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  1. goodbye all

    well that sucks ! sorry to hear about it ....best wishes ! ** hugs & farts **
  2. Camping at 3900' in the Northern California mountains !!! :D:D

  3. The President Show

    I wonder which is messier.....the contents of Trumps diaper, or his Presidency
  4. :o I've been nuked by North Korea !!!

  5. Congratulations to Princess Alice!

    ( ) x 10,000 YAY for the both of you! She couldn't have done it quite so well without you, Elfy ** super-hugs & super-farts !!! **
  6. Spotted on an arcade game

    We are everywhere....we are insidious.....we are the future.....we are diapered
  7. Fart Forum

  8. What happens in your diaper stays in your diaper :lol:

    1. Little Christine

      Little Christine

      Two things:
      1. the interwebs is NOT your diaper


      2 a. Wanna bet? I read more things about leaks and failurs than almst anything else

    2. Glennie


      lol very nice spoony

  9. Fart Forum

  10. The ex-LadySpoons 20 y.o. son was attacked in a failed robbery attempt Monday night and his life remains in jeopardy :o:(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Crimson_Wolf


      Hope he fully recovers and that they got the person who did this.

    3. spoonchicken


      thx...we do too :( hugs

    4. Glennie


      wow thats crazy... i hope he gets better soon

  11. Recommendations

    That depends on what exactly you have in mind for yourself. First question to be asked & answered is " Am I a DL or an AB?" If you're a DL, then diapers are all you'll really need ( plus the usual accoutraments: baby powder, baby lotion, diaper rash creme, and perhaps also a roll of 2" wide white duct tape to keep the diaper tabs secured. Not all manufacturers are created equal, so duct tape can be really helpful. ) If you're an AB....then you "should" have a full-blown inventory of stuff ( AB clothes, a nursery room of some type, and perhaps even a adult-sized crib ). However, this level of investment obviously requires a great deal of money, floor space, and ( above all else ) privacy. The vast majority of ABs seem forced to do the best they can with the resources available to them while constantly wishing they could do better and more of it. The correct mindset is also quite important. Put on a diaper and relax....see how it feels , and I don't mean physically only. FAR more important is how you feel emotionally about it. Does it feel "meh"? Does it feel "awesome"? Does it feel "wierd and icky and why the f*** am I doing this " ?!?!?!?!?? Get dressed and see how it works for you. And go from there. Does it seem cool but not good enough to merely wear & use a diaper? Then perhaps you're an AB waiting to be born. We learn by doing and nothing else, so you'll just have to plunge in and see what end of the swimming pool suits YOU best. Good luck & welcome to the DD community. Pop into the chatroom for more conversations like this, and not just with me. I'm a DL...chat with some ABs & see what help they can offer ("Glennie" would be a good dude to talk to )
  12. Going to the dentist.

    I had ANOTHER root canal last Wetnesday....took three hours....lots of needles ( including a shot directly into the pulp after the crown was drilled through ) .....ugh ugh ugh But you know? The only thing worse than going to the dentist is NOT going to the dentist regularly ! and I might need full-fledged jaw surgery to correct my open-bite condition, which would mean I'd be off work for 6-8 weeks with my jaw wired shut NOT looking foward to that