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  1. Chatroom seems to have broke.

  2. NaughtyBabyBoy22

    baby girl

    When was this? 🥰
  3. Hopefully my partner will be open to making ABDL furniture, she's a carpenter.
  4. I have not had great experiences with the people I've met there. Plus lots of drama.
  5. Nowhere did I specify I wanted pics of the attendees. Just wanted more content on the site in general as opposed to FetLife which I greatly dislike.
  6. They need more pics and info on their site, I hate using Fetlife.
  7. Hey there, @NaughtyBabyBoy22! I saw that you started following my profile and I'm flattered! ♡

    Might I ask what made you follow me? I've barely been active here in the past few months.

    (P.s. would've said this in a PM but you have messages blocked.)

  8. Hay I'm try to see if i can talk to someone cause i Don't have a computer and I'm doing this on my PlayStation can you send me a private message so i can see if it works i keep message people and I'm not getting anything back im new to Abdl and starting to get let down i was trying to find others like me that like diaper .

    1. Diapers4life297


      O and thelive chat Don't work for me

  9. Miss seeing you around hun *hug*

  10. I live.

    1. Abi


      That's good to hear

      Haven't seen you around in EVER such a long time.


  11. Hey, I'm alive.

    1. sissyB


      I'm sorry. When I came here I was going through a manic phase and got way too involved in the sexual side of this community. I'm trying to distance myself from all of this and turn my life around. I'm going to try to delete my account, so you probably won't be hearing from me again. I'm sorry. Thanks for being a good friend. I wish you the best.

  12. I'm still alive.

    1. Abi


      I'm glad to hear it hun