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    Rebecca's Revenge

    Rebecca's plan to sabotage her mother's relationship has failed. Instead of giving up she thinks up a more radical plan to humiliate the big bully. --- This post has been available on my Patreon page for the last week where you can find all of my stories including ones that aren't posted anywhere else. For $5 a month you can see all my updates a week before everyone else and for $10 you can get access to exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available and you can look at the page if you are interested. It is only with the wonderful support of my patrons that I can write as much as I do https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to all of my patrons whose generosity allows me to write as much as I do: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Ali T, PF, Jeebs018, Georgia C, Joe, C Dom, Whatsnot, Camilo H, Jason M, Kinky ddlg, Seamus B, Jeffrey G, Adam Y, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Robert D A, Tim, Phantom Sonic, Kristoffer M B, Vivi L, Sith, Mike S, Dr J, Archibald B, Bojack D, John, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Tabbi, Anon, Kent J, Brandon G, P74_1986, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Matthew S, Fernando L, Miguel A, Cole S, Bask25456, Jukebox, Miss X, David L, Phantomsmkr528, MagmaLord, Diapering Daddy, Pierry L, Trish C, Curiosity24, Peter C, VoidofContext, ReiofLight, James K, Lin J, Joe V, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Eric D, Bruce D, Tim, Alice W, SB1275, John Z, BuffaloBill, Findlay, Rob, Bob S, Nathan, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben R, Ben F, Steven H --- Tim’s night was going well until he went to bed with Elizabeth. He had expected that they would have sex like they normally did when Tim stayed over but Elizabeth flat out shut him down, even Tim could work out she was still mad about the video no matter how normally she acted throughout the day. Tim had eventually given up trying to convince his girlfriend to have sex and he had rolled over in bed sulkily. If he wasn’t going to get sex on demand what was the point of living with his girlfriend? He could imagine himself out on the town and picking someone up but instead he was lying in bed not getting any. By the time Tim eventually fell asleep he could hear Elizabeth breathing heavily next to him and he was feeling a little weird. Tim couldn’t work out what was wrong, he just knew he had a strange feeling in his lower abdomen, it felt like butterflies were fluttering around inside him. When Tim did get to sleep he fell deeply into unconsciousness and was lost to the world. He fell into a dream which was very strange and unsettling, Tim spent a lot of his dream tied down with more and more weights being placed on his belly. It started with one small stone and eventually there was a whole mountain of objects pressing down on him. Tim knew that he had to get away from it but he felt trapped, he saw a stranger off to the side and begged for help. The stranger smiled at him strangely before opening the ground beneath him to reveal a river which swiftly washed him away from the heavy pile. He felt relief, a supreme feeling of letting go that made him feel completely relaxed. “TIM! WAKE UP!” Elizabeth’s loud voice broke through into Tim’s dream world and he slowly came back around to the world of the living. “What’s wrong?” Tim tiredly slurred as he turned his head away from his girlfriend wanting more sleep. “Get out of the bed!” Elizabeth yelled, “Go to the bathroom!” Tim couldn’t work out what Elizabeth was going on about and he was annoyed that she was trying to wake him up. He tried to roll over to face away from the annoying voice and suddenly felt something very strange around his waist. His crotch and upper legs felt much warmer than the rest of them. “You’re wetting the bed!” Elizabeth shouted as she scrambled out of the bed with a look of disgust on her face. “I… I…” Tim knew his girlfriend was right but he couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t done something like this since he was a small child. Tim winced as he scrambled off the side of the bed. He pulled the cover back and saw the massive wet patch he had left behind. The sheets were soaked and as he stood naked with the morning sun bathing him in sunshine he wondered what could be happening. Elizabeth was staring at the wet patch with a look of shock and disgust. She held her hands out as if to ask what was going on. She glared at Tim who had caused the soiled sheets, he was looking rather sheepish and almost as shocked as she was. “This has never happened before…” Tim gasped quickly. “After all the crap you gave Bex about her pull-ups.” Elizabeth shook her head, “If you need some protection that’s fine. It doesn’t matter to me, I would just like to know so we can avoid this.” “I don’t!” Tim exclaimed. His cheeks went red just thinking about using something like Rebecca, “Please don’t tell Rebecca. I promise it will never happen again!” Elizabeth just shook her head at her boyfriend. He was so obsessed with saving face that he was more worried about people finding out about his accident than apologising for what he had done. “Go wash yourself.” Elizabeth hissed, “Then you can wash the sheets. I swear this isn’t something I’m willing to wake up to every day.” “You won’t have to!” Tim quickly replied, “Seriously, this is a one off…” “I hope so.” Elizabeth replied, “Under my roof you follow my rules. If you are wondering what regular bed wetting gets you just ask my daughter.” --- Rebecca had gone to bed quite early the previous night which meant she had woken up before anyone else in the house. She had opened her eyes with the extremely familiar sensation of heavy padding between her legs. Every night she went to sleep hoping that the next morning would be dry but every morning disappointed her. This day was like all others, her pull-up was heavy from the urine it had soaked up whilst she was asleep. It used to really upset Rebecca to wake up like this every morning but these days it was so expected for her to be like this that she didn’t really feel anything except acceptance. She climbed out of her bed and put on her fluffy pink dressing gown, she opened her door a little and looked down the landing to make sure it was clear. When she saw her mom’s bedroom door was closed she walked straight out and into the bathroom. Rebecca pulled her pull-up down and stepped out of it. She turned on the shower and stepped into it without delay, it always felt good to get out of wet padding and wash away the stale urine that was left on her. After a few minutes of washing Rebecca climbed out of the shower and dried herself. She slipped her dressing gown back on and made her way back towards her bedroom when she suddenly heard raised voices. Rebecca placed her head to the door and heard her mom exclaiming something about a wet bed. For a second Rebecca had forgotten about everything that had happened the previous day and she was confused as to what was happening, then all the memories came flooding back into her mind. The teenage girl covered her mouth to stop herself audibly gasping. Despite all her concerns her plan had actually worked! Before she was discovered creeping here outside the door she tip-toed back to her bedroom where she started doing a little dance of joy. She was so happy that she booted up her computer and looked for her friend’s name immediately. “Piper, it worked!” Rebecca typed excitedly, “I can’t believe it!” “What worked?” Piper replied. “The pills!” Rebecca quickly typed back, “He wet the bed!” “Wait… You actually did it?” Piper asked, “That’s really dangerous.” “I have to go for breakfast but it works. I think I’m going to do it again tonight. I’ll talk to you later!” Rebecca couldn’t sit still. She was just too excited by her success. Rebecca didn’t wait to hear from Piper again she just turned her computer off and danced down the stairs with a big smile on her face. She could still hear her mom and Tim in the bedroom but she knew she had to make out that she didn’t know anything was wrong. Tim sat in the bedroom in stunned silence long after Elizabeth had gone downstairs to make breakfast. He was shocked and couldn’t help but just look at the big wet spot he had left on the bed. He was only snapped out of his stupor when he heard the lighter footsteps of Rebecca going down the stairs. Walking out of the bedroom Tim had a very quick shower before coming back to the bedroom. He looked at the bedclothes and remembered what Elizabeth had said, he was supposed to strip the bed and take it all downstairs. He couldn’t do that if Rebecca was down there though and washing bedsheets was a job for a woman. Tim decided to ignore Elizabeth’s request. He put some clothes on, just a shirt and some pants, and walked downstairs himself. He could hear the two females in the house talking in the dining room where they were no doubt having breakfast. He walked through the doorway and tried to put his usual cocky smile on his face, it was important that he acted like nothing was wrong even if his brain was still reeling from wetting the bed. “Where are the sheets?” Elizabeth asked sternly right away. Rebecca looked up from her food with interest. “You were serious?” Tim asked. He smile disappeared just as quickly as he had put it on his face. “Of course I’m serious.” Elizabeth was showing a sterner side of her character that Tim hadn’t seen before, “You ask my daughter what happens when-” “Alright, alright!” Tim spoke loudly to drown out Elizabeth. He didn’t want Rebecca to know what had happened, “Can I do it a bit later? After breakfast maybe?” “No.” Elizabeth said quickly and simply. Tim turned around and walked out of the room. He was a little red in the face and determined to keep his little accident a secret, he walked back up the stairs and into the scene of his crime. He slowly pulled the sheet of the mattress and the duvet, he balled it all up into a ball and took care that the wet patch was hidden in the middle. Rebecca was secretly beaming but she made sure to look confused as she sat at breakfast. This was working out better than she could’ve expected and she was very happy her mom was finally putting her foot down. She hid her smile behind the cereal she was eating as she heard Tim’s heavy footsteps coming back down the stairs. Tim walked into the dining room silently as he went through to the kitchen where the house’s washing machine was. Rebecca thought she deserved an Oscar for keeping a straight face as the burdened man walked slowly past. “Mom, why’s Tim carrying the sheets out?” Rebecca asked innocently. She said it just loud enough for Tim to hear and enjoyed watching him squirm. “Shut up.” Tim shouted out from the kitchen desperately, “Can’t a man help with chores without getting an inquisition?” “Just get yourself in here and have your cereal.” Elizabeth shook her head. With the sheets stuffed into the washing machine Tim walked back to the dinner table and sat down opposite his girlfriend. He was still red in the face and refused to look at anyone else as he quietly ate his meal, it was a very different demeanour that he had as he sat down. The rest of the day was without incident for anyone in the house. It was a quiet Sunday that would be like any other if the drama of the morning hadn’t happened. It seemed like everyone was lost in their own individual thoughts for most of the day. Rebecca couldn’t stop thinking about spiking Tim’s drink again, Tim was thinking of his bedwetting accident and praying there wouldn’t be a repeat and Elizabeth couldn’t work out what had happened to cause her boyfriend to suddenly wet the bed. When dinnertime rolled around yet again Rebecca knew exactly what she had to do. She sat at the table and ate quietly, she was being very careful to avoid rocking the boat and she spent most of the time just listening to the others. In Rebecca’s pocket was a couple of the little dissolvable pills that she had used the previous evening, she was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to repeat her little trick. Rebecca’s time came a little later in the evening as the two adults were sitting on the couch together whilst the teenager sat at the table, she had her phone out and pretended to text people when she was actually watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity. Elizabeth had dozed off and was snoring slightly as she sat in the chair and Tim got up to go upstairs, presumably to the bathroom. Standing up as soon as Tim had gone out of sight Rebecca tip-toed into the living room and checked to make sure Elizabeth’s eyes were closed, she seemed completely dead to the world. Rebecca quickly pulled the pills out of her pocket and dropped them into Tim’s drink. She picked up the glass and put hand over the top as she swirled the drink around a little bit to speed up the dissolving. As soon as Rebecca heard the sound of a flushing toilet she put the drink back down and hurried back out to the dining table to make it look like she hadn’t moved. With her mission accomplished Rebecca stood up shortly after watching Tim down a lot of his drink. “I’m going to bed.” Rebecca said airily as she walked through the living room towards the stairs. “Night.” Tim grunted without looking away from the television. Rebecca smiled as she walked behind Tim and gave him the middle-finger when she knew he couldn’t see her. She took the stairs up to her bedroom two at a time and bounced all the way back to her bed. She laid down happily and just hoped there would be a repeat performance, she had enough pills to do this for quite a while and she was sure Elizabeth would kick him out when he started throwing tantrums about the wet beds. He’d already had one mini-meltdown earlier that day and she would love to see another one.
  2. From reading your posts I get the feeling you are acting like a HNG (Horny Net Guy). That isn't a good thing. You appear to be going into chat rooms to talk about your messy diapers or whatever without knowing anyone in there or what the atmosphere is like. No one likes it when you are talking in a chat room and some random person comes in with the sole intention of using the other people there to get themselves excited sexually or whatever. Imagine you are at a party with a bunch of people. There's a lot of conversation going on and people are generally socialising when someone suddenly walks in the door and loudly announces that they are horny or that they just pooped themselves or whatever else. It's unpleasant to say the least. There is a time and a place for these sorts of conversations (usually PMs) and it can come up in chat rooms naturally sometimes. There's nothing wrong with liking diapers but not other baby things but if the chat room is more suited to AB stuff then you can't complain at them when they want to talk about it! Have things changed? I don't think so. I've been a regular in the chat room here as well as Kik, Discord and other groups since before 2011 and I remember HNGs getting the same treatment back then as well.
  3. Elfy

    Inbox problem only for me or for all?

    Go to your inbox, click on the little square boxes under the avatar of the messages you want to delete and then click the trash can at the bottom of the screen.
  4. The following is an excerpt from the third story about D.Va and her adventures with diapers. The rest of this story as well as 17 other Patreon exclusive stories can be seen on my Patreon page for $10 and above subscribers. There are other tiers and rewards available which can all be found on my page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I make a story update post (2,000+ words) every four days and it is with the support of my fantastic patrons that I can keep such a pace up. If you enjoy my stories and are interested in supporting me please have a look at the link I know some people don't like these posts advertising stories elsewhere but I hope the amount and regularity of content I post publicly allows me the leeway to advertise once in a while. --- The diaper was doing an admirable job. When D.Va had looked for manufacturers she had been very specific about her needs for long lasting diapers as well as secrecy, it was very important to her that no one knew about her love of the unusual undergarments. With each wetting it became harder and harder for D.Va to resist touching herself between Starcraft games. About five hours into the stream she reached down and gently pushed her padded crotch against her body. The webcam she was on only showed her head and shoulders so as long as she was careful no one would know what she was doing. “Mmm…” D.Va let out an inadvertent moan as she pushed the wet material against her sensitive crotch. When she saw people in her chat typing question marks she realised she was acting a little strangely, fortunately she had the cola as a fall back strategy, “This Nano Cola sure is delicious!” D.Va took another large drink from an open can. When she finished it she placed it on the floor, she looked down and saw she had already gone through quite a few of the drinks. Her sponsors had asked her to drink plenty of their soda but she hadn’t quite realised just how much she had swallowed, it was no wonder her diaper was as wet as it was. When D.Va heard the sounds of another game starting she quickly sat upright and went back to her games. As she moved she felt the diaper hug her tightly and couldn’t help but smile, it was such a nice feeling to be gaming like this and it was even better that she didn’t have to leave to use the bathroom. The games continued, one after another, without much incident until D.Va reached the halfway point of her twenty-four hour stream. Her energy levels were still good, a combination of her natural fitness and all the sugary drinks she was consuming was keeping her going fairly easily. Just as she finished blowing yet another opponent’s base up she suddenly heard a faint vibration and reached over to her phone. “I see your stream is going well.” Mercy had written in a text message. D.Va bit her bottom lip as she felt her heart skip a beat. Mercy was an old friend from D.Va’s Overwatch days and more recently their relationship had grown a lot closer. On two occasions within the last year Mercy had changed D.Va’s diaper and now just seeing the name was enough to cause the young Korean’s nerves to tingle and butterflies to flutter in her tummy. “You’re watching?” D.Va asked in her texted reply. “Of course.” Mercy replied quickly, “Though I notice you haven’t got up to use the bathroom…” D.Va felt her face going red as she read the message several times. She was spared having to compose an immediate response when the sound of another game starting played through her headphones and she had to concentrate on that. It was difficult to forget the text messages though and D.Va found herself looking over at the phone every so often. It was enough to cause D.Va to lose a game that she really should’ve won. Just the knowledge that Mercy knew what she was wearing and doing was enough to get her excited. She had always had a thing for using her diaper in front of others and now this little kink was being triggered by the audience she had. D.Va picked up her soda and drank from it as she felt her diaper warming again. She felt the hot liquid trickle out of her where it was greedily soaked up by the thirsty padding, D.Va had to admit to being very impressed with how well the diaper was doing although the biggest tests were still to come. A few games later D.Va felt sudden butterflies in her tummy and excitement. She had been aware of a gradual increase in the pressure in her bowels and she knew she would need to poop sooner or later, it seemed like that moment was getting closer and closer. It would allow D.Va to test another of the important specifications of her diaper, she would be able to see if it held in the smell as much as possible. As a cramp went through her intestine leading to a further increase in pressure D.Va did her best to stay calm and act like everything was normal. She was acutely aware that there were thousands of people watching her webcam and it did nothing to lessen the thrill she was feeling. Despite being in a winning position D.Va was forced to quickly forfeit a game causing her audience to ask a lot of questions and wonder what she was doing. D.Va could feel her face burning red already. “I’ll be back in a minute.” D.Va said to her audience leaving many of them confused.
  5. Elfy

    The New Normal

    James is continuing to struggle with his recent change of routine but an afternoon at home with his family does a lot to help him feel normal again. --- This update, like all updates to my stories, has been available on Patreon for one week. It is only thanks to the generosity of patrons that I'm able to post as often as I do. For $5 a month you can see all my public stories in one place as well as getting early access to them, for $10 a month you can get the early access PLUS exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards on my Patreon page and I invite everyone to check it out, all support means a heck of a lot to me https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I would like to give a big thank you to all of my patrons without whose support I wouldn't be able to do this: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Jeebs018, Georgia C, Joe, C Dom, Whatsnot, Camilo H, Jason M, Kinky ddlg, Seamus B, Jeffrey G, Adam Y, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Robert D A, Tim, Phantom Sonic, Kristoffer M B, Vivi L, Sith, Mike S, Dr J, John D, Archibald B, Bojack D, John, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Tabbi, Anon, Kent J, Brandon G, P74_1986, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Matthew S, Fernando L, Miguel A, Cole S, Bask25456, Jukebox, Miss X, David L, Phantomsmkr528, PF, MagmaLord, Diapering Daddy, Pierry L, Trish C, Curiosity24, Peter C, VoidofContext, ReiofLight, James K, Lin J, Joe V, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Eric D, Bruce D, Tim, Alice W, SB1275, John Z, BuffaloBill, Findlay, Rob, Bob S, Nathan, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben R, Ben F, Steven H --- James used his key to unlock the front door and walked inside the much cooler house. He saw his sister and mom in the living room and they both looked over when he walked inside. “James is home!” Cathy said jovially, “Come in here. Your sister has this great joke that… James? Are you OK?” James stood in the hallway looking towards his mother and he started weeping softly. He didn’t know what to do but it felt like the events of the day were weighing on his shoulders and he couldn’t hold them up anymore. James walked forward into the living room slowly and could see his mother and sister looking at him worriedly. The closer he got the lower their gaze went until he could tell they were staring at his stained pants. “Oh my… What happened?” Cathy stood up and wrapped her hands around James as he sobbed quietly. Katie was looking concerned from the couch. James relayed the events as truthfully as he could. He told them that he couldn’t use the bathroom before leaving and he told them about the lecture where he had leaked. When James told the two women about his diaper change Cathy gently lowered her son’s pants. He offered no resistance as Cathy and Katie silently judged his poor diapering technique. “It’s OK, honey.” Cathy said as she helped James to step out of his shoes and pants, “Let’s take you upstairs and get you into a diaper that fits properly.” James nodded his head and wiped tears from his eyes as he followed his mother up the stairs and into the bedroom. James was still snivelling as he sat down on his bed, he watched Cathy pick out a new diaper from the drawer and then she gently pushed James’ shoulders so that he laid back on the mattress. Cathy hummed a soothing tune as James felt the loose tapes of his poorly fitting diaper get removed. He was about to lift his butt in the air so that his mother could pull the diaper out but he found his mother hooking his legs with her arm and rolling him back so that she could do it herself. James blushed a little as his legs hung in the air over his head, after a few seconds he felt the plastic of a new diaper get slipped underneath his butt and he was lowered on to a fresh diaper. James sighed as his legs were lowered on to the fluffy padding. It wasn’t a sigh of disappointment, it was a sigh of relief that he would be safely diapered again. He felt so safe when he was at home and in a diaper, he didn’t have to fret about leaving a puddle or a mess anywhere. He couldn’t help but smile as the front of the diaper was lifted up and taped tightly closed. “There you go.” Cathy said when the tapes were placed. She ran a hand over the plastic outer shell, “Nice and safe.” “Thanks, mom.” James replied shyly. He blushed as his mom reached forwards and gave him a quick hug. After a few hours in his room working on homework James felt the familiar need for the bathroom. Unlike previous times where he had ignored the feeling until it was too late he stood up and quickly walked down the stairs. He poked his head into the living room and saw his sister reading a magazine. “K-Katie…” James said quietly. “Oh, hello James.” Katie smiled, “Feeling better?” “Yes, thanks.” James returned the smile but he looked at the floor as he shyly continued, “I need the toilet though.” “Number two?” Katie asked as she put her magazine down. James nodded his head as Katie stood up. She hurried across the room and took her younger brother by the hand. James didn’t say a word as he followed his sister up the stairs and back towards the bathroom, he felt a little stupid to have to be taken to the toilet like this but he was thankful that Katie was doing it when she could so easily just make fun of him. The two adult siblings soon found themselves in the bathroom and since James had never put his pants back on after the last diaper change he felt Katie pulling the top tapes of his diaper off. James blushed as he wondered exactly how far Katie was going to go, he wasn’t too keen on his sister seeing him in his most sensitive spot. “OK, I think if you squeeze and shimmy a bit you can pull the diaper down to use the bathroom. Then once you are done pull it back up and I’ll tape you closed, alright?” Katie asked her young brother. “Sure.” James replied with a smile. He was just glad that Katie wasn’t insisting on being in the room as he did his business. Katie left the bedroom with a smile and James closed the door. He grabbed the sides of his diaper and gently pulled them down whilst moving his legs side-to-side. He slowly felt the diaper lower down his thighs and it fell around his ankles as he sat down on the toilet. James relaxed and heard the familiar tinkle of his pee hitting the porcelain toilet and relaxed to make sure he was empty in the front and in the back. He did a rapid clean-up before standing up and flushing the toilet. He repeated the manoeuvre earlier as he pulled his diaper back up around his waist, he opened the door and saw Katie waiting at the other end of the hallway. “All done?” Katie asked happily. James nodded his head and smiled through the embarrassment. This was a lot better than being in a used diaper at least. This way he had the knowledge that he had used the toilet like a proper adult. Katie walked over to James and bent over. She took the tapes that had been left hanging in the air and placed them tightly around James’ waist. She flattened them with the palm of her hand and then gently ran her hands over the diaper, she gave it small tugs to make sure it would stay up and when she was satisfied she stood up and took a step back. “Perfect.” Katie proclaimed, “If you need me again just let me know.” Katie headed back downstairs and James went back into his room. He smiled to himself as he closed the door, he felt great that not only did the diapers offer him protection but his family were being so supportive of his needs. He almost teared up as he felt the warmth of his family within him. Dinnertime came around much faster than James had anticipated. He had been playing video games and listening to music when he heard a knock on his door, he rushed over and opened it a little to see his father standing on the other side. “At last, we’ve been calling you for a few minutes!” Chris smiled. “Sorry… I was listening to music.” James said honestly. “It’s fine. Come on, Mom’s made chicken.” Chris replied. When he saw his son looking for some pants he pushed the door open a little more, “Don’t worry about getting dressed up. It’s just us, we all know your needs. It’s OK.” “A-Are you sure?” James asked with a slightly quivering voice. “Of course!” Chris said as he put his arm around his son, “You’ll be fine. Let’s go before dinner gets cold.” James followed his father out of the room and heard himself crinkling with each step down the stairs. His diaper was still completely clean and dry, a small source of pride for the accident prone adult. When James walked into the dining room slightly behind his father he looked nervously at the table to see his family looking back at him. James waited at the doorway as his dad sat down and he was almost waiting for someone to start laughing or make a snide comment about the diaper he was wearing. “What are you waiting for?” Cathy asked as everyone picked up their cutlery. She was looking at James with a happy smile, “Sit down and eat!” James smiled and walked forward to his usual seat at the table. He sat down and after a few anxious glances around at his parents and sister he started eating. Before he even realised what was happening he was talking with everyone else as if this had always been the situation, it felt natural and right. Everyone was having such a great time talking to one another that the meal seemed to fly by. James did less talking than the other members of the family but he enjoyed the company. Thanks to doing less talking James actually finished dinner ahead of everyone else. He sat back in his chair and listened to everyone relay stories about their day when he felt the need for the bathroom. Just like in college earlier that day James felt pressure on his bladder and it was building fast. He knew that he should tell one of the other adults at the table but he was still very embarrassed by it and they were having such a good time that he didn’t want to ruin the conversation. He tried to ignore the feeling but it was quickly becoming uncomfortable, it was getting to the point of physical pain. “Everything OK?” Katie asked as she looked at James. “Yeah… Everything’s great.” James eventually replied and he put on a smile which didn’t reach his eyes. Katie looked sceptical but seemed to accept his answer and went back to the conversation. As she looked away from James he decided there was only one thing he could do to avoid breaking up this lovely moment. James took a deep breath and remembered how he had forced his body to wet itself at college. He lifted off his seat an almost imperceptible amount, he tried to relax all of his muscles and imagined sitting on the toilet. It was almost to James’ surprise that he began wetting himself almost right away. He almost jumped as he felt the heat hit the thick padding and bounce back against his own body. His bladder had no problem letting go and before he knew it he had saturated the bottom of his diaper. James felt the urine slow down and eventually stop but the heat continued to spread as the padding soaked up all the liquid and spread it around the diaper, it almost tickled as the droplets ran against his skin. James tried not to let his family know what was happening and he tried to act as naturally as possible but he knew he was sweating slightly and that his cheeks were rosy again. He hated how easily he blushed, it had always been a giveaway when he was doing something embarrassing. “Well, I’ve got a football game I want to watch tonight.” Chris said as he stretched and put his knife and fork down, “James, care to join me?” “Oh, erm, I don’t know…” James prevaricated. He couldn’t believe that right after he had wet himself the dinner was seemingly ending! “Really?” Chris looked surprised, “You never usually miss football. Should be a cracker tonight and I’m sure you could learn a thing or two from the Giants’ quarterback. Who knows, you might replace him some day!” James chuckled. He knew his dad was just being nice and there was almost no hope he would get called into the professional leagues but he appreciated the sentiment. Even as he smiled James felt the pang of anxiety rip through him. The talk of football just reminded himself that he would be expected in practice the next evening and keeping his diapers a secret would be almost impossible. “I-I know but…” James started saying. “Son, I know I took a while to get used to the new situation but I assure you I’m fine with it.” Chris smiled and reached forward and around the table. He patted his son’s underwear to say it was fine when he felt the tell-tale warmth of a freshly wet diaper. Chris’ eyes went suddenly wide as he pulled his hand away. He looked embarrassed to have just done what he did and essentially diaper check his adult son. He bit his lip and looked around at the rest of the table. Suddenly both guys were feeling uncomfortable thanks to James’ lack of self-control. James slowly stood up in silence. When he was standing up straight his diaper appeared over the top of the table and the discoloured wet padding was immediately obvious. His sister and mother could both clearly see what had happened. The young man was embarrassed and wanted to leave the table, he turned to walk towards the exit of the dining room and was almost out of view when he was stopped. “Why didn’t you tell one of us you needed the bathroom?” Cathy asked. James turned to look back at the table. His cheeks were deep red and he soon looked down at the floor, he felt embarrassed but he did notice that none of his family were making fun of him, if anything they just seemed genuinely concerned. “I… I didn’t want to disturb you guys.” James admitted as he looked back up at the table. “Oh, honey…” Cathy sighed but she didn’t look sad. If anything James thought she looked happy that her son had such thought for others. “Well… It’s what they’re there for, right?” Chris said as he put his cutlery down, “You should never feel ashamed of your diapers. They have a job and if they do that job whilst you are wearing them then that’s just fine.” James looked at the floor with a small embarrassed smile. He didn’t know what to say, he was happy that no one was mad at him but at the same time concerned that no one seemed to expect any more from him. The diapers were a great safety net but these last few days had shown how desperately James had needed them. It was impossible to know whether it was a good thing that his family were so accepting of the padding that he seemed to be having more and more accidents. “Come on.” Cathy stood up from the table and walked towards James, “We’ll get you sorted out and then you can watch your football with daddy.” James’ eyes went wide when his mom referred to his father as “daddy” but did little as she took his hand and led him towards the stairs. James was not comfortable with this at all and it seemed to only encourage the rest of his family to treat him like he was younger, almost like he was a baby. He blushed deeply as he was taken to his bedroom where he laid down for his mom. The front of James’ diaper was pulled down and Cathy took a handful of baby wipes to clean up her son. When she was satisfied that he was clean she pulled the diaper out from underneath his butt and balled it up using the tapes to hold it closed. “Hush little baby don’t say a word…” Cathy began to gently sing as she unfolded a new diaper and lifted James’ legs to slide it underneath his body. James relaxed as his legs were lowered on to the new padding and despite his embarrassment he closed his eyes and smiled as his diaper was changed. He felt so small but for some reason that was alright, his mother was taking care of him and he didn’t need to worry about anything in the whole world. Powder was sprinkled like snow over his crotch which was a new part of the routine. James opened his eyes to look at his mother questioningly. “I don’t want you to get a rash.” Cathy said simply. James understood his mother’s intent but he couldn’t help but notice the extra smell the powder seemed to give to his diapers. He sniffed the air and was reminded of a baby’s nursery, a mixture of baby powder scent and stale urine. James closed his eyes again, every time he started to worry he just had to remind himself to trust his family. They knew what was best for him. “Come on. You’ve got some sports to watch.” Cathy smiled as she placed the last diaper tape and helped her son to his feet. James didn’t bother to reach for any pants. He just smiled and followed his mother out of his bedroom and back downstairs, he could already hear the game had started. He could hear the crowd roaring, he assumed someone just scored a touchdown. “You boys have fun.” Cathy gave her son a little pat on his padded rear as James stepped into the living room. James watched Cathy head into the backyard where his sister was already sitting with a book. James was becoming less and less conscious of his crinkling but any time he felt a little nervous it seemed like the sound was amplified. He walked around the couch whilst trying not to crinkle and sat at the opposite end to his dad. “I don’t bite, you know?” Chris smiled as he patted the middle of the couch closer to himself. James slid himself across the cushions on his smooth rear end until he was sat next to his father and they started watching the game. Soon all diaper related things were forgotten as the two men talked sports and critiqued both the quarterbacks. It had been a stressful day for James and by the time the first quarter ended he could feel himself yawning and having a harder time to keep his eyes open. Perhaps sensing how tired his son was, Chris put his arm around James and let the college student snuggle into his shoulder. Chris’ arm brushed the top of James’ diaper but neither of them seemed to care. It just felt normal. James must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew the teams were mid-way through the second quarter and he was practically laying across his dad’s lap. He saw Cathy in front of him smiling but he felt too tired to sit back up, he never knew his dad made such a comfortable pillow. “I’ll get you both some drinks.” Cathy said with a warm smile, “You’ll have to… Wait, I’ve got an idea. Just give me a minute.” James had no idea what his mom was planning but he continued to sleepily watch the game on TV whilst one of his dad’s hands rested on James’ back and the other on the arm of the couch. A few minutes went by before Cathy returned with drinks. “One beer for daddy.” Cathy said as she gave her husband a wide smile, “And some juice for James.” James looked at the drinking vessel his mother was holding out for him and he audibly gasped. It was a little sippy cup, a cup he remembered using when he was a toddler. It was baby blue in colour with pictures of little trains on tracks spiralling up and down the outside, James had no idea his mother had kept it. “This way you can drink without having to get up.” Cathy said as James reached out a slightly trembling hand and took possession of the drink. James held the cup in front of his face and was unsure what to do. He could see both his parents smiling down at him and he felt a strong desire to drink. He pushed the little spout into his mouth and felt the cool apple juice flow on to his tongue. His mom was right, he was able to lay down and drink from the toddler cup without spilling anything. He felt the warmth from his family and soon turned his eyes back to the game as he drank the slow flow of juice. James was still exhausted and sometime during the half time analysis he fell asleep. This time the sleep was much deeper and he didn’t wake up until he felt his dad shifting his weight slightly.
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    Rebecca's Revenge

    Rebecca's plan to sabotage her mother's relationship has failed. Instead of giving up she thinks up a more radical plan to humiliate the big bully. --- This post has been available on my Patreon page for the last week where you can find all of my stories including ones that aren't posted anywhere else. For $5 a month you can see all my updates a week before everyone else and for $10 you can get access to exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available and you can look at the page if you are interested. It is only with the wonderful support of my patrons that I can write as much as I do https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to all of my patrons whose generosity allows me to write as much as I do: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Georgia C, Joe, C Dom, Whatsnot, Ali T, Sebastian, Camilo H, Jason M, Kinky ddlg, Seamus B, Jeffrey G, Adam Y, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Robert D A, Tim, PhantomSonic, Kristoffer M B, Vivi L, Sith, Mike S, Dr J, Paul F, John D, Archibald B, Bojack D, John, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Tabbi, Anon, Kent J, Brandon G, P74_1986, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Matthew S, Fernando L, Miguel A, Cole S, Bask25456, Jukebox, Miss. X, David L, Phantomsmkr528, PF, MagmaLord, Diapering Daddy, Pierry L, Trish C, Curiosity24, Peter C, VoidofContext, ReiofLight, James K, Lin J, Joe V, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Eric D, Bruce D, Tim, Alice W, SB1275, John Z, BuffaloBill, Findlay, Rob, Bob S, Nathan, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben R, Ben F, Steven H --- “So Bex, Tim and I have something to tell you.” Elizabeth said at dinner time as everyone was finishing up with their meals. Rebecca had been nearly silent during the meal as she often was around Tim. “Oh God, you’re not pregnant are you?” Rebecca asked with a look of disgust. “No, no, no.” Elizabeth giggles, “Not yet anyway…” Both Tim and Rebecca shared their look of disgust now. The new man of the house certainly didn’t see kids in his future, he could barely tolerate the teenager Elizabeth already had yet alone a baby. Tim hated babies. “Tim will be moving in with us.” Elizabeth said with a happy smile. “WHAT!?” Rebecca was wide-eyed as she shouted in disbelief. She stood up and put her hand to her head as she watched her mother give Tim a loving kiss. “Sit down, Bex.” Elizabeth said, “There’s no need to make a scene.” “After you saw him cheating on you?” Rebecca was exasperated, “You are moving him into this house?” “You made the video?” Tim said, “I should’ve known…” “Asshole!” Rebecca yelled at Tim in impotent anger. It was beyond the limits of her belief that her mother would make this decision. “Rebecca!” Elizabeth was yelling now and using her daughter’s full first name which usually meant trouble, “Sit back down and apologise.” Rebecca rolled her eyes as she breathed deeply and turned away from the table. Without another word and with total contempt for the people at the table the teenager stomped out of the room for the second time that day. This time she was even more furious than the first time. Running up to her room and slamming the door, Rebecca punched the wall in front of her. She took a few moments to calm down as she looked down at her pillows. When she was certain no one was following her up the stairs she moved her pillows aside to see the medicine she had stolen from her mother earlier that day. She nodded to herself as she opened the small bottle and pulled out a couple of the dissolvable tablets. Rebecca pocketed the pills and walked to her computer where she saw Piper had left her a few messages. “What the hell is going on?” Was the last message Piper had left. She was clearly confused and concerned about her friend. “Sorry.” Rebeca quickly typed as she sat down, “It’s been a bit mad here today but I’m back for a bit.” “What’s going on?” Piper repeated, “You said you had an idea and then you disappeared. You’re not going to kill him are you!?” Rebecca knew that her friend was joking and responded to the message with a laughing emoji. She wondered whether she should reveal her plan to her friend but in the end decided that she had to tell someone or she would go crazy. “Piper if I tell you something will you absolutely promise to keep it a secret?” Rebecca typed cryptically, “Like, promise never to tell anyone ever?” “You’re my best friend.” Piper replied, “You know you can trust me.” “I’m going to spike Tim’s drink.” Rebecca typed. She hesitated before pressing enter. “YOU’RE WHAT!?” Piper replied almost immediately, “Holy crap! That’s illegal and dangerous!” “I know, I know… But listen, it’s not dangerous in this instance. I don’t think so at least.” Rebecca typed, “My mom had some pills that helped her when she had a kidney stone. It helps you pee and one of the side effects is that it can make you need to pee very suddenly.” “Don’t do this.” Piper typed after a minute, “You never know what effects these things can have.” Rebecca thought about what her friend was saying for a minute before she signed out of the messaging program without saying goodbye. She was annoyed that her best friend wouldn’t support her even though she knew she had a very good point in being cautious. She started to have second thoughts about her plan even though she really wanted Tim to know what her life was like. There was a sudden knock on the door that made Rebecca quickly make sure everything incriminating was hidden. “What do you want?” Rebecca called out without even knowing who was on the other side of the door. “It’s me.” Tim’s deeper male voice caused Rebecca to shiver slightly, “Can we talk?” Tim stood outside the door for a few seconds and was just thinking he was being ignored when he heard the door click and open slightly. Tim pushed it open to see Rebecca standing just back from the door with her arms folded and her face looking like thunder. “Your mother said I should come up for an apology.” Tim said as he leaned against the doorway. Rebecca stood absolutely still and stared a hole through Tim as she waited for him to continue. Likewise, Tim was stood in the doorway and not looking like he had anything more to say. “Well, go on then.” Rebecca said after a while. “Me?” Tim was surprised, “I thought you would apologise to me.” “You’ve got to be kidding me…” Rebecca said through gritted teeth, “You want me to apologise to you after everything!?” “Fine. Don’t apologise.” Tim stood up straight now and looked over his shoulder to the stairs, “But if you try and ruin what I have with your mother again I’ll make sure you’re put up for adoption!” Rebecca looked at Tim in stunned silence. How could he make such a threat? Did he have no compassion? When the door closed and Tim walked away Rebecca was practically shaking with anger. She looked at the bottle of pills again and made her mind up that she was going to do whatever it took for revenge. She would make Tim sorry for being such an obnoxious asshole to everyone in the home. She would start her plan that night. --- Tim was the first one to sit down to dinner that evening. He watched Elizabeth walk out to the hallway and call for Rebecca to come down, he had hoped that Rachel would go somewhere else this evening but he had no such luck. At least he was sure after the threats earlier that she would stop trying to break him and Elizabeth up, he had a good thing going here and he wasn’t going to break it up for some bratty teenager. After agreeing to move in together Tim and Elizabeth both agreed it would be best to sort things out as fast as possible. That’s why he was planning to stay with Elizabeth from now on, he would slowly move his things into this house over time. It made more sense to do it that way than do everything in one go. He was planning to keep his own apartment though, he wasn’t about to give up his little one night stands just because he was moving in with Elizabeth. Of course, Elizabeth didn’t need to know about that, it would be his little secret. “She’ll be down in a minute.” Elizabeth said with a smile as she sat back down next to Tim. She smiled at her boyfriend as she looked at the meal in front of them. The two adults sat in silence for a minute as they listened to Rebecca’s bedroom door open and closed followed by her slow footsteps on the stair. She eventually came into view and she slunk down into her chair without saying a word to anyone. She stared across the table as if the two adults were conspiring against her. “Tuck in.” Elizabeth said with a big smile. She picked up her knife and fork and started digging in along with Tim who started eating quickly. “Shall I get us drinks?” Rebecca suggested innocently. She tried to act casual but underneath her shirt she could feel her heart beating hard and fast. “Sure. I’ll have a coffee, please.” Elizabeth said with a smile. Rebecca looked at Tim and smiled. She forced herself to look and act friendly as a means of lowering Tim’s defences. She watched him look at her with a little bit of confusion for a few seconds before he sniffed loudly. “Beer.” Tim grunted after a few seconds of silence. Rebecca stood up and smiled again as she walked into the kitchen next to the dining room. She got three glasses out of the cupboard and filled one with the coffee that was still warm in the jug, the second one was filled with milk for herself and in the third one she poured a can of beer. Looking over her shoulder Rebecca pulled two dissolvable tablets out of her pants pocket and held them over the pint glass of beer. She hesitated for a second as she wondered whether she was really going to do it. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves and then she opened her hand to drop the pills into the beer. Rebecca grabbed a spoon to start stirring the pills in until she couldn’t see anything left of them. Rebecca picked up the drinks and took them back through to the dining room. She placed them all on the table before sitting down again. She felt very shaky as she sat down and everyone pulled their drinks closer to them, she watched Tim pull the beer to his plate and lift it up. He drank heavily from the glass before setting it down on the table. Tim licked his lips and frowned a little as he looked down at the drink. He swirled the beer a bit and looked at it as if he could taste something was a little off. He looked up at Rebecca and then back to his drink. “I think we’ll need to buy some more beer.” Tim said to Elizabeth, “This one tastes a little off.” Rebecca looked over her glass as she drank and watched Tim down the whole beer before letting out a large belch. She smiled as she put the glass back down and ate dinner, Rebecca stayed quiet as Tim and her mother talked. For the first time in the last couple of days the teenage girl felt in a good mood as she felt things were going her way. After dinner the three people in the house moved to the living room to watch some television, there was a film that Tim insisted they all watch. It turned out to be some terrible old black and white war movie. As the movie droned on in the background Rebecca started to feel sleepy. She tried to focus on Tim to see if anything was going on but he didn’t seem to be acting any different to normal. The room grew darker as time went on until eventually they were all sitting in the dark with the movie playing quietly, it was lulling everyone into a tired state. Tim looked over from the couch to where Rebecca was sitting on the armchair of to the side. He could see her heavy eyelids closing and her head slumping. “Elizabeth?” Tim said to break the long silence, “I think you need to get your baby ready for bed.” “Excuse me!?” Rebecca exclaimed as she suddenly sat bolt upright with her eyes wide open. “Well that’s who wears diapers, right?” Tim asked with a smirk. “You mother fu-” Rebecca started to growl. “Bex!” Elizabeth said warningly as she looked at the clock over the teenager’s shoulder, “It probably is about time you went to bed, come on.” “Mom! You’re going to let him talk to me like that!?” Rebecca shouted angrily. “He’s just joking.” Elizabeth said as she stood up, “If you can’t laugh at yourself you need to loosen up!” Rebecca was very angry and wasn’t helped by having Tim smirking at her. She angrily stomped away from the living room and up the stairs to her bedroom, she sat down on her bed and put her head in her hands. She had expected Tim to show some signs of discomfort at least, it seemed like the pills were having no effect whatsoever. “Bex, baby?” A knock on the door and Elizabeth’s voice did little to raise Rebecca’s mood. “Don’t call me baby.” Rebecca said just loud enough for her mother to hear. The door opened and Elizabeth stepped inside. She went over to Rebecca and sat on the bed next to her, all that did was make the teenage girl scoot away to the other side of the bed. “Honey, that’s just how he is.” Elizabeth said. “Don’t waste your breath.” Rebecca replied, “I’m not interested. You have brought that bully into the house, don’t try and justify it.” “Fine.” Elizabeth stood up. Her patience was running out with both her daughter and boyfriend, “Do you need any help with your diapers?” “It’s a pull-up, not a diaper.” Rebecca hissed, “And I’m fine. Go away.” Rebecca watched her mother leave the room and close the door behind her. She took a deep shuddering breath and wiped her eyes of the tears that threatened to fall. After a couple of minutes when she was certain that no one was coming back she slowly started getting undressed. She stripped off all her clothes and left them in a pile on the floor. Picking up one of her pull-ups, the last of the old pack, Rebecca shook it open and grimly threaded her legs through the holes. She pulled the infantile underwear up and over her crotch before sadly climbing into bed. Rebecca stared up at the ceiling sadly and sighed. This weekend couldn’t be going any worse, in fact, this might just be the worse few days of the young’s life. Tim, the most boorish man in the world was going to be staying and her plan for revenge looked like a bust. She closed her eyes half-hoping she wouldn’t open them again.
  7. Tommy is forced to go to the shop with his domineering wife, Samantha. He worries a lot about making an embarrassment out of himself but perhaps that is Samantha's goal all along. Whatever Samantha wants, Samantha gets... This 5,468 word story is exclusive to patrons pledging $10 or more. My writing is only able to continue at the quantity and quality is thanks to all my patrons who support me and allow me to justify the time spent writing. Without their support I would be forced to write a lot less (maybe stop) to get a job. I am able to contribute to household bills and make my National Insurance contributions thanks to the very generous supporters. If you would like to support my writing and get early access to stories plus exclusive stories, art and more then please consider pledging to me https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- The following passage is a part of one of many exclusive Patreon stories. --- The journey to the mall was relatively uneventful but didn’t last nearly long enough for Tommy who never wanted to get out of the car. As Samantha pulled the car into a parking space Tommy looked out the side windows to see the dozens of people wandering around, he gulped and turned to speak to his wife but she had already stepped out. Tommy felt a churning in his gut as he opened his door and stepped outside. “First I need to go to the hardware store.” Samantha said from in front of Tommy as the two of them walked towards the mall entrance, “Brad wants a new screwdriver. Then I need to buy some clothes and…” Tommy stopped listening as he tried to very carefully pat his waist and make sure he was well hidden. He mindlessly walked forwards and into the huge building taking extra care not to brush into anyone. He was feeling exceptionally paranoid that people knew he was diapered like a big baby. As Samantha scanned the map just inside the entrance Tommy felt a small cramp pass through his intestines. It took him a second to register what had even happened and he found himself wondering whether it was just nerves or something else. When a second cramp hit he knew exactly what was going to happen. Tommy should’ve known that he would need his daily bowel movement soon. He hadn’t used his diaper that morning and it was going to happen sooner or later, it was inevitable. From the way his gut was feeling it wouldn’t be long until he had a very pressing need. “Come on…” Tommy whined loudly to Samantha, “Let’s get what you need and go!” “Hold your horses, mister.” Samantha said with raised eyebrows. “Sorry, it’s just…” Tommy looked around and didn’t want to say why he was in such a rush. “Just remember that just because we are in public doesn’t mean I’m afraid to spank you.” Samantha warned, “You know you aren’t to talk back to me.” Tommy gulped and nodded his head quickly. He didn’t want any more humiliation, he just wanted to hurry through all this as fast as he possibly could. He waited for Samantha to move and then followed her silently praying for her to move as fast as possible. Maybe if they were quick enough he could at least get to the car and have a little privacy before he pooped his pants. It felt like an age had passed before they were even able to reach the first store and by now Tommy was in no doubt of his need to use the bathroom. He followed Samantha around the store like a puppy on a leash and tried to ignore the growing bathroom need. Even when the two of them left the store it was only to go further into the mall, it felt like every step was one that took Tommy further from safety. If Tommy thought the hardware store was bad he found the next part of the shopping much worse. Samantha seemed in no rush to get what she wanted and she stopped plenty of times to browse things that Tommy thought she had no intention of buying. Tommy’s insides were churning with a combination of worry and desperation. Every now and then he would feel a pang of needing to release and he would have to fight it off as much as he could. He had to stop himself from doing what he did at home very easily and that was to just let everything go into his diaper. When Tommy looked around and saw other people shopping normally he felt the need to redouble his efforts. He didn’t want to inconvenience everyone but it wasn’t easy when the need to poop was so great. Tommy was getting to the point where he couldn’t hide his desperate need for the bathroom. He had been lagging behind his wife a little bit but now he stepped over and tapped her on the shoulder, he felt like a child about to talk to his mommy. “What is it?” Samantha asked with notable annoyance, “And do you think Brad would like seeing me in these?” “I need the bathroom.” Tommy said quickly and quietly. He was keen not to be overheard in the quiet store. “You’ve got your diaper on.” Samantha replied as if she didn’t understand her husband’s concern, “What’s the problem?” “I need to go…” Tommy looked around to make sure no one was nearby, “Number two.” Samantha’s face didn’t change as Tommy revealed the terrible secret. Tommy began to wonder if she had even heard him, he wondered if he should repeat himself. “That’s never been a problem for your diaper before.” Samantha shrugged. Tommy was shocked as he watched her turn back to the clothes without another word. Samantha had basically just told him to poop himself and acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world for her to suggest. His shock turned to confusion and then finally anger as he wondered just how low his wife thought he would sink. He hadn’t messed himself outside the house before and he had no want to start now. “I’m not going to do that in public.” Tommy hissed. He was showing bravery he didn’t always have when talking to his significant other. “Then don’t.” Samantha said with more than a little exasperation, “Wait till we get back home.” “But…” Tommy stopped himself before saying just how desperate he was. He had already pushed his luck with how much he had talked back to his wife and she was clearly not interested in continuing the conversation as she walked away from him and continued browsing.
  8. Elfy

    The New Normal

    James has to face up to the terrifying prospect of going back to college whilst still in turmoil over his recent accidents. He can only hope that his worst fears are unfounded and that he can make it through like any other normal day. --- This update, like all updates to my stories, has been available on Patreon for one week. It is only thanks to the generosity of patrons that I'm able to post as often as I do. For $5 a month you can see all my public stories in one place as well as getting early access to them, for $10 a month you can get the early access PLUS exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards on my Patreon page and I invite everyone to check it out, all support means a heck of a lot to me https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I would like to give a big thank you to all of my patrons without whose support I wouldn't be able to do this: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Mikael B, Whatsnot, Ali T, Sebastian, Camilo H, Jason M, Jon S, Kinky ddlg, Seamus B, Jeffrey G, Adam Y, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Robert D A, Tim, Phantom Sonic, Kristoffer M B, Vivi L, Sith, Mike S, Dr J, Paul F, John D, Archibald B, Bojack D, John, Georgia C, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Tabbi, Anon, Kent J, Brandon G, P74_1986, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Matthew S, Fernando L, Miguel A, Cole S, Bask25456, Jukebox, Miss X, David L, Phantomsmkr528, PF, MagmaLord, Diapering Daddy, Pierry L, Trish C, Curiosity24, Peter C, VoidofContext, ReiofLight, James K, Lin J, Joe V, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Eric D, Bruce D, Tim, Alice W, SB1275, John Z, BuffaloBill, Findlay, Rob, Bob S, Nathan, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben R, Ben F, Steven H --- James woke up on Monday morning with butterflies in his stomach. He hadn’t had much sleep the night before and when he sat up with his diaper crinkling beneath him the day ahead of him was already at the front of his mind. He turned off his alarm ten minutes before it was due to go off and he looked across the room at the curtained window. He felt as if he was waiting to be called to the gallows. It took James a while to work up the courage to get out of bed. He wandered around his room and slowly got dressed, his bag was already packed from the night before but he added a second spare diaper just in case. James prayed that he wouldn’t need either of them because he didn’t think he could hide a full diaper change. “James?” James’ father was calling from downstairs, “You’re going to be late!” James checked his phone to see that he was pushing this to the wire. He had woken up early but his desire to stay hidden in his room had meant he had been slow in getting ready. His drive to college wasn’t too long but the traffic could be horrendous. With nothing else to cause him to delay his trip James scooped his bag on to his back and left his bedroom. He wanted to stop by the bathroom on the way out but he found the door closed, he only wanted to pee but he could hear the shower running and knew he didn’t have time to wait. James walked down the stairs and as he sat on the bottom steps to put his shoes on he remembered his day in the park when he had wet himself. He had discovered that wetting himself like that wasn’t too bad and was certainly preferable to the bladder pain of holding it. When James had finished tying his shoes he stood up and took a deep breath. After a few seconds where it felt like he was on the verge of wetting himself he felt urine start pouring out of him like a leaky hosepipe. “Everything alright, James?” Cathy was walking down the stairs in a dressing gown with obviously wet hair. James leaned against the wall to let his mother pass whilst continuing to wet himself. He looked up and saw that the bathroom was now free. James rolled his eyes, as soon as he had let go in his diaper the option of using the toilet opened up. There was little time to worry about that though, James smiled at his mom as the wetting ended and then turned to the front door. He could feel the warm swollen padding rubbing against his thighs as he stepped out into the hot sun. James tried to ignore the wet diaper he was wearing or act like it was a normal thing to be doing but it was really hard when every movement moved the padding and pressed the soaked front of the diaper into James’ crotch. The drive wasn’t too bad but he was very distracted by what was underneath his pants and thoughts about being caught wearing it at college. He wasn’t sure exactly how obvious it was but he felt like there was a neon sign above his head advertising his underwear to everyone. It was strange how quickly James adjusted to the wet diaper. After a few minutes he had basically forgotten that it was soggy, his mind was filled with the fears of reaching university. Having a wet diaper wasn’t too bad, as long as he could avoid messing himself he knew he would be fine. Paranoia coursed through James’ body as he pulled into his parking space and stepped out of the car. He had some people waving at him and calling his name, as quarterback of the football team he was a well-known face around the school. Normally James had no problem with being recognised but today he just wished he could melt into the background. James awkwardly pulled his bag out of the car and then flattened his shirt down. He had to make sure no one found out about the diapers, he knew that if they did he would never be forgotten. He pictured himself standing in the middle of the football field and hearing the roaring crowds in the stands chanting “Diaper boy!” at him. James only had a couple of classes today and his first lecture was due to start in just a few minutes. He would need to hurry to not be late. Around him were a few other late arrivals who were sprinting into the college with their bags. Walking quickly down the halls was a good experience. James didn’t need to worry about his diapers being discovered because in the noisy halls because there was so much going on, he started feeling comfortable about what he was doing as he joined the bustling throngs of people heading to their classes. James was studying History and the lecture he was heading to was on the history of South America. It wasn’t something he had a huge amount of interest in but it was a necessary unit and he had to keep his grades up. When he turned the corner at the end of the corridor to see the hallway was empty he felt his stomach do a flip, it meant he was late and everyone was already in the lecture. Placing his ear against the door James could hear the professor already talking. James bit his bottom lip and slowly pushed open the door, he saw the huge crowd of people turn to face him as he slowly crept into the now silent room. He mouthed an apology to the teacher who nodded their head, the old man wasn’t a harsh disciplinarian. In some classes the professor locked the door as he started the lecture, this teacher was a lot more lenient. James walked across the open area in front of the lecturer and winced. In the silence of the room his crinkling seemed to echo everywhere, James didn’t know whether he was just imagining it or he actually was extremely obvious. The nearest seat was halfway up the steps with students on either side. James was acutely aware of the noise his crotch was making as he took each step and the extra attention he was giving his walking just seemed to make him waddle even more. He was very grateful to sit down and see people stop looking at him. James tried to see whether anyone had worked out his secret but everything seemed normal. The lecture wasn’t very interesting but James did his best to pay attention and write his notes. It was another in a long line of hot days and he was very glad he had brought water to the lecture with him, by halfway through the two hour timeslot his bottle was empty. James was pleased and increasingly relaxed as time went on. It didn’t seem like anyone knew about his padded crotch and that meant he could calm down a little bit and focus more on the lecture. With fifteen minutes of the lecture remaining James started to feel the effects of the water he had been drinking. He was feeling quite bored by the lesson and was laying his head on his arms when he felt the familiar feeling of needing to urinate. It shouldn’t be a problem for James though since he should be able to hold it, there was only fifteen minutes until the end of the class after all. Maybe it was a psychological thing but with his diaper already wet James found a part of him just thinking he should let go into the diaper, it was what it was there for after all. James shook the thought from his mind, he wasn’t some child who was poorly potty trained, he was a man and he would hold everything until he got to the bathroom after class. “It was when the Brazilians expelled the Portuguese that…” The lecturer droned on and on from the platform. Half the students around the room seemed to be asleep and the other half were furiously taking notes. James couldn’t take his eyes off the clock above the teacher which seemed to be ticking much slower than normal. A couple of times James was almost certain the clock was ticking backwards, he found himself increasingly of the opinion that he should stand up and leave but he didn’t want to disturb the lecture again. He imagined being asked where he was going and having to tell the lecturer he needed the bathroom and couldn’t wait just a few more minutes. “Of course the economy was built on sugar farming and slavery but…” The lecturer continued completely oblivious to how uncomfortable one of his students was feeling. James started to feel very uncomfortable and was moving around on his seat much to the annoyance of the students around him. He was getting more and more looks from those sitting near him and that was the last thing he wanted. He was already going red in the face as he mouthed apologies to a young woman next to him when he accidentally elbowed her. Maybe despite the embarrassment of wetting himself he should just let go in the diaper before he annoyed anyone else. He had already abandoned listening to any of the lecture but he didn’t want to affect other people’s learning. James decided it would be the right thing to do so he put down his pen and sat up straight. He closed his eyes and tried to relax himself as he prepared for the warm flooding feeling. After half a minute he realised it was a lot harder to do this whilst sitting down. James tried to imagine he was standing in front of a urinal or sitting on a toilet but it was doing little to help and now his bladder was aching more than ever. “Come on…” James muttered to himself. The young lady sitting next to him looked at him weirdly. Lifting himself off his chair slightly and trying to relax James suddenly felt a small trickle of pee flow into the padding between his legs. He took a deep breath and held it, a couple of seconds later the small trickle turned into a stream and he was soon emptying his bladder into his diaper freely. James even sat back down in his seat because once the flow had started he found it a lot easier to continue. James wondered if the people around him knew what was happening. It seemed impossible that they would be able to notice the wetting but at the same time it felt like such an alien thing to be doing. As James sat in his own urine he found the spreading warmth to be somewhat relaxing. That old feeling of knowing the diaper was there to protect him made James happy as he flooded it. He let out a contented sigh as he picked up his pen again. Almost as soon as James had picked the pen up he felt as if a lightning bolt had struck his body and he dropped it again. The spreading warmth had travelled all around the incontinence underwear but now it seemed to be going further. The warmth on his crotch began spreading down his leg and he realised he had sprung a leak! The confidence in his diaper to hold his accidents evaporated on the spot as James realised his urine was now soaking into his pants. To his horror he could feel his thighs getting wet and the tickling of urine running down his leg felt awful. He had no time to wait, he had to forget everything and get out of here whilst he still had his dignity, he couldn’t hang around and wait for his secret to be discovered. James picked up his backpack and carelessly swept everything in front of him into it very roughly. Only as he was zipping it up did he realise that his spare diapers were visible. Furtive glances around seemed to confirm that some people may have seen the diapers, people were looking his way as he frantically zipped his bag up. Even now James could still feel urine on his leg. He didn’t dare look down and see the damage, he could feel a small puddle around his foot and he hoped no one would recognise it for what it was. Standing up and throwing his bag over his back, James hurriedly started walking down the stairs. He chanced a look downwards and despite his darkly coloured pants he could definitely see the remnants of the urine. Standing up only seemed to increase the flow as well, the battered diaper was waving a white flag and the troops from his bladder seemed to be conquering everything. “Oh my God…” Came an exclamation from somewhere behind James. He didn’t look around or break his pace. James walked a little more quickly and could hear mutterings from the people behind him. He hoped they didn’t recognise who he was and he did his best to hide his face, even the professor was looking at him strangely. With tears in his eyes James turned to the door and exited the lecture hall, as soon as he was in the main corridor he started running towards the bathroom. The wet feeling was quickly cooling and it was getting even more uncomfortable, he had to get out of here quickly. Fortunately the nearest bathroom wasn’t far away and James was able to hide in there just seconds after leaving the lecture hall. It still hadn’t fully sunk in what had happened but he was beginning to feel more and more panic flooding his system. He was breathing heavily as he checked each stall and saw, much to his relief, that he was alone in the men’s room. The stall furthest from the door was slightly larger than the others so James walked across the room and through the door. He locked it and took a deep breath as he tried to plan his next moves. He had to get home quickly, he wanted nothing more than his accepting family and bedroom. James could finally assess the damage done to his clothes as he looked down to see the darker wet streak of his urine on the inside of his leg. It was hard to say how visible it would’ve been to observers but to James it felt like it might as well have been neon green in colour. Perhaps even worse than the wet streak was the crescent shaped wet spots on James’ buttocks. He wondered how much urine he had left behind on his chair. Had that been what the girl was exclaiming about as he left? He dreaded to think what would happen if they knew who he was and knew he had left a puddle behind him. James took the time to take some toilet paper and wipe his eyes of the tears that were still threatening to overwhelm him. Taking some deep breaths to calm himself down James made sure the stall door was locked and then he lowered his wet pants. He stepped out of them and held them up for scrutiny. The right leg was soaked on the inside and the seat of the pants had two giant wet spots outlining his diaper. James cringed at the site and placed the pants on the hook on the door. James’ diaper was in a very sorry state indeed. The formally strong plastic outer shell now sagged and James could see some urine on the outside of the diaper. It reminded James of a unit of defeated soldiers coming back from war, it had once been proud and ready for the fight but was now beaten and desperate for peace. James reached for the first tape just as he heard students flooding into the halls. The lectures must be ending which meant he had to be quick, he knew he wasn’t going to go to his other class today but he didn’t want to be caught in this stall like this. Just as James peeled off the two top tapes of the four-taped padding he heard the door to the bathroom swing open and two males walk inside. James froze in place with his diaper only half on as they went to the urinals. They didn’t say a word to each other until they moved over to the sinks to wash their hands. “I’m glad that’s over.” Came a deep voice in front of James’ stall door. “I know, right?” The other person replied, “So damn boring.” “You see that guy run out at the end?” The first voice asked. “Yeah.” The other person chuckled, “What was up with that?” “Well, I thought he had a family emergency or something but according to my friend there was something on his seat after he left.” The first guy said. “Really? Like what?” The sound of running water was replaced by the very loud drying machines for a few seconds it was impossible for James to hear anything the two men were saying. “… I didn’t believe it either.” The first guy said as he finished the sentence hidden by the loud noise. “So the guy pissed himself? Are you sure your friend isn’t playing tricks on you?” The second guy said as they walked towards the exit of the room. “I’m just repeating what he said.” Was the last part of the conversation James heard as the door swung shut. James didn’t move for a few seconds. He felt like a statue as he heard the voices and sounds of footsteps going by outside. James was so still it even felt like his heart had stopped beating as he slowly recovered from shock. He suddenly wanted to be at home and away from all these students even more than before, he pulled the tapes off his diaper and slowly lowered it away from his body. No one else came into the bathroom as James balled the soaked diaper up and placed it on the toilet seat. He looked down at his crotch and could see wetness all over it. James opened his bag and pulled out one of the spare diapers. He hated himself for needing to use it but he didn’t want to go commando in case he had another accident. James looked at the diaper and saw security, he saw safety and he saw that it had protect him. He couldn’t blame the used padding for leaking when he had wet it so much, he should have known these things would have a limit to what they could handle. James had put a pack of wipes in his bag and he was now happy to wipe off the remains of his accident. He wiped his crotch and then ran the wipes down the inside of his legs to do the best clean-up he could in such a tight space. When James unfolded the new diaper he had to think for a second about how he would put it on. There wasn’t enough room to lay down and he wouldn’t want to do it in this bathroom anyway. After a few minutes James placed the back of the diaper against the wall and leaned against it, he pulled the front of the diaper between his legs and up over his crotch. James taped it closed as tightly as he could but when he got off the wall he could see he had done a bad job, the tapes were lopsided and the diaper wasn’t as tight as it should be. James hadn’t brought a spare pair of pants so he stepped back into his wet ones. It felt horrible to pull the wet pants up around him but the only alternative was to go out in just his diaper and that was clearly not an option. Opening the stall door James quickly walked across the room and dropped the heavily used diaper into the trash can. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves and walked to the bathroom exit. James opened the door a crack and looked around, the hallway was deserted except for a few stragglers and the muffled sound of lectures echoed off the walls. Taking a deep breath James put his bag on to his back and stepped out into the hallway. He was very conscious of his drenched pants so he didn’t hang around at all, he started running towards the parking lot where his car offered him some sanctuary. It was at times like this he was glad he was fit from playing football, he covered the distance in very little time and didn’t seem to attract any extra attention. James turned on his ignition and drove out of the college car park. Thanks to him leaving early there was little traffic on the roads and James made the journey home quite quickly. When he had pulled up in his driveway he leant forwards and placed his head against the steering wheel. James let out a deep breath before turning the engine off and stepping out of the car. Taking his bag and walking towards the front door James kept his head bowed low, he was ashamed of everything that had happened that morning.
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    Rebecca's Revenge

    Rebecca shares what she has learned with her mother. Elizabeth confronts Tim about the incriminating evidence. --- This post has been available on my Patreon page for the last week where you can find all of my stories including ones that aren't posted anywhere else. For $5 a month you can see all my updates a week before everyone else and for $10 you can get access to exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available and you can look at the page if you are interested. 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Elizabeth was sat at the dining table in her dressing gown and eating some toast. “There was something I had to do.” Rebecca replied cryptically as she took her shoes off and walked into the house. “Something so important you left your used pull-up on the floor of your room?” Elizabeth raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips, “And you didn’t even leave a note.” “I was in a hurry…” Rebecca replied quietly as she blushed red. Elizabeth took a bite of her toast and looked at the newspaper in front of her on the table. She quietly turned the page as she scanned all the latest news and developments. Rebecca hadn’t thought about how to bring the subject up but she walked into the dining room and sat in the chair opposite her mother. “I don’t know how to tell you this…” Rebecca said as she pulled out her phone. The video she had filmed was still open and waiting to be played. “Try starting at the start.” Elizabeth replied without looking up. She smiled at her own little joke. “Just watch this.” Rebecca said as she slid her phone across the table so that it stopped in the middle of the newspaper. “What is it?” Elizabeth asked with a frown. “Just watch.” Rebecca repeated as she sat back in her chair and watched her mom’s reactions. Elizabeth pressed the play button and Rebecca watched as the short clip played. She heard Tim’s voice and then the woman shouting at him before the video cut off. For a minute there was silence until Elizabeth played it again. She was expressionless the whole time but Rebecca could feel an air of oppressive tension around the table. “You spied on Tim?” Elizabeth finally asked as she put the phone down, “You snuck out to spy on my boyfriend?” “What!?” Rebecca couldn’t believe that was what her mom was focusing on, “I mean… Yes, I did, but-” “No but’s!” Elizabeth interrupted, “I raised you better than that. You’re grounded!” “Grounded!?” Rebecca exclaimed, “But… Did you watch the video? Tim’s cheating on you!” “It might’ve been taken out of context.” Elizabeth replied casually, “And I’m keeping this. No phone for you for a week.” “Un-fucking-believable.” Rebecca muttered, “Whatever… I did everything I could. If you want that pig to break your heart then I’m not going to stand in your way.” Rebecca stood up quickly and her chair fell over behind her. She had tears in her eyes as she looked at her mother who would rather believe Tim over her own daughter. She turned away from the table and practically ran upstairs in tears. Once she reached her bedroom she loudly and violently slammed it shut. Rebecca paced up and down her room in a rage as she tried to think of what to do next. She considered running away but she was too smart to do something like that. She picked up some of her stuffed toys and angrily threw them against the wall, they bounced off harmlessly but it helped with her teenage rage. Rebecca’s PC was still turned on from the night before and she sat down at her desk and pulled up her instant messenger programme. She scanned the list of names and found the one that she needed to talk to. There was one friend who knew about Rebecca’s nocturnal issues and that was Piper. Despite all Rebecca’s fear Piper had always been there for her and when she had accidentally found out about Rebecca’s bedwetting she had been cool with the whole thing, she hadn’t told a soul about the pull-ups or anything. Rebecca would never forget the kindness of her best friend. “Hi.” Rebecca typed to her best friend. “Hey. You alright?” Piper replied almost instantly. “No. I’m grounded.” Rebecca replied. “What? Why?” Piper replied. “I found evidence of that bastard cheating on my mom and she still didn’t believe me.” Rebecca typed. She found that talking to her friend alleviated some of the pent up anger. “That’s lame.” Piper commiserated. “That’s only the tip of the ice berg.” Rebecca continued to vent as her fingers danced over the keyboard, “He saw us in the store yesterday when I was buying pull-ups and he laughed at me. He made fun of me.” “What an ass.” Piper said. She added an angry emote to her message, “It’s a shame you can’t make him know what it feels like.” Rebecca started writing her agreement when she stopped and deleted all of her prospective message. Maybe there was a way to make Tim feel her pain, she leaned back in her chair and looked out her window in deep thought. A couple of years ago Elizabeth had suffered some kidney stones which had left her unable to function for a couple of weeks. Rebecca distinctly remembered her getting medicine that was designed to stimulate the kidneys and bladder to force more urine through. This had caused the side-effect that she had been desperate for the bathroom quite often. Rebecca had discovered something about her mom at the time. With her mom in pain Rebecca had dashed up and into the master bedroom to find her medicine, she had opened the drawers next to the bed and found a packet of adult diapers. She had ignored the underwear, found the medication and took it down to her mom. She assumed that Elizabeth’s medicine that made her pass a lot of urine quickly could make it somewhat hard to control. She had never mentioned it to anyone. “I have to go.” Rebecca typed quickly, “I’ve got an idea.” Rebecca signed off from her instant messenger before Piper could reply and she ran through the idea in her head. She knew she would be taking a risk but she couldn’t sit around and watch as Tim forced himself on the family, she couldn’t watch her mom get heartbroken again. Walking over and opening her bedroom door Rebecca leaned over the railings on the landing. She listened for any sounds of movement and heard some banging of utensils in the kitchen. Elizabeth must be washing up or something. Seizing her opportunity Rebecca walked quickly down the landing to her mom’s bedroom door. She pushed it open to see the double bed that dominated the room, the window overlooking the street was on the far wall whilst a large closet stood near the foot of the bed. A desk next to the closet had a small television on it as well as a lot of make-up. Rebecca’s target was the set of drawers closest to her. She hurried into the room and barely dared to breathe, if she was caught doing this it would be almost impossible to explain. The top drawer contained Rebecca’s mom’s underwear. The teenage girl cringed as she looked at the stuff her mom wore and quickly closed the drawer again. The second drawer was where her mom kept the various bits of mostly useless stuff she had accumulated. Things like old batteries and safety pins, things that were never used but might be useful one day. Opening the third drawer down brought Rebecca face-to-face with the adult diapers she had found the last time she had been looking through these drawers. The packet was still half full and the large diapers were still folded up and awaiting use. Rebecca wanted to pull one of the disposables out to examine it but as she reached a hand forwards she suddenly heard footsteps approaching the stairs. Quickly closing the drawer and opening the bottom one, Rebecca finally found what she was looking for. The drawer was full of medicine but the teenager immediately saw the bottle of dissolvable pills she was looking for. She grabbed the large plastic bottle and slipped it into her pocket before closing the drawer and hurrying out of the bedroom. She closed the door slowly and had just made it back to her bedroom when her mother appeared at the top of the stairs. Elizabeth said nothing as she walked past Rebecca’s open door and towards her own bedroom. Rebecca let out a deep sigh of relief. She stopped acting casually and closed her bedroom door again. She pulled her mother’s pills out of her pocket and looked at the label. It was certainly the correct medication and it was still in date. An evil smile crept across Rebecca’s face as her plan formed in her mind. All she had to do was wait, revenge would be coming soon. --- Tim walked up the path to Elizabeth’s front door and rang the doorbell. After his busy night he had slept in after the woman he had brought home left. It was already mid-afternoon when he had arrived. “Hello!” The door opened and Tim smiled as he greeted Elizabeth. “Hello Tim.” Elizabeth replied. Unlike the man at her door she wasn’t smiling, she was in fact feeling a lot more serious. She couldn’t shake what she had seen earlier no matter how much she told herself there must be an innocent explanation. Tim walked into the house and took his shoes off. He could already smell dinner cooking and it seemed delicious, it made a nice change from the microwavable meals Tim spent most of his time eating. The house was relatively silent as well, the television was turned off and there was no sound of music from upstairs like their usually was, Tim hoped that meant Rebecca was somewhere else. “So, what’s for dinner?” Tim asked as he rubbed his belly, “I’m telling you. When we move in together you will have to quit your job, your talents in the kitchen are too good to waste!” “Can we talk?” Elizabeth ignored the faintly misogynistic statement as she made the decision to confront her boyfriend head on, “In the dining room?” “Sure.” Tim replied. Tim watched as Elizabeth brushed past him without even looking him in the eye. He suddenly wondered if something was wrong, he checked his breath and how he was dressed but couldn’t see or smell anything wrong. Was there something he said he would do that he had forgotten about? Tim sat down at the table opposite Elizabeth who was biting her bottom lip and staring at the wooden table top in a determined silence. For a second no one said anything or moved a muscle, Tim waited for Elizabeth to get on with it. He hated the way women could beat around the bush like this, he always liked to get to the point. “Look at this…” Elizabeth said as she pulled Rebecca’s phone out of her pocket. “What am I looking at?” Tim asked, “You want me to buy your daughter a new phone?” “Just watch it.” Elizabeth said as she pressed play on the video that she had watched over and over again since that morning. Tim pulled the phone towards him and looked down at the screen. He frowned as he saw all the leaves of the bush covering the screen. “What is this?” Tim asked in confusion, “Is that… Is that my appar-” Tim stopped talking as he saw the woman he had kicked out suddenly appear. The phone was held up and poked between the twigs of the bush to show the woman and Tim himself. He suddenly felt his mouth go dry as he relived the conversation from earlier. The video eventually stopped and turned to a black screen, Tim stared at the screen as he slowly lowered the handset to the table. “What the hell was that!?” Tim exclaimed as he pointed at the phone. “You tell me.” Elizabeth replied, “What was going on?” Tim looked down at the phone again. His face was going red from a mixture of anger and embarrassment at having been caught out, he was always the one doing the interrogating and he didn’t like that the tables had turned. “Would you believe me if I told you she was just a friend?” Tim asked with a shrug. “Just give me the truth.” Elizabeth demanded, “Everyone makes mistakes. I need you to own up to it.” “Alright…” Tim took a deep breath and thought about how to frame what had happened in the best possible light for himself, “I admit it. I went out last night and picked up a girl.” Tim watched Elizabeth look down at the table in disappointment. It was clear she was hurt by the news even if she had been expecting it. Tim felt bad, not for hurting her feelings but because he was getting in trouble for doing something he felt all men should be doing. “Why would you do that?” Elizabeth asked with shimmering eyes, “I thought you loved me.” “I… I do love you!” Tim replied, “But… Look, I know my opinion isn’t popular but I think it’s a man’s right to sleep with other women if he isn’t married or engaged or anything like that.” “That’s… That’s…” Elizabeth was rather speechless. She knew Tim could be an asshole but she never suspected he could do this to her, she was certain she meant more to Tim than some random woman he picked up for a one night stand. “I know we are long term but since we aren’t living together or…” Tim started to say as he continued to try to justify the unjustifiable. “Let’s change that then.” Elizabeth suddenly said. Her face had broken into a smile and sat upright to look Tim in the eyes. “What do you mean?” Tim asked with a frown. “Move in with me and Rebecca.” Elizabeth said excitedly, “Right now.” “Are you crazy?” Tim asked in shock. “Maybe.” Elizabeth let out a little giggle, “But if you are serious about me let’s stop the playing around and have you move in. It makes sense financially, you can sell that old apartment of yours and we can be a proper family.” “I… I…” Tim tried to think of what to say. He hadn’t really seriously thought about moving in before but he now had to make a snap decision on the idea. Tim considered the pros and cons about moving in with Elizabeth. He did seriously have strong feelings for the woman across the table from him but whether he was ready to give up all other women for her was another matter entirely. Tim considered the money he would save from living with these two women. He could sell his apartment or rent it out and make even more money whilst cutting all his bills to zero. Financially it made all the sense in the world and that was a powerful draw for him, he loved money and he would be able to save tons of it like this. Besides, if it didn’t work out he could just move back out and go back to his current lifestyle. Tim looked Elizabeth in the eyes and he could definitely feel a connection. He didn’t know whether he loved her enough to last the rest of his life but he knew he couldn’t let her go. “OK.” Tim eventually said, “Let’s do it.” “Wonderful!” Elizabeth jumped out of her seat and hugged her new live-in boyfriend, “We’ll tell Rebecca the news at dinner and you can start moving your stuff on Monday!” “T-That soon?” Tim was rather taken aback at Elizabeth’s enthusiasm. “Why not?” Elizabeth replied, “We already have most things you will need right here.” “Sure…” Tim said. As Elizabeth hugged Tim and excitedly bounced up and down he was left looking over her shoulder and wondering if he had really made the correct decision.