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  1. Hopefully my partner will be open to making ABDL furniture, she's a carpenter.
  2. I have not had great experiences with the people I've met there. Plus lots of drama.
  3. Nowhere did I specify I wanted pics of the attendees. Just wanted more content on the site in general as opposed to FetLife which I greatly dislike.
  4. They need more pics and info on their site, I hate using Fetlife.
  5. Hey there, @NaughtyBabyBoy22! I saw that you started following my profile and I'm flattered! ♡

    Might I ask what made you follow me? I've barely been active here in the past few months.

    (P.s. would've said this in a PM but you have messages blocked.)

  6. Hay I'm try to see if i can talk to someone cause i Don't have a computer and I'm doing this on my PlayStation can you send me a private message so i can see if it works i keep message people and I'm not getting anything back im new to Abdl and starting to get let down i was trying to find others like me that like diaper .

    1. Diapers4life297


      O and thelive chat Don't work for me

  7. NaughtyBabyBoy22

    just a baby in a playpen

    When was this.
  8. Miss seeing you around hun *hug*

  9. I live.

    1. Abi


      That's good to hear

      Haven't seen you around in EVER such a long time.


  10. I'm still alive.

    1. Abi


      I'm glad to hear it hun

  11. Hey, glad you're back friend! :D

  12. Are you coming back? Miss you friend :(

  13. Glad to see you back!