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  1. My favorite fantasy is the Fablehaven series of books. I just love sitting there reading all day, properly diapered and hydrated of course, without a care in the world. I can't wait to have a break from the semester so that I can get back to doing reading that I enjoy.
  2. Link to an actual news source?
  3. I was cruising around the internet today trying to avoid my problems when I came across this gem. https://alwaysdiscreet.com/en-us/incontinence-products/incontinence-underwear/overnight-maximum-underwear-small-medium I've been using the Always Discreet products for a few years now, and find them infinitely better than anything by Depend (despite them being for women, I find that they work just fine for anyone). I just noticed that they came out with an overnight version, so I headed over to my local store to see if they had any, but was sad to see that they didn't have any. I did however, find them on Amazon if you're interested: https://www.amazon.com/Always-Discreet-Incontinence-Postpartum-Disposable/dp/B07NLWT22G/?th=1
  4. I like where this is going. Keep up the good work!
  5. it's a good way to meet people in real life i think. there are plenty of local groups to join. get yourself out to some munches and meet people, that's the best way to do it i think.
  6. I listen to her. I started back in September, and im completely caught up now.
  7. I highly recommend checking out the dream a little podcast at www.thelittlelounge.com . Lo has some great tips on how to introduce little things and diapers into your relationship.
  8. This story was absolutely beautiful. I'm nominating it for the Nobel prize.
  9. Yeah, there's this myth that doctor's are bound by confidentiality, and that's all in the legalese world where they keep your stuff confidential, uh huh. But if you don't think that they go in the back room and share stories of the weird stuff that they see, you're mistaken. I'm an ER nurse, and I work closely with doctor's enough that they are my friends and coworkers, rather than the people just barking out orders, so we have a jovial atmosphere because it's the only way that we can remain sane in that kind of environment. If someone sees something weird, or interesting, or has someone say something totally batshit crazy, if you think that they are going to take it to their grave, I can assure you that it remains confidential between you and your doctor for about 1 minute before it is repeated to other people, such as the nurse, or the scribe, or their colleagues who are asked to give their opinion on how to proceed. Most of the time it is professional, and information being processed, but if you think you can walk into a situation like that wearing an ABDL diaper and not have them repeat it to others, you're mistaken. I'm not telling you this to report the entire medical field (and I assure you, it's the ENTIRE medical field), but to have you keep in mind that there is no magical law that keeps a physician from telling their colleagues or their wife or husband when they get home about what they saw. HIPAA laws prevent healthcare from giving out information that is privileged and could be used to identify patients, but weird shit that people see is a gray area when it comes to that law. So bottom line, if you don't want to get judged or have people tell their colleagues about you wearing an ABDL diaper, don't wear one to a doctor appointment.
  10. This is really good so far! Keep up the good work!
  11. Such a treat. Thank you so much Freswith!