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  1. warpiper

    Is this a booster?

    Sometimes companies throw samples into the package that you ordered just to get you interested in other products and also to build brand loyalty. Northshorecare.com sends samples in every package that I have ordered recently, more specifically their own house brand of items. Its probably just advertising for them as the individual items usually dont cost them that much.
  2. warpiper

    Katie Perry diapers up

    She was talking about that like 2 years ago, because the gown she was wearing was going to be too crazy, but she never admitted that she actually wore one. There's another thing going around how she admitted to being incontinent in high school and having to wear diapers, but eventually got it sorted out. Also, she is hella cute.
  3. warpiper

    Cloth disposable diapers

    The Cushie diaper used to be available in a cloth backed version, but it was discontinued for whatever reason. Perhaps it was not selling well and cost too much to make? Anyways here is a link to its release announcement: https://news.abuniverse.com/the-cloth-backed-cushie-available-today/
  4. warpiper

    Where to buy molicare?

    awww man. Thanks for the update though, Adam!
  5. warpiper

    Sexuality Expert Opinion

    I don't think that anybody is implying that you, specifically, are crazy. The comment, "Also, be wary of any advice coming from someone with pink hair", when taken to be a general statement to the population, is not a direct attack on your sanity. While I don't specifically agree with that statement (my wife has parple hair, and is going to go pink for the summer, and also is a nationally known subject matter expert in her field of art history), I can understand not taking advice for this particular brand of crazy person. If I posted something like "look at what this crazy posted on the internet" and then people implied that I was like that just because I posted it, that wouldn't make sense.
  6. warpiper

    Hello all

    Why aren't you at your post? Do you copy?
  7. warpiper

    Where to buy molicare?

    northshorecare.com has them. I have bought from them recently and they were the blue plastic backed ones. They ship from around Chicago, IL.
  8. warpiper

    Tykables and tax day

    Found this while browsing around YouTube. Surprisingly good actually.
  9. warpiper

    Life of a diapered sister inlaw

    nice story! keep up the good work!
  10. warpiper

    Any one else have a bug out bag????

    I have one with some stuff in it. I started working on one for my wife as well but I lost interest.
  11. warpiper


    Regular SAP diapers will absorb too much water, and have a tendency to explode when in a pool which can cause a clogging of the filtration system which can be costly to fix. Stick to something without any SAP in it when swimming. Swim diapers are really to contain fecal matter rather than urine. It's OK if a bit of urine gets in the pool, it's not going to have much of an effect. A good disposable swim diaper that I have used is the swimmates by tranquility. http://www.northshorecare.com/diapers/adult-swim-diapers/swimmates-disposable-bowel-containment-swimwear.html
  12. warpiper

    Onesie - Snap Crotch or Snap Front

    I honestly have no idea. I've only ever used the t-shirt ones, which are made from a nice jersey fabric and have really durable snaps.
  13. warpiper

    Onesie - Snap Crotch or Snap Front

    I really like the stuff at http://www.babykins.com . They do have a black onesie in t-shirt, and a black one in polo, and you could always get someone to embroider a logo on it. Give them a call, they are super helpful in figuring out what size you need and stuff. Their quality is top-notch, and certainly better than the stuff you get on amazon.
  14. warpiper

    Cake Day

    Happy Birthday!
  15. warpiper

    One Word Challenge: Diapers are...