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  1. After far too long (Sorry!) finally, an update to the story. It has been about three months since I last worked on this story and I wanted to apologise for the long break. I mentioned the reasons for it a little earlier in this thread and whilst I'm still struggling with a lot of things, I still love writing and I still love this story and providing a small amount of entertainment for all of you who read the story! I will do my best to make sure updates are faster and hopefully my renewed interest in writing continues. I am more open to commissions as well at the moment so if anyone is interested in having a story written for them send me a message and we can discuss it. I hope you all enjoy the first part of the next chapter and, as always, any compliments, criticisms or complaints are welcomed in the comments Enjoy... Chapter 21 – Sleepovers The short waddle to the car was a strange experience for Nick. He felt quite uncomfortable as he awkwardly walked away from the elevator but at the same time he couldn’t help but giggle a little at what he had done. He knew how infantile it had been, how he had embarrassed himself on purpose to shut the annoying people up and yet he felt strangely proud of it. He was too timid to speak up and just tell the women to shut up, messing his nappy in such a way had seemed like the best method of stopping them from talking. Sarah was lost in thought on the way back to the car. She could hardly believe what her husband had done, it was hard for Sarah to know whether she should find what Nick had done funny or whether she should be angry that her husband had been so obvious and rude. The two women in the elevator were certainly annoying Sarah as much as they were annoying Nick but she almost felt like she should chastise her husband for being so rude. She certainly didn’t want to encourage that kind of behaviour; she didn’t mind Nick being embarrassed but she didn’t want to be embarrassed by him! As they reached the car Sarah opened the backdoor and awkwardly helped to lift Nick into the enlarged child seat. She looked around and saw that they were practically alone in that area of the car park and, from the smell, she was very grateful of that fact. Nick’s stinky mess would certainly be no secret to anyone passing nearby. Nick gently lowered himself into the seat and grimaced as he felt the hot and sticky mess spread even further around his nappy. The soaked and dirty padding had taken a beating and Nick was grudgingly impressed that it had managed to hold everything. Neither Sarah nor Nick said anything as Sarah buckled her husband into the seat. The elation of a victory was slipping away now and as Sarah closed the door and walked around to the driving seat. The air in the car quickly began to sour and Nick recoiled slightly from his own smell. Every slight shift in his weight coated a new area of his nappy in his excrement and he felt intensely uncomfortable. He was rather forcefully reminded of how much of a toddler he was acting, of how much his stock and confidence had fallen. Sarah quickly filled the boot of the car with all the shopping she had done, Nick craned his head around and looked at his wife who was had that clear expression on her face of someone who had smelt a very unpleasant smell. The driver’s door opened and, a second later, Sarah stepped into the car. Without a word she turned the engine on and reversed out of the parking spot. Sarah drove down out of the multi-storey car park in silence, her only concession being to wind down her window to let some fresh air in. It hadn’t taken long for the smell of the very used nappy to fill the air and the pungent odour soon seemed to almost be choking the occupants of the vehicle. Nick, sat helplessly in his car seat, could only blush in silence as the smell of his nappy enveloped him and his wife. He felt himself tear up through humiliation but he willed himself to not cry, he couldn’t get the image out of his head of a toddler with a dirty nappy needing a change. He didn’t want to start wailing like a baby and proving that this demeaning treatment was necessary. The car slowed as it reached the exit of the car park. There was a very bored man in a little booth in front of the barrier that collected the tickets of people leaving the car park. The man was on the older side and looked like he was approaching retirement, slumped forward with his head propped up with his hands, the man looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. Nick empathised with that feeling as the car rolled to a stop in front of the window. “Ticket.” The older man said in a bored voice. Nick cringed and tried to sink into his raised car seat. He was certain he was very clearly visible, if the car park attendant even glanced his way he would get quite the surprise. Sarah handed the ticket to the attendant with a smile. She acted as if any mother with a toddler in the back would act. Sarah watched as the attendant took the ticket and fed it into a machine which quickly flashed up how much she owed. “That’ll be…” The man started in the same bored tone of voice as before. The man’s eyes slowly opened wide and his jaw dropped. The furrowed brow revealed a man trying to work out what he was looking at in the back seat of the car. Nick watched as the ticket inspector did a quick double take. Nick quickly looked down, he knew that even though his nappy was hidden under his shorts that the smell wasn’t and neither was the obvious car seat he was strapped into. “I think it is £3, isn’t it?” Sarah asked. She rooted around in her purse for spare change and pretended that she didn’t notice that the man was staring at her infantilised husband. “Y-Yes Ma’am.” The attendant said softly, unable to take his eyes off of Nick. Sarah held out the money to hand it to the employee but found the older gentleman was so distracted that he didn’t even notice. She couldn’t help but smile at the shocked look on his face as she followed his gaze to her humiliated husband. “Sorry about him. He had an accident and we need to get him home.” Sarah said casually but loudly. She saw Nick visibly wince out of the corner of her eye but didn’t react. The man was still just staring open-mouthed at Nick, he gave no indication as to having heard Sarah as he continued his unabashed staring. Sarah found it quite amusing but was becoming increasingly aware of traffic building up behind her, plus the smell was getting overbearing and she really wanted to get home and get Nicky out of the disgusting nappy he was sitting in. “Ahem!” Sarah loudly and dramatically cleared her throat. The car park attendant finally snapped back to reality. He shook his head slightly and turned to face Sarah again, his mouth was still hanging open partially and he looked from Sarah’s face to her hand full of money. It seemed to take him a few seconds to remember who he was and what he was supposed to be doing. “Oh… Yes… £3. Thank you, ma’am.” He slowly said as he accepted the money and pressed the button to lift the barrier. As Sarah thanked him and drove past the open barrier Nick could feel the attendant staring at him until they were all the way out of sight and down the road. Nick breathed a deep sigh of relief as the car hurried down the road. He knew it wouldn’t be too long until he got home, it wouldn’t be a moment too soon either as the nappy that Nick was sitting in was absolutely gross. The little bumps in the road all caused the mess to spread further and with every inch of clean skin getting covered it made Nick feel worse and worse. By the time the car pulled into the driveway, Nick was desperate to get out of the car and out of his underwear. He was shocked he hadn’t leaked since it felt like his entire nappy area was coated in his own excrement, he was very grateful that the nappy had held up though because he knew that if it didn’t it would only lead to more issues for him. “Come on then.” Sarah said as she unbuckled her husband from the large child seat and gingerly helped him to step out of the car. Nick noticed that she seemed hesitant to touch him and he could hardly blame her, he felt disgusting. As he stood up, Nick felt his nappy stick to him unpleasantly. He grimaced as he took a couple of wide-legged steps towards the house, Nick had no idea if neighbours were watching his walk of shame since his mind was totally preoccupied with getting himself up to his bedroom for a change. A clean and dry nappy at that moment sounded like heaven. As soon as Sarah turned the key in the lock of the front door, Nick pushed it open and awkwardly headed up the stairs. “Go to your room and wait for me.” Sarah said authoritatively as she turned to go out to the car and bring in the shopping. “Where else am I going to go…” Nick muttered under his breath as he stomped up the stairs. In Nick’s mind it was true. Where else was he going to go? The thought never entered his mind that he would head to the bathroom or clean himself up, it wasn’t even an option to Nick to clean himself up. He never considered that he didn’t really require his wife for everything, he just obediently trooped up to his bedroom and stood in the middle of the childish space. His legs were rather tired from walking around the shopping centre but he avoided sitting down, he did not want to make the mess any worse. The smell was awful. Nick could barely stand his own stench and waddled over to the far side of the room to throw the window open. The fresh air tasted delicious to the messy man as he waited for Sarah to put the shopping away and come upstairs. He quietly cursed under his breath when a couple of minutes passed and he was still left sticking his head out of the window and gulping as much fresh air as possible. “Come on…” Nick said a little louder than he had planned. What could be taking Sarah so long? Nick reached back with one of his hands and gently touched the rear of his shorts. He grimaced when he felt the lumpy mess that was coating his bottom. When Nick prodded his finger against his padded area he felt the bulging backside and quickly withdrew his hand. “I know, Jack…” Nick suddenly stopped his self-examination has he heard Sarah’s voice just outside the front door. She was talking in a hushed voice but it still carried upstairs. Nick presumed she hadn’t noticed that he had opened the bedroom window and so thought she was alone. Nick waddled closer to the window and carefully peered out, he tried to silence the crinkling that accompanied him as he looked down at his wife. Sarah was sat on the porch with her mobile phone held against her head. She was looking out towards the car and giggling as she talked to someone. Nick felt an innate naughtiness at eavesdropping on his wife but turned his head so his ear pointed down and listened to the conversation below. “I know!” Sarah said with a barely audible giggle. Nick frowned in frustration, every time the wind rustled the trees or a car passed by he found the conversation below was drowned out and he strained even harder to hear the conversation. “No, he needed to go badly for a long time but held it all the way back to the elevator.” Sarah continued, “Then, just when I thought he would get back to the car, he messed himself right in front of these two annoying women. It was actually quite cute, like he was sticking up for me after one bumped into me.” Nick couldn’t help but feel his heart flutter slightly at Sarah saying he was cute, though the embarrassing scene from that morning being shared with other people caused him some trepidation. Nick knew she was talking to Jack again which was one of the main reasons he felt the need to eavesdrop. Without a second thought, Nick relaxed his bladder and felt a warm liquid spread around his nappy. He hoped he wouldn’t leak but he wasn’t going to take the blame if he did, Sarah should have been straight up here and changing him! “Oh no, I’m fine. Just got shoved into a corner a little bit.” Sarah continued, “Not on purpose or anything, just a couple of loud assholes.” There was a pause where Nick assumed Jack was talking. The silence was broken a few seconds later by Sarah’s high pitched laugh. “You should have seen their faces!” Sarah said through the giggles, “They had looks on their faces like… Well, like someone had just pooped in front of them!” Nick scowled as his wife broke into a renewed fit of laughter. He couldn’t believe his wife would be broadcasting his embarrassing life to other people so brazenly and publicly. “It’s the day after tomorrow that we have our plans isn’t it?” Sarah asked when her laughter had died down. Nick’s eyes flew wide as he wondered what his wife could be planning. Whatever it was, if it involved Jack, Nick knew it wouldn’t be a nice surprise for him. Absentmindedly, Nick reached back and tried to scratch his rear. The messy nappy was starting to get exceedingly itchy now and Nick was frustrated that he couldn’t stop the irritation. “What have I got planned for Nick that day?” Sarah said, clearly repeating something Jack had asked, “Oh that is all planned. Nick will…” Right at that moment a truck drove by in the otherwise quiet street and drowned out the rest of the sentence. Nick cursed this stroke of bad luck as the truck drove past and, try as he might, he couldn’t hear anything Sarah said. “… No doubt Nick will be learning some new things.” Sarah finished mischievously when the trucks noise died away. Nick scowled in frustration. He was now intensely curious as to the plans for him but he knew he couldn’t ask about them, if Sarah knew he had been eavesdropping he knew he would not like the consequences. “Anyway, I will speak to you soon. I need to go upstairs and sort out Mr. Messy Pants.” Sarah said with a laugh. Knowing that she would soon be up to check on him, Nick slowly and quietly closed the window and moved back towards the changing table. It was not long until he started to hear footsteps coming up the stairs and as the bedroom door opened, Nick sighed in relief. No matter what was planned for him, at least he would get out of this disaster of a diaper! Sarah hummed a happy tune as she lifted Nick up wordlessly and deposited him on the changing table. As Nick sat on the edge of the table before lying down he instinctively winced a little but, with his nappy already in such a state, he barely even noticed the squashing of his rear and the further expansion of the mess covering his backside. Nick laid back and Sarah quickly pulled off his clothes to reveal the scene of destruction that was Nick’s underwear. “Woah… Going to need a hazmat suit for this one!” Sarah joked. Nick failed to see the humour in this situation and as he watched Sarah laugh he contemplated complaining that if she had changed him promptly like a good mommy would that he wouldn’t be in such a way. Of course, there was no way he could say anything like that and basically admitting he needed Sarah to change him. Even if he could physically do it himself he knew, even if he didn’t want to admit it, that he was mentally incapable of changing himself. There was just no way he would allow himself to risk Sarah’s wrath even if it meant being more comfortable. Sarah opened the nappy and grimaced when she saw the contents. Grabbing a handful of wipes, she began the process of cleaning her husband. As much as Sarah loved the control, messy nappies were not particularly fun to change. It took several minutes of wiping to make any progress and the smell in the room was undeniably bad. At this point Nick had been in his messy pants for so long that the smell had disappeared into the background a little bit. He didn’t realise it but he was getting used to the smell of his own bowel movements. “There we go…” Sarah finally said five minutes later as she inspected Nick’s backside, “Looks like that is all of it.” She dumped the wipes and used diaper in the trashcan near the door and quickly pulled out a new nappy. In a well-practiced routine, Sarah lifted Nick’s legs and placed the new plastic disposable underneath him. Lowering him down she pulled the front of the nappy up over Nick’s tool, which she noted with some satisfaction had begun to stiffen a little, and taped the infantile underwear tightly and securely around his waist. Sarah lifted Nick off of the change table having barely said a single word to him. Nick was actually pleased for the silence since he was sure the only comments he would have received would have been negative. He would like to have heard about the plans for him regarding Sarah’s meet up with Jack, but Nick couldn’t ask about it without revealing he had been eavesdropping. Sarah walked Nick over towards his makeshift crib and lifted him into the baby bed before promptly lifting the rails up leaving Nick, naked except for his new nappy, locked into his little cell. Nick wasn’t surprised that he was being expected to nap bearing in mind it had been normal for the last few days and, to Nick’s slight annoyance, he found himself yawning as his body expected sleep. Once Nick was safely in the crib, Sarah turned to exit the room. The only words she said was that she would see him in an hour leaving Nick completely in the dark about future plans. When Sarah closed the door behind her, Nick was left laying alone and as he closed his eyes his mind wandered to what might be coming in his near future.
  2. Whilst I have had a want for nappies since I was a very small child, these days I see myself as more of a teenager when age playing than anything younger. I'm very much into the humiliation aspect of wearing so I like to see myself as a teenager that is forced to wear and experience baby treatment for whatever reason. I know many people around me say I act like a teenager a lot of the time.
  3. It looks like the area you type in is bigger than it should be.
  4. Strange problem in chat at the moment where it seems the last few lines of chat are cut off below the chat with no way to scroll down to see it.
  5. Having raised the issue in the admin forum, there is no clear log of who deleted the thread nor why they did it. I will send this as a message to the original author as well but I want it to be known that they should feel free to repost the story on the assumption that it somehow disappeared as a result of an accident or mistake on one of our parts. I've had enough people say to that they didn't see any inappropriate content to believe it was an accidental deletion and, as long as it is all above board, the author should feel free to repost the story if he wishes. Apologies for the inconvenience. To clarify a few points... 1. Stories will never be deleted, moved, edited or touched in any way by an admin unless it is to delete inappropriate content or at the request of the author. No story would be flat out removed due to any personal grudges. 2. Admins do keep an eye on as many threads as we can. In this case I was waiting to hear from other admins before making a post about the situation so as to not further confuse things. 3. And finally, the rule is that you can't have minors engaging in sexual activity in a story. Minors in a story are fine as long as it is all kept innocent. If anyone has concerns or worries about a story being inappropriate they should message me or report the story. --- Apologies again to everyone enjoying the story and to @neverdry in particular for the disappearance.
  6. As far as I'm aware as long as the stories do not contain any sexual content it shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Yeah, normally if you want someone else to write you a story you will have to commission it.
  8. My fiancée and fellow forum member @Princess Alice was, yesterday, finally given the go ahead by the surgeon for sexual reassignment surgery! Having worked super hard from the first moment she came out to me three (or four?) years ago, Alice has just one small hurdle of electrolysis to some hair between her and the surgery she has wanted for a long time. It started off with her coming out to me one emotional night. A few days later we headed out to the GPs together to get direction on where to go next. Alice was told about a support group which she joined and the counsellor there helped Alice understand herself. Not long after these sessions started Alice came out to her family and friends. After passing as female full time for a year she was referred to Exeter's gender clinic where, after a few months of assessments, she was prescribed HRT in the form of patches. The last year or so has been a roller coaster as Alice continued passing full time, and adjusted to her new hormone balance. There were (and are) mood swings, there are anxieties and fears... But there are so many positive changes. Alice's breasts continue to develop, her face is softer and rounder, her body has changed and her skin is very smooth. Finally, after a lengthy effort to drop some weight and having ticked every box, Alice was referred to a private hospital where she was recommended for SRS. Yesterday, Alice met with the surgeon and was thoroughly checked over and told that after she has electrolysis done on some hair that needs to be removed, she should contact the hospital who will be ready and willing to operate. All told the surgery will likely be in the next few months. The recovery will be long and painful but we are ready to face it. The last couple of hurdles will soon be overcome. This wouldn't have been possible without the support of friends and family (both hers and mine), the support group that she attended, her work who have been very understanding in allowing her time to make and attend these appointments and also allowing her to work from home during the recovery. And a special big thank you to the NHS. From the specialists who have guided Alice, to the surgeon who will operate, to the nurses who will help with recovery, to the other nurses who ran all the blood tests and hormone checks and to the GPs who have at times gone out of their way to help Alice... The care has been and will continue to be outstanding.
  9. Now it just sounds like a munch. There are plenty around, I suggest checking Fetlife. As for the people dressing up in gimp costumes and stuff like that at these Pride events... Not a fan, keep it in the bedroom thanks
  10. Because a lot of ABDLs don't want to go, quite literally, parading around and exposing themselves as ABDLs. Plus most ABDLs are too spread out to really have one place where you could get a large number together. Besides, why would people parade, I can only imagine that the only people who would come to watch would be to laugh and mock.
  11. It's not over and I apologise for the long absence. In November last year I experienced quite a few setbacks personally. Proposed laws had (and still have) a huge negative impact on me and lead to me shutting down my revenue streams until I have a more certain picture of what is happening. I was deeply, deeply depressed and have since been prescribed both anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills as well as referred for talking therapy. With all this going on my motivation to write died. Whether it was the depression, the pills or a combination of the two, I kept wanting to write but was unable to force myself to actually type. It was a very strange feeling for someone who had spent huge amounts of time writing just beforehand. In the last week or so the motivation as returned a little bit. I have done small amounts of writing here and there (on this story) and I'm really hoping it will keep snowballing so that I can pick up the pace again. I'm very sorry for the lack of updates, I know how stories that die halfway are very frustrating and I don't intend for this to be one of those stories. I just need a little more time in times like this... When I'm feeling great about life I can write thousands of words a day. When I'm not feeling good, I can struggle to write a paragraph in a week. I am doing my best though. The story is not dead, and I still intend on completing it. I'm doing my best to coax my muse back to work and hopefully my creative engine is starting to ramp up again. Trust me when I say I miss Nick and Sarah more than anyone else could!
  12. Thought this sounded familiar: http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/55473-caught-in-diapers-at-the-tiki-bar/#comment-1213884
  13. An impressive clickbait thread title! He wasn't arrested for possession of diaper. He was arrested for breaking and entering as well as stealing.