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  1. Sorry if I wasn't clear. It is two different things. If you are under 18, they don't want you posting anything on the internet at all. But the censorship would be for everyone and, judging by previous laws, it would be pretty extreme. Even to the point of having all pornography blocked from search engines and since ABDL was targeted by the previous legislation it seems clear that it would struggle to survive against more extreme filters. There was a Freedom of Information request from the Open Rights Group a week or so ago that shows that the Government have been meeting some people who have claimed there should be a blanket ban on anything considered pornography. To the person who said VPN... VPNs will not work in a whitelisted system. They simply would not whitelist the VPN services and they would be inaccessible.
  2. Some additional information. The Tories want a "white listed" internet where only what they say should be online is allowed online. Everything else will be blocked, and from the way their manifesto talks about it, it is clear that pornography will take a huge hit and that will include websites like this. Any and all websites or pages that the government decide you shouldn't see will be blocked. VPNs will be blocked so you can't get around it, the government will have complete control of everything that is allowed to be seen online both foreign and domestic. It will be worse than China. China blacklists websites it doesn't like... The UK will require websites to be white listed which means they will have to ask permission to be shown or get passively blocked. This will probably mean having to pay money to get allowed in if you are eligible or just getting outright blocked. I'm feeling terribly anxious and with this level of censorship I won't be able to function. A free and open internet is a real core value and important belief of mine and without it I don't know how I will cope. I don't know if I can cope. It feels inevitable and I can't see a way of saving the situation.
  3. You may all remember that last November news came out which caused me to have a mini breakdown about the UK government plans to block the "non-conventional porn" on the internet which would include ABDL. Thankfully, on the day the bill was passed, an amendment was also passed that changed the definition of the porn that would be blocked and ABDL was safe from May's (our PM) clutches. It looks like this was just a start though... The Conservatives recently released their manifesto for the upcoming election. This manifesto includes new promises to take control and censor the internet. More extreme than just blocking things it proposes such things as not letting under-18's post things online, not allowing search engines to give pornographic results and a lot of other things. In the name of "safety" the internet is in a very precarious situation. So almost as soon as my anxieties ended with the previous legislation, there is now more and worse legislation seemingly on the way. I'm trying to stay calm but I'm really scared about what this means... I'm very scared that sooner or later I will be cut off from the ABDL and general kink world. The Conservatives have a commanding lead in the polls, it is looking like they may get a landslide victory which will mean they can do basically whatever they like. I'm very anxious and I don't know how to deal with it. Source of the news: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/theresa-may-internet-conservatives-government-a7744176.html
  4. Well it was a short reprieve... http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/theresa-may-internet-conservatives-government-a7744176.html When the inevitable happens and the Tories get elected with a huge majority they are going to seize control of what can and can't be published online, what search engines can direct you to (including forcing search engines to not give pornographic results) and a bunch of other crazy stuff. Looks like they are specifically targetting BDSM and other kink fetishes as well so expect us to get caught in the net. It's insane, it's draconian, it's Orwellian, it's a lot of things but it could be happening.
  5. PC. I play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Rocket League, Rocksmith, and a bunch of others less often.
  6. This will go well... Pre-emptive "Keep things civil, no personal attacks please." warning to everyone who ventures into this thread!
  7. I swear to God if (when, let's be honest) the Conservatives win this next election I will lose my shit...

    1. christina lewis

      christina lewis

      it is scary, with the SNP taking votes away from the labour party etc


  8. Sure
  9. This is exactly what I did. Story updates appeared on my Patreon one week before it was posted elsewhere. It was pretty much the only incentive I gave, I felt very honoured that so many people were happy to support my work There were also a couple of stories written and made Patreon exclusive, and there would have been more, but 90% of everything I wrote would be seen by everyone.
  10. Seems familiar...
  11. Here is the next part... This chapter is much, much larger than I anticipated at the start If you are interested in me writing a story for you, I am open to commissions Just send me a message and we can discuss ideas. My price is £5 per 1000 words which is a little more than $6. --- As usual, Nick awoke very early the next morning. For once his sleep had been relatively good, after all that time in the thick double nappy and the problems that caused him, when he laid down the next night he was as comfortable as he had ever been. A single diaper felt like the most natural feeling in the world by this point. Nick stretched as he sat up and heard the crinkling between his waist which, rather than being distracting like it used to be, was strangely comforting. Nick couldn’t really put his finger on it but there was something about his ever-present underwear that made him feel safe and secure. Maybe it was just because he had now been in them almost continually for so long that they felt completely natural. Heck, Nick could barely remember what regular underwear felt like at this point. Some casual probing of his nappy showed Nick that it was pretty wet already. Not really a surprise at this point, in fact Nick was pleased that it wasn’t any wetter than it was. The fact that he was damp and not soaked was actually a positive at this point. As Nick rubbed the sleep out of his eyes his arm hit a bottle that was full of juice next to his pillow. He didn’t remember it being there last night but assumed Sarah had brought it in after he fell asleep, she tended to stay up for a while after Nick went to bed after all. Nick didn’t hesitate to pick up the bottle and suck down the contents. He let out a burp as he dropped the bottle down next to him again and begun the wait for Sarah to let him out of his crib. The nice day outside revealed a cloudless sky and a sun rising over the houses in the distance. It was too early to feel the full warmth of the day and the cold breeze that passed in through the small opening at the top of the window was very pleasant. Nick sat down against the corner of the crib and felt so peaceful. The cool breeze, the sunny and quiet morning, the relatively dry nappy. Nick felt peaceful for the first time in a long time. Slowly, Nick closed his eyes and sighed as he enjoyed this early morning tranquillity. He felt a pang in his bladder as he let out a deep sigh and relaxed to feel the warmth trickling out of him and into the thirsty nappy. He even allowed himself a small smile as he felt the urine tickling him on the way between his legs as it soaked into the nappy. It was a lovely morning. Nick must have nodded off because the next thing he knew he was hearing the nursery door open and a yawning Sarah was entering the room in her dressing gown. Her hair was a mess and she looked a little dishevelled, it was clear she had only just woken up. Sarah tiredly walked over to the crib and dropped the bars. She reached in and pressed Nick’s nappy against his crotch to feel his wetness, Nick let out an involuntary moan but quickly stopped himself. Not soon enough though as he saw Sarah shaking his head at him, he was pleased that Sarah seemed to be smiling at least a little bit this morning. After a tough time, perhaps she was finally going to forgive Nick. Anything was better than the icy silence she had previously subjected him to. Grabbing Sarah’s hand, Nick climbed out of the crib and waddled to the changing table. He waited patiently for her to give him a hand up on to the changing table where he laid back and let his wife do her work. Sarah surprised Nick by pulling a pacifier out of her dressing gown pocket. She leaned forward and placed the soother in Nick’s mouth. Nick was rather shocked by this but the fact Sarah was smiling warmly at him eased his mind. He gave the pacifier a few sucks and stared at the ceiling in what was now standard diaper changing procedure. “You are to keep that in your mouth unless I say otherwise.” Sarah said. It was an order, but not a barked order, more like a stern suggestion. Nick nodded slightly and gave it a few more sucks which made Sarah giggle a little bit. Nick smiled, he was very glad that despite everything else, he could still make her smile. It was only as the new diaper was taped on to him that he realised the most likely reason as to his wife’s good mood. Today was her date with Jack. Nick’s happiness faltered a little bit and as he was put back on the floor and he wobbled slightly causing the plastic diaper to rustle gently. Sarah dressed Nick in a large red onesie that had white sleeves. He knew he wasn’t to talk so he let Sarah take his hand and lead him down for breakfast. Breakfast was the usual affair. Nick, obviously, was allowed to take the dummy out as he ate his bowl of cereal. It was like a steak dinner in a five-star restaurant after the previous night’s dinner. He greedily ate it all and knew he had made a slight mess of the front of his clothes. The cereal was followed by a baby’s bottle filled with apple juice. Nick sucked the drink down with evident relish as Sarah busied herself around the kitchen and sorting out various bits of cleaning. Nick, looking over his bottle, realised it had been a long time since he had been asked to do a chore. He shouldn’t have been surprised but it was one of those things he had taken for granted until he specifically thought about it. As Sarah did some tidying she walked over to Nick briefly to place the pacifier back into his mouth when he was done with his bottle. It was as Nick sat in his high chair and waited for Sarah to release him that he felt his nappy warming up. He quickly relaxed his already weak bladder muscles and let the diaper soak in all of his urine as he patiently waited to be released from his infantile chair. He smiled behind his pacifier and let himself enjoy the warm, wet feeling that ran between his legs. “Right.” Sarah said after she was finished in the kitchen and she came back into the dining area where Nick was still sat, “You, little man, have an adventure ahead of you today.” Nick swallowed hard. He knew today was Sarah’s meeting with Jack and he knew that he wouldn’t be there for it, the obvious question was who was going to be looking after him. “Your Aunty Kirsty is going to be babysitting you. George will be there so you two will be able to have all sorts of fun.” Sarah smiled. Was Nick reading too much into his wife’s expression or was there a hint that Sarah knew more than she was letting on? Nick’s last visit with George had been interesting to say the least and now he was going there again, possibly for a full night if Sarah’s date with Jack went well. Nick’s stomach did a sort of flip as he both dreaded and was strangely excited for what was to come. “You will be getting your punishment for yesterday as well.” Sarah said with more seriousness, “You need to learn not to snoop on Mommy like that.” Nick went a little red and his slightly off-feeling became a thousand times worse. He knew Kirsty was into all kinds of kinky stuff, just look at George, the thought that Nick’s punishment would be left to her was something he absolutely dreaded. He sucked harder on his dummy as he contemplated what Kirsty might do. “Anyway, it’s a few hours until I have to drop you off so may-” Sarah started. “What are you going to do with Jack?” Nick finally found his voice. He pulled the pacifier out of his mouth and dropped his gaze to the tray of his toddler seat as he asked his wife’s intentions. He hoped Sarah wouldn’t be mad about removing the soother. “Oh… You know I’m seeing Jack, do you?” Sarah replied. Her voice had cooled dramatically, “More snooping I’m guessing?” “N-No!” Nick stuttered, “I just overheard you on the phone a couple of days ago.” “Mmhmm.” Sarah murmured. It didn’t sound like she believed him. Sarah looked at Nick with a questioning gaze. What should she tell her husband? Was she even really sure what she wanted to happen? “Mummy needs a man.” Sarah said simply with a shrug of her shoulders, “I don’t know what will happen but I promise that no matter what, you are the most important male in my life. I love you, Nicky, but… I have feelings for Jack too. I want to see where they go. You want Mummy to be happy, don’t you?” Nick could feel tears in his eyes when Sarah said she loved him. It was something he really needed to hear after the last few days. What she said about Jack worried him a little bit but he trusted Sarah, if she said he was the most important male in her life then he would believe her. “Besides…” Sarah added coyly, “I think having a certain amount of… Openness to our relationship could make things pretty exciting.” Sarah gave Nick a knowing wink before standing up and unclipping the restraints in his seat. She lifted the now soggy man out of the chair and led him through to the living room where Nick saw his playpen set up again. He offered no resistance as Sarah guided him in and closed the gate behind him. For the next few hours, Nick alternated between watching a television that had been left on for him and listlessly playing with the toys left for him. There was a funny little toy computer thing that you could type words into and it would say them with a robotic voice. It was childish, but Nick had a little fun from typing rude words into the toy for a little bit. Eventually, Nick saw Sarah come back downstairs. She had clearly spent a lot of time getting ready for her date because now she was all dressed up and had make-up on. She looked beautiful to Nick who felt even more ashamed to be in his current state of dress. He crawled forward to the edge of his playpen and looked out at Sarah through the bars as she brushed her hair by the mirror. It was like he was in awe. When Sarah had her stuff ready, she left the house and put it all in the car before coming back in for Nick. She found him waiting by the gate and Sarah couldn’t help but smile when she saw her husband looking up at her in almost reverence. “How wet are you, baby?” Sarah asked her husband as he sat on the floor. “Not too wet…” Nick replied. He looked down at his nappy, in truth he had barely even thought about how wet he was. “Are you sure?” Sarah asked with a strong hint of condescension in her voice, “Last time we went to Kirsty’s you said you were fine and ended up embarrassing me by leaking on the floor.” “I’m fine.” Nick affirmed as he prodded his diaper. He was pretty sure he would be OK until they arrived. He hoped so at least. Sarah nodded her head rather doubtfully but opened the gate so that Nick could waddle out anyway. Nick wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do and looked at Sarah for direction, she told him to wait on the couch. Nick did so and a few minutes later, Sarah returned from a short trip with a pair of shorts which she held open for Nick to step into. Nick wasn’t too happy about wearing his onesie out of the house, even if he had shorts on over the top but he knew better than to complain. It looked like Sarah was in somewhat of a rush to get going so Nick let her dress him before sitting down again whilst she put his shoes on his feet. Nick just relaxed his body and let Sarah do what she needed to do. Whilst he leaned back and relaxed, Nick contemplated his upcoming visit to Kirsty’s house. He had been, and still was, very anxious about Kirsty’s idea of a punishment but he was rather more excited to see George again. The last time him and George had been together it had got rather risqué and even though Nick was hesitant to admit it, he wanted to spend more time with the sissy. He found himself thinking about what they could get up to and Sarah’s comments about opening the relationship. Was that tacit permission to explore things? Did she have any idea what Nick and George had done? “Come on then, let’s get going.” Sarah said. She held out her hand and helped Nick to stand up. The pair of them walked out to the car. Nick felt a little less self-conscious this time and patiently stood by the rear passenger door for Sarah to open it for him. He was quickly learning that he wasn’t supposed to do anything for himself, whether it was conscious or not Nick was learning to be totally dependent to an even more extreme degree than he had been before all the madness had started. The trip to Kirsty’s house was quite uneventful. Nick was in his toddler seat for the journey but it seemed like there were less people around to see him. He still felt embarrassed but he was able to put up with it. The only worry he had was what he would find when he arrived at his destination. Sarah, meanwhile, was feeling a lot more nerves. Her plan was to drop off her husband and then drive to Jack’s place. The pair of them were going for a meal and it had already been established that more could happen. She felt like a teenager going on a first date, that giddiness that her relationship with Nick had lacked for years. She was just really excited. When they pulled up to Kirsty’s house, Nick felt excitement and trepidation in equal measure. He knew from what Sarah had said that punishment was coming, but the chance to spend more time with George was something he thought was worth the punishment, what could Kirsty possibly do after all. Sarah parked up and stepped out of her seat before walking around and releasing Nick from his restraints. Nick certainly hoped that no matter what the punishment would be, that he would get a nappy change first. He was reaching what he knew were the limits of his padding. Nick climbed out of the car and, grabbing Sarah’s hand, he followed his wife up the driveway and to the front door. Whilst they waited for Kirsty to answer the door, Nick got a whiff of his wife’s scent and felt almost intoxicated. It must be a new perfume because Nick didn’t recognise it but it was so nice. For the first time that day, Nick really felt sad that his wife was going on a date with someone else rather than him. He made a mental note to re-think his behaviour when he got home, Nick would have to try and get Sarah to take him on a date, something that they hadn’t done for years. “Hello!” The door swung open at last and the sight that presented itself to Nick was shocking. Kirsty was dressed entirely in leather. Her feet were clad in tall, black leather boots and in her hands was a large whip. She looked like the stereotypical BDSM dominatrix and, for Nick, that was a very scary prospect! “Ooh, Kirsty!” Sarah said as she stepped past the welcoming Mistress, “I love the outfit!” “Thank you.” Kirsty replied with a curt smile. Her lips and face were thick with makeup that seemed to give her a sharper face, “Please come on through.” Sarah led the way in and Nick followed the two domineering women. When they walked to the living room, Nick looked hopefully for George but he saw that the room was quiet and empty. Nick was anxious to see his friend; he was just about the only person in the world besides his wife that Nick didn’t mind being diapered in front of. The three of them walked through to the side door that lead out to the garage. The inane chatter between Sarah and Kirsty helped to partially cover up the sounds of leather from the latter and the crinkling coming from Nick. Each step Nick took with the soaked padding between his legs served to remind him of his need of a change sooner rather than later. “George is just in here.” Kirsty stated. It was as if she could read Nick’s mind because that was the big question he had. For a minute he thought that perhaps George wasn’t there and he would be left alone with Kirsty, a thought that absolutely terrified him. Kirsty opened the garage door and stepped aside to let her two visitors in. “Oh… Wow!” Sarah sounded like she had her breath taken away as she looked around the room. Nick wondered what could be so impressive until he stepped through the doorway as well. Just like his wife, Nick’s breath seemed to catch in his chest as he saw a rather incredible sight in front of him. The room was lit with candles that were held in candelabras along the walls. The room had a linoleum flooring with rugs strewn here and there. The walls had been painted black and the tone of the room was very unwelcoming. But that was only the start of it. The room was almost covered in what looked to Nick like medieval torture devices. There were stocks, wooden beams, crosses, hooks coming down from the ceiling and various kinds of restraints were all over the room. It was to one of these implements, a seat with stocks on the end, that Nick saw a naked man from behind. He was bent over the seat with his wrists and neck fixed in place in the stocks. From the vantage point of Nick, the only thing that could be seen of George was a rather unflattering view of his rear end, his cheeks spread apart by the angle he was forced into. “So this is why you needed the space?” Sarah chuckled as she looked around the room and remembered clearing it of all the AB furniture now in her house. “Indeed.” Kirsty replied, “I love the age play stuff but I was missing a more bondage side of things. Welcome to the dungeon!” “I have to run.” Sarah said to her friend. A part of her regretted not being around to watch the fun, “But Nick was very naughty. I want you to make sure he learns his lesson.” At the mention of Nick’s name, the tied up George wriggled slightly and tried to say something that was drowned out by the gag in his mouth. “Understood.” Kirsty said simply with an evil little smile, “Don’t worry. He is in good hands.” “Be good.” Sarah instructed Nick. She gave him a little peck on the cheek and then turned on her heels and walked out of the garage. Silence fell over the dungeon as Sarah left. Nick was terrified, he looked around the room and shivered in fear. “Good news, George.” Kirsty said as she strode into the room, “Nick is here and that means your punishment time is over.” Kirsty unlocked the stocks and helped George to stand up. George looked grateful to be allowed up and gave Nick a little wave. He was completely naked and, much to his embarrassment, was fully hard. Kirsty had kept George permanently excited for the last couple of hours, bringing him to the point of orgasm and then stopping. The result was George feeling incredibly turned on. “Thank you, Mistress.” George said as the gag was removed from his mouth. He panted slightly and wiped some of the drool running down from his mouth on his hand. “Now go get your nappy and a dress and bring it down here.” Kirsty instructed, “Oh, and if you cum at any point, for any reason I will double Nick’s punishment time. So if you want your little friend to be alright, I would refrain from touching your little clitty.” Nick gulped hard and looked at George with pleading eyes. He didn’t know what was coming but he was certain that he wanted it over with sooner rather than later.
  12.  Eating a pizza one day past it's use by date... I will let you all know if I live.

  13. I had a Patreon for a while and it was very successful and a great way for fans of a person's work to support them. Had I not had some mental health issues, I would likely still be running it. It is up to you what you write, how much you write and whether you want people to pay to read... If you have a talent for something and can get paid for doing something then, in my opinion, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.