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  1. Hope you feel better soon, bro *hugs*
  2. That's because your car system is linked to your Apple phone device. ...whether you know or not, or want it or not...
  3. LINK! Gotta get us a link, bro !
  4. Sneak into the church at night and....flip the big cross hanging over the altar around so it's upside down Show up for services the next day feigning ignorance The hardest part will be NOT laughing out loud at everyones reactions to this exact vandalism Might make all the blue in Getrudes hair spontaneously combust
  5. Got three vaccinations yesterday & today I feel like cold poo :(

    1. froggy


      What you get.  Some really hurt.

    2. spoonchicken


      Flu, Covid & TB/ Dipetheria

    3. froggy


      worst i ever had was typhoid.  Tetanus is pretty bad too.

  6. Coffee & one banana...that's breakfast for me these days. Being on a diet sucks until you step on the scale and see real results ( I've lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks ). Also re-discovered how potent hard-boiled eggs are for flatulence
  7. GO NINERS !!!! This is coming from a native San Franciscan who's old enough to remember "The Catch" when I was 18 y.o. Ve must crush das Chiefs like little gurly men , ja mein herr...CRUSH ! Grasp & squeeze Patrick Mahomes head until it pops like a ripe zit...like the Vipers head getting killed by The Mountain CRUSH Crushed like a tank rolling over a flower CRUSH
  8. Stick her back twice as hard & see how she likes it
  9. One week to go & we're still only at 55% of the monthly goal. Even the small donations are both helpful and greatly appreciated. Let's see if we can prevent Mikey ( the site owner ) & his Mom from surviving on TopRamen & ketchup for another month ! 🥄 🐔
  10. Thanks also to DAQ for $10 on 1-18 Thanks also to kasarberang for $98.76
  11. We know January is an especially challenging month financially, but on behalf of the site & site owner, I'm shaking the can and asking for help. January is half over and we're only at 15% of our monthly goal. Dropping a few coins in the can would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Happy Birthday! *farts* :D


  13. * is willing to bet that few if any will know what movie that mis-quote is from*
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