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  1. It is so hard to write when it 's so hot :(

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  2. Here is part two All the comments are very much appreciated! If you would like a commission, feel free to send me a message. I'm open to most ideas and I charge £5 per 1000 words, at last check that was about $6.30. If it is a big commission I may have to queue it up so I would agree to do it but might have to wait a week or two to start since I have quite a few things going on at the moment. --- James’ eyes flew open. He quickly sat up and realised he was back in front of the burnt out house, back in the night that he had run away from home. He looked down at himself and saw he was back to normal size and back in his normal clothes. As the dizziness and disorientation slowly cleared up, James made his way back to his feet. He was a couple of feet from the car now but the little red fire truck he had originally reached in for was now lying next to him on the cold grass. James reached over and lifted the truck. As he did so, he noticed something was on the ground underneath the little toy. He leaned over and picked up what seemed at first to be a rectangle card but which James soon realised was actually a photograph. Pawing at the photograph, James pulled it over and looked at it. There was just another light from the street to see that it was a picture of two adults and a baby standing in front of the house he was now looking at, pre-burning, of course. James gasped as he realised the two adults were his parents from the car, so the baby must be… Him? James was very confused. Had it been a dream? A hallucination? If it had been either of those things, where had this picture come from? Looking up from the photo to the house in front of him again, James felt his attention drawn to the front door. He unsteadily climbed to his feet and wandered slowly towards the house. The house looked dangerous. The whole place showed signs of fire damage and there was debris strewn around the front yard. The windows were broken and in some places boarded up and graffiti had been spray painted on parts of the walls. Sections of the roof appeared to have collapsed and the porch was being overrun by the vegetation that was reclaiming the abandoned abode. James walked up to the front door and pushed gently. To his surprise the front door swung open rather easily. He worried about squatters or homeless people that might be inside but he couldn’t resist the temptation to explore this place, especially after the weirdness in the car. When the door was halfway open there was a strange cracking noise and, rather suddenly, the door fell off its hinges and collapsed inwards. There was a loud crashing sound as the door fell inwards and sent up a cloud of dust. No one had been in this house for years by the look of the place. James hesitated to walk into the hallway beyond the front door. The house looked positively dangerous and the darkness inside the house was very spooky. James looked behind him at the street that he was leaving and seriously considered abandoning his adventure, it didn’t look like anything but danger would be found out in the mostly burnt out house. “… James…” A rush of wind seemed to come out of the house and James felt his hair move slightly, even more bizarrely he thought he heard his name whispered. James spun around. Did he hear that right? James slowly came to the conclusion that he had come too far to turn back now. Besides, where could he go? He had no parents now, the people he thought were his parents turned out to be just a couple of strangers. His actual parents were in the photo that he was looking at it, they were in the weird dream that he had just had. So with that knowledge, why did he have an intense feeling that his real parents were in this house even though it seemed totally abandoned. Taking a deep breath to steel his nerves, James stepped on to the door that covered the floor. He walked past it and on to the creaking floorboards. The house was pitch black further in but some light was coming through the few windows that weren’t boarded up. They lit the nearest couple of rooms and something in one of those areas had caught the teenager’s eyes. In amongst the blackness, there was a red object hanging from the ceiling that seemed like it was unaffected by the damage that covered everything else. James walked into the room and heard the charred floorboards crack slightly under his weight. The room was empty except for what James now recognised as being a baby swing. The red swing hung from the ceiling and looked brand new in comparison with age of everything around it. The swing seemed to almost glow as the meagre amount of light outside came in and shined off of it. Just like when he had looked into the car, looking at this red object caught James’ attention and he seemed unable to look away. It was as if the swing had its own gravitational pull, James was just drawn forwards until it was just a few inches from him. With a shaking hand James reached out and gingerly touched the fabric on the swing. It was immediately like the swing was covered in the strongest glue in existence, as soon as he touched his finger to the strap he became bonded to it. Try as he might, he couldn’t pull his hand away. James felt the house spinning around him. Just like in the car he felt like the world was spinning faster and faster until it was almost too much to take. He could feel himself on the verge of passing out until he suddenly felt himself lurch forwards into where the swing was sat. --- “What do you mean you spent the vacation money!?” Came a female voice from the other room. James’ eyes snapped open. He was slumped over in the swing that he had touched and seemed to have been woken up by the shouting that was coming from elsewhere in the house. He felt vaguely nauseous after whatever had just happened and it took a few moments for him to get his bearings. “I was told it was a certainty! Ten to one! I was going to win more so we didn’t have to go local again. We could go to Europe or something.” Came a male voice that made James wince just from hearing it. He recognised it from the car. James looked around. There was bright sunlight streaming in through the window and he was alone in what was clearly a living room. It was obvious this family weren’t rich, the couch was stained and looked rather old, the TV set was in a similar way and the aerial appeared to have been rigged up with a coat hanger. “A certainty!” The female said, her voice rising higher, “And I’m guessing, by some miracle, this horse didn’t win the stupid race?” James looked down at himself and saw that he was a similar size to when he was in the car seat. His body was small and now that he was sitting in the seat, his feet only gently brushed the ground as the swing gently swayed back and forth, and up and down. “Well… No.” James’ biological father said from the other room, “But maybe if YOU had a job I wouldn’t feel the need to gamble!” James noticed he was in a little white onesie with pictures of baseballs and baseball bats all over it. From the feeling around his groin, James knew he was in another diaper. That was confirmed when he moved slightly and heard the crinkling ring out. “OF COURSE!” James’ biological mother shouted back, “I was just waiting to see how this was MY fault.” James wished that they would stop. The raised voices were making the small boy anxious and he just wanted the shouting to stop. Even though he couldn’t remember any other time as this child, except for the car, he had a sense that the raised voices were something he had experienced often, he got a feeling of dread and felt his tummy rumble and flip in anxiousness. James was distracted from his introspection when he saw the person he recognised as his mother walk into the living room and sit down angrily on the couch in front of him. Almost instinctively, James reached out to his mom, he wanted to be held and told everything was going to be alright but his mom was almost immediately distracted when James’ father entered the room not long behind her. The man looked angry and as soon as he entered the room James could smell the rancid odour of alcohol and cigarettes. He withdrew his hands and tried to shrink into his swing a little, he even tiptoed backwards but was obviously unable to go far. “Come on, babe.” Terry said as he walked into the living room, “You know I didn’t mean that.” James could feel tears forming in his eyes. He was scared, and he felt on edge. The man’s mere presence seemed to provoke an atmosphere of danger. He whimpered slightly and felt his stomach lurch again, this time it felt more like a cramping kind of pain. “If you don’t mean it you shouldn’t say it.” Mary replied as she opened a magazine on the couch. The young boy in the swing just wished that the man would go away. He sensed danger from him, he sensed that there was something bad about him. James felt so small and powerless, he wanted to protect his mother from what he thought were bad intentions but he was too small and too trapped in his toddler seat. “I’m sorry.” Terry said as he swayed on the spot slightly, “I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Come on, give me a hug.” James didn’t want his mom to listen to him. He wanted her to make the man go away but he could almost feel her resolve weakening. He watched as she put her magazine down and look up at the man’s smiling face. James wanted to yell no but every time he opened his mouth the only sound made was useless babbling. He cringed as his mother stood up and slowly took a couple of steps across the room to wrap her arms around her husband. Almost simultaneously, James felt another twisting, cramping pain in his gut. He felt his body trying to push and only realised at the last possible second what was happening. With great difficulty, James managed to squeeze his buttocks together and stop what seemed inevitable. He hoped he could hold himself together until he got back to the present. The idea of pooping in his diaper was absolutely abhorrent. James’ Mom and Dad embraced. His Mom looked sceptical but allowed herself to be won over by her husband and walked into the cuddle. For a few seconds they just stood together and James looked up to where their heads were resting on the other’s shoulders. He scowled up at them, a mixture of distrust towards the man and cramping in his abdomen causing his face to tense up. “So… How about a makeup fuck?” Terry said quietly, though still loud enough for James to hear. “Don’t talk like that in front of James!” Mary rebuked. “Come on, the little brat won’t remember.” The man replied. His hands moved down his wife’s body until he reached her butt. He squeezed her rear end rather roughly. “No!” James’ Mom said as she moved backwards out of the man’s arms. “Oh, come on!” James’ Dad replied with exasperation, “You can’t lead a guy on like that!” “Lead you on?” Mary asked incredulously before adding with venom, “Why don’t you just go back to the bar. Maybe you will find a reason to stay out all night just like last weekend…” “If you put out I wouldn’t be at the bar.” Terry spat back, “Ever since you popped the kid out you’ve barely even touched me.” “Yeah, well, sorry if I don’t find the drunken asshole look much of a turn on.” Mary said. She stepped forward slightly, James could tell she was angry. He was wincing with every word he heard. “Bitch.” Dad said. James’ Mom went to slap the man in the face, she was appalled by his behaviour and wanted to teach him a lesson. As she swung her arm forward, the man grabbed it and looked at her with fury in his eyes. Without missing a beat, James’ Dad pushed forward with both his hands and pushed his wife backwards hard. She tripped backwards on to the couch and was unharmed but clearly shaken. James screamed. The anxiousness he had been feeling in the swing became too much and he felt panic overtake him completely. As soon as James opened his mouth to scream, his body pushed at the other end. Without a chance of stopping it, James felt his bowels push and rapidly empty into his pants. The diaper wrapped tightly around his waist bulged slightly but with the swing forcing the diaper to stay in the same shape, the poop that was pushed out moved around and was squeezed all over the diaper. James started loudly crying and reaching his arms out for his Mother. He was upset about his filled underwear but mostly because he was scared for his Mom. He wailed like a baby, only pausing in his tantrum to take deep breaths. James’ Dad looked a little bemused by everything that was happening. He looked like he was about to say something when he smelt the air and looked directly at James. It was clear the smell of James’ fresh bowel movement was already permeating the room. “I’m going out.” The man said, a mixture of disgust and venom in his gruff voice, “Make sure to clean the little brat’s diaper.” With that, Terry turned and grabbed his coat. He didn’t pause or look back as he walked to the front door and left a scene of chaos behind him. After ten seconds, and with James still sobbing loudly, his Mom got up off of the couch and hurried over to her son. She picked him up out of the toddler swing and clutched him to her breast. She cooed platitudes and hummed little songs to calm the boy down as she prepared to take him to get changed. “Don’t worry, little one.” Mary said quietly as James clutched her as tightly as his little arms could, “No matter what, I won’t let any harm come to you.” James calmed down an opened his eyes a little. What he saw almost caused his heart to stop beating. Over his mother’s shoulder, James suddenly saw a shadowy figure in the doorway. Shaped like a human but without any discernible features, the shadowy creature floated forward into the room. Closer and closer until it engulfed James and everything went pitch black for the little boy. --- “Ah!” James sat up suddenly. He rubbed his eyes and slowly felt the dark room come back into focus. James felt around the floor in front of him as he started to climb to his feet. He got on to his hands and knees and stopped. The photo he had picked up outside was now laying in front of him again. The picture of his mother and father smiling with him in the middle laid in the one part of the floor that had light on it, the streetlights finding one place that they could infiltrate the dark void. James reached forward to pick it up but as he did so he felt a second photo under the first. James put his first photo in his pocket and took a look at the new picture. James had no idea where the new photograph came from but maybe it would give some kind of clue about what was happening in this bizarre house. He needed an explanation for these weird flashbacks he was experiencing. The photo was of the living room from James’ flashback. He was smiling and happy, as a toddler, in his mother’s arms. He was waving happily at the camera. His mother looked happy too, beaming at her pride and joy. At first James couldn’t see anyone else in the picture but when he looked again he noticed that his father was in the picture too. On the couch behind his mom, holding a beer and watching the television with an annoyed expression on his face he seemed to be perpetually pissed off. Just looking at him made James shiver slightly. “OH GOD!” James shouted out loud. He dropped the photo in shock as he saw another unexpected sight, a sight scarier than even his biological father. In the doorway to the living room, just over James’ shoulder was the same dark and shadowy entity. It just stood there, behind everyone and although it had no face, James sensed that it was staring directly at him. It was the creepiest feeling he had ever experienced and he had to fight the immediate urge to just run out of the house. He had to stick around and discover what was going on, running away would leave him with questions for the rest of his life. James climbed to his feet and put the two photographs in his pocket. He swayed slightly as his eyes got used to the darkness again. He walked back out into the hallway and was just scanning around for where to go next when he thought he could just make out movement coming from the kitchen. An even darker mass in the already dark room. As much as it scared James, he slowly walked down towards where he had seen the mass move past the doorway. It was pitch black and he used the walls to help guide him down the hallway into what he thought must be the kitchen. As James felt his way into the centre of the kitchen area he suddenly froze. He had an overwhelming feeling that something was behind him, watching him. With his heart in his throat he spun around and almost expected to see someone or something right behind him. There was no one there. James could feel his heart beating at what felt like a thousand beats per minute as he tried to calm himself down. “Come on, James.” James said to himself, “Keep it together…” Just as he was trying to rebuild his shaken nerve, there was a crash behind him. The sound of dishes breaking caused James to spin around so fast he nearly gave himself whiplash. “What the…” James turned and there was no cutlery on the floor. In fact, this room was like all the others, completely burnt out and with almost nothing in it. James couldn’t see very far but it seemed unlikely that this room had anything in it. BANG. A loud crashing noise shattered the silence and caused James to spin around yet again. The door he came from; the only door he could see to leave the room had slammed closed. Was someone else here? James felt panic flare up within him and he ran at the door. Despite the door being old and burnt, the wood held firm. James pushed and pulled on the door but it didn’t budge an inch. Slowly, James turned back to face the room. He put his back to the door to make sure he wasn’t snuck up on. Something was in the kitchen with him, he couldn’t see it but he could feel it’s presence. A sudden flicker of light appeared in the far corner, a candle on the wall suddenly bursting into life. James could feel his knees shaking at all the supernatural occurrences. Increasingly, he wished he had never run away from home as more candles lining the wall starting lighting up. He whimpered and wished his adoptive parents were there to hold him and tell him everything was going to be alright. Candles flickered to life all around the room and slowly it became illuminated. The room was mostly as James had expected, a burnt out mess with little in the way of interesting features. Except there was one very obvious exception. In the middle of the room was a white highchair. A toddler’s seat designed to keep the infant in place whilst they ate off of the tray that was pulled in front of them. Unlike the rest of the room, the highchair was in pristine condition and it looked like it was brand new, though why a brand new highchair would be randomly in this abandoned house was a mystery. One of many that were building up. James tried pulling on the door again but it was stuck so tightly it was a surprise it had ever opened at all. He was just preparing himself what he assumed he would have to do, walk over and touch the high chair just like the previous items. Before he even had a chance, the black humanoid entity floated into view. It advanced slowly but deliberately and James felt frozen to the spot in fear. His heart started racing as the cloud floated towards him in silence. “What are you!?” James shouted with the panic in his voice palpable, “What do you want!?” There was no response as the entity got within reach of James. Two arm like protrusions started extending towards James and stopped a few inches away from him. James winced and then felt himself suddenly leaving the floor. He flailed and tried to get free but the entity started floating back to the centre of the room with James floating just in front of it, trapped in its grasp. James was lowered into the highchair and strapped in as the black cloud hovered in front of him menacingly. Despite his fear, James was starting to calm down a little. This black cloud, whatever it was, had many chances to hurt him and yet it didn’t seem to be doing anything to cause harm. As the final restraint was snapped closed, James suddenly felt like the chair was spinning. Faster and faster it seemed to move and James found himself holding on to the side desperately in an attempt to not get thrown out. He could feel consciousness leaving him and he felt his head tip forward as the room fell back into blackness. ---
  3. Here is the next update Glad to have a much shorter wait this time around! This is a steamy update! I'm sure certain readers will be happy that this part is very heterosexual I hope everyone enjoys it. I also write commissions. If you are interested in a commission, my price is £5 per 1,000 words (that's $6.37 depending on exchange rate) and I'm open to most ideas and I'm willing to discuss any ideas you might have to see if we can come up with a story that you would like Any comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome and, in fact, encouraged. Nothing feels as nice to a writer than knowing others are reading and care enough to comment or like (preferably both )! --- Sarah sat in the restaurant and nervously fiddled with the menu in front of her. She was a little early for her date and had taken her seat to wait for Jack who should be there any minute now. She felt butterflies in her stomach just like she did as a teenager going on dates. It was silly but she couldn’t help the feeling, she hadn’t been on a date in a long time and she really hoped this one would go well. She looked around at all the other people who were eating with their loved ones and smiled. Her mind drifted to Nick and what he was doing at that moment, the instructions she had left Kirsty were deliberately vague. She wanted Nick punished, beyond that everything was up to Kirsty. Sarah had told her friend that she wasn’t ruling out anything sexual with Jack and, perhaps more importantly, she hadn’t forbidden anything like that for Nick. This was a time for experimentation, Sarah reasoned, if she was going to experiment then Nick should be allowed the same opportunity. She wanted to explore and she knew Nick would want to as well. There would be no harm in trying new things, if they don’t work out then that’s fine. “Sorry to keep you waiting!” Jack, looking very smart in formal wear, walked between tables and sat down opposite Sarah with a smile. “Not at all.” Sarah replied with a smile, “I was early.” “Have you ordered?” Jack asked as he picked up the other menu. “Nope.” Sarah replied shortly. She was trying to stop the stupid smile that had now been plastered to her face but she just couldn’t stop. “Cool.” Jack said with as he took off his jacket and hung it on the back of the chair, “How are you?” “I’m great.” Sarah replied as she watched Jack, “Dropped Nick off at a friend of mine’s. He should be having a fun evening.” “That’s good.” Jack replied as he finally made himself comfortable in his seat, “I have to admit I half-expected the baby to be here with you. Glad he isn’t though!” “Aww, you have a little one?” A waitress had walked over with a notepad and looked ready to take their order down, “How old is the little one?” Sarah and Jack looked at each other and grinned. “Still in diapers.” Sarah said vaguely, “Not ready for potty training yet.” “That’s adorable.” The waitress responded with a smile, “My name is Lisa. I will be your waitress for this evening. Can I take your orders?” Both Sarah and Jack ordered steak dinners as well as some non-alcoholic drinks. They started talking about world events and just having a nice relaxed time. They had been friends for a while so knew a lot about each other already. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed and they didn’t take long to throw off the abnormal feelings of the date situation. “It feels kind of weird being on a date with you.” Jack eventually admitted. “Why’s that?” Sarah asked in response. “We’ve just been friends for a long time and, well, I was starting to think that was all we would ever be.” Jack answered honestly. “I don’t think any of us predicted how these last couple of weeks would have gone.” Sarah replied as she sipped her drink. “I have to admit the situation still weirds me out a little bit.” Jack said, “Knowing you are married, knowing what your husband is up to… Just, a strange situation.” “Normality is overrated.” Sarah shrugged, “I it works for us then does it matter how strange it is?” “I guess not.” Jack replied with a grin. “Me and Nick love each other, nothing has changed in that respect. But the way our relationship works has changed and in my view, it has changed for the better. I don’t think Nick was ever ready to be an adult or an equal partner and I think he is slowly realising that himself.” Sarah explained, “I think he also understands that I need a man. Just because he isn’t the equal partner he thought he was, doesn’t mean I don’t still want someone in that role.” Jack nodded his head in understanding. It was a weird dynamic but perhaps Sarah was right, if it worked for the three of them then maybe it didn’t matter how strange it was. He did wonder just how much Nick was on board with the idea though. Jack had a feeling that Nick probably wasn’t as happy with the new arrangement as Sarah and, hopefully, Jack was. When dinner came they both paused the conversation to begin eating. The food was exquisite and both of them were very happy with what had been served. “How has Nick been?” Jack eventually asked. “He’s been rather naughty recently.” Sarah replied casually as she cut up a bit more of steak, “I caught him spying on me.” “Oh really?” Jack asked as he began chewing. “Yeah. He had been pretty good recently, I let him have some time with my laptop and where does he go? He logs in on my profiles on… Certain websites and reads my messages!” Sarah shook her head as if disappointed in a toddler. “I hope he was disciplined…” Jack said with a wink and a grin. “For sure.” Sarah responded, “I’m pretty sure he is learning his lesson as we speak.” “Oh?” Jack asked interestedly. Sarah relayed the story of Sarah’s relationship with Kirsty and what was going on tonight. She told Jack a little about George as well. His eyes got increasingly wide with every word Sarah said. “Man, Nick and George would make a great study for psychiatrists.” Jack said with a shake of the head. “Yeah, well, if it works then I’m not going to argue with it.” Sarah said, “But I’m not here to talk about Nick. I want to talk about you… About us.” Jack raised his eyebrows and felt his heart skip a beat. He had always wanted Sarah, and now it was finally happening. Jack had to pinch himself to make sure this was real life. “Sarah…” Jack said as he put his knife and fork down, “You know I have always wanted this to happen. I never made a move because of your husband but I have always wanted to get together with you.” “I know.” Sarah smiled, “Women notice these things.” “I guess I’ve not always been great at subtlety.” Jack laughed. Sarah smiled at Jack for a second and just took in his features. He was everything that Nick wasn’t. Big and muscled, tall and with a face that a model would be envious of. “But you know it’s complicated…” Sarah continued as she looked down at her plate. “That’s an understatement.” Jack agreed. “I’m just going to lay the cards on the table.” Sarah said as she sipped her drink, “I have feelings for you. I want to… I want to explore stuff with you and I want you to be the man that I need in my life.” “What about Nick?” Jack asked. His heart was beating at a thousand miles a minute. This was everything he had dreamt of hearing for a long time. “Like I said before. Nick is something else to me now, he isn’t a lover and I want a lover… I want you to be my lover.” Sarah admitted and blushed slightly, “I’ve spoken to Nick and he understands that.” “How did he take it?” Jack asked. “Not easily. I think he understands where I’m coming from though.” Sarah said, “But if you and me are going to try getting together, I need you to be more than my lover.” “What do you mean?” Jack asked. He was getting more and more confused. “Imagine me as a single mother.” Sarah said. She had practiced this speech many times in her head in the days leading up to this, “If you are going to love me… I need you to be somewhat of a daddy for Nick.” “What? How?” Jack was feeling a little flustered. “I don’t mean I want you getting deeply involved.” Sarah explained, “But maybe change a nappy here, feed him there… I know it wouldn’t be easy for either of you but we come as a package.” Jack looked at his food again. He didn’t know what he was expecting really, he hadn’t expected Sarah to straight up leave Nick for him but could he really do what she asked? A part of him enjoyed having power over Nick but it was just so… Awkward. “Don’t make your mind up now.” Sarah said. She reached across the table and lightly touched Jack’s hand, “I want us to have a normal date. I just wanted to put all of that out there from the start. So everyone knows where they stand.” “I appreciate it.” Jack said. He really did. It certainly beat being made to guess what the other person’s intentions were. “There’s nothing to say you can’t have some fun with it either…” Sarah hinted with a wink. “Fun?” Jack asked unsure of what she meant. “Well… You would have the same powers as me.” Sarah explained, “Basically, Nick would be expected to do whatever you asked.” “Anything I asked?” Jack clarified. “Yes.” Sarah giggled as she replied, “Anything.” The rest of the meal went like a pretty normal date. The conversation returned to regular topics and soon, perhaps too soon, they had finished their meal and were looking to head home. Jack settled the bill and Sarah waited for him outside. She checked her watch and was surprised to see that she had been away from Nick for a few hours. She was not used to being away from Nick for so long and felt a strange anxiety about needing to make sure he was OK. She had to shake herself to stop from worrying. Nick was with Kirsty, if anything had gone wrong, Kirsty could easily get in contact. “That was a lovely meal.” Jack said as he pushed open the door and walked over to Sarah, “Not cheap though. My wallet will be feeling that!” Sarah laughed. There was an awkward moment where no one was really sure what to do next. “I had a wonderful time.” Jack said. “Me too!” Sarah agreed. Silence fell again as they both looked out at their respective cars. “It doesn’t have to end here.” Jack said rather quietly. Sarah knew what she meant immediately and even though she tried to keep her poker face together, she couldn’t help but break into a broad smile. “You want to follow me back to my place?” Jack asked when he saw her smile. “Sure.” Sarah replied. Jack leaned forward and Sarah gave him a kiss. Not just a little peck, but a deep, passionate and long kiss on each other’s lips. When they eventually pulled apart, Sarah had red cheeks and neither of them could contain their smiles. They felt like a pair of teenagers having an illicit tryst. They pulled apart and hurried to their cars. The two could barely contain their passions and were raring to get back at each other. Sarah followed Jack impatiently as they threaded through the streets to the edge of town where Jack had his apartment. When Jack pulled in to his parking spot, Sarah quickly pulled up next to him. They both flung their doors open and Jack hurried around Sarah’s car almost before she had a chance to lock it. Jack took Sarah in his arms again and planted her with another deep kiss. Jack lifted Sarah off of her feet and she moaned slightly as she tightly wrapped her arms around his neck. Sarah couldn’t help but smile and she knew that Jack could tell she was smiling even though he was still passionately kissing her. Despite all of her dominance recently, she simply melted in Jack’s arms as he lifted her towards the front door of the building. It took some fiddling but eventually Jack managed to get his key in the lock and he pushed the door open. He finally put Sarah down as he stumbled into the lobby and they both giggled as they headed over to the lift. As the elevator carried them up to Jack’s apartment, they resumed exploring each other. Sarah, hugging Jack tightly, moved her hands down Jack’s lower back and grabbed at his ass. She was pleasantly surprised by the firmness in his buttocks and she felt Jack giggle as she touched them. She felt like an intoxicated teenager despite not even having a drink! They stumbled into Jack’s apartment and straight towards the bedroom. There was no time for drinks or small talk, both were desperate for each other’s bodies. Sarah fell backwards on to the bed and pulled Jack down after her. She liked the feeling of him on top of her, she felt so safe as the taller man embraced her. At the same time, she could feel Jack moving a hand up under her dress and towards her crotch. The tickling feeling that she felt as his hand rubbed her inner thigh was terribly exciting. Sarah pulled her dress up and over her head, she thought she heard something rip but in the moment that didn’t matter. As she threw her dress towards the foot of the bed, she knocked over her handbag and saw her phone fall out on to the edge of the bed. Sarah’s view of her phone was obstructed suddenly as Jack leaned down and licked from Sarah’s neck to her chest. He brought both of his hands up and gently cupped Sarah’s breasts through her bra causing Sarah to moan slightly and close her eyes. Jack sat up and pulled his shirt off. Without his shirt, Sarah could see just how well sculpted her lover was, a six pack on his abdomen was evidence of Jack’s fitness. As Jack started undoing his belt and unbuckling his trousers, Sarah rubbed her hands across Jack’s muscular chest and almost groaned in anticipation. This was completely different to when she was intimate with Nick. Nick’s stick-like body wasn’t unattractive, but compared to what Jack had under his shirt, Nick was nothing but a child. The differences between Jack and Nick were even further emphasised when Jack’s trousers came down along with his underpants leaving Jack totally naked in front of Sarah. Sarah’s eyes went wide and she almost audibly gasped as she looked at Jack’s tool. The thing was huge! “You like what you see?” Jack asked with a chuckle. “I LOVE what I see.” Sarah said sexily in reply. Sitting up, Sarah leaned forward and stroked the semi-erect dick in front of her. She leaned further forward and ran her tongue down Jack’s shaft. Jack let out a low moan of pleasure that made Sarah smile, she could feel her lover’s cock twitching slightly as it rapidly hardened under her touch. Jack sat on the bed and moved Sarah on to the floor between his knees. He leaned back on his elbows causing his tool to stick into the air, proudly standing at attention. Sarah flicked her hair behind her shoulders and leaned forward. She took the head of Jack’s penis in her mouth and gently flicked her tongue against the extremely sensitive glands. Jack threw his head back and closed his eyes in ecstasy as he felt the woman whom he had crushed on for a long time finally pleasure him the way he had always dreamt of. Jack opened his eyes and looked down as he felt Sarah bobbing her head a little. Slowly but surely Sarah was taking more of Jack into her mouth with every forward bob of the head. Jack had to admit he was impressed. He hadn’t met many girls who could do what Sarah was doing now. He was very big in that department but Sarah was doing an exceptional job of making him disappear in her mouth. “Fuck, you’re good…” Jack moaned as Sarah bobbed up and down. Sarah wasn’t able to respond with her mouth full but she smiled and gave Jack a thumbs up which caused Jack to giggle slightly. Just as Sarah was getting back to her rhythm and enjoying the slightly salty taste of Jack’s cock, she suddenly heard a beeping and felt some vibrations on the bed. She would have ignored it; she was enjoying herself a lot after all but she saw the name “Kirsty” on the screen. She would have ignored anyone else but she had told Kirsty to contact her if there were any issues. Sarah rapidly pulled the dick out of her mouth causing Jack to groan slightly from disappointment. He looked down to see Sarah wiping her mouth slightly and picking up her phone. “It’s Kirsty. Just need to make sure it isn’t an emergency.” Sarah said to Jack. She kept one hand on his hard dick, gently stroking to keep him hard as she planned to go straight back to the fun. “Great…” Jack playfully mumbled as he rolled his eyes exaggeratedly, “The babysitter….” Sarah smiled and opened the text message from Kirsty, it was a picture that took a couple of seconds to load. When it did appear she covered her mouth and almost burst out laughing. “Oh my God!” Sarah said as she quickly sat on the bed next to Jack, “You have got to see this!” Jack looked down in the screen and his eyes flew wide open. This was what was happening to Nick at this moment? The photo showed Nick and another man tied together, the other man was in a dress and they were both in clearly used and overflowing nappies. They were inches from each other and looked terribly humiliated. Looking at the powerlessness of the two big babies made Jack kind of excited again. “That’s hot.” Jack admitted as he looked at the picture and stroked himself. “Mmm.” Sarah raised her eyebrows, “I’m glad you think so.” Sarah and Jack locked in another kiss, falling back against the bed they rolled around a little and Jack unhooked Sarah’s bra so stealthily that she was rather surprised to see it drop down in front of her. She giggled as Jack rubbed her body, down her stomach and all the way to her panties. Jack felt Sarah’s panties and smiled as he felt a very definite wet spot in the thin cloth. He pulled the panties to one side and with one finger he gently rubbed the outside of Sarah’s pussy. Sarah audibly moaned and fell against Jack with her head over his shoulder. She bit her lip and lifted her hips slightly to give the probing digit better access. Jack smiled to himself at the submissive and almost desperate behaviour of Sarah. Despite being so dominant with Nick, Sarah still clearly had a side that wanted to be taken control of as well. Sarah moaned again as the finger started exploring a little deeper. Jack used his tongue to circle one of Sarah’s nipples as he simultaneously moved his finger slowly in and out of his lover. Jack found his mind picturing both what he wanted to do to Sarah and also the picture Sarah had showed him. Like Sarah, he found the idea of Nick being humiliated an incredible turn on which was just being added to an already incredibly sexy situation. “Fuck me.” Sarah whispered breathlessly, “I need it.” Jack rolled Sarah on to her back and kneeled down next to her head. He didn’t even have to direct her as she turned her head to the side and started sucking his dick again. Jack smiled as Sarah closed her eyes and went to work again. He was going to make her work for what she wanted. Jack swung one leg over Sarah’s head so he was on all fours with his crotch right above her. Like a dog with a stick, Sarah didn’t let go of Jack’s cock. She simply moved her head to keep it in her mouth and licking the soft spongy head. Jack very slowly started pushing down and the pulling up again, not going too deep and making it uncomfortable but just enough for him to start groaning in pleasure. Sarah basically laid still and allowed her lover to push in and out of her mouth, she worked her tongue around the shaft each time her mouth was invaded. “This is so hot.” Sarah thought. She would have spoken if it were possible. Jack eventually pulled up all the way and his throbbing member left Sarah’s mouth completely. She had drool running down the side of her face and started massaging her jaw. Sarah panted slightly as she was finally able to gulp down some air. “Are you OK?” Jack asked with a little concern. “Better than ever.” Sarah smiled as she wiped the side of her face. Jack smiled and kissed Sarah’s neck. He slowly worked his way down her body kissing and licking all the way, he could taste the slightly salty taste as Sarah sweated a little. In normal circumstances it wouldn’t be a turn on at all but whilst locked in this passionate moment with the woman of his dreams, it tasted like the finest wine he had ever had. When he got to the sensitive opening between Sarah’s legs he paused slightly causing her to tremble. Working with his tongue, he started going down on Sarah working with tongue and paying attention to her body. When he felt her tense slightly and moan he knew he had found a sweet spot and he kept working there. After another minute or so he pulled his head away from Sarah and wiped his mouth on the bedsheets. When he looked over at Sarah’s body she seemed lost in pleasure, her hands were above her head and clutching the covers. Jack stood at the foot of the bed and, grabbing Sarah by her hips, he pulled her down the bed so that she was closer to the edge. He grabbed hold of Sarah’s legs and held them wide open. Sarah’s vagina was dripping wet and Jack was ready to finally give her what she so desperately craved. Finally, Jack pushed his dick towards Sarah’s opening. She moaned loudly as her sensitive lips moved apart to accommodate Jack’s tool. He quickly got into a rhythm of moving in and out of Sarah causing her to loudly moan with each thrust. Jack held her legs open as he pushed inside her, he looked down at Sarah and realised this was the moment he had been waiting for. She was practically screaming as Jack started ramping the pace up. After all of the foreplay, both of them didn’t need much to reach the point of no return. Sarah’s body suddenly tensed up and she let out a louder moan before she started jerking slightly, it looked like she was practically in tears with the ecstasy of the moment. As Jack felt her pussy constricting and squeezing he quickly pulled out and pulled Sarah into a sitting position. He looked down and clearly Sarah knew what the procedure was as she opened her mouth and closed her eyes in front of Jack’s cock. “Oh fuck…” Jack yelled as he saw Sarah rubbing her dripping wet opening whilst waiting for Jack’s load. Jack grunted and felt his knees go weak as he came. His sticky cream spurting out and liberally covering Sarah’s face and chest. The experience had been so intense and he was so turned on that he seemed to keep going a lot longer than normal before final he finished up. Panting, Jack was just about to go and get cleaned up when Sarah, covered in semen, grabbed his arm. “Wait.” Sarah said with a smile as she grabbed her phone. Sarah got on her knees next to Jack at crotch level and took a photo with her phone. Jack’s white milk still dripping all over her. She smiled and gave a thumbs up next to Jack’s rapidly softening penis. Sarah sent the message to Kirsty and then followed it up with another message. “You showed me yours, I’ll show you mine! Make sure to show Nick at bedtime ;)” Sarah pressed send and giggled naughtily as she climbed to her feet. Jack took her hand and smiled at her. Sarah had never experienced sex like that before, it was day and night compared to Nick’s feeble efforts in the bedroom. “Let’s get cleaned up.” Jack suggested, “The shower is this way.” Sarah and Jack left the scene of their love making and headed to the bathroom. They were both giggling as the water started running, both of them had experienced a really nice time. There was only one question left to answer: Was this a one-off or the start of something big?
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, that was meant to say Jack, I have edited it now. The problem with writing six stories at once is character names sometimes leak into other stories and aren't always caught in editing
  5. This was a very fun commission to write and something a bit different to a lot of my other stories. This one involves some more fantasy elements than usual and also tells a story about love and... Well I don't want to say too much! This is part one of either three or four depending on how I decide to post it This was a commission and if you would like a commission, send me a message and we can discuss any ideas you might have. My price is £5 per 1000 words which is about $6.38 at that moment (changes depending on exchange rate). A thank you to the person who commissioned this work. A very fun story to tell! --- Unravelling The Past By Elfy “For God’s sake!” James shouted at his parents with all the impotent rage and angst the teenager could muster, “I’m not a child!” “Yes James, we know.” Julie, James’ beleaguered mother, replied tiredly. “Then why can’t I go to the party!” James whined loudly. “You are 15-years-old and you have school the next morning.” Ron, James’ father, took his turn to talk to the angry teen. “I don’t care!” James shouted back. “Well we do.” Julie replied. James stomped his foot in frustration. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his parents, they just were too overprotective of him sometimes. All his friends were allowed to go to the party, why shouldn’t he go? Turning around in a huff, James stormed out of the front room, slammed the living room door and stomped halfway up the stairs. He was so mad that he half-considered just running away and going to the party anyway, he would get in trouble but it would probably be worth it considering some of his friends were apparently bringing alcohol. When he got halfway up the stairs, James suddenly changed his mind. He wasn’t done with this argument. If he had to stay up all night shouting and screaming he would force his parents to change their minds and let him have his freedom. He was full of the righteous indignation that a scorned teenage boy could have. James trooped back down the stairs and was just about to open the door to the living room to start round two of the argument when he was halted in his tracks by the sound of voices. Thinking that maybe he could get some information that he could use to his advantage, James quietly tip-toed up to the door and listened to the voices with him. “He’s just a teenager, Ron.” Julie was saying to her husband. “He’s a pain in the ass.” Ron replied. “It’s the hormones.” Julie said in a conciliatory tone, “He’ll calm down soon.” “Is it too late to take him back to the adoption agency?” Ron asked sarcastically. James felt his mouth drop open and his heart skip a beat. What was that he just heard? Adoption? This couldn’t be true. James felt light headed, he felt faintly nauseous and he suddenly regretted ever deciding to continue this stupid argument. Maybe it wasn’t true… “Ron!” Julie said warningly, “You know we don’t talk about that with James in the house.” “I know; I know… Sorry.” Ron conceded, “But you have to admit that when we signed those forms, we didn’t really have this type of thing in mind.” James couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It was true. His parents were talking about him and how he was… Adopted. He had no idea, he had no reason to ever suspect such a thing. This had to be some bad dream, right? “Ron, we adopted James because we wanted to give a child a chance. We knew the trouble he had as an infant.” Julie said, “Any life he has with us is better than without us whether he knows or not.” James felt a renewed anger flowing through him. He was adopted and no one had ever told him. Were they ever planning on telling him? With the anger clouding his judgement, James pushed against the door and allowed it to fly open and smash into the wall. He stood in the doorway and felt like he could breathe fire as he looked in at his parents, or at least the people he thought he were his parents. There were tears in his eyes, tears borne of the intense emotions he was feeling. It was like every singly negative emotion was seething through him, every pump of his heart forcing more anger into his body. Julie shrieked in surprise when she saw James standing in the doorway. She covered her mouth quickly but could tell from the way James was staring at her that he had heard everything. Ron stood up out of his chair and started walking towards James with his arms out as if to pacify his son. “James…” Ron said slowly, “You weren’t supposed to hear that. Look, we were going to tell you.” James cut off his father with a swift punch in the face. He didn’t make good contact and it barely even fazed Ron who quickly shook it off. “I deserve that.” Ron said diplomatically, “James, come in and sit down and we can… JAMES!” As Ron was talking a tearful James spun on his heels, grabbed his coat and ran out the front door. He didn’t know where he was going but he just knew he had to get away from the people he had always assumed were his parents. It was the early evening and getting a little chilly but James didn’t care. He ran down the street away from his home and ignored both Ron and Julie who were desperately calling his name. He ran until his legs wouldn’t let him run anymore. If he could, James would have run all the way to the other end of the world. --- James spent the next hour walking. He had no real place to go, he had no goal in mind except to walk and try to clear his head. It felt like his whole world had fallen apart in the last few hours and he needed to be alone, he needed time to think. When James’ phone rang and he saw it was the number listed as “Home”, he didn’t answer. Instead he sent the call to voicemail and then turned his phone of. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. The sun was beginning to set in the sky and it was getting darker by the minute. James had been so wrapped up inside his own mind that he hadn’t even been thinking about where he was going. When James looked up he realised he was in a residential part of town that he didn’t remember ever seeing before. James didn’t care that he was lost. He wanted to be lost, it would give him more time alone as the darkness drew in. He just couldn’t believe that no one had ever told him he was adopted, he had been with the people he called his parents for as long as he could remember and now he found out that whole time had been a lie. He hated them, they were strangers to him now. As he walked down one unknown street, James spotted an odd sight in the distance. Squinting, James noticed a house that seemed to be completely burned out. The whole building was charred black and it seemed like sections of the roof had fallen down. It was a very odd sight in what was usually a quiet town that had little of interesting news. There was something about this house that attracted James’ attention though. For some reason, there was a part of him that was deeply interested in the building. A part of his brain was telling him that he had to investigate the wrecked home. With every step closer that James got to the house he found his desire to investigate it growing. It was as if some inexplicable force was drawing him towards it like a snake charmer charms a snake. When James finally drew up level with the house, the night had drawn in. The street was empty and there were no signs of life except for James himself. Taking a deep breath, James walked on to the property and felt a strange chill run down his spine. There was something equally familiar and alien about this whole place and James knew that he couldn’t leave, he had to look around and find out why this seemingly random building was having such an effect on him. There was an old car in the driveway. It was rusted through and looked like it had once been in the same blaze that had consumed the house. It looked like it hadn’t moved in a long, long time. By now it even had plants growing through it and insects had taken over. It was a pretty big car, an old station wagon that looked to be at least a decade old. James walked over to the car. It looked like a destroyed wreck of charred and rusted metal but James still felt like he should look inside. Just like the house, the car seemed to hold some special interest for him. Peering in through the window, it seemed like there was nothing of interest at first. James was hesitant to touch the old vehicle for fear of cutting himself on the rusted edges. James was about to back away from the car when something caught his eye. A flash of colour in an otherwise blackened car. James couldn’t quite see what it was but it was red and half hidden under the back seat. Being very careful not to injure himself, James pulled on the handle of the door and after giving it a tug it swung open with a loud scraping noise. James slowly and carefully leaned into the car and reached down for the item that had his attention. It was as he touched it that he realised it was a toy fire truck, something that he had never thought about before but suddenly seemed very familiar. As soon as his finger touched the fire truck, James felt like he was falling. There was an intense rushing sound in his ears and it felt like the world was spinning out of control. Everything kept getting louder and faster until James felt like he was about to pass out. He felt himself let out a loud scream as he felt like fell into the car, he closed his eyes as the spinning became unbearable. --- “I know, darling, I know.” Came a female voice from the front of the car, “Quieten down, baby, everything is fine.” James suddenly opened his eyes. He was incredibly disorientated to find himself suddenly sitting in a car in the middle of the day. Everything was different. The car was speeding down the road and there was a man and woman occupying the front seats. James looked around and rubbed his eyes as he tried to make sense of what was happening. Was he on the way to the hospital? Had he died? The last thing James remembered was standing against the car in the darkness as he suddenly felt very ill. Now he was in the car in daylight with other people. Had he been kidnapped? James shifted in his seat a little to try and get a better look at his situation. It was as he tried to move that he realised several extremely strange and frightening facts about his situation. The first and most obvious realisation was that he was sat in a toddler’s car seat. The straps going across his chest were tight and clearly designed to stop the occupant from being able to wander. It was then that James realised he must be very small to fit in such a seat. His legs were dangling over the edge of the seat but didn’t reach the ground, he looked at his hands and saw tiny little things still full of baby fat and unaffected by time. A teddy bear sat next to him, a bear he remembered from his youth and an anchor to reality. It made him realise that he must be a younger version of himself. As crazy as that sounded, how else could he explain it? The next, and perhaps more embarrassing realisation that James had was that he was clearly wearing a diaper. His small pair of shorts bulged out from the thick underwear underneath and with each movement came a symphony of crinkles. James tried to speak, tried to ask what was going on but when he heard his voice he realised all that was coming out was a bunch of useless babble. James felt panicked and fought to keep his cool. “Will you tell your son to shut up.” The male voice in the passenger seat said. He sounded agitated. “No, Terry.” Replied the female voice shortly, “He’s your son too… Toddlers make noise, get used to it.” These two people were James’ parents? James felt a strange mix of emotions as he looked at the small parts of the two adults he could see. He was desperate to make some noise, to contact the people who brought him into the world but the only thing that happened was his babbling became more excitable. It was incredibly frustrating. The man, Terry, as the woman had called him, spun around in his chair and looked James in the face. James felt a chill run down his spine, the look his father was giving him was intimidating in the extreme. James had expected to see love in those eyes, but all he saw was annoyance, dare he even say hate? The look alone scared James enough to stop him from talking. Whether it was fear or just coincidence, at that moment James felt the front of his diaper suddenly warm up. He looked down in shock as he wet himself, he felt himself tearing up from shame but willed himself not to cry like the baby he seemed to be. The warmth in the front of the diaper quickly spread throughout and James seemed powerless to stop it. He just stared at the scary man and swallowed deeply as the diaper did its job and absorbed all of the urine. The car turned a corner and at the same time, the man smiled slyly and turned to look out the windscreen again. Out of the car’s windows, James noted it seemed like they were now heading down the road James had been walking on before all this had started. “Just need to give the boy a stare and he shuts right up.” Terry said, “You are too soft on him, Mary.” “More like you scare him.” Mary shot back as she drove towards home. “Good.” Terry said coldly, “He’s only made our lives more complicated.” “How can you say that!?” Mary half-shouted back, “Sorry, sweetie.” Mary added the second part when she heard little James in the back make a whiny noise that sounded like he was about to cry. “How can you deny it?” Terry replied snidely, “We were going along nicely till he popped out. Now we have money issues, we get no time alone, we never go out… It’s miserable.” The car slowed right down and began turning into the driveway. James could see that the house wasn’t burned down anymore, now the house looked nice, a little rundown but otherwise a nice place to live. “It’s called being a parent.” Mary said coldly, “You should try it some time.” “What is that supposed to mean?” Terry shouted back. James felt his lip trembling and tears running down his eyes. He felt so small and vulnerable as his parents, people he barely knew, shouted at each other and argued with each other. Was he really such a liability and a burden on these people? “You go out more nights than you stay home. You come home stinking drunk in the small hours and leave me alone with James.” Mary said, “I’m surprised he even recognises you.” “Bitch.” Terry muttered harshly as he opened his door. The car had barely stopped moving when Terry pushed the door open and then slammed it behind him as he stormed off into the house. The loud noise was too much for young James who burst into tears. He couldn’t help it, he felt so scared and so sorry that he was such a burden on his parents. His wails were loud and shrill and he was unable to control them. Mary, his mother, quickly opened her door and hurried to the back seat. She opened the back door and unsnapped the restraints holding James down. She lifted James out with ease and he desperately clung to her as she carried him out of the car and towards the house.
  6. OK, so I'm going to call for a stop to this as an admin, not as the author. I removed your ill-informed "opinions" on transgender because it is irrelevant and offensive, same with the comments on terrorism. Dude, this is a fictional story about a man made to wear nappies by his wife, it isn't a place to air your problems with groups of people. Your point is made, you do no approve of gay content. That's fine, no one is forcing you to read those parts or any of this story at all. There are going to be gay scenes but they are going to be few and far between and the story isn't going to suddenly become a homosexual-centric story. There will hopefully be an update soon, I did a whole bunch of writing the other night and a new, possibly smaller, section should be ready soonish.
  7. As you may be able to tell from my avatar. Leaf made an image for me and I couldn't be happier with it
  8. Thank you for the kind words and opinions. Thanks to Princess Thumbsucker for picking up and letting me know of a continuity error that I fixed. Nothing major, just a dress magically changing colour that should be fine now! As for Nick and George... I'll be totally honest, if anyone has a problem with gay stuff, they may want to skim upcoming sections. I will say now that Nick is not just going to suddenly be gay or anything like that, but I see no harm in him exploring feelings that are new to him. He has had a lot of changes in his life recently that have opened his mind to a lot of things he had never considered before. I don't plan for their to be a lot of gay content... But I won't say there won't be any at all. I don't think any gay stuff in this story is central to the plot and if you personally are offended by it then feel free to skip those sections! I will repeat... Nick isn't going to suddenly become completely gay! Him and Sarah are and will always be the central characters and relationship.
  9. Finally time to update Nick's story Apologies for the wait, a lot of stuff going on but I'm still enjoying plenty of writing! I write commissions. If you have an idea you would like to be turned into a story, just send me a message and we can discuss ideas. My rate £5 per 1000 words which is a little over $6. Any comments, suggestions, ideas and anything else is always welcome, comments are the life blood of an author who posts their work on forums like this! --- George hurried out the room as fast as he could move. Nick wanted more than anything for him to stay but he knew that George couldn’t disobey Kirsty any more than Nick could disobey Sarah. Both these boys knew their place and both were terrified of crossing “Mommy.” “So Nick, I hear you have been a naughty little boy.” Kirsty accused her visitor as she advanced on him. She was already taller than Nick, with the added height of the boots, she was now towering over him. Nick looked at the floor and didn’t reply. He wanted to be mad at Kirsty, he never really liked her after all, but he found it hard to be mad with her when she was so intimidating. “Silence doesn’t work with me.” Kirsty said swiftly, “Have you been a naughty boy?” Kirsty grabbed Nick’s chin and pushed his face up so that Nick was looking into Kirsty’s eyes. She saw the fear on his face and felt the corners of her mouth curl into a smile. She didn’t plan to do much with Nick, she knew that he was pretty vanilla when it came to the world of BDSM so she didn’t plan to do anything extreme. Kirsty could tell that the threatening nature of what was in the room was doing as much as anything else to punish Nick right now. Nick felt himself paralysed. He didn’t know what to say, he didn’t want to say anything that would annoy the dominating woman in front of him so he said nothing at all. He was begging Kirsty to tell him what she wanted him to say but either she wasn’t reading his body language or she was actively ignoring it. Like being saved by the bell, Nick was saved when the door to the garage opened and George stumbled back in with a neatly folded satin yellow dress and a large pink nappy laying on top. “George.” Kirsty said sternly as the still naked sissy stepped back into the room, “Your little friend needs some help.” “Yes, Mistress?” George said rather slavishly. “Yes, Sissy.” Kirsty said slowly. She never once took her eyes off of Nick, “What do little one’s do when asked a question by a superior?” “We answer the question, Mistress.” George quickly answered. Nick saw him smile a little bit, George clearly relished every opportunity to prove what a good sissy he was. “Correct.” Kirsty said, “So... Nick, have you been a naughty boy?” Nick could see George look at him with wide eyes from behind Kirsty’s back. When George was sure that his mistress wasn’t looking at him he quickly nodded his head as if to tell Nick to say that he had been naughty. “Y-Yes…” Nick finally choked out. Nick could only look at George or the carpet. The dominant woman in front of him might well have been the sun because he was completely unable to look directly at her. “Yes what?” Kirsty asked. “Yes… Mistress.” Nick said. It was an incredibly hard thing for him to say but there was something very alluring about being controlled like this. “There we go.” Kirsty said. She tussled Nick’s hair slightly like a small child who had just remembered his basic manners, “That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Nick didn’t say anything. He tried to ignore the raging excitement in his wet diaper, he didn’t want to enjoy this. He shouldn’t enjoy anything about it. “You can start by diapering Georgina.” Kirsty said to Nick who was suddenly broken from his reverie. George, as if on cue and used to it, quickly put the diaper and dress down and laid flat on the concrete floor. It was an almost pavlovian response to being told he would be diapered. “Me?” Nick questioned. He had never diapered someone before, to be frank, he wasn’t sure he could do it. “Yes.” Kirsty commanded, “And don’t question me. I will let it slide this time but if you get a command then I expect you to follow it, not question it.” Nick walked across the room to where George was laying down and knelt down in between the sissy’s legs. He felt embarrassed but he wasn’t going to refuse Kirsty’s command. Nick picked up the pink diaper and unfolded it rather clumsily. It sounds silly but he had stopped paying any conscious attention to the diapering process, now he found himself desperately trying to remember exactly how to do this. Laying the diaper open Nick awkwardly reached forward and lifted his friend’s legs. He was thankful that George helped him a little by lifting his hips and letting Nick slide the nappy underneath him. Nick leaned back when the nappy was properly placed and blushed when he noticed that George was seemingly very excited to be in this position. His small tool was slowly twitching to life, despite its diminutive size, Nick was rather embarrassed to see that the sissy was bigger than he was in that department. Nick was just about to raise the front of the pink princess nappy when he saw Kirsty walk up to the pair and place her high-heeled shoe on the open nappy. George gulped as he looked at the sharp heel so close to his sensitive area. “Not so fast.” Kirsty said as she leaned down in front of Nick. She held out her hand where Nick could see a small cylindrical shaped object. It looked like a soft, white bullet. Nick took hold of the small object and looked confused. He had no idea what he was holding and what he was supposed to do with it. He looked at Kirsty quizzically. “Oh no…” George moaned from the floor when he saw what Nick was holding. “What… What… Do I do with this?” Nick asked before quickly remembering the rules and adding, “Mistress!” “Good save.” Kirsty sneered, “This is a suppository. They are inserted rectally and they help big babies make poopy diapers. When was your last messy diaper, George?” “Two days ago, Mistress.” George looked away as he spoke, clearly embarrassed. “So Nick, if you could insert that suppository as much as you can and then diaper George up.” Kirsty said as she moved her foot away. The suppository was dripping with a thick, slippery fluid and Nick looked from the object he was holding to the sissy’s rear end. When Nick saw Kirsty’s waiting expression, he quickly moved around the side of George and took hold of George’s legs. With a grunt of effort, Nick lifted George’s legs and folded them back over the sissy’s head. “Hold your knees.” Nick instructed George. George did as he was told without question and Nick felt a brief flicker of a feeling he hadn’t felt for a long time. The feeling of someone who commanded another person. Nick moved back between George’s legs and felt himself get a little hot under the collar as he looked at his friend’s very exposed butt. He felt himself stirring in his nappy and he tried to ignore the butterflies in his tummy as he prepared to complete his task. “We don’t have all day.” Kirsty said snidely causing Nick to jump slightly. This seemed like a very intimate moment and Nick wished he were alone with George to do it. Nick moved the suppository to the sissy’s hole. He paused slightly, he had never been this close to another guy’s ass. He gently pushed and heard George gasp as the sharper point of the suppository started parting George’s asshole. Pushing his trembling finger forwards, Nick pushed the little bullet shaped object until it was all the way in to George’s butt. Nick suddenly found his finger ever so slightly inside George, it was a very curious sensation. Nick blushed and was about to pull his finger out when Kirsty stopped him. “Push it in further.” Kirsty commanded, “As far as you can.” Nick bit his lip and tried to ignore the tenting nappy between his legs as he slowly pushed forward again. George’s moans let him know that his sissy friend was not exactly complaining about what was happening but his red cheeks showed he was still rather uncomfortable. “That’ll do.” Kirsty eventually said. Nick looked away from George’s face and back to his finger and was surprised to find most of his index finger had disappeared into George’s ass. It felt warm and almost inviting but he rather rapidly pulled his finger out which caused George to gasp in shock. Kirsty, hovering to the side of the scene laughed. Nick was blushing furiously as he fingered his friend’s little hole. “Sorry…” Nick said apologetically as he positioned himself between George’s legs again. Nick knew that he needed to finish the diaper change and he was rather relieved when Kirsty didn’t interrupt him again. He pulled the nappy up between George’s legs and hurriedly taped it closed. The nappy was a little lopsided but, for a first attempt, it was surprisingly good. “Great.” Kirsty said, “Georgina, if you can put your own dress on, I’m sure Nick will help with the zip.” George bowed low to Kirsty and quickly picked up the dress and put it on. The dress was pale yellow with frilly white edges. It went low enough to cover his nappy when he was perfectly still but any movement caused the dress to ride up. The fact the sissy was padded was obvious to anyone who looked. When George had the dress on, he turned his back to Nick to reveal an open back and a zip that needed to be pulled up. Nick looked to Kirsty, instinctively deferring to the adult, who nodded her approval. Nick stepped forward and pulled the zip up. It got stuck halfway and as he jostled it to try and free it, he felt George move back ever so slightly. Nick felt George’s rear push against his diapered front. Nick was sure George would feel his hardness but, if he did, George made no sign that he knew anything as the zip suddenly freed itself and went all the way up. “Wonderful, you look adorable.” Kirsty said to George, “Right… Nick, time for your punishment.” Nick shuddered. This was the moment he had been fearing more than any, he looked over at George who gave him a very sympathetic look. “The less you resist the easier this will be, OK?” Kirsty said as she circled Nick. “Yes, Mistress.” Nick said obediently. He bowed his head and felt his nappy warming again. He wondered if he should tell Kirsty that his diaper was soaked. He decided against it in case he was given the same suppository treatment that George received. Kirsty grabbed Nick by the collar of his onesie and started pulling him into the centre of the room. George retreated to the edge of the room and watched on anxiously. Nick looked around at all the pieces of equipment in the room, each piece evoked more fear than the last. He was dragged over to a beam in the centre of the room. Kirsty pulled down Nick’s shorts and unsnapped his onesie. She pulled it off quickly and easily and Nick tried to cover himself up as much as he could when he was only in a nappy. He still wasn’t used to being like this in the presence of others. “Touch your toes.” Kirsty commanded. Knowing she meant for him to bend over the bar, Nick bent down and reached down for his toes. Kirsty adjusted the bar’s height so that Nick was just about able to touch his toes. Kirsty bent down and attached restraints from Nick’s wrists to his ankles, essentially holding him in what was basically a stress position. Kirsty moved behind Nick who could see nothing except the floor in front of his face. He shuddered slightly as Kirsty gently rubbed her hand on the back of Nick’s nappy. It was the anticipation that was the worst part of this whole thing. Nick just wanted it over with! “George. Why don’t you select the paddle we are going to use?” Kirsty asked the sissy as she continued to fondle Nick’s padded rear. George didn’t dare disobey his Mistress and he hurried over to the table that had the spanking implements on. He looked at all the objects of pain and considered them all in turn. From belts, to brushes, to paddles with metal studs on. George considered all the option and started reaching for what he considered one of the least painful options. It was like a fly swatter but slightly bigger, it could produce a sting but because of the materials used, it generally didn’t hurt as much as some of the other implements. “Oh and George…” Kirsty called out causing the sissy to turn around, “If I decide the implement you choose isn’t hard enough, you will double Nick’s punishment.” George gulped and turned back to the table. He didn’t want Nick to be spanked any longer than he had to so he reconsidered the options and winced as he chose something a little more painful. He picked up a long and thin piece of wood. It was like an old-school ruler but made of strong wood which George knew would cause a stinging sensation that usually faded quite quickly. George walked over and presented the wooden implement to Kirsty. He hoped it would pass her inspection for his friend’s sake. “Good choice.” Kirsty eventually said. She smiled at George and pointed for him to go back into the corner. Nick felt the wooden implement being gently pulled down his back. He shuddered as he felt its hardness and wondered when all of this would be over. WHACK! Nick hadn’t been ready for the first swing and he jumped as the wooden ruler smacked into the back of his wet padding. He let out a little yelp and felt himself going red. He could feel the hit through the padding, Nick was grateful for the padding though as it did quite a bit to lessen the pain. The spanking continued for a little while and although each whack caused some amount of pain, it was really the humiliation that caused Nick a lot of consternation. Nick could see George wince with each hit and he felt tears coming to his eyes. How had he allowed his life to come to this? Nick tried to kick his legs to stop the pain but the binds that were holding his wrists and ankles together meant he was forced to just bend over and accept his punishment. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Nick yelled as he felt himself starting to breakdown. It didn’t stop the spanking which continued against the wet padding. Nick could feel his butt turning red against the spanking but he did his best not to let the tears overwhelm him. “Sorry for what?” Kirsty asked. Each word was punctuated by another whack with the paddle. She must have been going for three minutes at least but she knew what she was doing. The spanks weren’t particularly painful but they were embarrassing, she had spanked enough people to know how to humiliate without causing long term pain. “Everything!” Nick shouted out. “Not good enough.” Kirsty replied as she continued spanking the poor man. Nick felt a sob escape him as he tried desperately to maintain his composure. He desperately wanted to stand up, to run away from the punishment he was facing. “I’m sorry for spying on Mummy!” Nick wailed, “I’m sorry for looking at her web history!” “Better…” Kirsty said. A pause in the spanking gave everyone some respite. Kirsty had worked up quite a sweat and she welcomed the chance to take a break. She walked around and knelt in front of Nick. She placed her hand under Nick’s chin and manipulated it so that Nick was looking at her in the face. She could see the tears that Nick was trying to blink back. She nodded her head. “Another hour or so and you should have learnt your lesson” Kirsty said as she stood up and moved back behind Nick. “No!” Nick cried out. He couldn’t take an hour of it, even if the spanks didn’t hurt a lot, they were starting to add up. “No!” A voice spoke up from the corner of the room. A strangely effeminate but male voice that belonged to George. He reached out and even dared to take a few steps out of the corner and into the room. Kirsty actually paid attention to George’s voice. She was very surprised to hear him speak up. His red face showed that interrupting wasn’t an easy thing for him to do. “Sissy?” Kirsty asked questioningly. “Please no more, Mistress.” George pleaded, “He said sorry! He means it, don’t you Nick?” “I do! I do!” Nick repeated enthusiastically. He was sorry for what he had done even before the spanking had even started. Kirsty paused to think. She looked from Nick to George and then came up with an idea. “George, undo the restraints.” Kirsty ordered, “Then both of you meet me over here.” George curtsied low and scurried forward to undo the restraints on his friend. “Thank you.” Nick murmured earnestly as George bent down close to him. It was such a relief when Nick was able to stand up straight again. He winced slightly and stretched, his nappy crinkled with the movement which caused George, who was still on his knees in front of nick, to blush. “Ahem.” Kirsty’s theatrical throat clearing broke Nick and George away from each other. George hurried over to where his Mistress was calling him. Nick followed more slowly, he felt like he needed a nappy change but there was no way he could ask Kirsty for that. He rubbed his rear slightly as he walked over next to George. “Face each other.” Kirsty commanded. George turned quickly to face Nick from about a foot away. “Closer.” Kirsty instructed. George shuffled forward slightly. Both he and Nick looked at each other confused. “Closer!” Kirsty shouted. George jumped and quickly stepped forward so that he was an inch away from Nick. They were uncomfortably close and Nick didn’t quite know where to look. Kirsty took some rope and wrapped it around both of their bodies. She forced Nick and George completely together so that they were pressed against each other. Kirsty wrapped the rope around them both a bunch of times and then tied it in a knot. “I’ll be back in a little bit.” Kirsty said, “You two play nice together and try not to make a mess…” Her last comment seemed to be pointed at George who gulped. Nick remembered that suppository he had placed up George’s ass a little earlier and realised that George would be dirtying his nappy sooner or later… And now he was tied to him. Kirsty left the room and Nick could hear her lock the door after she had exited. She left silence in the garage as Nick and George stood together awkwardly. “Hi Nick.” George said softly. Maybe it was Nick’s mind playing tricks on him but George’s voice sounded more feminine than Nick remembered. “Hi…” Nick replied awkwardly. The two of them didn’t really know what to do with their faces. They could either look directly at each other and be so close they would be rubbing noses or they could move their heads to the side and rest them on each other’s shoulders. This is what Nick did, moving his head to the side he rested his chin on George’s shoulder. It was still very awkward, Nick was not used to being this close to another man and he almost felt like he was cuddling George. It wasn’t entirely disagreeable, in fact it was quite pleasant, but it was still very embarrassing. “How long are we going to be left here?” Nick asked. He inadvertently sniffed and smelt George’s hair, it smelt strangely sweet. Maybe some kind of fruity shampoo. “I don’t know.” George replied honestly, “Sometimes she leaves me in here for minutes, sometimes hours. I was once left attached to a feeding machine in here for a full day.” “A DAY!?” Nick exclaimed with worry. “Yeah but only when I’ve been really, really naughty.” George said, “I think Mistress will be back in an hour or so.” Nick sighed. What were they going to do until she came back? Nick’s legs were already starting to ache a little and he could feel a need to pee growing. Not to mention George’s suppository, Nick was almost afraid to ask but he knew that George must be getting increasingly uncomfortable. After a few minutes of silence, Nick couldn’t restrain his bladder anymore. He cringed as he felt his body giving up the fight so easily, it turned out that after not even thinking before wetting himself for a week had seemed to diminish his control a little. He prayed that the nappy could hold one more wetting. Nick took a breath, and slowly exhaled as he relaxed his muscles. What would once have been very difficult was now surprisingly easy as the front of his nappy got warmer again. He couldn’t tell if he was going to leak or not so he just really hoped for the best. “Are… Are you wetting?” George asked in a breathless whisper. “Erm, yes.” Nick said. He was glad George couldn’t see him blushing as he continued to flood the padding. “That’s hot…” George whispered. “Well yeah… It’s urine. It tends to be hot.” Nick replied rather confused. “No, no, no… It’s hot.” George said again. “What do you… Oh…” The penny suddenly dropped for Nick. Nick blushed even redder. “But… Well, I think you are leaking…” George whispered. He rubbed his leg against Nick’s leg and felt some wetness running down it. “Oh shit!” Nick said a bit too loudly and causing George to wince, “Oh God… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” For the second time in two visits, Nick had leaked. He felt incredible shame as the urine ran down his leg and began to collect in a puddle around his and George’s feet. Leaking was bad enough, leaking on another person was even worse. “Don’t worry! It’s only pee.” George replied, “Leaks happen.” Maybe Nick was imagining it but it seemed like George was a little excited by all of this. Was it the proximity to Nick, the wetting or maybe even the leaking that was causing it? Nick didn’t mind, he was in fact strangely curious about his friend. George’s slightly tenting nappy that Nick could feel even through the dress was an intriguing thought. Nick felt George sway against him a little bit. Nick was sure he wasn’t imaging that; he was sure George intentionally rubbed against him there. It was hard not to be touching each other in this position but George didn’t seem to be trying to avoid it. “You… You like me leaking?” Nick asked quietly as if he was scared of being heard by someone else. “I like everything about this stuff, Nick.” George admitted, “You know that.” Nick didn’t reply. He did know George was a very kinky person and he was increasingly discovering that he seemed to really like Nick. Nick wasn’t sure what to say or do so he stayed absolutely still. “But I’m going to have to do something you won’t like.” George said tentatively Nick didn’t have to ask. He knew what George was talking about. They were in such close proximity to each other that Nick could hear George’s tummy rumbling and could feel his muscles tensing from cramps. A few weeks ago the thought of a man crapping himself would be enough to turn Nick’s stomach, now it was going to happen to someone who was not only in the same room as Nick, but tied to him so closely that he could feel the man’s heartbeat. Nick had no reason to complain about George messing his nappy. It was Nick who had pushed the suppository into George and it was Nick who had wet himself until he leaked on to the cement floor. Even as they stood there, George was having to feel Nick’s urine on his own legs. “It’s OK, George.” Nick whispered in George’s ear, “Just do it.” Nick remembered a few days ago when he was in George’s nursery and had messed himself. He remembered that George had held him and told him it would be all right. Now it was Nick’s turn, he couldn’t hold the sissy because of how his arms had been tied to his side but he could assure George it would be OK. “I’m with you George.” Nick continued, “I don’t blame you.” Nick could hear George grunt slightly and try to bend his knees a little bit. Nick tried to help all he could by moving to help George squat a little and push down with his muscles. Nick closed his eyes and tried to ignore the erotic thoughts that ran through his mind as he heard and felt George use his diaper. He guessed that, thanks to the suppository, it wasn’t exactly difficult to move his bowels and it seemed like George was finished pretty quickly. “Good… Girl.” Nick said when George straightened up a bit. Nick couldn’t pretend he wasn’t at least a little turned on by what was happening. Nick started wondering what was going on. He had never thought about other men until all of this had started, he couldn’t deny his mind was increasingly turned on by the idea of George. He felt a mixture of shame and excitement, he truly hoped no one knew what he was thinking. Silence fell on the room. Both people had red faces and they could both feel a certain hardness in the front of each other’s nappies but neither of them dared comment on it or act on it. That wasn’t to say that neither of them wanted to do anything, they just were both acutely aware that Kirsty would be coming back for them sooner or later and they both wanted to desperately avoid her ire. “I’m sorry for the smell.” George said after a few minutes. Nick had noticed the smell that was slowly filling the room but thought it would be impolite to mention it. Nick didn’t think he smelt like sunshine and roses either with his cooling piss running down his leg. “it’s fine.” Nick replied, “Honestly, I’m getting used to it.” The smell of a freshly soiled nappy was an occupational hazard for a man kept permanently padded. He knew it must be embarrassing for George though. No matter how many times it happened, it was always embarrassing to lose control in front of another person. “So do you follow sport?” Nick asked. Just searching for something to talk about. This was as good of a time as any other for Nick and George to get to know each other a little better. For the next few hours, though the boys had no idea how long it was really, they chatted together about anything they could think of. Any “normal” conversation topic was a good one as the two tried to forget about their deplorable situation. Making small talk whilst in a leaking nappy and chained to a guy dressed as a girl in a messy nappy, Nick would never have imagined such a scenario was possible yet alone happening to him. The strangest thing was that after an hour or so, it almost felt normal. Having George pressed up against him had become almost like second nature. “You two been getting to know each other better?” The door to the garage opened and Kirsty stepped through. She was in her full BDSM outfit and Nick wondered if he she had been wearing it all of this time. “Yes, Mistress!” George quickly said. Nick could feel the sissy stand up as straight as he could as he answered Kirsty. “Glad to hear it.” Kirsty said as she stepped into the room and walked slowly over to the two men. She immediately sniffed the air and sensed the mixture of fresh urine and faeces. A smell she had fully expected. Nick saw Kirsty walk behind George and look at them both with contempt. Nick watched as she reached out with a hand and grabbed George’s rear. She was evidently very satisfied by the feeling of the full diaper. “Looks like you two have been enjoying yourselves.” Kirsty said as she looked at Nick’s wet legs with a smile. Nick didn’t reply and neither did George. It seemed obvious that Kirsty didn’t expect a response and she quickly finished her assessment of the two men. Few things had been so emasculating to Nick than being treated like this by another woman, not even his wife. Nick winced. Just thinking about Sarah was painful at the moment. What was she up to at this exact moment? She was with Jack, what would the two do? Nick tore his imagination away from that image. He just didn’t want to know. “Can’t miss a great photo opportunity.” Kirsty said as she brought up her phone. Nick’s eyes flew wide as Kirsty’s phone flashed and then took the photograph. What could Kirsty possibly be doing with photographs? Nick watched as Kirsty pressed a few buttons with a smile and then walked over to him. Nick was shivering slightly from the urine that had gone cold and he was very grateful when the ropes tying him and George together suddenly slackened. “Up to the bathroom.” Kirsty ordered as she bundled up the rope, “Both of you.” George grabbed Nick’s hand and gave it a gentle tug as the two of them walked out of the garage and headed up the stairs. Kirsty followed a little while later with a smirk across her face. She was having a lot of fun and could feel herself getting very excited. She had actually been a little concerned about Nick, he was new to all this and if he seriously tried to resist there wasn’t much she could do. Fortunately, as Kirsty and Sarah had guessed, Nick was broken to the point that any order would be followed no matter how much he found it distasteful. “The night is young.” Kirsty murmured as she left the garage and locked the door behind, “The night is young indeed.”
  10. These are the direct parts of the manifesto that worry me, and should concern any UK ABDL (Bold is my emphassis): Online safety ”In harnessing the digital revolution, we must take steps to protect the vulnerable and give people confidence to use the internet without fear of abuse, criminality or exposure to horrific content. Our starting point is that online rules should reflect those that govern our lives offline. It should be as unacceptable to bully online as it is in the playground, as di cult to groom a young child on the internet as it is in a community, as hard for children to access violent and degrading pornography online as it is in the high street, and as difficult to commit a crime digitally as it is physically.”[43] Responsibility for online content ”Where technology can find a solution, we will pursue it. We will work with industry to introduce new protections for minors, from images of pornography, violence, and other age-inappropriate content not just on social media but in app stores and content sites as well. We will put a responsibility on industry not to direct users – even unintentionally – to hate speech, pornography, or other sources of harm. We will make clear the responsibility of platforms to enable the reporting of inappropriate, bullying, harmful or illegal content, with take-down on a comply-or-explain basis.” ”We will continue to push the internet companies to deliver on their commitments to develop technical tools to identify and remove terrorist propaganda, to help smaller companies build their capabilities and to provide support for civil society organisations to promote alternative and counter-narratives.”[44] On their own they don't seem particularly scary but when compared with their attempts to block such harmless genres of pornography as ABDL and BDSM in the past... In my opinion it provides a scarier picture where they will yet again attempt to block access to things such as this. They also talk about a new service called "Verify" (or something like that) which will mean everyone will be a lot less anonymous online. In fact anonymity may disappear completely. It will also be costly... If it gets to the point where this site is allowed, @DailyDi will need to have this software (which will undoubtedly cost money) for anyone in the UK to access this place. It could be paid for, probably, by a donation drive among UK users I guess but it shouldn't have to be done. I have read reports of a "white listed" internet but these excerpts are taken directly from the manifesto via the "Open Rights Group" who campaign for privacy and freedom on the internet in this country.
  11. I don't know any sissy, outside of fiction, who seeks hormone therapy. To do so requires a lot of things including living full time as your chosen gender, to get hormones legitimately takes a lot of effort. If any sissy takes hormones legitimately or through back channels, I most certainly do not condone it. I would also reject any sissy who claimed to be transgender... Unless they have been otherwise diagnosed with gender dysphoria, or were going through the process to get that diagnosis..
  12. I really don't think the incontinence board needs to be split up. There is one for "Incontinence - Medical" and another for "Incontinence - Desires" which pretty much covers the spectrum. If anything, the forums have too many sub-forums!