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  1. The following is the first section of a short story written for my Patreon. For $10 you can get access to all Patreon exclusive stories as well as early access to to everything I write. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 Thank you to all my Patrons: DannyDazzler, Scy Tali, Orion F, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr. Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Liv, Lb Iceland, Cyatommorrow, Keen Lover, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, P, Kent J, Frank S, C Dom, Scott S, James B, Ben F --- Danny’s Journey By Elfy “Come on, Danny!” Sophie shouted from the door, “We need to leave.” Danny was up in his bedroom, or perhaps more appropriately, his nursery. He was feeling miserable and had just gone through yet another humiliating diaper change. It didn’t matter how many he endured, it never got any easier. Sophie was Danny’s Mom and the head of the house, her word was law which was bad news for poor Danny. In many ways Danny was just like any other 14-year-old boy, he enjoyed sports and loved music and like many others of his age group he was in the throes of puberty. His hormones raging in every way. It was these hormones that had got him in trouble in the first place. Three months ago, Danny had been visiting a particular website for ABDL’s. He had realised he liked diapers a few years before and now had a whole bunch of websites set up for that fetish that he liked to visit daily. On this particular occasion his life was changed forever. Danny had got up to use the bathroom and almost as soon as he closed the bathroom door he heard his mother walking up the stairs. He assumed she was going to her room so Danny wasn’t too worried. By the time he left the bathroom and walked back to his room he had forgotten that his Mom was even upstairs. When Danny had turned the corner into his room and saw his Mom looking at his computer screen with his washing in her hands he froze. His heart hammered as he realised his Mom was reading all about his deepest desires. A confusing and embarrassing conversation followed which resulted in Danny explaining to his Mom that he was an ABDL and that everything she was reading was basically his fantasy. “Do you want to live it?” Sophie had asked. She just casually threw the question out there as if she were asking something simple like what to have for dinner. The question had floored Danny. He was expecting to be yelled at, he had expected misunderstandings and he had expected lots of problems. The last thing he had ever expected was his Mom asking if he wanted to live the life that so many on his website dreamt of. After some hesitation the deal was eventually agreed. Danny agreed that he was to be a baby at home, he was to stay padded when going to places like school but he wouldn’t need to act like a baby there. The one thing that Danny’s Mom had insisted on was that if they were going to do this then it was going to be long term. Sophie had spent thousands of dollars on diapers, baby clothes, baby furniture and everything else a baby would need. This was why once Danny had agreed to being a full time ABDL, there would be no going back. Danny had been happy for a few days. The toilet was now completely off-limits and the first few changings and feedings were more than a little uncomfortable but he quickly grew used to the new routine. Even going to school padded eventually lost it’s fear but that took a lot longer. Sophie had written to the school and informed them that young Danny had developed a problem causing him to not make it to the toilet. She also was very strictly asking the school nurse to make sure that Danny was not to change himself. Danny had been terrified of friends finding out that he was wearing diapers but he had told his closest friends who didn’t seem to care, and no one else seemed to notice. He was even excused from all Gym classes which was an added bonus. After a week or so, things changed. The diapers and baby treatment stopped feeling special, it started feeling increasingly like a chore to play a role all of the time. As much as he enjoyed being able to be a little, it was at the cost of so many things that he had loved doing. Video games and computer time was now heavily controlled and the strict parental lock meant that his access to the internet was severely limited. He could no longer have friends over nor he could he visit others unless he revealed the full details of what was going on. Danny had always enjoyed using his diapers but sometimes it was even more inconvenient to do so than to just go to the bathroom. That time he messed himself before going to sleep, the times he had wet new diapers as soon as they were put on, the times at school where he had to visit the nurse for a change. All of these events were hard work on a young teenager also dealing with puberty, school and every other aspect of growing up. It hadn’t been long, perhaps just two weeks, when Danny asked for the baby stuff to stop. Of course by this point it was too late, a lot of money had been spent and stories told to get things the way they were and there was no real option of going back. They weren’t a rich family; a lot of the baby stuff could only be afforded by selling Danny’s teenage things. “Danny, we are going to be late!” Sophie’s shout up the stairs broke Danny from his reverie. Danny looked around his room one more time and picked up his bag. This was something Sophie always demanded and Danny had to follow the rules to avoid punishment. The bag wasn’t what you would expect a regular teenager to be walking around with. This bag was sky blue in colour with little white clouds embroidered into it, Danny hated it. Inside the bag were two thick diapers and all of his changing supplies. Wipes, powder, lotion, plastic bags for used diapers, it was all in this small bag and Danny had to keep it on him at all times. His Mom always told him it was “just in case he needed them.” Danny was reluctant to admit that more often than not, if he was out of the house for a long time, he would end up needing at least one of those spare diapers. Swinging the bag on to his back, Danny looked in the mirror next to the door. He sighed when the reflection showed a big overgrown baby. A bright orange shirt which was one size too small would attract other people’s eyes, his shorts were light blue and although a bit bigger they didn’t hide his diaper completely. Danny could see the white plastic underneath the thin material of the shorts. It was freshly changed and crinkled loudly with each movement. This would have once been a fantasy image that would have excited him, now it was reality and rather than exciting him it was a depressing reminder that he had agreed to this and had been left stuck like this. “Don’t make me come up there!” Danny’s Mom shouted with a note of warning in her voice.
  2. Feeling good...

    Glad to hear it DD, long may the good times last.
  3. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    New update posted to Patreon ( https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 ) For $5 you can read the 3,000+ word update right away. It will be posted here in one week
  4. The Internship

    The penultimate update to the story. Katie finds herself on a spiral downwards and seems to be trapped in an inescapable situation. Can she regain any control of the situation? If you are enjoying this story and can't wait for the final part to be posted, for $5 on my Patreon you can see the conclusion to this story right now! You will also get one week early access to all my updates. For $10, you will get the early updates as well as access to exclusive stories. There are a bunch of other rewards available including chances of free commissions or even writing a story with me https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to everyone reading and enjoying my stories, a bigger thank you to everyone leaving a comment and a huge thank you to everyone supporting me financially: DannyDazzler, Scy Tali, Orion F, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr.Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Liv, L B Iceland, Cyatommorrow, Keen Lover, Emmanuel S, Henty C, Bob, Michelle G, P, Kent J, Frank S, C Dom, Scott S, James B, Ben F. Commissions are also available. --- Katie followed the robot through the hallways and back to the canteen. Katie saw one table near the door with a plate in front of it, on the plate were some sandwiches cut up in bite size chunks as well as an apple that was also cut into segments. She would have worried about the infantile lunch but it was so much better than yesterday’s dinner that she kept her mouth shut. Sitting down at the table, Katie looked around and saw all the same robots in the canteen staring at her. It was very unsettling as she started trying to eat the food. She didn’t have much of an appetite but knew that she wouldn’t be allowed to leave the canteen until she finished everything. When the plate was finally clean the robot from the classroom wasted no time opening the door for her to head back to the nursery. Katie stood up and felt the padding between her legs as she walked back to the classroom. As they headed down the corridor back towards the classroom, Katie saw the bathroom from the previous day. Although she had no crushing need for the bathroom, she felt like she should maybe ask to go just to try to do her best to keep this pull up dry. By the time she decided it would be a good idea, it was already too late. The robot leading the way had walked all the way up to and through the door to the nursery room. It was holding the door open and watching for Katie to come through. “I was thinking…” Katie said as confidently as she could in her embarrassing state of dress, “Maybe I should use the bathroom, you know, just to make sure there are no more… accidents.” The robot didn’t move. It held the door open and stood still waiting for the girl to come down the hallway. Katie scowled and started walking down the corridor before stopping halfway between the classroom and the bathroom. “This is ridiculous!” Katie shouted suddenly, “You don’t want me to wet myself. Let me into the bathroom!” Still the robot didn’t move and didn’t speak. The way the machine made no indication of listening to Katie only made her angrier as she felt increasingly indignant at being ignored when she was making a very basic request. “Listen to me!” Katie shouted. She stomped her foot on the floor of the corridor and could feel her face going red. The longer this went the angrier she was getting! After another few seconds of silence, Katie decided this was where she was going to put her foot down. Using the bathroom was a basic right! If she wanted to go to the bathroom she should be allowed to go. “Fine!” Katie said as she folded her arms across her chest, “I can wait here till you let me in.” Katie quickly sat down on the floor and crossed her legs as well. She looked for all the world like an overgrown toddler having a tantrum but in her mind she was right. She deserved to use the bathroom like the adult she was and whoever was in charge here had no right to stop her. As soon as Katie’s butt hit the floor the robot started walking back out towards her. Katie flinched as it grew near, she had no idea if the robot was about to go and unlock the door for her or whether it was just coming to grab her. Katie didn’t have to wait long for the answer, when the Nanny-bot reached her it stopped. Katie closed her eyes and prayed that the robot would pass when she felt the robotic arms wrap around her. “No…” Katie whined uselessly as she was picked up and held against the chest of the metal person. Katie was picked up and carried back towards the nursery. When she saw the door to the bathroom moving further away she felt her temper rising again. This whole situation was ridiculous and she quickly began lashing out. It was utterly useless of course but Katie flailed her legs and arms as she was carried back into the nursery room and the door was locked behind her. “Calm down.” The robot said simply as it put the girl down in front of the table of activities again. Katie felt tears in her eyes but she refused to cry, she didn’t want to give the robot the satisfaction of showing how upset she was. Despite this, it wasn’t long until Katie drank from the sippy cup. Her throat was parched and she blushed as she drank from the infantile mug. Unfortunately, there were repercussions to both the tantrum and the drinking and they soon began to make themselves felt. Katie tried to ignore the growing feeling of needing the bathroom, the pressure on her bladder was slowly growing and becoming harder to ignore. Katie brushed her hand across her crotch and felt the cloth-like feeling of the pull up between her legs, it was a reminder of what was expected. She shuddered and all it did was make her more determined to not embarrass herself. Maybe this was a test and all Katie had to do was stay dry as long as possible, eventually the robot had to take her to the bathroom surely. To try and distract herself from her growing need to the bathroom, Katie looked around the room for something to do. Her eyes fell on a bookshelf nearby and she walked over in the hope of finding something interesting. She should have known better, the books were all meant for toddlers and there was nothing that Katie would find genuinely interesting. Katie pulled a book about animals off of the shelf. She sat down on the floor in front of the shelf and opened up the first page. It was all simple stuff, a picture of an animal along with some facts about it and their name. It distracted her for a few minutes but not much longer and as the pangs from her bladder increased, she quickly put the book away and picked up another one in the attempt to stay distracted. To a certain extent this strategy worked but after an hour there were no books left and the need for the bathroom was now extreme. Katie stood up and almost lost control right away. She was utterly desperate to go, her hand covered her bladder which was aching. She saw the robot still watching her from the far end of the room and she decided to make one more effort to convince the caretaker to let her use the bathroom. “Please… I really need to go.” Katie said as she stumbled forward slightly. The robot didn’t move. It’s unbroken stare not leaving Katie’s face. Katie sighed in frustration and then suddenly came up with an idea. She was being treated like a toddler with these activities and the pull up and everything, so maybe the robots wanted her to act the part… “Please, Miss.” Katie said in her best impression of a little girl, “I need to go potty.” Katie’s already red face blushed brighter as she staggered across the room and talked like a toddler. She was so immensely glad that no one could see her, if anyone knew what was going on she would die from embarrassment. To Katie’s utter astonishment, her idea actually had an effect. The robotic nanny stood up and started walking across the room. Katie’s eyes lit up and she started shuffling a bit faster as she assumed the nanny was heading for the door. She was going to make it! “What… What are you doing?” Katie stammered as she reached the halfway point in the room. The Robo-Nanny had only gone halfway to the door when it stopped and opened a cupboard door. It had reached in and pulled out a large plastic object. It was princess pink and adorned with pictures of unicorns and Katie watched as it was set down on the floor next to the teacher’s desk. “A potty?” Katie whispered as her throat constricted from embarrassment, “You want me to use an actual… Potty?” The teacher stood expectantly and Katie knew she had to decide what she was going to do right away. Her control was at it’s limit and there was no way she would be allowed out of this room. Katie edged herself forwards across the room and felt her control slipping with every movement. She was still several feet away from the potty when she felt a small trickle escape her and enter the pull up. Katie paused briefly and squeezed her muscles shut again as she attempted to maintain control. The idea of using a potty in the middle of the room like a toilet training toddler was humiliating but it was still marginally better than wetting her pull up. The robot’s accusing eyes seemed to pierce Katie’s soul and weaken her resistance. She paused again as she felt her control stretched to the limit. She became aware that another step would be the end of her battle and she hunched over forwards, her hands pressed against the front of the pull up as if trying to block the flow that she was certain was coming. Looking at the robot, Katie wordlessly begged for it to bring the potty to her. She felt tears rolling down her cheeks as she struggled to hold back the flood. The robot must have known what Katie needed. If it was smart enough to be able to do everything it had done since Katie got here, it would be smart enough to recognise a woman desperate for relief. It didn’t move. It was finally too much for the young woman. Katie felt another trickle escape her clenched body but this time she was unable to stop the flow. Instead, her body felt the trickle and gave up the fight, the trickle became a stream and the pull up quickly started warming around her. These pull ups were not meant for large accidents and it quickly began to overflow. Katie felt the warm urine start running down her inner thigh which prompted her eyes to fly wide. Abandoning the attempt at keeping control, Katie ran the last few steps towards the potty. She felt the floodgates open as the pull up couldn’t contain the torrent of liquid. A high-pitched whine escaped from Katie’s mouth as she felt the warm urine cascading down her legs and dripping on to the floor. Without even pausing to pull her disposable underwear down, Katie sat herself down on the potty and heard the tell-tale tinkling sound as her pee dripped down from her pull up and collected in the bottom of the potty. By the time she had sat down, Katie had almost finished and as the last drops hit the potty she looked down at the trail of urine that led away from the toddler toilet. Katie felt a deep sense of shame as the evidence of her lack of control pooled on the floor. She could almost feel the glare of the robot behind her as she ashamedly looked at the floor. She sobbed slightly and felt so bad for not making it to the potty even though any reasonable person would have let her go to the bathroom when she asked. She was humiliated more than anything. When the dripping eventually slowed down Katie didn’t really know what to do. She wanted to get up and run away but that obviously wasn’t an option. She just sat on her little potty and sobbed for a little while as the wet streaks on her legs got colder. Eventually, the decision as to what to do next was made for her when the robot behind her grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off of the potty. Katie kicked her legs a little but any attempt at resistance was rather half-hearted and she was too upset with herself to really try and break free. She allowed herself to be carried over to the changing table where she was rapidly stripped down to just her pull up. Katie looked fearfully up at the robot at the end of the table as it seemed to be calculating it’s next move. The blushing woman didn’t even try to get off of the table, she knew it was useless to try, sooner or later she would be brought back and things would only be worse. The bot reached forward and pulled the weak sides of the pull up apart. The wet disposable was pulled down between Katie’s legs and left her exposed to the room. The disposable underwear was saturated from front to back and Katie was surprised it was still holding on. Suddenly, as if a decision had been reached by the building itself, metallic arms simultaneously sprung forth from the four corners of the changing table. They quickly pinned Katie to the table and held her down securely with their firm but gentle grip. “Hey!” Katie yelled as she was pinned to the table, “I’m not resisting! Let me go!” Katie was broken from her depressed apathy by the frustration of being held down again for seemingly no reason. She had accepted what was coming next; she expected to be cleaned and placed in yet another humiliating pull up. Why hold her down? Why make this experience any longer and harder than it needed to be. The nanny suddenly turned away from the table and towards the door that led to the cafeteria area. Katie watched as far as she could but the robot disappeared out of sight leaving Katie laying alone in the nursery room. It was silent and she felt very vulnerable as she was held down and completely naked. “Great…” Katie muttered to herself. It turned out that Katie didn’t have to wait long to find out what was going on as the sound of heavy, metallic footsteps soon started getting louder again. “Can you just hurry up and get me dressed.” Katie called out as the nanny walked back across the room, “We both know you are just going to stick me in another stupid pull up. Just get it over with.” Katie was angry. Angry at herself for the accident, angry at this stupid robot for forcing it to happen and angry at the whole building and company for whatever crazy experiment was going on here. Katie no longer cared about whatever mysterious force was behind all of this, she no longer gave a damn about getting a job or even paid for this stay. She just wanted to be allowed to leave but clearly that wasn’t on the cards. Katie furrowed her eyebrows when she looked to the side and saw the nanny-bot carrying a bucket that seemed to be full of water to the side of the changing table. What on Earth was this for? Katie saw the robot’s cold eyes look down at her face before slowly working down over her chest and down to her crotch. When Katie saw it pull out a razor and some shaving cream from one of the shelves her eyes flew wide and she shook her head. “No, no, no!” Katie yelled, “Do not touch me!” The robot paused as it looked back up at Katie’s face. It put one of it’s shiny fingers to where it’s mouth would have been and gave a short, sharp shush. “Don’t shush me!” Katie yelled again, “This is too much. You’re going too far, I demand to be le-” Katie was cut off mid-sentence when she suddenly felt something rather rubbery tied to her mouth. She twisted and turned her head but it was already too late to dislodge what she quickly came to realise was an oversized pacifier. Even spitting it out didn’t work as it was attached to a strap that wrapped around the back of her head. One of the seemingly endless mechanical arms seemed to be responsible. The robot opened the can and sprayed a liberal amount of the shaving foam on it’s hand. It moved down between the woman’s legs and started rubbing the foam over the areas of Katie’s crotch that had hair. Katie gasped at the cold touch and tried to move away from the hand, it was a useless endeavour as she was held down so securely. “Hold still.” The robot commanded briefly as it picked up the razor and moved it towards Katie. Katie closed her eyes and did as she was asked. She stayed as still as possible whilst still trembling slightly from a mixture of fear and the cold cream. For the next several minutes, Katie felt the metal blade of the razor as it meticulously shaved her. A new tear ran down her cheek as she wondered why on Earth the robot was doing this. She had to admit that it had expert precision though, despite it’s proximity to some very sensitive areas it managed to avoid them completely as it did a thorough job in taking off the hair that Katie had. When it was finally finished it repeated the process that it had done with the bucket. It walked away from the table and carried the bucket back down the hallway to wherever it had originally got it. By the time the robot had returned, Katie was fuming and her fear had turned to anger. When it stood between Katie’s legs again, Katie gave it a stare much colder than the robot could ever manage. “Why?” Katie asked simply and carefully around the large bulb in her mouth. “Babies need to be smooth for easier clean up.” Replied the machine. Ignoring the fact that Katie wasn’t a baby, she blushed at the idea of needing easier clean up. The two accidents she had experienced were just that, accidents. She didn’t need changing or cleaning or anything like that. She just needed this stupid machine to let her use the toilet when asked. “Eathier clean up?” Katie lisped with difficulty, “I don’t ne… Oh my God…” Katie felt her face go pale as she watched the robot lean down under the table and then stand back up with a new piece of disposable underwear. She had been expecting another pull up, how could she not after what had just happened? She certainly wasn’t going to be allowed her underwear again. As the plastic crinkled in front of her, Katie realised that what was coming next would be even worse than what came before. With a stomach that felt like it was dropping as if on a rollercoaster, Katie looked into the robot’s hands to see a diaper. It was plain white with a single yellow line running all the way down the centre. As it was unfolded, Katie felt her breath taken away by it’s sheer size. She had no idea they even made diapers this big, though in hindsight it seemed obvious that they must do for those incontinent adults. Her shocked brain was struggling to comprehend anything that was happening though and she felt the thick padding being slid underneath her. This was so much more humiliating than the pull up. It was as if Katie was going through potty training in reverse. She had arrived in panties and slowly regressed all the way to this diaper. Her fragile ego felt beaten, battered and bruised as she blushed anew. Katie felt the front of the diaper get pulled up between her legs and over her freshly shaved crotch. This ultimate symbol of babyhood was pulled tightly closed, firmly taped together and Katie was powerless to stop any of it. With the pacifier strapped in and now a diaper between her legs, Katie realised she was starting to look like nothing more than an overgrown baby. It was a horrid realisation. Katie felt her limbs released as the robot picked her up and carried her in it’s arms like a mother cradling a new born. It was a bit awkward because of Katie’s size but the robot had seemingly no issue in carrying the woman over to the crib which Katie was lightly deposited in. The bars of the crib slid up automatically as soon as the caretaker had removed it’s arms leaving Katie trapped. “At leatht take out the pathifier!” Katie lisped around the bulb filling her mouth. She quickly pushed herself against the bars like a prisoner trying to escape their cell. The robot either didn’t hear Katie or chose to ignore her. It just walked out of the nursery and closed the door behind it. Katie was left alone in the nursery, trapped in her little crib with nothing on except the crinkling disposable diaper. She felt very exposed but by this point that was a feeling she was getting very used to. Katie stomped her foot in frustration, like a frustrated toddler she didn’t think she deserved this at all. She looked down at the diaper that was now loudly crinkling around his waist, she scowled at it like it was her oppressor. Katie’s first instinct was to just rip the diaper off. She didn’t care if it would leave her naked, being naked would be less humiliating than being padded like a baby. Cooler thinking prevailed, Katie knew that tearing this diaper off wouldn’t help her at all, in fact it would probably make things much worse. Katie was sure that ripping this diaper off would just provoke whatever was running this place to come back and re-diaper her. Then she would be held down or something and be even more trapped than she was at the moment. With a growl of frustration, Katie sat down backwards on her padded rear and laid down. If she was going to be forced to stay here, the best thing she could do was try and pass the time. She laid her head down on the pillows provided and closed her eyes. Sleep was not easy to come by. Katie had no idea how long she had been left in the crib alone, she only knew that it felt like hours. The mixture of the diaper and the pacifier strapped into her mouth made Katie uncomfortable enough that it seemed like any movement woke her up. The diapers crinkling was the only sound in the room and she blushed every time she heard the soft padding announce it’s presence. At some point in the middle of the night, Katie woke up for a different reason. Katie felt an all too familiar sensation of a full bladder, a feeling of needing the bathroom, of tense bladder muscles that wanted to be relaxed. Katie had been dreading this moment. She knew that sooner or later she would need the toilet and with the diaper taped to her waist and the walls of the crib fencing her in, there was just no way for her to avoid an inevitable wet diaper. Katie couldn’t understand why she was having to use the bathroom so much. It didn’t make sense to her that she kept needing to use the bathroom. There must have been something in the food; it was the only explanation that made sense to the young woman. The thought crossed her mind, yet again, of tearing the diaper off. She was willing to do anything to avoid wetting herself again but, just like earlier, she knew it wouldn’t help at all. The best she could do then was either wet the bed or try to pee between the bars of the crib. Neither of these options were appealing and she steadfastly refused to act like an animal, not to mention she was sure there would be a punishment for doing it. Katie eventually came to the conclusion that it was pointless to just lay there suffering. The need wasn’t going anywhere and she was only preventing herself getting any sleep by fighting it. Climbing to her feet, Katie closed her eyes and tried to relax her aching bladder. It wasn’t an easy task. Deliberately wetting yourself and going against years of toilet training was pretty tough but a deep breath and an effort to relax every muscle eventually led to a sudden warming around her crotch. Katie blushed as she felt herself let go into the thirsty padding. She had held on for so long that when she had finally allowed herself to pee, she flooded the diaper. Katie could feel her urine creeping around the padding at the front and the back as the thirsty diaper absorbed everything. Eventually Katie was done and she slowly opened her eyes and grimaced. The warm wetness between her legs actually wasn’t too horrible of a feeling, but the knowledge she was standing in her own urine was horrible. Katie slowly laid back down in the bed and tried to get some rest. She could still feel the pee spreading around her waist and looking for somewhere to be absorbed. It was a strange, almost ticklish, sensation that only distracted her from sleep even more. After the fitful night with sleep that only came in short bursts, Katie was somewhat relieved to see the robot return to the room. She immediately climbed to her knees and felt the heavy diaper sag dramatically around her waist. Katie blushed as she felt gravity take hold. The passing time had caused the diaper to cool down and what had previously been a relatively pleasant feeling was now a lot less comfortable. Now it was just a constant reminder of what she had done and that she needed another change. Katie looked down and grimaced as she saw the discoloured sections of the previously clean and white diaper. Further evidence of her little accident. It was hard for Katie to argue against her need for these diapers when she kept wetting them. The robot’s slow and mechanical walk over to the crib gave Katie plenty of time to contemplate what might happen next. Katie really hoped for a change, preferably into something non-disposable but she knew that was unlikely. The nanny eventually reached the side of the crib which dropped without the robot seemingly pressing anything. Katie was about to step out when she felt the arms of the robot wrap around her, clearly she was not expected to walk anywhere on her own. “You can’t do this…” Katie said quietly, “Just let me go.” The robot carried Katie over to the changing table as if it hadn’t understood a single word that she had said. It laid her down and gave her a piercing stare, it seemed like it was almost challenging Katie to resist, Katie wasn’t going to play those games again and she folded her arms across her bare chest as her only show of defiance. It was as Katie was laid down that she realised the robot wasn’t even talking to her much anymore. In it’s eyes, Katie was clearly nothing more than a toddler. The robot pulled the tapes off Katie’s diaper and lowered the front. Katie blushed as yet another accident was revealed openly to the world. In her mind she knew that she had no choice for any of them, but it was hard to fit having so many recent potty accidents with being an adult. Katie felt the cold and wet baby wipes rubbed against her most private area as the robot began the swift process of cleaning her now hairless crotch. She didn’t want to give the robot the satisfaction of blushing and letting it know how humiliated she was but she found herself struggling to stop herself from going red in the face. Soon, Katie felt a new diaper being placed under her rear and she felt herself tearing up a little. She had been really hoping that after the previous night she would be given her grown up clothes back, she was at least hoping to not have to wear another stupid diaper. When Katie felt the diaper taped closed she sighed in resignation. She went back to her one salvation, this was a fixed length of a stay and her Mom would be coming to pick her up at the end of it all. She would be saved from this building in the end. Katie was lifted off of the changing table and when she felt her feet hit the floor she was asked by the robot to not move. Katie was barely listening as she was so deep in her own thoughts but she didn’t move anyway. How long had Katie been here? It was so hard to keep track of time when the windows were blocked out by thick curtains, she estimated she must be nearly done with this horrible process but she couldn’t be sure. The complete lack of control about anything that was happening was the most frustrating aspect of this whole thing. “Arms up.” The command came from the one voice Katie had heard in the last couple of days. Katie, still wrapped up in her own mind, lifted her arms automatically and quickly felt some cloth pulled rapidly over them. When Katie saw a collar pulled down past her vision she assumed she was being given a shirt, it was only when she heard a clicking noise between her legs that she belatedly realised this wasn’t a shirt at all! “A onesie!” Katie shouted in shock. As the last snap was done up and the robot removed it’s hand, Katie felt the fluffy diaper between her legs pushed up and against her body. Katie looked down and twisted her body slightly. The onesie was a pastel pink and had little pictures of cartoon bunny rabbits all over it. It was one of the most infantile pieces of clothing Katie could remember seeing and the crinkling that came from the disposable padding between her legs as she moved didn’t help her feelings of being a child. Yet again the robot acted like it couldn’t hear the girl as it took a step back. It observed Katie coldly and when it was satisfied that the onesie was a good fit it picked the young woman up and began to carry her towards the exit of the room. Katie was very glad that no one could see her at this moment. It was incredibly humiliating to be treated like this and no matter how impossible the situation was to escape she felt like a real adult would never let something like this happen. Katie wrapped her arms around the robot’s neck to steady herself as she was carried out of the nursery. She hated her reliance on the robot right now but she couldn’t get away no matter how much she wanted to. Even trying to escape would probably result in everything just getting worse. As much as it pained Katie to think about, her best choice was to just wait it out and hope that when the time period came to an end she would be rescued by her mother. She had to keep her eye on that goal to stop herself going mad.
  5. The Internship

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  6. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Do not fear... Nick is still the central focus of things and will be in the future, this is all going somewhere
  7. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Here is the latest update that has been available on my Patreon for the last week I would like to thank everyone for their input on my characters, I always find it interesting to see how they are perceived by others. A big thank you to everyone reading and enjoying the story but a huge thank you to everyone supporting me through Patreon and allowing me to spend so much time writing for you guys: DannyDazzler, Scy Tali, Orion F, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr. Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Liv, Lb Iceland, Cyatommorrow, Keen Lover, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, P, Kent J, Frank S, C Dom, Scott S, James B, Ben F, P74_1986 On my Patreon you will find early access to all my content (Updated roughly once every four days!) for just $5 a month. For $10 a month you get the early access plus some exclusive Patreon only stories. There are more tiers and more rewards including free commissions so if you are interested feel free to go and check it out. It is only through my wonderful Patros that I can keep up this level of writing <3 https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- “Nick?” Sarah called out uncertainly as she heard the front door open and close. There was no reply. It seemed like as soon as Nick had exited the bedroom he had quickly got dressed and left the house. Sarah had no idea where her husband had gone or if he was coming back. She cursed the fact that this crib was so secure, she had loved it when Nick had been the one locked inside but now she felt so helpless. Sarah couldn’t believe that her husband would leave her alone in the house like this. What if there was an emergency? There was just no way for her to escape this bed. At least Sarah had a moment to take stock of the situation. She looked down at her waist and winced as she saw the white plastic of the nappy secured tightly around her hips. It was almost unbelievable that she had ever got into this position. She felt hopelessness rising within her as she considered some of the horrible possibilities that she faced. Sarah thought about having to go back to work in diapers and felt a cold chill. That was still over a month away though, surely she wouldn’t be kept like this for that long. “Just keep it together.” Sarah told herself as she closed her eyes. The most important thing was to remain calm and be patient. She was a very smart and resourceful person, Nick would slip up and give her a chance. Nick was never the person to consider long term consequences and Sarah had little reason to doubt that sooner or later the door would be left open, she just had to be ready. The diaper crinkled with every slight movement and Sarah started to understand how it could have had such an effect on her husband’s behaviour. It was a very oppressive feeling to have to worry about the noise, Sarah could only imagine what it would be like to be in public like this. In the back of her mind was the knowledge that she might be expected to go outside like this but she had to keep that away from her consciousness. It was too scary to think about. Sarah laid back on the mattress beneath her and took a deep breath. Her hands wandered down her own body and she gently fiddled with the waistband of her padding. It was still hard to believe it was there. The little waistband almost tickled her tummy when it rubbed against her. When she moved her hands further down she could feel the tapes pressing the sides of the nappy against her. Moving her hands down even further, Sarah felt the curving disposable plastic wrap between her legs. It felt so smooth that it was actually a nice feeling to rub her hand against it. In fact, Sarah was getting a little too into the pleasant feelings that rubbing the plastic was causing her and she had to stop when she realised she was ending up feeling a little aroused by it. She would absolutely not allow herself pleasure in these damn nappies. Sarah thought back to the previous day and remembered her time with Jack. It was unbelievable just how much things had changed in less than twenty four hours. She tried to imagine what Jack would think if he could see her like this and felt a small lifting in her spirits. Maybe if she could somehow let Jack know what was happening he would be her knight in shining armour. She didn’t expect Jack to sweep her off her feet, she wouldn’t want him to, but maybe he could talk some sense into Nick and end the madness. The crib was very claustrophobic and it didn’t take long for Sarah to start feeling very boxed in. There is a very distinct and interesting phenomenon that happens to people when they are unable to do something, it suddenly becomes the only thing they can really concentrate on. It was especially noticeable amongst the children that Sarah worked with. In Sarah’s case, the thing her mind had begun obsessing over was the need to eventually use the bathroom. At first she didn’t think about it much at all but very quickly it became a huge concern for her. At some point she would need the bathroom, it had obviously been something she had considered before now but when trapped in the small crib it really started to become clear that she was going to be forced to use her nappy. Almost as soon as Sarah thought about not being able to get to the bathroom, she felt a very sudden rise in her need for relief. Sarah sighed in resignation about her position but she couldn’t make herself use her nappy. She knew it was coming and it was going to unavoidable and wanted to get it over with but no matter how much her brain told her to just let go before it got too uncomfortable, her body refused to obey. The totally silent house was eerie and Sarah felt increasingly restless. The longer she was stuck behind these bars the more she felt desperate to escape them. This really was inhumane, it was like being imprisoned in solitary confinement for no reason. She would never do something like this to another person! --- Nick pulled back up at his house with a wide smile. He was in a fantastic mood and felt liberated by his visit to Kirsty’s house. It felt good to be able to get the upper hand when visiting her, even if she had made some good points he knew that things were now very different to how they had been this morning. It was the dawning of a new era! Stepping out of the car, Nick walked up the driveway and through the front door. He revelled in the silence that control had brought him. No one was ordering him to do something or go somewhere, Nick was able to do as he wanted. The sense of freedom after all that time as a baby was intoxicating, Nick felt like he had some idea how a recently freed prisoner must feel. “Nick?” A faint voice called from upstairs. Nick looked up the stairs. Kirsty was right about one thing. He shouldn’t have left Sarah alone in the crib, he would never tell Kirsty that he thought she was right but the number one parenting rule had to be not to leave the baby alone. Especially locked in the crib. Nick slung the bag of stuff Kirsty had given him over his shoulder and slowly walked up the stairs as he puffed out his cheeks. He wasn’t used to all this movement and effort, even before the enforced babyhood had started Nick had spent most of his time as stationary as possible. “This is what parents complain about…” Nick muttered as he crossed the landing, “So much work.” The air inside the nursery had a distinct odour to it, not something that Nick had really noticed before but coming into the nursery as an outsider seemed to really bring home the smell. It was the scent of used diapers, a pungent mixture of old pee and faeces. The kind of smell common to a young baby’s nursery, not so common in a childless household. The smell felt somehow comforting to Nick. “Hello Sarah.” Nick said brightly as he looked at his almost naked wife, “How are you doing?” Nick received no response and nor did he expect one. He ambled over to the crib and placed the bag of new clothes down on the floor beside the changing table, he saw Sarah looking at it with a mixture of curiosity and fear. Sarah had no idea what would be in that bag but she assumed it wouldn’t be anything that would please her. Dropping the side of the crib, Sarah eagerly made to scoot her way out until Nick’s hand stopped her in her tracks. He pulled his hand lower down Sarah’s body until it rested on her padding. Nick smiled as he saw his wife’s blushing face, a face that looked guilty, that knew what Nick was about to find. Pressing the wet padding against his wife’s delicate opening, Nick could feel the sponginess of the padding. He saw Sarah blush as he rubbed the front of the underwear. It felt good to be the one able to tease rather than the one being teased. “Well, well, well…” Nick said with a smile, “I see someone needed the potty whilst I was gone.” Sarah looked away as her mouth twisted into a thin-lipped frown. She didn’t like this wet feeling around her waist and she certainly didn’t like the way Nick was talking to her. She tried to keep a lid on her anger though, she assumed that the quicker Nick got bored or saw that she had learned her lesson that they could end this charade. “Couldn’t wait for Daddy to come home?” Nick asked. “No…” Sarah eventually said quietly when Nick wouldn’t let her move without an answer. “No what?” Nick asked. His hand squeezed the spongy padding at the front of his wife’s nappy. “No, Daddy.” Sarah spat out as she lost her temper, “Are you happy? You got me to say it.” “Ecstatic.” Nick said sarcastically. His face had no hint of a smile now, “We should get you changed.” Nick finally moved his hand away from Sarah’s nappy and let her jump down. As she did so the heavy padding drooped between her legs slightly, her gait had become much more of a waddle now and Sarah wondered how on Earth her husband could put up with this for so long. “Where did you go?” Sarah asked with annoyance as she clambered on to the changing table and laid down. “I went to see Aunty Kirsty.” Nick said, “To pick some stuff up for you.” “Kirsty!?” Sarah replied with wide eyes, “She… She knows?” “I told her everything.” Nick smiled as he pulled the tapes off the nappy and watched the swollen front flop down. Sarah didn’t know whether to feel humiliated or hopeful that Kirsty now knew what was happening. On the one hand she might be able to help her, on the other it was embarrassing that her friend knew that the tables had turned. Sarah laid in silence but jumped suddenly when she felt the cold touch of the wet wipes. She shuddered a little as she felt herself get cleaned before the used nappy was pulled out from underneath her. “Cold, isn’t it?” Nick asked already knowing the answer. He balled up the nappy and dropped into the trash can by the door. Nick unfolded a new nappy and quickly placed it under Sarah. He couldn’t deny that she looked good like this, she was shaped perfectly for Nick and when he saw his wife undressed it was almost enough to make him forget what she had done, almost enough to make him prematurely end everything. Almost. Nick pulled up the new nappy before his will power collapsed entirely and taped the padding closed. He smiled as Sarah sat up and the quiet room was filled with crinkling. He knew he was hardly in a position to be making fun of something like that but it felt like at least a little justice. Opening up the bag, Nick pulled out the first thing his hand found. A long satin dress, white in colour and with little bows over where the breasts would be. Nick thought that there didn’t seem to be much difference between what a sissy wears and what a baby girl wears but he guessed that was the point. “Arms up.” Nick commanded. Sarah rolled her eyes and took a deep breath but put her hands in the air all the same. Nick smiled, he remembered when he had tried to fight everything that happened. “You can keep fighting it…” Nick said as he slipped the clothes over his wife’s head, “But you know as well as I do that resistance can only get you so far.” Nick pulled the dress down and smoothed it over Sarah’s body. It was a little too big for her but if anything that made her look even more like a small child. Sarah had a face like thunder which only made Nick smile more widely. He turned to leave the room but heard Sarah clear her throat behind him. “You need to do the zip up for me.” Sarah said quietly, her face as red as a tomato, “It’s on the back. I can’t reach it.” Nick walked back over and behind his wife to sharply yank the zip up. This was a lot more work than the little boys clothes were Nick thought lazily. “Alright, let’s go downstairs.” Nick said as he walked towards the door once again. Sarah wanted to find a reason not to. She didn’t really know why but she just felt so much more exposed outside of this bedroom. As she stepped into the hallway she was hit by the cooler air outside the bedroom, it was quite refreshing and not entirely unpleasant. She followed Nick down the stairs and into the living room. Nick smiled broadly as he looked over to the wall and saw his computer sitting idly like it was inviting him to come to it. “Alright you can, I don’t know, sit in the playpen?” Nick said as he vaguely gestured over to the fenced in area. Sarah had the distinct impression that he hadn’t really thought this all through properly, that he didn’t know what he was doing. She sighed and walked herself into the toddler prison. Nick fiddled with the door briefly to lock it and then immediately turned his back to go turn on the computer. Hearing the fans whir into life was like a blast from the past for Nick. It was just as he was entering in his log in information that he was distracted by his wife clearing her throat again. “What?” Nick asked in annoyance as he looked over to Sarah. “I’m thirsty… And hungry.” Sarah said as she stood awkwardly in the middle of the playpen. “And?” Nick asked. He was a little slow to catch on when distracted with the exciting prospect of using the computer. “And you need to look after me…” Sarah continued. Her voice betrayed how shocked she was by her husband’s incompetence “Ugh.” Nick rolled his eyes and walked out to the kitchen. Sarah just shook her head as he walked by. Being a baby like this for him was horrible but the least Nick could do was look after her properly. Sarah sat down on her padded rear and looked around at her surroundings. She was just looking at the meagre choices for “entertainment” when she heard banging coming from the kitchen. A minute later she watched Nick stomp back into the room. He dropped a bottle into the playpen and then a single apple that bounced off the ground and rolled to Sarah. Finally, Nick dropped a packet of crisps next to Sarah. “Is that it?” Sarah asked as she looked at her lunch without appetite. “I’m sorry, baby.” Nick replied with false sorrow, “We are fresh out of lobster and caviar.” Nick smirked at his own humour before sitting down in front of his computer and putting his feet up. As he fired up his favourite game he smiled when that familiar music came through his headphones. Nick put them over his ears and cut out the outside world. Nothing mattered except for his game. Sarah watched her husband get absorbed in his game with dismay. She looked at her rather dismal lunch without much appetite but she sucked from the baby’s bottle to quench her thirst. It was a little embarrassing to be reduced to this but it was worth it for the refreshing and cold milk. Sarah thought she knew what it meant to be bored but she had never experienced anything like the next few hours in that playpen. Time seemed to lose all meaning as she listlessly sat in the toddler space, she gained a new appreciation for what had happened to Nick and she despaired when she considered that she could be spending day after day like this.
  8. The Internship

    Here is part two of Katie's story If you are enjoying what you are reading then you can find out what happens next right now on my Patreon! The next update is already there and ready to be read. For just $5 a month you get early access to all my stories (bar Patreon exclusive ones) by one week AND help support me to keep writing as much as I can. For just $10 a month you can get the early access plus access to exclusive content. There are more rewards listed on the Patreon and more content coming. In the pipeline and hopefully to arrive soon are ideas for both a podcast by yours truly and commissioned art work that will depict scene from my stories! I appreciate everyone who reads my stories and especially those who leave comments giving suggestions, ideas and things of that ilk. I am super duper appreciative to those that help support me financially: DannyDazzler, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr. Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Lb Iceland, Cyatommorrow, Keen Lover, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, P, Kent Jacobs, Frank S, C Dom, Scott S, James B, Ben F, P74_1986 I also write commissions so if you are interested in that, send me a message --- All the desks that had filled the room had disappeared. In their stead was a low plastic table, red in colour, and little seats next to it. They were meant for kids of pre-school age. The teacher’s desk in the corner was the same but everything around it had changed. Around the two tables were piles of toys haphazardly strewn around the room. The walls of the room were suddenly covered in posters and pictures that would be appropriate for a young child. Posters of the alphabet, of numbers and of things like dinosaurs covered the walls as well as art work that looked like it was finger painting by a very young child. Everything was a lot more colourful than before and Katie wondered how the room had transformed so quickly. It was as if someone had waved a magic wand and transformed the whole room. Katie shook her head to clear her thoughts and then ran to the back of the room. She found the area where the door was and tried to pry it open again. Just like the last time she had tried to do this, there was no way through the securely locked door. “You are being very naughty.” Came the robotic voice that made Katie’s skin crawl. “Just… Just let me go!” Katie pleaded as tears welled up in her eyes. She smacked her hands against the door in frustration. “The internship hasn’t finished.” The robot said dispassionately as it advanced on Katie. Katie pulled back her hand and prepared to defend herself. She knew she was outnumbered and outmatched but she had to at least try to fight these horrid machines. Katie went to swing her fist forwards but found she couldn’t move it, a sudden feeling of something grasping her arm near her elbow held her arm in place. Turning her head to the side she saw a long black tube with a mechanical hand at the end. It had come out of the ceiling above the door and grabbed the girl’s arm. Katie looked up in horror at where the restraining limb was coming from. This technology was incredible, if Katie hadn’t been so fearful and embarrassed by what was happening she would have marvelled at what she was seeing. Whilst Katie was looking away the robo-teacher walked forward and put one of its mechanical hands on Katie’s shirt and tie. Katie didn’t even have time to look down before the machine pulled hard and ripped the schoolgirl clothes off of her body leaving her bare from the waist up. “Argh!” Katie felt mortified at being so suddenly exposed and she used her free hand to try and cover her modesty even if there didn’t seem to be anyone around to see her. Katie wasn’t even allowed this little bit of modesty as she felt her free arm get grabbed by another of the mechanical limbs and pulled away from her body leaving her totally exposed. Katie could no longer stop the tears and as she blinked she felt the salty liquid rolling down her cheeks. Katie watched as the robot’s horribly cold hand now took hold off of her skirt and her underwear underneath it. It paused for just a couple of seconds. “Please don’t…” Katie almost whispered in fear. The robot showed no emotion or even any sign that it had heard Katie. It simply pulled very suddenly and ripped the skirt and underwear off of the girl leaving her completely naked except for her socks, these were swiftly pulled off by the robot as Katie blushed and cried out more loudly. “Calm down.” The robotic teacher said with very little empathy. Katie blushed furiously as she stood fully exposed and naked in the pre-school classroom. She wanted to cover herself up but it was impossible as her hands were held out and away from her body. She took great shuddering breaths as the tears flowed freely from her face. What could this horrible robot want to do with her next? “Please!” Katie pleaded, “My family have money! They will pay you, just let me go!” The robot walked over to the teacher’s desk in the corner and picked up a pile of clothes that it carried back over to the Katie. The teacher placed the clothes on a table at the back of the room and looked at Katie with its cold and emotionless eyes. “Will you get dressed?” The robot asked, “Or do I need to dress you?” “I… I can do it.” Katie said through gritted teeth as she tried to control her emotions. “If you try to run away you will be caught.” The robot continued, “And punished.” Katie felt the grip on her arms release and she pulled her hands back to her side. She rubbed her wrists which were a little red from the strong grip she had been subjected to for the last few minutes. She was grateful to be able to cover herself up and try to regain some modesty and she hurriedly sorted through the small pile of clothes. Without taking much time to think about what she was putting on, Katie first grabbed the panties that were on the top. They were a pastel pink colour and had a picture of a Disney princess on the front. They looked like the sort of panties a very young girl would wear so Katie was very surprised when she pulled them up her legs and they slipped over her hips with relative ease. There was no time to question why these childish panties fit her, she had to cover herself up. Despite her blushing face, she picked up the pair of shorts that were provided. They were a very light yellow and just like the panties, they slipped up her legs and covered her up quite well. They were very short though, only going a little way down her thigh, it may have covered her up but it didn’t do much more than that. Lastly, Katie picked up the t-shirt and quickly threw it over her head. The shirt, just like the panties, was a light pink colour and was decorated with sprinkles of glitter. There was white embroidery on the front of the shirt that formed the words “Little Princess.” Katie only took the time to see how she was dressed once she had fully covered herself up and when she looked down at herself she blushed anew at how young she suddenly looked. These clothes made her look like a little girl and being in these surroundings didn’t help with that. “Don’t you look adorable?” The robot asked rhetorically when Katie had smoothed out her shirt. The robot talked like a mother talking to their little girl and Katie resented that a lot. “No…” Katie replied quietly with a scowl. “You may now play at the table.” The robot continued. It clearly didn’t care what Katie thought of her attire and it retreated over to the desk in the corner leaving Katie free to look at the table. There were a bunch of activities sitting on the table. Katie looked at some dolls without interest, there were some childish books that looked entirely uninteresting and a bunch of other games that wouldn’t entertain her. When Katie saw the teacher staring at her and waiting for Katie to sit at the table, Katie saw some painting supplies and just decided to sit there since it seemed like the best of all the possible options. When Katie sat down, the teacher sat down as well but it didn’t take its eyes off the girl. As Katie started painting with the childish paints she had to remind herself that she was supposed to be a college graduate. She had no idea what was going on here but she felt scared enough that resistance seemed scarier than just going along with what was happening. As Katie fiddled with the paint supplies, the robot walked over and made the girl jump by placing a sippy cup on the table next to her. Katie eyed the cup and pursed her lips, if these mechanical things thought she was going to drink from that infantile cup they had another thing coming. It felt like hours passed with Katie just sat in the same spot and painting on the paper in front of her. Very soon, she found two major issues arising. Firstly, Katie was getting incredibly thirsty. She could barely remember when her last drink was and she knew she must be getting dehydrated, she remembered the juice box she had left in the canteen, she wished she had drunk it when she had the chance. Despite how abhorrent the thought of drinking from the sippy cup was, she found herself getting more and more tempted to pick it up as she grew thirstier. Her second problem was an ever increasing need to use the bathroom. Katie could feel her bladder aching for the toilet but she was too scared to risk drawing the attention of the robot again. Katie could solve one problem right there and then and she finally decided that her thirst was more important than her dignity. She picked up the sippy cup and held it up to her face, the cup was lime green and had a light blue top. Sniffing the spout area, Katie couldn’t find anything suspicious and so slowly put the cup to her mouth and tipped her head backwards to drink it. It was apple juice, warm apple juice by the time she decided to drink it but in her state of extreme thirst it might as well have been the finest tasting drink she had ever had. Her second issue was even more embarrassing and she put the sippy cup down and turned to the robot in the corner of the room and took a deep breath. “Excuse me?” Katie asked as pleasantly as possible. She wanted to get out of this place but resistance hadn’t worked so she would try being a little nicer, it was worth a try. “Yes?” The robot replied in its monotone voice. “I… I need the bathroom.” Katie said quietly. She blushed furiously as she basically asked permission to use the toilet, something she hadn’t done since grade school. “Come with me.” The robot replied and it began walking very slowly towards the door that led to the canteen. Katie stood up and immediately felt her need for the bathroom increase dramatically. It was as if the gravity had suddenly flushed even more fluid through Katie’s system and she felt even more pressure building, it was almost intolerable. Was there something in the food or drink making her more desperate? The robot ahead of Katie walked incredibly slowly and Katie found herself dancing on tiptoes in her attempts to keep herself together. The robot never walked this slowly before, this was surely on purpose. “Please hurry…” Katie said in a whiny voice behind the robot. “Calm down. You are a big girl; you can hold it.” The robot replied without looking at the girl. Before Katie could argue that the machine was deliberately going slowly, she saw a door at the end of the hallway that had a sign hanging on it signifying that it was the women’s bathroom. Katie didn’t want to wait for the robot to slowly walk down the long hall. She started to pick up the pace and overtake her caretaker. She found that a hand reached out and grabbed her stopping her in her tracks. The sudden grab and the jerk as she stopped moving was almost disastrous for Katie as she felt her bladder jolt and she had to fight to keep her panties clean. A small trickle escaped her and Katie could feel her panties dampen slightly. It wasn’t really enough to be noticeable to anyone else but Katie went red as she moved even closer to what seemed like an inevitable accident. “No running.” The robot said. Katie walked as fast as she could to the door that offered her salvation. She sighed with relief as she reached it and gave it a push. The door didn’t move. “No, no, no…” Katie whined to herself as she crossed her knees in an attempt to keep control. The door was locked and there was simply no way of opening it without the key, a key presumably held by the robot teacher who seemed to be moving slower than a glacier. Katie could feel that the robot wasn’t going to get here in time. She could feel her control slipping as her body started to go on to auto-pilot. A single tear rolled down her face as she silently begged for mercy. “Oh no…” Katie whimpered suddenly as she looked down in horror. A very sudden and very warm wet patch suddenly appeared on Katie’s panties and shorts. She covered her mouth with a hand and felt her cheeks blazing as the wet spot rapidly spread throughout her clothes. It wasn’t long before the warm feeling was trickling down her legs as her body gave up any remaining fight and just let go. Katie could see streaks of urine running down her leg and she shook her head in useless denial as a puddle began to form. The robot had finally caught up with Katie and just looked at the floor where the urine was gathering in silent judgement. Katie sobbed slightly as her bladder finally stopped releasing and all that was left was the dripping of her pee soaked clothes into the ever increasing puddle beneath her. “Oh dear!” The robot said without any true emotion. It had clearly copied the words that people say in these circumstances but it seemed to have no idea about how to say them, “Accidents happen. We can help.” Katie was a mess. She didn’t want to move thanks to the wet feeling on her lower half. She felt utterly humiliated to have wet herself like an infant who couldn’t hold on for the potty. She hoped no one else could see her in this sorry state, she had no idea what was happening any more but she prayed that she would be allowed to leave and that this embarrassing episode would remain a secret. The robotic teacher stepped forward and lifted Katie with incredible ease. Katie was rather taken aback by it but she knew that resistance was futile as she was held against the robot’s metal chest. It was very disconcerting to be held against a chest like this and feeling no heartbeat or warmth. Just the hard metal covered in some synthetic skin and thin clothes. Katie could feel the wet areas of her crotch and legs already cooling and she began to feel increasingly uncomfortable. As the bot started taking her back towards the room Katie had been painting in, Katie shivered slightly. Despite everything that had happened and the worry of what might happen next Katie really hoped that she would be taken out of these wet clothes at least. Katie was carried back through and into the pre-school like room and into a corner of the room that she had somehow missed earlier. This corner was hidden behind a curtain that was now pulled back and Katie’s heart sank when she craned her head around to see what was coming. This corner contained three pieces of furniture and none of them pleased Katie to see. A high chair was flanked on either side by a large crib and a changing table. Shaking her head in denial, Katie wriggled to try and get free but that only caused the robot to clutch her more tightly. “Settle down.” The robot said as a warning. Katie was placed down on the changing table and she almost immediately tried to slip off of it. Obviously this move was expected as the robot reacted with lightning reflexes to block the escape route. When Katie wouldn’t settle down a sound from the ceiling signified one of the panels being pulled back and four long black tubes with robotic hands came down on the girl who tried to beat them away. As soon as one of Katie’s arms was caught, the struggle was over. The snake-like machines from the ceiling held the girl down and allowed the robot to unceremoniously rip off the clothes Katie was wearing and leave her naked on the table. Katie whined and shuddered as she tried to suppress the tears that were threatening to spring forth but she was unable to resist in any physical way. She even felt some joy in being out of the wet clothes, she saw the wet cloth being piled on the floor next to the table and she blushed as she spotted the very clear dark patch that covered most of her shorts. Katie jumped slightly as she felt a cold feeling on her legs that moved up to her crotch. She lifted up her head to see the robot wiping up her wet areas. She shuddered as the robot got close to her most sensitive spot but it was never a sexual movement, this was purely for cleaning and Katie would have found it impossible to be excited under these circumstances anyway. Katie was very worried as to what was coming next. Seeing the equipment around her made Katie assume the worst and it was without surprise that she saw the robot reach underneath the table and pull out a pull up. Katie’s face went bright red and she shook her head in denial but she was physically outmatched and already emotionally beaten. There was little she could do to prevent her feet being slipped through the pull up. She felt it get pulled up her legs and, despite a snug fit, the elastic sides stretched and allowed the absorbent underwear to be pulled up over her hips. The restraints let go and the robot lifted up Katie again. She whimpered as she was stood on the floor. A pale pink thin cloth was pulled down over Katie’s head and as it fluttered down she realised that it was a nightie. A very loose nightie designed to be slept in. Katie was pulled towards the crib and despite her continued whimpers and attempts to pull away she was easily lifted into the baby bed. “I don’t need any of this!” Katie whined as the bars were raised. The robot didn’t reply and instead just turned and left the room leaving Katie alone in the crib. The first thing that Katie tried to do was to climb out, this was just a crib and it was designed to keep babies in, surely a college graduate could work out the mechanism and break it up. After a few minutes of examining the raised bars she became increasingly frustrated as she saw no way to release the side. Katie was actually trapped in this damn bed. There were few things that made a person feel more helpless than being trapped in this state. Katie experienced a surge of anger and frustration and as tears filled her eyes she looked down to her humiliating underwear. The pull up was an embarrassing reminder of what had just happened and she wanted to forget all about it. She moved her hands down to her waist with the intention of taking the disposable garment off. As soon as Katie’s hands touched the pull up there was suddenly a mechanical noise that came from the corners of the crib. Katie looked up just in time to see more of the mechanical arms suddenly spring up. “No!” Katie yelled as she held her hand’s out to try and protect herself. The arms clearly didn’t want Katie to undress and each of her limbs was grabbed and she was forced into a star position whilst laying down in the toddler bed. She was held so tightly that she could barely move a single muscle, it was far from the most comfortable thing in the world. Katie felt like she must have been laying there for hours before she was able to finally close her eyes and drift off into a restless and much interrupted sleep. She would have been tossing and turning all night if she wasn’t held in place. When Katie’s eyes finally opened, she had very little idea of what time it was. There was no window in sight and there was little in the way of clues as to the time. The only thing Katie knew for sure when she woke up was that her bladder was asking to be emptied again. Katie bit her bottom lip as she looked through the bars but the room was empty. The caretaker robots had yet to return the room and the eerie silence was broken only by Katie’s occasional whimpers as she tried to keep from having another accident. “H-Hello?” Katie called out into the silent room. She hoped there was someone or something listening, “I… I need the bathroom…” There was no response. Half an hour passed before Katie gave up hope of anyone coming to get her. The continued silence gave no indication that anyone was coming and despite intermittent struggling the restraints still wouldn’t budge. Finally, the discomfort became too much for the young woman who decided it would be better to allow the inevitable to happen than endure the pain any longer. Katie relaxed and closed her eyes as she tried to let her body do something that felt so unnatural. It took a few minutes for any progress to be made but Katie started to feel a small trickle escape her and enter the padding between her legs. As soon as the first trickle started it became easier to let go and before long Katie felt relief as she wet the pull up that started swelling. She was concerned of leaking and had no idea how much this disposable underwear could take but as she finally stopped wetting she felt confident that the pull up had held everything. It was as depressing as it was predictable but barely a minute after Katie had finished embarrassing herself, the door to the room opened up and the robotic caretaker walked in. Did they know? Maybe they could see when Katie wet herself, maybe they were waiting for her to do it. “Good morning, little one.” Came that monotone mechanical voice which sent shudders down Katie’s spine. “I’m not little…” Katie said through gritted teeth, “I’m an adult!” The side of the crib lowered and the robot reached in. It pushed the soggy pull up against the woman’s crotch as it assessed its state. Katie blushed as her arguments over not being a little girl were ruined by the soaking padding. She felt some urine that hadn’t soaked in yet trickle further around her crotch; it tickled her a little and made her squirm. The restraints that had been holding Katie down for so long finally let go and she quickly sat up. She had half a mind to try and climb out and run away but she was given no opportunity and the robot quickly gathered her into it’s arms and carried Katie over to the changing table. Katie didn’t attempt to resist in any serious way as she already knew the robot’s super strength would stop her from being able to get away easily. Besides, where would she go? There didn’t seem to be a way out. Katie was laid down on the table and she felt the sides of her pull up ripped apart and pulled out from underneath her. Before she could make any kind of movement or even a sound to protest, a new pull up was already being pulled up her legs. “Stop!” Katie yelled out, “This is mad! I want out of whatever is happening here.” The robot completely ignored her as the pull up was pulled over Katie’s waist. This pull up was even more embarrassing than the previous one. The last one was plain white and fairly discreet. This one had pictures of cartoon ponies on it and was clearly made for children in potty training. Katie went very red when she felt how much thicker this pull up was. “If you don’t give me a chance to use the toilet of course this will happen!” Katie complained fruitlessly. The robot placed Katie on the floor. The young woman swayed slightly on her legs, her muscles ached from being held in place for so long. She felt very upset and she quickly sat down on the chair at the table. She didn’t know what to do anymore, she couldn’t run and she couldn’t hide. A bunch of Lego blocks were placed on the table in front of her by the robot teacher along with a sippy cup. Katie remained silent as the teacher moved back to the desk and sat down there. She almost felt like she was sulking as she had her pull up open for the world to see. It was absurd how much control she had lost of her life at this moment, she truly felt like a toddler being forced to do things by the adults around her. The only saving grace for Katie was that the advert had said this was just a five-day stay. She had said as much to her mother, if she didn’t come home then people would come looking for her and, thankfully, Katie had written down the address of this facility. It was the only thing that stopped her from going mad. Katie folded her hands across her chest and the pink nightgown that she was wearing stretched out across her chest. She refused to take part in these silly games and was just going to sit there in protest. “I’m not playing your games.” Katie said out loud to no one in particular. Katie had no idea how much time had passed but she grew more and more bored as time went by. There was no way to distract herself as she sat at the table, whenever she glanced over at the robot in the corner of the room she saw it’s beady red eyes staring back at her. Eventually, Katie finally got so bored that the Lego in front of her started to seem more appealing. At least it would be something to do, she could make something interesting and just generally take her mind off the predicament she was trapped in. Just as Katie was about to pick up the Lego and start building something she heard the robot teacher move to It’s feet. Katie looked over at the unexpected movement and after a brief pause the robot approached the table. “It’s lunch time.” Came the familiarly robotic voice, “Follow me.” “Can I at least put some pants or something on?” Katie asked as she tried to maintain a small amount of dignity. “Follow me.” The robot repeated without any indication it had heard the woman. Katie sighed and just hoped that she was still the only living thing in the building. This was all embarrassing enough without anyone else seeing her like this.
  9. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    I like people being able to form some parts of my characters in their head. By that I mean I like to leave some things a little ambiguous so the reader my have little ideas about motivations and such. For me, Kirsty has always wanted Sarah to explore a more fun-loving and kinky side of her and has always tried to subtly get Sarah to explore kinky stuff a little bit. When Sarah actually started all this Kirsty was really excited and when Sarah had told her of what she was doing the implication was that Sarah had already started doing things. Kirsty, perhaps taking Sarah's naivety for granted, assumed her friend would already have knowledge of things like safe words and stuff, the really simple stuff. Sarah is well educated and Kirsty assumed Sarah had done her research. It was only on the night that Nick stayed with them that she realised that what was happening was not healthy and that's when she talked to Sarah. When Nick came to her and was making similarly silly mistakes Kirsty was getting annoyed with both Sarah and Nick, but also herself for not better educating her friend about BDSM. That's my explanation for the behaviour at least, if different people have different ideas for why my characters do what they do I won't say they are wrong I like people to have different interpretations of characters and things.
  10. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Here is the next instalment of Nick and Sarah's adventures. If you are enjoying this story and the other stories I write you are able to support me via Patreon (if you wish!) For $5 a month you can get early access to everything I write. For one week you will see what is written before anyone else. For $10 you can receive the above access plus access to a host of Patreon exclusive stories. There are other rewards which you can read on my Patreon page. In fact, the next update to Bad Husband has already been posted on Patreon! Anyone who pledges $5 or more can gain immediate access and see the next part. A big thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys my stories, but an extra big thank you to my Patrons: DannyDazzler, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr. Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, John S, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Cyatomorrow, Keen Lover, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, P, Kent J, Frank S, C Dom, Scott S, James B, Ben F, P74_1986 Without further ado... --- Nick put the phone down with a smile even as Kirsty was still trying to ask him what was going on, it was Nick’s turn to leave people in the dark as to what was happening. Nick had only been separated from Kirsty for a short time and yet he was looking forward to returning. The circumstances for this next visit couldn’t be more different than the previous one. It had been such a long time since Nick had been left alone like this that he had to think about all the different steps he had to go through before going to Kirsty’s house. The first thing Nick knew he wanted to do was to get dressed, and not in the baby crap he had been dressed in recently. Nick walked back up the stairs and had to stop himself from turning into the nursery on auto-pilot. He shook his head and turned back and entered the main bedroom. The room that had been his and Sarah’s until all of this had started. It had been so long since he had been in here that it almost felt like he was trespassing on someone else’s territory. The bedroom was obviously very familiar but after everything that had happened it somehow felt quite alien as well. Nick looked around and felt a chill, he wasn’t sure why. It felt like Nick shouldn’t be in there, like a child sneaking into the room he knows he shouldn’t be going into. Nick found it hard to believe that after such a short amount of time that he had such a different mentality. He should be more comfortable in this room than anywhere else and yet it was the exact opposite. Shaking his head, Nick walked around to his closet where his clothes were kept. He quickly pulled out one of his old t-shirts and a pair of tracksuit bottoms. It felt good to get dressed in his regular adult clothes and when he looked in the mirror he was very pleased that the trousers did a great job of hiding his nappy. Once he was dressed, Nick headed back downstairs and grabbed his car keys and jacket. He didn’t even hesitate to open the door and leave despite his wife being sat in the crib upstairs. His mind was focused on one thing and that was the trip in front of him. Nick took the drive slowly, it had been a little while since he had been in control of a car and just like being in control of his relationship it took some getting used to. Still, the journey was an easy one and Nick pulled up outside Kirsty’s house without any major issues. He had been here only an hour or so ago and yet it already felt like a long time had passed. He smiled and nodded his head in a friendly gesture as a woman pushed her baby past him. Nick walked up the garden path with a swagger that had been absent for a long time. A renewed confidence surged through him and when he saw the curtains to the living room twitch he smiled, Kirsty was obviously watching and waiting for him. The door opened before Nick even reached the house and he was greeted by Kirsty who was staring at him as if he was a ghost, Nick supposed that in some ways this version of him was a ghost, it had seemingly disappeared before coming back from the dead. “Kirsty, good to see you again.” Nick smiled as he walked past his wife’s best friend and into her house without an invitation. “What’s going on!?” Kirsty asked immediately. She was a little worried that Nick had completely snapped. “Sarah and I had a chat.” Nick said simply, “There’s going to be some changes.” “Nick, what’s going on?” Kirsty repeated hoping for a more concise answer, “Is Sarah OK?” “Sarah’s fine.” Nick said, “Can we maybe sit down? I’ll fill you in on what’s happened.” Kirsty nodded and pointed the way into the living room. Nick walked in first and sat down on the couch, he crossed one leg over the other and heard a faint crinkling from his crotch, it was so muffled by the clothes he was wearing that he was sure that no one else would hear him. It cannot be underestimated how much of a difference it made to Nick, not having to worry about whether anyone knew he was wearing a nappy at every moment of the day was like a two ton weight lifted off his shoulders. Even he could forget he was wearing at times. “Hi Nick.” Came a small feminine voice from the corner. Despite the voice being high pitched it was still clearly male. “Hello George.” Nick replied. He looked over and smiled. It was a different smile to the one he had given the sissy earlier, it was a smile with pity in it. George was sitting in the corner with some toys and in a very clearly thick nappy. Nick thought he could see some discolouration on the front but it may have just been a trick of the light. George was surrounded by toys and had seemingly been playing with some dolls before Nick came in. He seemed happy to see Nick but was mostly confused at how he had suddenly changed back into an adult so quickly. “So what’s going on?” Kirsty asked. She was getting impatient and nervous for her friend’s well-being. “We talked about things and she said she had gone too far.” Nick said as he leaned back in the chair. “Good…” Kirsty replied cautiously, “I’m glad she realised that and you both talked about it.” “Basically, there are new rules.” Nick said. “That much is evident.” Kirsty replied as she looked at Nick in his adult clothing. Her voice was friendly enough since she was trying to get information but there was a coldness in there as well. She and Nick had rarely got on well. Nick wasn’t too fond of Kirsty but he had found a new respect for her more recently, not to mention he needed her for some baby girl clothes, there was no reason to antagonise her. “So is it over?” Kirsty continued, “I see you are dressed normally again, you drove yourself here… Are you both back to normal?” “Not at all.” Nick said with a grin, “We have had a realignment though.” “Realignment?” Kirsty asked. “We’ve swapped roles.” Nick clarified, “She is at home and enjoying her first nappy as we speak!” “Oh my!” Kirsty covered her mouth. She had expected a lot of outcomes from the conversation that Nick and Sarah needed to have but this was a shock even for her. “Which is why I need some clothes for a girl.” Nick continued, “I was hoping you could help me.” Nick had to giggle at the reactions from the people around him. Kirsty was clearly very shocked and George, who had given up any pretence of playing with his toys, was watching the adults talk with rapt attention. “I have plenty of stuff that you could use.” Kirsty eventually replied, “But… Don’t take this the wrong way Nick, but how do I know you are telling me the truth?” “Huh?” Nick was confused. “You left here very upset, your wife had cheated on you and you were in a very stressful situation…” Kirsty bit her lip a little, “I haven’t spoken to Sarah since she left…” “Kirsty!” Nick was stunned at what he thought Kirsty was suggesting, “You think I would harm my wife?” “No, it’s just… Could I speak to her on the phone?” Kirsty asked. “She won’t be able to answer. She’s in the crib.” Nick said simply. He couldn’t believe Kirsty would be even slightly suspicious like this, he felt insulted that such a thing would cross Kirsty’s mind. He held his tongue though, Nick needed Kirsty. “Hold up.” Kirsty narrowed her eyes as if she wasn’t sure she had heard Nick properly, “Sarah is locked in the crib? Alone?” “Yes.” Nick confirmed with a smile. He was pleased at how the tables had turned. “Jesus, Nick…” Kirsty said. She stood up and looked anxious, “You left her alone, trapped in the crib. What if there’s an emergency?” “Erm…” Nick hadn’t thought about that and it was only now he realised how vulnerable she was. Nick hadn’t even told her where he was going. Kirsty shook her head in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that neither Sarah nor Nick had any idea what they were doing. It annoyed her that they kept making potentially dangerous mistakes, she started thinking that they were as bad as each other! “Follow me. Let’s get this sorted so you can get back home as soon as possible.” Kirsty said as she headed out of the room. Nick didn’t appreciate Kirsty thinking she knew better than him and he thought about reminding Kirsty that she couldn’t order him around anymore. George was still sitting in the same spot and watching as the two grown-ups walked out of the living room. He shook his head more from seeing Nick as an adult than anything else. What a dysfunctional couple, George thought, as he checked his nappy for leaks and waited for mistress to come back downstairs. “I swear both of you need to read some books on BDSM…” Kirsty muttered crossly as she led Nick up the stairs. “Why?” Nick asked in confusion. “Neither of you have a clue what you are doing!” Kirsty said much louder, “You are both making this so much more complicated than it needs to be.” “OK, thank you for the advice Dr. Phil.” Nick said with an eye roll, “Let’s just get the clothes and I’ll be on my way.” Kirsty shook her head and clenched her fists. As she got to the top of the stairs she turned around to face Nick. “Why do neither of you ask the one person you both know is into BDSM about how to do this stuff!?” Kirsty asked in frustration. “We are doing fine without you.” Nick said coolly. “Oh really.” Kirsty said mockingly. She lifted up a hand and started extending a finger for every point she was about to make, “Your wife cheated on you, neither of you have a safe word or any sign of being able to stop things, you’ve lost contact with friends and family, you’ve been humiliated several times and you are still wearing a nappy as we speak so I’m guessing you have control issues.” Nick jumped at the last point and looked down. His nappy wasn’t showing but clearly Kirsty had either heard it or seen the outline. Nick reached down and smoothed out his clothes, he could feel his anger rising but he couldn’t argue with any of Kirsty’s points. “Just get the clothes.” Nick hissed through clenched teeth. Kirsty threw her hands up in annoyance and turned around. She walked through to the nursery with Nick following her. She walked straight over to the closet and opened the door, it clattered against the wall as Kirsty started sorting through the clothes in the closet. A lot of it was little boy and sissy stuff but she also had a few pieces meant for women. Picking out a sports bag, Kirsty quickly shoved the clothes in and zipped it closed. She thrust the bag into Nick’s chest. “I came for the clothes, I stayed for the friendly service.” Nick said sarcastically. “Careful…” Kirsty warned, “You may have turned the tables on Sarah but I can have you on that table and naked before you even know what’s happening.” Nick took the bag with a scowl and turned to leave. He shook his head and left Kirsty in the nursery as he started walking back down the stairs. He planned to stomp straight out of the house but stopped when he looked to the living room and saw George standing in the middle of the room looking nervous. “I heard raised voices.” George said quietly. “It’s OK.” Nick replied with a small smile. Nick put the bag down by the door and walked into the living room. He wasn’t sure what he was doing but he knew he couldn’t just leave like that. George gave Nick a weak smile and Nick wrapped him in a hug. Nick felt like he empathised with George more than any other person on planet could and his hug was one of compassion and friendship. “Just be careful.” George whispered to Nick, “Remember how she hurt you. You love her, don’t hurt her like that.” Nick pulled away from the hug with a smile. He rubbed the sissy’s hair and nodded before turning around and walking back to the front door. As he picked up the bag he glanced up the stairs to see Kirsty standing at the top and looking down at him with pursed lips. Her stony face was difficult to read and Nick turned away again. Nick opened and closed the front door and took a deep breath when he reached his car. As Nick exhaled he felt a sudden splash of warmth around his private parts and belatedly realised he was wetting himself again. With a shake of the head, Nick got in the car and started on the journey home. As Nick pulled away there was a twitch of the curtains in the living room of Kirsty’s house. Nick didn’t see as Kirsty pulled the curtain back and watched Nick go with narrowed eyes. It was clear from his interactions with her that the obnoxious man had not learnt any lessons from his time as a baby and she was still concerned for the well-being of Sarah. It was with a lot of regret that Kirsty realised there was little she could do to influence the situation. She would miss her best friend but she didn’t expect Nick would bring her around and she certainly didn’t expect that Sarah would be allowed around on her own. Kirsty sighed sadly and just hoped that one way or another things would turn out for the best.
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