskey, nearing the point where he'd pass out for the night, but with just enough time to talk to the ghosts of his past before he planned to join them once all was said and done. "To tomorrow and to the end of this bullshit place." he slurred as he raised the bottle of whiskey up and took another drink.
  8. We're in the home stretch, I need everyone's undivided attention.
  9. Chapter Seven Renee had arrived within ten minutes and made quick work of changing Charlotte into not just a clean diaper but also into a pair of denim shortalls. The outfit was something a baby would wear but sized up to fit Charlotte complete with snaps between the thighs for easier diaper changes. The booties she'd been wearing were replaced with pink Velcro sneakers that somehow squeaked like little chew toys when she walked, causing her to make a mental note to take them off when she was able to get away from Renee long enough to explore the compound once they got there. Charlotte was made to check herself out of her hotel room, her stomach fluttering nervously as she stood at the counter with Renee holding her hand as the man behind the counter printed up her bill. She desperately wanted to use the pacifier clipped to the top of her shortalls, but fought the urge with everything she had and managed to hold out so she could sign the bill and be whisked out of the hotel lobby by the hand, her shoes squeaking with every step. Every squeak made Renee want to smile, as did every light crinkle that emanated from beneath her girl's clothes. She cherished this, having her baby back fully and completely and without having to do anything to force Charlotte into the role like she'd done when they were in college, after all those years she'd finally succeeded in her goal and it felt absolutely wonderful. When they reached the small SUV Renee unlocked the doors with her key fob and opened the back passenger side door and set the diaper bag slung over her shoulder down onto the floor before turning to Charlotte. "Alright, baby girl, time to get in your carseat." she chirped happily as she reached out and guided Charlotte closer to the car. Charlotte looked into the back of the car and stared in amazement at the adult sized carseat in the middle of the backseat, the flutter in her stomach returning as Renee coaxed her forward so she could crawl up and into it finding it incredibly comfortable as she settled in and Renee buckled the harness that came down over top of her and connected between her thighs. "Charlotte, Mommy needs for you to do something for her if she's going to be able to take you home with her." Renee said once the carseat was buckled. Charlotte watched her reach into the diaper bag and produce a baby bottle of what looked like apple juice, removing the plastic top and holding it out for her to take. "There's a sedative in that juice that will make you very sleepy for a few hours." Renee explained. "If you want to come home with me you have to make it all gone, otherwise I can't take you home." she added somberly. Charlotte looked at the bottle and then at Renee. "Why do I have to be drugged?" she asked quietly. Renee leaned forward and kissed her forehead. "Because people aren't allowed to know how to get to the compound until we're sure we can trust them." she answered. "You don't trust me?" Charlotte asked. Renee smiled at her softly. "Of course I do, sweetie, but rules are rules." she said. "If I brought you in without following the rules I'd get in trouble, you don't want Mommy to get in trouble do you?" she asked. Charlotte shook her head and took the offered bottle and began nursing it. "Good girl." Renee said. "Mommy's going to drive around until you finish and fall asleep and when you wake up you'll be home." she explained before getting out of the back, closing the door and getting in the driver's seat. The motion of the car and the comfort of the carseat probably would have been enough to put Charlotte to sleep, but before she could finish the bottle she was yawning, her body feeling like it was wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket and her thoughts slowing down to the point that trying to focus on keeping her drooping eyelids open became too much for her and she slipped off to sleep. ************************************************************************ Charlotte awoke slowly some time later, her eyes struggling to focus as she looked upward at a brightly colored object a few feet above her. She heard a tinny lullaby playing and saw that she was surrounded by bars. As her thoughts returned to their normal speed she worked out that she was in a crib and looked through the bars to see numerous other cribs in the room with her. With great effort given her still weakened state, she was able to roll onto her side and get herself pushed up so she was standing in the crib holding onto the rails for support. Even standing up on her tippy toes, she was barely able to see over the top of the rails of the crib and suddenly felt very nervous that she'd made a terrible mistake. "Renee?" she whispered, hoping that despite not seeing her in the room she was somewhere where she could hear her. The room smelled like a nursery, the soft perfume smell of baby powder with underlying notes of wet and messy diapers filled her nostrils as she breathed in and sighed. Her shoes and the shortalls she'd been wearing were gone, as was the onesie she'd been wearing beneath, leaving her now clad in only a diaper, her bare chest completely exposed to anyone that saw her. "Oh, you're finally awake!" came a cheerful voice from the dimly lit distance near the door of the room. Charlotte squinted to see the form of a woman standing by the door. "Where's Renee?" she asked quietly. The woman approached the crib with a gentle smile on her face. She wore a thin white cotton dress, her bare feet sinking into the thick carpeting as she knelt down next to the side of the crib to be on Charlotte's level. "Your Mommy is having a meeting right now, but she'll be back soon." the woman told her. "My name is Miss Carol and I'm in charge of taking care of the babies in the nursery." she explained. Charlotte tried to back away from the woman but her weakened muscles failed her and she dropped back onto her butt inside the crib. "Oopsie daisy!" Miss Carol cooed quietly. "I think you'll find that you'll be a little weak for a few more hours, honey." she said as she stood upright and lowered the side of the crib. "Would you like to get out?" she asked. Charlotte nodded and got onto her hands and knees to crawl to the edge of the mattress and shift her legs over the edge, taking Miss Carol's offered hands and sliding herself out and onto the floor where she wobbled unsteadily like a toddler as the older woman kept her upright with a firm grip on her hands and led her away from the crib by walking backward like a parent teaching a baby to walk. As they moved through the room they passed by a few of the other cribs, in the dim lighting of the room only the shapes of people could be seen inside, but of the four they passed all had a sleeping occupant within. "How many other people are in here?" Charlotte asked quietly. Miss Carol looked around the room as if she were mentally counting. "Probably about ten to twelve, we're a little light right now." she responded. Charlotte looked around the room, her body swaying and threatening to send her to the floor as she counted the cribs, figuring that some must have two people in them. "That's a light number?" she asked. Miss Carol smiled. "When we're at occupancy we have about thirty little boys and girls in here." she explained. Charlotte thought of cattle cars and terribly run mental hospitals as she toddled along with Miss Carol toward the changing table at the end of the room and allowed the woman to guide her up and onto the table's surface. "Can I have some clothes?" she asked quietly. Miss Carol nodded as she gathered up the necessary items to change the younger girl's diaper. "Do you need to go potty before we get you into a new diaper?" she asked. Charlotte felt her face grow hot as she shook her head. "No, Miss Carol." she answered. Miss Carol touched the small moon shaped light above the changing table and a soft yellow glow illuminated Charlotte as the older woman smiled down at her and gave her bare stomach a soft tickle. "Well, it's my job to ask, sweetie, but I'm sure you're just nervous about doing that in front of a stranger, aren't you?" she asked as she set to changing Charlotte's diaper. Charlotte remained silent through the diaper change, marveling at how robotic and clinical Miss Carol was in her duties, making her long for Renee's loving and tender attentions while she tended to her diaper which made her face grow hot once more. Before long Charlotte was in another thick purple diaper and her clothes from earlier back on her as she was helped down from the changing table and led by the hand out the door where she was quickly handed off to a familiar face. "Mr. Figueroa is going to take you on a little tour while your Mommy finishes her business." Miss Carol explained. "Can you say 'hi' to Mr. Figueroa?" she urged. Charlotte looked up at the mustached man she'd met with the day before and mumbled a timid "hi" as she cast her gaze down to her still bare feet. "She's still waking up." Miss Carol said to Mr. Figueroa as if Charlotte weren't there. "Oh, let me go grab her bag." she suddenly said. "You might want to carry her, it'll be a lot faster." she added as she guided Charlotte forward to Mr. Figueroa and allowed him to pick the much smaller girl up into his arms before ducking back into the nursery. "Well, ya here fer business or pleasure, Ms. King?" Mr. Figueroa whispered quietly as he gently bounced Charlotte in his arms, his beefy forearm acting as a seat for her thickly padded bottom. Charlotte couldn't look at him. "Business." she whispered back. Mr. Figueroa scoffed. "We'll see I s'pose." he told her quietly just before Miss Carol returned with her diaper bag which she slung over the man's broad shoulder. "Bye bye, Charlotte!" Miss Carol chirped as she gave Charlotte's thigh a soft squeeze. "I hope to see you again, sweetie!" she added. Charlotte found being carried to be very pleasant if not a little disorienting, she clung to Mr. Figueroa as best as her weakened limbs could manage at first, but the longer he held her the more comfortable she felt that he wouldn't drop her and allowed herself to relax a bit and enjoy the ride. "Where are we going?" she asked finally. "I'm s'posed ta show ya around and let ya see what a utopia we got here." he answered with a thick sheen of sarcasm encasing his words. "If you hate it here why not leave?" she asked. Mr. Figueroa tensed and said nothing for a long while. "Stephanie needs me, I can't leave her here alone with these people." he finally said. Charlotte looked around as they walked down the hallway that they seem to have been walking down forever. "Where is she now?" she asked. Mr. Figueroa gestured with his thumb back the way they came. "She's in one a them cribs back where you were." he told her. "She's got two more days in there before I can take her home with me." he explained. Charlotte furrowed her brow. "Why?" she asked. "Rules." he replied. "When one a you little ones is gonna be adopted ya gotta stay in the nursery for a whole month before you can go home with yer new Mommy or Daddy." he explained. Charlotte bristled at being lumped together with the baby people in the nursery. "I'm not like her." she said indignantly. Mr. Figueroa chuckled. "Sure thing, half pint." he said as he bounced her softly with his arm, her thick diaper crinkling with the movement. "Yer jes deep undercover right now, right?" he added with another chuckle. "Hey, I'm doing this to try and bring this place down, maybe don't insult me!" Charlotte hissed angrily. Mr. Figueroa stopped walking and set Charlotte down on her feet and knelt down to her level. "Listen here, missy," he began sternly, "this ain't a game, you can't be talkin' back to grownups in this place when yer a baby." he told her. "You wanna bring this place down ya gotta act like ya belong here, ya understand?" he asked. Charlotte nodded. "I do, but-" she started to say but found her pacifier being pushed between her lips before she was picked back up and the trek resumed. "They want ya ta be a baby, so be a baby." he told her. "Take notes in yer head and write yer story when ya get outta here but never let them see you as anythin' but a baby or else they'll make sure ya actually are for the rest of yer days." he warned. Charlotte sucked her pacifier nervously and nodded. "Yeth, Mither Figawoa." she mumbled quietly. "That's a good girl." he praised as he softly bounced her with his arm. ************************************************************************ "You willingly and deliberately disobeyed your father and I!" the older woman yelled. Renee nodded. "Yes, mother." she said. "But I-" she started to say but was cut off. Her mother glared at her. "The only butt I'm concerned with is yours, young lady!" she snapped. "Your reckless behavior has made both of us question whether we were mistaken in grooming you for a leadership role here." she added. Renee's father leaned forward in his chair. "Pumpkin, what your mother is trying to say is that we're worried you might have put us at risk by bringing your little reporter friend here." he said calmly. Her mother looked at him sharply. "Don't go easy on her, Jerry!" she barked. Her father turned to her mother and raised an eyebrow. "Are we going to have a problem, Denise?" he asked. Renee knew what her father's look meant, he was head of The Innocent and no one outranked him. She'd seen her mother over his lap enough times over the years to know that if her mother kept pushing she'd find herself demoted very quickly. Her mother looked at her and blushed bright red, knowing her daughter knew just as well as she did what could happen if things continued this way. "No, Daddy." she muttered sheepishly. "Good." her father said. "Now, Pumpkin, your mother, despite being too harsh, isn't wrong." he told her. "I think you need to be punished for not consulting with us first, wouldn't you agree?" he asked. Renee swallowed hard and nodded. "Yes, Daddy." she grudgingly admitted. "Good girl." he said. "Present yourself for a spanking." he commanded firmly but gently. Renee blushed and crossed the room to where her father sat, lifting her dress and pulling her panties down when she reached him before laying herself across his lap. "Please correct me, Daddy, I've been a naughty girl." she said, the words memorized over the years to the point that they were automatically spoken once she was in place on his lap. Fifty hard smacks later and Renee was sniffling and wiping the tears from her eyes as she was helped back to her feet. "Ten minutes in the corner ought to be enough." her father declared as he turned his daughter around and shuffled her to the corner of the room with her panties around her knees. "Denise, fetch a safety pin for her dress." he commanded his wife. Once her mother returned Renee's dress was pinned up in the back so her red bottom was on display, her father kissing the back of her head before leaving her there to return to his chair. "Thank you, Daddy." Renee quietly told him, another memorized response. "Daddy's work is never done with so many little ones running around." he said. "Even when the babies grow up they're still in need of Daddy's firm hand from time to time, aren't they, Denise?" he asked her mother. Renee heard the spanking her mother was getting a few moments later, the older woman blubbering after only a dozen making Renee ashamed that she had to obey the worthlessly pathetic woman. She remembered when she was twelve or so and was left in charge of her mother for the day while Daddy took meetings, the look of sheer humiliation on her mother's face when her barely teenage daughter walked into the nursery with a bottle for her to drink in her crib was priceless and one that Renee always pictured when her mother started to act a little too big for her britches. The shuffling and quiet sobbing grew louder as Denise was moved in place next to her daughter, her own dress pinned up to show her reddened bottom. "Thank you, Daddy." Denise said between sobs. Once her father was back in his chair Renee smiled. "You're so pathetic." she whispered to her mother. "You shouldn't have ever been let out of the nursery." she added. Denise sniffled. "How dare you, you ungrateful brat!" she hissed. "Just admit that you're too little to handle being Daddy's second in command and I'll take over your duties and become your Mommy." Renee said, her words dripping with malice. Denise fumed. "I should have convinced him to regress you years ago." she spat. "He wouldn't have listened to you and you know it." Renee said. "Pumpkin never gets into too much trouble, but little Deni on the other hand." she mused aloud, using her mother's infantile nickname. Denise jutted her elbow into her daughters side angrily. "You little bitch." she sneered. "Denise!" Daddy called out. Denise jumped in surprise at his booming voice, a little spurt of urine raining down into her panties at the same time. "Y-yes, Daddy?" she asked innocently and fearfully. "Apologize to Renee for hitting her and come here." he commanded. Denise glared at her daughter. "I'm sorry for hitting you." she practically growled through clenched teeth. Renee turned on the waterworks for her Daddy's benefit. "Ow, Daddy, she really hurt me!" she cried, forcing tears to form in her eyes. "Come here, Pumpkin, let Daddy kiss it and make it better." he cooed to her sweetly. Shuffling to her father with her panties around her knees, her mother doing the same beside her as they both obeyed his commands, Renee hugged her father tightly and cried into his chest as he rubbed her back and shushed her. "There there, Pumpkin, show Daddy where it hurts." he told her. Renee pulled back from him and slipped out of her dress, letting it pool around her feet with her now completely fallen panties as she raised her arm and pointed to her side just below her right breast. "Right there, almost on my booby." she told him. He scowled at his wife and leaned in to kiss the spot where his daughter was pointing. "Does your booby hurt too, Pumpkin?" he asked as his hand gently caressed the outside of her bra. Renee nodded and shivered lightly with pleasure as his hand lightly massaged her milk swollen breast through her bra. Her father turned her around and undid the clasps of her bra, letting it join her dress and panties on the floor before turning her back around and kissing the allegedly injured breast. "Mmm, that feels better, Daddy." Renee whispered softly as her hand reached out and gently stroked the stiffness beneath her father's pants. Daddy smiled at her. "You're leaking, Pumpkin." he told her, pointing to the white beads of milk expressing from her engorged nipples. Renee giggled. "I haven't had a chance to pump or feed my baby since last night." she told him. Daddy looked at his wife. "Deni, help her with her little problem." he commanded. Denise looked at them both in disbelief and shook her head. "Please, Daddy, don't make me-" she began to protest but was cut off by Daddy grabbing her by the back of her neck and forcing her face to her daughter's breast. "You will drink every last drop or so help me you won't be able to sit for a month, young lady!" he boomed. Denise quickly latched on to her daughter's breast, beginning to cry as she started to nurse. "Daddy, can we do this in the bedroom where it's more comfortable? I'm sure little Deni doesn't wanna stand for her lunch any more than I do." Renee asked. "Maybe I can have some lunch at the same time?" she asked seductively as she gripped his hardness through his pants. He cleared his throat. "Yes, that's a wonderful idea, Pumpkin." he told her as he snatched his wife's hand and dragged her off to the bedroom with Renee smiling and strutting behind them. ************************************************************************ On their tour Mr. Figueroa showed Charlotte the arts and crafts room where she made a macaroni picture for Renee, a heart that said "I love you, Mommy" between a girl that looked to be just out of high school and a man on the cusp of being eligible for AARP. The girl had been very sweet, sharing her supplies with Charlotte while she sucked her pacifier and colored a picture of a princess riding a unicorn that she'd drawn for her Daddy. The man had been very rude, teasing Charlotte and the younger girl for their shoddy art skills and then noisily messing himself beside them, leaving the two girls to pinch their noses until one of the grownups came by to take him away. Charlotte was surprised to discover that the younger girl had no teeth, something she'd learned when the girl swapped her pacifier for a bottle that one of the grownups brought to her, but was picked up and carried off by Mr. Figueroa before she could ask the girl about it. "Why din dat giwl hab teef?" she asked Mr. Figueroa once they were down the hall from the room. "Babies are made to order, sweet pea." he told her. "That one's Daddy didn't want her to have no teeth so they pulled 'em clean out." he explained. Charlotte shivered at the thought of having all her teeth pulled and stayed quiet as they continued walking. They ended up in the dining hall after the arts and crafts room, Mr. Figueroa moving past the long tables devoid of people to the smaller room in the back where several highchairs lined the walls. Mr. Figueroa grabbed one and plopped Charlotte down into it and went into her diaper bag for a bib, a bottle, and a jar of babyfood. "This here is where the bigger little ones eat their meals." he explained as he secured the bib around her neck after setting the bottle and jar of babyfood on the tray in front of her. "We all gather for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the big room back there and those with bigger little ones come in here to feed them." he added. Charlotte took the offered spoonful of babyfood in her mouth. "What's a bigger little one?" she asked after swallowing the sweet goop. "Well, this place works kinda like a school, we got grades for the little ones." he began as he spooned more babyfood into Charlotte's mouth. "The real little ones don't get nothin' but breast milk and stay in the "maternity ward", we got about half a dozen of them at any given time and round the clock wet nurses for 'em." he explained. "Why are they in there?" Charlotte asked, dripping babyfood down her chin and onto her bib. Mr. Figueroa scooped the drip up and back into her mouth. "Different reasons, sometimes we get people that ain't had such good luck and need to have their immune systems boosted or maybe somebody isn't all there and we don't want 'em causin' trouble, but whatever the reason, they stay there for about three months before they can try and move forward." he explained. "What's after that?" Charlotte asked. Mr. Figueroa scooped up the last of the babyfood from the jar and put it into Charlotte's mouth. "The nursery." he said simply. "Little one's in there get brought here for meals and out to play in the little playground we got behind the nursery, but they live there and their Mommies and Daddies get visit time for an hour a day." he told her as he put the lid back on the jar and got up to throw it in the recycle bin, returning to her to lift her up and out of the highchair and onto his lap where he lay her back to give her her bottle of juice. Charlotte looked up at him and felt a familiar happiness in her tummy, something similar to what she felt when Renee breastfed her, a safe and content feeling that made her feel totally at ease being a baby in front of an adult. "If someone decides to adopt them they go home with them and become whatever their Mommy or Daddy wants them to be." he continued. "If no one adopts them they become community babies, looked after by those that for whatever reason don't want a full time baby of their own." he added as he rocked Charlotte on his lap. Charlotte pulled away from the bottle and Mr. Figueroa removed it from her mouth. "Do babies ever become Mommies or Daddies?" she asked before grabbing the bottle and returning it to her mouth. Mr. Figueroa shook his head. "I've been here about eight years and never seen anythin' like that happen." he told her. Charlotte nodded softly and continued drinking, feeling her diaper warm as she let herself go, closing her eyes as she savored the warm wetness spreading through her diaper. Mr. Figueroa stifled a chuckle. "You aren't goin' native on me so soon, are ya, little lady?" he asked. Charlotte kept her eyes closed and merely shook her head softly as she nursed her bottle. ************************************************************************ Renee lay on the bed with her mother suckling her milk from her breast as she dutifully serviced her father's engorged manhood with her own mouth, the sounds of her mother whimpering and sobbing like a helpless child making her just as aroused as her father's cock. With an audible pop she pulled him from her mouth and stroked his shaft softly. "Daddy, I don't think little Deni is ready for the role of your right hand." she said sultrily. Denise whimpered again and made a move to stop nursing but was forced back down by her daughter's hand which held her there firmly until she gave up and resumed suckling down her milk. "I can't say I disagree with you, Pumpkin." Daddy said as he looked at his wife pathetically nursing from her own daughter like an infant. Renee licked the length of his cock and smiled. "Would it make Daddy happy if his Pumpkin took over little Deni's duties?" she asked sweetly. Her father reached down and gently guided her mouth back onto his hardness. "Finish your own duties and swallow every last drop and we'll see, Pumpkin." he told her. Renee performed her task exceptionally and lay back with a contented sigh as she slapped her mother's bare bottom sharply. "Switch, baby." she commanded, delighting in her mother scurrying over to her other breast without hesitation. Her father nodded his approval. "It seems you've got her well under control, Pumpkin." he told his daughter. Renee nodded. "Well, you did most of the work, Daddy, I just finished what you started." she said humbly. "Deni, once you're finished with your lunch you'll follow your Mommy to the nursery." he commanded. Denise blubbered and sat up from her nursing. "Daddy, no, I-" she began but was quickly pulled back down to the bed and up to her daughter where the far younger girl began raining her open hand down upon her already sore and reddened backside. "You will do as your Daddy tells you, baby!" Renee shouted. Denise shrieked in pain and began throwing a fit as her backside was assaulted, her bladder letting go in surprise and pain, creating a large puddle on the bed beneath her. Renee stopped spanking her mother and shook her head as she helped the old woman up to face her. "Pitiful isn't she, Daddy?" she asked her father. Daddy nodded as he pulled on his pants. "Get her out of my sight and to the nursery where she belongs." he said disdainfully as he left the room. Renee smiled at her mother as the door closed behind him. "Poor baby Deni." she cooed in mock pity. "Why don't we play a game to see whether I mistakenly take you to the regression room by accident." she mused. Denise sniffled and shook her head. "Please, Renee, don't take me there, I'll do anything!" she pleaded. "It's Mommy now, baby." Renee said with a smirk. Denise nodded. "Yes, Mommy, I'm sorry, Mommy." she corrected herself. Renee guided her mother's gaze toward the foot of the bed as she lightly traced her finger around her glistening sex. "Daddy got his and now Mommy wants hers." she said simply. "Give Mommy a good orgasm and maybe she won't make you an empty headed little baby for the rest of your life." she added. Denise nodded and hurried down to between her daughter's legs where she went to work satisfying her new Mommy, struggling not to break into uncontrollable sobs of shame as she did so. Renee closed her eyes and put her hand on the back of her mother's head as she bit her lip and savored her successful removal of the first person standing in her way of taking control of The Innocent once and for all, planning how she would remove Daddy after she dropped baby Deni off at the regression room.
  10. Chapter Six Renee led Charlotte into the bathroom, gently but firmly holding the girl's hand and smiling to herself as she heard the soft sucking coming from behind her as her little girl quietly nursed her pacifier. As she entered the bathroom she let her smile shift into the loving maternal one she had mastered over the years and turned to face Charlotte. "Can you be a good girl and stay right here on this spot while Mommy gets ready for your bath?" she asked. Charlotte nodded but remained silent save for her suckling. Renee knelt down beside the tub and turned on the water, testing the temperature with her hand before stopping up the drain to allow the hot water to fill the tub. Turning her attention back to Charlotte she remained kneeling but gently pulled the girl to her and began stripping her of her clothes, taking her time and beginning to hum a soft tune as she removed each piece of clothing until Charlotte was naked before her. "Not a lot has changed for you, huh, kiddo?" she asked as she took in Charlotte's minuscule chest and hairless sex. Charlotte looked down at the floor and shook her head, sucking harder on her pacifier as her embarrassment grew. Renee leaned forward and kissed the girl softly on her shame warmed cheek. "Hey, I love you just the way you are, sweetie." she said softly. Once the tub was filled, Renee added a capful of sweet scented bubble bath and helped Charlotte into the tub and down onto her butt beneath the water. Washcloth in hand, she began to clean her little girl. "So, I know it's probably been driving you crazy, my cryptic phone message." she finally said after a long silence filled the room. Charlotte nodded as she leaned away from Renee as the woman lifted her left arm and began to clean her armpit. "Mommy knows how your brain works, little one, she knows just what buttons to push to get those wheels turning." she explained. "My message meant nothing, it was just a way to keep you mentally off balance while I got everything set up for my trip to come see you." she said. Charlotte stood up at Renee's urging, the older woman's hand gently gripping and lifting her elbow before her backside began to be cleaned with the washcloth. She didn't want to talk, she just wanted to get clean and see where this all was going, though she knew full well that she was on her way back to the place she'd found herself unable to stop missing since she left Renee all those years ago. Renee paid special attention to her little one's diaper areas, making sure they got the deep clean they deserved prior to being sealed up where they belonged in thick absorbent padding. "I'm not the bad guy here, baby." she said as she finished washing Charlotte and unplugged the tub before grabbing a few towels to wrap around the wet girl. "I may have ways of doing things that don't seem right when you look at them from the outside, but everything I do is for the benefit of the person I do them to." she explained. After she was dried off completely Charlotte was led back to the bedroom and helped onto the bed next to the diaper bag with her name literally on it. The air in the room was cool on her skin and the sheets on the bed felt amazing as she lay back on them, looking up at Renee who was smiling down at her warmly. "I would like to put you in a diaper, Charlotte, and also some baby clothes I have that will fit you." Renee said. "If you're not okay with any of that then you need to say so and I'll leave right now, not because I'm mad, but because I only want to be here if you want me here." she explained. Charlotte nodded. "Baby, you need to say the words." Renee coaxed. "Say, 'please put me in a diaper and baby clothes, Mommy'." Charlotte swallowed and looked from Renee to the bag and back to Renee. "Pees pud be inna diapa an bebe kwose, Bommy." she said through her pacifier. Renee's heart swelled though she gave no outward indication that she was pleased save for a maternal smile and a little nod as she went into the bag and produced the items she needed. The diapers were a light purple in color but adorned with little cartoon rainbows and clouds. Beyond the cuteness of them, they were also ludicrously thick, thicker than any diaper Charlotte had ever seen or worn before. The clothing that came out was the same purple color as the diaper, a onesie with fancy glitter adorned writing on the chest that proclaimed the wearer "Mommy's Princess", the same way the pacifier did, there were also two adult sized baby booties that were immediately slipped onto her bare feet before a plastic mat was produced and slid beneath her bottom half as Renee deftly lifted her by the legs up from the bed. "Mommy has a special treat for her baby girl once she's all dressed up." Renee teased as she expertly worked the rash cream into the sensitive parts of her baby girl after unfolding the diaper and sliding it beneath her the same way she'd done with the changing mat. Charlotte had retreated into the warm and docile part of her that craved this from Renee, the part of her that she hadn't known existed until Renee had introduced her to it by stringing it up with her puppet strings and made it dance for her. It was the part that made her act like a spoiled brat in stores and throw tantrums, the part that she fought so hard to convince Renee and herself wasn't real despite every action when she was with Renee pointing to the contrary. It was the part that she hid from the world but that she always wanted to show and accept as her true self, Baby Charlotte. Renee finished her work and clapped her hands softly as she drank in the sight of her properly attired baby, her onesie straining to contain the overly thick diapers beneath, the pacifier gently bobbing between her lips as she lay quietly with her eyes closed softly breathing in the fragrant bouquet of the bubble bath lingering on her skin mixing with the scent of powder. "Don't fall asleep yet, little one." she finally said as she slipped out of her expensive dress and went to the closet to hang it up. Charlotte's eyes fluttered open and she watched Renee hang her dress up and kick off her high heels before padding over to the bed and taking a seat near the top, setting up the pillows around and behind her before patting the bed in front of her. "Crawl up here, little one." Renee beckoned. Charlotte's body had become so relaxed that it was actually quite difficult to roll onto her side and crawl the short distance to Renee, the thickness between her thighs throwing her coordination off as much as the squishiness of the mattress beneath her. Once at her destination she allowed Renee to help her get into the desired position, on her back with her head cradled in Renee's left arm and her legs draped over her right leg. Renee smiled down at her warmly and gently removed the pacifier from her mouth with a little wet popping sound. "Mommy's been very busy since you last saw her." she said as she set the pacifier aside and moved her hand up to her bra to release a clip in the front to allow the front to be let down to reveal the breast beneath, the thick nipple that came into view beading with a white droplet. "Are you hungry, baby?" she asked in a hushed whisper. Charlotte looked at the nipple and then up to Renee and back to the nipple before softly nodding. Renee guided Charlotte upward with the arm cradling the girl's head as she guided her breast downward to meet her, the nipple finding its way into the girl's mouth a moment before the eager nursing began. "This can be your life, Charlotte." she whispered as she gently rocked her baby and savored the sounds of soft suckling and the warmth of properly bonding with her baby for the first time in their lives. Charlotte suckled and swallowed the warm and sweet liquid as it entered her mouth, feeling smaller and more helpless with each passing second and loving every second of finally being with her Mommy again. Renee gently rubbed Charlotte's tummy as the girl nursed and allowed herself to relax and settle in for the long nursing session. "When Mommy was born she didn't have a normal family." she began to say, turning on her calm and even Mommy voice, the one that allowed her to say anything she needed to without disrupting Charlotte from her infantile mindset. "Mommy grew up in a place with lots of people, people just like you, people that pretend to be grownups because that's what the world expects them to be, but really they're just very little baby boys and girls that aren't happy because they have to pretend all the time." she explained. Charlotte could hear and understand what Renee was saying to her, but she didn't really care about it, all she cared about was getting all of Mommy's milk into her tummy and being with her Mommy forever. "When I was a little girl, maybe five or six, my parents had a big party for all the kids in my class and we played a game where we picked items off a table and whatever we picked told the people in charge, my parents, what we were going to be when we grew up." she explained. "One girl picked a doll, another a pacifier, one boy picked a teddy bear, and I picked an apron because I wanted to be a cook like my mom." she said. "After everyone had picked they took us to the room where they put the babies for naps and playtime and my parents told me that I was in charge of getting all the babies ready for their naps." she explained, stopping to switch breasts once Charlotte had emptied one. "It only took a half hour for me to get every one of the other kids diapered and into their jammies and cribs, a record for someone my age." she said proudly. Charlotte began to feel the effects of the milk, her eyes becoming heavier as she listened to Renee's story, her nursing slowing down as she fell deeper into relaxation. "I have a gift, baby, I can bring out the little part of anyone that has it and bring them around to not just accepting that they're really a baby, but have them embrace it willingly like you have, or like Stevie." Renee explained, a small chuckle escaping her. "Her name is Stephanie now, and she'd very much like to have a sister one day." she added. Once she'd drained Renee's other breast, Charlotte was sat up and gently had her back patted until she burped loudly and was laid back down with her pacifier reinserted into her mouth as Renee moved around with her so they were both lying down next to each other for cuddling. "I've learned a lot since I was with you before, sweetie." Renee said softly as she rocked her sleepy baby in her arms. "I tried to force you too quickly, using hypnosis to speed things up and that was wrong and I'm sorry." she explained. Hearing the confession brought Charlotte out of her milk fueled daze enough for her to look alarmed at Renee. "I know, baby, that wasn't a nice thing for Mommy to do, but I know that now and I haven't done anything like that since." Renee explained. "The thing was that I loved you, you weren't someone I was recruiting into The Innocent, you were someone that I wanted to have as my baby forever and ever and I was too immature to be patient and do things the right way." she said. Charlotte let her pacifier fall from her mouth. "How can I trust you?" she asked. Renee sighed. "I don't know how to answer that, sweetie." she said softly, her voice tinged with sadness. "All I know is that I'm being completely honest with you about everything and I hope that you'll see that and choose to be with me, to be my baby." she added. "Did Steven trust you?" Charlotte asked. Renee nodded. "Stephanie trusted me and still does." she said. "She's got a Daddy now and is just the sweetest little thing." she explained. "Why is he a girl?" Charlotte asked. Renee smiled. "Mommy knows what little boys and girls need." she said. "Stephanie wasn't happy being a boy, she was pretending because the world told her that she was a boy because she had boy parts and was supposed to be strong and masculine." she explained. "We'd talked online for a while on a dating site, and when we first met I knew exactly what she really was." she added. "How did you know?" Charlotte asked quietly. "That's a secret, baby, Mommy can't tell you how she knows these things, just know that she's never been wrong." Renee said coyly. "Regardless, at the end of our first meeting little Stephanie was crying in my arms and confessing that she was afraid she was gay but was afraid that her family wouldn't love her anymore because of it." she said. "On our next date I brought along her future Daddy and showed her how to pleasure him like a good girl and she was so happy that she spent the whole night prattling on about how wonderful she felt to finally be honest about who she was." she explained. "What about her family?" she asked. Renee shrugged. "Families aren't just who you're born to, sweetie." she said. "Stephanie has a Daddy that she loves and that loves her, an Auntie that she loves and that loves her, and a whole big group of people that love and protect her and accept her for who she is, isn't that better than having a biological family that judges her and expects her to be something she isn't because of silly reasons?" she asked. Charlotte felt a pang of sadness as she thought about her own parents, disowning her because of her choice in lifestyle. "I told you in my letter that you've always been loved by me, but that love was never romantic." Renee said. "I've never looked at you and seen a life with you that was us being married or having a family, it's always just been you as my baby and me as your Mommy." she added. Charlotte nodded and yawned. "Close your eyes, baby." Renee said as she placed the pacifier back in the sleepy girl's mouth. "When you wake up from your nap you'll need to make a choice, continue pretending that you're a big grownup girl or accept that you're happier being with Mommy as her very little baby." she explained. Charlotte nodded again and felt her diaper growing warmer as she snuggled into Renee and let sleep take her. ************************************************************************ Opening her eyes to the now dark hotel room brought the realization that she was alone in the bed. Stretching her arm out she found the light switch on the bedside lamp and turned it on, pacifier working in her mouth as she blinked the brightness away and looked around the room for Renee. The diaper bag was now at the top of the bed next to her with a note pinned to it with a diaper pin which she opened and pulled the note free from. "Charlotte, It's time for you to choose your path in life, sweetie. I can't be there with you while you decide, because I don't want you to ever think that I forced you into anything against your will. You have my number, and if you choose to embrace your true self you can call me and I will come and get you and take you home with me, but if you choose to stay a grownup I will understand and respect your choice and never bother you again, I promise I will leave you to live your life any way you want. Take as much time as you need. Know that no matter what you decide I will always love you. Renee" Charlotte set the note down on the bed and sighed, reaching for the pacifier that had fallen from her mouth as she slept, returning it where it belonged before moving to the edge of the bed where she sat and thought for a minute before rising to her feet, her sodden diaper drooping low within the confines of the onsie. She shuffled over to her purse and pulled out the box she'd gotten from Kenneth Figueroa at the Walmart parking lot and shuffled back to the bed to open it. Inside the box was a portable USB drive and some packing material to keep it safe and she sighed again as she got off the bed and waddled over to her computer, sitting down at the little table with a pleasant squishiness between her and the chair from her wet diaper. Once she'd inserted the USB drive and opened it she was greeted to a single folder labeled "Truth" which she clicked on. Hundreds of photos loaded up, the thumbnails showing her that she was going to see images from within The Innocent compound. The first thumbnail wasn't a photo, but a video and she clicked it after a moment of hesitation and the video loaded up to reveal Kenneth Figueroa seated in a chair. "This here video is for you, Ms. King." he said in his thick Southern drawl. "I want you to know what kind of place and what kind of people yer gettin' involved with." he said. The video moved from him to a recording of a woman seated in a room with some kind of apparatus attached to her head and a monitor in front of her. The woman was staring blankly at the screen, a thin line of drool running down her chin. "This here woman came to us about a month ago freely and of her own accord, but she started makin' a fuss and talkin' about leavin' and now she's bein' "re-educated"." Kenneth explained, emphasizing the last word. "Basically this machine wipes her mind and makes her an empty headed baby woman that can be molded into a well behaved little toe muncher." he continued. "The Innocent does this to about fifteen people a year." he added. The video changed again to a young man with a blonde wig on, the wig styled into precious ringlets. He wore a bubblegum pink dress adorned with frills and lace and sat on a playmat with his legs splayed out in front of him, his black patent leather shoes wiggling back and forth happily as he played with and cuddled a doll while sucking his pink pacifier, a thick diaper similar to the one Charlotte herself was wearing, but pink peeking out beneath the layers of frills of his dress. "Stephanie here used to be Steven." Kenneth explained. "They didn't re-educate her, but she's definitely not the same young man that came here." he said. Stephanie looked up at the camera and giggled in an absolutely perfect little girl tone, soft and high and almost melodic. "Dada, watchoo doin'?" she asked. "Dada's jest makin' a little movie, babydoll." Kenneth told her. Stephanie nodded and returned her attention to her dolls. The video shifted once more and showed Stephanie on her back with her diaper open revealing that the girl was genuinely female now, her vagina coated with baby powder and rash cream. "They made her a girl fer real, they have the tools and the people trained to do stuff like that and more." Kenneth explained. "We've got people here that ain't nothin' but oversized newborns, not even able to lift their own heads up because they're so weak." he said. The final shift was back to Kenneth on his chair. "I know that Renee Dupree has been after you for a long time, and I know that she makes the things she does sound like heaven to people that are lookin' for a place like this, but she can't be trusted." he said. "Her parents run this place, have since before she was born, she's only interested in growing this place into something that's too big to be stopped. If she contacts you don't listen to her, unless you want a one way trip back to infancy for the rest of yer life." he explained. "Good luck, Ms. King, I hope I get to read yer story real soon." he added before the camera cut off. Charlotte sat back in her chair numbly, her mind racing with all the information she'd just had dumped onto her. Could she trust Renee? Could she trust Kenneth Figueroa? The rumble of her stomach brought her out of her thoughts and she stood up from her chair and started to head to the bathroom to take care of the new need that she had, but stopped, realizing she was and had been sucking her pacifier the entire time she'd been watching the video up to where she now stood. She knew she wasn't going to get anywhere further with her story with the information she had, she had to go further, get inside the compound and find a way to gather information and get out without ending up where the woman from the video was or worse. Moving back to the bed she picked up her phone and brought up the last call she'd received and squatted down as she initiated the call, pushing down on her bowels as the line rang. "That was fast." Renee said after the second ring. Her diaper began to fill with her mess as she softly grunted behind her pacifier. Renee's smile could be heard in her voice. "That sounds like Mommy is going to have a little present to take care of before she can take you home with her." she said. "Are you going poopy in your diaper, baby?" she asked. Charlotte grunted a few final times and gurgled an affirmative into the phone. "Mommy will be there soon, baby." Renee cooed softly before hanging up the phone. Charlotte dropped her phone and stood up slowly, her already heavy diaper feeling even heavier now, and smiled. "See you soon, Mommy." she thought to herself as she formulated her plan.
  11. Chapter Five The day after Charlotte's first bedwetting incident Renee had put her plans into motion, she was intoxicated by the ease with which she'd guided the girl to bend to her will and was eager to see just how far she could take things. With Charlotte in classes for the day she was free to do what she needed to do, starting by cleaning out a drawer for her new plaything and putting all of the brand new diapers they'd gone out to buy the day before in it. ************************************************************************ She'd been on the edge of arousal the entire time they were at the store, seeing Charlotte squirm uncomfortably as they stood in the baby section of Walmart, knowing that the girl's bottom was probably still stinging from the spanking she'd gotten before her shower. As powder and wipes went into the cart she watched the girl becoming more and more embarrassed, wondering if she could initiate a tantrum of some kind to allow for a public humiliation to further push the girl where she wanted her to be. "Be a dear and grab that rash cream there, sweetie." she cooed, delighting in the nervousness Charlotte displayed, looking around to see if anyone was listening or watching before quickly grabbing the tube of rash cream and dropping it into the cart as requested. Renee went to her and gently rubbed her back. "Hey, relax, it's not like anyone knows this stuff is for you." she said, not lowering her voice a bit. Charlotte's eyes went wide and she looked around again. "Renee, can we please just go?" she pleaded in a hushed whisper. "We just got here, silly!" she playfully chastised. "Besides, this is all the peripheral stuff, we haven't gotten your diapers yet." she added. "Shhhh!" Charlotte hissed, glaring at Renee for her total disregard for her privacy. "God, just shut up, the whole world doesn't need to know!" she spat in a low whisper. Renee kept her smile at bay, she was getting under Charlotte's skin and once she was there she could work the girl like a puppet. She put on her stern face and swatted Charlotte's backside once but sharply enough to make the girl yelp in surprise and probably pain. "You listen here, little girl, I'm here to help you with your problem because I care about you and want to be with you, but don't want to wake up drenched in pee, so you can either stow the attitude and apologize for acting like a brat or I can leave and you can sort things out for yourself." she said. "Oh, and that means finding your own way back to campus." she added. Charlotte seethed, she hated being talked down to, but it seemed to be happening more and more often with Renee. She really loved her, but it seemed like she was always treating her like a little kid, calling her "sweetie" and "little girl" and then there was the spanking and now all the things being put into the cart, it was all too much for her to think about what with school and her desire to be in a relationship with Renee. "I'm not trying to be rude, I just don't want you to treat me like a child, I want to be your girlfriend." she finally said, confessing something she wasn't sure she should given that she'd only just met this girl the day before. Renee's face softened and she pulled Charlotte in for a hug. "I want you to be my girlfriend too, Charlotte." she lied before abruptly breaking the embrace and looking Charlotte in the eyes. "The problem is that I can't be with you and just ignore your bedwetting," she began, making sure to put the childish label on Charlotte's overnight issue, "I care about you, but I also care about my furniture and need to take precautions, right?" she asked. Charlotte begrudgingly nodded. "Good, I'm glad we're on the same page then." Renee chirped happily. "But I still want you to apologize for being a brat to me." she added with a much more serious tone and look on her face. Charlotte stared in disbelief. "No." she said flatly. "We're equals, Renee, and I think you should apologize to me for continually trying to belittle me and treat me like a child." she said, swelling with pride for finally finding her voice and the resolve to stand up to Renee. Renee nodded. "That's how you see things?" she asked. Charlotte nodded, unsure where this was going. "Let me ask you a question, Charlotte, do I wet the bed?" she asked. Charlotte looked confused, "No?" she said, her tone making the response sound like a question more than a statement. "Do I have to suck my thumb to control myself when I'm crying after being spanked?" she asked. Charlotte looked down at the linoleum and shook her head. "Answer me!" Renee shouted. Startled, Charlotte jumped at the sudden yell. "No." she answered meekly. "Do you wet the bed?" Renee asked. "That was the first time-" Charlotte started to say but was cut off. "Yes, or no." Renee commanded sharply. Charlotte didn't want to answer. "I guess, yes." she finally said. "And did you need to suck your thumb to control yourself after I had to spank you?" Renee asked. "You made me suck my thumb!" Charlotte whined loudly, causing people passing by the aisle to turn and look her way. "It seems to me that a grownup girl shouldn't be able to be made to suck her thumb if she doesn't want to." Renee pointed out. "It seems to me that you're behavior hasn't done much to establish us as equals as you claim we are." she continued. "It seems to me that a grownup girl would recognize that she has a problem and would have the consideration to warn someone she's going to spend the night with that she wets the bed and should already have diapers as a precaution against such an event." she added. Charlotte was reaching her breaking point and finally snapped. "I don't wet the bed, it was an accident and it's unfair to make me wear diapers because of an accident!" she screamed. Renee felt triumph rise up in her and savored the feeling for the briefest of moments before springing her trap. "I'm done, Charlotte." she said, turning on her best performance of an exasperated person she could manage. "If you can't admit that you need diapers then you're clearly too immature to have a relationship with me, have a nice life." she spat as she began to storm off down the aisle, counting down from five in her head to hear Charlotte's response. "Please!" Charlotte cried out before Renee had even finished thinking the number four. "Please, what?" Renee said with a heavy sigh as she turned around slowly, as if she didn't really want to. Charlotte looked at the floor, her feet shuffling nervously as she fussed with her fingers near her chest like an apprehensive little girl. "Please don't leave me." she said quietly. "Why shouldn't I?" Renee asked, taking a step closer. Charlotte shrugged. "Because I don't want you to?" she asked. Renee stood her ground, deciding that she would move closer when the girl responded the way she wanted, would stay put when the response was neutral, and would step back if she didn't like the response. "Why don't you want me to?" she asked. Charlotte wiped her eyes with the back of her hands and sniffled. "Because I really like you." she said. Renee took a step closer. "And?" she asked. "And I want you to like me too and not be mad at me." Charlotte told her. Another step closer. "Are you sorry for acting like a brat and making a scene in the store?" Renee asked. Charlotte nodded slowly and started to cry in earnest. Renee stood her ground. "Use your words, little girl." she urged gently but forcefully. "I'm sorry for acting like a brat and making a scene in the store." Charlotte whimpered between pathetic sobs. Renee took a step forward. "Are you going to be a good girl and help me pick out diapers for you to wear to bed?" she asked, her pussy throbbing at the sheer amount of power she had over this girl in such a short amount of time. Charlotte cried harder but nodded. "Uh huh." she agreed. Renee took a step closer, almost to her prize. "Do you still think we're equals?" she asked. "I want us to be." Charlotte whined. Renee took a step back. "Can a bedwetting thumbsucker that's blubbering like a toddler on the baby aisle of a crowded store be the equal of an older, more mature woman that's here solely to buy diapers for the bedwetting thumbsucker that's blubbering like a toddler on the baby aisle of a crowded store?" she asked. Charlotte cried harder, Renee's words cutting right through everything, wounding her pride and self image worse than she'd ever felt. "Please, don't say things like that." she pleaded. Renee took another step back. "Are you not a bedwetting thumbsucker that's blubbering like a toddler on the baby aisle of a crowded store?" she asked. Charlotte turned and kicked the items on the bottom shelf sending packages of bottles and other baby paraphernalia clattering down the aisle. "Don't say that about me!" she shouted. Renee took another step back. "If you want me to stay you're going to need to clean that up before we can get your diapers because you clearly need a nap when we get back to my room." she said as if it was the most normal thing in the world to say to a seventeen year old girl in the midst of a temper tantrum. "Just go!" Charlotte screamed. "I can't be what you want anyway!" she added. "You can't be an emotionally stable adult that accepts responsibility for her actions?" Renee asked. Charlotte wiped her eyes and glared. "That's not what you want! You want me to be your little baby or something and you know it!" she shouted. Renee scoffed. "Well, you're certainly giving me what I want then." she said calmly. "Maybe I need to come over there and make you clean up the mess you made." she mused aloud as she took a step closer. Charlotte moved to the cart and began pulling the items from it, throwing them on the ground as she did. "Oh, you'd love that, wouldn't you?!" she screamed. Another step closer, avoiding the pack of wipes as it slid down the aisle beside her. "Yes, Charlotte, I love having to punish my girlfriend for throwing tantrums in public." she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Just leave me alone!" Charlotte yelled again. Another step, another item whizzing down the aisle as she moved. "I'm not going to leave you alone, Charlotte, I love you and I'm going to help you." she said. "You're not going to like the way I help you, but it will help you, trust me." she added. Charlotte was crying hysterically now and out of things to throw. "You don't love me, you couldn't!" she wailed. Renee closed the distance between them and hugged Charlotte tightly. "I do love you." she said softly. "I may not love your behavior, but I do love you." she said as she gently stroked the sobbing girl's hair as she hugged her. "I'm sorry." Charlotte wailed from the depths of Renee's warm embrace. "Not yet you aren't, but you will be." Renee told her with a kiss to the top of her head before letting her go and lifting the girl's head up so she was looking her in the eyes. "You're going to pick up everything you threw out of the cart and put it back in, pick up anything you knocked out of place and put it back where it goes and then you're going to come back to the cart and get into it so I can keep an eye on you." she explained calmly but authoritatively. "Am I understood, little girl?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. Charlotte sniffled and nodded and obediently went about her given tasks before hurrying back to the cart as commanded, working with Renee as she helped her up and into the large basket section of the cart, looking down at the floor through the mesh bottom and feeling ridiculously foolish not only for how she must look but for how she'd acted earlier. "I'm sorry, Renee." she mumbled quietly as they moved off the baby aisle and into the body of the store. Renee stopped the cart and smiled down at her charge. "Your hands are dirty from touching all those things so sucking your thumb is out, and I don't think you want me to go back and get you a pacifier, but I don't want to hear another peep out of you until we get back to my room." she said, her tone soft and sweet. Charlotte felt a shiver run down her spine as she nodded but remained quiet, knowing that a very long and very painful spanking was waiting for her once they got back. ************************************************************************ Charlotte had told her that she liked to listen to Jazz music while she slept, that it helped her wind down at the end of the day and provided something more pleasing than white noise. Renee had spent the majority of her day affixing the hypnosis files she'd downloaded from the internet to Charlotte's collection of music in the folder marked "Sleep". The first order of business for Renee was to ensure that Charlotte became a true bedwetter to justify the continued use of diapers. At the same time she included something to increase Charlotte's need for either her thumb or her, with time, a pacifier, and the final piece was a little something to lower Charlotte's resistance to her, a little thing to chip away at her confidence and allow Renee to more easily impose her will on the girl or deflate any arguments with ease. Charlotte never questioned Renee's use of earplugs to begin with, which made it all the easier to play the tainted music without fear of causing herself issues. With Charlotte properly diapered beside her that night, earplugs secured and the knowledge that Charlotte had turned on the music before the lights went out, Renee made the girl her little spoon and fell asleep with images of her girl one day wearing much more infantile diapers all the time and crying for her Mommy to change her when she inevitably used them. ************************************************************************ Charlotte sat on the floor of her hotel bathroom, shivering in her wet pants as she held the envelope from Renee in her hands, staring at the baby blocks spelling her name on the outside of it. She'd been sitting there long enough to feel the uncomfortable itch of her urine irritating her skin, but she couldn't seem to do anything but sit there and stare at the envelope. She turned it over and ripped it open with her finger, her breathing and heart rate picking up as she pulled out the piece of paper with the hotel stationary inside, Renee's beautiful handwriting filling the page and she began to read. When she'd finished the letter she began to sob uncontrollably and only the ringing of her phone managed to snap her out of it as she struggled to calm herself down enough to accept the unknown call. "Hello?" she asked weakly. "Don't cry, sweetie." came the sweet and familiar voice she'd found herself unable to fully stop missing. Charlotte sniffled. "What do you want, Renee?" she asked. "Have you forgotten your manners when talking to grownups, little girl?" Renee asked. Charlotte felt herself peeing again. "I didn't forget." she said quietly. Renee was silent for a moment. "Did you finish my letter?" she finally asked. Charlotte nodded before remembering to speak. "Yes." she answered, fighting the urge to refer to Renee as she used to. "Maybe a game will help you loosen up." Renee said. "If I can guess five things about you right now then you'll tell me what you thought of my letter, agreed?" she asked. Charlotte chewed her bottom lip. "Do I have a choice?" she asked. "You could hang up." Renee answered. "But we both know you won't." she added, her smug smile coming through the line. Charlotte sniffled again. "Fine." she said defeatedly. "You've started wetting the bed again." Renee began. Charlotte sighed. "True." she answered. "You're wet right now." Renee said. Charlotte shivered again. "True." she said sadly. "You're curious about what the message I left you meant." Renee said. "True." Charlotte agreed. "You want to know what happened to me and to all the other people that joined up with The Innocent." Renee said. "True" Charlotte agreed, watching her pee trail away from her in the cracks of the tile from her earlier wetting. "You want your Mommy to fix those yucky wet pants for you and get you into a nice dry diaper where you know you belong." Renee said. Charlotte shook her head. "False." she lied. There was a knock at the door to her room that made her jump. "Open the door, baby." Renee said on the phone. "Mommy isn't mad at you for fibbing, she just wants to take care of her baby." she explained. Slowly rising to her feet, Charlotte shuffled to the door and turned the lock to open before pressing down on the handle and slowly pulling the door open to reveal Renee standing on the other side. Renee smiled and lowered her phone from her ear and turned it off, dropping it into her purse. She was wearing high heels and a lovely blue dress that went almost to her ankles, her arms bare and her dark hair flowing down to her shoulders. "Are you going to invite me in?" she asked gently. Charlotte numbly stepped back to allow her to enter and let the door go once she'd crossed the threshold into the room, letting her phone drop to the floor as she breathed in the soft scent of Renee's perfume, savoring the respite of having to smell her own urine even for a moment. Renee had a pink canvas bag in her hands that she set on the bed, the same baby block design of "Charlotte" printed on the front of it. "So?" she asked as she took a seat on the bed and crossed her right leg over her left, leaning on that knee as she looked at Charlotte. "So, what?" Charlotte asked. "I guessed right five times and I want to know what you thought of my letter." Renee told her patiently. Charlotte shrugged. "Doesn't really matter what I think, does it?" she asked. "You're here now and you're going to do what you do best." she added sullenly. Renee frowned. "Same old Charlotte, passing off the responsibility to everyone else." she said. "I thought that maybe you would have grown up in the years since I last saw you." she commented. Charlotte sighed. "Look, your letter was everything I wanted to hear you say, okay!" she snapped. "You want the truth, Renee?" she asked. "Always, sweetheart." Renee said sweetly. "The truth is that you got into my head or my heart or whatever and I haven't ever been able to get you out." Charlotte began. "I've gone to therapy to get control of my bedwetting and my urges to suck my thumb or a pacifier and I did, but there's a part of me that wishes I could've stayed with you and been-" she stopped abruptly and lowered her head. "Say it." Renee urged. Charlotte shook her head. "Come here." Renee quietly told her. Charlotte shuffled closer until she stood in front of Renee on the bed. "Look at me." Renee whispered. Charlotte lifted her head, her eyes red as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I have always loved you, Charlotte." Renee told her as she went into the diaper bag and produced some tissues she used to wipe Charlotte's eyes and then held the tissues over the girl's nose. "Blow." she commanded. Charlotte blew her nose into the tissues and watched Renee wad them up and set them on the bed. "All I've ever wanted was to take care of you and make you happy." Renee continued. "Everything I did was to help you and try and give you a happy life with me." she added. Charlotte shook her head. "You told my parents about..." she trailed off and finally found the word, "everything." she said. "I thought that if they knew what you were going through they would ease up on you about school." Renee told her. "They fucking disowned me!" Charlotte shouted, looking sheepish when Renee's face turned to disappointment. "I'm sorry for swearing and for raising my voice, but you made things so much worse for me." she explained. Renee's face softened again. "I know, and if you'd given me a chance to explain I would have told you why I did what I did." she said. "You just cut me out of your life and transferred schools without so much as a goodbye." she added, her eyes beginning to tear up. "I was your Mommy, Charlotte, I took care of you and gave you all my love and attention and you just disappeared without a word." she said as she began to cry. Charlotte shifted uncomfortably and dropped her gaze to the floor. "I'm sorry." she whispered. "I was angry and I, well, you know how I get, I thought you were manipulating my life and trying to ruin it and I'm just sorry for hurting you." she explained. Renee grabbed more tissues and wiped her own eyes. "I forgive you." she said softly. "I'd pull you onto my lap for some cuddles, but you're absolutely soaked and this is an expensive dress." she said. Charlotte tugged at her wet pants and whimpered. "If it's alright with you I'd like to help you take a bath and then maybe we can see what I brought for you in the bag here." Renee offered. "Or, I can leave you alone to handle things yourself and if you feel like seeing me again you can call me up." she added. Charlotte chewed on her lower lip but said nothing and kept her eyes on the floor. Renee turned and dug into the bag and pulled out a white adult sized pacifier adorned with the same "Mute Button" front as the one Charlotte had so many years earlier and went back for a second one, this one purple and glittery with "Mommy's Princess" on the front and held them out to where Charlotte could see them. Charlotte said nothing but made her decision and followed behind Renee as she led her by the hand to the bathroom to give her newly returned princess a bath.
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  13. Chapter Four To celebrate her eighteenth birthday, Renee had offered to take her to get her first tattoo. The couple had been together for the four months leading up to her birthday, and Charlotte had only fallen deeper in love with the older woman in that time. She of course wished that certain aspects of their relationship were a bit more normal, but everything Renee did was out of love and in an effort to help Charlotte remain a "good girl". In their time together Charlotte had developed a nightly bedwetting problem, one that Renee accepted and helped her with, reminding her when Charlotte balked at something that Charlotte was always free to try and find someone that would want to share a bed with a silly little bedwetter like her. She'd grown accustomed to being talked to like she was little more than a child, her actions at times proving as much and earning her childish punishments like spankings and timeouts, but Renee always cuddled her afterward and reminded her that the punishments were for her own good, which given her improved grades and manners, she had to believe was true. "But why?!" Charlotte whined, sounding very much like a small child on the verge of a tantrum, her arms folded and a definite pout forming on her face. Renee sighed. "Because tattoos can take a long time and it's not always easy to stop so little girls like you can use the potty." she explained. "But I only have that problem at bedtime!" Charlotte protested. Renee raised an eyebrow. "Really? So it wasn't you that was crying onto my shoulder in the parking lot of the music festival last month because you wet your pants?" she asked. Charlotte looked down at her feet. "That was different." she said quietly. Renee went to her and lifted her chin. "Wet pants are wet pants, sweetie." she said simply. "It wasn't my fault, the porta potties were gross and the line was so long before I even got into one and-" she started but was cut off by Renee putting a finger to her lips. The older girl smiled warmly. "Here's what's going to happen," she began, "you're going to go to your drawer and get your binky and then lay down so I can get you into a diaper for while we're out." she explained, her tone calm and quiet but one reserved for a parent talking to their child. "You're going to do that without anymore fussing or you'll have a sore bottom inside that diaper, am I understood, young lady?" she asked. Charlotte wondered for a moment why she allowed Renee to treat her this way, allowed her to infantilize her and behave like she was her babysitter rather than her girlfriend, but she wondered these things while she was scuttling over to "her drawer" and obediently opening it. The drawer had gotten quite full over the months, mostly with diapers for her nighttime problem, but the side that wasn't full of the plastic backed underthings looked like any other drawer in any other nursery. Pacifiers had come into play as a way to quiet both Charlotte's apparently louder than average reactions to sexual congress as well as to stifle the girl when she was punished, the most frequently used one, the one that Charlotte knew Renee was expecting her to grab was plain white but had "Mute Button" printed on the front of it. The bottles in the drawer were initially used as a way for Renee to meter out the alcoholic drinks she'd allow the underage girl to imbibe on occasion, citing that if Charlotte had too much at once she'd get drunk far too quickly to enjoy anything. Gradually, they became a way for Renee to keep Charlotte in check with regards to her status as a bedwetter, explaining that if the girl couldn't be trusted to not leak while she was sleeping, how could she be trusted not to also spill a drink. The most pathetic thing about all of it, at least in Charlotte's mind, was that nothing Renee was saying or doing was out of line. She couldn't really argue with the logic that a bottle might be safer given the number of glasses she'd spilled in her time with Charlotte, nor could she argue that the pacifier, while embarrassing to use, did help her calm down after a session across Renee's lap. More to the point, Renee always made her feel loved, even if she did tease and punish quite often, she also doled out aftercare in abundance, and part of Charlotte felt that if Renee wanted her to do or use these things that not doing so would be rude or insulting to her which may result in Charlotte losing Renee altogether. Charlotte grabbed her mute button and one of the thinner, cloth backed diapers and turned to move back to Renee. "In." Renee said simply, eyeing the pacifier in Charlotte's hand. Without hesitation the pacifier was brought up to her mouth and inserted. "Good girl." Renee praised. "That diaper won't do, get one of your nighttime ones." she commanded. Charlotte sighed quietly and turned back around, replacing the diaper in her hand with one of the much thicker ones from the drawer and made her way to the bed. Renee handled Charlotte's diapering exclusively, occasionally turning the process into a sexual experience if Charlotte had earned that or if Renee was interested in doing so. The process had become so routine that Charlotte had long since stopped paying attention to it unless she felt the familiar sensations of Renee winding her up for special release, which she felt no signs of and simply lay still until she was told to lift her bottom and wait until the diaper was brought up and taped into place. "Do you want to see it?" Renee had asked her as Charlotte was smoothing out the few wrinkles in her dress as she adjusted it to ensure it covered her diaper. Charlotte looked at her in confusion but kept sucking her pacifier, knowing that without permission to remove it once she'd been told to use it she'd be looking at a punishment. "Your tattoo, silly girl!" Renee clarified before going to the desk and retrieving a notebook, pulling a single piece of paper from it and handing it to Charlotte. The paper had a drawing of baby blocks that spelled out Charlotte's name with a lovely cursive ampersand beneath it and Renee's name beneath that in the same elegant cursive creating an odd juxtaposition between Charlotte's name and Renee's that fit their relationship perfectly. Charlotte looked up from the paper to Renee who had an excited, expectant look on her face, and removed her pacifier. "Are you fucking kidding?" she asked icily after spitting her pacifier to the floor. The room was silent for what seemed like an eternity until Renee finally spoke. "Young lady I-" she began but was cut off by Charlotte who rose to her feet and crumpled the paper up before throwing it to the ground. "I am not your child!" Charlotte snapped. "This make believe bullshit game of house you've got us playing is fucking over, Renee!" she screamed. "Either you start treating me like your girlfriend or I'm fucking done with you!" she managed to get out before the tears that had been forming in her eyes spilled out and down her cheeks. Renee said nothing, she just narrowed her gaze at the girl in front of her, noting that she was visibly shaking from rage. "Let me ask you a question, Charlotte." she said coolly as she moved to the bed and sat down. "What have I done to you that's made you lash out like this?" she asked. The rage took hold again and Charlotte launched into a tirade. "You make me wear diapers, you make me suck on pacifier and bottles, you spank me, do I need to go on?!" she screamed hysterically. Renee nodded calmly. "So I made you wet the bed every night which requires you to wear protection to keep from ruining another mattress?" she asked. Charlotte felt the sting of defeat even from just those few words, knowing that Renee was about to tear down her argument systematically and leave her feeling foolish for having behaved the way she did, this wasn't the first time this kind of thing had happened. "No, but-" she was stopped as Renee continued. "Did I make you spill numerous drinks in here that makes having you use a more secure container for your drinks a wise decision?" she asked. "No, ma'am." Charlotte said, falling effortlessly back into her role as the chastised child. "Did I force you to throw such emotional hissy fits that a pacifier seemed like a good idea to help you calm down?" Renee asked. Charlotte shook her head. "No, ma'am." she said quietly. Renee stood up. "I've never tried to treat you like a child, Charlotte, I've simply tried to help you the best I can with your issues." she began. "The fact that you, an adult woman, need things like diapers and pacifiers and bottles is nothing short of pathetic, but because I love you I give you the things that you clearly need." she explained. Charlotte felt very foolish and cast her eyes to the floor. "Do you think I asked to have a girlfriend that needed to have her piss soaked diapers changed every morning?" she asked. Charlotte shook her head and chewed her lower lip nervously. "Do you think it makes me happy that the only way I can get through to you is by spanking you, and to not do so would be consenting to your childish behavior?" she asked. Charlotte again shook her head, wishing she hadn't spit her pacifier out. "I have tried to be accepting and tolerant of your backwards development and have done my best to show you that I love you and want you to grow up and out of these behaviors, but all I get from you is tantrums and pouting." she said. "If I didn't love you so much I wouldn't bother trying to take care of you and support you." she added. Charlotte began to cry and gave up her attempts to hide her desires and turned and retrieved her pacifier from the floor and put it back into her mouth, sucking on it almost frantically as she kept her gaze on the floor. Renee scoffed. "That's exactly what I'm talking about." she said. "You throw a big tantrum about not being treated like an adult and the second I start poking holes in your argument you go and prove what a little girl you actually are by crying and rushing to get your binky." she explained. Charlotte sniffled and slowly nodded her head as her mouth worked the teat of the pacifier, hoping that if she showed Renee she wasn't going to argue anymore that she wouldn't be mad with her and would just let the whole thing drop. "Honestly, Charlotte, I just don't know what to do with you anymore." Renee said with an exasperated sigh. "I've tried to help you in every way I can, but you fight me almost every step of the way and then get mad at me when you realize that you're being treated like an overgrown toddler," she continued, her gaze locked on Charlotte. "but manage to ignore the fact that you're actions have shown that to be the best way to treat you. So, you tell me what I'm supposed to do." she said. Charlotte didn't look up, she just stood there and sucked her pacifier as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Now's your chance, Charlotte." Renee said, her voice a little louder and more insistent. "If you want me to treat you like a grownup, like my girlfriend, then you need to tell me how to do that when you're standing in front of me crying and sucking a pacifier with a diaper on under your dress." she added. Charlotte just wanted the fight to be over. She'd been shown the error of her ways and just wanted Renee to stop chastising her and hug her and dry her tears and tell her she loved her. "This is your last chance, Charlotte." Renee warned. "If you don't speak up right now and join the adult conversation we're having about our adult relationship," she said, placing added emphasis on the word "adult" each time she said it. "then I'm going to have to assume that either you're telling me you're not an adult and I need to accept that I'm more your Mommy than your girlfriend." she said, placing significant emphasis on the word "mommy". Charlotte sniffled as she listened to Renee. She felt like everything was falling apart and all because she'd gotten so hung up on stupid things like whether wearing a diaper made her somehow less of an adult, forgetting that her girlfriend loved her despite her need to wear the diapers and despite her need for a pacifier and despite her need for a bottle. Renee rose from the bed and walked to Charlotte, standing in front of the girl that wouldn't look up, "Or maybe you're too afraid to tell me that you're breaking up with me, in which case I want you to leave right now." she said coldly. Charlotte's blood went cold and she finally looked up, her eyes wide and red and puffy as she shook her head vehemently and began to spout a string of impassioned apologies and pleas for forgiveness in the most infantile, pacifier garbled way without any hint of embarrassment or even realization that she sounded like a toddler fighting to stay out of the naughty corner. Renee listened, though most of the babble spouting from Charlotte was indecipherable, she got the gist of what the girl was trying to say, and waited for her to finish blubbering before speaking again. "I don't know how I'm supposed to trust you, Charlotte." she began. "If I do forgive you for attacking me for no reason and accusing me of doing things to you, making me sound like a manipulative monster, I need some kind of assurance that you're not going to turn around in a few days or weeks or months and do the exact same thing again." she explained. Charlotte thought, her pacifier rapidly bobbing in her mouth as she nervously sucked on it, her mind coming up with no way of showing Renee she was sincere beyond her apologies. "Show me that you accept responsibility for your behavior." Renee said after seeing Charlotte had nothing. "Show me that you accept that you're infantile actions earned you your diapers, pacifier, bottles, all of it." she continued. Charlotte looked up at her and felt so lost and alone, why couldn't Renee just hug her and tell her everything was okay again? How was she supposed to show her any of that? Renee looked into those big brown eyes and smiled softly at the confused girl, taking her hands gently into her own and lowering herself to a squat, lightly pulling on Charlotte's hands to get the girl to follow her down before letting go of her hands and standing slowly back up, looking down at the now squatting Charlotte with tenderness. "If you want me to believe that you're sincere in your apology for your little tantrum then you need to show me that you're done pretending you're an equal partner in our relationship." she explained slowly and calmly. Charlotte looked up at her, wobbling in her squatted position as she looked all the way up at Renee's face, the change in perspective giving her the feeling that she really was the little girl Renee perceived her to be. Working the pacifier in her mouth rhythmically she nodded along with what Renee was saying, though she had to admit she'd missed most of it focusing on keeping her balance. "Show me that you're ready to accept that you need bottles and pacifiers and diapers because you're really not a big girl but a very little girl that's been playing pretend." Renee continued, her voice becoming more soothing and relaxing as she continued speaking. Charlotte's legs were growing increasingly unstable and she finally gave up her fight and allowed herself to tip backward so she was seated for a moment, her diaper crinkling beneath her dress. Craning her neck to look up at Renee tipped her back further and she finally came to rest on her back. Renee smiled down at Charlotte and knelt down between the girl's legs, lifting the girl's dress to reveal the diaper beneath before she placed a hand on the front of it. "Wet your diaper for me, baby." she commanded sweetly, her eyes locked on Charlotte's own. Charlotte hesitated, her mind trying to come to terms with everything that had transpired in the last few minutes, but the hand on her diaper pressed more insistently. "If you don't wet your diaper then I have to assume you're either lying to me about being sorry or you don't want to be with me anymore." Renee mused aloud, her hand gently caressing the front of the diaper. Charlotte's eyes went wide, she couldn't let Renee think that! Renee smiled and moved her hand downward to cup the lower middle portion of the diaper when she heard the sound of Charlotte relieving herself, the warmth of the diaper as it absorbed the wetness made her wish she could touch herself, but she was so close now to getting what she wanted that she couldn't jeopardize it for the sake of fleeting gratification. "Good baby." she cooed as the flow slowed and finally stopped. Charlotte suckled her pacifier and smiled up at Renee, she was happy and proud of her again and everything was going to be okay. "Now mess your diaper." Renee commanded in that same sweet and soothing tone. Charlotte didn't mean to, but reflex took over and she shook her head in protest. Renee's smile faded and she shook her head, removing her hand from Charlotte's diaper and covering her face. "I was so stupid to believe that you were actually mature enough to stop pretending you were a big girl." she chided herself. "I guess my love and acceptance of your infantile tendencies isn't enough." she added mournfully, her skills as an actress working overtime to sell her feigned sorrow. Charlotte babbled at her, waving her arms to get her attention, trying to tell her that she hadn't meant to disobey her, it was just reflex, but Renee wasn't looking at her. The little muffled toot brought a smile to her face when she heard it, but she had to force that smile to go away before she uncovered her face and saw Charlotte with her legs pulled up to her chest, eyes shut tight as she grunted and strained quietly through her pacifier. Renee reached out and gently placed a hand onto Charlotte's stomach, rubbing a small circle lightly but firmly just above the top of the girl's diaper. "You can do it, baby, fill your diaper up for me." she praised softly. If something as simple as a messy diaper would show Renee that she loved her and was serious about her apology then that's what she would give her, it wasn't the worst thing she'd ever have to experience in her life. The event was over fairly quickly, Renee having stopped the rubbing of Charlotte's stomach once the diaper began to bulge outward, instead holding her hand over the forming lump with a pleased smile on her face until Charlotte had finished and opened her eyes. "You're a very good, very little baby, aren't you, Charlotte?" Renee asked in her syrupy sweet tone. Charlotte nodded. Renee leaned forward and helped her girl up from the floor and onto her lap, Charlotte's legs splayed out behind her as she hugged the girl tightly and rubbed her back with one hand and patted the lumpy seat of her diaper with the other. "If you ask like a good baby, we can get you into a clean diaper before we go out." she cooed, leaning Charlotte back so they were facing one another as she removed the pacifier from the girl's mouth with a wet popping sound. "May I please have a clean diaper?" Charlotte asked in her most polite and respectful tone. Renee shook her head. "Do babies speak that clearly, sweetie?" she asked. Charlotte shook her head and nervously eyed her pacifier. "Try again." Renee urged. "Can...me...hab..cween...diapie...peese?" she asked, thinking carefully as she chose each word. "Who are you asking?" Renee asked. Charlotte looked confused. "...you?" she said questioningly. Renee smiled. "And who am I?" she asked. Charlotte had begun to move her thumb to her mouth to calm herself in the absence of her binky, her fixation keeping her from answering. Renee guided the girl's eyes to her own with a lift of her finger beneath the girl's chin. "Who changes baby when she has a stinky diaper?" Renee asked. Charlotte's thumb found its way into her mouth, a poor substitute for her binky, but it helped her to collect her jumbled thoughts long enough to finally answer the question. "Mommy." she said sweetly, looking into the eyes of the woman that loved her and was going to take care of her. "Would you like for Mommy to change your stinky diaper, baby?" Renee asked softly as she gently patted the seat of her girl's diaper once more, reinforcing the knowledge that there was a mess in there that Charlotte couldn't possibly deal with on her own. Charlotte hesitated until her thumb was removed and replaced with her binky along with a kiss on the tip of her nose that made her giggle and she nodded and gurgled something contentedly before she slumped into Renee and hugged her tightly.
  14. Chapter Three The dream hadn't happened for some time, but it was the exact same as it had always been despite years of nonexistence. "Dream" would imply that it was an imagined event or series of events, but this was really just a memory with facets turned up to eleven, proportions distorted and things occurring in a perfect sequence to maximize the negative impact on the dreamer, Charlotte in this case. She found herself back in Renee's bed the morning after their first meeting and sexual congress. Her eyes opened slowly as the sun filtered in through the cracks in the blinds and she momentarily forget where she was and what had happened the night before until the acrid scent of urine mixed with the lingering perfume of her previous night's orgasm filled her nostrils. The blankets were suddenly off of her as she threw them aside and found the ridiculously large wet spot beneath her, the makeshift diaper that Renee had put on her the night before had become a wad of soaked material in a still beaded with her urine grocery bag and all she could do was stare in disbelief at it, her mind reeling to try and understand what had happened to cause this. Renee was waking up beside her, stirring softly and moving to look at her, and Charlotte panicked and covered herself back up as if the wet blankets could vanish the evidence of her accident like some sort of magician's trick. With her heart racing in her chest she tried to think of something, anything she could do or say to make this alright, to not have this woman she'd fallen for overnight wake to find that she'd shamefully desecrated the grounds of their relationship consummation with the least sexy and adult act imaginable to her. "What's that smell?" Renee said sleepily. "Did you-" The followup question never came because Renee was up in a flash, the blankets thrown aside to the floor in a heap revealing the full extent of what Charlotte had done, the wet spot beneath her spreading over to Renee's side of the bed, the girl's sleepwear soaked the same as the bed. Charlotte began to stammer and try to explain but her breathing had gotten so rapid that all she could do was sit there and look at Renee as she launched into a tirade that Charlotte wouldn't ever be able to forget. "I cannot believe you, Charlotte!" she shouted, now on her knees on the bed pulling her wet shirt away from her with a look of disgust on her face. "I'm s-" Charlotte had started to say but was silenced immediately by Renee holding up her hand in a "stop" signal and shushing her harshly. "I don't want to hear your apologies or excuses, little girl!" she snapped before grabbing Charlotte's hand and forcing it into the position she wanted before bringing it up to Charlotte's face, the newly extended thumb of her left hand being shoved into her mouth. "Little bedwetters like you don't get to speak when a grownup is talking to them." Renee declared with unwavering authority. Charlotte sat in dumbstruck surprise, her thumb remaining in her mouth out of fear that she would push the already enraged Renee over the proverbial edge if she defied her. Renee sighed heavily and gently guided Charlotte back down so the girl was fully on her back. "You know, there was a part of me that thought I shouldn't have trusted you in a homemade diaper." she began as she got off the bed to fetch the scissors. "I thought I should go out and get some proper diapers for you to sleep in, but you were so adamant that you weren't a baby and that you didn't want to wear them that I thought maybe I was wrong about you and you wouldn't actually need them." she continued as she cut through the tape around the waistline of the makeshift diaper and removed the sodden mass from Charlotte's body. Charlotte inhaled sharply through her nose as the cool air in the room hit her lower half, the feeling of not having a swampy and muggy lump of plastic encased toweling hugging her and finally getting fresh air to her skin was refreshing she had to admit. "Now, do you like me?" Renee asked once the bundle in her hands was dropped off the end of the bed into the trashcan by her desk with a dense wet thud. Charlotte pulled her thumb from her mouth and watched as Renee immediately smacked her inner thigh with an open palm. "Did I say you could stop sucking your thumb, little girl?" she asked rhetorically, nodding in approval as Charlotte immediately reinserted her thumb to her mouth. "Good girl, now, do you like me?" she asked again, slower and more deliberate as if she didn't fully trust Charlotte to understand what she was saying. Charlotte nodded eagerly. "I can't hear you." Renee told her. "Weth a wige oo." Charlotte said through her thumb. Renee nodded. "Good!" she chirped approvingly. "Do you want to continue to see me?" she asked. "Weth a woo wige do, beathe." Charlotte responded, making sure to throw a polite "please" in the mix to show she was in fact a good girl. Renee smiled and nodded. "Good." she said. "If that's true then you're going to agree to the new rules I have for you, any of which will cause us not to see each other anymore if you break them, am I understood, little girl?" she asked. Charlotte swallowed hard and nodded, realizing her mistake quickly and correcting herself with a quiet, "Weth, mom." which she wanted to be taken as "ma'am" but Renee's smile made her forget the wish instantly. "Very good." Renee said. "Now, first thing's first, you need to be punished for not only your naughtiness of not accepting something you clearly needed, proper diapers for bedtime, but also for ruining my mattress." she explained. "I'll give you a choice, you can accept less spankings but with a paddle," she began, moving to her dresser and bringing out a large wooden paddle with hearts cut out in the body of it, testing it softly against the flat of her other hand. "or we can go with a traditional bare hand spanking but you'll get more." she said as she took a seat back on the bed. The dream always shifted time forward at that point, moving past the horribly embarrassing decision that Charlotte finally came to, her eyes spilling out tears at the humiliation of receiving a spanking from a girl she was attracted to and also the thought of how much a spanking would actually hurt when delivered by the paddle she eventually chose. The dream picked up as the last blow from the paddle connected with her sore and still damp from her overnight exploits behind and she was helped off of Renee's lap and back onto the bed, her sobbing barely contained by the thumb she'd not only kept in her mouth but that she was now actively nursing on between her pathetic cries and whimpers. "Now that we're back on track, I want you to go down the hall and shower up so we can go out and get you some proper diapers for future sleepovers." Renee told her. Moving gingerly, every shift bringing a stinging reminder of her punishment radiating up her body, Charlotte got off the bed and went to grab her clothes from the floor but was stopped by a hard swat to her already sore bottom. "First of all, I did NOT give you permission to remove your thumb from your mouth." she chided with a stern gaze on her face. "Second, those are dirty clothes, grab a towel from the closet and I'll get some clothes together for you while you're gone." she explained. Charlotte quickly returned her thumb to her mouth with a resigned whimper and went to the closet, her face flushing when all she found in the way of a towel was a bubblegum pink Hello Kitty printed affair which she grabbed and held up with pleading eyes directed at Renee. "Yes, that's the only towel left, sweetie." she said as she turned and picked up the trashcan and tipped it to show the wadded up towels in the bottom. "We can't have you using your peepee towels to dry off, can we?" she asked rhetorically, a smile plastered on her face as she looked at Charlotte and got off the bed to take the towel and loosely secure around the younger girl's waist like a dress to cover her naked lower half. "Now don't you tinkle on that one, young lady." she teased as she turned the girl around and guided her out the door and into the hallway, shutting the door behind her. So it was that seventeen year old Charlotte King left the dorm room of her crush, thumb firmly planted in her mouth, childish Hello Kitty towel tied around her, her plump behind throbbing with every step as the few random girls in the hall giggled and whispered as she walked to the showers. ************************************************************************ She knew even before she was fully awake that she'd wet the bed, she always did when she had that dream, or memory, dreamory? For nearly two years after she'd severed all ties with Renee she wet the bed nightly, something she blamed on Renee for obvious reasons, and only after extensive therapy did she finally overcome the embarrassing remnants of her time with Renee. Letting her thumb fall from her mouth and wiping away the tears that had formed from the events of her dream, she got up from the bed and stripped out of her wet clothes, piling them up on the wet bedding and making her way to the bathroom for a long hot shower. Shower time was thinking time for Charlotte, it was the time where she allowed herself to contemplate the larger things in her life, things that everyday life kept her from thinking about. She thought about the dream, assuming it had occurred after a lengthy hiatus because of the phone message from Renee, but it still bothered her. As the water cascaded down her body she thought more about Renee's message, wondering why Renee would ask her to apologize to her mother for her when she knew she'd have no way of doing so. She washed herself and wondered if maybe the sentiment wasn't the important part, but rather the actual act, if maybe Renee wanted her to go to the cemetery where her mother was buried, it was worth looking into after she'd wrapped up with her interview today. ************************************************************************ She'd arranged to meet Kenneth Figueroa in the parking lot of the Walmart on the outskirts of town, somewhere public and crowded but with enough privacy that she could get what she needed from him without interruption. She'd packed both pepper spray and a stun gun in her purse, just in case and written an apology note to the cleaning lady with a hefty tip on the nightstand for the trouble of having to clean a grown woman's pissy sheets despite the knowledge that far worse had to have been done in the career of hotel housekeeping. The drive out of town was calm and uneventful, allowing her further time to think. Something about Renee's call was eating at her, it didn't fit with the narrative she'd built up so far. If Renee was clearly in control of Steven when the picture of the two of them was taken and the letter to his mother written, why would she all of a sudden be afraid and calling Renee with cryptic messages? Near as she could tell, Renee was someone very useful to The Innocent, someone that wouldn't be in their crosshairs without very good reason. The other part of that scenario that bothered her was Renee calling her of all people. Given their long estrangement and the way things ended between them, Renee wouldn't expect her to drop anything to help her no matter how afraid she was or how important. "Could she know about the story?" Charlotte wondered. "Was Renee reaching out to her to try and get her claws into again after so many years apart?" She shook off the thoughts as she saw the Walmart looming on the horizon and put her game face on. Kenneth Figueroa was parked at the end of the parking lot near the tire center, his beat up old truck sat alone as Charlotte pulled in next to him and rolled down her window. Kenneth leaned over inside the truck and rolled down the passenger side window. He didn't look to be an overly large man, but he was definitely imposing looking enough for Charlotte to put her hand inside her bag and clutch the pepper spray container within. "Lovely weather today, isn't it?" he asked in a thick Southern drawl, his eyes hidden behind a pair of dark aviator sunglasses, his 70's pornstar mustache twitching as he looked at her and then over his shoulder to check the parking lot behind him. "Only lemonade could make it better." Charlotte answered, giving him the other half of the code phrase they'd agreed upon. Kenneth leaned down and opened his glove box and held up a brown cardboard box about the size of a novel and twice as thick. "I won't ask ya ta git in ma car or nothin' like that, miss, a lady needs ta protect herself." he said and tossed the box out of his window and onto the roof of her car with near perfect execution, the box stopping right above her head. Reaching her hand upward out the window she felt around for the box and pulled it into the car before looking to him again. "Ain't a bomb or nothin', just some things that might help ya out." he told her with a smile and a polite nod. "Now, you don't contact me no more after I leave, y'hear? I got a little girl ta look after and this kinda thing ain't safe." he said. Charlotte nodded. "Thank you, Mr.-" she started but stopped when she saw he was already rolling his window back up and starting his car. After rolling up her own window she looked around the parking lot, made sure her doors were locked, and broke the tape sealing one end of the box with her fingernail, opening it slowly and tipping it toward her open hand. A thick envelope landed first closely followed by a USB stick, a quick peek into the box showed nothing else and she returned both items to the box and set it on the passenger seat before starting her car and leaving the parking lot. ************************************************************************ Back at the hotel, she parked her car and made her way into the lobby, stopping off at the front desk to check her messages, wondering if Ron might have reached out to her to check on her progress. "Yes ma'am, a woman stopped by and left a note for you." the man behind the counter told her as he went to the bank of numbered slots on the wall and pulled an envelope from the one with her room number. "A woman?" Charlotte asked. "What did she look like?" "About yay tall," he said, holding his hand a few inches taller than Charlotte. "fair skin, dark hair, maybe your age or thereabouts." he told her. "Renee." Charlotte thought to herself before absently muttering words of thanks to the man and taking her letter to head for the elevator. Once the elevator doors closed she looked at the envelope in her hands and exhaled shakily when she saw what was written on the outside of it. She felt a tickle between her thighs and knew that she was having an accident, but that wasn't of any concern to her at the moment, all that she was thinking of was that Renee knew where she was and was sending her a message. On the front of the envelope was a quickly drawn doodle of a set of baby blocks in a row, each letter of which formed Charlotte's name. She'd seen this drawing before and knew what the message was, "Mommy's not happy.".