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  1. Very mad and very depressed

    It must be nice to be independently wealth Firzen, but the rest (read most) of us who are living paycheck to paycheck, just quitting a job without having another one lined up means you don't make rent or don't get to eat that month. Tyrant, this sounds like a really frustrating situation. Having a manager who operates under an authoritarian theory is definitely someone that you would want to avoid in the future, but seeing as you are stuck with him now, you just gotta keep an eye on it. When he blames you for something that you didn't do, write it down, including the time and date, so that you have a reference if you need it in the future. If this is something that happens consistently, go above his head and explain what is happening and how this line leader is fucking things up. If you can make a case to the higher ups, you could end up with his job if he can't do it and you can do it better. In any case, save the reference for ammo in case they fire you so that you can show a systematic pattern of abuse by the line leader when you go after them for unemployment benefits. Good luck. -piper
  2. Has shipping by ABU gotten slower?

    Perhaps it has to ship from their warehouse in Everett, WA because they are out of stock of the item that you ordered? That would be my first guess. -piper
  3. Top 5 diapers?

    It's hard for me because I use different diapers for different situations. My current favorite is the ABU Kiddo, because it fits me so well. For going out I am a big fan of the Barebums because they fit so well and are less bulky than others. I recently got my hands on some Attends Active Slip 10's, and I would put those third. After that would be the ABU Space, and then fifth would be the NorthShoreCare GoSupreme underwear.
  4. I'm an ER nurse, and working on my Doctorate of Nursing Practice to be an ER nurse practitioner. Is that close enough?
  5. pampers with channels why not adult version

    They do have it, actually. The Always Discreet Boutique seems to be built on the same chassis as the pampers swaddlers that have the channels. Source: Using the always discreet boutique and comparing it to the pampers swaddlers when wet.
  6. Creams, ointments, and oils

    Boudreaux's butt paste works well for diaper rash. It smells slightly of peanut butter, and looks about the same, but is soothing, not chemical smelling, and clears up diaper rash.
  7. DL's of the world, unite, increase and multiply!

    Proctor and Gamble, makers of Pampers and Luvs, already makes a line of adult diapers called Always Discreet. Mind you that they are not the tape on kind that all we DLs love, but most people in the real world aren't going for that, and the kind that you can pull on and off makes most people's lives easier, thus the reason that the tape on kind is harder to get.
  8. Lots of fun

    Sometimes I strip naked, cover myself in vaseline and pretend that I'm a slug.
  9. In search of new diapers

    Northshorecare has some pretty good briefs. http://www.northshorecare.com/diapers/fitteds1/northshore-supreme-briefs.html You can talk to Adam on here about it, and they are abdl friendly. https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/profile/56968-northshoreadam/
  10. question

    Please do not post personals in the mommies and daddies forum. That is not the appropriate place for them.
  11. kaytlin's Diapered Study Abroad??

    I can tell you they deleted not just on here but on the abdl story forum as well. They really disappeared it for whatever reason.
  12. Diaper girl in the news

    Oh, that came out like a year ago. Binkie princess has a youtube channel, you should subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjq-XsenvGBgzao7rFvU4Q
  13. A.M.

    You've outdone yourself personalias. This is one of the best stories that I have read in a long time. Well done!
  14. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    looks like they have dropped their trademark request: http://rearz.ca/blog/abdl-trademark-dae722/