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  1. FlamingCreeper

    Unravelling the Past (Complete)

    This story is very well written especially
  2. FlamingCreeper

    Who Wears Diapers More

    Although there do seem to be a lot more guys on sites like these, some of it is probably because guys are generally more outspoken than girls and would rather be on sites like dailydiapers talking to like minded people rather than just exploring diapers on their own.
  3. FlamingCreeper

    Sites you visit daily? (ABDL)

    Yup, we're still here.
  4. FlamingCreeper

    Sites you visit daily? (ABDL)

    As a diaperedanime.com moderator, there's some good stories and roleplay action over there as well; it definitely deserves to be on the list.
  5. FlamingCreeper

    It's happening again...

    DL4LIFE, ABDL only exists because of the first amendment, (and similar laws) and people having the right to say what they want without getting punished for it.
  6. FlamingCreeper

    Story Length - a Poll

    Quality over quantity: I'll easily throw away half the night reading and re-reading a good ABDL mini - story but trying to get me to read low quality writing is harder than spoon feeding a reluctant baby.