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  1. Elfy

    Pregnant and i'm a baby/toddler.. advice?

    Keep your baby and family life separate from your AB life... Of course you can play with your child and colour with them and stuff but don't do it as an AB, that's just not good at all. There is no reason why you can't continue to enjoy diapers and things in private though. I can't say strongly enough how much you need to keep them separated...
  2. Elfy

    Something Strange

    Those accounts are opened when the forum software is updating or there is some tech support stuff going on in the background. They are usually deleted when they are finished helping. It's a person working with the company whose software runs this forum.
  3. Elfy

    Tommy's Tribulations

    Thanks for everyone's comments. @YourFNF I'm glad you feel bad for poor Tommy and the situation he finds himself in! As you rightly point out his treatment is far from fair, however at the risk of spoiling things in the future I'm afraid it's only the tip of the iceberg for Tommy. Unfortunately life isn't always fair and Tommy is discovering that first hand! @Lost Powder is something that I've written into a few changes but never consistently. It's something I'm very open to writing more about in future though
  4. Elfy

    Tommy's Tribulations

    Tommy finds things escalating beyond his control and he doesn't know how to stop it. He does something on one morning that he could never have imagined before but is this just the tip of the iceberg? --- This part of the story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and for $5 a month you can see each of my public story updates (posted once every four days) a week before everyone else. For $10 you can get the early access plus exclusive Patreon only stories and for $20 you can get 50% off all commissions. Other rewards and tiers can be seen on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- A massive thank you to the people who allow me to keep writing as much as I do. Without my patrons support I wouldn't be able to write nearly as much as I do: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Daniel O, LuvsSissy, DreaR, J, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Tommie M, Pete W, Scy T, Tim, Bradley, Frank S, Scott S, Charlie S, Spaxxs, John D, Pierre-David G, Sith, Daniel, Ak, M, Sophie S, Earnest B, Jack O, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Txdiapered, Kim, P74_1986, Chris, Dre, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Persi S, Ceneroz, Rob, Darrell, Jack C, S Millard, Cheryl C, Carlota C, Kaiser S, Tsidt, Britnee L, Trenton M, Chris, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Kristoffer M B, Andrew S, Timothy A W, Jimmy A, Tomy, Brandon S, Daniel W, Guilyn, Erik P, Shihouin10, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, A Random Patreon, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F, Kent J. --- The next few days followed a very similar pattern. Tommy would get diapered by his step-mother before bed and then changed out of it in the morning. He was wet every time but his step-mother seemed at least slightly happier that she didn’t find a wet bed every day. A wet diaper was easier to change than wet sheets and Sandra seemed happy about her reduced workload. Erin, of course, was having a great time at Tommy’s expense but at least she hadn’t seen him in the embarrassing padding. Tommy planned for it to stay that way. He started to understand that maybe this was the best way for things to go. Having a dry bed each morning was like paradise after so many mornings full of stress and puddles. The diaper may just be a necessary evil. Tommy noticed that he was being put into the diapers whenever was most convenient for his mother. It seemed like each day he would be put into his diaper a little earlier than the previous day. His own feelings didn’t seem to matter, it was whenever was most convenient for everyone else. This evening the family were gathered around the television set. Sandra was sat on the arm chair with the controller whilst Tommy and Erin shared the couch. They kept the peace only by keeping a neutral zone in the middle of the seat that neither of them would cross. It was still early in the evening and dinner had just been eaten. Tommy wanted to retreat to his bedroom but in the last couple of days his mother had insisted he spend time with them downstairs each evening. Sandra liked having both her kids together but she was the only one who liked this setup. Erin didn’t like sharing the couch and seemed to be a little frustrated that she couldn’t embarrass her brother quite as much recently. Tommy, of course, would much prefer to be alone on the computer. “I think it’s time you get ready for bed.” Sandra said as she stood up. She looked at Tommy and gave him a thin-lipped smile. Tommy stood up without saying anything. He was grateful to be given an excuse to go upstairs if nothing else. He ignored Erin’s knowing smirk and walked upstairs with his step-mother close behind. “I think I can do this myself now.” Tommy said when he took his clothes off and laid on the bed. He had lost a lot of his embarrassment about Sandra seeing him naked now that it had happened so many times. “It’s no bother to me.” Sandra replied as if Tommy’s wants didn’t matter, “Besides I like to know you are safely padded up.” The diaper was placed under Tommy and just like the last few days he stared at the ceiling as his step-mother taped it up. When it was over Sandra placed Tommy’s clothes back on the bed. “Right, get dressed and I’ll see you downstairs in a minute.” Sandra said as she headed towards the exit. “Go back downstairs? In a dia… In protective padding?” Tommy asked correcting himself just in time. His wide eyes and red cheeks made it clear what he thought of this outcome. “Well yes.” Sandra replied simply, “It is only 7pm. Come down to finish family time before you go to bed.” Tommy watched Sandra close the door and hesitated. He really didn’t want to go back down their now that had the diaper on but he also wanted to avoid the inevitable punishment if he was disobedient. Slowly, Tommy pulled on his shirt and pants. He had to shimmy slightly to get the rather tight pants over his puffy diaper, he just hoped it would be enough to hide it. When he stood up and looked in his mirror he winced as the crotch and rear of the pants bulged out. As Tommy walked down the stairs he tried to listen out for a noticeable crinkle but was unsure of whether it was really loud or it was just his mind noticing it. He had to make sure to tug down his shirt as well otherwise the top of the waistband started peeking out. When Tommy walked into the living room again he saw Erin’s eyes look at him and quickly dart down to his crotch. He blushed as he walked with a slight waddle around the other side of the couch and tried to keep distance from his step-sister. Tommy could see Sandra taking no notice of his unease as she continued to watch a soap opera on television. Tommy tried to just watch the TV but he could feel Erin’s eyes looking at him, boring a hole in him, it almost felt like she had x-ray vision and could see through Tommy’s clothes. He felt very uncomfortable. The last thing Tommy wanted to happen was for his diaper wearing to become normalised to the point that wearing them around his family was just something that happened. When he risked a sideways glance at Erin, Tommy saw her clearly mouth the words “diaper baby” at him. He tried to keep his emotions in check but thought all of this was just so unfair. Eventually the pain was over and Sandra suggested that Tommy should head to bed. It was only 9pm but Tommy was grateful for the opportunity to leave the room even if it meant he was sent to his room several hours before his younger sister. When Tommy stood up he was certain he heard a crinkle and from the snort of laughter he guessed Erin had also heard it. Tommy went slightly more scarlet and quickened his pace to get out of the room as soon as possible. --- The next day started just like any other. Tommy woke up earlier than either of the girls in the house due to going to bed earlier. He felt the familiar heavy weight on his crotch, another wet diaper from his overnight lack of control. By this point it wasn’t a surprise but at least he got better quality sleep in a dry bed. The sun was just peeking above the horizon when Tommy stepped out of bed. It was very early still and he didn’t expect Sandra to come in and change him for another couple of hours. He was still under strict instructions not to attempt to remove his own diaper and there was no way he wanted to risk another spanking or punishment. Tommy walked over to his computer and switched it on. He felt the wet diaper push against him like a sponge as he sat down on his chair. He shuddered slightly, he still hadn’t got used to the feeling of his warm diapers pressed against him. Tommy loaded up one of his favourite video games and started playing. Video games were great as an escape from reality and Tommy could forget what he was wearing and his situation by getting lost in the fantasy worlds of his games. After half an hour or so, Tommy wasn’t really paying attention, he felt a need to go to the bathroom growing. This presented the teenager with quite a quandary as he wasn’t allowed to remove his padding which was obviously in the way of him using the toilet like normal. Tommy tried to ignore the issue but after another half an hour had passed and there was still no sign of Sandra he was reaching bursting point. Although the idea was quite irritating to him, Tommy started to think about just wetting the diaper. It was already wet so surely it didn’t matter if it got a little wetter. Would anyone be able to tell if he wet himself after waking up? “Am I really going to do this?” Tommy asked himself out loud as he stood up. Did he really have a choice was his next thought. Tommy closed his eyes and held his breath. He had never done this voluntarily and it took a couple of minutes to work out how to relax his muscles sufficiently. It was a weird feeling and a couple of times, just as he felt he was about to go, he felt his body tense up again. “Come on…” Tommy whispered to himself. Facing the door, Tommy relaxed one more time and finally felt a trickle of urine drip out of him and into the padding. He shivered slightly as the warm liquid ran between his legs and tickled him slightly. Once he began peeing he soon found the floodgates bursting and his bladder started draining into his diaper increasingly quickly. It was a curiously warm feeling, not entirely unpleasant but very embarrassing. He hoped that the padding could hold everything and that Sandra would think all the wetting had happened during the night because if she knew he was wetting himself… “Ahem.” Tommy’s eyes flew open and he almost jumped out of his skin when he heard his step-mother’s voice. She must have walked in whilst he had stood there with his eyes closed, he had been so concentrated on his bladder that he didn’t even notice. Immediately, Tommy tried to turn away from Sandra even as he continued wetting himself. Maybe she wouldn’t realise what he was doing. Perhaps he could play it off as him just stretching or something. Tommy’s hopes of his wetting remaining secret were ended when he heard his step-mother walk up behind him and reach down. She cupped the bottom of the diaper with her hand and could clearly feel the warmth of fresh urine. This wasn’t done in the night, Sandra knew she had walked in on Tommy wetting himself. “You were asleep!” Tommy exclaimed as his cheeks went red, “I… I needed to go but you weren’t here.” “You couldn’t hold it?” Sandra asked with raised eyebrows. Tommy didn’t reply. He had tried, he had waited but there was just no sign of his step-mother. She could have been gone for hours longer for all he knew. He supposed he could have gone across the landing to see if she was awake but that would risk getting seen in his diaper. “Never mind.” Sandra sighed, “Come on, let’s get some breakfast in you. We need to head out to the shops in an hour or so.” Tommy walked over to his bed and sat on the edge. He steeled his nerves for yet another embarrassing morning diaper change. He laid down and waited for Sandra to pull the tapes off his diaper for him, he still wasn’t allowed to touch them himself. “What are you doing?” Sandra asked impatiently. “Well… You have to take it off.” Tommy said. He looked away from his step-mom, he was still embarrassed to need diapers yet alone have her handle them. “I think we can wait till after breakfast.” Sandra replied, “Since you don’t mind sitting in your own urine and deliberately wet yourself. Might as well keep it on for a little longer.” “W-What!?” Tommy exclaimed. He sat up suddenly and felt the diaper crinkle between his legs. Sandra was very nonchalant and she opened Tommy’s bedroom door. She rolled her eyes when Tommy quickly covered himself up with his duvet as if he expected a crowd of people to be waiting on the landing for him. “Come on…” Sandra said impatiently again, “We don’t have all day now you can either come downstairs on your own volition or I will pick you up and carry you down myself.” Tommy was aghast at everything being said. He wasn’t sure if Sandra would be able to pick him up, especially if he was struggling, but he was sure resistance would result in another spanking or something even worse. Tommy imagined Erin hearing the fracas and coming to investigate. It would be utterly humiliating. Maybe if he walked down under his own control he could make out it was his decision. It was a very long shot but he didn’t see too many clear alternatives. The cover came back off and Tommy slowly stood up. The thick diaper between his legs sunk between his legs slightly. The padding had swelled up and was very heavy, Tommy could feel the heavy mass swinging between his legs as he walked. “Could I at least have my pants?” Tommy asked as he reached the exit of his room and saw the stairs. He could hear the radio was on quietly in the kitchen, Erin was probably already down there and eating. “I don’t think so.” Sandra replied coldly, “If you are happy to wet your diaper on purpose then you must be happy to wear it openly. Besides, I don’t want you leaking on clothes. This is to give me less laundry, not more.” Tommy felt like if his step-mother was so worried about him leaking that she should let him take it off but he could see from the look in her eyes that she wasn’t to be swayed. Instead, Tommy turned around and faced the landing. He stepped out and slowly moved to the stairs, he could hear Sandra right behind him. That wasn’t the only thing Tommy heard though. Indeed, the sound of his step-mother was almost drowned out by the crinkling from between his legs. He couldn’t be more aware of the weighted mass taped to his waist. The crinkling almost seemed to echo around the narrow stair case, Tommy knew his mind must be exaggerating things but he also realised that he really was making a lot of noise. Combined with the awkward and slightly wide-legged waddle that Tommy noticed as he walked down the stairs and he knew that the pants would have done nothing to hide the fact that he was still wearing his diaper. Tommy turned into the hallway and walked forwards towards the dining room. He could already see Erin at the dining table but she hadn’t seen him yet. She was reading from a magazine on the table and eating from a bowl of cereal. Continuing forwards, Tommy felt his heart hammering hard as he walked closer to the table. He knew that sooner or later his younger sister would see him. His forehead was sweaty and he was already cringing. Tommy watched as Erin looked up from the table and looked at him quickly before looking back at her magazine. It seemed to take her brain a second to work out what she actually saw and she quickly turned her head to look again. Erin started coughing and choking on the spoonful of cereal she was eating and quickly turned back to her bowl. As Tommy walked into the room and sat down, Erin couldn’t help but laugh loudly. She pushed her bowl to the side to put her head down as she shook with laughs that came right from the belly. Tommy was red in the face and he folded his arms across his chest in a mixture of shame and humiliation. Erin wasn’t even hiding the fact that she was making fun of him but there was nothing he could do. If Sandra noticed the scene at the table, and there was no way she could realistically miss it, she made no outward sign of knowing or caring. She just started preparing cereal and placing it in front of her step-son. “Eat up, Tommy.” Sandra said coldly, “I want to get to the shops before they get busy.” Tommy didn’t feel hungry at all but drank from the orange juice that Sandra had also given him. His cheeks blazed as Erin continued to find endless joy in his torment. He tried not to move but even slightly adjusting his seat caused him to crinkle loudly. “Geez, could you be any more like a baby?” Erin asked as she rubbed tears of laughter out of her eyes. Sandra had left the room, presumably to go upstairs and get ready. Tommy tried to ignore her but found it really hard. He ate a few spoonfuls of cereal but it didn’t taste nice to him at all. He was sure even a five star gourmet meal would taste horrid to him at the moment. “Are you going to be in your wittle diapies all day now?” Erin asked with a mocking voice, “Is the baby struggling with the big boy potty?” Tommy knew that his sister was trying to needle him into responding. He knew that she wanted him to react but he was determined not to let her see that she was getting to him. The wet diaper between his legs was very distracting and was starting to get increasingly uncomfortable. He really hoped his step-mother would take him out of it soon. “It’s pathetic…” Erin continued with a shake of the head, “Spankings at diapers at your age. Imagine what your friends would say.” Tommy put down his spoon. He had hurriedly eaten his cereal and drank his juice and was now ready to leave the room and go back to his sanctuary. “Oh, baby brother?” Erin said as she watched Tommy head towards the exit. She smirked when Tommy stopped and turned to look at her, “Make sure you change before we go shopping.” Tommy held his tongue but he did stick his middle finger up at Erin before swiftly leaving. He was grateful to get his wet butt out of the dining room even if it meant showing off his diaper again. His crinkling was slowly becoming a normalised noise to the teenager and he was beginning to tune it out. “Ah, there you are.” Sandra said. She was halfway down the stairs when she saw Tommy turning to come up them, “Time to get changed.” Tommy allowed his spirits to be lifted slightly with this news. He would be very glad to leave this diaper behind and he greatly hoped that he could avoid the further embarrassment of having to show his padding openly again. It was horrible to have to sit around in the wet padding for longer than usual. Walking up the stairs, Tommy silently headed past his step-mother and waddled into his bedroom. He wasted no time in laying down on his bed for his change. After so many days of this procedure he didn’t bother wasting his breath to argue about being able to change himself. He was just grateful to be getting out of this diaper so that he could put this sorry episode behind him. Sandra began her work and before long had the saturated padding laying open. She pulled it out and balled it up. She glanced her watch and shook her head. “I don’t think you’ll have time for a shower.” Sandra said, “I think we will need a quick fix today.” Tommy wasn’t sure what Sandra was planning but he certainly didn’t want to leave the house smelling of urine. He was sure he must have quite an odour to him having been in that soaking diaper for so long. Tommy watched Sandra reach under the bed and pull up a small tub of wet wipes. Tommy recognised the logo on them as belonging to a famous brand of baby’s diapers. He knew them to be the same wipes used to clean actual babies, even before Sandra opened the packet he felt like he could smell the scented products. “What!? No!” Tommy immediately protested as the tub was placed on the bed and the top opened. “Tommy, we have to get to the shops before the rush. Your sister has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon too. We just don’t have time to hang around.” Sandra didn’t pause as she spoke. She grabbed a handful of wipes and were about to start cleaning when Tommy reached down and covered himself. “Just leave me here then!” Tommy begged, “I don’t need to go with you do I?” “I want you there.” Sandra replied shortly, “Now move your hands or you’ll go over by knee.” Tommy reluctantly did as he was told and moved his hands out of the way. He cringed in shame as his hands moved away from his genitals and he laid in shame. Sandra made quick work of cleaning him and she spared no inch of the boy’s crotch. Everything was cleaned before she balled up the wipes and threw them in the trash can. Tommy quickly covered himself up with his cover as soon as he felt Sandra move away from the bed, he felt humiliated even though no one had been there to see what had just happened. “Now get dressed and hurry downstairs so we can go.” Sandra said as she picked up the used diaper and carried it out of the room. Tommy bit his lip as his step-mother walked away. He knew that there was a good chance that Erin would see the diaper getting tossed out and he knew it would be like the embarrassment strawberry on the humiliation cake. The wet padding being carried past his little sister like it was a normal thing was just another small awkward moment. Once Tommy had dressed himself he hurried to the stairs. He stopped and thought about going to the toilet but was stopped just as he turned to face the open bathroom. “Come on, Tommy.” Sandra said in exasperation when she saw Tommy turn around. “I just need to go to the toi-” Tommy started saying. “There’s no time.” Sandra interrupted, “Get your shoes on and let’s go.” Tommy frowned but did as he was told. He could feel his bladder already urging him to go to the bathroom but it didn’t seem urgent. It definitely could wait and Tommy didn’t want to risk another spanking, especially in front of Erin. Besides, he was sixteen-years-old, if he couldn’t hold his bladder for a trip to the shops then maybe he deserved diapers.
  5. Elfy

    What if diapers were popular?

    Well, the plastic pollution problem would be exponentially worse for one thing!
  6. Elfy

    Parents being a jerk

    I'm always against revealing you are ABDL to people other than a lover but I am on the fence in this case. First of all, your parents are worried about you. Sudden bed wetting isn't normal and they think it might be serious, it is understandable why they would want you to get it checked out. You COULD say you went to a doctor without actually going and say the doctor said it's just stress and a weak bladder. Assure them there is nothing serious going on but would still require protection unless the stress was solved. If you were worried about the crappy Depends diapers you could always "do your own research" and find some better medical ones. It would also grant you the opportunity to stop wearing diapers if your bed wetting stopped with the simple explanation that you aren't feeling stressed. I say the above because despite how flippantly easy it might be for people on here to say "tell them you are ABDL" that doesn't always work, sometimes it can go disastrously wrong. It is difficult to predict what their reactions would be but no one can really predict that better than yourself since you know them as well as anyone does.
  7. Elfy

    Agnosticism and Me

    If you seek anything to that extent you will find it whether it's true or not.
  8. Elfy

    Venus Institute

    Following Mike's examination he returns to his cell with his classification information. Will it provide any clarity on what is to come? --- This part of "Venus Institute" has been available on my Patreon page for one week and you can see all of my updates one week earlier than the rest of the world for just $5 a month. Alternatively, for $10 a month you can get all of my public updates a week earlier PLUS exclusive stories not seen outside of Patreon. There are other rewards and tiers too, please check out my Patreon page for more details. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- A special thank you to everyone who is a patron to me and allows me to write as much as I do: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, DreaR, J, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Jan O, Tommie M, Pete W, Scy T, Tim, Bradley, Frank S, Scott S, Charlie S, Spaxxs, John D, Pierre-David G, Kit, Sith, Daniel, Ak, M, Daniel, Sophie S, Earnest B, Jack O, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Txdiapered, Kim, p74_1986, Chris, Dre, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Persi S, Ceneroz, Rob, Darrell, Jack C, S Millard, Cheryl C, Carlota C, Ron M, Tsidt, Britnee L, Trenton M, Chris, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Jerry J, Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Emily, Kristoffer M B, Andrew S, Timothy A W, Jimmy A, Tomy, Brandon S, Daniel W, LuvsSissy, Guilyn, Erik P, Shihouin10, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, A Random Patreon, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F, Kent J --- It was at least an hour before Mike had calmed down. He felt violated, like all his dignities and rights were just stripped away for no reason other than to humiliate him. He sat hugging his knees and looking forward but not really seeing anything. “Yo, everything alright?” Al asked tentatively. He seemed to be rather careful and making sure not to upset Mike. “They… They…” Mike couldn’t bring himself to go through all the memories again. It was all too raw. “You went to classification.” Al said softly, “Mind if I come over there?” Mike shook his head slightly and Al stood up and walked across to Mike’s bed. He sat down at the opposite end to make sure he didn’t invade Mike’s space. He had been through classification as well, he knew what it was like. “Classification sucks ass.” Al said softly, “I know it takes a lot out of you but it’s quite important to read the rules and stuff before they move you.” Mike wondered if Al knew that the way the latter was sat on the bed, with the light of the main room flooding the cell, his increased chest was very much obvious. Mike couldn’t stop looking at them, there was no way that was a natural thing for a guy. They weren’t huge but they were enough to be noticeable through the thin material they were given to cover themselves. Al had obviously noticed Mike’s staring and although he would normally be annoyed by it he just smiled ruefully. “I guess it’s not just my mind making them feel big.” Al said with a deep sigh. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to stare it’s just… Well, unusual.” Mike said as he looked away. His own problems faded from view slightly. “Estrogen.” Al said with a shrug before acting like a sales person, “It’s a hell of a drug!” Mike frowned and looked at Al in confusion. It seemed like instead of things becoming clearer, things were just getting harder and harder to comprehend the more he heard and saw. “Do you know why this place exists?” Al asked Mike. “Because the prisons are overcrowded.” Mike replied. That was what he had always been told. One of the reasons he elected to come here instead of jail was because it would be less crowded and, theoretically, a better place to stay. “That’s one reason.” Al nodded, “But do you really think they care enough about the prisoners that overcrowding would be an issue for them?” Mike shrugged. “They could have just built more prisons.” Al said, “But they chose to build institutions like this. This isn’t about serving a sentence which is why we have no definitive sentence length. This is about rehabilitation.” “Well, that’s good isn’t it?” Mike asked. “It sounds great!” Al replied before his face turned dark, “Until you learn their methods.” Mike watched as Al pointed at the feminine products on his desk, the women’s magazine he was wearing and then his own long hair and breasts. Mike looked away when Al squeezed the two breasts together a little. “The Venus Institute decided that some males are simply predisposed to crime.” Al said, “They had some research to back it up but I think it’s bullshit. Anyway, they are all about feminising the people that come here.” “F-Feminising?” Mike replied in confusion. Surely this didn’t mean what Al was suggesting. “Just read your folder.” Al finally said as he returned to his bed, “It will tell you more than I can. It will tell you what is coming next for you too.” Mike looked down at the folder he had brought in with him and hesitantly opened it up. He was unsure if he wanted to know what was coming next, he saw Al’s chest and shook his head in denial. He didn’t want anything like that to happen! The first sheet of paper just had Mike’s basic details. His age, weight, height and other statistics were there including name, Mike was concerned to see the name listed as Michelle rather than Mike. He really didn’t want to accept this new name, that wasn’t who he was. Just looking at felt like his past was being erased right in front of him. “Classification A?” Mike read out loud. It was written in big and bold letters, the only thing on an otherwise plain page. “Huh.” Al said curiously as he looked over from his bed. Mike thought he looked quite confused as if he hadn’t expected that, “I’ve not heard of that one before. I’m classification C and I’ve seen loads of B’s and C’s come through but no A’s.” Mike turned another page and began to read the usual welcoming spiel. It did little to say anything that Al hadn’t already said. There was a lot of technical language for why the Institute did what they did but a lot of it flew over Mike’s head. He got the basic idea of things though and Al was right, they planned to reduce crime through reducing masculinity. The next page had more details of what “Classification A” entitled and Mike took a second to steady himself and gain the courage to read about his fate. “Classification A is our least invasive treatment program.” The statement began, “Hormones are not required at this level and neither is surgery. This classification is for people who have had a troubled childhood and can be rehabilitated without invasive procedures.” This didn’t sound too bad, Mike thought. Maybe he had got lucky, it seemed they didn’t think he would need any body altering treatment like his cellmate or many of the others here. That had to be a good thing. “Rehabilitation for “Classification A” patients involves regression and re-training. It involves taking the patient back to the beginning of life and allowing them to start again. To grow up with a normalised second childhood and correcting morals. This can take months or sometimes even years depending on how much resistance is meant, it can be hard for some to accept their treatment.” “What the fuck!?” Mike exclaimed loudly. What the hell were these people planning? Regression? Re-training? “Can I look?” Al asked as he reached over. Mike nodded mutely as his mouth hung open in shock. He watched as his cell mate read the paragraphs with furrowed brows. “Wow. Lucky you!” Al finally said when he finished reading and handed the paper back to Mike. “Lucky!?” Mike repeated with a frown, “You call that lucky!?” “Look at it this way, Mike… Or should I say Michelle.” Al puts his hands up as a peace offering when he saw the death look Mike gave him, “You need to get used to your new name.” “Just call me Mike…” Mike replied carefully. He was pissed off but also aware that his cell mate was bigger than him. “Fine.” Al replied with a roll of the eyes, “But look at it this way. You will be getting no invasive procedures. No surgery, no hormones… You could come out the other side without any significant changes. I mean I don’t know what they do there but I’d trade places.” Mike didn’t see it that way. He hated any thought of regression, he hated any thought of being changed by this place. Panic was rising through him and he could almost feel the adrenaline in his veins. He realised he was looking around rather wildly as if desperate for an escape. “Mike…” Al said slowly, “Keep calm. I know this is a shock but…” “I can’t do this!” Mike almost screamed, “I have to get out. I need my mom!” “Mike if you make too much noise and commotion they will come and get you and, well, you don’t want that.” Al seemed rather worried. Mike figured he was concerned that the staff would take him away as well. Mike grabbed at his face with his hands. He could feel himself sweating and it seemed like the walls were closing in. His breathing was becoming more and more ragged. He was in full on fight or flight mode but he had nowhere to run. Al suddenly sat up straight and turned to face Mike. He sat cross-legged across from Mike and put his hands on Mike’s shoulders. “Look at me.” Al said authoritatively, “Look at me, Mike.” Mike slowly looked up from his bed and looked at his cellmate. He lingered briefly on Al’s distracting breasts before looking him in the eye. Al was smiling rather serenely at Mike and breathing in and out very deeply. “Breathe with me.” Al said, “In and out. Come on Mike, match my breathing.” “I… I can’t!” Mike said hysterically. “Yes you can.” Al replied strongly, “Slow and deep breaths like me. Do what I do.” Mike did as he was told. Under times of extreme stress having someone give you very clear instructions was very persuasive. Mike breathed slowly and eventually he felt himself regain control of his body and his mind. “Feeling better?” Al asked after a minute or two of slow breathing. “I think so.” Mike replied as he continued the breathing. “Good. My last cellmate taught me that technique. It can get overwhelming at times.” Al said as he stood up and stretched. Mike found himself looking up at Al and the small bumps in his prison clothes. As he stretched his arms over his head the shirt pulled closer to his body and accentuated the budding breasts. “Sorry.” Al said as he lowered his arms, “I’ve been here so long and I’m still not used to these damn things.” “It’s… It’s fine.” Mike replied as he looked away. “It sucks that we won’t get to stay together though.” Al continued, “You seem cool, not like a lot of the people that end up here.” “I’ll be moved?” Mike asked. “I imagine so.” Al replied with a shrug, “There aren’t any Class A’s up here. They will probably move you through to a different part of the building.” Mike hadn’t thought about being moved. He was only just getting used to being here and after a rocky start it seemed like he was getting along with AL quite well. He didn’t really want to be moved again. It was hard to believe this wasn’t all some kind of nightmare. Mike walked to the front of his cell and looked out into the room. He could see people in similar cells all over in various states of dress and progress. Some could be mistaken for female if you didn’t know better whilst others looked unchanged and had evidently not been here long. “Do you mind if I have a look at your folder?” Al asked from behind Mike. “Go ahead.” Mike replied without looking away from the window. Mike was starting to feel really homesick. He missed his mom and his friends, he started to wonder when he would see any of them again. Would he be allowed to contact home? They hadn’t really told him anything about how the place operated on a day-to-day basis. “Yeah it looks like you’ll be moved tomorrow morning.” Al said as he read one of the papers. Mike looked around at Al. Since he had arrived, Al had been the only person who was even remotely friendly to him and he really wished they weren’t about to be separated. “I don’t suppose I could convince them to let me stay here?” Mike asked more in hope than expectation. “Well… You can try but I’ve never seen them change their minds once a decision is made.” Al replied. He put the file down and walked back over to his bed to lay down, “They have a system and they would rather watch the building burn down than deviate from their plans.” Mike looked out the window again and saw another person who seemed new getting led out of his cell and towards the examination rooms. Mike noticed the poor guy seemed to be crying.
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    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    With George and Nick safely upstairs Sarah and Kirsty enter the garage. Sarah starts to find out exactly what Kirsty means by a "hands-on" education. --- This part of the story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and for just $5 a month you can see each and every public story update one week before the rest of the world. For $10 you get the early access plus exclusive Patreon only stories that are never released publicly. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- A big thank you to each and every person who is a patron to me. It helps out a lot with me and Alice paying bills and allows me to keep writing as much as I do. 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When she opened the door she saw Sarah casually touching some of the equipment. As soon as the door opened Kirsty saw Sarah jump and her hand flew to her side. She was practically standing at attention. It was kind of funny to Kirsty but she worked hard not to break her dominatrix character. “Oh Sarah… I always thought you would make a great sub. I saw how curious you always were with my things, I always wished you would’ve asked about them.” Kirsty said with a smile, “You’d need a proper master or mistress though, not Nick. Nick brought out the dominant side in you and that says a lot about him…” Sarah didn’t reply. She didn’t move but knew she was a little red in the face, she disagreed with her friend but didn’t want to contradict her. Sarah wondered what Kirsty had planned, this wasn’t what she had expected to happen. She had expected to be taking notes or something but here she was in Kirsty’s domain. “I’m sorry that I let you hurt Nick.” Kirsty continued, “I’m sorry I didn’t teach you properly when all this started. I take responsibility for not making sure you both knew at least a little bit about what you are doing.” “It’s fine.” Sarah said, “All’s well that ends well.” “Better late than never, right?” Kirsty smiled as she advanced slowly on Sarah. She reached up with a hand and gently ran it through Sarah’s hair. “So… Erm, what are you going to teach me?” Sarah asked. She laughed a little nervously and took a step back. “I have a saying.” Kirsty was almost whispering as she stepped closer to Sarah again, “I never do anything to my subs that I wouldn’t have done to me. A good grounding in these power play relationships is essential.” “Uh huh.” Sarah could feel her heart beating fast as Kirsty seemed to lean even closer, “And how are you going to give me that grounding?” “Well slut…” Kirsty leaned so close her mouth was practically touching Sarah’s ear, “I’m going to get hands on.” “H-Hands on?” Sarah asked. “Undress.” Kirsty ordered, “Now.” Sarah looked at Kirsty and was unsure how to proceed. She wasn’t used to this and she wasn’t quite sure if her friend was being serious or not. Sarah looked at Kirsty and saw no hint of a joke. She hesitated slightly before raising her hands and unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing. She slowly opened the shirt up and pulled it off. She blushed as Kirsty circled her. “I should’ve done this weeks ago.” Kirsty whispered as she stood behind Sarah and looked over her shoulder, “Maybe even years ago!” Sarah stood still as she felt Kirsty’s hands go around her sides and softly cup her breasts. She was still wearing her bra so there wasn’t any skin to skin contact but Sarah felt a strange tingling shoot through her body and she blushed even more. “Kirsty, I…” Sarah was going to say she wasn’t sure how she felt about what was happening but Kirsty’s hand moved up and softly covered her lips before she could speak. “Your safe word is banana.” Kirsty said as she pulled her hand away, “Otherwise I expect everything that comes out of your mouth to finish with mistress, clear?” “Yes.” Sarah said quickly, “M-Mistress…” “Good girl.” Kirsty said as she unhooked Sarah’s bra and pulled it away from her body. Sarah felt more vulnerable standing semi-naked than she did during the nappy changes she had received. She felt enthralled by Kirsty who was so effortlessly taking control of her, it was like a switch had been flipped. “As long as you are in here you are my toy.” Kirsty walked around to Sarah’s front and loosened her trousers. Sarah swallowed hard as the trousers slid down her thighs slightly revealing her underwear. She finally understood that Kirsty wasn’t just playing around and that she planned to seriously show Sarah a few things. “Get naked.” Kirsty demanded loudly. Sarah complied much more quickly this time. She reached down and pulled the trousers down with her underwear following suit, she stepped out of her clothes and stood in front of Kirsty completely naked. “I’m not going to do anything too extreme.” Kirsty said, “Just some mild stuff.” Sarah understood that Kirsty wanted her to know what it felt like to be made to do certain things, her heart hammered as she thought about what was happening and what might happen soon. Sarah’s eyes wandered to all the tools and equipment Kirsty owned and she felt herself shiver slightly. Kirsty guided Sarah over to a metallic frame. There were chains hanging from the top and it looked very foreboding to Sarah who looked at it with a mixture of worry and excitement. She pictured Nick upstairs and wondered if he knew what was going on down here, she wondered what he was doing with George. Sarah felt her arms raised and leather cuffs placed around her wrists. The leather was attached to a metal chain that, when adjusted by Kirsty, pulled her arms out and away from her body. They shot out diagonally away from Sarah’s body and she instantly felt so much more vulnerable. Kirsty moved around to Sarah’s front next and she leant down in front of the naked woman to place similar leather cuffs around Sarah’s ankles. These chains were attached to a metal pole that could seemingly be adjusted to keep Sarah’s legs apart. She felt herself shrinking mentally as she relinquished all control to Kirsty. Sarah was left in a star-like position with her legs spread quite far apart and her arms lifted over her head. She felt an involuntary shiver go through her spine, not from the cold or fear but something that she couldn’t put her finger on. “Control isn’t about pushing someone as far as you can.” Kirsty was circling Sarah again and she stopped in front of Sarah’s naked body, “It’s about making the person want you to push them to their limits. It’s about getting them to trust that everything you do is for the best, that they want you to be in control.” “I-” Sarah started speaking. “No talking unless I ask you a question, slut.” Kirsty quickly cut Sarah off. Sarah nodded her head quickly. When she saw Kirsty cutting her off in such a domineering way she felt herself wanting to make her happy more than anything else. Every small movement of her arms and legs were causing the chains to clink against each other, Sarah was reminded of television programs showing medieval prisoners with the chains holding them to the wall. Sarah watched as Kirsty walked over to a wall that had a bunch of spanking tools hanging from it. Kirsty took her time running her fingers over each implement from simple wooden paddles to ones with metal studs in them. There were whips and belts and Sarah was forced to watch as Kirsty slowly looked over her large collection. “You see…” Kirsty said slowly, “Half the fun is the anticipation. You make the sub wait, the longer they wait the more intense everything becomes. I can see it in your eyes as you watch me, I know you are watching and waiting and it is driving you crazy.” Sarah wasn’t allowed to talk but if she did have permission she would tell Kirsty that she was right. It was torture to be chained up and watching as Kirsty chose the implement of her pleasure. She watched Kirsty pull some things out of a drawer and then a wooden paddle was taken off the wall. Kirsty walked back over and placed the paddle on the floor. She held up something that Sarah recognised as a ball gag. The red ball was attached to small leather straps on either side. Sarah watched as her friend lifted it up and pushed it into her mouth. Sarah felt the red ball filling her mouth and she almost immediately felt her mouth start leaking drool. The gag was tied behind Sarah’s head and left her incapable of talking. “When you can’t speak your safe word needs to be a gesture that I will notice. If you need me to stop start clicking your fingers, OK?” Kirsty said. Sarah nodded her head as Kirsty smiled and picked up the paddle. She walked around the metal frame and paused. Kirsty meant what she had said, anticipation was a very powerful tool and she knew Sarah would be anticipating a hit but she had no chance of knowing when it would come. Kirsty could see Sarah’s butt twitching as she tried to brace for impact. Sarah was just starting to think that Kirsty must have secretly left the room when she suddenly felt a hard wooden object smack her in the rear end. She gasped around the gag and felt more drool dribble down her chin, a small drop landed on her breast. She twisted and turned as much as she was allowed as Kirsty pulled the paddle back. Kirsty checked to make sure Sarah wasn’t tapping out before bringing the paddle forwards again. She had excellent aim and hit almost the same spot exactly, a red mark began to appear as Sarah let out another moan. Sarah was still not giving the sign to stop. Sarah found herself feeling something strange. Despite the sharp pain of the spanks she found herself feeling excited, as if the pain made her want more. She suddenly started feeling like she wanted to be punished. She felt like a naughty girl who needed to be corrected, it was an intoxicating feeling. Kirsty spanked Sarah with the paddle another eight times to take the total to ten. Sarah’s buttocks were shining red and had some marks on them, Kirsty hadn’t expected Sarah to take so many spanks especially since it was her first time. Kirsty walked back around Sarah and straight over to the wall where she hung the paddle back up again. She checked her watch to see that it would be lunch time soon and she had some ideas. She was a little out of breath after her exertions. Sarah could feel her ass stinging but despite the painful sensations she felt satisfaction as well. She felt good and was even eager for Kirsty to continue but she wouldn’t have admitted such a thing. Her cheeks were red and she could feel drool running down her body. “I’ve built up quite the collection of toys.” Kirsty said as she walked back over to Sarah, “But it is certainly important to be well prepared. A Mistress can’t be found to be indecisive, she must always know what she is planning next.” Sarah watched as Kirsty walked to the side of her. She watched the domineering woman unshackle her hands. Sarah was grateful to be able to lower them but she didn’t want this to end, she was having fun! Sarah rubbed her wrists as Kirsty pressed a button in on the metal frame that allowed her to then fold the top half forwards so that it was horizontal in front of Sarah at waist height. Sarah watched as her friend moved things around to free up more space, the drool dripped from her face as if she was a cartoon animal smelling a pie cooling on a window sill. She increasingly forgot her embarrassment in favour of the positive feelings her body was experiencing. With the frame now pointing at a right angle Sarah’s wrists were once again placed in the restraints. She felt the cooling sweat on the leather cuff against her still warm skin as she was tightly shackled and forced to bend over at the waist. She felt so exposed with her body bent over and her legs separated as they were. She remembered her safe word and gesture but she put them to the back of her mind as she craved more attention from Kirsty. She was starting to feel glad that she was gagged, she was embarrassed to think of the things Kirsty might force her to say. “Now I hope this works.” Kirsty said with a little giggle, “I haven’t tried this before since George is a little heavier than you.” Sarah didn’t have to wait long to find out what Kirsty was talking about. Sarah’s ankles were uncuffed and she heard the spreader bar being removed, her legs were soon cuffed again and attached to the metal frame directly. She let out a little yelp of surprise as she felt her legs suddenly lifting up behind her. At first she tried to fight it but once she realised the frame was taking her weight she relaxed a little. She heard the clanking of chains and then the feeling of cuffs around her ankles, the metal bar spreading her legs fell away but her legs still hung in the air. Sarah was now horizontal with the lower half of her legs bent up behind her. The cuffs still forced her legs apart and she was essentially suspended in the air and somehow even more vulnerable than she was before. Her face was bright red from being so helpless and exposed in front of her best friend. Kirsty disappeared out of Sarah’s vision now and the suspended woman had no idea what she was doing, the idea that she could be doing anything was intoxicating and only further excited her. It was like she was constantly at the height of anticipation and her teased body was begging to know what would happen next. Now that Sarah was suspended in the air and facing the floor she could see spots of drool dropping out of her mouth and into a little puddle at ground level. She felt like an animal or an object being held up and played with by a woman who treated her as a toy. She would’ve never thought this would happen to her but she was enjoying each moment of it. “I don’t want you to be too uncomfortable.” Kirsty’s voice came from behind Sarah. Sarah felt something sliding underneath her which supported her weight. Sarah felt cool leather against her skin and was able to relax her body a little as the bench held her up. The chains were still pulled taut and Sarah had very little mobility, she was sure that Kirsty had designed it to be like this. Sarah could hear Kirsty walking away again and she wondered what was going to happen next. She heard movement of heavy objects behind her and she shivered slightly in anticipation. Sarah couldn’t turn around and see what was happening but whatever it was sounded heavy. It got closer and closer until it finally stopped right behind her. “This button alerts a little device in my pocket.” Kirsty said. Sarah watched as Kirsty strapped a button to one of Sarah’s palms. The button was big and red and when Sarah closed her fist she could press the button with ease. “Good girl!” Kirsty praised Sarah as she felt the vibrating in her pocket, “Now if things get too intense for you I want you to press the button and release it, OK? Keep doing it until I come to help you. I won’t come if it is pressed once or held it since I know that might happen for… Other reasons.” Sarah nodded her head although she was confused as to what Kirsty needed the button for if she was going to be right there. She frowned in confusion as she watched Kirsty squeeze a popular brand of lubricant on to her hand and walk behind her. “You’re a lucky girl.” Kirsty said, “Many would do a lot of things for me to get in this position.” Kirsty walked up to the large piece of equipment and smiled. The machine she was looking at held a metal rod with a large pink dildo on the end and it was to this dildo that she applied the lubrication. Kirsty made sure to move the machine a little until it was centred and then she flicked the switch to turn it on at its lowest setting. Sarah could hear the low electric hum behind her but still had no idea what it was. She heard more scraping as something was pushed slightly and then she gasped suddenly. Kirsty watched as the pink sex toy, when extended fully, just brushed Sarah’s sexual entrance. She smiled at the reaction it got as the plastic tip lightly touched Sarah’s opening. “If you don’t want me to go further you will press that button repeatedly.” Kirsty reminded Sarah loudly and over the hum of the machine. Sarah looked at the button as another trail of drool escaped her mouth. She didn’t close her hand. Kirsty pushed the machine slowly forwards until the head of the dildo was pushing in and out of Sarah slowly and rhythmically. Each full extension caused Sarah to grunt a little and Kirsty could see her body shaking slightly. After a few cycles and everything seemed stable Kirsty walked in front of Sarah again and smiled at her flushing red face. “It’s lunch time, slut.” Kirsty said with a big grin, “I’ll be back in a bit. You enjoy yourself and tap that button if you need me.” Sarah’s wide eyes watched Kirsty go. She grunted a little and felt more dripping, this time it wasn’t coming from her mouth. The door closed on the garage leaving Sarah alone, naked and at the mercy of the slow moving machine. She closed her eyes as the waves of pleasure washed over her and wondered how long she would be left like this. She had never been treated this way before and her vulnerability and submissiveness only heightened her excitement.
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    Rapper Lil B an AB/DL?

    Wouldn't surprise me at all if Aww So Cute were doing that to be honest.