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  1. Lost a Facebook Friend today

    Cinema Snob?
  2. Hi I am Kristen, NY ABDL

    Hi, welcome to the site!
  3. Skype doesn't seem to be working on your end...

  4. bytemine and old ABDL content

    Bytemine is still up, the free stuff anyways which is pretty extensive.
  5. A Worrying Future for Disposable Nappies/Diapers?

    However cloth diapers are pretty much totally impractical outside the home. No one wants to lug around dirty diapers.
  6. I thought I'd drop by and say hi

  7. 20 Week Unpotty Training Update

    Greetings fellow Ohioan!
  8. Imma Mess

    See a doctor immediately!
  9. Do you not come into chat anymore?

    1. SunOfSheep


      I havent had much free time anymore to  come on :(

    2. NaughtyBabyBoy22
  10. Upcoming horror movie "Adult Babies"?

    Looks like it's so bad nobody wanted to update the info for IMDB.
  11. You not coming back? Miss seeing an older member like you not around.

  12. Boy/girl friends in Cleveland

    Eastern Ohio!
  13. Abdls in the western pennsylvania area

    Eastern Ohio
  14. Hangs out in Walmart to Diaper Up

    He was homeless apparently, so probably not a true ABDL.
  15. So sorry about your diagnosis! :(