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  1. ABDLism =/= LGBT

    People are offended about pointing out the similarities because ABDLs are not being murdered or committing suicide at the rates of the LGB and especially T community. You don't have to worry about your right to marry a "mommy" or "daddy" of the opposite gender that you love, but some people do. You don't have to worry that you can't go into the bathroom that you feel comfortable in to change your diaper, but transgender people do. This is why people get annoyed when you compare ABDL to LGBT. And this isn't something they went through "100 years ago", this is happening right now, all over the world. You aren't being put into camps for being ABDL, but in some parts of the world the gay population is. Think on that before you necro a 3 year old post that hasn't been updated in 2 and a half years.
  2. Diaper Question

    Ummm... i honestly don't know what you mean by "soft plastic." It has a plastic backsheet, if that is the question. You can order a sample from their website: https://www.dry247.com/
  3. Diaper Question

    It looks like the early 2000s attends based on the shape of the product markings of the tapes, but the video quality is super poor, so I am not getting a good picture. If you are looking for something similar, try the confidry 24/7. Super thick and all white (at least in the mediums).
  4. Phone Conversation

    Brilliant as usual, Freswith! Thank you so much!
  5. Bambino Magnifico PULL-UP

    I ordered a sample of the smalls and the mediums, and i am super thankful that is all I bought. They follow that trope in pull ups where the bottom is like a pad hung on a top that is super elastic-y. For my body shape, that just does not cut it. For pull-ups, I just tried the Northshore Care Gosupreme, and they fit extremely well, but not so much on the cute design, they are all white.
  6. Being picky when in diapers at work

    Should you be open about your diapers at work? Absolutely not. You want to be near girls with your diapers so you can what, expose yourself? Have them find out? Forcing this fetish (or any fetish for that matter) on others without their consent is WRONG. Everyone has fetishes, but they are only a problem when they interfere with your ability to lead a normal life. YOUR DIAPERS ARE INTERFERING WITH YOUR ABILITY TO LEAD A NORMAL LIFE! THIS IS A PROBLEM! People have said it before on here, so I am going to say it again. Talk to your therapist about this. You keep coming on here with the same question over and over about acceptance and your diapers, but what you really want is someone to say, "yup, go ahead. Expose yourself to everyone! It's your right!", but nobody is going to do that. You need to stop and get some serious help, and stop trying to rely on a board on the internet filled with strangers to get your mental help.
  7. The Rogue Swarm

    Well, this is off to an interesting start. I like where this is going! Keep up the good work!
  8. A goodnite little swimmer diaper!

    The leak guards aren't what keeps diapers from leaking, it's the stuff on the inside, whether it be the SAP, fluff, design, etc. I don't think that mixing a goodnite with a little swimmer is going to have the effect that you want. You're better off getting something made for an adult, such as the Always Discreet underwear which work really well and can be purchased in stores, or go all out and get some stuff online. If pull ups is what you want, the Northshore Gosupreme pull up is more like a pull-on diaper than protective underwear, and absorbs a bunch.
  9. A goodnite little swimmer diaper!

    Are you talking about putting the pad part of the goodnite in the little swimmer and asking if it is waterproof? The answer is a resounding no. Swim diapers are not designed to be waterproof, they are designed to keep stool and other solids out of the water, and not swell up with water. There is no super absorbent polymers in them at all. This is not the case for goodnites, which are chock full of the stuff. If you take this contraption into the pool, the goodnite will swell up and likely burst, releasing SAP gel into the pool, clogging up the filters. This will be a pain in the butt to clean if it's yours, or will make the owner of the pool furious if it is not. If you want the feeling of having a swim diaper, order yourself some Tranquility swim diapers from Northshorecare.com. They work well enough, though I would avoid having a BM in them if you can avoid it.
  10. Phone Conversation

    Yay! Thank you so much Freswith!
  11. Phone Conversation

    Freswith! When can has more chapters?!? Needs them for things...
  12. chatroom ban

    Peace out
  13. whats about adultclothdiaper.com ?

    I've certainly ordered from them before with no issue. They do have a legit phone number, and would likely still be open if you gave them a call as they are on mountain time. Check out the "contact us" area on their website. -piper
  14. On the International Space Station??

    It's probably just the lack of gravity and the lightness of the pants. Seriously, you couldn't be up on the ISS with incontinence, because the cost of shipping diapers back and forth would be in the millions The astronauts get a few diapers for the back and forth, but certainly not enough to be wearing on a daily basis. The cost of shipping stuff into space is between 10 and 50 thousand dollars A POUND!