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  1. I would say we should do this in the US, but I'm not really into getting shot at with live rounds. http://remezcla.com/culture/mexico-protest-pri-dirty-diapers/?utm_content=buffer922c6&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  2. Yay! Congratulations to her! Hope it all goes well!
  3. Stealing diapers or anything is not an excuse to execute another human being. Having a concealed carry permit does not give you any power to use a firearm on another person. If you put property over human life, you crime you committed against humanity is far worse than any theft that has ever occurred.
  4. I'm liking where this is going! Keep up the good work.
  5. It's a common tactic to wear a diaper for doing an a blockade, whether it's hanging from a crane, attaching yourself to a barricade in the street, or making a sleeping dragon (bunch of protesters with arms cuffed together inside of reinforced PVC piping, which can't be separated or moved individually due to size). I've only worn to an overnight stay at an occupation, but the diaper gives you a place to go to the bathroom when you are expecting to be immobile for several hours before you are eventually arrested.
  6. They are cloth all over. No plastic on the outside at all (though it's waterproof plastic underneath, cause c'mon, it's still a diaper)
  7. I was saying that it was likely the Tranquility Slimline Breathable.
  8. You can get them from babykins.com . As far as i know they still have 5 snaps.
  9. She took it down. I think that she had some privacy issues that necessitated her taking it down. She's still around, just not on here.
  10. I don't recommend putting lidocaine gel directly into your bladder, because quite frankly, it's not going to have the effect that you are likely looking for. I imagine you think that it's going to cause temporary incontinence, and the likely answer is that is not going to happen. That being said, I have definitely injected small amounts of lidocaine gel (Uro-Jet, look it up) up people's penises prior to insertion of a foley catheter, and coated the catheter itself with the lidocaine gel, so the likelihood is that an amount of gel has made it's way up into the bladder itself. This was done using aseptic technique in a hospital, thus it was a sterile procedure. However, the likelihood that the procedure you describe is going to cause temporary incontinence is pretty nil.
  11. I've tried and like the Abena, Tranquility, and Tena pull-ups. All three are roughly the same, except for fit. https://cheapchux.com/collections/underwear-pull-ons/products/abena-abri-flex-premium-protective-underwear-adult-pullon-level-3?variant=25404109187 https://cheapchux.com/collections/underwear-pull-ons/products/tranquility-premium-overnight-disposable-absorbent-underwear?variant=19861674627 http://www.northshorecare.com/diapers/pullons1/tena-protective-underwear-extra-absorbency.html
  12. That happened to me once with a pack of molicares from KCK medical I think. Never bought from them again.
  13. Or you could go to a place with a self checkout. Like Walmart at like 3 in the morning. Nobody there, and those register clerks don't care about anything at that time.
  14. someone replied to it. when that happens it jumps to the front page.