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      It's not you, it's the software. It happens to everyone and you have to refresh to continue posting.

  2. Subliminal Baby 3

    Before reading this it is strongly recommended that you read both: Subliminal Baby: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/54377-subliminal-baby/ Subliminal Baby 2: Steven's Regression: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/55332-subliminal-baby-2-stevens-regression-finished/ --- This has been available on my Patreon for the past week and for a pledge of $5 a month you can see all my public stories posted one week before the rest of the world. For $10 there are exclusive stories as well! For more information on different tiers and rewards please visit: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- A big thank you to all of my patrons who support me and allow me to write as often as I do: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, Sophie S, Jack O, Joshua M, Neshon C, Txdiapered, Kimberley S, P74_1986, Chris, Dre, Alejandro S, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, C Dom, Persi S, Ceneroz, Rob, Drew J, Kyle L, Darrell, Jack C, S Millard, Cheryl C, Carlota C, Alex W, Ron M, Tsidt, Britnee L, Trenton M, Geoffrey J, Robert J, Chris, Cole T, J Land, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Jerry J, Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, John D, Daniel W, LuvsSissy, Epsilon89, Paul O, Cole S, Cole, Art M, Guilyn, Erik P, Bojack D, Shihouin10, Scott S, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, A Random Patreon, Eric C, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent J --- Steven has discovered a secret about his brother and now finds himself stuck in his crib. When Vanessa comes home will Steven be able to hide the truth? Does he want to hide the truth? If the truth comes out, what will be the fate of Ritchie? This is the penultimate update in the Subliminal Baby story! --- This was so unfair! Steven hadn’t intentionally caught his brother having an affair, it was an accident. He didn’t deserve to be left in this horrible state and he was very angry that Ritchie would do this to him. He had half a mind to rip his diaper off in protest but it was obviously only going to make things worse. Hours passed and the diaper was unbearable. Steven could barely smell the horrid odour by this point, his nose had got used to the air, but he knew it must be terrible. The window wasn’t even open, the room must have been toxic. Steven was sure he was going to get a rash and tear tracks ran down his cheeks from the salty tears that he had cried intermittently. There had been no sign of Ritchie, from the moment the door had closed that morning Steven had been left alone. Steven couldn’t be sure that Ritchie was even still in the apartment, the noise of the television in the living room stopped any other sounds from outside the nursery coming in. It was unbearable and Steven was unable to get any kind of respite. He couldn’t sleep, he could barely move, all he wanted to do was rip the messy diaper off himself and yet he couldn’t even do that without making the situation worse. Just when Steven felt like he was reaching the end of his tether after hours in these inhumane conditions the door to the bedroom finally opened. “Oh God… It smells like something died in here.” It was a woman’s voice. It was Linda’s voice. Steven had never been so happy to hear Linda. He quickly rushed to the bars of his baby bed and looked out. He saw Linda walk in holding her nose and looking utterly disgusted. “I’m not dealing with this.” Linda said when she saw Steven, “Ritchie! You’re brother needs a change.” Steven could hear the television get turned down drastically and then the sounds of footsteps towards the nursery room. “Sorry, honey.” Ritchie said, “I didn’t realise he needed it.” Steven knew that was a lie. He didn’t say anything but he glared at his brother with annoyance as Ritchie stepped over to the crib and lowered the side. Ritchie had this smirk on his face that made Steven want to punch him, especially after the pain he had put him through with this messy diaper. Ritchie didn’t want to touch his younger brother. He stood back as Steven awkwardly waddled across to the changing table. He could feel Ritchie and Linda’s eyes on him as he lifted himself on to the table. Ritchie’s hand pushing into his messy padding was absolutely unwelcome. “How could you let him get like that?” Linda asked Ritchie. Steven knew Linda was not overly concerned with his well-being but since she was spraying air freshener throughout the room he assumed she was worried about the smell. “I must have had the television on too loud.” Ritchie shrugged, “I didn’t hear him.” As the front of Steven’s wrecked diaper was lowered and Ritchie visibly winced at what he saw Steven balled his hands into fists knowing that he had been deliberately ignored for hours. He was having to bite his tongue. “You didn’t check on him at all?” Linda asked incredulously. Despite her negative feelings for Steven she could hardly believe her husband would be so careless. “What can I say?” Ritchie said with a shrug as he began wiping Steven’s poop covered diaper area, “I must have forgotten…” “Maybe you were distracted with Vanessa…” Steven muttered just loud enough for Linda to hear. He almost immediately regretted speaking when he saw Ritchie’s face. “Vanessa?” Linda asked. Steven could hear that her voice had completely changed, it was full of shock and hurt, “She was here?” “Linda…” Ritchie pulled the used diaper away and looked up at his wife. Steven noticed the colour had drained from his face a little. “What was she doing here?” Linda demanded, “You know how I feel about her…” “It was nothing.” Ritchie said as he unfolded a new diaper haphazardly. He was barely even looking down at Steven. “Was it nothing?” Linda asked. “I told yo-” Ritchie began. “I’m talking to your brother.” Linda interrupted. She walked forward so that Steven, exposed and naked on his back, on the table, could see her. Steven looked from Linda’s face which was still showing the shock she felt to Ritchie’s pale face with wide eyes. Steven considered what had happened earlier, he had definitely walked in on his brother having an affair and he was still incredibly angry at being left in such a bad state all day. “What did you see?” Linda asked gently. Her eyes shimmered with tears as if she already knew the answer. “They were…” Steven paused as he tried to find the right words, “They were having sex.” Linda nodded her head and a tear fell down her cheek. Steven felt terrible for being the bearer of bad news, even to someone who he knew didn’t like him. Steven felt very vulnerable in his current position and he wanted nothing more than to just run and hide. “You little shit!” Ritchie yelled. He grabbed Steven’s arm causing the younger brother to yelp and wince. Ritchie had balled his other hand into a fist and looked like he was about to knock Steven’s head off. “Stop!” Linda shouted. She grabbed Ritchie’s hand to stop any violence, “We can talk about this later. Go into the living room and watch television.” “Linda, I’m-” Ritchie started. “Just go.” Linda forced a smile even as she wiped a tear away, “We will talk about it later.” Ritchie looked very uneasy. He had expected Linda to be very angry, maybe even to demand a divorce on the spot, but she just gave an awkward smile and waited for Ritchie to leave the room. Ritchie nodded slightly and slowly walked out of the nursery. He closed the door behind him leaving Steven and Linda alone. He walked over and turned on the television as he put his head in his hands. How could he have been so stupid? It was always going to be too dangerous to bring Vanessa here when Steven was staying over. Steven winced as Linda began to tape a new diaper on him. She wasn’t hurting him but he knew how she felt and he was nervous around her, especially when she was so clearly hurt. “Are you telling the truth?” Linda asked as she placed the last tape on Steven’s padding. “Yes.” Steven said simply. “Swear to me.” Linda continued, “This is absolutely serious. Swear to me that you aren’t lying just to hurt your brother and me.” “I swear.” Steven replied seriously, “They were in your bedroom together and they were naked. Ritchie was behind Vanessa an-” “OK… OK… I get it.” Linda said. She held up her hand to cut Steven off and closed her eyes. After a moment Linda helped Steven off the changing table and on to the floor. Steven was glad to be somewhat covered again although he was left disappointed when Linda didn’t grab any clothes to cover his diaper. It was embarrassing being exposed in such a way even in front of people who knew what was going on. Steven toddled out into the living room where he found Ritchie anxiously pacing in front of the television. He sneered at Steven when he saw his younger brother but his face softened when Linda followed him out of the bedroom. “Linda, please… Let me explain.” Ritchie said when he saw his wife. “No. Not now.” Linda replied, “I’m going to make dinner. We will talk about this tonight when the little one is put to bed.” “But…” Ritchie trailed off as Linda ignored him and walked towards the kitchen. “Oh one more thing…” Linda said before disappearing through the door, “If you touch your little brother we won’t be talking at all. You’ll be straight out of that door.” Steven smiled. Maybe Linda was softening up to him, maybe she was finally forgiving him. “Don’t think I like you.” Linda said to the Steven causing his smile to evaporate, “I just promised your mom I would return you in one piece.” --- To say that dinner was awkward would be a huge understatement as the three of them sat down in silence and ate Linda’s delicious cooking. Steven wished he could just leave and let the two grown-ups sort out their marriage problems but he was stuck in the middle of them. He had to sit there, naked except for his already damp diaper, and eat in silence. At one point Steven coughed and he received death stares from both his brother and his sister-in-law. He shrunk under their intense stares and looked down to his plate. He would have done anything to be back in his own crib at home. It seemed like the oppressive silence would go on forever and Steven certainly wasn’t going to be the one to break it. As a renewed stream of urine soaked into the padding between his legs, Steven had to suppress a giggle. The tickling liquid felt very pleasant against his skin, to Steven’s shame to felt himself getting excited in his diaper but he tried to ignore that and hoped it would go away. As Steven was finally finishing his meal he realised he was feeling a little sleepy. It hadn’t been that large of a meal and he didn’t feel like he should be tired already. Despite this, he couldn’t help but yawn deeply and as he looked over at Ritchie he saw his brother yawning in the same way. Ritchie had a confused look on his face and Steven was shocked when his brother slumped over. His face landed sideways in the mound of mashed potato that he had been working through. Steven frowned and looked at Linda expecting to see some concern, instead he was surprised to see Linda smiling at Ritchie. Steven frowned and found his eyelids drooping as well. “What’s… What’s happening?” Steven slurred as he rested his own head on the table in front of him. “Nighty night, baby.” Linda said simply as Steven’s eyes closed. That was the last thing Steven could remember as he fell into a deep unconsciousness. His body went limp and his mind went blank. --- “Wakey wakey!” Linda’s high pitched voice split the darkness as Steven heard the woman’s voice echoing in his ears. “Ugh…” Steven heard another voice break through the darkness that seemed to surround him. He recognised it as his brother, the voice was very close to him. The soft feeling underneath Steven let him know that he was on the mattress in the crib, it was most welcome and felt almost like a wonderful cloud that Steven was floating on. Steven forced his eyes open with difficulty and, as they slowly adjusted to the brightness of the room, he found a couple of very troubling and confusing things. Firstly, Linda was perched on top of the changing table at the other end of the room and smiling towards Steven in a very concerning way. The second worrying image was as Steven rolled over and saw his brother lying next to him. It took a moment for Steven’s brain to even process what he was seeing. Ritchie was in the crib with Steven and, like Steven, was naked except for a diaper. “Ritchie!?” Steven exclaimed as his senses returned, “What’s happening?” Ritchie slowly stirred from his slumber and immediately knew something was wrong. As his eyes quickly adjusted to the room he felt the diaper and the bars of the crib. A small smile appeared on his face until he saw Steven in the crib with him. His small smile suddenly turned to a look of horror and, like his brother, he stared through the bars to where his wife was sat and grinning at them both. “Welcome back to the world.” Linda said as she hopped off the table and stood in the middle of the room. “Linda? What the fuck!?” Ritchie immediately moved his hands to his diaper and made like he was about to rip it off in anger. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Linda said warningly, “If you want any hope of saving this marriage you will move your hands away from the padding right now.” Ritchie followed his wife’s request. He slowly moved his hands away from the diaper and he blushed deeply. Ritchie was having some horrible flashbacks to when he was in diapers involuntarily. To be in that situation again with his brother right next to him was humiliating. “I can see that we were too premature when we decided that you had fully grown up, Ritchie.” Linda said with a shrug, “You hurt me. You hurt me a lot.” “No…” Ritchie scrambled and pressed himself up to the bars. The puffy diaper between his legs crinkled in the now familiar way. Steven could see tears in his brother’s eyes. “Yes, baby.” Linda replied sternly, “You clearly can’t act like an adult but that’s OK. We just need to train you a little more. Now you two get a good night’s sleep. Those drugs won’t be out of your system yet.” Linda started walking towards the door to the landing. She paused very briefly when she stood in the doorway. “Oh, and you two better play nice.” Linda warned, “I have a webcam set up. No sound but I can see the pictures, if either of those diapers come off or you start fighting I can promise you’ll regret it.” “Linda!” Ritchie shouted. It was no use. Linda ignored her distressed husband and closed the door behind her. It left Steven and Ritchie alone in the quiet room, the crinkling of their diapers was practically the only sound echoing around the walls. Steven didn’t know what to say, he knew he was basically in a cage with someone who now hated him. He was worried of what Ritchie would do, even with a webcam watching. It was to Steven’s surprise that rather than angrily lashing out, Ritchie started crying softly. He looked around at the room, down at his diaper and then across to his brother with tears streaming down his face and with great shuddering sobs. Steven didn’t really know what to do and didn’t want to provoke any violence so he just stayed at the opposite end of the crib. He was still feeling tired, he assumed from the drugs, but didn’t want to lay back down whilst his brother was still awake. “I’m… I’m sorry.” Steven said softly, “I had no idea she would do this. I shouldn’t have said anything. I was just ang-” “Just… Don’t.” Ritchie said simply and sadly, “I’m doing my best not to knock you out cold. Don’t push your limits, you had better hope Linda is just teaching me a lesson and this will soon end.” Steven gulped and nodded his head. If Ritchie asked him to stay completely silent, Steven would do his best not to make a single sound. After an hour without anything happening, Steven laid down with his back to the wall and looking out into the room. His diaper was wet but that was hardly a surprise to anyone. Steven had been watching his brother who had been sitting quietly and staring at the door non-stop. He had barely moved a muscle the entire time and Steven didn’t dare disturb him, in fact every time Steven made even the smallest sound he winced. He expected his brother to pounce on him at any moment. As the sun set, Steven found himself getting sleepy and eventually he just couldn’t keep his eyes open. Maybe the drugs were still affecting him as well but he quickly found himself feeling so tired that keeping his eyes open became a huge task. Even Ritchie was yawning with increasing regularity. At some point that evening Steven’s eyes closed and didn’t open again. He fell into a very deep sleep with his last images being of Ritchie who was sat at the bars still although seemed to be slumped against them.
  3. Tight feeling in chest... Slightly high blood pressure...

    Either I'm very anxious or about to have a heart attack.

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      Well, I hope it was anxiety.

  4. I just want to be clear this wasn't just about trying to drive up more business! Something I only noticed as I wrote it all down is that I think the reason I desire positive reinforcement so much is that my friends all drifted away from me without me realising. It was only when I was sitting in the common room one day that I realised I'd been abandoned and left behind. I think if you couple this to one of my closest friends since I was a toddler stopping talking to me when it was revealed I was going out with a transgender person and I worry that without positive comments I get scared people are drifting away form me again. I often come off as needy because of it and maybe I am. Thanks for the comments
  5. Steve is a lonely truck driver with interesting and twisted tastes. Anthony is a lonely and isolated young man looking for companionship. Friend Finder is an app that brings people together. When these three elements are thrown together the result is a sinister and dark 7,000 word story of domination and subjugation. --- This is an excerpt from the 9,000 word story now available exclusively on Patreon to people pledging $10 and above. To read the whole story please visit my Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- “Alright?” Steve asked as he sidled up to one of the urinals. “Just waiting for a friend.” Anthony replied. His voice trembled slightly and it was clear he felt a little uneasy. “In a truck stop bathroom?” Steve asked as he urinated and looked up at the ceiling, “Funny place to meet someone.” “Yeah, well… This is where he wanted to meet.” Anthony replied naively. “Oh yeah?” Steve said, “One of those types of meetings is it? I’ve heard about what happens in these bathrooms.” “It isn’t like that.” Anthony said quickly, “We are just going out for a meal or something.” “In that case…” Steve muttered as he finished peeing and put himself away, “Maybe you can service me whilst you wait.” “What!?” Anthony’s face turned to shock and then disgust, “No offence but you aren’t my type.” Steve swaggered across the short space and leaned against the wall next to the Anthony. He leered down at the shorter man. He saw Anthony trying to back away and looking towards the door as if hoping for help. “Seriously dude.” Anthony’s voice was weak and shaky, “Back off. I’m not interested.” “That’s a shame.” Steve said with mock sadness, “I’m sure that mouth of yours can do some work.” “Fuck off!” Anthony shouted, “Get away from me you freak.” “Such language!” Steve said with fake shock, “You were much nicer on the Friend Finder app.” “On the…” Anthony looked confused but then it seemed to suddenly click together, “You’re Steve?” “In the flesh.” Steve replied. Steve watched Anthony squirm uncomfortably and he looked towards the door again. Anthony turned towards the exit and took a couple of steps as if to leave before Steve’s arm shot out and grabbed his arm. “We have a date.” Steve said as he pulled Anthony back next to him. “You lied to me. Fuck off and let me go home.” Anthony replied. His voice betrayed the fear he was feeling and Steve felt surges of pleasure at his young victim’s fright. “I’m afraid that isn’t an option.” Steve said as he held Anthony in place, “I can see that I’m going to have to teach you some manners.” “Steve, come on man.” Anthony’s voice took on the tone of pleading, “Just let me walk out of here and we can forget about this.” “Why would I want to forget about this?” Steve said menacingly, “And you should call me Daddy from now on.” “To hell with this.” Anthony said and he tried to start running for the door. Steve had anticipated this and he grabbed the younger man around the waist and tackled him into one of the cubicles walls. Anthony’s phone flew out of his hand and skidded across the grimy floor as the young man fell against the wall. He was so light and thin that Steve was able to push him around much easier than he had expected. With Anthony inside one of the cubicles Steve quickly grabbed his bag which was near the urinal still. He pulled out a baby’s pacifier which he had fashioned into a gag with an old belt that he had modified. Anthony was regaining his bearings when Steve turned to the cubicle again and he looked like a wild animal that was trapped into a corner. Anthony’s wide eyes looked at Steve as if the attacker was a bear. Anthony opened his mouth and took in a deep breath to scream but Steve leapt forward and punched him solidly in the belly. Instead of screaming for help Anthony doubled over and gasped for air. “You are making this much harder than it has to be.” Steve grunted. Despite his feelings of power he was starting to get worried that someone would come and investigate the commotion going on. As Anthony continued to gasp for breath, Steve shoved the pacifier into Anthony’s mouth and clipped the belt together around the back of the young man’s head. Steve fastened it tightly so that the pacifier was squeezed tightly to Anthony’s head and wouldn’t move. Steve could immediately tell that his victim couldn’t make nearly as much sound. Steve grabbed the still breathless Anthony and pulled him roughly to the floor. Steve could feel the young man squirming and he could see the tears in his terrified eyes. Steve was on top of him and holding the other man’s hands to the floor. Steve could feel the smaller man struggling but he couldn’t hope to overpower Steve who had no problem just sitting on Anthony’s chest and waiting for exhaustion to set in. “You are my baby now and I can sit here until you wear yourself out or you can just submit right now.” Steve growled, “It’s over. I’ve already won.” Anthony’s body shivered with sobs and slowly but surely the younger man’s resistance weakened until after a minute or so Steve felt comfortable in easing off the pressure. He started slowly lifting off Anthony but he kept his eyes on him. “Don’t try to run or fight.” Steve said slowly and clearly, “I won’t hesitate to take you down again.” Steve reached for his bag without taking his eyes off Anthony and pulled a large white rectangular object out of it. He watched Anthony’s eyes widen in shock as it dawned on the younger man that Steve was pulling out a diaper. Steve unfolded the diaper and laid it on the floor next to Anthony who was still motionless, Steve assumed Anthony must be in shock because he had expected a little more fight. Steve started unbuckling Anthony’s pants and it was as he did this that Anthony started squirming again. Steve reached forward and punched Anthony in the stomach again causing a muted yelp of pain. “I’ve warned you.” Steve growled, “Don’t make me hurt you.” Steve was able to pull down the young adult’s pants and underwear without much difficulty after the punch. He could tell Anthony was blushing even under the pacifier gag, Steve wasn’t too impressed with what Anthony had between his legs but that didn’t matter, he wasn’t interested in sex. Steve had a much bigger plan at play. Steve manoeuvred the diaper underneath Anthony’s butt and positioned it as best he could. He wanted to hurry up and get out of here because if anyone discovered what was going on it would be real bad news. Steve’s victim was still struggling a little but the wind had been knocked out of him and, apart from some light sobbing and pleading with his hands, Anthony had been subdued. Steve pulled the thick diaper up between Anthony’s legs to encase the man’s genitals. No time was wasted in taping the padding tightly closed. Steve hadn’t done a perfect job but in the circumstances he was very pleased with his diapering effort. Anthony was still sobbing and trying to talk but the latex bulb that filled his mouth made it impossible to be understood. Steve was pleased with how well he had silenced the young man, the next step was to make sure that Anthony couldn’t free himself or resist in other ways. “You’re being a good baby.” Steve growled as he reached for his bag again, “I’m going to need you to stay still for me. The easier you make this the easier it will be on you.” Anthony’s muffled grunts didn’t make any sense to Steve’s ears so he just smiled and nodded. He was intoxicated by the feelings of power that were already surging through him. Anthony’s questioning and scared eyes just pushed Steve to go even further. Most of the bag was taken up by one object and Steve now pulled it out. He could see Anthony trying to work out what it was but he seemed confused. The heavy white cloth had buckles and straps all over it and until Steve had sorted it out he knew Anthony couldn’t work out what he was looking at. “This is just to protect both of us in case you get any funny ideas about escape.” Steve growled as he finally sorted the jacket out. Anthony shook his head but didn’t dare move any more than that. He didn’t want to be hit again and even though he was extremely scared his self-preservation instincts told him that he wasn’t going to escape this bathroom. “This is a “Safety Restraint Garment” but you probably know it by its more popular name.” Steve said, “The strait jacket.” Steve reached forward to Anthony’s arms and pulled him into a sitting position. Anthony was crying and tear tracks were very visible on his otherwise handsome face. Without mercy, Steve roughly pushed Anthony’s arms through the holes of the straight jacket. As the thick white cloth pressed against Anthony his arms were forced to wrap around himself. The sleeves of the straight jacket were sewed to the clothing themselves and Anthony’s attempts to pull his arms away were thwarted by the restrictive clothing. Steve was able to belt the back of the jacket together with ease and when it was tightened he could see that Anthony had very little room to move the upper half of his body. He pulled at the arms and found them stuck fast. Steve smiled down at Anthony who was looking back up in fear with tears falling down his cheek. Steve reached down between Anthony’s legs and after a quick squeeze of the thick padding he reached back and pulled the crotch strap between the splayed legs and buckled it to the front. Steve adjusted the straps and watched as the tightening restraint pushed the diaper up into Anthony’s body. Steve only stopped when he saw Anthony wincing painfully. The ordeal wasn’t over though as Steve wanted to make sure that his captive had no chance for escape. He reached into his bag again and pulled out a roll of masking tape. Steve sat on Anthony’s chest causing him to make a pained whimper, he forced Anthony’s legs together and then started taping the younger man’s legs together. He must have used half of the roll before he was confident that escape had been rendered impossible. Steve stood up and walked over to the door. He peered carefully outside to check if the coast was clear. He could see his truck not far away and couldn’t see any other trucks in the area, he smiled at the silent and empty night. Everything was going exactly as he had planned. Turning back to the bathroom Steve saw his prey laying on his back still. He was wriggling around as if trying to loosen his restraints but everything was holding and all Anthony was doing was tiring himself out. Anthony’s face was red and his wide eyes stared at Steve in terror. “Don’t waste your energy.” Steve grunted, “You’re my baby now.” Continued on Patreon... --- https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88
  6. I'm not really sure what to say here so I might ramble... I don't think this is due to depression although I do know that I suffer from anxiety and depression. I've always had a problem with feeling like I'm good enough. I've never lived up to my potential... I breezed through school all the way up until my A-Levels. I never had to revise or work hard or anything, I was just really good at school, almost like a sponge I could absorb all the facts and then squeeze them out on tests. Then things changed in Sixth form... I became depressed. All of a sudden school work was no longer easy, it wasn't even just a little harder, it became incredibly difficult. I couldn't keep up and I scraped through with the lowest passes. To make things worse my already small circle of friends vanished. Some left school to work, some went to different colleges and the ones that stayed for sixth form basically went off to do their own thing, they made new friends and I didn't, I couldn't. I didn't know I was depressed until after I had left college. So college ended with me not having any close friends and just enough marks to get into university... That summer a lot of the people that had been close friends along with a bunch I knew as acquaintances went on a trip to Ibiza. I was never invited. That hurt. Anyway, I only say all this because I went from feeling great about myself to feeling terrible within the space of a year. The problem is when my grades dropped like a stone so did me self-worth, I lost what little motivation I had and was basically drifting. I managed to get a degree but by this point I was burnt out. I felt exhausted and useless. I didn't make any friends at university... I tried but when everyone got into groups together I was left alone. I spent my early twenties basically going nowhere... I had a degree that wasn't good enough to do anything with and the economy had collapsed so getting work was incredibly difficult. I eventually got a job working as a trainee electrician in a factory but that nearly ended me. I felt so much stress that I was in tears almost every day, I was so introverted by this point that I found it really hard to talk to anyone and found that a lot of the people would make fun of me when they thought I couldn't hear them. In the end I had a breakdown and if I hadn't met my wonderful fiancée I don't know if I would have made it. Now I write... I love writing and I think it is something I am very lucky to be quite good at. I take commissions and have a Patreon and all that good stuff. People tell me I'm a good writer, people pay me to write... But I still find myself asking... Am I good enough? Lately the question has been weighing heavily on me... Patreon money is down a little bit, commissions have been slow (although picked up a little in the last week or so) and my stories seem to get few comments any more. I try really hard but when I see things diminish a little bit I find it really hard to not question my abilities. I start second guessing what I write, how I write, etc... I hate that I need constant reassurance that people still like me but I have to ask... Am I good enough?
  7. Stork Industries

    Charlotte is fed and bathed as she is prepared for the next part of her life. What indignities will Charlotte have to suffer next and will she be able to stop the seemingly unstoppable Nanny? --- This has been available on my Patreon for the last week and for just a $5 pledge you can see every post I make one week before it goes public. I post once every four days and can only maintain that with the generous support of patrons. For a $10 pledge you can get early access plus exclusive stories that are only available to patrons. There are other tiers and rewards available on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to everyone who currently supports me and allows me to keep up the schedule I currently write to: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, Sophie S, Chris, Dre, Alejandro S, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Askthor er, C Dom, Persi S, Ceneroz, Rob, Drew J, Kyle L, Darrell, Jack C, S Millard, Cheryl C, Carlota C, Alex W, Ron M, Tsidt, Britnee L, Trenton M, Geoffrey J, Robert J, Chris, Cole T, J Land, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Jerry J, Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, John D, Daniel W, LuvsSissy, Epsilon89, Paul O, Kimberley S, Cole S, Cole, Art M, Guilyn, Erik P, Bojack D, Shihouin10, Scott S, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, A Random Patreon, Eric C, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent J --- “Feeding time.” Nanny said emotionlessly. Charlotte’s joy faded away and she let out some muffled sobs and saw the robot connect that same tube from where her breast would be to the pacifier attached to Charlotte’s head. Charlotte saw the same white liquid start flowing down the tube and began to fill up the bulb inside her mouth. Charlotte gave the teat a suck and squeezed it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She felt the milk squirt into her mouth and the bulb filled again. Charlotte repeated the procedure and kept on feeding from Nanny. The cool milk did taste nice and she would take any distraction from the television. By the time the milk stopped filling up the bulb Charlotte was groaning from her full belly. When the tube was pulled out of her pacifier she took a couple of deep breaths and let out a long involuntary burp. She prayed that she would be allowed out of the high chair but was left disappointed when the strange television was turned back on and Nanny left the room. Charlotte didn’t even get her diaper, now feeling cold and itchy, changed. It was another few hours, Charlotte had no way of knowing how long for sure, before the screen went black. She had spent the last several hours letting the programme wash over her and she just watched it tiredly. Twice more she wet her diaper and she knew that it wouldn’t take much more to cause it to leak, she was surprised it had taken as much punishment as it had. When Nanny walked into the room again Charlotte didn’t dare hope that this was the end of her time in front of the television. She could barely even remember when it had started, all she could see in her mind were those damn singing animals. Charlotte felt the straps that held her down get undone one by one and felt relief at being able to move again. Her aching muscles were thankful to be able to move again after so long locked in one position. As she slid forward off the chair she felt gravity pull her heavy diaper down and the tapes looked like they were struggling to hold on to Charlotte’s hips. Charlotte didn’t get to enjoy her freedom for long as no sooner had she found her feet than she found her being swept off them again. The heavy metal arm reached around her from the front and pushed the messy padding against the young woman’s behind. She barely reacted, she just hoped she was going to be taken out of this horrible diaper. With surprise, Charlotte realised the Nanny was carrying her out of the door which she had exited several times. The corridor had one door at the other end but Charlotte was carried through a door to the side. It wasn’t the freedom she hoped for, it was a bathroom. The bathroom was very simple. The room was lined completely by tiles, all of them white. There was no toilet in the room, there was just a large bathtub with shower attachments. To the side of the room there was a sink and mirror. When Charlotte caught a look at herself in the mirror she gasped at how ragged she looked. Nanny carried Charlotte to the large tub and stood her up in it. Charlotte found her legs were feeling rather weak after not moving for so long but she was happy when Nanny reached forward and pulled the tapes off the diaper. It fell to the bottom of the tub with a loud splat and Charlotte blushed as she looked at the mess she had made, the smell was awful. “Time to clean you up.” Nanny said as she leant down and balled the diaper up. The machine seemed unperturbed by the smell of Charlotte’s bowel movement. Charlotte shivered slightly as she stood naked in the tub. She wanted to fightback but she couldn’t make herself do it, she felt too vulnerable and scared. She was so different from the Charlotte that had boldly broken into this facility and she wondered if that was the point of everything that happened. Charlotte didn’t even know how long it had been. Was anyone looking for her? Did they think she had just taken a break? Charlotte wondered how long it would take for people to know she was missing. “Ah!” Charlotte was brought back to her present position when she felt a sudden blast of lukewarm water hit her. Charlotte felt the Nanny turn her this way and that as the water washed off the filth that was still stuck to her. She blushed extra hard when she was bent over and the Nanny spread her cheeks to wash her more thoroughly. She murmured complaints of being able to wash herself but these were predictably ignored. When the showerhead was turned off and replaced, Nanny started running the bath and sat Charlotte down in the tub that quickly started filling. “I can wash myself…” Charlotte said slightly louder. The empty room caused her voice to echo. “Let Nanny help to make sure the baby girl is clean.” Nanny replied dismissively. Charlotte scowled in the tub as the warm water and soap was liberally applied all over her body. The Nanny seemed totally uncaring about Charlotte’s sense of dignity as she felt the hands rubbing all over her body no matter how private the area. When the bathing was over, Charlotte was lifted out, towelled down and dried. She was prepared to head back to the main room when Nanny stood her in front of the mirror. She was confused and a little humiliated to be standing there completely naked as the Nanny started fiddling with her hair. The robot was seemingly combing Charlotte’s hair as if she were a doll. It was almost relaxing for the young woman to have her hair groomed like this. She closed her eyes and stopped worrying about what was happening, she just tried to take a moment to relax. She thought back to her friends and family, the people she would see when she escaped. She would escape of course, there was no way this was the rest of her life. Charlotte remembered her favourite music and favourite TV shows, things she could look forward to. She smiled as she remembered one television show in particular. It was a show set in a small farm and it had these happy little animals who sing songs and… “No!” Charlotte’s eyes snapped open with her sudden outburst. That damn cartoon was infiltrating her mind. “But you look very pretty like this.” Nanny replied. Despite all it’s power and control it clearly had no idea what was going on in Charlotte’s mind. “Wha-” Charlotte was cut off almost as soon as she started when she looked in the mirror and saw Nanny holding up her hair. To be more precise, the Nanny held up two braided pigtails that came out of the side of her head. “I’m not a little girl!” Charlotte whined as that old fire of annoyance welled up inside her, “I’m an adult with a career…” “You are a baby girl.” Nanny interrupted. Charlotte was about to respond when she was turned around and then lifted up by the robot. The cold metal arms caused the woman to shiver a little as she carried back through to the nursery. Charlotte reached up to feel her new haircut as she was carried over to the changing table and laid down. She cringed at her own infantile appearance as she was placed on her back. As she watched Nanny reach for a new disposable diaper she felt like she should resist in some way, make a desperate break for freedom. Despite the desire for escape, the crushing hopelessness of Charlotte’s position meant she didn’t move. She didn’t resist as her legs were raised up and lowered, she didn’t resist when the front of the diaper was pulled up snuggly and taped closed and she didn’t resist when she was lowered off the table. Charlotte stood awkwardly as Nanny pulled a form off the shelf and placed it on the table. “Come here.” Nanny ordered. Charlotte sighed and stepped forward. She wasn’t happy but she knew that if she didn’t voluntarily step forward that she would be made to do so one way or another. She waddled forward in the fresh diaper unable to find any silver lining in complying with the order but the thought to resist was never a serious thought. As Charlotte walked over to the table on shaky legs she noticed her diaper seemed so much louder than before. She wondered whether it was just her imagination or if her newly changed diaper was just much more crinkly. It probably wasn’t helped that she was wearing no clothes over her diaper. Her modesty in this place was non-existent at this point. “Write your name.” Nanny commanded Charlotte. Charlotte was confused as she looked down at a blank piece of A4 paper with a pen next to it. Why did Nanny want her to write her name? With a small shrug of her shoulders, Charlotte picked up the pen and leaned over the table. She put the tip to the paper and then paused. “Whenever you are ready.” Nanny said as it looked down at the paper. Charlotte frowned as she tried to remember how to write. She couldn’t explain it, she could see the writing in her mind but she couldn’t make her hand write the letter. She felt panic rising in her body as she failed with this simple task. “What the hell!?” Charlotte yelled as she threw the pen on to the table, “What have you done to me?” “Please try again.” Was the only response Charlotte received. Charlotte took a deep breath as her heart hammered in her chest. She leaned down and picked the pen up again. She stuck her tongue out in concentration when she pressed the pen to the paper. “Come on…” Charlotte muttered herself as if she was trying to search for the answer to a particularly difficult exam question. Charlotte started moving the pen on the paper as best as she could and for a few seconds she felt relief wash over her as the pen danced across the paper. She smiled as she wrote her name, she wrote her surname just to show off. “Easy.” Charlotte said with a wide smile. She wasn’t sure why she was so pleased at being able to write her name but she felt pride swelling despite herself. Nanny looked down at the paper without response, it’s face as expressionless as it ever was and Charlotte waited for a few seconds to see what was next. It was only when Nanny remained unmoved that she looked down at the sheet herself. “Wha-… But…” Charlotte looked from the paper to the nanny and back in confusion. This didn’t make sense. Where Charlotte had thought she had written her signature she saw just a childish scribble, an undecipherable mess of pen lines that could have said anything. “Write “I love Nanny.”” Nanny said. Charlotte didn’t care that she was trying to write something she disagreed with or that was embarrassing to her. She tried her hardest to focus on each letter that she needed to put on paper. Yet again, when the pen left the paper she gasped as she saw nothing but a scribble. “Good effort.” Nanny lied. “What have you done to me!?” Charlotte screamed. The once proud journalist, someone who prided themselves on their excellent writing skills, now couldn’t form even the simplest of words. “Re-education is complete.” Nanny responded simply. Charlotte wasn’t even sure if Nanny was replying to her or just stating a fact. Charlotte thought back to that cartoon she had watched for hours on end, the weird way it messed with her mind. Had it affected her ability to write and communicate? Was it even possible for to have been affected like that? Charlotte looked down at the paper with the childish scribbles and had no other explanation. Whilst Charlotte was still reeling from this latest revelation she felt herself picked up and gently placed in the crib again. The bars were lifted and she was sealed inside. Charlotte sat dumbly on her padded rear as she tried to take in what was happening, she was in shock. What sort of technology was at work here? How did they get the funding? Who were the customers? Questions chased each other through Charlotte’s head and she wished she was in a position to investigate still. “Big day for you tomorrow.” Nanny said once the bars were raised and Charlotte was effectively trapped, “Your new life will be beginning soon.” The words were like a bucket of ice cold water tipped over Charlotte’s head. Tomorrow? She wasn’t ready, she would never be ready! “No… I need more time!” Charlotte half-shouted. She had to escape. She needed more time to find a way out. Nanny left the nursery again and Charlotte was stuck in the toddler bed with panic threatening to overwhelm her. Charlotte stood up on to her shaky legs and her first thought was to climb out of the crib. She jumped up and grabbed the horizontal bar running across the top but found it spun in her grip and Charlotte couldn’t maintain her grip. Charlotte tried bending the vertical bars but found them to be absolutely rock solid. She thought about ripping her diaper off but she knew that would only end with her totally restricted which was the last thing she needed. “There must be a way…” Charlotte muttered. Lifting up the ends of the mattress, Charlotte looked for a trap door or something. There was nothing. This crib was harder to escape from than Alcatraz. Charlotte tried to think but found that damn song kept coming to the forefront of her mind. “Shut up!” Charlotte shouted to herself. Charlotte put her finger against the mattress and started trying to trace her name. She must be able to do it, she just had to concentrate. The information must be in her mind somewhere. After a minute of trying to work out how to start, Charlotte began to sob quietly. She tipped over sideways and laid down as she sobbed quietly and begged someone to come and take her home. She felt so weak and defeated, she just wanted to tap out and admit her loss. “Alright… You win!” Charlotte yelled through her sobs. Silence. “Let me go and I won’t tell anyone what I’ve seen here.” Charlotte continued, “I won’t write about anything anymore… I can’t write about anything.” Silence. “Please! I’m begging you to let me go.” Charlotte yelled. She was still laying sideways on the mattress and her tears were creating a small wet spot under her head. When there was still no reaction Charlotte lapsed into silence. The only sounds in the entire room were her sobs and cries.
  8. Subliminal Baby 3

    Steven is given the all-clear by his brother to potty train again but exactly how effective will that be after the prolonged messaging that Steven has been subject to? Steven goes to stay with his brother whilst his mom goes away for a break. But not everything goes to plan... --- This has been available on my Patreon for the last week and for $5 you can see every post I make that appears on this website one week earlier. For $10 you can also see exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available on my Patreon page. Every patron is greatly appreciated and allows me to keep writing at the pace of one new post every four days. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to everyone who pledges money to me on Patreon. 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Months had passed from when Ritchie had gone out with Steven to pick out a new ring and finally the wedding was about to happen. Ritchie and Linda were sat on the couch in their new apartment that they had moved into just a week beforehand in preparation for their big day. “What is it?” Linda asked seriously. The way Ritchie was acting made her wonder if he had been having second thoughts about the wedding. “Ever since I finished with the diapers.” Ritchie started explaining as he stared at his own feet, “I… Well, I still like wearing them.” “You like wearing them?” Linda repeated with furrowed eyebrows. She wasn’t sure she understood. “Yeah…” Ritchie said slowly, “Sometimes I like to wear them. It’s relaxing and I find it exciting. I wanted to tell you before the wedding, I’m sorry I waited so long.” “It’s OK.” Linda smiled, “I understand.” “Really?” Ritchie asked as he face lit up. “I love you.” Linda said as she grabbed her soon-to-be husband’s hand, “And I already have some ideas…” --- Steven felt very uncomfortable as he sat in front of the front pew at the church the next day. His diaper didn’t fit too well beneath the pants of his suit and he felt uncomfortable in the hot and stuffy church. Steven’s mom had stopped the subliminal messaging as soon as Ritchie had said that she should. Steven had thought it was the end of his troubles but it turned out that getting out of diapers was a lot harder than just ending the subliminal messages. Months had passed and yet Steven was still padded full time. He was embarrassed every time his mom had brought out the little plastic potty and then left totally humiliated each time he failed to get to the potty in time. “Never mind…” Karen would say each time his padding showed signs of yet another accident, “We’ll get it next time.” But each time Steven tried and failed, he was left red faced and wondering why the messaging didn’t seem to be wearing off. He would panic when he started wondering that maybe the effects would be permanent. Ritchie had recovered quickly and yet Steven was still struggling with making any progress at all. When the wedding march started and everyone got to their feet, Steven also stood up with the customary crinkling that followed such a move. Despite his personal problems, Steven smiled as he saw Linda begin to walk down the aisle. She looked beautiful and was beaming with happiness. Ritchie looked a little more nervous but was also smiling widely. As the vows started and everyone in the church sat down, Steven felt a sudden pang in his bladder and he had to react quickly to clamp himself closed and stop himself flooding his diaper where he stood. He bit his lip at this extremely unfortunate timing. “Mom…” Steven whispered quietly as he tugged on the sleeve of her elegant dress. “Shh.” Karen replied as she swatted Steven’s hand away as if it was an annoying gnat. She was clutching a tissue in her hand and looked like she was getting very emotional. Steven looked around nervously but knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on long. His mom had always told him that he should let her know when he felt the need for the bathroom. “Mom…” Steven repeated a little more insistently, “I need the potty!” Steven blushed and prayed that no one in this tightly packed church could hear him. He didn’t know how much friends and family knew of his troubles and he didn’t want to find out. Even as he looked around at the assembled crowd Steven felt a small damp patch spreading on the front of his diaper. “Just hold it.” Karen hissed a little too loudly for Steven’s liking. Steven couldn’t concentrate on what was being said at the altar. The moment that Karen had finished talking he had felt his control slip completely and, with a sigh, the padding around his crotch suddenly burst with heat as Steven flooded his diaper. Oh well, Steven thought as the flooding ended, there was always next time… --- Steven stood at the door to Ritchie’s apartment a month later with trepidation. The newlyweds had recently returned from their honeymoon and had settled into their new apartment. To make Steven even more miserable than he already was, his mom was now off on holiday herself. She was going away for a couple of weeks with a man she had met shortly before Ritchie’s wedding. It felt like everyone was moving on and leaving Steven behind. “Karen!” Linda said as she opened the door and broke into a huge smile, “And little Steven!” Steven scowled but didn’t reply. He could hardly argue the point too much when he was wearing a thick diaper between his legs, at least it was still dry for the moment. “Linda, so good to see you.” Karen smiled as she stepped inside the apartment. Ritchie and Steven’s mom looked around at the modest home with a smile. It was certainly a lot smaller than the family home but for just the two of them it was a perfect size. Karen had visited before and had been given the tour of the kitchen, living area and bedroom but there was one door that remained locked. She wanted to respect her son’s privacy so didn’t ask but she was curious what was behind that door, she wasn’t sure if she believed Linda when she said it was a spare bedroom. “Ritchie’s been looking forward to spending time with his little brother.” Linda said as she gave Karen a quick hug. “Are you sure you are prepared to look after Steven?” Karen asked anxiously, “We have tried hard to potty train him but he isn’t quite there yet.” Steven looked at the floor with his blazing cheeks. His failure to potty train was a great source of embarrassment for him. “Don’t worry about a thing.” Linda smiled, “We are perfectly ready for big babies.” Karen wondered how they could be so prepared for Steven and his unique issues but didn’t want to press the issue. She trusted her son and daughter-in-law and didn’t expect any trouble. “OK, so you have my phone number and the number of the place me and Ian will be staying?” Karen asked. “All written down next to the phone.” Linda said with a reassuring smile, “Go and enjoy yourself. You have earned a break!” “Be good for your brother.” Karen said to Steven as she wrapped him in a hug, “I’ll be back in three weeks.” Just like that, Karen turned around and walked out of the apartment leaving Steven without his mother for the first time in months. Steven felt very vulnerable and more than a little worried. When Steven looked up at the face of Linda he saw the face of someone who was not at all happy to have him there. “I just want you to know that you are only here because Ritchie insisted.” Linda said. Her demeanour couldn’t be more different now that Karen had left, “So here’s the deal… You stay out of my way and there won’t be any problems. Deal?” Steven nodded and swallowed hard. Clearly she still hadn’t got over what he had done to Ritchie. Steven winced as he felt Linda lean down and press his dry diaper up against his crotch. She nodded in apparent satisfaction of the padding being dry. “We have a potty for you.” Linda said. The contempt in her voice was thick, “Ask Ritchie and he will take you to it. I will do it as a last resort, but only if Ritchie is otherwise occupied.” Steven nodded again. He looked to where Linda was pointing and saw a small red potty in the middle of the room. It was plain and somehow uninviting and… Something about looking at it suddenly made Steven very aware he needed the toilet. “Ooh, ooh! Linda! Linda!” Steven jumped on the spot and pulled his pants down in the way he was used to. His thick diaper suddenly on display. “What are you doing?” Linda asked with a look of disgust. “I need the potty!” Steven said as he pointed at his diaper. Linda smiled and nodded her head in understanding but she didn’t move from the spot near the front door. She enjoyed watching her brother-in-law struggle with such a simple task. Steven couldn’t understand why Linda wouldn’t help him use the potty like a big boy. He spun on his heels and began toddling towards the plastic toddler toilet in a desperate need for relief. He didn’t even make it halfway. Steven came to a halt after just a few steps as he felt the familiar warmth spreading against his groin. Steven closed his eyes and slowly exhaled as the diaper between his legs expanded to take in Steven’s urine. “Aww. Didn’t make it?” Linda asked mockingly. She obviously could see the answer just like she could see Steven’s tear filled eyes as he turned to look at her, “Let’s get you a new diaper, little boy.” --- The next few days were a confusing time for Steven. His brother was very welcoming towards him even if he was condescending and arrogant, the frequent references to Steven still needing diapers when Ritchie had potty trained much quicker was unnecessary in Steven’s opinion. But for all Ritchie’s friendliness, Linda was the exact opposite. She didn’t even make a pretence that Steven was welcome here. The biggest shock to Steven came when he was shown to bed on that first night and a previously locked door was opened to reveal a rather modest looking nursery. Steven had turned around to ask why they had a nursery and Linda gave him a glare that said don’t ask. Steven was OK with how it was going though. Linda spent a lot of time outside the house at work whilst Ritchie stayed at home. It meant that for the most part Steven was left alone, he was even allowed to play some video games with his brother but he always lost. The potty was off-limits in Steven’s mind. After the failed attempt on the first day Steven had decided that it was less humiliating to just use his diaper and ask for changes than use the potty in the middle of the living room. He could take the teasing during changes, he didn’t think he could take being watched as he used the toddler toilet. “I’ve got a special friend coming over in a bit.” Ritchie said one morning shortly after Linda had kissed him and left for work, “You’re cool with that right?” Steven looked down at his exposed diaper and then back at his brother with concern. Did Ritchie really want to bring a friend round whilst Steven looked like this? “Don’t worry about that.” Ritchie smiled, “I’ll get you some clothes and she will never know.” Steven wasn’t sure how his brother expected to keep the diapers to stay secret but he knew he didn’t really have a say in this anyway. He shrugged in resignation and got his hair tussled by his smiling brother in response. Ritchie took Steven into the main bedroom that he shared with his wife and headed to his closet. “She’ll be here soon.” Ritchie said as he started rummaging through his clothes, “Let’s see…” Steven looked around the room as his brother looked for clothes. It was a pretty normal bedroom for a married couple, it was a little messy and was dominated by the large double bed that jutted out into the centre of the room. “What the…” Steven exclaimed suddenly as his eyes fell on something next to the bed. Steven saw a white plastic package that had been torn open and was laying down on the floor next to the bed. Steven recognised it immediately but his suspicions were confirmed by the plastic padding that was hanging out of it. Steven looked back to his brother who had followed Steven’s gaze and saw the same thing. “Diapers?” Steven asked with a frown. He had always been told that Ritchie was fully potty trained, why did he have diapers in his room? “How… How did they get there?” Ritchie asked hypothetically. He could feel himself going quite red in the face and he hurried over to kick the package under the bed, “They are, erm, for you and must have got in here by mistake.” Steven wasn’t sure he believed his brother but he didn’t say anything as Ritchie returned to the closet. He came back out a few moments later with some clothing. He threw them on the bed next to Steven and then looked at him with suspicion. “You can dress yourself, right?” Ritchie asked. “Yes.” Steven replied simply, rather annoyed that he had to confirm that he was capable of such a simple thing. Ritchie walked out of the bedroom without another word and left Steven alone in the room. Almost as soon as the bedroom door closed and Steven started getting dressed the doorbell rang. He hadn’t expected Ritchie’s friend would be here so soon. The sound of the bell startled Steven enough to squeeze his bladder and force a small jet of urine into the front of his padding. Steven had no time to dwell on another small accident though, he hurriedly took off the childish shirt he was wearing and put on Ritchie’s sports jersey and a pair of pants with an elastic waistband. He wasn’t sure if these clothes hid his diapers, visually they couldn’t be seen but he was very worried about the crinkling sound he made. Steven walked out of Ritchie’s bedroom in clothes that were a little too big for him to see his brother opening the front door. A smiling brunette woman walked into the apartment, she looked like she was about to give Ritchie a kiss when the man put a hand out to stop her, she looked confused. “Vanessa, good to see you. This is my brother, Steven.” Ritchie said as he gestured towards his younger brother. “Your brother?” Vanessa replied with more confusion, “I thought we were going to get time alone…” “We will… We will!” Ritchie confirmed, “I just have to babysit but he won’t be an issue.” Steven shook his head under Ritchie’s intense glare to confirm he wouldn’t be any hassle. “Babysit?” Vanessa asked, “He looks a little old for babysitting.” “It’s a long story.” Ritchie said as he scratched the back of his head, “Here, come through to the bedroom.” Steven watched his grinning brother and confused woman walk across the living room and into the bedroom against the other door. He was actually relieved when the door closed, Steven was more than happy to sit alone in front of the television if it meant he wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of Ritchie’s friend. What they were getting up to in the bedroom he didn’t really care to know. After fifteen minutes had passed a new concern hit Steven like a ton of bricks. Just as the cartoon he was watching went to a commercial break, Steven felt a sudden full feeling in the pit of his tummy. His eyes sprung wide open as he immediately recognised the sensation. Despite being left alone by his brother, if he pooped himself he would very quickly be found out and humiliated, he had to find a way to get his brother to discreetly let him use the potty. Steven jumped down off the couch and hurried to the bedroom door. He knocked lightly but there was no response from inside. He could hear giggling but they seemed to be ignoring him. His hand flew back to the rear of his pants as the pressure increased. He needed to discreetly ask for the toilet, surely Ritchie wouldn’t want to explain what that really meant to his friend. Steven knocked again, a little louder this time, but there was still no answer as he was becoming increasingly desperate. Despite knowing it would be rude, Steven pushed the door open and took a step inside as a strong cramp came on. He took only one step for two reasons. Firstly, any more movement might end his fragile resistance and secondly, the scene in front of him made him freeze as still as a statue. “Get out!” Ritchie yelled from the bed. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Steven cried as he turned and ran out of the room. Steven couldn’t believe what he had just seen. His brother and was behind Vanessa on the bed and… “You little brat!” Ritchie came storming out of the bedroom as he threw his dressing gown on. He looked angrier than Steven had ever seen. “You… You…” Steven stuttered as his brother advanced on him. The cramping in his tummy was threatening to overwhelm him, “You’re cheating on Linda!” Ritchie reached forward and shoved Steven roughly in the chest. Steven quickly tottered backwards before toppling over, the pants that were too big for him dropped around his ankles and left his diaper on display. Steven lost control as he hit the floor and he felt his sticky waste expel into the back of his diaper. Abandoning all pretence of being an adult, Steven pushed down with his tummy muscles and just forced out all of the poop inside him. He pushed it out quickly as he pushed himself backwards away from Ritchie, the heavy load in his diaper smearing all over his diaper area. “I should… Vanessa, where are you going?” Ritchie stopped advancing on his brother when he saw his lover, now fully dressed but looking a little dishevelled, storm past him towards the door. “You and your pervert brother can…” Vanessa stopped talking when she looked down at Steven, “Is that a diaper? And that smell… Oh my God!” “Vanessa please…” Ritchie said as he tried to hold her back. “I’m leaving. You freaks can play in your diapers together.” Vanessa said crossly as she walked out and slammed the door behind her. Steven wondered what on Earth Vanessa meant by that and he turned on his messy butt to watch Vanessa storm out of the door. When the door closed behind Vanessa there was silence. “What did she mean by “play in your diapers together?”” Steven asked as he turned around to look at his brother again. Ritchie’s face was red as he stared at the door Vanessa had just exited through. He was breathing heavily and Steven couldn’t tell if he was more angry or embarrassed. It looked to Steven like Ritchie was a volcano about to explode, he didn’t speak but the pressure was building ever higher. Steven was shaking slightly as Ritchie slowly looked down at him. When Ritchie started walking towards his younger brother, Steven scooted himself backwards. His poopy bottom getting worse as he tried to crawl away. Steven felt Ritchie’s hands on his sides and he was lifted into the air. His legs kicked out slightly as his brother manhandled him, Steven was laid against Ritchie’s chest with one hand around his back and the other hand under Steven’s messy ass. Steven winced slightly as he felt the mess squelch underneath him. Ritchie didn’t say a word as he carried Steven towards the nursery. Steven didn’t know if the silence was good or not, he could feel the tension in Ritchie’s muscles but he had expected an explosion of anger that had just never come. Expecting a diaper change, Steven was expecting to go to the changing table but he was carried straight past the table and to the crib beyond. “What’s goi-” Steven was cut-off. Steven felt Ritchie’s hands suddenly let go and he tumbled backwards off of his brother’s chest and down on to the mattress below. He hit the mattress diaper first and the poop inside splattered everywhere. By the time Steven had opened his eyes and recovered from the drop, Ritchie was already on his way out of the room. “Aren’t you going to change me?” Steven asked in a whiny voice to Ritchie’s retreating back. “I wish I could change you for a different brother.” Ritchie hissed through clenched teeth as he turned to look at Steven. Ritchie walked out of the nursery and slammed the door behind him. He turned on the television and raised the volume until he was sure he wouldn’t be able to hear his brother even if he shouted. Steven was extremely uncomfortable. Trapped in the crib it didn’t take long for his rear end to start getting extremely itchy and despite efforts, his diaper meant that he couldn’t effectively scratch. The mess had spread everywhere at this point and he could feel the slimy layer coating himself. It felt horrid and it smelt even worse. “Ritchie!” Steven yelled as loud as he could. There was no response, just another raising of the television volume. Steven sat down on the mattress. With the poop already spread everywhere, he wasn’t worried about sitting on it since there was no way to make it worse. It didn’t take long for his eyes to start watering and he would have done anything for a diaper change.
  9. Cuddlz shipping costs to the U.S. is insane

    Welcome to cross-Atlantic shipping. Until quite recently all of us over here had to pay those prices if we ever wanted American nappies!
  10. I've noticed a few people are reporting problems with PMs in chat. They are unable to message certain people or see replies. It seems to affect main chat as well almost like they are blocked but without anyone blocking anyone else. There is also the refreshing problem which is still not fixed from when chat was implemented. If anyone is experiencing issues they should post here, also if you are having any other kind of chat problem please post in this thread
  11. Stork Industries

    Charlotte is trapped in a seemingly impossible situation as the reality of her confinement becomes more real. Lunch is served and history is learned. When her robotic caretaker says it's time for re-education what does she mean exactly? This post has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and every story post I make is available there earlier than anywhere else with a $5 monthly subscription. There is also a $10 option which gives early access plus exclusive stories. There are other options and rewards available and can be found at the following link: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A huge thank you to every one of my patrons who allow me to keep up my schedule of posting every four days: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, Sophie S, Alejandro S, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Asthor er, C Dom, Dre, Joseph D, Persi S, Ceneroz, Rob, Drew J, Kyle L, Darrell,, Jack C, S Millard, Cheryl C, Carlota C, Alex W, Ron M, M, Tsidt, Britnee L, Trenton M, Geoffrey J, Robert J, Chris, Cole T, Babybb, J Land, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Jerry J, Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Daniel W, LuvsSissy, Epsilon89, Paul O, Kimberley S, Cole S, Cole, Art M, Guilyn, Erik P, Bojack D, Shihouin10, Scott S, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, A Random Patreon, Eric C, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent J --- For the first time since she had scaled the building’s outer wall the previous night, Charlotte had an opportunity to take a deep breath and take stock of the situation. She was free to wonder around the room and this was her first chance to really assess the odds of escape. Charlotte looked around at the room and caught sight of a large mirror that was stood behind the headboard of the crib she had slept in. She waddled her way over to it in curiosity, she had yet to get a good look at herself. The image in the mirror was weird. It was as if Charlotte recognised herself but the situation was so strange and outlandish that her brain struggled to process it. The pink onesie was stretched tightly over the thick diaper underneath and the little papery edges of the leg bands poked out as an extra, unnecessary reminder as to what she was wearing. The way Charlotte’s hips and butt stuck out with the padding around her waist made her feel much smaller than she was. Combined with the crinkling sound and the fluffy material between her legs and she could see her resemblance to an infant. Charlotte also noticed a small black symbol stencilled over the middle of the onesie. She hadn’t taken the time to look before but she now realised the onesie was stamped with a small silhouette of a stork carrying a basket. It all started making sense. Stork Industries took people and sold them to other people. More specifically, they seemed to take people and treat them as babies before sending them on. Charlotte shuddered as she realised she was basically a pawn in a modern day slave trade. She had to fight the urge to rip everything off of herself, all that would do was bring the Nanny back along with some unwanted punishments. She had to be smart and remain calm. Charlotte distracted herself from these horrid thoughts by further examining her surroundings. The room was large and mostly empty, the walls and ceiling were all white and very clean. The floor was a black carpet that had a large white rug in the middle. It all looked fairly basic, as if the function of the room far outweighed the need for design. The area with the conveyor belt that had delivered Charlotte the previous night had a thick steel door that was closed and didn’t budge when Charlotte gave it a push. The most obvious escape route was blocked off. The walls were full of shelves that had toddler age books and toys all over them. There were no windows and only one other door, the door Nanny used to enter and exit. Charlotte couldn’t even see a vent or anything that she could pry open in some way. Charlotte walked around the room a little and the only sound she heard was her crinkling diaper. Every step a reminder of her position, slowly she adjusted to the sound and it became a lot less obvious, she didn’t know if that was a good thing or not. Nothing in the room was of much interest to the young woman. Absolutely everything in there was for a baby from the books to the toys and it had all been scaled up. Charlotte felt smaller just my virtue of the everything around her being larger, it was eerie to see a rocking horse that was big enough that Charlotte would need some help to get on to it. “Hello?” Charlotte shouted near the door that the Nanny had left. Her voice echoed slightly in the cavernous room but there was no response. Even when pressing her ear to the door she could hear no noise beyond. Charlotte waddled back into the centre of the room and looked for something to do. Escape looked impossible at the moment so she needed something to fill her time. She saw the television that had moved to her bed the previous night and walked over to it. With few options that interested her, Charlotte pressed the power button and turned the screen on. The television sparked to life and the same woman that Charlotte saw yesterday appeared on the screen. Next to her were some options for different sections of video. Was this a touch screen? Charlotte reached forward and pressed the button labelled “History.” A loading screen appeared briefly before the woman came back. “Stork Industries was founded ten years ago to provide a service that allowed individuals or couples to experience the joy of parenthood without the need for pregnancy or birth.” The woman’s artificial smile never left her perfectly made-up face. “Volunteers or people that have been volunteered are brought here and entered into our online catalogue before being sold to our discerning customers.” The woman had a bouncy voice as if this was a great honour for people like Charlotte to be here, “We operate with UN approval and have a history of many happy parents and babies.” The screen flickered back to the main menu and Charlotte was left with a frown on her face. Did she say the UN? Charlotte re-watched the “History” section again to make sure and the woman on the screen definitely referred to the United Nations. “That can’t be true… Can it?” Charlotte muttered to herself. It really was very unfortunate that the young woman was trapped in this seemingly inescapable room because this was clearly a story that would make international headlines. If she ever got the chance to write this article she would become one of the investigative journalist greats. Distracting herself from the painful thoughts of her future, Charlotte looked back at the screen and pressed a different button. She took a deep breath and began watching the “Training” section. She knew that this would likely inform her of what was about to happen and sometimes the old adage of ignorance is bliss could ring true. “Training has been honed over years of refinement to a fine craft.” The smiling woman said, “What once took months now only takes days and that is because of our revolutionary subliminal video re-programming. We aim to gently regress the subject in a nurturing environment before sending them on to the customers.” Charlotte shuddered. So just a few days in this nursery before being shipped off to God knows where. She couldn’t help but shake her head at the “gently regress” statement. If this was gentle, Charlotte didn’t want to see harsh! There was one button that Charlotte wouldn’t press. There was a button marked “Future” and Charlotte knew that if she saw the woman dispassionately write off her future that she would fall apart. She had to keep everything together to look for a way out. Charlotte switched the television off and looked around the room again. The crinkling from her waist was very frustrating and distracting, she needed something to do. Anything that might pass some time without her having to dwell on the situation. After a few minutes of searching, Charlotte found a colouring book and after initially discarding it she picked it back up as the only activity that seemed remotely interesting to her. With no tables or chairs in the room it meant that Charlotte was forced to put the small book on the floor in front of her. She pulled a tub of felt-tip pens over and started colouring without enthusiasm. In the back of her mind, Charlotte couldn’t help but feel incredibly silly to be laying there like she was but the only alternative she had would be to contemplate what was coming which was a lot worse. Charlotte had no idea how much time had passed when the door to the nursery suddenly opened again. Charlotte quickly stood up suspiciously and felt the onesie pull her diaper closer to her body. The padding was still clean and dry but Charlotte was aware that her bladder wanted to be emptied. A thought that had been in the back of her mind for a while but she tried to ignore. A few seconds after the door opened, Nanny came marching into the room in that same slow and deliberate manner. Charlotte immediately jumped to her feet and backed away from the colouring book in a guilty way, she didn’t want anyone or anything get the false impression that she was having a good time. “Lunch time.” The Nanny announced as it walked straight over to the high chair in the corner of the room and pulled it out into the centre. Charlotte didn’t respond. She stayed on the spot and eyed the robot with intense suspicion. Her bladder let out another warning that she should find a toilet soon but that was the least of her concerns as the Nanny turned to look at her in expectation with the tray to the high chair up. “Lunch time.” Nanny repeated as she stared her unblinking eyes at Charlotte. Charlotte didn’t want to walk towards the Nanny and the high chair, she didn’t want to seem like she was going along with this obscene plan and yet she was very hungry and thirsty. She hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for a long time. She knew that she would be forced into the high chair to be fed one way or another, she had seen that this place had ways of forcing you to do whatever they wanted with you. The question was simply whether Charlotte made it easy for them or not. “I can feed myself.” Charlotte said defiantly, “I don’t need you or the highchair. Bring me food and I will eat.” “Don’t be silly.” Nanny responded immediately. Charlotte felt her eye twitch as she tried to swallow her anger. Suddenly a new idea came to the young journalist. “Argh!” Charlotte let out a war cry and charged forwards. To hell with letting this all happen, it was time to fight her way out. Charlotte would take down and destroy this Nanny and any other Nanny they might have. She would destroy everything until this sickening company were forced to send a real human being in. She was a human, not a product to be sold or traded and not a toy to be played with by the rich and powerful. Charlotte closed her eyes as she drew close to Nanny and prepared for the impact which would surely send them both against the wall in the background. She ran as hard and fast as she could and leapt at the last moment. Charlotte braced herself for impact. Charlotte felt herself collide with the metal humanoid in front of her. She had hit Nanny directly in the stomach area, however her plan had almost immediately failed. The Nanny barely moved an inch, in fact all that really happened was that Nanny suddenly had Charlotte in her grasp. “Get off!” Charlotte yelled as the Nanny easily picked the squirming woman up and dropped her in the high chair. Charlotte felt tears of frustration come to her eyes as she was held down and her wrists and ankles were strapped down to the chair. With a sigh of despair, Charlotte sobbed and felt her bladder empty into the diaper. The warm urine splashed against the padding and spread quickly as she was tied down with nowhere to go. Charlotte didn’t want it to be obvious what she was doing but it was hard to wet your diaper without it seeming like a big deal. Whether Nanny knew what Charlotte was doing or not was debateable as it left the nursery briefly and returned with a bowl of food and a baby’s bottle. By the time Nanny had returned, Charlotte had finished wetting herself and she could feel the wet heat of her urine creeping around the front and back of the padding as it soaked in all of her pee. Charlotte felt utterly defeated as Nanny placed the meal, if it could be called that, on to the table. The bowl was full of mushy baby food and looked totally unappetising whilst the bottle was full of milk. Charlotte let out a deep and shuddering breath as Nanny dipped the small plastic spoon into the bowl. “Open up for the airplane.” Nanny said in that same expressionless voice. Clearly whoever built these machines hadn’t mastered emotion. Charlotte knew that if she resisted she would just be forced to feed in a more humiliating way. With all of her limbs strapped down and knowing that this machine would make her eat one way or another she opened her mouth slowly. The spoon was upturned in Charlotte’s mouth as soon as she open it and she winced as the bitter taste of the mushy food covered her tongue. With some difficulty she swallowed the food down and as soon as she had done so she felt it replaced by another spoonful of food. The meal was like a production line as Charlotte was given no respite from the awful tasting baby food. She had no idea what the food was supposed to taste like but whatever it was, it was failing. The closest thing that resembled the taste of this food would have been cardboard. By the time the feeding was over Charlotte felt like her whole mouth was coated with a layer of the mushy food. She could taste little else except for her horrible lunch. When Nanny lifted up the bottle of milk, Charlotte eagerly took the latex teat of the bottle in her mouth and began sucking the cold milk into her mouth. She visibly relaxed as she nursed on the baby vessel and the feeling of the baby food being washed away was divine. Charlotte was surprised when she rather suddenly found herself sucking air from the bottle, she had drained the whole bottle very quickly. Almost as soon as the bottle was emptied it was pulled away from Charlotte’s mouth. She felt a little bloated as the food went down, she was red in the face but her anger had temporarily abated. Of course, her desire to escape hadn’t abated but having a full belly seemed to calm her a little. “Do you need your diaper changed?” Nanny asked as the restraints were undone. “No…” Charlotte replied quietly. She let out a little involuntary burp as she climbed down from the chair. She didn’t know where she was going to go but she definitely wanted to put space between her and the robot. Charlotte had barely taken a single step when she felt a metallic hand grab her arm. She rolled her eyes like an annoyed teenager as she came to a stop. “Hey!” Charlotte whined loudly. Nanny reached down with her free hand and pressed Charlotte’s diaper against her crotch. Charlotte winced as the soggy padding was pushed up between her legs and the Nanny assessed the state of the diaper. Charlotte tried to pull away but the Nanny picked Charlotte up without a word and carried her over to the changing table. The journalist hated the fact that the Nanny wasn’t even talking to her, it was just manipulating her however it wanted and Charlotte was forced to go along with it. There still seemed to be no way to get out and Charlotte was feeling increasingly hopeless. The onesie was unsnapped and the wet diaper was exposed. The Nanny wasted no time in lowering the front of the diaper and starting the cleaning process. Charlotte didn’t fight it, she just let the Nanny do her job, and at least she would end up in a dry diaper… She could barely believe she was thinking that. “Time for re-education.” Nanny said as taped up a new diaper around the young woman’s hips. “Huh?” Charlotte was confused by this. It didn’t seem in keeping with the whole babyish aesthetic. Charlotte was carried back over to the high chair and sat back down. Before she could work out what was happening she found her legs tied to the chair’s legs. Charlotte’s wrists swiftly followed. “What’s going on? Stop this!” Charlotte said in a panicked voice. The Nanny remained silent. She just restrained Charlotte to the chair and turned it to face the television. Charlotte was nervous and that only got worse when Nanny walked behind her. Reaching around from behind, Charlotte saw Nanny’s arm shoving a pacifier into her mouth. Unlike the pacifier that Charlotte spat out, this one was firmly strapped to her head. Finally, and stopping any and all chances of movement, Charlotte felt a leather strap against her forehead that forced her head back against the chair. It was pulled so tightly that Charlotte was forced to look straight ahead, she was unable to turn her head away from the screen or move a muscle. The Nanny walked in front of Charlotte and to the television. She switched it on and followed a series of buttons through the many menus until it came to a channel that, for the moment, just showed static. “Be a good girl and watch the pretty cartoons.” Nanny said. Nanny turned and left the room. The odd silence descended on Charlotte as she struggled to move a muscle. She could do little more than blink and it was very worrying for her, until you have been tied down in such a way it is impossible to know how vulnerable it feels. After a minute, the static disappeared and was replaced with a cartoon of talking animals. There didn’t seem anything more to it, it was just a show for babies, something a mother leaves on when she needs some time alone. It seemed harmless even if after half an hour it was seemingly numbing Charlotte’s brain. There was only so many time she could watch these childish characters sing and dance before it started giving her a headache. Charlotte tried shouting but found the pacifier made it impossible for her to make any more than a low mumble. She could close her eyes but she couldn’t block out the awful high-pitched voices that rang out from the speakers. After an indeterminate amount of time, it felt like hours but was probably one hour at most, Charlotte noticed the pictures on the television changed slightly. She noticed occasional flashing, only a frame here and there but just enough for Charlotte to notice. Time seemed to cease having meaning. Charlotte felt like she was going mad as more and more subtle changes happened on the screen. Was the cartoon changing or was she just going crazy? The picture and sound seemed to speed up slightly, almost imperceptibly, and then slow down again. A couple of times Charlotte was sure that scenes repeated or were taken from different episodes and seemingly randomly placed in others. Charlotte had no way of knowing how much time had passed but she did eventually feel her bladder asking to empty. All that milk had to come out sometime and with no sign of her release coming soon Charlotte tried to relax as best she could. After just a few seconds of relaxing she found her padding getting increasingly wet. She almost surprised herself at how easily she started peeing and she soon found herself sitting in a puddle of her own urine. As the hot liquid soaked into the diaper around her, Charlotte frowned as it sounded like the cartoon briefly dipped into a foreign language. It wasn’t something she recognised and as soon as she noticed it the cartoon seemed to go back to English. She hated the feeling of not knowing if she was going mad or if this building was trying to play with her mind. More and more time passed. It had to have been hours by now, or maybe it wasn’t… Time no longer has meaning when you are unable to move a muscle. The cartoons were still playing and they still seemed to change in ways to mess with Charlotte. Sometimes there would be no weirdness for a long time and then suddenly, just as Charlotte questioned her own sanity, it would start again. It was a long time coming but Charlotte started noticing a full feeling in her bowels. The horrible mush she had eaten that morning, at least she assumed it had been morning, had gone through her system. Charlotte tried yelling again but obviously could make little more than muffled yelp. Her bowels were cramping strongly and quickly, Charlotte wondered if something in the food was making it harder for her to hold on. Charlotte couldn’t move her arms or legs but if she wriggled in just the right way she could lift her padded butt off the chair slightly. The thought of trying not to soil herself barely existed in her mind, it felt like it was inevitable at this point. Had the cartoons changed how she thought or had she just given up? Either way, Charlotte lifted herself up the couple of inches available to her and felt her cheeks blazing red under the gag. She felt her eyes tearing up as the effort of lifting her body up also forced her to push down with her tummy muscles. As a tear fell from Charlotte’s eye she felt a very sudden spreading warmth in her pants. Unlike when she wet herself previously, this heat was decidedly lumpy and she could feel it solidly spreading throughout the rear of her diaper. Charlotte felt a strange sense of relief as she pushed the mushy poop out of her body. It felt good physically to not feel the need to go anymore, but it also felt good mentally. She had been worrying about messing her diaper for a long time and now that it was done with the fear of the unknown was gone. As soon as Charlotte felt like she was done she released her muscles and slipped back down into her own mess. She felt a shiver run down her spine as the soft layer of faeces was squeezed further throughout her padding. As if to complete her ritual humiliation, Charlotte didn’t try to hold her bladder back and she flooded the rapidly filling diaper. Charlotte wanted to shout for help. She didn’t even care if it was Nanny who came in, she just wanted someone to change her out of diaper that was rapidly stinking up the air around her. The session still wasn’t over and Charlotte quickly fell back into her daze as she was still in the chair and still watching the cartoon. It was roughly another hour until the cartoon suddenly stopped and it took Charlotte a couple of minutes to realise that this wasn’t time playing another trick on her. The door opened and from the corner of her eye Charlotte could see Nanny walking in. Finally, Charlotte thought, the end of this horrible and numbing experience. She watched Nanny approach her with an internal smile similar to how a real baby would greet their mother.