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  1. Show me people in wet pants on network TV on either side of the pond and perhaps I'll be impressed.
  2. American kids are smarter. We learn faster and better than they do. Guess this explains why America is a world superpower and England isn’t. 😂
  3. Third-party intervention…you two need to go see a marriage counselor. And I hate to say it, but you could very well be forced to choose between the wife and the diapers. It really seems as though she is adamantly not on-board with the whole diaper thing.
  4. Excellent choice of words
  5. Yeah, we're the community that puts the fun in dysfunctional
  6. Bearing in mind the assumed age-group of the person responsible for this display, it's automatically a good thing that no anal sex toys are present. Besides that ? Wow...talk about "fifth-grade toilet humor Meets Bill Nye the Science Guy"
  7. Could be worse...they could have fallen out of her booty-hole...although I'd be scared if they all fit up in there in the first place
  8. Something to be said for Porta-Potties...just take your dump and let it fall straight down, ...Unless it's overdue for cleaning and it's so full your poo doesn't have enough clearance to fall away from your booty, because the previous poo is literally a small mountain growing upwards...growing and evolving into a sentient life-form trying to escape its blue-water origins. How would you like to be single and the guy driving the honey-wagon that cleans Porta-Potties, and trying to meet someone new at the bar (or whereever) Cute chick: "Oh, I work for an Internet start-up. It's so great! What do you do?" Guy: "Umm...I suck poo"
  9. *sung to the tune of the Xmas song “ Silver Bells”* ”Salty balls…salty balls… it’s wetting time, in my diaper”…
  10. Has anyone ever started out wearing just for fun but then actually became Incon because of it ?
  11. Eight weeks to the day since my last cigarette :thumbsup:

  12. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we all might die In the meantime have a nice poop and an even better fart
  13. Love is just an excuse people hide behind when they're trying to hurt you...f*ck the world

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