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    So let's talk about headspaces. Headspaces can be the goal of power dynamic play (D/s, BDSM, CG/l, petplay, etc) - one partner has the power, the other partner has limited or no power. I've written about this more than a little (and I'm sure I'll write more). Headspace is that consuming feeling you get when you really give yourself to your role. Domspace, subspace, littlespace, petspace - whatever your angle, if you're like me you're chasing the headspace. Subspace is relatively easy for me to reach with a little help. A play partner being stern or controlling sends me there really quickly - although I have to say that the person I play with the most lately gives me the most intense trip to subspace I've ever felt before. When she takes charge, she becomes the singular focus of the entire world and I actually have trouble remembering or perceiving things while I'm there, it's like the whole world vibrates and buzzes. It's quite amazing. Petspace is really, really similar - it's submissive (for me) but animalistic at the same time, it has more of a sexual charge than subspace. Subspace is all about feeling helpless, controlled, vulnerable, and maybe a little hopeless. Petspace is about feeling devoted, desired, and entirely subhuman. I can travel to either of these relatively easily with the right help. But Littlespace... that's the hard one. Littlespace is innocence and playfulness. Littlespace is the absence of self-consciousness. Littlespace is losing all of the inhibitions that keep you socially safe and trusting your dominant partner to handle you delicately, lovingly, sweetly. The sort of treatment (e.g.: punishment) you'd give a bratty sub can shatter littlespace into a million pieces, it's a very fragile thing. I hadn't gone to Littlespace in quite some time, maybe almost a year (CAPCon maybe?) - it's an ephemeral thing, it's hard to say precisely. My trips there tend to be an hour or two at most, I have too much responsibility in my life to shirk it for long, and responsibility is anathema to Littlespace. I've had a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression in my life lately. Everything feels difficult, nothing is simple, nothing is easy. I decided that I would try to take a trip to Littlespace on my own, just put on a diaper and a cute outfit, push my adult cares away for a little bit, and go color in a coloring book. This doesn't usually last long for me. I have to stop to do something, I have to take care of something or someone, I have to be RESPONSIBLE, even if it's just taking care of my own body. I didn't yesterday, thanks to Pudding, Chloe, Sophie, and Ladybug. Normally Littlespace doesn't last because I can't sustain it. I get bored, I feel pressured to fix something or build something or do something or clean something. Yesterday, my friends gave me a beautiful gift: an entire day in Littlespace. It started when I asked for breakfast. Y'see, my Little age is 3. It's very difficult to maintain that headspace as an adult, it's so fragile, like it's made of spiderwebs. The faintest touch with put it into a tangled mess. Just the act of making myself food is enough to pull me out of it. I started the day off by writing in my diary, getting padded, getting dressed, and deciding: as soon as I leave my room, I'm Little. Normally I have several hours alone in the mornings on the weekend - everyone but me likes to sleep in (I can't, I've tried; it doesn't work). So I grabbed a coloring book and my box of markers and I sat down to color some flowers. Pudding joined me after a short while... and I asked her if she'd make me breakfast. And she did. She reinforced my little place, she brought me a bowl of cereal with a child's spoon shaped like an airplane, she fed me a few bites and then put the TV on cartoons for me. I didn't have to get up, I didn't have to do anything, I could be completely devoid of responsibility for just a bit longer. I colored, I asked her childish questions about her favorite colors and the kinds of flowers she liked. I asked her if I could use her DS and play Pokémon - I haven't played Pokémon since Red/Blue in the 90s, I just never had time. Too busy, too much responsibility. I had tried to get into it before, but it felt bad to do it alone... that's a whole 'nother story. She said yes, and she spent HOURS looking for her DS, charger, and the Pokémon game, just for me. I offered to help and she told me to sit and color and make pretty pictures for her while she got everything working. Here's the thing - I didn't know it took hours. I was so deep in Littlespace that time ceased to have meaning. I purposefully left my phone in my room. There was no clock to betray me, just coloring books and cartoons. I didn't clean up my breakfast, I just put the bowl aside and colored. She loaned me... or rather Little Kimmy... her DS and Pokémon Heart Gold and I started playing. But at this point, I was so deep in Littlespace that I wasn't even really me any more. I played for HOURS, collecting Pokémon and trying for badges. I don't name my Pokémon, I never have, not ever. I always leave their names alone so they change when they evolve, so I always know what to call them when talking to others. My team? A Chikorita named "Chicky", a Geodude named "Rockface", a Caterpie named "Squigglee", a Bellsprout named "Belle♥", a Togepi named "Tamago", and a Pidgey named "Flapflap". All girls except for the Chikorita. I don't name Pokémon but apparently Little Kimmy does. And I remember being SO PLEASED with those names. I remember being SO PROUD when I got that first badge. I've talked about this briefly before: when you're Little, feelings are bigger. Pudding skirted a couple of dangerous patches over the course of the day. While I was coloring, she asked me a question: "What's your favorite day that you've had?" she asked me while she looking for her DS charger. "My favorite day ever out of all the days?" my Little self asked in return. "Well," she smiled, "your favorite day that you can remember." And I thought about all the days I've lived recently and I thought about how none of those could be my favorite, how they're all coated in sadness and stress, even the happy memories came with rough patches to the day, and I started to fall apart. "I can't remember a good day," my Little self said with a voice full of heartbreak. I remember feeling despair welling up inside me, I remember tears burning the backs of my eyes. I remember my chest tightening and my whole body threatening to cry at once. She had me show her my flowers, the ones I had been coloring, she made me talk about the colors I picked and asked me which flower was my favorite. She pulled me out of a tailspin before I crashed. She handled me this way all day, coddling me, prompting me, entertaining me, cuddling me, playing with me, asking me questions and telling me how proud she was of me. She kept me in the deepest Littlespace I've ever been in - in my entire life - for THIRTEEN HOURS. Not alone, everyone pitched in. I said that I was thirsty so Chloe got me a drink. I wanted to show off my Pokémon so Sophie asked me questions about them and told me how good I was doing. I wanted to show off my coloring so Ladybug looked and told me what I great job I did. I was so deep in Littlespace that parts of it are hard to remember, like it was all lived by someone else. I couldn't sleep that night (even though I got sent to bed before midnight... Pudding let me take the DS to bed and I pretended to be asleep when she checked on me at midnight) and finally, at like 3 in the morning, it occurred to me why. My body shuts down at midnight every day lately, I just "power down". I get super sleepy, I go to bed, and I pass out. It's one of the reasons I snap awake between 8 and 9 each morning no matter what. But yesterday... Yesterday was the first stress-free day that I can remember in my adult life. It was amazing, it was magic, and it was the best gift they could have every given me. There were other emotional pitfalls I almost fell into during the day, but every time I came close Pudding would catch me and steer me back toward a happy place with a silly question or a kiss on the forehead. There's a lot about my Little self that I don't know yet. I've never really gotten a chance to let her loose before, to really BE her for more than an hour at a time. Until yesterday. Which is now my favorite day that I can remember.
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    Chapter 43: THE FIRST COUPLE of weeks for me in this dimension had gone slowly enough to keep track of every day, but the next few weeks began to blur together quickly after that night. We heard no word about Bella at all… and I had personally lost hope that anything of her would remain if we should find her. I feared that Venture would either have her pregnant and essentially brain dead, or just mentally wiped drooling in a nursery. I was certain that she was probably as badly off as Chloe’s littles by now - and that broke my heart! She had hopes and dreams before the day we met, and I would cry a bit when I thought about them being gone and done. College classes though were going well and I’d mostly avoided embarrassing situations myself. Some of my friends weren’t as lucky, but somehow Meg and Laura were still going to classes with me and becoming great friends! I’d spent most of my time talking to my parents on the video call we’d had talking about them and avoiding the topics of dangers and Bella. As the weeks passed I continued to work on some side projects trying to prepare for the inevitable return of Venture’s crew. With Amanda’s permission I was given access to some of the toys that were at our disposal as students, as long as a professor signed off on the student. “Are you sure you should be letting her use this Professor Westerfield?” the grad student on duty asked. “I promised her a reward for being a good girl. I promise she’s not going to be able to harm a thing with the machine,” she told him. He looked at her skeptically, “I don’t know…” “If she does I promise I’ll fix it if she can’t!” She told him. “I’m not sure I can fix your internship though if you keep it up…” He gulped and motioned for me to go ahead. I looked at the control console for the 3D printer that I’d briefly been able to use weeks before. I’d been itching to get back here to work on a few things, and at her nod of approval began uploading a few projects I’d been working on. As far as she knew there was only one… a few extra potties that I needed! In all I had designed three more potties, one for Grandma and Grandpas, one for Amanda’s office, and one for Grandpa’s studio so that I could go poop in those places without using my diaper. Even more than a month of being in the dimension I still dreaded having a poopy diaper! Amanda had agreed to let me make some more potties at the university, since her own printer was just a bit too small for the job. Since I knew what machine they had I’d downloaded the software and tweaked my design to even look appropriately babyish for a potty. They’d probably sell well to parents, as the pinks and purples with little princess accents on them would make even the most skeptical Amazon go ‘awwww’ with me sitting on the potty. I groaned that many probably see me on them too… The printer spat them out in short order and the grad assistant that was hanging around said, “We’re wasting time letting her make potties? She’s wearing a diaper – and a wet one at that – why does she need a potty?” Amanda just smiled at him, “I enjoy watching her go in front of the big girl students.” I was amazed at how good of a liar Amanda could be sometimes. His face was priceless and he shut up after that. As the third one finished up I said, “Mommy, I have one more thing to print… it’s a surprise, can you maybe look that way until it’s done?” “Stacy what are you up to?” She asked me with some concern. “Nothing bad, but it’s a surprise for you,” I added. She gave me a warning look, but let nodded before turning away, and I quickly started to upload the last design I had made. This was the tricky one! The print was going to seem to be a three dimensional ‘portrait’ of Bella with the three of us on our trip to Selgnasol. I looked at this picture often for the genuine smile on Bella’s face… I feared she might never smile like that again – if she was even still alive – so it was kind of my own way of dealing with everything. I had gotten the idea when we had visited an art gallery that past Saturday and I’d seen some similar works. The ‘portrait’ though also hid another print job that I would have to grab from the backside of it before ever showing it to Amanda. The whole point of the project though was for it to be a birthday gift to her from me. I smiled brightly when I saw that it was printing the titanium and cellulose together without any issues. The hidden part of the project was completed early on and from what I could tell had been a successful print. The grad student had come over to look and showed me a look of surprise, “You designed that?” “Shhh…” I told him, “What part of surprise did you not understand?” Amanda cocked her head from where she was sitting a ways away and then was thankfully distracted by Tessa materializing in front of her. That was another thing from the past few weeks, I’d encountered her a few times and… well I wouldn’t call it a friendship yet… but she seemed to be forming a bond with me. Once we’d gotten through an extremely embarrassing and unwelcome diaper change at least! I looked at the printer and shook my head remembering that. We had been in Amanda’s class working on a project as a group and Tessa had poked her head in on us due to some sort of AI boredom. She watched what I was doing with two other students looking on at the screen, “That’s a really smart way to do that Stacy… Would you mind if I incorporate that code into my own system?” I looked at her in shock, and had felt urine run into my diaper at her sudden appearance. This particular code was for a subroutine of making sure that an AI routine stayed within the parameters of safely not endangering lives. “You don’t already have something like this?” I asked in shock. “No, no one has seen fit to limit me to not harming anyone…” I gulped at that and the other two students did too, “Sure, you can have it…” Right after she added the code she said, “Thanks Stacy! You’re wet, let’s change that wet diapee!” I was shocked as she picked me up and carried me to the front of the room and found a diaper from inside Amanda’s purse. In front of all of the bigs in the room I had my naked rear exposed and was changed on Amanda’s desk before she even had a chance to stop her. I felt my face redden, joined by tears of humiliation, but she hugged me and put me back on my seat with nothing more than a ‘ what a good little girl!’ Well… let’s just say that was awkward. I had tried to explain my embarrassment to her later in Amanda’s office. “You can’t just pick me up and take off my clothes in front of everyone in the class,” I told her angrily. “Why not? Babies get changed where they need changed? Dr. Westerfield, surely you’ve changed Stacy in public before?” Amanda sighed, but shook her head, “Actually I don’t think I’ve done much more than in a car, or on a changing table,” she told Tessa. “Stacy is a young woman, having her naked body shown off is an invasion of her privacy that I would rather not do more than I have to.” “But she’s too small to be a young woman,” Tessa countered, “She’s the size of a three-month old infant. She’s wearing diapers, I saw the bottles and pacifiers in her diaper bag, and I know you’ve breastfed her in here and on campus before?” Amanda pursed her lips and I decided to get in, “Tessa, that’s true, but I’m a college student. My end goal in life isn’t to sit in a crib for the rest of my life in a poopy diaper…” “What else could you do?” She asked. I wondered how much I should tell her, but I decided to go ahead, “I want to be a computer programmer. Ideally I’m hoping to go back home to my dimension and take back a level of technology to there that’s light years ahead of where we are now. I’m hoping to get very rich off of that actually,” I told her honestly. “But…?” “But?” I asked. I watched her eyes change for a moment, before she said, “You won’t be the size of a baby there?” “I wasn’t before,” I told her. “I used to be six-feet tall before I came.” “What happened to the other three feet?” She asked deadpan. “Wish I knew!” I told her. Somehow we came to a truce that I really was a big girl… just with some impediments. We just had to get past all of the base of nanny bot coding she had – which unfortunately was a lot! Since then we’d become pals I guess. I’d even been able to work on isolating and removing the coding that she relied on that made her believe all littles were nothing more than babies! Yesterday I’d asked her to help me distract Amanda while I created this project. My only concern was the fear that Tessa would notice the hidden project - but so far no one said anything! While I watched the final few minutes of printing I thought back to the rest of my past few weeks. I had gone to a couple more Lambda Delta Pi events over the past weeks, about one a week, and I believed I’d be receiving a bid from them at some point in the spring when they did their official recruitment drive. Emerson allowed their fraternities to have freshman join in the fall, but for some reason forbid the sororities from doing so until second semester. Double standards against women were rare in this dimension compared to back home, but this was a case where for some reason they did exist! All-in-all my time at Emerson really was beginning to settle into what I had hoped it would be. Yes I was diapered, yes at home I received a lot of baby treatment… but I could honestly say I loved the attention. It was like I was what the universe revolved around, and every diaper change, feeding, or cuddle made me feel amazingly loved. My classes and the material were everything that I hoped they would be, and as far as I could tell I was on the way to having all A’s at midterm. The only thing that kept my time from being happy was the loss of Bella. Since the last attack everything had gone silent as far as anyone could tell. No one seemed to be watching us, no one had attempted to break in, and no one had hacked or bugged us as far as we could tell. I had a feeling though that wouldn’t last, so that’s why I trained as hard as I could with Grandpa, and that’s why the secret project in the back of this artwork was so important to me! When it was done I looked at the grad student whose mouth was still open. “I can’t believe you made that…” I smiled, “Well, technically the printer made it, I just told it what to do. Do you happen to have a box I can take that in?” I asked in a quiet voice. “Why?” “Surprise? Remember?” “How are you going to keep a secret from your mommy?” He asked. I sighed, “Please, can I have a box?” He gave me a weird look but a moment later came back with one that would fit the frame. It was thirty-six inches long, and thirty inches tall, so as wide as I was, and almost as tall as me, but it was fairly light inside the box. The print job was ten inches thick to make the image work with my other plan, so it was a bit awkward to handle. My nanite enhancements helped me to be able to easily pick it up though. “I’m done Mommy!” I said to Amanda. She came over and collected the potties with a smile, “These are adorable - maybe you should market these?” “To who?” I smirked, “I’m pretty sure there aren’t many other littles my size! And, any Amazon my size probably can’t even sit up on their own yet!” She nodded as she grabbed my under my armpits and lowered me to the ground. “What’s in the box?” “Surprise, please don’t open it?” I asked. “Why a surprise?” “Really Mommy?!?” I told her with a smirk, “Daddy told me tomorrow is your birthday. Now can you please be a good mommy and not open it until then?” She laughed and said, “Sure,” and I followed her into the elevator that carried us upstairs where we deposited one of the three potties in her office. It was Thursday and I was going to Grandpa’s studio next where we’d drop off another one for there, and give him the other to take to their house. After promising me to not open the box, she taped it shut in front of me in her office, before she took me to my session. I was able to have a good two-hour workout with him before his students arrived in the afternoon. Each week I had gotten better, stronger, more agile, and I could hold my own with most of the students there. I’d only had one girl, Grace, a ten-foot tall seventeen year old, who had managed to truly annihilate me every time we sparred. Each time she defeated me she took the opportunity to deliver a few swats to my diaper and whispered, “Bad Baby!” Grandpa didn’t say anything about it when he saw it, so I kept silent and didn’t complain. A hostile Amazon would bare my butt and hit me a lot harder! I still had fears of those stupid mechanical devices because of my first time! By the time Fred picked me up to go home we found that dinner was on the table. I enjoyed the good meal of chicken cacciatore. I appreciated that Amanda let me feed myself with my small utensils. It was really good, but dinner was still awkward and quiet with Bella’s empty high chair still at the table. When we finished dinner she checked my diaper, “Fred, can you change her before she works on her homework?” “Sure,” he said and took me from her arms and lovingly carried me up the stairs to the nursery. “Do you have wrapping paper?” I asked Fred as he pulled the tape off one side of my diaper. “Umm… That’s a mommy question…” “So what do you wrap her presents with?” “Oh… umm…” I smacked my forehead, “You did get her something?” I hissed. He nodded, “I just didn’t plan to wrap… I have a gift bag.” He thought for a second, “Hold on, I have an idea of where she might have it.” He disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a huge roll of wrapping paper and a roll of tape. I had him set it on the floor and then shooed him out. “Keep Mommy busy for a little bit?” I asked. “How?” “You’ll figure something out…” I shook my head but didn’t want to give him any suggestions aloud. I’d had enough awkward moments of being in the room with them kissing each other passionately! ‘At least they haven’t had sex with me in the room…’ I used my phone when he was gone to hack the camera and loop it so she couldn’t see what I was doing. If she asked I’d lie to her and say that I didn’t want her to ruin the surprise! I used my knife from inside of my left shoe to open up the tape before pulling out the present and admiring it for a moment. I really was proud of how it came out! The three-dimensional piece of art looked like we were pieces in a diorama or something. I was really thinking that I should find a way to take back their level of printing technology so I could make these back home. Art collectors would probably go nuts over them, and pay a fortune for something like this! I had the other purpose though with the print job and turned it over to pull loose a panel that was about twelve inches long and four inches wide. Inside the panel was a functional casing for a new defensive idea I’d had to upgrade the gun in my switch. I quickly pulled the fifteen small slugs out and a small syringe. I examined them for a second before I hid them and the panel piece in a back area of my closet. The back of the picture didn’t look like anything was missing, and I now had the last pieces of a project I hadn’t stopped working on for three weeks completed! I put the picture back into the box – the grad student had picked a good one for wrapping it really, and then used the wrapping paper to quickly wrap her present. I was done and handed everything to Fred when he came back upstairs. I noticed the lipstick on his face and smirked, “Thanks for distracting her Daddy,” I told him. He smiled, “It wasn’t like it was a terrible ordeal.” “Definitely doesn’t look like it.” I smirked, “Might go check the mirror.” He patted me on the head and I watched him go down the hall out of sight before I began working on = my last bit of homework for the next day. I had my first calculus exam scheduled for the next morning, and didn’t want to get anything less than a hundred on the exam… MY CALCULUS EXAM had seemed very easy to me. All of our tests were done on a type of advanced PDF file that we downloaded onto our tablets in an app. We could make our notes, write our answers and work, or just select a multiple choice answer depending on the question. I really liked the way they worked after I got used to them! When I finished a button passed in my test digitally to the professor. I stood up and began putting my booster seat and supplies away, noting the diaper I was wearing was wet and consciously letting go a bit more into it. I could see several of my fellow classmates didn’t look like they were doing so good - including Megan’s friend Raileigh. I knew that I had finished my test early, but given I had already taken my time rechecking everything three times before turning it in I knew I should be okay. When I pushed open the door to the lobby outside where Megan was waiting for me. “How’d your test go?” I shrugged, “Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself, but I thought it was really easy.” “You thought that was easy?!?” Raileigh asked in disbelief appearing behind me, “Hi Megan,” she added. I nodded and shrugged, “Remember I told you that I could have tested out of this semester too… I just decided to make sure I knew everything I needed for the fourth semester.” “I wish you could help me…” she said. “Why can’t I?” I asked her. She gave me a look of an incredulous stare… “Because… umm… you’re a little? And I’m a big?” I giggled, “So?” “Her mommy would probably be willing to let you study with her at home,” Megan said. “But what would everyone else say? I was so bad at math that a little could help me learn my times tables?” She looked near tears. “Does it make it any better than I’m not from this dimension?” I asked her. “Besides, who cares who helps you as long as you pass your classes and get your degree?” She looked contrite then, “I’ll think about it…” before adding, “I’m going to try the TAs first though…” I shrugged, “The offer stands if you change your mind.” I looked at Megan, “Ready to go to the birthday party?” “Yeah, I’m looking forward to ribbing my sister about almost being forty. Last year before she starts heading downhill!” I laughed, “You know that’s not nice, and we’ll both catch up with that number eventually, right?” “Hey, if I have to be the ‘baby’ sister, then I at least get to make fun of my sisters getting old!” I held my arms up to her and she laughed, “I know that you can walk…” “But, I’m cute, right?” She tickled my side as she placed me on her hip and walked down the sidewalk. She waved at some friends she knew as we passed by, and others waved at me. Several littles stared and looked nervously at me as if believing I was playing with fire. By then though all of the littles on campus knew that I was adopted and cavorted with Amazons regularly. Many littles resented me for it, and still more I suspected were jealous for my situation since I still had a sort of normal life. Out in the parking lot Grandpa Joe waited to take us to a restaurant I hadn’t been to. Fred was meeting us with Amanda and would bring my present to her with him. As she pulled the car door open Megan put her hand on my diaper, “Change now or at the restaurant?” I looked around at the passing littles and said, “Restaurant?” “Kay,” she said as she buckled me into my car seat and then sat down in the passenger side up front. “Hi Dad,” she told him with a hug. “Good week at school?” He asked. “Mostly,” she said. “Had a few issues with one of the girls in my dorm, but nothing flipping her on her back didn’t fix…” I wished I could see her then to see if she was smiling, but squeaked a “What?” Grandpa Joe chuckled, but asked, “What happened?” “Oh she just seems to have a bad case of baby fever. Since I’m smaller than she was she thought I might need some special attention. I made her see the error of her way though…” Grandpa sighed, “Be careful Megan, I’ve heard of them putting troublesome mids in with the littles at Emerson before, and you’re not much bigger than that cutoff point…” “I know Dad, but I’m sure it’s done now. Trust me, she learned her lesson…” I sensed there was more to the story, but we arrived at the restaurant and Megan came around to get my backpack and me. None of the others had arrived yet, but we went inside to get a table. “How many?” the hostess asked Grandpa. “Five adults and one highchair please,” he told her. “It’ll be about ten minutes,” she told him. “That’s fine,” he said. “Dad I’m going to go change Stacy,” she told him. “Kay,” he said and I held tight as she carried me into the ladies restroom. A mother was just opening a little boys diaper up on the changing table then. I looked away and looked at Megan’s face as we waited for the changing table to become available. “What a good baby boy in his wet diapee!” the lady baby talked to him, “I still haven’t decided if you’ll stay a boy though. If you don’t make mommy a present by the time we get home like we talked about then I might just decide a little girl like her would be more fun! Think of the pretty dresses you could wear!” The poor little was crying at that point and a quick glance back showed that he definitely had one of those damn inflating pacifiers in his mouth. The diaper she fastened around his waist was a pink princess one and I felt bad for the poor man being tortured. He looked to be in his thirties and terrified of his fate. She put a boys shirt and pants back on him before saying, “All yours,” to Megan. Megan pulled a changing mat out of my backpack and laid it down before putting me on top of it. As she lifted my skirt up and pulled the diaper open the lady took a look at me and said to her little, “Just think if you had those parts instead. I wouldn’t have to worry about you peeing in my face anymore…” I blushed and put my thumb in my mouth hoping to hide from reality just then. Thankfully she walked out and I had a dry diaper on quickly, “What a bitch!” Megan said as she finished up. I nodded in agreement as she washed her hands and held me next to the sink to do the same. Outside we found everyone else had just arrived and were being seated with Amanda on one side of me and Megan on the other at long table. Fred sat next to Amanda opposite of her dad, and Granny sat opposite Amanda. “Happy Birthday Sis!” Megan said as we sat down. She handed her a small present to add to a small pile at the end of the table. Mine, a bag I knew had to be from Fred, and another bag from her mom already sat there. “Who’s the birthday girl?” The waitress asked when she came. “My Mommy,” I told her and pointed at Amanda. “Wow!” The waitress said patronizingly to me, “How old do you think she is?” “Don’t you know you never ask how old a lady is?” I responded. “Smart little girl,” she told me with a smile. “Of course a little girl like you doesn’t need to trouble yourself over big numbers, huh?” I just turned my head and looked away from her then so I didn’t say anything I would regret. Of course as a little in a highchair, the condescending waitress certainly wasn’t going to give me a menu, so I looked over Amanda’s. In the end I decided to share a fried steak plate with Megan. “My niece and I’ll be sharing,” Megan said after she ordered, “would you please bring a plate for her when you bring my food?” “Sure thing hon, I know that little baby girl probably can’t eat all that much!” She paused, “You sure you don’t need me to tell the chef to puree it?” “We’re sure,” Amanda said with a bit a hiss. I turned red, but endured until she was gone and we all talked about other things. Cassie and Chloe had been invited, per the family rules, but had chosen not to because they couldn’t find any babysitters. I assumed that none of them wanted to put up with the abusive parents… When everyone finished eating they began passing Amanda the presents one at a time. She opened Megan’s small box first and pulled out a classy purple stylus that featured an Asian butterfly design hand painted all along it. It was really pretty, and from Amanda’s ‘wow’ I guessed it was something she appreciated too! She hugged Megan with a thank you before opening her parent’s gift. Inside was a charm bracelet with two hearts tagged onto it with Bella and my names on it. She wiped away tears and said, “Thank you,” to both of them. I could just see Fred on the other side of Amanda, and noticed he was squirming on the other side and I wondered if their gifts had just been duplicated. “Great minds think alike,” he said as she opened up the bag and a long necklace box. Inside was a necklace with two hollowed out heart pieces that had a single jewel apiece, and our names engraved on each of them. She wiped more tears, but turned over and hugged him, “Thank you Fred, I love them both,” she said. It was time for her to open up the box then and get mine. “That last ones from Stacy?” Granny asked. “Yes, and she did a good job of getting me to not know what it was. I think she even enlisted a certain holographic AI to distract me yesterday?” She smirked at me. I put the most angelic face together and said, “Mommy I would neeeever do that!” She reached over and tickled my stomach, “I can’t wait to see what it is.” She pulled at the wrapping paper and then opened up the box to pull out the picture. I heard breaths catch all around me as they saw it. “Oh my god, that’s beautiful!” Amanda’s Mom said. “How on earth did you make that?” Megan asked me incredulously. Amanda just had tears fall then and picked me up out of the highchair to hold me tight. “Thank you Stacy,” she said. “Somehow we’ll be a family again,” I told her. She just squeezed me tighter for a while before asking, “Really… how in the world did you do that?” I giggled “It’s just programming, it wasn’t difficult… It just took some time,” I told her. The waitress appeared with a birthday dessert for Amanda and said, “Wow, that is beautiful! Where did you buy that?” Amanda squeezed me, “my daughter made it for me,” she said. The waitress looked at Megan, “Surely you aren’t old enough for this girl to be your little girl?” Everyone at the table laughed and I looked to see both Megan and Amanda turning red. “She’s not her daughter, that’s her baby sister. She’s talking about her little girl in her lap.” The lady looked at me like I had thirty eyes or something then, but said, “Well, you’re definitely talented.” Everyone sang Happy Birthday before Amanda blew out a candle on the dessert. Somehow I guessed her wish without ever asking her. ‘I wonder if everyone at the table shares a wish if it is more likely to come true?’ I thought to myself with a sigh. She was nice and shared a few bites of her dessert with Megan and me, before everyone decided it was time to go home. Amanda had donned both the bracelet and the necklace while we sat at the table. I looked at Bella’s name dangling in front of me sadly as she carried me to the car. My diaper was wet, but she decided to wait until we got home to change it, sparing me another encounter with crazy amazons in the bathroom. Once we were home she carried me straight to the nursery while Fred gathered everything from the car. As she changed me, “I don’t think I’ve ever received a more thoughtful gift Stacy,” she told me. “Not to mention one that’s probably worth a small fortune. Really, how did you actually make that? That wasn’t just simple programming!” My rear was up in the air with a wipe on it making it a bit awkward, but I answered, “I used a depth mapping software to determine distances to the focal point of the photo. After that it was a few equations to pull the figures out far enough, yet leave the background distant. Then it was really just a matter of coming up with the shape for the printer and using the right colors on the top coat of each layer.” “You should make more things like that… You could become a famous artist selling artwork like that.” “Surely someone else already does that on a regular basis?” I paused, “I got the idea last weekend in the art gallery.” She shook her head, “That was done by hand and didn’t look nearly as good.” I had thought it looked awesome myself, but I wondered if that was just a mothers pride saying that. Amanda changed me into a cute romper before she carried me back downstairs, where Fred was already hanging the picture in the most prominent place in the living room. Once it was hung they held me in a hug and we all stared at it together for a long while. Eventually we sat down and watched a movie on the couch before she bathed me and nursed me to sleep. FOR ONCE THERE was supposed to be a quiet weekend for us. I had studying and homework to do, but not much else was planned. Amanda came into my nursery and leaned down to check my diaper where I was at in front of my computer, “Let’s change that diaper before it leaks?” I looked down and realized it was indeed much more soaked than I had realized. When I woke up I had enjoyed a nursing session from her before breakfast, along with a latte bottle… It apparently made its way through! As she carried me to the changing table I reflected that it wasn’t so much that I lost the feeling over going the past month-and-a-half, sd much as I just got in the habit of going and not caring. ‘Potty training after a few more years of diapers may be difficult,’ I admitted. She pulled the snaps of the romper she’d dressed me in open and wiped me clean, and taped me into a new diaper quickly. “I need to go get groceries Stacy, do you want to come?” “Is Daddy staying home?” I asked. She nodded, “He’s working in his office on some paperwork, so you can stay if you want…” “I’ll stay here,” I told her. “You shouldn’t just play on the computer all day you know…” She told me. I sighed, “I know, but… I don’t like grocery stores here…” The last time I had been at the grocery store I had seen four separate newly kidnapped littles being paraded to the diaper aisle, three more littles being pushed around in messy diapers while their ‘mommies’ told them that if they were good they’d get changed that night, and five other Amazons took the time to get their jollies on me when they figured out I was a little. That wasn’t including the poor ten or eleven year-old Amazon girl was paraded in just her wet pants to the diaper aisle, spanked, and promptly diapered in front of the entire store. I felt terrible for her as it looked like several of her classmates had been taking pictures and videos of the whole thing… I still didn’t understand how that wasn’t a case for police or CPS to be involved! No, I most definitely did not like Amazon grocery stores! She looked at me but nodded, “That last trip was a little brutal…” “Thanks for understanding,” I hugged her as she sat me up after snapping my romper back shut. “You’re welcome,” she said and sat me down on the ground. “I’ll be back in a little while then. Behave!” “Yes Mommy!” I told her with a smile and watched as she walked downstairs. Avoiding the grocery store hell also meant I had time to work on my other project. Knowing for certain that Fred was down the hallway meant I could get started, but I just about had a heart attack as I started to stand to move and he appeared. “Stacy I need to go mow the lawn, do you need anything?” he asked me while simultaneously holding a bottle of juice out to me. “I should be good Daddy!” I told him. “You want to come downstairs with me?” “No thank you, I have my toys in here,” I smiled at him as I took the bottle. I took a nurse from it as he turned around and made sure the baby gate was latched to my room. As soon as I heard his footsteps past the stairs, I moved to the closet and pulled out my project from yesterday. I placed the parts on the ground and then dug through some of my original backpacks pockets, finding a small multi-tool that I had almost forgotten I brought. Then I pulled the Switch from my bag and got to work on the weapon inside. I carefully pulled out the small lead slugs from each of the bullets in the clip. I was able to then carefully replace them with my new custom made projectiles. ‘I just hope these work if I need them...’ I thought to myself while fiddling with it. There were definitely moments where I wasn’t sure a bullet was going to go into the casing, and one collapsed before I got it loaded, but I made progress fairly quickly. I had just finished up filling up the slugs and placed the switch back in my bag when Amanda came home. I opened up a window of my project for her class before she came in. “How’s the homework going?” She asked. I shrugged, “Okay I guess…” “Want to go for a swim?” She asked, “We’re supposed to get a cold front in next week and it’ll probably be your last chance to swim in our pool until spring?” I saved my work and jumped up, “Please!” Fred joined us in the pool that afternoon after finishing the lawn. Mainly the two of them watched as I counted three-hundred laps swimming back and forth in their pool. When I finished I was exhausted, but felt relaxed, turning to float on my back gently by Amanda. She smiled down at me and then suddenly dove for me and initiated a tickle attack. “No…” I squealed after several moments of torture. “You done swimming fish?” “I’m a dolphin,” I stuck my tongue out at her. She poked my nose and then carried me out of the pool then. “Thirsty?” I nodded and happily accepted the option to nurse from her. As I sucked at her nipple I couldn’t help but feel loved and comfortable. Since we had resumed my nursing a few weeks ago I hadn’t had many problems from her milk. I did tend to have some looser stools if I nursed too much on one day, five or more times we discovered seemed to be a real problem point, but otherwise I maintained my control with a few times and was able to just enjoy the very soothing act of nursing from her. I fell asleep nursing her second breast after all of the activity and the milk hit my system. I woke up from my nap just before dinner and checked my phone for text messages. I saw one from Meg, “Hey Stacy, I’m lonely,” that she’d sent just a few minutes before. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and responded, “What about hanging out with Laura?” “Her nest is grounded for some reason,” she replied. “That stinks,” I said. I really wanted to type sucks, but another little had her texts searched the week before and had multiple demerits awarded for her language… Not to mention the very painful spanking that she had told us all about on the last day she’d been an a college student. The poopy diaper in seminar class had finished her demerits… I thought for a second, “Mommy?” I called. She appeared a moment later, “Yes Stacy?” “Do you think we could get Meg to come over for the night?” “Why wouldn’t Megan be able to come over?” She asked confused. “Not your sister Megan, my little friend Meg,” I told her. “Oh…” she said thoughtfully. “Is that the one that is the only one left in her nest?” I nodded, “The one you helped save that day too…” She grimaced, “I don’t know if they would let her or not…” a moment later she pulled her phone out and asked, “What’s her nest mothers name?” I passed that along to her and she made a call on her phone. “Hi, Jackie?” she paused, “This is Amanda Westerfield. How are you doing?” I listened to the conversation for a few moments before she got to the point, “My daughter Stacy was wondering if one of her friends could come over for a sleepover tonight?” “Yes, I’ll make sure that both little girls are in bed by their curfew time,” she told me and winked at me. “You’ll call her nest mother and let her know?” she said with a smile, “Thanks!” and hung up. “Well let’s get you into your uniform real quick and go pick up your friend?” She suggested. Meg was in disbelief when I told her that we’d be coming for her. She’d just responded with, ‘OMG, THANK YOU!!!!’ We had to go to the dorm to pick her up, but I was glad her room was on a different floor than my nest. Especially if there was a punishment being meted out there… At her doorway I could see places where names had been removed from the door and all that remained was Meg’s. It was almost a surprise to see her room looked so empty, but definitely a surprise when I realized her nest mother was the one that had been such a witch to Megan when she picked me up. ‘Poor girl…’ I thought to myself. It really was surprising she was still free of any demerits. “Hi, I’m Professor Westerfield,” Amanda said while holding my hand at the doorway to the nest mother. She was standing there looking at Meg with a small suitcase. “Hi, Dean Sanders said you were here to take Meg. I’ll enjoy the night off! Thanks for babysitting her for the night!” “Umm… You’re welcome,” Amanda said curtly. “You ready?” She asked Meg. “Yes Professor Westerfield,” she said contritely. I could tell she was nervous right then about going home with an Amazon. It was everything you were not supposed to do after all! “Thank you for getting me!” She told me with a hug once we were clear of her room. “You’re welcome,” I told her and returned the hug, “I just hope Laura isn’t mad that I didn’t take her home first…” “She’s not in any condition to go this weekend…” she told me with a whisper, “I’ll tell you about it when we get to your house.” “Okay,” I told her. She walked beside me and Amanda followed us both to the car. Amanda wasted no time in picking me up and putting me in my rear-facing car seat, “That diaper needs changed when we get home,” she told me. I nodded, “Okay.” “Come on Meg, I have another car seat on the other side,” she told her and then picked her up to put her into Bella’s car seat. We both teared up for a second when we looked at each other, but Amanda didn’t say anything as she picked her up to buckle her into the car seat. “Rear facing?” She did ask once the door shut. “You’re shorter than Bella was, it’s safer,” I told her in the moment before Amanda had her door open. She grimaced but looked at me through the mirror and screen that was on the seat above us. “Thank you again for getting me,” Meg told Amanda when she started driving. “You’re welcome Meg, I think you’re probably a little bit safe now though. If your nest mother loses you she won’t be able to continue to have her own nest, right?” I looked over at Meg who was shaking her head, “She would just double up with another nest mother. They take turns each week on certain nights. I think some of them prefer it… But she has a good thing going with just me to take care of and I think she’s inherently lazy. She’ll probably hold out for us being on our own as long as she can.” I nodded at that, “I know Megan doesn’t like Meg’s nest mother,” I told Amanda. I told her about the incident from a few weeks back and she nodded. We were home soon though and Amanda said, “Okay girls, diaper changes first, then you two can stay up for a while in your room Stacy or watch a movie downstairs.” “How about a movie?” I asked Meg. “Those aren’t safe though…?” she said. “The ones we have to pick from are,” Amanda assured her, “I won’t expose Stacy to any hypnosis if at all possible,” she added. “Okay,” she said, “that sounds like fun!” Amanda picked her up out of her car seat first and sat her on the ground. I heard her give her the backpack she’d brought and the small suitcase before coming over to my side and picking me up too. She didn’t put me down though, instead motioning for Meg to follow us inside. She clambered up the stairs awkwardly behind us with her rolling suitcase and stopped and stared at the sight of the nursery. “Whoa…” she said. I looked down at her as Amanda sat me down on the changing table, “Yeah, but it’s pretty, right?” I said truthfully. “Yes it is I guess,” she said and stepped into the room. I blushed as Amanda changed me as Meg looked on, but watched her blush more a second later. “Come on Meg, I said diapers earlier, I know that you’re soaked too,” she told her. “Umm… okay, thanks,” she said. “Do you want some of your diapers or one of the ones I have that will fit you?” “Umm… what do you have? The dorm’s aren’t that comfortable?” “I have a regular Pamper, or a thick little’s diaper?” “The Pamper?” She said as Amanda lifted her bottom up in the air. “Okay,” she said, “Oh dear… did you change yourself earlier?” Meg’s whole body blushed but she shook her head, “No, my nest mother did…” “She didn’t wipe very good, you have a bit of a rash coming on here dear. Do you want me to put some ointment on for you?” I heard a whimpered, “Please…” from her. Fortunately for both of us diaper changes were done and Amanda left us alone for a moment after closing the gate. “So you sleep in the crib?” she asked. I shook my head, “No, the bed is mine. The crib was originally… but Bella took it when they adopted her.” “What’s…” she started but shook her head. “What’s what?” I asked her turning around to look at her staring at the room. She held her hands out, “What’s it like… being the baby?” I sighed, “I’m probably the wrong person to ask?” I told her, “Amanda and Fred are amazingly kind compared to what most people would be. I got really lucky with them…” “But still, you have to have done pretty much everything from what you told me?” I shrugged, “Well yeah… I guess the demeaning looks when you’re anywhere, the mean treatment from bigs, etc. really isn’t much different than what you probably already get. It’s embarrassing to use your diaper and have it changed in public… but again you’ve already been there?” She nodded. “It takes getting used to and at a certain point you have to accept that it’s considered normal for you to be babied, and then just let go of that embarrassment. Bella told me she had pretty much always known at some point she would be adopted…” I shrugged, “I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t appreciate being cuddled and every need taken care of sometimes though?” She nodded, “You’re right… it’s inevitable unfortunately.” “What happened to Laura and our nest?” I asked. She smirked, “Well apparently someone decided it would be a good idea to spike the nest mother’s food with laxatives…” “And it was one of them?” She shrugged, “I personally think it might have been my nest mother… She laughed an awful lot about it.” She paused, “Anyway, they were all given suppositories last night, early bedtimes for a month, grounded in their room except class and a quick trip to the dining hall together… it’s pretty bad.” “That sucks,” I told her. Amanda came back right then, “Stacy…” she warned me on the language, before she led us downstairs for dinner. She gave Meg the option of just using some books as a booster seat, but she chose instead to use the high chair. She declined the bib and bottle though, taking a sippy cup without a word against it. She seemed surprised to see me eating my own food by myself through dinner. Not long after finishing I was sat down to stand next to her on the floor, and about to go get comfortable in the living room when I felt the need to poop. I walked to the potty that was sitting there and grimaced that it would be in front of Meg, but pulled the tabs of the pamper loose and sat down to poop. “Good girl,” Amanda said and patted my head as she walked towards the sink. She helped wipe me up before gathering me in her arms to take me upstairs. “Fred, can you clean out her potty?” “Sure sweetie,” he said. “Speaking of potty, do you need to Meg?” She blushed and said, “I already went…” “Well come on then, let’s get you in a dry diaper, before you two have your slumber party.” She nodded and came upstairs with us. Amanda changed me into a princess diaper then and used another on Meg. “What pajamas did you bring?” she asked her. The short set she brought wouldn’t fit over the thicker diaper so she ended up using one of Bella’s footed sleepers on her instead. I was dressed in the matching one and we went downstairs to watch the movie. “Okay you two, please give me your phones so no one can know you’re still awake,” she told us both with a smile. I nodded and encouraged Meg to give hers up. Amanda and Fred gave us some space then as the movie started and we lay next to each other on the floor looking at the screen. “Do you think I’ll get lucky enough to have nice parents like yours?” She asked me suddenly as an alien blew up in the movie. I shrugged, “I don’t know. Hopefully you can graduate first?” She nodded, “I hope so.” We talked about some parts of being adopted for a while, and I made sure she knew it wasn’t all fun and games. I told her about my ‘cousins’ and all of the terrible things that had been done to them. She seemed to think it was partly their fault for not being ‘good’ and ‘accepting’ it. She felt like things always went worse for those that fought it. When the movie ended she was already asleep so Amanda carried her upstairs. “Her diaper should last through the morning,” she told me. To my surprise though upstairs Meg woke up in a bit of a panic, “Put me down! Put me down!!!” she cried. Amanda did to her surprise and she figured out where she was and turned red. “I’m sorry, I…” “Don’t apologize, I understand,” Amanda said. “How about we change that diaper then get you both tucked into bed?” She nodded and the diaper that had been possible to last was clearly no longer so as I could smell the poop. “I figure you can have Stacy’s bed and she can have the crib tonight,” Amanda told her as she redressed her. “Actually…” Meg said. “Actually?” I asked. “Can I just use the crib, and Stacy sleeps in her own bed?” I watched Amanda smile, “Sure,” she told her and put her in the crib and pulled a blanket over her. “Good night,” she told her. I wasn’t changed right then as I think she knew I would be wetter soon. Amanda sat down in the rocking chair and whispered, “Do you want to do this tonight? We can wait?” I nodded and whispered back, “If nothing else she’s wondering about it…” I told her while noting the eyes watching us through the bars of the crib. As soon as she presented me with a breast I stopped caring that a friend was in the room – all that mattered was sucking on the nipple and feeling it leak milk into my mouth with every suck. I must have been tired because I barely remembered being burped and switched. MEG SEEMED DIFFERENT after everything the next morning. She shook her head at my latte bottle, but more than anything I felt like she was probably envious of my family. If it wasn’t for Bella’s kidnapping I might have suggested Amanda and Fred think about adopting her, but there was no way with as raw as everyone’s emotions were to even think about it. Just having another girl sitting in Bella’s highchair sent my emotions for a rollercoaster ride. We dropped her off at the university just before noon so she could eat at the dining hall, and then we went to our traditional Sunday meal at Amanda’s parents. There you could feel the palatable loss strongly in the bonds of the family. As much as I hated Chloe and Cassie, they at least had the good sense to not mess with me the past couple of weekends. Their horror over their sisters little being kidnapped was genuine; apparently the fear of it happening to them was strong! I still had to watch though in horror the things they did to their littles each time. At least the baby food Neville was getting hadn’t been pushed to such extremes again. He was mostly getting spaghetti or beef stew baby food jars when I saw him each time. Amanda had mentioned that her mom had spoken with Cassie and urged her to stop becoming a monster… Before I knew it Monday was there and Amanda walked me to my Calculus class. “Megan said she may have some trouble making it back over here today to take you to Jennings. I’m going to try and get over here from my department meeting, but if I don’t be careful going to class,” she told me. “Walk with someone if you can…” I nodded, “Yes Mommy,” I told her at the door of the class. “See you later,” she told me and gave me a hug, “I love you,” she added. I looked up and said, “I love you too Mommy,” meaning it fully. She wasn’t my real mom, but she was definitely the next best thing! She patted my padded rear and sent me into my class where I sat down and waited for the professor to start. When he did he said, “I graded all of your tests over the weekend,” he began drawing a bell curve on the board. “The worst grade was a thirty-three percent,” he said making a mark. “The best grade was a hundred percent,” he said making another mark. “The second best test grade was an eighty-three percent.” My heart sank as he basically explained where the grades fell and how he was grading the test. “Normally I would add points to the highest grade until it was a hundred, then add that across the board.” I grimaced knowing the 100 would mess with that, “Because of the perfect score that wouldn’t work. So I’m going to instead take and subtract the second highest score from that hundred, and divide that by two. That means you all get a bump of eight-and-a-half percent on your grades.” “Why’d you draw a bell curve then?” A student asked. “To show you that if I graded this test on a bell curve the how many of you would end up failing. Now if you’ll all take your tablets out I’ll send you back your graded tests.” He pressed a button on his tablet and my test appeared on my tablet graded with a hundred percent. I smiled at that. All around me everyone started having hushed conversations about what they got. Eventually Kaileigh asked, “Umm… sir… I thought you said someone got a hundred?” “Yes they did,” he told her. “Who was it, none of us got it…” I smirked when he looked at me, “Why that would be Ms. Westerfield there,” he nodded to me. “What?!?” I heard various versions of amazement and jealousy. “You heard right, she’s one of the brightest students I’ve had through this class. Before her test the highest grade on this particular test was a ninety before the curve.” I could feel the stares through the rest of the class as he moved onto the next material. I took notes as class went on and completed any problems he put up on the board before he had finished explaining them since it was still review for me. I was glad that I was still ahead of where the class was going, and made up my mind to start working ahead in the book on my own. I didn’t want to lose that edge! Leaving class I didn’t see Megan or Amanda around and made the call to just walk to class by myself. I’d done it a few times in the last week since things seemed to have calmed down, but it still felt like the first times I was allowed to do stuff alone as a real kid. I kept my eyes out as I walked towards the Jennings building. I was halfway there when I looked up to see a surprised look on a face that took me a moment to recognize. “Stacy?” “Hi Doctor Nimitz,” I said cordially to him. “You’re out here on your own?” He asked, “Where’s your Mommy?” I shrugged, “department meeting or something. I’m on my way to class,” I said. “You shouldn’t be on your own, you should at least have a babysitter,” he said walking in front of me to stop my progress going to class. “I’m on the university grounds, it’s just like going between classes at any other high school or junior high school. As long as I’m on school grounds I’m being watched,” I said. I noticed a few littles were nervously walking well around us. “Be that as it may be, I feel like I should at least walk with you…” “If you insist,” I said and began walking towards the building. I remembered back to him being another option instead of Amanda and Fred for foster parents, and was very glad I hadn’t picked them. There was just something about him that gave me a bad vibe back then and when I’d met him for a physical before. My sense of not being able to trust him continued to grow and I tried to keep an eye out as we walked towards Jennings, being very glad that it was a public walk with lots of people around. Just before we got to the building though I felt a stinging sensation on my arm and looked up to see Dr. Nimitz putting something back in his pocket. The world spun and I felt hands catch me before I collapsed, saying “Gotcha!” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I had to put a change in pace here with the storyline, felt needed to move things ahead. The next chapter is written, and there’s I think one more plus an epilogue after that. Could be two more after the next one depending on how I end things off… but I definitely have to bring this to a close. It’s already going to be split into 3 or 4 books I think when I get around to actually editing it down. 342,000 words where I’m at right now ending the chapter after this! Please leave a comment/like to let me know what you think, I appreciate those of you who comment on each chapter! It helps motivate me - and I can use all the motivation I can get as I near the end here! Thanks for reading!
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    Chapter 42: THE RIDE HOME was short, but I felt like the long day suddenly slammed into me. I had fewer classes in a day than I’d had in high school, but I suddenly understood the idea that we’d be doing a year worth of high school classes in one semester. I mentally noted the homework I needed to do and was grateful that it wasn’t terrible today. I suspected that wouldn’t last long! “How was your Chemistry class?” Amanda asked as we pulled away. “Really cool actually,” I told her. “Casio right?” “Yes,” I answered. “He’s one of the students favorites. Great teacher,” she said. Knowing Amanda by now I knew that was high praise for the man. “Seemed like it, I can’t believe he already knows all of the freshman names… I mean he called one kid that was asleep, then he called on me!” “He’s as smart as anyone I know, and basically has an eidetic memory from what I can tell. It’s a good move to make students know he cares for them.” She paused, “Just make sure you pay attention!” I nodded at her looking back at the mirror because we were at a light. The house was soon in sight and she pulled into the garage next to Fred’s vehicle. Amanda came around and let me out of the car seat and sat me on the ground. She leaned in and handed me my backpack before holding the garage door open. “Fred we’re home,” she announced as we entered. “I’m in here,” he said from the living room. He looked like he was working on something around the staircase. I followed behind Amanda as she reached him and gave him a big hug and a kiss when he stood to greet her. I walked closer and he scooped me up to give me a big hug too, “How was your first day?” “Good,” I told him. “Any word on Bella?” I asked him. He hugged me but shook his head, “No, unfortunately,” he said. “I’ve been working on finishing cleaning up the damage and adding some security measures, but no word on her.” Amanda’s eyes watered and we had a three-way hug for a long moment. Fred felt my diaper under my skirt then and said, “Mommy she could probably use a diaper change,” and passed me over. She smiled weakly, “I guess we should take care of that, huh?” “Please,” I said. A moment later she came to the door that said ‘Princess Stacy,’ but had only so recently had ‘Princess Bella’ added. The sight made me want to cry! Amanda noticed and hugged me tightly as she pushed the door open and laid me on the changing table. She pushed a pacifier between my lips and I nursed it silently as she pulled my skirt off and sat me up to pull my blouse off too. My feet were pushed up into the air a moment later as she replaced the wet diaper with a dry one. She dug through the closet for a moment and then came back with a cute blue gingham dress. I sat up and put my arms through the sleeves before she buttoned it shut and tied a bow at the back. “I’m so glad we still have you Stacy… and I hope we find Bella…” she told me before tears came to her eyes. “We will… somehow,” I agreed. She kissed me on the forehead, hugged me, and then sat me down on the floor, “Little girl you have a bunch of homework to do… I know one of your classes has a crazy witch of a professor that will make you do a ton of work.” I smiled weakly, “You’re not thaaat bad,” I said around the pacifier. “I was talking about your English professor brat…” I smiled at her and took my backpack from her. As she left she closed the baby gate and gave me a long look, “I’ll get dinner started,” she said softly. I looked around the room and sighed as I looked at the crib. It looked like the intruders had scratched the finish of the cribs and our names were gone from above our beds. My memory recalled from the video that they had been thrown everywhere… I looked at my desk and was surprised to see it seemed to mostly have been untouched. I sat my computer down and logged in to the cameras in the nursery really quick. I recorded a few minutes of me working before looping the feed and running over to my bed and looking under the mattress. I breathed a sigh of relief as I found my Switch hiding there. ‘Okay… this is staying in the backpack and I’m going to have to get to work on my project soon…’ I sighed, ‘these guys aren’t giving me much breathing room.’ I reset the cameras to normal after putting the switch in my bag, before I pulled out my tablet to start reading chapters over on my bed. I used my stylus to mark up the margins of the ebook, and used another app to take notes. The Calculus work was a review for me, but I completed the homework carefully anyway due to the different Base 60 math. I was finished with that, and most of my reading for Chemistry, before Amanda came back up and said, “Dinner’s ready, Sweetheart.” I sighed and put the tablet down and walked over to her, making the universal ‘pick-me-up’ sign. “Those legs broken?” She kidded me. “Uh-huh, I walked all over campus today!” She tickled my side, “Poor baby, I guess I should have put you in your carrier, huh?” I giggled as she tickled me and let her put me into the high chair. The room felt weird without Bella… and you could feel that the smiles on faces were forced, as Bella’s chair remained empty. “How about we pray?” Amanda suggested. “Sure,” I said in unison with Fred. “Please God, watch over our other adopted daughter Bella. We didn’t have long to get to know her, but we love her nonetheless. Please keep her safe and bring her safely home,” Amanda said. “Amen,” Fred and I said simultaneously as she cried. Fred hugged her and we all picked at the chicken dish that she made. It was really good, but that didn’t really feel great to be eating it that night. A dark cloud most certainly hung over us as we ate. I left a good chunk of food on my plate as Amanda picked me up, “I guess it’s going to take a while to get used to this,” she said sadly. I leaned into her and hugged her, “I love you Mommy,” I told her as she sat me down on the floor. “I love you too Stacy,” she told me. “Stacy I want to show you a couple things…” Fred said as he stood up from the table too. “What?” I asked looking up at him. “The first thing is at the top of the stairs,” he said and walked up as I climbed beside him. I scrambled carefully up each step, while he was able to take normal steps. He pointed to what looked like a camera lens that had been added to each corner of the walls framing the staircase. “What is it?” “It’s a set of holo-emitters,” he told me. “What are they supposed to emit?” I asked. “Stay there a second,” he said and walked past me to the top of the stairs and then I heard a quick sound like a bug zapper start up. “Come on up the rest of the way,” he told me. I nervously looked up there and saw that he was no longer visible and it looked like it had a moment before. I carefully climbed the last stair and then found myself meeting a hard surface. I poked at it and even hit it really quickly and found it felt like a brick wall, “Oww…” I whined before he deactivated it “So it’s a holographic solid wall?” I asked. “More than that… I didn’t have the charge enabled… if they break in that will stay active and hopefully give us a minute or two. “Wait, is it possible to disrupt with a laser like Tessa at school?” I asked. “I didn’t think about that,” Amanda said from behind me. “Let’s test that…” she said as she went down to her lab and brought back four different lasers. “Re-enable it Fred,” she said from the other side. I watched in fascination as the air shimmered a little in front of us, but I could still see her. Fred had been hidden from behind it before so I assumed I was too. I watched her point a simple laser pointer like she would use in a lass at the image. She aimed at the image and pressed on it, but it still held firm. “Well that’s a good sign,” she said, “I might have to see about what they’re using with Tessa, this one would have disrupted her…” “What about the others?” I asked. She tried another one that was a little bit brighter, but it still didn’t do anything. She cycled through them until she got to one that was about the size of toilet paper roll. When she pointed it I instantly saw a flicker in the field, and she was able to walk through without any problems. “Hopefully they don’t have one that powerful?” Fred commented. “Hopefully not…” she said. “This thing is kind of risky to even use indoors…” “What about if you used multiple of the less powerful ones?” I asked. She looked at me and then we reset the experiment. Two of the lower leveled lasers did nothing, but when the third lower level laser was added the image shifted again and she was able to walk through. “I hope they don’t have laser sights on pistols?” I said after seeing that. “Me too,” Amanda said. “I wonder if I can reprogram this somehow to be more resistant…?” “Mandy, I’ll go do the dishes while you play,” Fred said. “Let me just show Stacy the other two additions first,” he said as he directed me to the nursery. He opened the gate, which I noticed now that it had been switched to now move the gate inward. I looked at the actual door closer to see that it now opened out to the hallway, “We put in heavier doors for both of our bedrooms. They open out so they’ll be harder to kick in. We’ve also put heavy-duty electronic locks on here that are passcoded. I doubt you can reach it, but the code is 938502. We’re going to keep it closed after we put you to bed each night.” He pointed towards the windows, “We replaced the glass in all of the windows with the same as the back door. It’s just about impossible to break or easily cut into. An alarm will sound if it detects a break in the glass too,” he added. “That seems a little bit more secure,” I said. “Well if they get through all of that we added one final addition here,” he said pointing to what looked like a new toy box in the closet. He opened it and I saw a compartment that seemed to be able to be locked from the inside, and the box itself was clearly bolted to the floor with some large bolts. “They won’t be able to remove it from the outside if you are locked inside. There’s water and food in there if you need it - well baby food,” he hedged with an apologetic look. “It stores easily… It’s enough to keep you fed for up to four days. The box can survive being crushed by more weight than this house has total, it is fireproof, and it has oxygen for two days.” “It’s like a little sized panic room,” I said softly. “If we manage to get Bella back you’re going to have to get a larger one…” He hugged me then with a sad look on his face, “It doesn’t look good right now, does it…?” “Not great,” I agreed. He left me to work on the dishes downstairs, while I went back to my homework list and did the reading for my technical writing class and Amanda’s class. As soon as I had everything on my list done I looked at my watch and sighed - it was already nine o’clock! I put down my tablet and walked down to the workshop where Amanda was working on some programming on her computer. I walked up to her and stood by her lap before she noticed me and pulled me onto her lap. “Hi Sweetie,” she told me. “Still working on the holo project?” I asked her. “No, I finished that a while ago…” she admitted. “I was looking at the code from Bella’s chip,” she said pointing towards the screen. I looked for a moment and said, “Can you scroll down?” As she did I noticed something, “It’s code that’s in the nanite system,” I told her. “What? You just mean similar functions, right?” I shook my head, “That whole block right there is in one of the subroutines.” “Can you show me?” She asked. I moved off of her lap and pushed my skirt back down before going back to the nursery. I picked up my laptop and walked back to her workroom and let her pick me up so I could set my computer down next to it. “It’s so hard to see that,” she said a moment later. “Can you go to an external display?” I shrugged, “In my dimension I can, I’m not sure about yours?” She reached over to a spare display and unhooked a cable. She sat me down on the desk while she looked at my ports and then brought several cables back over. Ten minutes of upsizing later we managed to connect my computer to the display. It worked, but looked really pixelated. It was better for her though as I showed her where I had seen it. We spent several hours going through the code before I asked, “What does this all mean?” “It means someone involved in the nanite project was involved in kidnapping Bella’s parents.” “And probably her too?” “Maybe?” “What’s in her code that’s not in the nanite programming?” I wondered. “They wouldn’t need her if they had all of the code already….” “Okay girls, time for you both to start thinking about bed,” Fred said from behind us. We both jumped slightly and I noted my full bladder. I thought for only a heartbeat before I let it loose into the padding of the diaper. It was more than slightly squishy, but I really didn’t mind that feeling at all. “Okay Daddy,” I told him. “Let’s give you a quick bath and then we can put you to bed,” Amanda told me. “Okay Mommy,” I said and grabbed my computer so I could hold it while she carried me down the hall. She watched as I plugged it in with the charging cord before scooping me back up and setting me down on the changing table upright. She pointed to my shoes, “Can you undo those?” she asked. “Sure,” I told her as I pushed on the spots to unlace them. “Why did my dad get you those anyway? He wouldn’t tell me?” She took them from me and set them down where she could get to them to dress me the next day. As she took my socks next I looked at her, “I’m thinking there’s probably a reason he didn’t tell you… do you mind if I ask him to tell you tomorrow? For now I’ll tell you they’re special?” She pursed her lips but nodded, “I trust you, and I trust my dad.” She undid the bow on the back of my dress, along with the buttons, then said, “Arms up!” She slid it up off my body and left me in the wet diaper as my only clothing. I watched her place the dress in the hamper before pushing me down on the changing table. The diaper was ripped open, I was wiped, and she set my naked form down on the ground, “Toddle down to the bathroom,” she told me with a smile and a light pat to my rear. “Your tush is definitely one of your cuter attributes!” She told me as she followed me. My entire body blushed with that comment, “Mommy…” I whined. She ran a bathtub full of bubbles and even tossed in a couple bath toys that I played with as she washed me thoroughly. “I’d love to let you stay in here all night Princess, but we need to get to bed.” I nodded, “Okay,” I said and stood as she dried me as the drain was opened, then wrapped me in a towel. She hadn’t actually washed my hair, though it had gotten a little bit wet, so she just lightly dried it before carrying me to the nursery. She pulled out one of the pink princess diapers and made sure to powder me before taping me inside of it. A blanket sleeper followed to cover me in its warmth. After a short few steps to the rocking chair she sat down. “Why didn’t you nurse me more today?” I asked her as she pulled her shirt off, leaving her only in her bra. “I really would have loved to do this more today,” she admitted with a smile, “but even if you don’t have incontinence issues from it, the milk alone might give you a looser stool.” I nodded, “I guess that makes sense…” “We need to make sure we put your charm bracelet on tomorrow too… we forgot that today!” I looked at her in horror and nodded, “That could have been disastrous…” “Yes, almost like poor Meg today…” “She seems nice,” I told Amanda, “Thank you for helping her out.” “She’ll probably still end up getting adopted out, along with your friend Laura, but I hate to see them go down that road too early,” she said. “You really think it’s inevitable?” “There are eleven other girls in your nest sweetie. Today you heard that two are gone already… I would bet that at most only three of them will be free by the end of the semester. Especially since they put you in the baby nest.” “Baby nest?” I asked, noting there was information I hadn’t heard yet. “You noticed yours was made of the shortest girls, right?” I nodded. “That’s not by chance, they’ll be some of the first to be deemed immature,” she told me. “I guess I should enjoy my friends while I have them then?” She nodded sadly as she settled me in the crook of her arm and moved her bra out of the way, “You really don’t have to do this by the way? I don’t want you only nursing from me because you feel bad…” “I want to though!” I told her and latched on her long nipple before she could say another word. My world became nothing but sucking and swallowing her amazing milk. I was almost asleep as she burped me, then moved me over to her other breast. The lullabye she sang was what ultimately did me in. The last thing I remembered was needing to pee and letting that go into the padding as I continued to nurse. I didn’t worry about the wet diaper though, since I knew if I needed changed she would take care of that for me. Amanda was an amazing mommy! WHEN AMANDA WOKE me up the next morning she had to practically tickle me to death to get me to wake up. “I’m up,” I whined at her. “Maybe you need an earlier bedtime,” she said with concern. I shook my head, “It wouldn’t matter what time I went to bed, I’m not a good person at waking up.” She sighed, “I wish you were one of those littles that woke up with a smile on her face.” I forced a smile, “Is this good enough?” “Come on brat, let’s get you some coffee…” I enjoyed a latte bottle made once again with her breastmilk, along with some oatmeal and strawberries that she spoonfed me herself for breakfast. When I finished she wiped my messy face with a baby wipe and placed me on the ground. She cleaned my highchair and the dishes for a few minutes before I asked, “Mommy, would you please take my diaper off so I can go poopy?” She worked to quickly unzip me from the footed sleeper, untaped the soaked princess diaper, and then pushed me to my potty. I didn’t delay in sitting down on it as a large log and some other chunks flowed from my rear into the potty. I kept going for a few minutes before she asked, “All done?” I nodded and let her wipe me up, then she carried my naked body up to the nursery while holding my sleeper in her other hand. “Let’s get you ready for school. I’ll be curious to see what you think about your history class.” She talked with me for a few minutes back and forth about some similarities and differences of our histories. I had a feeling I was going to have to really be on my toes with that class! I was diapered, dressed in the summer uniform that day, with my shoes and charm bracelet on. “Can you put my hair into pigtails today?” I asked her. “Why?” I shrugged, “I think they’re cute, and it’s not like I’m trying to pretend to be a really big girl?” She smiled at me, “As long as you are okay with the stares and comments,” she said. “Thanks,” I said a few minutes later after she had my hair braided into two pigtails that she’d tied off with bows from a ribbon that matched the gingham summer dress. I looked at myself in the mirror and blushed as I definitely looked ready to go to preschool! The first day of kindergarten looked to still be years away! I’d always thought pigtails were cute though on girls growing up, I’d been jealous actually of them, and it kept my hair out of my face. “Ready?” She asked me. “Ready,” I told her. The trip to the university was short, but I couldn’t help but watch through my mirror and notice that Amanda was nervously looking over her shoulder at every stoplight. Clearly she and Fred were certain that Bella was not the only target of her kidnappers. That definitely kept my own nerves on edge. At the university she walked me to Destiny Hall. That morning I had a huge class with most of the other freshmen on the ‘History of Amazon Civilization.’ Littles seemed to naturally congregate towards the front and I found Laura and Meg sitting with an empty seat saved between them for me. “Hi,” I said to them as I took out my booster from my backpack. “Any word on your sister?” Meg asked. I shook my head, “No… I’m hoping she’s okay, but it’s not looking good…” I wiped the beginning of a tear from my eye and made sure I was ready to take notes on my tablet. Laura and Meg brought me up to speed on the events at the dorms from yesterday. It turned out that four littles had messed their pants in classes yesterday, and all but one had already been demerited out. The other said she was going to see Ms. Beauregard this morning since she didn’t stand a chance of avoiding the single demerit she had left. I sighed and said, “Watch yourselves,” just as the professor stood at the front with her lapel microphone on. “Good morning everyone, I’m Doctor Samantha Evergreen and this is the History of Amazon Civilization,” she smiled warmly and she seemed to be a fairly friendly, and down to earth fellow nerd. She wore her hair in a simple pony tail, form fitting jeans, and solid colored blouse. “You may call me Doctor Sam if you want, and I hope you’ll enjoy this class. We’re going to begin with the dawn of civilization, and move to the modern era. There are a lot of facts you will need to memorize for this class, but we will keep this as a general survey of history. I could spend all semester on any one days topic! Please be sure you keep up with the reading in the textbook – there is a lot! We will have four tests…” I kept notes as best I could as she began going through what was familiar and different at the same time. There were a lot of little variances in their history as she flew through the beginning of humans around 250,000 B.C.E., to 2,000 B.C.E. in that one lecture. Every now and then it was like a flip of a coin happened in both dimensions and the opposite result happened in this one. It was going to be tough to keep track of the alternative events, and I was pretty sure I’d be studying for this class more than my others! “That was so lame… she didn’t even mention that the littles on the islands have a civilization that dates back to then too…” one little complained on the way out. I didn’t catch who it was, but I clearly heard an Amazon respond, “Of course not, why would you need to cover their pants pooping moments? I should check yours…” I sighed as we exited and Amanda waited for me, “See you all at the seminar?” I asked them. They nodded and Amanda picked me up to carry me. “What do you want for lunch?” She asked me. I shrugged while thinking she had what I wanted actually… but didn’t want to have an accident in my seminar. “Go home and have a grilled cheese?” she suggested. I nodded, “Sure.” She drove back home carefully and I watched her constantly look over her shoulder each direction. Once we were safely locked inside with the alarm on in the house, she began cooking the grilled cheese. I took advantage of a few minutes to keep working on my homework for the next day, finishing up some of the last couple things I needed to get done in a couple of the classes for the remainder of the week according to the syllabuses. I was picked up suddenly and squeaked, “Lunch is ready,” Amanda said as she strapped me into my high chair. “How was history?” She asked. I shrugged, “It was okay. The professor seems alright, but I have a feeling I’m probably going to have to study for that class more than any other.” “Why?” “Besides the fact she’s covered more than two-hundred thousand years in the first class?” I asked with a raised eyebrow, “It seems like our dimensions are so close, but there’s like this coin flip of options that you all chose heads while we chose tails… I have a feeling it’s going to make it tough for me to remember which is the ‘right’ answer to a lot of questions.” She nodded, “I could see that being a problem…” “Any word this morning?” I asked as I bit into the second piece of sandwich. She shook her head, “No… I’m…” she wiped her face, “I’m not sure if it’s time to give up hope Stacy… It’s hard to imagine they’ve had her for this long and not done modifications to her… or who knows what…” I nodded, “I know…” “I shouldn’t feel so strongly about someone who was a complete stranger just over a week ago…” I wished I could get out of the high chair then, but other than the wiggling I did there was nothing more I could do. “I’m sorry Mommy,” I told her. “I know you are,” she sighed, “the worst is wondering when they’re going to try for you again.” I felt a little pit in my stomach at that, but nodded, “I’m not going to go without a fight though Mommy.” She looked at me and said, “I know you won’t.” She looked at her watch and groaned, “I need to get you back, let’s get your diaper changed.” She picked me up quickly and said as she walked upstairs, “Don’t forget that my dad is picking you up after this class.” I nodded, “I’m looking forward to it,” I told her. Amanda changed me and brought the rest of the juice bottle I’d barely touched off of my highchair into the car. Once she had me strapped in she said, “Drink, you’ve hardly touched it.” I blushed but nodded and grabbed onto it with both hands and began nursing on it as soon as she inserted the nipple into my mouth. It was empty by the time Amanda picked me up out of the car seat and I handed it to her. She sat me on the ground and held my hand as she walked me to the door of the lecture hall, and the first of the littles seminars. I had a feeling I would soon be dealing with yet another of the ‘just give up and be adopted lectures.’ I found Laura and Meg sitting with a few members of our nest. “Why aren’t you with your nest?” I asked Meg quietly after I sat down. “I’m the only one left,” she answered. I looked at her in horror, “Already?!? You’re alone with your nest mother then?” She sighed but nodded, “She definitely asked me to just call her mommy yesterday…” “Can they move you to another nest?” “They will in a couple weeks if I’m still here. Apparently my group got targeted first for some medication to make us mess.” She looked around, “If your mom hadn’t been there I’d be gone too. I was the only one not caught pooping my panties that day.” I nodded and sighed, “Why did I come to this dimension again?” I asked myself. We didn’t have long to wait before Dean Sanders stood at the front of the lecture hall, “Good afternoon boys and girls,” she said in a sweetly patronizing voice. “Good afternoon Dean Sanders,” everyone mumbled back at her. “You’re learning!” she said with a smile. “Throughout this semester and next we all will be meeting once a week just to make sure you have your best chance in life! Today we want to discuss a recent case in the courts over a little girl who became exceptionally violent…” I had to bite my tongue, and wanted a pacifier more than anything to keep my tongue silent as she went through and showed news clips of a girl who hadn’t taken becoming someone’s baby laying down. I almost wanted to cheer as nursery footage of her killing her ‘mommy’ was shown… then I wanted to be sick for all the blood and consequences that followed. To my surprise the case was ongoing following her conviction, with the courts taking a break on the final decision for her fate until she completed some sort of psych eval. In the meantime Dean Sanders opened up a debate on the legality of what should be done to the girl. “Okay, I guess my thing is make up your mind as Amazons,” one boy said. “Either we’re babies, or we’re adults? If we’re adults it should be illegal to kidnap us. If we’re babies…” he hesitated, “then at least apply some decent protection laws to us. If she had been a baby and treated like that wouldn’t the mother have had her custody revoked for being abusive?” Dean Sanders actually nodded, “I happen to agree with you. You are babies for the most part, and if we’re going to treat you as such then we shouldn’t abuse you.” “I didn’t say…” “But, again if she was a free little and had killed an Amazon in full premeditation like that, then she should face the full force of the law.” To my surprise she actually enabled a very good dialogue and conversation through the seminar time. At the end she said, “You as littles have many legal requirements and obligations, it is important that you are aware of what rights you have and don’t have. Good luck with the rest of your first week.” As I stood up I heard, “Ms. Westerfield,” and turned to see Dean Sanders looking at me. “Yes ma’am?” I said politely. “How is your sister doing?” I felt tears at my eyes and shrugged, “We don’t actually know… She was… ki…kidnapped Sunday from the hospital.” “Wait, that was your sister?” She asked with her eyes widening. “You all can’t catch a break, can you?” I shook my head, “Doesn’t seem like it, does it?” She put her hand on my head, “Hang in there,” she then gave my backside light pat and I followed Laura and Meg outside. Grandpa was standing outside the door and I told them, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” before walking over to him and giving him a hug. “Hi Grandpa,” I told him. He picked me up, squeezed me, “Hi Stacy,” and carried me on his side and walked to his car where the new infant car seat waited for me. “Need a change?” he asked as he laid me down in the seat. I shook my head, “I should be okay for a bit…” “Well let’s get to the studio then,” he said. I sat quietly and used my phone as he drove through the streets. I saw my mom had e-mailed me and groaned. With everything going on I hadn’t e-mailed her since most of everything bad had happened… ‘How in the hell do I tell her about this and not have her demand that I go home?’ I quickly shot off an e-mail that I would reply more later with some overview facts, I made sure to include a safe phrase just to be sure she knew it was a time issue and that I was still safe. There were a few other e-mails including an invite to another Lambda Delta Pi event Friday. I would have to ask Amanda if I could go later, but a part of me thought it was a better idea to stay safe at home! Soon we pulled into the parking lot of Grandpa’s studio and he came to let me out. Inside he took me into a locker room and said, “Let’s change you into a fresh diaper, and then we’ll get you ready to go.” I was stripped and changed into a fresh Pamper before he produced a gi that was my size! He even had the red belt that I had last tested for when I studied before. “I haven’t practiced in a long time Sensei,” I told him when I saw that. He smiled, “That did not show when I tested you this weekend. Once you learn the forms that are required of you I hope that you will receive your first ‘Dan’ Belt within the year.” I bowed to him, “You honor me,” I said. He bowed back, “It is my honor!” He paused, “I had begun to think I might never teach one of my grandchildren since Amanda was the only one that ever really studied seriously with me.” I smiled at him and put the gi on myself, tying it closed with the belt. It was then for the first time that I actually counted the stripes on his belt. “You’re a sixth degree Dan?” He smiled, “I’m supposed to travel and test to earn my seventh this year actually.” “That is really cool,” I told him while following him out of the locker room. Out in the studio he told me, “We have about a half-hour before my first set of students will arrive. Let’s make the most of the time before I need to begin their class.” After a short stretching session I began working through the forms I had learned and a new one he was teaching me. I was so focused on what I was doing that I failed to note the audience I was gaining, or the fact that Grandpa Joe had left me working on my own to greet his young students and their parents. “Who is she?” I finally noticed when I finished an exercise and looked up. I turned and bowed to him and the Amazonian mother who had asked giggled, “She’s adorable!” she then asked again, “Who is she?” At his gesture I walked over to him and he said, “This is my adopted granddaughter, Stacy.” “Adopted? Why are you training her then?” A mother next to her asked. “I have always wanted a grandchild to pass along my knowledge to. Stacy is an apt pupil who studied where she is from in her dimension.” “So that red belt is real?” A boy who towered over me asked. I guessed he was about six-feet in height, double my own, but only about six or seven years old knowing that was the age of the students that were supposed to be in this class. “Yes, it is,” I said myself. Before the inquisitive bunch could ask us any more questions Grandpa ordered everyone to their places. One line had fewer students in it and he asked the members of that line to scoot back one space and put me in front. Knowing he was saying to them I was more advanced than they were, I was glad they were only six and seven year olds! The scary thing was that everyone was at least a foot and a half taller than me. The shortest kid, a girl I learned was named Nikki, still stood four and a half feet tall! I did the entire workout with them, and then he broke students up into partners to spar one set at a time. I was paired up with the boy who had asked if my belt was real. “Hi, I’m Stacy,” I greeted him cordially. “Eddie,” he said. “Sensei, I’m really supposed to fight her?” “Yes,” he told him from the side. “But she’s a baby…” “Then it should be easy,” he told him. I heard an intake of air from several moms at the periphery, but I got the feeling they had been instructed from the beginning not to interfere with their students training. I know my own mom had struggled with that requirement back home! “Kyungnet,” he said and we bowed to each other. “You are not to hurt each other, but I expect your best,” he said. I noted that Eddie only had a second level belt, so I knew he didn’t know much yet. As Grandpa said, “Charyut!” we began. I circled some and let him make the first move. It was a kick so telegraphed I think the mothers could tell from where they were sitting. I ducked and caught his leg before twisting him gently to the ground and giving a jab with my elbow across his sternum. “Point to Stacy,” he said. We sparred to two more points, both of them mine, before Eddie really began to get angry. He tried an awkward leg sweep that I assumed he had seen somewhere, but not yet perfected so it was really awkwardly done. I summersaulted over his leg and instead performed my own leg sweep to kick his legs out from underneath him, once again scoring a point. The final point of the five we sparred to involved him essentially behaving like a bull and running straight at me to grapple me. I used his momentum and tossed him on his back as gently as I could. “How did you do that?!?” He asked. “I’m bigger than you!” I bowed to him, “I used your momentum against you,” I told him honestly. Grandpa bowed to us both and patted us both on our backs before moving to the next set of partners who weren’t nearly as exciting to watch. At the end of the class Eddie came to me, “Nice to meet you Stacy… I guess you’re not just a dumb smelly baby.” I smiled, “Nice to meet you too,” I told him but frowned when his mom began tersely talking to him and then looking my direction. “How could you let that little girl fight my boy…?” I heard his mother shriek a few minutes later. “She could have hurt him!” I felt my jaw drop and I couldn’t help the giggle that came to my mouth and quickly turned around. Luckily I was far enough away I doubted she had heard me. “She’s a student, but more importantly I know has the control to not hurt anyone she doesn’t want to,” Grandpa told her. “You should also remember she’s half your sons size, if there’s anyone who should worry it’s me. My daughter will kill me if anything happens to her little girl,” I could hear the smile on his face. “I don’t want…” “If you can’t respect my methods then find another teacher for Eddie. I would deeply regret that given I think he has a lot of potential.” I turned back around in time to see him respectfully bow to the speechless woman and come back over to me. “Thanks for sticking up for me,” I told him quietly when he bent down and picked me up. “My pleasure,” he said with a smile, “nice job today,” he added. “Let’s change that diaper of yours and then you can join my next class too?” I smiled and nodded, “Sure… then I’d better work on homework or Mommy will kill me…” He laughed, “I think we can manage her.” I was taken back to a small office he had this time and he changed me on a sofa he had in there. Once I was cleaned up he used another wipe on the rest of my body to wipe some sweat away before carrying me back to greet his next class. This group was aged eight to ten, and I saw a few red belts like mine around the room. One girl who was quite a bit smaller than the others actually wore a black belt. ‘If she’s ten I bet she’ll end up a betweener who will kick anyone’s butt if they mess with her,’ I mused to myself before being once again put into the front of a line next to the girl with the black belt. The others up front had red belts too and I joined them for their class. As they took their places I guessed that except for the shorter girl, the rest were between six feet and nearly eight feet in height. The disparity in height from my own was intimidating and I could hear some whispers and giggles about me. The girl next to me said, “Hi, I’m Hermione.” I giggled, “I’m Stacy, your parents fans of Harry Potter?” “What?” “Oh… not in this dimension. British then?” She smiled, “My dad was. Umm… how old are you?” “Eighteen,” I told her. “Why are you here?” She asked. Before I could answer Grandpa Joe took the front and greeted us. “We have a new student who will be joining your class. Stacy is my adopted granddaughter. Please treat her like any other student! She’s shorter than you, but I think you’ll find that may not be the disadvantage it seems at first.” I could feel the skeptical looks then, having the same thoughts myself, but kept quiet. We did a few stretches and warm-ups before he began running us through some of the things he had been teaching me on my own. It was clear this class was more advanced than the last one, and it was also clear this was closer to my own level. Midway through the class instead of sparring he had everyone practice kicks and breaking boards. I’d done that back home, but I couldn’t help but note that the boards were thicker in this dimension, and it had been years since I had done so. I ended up in the middle of a line coming up and heard the tittering and giggles as I came up to the front. I bowed to Grandpa though and at his command launched a kick into the board. To everyone’s amazement, including my own, the board broke easily. “Very good Stacy!” he bowed before patting me on the head. The next person, a tall boy who had been laughing before, failed to break the board. I managed to only smirk myself at that! He had us regroup on the mat before dismissing us and I noticed that Amanda was standing at the side. I ran over to her, “Hi Mommy,” I told her and made the universal ‘up’ sign. “Hi Stacy,” she smiled and hugged me. Another mom came over and said, “How irresponsible can you be having your little here? She could get hurt!” “Not with my dad in charge,” she said nodding towards Grandpa. “Well, at least not if she listens to him!” “I have half a mind to report you to LPS!” The lady said angrily. “I have more than half a mind to smack you upside the head too,” Amanda said. “Why!” she started before Grandpa arrived. “Is there a problem?” “No problem Daddy, I’m sure she was just getting her son here and leaving, wasn’t she?” I noted then the boy behind me who couldn’t break the board until his fourth attempt was there. “Mom let’s go!” He hissed, “You can’t blow this for me like you did baseball!” I looked at the boy and wondered what all happened to him, feeling more than a little bad that I had wanted to laugh at him earlier. He led his mom away and I noted that I would make that up to him the next week. “How did she do?” Amanda asked her dad. “Broke her board on the first try and did well sparring earlier. I’m curious to see how she does sparring with my older students Thursday.” “Don’t let her get hurt…” she told him. “No promises, I never promised that to your mom and I’ll not lie to you either,” he said. I looked up and she blushed but nodded, “I guess we’d better get out of here for dinner and let you get ready for your next class.” “Stacy’s stuff is in my office,” he said. “You can leave her gi on my desk and I’ll have it for her on Thursday so she doesn’t have to haul it to class.” “Great, thanks Dad,” she said and I found myself in his office getting my uniform back on over a fresh diaper. The other had been dry, but my sweat meant a new one was a good idea according to Amanda who claimed I ‘stank.’ Back in my school uniform she carried me out to the car and strapped me into my seat, “We’re going to meet Daddy for dinner,” she said. I just nodded grabbed for a pacifier that was next to me and placed it into my mouth. The drive to the restaurant was just long enough for me to take a nice nap encouraged by the comfort of my paci! WHEN I WOKE up I found we were at Elevated, their favorite restaurant... I was unstrapped from the car seat and carried into the restaurant where the Maitre’D was all smiles and led us to a table and a high chair for me. “Mr. and Mrs. Westerfield, so good to see you again,” he said. “And Ms. Westerfield as well,” he said with a smile to me. “Hi,” Amanda said without any real enthusiasm. “Is everything okay?” He asked. “Not really,” I told him quietly to his surprise. “Anything we can do?” The chef suddenly appeared behind us and asked. In unison we all shook our heads, “We had adopted another little girl…” Amanda said with a tear down her eye. “She was attacked first and then kidnapped from the hospital…” “Mio Dio!” he replied, “That was your little girl?” He sighed, “I heard about that yesterday. I am so sorry to hear that. I didn’t even get a chance to meet her, did I?” I shook my head, “No sir, she’d only been part of our family a week.” “I’m so sorry,” he told us all. “Do you mind if I just prepare a meal for you all tonight?” I shrugged and watched them hand the menus back to the Maitre’D. “Sure,” Fred replied aloud. “I will prepare the best meal that I can to try and help you feel a little bit better,” he said. “And, I’ll be praying for your little bambina… I hope she finds her way home to you!” When he left the table was quiet, only a little bit of chewing as we received bread. Fred finally broke the silence and asked me, “How did your classes go today?” I told him about the history class, then about the odd littles seminar. Finally he asked about my time with Grandpa Joe after school and I told him about the first part that Amanda hadn’t seen. She filled him in on the board break though as apparently she had been there for that herself. “Sounds like you and Grandpa Joe have hit it off well,” Fred said to me as food appeared in front of us. Mine was in a bowl and cut up, but still not pureed. Across the restaurant I had been ignoring the four other littles spread about that were in various states of disgust, anger, and being fed. One glared at me when they realized I had real food and asked their mom, “Why does she get real food?” ‘Déja vu,’ I thought, wondering what the consequences would be this time. A quick smack and a pacifier inflated into their mouth finished the questions. I sighed but just enjoyed the dish he had prepared for me. It was like a chicken piccata dish, but better than anything I could remember having. The Chef came out and checked on us after a while and we all split a dessert before getting in the cars to go home. After a needed diaper change in my nursery Amanda directed me with one word, “Get your homework finished up,” she told me. I nodded and sat down at my desk. Fortunately I’d done a majority of the work for Wednesday’s classes the night before and in the afternoon, but I still had a good thirty pages of reading and a couple of ‘optional’ assignments to complete. When I was done with those I read the first sixty pages of the history textbook as we’d been told to do. I had to start keeping a log of notes of my dimension versus this dimension to keep everything straight. By about eight-thirty I was done and began looking to work on some of my other projects. My first goal was to see if there was some way to excrete some of my nanites on cue, and program them to quickly do what I needed them to… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thank you for continuing to follow this tale! Chapter 43 is mostly ready for next week, with Chapter 44 needing to be fleshed out some more. I think there will be at most another chapter and Epilogue after this, so stay tuned! Thank you to WBDaddy for letting me reference his character's situation from ‘A Little Legal Issue’ in this. (One of the most thought provoking legal stories in the dimension!) Please let me know what you’re thinking/add some ‘likes’ to the story if you’re enjoying it. I’m hoping to finish writing the book this weekend and week - it’s helpful to read the comments when I get stuck! Thanks for sticking with me here!
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    10 - Loose Ends and New Beginnings “Joyce, I’ll be back!” Emily called from the other side of the Apartment, who was busy slipping her shoes on. She already had her jacket on and a duffel bag set beside her. “Back?” Joyce curiously called in return. It was hard to hear Emily over the paper shredder. These pesky receipts were starting to stack up and they were accumulated evidence. “Hang on, wait there for me!” She checked the clock and could see it was nearly 7:30 at night. Where could she be going at this time? Emily was an adult (at least out of their playtime) and shouldn’t have the right to be questioned as to where she went, but it certainly wasn’t like her usual routine. Folding her glasses and setting them on the desk, her bare feet traversed the wooden floors, her steps becoming more and more audible to Emily, and soon making the distance between them nonexistent. Just as it was described, Emily was already kicking her feet into the Converse Joyce had bought her, fitting them for a snug fit, and had the large bag slung over her shoulder. “Where’re you going?” Joyce poked out of curiosity. As weird as it felt, she found it odd to imagine Emily leaving the house unless she was with her. Not because Emily couldn’t be trusted, but it was only when they were both leaving the house or for work that it came off as ordinary... “I think it’s high time I finally go and get the rest of my clothes? Is it okay if I bring some of my stuff back here?” Emily sounded to be fishing for assurance. Everything Joyce had provided her with was plentiful and beautiful, but there was still a piece of herself stranded in what was starting to feel like an old chapter to a book in the midst of pleasant foreshadowing. She’d reached a much more notable highlight in her life and was ready to give it her full attention. It was Jack’s place the covers were ready to close on. She’d put it off for long enough, and she did want her clothes and other few possessions back. It was perfectly alright, but it didn’t do much to affect the initial shock value. “O-of course!” Joyce still slightly stammered. “You can just keep them in your room with the rest of your stuff. There’s no issue.” She had hoped Emily was beginning to feel comfortable enough around here, even though her usual catnaps were enough to suggest that. “Are you...sure?” Emily asked with uncertainty. It was one thing for Joyce to buy her things with her money; making them her purchases and her items. With that in mind, it felt oddly strange to bring in an outside piece of her life into another person’s home. Admittedly, it felt invasive; despite the chemistry they already had. “Emily,” Joyce started with a sorrowful smile. “You should know better than to be so hung up on things like that.” While it was never explicitly discussed, apparently Joyce had been the only one jumping to conclusions and getting ahead of themselves. “I was hoping you were starting to think of this as your home...” her voice grew a little quiet at the end. “But!” She quickly interjected herself. “If you do ever decide to leave, that’s understandable as well...” The second line openly came off as tad bit more melancholic than the first. To even openly suggest the possibility was a painful reminder of how the outcome could jeopardize her calculated and deep-seeded plan, but more importantly the bond they’d formed together and the future they could have. Thoughts like that were scary to Joyce. Her heart pleaded to her brain to stop thinking such things. “Well…” Emily shyly turned part of her face away; a bit embarrassed to be bombarded with such heavy and emotionally-invested topics. “I haven’t really planned to...leave...” Emily found herself choosing her words carefully, in a way that expressed her intent without coming off as a homeless freeloader. “And I...” the longer she spoke the harder it was to lift the words and propel them from her mouth. “Kind of like being with you, here...But I think I should start paying rent!” Emily quickly tried to assert her moral compass and justify some fair reason to make living here acceptable. “It’s only fair since you already do so-” A pair of sweatered arms wrapped around Emily and the soft, brown hair of a familiar face pressed against her cheek. “Then there’s no problem!” Joyce beamed. “You can live here for as long as you’d like Emily,” She glowed, pulling herself back just a bit so they could be face to face. “But your money belongs to you,” She looked a bit more serious. “How you choose to spend it is entirely up to you, but I won’t accept it.” Joyce had put her foot down. “But that’s not fair to you, Joyce. I’m an adult. I work, and I should at least pay something for living here-” “And you already do.” Joyce interrupted. “Maybe you were just in need of some shelter the first few days I found you, but I think we’re a bit more than just strangers at this point?” Joyce couldn’t help but smile knowing even herself that it could have very well been the understatement of the year. After everything they’d been through together, it was impossible to think of Emily as just another face. She’d become something essential, as in turn the same was for Emily in her heart, despite trying to be an adult in defiance to it. Emily’s face read like a book when she grew red from hearing those words, already having flashbacks of the person she wanted as a landlord; a person who bathed her naked and diapered her on multiple occasions. Not to mention she watched her go both number one and two...With that kind of rationale, even she was starting to feel foolish for suggesting such adult things; in the face of a person who cared for her in her most vulnerable state. “And, I’ll have you know you do in fact have rent!” Joyce retorted, spinning the girl who was moments from heading out and planting themselves back on the floor with the smaller one’s waist locked in arms. In an exaggerated motion Joyce rubbed their cheeks together as she made playful noises. “You pay me in snuggles and cuddles each and every day!” Joyce cooed. “And it looks like rent’s due again!” She squeezed Emily and hoped to never let her go. Beyond being the key that unlocked the hole in her heart she always wanted to fill and reciprocate with, having another soul in the expansive apartment was something nice in itself. Emily called herself an adult, which was true. But now she was only an adult some of the time, meaning the rest was dedicated to the babyhood she indulged in with Joyce. That in itself was more than enough, and the idea of money even being remotely involved sullied the innocence and purity of what they had. Besides, how could a mother expect to charge her own baby? Emily couldn’t help but laugh from Joyce’s touchy manner, and kept her happy remarks quiet. For Joyce to take in and pay for another resident, it was a mere drop in the bucket as far as her salary went. And despite the unspoken flow of things, telling Emily she had a place here, it never felt right to act on it. Had it not been for Joyce’s encouraging attitude to even want something like this, as opposed to an indifferent attitude, Emily would have never considered letting a setup as one-sided as this go on. She’d have to set aside her own hardwired selflessness and allow Joyce to draw out and splay the selfish feelings within her. Although it was traditionally wrong to be selfish and spoiled like this...it was something Joyce revelled in being able to make possible in another person, because it meant the opportunity to do for someone else. By becoming the thing a respectable adult would tell her to stray from, it was the best possible way she could show her gratitude to Joyce. “Okay, okay! I’ll stop talking about it,” Emily giggled. “Can you let me get going now? I don’t want to be back too late.” Friday would finally be upon them the next morning. Saturdays and Sundays were free days. Although, they’d transitioned from simple lazy days since being with Joyce, assuming a much more special nature. Intimate….and infantile. “Alright,” Joyce conceded as if it were against her better judgement. “Just give me a second to get my shoes on.” “Huh?” “Really?” Joyce looked at her as if the confusion were hers. “Did you think I was going to make you walk around the city in the middle of a windy night, when there’s two cars between me and Charles?” Emily found herself being offered a helping hand she was too polite to initially ask for. It was the reservedness in her that Joyce was trying to discourage, hoping for Emily to lean on her a bit more. But it was clear they still had work to do, since if she hadn’t stopped her paper shredding to come see Emily, she’d have been gone an awful while. “Unless you want to walk all night with your stuff?” Joyce waited for a response with a smirk. She didn’t need an answer, because they were both thinking the same thing. “Well...if you don’t mind...” Her face looked troubled again. “Give me just a minute.” Joyce was already slipping her socks on. From inside the car and in the passenger seat, apart from the quiet hum coming from the car’s engine and the surrounding vehicles, the ride was silent from other than idle chatter. Emily and Joyce sat in the front, with the more motherly of the two’s hands behind the wheel. Emily had given her the address, still recent from a year-long memory of being there. Each block they passed and the closer they got, what she was doing felt that much more surreal. Jack was probably home, he never worked this late, and he usually went out on just the weekends...Why? Why did she have to remember these things? Just thinking about how they left off, how he left her high and dry…! It made her seethe with anger...confusion….and sadness. Hopefully she could be in and out as fast as possible, so she could pack away this painful box of memories and never see them again. The only thing she could hope for now is if he made good on his promise. A hand was suddenly squeezing her knee, connected to an arm that led to the body of Joyce. “...Thanks.” Joyce always seemed to be reading her mind, even when she least expected it. “Just look forward to tomorrow,” Joyce’s words had excitement infused in them. “If you’re not too tired we can have our playtime a little sooner than planned for.” From only one weekend session, Joyce was already itching for more. Babying Emily and simply enjoying the idea of motherhood was like candy to her sweet tooth, and you simply couldn’t stop at one. But her urges always came second to Emily’s own pace. Ultimately she ran the show and would decide how things go, but within that scope Joyce would be sure to lead her little girl along... “O...okay...” Emily looked away and out the window, still trying to swallow her pride from wanting such things and forgetting her troubling thoughts. She in herself was becoming hooked, even if a sense of guilt was weighing her for wanting to be babied by Joyce too...But she also knew from how they first discussed the terms, Joyce was looking for something far more intense in not necessarily the physical but emotional sense. A brief example was what she did in her diapers...Her diapers. The thought of them belonging to her drummed up such squeamish feelings. All it’d take for Joyce to change her was a single wetting. Deep down, she knew Joyce was reserving herself and would never trample over Emily’s cautious ease into the process, but it must have been difficult for Joyce in her own way. She wanted something that Emily was taking a long time to give. It was frustrating trying to provide as her baby when she herself was still trying to adjust to it. There were things that had been considered unspeakable before, like peeing in a diaper and being stark naked, yet they were oddly digestible now...The phenomena from her interactions with Joyce made the incomprehensible somehow commonplace, which now was as bewildering as it was strangely alluring. These endless pits of thought and self-reflection were always the worst when she couldn’t keep herself from continuously falling, but it was those simple gestures Joyce would always make that woke her up from her dream and return her to simplicity. It almost made her want Joyce to read her own mind...so she could lay herself bare and let the everso knowledgeable and kind woman sort the pieces out for her. “Alright my little thinker, we’re here.” Joyce spoke as the car pulled off the road and into a small lot, followed by the car easing into a halt. Out the windshield Emily could see the same brick building she’d shuffled out of over a week ago. It reminded her of how she had been a much more disheveled and distraught person, who even put themselves in pain...To think a puddle on the sidewalk could have blessed her with Joyce...The world certainly worked in mysterious ways. But her thoughts came full circle being back here, being introduced to a familiar sight. What was something she walked away from was now something she returned to; hopefully for the last time. Jack. “Should I wait out here?” Joyce asked, hoping to respect Emily’s boundaries. While this was a part of Emily’s life she wasn’t well-versed in, she knew the gist of how this had been a long-term partner. She wouldn’t want to inappropriately include herself unless Emily had requested her help. “I’m not sure how much stuff I have, actually...” Her words tried to shroud her obvious intent. “I might be a while, so you might get bored here.” Emily awkwardly wrestled her thumbs. As cute as it was and Joyce knew what she was getting at, a much more clear response would be needed for something like this. Maybe she could be like that when as a baby, but Emily to some degree could not be careless with a moment like this. “Emily,” Joyce caught her full and undivided attention. “I need either a yes or no, please. Be honest with me.” The internal struggle didn’t last long, not when the gravity of going back to Jack’s by herself was sinking in. The flare and fire within her seemed to dampen just from trying to imagine confrontation. Maybe it was the rain from day one that was making her so gloomy right now. Regardless of the poetic thoughts, she wanted Joyce. “P...please come with me...” her quiet voice pleaded. A content smile crept on her face, happy to see Emily assume a brave attitude, even if she was shy about it. Joyce wasn’t ever looking for perfection from her, because she’d be more than happy to make up the difference. As long as Emily told her it was okay she’d be happy to help. “Let’s get a move on then, hm?” With the bag over Emily’s shoulder the pair crossed the street and walked up to the door. Emily hadn’t bothered ringing the room’s bell from the entrance. She tried the same entrance code both she and Jack knew, which struck her with a bitter taste when it worked. It was another sign of how Jack went about kicking her out so half-assedly. The lobby was as empty as always and the nostalgia Emily was already feeling was anything but happy. It was uncomfortable, to say the least. “What floor is it?” Joyce asked, a finger already positioned to hit the elevator panel. “The fourth.” Emily kept her words brief. The more she talked the more she felt like she’d crumble. The distance between she and her ex was becoming unbearable as miles turned to hundreds of yards, to hundreds of feet. It was then for the first time Emily received a friendly arm around the shoulder without blushing. She knew she needed the comfort. Wordlessly, Emily walked down the hall, the same one with the mediocre flooring and decently-painted walls. Room 403 was still missing the zero symbol that should have been screwed into the wall between four and three. It was empty, much like when Jack snatched the zero away from her. It was a painful reminder she had hoped to forget about, but this sort of ‘therapy’ only prodded it further. Bob was still blasting his rock music from the next door over, without any regard for the complaints he’d get the night before. Every night she’d be banging on his wall, getting him to try and turn it down. Peaceful negotiations broke down about a week after they started, seeing as they were getting nowhere. Clearly it didn’t bother Jack though, because hearing the music now was enough to speak for itself. Room 408. This was it. Joyce stayed silent, giving Emily every moment she could possibly ever need. Time could go on for centuries and they wouldn’t have needed to leave this spot. This moment wasn’t essential to Emily in any way to encourage her play with Joyce. No, this was something she needed to overcome as a person. Closure. Drawing out her hand and letting it freeze for a few moments, Emily rapped her knuckles on the wooden door, with a force that did not convey anger but a forced neutral response. “One second!” An old voice called from the other end. Emily could almost feel her ears flinch from hearing him. The voicemail was all she could think of now; how he suddenly discarded her and left her like a piece of trash. She could only think of all the things that made her hate him. With the sliding of a chain and click of a lock, the door swung open to reveal the womanly pair to the lazed Jack, who was in a loose t-shirt and shorts. The sight didn’t register surprise on his face until a few moments later, reading the unpleasant expression on his Ex’s face, and the neutral expression from Joyce who was a complete stranger to him. “Ah...Emily...” Jack rubbed the side of his hair awkwardly. He hadn’t been expecting to see her so soon. Or at all, for that matter…”I take it you’re here for your stuff?” “Yeah. I am.” She tried to keep herself reserved. “Er, right.” The awkward atmosphere was potent. Thick and heavy. He was still trying to piece together who the woman with her was. Out of all Emily’s friends he’d never seen this one, who had such a beautiful face and figure hiding behind her jacket...How could he possibly forget someone as stunning as this? He set aside his turning gears to leave some space in the doorway. “Come in...” Emily didn’t wait for any more confirmation, whilst Jack and Joyce exchanged very brief but formal greetings. “Want me to come with you?” Joyce asked behind Emily, whose turquoise Converse were already moving with a purpose and destination in mind. Jack could only listen and watch in awe. Here his ex was, picking up the rest of her life while a complete and utter goddess to his eyes and ears seductively walked around his apartment. Her mere presence suddenly made him self-conscious of his laid-back attire, just as much as the state of the apartment. It was relatively clean, but the bobs and bits left about became that much more apparent. “Yes please,” Emily maintained her rigid front, not wanting to give Jack any sign of despair or defeat. Weakness was not an option. “We shouldn’t be too long,” Joyce looked back at Jack. “Please don’t mind us.” Damn! She was even polite! Had Emily told her what happened between them? Even he knew it wasn’t the best way to let someone go, but it still didn’t change the fact he’d done it. In a mere week his ex already seemed to have found her footing again. It was off-putting… Emily walked into the room she used to share with Jack. The covers had been poorly drawn up the bed, and the pillows lacked uniformity. Jack never was big on picking up after himself, and to remember a note like that made Emily hate herself more for still being so invested. Opening the closet, she could see her clothes looked to be untouched. A few things she thought to find though were actually missing. She was too steamed to actually ask about them though. The atmosphere from being in this place was now suffocating; a place she used to be able to call home. How different it felt now. Before she could lounge anywhere she wanted around here without needing anyone’s permission, but she felt like a stranger now. She didn’t think a breakup could affect her like this, and it only made her want to sever her ties with this place even more. Without even bothering to fold, she kept shoving outfit after outfit into the bag, deviating more and more from the actual reason for why she came here. She didn’t even need to speak to Jack to become so heated! It was a good thing Joyce came; she didn’t know if she’d be able to keep her cool. “You know if you folded them beforehand we won’t have to when we get home,” Joyce butted in, gently taking Emily’s frustrated arm. Emily stopped looking at the rapidly changing fabrics and colors to look at Joyce. It was a foolish thing to think that she could hide her tears from her. Emily tried to be as a silent as possible, so not to alert a third party. Her hands clenched the thick fabric of Joyce’s jacket, who was happy to be a crutch for her little girl. “Would you be able to give us a moment, please?” Joyce turned her head back on the only male in the apartment, who couldn’t help but find himself watching. Her voice carried a tone that was polite, but underlined with the sentiment that she didn’t appreciate onlookers. “Right! Erm...sorry.” Jack shuffled out of view, trying to plant himself in the nearby kitchen. His mind was racing with fascination as his mind was occupied with the sudden stranger. Home? Was Emily living with this woman? The more he thought about how she looked, the more otherworldly she seemed. Something about her screamed high class, yet to see her kind words spoken to another was so...attractive. He didn’t even consider his own shamelessness for ogling at one of Emily’s friends; the person he dumped. Emily was wearing clothes he’d never seen her in either. Did she get them for her? What was her name? Jack was dying to know. Joyce helped resume the packing process in a much more neat fashion. She kept comments to herself from seeing all her various outfits, trying to make the process as streamlined as possible. She moved over to the underwear drawer to get those articles of clothing, passively noticing the inferior materials and softness they had compared to the ones she bought Emily. Not in a manner as if she ridiculed Emily’s choice in clothes or financial ability, no. Just that she was that much more happy to be able to do for Emily. She’d have to buy her more underwear of the same quality… “There’s still your bathroom stuff if you want it.” Jack suddenly appeared again, trying to inject himself into the conversation despite it not being his place. “I’m fine.” Emily blankly said. She didn’t want any more reminders of this place than she needed, and the thought of having to be here any longer just to sort through frivolous things sounded too stressful. The packing continued for about ten more minutes until there was nothing left to take, or anything Emily wanted, at least. “All done?” Joyce asked, clasping her hands together. “Mhm...” Emily nodded with sorrowful feelings. They were by no means aimed at Joyce, but Emily couldn’t feel the need to keep her emotions in check at the moment. Joyce understood well enough though and zipped the duffel bag closed. “We’ll be leaving now.” Joyce called to Jack as the pair briskly moved to the door. He was trying to make himself look busy on his phone from the kitchen. “Oh um, okay.” Jack stiffly spoke. “And, uh, Emily,” He continued, catching her attention. “You….you look good.” Why...why did he have to say that? Emily could feel her face contort, brows furrow and anger seethe in between her teeth. Without a word or second glance she opened the door and broke out into a near-stomp down the hall. She wanted to scream from hearing those words. Kindness. Kindness from someone who had been such an ass, kicked her to the curb, and he got to play it off like it was nothing? No, no, no! It doesn’t get to work like that! And as she burned with rage, she didn’t even realize it herself that tears were rolling down her cheeks. As if somewhere from a sixth sense she had known, Emily turned and buried her face into the person that was already waiting for her and she hugged dearly. “Why...” she mumbled through her sobs as she pressed in the coat. “Why! Why does he get to be like that? Why does it only hurt ME so much?!” Emily cried, standing in the middle of a place that had lost its familiar feeling. The only thing that kept her from beating her fists into the cushion was that the cushion was Joyce, and she could never harm someone as generous as her. Joyce couldn’t give her any words, as even she ached for the poor Emily. The only effective consolement she could offer was the physical contact she was already giving. Emily hugged tight and never wanted to let go. It was the only thing that prevented a meltdown she’d put off for so long. How could a year of her life have gone to waste? To be as if she were the only person who cared?! Not even the one she’d spent it with even gave a damn! WHY? Why did only her heart have to be so vulnerable like this? Jack’s words were cruel, even if he hadn’t meant it to be that way. Regardless, Emily still held it against him. Even when the flame between them was put out, the embers that remained were still scorching.. “Let’s head on back to the car,” Joyce comforted, still holding Emily close. “You can unwind once you sit down.” Emily could feel the suggestions already loosen the tension in her muscles. She sniffled and nodded as they kept moving forward, unable to leave the apartment unscathed, but it would have been a lie if either of them had expected things to go smoothly. “Ah...I forgot my phone….” Emily could feel herself wanting to cry again in the elevator. She had checked something on her phone and left it on the nightstand...But everything inside of her wanted nothing to do with the place again. It was an important piece though, and Joyce had just gotten it for her...She was such a failure. “Here, go unlock the car.” Joyce balled the keys in her hand. “I’ll go and get it for you,” she patted her back. “Where did you leave it?” “On the nightstand...in the room. I’m sorry, really. I didn’t mean to I was just...” “Stop dwelling on the little stuff.” Joyce spoke in a simple voice. “I’ll be back to make you go back to your bubbly self, okay?” Emily was the only one to step off the elevator and back into the lobby. She was already feeling better to get some distance and happy encouragement. “Okay...” Emily finally looked Joyce in the eyes with a puffy-eyed smile, until the metal doors closed again between them. Joyce then sighed, as the metal box moved back up. She wasn’t exactly keen on going back here either, since if what Emily had said to be true, then Jack seriously was taking their breakup far too lightly. To so effortlessly drop her fragile Emily almost openly irked her a little. For Emily’s sake though she’d keep up appearances in front of this guy for a little longer though. Jack had been a little sad; not to see Emily go, but the person with her. Maybe a little for Emily, but certainly more the stranger. Had they been on different terms, Jack could almost imagine himself even trying to get closer to that enchantress...If only. His fantasies were interrupted though by the knock on the door again. Were they back? They couldn’t be! With a misplaced sense of urgency he opened to door once again, only to see the magnificent Joyce standing in the doorway. “Oh! Hi again!” Jack was caught by her beauty yet again; a small smile on his face. “Hi,” Joyce didn’t reciprocate the fascination. “Emily forgot her phone. If you don’t mind, I could just…?” “Of course! Get whatever you need.” Jack repeated the same motion as he did last time. This had to be a second chance! Even Emily wasn’t here now. It was a sign! “Uh, hey...I’m Jack by the way. Emily probably told you already...” Her blank expression directed toward him insinuated they probably weren’t the best of words…”And...you are?” He shamelessly pushed on with the kind of carelessness Joyce had only liked to see in Emily. His was of a much more malicious and beginnings of a lechery kind…With no regard to the affiliation she had with his ex, his disregard for this was downright stupid, or that much cruel to move ahead despite knowing this. “Joyce. Nice to meet you.” Joyce kept moving. She walked into the bedroom as they had left it ten minutes earlier. Forgetting Emily’s instructions for a brief moment, she decided to check the room at random and pulled back the covers for whatever reason. Apart from the sheets being tussled, there was something else Joyce’s eyes couldn’t mistake. At first glance, the feelings that flooded her mind weren’t for her total loss of respect for Jack, nor to the connection he was trying to form with her. They were devoid of personal feelings for herself, or Jack. It was only for Emily, as a sudden sense of relief struck her from realizing Emily never saw what was underneath the covers. Nonchalantly, a pink thong lay discarded on the bed as if it were nobody’s business. To the cheap decor in the house it also added to the theme of a bachelor; of someone who didn’t know the first thing about commitment. She tried not to scoff, as her concern for Emily was placed to the side, and the afterthoughts of Jack and her sudden disdain for him came to her forefront and in full swing. Grabbing the phone off the nightstand, she didn’t want to spend a moment longer in there. Someone much more important was waiting for her. “Oh um hey, wait a sec…!” Jack couldn’t process that the moment they had together was ending faster than he thought. Her hand was already going for the knob and he hadn’t taken the chance yet to establish anything. “Jack,” Joyce maintained her calm demeanor, but it was a weak disguise for the true annoyance she felt underneath. “I can’t blame Emily for wanting to love you, and she seemed like she really did,” She was becoming too invested in a matter that didn’t concern her, so why was she so pissed off? “People love and want to be loved. There’s nothing wrong with that.” She wasn’t even sure if these words were getting through to Jack, but his recent actions and sights left Joyce too annoyed to not say anything. “But to betray that love, that trust, and to trample over it so easily and discard it? That makes you complete and utter scum. There’s a way of handling things that you seemed to have completely disregarded.” Her rage was feeding into a cycle that she knew she had to put to rest. The man who tried to look complacent was killing her! His seeming lack of remorse was the cherry on top of the malice she felt towards him. “Joyce...but,” Jack tried to find the right words--anything to preserve the mood between them. There had to be something he could say, something he could do! Maybe- The door slammed shut, and Joyce was gone. The goddess he let get away. Emily was the last thing he could think about now; not when a prize as shiny as her just slipped away. “Damn...” He spat out to no one. He sighed as he looked over to the wall. Bob’s music was starting to get loud again… From Jack’s place to the car, the walk was thankfully enough for Joyce to let off the rest of her steam. She couldn’t help but feel a little heated back there, so it was nice when the cool air outside enveloped her. Just across the street, she could see Emily’s face through the tinted windshield, reminding her of what she just witnessed. Emily didn’t need to know what was up there, did she? It was already clear enough how much of an ass Jack was, so there was no reason to make Emily feel even worse. At least not for a bit. It’d be better if they just put this to the side and focus on getting home. Then a little detour popped into Joyce’s mind. “Sorry I took so long,” Joyce placed the phone in Emily’s hand, who had been quiet. “Someone tied up the elevator.” “It’s fine. I just want to get away from here...” She was already feeling sad again just from looking at the building. “I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” “Okay,” She agreed. “But you should know not everyone could have done what you did, you know. Revisiting something like that? I’ll let it go from here, but you should be proud.” She’d been as positive and reinforcing like when she’d baby Emily, only now it was much more geared towards Emily as an individual and independent; much less her as a mother signing songs of praise. Cruising down the road, a few seconds went by when Emily finally came to and understood they were taking a different route. “Hey,” She adjusted her somewhat reclined position. “Where are you taking us?” Intentionally in a suspicious voice, Joyce spoke. “Noooowhere...” “I’m not really in the mood to do anything Joyce,” Emily apologized, already finding a new thing to be sad about. She didn’t want to be a buzzkill, but wasn’t feeling up to anything either. They had work tomorrow. “That’s okay, neither am I.” Joyce agreed. She kept driving. “Then where are you taking us?” Emily was already being drawn into one of Joyce’s secret plans; an adventure she’d find herself in before she even realized it. “We need to make a little stop before we go home. I just remembered I needed something.” So it was an errand? Joyce kept her guessing whenever she asked, the mood being lightened with each and every incorrect answer. “Pencils?” Joyce started to laugh. “Why would we need pencils? At this time of night?” It wasn’t a laugh of ridicule, but fun amusement at her determination. “I don’t know...” Emily sheepishly complained. “You won’t tell me where we’re going!” “Alright, alright. I’ll give you a hint.” Joyce paused, trying to think of one. One came to her mind though when she suddenly spoke. “It involves dairy.” Dairy? “So you need to pick up milk?” “Sort of,” Joyce toyed with how to answer the question. “You’re getting warmer.” The sudden irony in her words cracked another grin. “....Ice cream?” “Hot! Red hot!” Joyce started with a few sizzling noises. “Milk...ice cream...milkshakes?” “Bingo!” Joyce cheered as they parked near the sidewalk. On Emily’s side there was a large display for a place called Shake Stop. She’d heard of the place before, but the prices were a bit high for dairy treats…”So do you know what you’re getting?” Joyce asked, already expecting the girl to have a flavor in mind. “Ah, well I mean I’ve never been here before,” She admitted. “I’m not so sure I’m in the mood for a shake though...Thanks for trying to cheer me up.” Emily had figured out Joyce’s plan, and she was appreciative, but wasn’t willing. “Suit yourself,” Joyce shrugged. “At least walk in with me, won’t you?” Joyce kept coaxing until Emily agreed, both of them stepping out and rushing between sanctuaries, caught in the wild winds during their short trek. “Brrrr!” Joyce chilled as she hugged Emily all over inside. A little shocked, Emily wobbled just a little from the sudden contact. “I need to keep you around more often, you always seem to warm me up!” Joyce casually flirted. No one was in line and there were a few groups already seated down with their own drinks. Joyce took the lead with Emily in tow as they approached the wide board of orders. “You don’t have any allergies, right?” Joyce turned her face back to Emily expectantly. “No, but like I said I’m fine.” Emily tried to remain resolute. Looking around though, some of the smoothies and milkshakes did look good… “Hi, can I help you two tonight?” The attendant asked from behind the counter, prompting Emily and Joyce to come forward. “Hi, I’ll take a large peanut butter and oreo milkshake please,” Joyce answered, then turned back to Emily. “And what do you want?” Emily looked at Joyce with the slightest bit of annoyance; the kind that still meant she very much liked Joyce, but was bothered with how she couldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. It was that generosity of hers again. Her adamant and commanding side always gave her such a tingly feeling though… The silence must have been too long for Joyce though, because she spoke again. “You can order something if you want, or, I can order something for you?” She had a playfully evil grin, showing off her pearly whites. “Banana, then.” Emily answered. “A banana smoothie please.” “Just banana?” The worker read back to her. He was just doing his job, but it somehow felt as if he were questioning her imagination for flavor. Joyce too, considering her next action. “With strawberry, please. And make that a large as well.” Joyce added. “Try and be a little more adventurous.” Joyce playfully chastised Emily, who was trying her best to not look spoiled at this moment. “And will that be everything?” “Yes please,” Emily, surprisingly, answered. She didn’t want Joyce to try and buy a third drink, lest she have asked herself or simply felt like it. “Oookay...” He started as he began to punch numbers into the cash register. “$9.75 please.” $9.75?! For two drinks? That was outrageous! Emily was the only one struck in awe though as Joyce casually swiped her card into the machine. “They should be ready in a few minutes,” The worker said as he handed Joyce a receipt and pierced the duplicate one on a spike of already stacked clones. He carried what was probably the order slip over to his coworker and they made haste in getting to work. “You didn’t have to answer for me, you know.” Joyce joked while they waited. “I could say the same to you.” Emily found herself being swept into the game. “For all I know, you could have gotten four more shakes if I didn’t stop you!” She chuckled hearing such unusual words from the typically reserved girl, especially when it came to money. “Is that what I am to you? A maniac that likes to spend money?” Joyce pulled Emily in for another hug, without any real regard for how it looked to others. “Maybe...” Emily kept the joke running, but could feel the smallest seeds of truth in her mind. In no way at all did it affect how good of a person Joyce was, though. “Thanks for the wait, here’s your order.” The worker interrupted their joyful banter and set their drinks on the counter, both of which already had a straw in it. “Thank you very much, have a good night.” Joyce slipped a few bills into the tip jar, grabbing their cups and handing the banana one to Emily. It was awfully cold, so much so that Emily used her sleeve almost like a glove around her hand then picked up the drink again. It alleviated some of the direct cold to her skin, but even she was starting to get a bit thirsty for a delicious treat now. “Do you want to have them here or at home?” Joyce offered, finally giving her a choice. “”Home, please.” Emily answered, already sucking from the straw. It was pure, liquidized fruit that maintained all its sweet and savoury flavor! She had been reluctant with a large at first, but at the pace she was going now, she couldn’t help but be thankful for Joyce to plan ahead like this. “It’s good, I take it?” Joyce read her partner like an open book. She took a sip of her own milkshake and was equally as satisfied. Relative to other places the prices for here were high, but in Joyce’s position a few dollars made no real difference in the grand scheme. For someone as hardworking as her, she’d at least earned this much to treat herself and others, right? Emily could only nod her head, with a mouth occupied by a straw. She took the lead in going back outside and to the car, almost ready to hop from foot to foot from the wind. They each took their own breath of relief when they were back inside the heated and warm car. Having accomplished their original goal and getting themselves a reward to top it off, they turned back on the path home. “Thanks, Joyce...” Emily suddenly changed the mood with a heavier topic. “I know I said earlier I wasn’t in the mood, and Jack had me pretty banged up. Yet you still insisted on doing this for me.” At a set of lights they could both get a good look at each other. “Thank you.” Those rare moments Joyce could see Emily with such an unwavering resolve in her eyes made her feel strange; to go from someone who could be so bashful to a fully fledged adult. It made Joyce happy to see her in either form, particularly the former, but as a person Emily was astonishingly amazing. “You’re very welcome, Emily. I’m just glad you’re happy now. Sad feelings don’t suit you, you know.” The last remark had suddenly killed the flare in Emily, as she was back to her squishy self, but this didn’t make Joyce think any less of her; relishing in these moments all the more. “If you want to thank me, keep at least some of your smoothie in the cup, please! I want to try it when we get back!” Joyce with her free hand switched Emily’s drink out for her own, which had still been mostly untouched. “Keep yourself busy with that one.” There wasn’t much left to the drive, and Joyce was curious to taste hers as well. Giggling over Joyce’s almost serious reaction to the smoothie crisis, she started to experience the taste of oreo and peanut butter, which tasted just as good. Thursday passed and so came Friday. Joyce got off early and came home to an empty apartment to do officework, without anything else to really do other than marvel at her many purchases for Emily. Things were coming together, but they weren’t completely ready yet...The decisive moment would be on the special date marked on her calendar. After meeting with many people and getting many jobs and items delivered and done, it would all be ready then. Now that she had grown used to it, her downtime without Emily had become….dreadfully boring. It wasn’t a lie when she said Emily brought some sort of life to the house. Not even her fantasizing could keep her occupied anymore. This weekend would be fun, but next week it would be thousands of times better! She’d have to be her usual self and focus on the present than what would come in the future. If not, Emily might start getting suspicious...Oh, it was so difficult keeping secrets from her! But! It was for the greater good. It would be worth it; every second of the painful wait. A few more hours went by, and then a few more. It was already 6 and Joyce was starting to get concerned. She was never this late! What was wrong? Could she be late? Was she hurt? The countless possibilities Joyce racked in her brain were troubling and annoying. Whatever forces were at work here, they were severely cutting into her Emmy-time! While Joyce slowly descended into madness, the sound of a door opening and closing could be heard. Was it Emily? “Unbelievable…” Joyce could hear a voice scoff around the corner, a set of shoes slipping off. “Emil-?” Joyce poked her head around the corner, asking for the girl as she saw who came in. It was certainly Emily, but it wasn’t at the same time. Almost like a doppelganger, this one looked certainly more exhausted, with bags underneath her eyes and her sluggish posture. Had she only known what kind of ecstasy she had felt from taking off her shoes, Joyce herself would be feeling the same kind of relief. But at this point Emily looked as if she were running on fumes; her last leg. “What happened?” Joyce rushed to her with concern. She’d never seen Emily once like this. “They worked us overtime today,” Emily wiped her eyes, trying to keep herself alert. ”Because they had to close down my department after today for review and possible renovation. In other words I’m out of work next week until further notice. Therefore we were worked to the bone so we could get as much done as possible today.” Emily sighed. “Out of work? So you’re not working next week? Are they paying you?” Emily who was somewhat satisfied with the turnout to that question replied, “We’re on paid leave, but slightly less than our working salaries,” she explained. “In other words I guess I’m on vacation?” Even Emily started to smile then when past the fatigue she could recognize her situation. “Really? That’s great!” Joyce gave her a celebratory hug. “Here’s to your time off!” She planted a kiss on Emily’s cheek, who became warm on contact. The lines between them were slowly blurring, based on what was constituted as mommy-affection and Joyce-affection. They were both okay with it though, as it only meant they could grow closer. “Enjoy your time off, then! I’ll get started on dinner soon. I just need to check a few emails.” Joyce announced while she stood back up, already walking back to her office. “Ah...wait!” Emily suddenly found herself raising her voice, keeping it to almost a troubled whisper now. She couldn’t look Joyce in the eyes when she said it, so she found herself looking from left to right. “Didn’t you say we we’re gonna….you know?” Already from her cluttered expressions Joyce knew exactly what she meant, but chose not to act on it yet. “‘You know’...what?” Joyce came back closer to Emily, who was standing now. Emily knew exactly what kind of games Joyce was playing, who pretended to play dumb. “Stop teasing me, Joyce. You….know what I mean….” The red-faced tomato whined. “You’re gonna have to tell me what you want my itty-bitty girl if I’m supposed to understand!” Joyce booped her on the nose, getting even closer. “Tell me, what do you want?” Emily looked at Joyce almost annoyed, who was making her be honest with herself and lay it out in the open. Then again, that’s what being shameless was all about...Joyce’s past words echoed in her mind...where shame and embarrassment weren’t allowed. “I…want...” Emily managed the first two words, already feeling both emotionally and physically tolled from those alone. “Mhm?” Joyce kept her ignorant act going, happy to see Emily was finally demonstrating her growth by asking to be retrieved from it, in a weird way. “You to...” Her mind raced and her cheeks could have very well been on fire at this point. Had you told her she’d be saying these very words over a week ago, she’d never have believed them! “B-ba…” This hurdle was the toughest to cross, but why? It was just a simple word! Just say it! Joyce waited patiently but was almost on the edge of her metaphorical seat. It was the word she needed to hear, the one they both wanted to hear! With this, it would become definitively clear that Emily wasn’t just fulfilling Joyce’s desires anymore; no...This was a sign of mutual enjoyment! Joyce’s heart fluttered at the sweet and innocent thought! “B-ba...by me…” The phrase felt foreign in her own tongue. Something that defied her very nature came from her set of lungs and she actually announced it to someone else. But it wasn’t just someone else, it was Joyce. “You want me to baby you?” Her voice came back as one of confirmation and neither disbelief or ridicule. “Is that what you want, Emily?” “Y-yes...” No longer was it Joyce asking Emily to go along with this, but instead it was the exact opposite! Oh how the tables had been turned. Who would have thought it was the baby asking the mother for special treatment? “Then let me hear you say it again. Loud and clear this time Emily.” Emily might have thought it as cruel, but now Emily finally had a chance to get used to being honest with such embarrassing things. Something that could become commonplace would no longer be strange to talk about after all. “I...want you to b-baby me.” Emily rushed the words out of her mouth faster this time, slightly louder. “There….I said it.” She still couldn’t make eye contact with Joyce, but this was more than enough. “That was perfect,” Joyce smiled with her loving gaze. “You did very good, Emmy.” There it was, that special name Joyce had for her whenever it was their intimate play. The two-syllable word that could make Emily puddy and simply melt in Joyce’s hand. And she was ecstatic when it happened. It returned her to a mindset that was becoming familiar and she was well-acquainted with. Joyce was no longer Joyce. She was...she was...mommy. “Now,” her soft voice began, already slipping a finger into the waistband of Emily’s business skirt. She pulled it back ever so slightly to give Joyce an angled view at the underwear she was wearing underneath, causing Emily to look away once more, but offered no resistance. “I think it’s time we got you in something a bit more age-appropriate? What do you think?” The motherly Joyce suggested, who was already slipping the zipper down on her skirt. This was it. The weekend the both of them had been waiting for. Emily could only beam with a bashful excitement as Joyce talked to her more and more in such a way where she had full control and held all the cards. All Emily needed to do was enjoy herself. Emily didn’t respond, but her request to do this only moments ago carried enough of an answer. Here she was, standing in front of the entrance, while Joyce slid off her skirt and she stepped out of it willingly. After being stark naked in Joyce’s embrace, suddenly something like this didn’t bother her as much anymore. If she could be around Joyce in just a shirt and diaper, what did a simple pair of panties mean to her? She could almost laugh at her own rapid change in mindset. All thanks to Joyce. All that she was in now was a blouse, socks, and her blue underwear. A pair Joyce had bought her. Everything she was wearing, who she was, all in this moment, belonged to Joyce. She wanted to belong to her. “Now how about we change you into something much softer? Hm? Doesn’t that sound nice?” Emily shuffled her feet as she quietly nodded; feeling her now exposed thighs start to warm from the apartment. “Then let’s get a move on. I’m sure you’re itching to get out of those panties, and then it’ll be straight to naptime for you missy.” “W-what do you mean? I just got back?” Emily partly complained. She didn’t want to have to go down as soon as they started their baby time… “And that’s exactly why, Emmy.” Joyce hoisted the half-naked girl into the air, moving to her room. She lowered her voice closer to her ear, as if she were already trying to communicate with someone tired and sleepy. “You’ve had a busy day, which is why we need to get you all fresh and restored.” She knew how to put emphasis on all the right words. “That way we can have lots more fun and cuddle time when you’re awake. Make sense?” “Mhm...” Emily was already finding Joyce’s shoulder pretty comfortable. She knew Joyce was right about the tired part, already feeling sleepy given the position to relax. But what made her heart race was that there was one last step before she could take a nap. Something essential to this entire process. “Maybe if you can go down for about forty minutes mommy can have some delicious food ready for when you wake up. Do you think you could be my big helper and rest up for me?” It was silly to think sleeping was somehow beneficial to Joyce, but Emily was becoming more and more prone to giving in to the mommy-logic. Her realized fatigue was another deterrent to combat it as well, not that she wanted to in the first place. “Okay…” Emily yawned. She was already laid back on the bed. “Such a good helper!” Joyce cooed as she already fished out her medical diaper. The days for these were numbered, and that was something to appreciate. She couldn’t wait to see the surprised, bashful, and secretly excited expressions on Emily’s face once her new diapers came. These would have to do for the time being though. Emily was just ready to pass out as soon as she could feel her bottom lift and press into a new cushion, a feeling and sensation that wasn’t so foreign to her anymore. The sweet smells of powder came next as the light sprinkles lightly tapped her crotch area. There was a cool feeling from the shroud on her lower half, but it felt good in a way. The only thing that could stir her was when Joyce had taken the next step to rub some into her backside, but her former embarrassed protests were now just blushes and slight shifts. With the final tape, Emily could register a snug feeling around her waist and she was already fading in and out of reality. “Welcome to the first day of your vacation, Emmy.” Joyce pecked Emily on the forehead. She helped her get under the covers. “Now you have a nice, good rest for me, okay? We’ll have lots of time to be together, so don’t feel any rush to finish your nap, alright?” Incapable of making coherent responses at this point, Emily made a mumble that was at best a yes and at worst a sleepy murmur. She didn’t actually need Joyce to tell her to get a good rest. She was more than capable of that herself. How easily Emily could fall into the flow of things now though was nothing short of magical to Joyce. They were reaching a point where this was mutually fulfilling, and Joyce at the thought shed a few tears of joy, to know that she wasn’t the only one anymore. With one last thankful look at the Emily who had gone out like a light, she inched the door to a near-close as she switched gears to the new task at hand, now that she was done putting her baby girl to bed. Checking the time, she reasoned she could finish painting and get dinner started if she made good with her time. Nap after nap, it was becoming easier to read Emily, which made the establishment of a routine between a mother and her baby that much more real. Hopefully the brushes hadn’t dried too much?
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    11 - Off to a Rocky Start Joyce gave her phone a quick time check, seeing it read nearly half-past six. She let out a sigh, as she’d have to postpone her little ‘project’ to get started on dinner. Stealing one last glance, she flicked off the light and locked the door, now giving a warm smile toward the cracked door frame, hiding away the sleeping Emily. As she tenderized the chicken breast she carried off into her typical hum, passively listening to the news on a nearby monitor. Often though nothing really struck her as breathtaking, or at least nothing to give her undivided attention to. Mainly it was stocks and the occasional medical journal she kept on top of the most, and general news outlets wouldn’t be the best place to get those. Absent-mindedly changing channels, trying to land on something worth watching or at least listening to, she suddenly stopped on a cartoon for kids. Instinctively, it triggered a fantasy within her: rubbing the hair on top of Emily’s head whilst she watched her cartoons, completely and totally devoted to one simple task that kept her happy. Then Joyce would do what was only logical and give her a diaper check, and sure enough the result would be… She blinked for a moment when there was a sudden *ding* noise from the oven. She did often get carried away with Emily...She’d probably need to do something about that. Focus on what was happening now, and not what might never happen later. The weekend was finally upon them though, so there’d be plenty of time to realize those fantasies--or at least make some serious progress towards them. They’d be creeping further and further down the rabbit hole. She was almost starting to regret not including Emily in the cooking process, but it was better this way. The more and more Joyce stuck her to a routine, it’d reinforce the atmosphere she was working so hard to cultivate. Joyce was the authority figure and Emily was her charge, and it was clear that both of them were starting to enjoy this kind of dynamic. Still, she’d have to chase away those thoughts for just a second, as cutting scallions wasn’t the best thing to be doing with someone’s padded tush on your mind. What was her expansive bed had now become the horizontal span of a couch, and the surrounding windows were pitch black, accompanied by the faint noise of a tv static in the corner. Emily leaned up from the couch, feeling all out of sorts. She had no fatigue, but she didn’t feel alert either...She felt...off. The more she looked around the room, the more familiar it felt...But there will still key items that kept her from putting a name to a face. The tv was clearly off by a foot, and the kitchen was supposed to have two sets of cabinets, not three. Was this an apartment? There was a potted plant suspended by a shelf on the wall. It had strange, red, and yellow bulbs hanging from it. They were on the other side of the room, and the more she tried to focus, the hazier they looked. Even still, she could distinctly smell them. The word peaches oddly resonated within her. There was a strange disconnect in her body as she stood up from the couch; her nerves were in limbo. It was almost as if she never registered--or even processed--the actual standing motion. She had just gone from sitting to suddenly standing? But her emotions felt suppressed in a way, prohibiting any kind of natural stress one would normally feel from such a situation. She looked down at herself for a brief moment, seeing that she was in a canvas-white tank top, and equally as white panties. None of this incited any reaction within her though. She simply observed. “Hey hon, what’re we having for dinner?” A voice suddenly ‘existed’, as Emily turned her head with lagging motion towards the kitchen. He was tall, decently-built, dressed in a shirt and shorts meant for lounging. He looked as if he’d skipped out on shaving for a few days. “J...Jack?” The name suddenly came to her head, and just as much to her mouth. What was he doing here? What was she doing here? It had never even crossed her mind to try and remember where she last was or what she was supposed to be doing. It was as if her consciousness had pressed the shut down button at some point, and randomly chose to power back up now. “I’ve been waiting for a while now. You always sleep so much, jeez.” “I already made sandwiches,” The fabricated thoughts were entering Emily’s mind. Actions she had no recollection of suddenly made sense for some reason, but it didn’t feel like she was remembering. Yet again, things had suddenly started to exist within her mind without a second thought or question. Why wasn’t she questioning it? Surely enough, Jack opened the fridge and pulled a massive platter out. They were too much of a blur for Emily to even see if they had been appetizing, but she didn’t seem to be putting stock in anything right now. Though, for no real reason the atmosphere was starting to turn stale--oddly fast, as with each moment she stared at Jack, she felt more and more uncomfortable. The shackles on her most negative emotions becoming unchained. The missing foot from the tv she so nonchalantly noticed earlier started to make her heart thump at an odd pace; and the impressed, faded cushions reminded her of helplessness. The cabinets glared at her with their inanimate grins, as they had stolen something from her. Something important. And whatever she did have, her heart was suddenly aching for it to be returned. Everything that seemed so neutral had manifested an indescribable aura of dread--invading her mind with a sense of loss and abandonment she couldn’t place. Clearly she did not belong here; wherever ‘here’ was. But where was she supposed to go? Where did she belong? “Aren’t you gonna eat?” She looked over to Jack who was currently stuffing his face, bits of visible crust and unknown paste mixed with tomato lazily falling out of his overcapacity-mouth. The longer she stared, the more she could feel her vision tilting on its side. Her head felt upright though, so how was something like that even possible? “You look good, by the way.” On the surface it was so casual, yet so...chilling. His words pierced the woman, as she was struck with a sinking feeling, the room beginning to spin on its invisible axis. Her own breathing was becoming louder than anything else, followed by a suffocatingly-close thumping noise that reverberated from her chest. The whiteness on her clothes had somehow lost their purity, and almost looked stained now; turning from a bright white into an almost dreary grey. And as if instinct suddenly commanded, her body almost leaped towards the first door she could see. She couldn’t remember from a few seconds earlier if what she saw now looked like salvation, but a baseless urge from within called her to it. Her hands clasped the metal knob as if they were attracted like a magnet. Her arms twisted and turned--consumed by an irrational anxiety she was quickly drowning in. Just when it felt like her heart was going to stop, and the noises would pop her eardrums, it opened. And there she was. The only thing that made sense. The only thing she could recognize with absolute certainty in this twisted turmoil and catastrophic conundrum. Her figure emanated peace and serenity, coaxing the girl into forgetting what lay behind her. The chill she had felt was fast dissipating into a minor inconvenience, and soon becoming pure warmth. Emily’s face was warm as well, but also covered a flowing sensation. Tears. They were tears. Emily reached her arms out towards safety and security itself, with her vision becoming more blurry as the thing she sought for most remained still; its position static and absolute--like an immovable pillar. She buried her face into their chest, arms wrapped around their waist like iron locks. More than anything she wanted to remain like this forever. What came before and what would come after were concepts that had simply lost their meaning in the face of the paradise she was now basking in. The name had been so distinct to Emily, as it crept along her tongue; ready to voice a sound that was as sweet as honey and seductive as sugar. The edges of her hair danced their tiny feet across the tips of Emily’s shoulders, inviting a much more pleasant and tingly feeling into her heart. Why was there so much suspense? Why did the utterance of a single word feel so...monumental? Significant? She was too busy to consult logic and reason for the answer though. Simply forming the word with her mouth had taken a much higher priority. And yet, the process felt so natural. It echoed so clearly as if it were like breathing. Still enveloping herself, Emily with a wide-forming grin spoke, pleasantly surprised as her mind and mouth quickly shifted tracks. “Joyce!” “Joyce!” “Joyce!” “Momm--!” And in the blink of an eye, the scene had ceased to be. In a cold sweat, Emily arched forward from the bed with a jolt, trying to control her rapid breathing. She looked around her new, and suddenly different surroundings; trying to absorb the much more tame atmosphere. She was in the bed Joyce had tucked her in, with normal thoughts coming back to her--displacing the very surreal ones she had been experiencing just a few moments ago. It wasn’t nearly as loud now, but she could still feel the knocking in her chest. The curtains were partly drawn, as city-darkness stared back from the other side of the glass windows. She shifted uncomfortably, as the space between her lower thighs along with the sheets felt wet. She felt wet all over. Hot, yet cold at the same time. Everything she wore felt clammy, and the few fringes of hair that dangled in her face were oddly irritating right now. She was too occupied to pay mind to the diaper around her waist, even as it crinkled with each shift in her posture. It felt especially warm down there, but not the kind of warm she’d feel after she’d wet. Pressing a hand to her cheek, that felt warm too, but she didn’t feel embarrassed. She felt strange, only now she had the agency to do something about it. Though, a small enigma inside of her wanted someone else to address it. Someone specific. “Emmy...It’s time to get up!” Joyce slowly opened the door, already eager to watch the smaller girl stir awake. Only that it wouldn’t be like the usual routine this time; not when Emily had already woken up on her own, which definitely did not suit her. Hence the reason why Joyce was so concerned after seeing her unusual mannerisms. “Emmy? Are you okay?” She sat beside the girl who was still collecting herself, just noticing Joyce’s entrance now. She draped an arm around her, causing her to notice the unmistakable warmth of her skin and sweat-drenched back. “Emily, why’re you so warm…? And you’re covered in sweat! What happened?” “I...” Her voice started, but it struggled to find the rest of its words. “I don’t know….” It became thick as a helpless feeling welled up from within. “I had this really weird dream, and...” “Was it a nightmare?” Joyce had taken the moment to press the back of her hand to Emily’s cheek as well, feeling just like her arm. How could she have shifted like this so rapidly? Had Joyce failed to notice something when she first came home? “How do you feel right now?” “I feel hot...and cold,” She grimaced. It was almost soothing to have Joyce come to her rescue, but old habits were still irking her for deferring her own wellbeing to someone else so easily. “And in my dream there was Jack...and something about eating?” Even she knew it sounded ridiculous. “I think it was our apartment...and nothing looked right. I felt...lonely...But, then you were there, and then...” The dream was strangely becoming harder and harder to trace. All that she could remember were the sensations and feelings that had become so much more vivid towards the dream’s climax. And then, she’d been jolted awake by who knows what. “It’s all right...I’m here now,” Joyce pulled her in for a hug, as Emily clutched tighter. “But still, how could this have happened? Have you not been feeling well?” “Well...I don’t know...” Emily partly shrugged. “I suppose I haven’t been feeling 100% lately...” “How long is ‘lately’?” “The past couple days maybe? Four?” Joyce sighed. Not because Emily hadn’t told her sooner, but because Joyce wasn’t able to tell until now. She was her own person, but it was hard to refute that since treating Emily like her baby, it was difficult not to see the girl as partly her responsibility. What bothered Joyce the most though was how she clearly didn’t live up to her assumed role. She’d need to do better… “Let’s get you cleaned up, sweetheart, okay?” She lightly rubbed Emily’s back. “Then we’ll figure out what to do from there.” Joyce had already peeled back the covers, pressing her hand on the spot in between Emily’s legs--close to the crotch of her diaper. That didn’t feel dry either, but it obviously wasn’t urine. She’d certainly sweat up a storm though. “I just need to go get something to dry you off with. It looks like you’re damp all over.” Her heart ached to see Emily so distraught. It was the first time she’d seen this kind of physical stress weigh over her. Whenever she was like this emotionally, Joyce always knew there’d be a light at the end of the tunnel, but sickness was always downright insufferable, and there were few prizes for the pain. Emily had motioned herself to the edge of the bed, ready to follow Joyce in tow. “Oh no,” Joyce firmly, but gently, planted Emily back on the bedside. “You stay put, got it? I don’t want you lifting a finger.” “But...” Emily whined with the fatigue in her voice beyond evident. Even she knew arguing was an exercise in futility. Joyce had apparently read her mind though, because she left the room without another word. They both knew Emily had both little bark and bite right now. She came back in record timing, slowly brightening the room with the dimmer, joined with a towel in hand. It was set next to Emily whilst she knelt down to be at a better level with her, working away at the buttons on her blouse--a process which Emily did little to fight. “Sorry honey,” Joyce’s hands went behind Emily’s back. “Bra needs to come off too. Gotta make sure we get you in every nook and cranny.” The clasp was undone and gently slipped off. The only things that remained were her socks and diaper. Deftly, she rolled them off her feet and laid the towel out on the bed, situating Emily’s back on it. “I know you didn’t wet your diaper, but I think we can both say it’s probably not dry either. That’s a fair assumption, right?” This time, Emily’s cheeks weren’t burning because she had a fever. Bashfully, she nodded her head, as the pillows beside her seemed much more interesting--much more than the caretaker who had just confronted the state of her underwear. For a brief moment, the room was filled with the sound of adhesive tearing from plastic. Once Joyce pulled the front of the diaper off, Emily hadn’t realized just how much of a sauna it felt like in between her legs until then. A rush of cool air pressed her nether regions, stimulating an oddly refreshing sensation. “Yep,” Joyce lifted her legs, fully removing the undergarment from underneath. “No pee this time!” She joked, hoping that she could at least improve the girl’s mood in the slightest. “And...up we go!” Joyce taking her by the wrists, stood her on the floor, causing Emily to suddenly take hold of Joyce’s shoulders. On the ground, she had a sinking feeling in her stomach. Not the kind like in her dream, but a physically uncomfortable one. It felt hard and heavy; like she ate something bad. But she hadn’t eaten anything in quite a while… Joyce had taken the towel from behind and got to work, staying true to her word about every ‘nook and cranny’. Up and down on each leg, including the small pockets behind her knees, Joyce dried her off in every spot. Along the way she grabbed the other areas likely for build-up as well, including underneath the bum, between the legs, armpits, and back. “Do you think I got everywhere?” Joyce slung the towel over her shoulder. “Any spots you want me to go back over?” “No...I think you got everything.” She responded in an almost out-of-it voice. Everything was starting to feel exhausting. She just wanted to lay down, especially when she was starting to feel slight pains from her stomach. Emily’s hair was brushed to the side, revealing her forehead, which Joyce pressed to her own. It certainly felt warm, which confirmed the suspicions both of them already had. “Does it hurt anywhere? Any spot that might feel a little worse than the others?” She had half a mind to give Dr Hall a call right now. It hadn’t been more than twenty minutes, and Joyce felt terrible for letting this kind of pain persist. “My stomach feels kind of weird...” Emily frowned just for reminding herself of it. “I keep getting pains from it.” “Your stomach?” Joyce lightly set her palm against it. Was it the stomach bug then? She couldn’t say for sure, but it was looking more and more like the likely assumption. “Okay, well, let’s get something for you to wear at least.” Setting the naked Emily back on the bed, Joyce went over to her dresser and pulled out a shirt, along with a pair of bra and panties. “Do I...have to wear so much stuff?” Emily wanted to chastise herself for sounding so selfish, but the idea of clothes sounded unbearably suffocating right now. Just looking at the stuff already made her want to sweat. “I’m willing to compromise a little, hon,” Joyce had already turned back to the dresser. “But if you start sweating again, then it’s gonna go right to the sheets. I don’t mind changing you or the bed at all, but could you at least try it? If it turns out you don’t like it, we’ll try it your way. Alright?” Emily nodded her head in response, but she wasn’t sure if Joyce even saw, as she heard the sounds of drawers opening and closing. “Okay, how about this?” Joyce came back now with only two pieces of clothing: A pair of panties without the matching bra, and a blue short-sleeve shirt with two illustrated kittens on the front. She wasn’t even sure if it’d go past her belly-button. “But...” Emily was hating herself even more for feeling increasingly selfish. With someone else willing to bend over backward for her, she was completely and fully taking advantage of another person. And yet, a small voice in the back of her head kept her going with these ridiculous and childish demands. “It’s the weekend...” Joyce’s brow admittedly furrowed the smallest bit, unsure of what Emily was getting at. She’d never had trouble with deciphering Emily’s wants and needs, but with her being sick it was a little harder to tell. Only by chance when she caught the removed diaper out of the corner of her vision did she have a pretty solid idea. “Emmy...” Joyce looked back at the girl, with a delicate and loving expression on her face. Emily became a bit teary-eyed in response, as her revealed message and stomach knots were becoming overwhelming. “You’ll always be my little girl if that’s what you want, but I want to focus on making you feel better. Are you sure you’d rather be wearing one over panties?” Sniffling, all Emily did was meekly nod her head. “Okay,” Joyce smiled. “I won’t ask anything else about it, but you need to tell me if you want to stop, or if you need to use the bathroom.” The second bit was breaking their rules, but considering how big of a first this was, Joyce was more than willing to make an exception. Being this early into the game, it felt downright cruel to force something like that on Emily; even if she was the one asking for diapers. Still, the thought of Emily being the one to request them was adorable beyond words! If she wasn’t sick, Joyce would have been smothering her little girl in kisses and hugs by now. Making one last trip to the dresser, Joyce switched the panties out for something a bit more ‘appropriate’, and came back to Emily, still naked, who was quietly laying on the bed, waiting with the slightest bit of anticipation for what was to come. Joyce had a slight grin on her face when she saw Emily’s, as the expression was innocently written all over her face. For a brief moment, amongst the uncertainty and strangeness which had plagued Emily’s body, the one thing that gave her the illusion of normalcy was Joyce’s intoxicating hum, as it told her everything was going to be alright. The smell of powder drifted to her nostrils as plastic and padding were unfolded, inviting her bottom to an even softer cushion than the bed itself. The snug feeling when the tapes were applied had been both literally and metaphorically solidified and emphasized. An odd sense of ecstasy washed over Emily as the atmosphere soaked her through and through. As weird as it was to say, one thing finally felt right. “There we go!” Joyce chuckled. “Right as rain!” She pulled the kitten shirt over Emily’s head, guiding her arms through the sleeves. And just like Emily suspected, it stopped just about at her midriff. “Feel better now?” Emily nodded, glad to be somewhat sorted again. All that could make her feel even better now was one of two things: She be stuck in an ice-cold freezer, or she be absolved of this sickness altogether. “Good. Just let me know if there’s anything else I can do.” Joyce spoke, brushing her fingers through Emily’s hair. “Do you feel like eating right now?” Even the thought itself had Emily’s insides twisting and turning. “No…” She almost grimaced. “I don’t think I could eat anything right now...” She had a sudden realization, and remembered part of the reason why Joyce had her sleeping in the first place. She suddenly wanted to take her words back, just so Joyce’s efforts wouldn’t have been in vain. “Wait, no...I’ll eat--!” A finger was pressed to her lips. “I appreciate the kindness, Emmy,” Joyce smirked, with the kind of motherly smile that had Emily figured out down to a T. “But I’d much rather you stay honest with me. I don’t think my feelings matter as much as your physical well-being right now anyway.” She felt like complete trash right now for wasting the time and effort Joyce spent making dinner. Surely she could finish one plate of food! Even that idea was hard to stomach in her mind, though...Still, Emily could only imagine how long Joyce must have spent to make one of her irresistibly delicious meals, and here she was, practically spitting in the woman’s face for turning it down. All the good vibes she had just spent soaking in paled in comparison to the guilt she was now ridden with. “Now that’s enough,” Joyce in almost a stern voice spoke to Emily. “I think you’re worrying a bit too much about the grownups here.” Her dominant and motherly voice had Emily’s insides suddenly squirming in all the right ways...She could feel her face growing red. “We’re trying to make you feel better here, not Mommy. Got it, silly?” Her smile shined yet another ray of pleasure down on Emily. “If you want me to be happy, you’ll focus on making yourself nice and healthy again.” She was at a loss for words, as the cushiony comforts of her bed and underwear were starting to call her back to someplace much more easygoing and pleasurable. Her eyes started to feel a bit tougher to keep open now… “The only person you’re allowed to be worried about right now is yourself. I want you to call me for anything you need, okay? It doesn’t matter what time it is, or what I’m doing. If you do start to feel hungry again, I can do something about that too. But, at no time do I ever want you to feel bad, selfish, or mean for relying on me so much. Let’s not forget that you’re Mommy’s little girl, after all. This is what you’re supposed to do when you’re not feeling well. Even when you’re not sick it’s my job to take care of you. So if I catch someone trying to be a big girl without Mommy’s help, there’s gonna be someone going over my lap for a spanking, got it?” Joyce’s words were so convincing, and impossible to refute. Emily couldn’t tell how serious her threat at the end was, but her initial spiel felt too absolute to defy. She had been put in her place, and the feeling was amazing. “Mhm...” Emily spoke in a hushed voice. “And I’m sorry...” Though in Joyce’s mind, to be sorry was a ridiculous notion. “I know you are...and Mommy will know for sure if you can get some for shuteye for me, okay? Just worry about getting better. There’ll be plenty of time to spend together after you’re not feeling so groggy anymore. I’m gonna go see what we might have for that tummy of yours. Get some rest in the meantime.” “Thank...” She had already started to murmur. “...you...” Satisfied, Joyce collected the towel and discarded diaper, dimming the lights and leaving the door a bit more open than she did the first time. She’d probably give the girl another half hour before she came to check in on her. She couldn’t help but a feel a tad bit glum, though, when she came back into the kitchen. Their food had become lukewarm, and she knew Emily’s plate--the one filled with a chicken breast that was cut into bite-sized pieces, likely wouldn’t be touched tonight. Still as a precaution, she wrapped the plate in plastic and set it on the counter, waiting for it to fully cool off until she put it in the fridge. Silently she took a few bites from her own food while she searched her medicine cabinet, grabbing a few things that might alleviate Emily’s discomfort. The only silver lining there was to this whole ordeal was possibly having more time to do some painting. Maybe even browse for a few more items to buy as well...The thoughts didn’t do much to dampen the mood however. She was far too preoccupied with Emily’s sudden and unfortunate sickness. Now she didn’t feel like eating so much herself. Clearing her plate, Joyce left the medication on the counter while she switched back to her painting clothes. She set a timer on her phone and picked up a brush. When Emily came to, she wasn’t exactly feeling much better than before, but at least not so sweaty. “Emmy,” Joyce cooed, feeling the girl’s forehead. “It’s time for some medicine, okay? Can you sit up for me?” Drowsily, with blurry vision, Emily allowed herself to be positioned up against the headboard while she tried her best not to stir. She wasn’t 100% aware of what was going on, but the familiar voice was coaxing enough to listen. “Such a good girl. Think you could swallow a few pills for me? I have some water to wash them down.” She opened her mouth, feeling a hand deposit two pills, resting them on her tongue. A small stream of cool water came next, slowly stirring her senses back to reality. Swallowing, she could now see Joyce in front of her. “There we go. Hopefully that’ll do something for your tummy...” She set the glass on the nightstand, turning her focus back to Emily. “Are you feeling any better?” “Not really...” She wasn’t sure how long she’d been out, but it was true when she said she hadn’t improved. If anything, maybe the sleep helped her forget about the discomfort. “I just wish my stomach didn’t hurt so much...” “I know...I’ll try and do everything I can to make you feel better, okay? If nothing’s improved by tomorrow, I’ll see what I can do about getting Dr. Hall to visit.” “But Joyce, I’m sure all I need to do is--” “Ah, ah! Did we already forget? You’re supposed to let Mommy do all the heavy lifting. Whether it’s just sleep or not, I’d much rather I have a second opinion that I can trust weigh in on this. All you need to do is tell me how I can make you feel more comfortable. And speaking of which, do you need to use the bathroom?” “No...” She hadn’t felt any different than from before. In all good aspects and bad. “Okay then,” Joyce helped her lay back down. “But you know...” She whispered into Emily’s ear. “If you wanted to use your diaper too, that’d be perfectly alright with Mommy, okay?” Emily’s cheeks burned at the suggestion, but her heart skipped a beat as well. “I’d have no problem changing you, if that’s what you want. Whatever makes you feel more comfy.” Using her diaper? While she was sick? The thought bothered Emily, but then again, she was the one who asked for a diaper while Joyce was the one motioning towards panties. They had become total polar opposites indeed. Even if it wasn’t the diaper Emily was directly asking for, rather the experience of Joyce being her guardian, it was still because of herself that she was wearing one. The thought of peeing in her diaper though was a tough pill to swallow--no pun intended--but it wasn’t impossible… “Try not to dwell on it too much, my little thinker.” Joyce laughed as she gave Emily one last sip of water, then booped her on the nose. “Just know that when the time comes, I’ll encourage any decision you make. Now! I think I’ve kept you awake for long enough. Sweet dreams, my little kitten! If you need me, just call. I’ll leave the rest of the water here if you want some more. I’ll be back to check in on you a few more times, but don’t expect me to wake you up.” A light inside her head suddenly flickered. “And,” She brushed the top of Emily’s head one more time. “If you do decide to go potty before I check on you, I’ll understand that as you asking me to change you. And if it’s anything like last time, I’m sure you won’t be awake for it either!” She chuckled once more, choosing not to poke at the flustered, yet excited expression on Emily’s face any further. The lights in the room faded to nothing once more, and Emily soon found her way back to her dreams. “So how’s Dad been? I know it’s been a bit since we last talked...” Joyce brushed back and forth, slowly watching the colors come together. “Oh, you know how he is,” The phone loudly spoke through its speaker. “Same old, same old. You’d think he’s still an official chef if you didn’t know he was already retired!” The female voice laughed. “I’m sure you’ll be just like him whenever you decide to retire. Only thing is that you’ll probably be a lot younger than he was when you do it.” Joyce planned to keep working for a fair amount of time, but her mom wasn’t exactly wrong...With just a few more years, the company was projected to experience a significant amount of growth; the kind that would set her up for multiple lifetimes, including anyone else she decided to bring with her...She liked working though. It gave her something to do, just like her moments with Emily. It made her feel...needed. “Maybe...” Joyce passively spoke, her mind caught between multiple things. “I like where I am right now though, so I don’t see it happening very soon. Maybe I’ll just take a few more vacations in the meantime?” She laughed. “I heard London can be nice when it isn’t raining. Maybe Australia when the sun isn’t scorching?” “Take me and your father with you too!” Her mother’s voice jokingly butt in. “I’ll do whatever it takes to get that man away from his hobbies! Maybe we could get John and Hannah to come too! I can’t remember the last time we had a family vacation.” “But we do stuff with each other every now and then,” Joyce reasoned. “I’m always flying down for Christmas and Thanksgiving.” “Looking for excuses to not spend time with the family, then?” Her mom sarcastically scolded. “I’d be dying to know when you might bring along your significant other with you, too! I’m sure John will someday, but I’d like some grandkids from you too, you know!” “Mom...” Joyce tried to sound sympathetic, but was a little annoyed after this had been brought up the fiftieth time from just this past year. “I don’t know...maybe soon...” “Wait, so that does mean you’ve met someone?” Joyce’s carelessness had clearly piqued her mother’s interest. “What’s their name? How long have you two been seeing each other?” The faster her questions came, Joyce oddly found herself becoming more and more flustered. She’d never been on the defensive like this in a while, especially not when she was the one in charge of Emily...Setting down the brush with a sigh, she stood up with the phone, crinkling the plastic tarp underneath, and exited the room. “No, I have not met anyone,” Joyce tried her best to do damage control. “What I meant by that was the idea of possibly dating soon. It’s just never been appealing, that’s all.” Her heart started to beat when she suddenly second-guessed her tone. Was that too unconvincing? Was it too mechanical? “Right,” Her mom didn’t sound very convinced. Honestly, it was likely Joyce’s fault for thinking that she could convince the woman, who knew all her quirks, otherwise. “When you do decide to tell me though, let me know if it should be for either Thanksgiving or Christmas I should be setting out a plate!” She wanted to groan, but kept herself reserved. She took the opportunity to slip Emily’s plate in the fridge. Christmas with Emily...It was so far away, and there was no telling for how long this relationship would continue...but...She could only imagine the sheer cuteness of getting her little girl’s padded bottom up and about on Christmas morning; changing her before opening all the presents Santa brought her, and-- “Joyce? Are you still there?” “Uhm, yeah. Sorry about that.” Refocusing her train of thought, she poured herself a cup of coffee from the half-filled pot. “I asked when you might be free? Your dad and I have been talking about coming down to visit you. We haven’t had the chance to see your new place, you know!” “I don’t know, I’m always busy...” This was partly true. Her mom just tended to be an awful bit pushy. She hoped she wasn’t like her… “So I should take that as you’re free, then?” “Wh-...what?” Joyce stammered. “Why would you say that?” “Coming from the certain someone who could go from one day, saying that they were ‘too busy,’ to hopping on a plane to California the next?” “Okay, fine, yes! Or, I don’t know...Whatever,” Joyce sighed. “It’s up to you.” Ugh! How she always managed to twist her around her finger always annoyed Joyce. She loved her mom dearly, but man if it wasn’t a bit too much at times… All she could hear was Joyce’s mom laugh over the phone. “Alright sweetheart! Just remember, your words, not mine!” Joyce took a sip from her mug. She felt especially on edge now with Emily in her life. Keeping her mom from her was like trying to dance on the beach without touching the sand. Impossible, and only a matter of time. Even when they were separated by countless states, she didn’t feel like her secrets were safe… “Anyways,” Joyce quickly tried to change the topic. “How’s John been? I know you guys keep in touch with him more than I do.” It’s not that her relationship with her brother was bad, it was just that their communication was a bit poor. Heck, the biggest reason she was actively talking with her mom was that she was the one initiating conversation with Joyce. None of it was out of malice; just bad habits. “A lot like your dad: same old same old. He and Hannah are engaged now, though! They’re planning for the wedding to be sometime early next year! So be ready for that, and let me know if they’re going to need an extra seat! I know you think I’m just trying to tease you, but I’m being serious!” “Mhmm...” Now it was Joyce’s turn to sound unconvinced. She took another sip from her coffee. “How’s the weather been there lately? I know we nearly don’t get as much of the seasons as you do, but honestly-” Her voice was drowned out by a third one entering the room. “Joyce?” From Joyce’s perspective, it didn’t sound digital. Casually, Joyce turned her head to the kitchen entrance, blessed with a sight that wanted to make her heart melt. In front of her was a small, little girl, with raven-black hair hit with a small case of bedhead. A brown blanket was wrapped around her shoulders almost like a cloak, and in between she could see a blue t-shirt peeking from underneath, including the slight bulge of a white, puffy undergarment. Her face screamed pure innocence, capable of no wrongdoing--yet so bashful looking for no real reason whatsoever. “Emmy, honey, I thought I said--” The sight had been too breathtaking, as well as too distracting. Wide-eyed, Joyce quickly turned her head back to her phone, seeing that it was still on speaker. “Uh, Mom?” Joyce wanted to cross her fingers, and hope that somehow her mom hadn’t been listening, or divine intervention itself had disconnected the call. “Yeees?” Her mother’s voice responded expectantly. Her tone had reserved curiosity written all over it. Joyce’s poorly-constructed facade had been ruined, and she knew it too. The best she could do now was hope to delay it… “I’ll...be right back. I just need to take care of something...” Without waiting for a response, she tapped the ‘hold’ button on her screen, and turned back to the much more adorable-looking Emily. “Emmy, you know you were supposed to call me if you needed anything.” The taller woman tried to seem stern, but Emily’s current look made that all near-impossible. “I know, and I’m sorry, but--” What she’d just done seemed to click, however. “I’m sorry! Were you in the middle of a call? If I knew, I wouldn’t have--” She was quickly spun around by a second set of hands, as Joyce ushered her out of the kitchen. “I think we’ve had enough of being sorry for one day, missy.” Being selfish was something Emily wasn’t a total stranger to now, but not completely familiar with either. “Now tell me, what’s wrong?” “I...” Emily shuffled the slightest bit. “I needed to use the bathroom...” “Then let’s get you on the potty!” Joyce cooed, taking the blanket from her and setting it on the couch. She wasn’t going to poke or prod over the diaper, as she’d already promised not to. She was being honest when she said that she wanted to focus on getting Emily back to 100%. Adding any unnecessary stress to that would of course not be happening. Once inside, Joyce undid the tapes on her diaper and let it drop to the floor. Expectedly, it was dry. Not that there was any problem with that. Her being sick made it an exception. “Would you like some privacy?” Definitely an exception. Quietly, Emily nodded her head, too busy looking at the ground than at Joyce. “Okay then. I’ll give you a few minutes after you flush, then I’ll come back in to put your diaper back on. Sound good?” She again agreed, and Joyce left the room, closing the door behind her. Now alone with her thoughts, she sighed. What a treat it was to see Emily like that, but god if it couldn’t have been worse timing...It almost felt expected to pay a price for something so amazing. Probably the one person she didn’t want to reveal Emily to, or at least not for a while, and she’d done it. By no means was Emily at fault, but Joyce still didn’t know how she’d fix the situation. She only had the time there was between now, and sending Emily back off to bed to come up with some idea on how to prevent a misunderstanding--or rather, the truth. Maybe she could just hang up? Pretend her phone died? Fat chance. That would be too predictable, coming from her mom’s perspective. The sound of a toilet flushing could be heard. She gave it another minute like she promised, then re-entered the bathroom. Already standing, Emily waited pensively with her hands wrapped around each other behind her back. “Okay, back to bed, Emmy. I’ll be right behind you.” Joyce leaned over and picked up the diaper, following back to Emily’s room. Laying down, Joyce re-diapered the girl, checking to make sure the fit was as snug as it had been before, then settled her underneath the covers once more. “Still not feeling up to eating right now?” She gave her another sip of water. “Even if it’s just a small snack, I don’t mind, you know.” Emily shook her head, giving Joyce the response she wasn’t hoping for--for two reasons, actually. The biggest, of course, was Emily’s own well-being, and the second was postponing the call she had on hold...Guess her luck had run out on both fronts. “And remember,” Joyce leaned in close. “If you need me for anything, you…?” She looked at Emily expectantly, who looked to be a moment away from giggling. “Call...” Emily spoke, finishing Joyce’s sentence with the correct answer. “Good. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Joyce left the room, dreadfully returning back to the kitchen, already missing her bonding with Emily. Almost taking a deep breath, she hit the ‘resume’ button. “Sorry about that, I’m back. I just needed to-” “You ADOPTED?!” Her mother’s voice shouted, her voice being emphasized by speaker mode. “Adop-...What? Why would you think that? I was only-” “You mean to tell me that it wasn’t your kid you were speaking to? Unless-! You two are already that intimate? And I suppose I assumed because the other voice sounded female, but I suppose...” “Stop! Stop, stop, stop!” Joyce could feel her own cheeks getting hot. She quickly took the phone off speaker and pressed it to her ear. “I did not adopt!” In a quieter voice, Joyce near-hissed over the phone. “And you’re not dating either?” “No! It’s...it’s...It’s complicated...” Joyce didn’t have the energy or will to explain this over the phone right now. She felt exposed in an uncomfortable way. “Don’t tell me...married?” “Mom,” Joyce let out a small groan. She was ready to hang up. “Stop.” “Fine! Fine! At least tell me her name?” Outright annoyed, Joyce tapped her fingers on the kitchen table repeatedly, debating whether or not she should release such a crucial piece of information. “Emily. Her name’s Emily.” “That’s a beautiful name! Though, I could have sworn I heard you call her Emmy?” “No, I think you misheard me.” Joyce was quick to correct her, but she didn’t really consider whether or not she sounded convincing. Be it by logic or force, she wanted to steer her mom in the other direction. The cat was already out of the bag, but there was no reason the kitten had to be too… “She’s...She isn’t feeling well right now.” A sudden idea struck Joyce; a way to somehow turn this situation around, or at least deflect some of the pressure. “I...I think she has the stomach bug.” “Oh, that’s never any fun. Poor thing. When did she come down with it? She’s been resting, right?” “She only told me how she was feeling after work today,” Joyce relaxed a little; relieved that she finally wasn’t being bombarded with such hard-hitting questions. “Since then it’s all been downhill. I offered to make her something, but she doesn’t feel like eating either.” “Well, that’s no surprise. You and John weren’t very active either when you were like that. It’s no surprise, but all I know is sleep to be the best medicine for that. Maybe some over-the-counter medication too.” “Really? There’s nothing else I can do for her?” Joyce wasn’t thrilled to hear she’d already reached her limit. “You don’t think it’s worth calling in my doctor?” “Honestly, for a girlfriend you’d think they’re your daughter with how concerned you sound!” “I told you, she isn’t my-” “Relax! I’m kidding. You always seem to have such a temper whenever we talk about your love life...What I’m trying to say is that you’re worrying too much.” Her mom laughed from the other line, while Joyce’s brow furrowed. “For someone that runs a medical business though, I think you’re fretting over Emily more than you should. Call the doctor, if that will put you at ease, but I can’t imagine they’ll have much else to say. Your heart’s in a good place, and I’m sure Emily knows that you care, but a cure-all for something like the common cold isn’t feasible. Not in today’s age at least.” “...I’m sorry...You’re right. I just want her to be okay.” Another sip of coffee wouldn’t do much to calm her nerves, but it at least set her in the right direction. “I know you do. And if there’s one thing I could suggest, maybe put a cool washcloth over her head? I can’t say how much it’ll do for the stomach pains, but it’d probably keep her from feeling too warm. If she’s like any other person, it will.” “Thank you...I’ll do that after I hang up.” “Good. Now, are you planning to tell me how long you two have known each other?” Her mom’s voice gradually reeled back into its excited tone. Rather than being irked, Joyce couldn’t help but smile with a sigh. “Three weeks? Four? It’s on its way to being a month, I think.” “That long? I’ve never heard of you being with someone for longer than a week! At least, no one that you’ve told me about...” “No, mom. There’s been no one I haven’t told you about.” Though, there would have been exactly one, had Emily not wandered into the kitchen. Not that Joyce could ever be mad at her. It was impossible to be angry at someone so adorable! “She’s...special.” “Special? You’ll need to elaborate for me. What’s she like?” “She’s kind, considerate, thoughtful...affectionate.” “Well, that’s great and all, but so is your father.” It felt like Joyce had been walloped over the head. “I’m asking what Emily is like, not for some generic person that’s as cookie-cutter as the rest!” “Well, she’s open-minded, but can be a bit defensive whenever I try to buy her things. She doesn’t like it when I spend money on her.” “Do you let her spend money on you?” “...No...” “I wonder why she might feel that way, then...” “Anyways,” Joyce tried to usher the conversation along. “She likes to sleep a lot. She’s almost like a cat,” She couldn’t help but sound a slight giggle at the thought. “She’s always managing to surprise me in her own ways, too. Just when I think I’ve figured her out, she’s always pulling the curtain from my eyes.” “Anything else?” Joyce could admittedly fawn over Emily for what would feel like hours, but kept a mental block in her mind from sharing too much about her. The line between what was considered their adult, and mommy relationships was mostly there, but hazy enough for Joyce to keep her distance. “She has trouble being honest with herself, or is at least trying to make me happy more than herself. In the end though I think we’re both in a place that’s mutually good. Oh! And she hates horror, too! Last week we were trying to watch a movie, and she picked out a scary one. It didn’t seem like she knew what she was getting into though,” Joyce couldn’t help but chuckle from remembering. “Sure enough, thirty minutes into the movie I was ready to pull the plug for her sake. But then...” Joyce let her voice trail off, as she realized the territory she was creeping into. “Well...I think you get the idea.” There was almost a sniffle over the phone. “Mom? Are you alright?” “Hm? I’m fine? What do you mean? I’m just a little surprised, that’s all.” “Surprised about what?” “You! I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about anyone like this in, well, ever!” “...Well...” Joyce could feel her face turn the slightest bit red. “I don’t know...Emily’s special...that’s all.” “She sounds like it, dear. I look forward to meeting her!” She could feel her heart tripping over a pebble at the sound of those words. Introducing Emily to her parents...Her parents meeting Emily...How would that even go? Would it even go? It was too much to consider; too much to think. “But...” Joyce’s voice became a little thick. “You don’t think it’s...strange?” “What is?” “Because, she’s a...” “‘She’?” “...” “Joyce, for a dignified businesswoman, you really can quake over the smallest of things...” Her mother sighed. “Honey, for the longest time, your father and I have only ever wanted you and your brother to be happy. However you achieve that means is completely up to you, and who are we to judge that? Not that my opinion or anyone else’s matters, but no, I don’t think it’s strange, whoever you decide to be with. What concerns me the most is you being happy. Besides, didn’t I already say that I wanted to meet her? If there’s anyone that can keep my daughter on the hook for this long, clearly it means they’re a keeper!” It was Joyce’s turn to wipe a tear from her eye, as she took the final sip from her mug. “Thank you, mom...” “Thank you for letting me in for once! See how productive we can be with a second set of ears?” Even Joyce couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty, though. How did you two meet?” “Well...” She stopped to think for a second, then stood to get a second pot of coffee going. “I was driving back from work...” Heyo, how have you all been? Hope you enjoyed reading this chapter! The next one should have this thread's posting at pace with the other, which is good on my part. Hope you've been enjoying the read so far, and this gives a little bit of insight/depth on Joyce's character? There'll be more to it for sure, but it's, a matter of time! As always, thank you all so much for reading, sharing your thoughts and giving input. I cannot appreciate it enough knowing that there are people who are interested in the stuff I put out. So one last time, thanks!
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    This is a story that I hope will be relatable to some of the older members of the board, but not being older myself, I may have greatly missed the mark here. Please feel free to tell me how wrong I am in my assumptions about what it feels like to be an older person in this community. Too Old By: RambleLamb She rolled over in bed and sat up slowly as she draped her legs over the edge of the bed, the plastic sheet over the mattress crinkling loudly performing a duet with the rustling of her diaper as she rubbed her left hand with her right and then the right with her left, cursing her Arthritis mentally as she reached over to the bedside table and retrieved her glasses from their case and put them on. She'd been dreading this day for some time, much the same way she had dreaded this day the year prior and the year before that in the slow march toward her own inevitable demise. She was sixty today, and that was not okay with her. Looking down at her wrinkled hands, and the pale, wrinkled legs protruding from beneath her nightgown she sighed. Her right hand pulled the hem of her nightgown up to display the bulky overnight diaper beneath, the outer surface sharing the yellowy brown of a healing bruise from use in the night. She ran a hand over the surface and sighed heavily, reminiscing about a time when performing that simple action would have sent a pleasant tingle up her spine and been the catalyst to a far more intimate release, but now she was terminally dry in her lady parts, the ravages of time eroding her sex drive and making achieving orgasm an all day affair that she most certainly never had nor made time questing for. Rising from the bed, her knees and ankles popping at the introduction of her weight onto them, she straightened up a little, the muscles and joints in her back and hips straining and groaning as they struggled to get up and running. She shuffled slowly to the bathroom, leaning against the countertop as she worked to release the tapes of her diaper, cursing her Arthritis again as she winced and fumbled with the small swatches of tape on either side of the front of the sodden garment. She managed, like she always did, and the diaper plummeted to the floor with a heavy slapping sound as it hit the linoleum. She'd always enjoyed that sound, recalling the pride she'd felt in her younger years at hearing how heavy her diaper had become by the sharpness of the plop as it bounced off the porcelain and glass surfaces of the bathroom walls and fixtures. Slipping her nightgown off over her head, she turned and looked in the mirror. She saw the thinning silver hair on her head, the age spots and wrinkles that were now a part of her skin, the shriveled blobs that her breasts had become. She saw these things with her eyes, but her mind wasn't able to comprehend them. In her mind she was still that younger woman that would doll herself up in cute little baby outfits and crawl around without a care in the world, the one that would achieve sexual gratification from having her caregiver cradle her in their arms and rub the front of her diaper while she nursed a bottle or pacifier, her cute little squeals and grunts adding to the scene and to her role as the naughty baby. She pushed those memories from her mind, coming back to her current role of an older woman, twice widowed and alone, her play clothes and paraphernalia in a box somewhere in the attic, hidden away from the world never to return, a description she glumly assigned to her libido as she moved to the shower chair she'd had to have installed and set about starting her day. When she was in her twenties she'd been a free spirit, promiscuousness and fluid with her sexuality, not caring what parts her partner came equipped with, just that they were good to her and treated her the way she wanted to be treated. She'd had Daddy's and Mommy's, big brothers and big sisters, babysitters of all sorts, and had even devoted time to being a caregiver herself. Her first foray into the lifestyle had been with a man. She was still subscribing to the antiquated notion that she was supposed to only be with men at this point in her young adult life, that that was the only acceptable pairing because her parents had spoken quite negatively at length about the disgustingness of homosexuality and she certainly wasn't going to disappoint them by exploring that life, though she did quite enjoy the sight of women in diapers, she convinced herself that it was just her imagining herself as them and not being attracted to them. Bruce was her first Daddy, and he had been very much the wrong fit for her. They'd chatted for a while and agreed to meet and he'd forced himself on her and hit her a number of times when she didn't agree to do what he wanted her to. She'd left that relationship very quickly, fleeing in the night while he was out at work and going back home to nurse not only her physical wounds, but her emotional ones as well. She'd taken time away from the lifestyle after Bruce, skittish that he was the rule and not the exception, but the lifestyle was ingrained in her and she couldn't stay away for long, and unexpectedly found herself talking with a girl slightly older than herself at that time, finding that the girl fulfilled her emotionally far better than Bruce had. When they met she'd achieved her first orgasm in her life as Jane, the girl, licked her most intimate area and played with her breasts. Convinced she was gay, she fell in love with Jane quite quickly, attributing her sexual awakening as a sign that Jane was the person she was meant to be with for the rest of her life, but that was just her being naive, and when she'd come home to find Jane in bed with one of their friends she'd felt so hurt and betrayed and was told that she was being ridiculous, that her feelings weren't fair to who Jane was and she'd left with her head spinning and filled with dark thoughts that closed in on her and pushed her to try and take her own life. Over the years she learned about the myriad of sexual identifiers, gay and straight were the obvious ones, but she learned about bisexuality, polyamory, and asexuality and the more she learned the more she saw the mistakes she'd made in her past and grew emotionally and saw that her relationships were more healthy because she was better able to articulate her own wants and needs and understand better those of her partners. By the time she was involved with the man that would be her first marriage, she was feeling like she'd advanced emotionally by leaps and bounds. She and Charles were married in a small park near their apartment, her parents and a few friends in attendance of the brief ceremony. She wore a simple dress, nothing fancy, but it made her feel beautiful and the way he looked at her when they exchanged their vows made her feel like she was the only person in the world as far as he was concerned. They'd gone to the aquarium for their honeymoon, neither having the money to go on a trip, but both being content with Daddy and his little girl walking hand and hand in the aquarium, the dress she'd worn for the wedding being replaced with her shortalls and a cutely patterned diaper beneath. Charles taught her that she could be what she wanted whenever she wanted, allowing her to explore her desires out in the world while also being respectful to those around them that weren't a part of their game. She'd assumed prior to his education of her that playing baby in public would be like things she'd read in the stories on the internet, caricatures of reality with grown adults waddling around in full diapers on complete display as if nothing was wrong with that. With his help, she discovered that she could wear a diaper and cute clothes and no one would know, she could be in public as baby with her Daddy and feel safe and happy and the worst that would happen would be that a few people would give her odd looks. She was with Charles for three years before he was killed by a drunk driver while coming home from work one night. Her world had fallen apart after that, understandably so, and she'd tried and failed once again to take her own life, being institutionalized by her parents for her own safety. In the hospital she'd learned to handle her emotions, worked to come up with solutions to her problems that were less drastic and permanent than suicide or self harm in general, and left the hospital with a more hopeful outlook on her life after it had been restarted with Charles' death. Her second marriage came a year later, a wife this time, and Mary had taught her that she wanted to be forced into things. She'd been afraid at first, memories of Bruce and his abusive treatment of her filling her with doubt and trepidation, which she discussed with Mary and found that they quite easily worked together to find a comfortable way for both of them to get what they wanted and ease into the things she was concerned about, finding that her fears were unnecessary because Mary was not Bruce, and she could force her out of her adulthood and into her babyhood without hurting her or making her feel like she was less than a person outside of the confines of a scene. Her parents had disowned her when she'd told them that she was marrying a woman, and that had greatly upset and disappointed her, but she'd weathered that sadness and stood with her wife to be on the day and felt nothing but love and contentment, her feelings toward her parents shifting to pity for their narrow mindedness instead of turning them on herself and feeling like she was somehow wrong for going against their idea of what she should be. Over her years with Mary she explored other things outside of just baby play, trying pet play with her, occasionally trading her diapers and baby clothes, or clothes in general, for a litter box and a plug with a tail attached to it. She'd spent many nights cuddled next to Mary on the bed or the couch with her head on her lover's lap having her hair stroked as she closed her eyes and purred softly, blushing when she'd crawl off the couch and to her litter box to squat and pee while she and Mary looked at each other, this usually led to Mary taking her to bed and pleasuring her in a variety of ways, forcing her to please Mary in ways that she commanded and ending with the two asleep in each other's arms spent and happy. When Mary got breast cancer they'd discussed her options with the doctors, but found that there really weren't any given the aggressiveness of the cancer. A few months later, in her own bed with her wife holding her hand, Mary passed peacefully after a carefully crafted cocktail of pills was ingested, washed down with milk to keep her from throwing them up. Before she'd called the paramedics, she'd laid there with Mary and cried, wanting to join her wife on the next leg of her journey, but knowing that Mary wouldn't approve, and throughout their time together she'd never disobeyed or disappointed her wife, her Mommy, or her Master and wouldn't sully her final moments with her by going against her wishes. The loss of Mary had forced her to examine herself as a person, to look within and find that part of her that could be comfortable with either being alone or with only enjoying companionship in platonic ways or in the form of one night stands. She was in her forties now, dangerously close to being half a century old, but she still felt young and still wanted to play with other people but she found that the world had gone and gotten faster and less concerned with meaningful relationships in her time contented and away from the scene. She'd spent many nights reading people's posts online looking for playmates and partners, noting how few of them wanted anyone beyond their twenties with resentment and feelings of inadequacy. She often felt like the chaperon at a high school dance, the designated adult in charge of quelling lusty thoughts of fun and frivolity with here mere existence. She indulged in her fantasies alone save for the random encounter with someone that had a fetish for older women in diapers. She wasn't allowed to be a baby in those times, that was deemed unacceptable by those people, they just wanted her to wear the diapers and pleasure them or herself for their enjoyment and she found herself unfulfilled, feeling like she'd regressed socially and emotionally to a point in her life where she was repressed and compromising her own wants and needs just so she wasn't alone with her thoughts at night when the memories of her setbacks and losses decided to plague her. As the years went by she found herself becoming less and less able to relate to the people she was talking to online, having to look up terms they used just to be able to respond but feeling less than confident in her ability to successfully carry on conversations or relate awash in a sea of people that were half her age or more, and she eventually gave up trying and stuck to playing alone entirely. She briefly entertained the idea of trying to meet vanilla people her own age, but reading the profiles on the various dating sites geared toward older people made her feel like she was too wild for anyone she looked at, and she abandoned that endeavor as well. Out of the shower and freshly diapered, a simple outfit of stretchy waisted pants and a floral blouse to cover her, she sat down at her desk and worked on her application to the assisted living facility she'd seen on her trips to the market. She'd been reluctant to resign herself to the fate of being stuffed into a waiting room for death, but then she'd thought about the fact that with nurses and doctors around to take care of her she could simply focus her energies on being a fun old lady, making friends and filling her remaining time with something other than failed human interaction and bitterness at the lives not fulfilled that she'd had to let go of because of forces outside of her control. She knew she wouldn't be able to play baby anymore, that would be forcing her kink onto others, but she felt like at the very least she wouldn't be the only one in diapers and she could pretend that she was somewhere else in her mind. Over the weeks she hired college kids to come and take her boxes from the attic and pack up her belongings so she could move. One of the boys had brought his girlfriend along one of the days and she'd spent the whole day talking to her, having tea and looking at photo albums, and for that day she didn't feel alone. The girl had offered to help her when her diaper had unfortunately leaked after a great amount of laughter listening to a story about a Halloween party where the girl had ended up drunkenly trick or treating with her friends, not realizing in her inebriated state that she'd walked home and stood in front of her parents with a pillowcase half full of candy exclaiming "Trick or treat" like she was a little girl again. She'd excused herself, flushing hotly with embarrassment when the girl explained that she was a nursing student and helped take care of her grandmother, dashing the notion that she was connecting with the girl on a peer level and reminding her once again that she was just an old woman and rather than friendship she was garnering pity from the girl. The girl ignored the declination and hooked arms with her, helping her to the bathroom and finding some dry clothes for her to change into before taking the initiative to remove her pants for her and her diaper, allowing her to stabilize herself on the girl's shoulders as she gently wiped her clean and put a new diaper on her quickly and efficiently, conducting herself in a clinical and professional manner before helping her into the dry pants. The girl had washed her wet pants for her and offered words of compassion as they sat back down. The girl had told her that her grandmother was incontinent as well, and up until she became so senile she couldn't really comprehend what was happening, she'd been embarrassed by having to be cared for like a baby, but the girl explained that she always felt that life was cyclical, we start off unable to feed and dress ourselves and need to have our every need met by someone else and that's how we finish our lives and it was kind of beautiful to her in its simplicity. She'd told the girl that she didn't mind, over sharing that she enjoyed the security and comfort that her diapers brought to her, garnering a raised eyebrow and a slight smile and blush from the girl before she told her that she was proud of her for being so brave and accepting of her age and infirmities. The girl had exchanged contact information with her when the boys were done for the day and they'd hugged and she felt like she genuinely had made a connection with the girl after all and went to bed that night feeling truly happy for the first time in a long while. After finally moving into the assisted living facility, she contacted the girl on a whim and began an online pen pal relationship with her which quickly blossomed into the girl coming once a week to visit her and spend time with her. The once a week evolved into several times a week and the girl began to open up to her about her personal life, talking to her about her failing relationship with her boyfriend and the pressures of school and the prospect of moving out of her parents house and the worries she had about her ability to survive on her own in the big scary world. All of this culminated in the girl expressing her desire to go back to being a little girl again, safe in the knowledge that she was loved and taken care of and only had to worry about cleaning her room and eating her vegetables. She'd put her hand on the girl's knee and smiled at her warmly, telling her that she didn't have to feel like she always needed to be an adult, that she could explore the feelings and desires of returning to a younger and simpler time in her life while also juggling her adult responsibilities. The girl had relaxed noticeably after that and the conversation turned to other things but the subject had tentatively come up the following week with the girl explaining that she'd stopped on the way home at a playground and sat on the swings for a while, and how it had been surprisingly very fun just to feel young and carefree for that short amount of time. Over time the girl had inched further and further into exploring the feelings she was having, showing up one day with her hair in pigtails and a cute little sundress on, standing before the older woman with arms outstretched as she twirled in place to show off her outfit like a proud little girl that had dressed herself for the first time. Throwing caution to the wind, she'd patted her lap to beckon the girl to her, and swelled with happiness when she'd carefully gotten up onto the chair with her, her weight mostly supported by the plush arm of the chair rather than the calcium deficient bones of the aged woman. The girl smelled like bubblegum or something else youthful and sweet, and she smiled and rested her head on the older woman's shoulder as she was hugged and had her back rubbed softly. The girl had quietly confessed, mostly into the space between the two as she had her face pointed down with her head on the older woman's shoulder, that her grandmother had passed a few months earlier and that she felt the same bond between herself and the older woman she was currently with that she did with her grandmother, but not in a blood relation way. The conversation had stopped there, the girl blushing hotly and excusing herself, making an excuse for why she had to suddenly depart, leaving the older woman to write a very long and personal email to her young friend. Dearest Samantha, You left today very abruptly and I'm worried about why that is. I want you to know that if you're feeling something about our friendship that concerns you that you can talk to me about it. I promise you that there is nothing you could say to me that would make me cherish our friendship any less. As I've told you before, I was married twice before, once to a man and once to a woman, and both of them taught me a lot about who I was and what I could be, they helped me to see that what I choose to be and do in my life is no one's business but my own and that of my partner and I'd very much like to be able to help you in that same way if you're struggling with trying to understand yourself. When you were here today you looked very cute in your sundress and pigtails, you retained your wonderful personality while also allowing yourself to let go of the misconception that you need to dress and act your age, you seemed very happy, like you'd stumbled upon a profound personal secret that gave you a deep satisfaction and fulfillment for a need that you may not have been entirely aware was so strong within you. If I'm not being too forward, I think you're discovering that you're little, which is to say that you're someone that finds enjoyment in indulging in simpler or cuter things and behaviors, like stopping at a playground and swinging on the swingset or wearing your hair in pigtails. I believe that if you explore these desires you'll find that there's a whole world out there that will provide you with pleasures that satisfy them and give you something that keeps you balanced in the times where you're required to be a responsible adult. I hope that you read this and continue to explore these feelings I believe you're having and if you decide to come for another visit I hope that you'll feel comfortable asking questions that may make your tummy feel like it's doing summersaults. If you don't decide to come back I understand, I will miss you greatly, but I also don't want you to feel like you need to force yourself to be uncomfortable for my benefit. You're a very bright young woman and I know that you'll have a successful career and a very happy life and I will always cherish meeting you and every second we've spent together. Thank you for being a bright spot in my life when I needed it the most. Yours always, Sylvia P.S. If I'm at all correct in any of my assumptions, I advise you to search "Ageplay" and see if anything in those results speaks to you. Several days went by without a response from Samantha, and life went on for Sylvia, it wasn't as exciting or interesting as it would have been had the younger girl come to visit, but Sylvia knew that the girl needed time to process everything and that maybe she wouldn't come back, that she'd been scared off by the older woman and her strange email and would tell the story to her girlfriends and they'd all laugh at the silly old woman and her bizarre advice and predilections. A full week after Samantha had rushed out and Sylvia had sent her email the younger woman showed up for a visit. Sylvia smiled when she saw the girl wearing a pink corduroy pair of overalls, her hair again in pigtails, and her fashionable sandals replaced with pink velcro secured shoes. The girl looked like a large toddler as she stood in the entryway of the room and Sylvia took a gamble and patted her lap again to beckon the girl to her. Samantha had nervously shuffled closer after closing the door to the room, her cheeks pinkening as she moved closer, once again taking a place on the older woman's lap and once again resting her head on her shoulder as the older woman hugged her and gently rocked them both in the chair. "Did you look at what I suggested?" Sylvia asked, knowing that the girl being there dressed as she was meant she absolutely had. Samantha nodded but didn't say anything. Sylvia smiled. "Good girl." she praised, daring to kiss the top of the girl's head as she rubbed her back in small circles. "Did you learn anything?" she asked. Again, Samantha nodded but said nothing. Sylvia pulled the girl away from her and gently lifted her chin with two of her fingers. "Did a kitty get your tongue on the way over here?" she asked, her smile warm and her tone soft and sweet. Samantha smiled and let out a small giggle as she shook her head. "No-" she paused and her face flushed again before she continued. "Nana." she added, her eyes beginning to water. Sylvia's heart melted and she hugged the girl to her again, shushing her as she began to rock them both again. "Hush now, sweet girl, Nana's here." she cooed softly. As Samantha began to cry tears of happiness her thumb slipped into her mouth, and Sylvia felt her heart fill with love and a sense of completeness she thought she'd never feel again as she realized she wasn't too old to be in this kind of relationship, she just needed to adapt her role to find something that fit her best and that role was one of a loving Nana to an adorable adult little girl.
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    8 - Breaking Barriers Emily’s bottom felt slightly more bulky than anything else as they walked down the hall. The price of absorbency seemed to be added thickness, and weight. But she’d been in it for so long now that she wasn’t as irked over it than she was initially; being dry was still much more preferred, though. The cool weather outside was working its magic as Emily almost felt a little chilly down below, yoga pants not being enough to protect her from the cold. Buried in her underwear were the seeds of betrayal, as her own pee would eventually be working against her too; something she didn’t like to think about. The nonexistent eyes she could feel ogling her slightly-pronounced bottom were beginning to be too much for one day. It felt like she was running on fumes at this point, longing for the safety and comfort they’d find back home. She could only make a silent prayer of thanks that nobody had found out what she was wearing...To her knowledge, of course. Joyce had been sure to reinforce her little girl’s efforts today with only the highest of praise. When they were the only two to occupy the hallway, Joyce made sure to assume her motherly duties and give Emily a gentle pat on the bottom, causing the unexpecting girl to give a slight leap forward from utter shock. “Hey….” Emily looked at Joyce with a telltale pouty face. Whether she intended to or not, Joyce tried her hardest not to crumble when she could see the slightest blush blooming on her puffed-out cheeks. As much as she wanted to respect Emily right now, it only made her want to tease her girl more...But she’d been through enough for today, and she’d have to respect that. “I’m sorry...” Joyce chose to rub her shoulder this time instead of her bottom. “I just want you to know I’m so proud of you...and grateful. You mean the world to me.” Emily shuffled a little bit from hearing those words, still getting used to Joyce’s open affection for her. Deep down as she burned though, the sentiments were certainly not unwelcomed. “Th-...thank you….” Emily mumbled her best thanks. While it may have been easy for Joyce, openly expressing gratitude for the things she’d been put through was a bit tougher for the much more vulnerable girl to tackle. They weren’t hated, but they weren’t exactly normal occurrences. In a way Joyce had the easy part. She didn’t have to give up all responsibility, which was weird in a way to consider as a bad thing when compared to the benefits of relinquishing them… They didn’t prod each other any further in the hall, as they reached sanctuary once more and the inside was just how they left it. Joyce was the first to re-initiate the conversation as she closed the door behind Emily. “So…” She looked expectantly at Emily, who upon sitting down had her face quickly transition from a look of complacency to one of shock and surprise. Crap! Emily in the span of mere moments forgot what she was currently taped in, and could already feel her cooling bodily fluids be released ever so slightly from the thirsty pads she’d just squished from sitting. Trying to maintain her composure, she refocused back on what Joyce was getting at, which she had no idea was. “W-What?” Emily tried to gather herself. “I know today was scary, going out in your diaper, and even using it...” Emily didn’t want to be reminded...But it stung less hearing the words from Joyce. “Do you want to keep going? Now that we’re home?” It wasn’t something Emily considered; another blindspot she felt dumb for leaving so ignored. But even she couldn’t lie to herself when she knew today had already been pretty exhausting. So many trials and tribulations to go out in public in a diaper...and use it...However, she looked at Joyce, her ray of sunshine that enveloped her further every waking moment. It was almost shocking that she’d already spent this much time trying to come to terms with a response. Caught in the duality of being an adult and a baby, which did she prefer right now? It was honestly starting to scare her. In a way, it almost felt like it’d be liberating to stop being a baby for the day. It was honestly kind of hard to work her way into this kind of mood, but thinking back to yesterday from her cuddle time with Joyce...she almost longed for it? That to her wasn’t a chore, and was actually relaxing...And by being an adult again wouldn’t that mean she’d have to do more things? Not that being an adult in front of Joyce created much more expectations...And if she was tired right now, why add more to her workload? Was it okay to keep being babied by Joyce? It was so confusing! Emily didn’t know which to choose, weighing the growing pros and cons to each side; unable to make a decision. She couldn’t come to an answer, and could only whimper. “I don’t know...” Silently, Joyce blinked at the unexpected words. The girl looked to be actually struggling with the question and couldn’t find an answer. Had what they been doing have that much of an effect on her? In a way Joyce was glad Emily could warm up to something like this; it meant everything to have her little girl accept a role like this, but all the same she hated to see her struggle. “Emmy…” Joyce bending her knees took both of Emily’s idle hands, calling her out of her internal dilemma. “Would you like it if I decided for you?” She gave her palms a reassuring squeeze. It was her decision. Her choice that dictated her own life that she was supposed to be the master of. An adult who had made a living for themselves, found a home, a boyfriend, learned to cook and clean and wake up on her own and get dressed. And yet...and yet, why? Why did it feel so...so rewarding to just let Joyce pick up the pieces for her? To let her guide her to wherever she saw fit? The sudden dependence within her left a small piece bitter, but it was overshadowed by the monumental longing to be taken care of. To be closer with Joyce. In a simple nod, ready to pry from her conflicted decision, she nodded. “Yes…” “Okay then…” Joyce said in a quiet, matter-of-fact voice. “Chin up, then, my little kitten! We’ve got a diaper to get you out of.” Emily couldn’t help but smile knowing Joyce had taken the reigns again, content in some way to just sit there and let her untie her shoes. Yes, she was acting like a complete kid right now, but Joyce was happy. And by extension, so was Emily. Now in only her socks, Emily waited patiently for Joyce to take off hers, long forgetting about the diaper she was pressed into until Joyce guided her back onto her feet, feeling the slight added weight from her recent accident. She tried not to think about it though, and kept her eyes and thoughts on what was happening right now, in this moment. Back in Emily’s room, Joyce laid the girl down, her heart racing for knowing what was to come. This would be the fourth time she’s been through this song and dance, and she was only just beginning to show the slightest signs of comfortability with it. Heck, she was only awake for two of the three times it had already happened! Off came the socks first, which revealed the girl’s bare feet and Joyce making sure no barefoot in the house went untickled, resulting in the involuntary giggles and squirming coming from Emily. After enough screaming to stop, Joyce finally conceded and moved on to the rest of the procedure. The pants came next, leading Emily to blush a bit, still learning to be partly naked in the presence of Joyce. What Emily hadn’t expected next though was the shirt, leaving her chest bare minus the bra. “W-wait what? Joyce? I thought you were...changing me….” Emily found it hard to get the more embarrassing words out of her mouth, tapering off into a mumble, as she couldn’t even make eye contact with the person who had now the majority of her clothes in hand. “Silly, I am changing you! But mommy needs to make sure her little girl is always clean, you know.” The helpless and partly distraught girl couldn’t make heads or tails of what she was getting at. Every waking moment was always a surprise. “What do you mean? You don’t need to take off my shirt to change a diaper….” It was hard to say the words with confidence. Despite her own reasoning, her irrational side that accepted the flow of things was poisoning her bravado. Joyce’s words were too convincing. Joyce couldn’t help but chuckle as Emily struggled to connect the dots. It was always so cute watching her flounder in simple curiosity; just to feel her raw emotions be exposed to surprise, knowing they’d always settle into relaxation and comfort. The adventure could always be scary for her charge, but reaching the destination was worth every single second of it. Now that they were back home and safe, Joyce could relish in these moments, knowing Emily probably felt even more accustomed now knowing the indoors was not nearly as prying as the public! “A clean diaper doesn’t always mean a clean baby, my wittle girl.” It was hard to resist the cooing now that they were alone, and the words made Emily squirm in a fuzzy way. “I think it’s time for someone to take a bath, don’t you?” A bath? Well, Emily didn’t have a chance to use the bathroom that morning; in more ways than one. She did miss out on her daily routine, but if they were still in ‘play’ mode then how was she...Emily looked back to Joyce, suddenly red in the face from unspoken confirmation. Joyce only returned a loving smile as only the tapes tearing from plastic could be heard. “Are you….going to...you know…” Joyce finished the words for her. “Bathe you?” Emily, flustered, quietly nodded her head. “Well, I can’t trust you to be in the bathroom by yourself, right? Much less take a bath. Little Emmy needs mommy’s supervision at all times.” She rubbed Emily’s cheek at that statement. The words made her feel so little...so incapable of doing things by herself, meaning she had to rely on Joyce even more. While the talk and change riddled her with obvious embarrassment, the joy that welled up inside of her was unmistakable. In all this time she’d spent with Joyce, it all felt like grooming for the kinds of moments like these when she’d cross a significant line with Joyce; lines like this. Emily didn’t know why she was feeling this way, but like in any other moment of uncertainty, she simply resigned herself to go with the flow. Joyce collected her ankles in the air and slid the used diaper from underneath her, passively taking a look at how well-used it was. Unfortunately, Emily’s one accident was nowhere near to using up the entire thing...but Joyce wasn’t going to force the poor girl to sit in it; not when she had only wet one for the second time. It would be a gradual transition, of course, but Joyce couldn’t help but keep getting caught in her fantasies of the future. Emily had become her everything and she’d trade nothing else in the world for it. “Alright,” Joyce stood Emily up and off the bed, who was currently only in a bra right now. “Let’s get you cleaned up now, hm?” “You’re just gonna leave me naked?” Emily stammered in a weak protest, as her old habits kept one hand in front of her nether regions and the other on her behind. “You can’t wear clothes into the bath, silly. Then they’d get wet!” Joyce intentionally misunderstood her words as she watched Emily fuss. It was clear though she was getting used to being naked around Joyce though, even if decency commanded her to hide her most precious parts. It was about pushing Emily a little bit further each time though, but never too far outside her comfort zone. “But I think mommy forgot one last thing to take off,” Joyce nodded over to Emily’s last piece of dignity. Her bra. “C-can’t I just take it off in the bathroom?” Emily so desperately wanted to maintain any shred of dignity she could hang on to. Things were moving fast and she suddenly wanted some way to fight the tide. “Emmy, honey, turn around for me please.” Wordlessly, Emily followed her instructions, almost ready to cry from what was to come. Guided by Joyce, she knew it was okay on some level to be handled like this, but it didn’t make things easier. The adult inside of her was fighting now, but the more accepting part of her was clearly winning the battle. “Shhh shhh it’s alright. It’s just getting ready for bathtime, that’s all.” Emily’s emotions weren’t ready for when she heard the click of the strap coming undone, now hanging lifelessly. Out of instinct Emily took the hand that was covering her behind to support the unhooked garment she still had on. But slowly and gently, a second set of hands slid them off of her, leaving her chest bare and body completely and truly exposed. Reorganizing her efforts, now one arm covered her chest and the other her front. A bare backside was something she’d have to accept. “Alright my little exhibitionist,” Joyce did her best to try and lighten the mood. “Let’s get somebody in the tub now. Don’t you think?” “Mhm...” Emily’s words were few and far between now, taking all of her mental fortitudes to stay composed. Even if she wanted to be okay with this, overwriting what trained instinct told her was a difficult task to manage. As loving as it was, Emily could feel Joyce watching over her; caught in a mix of happiness and fear. Emily wasn’t budging though, trapped in her own internal dilemma again. Joyce almost let out a sigh, watching her little girl struggle like this time and time again. But from what past experiences taught, Emily tended to respond well with a little shock to the system. “Does somebody want mommy to carry them as well?” Joyce whisked a yelping Emily into the air, as she quickly wrapped her arms around Joyce’s neck and waist with her legs. Her morals berated her and screamed indecency as her bare chest pressed against someone who was modest enough to be clothed; her crotch as well. It was even more of a bitter pill to swallow with her butt on full display. But to who? There was only she and Joyce in the apartment after all… Burying her head from the shame, Emily in a muffled cry spoke. “Can you please let me down?” “Maybe when we get to the bathroom,” Joyce replied. She didn’t like forcing Emily into situations like these, but so far it seemed to be the best way to get over a slump. “I know you might be a bit embarrassed right now, but you already know I’ve seen everything you have, right?” A bit embarrassing didn’t even begin to describe, but Emily knew there was truth to her words. Since day one, excluding the diaper changes Joyce had changed Emily’s clothes the first time they met. She could remember it like it was yesterday; waking up in a nightgown and different underwear, and with no bra too. By that logic she had no right to be embarrassed, but even then…. Joyce rubbed the small girl’s back while they made their brief trek to the bathroom. It felt short for Joyce, but like an eternity for Emily. Every subtle movement and shift Joyce made while Emily sat there naked came back to her in critical and vivid detail. Down to Joyce’s hands, which supported her naked thighs and fingers that just edged on the cheeks to her bottom. She hated it as much as it started to become alluring to her; another step to the bonding process. Joyce had already unlocked the bathroom before they left that morning; already planning to do something like this should Emily have wanted to continue. Honestly she didn’t expect it, but would have given herself a literal pat on the back for planning anyways, had she not been occupied with a naked Emily, of course. Inside and with the door closed, the warm and contained bathroom atmosphere enveloped Emily. The entirety of the apartment was kept well-heated, but nothing compared to being laid bare as soon as she got out of the bath. It almost helped her forget the circumstances she was in right now. “Could you...let me down now, please?” The contact between the two had certainly been intimate but Emily wanted to collect herself. Joyce may have been a bit more accepting than her, but Emily was still getting accustomed to her new attire. “Under one condition, hon.” “What’s that?” Just from hearing the unknown terms Emily’s heart skipped a beat. What could it be? What more did Joyce want from her? “If I let you down, you have to promise me one thing: I don’t want you to try and cover up, okay?” No, no, she couldn’t be serious. This was too much! Emily didn’t want to be so exposed in front of the person she cherished so much. It felt...wrong! She didn’t know how she was supposed to get closer to Joyce, but this was a means she didn’t want to follow through with. What was natural was being challenged yet again and anything other than protest seemed impossible! Yet at the same time, all of their past moments came flooding back, contradicting everything she was trying to stand for right now, especially when Joyce first...pleasured her. Even now...it was just a compilation of everything she’d experienced thus far. She just wanted Joyce to make the bad feelings go away… The silence had gone on long enough and Joyce started to coax. “Emmy, you should know by now shame isn’t something you should ever feel when you’re with me. If you want to feel sad, or angry, then sometimes that can’t be helped. But always and I mean always, at the end of the day you’ll be my special little girl. It’s my job to keep you happy, you know? So far I’ve fed you, changed you, pampered you, and more. You liked that, didn’t you?” Once more Emily could only nod, letting the words talk her down from the ledge. This wasn’t manipulation, because even the rational side of Emily knew it was true. “And now I need to clean you. You don’t want to be dirty, right?” Emily shook her head. Everything came so simply when it was through Joyce’s words. “No, of course not!” Joyce laughed a little. “There’s no need to feel embarrassed being naked around me sweetie. Embarrassment and shame aren’t allowed when I’m here with you, okay?” Emily nodded once more, taking in the pure words of only acceptance and embrace; devoid of anything impure or negative. Joyce cooed. “Good! Now if I let you down can you promise to be a happy little girl for me?” She didn’t feel like herself anymore; not when Joyce talked to her that way. Everything felt so real, the way she was cared for and handled made it too believable to think otherwise. Emily wanted to cry from happiness right now. She’d still be a little red-faced, but she could manage if Joyce said it was okay. One final time Emily nodded her head, and then she could feel Joyce’s grip loosen, announcing touchdown when Emily’s feet made a slight plop noise when they connected to the tiled floor. “There she is! Right as rain!” And red as a rose. Joyce could see her tiny smile as she looked away, with a face as red as a tomato. She’d keep the last part to herself though. This was already more than perfect. Emily rubbed one of her arms uncomfortably with the other while she shuffled everso bashfully. Her heart felt ready to jump out of her chest the more she stood still. Doing as Joyce asked she tried her hardest not to cover up again; her breasts and privates on full display. But every time she’d sneak a glance at Joyce’s gaze, it was never a look of disdain, disgust or negativity. It was pure warmth. The acceptance was wonderfully heartbreaking, and it felt even the slightest bit more comfortable to be on full display, and realize there were no repercussions for it. “Phew!” Joyce said in relief. “Had you given mommy any more trouble I might have had to get in the bath with you!” She ruffled the hair on the top of Emily’s head, a new sense of shock overcoming her. What? Was she kidding? She had to be joking! Right? Emily quietly watched, beet red while Joyce started to fill the bath, speculating what it might have been like to bathe with Joyce. Just to imagine seeing her whole figure...W-w-w-wait! Get it together! Emily quickly chased the thoughts out of her head, trying to focus on the task at hand. It was an understatement to say she felt out of her element being naked in front of someone else, but needless to say Joyce’s casualness towards it was a godsend. Joyce always knew how to make Emily feel better and this moment only made her grow more trusting of the fact. Joyce’s hand monitored the gushing water until it had reached the perfect temperature; catching the midway just between too hot and lukewarm. She almost felt a little sad, when the thought hit her. It wouldn’t be much of a bath without any bubbles or toys...damn! Joyce quietly chastised herself, a failure of a mommy who couldn’t even give her little one something to be entertained with. But...Joyce snuck a look at Emily’s bare backside once more, watching her longingly. Emily wouldn’t mind, she was easy to please. It didn’t make Joyce’s infraction any less significant, but on the surface Emily would be alright. That just meant it was another fun bathtime to look forward to down the road. Gathering towels, a sponge, soaps, shampoos and an empty cup, Joyce set up her workstation whilst Emily watched quietly nearby, still trying to sort through her own emotions. Joyce set a towel for the amenities and another to kneel on. A much larger one was kept folded for Emily. “I know we didn’t get any food into you while we were out, so maybe we could have a late lunch?” “Whatever’s fine...” Emily said, still trying to find her words. “We could order out, you know?” “Really? From where?” This caught Emily’s attention, from both curiosity and a strange sadness. Takeout on any night was good, but a night without Joyce’s cooking was...questionable. Hence why she was having second thoughts. “Sandwiches? Pizza? Sushi? I want you to pick for a change. Wittle Emmy gets to pick tonight!” Joyce fired her loving coos towards Emily, who kept her tingling feelings to herself. It was the first time Emily actually had reign in her miniature role. It was no real power that was given to her, which is why it was so much more thrilling. No matter what she did she would still be safe under Joyce’s watchful eye. She’d been given the freedom of choice, but she was still well-within Joyce’s influence. And honestly she’d been so used to being cooked such amazing meals that she’d partly forgotten what it was like to cook for herself. It was a little strange to realize that...“I’m not sure...Can I have some time to think?” “Of course.” Joyce finished tying her hair up into a bun and rolling up her sleeves. Then for no reason whatsoever, she snuck over to Emily, giving her a warm hug. Of course in return it caused the naked girl to jump, still adjusting to her naked display. “Wh- why are you...?” Not in a voice of protest, but general concern and curiosity. “Can’t mommy hug her little girl when she feels like it? Or maybe I’ll have to tickle my way into one!” In tune with the build-up in her voice, Joyce’s fingers quickly scurried up and down Emily’s sides, resulting in an immediate squirm of thrashes and cries as she struggled to fend off the tickle tormentor. Somehow finding a chance to escape, whether it was a sign of mercy from Joyce she didn’t know, Emily bolted to the other side of the tub, trying to cover her sides from any further attacks; an irrational part of her even briefly considering a ranged assault. With a distraught look on her face, she could only watch the playfully vicious Joyce give her a motherly grin. “Not funny…” Emily pouted, establishing a safe distance between the two. “Awww...I’m sorry Emmy. I didn’t mean to chase you away!” Joyce opened her arms in a wide, welcoming stance, the predatory look in her eyes diffusing into something much calmer. “Do you forgive me?” She did look genuinely apologetic... Emily shuffled with uncertainty, trying to discern whether or not Joyce had a trick up her sleeve. But the hug did seem nice...so maybe...Carefully, Emily edged closer back to her former enemy, toe by toe, the only sounds in the room being the bathroom fan and the mini waterfall filling the tub. Within a few tile’s distance, Joyce slightly leaped forward, latching her arms around her cautious prey. “Gotcha!” Joyce playfully shouted. Oh no! Not again! Emily started to squirm, anticipating another tickle attack at a moment’s notice. Her earlier escape was starting to feel like a fluke though, because now it was clear Joyce didn’t want her wriggling away. But during her futile efforts, it became clear Joyce had no intent to attack. The two slumped to the floor, with Emily overshadowed by Joyce’s larger figure and placed in her lap, returning the hug in the best way she could by latching onto her arms. Even if Emily’s cheeks were burning right now and she was naked, she was more focused on enjoying the moment. A little more time passed until Joyce finally released Emily for good, content with their cuddling and judging it was time to turn off the faucet. The expansive tub was filled and it was time to get a certain someone clean. Had she not taken a shower this morning she’d almost have felt obliged to join her. But that might be a bit too much right now...Joyce wasn’t sure how Emily would read the situation then. Joyce clasped her hands together. “Alright! In the tub, missy.” Already reminiscent of their hugging, Emily edged one foot into the tub, feeling the immediate shift in temperature as she acclimated to the near-hot water. It did feel good; certainly pleasant enough to wash the day’s fatigue and dirt away. Though, the last part was just added for effect. In Joyce’s care, there was no way Emily had even come close to a speck of blemish that could harm her shine. Even as they were separated right now in the flesh, Emily could feel Joyce’s emotions wrapping her in a pleasant, snug cocoon that didn’t want to let her go, and Emily didn’t want to leave. Lowering herself into the rewarding bathwater with these thoughts was nothing short of bliss and sweet serenity. And to top it all off, Emily started to feel like puddy when she could hear Joyce’s hums follow behind her from ear to ear; indications of Joyce already getting to work. “Does my little kitten like being pampered like this?” Joyce calmly spoke as she eased Emily further into the water, just enough to submerge her black and shimmering hair. “Mhm…” Emily spoke in a quiet whisper. She was too entranced to fully give a response. Joyce’s smile only grew wider when the ecstasy written all over Emily was emanating. Slowly, Joyce traced one of her fingers over Emily’s head in circular motions, dancing across her nape. “Now tell me, what does little Emmy want to smell like? Lavender, lotus or peach?” “Pick for me, please…” Emily quietly moaned, too busy enjoying the sensation from her scalp being massaged. Well, if Joyce had ever thought Emily were in pure bliss, now would be it. She’d have to keep moments like these in mind whenever Emily might need a breather. But...Joyce was in the mood for peaches; she wouldn’t mind that smell moving around the house. Not that Emily could have ever made a wrong choice. Oh, just to dote on someone else who was willing was such an indescribable feeling! Emily...if only she knew how important she was. Joyce doused the sponge in the body wash, dipping it into the bathwater and helping Emily back into a sitting position, her wet hair hanging heavy, collected into a smooth mass. She watched as the wet hairs fell in line as they left the water; unperturbed by anything that touched them. “Alright, Emmy. It might feel a little strange at first, but bear with me, okay?” Emily absent-mindedly nodded as Joyce started to scrub with the fruity-scented sponge up and down her back, gentle with the utmost care in each and every up-and-down motion. Trying to relish every moment, the distant fact hurt that they wouldn’t be able to do something like this for a bit. A week in fact. Joyce felt a little selfish voice inside her head, entertaining the thought at what it might be like if Emily didn’t have to work at all. Then she’d always be here, ready for her mommy to look after her...No! What was she thinking? It was just a simple fantasy. Nothing more. Emily was an adult, and even Joyce didn’t think Emily would want to surrender herself completely, and that was more than understandable. Besides, it wasn’t like Joyce could put her life down either. Yes, there was a very special spot reserved exclusively for Emily now, but right now that couldn’t be her everything. She couldn’t exactly stop working. Prestige came at a price. This was only the second time they bonded like this before. Joyce was fortunate enough to have gotten this far and should already be grateful. Besides, it only had yet to get better and more rewarding for the both of them. Joyce settled her sights and thoughts on those moments, those which weren’t far off in the future. A good hour went by in the bathroom; both Joyce and Emily soaking in every possible moment. Emily had certainly gotten a bit jumpy when Joyce cleaned her more...sensitive parts, but Emily let it happen nonetheless. Joyce carried on the conversation for the both of them, as the girl in the tub was simply too intoxicated to invest herself. Joyce scooped one last batch of water into the cup and let it trickle into a full-on pour over Emily’s head, washing the rest of the conditioner away. “I know you’re having a good time, honey, but I think it’s time we get you out of there. I can’t have my baby girl turning into a raisin on me!” Slowly being drawn back into the atmosphere of reality, Emily was sad to see the bathwater go, watching as Joyce opened their exit and the warm, steamy crowd flushed out. Immediately as the water level began to sink, not even the heated fan could convince Emily it wasn’t chilly. Trying to hang on for as long as she could, the water reached a point where she couldn’t fully submerge herself anymore and she was just teasing herself at that point. Standing up finally, there was thankfully Joyce with a towel she could have mistaken for a blanket waiting for her. It was a towel Joyce would sometimes use for her torso, going as far down to just above her ankles. With that size comparison, it might as well have been a blanket to Emily. Draped in her robe Emily felt safe from the harsh temperatures yet again. “There we go. Now she smells perfect!” Joyce gave her an exaggerated sniff as she rocked her from side to side. It was always fun when they could be together like this. This was true. Even Emily was pleased with how she smelled. Not that it was bad before, but now a certain scent had been emphasized yet again. Earlier this morning it would have been the lavender Joyce powdered her waist in… As she sat there though, stewing in her thoughts, a sudden urge struck her, one that bloomed confusion and worry inside of her. Just as a hunch, Joyce couldn’t help but think she saw a shift in Emily’s demeanor. “Something wrong?” “Er….I…” Emily could feel the embarrassment coming back to her in troves and under a different mask. It was a new problem she hadn’t faced with Joyce before. To even consider mentioning it pushed what she thought could be the most shameful to new limits. “Do you need to pee?” Joyce blankly asked, wondering if she hit the nail on the head. Of course Emily would still have trouble mentioning those kinds of things, so it was her job to draw them out of her. “No…” Emily sheepishly tried to look in any other direction than where Joyce was. Knowing her, it probably wouldn’t take much longer to build from there. Peeing was one thing. So it was only logical next she’d guess… “Is it maybe for something else?” Joyce danced around the exact words, trying to keep her girl in one piece. Awkwardly, trusting in the time the two had taken to build such a stronger bond, Emily nodded her head. So that’s what it was...Joyce almost bit the side of her lip, pondering over what to do. Messing was obviously too soon for Emily. Baby steps. And Joyce wouldn’t go to get her a diaper just to put her through that, no. It had to come much more naturally; not forced circumstances like this. “Maybe Emmy’s ready to use the big girl toilet?” Joyce suggested, still trying to maintain the parental role. Keeping it in the realm of babying would surely resonate with her. Emily’s heart found its rapid pace again as she realized Joyce was giving her a free pass on this one, which she couldn’t be thankful enough for. Emily couldn’t even begin to imagine the kind of taboo she’d commit--to use a diaper like that. It was unthinkable. Joyce stretched out her hand and guided Emily back to her feet, undoing the towel for her and letting it unravel on the ground. Naked again, Emily let Joyce guide her over to the toilet. But once Emily sat down, she couldn’t help but notice the pair of legs she wouldn’t look any higher than were fixed in place. Facing her. “Uhm...Joyce?” Emily was a little afraid to ask, already expecting a certain answer. “What is it honey?” “Could I have some...you know…” “Privacy?” Emily let her head do the talking for her again. “Emmy, you know I can’t leave you here alone. What kind of mommy would I be if I left you unsupervised?” She responded in tears, as Joyce gave her yet another painful test. Everything around them faded away, until the only things that remained were Emily, Joyce and the porcelain throne. “Please…” Emily half-mouthed not wanting things to happen like this. The pressure was building. “Emmy...” Joyce got on her knees, lowering enough to catch Emily’s downward gaze. “Remember when I said you don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed around me?” “I know...but!--” Joyce quickly cut her off. “And, this is one of those moments, sweety.” “I don’t want to do this Joyce...Please let me go on my own…!” Joyce came to a conclusion, dealing Emily with her ultimatum. She didn’t feel happy doing this, but just like before bathtime, these sorts of things took encouragement. “Okay Emmy,” Joyce took her hands with Emily’s. “I’m not going to make you go potty in front of me if you don’t want to.” Really? Did she mean it? Emily could feel an internal sigh of relief knowing she could be at ease now. “But,” No! Why did there have to be a but? “You have three choices, okay?” Emily silently listened with attentive ears. “One, you can use the toilet for me and I’ll make sure my big girl does a good job.” Oh how she hated that idea. Joyce may have bathed her, made her pee herself, but poop? “Two, I can get you one of your diapers, and you can mess in that, and then I’ll change you.” Absolutely out of the question. She cherished the toilet far too much to do something like that, but a strange submissive part of her couldn’t help but laugh in glee at how she was being talked down to. It made her feel so tight in Joyce’s arms and so dependent! “Or three, I can let you use the toilet on your own, but I leave the room and we stop this for the rest of the night.” Option three sounded the most ideal to her rational side. But then what? Emily hated to admit how their intimacy was growing on her and to know how she’d feel empty for the rest of the night was an annoying thought she couldn’t bear. She knew it was the most practical, and yet why couldn’t she bring herself to say those words?! “I’ll give you the count to three, okay?” Three seconds? That wasn’t fair! How could she drop this bombshell of a dilemma on her, and only give mere moments to decide? It was so frustrating! Emily loved what they had. There, she said it; internally, at least. But to put it at stake like this? To test their limits so suddenly? Joyce always knew how to push her buttons, and Emily was always in the palm of her hand… “One…” Joyce wasn’t sure what Emily would choose. The mommy in her of course wanted option two, but both of them knew it’d never happen. Not now. At best it was a decoration for the much more plausible other two. She’d have to settle for option one, but even then Joyce had her doubts. “Two…” To even let a second pass was a little shocking to Joyce. Could she really be struggling that much? Oh, how could she being doing this to Emily!? She was a monster; putting her little girl on the fence like this; forcing her to make such difficult decisions. She had half a mind to call off the deal and give Emily her private time with no repercussions… Still maintaining her calm composure though, “Three…” Before the next interval between seconds could pass, a tiny voice made itself known, and bubble of confusion and distress had suddenly popped, when a flustered voice finally squeaked its response. “One!” Joyce looked at Emily; the flustered one’s eyes sealed shut, as if she couldn’t even believe her own words. “...One?” Joyce had to confirm. Yet again the small package had delivered her another almost overwhelming surprise. “Y...yes…” Emily trembled, quickly coming to terms with what her choice would entail. She continuously beat and berated herself; trying to figure out what could have possibly urged her to go with option one; the very one she tried to get herself out of! It hurt; trying to be honest with herself...But it hurt even more to run from it. Both she and likely Joyce knew that she was starting become attached to this. She couldn’t let it go now. This wasn’t something she wanted to go through, yet all the other fun things they’d do together is what kept her pushing forward. Joyce kept her small doubletake silent as she outwardly beamed with pride for Emily’s unexpected bravery. It made her hate herself even more for forcing Emily’s hand like this, but at the same time she was focused on pushing Emily’s limits. It was like stretching out a sock. Every time you try to slip it over something bigger, after enough time it becomes accustomed to that size, and its capacity becomes bigger and bigger. Slowly but surely Emily was becoming more okay with more and more demanding situations. Emily’d already made leaps and bounds, and Joyce loved her all the more for it. Emily took a deep breath, bracing herself for what was to come. Before she even started adding to the physical pressure, her mind was racing; a crying fit ready to start again. It was almost like a modern-day discovery to find someone who could cry this much. Her adrenaline was pumping and all she could do was sit still and hang on to her metaphorical rock; each of their hands interlocked with the other. For a brief moment, even Joyce found herself lost in thought; quickly jumping back to the frontlines. This was no time to be spacing out. She had to be there for Emily; once and if she crashed… Her body was clearly resisting, trying to convince her of the foolishness she was committing right now. Emily knew that all too well. Joyce was what kept her going though. Never in her life had she been so dependent on someone before; not even Jack. In the small span of a little more than a week, lingering feelings of attachment and inseparable sentiment were taking form. Why was she thinking about all these things right now? Being so close to Joyce? Naked on a toilet, going number two in front of the one person she wanted to be with the most. But it was alright, right? Deep down she harbored the fear of betrayal; and as soon as she would do her deed, she’d become something unsightly...But Joyce said to, after all. “You can do it...come on...In one...nice...big...push!” Joyce encouraged in a low voice, squeezing Emily’s palms. While Joyce never exactly wanted Emily to use the toilet when they had their mommy time together, the value in an experience like this was unmistakable. Right here, right now, they were breaking down barriers; opening little Emily up to new possibilities. Her muscles tensed as she could feel it coming, the mass inside of her would be let go, right in front of her; the one she wanted to impress the most; the one she wanted to be cared for by. She was being watched use the toilet like she couldn’t be trusted. She was small...she wasn’t independent… It didn’t feel real; the absence of privacy. A setting and state that had been commonplace for decades was now nonexistent. Removing something so crucial, so essential to the bathroom procedure was incomprehensible, yet here she was, doing her business in front of another person; an adult. Which is why when it finally released, when she finally pushed it all out, hearing that shameful, childish plop in the water, announcing what she’d done for the whole world to know, everything she had known to signify any sense of maturity or adulthood shattered. Emily didn’t make a noise this time, other than staring back at Joyce, her bottom lip quivering the ever slightest with a set of hollow eyes; a look telling of Emily’s grief, shock, and sadness from what she’d done. The moment itself had been surreal enough, but to claim responsibility for it made her even more of a stranger to herself. Despite that, the lighthouse which called the ship back to shore though was that same, glowing smile. The one that always kept Emily from wandering astray; to lose herself in the darkness and despair. In this vast, unknown world Emily had just begun to explore, her guide waited right there for her with open arms. It was those two words which were powerful enough to shine away the fog in Emily’s glassy eyes. “Good girl.” It was Emily’s turn to initiate the hug this time; still partly on the toilet seat. She was disgusted with herself, but she needed Joyce more than ever now, who was more than happy to oblige. “I...Is th-that enough?” Emily sobbed into Joyce’s shoulder, forgetting about her still-wet hair, unknowingly allowing the expensive fabrics on Joyce’s body to soak up the water dripping from it. “That was perfect, Emily. You did plenty.” The task she had just performed, to do her business on the toilet was physically and mentally draining; contradicting second nature as she knew it. Anything she had left in her body to support her muscles had been completely redirected to just hanging onto Joyce with every last spec of energy in reserve. Joyce reassuringly stroked her hair.“It might have felt scary, but you did it, and I want you to know how proud I am of you. I won’t force you to do any more difficult things tonight; don’t worry. You just relax and be proud for me, okay?” Emily wasn’t sure how proud she could feel right now, but in her scrambled state she could only nod yes over and over. She didn’t know whether it was to convince Joyce or herself. “Don’t ever feel ashamed for using the potty in front of me, okay?” Joyce made sure they had complete eye contact now. “You don’t ever need to hide anything from me, okay?” While she was weak, Joyce would make sure to slip only positive reinforcement before Emily put herself back together. She only wanted Emily to feel good things; be happy about this. “Mhm…” Emily kept sniffling, still exhausted from her deed. “Now do you want to finish getting cleaned up?” Joyce didn’t pay the water blotch on her shoulder any mind. Back to her quiet, teary self, Emily agreed and let herself be wrapped up again. Joyce finished the hard part for her, using a blowdryer and dabbing her all over with another towel to get her nice and dry until not a single drop of water remained. And as Emily sat there lazily and blinked her eyes, now that her emotions were settling down, there wasn’t anything left to hide the sudden fatigue sweeping over her. “Is someone a bit sleepy?” Joyce poked. It wasn’t surprising after all she’d been through. She’d hardly even slept during the ride home. Emily yawned in response, fast to accept the hold Joyce let her confide in. In a princess carry the world started to fade away; suspended in a coming dreamland. Joyce watched her hang there so peacefully and reflected on how vulnerable she’d become in the span of a single day. It was Emily’s way of extending her trust to Joyce, who would never trample on such a priceless treasure. Planting her lips on the top of Emily’s exposed forehead, she whispered a goodnight to Emily and held her still for a moment longer. In a lowered voice though Joyce let out a sigh, watching Emily with a slightly raised eyebrow. “Weren’t you the one that was gonna pick lunch?” She glanced at the nearby clock, then gently set her down. “Guess it’s dinner now...” 9 - Behind the Scenes She tossed and turned, stirred, tangling herself in her own hair as she shifted from pillow to pillow. The fact she’d even been moving at all was a sign the sleeping girl had just begun to properly enjoy the luxuries of a privileged lifestyle. When she finally came to, she let out an unintentionally unreserved moan as she stretched, letting the whispers of the waking world call her back from a deep sleep. When she opened her eyes, she was facing one of the many window panels adjacent to her bed; a slight parting in the curtains revealing a night sky lifted by a bustling skyline. The room was dark, minus for the orange glow that came from the lamp on the nearest nightstand. Getting her bearings, she curiously rolled over to the other side, hearing a crinkle murmur underneath the covers. The clock read 7:27 PM, confirming her view outside. One hand on the covers, she lifted them up to peer inside, following her shadowed torso, seeing she was now in the same monkey shirt she’d been in from yesterday’s play. What was more important though was the obvious medical diaper she was taped into; identical in every aspect as all her other ones had been. Her heart began to shuffle just from recalling the recent events, remembering the toilet in the bathroom. But where was Joyce? Did she put her to bed? Emily started to recall how exhausted she felt from earlier, and the distant fragments about falling asleep in Joyce’s arms. The sleep still had yet to be shaken out of her. Only by moving around would she give her mind some clarity. Her silent thoughts remained unperturbed by the distant noise pollution that countless flights of economic might separated her from. With a yawn and rubbing her eyes, Emily idly spoke to no one in the room. “Where are you...Joyce?” Sweeping her blankets to the side, Emily hopped out of bed, mildly attentive of how the diaper conformed to every movement she made. Looking at it reminded her of Joyce...specifically how it made her...her baby girl. A strange smile crept on Emily’s face just from thinking such things, but she tried not to lose herself in such gushy thoughts. Padding across the carpeted floor and to the nearly closed doorway, it revealed an illuminated hallway that led to an even brighter living room. But in her brisk movements, Emily could feel the slightest breeze kiss the higher parts of her thighs, reminding her she was just walking in a shirt and diaper right now. Had she really not noticed? Emily’s sleep-lingering eyes widened a bit at the unusual discovery. It would probably be for the best if she got some pants to cover up...But then a strange suggestion popped into her mind. Maybe it would be better if she...didn’t? The second voice in her head was just as shocking as her actions right now. Maybe...maybe Joyce would be happier if she didn’t put anything else on...Her heart thumped at the thought of doing something so...so...risuqé? Then again, such a sexual word didn’t exactly sum up wearing a diaper for her authority figure… Never had she acted out like this of her own volition. It was always Joyce who initiated stuff like this. No matter how much she tried to talk herself out of it though Emily couldn’t help but wonder if staying barely clothed like this would be for the better. Maybe this stuff really was rubbing off on her...As scary as it was, it meant she was that much closer to Joyce… With a slower pace, Emily chose not to turn back and inched closer toward the kitchen. Her nose started to perk up at the sudden smells that teased her. The scent was familiar, and for that reason she knew how delicious the food must have been to permeate such an alluring aroma. Trying to be as quiet as a mouse (or kitten, rather), Emily caught the sight of a busy Joyce, who had changed shirts since the bath and looked to be setting plates. A sudden sense of mischief entered Emily’s mind, already bombarded with so many bold thoughts today. Carefully, she snuck up behind the turned Joyce, growing closer and closer...right until… “BOO!” The voice was loud, and unexpected; especially because it was from Joyce, who had made a complete one-eighty. She tricked the trickster. Clearly not prepared for the counterattack, Emily found herself to be the one jumping with a yelp as her feet dressed in socks slipped across the tile and her bottom hit the ground. The floor was hard and she could feel it too, a little upset over her massive blunder, and for letting the tables be turned so easily. “How did you know?” Emily tried to hide her aggravation while she accepted the two hands pulling her back to her feet. Joyce could only look down on her (literally) with a loving grin. “Mommy’s intuition?” Joyce suggested, giving her a brief hug. Caringly she patted the diapered girl’s bottom. “Does your tushy hurt from hitting the mean floor?” “No...” Emily said dismissively, finding herself already flustered once more. Joyce couldn’t help but leave a slight giggle to herself. Emily had made an honest effort, but she’d already known the diapered girl was nearby for quite a bit. Even amongst the takeout food giving off its smells of chicken, meats and rice, that peach smell she’d spent so long rubbing into the girl was unmistakable. Not to mention her diaper crinkled louder for others than she thought. For the caring mother’s ear, at least. Mother. Yes, Joyce was a mommy, and it made her giddy to even think about her realized dream. It made her even happier though to share these moments with Emily. Regardless, she wouldn’t tell Emily how loud she actually was, lest she leave her feeling even more self-conscious. Speaking of which, Joyce’s eyes quickly scanned Emily’s figure up and down, who had chosen to stay in just the clothes she dressed her in. Seeing Emily stay how Joyce had dressed her pulled at the heartstrings in a way she couldn’t even begin to describe. It was adorable to think of Emily wanting to be waited on hand and foot, and being only in charge of her emotions; leaving all the rest to her caring guardian. The further things moved along, it would make it that much harder to tear off the band-aid when the Sunday night would come to an end, and a week of prohibited intimacy would begin. They’d always have their cuddle moments, of course, but never could it reach this level when they’d be busy all day; almost all week. She remembered first trying to envision Emily in the underwear she had first gotten her. It wasn’t ever sexual, but simply the act of it in how it suggested her shamelessness; willing to parade herself around the house however she pleased, and in whatever clothes she wanted. It was those carefree feelings Joyce would hope Emily could come to learn and love. And watching her now, seeing Emily could put her padded bottom on full display? Well, it made those wishful thoughts of Joyce that much more of a reality. Emily hadn’t known it, but her small plan to stay in just a diaper worked masterfully. It was the delightful subtleties like this that worked to be the nuts & bolts of a contraption that could run flawlessly and beautifully. It was the little things. “Since someone decided to have a late nap today,” Joyce spoke with a heavy, yet joking emphasis towards Emily. “Mommy decided to order for the both of us.” “You could have woken me up to ask, you know.” Emily retorted. She was perfectly fine with Joyce choosing the food, but didn’t mind being woken up either. Joyce had already started to pull out the white containers labeled with Chinese characters, acting as a thin barrier to the delicious smelling contents inside. “Nonsense. I expect you to keep to a regularly scheduled nap, which you still had five minutes for by the way.” More like a mother, she spoke in a tutting voice; the kind that put Emily in a small space she didn’t want to crawl out of and only snuggle into. “It’s how you can keep up with such a busy day, you know?” Emily conceded to Joyce’s absolute words, moving to get her plate until she was denied, having been told to take her place at the table. And of course it wouldn’t be a proper meal without Emily’s sippy cup, already filled with the sweet apple juice that catered to Emily so well. “You don’t mind Chinese food, right? I know it might not be like what I usually cook around here, but I think it’d be nice for a change.” Emily immediately shook her head, hoping not to cause a misunderstanding. “No, this is fine! A night when neither of us has to cook is a good night, I’d say.” “I’ll be sure to cook you something delicious tomorrow to make up for it, okay?” Trying to comprehend how this could have been a misdeed by Joyce’s thought process, Emily tried to stifle her mental hiccup. She didn’t try to dwell on it too much though, as past experience taught it chalked up to her boundless generosity. Her kindness never seemed reserved around Emily. She’d never exploit the soft spot Joyce had for her, but to know she was that special made her heart beat fast. Joyce had taken the liberty in serving the both of them as well, fairly distributing servings of chicken, rice, ribs, and lo mein. In a way the slightly sweet and seasoned tastes reminded Emily of a simpler time, when she’d be lounging around her old apartment and couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger in the kitchen, but was just active enough to open a door and hand someone money. Equally enjoying the meal, Joyce paused her bites to wash it down with her water. Eating like this was nice every once in a while. In a strange way, it almost reminded Joyce of how human she was; if you could even put it to that extreme. Even Joyce thought the reason was laughable, but there was something about indulging in cheap luxuries like this that made her feel like everyone else. A big house, high paying job, limitless vacations, and anything else she could ever want being a few calls away could easily go to anyone’s head. She was proud of herself though for sporting the kind of mental fortitude that would keep her from ever having such delusions. But a reminder like this was still nice. In an odd way Joyce almost felt a little cruel from pampering Emily like this. Not that Emily would ever become spoiled rotten, but Joyce feared if Emily got too close to her, she’d feel these sorts of feelings from being in high society for so long. It was like going from eating just raw shrimp to being dipped in cocktail sauce: the taste was so good you simply couldn’t just stop yourself at a moment’s notice. But if Emily allowed her to, Joyce would never let such a fate befall her. She’d do everything in her power to prevent her fall from grace and keep her happy all the same. “How about we watch a movie after we eat?” Joyce suggested in between bites of food. “A good way to send a little girl off to beddy-bye.” Emily concurred, trying to not get so joyfully hung up on the baby talk. If she had kept doing that she’d be lost in her own thoughts all night. But with each word she could feel the bubbly feelings try to resurface. “And I want you to stay hydrated for me, okay?” Joyce to emphasize her point had already taken Emily’s half empty sippy cup and returned it back to her in a much fuller state. “We can’t have you shriveling up now, can we? ” Emily by now had figured what she was more loosely referring to; the kind of situations that always left her feeling apprehensive and distraught. But the warmth Joyce always basked her in was starting to feel like it was enough to handle the similar sensation in her diaper. Just the thought alone already had her legs squirming beneath the table. Joyce’s attentive ear could pick up on it, but she decided not to call it to attention. The house could have felt like a glass box at times. Because the apartment fell on a corner of the building, it got the most spots to see the vast city from. Even in the kitchen, a glass panel spanned nearly from the floor to the ceiling across from them both, as the busy and bustling lights unapologetically disturbed the black night. She’d have to take Emily out on the balcony at some point, when one of those rare occasions would come and it wouldn’t be so windy. She could see the moment playing out in her head already; being able to expose her to a vast world of dynamic colors that gave off such a fierce glow as they faded into nothing, and the marching armies of cars as they bathed in the orange auras the streetlamps emitted. By day the varying lights from advertisements and buildings went quiet. And by night? Well, needless to say it was a colorful and bright one. Seeing out of one of the windows may have looked spectacular, but being outside and so high up was on a whole different level. “Mommy’s stuffed,” Joyce interrupted the silence, finally content with her daydreaming and meal. “And by the looks of your plate, I’ll assume you’re done too?” Sheepishly Emily gave her a noise of confirmation, as Joyce already started to clean. Excusing herself from her seat, Emily took a second to remember she was in a diaper once again now that it was brought back into view, but quickly doubled down on moving to the living room. “Ah, ah! And where do you think you’re going?” The sudden words froze her in place, and she could feel herself stiffen. What did she do wrong? Emily awkwardly gave a turn, with an unintentionally innocent look on her face. Turning around, a sudden wet and cold piece of cloth was kissing her lips, or smothering the whole area for that matter. Out of reflex she backed away from it, but the washcloth closed the distance faster than she could make it. “You know if you let me wipe your face you could be out of here sooner than you think, you know?” Joyce jokingly chastised. Unable to realize her own foolishness, Emily couldn’t look Joyce in the eyes while her eyebrows were a dead giveaway to her emotions. While she let her carer finish the job, the diaper around her waist suddenly felt much more noticeable. Given how she was dressed, having someone else wash her face almost deemed something like this as appropriate. “Free to go!” Joyce took Emily by the shoulders and spun her back around towards the hallway, and with both hands made direct contact to her padded bottom with a loving pat. It wasn’t the force of her push that had Emily rushing, but the contact being made with her ever so embarrassing underwear. Joyce could only giggle to herself when she saw the crinkly and flustered rump disappear around the corner. She knew Emily was enjoying this too, which made it feel that much more special. Emily out of sight and with a reluctant hand slightly rubbed the back of her diaper where Joyce had made contact. She touched it as if Joyce had left something there, but of course she didn’t. It only made her face redder though when she fully registered she was touching her own diaper. Feeling the plastic backing taped around her waist made it a bit too real, and could feel herself retreating into her shell again. But she wouldn’t. If she had made it this far...surely she could keep going for a bit longer. Joyce followed not too long after, throwing away the empty boxes and storing what was left. She could see the black hair that rounded Emily’s head peak just above the couch and could see she draped a nearby blanket over her lower half. Grabbing the remote and sitting right beside Emily, Joyce started to surf for movies. Nothing struck itself as really unique or special. It was all the same generic movie approaches that had the same, washed-up tropes written all over them. So if that’s what it came to, Joyce decided they might as well go all in. “How about this one?” The selected movie was clearly a horror film, depicted with a severed hand lying still in a closeup shot. A strange bug was wrapped in between its fingers, as it seemed to compliment the title in some way reading as “Night of the Firefly.” “Uhm...okay. This is fine.” Emily’s words were slightly awkward and off-beat; rushing her tone. She scratched the side of her head out of a sudden, baseless paranoia. Joyce had given her a look of concern, already putting a hand on her blanketed leg. “You know we don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to, right? We could pick something less scary maybe?” “Wh-What do you mean?” Emily started off in a stammered voice, leveling it out into a partially brave front. “This is fine, really!” Her efforts to overcompensate were as easy to read through as it was to look through a window. But, Joyce would indulge her if she wanted. Maybe Emily was just getting herself worked up. Maybe she even liked to be scared? Joyce hadn’t considered that last part. “Okay then. Here’s your sippy by the way. Drink up, remember?” Joyce grabbed the sippy cup from the coffee table and put it into Emily’s hands, who willingly accepted. She suddenly was feeling thirsty again, and was thankful for the cool drink to calm her nerves. “Ready to start it?” Joyce already had pressed the ‘rent’ button and was ready to hit play next. Taking a breath for herself, Emily gave her the nod and Joyce hit the ‘select’ button. Swiping away on her tablet that happened to be nearby, the lights in the living room had dimmed until they were totally lifeless; enveloping the room in darkness except for the glowing tv and the lights from the nearby windows, which really did nothing to illuminate the room. The light coming from the screen bounced off the couch and the two girl’s figures as they got comfortable. Joyce pulled a pillow over to support her posture as she partially laid on her side with her torso propped up. Emily still sat like normal with her legs folded by her side on the expansive cushion, feeling her uneasy feet shuffle as they rubbed together. It was okay. She could do this. It was just a movie! “Agh! What are you--AHHH!” The poor victim sobbed uncontrollably as she was dressed in cuts and bruises, who had just finished escaping her tormentor after being dealt a nasty gash to the side of her head. She had just escaped, and Emily’s heart cheered for the hopeless girl, but her escape was shortly cut off by the grotesque creature that sunk its pincers into her seemingly fragile neck and collarbone. The screen had shrunk to half its size; for Emily at least. Her hands that covered her eyes split their fingers ever so slightly to satisfy the small part inside of her that wanted to be brave and keep watching, but it was a downhill battle. She’d given up on her juice at least ten minutes ago since things had become so tense in the movie; too afraid to reveal more of the screen whilst she snuck in a sip. It was scary, and Emily was swimming in regret right now as her bladder became painfully tense. Suddenly the darkened apartment didn’t feel so safe anymore...who knows what could have been lurking in the dark. Ugh, yes she was an adult, but horror was clearly not her forte! For her entire life she strayed from the unsettling genre, so why did she think she could handle it now? She was a rock stuck in a hard place. “Emmy,” The girl visibly jumped at the sudden sound of her own voice. The movie had reached a moment of peace, the calm before the storm, and the coincidence was simply too unnerving. But the distress on her face dissipated into relief when she suddenly remembered Joyce was at her side. “Maybe it’s time we stopped the movie?” Oh so how much Emily wanted it to stop, but she couldn’t chicken out now; not when Joyce had already went and bought the movie! She wouldn’t be a buzzkill. That wouldn’t be fair. Her needless resolve could only just keep the tears from the fear the movie pierced into her heart from coming out. She was scared. She wanted to feel safe. A hand from seemingly nowhere then made contact on her lonely shoulder, as Emily yelped from the unknown attacker! The tight pressure she was focused on holding cracked the slightest bit, making the tiniest spurt into her dry pad. “Relax...” Joyce soothed, taking Emily’s eyes of the movie and stroking her arm. “It’s only just a movie. The monsters aren’t going to get you.” Clearly she’d been wrong about the possible thrill Emily might have been seeking for. “I know...it’s just...” The words were difficult to express on how she could explain the fear of being caught by something that she knew wasn’t real. The irrational part inside of her for whatever reason wanted to make it real, or at least used that as a basis to make her tremble and shake. “When you’re scared can you at least be a little more honest with me?” The movie reflected off of Joyce’s unwavering eyes, her full attention focused on Emily. “O...Okay...I’m sorry…” Emily could feel another one of her failures being drawn out into the open, laid plain as day for Joyce to see. But like with each and every vulnerable moment she had, Joyce didn’t act on it. At least not in a cruel way. The same hand that soothed her shoulder pulled Emily over to the laying Joyce and turned Emily into the little spoon in their positioning. The same arm then locked itself around Emily’s waist after adjusting the blanket she had to cover them both. “Then at least learn to snuggle with me if you feel scared, okay? Mommy won’t let the monsters get you.” The movie that had been tormenting her for the past forty-five minutes had suddenly lost its effect on Emily. Being wrapped in the strong, loving embrace of Joyce put her in a bubble that nothing from the outside world could pop. She was back in paradise again and it felt euphoric; just to feel the warmth radiate from the body behind her. As off-putting as it sounded, there was even a certain charm to when she leaned her head against Joyce’s plentiful chest. The mushy feelings inside of her that had started to take shape borrowed her lips for a brief moment, making a small voice just loud enough to hear over the movie’s suspenseful music. “P….promise?” Joyce could feel even her heart skip a little from hearing her. Leaning in a little close with an enchanting and hypnotic whisper to Emily’s ear she spoke. “Promise.” Combined with the pressure Joyce applied to her abdomen, the bursting pressure she already felt down below synergized into an unstoppable force as she could feel the pent-up stress inside of her suddenly leak out of her in a bodily-liquid form. Emily couldn’t hide her exasperated gasp blended with a sigh as the hot stream of urine flooded her diaper. She tried to squirm; afraid of leaking on the couch no matter how much the thing could absorb. A life majorly lived in panties told her no matter what she’d stain the couch, but Joyce wasn’t letting go. “Just let it happen. I’m here, so don’t worry...” Emily silently cried for real this time as she sorted her difficult emotions. The scary movie was the least of her worries when she was so conflicted already; happy to be loved by Joyce, but shocked to lose control of her still very-adult bladder. But as embarrassing as it was and unnatural it felt, consciously aware of the pee following the flow of gravity and seeping to one side of her diaper, the tiniest most minuscule and insignificantly small part of her knew it wasn’t as bad as last time. “Good girl...” Joyce soothed when she could feel Emily start to settle down. The end of their Sunday night was nearing its end, and Joyce wanted to spend the last of their waking time interlocked together just like this. With the hand around Emily’s waist, she pat the front of Emily’s warmer-than-before diaper, making Emily feel even smaller on the inside. Her submissive instincts were writhing in joy and pleasure right now; a side Emily never knew existed within her, and was still unsure of it herself in these moments now. It was hidden away; behind a brick wall that Joyce brought a sledgehammer to every time they experienced some new form of intimacy together. It was only a matter of time until the bricks would collapse completely and the two could truly be enveloped in each other’s warmth. In mere moments the atmosphere changed from horror and a thriller into a field of rosy flowers and shining sun; basking anything within its infinite gaze in a shower of positivity and reinforcement. The cherry on top was when Emily could feel a pair of lips press themselves against her upturned temple. Had Joyce seen Emily’s face, it probably would have been one of the widest, most bashful smiles she’d ever seen on the girl. But the growing outline of her exposed cheek told Joyce enough. “There’s my sleepy girl,” Joyce cooed as she held the bundle in her arms, able to see the slight discoloration in her diaper. The tv was off and the night they wanted to last forever had finally come to an end. Emily quietly stirred but the kind-hearted words made her gush. “No more scary movies for you, missy. Got it?” “Mhm…” Emily sluggishly moaned. Joyce was right. She suddenly didn’t feel the need to be so brave around Joyce anymore, because being scared gave her an excuse to confide in her protector. “Now it’s time to get someone some shuteye,” Joyce explained in a motherly tone. “We need all our energy tomorrow to be a big girl.” The words made even Joyce feel sad to say. Joyce carried Emily into her room, setting her down on the bed with care as she looked at Emily’s diaper with a sad expression. It was probably for the best if she took it off; eliminating any possible unpleasant surprises in the morning. It’d be better to start Emily off in an adult mindset for tomorrow for when she went to work. Curse the weekends for not being longer! Against her maternal judgment, the room suddenly sounded with the noise of adhesives tearing from plastic. “Try and stay awake for a little bit longer, Emmy. I just need to slip some big girl underwear on you...” Grabbing her a pair of the luxury panties Joyce bought her so long ago, she snaked them up the drowsy girl’s legs, who was too tired to worry about being naked. From a force of habit her fingers ran along the pantie’s waistline as if they were a diaper a doting mother would make sure fit. “Goodnight Emily…” Joyce lowered her voice, trying not to disturb the sleepy woman who was fading fast. Pecking her on the cheek she made her exit, opening and moving to close the door. “Goodnight...Mmm...oo…...mmm...” Joyce had frozen in place from hearing Emily’s drunken mumbles. Between her murmurs, Joyce’s ears desperately wanted to hear what they think they did; believing Emily had just tried to call out to her. Not as Joyce, but as mommy. Trying to keep herself reserved, she moved into her office trying to not let her assumptions influence her emotions. Regardless of what she did or did not hear, it hardly changed the fact that this was one of the best weekends she’d experienced in a long time. In fact, it was undoubtedly the best. The alarm buzzed rudely into Emily’s ears, who wanted to drop herself off the face of the earth and bask in the darkness she knew as sleep forever. Trying to put coherent thoughts together, her first order of business was sitting up to get her eyes open and stir the first embers of energy within her. There could never be “Five more minutes” with her on a weekday. Five would become ten, and ten would become twenty. Sleep was a dangerous game she didn’t want to gamble with, because whether it was with cards or Z’s, the house always wins. “I get it, I get it!” Emily bitterly spat as she silenced the blaring noise trapped inside the tiny box. She could see she kicked the blanket off herself last night, and with a bare leg and half her crotch on display she was still in the pink monkey shirt and now a pair of mismatching bright blue & white-striped panties. They were so much thinner and felt relatively soft as well, but the same benefits weren’t as great to these than they were admittedly with diapers. Aside from the comfier cushioning (which she was still ashamed to admit), panties, unfortunately, didn’t come with the motherly Joyce that loved to fawn over Emily so much. Not that Joyce was ever distant, no matter what she wore. But when in her more childish underwear, both Emily and Joyce assumed a respective role that knew just how to satisfy each other’s urges in the most pleasant ways. That being said, one of the two were certainly much more honest with themselves, but to temporarily forget the past and focus on the present, there was a more important issue at hand. Coffee. “Ms. Summers!” John Holland stood from his seat with an open hand. His hair showed the slightest signs of graying, as he fixed the collar to his fitted button-up, tucked into the waistline of his black slacks. “I’m glad you called me here for a meeting! But I have to say, you did catch me off guard when I heard Frontier wanted to do business with our company, BabyCare. I suppose the best way to put it is how we cater to a much more specific demographic!” He laughed. “Mr. Holland, the pleasure is mine.” Joyce returned his shake while she was in a blouse, business skirt, and heels. “I didn’t want today to be too formal,” She gestured to the near-empty restaurant they were in, basing it off of the professionally dressed bartender and diverse array of alcohol to be an expensive establishment. “Admittedly, I was hoping to relay a special order through you. For a client of mine. While it’s not through Frontier it’s still business all the same.” Holland’s smile shifted partway into a tilted expression of curiosity. “Oh?” It seemed the misleading invitation didn’t have him annoyed or bothered on the surface, which was hopefully a good sign. “I wanted to take this to the top of the chain because the order is so unorthodox, to say the least,” she explained. “They were hoping you would be able to put some furniture together for them?” “Baby furniture? We already sell anything a parent could need, though?” Mr. Holland, a wise businessman, was still missing the point. Not that it would have been expected of him not to. This really was unorthodox. “Right, of course. But I suppose they were looking to get what you had except in a bigger form? To support someone of a bigger size maybe? If you understand what I’m getting at?” “For...adults, I presume?” “Precisely.” “Ms. Summers,” He cleared his throat. “I can’t exactly put a one-time order through for anyone that asks; even if they’re someone represented by a company head. As much as we are providers for consumers, focusing company resources for selfish reasons isn’t something I really do; especially if it won’t be turning over a long-term profit.” This was expected of course. Even Joyce knew it wouldn’t be that easy. “And I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, or anyone in your position, which is why I was wondering if you might have a prototype team on hand that could maybe carry this order out for my client?” “Ms. Summers,” Mr. Holland began. “Although this meeting has caught my interest, and I would like to help you on a personal level to help this friend of yours out, my business can’t satisfy the needs of a single person.” “Even if price was no issue?” “Even at that.” He sighed. He did want to help Joyce, regardless of it being a strange request. He didn’t want to worsen relations with a potential business partner that worked a field so close to his. It’s okay. This was accounted for too. Money would still entice the man, but that was only a warm up to her true offer. “Mr. Holland, Frontier from our long-term care beds alone we have experienced a widespread consumer response across the country from homes, nursing care units and hospitals. Internationally even. Without going into detail, the figures we experience annually from that alone turn profits over nearly fivefold what it takes to make them. Hasn’t BabyCare always been looking for an opportunity to expand itself into markets similar to the ones you already operate in?” That was natural for any business; the aggression of capitalism itself, and the things Joyce was mentioning were beginning to truly pique the man’s interest; the company’s interest. “Many of our medical care products receive countless awards and customer feedback as top of the line, pristine, and high-quality manufacturing for anything we sell. As it should be. A fun thing the design team has been thinking of though is including a bit more ‘color’ to some of our products. Medical beds, crutches, walkers, braces--I won’t make it a secret that all those things we sell can look relatively bland. Wouldn’t you agree?” Mr. Holland already saw where this was going, but it wasn’t an unwelcome direction. Out of respect for her company, despite her calculated pitch to downplay its own product, Mr. Holland remained silent but was still just as curious. “We’ve already been having talks with the board, you know. But off the record, you didn’t hear it from me.” It wasn’t a risk to leak information like this; they’d be able to manage just fine without BabyCare’s helping hand, but the prospect of business was even exciting to Joyce. “Our statistics returned unsurprising results on how many of our customers that are in the younger age group and need these sorts of products we manufacture are often disappointed by not the functionality, but the look to them.” The parents of course did most of the talking for stuff like that, but there was a voice among the kids as well. “And who can complain? Getting to the point, we were already preparing to come to you with an offer and buy an exclusive license for some of your company’s more popular mascots and characters.” So that’s what it was. They wanted BabyCare’s already established designs and logos; their motifs, characters; everything. “Whether I came to you now, or the board approaches you formally later, this was still a plan in the works. However, I wanted to come to you now with my own little request as a sign of good faith and prospect a healthy relationship. If you’re able to help me now for my friend, I will be more than happy to not only compensate you out of my own pocket, but also get some gears turning a bit faster back at Frontier.” The deal was enticing. BabyCare had always thought of outreaching to other companies, but many of the larger shareholders wanted them to manufacture medical equipment from the ground up. But now they were the ones with a potentially viable on their front doorstep, and from a titan of a company, no less. Details would certainly have to be hashed out and final figures be decided, but Mr.Holland could feel himself falling for the bait. “Ms. Summers, if you need furniture to care for someone bigger than the size we retail to, wouldn’t your own company be a much better idea? Assuming this deal does go through, you could even use our designs for added effect. Maybe hire a freelancing carpenter, or something? I’m not trying to dissuade you, or your client, but it’s just...curiosity?” Joyce almost wanted to gag from the disgusting thought. Seeing Emily nap in a hospital bed with added rails shattered the fantasy, and even mocked it. How was Emily supposed to feel small if she were being treated like a health patient? There was nothing wrong with anyone who needed those sorts of things, but in no way did it establish the atmosphere Joyce wanted. It seemed cruel; to both herself and Emily. For it to truly work they needed to be as genuine as possible. Superficial knockoffs with some cutesy designs on them almost sounded like an insult. Mr. Holland wasn’t at fault for suggesting something like that, though. He just had no idea how deep the rabbit hole went. “I tried to explain the same thing,” She lied. “But my client was pretty adamant on it coming specifically from your company, or at least for it to be as genuine as it’d be for a normal child.” The illusion was fragile, how Joyce was ‘asking for a friend,’ but she reserved the right to deny any direct accusations and she figured Mr. Holland wasn’t in a position to. The last thing he’d want is to upset a potential partnership. “And as for a carpenter they considered it, but they were afraid they might not be able to meet all their needs...” “I see.” Mr. Holland looked to be considering something. Joyce tried not to get her hopes up; there were always alternatives if he refused. The more Mr. Holland weighed his options, the more it felt like it was possible to meet Joyce’s demands. He did certainly have a few experimental teams at his disposal, and he could always see to them being paid a little extra for their efforts if they kept quiet about what they were working on...Not that the contracts they had already signed wouldn’t cover that. The blueprints for the basics like a crib and presumably a changing table need only be upscaled, maybe switched out for some higher quality materials. He wanted to get off on the right foot with Joyce. Some other things might take some modifications...but it was starting to look more and more doable. “We’d need the measurements of whomever this is for to adjust to the right size and weight. I should have a group capable of pushing something like this out, depending on what your client might be looking for. It won’t be cheap, though.” Joyce limited her smile to one that reflected the content feeling of a successful deal, and not that of a doting mother. She could already imagine the countless things in her head that she wanted, how she could indulge in her fantasies the most, and share them with the most special person in the world. All the bits and pieces she’d need to get offhand would be more than doable, but BabyCare was the heart of it all, and she’d just gotten the keys to the kingdom. With her hands in her lap she maintained her outward composure. “Absolutely. I’ll be sure to send you the details. And be sure to let me know what it comes to. Payment won’t be an issue.” “The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Summers.” Mr. Holland shook her hand once more. “I look forward to doing some more ‘typical’ business with you and your company. And for simplicity’s sake have your client choose from our already available designs, please. The goal is just to make a larger version of what we already have, correct?” The business they did would be good, but none of it would ever compare to this moment. “I’ll be sure to,” Joyce replied. “I’m glad we could come to an agreement, Mr. Holland.” “I could say the same to you, Ms. Summers.” Mr. Holland backed out his chair and stood up, getting ready to leave. “Oh!” Joyce moderately exclaimed. “I know I invited you here for business, Mr. Holland, but you didn’t expect me to send you on your way with at least a free meal, did you?” Being in these professional situations often made Mr. Holland disregard the setting they were in, forgetting their original purposes. It had been a bit since he’d actually been invited out to lunch and actually would eat. The gesture was appreciated nonetheless. “Sorry,” He tried to laugh it off. “Old habits tend to repeat themselves!” He politely sat back down. He didn’t have anywhere important to be, or at least didn’t want to go to. Some part of him wanted to stay and invest time into this relationship, as despite the professional talk Joyce felt more like a friend even if she looked much younger than he was. The feeling was mutual though, as Joyce both appreciated him as a businessman and hopefully a contractor of sorts. “But,” He interjected. “Forgive me if I’m being rude, and choose not to respond if you want. But why is it that your client wants baby furniture for an adult?” The question had oddly been nagging him, and he couldn’t figure out why. “Mr. Holland,” Joyce took a sip from the glass of water a waiter delivered. “You should know better than to pry on one’s more hidden lifestyle.” There was a moment of silence until Joyce laughed off the unneeded tension in the room, indicating that the mood was still intact. “More importantly, I’m starving,” Joyce gave a relaxed sigh. “What looks good on the menu to you?” Over forty-eight hours had passed since Joyce’s meeting with Mr. Holland, and she now found herself in a new setting that wasn’t unfamiliar. Parking the car and stepping out she closed the door and couldn’t help but feel the excitement as her eyes sparkled with anticipation. It was Wednesday and they were halfway through the week. Emily and Joyce were as close and social as they always were come after working hours, but Joyce had been cunningly quiet about these errands she’d been running. Each and every box that would arrive at the apartment she was sure to hide away in her storage room and keep locked away. She never figured Emily to go snooping, because she likely had nothing to be suspicious of, but Joyce was still determined to keep things hush-hush. Emily knew Joyce would be returning to this stop at some point, but she didn’t know when… The bell’s ring filled the room when Joyce walked inside, and could see her friend dealing with a different client at the moment. In the middle of their conversation at the front desk, Joyce could see her eyes shift from the person she was talking to her for just a moment and then back. “It was good seeing you, Michael. I hope the suit works out well for your party!” Amy waved as the man with his new set of clothing politely excused himself from the store. Until the opening and closing door finally came to a rest, Joyce and Amy eyed each other wildly in an impatient manner. “Oh! Joyce!” Amy started to happily shout once it was just the two of them. “My head was just, bursting with ideas ever since you and Emily left on Sunday!” The limited capacity for imagination in her vocabulary showed as she bustled about, possibly forgetting the pen she had positioned behind her ear. “I’ve rarely ever done something like this before and to revisit these kinds of designs was so much fun!” Joyce couldn’t muster a word when her hands were suddenly joined to Amy’s. “Please tell me you want to make more outfits for her!” Joyce, taken aback, blinked her eyes in simple shock. She’d never seen Amy be so forward with a simple order like this; so expressive over almost anything. Sure it wasn’t run-of-the-mill, but Joyce didn’t know business like this could have such a secondhand effect on her! “I take it you had fun making them?” Joyce asked, thinking outside a few moments earlier that she was the one who was excited. How wrong she was. “Definitely! Now, come, come! You didn’t come all this way to hear me boast, did you?” Amy hurriedly ushered Joyce into the back room where they always did their business. The setting was similar to when they were here a few days ago, only now there were five mannequins lined up sporting...simply adorable clothing! “This is…?” Joyce could feel her joy lagging behind the disbelief in her voice. Taking in the wide array of dynamic and colorful outfits. “Each and every outfit I made was too much fun! Thinking of how I could emphasize this,” she tried to verbalize her masterful creation process. “childish, feeling in each and every small and little detail!” Her emotions were overflowing with excitement, and the only thing she could do to seem from bursting was verbalize it in concentrated doses. Sneaking glances at each and every outfit, all too stunning to take her eyes off of, Joyce wanted to weep tears for her well-placed trust in Amy’s handiwork. They looked perfect! “Let’s go through them one by one,” Amy started her along the end of the line and debuted the first one, which was unmistakably a pink and white striped onesie. “I wanted to go for a material that didn’t feel thin, but was soft and can stretch pretty well,” Amy explained. “There’s an additional lining on the inside, but this way she’ll feel nice and soft on the outside.” Joyce was already gushing just from trying to imagine Emily in it, whilst she toddled and moved around the apartment. It would make their playtime into a reality, and there’d be no mistaking what role Emmy was in. It looked authentic because it was. It was beautiful! There was a splayed out collar to it, interestingly enough, which Joyce made an observation of. There wasn’t anything wrong with it and in fact somehow made it even more adorable. Each and every stitch looked as if it were imbued with the sole task of emphasizing the child within whoever wore it. Her eyes were sparkling as the fantasies played in her mind like a movie projector. “The shoulders are also fitted to be pretty close to her arm size, so they won’t look baggy,” Amy tugged at the mentioned area. “As for the legs openings I rounded the edge off in with something a bit more durable. There won’t be any chafing and it’s actually a little squishy if you feel through the fabric, but it’ll hug her thighs well.” Joyce gave it a test squeeze and confirmed Amy’s words; imagining just how content Emily would feel in these. What caught her attention next were the white pouches, one sewn on each side at the waist level. They were just large enough to maybe fit a hand in each of them. “Are these pockets?” Joyce curiously asked. She had no objections to them but they were completely white unlike the rest of the design. “Mhm! I figured Emily might want to have some way of holding on to a few things. Not much of course, since that’s your job,” Amy playfully jabbed, forgetting the restricted composure she had the last time they met, causing Joyce to blush when her face was out of sight, still smiling. “And at the same time she might just want somewhere to put her hands. So, do you like it so far?” “It’s amazing.” Joyce could barely put the words together from how only one of three different outfit styles left her already star-struck. “Good, I’m glad.” Amy was always happy to see the joy of her works rub off on someone else. “But I know you’re still probably wondering how you’re supposed to get this on and off of her. Well look no further and take a look at the back!” Finishing her mini speech, Amy spun the mannequin on its pivot to reveal the backside, which had four medium-sized white buttons arranged on the back, holding the flap in place. “I made sure to leave some room in there beyond your normal panties, and the stretch factor should account for anything that might get larger. Emily shouldn’t ever feel uncomfortable when she lies on her back, which is why I went with the smaller buttons, but if she’s on a hard surface like tiles or wood you might hear some scraping.” Amy warned. “Snaps would have been rounded off on the end to better combat this, but the buttons offer much better support.” Amy demonstrated as she stretched open the slits and pulled them out from behind the buttons, whilst Joyce watched with fascination. Eventually she’d be doing the same thing, only for Emily. “So, any questions, comments, or complaints so far? If anything I’d like to get Emily to try some of these on before they leave the shop...But I understand they’re a gift.” The perfectionist inside of her was starting to show. “They’re fitted exactly to my numbers, but a tiny margin of error can always be pesky like that. She should be fine though.” “No, this is perfect! You’ve done more than you needed to and the results are stunning! Are these all ready to take home?” “Yep! I worked through day and night to see all these finished,” She sighed as the slight bags under her eyes became clear now. “But it was worth it,” She smiled. “It was a rush order, after all. And I couldn’t just let these things sit. I was just too driven to make them! I have a lot of excess ideas; some stuff tamer than others...It all went in my sketchbook though. There’ll be time for that some other day. But come on, there’s still four more outfits to show you!” Joyce had already been getting ahead of the fashion show by looking in advance at the green alteration. It was identical in every way except for the button stitching and pink factor, which had been swapped with a mint green. Here Joyce had no complaints at all either, but it was the next double set that things started to look different. “And these,” The two walked over to stand right in front of them. “Are her sleepers!” Rather than stopping at just the upper half of the body, the sleeper occupied its entirety. Amy had stuck to a similar color scheme to match the duo, as Joyce stared at the light pink adult-sized sleeper that stopped itself at the hands, feet, and crept slightly up the neck. On all the ends their material cuffed as it hugged the wrists and just above the ankles on the end, allowing for a slight bit more freedom on the inside. It wasn’t baggy though, as at the waist the sleeper seemed to hug nicely around the mannequin’s curve and provide structural integrity. Joyce could also notice that at the legs it didn’t look like a V-shape but seemed a bit more of an outward curve as if it supported some more ‘pronounced’ underwear. “I designed it to hug just all the right parts. I even kept in mind that she might not be wearing panties in this, like all her outfits, so I gave her a little extra space in the crotch area so the ‘V’ at the legs wouldn’t press into her.” Joyce couldn’t be thankful enough to have a seamstress as attentive as Amy, and would be sure to tip her on top of her already paid efforts. She knew all the areas to focus on and never cut corners in her craft. She wasn’t cheap, but she was well worth the money. Never once had Joyce gone wrong through Amy, and this time was no different either. Directly down the middle Joyce could see a zipper track buried behind the slightly bunched fabric to hide the seam. A fat plastic white zipper hung symmetrically though, emphasizing the most infantile aspects about the outfit in all the right ways. “Not much else to say about this one, other than how I kept it thin and made sure the material was breathable. I remember you saying she didn’t want to be too stuffy, but I made sure it didn’t feel like she was wearing a bag either.” Once again Amy was always tactful in her approach and left no stone unturned. Which is why Joyce was even more delightfully surprised with the next mention. “And, I remember we had talked about it which I think was my personal favorite touch to this outfit,” Amy had flared the neck up a little, showing that there were snap inserts lined along the sides and the back of the neck. No, she couldn’t have! “Ta-daa!” Amy cheered as she produced an attachment from behind the mannequin. Holding it out so Joyce could see better, it was an attachable hood that matched the sleepers color, minus a dark pink line that ran just along the edge. But most importantly, and most adorably, it donned an irresistibly cute pair of large cat ears on them! Amy had listened! Joyce almost forgot about them completely! Amy couldn’t hide her excitement either as she gave a toothy smile, already snapping it into place. She then draped it over the model’s head and gave Joyce a good look. Joyce was starting to feel antsy, almost wishing she postponed the pick-up date until the weekend. How was she supposed to wait this long knowing she had such an adorable wardrobe for Emily? Curse Amy! She had done far too well for her own good. It was going to be torturous trying to keep these things under wraps. She had half a mind to beg Emily to try these on immediately when she got home! But she wouldn’t, of course. That’d spoil everything. “And the next sleeper is exactly the same, with its own special hood,” Amy gestured to the next one over, which was the same mint green as the onesie but without the stripes. “But the alteration you wanted is this one.” It was clear just from looking at it what Amy was referring to. The zipper seam that was on the front of the pink sleeper was nowhere to be seen on this one, and was in fact on the back. Turning the display, the zipper was on the back and ran up to the neck as well, but the zipper was buried away within an insert Amy used two fingers to fish out. “I was thinking of how to restrict the wearer from being able to take it off very easily, and I didn’t think you’d want a lock on here. Those things can be a bit dicey….” Amy started having flashbacks from previous clientele. “So I took a much more softcore approach. There’s a small space in between the fabric the zipper fits in, and anyone who has full use of their arms, AKA not the wearer, the zipper only takes a couple fingers to get out. But if you’re in the sleeper then good luck. It’s one thing to bend your arms but another to move your fingers, and especially so far in.” This had Joyce imagining countless scenarios as well; encouraging that feeling of dependency in Emily, and helping her learn to rely on others more. So many key items were essential to reinforcing this feeling of infancy Joyce wanted to convey and foster so desperately, and she already knew Emily might get a little excited by these outfits too. “And the next and final outfit, is her play dress! I’d have to say this is probably my favorite...” Joyce couldn’t help but agree with her, taking in the stunning sight. Like denim, it was a dark blue dress with shoulder straps that were topped on the edge with fat, white buttons, sewn on with a thick, light yellow thread that accented the custom-made yellow shirt underneath. The dress fanned out into a skirt that only stopped a little halfway past the thigh, meaning a twirl or gust of wind would put what’s beneath on full display. Joyce’s favorite addition she could see though was the obvious front pocket sewn on the stomach; large enough to stick both hands in. Large, thick stitches ran along the outside of it, obviously intended to be noticed, including the large pink paw embroidered on the front of the pocket, simplified with three small circles along the edge of a much larger one to signify the palm. “Because the material is so sturdy it can take some punishment if she likes to be energetic, and that shirt underneath actually functions more like a onesie. Take a look.” Curiously, Joyce lifted the front of the skirt to see the yellow shirt extending below and wrapping around the crotch, connected by three white snaps below. She then also took note of the material lining inside the skirt, glad to see Amy had made sure it would at least feel comfy for Emily when she wore it. “Amy...” Joyce found herself hugging the longtime companion, who brought her tears of joy to no end. “Thank you so much for what you’ve done! You don’t know how much this means to me.” “I’m glad I was the one you came to for this,” Amy returned the hug. “Like I said, orders like this don’t come very often. It’s been a while since I could work on clothes as cute as this. Do you think Emily could be brought in for a fitting next time? I honestly would like to see how they fit…” Emily was the target audience in mind when she designed these clothes after all. While she knew herself the creations were cute, they’d look even better if she could see them on someone in the flesh. “I’ll see if I can warm Emily up to it. I can’t make any promises though...” Joyce did want to share Emily’s debut with the very person who made it all possible, but respecting Emily’s privacy came first. Once she saw these clothes though, it wouldn’t take long to connect the dots and learn Amy helped collaborate to make these clothes. Then the secret would indirectly be out. But Emily would probably be okay with it, once she explained Amy’s stance. “I suppose I’ll have to let it go with that.” Amy partly spoke in a glum voice. “But! I made a few small additions to all of them, that I think you’ll appreciate.” Bringing Joyce up to each and every one of the neck holes, not only could she see a loop to hang on a hook if need be, but there was a tiny label on the inside of each of them with Emily’s name etched in thread along all five outfits. “Now we know who they belong to!” Amy joked, resulting in profuse thanks of gratitude from Joyce. “But if you’ll notice with the other four,” Amy motioned to the onesies and sleepers. “That same signature mark is on all of them.” Bringing Joyce around to the back of all of them, right where the left buttcheek would be on its wearer there was that same four circle paw like on the pocket of the dress. Only now did Joyce start to associate it with a cat’s paw. Amy had really gone in on the tiny unifying theme, and Joyce could only find the entire set that much more exquisite. It almost reminded her of the mark Amy put on all of her clothes… Amy’s craft was like that of an artist, and she always liked to hide a personal mark for her long-term clients as a sign to prove it as her work and to be part of a collection. Amy’s personal signature for Joyce was a series of three small circles or dots, cleverly hidden somewhere in the interior. But for Emily’s set she’d taken a much more bold approach and proudly displayed them somewhere on the front. It was cute, and fitting in a way. These clothes were meant for a person who was completely dependent on another and only knew how to be happy, play, and sleep. They only knew how to be the most adorable baby they could possibly be. So to take such a contrast and print her signature on the outside of Emily’s baby clothes, it reflected a sentiment that Emily could come out of her shell and be herself when she wore these. As it should be. “All of these are safe to wash, but it goes without saying they’re going to be at their best if you get them professionally done,” Amy advised. “That won’t be an issue,” Joyce said dismissively. “I’ll just send them off with the rest of my outfits whenever I get the cleaning service.” Again, it was a no questions type of deal where they simply took your clothes and washed them. Nothing need be talked about or mentioned. Before the two had gone their separate ways, they made sure to leave time for coffee first, setting themselves up at the couch where they had a splendid view of Emily’s new infant wardrobe. Assuming everything moved along smoothly, this certainly would not be the last time Joyce had Amy make clothes for Emily. She was simply too talented not to do business with. Seeing how spectacularly well she pulled off these designs, it would only pronounce the simpler things and draw she and Emily that much more closer to the more genuine acts. Grabbing five individual boxes, Amy slipped off the covers of each one and carefully folded and placed them in the boxes, putting the covers back on. To ensure not even the slightest mishap occurred, Amy even tied each in a ribbon and helped Joyce load them into the trunk of her car, and they both gave each other a final hug before Joyce departed. Back on the road, she sighed longingly as the fashion show came to an end, and it would be a long and excruciatingly painful wait until these ever saw the light of day again. All in due time, though. All in due time. She missed riding in the backseat with Emily already. Charles was busy now with driving Emily; not that Joyce minded, but she still wanted the girl’s company. Joyce couldn’t help but sneak a little peak on the surveillance, watching as the girl lounged on the couch like it was nobody’s business. Content with the sight and respecting of Emily, she quickly closed the display and turned on the ignition. The lonely car ride home was boring, but she occupied herself with formulating a plan to sneak the clothes in the back room without Emily noticing...
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    The True Gold all went into her diaper bag. Kristine did not know why she was surprised, but she was. Still, once she had all the True Gold packed away, she dismissed her bag to where-ever it went, and then she and Tac teleported away. A few jumps put her home. Not that the small apartment felt like home anymore. She was not sure if any place would feel like home, not after all she had experienced. Tac jumped off of Kristine’s shoulder. Kristine dismissed her magical self, her Magic Girl uniform fading away, replaced by the clothing she had been wearing long ago. “So,” Tac said, “what are you going to do with all the True Gold?” Kristine said, “I’m thtill thinking about it.” She walked to the bathroom where she stripped off her clothing and diaper and then got into the shower, just standing under the spray until her finger and toes began to wrinkle. After drying off, she pulled out some new clothing, tags still on it, and summoned her diaper bag for a fresh training panty. The skirt's waistband felt a little loose, though she was sure everything had fit well when she had bought it. “Did I get smaller? Younger?” she asked Tac after several seconds of tugging at the waistband, wondering if it was just her imagination. “You became more so what you have become, closer to the Platonic Ideal of a Nursery Knight. So yes, you are smaller, and you look a little younger. You're also stronger too, so that's to the good.” Kristine gave the skirt a quick tug, decided it would stay up, thanks in part to the extra bulk her training panties seemed to have. “Thtronger. How? Why? I don't get it.” “It’s all complicated." "Well, explain, and don't you dare thay you'll use simple words." "I don't need simple words. It's complicated, but the explanation is simple enough. First of all, you were the only Magical Girl of a team in the Mundane Realm. Which meant you had to be as strong as the entire team together. There also needed to be the ability for you to be stronger. And then you touched the primal chaos that all magic comes from, which of course filled you with power and supercharged you. You ate all your vegetables. The point is you are now a lot stronger than before.” Kristine sat down on the couch, feeling stunned for a moment. She unzipped the pouch on the side of her diaper bag and removed the various correspondence and contacts she found within. Details of the house she owned, move-in dates, insurance, everything was taken care of. Focusing on that was easier and let her mind turn over what Tac had told her. She tossed the pages to the side and leaned back on the couch. “What does it mean when a Magical Girl gets stronger?” “More powers, stronger powers, usually a few new magical doodahs.” “Tho I can take out a War Titan and fight a Duke on equal footing.” “Yeah,” Tac told her. “I’d still put money on the Duke if he was serious though. Maybe not a lot, but still money.” “What happenth if I were to dump the True Gold where the Eleven might find it? Will the problem go away.” Tac, perched on the back of the sofa, shook her feline head. “Naive.” Kristine sighed as she reached for her laptop, dismissing her diaper bag as she did so. As the laptop booted up, she asked. “Why ithn’t it a good idea?” “Well, if you want to get all those other Nursery Knights killed it’s a good idea.” Kristine logged in an asked, “Why would that get them killed?” “What do you think the Eleven are going to do if they find a bunch of unaccounted for True Gold?” Kristine sighed. “Try to find out who created it.” “What a smart baby you are.” “Thut up,” Kristine said with no real heat as she opened her mail program. There was the usual junk mail and some emails from some old friends. She hovered her cursor over to them, realised most them had no idea what had happened to her. That amazed her until she really thought of it. As a life-changing event as it had been for her, for the rest of the world, it hardly mattered. There were some emails from Olivia. That surprised her. After their last meeting, she would not have expected to hear back from her. Ever. She climbed across her couch, searched about, found her phone. Some texts, about what she would expect, and there were several from Olivia. She checked the texts and the emails. Some apologies for the way she had acted, a suggestion that they talk. A few more, the later ones suggesting that Olivia was hurt by her silence. “Fuck,” Kristine said as she replied to one of the emails. “What’s up?” Tac asked. Kristine was not of the mind to answer, but then said, “I got thome messages from Olivia.” “That girl from work who ran out on you?” And the girl that Tac had tried to seduce; Perhaps successfully. “Yes. She must have figured I ghothted her.” Kristine wrote a message, kept it pretty simple. Apologised for her silence, said she had been ‘way out of town’ and then asked if it was okay for Olivia to be in touch with her due to the case. She finished off with that she would like to talk, assuming that it was okay, then sent the mail off. Kristine was not sure if she would get a reply, and she was not sure if she wanted one. She feared that both of them would just get hurt if they had any contact. “What you should do,” Tac said, “is give all the True Gold back to the Duke of Threes. He’s your only option, and you can get concessions out of him.” Kristine looked over at Tac. Realised she had been talking about the True Gold’s disposition for about a minute. She was about to ask Tac to explain what she had been saying but decided it was not worth finding out. “I am not giving anything to the Duke of Thwees.” “You see,” Tac said, “that is wrong thinking. Cause when the Duke learns you have his stuff he is going to come and take it away from you. And he will find out cause you left that Lotts guy alive.” “I’ll deal with it when it happenth.” “By dying?” Kristine did not answer. She gave her training panties a discrete squeeze to see if they were still dry. Tac jumped down from the couch. “You don’t have much time to figure out what to do with it. The longer you wait, the worse it is going to be for you.” “I know,” Kristine said. After a night’s sleep and a soaked diaper, Kristine went to visit her new house. The current occupants were not to be moved out for a few more weeks, but Kristine could see that they were already packing things up. She made the current occupants leave with an exclusion field and just walked around the house. Thinking about the simple task of how she would decorate the home kept her mind from more complicated thoughts, like what she was going to do about the Duke of Threes. In the master bedroom, she stood in front of the window, looking down at the large yard. A swing set would look nice down there, with a slide. She turned and looked at the room, wondering again where she would get a crib the right size. She stopped, frozen slightly. Swing set? Crib? What the hell was she thinking? Had her mind been corrupted by the magic or her time in the Nursery Garden? No. She would not have it. Kristine looked at the room. She would get a large, king size bed, with an impressive canopy, and solid railings… Kristine cried softly in anger. To hell with it, she’d get someone to decorate the place for her. Dismissing the exclusion field, Kristine teleported away. She ended up on the roof of a tall building, sitting on the edge, feet dangling over the side. What was she going to do with her life? During the time in the Magical Realm, she had never thought about that. Had stopped thinking about it. Maybe there was some kind of job there? Would Gorgeous have a use for her? Her phone chimed. Producing it out of thin air she looked at the screen. A text from Olivia. ‘Hey. Got your message’ Kristine stared at the text for a few seconds and then, slowly, tapped in, ‘Good to hear from you’. ‘You were out of town?’ Answering without thinking about it too much she typed, ‘In the Magical Realm.’ It was something like a minute before the replay came back. ‘Seriously?’ ‘It’s complicated’ Kristine responded, smiling as she pictured the look on Olivia’s face. ‘I guess so’ the reply came back after several seconds. And then ‘Listen, I would like to talk’. Kristine took a moment to think about what to say and then texted, ‘Sure. When and Where?’ She bit gently at her lower lip and waited. Olivia’s reply came back, ‘Busy today. Maybe tomorrow night?’ Kristine was about to type her answer back, but she could see that Olivia was sending something. She waited and a moment later read, ‘Guess we can’t go to a bar’ For a moment Kristine wondered if Olivia was making fun of her in some manner. She decided that it was a fair enough question. ‘Might be easier to go somewhere else’ ‘Coffee shop? What about that one downtown, Beans…’ Kristine remembered Beans. In fact, she had been having coffee there before the monster had attacked her. Before she became a Magical Girl. Did Olivia know? She typed in, ‘Beans tomorrow night. Sounds good’ ‘See you there around 7?’ ‘Yeah. Around 7’ She stared at her phone for a minute, but Olivia texted nothing new. Turning on the ledge, her diaper a little squishy, she looked off in the distance, towards where she had used to work. To where Olivia worked still. It would be so easy to teleport there. Instead, she sat there just looking out over the city, until, sometime later, a sudden and desperate pressure sent her teleporting off to find a toilet. Barron Lotts chose to go the fastest way he could back to the lands of the Duke of Threes. Travelling so rapidly might attract attention, but he thought that the news he carried required he take such a chance. When he reached the Duchy Lotts thought he would need to arrange a meeting, but he had only arrived when a message came, a summons to meet the Duke near the Nursery Gardens. Had the Duke already found out about his failure? He trembled in fear, but he did not disregard the summons. It did not take long for him to arrive at the meeting place. He was hardly there for a minute or two before the Duke appeared, striding towards him. As he closed, Barron Lotts dropped to his knees, bowed his head low. “I apologise Your Grace.” The Duke was quiet for a moment before he asked, “And what are you apologising for?” His tone was cold, and yet also curious. The Duke had been unaware. Then why the urgent summons? No matter. Head still bowed he said, “The items that I was putting in the mundane,” he did not say what, for he knew that his Duke was trying to maintain deniability, “it was stolen, by that Magical Girl.” No need to say which. The Duke’s anger was like a palpable thing, and Lotts sucked in a breath as it hit him. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly, waiting for the pain to fall on him. Would it be slow, or would the Duke of Threes end him quickly? But no blow fell, and the anger, while not fading, no longer was directed at him. “Tell me what happened.” He did. He told the Duke of the tracker, and its death, of the Magical Girl appearing in the twisted space, and how she had so easily defeated him and the other two. The Duke listened and said nothing until Lotts was finished. “I will punish your incompetence later,” the Duke said. The word ‘incompetence’ fell on Lotts like a physical blow. “For now I want you to gather agents who can operate in the Mundane.” “Your Grace?” For the first time, he looked up at the Duke. His gaze was hard, eyes dark. He looked as if he could destroy the land in his anger. But his rage was tightly controlled as he told Lotts, “I am going to the Mundane Realm to retrieve what was stolen.” Kristine sat on the couch, watching TV, surfing channels. Tac lay on the back of the sofa, making comments about the television content. Most of them were actually clever, but Kristine did not want to let Tac know she thought that. Kristine had been thinking about a lot of things, and there were many different questions that she wanted to ask Tac. She settled on, “When a Magical Girl gets more powerful, their outfit and weaponth can change, right?” Tac who had been ranting at the reality show on the television paused and looked at Kristine. “Yeah, so?” Kristine was thinking about things. “And when a Magic Girl firtht gets their power?” “What do you mean?” Kristine turned off the television. “How wath my mace created?” “Primal Chaos Magic, flared up when you accepted the contract and created a suitable weapon.” Suitable? Kristine wanted to give the Chaos Magic a piece of her mind. “And when a Magical Girl becomes more powerful? More Chaos Flare?” “Yeah, lesser, so the changes are more subtle, usually.” “But cauthe I went out into raw Chaos?” “Your changes were less subtle.” “Could a Magic Girl get a thword of True Gold?” Tac looked at her through narrowed eyes. “Maybe. Why are you asking?” “So it ith possible?” “You’re not thinking of using that True Gold are you?” “Could I explain its prethence by saying it appeared, when I became more powerful?” “You could try. If you were stupid.” Kristine nodded. “And what are you going to do? Cover everything you have in True Gold?” “No,” Kristine said. “Good, cause it is a bad idea.” “You thaid that True Gold could be refined easily?” “You’re an idiot, Even thinking that makes you an idiot.” “Eathy or not?” Kristine asked, refusing to rise to Tac's taunting. “Yes. Easy. Even for you.” Kristine nodded. “Then I know what I am going to do with the True Gold.” “You’re going to get us killed.” Kristine said nothing, then shook her head. “I don’t think so.” Kristine checked her training panties for the third time, making sure they still felt dry. She was well dressed, at least as well as a child could dress without looking like they were going to a party or acting as a flower girl at a wedding. She was wearing a white blouse with a black, pleated skirt. She was using a safety pin to take in the waistband of the skirt, which otherwise would have been a bit too loose. Kristine thought she looked okay. Her phone said it was almost 7. She had gotten a text from Olivia about an hour before saying she would be there. She was standing near Beans, a few doors down, in front of the store whose window she had been thrown through not so long ago. They had replaced the window. She hoped their insurance had covered it. Sometimes they would not if the damage was caused by magic. Another example of the complicated nature law took when magic was involved. Would Olivia really be all right in meeting with her? Just having known someone who became a Magical Girl could probably be an issue. Maintaining the relationship was almost sure to lead to a problem. But, if necessary, Kristine could do something about it. He had a feeling for the kind of magic that could keep any such meetings from being noticed. Though was that okay? There was a moral question there, using magic in such a way. Thoughts like that filled her mind. She did not see Olivia until she was crossing the street for the front door of Beans. Kristine walked quickly and intercepted her just on the sidewalk. Olivia looked at her, blinked, probably not recognising her at first. “Kristine,” she said. Kristine wanted to smile an idiot, Olivia saying her name, almost like the old days. She settled for a less crazed smile and nodded. “It is good to see you.” Olivia recovered from her confusion quickly. “Come on,” she said and opened the door to Beans for Kristine. Kristine entered, Olivia behind her. Olivia pointed out a table near the back. “Grab us the seat. I’ll get something drink. Still drinking black coffee or…” “Tea would be okay, house blend, whatever they have.” “Milk? Sugar?” “Just thome lemon,” Kristine told her. She took a seat at the table, her feet not touching the floor. The shop was not very busy, and it did not take long for Olivia to get their orders. As she sat, Olivia placed a large cup full of tea, a slice of lemon on the side, in front of Kristine. “I really want to apologise for that night. I came out of nowhere, and a dropped a lot of shit on you, and that was unfair of me.” Kristine did not answer immediately and covered the uncomfortable pause as she squeezed some lemon into her tea. “It was a weird time all around. I don’t think there is anything to apologise about.” Olivia snorted, tried to cover it by taking a drink of her coffee. “Thomething funny?” “Just that lisp. It’s kind of cute. Sorry.” Kristine sighed, took a drink of her tea and then said, “Not so cute on the other side.” Olivia sobered and nodded. “I suppose not.” Almost a minute passed at they each focused on their beverages. The bell over the door rang as several people came in, talking animatedly, laughing as they walked towards the counter. “I treated you badly, and I’m sorry,” Olivia said. Kristine nodded. “Thank you. It means a lot. I hope we can thtill be friends.” Olivia nodded, took a deep breath. “I am hoping we can be more than friends.” Kristine felt like she had when the War Titan had hit her. Dazed, not sure what had happened for a moment. “Pardon?” Olivia’s cheeks darkened. “It’s just that, well, you see,” she stopped, placed her hands in front of her, took a few deep breaths. “After I left that night, I met this woman. She was beautiful, seemed to know what I was going through.” “You don’t need to thay anything,” Kristine told her, though she wanted to ask if this woman had been dressed in a tuxedo, perhaps with a pair of cat ears. Olivia continued as if Kristine had said nothing. “I ended up sleeping with her, not that we slept.” Olivia gave her that old, mischievous smile. Kristine wanted to tell her to shut up. “It was incredible.” “I really don’t need to know,” Kristine said, hoping that Olivia would listen. Not that she recalled Olivia really listening, “I’ve never experienced anything like that before. The things that that woman did with her tongue, I thought I would not be able to walk normally for a few days after.” “Just thut up,” Kristine said, her mind full of images of Tak and Olivia having sex. She had spoken louder than she had meant to. Several people were looking their way. She was sure she heard someone say, “No smoking, isn’t time they started making places no children.” Kristine blushed and sunk down in her chair, feeling a slight squish in her training panties. Part of her wanted to get up and find out who had spoken, punch them in the mouth. Olivia looked around, smiled, looked to Kristine and said, “Someone is a brat.” “Really,” Kristine said, keep her voice low and even, “just thut up.” “It was terrific sex.” “Fine,” Kristine told her. “I’m happy for you.” Olivia shook her head. “It was great… but also disappointing.” “Dithappointing?” Now that surprised Kristine. From everything she had seen (and she had seen too much) Tac’s partners were anything but disappointed. Olivia reached across the table and put her hand on top of Kristine’s. “Just holding your hand means more. That’s what I figured out. As good as the sex was, it did not mean anything. This, right now, this means something.” “But, but, when you kithed me…” “I’m not talking about kissing you. Just being with you.” A few people sat down close by. Olivia sat back, taking her hand off of Kristine’s. “Let’s go to that steak place you like,” Kristine said. “It’s more private.” She thought private would be better. “It’s more expensive,” Olivia told her. "Way more expensive." “I’ll pay.” Olivia looked at her. “You’ll pay?” “Being a Magical Girl comes with a very generouth benefits package,” Kristine explained. The atmosphere was dead, and it stunk. It was not the sort of air a being like him cared for. The Duke of Threes stood near an airport as huge planes took off almost over his head. Why would anyone even come here, he wondered. “Your Grace, I have brought her,” Lotts said. The Duke of Threes turned, looked towards Lotts and Tahc who had been escorted there by Lotts. Tahc was apparently surprised to see him. “Your Grace, you cannot be here,” she said. She sounded panicked. Lotts frowned. “Who are you to tell me where I can be?” She slunk back, dropped her gaze. “I am sorry Your Grace, but someone of your power in the Mundane Realm, it will be noticed. There might already be Liaisons on the way to activate Magical Girls to fight you.” The Duke of Threes supposed that might be true, but he shook his head. “I will not be here long enough for it to matter even if that were to happen. I need to know what you have found out about the Magical Girl Kristine.” She lifted her head, started openly at him. “Your report,” he said, his voice snapping. “She has an apartment and a home that was recently purchased. She could be at either or neither. Her movement is uncertain because she is a teleporter. She is distant from her family and was recently let go from her job.” “You are telling me very little of use,” he snapped. “I am still investigating Your Grace.” “Do you have any useful information at all?” Tahc stepped back as if struck. “I am afraid that is all I can tell you at the moment.” “Very well. We shall do this messily. Barron Lotts, release the tracking beasts, and tell your forces to move out.” “Forces?” Tahc asked nervously. “We will chase this Magical Girl to the ground and then capture her. As you said, she is a combat teleporter. Our best option is to overwhelm her.” “What did she do?” It was an impertinent question, but the Duke supposed he could understand why it was asked and forgive Tahc for asking. “She has offended me. And for that, there will be no forgiveness.” Tahc nodded. “Of course Your Grace.” Blacks Fine Dining had been an institution in the city for more than a hundred years ago. There had been a time when a woman and child would have been turned away at the door for it had once only allowed gentlemen to dine there. And not that long ago their casual dress would have ensured they would not be seated. Even now the maitre’d had given them a disapproving look and seated them near the back of the restaurant, out of sight. That suited Kristine who wanted a more private conversation. They had not really spoken in the cab over, then their conversation was innocuous until the waiter had taken their orders and left them with the drinks. “So, being with me?” Kristine asked. “What does that mean exactly?” Olivia looked at her, reached across the table and took Kristine’s hand as she had in the coffee shop. “It means we are together, like this. It means innocent touches that make our hearts race.” Kristine supposed her heart was racing. “And what if I want more than an innothent touch?” Kristine did not know why she asked it, but she had. And she wanted to know. Perhaps she was thinking about the Nursery Knights and their toys, and the games they played with each other. Olivia did not let go of her hand, in fact, she gripped it a little tighter and said, “That might be something I can never give you. But, we can be,” Olivia paused, “lovers, of a kind.” “Of a kind?” “Give me a break,” she said with a smile, “this is all new to me. All I know is I want you in my life. And as more than just friends.” Kristine stared at her and thought about having Olivia in her life. A flurry of thoughts filled her head about how complicated it might be. And she was worried about Olivia. “You’re a lawyer, well, you’ll be one. You can’t be athothiated with a Magical Girl. It will taint your cases.” “Bullshit,” Olivia told her. “And even if it might, you could use magic to keep it all hidden, right?” Kristine was about to deny that, but a moment’s of thought told her she could do what Olivia was asking. She said as much. “See.” “It feels immoral. A breach of professional conduct.” “It is not like you’ll be helping me win cases.” It was a good point. The optics of it might be bad, but there was nothing actually wrong with it. They heard the waiter approach, but Olivia did not release her hand. Kristine might have pulled away, but she saw a challenge in Olivia’s eyes. What the hell, she had an ID that would clear up any questions if the waiter called the cops. He looked at them, perhaps trying to figure out what they were up to, then, seemed to decide it was either harmless or not his problem. Kristine supposed her and Olivia holding hand was innocent enough. Still, maybe the waiter should have shown a little more concern. It made her wonder if such scenes were not unknown of in Blacks Fine Dining. He placed their appetisers down in front of them; Olivia a salad and Kristine soup. With their food there Olivia released Kristine’s hand and picked up her cutlery. Kristine picked up her silverware as well. She was reminded of the clumsy forks and spoons she had used in Nursery Garden. These fit comfortably in her hands, and she ate her soup without spilling a drop. She placed her spoon down and said, “I wet the bed… well, I wet my diaperth that I wear when I am in bed.” She supposed she was trying to shock Olivia, maybe scare her away. Olivia put her salad fork down. “I suppose that is because of the Magical Girl thing?” Kristine nodded. “Why?” The full story would take too long, so she simplified it. “Whoever thought up the Nurthery Knights thought it would be cute if they were in diapers.” “And if they were in them they should use them?” Kristine nodded. “Kinky,” Olivia said as she picked up her fork and started on her salad again. Kristine did not say anything for a few seconds. “Kinky?” she finally asked. Olivia nodded, continuing to work on her salad. She paused and said, “I mean when you look at any Magical Girl they all seem as if they are representing someone’s fetish.” “I never really thought of it like that.” “Really? You never wondered why so many of them had short skirts?” “Eathe of movement?” Olivia made a rude noise of derision, smiling. “Okay, I’ll give you that. Not sure if this was because of a fetish.” It would be difficult to explain the details behind the Duke of Threes' need for easily influenced and immature Magical Girls. And it would require her to tell Olivia things that maybe it would be best she did not know. And maybe the diapers had been someone else’s idea who really did have some kind of fetish for it. She took another mouthful of her soup. “I don’t really care if you are wearing diapers,” Olivia told her. “I get why you care, but it does not matter to me. Probably.” “Probably?” “It’s strange. It is all strange. But honestly, I don’t want to let that it is strange to get in my way, get in our way.” Kristine looked across the table at Olivia. Weird. That summed it up. But if Olivia could be part of her life, then she was able to see a future to it. “You’re right. And if we can figure out a way to make thith work, that would be great.” Olivia smiled. They ordered their meals. Kristine excused herself to go and change her training panties. They talked about what to do next. How the two of them might make this thing work. They would have to go slow. “You got a house?” Olivia asked when they talked about where they might live at some future time. Kristine nodded. “Like I said, there is a great benefith package.” “Where ith it?” Olivia asked. Kristine was about to answer when she heard a crashing sound and some angry outbursts that switched to scream of fear. They were in an otherwise empty corner of the restaurant, and to see what was going on in the main room they had to leave their seats and take a few steps towards the door. “What the hell are those?” Olivia asked. Kristine knew. Well, she knew that two of them were red caps, and one had the long, lean look of the Duke of Threes, but was not him. And the creature with them, some weird amalgam of dog and bug, Kristine had never seen before. But somehow she knew it was a tracker. The Duke of Threes reacted faster than she had thought. Kristine transformed into her Magical Girl self, with her short baby dress, and thick diaper peeking out under the hem, her pacifier hanging from the front by a ribbon. “Wow, that is kinky,” Olivia said to Kristine. Kristine grabbed her hand. “They are here for me, so we thould leave.” She teleported away with Olivia in tow.
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    I was well into my freshman year at Madison High. I couldn’t complain. No, my grades weren’t the best, which was a constant discussion point with my parents, but I was passing. I had great friends. I had tried to go out for athletics but just didn’t have the ability. I did fall in with a group of boys who just liked to play pick-up games. We hung out doing other things, whether it was shooting air rifles or passing a joint around. We called ourselves the Mad Men. Not too long after joining the Mad Men I had noticed a cute girl. She was wearing a short dress. Really way too short. When she moved a matching panty showed from time to time. It was something you’d see on a toddler. Still, all that leg was attractive to me. I was staring at her for a good long time. “You staring at that girl?” my friend Mark asked. “Yeah, nice legs,” I said trying to be nonchalant about it. “She’s a baby,” he said. I was expecting him to say babe, but he definitely said baby. “What?” “She wears diapers. She’s one of the school babies. That’s why she’s dressed like that.” “Still looks hot,” I said. “Nah, you don’t want a girl who pees and poops in her pants. Very messy down there.” “Really?” “Yeah, I can tell you, it’s pretty disgusting. I spent a couple of weeks on lav restriction last year.” I had heard of lavatory restriction. If you were caught messing around in the bathrooms, you could end up banned from them and having to use a diaper. It was perhaps for this reason that the Mad Men were careful to never goof off there. We’d hang out in the gym or down behind the athletic fields. I took one last look at the girl, she spun and looked toward me exposing that panty again. I imagined the diaper underneath wet and messy. It was gross and ruined the vision of her. I quickly turned away. I quickly put her out of my mind and concentrated on other more conventionally dressed girls in my classes. There wasn’t any shortage. However, now that one had been pointed out to me, I noticed other babies in the school. Some girls, some boys. I then realized they sat together at lunch. Other than that I didn’t give it much thought. I was out with the Mad Men one day. We were down at the town park. We had started playing football on a field there but grew tired of that as the sun went down. The park was otherwise empty, so we hung out on the swings and monkey bars bullshitting each other. I thought it must be getting late and I looked at my watch. Crap, I thought to myself. I said I had to leave and rushed home. My parents were waiting. “Do you know what time it is?” my father stated. It was a rhetorical question. I was out past my curfew. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I lost track of time.” “That seems to happen a lot lately. We bought you that fancy watch you wanted. Why don’t you set an alarm? You can’t be coming in late all the time. It’s even a school night.” Again it was rhetorical. “I will in the future,” I pleaded. There was a long period of silence, and my mom told me to go up and get ready for bed. As I got up the stairs, I heard my parents continued to discuss it. “What are we going to do with him?” I heard my mother say. “You know what we have to do,” my father answered. “Should we wait until the summer?” my mother countered. “I don’t know.” They broke it off. I didn’t know what they were discussing. Well, I did lay low for a while. I set the alarm on my watch to make sure I had time to get home before my curfew. Tensions seemed to ease a bit at that point. Spring break was approaching. We weren’t planning to go anywhere, but the Mad Men did have plans. One of the group had his license and had convinced his mother to let him drive us down to Capital city for the day. That was going to be fun. That long stretch between Presidents day, the last school holiday, and the upcoming spring break just seemed to drag. We finally made it to the final week, and even that moved slower. Friday took forever, but finally, the last bell rang. I was free for the next week. I got to my house and my there were unexpected cars in the driveway. One was my father’s, who was never home from work this early. The other was a minivan. A woman was just getting into it. “Oh, hi Jake,” she said. “Um, hello,” was all I could say. I didn’t recognize her. She got in and drove off. I went inside. “I’m home,” I announced. “We’re up in your room,” my mother answered. My room? I went upstairs and down to my bedroom. I walked through the door. It had changed. Yeah, it was my room. My desk and my dresser were still there, but everything else had changed. There were new curtains on the windows and pictures of Dr. Seuss characters on the wall. There was a table there that was new and where my bed had been was… an oversized crib. “What?” I said with astonishment. “Let’s get you changed,” my mother said. Changed? I stood there dumbfounded. My mom grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head before I could say anything. My father stood behind me and pantsed me. I was standing there with my trousers at my ankles when mom then pulled my underpants down. I instinctively covered up. “Come on, step out of those,” she said. What was happening? My face was turning red. I felt my father’s hands under my arms, and he lifted me slightly, and my mom pulled my pants the rest of the way off. “Now, up on the table,” she said patting the top of one of the new pieces of furniture. My father propelled me towards the table, and without much choice, I got up on it. For vanity sake, I rolled face down which seemed to be OK. My mother started to rub something on my rear end. “What’s that?” I asked curiously. “Butt Paste,” she said holding the tube so I could see it. A cartoon baby smiled at me from the package. Butt Paste was what it was. “We don’t want you to get a rash.” I still hadn’t a clue what was going on. After a minute she rolled me over and attacked my front with the paste. Satisfied with her job she got something out from under the table. “Lift your rear a tad,” she said. I complied, and she slid something underneath me. “Down,” she said, and I dropped. She pulled the end of it between my legs and then drew it all into place. I realized now what it was. A diaper. A cloth diaper. I didn’t know they still had such things having been replaced by pampers and the like, but this was definitely it. She pulled a pair of plastic pants over the top of it. Sensing she was done, I hopped off the table. I looked down at my encased crotch. What was going on? She came at me with a baby blue t-shirt. She placed it over my head, and I got my arms through the sleeves. Then she reached down and snapped the ends of the shirt together. It wasn’t a shirt. It was a baby’s onesie only in my size. My head started to spin. I needed to sit down. I plopped down in the desk chair feeling the padding on my seat. I looked at my bare legs. I thought about that girl I had seen at school. The reality began to hit me. I was being turned into a baby. “Let’s talk,” my father started. “Your behavior of late has been a real concern to us. We met with some other parents, and they convinced us that this program would help your behavior.” “But a diaper?” I protested. “Yes. We understand it works well. Well enough that it makes all the work of changing you worth it.” “Changing…” I said mindlessly. “Yes, let us know when you need it, and your father or I will change you.” It sank in. Just like Mark had said. The babies had to use their diapers. “But I’m not a baby!” I protested. “At this point you are,” my father said. “You’ll dress like a baby. You’ll use your diapers like a baby. You’ll eat like a baby. You’ll sleep like a baby.” I sank resigned into the chair. “For how long?” “We’re going to use spring break to get you adjusted to this before you have to go back to school.” I waited for her to say that things would then go back to normal. It didn’t come. “I can’t go to school like this!” I protested. “Well, maybe not just like that, but you have a whole new wardrobe, and we’ll get you disposable diapers to wear to school.” “They won’t let me do that.” “Yes, they will. You’re not the only student they have like this. We’ve set it all up with the administration.” I then thought of the girl I had seen weeks earlier and the other Madison High babies. It sunk in that I was going to be one of them.
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    An old story that got wiped out in the Great Corruption. At least I think I posted this on here before, but I've posted it on several forums so I'm not sure. But whether it's the first or the second time, here it is again. Chapter 1. The Rules. “Here are the rules,” she said. “There will be no sex. No unnecessary touching of privates. You may undress me as part of your… play, and feel free to admire my body, but look with your eyes, not your hands or, god forbid, your dick. Got it?” Jonathan nodded. “Of course.” “Good. Everything will happen in private. If you want to do public play, we will renegotiate. If at any point I say the word 'roses,' you will immediately stop whatever you're doing. Oh, and I take payment in advance.” He nodded again. “Absolutely. I won't hurt you. Quite the opposite. I want to take care of you. That's kind of my thing.” Jonathan handed her the cash, and she put it away in her purse. “Okay, then the formal shit is taken care of. I'm yours until tomorrow morning, unless you break our contract. Starting now.” Jonathan beamed a wide smile at her. “Now, now. Little girls don't use dirty words, do they?” Eliza blushed. It was a genuine blush, too. Fuck. I'm screwing up already. “Sorry,” she said, casting her glance downward to the floor. “I've never catered to this particular kink before. It'll probably take me a little while to properly get into the role.” Eliza had been a sex worker for the past two years, after she finished college. She'd done porn for some minor producers, and a few times, she'd straight up sold sex. Eliza loved the idea of it: she was the kind of woman who in earlier times might have been referred to a psychiatrist for nymphomania, and today would be known as a slut. But why shouldn't she have lots of sex if she wanted to? The idea of selling herself, not because anyone forced her to, but because she could and wanted to, was both liberating and, in a naughty taboo kind of way, incredibly sexy. That was the idea of it, though. In practice, having to deal with her customers so intimately—the fat and ugly and smelly ones, as well as the ones who looked like they might be carrying super-AIDS—was far from sexy. Just when she'd thought it might be best to give up the whole prostitute thing as an expression of youthful experimentation, she'd lucked into meeting a couple clients who had more particular desires. Ones that didn't even want to fuck her. They were content to fondle her feet or tie her up and mock her, or force her to strip naked and do household chores while they watched. She was still selling herself, but it had been eight months since she'd actually sold sex. What do you really want? She thought, looking over at Jonathan. All her clients wanted things they couldn't or wouldn't express, and if she did those things, they were on the hook as regulars. The man sitting across from her on the couch was her newest client, and definitely the wealthiest. Jonathan was in his early thirties, mop of brown hair and nerdy glasses, but he wore a businessman's suit. He was the founder of a tech startup that had been bought up by Google for an undisclosed, enormous sum, and now he lived an early retirement in a swanky suburban mansion. “That's okay,” Jonathan said. He was sweating, she noticed. Eliza moved to sit beside him. “First time paying for this kind of thing?” She asked. He squirmed on the couch, as if he were a schoolboy who hadn't done his homework. Eliza laughed. “It's okay. Everyone is nervous the first time. It's nothing to be ashamed of. What I'll usually do is, I make us a drink, and then we just get to know each other a little before the roleplaying begins in earnest. Would you like a drink?” Jonathan blushed, then he nodded. As Eliza rose, about to ask him where he stored his liquor, she heard a cough behind her. “I...” He began. Oh, spit it out! She thought. Is he going to be one of those guys who loses the faculty of speech once he has a girl over? She'd had some clients who panicked once their biggest fantasy was about to become real. Guys who clearly had very little experience with real women, and when faced with one, one whom they'd paid to be theirs for the night, it was all too much to them. Some of them she'd ended up simply talking to all night. Fortunately, Jonathan only needed two tries before he spoke. He grabbed her hand and held her back, gently but firmly. “I have a few rules of my own, young lady.” Eliza turned around to face him. “Yes?” She said, trying her best to sound as innocent as she believed he wanted her to be. “First of all, only grown-ups are allowed in the liquor cabinet.” He was trying very hard to sound authoritative, and it was working about halfway into rule number one, but then his voice faltered. Eliza found it endearing. She didn't know much about his kink, so he would have to teach her, but on the other hand, he clearly didn't know much about being a Dom in practice, so maybe they'd have to learn together. “But, uh… I could use a drink. Wait here a minute.” She glanced around the room while he was gone. On the walls hung posters of old 1960s rock artists, neatly framed; there was a large wall-mounted TV; on the living room table lay a couple of coffee table type art books. Jonathan appeared to be a bit of a neat freak, if the order and cleanliness of his house was any indication. He reappeared with a glass of what appeared to be whiskey in one hand, and a juice box in the other. “I thought it was more appropriate for someone your age,” he said, handing her the juice box. Eliza smiled. She was a little embarrassed, but that feeling was also turning her on a little. If this is your fix, I'll gladly take your money and do it again some other time. She inserted the straw and began sucking on it, looking him in the eyes as she did so. “Are you thinking dirty thoughts, little one?” He asked. Eliza nodded. Seductively, she hoped. Jonathan appeared to be getting into the role, and this was a crucial period. If he just warmed up to the feeling of authority, and she didn't mess up and challenge that authority until he was confident enough to put her in her place, this was going to work out very well. “When you grow up, maybe you can do something about that, but until then, you just enjoy your juice box, sweetie,” he said. Eliza moved closer to him, then she whispered in his ear: “May I sit on your lap?” He pulled her in. Eliza was rather short, which no doubt played into his fantasy. There were certainly call girls out there with bigger boobs, but she had a feeling that would have been inappropriate for his particular kink. “Now, kitten, for rule two. You are only allowed in the bathroom under the supervision of an adult. I'm very strict on that. Are we clear?” Eliza nodded, and couldn't help but notice a twinge in her bladder. She'd suspected something like this, but the reality of it, what it might entail, had remained a little abstract to her. “When we finish our drinks, why don't we get you changed into something a little more appropriate?” Shit. Fuck. “I… I didn't bring anything,” she said. He began stroking her hair. “Don't worry, I'm well prepared.” She closed her eyes and allowed herself to be stroked, trying to find the calm within herself. Trying to become what he wanted her to be. “Hey, don't fall asleep on me! It's not bedtime yet. If you fall asleep now, I'm gonna have a hell of a time getting you to go to sleep tonight, aren't I?” Eliza blushed. “Sorry,” she said. “It's just so calming when you stroke my hair.” “Why don't we go change right now,” Jonathan suggested. Eliza got up from his lap and offered him her hand. He took it and led her upstairs to his bedroom. On the king sized bed lay a denim romper with snaps in the crotch. And was that…? “Oh, that,” Jonathan said, following her gaze. “That's not a problem for you, is it?” It was, indeed, a diaper. Or, rather, one of those pull-on absorbent training pants for older kids. She shook her head. It was covered in her fee, if that's what got him going. “That's just in case,” Jonathan said. “Let's leave it be for now. I know that some little girls have potty problems, but some are properly potty trained. Are you, kitten?” Eliza blushed and nodded. Of course she was. Well, fuck me. On second thought, maybe he wanted me to say no? “Well, then. I'll give you a chance in panties, then. Don't disappoint me now. I don't want to be cleaning up any puddles on the floor. Okay. Let's get you out of those clothes, they look silly on a little girl.” He indicated for Eliza to raise her arms, and she did. Swiftly, he hoisted her Metallica t-shirt off. Then came her jeans, which she allowed him to undo, one button at a time, and then she pulled them down and stepped out of them. Eliza felt a chill in her bones. The room was a little cold, but also, this was the moment of truth. Soon she'd be naked in front of a near-total stranger who had engaged her to fulfill his sexual fantasies. Eliza had no shame about showing off her body, but there was always the possibility that—despite what they'd agreed on—Jonathan might get handsy once she stood naked in front of him. He didn't seem like the type, though. Jonathan seemed like he genuinely wanted to care for her as if she were a child, and she didn't think child molestation was part of the fantasy. Jonathan walked behind her and unclasped her bra. “Little girls don't need bras. You barely have any breasts to be holding up!” He laughed. “Say what?” She couldn't help it. She may be small, but those were still some premium grade boobs, mister. “Good, good,” Jonathan said. He was in front of her now, admiring her naked chest. “I'm sorry, I'm just getting into character. And I want you to be a bit spunky, to resist me a little, you know? Little girls aren't always well behaved.” Eliza took the hint. She stamped a foot on the floor. “I do not have a flat chest. You're just a big meanie.” She stuck her tongue out, to emphasize that her little outburst was part of the act. “Watch your tongue,” Jonathan said. He sized her up. “No, those panties won't do.” They were black silk, bikini style. “Don't worry, I have something a little more appropriate for you.” He rummaged in a closet and found a pair of pink panties with a teddy bear print on them, and a t-shirt with the same motif. “Do you need any help, or can you put them on yourself, sweetie?” “I… Maybe a little bit of help?” Eliza allowed him to lower her panties, giving him a glance of her pussy, but he only took a quick peek before sliding up her new panties. She shifted a little. The coffee with breakfast, then water on the way down, and then juice were all making their way to her bladder. After the panties came the t-shirt over her otherwise bare chest, and then the romper. Jonathan made sure everything fit snugly—and it did, surprisingly—but his hands didn't linger too long in any sensitive areas. Eliza did a little pirouette to show off her new costume, which had shaved off at least six years of her apparent age, if not eight or ten. Although she was still clearly a young woman in immature clothing, she looked closer to sixteen than to twenty-four. “Uh, about the bathroom,” Eliza said. “Could you show me the way? I kind of have to pee.” “But you have to see all the fun stuff I've prepared for you!” Jonathan exclaimed. He took her hand and led her downstairs, and she offered no further protest. Perhaps he wants me to pee my pants. Perhaps he really wants an excuse to put me in diapers. Jonathan hadn't been quite clear on what age he wanted her to be. A little girl, he'd said. A little girl to take care of. But did that mean six or two? Was she supposed to be a first grader or a babbling baby? Hopefully not the latter, because she'd be bored out of her mind if she wasn't at least allowed to talk. And she didn't think she could do baby convincingly, either. First grader was more like it. But was she a first grader with “potty problems?” Eliza tried to cross her legs, but Jonathan dragged her along to a room adjacent to the living room. It was more of a lounge, with bean bags and a few reclining chairs, and on one of the walls hung a canvas that looked like it might be part of a home cinema setup. There was a little table in a corner, and Jonathan led her to it. “I've got some coloring books, stickers, glue, and glitter. Why don't you have some fun with that? I'll be right here, reading a book.” He indicated one of the chairs. “But I need to pee!” She protested. Her bladder was rather uncomfortable, and the desperation could be heard in her voice. It was a child's whine. Inwardly, she smiled. He must be loving this. “I was really looking forward to some quiet reading. The bathroom is upstairs. Why didn't you say something before?” “I did!” “Hmm,” Jonathan said. “I must have missed it. Well, if it's an emergency, I'll take you. If it can wait, we'll do it after.” Does he want me to say I can hold it? And if I do, does he want me to actually hold it, or does he want me to have an accident? She was a little concerned about ruining the clothes he'd clearly bought just for this occasion. Surely he didn't have more than one “little girl” uniform laying around, and if she peed in this one, well, she'd have to use her regular clothes, which might break the spell. She'd have to find a way to broach it in character. “I'm a big girl!” She said, and pointed to herself. “I can hold it all day.” Then she crossed her legs, both because she really did need to pee, and for show. “But… Just in case I can't, maybe I should go. I don't want to ruin my new clothes.” Jonathan hugged her. “Don't you worry about that, dear,” he said. “Clothes can be washed. And there's more where those came from.” Eliza considered her options. In her occupation, intuition was king. She needed to be both a sex object and a mind-reader, sussing out what her clients really wanted, deep down. Going out of character unless absolutely necessary would kill the fantasy. Considering Jonathan had gone to the trouble of buying diapers for her, it would be a shame if he didn't get to put her in them. Eliza had never done any pee play; hardcore watersports, like drinking pee or having someone pee in your face, rather disgusted her. But the idea of peeing her pants, while not something she'd ever done before, seemed rather harmless. She could maybe let out a tiny bit, just enough for it to show on her clothes, and then Jonathan would get to punish her for it. Eliza spread her legs a little and tried to think of dripping water, Niagara falls, but nothing came out. Guess I'm just too well trained, she thought. “Okay, you can read your book,” she said. “But promise to take me soon?” “All right, kitten,” Jonathan said. Eliza sat down and looked over the supplies he'd given her. Frankly, coloring books and glitter and stickers looked boring as fuck. She tried to look for her inner child, but apparently it had gone into hiding. There was nothing redeeming about coloring books. But considering the pay, she'd bloody well put up with it. I could be getting fucked in the ass by a 300 pound cave dweller, she thought. Instead, I'm getting paid three times as much to have someone attend to my needs, look after me like a daughter, and all I need to do is play with glitter and try not to look bored. Eliza picked up a crayon and began coloring. She debated whether she should color outside the lines like a child, but settled on meticulously coloring within them. That way, she could at least devote a little bit of brain power to the task at hand. Maybe Jonathan would hang it on his fridge. The page she was working on had a castle with turrets, a drawbridge, a fairy and an adventurer carrying a sword. It reminded her of Ocarina of Time, so the swordsman had to be green. She crossed and uncrossed her legs under the table. Maybe if she pushed a little on her bladder, that would be enough to squirt out a little bit, and then she could ask Jonathan to take her to the bathroom. She spread her legs and pushed on her abdomen. For a moment, her muscles resisted, but then Eliza felt her new panties warm to a trickle of pee. It was a strange feeling. She couldn't remember the last time she peed herself. Probably when she was around the age she was playing at now. Eliza had a rather small bladder, but she'd learned early on to compensate with frequent trips to the toilet. She put a hand in her lap; it touched wet fabric. Satisfied that her little “accident” would be visible to Jonathan, she clamped shut. That is, she tried to clamp shut. But she had left the floodgates open too long, and now she couldn't stop. Eliza let out a little yelp of despair as her ass began to get soaked. She twisted her legs and pushed on her crotch with both hands, but the pee kept coming, pooling between her legs and running up her lap and down her thighs. Jonathan was there in a flash. “What's wrong, sweetie?” He asked. There was genuine alarm in his voice, like he couldn't tell if this was still pretend, or perhaps he was so deep in character that it didn't matter. “I…” The hiss as she peed herself was so loud in her ears, she was sure he must hear it. Perhaps he was simply too polite to say anything, or perhaps she was simply hyperaware. She waited until she was done, and then she hung her head. “I peed.” “You peed?” Jonathan looked confused. “It was an accident.” Eliza stood up to show him. When she did, some urine spilled over the chair and splashed on the floor. She was soaked down to her knees, and her ass was sopping wet. It was uncomfortable, perhaps mostly due to embarrassment. She had meant to pee, yes, but then she couldn't stop and it turned into a real accident. Eliza was sure she was red as a stoplight. The embarrassment did, however, allow her to more easily slip deeper into the role. It felt natural to ask, “Can you please not be mad?” Jonathan shook his head. “Of course I'm not mad. But I thought you said you could hold it?” “I totally can. It was just an accident.” She looked down at the puddle she'd made. Eliza was amazed she'd managed to hold that much in the first place. “But can you please help me clean up? It's yucky.” Jonathan was easily a foot taller than her. Before she knew it, he'd swept her off her feet and began carrying her upstairs. “Eliza, sweetie, you should have said it was an emergency.” “I was having too much fun playing,” she lied. Eliza buried her head in his shoulder. This was supposed to make her feel safe. Little Eliza would feel safe in Jonathan's arms, in his shoulder. He smelled of aftershave. She closed her eyes, and again she felt the lack of proper sleep the night before catching up with her. Before she knew it, Jonathan was gently putting her down on the floor. It was a large bathroom, all in marble, with a big tub in one corner and a shower in the other. Each could fit at least two, if not three adults. Besides that there was room for a washer, drier, and toilet. She felt like she were standing in a cathedral of glass and marble. Although the downstairs rooms looked middle glass, this bathroom screamed rich. “Let's get those icky clothes off,” Jonathan said, and began undoing her romper. His gaze lingered for a moment on her wet ass. She wiggled her bum, and he gave it a slap. “Don't show off,” he said, although his continued staring at her told her he didn't really mean it. “Are you proud to be going potty in your pants?” “No, Jonathan,” she said. Is that how he wants to be addressed? Some clients preferred Sir or Master. Others had bizarre alter egos they liked to roleplay. Who was Little Eliza to him? His daughter, his niece, his student in first grade? She leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Is that what you want me to call you? Or is there something else?” He thought for a moment. “Ideally, I'd like to be called Daddy. But I think that's something I need to earn first. In the meantime, you can call me John or Jonathan.” “Okay, John. Please get these icky clothes off me.” He did as asked. “I was going to do this before bed, but I think I'm going to run you a bath. With bubbles. How does that sound?” He asked. “I'd like that.” She was now naked, the wet clothes in a pile on the floor. Jonathan opened the faucet and began running a bath. The tub looked inviting, and she was a bit cold, so she climbed in. “I'll go get some dry and clean clothes. You just stay right here, pumpkin.” Eliza leaned back and closed her eyes. Jonathan had to be the sweetest client she'd ever had, and his fantasies the most innocent. She was short, slim and just the right amount of curvy, yet her wet panties seemed to interest him more than her pussy. He clearly enjoyed looking at her, but he could be doing so much more. The roleplay seemed to be doing it for him. His comment about wanting to earn the name “Daddy” gave her a pang of guilt. Am I exploiting him? It seemed like his brand of kink required an intimate connection with another person. Although all kinky play requires a big degree of trust from both parties, many people enjoy a casual spanking. John, on the other hand, didn't seem like the type who'd go to a BDSM party and tie someone up for the evening, then never see them again. He really just wanted a girlfriend he could cuddle at night. Jonathan sidled up by the tub and poured something into the water, and soon enough, she was covered up by a layer of foam. “Stop me if I'm going too far,” Eliza said. “But your kink strikes me as the kind best practiced in a committed relationship.” Her eyes were still closed, and she found herself enjoying his tender touch as he began rubbing shampoo into her hair. Jonathan sighed. “You could say that,” he said. “But there aren't many girls out there as lovely as you.” “That's sweet of you to say,” she said. “But I'm sure there's someone out there for you. Successful businessman, and probably the sweetest client I've had to boot.” “I imagine you run into some brutes in your profession.” She thought it over. No, no one had ever disrespected her boundaries. “It depends,” she said. “I've been careful. Maybe a little lucky. No one ever laid their hands on me—except in the ways we'd discussed beforehand. I'm not a street walker. I mean, no disrespect to those girls. I'm just saying, what they do is a lot more dangerous than what I do.” In the beginning, she relied on internet ads. Now, all her new clients were referrals. People who were recommended by someone she trusted. Jonathan had been vouched for by a business contact of hers, Jane, although she wasn't quite clear on how they knew each other. She trusted her acquaintance, though. “Come to think of it, how do you know Jane?” Eliza asked. “Oh,” Jonathan said. “She's my ex.” “She's your ex?” Eliza hadn't expected that. Jane worked in the porn industry. “Yeah. She said you might be able to, uh, fulfill the fantasies she couldn't. I told her about my fetish. It didn't go so well.” “I'm sorry,” Eliza said. “Is that why you guys broke up?” “Yes and no. It put more strain on a strained relationship. After a while we both decided it was for the best to call it quits. Well, she decided. I acquiesced.” Eliza opened her eyes, reached over the edge of the tub and gave him a hug. Foamy water splashed all over his shirt. He didn't seem to mind. Eliza held the hug, and then she began rubbing his back, leaving wet fingerprints on his button-down. Finally, he separated himself. His eyes were watery. He rose and attempted to straightened himself up. “I'm sorry,” he said. “I'm getting a little emotional. I suppose emotional isn't in the job description.” “No, no,” Eliza said. “It was my mistake. I pushed too far.” He cleared his throat. “Well, little one,” he said, in an apparent attempt to regain his authority. He was really such a sweetheart. “Let's get you dried and into some clean clothes.” He offered her a hand as she stepped out of the bathtub. Then he began rubbing her dry with a huge towel. She felt very small, like she was disappearing into the towel. He rubbed her all over to get her dry, and she felt herself getting a little aroused as he worked on her breasts and between her legs. Jonathan was just drying her off—he showed no signs of being aroused himself. But she found herself wishing he'd give a little special attention to her special areas. Satisfied that she was dry, Jonathan turned around to pick up her new clothes. A dress, with a childish floral print in yellow. He must have gone on quite a shopping spree in preparation, she mused. “Now, pumpkin, I told you I wanted to give you a bath before bed. Remind me, why did we have to do it early?” Eliza blushed. He wants to hear me say it. He wants to humiliate me. Humiliation, as it happened, was one of her own kinks. She loved to hate it. “Because I had an accident,” she said. “Oh?” He looked at her expectantly. What is it he wants me to say? “What kind of accident? Did you fall and scrub your knee?” Eliza hid her face behind the towel. She was deliciously embarrassed. “Noooo,” she said. “Not that kinda accident.” “What kind of accident did you have, then, sweetpea?” “In my pants.” She pointed to the wet romper and panties, still on the floor. “I peed in my pants.” “That's right,” Jonathan said. “You said you were a big girl, but then you couldn't make it to the bathroom. I gave you a chance at panties, but I don't think you're quite big enough for them. I can't trust that you'll be able to keep them dry.” “I AM a big girl!” Eliza said, stomping her foot on the ground. That was a mistake. The tiles were wet, and she slipped and lost her footing. For a terrifying moment, she saw the tiles rush up toward her head, but then Jonathan was there and grabbed her before she faceplanted into the floor. “Careful, honey, the floor is wet,” Jonathan said. “One day you'll be a big girl. But until then...” He held up the pull-up diaper she'd seen in his bedroom earlier. “No fair,” Eliza said. “It was only one accident.” “Well, just in case,” Jonathan said. There it was. She knew what she'd signed up for, but the reality of it still hit her like a brick. Eliza had let herself be degraded for money before, but she had never imagined herself ever having to wear a diaper. And not just because she was paid to do it. No, she had actually peed her pants and earned it. She blushed again at the thought. The humiliation was getting her wet in a different way. When she began peeing, it had been on purpose. But then it wasn't on purpose anymore. She'd really tried to stop, and found she couldn't. In a way, she did really have an accident, just like a little girl. Does he want me to protest? He did say earlier that he wanted her to disobey. “NO,” she said. “I'm a BIG GIRL and BIG GIRLS don't wear diapers.” Jonathan looked at her sternly. “Do you want to earn yourself a spanking, little missy?” He didn't raise his voice, but his tone said that he wasn't kidding. “FINE,” Eliza said, in her best petulant child voice. “But only this once. And I'm going to prove to you that I don't need it.” “Very well,” Jonathan said. He looked down at his watch. “It's only 3 PM. If you can keep this one dry until seven, you can have panties for the rest of the night.” Four hours? She could do that. He helped her step into the diaper and slid it up her hips. The feeling of padding between her legs was odd, but the shape of the it was more like a pair of extra-thick panties than a diaper. She gingerly took a few steps. There was a soft rustle as she walked, but it was barely audible. She could feel the fabric absorbing some moisture from between her legs. “Now, this one isn't very thick. It's made for little girls who are potty training. So you need to tell me when you need to go potty, because this diaper can't take a flood like the one you unleashed in your pants.” Touché. “And it's very important that you tell me if you need to go number two, because this one is only designed for pee.” Number two? Goo god. The thought of it had her reeling. Peeing was one thing, she could do that. But under no circumstances would she have anything to do with poop. She had a strong anti-scat policy. “Yes, John,” she said. “I'm going to tell you when I need to go.” It occurred to her that the toilet was off limits without “adult supervision.” Did he expect her to poop while he watched? Open as she was about her body, she didn't think she could do that. She'd just have to hold it if it came to that. Chapter 2. Medium Rare.  Jonathan helped her into the dress, and she twirled around, giving him a peek upskirt. He nodded. “You look stunning,” he said. “Thank you.” He led her hand in hand downstairs. “Are you hungry yet?” He asked. “I could go for some food right about now.” Her stomach grumbled in sympathy. She hadn't eaten since early that morning. “Sure,” Eliza said. “I was thinking steak and pepper sauce,” said John. “It's a little early for such a heavy meal, so maybe we should stretch it an hour, but I haven't eaten since breakfast, so I'd like to eat soon. You know, I would take you to a nice restaurant, but we agreed not to go out in public.” Eliza nodded. “Maybe some other time.” Seeding another appointment, she thought. It was somewhat cynical of her, but she felt it was entirely natural. She was only being honest. “You're welcome to take me out, but we'd have to suspend the roleplay. But I don't mind a nice home-cooked meal.” Jonathan smiled. “I'm an excellent cook.” “Maybe we could just cuddle and watch some TV to kill time,” Eliza suggested. “I love it when you stroke my hair.” Jonathan seated himself on the coach and switched on some mindless reality show. The kind where there is no real goal, except for the contestants to back-stab each other as much as possible—when they're not having sex, and solemnly swearing they never imagined they would be doing it on television, it just happened, because he or she's the one. Eliza curled up beside him, and he obediently began stroking her hair. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine that he was her boyfriend, a trick she used whenever a client wanted romance rather than straight sex. It wasn't hard to see this kind, caring and wealthy bachelor as a partner in another life. Eliza had a strict policy of separating business and pleasure—it wasn't like she were actually falling for him. But with closed eyes, she could pretend. When she lay still, she hardly even noticed the difference in her underwear, but whenever she moved, the padding pushed into her and reminded her of what a little girl she was supposed to be. Before she knew it, she was dreaming. The imagery faded as soon as Jonathan nudged her awake, but it had been a pleasant dream. “Hey, I didn't say you could nap,” John said. Eliza rubbed her eyes. “Sorry. I guess I didn't sleep much last night. I'll be a good girl and go to sleep for bedtime, that's a promise.” “I think it's time for dinner,” John said. “Would you like to continue coloring for me, or would you like to help me cook?” She told him she wanted to cook. Eliza had had enough coloring for one day. She needed some kind of stimulation. Pleasant though it was, life as a little girl was rather boring. One downside of her more romantic appointments was that they didn't provide the same level of excitement as a sexual session. Her clients rarely knew how to inject excitement into a date. But as soon as she'd finished that train of thought, John was over her, pinning her down on the coach, and then he was tickling her. “Eeee!” She squeaked. It was unexpected, but she didn't protest. She tried to contort her body so he couldn't get to her most ticklish spots, but he was devious. One fake maneuver toward her armpits, and then he was lifting up the front of her dress, and for a moment she thought he was going to stick a hand down her diaper—but then he was blowing raspberries on her stomach, and Eliza couldn't help but laugh. When she did, she let down her defenses up top, and he started on her armpits, the most ticklish spot on her body.  “Aaaah!” She said, laughing all the while. “Stop! Stop! I'm gonna pee!” She struggled to close her legs, but then he was tickling her under her feet, and she had to open them, and almost kicked him in the nose, barely missing his glasses. “I mean it! I'm ahhhahaaa—I'm gonna pee myself!” He let up. “Let's get you to the bathroom before it's too late, then,” he said. Eliza was red-faced and panting, exhausted from the assault of tickles. Her breath was heavy, and her chest was heavy from all the laughing, but her smile was genuine. None of her clients ever got into tickle fights with her. Hell, it was even a little bit hot. She'd experimented with forced orgasms using a vibrator and a willing, non-paid partner, and tickling was similarly painful and pleasant at the same time. But she didn't want to pee herself. Eliza wanted to prove to John that she could last until seven. A little silly, she realized. She was an adult and had never peed her pants by accident, not since she was a toddler. Big Eliza, the sex worker, had nothing to prove. But Little Eliza certainly did, after her embarrassing accident earlier. “I don't really need to go,” she managed, after she regained her breath. “It's just when you tickle me, I can't control it.” “Well, let's try anyway. I can't leave the kitchen once the plates are hot and things are cooking to take you to the bathroom, now can I? Here is a potty training lesson. When you know you won't be able to go to the potty for a while, it's smart to go before, just in case.” He offered a hand and led her upstairs. She followed, a light rustling of her underwear probably only audible to herself. “Okay, down she goes,” John said, lowering her pull-up, “and up she goes!” Eliza allowed herself to be hoisted up on the toilet. “See if you can make a little tinkle for me.” She tried, but nothing came out. Eliza wasn't normally pee shy, but something about the situation made her clam up. “I can't,” she said. “Maybe if I turn on the tap?” John offered. Eliza closed her eyes and listened to the stream of water splashing into the sink. Finally, a slight tinkle began. “Good girl!” John said. “Now, do you know how to wipe, Eliza?” Of course she did. And they had agreed on no touching in that area. Eliza found herself aching for some touch down there. The whole evening had been a long series of humiliations, and that was the sort of stuff that got her going. She'd never imagined herself being into this stuff, and to be honest, she couldn't ever see herself roleplaying a little girl for her own pleasure. But the roleplay did facilitate humiliation, and that had her loins all wet and slippery. No. It might set a bad precedent. We'll have to renegotiate. On the other hand… She did say no unnecessary touching of privates, did she not? What if it were necessary? She did allow him to clean her in the bath and dry her off, all over her body. “Uh… Maybe you could show me?” She bit her lip and looked him in the eye. For a brief moment, he blushed, a little flustered, but then he was back in control. “Of course, baby,” John said. “It's very important that you keep clean down there, so you don't get any nasty infections. You don't want that, do you, Eliza?” She shook her head. John ceremoniously grabbed a piece of toilet paper. It was four-ply, premium quality, soft as silk. Eliza considered expensive toilet paper to be literally throwing money down the toilet, so she always went for the cheap stuff. Apparently, she didn't know what she was missing. When John wiped her down, it was like being wrapped in a blanket of good emotions. “Teehee, it tickles,” she said. “Oh,” said John. “I don't think little girls need to think about that.” Eliza was a little disappointed. “There, all done,” John said, and helped her slide the diaper up her hips. “Now let's go cook some dinner.” They entered a kitchen decked out with all the newest in stainless steel and Swedish design. It looked like something out of an unusually upscale IKEA catalog. There was a double-door refrigerator, two hypermodern stoves with electronic displays and more dials and buttons than Eliza's laptop. “I'm afraid little girls and hot stoves don't go well together,” John said. “But you can ready the table. Plates are over there,” he indicated the top of a tall cabinet, “and cutlery over there.” Eliza tried to reach the shelf, but even on the tips of her toes, she wasn't tall enough. The kitchen was clearly designed for someone John's size. “I can't reach up there,” she said. “Silly me,” John said. He grabbed some plates and glasses, and she decked out the table. Then he kept her busy grabbing ingredients and explaining every step of the cooking process, just as if she were in grade school. It wasn't the world's most complicated meal, and Eliza was sure she could've managed it on her own. But she allowed him to teach her. The meal was delicious. Medium rare steak, pepper sauce and cooked potatoes. Anything would have been good at this stage; it was close to five and she hadn't eaten since around nine in the morning. But John wasn't lying when he said he was a good cook. Eliza tried to imagine herself as a young child. She deliberately missed with her fork, allowing some sauce to spill onto her face. Once she was done eating, John playfully scolded her for being a messy eater, and wiped it all away. “We'll have to teach you some table manner,” he said, and laughed. With the weight of a full belly, her tiredness returned. She wasn't sure if she could keep her promise of staying awake until bedtime. When was that, anyway? John led them back into the living room. She curled up on the coach, and he handed her a blanket. Eliza yawned. “I'm gonna stay awake, promise,” she said, by way of apology. He sat down beside her. “It wasn't easy,” John said. “Telling my ex about this fetish.” He stroked her hair. It was auburn, flowing down to her chest in curlicues. “I always knew, kind of. I always enjoyed caring for my baby brother, but not in a sexual way, of course. And then when I hit my teens, I would see these cute girls, and the guys would be like, 'Damn, I'd like to fuck her.' Behind her back, of course. And I'd go, 'Yeah, man, you got it.' But inwardly I'd be thinking, 'I'd love to take her home, kiss her forehead and tuck her in.'” “So it isn't sexual at all for you?” Eliza said. Jonathan blushed. “Don't think I haven't caught you looking at me that way,” Eliza said. “It's no big deal. I'm hiring out my body, after all. Feel free to think any dirty thoughts you want, as long as you don't act out anything we didn't agree on.” He resumed stroking her hair. “Oh, Eliza. I have to admit, you're stunning. And I could see myself in bed with you, having some adult fun. But I'm perfectly happy caring for you without touching you inappropriately. The truth is, when I look at you right now, I see a child and a woman at the same time. I'm attracted to the woman as a woman to do man-and-woman stuff with, and to the child as a child to care for.” Eliza sat up. She didn't want to pry into his evidently difficult feelings toward his ex, but he was the one to bring it up. She was curious. “So I take it your ex didn't take the news very well?” “I was a stuttering mess. I think if I'd proudly stated my preferences like they were no big deal, maybe things would have gone over differently. But I acted like I was ashamed of it, and so she assumed it was shameful.” Eliza nodded. “Yeah,” she said, her sleepiness somewhat slurring her words and dragging them out. “I find that people almost always adopt the attitude that you project to the world. Act confident, they will see you as confident. Act ashamed, they will assume you have good reason for it and pile on with the shaming.” “Jane told me maybe she could help me get over it,” John said. “Maybe there was some other fantasy we could act out that would make me forget all about little girls and diapers and all that. She offered anal. She even hinted that a threesome might be on the horizon, she had some open-minded friends—Jane is in the porn biz, after all. But once it became clear that it wasn't a phase and it wasn't something that would ever go away, it became a constant source of conflict. She just couldn't deal with the fact that I was fantasizing about her as a little girl—I mean, as an adult acting like one, not that I was jerking off to her childhood portraits or something.” “I'm sorry,” said Eliza. “But she led me to you,” Jonathan said. “Jane told me you might be open to something like this.” “I'm all yours, until tomorrow morning.” Suddenly, his hand was under her skirt. He pushed against the dry padding of her crotch, but then he withdrew his hand as quickly as he put it up there. “Just checking,” he said. “Don't want you leaking on the couch.” Eliza wiggled free of him. “I'm a big girl and I don't need this thing,” she said, lifting her skirt to indicate the diaper. The bottom of her breasts peaked out, giving him a nice little underboob look. “I told you, I'm gonna keep dry until seven.” “We're almost there, kitten. Just tell me if you need to go potty.” They sat in silence for a while on the coach. Again, Eliza's eyes drooped, and she had to fight for them to stay open. “Hey, could you make some coffee or something? I'm almost falling asleep here,” Eliza said. “I would, but not so close to bedtime. I don't want my baby all hyper when she's supposed to go to sleep.” Eliza sank back into the couch. “I can tell you're bored. We're supposed to have fun! Don't you forget that. Little girls are allowed to be fussy if they're understimulated. Not too fussy, of course, or I'll have to take them over the knee,” John added. “Look, it's almost seven o'clock. Come with me to the bathroom. If your pull-up is still dry, we can forget about your accident earlier”—a blush, at that—“and go back to panties. Come with me.” Eliza stayed where she was. She felt as if she'd eaten a pot brownie, and now she was couchlocked. If only she had some sleep the night before. She'd been worried about finances. Her landlord had hiked up the rent, and if John had decided to cancel on her for some reason, she'd have been shit out of luck. She saw now that she needn't have worried. His fee alone would cover a month's rent and more, but she couldn't have known that he wouldn't back out. A few of her clients had done that. The idea of hiring a prostitute sounded appealing, but when it came to it, they didn't have it in them. Society at large still frowns upon the practice, no matter how consensual it is. What she did was technically illegal, although her operation was luxurious and professional enough that, in practice, she was largely safe from law enforcement. But some of her clients, like John, were upper class with a reputation to protect. Some were so worried about being blackmailed, they demanded video footage of her conducting the transaction, themselves conveniently off screen, in order to have some dirt on her. Eliza refused such requests, of course. But no matter the validity of her concerns, they'd kept her up at night, and now she didn't want to do anything but close her eyes and drift into sleep. John picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. He was surprisingly strong for his lanky build. Then again, she was petite. John set her down in front of the toilet. “Okay, Eliza. Moment of truth. Did you have an accident, or are you still dry?” “Still dry,” Eliza said, although her gaze was on the floor. “Then you wouldn't mind if I check?” He asked. Eliza lifted her dress in response. John slipped a finger into the side of her diaper, although his fingers never strayed toward her pussy. “Almost completely dry,” He said. “I was turned on for a bit,” Eliza said. “That doesn't count.” “I suppose not,” John said. “Okay. Do you want panties for the rest of the night?” Eliza nodded. John disappeared for a moment, although he stopped in the doorway to assure her he wasn't leaving her alone for more than a minute, as if she were a child with separation anxiety. Once he was back, he made her try to pee in the toilet again. This time, she managed a little trickle without the aid of a running tap. Then he slipped on her panties, and a little bit of her adulthood was restored. The used diaper went in a separate trash can, she noted. John really was prepared for everything. Eliza's eyes were drooping. “John, please, I really need that coffee if I'm going to stay awake,” she said. “Pretty please? Just a little cup.” “No,” he said plainly. “And I don't want to hear any more about it. Stop nagging.” Eliza stopped and resisted his attempt to lead her onwards. “Please,” she said again. “I'm so tired. Don't you want me to stay awake and play with you?” “Enough,” John said. She tried one last time. “Please?” John turned around. His demeanor had changed. His size advantage had made him feel like a big, strong protector, but now it felt like a threat. Eliza took a step back. His face was red, his mouth contorted into a frown. “Enough is enough. You will go stand in the corner for twenty minutes, and if I hear as much as a peep from you, you're going over the knee. Is that clear?” Eliza gave an uncertain nod. She had awakened the beast. Eliza hadn't seen this side of John before. One part of her was terrified; the other, secretly excited. He was finally warming up to the role of the Dominant in their scene. “But what if I need to go to the bathroom?” Eliza asked. “May I speak then?” “You just went,” he said curtly. “You can hold it for twenty minutes. You were so eager to prove that you belong in panties, so here's your chance. Come to think of it, I don't want you to get dehydrated. I'll bring you a bottle of water, and I expect you to finish it by the time your timeout's up.” Time passed glacially in the corner. She stared at the off-white wall and tried to distract herself with happy thoughts, occasionally taking a sip of water. It was no use. Her punishment was boredom, and she deserved it. Little Eliza had pushed it too far. Although her eyes drooped, standing up kept her awake. She attempted to sit down, thinking perhaps she could sneak in a powernap while John wasn't watching, but he told her to stand up immediately. Eliza was frustrated, tired, and now her stomach was starting to hurt, too. What do babies do when they're sick and tired and want to get their will? They cry. Eliza wasn't much of an actor—well, that wasn't true. She was very good at inhabiting the roles her clients wanted her to play, but that was the extent of her abilities. Eliza couldn't cry on command. But right now, she felt very much the fussy baby, and focusing on her tired and frustrated state made her all the more upset. Once she added in the mental image of her true love dumping her—that was long ago, before she stopped believing there was one and only one person out there for her—she managed a little sniffle, and soon tears were rolling down her cheeks. Quickly, John was beside her. “Baby, don't cry. What is it?” He said. His tone had changed from stern to paternal concern. “I'm tired. My tummy hurts. I don't want to stand in this stupid corner anymore,” she said, between sniffles. All of which was true. That part wasn't an act. John looked her over. She was standing there in a juvenile summer dress, the one he had put her in after she peed in her first outfit of the day (second, really, since he had removed the one she came in). She had puffy eyes and drying tears down her cheeks. The sight of her so miserable seemed to break through his defenses. John squatted down beside her and gave her a hug. “Now, now, don't cry, sweet child. I think you've learned your lesson about disobeying me. Haven't you, kitten?” “Yes, Daddy,” Eliza said. Chapter 3. Sub Drop. Eliza didn't know why she said it, but it seemed natural. John wanted to earn the title “daddy,” and in her eyes, he'd done so. His punishment and his compassion tipped the scales. John had shown all the qualities of a good Dom, and he'd picked them up quickly and naturally. Although she had never called a partner “daddy,” before—her preferred nomenclature in a BDSM scene being Sir or Master—if that was what, to him, represented the same as those names represented to her previous partners, then Daddy it was.  John separated himself from her for a moment. “Oh, baby,” he said. “Come on out of the corner. I think we can call an early bedtime soon, since you're already tired and fussy. But there's one more thing I want to do before bed. I'd like to read you a bedtime story. How does that sound?” “I'd love that,” she said, and added, “Daddy.” He led her upstairs to the bedroom. Then he bent down and rummaged under the bed. When he emerged, he held a large adult diaper, with a yellow stripe going up the crotch. “Now, you've been very good at going potty today, but you did have an accident earlier,” John said. “I know some little girls have trouble at night, so I think it's best if we take our precautions. Do you know what the word 'precautions' means, sweetie?”  Eliza shook her head. “No, daddy.” “It means we think about what might happen in the future, and then we do something to mitigate—to limit the damage if that thing were to happen. You're so tired, I'm afraid you'll fall asleep while I read you a story. Will you be a good girl and let me put it on you for bed?” Eliza nodded. He laid out a towel on the bed, and she laid down. John slipped off her panties, and then he set to work on the diaper. He'd procured a white powder from somewhere, and proceeded to put some over her crotch, “to prevent rashes,” he said. Then he carefully taped her up and slipped off her dress. “This one's designed to take anything you can throw at it and more. I have a washable mattress pad, too, so don't worry about having an accident. You won't ruin anything.” Now she was sitting naked apart from a bulging adult diaper between her legs, in front of a man she met less than twenty-four hours ago. “I have some pajamas for you,” John said. “I prefer to sleep in the nude,” Eliza said. “Okay, pumpkin.” Eliza looked down at the padding between her legs. This diaper was bulkier than the previous one, and its size made it impossible for her to ignore. Every movement, even lying completely still, it was there to remind her of how little Eliza was. “This one is boring,” Eliza said, pointing to the diaper. “Can we put stickers on it?” “Excellent idea,” John said. “Let me just—” But before he could do anything, Eliza had slipped off the bed and began running downstairs to grab the glittery stickers she'd been so reluctant to play with earlier. The diaper gave her a slight waddle, but she managed all right. On the way up, she met John in the stairwell. “I don't like it when you run off like that,” he said. “I brought the stickers!” Eliza shoved them in his face. John grabbed them, then her, and carried both back into the bedroom. Eliza nuzzled into his neck and allowed her mind to drift, her consciousness to whittle down, and she was all but sleeping when he put her back into bed. John nudged her, and she woke up enough to grab a handful of stickers, placing them haphazardly on her diaper. It looked ridiculous. Very appropriate for Little Eliza. John began reading her a fairy tale. Little Red Riding hood, with sound effects when the terrible wolf showed up. He rubbed her tummy as he read, and soon her eyes were closed, and then she was asleep. It must be early morning when she woke. Jonathan was sleeping by her side. The room was too dark to see anything but rough outlines. Her crotch was hot and sweaty. But what woke her up was her stomach. The pain was back in force. There was no denying it. Eliza needed to poop. She had a dilemma. Jonathan had laid down the rules: she wasn't allowed to use the bathroom without his supervision. But she couldn't see herself pooping in front of him. She just couldn't. Eliza's mind was locked and set. It was a mental block, but those are often harder than the physical ones. She didn't think she could bear him looking at her, hearing her, smelling her go number two. On the other hand, she was hired to obey the rules. Bathroom control was within the limits of their agreement. Eliza was a professional. She had yet to break a contract and disobey the rules she'd agreed to obey, unless the other party broke their end of the deal first. This was a special case. Maybe she could sneak off and go while Jonathan was asleep. But then there was the issue of the diaper. She would have to remove it, of course. Eliza knew nothing about how adult diapers work, but as a general rule, tapes don't stick as well once you untape them, if they stick at all. Maybe she could snag another diaper from the pack—surely there was a pack with more where this one came from—and hide the used one deep in a trashcan somewhere. He'd never notice. Her stomach rumbled. She felt a pressure down there, had to squirm a bit to contain it. Eliza wasn't sure if she could last until morning. The contract was twenty-four hours, do whatever you want to me and make me do anything you want, as long as it's within the rules we agreed to. She'd arrived at eleven. Although there was a clock in the room, Eliza estimated that it couldn't be much more than five in the morning, if that. Six more hours of this? It hurt, it was uncomfortable, it made her squirm. Eliza had to do something. Silently, she slipped out of bed. Only a slight rustle between her legs betrayed her, but a snore from John confirmed that he didn't notice a thing. Eliza got on her knees and rummaged around under the bed until she found her prize: a big pack of adult diapers. She snagged one out of the pack and pushed it back under the bed. Then there were the stickers. She must not forget them. John would be sure to check her in the morning. He seemed very fond of the checks. They afforded a legitimate reason to touch her between the legs, and even if he never strayed too far, she could tell he enjoyed it. Silent as a mouse—a diaper-rustling mouse—Eliza tip-toed out of the bedroom, heading for the bathroom. When she reached the right door, a cramp hit her, and she had to bend down, diapered rump in the air, and clutch her abdomen. The cramp subsided, and she was able to stand up again. Why, oh why didn't I add a “no poop” clause? The truth was, she hadn't given the idea of actually using the diapers much thought beforehand, and it hadn't occurred to her that she might need to go number two. Eliza reached for the door. Locked. Fucking cock-sucking ass-licking satanic bullshit fuck fuck fuck. Her train of thought descended into a series of profanities and violent images. She banged on the door, knowing, of course, that no one was there. If anything, it would wake John up and her plan would fall to pieces. Defeated, she slid down onto the floor, clutching her stomach. Although she was in pain, she was also sleep deprived, still. Her eyes began to droop, and soon she was floating in and out of terrible dreams. Monsters were out to get her. Even worse, there were rows of toilet stalls, but every single one of them was empty. Not even a sign of plumbing, just empty toilet stalls, mocking her. “Baby, what are you doing out here?” Eliza was confused. It took her a minute to reorient herself. She was flat out on her stomach, on the carpet in front of the locked bathroom. Her padded butt was sticking up, and her joints hurt from lying in such an uncomfortable position. Her tummy hurt. Through sleepy eyes, she resolved the image of John, a shadowy figure that became clearer as he hoisted her to her feet. “Baby, what's wrong?” He repeated. Eliza didn't even realize it, but she must have been crying. John held her in his arms, and she leaned in. Then another cramp hit, and she pushed away from him, arching her back and clenching with all her might. “My tummy hurts,” she said. “Oh, sweetie, do you need to go to the toilet? Why didn't you say so?” “I don't,” Eliza said. Her posture and potty dance belied her statement. “Then why is your hand on your butt?” He said. She had no answer to that. “Come on, I'll unlock the toilet and then you can go. I don't want you to be in pain.” “I can't,” she said. “Nonsense! It's no trouble.” Eliza shook her head. “It was just a bad dream. I sleepwalked. The tummy pain went away.” She was so close to relief, yet so far. “What's this, then?” John picked up the fresh diaper from the floor. “I sleepwalked,” Eliza whispered again. “Okay.” John had a look of gentle concern. “Are you absolutely sure you don't want to go to the bathroom?” She shook her head. “All right, baby. It's only six, and a Sunday. I want to sleep in, at least until half past seven. That hardly qualifies as sleeping in, I guess, but you're already awake. If you can manage it, I'd like to go back and slumber in bed for a while. I promise, I'll protect you from bad dreams.” But will you protect me from pooping my pants? Five hours. Just five hours. When she nodded in assent, he scooped her from the floor and carried her back to bed. Eliza tried to close her eyes and sleep, but the pressure in her abdomen and further down was too much. John seemed to be a deep sleeper, quick to fall asleep and sleep well. Before she knew it, he was snoring again. Eliza rubbed her stomach and wiggled around. No position was any good. No matter what she did, it hurt. She could only think of the toilet. The money. Yes. She could think about that instead. Her rent paid, with some extra spending money on top. All she had to do was not fuck up on the home stretch. Money. Toilet. Poop. Roses. No. Rent. Rules. Professional. Obey. Roses. Poop. Toilet. Obey. OBEY! Eliza didn't know how long she'd been lying there, fighting a desperate fight against her body and its natural needs. She wiggled, grabbed herself, clenched and fought. Her eyes were droopy, but every time she was about to slip into sleep, another cramp woke her up. The cramps were getting more frequent, and harder to fight. Then there was an enormous pressure, starting in her tummy, a painful push that stung like a bee, then fastened around her midsection as if there were a fist squeezing her from the inside. Tears were forming in her eyes, and the pain continued. Eliza arched her back and lifted her butt to alleviate the pressure, and now it was spreading, downwards, pushing towards her colon. The pressure was now localized, and the pain was unbearable. Her poor muscles. Roses. No. OBEY! Eliza lost the fight. With her diapered ass raised, her body pushed, whether she wanted it to or not. The mess began slipping out her back, pushing against the padding and spreading outward, then drooping down. The pain lessened with each push, and she was so tired of it, so out of it, she willed herself to push harder, anything to make the pain stop. As she continued emptying herself out back, her bladder gave out as well, and a warmth spread in her front, further lessening the pressure. The pee spread up her crack, soaking into the thirsty material, and pushed back to meet up with the mess in the back. Utterly devastated and defeated, Eliza sank down and felt the mush squish further out into her back. Then the smell hit her. An awful stink, impossibly to ignore. A hundred farts in one. Eliza almost gagged. The pain was gone, but now it was replaced by shame. What she'd just done was on the top three list of her hard NO's. There was no way in hell she was ever incorporating poop into anything sexual. Two of her clients had asked, and she'd taken to handing out a sheet with a list of what she would very much like to do, what she was open to, and at the bottom, the things she would under no circumstances do, whether the price was a penny or the Tower of London. Never. It was her own stupid fault, too. Her stupid block about pooping in front of someone—even in public bathrooms, alone in a stall, she couldn't do it, she'd rather be in pain until she was home—and her stupid professional pride. ROSES. That was all she'd have to say, and Jonathan would suspend the play and allow her to go do her business in peace. There was no doubt in Eliza's mind that he'd comply instantly. Everything she'd seen from him indicated that he was one of the good guys. Eliza lay there, silent, not wanting to deal with what she'd inevitably have to deal with. Maybe if she ignored it, it would all go away. No. That's Little Eliza talking. Your problems don't disappear if you hide your face behind a stuffed animal. Eliza didn't know if it was the smell or her whimpers, but John woke up, and instantly, he knew. “Oh no,” was the first thing he said. “Oh, Eliza, sweetie.” He took her in his arms and held her, for a long time. Eliza attempted to mumble “I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so stupid,” into his chest, but he shushed her and pacified her with little whispers and strokes of her hair. She didn't have to think of anything sad to bring tears to her eyes. John wiped her tears away, and then he got out of bed. The smell filled the room like a cloud of shame. “Let's get you cleaned up right away,” John said. Quickly, he had his supplies ready, and then her butt was on a towel. He set about removing the tapes. The front was soaked, a blue stripe pointing to her belly button where a yellow one had been. John had her lift her butt into the air, and then he carefully slid the soiled diaper out from under her. Eliza didn't dare to look at the mess. She closed her eyes as he used the front of the diaper to wipe away some of the dirtiness smeared all over her butt, and then he set about cleaning her with a bunch of wet wipes. The cold wipes gave her goosebumps. But the way he was cleaning her, the careful motions around her holes… Stupid brain. It was turning her on. Behind the shame was a layer of excitement. Eliza loved to be humiliated, but only on her own terms. Now that the acute phase of the shame was fading, she could see how this was the ultimate humiliation. An adult woman, pooping and peeing in her diaper and helplessly crying for Daddy to clean her up. No. This is stupid. It's shameful. It's no fun. It's a hard limit, for fuck's sake. And yet his motions were making her wet. It's just mechanical stimulation. That's it. Just like forced orgasms with a vibrator. Just like some rape victims get wet, and yet they hate it. Not that this is anything like rape—John isn't doing anything he isn't allowed to. He could be doing so much more to me right now. No. That was crazy talk. Bad precedent. Fucked up. “I'm so sorry it came to this,” John said. “This isn't acting, is it? You're genuinely upset.” Eliza nodded. His tone was soothing, like a real father talking to his infant daughter, although the words coming out of his mouth were those of one adult talking to another. “I'm sorry,” he repeated. “No, it's my stupid fault,” she said. “I could have said the safeword. I could have, but I didn't. It's just… I can't do that in front of others. But then I ended up...” Her voice broke and she trailed off. “I'm so sorry.” He was still cleaning her. Was she really that dirty? Eliza didn't dare look. If she looked down and saw the mess with her own eyes, she might break down and cry again. Her back was arching a little more than it needed to. Willing or not, the stimulation was working. “In the future, we'll have to make a clause about situations like this.” “In the future?” Eliza was surprised. She'd have thought he'd be too disgusted—that he was just being kind because he felt guilty, hiding his true feelings. “I'm having the time of my life—I mean, I don't enjoy seeing you hurt like this. I just mean, yesterday in general. You and me. I'd love to meet up again in the future. Hell, I'll double the price, if that's what it takes.” Eliza opened her eyes. A peek downstairs: she was clean, and the dirty diaper was gone, hidden somewhere she wouldn't see it. She certainly wasn't about to go looking. He was still cleaning her, still tickling her in all the right places, but it seemed like he was doing it absentmindedly. John wasn't turning her on on purpose, not for her pleasure or his. He was simply moving the wet wipe around as he was talking to her. Eliza thought for a moment. “Let's say a 50 percent price hike,” she said. “That is, if you're really not disgusted and just saying that to make me feel better. I can tell you're a good guy.” A little moan escaped, and she reflexively covered her mouth. John didn't seem to notice. “Disgusted? Little one, how could I ever be disgusted by you? You're the cutest girl in the universe.” Eliza blushed. Am I really lying here, enjoying this? Some of her clients were handsome businessmen—workouts five days a week, muscular chests, abs, pecs, biceps—probably too busy with their sixty hour work weeks to go out on the town and pick up a hot chick, although they certainly would be able to. She wasn't foreign to the idea that paid sex could be good sex, for her too. Eliza had gotten into the business because she was a sexual creature, constantly craving stimulation. But to be so utterly degraded and yet to feel so good at the same time… “You're adorable,” John said. He was finally finished wiping, and taped her up in a new diaper as a matter of course. Eliza didn't protest. Of course she should be diapered. She'd just emptied her bowels and bladder in her underwear. “You know what, I think we deserve breakfast in bed. How about some bacon and eggs?” Eliza didn't want to be alone with her thoughts. “Daddy,” she said. “Daddy, please don't leave me.” “Oh, sweetie.” He climbed into bed beside her. As he did, she noticed for the first time that he was hard. It was impossible to hide in his tight-fitting boxers. Oh, well. What did she expect? Wasn't she here to turn him on and fulfill his fantasies? “I think you should sleep a little more, kitten. I'll stay here until you fall asleep, and then I'll make breakfast and wake you up when it's ready. Okay?” She nodded. He put her head on his chest and she closed her eyes. Soon, she was drifting into sleep. She didn't wake up when he slid out of bed, and he had to shake her gently to return her to the world of the waking. John had set two wooden trays on the covers, and on them, plates with bacon and eggs and white bread, and a glass of orange juice on the side. Eliza dug in. The smell of her mess was gone, replaced with a mix of something flowery—she suspected John had sprayed something in the air—and the delicious smell of warm, crispy bacon. Eliza wasn't a vegetarian, exactly, but she mostly ate vegetables and fruit, rice and whole-grain bread. It helped her figure. Now she'd have two big meaty meals in one night and morning. Perhaps the steak was what had upset her stomach; or perhaps it was just the natural need to void after a certain time had passed. The bacon and the steak the night before reminded Eliza of how delicious meat could be. “So,” said John. “It's been quite a day, hasn't it? I can't believe you've taken to the role so well. I was afraid, well… I'll admit, I've tried to get other partners to get into it. Never admitted the full extent of my fetish until, well, until Jane. But I've done, like, schoolgirl roleplay with previous exes. None of them managed to get really into it. You could always tell they were a bit uncomfortable with it. But you…” He stroked her hair. It felt so, so good when he did it. Almost better than some orgasms she'd had. Warm affection trumped cold hedonism, sometimes. “You,” John continued, “despite the unfortunate mishap earlier, you've almost convinced me you're really my little girl.” “That's what you pay for,” Eliza said, munching on a strip of bacon. “Don't talk with food in your mouth. It's rude.” Instantly, she was back to Little Eliza. “Sorry, Daddy.” She felt as if she'd swam to the surface, up to herself, her real self, only for someone to yank her back underwater. “As I was saying,” John continued, brushing some strands of hair from her face, “you really know what you're doing.” Yes, she did. She also knew her limits well, and not to push too far past them. Certainly not with a client. A regular partner, perhaps, but to a client, she must always be in control. This was no time to expand your horizons. “Rmphoses,” she mumbled. “What was that?” “Roses,” Eliza said, bacon and eggs clear of her mouth. There was no panic in her voice: she said it as if she were chatting about the weather. John recoiled. “Did I say something wrong?” “No, no,” Eliza said. “It's just, I'm exhausted. I think the humiliation earlier was a little much. It wasn't supposed to be part of the scene. I'm a little…” She sunk down into the pillows, almost toppling the glass of juice in the process. “Have you heard of sub drop?” John shook his head. “When a submissive has a particularly overwhelming emotional or physical experience during a scene, the release is like getting high. Like shooting heroin, almost. Not that I've ever done that, I just mean, it's a feeling of infinite pleasure. But then there's the comedown. You're exhausted, spent, and suddenly all the negative thinking, all the prejudice and condemnation of society hits you like a brick. The terrible things you've been made to do or had done to you are just terrible, and no fun anymore. The submissive may get depressed, scared, anxious. That's when you need to stop the scene and move on to aftercare. I think the breakfast in bed was a nice touch, it helps normalize things. You're a natural.” Her throat was getting dry. She was used to delivering monologues—she had a whole spiel about safe, sane and consensual that she presented to most clients, unless her intuition told her it was unnecessary. She hadn't delivered it to John. But now she was tired, and it was hard to focus. Usually, the words flowed out of her, but this time, she had to struggle to find them and arrange them in the correct order. “But it's time to drop the roleplay. Let's just be adults for the rest of our morning together, okay? I'm really sorry I couldn't keep it up for the whole twenty-four hours. If not for my… my… the accident, it would have been no problem.” Jonathan nodded. “Of course. Of course. Don't think I'm gonna dock you in pay or anything. Let's get you out of that diaper. I mean, sorry. You're a grown woman, Eliza. Of course you can change out of your own diaper.” She blushed. Eliza had almost forgotten about the bulk between her legs. At first, the dry and clean padding had felt heavenly, but then she'd gotten caught up in bacon and eggs. “I'm not quite done,” she said. Eliza imagined a waterfall and pushed. A little warm trickle seeped out into her diaper. It wasn't much, but she could feel the wetness. Jonathan watched intently, although the diaper was hidden under the covers. “I'm wet,” Eliza announced. “I'd appreciate it if you'd clean me up before I change back into panties.” It wasn't a hard ask. He was quickly back with the wipes. Away went the damp diaper, and back came the good, warm feelings. “We're renegotiating right now,” Eliza announced. “You're allowed to rub a little extra down there. In fact, I must insist.” “I thought you were spent?” Jonathan said. “Not quite.” She had endured too much and been too worked up not to get the climax—and she was sure Jonathan would enjoy it. He began to rub rhythmically. Soon, all the delicious humiliation found its release. Eliza shuddered as the pleasure began between her legs and traveled upwards. Now she was really spent. They whiled away the last few hours in bed. Eliza, back in the panties she arrived in, taught Jonathan to praise her and tell her the things she needed to hear. Tell her how good she was, how much he appreciated her performance and presence, how well she had handled the challenges thrown at her, and to stroke her hair all the while. He was a quick learner. The dark clouds which had begun to form in her mind were preemptively dispersed. She asked him questions about his company, what it was like to make it big; he countered with questions of his own, about what she'd studied in college and why, and what it was like to be your own boss. She found the last bit amusing, coming from a multimillionaire entrepreneur, but she answered him truthfully, if at times a little generally (always cautious, never toopersonal). It was past 11:30 when she finally rose from bed. By now, Little Eliza was a distant memory. She was back in control. The professional. Jonathan escorted her to the door. “I'd love to see you again same time next week,” he said. “And then we could renegotiate the thing about going out in public, if you don't mind. It's probably my ultimate fantasy. It would be totally discreet. No one but you and me would know.” Eliza smiled. “I'm sure we can work something out,” she said. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then she was out the door. Jonathan watched the Metallica shirt walk down the porch to her car. Eliza waved, and then she was off. Back to the real world. Back to roses. Epilogue. “She's the worst. She can't do anything without making it look cute. I knew you'd love her,” Eliza said, sipping at her coffee. “I don't know about love,” said Jonathan, clearly a bit uncomfortable to be talking about his new crush. “She's very sweet, I'll give you that.” “Sweet isn't even the beginning of it. And I know for a fact she's into the same thing you are. Did you bring it up with her yet?” “No, it didn't seem appropriate for a second date,” Jonathan answered. “I knew you wouldn't, which is why I might have mentioned something to her.” “You did what?” Jonathan furrowed his brow. “You didn't tell her… about us?” “Of course not. Client-whore privilege. What happens in diapers, stays in diapers,” Eliza said and chuckled. She became suddenly aware that they were sitting in a crowded café, and any eavesdroppers could hear them discussing their fetish adventures. She glanced around, but no one seemed to pay them any heed. There was a murmur of conversation in indoor voices, drowning out their own if you were farther away than their table. “I don't like that you did that,” Jonathan said, although his demeanor was once again calm. Eliza couldn't help but reflect on how much more confident he seemed than when they'd first met, six months ago. Now, he was sitting up straight, and when he spoke—and she didn't throw him off balance like she'd just done—there was a quiet authority to his voice. Jonathan was now a man who was more accustomed to getting what he wanted, and if not, asking for it. “I'm sorry. I was just trying to help. Now you can't help but bring it up to her soon, because she knows and you know she knows.” “Shhh, she's approaching,” Jonathan said. Eliza heard a rustle of clothes behind her, and then a coated figure appeared at their table. Jenny wasn't much taller than Eliza, golden hair tied in a braid behind her head and red lipstick. “Eliza!” She exclaimed, and stepped up to hug her. She held the hug a long time, shaking Eliza every which way. Jenny was clearly excited. “What are you two lovebirds up to tonight?” Eliza asked. “I was thinking the classic, dinner then a movie,” Jonathan said. “I hope it's not a long one,” Jenny said. “I always have to run to the bathroom when I'm watching a long movie. But then I can't help but have popcorn, and you can't have popcorn without a cold drink.” “I know just the solution for that,” Eliza mused. Jenny blushed, but you could tell she was thinking naughty thoughts already. “Oh, don't get me started,” Jenny said. “What do you think, Jonathan?” Jonathan was a bit flustered, but he quickly composed himself. “Who, me? About what?” “Should we maybe go for a short movie?” “I think you can handle yourself, sweetheart,” Jonathan said, putting his hand over hers. “Oooh,” Jenny cooed. “I love it when he calls me stuff like that. Little nicknames and stuff. Where did you find this stud, Eliza? Why didn't you snag him for yourself?” Jonathan was frantically trying to signal to Eliza behind Jenny's back. Please don't say anything. Of course, Eliza had no intentions of doing so. “John and I met in a cooking class. He's an excellent cook. You should totally cook for her at home, John, I know she'd love it.” “That's kind of you to say,” Jonathan said, clearly relieved. “I'm going to the ladies' room,” Eliza said. “Jenny, would you come with me?” Jenny took the hint, and together they began making their way through the throng of Saturday café dwellers, taking a break from shopping and daily life. Eliza turned and winked at Jonathan, who blushed and began his hand signals again, but by that time Eliza had already turned around, and they'd made their way into the ladies' room. None of the stalls were occupied, so they were free to converse. “So,” said Eliza, “did you do it yet?” “No. But we did have some wonderful kisses. I was thinking tonight was going to be the night. I put on some sexy lingerie, but then I also packed some protection in my purse. I wasn't sure if I was going to use it...” Jenny said. She surreptitiously gave Eliza a peek into her purse, where a small, pink disposable lay. Eliza took her hand. “Honey, go into a stall right now and change. I promise you, you won't regret it. He'll love it.” “How can you be so sure? How can you know so much about his kinks? Did you two…?” Well, shit. Had she accidentally revealed her and Jonathan's little secret? Come to think of it, Eliza would have suspected a fling if one of her girlfriends started telling her about what this cute guy she was trying to set her up with liked in bed. “No, nothing like that,” Eliza said. When she began the sentence, she didn't know how to follow up, but she trudged on. If she hesitated, her cover would be blown. “John and I are good friends. He knows what I do for a living. He knows I've seen some weird shit, and don't judge anyone for it. I'm the only one he could possibly talk about this stuff with. He was pretty down because he told a previous girlfriend about it, and it didn't go so well. He wouldn't go into detail at first, but I managed to coax it out of him. But never tell him I told you that.” Jenny appeared satisfied with that answer. “Now, baby girl,” Eliza said, “get your cute butt in that stall and change before you have an accident.” She smiled and stuck her tongue out, and Jenny laughed, if a little nervously. But Jenny was, if anything, more submissive than Eliza even, and she did as she was told. Eliza had met her a few months back at a fetish event. Jenny had been dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, with her hair in pigtails, and there was something unbelievably innocent about her. Of course, many people liked schoolgirl play without being into the full regression experience. But Jenny had seemed rather unsure of herself—it soon became clear this was her first live kink event—and Eliza, much more assured in her preferences, liked to gently introduce newcomers to the world of kink. She'd come to see herself as more than just a girl who enjoyed lots of steamy, kinky sex; more than just a prostitute who catered to unusual interests. Eliza wanted to help people achieve peace with themselves and gain confidence in their sexual proclivities, whatever those might be. It was especially important to help fellow women, since they were more susceptible to creeps. Even if no one outright assaulted them, Eliza didn't want anyone to come away from their first kinky experience with a bad taste in their mouth. That might just lead them to denial of their true selves, which was a surefire recipe for mental issues and relationship troubles down the road. She had guided Jenny to a sofa in a somewhat secluded room, sat her down and told her that she knew how overwhelming it must be to be thrust headfirst into the world of kink. “I'm rather experienced in these things,” Eliza had said. “I'm actually a sex worker who caters to various fetishes.” At that, Jenny's eyes had gone wide. “Oh, does that offend you?” “No, no, it's not that,” Jenny said, shrinking her body. Eliza put a hand on her shoulder. “Relax, I'm joking. A lot of people react like that. If you don't want to talk to me, that's fine, but I know kink, and I could help ease you into this. Help a sister out.” Slowly, prodding carefully and most of all, engaging her ears rather than her mouth, encouraging at times but mostly sitting back to listen, Jenny's story had come to light. How she had always been interested in childish things, how it turned her on to play at being a little girl, and how she wished for a strong, kind man to help her fulfill those desires. A light bulb had gone on in Eliza's head instantly. She'd be perfect for John. But she had mentioned this to neither of them, instead continuing to nurture her relationship and build trust with each separately. Although no longer weekly, John had engaged her services sporadically ever since their first meeting. Eliza had quickly come to realize that rules are made to be broken, and she couldn't keep up the facade that John was just a client. In another life, he might have been a great boyfriend, but Eliza's interest in him lay more in the realm of friendship. He was so supportive and kind to her, taking such good care of her when they were together, but she, too, had to support and build him up, help him learn to fully accept who he was. To accept that his desires were legitimate, and to nurture the hope in him that there really was a girl out there for him who would participate enthusiastically in his interests, with no money on the table. The first time Eliza had invited John out for coffee, “to talk as adults, as friends,” he had balked at her offer. “I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that,” he'd said. Eliza was a bit taken aback, almost offended. Had she totally misread him? But she could see his misgivings. She, herself, had lots of misgivings about fraternizing with clients outside of work. It broke all her rules. Perhaps John thought he pitied her? Or that she was angling for more money with less work? “John,” she'd said on the phone, “coffee's on me. Because I really like you and want to get to know you outside our professional relationship. We can never be together, you know, but I think we can be friends. I'd miss you if we didn't see each other anymore, and I'm not talking about your money.” At that, he had broken down. He couldn't refuse her. Eliza enjoyed having that effect on people, although she worried she might be manipulative if she used her charm on friends outside work. “The way we each support and care for each other, at times one being the caregiver and moral support, at other times, the other, isn't that what friendship is?” He had agreed. Since then, they'd have coffee or lunch once a week, whether they had an appointment or not. And two weeks ago, she had set up a blind date between Jenny and John. Even their names seemed perfect together, like those couples whose names roll so well off the tongue together that it feels weird to mention one without the other. Jenny exited the cubicle while Eliza washed off her face with cold water. She knew that John preferred her without makeup, and frankly, that was fine by her. Having to get all dolled up could be a bitch sometimes, and it was refreshing to know that there was someone who found her sexier without it. “So, did you do it?” Eliza asked. “Did you put on your protection for me, honey?” “Uh-huh,” Jenny said, and bit her lip. “Show me.” Jenny lifted her sweater, then lowered her tights slightly, giving Eliza a peek at her pink waistband. At that moment, a woman entered the restroom, and Jenny scrambled to cover up her diaper, blushing madly. Eliza put her arm around her. “I'm so proud of you, baby. Come on, let's not leave your date hanging.” “There you ladies are,” Jonathan said when they returned. “Tell me, did you stay in there gossiping?” “None of your business,” Eliza said, smiling. Jenny sat down beside Jonathan and gave his hand a squeeze. “Well, you two better get going,” Eliza said. “I expect to hear from each of you how it went.” She rose to leave, giving each of them a warm hug, and Jenny a secret little pat on her padded bum. The next afternoon, Eliza received two phone calls in short succession. The first was from Jenny. “Oh my god,” was the first thing Jenny said. “Baby, I can't tell if that's good or bad.” “He was so sweet and we had such a nice dinner with some wine, and then we went to see a movie and, ooh, he picked the longest one there was! We didn't even get through the credits before I started to feel like I had to pee. And then by the middle of the movie I was desperate! I looked for the exit sign, but then I just kind of gave up and tinkled a little in my… protection. And then it wouldn't stop! I was soaked by the end of the movie!” “Oh, I bet that felt good,” said Eliza. “You didn't leak, did you?” “No, it held up! But then he invited me home to his place, and I was super nervous because I really wanted to sleep with him, but what was he going to say when he found me in a wet diaper? I was so afraid he'd throw me to the curb.” “I take it he didn't,” Eliza said. “If he did, I'm going over there right now and kicking his ass.” “No, no, he didn't. We began making out on the couch, and then his hands started to wander down below, and I really wanted to feel him touch me there, so I let him. When he found the wet padding, his eyes went wide, and for a moment my heart stopped and I was thinking, my god, my life is over… But you know what he did? He asked me if I had a little accident!” “You did, didn't you?” “Well, obviously,” Jenny said. “But I couldn't admit to that. I was just blushing and denying it, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. He led me by the hand upstairs, and you won't believe it… He changed my diaper! He had, like, a collection of different types!” This is so sweet, Eliza thought. Sounds like it went exactly as planned. I'm so proud of John. He's come so far. “That's wonderful, sweetie.” “It was amazing! We ended up having sex, and I don't think anyone's ever made me feel so good about myself! I'm so grateful you didn't snag him up while he was on the market, because now he's mine and you can't have him!” “I'm so happy for you two,” Eliza said. “I don't want him like that. But if you don't want us to be friends, you'll have to fight me for him.” They continued chatting for a little while, but then Eliza received another call, this time from John. “Jenny babe, we'll have to talk later. I have another friend clamoring for my attention,” Eliza said. “Oh my god,” was the first thing John said. “You too? Are you two psychically linked already? I just spoke with Jenny, and she said the same thing,” Eliza said. There was a tone of worry in John's voice. “Oh god, what did she tell you?” He asked. “Relax. She had a wonderful time. She's claiming you—I couldn't have you if you wanted to, she says. Watch out or she'll pee on you to mark her territory.” The line went quiet for a few seconds. “… Jonathan?” “No, it's just funny you should say that,” John said. Eliza rolled her eyes, although she was smiling. “You two already got your kink on, I see.” “You could say that. Yesterday, at the café, when you two were in the bathroom. You made her wear that diaper, didn't you?” “It was her idea. I just gave her the confidence to go through with it.” “Well, I don't know how to thank you,” John said. “You can thank me by not becoming one of those couples who never have time for anyone but themselves. I expect we have a coffee date next week as usual, or I'll have to come round to your house, tie you up and throw you in the trunk, because I'm not letting go of you that easily.” “You'd do it, too, that's the crazy part,” John said. “Take good care of Jenny, and I'll make sure she takes good care of you. You two are quickly becoming two of my favorite people, and I'm so happy you found each other.” “With a little help from you.” “Hey,” Eliza said, “I live to please.” After she hung up, Eliza walked over to her bed stand. On it sat a stuffed animal John had given her, which—loathe as she was to admit it—had come in handy on cold autumn nights when she was alone in bed. Beside it was a flower vase. She leaned in and smelled the fresh red roses she had received that morning. The note only said, “Thank you,” with no name. Eliza didn't know from whom, but she could take one good guess.
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    I'm gonna put on my sweater of realness and "rap" with you guys for a second, kids say that still, right? Whatever, not important. Here's the deal, the contents of this story are all personal accounts and feelings, this is all me, no hiding behind a vague amalgamation of me that's been cobbled together through personality traits and defects, this is real. I may have fudged the ages a bit to make a bit better timeline, but that's all, oh, and I never had a dad, but that isn't really important, he just went out for smokes, he'll be back soon... Anyway, this is what @Wannatripbaby voted for on my status note, but since he was the only person that voted, he wins, so here's your prize...don't gloat to the others too much about your win, it's not that big a prize. Rumors Of This Story's Dire Importance Have Been Greatly Exaggerated By: RambleLamb Many years earlier, a similar dilemma was quite the common occurrence. Times long since buried beneath the decades of time and emotional growth that comes with it came rushing to the forefront as if no time had passed at all. The small clips of her past played out in her mind like a video being skipped forward to get to the good parts, but those good parts were nowhere to be found in this playlist, only shame, embarrassment, and the reminder of her repeated failures glowing like a beacon, signaling to everyone that she was less than what she presented herself to be. She remembered being four or so, playing in the park during her family's annual get together. The air was warm and the smell of fresh cut grass filled her nostrils as she capered and cavorted with the other children. Freeze tag was the game of the hour, and her little legs pumped as fast as she could make them go, the lingering awkwardness of toddlerhood still not completely removed from her coordination at speeds like that, coupled with the almost exhilarating feeling of fear that she'd be tagged by her cousin who was currently "it" as he used his much more practiced and longer legs to chase her down. When his hand touched her shoulder she screamed, not from terror, that was obvious as her scream morphed into shrill peals of giggling, but scream she did and then she dutifully froze in adherence to the rules of the game and watched as the other kids, the unfrozen kids, flitted about to escape "it". She watched and waited, hopeful that someone would come and unfreeze her so she could run and play again, but every time she swelled with hope as an unfrozen person came close she was let down as they passed by without tagging her. It wasn't all that uncommon for the other kids to overlook her or leave her out, she was new to the fold of active kids after all, having only recently graduated from the playpen or the gated off room where the babies played when the family gathered. In this very park the year earlier she'd been seated on her mother's lap while the older kids played, her eyes growing heavy as the heat and her full tummy threatened to abscond with her to dreamland, her mouth working the teat of her pacifier rhythmically as her mother gently bounced her ever closer to the nap she required to keep her from becoming an unholy terror. Being new to the games with the older kids, she felt, even if she didn't comprehend the intricacies of the reasons behind it, like she needed to prove to the others that she belonged with them. She paid extra close attention to the rules of the game when they were explained, keeping her hands at her sides to keep from sucking her thumb, a habit she still practiced quite frequently to the chagrin of her parents, worried that doing so would send her back to the small cluster of playpens beneath the metal awnings where the picnic tables were. She'd stolen a glance that way before the rules began to be explained, and saw one of her cousins looking over the railing at them, she knew from seeing him when everyone had begun arriving that he was clad in only a shirt and diaper, and she didn't want to inadvertently be lumped in with him and his infantile ilk because of something as silly as her thumb sucking habit. As she stood in place like a good frozen player, watching the small swarm of giggling kids of various ages and sizes flit hither and thither she felt the call of nature and began shouting for someone to unfreeze her so she could head to the restrooms on the edge of the park. Time passed and she remained frozen, tears welling up in her eyes as the need to relieve herself grew more and more urgent and the fear of shamefully proving herself unworthy of her newly assigned station crept into her mind as she pleaded to be unfrozen. When the warm trickle formed beneath her sundress she lost her battle to prove she wasn't what she obviously was, and her mother had to come and get her from where she remained frozen, soaked panties and socks and her thumb in her mouth as she was carried away to have her unfortunate situation resolved for her. She'd spent the remainder of the day with the mothers and babies, forgotten by her older playmates as she busied herself with a toy that had caught her eye when her mother was cleaning her up and getting her into a diaper she'd had to borrow from an aunt, apologizing profusely to the woman for the imposition before chiding her for having to be put back in a diaper in the first place. ************************************************************************ Remembering that long past shame made her blush and she closed her eyes for a moment to try and regain her composure but only succeeded in bringing another memory into view. ************************************************************************ It was the night of her school's Christmas pageant, something a little Jewish girl knew nothing about, but her class had worked on the song "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" for several weeks, and she was eager to show her parents what she'd been working on. She was six now, the family gathering where she'd ended up back in diapers and going down for a nap with the other baby's before the fireworks show was far behind her, she was a big girl in real school and was going to be on stage for the first time and she was beyond excited. Being at school at night was strange to her, everything outside was lit by the high pressure sodium bulbs and all the corridors looked different filled with shadows instead of sunlight. She'd squeezed her father's hand as they'd walked down one of those outdoor corridors on the way to her classroom where her parents dropped her off and gave her instructions to wait there for them after the show, to which she nodded her agreement and understanding and was brought into the group of her classmates to put the finishing touches on her antlers and little smudge of black on her nose so the audience would know she was a reindeer. Walking in the single file line with her classmates, no adult hand to squeeze as the shadows encroached on the walking path, she felt her body signal to her that she needed to find a restroom, but when she tried to get her teacher's attention she found that they were at the side door to the auditorium already and were ushered through and up the small set of stairs onto the stage where she saw the sea of faces and camera flashes and camcorder lights staring back at her. As the piano started, she swallowed hard and focused on her performance, making sure to keep the lyrics in the correct order and sing so she could be heard despite several of the boys in her class practically screaming the lyrics. She couldn't see her parents in the crowd but she knew they were watching, they'd told her they would be, and she wanted to make sure they were as proud of her performance just like she planned to be. The applause filled the auditorium as the class took a bow and scuttled back off the stage, down the little stairs, and through the door back into the shadowy corridor where her bladder again, and more insistently this time, alerted her to its fullness. She waited until they'd arrived back at the classroom before trying to get her teacher's attention, but the teacher was busy with a fight between two of the boys that had been acting up on the stage, so she slipped out the door and to the bathroom. Slinking in and among the shadows, she reached the bathroom door and pushed against it, but gaining no entry to the room beyond, the door was locked and she felt herself spring a little leak as she began to panic and wonder what she was going to do. She saw the light coming from the auditorium door and decided to go find her parents and have them help her find a restroom, creeping through the shadowy corridor and coming to the door, finding herself looking up at the backs of countless parents, none of whose faces she could see, thus rendering her search fruitless. The feeling of hopelessness began to flood in as she began to cry and wet herself, screaming as a hand clamped down on her shoulder and she was spun around to see her mother and father looking down on her with unhappy faces. The whole way to the car and the whole drive home she was lectured about leaving the classroom after being told not to, and then wandering around in the dark alone and putting herself in danger. She'd resorted to sucking her thumb to stop her tears minutes into the car ride, and when her mother turned on the overhead light in the car to turn and look at her when they'd stopped at a red light, she'd had her thumb yanked from her mouth as the lecture turned to the state of her pants and her thumb sucking, the question of her maturity being brought up in tandem with the reminder of how she'd ended up at the family gathering. Her mother had pointed out stores along the way home asking if she'd like them to stop and get her some diapers, bringing more tears and the return of her thumb to her mouth. By the time the last store on the way loomed in the windshield, her mother wasn't asking her what she wanted anymore, she was telling her father to pull into the parking lot and sending him into the store to get some diapers and a pacifier for their apparently infant daughter. When they'd finally arrived home, she was given a bath, diapered and sent to bed without supper, her new pacifier stuck into her mouth to quiet her crying as she was tucked in and left to cry herself to sleep and stew in her feelings of humiliation and remorse at disappointing her parents on what was supposed to be a proud and important night. She shuddered inwardly at that memory, knowing that she'd had to wear each diaper in the pack to bed until the pack was empty, feeling only slightly better at the thought that she'd at least managed to avoid having to wear them to school as her mother had threatened many times. ************************************************************************ Her bladder sent her an urgent message to her in that moment and she winced and chided herself for drinking so much coffee that morning, but another memory allowed her to push those thoughts aside. ************************************************************************ She was ten and was annoyed that she was having to spend the day at the discount store with her mother instead of being with her friends. Shopping with her mother was an exercise in trying to keep one's sanity in the face of walking up and down each aisle of the store and making absent smalltalk about the items they saw on the shelves. She rolled her eyes for the dozenth time since they'd walked into the store some fifteen minutes earlier, and as they reached the end of the aisle, she grimaced at the realization that they'd only seen two aisles in that time with another forty or so remaining to be seen. By aisle six, she felt the need to use the restroom and asked her mother if she could go find one. With her mother's blessing she moved through the store to find someone to ask for directions to the bathroom. When she found someone, a cute boy that was older enough than her for her to feel incredibly self conscious about having to ask about the bathroom but not close enough to her age for her to feel comfortable with being able to pass off the request with nonchalance despite the need growing with each passing moment. She'd returned to her mother and lied, telling her that the store didn't have a bathroom, asking instead if she could go to the larger clothing store next door to try and find one. Her mother was otherwise occupied with a set of picture frames that she thought would look nice in the guest room, and waved her away to do what she needed to do. Making her way out of the discount store and over to the clothing store, her search became more frantic as she scanned the areas she walked by for someone to ask or a sign to guide her, after making two complete laps and finding neither of the things she was searching for, she trudged back to the discount store and rejoined her mother on aisle nine, lying once again when asked if she'd found a bathroom okay. Three aisles later the pain became too much for her and she flooded her jeans right then and there, her mother not noticing with her back to her and shopping occupying all of her attention. Two aisles after that was when the wet denim began to dry and become itchy and uncomfortable, and she finally had to summon the courage to tell her mother what had happened. Her mother fell into her old routine with ease, loudly chastising her for lying and for having an accident, dragging her through the store to the aisle full of off brand diapers from other countries and getting even more angry when it was obvious that those wouldn't be an option for her preteen daughter. They'd left the store with her mother dragging her by the hand like a scolded toddler, making her sit on a blanket in the back seat, threatening her with diapers and spankings from her father the whole way home, none of which came to pass, though she was grounded and sent to her room after her clothes were put in the wash. That was the first time she'd felt disappointment at not being punished. She'd never intentionally wet herself, but she'd had enough accidents in her time that the routine was known, she'd be talked down to and threatened with diapers, asked if she'd like to wear them to school and have all her classmates know that she wasn't able to control herself like some kind of toddler still trying to master the potty. When she was asked things like that she'd briefly entertain the idea of having that happen and become confused when the thought both embarrassed her, as it should, and made her a little happy. She was still years away from learning the truth about herself, but this moment would definitely prove to be a key one in her womanly development. As an adult she'd return to this day in her mind and wonder what would have happened if her mother had stopped the cute older boy she'd been reluctant to approach about her need to find a restroom, and asked him for help finding a diaper that would fit her larger than normal baby. The fantasy would play out with her on the floor of the diaper aisle having her mother opening pack after pack of diapers to try each of them on her, the cute older boy watching as she sobbed and sucked her thumb until finally a fitting diaper was found and she was picked up by him and placed in the seat of the shopping cart which was then loaded up with packs and packs of the winning diaper. This fantasy usually brought her to completion by that point, but sometimes she'd go a step further and have her mother, wheeling her through the store in the shopping cart, happen to bump into a friend of hers from school and have to sit in the cart with her diaper on display while the mothers talked, culminating in her messing her diaper there in the cart and having her old pacifier, which had inexplicably found its way into her mother's purse, shoved into her mouth to stifle her infantile wails. By the time that scenario played out in her mind she would feel like she'd need to bandage her aching fingers before passing out. ************************************************************************ In the present, her mind was reeling from the sudden inclusion of sexual ministrations creeping into the mix of her humiliation highlight reel, and she felt her face flush again. She looked around and inwardly breathed a sigh of relief that no one was paying attention to her. She squeaked quietly as she felt her bladder spasm and squirt a little bit causing her to bite her lower lip. She knew it was only a matter of time now, and she knew that there wasn't any escape from that reality, but she couldn't help but feel the familiar shames wash over her, a lifetime of accidents and degrading lectures, threats and punishments, all of it reaching a fever pitch in her mind as she gave up, letting herself go right there, surrounded by all these people, people she didn't even know. Her diaper swelled with the introduction of this onslaught of liquid and she closed her eyes and savored the warmth as it tickled her most intimate areas and gave her the relief she'd been looking for for the last several minutes. As she finished peeing she looked around again and noticed that no one was paying attention to her, and she smiled as she began moving through the crowd again, her secret accident still a secret, the way it was always meant to be.
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    Hey there everyone. I've noticed that a lot of folks have trouble with some of the conventions surrounding dialogue in their stories, and I thought I'd post this little guide to give everyone some pointers. I'm going to mostly cover formatting, punctuation, and capitalization conventions, but I'll probably preach a little bit about attribution as well. These are all things I struggled with for years, picking up bits of advice here and there until I reached a point where it all became automatic. Anyway, enough introductory jibber-jabber, let's get on with it! Formatting dialogue: A lot of you already know this one, but I'm covering it because brand new writers often don't. I see this mistake being made constantly here and elsewhere by rookie writers. One of the basic conventions regarding dialogue is that you line break every time the speaker changes. The purpose here is for clarity - it can be hard for the reader to keep track of who is speaking if multiple people speaking are all packed into a single paragraph. Incorrect example: The argument was getting heated between the two youngsters. "If you're not a baby, how come you're eight years old and still in diapers?!" asked Mike. "Because my mommy says I'm in... in-con-ti-nent!" said Jill. "And I'm not a baby!" "Well I think in-con-tent really means big baby!" said Mike. "Yeah, well Joey told me you still suck your thumb! That makes you a bigger baby!" said Jill. ---------- Anyway, you see how this is going. Keep the argument going a few more sentences, and it's a real mess to sort out. ---------- Correct example: The argument was getting heated between the two youngsters. "If you're not a baby, how come you're eight years old and still in diapers?!" asked Mike. "Because my mommy says I'm in... in-con-ti-nent!" said Jill. "And I'm not a baby!" "Well I think in-con-tent really means big baby!" said Mike. "Yeah, well Joey told me you still suck your thumb! That makes you a bigger baby!" said Jill. ---------- Now, even in the "correct" example, there's something I'll be touching on later in about attributions, but first things first, this already reads much clearer. There's no question of who said what. Additional note: This isn't a hard and fast rule, but it certainly does help with clarity - When your character is thinking to his/herself, I highly recommend using italics, not "quotes". Why? Because a reader is already thinking, if it's in quotes, someone's saying it. Except it isn't being said - so by using italics, this identifies it as something unique within your formatting patterns, and there's no confusion. Remember, the responsibility for a failure in communicating ideas rests on the person trying to convey those ideas. So as a writer, whatever you can do to help make things clearer for the reader is a good thing! Punctuating in and around dialogue: This right here is one of the toughest things to sort out as a writer, because it seems like the rules change for virtually every circumstance! And, in all reality, they do. I know, that's not exactly the reassurance you were looking for, but it's really not tough to sort it all out once you know how it works. So let's dive in, shall we? Period? Comma? Inside or outside? OK, ok, slow down, we'll take this a step at a time. First rule: If the quote ends the sentence, put a period inside the quote. Example: Andrew said, "This quotations stuff is a big pain in my ass." Second rule: If the quote does not end the sentence, put a comma inside the quote. Example "This quotations stuff is a big pain in my ass," said Andrew. See? That was easy. But wait... what about the rest of the punctuation marks?! DAMMIT! Third rule: If you use an exclamation point or a question mark, none of the above applies. Examples Andrew said, "This quotations stuff is a big pain in my ass!" "Why do I have to learn this big pain-in-the-ass dialogue crap anyway?" asked Andrew. You're not going to sub out a comma for a question mark, so ignore the comma substitutions. Important related note: It is crucial to understand what exactly signals the end of a sentence, because your period/comma application will bend with it. We saw above the comma preceding "said Mike". What we didn't see that trips even advanced writers up... Example 1: Complete sentences "That's it, I'm telling," Jill said as she stomped toward Mrs. Knapp, who was watching over the recess group. "Mrs Knapp, Mike won't quit calling me a baby." She folded her arms and pouted. Why the period in the second portion? Because the quote stands alone, and so does the following sentence. They are not dependent on one another. In the first portion, "Jill said" is dependent on "That's it, I'm telling" - hence the quote is part of the sentence. Without it, the sentence makes no sense. Also of note, I didn't line-break right there because it's the same person speaking, even though she's speaking to a different person in the second quotation. Example 2: Broken dialogue sentences "Mrs. Knapp," Mike ran up behind Jill, huffing and puffing, "she was calling me a baby too!" Even without the attribution, we have two halves of a sentence separated by action (not even an attribution, which would make more sense), therefore there is an implied dependency between the quotation and the embedded narration. So if you don't complete the sentence within the quotes, you should use commas to bridge the gap. Capitalization in and around dialogue: Oh, this one was a giant pain in my ass for a long time. Is the quote the end of a sentence? Should it be? Hell if I know! Oh wait - that's what I'm here to teach you, amirite? Unlike the comma vs. period rule, the first word of a piece of dialogue should be treated like any other sentence. If it's the beginning of the (within the quotes) sentence, then capitalize it. Example: This nonsense had gone on every day this week, and Mrs. Knapp's patience had run out. She frowned down at the two children and said, "I've had quite enough of the two of you." She latched onto both their arms and marched them toward the school entrance. Easy peasy. Conversely, as you'll note in the "Broken dialogue sentences" example, if it's not the beginning of the sentence, then don't capitalize it. Example: "You both are so obsessed with who the baby is..." "But Mrs. Knapp!" Jill and Mike said, almost in unison. "...you can both be babies, and there'll be nothing to argue about!" Even though we have an entire set of dialogue between the two halves of her statement, the second half is still the close of the previous statement. Of course, I added ellipses to denote that she was interrupted, then continued, hence eliminating the need to state as much within the narration. Show, don't tell! Unnecessary Attribution of Dialogue: Attribution: The act of ascribing something to a particular person. In literature, "she/he/zhe said" is an attribution. And no matter how colorful the word you choose to substitute for "said" or "asked" is, it's still just an attribution. Folks, there are a million ways to do writing, and I'm bringing this up not as a rule, but as a suggestion. There are some authors who think attribution is the devil incarnate, and only use it when it's absolutely necessary. I'm not that militant about it, so if you want to ignore this, feel free, but I strongly suggest you take a look at it and try it out with some of your own writing (maybe revising a finished piece) just to see how it affects the flow. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm going to pull out a sequence of dialogue from an early draft of The Panda's Ashes, and I'm going to show you the revised version of that same sequence, eliminating all the unnecessary attributions. You decide for yourself which one flows better, which one sounds more natural. Example 1: Attribution at all times! “Oh my goodness!” Elise's voice disrupted whatever thought pattern I'd been following. “Well, at least we can get that taken care of right away!” she declared as she removed my seat-belt and hoisted me onto her hip. As she picked me up, I felt the warmth and the pressure, then realized what she was talking about. I was soaked, and I'd been so lost in thought I hadn't even noticed. “I... uh...” I stammered, completely embarrassed. “Don't worry about it, sweetie,” she said with a smile. She carried me into the shop, dragging my chair behind, and headed straight for the bathroom. Example 2: Don't do it if you don't need it! “Oh my goodness!” Elise's voice disrupted whatever thought pattern I'd been following. “Well, at least we can get that taken care of right away!” She removed my seat-belt and hoisted me onto her hip. As she picked me up, I felt the warmth and the pressure, then realized what she was talking about. I was soaked, and I'd been so lost in thought I hadn't even noticed. “I... uh...” I was too embarrassed to complete a sentence! “Don't worry about it, sweetie." She smiled and carried me into the shop, dragging my chair behind, heading straight for the bathroom. Again, you decide. To me, pace is more than just how fast the plot moves, it's also how fast the narrative moves, and I've found that I like the way my material reads without a million different ways to say "said" or "asked". The dialogue itself should tell you how the speaker said it; spend more effort choosing good words there and less time trying to creatively express someone's mood and/or delivery with the attribution (and/or the millions of adverbs we incessantly add to the attributive verb). Anyway, that sums up this little session. Ideally, I'd like this to be something of a living document, so if you have questions about anything related to these topics, feel free to ask, and I'll go back and update this post with any details that needed coverage. If you enjoyed it, say so! If you thought it sucked, say that too! I got thick skin.
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    Thanks again for all the kind feedback, everyone. I'm sure you've been patiently waiting for the next installment, so thank you for that. Here is Chapter 12 for ya! Chapter 12 “Now, where are all of baby's diapers and supplies kept, hmm?” I asked coyly, booping Michael on the nose once more. Michael quietly pointed to his closet, replying with a, “Left side in the big blue tote.” “Let's see if someone's fibbing,” I winked, sliding the closet door open and finding the blue tote, pulling out a thick white diaper, baby powder, and even a fuzzy, baby blue blanket, “he's not! Ohh, such a smart baby bear! Does someone like holding their blankie, hmm?” After saying that, I went back over to Michael, pinching his cheeks ever softly. This only made him blush even further, to a shade of red that I didn't think humanly possible. “U-um, no, it's for...diaper changes if I do them on the floor instead of the bed.” “Mmmm, I see! Well, let's keep this out, just in case we need to change you on the floor then.” I sang, before leading Michael over to his bed. “Now, you lie down and get comfy, and your babysitter will take care of the rest, okay?” With an even more timid nod, Michael plopped down on his bed, inching to the middle of it with a deep breath. I set the diaper and powder down next to him, then knelt on the bed, carefully opening his legs and making my way between them, my eyes locked onto Michael's as I smiled. He looked shy, nervous, and content, all at the same time, and the combination of the three was so cute! Reaching into my pocket, I gently pulled out the baby blue pacifier I'd bought, before leaning over Michael and smiling even more. “I got something for you,” I sang, before showing him the pacifier, then guiding it to his mouth, “gotta make sure we don't have a fussy baby on our hands, don't we?” With nod, Michael accepted the pacifier, suckling it softly. This only made me gush over him more, planting kisses on his bright red cheeks and on the pacifier itself. He wiggled excitedly, smiling but not saying a single word. I then said to him, “Alright, I'm gonna get you out of these pants and boxers first, okay?” He nodded, and I then carefully worked on undoing his belt, before unbuttoning his and unzipping his pants. I tapped his hips softly, making him raise up gently before I grabbed both his pants and boxers by the sides, pulling them down and away from him, tossing both to the side before taking hold of the diaper once more. I noticed he almost started to try covering himself up, but I ever gently waved my finger before moving his hand back to his side, making him look away for a moment. “Now, I'm gonna open up this comfy-looking diaper, and get it under that bottom of yours.” I said gently but as a matter-of-factly, watching Michael nod from behind his pacifier. My strategy appeared to be working. Simply talking him through the process while keeping constant eye contact with him calmed Michael and kept him there with me, and while I couldn't possibly know what was going on inside of that little head of his, I didn't sense any discomfort. Slowly and in plain view of Michael, I gently opened the large diaper, smiling as I did so and commenting on how comfortable it looked and felt (it did!). Michael knew what to do, and quietly raised his legs and bottom, letting me slide the diaper beneath him. I heard him let out a deep but content sigh as his bottom landed on the diaper, making me giggle. “Awww, I guess it's really comfy, huh? It isn't even taped on yet and you're super happy!” I exclaimed, making Michael nod and giggle more. I then grabbed the baby powder, twisting the cap and gently puffing some out so I could smell it. “Ohhh, this smells very good! Does the itty bitty baby bear like a little bit of powder, or lots?” “L-lots, please.” Michael replied shyly from behind his pacifier, his speech only slighly muffled. With a smirk, I first sprinkled plenty of powder into the diaper itself, then gently put an arm under Micharl's legs (he helped lift as well to make it easier for me) and sprinkled even more onto his bare bottom, and finally, lowering his legs, I sprinkled a generous amount onto his crotch and manhood. He wiggled ever softly as the powder puffed against his more sensitive spots, making me smile even more. “Hmm I can tell someone really likes their baby powder!” I said, putting a finger to my face before closing up the powder and setting it aside. “Now, I'm gonna tape your diaper up all nice and snug, okay?” Once done, I slowly pulled the front of Michael's diaper up, gently holding it in place against him before reaching for the left side and taping it up, then doing the same for the right side. I took my time, too, as I wanted him to enjoy it. After all, based on what I'd read about some of his ideal scenarios, he liked his diaper changes to be a bit longer than usual. He must have enjoyed it, too, because his member slowly started getting hard. However, I didn't want to jump straight to the naughty fun with him; it'd be more fun to tease him slightly and build up to that point! I ran my fingers along the leg gatherings and the waistband of his diaper, checking to make sure he was snug, and once satisfied, I gave his diapered front a few soft pats. This made him wiggle, which only made him all the more adorable! “How's that feel, little man? All nice and comfy?” With a nod, Michael gently let out a “Thank you,” to which I responded by leaning forward and giving him a huge kiss on his forehead. “You were so good for your diaper change! I could just eat you up!” I gushed, making him smile more. Was he anxious? Nervous? Relaxed? He hadn't verbally communicated how he was feeling, but his physical signs showed me he still seemed okay. Much to my delight, Michael slowly sat up, his diaper crinkling loudly and paci still in mouth, and hugged me tight. His head made its way to my shoulder, his arms wrapped gently around me, nuzzling me softly. “A-awwww,” I said with a blush of my own, “you okay, itty bitty baby bear?” He nodded quietly. “Is someone being shy?” He nodded again, hugging me a little more tightly. “Adorable!” I cooed, kissing him again. “I think someone's feeling a bit cuddly and affectionate, huh?” “U-uh huh.” Michael quietly responded. He was there, in his space! Maybe not to the full extent yet, but we had our feet in the door, at least! “Well then, good thing your babysitter knows how to make cute baby boys feel so safe and comfy! I just might need your help in showing or telling me what you want,” I said, gently guiding Michael's face so he was looking at me, “can you do that for me?” He nodded once more, a big smile hiding from behind the pacifier. He suckled it ever softly, before gently taking it out so he could speak. “I want,” he paused for a moment, “sorry, I don't usually talk much when I'm...” “Awww, I see. A quiet baby?” I cooed, making Michael nod and blush even harder. “It's okay. Take your time!” “I know I'm a bit bigger than you are, but I want to cuddle up either in your lap with my head on your shoulder,” Michael paused once more, “and maybe have my back scratched, or my hair played with, or um...my diaper patted a bit? Please?” “Oh, my,” I gasped, “you even said please! Such good manners! And I think we can manage that! Wanna cuddle here in your room? On the couch?” “Couch, please.” With a nod, I first gently popped the pacifier back into Michael's mouth, then stood up from his bed, helping him get to his feet. Keeping him close to me, I then kept one of my hands in his, while the other stayed on his back, telling him how proud I was of him for being so brave and so calm during his diapering. When we got to the couch, I propped a pillow between me and the one end so it'd be more comfy for Michael to cuddle in my lap. Yes, he was a bit bigger than I was, but it didn't mean we couldn't make it work! Michael first sat in the middle of the couch, and as soon as I sat next to him, I gently patted my lap with a quiet, “C'mere, baby boy.” He blushed so hard, smiling wide at the same time, before gently climbing into my lap, his back propped up by the pillow. He curled up into a rather small ball, settling his head against the crook of my shoulder and arm, as his legs just barely hung over my lap and onto the rest of the couch. He looked at me, probably to make sure he wasn't crushing me, but to be honest, I didn't feel any discomfort at all. In fact, it was actually one of the most comfortable cuddling positions I'd experienced with a guy. “I'm okay, little guy. You comfy?” “Mhmm.” he quietly replied. “Good. Now, just suckle your pacifier and relax, okay? We can stay like this for a while...unless I decide it's time to feed you.” I mentioned with a smirk, further cementing the idea that this wasn't entirely his show. He nodded and blushed, and my one hand found its way to his head, playing with his hair ever gently, and occasionally switching to scratching his back and arms. Judging by how relaxed and how many happy sighs I heard from Michael, he really enjoyed it. This only made me giggle and smile more, my other hand running down his legs and lower back, making sure my fingers brushed against his diaper at the same time. I noticed whenever I did this, Michael wiggled. It didn't take long to put two and two together: he did mention he liked how a diaper felt against him, so I'm sure a soft, gentle hand on it only made it that much better. My curiosity only growing, each time I went to his lower back with my hand, I would run my palm further down the outside of the back of his diaper, making Michael blush and wiggle more, his suckling growing ever steadier. I couldn't get over how relaxed, how happy, how cute, how...just everything positive, Michael looked, sitting there in my lap in his diaper and sucking on his pacifier. “Such a good baby I'm taking care of this evening! No fusses, no cries, no complaints. I love it!” I sang. This made Michael curl up even further than I thought possible, and that's exactly what I wanted. As he curled up more, I used my other hand to find its way under his legs, to the bottom of his diaper, giving it a few soft, crinkly pats. With each pat, Michael leaned into me even further and wiggled more, his head resting on my chest. The smell of baby powder slowly filled the room as well, making me giggle. We sat that way, him cuddled up close to me, with my hands caressing him, playing with his hair, patting his diaper—the whole nine yards—for at least 45 minutes. There wasn't much said in that time, but I was overwhelmed by how something so simple made Michael so happy, and how happy it made me feel, knowing I was contributing to that happiness. I'm not gonna lie, either. I felt myself getting a bit turned on by having this grown man melting in my arms. “How's my itty bitty baby bear feeling?” I asked, my fingers softly caressing Michael's cheek. “Good.” he replied with a huge smile. “That's what I like to hear!” I giggled, gently tickling Michael under his chin, making him giggle like crazy. I then went for his sides, making him giggle and wiggle quite a bit in my arms. He was ticklish! I kept that little fact in the back of my brain for the time being, but continued teasing him about it. “Uh ohhhh...do I have a wiggle worm on my hands? Hm? Is someone ticklish?” “Y-yessss!” he replied and burst into more giggles as my hands scritched his legs, his tummy, and his sides. “Is that so?” I laughed, gently lifting Michael's shirt, before blowing the biggest raspberry I could. “N-nooo! Ack!” he giggled and smiled, catching his breath after my mini barrage of tickles. “Hmmm, I think it's safe to say all that tickling got someone a little thirsty! We better get you something to drink.” Michael blushed a bit, probably not sure what kind of “thirsty” I was referring to. I definitely wanted to explore some of his wildest fantasies with him, but I still wanted to bring more of little Michael out. “Where do you keep your bottles? Can you tell Miss Erica that?” as I asked this, I gave Michael a little bounce. “U-um, hehe,” Michael giggled as he bounced, his diaper crinkling once more, “in the same tote.” “And what would you like to drink?” “Can I have peach-flavored water, please? It's carbonated but doesn't cause any problems in a bottle.” “I think we can manage that. You wait right here, and I'll get your bottle ready.” I instructed, kissing Michael on the nose. He kissed me back, nodding shyly as he slid out of my lap and plopped himself down on the couch. I then got up, slowly making my way to his bedroom to get the bottle. Before I left the living room, however, I leaned back over Michael and kissed his cheeks, then removed his pacifier and kissed his lips. “You doing okay so far?” I whispered. “Surprisingly, yes.” he whispered back. “Good. The fun has only started.” With a wink, I resumed my task, having no issue finding not one, not two, but three bottles in the tote stashed in Michael's closet. All of them were roughly the same size, but one had giraffes on it, one had bears hanging onto a bunch of balloons, and the last one was plain but had a greenish hue to it. I opted for the giraffe bottle this time, only because I noticed the nipple seemed a little bit bigger than the rest. That'd make it easier for Michael to drink, which meant it'd be easier for me to...nah, I won't spoil it. I re-entered the living room, finding Michael still on the couch, smiling when he saw me. I'll admit that I liked the fact that he didn't cry, or didn't toddle off or seem to be the type to hit. In fact, while filling his bottle with sparkling water, I started putting some more pieces together; he wanted to be the center of attention, fawned over and gently teased and embarrassed Sure, he'd mentioned wanting to be playfully spanked in the past, but he never shed any light on being bad or being punished, and neither did anything that he'd posted online. Finished filling the bottle, I twisted the cap on tight, and made my way back to the couch, patting my lap once more. Michael eagerly climbed back in, propping himself up slightly, then reached for the bottle; he must've thought he was going to feed himself. “Ah, ah, ah,” I tsked, pulling the bottle away gently. “the baba's gonna slip and fall out of those little hands of yours if you try to feed yourself! Let Miss Erica feed you!” With a shy blush, Michael nodded, taking his pacifier out and setting it on the endtable. He put his head against my arm and shoulder once more, wiggling slightly as I slowly inched the nipple of the bottle towards his mouth, prolonging the anticipation. When he finally latched onto the nipple, his eyes smiled, if that makes any sense. He'd reached yet another level of happiness in such a tender moment with me. I gave him a little squeeze as I held the bottle up for him, watching as its contents slowly drained. “Someone's really thirsty, huh? Well that's okay. There's plenty in there,” I said, then changed my tone to a whisper, “and if someone is still thirsty after his bottle and behaves, we can either get you more of that yummy drink...or something else.” His eyes widened when I took one of his hands and gently put them on my left breast, making him blush and smile. It probably wasn't what he was expecting, but I wanted to give him the element of surprise. He must have liked it, too, because it wasn't long before his bottle was empty. “All done already? My, my!” I chuckled, setting the empty bottle aside and sitting him up in my lap. “W-wha-?” Michael asked, but stopped himself short when he felt my hand gently patting his back, his cheeks burning. “We can't have you all fussy with bubbles in your tummy, now can we? Can we?” I sang. “No, Miss Erica.” he replied shyly, giggling as the sound of the rhythmic patting filled the living room. I knew he probably wasn't going to actually burp, but spared no expense in the experience. And again, he didn't give any sign that he didn't want this. After about a minute of burping the little guy, I decided to check his diaper, knowing it wasn't used yet. I wanted to both see his reaction, and check to see if my naughty little comment from earlier had turned him on at all, since his diaper made it a little difficult for me to tell. “Guess we got all those bubbles out,” I said, gently leaning Michael back into a cuddling posiition, “but how's your diaper holding up, hmm?” My hand traced its way up Michael's arm, then slowly down his chest and tummy, and finally down to the front of his diaper. Once there, I gently pressed my palm against the thick padding, hearing it crinkling and finding it still dry. Even more interesting (and hot) was that Michael clearly did enjoy it, as I started to feel his member spring to life. I pretended not to notice, even though he clearly had to have felt my hand press against it through the diaper. Oh, but I wasn't done there. “Nothing there...” I cooed, before sitting him back up, this time leaning him forward so I could pull on the back of his diapered waistband, giving a few playful sniffs and being greeted with the smell of the baby powder I'd sprinkled all over him. Michael giggled quite furiously when I did this, shivering ever softly when I let the waistband go and gave him a playful pat. I took it even a step further. “Still clean for now, but I think after that bottle, that may not be the case pretty soon, huh?” He shook his head with a blush, suckling his paci a bit more as I put my hand back over his diapered crotch, leaving it there. “Now I know you're shy, itty bitty baby bear, but can you be brave enough to tell your babysitter when you need to wet your diaper? Hmm?” “Y-yes, Miss Erica.” Michael nodded, biting his lip softly. “It might take me a while to, you know, use it, especially if you're right near me.” “Ohh, that's true, but babies don't usually care where they are when they're filling their diapers, do they?” I winked. “But, why don't we make it a little easier? How full is your tummy? Do you think you could fit another baba of water in there?” I smirked. “U-uh huh, I think so.” he replied shyly. “Well then, we'll have one wet baby in no time!” I tilted my head with a smile, kissing his cheek and making him hide his face in my shoulder. “S-stop,” he giggled, “making me all red!” “Awww, does someone not like being all red?” I pouted. “I-I love it, but I still get very embarassed.” Michael admitted, looking back to me. “And I love seeing you blush! So, darn, cute!” I kissed him between each word, before motioning for him to climb off so I could grab another bottle. This time, I shook my bottom just a bit with each step, making sure Michael got a good view. I looked over my shoulder with a smirk, making sure to keep my eyes on him in between refilling the bottle with more sparkling water. Surprisingly, I was getting pretty turned on myself, in part because of how turned on Michael was getting, and in part because watching his timid reactions with pretty much anything I did to him was so satisfying. “Now,” I said as I plopped back down on the couch, “time for round two!” While Michael made his way back into my lap, I lovingly pulled him into position as well, further exhibiting my role in hopes of making him feel smaller. It worked, because I didn't have to position him or guide the nipple to his mouth the second time; he moved his head in just the right way, then latched onto the nipple while looking at me with more smiling eyes. “Such a good baby I'm taking care of! I can't wait to change that diaper of yours! Good thing we've got these thick, comfy diapers on you!” I teased further, watching Michael's cheeks turn an even darker shade of red. He had nowhere to hide, as he was stuck drinking from the bottle. My other hand caressed his back and diapered waistband, making him relax even further into my arms. He must have been eager to finish the bottle, as this one took much less time for him to empty than the first. “You took no time on that one! Goodness! You must have some big bubbles in there now!” I joked, before burping him once more, this time moving over on the couch a bit so I could put his head on my shoulder. Slipping further and further into his little world, Michael wiggled with each back pat, and much to my surprise (and probably his), he even managed to let the slighest burp out. I could tell he was nervous at first, since he immediately gasped, but I giggled and praised him, making him curl up and giggle as well. “Aww, see? This is why we burp you! Good job!” “Y-yeah, hehe. Thank you!” he chuckled, sighing happily. “What would you like to do now, mister?” “C-can we just watch a movie or something? I think it'll help take my mind off of,” he said before lowering his voice even more, “potty shy.” “Awwww, I think that's a great idea! We'll get you all relaxed, and when you need to go, just tug on my shirt, or tell me...” “Okay!” “...and then, when you do that, I'm either gonna watch you wet your diaper, or put you in my lap while you wet it, or just keep my hand right there on your little diaper when you go.” I raised my eyebrow mischievously. “Yo-you will?” “Oh, yes I will! I'm a good babysitter, but it doesn't mean I don't like to have fun!” I winked. “Plus, that's all part of behaving for me, and you already know what'll happen if you behave, don't you?” “I do...” Michael nodded and smiled shyly. “Good,” I cooed, placing his paci back into his mouth, “now, let's watch something!” When Michael and I were picking a movie, I noticed he didn't lean towards anything meant for a younger audience. When I asked him if he ever did, he told me that he didn't really do any of that kind of thing, like playing with toys, or watching litte kid shows. He pretty much liked to do most things that any adult would, even while in his little space. Honestly, that was fine with me, as was his choice in talking pretty normal when I was taking care of him. I'm not sure if I'd be able to handle baby-talk that I couldn't understand, or an adult crying like an actual baby, and I'd have communicated as such with him if he tried. But, he didn't. We opted for what we thought looked like a good monster film, but ended up being a bit of a drag. And yet, we ended up watching most of it. Michael didn't opt to stay cuddled in my lap, but instead placed his head on my lap and stomach while I played with his hair and gently traced my fingertips along his arms, chest, and stomach. I wanted to make him as relaxed as possible so he wouldn't back out of wetting his diaper for me. Don't ask me why, but my curiosity demanded to see and feel his reaction of wetting his diaper in front of me, and I would need to witness it for myself to be satisfied. That, and it was just another part of the experience that we'd have to get through together, since, if it were to work out in the long run, I'd want him to feel comfortable doing that around me. About three quarters of the way through the film, I noticed Michael squirming ever softly. At first, I thought nothing of it, but it wasn't long before he moved his legs around, and curled up, then stretched back out. I so badly wanted to ask him if he needed to use the bathroom, but I also wanted to see if he'd let me know what was wrong. He did, tugging a bit on my shirt, just as I'd instructed. With the movie still playing, I leaned down and whispered softly into his ear, “What is it, itty bitty baby bear?” “I have to, um, I need to...” Michael stammered. Had he never actually said the words aloud before? It wouldn't have been a surprise if he hadn't, as he did say nobody really explored the role in detail with him in the past. “It's okay,” I kissed his forehead, “just whisper it in my ear. I can't be a good babysitter and take care of you if I don't know what's wrong.” “I have to pee.” he said, looking up at me with embarrassed and slightly nervous eyes. “You do?” I gasped, still whispering, “How do you normally wet? Sitting down?” “U-um, sitting, sometimes slightly crouched down, sometimes standing, but never in front of someone else, so it might take me a while.” “I figured as much. And how bad do you have to go?” “Pretty bad, but I have a shy bladder.” “Then let's try something!” I sang, sitting myself down on the floor, using the couch as support for my back and opening my legs. I then patted the floor in front of me, making Michael tilt his head softly. It was time to catch him off guard once more. With a blush, he followed suit, and I instructed him to face forward, his back to me. I then put my arms around him and softly guided him so his head was resting just below my chest, the rest of his body in a lying position on the floor. “What-” “-shhh.” I hushed him, “Just relax. You know, for a monster movie, this isn't all that scary.” “Um, you're right. I know it's the guy's first movie he made, but it's pretty awful. The monster wasn't that creepy looking or anything.” “True...you know what the scariest monster of them all is, though?” “What's that?” “The tickle monster! Ahhh!” I playfully yelled in horror, mercilessly tickling Michael's armpits, chest, stomach, sides, legs, anywhere he was ticklish (which was everywhere, apparently). “He-heyyyy! That isn't fa-that's not fai- hahaha!” Michael giggled quite loudly, wiggling about the floor, again not kicking or flailing or doing anything to try to hurt me. Knowing he had to pee soon, I figured this would further help him along, and he played right into it. There were a few times where he playfully tried to escape, even at one point attempting to get up, but I grabbed his diapered wasitband with an, “Ah, ah, ahhh! Nobody escapes the tickle monster!” and gently pulled him back down, tickling him even more. “N-no, please! I'm gonna pee!” I then slowed my tickling down, easing up on him while putting one hand on his diapered front and the other gently circling around his stomach, leaning in and softly speaking. “Go ahead, then, baby. Wet your diaper for me. Let it alllll out into your diaper. Don't fight it! I can't change a clean diaper, and you'll make Miss Erica so very happy if you just relax and fill your diaper. Don't do it for you, don't do it for me...do it for us. Close your eyes, relax, and wet your diaper. I won't be mad, I won't be upset.” Looking down at him, I saw Michael bite his pacifier a bit, keeping his eyes closed as he listened to my tone of voice and my words. It took him a little bit of time, but finally, I could feel his diaper slowly warming, and hear the ever soft hissing sound of his pee hitting the inside of the diaper. He wiggled about quite uncomfortably at first, probably so embarassed to be doing such a thing, but this only made me coax him out even more. “Awwww, there you go! You're doing it! You're wetting your diaper! I bet your bladder's gonna feel so much better when you're all done.” He nodded quietly, as my hand gently rubbed back and forth on his warming diaper, feeling a more steady stream this time. My panties were getting rather warm and wet as well. I think being the one in charge, and watching Michael look so helpless, and...oddly, just feeling such a massive diaper on a grown man simply filling up so much...was so hot. I bit my lip as Michael finished wetting his diaper, keeping my palm right there and pressing on the wet diaper ever soflty. “A-all done.” Michael said. “Oh my, such a good little guy! You wet your diaper so much, and it didn't leak! These are some pretty good diapers!” I cooed, giving his crotch a few soft pats, making him shiver. “Hmmm, y-yeah they are.” he nodded and suckled his pacifier softly. “How does it feel? Or more importantly, how do you feel?” “I was nervous at first, but, talking to me like that made it so much easier, so thank you.” Michael said shyly, before leaning up and kissing me. “A-and I know I've said it before, but it feels pretty amazing.” This made me smirk, and I gently rubbed my palm and scritched my fingertips along the front of his squishy diaper once more, watching his reaction. He shivered again and sucked his pacifier even more. “Hehe,” I giggled, “I can tell, and from my perspective, this is pretty hot and enjoyable to watch and experience.” “Really?” he asked, a bit surprised. “Ohh yes.” I said, guiding Michael's hand to my own crotch, making him blush as he felt how wet I was. “Who'd have thought?” Michael chuckled. “It's hard to explain, but I'm not complaining!” I laughed, before smirking and rubbing my hand along his diaper once more, “guess I better check and change that diaper of yours, huh?” “If you want to!” he replied quickly and nervously, wiggling in response to my touch. “Of course I do! Besides, I read up on how much the itty bitty baby bear loves having his diapers checked and changed.” With a wink, I slowly got up, telling Michael to wait where he was. I hurried to his room, this time grabbing the fuzzy blanket, a fresh diaper, wipes, and powder from the tote, before heading back into the living room. “Ohh,” he said shyly, “you're gonna do it out here?” “Ohh yes, I am!” I sang, “is that a problem?” “Actually, it's um, something I've always imagined.” he blushed hard, giggling. “Hmm, guess this'll really make your dreams come true then, huh?” I raised an eyebrow, before unfolding and laying out the comfy blue blanket on the floor, instructing Michael to lay on it. He first grabbed a pillow for his head, then scooted over to the blanket, lying down on it, smiling up at me. I set the diaper supplies next to him, then opened his legs and knelt between them. Michael wiggled playfully and excitedly as I pulled my hair back with my hands and said, “Alright, let's check your diaper, little guy!” And check his diaper, I did! I lifted his shirt out of the way first, then took my sweet time checking him. I placed my hands over the front of his diaper, giving it a playful push and pat, making him suckle his pacifier more, then stuck my fingers in the leg gatherings to check. After that, I playfully lifted his legs (with his help once more), and leaned in to press my hand on his diapered bottom, even giving it another few sniffs, all while telling him what I was doing and if I was finding anything. Finally, I rolled him onto his tummy, his diapered butt and obviously wet diaper in plain view. I first pulled on the back and peered in, then brought my nose even closer to his diaper to sniff some more, and finally gave him three gentle but long pats and presses on his bottom, before rolling him onto his back. By that time, his member was pressing hard against his diaper, aching for release. “Well, looks like you're just wet, but it might definitely enough to warrant a diaper change! And aww, someone realllly likes his diaper checks, doesn't he? Doesn't he?” This teasing only made his member twitch more beneath his diaper, and Michael nodded shyly, his pacifier suckling increasing in speed. I knew how much he loved it, and remembered how he'd told me both a wet and dry diaper turned him on so much. Seeing how much I turned him on, only turned me on more as well, and I came up with another devious idea. “I was wrong about the diaper change, little man,” I giggled, licking my lips, “I think I'd like to see that diaper just a bit more full before we change you, and judging by how hard you are right now, I don't think it'll take long to do that.” I moved up towards where Michael's head was, then quickly undid my shirt and bra, before using part of his pillow to prop myself up. His eyes widened when I removed his pacifier and placed it on the blanket, and I leaned in to whisper, “I'm gonna let you do something that babysitters never let their charges do right now, because you're been so well-behaved this evening. But you can't tell anyone, okay?” “U-uh huh.” Michael replied, practically hypnotized. I first took Michael's hands and pressed them against my breasts, before sinking a a bit further down so they were within suckling range for him. “I want you to suckle from me, baby, and while you do, I'm gonna help you fill that diaper.” I said seductively. Michael only nodded, and without saying a word, leaned in and latched onto the nipple I guided towards his mouth. Just like last time, he didn't bite, but he suckled and licked in such a way that made me moan. As he did this, my hand first found its way back to the outside of his diaper, massaging and rubbing softly, his dick practically pushing its way through the plastic padding. Much to my surprise, as I moved my hand beneath his diaper to pleasure him more, he gently stopped suckling and said, “P-please, Miss Eric. Can you stay on the outside? It feels so good.” “I sure can,” I giggled, “and you just keep suckling, little man. Suckle and relax.” He nodded, going back to my nipple, both of us moaning softly as we pleasured each other. My rubbing of his diaper increased in speed, and so did Michael's suckling of my nipple. Michael then gently guided my hand, showing me what else he wanted. In addition to rubbing, it looked like he also enjoyed having his diaper patted, especially against his balls. I thought it might've hurt him, but the moans he gave out when he first showed me how to do this said otherwise. So, I did just that, alternating between long and fast rubs, and patting his diaper in various ways with my palm. His hips bucked against my hand movements, and his tongue danced around my nipple, making me bite my lip even harder. I switched him over to my other nipple, moaning even louder when his tongue found its way there. “Someone's turning his babysitter on quite a bit...yes he is!” I panted. “Oh, God...so hot...” he murmured between moans. “Now,” I whispered as my rubbing and patting increased, “be a good baby boy and cum your diapers. Suckle on your babysitter and cum your diapers. They'll catch alllll of the mess and then we'll change you. After all, you're just a helpless baby who doesn't know any better, isn't that right?” “Mmmm, uh huh...” he responded, his back arching with each pat and rub. “Go on! Suckle and cum, baby! Suckle and fill up your diapers! I want you to fill your diaper for me! You're turning me on so much!” With one loud gasp and big suckle on my nipple, Michael's body shook, his back arching one final time as I gave him one final pat, my palm feeling his cum paint the inside of his diaper. I didn't think somoene could actually release that much before, but it happened, and it was freaking hot! When he finished, Michael caught his breath, whispering about how amazing it was, before turning into a puddle on the blanket. “Ohh, good job filling your diapers for me. Such a good baby I'm babysitting!” I cooed with a giggle, making Michael smile widely. “That was....that was...” “Amazing for you? Hmmm, I can tell!” I ran my fingers through his hair. “And I'm sure someone's gonna need a diaper change pretty soon, huh?” “Y-yeah, it's pretty full.” he giggled with a blush. “I would imagine so! But,” I whispered, “your babysitter needs to be taken care of before she changes you. I'm already almost there, but not quite.” He understood exactly what I meant, smirking as he said, “Whatever I can do.” I then quickly took off my pants and panties, tossing them to the side before sidling back up to Michael, keeping my bare breasts exposed. “I want you to keep suckling me while you finger me.” I held up my left breast, and Michael sooon latched himself back on, swirling his tongue around and suckling in soft and hard motions, massaging my right breast with his one hand, as his fingers from his other hand slowly entered me, taking only moments before finding the most sensitive and pleasurable spots. “Mmm, good boy! Keep going, keep going.” I whispered, letting out small moans as my hands grabbed at Michael's diaper and ran through his hair. I don't know where he learned how to pleasure a woman, but I wasn't complaining, as the combination of his suckling and fingering didn't take long to get me off. That, and I was already pretty turned on by the past 15 minutes of events, anyway. Now I've cum plenty of times before, either by myself or by other guys, some enjoyable, some less than satisfying. But let me tell you: with Michael? Holy. Hell. I let out the biggest gasp, held onto him with both hands like I'd never held onto someone before, and shook as I finished, lying on the blanket next to him when I got back down from my moment of ecstacy. “H-how was that? Did I do good?” Michael asked, hearing me pant and cuddling up next to me. “Good is an understatement,” I giggled, catching my breath, “that was freaking amazing!” I kissed him on the lips before we cuddled up, Michael in his very wet diaper, and me naked, the two of us enjoying and processing what had just taken place. Something told me it was going to work out just fine between us. Michael shifted a little bit, his diaper crinkling and squishing ever softly, as the slightest scent of urine and baby powder hit my nose. “Let's stay like this for a couple more minutes,” I said, kissing Michael's cheeks and forehead, “then I'll give you a diaper change.”
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    Sorry for the wait! It has been a hectic last few days! But, I hope this next chapter will be worth the wait! <3 She stood at the door and watched him for a moment; he still laid there on the bed, in nothing but a diaper, a t-shirt, and the paci-gag still in his mouth. She smirked, as she walked away and headed to the kitchen. She reached into the cabinet to pull out a small blue baby bottle before reaching into the fridge and grabbing some apple juice. She poured the juice into the bottle about three-quarters of the way before stopping and putting the juice back in the refrigerator. She then reached for another cabinet and pulled out another bottle, dropping in a little bit of Magnesium Citrate. She didn’t want to put too much in it, but just enough to help things start to move along so to speak. She shook the bottle a little bit to mix it in before returning to the bedroom. She noticed his face got red once again when he saw the bottle. She leaned forward and unhooked the paci gag and before he could say another word she plopped the bottle into his mouth. “Finish this,” she demanded of him as she placed a hand upon his crotch, pressing her fingers against his dry diaper, feeling his hard dick underneath. Her mind was going a million miles a minute trying to think of all the fun things she could do to him. She watched as he continued to drink the bottle, knowing that it would take a few minutes. She also knew it wouldn’t be long before he wet his diaper once again, she wondered what position he should be in. On her lap with her hands pressed against him to feel it? Or maybe he should be kneeling? She licked her lips, all of them sounded pleasing to her. She continued to rub at his dick, watching as he moaned beneath the bottle’s nipple and arched his back slightly. She wanted to drive him crazy, but she didn’t want him to be able to cum anytime soon. It wasn’t long before he finished the bottle and she smiled as she grabbed it from him. “Good boy.” She whispered as she unfastened the paci-gag back in his mouth before returning to the kitchen to place the bottle in the sink. She walked over again into the bedroom, and he was now sitting up, looking helpless and quite adorable. She leaned against the door frame, watching him. “What shall we do with you now?” She mused to herself. “I guess we should start by me telling you the rules.” He looked at her shocked, and she felt herself grow moist. “If you obey me, I’ll reward you. But, if you disobey me, you will be punished.” She replied. “Whenever you have to wet your diaper, you need to tell me first and absolutely no messing your diaper! If you do, you’re going to be in trouble. As I said before you’re only allowed to call me mommy and you have to do whatever I say. I may add more later on if I feel like it. Do you understand?” He nodded his head, and she smiled at him, knowing she was setting him up for failure. But, what was the fun if she couldn’t punish him? She could only imagine him sprawled across her knees and spanking him – or even bringing out the significant punishment later. She felt herself getting more turned on by just the thought alone. This was more fun than she honestly thought it could be. Most play partners were more obedient, and not as bushy or cutesy as he was. She may have found her perfect boy toy. “I’ll be right back,” she whispered as she pushed him back onto the bed before leaving the room. She came back a few moments later with two things in her hand, one was leather like rope and in the other hand was a small purple vibrator. She smirked as she got on top of him and began to tie his hands together with the rope, he wiggled, as if he was trying to resist her, but one stern look of her eyes told him better. She then turned on the vibrator, on its lowest setting and slid it into his diaper, so it was pressing in-between his balls and his dick. He moaned through his paci-gag, as he twisted about, his hands tied above his head so he couldn’t move and take out the vibrator that was in his diaper. She smiled in victory enjoying see him like that. She looked at herself and sighed, realizing she was still wearing her uniform from work. She made sure he was watching as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it all, revealing a black bra that matched her panties, before pulling down her skirt – putting nothing else on. She stood there, in nothing but her black bra and panties and looked down at him, who was watching her, watching her full figure. She was curvy in all the right places, with good size breast and a decent ass as well. She licked her lips as she walked over to him and knelt beside the bed, so she was at his eye level. “Does that feel good?” She asked him, and he nodded his head. “Do you need to go potty?” She asked, and once again he nodded his head, she smiled as she reached her hand into his diaper and pulled out the vibrator. She sat up on the bed and patted her lap, deciding that was the place she wanted him to be when he filled up his diaper for her. He gave her a questioning look and did not move. “On. My. Lap.” She replied, furrowing her brows as she watched him. He did as he was told and gently laid himself upon her lap, she held his back with one arm and placed her other hand upon his crotch. He wiggled slightly; he was still tied at his wrists and was unable to free himself. “Go on; wet your diaper like the little boy that you are. I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to make it to the potty even if I un-diapered you and untied your hands!” His face turned a bright shade of red, and all he could do was nod his head. She smiled as she pressed against his crotch. It didn’t take long before she felt warmth underneath her fingers as the diaper continued to swell up. Honestly, even though he had two bottles of water to drink, it swelled up a lot more than she thought it was going to be. He turned his face away from her as he continued to wet his diaper until he was done. His diaper was soaked! She couldn’t imagine it could take more before it leaked everywhere…but that is where she wanted it to be. She pressed against his wet diaper, feeling it, rubbing and patting him. She loved the feel of the wet diaper beneath her fingers; the smell of it too was even arousing. “You wet your diaper!” She replied. “You are soaked! Any more and you’ll probably have leaked all over mommy, and then I would have to spank you!” He wiggled beneath her touch, and his face was still as red as before. She smiled as she continued to rub his diaper, feeling his dick press up against it, knowing he wanted release from the build-up, but it was going to be a while before she let him have any taste of that sweet release. She reached up and undid his paci-gag and let it fall to the ground as she pressed her lips against him, letting her tongue slide in, he gasped, as he wrapped his arms around as she continued to kiss him and rub his crotch. “You probably want me to change you?” She asked as she broke free and he meekly nodded his head. “Yes, mommy.” He said in a soft and cutesy voice. She couldn’t imagine him looking any littler than he did at that moment. “Too bad, you’re going to have to wait.” “W-wait?” He asked in a small voice, his cheeks were a bright red and he wiggled in her arms. She smiled at him as she pinched his cheeks, which somehow managed to get him even redder. She bit her lip in excitement by just watching him, as he sat in his lap in a soaked diaper and his red cheeks. She wanted to keep pushing it even more. She couldn’t wait to see his face later on when he finally realized what it would be coming. It would be glorious. “Yes, of course! Now I’m going to go do something real quick, but in the meantime, you’re going to sit on my bed in your wet diaper. No trying to get up or leave, no matter how long I’m gone." “O-okay…” He mumbled as she laid him back down on the bed, making sure his hands were still tied, before placing the paci-gag in his mouth. She also slipped the vibrator back into his diaper, watching him wiggle about some as it pressed against his dick. She watched him for a few moments before she left, leaving him there helpless without her. Just as she liked. She didn’t really have anything to do, but she knew that time was on her side and it wouldn’t take long before the medicine started to take effect. She decided to do a few chores around the house (while still in her bra and underwear), and about twenty minutes later she checked up on him. He was lying on the bed, wiggling about, as if he was in pain. “Is something the matter?” She asked in a fake concerned voice, very well sure what was going on. He nodded his head, trying to speak, but was unable to because of the paci-gag. She walked a bit closer to him. “Is your stomach hurting?” He nodded. She smiled. “Oh. That’s too bad. Well, still, you’re not allowed to mess your diaper and mommy isn’t ready to change you out of that diaper.” She bit her lip hard, almost breaking skin when she saw the look on his face. It was both of terror and humiliation – not true terror. She could see also a hint of excitement behind his eyes as well. It wouldn’t be long before his diaper would be overfilled and probably leak all over her sheets (which she wasn’t worried about). She stood there and watched him; it was only about a minute later before he let out a little moan as the room started to stink. Her eyes turned to his diaper as it began to fill up, even more, messing his diaper to the point where it could hardly hold anything more. She knew that he leaked on her bed. “Tsk, tsk, I told you not to mess your diaper.” She said as she walked forward and pressed her hands against the diaper, feeling the mess underneath; by this point, her panties were soaked. “Now mommy is going to have to punish you.”
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    So, guys, I decided to try writing a story, based on some ideas I got and… well… I think I failed, mostly. What was supposed to be my first short ABDL story became a rather lengthy, unfinished manuscript about space travel with elements of not so common (as I see them) fetishes and a small portion of (ab)DL content. No idea, if you will like it or not – it may actually be too boring for some and too explicit for others. Anyway, I’d be grateful if you read it and told me your opinion. If you think it’s inappropriate for this site for any reason, feel free to delete it, but please, do tell me the reason for it. Also, sorry if there are mistakes (and there probably are a lot of them). This story is a work of fiction and any similarities of characters, places etc. with reality are purely coincidental. The story may contain material, inappropriate for readers under 18 years old or a respective legal age in corresponding countries. The author does not hold any responsibility for whatever actions a reader may take based on the content of this story. A Space Trip Gone Wrong Chapter 1 Emily sat down on her pilot seat and stretched. She’s just changed out of her bulky, uncomfortable anti-overload suit, having left the Earth’s gravity field behind and was now wearing loose pajama-like outfit, with her waist-long chestnut-colored hair tied in a high ponytail. Her spaceship that seemed so magnificent and powerful back on the launching track now looked pathetically tiny next to all the space hotels and intergalactic dreadnoughts that were drifting about lazily on the inner Earth orbit. Still impressed by the size and glory of the ships around, Emily guided her own shuttle onto the outer, less crowded orbit and punched in the course. Interstellar engines came to life with a faint vibration – a feeling, which Emily loved above all else in the space travel. In a few moments her ship was already speeding towards the rim of the Solar system, slowly gathering speed, its engines ready to fire a pulse, that would, in matter of seconds, take Emily deep into space, to a galaxy far, far away and beyond, should she wished so. Emily, a young, enthusiastic pilot in her early twenties, has shown considerable prowess in controlling all kinds of ships – from heavy unwieldy transports to swift racing pods – and has finally been entrusted with a long anticipated mission of establishing a trading agreement with a distant planet, located in a vast asteroid belt, that has only recently joined the Interstellar Community. Now, while the mission may sound rather important, Emily’s role in it was extremely small – she only had to deliver a hologram projector and ensure it worked properly. The rest would be done without her. Still, it was a great chance to enjoy the hospitality, usually offered only to high-ranking officials. Having made a final check of all the ship’s systems, Emily rose from the seat and walked over to the living area. She quickly swallowed some food, without actually tasting it properly, checked her mail, while it was still possible and went to bed, hoping to be out of the interstellar warp zone when she wakes up. Hell, not so fast, young lady! A shrill alarm literally exploded into Emily’s ears, throwing her out of bed, making her, still half-asleep, race for the control panel. DESTINATION LOST, said the screen in large flashing red letters. “How is it even possible?!” thought the girl, noticing immediately after that all the dials and meters were going insane, showing impossible numbers or just spinning wildly around. The control systems still worked, though and Emily punched the a panoramic view button, opening the side, the floor and the ceiling shutters, allowing her to see in all directions through a perfectly clear reinforced glass panes. What she saw made her freeze on the spot – right above her shuttle which, as she now realized, was stationary, loomed a giant dark shadow in the shape of an orb, only it looked like it was made of giant roots, all entwined firmly with each other. There were smaller orbs like that darting around the shuttle as well, flashing some kind of beams at it, almost as if scanning the Terran spaceship. Moments later a much more powerful, brighter beam shot itself from the giant mass of tangled roots towards the girl’s shuttle. The last thing Emily remembered was feeling, as if she was turning into a formless jelly and slowly evaporating into thin mist. Chapter 2 Emily woke up. Or rather suddenly realized she knew she existed and felt most of what must have been her body. She didn’t open her eyes just yet, instead just savoring the fact that she had eyes. She then shifted her attention to other parts of herself and found that, for the most part, she was fine. Except she couldn’t move her limbs. The girl finally opened her eyes and looked at her right hand. It lay beside her head, tied down to some soft, greenish floor with what seemed like a thick, hard, but slightly springy pipe made of rubber or silicone or something similar. Same with her right hand. As far as she could see and feel, the condition of her feet was similar. The next thing Emily knew, was that she had to pee. Badly. No knews there, though – she hasn’t been to a toilet after she woke up the last time and god knows how long it has been since then. “I should still be good for some time”, she thought. She hoped so, at least. Having nothing better to do, Emily shifted her gaze towards her surroundings. Everything around her had a strange shade of green or brown to it. On closer inspection, it was revealed, that the girl lay in what seemed to be a small cell, made entirely of moss-covered tree trunks, that grew so close to each other, that they formed seamless and rather smooth surfaces – slightly wavy walls, a soft, smooth floor and an arched ceiling. All this smoothness wasn’t natural, it was clearly man-made, whatever it was. Especially thinking back towards the massive root ball, that the girl saw just before fainting. Emily has never seen anything like this, no space encyclopedia ever had any similar structure listed on its pages. This must be some unknown civilization the Interstellar Community have not yet found! “How exciting!”, she thought – “And to think I’ll be the first to contact them!” Whoever “they” were, they didn’t let her stay alone with her thoughts much longer – a wall rustled open somewhere out of her sight, a shadow stepped onto the girl’s cell, threw something on the floor and made a series of clicking sounds, like a strange, oversized bird. Immediately Emily’s vision was obscured by some wide latex-like belt, that felt as if it was a living muscle, twisting and winding itself down from her eyes to the girl’s entire body, binding her now momentarily free arms to her sides, tying her legs tightly together so that she couldn’t move even if she tried very hard. She then felt rising off the floor, almost as if lifted by some magical force. But the “belt” restricting her movement was bulging and rolling its “muscles” underneath her, so that Emily assumed, it must be somehow responsible for lifting her off the ground. Chapter 3 “They” carefully transported her along many irregular turns and twists, sometimes even briefly moving along vertical walls and making Emily extremely uncomfortable from the hanging upside-down due to blood flowing to her head or because of increasing bladder pressure in what was usually an normal, standing position for her. All this rather long trip Emily has been trying to talk to whoever was walking alongside her. She kept telling “them” her name and home planet and asking about “theirs” in return, but to no avail, as it seemed. Several individuals were making various clicking sounds around her and it seemed, the more she talked, the more definite and sharp those sounds became. She was already starting to hope they were understanding her, when she was brought to a stop, lowered on some very soft, cushion-like surface, into which she immediately sunk pretty deeply before being unbound. As soon as the restricting belt slithered off her eyes, Emily was blinded by a strong pure-white light from overhead and couldn’t see a thing at first. When her eyes adapted to the light, she saw a shining orb hovering in the air high above her. The surface she lay upon was indeed a very soft ivory-white cushion, into which Emily’s body sunk so much, she could actually see about 20 centimeters of this cushion above her. It was like a dough, only warm, very light and… breathing?.. The clicking speech of the aliens continued around; it seemed, there were at least fifty of them, hidden from Emily’s view by the dough-like cushion she lay in. Then, suddenly, particularly sharp clicks could be heard and silence fell. More clicks and the Emily panicked, because she started sinking deeper into her cushion, but she only had time to gasp, before it closed over her mouth, briefly cutting off any air flow, making it impossible to breathe. But that lasted only a few moments – the girl was pushed up again, out of the dough, only now she found she was completely naked and her arms and legs were still inside the dough-like substance up to elbows and knees. She could still move them, but the substance, just like real dough back on Earth, was now sticky and stretchy and thick, making even moving a single finger a very slow and hard process. As if to compensate for this, the girl could now, for the first time, see her captors. In general, they had a more or less humane size and body shape, with only four limbs and even a head-like swelling in the right place. However, all the four limbs they were sporting had much more joints, than any creature of that size Emily has ever seen. These joints also seemed to be able to move in any direction and some of them had long, also jointed protrusions, which looked like fingers, except that their number varied greatly from just one to maybe about fifteen. If a human had similar system of limbs, he’d have had fingers growing not only on palms and feet, but also on shoulders, elbows, knees – almost everywhere. The next difference from humans was that these aliens were extremely hairy. They were all covered with long, straight fur growing all over their bodies. The eyes or ears or mouths were nowhere to be seen, although it was logical to believe, they were hidden beneath the fur on the head-like swelling on top and in between the upper limbs of the creatures. The colors of the fur also varied, with most aliens being different shades of brown, but there were some with greyish, silver and pure white fur and one with a deep purple color of fur, too strange to be natural. Of course, at that time Emily did not catch all those details. She was too frightened, scared out of her wits by everything, that was happening to her. She kept trying to talk to her captors, using soothing words and calm tones, as she was taught in the space academy, but that didn’t produce any effect. They either didn’t hear her or could not understand her. However, they were now staring intently at a silver-haired alien, who stood closest to the “cushion” Emily lay on. The alien clicked away like an old typewriter, probably speaking to all others. Then he turned towards Emily, extended his arm and pressed it against the side of the cushion. Something gurgled within it, the girl sank deeper into it and felt, with horror, that some liquid was flowing into the hollow she now was in. Her horror reached its peak when she realized, that the liquid, which was of a yellowish tint, was getting quickly absorbed by her body. But this quickly ended, the cushion pushed her up once again, without releasing its hold on Emily’s limbs and a yellow mist started rising from her body. It then formed into a complex, multilayered 3D model of the girl’s organism, complete with the contents of her bowels and now-almost-bursting bladder. It even showed the blood flow and what seemed like Emily’s brain activity. And, needless to say, the model immediately copied any movement the girl made. Chapter 4 “Interesting technology you have here” – made Emily another feeble attempt to make contact. “Never seen anything like this!” In fact, she was now talking at the same time as the silver-haired alien, who pointed with his long fingers various parts on the 3D model, seeming to be particularly interested in Emily’s mouth. “I wonder if we’ll ever be able to understand each other” – Emily was saying, when two dark-grey creatures approached her cushion. “Oh, do you want someth…eeeeh” she was abruptly grabbed by one of them by her lower jaw and had to stop speaking. The hold of the alien’s soft, almost silky fingers was harder than iron. The other one produced a thin thread, on the end of which hung some tiny orb, like a pearl. The alien clicked something to the orb and suddenly it had tiny legs and dropped from the thread directly into Emily’s mouth. She tried to close it or move her head, but the first alien held her tightly, as she felt the foreign object land into her mouth and scuttled onto her tongue. The next moment a piercing pain shot through the girl’s entire mouth, she shrieked sharply and jerked her head out of the weakening grip of the alien, but it was already too late – the orb, or whatever it was, has already firmly embedded itself into Emily’s tongue and was injecting her with something. The girl felt pain go away as cold numbness spread all across her tongue and into the rest of her mouth. She tried speaking, but could now only produce feeble sounds from her throat – “Aaaah… Eeeeeehhh… Aaeeiiaaahh…” So they silenced her… She’s been talking too much… At first Emily felt frustrated. Then had a fleeting thought that she could still shriek, but quickly decided against it, thinking that they can always do the same to her vocal cords, as they did to her tongue, rendering her totally mute. And she wanted to have at least some freedom of will, if she’s going to be their plaything. But it was only a beginning. The alien with a silver fur and some of the greys were now tracing the veins and nerves of the 3D model. After a while they finally focused their attention on the brain and the Silver dispatched some greys to do something to Emily again. This time they crowded around her bedhead, if such term can be used, and started prodding the cushion she lay upon with their long fingers. Long black slimy things rose from it around her head and with slurping sounds attached themselves first to Emily’s forehead, then to the rest of her head. Some clung to her spine as well. For a moment the girl felt slight dizziness, all her body seemed to momentarily relax. It was almost as if she completely lost all control over her own body for a fleeting moment. And then something strange happened. Her dough-like cushion suddenly shuddered and writhed, almost as if in pain, immense clicking broke out all around, grey-furred aliens rushed towards Emily’s bed, gathering somewhere around her midriff area… It was only moments later, that she realized she let go of her bladder and was actually peeing, right there, lying naked in front of all these alien creatures! “They must have done something to my nervous system, these long black things on my head!” she thought frantically, trying desperately to stop the powerful flow of pee. At last she succeeded. Her bladder did feel somewhat less full, but it certainly was far from being empty. So it wasn’t for long that she lost control, then… This didn’t change anything, though. She hadn’t had accidents since childhood and it was extremely humiliating to have one in general, not to mention doing it in front of so many… err… creatures. But it appeared, that the source of commotion was not her immature act – it seemed, that her accident has somehow damaged the cushion she lay on, as it was now very hot and shaking violently, like an animal in fever. Emily could not see, what was going on there, but the aliens certainly were severely shocked at what had happened. While the small mob was continuing to click and clatter around her, three grey aliens busied themselves with the black “worms” clinging to the girl’s head, unceremoniously ripping them off, although without causing Emily much discomfort. After finishing that, they shooed others away and lifted Emily off the still hot and shuddering cushion, which has released the girl’s arms and legs now. Frightened, but still very much interested in the occurring events, Emily twisted her head so she could see what was happening underneath her, as grey-haired aliens held her over the cushion. As she watched, she saw it shrink in size and slowly retract, as if deflating, into the floor. The girl couldn’t help noticing a darker stain, almost a burn, where her pee must have leaked. Almost as soon as the cushion disappeared, another one sprouted from the same place. This one was light blue in color, but was otherwise, as Emily found out after being lowered on her new “bed”, exactly the same as the first one. The moment alien hands holding Emily let go of her, she blue cushion secured her arms and legs the same way as before. Again someone started prodding the dough near the girl’s head and the same black long leech-like tubes rose from the depth of the “bed”. But this time they didn’t immediately attach themselves to her head. All the aliens seemed to be waiting for something as well. Quite soon, there came an alien, holding a bubble of jelly in its hands. The bubble was passed to the Silver, who stayed beside Emily all this time. The Silver, then, walked towards the girl’s bed and, carefully consulting the 3D hologram model of her body, placed something cold and slimy he produced from inside the bubble onto either side of Emily’s lower belly. Despite anxiety and fear, Emily could do nothing. She tried feeling her body, but couldn’t feel anything special, except fast breathing and frantic heartbeats. Then the Silver made a series of sharp clicks and… “Aaaeeeeeiiiieeeeh!..” screamed Emily. An excruciating pain shot through the girl’s body – it was a miracle she managed to stay conscious at that moment – the could feel something under those two slimy objects burrowing deep inside her lower abdomen, causing terrible pain with each passing second. “What are they doing?! What are they going to do to me?!” she kept thinking through painful waves, spreading all over her, almost swallowing her whole… Suddenly, the pain stopped. Not like when they had her silenced, with a numbing coolness (which she could still feel on her tongue), but was simply gone as suddenly as it started. Instead she felt two tiny electric-like stings somewhere deep inside herself, in the vicinity of the bladder. The girl strained to look at the model hologram and saw, that there were two fine tree-like structures embedded into her now, both starting from the surface of her skin, both entangling themselves around her still very full bladder. “Are they going to numb my bladder too?” she thought. “But what for? I’m no expert, but wouldn’t that just repeat what happened before?” Oh, you’ve never been so wrong yet, child. The Silver, who did all that now tapped the two tiny blueish bulbs on Emily’s lower belly. At first nothing happened. And then… Then came a shock, both electrical and otherwise, as Emily’s bladder shuddered momentarily, painfully contracting, but unable to empty because of yet even more powerfully contracted sphincters, stimulated by a rush of low-voltage but strong and steady electric current. Numbing her bladder wasn’t the alien’s plan, no. They, for a reason known to them only, meant to prevent her from releasing her hold on it. No matter how she tried, no matter how she strained, she could not let go and only brought more pain onto herself. And so she knew, that she’ll be forced to hold it until the now-constant electric buzzing in her bladder sphincters stopped or until she died being unable to pee in this strange place filled with strange creatures. Chapter 5 The creatures, however, were once again busy at work. For the second time Emily felt her body (well, most part of it) relax for a moment, as leech-tubes connected to her head and spine. Several silver and white haired aliens walked forward and pulled, from within the blue “bed” identical leech-tubes, attaching them to their own heads. And then it started – images flashed before Emily’s eyes. Images of places she’s been to, of things she’s done, of people she’s met. Familiar smells filled her nostrils and with her numb, unfeeling mouth she could even taste, although very lightly, the tastes she remembered so well… “They must be watching my memories of Earth” Emily thought. This was indeed so. However, the hairy aliens did not seem interested in technology or armaments of her home planet – these memories flashed by barely letting the girl realize what she was remembering. Others, though, lingered long and strong. They all depicted some information of the work of human body. Memories of visiting a restroom, an anatomy lesson back at school, sex education lessons (to which the aliens seemed to pay close attention), the first time Emily touched herself and the feelings and emotions of the climax flooding her again, overwhelming, threatening to knock her out… The girl did not know how long this weird cinema went on – after a while she lost track of things and just lay there, like a broken doll. She came to her senses, when they, once more, started removing the leech-tubes from her head. Other aliens busied themselves with the girl’s 3D model, that was still floating above her. They were excitedly chattering, jabbing their fingers at the model and at her own body. She did not yet know, what they have prepared for her, but she was sure it would not be pleasant. And she was right in this one. *** There came black-furred aliens, bearing variously colored bubbles, which they placed beside Emily upon her cushion. The bubbles immediately got absorbed into the cushion, the girl could feel something brewing inside it. She braced, preparing for more pain, but instead there came something, which Emily did not anticipate. Tubes of different colors rose out of her cushion and attached themselves to her body. Thinner tubes pinned themselves all over her skin, others, that were thicker and darker in color… Oh, god!.. One fell upon her mouth and squirming like a living worm, forced it’s way deep down Emily’s throat. She’d have choked if she could, but somehow, this was impossible. The tube came to rest somewhere in her gullet, leaving the trachea untouched and free, thankfully. “At least they seem to realize how my body works”, she thought. “Maybe our anatomy is not that… Oh!” – Emily’s thoughts were interrupted as something soft and slimy made it’s way into her private parts. “Are they going to?… Don’t tell me this is going to be my first!…” – she screamed inside her head, but before she could finish her though, the thing stopped moving somewhere just before Emily’s hymen. Another shock, as a similarly slimy worm made its way into the girl’s backside entrance. This time, though, it went much, much further and she watched in awe as it’s outline moved through her intestines on the 3D model, feeling, at the same time the same strong, muscular movements deep within her own body. The “worm”, or whatever it was, quickly came to a stop and went slowly sliding backwards, until only a small part of it remained within Emily’s bottom. The aliens watched all this intently and as all tubes stopped moving, started pushing at Emily’s “bed”. And soon she found out why. The first to move again was the tube in Emily’s rear – the girl’s eyes widened as some frothing substance was pushed, with pressure, into her. Within seconds her belly expanded incredibly, hurting like it was about to burst, but the flow went on. She could swear it passed all through the intestines, surged into her stomach and was now steadily flowing into her gullet, where another tube was lodged. Suddenly the flow stopped, but instead, the throat tube pulsed once and released a torrent of what seemed to be air, pushing all the liquid from Emily’s insides outward. It was a unique feeling and although, thanks to the worm-tube in her bottom, did not feel much of what was coming out, the sensation of frothing solution rushing out of her intestines was so intense, that the girl was lost in feeling and pleasure and shamefully climaxed right there, curving her body, making small sounds (that were the best she was capable of at that moment). This produced another commotion among the aliens. As soon as the air torrent within Emily stopped, they rushed towards her bed and started pushing at it again. This time the tube, connecting to Emily’s private parts twitched and she could feel some kind of gel flowing slowly inside her. There was no pressure, no pain – just a very familiar cool sensation, similar to that, which enveloped her tongue. The gel flowed into the girl’s uterus, filling it up, numbing it, removing all feeling. The final sensation was that of a tube withdrawing and then all the perception down there was gone. “Why are they doing this?”, Emily wondered with strange calmness. “Have they found her climax dangerous somehow? Have they, perhaps, felt all the same she had felt, remembering her first session with herself and decided it was not good?” She could only guess. But the work continued. This time the tube in Emily’s throat pulsed and a cascade of some liquid mush flowed right down into her stomach. It did not last long, but long enough to make her feel uncomfortably full, after which the tube thinned and withdrew. At the same time the girl felt someone working about her anus and, straining, saw the Silver from before, who seemed to be running his fingers about her anal sphincter. But then, for the third time now, pain shocked the girl as something bit into the sensitive skin right at the sphincter. This was too much for poor Emily as she fainted and did not know, what was done to her until several hours later, when she woke up back in her original cell… Chapter 6 Waking up was a pain. Literally. Emily woke with a start because of a twinge in her bladder and realized, that it was still very full, spasming and buzzing with electric current. The next thing she realized was that she was being lowered onto the soft mossy floor. As a restricting belt fell off, freeing her limbs and eyes, the girl saw two grey aliens beside her. One was holding a large wad of some soft-looking plants. Both creatures seemed completely uninterested in Emily. One walked over to a wall on her left side and started tapping it with some rhythm. The other stayed where he was, almost absolutely motionless. Emily used the chance to find out, what they did to her, while she was out and check on her already known installments. First, she tried to speak and failed. Touching her limp tongue with her fingers revealed there was a slight, metal-cold swelling in the center of her tongue, fused perfectly with her own flesh. Next Emily moved her hands down and found, by touch, two similar swellings on her lower belly. Carefully pressing on them left her with a strange sensation of springs moving around her bladder. But no pain came. Then the girl cautiously, glancing at both aliens, slid her hand between her thighs… and froze with shock. There was nothing there. Not only were her pubic hair gone, but her private parts also seemed displaced! She could not feel anything, no matter how she rubbed or scratched, neither on the inside, nor on the outside. A more careful, scrupulous search showed, however, that this was not entirely true – they were just covered with a layer of soft, but springy, almost rubber material, clinging so strongly to her skin, that it was almost impossible to discern it from the skin. A tiny hole was present in the material. This somewhat reassured Emily, because that meant the aliens knew she had to relieve her bladder in order to function. And so she shifted her attention to her backside entrance. With slight fear, she probed around her sphincter, but could not find anything out of ordinary. Except that it felt a bit swelled up. She tried clenching or unclenching it, but nothing happened. Her own muscles did move, she could feel that, but the sphincter stayed stone-shut. “What have they done to me? Why?!” thought Emily desperately as she placed her hands on her chest. And jerked them away with fright – her breasts, young, plump sensitive breasts had no feeling to them at all! They seemed to be compressed down to her body and lacked absolutely any sensation! She looked down and saw a sky-colored tint to them and a latex-like glint. Whatever covered her breasts seemed like a strong, compressing film, that contoured Emily’s curves perfectly and, at the same time prevented her from feeling anything in that region. She desperately tried to determine, what else had been done to her, but could not find anything. Meanwhile, the alien finished tapping on the wall and clicked something to the other one, who was holding a grass wad. Immediately, the wad was thrown over Emily’s lower abdomen. She thought it was to cover her up, but, as if following the aliens’ clicky instructions, the wad wound itself tightly, enveloping Emily’s nether region and tummy up to her navel. The aliens left immediately after. The girl lay for some time, motionless, then moved her hand down, to touch her new installment. It was soft, softer yet on the inside (where she could not get here hand, as the grasses or whatever it was stuck tightly to her skin). It resembled high-waist underwear on Earth, only was much, much thicker, making it impossible for Emily to properly close her legs. It was almost as if a… a diaper, remembered she the proper word. Why would she need it, though? Aren’t they restricting her ability to relieve herself? The answer came shortly after – suddenly the electric buzzing around her bladder stopped and Emily realized she could now control bladder function. She had to go, desperately and she was able to do it now. But why a diaper? Why not just let her use a toilet or something? The girl decided to leave these questions for later and struggled clumsily to her feet, hindered by her thick garment. “It would make walking a challenge”, she thought. Next she tried peeing, but nothing happened. It was much harder to release into her “clothes” than in a proper toilet, she realized. It took her several minutes before Emily finally succeeded in relaxing enough to start the flow, but… The odds were clearly against her. As soon as a few drops of pee escaped her bladder, a slight electric shock shook her body and her bladder was once again locked in a frustrating buzzing sensation, still bursting with pee… *** Intermediate Epilogue Over the next passing days Emily, through trial and error, learned the ropes of life in her cell. The main problem for her was peeing. The devices, paralyzing her bladder, seemed to turn off at random times for random intervals of time. It could be off several times for just a few seconds over a span of a minute or could stay off up to a half an hour. At first Emily found it difficult to adapt to the whims of the strange devices, but as time went, it became more and more normal for her to let go whenever the electric shocking stopped. She learned to do it in almost any position, but waking up was still a pain – in the “morning” Emily’s bladder was full and sore and she usually had to wait for quite a long time, before the devices would let her relieve herself. Doing it in her “diaper” was not very pleasant at first, but soon she found the feeling of warmth spreading all over its inside part, thirsty, inflating as it absorbed the pee, rather soothing and relaxing. Then there was also a matter of going number two. The girl though, that whatever sealed her anal sphincter would release its hold similarly to the two bladder electrocuters and dreaded such moment, but she was wrong. Only by accident she found out how the thing worked. A platform, on which one could sit protruded out of one wall, connected to the floor. Once Emily, tired of lying down or walking about, sat down on that platform and was surprised, when her arms and legs were bound with straps of living muscles so that she couldn’t move. Her “diaper”, normally a sealed bundle, fell apart, returning to an original state of a wad of grass. It then retracted into the seat beneath her, but instead of being wrapped up into another grass bundle, as Emily expected by that time, she felt a familiar tube penetrate her now loosened rear sphincter. At the same time another equally familiar tube descended from the ceiling and shot into the girl’s mouth, stopping, as before, somewhere in the middle of her gullet. She thought she’d be filled up with something, like last time, and was quite right. But before it happened, a familiar cool, numbing sensation passed from the rear tube into the depth of Emily’s intestines, blacking out anything she might have felt. Then she saw her tummy distend before her eyes, contract once again, the only feeling being the almost bursting skin on her belly, and a flow of mush started from her mouth tube, again, directly into her stomach. The same uncomfortable fullness followed, after which both tubes retracted and the alien grasses, once again, bound themselves tightly, seamlessly, around her, forming a new “diaper”. That way Emily, at once, found out the way they were going to feed her, dispose of her solid (or maybe not so solid, considering what she’s been fed with) waste and to change her “diapers”. She decided not to do it too often though, because all she had to go through was rather unpleasant. A nice surprise, for a change, was that the numbing sensation of her intestines wore off after a short amount of time. That way Emily lived for a while in her solitary cell, mostly sleeping, rarely doing gymnastics to keep herself at least a bit fit. she could not say, how much time passed since her initial capture, but she knew, than no one has yet realized, that something has gone wrong neither on Earth nor on the receiving planet. so she could only wait.
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    Positions is really hard for me to determine. I have pooped in just about every position possible. I have done it walking my dog, out shopping. sitting in the park laying out on the grass during a picnic. I have done it riding a bike. I highly recommend the bike riding for those that are into it for the sexual reasons. I have done it leaning on a shopping cart while out in the market. One of my favorites is laying on my belly reading a book in bed and spreading my legs and letting it just fill my diaper and give a few squirts of pee to get the diaper a little mushy so I can get that tingling feeling in my belly. There are so many ways to really enjoy pooping. Just try all different ways and see which one makes you feel the best. Believe me it is so much fun doing the learning process. Enjoy it and poop to your hearts content.
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    I have too many fantasies to write them all down here, but I will share some of my main fantasies that I often replay. I fantasize about having two adult babies nurse on me at the same time. Recently, I was able to experience this with two of my play partners. I fantasize about taking care of two adult babies at the same time. For instance, changing one's diaper while the other watched. Spanking both of them and putting them in the corner. Taking turns feeding each of them while they are both strapped in highchairs. Bathing two adult babies together in a bathtub. Potty training both at the same time. I fantasize about meeting an adult baby and taking them home with me. Once they were at my place I would treat them like a baby and keep them on a baby schedule. If they protested, Mommy would punish them. They would have to nurse on me every two-three hours and wear diapers all of the time.
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    Hey guys! Sorry for the hiatus. I'll be popping in here or there to try to post chapters. I hope you all enjoy this new installment and I will be reading your feedback as always.☺️ Chapter 18 Saul turned on the stove, placing his pot of water over it. He looked around his house, making sure it was neat and tidy for his guests. He turned on the bathroom light, looking at himself in the mirror and fixing his grey and black hair. Saul was, undeniably, eager to see Hayden for the first time since he captured her. He had many dreams of him with her… some that were a bit outside of his normal behaviors towards a little. He tried not to think of those and focus as often as he could. Saul wanted her as his little, and, admittedly, he was jealous ever since he found out his brother Chase had Hayden. He couldn’t believe that she was Chase’s little… but most of all, he couldn’t believe his own brother was helping the Rebels. It was jaw-dropping and he was disappointed in his youngest brother and, most of all, Hayden. It wasn’t shocking to him that Carey was part of it. He had heard certain comments at family gatherings and always had a questionable head turn her way. He knew she was different ever since they had married. The doorbell rang and he flicked off the bathroom light. He walked over to the large double doors of his home, clearing his throat before opening the doors. Chase, Carey and Hayden stood there, an awkward and nervous tension between them. “Is it too late to ask for vodka in my sippy cup?” Hayden asked in a whisper besides them. Carey nudged Hayden to shut up as they saw Saul approaching the window. It was honestly a guess to who was the most nervous between them. They had hardly spoke to eachother the whole ride to Saul’s house afterall. The door opened and Saul smiled, teeth showing as the three walked in. Hayden almost tripping inside as her purple Velcro shoe began slipping off. She blushed as she fell into Chase’s back as Saul said, “Hey little brother! How’ve you been?!” Chase grabbed Saul’s hand as his oldest brother pulled him in for a hug. Saul saw Hayden trip, but decided not to emphasize the incident considering he was trying to play it cool. He did take note, however, how his brother didn’t even budge as he noticed his ‘daughter’ falling on him. Hm, little neglect, Saul thought. Saul gave Carey a hug and Carey was awkward from his sudden friendliness. She had never seen Saul so happy to talk to them, considering Chase was probably his least communicative brother. They hardly ever talked at parties and Carey was apprehensive to this new person that took on Saul oh so suddenly. After Saul greeted his brother and Carey, Saul’s gaze went down at the little girl with her front hair braided back and a pastel satin bow on the back. He smiled, eyes melting at the cute sight. Very malicious and sneaky, but oh socute and almost asking for cuddles by her eyes alone. So innocent looking, yet so dangerous, Saul thought. Hayden looked to the ground, as Saul closed the door behind them. She felt gravity flip the switch as she went into the air. Her pacifier flew out of her mouth as she was shocked by the sudden lift off the ground. “Ahh, you thought you wouldn’t get special attention once you walked in, huh?” He turned her around in his arms, placing Hayden on his hip and bouncing her as Hayden’s shy green eyes met his awaiting ones only a few inches away from her face. Her mouth was agape as she was suddenly flustered, not knowing what to do, how to act. He kissed her hair as Carey spoke, “This is your new place?” She asked, looking at the high ceilings and generously furnished living room near the kitchen. “Yeah. I have been home a bit more recently so I thought it was time to finally move in. Maybe start my own family.” Saul’s eyes rested on Hayden’s as hid hand held her bottom on his hip. He felt the soft padding and crinkle that sounded when he bounced her. Oh, how he loved making that noise apparent. Hayden blushed, trying not to think about Saul’s hand on her diaper as she looked to the house itself. A beautiful glass diamond chandelier in the dining room hung above a large mahogany wood dining table. The carpets did look new, like Saul warned Chase, and there was a large couch setup that laid underneath the upstairs balcony that looked down to the living room arrangement. A red brick fireplace was on the front area of the living room that the couches sat in front of. Huge windows were near the fireplace that had grey curtains hanging on them. Chase grabbed the pacifier on the floor, “It’s beautiful Saul. Work must be treating you well.” Hayden could feel a rumble from Saul as he spoke, “Mhm.” He handed Hayden off to Chase, realizing he was holding her for far too long, “I keep telling you I can get you a job with the Hunters, financial stability and plenty of benefits, brother, but you never believe me.” He walked over to the kitchen as Chase placed Hayden back on her feet, helping her out of her own shoes. Chase took her light purple puffy coat off and hung it on the coat hanger. Saul was trying to act nonchalant with Hayden…as much as he wanted to give her a punishment to her rear end as soon as possible. He wanted to give her that attention she needed that he knew his little brother wasn’t giving, but that time would come eventually. Saul would make sure of it. He shook the linguine noodles in the water, turning on his microwave’s timer. Carey walked into the kitchen, setting her wine on the island counter. “Here’s a little heart-warming gift.” She smiled, meeting Saul’s eyes. Saul had a half smile, eyes studying Carey’s for a moment, “Thank you, but I’m not really a wine drinker.” Carey pulled out beer from under her pea coat, “And that’s why I brought beer!” Saul chuckled, surprised at the sudden gesture from her. He didn’t speak to Carey much, and it was quite nice of her. “Wow, you two really thought this one through.” He said, peeling the tails off shrimp in a bowl, “Does Hayden like nuggets?” Saul looked up at Chase as he walked over to the barstool at the island counter, taking a seat. Carey walked over to the coat hanger, placing her coat over Hayden’s. Hayden stood awkwardly near Chase, not knowing what to do. Saul’s eyes glanced to Hayden who had her pacifier back in her mouth. She was dressed charmingly, with a onesie top that was a soft pastel pink and a tiny satin ruffle skirt that matched her bow in her hair. Very innocent, almost angelic, looking, but not fooling Saul in the slightest. If she were Saul’s little, he’d make sure her diaper was on full display, whether that’d be under a onesie or in a mini-skirt. She was too cute not to dress accordingly. “Those are Hayden’s second favorite.” Carey said across the room. Saul smiled, genuinely, “What’s her first?” His mind mused… were they lying to him or were they telling the truth? He couldn’t tell. “Mac and cheese.” Both Chase and Carey said at the same time. Saul rose his eyebrows as he looked in his freezer… he was good at catching lies but this didn’t seem like one to Saul. Did theyreallybaby Hayden? Or was this all an act? If they were harboring an illegal Rebel, then they were as guilty as Hayden. Saul had so many questions and his investigation had only just begun! Saul closed the freezer, knowing he had a box of macaroni and cheese in his cabinet. They all laughed as Hayden blushed crimson as she shifted while she stood there, feeling the thick padding between her nervous legs. Carey brought crayons and Hayden’s coloring book over to the table. “Color babygirl. Look!” She sat at the table as Hayden timidly sat down, shoulders tense, “There are mermaids in this one!” Carey pointed at the mermaids and mythical creatures in the book as Hayden sucked on the pacifier between her lips. Hayden focused on coloring as Saul went to cooking and small talked with Chase as they drank beer. Carey opened the wine and poured herself a glass. The only person who needed a drink more than all of them was Hayden… and she would not be getting that. Hayden almost jumped when Saul placed a sippy cup full of apple juice in front of Hayden. “Oh, you didn’t have to go out and buy that! We brought our own.” Carey said in surprise. When did Saul get sippy cups? So out of character to Chase and Carey. “I got them just in case. I’ve never had a baby here so I thought I’d be prepared.” He said, his words making Hayden’s tummy tickle. Ugh, why, Hayden thought. Why was it when Saul babied her, or said certain words, she felt a tickle in her tummy? Not the Grandmothers, Chase or Carey had ever made her feel that type of way. When the words ‘baby’ or ‘diaper’ came from his deeper, husky voice, it made Hayden feel smaller and more babyish, but also added a thrill factor she couldn’t explain. What was it about him that made her that way. “What do you say Hayden?” Chase said, sternly from his barstool chair. “Thwank you.” She said behind her pacifier, not looking up. Saul stood there, looking down, seeing how tense Hayden was as she paused in her coloring. She was scared, that was certain from her body language. Saul was good at reading that, very good in fact. Saul went back to his cooking as he said, “I approve of her outfit. Super cute.” He said, squeezing lemon juice over the sizzling shrimp in the pan, mind musing over Hayden. Chase spoke, “I’ll take the credit. Thank you.” Carey laughed and playfully punched Chase as Saul turned around to the couple, “Shut up. That was my outfit I chose for her.” Hayden colored, listening to them talk as if she weren’t there. Wrong, it was mine!She thought as she didn’t say a word. It was okay, she’d let them take the credit considering she wouldn’t have said thank you anyways. Carey cleaned up the table, insisting to help Saul with setting the silverware down. She placed a large purple bib on Hayden and helped set the plates down as Chase sat near Hayden. Hayden flinched as Saul set down a bowl of macaroni and cheese in front of Hayden. Saul smiled, her slight movement confirming how nervous she was. Oh, how he lived for moments like these. She hadn’t changed a bit, had she?He thought to himself. Saul made sure to sit at the head of the table, right next to Hayden. Carey sat across from Hayden as they all ate silently for a few moments, no conversation flowing. Hayden sat there staring at her macaroni, wondering if she’d at least get a baby spoon. She looked across the table to Carey with a look in her eyes. Saul caught the look, one that confirmed that she was not, in fact, properly babied at her current household. He went back to his food, acting as if he didn’t notice. Carey blinked at Hayden, then to Saul, “This is incredible. Did you ever take a cooking class or something?” She asked, honestly taken aback by the immaculately cooked garlic shrimp linguine. Hayden sat there, looking at there food as her mouth watered, wishing she were an 'adult' to have their food instead of mac and cheese. As good as mac and cheese was to Hayden, she still would have loved to eat shrimp linguine with wine instead. Chase shook his head, “Nope, he was always the cook in the family. Always the one to craft the finest cuisine for the rest of us. We probably would have lived off of frozen dinners if not for Saul.” Saul smiled, eyes glancing to Hayden who already had cheese on her cheeks. His eyes melted watching her calculate how to eat macaroni with her fingers. Adorable to no end, wasn’t she? He could watch her for hours and still be surprised. Carey caught Saul’s adoring look to her little. Hayden wasn’t kidding, huh? She thought, taking a drink of wine. She looked to Chase who was clearly oblivious to Saul’s look at Hayden. Of course, classic Chase who would have been blind without Carey being his eyes. “Pinot Grigio, interesting choice.” Saul said, taking a sip of his beer. Carey thought this ‘new’ Saul had emerged… yet he made a statement that sounded like another pressing question. “Yes, my favorite from the Mundane Realm.” “Mm, how often do you two visit?” Saul slid into the question easily. Hayden focused on her noodles that kept slipping out of her fingers, one onto her dress by his question. “Oh my, not your pretty skirt!” Carey said across the table. Hayden blushed, going to grab the noodle. Her wrist was grabbed quickly as she looked up to Saul’s light grey eyes. “Ah, ah, baby.” He stood, pulling her to stand up as the noodle fell on the ground but cheese residue was still on her skirt, “You’ll make more of a mess, little one.” “I can do that, Saul.” Carey said, standing. “No, no, I got it. I don’t mind.” He said, dipping his napkin in his water and dabbing it on Hayden’s skirt and pulling it down, “May I?” His head turned to Chase. Chase was a bit perturbed by the scene, in which he knew his brother was asserting his dominance to Hayden quite quickly, “Yea, that’s actually what I was going to do.” “Mhm, sure you were.” Saul said, the words coming out of his mouth too quickly. Chase cocked his head to the side as Saul helped Hayden out of her skirt, his fingertips brushing her soft legs, “What is that supposed to mean?” Saul made sure Hayden was back in her seat before he sat down. Hayden felt a cool air on her legs as she sat there, her diaper obviously protruding from her onesie that had snaps at the crotch. “When did your heart change to adopt a little, brother?” Saul asked, sipping his beer with an unwavering look in his eye. Chase looked at a loss for words as Carey spoke up, “We’ve been trying to have a baby… a real one, and I’m… infertile.” Carey looked to be blinking back tears. Wow, what a good show they were putting on, Saul thought. “And since we couldn’t Carey convinced me into us adopting a little.” Chase picked up where Carey’s awkward silence left off. Saul nodded, knowing they were lying through their teeth, “Mm, now it makes sense.” He could tell easily that this was all a cover-up. All of his questions were being confirmed and they were answering his internal questions like they wanted him to know at this point. Hayden licked her lips as she picked up her sippy cup, drinking it. “I’m surprised you two got this little.” Saul said, watching the sippy cup drop from Hayden’s hands. Hayden’s face blushed in embarrassment as it fell and Saul’s finger looped under a side of the sippy cup, grabbing it before it toppled to the ground, “Maybe she needs to be fed her food.” He said in a statement as Hayden’s eyes met his. A flicker of annoyance darted across her face, then a blank look followed. Yep, I saw that look little girl, Saul thought. If she were his, she’d be over his lap by now. His finger tapped his leg and Saul resisted the sudden urge. “She is a very messy girl.” Carey’s hands clasped together as she looked at Hayden with a smile. She was a cute little to look at. Hayden wanted to reach across the table and playfully threaten Carey with her cheesy hands… but she resisted. They were in close scrutiny with Saul and he was asking very intrusive questions about the family. Saul took everyone’s plates and came back with a warm washcloth, wiping Hayden’s cheeks, hands and sippy cup. “You’ve been so much help, thank you, Saul.” Carey said as Chase went over to the living room. “My pleasure. I thought the least I could do is take your little off of your two’s hands for a night.” He paused, standing up, “If you ever need a babysitter, just know I’m always here. No payment necessary.” Hayden blinked in panic… did he just offer a babysitting service for free? “We may take you up on that offer. Hayden is a bit of a handful at times and we could use a good date night.” Carey said as she looked at Hayden’s worried eyes and then up to Saul’s genuine ones. Again, she was so surprised how helpful he was being. “Did you two want to have one tonight?” He cocked his head, looking over to his brother on the couch. Chase’s eyebrows went up by the sudden offer. It was true that him and Carey hadn’t had a date night in some time from their constant work… “No, we couldn’t.” Carey said with a humbling smile. “I insist, giving you guys a night off would be nice, wouldn’t it?” Saul pressed, he wanted to see if his brother was still as much of a pushover as when they were younger. Maybe Saul could get a little taste of what he oh so wanted that night. Chase said, “You can have her!” He was slightly joking in his buzzed state as he watched lacrosse on the television. After the few times Hayden had snapped at him, he thought it was only fair. Oh fuck no! Hayden stared at Carey for help. She stood, nuzzling her head into Carey and hugging her ‘mommy’. Saul looked to Carey with his eyebrows raised, knowing she wore the pants in the relationship. Carey said, “Maybe not tonight, she’s a bit shy and it takes her a second to warm up.” Saul knew that wasn’t the truth with Hayden. It was a cover, a good one at that. He smiled, “Maybe some other night she can be with Uncle Saul.” The word uncle he oh so badly wanted to replace with ‘Daddy’. He swallowed it back, glancing to Chase who didn’t know what a treat he had being able to take care of such a precious, yet bratty, little. Carey smiled, “We can arrange something maybe when Mommy and Daddy go on a business trip next.” She smiled down to Hayden who was digging her nails into Carey’s waist. Carey kept composure as she wanted to grimace at the pain. She was understanding the hint that Hayden was attempting to send, but this was notthe time. Carey had to play into Saul’s game a bit, because she knew he obviously was on a mission to spend some time with Hayden alone. Carey could easily tell from his studying looks he was giving Hayden. Carey pulled Hayden’s arms away and grabbed her wine glass, walking over to the island counter as Hayden was about to sit at the table. “Where do you think you’re going?” Hayden heard Saul above her as he picked her up. Her legs dangled on his hip as his hand was holding her diapered bottom and he bounced her in his arms. Carey met Hayden’s wide eyes as Carey winked at Hayden and walked to the living room. Hayden blinked, shifting her composure so it wasn’t so easily readable. It was too late, because Saul had caught her wide eyes as he smiled. He knew that this little was scared, that was painted across her face. He loved her nervousness because it made it a mental game, one he seeked to play. It was the reason he wanted to adopt Hayden in the first place, after all. Hayden bit her lip as she met his light grey eyes. Saul’s eyes looked at her lips for a moment, then back to her green eyes with a smile. He brought her over to the sectional couch, depositing her on the opposite corner of Chase and Carey as he lunged over the little. “Someone seems grumpy, aren’t we? Hm?” His hand tickling her side in an instant, “Where’s the happy baby? Is she here?” He asked. Hayden grumbled, almost saying no as she felt his fingers dance on her sides and she began squirming. She began laughing as she said, “No! Pwease no!” She used her ‘baby’ voice. He ignored her, as she giggled uncontrollably as she squirmed and her sides and armpits were mercilessly tickled. She turned and was about to crawl towards Carey and she felt her legs grabbed and pulled over Saul’s lap. “Aha! Look we have here! Little feeties!” He said as he began tickling her lace sock covered feet. Her bladder was building as he tickled her feet and the back of her knees. She couldn’t hold her bladder as she began wetting. After a few minutes, the back of her neck was sweating from squirming and trying to get away. It became apparent that Saul was relentless. Saul stopped, pulling Hayden into his lap as he sat back on the couch. Chase began clapping as his favorite Elven lacrosse team scored, completely ignoring Saul tickling his little. “Someone needs a change.” Saul said, musing to himself as he patted Hayden’s diaper and she squirmed more. He was hoping she’d be wet after a good tickling and it seemed to do the trick. “Oh my! Already? I’ll change her.” Carey said, standing as she walked over to the diaper bag on the ground in the entry way. “I can change her, I don’t mind.” He said, setting Hayden down on the long part of the couch. “Oh no, you’ve helped us with her enough! We couldn’t-” “No, I insist. I need to keep up my diaper changing skills, after all. It’s rare I change little’s diapers as of lately.” Saul said, as Carey set a bottle of powder, wipes, a changing mat, and a diaper on the couch. Hayden blushed red, although her face was already flushed, as she squirmed, hoping that Carey was going to change her. “I must admit, this is kind of nice having someone else take care of Hayden for the night. For once, I’m not on diaper duty!” Carey said, beaming a smile to Saul as she sat back down. Saul chuckled, “I’m sure. Considering Hayden must wet quite often.” Hayden bit her lip as she shifted, wanting to talk back so badly. She raised her hips automatically as he placed the pastel pink butterfly changing mat underneath Hayden’s bottom. He removed the tapes of the diaper, taking a wipe. She looked at the ceiling, trying to not react to the cool wipes on her parts. Hayden wished she had a pacifier or something that could cover part of her face during the awkward diaper change. She jumped when she felt him tap underneath her thigh, “Legs up, little one.” His voice was firm, commanding. Hayden raised her legs after hesitation and he held her legs, taking his time as he wiped her bottom. As he threw the wipes in the diaper and rolled it up, placing the diaper to the side, Hayden lowered her legs. Saul swatted her bottom and she squealed, “Ah, ah, keep your legs up.” His eyebrows were raised at her and she blinked in response, attempting her very best not to hiss back at him. Hayden bit her lip, the quick swat leaving a sting on her bottom. He opened the diaper, stretching it out as he slid it under her and began shaking the powder bottle, but no powder came out. Saul said, twisting the cap and removing the new bottle’s seal, “New bottle, huh?” He cocked his head to Chase and Carey, eyes all-knowing. “Yeah, we just went to the store this morning.” Carey smiled, adding a bit of her country sweetness into her sentence. Or you just never diaper Hayden yourselves, Saul thought, almost speaking the words. His mind checked all of the boxes of his suspicions. Hayden wasn’t trained anymore. She wasn’t the ‘baby’; she was being treated like an adult at home. That was blatantly obvious to Saul. There was an awkward silence as Saul generously powdered Hayden’s bottom and taped the diaper on her. He snapped the crotch of her onsie, hands gliding over her leak guards. Saul picked Hayden up, standing with her in his arms, “After I put Hayden down for a nap, I think it’s appropriate we have an adult conversation, hm?” Chase and Carey turned their heads to Saul in confusion, not saying a word. Carey was, for the first time, speechless on what to say or do. Saul was placing a foot down and was acting as if he was Hayden's Elder, not theirs, in a blink of the eye. She was taken aback, not knowing what to do. Saul set Hayden down on his bed, grabbing his fuzzy dark coco blanket and wrapping Hayden in it. Hayden’s cheeks were still flushed and she wasn’t tired, at all. She wanted to be part of this conversation because the mood shifted entirely. What were they about to talk about that she couldn’t be a part of? Millions of thoughts were running through her mind. She laid there, blinking up at Saul as he brushed her hair behind her ear, “Nap time, little one.” He flicked off the light in his room and closed the door softly. Hayden laid there, tense as she shifted feeling the fluffy diaper between her legs. She grumbled in the dark, smelling the forest scented cologne enveloped in Saul’s blankets and comforter. Hayden laid there for a few minutes, hardly hearing anything. She got up, pressing her ear to the door hearing only the sound of their voices, but not being able to hear their words clearly, only muffles of them. Hayden grumbled to herself as she gave up, crawling back into her spot on the bed realizing she couldn’t hear them at all from where she was. All she knew was that the tone was serious. Meanwhile, in the dining area, Chase spoke, taken aback, “No, we can’t. We won’t.” Saul crossed his arms, sitting back, “It doesn’t matter what you decide to do. I’m giving you a choice. You can take it or leave it but they will want her eventually. We will find her, whether that be in this realm or the Mundane one. I can assure of that.” Carey shook her head, “But, you can keep our secret. You can help us.” She clasped her hands on the table. Saul sighed, “Help you with what? Ending the immortality of the ancient Elders one by one?” Saul laughed loudly to himself, “Do you know the magnitude of the Rebels actions? Are you both completely blind? This is illegal, immoral. I will have no part in it and I’m giving you both a choice before you spend the rest of your lives in the confines of a prison cell.” Carey shook her head, “Is that what they tell you? That the Rebels are ‘ending immortality’. There is no evidence, no proof that this is all correlated to little’s leaving this realm.” Carey was fired up in the heat of the debate. If only Hayden were there, she would be right behind Carey. Saul squinted at Carey, talking slowly, “Edmond Meldon, recently deceased ancient Elder, born in the year 102, survived 1917 years before, just a week ago, a sudden heart attack in his mansion.” Saul paused, eyes looking from Chase to Carey, “That same day, Fawn Greene was taken from her home by a little Rebel.” Carey shook her head, “That’s only one circumstance that has a possible correlation. There are no scientific proof or logic backing these allegations.” “Caderyn Rhydarius, found in her garden from a sudden brain aneurysm the same day, around the same time Rebecca Stone was taken.” Saul’s face was serious as Chase squinted at the table, shaking his head, “Shall I continue?” A silence came upon the room as Carey and Chase sat there, suddenly quiet. He stood, going over to the fridge as he broke the silence, “Another beer, brother?” Chase shook his head, “No thank you, we’ll be leaving.” Chase stood. “Sit down. I’m your family for Elven sake and I’m looking out for you. Like always.” Saul said, taking a sip as he eyed his brother. Chase sat back down, tapping his long fingers on the table, “What’s the point of all of this? You reach out to me for the first time in years to what? Blackmail us!?” Chase said, his voice raising in anger. Saul smiled, crossing his arms as he pressed his back on the counter, “Oh, come on, have more faith in me than that little brother." He spoke, offended from his Chase's words, "I didn’t invite you here to blackmail you. I’m here to help you. I’m giving you options, simple.” Carey spoke, cutting off Chase from responding, “Fine. You’ve convinced me.” Her blue eyes met Saul’s, sadly. Chase looked at Carey, shocked. He shook his head, going quiet. Then, finally, he spoke, “Sure. Whatever Carey wants to do I’ll follow.”
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    First, I want to apologise to anyone who may have been waiting for the continuation of my first story, "A Space Trip Gone Wrong". Seriously, guys, I'm sorry. I'm just not in the mood to finish it. Instead, I started writing another one. It too has high chances to stay unfinished, but I'll at least try. Now this part I'm posting here is supposed to be something of an introduction. It's also an experiment, this part and this whole story. I write it in a way, that is most natural for me, trying to keep true to myself as much as I can. That's why I'm not sure other people will like it or even understand some of the things I hide between the words. But anyway, since it's and experiment, let it start! ___________ *********** I press an UP button on a controller. Across the lecture hall, separated from me by other students, carefully writing down the professor’s words, a girl tenses up. A few minutes later I press the same button again. A glance at the girl. She shuts her eyes for a moment. Her cheeks are rosy, I can see it from here. Some more time and one more level up. I hear her quickened breathing, feel her heart thumping with excitement. One more press of a button. How long can she resist, I wonder?.. Now, while the girl still braces herself, probably distracting her now reeling mind with the professor’s droning voice, I feel I owe you an explanation, my dear reader. I believe I know what you have been thinking all through the first paragraph, but let me assure you – it’s not what you think. Well, not exactly. Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Gerald. A usual student, not someone gifted with exceptional studying skills or good looks – that’s what you’d think should you meet me somewhere in your university. And would be just about right. However, what I look like does not matter for this story – just imagine some generic nerd and that should be enough. The girl, who is now desperately fighting against waves of various sensations, though, deserves special attention. She is what one may call a “queen”. Best grades at school, brilliant progress at the university, natural beauty with long, dark hair, and a perfect body that has already seduced an almost impossible number of both males and females alike. And yet… And yet when the two of us first met, she was alone. No boyfriend, no lasting friends… And so she asked me out. Just like that. You are probably wondering, how such thing can be and how can such a perfection as her fall for someone so average as myself. Well, here is the secret. A very dark secret, exposing which will most certainly make her cringe with shame. She is a pervert. Yes, just like that. And one of such scale, that those bold enough to try and start any relationship with her ran off in matter of days, not even having fully grasped the depth of her perversity. What must you be thinking of me, now that you’ve learned this terrible truth? Actually, I don’t care. Because whatever you think is not true. I have absolutely no interest in that side of hers and yet, I do what you’ve seen me do – press buttons and watch her slowly moving towards the edge. I hope, that as the story progresses, you will grasp the full meaning of this. For now however, let’s return to the lecture hall – the end is near. Just as professor, as usual, begins asking, if all was understood, I look at the girl yet another time. She’s slightly shaking all over and visibly straining to keep her tearful eyes from rolling into the back of her skull. All that while covering her mouth with her hands, mind you. Students around her wear different expressions. Uncertainty, concern, poorly hidden glee and even open resentment. Despite her half-conscious state, the girl, believe me, percieves this pretty well, and it only fuels her excitement, threatening to flood her with emotions… Knowing it won’t be long now before the floodgates (oops, did I say too much?) burst, I check if everything is ready. In this case things are simple – the door is where my trap should be set. And sure enough, invisible to most, a fine spider web of a spell glistens in the doorway. All set. The final “UP” and the peak is reached just as professor gathers his things and all sounds are drowned by the students scrambling to get up. I fight my way through the crowd across the lecture hall, turning the controller off as I move. There, a familiar scene – face down on the desktop, still shaking very slightly, saliva dripping from half-open lips, drawn in ecstatic smile. And the looks of shock, astonishment, mocking delight and outright anger, all turned towards me as I gently touch the girl’s shoulder. “Til? Are you all right? What happened?” – I feign innocence, unnecessarily. A feeble answer, barely a moan. I shoo the spectators away, most leaving with only a few glances over their shoulders. The angry look stays, though, boring through me out of a pair of dark, attentive eyes, clearly unconvinced by my more than plausible act. But in the end it leaves as well. It always does, that look. Only to give way to a look of discontent and slight embarresment. “How long are you two going to do this?” – asks Til’s friend, Irene. The only one to remember these things. “Don’t ask me” is my usual impassive answer. And she understand it, herself. The only other person except myself, who knows about Mathilda’s secret. The last of the students are leaving the lecture room, but Til is still in her fantasy world and shows no sign of returning. Irene wants to leave, too, but stays, nervously glancing at the door, postponing the moment of passing through my spider web. Well, only one thing to do, then. I put Mathilda’s things into her bag and hang it on my shoulder. Then stoop and pick Til up, making sure her skirt does not hang loose, thus hiding a thick and quite full absorbent undergarment Mathilda’s wearing. “I still don’t get it, how you can carry her like that” pronounces Irene her usual phrase, meaning, of course, my less than muscular build. “It’s all in the mind, Irene” I answer customarily with a smile, stepping through the doorway and we both know it is indeed so.
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    “You can watch TV while I get dinner ready,” mom said, and she led me down to the living room. I hadn’t noticed it before, but there was a playpen now there. She folded down one side, and I stepped in and sat down. This was getting silly. After an hour or so mom came and led me to the dining room. A high chair now occupied my seat at the table. I climbed up into it, and mom slid the tray in front of me. She set down a meal of steak and potatoes in front of my father and then set to feed me. She wrapped a bib around my neck and pulled over a plate of some goo. She picked some up with a spoon and pushed it towards my mouth. With reticence, I opened and took it. I’d rather have had the stake. Different colored goo was next. Finally, mom handed me a bottle of milk. After dinner, she wiped my face and returned me to the playpen. After a bit, I had to pee. I knew I didn’t have any choice. It took me a while to go, but I just stood holding the side of the pen and got it going. I felt the warmth spread across my crotch. I sat back down. I felt my crotch. I’d just peed myself, and the mere thought of that was scary, but I wasn’t too uncomfortable. I thought back to years ago when I’d wet my pants. It was cold and itchy and damp, and this was none of that. Mom came in and told me it was time for bed. She asked if I needed a change and I nodded. Up in my room, she got me undressed and proceeded to start changing my diaper. “I know this is going to be rough for you at first,” she said. “At first,” I said incredulously. “I don’t want to talk about it,” I snapped. “Now dear, we don’t have to talk about anything in particular, but we do need to talk. Diaper changing is supposed to be a social time,” she said while rubbing wipes on me. I just groaned. She continued to chatter through the diaper change and then brought out pajamas for me to wear. She held them out, and I stepped into them, and she zipped them up. They were full length and even had feet. She lowered the side rail, and I climbed in. She bade me a good night and shut off the lights and left. I tried to go to sleep and forget about this whole thing, but sleep wouldn’t come. I laid there trying to reconcile the whole thing. Yes, they had warned me about my behavior, but this wasn’t fair. This was crazy. I got angry. That lasted a good long time while I thought about what to do about it and when I couldn’t figure out a course of action, I got sad. I started to cry. I caught myself. No, I was not going to cry like a baby. They could dress me like one, feed me like one, even make me wet my pants like one, but I would remain the teenager I was. Eventually, I must have fallen asleep because I woke up with a start not knowing where I was. My hands gripped the bars of the crib, and I remembered. So much for it being a dream. I had to pee. I didn’t have much choice. I got up to my knees and was able to get the flow going. Finished, I laid back down. I drifted off to sleep. The next time I awoke, it was light out, and Mom was lowering the side of the crib. “Do you need a change before breakfast?” I nodded. Again she prattled on about things while changing me. She got a short outfit me. All one piece with shorts and a top connected together. It sported a teddy bear. Just great. Breakfast was more mush and a bottle. Afterward, I said I needed to do some work on my computer and went upstairs. Entering my room, I turned on my computer. But I didn’t sit down at first. I explored my room a bit. I opened up my dresser. Yes, other than a few socks, there was nothing in there that I recognized. There were more of the long pajamas, onesies, and other clothes. I looked through the changing table. More of what I expected, diapers, plastic pants, butt paste, pins, and the like. I looked in the closet. There used to be my jeans hanging up and the pants I wore to church and some shirts. Now there was just a white suit. I looked carefully at it. It had shorts rather than long pants. Great. My new Sunday clothes I suspected. I fired up the computer. I had to find something about this. I googled “teen babies.” Mostly what I got was stories about teenage pregnancy. I tried “teen diapers.” The first hits were actually for diapers that would fit me. Then I found a bunch of stories about teens who like wearing diapers. I looked at a couple, and I guess everybody has their thing, but it certainly was not mine. I thought a second and added abuse. Most of what came up was pretty horrific. Kids practically being starved or locked in closets or basements. We weren’t quite there. Mom and Dad were extremely nice once you took away the whole baby thing. I kept changing search terms. I found a site for a thing called “second diapering.” This appeared to be a serious plan to keep teens in diapers to improve their behavior. I read through it. It seemed to just be diapers, none of the other baby stuff. The site showed pictures of kids playing in normal clothes. I did pick up one sobering tidbit from that. It said that kids get used to going in the diapers and may get some level of incontinence as a result. I shivered. It was one thing to have to wet my diaper; it was another to think I might get to the point where I’d have no choice but to wear it. Mom called up that lunch was ready and I went downstairs. She put me in the high chair and bib again but she pushed a plate of cut-up peanut butter and jelly sandwich squares in front of me, and I got to feed myself. That and a bottle was placed in front of me. I was tired of milk, but I was thirsty, so I sucked it down. After lunch was cleaned up, mom took me up for a diaper change. “You’ve not pooped yet,” she said. “I’ve not needed to,” I said. I had felt the urge, but I had suppressed it. The idea of doing it wasn’t pleasant. I decided to try something. “I did some checking on the Internet. It says if I keep having to use a diaper, I might become incontinent.” “Yes, I know that’s a possibility,” my mother said. “Well, that doesn’t sound like healthy in the long run.” “Well, if that does happen, you’re OK as long as you are wearing diapers. They tell me that you get potty trained easy enough if you get out of diapers.” I cringed at the use of the word if rather than when. Change over I went back to the computer and switched it over to play a game. I wanted to take my mind off things. Dinner came and went much like the previous night, and I was again put down in the crib. I was able to get to sleep a little easier. I still woke up in the middle of the night having to pee. Well, I figured, at least I don’t have to get out of bed. It took a while, but I was able to get the flow going. When done, I fell back to sleep. The next morning mom fed me first before taking me up to change. She unfastened my diaper. “Still haven’t pooped. It’s been more than a day.” I just remained silent. “We were told, this might happen. We’ll give you something to help.” “Help?” I thought. What could help? This question was answered when Mom pulled something out of the table. A second later I felt something being pushed up my rear end. Uh oh. This can’t be good. She got the diaper on and pulled out a t-shirt for me to wear. It had balloons on it. “I think you’ll need a change soon so you can go downstairs like that.” On my way out of the room, I caught the view of me in a diaper and shirt only. Great. Even more of a baby than before. I sat in the playpen watching TV for a while. I felt a small burn deep inside me. I tired to ignore it, but it grew into a full blown cramp. I tried to resist it. It subsided and then came back with a vengeance. The doorbell rang. My mom went to answer it, but I was too absorbed in my situation to hear or care what was happening. The cramp hit again. I had no choice. I got up on my knees, holding the side of the pen and stopped fighting it. I closed my eyes. A large amount of poop emitted from my rear. It provided relief of the pressure. OK, I thought, but then it mushroomed back, and I felt it forced against my butt. Ugh. I opened my eyes, and to my horror, Mark was walking toward me. “Dude, what are you doing in there?” A cramp hit me again. I doubled over slightly, and another load was pushed out into the diaper. That stopped, and then it repeated. Was this ever going to end? All through this, Mark was staring at me with a confused look. “Holy crap!” he said. “You’re pooping yourself. He gave the air an exaggerated sniff, and the pinched his nose with his fingers. What’s going on, stinky pants?” What could I say? I turned red. He came a bit closer and looked at me. “Oh my gosh. You’re wearing a diaper.” Emotions welled in me, and I started to cry. I swore I wasn’t going to do this. “Well, I gotta go,” he said and made a hurried exit to the door. Great, straight to all the Mad Men I suspected. I guess it was inevitable, but all my friends would know I was a pant pooping baby now. I wanted out. I went to climb over the top of the pen but lost my footing on the inside and fell backward on to my butt. Great, I landed in a big pile of my own poop. I felt it gush all over. The crying intensified. Mom came in. “Did your friend leave?” she asked. I nodded. She sniffed the air. “Oh, let’s go get baby changed.” She lowered the side of the pen, and I stepped out. The diaper was plastered to my butt with poop. This was worse than I had even imagined when I was looking at that girl with her diaper. I was happy to be going direct to the changing table.
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    Chapter 5: Babyhood Alex woke with a start. It took her a few moments to register her surroundings. She was surrounded by the wooden bars of the crib…her crib. She had been moved and didn’t wake up in the process. What was wrong with her? She figured she was still being affected by the drugs and it was making her a lot more drowsy than normal. She sat up and immediately noticed a crinkle, louder than before, pulling the covers off her, she froze. She was naked, dressed only in a diaper, no shirt, no pants. She covered her chest, looking around the room only to notice she was alone. Looking back down, she examined the diaper, it was the first time she actually saw it, completely babyish in every aspect. White and blue with green trim and none other than a cookie monster banner at the top near the two large tapes. They were exactly the same a baby diaper, but a lot bigger and thicker, made for someone her size. She placed her hand on it, feeling the padding and she pressed on it. It was smooth and crinkled as she moved her hand across it. She looked around, completely unaware of what time of day it was. She got up on her knees and grabbed the bars, peering through. The rooms was the same as it was before, but she could finally see the white object she failed to see before. There, in the corner of the room was fully stocked changing table. Shelves filled with changing supplies and many, many more diapers just like the one she was wearing. She couldn’t clearly tell, but some seemed a little bigger than others. Her vision was back to normal, but the only light was from a night light, which didn’t help too much. It was then, as she was looking at her changing table, she felt a twinge in her lower region. She knew what the feeling was, looking down at the diaper around her waist, she started to panic. She looked around the room as if she was trying to find a way out. It was only a few seconds after the initial feeling when it felt like a balloon was inflating inside her until suddenly. The sensation was that of really needing to so, like she was holding it for half a day. She blocked out the rest of the world as she started to involuntarily leak into the diaper. She couldn’t hold it, the pressure was intense enough to make her not want to hold it anymore. Letting out a small yelp, it released. She could hear what she was doing and didn’t care. The wetness poured out of her as the thirsty diaper soaked everything up almost as quickly as she expelled it. She could feel it spread throughout the diaper and expand between her legs. Just as quickly as it started, it stopped. She was frozen, still holding onto the bars of the crib. It took a moment for her to move again, she looked around under her, terrified about what would happen if it leaked. But to her surprise, the diaper held everything just fine. She slowly sat down and pulled her legs out from under her and hugged them, slowly starting to softly cry as she felt the snug warmness press against her. She didn’t know what to do except sit there. She sat without moving long enough for the diaper to start to cool off. She laid down and covered herself with the blues clues blanket that was in the crib with her. It was silent aside from the casual movement that would cause her to crinkle. Disgusted, she realized that this is going to be her norm and there was nothing she could do about it. She was going to end up sitting in her own waste on a regular basis, it was a diaper after all. She started sob again, turning into a full blown cry this time. She didn’t even hear when her mother entered or hear her ask what was wrong. She only noticed she was there when she felt two fingers enter her diaper. She jerked away and she pushed herself to the bars behind her. Covering herself with the blanket and stifling the cry, her face turning crimson. “Don’t be ashamed sweetheart, anything you can do to that diaper is expected.” Her mother said and she lowered the side of the crib. “And nothing you do should be embarrassing, it’s all involuntary anyway and not your fault.” She reached in and grabbed her by her armpits and pulled her up onto her hip. Alex tried to push against her mother, only to find out she couldn’t muster the strength to rival hers. With Alex firmly planted on her hip, her mother probed her diaper once again. “It’s just a little wet sweetie, you’ll be fine.” She said after checking Alex, adjusting her on her hip. A little wet? Alex felt like she burst a water balloon in her pants and her mother was saying it was just a little wet? She could feel it being pressed against her by her mother’s waist and it definitely felt like it was more than just a little wet. She brought Alex back through the kitchen into the living room again. Sitting her down in the highchair once again. “Mommy needs you to be good while she gets you a late lunch.” She said as she buckled the tray around Alex. Alex waited a moment before trying to reach below and check her own diaper, she didn’t believe it was only a little wet. The tray was too close to her for to even stick her hand down and it was too wide to reach around it. She gave up after a few tries, putting her head down on her heads. She slowly opened and closed her legs, feeling the bulk and listening to the crinkle of her new underwear. She felt her hair pulled back and a bib buttoned around her neck and spun around so it was hanging down. A bowl of cut grapes, more banana and some bland cereal. She felt rather full as her mother hoister her out of the highchair and took her back into the living room. Once again she was laid down and a bottle was presented. As it was pressed to her lips she noticed was how much easier it was to drink from this time. She was a lot slower this time as her stomach was full but the bottle wasn’t going to be removed until it was gone. Her mother just stroked her hair and hummed as she drank. She felt like she was going to burst when milk stopped flowing. The bottle was removed and her face was cleaned off with the bib. Her mother placed a towel over her shoulder and sat Alex on her leg in the burping position. After a few minutes of her mother rubbing and patting her back, Alex felt something dislodge. It was that moment that a rather guttural burp left her mouth that the same urgency that struck her in her crib repeated itself. It was like a rapidly inflating balloon produced an increasing pressure until she was dribbling without meaning to. Her mother must have felt it as Alex felt a hand press her diaper as it was filling. Without a word her mother stood up with Alex on her hip, still peeing her pants, and headed back to the nursery. She didn’t feel as bloated now, she was actually feeling pretty good as every pressure was being removed from her body. She just placed her head on her mother’s shoulder as she finished wetting herself.
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    So it's been about a year since I've last worn diapers. I was in a long term relationship and it was never something that I shared so it was only once and awhile that I got to enjoy my diaper side. We seperated seven months ago and I finally got them out of the house for good three months ago, so I decided this was the weekend i brought diapers back into my life. I forgot! I forgot how much I loved every aspect of them. My hands shook in anticipation as i put one on this morning. It was instant comfort as I taped myself in and began my day. Hearing the crinkle as I went to make my first pot of coffee was music to my ears, the first release and feeling the warmth spread was unexplainable. Just pure joy! Feeling the heaviness of a thourghly soaked diaper as i cleaned house, looking at my padded behind as i pass by the mirror and giving it a little pat. I missed it all and am so glad to be diapered once again. I can almost guarentee i won't go a year without again.
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    The woman returned to the living room, a simple dress draped over her arm, and a smile on her comforting face, "Alright sweetie, there is a shower down the hall, go ahead and get cleaned up." The old woman handed Chloe the dress, still smiling, and once the girl had taken the dress, the old woman had started towards the kitchen, "And don't take to long, I am making you a special breakfast." Chloe could just nod, still completely unsure if this was a continuation of her misery, or if something was beginning to turn around. The bathroom was not hard to find, and like much of the rest of the house, had a very high tech vibe. There was even an Echo in the corner. That brought a smile to Chloe's face, "Alexa, play songs by Jasmine Thompson." A moment later, the music started, and Chloe finally began to relax. The warm shower was pleasant, and she never quite understand how nice being clean really was. At least until this morning when she was truly dirty for the first time. The shower finally did have to come to an end though, and she slowly stepped out of the shower, into the cool air, and look at herself in the steam up mirror. She couldn't see details, but she could see her shape and just nodded. It looked like the mud was gone. At some point, the old woman must of slipped in, because her dress, and underthings were all gone, although a pair of panties and a bra had been added to the dress. It never really dawned on Chloe to consider why all of this stuff was in her size. She figured small is not the uncommon of a size for girls her age, and maybe this old woman had a grand daughter or something. Chloe just pulled on the clothings, and smiled as she saw herself in the floral print dress, in the now defogging mirror. She normally wore jeans and t-shirts, but she did always like the way she looked in dresses, especially ones like the one she was wearing now, which was tight around her torso, but the skirts and bust were a looser, helping shape her figure. Chloe took a deep breath, pulling her curly hair into a pony tail, and went back into the living room, hoping that she would be going home now. Instead the old woman was there, with a sweet smelling oatmeal, and a smile on her face. "Eat up sweetie," she said, patting a spot on the couch, and placing the oatmeal on the coffee table in front of the indicated seat. "By the way, my name is Martha," she added. Chloe smiled, "Chloe," she said off handed, "I kinda of just want to go home?" She continued. The whole situation was weird, and she was sure this woman was just trying to help her, but she just wanted to get home. "Its ok Deary," Martha said, "Eat up, and then we will be on our way." The woman smiled, and then vanished back into the kitchen with out waiting for a reply. "Ugh," Chloe said to herself, as she sat down on the couch. She didn't touch the oatmeal at first, but she was hungry, and it was obvious she was not going anywhere until she ate it, so she picked it up and started to eat it. It had the taste of oatmeal, but it was really sweet, not like the brown sugar or fruit sweet, but something else she couldn't identify. When the woman finally came back, she took the opportunity to find out, "What is in this?" "Oatmeal and treacle," Martha replied, "The way my mother made it when I had bad days when I was about your age," she continued, as she sat down in the chair across from her. "So, what are you going to do about those boys that I heard this morning?" Chloe looked surprised for a moment, first as she tried to figure out what treacle was, then at the mention of the boys. "I don't know ma'am... I mean if I tell, nothing is going to happen, it will be my word against theirs. They will probably just say I brought it on myself..." Martha frowned, then nodded, "You might be right, but what if I told you there was a way that it wouldn't matter if people believed their word or not?" She smiled slightly at the end of her question. "Before you say yes though, understand that what I am going to tell you to do always works, but not always in the way you think it will." "Okay?" Chloe said, unsure of what the old woman was meaning, although she really did want to hear. "I mean yes, I want to do it." Martha smiled and said, "Great, you have already taken the first step. That oatmeal has a little bit a magic in it, just enough for you to do one spell." Chloe looked stunned for a moment, but Martha continued, "I can teach you to do more if you still want to after this." She paused a serious look on her face, "I need you to understand girl, there is no going back on this. Once you cast this spell, it can not be undone, even if you don't like how it comes out." Chloe didn't believe Martha, but at the same time, why not just humor her. It would probably get her home sooner. "Alright, lets cast this spell..." "Excellent," Martha responded, and then placed a bowl of clear liquid on the table. Chloe had no idea where that bowl came from, which for a moment made her think that this was real. "Dip your fingers in the bowl, one for each boy you want to curse, then say there names three times. This will connect there threads to yours, then say aloud what you want to happen." Chloe placed four fingers into the bowl, and said, "James, Ryan, Carlos, and Geoff" then repeated those names two more times. On the third time, the clear liquid was silvery, and she could see all four of them laughing in the truck. "I want them to be shamed by the whole school for what they did to me, and I want the school to treat me special, like they did last night before these guys ruined it." With that, the liquid in the bowl was gone. "Oh no," Chloe suddenly blurted out as she bolted up, a wet spot on the couch and pee pouring down her legs. "Oh god no, I can't stop it." Martha nodded, "The magic always works in weird ways," she said, getting up from her chair, a diaper and a new dress on the couch. "Come on, lets get you clean again, and then home..."
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    I really don't think of it as humiliating. I think of it more like sexual. I am walking down a crowded street in a short dress and I am holding in two or three days worth of poop. I already peed but i could feel a turtle head poking out and I am getting that itch to just lean on a parked car and push out the entire load in one push. As I lean on the car with my arms extended I give that first push and it just comes out in one huge solid log and is curling up inside my diaper to the size of a softball. I am gasping because for me it is just one huge feeling of ecstasy. I didn't notice the young man standing in a doorway just fixated on my full and sagging diaper. He comes up behind me and wraps his jacket around me and asks if I am feeling well. I could feel his throbbing erection rubbing against my fully loaded diaper. I ask him if he can walk me to my car, and I don't think any man will refuse especially if he has a raging hard on like that. I really don't want to get over the rating of R. He walks me to my car I open the drivers door slowly and pull my diaper down and this man sees my chocolate covered eye and i just pull his zipper down and direct his delicious erection towards my brown eye. I don't want to go further,so y'all just use your imagination and come to your own conclusion. Hugs all and enjoy them diapers !
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    Chapter 41: I WOKE THE next morning and had breakfast made by Granny before they took off for church while still in my pajamas. Megan changed a soaked diaper after Granny and Grandpa left for church, then helped me get dressed in one of the more mature outfits that I had. The skirt was covered in a floral pattern and I wore a cute short-sleeved top, with just a simple bit of lace on the collar. It concealed my diaper and looked okay with the white socks and my new mary jane shoes that I had been given yesterday. “What do you want to do now? Kill time on your computer?” Megan asked me once I was dressed. “Sure,” I said, “Can I just hang out on the window seat in your room again?” She nodded, “Sure, especially since it seems like LPS is out of everyones hair for now.” “I hope Claire was being truthful with everything yesterday…” I said in response, “I felt like we can trust her, but what about her bosses?” Megan nodded, “With Larry we’ll be okay.” She helped me gather my backpack of electronics and got me situated on the bench seat. I laid down on my stomach after plugging in my computer and had my legs kicking in the air aimlessly as I began looking through the nanite file for something else that I’d thought of that morning. “You know I can see that cute little diapee?” She asked me. I blushed and pulled my skirt back down, “Still not used to these,” I told her honestly. “I can’t imagine you ever as a boy,” she told me with a smile. “Definitely going to have to train you to be a lady though!” I smiled at her and then looked down at the screen to get busy. Last week at the one orientation session, when every little had been in a diaper, I had gone in my diaper without knowing I was going. It was the first time I could say that happened when I wasn’t on Amanda’s milk, and I remembered thinking at the time it was probably a hypnosis thing. In this world that threat terrified me, and I wondered if the nanites might have made me more susceptible to that abuse. I started a simple search for hypno within the code and felt my blood turn cold as I saw more than three hundred results! ‘Shit,’ I said internally and began browsing my way through the results. It seemed like they all came from the same function that specifically allowed for a little to be fully susceptible to hypnosis. The frightening thing was that it was turned on by default and we had missed it completely! I decided it wasn’t worth waiting for approval from Amanda on this change, and began going through and creating a patch to upload to my nanites. I went further than just disabling it though, I used the code as a foundation to theoretically make it to where I would be immune from such attacks like the Amazons. I checked everything several times before I sent the patch to my nanites and felt a physical jolt like shocked myself with electricity. It hurt! “You okay?” Megan asked with concern having been watching me right then. I nodded, “I just got a chill for some reason…” She looked at me skeptically before looking at her watch, “Mom and Dad should be back soon and they’ll have Cassie and Chloe with them. Do you need to use the potty before they get here?” “I left mine at home, didn’t I?” I thought actually thinking about the fact that I did need to go number two just then. “I can hold you on top of the regular one?” I shakily stood and shook my head, “It’s probably easier for me just to go in my diaper…” She looked at me, “You sure?” My answer was just to let go into the diaper. I pushed for a long moment before standing up feeling out of breath, “yes.” “Ewww,” she complained as she carried me to the nursery and laid me down on the changing table, “You can definitely tell that you eat regular food…” “Sorry,” I told her. “I told you I would hold you…” I blushed, “I’m a little scared of falling in to be honest.” She tickled my side then, “Like I would let that happen!” I was wiped clean and stood back up just as we heard the downstairs garage door open and heard Granny announce, “We’re home!” “Come on, let’s go have lunch and pretend to play nice with my evil sisters for a while…” she said to me. I looked at her, “So I guess you enjoy these days about as much as I’m going to?” She nodded, “I’m their liberal and short baby sister… They like putting digs in on me of course, but then I also have to watch what they do with their kids. It’s depressing…” I nodded as she carried me downstairs. We’d left my electronics safely in her room while her sisters were there to be safe. Soon we joined her mom as she pulled out a casserole she’d placed in the oven before she’d left. “Lunch will be ready here in a bit. Megan can you help me out over here with the salad?” I was placed on the ground and all but forgotten for a few minutes. Soon though the front door opened and Cassie came in carrying Neville, while her husband carried Klara and Kristina right behind her. “Mom we’re here,” Cassie called out as she came in and I looked at the giants and their large preschool daughter who towered over me. “Baby Stacy!” Kristina cried as she saw me and ran towards me. I was more than a little frightened as she hugged me. “Hi Kristina,” I told her while still gaping at the size of the toddler. Before I could say anything more she pulled my skirt up to show the world my diaper, “Good girl, all dwy!” she said to me. “Not like Klara, her diapees poopie!!!” I looked up at Klara and noticed she was red and upset as Cassie came in. “I’m going to take Klara upstairs to change her poopie diapee. I guess she’s decided to just be a baby and not be interested in potty training,” she said glaring at me. “Some kids take longer,” Granny said as she came and hugged everyone and kissed Klara. She demonstrated the same greeting to Neville who I knew had to be starved for true affection. “Why don’t we change Neville while we’re at it,” her husband suggested. “He’s rather ripe too…” “I guess,” she said. “I think he could probably go longer since he likes being poopy.” I looked at his dejected face, and gave him a sad sympathetic look as they carried him upstairs and left us downstairs. “Granny, can we watch cartoons?” Kristina asked. “Sure sweetie, take Stacy with you,” she suggested. She turned the TV straight onto a TV show that I knew for certain wasn’t safe!!! Naomi and Oliver were all over little’s clothing! “This is Neville’s favorite, do you like it?” she asked as I tried not to look at the screen. “Not really,” I managed to say nonchalantly while hoping if I did see it my changes would help. Thinking quickly I asked her, “What’s your favorite? Maybe it’s on?” She used the remote and said, “This one, Princess Silvy!” She said as she turned to a cartoon that reminded me a bit of Sofia the First from our dimension. She grabbed my arm and insisted that I sit on her large lap. I’d been sitting there for a few minutes when Cassie came down and said, “Megan, you’ll probably need to change Stacy soon, she’s watching Princess Silvy with Kristina!” “What?!?!” I heard a shocked set of voices call out. Grandma and Megan ran out quickly and Megan grabbed me to take me out of the room while Cassie laughed and said, “What’s the big deal? She’s just a little baby anyway? Mandy has her in diapers like a proper baby should be?” Then she paused, “I mean she certainly seemed happy that I can’t get Klara to use the potty like a big girl?” Megan put her hand to my diaper and seemed surprised to find it dry, “That was one of those hypnotic shows wasn’t it?” I asked as she carried me upstairs. I heard Granny and Cassie arguing a bit as she did so. “Yes it is, you were watching it long enough you should have gone… I shouldn’t have been able to pull you away either without you crying,” she said more than a little surprised. I smiled at her, “I think I may be immune now…” She looked at me suspiciously, “How?” “Umm…” “You’ve been editing more again, haven’t you?” She asked me quietly. “Mandy said you shouldn’t…” “It was that or be more susceptible to those shows…” I told her. “We’ll need to talk with you and Amanda later,” she said with a frown. “Are you sure it was safe?” I shrugged, “I think so. I already had one run-in with someone using hypnotic tricks at one of our little events this week. The fact that I didn’t wet or mess my diaper right now probably means that it was successful?” She squeezed me in a hug, “Dad has the table setup outside, why don’t you go out there with me?” I nodded and hugged her back as best I was able to. We came down seeing the fireworks had gone to a simmer and Granny came over to me, “Are you okay?” “I think so… I’ll tell you later,” I added. “Have you talked to Mommy today?” “A couple hours ago… She said that Bella is a lot more alert today, they’re supposed to move her to a regular room this afternoon, and hopefully be able to send her home tomorrow.” “So soon?” I asked in surprise, “She was basically in a coma?” “Our medical technology,” she reminded me. “Now stay with Megan, do not leave her side!” I nodded and clung to Megan as she went hugged me tightly on her hip. Grandpa Joe had what looked like gigantic chicken breasts cooking on the grill, along with some sausages. “Need any help Daddy?” Megan asked. “Not right now. Why don’t you just sit back and relax? Tomorrow you both start classes again and you won’t have much time for rest!” He reminded us. We smiled at him and Megan sat down with me, turning me in her lap to face her. She played with letting me fall backwards out of her lap and I squealed. She did that a few times before holding me in a hug, “If my sister gets tired of you I don’t know that I want you as a baby, but you are cute!” She told me. I smiled at her, “Definitely better than the other possibilities,” I told her. “I…” she started to say as Chloe came out with Kendra and Katie one either side of her, and Derrick followed carrying Kacey. They were actually dressed this time in onesies so something covered them, but it looked like they had leaked diaper wise around the edges. The bottoms of their onesies were darker, and Kacey’s looked like diarrhea had caused some permanent stains. I felt myself almost want to throw up at that. She brought them over to us and said, “Auntie Megan, can you watch these three for a moment while I go grab some of their toys?” “Sure, I’d be happy to,” Megan said cordially. I watched as a blanket was laid down on the grass and she put all three onto their stomachs. “Be back in a moment babies,” she told them. I gave Megan a look and she hugged me tight. “Hi girls,” Megan said nicely. The look they gave her was not a warm one. “Gaba Goo Gim!” Kacey said fairly angrily. I sighed, “I’m sorry,” I said just loud enough for them to hear. There was definitely a jealous look from Katie that I wasn’t screwed up as bad. Of course at least she could crawl... Kacey looked forlornly like a worm that couldn’t do anything from her stationary spot on the blanket. You could almost see her arms and legs spasm in an attempt to sit herself up. Thankfully we didn’t have to sit there with them alone long before Chloe returned bringing a couple of toys for them to play with, including a bar that went over the top of Kacey that she could attempt to bat at some hanging toys. You could tell that she just desperately wanted to do anything. I couldn’t see any hope left in her face, and it was so sad it made me want to cry. I chose instead to talk to Megan, “What’s your first class tomorrow?” “I have a philosophy class at eleven, then a history class after lunch,” she said. “Then I have another couple classes tomorrow too.” She shifted me a little as obviously my body weight was getting a bit heavy. My skirt moved and flashed the girls my clean diaper, just as Cassie came out carrying Neville to deposit next to the other three littles. Kristina came out holding Klara’s hand. She was now wearing only a shirt and her diaper. She was all smiles though and didn’t seem to have a care in the world following her big sis outside. Granny followed and played a small game of chase with both of them as she came out. I watched as a couple trips inside were made by Granny, Grandpa, and Cassie to get the other dishes for the table. Cassie looked at Megan, “Why aren’t you helping?” “I am, I was told to watch Stacy here,” she told her. “You know she’d be fine with the other girls on the blanket if she couldn’t walk. Mandy is just being stupid…” “Enough about my Mommy,” I told her. “If there’s anyone who needs to be told how to treat a little it’s you. The inhumane treatment of making an adult only crawl should be illegal,” I hissed. Megan grabbed me in a hug, “Umm… Sis, I happen to agree with Stacy here. Add to the fact that her parents are with her sister in the hospital right now, maybe keep your stupid opinions to yourself?” Before a war between sisters could fully erupt Grandpa Joe put his hand on Cassie’s shoulder, “Enough sweetheart.” “But Dad…” “Enough,” he said simply. The food was soon on the table and it was like deja vu from the first Sunday I’d been there for Sunday dinner. Megan helped me with a plate that she placed a small piece of the chicken she had gotten. A piece of her sausage, and some of the green bean casserole that I wrinkled my nose up a little on, also joined the plate. It was all really tasty! While I watched that though I watched as Cassie fed Neville another concoction of baby food – this one at least seemed slightly more edible just being a beef stew. Her biological daughters both fed themselves without incident, although she made sure to tie a bib on ‘baby Klara.’ She seemed to be treating her as obnoxiously like a baby as she could. ‘I guess she’s hoping to embarrass her out of babyhood?’ I shook my head, ‘I doubt that ends well…’ Chloe had Kendra and Kacey hanging off her exposed boobs while her husband held a bottle for Katie. ‘At least she’s feeding all of them…’ I thought. ‘I wonder if Grandpa and Granny said something too them…’ There were a few stifled conversations, but not much wsa going on when the back door opened and Amanda came through. She looked well past the ragged edge of fatigue and exhaustion, but came straight to me. “Stacy!” She said as she pulled me into her arms and hugged me. Tears streamed down her face and I saw Fred was right behind her. Something went tight in my gut since they were both there. “Is Bella…?” She sobbed, and sobbed then, with her body just convulsing with tears. Fred joined us in a hug and I just knew that the worst had happened, Bella… “Bella’s been kidnapped…” Fred said quietly to Grandpa. “Why didn’t you call me?!?” Grandpa Joe asked instantly. “There’s nothing anyone can do. They managed to slip some sort of sleeping agent into the room and when we both came to Bella was gone. The police are reviewing the hospitals video footage, but the cameras show the kidnappers getting away with Bella.” Fred informed everyone, “We would use her Little Protect watch to track her, but there was a doctor that insisted we remove it for them to have access to put in IVs as needed… Her other tracker isn’t showing up either.” “My god, who would do such a thing?!?” Chloe erupted. “What can we do?” Cassie asked. “Pray…” Amanda said. The family actually stopped and did that right then, but it didn’t sit right with me. I wanted to get in there and on my computer and start tracking down the kidnappers. Amanda was a hysterical mess and it took Granny a good hour to get her talked into taking a nap in her old childhood bedroom. Soon Cassie and Chloe took off with their families, leaving just Amanda’s parents, Amanda, Fred, Megan and myself at home. While Amanda slept I had gotten my computer and began hacking the hospital and every other place I could find a trail. Grandpa had come in at some point and just watched silently behind me as I worked. I found the video of the kidnappers taking off with her. They had rolled a canister of something that left some smoke fumes on the outside. They wore some sort of odd masks and went in after a short time. It only took a few minutes apparently to knock Amanda and Fred out, and they were carrying Bella out barely ten minutes after their arrival into the hospital. I took still images of the kidnappers and put them in a file as I followed their progress on the security cameras. They had used a back entrance to come into the hospital and left via the same. The camera view sucked, but I was able to figure out the make and model of the car and began finding some other cameras in businesses along the two routes they could have left by. I struck gold on the second with a good view of the license plate, “Hold on a second Stacy, let me write that down before you leave that screen. Good work by the way,” he said with a pat on my head. I heard him call his detective friend as I resumed tracking the car. This dimension was further ahead on plate tracking so a quick hack into another file handed me a list of places the plate passed by. The trail stopped in another area of town not far from the airport and I felt my stomach drop. “Grandpa Joe, I think they headed for the airport!” “Why do you think that?” he asked. I walked him through it just as Amanda had woken up and came inside the room. She was teary eyed and seemed to be all but broken as she came in and asked, “Where did you say?” “The airport maybe?” I suggested as Joe called and directed the police that direction. I drew up dead ends on flight manifests then and everything else before she touched her hand on my shoulder, “You’ve done all you can for now Stacy,” she said. I shook my head, “There’s got to be more of a trail…” “Time to let my dad and the police handle the next steps. They’re already going to be questioning him on how he found out so much…” I sighed but knew she was probably right. Just before I closed the computer though I saw here bra had spots coming through and knew she had to have been leaking badly. I took a look at the patch file I had compiled already and just clicked ‘Install’ without asking her. I felt a small jolt as the patch hit again, but I didn’t space out. Instead I let her pick me up into her arms and then pulled at her shirt. “Stacy you can’t…” “Mommy you need it, and… I won’t be affected by it anymore…” “What did you do…?” She asked me a little angry, “I told you to let me check over…” “You need this, and I just installed it. You can check it later, the nanites are active and still really programmable so I know I can alter it more later if I need to. For now… please? For both of us?” She sighed, but pulled her shirt down revealing the nursing bra and a nipple dripping with a droplet of milk. My mouth instantly watered from the sight. I didn’t hesitate on latching on and nursed until she burped me and changed sides. After I was done I was groggy, but noticeably still clean, and no wetter than I had been before. “Well it looks like you still have control for now…” she said as she patted my back. “Yeah, but I definitely need to go…” I said and let a stream of urine into my diaper and a little bit of poop. She bounced me and held me for a while before taking me to the nursery to change my diaper. I stayed in her arms afterwards though as we sat in the living room to wait for any news that might come about Bella. We waited for a couple hours before a detective came to the house, “Please come in,” Joe told him. “Thanks Joe,” he said as he came in and we all sat down in the living room. “Do you have anything new? Have you found her?” Amanda asked. He shook his head, “We followed the leads that led to the vehicle they took Bella in, but it was abandoned near the airport. As far as we can tell she didn’t get on a plane with anyone, and all of our officers are keeping an eye on other travel points. Roadblocks are set on the outgoing roads, but so far we haven’t been able to get much more than a name on one of the kidnappers. Joseph Di’santi is a member of the Trelini gang. We have a bulletin out for him as well.” “So what now?” Fred asked angrily. The detective shrugged, “If there’s going to be a legal adoption of Bella, she’ll have to have her chip scanned. Right now one of our experts thinks they must have her in some sort of faraday cage, because we can’t get a lock on her tracker there. We’ve got scanners up and running looking for if she passes by any of our many scanners… but at this point we’re just waiting for them to screw up.” “You’ve got to find her,” Amanda cried as she was holding me. “We’ll do our best, I promise,” the detective said. “Well I need to get back to the station, I’ll contact you each day even if I don’t have anything new.” As he walked away to the door, led by Joe, Fred embraced us both in a hug that Megan and their mom joined in on. “Is it safe for Stacy to go to classes tomorrow?” Megan asked. “No, it’s not…” Amanda practically cried. “It’s not safe anywhere,” I told her. “I need to go. You can take me to each class if you want, but hiding isn’t going to help Bella.” She sniffled and we spent the next couple hours barely eating a dinner of takeout, and then discussing the problems for longer while we waited endlessly for any news on Bella. “Let me see what you uploaded to yourself…” she said. “Both of them…” I ended up showing her the code and going over everything I had done with my nanites. “I don’t see anything that should be a problem from this, but please be careful. I know you understand all of this probably as well as anyone, but the possibility of unintended consequences is something you need to be careful of.” I nodded, “I’m sorry Mommy… I just wanted to nurse again, and I thought it would make you feel better too…” “I’m actually thinking more about the hypnosis settings… Which I can’t believe we missed.” I nodded, “I know… I think the settings must have worked, at least earlier I didn’t have the reaction everyone thought I should have.” “Next weekend I may test you on that, but for now keep avoiding anything that could have that. Our house will hopefully be back to normal tomorrow with even more security. For now though do you have anything you’re missing that you need tomorrow?” “Let me check my backpack?” I asked as I wriggled off her lap and walked to my backpack. Inside I still had six pampers, wipes, powder, pencils, pens, my stylus, my tablet, and my computer would barely join it all. I still had a spare uniform with my new shoes. “I think I have everything,” I told her. “Then why don’t we go ahead and get you undressed and make an early night of it?” She asked. I looked at my watch and saw it was only eight, “I haven’t slept much the last couple nights,” she added. I hugged her and said, “Okay.” “Do you need a bath tonight?” I hesitated, “Take one with me?” I could see the hurt in her eyes, but she gave me a thin smile, “okay.” The bathtub off the hallway upstairs was soon filled with bubbles and the two of us were settled in the bath with her washing me gently. I looked up every now and then to tears in her eyes, but she did seem to be doing a bit better just by being able to baby me some more. When I was clean and my hair was washed she cuddled me to her chest and just hugged me silently. “I love you,” she told me, “I’m so scared something will happen to you too.” “Not going to lie, I’m scared of it too,” I told her, “I’m also scared something will happen to you.” She held me to her body for a while before saying, “Let’s get dried off before we shrivel up. I’ll blow dry your hair and we’ll get to bed.” We were both wrapped in towels a moment later and she had me sitting on the edge of the counter as she used a loud blow dryer to go through my hair. I was making faces and plugging my ears as she used it and she smirked weakly at my wimpiness there. When my hair was dry she carried me to the nursery where she diapered me, put me into my blanket sleeper, and then carried me to the bedroom that had been hers as a kid. Amanda and Fred were sharing the smaller bed in there for the night until we moved back to our house tomorrow. Amanda dressed in a set of silk pajamas and then carried me back to the nursery. Megan came by then, “I love you both,” she told us and gave us a combined hug. “Love you too sis,” Amanda said, “Thank you for watching out for Stacy…” “Of course, she’s family!” she told her. She gave me a peck on the top of my head and left the room. Amanda pulled her shirt out of the way and said, “Well, since you’re hacking like crazy then I guess there’s no reason not to nurse anymore,” she exposed her breast and I began nursing and fell asleep. THE NEXT MORNING should have represented a day to be nervous, excited, and otherwise proud to be moving onto college classes, but it was impossible to do so while being worried about Bella. I caught a bit of the news on TV before Grandpa Joe turned it off. It looked like Bella’s kidnapping was leading the news. From what I could tell there was outrage that anyone would steal an adopted little like this. I just hoped the worst hadn’t happened to Bella… sadly in this dimension it wasn’t hard to imagine too many dark scenarios with her though. I had barely gotten to know her, but I hated to think that the girl I had just begun to know could be dead… or worse. Breakfast was an egg, a piece of toast, and a cup of coffee. Granny’s eyebrows rose a little at the coffee, but she hadn’t said anything. I’d eaten quietly from my highchair and sat through the silence around the table. Fred was taking the day with Grandpa Joe to triple check the house’s new security systems. Amanda mentioned a few ideas she had too, but otherwise was pretty well not engaging in the world a lot. They both went with me to Emerson and walked me to my first class about fifteen minutes beforehand. Amanda hugged and kissed me, “Good luck Stacy, I’ll be back to pick you up at the end of this class to walk you to your next. I love you,” she said. “Love you too Mommy,” I told her. With that I walked into the classroom for my first Calculus III class. Looking around the room every seat was built into tiers with long tables covering each of them and desk chairs behind them. None of them were little sized, so I pulled out my collapsible booster and sat down on one of the chairs in the first row. Other students were coming in and I saw a mousey looking man working to organize some papers with a tall Amazonian girl and a slightly shorter boy. I guessed they were the professors TAs and just pulled out my tablet to be ready to take notes. Right then another large girl sat down in the seat next to me, “Don’t you just wook so cute sitting there pwetending to be a big girl!” I looked over at her and sighed, “And don’t you sound like the biggest idiot on the planet. I’m a student that will probably do better in this class than you.” “Sounds like someone must have a poopy pamper,” she hissed. “Really? You have a poopy pamper on? You should really change that before class you know. I thought something smelled bad when you sat down…” A laugh came from next to me as a boy sat down on the other side of me, “She’s witty, I like her,” the tall boy said. “I don’t, it sounds like someone needs a spanking…” the girl said. “Yes it does miss…?” The professor suddenly stood by our table. “Uh… Gregson,” she said. “Well Miss Gregson, I happen to know you’re antagonizing a young lady who probably doesn’t need to be dealing with your idiocy today. If you continue I’ll speak with Dean Sanders and see if we can’t have you considered to be a little so we can follow through with the spanking you need. I guarantee you’re going to struggle in this class given you just barely scraped a C last year in Calc two.” He nodded towards me, “She could have skipped this class altogether but made a mature decision to make sure she understood everything well.” I looked at him and said, “Thank you Doctor Lieberman, I hope to live up to your expectations,” I said politely. I gave the girl next to me a glare but then looked forward. “If there are no other concerns?” He asked her. “Well then,” he said seeing that it was time to start class. “I’m Professor Lieberman and this is Calculus three. Hopefully by this time you know where you are, but if you’re in the wrong place now is the time to leave,” he said that with a smirk. “Okay then, my TAs this semester are…” he introduced his teaching assistants who handed out paper syllabuses. He mentioned he was a bit old fashioned with that paper copy. “There are three exams for this course, quite frankly I don’t care if you come to the classes where I explain the subject or not… Those are all that matter. I don’t get paid for your pass or failure, if you need help I advise you to meet with me or my TAs as you need to.” ‘Ouch…’ I thought and I could hear some rustling behind me from some students who seemed more than a bit nervous. “Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started…” I was used to high school still where the first class was a get to know you, these are the rules, and time to move to the next class… In this case he began right into teaching multi-variable calculus and my brain got a workout with the Base 60 math right away in the morning. The good thing was that it distracted me from everything else going on. Midway through the class I had to pee and just let it loose into my diaper without any further thought. The class was actually over quickly! I stood up when class was dismissed to instantly see the Amazonian girl next to me looking down at me. “Well little girl, do you still have dry panties?” “I don’t wear panties, and no, my diaper is definitely wet, but my mommy will change me. See you Wednesday,” I said as I grabbed my bag and walked to the hallway where I found Amanda waiting. The girl gaped at me as Amanda grabbed my hand and led me through the busy hallway and out of the building. We had to pass the student union to get to the Jennings building where my next class was, “Need a change?” Amanda asked me. I nodded and thought for a second, “I need to poop too…” “When we get to the bathroom go ahead and go and I’ll change you,” she told me. I sighed, even the few bathrooms with little potties would still be too much for my small body. I walked alongside her into the Union and just before the bathroom door let the battle go and paused for a moment to crouch and fill my diaper completely. She waited patiently and walked with me inside as I noticed an Amazonian girl watching me with a hopeful smile on her face until she saw Amanda. Then she frowned and kept moving. I hated the icky feeling of the sticky poop on my butt and feeling like it was sliding down onto my legs. It was a less composed poop, so I could feel it smear everywhere. I made my own frown as Amanda held the door open for me. Inside the bathroom Amanda picked me up and laid me on a changing table after she put a pad from her purse down. “How did your first class go?” She asked sliding my skirt up. “Good,” I told her, “I like the professor, he stuck up for me when the girl next to me was giving me a hard time.” Amanda ripped the tapes loose and made a little bit of a wiggle with her nose, “You stinkie!” she said. The smile on her face though said she was just happy to take care of me. “Sorry,” I told her. “We’ll have to remember to have you go at home tomorrow morning,” she said, “I should have had that brought over for yesterday…” I nodded as she wiped my butt firmly pulling away a brown gooey mess. She was in the middle of another wipe when a little rushed into the bathroom and looked at me with terror in her eyes. I noticed she had panties on, but they were leaving a drippy trail of pee and poop. Amanda noticed too and gave her a sad look. “Stay right there and I’ll change you next,” she told her. “Hold your skirt up so maybe you don’t have to lose that.” The poor girl started bawling and I felt bad for her. Amanda was obviously a faculty member from the badge on her blouse, and this would mean a demerit and a trip to Dean Sanders office most likely. She finished wiping me quickly, rediapered me, and set me on the ground, “Wait there a moment Stacy,” she ordered. “Come here little one,” she told the girl. “Let’s pull down those poopy panties, there’s no reason to save them,” she told her as she reached down to the girl. She sniffled but let Amanda pull them down and discard them into the trash can adjacent to the table. I watched as she used a couple wipes on her standing up and then picked her up, “Lay there and be good for a moment,” she told her and suspended her butt in the air with her ankles in one hand as she kept wiping her. She was much too big for one of my diapers, but Bella’s fit her and she had her diapered a moment later as a girl came rushing in, “Which little girl dripped all the way down the hallway?” She asked. “I don’t know, that trail was there when we came in,” Amanda told her. “Both of these little girls needed changed, but they were in diapers that held everything in.” “Damn…” the girl said and left after checking the stalls. “Are… are…” the little stammered. “Am I going to tell on you?” Amanda asked. The girl streamed tears from her eyes, but nodded. “No, but if you want my advice you won’t leave your dorm room in panties again. Make sure you don’t poop in a class and the worst that will happen is a diaper change. You should have about five demerits right now and a paddling.” The girl nodded, “Thank you miss,” she said. “I’m Meg, I really appreciate it.” “I have a little sister named Megan, so I can remember that. This little girl here is my adopted daughter Stacy.” “Nice to meet you,” the girl said as she was trying wipe her face with her hands. A bit of makeup was smearing and Amanda offered her a baby wipe, “Wipe your face really good, we’ll walk you out of here and you should be fine. What class are you going to?” “English…” she said nervously. “So am I!” I told her. “Over in the Jennings building?” She nodded. “Why don’t you walk with us,” I said. Amanda walked beside us to leave the bathroom a moment later as I watched another two large Amazonian girls follow the trail of poop and urine in with the hopes of capturing a little to turn them in, or claim for their own. Meg was hesitant to talk to me at first, but by the time we made it to the next building I discovered she had the same class that I did. Amanda dropped us off at the classroom, which was a moderately large lecture hall that seated about eighty students. I made a move to the front and she looked at me like I was nuts, “If you sit up front they can throw things at you…” she hissed. I shrugged, “If I sit at the front the professor may or may not be a defender. I’d rather be up front… Plus we don’t have any chairs to see over here.” “I guess,” she said as she sat in the too large seat and tried to use a sweatshirt to make herself a little more comfortable in the large seat. She was about a foot and a half taller than me. She watched in a little bit of confusion as I pulled my booster seat out of my bag and put it on the chair. “That looks a bit more comfortable,” she admitted. I was sitting almost at her level then at least. “Gotta do what I can…” “Aren’t you worried about being too much like a baby?” She asked as she squirmed in the diaper. “My dad always told me to never let anyone put me in a diaper…” “Is he still free?” I asked gently. She shook her head, “Last week just before I came here he was taken on the street…” “Your only real chance of staying free is wearing them I think…” “But what about you?” She paused, “I mean maybe your mom can help keep you from being kidnapped, but…?” I laughed, “I’m an adopted little is what she meant.” “Wait… you’re the one who’s adopted and still going to classes?” She asked just as I heard a “Hey Stacy!” from my side. I saw Laura and said, “Hi Laura,” to her. “Hey, why didn’t I hear from you this weekend?” She asked. I sighed, “My sister was poisoned by a fake LPS agent on Friday, and then they tried to get me that night… She fought for her life that night and was finally improving Saturday night, only to be kidnapped on Sunday…” “Wait, that girl was your sister?” they both asked simultaneously. I nodded, “Yes, my parents had taken her in to save her from some crazy stewardess on a flight to Selegnasol… I’d only had about a week to get to know her, but I already considered her to be a friend… I’m really worried for her.” Both girls nodded and looked sad too, but there was clearly nothing they could do at that point. “Aren’t you worried they’re coming for you too? Didn’t the news say your house was broken into too?” Laura asked. “I didn’t know they’d said that much…” I told Laura, “Yeah I am. They’ve tried for me a couple times already, so unless the police get them first they’ll probably try again.” “That sucks…” Meg said, “Your mom was really kind, I hate to see that happen to you all.” We talked for about ten more minutes as we had all arrived early to class and I learned that Anaya and Kristina were responsible for the two empty beds in our nest. Kristina had given herself over to the adoption program, while Anaya got busted for pooping her pants and then fought the nest mother that had caught her trying to sneak back into the dorm. Anaya had ended up being sent to the university’s daycare and had been seen last grinning without her teeth, being carried with only a diaper on to their playground. Every little had stayed as far away though as they could, lest they be roped in with her… The professor for the class had her own TAs to help out. Professor Benning was quite young really, having only received her PhD that past spring. She stated that the objectives of her class were to enable us to communicate and document our work in a clear and professional manner. Technical writing wasn’t to just be about essays, but real research type projects and reviews of journals. As we stood up to leave the class a couple Amazon girls came over and said, “How are your diapees holding up?” I sighed, “Mine’s wet, but my mommy is waiting outside.” “Her mommy promised to change us both,” Laura told her. “Wait, Mommy? Why would your mom be here?” The girl asked in confusion. “She’s a professor,” I told her. Sure enough as soon as we walked out of the classroom Amanda was waiting there and lifted my skirt to pronounce, “Well I have a wet little girl, huh?” “Can my friends come with us to lunch?” I asked. “Sure, they need a change too?” “Yes ma’am,” Laura said. “I didn’t bother with training panties today,” she told her honestly. “Well, let’s go by the Union and I’ll change you all and get you a meal at the food court there?” She suggested. The girls blushed but nodded as the aggressive girls stared at Amanda with looks of jealousy and anger. I reached up for Amanda’s hand and held it while Laura and Meg walked beside me. Laura was more comfortable being around Amanda by this point, but Meg was looking nervous that she was going to be forcibly adopted at any moment. Amanda changed both of them first before getting to me and leaving my naked rear in the air for my change. I tried to pretend that no one else was there to see Amanda change me… The three of us were all blushing as we washed our hands and then went outside to the food court. “What’s your next class?” Laura asked me. “Machine learning,” I answered. “Who teaches that?” Meg asked curiously. I tilted my head towards Amanda, “Professor Westerfield,” I said. It seemed like they had a pretty quiet weekend for the most part in the dorms, and it turned out that Laura had gone to the church that Amanda’s parents went to. I learned that Meg was an electrical engineering major, so I would probably inevitably have some other classes with her. As it was the three of us had our chemistry class together later in the afternoon. We didn’t have a long time to eat, especially with Amanda wanting to get to her classroom early, but we spent some time listening to stories from their weekend. They both had a break for a couple hours and were planning on going back to the dorm for a bit. Before we split up I traded cell phone numbers with them so we could get together again. Amanda also gave her number to them too for if they needed something from an ‘adult.’ At Kilby we ran into her office for just a quick moment to grab some papers before heading down to the sixth floor. Floor to ceiling glass doors and windows looked into a smaller classroom with a single horseshoe shaped table that opened to a white board and a projector screen. She motioned for me to sit down while she finished getting ready. With nothing else to occupy myself I watched the other students in the course come into the room. Being a more advanced computer science class the course was restricted both by pre-reqs and in numbers. Only nine other students besides myself would be joining us in the room, and all would be upperclassmen. A tall dark haired girl was the first to come through and said, “Hi Doctor Westerfield,” to Amanda as she came in. “Hi Danielle,” Amanda said with a smile. She looked at me and thought for a second, “You brought Stacy to your class to babysit today?” She asked. Amanda laughed, “No, she’s in this class for credit, just like you Danielle.” “Didn’t she just check-in as a freshman last week?” “Yes I did,” I answered myself. “Then how can you take this class? You have to have five semesters of pre-reqs?” “I tested out of them,” I told her with a smile. Danielle chewed on that, I didn’t think she was a totally condescending Amazon when I met her before, and I hoped I was right with this. “Seriously?” She stared at Amanda who nodded. “You must be like ridiculously smart…” she said to me. “Sorry if I came off as a bitch.” I laughed, “Don’t worry about it,” I said. Amanda went back to loading something on her computer and I pulled my own out to sit in front of me as other students came in. “What kind of computer is that?” A boy asked next to me, “I’m Eric by the way.” I looked up at the slightly shorter Amazon who was probably only nine-feet tall, with blonde hair, and a pizza face of pimples everywhere. Everything about him screamed ‘nerd,’ which meant I’d probably be able to make a friend if he could overlook my height. “Well it’s from the other dimension where I’m from…” I told him and went into the specs. “My computer has a lot more power, but it’s so tiny… that’s incredible that you have as much in that little machine as you do!” I smiled, “It’s me sized.” Danielle giggled at that, “More like doll sized… You are so tiny!” I shrugged, “Not going to deny that.” I talked with the two of them a little bit the next few minutes and then Amanda began the class. “Good afternoon and welcome back to Emerson! I hope you all had a good summer!” She looked at the class. “I think most of you have been in classes together, but why don’t you all introduce yourselves. This class will involve a lot of collaboration and I want to make sure that you get to know each other today.” She started with an Amazon boy at the far side of the room. As the others continued down the line I figured out that Danielle and I were actually the only two girls in the class. ‘Weird still knowing that I fit on that side of the fence now…’ I thought to myself. As I introduced myself there was a mixture of curiosity on the boys faces and something else… It was a little creepy actually as I was pretty sure they weren’t just thinking of being daddies for some reason. I noticed the same looks were only given briefly to Danielle before they looked down at their desks as she stared back at them. “Okay then, now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk about what we’re studying this semester.” She paused, “Tessa, come join us,” she said with a smile. To my surprise Tessa appeared. I was excited because she was probably the most advance piece of research I’d seen so far. “Hi Doctor Westerfield, Hi Stacy,” she said seeing me. “What is she?” Danielle asked. “How does she know Stacy?” “I’m an artificial entity projected via hologram into here,” Tessa told her. “I think I’m supposed to be an object lesson for you all today? Am I right Doctor Westerfield?” She almost smiled, “You’re right, Tessa here is the most advanced artificial intelligence on the planet. She started off templated off of some nanny bot programming, but we brought her to a new level of intelligence by helping aid her in learning on her own. AI like her is the ultimate goal of this class, but way beyond what most of you will be able to effectively work on until you are in grad school.” She looked back at Tessa, “Thanks for visiting Tessa, I know we’ll have you back soon.” “I look forward to it… and I hope you get your little girl back soon too. Please let me know if I can help.” Amanda turned white and I debated standing up as Tessa faded from existence. “What did she mean by that?” Danielle asked. “My sister was kidnapped yesterday,” I told her. “That was your daughter?” Danielle asked, “I’m so sorry, what are you both doing here?” “Nothing more we can do right now,” Amanda said sadly. “Let’s get back to the topic at hand. This course…” Amanda’s class was most certainly going to be the most demanding of all of my classes. I think even if she wasn’t my mommy I could plan on her being tough on me. As class ended I let loose a stream of urine into my diaper, knowing my best chance for a change was right then. A few students asked Amanda some questions, but most fled the room quickly. Danielle hung around for a second, “I’m sorry to hear about your daughter,” she told Amanda. “Is there anything you need?” She asked. “If you see Stacy around please keep an eye on her? That’s about it…” “Sure!” she said. “You want me to change her and get her to her next class?” Amanda shook her head, “Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got that taken care of right now,” she said with a smile. “See you around then,” she told us both. After Amanda had her bag and supplies together she reached down and picked me up to set me on her other side. My wet pamper was visible to several passing bigs and littles as we loaded the elevator to her office. “Hi Kim,” she said as we passed. “Hi Mandy,” she said, not having more time to talk because Amanda kept us moving. As we entered her office I looked at my watch and saw I had about forty minutes before my next class. “Let’s get this diaper changed, get you a bottle of juice, and then to your Chem class. I’ll need to come back and get some work done probably.” “You heard anything from the police or anyone?” She shook her head, “No news at least…” she said sadly. I hugged her as she lay out a changing pad on an edge of her desk and scooped me up to lay me down on it. She handed me a bottle of juice and just before I put it in my mouth I asked, “I wonder if Tessa would be able to help at all?” “That’s an interesting idea,” she admitted as she pushed my skirt out of the way. She ripped the two tapes off and wiped me, “I might try later.” “Did you sweep this room?” I asked around the bottle. She nodded, “anything hidden won’t make it out of here anyway, but I swept when we walked in.” “Did you happen to scan her for that chip she told us about?” She gave me a look as she taped my new diaper on, “Yes… and I copied it before I purged it of any information. If that’s why they kidnapped her they’re going to be really disappointed…” she said. I was sat upright and she wiped her hands with a wipey. “I’m still working on getting through it all. The part that I can get through is bothering me though because it looks familiar.” “Familiar?” I asked. “I’m not sure why, but it looks very similar to some ongoing projects I’ve consulted on around here. I’m going to have to spend some more time looking t it before I can be certain of where though…” “Can I get a look at it?” She gave me a narrow look, “When we get home,” she looked at her watch, “for now it’s time for you to go to chemistry!” I groaned but nodded. I drained another third of the bottle, but didn’t want to take it outside of her office to finish it. I handed it to her and she placed it inside a diaper bag she had sat next to her desk. She walked beside me to Kendrick Hall for my chemistry class. I saw Laura and Meg sitting at the front and sat on the other side of Laura so she was in the middle. “How was your class?” Laura asked. “It’s got to be a bit odd having your mommy as a professor?” “I’m dead certain that’s going to be my toughest class… we have some collaborative projects we’re going to have to do that maybe tough to work out. I’m also one of only two girls, and of course the only little in the class,” I told her. She laughed, “Actually you may have an easier time with the guys. They tend not to have the desire to baby us quite as bad at their age.” “No, they looked more like dating me was on the plate…” “Eew…” Meg said with a snort. “A big?” “It happens, right?” “Yeah, it does,” Laura admitted. “I know there were at least a couple freshman girls with Amazon parents and one had a little mom.” The room filled and got noisier and noisier until the professor stood up at the front and said, “Good afternoon!” There was a half-hearted response, to which Professor Casio said again, “Good afternoon!” “Good afternoon,” there came a light-hearted response that was a bit better. “Oh you all can do better than that!” He said, and did it again, at last getting the response he wanted. I knew this was one of my largest classes so I suspected he was going to be a bit more of a commanding person there. He really wasn’t very tall though… Maybe a bit shorter than Megan actually, but he seemed like a friendly sort of guy. His shorter status meant he was a bit less intimidating to me, but probably had to deal with Amazons scoffing at him. His class though? It was awesome! He kept up a great level of energy all the way through, explaining fundamentals of stoichiometry better than I’d ever had it taught to me back home. About midway through the class he called out, “Robert Stanson, what is the molecular weight of one mole of Cesium?” I turned and could just see a student who looked to have just been asleep looking amazed at the professor that he already knew his name. “Umm....” he said. “Ms. Westerfield? Can you help him out?” He said suddenly looking at me after letting him stew for a few moments. I felt my diaper grow warm with nerves but answered, “132.9054 grams?” “Correct!” he said, “Ms. Westerfield has a good chance of doing well in this course, Mr. Stanson you may have issues…” he said. The whole class chuckled at his expense but I could feel a glare to the back of my head. I sighed, but I wouldn’t hide my intelligence from anyone! He went on and began doing other formulas and dealing with atomic masses, along with using the ideal gas law. He assigned about forty pages of reading before Wednesday, and then sent us on our way at the end of the class time. As I hopped off the chair and began storing my portable booster he walked over to me. “I just wanted to say I’m glad you seem to be as sharp as I’ve heard Ms. Westerfield.” “Thank you sir,” I told him. “I really enjoyed your class today.” “I hope that continues. Laura, Meg, please let us know if you have questions,” he told them. We walked out the back of the lecture hall and I asked, “How does he know all of our names?” One of the TAs was at the back collecting some information cards we’d filled out. “Doctor Casio memorizes every students name before you get to campus. He uses the pictures you send in initially to the university, but then gets an update with student IDs during orientation. He shuffles through them on his computer and tablet.” “That’s kind of cool,” Laura said. “Yeah,” Meg said. Amanda was standing in the lobby and I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, have a good night!” “Night,” they said to me. I walked up to Amanda and said, “Hi,” to her. “You ready to go home?” I nodded and held my arms up to her. She obliged by picking me up and putting me on her side for the walk to her car. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I hope you’re all still enjoying this tale, even though I took a hard left turn! I’ll be working to write more this weekend, and am really hoping to get a major chunk of the rest written. At this point I have the end game sketched out, it’s just a matter of writing it! Thanks for everyone who has been leaving comments/likes. Please do let me know what you think! Comments help spur me on! Thanks for reading!