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  1. A good quality disposable, with a cloth pull-up brief, and then good-fitting plastic pants used to be my nighttime attire....worked great...never any leaks, and I'm a side-sleeper
  2. Happy Birthday to me today ( 56 ) ….getting old sucks !🥄🐓

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      Happy Birthday! 


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      Well happy belated birthday to you and your flaming farts.



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      Spiderman that is awesome

      SPoony Happy Birthday

  3. I remember those ...the cans were large & you had to cut it open with a triangular can opener...two holes to really make it pour properly 🥄🐓
  4. Today is my 11 year anniversary of joining this site :D

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      happy diaper anniversary....:baby-waving-bye-bye-smiley-emoticon:

  5. No, thank you for the best website in existance that any of us have been lucky enough to enjoy ** draws sword and kneels ** Hear now and witness truly ! He, Ser Michael, First of his Name ! Lord of the Diapers and of the First Men ! Protector of the Seven Kingdoms and of the Realm ! Slayer of Dragons and of the Undead! ** places Crown on Ser Michaels head ** Now declared King ! Long May He Reign ! ** crowd echoes loudly ** LONG MAY HE REIGH! ** ** steps back and watches joyfully as King Michael ascends the steps and takes his place on the Iron Throne ** If I could afford to, Your Grace, I would pay fealty every two fornights.Alas, my purse is not burdened with gold ☹️
  6. Hopefully $500 is helpful 😎 Wetter is better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. F*** paypal...how do I donate directly using plastic?
  8. 15...….I was reading through an advertisent for a novelty shop that sold all sorts of stuff ( agic tricks & weird stuff). For soe reason they had "hygiene pants" for sale which were side-snapping plastic pants with a snap-in flannel liner. I sat there unable to take eyes off the picture. I got on the bus went there & bought a pair...the rest is history
  9. my jobsite 


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      do they need a good card access and camera guy..lol


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  10. https://ozzyman.com/123need-the-etiquette-on-farting-with-your-new-love-check-this-out/?fbclid=IwAR3lLYrdwRp9yy0XSPyHrwWijxhTft_26Z2UNYXSJ31KFLpDJFcPWN5lo4M
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ScGvcdgr6I