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    1. repetitivediaperwetter88


      and another is a gang up there that kills people. The end. Nope! 

  2. spoonchicken

    Pregnant and i'm a baby/toddler.. advice?

    - pull-ups forever until the kids are all grown up & outta da house - sissy cups with your kids will be OK at first, but only while they're also using them. After they graduate to more grown-up chalises, you'll have to stop using sippy cups or you'll blow your OPSEC. - other than that? Everything previously stated by other - Welcome to DD....hope you like it here - visit the chatroom...we'll be nice
  3. Happy First Contact Day !!!! 4/5/63 is only 45 years away :D

    And WWIII is only 35 years away :(

    1. Wannatripbaby


      35 years away?

      Nah, I give it 12 years tops. :D

    2. Spiderman


      Where are the Vulcans when you need them.   Now I will go back to watching my star trek next generation dvd collection.

  4. spoonchicken

    Looking for an ABDL sissy name?

    Anything you want it to be.....the girl next doors real-life first name ......the first girl you had a crush on in jr high school.....someone famous, whether you admire that person or not....or...?Stephanie Ashley Lisa Julie and btw...welcome to DD.....hope you like it here www.clubsissy.com
  5. spoonchicken


    All of the above advice is sound. but my suggestion would be to say....come into the chatroom. You'll get a LOT if input very quickly
  6. spoonchicken

    How do you report an underaged user?

    Contact Admin directly, by virtue of.....scrolling down to the bottom of the persons profile page and clicking the "Contact Us" icon...then send a message And no, you shouldn't ignore it.....if the Feds find out we're tolerating minors here, they'll shut down the site
  7. Remain Klingon !!!!

    1. Wannatripbaby


      Klaatu barata nikto.

    2. Little Christine

      Little Christine

      Not me; because then what you say is unimportant :)  

    1. repetitivediaperwetter88


      No surprise to me here. I have one hell of a story about what happened to some people I know. 

  8. The first 50 years of childhood are the hardest

    1. Glennie
    2. Wannatripbaby


      That just means the second 50 years of childhood are the easiest. :D

    3. Rockies Fan in Diapers

      Rockies Fan in Diapers

      Lol Spoony. If the first 50 years were the hardest, then why start now? LOL.

  9. spoonchicken

    2018 is a landmark occasion for Daily Diapers

    ** farts on Millenials **
  10. spoonchicken

    Ccw while diapered

    regular blue jeans, just one inch larger on the waist than normal ( gives new meaning to the phrase "loaded diaper "
  11. Bah HUMBUG ! :bash:

    1. Wannatripbaby


      I repeat my previous comment:

      "Humbug? Christmas a humbug? Surely you don't mean that, uncle?"

    2. froggy


      baked bug humbahs for dinner, yummies!

    3. Wannatripbaby


      My Ma always made the best baked bug humbahs. :)

  12. BAH HUMBUG !!! :bash:

    1. Wannatripbaby


      Humbug? Christmas a humbug? Surely you don't mean that, uncle? :)

  13. spoonchicken

    Fart Forum

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUJtvN7ToC8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z8v7b6ctpY
  14. spoonchicken

    What ya reading? Winter edition

    "Oathbringer" by Brandon Sanderson....Book Three in the "StormLight Archives" series....some of THE best fantasy fiction I've ever read