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    Off The Rails

    James wakes up from his nap with an unhappy surprise and even more unhappy consequences. He has little alternative but to follow the instructions given as the trains continues to barrel through Europe. --- This story and all others like it are available on my Patreon one week earlier than everywhere else and can be read early for just $5. For $10 you get early access plus exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A huge thank you to all of my patrons without whom I couldn't write like I do: DannyDazzler, Joe, Jerry J, Archibald B, Leoroc,Bojack D, PF, John, Georgia C, Conta, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Brian C, Daniel, Jeffrey G, K Tillman, P, Rob G, Robert C, Joe, Tabbi, Jack O, Anon, Kent J, Nick C, Brandon G, Jason S, P74_1986, Pat M, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Pete W, Tim, Cless, Frank S, Scott S, John D, Pierre-David G, Daniel, M, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Txdiapered, Kim, Chris, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Ceneroz, S Miller, Carlota C, Kaiser S, Britnee L, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Matthew S, Pierry L, Joe V, ReiofLight, Fernando L, Brett, Calcal, Keeno, Daniel O, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Trish C, Eric D, Bruce D, Tim, Alice W, Sophie S, SB1275, John Z, BuffaloBill, Findlay, Rob, Bob S, Nathan, Timothy A W, Erik P, Diapering Daddy, Ben R, Ben F, Steven H --- James knew he had woken up before most of the children. As he opened his eyes he could still hear the near silence as the usually loud crowd of kids continued their slumber. The one sound that broke the silence was the rolling of the train along the tracks. It was relaxing to be laying on the bed and listening to the slow rolling of the train, for the first time James actually felt relaxed. Slowly closing his eyes, James was planning to get a little more shut eye when he suddenly realised there was a weird feeling coming from under his blanket. His eyes opened again and he frowned as he reached under the cover and down to his crotch. The pull-up was there just like he remembered but something had changed… “What the f…” James managed to stop himself swearing at the last moment and looked around nervously to make sure none of the kids had woken up. In the clear, James reached down again and gently squeezed the front of the pull-up as if it were a bomb that might explode. The previously thin padding had expanded greatly and James knew only one thing that could have caused it. His pull-up was wet. James had no idea what had happened except for the fact that he must have wet himself in his sleep. He hadn’t had that problem for a long time though, this was something his sister had a lot more trouble with than he did. There was no time to worry about what might have happened though, he knew he had to change and hide the evidence as soon as possible. None of the caretakers were in the carriage, maybe if James was lucky he could make his way over to the changing area without alerting anyone. Nobody needed to know about his one-off accident. James pulled the blanket around himself to give himself some modesty and creeped over towards the changing area, he had taken his clothes off after the adults had left the room. He was careful to stay as silent as possible as he didn’t want to wake any of the little brats up. James was on tip-toes as he manoeuvred around the small bodies and reached the changing table area. He carefully and quietly pulled the curtain around him. He turned to the shelves of padding and supplies around him and picked up another of the pull-ups. Almost as soon as James let the blanket drop to the floor he heard a small click followed by the sound of a door sliding open. James froze as he heard footsteps carefully moving around the beds and to the changing station. His heart hammered. The curtain was suddenly pulled back and Erica was standing there, the same smile as ever painted on her face. She stepped inside and quickly closed the curtain behind her. James saw her look down at his used pull-up and assess the situation. “You had an accident?” Erica asked. There was no hint of malice or anger, it was more just a matter-of-fact question. James blushed but there was no excuse to give. He hadn’t had control, he had been asleep. He couldn’t exactly claimed someone else wet his pull-up. “H-How did you know I was over here?” James asked. “We have cameras.” Erica replied, “We can’t leave all these babies unsupervised can we? Why didn’t you tell me you had bedwetting issues?” “I don’t!” James quickly replied, “I mean, I haven’t for a long time… I don’t know what happened. I was asleep and suddenly woke up like this.” James could hear more assistants coming into the carriage now. They were walking around and gently waking all the toddlers up. “Well… You know the rules.” Erica said with a shrug, “Hop up on to the table and I’ll change you.” “Come on…” James pleaded as he felt his embarrassment rising, “Can’t you let me do it? Look, I was getting a pull-up out and doing it!” “And that’s very naughty of you.” Erica said as she raised her eyebrows, “These things are just for the adults, remember?” James sighed heavily. This was so stupid. Why didn’t these damn assistants treat him like a teenager? He was getting angry but Erica’s pretty smile still did much to appease him. “Come on, James.” Erica said as she placed her hand on his shoulder, “Just get on the table and we will change you nice and quickly. We’ll be done before any of the other kids are up and getting changed.” James was still against the idea but he couldn’t deny that it would be better to get this over with before all the kids were bustling around. Besides, what else could he do? If he resisted all he would get was some sort of punishment, maybe even thrown in the “cell” that Erica had warned him about earlier. “No one outside the carriage has to know?” James asked. Even as he spoke he had begun hopping up and on to the table. “I promise you won’t be taken anywhere else on this train whilst wearing… Protection.” Erica put up three fingers and giggled a little, “Scout’s honour!” James sat on the table for a second before swinging his legs up and laying down. He looked out of the window to see some mountains in the distance. It was really rather picturesque. In fact, James spent so much time looking out the window that when he turned back to face Erica he was met by a huge surprise, a most unwelcome one. “Whoa! What are you doing!?” James sat up a little with wide eyes. Surely Erica couldn’t be serious. Erica was still smiling but in her hand was an object that caused James’ eyes to almost bulge out of his head. A thick white nappy with two tapes on each side and even little pictures of baby toys printed on them. It looked exactly like a baby’s nappy but scaled up to fit an adult. Erica was in the middle of unfolding it when James sat up. “I’m getting your nappy ready, sweetie.” Erica smiled, “You know the rules. When someone wets themselves they go into thicker padding just as a precaution.” “There’s no way I’m going to wear a na -” James yelled but when he came to the last word he stopped himself and whispered, “A nappy!” “Come on, don’t be fussy.” Erica cooed to him. She stroked his arm a little, “Lay back and allow me to help you into a nice dry nappy.” “To hell with this!” James exclaimed. Enough was enough, he had played by these people’s stupid rules for too long and now it was time to stop. Almost as soon as James tried to climb off the changing table he found Erica suddenly put her arm to his chest. The smile was gone, it had been replaced by a look of steely determination and even as James was adjusting to Erica’s sudden mood change he saw another of the caretakers stepping behind the curtain. How did this new one know Erica needed help? This new assistant was bigger than Erica and with a bit of a struggle the two women held James down. James struggled and started to shout until Erica plopped his dummy into his mouth. Before James had a chance to spit it out he felt a piece of leather wrap around the pacifier to hold it securely in his mouth. He looked up at the women with wide eyes but was powerless to stop them. “Relax, James.” Erica said softly, “This is just to stop you disturbing the other babies, OK?” James didn’t relax. In fact, he kept trying to break free from the women’s grasp until he was forcibly held down by a third nurse who came through the curtain to stop the commotion. Not able to keep thrashing around, James felt his wrists and arms get pinned to his side. He bit on the latex teat filling his mouth but was unable to shout with the mouth guard pushing against his lips. Belt-like leather straps were pulled up from the sides of the table and wrapped around James’ waist. The belts were clipped in on the other side of the table and pulled tight. James wriggled as much as he could but he was unable to free himself, when pulled tight the straps pinned James to the place. “Mmm mmmmm!” James mumbled around his soother. The only response was a nurse ruffling his hair and telling him it would be alright. James was freaking out as he saw the scenery fly past the window. The train rumbled onwards as he was held in place and prepared for a change. He wished he had never accepted the invitation for an upgrade; that cramped family compartment seemed like heaven compared to this carriage. The wet pull-up was ripped off using the seams on the sides. James could do nothing to resist with his arms strapped to the table, he had no alternative but to watch red faced as the pull-up was pulled away. Erica was the one in charge of cleaning and she grabbed the handful of wipes to wipe James’ crotch. James wriggled to try and get away from her grasp but was unable to loosen the assistant’s grip on his legs. A tear fell down his cheek as he was thoroughly wiped with the cold baby wipes. “On second thoughts, I’m not sure a disposable will be enough for this big baby.” Erica said when she had finished wiping James clean. James could hear rummaging going on at the foot of the table but he couldn’t see what exactly was happening. There were too many attendants now blocking his view as they forced this naughty teenager into a nappy. Eventually, James felt his hips get lifted off the table and then something very soft was slid underneath him. He was confused since Erica had just suggested he wasn’t getting a nappy. The thick and spongy cloth underneath him felt more like a towel than anything else. The towel was soon lifted to cover his groin and James was thankful that he wasn’t so exposed anymore. He still couldn’t see what was happening at the foot of the table but maybe Erica had changed her mind and was just covering him up. James soon felt the towel pulled tight against his crotch and then something kept it like that. He was confused, why was the towel feeling so tight against him. “Mmm? Mmmm!” James suddenly realised what was happening. These attendants were still putting him in a nappy only it wasn’t a disposable like he saw on all the other kids, he was getting a bigger and thicker cloth nappy! “Nearly done…” Erica’s sing-song voice said from the bottom of the table. Without much warning all the hands that had pinned James to the table let go and let him get off the table. He wasted no time in slipping off the side but was careful not to go through the curtain. Despite his distrust of these attendants and his dislike of what they were doing he absolutely didn’t want to be seen to be openly wearing a nappy. James looked down at his waist to see the thick cloth material that enveloped him. He saw that the nappy was held up by four safety pins, they were very big and there were two on either side of him. They reminded James of some of the old cartoons he used to watch when someone was put in a nappy and he would see the big pins sticking out of the side. After a brief glance to all the nurses who were looking at him to see what his reaction would be, James suddenly made a grab for the safety pins and planned to pull them out and get rid of this stupidly thick nappy. Almost immediately he felt one of the attendants grab his arm and he found himself getting pulled to the ground. The other attendants joined in and there was no way for him to slip out of their grip. Even worse, as he went down they tumbled out of the curtained off area and back into the main compartment. James’ eyes flew open and he knew that the eyes of the other attendants and children would be on him. Naked except for the nappy he blushed as he was held down yet again. “Are you going to be a good boy?” Erica asked sternly, “Are you going to keep your nappy on?” James was furious and humiliated. He could see the other children looking at him in confusion as the big boy being put in a nappy like they were. He couldn’t agree to meekly wear his padding like a good little toddler, he was a teenager! James couldn’t speak through the soother still strapped to his head but he narrowed his eyes and shook his head to say that he was done with these people’s stupid rules. “Come on, James.” Erica said with her sweet smile, “For me?” This was still a step too far for James and not even for the beautiful girl in front of him would he meekly wear a nappy like this. He shook his head even harder and mumbled incoherently through his dummy. “Fine.” Erica’s smile quickly disappeared, “Ladies, could you get the things in the bottom drawer? We will have to escalate things.” James was worried when he saw one of the attendants head back to the changing area and opened the lowest drawer. Each of his limbs were being held down but he could turn his head to see where the other nurse had gone and he saw he returning shortly with something that was translucent and plastic, and another piece of cloth. It was folded up so James couldn’t make out what it was, only that it was baby blue in colour. James mentally begged for the women to stop but he couldn’t vocalise anything through the latex teat that filled his mouth. He watched as Erica grabbed the plastic item and shake it out. James wasn’t sure what they were but they were the shape of a pair of underpants. His legs were fed through the holes and it was pulled up to his waist, it completely covered his cloth padding. He assumed it was to stop leaks. The blue cloth was next and he saw it unfold out into a t-shirt that came together at the bottom. He was confused as to what it must be for a second until he recognised a similar piece of clothing on some of the other toddlers in the carriage. It was a onesie! Onesies were, to James, the most baby-like piece of clothing that could exist. They were essentially made to look cute and help heavy nappies stay up. The fact that he was going to be put in one represented a loss of his feelings of being grown up, it became clear that he was just another of the little ones in the eyes of Erica and her minions. The blue onesie had little pictures of steam trains dotted all over it and James found his arms easily slipped through the holes. He tried to fight back but the attendants overpowered him and worked in such a coordinated way that before he even knew he was in a fight he had lost. James briefly wondered why they had stuff here that fit him but he couldn’t ask questions even if he was calm enough to do so. James could hear snickering from some of the younger children as they watched the “big boy” get put into a nappy and baby clothes just like they were. A tear came down James’ cheek as he wished that he was anywhere else, his blazing red cheeks gave all the evidence needed to see how humiliated he felt. When James felt the onesie get snapped closed between his legs he felt the material pull tight against him. He realised that the plastic pants were incredibly loud, possibly even louder than the disposable nappies that most of the little ones were wearing. Erica snapped all of the little crotch buttons together and then fed a small but tough chain through some other holes in the custom made clothes. She placed a little padlock on the chain and then turned the key to lock it. The key was attached to a silver necklace which she put over her head. “This onesie is now locked on.” Erica said as she held out the key to show James, “You will not take it off or you will be strapped down for the remainder of the journey. Understood?” James realised his position was hopeless and as much as he wanted to fight back and rip this material off his body he just slowly nodded his head. The fight was over and James knew it. The attendants let go of James and went back to taking care of all the other little ones. James slowly sat up and wiped his cheeks to get away the tears. He could feel heat in his face as if his red cheeks were actually glowing. “I wish you didn’t make me do all this.” Erica said with a sad shake of the head, “Be good.” With that, Erica stood up and walked away from James. She started fussing over something in the kitchen area, presumably getting dinner ready. James slowly stood up and heard his plastic pants crinkling over his nappy as he did so. When he stood up straight he could feel the onesie hug his body and pull up all of the padding so that it hugged his crotch. It was a constant reminder of what he was wearing and there was no way he would confuse this padding with regular underwear. When he looked down he could see his crotch and rear bulging with all the material around them. Nothing on display in front of him seemed like a good time. He didn’t want to play with the stupid toys and he didn’t want to interact with any of the damn kids. Just like before, he decided the television would be the best place to go. He could sit silently at the back and avoid attention as much as possible. With the pacifier still strapped to his face and an odd waddle James walked to the back of the carriage and sat at the back of a group of kids who were watching some stupid cartoons. His mind wandered to his family and what they might be up to at this moment. He was sure they were having a better time than he was. James imagined them all laughing and joking together and he felt a surge of jealousy.
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    Hello all

    1. The person you are responding two isn't a real mommy. 2. The person you are responding to is already banned. 3. Baby talk like that will get you nowhere in a hurry. 4. Begging every mommy you see to be you mommy will also get you nowhere.
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    You can PM me any part you are worried about and I will read it and let you know if its a problem.
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    From what you've said it sounds fine.
  6. me, me, me, me , me, me, me, me, me, etc...

  7. Yes. That is a problem and a behaviour that he really, really needs to stop.
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    Blake's Teddy Bear Nursery 2

    It is recommended you read the first story before this one to make sense of what's going on. You can find the first story to this sequel here: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/53951-blakes-teddy-bear-nursery/ You can also find a preview image to this story here: https://www.deviantart.com/elfking88/art/Blake-s-Teddy-Bear-Nursery-2-Preview-Image-740062552 --- Todd has been captured by the teddy bears. The question is who will be next, Toby and Charlie still have the cursed items given to them by Blake and the question is whether they can avoid being captured in the same way as their friends. --- For $5 a month you can see all my story updates one week before the rest of the world and for $10 you get early access and exclusive stories. There are more tiers and rewards on my Patreon page. It is only through the support of my patrons that I can write as much as I do and every pledge makes a great difference. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A huge thank you to all of my patrons: DannyDazzler, Joe, Jerry J, Leoroc, Bojack D, Pf, John, Georgia C, Conta, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Brian C, Daniel, Jeffrey G, K Tillman, P, Rob G, Robert C, Joe, Tabbi, Jack O, Anon, Kent J, Nick C, Brandon G, Jason S, P74_1986, Pat M, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Pete W, Tim, Cless, Frank S, Scott S, John D, Pierre-David G, Daniel, M, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Txdiapered, Kim, Chris, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Ceneroz, S Miller, Carlota C, Kaiser S, Britnee L, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Matthew S, Pierry L, Reioflight, Fernando L, Brett, Calcal, Keeno, Daniel O, Anne Mette H-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Trish C, Eric D, Bruce D, Tim, Alice W, Sophie S, SB1275, John Z, Buffalobill, Findlay, Rob,Bob S, Nathan, Timothy A W, Erik P, Diapering Daddy, Ben R, Ben F, Steven H --- Toby watched Blake leave the shop and then looked at the bear in his bag. He shook his head at the unusual gift but he chuckled and was glad to have Blake as a friend again. It would be much better to try and help him through his troubles rather than making fun of him. Since he was near the entrance again Toby got himself a small shopping cart and took it back to the aisles. He walked back to the confectionary shelves and started looking for something very tasty and sugary. He picked out a few things and turned to put them into the cart. He paused as the candy fell into the cart and he saw items already in there. Toby frowned as he picked up a packet of baby wipes and a pacifier. He definitely hadn’t put them in the cart himself and he was certain the cart was empty when he took it so where had these random baby items come from. “Weird.” Toby said as he picked the items out of the cart and placed them on the shelf in front of him. Toby walked down a few other aisles and looked at the sodas on display, he considered trying a new interesting flavour of his favourite drink but decided against it. Nonetheless, when he turned back to the cart he found himself confused again. Toby picked up the packet of teenage pull-ups and a container of baby powder and looked around. Was someone playing a prank on him? He looked around but couldn’t see anyone that looked like they were messing with him. As Toby shook his head he took these items out of the cart and put them on to the shelf in front of him. Whatever was going on he didn’t really care, he was going to get his candy and go home. Toby walked to the checkouts and was served by a helpful older woman who smiled and rang up his items. Toby bagged the confectionary when he saw the shop assistant suddenly ring up a packet of baby diapers. “I… I don’t want those.” Toby said with a frown. “Why did you put them in your cart?” The assistant asked as she cancelled the sale and placed the package under her checkout. “Must have been a mistake…” Toby said quietly as he frowned. Something very strange was going on. When Toby had paid for his items he quickly headed for the exit. If there was something weird going on he wanted to get home to his family. He was getting a little creeped out by all the strange events. Toby was hurrying out of the shop when he suddenly felt a need for the bathroom. This wasn’t a small need either, he had very suddenly become desperate to use the toilet. Despite wanting to get home as soon as possible he turned on his heels and went back into the shop. He walked towards the customer toilets and went straight in. By the time he had got into the men’s restroom he was on the verge of having an accident. He didn’t know where this sudden need had come from but he dropped his shopping and went to the urinal where he sighed in relief as he used the facilities. Toby closed his eyes and sighed when he heard the door to the bathroom suddenly lock. His eyes flew open and he looked over to the door to see it had been closed and locked with him inside. “Hey, I’m still in here!” Toby shouted. He assumed that they were marking the restroom as out of order or something but they hadn’t noticed he was already in there. Toby started to turn to rush to the door when he heard the bag on his back unzip itself. It had never done that before and Toby quickly pulled it off his back. “Holy God!” Toby exclaimed as he dropped his bag. The bear that Blake had given to Toby was now climbing out of the bag and it wasn’t alone. One after another it seemed like a dozen bears were climbing out of the backpack, it was impossible for them all to be in there. Toby’s mouth hung open in horror and he backed up to the door. He tried to wrench it open or unlock it but it wouldn’t budge, he was stuck with the ever increasing army of moving teddy bears that continued to advance. Hammering on the door and screaming for help produced no results. It was as if the whole bathroom had been removed from the store, there was no noise from outside despite the many shoppers some of whom must be able to hear him. Toby felt little paws grabbing at the bottom of his pants and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t shake them off. He felt the bears climbing over themselves to grab at him, he became more and more immobilised as he was grabbed by the bears. Eventually the weight pulling him backwards was too strong and Toby fell over. He braced for impact with the hard floor but found a much softer landing. When Toby opened his eyes he realised that he was laying on a large changing mat and he could see teddy bears in every direction. He tried to pull himself free but he could barely move a muscle. “Get off me!” Toby shouted at the bears. Toby started shouting and screaming for help but he soon found a pacifier placed in his mouth and strapped to his head. He was effectively silenced. As Toby laid there and felt his clothes getting ripped off he thought back to what Blake had told them. He thought about what he had said about teddy bears forcing him into diapers and he remembered making fun of him for the outrageous story. Toby would have done anything to have Blake with him right now, he felt so scared. Toby was crying by the time he was naked on the floor and the bears went to work in silence as if they were all connected telepathically. Toby twisted and writhed but could do nothing to shrug the bears off, their grip was just too strong. Toby looked over to his bag to see a couple of the bears pulling out what he instantly realised was a diaper. His muffled screaming filled the room as it was transported between his legs and unfolded. Toby wondered if he had been set up by Blake. Did Blake know this was going to happen to him? Was that why he had been so desperate to get Toby to take the bear? Toby’s legs were lifted into the air and over his own head as he felt the bears lifting him with ease. He grunted from the uncomfortable position before he was lowered back down on to the soft padding. He felt his butt land on the diaper and immediately started crying harder. The front of the diaper was pulled up and over Toby’s crotch and despite Toby trying to stop the bears they easily taped the baby underwear closed. Now the writhing just produced more crinkles as if to accentuate his shame. He expected the bears to let him go now but they still held him down on the changing table, he wondered else these demonic bears could have planned as he continued to try and escape. He was starting to feel tired from his efforts. One of the cubicle doors suddenly swung inwards and clattered on the walls. The sudden noise made Toby jump and he spun his head around to look in the new direction. “Mmhmm!” Toby used words that would’ve got him grounded but the pacifier reduced it to babyish nonsense. The bears slowly wheeled out a baby stroller. This push chair was much bigger than ones aimed at actual babies and toddlers, this one was clearly modified for a teenager. Toby could see the tray underneath the seat holding all of the changing supplies. Toby felt himself lifted from the floor and given a big push that caused him to crinkle backwards and fall into the deep seat of the stroller. Thanks to how it was made he sunk low and his diapered crotch was pushed out in front of him. Before Toby could try to climb out he had bears scurrying all over him like bugs as they pulled the straps round and secured Toby to the seat. The straps were so tight that he couldn’t move an inch and his outfit was completed by little booties and mittens that reduced his ability to resist even more. Toby felt ridiculous but he was utterly trapped and unable to call for help or escape on his own. He felt tears running down his cheeks but even worse than that, he felt himself dribbling urine into his diaper. With cheeks the flushed red Toby wet himself without control until the soft padding around his crotch had become a heavy weight. He shook his head uselessly as if to deny reality but there was nothing he could do to stop the process. He was uncontrollably wetting himself just like Blake had been doing, his sobbing intensified with his humiliation. The door to the bathroom unlocked and opened as Toby’s stroller was pushed towards the exit. He wondered what could be going on, surely when people saw what was happening they would try to help. The stroller was pushed out of the bathroom and into the main shopping area. There were people everywhere but no one seemed to bat an eyelid towards the padded boy being wheeled by teddy bears. No one seemed to be able to see or hear an increasingly desperate Toby. The stroller was pushed towards the exit of the shop and he started feeling very tired as they got close to the automatic doors. Toby slipped down into the stroller a little more and his head rolled to the side. His last thoughts before unconsciousness took over was to wonder where he would wake up and if he was going to end up like Blake. --- Charlie had watched Blake cycle away fifteen minutes ago and was just talking to his friends as they decided to disperse. Charlie was one of the last people in the park and when he went to grab his bag it was starting to get dark. He knew he would get in trouble if he wasn’t home soon so he was in a bit of a rush. As Charlie picked up his bag he saw the teddy bear that Blake had given him. He looked at it with curiosity before zipping up his sports bag and throwing it over his shoulder. He rapidly started to leave the park on his bike, he cycled hurriedly towards home. Charlie was nearly home when he suddenly realised he was missing something. He patted his pockets but his cell phone was nowhere to be seen. “Damn.” Charlie muttered as he realised his phone was missing. He would be in trouble for being home late but he knew he would face even more trouble if he lost his phone. Deciding he had to go look for his phone Charlie turned his bike around and retraced his route hoping that he would stumble on the phone on the ground somewhere near him. It was getting dark and searching for the phone was becoming harder and harder. By the time Charlie was back in the park in it was almost impossible to see the ground around him and he had to admit that his phone was gone. He cursed his bad luck and knew that he would be in trouble for losing what was still quite a new phone. Charlie began to cycle home rather dejectedly and had gone down a couple of streets when he suddenly heard something that caused him to look up and around. His ringtone was playing somewhere nearby in the darkness, he looked all around him before he saw a small light laying on the entrance to what looked like an old burned out shack. Charlie didn’t remember ever seeing this building before. Dropping his bike just inside the entrance to the property Charlie walked up the dark path to where his phone was ringing. As soon as he picked it up it stopped ringing and seemed to turn itself off, when Charlie pressed the button to turn it back on he found that it was completely dead. Charlie looked down at the phone in confusion but he didn’t worry too much. He had been tremendously lucky to find it! Just as Charlie was turning to walk back to his bike he heard something from inside the building. It sounded like a big bump as if something was suddenly knocked over from inside. Charlie wondered if this was a prank, why else would his phone be in such a weird spot? “H-Hello?” Charlie called out. He tried to sound confident but he couldn’t keep the tremor of fear out of his voice. Charlie shook his head when there was no answer and he turned to walk away again. He had barely gone a single step when he thought he heard his name whispered from inside the old house. Was it just the wind or was someone in there? “This isn’t funny.” Charlie called out, “Come on, what’s going on?” There was no reply. “Screw this.” Charlie said as he walked all the way back to the entrance. Just as Charlie was about to step through and back out on to the street the large metal gate suddenly swung shut. A strong gust of wind blew through the yard and Charlie shivered. Suddenly, his phone beeped even though it had been turned off just seconds ago. Charlie was feeling quite jumpy but he checked his new message and saw it came from Blake’s phone. “Hey, come inside. This place is so cool!” The text message read. Charlie sighed and looked back towards the house. He should’ve known he was being pranked by his friends, he had no doubt they would be laughing at how jumpy he was acting. He wasn’t sure how they had got his phone or knew that would come look for it though. Walking back up to the front door and stepping across the threshold Charlie saw the house was mostly dark except for a door a little way down the hallway. Light was creeping out from underneath the door and Charlie assumed that was where his friends were. He let out a yawn and knew he should be heading for home but he was very curious as to what Blake apparently found in this room. Charlie slowly pushed the door open and looked inside. The room was completely different to the rest of the house, most of the house seemed to be deserted and dusty but the room Charlie was looking into now seemed like a very well kept nursery. He was surprised at how nice the room looked and he stepped inside as he felt the warmth surround him. The room was fully stocked with toys and diapering supplies as well as equipment for looking after babies. Charlie saw three cribs on the far wall, one of them was clearly empty but the other two seemed to have bodies covered up by blankets. Charlie could hear some faint whining noises and movement. Stepping forward into the room Charlie wondered what was going on. He didn’t even notice as the door to the nursery slowly swung shut behind him. The lock quietly clicked as Charlie slowly walked over to the changing table. He ran his hand along the padded table and looked at the shelves underneath. The diapers and other changing supplies all seemed to be new and fresh. Charlie turned to three cribs. He saw the clearly empty one but approached the two that seemed to have people under the blankets. He stood between them and reached a hand in to each crib, he grabbed the blankets and simultaneously pulled them off the bodies. “Jesus…” Charlie gasped as he saw Toby and Todd laying on the cribs with their arms and legs tied in place. They were both staring at Charlie with wide eyes and struggling against their bonds. Drool was falling from their mouths which were filled with pacifiers and both of the diapers they were wearing were very clearly wet. Charlie backed away from the cribs in horror. He felt unwell and that he should run away but his feet refused to move. He looked around for Blake, the boy had sent him a text but was nowhere to be seen. “Is this some kind of sick joke!?” Charlie shouted into the room, “Are you here Blake?” When there was no response Charlie started walking forward towards the cribs again intent on untying his friends. He moved one leg without problem but as he tried to bring his other leg forward it was like he was stuck in place and as he twisted around to see what was going on he saw a bear holding his leg. Charlie lost his balance and fell backwards against the changing table. He was breathing hard as he looked down at the bears that were effortlessly holding his leg. When he hit the changing table he felt more bears grabbing at his shoulders and head. He looked over to the two occupied cribs and saw looks of horror staring back at him. The bears lifted Charlie off the floor and pulled him up and on to the changing table. He was shouting but no help seemed like it was coming, the small bears seemed to have an impossible strength and Charlie was helpless to fight against their wishes. More bears were appearing from everywhere now and Charlie’s eyes swivelled this way and that as he saw them emerging from every conceivable hiding place. They all swarmed Charlie and held him down as he became increasingly restrained. A pacifier was shoved into his still screaming mouth and buckled behind his head. It muffled his yells for help as his clothes started to be torn apart. Charlie blushed furiously as he was left naked on the table with his most private areas on display for his friends. He still tried to fight the bears off as they unfolded a diaper and slid it under his trembling butt. Charlie realised he was going to end up like his friends and there was nothing he could do to stop it. The diaper was pulled up between Charlie’s legs and taped closed. He was crying loudly as the bears carried him off the table and over to the crib. At no point did they let up in their control of the boy, Charlie never had a chance to get one of his limbs free and the bears only let go when Charlie was tied down with leather straps in the baby bed just like his two friends. The three boys looked at each other in terrified silence as they saw just how stuck each of them were. They now had no doubt that Blake had been telling the truth but they didn’t know if Blake was involved in everything that had happened. It had to be more than a coincidence that Blake handed out those teddy bears and then all of this followed on the same day. The door to the nursery opened and the bears wheeled in what looked to the boys like IV bags in hospitals attached to long poles. Three were wheeled in with one placed next to each crib and long tubes came out of each bag. The IV bags were filled with a white liquid which each of the boys assumed were milk. The tubes ended with a little latex teat just like a baby bottle. Bears went into each crib and fiddled with the pacifier gags. The pacifier section was pulled out of the gags and replaced by the tubes. None of the boys did anything for a few seconds before they started sucking at the bottle tops on the end of the tubes. Soon the room was filled with the sound of sucking as the three boys noisily drank the milk that was flowing into their mouths. Each of them blushed as they swallowed mouthful and mouthful of sweet white milk. By the time they were done their stomachs were full and their tummy’s bulged slightly from everything they had drank. The bears pulled the tubes out of their mouths and put the pacifiers back in when the IV bags were empty. Thanks to their full stomachs they each fell into an uneasy sleep within the next hour.
  9. I'll be the first to admit that I live a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. I don't smoke, do drugs or drink alcohol but after that there isn't a lot to say for healthiness. My main issues is that I eat poorly (despite many, many attempts in the past to fix this) and I don't exercise. I'm blessed in some ways that I'm "skinny fat"... I'm 5'7 and around 72kg so I think I'm at the top edge of ideal weight and maybe moving into overweight. I know that being like this can be just as dangerous as being very overweight because even though my external body looks small, my internals are still taking the brunt of things. My biggest problem seems to be finding any kind of motivation that would get me to fix anything. I don't actually want to live better which makes making any appreciable difference to my life really difficult to do. The biggest issue for me is that I don't believe in a future. There is nothing coming that could make me think anything good is on the way, I'm thirty-years-old and beyond the point where I see any good coming. My wide-eyed optimism of progress has been whittled away and I don't believe there is anything good coming. Climate change is so rapid and the response so sluggish that its going to cause major issues very soon. I was taught in primary school about the needs to use renewable energy, save rainforests and animals, etc and here we are two decades later with the situation much worse. At this point we aren't going to be able to slow any change down and its going to be increasingly devastating. The economy and capitalism in general is reaching a point of being unsustainable and yet no one seems all that keen in fixing anything about it they'll just let it crash on the next generations. It seems half the people my age talk about working until death as a given and that may well be the case. Wages are stagnant, few people can make any sort of savings, corporations forever gaining in wealth and power... It would sound like a dystopian future if it wasn't happening. I don't think state pensions will exist when I reach retirement age and I will probably not even qualify for a pension due to the way I work (self-employed ABDL writer, makes a small part-time job salary at the moment). I can top up my funds manually but I'm not even sure I'll live long enough to see the fruits of those labours. There would be a very good chance I pay into that state pension only to see it collapse taking my money with it. Politically there is nothing but depressing news everywhere. I know the news likes to report on bad stuff because it sells and that is right to a point but there is little good news out there to begin with. Brexit is quickly confirming all the fears I had about it from the start, there has been no thought for the average person in the process and we are just pawns to a game whose main goal is to keep the ruling Conservative party in power. I don't believe there would be any benefits to any kind of Brexit but especially to the one we are heading towards, despite this there isn't enough popular will to change it. I don't think the government works to serve anyone but themselves and whilst that will get "no duh!" comments, I'm beyond just accepting that. Tepid acceptance allows it to continue but no one seems to care enough to do anything. A huge changing point in the last few years for me was the sudden attempt to censor online pornography here (UK although USA are heading dangerously down that road too). I don't have an issue with the plans on blocking under-18's from adult websites but I do have a problem with trying to ban access to certain legal things altogether, age play was on that chopping block. It was saved by a literal last second amendment that was only accepted because the government were rushing for a sudden election. It was (and is) so precarious... It felt like a large part of my life was just being played with, the fact it was saved was a miracle thanks to the incompetence of our prime minister. "But that's over so why worry?" I hear being asked... Well, it isn't over. The blocking software to keep kids out and things is still being discussed and I wouldn't put it past the government of just blocking things like ABDL websites anyway. Even if they don't, there's nothing to stop them coming back and pushing it through again. At this point I know I'm in their sights and it feels like I'm just waiting for the trigger to be pulled. Every single day I expect to see it pop up on my news feed "UK Govt Plan To Block "Dangerous Porn"" or something like that. The rise of the far right everywhere is a depressing echo of history but, yet again, no one seems keen on doing anything about it. It's clear from all these votes that people don't like the established order and yet those with the power to change things don't as more and more extreme people get control of countries. I don't blame people for being frustrated... I'm right there with them, I just know far-right shit will only make things worse. When i went to a therapy group I was told I could fix my problems. Everything can be helped by your reaction to it, you can take ownership and blah blah blah... My problems are all external. I can't do a thing about the economy, politics or the environment. I'm a spectator to the worst disaster movie ever made. Basically the point of this long essay is to ask the question... Why should I care about being healthy when I live in a world I dislike that is only getting worse?
  10. Elfy

    Off The Rails

    James is having to adapt to the rules of this new carriage but it definitely isn't easy. The situation seems to be getting worse for the teenager as he battles to maintain his dignity whilst Erica seems determined that he isn't a special case despite his age. --- This story and all others like it are available on my Patreon one week earlier than everywhere else and can be read early for just $5. For $10 you get early access plus exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A huge thank you to all of my patrons without whom I couldn't write like I do: DannyDazzler,Joe, Jerry J, PF, Api M,John, Georgia C, Conta, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Brian C, Daniel, Jeffrey G, Ak, C Dom, K Tillman, P, Rob G, Robert C, Joe, Tabbi, Jack O, Anon, Kent J, Nick C, Brandon G, Jason S, P74_1986, Pat M, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Pete W, Tim, Cless, Frank S, Scott S, John D, Pierre-David G, Daniel, M, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Txdiapered, Kim, Chris, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Ceneroz, S Miller, Carlota C, Kaiser S, Britnee L, Chris, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Matthew S, Pierry L, Fernando L, Brett, Calcal, Keeno, Daniel O, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Trish C, Eric D, Bruce D, Tim, Alice W, Sophie S, SB1275, John Z, BuffaloBill, Findlay, Rob, Bob S, Nathan, Timothy A W, Erik P, Diapering Daddy, Ben R, Ben F, Steven H --- An hour passed and James was spending his time just looking around at the strange carriage. There wasn’t a lot to do other than people watch so James watched the adult helpers look after all the children. They were kept very busy by the noisy and excitable kids who were rotated from activity to activity to keep them occupied. The caretakers were clearly experienced at their jobs. Despite him watching people it was still a surprise when one of the caretakers appeared behind the children and gently patted their rears. “Hey!” James yelled, waking the girl next to him up suddenly, “What are you doing!?” “You aren’t padded?” The caretaker said with some surprise. This young woman was also very pretty and she looked very shocked that James wasn’t in a nappy or something. “Padded? What the Hell!” James continued to yell angrily, “Of course not! I’m not some snot-nosed kid.” The small girl next to James began sniffling and then crying. James’ yelling was clearly frightening her. “Erica!” The caretaker behind James called, “This one isn’t padded…” Erica hurried to the scene of the disturbance and grabbed James’ arm. She looked a little harried and her smile faltered slightly as she pulled him to his feet. She indicated that James should follow her to a spot in the middle of the carriage that had a small curtain for privacy. “James…” Erica said when she had pulled the curtain closed. James was still a bit shaken about being patted on the ass so suddenly and he was feeling a little jumpy. He looked around at the cramped space around him and saw shelves filled with nappies and pull-ups of various sizes as well as baby powder and cream. The table the curtain hid was long and softly padded for people to lay on it. Outside the window, the open fields sped by as the train hurtled eastwards as fast as a steam train could. “What the hell is going on?” James asked. He was no longer shouting but he was still alarmed. “We have some rules in the carriage.” Erica said softly, “I forgot that you didn’t seem to know you were coming here. Most are already padded when they come in.” “You mean…” James looked sideways to the shelves of nappies and gulped. “I’m going to need you to get on the table.” Erica said. By this point her professional smile had returned and she patted the table encouragingly as if dealing with a difficult toddler. “Hell no!” James exclaimed as his eyes flew wide open, “There is no way I’m putting on a nap… Padding.” “It’s the rules.” Erica stated patiently, “Everyone under eighteen must be padded.” “I’m a teenager!” James complained, “I don’t need any of that stuff.” “James, I can’t change the rules for you or I have to change the rules for everyone.” Erica said slowly, “Look… You don’t have to use anything, I just need to make sure you wear something otherwise I could lose my job.” James thought about it. If he was only padded in here then maybe no one would ever need to know about it. He could just do it for Erica and then never tell anyone what happened. As far as anyone else was concerned he was just in first class. “No one else needs to know, right?” James asked slowly. His face went a little red as he spoke, “Outside of this carriage I mean.” “Of course.” Erica replied sweetly. James still couldn’t commit to it. He stood awkwardly looking out the window as he tried to work out what to do. He felt Erica’s hand softly touch his shoulder, James turned to see Erica smiling at him. She looked beautiful, James thought and he would do anything for that smile. “For me?” Erica asked sweetly, “Please?” “Alright, alright.” James said as his face flushed with heat. “Good boy.” Erica replied, “Just stand there for a minute.” Erica reached down to James’ trousers and started undoing the fly. James jumped backwards in surprise, he was not expecting Erica to suddenly start touching him in that area. “Woah, hold on!” James said, “I can do it myself.” “I know you can.” Erica replied, “But please, let me do it. So I know it’s all done properly. I promise no one else needs to know.” James could hardly believe what was happening. He had never been good with women and hadn’t experienced anyone touching him in that area. He couldn’t believe that the first time a woman was touching him near his crotch it was apparently to start putting him in some baby underwear. James looked out the window and blushed as he felt his pants loosen and then get pulled down. His underwear followed and he did his best to pretend this was all normal. Erica was being very professional and seemed to be acting as if this was just one of the babies she was changing. When Erica had lowered James’ underwear he quickly lowered his hands to cover his sensitive area. He felt mightily self-conscious. “Since you’re being such a good boy.” Erica said as she stood up and faced the shelves, “You can have training pants rather than a nappy.” “Yay…” James replied sarcastically. Erica placed the light blue training pants on the changing table and left the curtained area to allow James a little privacy. James looked at the underwear and shook his head, he couldn’t believe he was going to go along with this but then again he didn’t see much choice. James picked up the thick cloth of the training pants and gingerly stepped into them. They felt strange, like an extra thick pair of underpants. When James had pulled them up around his crotch he grimaced as the slightly thicker than normal cloth seemed very distracting. He wasted no time in covering himself up with his trousers and pulled the curtain back. Despite his training pants being covered up he got the feeling everyone knew what he was wearing, he felt very self-conscious. “There you go.” Erica said with a smile, “Not so bad, right?” James scowled back and didn’t respond. He wished he had never left his family’s cabin but at least the training pants felt like regular underwear. He was fairly sure no one would know what he was wearing. “One more thing…” Erica said as she reached into a drawer behind her, “You are going to need to wear this as well.” “Great, what now?” James said in frustration. Erica smiled as she turned back to James and slipped a cloth necklace over his head. He wondered what was happening until he looked down and saw a dummy bobbing on his chest. He frowned and started trying to pull it off but Erica stopped him. “No, no… You have to keep it on.” Erica said. The smile from her face was gone. “Or what?” James asked angrily. “Or I tell the guard you aren’t co-operating and you spend the rest of the trip locked in the secure carriage at the back of the train.” Erica’s voice carried a strong hint of a threat. “This is bullshit…” James muttered. He couldn’t believe how weird this place was. Erica didn’t even hesitate. She reached forwards to James’ chest and grabbed the pacifier that she had placed there only moments before. She pushed it up and shoved it into James’ mouth. Her face showed that she was really annoyed. “Watch your language!” Erica ordered crossly. Some of the children nearby turned to see who was getting told off. James was too stunned that someone had just shoved a dummy into his mouth as if he was some difficult child. He couldn’t respond even as his face went red. For the first time in his life James was speechless and had no comeback. “Now you keep that in for the time being or I’ll call the guard.” Erica commanded. James usually had no problem defying authority, he usually had no issues telling people he didn’t like where they could go but for some reason he didn’t want to disobey Erica. She was very pretty and he was scared of the temper she was showing. The last thing he wanted to do was spend the rest of the trip in a cage at the back of the train. When Erica turned away from him, James decided that for lack of any options he would sit down and build some things with the building blocks on the table. He slid into the chair and took a handful or plastic bricks, looking around to see that Erica was dealing with something else, James spat the soother out of his mouth so that it bounced on his chest again. The little kids around him talked to each other happily and played as James just tried to pass some time. He hoped that the train would come to a stop again so that he could get out of this nursery carriage but he just couldn’t remember if the train was due to stop again before Moscow or not. James thought about finding a quiet spot and secretly taking the stupid training pants off but it seemed like that would be a huge risk. He had to bide his time for now, whilst no one else knew what was going on here this wasn’t too bad. He would just pretend to his family that he had been in first class. James was pretty bored but he gradually grew to enjoy the games with the building blocks. To his surprise he actually ended up playing with the toddlers around him, there little games of building robots to fight each other was mildly entertaining. He still felt like more of a babysitter occupying the kids time than one of them though. After a couple of hours in the swaying train James could no longer ignore that he needed the bathroom which presented a problem. There was one bathroom in the carriage and it indicated on the door that it was for “Staff Only.” Eventually, James realised that he would have to ask one of the carers to use a bathroom or he would end up having an accident. His bladder practically screamed at him as he stood up that it wanted to be released. He put a hand over the area and tried to just stagger down the train to the nearest assistant. As fate would have it, the nearest assistant was Erica. “I… I need the bathroom.” James said behind Erica making her jump. “I’ll be with you in a few moments, little one.” Erica replied with a smile as she turned around, “I just need to finish changing this little cutie.” James could see a small child in front of Erica whose nappy was open and was currently being cleaned. He hopped from one foot to the other and just wished Erica would hurry up. He was so distracted with his bladder that he didn’t even correct Erica when she called him “Little one.” It was several agonising minutes before Erica stood up the small toddler and sent her off to play again. “OK, you need the big boy potty. Come with me.” Erica tossed the used nappy in the garbage can that seemed to be built into the side of train carriage. James followed Erica closely as she walked to the front of the carriage and took a bunch of keys out of her pocket. It was infuriating for James as he watched the woman try several different keys before one opened the door. Finally, with a little click, the bathroom door swung open and James was able to step inside. It wasn’t a moment too soon either as he was desperate by this point. He didn’t even bother closing the door behind him, he pulled down the front of his trousers and his snuggly fitting training pants and as soon as he was pointed at the toilet he felt his bladder give way and a hot stream of urine quickly began flowing out of him. James sighed with relief as he emptied himself. The feeling of going to the bathroom after holding on so long was glorious. When he was done, he shook himself to get rid of any drops and put himself away. Turning around, James was surprised to Erica still watching him. She had that smirk on her face that she seemed to always wear when she was with James. “Just made it then?” Erica asked. James didn’t know how to respond to that so he started to leave the small bathroom only to find himself blocked by the young woman. “I have to do a check.” Erica said, “Before you can go back to playing.” “A check?” James asked. He was sure he didn’t need checking but that didn’t make him happy to expose himself for Erica again. “I was only playing to pass the time…” James mumbled, “I wasn’t having fun.” “Of course not, sweetie.” Erica smiled, “But I do have to check you. Train policy I’m afraid.” “Just hurry up and do it then.” James replied in irritation, “Get it done before anyone else comes.” Erica took a step forward into the cramped bathroom and she pulled down James’ trousers. James closed his eyes and stood still as he felt the training pants lowered next. He was so embarrassed to have Erica checking to make sure he went to the bathroom properly. “Hmm, looks like someone didn’t quite make it.” Erica surmised as she looked at the underwear. “What!?” James said in surprise. “A small but noticeable wet spot.” Erica said as she pointed to the interior of the underpants. “But… That must have dripped off me after I was done!” James argued. He was half-shouting and annoyed but trying not to cause a scene that might cause others to come to him. “That may be.” Erica admitted, “But we have a policy on this train that if somebody soils their garments they have to be changed into something else. Something to deal with possible accidents.” “Oh, come on…” James whined, “It wasn’t an accident! I guess I just didn’t shake it all off…” “James, it’s policy.” Erica replied with a shrug, “I will give you one of our thin pull-ups. You won’t even tell the difference.” James put one of his hands on his forehead and closed his eyes. This was horrible, it had to be a nightmare and James hoped he would wake up back in that crappy and cramped cabin with his family. “Come on, James.” Erica continued as she flashed that pretty smile again, “Pull up your pants and come on out. It’s nearly lunch time!” James only now realised he was still standing in the bathroom with his training pants and trousers around his knees. He quickly bent over and pulled them back up, he shuddered a little as he felt the wet patch on his pants touch his crotch. As soon as James was decent again, Erica grabbed his hand and started guiding him towards the changing area again. James was stunned that the beautiful woman was holding his hand, he didn’t try to pull away or argue any more, he just wanted her to keep holding his hand. There was a bit of a queue at the changing tables. It was almost lunch time and James guessed everyone was getting a pre-lunch changing. The curtains around the changing tables would close as a little one toddled in and then be thrown open shortly later for the freshly changed child to leave and a new infant to head in. James realised with a pang of embarrassment that he was the only one holding the hand of a worker. All of the babies and toddlers were waiting in line without help even if the line was very messy and being marshalled by another young woman about Erica’s age. “Looks like we hit rush hour!” Erica joked to James as she smiled out at the children. “I could do this myself…” James said quietly, “You don’t need to help me or anything.” “Sorry James.” Erica replied although she didn’t sound sorry, “Again it’s policy to make sure everyone is correctly padded.” James looked away and out of the train’s window. He muttered to himself about the damn policies as he watched seemingly endless fields rolling past the window. He wondered where they were by now, were they still in France or had they crossed the border? He realised that he had no real idea about his location or the passage of time since there were no route maps or clocks in this carriage. When James was finally at the front of the line he stepped behind the thin curtain and stood awkwardly as Erica looked at the shelves and grabbed a pull-up. James wanted to argue again, he wanted to tell Erica that he could do this himself and that there was no need for her to be here but he already knew it would be a futile argument. Knowing what awaited him if he refused James just stood and waited for instructions. “It’ll be over in a jiffy.” Erica said cheerily as she pulled a large pull-up off the shelf. “How come you have stuff in my size?” James asked with curiosity. It only occurred to him now when he saw the large padding that there seemed to be incontinence stuff for people of all sizes and shapes here. “Oh, we keep a stock for every size.” Erica replied, “Parents like to leave their kids with us to enjoy the journey. Sometimes the kids are older, like yourself, and sometimes they might be a little handicapped and need the help. We like to be prepared for all eventualities.” James nodded his head as Erica pulled the pull-up down and unfolded it. When Erica looked at him expectantly he knew what she wanted him to do. He took a deep breath and bent over to pull down his trousers, his underpants soon followed. It was still humiliating to undress in front of Erica but this was nothing she hadn’t seen several times at this point. “Good boy.” Erica said happily. James bit his tongue. He didn’t like being talked to as if he was a baby who needed positive reinforcement at completing the simplest tasks. He also didn’t like that Erica was helping him with this process at all. Erica opened the pull-up and bent down to James’ feet. She held the pull-up in place and allowed James to step into the holes. She felt him leaning on her slightly for balance as the train continued to roll down the tracks. James felt ridiculous as he stood with his hands on Erica’s shoulders and allowed her to raise the pull-up so that it covered his crotch. It felt distinctly different to the training pants that James had grown accustomed to. The pull-up was white all over and the padded section was much larger and thicker than the training pants had been. The white elastic went a lot higher than the training pants and James realised he would have to make sure his shirt stayed down otherwise everyone would see what he was wearing. James stepped back into his trousers and pulled them up himself. Erica gave him a smile and threw the curtain back. James could see lunch time was coming up as all the infants and toddlers were sat on beanbags on the floor and the workers were distributing food to those who could feed themselves and spoon feeding the ones that couldn’t. “Take a seat, James” Erica said with a pat on the rear end, “Lunch time!” James did as he was asked. He walked down the line of kids until he found a spot in between two young boys. He cringed as he walked and felt the padding of the pull-up move with him. He hated the thick feeling between his legs and felt sure that everyone on the carriage knew he was in disposable underwear like a big baby. “Here you go.” It was a different attendant but she had the same smile and tone of voice as Erica. James looked down as she put down a plastic plate and a sippy cup full of milk. The food on offer was rather meagre, just a sliced up apple, some crisps and a cut up sandwich. All of it was conveniently cut up for small hands. James ate the food greedily. He hadn’t had a meal in a little while and even though the food was served in a rather infantile way he quickly cleaned his plate. He even picked up the sippy cup and drank the milk without complaint. Everyone else was doing it and he assumed they didn’t have any regular drinking vessels in the compartment. That was until he glanced over to where the attendants were standing and saw them drinking from glasses like normal people. James suddenly felt very foolish as he lowered his now empty cup. The children ate noisily and messily as James sat quietly and watched Erica and the other helpers lay out a series of fold out beds. “OK children, time for your nap so you can play all afternoon!” Erica said with her well-practised warm smile. The young kids got up or were helped up and taken to the beds where most of them climbed into the folding beds. The beds had little stuffed toys in them and it seemed like each child had a favourite stuffed toy to cuddle up with. Some of the youngest children were taken to cribs and placed gently inside. “Come on, James.” Erica said when he didn’t move with everyone else, “We have a bed all for you too.” “I don’t need a nap.” James said bluntly, “I’ll just watch TV or something… Maybe I could hang out with you guys?” “Sorry.” Erica said, “We are heading to a different carriage. We’ll have cameras and microphones to make sure there isn’t a problem but we won’t be here physically.” “Oh.” James replied. He remembered the rule: No one under 18-years-old were allowed out of the carriage. “Come on, it’s just a short nap.” Erica said. James sighed and climbed to his feet. He followed Erica through the narrow gap between the beds to one at the back of the carriage. It was identical to all the others and had a classic brown teddy bear sat next to the pillows. “It’s only for an hour or so.” Erica said as she pulled the cover back. James slipped under the cover and felt Erica pull it up over him again. She reached down to his chest and gently popped the pacifier into his mouth. James’ first instinct was to spit the soother right back out but Erica held it in position with her finger. “Just keep it in for your nap.” Erica said, “I think it’s cute. For me?” James blushed but nodded his head shyly. Erica flashed him another one of her award winning smiles before standing up and following the rest of the helpers out of the carriage. James wondered what to do next. He felt a little tired after his poor sleep the previous night but was he really going to have a nap whilst sucking on a pacifier? When the sound of multiple small bodies snoring and breathing filled the carriage he realised most everyone else was asleep. He yawned and closed his eyes as well, if nothing else it would help the time pass until they reached their final destination. James wished he knew how far they were from Moscow. Before James knew it, his eyes closed and he drifted into sleep with all of the other people in the carriage.
  11. Elfy

    Cant wet the bed

    Bed wetting isn't an easy thing to achieve because it is basically a temporary incontinence. Your body and brain learned not to wet the bed at a very early age and then you spent a great many years reinforcing the lessons. It will take a long time to train yourself to know it is OK to wet in your sleep, I don't really have technique tips only that it'll take a long time to happen.