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  1. So the World Cup has finally come to an end with two semi-finals and the final itself. @WeaselDiaperBoy's France 1-0 @Mcraft's Uruguay France were just able to edge this encounter thanks to defender Samuel Umtiti's early goal. France booked a final and a chance to win their second World Cup. @Firefly 35's Croatia 2-1 @Dubious's England England were in their first semi-final since 1990 and got off to a fantastic start when full back Kieran Trippier scored directly from a free kick with just five minutes played. The England fans were already dreaming of Moscow. A goal in the 68th minute from Ivan Perisic sent the game to extra time and it looked clear that England were beginning to struggle. They were made to pay in extra time when Mario Mandzukic latched on to a defensive error and fired the ball home to break English hearts and end quite a trip for the English. It was quite a strange World Cup for a youthful England team. They showed a lot of promise but came up short each time they faced a team of equal stature to them, it's a good base for this team to launch from and hopefully the team will improve over the coming years. And on to the final! @WeaselDiaperBoy's France 4-2 @Firefly 35's Croatia Croatia were clear and definite underdogs here as they played their first World Cup final. They got off to the worse start as well when a French free kick in the 17th minute resulted in Mario Mandzukic flicking the ball into his own net and giving the French the lead. Croatia levelled the game in the 27th minute when France failed to clear their lines following a free kick and Ivan Perisic brought the ball down and blasted it into the goal. France regained the lead in the 38th minute when Croatia's goal scorer was judged to have handled the ball in the penalty box. Antoinne Griezmann stepped up for France and converted the penalty to give Les Bleu a lead going into half time. Croatia were piling on the pressure at the start of the second half but it lead to a France counter-attack. Kylian M'Bappe brought the ball down the pitch and his cross eventually found Paul Pogba. The erratic French midfielder had his first shot blocked before his second was curled home brilliantly to make it 3-1. Provider turned goalscorer in the 65th minute as Kylian M'Bappe scored with a rocket from outside the area. This made the score 4-1 and France had their hands on the trophy already. Croatia were given a lifeline in the 69th minute when France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris got to casual with the ball and was tackled by Mario Mandzukic with the ball deflecting into the goal. It was the final goal of the game though and the plucky minnows Croatia fell at the last hurdle. Their achievements at the World Cup were phenomenal and there is no shame losing to this France team who are now confirmed as the best in the world! Congratulations to @WeaselDiaperBoy who won the sweepstakes by drawing a team that, although given a good chance of victory, were not favourites. I will be sending you a message in a few moments to confirm the £25 prize and what you want to do with it As a few extra little pieces of information... The Golden Boot (Top Goalscorer) award went to England's Harry Kane. He struggled as the tournament went on but five goals in England's opening two games got them out of the group and launched them towards the semi-final. He will no doubt be critical that the goals dried up after those opening two games and he only scored one (a penalty) after them. The Golden Ball (Best Player) award was given to 32-year-old Croatian midfielder Luka Modric. Once described as too small and shy to be a footballer the Real Madrid maestro has proven his worth a thousand times over for all the club sides he has played for. His tireless work rate and gorgeous passing ability drove Croatia to the final and he very rightly was named as the star player of the tournament.
  2. Elfy

    Sam's Fate

    I believe I mentioned it towards the start of the story somewhere but Sam's mother works away from home and can be away for weeks (or longer) at a time.
  3. Elfy

    Sam's Fate

    In the conclusion to Sam's story we find out what happens when she wakes up the next day. Sam knows Maria is up to something but doesn't know what. What does Maria have in store for Sam? ---  This new story is being posted in instalments like all my other ones with patrons getting early access by one week. For $5 you can also enjoy my stories early and for $10 you can see early updates plus exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available that you can find on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 ---  Everything I create is thanks to the patrons who allow me to spend so much time writing and creating content for you all. A big thank you to everyone who has helps me keep the lights on and computer running: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Daniel O, K Tillman, P, Rob G, Robert C, Barrell, Mac M, Tabbi, Jack O, Anon, Dre, Kent J, Nick C, Brandon G, Jason S, P74_1986, Pat M, LuvsSissy, DreaR, J, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Tommie M, Pete W, Tim, Cless, Frank S, Scott S, John D, Pierre-David G, Daniel, M, Joshua M, NunyoBC,Txdiapered, Kim, Chris, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Ceneroz, S Miller, Carlota C, Kaiser S, Britnee L, Trenton M, Chris, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Jo M, Wet, Tim, Ak, Tomy, Findlay H, Alice W, Zack S, Andy A, Sophie S, Aaron Thomas F, SB1275, John Z, Malin T, M0, BuffaloBill, HaseoTaki, Anne Mette B-H, Austin, Steven H, Findlay, Rob, Bob S, Nathan, Joe, Keeno, Matthew S, Timothy A W, Jimmy A, Guilyn, Erik P, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F --- Eventually exhaustion forced Sam to close her eyes and sleep regardless of how she felt. She didn’t know how much sleep she got but she was woken when she felt a couple of fingers go into the waistband of her diaper. “Ooh, we are a wet girl, aren’t we?” Maria sounded very happy to have woken up to Sam’s saturated diaper. Sam rubbed her eyes with her one free hand and looked around. It took a couple of second to remember where she was and when she saw Maria she closed her eyes again as she felt shame and sadness wash over her. The tent and mobile brought Sam crashing back to reality. “Pleathe thtop.” Sam lisped tiredly around the pacifier that had somehow remained in her mouth all night. She realised the baby soother had stayed in her mouth all night, just another thing to make her feel embarrassed. “We better get the baby cleaned up.” Maria ignored Sam’s slurred request as she sat up and unclipped the domed tent on top of the crib. Maria put her dressing gown on whilst still sitting in bed. Sam was unable to stop Maria from lifting her out of the crib like a baby and holding her close to the maternal woman’s chest. Sam could feel her now cool diaper hanging between her legs like a sodden weight. She blushed as she realised she must look just like a soggy baby, she certainly felt like one. She wanted to remember she was an adult but when everything around her was evidence of her being a baby it was very difficult. From the sight of the baby paraphernalia, to the sounds of the crinkling diaper and pacifier sucking, to the feelings of the wet padding against her skin it was like every one of her senses was screaming at her that she was a helpless baby. Sam blushed as she was carried over to the small changing table on the other side of the room. Sam was whimpering lightly and had to rub her eyes with her mittens to stop the tears from cascading down her face. “Hush little baby don’t say a word…” Maria began gently singing a nursery rhyme as she laid Sam down on the padded table. Sam felt her nightie get pulled up her body and then the tapes were pulled off the front of the diaper. She shuddered as she felt the front of the diaper lowered and the cool air of the room blew against the woman’s crotch. “You soaked this diaper, baby.” Maria giggled before going back to her nursery rhyme. “I’m not a baby… I’m not a baby…” Sam repeated in her head. She sucked on the binky in her mouth and felt her wet diaper pulled away. Her face was as red as a tomato when she was left fully exposed in front of Maria. Sam looked pleadingly at Maria but was frustrated when she saw the larger woman pulling out a new diaper. The new diaper looked thicker than the last one and it was bright pink in colour. Sam started sniffing as she tried to hold back her embarrassed tears. “On second thoughts…” Maria said as she looked at the diaper, “I’ve got a better idea.” Sam was suddenly filled with hope that maybe Maria wouldn’t put her in another diaper. She watched Maria reach forwards and yet again Sam was lifted into the air and away from the table. As she was lifted up she saw the baby padding lying open on the table, Sam could clearly see that the diaper was soaked from the front to the back. Maria carried Sam out to the living room. Sam was wearing a very thin nightie and nothing else, after so long in a diaper it now felt very strange to Sam to be without the padding between her legs. She felt somewhat vulnerable. The pair of women didn’t stop in the living room however. Maria walked briskly through the living room and past the playpen and baby bouncer, Sam looked around with suspicion and wondered what Maria was doing. They ended up in the bathroom where Sam saw the toilet that she had been so desperate to use the previous night. Maria closed and locked the door, the lock was up by the handle and impossible for Sam to reach on her own. “Wait right there whilst I run you a nice bath, will baby like that?” Maria asked condescendingly. Sam stayed silent as Maria put her on the floor. The Hispanic woman was clearly not expecting Sam to respond and quickly began running the taps in the sink. Sam looked at the bath tub on the other side of the room and wondered why Maria wasn’t using that. “A lovely warm bath.” Maria said aimlessly as she put the plug in and allowed the water to rise. Sam looked at the toilet longingly and then at the door. She had no way of reaching the lock and she knew that escape was impossible, Sam was just too small to be able to get away without help. The realisation that her size made her require help was deeply frustrating to Sam. Maria bent down and pulled the nightie off the small woman and then removed the mittens. Sam slowly straightened and bent her fingers, they were stiff after so long balled up by the restrictive gloves. Sam was lifted into the air again and hovered over the full sink. She looked down nervously as she was slowly lowered down and into the water. She was pleased that the water was warm but not too hot, it seemed like the perfect temperature. Sam sunk into the water until she felt her body touch the porcelain bottom. She felt it curve in to the centre and thanks to it’s shape she kind of slid in until she was almost on her back, Maria’s hand promptly went under Maria’s head and held it above water level. To Sam’s relief Maria pulled out the pacifier that had been in her mouth for many hours. “Doesn’t that feel nice?” Maria asked lovingly as she used a sponge to gently spread the water over Sam’s body. “Let me go… Please.” Sam forced her voice to remain calm as she spoke to Maria. “But why would you want to go?” Maria asked. Her smile never left her mouth, “You’re so nice and safe with me.” Sam could feel herself getting annoyed and her little hands balled up into fists even without the mittens help. The water felt soothing but it was overwhelmed by everything else happening. Enough was enough! “Listen you… You bitch!” Sam yelled, “I’m not a baby! You can’t do all this!” “That’s quite enough of that kind of language.” Maria’s smile disappeared for once. She looked stern, like a disciplinarian that wasn’t to be messed with. “You are a bitch!” Sam yelled again. Her rage and humiliation was pouring out of her now, “I’m not a baby!” “I didn’t want to do this, little one.” Maria shook her head a little and her hair bounced as she did so. Sam was breathing hard and didn’t know what was going to happen next. Her mouth was hanging open slightly and was still enjoying relief from the pacifier that had been in there for so long. The hand that was washing the tiny girl was moved away from her body and to the edge of the sink next to the taps. Before Sam could even register what was about to happen she felt the hand return to her except now it was holding a white rectangle, Sam only had time to glimpse the object before it was pushed roughly into her mouth. It took Sam a second to react. The taste hit her almost immediately and her face screwed up in revulsion. “I’ve never had to wash a little one’s mouth out with soap.” Maria said, “But I hear it is effective in stopping bad language.” The soap tasted awful and it quickly filled Sam’s mouth with its’s horrid taste. She tried to spit the bar out of soap out but Maria held it in place. Sam’s little arms and legs splashed about in the water causing Maria to get a little wet. For a couple of minutes Sam had to endure that bar of soap. Maria only stopped the punishment when Sam’s was crying and her arms and legs had stopped splashing. Sam could taste nothing except that horrible soap. “Are you going to be a good girl?” Maria asked as she looked down at the sink. Sam nodded her head vigorously. She would have agreed to anything to get the taste of soap to go away. “You aren’t going to swear?” Maria asked with raised eyebrows. Sam shook her head quickly and looked up at the Hispanic woman with pleading eyes. She felt like she would never taste anything except soap ever again. Maria pulled the soap out of Sam’s mouth and put it back on the edge of the sink. Sam leaned over to spit into the sink but the taste was too strong and no matter what she did the taste remained. Sam was then washed by Maria who seemed to have little thought for the small girl’s modesty. Sam’s head was repeatedly dunked under the water as she was washed and she would emerge coughing and spluttering. Maria didn’t seem to realise what she was doing or maybe she just didn’t care as she hummed a happy tune and washed Sam thoroughly. Sam felt like a doll as she was so easily handled. The whole process of cleaning was very tiring and messy. By the time the bathing was over water was all over the place as was soap residue. Sam was exhausted by the end of the process and just laid her head on Maria’s hand. She used the Hispanic woman’s hand for support as the larger woman finished the bath. By the end of the bath Sam was thoroughly clean and even the tear tracks from her punishment had been cleared away as if it had never happened. When Sam was lifted out of the sink Maria quickly began towelling her dry. Sam felt so defeated that she just let it happen and when Maria was confident that Sam was dry she wrapped the younger woman in the fluffy white towel. “What a good girl you’re being.” Maria praised Sam. Sam didn’t say anything in response but sincerely wished that she could wash the taste out of her mouth. She was going to be sure not to swear in front of Maria again. Maria carried the swaddled girl back through the living room and to the master bedroom. She laid the smaller girl on the changing table in front of her and smiled as she unwrapped the towel leaving Sam naked. Sam didn’t try to cover herself up and she didn’t shy away from Maria’s gaze. She was so tired from resisting and she had to wonder what the point was. She could never overpower and escape this apartment. Sam had no modesty left, Maria had seen her naked plenty of times. A new pink diaper was unfolded and laid on the changing table. Sam felt her legs get lifted into the air as Maria slipped the diaper underneath her. She slowly felt her strength returning but there was little she could do to stop anything that was happening to her. “I’m so excited for you.” Maria said happily as she sprinkled baby powder over Sam’s diaper area, “You’re going to have such fun volunteering this summer!” Sam wondered what Maria could possibly be talking about. How did she expect Sam to be her baby and do volunteer work at the same time? It didn’t make any sense to Sam who heard the crinkling of the diaper as the front was pulled up between her legs. Sam felt the diaper get pulled tightly around her waist as Maria placed the tapes. Sam noticed that this diaper was much thicker than the previous one. It was still clearly a diaper made for babies but this pink one felt like it would take a lot of use. This wasn’t a fact that made Sam happy. “I can’t wait to take care of you over the next few months.” Maria said as the diaper was taped up, “I’m going to take extra special care of my extra special girl. I can be a bit of a disciplinarian as you just found, but if you are a good girl you will be rewarded equally.” Sam felt herself get lifted up again and she was held against Maria’s chest as the bigger woman walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. Sam thought that the way Maria was moving indicated that she was looking for something but she didn’t have a clue what it could be. “One day maybe you can graduate to some adult responsibilities. Adult food, pull-ups, feeding yourself, things like that.” Maria said casually. Sam crinkled her nose at the things this woman was saying. She didn’t like the idea of having to earn back the privileges she should always have. Sam wanted to argue back but she could still taste the soap and decided that arguing wasn’t worth it. She felt her thick padding rubbing on her legs, she wondered if she would even be able to walk properly. Her face was pinker than her diaper as she Maria suddenly made a noise as if she had found whatever it was she was looking for. “But for now…” Maria leaned down and the pulled a sling like piece of cloth over her head, “You start at the beginning… From the source.” Sam had no idea what Maria meant but the sling was placed under Sam’s body. She tensed up as she felt Maria lower her until her body weight was taken up by the sling. Sam had never seen a baby carrier like this before and she wondered what was happening. “The source?” Sam asked quietly, “I don’t… Woah! Wait!” Sam’s eyes bulged as Maria suddenly started pulling open her robe. Maria’s breast was exposed and Sam suddenly realised exactly what Maria meant by “the source.” “I’ve been preparing myself for this for a few weeks now and I think I’m ready.” Maria said as she put her hand behind Sam’s head. “Please! N-” Sam was suddenly cut off when her head was pushed up, “Mmm!” Sam’s face was pushed against the fleshy orb and her little arms could not push away. She couldn’t see anything thanks to Maria’s breast taking up her whole vision but she felt Maria’s arms holding Sam’s down. “That’s it Sam… Have a nice drink from mommy.” Maria said quietly. Sam’s head was just not strong enough to pull away from Maria’s breast and as the Hispanic woman adjusted herself Sam felt Maria’s nipple rubbing against her lips. She didn’t want to open her mouth but it was getting hard to breath and Sam was sure that the only way Maria would ease up on the pressure was if Sam did as she wanted. A small part of Sam wondered why she was even trying to resist anything that was happening. She was so desperate to get the soap taste out of her mouth she would accept almost any liquid. The rest of Sam just couldn’t take the idea of breast feeding, there were few things that felt as infantile to the teenager as drinking straight from a breast. She suddenly why her milk had tasted so strange the previous day and she had to supress a shudder. Finally Sam could take no more. With a sigh of resignation she opened her mouth and immediately felt the pointy nipple go past her lips. Sam was repulsed by the idea but she forced herself to give a tentative suck and felt Maria’s hand remove from the back of her head allowing Sam to breathe again. The relief was very short lived though because Maria adjusted the sling which held Sam closer to her breast. Sam was able to breathe through her nose but she couldn’t pull her head back, the sling forced Sam to latch on to Maria for as long as Maria wanted her there. Sam continued to suck the breast and the more she did it the more Maria became at ease with it. Sam couldn’t really see what was happening but she could feel Maria moving around the apartment as she continued to feed. It seemed like Maria was getting prepared for her day whilst Sam was fed, it was so surreal to Sam that she wasn’t sure that she wasn’t still asleep. The first sucks were dry but before long Sam could feel watery milk squirting into her mouth. At first Sam tried to pull away, the sling stopped her going far, but soon she discovered it was washing away the taste of the soap. She decided that the feeding was the lesser of two evils and did what she had to do to get rid of the soapy taste. Sam couldn’t believe she was breast feeding from this lady but her sweaty face could not move away. Just like being stuck in Maria’s house, Sam was stuck feeding from Maria until Maria decided otherwise. --- Four Weeks Later… --- “I’m really not a baby…” Sam muttered quietly, “This is all so unnecessary.” Sam was laid flat on the changing table as she was changed by a Hispanic woman. She was tired and felt so little energy for resistance. She was dressed in a pink t-shirt with a heart on it and her diaper. The overalls she had been wearing were lying in a pile next to the table. The sounds of a couple dozen young children echoed in the high-roofed hall as they played. “I’m an adult who can use the bathroom and get a real job and…” Sam’s quietly trailed off with a yawn. Sam rubbed her eyes with her mittens which were now on her hands much more than they were off them. In fact, Sam preferred to have the restrictive gloves on because it felt so much more natural even if it meant she couldn’t use her fingers as well. The Mexican nursery worker pulled the tapes off Sam’s diaper and almost immediately the smell got a lot worse. Sam heard the person muttering in Spanish but she had no idea what the worker was saying. Sam knew her name was Elena from her nametag but she knew nothing else about her. Sam could feel the sticky mess in her diaper pull away from her skin and she sighed in relief as she felt Elena wiping her messy bottom with some cold wet wipes. “Maria brought me here but I’m seventeen-years-old.” Sam continued to speak with a noticeable whine in her voice. Just as Sam was getting ready to continue her monologue a young girl came running up to Elena. The girl signed excitedly and Sam didn’t understand a word of it. She just waited for Elena to finish talking to the young girl so that she would finish the diaper change. The little girl soon ran off to join her giggling friends, Sam had no idea why they were laughing but she assumed she was the butt of the joke, she usually was. All the children in this nursery were deaf. Maria had set up the centre for disadvantaged children in the city and she ran it as a small business. The workers were hired specifically from the non-English speaking community, she was praised for it by equal rights groups but Sam knew the real reason. It meant that Sam couldn’t communicate with anyone here except Maria. Sam was happy when she felt a new diaper placed underneath her. After a month of non-stop diapers Sam felt strange when she wasn‘t covered up by them. She had grown used to them, to a certain extent she had grown reliant on them. “Maria kidnapped me.” Sam continued talking to no one in particular, “I’m potty trained and everything.” Sam knew that it was pointless talking to anyone here. Apart from Maria everyone from the workers to the children were Spanish speaking, none of them understood Sam’s plight and she had no way to communicate to the kids thanks to the mittens, not that she knew sign language in the first place. The new diaper’s tapes were placed firmly and Sam was lifted down from the changing table. She put her hands on Elena’s shoulders to steady herself as Elena helped the small woman’s feet into the overalls. Sam felt her diaper pushed up against her body as the overalls were pulled up and the shoulder straps attached. With her hair in pigtails and her infantile outfit Sam looked more like a baby than ever before. She could barely even recognise herself and she had to keep repeating that she wasn’t a baby because she was afraid she might forget. The front and back of Sam’s overalls had the words “Little Toddler Volunteer” stitched into them in big red felt letters. Maria had given her that role on her first day at the nursery, she had said it was a big honour and meant that Sam was trusted to be a big girl for all the other children. Many of the children were bigger than her and often refused to do what she asked on the few times she could get her message across. Without the use of her fingers she couldn’t even attempt sign language. Sam was just glad to be out of her messy diaper and into a nice, fluffy and clean diaper. When you were used to sitting around in used diapers you really grew to appreciate the clean ones. Sam yawned again and looked around at the room she knew it was nearly nap time and over the last month she had been conditioned to needing an afternoon rest. “I just need someone to listen to me.” Sam threw her arms up and down sulkily. She was tired and fed up with being treated like a baby but she didn’t feel like there was anything she could do. Just to emphasise how little control Sam had of her life she felt herself lifted off the floor and Elena placed one hand under Sam’s padding to carry her against her chest. Sam just leant against Elena’s breast and allowed her to be carried past the children and to the office on the other side of the hall. After a quick knock, Elena opened the door and walked in with the small seventeen-year-old. Elena and Maria communicated quickly in Spanish before Sam was passed into the arms of Maria. Elena left the room as Maria cradled the younger woman in her arms. “Isn’t this great?” Maria said softly to her sleepy girl, “Playing with all the kids your own size instead of pretending to be a grown up.” “I am a grown up.” Sam said tiredly. “Of course you are, baby girl.” Maria just giggled and shook her head, “Kids say the funniest things.” Sam grumbled as the owner of the nursery carried her back out of the office. Sam lifted her head to see that the workers had set up a whole bunch of little fold-out beds and were putting the kids down for their naps. In the middle of the fold-out beds was a single low bassinet and Sam recognised it as her napping place. The small hooded basket looked very inviting to Sam who couldn’t wait to close her eyes. Maria laid Sam down carefully and smiled down at her. Sam couldn’t see anything except what was directly above her which, at the moment, was Maria leaning over her and smiling. The Hispanic woman was carrying a sippy cup full of juice that she held over the crib. “You can either take the sippy cup before your nap or I can breastfeed you afterwards.” Maria offered her young charge the choice. After a month of diaper wearing and learning to wet herself freely Sam was fairly sure that if she drank the sippy cup she would wake up either being changed or needing a change. That was still preferable to being breastfed in front of everyone else though and Sam gladly took the cup in her mittens and started drinking tiredly. Maria said something in Spanish but Sam couldn’t understand it. She just carried on drinking but felt a little perturbed when she started seeing more and more heads poking over the bassinet. Soon it seemed liked all the kids were fighting for a look with the staff looming above them. Sam felt incredibly self-conscious and blushed as she drank. Sam watched all the kids turn to Maria as she started signing but she had no idea what Maria was saying. “Great news, everyone.” Maria signed excitedly, “The identity papers have been corrected and little Sam can stay with us for good!” The kids all looked at Sam excitedly. Sam just kept drinking, she hated being the centre of attention and the fact that she had no idea what Maria was saying only made things worse. She hated the idea that there was some big plan everyone was in on except her. “I’ll take much better care of her than the world would.” Maria signed and spoke in Spanish as she looked down on Sam adoringly, “She can be nice safe and pampered with me. My beautiful baby girl.” Sam finished her sippy cup and let the infantile vessel roll down her body leaving a small trail of juice. She stretched and yawned as tiredness overwhelmed her. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep as everyone else was taken back to their beds. “I’m not a baby.” Sam repeated to herself as she drifted off, “I’m not a…”
  4. Elfy

    Tommy's Tribulations

    For those interested I posted an image for the story:
  5. With Tommy forced downstairs by Erin as she babysits him he is forced to act like the baby she wants him to be. Her friend coming round worries Tommy and he finds it hard to concentrate on his colouring! Art done by Tato. This is only possible thanks to my patrons who help support my writing and allow me to produce as much content as I do. www.patreon.com/Elfy88
  6. Elfy

    Tommy's Tribulations

    Tommy is in a position he could only envisage in his worst nightmare and yet it seems like things are only going to get worse. --- This update, like all my updates, has been available on my Patreon page for the past week before being posted publicly. I post an update every four days and you can get early access to my updates for just $5 a month. For $10 you get early access plus exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available that cane be found on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to all of my patrons who make this all possible for me: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Daniel O, K Tillman, P, Rob G, Robert C, Darrell, Mac M, Tabbi, Jack O, Anon, Dre, Kent J, Nick C, Brandon G, Jason S, P74_1986, Pat M, LuvsSissy, DreaR, J, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Tommie M, Pete W, Tim, Cless, Frank S, Scott S, John D, Pierre-David G, Daniel, M, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Txdiapered, Kim, Chris, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Ceneroz, S Miller, CarlotaC, Kaiser S, Britnee L, Trenton M, Chris, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Tim, Ak, Tomy, Joe, Findlay H, Alice W, Zack S, Andy A, Sophie S, Aaron T F, SB1275, John Z, Malin T, M0, BuffaloBill, Haseo T, Anne M B-H, Austin, Steven H, Findlay, Rob, Bob S, Nathan, Joe, Keeno, Matthew S, Timothy A W, Jimmy A, Guilyn, Erik P, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F --- It almost felt like Tommy was just a pipe as milk went in one end whilst urine poured out the other. He was grateful when he finally stopped wetting himself and only realised after a few more sucks that there was no more milk left to drink. “Looks like he enjoyed that.” Carrie said with a giggle, “He couldn’t get enough!” “Maybe he wants more.” Erin replied with a shrug. Tommy shook his head but Erin took the bottle from him and walked to the kitchen anyway. A minute later and she had returned with a refilled bottle that she carried to the couch. She held it in both hands with the latex teat pointing out into the room, a small dripping of milk fell to the floor and disappeared into the carpet. “Come over here.” Erin commanded, “On your knees.” Tommy winced and wanted to say no but when he saw the mobile phone lying next to his step-sister he already knew what would make him acquiesce to her demands sooner or later. Tommy dropped forward on to his hands and knees and reluctantly moved forwards towards the couch. He had barely gone two feet when he heard Carrie cover her mouth and gasp. “Oh my God!” Carrie exclaimed, “Is he… Is he wet?” “Probably.” Erin replied without much excitement, “The boy is like a sieve.” “Unbelievable…” Carrie whispered as she watched the older teenager crawl past her. Tommy had never been so humiliated in his entire life. Even the incident in the store was less embarrassing than this. That had just been an accident that could feasibly happen to anyone whereas this was a sustained attack on his pride. Even though this was in a more private place it hit his nerve much harder. He felt numb and if the world ended there and then he would have no complaint. Tommy shifted forwards until the bottle was right in front of his face. He looked up at Erin with a mixture of fury and a plea for mercy. She just looked down at him with the superior smile that she always had when Tommy was around. Closing his eyes tightly, Tommy opened his mouth and crawled forward the final step until he felt the tip of the baby bottle enter his mouth. He sucked and felt cold milk rush into his mouth, swallowing was tough when he felt so humiliated but he forced it down even as Erin and Carrie openly laughed at him. “It’s like having your own slave!” Carrie said through the laughter, “You can make him do whatever you like.” “Well, almost anything.” Erin corrected, “I obviously can’t let mom know that I’m doing this. The diaper stuff is all her idea but if she found out what I was doing I’m certain it would not go well for me.” Tommy listened to the conversation as he suckled from the bottle. He was intrigued by the idea of getting Erin in trouble but he already knew that Sandra wouldn’t believe him unless he could prove anything. Erin was smart enough that she wasn’t leaving much chance of being caught out but maybe Tommy just had to be patient. She couldn’t keep this up forever without being found out. It was as Tommy was fantasizing about getting revenge that he felt the sudden lurch in his tummy that let him know he would soon need the bathroom, and not just to urinate. He blushed around the bottle as he realised he only had one choice to avoid total humiliation and that would cause him only slightly less embarrassment. The rule was that Tommy had to wet his diaper whenever he felt the need to go since they didn’t trust him to use the bathroom properly but when he needed to go number two he was supposed to ask. Tommy looked out the side of his eyes at Carrie who was still laughing and he imagined asking his sister to take him to the toilet in front of her, he just couldn’t do that. It felt like asking to use the bathroom in front of two thirteen-year-olds might actually be more embarrassing than using his diaper. The only choice that Tommy realistically had was to wait for Sandra to come home and ask her in private. Even as Tommy resigned himself to holding on he felt his bowels struggling to keep everything together. The pressure was building very quickly and Tommy was worried that he would have an accident. Tommy pulled away from the bottle when the milk was done and crawled a few steps away. He turned away from the two girls and faced the opposite wall as he felt his bowels clench. There was something wrong, he had never felt the need to defecate come on so quickly unless he was ill. Erin and Carrie were chatting together normally as Tommy stayed as still as possible. He realised he must look very strange but that was the least of his issues. Tommy hated that he was pointing his big wet diaper at the two younger teenagers but he was afraid of moving much further. “Are you alright?” Erin eventually asked when she noticed Tommy crouched over on the floor and not moving. “I’m… Fine.” Tommy said haltingly. He looked around at his surroundings and saw a small jigsaw puzzle nearby. It must have been one of the toys that Carrie had brought over. Tommy slowly crawled the few steps across the room to the puzzle and tipped the box upside down. He heard the girls giggling at him but he was just desperate to distract himself from the very quickly growing pressure. With his back to the couch Tommy couldn’t see the way Erin was smiling at him. An evil, knowing smile that suggested she was very aware of the internal battles going on inside Tommy. Tommy was barely paying attention to what he was doing as he pieced the small puzzle together. Every now and then he would pause as a cramp wracked through his body and he had to freeze until it passed. Erin was watching from the couch and as she conversed with Carrie she would glance over occasionally at Tommy. It was always going to be a losing battle for Tommy and it seemed like Carrie was no closer to leaving now than she had been earlier. Tommy realised that if he wanted to avoid what seemed like an inevitable messy diaper he would have to ask to use the bathroom right away. He turned to look at the couch and wondered if he could do it. “Erin, could I speak to you in private?” Tommy asked as casually as he could. He was beginning to feel like his intestines were going to explode. There was sweat on his forehead. “I’m pretty comfortable right here.” Erin replied as she stretched back on the couch, “What’s up?” Tommy grimaced and looked at Carrie who was staring right back at him with the same superior smirk he was used to from his sister. There was no way he could ask Erin to take him to the toilet now. “N-Nothing.” Tommy said quietly as he turned back to his puzzle. A minute later Tommy was in critical condition and knew that he couldn’t move. It felt like a one ton weight was pushing on his intestines and he was extremely uncomfortable. For the first time Tommy’s brain started wondering if it would be better to just get it over and soil himself then and there, it would be embarrassing for certain but at least the pain would pass. Tommy’s choice was taken for him just seconds later. He tried to release a little gas to lower the intolerable pressure but found that relaxing for just a second was too much. He felt the pressure build to a level that compelled his body to push whether he wanted to or not. “Ugh…” Tommy grunted without even realising he was doing it as he squatted back on his legs. A sudden rush of semi-solid poop pushed past the struggling and defeated sphincter and out into the back of Tommy’s diaper. He felt the hot sludge push the padding out slightly before spreading around as it searched for space within the tight confines of the diaper. “Carrie! Look!” Erin had been watching her brother closer and she quickly got her friend’s attention and pointed to Tommy. “What? What’s he doing?” Carrie asked as she watched the spectacle. Tommy heard the two girls and knew they were watching but there was nothing he could do about that. The poop caused the diaper to push out a little as he emptied himself into the padding. He could already smell himself and he felt tears welling up as he continued to squat. Judging from the smell and volume of what was happening Tommy assumed he must be unwell or… Could Erin have slipped him something in his drinks? There was no real time to think about this though because Tommy’s bowels were not finished by any means. After a small pause, another cramp hit Tommy like a train and he pushed again to force another rush of mess into the packed diaper. It rushed out very quickly and the lumpy, sticky poop in his diaper spread even further. He could feel every inch of his backside stuck to the diaper by the horrid excrement. Tommy was sure the diaper would be discoloured and despite not hearing the two girls he assumed they must know what was happening. Tommy felt disgusting and had no idea what to do. By the time he had finished disgracing himself his diaper felt extremely heavy and he almost worried that the tapes wouldn’t hold up. He didn’t dare turn around or move, tears were falling from his eyes and he could feel the sobbing beginning. This was undoubtedly the most humiliated he could ever possibly be. “I don’t believe it!” Carrie exclaimed, “He just… Oh my God, it smells so bad!” “He didn’t even ask for the toilet like he’s supposed to.” Erin replied with a shake of the head, “Such a baby.” Erin was smiling from ear to ear as she took another picture of her older brother. This was too good to be true and the double strength laxative she had been putting in the bottles had been far more powerful than she had anticipated. Tommy sobbed a little louder and he started to straighten up. As he stood up straight he felt the sticky diaper push closer to him, it made the feelings even worse. To try and keep some separation between the padding and his skin, Tommy decided instead to drop down on to his hands and knees. The heavy diaper was weighed down between Tommy’s legs and he winced as he smelt himself. “Listen, I think this is a little too much for me.” Carrie said to Erin as she held her nose, “I think I better get all this stuff home before someone misses it.” “Sure thing.” Erin said, “I understand why you wouldn’t want to be around this stinker.” Carrie hopped off the couch and started gathering together all the toys and equipment that was scattered around the room. When she passed Tommy she looked at him in utter disgust, he was an embarrassment and everything about him offended the young teen. “Do you want to keep the drawing he did?” Carrie asked with a smile as she showed Erin the picture that had been so haphazardly coloured in. The lines had been crossed in multiple place. “Sure.” Erin giggled, “It will look great on the fridge.” Tommy was trying not to move as he sobbed loudly. From his crouched over vantage point he looked between his legs and could see the diaper hanging grossly down. The outside padding was discoloured in places and it seemed like even now the sticky mess within was spreading. “Carrie, you must promise to keep this secret.” Erin said quietly when they were at the front door. “I will.” Carrie replied equally quietly, “You seem to have everything under control here.” When the front door finally closed and Carrie had left the house Erin walked back into the living room with a wide smile and opened the windows. Tommy was still motionless on the floor and sobbing quietly. Erin sat back down on the couch and turned the television back on. She wasted no time in finding a show she liked and began to watch it even as Tommy cried to the side. She was deliberately ignoring the older boy. “E-Erin?” Tommy eventually said through his sobs a few minutes later. “What is it?” Erin asked without much interest. “Could you… Could you change me?” Tommy asked quietly. His cheeks blazed with shame. “I don’t think so.” Erin responded in a rather bored fashion. “B-But…” Tommy looked at his step-sister with pleading eyes, “I’m begging you!” “There’s no way I’m touching that disgusting diaper.” Erin looked at Tommy with pure disgust, “You can wait for mom to do it. She’ll be home in an hour or so, I expect.” “I can’t stay in this that long.” Tommy whined. He reached around with a hand and felt his bulging rear. When he pressed his hand into the plastic he could feel it smearing the contents inside the padding. “If you didn’t want to sit in your own filth you should have asked to use the toilet.” Erin retorted. “I couldn’t ask in front of Carrie.” Tommy whispered as he wiped at his tear filled eyes, “Why did you have to bring her here? It’s too much!” Erin smiled from the couch. She felt so powerful and commanding over her humiliated brother, she could hardly believe this was Tommy on all fours in front of her in the stinkiest diaper she could imagine. “It was just a bit of fun.” Erin shrugged. “I’m going to tell Sandra what you did.” Tommy hissed through his teeth, “This madness has to stop.” “You aren’t going to say a word unless you want me to post the pictures.” Erin replied with the familiar threat, “And I’ve got some nice juicy pictures from your play session this morning. I wonder what your friends would think if they saw you in your messy diaper…” Tommy clenched his fists and hit the ground. He was so frustrated to be treated like this and have no recourse, with the threat of public humiliation hanging over him it was impossible to fight back. “Not only will you not tell mom about what has happened today…” Erin continued as Tommy began to sob again, “But you will tell her that you couldn’t control yourself and that you messed before I could get you to the bathroom. You’ll say it happened just before she got home too.” “You can’t be serious…” Tommy cried out. “I most certainly am.” Erin replied seriously, “I’m going to go upstairs because it smells absolutely foul down here. I’ll come down when mom gets home. Have fun.” Tommy watched his little sister head up to her room from his position on hands and knees. He had nothing to do except wait for Sandra to come home and to be embarrassed again. For once the humiliation couldn’t come fast enough since Tommy was absolutely desperate to get out of this diaper. He was starting to itch and it was impossible to relieve the irritation.
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    How to to tell your family

    Step One: Don't
  8. The last two quarter finals were played today. @BabyTau's Sweden 0-2 @Dubious's England England qualified for their first World Cup semi-final sine 1990 today as their young team continued to defy expectations. The first goal came in the 30th minute when Ashley Young crossed a corner into the box and Harry Maguire powered the header into the goal. It was his first international goal and a great time to get it. The lead was doubled in the 59th minute when a Jesse Lingard cross into the box found Dele Alli who powered his header home to secure the win for the English. @Somelildude's Russia 2-2 @Firefly 35's Croatia (Croatia win 4-3 on Penalties) The hosts have already far exceeded expectations at this World Cup and they got an excellent start in their quarter final match. They took the lead in the 31st minute when Denis Cheryshev hit a stunning goal from outside the box to give Russia the lead. Croatia equalised in the 39th minute when Mario Mandzukic found Andrej Kramaric with the latter stooping to head the ball into the goal. That was it for normal time and the game went into extra time as they tried to find a winner. Domagoj Vida got on the end of a corner in the 101st minute and his header eventually found it's way into the goal. It looked like it would be enough to send the Baltic nation into the final four. Russia equalised in the 115th minute when a free kick found Mario Fernandes who flicked the ball into the net to level the scores and take the game to penalties. Just like in the Round of Sixteen it was Ivan Rakitic who stepped up and scored the winning penalty for Croatia to send them through to the semi finals. --- The two semi final matches will be: @WeaselDiaperBoy's France Vs. @RainbowEclipse's Belgium @Dubious's England Vs. @Firefly 35's Croatia
  9. The first two quarter finals were played today. @Mcraft's Uruguay 0-2 @WeaselDiaperBoy's France The first quarter final had to wait 40 minutes for the first goal and it came from France via an Antoine Griezmann free kick which found Raphael Varane who steered an excellent header all the way through the box and into the goal. The provider turned goal scorer in the 61st minute when Antoine Griezmann hit a speculative shot from outside the penalty area. The Uruguayan goalkeeper looked to have it covered but he made a mistake and punched the ball up and over himself to double France's lead. France saw out the rest of the game and became the first team to book a semi final spot. @carsfan's Brazil 1-2 @RainbowEclipse's Belgium Brazil missed a few early chances and were made to pay in the 13th minute. A corner was whipped in and flicked off the head of defender Vincent Kompany. The ball then hit Brazillian midfielder Fernandinho and wrong-footed the goalkeeper to give Belgium the lead. Belgium's second goal came in the 31st minute when the Brazillians were hit on the counter by Belgium. Romelu Lukaku charged through the midfield with the ball before playing it to the edge of the box where Kevin De Bruyne was waiting. The midfielder took a touch and then fired home from outside the box. Brazil received a lifeline in the 76th minute when they were able to get on the scoreboard. Phillippe Coutinho chipped the ball into the box where Renato Augusto was left free to nod the ball home. Brazil piled on the pressure but were unable to find a second goal. The favourites of the tournament are eliminated and will go home wondering how such a talented bunch of individuals didn't go further. The first semi-final is set... @WeaselDiaperBoy's France will play @RainbowEclipse's Belgium.
  10. Don't worry, I wasn't offended or anything Just astounded people can write that fast! It's very impressive
  11. And I thought my 2000+ words updates every four days was fast...
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    Happy Independance Day America

    I will always be thankful for what America did on this day. All seemed lost until Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum saved the day. Thank you for saving the world!
  13. The final two Round of sixteen games were played today... @BabyTau's Sweden 1-0 @jesse78's Switzerland A very tight game with both teams facing their best chance in years to advance deeper into the tournament. The only goal of the game came in the 66th minute when Swedish midfielder Emil Forsberg took a speculative shot that took a huge deflection off Manuel Akanji and left the Swedish 'keeper stranded. That proved to be the only goal of the game and moved Sweden through to the quarter finals. @ABDL's Colombia 1-1 @Dubious's England (England win 4-3 on penalties) England were also looking to improve on recent history and move deeper into the tournament but they had in front of them a very good Colombia side who would fancy their chances as well. England got the better of the opening exchanges although the game quickly descended into lots of fouls and niggles with Colombia seemingly trying to drag England down to their level. All of the fouls eventually resulted in a penalty for England when Harry Kane was bundled over in the box. The World Cup's top goal scorer, Harry Kane, stepped up and fired the ball down the middle to give England the lead in the 57th minute. It looked like England had managed to see off the danger and were perhaps looking ahead to the next round when they suddenly found themselves pegged back by the South Americans. A corner was swung in during injury time and defender Yerry Mina rose highest to head the ball into the net and send the game to extra time. The extra time period was intense but neither side could find a breakthrough and the game headed to a penalty shoot-out. England fans have been here many times before, England had lost every single World Cup penalty shoot-out they have been involved in and the weight of a nation fell on the five penalty takers. When Jordan Henderson missed his penalty England fans would be forgiven for thinking they had seen all this before but two Colombians missed the next two kicks and left England with match point. It was England substitute Erik Dier who stepped up and smashed the final penalty home to give England the win and send them through to the quarter finals where they will meet Sweden.