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  1. What I've posted on this site is the complete "Rebecca's Revenge" story
  2. This is a sequel to "Tommy's Tribulations" that can be read here for free: https://www.patreon.com/posts/tommys-complete-26290661 --- Tommy finally has to face his return to school and it fills him with fear. Will it be possible to keep his diapers a secret? He will need a lot of support to do it and he can't be sure he has enough. He visits the school nurse for the first time before going to classes feeling like a nervous wreck. --- This and all my other story updates are available one week earlier than here and other places on my Patreon page. It is thanks to my lovely patrons that I am able to write as much as I do. For $5 patrons can see story updates one week earlier than everyone else whilst $10 patrons get the early access plus access to TWENTY-ONE exclusive stories! There are other tiers and rewards available including free short story commissions, commission discounts and more. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to all my patrons: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Aaron L W, Dylan, Chris B, Adam Y, Kittycat, Arnold G H, Chris, Kristoffer M B, Ryan, James S, Justin C, Fuli, Spaxxs, Craig G, Steve, J Onyx, Dre, Pat M, Sierra C, Miss X, PF, Georgia C, Camilo H, Babyjay, Jeffrey G, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Phantom S, Vivi L, Mike S, Dr. J, Bojack D, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Jens B, Alex C, Cherno A, Daniel, Robert C, Artemisclydefrog, Raven, Littleb, Erin R, Scott, Cory H, Lyra H, ReiofLight, Wet, Whatsnot, Bask25456, MagmaLord, Trish C, DJKazoo, Cutecurlybabygirl, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Bruce D, Alice W, Bob S, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben F --- Tommy didn’t sleep much that night. He spent practically the whole time staring up at the ceiling blankly and wondering what the morning would bring, he couldn’t stop visualising horrible scenarios that might occur the next day. Every time he closed his eyes he saw himself being found out and laughed at, he had known this day was fast approaching but now that it was right here it suddenly seemed so much more real. Each time the young man looked at the clock it was like it had jumped forwards. Time seemed to be speeding up and it was ticking unstoppably towards doom. Tommy tossed and turned to try and find a comfortable spot that would allow him to sleep but every movement caused crinkling to fill the otherwise silent room and that didn’t help him at all. Tommy got up and out of bed when it was clear that sleep wasn’t coming. He walked around the room and looked out the window at the peaceful streets beyond. He couldn’t help but fantasise about the people sleeping easily in those other houses, they had nothing to worry about whilst Tommy had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Tommy sat on his computer and idly scrolled through the internet looking for something to occupy his mind and distract him from the day ahead. He played games, read forums and did whatever he could to stop him from thinking about school. Each time his mind wandered back to what was coming he felt the sharp pang of anxiety and, more than once, felt like he was going to throw up. Eventually tiredness overcame even the extreme anxiety that racked his body and as the sun started to rise he placed his head down on the keyboard and fell asleep. It felt like Tommy had barely closed his eyes when his little bedside clock started beeping loudly. He quickly stood up and walked back to his bed, he turned off the alarm and sat down on the edge of the mattress. He looked at the mirror opposite himself and saw big black bags underneath his eyes, he had a wild look in his eyes as he looked down at his soaked diaper. Tommy had only been asleep for an hour or two but that was all he needed to soak his diaper, the padding had expanded and now hung low. Despite the sun rising when Tommy fell asleep the day looked a little bleak outside the window. Clouds covered the sky and there was even a spot of rain in the air, it felt like the weather was trying to match the mood. The door to the bedroom opened up and Tommy could see in his mirror that his mother was coming into the room. She was in her dressing gown and looked very tired. “Come on.” Sandra said as she walked in and pulled out a fresh diaper out from underneath the bed, “Early change today before school.” Tommy gulped as he shifted back on his bed and laid down for his step-mother who wasted no time in pulling the tapes off the front of the night time diaper. Tommy felt the cooler air hit his crotch as the front was lowered and then he jumped as the cold wet wipes brushed against him. Wanting nothing more than to ask Sandra for some leniency and letting him go to school without diapers he made himself remain silent. He couldn’t be sure whether Erin was listening in to the conversation, if she was he would go to school to find his secret was already out. His only hope was that Sandra would bring it up but she seemed totally disinterested in Tommy’s plight. The old diaper was pulled out as a new one was slipped underneath Tommy and he felt his butt land on the fresh padding. Sandra took some baby powder and sprinkled it inside the diaper before lifting the front up. Tommy cringed as he smelt the powder’s distinctive scent, he wondered if Sandra was sprinkling it on him just to make his diapers even harder to hide. “I’ve written you a note.” Sandra said as the diaper was taped tightly closed, “You are to deliver it to the school nurse and then when you need changes you can go to them. Your teachers will be informed as well.” Tommy was breathing hard as Sandra patted the diaper to make sure it was secure before leaving the room. He was trying to keep panic at bay but it was much easier said than done when it felt like the world was collapsing. When Sandra had left the room the shaking young man got dressed for school. He picked out some black baggy pants and an equally baggy football shirt. When he looked in the mirror he couldn’t see the diaper at all and it wasn’t easy to hear it either. Tommy could feel it though, he felt like he was being almost strangled by the plastic diaper. Tommy took his book bag that he had packed the previous night and slung it on to his back. He left the sanctuary of his bedroom and slowly walked downstairs, he was like a zombie as he could barely do anything but worry about what was coming. “Good morning!” George was dressed in a suit at the breakfast table, “All ready for school?” Tommy looked at his father humourlessly but didn’t reply. He was scared stiff and knew his dad would be the one to drive both him and his younger sister to school soon. “Are you alright?” George asked when Tommy didn’t reply to him, “First day nerves?” “Yes, daddy.” Tommy replied quietly. He made sure to use the words Erin had told him to use as he heard her footsteps coming down the hallway behind him. Erin was practically skipping into the room and she covertly gave Tommy a spank as she went by. She timed it perfectly so that no one would see what she had done. Unlike Tommy she was dressed in very bright clothes that hugged her body much more than Tommy would dare to wear. “Shall we get going?” Erin asked happily. “If you are both ready.” George said as he finished off his coffee and stood up. He was still looking at Tommy, he didn’t seem to like his son calling him “daddy” all that much. “A-Already?” Tommy asked. It still felt too early. “Yeah, we can get breakfast at the school canteen.” Erin replied. “Right then, let me just get my briefcase and I’ll be ready.” George said as he stood up and left the room. Tommy felt like he was going to faint as he watched his father hurry up the stairs. This was all happening too fast and he had no idea what he was going to do when he got to school, it felt like it was only a matter of time before his diapers were discovered. “Mom told me to give you this.” Erin stretched out her arm and handed an envelope to Tommy. It was addressed to the school nurse. “I can’t believe this is really happening.” Tommy mumbled as he took the note with a trembling hand. “Me neither.” Erin replied brightly, “It’s exciting, isn’t it?” Tommy stared at his sister in disbelief. She just smiled widely at him and skipped down the hallway to the front door. Tommy shoved the letter roughly into his bag and slowly walked towards the front door himself as his father’s footsteps came back down the stairs. The front door was opened and Erin led the way out to the car. She practically bounced to the front seat and when George unlocked the car she jumped right in. Tommy had never seen a kid so excited to go back to school but he assumed she was going to keep as close an eye on him as she could. Tommy climbed into the backseat and sat down on his padded rear end. He looked out the window as his father climbed in and then watched the car pull out of the driveway. “How had it come to this?” Was the question that swirled around Tommy’s head as he was taken towards school. He remembered back to everything that had happened over the last few weeks and he felt like it must’ve been some kind of nightmare. It had all spiralled out of control so quickly and now he was heading for school in full time diapers. The drive to school was relatively short but because they had left earlier than usual they were among the first to arrive. The school doors were open and there a few students hanging around, all of them looking suitably depressed that the summer was over. When George stopped to let the kids out he wished them both luck and drove away. Tommy belatedly realised he was without one of his parents for the first time in quite a while, he felt exposed and afraid. “Good luck, baby brother.” Erin said quietly, “I’ll be watching.” Tommy didn’t reply or even look at his younger sister. He simply walked forward and away from her towards the entrance to the school. His heart was beating hard and his legs felt like jelly as he walked through the large double-doors and into the hallways of the school. He could feel himself waddling very slightly but when he looked at the people he passed they showed no sign of noticing his underwear, this pleased Tommy greatly. Whereas the students who were already there were mostly chatting in small groups, Tommy walked past them all on a mission. He hurried down the hallways to the main office section, mostly where the administrative offices were. The school nurse was just a few doors down from the main reception area. Tommy walked up to the door and paused. He took a deep breath as he prepared to knock on the door. He reached up with his hand but before he knocked he chickened himself out and lowered his hand again. “Bit early to be trying to get out of class, isn’t it?” Came a high pitched voice from towards the office. Tommy turned his head to see a young lady in a white shirt and black skirt. She was carrying a mug of coffee, the mug had a big red cross on it and she was walking right towards Tommy. She wasn’t the nurse Tommy remembered from previous years, this nurse was young and beautiful. She looked like she would barely be done with school as she pulled a key out of her pocket and stepped in front of Tommy to unlock the door. “Sorry, just a little humour.” The nurse said as she pushed the door open and turned on the light inside, “I’m Kelly and I’m the new nurse for this year.” “Oh, hello.” Tommy said awkwardly, “I’m Tommy.” “Nice to meet you Tommy, come on in. How can I be of help?” Kelly put her stuff down on the side next to her computer which she turned on. The nurse’s office was a small windowless room with big strip lighting hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the room was a large padded table for patients to lay on and around the walls were cabinets filled with medical equipment and medicine. It was a very well equipped nurse’s office all things considered. “I… I…” Tommy couldn’t bring himself to say what his problem was even though he was suddenly noticing his diaper was warmer than it had been earlier. He didn’t even know when he had wet himself and that was a scary realisation. Tommy opened his backpack and reached for the envelope inside. The spare diapers that were packed in the bag were hidden in a separate pocket so he wasn’t worried about them being seen. He pulled out the note written for the nurse and handed it to Kelly. Watching as the nurse opened the envelope and read the note Tommy awkwardly stood by the door. He was suddenly hit with the thought that someone else could walk in at any time, he prayed he would be out of here shortly. “Oh… I see.” Nurse Kelly read the note before looking up at Tommy again. Her previously natural smile now seemed a lot more forced, it was as she was looking at him in a new light. Tommy knew the nurse was waiting for him to say something but he couldn’t force any words out. There was nothing he could say that would make this situation better. “OK, so your mother says-” The nurse started. “She’s not my mother.” Tommy interjected before he could stop himself. “Sorry?” Kelly seemed confused. “She’s my step-mother…” Tommy said quietly. “Right, well, you’re step-mother says that you will need me to change you and I’m to expect both wet and messy diapers.” Nurse Kelly winced a little but knew this was a part of her job. She just didn’t expect to have to do this in a high school. She had previously worked at an elementary school where this could occasionally be a problem. Tommy nodded his head. His red face radiated heat as he heard people outside the door walking past, he hoped they couldn’t hear what happened in here. “She says you bring your own supplies from home?” The nurse asked. Tommy nodded his head shyly. “Alright, well I’m going to write you a note that you’ll have to keep on you at all times.” Nurse Kelly started writing some things down on a form that she had pulled out of a drawer, “This will allow you to come to me whenever there is a need, OK? You just show this to your teacher or anyone who stops you in the halls.” Tommy took the filled in form and folded it up. He slipped it into his pocket and wondered how useful this would actually be. Having a get out of class card whenever he needed it sounded great initially but Tommy knew that if he showed that note too many times people would get suspicious of what was going on. He would have to be very careful. “Do you need a change now?” The nurse asked. “No.” Tommy said a little too forcefully, “I’m OK.” “I’ll see you later then.” Kelly smiled as she opened the door, “Don’t be a stranger.” Tommy returned the smile weakly as he stepped out into the hallway with his head down. He took a deep breath and felt some relief at having survived the embarrassment even if he knew much bigger embarrassments would follow. It had taken a lot of energy out of him but he was glad to have done it. “Hi, Tommy.” Came a sudden but familiar voice. Tommy nearly jumped out of his skin as he heard Rob’s voice from the seat next to the nurse’s office door. He spun around to look at Rob who was smiling a little awkwardly but climbing to his feet next to Tommy. “What are you doing here?” Tommy asked he was so shocked that he forgot to be polite. “I saw you walking down here and followed.” Rob said, “Don’t worry, I couldn’t hear anything.” “About yesterday…” Tommy started. “Don’t worry about it.” Rob replied, “Don’t even think about it. I’ll do what I can to help but try not to worry, dude. Come on, let’s go to class.” Tommy nodded his head and followed his friend. The halls were starting to fill up now and Tommy tried to listen out for his own crinkle, he felt like the noise was hidden by all the shouting. He wasn’t even thinking about where he was going, he just followed Rob like a puppy on a leash as he was taken to their home room for registration. Rob pushed the door open and Tommy walked in to see half the seats already filled. The students were mostly looking very downcast about being back at school, a few were chatting to friends which made Tommy happy because it masked the noise he made. Rob walked to a seat at the back of the room with Tommy sitting next to him. He took a deep breath as he looked at the people around them. “Just relax.” Rob leaned over to say quietly, “No one knows.” It was easy for Rob to say but for Tommy it felt like each small crinkle was an explosion. He was hot in the face and very uncomfortable just from being there. He was almost having a panic attack just sitting there as more and more people slowly walked in. Tommy got through registration and his morning classes with little incident. He wet his diaper a couple of times but was both anxious not to get changed nor to leak. Rob stayed by his side the whole time which was the only thing that got Tommy through the day.
  3. Your "real age" section says it all. First of all I think "leftist anti-progressives" is an oxymoron. Secondly, may I ask what they would have to gain by making it up? It doesn't automatically mean you support landfills either though if I was forced into a choice I would 100% choose landfills over pollutiong the ocean. I'm not sure I see what the point is then. I did read the article before posting but maybe I was overtired or reading too fast, I didn't see them say how they planned to do it at all. What part of the diaper do they plan to flush that isn't plastic?
  4. I was just thinking that we needed more plastic in the ocean.
  5. Julie needs the help of her manager to minimise the damage of an embarrassing situation. The show must go on though and Julie has a job to do. When she gets home maybe she can put all her stresses of the day behind her... --- This story, like nearly all of my others, gets posted on my Patreon page one week before being posted everywhere else. For just $5 a month you can gain early access to all my work. I make one post every four days which means about eight updates every month (Less than a dollar an update!) For $10 you can get early access PLUS exclusive access to some stories that aren't posted anywhere else. There are currently TWENTY-ONE Patreon exclusive stories that can be read right away with a $10 pledge. There are other tiers and rewards available including discounts on commissions, free short stories, pictures and massive gratitude from me for supporting what I do and allow me to continue working and posting every four days. A huge thank you to all my current patrons: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Dylan, Chris B, Adam Y, Kittycat, Arnold G H, Chris, Kristoffer M B, Ryan, James S, Justin C, Fuli, Spaxxs, Craig G, Steve, J Onyx, Dre, Pat M, Sierra C, Miss X, PF, Georgia C, Camilo H, Babyjay, Jeffrey G, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Phantom Sonic, Vivi L, Mike S, Bojack D, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Jens B, Alex C, Cherno A, Daniel, Robert C, Artemisclydefrog, Raven, Littleb, Erin R, Scott, Cory H, Lyra H, ReiofLight, Wet, Whatsnot, Bask25456, MagmaLord, Trish C, DJKazoo, Cutecurlybabygirl, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Bruce D, Alice W, Bob S, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben F, Steven H --- Julie was naked from the waist down with urine running down her legs as she finally reached her trailer door. She wrenched the door open and ran inside, the door slammed closed behind her. She stomped across to her couch and laid down as she sobbed, she picked up a blanket and through it over herself. She wanted to completely disappear from the whole world. “Julie?” There was a knock on the door and Roger’s concerned voice came through the thin metal wall. “Go away!” Julie yelled out petulantly. “Let me in.” Roger said, “I need to know what is going on.” Julie reluctantly pulled her head out from the safety of her blanket. She knew Roger wouldn’t leave her alone so she stood up and whilst still naked from the waist down she walked over and opened the door. “Julie, I…” Roger looked down and saw Julie’s exposed genitals. His eyes grew suddenly wide and he pushed her softly into the trailer and followed her in. He closed the door behind him, “What the Hell are you doing!?” “You told me to let you in…” Julie said without understanding. “Why are you naked!?” Roger asked as he covered his face with his hands. It was only now, when someone pointed it out, that Julie realised it was strange to be undressed in front of someone. She quickly sat back on her couch and covered herself with her blanket, her face went a deep red. “I…” Julie didn’t know what to say. She closed her eyes as she felt fresh unwanted tears prickling her eyes, “I wet myself.” “You… Wet yourself?” Roger repeated with a frown, “On set?” “Yes.” Julie almost whispered, “And… I wet the bed… Twice.” There was a shocked silence in the trailer as the word sunk in. Roger wasn’t sure what to say and didn’t know how that really explained her stripping off her clothes outside. He threw those concerns to one side though as he watched Julie’s cringing form. “It’s probably just the stress of the shoot.” Roger said quietly. “What am I going to do about it!?” Julie asked quickly, “It keeps happening!” “Leave it with me.” Roger said as he held out his hands, “I’ll speak to the crew and tell them you need a break. Stay in here and get dressed, I’ll sort it out.” Julie nodded her head and was very glad someone was taking control of the situation. It felt like she was completely unable to help herself, she needed Roger to look after her. As soon as Roger left Julie laid back down on the couch and took a deep breath. She tried to calm down a little bit but all she could think about was her repeated accidents and the way she was so nonchalant about stripping her clothes off. After a couple of minutes she knew there was something she could do whilst Roger was away and she jumped into the shower. --- Roger had managed to convince the director that the star of the film needed a small break for “personal reasons” and had quickly set off towards the nearby mall afterwards. He was in a confused mood and didn’t really know what was going on with his boss but he knew it was his job to try and help her. Roger had never known Julie to do anything like what had happened today. She was usually much more shy and reserved, the fact that she had wet herself was bad enough but the stripping off was downright bizarre. Roger stepped out of his car and into the mall. He made a beeline for the pharmacy and knew exactly what he was going to get. He knew it would be a hard sell to Julie but they needed to get things under control before filming restarted. In a rush Roger walked down the various aisles. He looked around until he saw a collection of large plastic packages. The sign above them read “Incontinence” and there was almost a dizzying array of choice available. Roger bit his lip as he walked down the aisle. He had bought these things before when his mother had grown old but he knew Julie would need something that wasn’t quite as bulky. He leaned down to pick up a relatively small packet of pull-ups, they seemed the best things for the job and when he paid for them he made sure to put them in a bag that people wouldn’t be able to see through. Checking his watch and realising the break he had managed to get Julie was quickly coming to an end Roger jumped in the car and started heading back towards the film set. As he pulled up next to the trailer and stepped out of the car he could see the director marching towards him. “Two minutes!” Roger shouted as he quick marched towards Julie’s trailer. The director threw up his hands in exasperation but he turned around and Roger was pleased that he had bought a little more time. He walked up to the door and knocked. “Come in.” Julie’s voice sounded small. “You aren’t going to like it bu-… What the Hel!?” Roger exclaimed as he stepped into the trailer and looked across at the couch where Julie was sitting. She was completely naked again. “What?” Julie asked. “Julie, why aren’t you wearing anything!?” Roger asked as he looked down at the ground. His cheeks were a little red at seeing Julie like this. “I had a shower and then…” Julie thought about it for a second, “I don’t know. I just felt more comfortable naked. Did you get the solution?” “Can you just cover yourself with a towel or something?” Roger asked as he pointed at a partially damp towel nearby. Julie did as she was asked and laid the towel over the top of herself. She was blushing slightly and belatedly realised that letting Roger walk in on her naked like that was certainly not normal. She looked at the bag that Roger started reaching into, she had no idea what he could possibly have brought to help her. Julie’s face went from one of confusion to one of shock as she watched Roger pull a light blue plastic package out of the bag. To start with Julie thought it was just a packet of tampons but after a second she realised this was something much more substantial. “Pull-ups!?” Julie stood up and the towel that had barely been covering her dropped away again. “Julie!” Roger covered his eyes until Julie had covered herself again. “I’m not wearing those!” Julie sat back down and looked away from the disposable undergarments as if they insulted her just by being there. “Julie, you have to get back on set soon.” Roger said as he walked in and dropped the package of pull-ups on the couch, “I’m trying to help you.” “I’d rather wear nothing at all!” Julie shouted petulantly. “That much is very obvious.” Roger countered with seriousness, “But you have to go back to set and you don’t want to have another accident. If you have a better idea I’m all ears.” Julie pouted as she looked down at the package that had been left next to her. She really didn’t want to admit she had a problem or put on the underwear but Roger was right about her needing some help. One on set wetting could be an accident but two would be very difficult to explain. Julie reluctantly reached over and gingerly picked the packet up. It was impossible to see the tight plastic packaging and think of anything except diapers. “I’ll leave you to it.” Roger said with a sigh of relief, “I think you’re wanted on set straight away.” Julie watched Roger leave without saying a word. There were a few seconds of silence where Julie petulantly faced away from the pull-ups delivered by Roger. She gradually looked around and could see the shiny package waiting for her, she could see pictures of smiling people with quotes about how these pull-ups had allowed them to get their lives back on track. Julie wanted to throw the pull-ups out but she was starting to fill with curiosity. She had developed a problem making it to the bathroom, that much was obvious to anyone, but could these little disposable pants really help her? Slowly and with much reluctance Julie turned around and faced the pull-ups. She hesitantly reached a hand out, it was trembling slightly, it was almost like she was reaching out to an unknown animal that she was afraid would attack her. Just as her fingertip touched the smooth packaging there was a sudden banging on the door. “Julie!” It was the director and he sounded annoyed, “Is there any chance we can continue filming today?” “J-Just a minute…” Julie called out. “If you aren’t on set in five minutes I’m calling the studio to terminate your contract!” The director threatened. “I’ll be out in a minute!” Julie shouted a little more forcefully. Julie heard the director walking away and angrily barking out orders to other members of the crew. Julie’s attention turned back to the pull-ups which she pulled on to her naked lap. She saw the area to tear the package open which she grabbed and pulled apart. The plastic packet split open and the tightly held pull-ups inside almost seemed to burst out. Julie’s heart was hammering as she grabbed one of the cloth waistbands and pulled them out. Holding the pull-up at arm’s length Julie saw the thick padding that would wrap around her crotch, it looked smaller than she was expecting and it actually gave her a little bit of confidence. Maybe no one would notice what she was wearing after all. Julie lowered the pull-up to the floor and opened it up. She carefully lifted her bare leg up and stepped into the disposable undergarment. Her second leg followed and then she slowly pulled the pull-up up and over her groin. The pull-up hugged Julie’s hairless private parts and felt strange but definitely not unwelcome. She looked down at her bare body and saw the white underwear clinging to her tightly, she twisted around and tried to see every angle. “This is so weird.” Julie muttered to herself. Realising she had to get to the set as quickly as possible Julie hurriedly got dressed. She would’ve preferred staying naked but that was not an option. She hurried to the costume department where she was able to get new clothes, they were identical to the first set that she had wet. By the time she was back on set she could see she was getting strange looks from everyone around her. Julie hoped the looks were because of the delay she caused and not because they somehow knew what she was wearing. “Am I allowed to continue making my movie?” The director asked sarcastically as Julie went over to her mark. “Scene thirty-three, take thirteen…” Said a guy with a board. “Hold on!” Julie suddenly shouted as she patted the holsters on the side of her tight shorts. “For crying out loud…” The director shook his head. “I don’t have my guns!” Julie said. The director looked beyond annoyed and indicated for someone to get the necessary props. Julie felt very awkward to be standing and waiting like this, every time she moved she could feel the padded underwear rub against her hairless skin. A runner came forward with a couple of very colourful objects in his hands. Julie frowned as the guy held out what appeared to be a couple of little water pistols, one was bright pink and the other a very striking shade of blue. Julie looked at them in confusion but everyone else seemed completely fine with the replacements for the realistic guns she had been holding before. “OK, everyone on their marks? And Acti-” The director started to say. “Wait!” Julie yelled out. Julie blushed slightly as she heard general sounds of annoyance from the myriad of cast and crew who were waiting for her. She winced a little as she saw her co-star throw his hands in the air but felt she had a legitimate reason to stop the production. “Julie, I swear…” The director muttered loud enough for everyone to hear. “I can’t use these.” Julie blurted out, “They don’t look like the previous guns at all!” “They’re fine.” The director replied as he used a couple of fingers to rub his eyes, “We can change any little inconsistencies in post-production.” “Little inconsistencies?” Julie repeated slowly, “But they…” “Just get on your damn mark!” The director shouted. Like a scolded child Julie jumped to her position and prepared for the scene to begin. She pulled out the ridiculous looking water pistols and when action was shouted she charged forwards to do the scene. At long last the scene was shot and with a sigh of relief from everyone involved they could finally start dismantling the set. Julie didn’t hang around after filming. She would often stay for a drink or two with her other actors but on this occasion she wanted to get home as soon as possible. She hurried out to her chauffer driven car and quickly made a beeline for home. Almost as soon as Julie had closed the front door of her home behind her she stripped off all of her clothes leaving her naked except for the pull-up. Her hands went down and felt the material that wrapped around her waist, she gently ran her fingers over the papery material almost as if entranced by it. She wanted a better look and, leaving her clothes in a pile by the door, she walked up the stairs and into her bedroom. She went straight over to the mirror where she looked down at herself, it was still a strange sight and yet it just felt right. Without taking her eyes off her reflection Julie sat down on the edge of the bed and slowly raised her hand towards her face. Without really thinking about it she stuck her thumb out and slowly pushed it past her puffy lips, she sucked on her digit and felt her body relaxing. Julie sat quietly for just a few minutes before she heard her stomach rumble. She looked down and frowned, she needed to get something to eat. Back downstairs Julie trooped through to the kitchen enjoying the feeling of the thin padding against her bare skin. She looked around feeling no motivation to cook or anything, she reached to the nearest cupboard and opened it up. She saw several cereal boxes, most were fibre rich and relatively healthy and were therefore completely ignored. Julie reached to the back where there was an extra sugary cereal and it was this box that she pulled out. Julie took the box back up to her bedroom and turned on the television mounted on the opposite wall. She climbed into bed and switched the channel over to some cartoons. She would never usually watch such shows but she felt almost compelled to do so. Julie leaned back against her pillows and stuck her hand into the box, she pulled out a fistful of cereal which she shoved into her mouth. The sun outside slowly set as Julie ate the cereal and watched the infantile television channel. She had rarely felt so content and she smiled mindlessly as she enjoyed the bright colours. At some point in the evening, as she was starting to feel tired, Julie felt a twinge in her bladder and knew that she needed the bathroom. Julie sighed in annoyance and swung her legs off the bed before stopping suddenly. She looked down at her absorbent underwear and had a sudden change of heart, she barely gave it a second thought as she took a deep breath and relaxed her muscles. There was a moment of suspense before Julie felt a trickle of urine exit her body. She felt the strangest feeling of relief as the padding of her disposable underwear soaked up the warm liquid. “That tickles!” Julie giggled mindlessly as she felt the feeling of wetness spread around her crotch. When Julie was finished she could feel the heavy warmth all between her legs and up over her butt. She reached down and felt the saturated padding, she could feel the heat going through the pull-up as it hung down away from her body slightly. It all felt so bizarre and yet relaxing. Julie finished wetting herself and then laid back down on her bed with crumbs of cereal all around her and the cartoons still playing on the television. With a smile she stuck her thumb back into her mouth and closed her eyes drifting off into a deep and contented sleep.
  6. This is a sequel to "Tommy's Tribulations" that can be read here for free: https://www.patreon.com/posts/tommys-complete-26290661 --- After a chance meeting (and embarrassment) at the mall Tommy ends up finding an ally. However, not everything is sunshine and roses as Erin starts to turn the screws of pressure. --- This and all my other story updates are available one week earlier than here and other places on my Patreon page. It is thanks to my lovely patrons that I am able to write as much as I do. For $5 patrons can see story updates one week earlier than everyone else whilst $10 patrons get the early access plus access to TWENTY-ONE exclusive stories! 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Tommy winced slightly as he tried to force a smile on to his face, he was suddenly ten times more self-conscious about his shopping. For the last couple of weeks Tommy had been trying to ignore his best friend’s repeated requests to hang out because of the diapers but this time he was cornered. He briefly considered just getting up and running away but he knew Rob was faster and that would make this even harder to explain later. He would have to bluff his way out of the conversation. “Hi… Rob.” Tommy finally replied has his friend got close. “Good lord.” Rob said as he stopped in front of Tommy slightly out of breath, “I was starting to think I would never see you again!” “Yeah…” Tommy laughed nervously, “Sorry, I’ve been pretty busy.” Tommy slyly pulled the shopping bags with diapers in them behind his legs and out of sight. He hoped to any and every deity that Rob didn’t notice what was going on. Tommy’s face was already burning and he felt like he was under interrogation. “No shit.” Rob replied with a bark of a laugh, “Didn’t you say the other day you had to visit an aunt or something today?” “Oh, erm, yeah.” Tommy scratched the back of his neck, “Plans changed and mom made me come to the shops with her.” “Right.” Rob didn’t seem too convinced. In fact it looked like he was about to start interrogating Tommy along that line of questioning. “How about you? What are you doing here?” Tommy quickly interjected to get the spotlight off himself. “Just getting some stuff for school.” Rob replied, “Can you believe we go back tomorrow? It sucks that summer is already over.” “Yeah…” Tommy replied without any way to follow that answer up. He hadn’t really thought about it but he hadn’t experienced much of a summer vacation at all. He had spent the whole time filled with worry. As if to emphasise the point Tommy felt another burst of urine into the diaper, he couldn’t stop it and the first indication that he needed the bathroom was the warm sensation around his genitals. “You’re acting weirdly.” Rob said suspiciously when Tommy had sat silently for a few seconds, “Something’s going on, isn’t it?” “N-No.” Tommy said perhaps a little too quickly. He tried to smile again but he knew his face was tomato red. “Dude, I’ve known you for years.” Rob said, “What’s wrong? Your asshole little sister causing you trouble?” Tommy could almost laugh. He shook his head as if to say Rob wouldn’t believe even half of what had happened. He briefly wondered if he could tell Rob the truth, if any of his friends would believe him it would be Rob. How do you go about explaining everything that had happened with all these people around? “Tell me.” Rob said. It was a demand now, Tommy could see the look of worry on Rob’s face and he felt bad about hiding the truth from him, “You’re worrying me. Are you sick or something?” “I’m not sick… You won’t believe it…” Tommy said as his defences started to break down. “Try me.” Rob replied, “Please man, I’m worried about you. You know you can tell me anything… If you’re gay or…” “I’m not gay!” Tommy quickly said. “Then what is it?” Rob replied. He was getting exasperated. Tommy licked his lips as he thought about how to start the story and how to tell Rob everything without making it obvious to all the strangers around him. He remembered all the embarrassing events that had happened and tried to work out what to say. It was very difficult to open up about the torment and he started to feel quite emotional. Perhaps seeing Tommy’s upset face, Rob sat down on the bench next to his friend and patted him on the shoulder. “A couple of weeks ago I woke up and…” Tommy started. He closed his eyes as if recalling the most unpleasant memory he’d ever had. “Tommy! Mom says it’s time to go!” Erin’s shrill voice called across the concourse. The very voice of his step-sister made Tommy shake with pent up emotions. “You can stay here can’t you?” Rob said as he looked up at Erin and then back to Tommy, “We can walk home together and you can tell me what’s happening.” “I don’t think I can.” Tommy said as he stood up, “You don’t unders-” “Who’s this, Tommy?” Erin said as she sauntered over, “Your boyfriend?” “This is my friend, Rob.” Tommy answered. He balled his fists up but kept his anger in check, he knew his sister held all the cards and he couldn’t fight back. “Whatever…” Erin said as she looked Rob up and down, “Come on. Mom, or should I say “mommy” says it’s time to go.” Tommy blushed again but stood up and reached for the bags that he had kicked under the bench to hide. He could see Rob standing up as well and he was looking at the bent over man with a curious look. It was clear he was more confused about what was happening than ever before. “Come on, Erin.” Sandra’s voice called out, “Bring your brother over here.” Rob frowned even more. Since when was it normal for the younger sibling to have to come collect the older one? And what was with the “mommy” comment? “I’ll… I’ll see you later.” Tommy muttered as he straightened up with his bags of diapers hidden the opposite side of his body to Rob. Erin looked over to her mother to see her checking her phone and looking away from her two children. Erin turned to see Tommy quickly turning and starting to hurry away from the confused Rob. She acted on instinct as she saw a perfect opportunity to embarrass her older brother in public. Sticking out her leg and raising it up to catch Tommy’s ankle she felt Tommy’s whole weight catch on her outstretched leg as he stumbled forwards. Tommy didn’t see the leg until it was too late and he felt his body moving forwards without his legs underneath him. The world seemed to be moving in slow motion as he stumbled and started falling, his arms flung out in front of him as he dropped the bags to try and break his fall. He had time to look up and see Sandra just looking up from her phone as he wind milled his arms trying to stay upright. Falling forwards Tommy closed his eyes as he fell against the cold hard floor in front of all the nearby shoppers, his family and Rob who was reaching out with his arms to try and catch his friend. It was an impossible task since Tommy was falling away from him. “Oof!” Tommy hit the floor and felt himself get partially winded as he winced and heard the nearby shoppers collectively gasp. Tommy’s first thoughts were that this could’ve been a lot worse. It hadn’t hurt all that much and compared to some of the events in his past this seemed like a very small embarrassment. He didn’t move for a few seconds as he tried to regain his breath and prop himself up on his hands and knees. “Umm, Tommy?” Rob’s voice was the first one to break the silence, “What… What are these?” Tommy turned his head to look at Rob and saw him holding something up. It took him a second to realise that his bags had gone flying on to the floor spilling their contents and that Rob had a package of his diapers in his hands. “Diapers?” Rob read from the packet, “Adult diapers… Tommy, these aren’t for you are they?” Rob looked confused but as he looked at Tommy he started to see his much more rounded butt. He thought about all the times Tommy had avoided him and he started to realise what was going on. “No, no, no…” Tommy moaned quietly as he slowly climbed to his feet. He could see people around him starting to giggle but whether that was because of the diapers or the fall he couldn’t be sure. Tommy hurried back to his bags and quickly scooped the contents back into them. He walked in front of Rob with tear filled eyes and snatched the packet of disposable diapers out of his hands to put back in the bag. He looked at Rob’s shocked face but had no answers for any of the unspoken questions. Tommy slowly backed away from Rob who looked more confused than anything else. Tommy wished he could explain everything that had happened but he knew it was an impossible task. Looking around at the multitudes of people who were watching him, Tommy felt panic overwhelm him. Shaking his head as if to deny any of this was really happening he spun around on his heels and started running away towards his mom’s car. He didn’t stop for anything or anyone. “Erin, come on.” Sandra said quickly as she watched Tommy’s awkwardly wide-legged run. Erin smiled and nodded her head. She started skipping lightly after her brother with Sandra taking up the rear. All three of them left Rob still standing by the bench with his arms outstretched wondering what he had just seen. --- Tommy was sitting on his computer and anxiously watching the list on his messenger. He had been watching it for an hour ever since he had got home from the disastrous shopping trip. He was desperate to talk to Rob, to try and explain what had happened and, most importantly, to make him swear himself to secrecy. Not long after they had got home Tommy had run away from his step family and up to his desk where he stared at the screen for just a few minutes before seeing Rob’s name pop up online. Tommy had immediately sent his friend a message but hadn’t received a response. His nervousness was through the roof as he waited so that he could try and explain what was happening. “Not now…” Tommy whined as he felt his body start cramping in the predictable way. He wasn’t even scared or embarrassed, he was just annoyed that as he waited for Rob his body was picking this moment to want the bathroom. Five minutes later and there was still no response from his best friend and his body was now telling him that there was no time left to wait. He stood up and crouched down next to his chair, there was no point in prolonging the problem and after the many messy diapers he had made he saw no reason to try and stop himself anymore. Before Tommy had even bent his knees he found his body pushing out the poop that had been accumulating. He was just very happy that he had got home before all this started, he didn’t think he could stand a public accident along with everything else that had happened. Tommy leaned back against his bed and pushed down with his tummy muscles. His effort was rewarded by a soft log pushing out of his body and into the diaper. The rear of the diaper pushed out slightly to make room as the mess got squashed between the diaper and himself. He squeezed his muscles again and pushed out a second log which quickly got pinched off. The sticky poop covered his rear end and held the diaper against him. To finish the diaper off he let his bladder go as soon as he had finished messing. He didn’t have much choice in the matter, his bladder just started telling him he needed to go and he had very little say in stopping it. Tommy stood up in his much heavier diaper and was just about to go and ask for a change when he noticed he had a new notification on his computer. Rob had finally replied and Tommy couldn’t help but roll his eyes, this was just his luck! “Hello…” Rob’s message seemed distant and restrained. There was clearly a lot of tension there. Tommy knew he needed to go and ask for a change but he also knew he needed to talk to Rob to both explain what had happened and to stop him spreading the gossip. He looked at the door to his bedroom before turning back to his computer screen and lowering himself on to his chair. “Ewww…” Tommy shuddered as he sat down and felt the sticky poop squash against him and spread even further. Tommy’s could feel the poop spreading like mud as it covered more of his diaper area, he tried to ignore the squishy feelings but it was easier said than done. “Rob! I need to explain.” Tommy typed quickly, “I’m really sorry but please don’t tell anyone what you saw!” “Dude, you’re my best friend. I’m not going to tell anyone.” Rob typed causing Tommy immense relief, “But you’re right. You need to tell me what is going on.” Tommy shifted in his seat slightly and felt the poop spread more. The smell was starting to leak out from the full diaper but he couldn’t leave his computer, he had a lot of explaining to do. Tommy started typing and didn’t stop until everything was out in the open. He told Rob about the bedwetting, the slow move to full time diapers, Sandra and Erin, his hopes of things changing when his dad came home and how those hopes were dashed. He even told Rob about the messy accidents and his fears for school the next day, though he didn’t tell him he was sitting in a poopy diaper at that very moment. “Jesus…” Rob replied after the giant walls of text from Tommy had stopped, “That’s literally crazy.” “I know.” Tommy felt a tidal wave of relief as it felt like someone finally might be on his side, “And I’m terrified of school tomorrow. I don’t know how I’m going to keep it secret from everyone.” “Don’t worry.” Rob typed back, “We can work it out.” “We?” Tommy asked in confusion. “I’m going to do my best to help you.” Rob wrote, “I’m your friend and I think we can keep it secret together.” “I don’t know what to say…” Tommy could feel himself tearing up but it was out of happiness for once. It felt so good to hear that Rob wanted to help him. Before Tommy had a chance to see Rob’s response he heard the door opening behind him and he quickly closed the chat window. As soon as he was sure everything was hidden he turned to see Erin walking into the room as if she owned it. “Get out of my room.” Tommy hissed at Erin. He stood up off his seat but felt his diaper stick to him. “It smells awful in here.” Erin replied disdainfully, “I don’t need to ask why.” “Just get out of my room. I was just about to go ask for a change.” Tommy replied defensively. “I don’t think you were.” Erin replied with a sly smile, “I think you were going to sit down and stay here. I think you were going to sit in that diaper until one of the parents come in.” “What!?” Tommy exclaimed in disgust, “But this is disgusting and they could be away for ages!” “I know.” Erin replied, “I’ll see you later, stinky boy.” “Erin, wait…” Tommy walked across the room until he was next to his step-sister, “Come on, enough is enough. What is it going to take to stop all of this?” “You want to stop all the fun?” Erin asked mockingly. “I’m begging you for mercy.” Tommy replied, “Look, mommy and daddy already think I’m just a baby and won’t let me out of these diapers. I use bottles, pacifiers… You’ve got me completely messed up.” Erin stood in front of Tommy smiling as if he was listing off all her successes and congratulating her. “Get to the point.” Erin said. “What can I do to get you to delete the pictures?” Tommy asked, “To end the blackmailing. I’m desperate, alright? You win… Please tell me what I can do.” Erin stood thoughtfully for a few seconds. She bit her bottom lip as if thinking about what Tommy asked. It didn’t seem to take long, Tommy wondered if she had been thinking of this for a while. He mentally kicked himself for not trying to ask how to end this a little earlier, maybe he could’ve saved himself some embarrassment. “I have two things.” Erin said, “And if you do them I will never ask you to do anything else.” “What do you want?” Tommy asked. He reached behind him and scratched his rear end as best he could. He was already feeling itchy. “I know what mom has planned for you after school tomorrow.” Erin said, “When it’s over if you are asked if you want to go back I want you to say yes.” “But I don’t even know what it is!” Tommy complained. “That’s your problem, not mine.” Erin replied, “Secondly, I don’t want you to ask to be let out of diapers or anything. If mom is going to let you wear big boy underwear again I want them to decide without you asking.” Tommy thought about what Erin said. The terms were incredibly harsh, he wondered how long it would take his parents to let him out of diapers without him asking for it. It could be a long time, Tommy imagined months or even years in diapers and the thought terrified him. He was already finding it far too easy to use his padding. “How do I know you’ll keep your word and delete the photos?” Tommy asked to buy himself time. “You’ll just have to trust me.” Erin replied. She smiled sweetly but Tommy wasn’t buying it, “You don’t have much in the way of a choice.” “Fine…” Tommy replied with a little shake of the head, “I’ll promise to do those two things if you delete the pictures.” “Cool.” Erin started heading for the room’s exit, “I’ll let Carrie know.” Tommy watched his younger sister leave and felt butterflies in his stomach. He knew he couldn’t trust her, she was the spawn of the devil after all. Despite his lack of belief Tommy intended to do as she asked for the hope that once the photos were destroyed he would just have to wait for Sandra to give him another chance to prove he didn’t need diapers.
  7. All those cringe subreddits are full of people making fun of ABDLs.
  8. "Bad Husband Better Baby" Updated:


  9. Jack is now in a very compromising position with Kirsty and George in control of his destiny. His ordeal is seemingly only just beginning but already it seems so hard to take. What will happen to the aggresive alpha male? --- This story update, like every update, has been available on Patreon for the last week. I write a 2000+ word update every four days for Patreon and for just $5 you can get early access to all my stories. For $10 you get early access plus exclusive access to TWENTY-ONE exclusive stories! There are more tiers and rewards available on Patreon including free and discounted commissions, access to a discord server, story illustrations and more. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I want to take the opportunity to give a HUGE thank you to my patrons who support me and allow me to write as much as I do: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Adam Y, Kittycat, Arnold G H, Chris, Kristoffer M B, Ryan, James S, Justin C, Fuli, Spaxxs, Craig G, Steve, J Onyx, Dre, Pat M, Sierra C, Miss X, PF, Georgia C, Camilo H, Babyjay, Jeffrey G, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Phantom Sonic, Vivi L, Mike S, Bojack D, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Jens B, Daniel, Robert C, Artemisclydefrog, Raven, Little b, Erin R, Scott, Cory H, Lyra H, ReiofLight, Wet, Whatsnot, Bask25456, MagmaLord, Trish C, DJKazoo, Cutecurlybabygirl, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Bruce D, Alice W, Bob S, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben F, Steven H --- Jack continued struggling and screaming long after the door was closed. It must’ve seemed to the neighbours like a bloody murder was taking place but if anyone was concerned Jack never heard about it. He couldn’t hear anything outside the confines of the room with a majority of the noise being taken up by the diaper that he was so upset to be wearing. It didn’t take long for Jack to wear himself out and realise escape from the crib was extremely unlikely. He relaxed his arms and legs as he panted to regain his breath. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Was Kirsty insane? His mind was already going to the revenge he wanted on the person locking him up against his will. He tried to be calm and patient but it was next to impossible in the circumstances. Did Sarah know what was happening here? The first thing he would do when he got out was fire her and then call the police on her psycho sister. It was impossible not to feel embarrassed about the current situation and Jack found himself looking down at the dress he was wearing over and over again. It was a disgustingly ultra-feminine monstrosity that Jack was sure came out of that sissy George’s wardrobe. As he looked around the room he saw more signs of the sissy baby. The large changing table with plastic covering the foam surface, the toys and rocking horse in the far corner and the baby paraphernalia spread everywhere. The whole room was full of pinks and pastels and it made Jack want to throw up. One thing the room didn’t have was a clock. Jack had no idea how much time he was spending in this position but it didn’t take long for him to wish for more mobility. He started to feel itching that he couldn’t reach, the dress was bunched up beneath him uncomfortably and he couldn’t brush the strands of hair falling on to his face away. Every minor inconvenience felt like a torture as he was left with nothing else to focus on. Every time Jack heard a sound from outside the room he found himself hoping the door would open and he would be freed. Hours went by, or at least Jack thought it did but it was so hard to tell, when he was trapped and completely alone. It felt like being in solitary confinement. Occasionally he would call out but there was never a response. Eventually he fell back into a restless sleep. When Jack opened his eyes again he felt even more confused and disorientated. He had no idea how long he had been asleep but he could see that the sunlight in the room was much brighter than before. Jack tried to crane his head around to see if Kirsty was sitting behind him but the backboard of the crib made that impossible, he relaxed again with a sigh. It soon became apparent why Jack had woken up. He was clenching his muscles around his groin but it was clear he really needed the bathroom. He didn’t know how long it had been since he last went to the toilet but his bladder was telling him he was overdue for another trip. The very thought about what must surely follow was utterly repugnant. “You’ve got to be shitting me…” Jack muttered quietly as he looked down at the puffy dress. Jack had to hold on. Someone must be coming to get him at any moment, they couldn’t just leave him alone forever. He just had to wait for Kirsty to come and get him out of this cage. He contented himself with all the visions of revenge he could get once he was out, he was like a prisoner waiting for a guard. His anger increased in proportion to his desperation. Time continued to tick and there was still no sign of rescue. Jack was feeling increasingly desperate and his inability to move was doing nothing to help his control. The closer he came to losing control the angrier he became, he shouted for someone to come up and help him but there was no reply. He could hear people downstairs but no one was coming to help him or even tell him what was happening. Eventually Jack was grunting and grimacing from the pain in his bladder. He twisted and turned in an attempt for any relief, he knew exactly what Kirsty wanted him to do but he was determined not to give way. He wasn’t going to let her do whatever she wanted to him and no matter how much it hurt he would hold on until he was released. The leather cuffs holding him down rubbed against his bare wrists and ankles as he struggled. “I’m not going to do it!” Jack screamed unintelligibly towards the door. Jack continued to struggle. Minutes passed but they felt like hours and Jack’s ranting and raving was doing nothing to help him. After a particularly long and incoherent shout Jack suddenly felt a burst of urine escape from his body. Completely beyond his control Jack felt the brief stream shoot into the nappy that waited thirstily between his legs. He clamped his muscles as tightly as he could and regained a semblance of control. Jack was embarrassed but his more pressing emotion was anger. He was angry that after working out so much and spending so much time on his body he was being betrayed by it. Sweat was rolling down Jack’s forehead before long and he was having to work supremely hard to stop his bladder from emptying. He was utterly determined not to wet himself despite the pain and discomfort. Yet more time passed and Jack felt like he had been tied up for the better part of a day. The shadows that lay on the wall slowly moved around the room. Jack felt tired, thirsty, hungry and desperate to use the bathroom. It finally ended how it was always going to end. Jack’s struggle was never going to be something he could continue indefinitely and with a final grunt of effort he felt his exhausted muscles rest, his bladder started emptying almost immediately afterwards. The liquid ran down from his bladder like an unstoppable waterfall. Jack closed his eyes as he felt the hot urine splashing around his genitals. His teeth were gritted and he swore under his breath as his piss poured out of him and ran down between his legs. He could feel the padding at the back of the nappy eagerly absorbing everything until he finally stopped wetting. Jack shuddered as he felt the last droplets of pee tickling his skin. Jack relaxed and let out a long sigh as he felt humiliation washing over him. He wanted to fight it away to remember that he didn’t have a choice but he could feel the 1heat that shame brought with it rising in his body until he felt like he was sweating a little. Another hour must have passed and Jack was starting to wonder if he would be left in this crib forever. He was feeling very thirsty now and the wet nappy between his legs was growing increasingly uncomfortable, if only he had been able to change position. Jack was just drifting off when the nursery door suddenly opened. Jack was startled and jumped as much as he could whilst tied down so securely, he lifted his head and looked to the doorway as it slowly swung open. He was expecting Kirsty to come sauntering in but instead he saw George dressed in some of his finest sissy clothes walking into the room. “Hello.” George said quietly. He was carrying a large bottle of milk. Jack remained silent. He looked at the sissy with contempt. He could see that George was wearing a very feminine pink dress much like his own, Jack couldn’t see what was under the dress but he could tell that George was heavily padded. He walked with a very distinctive waddle. Jack sniffed and then spat through a gap in the bars and on to the floor with contempt. He looked determinedly back up to the ceiling pretending not to give a damn that he finally had some company. “Mistress sent me up here.” George said hesitantly as he approached the bars of the crib. “She’s scared enough to send her little bitch, eh? Well you can fuck off back downstairs.” Jack stated emphatically, “Tell Kirsty that unless she wants to let me go I don’t want to see anyone. You both are going to pay for all this.” Jack looked at George and felt his confidence bolstered. Despite his situation he was still able to inspire fear in others and that made him feel good. George seemed to only reluctantly step up to the side of the crib. “Mistress told me not to leave until you have drunk this bottle.” George said as he held up the drinking vessel. “Then you’re going to be standing there a long ass time.” Jack hissed. “You haven’t had anything to drink for ages.” George said as he tried to reason with the man who scared him, “You must be very thirsty.” Jack determinedly looked away. He had never been more thirsty in his life and it was taking all his willpower to turn down the drink he was being offered but it was a matter of principle. Even now he was having to fight the urge to just accept whatever he was given for a drink. It was almost like Jack was a prisoner of war having to resist interrogation. “I mean, you don’t want to stay like this lo-” George started to say. “I wouldn’t have to be like this at all if it wasn’t for you two psychos!” Jack shouted angrily, “Undo these cuffs or I swear to God I’ll make you regret it…” George paused for a few moments before reaching through the bars and quickly placing his hand not on the cuffs but against the wet padding between Jack’s legs. His palm cupped the material and pressed it against the genitals of Jack. “GET YOUR DAMN HAND OFF ME!” Jack yelled so loudly that George let out a little yelp and took a couple of steps backwards. “I’m… I’m sorry…” George spluttered an apology, “I just had to see if you…” “Stop talking.” Jack snarled, “Just go and get Kirsty.” “I-I told you… I can’t.” George replied quietly. Jack could see that George was very scared of him but he was clearly even more worried about Kirsty and not doing everything she asked. Jack weighed up his options and decided that the sooner he complied with Kirsty’s words the sooner he would get to see her and they could sort all of this out. He would have to reluctantly force himself to drink from the bottle. “If it’ll get Kirsty in here I’ll drink the damn bottle.” Jack hissed through his clenched teeth. “Really?” George asked suspiciously, “You aren’t going to try and hit me or anything are you?” “I promise I won’t try to do anything.” Jack replied as calmly as he could considering the situation. George slowly stepped forwards with the bottle clasped in his hands. He approached the crib like he was approaching a wild animal in a cage, he didn’t take his eyes off Jack for a second and was ready to jump backwards at a moment’s notice. It was reminiscent of a gazelle drinking from a watering hole and having to constantly look around for predators. George reached through the bars with a trembling hand and turned the bottle upside down. A drop of milk fell from the tip and landed on Jack’s dress before George pushed it towards Jack’s mouth. George braced himself as if expecting to be hit but Jack simply opened his mouth and allowed the latex teat to be placed between his teeth. Jack felt stupid but he did his best to maintain eye contact. Jack had always believed in being dominant in any interaction and despite the way he was dressed he was determined to make sure George knew who the bigger and better man was. He sucked hard on the bottle and gulped down the milk, despite his distaste at the situation he couldn’t help but enjoy having his thirst quenched. Jack took in several big lungful’s of air once the bottle was pulled away and although the unusual drinking method had left him out of breath he was happy to have drunk something. He watched as George checked the bottle and then started backing away from the crib. Jack very quickly felt a strange shifting feeling in his tummy and then a sharp pain. “Now go get Kir-” Jack stopped suddenly as he felt another pain that seemed to start up in his stomach before travelling downwards, “What… What’s happening!? What have you done?” “I’m sorry!” George was quickly backing away with the bottom of his dress swaying with every step, “I’m just following orders!” “What have you given me!?” Jack yelled, “What was in that milk!?” “When Mistress drugged you she had spiked the drink with some laxatives.” George admitted from the safety of the doorway, “The milk had some more that was designed to get everything… moving.” “You bastard!” Jack yelled from the crib as he strained at the binds holding him down. He could feel veins bulging as his anger reached stratospheric levels. George knew it was time to get out of dodge and he hurriedly closed the door and practically ran back downstairs. He could hear the tied up man’s yells with every step. Jack was beyond angry. He pulled with every ounce of strength against the straps that held him down but it made no difference. Jack tried shaking and rocking and although the crib complained a little it still held firm. Jack let out a scream of anger. He couldn’t believe that Kirsty would drug him so heavily and force him into this humiliating situation. He was utterly incandescent with rage. Cramps shot through Jack’s body and it was clear that whatever Kirsty had given him was very strong. Jack was soon holding his breath and contorting his body as much as he could to try and alleviate the pain he was going through. The nappy crinkled loudly as Jack tried to stop the agony, the heavy warmth weighed the padding down against him as a constant reminder of what he had previously done. The pressure and pain was building up alarmingly quickly and the stark reality of what was facing Jack hit him hard. His anger soon became secondary to his desperation. “Kirsty?” Jack shouted as loudly as he could, “If you let me go to the bathroom we could talk about all this!” Jack waited but there was still no sound that suggested Kirsty was even in the house let alone preparing to come see him. His right foot was shaking a lot now as it felt like the only thing holding back his bowels was his sheer determination. Jack had his teeth clenched as sweat dripped down his forehead. He was losing the battle and he knew it, there was nothing he could do to delay what was quickly becoming inevitable. He was grunting as he exhaled and was doing everything he could think of to stay in control. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Jack muttered repeatedly to himself as he felt the pressure slowly increasing. It felt like Jack was holding back an elephant that was determined to break through. The pressure was so great and Jack’s attempts to hold it back were so desperate that he could plainly hear his heartbeat in his ears. This felt like a harder work out than anything Jack ever did at the gym. When Jack’s resistance finally gave way it felt like the door had been battered down and there was no holding back what followed. Jack closed his eyes as his body tensed and he felt a large lump starting to form in the back of his diaper. The poop pushed out of him irresistibly and Jack could feel the heated mass spreading against his body, the diaper was taped tightly and didn’t allow for a lot of manoeuvre. The feeling of spreading crap mixed with the feeling of spreading shame as Jack felt his body continue to push. Jack couldn’t stop his body which had seemingly gone into auto-pilot, as soon the first turd had exited his body he felt a second one coming. Jack let out a frustrated and angry yell as he pushed down and felt the lump quickly exiting his body. The second turd was followed by several smaller and softer pieces that completed the soiling. Jack shuddered as he felt his body finally relax, he panted slightly as he tried to come to terms with what had happened. He shifted his body slightly but quickly regretted it when he felt the waste in his diaper smearing against him. Jack tried to remain clam but his temper was threatening to burst out of him like a firework. He could already smell the tell-tale scent of crap wafting up from his crotch. The smell quickly became overpowering and made Jack’s eyes water. He turned his head away in disgust. Despite his attempts at remaining what he saw as manly he felt tears starting to run down his cheeks. “I did it!” Jack yelled angrily. He stifled a sob as he continued, “You can let me out now!” There was still no response or sounds of movement. Jack’s sobs became heavier and he banged the back of his head against the mattress below him. He could feel the fresh contents of his nappy smearing further around him. “I SAID LET ME OUT!” Jack screamed. Finally the tears overwhelmed him and as he laid in his own mess he started loudly wailing. He didn’t care anymore, he just wanted someone to take him out of this horrible situation.
  10. Just being respectful and understanding that I d love more diaper friends because it's true. Life is short. I need way to become more incontinent.  So glad I wear full-time now. Hee. Hee

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