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  1. I would imagine a catheter would be involved.
  2. Here is the next part of the story. If you want to read the whole story right now without having to wait for it to be posted here, the full story is available on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 For just a $5 monthly pledge you can see this whole story plus all my other publicly available stories (Older stories currently being posted). With this pledge you will also be able to see updates to any public story at least one week before general release. For a $10 pledge you can see all of my public stories as well as five exclusive stories (more coming). I also do commissions. For £5 per 1000 words (Around $6.50 USD) I can write you a story to your specifications. I am open to most ideas Hope you all enjoy --- First, he had to leave the cottage. Danny began to stand up when he suddenly heard Mallory’s bedroom door open again. He quickly sat back down and grimaced slightly at the wet splashing sensation. He would have to hope Mallory wouldn’t notice… “Here we are.” Mallory said with the now familiar smile. She was looking in her purse all the way until she reached her seat and she sat down again. Danny could feel the puddle he was sitting in rapidly cooling. He tried to keep his expression neutral but he knew his face must be going bright red. He was trapped, could he really expect to be able to sneak out in his wet pants? “Are you alright?” Mallory’s worried sounding voice broke Danny out of his reverie. She was holding out some money that she was clearly expecting Danny to take. “Oh… Erm, yeah…” Danny said distractedly. He leaned forward, reached out and grabbed the money. As he did so he felt the urine on the chair shift slightly. Drip… Drip… Drip… “What’s that?” Mallory asked looking quizzically around. “I think I better be going…” Danny pulled his bag in front of him and stood up. He prayed to whatever deity might be watching that he could leave this situation with some dignity. “Is that what I think it is?” Mallory heard the dripping intensify as Danny stood up and stood up herself. Walking around the table, Mallory saw the liquid on the chair and the floor underneath. She turned to Danny with one raised eyebrow. Danny felt like a statue as Mallory advanced on him. His mouth opened and closed but he couldn’t speak, he felt tears in his eyes but he willed himself not to cry. He wanted the world to open up and swallow him. Mallory took one of her gentle hands and grabbed Danny’s confectionary bag. She pulled it to the side and revealed Danny’s wet clothes. She looked a little shocked but when she saw Danny’s upset face here expression instantly softened. “Oh you poor little thing!” Mallory sympathised. Without any hesitation, Mallory pulled the young man forward and wrapped him in a giant hug. She tussled his hair and whispered that things would be fine. Danny found himself engulfed by the older woman as she tried to comfort him. He would rather she didn’t, being treated like this reminded him of a toddler being comforted after having an accident and that was the last thing he wanted. He was a teenager, not an infant struggling with potty training. Despite the bizarre accident he had just had, it was a one off! “Listen, I have some of my old grandson’s stuff in his room still.” Mallory said as she smothered the boy, “We can get you out of this wet stuff. No one else needs to know what happened.” “No… It’s fine, I will just go ho-” Danny started to say. “Nonsense.” Mallory cut him off, “Let’s get you into some dry stuff.” Danny would rather go home. This whole situation was so embarrassing that he wanted to just run away and hide in his bedroom. He saw Mallory as a nuisance even though it was obvious that Mallory saw herself as just helping. Her sweetness made her blind to the fact that she was actually really embarrassing Danny. Mallory pulled Danny down the corridor that she had earlier gone down towards her bedroom. Danny could feel his wet clothes sticking to his legs that made him wince. “Don’t worry, little Danny.” Mallory said airily, “Everything will be better in a few minutes.” Danny deeply resented being called little but he wasn’t in a position to argue right now. With his wet pants and being dragged for a change of clothes, he decided now was the wrong to argue semantics. Mallory took Danny to a door that looked the same as any other. The only difference was that it was painted baby blue in colour rather than the plain white that every other door had. Danny barely had time to stop and wonder why he was being dragged into the room like this, couldn’t he be just told where to go to find dry clothes? As much as he appreciated Mallory’s help he certainly wondered why she was so involved. Danny almost fell over when Mallory suddenly stopped. She reached into her pocket for a key that she used to quickly unlock the door in front of her. “It hasn’t been used in a long time.” Mallory explained to Danny, “I keep it locked just so it isn’t disturbed, but this is a special occasion!” Despite really wanting to tell the older woman that all this effort was not necessary, Danny remained silent and curious about where all of this was going. When the door clicked open, Danny felt himself being pushed into the room beyond. His mouth dropped open as he stared around at the unexpected sight. Why was he in a nursery? What really hit Danny straight away and seemed almost overwhelming for a few seconds was the overwhelming scent that permeated the room. The classic smell of a well-used nursery, hit Danny like a ton of bricks. Baby powder, lotion, the smell of fresh and stacked baby diapers. The smell was unmistakeable and made Danny feel rather strange. The smell was overpowering but not unpleasant. “Erm, Mallory?” Danny said cautiously. “Yes?” Mallory replied as she closed the door behind her and walked into the room. “How was your grandson when he stayed in here?” Danny asked cautiously. He was starting to wonder if this woman was mad. “Eighteen months or so when he last stayed here, I think.” Mallory said. Danny nodded his head slowly. He wasn’t sure that he needed to explain this to Mallory but how did she expect actual baby’s clothes to fit the teenage Danny? Was she a little senile? She seemed like a nice person and only wanted to help but Danny was starting to wonder how much help an infant’s nursery could possibly be. “I’m not sure tha-” Danny was cut off mid-sentence as Mallory suddenly grabbed him by the waist and lifted him up. Her perfectly serene smile was mildly disconcerting as she easily lifted the teenage boy up and sat him down on what was clearly a changing table. “What are you doing!?” Danny tried to keep his cool but he felt somewhat upset that this woman had picked him up without even asking. He was very self-conscious about his small stature ad hated being reminded of it. “I’m helping you!” Mallory replied with a small laugh as if to say her intentions were obvious. Danny couldn’t understand how this elderly woman was so strong. She must have been in her sixties and yet she seemed to have no problem in holding Danny in place. Danny was starting to feel embarrassed at how easily he was being manipulated and he was feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the situation. “Listen, Mallory.” Danny forced his voice to keep a neutral tone despite his annoyance, “I appreciate the help but I think I will be OK. I can take the back streets home and no one will know about what happened.” “Nonsense.” Mallory replied brightly as she fumbled with things underneath the changing table that Danny couldn’t see, “It’s no trouble at all.” Danny smacked his own forehead with his palm. The old woman was listening to him at all and any attempt at physically moving was useless when Mallory seemed to have no problem keeping him on the table. Mallory flattened Danny against the table and before he even knew what was going on, she had swiftly pulled his wet pants and underwear down and off of his body. “Hey! No… What are you doing!” Danny struggled and swiped for his clothes but Mallory had already moved them away. The boy was furious and went as red as a tomato with embarrassment at being naked from the waist down in front of this woman. He tried to cover up but it was already too late. “What am I doing?” Mallory asked airily as she moved some things on the shelves under the table, “I’m changing you into dry clothes! Honestly, there is no need for such modesty, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before when changing my grandchildren.” The table that Danny was now laying down on was rather nicely padded but the rubber mixed with his sweat to cause him to stick slightly to it. The table was a clean white colour with smiley faces painted haphazardly all over it. This was mad. Danny tried to sit up but Mallory was unbelievably strong and stopped him. What was she doing? He didn’t need her to dress him. Even if he had drenched his pants, he didn’t need help getting into new ones. “Let me go or I will tell the police.” Danny stated calmly. He was sure this would at last force the woman to let him go. “Police?” Mallory asked, “Whatever for?” “This is indecent!” Danny half-shouted with exasperation, “You are breaking all kinds of laws.” “They don’t arrest people for being nice and helping others, silly boy!” Mallory chuckled as she spoke and acted as if Danny’s suggestion of police involvement was the most ludicrous thing she had ever heard. Danny could feel tears forming in his eyes. He felt so humiliated and scared, he was totally trapped by this woman. It was perhaps even worse that Mallory was in no way threatening or evil. As far as Danny could tell, she was just a nice old lady who was doing what she thought was right for him. “OK, little one.” Mallory said, “Here we go.” Danny was about to retort that he wasn’t a little boy when he was silenced by what he saw Mallory cheerily holding up a diaper with little cartoon animals printed on the front. Mallory started unfolding the crinkly plastic padding with a smile whilst Danny was speechless. Was she really going to do this? Surely this diaper that was clearly meant for babies would never fit a teenager such as himself. Was it Danny’s imagination or did the diaper have an almost exaggerated baby diaper smell, he felt like he could smell it from the other end of the table. “A DIAPER!?” Danny exclaimed in shock. “When little boys can’t keep their pants dry, they need some help.” Mallory explained as if talking to a toddler, “No one will know except us.” Danny let out a string of expletives aimed at the person who was threatening them with humiliation. He shouted and tried to wriggle free but he couldn’t get anywhere. It infuriated Danny that the old woman didn’t react to what he was saying at all. It was as if she couldn’t hear him, she seemed to think he was just a difficult toddler throwing a tantrum. Danny heard Mallory humming a nursery rhyme as she spread the diaper between the boy’s splayed legs. He was starting to feel tired out from all his exertions, he usually had pretty good stamina but today he was starting to feel drained by these bizarre events. It was as if Mallory could sense Danny’s tiredness as she stopped trying to hold the teenager down so much. She reached up to the shelf to the side of her and grabbed a stuffed teddy bear. It was brown and had the words “Baby Boy” embroidered on its bottom paws. She lowered it down and placed the bear on Danny’s chest and made it do a little dance. She laughed as she did so as if she was distracting an infant. Danny looked up at the shelf that the bear had come from and saw huge stacks of folded up diapers. There must have been at least twenty disposable diapers tightly stacked in three different columns. They still looked like they were squashed together as if they had only recently come out of their packaging. Tightly folded together, it looked like something you would see in a typical nursery for a baby that was going to need diapers for a long time to come. Despite himself, Danny started quietening down and watching the bear. He felt so exhausted. “Such a good boy.” Mallory said calmly. Danny saw Mallory reach under the table again and this time she pulled out a bottle of talcum powder which Danny recognised as being the same brand his aunt used on his baby cousins. Danny watched as Mallory upturned the powder and spread it liberally over Danny’s crotch. He wanted to resist but he felt so overpowered, any movement he made was responded to with Mallory holding him in place. He felt incredibly strange feeling as the powder was rubbed in. It wasn’t an exciting feeling like one might expect, it was a curious sensation, he felt like he was shrinking but he could see that he wasn’t. “How are you feeling?” Mallory asked lovingly, “Everything OK?” “HELL NO!” Danny tried to shout. He was angry and humiliated; he was terrified about what was happening. Why wouldn’t this woman let him leave? Why did he feel so strange? “What was that?” Mallory asked as she frowned slightly. “I said NO!” Danny shouted again. This time he gasped as soon as he heard his voice. Danny covered his mouth and looked shocked. When he tried to speak, all he heard was some babbling. Like a toddler who hadn’t learnt language, the words Danny tried to form were turned into unintelligible noises. “What’s happening!?” Danny hurriedly exclaimed. Just like his previous attempt at speech, although he knew what he wanted to say, his mouth seemed incapable of forming the words. Mallory just nodded and smiled at the teenager as if pretending to understand what Danny was saying. Danny tried to concentrate really hard to form proper words and to communicate. “Please… Stop… This!” He said slowly as he tried to make his mouth obey his brain. It was no use. “Aren’t you a talkative little one today!” Mallory exclaimed. It seemed like she had no idea what Danny was trying to say. Danny felt his eyes filling with tears as panic engulfed him. Finding himself being diapered by an older lady was embarrassing but not being able to communicate was a lot worse. What was going on with him? Danny snivelled and felt the tears in his eyes fall down his face as the diaper between his legs was pulled up and over his groin. He uselessly shook his head as he heard the tapes get stuck down and felt the diaper close tightly around his waist. “Aww, don’t cry, baby.” Mallory cooed, “Nearly done!” “Just… Let me go home…” Danny tried to plead. The only sounds that he made were useless noises in between big shuddering breaths. Hearing himself only made him more upset. “I know, Danny, I know!” Mallory clearly didn’t understand anything Danny was saying, “We’ll put you down for a nap soon and you can rest those tired eyes.” Mallory lifted Danny down from the table and he swayed on his legs dangerously. He didn’t seem any smaller even if Mallory seemed to be treating him like he had just gone back in time a decade. As Mallory put away the supplies she had been using, Danny finally got a chance to look down at the diaper he was wearing and found himself feeling even more humiliated. This made even less sense than everything else that had happened so far. The diaper was exactly like one of the ubiquitous Pampers diapers that babies wore. It looked exactly the same all the way down to the pictures of Sesame Street characters all over the area the tapes get stuck to. Danny stared down in wide-eyed horror and saw Elmo and Big Bird staring right back up at him. This was crazy! Danny knew that he was small for his size but there was no way he should be able to fit into an actual Pampers baby diaper. He still seemed the same size physically, was it possible these were enlarged baby diapers? Did those even exist? “This isn’t funny!” Danny tried to shout at his captor but the only sounds he made were more infant babbling. Not being able to communicate properly was driving him mad. “We’ll put you down with a nap in a minute.” Mallory said slowly. Her voice taking on that high pitched tone that was reserved for babies, “Then you can play some of your little games.” Danny couldn’t work out if Mallory realised that all this madness was happening or if she always saw him as such a helpless toddler. Either way, Danny was increasingly upset. Yet again, he fell into hopeless sobbing as Mallory finished tidying up and easily lifted the young man up. Danny instinctively threw his arms around Mallory’s neck to steady himself as he was effortlessly carried towards the back of the room. Mallory hummed a pleasant tune as she placed the boy in the large crib. Danny didn’t want to let go of her neck, he didn’t want to be left in the crib but when Mallory prised him off of her, he was powerless to stop her from standing up straight again. “Have a nice little lay down.” Mallory said, “And when you are less cranky you can come out to play.” Mallory kissed her fingers and placed them against Danny’s forehead. She smiled warmly down at the teenager and turned to leave the room. Closing the door behind her, Danny was left alone in the room. The only sound that Danny could hear for the next few minutes was his own sobbing as his tears slowly calmed down and stopped. “OK, OK…” Danny said out loud in the otherwise empty room as he deliberately slowed his breathing and calmed down, “I need to get out.” Danny scooted over to the side of the crib and grabbed hold of the bars. They were solid and there was no way to bend them, they went high enough that even when Danny stood up, he couldn’t reach the top. The crib was essentially the same size as a regular bed but the bars made it feel much more claustrophobic. It was going to be impossible to get through or over these bars. He was trapped here until Mallory came back for him. The room looked exactly like you would expect a nursery to look like. Danny stared out into the room and looked for anything that might help him escape, it was really slim pickings. The toys in the room were all out of reach and pushed against the walls, even if they had any escape value, they were impossibly out of reach. As Danny scanned the room for other options, his eyes fell on a packet of diapers on the top of a chest of drawers. They confirmed what he had thought earlier. The package confirmed what Danny had thought earlier. The package was just like a packet of Pampers diapers, except much bigger. Danny still couldn’t believe such a diaper existed, the packaging showed all the same logos and fonts as the rest of the Pampers diapers. It even had the picture of the smiling baby on the front. There was no way these were meant for a teenager, the fact that they fit Danny, even with his small stature was amazing to him. A stack of diapers next to the packet looked rather intimidating. The tightly packed rectangles were all folded up and seemed like troops ready to jump forth as soon as they were required. Danny felt a shiver run down his spine as he considered the very real possibility that of all those pieces of disposable underwear were meant for him. As Danny looked over to the diapers, all neatly stacked up, he felt a sudden warmth between his legs. Danny’s attention shot down as he tried to work out what was happening, when he felt the heat spreading around his crotch, Danny gasped and covered his mouth. Without any warning, Danny felt his bladder emptying again. The padding around his crotch rapidly dampened and Danny could see the discoloured section showing just how much he had soaked his underwear. Danny could hear himself let out a high-pitched whine. He didn’t understand. One wetting accident could be written off as just that, an accident, but twice in a short period? There was something going on here. Danny felt overcome as he sat back down on his padded rear. The wet padding squelched underneath him slightly as the urine searched for a place to soak in. He felt very upset and could feel himself on the verge of tears again, but there was something else overtaking that emotion. An overwhelming tiredness was making it hard for him to hold his eyes open. He found himself drifting off in his sitting position. There was nothing more humiliating for his teenage ego to be using a baby diaper like that. Wearing it was bad, but using it was far worse. His bladder was betraying him and he felt powerless to stop it. How could he argue he didn’t need diapers when he had just soaked his pants twice in a few minutes. When Mallory saw the state of his padding she would know she had made the correct decision. Danny laid down on his back and heard the crinkle of his diaper as his legs fell open slightly. He was almost asleep before his head had hit the pillows. Any and every worry that Danny felt disappeared as the blackness of unconsciousness overtook everything.
  3. I see our private messaging is open.  61 year old out 2 years out of the closet Transgender trying to figure out how to make some friends in ABDL community since that is where I belong.  Jaynie

  4. Probably my profile picture for me. My "little" persona of me as a teen forced into nappies and pink clothes... And not happy about it!
  5. The next update is now posted on my Patreon for $5 and above Patrons: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 It will appear here in one week's time. I want to thank everyone for their support, comments and everything else. I think this story still has some legs in it and I think I have a good idea for where the plot goes from here. I have always had the ending in my mind and that hasn't changed, but the path to that destination has been altered many times!
  6. I would suggest that on its own, it isn't. As long as nothing else is happening other than the feeding it would seem like there isn't an issue there.
  7. You received a warning on the other account which told you the reason. It should have been e-mailed to you automatically or something to let you know. We only allow one account per person here. If you have a want or a need to change an account you should speak to an admin. EDIT: This account should still have full access to chat and everything else as far as I know.
  8. This is a story on my Patreon page that is only available there. A majority of my stories will be made publicly available but a few will be exclusive and I thought I would give you a taster of one of the ones that will not be released anywhere else. To see Patreon exclusive stories requires a $10 a month pledge. This is the first 2,500 odd words of a 13,000 word story. There are currently 5 stories available only on Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- “I’m telling you this is a great idea!” Josh said as they barrelled down the highway just outside of town in Josh’s beat up old car. “I don’t know, man.” Jordan, Josh’s slightly older cousin replied from the passenger seat, “Things that sound too good to be true usually are.” “Dude, come on! Look how much money they are offering.” Josh said with a laugh, he took a big drink from his cola, “All to test some equipment.” “We don’t even know what equipment it is.” Jordan responded. He had a bad feeling about this whole thing but the pair of them were so desperate for money that he had agreed to come along. Once in the car he had started to have second thoughts, “Did you even ask when you contacted them?” “No.” Josh admitted, “But the guy said no prior experience in anything is necessary. As long as we are fit and healthy we are good to go. I sent them pictures of us and they got back to me almost immediately.” Josh turned 18-years-old just a few weeks ago. He had looked forward to becoming an adult a lot but without a job and with little training or qualifications it meant that he found making money really difficult. He had been volunteering for little odd jobs that he found in newspapers and scraping by. When he saw an advert offering thousands of dollars for some equipment testing, how could he say no! “How do we know we can trust them to pay up?” Jordan asked. Jordan was 20-years-old. He had held a minimum wage job for a year or so which allowed him to survive. This is why the allure of this particular job was enticing. It was a lot of money for one weekend of work. Jordan was more cautious than his younger cousin and he saw himself as being the one that kept the pair of them out of trouble. The two boys had known each other since they were still in diapers and Jordan had found himself always being the person bailing the more reckless Josh out of trouble. They worked well as a double act even if they did exasperate each other from time to time. “They already gave me half.” Josh replied, “The other half is for when we leave.” “You mean you got half already and didn’t give me a split?” Jordan asked incredulously. “Look, there it is!” Josh said pointing out the front window and ignoring his friends question. In the distance was a large warehouse. It was obvious this was the place they were going because it was the only large building in about 20 miles. As the building gradually got closer and loomed larger in the windscreen both boys started feeling some butterflies in their stomachs. Josh was more nervous than he let on but the money was too much to just pass up. They both fell silent as they continued driving up to the warehouse. As they pulled off of the highway and followed the long twisting dirt road to the large building they both were both experiencing some second thoughts, especially Jordan who had been questioning why he came along on this journey almost since the moment he stepped in the car. “Maybe we should just turn back.” Jordan suggested. “Maybe we should forget about the whole thing.” “We can’t do that.” Josh replied as they turned into a car park in front of the building, “I’ve already spent some of the money…” “What!?” Jordan exclaimed. “If we don’t show up they will want their money back. If I can’t give it back, then they will take us to court or something.” Josh admitted. “You idiot…” Jordan said as he put his head in his hands. “Well, what are you so worried about anyway?” Josh asked his cousin with a wry smile as he tried to avoid thinking about his own concerns, “Are you a chicken?” “Don’t be stupid.” Jordan relied rather tersely. The two pulled up into a spot just outside the front door. As they exited the vehicle they were hit by the searing heat of the Summer’s day. Josh hoped that the building was air conditioned, it looked like it would be unbearably hot in there if it wasn’t. Josh walked in front as the two of them walked into the reception area of the building. The large foyer was bare except for a couple of chairs by the door. On the other side of the room was a reception desk with no one behind it. There was a little button with a sign that read “Ring for service.” Josh looked over to Jordan who was still standing by the exit and looking very uncomfortable. Josh pushed the button and waited for what he assumed would be a receptionist. After a few seconds of silence, a voice suddenly came through the speakers that were placed in the corners of the room, it was only now that the boys noticed them. “Confirm your names.” The voice boomed out. “Erm… Josh Smith and Jordan Smith.” Josh said with a raised voice. He wasn’t sure if whoever was speaking could hear him but he didn’t see any other way to answer. Suddenly, what looked like just a piece of wall opened up to reveal two clear plastic containers and two forms. Josh and Jordan walked over to the forms, the forms were huge and appeared to be about a dozen pages each. “Please place your valuable items in the plastic containers and sign the forms.” The voice said. Josh quickly deposited his watch and wallet and picked up the pen on the form. “Wait!” Jordan said grabbing his hand, “Don’t you think we should read what we are signing? I mean… This is all a bit weird.” “Come on man, think of the money!” Josh responded. He shrugged off Jordan’s hand and put his name down. Jordan paused for a second before sighing deeply and doing the same as his cousin. Even if he thought this situation wasn’t a good one, he couldn’t leave his younger cousin to face it by himself. “How long is this going to take?” Josh called out as Jordan was depositing his valuables. “You will be here until the process is complete.” The voice replied vaguely. “Uh huh.” Josh said, “And what testing will we be doing?” “You will be testing equipment.” The voice through the speakers replied. Jordan signed his name whilst this was going on. As he put the pen down a loud mechanical noise started up from behind the wall. As the two boys watched the boxes of valuables retracted into the wall before the wall panel that had originally opened slipped shut again. At the other end of the large hall a door opened up. On the other side of the door was a corridor that went around a corner, from where the boys were standing it was impossible to see where it headed. The two of them walked over to the doorway and into the unknown. As soon as they had both passed into the corridor the door, which had opened automatically, now closed behind him. Josh and Jordan looked at each other uneasily but neither wanted to admit to the fear they both felt in their guts. The few lights that were giving illumination to the room suddenly went out leaving the boy in complete darkness. “What’s hap-” Jordan started to say with a voice quivering slightly. Josh was cut off very suddenly as the floor beneath both boys seemed to suddenly drop away. Both boys suddenly dropped into two separate tubes. That seemed just wide enough for one person to fit down. They both let out involuntary shouts of surprise as they fell through the floor. Josh had no idea how far he had fallen but after ten seconds he saw a light beneath him that suddenly opened up into a whole room. Josh fell out of the ceiling into the room, he landed in a crumpled heap on the floor. He laid still for a second wondering where he was, he was acutely aware that Jordan was no longer with him. Before Josh could even get his bearings he felt the back of his collar being grabbed by a very strong grip. “Get off me!” Josh yelled as he flailed and tried to get free, “I didn’t sign up for… Woah…” Josh was stunned into silence as he twisted himself around and saw that the grip he felt on his shoulder wasn’t from a person at all. A robotic arm had lowered from the ceiling and a gloved hand at the end of it had grabbed Josh. As Josh struggled against the machine he was easily lifted off of his feet and forcefully placed in a strange raised chair. “What the hell!” Josh yelled. Before Josh could climb out of the chair he felt metal restraints close around his wrists and ankles. He was trapped! Unable to move a soft, large bib fluttered down in front of Josh’s vision. Josh felt it being pulled tight and knot being tied in the back, he assumed it was the robotic arms again but he was unable to swivel his head around to see. After a few seconds of struggling and calling out for help the ceiling above Josh opened and a tube came down. The tube snaked its way straight to Josh’s mouth and tried to force its way into his mouth. Josh clamped his mouth as the tube from the ceiling pressed against his lips trying to gain entry. The robotic arm that ended in a hand descended from the ceiling again this time it pinched Josh’s nose closed. Unable to breathe Josh was forced to open his mouth and as soon as he did so he felt the tube force its way in. The tube inserted itself midway into the mouth and stayed still. Josh’s wide eyes looked up to where the tube came from and he saw a mass of mush being pushed down towards Josh’s face. Josh shook his head but found that he couldn’t shake the tube loose. What Josh assumed must be food slowly came down the whole tube until Josh tasted the first bits of it falling on to his tongue. He reflexively swallowed only to find the first mouthful was quickly replaced by a second, then a third. Josh was forced to just keep swallowing every bit of the disgusting and bland food and it just kept coming. Josh started feeling extremely full and his eyes started watering as he continued to swallow mouthful after mouthful of whatever he was being fed. He could feel his stomach expanding and he could feel his tummy groaning about just how much food it was being forced to take in. Eventually, the food stopped coming. Josh felt utterly stuffed, it felt like every inch of his digestive system had been filled by the food he had been forced to consume. His whole tummy was making a lot of noise as it tried to process the sheer quantity of food forced upon it. Even worse, Josh was finding that he could feel a growing pressure in his bowels that signified that he would need a toilet soon. Josh felt tears rolling down his face as he sat there with the tube still lodged in his mouth. Suddenly a white liquid poured down the tube. Yet again Josh was forced to swallow as the milk poured into his mouth, he struggled to keep up with the sheer volume of liquid that was flooding him. He struggled against his restraints and silently begged for this to end. He was already full, the milk tasted extra sweet and was only making the growing pains in his stomach even worse. Eventually the milk stopped flowing and, mercifully, the tube retracted from Josh’s tired mouth and ascended back into the ceiling. Josh’s head flopped forward limply. His mouth muscles were exhausted and his whole body was protesting the sheer amount of food it had been forced to take in. Josh saw his stomach as he looked down and was shocked at how it was poking out like a cartoon character’s. Josh felt incredibly lethargic as he looked down at his bulbous tummy. He was surprised he wasn’t throwing up a lot of what he had eaten, maybe his stomach was stronger than he thought or maybe the food had an anti-nausea drug mixed into it. The pressure in Josh’s bowels was growing quickly and soon it was reaching critical. Josh didn’t know if there were anti-nausea drugs in the food but there seemed to be something that sped up the digestive process in there. “I need the bathroom.” Josh called out into the empty room. He felt exhausted from the feeding but he knew there must be someone watching and listening to what was happening in this room. His plea was met with silence. If someone was watching they were not prepared to answer the desperate boy’s pleas. The cramping soon became very intense and yet Josh resisted with all of his might what his body was screaming at him to do. He rocked slightly in the chair, the restraints were stopping him from being able to truly move in any meaningful way but the pain in his gut was overriding his logic. The food must have been spiked with something Josh thought as the pressure built and built. Sweat formed on his forehead and he felt himself shaking with the effort of not evacuating his bowels. It was inevitable that sooner or later he would lose the battle and, after trying to release a fart to lessen the pressure, Josh gasped as he felt something very wet escape him. Unable to hold back the flood he bent forward slightly and found very liquid poop almost explode out of him and into his underwear. He grimaced and sobbed as he couldn’t stop his body from pushing out as much mess as it could. He soon found the material of his clothes saturated and he could feel the runny shit running all over the chair and down his legs. It didn’t feel like it would ever stop. The stench was unimaginable and as Josh bent further forward he felt one last explosion as his thoroughly soiled underwear took one last barrage. When it was all over he started loudly crying as the smell and the horrible feeling of the rapidly cooling poop made him feel more humiliated and embarrassed than he had ever been before in his life. As Josh wailed loudly he wondered what the hell was going on. He didn’t know where his cousin was but he hoped he was safe. Maybe, just maybe, Jordan had escaped and could alert the authorities because something really wrong was happening here… ---
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