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  1. This is the sort of story you hear a lot in chat rooms and elsewhere and is almost always someone living out a fantasy. It's to hook people who will play into their fantasy and ask them questions or whatever so that they can get off on it. On the extreme off-chance that it is actually real then it is most certainly child abuse and should be reported as such.
  2. This is a sequel to "Tommy's Tribulations" that can be read here for free: https://www.patreon.com/posts/tommys-complete-26290661 --- Tommy's attempt at annoying his step-mother backfires spectacularly and he faces immediate consequences. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for Tommy? --- This and all my other story updates are available one week earlier than here and other places on my Patreon page. It is thanks to my lovely patrons that I am able to write as much as I do. For $5 patrons can see story updates one week earlier than everyone else whilst $10 patrons get the early access plus access to TWENTY exclusive stories! There are other tiers and rewards available including free short story commissions, commission discounts and more. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to all my patrons: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Adam Y, Sean S, Chris, Mac M, Brandon M, Spaxxs, Paul, Daniel O, Craig G, Steve, LetsMakeAgithaGreatAgain, J Onyx, Dre, Pat M, Sierra C, Kris, Miss X, Raven, Ali T, PF, Georgia C, Joe, Camilo H, Jason M, Seamus B, Jeffrey G, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Phantom Sonic, Vivi L, Mike S, Dr J, Bojack D, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Brandon G, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Jens B, Whatsnot, Justin152, Charles L, Trenton M, Bask25456, MagmaLord, Diapering Daddy, Pierry L, Trish C, Curiosity24, Socratic Pee, ReiofLight, James K, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Eric D, Bruce D, Alice W, Findlay, Bob S, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben F, Steven H --- When Tommy had finished he immediately felt regret and shame about what he had just done. He looked at his father and step-mother and it was hard to tell which one was more shocked by the embarrassingly infantile display. “This is what I mean.” Sandra said as she gestured at Tommy in exasperation and looked at George. “Did he… Did he…” George seemed at a loss for words at what he had just witnessed his son doing. It was less that he had messed himself and more that he had seemingly done it either without control or he purposely waited for Sandra to change him before doing it. “Dad, I…” Tommy wanted to explain himself but his furious step-mother interrupted him. “I had JUST changed him.” Sandra exclaimed in annoyance. “It’s OK, honey.” George replied, “I’ll deal with it.” Tommy watched as his dad walked over to him with purpose. He swallowed in fear at what he was planning to do. “Stand up.” George demanded with a harsh tone. Tommy rolled off the side of his bed in a belated attempt to keep the poop off his skin. He was blushing wildly at how this awful morning was going, the last thing he wanted to do was confirm to his dad everything that Sandra had said. He watched his dad sit down on the side of the bed and wished that he could go back in time five minutes to stop all of this happening. “What’s going on?” Erin’s voice appeared at the doorway. It seemed like she was on her way to her bedroom when she glanced into Tommy’s room. “Oh, great…” Tommy whined petulantly. He wondered if anyone else wanted to wander over and stumble on this horrid scene. “You have no right to complain, little boy.” Tommy’s dad said angrily. He reached out and grabbed Tommy’s wrist to pull him down over his lap. Tommy was already tearing up. Laying across his dad’s lap in a messy diaper for what he assumed was a spanking whilst Sandra and Erin watched was something his mind wouldn’t have come up with in his worst nightmare. Tommy felt the first hard swat on in his rear before he was expecting it and he let out a little yelp. The shock was enough to push him over the edge and he started blubbering as his dad spanked him like an unruly toddler. “I. Did. Not. Raise. You. To. Act. Like. This.” Every single word George said was punctuated by a hard spank that pressed the mushy lump in the back of his diaper against his rear end. It didn’t hurt but the humiliation was more intense than anything Tommy could remember. Tommy didn’t even know when the spanking had ended. He had burst into tears and even after he realised the spanking had ended he laid across his dad’s lap crying. He looked around at the faces of his family members and they all looked back at him with a mixture of pity and disgust. “We ought to leave you in that diaper to teach you a lesson.” George sighed and shook his head, “You get on with your day. I’ll change him.” Sandra looked scandalised as she walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. Tommy’s last view of his step-mother and step-sister were of their shocked faces, they were looking at him as if he had just suddenly grown a second head. “Honestly, what do you hope to achieve by acting like a little brat?” George asked rhetorically as he stood his son up. Tommy could feel his diaper sticking to him as he climbed to his feet and he winced as his own poop acted as a kind of paste to hold the diaper against his skin. It was extremely uncomfortable for the young man who had made a terrible misjudgement in his attempt to get one over on his step-mother. Tommy was still a blubbering wreck as his dad laid him down on the bed and looked at his diaper. Tommy could almost feel the disappointment radiating off of George and he was forced to look away as he quietly sobbed. “Most father’s get to watch their kids playing sports or getting jobs at your age.” George shook his head sadly, “Here I am changing messy diapers.” Tommy sobbed a little harder but had no response for his dad. He had been reduced to a diaper using baby so quickly that he couldn’t even work out how it had happened, his head was spinning as he tried to untangle the mess of the last few weeks. Tommy laid down on his bed and just looked up at his dad in a pathetic way. He didn’t care about the embarrassment any more, he was just desperate for a change. George shook his head and looked like he wanted to be anywhere else in the world as he leaned down and started pulling the tapes off the padding. His face was a mixture of disappointment and disgust and Tommy looked away as he quietly sobbed. Tommy just did his best to pretend none of this was happening. The front of Tommy’s diaper was lowered and the smell instantly got worse. He saw his dad wince and look away as the full extent of Tommy’s accident was revealed to the room. “Dear me…” George sighed as he waved his hand in front of his face. The cleaning process was slow and torturous as the mess was slowly scrubbed off with wet wipes. George grimaced silently through the whole thing and Tommy wasn’t about to start conversation. Tommy realised that he had thrown away the one card he had to get out of his diapers, his chances of convincing his dad to stop all this treatment had been basically ruined by his own idiocy. When Tommy was finally clean of the faeces his dad pulled the old diaper away and balled it up. George opened a window to try and clear the air which was now pungent with the smell of Tommy’s shame. George pulled out a new diaper and opened it with a loud crinkling. “I wouldn’t have believed you could act like this if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.” George shook his head as he lifted Tommy’s legs and slipped the diaper underneath him, “When Sandra told me what she had been doing… Well, I guess she knew what she was doing the whole time.” “I’m sorry, dad.” Tommy sniffed tearfully, “I don’t need all this though… I really don’t!” George let out a bark of a laugh as he pulled up the front of the diaper and taped it closed. It seemed like the idea that Tommy didn’t need his padding was a great joke to the rest of his family. Tommy could hardly blame them with his recent actions. When the diaper was finally taped up George stood up and shook his head at his son. He picked up the messy diaper that had been balled up on the floor and held it as far from himself as possible, he looked at it with disgust. “I’m going to get rid of this.” George said, “Try not to make a mess before dinner, OK?” Tommy nodded his head at his father even as he blushed furiously. He watched his dad leave before slowly sitting up and hearing the crinkle from his waist. He wiped his face of the tears that had stained it before working out what to do with the day. After the scene he had caused during his change the last thing he wanted to do was go downstairs and face the rest of his family. When he had finally summoned up the energy he got up and walked to his computer, he didn’t bother covering his diaper up. Tommy grabbed the cola that was always kept in the room and started drinking. The sugary taste gave him some relief from the relentless negativity that had been swirling around him. As Tommy daydreamed and stared out of the window he heard a small ding come through his speakers, he instantly recognised the noise as being his instant messenger notifying him of a new message. “Yo, Tommy!” The screen read. It was Tommy’s friend Rob who Tommy usually spent a lot of time with. They were virtually inseparable at school and even during time off they usually hung out together a lot. “Hi.” Tommy replied simply. He really didn’t want to be talking to anyone right now but he hadn’t spoken to his best friend in a while. “Jesus, dude. Have you been ignoring me?” Rob asked, “You’ve been like a ghost.” “Sorry.” Tommy replied. He wasn’t feeling very talkative after everything that had happened, “Been busy.” “Do you want to hang out?” Rob asked, “Come over, play some video games… Maybe some football?” “I can’t.” Tommy replied quickly, “I’m busy… I have to go shopping with my mom.” “Really?” Rob didn’t sound too convinced. Tommy didn’t blame him since it was such a lame excuse for a man to make. Tommy wasn’t sure how best to respond to his friend’s scepticism and he panicked. Not knowing what else to say he just right-clicked on the chat window and signed out immediately. He felt his diaper between his legs and almost subconsciously put his hand to it. He could feel his heart racing and he knew that his absence was being noticed by his friends, he wouldn’t be able to keep things hidden forever and sooner or later he would be found out. The thought of that moment terrified him. Tommy sat on his computer for a few hours playing games and wondering if he had any hope of ending this diapered nightmare anytime. It seemed like he had never been further away from getting out of diapers than at this very moment. When Tommy stood up to stretch he looked over to his bedroom door and saw a folded over piece of paper laying on the carpet underneath his door. It didn’t look like it was there by accident and Tommy slowly waddled over to it. As he moved he felt a feeling of fullness in his bladder and saw no reason not to just let go. He wasn’t allowed to go to the toilet and wasn’t even expected to go ask someone for permission to go to the bathroom. Tommy stood still and closed his eyes. He was prepared to wait for a little bit before he could start wetting but he surprised himself by wetting almost immediately. The hot urine spurted against the padding before becoming a steady stream. The padding greedily soaked up the liquid as it cascaded down between his legs and settled in the bottom of the diaper. All the cola Tommy had drunk spilled out of him as he soaked his padding and shivered slightly at the spreading heat. When the accident finally ended Tommy briefly stood in place and fretted over the ease with which he wet himself. A consequence of long term wearing that he might have overlooked until now was that he was finding it worryingly easy to wet himself. He wondered if there was a risk of losing his potty training, he shuddered to think that he might one day be no better at keeping himself clean than a baby. Shaking the thought out of his head Tommy walked to his door and picked up the paper. Tommy was correct in thinking that the paper was out of place because when he unfolded it he recognised his sister’s handwriting. It wasn’t hard to work out since the writing was in pink with little hearts dotting the “I”’s. “I still have those pictures.” The note read, “I hope you’re ready for some fun and games.” Tommy read the two lines of writing about five times as his anger escalated. He eventually sat back on the edge of his bed and crushed the little note up in his fists. Throwing the balled up paper to the side he felt his face flush as warm as the wet diaper between his thighs rested against him. As if everything else wasn’t bad enough he now remembered the pictures his step-sister had of him. He knew he couldn’t do anything she didn’t want unless he could get rid of those photos and since he had been told they weren’t even stored in the house he knew his chances of getting to them were slim to none. It was just another nail in Tommy’s coffin. It was another circumstance tying him to this life of diapers. He had so many things to overcome he was starting to think it was impossible.
  3. Sounds like you're lucky your wife is that forgiving. To lie to your wife and tell her you need diapers when you didn't... Well, it's not something I'd suggest anyone do.
  4. Wearing nappies discreetly in public? Fine. I do it all the time. Wearing SLIGHTLY childish clothes? Not a problem. Any kind of nappy exposing, pacifiers, bottles or actions that make it obvious you are ABDL? Problem.
  5. Jackson has found himself to be an unwilling volunteer in a strange place. His first thought is to get away but that is easier said than done and the white-coated men in the room seem determined to make him fulfil his duties as a test subject. Once he is dressed and subdued Jackson finds himself strapped to a chair for a feeding he isn't likely to forget. --- This story, like all my other ones, has been available on my Patreon page for the last week. The lovely people who pledge at the $5 level get to see all my public story updates one week before anyone else and those at the $10 tier also get acces to TWENTY exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available and they can all be found on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I wish to give a big thank you to all of my beautiful patrons: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Mac M, Brandon M, Spaxxs, Paul, Daniel O, Craig G, Steve, LetsMakeAgithaGreatAgain, J Onyx, Dre, Pat M, Sierra C, Kris, Miss X, Raven, Ali T, PF, Georgia C, Joe, Camilo H, Jason M, Seamus B, Jeffrey G, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Phantom Sonic, Vivi L, Mike S, Dr J, Bojack D, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Brandon G, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Jens B, Whatsnot, Justin152, Charles L, Trenton M, Bask25456, MagmaLord, Diapering Daddy, Pierry L, Trish C, Curiosity24, Peter C, ReiofLight, James K, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Eric D, Bruce D, Alice W, Bob S, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben F, Steven H --- Jackson saw a man with slightly greying hair standing in a pristine lab coat. He had two pens in a pocket over his chest and a clipboard in his hand. He was smiling towards Jackson but his hold on the younger man’s shoulder was strong and menacing. “I… I want to go home.” Jackson said timidly, “I changed my mind.” “I’m afraid that’s not possible.” The man said, “I’m Dr. Carter and I’m in charge of this process.” “N-Not possible?” Jackson repeated. “If you would like to come this way.” Dr. Carter indicated another area of the room. Jackson looked over to see the padded table with more people in white coats around them. Jackson felt a wave of panic washing over himself and he quickly shook his head. He turned back to the door and started hammering on it, he felt Dr. Carter’s grip wrestling with him. Jackson tried to push the doctor away but he couldn’t and he soon felt more hands grabbing at his arms, he looked around to see more of the scientists trying to restrain him. “Help!” Jackson called out desperately to no one in particular, “Help!” Jackson was yanked backwards and lost his balance. The scientists held his arms tightly and pulled him through the room and away from the door. Jackson struggled and yelled but it was clear that either no one could hear him or no one cared to come and help. He felt panic as he was lifted up, he could feel something solid behind him that his legs banged against. He was lifted up and forced on to his back on top of the long padded table. “Stop!” Jackson yelled as he struggled and pulled against the people holding him down. The scientists weren’t listening and even when Jackson connected with one of his feet against an older white coated man it did little to help him. He was severely outnumbered and he would never be able to shake them all off. The question still remained: What did these people want from him? “Undress him.” Dr. Carter yelled over the general tumult. “Undress!? What!?” Jackson’s eyes went wide, “Let me go!” Jackson’s shoes were pulled away and he felt his shirt getting unbuttoned. He continued to thrash and try to stop this embarrassing process but he could do little against all the scientists. Jackson looked up at all the faces as they diligently worked to undress him, he felt his shirt get pulled away and his bare skin hit the cold padding of the table. Jackson didn’t get a chance to catch his breath before his pants were loosened and pulled down. He was left in just his boxer shorts, his face was red from embarrassment and his eyes felt very watery. He was beyond resisting as he mumbled desperate pleadings to the people holding him against the table. “Please… I’ll give you money or… Whatever you want! Just let me go…” Jackson said as he fought to stop the sobbing that seemed inevitable, “This is illegal!” As Jackson looked up at Dr. Carter with desperate and hopeful eyes he felt a sudden yank on his underwear. He gasped as he was unceremoniously relieved of the last of his clothing and left completely naked. It was too much for Jackson and he was terrified of what these people had planned for him. He started sobbing as the tears fell down his cheeks, he pulled against the scientists again but was even less effective in resistance than when he had been fully clothed. “Strap him down.” Dr. Carter instructed. Jackson barely had time to register what he had just heard when he felt leather being wrapped around his wrists and ankles. The cuffs were pulled tight and when he finally felt the scientists let go he was still trapped against the padding. He pulled desperately against the bonds but found them strong and resolute. Jackson could hardly believe that he was completely naked. Everything had happened so quickly and now he was looking around as the white coated scientists gathered things from nearby. The young man pulled and pulled but couldn’t do anything to get free, he was stuck to the table and shivering slightly. The scientists started returning to the table and Dr. Carter was holding a small plastic bag. Jackson wasn’t sure whether all these people coming back towards him was good or not, he pulled against the straps again but it was futile. He was sobbing slightly and the tears made it harder to see exactly what was being brought over to him. The plastic bag was put down on the corner of the table next to one of Jackson’s feet. The trapped man heard the bag open up and saw a mostly white rectangle get lifted out, he didn’t immediately know what he was looking at. The rectangle was large and soft with colours all over it, as Jackson tried to work out what he was seeing he saw Dr. Carter unfold the rectangle. “Is… Is that a…” Jackson squinted but still couldn’t believe what he thought he was seeing. The item was placed between Jackson’s open legs and he felt a couple of scientists lifting his hips slightly off the table. When he was lowered back down he felt extra padding underneath him, Jackson finally knew that he had been correct. These people were putting him into a diaper! A bottle of baby powder was opened and Jackson felt his crotch getting sprinkled by it like snow. He was in shock at how quickly all this was happening, it was just a couple of minutes ago that he had been sitting in the lobby, what he wouldn’t give to go back to then and hurriedly run from this horrid place. The front of the diaper was lifted up between Jackson’s legs and he felt the soft padding push against his skin. He could feel his most sensitive organ getting surrounded by the warm diaper as it was smoothed out on the front of his body. “Stop it!” Jackson yelled. He wanted to sound angry and indignant but he only managed petulant sulking, “I’ll sue you all for everything you’ve got!” “You signed the release forms, Jackson.” Dr. Carter said drily as he wrote some things down on his clipboard, “We have legal authority to continue the trial unless your health is in danger.” Jackson shook his head as he felt the sides of the diaper get tucked in and then felt tapes press against the landing strip on the front. He sobbed as he saw the scientist step away leaving the diaper tightly taped around his waist. “We are testing a new type of treatment for delinquent young adults.” Dr. Carter spoke as if this was all entirely normally, “A new type of therapy that is designed to allow for retraining.” “I’m not a delinquent!” Jackson yelled out, “I’m normal!” “You’ve volunteered to test everything.” Dr. Carter said patiently, “It was all in the forms. You did read them, right?” “I…” Jackson chastised himself for not looking through all the paperwork he had signed. In his worst nightmare he hadn’t expected something like this, “W-What about my parents!? I was told they’d be called?” “And indeed they have been.” Dr. Carter said with a wry smile, “We explained where you are and why you’re here. We told them what you had volunteered for and they seemed very happy.” “Happy!?” Jackson repeated incredulously, “You’re lying!” “They said they were pleased you had found some work and hoped it would lead to something more permanent. We’ll be talking to them more soon I assure you.” Dr. Carter continued, “So how about you calm down and let us continue the testing?” Jackson struggled against the straps again but couldn’t do anything to get away. He felt useless and stupid, he had got himself into a real predicament and he was entirely unable to get himself back out of it. He eventually fell limp and sobbed harder, he didn’t see Dr. Carter as he indicated to some of the bigger scientists to undo the straps. Jackson was surprised when he was lifted up but his resistance was a lot weaker now that he had tired himself out. “I’ve changed my mind…” Jackson said quietly. He had almost given up trying to escape already, he was just too outnumbered and outmatched. “Too bad.” Dr. Carter replied sharply. Jackson was dragged across the room by the scientists. He had one scientist grabbing each of his arms and his heels dragged along the carpet. Jackson was resolutely looking down at the diaper he was now wearing, the white plastic was covered intermittently with cute little images of cartoon babies playing with building blocks and toy cars. It looked just like the type of diaper an actual baby would wear and Jackson blushed as he felt the thick padding separating his thighs. Jackson was being pulled backwards and he didn’t know where he was being taken. The changing table moved away from him as he was pulled roughly towards an unknown fate. They were almost all the way across the large hall when Jackson felt his back gently rest against something plastic. Before Jackson could try to regain his balance or anything he felt himself get yanked off the floor. He briefly went into the air before his padded butt landed heavily on a padded chair. The scientists were clearly well drilled and this didn’t seem to be the first time they had done all this. Jackson was quickly grabbed and pulled backwards so that his spine was pushed against the back of the chair. He felt leather being pulled across his chest and tightened until he was worried he wouldn’t be able to breath. Jackson was shaking slightly as he watched more leather restraints go around his wrists and ankles. By the time the scientists stepped back Jackson was tied to the chair at several points and unable to move, he looked up at the people around him with fear. “Let me go!” Jackson suddenly yelled, “You can’t just do this!” “We can.” Dr. Carter calmly replied, “This will be a lot easier for everyone if you stop trying to resist.” “To Hell with you!” Jackson spat out. “Bring the food over.” Dr. Carter called out with a disappointed shake of his head. Jackson looked out of panicked eyes to see two tall metal poles being wheeled in his direction. Hanging from the top of the poles were two bags, one was filled with a white liquid and the other a brown mush. A long tube came down from both bags and swayed as they were brought over. Jackson looked at these new horrors fearfully and pulled against his leather restraints without being able to loosen them. One pole was left either side of Jackson’s highchair and the young man looked at each side unsure of what to do. He was muttering pleadingly to be let go but the doctors seemed unmoved. The Tube hooked up to the bag of brown mush was raised in front of Jackson and pushed towards his mouth. Jackson immediately clamped his mouth tightly closed and turned his head away, he didn’t know what they were trying to feed him but he was sure it was stuff he didn’t want in his body. “Come on, Jackson.” Dr. Carter gently encouraged as he made notes on the clipboard, “It has all the nutrients you need.” Jackson wanted to tell the doctor where he could stick the apparently nutritious food but he resisted the urge and kept his mouth tightly closed. The doctor holding the feeding tube tried to force it between Jackson’s lips but he steadfastly refused to give in, even when the tube banged against his teeth did he refuse. Jackson was tiring himself out with all this resistance and his futile effort to get off the chair was starting to exhaust his energy resources. He had his eyes closed as he screwed up his face as much as he could to stop the scientists around him being able to use him as a guinea pig. Very suddenly Jackson felt two fingers close around his nose. The fingers pinched his nostrils shut and his eyes flew open in alarm, he knew exactly what the doctors were trying to do and he couldn’t resist for long. Jackson tried to pull his head away but he couldn’t, his need for air became desperate and finally his mouth opened with a gasp as he filled his lungs with fresh oxygen. Unfortunately for Jackson his lungs weren’t the only things that were filled as the tube leading to the food was pushed into the young man’s mouth. Jackson felt the tube go almost to his throat and he mumbled around it urgently. He watched as one of the doctors adjusted a little valve at the bottom of the bag and then the food started flowing down and towards Jackson. Jackson shook his head but he couldn’t shake the tube away. The brown mush pushed inexorably closer to the young man who could do nothing but wait for the horrid slop to drop on to his tongue. Eventually the food started exiting the tube and Jackson had to start swallowing so that it didn’t drown him. He moaned and whined as much as he could but he soon had to start reflexively swallowing despite the horrible taste. Once it became clear that Jackson was swallowing the food without issue the doctors walked away. To other parts of the room where they were setting things up, Jackson couldn’t concentrate on what they were doing though, his entire attention was on his problems with the food. It seemed to never end and Jackson swallowed mouthful after mouthful without getting a break. The bland taste soon seemed to coat Jackson’s whole mouth, it felt like he would never be able to taste anything else. It felt like Jackson’s stomach was bulging out as it expanded to fit the huge amount of food. Jackson’s belly bulged against the tray of the highchair and just as he thought he was going to explode the food suddenly stopped. Jackson, whose eyes had been closed, looked down to the tube and saw only the remnants of food which hadn’t been pushed all the way through. He panted as he felt the churning of his tummy as it struggled with everything that had just entered it. “Are you going to be a good boy and let me give you your drink without trouble?” Dr. Carter asked a minute later as he walked back over to the highchair. Jackson hated the man in front of him and he shook his head causing tears to roll down his cheeks. “That’s a shame.” Dr. Carter said, “I’ll leave you here for an hour and we’ll see if you’ve changed your mind.” Jackson’s eyes went wide and he struggled again as Dr. Carter started to turn around. Before the scientist had taken a step Jackson urgently mumbled around the tube in his mouth, the doctor turned around and looked back at the diapered man. Jackson sighed sadly and slowly nodded his head indicating that he would do as he was told. He was so tired and so full, he just wanted this to be over with as soon as possible. He watched Dr. Carter smile at him and then gasped in relief as the tube was pulled out of his mouth. He wanted to beg for release but he didn’t, he knew the doctor wanted him to remain quiet and he just didn’t have the energy to put up a fight. As the tube that led to the milk was held up Jackson reluctantly opened his mouth. He hated the way the doctor smiled at his compliance but he was in no position to resist. Jackson’s stomach was swollen and bloated, he felt like his belly had doubled in size even though he knew that was impossible, he could feel himself pressing against the plastic tray in front of him. Jackson winced as the new tube was pushed into his mouth. It was securely held in place as Dr. Carter adjusted something up near the bag causing milk to start running down and into the young man’s mouth. At least the sweet tasting milk washed away the bitter taste of the baby food, it actually tasted very nice but Jackson’s already full tummy quickly began to groan as he was forced to swallow every time his mouth filled with liquid. The milk kept coming until Jackson was sure he couldn’t drink anymore. When he swallowed and felt only air he thanked whatever spirits were above him that this force feeding was at an end. Jackson felt the tube get removed from his mouth and two of the white coated doctor’s walked over to remove the feeding equipment. Jackson was panting and as he looked down he was shocked at his belly, it almost looked like he was pregnant! Dr. Carter took some notes and prodded Jackson’s belly causing the young man to exclaim loudly. Once he had finished scribbling on his clipboard Dr. Carter simply turned and walked away. Jackson watched him go with apprehension, if he was left alone there would be no one to let him out of this chair. “W-Where are you going?” Jackson asked weakly. He let out a very milky tasting burp. Dr. Carter didn’t respond or make any sign that he had even heard what Jackson said. He walked over to the door and simply stepped out, the other doctors followed until Jackson was sure he was the only one in the room although without being able to turn around completely he couldn’t be sure. “Come back!” Jackson yelled as loudly as he could whilst his whole body complained about everything it had taken in, “You need to let me out!”
  6. This is a sequel to "Tommy's Tribulations" that can be read here for free: https://www.patreon.com/posts/tommys-complete-26290661 --- Tommy's problems have only just started and after his father finally returns home he realises that his problems with diapers are only just beginning. As bad as the diaper punishment has been it seems to be even worse with his dad back home and witnessing it. In frustration he does something he quickly regrets. --- This and all my other story updates are available one week earlier than here and other places on my Patreon page. It is thanks to my lovely patrons that I am able to write as much as I do. For $5 patrons can see story updates one week earlier than everyone else whilst $10 patrons get the early access plus access to TWENTY exclusive stories! There are other tiers and rewards available including free short story commissions, commission discounts and more. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to all my patrons: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Brandon M, Spaxxs, Paul, Daniel O, Craig G, Steve, LetsMakeAgithaGreatAgain, C Dom, J Onyx, Dre, Pat M, Sierra C, Kriss, Miss X, Raven, Ali T, PF, Georgia C, Joe, Camilo H, Jason M, Seamus B, Jeffrey G, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Phantom Sonic, Vivi L, Mike S, Dr J, Bojack D, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Brandon G, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Jens B, Whatsnot, Justin152, Charles L, Trenton M, Bask25456, MagmaLord, Diapering Daddy, Pierry L, Trish C, Curiosity24, Peter C, ReiofLight, James K, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Eric D, Bruce D, Alice W, Bob S, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben F, Steven H --- Tommy’s Tribulations 2 By Elfy Tommy sat on his bed in stunned silence. His father, George, had finally come home a few hours ago and his hopes had died when George had sided with his mother and step-sister. His diaper was dry and clean after being brought in and changed by Sandra, he had been left in the sandbox for an hour before he was brought in. He had been ushered straight up to his bedroom and showered before a new diaper was taped around his waist. He hadn’t moved from his bed since Sandra had left the room. Shock had taken a hold of Tommy and he was only briefly brought out of his stupor when he heard laughter from downstairs. The rest of the family seemed to be having a great time. It felt like a kick in the face for Tommy. The sun was setting outside the bedroom window and Tommy put on a shirt as the hot summer afternoon grew cooler. He didn’t bother covering the diaper, there just seemed to be no point in trying to keep his dignity anymore. Tommy wondered if he should just give in to the inevitable. His family were determined to see him use his diapers so maybe he should just do it. Tommy thought about his friends whom he had been ignoring for so long and felt so incredibly upset, what would they say if they could see him like this. He quickly wiped the tears away with his shirt. “Busy day, huh?” Erin’s voice came from the open doorway. She was leaning against the door frame and looking pretty happy with herself. Tommy hadn’t even known she had come upstairs. Tommy didn’t reply or try to cover himself up. He looked at his step-sister without expression and wondered what she wanted. If it was to humiliate him he just had nothing left, he was defeated. “What… What do you want?” Tommy croaked through a throat that hadn’t been used in a few hours. “Oh, I was just coming up to use the bathroom.” Erin smirked, “Remember that?” Tommy took a deep breath and stood up from his bed. He walked towards Erin who backed off slightly and warned her step-brother not to touch her or she’d get him in trouble. Tommy just took hold of the door and closed it to block his step-sister from sight before heading back to his bed. His ears had become so desensitised to the crinkling from his waist that he barely registered how loud he was. When Tommy was called down to dinner that evening he was the last one to walk into the dining room. There was an awkward silence amongst everyone and even though Tommy had covered himself up with some pants it was acutely obvious that he was in a diaper. Tommy ate in silence as the rest of the family talked to each other about George’s trip to Japan. The dinner tasted incredibly bland to Tommy who wanted nothing more than to get this whole thing over with so he could retreat upstairs. “It sounds like you had just as much of an adventure back here.” George chuckled as he ate. Tommy looked up at his father for the first time since sitting down for dinner and scowled. Tommy didn’t want the conversation to turn towards himself but he was powerless to stop it from happening. “Well Tommy started…” Sandra began. “May I be excused?” Tommy immediately interrupted. “Tommy, mind your manners.” George replied sternly, “Don’t interrupt your mother.” “She’s not my mother.” Tommy mumbled as he turned back to his food. “As I was saying… Tommy started having trouble and it quickly escalated.” Sandra eyes flicked to Tommy several times and he felt himself blushing, “The doctor said there was nothing wrong and yet he started wetting himself more and more. Then there was the messing which soon followed…” Tommy had finished dinner already and he just sat back in his seat looking down at the floor. He would’ve done anything to just slip away from the table unnoticed. “I think the diapers were a great idea.” George said as he sipped from his drink, “If he was as lazy as you say then he has to learn the consequences.” “I’m not lazy!” Tommy hit the table with his fists causing the cutlery to rattle around on the table. “See what I mean?” Sandra rolled her eyes as she looked at George, “He’s been having tantrums and-” Tommy could listen to no more and he jumped to his feet. He turned away from the table and with a noticeable waddle he headed back upstairs despite the calls from his family to come back and sit down. He stomped up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door, he could stand no more of his family talking as if he wasn’t there. After a couple of hours on the computer where his anger never abated he heard a knock on his door. He ignored it thinking that maybe the person on the other side would assume he had gone to bed but he was frustrated yet again when his door was opened with no care for his privacy. “Get out of-” Tommy stopped talking when he saw that it was his father who was standing in the doorway, “What do you want?” “Your mother says it’s time for bed.” George said after clearing his throat. He was looking at the floor and the bed, pretty much anywhere that wasn’t his son. “I can’t believe you’re taking her side.” Tommy hissed as he stood up and walked noisily to the bed. The fact that his father was embarrassed to look at him made him feel ten times worse. “I’m not taking sides.” George said raising his hands as a sign of peace, “You’ve had a problem and we’re just trying to help you.” “Whatever.” Tommy replied in a surly voice as he dropped into bed whist still wearing his pants. He expected his dad to leave the room but there didn’t seem to be any movement. Tommy rolled over to look at George as if to ask what he was waiting for. “Your mother says you need to be checked before going to bed…” George said slowly. “I’m dry.” Tommy replied as he felt his heart skip a beat. He really didn’t want his father to check him. “I have to check.” George shrugged his shoulders as if to say he was just following orders. Tommy was red in the face again and he pulled his cover back slowly. He closed his eyes and just wished for this all to be over. He could feel the air move as George walked closer to the bed and lean down. A hand pulled forward the waistband of Tommy’s pants and he felt a large hand reach down and pat the diaper. Tommy hadn’t been lying, he was still dry and the padding was completely clean. He wondered how long his dad needed to work out that he didn’t need a change because it felt like much longer than necessary. “Just like when you were a baby.” George chuckled, “The checking I mean. You never liked me or your mom checking you, some things never change I guess.” Tommy felt his face going redder but he didn’t say anything. He looked away from his dad and was happy when he finally removed his hand from Tommy’s diaper. With watering eyes he felt his pants’ waistband rest against his belly again, his cover was pulled up and over him. “I’ll see you in the morning.” George said. “Dad!” Tommy stopped his father just as he was walking out of the room, “This isn’t needed. I don’t need to wear diapers or anything. Please, please, please stop this and let things go back to normal.” “We’ll see.” George eventually said as he closed the door. He didn’t sound very convinced and as the door closed Tommy laid back on his pillows and covered his face in frustration. --- The next day Tommy was woken by the sounds of chirping birds. He felt groggy as he slowly sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes, he fought back a yawn and casually reached under his cover to where his diaper was. He placed his hand on the outside and was unsurprised to feel that it had swollen considerably in the night. Tommy’s first reaction was one of depressed resignation. He was in diapers full time now and seemingly had no control of himself through the night, it was no longer a shock to find out he had wet himself. In fact it was now something everyone expected of him and since the toilet was completely off limits to Tommy he knew it was something he would have to get used to. The thought of getting used to using his diaper completely made a cold shiver run down his spine. “I can’t accept this…” Tommy muttered to himself as he looked down to his diaper. Tommy suddenly felt an anger flare up inside of him. A determination to not just sit back and accept everything flickered to life and he became determined to fight for his rights to use the bathroom. He had no real idea how he would actually do anything to help his position but he knew he had to find a way, the path he was on was not one he wanted. “Mom says it’s time for breakfast.” Erin’s voice shouted through the closed door. Tommy had been waiting for someone to come in and change his diaper but it didn’t look like he could expect that any time soon. Was he supposed to just go downstairs in his diaper? Tommy hated that as time went on it seemed perfectly normal to his family for him to have his embarrassing underpants on display. Tommy stood up and decided that the first part of fighting against this new status quo was to put on some pants and give himself some dignity. Reaching into his closet for a pair of loosely fitting pants Tommy stepped into them and pulled them up. They were quite snug around his diaper and the bulge was noticeable but it was a start. Tommy walked downstairs slowly and heard his diaper crinkle with each step. The wet padding had caused the diaper to expand and Tommy knew he was noticeably waddling. He could hear the rest of his family in the dining room already and when he walked into the room he saw heads swivel his way. There was silence for a few seconds as Tommy stood in the entrance awkwardly. Erin’s face had lit up as soon as she saw Tommy and she could finally contain her giggles no longer. Tommy blushed, he looked down and wondered if the diaper was really that obvious. The giggling spread to the other members of the family as well. “Come on, Tommy.” Sandra said when she had got her giggling under control, “There’s no need for the modesty. Take the pants off so it’s easier to keep an eye on your diaper.” “I’d rather keep them on.” Tommy replied quietly. “Tommy!” It was Tommy’s dad this time and his tone of voice suggested he wasn’t playing games, “Do as your mother asks.” Tommy muttered his oft repeated and always ignored comeback that Sandra wasn’t his mother but he bent over and slowly pulled his pants down anyway. His tiny show of defiance had been laughed at and beaten with ease, he felt even worse now than he did before. “You are soaked!” George exclaimed when he saw the state of the diaper that Tommy was standing in. “This is why he has the thickest diapers I could find.” Sandra said as she drank some of her coffee. Tommy was blushing but took his seat opposite his step-sister and picked up his spoon. His cereal didn’t look appetising but he knew he should try to eat something, he tried to ignore the looks he was getting from each of his family members but it wasn’t easy. Breakfast was a quiet experience which pleased Tommy a lot. Since he had been the last to come down for his cereal he was also the last to finish and although the rest of the family were quietly conversing Tommy got up and made a move to leave the table. “Are you going to be pooping yourself any time soon?” Sandra’s voice called to Tommy’s retreating back. Tommy stopped dead as if he had suddenly stepped in cement. He heard his step-sister snort with laughter as his mother asked him the embarrassing question. He slowly shook his head as his face flushed red. “Then someone will be up to change you in a minute.” Sandra continued. Tommy tried to keep his cool but ended up running out of the room as fast as his legs would take him. He didn’t stop until he was back in his room, he hated being asked questions like that. They won’t let him use the bathroom so of course he will eventually fill his diaper. Everyone knew it would happen but asking a question about it so blatantly was just rubbing salt into the wound. Tommy had only been in his room for a couple of minutes when Sandra invited herself in without bothering to knock. She walked straight over to Tommy who was stood by the window and reached down with her hand to prod and poke Tommy’s diaper. It was completely unnecessary since it was obvious that Tommy was soaked but she seemed determined to do everything by the book and that included the mandatory prodding of the soaked padding. Tommy just stood still and let his step-mother do it, he knew anything he did to hinder the process would just make it take more time. Sandra didn’t bother to tell Tommy to go and lay down on the bed. When her hands stopped checking Tommy he walked to the bed by himself and laid down in the prescribed way. He stared resolutely up at the ceiling as the tapes were pulled off the diaper and the front was lowered. “You really did a number on this one.” Sandra commented unnecessarily as she pulled the wipes out from under the bed and started to wipe her step-son’s crotch. Tommy didn’t reply but he did have one burning question that he didn’t know if he should ask. He let Sandra pull the wet diaper out from under him before unfolding a new one and getting ready to slip it under Tommy’s body. When Tommy didn’t immediately lift his rear end up to let the diaper underneath him Sandra grabbed his legs and unceremoniously lifted them up herself. When Tommy was lowered on to the new diaper he finally found the courage to ask his burning question. “How did you convince dad to let you do all this?” Tommy asked quietly as baby powder was liberally sprinkled on top of his crotch. “How did I convince him?” Sandra repeated with a chuckle, “Tommy, you did all the convincing yourself. Wetting the bed, wetting your pants, pooping yourself and acting like a brat since he left… I just told him the truth and he agreed that you needed to be taught a lesson.” Tommy didn’t say any more. He just let Sandra pull up the front of the diaper and tape it closed. He felt angry that although everything Sandra said was true, it omitted a lot of details that explained some of his actions. He felt himself growing frustrated and just as the third of four tapes was placed he came up with an idea that he thought would be a great way to get one over on his step-mom. Without even giving it a second thought and just giving in to his rash first thought he pushed down with his tummy muscles. He didn’t really feel the need to go to the bathroom but if Sandra was going to humiliate him then the least he could do is make her job harder than it had to be. “What are you… Oh my God!” Sandra suddenly realised what Tommy was doing. Tommy screwed up his face as he pushed and after the loud sound of breaking wind he felt a soft mushy explosion as he filled his diaper. The poop seemed to burst out of him and into the padding, once he started he couldn’t stop it and his bowels decided to take the opportunity to fill the diaper. “What’s all the shouting about?” George asked as he pushed open the door. He looked at the scene in front of him and looked suitably shocked. No one said anything as Tommy pushed again to finish emptying his bowels. Just for good measure his bladder released just as he was finishing and the hot urine poured out of him and pooled around the bottom of the diaper. By the time Tommy was done using the padding he had made the previously pristine diaper even worse than the one that had just been taken off.
  7. How would you respond to the suggestion that we already have trade deals with all these countries and that by leaving the EU we will have to renegotiate all of them from a m,uch worse position. There is already a lot of noise that the NHS will be up for privatisation for any deal to happen with the USA. I think the idea that the world is eager to trade with us is not really based on reality... If they were we would have signed more post-Brexit deals than we currently have, surely? What seems more likely is countries around the world are licking their lips and looking forwards to getting their hands on us. We will be negotiating from a position of desperation and weakness. Also I would ask if when you voted leave in 2016 did you do so under the assumption that "No Deal" would follow? I ask because prior to the referendum there didn't seem to be any talk of that happening. Nor has there been much said at the true costs of it... Not even Mr. Farage is clear on what WTO Brexit means, in fact he isn't really clear on anything at all. The big problem I have with the Brexit Party is that their leader is basically a dictator and they have absolutely no manifesto. That's really scary, especially when combined with their right wing views. I honestly believe that if they got into any kind of power it would be the beginning of the end of democracy in our country, the breakdown of the welfare net and also the Union. Populism is a real blight on modern day politics and it makes me sad that the UK is succumbing to it. PS. You should use capital letters for EU, disagreement doesn't mean rules of grammar don't apply
  8. Obviously this is for all our EU members! I did something I didn't expect I would have to do today and voted (postal vote) in the 2019 Euro Elections. After the referendum in 2016 I had assumed that I wouldn't be here doing this but here I am! I am strongly pro-Europe for a lot of reasons and always have been. If there is a second referendum I would vote "Remain", if we leave and an opportunity to get out of the country came up I would grab it with both hands. I've always voted Labour but today I voted Liberal Democrat. I can't vote for the alt-right fascists on the right and I would never vote Tory. Labour is my home usually and I agree with a lot of their policies but on Europe they have been abysmal since 2016. They've been almost as bad as the Conservatives in regard to the Brexit farce and I cannot support the fence sitting. I'm happy to vote for the pro-Remain Liberal Democrats who are centrist, open and tolerant. What about everyone else? Who are you voting for/Who did you vote for? Since we are all over Europe and have lots of different parties try to say what the party you voted for believe in or do.
  9. It's possible and was rumoured it would be announced to happen in the UK last year but the Government said they had no plans regarding disposable nappies.
  10. If you're writing a story why are you asking what will happen? In the world of your story you are god... Do whatever you want!
  11. Sounds bloody horrible to be honest.