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  1. Yup. Can do it without missing a beat
  2. warpiper

    should i use boosters

    You're going 2000 miles and only one motel?!? Forget boosters, you're going to need some butt paste because your buy is going to be shredded from all that sitting! Also, boosters are great for extending diaper time, especially if it is a cheaper diaper
  3. Is this story still going? We got crazy fast updates and now nothing. It has me hooked!
  4. warpiper

    Close Calls and/or getting caught.

    Wait what? Did you play with her son with you both in diapers?
  5. warpiper

    hear a rumor about rearz

    The princess, safari. Inspire as well has the same absorbency as the seduction. They are all the same chassis just different films used for the plastic.
  6. This is a copy of the HasoCare disposable underwear system. A liter? Please. First off, 24 oz (3x 8oz cups) isn't a liter. Secondly, i'd be amazed if they can absorb that much in a real world setting without a leak. Link to the Hasocare disposable underwear which is available on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/HASOCARE-Breathable-Incontinence-Underwear-Absorbency/dp/B06ZYGYVVL/ref=sr_1_10_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1534912649&sr=8-10&keywords=hasocare+disposable+underwear
  7. warpiper

    Phone Conversation

    Lovely chapter as always freswith! Good to see you back!
  8. warpiper

    Really don't want to do this...

    Hey horrorfan, I'm an ER nurse and have been so for over a decade. If you want to avoid diapers as a nurse, I can offer about 50 alternatives in the field which will keep you from dealing with diapers. I see diapers on the regular where I work, but honestly I take them off immediately and don't put them back on because our hospital doesn't think they are good for the skin if you are laying on bed with them (pro tip, they are not good for the skin when laying in bed). Hit me up if you want on messenger here and I'll help you out. You can almost double your salary as a nurse, and the state board test is easy if you take a prep course. Cheers, -warpiper
  9. warpiper

    How many men wear 'girly' type diapers?

    I don't view myself as a sissy by any stretch of the imagination, but the princess rearz are probably my favorite diaper to splurge on if I have the money. I also routinely use the Always Discreet adult underwears which are obviously geared for women, but they honestly work better than anything that I have ever used that is geared towards men-folk. I think for me it's a matter of performance primarily, and I don't mind the pinkness or feminine stuff, so it's ok for me.
  10. warpiper

    Gust Of Wind

    This story hasn't been updated in over a decade. The user writing it hasn't been on in 2 and a half years. Something tells me it is abandoned. Such a shame, as it was getting good.
  11. warpiper

    Swim diapers advice?

    The Tranquility Swim Mates are a disposable swim diaper that goes on like a pull-up, but has no super absorbing polymer in it. It doesn't hold much more than a sneeze worth of pee, but it is more designed for stool. I've never used them in a pool, but have used them in a bath and they fit very well. They aren't designed to keep water out, just to keep from getting overswollen and holding all the water in. None of the commercial swim diapers that I have seen actually attempt to keep water out, but some others may have had different experience. https://www.northshorecare.com/diapers/adult-swim-diapers/swimmates-disposable-bowel-containment-swimwear.html -piper
  12. The "Gear" section under product reviews? That's the best place I could think of it going. -piper
  13. warpiper

    Do diapers expire?

    No, I don't think that they expire. Source, I used an Attends from 1987 (yes, over 30 years ago) and it worked just the same as one that would have been purchased today. Expiration dates are for stuff like organic compounds that you eat, or medications that become unstable, or for sterile packages that lose their sterility. The ingredients in diapers such as perfumes may fade over time, but the majority of their components are stable, so long as they don't get wet or become mildewy. I have a few original Tena Slip Maxi size Medium packages that I am saving for when they become scarce again (or for the discerning consumer who likes the original), and I am sure that they will have their absorbency unaffected by the passage of time.
  14. Yeah, we're a multicultural bunch here, and have staff members on both sides of the pond. I'm sure that DailyDi knew what he was doing when he put that on there. Don't think about it too hard, just let it go. -piper
  15. warpiper

    Is this a booster?

    Sometimes companies throw samples into the package that you ordered just to get you interested in other products and also to build brand loyalty. Northshorecare.com sends samples in every package that I have ordered recently, more specifically their own house brand of items. Its probably just advertising for them as the individual items usually dont cost them that much.