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    Note: So I've been busy this past year, writing for Cushypen.com It's a pay site, but I'm allowed to release my stuff after it's been on the site for a year. So here's what I've been doing all this time. Enjoy, Personalias Interview with the Baby Premise: In which Olivia takes a babysitting job that is much more than she could have possibly anticipated. Beware of magic. Session 1: Introductions I stood there in my jeans and company t-shirt at the door marked “1017AB”. It was just starting to get dark and I was nervously shuffling my feet from side to side. It was my first job working for kidcare2u.net, an off-brand, online babysitting service that just so happened to have some listings in my city. I was just out of college with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad were right: There wasn’t much money (knew that going in- nobody gets into actually helping people for the money), and there wasn’t much in the way of employability, either. All the agencies I had applied to were in a “hiring freeze” because of the economy or some other such bullshit. I didn’t want to keep waiting tables at Hooters for the rest of my life- I justified it while I was in college but I couldn’t afford to go back- and I wanted to feel like I was doing something at least marginally related to my degree. Hence the babysitting gig. I liked working with kids, even if this clientele would likely come from less disadvantaged stock than I had been preparing myself for. Still, kidcare2u.net had had a good rating, and they put in more effort than craigslist, at least. The whole pitch for the business was to “bring the daycare experience” home. Basically, they promoted affordable and well trained babysitting and nanny jobs that you could hire online with the assurance that everyone was trained, screened, and supplied with materials and fun activities for the little tots to be stimulated by. So, I signed up, attended the trainings, and got registered on their site. The classes they held at their regional training center were pretty boring, and mostly common sense stuff; the type of things that a freshman child psych course might cover haphazardly crammed into one day. Then there were the embarrassingly outdated and simple “how to change a diaper” drills using baby dolls. Kids’ stuff, really. But, having “certified child technician” as part of your job title lent an air of legitimacy. It was better than being a “sandwich artist” at Subway anyhow. At least the background checks were legit, and the agreement to take money out of my paychecks to pay for the “trainings” lent an air of authenticity to the company. If they had asked for money from me up front I would have screamed “PYRAMID SCHEME!” and never looked back. As per the company’s rules, I was here to do a babysitting job, and if I got enough jobs in a set amount of time with good reviews, then I’d be put on the full time “nanny” postings. That’s where the real money was, I was assured. For now though, I was just trying to get by, pay rent, and afford ramen. The job was at this well-to-do apartment complex, building 10, room 17AB. That last part still sticks in my head because none of the other apartments had letters associated with their markings and locations. The doors literally read, “1014, 1015, 1016, 1017AB”. If I had thought anything, I figured it was just a quirk, like maybe this was the property manager’s apartment or something. I probably didn’t think anything of it at all, though. I was too nervous and jittery. I stood there at the door, waiting for some time between five minutes and eternity for someone to answer. I was wearing the pastel pink t-shirt with “Kidcare2U” printed right on the front, tucked into some very functional jeans with some sneakers. I personally would have worn something a little more formal, maybe a bit more motherly, like a nice blouse and skirt with some flats, but the company emphasized “functionality and flexibility”. Their customer base wanted someone to play with their kids, not just watch them, and so something you could roll around the floor on as necessary was a must. I brushed some of my auburn hair out of my face, wishing I had brought something to tie it back with. As I knocked on the door for what must have been the third or fourth time as questions raced through my head: What if this didn’t pan out? What if this client didn’t like me? What if the kid was a brat about to put me through a night of hell? What if I wasn’t good enough? What if I’d wasted the last few years of my life? Why wasn’t anybody answering? What if they had canceled and nobody at the site or in the company had told me? What if I was too early? What if I was at the wrong fucking place and the customer was wondering where the fuck I was?! When I was at the apex of my impending panic attack, the door finally, mercifully, opened. Out stepped a woman who was maybe ten years my senior; she was in her early thirties at most and had raven black hair that was kept short and close cropped to her head. She wore thick rimmed glasses and had the darkest eyes I’d ever seen on a woman. Something was just a little off about the way she dressed though. She was about the same age as my big sister, but she was dressed more like my mom. She had a black A-line cut skirt that stopped at about the knees, with panty hose and black heels, along with a light blue blouse and a matching black blazer with shoulder pads. She wore a necklace with little, gray, rocky beads around it. I couldn’t get a close look, but I noticed that there was a strange writing engraved on the little beads. I’d been expecting someone ready for a night on the town, not a boardroom meeting. She looked me up at down and her eyes rested on the t-shirt, before they lit up and she broke out into a smile. “Oh, you’re with the babysitting service!” she remarked politely enough, opening the door fully and waving me inside. “I am so sorry for keeping you waiting, dear, I was just finishing putting the baby to bed.” “No problem,” I smiled politely, just relieved to be in the right place at the right time. “I’m Olivia Miller, and you are…?” “Cissy Hawk,” she held out her hand. I took it. “Pleased to meet you, Olivia. Have you been with the company long?” “I’ve babysat before back in high school, but this is my first job job doing it,” I admitted. “Oh, well this will be an easy first job,” Miss Hawk said. “I’m going out for just an hour or two to meet with some old friends for dinner. I just need someone to watch over my daughter while I’m out.” “That’s what I’m here for,” I told her. “What do you need me to do?” “Oh, Maddie’s already fast asleep,” Cissy replied, “so this should be easy for you. If she wakes up, give her a bottle, change her diaper and then put her back to bed.” “Will she be afraid of me? I am a stranger to her,” I mentioned. “Maddie’s always been very good with people,” she assured me, “and I do this sort of thing often enough to where Maddie’s used to waking up and seeing a nanny or a sitter.” “Oh…” was all I could say. I honestly hadn’t expected the job to be this easy. Sit at a house while a baby sleeps; this would be remarkably simple. “Well, I need to be off,” Cissy Hawk said walking to her front door. “Maddie’s room is in the back. You’ll know if she’s awake, believe me. Bottles are in the fridge- don’t worry about heating them up, she likes them cold. Diapers are under the changing table, and the baby monitor is on the coffee table by the couch. My cell phone number is on the fridge if there’s an emergency-“ Phone! I almost forgot! I half sprinted to the door, reached into my pocket and handed her a company card with my cell number written in pen on it. “Here’s my number if you need to contact me,” I told her. Miss Hawk looked at the card and mused. “Hmmm…no other sitter from the service has given me one of these. New feature?” “Actually, it’s kind of my thing,” I told her. “Figured you’d want to get ahold of me.” “Yes,” Miss Hawk mused, “Yes, I might.” Then she smiled. “Thank you very much. This makes me feel much better. See you in a few hours, Olivia.” Then, just like that, she turned around and was gone. I let out a sigh of relief. The hardest part, meeting the parent, was over. I spent some time wandering around the apartment, getting a lay of the land, so to speak. It was a decent sized layout; two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, a laundry area, a dining area, and a living room. The furniture definitely looked expensive enough. Everything was immaculate, and that got my attention, too. I didn’t hear any mention of a husband or father, and I didn’t see any pictures to indicate that anyone other than my client and her child lived there. So I did the math: Single mom, business type, immaculate and expensive looking apartment. Cissy Hawk definitely had a housekeeper, and likely made some big bucks from the look of things. If I played my cards right I could make some serious money. I vaguely wondered if maybe little Maddie might need full time child care for a while. I plopped myself down on the couch across from the television and picked up the baby monitor. It was a new, fancy type with a video feed. In the crib there was a camera that sent a feed to a screen on the monitor. There she was, sleeping peacefully. Maddie, a precious little girl who couldn’t have been older than one, suckled on the paci clipped to her footie pajamas. The monitor wasn’t in color, but even so I could tell she had a patch of black hair, just like her mother’s. I couldn’t help but smile, first because of how cute the little girl was, and second because I wouldn’t have to deal with her when she wasn’t cute for very long. That was one of the fringe benefits of being a babysitter, I thought to myself: You could take care of the kids, play with them, and then give them back at the end of the night. I turned on the TV and channel surfed mindlessly for the better part of an hour, when suddenly I heard a faint mumbling coming from the baby monitor. Mumbling became moaning and moaning became whining in the two seconds it took for me to pick up and check the monitor. Little Maddie was stirring, her face contorting into painful looking frowns as she spat out her pacifier and began to howl. I kept my cool and walked to the refrigerator and opened it. I took out a baby bottle full of milk, no need to heat it up, I remembered, and quickstepped to the bedroom door to the very back of the apartment. I didn’t need the monitor anymore to hear an infant’s wailing through the door. “It’s okay baby Maddie,” I cooed as I opened the door. “Your new friend Miss Olivia is here to-…” I flicked on the light switch and stopped midsentence. What I saw I couldn’t believe. It was a nursery, all right. But not one sized for an actual infant. All of the furniture and toys were huge; all big enough for a grown adult to use. The changing table, the rocking chair, and the crib (especially the crib) were all sized for a grown-ass man or woman. And now, laying in the crib, kicking her feet, and whining with wordless mewls, was baby Maddie. She laid there in her pastel pink footie pajamas, the bulge of a diaper evident around her mid-section, with her pacifier dangling on the clip, and she was clearly on the verge of bawling into an outright tantrum. There was just one problem: Baby Maddie was no baby. She looked to be about my age if not a little older. Her hair was black and kept short, though it looked more like a short haircut than the almost-baldness of a baby. Her babyish pajamas didn’t hide the fact that she was diapered, and they didn’t hide the fact that she had boobs either. Being a rational adult, I did what I feel most people would have done in my situation; I shrieked and screamed. “THE FUCK?!”, was the first coherent word that I remember coming out of my mouth after a solid five second shriek of confused panic. The hell was this? Where had the baby in the picture gone? Why was this adult woman dressed and acting like a baby? Was she mentally disabled or something? Was this a weird fetish thing that I had gotten roped into? Where were the goddamned hidden cameras and smiling host to tell me that I was on T.V.? The woman in the crib stopped crying and everything was silent for a moment. You could hear a pin drop, along with the thud of me dropping the baby bottle. Milk spurted out into the carpet. She sat up and pulled herself up to her knees, holding herself up by the giant crib’s railing. She looked at me in silent wonder, sizing me up and looking at me with a kind of desperate curiosity. Why was she looking at me like I was the freak? “Can…” she asked, “can…can you see me?” I nodded, my mouth still open from shock. “And…and…and…” the woman stuttered, “you see me as a grown-up? As an adult?” Again, I nodded. Her breathing picked up a notch. A tear rolled down her cheek. She started smiling. It was the desperate, desperate smile of someone fucked who sees an inkling of salvation. “And you can understand what I’m saying?” “Yeah,” I whispered. “IT’S A MIRACLE!” she shouted at the top of her lungs. “PLEASE! MISS! YOU GOTTA HELP ME! YOU GOTTA-“ I didn’t wait for her to finish. I wanted out of this right now. No amount of money in the world could convince me to do some weird kind of fetish babysitting. I had heard of this kind of stuff in chat rooms and internet creepypastas, but I never thought that I’d get dragged into it. “PLEASE NO! WAIT!” I heard as I rushed out the door. “YOU GOTTA- BAAAABAAAABAAAAABAAA!” As soon as I was out of that room, I heard the woman’s words become baby babble. The same babble was coming from the monitor that I’d left on the couch. I should have ignored it and followed my gut. I should have run away and kept going. Worst case scenario, I’d be fired. This in no way counted as child endangerment or negligence. There were better ways to make money. Instead I checked the baby monitor. I expected to the same infant girl crying on the monitor or sleeping peacefully, like some kind of pre-recorded loop. There was no baby there. Someone had moved the baby, or something. In the very corner of the screen, I saw a tiny pajama foot and I heard mewling, pleading babble coming from the monitor. The same exact babbling was echoing in the giant nursery I’d just dashed out of. The fuck was going on? I ran back into the room, baby monitor in hand this time. “Thank god!” The woman in the baby clothes cried out, her cheeks now tear streaked. “You haven’t left. Thank God Almighty! It’s a miracle.” She hung her head in a kind of manic exhaustion. I looked down at the monitor screen. There was a foot shaped outline taking up most of the camera now in place of the petite image that I saw before. “Where’s the baby?” I demanded to know. “What?” the woman asked. “Where’s the baby?” I repeated. “Where’s Maddie?” “I am Maddie!” the woman said. “I’m the baby!” “Bullshit.” “No,” she insisted, “it’s true. I’m under a spell, and for some…for some reason…for some amazing reason, you can see through it.” “Why did I see a real baby on the monitor a minute ago?” I pressed. “I don’t know!” the baby woman practically shrieked. “This has never happened before. Normally, people look at me and just see a baby.” She looked at me and I saw the hope dim in her insane gaze. “Oh god, no,” she almost sobbed, “you don’t believe me, do you?” I shook my head. No way was this happening. No way at all. “Prove it,” was all I said. I figured I’d give this crazy bitch some rope to hang herself with. She looked at the monitor in my hand and laid down in the giant crib. “Look at the monitor.” I did as she asked, and when I looked down, there was the woman claiming to be baby Maddie, her face filling up the screen. “Now….” she took a breath, “turn your back to me, and look at the monitor.” I did. Same woman. No baby. “What am I supposed to be looking for?” I asked. “Not working?” she asked. “Nope.” “Goddamnit…” she hissed. “Try leaving the room.” Easier done than said. I walked out of the room. This was just getting sad. Out of curiosity, I looked down at the monitor. There now, in place of the grown woman, was the baby girl, looking into the little camera looking down in the crib. I could make out the tear tracks on her face even, same as the insane lady in the giant crib in the next room. Back in I went. “Okay,” I asked, “how did you do that?” “Baby?” she asked. “Yeah.” I confirmed. “Neat trick. Split second camera switching?” “So,” she sat back up in the crib. “It only works when you’re in the same room as me.” “The hell?” I half asked, half stated. “Try something else,” the lady went on ignoring my concern. “Does the furniture and stuff look bigger to you too?” “Uh…yeah?” That much was obvious. Why wouldn’t it be? “Take something else out of the room with you,” she offered. “Like, grab a diaper or something.” “Seriously?” “Please,” she insisted. “You wouldn’t still be here if you weren’t at least a little bit curious.” Damn it. She had me there. I walked over to the humongous changing table and reached for a diaper. It was big all right; definitely adult sized. It was folded twice, it was so big. But, it was decorated with Sesame Street characters on the front and had a yellow wetness indicator going down the middle. I took a closer look and saw the Pampers logo on it with a little “Size 3” in the right corner. Except for the sizing, it was an exact replica of the type of baby diapers I had practiced with at the training center for kidcare2u. I could even smell the hint of perfume in the diaper wafting up to my nose. Without further ado, I quickly walked out of the adult nursery and back into the living room. My eyes looked down at the diaper in my hand and it’s a miracle that they didn’t leap out of my skull. I was holding a regular Pampers Swaddlers diaper, size 3. “Oh fuck!” I swore in disbelief. The diaper fell from my hand and wafted gently to the floor. I heard baby babble coming from the nursery, but I couldn’t understand it. “What happened?” the baby woman asked as I returned. “It shrunk,” I said dumbly. “That’s how most people see them,” she told me. “That’s how most people see me.” “What the hell is going on?!” I spat out. My pulse was racing. My synapses tingled. The world wasn’t making any sense and I was desperate for any kind of life preserver in the stormy sea of madness I felt I was drowning in. The woman in the crib threw me one. “Magic,” she pronounced with complete serious and certainty. “That woman, Cissy Hawk; my ‘mother’”, she made quotations with her fingers, “is some kind of witch. I’m her prisoner.” “How long?” I couldn’t help but ask. “Close to two years,” she said. “And in that time, you’re the first person other than her who has seen me as anything more than a baby.” “Why me?” “I have no fucking clue.” She sounded as discombobulated as I felt. “You shouldn’t be able to.” “What do I do?” I asked. “Get me out of here!” she screamed. “Please!” “How?!” “Carry me! I can’t walk!” “Then what?!” “I…” she stopped. “I don’t know,” she seemed to deflate in front of me. “Shit. I need some time to think.” She paused for a moment than snapped her head up. “Wait…what time is it?” “A little after 8 o’clock,” I told her. “Damn it,” she hissed. “Cissy will probably be back soon. She never stays away for too long. We’ve got to find a way for you to come back. I need time to think. Time to plan. I’ll go back to sleep, you make a good impression on Cissy, and I’ll try to convince her to let you sit me again.” “Alright” I nodded, not realizing the amount of crazy I was about to dive into. I turned to leave when – “Wait!” the woman shouted. I turned around and faced her. “I don’t even know your name.” “Oh,” I blushed a bit. I walked forward and offered my hand to her. “Olivia.” “Madison,” she told me, taking my hand and shaking it in kind. She smiled and laughed at herself. “It feels like forever since someone shook my hand and it didn’t feel like I was doing some kind of stupid pet trick.” “Nice to meet you, Madison,” I told her. “I hope I can help.” “Me too, Olivia,” Madison agreed, “me too.” I turned around to leave when I heard Madison mewl out, “Olivia?” “Yeah?” I turned back around. “When I woke up,” Madison blushed, “it really was because I was thirsty.” She pointed to the bottle of milk that I had dropped on the floor. “Do you mind?” Fifteen minutes later, Cissy Hawk, accused witch, walked through the door to her apartment. “How was everything?” she asked me. “What?!” I practically jumped. I’m a terrible liar. Every time I’m nervous, I say “what?” to give myself time to think. “I said, how was everything?” Miss Hawk repeated. “Oh…” my mind went blank. “We’re fine, we’re all fine here…now…thankyou…how are you?” “Did Maddie wake up at all?” Miss Hawk asked me. Her eyes narrowed. She suspected something, I knew. She could smell my fear. I breathed in slowly through my nose and then turned my brain off to everything I had seen in the last twenty or so minutes. “Yeah,” I told her nonchalantly. “But just like you told me, I got her a bottle and gave it to her, and she drank it all down and went to sleep.” I wasn’t technically lying, but I decided to deflect any more questions. “Thanks for letting me sit for her,” I said. “She’s a real cutie.” “Oh,” Cissy Hawk seemed taken aback by this. She smiled. “Why, thank you, my dear.” Yup. She was a witch all right. No one in their 30’s actually talked like that. This was likely some old hag who used magic to make herself look young the same way that Madison looked like a baby to most people. “Well,” I said, to fill the awkward silence. “You already paid for the time that I was here on the site. Kidcare2u will add this to my paycheck.” “That is convenient,” Miss Hawk agreed. “Good night, to you, Olivia.” “Good night, ma’am.” I nodded in a sort of semi-bow and waved goodbye, showing myself to the door. “Olivia,” Miss Hawk called out to me before I had even opened the door. “Would you be interested in watching little Maddie next week?” “Um…sure…” I responded, appearing to give serious, but not too serious consideration to the offer. “I think you can request me personally on the site.” “Or,” Miss Hawk offered, “I could just call you directly to set up a date and time. I have your phone number after all.” “Oh yeah, you do.” Maybe this second meeting with this strange, cursed girl was going to be easier to set up than either of us anticipated. “Very good.” Cissy smiled politely, like a spider that had just invited the fly into her parlor. “I’ll call you sometime tomorrow to make the proper arrangements.” Then again, maybe “easier” wasn’t necessarily “better”. Session 2: Diapers “So you’re incontinent?” I asked Madison. “Nope,” Madison replied matter-of-factly. “Not potty trained.” “You were never potty trained?” I gawked in disbelief. “No!” Madison laughed. “I was totally potty trained before this happened,” she gestured to her current state of dress. She wore a lavender t-shirt with the words “Momma’s Girl” in yellow lettering. It did nothing to cover up her proportionately sized Pampers, bulging out enough that it forced her to sit slightly bowlegged on the floor of the apartment. Other than that, she was naked. I, meanwhile, joined her on the floor, leaning against the sofa; feeling it rude to sit on the furniture while she was on the floor. Cissy Hawk had hired me again to babysit “Little Maddie”, and I took her up on the offer. Now, she was paying me to find out more about how her magic worked and make an escape plan with her “baby” while she caught a double matinee at the Multiplex Theatre. “So you’re incontinent?” I half asked, half insisted. “I’m not,” Madison repeated herself. “I’m just not potty trained.” “What’s the difference?” “Incontinent means there’s something medically wrong with me or something” Madison told me. “There’s not. I just…don’t know how to use the toilet anymore. It got ripped out of my head.” She added. “You don’t know how to use the toilet, anymore?” my left eyebrow arched in curiosity. “Yeah,” she sighed. “I get about as far as taking your clothes off, and then my mind goes blank.” I opened my mouth to say something, but Madison held up a hand to fend me off, “and don’t bother trying to explain it to me; whatever magic is keeping me like this,” again she gestured to herself, “makes it quite impossible for me to understand.” “Cissy showed me when she first cast the spell,” Madison explained. “The moment anyone starts to talk me through the process, my brain gets the worst case of attention deficit disorder and I lose focus. To add insult to injury, I usually come back to myself right when I need a change.” “What about putting you on the toilet? Walking you through it?” I offered. Madison shook her head disappointingly. “Naw,” she sighed. “Cissy did that to me too, just to see what happens. As soon as the diaper’s off and my cheeks hit the seat, I started having a panic attack like I’m afraid the potty’s a monster and it’s going to eat me. It’s…not pleasant. I don’t imagine I’d have much luck with catheters either, though thankfully Cissy hasn’t tried that,” Madison smiled ruefully. “So you wear diapers full time?” “Yup.” “And use them?” I leaned in. “For number one and number two,” she confirmed. “I don’t even know I’m going in my pants until I’m in the middle of doing it, and even then it’s a coin flip if I notice or not. I’ve completely lost my milestone for potty training.” “Your milestone?” I repeated. “Yeah,” Madison answered me. “Those stones that Cissy wears around her like a necklace; those are milestones; achievements that you carry with you from growing up.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “When Cissy first cast this spell on me,” Madison explained, “I felt nauseated, like I was gonna hurl my guts up. But then,” she continued, “instead of puking up my lunch, I heaved up a bunch of little rocks with weird markings on them. Next thing I know, I can’t walk, or dress myself, or feed myself, or drink from a glass, or even use a freaking toilet. Cissy keeps them around her neck like a trophies.” I counted on my fingers the number of limitations Madison told me she had. I had gotten a good look at that necklace that Miss Hawk had the other night. She was wearing it this morning too when I had arrived at the apartment. “I’m pretty sure she had more than five little rocks on that necklace of hers,” I said. “There might be some things I’m forgetting,” Madison conceded my point. “But I also don’t think I’m her first ‘baby’”, she made air quotes with her fingers again. “How’d you get stuck like this?” I inquired. Madison sighed and slumped. “Would you believe pet sitting?” she asked. I didn’t know whether to laugh or not, so I just stayed silent. “Yeah, I know,” Madison conceded, “pathetic. She used to have an old cat around this place; referred to it as her ex-husband. I thought it was joke, but now I’m not so sure. Anyway, when he died-“ Madison started. “She did this to you.” I finished. Not a question. Madison nodded meekly. “Said she had a void in her heart to fill,” Madison told me. “Fuck…that’s heavy.” I said. “Yeah…” she agreed. Then we didn’t say anything for a little while. The silence became a blanket and we both wrapped ourselves in it. “So…diapers.” I finally tried to steer the conversation to something at least a little lighter. Madison feeling sorry for herself and reliving those terrors wouldn’t do her any good. “What about them?” Madison asked, suddenly looking me in the eye. “What’s it like wearing them?” She just sat there, staring at me. Her eyes betrayed nothing about what she was thinking. I couldn’t tell if she was considering biting my head off or just thinking of the right words to say. Maybe I imagined it, but I swear I could feel an almost palpable heat coming off of her. “You really wanna know?” she asked me, frowning. Good, she was angry. Anger could be a productive emotion. “Yeah,” I told her innocently enough. “What’s it like?” “Awful,” she said bluntly. “They might be the worst part about these last couple of years.” That part actually intrigued me, I’ll admit. “Worse than the not walking?” I asked her. “Worse, Olivia, way worse.” She replied. “Worse than not being able to feed yourself?” I pressed on. “Much worse.” “Worse than-?” I started to say. “YES!” Madison cut me off, screaming. “THEY’RE THE FUCKING WORST! GET IT?! ARE YOU DONE GETTING YOUR JOLLIES OFF AT MY FUCKING EXPENSE? THEY ARE THE WORST!” I stopped. Tears were streaming down Madison’s face. I can’t explain it, but some little voice in my head told me to press on. Some terrible morbid curiosity grabbed ahold of me and wouldn’t let go, and I still don’t know why. “Why?” I spoke up. “They’re just underwear. Underwear that you have to… y’know…but it’s still just underwear. There are adults that wear them too.” Madison’s tears stopped. She wasn’t looking at me anymore, but off into the middle distance. “This,” she pointed to her Muppet-emblazoned waistline, “is not underwear.” Her voice was steady now, calm and leveled. Over the course of whatever fucked up life she’d been living, she’d clearly had this conversation with herself before. But this might be the first time she was having it out loud with another person. “I could…” she stopped. “You could…” she corrected herself, “you could take me out in public dressed just like I am right now, and as long as the spell held up, it’d be perfectly acceptable. You might get some awkward glances if it were snowing and I wasn’t bundled up, or something, but otherwise, I could go around in public in my diaper.” “If you go out in public in just a t-shirt and panties,” she went on. “You’d be arrested for indecent exposure. This isn’t underwear wrapped around my ass, it’s just…wear.” “But you could wear something over it, to cover it up,” I suggested. “If you had the choice, I mean. It would be underwear then.” “And some people wear long sleeved t-shirts under short sleeved t-shirts, or a jacket over a tank top,” she countered. “Doesn’t make the first layer actual underwear. I mean, if I was wearing Attends, or Abenas, or Dry-24/7, or something like that, that would be different. They’re expected to be concealed because the people who are old enough to wear them are expected to have shame.” I had no idea what she was talking about, but Attends sounded a little like Depends and based on the context, I figured those were some type of adult diaper. “I still don’t think they’re not underwear,” I said. “Okay,” Madison replied. “Take off your pants.” “What?” I gasped. “Take off your pants,” she repeated. “Just chill with me in your panties.” “Um…I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that,” I felt my face getting a little warmer. “I barely know you.” “Yet, you haven’t batted an eye sitting here on the floor with me in my Pampers,” Madison said, almost defiantly. “For that matter, do you think I’m wearing a bra?” “Oh…” I blushed. “Yeah…” I let the thought trail off. “Yeah…” she brought it home. “And I suppose that’s the part that really gets to me after a while.” She sighed and looked back down at her crotch. “Look,” she pointed to the diaper once more. “These even have a little yellow line that turns blue when I piss in them. No way to hide it. No discretion. No privacy. No nothing.” I saw her lip start to quiver a bit. “And yeah, I don’t have that right now, with or without the diapers, but it’s with the diapers where it’s the most obvious…the most in your face.” “Look, you don’t have to…” I reached out to touch her shoulder. She batted my hand away. “No, I do. I need to get this out.” She was crying again, but her voice wasn’t wavering. “First you have to…y’know…” she let the thought of pissing her pants just hang in the air, “and then you have two really bad choices: You either sit there in your own…fluids…and try to keep your mind off it, or you have to cry for help. I can’t just walk off and change myself.” “Then they come and check your diaper,” she went on. “If you were trying to ignore it, that pretty much slams you back to reality. If you were trying to draw attention to it, then your judgement about what’s going on in your own pants is being called into question. After all,” she sniffled, “I’m just a baby. And I don’t know how many times, a sitter, or a daycare worker, or even Cissy has decided that I’m ‘not wet enough’” she made the air quotes. I could hear the disdain in her voice. “So then, not only am I in a wet diaper, but the only way to get out of it is to piss myself even more.” “But it doesn’t end there,” her voice wavered a bit as she went deeper and deeper into her own mind. This was so not what I had intended. I had tried to get her mind working so we could be more productive, and now, here I was, just driving her more into a pool of her own self-pity. “Because then, some grown-up picks you up and carries you off to change you.” If Maddie noticed my own heartbroken looks that I was sending her way, she didn’t react. “That’s the most discretion I’ve ever been allowed. One time, Cissy changed me in the middle of the floor here in front of some friends of hers…I just wanted to curl up and die.” “Madison, I…” “And even when they carry you off somewhere else, it’s not like that matters,” she ignored me. “There’s always that cute little fuckin’ announcement: ‘Time for a change’, or whatever.” She huffed and then sniffled again. “Might as well say ‘Dipshit pissed herself’ and blare it on a megaphone. The public changes are the worst. I’ve gotten my ass wiped in a bathroom while a three year old brat pointed and gawked while her mother praised her for being a ‘big girl.’” “Madison…” “No!” she snapped at me. “You wanted to know, so now you’re gonna know.” I said nothing more. “They lay you down, strap you to a board and then open the diaper like it’s no big deal. Your private parts, the part of you that you’ve been taught to guard against anyone who wasn’t a doctor or a lover, are just exposed out in the open with complete disregard for your feelings. I’ve had total strangers look at my genitals without consent and no regard for how I felt. Meanwhile, I’m humiliated and exposed…and they’re just worried about getting another diaper on me before I pee on them! At least old people get trained nurses. Some of my sitters haven’t even graduated high school yet.” She was on the verge of bawling. “Then…then…” she hiccupped. “Then…they just put a new diaper on you, and maybe some powder and tape you back up, and they get to wash their hands and go about their business like nothing happened.” She paused, looking like she fighting her own throat to choke the next few words out. “And then, even though I’m clean, I…JUST…FEEL SO…VIOLATED!” That’s when all pretense of strength left her and she crumpled into the fetal position on the floor. Sounds came out of her, but nothing that could be described as coherent words. I sat there on the floor, close to her, but not next to her. Wanting to reach out and comfort her, but not daring to. In trying to dig just a little deeper, encouraged by my own morbid curiosity of her strange situation, I had hurt this girl. No, I had hurt this woman who had been reduced to a girl. That was arguably when I felt my lowest as a human being. Gradually, Madison regained her composure, and her face went from a beet red to a pink as her breathing slowed and she wiped the tears and snot onto her shirt sleeve. “You alright?” I asked, gently. “No,” she said dejectedly. “I haven’t been alright for a while.” She hung her head down. Her black hair was kept short, and did nothing to hide her smooth features. I assumed that this was because of the witch’s desire. Really, though, she did look like she could be related to her captor, in some way. They similar hair, and even the same dark, haunting eyes. Cissy Hawk really could have been Madison’s older sister, if not her mother. “Shit…” she cursed. “What?” I wondered. She pointed down at her crotch. The little yellow line that ran between her legs had turned blue. “How bad?” I inquired, knowing deep down that I’d regret the answer. “Pretty bad,” Madison told me. She shifted over to her hands and knees and stuck her padded rump into the air. The yellow line of the diaper’s wetness indicator had turned blue on the majority of the diaper’s back area. The front was in likewise color and condition. In the blink of an eye, Madison had flooded her Pampers and was likely in danger of leaking. “So,” I hemmed and hawed. “Now what?” Madison, looked up at me, obviously mortified. “Change me?” was all that she said. I wanted to find an excuse. I honestly did. I had trained to change a child’s diapers, and not an adult’s. And magic or not, baby design or otherwise, Madison was still an adult wearing adult size diapers. “Umm…” I heard myself saying; trying to figure out a way out of it. “What?!” Madison accused, “Am I not wet enough?! Do I need to do more to myself to earn a clean diaper?” My jaw must have hit the floor. I felt my face for the bruise, as I felt I had been slapped. Madison must have seen it, too. “Look,” she whispered, crawling a little bit closer to me. “If my Mom…I mean Cissy… gets home and sees me in a soaked diaper, she might question the level of care you’re giving me. Then, she won’t hire you to sit me, and then it’s who-knows-how-long before someone else who can see through the spell finds me. Olivia,” she pleaded, “you’re the only one who can help me right now; in more ways than one.” “When you put it that way,” I sighed as I stood up. “Come on,” I motioned for her to follow me to her nursery, “let’s go.” I made a bee line for the back of the apartment without looking behind me, keeping track of Madison’s relative distance from me by the tell-tale crinkle of her diaper as she crawled up behind me. I arrived in what looked like a normal infant’s room, with everything to normal scale. It’s honestly what I had imagined when I first took the sitting job. After about five seconds, I heard Madison crinkle up behind me on her hands and knees. In less than the blink of an eye, everything blew up like a balloon. Toys grew. A crib expanded. A rocking chair and ottoman magnified themselves. A changing table engorged and diapers practically inflated. Even then, I was learning how the spell that kept Madison a baby worked. If I understood it correctly, Madison was a properly sized adult, but everything pertinent to her being an infant increased in size while in proximity to her, while some part of it made others not notice the change and see her as the infant instead. It wasn’t quite to scale. For example, had Madison actually been an infant, there likely would have been more than enough room for her whole body on the changing table; it would have dwarfed her. But looking at the thing as compared to her, it looked like it would fit her comfortably enough, but her feet would stop just short of the edge. It was close enough, though, truth be told. Wordlessly, I walked to the now behemoth changing table. This was okay. This was okay. This was not at all what I had signed up for, but this was okay. My mouth was suddenly very dry. The clinical part of my brain was telling me this was no big deal, and that it had to be done so I should just get it over with, but the irrational part of my brain was telling me that this was too weird on almost every level. This wasn’t a baby; this was, for all intents and purposes, a peer. And I had no experience doing this sort of thing before and had had no desire to gain the experience. I was so not ready for this, but I didn’t really have a choice. Madison crawled up, still on her hands and knees and sat by my feet. “You’re gonna have to help me up,” she said simply. “I can’t walk, remember?” I nodded and bent over. Madison helpfully grabbed me into a kind of hug while I threaded my arms under hers. “On three,” I said. “One…two…three!” I heaved and hefted her off the ground. Her legs quickly wrapped around my waist, and it was just a quick pivot and heft onto the table to get her over. Once her body was being supported by the changing table, she unwrapped herself from around me and squirmed a bit until she was laying on the table. Meanwhile, I was panting and trying to catch my breath. By God, she was heavy. Actually, that wasn’t entirely accurate. Had she been standing up, I could easily have supported her into a quick piggy back carry or something with no problem. But right then, she was just so much dead weight. Even her arms and legs did little by grabbing onto me other than keep themselves from flailing about. So, I effectively had just dead lifted myself. “Sorry,” she half whispered, looking a little surprised. “Nobody’s ever had that kind of trouble before. I guess the spell makes me seem lighter to most people, too. Looks like everything else, you’re immune to it.” “Lucky me,” I lightly panted as I regained composure. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at the whole absurdity of the situation. More of a giggle, really. Perhaps seeing the absurdity of the situation and appreciating it, Madison giggled a little bit, too. “So,” I looked her in the eyes. “What now?” “Just…” Madison hesitated, “get done what you need to get done.” And then she laid down and turned her head to face the wall. Avoiding eye contact was probably for the best, at the moment. I reached over and ripped the tapes off her diaper, and saw it slacken around her waist a bit. Then I opened it up. She shivered a bit as the fresh air hit her privates. Then, grabbing a baby wipe from a nearby tub, I went to work. “Tell me if you feel I’m missing anything,” I told her as I quickly and carefully wiped down her mound and crotch. An uncomfortable “Mmm-hmmm” was what I got as a reply. I grabbed another wipe, and gently caressed her inner thighs. “Legs up and hips up,” I told her. She complied and was able to lift herself off the matt just enough so that I could slide out her wet diaper. I did a piss poor job of it, but I somewhat balled it up and tossed it in the equally ridiculously sized diaper genie. “Now hold it,” I told her, as I cleaned her bottom. She winced a little bit as I got the crack of her ass and her butthole. The wipes were cold, after all. “Getting tired,” she told me with a slight urgency in her tone. Quickly, I reached under the changing table and pulled out a fresh diaper. I unfolded it with both hands and quickly slid it under her. It was easier on the baby dolls obviously, but the fact that she was being so cooperative made up the difference in difficulty from changing an actual child. “Okay, you can relax a bit.” I told her once I lined the diaper up with her hips. Her legs practically flopped down back into the spread eagle position. Now it was her turn to catch her breath. Either years of disuse, or an effect of the spell Cissy Hawk had her under, had weakened Madison’s stamina with regards to her legs. “Damn, you’re smooth down there,” I jokingly remarked as I pulled the diaper up between her legs. “Tell me about it,” Madison retorted, a smile creeping into her lips as I pulled the first tape snugly over Elmo’s happy face. “If it wasn’t for the whole diaper thing, I’d be ready for bikini season.” “So, that’s another effect of the spell?” I asked, as I finished securing the second tape, securing the diaper over my new friend’s pelvis. “Yeah,” Madison sat up, “and it’s about the only part of my condition that I can’t write off as some weird kind of voodoo hypnosis. Oh yeah, I haven’t had a period in a while either, so there’s that. I guess that’d be hard to explain to any given sitter or caretaker if I did.” She swung her legs over the edge. “Frankly, with as crazy as Cissy is, I’m surprised that I still have breasts. A little help?” she held out her arms for me to pick her up. “Sure,” I said. It was easier setting her down than picking her up, more of a matter of guiding her weight safely down to the floor instead of heaving it up to the changing table. “Gotta say though,” I admitted, “if I’m going to be changing you more often, I wouldn’t mind if at least the weight part of that spell worked on me.” “Yeeeaaaaah,” Madison blushed. “Maybe next time you can change me on the floor. Cissy’s got a diaper bag with a changing mat by my crib.” “Oh, NOW you tell me!” I half-scolded her. I wasn’t actually all that mad, but acting the part was helping me get over that I had just changed the Pampers on a girl that I would have likely hung out with under normal circumstances. Now, I was literally babysitting her while helping to concoct a plan for her to escape a magic user’s curse. Fuck my life. “Sorry,” she shrugged. “It honestly didn’t occur to me until it was too late. So, how do I get out of this?” “Well, just taking you out of here will get me arrested,” I mused. “If everyone besides the two of us sees you as a baby, then an amber alert will go off pretty much as soon as Cissy realizes that we’re gone. Plus, babies still cost money that I don’t have, so breaking the spell is first thing.” “Yeah, and how do we do that, Olivia?” She looked up at me from the floor. “You said that those beads she wears in her necklace are milestones, right? The stuff that makes you act like an adult?” I looked her in the eye. “Simplest solution seems to be getting them off her neck and getting them back in you.” When Cissy Hawk came home, Madison and I had wrapped up our plotting for the day, and so we were both well “in character” for Cissy when she got home. I, the friendly babysitter, oblivious to the truth, and Madison, the prisoner given up on acting like anything other than a baby. On a lark, I stopped by the drug store on the way home. I made a bee-line for the incontinence aisle and scanned the different packages. There were Depends of course, but there was also a type of diaper called “Attends.” “How did she know about all of these adult diaper brands?” I idly wondered. Could it be that whatever magic spell she’s under transforms adult diapers into baby ones? Maybe I could experiment with these in the future, the next time I had some time alone with Madison. Maybe they’d turn into Pampers or something when they were around her. The price tag on the Attends, though, was a bit too rich for my blood. Especially for an idea to test the limits of some kind of hocus pocus. I wandered over to the baby aisle, a few rows down. This being a drug store, the major brands were all represented; and better yet they were mostly sold in small travel packs instead of the huge boxes at a typical supermarket. I grabbed a Newborn Huggies pack, a size 6 Luvs pack, and pack of girl’s Pull-Ups. “Will that be all?” the cashier said as she rung me up. “Mmmm-hmmm” I nodded, as I swiped my credit card. “I’ve got a babysitting business,” I explained nervously to the cashier. “I’m just stocking up. Y’know?” The cashier didn’t seem to care either way. I drove home to my crappy little one bedroom apartment that I’d lived in since my junior year of college. I stashed the packs, guiltily, under my bed as if they were drugs. I’d figure out a way to make them useful, down the line. I just hadn’t figured out how to yet. Then, just as before, curiosity got the better of me, and I pulled out one of the packs. It was the Luvs Size 6. The package had a picture of a toddler, maybe two years old on it. I ripped open the packet and pulled one of the diapers out. There was no wetness indicator, like on the Pampers; but that might have been because this was a diaper for older kids. I couldn’t be sure. The decorations were more minimalist too. Instead of sesame street characters in multiple colors, the whole thing had a purple mesh pattern on it with a baby monkey on the front and on the back. I sniffed it and caught a whiff of perfume from the diaper. The perfume was about the same as the Pampers. Experimentally, I stood up, and pulled my pants and underwear down. I unfolded the diaper and inserted it into my panties, like it was a pad and clumsily hiked it up. Yup. Felt a little like wearing a pad. Thicker actually. Its thickness was nothing compared to the scaled up model that Madison was likely wearing at this very moment as Cissy’s prisoner. I could also see Madison’s argument that a diaper wasn’t really underwear, though it was in a different light than she presented it. In her adult sized diapers, Madison likely had more material between her crotch and the open air than I did when I was wearing pants and panties. This makeshift diaper pad wasn’t really what you’d call a fit, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Then, realizing how ridiculous this was, I reached into my panties, and removed the diaper; balling it up, I tossed it in the waste basket. Curiosity satisfied, I dedicated myself to thinking about how I could use these damn things that I had just spent good money on.
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    Hello folks, I felt this story was long overdue this nice big update just to confirm, this is the same author just with a new account, I couldn't seem to get in to my old account for some reason, anyway, here's the story..... The Next Morning Chloe, Natalie and Jess all arrived for school nice and early. It was 20 mins until classes started. They all made their way to the disabled restroom where Amy had been told by Chloe to meet. Natalie and Jess hid inside the restroom keeping the light off while Chloe waited outside in the hallway. After just a few minutes of waiting Chloe saw Amy appear from the main entrance, as Amy got closer Chloe examined to see if she was actually wearing a diaper or not, she was wearing a patterned pleated skirt which was part of the new uniform which was quite short coming to a few inches above her knees. She thought she could notice a slight bulge from her butt and there was too much noise to hear anything so she couldn't be sure. As Amy reached Chloe she didn't look very happy, Chloe told her to go in the disabled restroom which she did. As she walked in Chloe flicked the light on and locked the door, giving Amy quite a shock as she saw Natalie and Jess stood there, the three girls stood in front of the door so Amy wouldn't be able to escape, not that she was likely to try to. "What the hell are you two doing in here that wasn't part of the agreement" asked Amy angrily " Well seeing as you've been bullying us we thought it only fair that we help check that the big baby has her diaper on" The girls all moved in towards Amy as she backed up. They had her penned in against the back wall. "I'm wearing it you don't need to do this for god's sake" They ignored her. Natalie and Jess grabbed an arm each and pulled Amy forward away from the wall. Chloe wasted no time in then yanking Amy's skirt right down around her ankles The girls all then stood back absolutely stunned, none of them could hold back a smile from their faces as they observed Amy was actually wearing a diaper. They couldn't believe the hottest girl in the whole school was stood in front of them, not wearing a cute pair of panties as you would expect but a huge, thick crinkly adult diaper which wrapped itself tightly around her butt designed to hold the 18 year olds accidents she had in her sleep. It made her look so innocent and vulnerable, but the girls knew she was anything but... Chloe then spoke "I think this shirt can come off for a minute Amy" "What no, I'm not taking my shirt off" "That's fine we'll do it" The girls then all moved in and grabbed her again, they soon had her shirt unbuttoned and chucked it on the floor "Look at the big baby, you look like you should be pushed around in a stroller with a pacifier in your mouth, and have your mom change your dirty diapers" said Chloe "Does your Mom every actually change you" questioned Jess The girls all started giggling Amy just gave them an evil look "Do you remember Amy that comment you made to me the other day that you would spread a rumour about one of us sucking on a baby bottle?" Amy stayed silent "Well I thought you might like to try sucking on a baby bottle yourself, besides I don't want you to get dehydrated" Chloe got a baby bottle out of her bag and handed it to Amy "I'm not fucking well drinking that" "You've got two choices, either you drink all the water from the baby bottle, or we open this door right now and push you out in the hallway so the whole school sees what a little diaper baby you really are" Reluctantly Amy put the bottle to her lips and began drinking it Chloe then sneakily began recording Amy as she drank from the bottle, Amy was so focused on finishing the drink that she hadn't noticed that she was being videoed in her current state. Chloe had got a great video of Amy from all sides clearly showing her diaper and her sucking on the baby bottle. Amy gulped down all the water from the bottle, except, unfortunately for Amy, little did she know, what she had just drunk wasn't just plain water, it had a couple of things added to it which would play havoc with her bladder and bowels over the course of the day... Chloe, Natalie and Jess all looked at each other trying to hold back a smile as they saw that Amy had completely downed all the water. They knew this meant that the day could become quite interesting. They then let Amy put her skirt and shirt back on, she really struggled to pull the skirt back up over the diaper. The girl who had established herself as one of the most popular and hot girls in the school, was not only wearing an extremely thick and crinkly adult diaper under her school uniform, but would also have a very tough time keeping control of her bodily functions, which at the age of 18 shouldn't be a problem. After all that Amy had done to them, the way she had made their lives hell for the past few months, they felt she deserved a taste of her own medicine. They hoped she would endure some serious humiliation. Being thickly diapered at school seemed an appropriate punishment for the bedwetting bully, albeit a bedwetting bully that just about every guy in the school would love to hop into bed with, well that is maybe until they knew about her little secret.. Having pulled her skirt into place, she was ready to leave for class, hoping that was it but Chloe had one more thing to say to her......... "Don't even think of taking it off or messing with it in any way, if you do so much as touch the tabs or don't turn up I will not hesitate to press the send button on the recording, have you got that? You will meet us here at the start of lunchtime for a diaper check. Who knows you might need your big diaper wearing ass changed by then" the girls all started laughing. Amy was so angry that she had allowed these little brats to blackmail her into wearing a fucking diaper to school. "As if they actually think I'm gonna use it! not a fucking chance!" she thought to herself "There won't be any need to do that as I won't use it" Amy responded "We'll see about that at lunchtime" With that Chloe opened the door and the three of them pushed Amy out into the crowded hallway Amy made her way towards her first class, feeling extremely conscious of the extra padding she had between her legs which she was sure caused a noticeable bulge around her cute butt. She thought it had when she checked herself in the mirror before school. She was also worried that people would hear the crinkling while she was in class as to her it was noticeable with every movement she made. As she approached her class a group of her friends were stood by the locker, she chatted with them for a couple of minutes before heading into class. Danielle and Brooke asked Amy if she planned on getting any money off 'those 3 losers' as they put it, to which Amy replied that she couldn't be bothered with the hassle of that at the moment. She certainly wasn't going to tell them the real reason. Amy was pleased to have made it into class undetected and was in her seat which was pretty much in the middle of the classroom. Much of the lesson was boring as the teacher Mrs Ashley talked about a book that they had been studying for their end of year exam. Amy tried to sit as still as possible as even turning around or shifting in her seat caused a bit of rustling. People spent a lot of the lesson discreetly passing notes to each other when the teacher wasn't looking. Amy tried not to get too involved in, as she didn't want to risk being found out. However one note was thrown from the desk behind her, it landed on her lap. She looked around to see it was Rick that had thrown it as he was smiling at her, she returned a smile. Opening the note it read "was wondering if you we're free this evening sexy butt as my parents are away so I've got the house to myself, we could watch a movie or something?" Amy knew this was probably just a polite way of Rick saying do you want to come over so we can fuck. She had to admit she did really like Rick, and she did feel she was now mature enough to finally lose her virginity, apart from the fact that over the last 6 months or so she had gradually turned into a chronic bedwetter, and the fact that she was currently wearing an adult diaper. She pondered what response to give, she thought she may as well go to his after school as this was likely going to be quite a shitty day, and she knew it would help take her mind off her current predicament if she had something to look forward to. She picked up her pen and added to the note "speak after class" before throwing the note back to Rick. She thought she would keep him waiting. Amy thought about how she would do it. She would go home first and discard the diaper. Then she could change into something more sexy. She had some tight fitting yoga pants which she knew guys go crazy over, and a cute little thong she could put on underneath. Amy looked at the time and saw that she still had over an hour left of the class. She hated having double English as it seemed to go on forever. She felt a twinge from her bladder, this didn't worry her as she knew she could hold on as she hadn't really drank much besides the water she was forced to drink. Plus there was no way she would give those little bitches the satisfaction of actually using the diaper. However within minutes the slight twinge had quite suddenly developed into quite a desperate need to relieve herself. She was shocked how quickly the urge had come on. Amy tried hard to compose herself and think what to do. Did she put her hand up and ask to use the restroom and risk people noticing the crinkling as she walked as the class was quiet. She then remembered what Chloe had said to her "don't even think of messing with it in anyway, if you do so much as touch the tabs I will not hesitate send that recording around school, have you got it?" These words stuck in her head. So even if she made it to the restroom unnoticed what would she do, she couldn't touch the tabs and risk Chloe noticing, and it would be strapped on too tightly to pull it down over her butt . Amy realised her only option would be to try and hold it and if she couldn't she would have no choice but to use the diaper. She couldn't believe she was even considering using the diaper, she was in her senior year for gods sake and she was thinking about peeing in a diaper whilst sat in class. Her desperation got so bad, which made her have to try really hard not let her legs shake which she knew it would draw attention to herself. At the worst possible moment the teacher, Mrs Ashley picked on her to answer a question. "Amy can you please tell the class the answer to question 4" Amy didn't respond, the teacher speaking caused her to lose concentration and suddenly a trickle of pee spurted out of her vagina. She sat almost in a trance as the trickle very quickly turned into her having a full blown wetting accident. In the silence of the class all Amy could hear was a faint hissing noise from between her legs which she hoped wasn't loud enough for anyone else to hear. It seemed to take forever as her bladder uncontrollably emptied itself into her diaper. She couldn't believe what she had just done. Sat in her class and she had just filled her diaper as if she was 2 years old. "Well I'm waiting for an answer" "Ummmm I'm not sure miss, sorry I wasn't concentrating"was all Amy could say in response as she felt her diaper expand beneath her as the warmth spread from her crotch to halfway up her butt. "Yes I can see that, in future please pay more attention Amy" All eyes were on her as she had taken so long to answer Mrs Ashley. She just hoped none of her classmates could tell what she had just done. Fortunately no one seemed to have noticed and the teacher soon took the attention away from her by asking someone else the answer. Amy realised just how close she had been to being discovered. "I could curse that little bitch Chloe for making me wear this stupid thing to class" she thought to herself She managed to get through the rest of the lesson without any further problems. As Mrs Ashley dismissed the class, Amy took her time putting her stuff away so that she was the last one to leave. Before getting up she discreetly checked her skirt and the chair in case the diaper had leaked. Luckily she found both to be dry. She made her way out of the class, finding it hard to walk normally with the thickness between her legs to find Rick was there waiting for her. "Hey Amy how ya doing" Rick asked while smiling "Yea I'm good Rick" "So do you fancy it then later on? I've got the house all to myself until tomorrow. It would be awesome if you came over" "Uuuummm I've been thinking about it and yeah I think that would be great, I'll have to pop home first, but I should be able to get to yours by about 5 cos its only like a 10-15 minute walk from mine" "That sounds great, I'm not gonna invite anyone else so it'll just be me and you" Amy smiled before suddenly pulling Rick in close and kissing him passionately on the lips. After she had kissed him she simply said "I'll be looking forward to it cutie" before turning around and walking off to her next class. Rick felt really pleased with himself as he watched Amy head off down the corridor. As he watched her he thought something seemed odd about the way she was walking, and her butt seemed different somehow, but he dismissed as nothing thinking it was just him. He couldn't believe though that he'd finally persuaded the girl he had a massive crush on to come over to his house. Amy quickly went in to the girls bathroom before class. Luckily for her there was no one else in there so she quickly locked herself in one of the stalls. Pulling up her skirt she examined her diaper. Squeezing the crotch area, she found the wetness had gone quite a long way up the front. Feeling her butt as well, it felt soaked as well to about half way up. She felt that if she wet it again it would be touch and go whether or not it would hold it. Although she certainly had no intention of using it again. She was annoyed with herself that she had ended up using the diaper, meaning that after her next class she would have no choice but to give Chloe, Natalie and Jess the satisfaction of seeing her in a wet diaper. Amy just hoped they would allow her to change into the other diaper she brought with her as she really didn't fancy walking around with a wet one on all day. Amy had one more class before she would have to face the girls and endure the humiliation of a diaper check. She couldn't believe she was 18 years old and three 16 year olds would be checking if she had used her diaper. She was one of the first few to arrive for her next class. Nervous about people noticing, she strategically walked in behind a couple of her classmates who were chatting to help conceal any crinkling coming from between her legs. After a few minutes the class filled up and the teacher got started..... A boy called John had sat directly behind her, Amy was conscious of this because she knew John had a massive crush on her, but in Amy's mind he was a complete loser. In reality he was just an average guy who took a liking to a pretty girl. She just hoped he wasn't paying too much attention to her butt... The class was going fine and at times Amy almost forgot about what she was wearing, that was until about 20 minutes from the end of class.... She began feeling some stomach cramps, which as time went on became extremely uncomfortable "There is no way I'm gonna let this happen" she thought to herself as she held on with all her might determined not to humiliate herself in class... She looked and saw there were 5 minutes remaining, finding it very difficult not to bend forward clutching her stomach which would alert people to her situation.... 3 minutes left.... She was counting down the seconds...... All of a sudden her eyes opened wide..... She could feel a warm mess begin to press on the back of her diaper....... The reality of what she was doing set it......... She was messing herself! In class! Like a baby! The back of her diaper continued to expand as she completely lost all control... Luckily for Amy it had been a 'quiet' accident so no one heard what she had done. A torrent of pee followed the mess which really tested her diapers capacity. She sat trying hard not to let on that anything had happened as the mess spread itself right across her bottom. It wasn't long before people started noticing an awful smell "Eeeewww what the hell is that smell"one guy shouted "It smells like someone shit themselves" "Come on own up, who's the baby that needs their diaper changed then I bet its you John" shouted one of Amy's friends which caused an eruption of laughter Fortunately class was dismissed just a few moments later, and because of the smell no one hung around to find out at the end of class. Amy felt herself blushing bright red as she thought about her current situation. She would now have to walk through school in a loaded diaper. As she got up she felt absolutely disgusting feeling that her accident was all stuck to her butt.... She waddled her way through school, keeping a low profile trying to avoid engaging with anyone, eventually arriving at the disabled restroom where Chloe and the others were waiting for her.. They were all smiling as she walked in and they locked the door "What's wrong diaper girl you don't look very happy?" The girls then noticed the smell "well well, it looks like someone needed her diaper after all" Lift her skirt girls Amy helplessly stood there as the 3 girls lifted her skirt revealing her rather full adult diaper..... "Eeeewwww that's fucking gross I can't believe you actually shat yourself" "That thing is full to bursting point HAHAHA" "Please can I at least change it before my next class" asked Amy "Well we can't leave the diaper girl in a mess like that can we? Buuutt.... babies don't change themselves, do they Amy?" They had to be kidding, there was no way she wanted them changing her, that would just be too humiliating "Look please I can do it myself I don't need you to do it" replied Amy "Oh don't worry, we weren't planning on changing you, did you really think we would want to go near that thing?" gesturing to her bulging diaper Now she was worried, what the hell did they have planned for her????
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    Brianna I take a seat on the couch, passing a tea to Janice as she joins me. Murmuring her thanks, she takes a long sip from it before balancing the mug on the raised knee of her crossed legs, her attention drifting to the playpen and the chittering Little ones. At first, there had been a lot of hugging and the unintelligible words spoken had sounded sad and broken. And Hailey seemed to get quite upset; I’m still not sure what set her off to warrant the hateful look she directed at us. It was mostly focused on Janice, so I don’t think I was included, but it still makes me wonder. At least now they seem to have settled down and are now absorbed totally in each other and whatever little conversation they are having. “They seem to be getting along quite well,” Janice comments. I nod, pausing to take another drink of my tea before replying. “I’m not overly surprised; there’s a very good chance that they knew one another prior to being brought here.” Janice tilts her head. “Well, I suppose that might explain it. How did your appointments go for Hailey? She hasn’t wasted away yet so you must have at least got her drinking again.” “Yes,” I reply. “She’s eating and drinking normally now.” “Did they figure out the problem?” I nod. “Yes, Dr. Stewart was able to decipher the problem. I’m actually pretty sure he had a good idea before we even got there.” “And?” Janice prompts. I smile softly. “They’re smarter than we give them credit for, you know,” I whisper softly. “They can understand every word we say, they just can’t mimic it to talk to us.” Janice snorts. “Oh come now Brianna, they’re not that smart. Sure, Sarah reacts to a few things I say, she’s probably picked up a few words and knows her name, but we couldn’t hold a conversation.” “No,” I agree. “Because we can’t understand them. I’ve seen it firsthand, Jan. Anyways, Hailey I guess is just sensitive, emotionally, because she was technically a teenager in her world. According to Dr. Stewart, they tend to take the transition the hardest. She made a poor decision, and probably really was ill in the beginning too, but her refusal to eat and drink was her attempt to avoid using her diapers until she could figure out how to tell me she doesn’t need them.” Janice frowns. “You’re kidding, right?” I shake my head. “No. Not at all. I was pretty furious when I found out, of course, but at least we’ve got everything sorted out now.” “So what? You’re just giving her potty privileges? She acts up, misbehaves, hurts herself, and lets you stress for days, and she just gets what she wants?” I frown, pursing my lips. “You make it seem much worse than it is,” I reply. “She’s still a child, and she made a bad choice, I admit, and she did get into trouble, but if it means that much to her, it’s not that great a strain on me. She still has to stay in her diapers, and she doesn’t get those privileges at night. And in all honesty, I don’t mind it like I thought I would. I thought it would be a hassle, but it’s kind of cute.” “I think you’re being too soft on her,” Janice sniffs. I shrug. “Perhaps, but so long as I’m happy, I see no issues with making sure she’s genuinely happy also. You know I am after a deeper relationship, Jan. There’s no harm in allowing her potty privileges.” Janice shrugs, her expression neutral. “If you say so. Just don’t let her walk all over you, Brianna. You still have to show her that you’re the one in control.” I can’t help but roll my eyes. “I think that’s clear, Jan, just relax; I know what I’m doing, you know.” I rise from the couch and make my way over to the playpen to check in on the Littles. Hailey is blushing deeply, her eyes downcast and she’s tracing a finger across the bottom of the playpen, looking sheepish. She glances at Sarah and mumbles something softly, which earns her a rather exasperated sigh from Sarah. They both seem to notice me at the same time, though their reactions are quite different. Sarah shrinks down, shying away from me, her wide eyes never straying from me. Hailey on the other hand, simply stares up at me, curiosity sparkling in her brown irises, and she tilts her head up at me. I offer her a smile and reach into the playpen to ruffle her hair. “Hey Hailey, how you doing sweetheart. Do you need the potty?” Hailey’s blush deepens, her cheeks moving from rosy to deep crimson and she shakes her head. I frown slightly. While actually using her potty sometimes elicits a blush from her, she typically has no problem with asking or being asked about it. “Everything okay sweetie? Did you have an accident?” I press. It’s unlikely. She’s proven decently competent with her continence, and she would have been upset by it, but I decide to check anyways. I stand her up and pull the snappers in the seat of her romper open so I can check. Hailey squeaks, her blush deepening further, and blasts me with an unintelligible rant. She’s still dry, rather unsurprisingly, so I begin to wonder if it’s the presence of the other child that is causing her increased embarrassment. I press a kiss to her temple in response to the sheepish glare she shoots me. “Come one Hailey, let’s get you into your jacket and we’ll get ready to go.” Hailey tilts her head at me, her eyebrows furrowing. I smile and lean in to rub my nose against hers. “We’re going out for lunch,” I explain, patting her diaper as I carry her into the front sitting room, gently manipulating her arms into the jacket. Minutes later, Hailey and Sarah are buckled in side by side in their infant carriers. Janice has insisted that she drive, so I climb into the passenger seat in her car and we’re off. With the radio only playing softly, for the two of us to hear, I easily pick up on a continued conversation between Sarah and Hailey. They seem to get on quite well and it makes me wonder just who they are to one another to make them so close. Family, most likely, or extremely close friends, though the age difference makes it seem a little unlikely. I shrug it off. It’s not like it truly matters much; if they get along and it makes Hailey happy to see Sarah, then I’ve no problem with my Little niece coming over as often as Janice will allow. “Brianna, think you could reach back and put Sarah’s pacifier in? I don’t really like her chattering whilst I’m driving, so I’m trying to teach her that car time is quiet time.” I nod, twisting in my seat to reach into the backseat. I pull the shade down on Sarah’s carseat so I can see her properly in order to grab the pacifier dangling around her neck and push it between her lips. A muffled protest and some squirming follow as I get the ribbon back into place to hold it there. I gently ruffle her hair and tap on her nose. “It’s okay, Sarah, you can take it out again when we get to the restaurant, and you and Hailey can play some more, okay?” There’s no response, not that I expected one or could have understood it anyways, so I simply resettle in my seat for the remainder of the drive. Janice pulls into the nearest parking space of a rather upscale family restaurant. Each collecting our respective child, we head inside in time to make our reservation. I set Hailey down in the highchair closest to me and buckle her in with the waist strap. Janice frowns as she does the same. “I don’t like that there’s no tray. I don’t normally allow Sarah her hands at mealtime. I like to make sure she eats and doesn’t make a mess.” I chuckle as I tie one of the massive plastic bibs around Hailey’s neck. It covers most of her torso. I then set about taking her jacket off and rolling up her romper sleeves. “I think she’ll be fine. These will catch any mess. Besides, letting her feed herself will let you focus on your own meal. I’m sure she’ll be behaved.” Shedding my own coat, I take a seat in the chair. Sarah and Hailey are positioned beside one another at the head of the table, and Janice and I are seated across from one another. Janice stands there for a minute, seeming indecisive. Finally, she settles for removing Sarah’s pacifier and waving a finger in the child’s face, instructing her to be on her best behavior. Sarah nods, shying away from Janice a little, and I frown. My sister hasn’t raised her voice, just adopted a stern tone, and yet Sarah seems quite subdued and afraid. It makes me wonder if Janice might be being a tad too rough or harsh on the small girl. I don’t make a comment however, after requesting that my parenting decisions be left up to me, it’s not really my place to question hers. If either show any signs that abuse is going on, I’ll say something, but Sarah may just be timid in nature. I’m shaken from my thoughts when the server approaches inquiring about drinks. He brings with him two children’s menus. Both have cartoony pictures to list the options so that even Littles are capable of making a choice on their own. I’m not sure if Hailey can read, but it’s better this way regardless. The back is an activity and coloring sheet, so crayons are produced as well. I order myself an iced tea and request some apple juice for Hailey. Janice gets a coffee for herself and white milk for Sarah. Turning my attention to Hailey, I tap on the menu in front of her. “What would you like to eat, sweetie?” Hailey regards the menu with a neutral expression, studying it with immense focus for a long moment and I begin to wonder if she’s perhaps reading the small description blurbs beneath each option. I make a note to inquire of Dr. Stewart about the reading abilities of Littles. Finally, after a long moment of silence, Hailey points to the grilled cheese option and looks up at me, wide brown eyes searching my face, either for approval or to see if I’ll refuse. I don’t. Instead, I smile at her and press a kiss to her forehead. “Of course, sweetheart, that’s a good choice. Would you like some fries too?” Hailey’s smile grows and she nods, her small voice piping up to say two words. I recognize the first as her term for ‘yes’ and the second I’m assuming is simply ‘please’ as she often says the two together when I ask about things she might want or need. I’ve been learning a few of her words, really just a couple, as they come up frequently or in certain situations that make them mostly identifiable. I nod and then flip her menu over and nudge the crayons closer before picking up my own menu. After a few minutes of silence, Hailey speaks again, making her call for me, so I turn to look at her. Her cheeks are tinged a little pink as she says something else and I catch nothing but her terms for ‘potty’ and ‘please’. “Do you have to potty, Hailey?” I inquire. Once again, her blush deepens and she nods. Excusing myself from Janice’s company, I lift my daughter from her chair and carry her away to the bathrooms. The furthest stall has a potty seat that can be pulled down, so I set her down on it and take a step back. As usual, Hailey makes a brief attempt to make me turn around or otherwise give her a form of privacy, and once again I refuse. I don’t want her getting into anything, especially here where she could fall off the toilet and get hurt. The rebellion is over before it really even started and she sighs before relieving herself. When she’s finished, I wipe her up and praise her before pulling her diaper back into place. I’d found a special brand of true diapers that can pull up and down like pull ups due to the elastic in the waist. Hailey can’t properly pull it down on her own, but it’s more than easy for me to get it on and off her. I fix her romper back into place, flush the toilet, and wash her hands before settling her on my hip once more. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s go back out and have our lunch,” I decide, nuzzling her softly. To my surprise, after a brief hesitation once more, she leans forward and presses her little lips against my skin. While I assume she was aiming for my cheek, she’s barely able to brush my jawline. Regardless, the gesture is easily received and I smile down at her. “You’re such a good girl,” I whisper. “I love you, Hailey.” I hug her close, heart beating rapidly in my chest, waves of pleasure rolling over me as I make my way back to our table.
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    We were just struck by inspiration this week. So another chapter to make up for that loooong hiatus. This one is a doozy too. I hope you all like it! Chapter 9 Diana: I sit, cross legged on my bed, reclined against a pillow propped up against the headboard, with a book in my lap. I turn the page casually, enjoying the peaceful quiet the activity brings me. It’s been quiet all afternoon, with Eva lying down for her usual midday nap, and Clara out with Andrea. She’d informed a little last minute of the lunch date she’d arranged with her other Amazon friend, but I didn’t actually mind this time. I met Andrea not too long ago. She’d come upon hearing Clara was moving in permanently, to meet me and threaten against me doing anything to hurt or upset the Little she is clearly quiet close to. While the meeting may have been an annoyance, in thankfully removed the thorn in my side that had been bothering me for quite some time. Andrea genuinely had no interest in claiming Clara, meaning I could stop worrying about her as a potential threat. Instead, I don’t care much that Clara goes out with her. It keeps the girl happy about maintaining her independence, and ensures that there’s someone looking out for her so nothing can happen when I’m not around. I glance at the clock on the bedside table, frown when I note that it’s rapidly approaching the time I’d start contemplating food. Clara didn’t give any indication as to when she’d be back and I’m regretting not pressing her for the information. As if summoned by my thoughts, I can hear the front door open downstairs, but I frown when I then hear it slam shut. Seconds later, Clara’s voice, now high pitched and laced with something a little past fear. “Diana?” she calls out. I close my book and set it aside. “Upstairs, Clara,” I call back. I slip off the bed, concerned, and make my way out of the room. Clara, having clearly been running, and still in her coat, has made it to the top of the stairs by then. I pause a moment to glance over her. Her violet hair is streaked out in all directions, her face pale, chest heaving as though she’d been running a long distance. Her eyes are wide, a wild, hunted look in them reminds me of a cornered animal with nowhere to go and no way to fight. “Clara, what’s wrong? What happened?” She doesn’t reply right away, still fighting for her breath. Then, she sinks to her knees, dropping her head into her hands, and shudders. “It went wrong, it went so wrong. Diana, I don’t know what to do.” I crouch down on the floor next to her, placing a hand on her back. “Clara, I want to help, but I can’t do anything until you tell me what’s wrong.” She glances up at me, tears springing into her eyes and spilling over to roll down her cheeks. She hiccups softly and leans into me. The motion surprises me. While she’s long since trusted me completely, she rarely engages this sort of contact randomly. “I-I didn’t know. We couldn’t have known...but he did.” “Who?” “The governor,” Clara croaks out, her voice a low moan. I feel my heart skip a beat. Governor Shrell is not someone I ever wanted Clara to have contact with again unless she was safely in my arms, and even then I wanted it limited. Last time they interacted, she’d been standoffish and angry, and I’m almost terrified to ask what happened that has her whimpering and quivering now. “Clara, I need you to tell me what happened please. What did he know?” “That we were going to be there. He was ready, somehow…” she pauses again and I’m almost ready to prompt a further answer from her when she brings a hand up to rub at her nose and forces herself to continue. “There was a...a rally today. We’d been planning for months. He was having a big stupid birthday party for one of his Littles. Humiliating and flaunting them more like. It was supposed to be perfect. The press was going to be there, all the corrupt powerful Amazons. We’d been collecting data, information about his scandalous and less than legal activities. Planned to out him on all his twisted ways...but he knew somehow, he was ready. He had the police there and everything...I don’t even know if anyone else got away. I’m such a coward, I should have stayed...but when the started rounding us up...I panicked and ran.” I’m stunned into silence for a long moment before I finally shake myself from my daze. “I thought you were going out to lunch with Andrea?” Clara shakes her head. “I-I lied...I’m sorry, Diana. I just thought you would try to talk me out of it.” “Of course I would have. Clara, you have a very tiny organization...you have nowhere near the masses or leverage to take on the governor’s cabinet,” I point out. My heart is beating frantically. I knew he was having a party today, but I’d declined the invitation. Politely of course, but I hadn’t wanted to upset Clara by attending, and had felt little desire to anyways. “I’m sorry. Diana, he was so mad. Shouting about etiquette school and putting an end to Little rebellions. He saw me, I know he did. He’s going to come for me...you have to help me, Diana, please,” she begs, staring at me with a look so desperate, it breaks my heart. I take a deep breath, blow it out slowly, and run my hands through my hair. “Okay. It’s okay. Just calm down and we’ll figure something out. I knew he was having a party...and it’s June, which means it was Lacey’s. He won’t claim to partake in favoritism, but she’s definitely his favorite.” I break off to curse loudly, seeming to startle Clara. She continues to stare at me with large, tear filled eyes. I’ve never once cussed in front of her, not that I make a point of doing so often at all, but it clearly seems to bring a new gravity to the situation for her, and she begins to shake again. I squeeze her shoulder in an attempt to reassure her. “It won’t take him long to find your apartment, and even less time to figure out where you went after. I’d say we have a few days at best.” “Do I have to leave the country?” she murmurs. I shake my head. “That’s not an option. You know that Littles can’t leave the country unattended. You would have a struggle crossing state lines without supervision, and you know that if he wants you bad enough to track you down, it doesn’t really matter where you go.” Clara’s face scrunches up, the last sliver of hope fading from her eyes, and she bows her head. I pull her into a tight hug, trying my best to keep her calm. “There is one thing that might work,” I mutter, displeased that after everything, this is how it’s going to go down. “But you’re not going to like it. Not even a little bit.” “What?” Clara demands. “Diana, anything’s better than etiquette school, right?” I take a deep breath. “Well, you’re a Little, which means you’ll always be considered a minor. As an unclaimed Little, you’re technically viewed as a ward of the state, which means that Shrell can act however he decides when it comes to punishing you. However, if you were claimed, then his hold on you would be significantly diminished, because you’d have a guardian instead.” The realization of where I’m going with this seems to dawn on Clara and her already impossibly wide eyes get even larger, her pale skin going ashen as the last of the color drains from her face. She scrambles back from me a bit in a motion that hurts more than I ever thought it could. She shakes her head. “You don’t mean that I...No! I can’t. Diana, I-” I hold up a hand to silence her. “Let me finish. You know that I only want to help. Now I promise you, I will swear on anything you like, that I would not suggest it, if I could think of a viable solution that had even a remote chance of succeeding. But I don’t think there’s a scenario that gets you out of this unpadded,” I explain gently. “Now just calm down for a second and I’ll tell you what I have in mind.” She swallows thickly and nods, but doesn’t move closer. I sigh, but decide to take what I can get. “The governor, from I’ve gathered, doesn’t like you. You’ve always been a nuisance, a thorn in his side stirring up trouble. But you’ve crossed a line and become a genuine threat, so he wants you dealt with, out of the way and no longer a potential problem. He wants you put in your place, so to speak. There’s no doubt about that. Now if when he finally catches up with us and walks through that door to see you in that place, it is likely to shock him enough to dissipate some of his anger. You’ve been living here for almost a month anyways, he’ll buy it, and might just accept it. I’ll see what I can do for your friends as well, but I want you safe first. I know it’s a lot, but you know that I would never hurt or abuse you, right? We’ll play the part, but it’s still you and me, Clara. We’ll still be friends, you’ll still have a voice, a say, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you’re happy. You know that.” Clara’s begun to shake again. “But you would be my mommy, right.” It’s more of a statement than a question, and her tone is bitter. I shrug. “I don’t know what else to do, Clara. I won’t watch him cart you off to an etiquette school. I know that you’ve fought to remain out of diapers, and you’ve done so well, but Clara, this is the better of two real options that you have. And you know that it won’t change my opinion of you right?” Clara takes a deep breath. “I know...but I can’t, Diana. There has to be another way.” “I don’t think there is, Clara. I’m so sorry. I wish I knew what else to do. If there was a third option, you know I’d help you go for it, no questions asked,” I state firmly, surprising myself by realizing it’s completely true. This was not what I wanted, how I wanted to finally accomplish having her in my arms, and I probably would sacrifice having her for her happiness. But it’s no longer an option. Misery shines in Clara’s eyes and she doesn’t reply right away, so I do it for her. “Hey, we’ll take it slow, okay? I’m not going to strip all your freedoms from you, or thrust everything on you at once. Let’s just take it one step at a time, okay?” I watch her closely, every quiver of her body as she breathes, the terror in her eyes as it slowly fades to a distraught acceptance. She slumps and nods, chewing on her lip. “Okay,” she caves. I don’t speak, not wanting to upset her again, and instead extend a hand towards her. She looks up and stares at me for a long moment before forcing a half smile. Her tiny hand extends to take mine, curling around my fingers. I help her to her feet and lead her back into my room, since it’s the closest. I help her up onto the bed. “We need to get you dressed,” I state. “But that’s all we’ll worry about tonight. I promise.” “Does that include the...the um…” “The diaper?” I finish. She nods. “Yes. The sooner we get it out of the way, the sooner you can adjust.” I watch despair cross her face once more, but she surprisingly doesn’t argue. I give her hand a gentle squeeze before turning to leave the room. “Diana?” she whimpers. I turn back to see what she needs. She licks her lips and hesitates. “Not a dress, okay? Anything but that. I don’t want to see it, or know others can.” I smile softly and nod. “I think we can make that work. I’ll be right back, alright? Stay here.” True to my word, I return only a few minutes later with a diaper and a folded up yellow overalls outfit. I set the latter down on the bed before extending the former out towards her. She cringes and shies away. “Do you want to do it?” I ask. “I can if you need me to, but if you’d rather, that’s fine too.” After a long moment, the Little reaches out to take it, her hands shaking terribly, as if she’s expecting it to bite her. She holds it for all of three seconds before dropping it and shaking her head. “I can’t.” I take a seat on the bed beside her, one hand moving to rub her back. “I know it’s hard, but it’s going to be alright. I can do it, then. Just take a few deep breaths, lean back, and try to relax; I’m not going to hurt you or rush you.” I sit patiently and silently as I wait for her to get herself under control. It takes her several minutes to finally seem to work enough courage up to actually lie back. I give her another minute before moving. I gently tease her jeans off, watching her face turn bright red as I do. When I reach for her panties next, she closes her eyes and covers them with her hands. These I remove quickly, not wanting to torment her with it. Unfurling the diaper, I lay it out on the bed and, after gently lifting her legs, slide it underneath her. She makes a small noise, a squeak, though of protest or misery I can’t quite tell. I don’t intend to make her use them right away, so I don’t bother making her endure powder and lotion, instead just pulling up the front and taping it down. “There,” I say. “Finished.” Clara doesn’t move her hands away from her face, but I can see tears pooling out from beneath her fingers. I know she needs a moment, so I help her down off the bed and hand her the outfit. “Why don’t I go make us some hot chocolate while you get dressed? We can watch a movie or something, and I’ll make us some comfort food for dinner, okay?” She nods softly, scuffing her foot on the carpeted floor. “Thank you,” she murmurs. When I return with two mugs of hot chocolate, I’m greeted by a shocking sight. Clara’s facing away from the door, and thus doesn’t notice me, but her legs are spread by the diaper and she hunched over trying to tug the overalls up over her diaper. A task she seems to be failing at, and seconds later a startled squeal leaves her as she loses her balance and tumbles back onto her butt. I set the mugs aside on the dresser and move to help her up. “Here, let me give you a hand,” I offer. She’s already got the shirt on, and just needs the overalls pulled up. “Lean against me,” I instruct gently as I take the pants and tug them up over the diaper in one fluid motion. I adjust the straps on her shoulders before stepping back. “There. Any better?” I take a few moments to appreciate the image before me as Clara shyly looks up at me with flushed cheeks. It takes every ounce of my strength not to scoop her up into my arms right then and there as she practically glows before me like a tiny, adorable yellow sun in those childish overalls. The overalls themselves are intentionally conservative but with a few babyish features I simply can’t resist appreciating. Bright pink stitchings of diaper pins adorn the fabric near the fasteners at the shoulders and small bits of lace flair out at the arm cuffs and the ankles. The crotch and the seat of the overalls bulge noticeably with the somewhat heavy thickness of the padding underneath. I take a few moments more to just soak it into my memory completely, like admiring a painting. “I feel ridiculous,” Clara murmurs. “I look ridiculous too.” I shake my head. “No, you don’t. I know it will take some time to adjust, but it really doesn’t look so bad on you. Now come on, let’s go downstairs, and watch a movie and enjoy our hot chocolates, and not worry any more about this stuff for tonight.” “Okay,” she agrees softly. She takes a few shaky steps towards the door only to stumble and fall back onto her padding again. With a growl of frustration, she picks herself up and tries again, this time ending up pitching forward and landing on the carpet face first. I suppress a chuckle and move to help her up. “This thing is too thick,” she complains, sounding close to tears again. “It’s going to take you some time to adjust,” I soothe. “Here, tell you what; I don’t really want you trying to take the stairs anyways, so I’m going to carry you,” I inform her, gently scooping her up, which steals another squeak from her. I settle her on my hip and hand her one of the mugs. “You carry this, okay?” She nods glumly and makes no motion to reply. I hug her just a little tighter to me, trying to reassure her as best I can, and I can’t stop the joy that blossoms in my heart at having her in my arms. It may not have come about how I would have liked, and it may be one of the worst possible situations we could be in, but she’s finally right where she belongs, and while I need to take it slow, I can finally loosen the reigns on my desires. I rub her back, tilting my head to rest my cheek on the crown of her silky violet hair, and simply stand there for a moment, basking in how adorable and perfect she is. “Let’s go watch our movie,” I decide after a minute, breaking the silence and leaving the bedroom behind, looking forward now more than ever, to cuddling up with her to watch a film.
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    Thank you everyone for your comments, I really do appreciate them! They help out immensely in motivating me to keep ahead of this! I'm currently two-and-a-half pages into Chapter 15, so I'm still well ahead of my postings! Due to having some work over the weekend tomorrow night and Saturday night I'm posting early with this chapter. I'll give everyone a bonus posting on Sunday, so keep an eye out for it! Hope you enjoy! Chapter 4: I WOKE UP to the sound of someone doing a really poor job of sneaking around. “Shhh, she’s sleeping!” Amanda scolded. “Probably only because you made her,” the voice hissed back. “Oh my god she is so adorable.” “Umm thanks,” I told the voice as I opened my eyes and looked at a shorter version of Amanda. She squealed, “Can I pick her up?” “Yes,” Amanda said, “just be careful…” “I will,” she said the strange giant grabbed for me and released me from the quilt. I felt her finger quickly check my diaper and I blushed. “All dry!” “Well, we’ll have to fix that soon, huh?” Amanda said to me with a smirk. “Ignore her, she’s just grouchy cause someone else is holding you. I’m your Auntie Megan by the way,” she told me with a smile. I sighed in relief, “Thank god, I was worried it was…” I caught myself. “Chloe?” She shuddered, “Yeah, I think that would be a bad nightmare to wake up to her face. You haven’t told Chloe about Stacy yet, have you?” She asked her. “Not yet. I haven’t even told Mom yet,” she added. “Just me, your baby sister?” She asked with a smile as she held me in her arms like an infant and I could just make out both of their faces by going back and forth with my eyes and head. “Well duh, you’re the only sane one in the bunch. You’re probably thinking about how you could sue me for taking a free little…” She seemed to be joking. “Well if she was free and didn’t invite you to adopt her…” “Yes I know the law sis. In this case we actually have that contract you saw.” “Interesting contract too. What did your lawyer say about it?” She asked. “In theory it’s legally binding that we return her after college. But he did mention that there were probably a dozen loopholes around it if we just wanted to keep her for ourselves,” she smiled kindly at the suddenly wide eyes I made at her, “but we’re not intending on that!” “Good, I will come back and take you on myself if you or anyone abuse this cutie! I won’t let her become another Kacey…” she said sadly before saying, “So Stacy, tell me about yourself,” she said as I was carried downstairs to the couch where she sat me in her lap facing her. “Well, I came here a couple years ago…” I told her all about why I was insane enough to come and she was good about listening to me. “So anyway, it seemed safest to go ahead and have I guess foster parents instead of risking whatever else came up out of the dorms.” “That’s very smart of you,” she told me, “I’ve had a few littles in the last couple semesters of my classes - I’m going to be a junior by the way - that have all ended up disappearing to etiquette schools… Sadly it’s like a matter of time for every one of them. Last week they introduced a bill in the Senate to make it permissible for the first person to put a hand on a little that comes to this dimension to be their guardian.” “So…” “Yes, yesterday that lady would have become your guardian…” Amanda said with a catch in her voice. “Anyone coming through the portal?” “There’s still a diplomatic clause in effect for the tour groups, but yeah, anyone else will be swept up into a nursery before they can say baba,” Megan said. “What was I thinking…?” I said aloud. “Well, two years ago when you visited it wasn’t as bad. There were some serious roads being made towards little’s rights then.” “What about my ability to be in college?” I asked Megan. She honestly seemed to understand the situation better than anyone. “Well your parents have decided they want you attending school. While every Amazon will think they’re nuts, they’re your parents and have full authority over you like any parent.” She said with a smirk, “same way they could enroll you into elementary, junior high, high school, or a regular pre-school and no one would bat an eye on those!” “Anything but junior high again…” I looked at Amanda pleadingly with a smile. “Don’t worry, you’re off to college young lady,” she smiled at me. “Speaking of which, I promised you a walk in your stroller, didn’t I?” “Umm… yes?” I said, not really caring about it. “Megan you want to come give her a tour of the campus?” She smiled brightly at me and said, “sure!” Megan checked my diaper and said, “Geeze Mandy, did you put her in a thick enough diaper?” “It’s cute!!!” She told her. “Seriously pop the snaps of her outfit and look at it, it’s adorable!” Megan looked at me sympathetically, “May I, she has me curious now?” I nodded and she wasted no time pulling my outfit apart and looking at the very pink and feminine diaper. She sighed, “I’m so glad I’m not a little, I would burn this…” I laughed, “You can still do that for me?” “Nah, she’s right, it is cute… on YOU. You haven’t even put a dent in that padding, do you feel like you need changed yet though?” She asked me. “No, I’m probably good. It could soak up half of the ocean I think…” She squeezed me tight, “I like you. I have dibs on you if my sister gets tired of you!” There was a bit of a circus that went on while Amanda grabbed a stroller she had stored in the car. My car seat carrier apparently connected into it normally, but so that I could see she just let me sit in the very oversized toddler seat. I was so small she could barely get the straps tight enough, and even then I could have slipped out if I wanted to! I watched as Megan filled a bottle of juice for me, while Amanda simultaneously stuffed a pacifier in my mouth, before handing me Elena to hold. I sighed as she started walking down the street and I learned quickly we were only a few blocks from the campus. “Look over there,” Megan said to me, “That’s the student union where we have a cafeteria, the bookstore, and some offices!” She was being cute with her voice in a way that made me think she was hiding my intelligence from the people we passed by. Many of those waved and cooed at me, but we were other wise allowed to walk by unmolested. The buildings with massive lecture halls were pointed out from the outside for me. Apparently the university prided itself on small class sizes, but still had four large lecture halls; the largest seated seven hundred students! They also took the time to point out the building that housed the computer and math departments that would be my home. The sisters decided to take a break midway through the campus and sat down on a bench with my stroller facing them. Amanda took the bottle of juice out of the diaper bag and replaced my pacifier with it. “So you’re keeping her on solid foods?” Megan asked. “We have no agreement on that in the contract, but I think to be kind yes,” she told both of us. “That is kind… and as long as you’re not using cloth diapers it doesn’t really matter what her poop is like, right?” I looked up inquisitively enough that she told me, “breastfed babies poop is water soluble, which means your poopy diapers could just be put in the washing machine and everything would dissolve!” I made a face at that and Amanda leaned forward to tickle me. Megan’s face changed as she looked at her and said, “Manda really? Already?” Her eyes appeared drawn to two spots that were similar to the one I’d seen earlier. She sighed, “Yes, and this is with pads in!” “You know most can only really deal with it in one way…” She nodded, “I don’t want to push something on Stacy that she doesn’t want…” “What’s going on?” I asked as I took the bottle nipple out of my mouth. I watched her look around to see if anyone else was around, she sighed and answered, “Most Amazon mothers have a really strong maternal instinct. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a cute little and I deal with leaking breasts for a week… I’m not surprised that a day with you and I’m leaking like a cow…” “Does it hurt?” I asked “What?” “Those?” I asked, as she seemed to hurriedly dig something discreetly out of the bag. I could see for a brief second they were pads that she swapped out some others that were already there for ones she bagged in a plastic bag. “No… but it would feel better if the milk was gone. I’ll have to buy a pump I guess to get rid of it…” “Or…” Megan said looking at me, “Somehow I don’t think Stacy would mind trying it…” “Well…” I put the bottle in my lap and squirmed in the stroller as I tried to think this through carefully… “I don’t know... I wouldn’t want to only eat it though…” I told her. “New deal?” She asked me. I sighed, “What?” I did my best to figure out what I had just implied. “If it’s not horrible to you, we do this three times a day? I’ll feed you real food all the time - not baby food - but that will keep me from doing this…” “And if I hate it?” “Then I’ll buy a pump and use it instead. Maybe another baby can drink it?” I thought back to that first woman I had seen when we came back and couldn’t deny there was a curiosity in my body from that. The very idea of it had been a thought of fantasy to me since then… “Deal,” I told her. There wasn’t a second of hesitation then for here as she unbuckled me from the seat and promptly revealed a gigantic orb of flesh that I had little idea of what to do with. Her nipple stuck out from the breast far enough that it would easily reach my back molars. ‘Nothing but to try it…’ I had just thought as her hand guided my head and open mouth to it. I really had no real idea what to do as my mouth tentatively rounded on her flesh. My tongue touched her nipple and discovered milk was already leaking out. It entered my mouth before I even suckled and I discovered that it didn’t taste bad at all! I gave her breast suckle like I did with a bottle, and was rewarded with a mouth of liquid that tasted far better than I believed it would! It was like an amazing vanilla shake or something. Before long I felt like the world was on standby as all I thought about was sucking more! After awhile it stopped coming and I became a little annoyed. A finger tickled my chin and Amanda said, “Let’s try the other one instead…” I felt like I was on some sort of insane drug or something as I found myself latched onto her other side. “I guess it must be pretty good,” Megan said next to her. Amanda sighed, “I guess so, we’ll see when she gets out of the milk coma what she really thinks.” “Yeah… I have a hard time after that reaction not thinking there’s something to be said about our milk being addictive.” I tuned most of the conversation out though as all I seemed to care about was getting the next gulp of milk. Before long I was actually feeling kind of full just before the last of this breast ran dry. “Hand me that cloth,” I heard Amanda tell Megan. “Here sis,” she said. “You didn’t burp her between breasts, I bet she spits up quite a bit…” “Yeah…” I suddenly became more aware of the world as I found my face being held to a cloth on her shoulder and my back gently patted. ‘This won’t work on me… will it?’ I thought just as a big belch issued from my lungs along with a bunch of milky spit up. “Eew…” I said aloud as my mouth felt kind of gross then. “It’s okay baby, that’s to be expected,” Amanda said as she gave me a loving squeeze. “Good thing we put you in that thick diapee, huh?” She told me then. “Huh?” I asked. “She’s still out of it…” “Think I should I change her here, or just wait?” “With how much she just drank she’ll keep going for a while I’d guess. You may have a stinker before long too…” I felt myself bounced up and down as my eyes felt sleepy. “We’ll just let her sleep it off then,” Amanda said as I felt myself buckled in, a pacifier slipped in my mouth, and then nothing. NEXT THING I knew I was laying in Megan’s lap with the news on TV. “Oh, so you decided to wake up, huh?” I looked at her confused but nodded. My diaper must have been changed because it felt like one of the ‘thinner’ Pampers again. “What happened?” I asked and spat out the pacifier that I was nursing. “Well my crazy sister exposed you to her psychotropic breast milk and then we decided to go party in the town. Before I knew it you were hanging on a chandelier daring some crazy twelve-foot tall lady to change your diaper before you shot her?” I laughed, “So it made me crazy?” “Not crazy per se, but definitely makes you zone out. Some of the littles groups have tried to make it illegal to feed littles the milk because it seems to have some side effects.” “What else?” “Well eventually you sort of crave it…” she hesitated, “I’ve seen research that it lowers resistance to suggestions and possibly may affect control of your toilet training.” “Great… So one hit and I’m an addict?” I asked. “No, probably not…” I saw it was only Megan, “What do you think I should tell her?” “You’re here for four years, right?” I nodded, “That’s the plan.” “Honestly neither of you has the self-control to not do it again; I say just go for it. Set a limit like you did and try and stick to it the best you can.” “Have you ever had that happen to you?” I asked her. She nodded, “Chloe’s littles caused it one time… You’ll probably do it to me too if I’m here much. I’m a sucker for cute princesses,” she said as she tickled my stomach a little. I groaned with the thought, “Umm… did…?” “Did I change your diaper and discover your secret?” She asked with a smile before answering, “Yes I did.” “And…?” “And… what?” “Well what do you think?” “Well it’s not like you have a say in the clothes you wear silly.” She told me. “My big sister is a nice girl, but she’s definitely going to want to play dress up with her doll!” She tickled my stomach a little more and blew a raspberry on my neck. I squirmed quite a bit before she stopped, “You honestly want to know what I think?” She asked, “Even if I may not be unbiased?” “I think you’re less biased than anyone else from the way you talk. I think you actually believe in rights for littles?” She sighed, “I do… but I’m also a realist. Stacy my advice would be to go ahead and do the procedure. With the technology at the university it’s just a matter of knocking you out, injecting you with some nanites, and then you wake up with the right parts for the Stacy that was admitted into the university. I’m worried if someone discovers something extra on you that they’ll use that as a pretext to dismiss your scholarship and insist you go to an etiquette school.” I nodded, “Seems like something that could easily happen.” The garage door opened right then and I jolted a bit at the sound. Fred came in a moment later and asked, “How’s my favorite princess?” “Good,” I answered tentatively. He took me out of Megan’s lap and held me before giving me a quick hug, “I know you’re not quite comfortable with me yet Stacy, but I promise you can trust me.” I nodded, “I’m trying…” “Hi Megan,” he said and gave her a hug from the side when she stood. “Where’s Mommy?” he asked her as much as me. “She ran to pick up pizza, she should be back soon.” ‘So I was already left with a babysitter, huh?’ I thought to myself. “Great!” He felt my diaper without warning and said, “Well I guess that’ll last you through din-din?” I turned red and found myself hiding in his shoulder. Somehow it was even more embarrassing that he had checked me than it was one of the girls… He just laughed, “You better get used to it sweetie, sometimes Mommy has to work and I’ll be the one taking care of you.” I just nodded. “Auntie Megan would you go ahead and take her back while I clean up for dinner?” He handed me back to her, “Of course,” she answered with a smile. “What now?” I asked her. “Want to swing outside?” She asked me. I shrugged, “sure?” “You don’t sound too enthused…” “Well this isn’t unexpected stuff, but it’s not why I came here?” I suggested to her. “I get that,” she told me. “You really think you can make it through the program here?” I shrugged, “I have no idea… I hope so. I know there’s a uniform for littles on the campus that I’ll have to wear. I know that diapers are okay as long as they’re not messy in class… I guess we’ll see what comes beyond that.” “What about your real family?” “What about them?” “Aren’t you going to miss them?” “I do already, but there’s nowhere back home that would have been as good for college as this. I would have had to move away anyway... In theory without that law you told me about I would think it would be safe for them to visit with a guide… now I’m not so sure. I think the last thing I want is to be in a crib next to my parents!” She nodded, “I’ve always felt it’s especially cruel when littles over the age of 30 are kept like this. At least at your age you’ve only had a little bit of freedom so far…” I sighed, “I think it is just plain cruel.” The garage door opened again and soon Amanda came in with two huge boxes of pizza and a ValuMart bag in her hands. “Who wants pizza?” Ten minutes later we were all sitting at the table… well sort of. I was in the highchair with a bib on and half of a ridiculous slice of pizza on a plastic plate in front of me. I had heard of a place somewhere in Texas that sold pizzas that were like 42” and could feed a family of who knows… The pizzas she brought home must have been pretty close to that size and I watched Fred tear through four slices like nothing. I found myself carefully taking bites out of the slice slowly. It was good, but I couldn’t help the fact I was definitely still full from my experience a couple hours earlier. “So what do you think of Emerson?” Fred asked me. “I really like it!” I told him, “When we were given the tour a couple years ago I couldn’t believe how far ahead everything was from us… I just hope I can get through the basics and catch onto your more advanced ideas quickly.” “I never asked, what languages have you learned so far?” Amanda asked. Megan seemed interested too. “Well I can write well in about five of the languages back home, we call them C#, SQL, Java, JavaScript, and Python. I’ve also dabbled a bit on the iOS stuff Apple puts out. I don’t know if you all even have those?” Amanda looked stunned but answered, “Well we have all of those actually. Those were our standard languages ten years ago. Those all have bumped up to new standards and we’ve added a few others you’ll need to learn too. If you know those though I think you should pick up on them quick…” I sighed in relief, “Hopefully the syntax is all the same and everything here. I don’t suppose you would have some software and a compiler to work with those here at home?” “Of course,” she smiled at me, “tomorrow we’ll both go play together with it?” “Cool!” I said, suddenly feeling like maybe there was a future beyond drooling and messy diapers still. I looked at Megan, “What’s your major?” “I’m doing two actually, Philosophy and Computer Science to go Pre-Law.” “A lot of people would say those have nothing in common, but a lot of the logic principles carry over from the two,” Amanda said proudly of her baby sister. I nodded, “I’ve heard that. If I was back home I think I would probably try to do the same. Here I’m just going to try and get away with my mind intact and one degree!” “Speaking of your mind intact…” Amanda asked guiltily. I had just taken my last bite and gulped it down nervously. “How… how are you feeling now?” I smiled at her, “I seem to be fine now.” “What happened?” Fred asked nervously. “Well… we went for a walk earlier,” Amanda started, “and… well…” “Your wife started leaking from her boobies like a dairy cow at the farm,” Megan finished with a smile. “Megan!” Amanda said annoyed. “Well that’s what happened isn’t it?” She smiled and stuck her tongue out at her. Clearly she was determined to maintain levity at the table. “So does this mean Megan nursed?” Fred asked with a twinkle in his eye. “Eeeeew…” both Megan and Amanda said in stereo. “No, but I did,” I admitted. “Were you forced to do it?” He asked me with concern. “No,” I said. “We made a deal,” Amanda told her husband, “since as long as she’s around the boobs will keep leaking… she would try it and see if she liked it.” “And did you Stacy?” “Well she definitely became crazy about it…” Megan said. “Stacy?” He asked. “It was weird… Honestly it tasted amazing… Once I had one mouthful my body just wouldn’t stop craving it. I’ve never done drugs… but I felt like a drug user must. Is there something in Amazon milk that does that?” He sighed, “It’s hard to determine which of the research into that is genuine and what’s been altered to fit agendas.” “What do you think?” I asked him. “Well… like I said the field is muddled. Most of the research studies that are done on breastfeeding real infants show that it helps with brain development, helps with body development, etc. We have movements like ‘Breastfed Babies are Best’ around all the time. On our infants it does seem to yield benefits above formula fed infants through the first few years… I think that research is absolutely certain.” “And on littles?” He sighed, “Well the majority of the research here has so much bias so clear it’s impossible for me to believe anyone can say it with a clear face. The research tries to say that breastfed littles are better-behaved, more docile, more loving, healthier weight wise, less sick, etc. The problem is that most of the major research is sponsored by people with their hands in etiquette schools. They make money by pushing the idea of littles needing their teeth removed so they can’t bite their mommies. I always find that funny given your teeth can’t even pierce the skin of an Amazon’s breast - no matter how hard you bite! They also push that it’s a healthier diet and you’ll live longer with a more youthful appearance.” Amanda looked a little nervous, “What do you think…?” “Well I thought we weren’t going to do this yet to be safe…?” I saw he was genuinely unhappy about this and Amanda kind of shrunk her giant figure down a little bit. He sighed, “Something in the milk of most Amazons seems to instantly make a craving happen. The little can’t really help needing to finish what their mommies have for them. It seems to have some sort of calming quality that becomes at the very least a psychological support for them. It does seem that those littles on a mixture of breast milk and regular food are in better health longer too. Those only on breast milk though tend to bloat up and gain too much weight. Many of those end up needing other care twenty years down the road for heart related issues.” He paused, “The biggest downside, or benefit according to most Amazons, is that breastfed littles seem to lose their urinary continence very quickly. Bowels don’t seem to be as directly affected except how milk normally affects a person.” “So I’m probably not an addict?” I asked him. He shrugged, “One hit won’t do it, but if you keep it up you may find you need Mommy’s milk more and more? I don’t honestly know. We were going to wait until you were a bit more settled before it came up, but my wife has always had such a strong maternal lactation reflex I’m almost surprised it took her until this afternoon to soak through the pads.” I looked at Amanda, “Last night’s milk?” “Regular milk with a little bit of honey in it…” She paused, “I really am sorry Stacy…” I sighed, “I don’t think any true harm has been done honestly.” I paused for a moment, “The deal was if I would enjoy it or not?” “No Stacy, I’m calling…” “Hold on… I know it probably wasn’t our brightest moment, but you’re doing me a huge favor by taking me in and NOT making me a mindless infant. If my presence is going to make your body have that reaction… I don’t mind helping out.” “Are you sure?” Fred asked. “Really Stacy… maybe it’s not a good idea…” Megan said. She had gotten stiller and stiller on the side and I sensed she felt even guiltier than Amanda had since she egged her on. “We just have to be very careful when. I’m guessing I messed my diaper on the way back home?” I asked. Amanda nodded, “About fifteen minutes later…” “So I think you can probably add some bowel reaction to your research,” I told Fred. I thought for a second, “What time are my classes probably starting?” I looked at Megan. “You’re a freshman, so you’re probably stuck with 8:30am?” “And end?” “Well you should be able to be done by 5pm every day. Once in awhile there’s an odd evening class. Extracurricular groups tend to meet in the evenings… most of those would be dangerous for you though.” I nodded and thought through my agreement before looking at Amanda, “Okay, when I wake up and before bed I think would be safe?” I suggested to her. “On weekends after lunch?” “We said three times?” She tentatively asked. “Well let’s wait and see my class schedule first?” I said. “Remember if I defecate in my diaper in class I’m on a one-way trip to nursery school instead of that college degree.” She looked guilty, “and you did zone out really good…” I nodded, “So is that fair to you? I did make the deal and will stick with it.” “Deal,” she said with a smile. “You sure?” Fred asked me. I nodded, “I’m a m… girl of my word.” “I’ll try and see if I can’t get some emergency drugs for you to have on hand too…” he said. “What?” Amanda asked. “We both know there will be some close calls for Stacy here… probably best if she has some emergency injections to counter any bouts of diarrhea or in case someone tampers with her.” She nodded, “By the way Stacy make it your habit to NEVER accept food, candy, or drinks from strangers. If a drink is out of your sight, even for a minute, don’t accept it.” “What about at restaurants?” I asked. “From now on I’ll make sure we take something with us…” I sighed, “You know this is complicated.” “Yes it is, if you’d rather just go to daycare and watch Naomi and Oliver that would be fine with me…” she smirked at me. Fred and Megan laughed and I just stuck my tongue out at her. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I put some twists in here and some groundwork for this variation of the universe. Hope you are enjoying it, please let me know what you think!
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    A small but necessary update to the story which will make the next part very fun indeed (For us, not for Nick ) I hope everyone is still enjoying the story and that you enjoy the update. As usual, comments/criticisms/suggestions/predictions and any other type of comments are very appreciated If anyone is interested in a commission from me, my price is £5 per 1000 words which is a bit over $6. Just message me if interested --- Nick was incredibly nervous as he sat in his room. He was mentally kicking himself as he realised just how badly he had messed up, he had been given a chance to show just a little bit of maturity and responsibility and instead of repaying that good faith he had made a horrible mistake and lost even more trust with his wife. Trying to sit still in his crib, Nick could feel his heart hammering in fear. Sarah had been so angry; he was terrified at what his punishment might be. He soon found that he could not just sit still in the crib, he was far too nervous and he started pacing up and down the room. Nick could feel that his nappy was soaked. He needed a change and despite having everything required within just a few feet of him, he dared not try and do it himself. He considered laying down and just trying to calm down with a nap but with his recent history of wetting the bed he thought better of it, he just didn’t know if the nappy could take it. A leaking nappy right now would only make things worse. Nick was both anxious to see Sarah and terrified of what he would see when she finally came up the stairs. The wait was agony, he almost wished she had just spanked him and got it over with. The fact he was having to wait only increased Nick’s tension. After around an hour, Nick heard footsteps on the stairs. He braced himself and quickly walked over and sat on the edge of his crib. He felt himself squelch as he sat down and prayed that he was getting a diaper change, the soaking wetness was threatening to overwhelm his nappy and sooner or later he would need Sarah to change him. The door was unceremoniously flung open and Sarah walked inside with a bowl that she placed up on a shelf. She stared over to Nick with a piercing look that the padded man could not sustain, he looked down in shame. “Changing table.” Sarah said shortly. Nick stood up and crinkled over to the table as fast as his wide-legged waddle would allow. He climbed up rather awkwardly and laid down in the established nappy changing position. Despite his fear of punishment and of his wife, he was immensely relieved that he was going to at least get a dry nappy. Sarah looked down at her submissive husband with a snort of contempt. She shook her head slightly as she prodded the padding that had swelled up dramatically. It was obvious how much Nick was hoping for a diaper change, it was written all over his face. It was really a rather pathetic sight. Sarah pulled out another nappy from the shelf under the table and started unfolding it. Lifting Nick’s legs, she slid the new nappy underneath her husband whose face had gone from relief to confusion. This wasn’t the usual procedure. The new nappy was pulled up and over the older nappy and Sarah began flattening it out and getting ready to tape it up. “Wait, wait, wait….” Nick said. He flung his hands down to his crotch to block the new nappy, “You haven’t taken off the old one.” “I know.” Sarah said coldly. She slapped Nick’s hands which got them out of the way and allowed her to tape the new nappy closed. It was a little stretched since it was the same size as the older diaper but it was very secure when it was taped up. Sarah walked away from the changing table and let Nick climb down. If Nick thought he was waddling before, it was nothing compared to now. His legs were spread so far apart that walking was a bit of an issue, he found he really had to take wide steps to stay on his feet. Sarah grabbed the bowl from the shelf and handed it to Nick. It was dinner, Nick had been in line for a nice meal with Sarah but since he had shown himself to be so disrespectful, Sarah decided he didn’t deserve the nice food she had so lovingly prepared. “What… What is it?” Nick asked as he looked down at the bowl with disgust. “Baby food.” Sarah said sharply, “It’s your dinner and it is the only dinner you will be getting tonight.” “But…” Nick was about to complain but when he saw Sarah’s wide eyes he decided not to push her, “Do I get a spoon?” “I will be back tomorrow for you.” Sarah said as she started moving towards the door, “You aren’t to leave this room until I come back for you.” Without another word, Sarah opened the door and stepped outside. When she closed the door behind her, Nick heard a small click and realised that the door had been locked. This room had become his prison cell until whenever Sarah decided to release him. Nick looked down at the nappy he was now wearing. He prodded his own crotch and could feel nothing but the thick padding that seemed to be enveloping him. It did not feel comfortable. Nick could still feel that he was soaked but at least the risk of leaking had been reduced. Putting his bowl down briefly, he stood up and took a few steps and found that he had a comical waddle. He blushed even though no one could see him at the amount of noise he was making and how infantile he must look with such an awkward gait. Sitting back down, Nick looked into the bowl he had been left and immediately looked away. The bowl appeared to be full of a cold and mushy substance. Nick knew it was baby food but what flavour it was meant to be was anyone’s guess, it was just a grey and lumpy mess. He would have to be desperate to eat such a meal. Nick laid down on the crib mattress and stared up at the ceiling with a sigh. How stupid he had been to have thrown his wife’s trust back in her face like that. He deserved everything he was getting, he felt terrible about making Sarah do this. All his worries about Sarah meeting with Jack paled in comparison to the sorrow he felt about being bad. Boredom was the word best used to describe his time in that room. With no clock, he was unsure of the passage of time and could only watch the Sun’s slow movement across the sky to get any sense of what time of day it was. He felt like he was in solitary confinement. Nick walked around the room a few times and looked more closely at a lot of the toys and other infantile paraphernalia scattered around the room. More than once Nick felt his bladder relax and empty into his nappy. After a few hours he had noticed that the outer nappy had begun to soak in some of the urine and his walking got even harder as the two layers of swollen padding forced his legs further apart. Boredom battled with his feelings of discomfort. Trapped in this room, the only things available to distract him were his thoughts and the childish toys around him. He picked up a toy every now and then just to examine it. He had no desire to play any stupid games but at least he could somewhat occupy his mind by making observations. Every couple of hours the door would unlock and Sarah would place a couple of bottles on the floor. She always left again without a word but Nick greedily sucked down the contents of the bottles, it was still a hot day and Nick welcomed the drinks. As the sun disappeared behind the houses, Nick climbed into his crib and laid down. His nappies were very swollen now and his legs were forced out at angles that made him slightly uncomfortable. He decided that the best way to pass the time was to just close his eyes and sleep, hopefully he would be woken up with Sarah coming to change him. It wasn’t an easy night. Nick was just about to drift off but any movement woke him up again as his body struggled to get used to the huge bulk in between his legs. Eventually the sun rose, and with it so did Nick’s spirits. He had drifted off a few times, even if for small periods of time, and this was evident by the state of his nappy when he sat up the next morning. The outer nappy was now much wetter, it seemed that it was doing a good job in catching the overflow from the drenched first nappy. The first thing Nick noticed was a pain in his stomach. For a brief second he thought it was going to be him needing to go number two but after a second thought, he realised that he was just really hungry. He hadn’t had dinner the night before and all he had was the bowl of cold mush that was on the floor. Nick peeked over the edge of the crib and looked down at the bowl. It looked no more appetising now than it did the previous evening. Picking it up, Nick glanced into the bowl with a look of disgust. It looked exactly as it did the previous night, a cold and lumpy mess. No matter how unappetising it looked, Nick was hungry enough that he sat up and started steeling his nerves to eat it. Without a spoon, the eating was a very messy affair. Nick had to dip his hand into the bowl and then eat it out of his hands. Inevitably, it meant that the food got everywhere as it fell between his fingers and got generally smeared on things. Nick blushed when he looked down to see that he seemed to have got more of the food down his front than in his mouth. He had to scrape it up with his hand and eat it, there was no other way of getting rid of it. It was a particularly embarrassing state to be in and the food was absolutely foul, at least it filled his stomach. Nick managed to swallow it all down as he sat in his soaked nappies and started to wonder exactly when Sarah would be back to open the door. His nappy was now reaching critical mass. Nick couldn’t see it, but the inner nappy was completely soaked and had absolutely no absorbency left. The outer nappy was now also showing as being very used as well, the wetness indicator had changed colours on every part that Nick could see and his movement was getting harder and harder. It would have been easier for him to crawl around the floor but there was no way he was going to do that. The padding was incredibly heavy and when Nick stood up he could feel the tapes straining to keep the nappies around his waist. It was getting so bad that he sat down on the edge of the crib and decided that walking around was a risk he didn’t need to make. In the end, Nick didn’t have to wait long for Sarah to come and unlock his door. He heard that little click of the lock being undone just half an hour after he had forced down the previous night’s dinner and he had never been so grateful to see his wife though, by the look on her face, she had clearly not forgotten or forgiven. As Sarah entered the room, Nick stood up and began to waddle towards the changing table. His gait was almost comical due to the huge masses of swollen padding between his legs but with the prospect of a diaper change upcoming he hurried over as fast as his spread legs were let him. Sarah held up a hand to stop him just before he reached the changing table and Nick stopped in his tracks. He really hoped his change wouldn’t be delayed again, surely no more nappies could be fit over his current ones! “Are you messy?” Sarah asked rather coldly as she looked at her husband. “No.” Nick responded rather defiantly. He was rather proud that his nappy was still clean even though he knew his next bowel movement couldn’t be far away. “If you need to mess, I suggest doing it now.” Sarah said rather coldly. She seemed to not share in Nick’s pride, “I don’t want to change you right after your bath.” “Right… Right here?” Nick asked hesitantly as he rather timidly kicked his feet a little. “Yes.” Sarah said, “I promise if you mess after your bath you will be in it until at least lunch time so come on. Do your business.” Nick felt so ashamed as he squatted down slightly like a well-trained dog obeying his master. He saw Sarah just watching him with a slight look of contempt as he closed his eyes and pushed with his tummy muscles. If Nick could have seen where he now was just a week or so ago, he would never have believed it was him. When he had been first put in a nappy by his wife it had been purely for the bedwetting, he was a grown up and trusted with his own padding. His wife still did all the work and he enjoyed luxuries. Since then he had been on a rollercoaster that seemed to constantly plummet as he was now crouching in his own nursery and trying to do in a poo in his soaked double-nappy. All whilst his wife, now his mommy, watched him. Nick brought his mind back to the present. Thinking about the past only made him feel more shameful. Nothing happened for a few seconds but then Nick felt a solid log of excrement start pushing out of his body. He squatted slightly lower to help his body with the process and he felt it slide into the rear of his nappy and rest on the soaked padding. Sarah’s face was unreadable but internally she was going crazy. She had ordered her husband to shit himself and he just did it on command! Sarah could feel herself getting wet between her legs as she watched her husband humiliate himself totally. She made sure to not let it show though, she had to maintain her persona of power and Nick’s punishment was far from at an end. As a second, smaller piece of poop easily exited him, Nick started wondering why he hadn’t asked to use the toilet before his bath and after his nappy was removed. With a pang of further embarrassment, he realised he had never really given it any thought. The fact that this man in his mid-twenties hadn’t considered an alternative to helplessly soiling himself spoke volumes about his mental state. Once he had finished soiling his nappy, Nick straightened up but kept his eyes on the floor. He was far too embarrassed to meet Sarah’s eyes after what he had just done. Sarah helped Nick climb on to the changing table and as he sat on the edge he felt his small messy accident smear around a little bit. Nick tried to ignore the rather disconcerting feeling and laid down as Sarah began removing the outer nappy. When Nick looked as Sarah pulled away the first nappy, he was shocked at how wet it was. He really had been like a sprinkler system. The inner nappy was opened up next and the sight was a lot grimmer. The plastic was almost totally useless and Nick could see that urine seemed to be soaking straight through it. Sarah lifted his legs up and made a quick job of cleaning Nick’s rear end, since it was such a recent bowel movement it hadn’t spread too badly which was a small mercy for Nick. The rest of the day was fairly standard for Nick. He was given a bath after the nappies were removed, it was a quick bath and Sarah seemed unnecessarily rough with him. After that he was left to play around in the playpen until lunch, after lunch he was allowed to watch television, only certain childish channels of course, before playing again. By the evening he had almost started to convince himself that the games he created with the toys that littered the playpen were actually fun. As Nick was being put down to sleep that night he almost welcomed unconsciousness, the day had been so dull that he was glad to get it over with. When he was given his pre-bedtime nappy change he gratefully sucked down on a bottle of milk before tottering over and into the crib. Nick honestly didn’t know what was worse. He hated the humiliation that he sometimes experienced, but was it possible that he actually preferred those days to days of complete boredom? Nick thought back to all his embarrassing moments and shook the thought from his mind. The boredom was horrible but it was much better to the embarrassment he otherwise would feel. “Get your rest.” Sarah’s voice caused Nick to jump a little bit. She had been so quiet all day that Nick was shocked she was talking to him again, “You will be getting your punishment tomorrow and I want you well rested. It will be a long couple of days.” Nick sank down into his thick padding as Sarah turned and left the room when she had finished her scary prediction. His punishment hadn’t even started? What was with the double nappies the previous night then? Was what was coming going to be even worse? Nick remembered that Sarah had something planned with Jack and he winced at the thought of what they might get up to. He felt like knowing those two were going to be alone together would be punishment enough but he knew that Sarah had something else planned for him. As Nick laid down and closed his eyes, he tried to push the thoughts of what might happen to the back of his mind. Something about Sarah’s coldness that day sent a shiver down Nick’s spine. He had really messed up this time, he just hoped what was coming wasn’t as bad as his imagination could think of.
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    Chapter 3: THE NEXT THING I knew the room was dark except for a butterfly nightlight next to the changing table. I tried sitting up and found I was severely impaired by the diaper I was now wearing. ‘Must be one of those night-time diapers…’ I thought to myself and rolled over to see if I could push myself up. Carefully I was able to get on my hands and knees and looked at the bars in front of me. I quietly pulled myself up to my feet with the help of the bars. I looked up and curiously checked something by raising my hands as far in the air as I could. Sure enough I couldn’t even touch the top part of the rails with my hands. I found standing difficult in the diaper and a moment later decided to just give in and sit back down my butt. ‘Not that I planned to try to escape like that,’ I acknowledged. ‘What time was I put to bed?’ With no clock I had no way to know, but I definitely had a strong urge to pee. For a moment I held it in, but remembered how silly that would be. ‘You knew diapers were part of the deal…’ I mentally scolded myself. As I let it all out I was shocked at how much the diaper expanded! I couldn’t believe it could get any bigger! I found myself back on my stomach and grabbed the new stuffed bear that lay next to me. ‘Elena,’ I named her in my mind and cuddled her closely to my chest. I would have expected a soaked diaper to be uncomfortable, but other than how much it had expanded I couldn’t tell that it was wet. ‘Tomorrow is going to be another long day’ I told myself and forced myself to close my eyes and go back to sleep. It was hard though… I found sleep difficult as I thought about how yesterday had filled in so much information on my future. The gender misunderstanding was embarrassing and tough to deal with pink dresses suddenly, but nothing compared to being the size of an infant! I had come to this dimension expecting to at least be the size of a toddler… or maybe even almost an elementary school kid. Being either of those sizes would have allowed a little bit of freedom compared to my new size. In our world a three-month-old baby would rarely be left alone, and then only when caged safely… In the Amazon world I couldn’t see much more freedom for me either. Being called ‘princess’ was certainly also a novelty. ‘Being a princess might not be too bad,’ I had to admit with a king and queen like my surrogate family. So far they had shown remarkable restraint and kindness to me. I couldn’t help but notice though that there were certain things that hadn’t been thrown away as possibilities. It sounded almost certain that baby food was a possibility in the future for meals when we were away from home. ‘If Amanda makes it that might be okay,’ I allowed. She really was an excellent cook, so if it was just pureed food from her cooking it would probably at least not taste terrible. Any sold jars from the grocery store though were most likely going to be disgusting. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell even worse tasting stuff for littles to be tortured with…’ Amanda’s sisters for the most part sounded like a horror movie brought to life. They were everything I had been warned about, or worse… It sounded like her mom might have been cut from the same cloth too… ‘So was it regular milk or her milk?’ I wondered sleepily as I finally succumbed to sleep again. WHEN I WOKE again I found I had been rolled back onto my back and had a pacifier back in my mouth. ‘They must have checked on me at some point,’ I said as I sleepily stretched and remembered the wet diaper I was wearing. It now cold and clammy and was rather uncomfortable. I pulled myself back up by the bars and was just about ready to holler for someone when Amanda walked in. “Oh, you look so cute with that bedhead!” she told me as she walked up to the crib. I held my arms in the universal ‘up’ pose and she carried me straight over to the changing table as I pulled the pacifier out and let it hang by the clip. “Gee thanks…” I told her. “Oh no, do I have a grumpy princess?” she asked. I sighed, “I’m not a morning person.” “Well, we’ll just have to work on that! Probably a fresh diaper is a good start, huh?” She proceeded to strip me of my sleeper quickly with a zipper that went all the way to the foot. Once my diaper was exposed she said, “Okay, now which diapee today?” I groaned, “Pampers?” “I think we need one of these instead,” she said and I could see one of the princess themed diapers that she had been sold on. “It’s so thick!” I said as she laid me back down on it a moment later after wiping me clean. “It’s soooo adorable though!” She smiled at me. “And just think of the waddle or crawl I get to see you with!” I groaned, “It’s too early for this.” She tickled me and I found myself back in the sleeper. She grabbed something from the bottom of the stand and carried me to the glider. At first I thought I was about to be fed another bottle, but instead she produced a hairbrush. “Let’s take care of your hair, then we’ll go feed you breakfast and see where we get from there.” I sighed in relief that was all she had planned. “What are we doing today?” I asked sleepily as she ran the brush through my hair. “Well first we have to go to the store and do some shopping for some other things to replace what we bought way too big for you.” “Like what? I mean besides clothes?” “Well bottles for one… You could barely lift the full size nursers I bought you! The sippy cup was a smaller one and you were almost fine with it yesterday, so I think we’ll go get one of the half-size nurser sets that are more appropriate for you.” I sighed but nodded. I felt her twisting my hair around and guessed that she must be braiding it into pigtails. Gabby had insisted on braiding my hair like that for a cross-dressing day for homecoming week. Scarily I had seemed pretty normal looking as a cheerleader in uniform I borrowed for that day… I felt her tickle my side and she said, “I said I’m done, you really aren’t a morning person, are you?” I shook my head, “Not without a lot of coffee…” She turned me to face her in her lap and said, “I hate to tell you this princess, but coffee is one of those things that’s going to be off limits for you.” I bit my lip but nodded, “I’m not surprised. But would love for you to consider changing your mind…” She looked thoughtful for a moment, “Tell you what, you make it through your midterms with a 3.5 and I’ll let you have a latte in your bottle each morning.” I smiled, “Deal,” I extended my hand to hers and she enveloped it with hers. “Okay let’s get breakfast in you…” I was carried down to the kitchen where my highchair sat waiting for me and I was soon strapped in wearing a bib with a sippy cup of milk sitting on the tray in front of me. I drank some milk from the sippy cup she had sat down in front of me and watched her move around for a couple minutes to make a bowl of oatmeal for me. “Some special mornings we’ll have a hot breakfast with eggs, bacon, and such, but this will probably be breakfast for you normally,” she told me. “That’s fine, a lot of times I don’t even eat breakfast,” I told her as she sat right next to my chair and pulled it on the wheels closer to her. “Well that won’t work here Stacy, you’ll have something for breakfast every morning.” I nodded, ‘that wouldn’t be so bad…’ “Let’s get this airplane in your hanger!” She smiled while making an engine sound that made me grimace but I opened up anyway. For the next ten minutes she fed me while playing every cutesy little baby feeding game I’d ever heard of - and then a few more. By the time she got to the last spoon I said, “I’m full Mommy…” “Just one more spoon,” she said and I opened up. I felt really stuffed then. “All done!” She wiped my face with a baby wipe since it had been a casualty a few times that I happened to look the wrong way. The bib definitely had some evidence on it too and I just sighed as she unbuckled me but left the bib on. I started to remove it but she said, “Leave your bib on sweetie.” She picked me up and carried me to the living room where the playpen was sat in front of the couch. “Play here for a few minutes while mommy cleans up.” I nodded and tried to stand in the playpen but the diaper was so thick it made it difficult to do so. Just thinking of the diaper brought to mind an urgent warning my body was giving me - I sighed knowing this would come. Given Amanda’s warning about needing to poop each day I knew I didn’t dare hold back on this either. I found myself using a larger ring toy as a way to pull myself up so could squat. ‘Come on, you know you have to do this…’ I told myself. Suddenly I felt my bowels let go and I could feel the diaper accept the pieces while I kept pushing until I didn’t feel like I needed to go anymore. Suddenly it was like I flashed back to when I was three years old standing back in my grandmother’s house. I remembered being in diapers and just wanting to play with her electric organ there. I pooped my diaper and kept playing. ‘Stacy did you poopie your diaper?” Grandma had asked me and I had shook my head and lied so I wouldn’t have to stop. It hadn’t seemed so bad then! I didn’t want to fall backwards on the mess so I leaned forwards onto my hands and knees and could feel the mess rubbing against the bottom of my genitals. I sat there a little bit in shock before looking over at the toys in the playpen. I knew Amanda would come soon and decided not to make a big deal out of what was going to become an everyday occurrence for me. I was looking closely at how a doll in my hand was made when the inevitable happened, “Uh-oh, I think someone made a stinkie!” I groaned and tried to stand up to hold my arms out to her but instead ended up falling back on my mess. “Eeewww…” I said. “You didn’t seem to mind it for a while there,” Amanda told me. “You sure you’ve not been a little baby here before?” I nodded, “It wasn’t too bad until I smushed it…” “Well let’s go upstairs and changie that stinky diapee!” she told me with a kiss on my forehead and carried me up the staircase and into the nursery. She laid me down on my changing table and I began to smell it worse as she opened the diaper up. To me the smell was enough to make me gag, but she acted like I was a normal baby and this was no big deal at all. ‘Shit happens with a baby,’ I reminded myself. She didn’t try and embarrass me anymore about it too - which I appreciated. I was quickly re-diapered back into a regular pamper and lay on my back waiting for her to figure out what she was dressing me in. She reappeared a moment later with a pink romper I remembered here cooing over yesterday in the store. It had the words, ‘smile, I’m cute!’ on it and ended basically at the crotch with a little more of a short pair of legs to it than a basic onesie. I appreciated that she’d been good about only shopping in the actual baby portion of the clothing aisle. I had caught a few glimpses of some of the odd clothing they made specifically for littles to wear… It was a thousand times worse! “Well, now that we’ve got your stinky diaper out of the way for the day, why don’t we go see what trouble the two of us can get in?” She asked me. “What about shoes?” I asked, noticing my feet were bare still. “You don’t need shoes today Stacy. Everywhere we’re going you’d probably just look out of place.” I nodded remembering most of the littles I remembered seeing rarely walked, but asked, “Socks?” She looked at me, but nodded and found some pink socks that folded down and had lace around the bottom of the folded portion. They seemed appropriate to a baby of my age and I groaned at that, but appreciated having something warmer on my often-cold feet. “Better?” She asked me. I nodded. “Thanks! Where’s Fr… Daddy?” “Daddy’s at work, he decided not to take paternal leave right now. I took a few weeks of maternity leave so I don’t have to go to work until after you start your orientation… well I could take off more than that, but what’s the point?” She smiled at me. “You get maternity leave…?” I asked shocked. “You’re my new baby, of course I do!” She giggled like that was a truly stupid question. Her behavior was a little bit different this morning, but so far she was still being sweet so I just went with the flow. I was placed on the ground for a moment and watched her repack my diaper bag with the correct size of diapers. I was grateful to see that she only put the regular Pampers and a couple of the thinner diapers in there. She filled my sippy cup back up with juice and handed it to me to hold as she carried me to the garage and set me in my carrier. “What’s the outside of the house look like?” I asked as she buckled me into the harness. “Oh that’s right, you still haven’t seen… I’ll show you when we get back?” She asked. I nodded and watched her close my door and walk to her side of the car. With a press of a button above her the garage door opened leaving me squinting my eyes with the sudden exposure to daylight. She carefully pulled out of their driveway and began slowly driving down the road. I was just able to catch a quick glimpse of their house though. It looked like a very pretty, and expensive, suburban home with a nice lawn. I couldn’t see many details though before it quickly passed from sight. Bored I began to slowly nurse at the sippy cup of juice, and probably had finished a quarter of it when she stopped. Our first destination was apparently like a Walmart with a different name, ValuMart. She pulled me out of the carrier and carried me a short distance to where a cart lay unused. As she strapped me into the cart’s seat she asked, “I assume you’d rather sit here than in your carrier?” I nodded, “I can see this way.” “Well just remember where we are... If I feel like you’re about to say something you shouldn’t, I’ll plunk a pacifier in your mouth. If you can’t control yourself before that please find that thumb of yours,” she told me. “It’s not going to be that bad…?” I asked. She shrugged, “We could run into friends here. Just go with the flow please.” I was really nervous now, but I was determined to face anything to attend college here. As she pushed the cart towards the entrance I noticed that even though the seat was designed for babies I still felt like it was too big for me. Right away when we stepped inside I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by a store meant for giants and filled with giants. Most of the people inside seemed to be stay at home mothers with a mixture of real, ‘little’ babies, and preschool age children in their baskets. One mom had her little suspended from her neck with a sling and was openly breastfeeding her while talking to another lady. I couldn’t help but stare at the size of the breast and looked up at Amanda’s set as she looked down at me. I turned red but she merely smiled without saying anything. Our destination was clear as we headed straight for the baby section. Amanda had just started looking up and down at the selection of bottles when I heard, “Oh hi Doctor Westerfield!!!” from a giant girl who appeared to not be much older than I was. “Hi Jennifer!” She told her and gave her a hug. “Oh my god, she’s adorable! Is she yours?!?” this new girl said suddenly close to me. “She’s sooo tiny!!!!” “We just adopted her yesterday,” Amanda told her. “How old are you?” She asked me. I looked up at Amanda and she nodded, “Eighteen.” “Going on three months,” Amanda added. “I believe that… Are you going to…?” she asked almost accusingly. Amanda shook her head, “We’re taking care of Princess Stacy’s needs, but we’re not going to mutilate her. She’s even going to start attending the university in a couple weeks.” Jennifer sighed, “I’m glad to hear that. I hate the way my mom treats Lily…” “Then why are you in this aisle?” “Oh, Lily’s out of wipes,” she said and held up some generic baby wipes. “If I don’t get her some Mom will probably just leave her poop on her bottom until her next bath… whenever that would be.” My eyes opened in shock at that and once again I was grateful for a friendly giant. “That’s horrible…” Amanda said. “Yeah it is. Maybe I’ll be in some of your classes Stacy?” She smiled at me. “Let me know if you need a babysitter sometime,” she told Amanda. “See you later! Bye bye princess!” she waved the last part at me like you would a real baby. I blushed and was shaking a bit as I felt Amanda put her hand on my head gently. “You’re okay, if there was one of my students we had to run into that was the one. She is much more like me than most.” I nodded silently and watched as she began looking at bottles. I found myself turning myself sideways the best I could to see what she was doing. “Need help ma’am?” a helpful store employee asked. “Just trying to pick out a smaller bottle for her. I never dreamed I would adopt a little so tiny. She can’t hold up a full size nurser.” “Ah well, that makes sense. Are you wanting to breastfeed too?” “Why do you ask that?” She asked, not denying that idea. “Well if you aren’t then this one works fine,” she said holding up one smaller nurser that looked equivalent to the small nursers I remembered from back in my home dimension. “If you think nursing is important I would recommend one of these two to help with nipple confusion.” In shock I followed her advice and stuck my thumb in my mouth at that point to keep quiet. Truthfully ever since I had seen that woman breastfeeding on my first visit the idea of doing it myself had kind of intrigued me in a strange way. I was curious which she would pick and found myself not surprised when she grabbed both of the types that would be considered good with breastfeeding. She threw in several multi-packs of each and some nipples before pushing the cart away. “Good baby girl,” she cooed at me sucking my thumb as we continued down the aisles. We ended up in the clothing aisle and I sat patiently as she threw in several onesies, rompers, dresses, and a pair of shorts that she liked with no request for input from me. Apparently she was satisfied with my three-month size, as she didn’t make me try them on like I saw several babies and littles experiencing in the open right next to the racks. While she was looking through the clothing I discovered who Oliver and Naomi were since they were featured on tons of shirts on the little side of the aisle. Amanda stayed on the actual baby side though which had other characters that mimicked many from my world. Apparently Anna and Elsa from Frozen, along with Sofia the First were sort of the same in this dimension as I recognized them. There were plenty of characters though that I didn’t recognize. Amanda must have sensed that as she would occasionally say, “Oh look there’s…” every now and then. Amanda moved on a mission though and before long we were in the checkout lanes. Every Amazon mother we passed stared at me with longing in their eyes, but it was those that glared at Amanda in a threatening way that scared me. I hadn’t even realized my thumb was still in my mouth from earlier when she said, “I know that thumb tastes good, but let’s use your paci.” The kiss on my head and the gentle squeeze made me feel a little bit safer. “Oh my god she is the most adorable little I’ve ever seen!” The cashier said as Amanda pushed the cart past the card machine. “Yes she is, isn’t she?” Amanda squealed a bit and kissed me on the forehead again. There was small talk made for a few moments before the lady said, “You know hon, if you got rid of most of her hair you could pass her for your own natural baby?” I shuddered and found myself instinctively grabbing to hold my pigtails. “But then she wouldn’t have cute pigtails like this?” Amanda said. “I love her hair, it’s not going anywhere… it’s too much fun to play with!” she smiled at me and I returned a small grimace. “Suit yourself!” she said. Once she had me safely strapped into the car seat she told me, “I’m sorry you had a couple of rough encounters there… Unfortunately that’s going to be a pretty regular thing here.” I nodded, “It’s okay, I’m embarrassed when they happen, but at least I was warned before I came.” I paused and added, “Just please don’t give me away to one of those monsters!” “No worries about that Princess! You’re all mine!!!!” she told me with a smile and closed the door and walked to the drivers side. “Speaking of that though, I do want to take you to a local office to… register you as ours.” I gulped, “What are they going to do?” “Some of the offices are rougher than others, but this one should be pretty gentle by just doing a checkup, blood sample, and get hand and footprints from you.” I nodded, “Then I’m officially adopted?” “Yes…” She said. “Will that be a problem when it’s time for me to go home?” I asked hesitantly. “Well if anyone asks I’ll say I sent you to live with your grandparents for a while!” She kind of choked up for a moment before adding, “Thankfully we just got started, so that’s a long ways off!” I nodded and sat quietly in the seat and drank the rest of my juice that she had handed me back. We pulled up quickly to an office building and instead of getting me out of the carrier she left me inside and just lifted it free of the car. “If you’re in this carrier I don’t have to worry about as many things happening to you,” she told me. I nodded, “I trust you,” I said before she put the pacifier back in my mouth and pulled the shade down over the top part of the carrier. She walked through several doors before arriving at a receptionist’s window where she sat my carrier on the counter. “Oh my god isn’t she precious?!?” the lady cooed while looking in at me. “I never seem to be lucky enough to get one of these cuties!” Amanda smiled, “As you noted, she’s a cutie. I don’t want to risk kidnapping…” “Of course, I don’t blame you one bit! Here, take this paperwork and fill it out and we’ll get a spot with the doctor as soon as we can.” “Thanks!” I found myself picked up again and the carrier was gently sat onto the groan. Apparently the carrier could rock when it wasn’t in its base, as I discovered as she rocked me gently with her foot while she filled out all of the forms. It seemed like there must have been about twenty pages from what I could see! I found myself needing to pee again and let it flow into the diaper while my face turned red. To ignore my now wet diaper I looked around as best as I could from my seat. Several other ‘mothers’ moved about the room in various delightful or hostile moods. All seemed to hold their ‘babies’ tightly to keep them from running and escaping. Just in the time she was writing I watched three littles get spanked bare bottomed, and another had her ear twisted for a moment. When she finished Amanda picked my seat back up again to take the forms to the window. While the lady looked over them she popped a couple of the snaps open on my romper, “Do you have a place I can change her?” I flushed red with the diaper exposed and Amanda clearly sharing its state with the receptionist and anyone within range. I bit down on the silicone of the pacifier a littler harder just then to keep from complaining. “Why yes ma’am, right down the hall here, I’ll show you,” she said as she opened the door beside her and led us to a small nurses station with a padded surface. “I can’t believe how good of a baby she is!” “Yes she is a special princess.” Amanda popped the remaining snaps in a hurry and quickly changed me into a clean diaper before redressing me. “There, that should be more comfy, huh?” She said as she hugged me and whispered, “Pretend to be a baby as best you can while we go back. Don’t back talk no matter what they say… and try not to cry out.” I looked curiously at her but nodded and nursed my pacifier that I was beginning to actually grow fond of. It felt like she had barely set my carrier back down on the ground when the nurse called, “Stacy Westerfield?” I started slightly at the change of my last name. I wasn’t surprised though; after all with Fred’s explanation of the password the night before I figured that was inevitable! It was obvious to me from my surroundings that we were at a doctor’s office, but it certainly didn’t feel like a normal doctors office back home. Something about the place just gave you the creeps! From my place in the carrier I could only vaguely see doors as we passed them. As we passed one of them I heard a mans voice shout, “You goddamn bitch!!!! You can’t do this to…” followed by loud whacks and whimpering. As we made it to the end of the hallway I thought I could hear the unfortunate person beginning to bawl. By another room it wasn’t a thought, you could definitely hear the full on screams of pain and terror from a woman. It was the kind of thing you expected to hear in a horror movie… I found myself shaking slightly in the seat and nursed on the pacifier more to try and distract me. Finally the nurse led us to an open walled nurses station where she said, “Okay, we’re going to need little Stacy just in her diaper for most of this exam.” Then she looked at me and talked to me for a moment like I wasn’t a baby, “Make sure you behave baby or you won’t like the consequences.” I nodded meekly and I was quickly freed from the seat and my romper was taken off. “When did you change her last?” “About ten minutes ago, she was soaked.” “So she’s using her diapers just fine? Messes too?” “Happily peeing and pooing like a good little should.” The nurse nodded like that was the right answer as she picked me up and lay me down on what had to be an infant scale. “Okay… Twenty-four pounds… she really is a tiny thing. You must have had a tough time finding the right diapers!” I jolted at that, twenty-four pounds? I had lost over a hundred pounds of my weight and not even realized it! ‘Unless they measured pounds differently…’ “Okay little girl, stand tall right here,” she told me and had me stand up next. “Thirty-six inches…” she mused, “I guess we could give you another half or the full inch, what do you want Mommy?” She asked Amanda. “Just leave her at thirty-six inches, she’s just a baby anyway,” she told her. “Yep, no way this one could make her life through the world on her own…” Surprisingly to me she took my blood pressure, pulse, and did a body fat check before directing Amanda to carry me into a waiting examination room while she followed with my carrier. “Okay, now some health questions for you Mommy,” most of the time Amanda actually knew more than I would have guessed, but several times I told her the answer and the nurse pretended not to hear anything until Amanda parroted it back. It was weird, but I could see how they wanted to continue to degrade any adult confidence a little might have. The lady nurse left after saying, “I can’t believe how good she is!” to Amanda before looking at me and saying, “Just remember bad crybabies do get punished!” I shuddered as she left and Amanda collected me in her arms. I snuggled gratefully into her warm body, as it was cold in the room. A moment later a man slightly shorter than Amanda came in, “I’m supposed to get some blood?” “I think so,” Amanda said. “Can you hold her arm so she’ll stay still?” He asked. I just rolled my eyes and sat calmly while they took my blood like any other time I’d ever done it. Of course I wasn’t counting on the needle being twice the size I remembered in my last checkup! I managed to hold still though and other than a brief flinch did my best not to let them know how much the damn thing hurt!!!!! ‘It wouldn’t have surprised me if they used a bigger needle just to make it hurt more!’ I thought to myself. He filled three vials up before pulling the port out and putting a Band-Aid with that show Naomi and Oliver’s characters on it. “What a good girl!” He said as he patted my head, “Just remember that if you’re a crybaby you will be punished.” He left and I whispered to Amanda, “What exactly do they do?” She shuddered herself and whispered, “I watched Hannah get given enemas and spankings with a paddle.” I shuddered and leaned even closer into her. Shortly thereafter the doctor came in, “Hi, I’m Doctor Nimitz,” he said to Amanda. I froze, knowing he was the other ‘daddy’ I almost chose. “Hi, I’m Doctor Westerfield,” she told him with a smile. “So you’re here for this little cutie?” He said with a smile and looked at me. Something about the smile refused to expand to his eyes though and I believed in a heartbeat I had chosen correctly. “That’s right, especially with this baby girl being so tiny and cute I didn’t want to delay getting her registered for adoption.” “That’s very smart,” he told her. He looked down at the notes for a moment and then looked at me with recognition in his eyes, “We spoke a couple months ago, didn’t we?” I nodded, “Yes, sir.” At least it sort of sounded like that through the pacifier. “Well if I’d had any clue of how cute you would be in a diaper I would have made a stronger case for my wife and I. Truthfully I don’t know why you’d ever bother with college. You’re clearly meant to just be a cute little baby!” I just stared at him without saying anything. “Okay, please place her down on the table so we can do an examination. She’ll need to lose the paci while we do this…” He looked apologetic to me at that. He felt my lymph nodes, looked in my ears, and listened to my heart and lungs before laying me back and untaping my diaper. When my diaper came down he said, “Oh, so you’re a baby girl with a surprise in your diaper! Mommy do you want me to do something about that?” I cringed and shook a little in fear, ‘will he just rip off my parts?!?’ “Not now, I kind of think it’s endearing right now... I may change my mind, but her daddy and I need to talk it over a bit more before we do anything too permanent.” “Makes sense, no rush,” he said. “What are our options though?” she asked him. ‘Really?’ I screamed inside. ‘She’s serious?’ “Well, do you want her to have it as a punishment?” He paused, “Or do you just want to do it to get it to where she’s right cosmetically?” he shook his head, “There’s even an option out there that would go ahead and give her ovaries so she could have her own little babies.” He paused for a moment, “I hate to think of this one like that, but she would be ultimate breeder if you mated her with a really short little boy.” He nodded before adding, “I bet I can even get you in touch with a couple of my patients that fit that bill…” I was truly horrified as I sat there and he talked about making it possible for me to have babies just to make me a baby-making machine. There was no sense of compassion in his voice at all. As he gave her information he never stopped his examination of my groin. A second later he flipped me over on to my stomach while leaving me partially over my diaper. I feared what was coming next and sure enough I felt something enter my butt that I hoped was just a thermometer. “We’re not interested in mating her,” Amanda said carefully, “but maybe that type of procedure would be best so that we could make sure we have options?” “Well if you go that route you’ll be able to do it all in one day at the university’s hospital. We have a doctor trained in a new technique there with nanites…” He paused and added, “I’ve heard that they can do other modifications while they’re at it too if you want. Really great designer options!” He laughed, “Speaking of which I just now realized who your husband is. Tell him hello for me.” “I will,” Amanda said as she gently squeezed my hand. “Well I think that should be good.” He pulled out the thermometer and I let out a silent sigh of relief. That sucked! “Okay, last bits I’ll leave in my nurse’s hands. Overall you seem to have a very healthy little on your hands. Be sure to think about what I said and definitely have her back here in six months for a checkup.” “We will,” Amanda replied as he left and she quickly put a new diaper on me and redressed me in my romper. “Sorry baby,” she whispered to me as the door opened again and the original nurse entered. “Okay, let’s make some art for your mommy!” the nurse told me with a smile. A large ink pad was brought out and my feet and hands were covered in it before they put them on a large paper labeled, ‘Adoption Certificate.’ I looked at the details on the certificate. Both of my ‘parents’ full names and birthdates were listed, my real age of eighteen was listed with my birthdate, along with my height, weight, hair and eye color. I was surprised to see my gender listed as Female without any surgery required. The nurse scanned a bar code printed at the top of the page with some sort of gun looking device in her hand. “Where do you want to put her chip?” Without warning Amanda flipped me over onto my stomach over her lap and I felt her pull back my romper and diaper right on my right butt cheek. A second later I nearly bit my tongue in half to avoid crying out as I felt another feeling like a shot, but worse, go right in there. “Stay there for a second baby, I know that hurt, sorry,” she told me. A scanner was run over the chip to confirm it was working correctly before the lady said, “You’re such a good baby!” Amanda held me tight for a few minutes to reassure me while the nurse said, “The chip is active and confidential where it’s located. You actually didn’t put it in any of the most common spots, so hopefully any trader wouldn’t find it easily.” “Can’t they dig it out?” Amanda asked. “It’s a lot more work than you would think. Pretty soon scar tissue forms around it inside of her and you end up damaging the goods to get it out. They can reprogram them with a lot of patience, but the password you put in the reader prevents anyone but you from easily doing that. Make sure you share that password with your husband though just in case you need it in the future to update your her medical or your contact info.” Amanda nodded and I found myself sat back in the carrier with my pacifier again in my mouth, just grateful the exam was over! As she walked past another room on the way out the door I heard, “You can’t do this to me!!!! I’m not a baby or a girl!!!!!!!!” A smack and cries of agony serenaded us as she carried me past the receptionist. Our exit out the door of the building didn’t happen soon enough for me as I could only imagine the horrors that existed in that building. “I’M SORRY ABOUT that,” Amanda said a little while later after we had driven down a ways. “That was horrific!” I told her bluntly having lost the pacifier from my mouth when she had closed my passenger door. “And you were a good girl! You heard… well imagine how it is for most people…” She paused, “How in the world have you been so calm about all of this? If I had to go back to wearing diapers and being tortured and made fun of like you just were…” She took a breath in, “I’d be spitting nails!” I sighed, “On my previous visit with my family I had a party where I was able to sit and talk with a local little for a couple hours. He had managed to remain free - which given his age of thirty seems even more impressive to me now - but he knew all of the ins and outs. He shared with me pretty much everything that’s happened so far and more… So it’s not like anything was a total surprise like it has to be for some. Just terrifying to see it for real though,” I shuddered. I paused, “I want to go for this degree so badly that I’ve steeled myself for the past two years basically that any of this can happen. I know I don’t stand a chance of stopping it… my best bet is to be a good passive baby.” Amanda was silent up front for several minutes before she said, “You’re probably right.” I sat there for a few more minutes before the car slowed and she said, “You hungry? We’re going to meet Daddy for lunch,” she told me. I sighed, for a moment it had felt like there was a brief pause in the babying but obviously that wasn’t going to last. She stopped the car and opened my door. She didn’t immediately grab me though instead she messed with something for a moment before she slung my diaper bag on her shoulder. She made quick work of the buckle and we were on our way inside a restaurant that seemed fairly casual. Amanda spotted Fred and we walked over to where a high chair was already waiting for me. “Hi Princess!” He said to me with a smile and exchanged a quick kiss with Amanda after she buckled me in the highchair. The waitress came over and she handed her one of the new bottles, “Would you mind filling this with milk for her?” “Why certainly, she’s too cute! What would you like to drink?” She asked Amanda. “Iced tea would be fine,” she told her. “Great, let me get this cuties bottle filled and I’ll be right back to take your orders.” “Let’s get your bib on you sweetheart,” Amanda told me. She quickly placed one on me that read ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ with a tiara underneath it. I groaned but smiled. “Aren’t you just the perfect little Daddy’s girl?” The waitress said a moment later when she brought my bottle and Amanda’s iced tea. I could feel the bottle was warm - I guessed it was a sign the lady cared. “I’ll have the Quiche here, and our Princess will have your child’s mac and cheese,” she told her. “Does the chef need to do anything extra with her food? He can puree it if you need?” “Oh no, we’ll be fine like it’s supposed to come. She’s a little, but I prefer to just think of her as my normal baby. She’s eating solids and pasta just fine!” “Okay then, and you sir?” “I’ll have the Bacon Cheeseburger and fries please.” “Very good!” She said and walked away. Amanda quickly grabbed the bottle from the tray and checked it on her wrist before handing it back to me, “Careful, it’s probably a little warmer than it should be, but it’s still safe for babies.” She gave me a look that I took to be a hint to ‘start nursing,’ which I did. I noticed the milk tasted more normal like at home and couldn’t help but wonder what I had been given last night… “So what did you two do this morning?” Fred asked. “Well we had oatmeal,” she smiled at me and made a face, “then we went to ValuMart to pick up some new babas. I think she manages with that size a lot better!” “Looks like it,” he nodded. “What else did you get?” “Well first we ran into my student Jennifer Faulkner in the baby aisle.” “She’s the one…” “Yes,” she said cutting him off and making me curious. ‘One what?’ I wondered. “How was she doing?” “Doing well, her mom apparently was going to make her little sister go without wipeys for a while, so she went to buy some for her.” “That’s awful, she could end up with more than just diaper rash…” “You and I both understand that… her mom has always sounded like a piece of work though,” Amanda added. “Anyway, we talked for a little bit and she fell in love with our little princess here. I think she’s probably going to be our go to babysitter if Megan’s not available.” “As long as you trust her?” “I do.” “What else did you manage to get done?” “Well not much more, we made it to the doctor’s office to make the adoption official. I have three copies of her cute handprints and footprints with the certificate for us to use. I also got her chipped while we were there,” she said the last bit quietly. “Probably a good idea,” he told her and looked at me nursing the bottle, “I know that had to have hurt princess, but believe me it’s for your own protection.” I nodded. “Anything else?” He asked. “Nope, just lunch with Daddy so far!” She said as plates arrived. The macaroni and cheese actually didn’t look too bad to my surprise, but the burger Fred had sounded way better. It was humongous though, so I was pretty sure there was no way that I could ever have managed even one bite in my small mouth! Throughout lunch Amanda fed me the macaroni and cheese. By making some sad eyes at Fred I was able to steal a couple of ‘Daddy’s fries’ from him. Each of those was practically a quarter of a potato back home! The bottle sat with a quarter left when we were waiting for the check so I sat and finished it. As I popped it out from my mouth I found myself letting out a huge burp. Amanda smiled at me, “Did you have some wigglies in your tummy?” she cooed at me before she used the bib to wipe a little bit of stray cheese sauce from my face. She removed it and placed it in my bag before she picked me up out of the highchair. “What are you two ladies doing now?” Fred asked. “Well I think we’re going to run home for a little while for the princess to take a nap. After that I think we might take a walk over to the university.” “Okay, I may be home earlier this afternoon than normal. Doctor Clark just about fired me when he found out I have a new baby at home and I’m not there helping my wife.” He smiled at both of us. She laughed, “I bet, Bob has always been a softie!” After a kiss from him Amanda carried me outside and I was once again bound in my car seat. I waited for us to get home for naptime. ‘Sounds so exciting…’ I thought grudgingly to myself. While she drove I felt the need to pee more and let it out into the diaper with a sigh. Thankfully for my growing boredom the ride home took just a few minutes, and I once more found myself in their garage being picked up. Amanda didn’t set me down though; instead she walked out the open garage door so I could see the front of the house properly. “See there’s plenty of pretty grass for you to play on,” she said with a smile. “Though you won’t play out front much because I don’t need you getting hurt, huh?” I looked at the two-story house and saw it was a sort of Victorian style home with gabled peaks. The front had a long porch complete with a white rail and porch swing. A single tree that looked like a Magnolia tree rose from the ground in the middle of the lawn. It was monstrous to me in size and I was impressed by how pretty the house was. I was also more than a little bit unnerved that it looked very similar to my parent’s house! It was different colors though, while my parents had painted their house in shades of yellow, this was painted in shades of green. And probably thirty feet or more in additional height... “I’ll show you the backyard once I get everything put away,” she told me with a smile as she bounced me lightly on her hip and closed the garage door. She took me to the living room and sat me down in the playpen while also making me jump as I felt a fingers intrude on my diaper. “I’ll have to change that wet diapee here soon too!” I blushed bright red as she disappeared to go carry stuff in, while she apparently felt safe leaving me alone since I was very effectively caged in the playpen. After watching her go back out to the garage through the white mesh fabric I went back to the doll I had been looking at a bit earlier. I began messing with her and a stuffed cat next to it debating about how I would be expected to play with them. Before long Amanda was back and took me upstairs for the needed diaper change. “Since I’m going to put you down for your nap I’m going to put you in one of your pretty princess diapers,” she told me excitedly. I groaned. “They’re not that bad are they?” I nodded my head, “They intentionally make it impossible to walk!” “Well good! You won’t need to because you’ll be napping!” In an effort to avoid being bored in the crib right away I asked, “Could you show me the backyard first, like you promised?” She sighed, “I did promise that didn’t I?” I nodded, “Uh-huh.” “You think you’re stalling your nap, aren’t you?” I gave her my most angelic face I could possibly make, “I would never do that Mommy!” I kept my face and said, “I’m a good girl!” She laughed at me and tickled me for a moment, “You certainly are a good girl! I have to keep reminding myself that you’re not a normal baby, or a normal little. It takes everything I have to keep from going and getting some other tools to regress you more…” I shuddered a little bit, “Please don’t.” “I won’t do anything without asking first. But I would suggest it might be a good idea to think about some help on unpottytraining yourself? I saw the look on your face in the car as you wet your diaper, maybe you might be less miserable if you’re not aware you’re going?” I shook my head, “I was reading in the college handbook that if I poop myself in class I can be kicked out of the university. I have to at the very least keep my bowel control.” She looked like that was a surprise to her. “What?” “I’ll show you later. It was a small line that I think most people would probably overlook, but all it would take is one angry professor….” “Gah, and it would probably be Professor Krantz too…” she muttered. She carried me down the staircase and said, “By the way, how did you know Doctor Nimitz?” I sighed, “I had narrowed it to you two and him and his wife from my fifty some responses.” “You have no idea how close you came to disaster…” She told me and I could see some tears in her eyes. “I kind of got that feeling when I talked to them over the link and also today. I know I picked the right mommy and daddy!” She squeezed me and then led out a sliding door to the backyard. A fence that looked pretty formidable to me ran round a beautiful pool they had in the backyard. I saw a sandbox and swing set that didn’t look brand new like everything else. “Those look older…” I pointed. “They came with the house and came in handy when my sisters visited until they messed with their littles ability to walk. I think we might put in another playground at some point, but since you’re supposed to be a baby I don’t know how much we really should put in for you. A lot of people would probably prefer to see us use that infant swing and nothing else.” I noticed that one of the swings had a traditional infants bar and harness to it to make it very safe for someone my size. ‘Or make it the perfect way to trap them for hours…’ I thought darkly. “Okay, enough stalling, naptime!” She commanded. “I wasn’t stalling,” I told her innocently. “Right…” she tickled me for a moment and then retraced her steps inside the house. Back in my room she lay me down on top of the quilt in the crib for a quick second before quickly and effectively tucking me inside of it to where I couldn’t move. “What are you doing?” I asked before being effectively silenced with a pacifier. I didn’t complain though and sucked on it lightly. “It’s called swaddling Stacy, I should have done it last night but I was worried with the sleeper you would be too hot. It helps keep me from worrying about you flipping over and possibly having problems breathing…” I looked up at her and wondered if I was now getting to another story, but chose not to push. She kissed my head and reached above me to turn on the crib’s mobile. Just as she began to turn around I noticed a dark dot on her left breast. She was out of my sight quickly though and I was left to look at the mobile of butterflies turning while Brahms Lullaby played softly. Seeing nothing else I could do I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks for all of the comments, I appreciate them!
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    Chapter 4 I got out of the shower and made sure to use the bathroom. Still thinking about the upcoming trip. When I went to see my mom and saw the fresh diaper. Right, I agreed to it for one day, it’s only a day and isn’t this what I wanted? At this point I was unsure as to what I wanted to become of this situation. However, it seemed like the choice was being made for me. After being diapered, I put my t-shirt on and pulled my shorts up. The crotch bulged out a little as the padding pushed up against my skin. Not to noticeable I hope. I thought looking down at my diapered crotch. “Guess I won’t be needing these today” I chuckled as I picked up my underwear. Moving was a bit harder and more constrained with the shorts on. The tightness of the shorts due to the bulk of the diaper made leg movement awkward. “I guess you won’t. So, about the trip. Come with me into the kitchen and we can talk about it” I followed her downstairs hearing an audible crinkle with each step. I sat down on the wooden chair next to her. Well they do make any seat have a nice cushion. My mom pulled out her laptop and began to show me her plan for our trip. “Disney World. That looks fun” “I thought it did as well. I am also able to take off a week from work” I thought about my current diaper issue. “When would we be going?” “Sometime next week, they were having a last minute deal” I will just have to try to stop wetting the bed. But if I can’t... “What about my current... undergarment situation?” “Disney caters to all ages. I checked and made sure it wouldn’t be an issue and while I was at it, I ordered some new protection to restock. It isn’t purple either” “Disney sounds great mom” I guess she thinks this problem isn’t going away anytime soon. Well at least they will not be purple. Hopefully they will be less noticeable as well. I thought as I looked at my diapered crotch. “Great, I will book the tickets. Now, I’m going to do some work. Come and get me if you need to use the bathroom” “Will do” I said as I went to watch some T.V. A few hours passed and I could feel pressure in my bladder building. Looks like I have to go ask mom to take this off. Having to ask for permission to use the restroom, like a toddler... Well I guess I technically don’t. I mean why waste a dry diaper. I could just tell her I didn’t make it or that I didn’t want to interrupt her work. No, I want to be out of these before Disney. I began to walk to my mom. “Hi mom” “How is my sweet boy doing? Do you need a change?” “I need to use the bathroom” “Alright let me finish up here. You can wait upstairs for me” As I walked, the pressure from my bladder had stopped. I heard a faint hissing sort of sound. Like when you pour water into a plastic container. Then I noticed the warmth from my crotch as the hot liquid pooled between my legs. How??? Did I really have to go that bad? I mean she has to change the diaper either way. I thought as the thirsty diaper began to do it job. I plopped down on the changing pad. How am I going to explain this. After about five minutes my mom came up and glanced at the state of my diaper. “Oh Jamie, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you had to go that badly” “It’s fine mom. I mean either way the diaper was getting thrown out. Now it was not wasted I guess?” “I’m sorry” “It is fine. I don’t really mind a soggy diaper. I mean if it is going to be such a hassle for each time I need to pee” “Of course you are free to use your diapers. If you find that easier or less stressful than by all means” Did she just say I can use my diapers whenever without repercussions? This was sort of a relief. As now I would not have to worry about the whole accident thing. “Really?” “Yes, but sweety, something I sort of want to ask. Are you having problems during the day now too?” Could she know. Well I mean not being able to hold it for five minutes is sort of a give away. “Yeah” I sighed as she taped the new diaper. “I’m sorry all of this is happening to you. I am here for you if you ever need me and will support you through this” she said with a great big hug. “Aw, thanks mom. To be honest they are not the worst things in the world. They are fairly comfy” “It’s good to hear you are taking the situation well. Now I am going to get back to work and you can come and ask me if you need the restroom. Or you can just use your diaper and I will change you later” “Thanks mom” I said as I went to my room to play, leaving the shorts off this time. A few more hours later I again felt the need to pee. Well I am in the middle of this game and she did say it would be fine. I relaxed my bladder and felt the warmth spread. Once I got to a pausing point, I took off my restrictive shorts and looked at how the diaper was thicker now. I plopped back down with a wet thud and continued playing, wetting a bit more every hour. Dinner rolled around and I stood up. The diaper sagged down and drooped between my legs. I really did a number on this one. Maybe I should try to not. After all, I don’t really want to be diapered at Disney. I just have to convince mom that I don’t need to be. I waddled down to dinner. “Looks like someone is getting use the diapers” my mom chuckled. My cheeks turned many shades of red right then. As I sat down, I could feel the cold liquid squeeze out and rush up my crotch only to be reabsorbed by the over-saturated diaper. “Well... you did say it would be alright, and...” “I’m happy that you are adjusting well and accepting your unfortunate circumstance” Is she expecting this to last? How would she know? “I mean, it’s not the worst thing in the world. But, I would like to try and get out of them before our trip” “Well, sweety, as I said before, it wouldn’t be to big of a deal if you had to wear them. Think of the long lines. With your weak bladder...” I knew she was right. I didn’t want to admit it, but deep down I somehow knew that this might last a bit longer than I thought. “I know you’re right. But it’s just that I’m not a toddler. I shouldn’t have to wear diapers” I sighed in frustration. “People in a wheelchair probably don’t want to be there either. Look, give it some time, you might even grow to enjoy the freedom they offer” “It will pass in time, it always does” I said as we finished dinner. “It also looks like you could use a change” she said looking at my sodden diaper. Which at this point was becoming quite uncomfortable and clammy. “That would be nice” I replied before heading upstairs to be changed. “You should consider wearing the cover more often” she said as the began changing me. “I suppose. It is just not the most comfortable thing in the world” “It will help with leaks and odor. Judging from this diaper and this morning, you could use both” “Alright” I replied as she finished changing me. After the change I went off to my room to play. Glancing at the cover I thought, well it couldn’t hurt. I don’t think I will end up in another messy diaper, but it did help with the odor. So, I put on the cover and began to play. Soon it was time for bed. “I made you a new relaxing CD to help get your mind off things” “That was nice” I replied putting it into the player. “I just wanted to help get your mind off the padding, and thanks for wearing the cover” “Well better safe than sorry I suppose” “Sweet dreams” I drifted off to a deep slumber.
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    Sandra stood up still not able to grasp what just happened. She looked down at herself in shock . She looked like a giant toddler. The body suit looked alarmingly like a giant onesie not completely covering the white bulk of shame between her legs. Julie didn't seem to care much about Sandra's discomfort and moved about the flat matter of factly . Sandra stayed standing in the middle of the living room unsure what to do. She was tempted to tear the diaper off but knew that she had no choice if she didn't want to end up with no place to sleep. As jukie set down typing infront of her computer the rest of the afternoon went by in silence . Only after dinner as Sandra whose task was to wash the dishes felt suddenly julies fingers protrude the side of her diaper. She pulled away from her with a start . - now now Sandie - Julie said with a smirk - stay still while I check your diaper . It will be a routine thing till I decide I can trust you . You will get used to it soon enough . Seeing how you can't be trusted to tell the truth or keep your bed dry I can't trust you to keep your diaper dry or tell me that you had an accident . So you will get a diaper check whenever I think it's needed. Sandra stared at her with an angry disbelief . Julie grinned a little as she added . - you don't want a spanking do you ? Julie blushed as she recalled being spanked as a little girl . Her parents never hid the fact they felt the need to spank her and her mother spanked her more than once infront of Julie and told her to do the same if she felt it was needed. but Julie wouldn't spank her now . She couldn't . Could she ..? Sandra bit her lip. She wasn't sure wether Julie was teasing her or setting another rule. Somehow she felt she shouldn't try her luck. Relucantly she let Julie check her diaper. - still dry. Do you need to use the potty ? Sandra blushed. The word potty made her feel like a toddler. She did feel some pressure in her bladder but thinking it through she did the math - saying yes means having Julie take off her diaper that would be a relief and not to mention relieving herself but Julie didn't seem to be likely to let it end there. So she would find herself back on the couch. - no I m fine - she tried to sound as relaxed as possible . She knew it was near her time to shower anyway so she could just hold on till then . Definitely not giving Julie more chances to treat her like a child . Julie looked her up and down - well alright . At least if you have an accident nothing will get ruined she remarked as she walked out of the kitchen. An hour later Sandra was glancing at the clock getting a bit anxious . Seemed like she could think of nothing but her bulk of shane and her need to use the potty as Julie put it . - I think I will take a shower - she announced out loud as if thinking Julie glanced up from her computer . - Ahhm right . Go on then I will be just a minute I need to finish this email . Sandra sat on the edge of the tub cross legged cursing Julie in her head . Sitting next and and looking at the tiolet made her urge that much stronger. She is doing this on purpose she thought angrily . She was right of course . Julie made a promise to her mom to teach her rebellious little girl a life long lesson . She of course had no idea that her mom told Julie about all of the little secrets she had. Things she worked very hard at hiding from everyone . Little things like occasionally sucking her thumb during her sleep or soiling her underwear. All the little things Julie had to admit was excited to have a chance to fix . She had to admit to herself she couldn't explain why she got almost turned on by the idea. Maybe it was her previous relationship . She felt controlled felt like she had no say . Maybe using Sandra she would gain back her confidence . Then using that confidence with a guy should be the next step . Julie entered the bathroom . She smiled at Sandra head tilted . - good girl following the rules ! You really don't want to be spanked do you . Alright let me just check your diaper ... Sandra felt like she would really wet herself as she felt Julie undoing the bodysuit and move her fingers inside of her diaper. - still dry - she exclaimed removing the diaper leaving her feeling completely exposed . - Good girl . Now wash yourself nicely I will be back soon to check ! - she said as she walked out of the bathroom leaving the door open . Sandra considered closing the door but her urge to relieve herself was stronger . As she flushed she quickly jumped into the tub and let the water run. She looked with hatred at the diaper laying on the floor next to the onsie .
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    Saturday night nappy and onesie time
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    Chapter Four Jessie “Hey, wait! Sophie, wait, come back!” I call out. “Come on, you can’t leave me like this! Just let me use the washroom. How is this in any way fair?” But, probably as expected, I’m ignored as she walks away, humming softly to herself from in the kitchen, out of my line of sight. I gulp and squirm, trying and failing to squeeze my legs together. Taking a shaky breath, I try not to think about it and return to my meal. The earlier conditions are forgotten in my haste to scarf down the food and get to the washroom in time. By the time I’ve finished wolfing down the pasta, I’ve coated my face, and the bib as well, in a fine layer of sauce, the occasional noodle clinging to skin or fabric. I lick my lips, trying to clean some of it away. The pressure on my bladder has grown significantly worse over the past couple of minutes. It’s lead me to be practically bouncing in my diaper, eliciting loud crinkles, though perhaps I’m the only one that can truly ever hear them, and a deeper blush from me. “Sophie!” I call desperately. “Please, come on, I have to go to the bathroom!” When there’s no response, I switch tactics. “I’m finished! You said I had to finish eating first; I’m done, come let me down. Please,” I beg. Finally, she reappears in the doorway to the dining room. “Did you drink your juice?” she inquires. My heart sinks as I redirect my attention to the still mostly full sippy cup. I gulp. “I-I can’t. I really have to go to the bathroom. Please, just take me. I’ll drink it after if that’s what you want.” Sophie leans against the doorway and crosses her arms, though from her posture, she isn’t upset. “A big girl wouldn’t have a problem finishing up her juice first, Jess. So if you’re insinuating that you can’t hold it and that you’re not a big girl, then you’ve no real need for a potty anyways, now do you? So you can either stop arguing, drink your juice, and then I’ll take you potty, or you can use your diaper and then finish your juice. Either way…” she trails off with a shrug. My heart sinks further. She’s so relaxed and nonchalant about it. She doesn’t expect me to make it, and sadly, a resigned part of myself agrees with her. Still, determined to escape this fate, since I can’t reason with her, I pick up the sippy cup and tilt it almost upside down trying to drain it as quickly as possible, still bouncing in my seat. Unfortunately, the no-spill quality to the cup means I really have to suckle on it to get any yield, and it takes significantly longer to make any progress with it. Beads of sweat are beginning to break out on my brow from the exertion and I know I’m fighting a losing battle. I feel a few dribbles of liquid leave me, eagerly soaked away by the thick padding, and I groan. My control slips and despite my best efforts, I fail to regain it as I begin to flood the diaper. The sippy cup slips from my fingers, bouncing off the tray and falling to the ground with a loud clatter. When the stream finally stems, I’m left sitting in incredibly squishy, warm padding that squelches at even the slightest movement. Humiliation burns in my cheeks and the tips of my ears, and I have to bite my lip, hard, to keep it from quivering. Don’t cry, I tell myself firmly. If you cry, it will only build her case in her mind. But the look on the woman’s face, the mixture of pity and triumph, like she’s resisting saying ‘I told you so’ while also trying not to be unkind is just a little too much. She’s practically forced me into this, cornered me. Any normal adult would have had trouble, but they also would have had easy access to the bathroom as well. It wasn’t my fault, and yet it feels so wrong of me regardless. I feel my eyes begin to sting as liquid wells up in them, a small sniffle escaping me as I fight to keep from outright balling. Twin tears slip free to roll down my cheeks. Instantly Sophie’s expression morphs from a satisfaction, into gentle sympathy and she’s closed the gap between us in seconds. Lifting the tray away, she’s quick to remove the bib and wipe the sauce from my face before scooping me into her arms. I’m pressed up against her shoulder, legs pushed under me, supported by one arm while her free hand comes up to pat my back. “Don’t cry, sweetie pie. I know; the first time is always hard, isn’t it? But you’ll be okay; mommy’s right here,” she coos in a soft whisper, rubbing circles on my back. I decide to blame it on the continued treatment, the sense of loss, and overload of humiliation and emotion, but suddenly I can’t bare it any longer. The tears come fast, hiccuping sobs wracking my body, and I can’t stop myself from snuggling against her, smearing tear stains and snot across her shirt. If the motion bothers her, she makes no mention of it, continuing to cuddle me against her while rocking on her heels, murmuring reassurances that I’m not truly paying attention to. If the situation wasn’t what it was, with her holding me against my will and forcing this sort of treatment on me, the comforting motion might have even been nice, appreciated. Instead, it really only fuels the fire and upsets me further. It’s a long while before I finally cry myself out, my cheek resting against the soaked patch of fabric as I lie limp in her arms, feeling defeated. “It wasn’t my fault,” I whimper. She continues to rub my back. “I know, sweetie. It’s not your fault, it was just an accident. They happen, hon, which is why you have your diaper. You’re still a good girl, I promise,” she assures me, though none of it is very reassuring. “But it wasn’t my fault,” I protest, reiterating my statement. “You wouldn’t let me go. I haven’t been since you brought me home, and I’ve been here all day. I don’t need diapers.” There’s no response for a few long moments and I begin to think she might finally relent. Then, “let’s get you cleaned up, okay sweetie? It’s nearly your bedtime and I imagine you’d like to get out of that soggy diaper, huh? We’ll get you all fixed up in some dry padding, okay?” Then we’re moving as she carries me upstairs. “No,” I protest meekly, squirming in her grip. “Weren’t you listening? I don’t need diapers. Please don’t put me in a new one. Just let me have my normal clothes back. I’m an adult, Sophie. I am.” Sophie’s head twists, and then her lips are pressing against my cheek. “Enough games for today, Jessie, hon, it’s almost bedtime and I think someone is getting a tad cranky.” She lays me out on the changing table once again, her fingers easily pulling up the taps that I couldn’t budge earlier. The moist padding is pulled out from under me and tossed into the trash. I make to squirm away, but her hands are on me again, one pinning my ankles and lifting my legs up, the other dragging a wet wipe over my backside. I squeak in protest and try to wiggle out of her grasp, but while gentle, it also holds firm and despite my struggling, I soon find myself freshly powdered and sealed up in another diaper. Sophie pulls me into a sitting position and tugs the dress up over my head. A fleecy, long sleeved pink nightgown is pulled over my head to replace the dress. She pauses to trace a fingernail over the moon and stars design pattered on the chest of the pajamas. I’m lifted up and cuddled up against her. “Would you like your nighttime bottle, Jessie, honey? It’s going to be part of your routine from now on, but since you’ve had a rough day, I won’t make you drink it if you don’t want it.” I shake my head furiously. “No. No, I don’t want it. I want to go home.” Sophie sighs softly, but makes no move to continue our banter. Instead, she lowers me down into the crib. “What’s it going to take to make you see me as an adult? An equal?” I demand. “I gave you that chance tonight,” she points out. “That was hardly fair and you know it,” I seethe. She shakes her head. “Goodnight, Jessie.” As she turns to leave, panic races through me. Some internal dread tells me that if I stay the night, it’s game over. While perhaps illogical, I can’t help but be swayed by it. “No, wait,” I protest softly, standing up and trying to peer over the crib bars at her. I’m too short, so I simply look through them. She pauses and crouches down to meet my gaze. “Give me another chance, please?” I beg. “It was an accident. I hadn’t been able to go all day, I told you I had to. I am an adult, I can prove it.” Sophie’s hand reaches through the bars to cup my face. “You need to go to sleep now, Jessie.” I shake my head, unable to help stamping my foot. “No! Not until you give me another chance. A proper chance, no tricks this time...please. Just say you’ll give me another chance.” I watch her purse her lips and mull it over. “I’ll think about it,” she relents at last. “But it won’t be tonight, and if you expect to get anything, you’d best lie down right now and go to sleep; otherwise, I’ll make up my mind now and I’ll swaddle you again. I don’t need you hurting yourself trying to climb from your crib. You could seriously hurt yourself if you fell.” “But you’ll give me a second chance? No tricks? All I have to do is just go to bed, that’s it?” Sophie chuckles, lifting me up only to lower me back down onto the mattress. She tucks me in with the baby blanket and pushes a soother into my mouth before leaning down to press a kiss to my forehead. “I said I would think on it,” she corrects. “But you have to first prove to me that you can behave yourself before I’ll allow you a second chance to prove you can take care of yourself. Now go to sleep.” She reaches up and turns the mobile one. Seconds later, the light goes out and the door clicks softly shut. I stand up almost immediately, struggling to try to climb over the rail. But just like with the playpen, I can barely reach the top of the rail, much less find the leverage to get over it. It makes a bunch of noise, and suddenly there’s a crackling static filling the silence of the nursery. “Go to sleep, Jessie,” Sophie’s voice sounds out of nowhere. I squeak in surprise, tumbling back onto the padding around my butt. I then notice the baby monitor on the nightstand beside the crib. Sighing softly, and knowing I’m beaten for now, I lie down, tugging the blanket up to my ears and rolling around, trying to find a comfortable position. The horrors and humiliation of today are still fresh, raw wounds, and part of me is so exhausted and ready to escape everything, that sleep manages to find me quickly.
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    Long time lurker, first time writer. Let me know what you think! #### (1.) I really couldn’t afford to complain… I’ll admit that I hadn’t planned on spending my entire summer babysitting Emmy McKale, but I was getting paid an exorbitant amount of money to do so...And considering that I was currently out of a job, well, beggars can’t be choosers. I finished putting the blankets out on the couch--Emmy wasn’t due to arrive for another ten minutes, but her parents had a late flight to catch. I didn’t want to be the lame babysitter who sent her to bed right away on her first night here. It was summer vacation, after all. I’d just finished laying out the snacks when the doorbell rang. I hurried to get across the living room, and banged my shin on the coffee table. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from cursing, and hobbled over to answer the door. “Hey guys!” I said, smiling through the pain. “Hello, Mallory. Thanks for watching Emory for us.” William, Emory’s dad, said, handing me an envelope. “There’s money in here for groceries, activities, pretty much anything you might need while we’re gone. Whatever you don’t spend, you can keep.” “Thanks, Mr. McKale.” “Mallory!” that was all the warning I got before Emory crashed into me at full speed, flinging her arms around my middle. I gave her a good squeeze in return before lifting her onto my hip. “Hey, Emmy! It’s good to see you!” Melanie, Emory’s mom, was struggling to carry all of Emmy’s things, so I put Emmy down to go help her. “Thanks, dear.” she said breathlessly, handing me a large box of what I could now see were diapers. They weren’t real diapers, per se, but those bedwetting pants for kids that call themselves something else so they don’t wreck kids’ self-esteem. All things considered, Emory never really put up much of a fuss when it was time to get ready for bed, and I was grateful; any of the other ten-year-olds I babysat would have had a fit if I so much as mentioned any kind of protection. I looked back over at Emory who had bent down to pick up her bag. Her shirt had ridden up, exposing the waistband of her diaper. If she noticed, she didn’t seem to care. Besides, I thought it was kind of cute anyway. It certainly made my job easier, since she was so accepting of having to wear protection. “You can just put your things in the guest room, Emmy. You remember where it is, right?” Emmy grinned and took off up the stairs. “Yep.” I helped Emory’s mom bring in the rest of her things. By the time we’d finished Emory was back. William looked at his watch. “We should go.” he knelt down and opened his arms to Emmy. Emmy didn’t waste any time leaping into them. “Bye daddy. I love you! Have fun!” “I love you too, sweetheart. Be good for Mallory, okay?” Emmy nodded. “I will!” she said, and moved on to repeat the process with her mother. “Emergency numbers are on the fridge, same as always. We’ll be back in a few weeks.” Melanie lowered her voice and pulled me aside. “Just so you know, Emmy’s bedwetting has gotten worse. The boxes have diapers in them now, we were in a hurry when we packed, so I just threw everything together. There might be a few pull-ups left in there, but make sure she wears the diapers to bed.” I nodded. “Okay. Will do, thanks for the heads-up.” “We’ve had a few daytime incidents, too. It’s usually when she’s distracted, so please remind her to go potty.” I nod. I normally get this kind of thing from my younger kids’ parents, but with the money I was making, I wasn’t about to complain. Emmy wasn’t that much bigger than some of my six-year-olds, now that I thought about it... Melanie reached out to hug me. “We love you too, you know.” My face heated up. “Thanks. I love you guys too. Be safe, and happy anniversary.” Melanie smiled and followed her husband toward the door. Emory was too short to see out the window of the storm door, so I lifted her onto my hip so we could wave to her parents as they drove away. I could feel that her diaper was pretty wet, and I wondered why she hadn’t said anything. “Do I have to go to bed soon?” Emmy asked. “You know I’m not that lame. You can stay up for a bit, but first, you need a diaper change.” “But, I’m not even that wet!” Emmy protested. “I don’t know about that...Besides, you didn’t speak up and tell me you were wet, and I’m not having you get diaper rash on my watch, missy.” She was usually really well-behaved, but I knew from experience that she wasn’t above making a break for it if she thought she could get away with it. “Let’s go, munchkin.” Emmy pouted, and her big brown eyes almost made me reconsider. Almost. “Nice try, kiddo. But, that doesn’t work on me.” I headed up the stairs to the guest room and laid Emmy down on the guest bed. Her diaper was even more wet than I’d thought, I discovered, once I started changing her, and I didn’t think it would’ve taken much more before leaking. “‘Not that wet’, huh?” I wondered, tickling her a little so she knew I wasn’t upset. She squirmed and I let up before I ended up having to change the sheets on the bed too. “Sorry. Guess I wasn’t paying attention.” Emmy said, refusing to make eye contact with me. I brushed some long brown hair out of her eyes. I didn’t totally buy it, but it wasn’t worth making a big deal out of it. “It’s alright, I’m not mad. Try to remember to tell me when you need changing, okay? Otherwise I’m gonna have to start checking for myself.” “Okay,” Emmy said, sitting up once I’d finished. She scampered over to her suitcase and took out a footed sleeper. “I got new pajamas!” She said. “Can you help me with them?” I suspected that she didn’t really need help, but I didn’t have the heart to deny her if such a simple thing would make her happy. Internally, I knew that the pajamas would probably just get in the way if she woke up in the middle of the night and had to go to the bathroom, but she was in diapers anyway, so I wasn’t going to dwell on it. I’m such a pushover… She looked absolutely adorable in her pjs, which did nothing at all to hide her diapered state. “Feel like doing anything in particular?” I asked. “I wanna play Overwatch.” Emmy said. “I brought my PS4.” “Okay. Do you need help setting it up?” Emmy shook her head. “Nope. I can do it.” “Okay. Mind if I keep you company? Emmy smiled. “Sure! Can I have a snack?” “I think that can be arranged. How about some chips and pretzels?” I wasn’t in the mood to start fussing around in the kitchen, since it was so late, and I hoped that those would be enough. “That sounds good to me.” Emmy said. “I’m gonna go set my game up. You should play too; it’s fun.” I shrugged. “We’ll see,” I had enough trouble getting to sleep without overstimulating my brain. But, I hadn’t played video games in a while, and the offer was tempting. I went to scrounge for suitable snack food, while Emmy set up her game. She was faster than I expected she would be, and she was already getting started by the time I got to the living room, arms laden with plunder from the kitchen. “Get on the point, guys!” She snapped into her headset--it took me a minute to realize that she was talking to someone. “Relax.” I said, a little more sternly than I meant to. “It’s just a game.” Emmy sighed and folded her arms as the word ‘defeat’ flashed up on the screen in bright red letters. “Tough luck,” I said, and patted her back. “You’ll get ‘em next time.” Emmy angrily crunched into a pretzel and pouted. “Do you want to play? You don’t have to play in Competitive matches if you don’t want to. Those can get pretty intense.” “Why not? Think I’ll stick with the small fish though.” I said, and she passed me the controller. The controls were pretty straightforward, and although the other team wiped the floor with me several times--I don’t think I got a single kill--it was fun. It was easy to see how someone could get addicted to this kind of thing. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but if I had nothing else to do, it was a nice way to kill time. Emmy squirmed next to me. At first, I thought that she was just anxious to get back to the game. Then, when I heard the subtle crinkling of her pull-up, I realized that there was a much more obvious explanation. “Do you need to go to the bathroom?” “Nope, I’m alright.” I raised an eyebrow. “If you say so…” I passed her the controller. I focused most of my attention on the screen, but I was still watching Emmy out of my peripheral vision. I’d been babysitting enough to know that the ‘potty dance’ never really changes; kids just get better at hiding it as the get older. Another thing I learned was to trust my gut. And right now, my gut was telling me that everything about Emmy’s posture screamed: I really have to pee! “Okay,” I said as my latest foray into the gaming world ended with another stomping. “Time for a potty break.” “I don’t even have to go!” Emmy protested. She looked a little embarrassed. “You do so,” I countered. “You’ve been squirming non-stop for the past five minutes. Even if you don’t think you need to go, I want you to try anyway.” Emory huffed. “Fine.” She must have needed to go worse than she thought, because as soon as she stood up, she let out a little gasp and sprinted for the bathroom. I laughed a little to myself. Emmy came back and sat down on the couch. “Did you make it okay?” Emmy nodded. “Let’s check. Just to be sure.” “I don’t need you to check me,” Emmy whined. “Well, if you had told me you were wet earlier, I wouldn’t feel like I needed to. Besides, if you’re dry, I don’t have anything to worry about, right?” “Right,” Emmy didn’t look at me. I knew then what I was going to find, and I was a little annoyed that she lied, but I decided to give her another chance to come clean. “Is there something you wanna tell me?” I asked. Emmy shook her head. “Are you sure?” Emmy nodded. The silence was another giveaway, but even so, I went as slowly as possible as I unzipped her pjs. As I suspected, she was soaked. “Sweetheart,” I began gently. “What happened?” “I tried. I really did…” Emmy croaked, and burst into tears. “It’s okay, little one.” I said, pulling her close. “I’m not mad.” Privately, I was a little irritated. As much as I wanted to give Emmy the benefit of the doubt, all the evidence for this particular accident pointed to laziness rather than any physical problem. Still, Emmy’s mom had warned me that they’d been having some daytime issues, and I knew it wouldn’t be fair of me to hold Emmy completely responsible. But, I didn’t want to let her off the hook scot-free either… “It’s no big deal,” I told her. “Just try to pay more attention next time, okay?” “‘Kay. I’m sorry.” Emmy said quietly. I pressed a kiss to her forehead. “It’s okay. I think it’s just about bedtime, though. Do you want to take a bath now, or do you normally take care of that in the morning?” Emmy shrugged. I sighed and lifted Emmy onto my hip when I stood up. “Well, since you don’t know, I think we’d be better off doing it now. A nice, warm bath might help you relax.” Emory didn’t say anything back. She just hummed and rested her head on my shoulder. I patted her bottom, more out of instinct than anything else. I hadn’t meant to call attention to the state of her pull-up, at least not more than I had already; but it couldn’t be helped. I ended up doing most of the work in the bathroom. Emmy just sort of zoned out and plonked herself down in the tub. “Emmy, you’re getting a rash.” I said. Maybe it was for the best that I was doing the scrubbing, since I might not have found out about it until it got much worse. “You need to tell me when you need changing.” I reminded her. I figured that it had already started before she came over, but I didn’t want it getting worse. Emmy just nibbled on her thumb. “I wish you’d tell me what’s bothering you.” I said, since it was obvious that something was on her mind. “I don’t know...I just feel off.” Emmy said. “Do you think you’re getting sick?” I reached out to feel her forehead. She didn’t seem feverish. Emmy shook her head. “I don’t know how to explain it.” “Hmm.” I was at a loss. I couldn’t do much if Emmy didn’t tell me what was wrong. “I think you’re just tired.” I pulled the plug on the drain and wrapped Emmy in a big, fluffy towel. I thought it was strange that she hadn’t offered even token resistance to me babying her since her accident. In truth, I’d been hoping for some kind of reaction, but at the same time, her being so docile was making my job easier. Emmy didn’t fight me when it was time to put her diaper on, and she was small enough that moving her around wasn’t too much of a chore. “Good night, Emmy.” I told her, once she was tucked in. “I’ll be right down the hall if you need anything.” “Night, Mallory.” Emmy answered. “Could you leave the door open a little?” “Sure thing, munchkin. Sweet dreams.” It only took me a few seconds to cross the room, but in the thin strip of light that washed over the bed, I could see that Emmy was already asleep.
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    Part 14 The next few days were wonderful. April introduced me to the ukulele, which is what the tiny guitar was... I felt silly because I knew what a ukulele was, I'd just never seen such a tiny instrument be so big before. She had a smaller version for me, but it was still quite large, almost the size of a standard guitar for me back home. We spent the days playing music, she taught me chords and we sang songs. Otherwise, I mostly stayed quiet, I kept myself to one word replies and I nodded or shook my head where that would do. The days were fun, the meals were simple, but at night I slept in the crib and I felt alone. Music wasn't all we did, but we did a lot of it and I was feeling pretty comfortable with the instrument after three days... I couldn't make sounds anywhere near as beautiful as April, but I was happy. We had something special to share, just she and I. I imagined most Littles didn't get to learn a musical instrument, and I took great solace in the fact that April had not decided the best course of action was to pretend to be something she wasn't... a standard Amazon "mother". In my alone times when April was busy, I was often in the playpen or the bouncer - I thought about Miss Michelle and Lisa, I hadn't seen anyone but April since that last day at the LittleGarden. Not that that was a bad thing, but I wondered how they were doing. On the evening of the fourth day, I found myself sitting on the floor, finally unconfined and finishing up my carousel... I was coloring it in. I was being meticulous. The dot-to-dot was incredibly detailed, when I was done it had turned out to be eight hundred dots, and I was determined to make it a masterpiece. I wasn't particularly artistically inclined, I had some fun with watercolor painting back home, but it wasn't like I had any other skills I needed to hone here, so I decided I was going to devote my free time and effort to art, one drawing at a time. They say you can become professional-level at anything if you put 10,000 hours into it and I knew that to be true from my computer programming work back home. I was really good because I devoted all of my time to it. Not that it would be of any use here, my main skills to remember here were being cheerful, talking in small sentences and timing my bladder and bowels for maximum comfort. I couldn't play with the ukulele unless April was playing too, so this was something else to do when she was busy, and it felt really good to build up two different creative skills. "Make sure your tongue is at the perfect angle while you color, sweetie," April laughed as she passed by me. I realized I was sticking my tongue out of the corner of my mouth in concentration, it was an old habit. I laughed and popped the pacifier that was clipped to my shortalls in my mouth. I liked these shortalls, they had a big pocket on the front and flower embroidery around the legs. April dressed me mostly in what could be considered "childish" clothing rather than "babyish" clothing and I was very grateful. I had a yellow t-shirt on underneath with fairies dancing on it, and my daytime diaper was clean and dry. Today was a good day so far. Things were mostly back to normal, but I know that April was still trying to find some way to "socialize" me. She spent a little bit of time on the phone each day, looking for an activity for me to join so I could bond with some Littles. I know she had been on the phone with a tumbling place and a ballet class.. I really, really didn't want to do ballet. I shuddered at the thought of waddling around on a stage with a diaper bulge under a tutu while Amazons cooed at me. My thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell ringing. "Coming!" April called, when she opened the door she sounded very happy, "Lisa! It's so good to see.. OH MY GOODNESS IS THAT... " April cut off in a squeal of glee. I got up and walked over to the door to see what was going on. I peered around April's leg, she had her arms wrapped around Lisa, who had one arm around April.. the other hand was full. She was holding the hand of a Little! A Little girl with long brown hair with a big blue bow on top... she had big, pretty grey eyes and was sucking on a blue pacifier. She was wearing an Alice-in-Wonderland looking blue dress with the gauzy apron and everything, but it was very short and a very thick nighttime diaper poked out from underneath, covered by a pair of white tights. She had on shiny black shoes.. her expression was nervous, but not upset. She was pretty.. and taller than me by about 4-5 inches. "Come in, come in!" April pulled Lisa inside and closed the door, then crouched down next to the new girl, "And who is this angel?" "Mewanee," the girl said softly and quietly... and she curtsied! "OH My Goodness, that is so cute, Lisa," but April suddenly had a concerned look in her eye, "but did you..." "Did I what?" "I know I said I wouldn't tell you what to do with your own Little, Lisa.. but did you get her reprogrammed? You can't have had her very long..." "What?" Lisa laughed, "No! No no, goodness no. Although I totally understand why you'd think that, is Kimmy okay? I read all those books you gave me." "She's fine," April said as she stood up and faced Lisa, "How long have you had a Little?" "I honestly didn't plan on getting one so quickly, I just went down to register at the adoption office.. Melanie practically fell into my lap, we've been inseparable for the past week. I would have told you sooner, but we had to go through a quarantine. You have no idea how lucky I got, she's perfect for me!" "Perfect for you?" April looked a little skeptical, "You're not exactly a girly-girl, Lisa." "I know, I know!" Lisa laughed, "I'll tell you all about it over a cup of coffee, but first let's introduce our girls!" Melanie had been glancing around the house while the Amazons talked, she seemed unsure of herself, but that was pretty understandable. If she'd only been here a week, she probably wasn't even used to being stuck in diapers yet and it looked like Lisa was keeping her in thick ones. I wasn't terribly surprised, seeing as how it was Lisa who wanted to see me in those awful tattletale diapers in the first place. I felt so bad for poor Melanie already. The Amazons looked down at us, I was practically hiding behind April's leg. "Kimmy," April said, "introduce yourself to our guest." She was watching me closely since we hadn't made any progress on the "socializing" front. I thought hard for a moment about what the correct "Little" way to do this was. "Um," I peered out from April's leg, "nice to meet you Melanie. My name is Kimmy, would you like to come color with me?" "Awwwww," the Amazons melted at me, which made me blush. "Hewwo Kimmy," Melanie said around her pacifier, still very quietly. I wondered if Lisa allowed her to take it out, "yes pwease." I started to walk back over to my activity book.. I wasn't going to let Melanie color on my carousel, but we could start a new picture together. I didn't make it very far before I was scooped up, however. "Not so fast, Kimmy," April plopped me down in the playpen and pulled it over so she'd have a better view of it from the kitchen, "I don't want you and Melanie coloring alone just yet. I haven't seen my best friend in a week, we're going to go catch up while you play with her new Little in your playpen. I'm watching you, I expect you to be nice." I nodded and waited while Lisa lowered Melanie into the playpen too. I'd never had another Little in my playpen, or in this house.. I wasn't sure what to do. The Amazons dropped some toys in the playpen and I snatched Harry Otter quickly. Melanie just sat there quietly while April and Lisa went into the kitchen. "Um, I like your dress," I said cautiously to Melanie. "Can you take out the pacifier so we can talk? Or is it stuck?" She took out the pacifier and let it dangle by its clip from her dress. Her legs were splayed wide from her thick diaper, she looked really nervous. Was she afraid of me? "So.. you've been with Lisa a week. She can be pretty fun.. has she been nice to you?" "My mommy is a very nice lady... " Melanie said softly, but she was looking down at the ground. "Are you scared, Melanie? I won't be mean to you, and April is a nice Amazon, you're safe here. Are you embarrassed about your diapers?" Melanie nodded and blushed seven shades of red. I pulled the leg of my shortalls to one side and showed Melanie my diaper, as best I could. "It's okay, I have to wear diapers too, all Littles do. That's what they call people where we're from. We're so much smaller than they are, we're practically children to them. It's not so bad, you got a nice one - Lisa is my friend. Well, she's April's best friend but she's my friend too. None of us want to wear diapers, it's just the way it is. If it makes you feel better, mine is wet right now." Melanie mumbled something, still looking down. I couldn't tell what she was saying. "Do you... do you miss where we came from?" Melanie looked up at me, her eyes a little glossy with tears, and I felt stupid. I shouldn't have said anything, it's so hard when you first get here. "No," she said firmly, the loudest word she'd said yet. There was something off about her voice, "I like it here, I like my mommy. She's nice to me." Something wasn't right.. I was getting a very weird vibe from Melanie and I couldn't put my finger on what it was. "Oh, I like April too, she's nice to me.. but I still miss my home. I miss cheeseburgers and drinks at the bar with the girls, y'know?" Ugh, why was talking to Littles so hard? Talking with people was never this hard back home. I thought hard about what April would want me to do, and I offered Harry Otter to Melanie. "Melanie, I want to share with you. This is Harry Otter, he's my favorite toy, he makes me happy." "Harry Otter," Melanie laughed.. her laugh wasn't quite right either, there was something strange there, she took Harry from my offering hands and hugged him. "Thank you, Kimmy. You're real nice." My eyes were drawn to Melanie's throat... I saw a hint of an adam's apple bob. "You're a boy!" I shouted, figuring out what seemed off. As soon as I said that, Melanie burst into tears, sobbing like I'd punched her in the face. Lisa came tearing through the door faster than I'd ever seen an Amazon move and swept Melanie up. I stared as Lisa sat down on the couch with Melanie and within moments, Melanie was latched on to Lisa's breast and was suckling away. "Kimmy!" April towered over the playpen, "What did you do to poor Melanie?" "I didn't do anything honest!" I pleaded, "I even shared Harry Otter!" "Then why was Melanie crying like that?" "I don't know, I.. um, I.. April, Melanie is a boy." "And why do you think Melanie would cry when you said that?" April had her hands on her hips, "How would you feel if someone said that to you?" "Oh no," my body flooded with guilt and I stood at the edge of the playpen nearest Melanie, "Mellie, I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings! You're so pretty! Lisa, Lisa.. I'm sorry I was mean to Mellie." Lisa was talking softly to Melanie and stroking her hair, I couldn't tell what she was saying. April picked me up and I watched them. Lisa unlatched Melanie, who was calmer now and held her tight. April sat down next to Lisa, and soon Melanie and I were side by side, two diapered adults sitting in the laps of giants. I felt terrible for making her cry. "Mommy says that the doctor is going to fix my voice and my adam's apple in two weeks," Melanie said softly, "I hate them. They make me feel ugly. I don't want anyone to see me before they're fixed." "Were you.. were you transgender before you came here?" I asked cautiously, not wanting to upset her again. Transgender people existed in my world, they had a hard time.. I knew a couple and was pretty good friends with one. It never even occurred to me to wonder how a trans person would handle being brought here. Melanie nodded, not looking at me. "I'm very sorry that I said that, Melanie.. you're so pretty, I couldn't figure out why you were being so quiet." "Mellie was afraid you wouldn't like her, Kimmy," Lisa said, stroking her Little's hair, "I told her all about you and how sweet you were. Melanie did not have an easy time in her world, she needs a lot of love now that she's here. Melanie is my baby girl and I love her no matter what her voice sounds like." "I love you, mommy," Melanie smiled up at Lisa. I felt a pang at how quickly and effortlessly Melanie and Lisa connected, I felt rotten that April and I had the rough patches we did. Melanie seemed to be a better Little than me... "Kimmy," Lisa said to me, "you get to pick the Littles' dinner. One of you will have a jar of baby food - peaches, and one of you will have a peanut butter sandwich. You get to pick, who is getting what?" "Are you sure you want to do this?" April asked Lisa, "I know I said it was okay, but that was before Melanie got her feelings hurt." Melanie looked nervous, I felt on the spot... like I was in a test. "I think it's okay, honestly.. I think this is good for both of them," Lisa continued, "Well Kimmy, what will it be?" I felt torn. The sandwiches were my favorite food here, getting one for dinner would be a treat, they were usually a lunchtime food. I really, really didn't want to eat baby food, but it felt really wrong to doom poor Melanie to that. I had avoided baby food this whole time and Lisa already knew how much I hated blended food. Was this a test to see how nice I would be to her new Little? I looked from April to Lisa to Melanie, trying to decide...
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    You are only 23 years old why would you want to force your self to become a bed wetter incontinence is not something you can turn on then off again when you feel like. Bed wetting can and will lead to day time issues as every time you take a nap you will pee. Your body slows down urine production while you sleep and your subconscious works hard to keep you dry at night while in bed and a sleep , once you loose night time control its almost impossible to get it back. my day time incontinece has led to night time issues and as time passes both day and night accidents have increased, please rethink your plan to become a bedwetter by choice incontinence is not fun and games and is for life in most cases. remember any time you travel or stay at a friends place bed protectors and matress pads are a must along with your night time diaper. and do not forget to be diapered when you take a nap. Please do no self harm
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    Here you go friends, Kimmy is back at the daycare - will she have a better day? ====== Part 12 Miss Rachael was working the check-in desk when we walked in. "Wecome to LittleGarden," she said. I buried my face in April's shoulder, hiding from my enemy, "Oh, welcome back Kimmy," she said cheerfully. But I was sure a viper would sound cheerful if it could talk, too. "Good morning," April said, "I called ahead, is everything in order?" "Absolutely, Ms. Morris," Miss Rachael said, "I would like to apologize for triggering your Little's robophobia, I am so sorry. There is no excuse for what happened yesterday and you have my deepest apologies." "It's okay, Miss Rachael, it was a misunderstanding. Let's note in Kimmy's file that she has severe robophobia though, can we? I didn't know how bad it was either, this was a learning experience for me as well. Kimmy understands and forgives you, isn't that right Kimmy?" I squeezed April hard, I was very upset. Of course I didn't forgive her! She tortured me on purpose! And she punished me more after she promised she wouldn't, she forced me into a crawler diaper and took my dress! I didn't want to give her a second chance. April physically turned me around in her arms and made me face Miss Rachael. Her features seemed softer today, less drawn. April put a finger under my chin and forced me to look up at her, and took the pacifier out of my mouth. "I forgive you, Miss Rachael. Can we be friends?" I tried hard to keep the sullen tone out of my voice, I wanted to make April happy. Miss Rachael looked dumbfounded, and I was confused. "Are.. are you sure she's ten months, Ms. Morris? That was... not quite what I expected from a new ten month Little," Miss Rachael was looking up at April behind me. April just cleared her throat and Miss Rachael blushed and looked down at me, "Thank you for your forgiveness, Kimmy. I would like to be your friend, too. Let's have a good day today." "Her body is definitely ten months and has all the risks that go along with that," April answered now that Miss Rachael had addressed me. April lowered me to the ground. I looked down and suddenly it felt a little unfair as I realized I only got to take about twenty steps in my shoes each time I got to wear them. "I'm not sure yet why that is, but it is - mentally, I'm not sure where she is, but she has surpised me many times. It's why I'm so particular about what she's exposed to. Kimmy," April said as she looked down at me from her towering height. I craned my neck to make eye contact with her, "be a good Little today, and try to have lots of fun." I nodded as the gate clicked open. I walked inside, a huge pang of sadness at being separated from April hit me the second the gate closed with its "ka-chunk" behind me. I could see April walking away and suddenly I wanted very badly to cry. I turned around and started to walk into the play area to look for my kitty friend when I saw Sadie heading right for me with a mean smile on her face. I could see that Sadie was a good six inches taller than me now that we were on even ground and I started to panic. My bladder let go and tears started welling up in my eyes and I turned to run... but I was scooped up from behind. "Kimmy!" came Miss Michelle's cheerful voice, "You can't go into the play area yet, silly girl. You still have your shoes on!" She saw the tears in my eyes and hugged me close, "Oh sweetie, it's okay. Your mommy will be back before you know it. She arranged a special play day for us today, it's just you and me until she comes to get you, I have you all to myself. Isn't that great?" She carried me over to the shoe cubby and sat me down. I noticed that the other two other Amazons from yesterday were there along with Miss Rachael, and there seemed to be fewer Littles today, so each Little was getting more attention from the Amazons. I felt Miss Michelle tear open the velcro straps of my shoes and pull them off my feet. She put them in a cubby and ushered me over to the sink. "Okay Kimmy, do you remember how you're supposed to wash your hands?" I nodded and started washing, but she helped me anyway. Then I was back on her hip, she stuck my nametag to my back, and we were headed into the play area. "Is there a toy that's available that you would like, Kimmy?" she asked me. It felt weird - there were a dozen Littles running around, full grown adults in childrens' clothing. T-shirts with big animals on them, shortalls, onesies.. most of the Littles had pacifiers clipped to them, like I did. I didn't really get to see the daycare from this angle last time. And every last one of them was wearing a diaper, sounds of diapers crinkling while the adults wearing them played was very strange for me, I still hadn't spent much time around other Littles. I saw a little boy in shorts and a yellow shirt "flying" a toy plane until he tripped on a block and fell. "Ow!" he yelled loudly, "Stupid fucking block!" He picked it up and threw it against the wall and was quickly scooped up by Miss Rachael. He had seemed to go from perfectly content to furiously angry instantly from his fall. "Ah ah Roger," she said as she carried him to the time out area, popping his pacifier in his mouth and inflating it, "You know better than to talk like that. It's a time out for you." "Kimmy?" Miss Michelle got my attention again, "I think I saw you with a kitty cat yesterday, should we go find him?" she asked, ignoring the outburst that just happened, most everyone else was too. I wondered how long these Littles had been in this dimension. "Kitty please," I said, nodding to Miss Michelle. She carried me over to the stuffed animals and we found my kitty friend, whom I hugged tightly. I was still on the lookout for Sadie, I was betting she got in trouble yesterday and was looking for revenge. "Miss Michelle?" I asked, looking up at her. "Yes Kimmy?" "Why do you like Littles?" I asked her earnestly. "Well," she smiled at the question, sitting down on the floor and holding me in her lap, "Littles have such big, pure emotions. When a Little feels something, it's like they feel it with their whole body, every little bit of them all at once. You have such big feelings for such small packages." She laughed and tickled me, causing me to giggle as well. "When a Little is happy, they beam - you can feel the happiness shine out of them. Can't you feel how happy it is in this room?" I shook my head, "Littles can't sense another's emotions like an Amazon can - we're better tuned for interacting with others. When a Little is sad or scared, it pours off of them. Littles have the very biggest feelings of all. And you silly Littles don't seem to be able to control your emotions at all, you need someone to regulate you and take care of you." I nodded, listening intently, "Miss Michelle?" I asked cautiously, "Do some Amazons like it when Littles are sad or scared?" Miss Michelle's cheerful demeanor changed instantaneously, "Kimmy, does your mommy hurt you or make you feel bad?" "No!" I panicked, "No no no, April is the nicest Amazon I've ever known, she's amazing and she loves me so much... no." "Are you sure?" she said quietly, "It's okay to tell me, I know how to handle these situations, you won't get in trouble." "No Miss Michelle, April is perfect. I ask because sometimes I see Littles in the store and they're crying, I just wondered..." "Most Amazons," she hugged me tightly, "want their Littles to be as happy as possible. There are some out there that are the way you are thinking, but there are laws to protect Littles here on this island. If someone is hurting you, then you need to tell someone. It's tough with Littles sometimes," she rocked me back and forth a bit, "sometimes Little feelings get so out of control, they need someone to help them come back, even if it means causing the Little some pain, like a spanking. Does your mommy know that you call her by her first name when she's not around?" I blushed deeply, "No, Miss Michelle..." I answered quietly. I didn't understand this taboo yet, but for some reason I didn't think she'd believe me if I told the truth, that I called her April all the time. I could tell that April wanted me to call her "mommy"... but she was April. "Your mommy is a nice lady, Kimmy. It's rude for you to call her by her first name. Don't you think your mommy is a nice lady?" "Yes, Miss Michelle," I flushed, I could hear that I had the cadence of a schoolchild answering a teacher. "Say it, Kimmy. Say, 'My mommy is a nice lady'." "My mommy is a nice lady," I blushed so hard I could feel it burning the tips of my ears.. and just when I thought I couldn't blush any harder, Miss Michelle squeezed the front of my diaper. "Hmm, a ten month like you should be wetter than this by now. I think it's time for a bottle. Your mommy says you get dehyrdrated easily, let's go get a drink." Miss Michelle stood straight up with me still in her arms and carried me over to the eating area. I quickly found myself drinking an enormous bottle of juice. I had no idea why everyone thought I could ever be dehydrated, I felt like I was drinking constantly. And then Miss Michelle did something that April doesn't normally do.. as soon as the bottle was empty, I found myself looking over her shoulder while she rubbed my back... until I burped! I couldn't take any more embarrassment and I started to cry. "Oh sweetie, does your tummy hurt?" Miss Michelle asked me, cradling me in her arms. A Little boy ran up to her and pulled on the leg of her uniform khakis. "Miss Michelle, look at the drawing I made for you," he said, holding up a crayon drawing that I couldn't make out through my tears. "That's lovely sweetie, but I've got to help little Kimmy right now, she's very sad." "She cried all day yesterday too, she's a crybaby," he said snidely. Miss Michelle sighed and rocked me, making a shushing sound. "I. Am. Not," I struggled in Miss Michelle's arms as I sobbed. I wanted to get away and show them that I wasn't a crybaby, I wasn't! "Kimmy," Miss Michelle said with a warning tone as she worked to hold me tighter, "Kimmy sweetie, calm down. Everything's okay, you're okay." "No!" I sobbed uncontrollably, "I'm not a crybaby, I'm not!" "Oh dear," Miss Michelle rushed me over to the cribs as other Littles started getting upset. The other Amazons were scrambling a bit to keep the peace.. they turned on a big TV and sat all the Littles down in front of it while Miss Michelle dealt with me. In my struggling, I didn't even realize what Miss Michelle was doing until I felt myself being rolled over and I realized I couldn't move. "No! No swaddle!" I screamed for all I was worth but the instant I was in Miss Michelle's arms and she rocked me... I was out. -- "Oh no, Kimmy. You leaked," I heard Miss Michelle saying as the blanket was peeled away from me. "Wha?" I felt incredibly groggy and once again, I couldn't really move my arms and legs. "Let's get you changed, come on." When the effects of the swaddle finally wore off and the world became clearer, I was being buckled into the highchair.. but something wasn't right. My diaper was too thick, I couldn't squeeze my legs together. This was almost as thick as the nighttime diapers I usually wore to bed. Miss Michelle set a plate with a peanut butter sandwich, again cut into squares, on my tray and a bottle of milk to go with it. I was torn between complaining about the new diaper and diving straight into the sandwich. In the end, the sandwich won. Miss Michelle sat down next to me and was eating a sandwich too... hers smelled funny, though. "My goodness Kimmy, that was quite a tantrum." "Sowwy," I said, my mouth full of the delicious sandwich... the wonderful meal was a bit ruined by my rotten mood, however. I ate quietly, watching the other Littles chatter at each other and stuff sandwiches in their mouths while the Amazons watched over them. I felt a bit ostracized between being stuck in the highchair, Miss Michelle spending all her time with me, and that Little boy calling me names. "Kimmy, we haven't gotten to play all day, we need to fix that. All you've done is talk and sleep. Littles need to play!" Miss Michelle said as she cleaned up my tray and my face. She informed me that somehow I had managed to get peanut butter on my left ear while eating. "What kinds of toys are your favorite?" "Dot-to-dots and brain toys," I said between sucks as I finished off the wonderful banana milk. "I see," Miss Michelle said in a way that didn't seem entirely approving, "Well, you've got personal attention today, so we're going to go do something special. I think you need to get messy." Before I could object, she had me out of the highchair and off to an area away from the other Littles. The floor was slick and shiny and there were large sheets of paper pinned to the walls at Little height. Miss Michelle pulled some white clothing on over my jumper and stood me in front of a sheet of paper. "Miss Michelle," I complained, "this diaper is too thick. I'm not supposed to wear this kind during the day." She ignored my complaints and I soon found my hand covered in paint. "I want you to use your fingers and paint me a picture of what makes you happiest in the world." That was easy, I started painting April, she was tall and had red-brown hair, which I had to use both hands to get the color right, and she wore a dress and she had pretty green eyes and she had a guitar. Miss Michelle kept me supplied in paint as I asked for different colors. I knew my color theory, so I was able to mix paints to get the different shades I wanted. Fingerpainting wasn't exactly a precise medium though, so it wasn't exactly photorealistic... not that I was a great artist anyway. "Is that your mommy?" I nodded, which elicited an "Awww" from Miss Michelle. "Okay," Miss Michelle said, taking my first painting, "Now let's paint an animal. What's the best animal?" Another easy one, I painted Harry Otter because he was my favorite stuffed toy and April's favorite animal. I painted him splashing in a river, because he was a river otter. We painted a few more pictures and I was feeling pretty happy when we heard a voice call from the main area, "Miss Michelle, Ms. Morris is here to pick up Kimmy." "We'll be right out," Miss Michelle called back and started cleaning me up. Miss Michelle cleaned up my hands and removed the painting clothes. She carried me and my first painting, it was the only one that was dry already, out to the front where April was waiting for me. I was super happy to see her, but at the same time I didn't want her to find out that I got in trouble again. "Don't forget to tell her that you missed her and how pretty she is," Miss Michelle said as she put my shoes back on me and winked. She set me on my feet at the clear gate. As soon as it clicked open, I ran for April's legs.. but between the thicker diaper and the unfamiliar shoes, I only made it about three steps, lost my balance and fell on my padded butt. Before I could even decide if I was okay, I was in April's arms. "Careful, Kimmy - I don't want you to get hurt. Are you in a nighttime diaper?" "Yes Ms. Morris, Kimmy leaked during naptime today. I'm afraid the LittleGarden policy is to move up one level of thickness any time a Little leaks during a nap. Kimmy will need to be wearing this level of protection when she arrives or she will be changed into a thicker diaper when she gets here." "That's not fa-", April shoved the pacifier in my mouth and pumped the shield before I could even finish the word "fair". "I'm almost afraid to ask," April sighed, "but was she a good girl today?" "Kimmy is a very sweet little girl with Amazons, Ms. Morris.. but she seems to have some trouble getting along with other Littles. You may want to consider enrolling her in a class or activity. She seems to do very well with structured activities. LittleGarden tends to be more freeform, which she seems to have some trouble with. She is very creative, however," Miss Michelle continued, handing my painting over to April. She had written "What Makes Me The Happiest" in beautiful handwriting across the top of the page, "as you can see from her painting today." "Did you paint this Kimmy? Is this me?" April asked, holding up the painting. I nodded and squeezed her. "Oh sweetie.. that makes me very happy. You are a very sweet girl. Thank you very much for your extra attention with little Kimmy today, Miss Michelle." "Absolutely Ms. Morris, although," Miss Michelle leaned in a bit, "I don't think one-on-one care is what Kimmy needs most. Does Kimmy have any Little friends at all?" Miss Michelle paused, April just shook her head, "I thought that might be the case. Kimmy is very bright and very curious, she asks some interesting questions... but she has a lot of trouble relating to other Littles. I suggest making a playdate with one of your friends' Littles. Just between you and me, I think little Kimmy might understand Amazons better than Littles.. but she definitely has the emotions of a Little. She needs to spend some quality time with another Little, not in a daycare setting." "I think you might be right," April said worriedly, "Thank you so much Miss Michelle. What exactly happened today?" "A Little boy called Kimmy a name, and Kimmy's emotions overflowed. All that is fine and normal, she is a Little after all... but, well... you should see for yourself. I'll send you the recording to your registered contact address, if you'd like. The other Littles will be censored of course, but you'll be able to see Kimmy's reaction." "Thank you, Miss Michelle. I would appreciate that." As April carried me out of the LittleGarden, I looked back at Miss Michelle, feeling betrayed... why did we keep playing if she was going to get me in trouble? Miss Michelle looked at me sadly, she wasn't smiling. As the door to the LittleGarden closed behind us, the question kept repeating in my mind, What did I do wrong?
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    KWOceans! I love your stories, I'm so flattered that you like my story, I'll post the next part right now! It's a short one. We're starting to catch up to what I have written though. I can't wait to see what happens next in Gilded Crib, I'm so glad you started working on that one again. It's one of my favorites. ====== Part 11 After a bath, a change, and a quick breakfast I found myself in the playpen with a... I guess you would call it a cup? A cup of the LittleMunch while April got dressed and ready. I had Harry Otter and my pacifier was clipped to my new outfit - I was in a bibbed jumper, like the shortalls but with a skirt instead of short pants. I had a pale blue shirt that read, "Mommy's Girl" in swirly letters on it. I did feel like April's girl today, and it felt good. The cup-thing was strange. It had this lid that I could stick my hand through to get to the LittleMunch, but I could only pull out one piece at a time. If I tried to get a handful, my hand would get stuck and I couldn't pull it out of the cup until I let go. I pulled a piece out and looked at it - it looked like an oblong rice puff, like a smaller cheeto but without the cheese dust. It looked bland. I shrugged and stuffed it into my mouth. And suddenly I understood why the cup would only let me get one at a time. It was AMAZING, right up there with the chocolate. The flavor was complicated.. it was sweet and salty with an undertone of savory.. it was like the thing was made of pure flavor. This was my new favorite thing. I was happily crunching when April came back into the room, on her phone. "Yes, I realize it's short notice and yes, I realize it will be extra. My Little had a very rough night and she can't take a rough day at your facility right now, she's still new and she's feeling very fragile today," she paused for a moment listening to the person on the phone, "Yes, ten months. Kimberly Morris. Yes, Michelle please. Absolutely. Thank you so much." She hung up the phone and walked over to the playpen where I was hugging Harry Otter and crunching happily. April had decided to go with a cute maroon top with very short sleeves and an ankle-length black skirt with a small sequin pattern on one side. She was also wearing a pretty bangle on her left wrist and some dangly earings that looked like leaves. The top of her hair was pulled back in a ponytail but the rest of it hung loose. She wore her everyday almost-nude makeup. She was... beautiful. "Well, someone seems to be enjoying themselves," she smiled down at me, "Who's your friend?" "Harry Otter!" I said cheerfully. "Harry... Otter," she burst into laughter, "is he magic?" "Oh yes, he can cast magic spells," I said as I stuffed another LittleMunch puff into my mouth and crunched it. "Did you know that otters are my favorite animal, sweetie? Is that why you picked that one?" "No," I smiled, crunching, "I didn't know that, but that makes me happy. I didn't pick Harry, he picked me. But knowing that he's your favorite animal makes it even more special." "How's the LittleMunch?" April asked, flipping one of my pigtails, "You seem to be enjoying it." "It is SO GOOD, SO SO SO GOOD," I said excitedly, offering her one, "They taste amazing, I love them." She took the puff from my extended fingers and popped it in her mouth, crunching it. Her face scrunched up immediately and she ran to the kitchen. She came back a moment later with a cup of water. "Oh Kimmy, that is cloyingly sweet.. and salty at the same time? You actually like that?" "It's not quite as sweet as the sugar cereal from my dimension... but they balanced that out with other flavors, it's really amazingly well done. It might be THE perfect snack." April blanched as I crunched another puff. Amazons must have different tastebuds. "I can share my favorite snack if you'd like, since you shared yours." "Okay!" I put my cup down and held out my arms to be picked up, but didn't bother standing up. April reached down and lifted me effortlessly and carried me into the kitchen, where she got down a bag of chips from a cabinet, which read 'coffee and pepper flavored'. I eyed it suspiciously, "That sounds... not good." She offered me a chip from the bag. I took it cautiously and put it in my mouth. It was AWFUL, it was super bitter and spicy at the same time. The taste clung to my tongue and wouldn't go away. "EW EW EW EW!" I shouted, wiggling in her arms, "Drink please! Please!" April held her cup of water to my mouth and I took a big gulp... and started choking. She put the glass down quickly and put my face over her shoulder and patted my back. "Oh Kimmy, I'm so sorry - I feel so dumb, I shouldn't have given you the chip and I shouldn't have let you drink from my glass!" She rocked me and rubbed my back while I sputtered, "My poor Little, please forgive me." "I'm... " I coughed, "I'm okay... I just can't get that taste out of my mouth. Can I have my LittleMunch back?" April carried me back to the playpen and set me down in it. I stuffed another puff into my mouth as quickly as I could. "Oh man, that's better," I looked up and April was walking back toward me with a bottle of juice, which I took thankfully and started sucking on. "So," she said, watching me suck away at the bottle, "we have learned that our tastes in snacks are incompatible... let's not try that again, okay?" I nodded and finally stopped chugging the bottle. "I don't understand, we both like chicken the same way, and your bacon is AMAZING, so our tastes aren't completely opposite or anything," I looked up at her.. the angle was weird, the padded rim atop the mesh net of the playpen came up to about her navel, and she towered above me. I had forgotten for just a moment how much bigger she was since we were having a normal conversation. "Well if I ever make something that doesn't mesh with your Little tastebuds, I want you to tell me, I had no idea that we could be so different in that regard." I nodded and then found myself extremely disappointed as my cup of LittleMunch was empty. "Can I have more LittleMunch please?" I held the cup up to her. "No sweetie, we need to go. I have to be in the studio soon." "Oh.. can I have some to take in the car?" "No Kimmy, you aren't allowed to eat in the car. If you choked, it would be really hard to get to you quickly," she said as she scooped me up out of the playpen, "Besides, you already had a full serving of your snack and you don't need any more." She popped my pacifier in my mouth before I could beg some more, and carried me to the car and buckled me safely in my carseat. "Do I have to go to LittleGarden again today? I don't want to see Miss Rachael again," I said grumpily, waiting until April was out of arm's reach to pull the pacifier out of my mouth. I had to wait for a reply as she had to load up her guitar again. "Yes, you have to go to LittleGarden, but I think you'll have a better time today," she said as she started the car. "Is my name Kimberly Morris now?" "Yes, I'm April Morris and you're my Little, so you're Kimberly Morris," April said matter-of-factly. It felt strange to learn that I had lost my name.. but it felt good at the same time that April had given me hers. It made me feel like... like I belonged to her, which I think would have bothered me a lot yesterday, but I felt okay with it today. It was amazing what a difference a night and a lot of tears could make. Well, that and a lot of love.
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    The initial idea for this story came into my head while reading BabySofia's Exchanged, Chapter 2, specifically the scene in the store and the discussion about Little ages being related to size. I couldn't get the idea out of my head. The other thing that made me want to write it was... in a lot of the Diaper Dimension stories (which are my absolute favorite and I love PrincessPottypants for taking us all there), the nature of the situation means that Littles are often in awful situations... that's where the fun comes from, watching them get into trouble. But I felt that there was room for a story in the Diaper Dimension with more love between the Amazon and the Little. April loves Kimmy, and Kimmy is growing to love April. I still haven't revealed how Kimmy got there, not really... I hope everyone finds that journey as interesting as I have. These characters have taken on a life of their own for me and often I will sit down to write a specific kind of scene and the characters go somewhere else entirely. I want to get back to Lisa, but she needs to be away for a few days.. so a lot of unexpected story got created to fill in that time. I've inadvertently created a gentler corner of the Diaper Dimension. There are no native Littles on this Amazon island, just as there is another island in the world with no native Amazons. All of the Littles on the yet-unnamed island are acquisitions from other dimensions. Anyway, here is the next part. I didn't call them chapters because some of them seem shorter than a chapter should be. I stop a part when there's a natural scene change... or Kimmy loses consciousness. Thank you again for all the kind comments, they really do mean a lot to me. I love reading about peoples' guesses about where things are going, and I especially love it when people mention their favorite parts. SGTbaby, Kimmy does eventually get to finish the carousel drawing! I just keep adding parts in between now and when that happens... ==== Part 7 I held on to the leg of April's pants, feeling very unsure of myself in these unfamiliar surroundings. The counter was chest-high to the Amazons, so it was far, far above my head. I couldn't see the person April was talking to, but she sounded younger. "No, no allergies, any standard snack food should be fine," I heard April answering the girl's questions. "What Little range is she?" the girls voice came from high above. "Kimmy is about 10 months, maybe 11 - but her brain development is higher than average, and I'd like to keep it that way." Ten months? I didn't like the sound of that at all. They considered me less developed than a one-year old child? No wonder there was the insistence for blended foods. There had to be a way I could get April to promote me to something with a little more maturity! "Does she have her own pacifier?" "She has a Silencer pacifier and she's used to it. Three pumps is perfect, only two and she can still spit it out, but four hurts her mouth." I looked through the clear plastic gate into the daycare area beyond. The place was brightly lit and brightly colored, there were lots of drawings stuck to the walls all over the place. There was some really high quality, cheery music playing from speakers in the ceiling, but that wasn't too surprising given that we were at a recording studio. I saw a line of cribs against the back wall, and a pile of huge blocks. It was hard to make out much else from my current angle but I wasn't about to press myself to the gate. Even if the blocks looked like they might be fun, I still didn't want to go in there. I looked up at April and sucked on the pacifier. "Is she prone to dehydration?" "Oh yes, she needs a full bottle at least four times a day. I've only given her one so far today, she should definitely have one with lunch." "She's on the cusp... does she walk well?" "No problems there, little Kimmy walks just fine." "Any preferred or prohibited punishments?" "Kimmy is afraid of robots, it seems - so the less robot interaction, the better. Generally the pacifier is enough to curb bad behavior with her if you get to her quickly enough," April continued. It felt really strange to have my "behavior" discussed while I stood right there, but a "perfect Little" wouldn't chime in here and that was still my goal, "Time outs are fine, spanking should be a last resort. Absolutely no permanent changes, no hypnosis, and no modifications." At this, I held on to April's leg tightly, now I really didn't want to go in there - a daycare normally had the right to make a permanent change to a Little? The idea was terrifying. "Okay, I think we're all set - we close at 5 so please pick her up before then. Is there anything else we need to know?" "Oh, one thing - keep her away from the Littles' Chocolate. I'd like to keep that in reserve as a big treat, don't want her to get too spoiled here." My mouth hung open and the pacifier fell out. I felt completely robbed! They had the chocolate and April said I couldn't have any? I put the paci back in and frowned, wondering if there was any way I could get a hold of some anyway. The clear gate swung open and a young girl in her early twenties leaned down and beckoned me in. She had a bright smile and pink streaks in her black hair. She wore the daycare uniform, a dark blue polo-type shirt and a pair of khakis. "Hi Kimmy, I'm Miss Michelle. I'm one of the teachers here at LittleGarden. Would you like to come in and play with us?" I hesitated, and she looked up at April while still crouching down to my level, "Has she ever been to a daycare before?" "No, I've only had her for a couple of weeks, she's new," April answered softly, gently pushing me towards Miss Michelle.. which only made me cling tighter. "Come on in, Kimmy - we're going to have so much fun! I promise your mommy will be back for you when she's done. But you and me? We're going to be such good friends! What do you like better? Slides or blocks?" I steeled my nerves and stepped toward Miss Michelle, keeping a hand on April's leg but trying very hard to be the "perfect Little" for April. I took another small step and pondered how April would want me to respond. I let the pacifier fall from my mouth and said quietly, "Slide please." I looked up at April for approval, she had the biggest smile on her face... but there was a hint of sadness in her eyes. She looked proud though, I was glad I didn't go with the full 'May I please try the slide'. They thought I was 10 months old, so I guess I'd play to that, it seemed like the best way to stay safe while April was away. Miss Michelle held out her hand, which I took.. her touch was gentle and her fingernails were painted a shiny metallic blue, which made me smile. "Oh Kimmy, we have the best slide, it's over this way. But first we have to take off our shoes and wash our hands, those are part of the rules." I followed Miss Michelle into the play area and heard the plastic gate close behind me and then lock with a loud "ka-chunk". I looked back to see April walking away and I felt panic rising in my chest. April was the only one who really looked out for me so far. Anything could happen now that she was gone. I felt Miss Michelle guiding me to a sitting position where she unbuckled my shoes and handed them to me. "Can you be a great helper and put those over in the shoe rack?" I nodded, focusing in on the simple task and trying to quell my fear. I walked over to the giant red plastic set of cubbies and put my white velcro shoes in them. I heard Miss Michelle clap behind me. "Oh you are a great helper, Kimmy," I felt her stick something to my back and she guided me to a Little-sized sink where I washed my hands. "Let's go find that slide, then we'll meet Miss Rachael and our new friends." She kept a hand on my back between my shoulders as she led me deeper into the play area, I looked around as I let her guide me. They had an eating area with Little sized tables and chairs and a line of highchairs along the wall, a small kitchen to go with it. They had several large playpens, huge plastic building blocks, a corner full of giant stuffed animals, and a shelf with lots of large plastic cars and similar toys. There was a changing area in the corner that looked like it was run by a humanoid robot, but the robot didn't have legs, it was on a four-wheeled platform. I didn't consider myself afraid of robots like April said, but I really didn't want to get changed by that thing. There looked to be about 20 or so Littles here, a few already confined to the playpens or cribs, and only 2 Amazons supervising. The other Amazon, Rachael, was significantly older than Miss Michelle, she was guiding a group of Littles through some kind of crafting activity.. but she wasn't smiling. Miss Michelle led me to some carpeted stairs that led up to a huge twisting slide that was half again taller than the Amazons, this slide was enormous! The bottom of it opened into a small ball pit. I stared up at the towering slide, it was actually a little intimidating. Miss Michelle nudged me toward the stairs, "Go on, Kimmy - I have to go help Miss Rachael, be a good girl and play nicely with the other Littles." A Little boy came careening from the open mouth of the slide as she walked away and landed in the ballpit, he let out a big laugh as he climbed out. He actually seemed reasonably happy. I wondered if he really liked it or if he was faking. He pushed past me to climb the stairs again without saying a word. I saw that he had a sticker on his back that read "Brad" as he climbed up to slide again. Really, I just wanted to find a corner to sit down in and wait for April to come and save me, but she had said in no uncertain terms that the best way to be safe was to appear to enjoy being Little in the way the Amazons expected. So I climbed to the top of the stairs after Brad and looked out on the daycare. The place was huge, thousands of square feet easily. From here I could see over the gate and out into the music studio. I looked around and spotted the fridge, I made a mental note of it. I doubted I'd actually get my hands on the Littles' Chocolate, but I'd have an eye out for if the opportunity presented itself. "Take your turn!" a woman's voice came from behind me. I looked back and saw a Little, bigger than me, waiting impatiently behind me. She had short-cut black hair and she was wearing a denim jumper over a pink shirt, with a pacifier clipped to her pocket. The sight would have been absolutely laughable back home, but here I actually found her intimidating. I stared at the gaping maw of the slide, it was easily fifteen feet up in the air and it looked like it would go fast. I sat down cautiously in the slide and pushed off... the world rushed past me as I slid, looping around and after a few moments, landing on my back in the ball pit at the bottom. I laughed a little despite myself, and started to crawl out of the pit... when the woman smashed into me from behind, sending me head first into a shelf. Toys clattered to the ground all around me and I held my head, it really hurt. "Ow! Son of a bitch, that hurts! Shit!" I cursed, holding my head, checking to see if I was bleeding. The room fell deathly silent and I felt myself hoisted into the air by my armpits. I found myself face-to-face with Rachael, her brown hair pulled into a severe bun, paint stains on her uniform shirt and a scowl on her face. "Michelle, Little Sadie needs another time out for playing rough, make it 90 minutes this time. I need to deal with," she paused a moment, turning me around to look at my back, "Kimmy here." I gulped, a rock of dread forming in the pit of my stomach, "Miss Rachael, I got an owie," I said softly, hoping I could make up for the words I wasn't supposed to say with the words that I was. "I saw that, Kimmy, but Littles are NOT allowed to talk the way you did, even if you are hurt," she said curtly as she shifted me to her hip and carried me over to the counter, "Let's check your punishment list. You need to learn that those words just aren't welcome here." She tapped some keys on the computer with her free hand and she supported my diapered rear with the other... and just then I felt the urge to go. Before I could even stop myself, I peed into the already damp diaper, warming Rachael's hand. She frowned, "Littles. It looks like it's your very first trip here, Kimmy so I'm going to go easy on you. It says here you need a bottle, and I can feel that you need a change, so we're just going to have the RoboNanny take care of both of those for us." "Please no!" I heard myself cry out. I covered my mouth with both hands. Rachael glared down at me. I heard Miss Michelle come up behind us and say softly, "She's a robophobe, Rachael.. it says so right there. Can't we.." "She needs a punishment, a bottle, and a diaper. We have too many Littles to take care of today for special attention like this. We don't even have to tell RoboNanny to punish her since she's already afraid, it's three birds with one stone. She'll survive a change and a feeding, maybe it will cure her of her fear when she sees it's not that bad." I looked pleadingly to Miss Michelle, who lowered her gaze sadly. It was obvious who had the power here and it wasn't her. She went back to crafting things with Littles while Rachael carried me over to the changing corner and sat me in a highchair next to the lifeless robot. She buckled me in, snapped the tray into place and looked me square in the eyes. "You have one chance here, Kimmy. Show me that you're a good Little girl, open your mouth for this paci. Take your feeding and your change without fuss and there will be no further punishment," she said with perfect calm. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth even though every fiber of by being was screaming to fight it and run away. I felt a paci being inserted and then pumped up, I wouldn't be able to spit it out. I opened my eyes to see Rachael attaching a tube to the shield of the pacifier and visions of Tina trapped in the RoboNanny flooded my mind. Soon after, juice flooded my mouth and I was forced to swallow as more was pumped in. I had to drink this much faster than any bottle and before I knew it, my mouth started to ache. Rachael had walked away, leaving me trapped and being forcefed. Across from me in a contraption that looked like a wrap-around highchair tray was Sadie, who was stuck there and had her arms crossed. She was in some kind of walker with no wheels, all she could do was hang there, held up by a fabric seat by her diapers. She smirked at me at stuck her tongue out. She may have been in time out, but I was the one being forcefed. After what seemed like an eternity, the juice flow stopped and the tube retracted. Some of the RoboNanny's humanoid fingers extended sent out six flexible cords, two removed the tray and unbuckled me while one wrapped around each of my wrists and ankles. The pacifier was still in my mouth, which muffled my scream as it lifted me out of the high chair and held me down on the changing table. "INPUT: 8 MONTHS CONFIRMED, STATUS: CRAWLER," the RoboNanny said in a cold monotone - Rachael had told the RoboNanny I was a crawler! I thrashed trying to free myself but it was futile. The machine stripped me of my wet daytime diaper and slid a massive cushion under me. A cloud of powder rained down on me and the RoboNanny began taping me into a diaper much thicker than my nighttime diapers, but thankfully not as immobilizing as that tattletale diaper was. The diaper was constructed in a way that the tapes actually went from front to back, and my legs were forced into a sitting position, with a huge bulk between them. My bottom bulged out and there would be absolutely no way I could stand - even if I managed to get up, my body would be bent at a ninety degree angle. The RoboNanny set me down on the ground on all fours and I felt a moment of gratitude to be away from it when I heard. "CLOTHING ERROR, SKIRT TOO LONG FOR CRAWLER," and before I knew it I was being hoisted back up. It stripped me of my dress and pulled a onesie over my head that read, "I Love LittleGarden!" It snapped the fabric between my legs and set me back down. I wanted my dress back! April picked that dress for me and it looked cute and not that babyish. I didn't look like a Little girl on all fours this way, I looked like a baby. With a full tummy I crawled over to the pile of stuffed animals, tears welling up in my eyes. I found a big stuffed kitty, held it tightly and cried. After just a short while, I felt myself being picked up in the air again and I cringed, but it was Miss Michelle who was rocking me gently and making a gentle shushing sound. "It's okay, Kimmy, everything's okay. It's over, you're okay." She rocked me gently. "Would you like to go play with some blocks, or would you like to lay down for a nap?" I tried to answer but the pacifier stopped me, which made me cry harder. Miss Michelle with the pink hair released the pacifier from my mouth and put it on a shelf. "Nap please," I sobbed. I didn't want to be around the other Littles, I didn't want anyone else to get me in trouble and I didn't want to be anywhere near Rachael. "Okay, Kimmy," Miss Michelle said as she kissed me on the head. She carried me over to an empty crib and laid me down on my side and covered me with a blanket. I clutched the stuffed kitty tightly, I couldn't even spread out on the mattress, the crawler diaper kept my legs at an angle. I sobbed and wished April would come and get me right now as the crib railing slid back up, locking me in the white wooden prison that I chose myself. I'm not sure how long I laid there watching the other Littles play, but I know I was asleep before Sadie's time out was done.
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    And now here is the final part of the story! Major drama bombs are dropped, new alliances are made, friendships are sealed, awakenings happen, LOTS of dirty diapers! The story has been wrapped up neatly, but there is always the possibility this person may yet commission a sequel. If you want to commission me, send a private message or go here. ~ It was another day in the sorority house and Janet was being dressed in soft pink kitten panties by Ashley. Janet looked a little confused at first as the panties came up around her waist. She was completely naked except for the panties. The panties were thicker than regular panties, but they were not at all like diapers. They had the look and feel of "big girl" underwear. Ashley smiled at Janet as she pulled a grey-blue shirt over Janet's head. The color really matched her eyes! On the front of the shirt was a picture of a cute little white baby bunny. Ashley then showed Janet her play overalls, holding them out and having Janet step into them one foot at a time. She pulled the overalls up and secured the straps on. "It's time for phase two of our little experiment, Janet." Ashley stated plainly. "We're going to start you on potty training! Isn't that exciting?" Janet looked kind of worried. "Oh, sweetie, it'll be okay! I'll be helping, and so will all your aunties and sisters!" Janet still wasn't sure about this. She thought about how much she wanted to get right back into her diaper. Something hit her in that moment. 'Wait, do I really want to go back to diapers?' she thought to herself. After struggling for so long to get a little freedom and be treated like a "big girl" she found herself longing for the comfort and serenity of being in a diaper and always having someone there to change her. Was this Ashley's plan all along? Was that the purpose of the experiment, to prove that Janet would become dependent on diapers so much that she would grow to love them? Janet decided she would try this potty training thing. "I'll do my best, Mommy." Janet said with confidence, crossing her arms. Ashley looked pleased and smirked at her. She pat Janet on the rump. "I know you will, but don't be too sad if it doesn't work out." Ashley said. She must have known something. Ashley walked to the door, opening it and calling for the sisters to come in. Samantha, Emily, and Vera walked in. Emily was holding a large plastic potty. It must have been custom made. It looked like it was designed for toddlers with red, yellow, and blue plastic parts as well as little unicorns printed on the side. The only thing that made it different from a toddler potty was how big it was. It was large enough fit an adult woman on top of it. Emily set the potty down in the middle of the room, making it the centerpiece. Janet stared at the potty, sucking on her thumb nervously. "Don't be scared. Vera, the potty isn't scary, is it?" Ashley turned her attention to Vera. Vera blushed heavily. She looked annoyed over being singled out. "Vera, tell your little sister about the potty since you used it recently." "Shut up, I did not!" Vera shouted defensively, her face turning red. "Vera, do not sass back your mother now." Ashley warned. She grabbed Vera's arm and brought her over to Janet. Janet smiled. She liked seeing Vera treated like a child. Even though Vera was still treated like she was an older sister it was still satisfying to see her reduced to childhood status in a similar way as her. "Now tell your little sister about the potty." Vera's face was burning red. She looked over at Samantha and Emily who were smiling brightly. They did not have vindictive looks on their faces, but it was clear they were loving this. Vera was the kind of girl who would be popular and could use her good looks to get whatever she wanted, so it made her seem a bit more relatable and human to see her treated like this. Vera didn't want that though. She felt like she was above all this. Still, she remembered the oath she agreed to when she joined the sorority: no matter what, a sister looks after her sisters. Sam and Emily might have thought of Vera as another stuck-up snob, but she knew that the girls would never try to hurt or embarrass her, that they would always have her back. Vera sighed, giving up and looking at Janet. "The potty isn't scary." Vera started talking, her face still red hot. "When... Mommy..." she turned and looked at Ashley for a second, "brought the potty in... she told me to start using it instead of the toilet. It's really easy and it's not scary at all." Vera turned slightly to look at Sam and Emily, expecting them to laugh or at least snicker at her, but they didn't. Vera was still blushing, but she wasn't so much embarrassed about having to use a potty like a child as she was embarrassed at herself for not being mature about it. If anyone else was in her position Vera would be sneering and looking down upon them. She used to call Janet disgusting. Now she felt bad for being mean and hateful towards the dirty baby girl. "There, you see?" Ashley pinched Janet's cheek playfully. "You and Vera are going to be playmates today. If either of you has to go pee or poop I expect you to encourage each other to use the potty chair." "What? Hell no!" Vera said "I'm not doing that again, it's humiliating!" Ashley just gave Vera a stern look, letting her know who was in charge. Vera clammed up, but with her lips pressed together furiously. Ashley walked over to the rocking chair in the corner of the room, sitting down. She pulled the psychology book from the stand beside her and read it quietly to herself while keeping an eye on her two baby girls. Vera looked at Janet who just gave her an innocent but nervous smile. Vera looked around the room. There was nothing here that really kept her interest. "You want to um," Janet touched her fingers together, also looking around the room, "you want to play Spy Barbies with me?" Janet walked over to the toybox, pulling out the toy cars and the various Barbie dolls. "I don't know why you would think I want to play that." Vera said rudely. She pulled her phone from her purse and started typing away on it, ignoring Janet. Janet looked down at Vera's legs, seeing them criss-cross. She was clearly already fidgeting. Janet decided to play by herself, pushing the car along the floor with dollies inside of it. In her mind she had her own action spy movie planned out. She had the car doing flips and stunts to evade some bad guys she was imagining. Vera looked up from her phone, watching Janet playing like a little kid. Vera wondered how Janet could have fun like that just using her imagination. Vera thought back to when she was a little girl, just carefree and having fun. She had to go back pretty far in her mind. It was hard to remember when she was ever that imaginative and child-like. Pretty much the moment she was in first grade Vera was already trying to act cool and popular, even going as far to avoid laughing. Sure, she did giggle sometimes, but she always kept a stoic, stone-faced expression through most of her childhood. It was hard work to keep that up. In a way, she was a little jealous of Janet. That big diaper baby didn't have to worry about being popular. She never had to be cool. Vera felt pressure building up inside of her. She crossed her legs as tight as she could, but she knew she was going to need a toilet. She didn't want to soil herself, but she didn't want to use the potty chair either. She looked over at the open door and started walking towards it while keeping her legs pressed tight to each other. "Don't even think about it." Ashley said without even needing to glance up from her book. Vera pouted. Ashley was so much like a mom! It was completely humiliating, but not as bad as it would be if she pooped her pants. She looked over at the potty chair, knowing it was her only option. She did an awkward walk back towards the potty and then tugged down her panties. She sat down on the potty chair, feeling so small. Janet was watching. Vera could feel her presence as she walked closer and stared at her on the potty chair. Vera shyly placed a hand between her legs, trying to hide her pussy from view. Vera, who prided herself on never farting in front of anyone, not even her boyfriends, was now making loud farts into the bowl of the potty. Thick logs dropped out, hitting the bottom of the plastic with simple thumping sounds. Vera sighed with relief, and the forced squatting position the potty chair put her gave her the most comfortable and relaxing poop she ever had. Now that she was done she started looking around for the toilet paper. Vera felt a sinking sensation in her stomach. She whimpered and looked to Janet. "Hey, little sister." she hissed softly "Could you get me some toilet paper?" Janet nodded with a smile. She got to her feet and walked over to Ashley. "No no, not her!" Vera said to herself. Ashley set her book down and looked over at Vera with a content smile. Ashley grabbed her bag that was full of baby supplies and walked over to Vera. "Stand up so we can wipe that dirty bottom." she instructed. "No, I don't want to!" Vera whined. "You don't want to have a clean bottom? That doesn't sound like something a big girl would say." Ashley added, crossing her arms. Vera groaned and stood up for Ashley. Ashley produced the baby wipes from the bag and then started to wipe Vera. "Good girl. Next time you should probably come ask Mommy when you need a wipe. I don't think your baby sister knows anything about wiping." Vera was impotently angry, unable to really retaliate in her vulnerable position. The wipe felt good on her though, better than toilet paper. It was wet, but soothing, and the cold wet sensation dried away quickly. Ashley tossed the used wipes into the diaper pail and then pulled Vera's panties back up from her, giving her a slight wedgie. Vera winced, reaching up under her skirt and picking the panties out of her crack. She looked down into the potty chair, two big logs of poop just sitting in it and reminding her of the embarrassing thing that just happened. She wondered how long it would be until Ashley emptied the potty. Anyone that was in that room or came in at that moment would see the poop just sitting there and know that she did it. That was quite embarrassing for her. Janet had already gone back to playing. Vera watched her. She didn't go ahead and play with Janet, but she didn't go right back to her phone. She stood there, watching silently. Would it really be so bad to just play with her? She can still be Janet's "big" sister. She saw Janet stop in her tracks. Janet parted her legs and looked down. The back of her overalls started to bulge slightly. She was dropping big lumps of poop into her pants. Janet didn't seem to bothered. In fact, a broad smile was plastered across her face. She was loving it! As Vera watched she wondered how anyone could just enjoy messing their pants like that. When she was forced to pee herself it was positively mortifying. The wet feeling itself wasn't so bad though. Some dirty thoughts entered Vera's head. She got nervous as she realized she was thinking about wetting and soiling her pants just like the big baby did and wondering if she might grow to like it too. She shook her head, trying to get the thought out. It wouldn't go away though, and her cunt was warming over at the thought of secretly stealing a diaper and using it like a baby so she could masturbate into it. The thought made her feel so ashamed of herself. She tried to snap out of it by looking back at Janet who was now waddling around with a load in her pants. She had to say something about this so she wasn't just thinking about herself. "Mommy!" Vera spoke up, pointing at Janet. "Janet pooped her pants!" Ashley sighed, setting her book down again. She walked over to Janet calmly. "Janet," Ashley looked at the girl in the eyes as she stepped closer and closer. "Did you make a poopy?" Ashley sounded stern, but there was a hint of playfulness in her voice. Vera watched, feeling warm and tingly as she saw the girls unfold a little roleplay. "It was an accident, Mommy." Janet replied, looking at Ashley and giving her the big, innocent puppy eyes. "Doesn't look like an accident to me." Ashley said, her hand cupping Janet's messy butt. "Looks like my naughty baby girl went poop in her pants on purpose even though there was a perfectly good potty chair right there." Vera could see there was some underlying sexually charged motivations between each girl. She fumbled through her purse and tried to get her phone out so she could record this. She remembered that Kendra said there was something gay going on between those girls and to try and capture evidence of it. "Vera." Ashley turned, looking at the blonde girl directly. "You want to prove to me that you're a big girl, right?" "Yes, yes ma'am." Vera nodded. She let the phone drop back into her purse. She had to take this opportunity. "Good girl." Ashley pulled Janet's wrist and brought her over to the changing table. "Clean up your baby sister's mess and put her back in diapers." This is the moment Vera had dreaded. She didn't want to change a poopy mess from Janet, but if this is what she had to do to regain her status in the house then she would take it. Vera sighed and started to undo the straps around Janet's shoulders. She pulled the overalls down around Janet's ankles. Vera tried to be careful, pinching the edges of the overalls rather than grabbing them. Ashley took the soiled overalls and folded them before dropped them into the laundry basket. Vera whined, looking at the poop filled underwear sagging down between Janet's legs. "Can't do it? Afraid of getting your hands dirty." Ashley said, standing beside Vera. "Can you really handle this, or do you want Mommy to do it for you?" "No!" Vera said confidently, pinching the sides of the underwear. "I got this." Vera pulled down the underwear carefully. She looked inside at the huge mess. It was so filthy! Vera was glad these weren't her underwear at least. As embarrassing as it was to poop into a potty chair at least she didn't poop her pants and make a mess like this! Vera had Janet step out of the filthy underwear and she held them up. "I assume I just have to chuck these? They don't look salvageable." Vera said, holding out the soiled undies. Ashley nodded, pointing over at the diaper pail. Vera opened the diaper pail and dropped the filthy panties down inside. She went back to the changing table. "Here, let me help." Ashley said, grabbing one of Janet's arms. The two girls pulled Janet up onto the table. Janet giggled, lying back with her legs raised in the air. Vera looked at Janet's privates and the filthy mess all over her butt. Vera was feeling better and better about herself. Smiling and beaming with confidence she took the cool baby wipes from under the table and started to clean up Janet's butt. She remembered Ashley's instructions, wiping front to back. Janet looked up at Vera who looked to have a genuine smile on her face. Janet felt good for Vera, happy to see the bored looking girl actually have a look of happiness and contentment on her face. "What a big girl you're being." Ashley praised Vera, rubbing her back. Vera blushed a little, but she still smiled proudly. She finished wiping Janet and tossed out the used baby wipes. She took out one of the thick diapers, unfolding it and placing it on the table. Janet raised her legs, helping Vera tuck the diaper under her butt. Vera got the powder and shook it a bit too much. Ashley laughed, waving a hand in front of her face as all the powder piled on Janet's diaper. "Now Vera, you shouldn't get so excited! You only need a little dusting of baby power" Ashley instructed, taking the bottle of powder away and setting it aside. "If you shake the bottle you'll end up putting too much powder on!" She then used both her hands to scoop up the excess powder and throw it away. "Now rub the rest in with your hand." Ashley said as she dusted her hands off over the trash bin. Vera gulped a bit. She wasn't sure if she wanted to touch another girl's privates, but it was yet another thing that she just knew she had to do! She reached down and dragged her hand from Janet's butt up to her crotch, rubbing the soft and sweet smelling baby powder into the girl's skin. Janet shivered and smiled. Vera had to chuckle at how easily Janet was being manipulated by the diaper change. Vera rubbed her hand a bit firmer into Janet's crotch and watched as the girl squealed and put her thumb into her mouth. Ashley chuckled and leaned in close, whispering into Vera's ear. "Are you having fun, Vera?" Ashley stroked Vera's head. Vera gulped. She stopped fondling the girl and grabbed the tabs of the diaper, taping them shut tightly around her waist. "All right, you girls play nice with each other. I'm going to empty Vera's potty chair." Ashley picked up the potty and looked over at Vera. "Unless of course you need to use it right now?" Vera looked over as Ashley, shaking her head. She helped Janet down off the table, who was now wearing only a diaper and the bunny shirt. Ashley walked out the nursery with the potty chair. Emily saw it and held her nose. "Oh! Did Janet figure out the potty chair already?" Emily asked. "No, these are Vera's poopies." Ashley explained, walking into the downstairs bathroom. She raised the lid of the toilet and tipped the potty, letting the poops drop into the bowl. Emily chuckled to herself. She was an insecure girl, and something about just knowing the pretty and perfect Vera took big smelly dumps like everyone else put her at ease. Ashley wiped down the inside of the potty chair with some toilet paper before flushing the toilet. She turned and looked at Emily, greeting her with a simple nod as she walked by her, carrying the potty back to the nursery. Back inside the nursery she saw Vera sitting on the floor with Janet, helping her with some puzzles. Ashley thought it looked so cute. She shut the door behind her and walked over to the two girls, setting the potty down in the middle of the floor before she squatted down behind the girls, watching them. "Is your big sister being nice, Janet?" Ashley asked, looking at her favorite baby girl. "Yes, Mommy." Janet smiled, wiggling her padded butt against the floor. Ashley sighed with a big grin. She sat down the floor and watched as the two girls played with each other. Vera's thoughts of power and domination were fading. She suddenly didn't care about Kendra's plan to take down Ashley. As far as Vera was concerned, Ashley and Janet were weird, but they seemed to provide a much more healthy and accepting environment than Kendra would give. Vera knew that siding with Ashley was the safer option, but it also just felt right. At the end of the day, when the sun had gone down and the other girls had retired to their rooms, Ashley had stayed in the nursery with Janet. She was holding in her excitement all day, and perhaps she was feeling very bold. She didn't even bother barricading the door when she planted a kiss on Janet's lips. "What was that for?" Janet said with a whisper, followed by a cute giggle. "For being such a cutie." Ashley replied. She wrapped her arms around Janet, lazily letting them hang behind Janet's shoulders as she pulled closer and kissed the girl. With Ashley's breasts pushed up against Janet's both girls could feel each other's heart beats. Ashley moved her arms and then slide a hand down against Janet's tummy until it dropped into the diaper. She pressed her hand right up against Janet's crotch, feeling how hot and wet her pussy was. Ashley growled playfully with excitement as she fondled Janet. Janet whimpered, bucking her hips back up against Ashley's hand. The fooling around was brought to an abrupt stop as there was a knock at the nursery door. Ashley groaned in disappointment as she pulled her hand out of Janet's diaper. Janet made a pitiful whimper and sat down on the edge of her crib. Ashley walked over to the door, opening it and looking out. She saw Lydia there, standing and looking at Ashley with a cold glare. "I need to speak with you." Is all Lydia said. "Oh my God, right now? It's so late." Ashley rolled her eyes. "You're not going to want me to wait until morning, girl." Lydia said. "This is about you and Janet." Ashley turned, looking at Janet. She then looked back at Lydia. She held up a finger, letting the girl know that she had to stand and wait. Ashley walked over to Janet, pulling the girl up onto her bed. Janet looked up with sad eyes. Ashley stroked the girl's hair. She didn't want to leave Janet without helping her finish what she started, but some things were more important. She tucked Janet in, getting her cozy in the big adult crib before locking her in there. "Alright, Lydia, what the hell do you want this time?" Ashley said, shutting the nursery door behind her and crossing her arms. Lydia looked around, holding a backpack over one shoulder. "I don't think we should talk here. Let's go to your room." Lydia said, tilting her head to the side to point in the direction of the stairs. "I think whatever you have to say you can say it out h-" Ashley wasn't able to finish. "I know you're gay and I have proof." Lydia said so bluntly. Ashley was speechless now. She looked about then guided Lydia up the stairs frantically. No one was around to hear them, but now Ashley was doubly paranoid. Even if Lydia was bluffing she wasn't about to let her blab everything out there in the main hall. One inside Ashley's room she shut the door behind her and leaned against it. She looked up at Lydia with a scowl. "You have got some nerve to threaten me." Ashley said, her face reddening. Lydia breathed deep and then sighed heavily. She took Ashley's hand, pulling her close and looking down at the girl with a strong, fierce glare. "I am not making a threat. All I want is for you to compromise." Lydia said. She held Ashley's wrist tightly and then brought the shorter girl over to the bed, tossing her down. Ashley gasped in surprise. Even when she was faking being straight with her boyfriends she would never let them toss her around like that. It felt thrilling though. She was not used to giving up power so easily. Ashley sat up on the bed, feeling herself already getting a little moist as the stronger girl towered over her. She raised one leg and leaned against the bed. That was one of Ashley's own moves being used against her. Lydia was letting Ashley look up her skirt at her tight panties which barely covered her cunt. "Here are my demands." Lydia stated. "I am the chapter president of this sorority..." Ashley shook her head. "Yeah right, like I would ever-" "And you will be my baby girl." Lydia finished. She looked down at Ashley, waiting to see her reaction. Ashley's mouth as agape. She stared down at the floor, unsure how to respond to that. "I want the same thing you can Janet have." Lydia went on to explain. "Except I'll be your mommy. Everyone here can call you mom, but I refuse." she leaned in. "I am the mommy of this house." She set the backpack down finally and unzipped it. She showed the package of adult diapers and changing supplies she had brought in. Ashley sat there on the bed. She was confused and angry. What could Lydia possibly have on her. Ashley was shaking her head. "I can't do that. I'm the den mother here. I'm no one's baby!" Lydia sighed. She got out her phone and held it up. There were some pictures set to a little slideshow, showing Ashley planting some very heavy kisses right on Janet's mouth. The pictures were from the club. Somehow Lydia had gotten pictures of Ashley being deeply intimate with another girl in a public place. "How did you get those?" Ashley hissed. She reached for the phone, but Lydia was too quick for her, holding the phone up just out of Ashley's reach. Ashley growled and slammed her fists on the bed. Her eyes welled up with tears, but she tried to remain angry instead of looking wounded. "Well you're not the only one that knows some dykes on the down low." Lydia explained. "I heard through a friend of a friend that you sometimes went to this little lesbian bar that often changes its location. I was patient and knew all I had to do was wait. I told this friend to get some pictures of you the next time you were there. Now I have you." Ashley breathed through her nose, tears starting to fall from her face. She glared up at Lydia. "Your parents wouldn't be too happy to see these photos. They might even pull you out of school." Lydia explained, tucking the phone behind her back. "Maybe I will just tell them anyway and get your annoying ass out of my way once and for all." Ashley was shaking with anger and fear, but it soon turned to crying. She covered her face and leaned forward. Lydia watched as the strong girl was broken, turned to a whimpering crybaby. She looked up at Lydia, her bottom lip trembling. "Please... Don't do that." She choked through a strained voice. "You have no idea what my parents would do if they found out. I know they're not good people, but I'm not ready to cut them out of my life yet..." "Yeah." Lydia said, watching the girl cry. It was getting to her, but she tried to remain steadfast. "All I'm hearing are excuses. You're an unfair tyrant and you've had the throne for too long." "Please!" Ashley leaned forward, grabbing Lydia's shirt and tugging on it. "I can't... I can't let you do this. I'm not trying to be mean. I wasn't toying with Janet." Lydia cocked an eyebrow. She plucked Ashley off of her shirt. "Go on, what do you mean?" "Janet.... she isn't just some experiment for me." Ashley said, her voice trembling as she spoke between sobs. "She's not just some toy, some baby doll... I care about her. If my parents stopped paying for my education they would pull me away from the best thing that ever happened to me. I wouldn't be able to see her. I luh..." Ashley felt the words in her throat. She forced them out. "I love her." Tears dripped down onto Ashley's knees as she confessed. "I love Janet.... and Janet loves me." Lydia almost couldn't believe it. It was the most human she had seen Ashley. Everything she worked for up to this point was worth it just for this moment. Hearing Ashley confess her love for Janet made Lydia see her in a whole new light. She kind of expected Ashley to try and brush off her attraction as some kind of frivolous fling and pretend Janet didn't mean much to her, but Ashley had real feelings for this girl that she thought she was just torturing. Lydia was a dominant figure too. She knew what it was like to grow attached to a sub she was toying with an she knew what it was like to just have fun with someone. She understood the difference. She just didn't think that Ashley was the loving type. Lydia looked at the scared, sobbing little spoiled girl. She just couldn't be the wicked Machiavellian villain here. As bad as the privileged rich girl was with the way she lorded her authority over everyone Lydia had seen some real growth from her ever since the big baby arrived. Lydia knew there was some goodness in her that was worth saving. She also could never bring herself to out someone for being gay, especially if her parents were going to cut her off. Lydia looked down at her phone. She swiped around a few times with her thumb and then deleted the pictures. "Look," Lydia started, "I'm not as mean as you think I am. I can be nice too." Ashley looked up, her mascara streaked down her cheeks. Lydia shook her head and wiped away the running makeup with her thumb. "I just feel like it's my time now. White girls like you have run this sorority since the beginning. I've seen the old photos. I know the history here. You have to believe it'll be a good thing to have me as the leader, the main matriarch of this house." Lydia sat on the bed. She looked over at Ashley as she watched the girl try to process this new information. Lydia pat her knee, trying to coax Ashley over. Ashley took some nervous steps forward and then sat on Lydia's lap. "You deserve this, Lydia. I'll even take one of the downstairs rooms." Ashley said, looking down. "I don't care about that crap, Ashley." Lydia put her finger under Ashley's chin and made her look right at her. "The first thing I am doing away with as this chapter's president is the upper and lower story caste system. Everyone is free to use the bathroom upstairs or downstairs as long as one is free. If one of the three bedrooms on the second story is free then anyone can get into it regardless of their 'status.' Doesn't that sound like a better world?" Ashley looked down. She felt like a child as she sat there in Lydia's lap and things were explained to her. "You're right." she spoke up after some silence. "That's how this place should have been run all along. We're all sisters here. We need to stick together and look out for each other. The in-fighting is only hurting this place and its legacy." "Look who's being a big girl!" Lydia said with a smirk. She tickled Ashley's tummy, which made her giggle and squirm. "I knew it was the right thing to delete those pictures. Your gay little secret will always be safe with Mommy Lydia." Ashley now knew that Lydia had gotten rid of her bargaining chip, but she stayed in the taller girl's lap. She hugged Lydia and started to let out a happy sob of joy. Lydia chuckled and just patted Ashley on the back as she got the hug. "I still want you to be my secret baby girl." Lydia said, looking down at Ashley with a wicked glint in her eye. "I just... I don't know how. I've never been submissive before." Ashley said, twisting her skirt. "I don't think you'll have a hard time figuring that out. Now lie down on the bed, sweetie." Lydia instructed her new baby girl. Ashley complied and lying there on her back submissively. Lydia flipped up Ashley's skirt and then ever so carefully pinched the frilly waistband of her panties. She slowly pulled them down. She smiled wide, marveling at how Ashley was already a little wet and sticky down there. "You sure you're not a little submissive, deep down?" Lydia said as she touched her fingers to Ashley's moist slit. Ashley cringed, tensing up for a second, but she soon relaxed against Lydia's touch. Lydia proceeded to pull Ashley's panties down the rest of the way. She folded them neatly and then stuffed them into her own purse as if she was keeping them as a trophy. Lydia took the package of adult diapers and tore them open. She lifted up a thick diaper and showed it to Ashley. Ashley gulped audibly as she saw the diaper looming over her. Lydia grabbed Ashley's ankles and tucked the thick diapers under her butt. Lydia squirted some of the soothing baby cream onto her hand. She preferred to use the cream. She applied it to Ashley's skin, making it all slick and evenly coated. She spent extra time touching her private area, using her whole palm to cover Ashley's pussy. She rubbed up and down, lingering around the area and watching Ashley writhe under her touch. Just as Ashley was getting into it Lydia taped the diaper shut around her waist. Since Ashley was such a thin little lady the tapes at either side were touching and the diapers looked extra big on her bottom. Lydia stood the girl up and had her pose for her, bending her over so her diaper butt would show. "Look at you." she giggled. "You're so adorable now! I almost want to take a picture." Of course Lydia didn't really mean that. She sat down on the bed and pulled Ashley back into her lap. "Now that I have your attention...." Lydia pat Ashley's diapered butt for further emphasis "I need to tell you about Kendra and Vera. They've been working together, trying to take you down. Now that I know you can be an obedient little girl I don't want them trying to usurp power here." Ashley's face changed from shock, to anger, to acceptance. She was very upset to hear that two people she let into the sorority were attempting a personal attack against her, but she wasn't surprised considering how they acted. Kendra's disappointment over Vera's babyish tendencies made more sense now. She was grateful that Lydia was looking out for her at least. "What are we going to do about them?" Ashley asked, furrowing her brow angrily. "Don't worry about it baby girl." Lydia said, unbuttoning her top. "You just leave everything up to Mommy." With that, Ashley's face was guided towards Lydia's exposed breasts. She held Ashley's mouth to her sweet, darkly colored nipple. Ashley closed her eyes, giving into her baser urges and just suckled. Lydia felt pretty good about herself. She was another step closer to being the main matriarch of the house. As Ashley nursed on her Lydia was already planning on a way to take Kendra down, bringing that sycophantic Vera down with her. Ashley looked up, seeing a devious look on Lydia's face, her eyes just staring off into the distance. She pulled her lips away from the nipple just for a moment. "What're you thinking about, Mommy Lydia?" Ashley asked, wiggling her bottom on her lap. "Oh..." Lydia looked down at Ashley. She adored the girl in this state as her obedient baby. She stroked Ashley's cheek. "Just coming up with a plan that's going to be fortuitous to all of us." Lydia heard a hissing sound and felt her leg warming up as Ashley pissed herself. Ashley had a contented look on her face that was followed by a bright red blush. Lydia chuckled. "Already? What a good baby girl you are." She pat Ashley's wet bottom and then pressed her hand hard against the diapered area between her privates and butt. She dragged her hand from the back to the front, knowing exactly how to arouse Ashley in her wet state. Ashley trembled. She could not believe how great it felt. She knew that Janet liked it, but she never realized just how pleasing it could be to have your own pissy diaper rubbed against your crotch. Ashley bucked her hips back against Lydia's hand and Lydia's face lit up with a gratified grin. "I knew I could make you my baby." Lydia's hissed gently into Ashley's ear. After a long session of playing with Ashley through her diaper, Lydia set her down on the bed again. Ashley had a look on her face that was like a mixture of shame and contentment. She looked up helplessly as Lydia tore open the diaper, which had been loosened greatly from all the rubbing and wetting. The diaper was totally soaked on the inside. Ashley had pissed all through her orgasms. Lydia snickered to herself, taking the cool baby wipes and cleaning up Ashley's soggy mess. She was all perfect and hairless, which made cleaning a breeze. Ashley made cute high-pitched noises as Lydia wiped her privates down. Lydia balled up the used diaper, placing it in a plastic bag, tying the bag, and then dropping it into the trash. "I hope to continue our little diaper games together, Ashley." Lydia said, leaning over Ashley on the bed. She gave Ashley a kiss on the forehead. "You know I'm actually very fond of you right now." Lydia stood up and walked out of Ashley's bedroom, leaving the girl on her bed. Ashley turned her head lazily as Lydia left the room, feeling tired and spent. Ashley wanted to return the favor to Lydia and make her feel just as good, but Lydia didn't seem to want it. Her desire came purely from her power. For the first time in her life, Ashley was in awe of someone that had more control than her. ~ Kendra hadn't seen any of her sorority sisters all day. It was as if everyone had been avoiding her, even the pledges. She couldn't even find that suck-up Vera. She walked back to the house, wondering if she would run into anybody there. She had no idea she would be greeted by every single girl at the same time. Even that big baby Janet was there, sitting on a small chair and sucking from a baby bottle. In the middle of the main hall Lydia stood behind a round table that had several glasses of water on it and one big pitcher in the middle. "Hello, Kendra." Lydia said, walking around to the front of the table. Kendra looked around, seeing all the girls staring at her. Vera was standing next to Ashley. She was a little too close, actually. Kendra glared and Vera nervously reached over. Ashley put out her hand and squeezed Vera's. "Okay just what do you think you're doing here?" Kendra asked, her hips swishing as she walked forward. She slammed her hand down onto the table and the glasses shook a bit. "Well it seems we have two people trying to claim Ashley's spot as the president." Lydia explained calmly. "Ashley is willing to give up her position to just one of us." Lydia poked her finger against Kendra's exposed midriff. Kendra slapped Lydia's hand away. "Yeah okay." Kendra said. "I don't know why Ashley would just hand over her position, but I feel like I deserve it more." "Oh it's true that one of us deserves this position more than Ashley, but only one of us." Lydia explained. "Only one of us has the willpower and fortitude to take it. And we're going to decide by playing a little game." Lydia pulled up a chair and sat at the table. Ashley walked to the table, placing her hands down upon it. She looked back and forth at each girl. Kendra pulled her chair up and sat down as well, staring at Lydia from across the table. "Here's how the game works. Each of you is going to drink a cup of water, one after the other. You can take as much time as you need but you must finish the whole cup." Ashley explained and held up one of the glasses. It was short, about half the size of a regular glass, hence why she called it a cup. "The first one to run to the bathroom loses." Kendra narrowed her eyes. She looked at Ashley and then at Lydia. She rolled her eyes and scoffed. "You got to be kidding me. Is that it?" Kendra frowned at Lydia. "I'll play your sick game and I'll win." Without even bothering with a coin flip, Kendra grabbed one of the glasses and gulped it down. She set the glass down on the table and wiped her mouth on her sleeve. "Your turn." "Oh Kendra." Lydia chuckled. "You sure you don't want to take a little potty break before we begin?" Lydia held a glass and clinked her fingernails upon it. "I'm fine, Lydia. Stop stalling and drink." Kendra said with a confident smile. Lydia shrugged, unfazed by Kendra's brashness. She took a glass of water to her lips and started to drink slowly. Each gulp was nice and loud so that Kendra could hear it. She set the glass down and let out a refreshed exhale. Kendra, frustrated, swigged down another glass of water, setting it aside. Lydia followed with another careful drink. This continued for a while with Kendra trying to keep her cool despite her growing frustration at Lydia. Kendra was growing impatient, wondering how long this would take. She was not as careful and calculating as Lydia was and it was starting to show. By the fifth cup of water Kendra was sipping very slowly. She felt full and she was crossing her legs under the table. She looked at Lydia, hoping for some sign that she might break, but Lydia remained as cool and collected as ever. After a couple minutes Kendra's legs were crossed tightly and bouncing rapidly under the table all while Lydia remained perfectly still. Lydia did not even sweat. Kendra's hand was shaking as she picked up the next glass of water. She sipped slowly and could feel the pressure on her bladder growing. She heard a faint hissing noise and turned around to find that Janet was soaking her diaper. Janet just looked at her and shrugged with a smile as her diaper front yellowed. "That damn baby!" Kendra thought to herself, a look of anxiety washing over her. She was losing her cool and it was becoming obvious. She looked around at all the girls who seemed to want her to fail. She couldn't understand it. She knew that people feared Ashley, Lydia, and her. She always thought she would be safe to take the top position at this house with Lydia and Ashley fighting between each other and no one wanting to get between them, but it seemed like the girls had banded together overnight just to keep Kendra from taking over. Kendra felt a sharp pain followed by wetness between her legs. Didn't fully piss herself, but she knew it would happen soon. She shot up from her chair, dropping her glass. It spilled on the table. Watching the water pool out and fall off the edge only made her urge to pee stronger. "All right, I give up, you win." Kendra said, seething through clenched teeth. "Win what?" Lydia asked, taking one more sip of water just to rub it in. Kendra headed towards the stairs, but the girls blocked her way. "Move!" Kendra tried to push through, but the girls kept her away from the stairs. She looked over the downstairs bathroom and rushed to it, but Lydia got up and joined the girls in blocking Kendra's access. Kendra felt more piss spurting out, causing small wet spot to appear on her tight pants. She managed to pinch off the stream, but it still threatened to come out. "Let me through!" Kendra's voice raised, cracking as it reached an anxious pitch. Kendra desperately tried to push her way through the girls who all just pushed her back. Kendra stood in the middle of the main hall, looking around. She was surrounded. A jet of pee started spurting into her pants. She looked down, watching the low-cut jeans getting soaked. A dark pee stain went down both her legs and even raised up slowly to her waistband. It was too late to stop the flow. A clear yellow stream broke free of the soaking wet fabric and started to sprinkle on the hard floor. Kendra let out a shrill cry and tried to quickly take off her expensive shoes, kicking them away before they became filled with piss. Kendra started crying and slowly lowered to the floor. The pee pooled out around her knees, surrounding her where she was kneeling on the floor. She looked up, sniffling a bit as everyone was there to witness her shame. Kendra sighed, giving up, and just letting the rest of the pee out. All that excess hydration was making its way out of her now and soon there was a massive puddle on the floor. "Kendra, you have pissed your pants like an infant. A truly shameful act for this sisterhood." Ashley said, standing over her with her hands on her hips. "But, we are all sisters and we do not conspire or harm. Your little accident is a secret we will keep." Ashley held out her hand. Kendra sniffled a bit and reached out, holding Ashley's hand and slowly standing back to her feet, some pee still dripping from her sopping wet jeans. "Do you agree that sisters keep each other's secrets?" "Ye- yes." Kendra stammered. She looked down at herself. The wet denim fabric was clinging to her legs. She pulled at the fabric, trying to peel it away from her skin only to have it snap back against her. "So you're going to keep your mouth shut about me being gay." Ashley said out loud. Kendra looked at her. She noticed Ashley was practically glowing. It felt so good for her to just say it. Ashley was gay and she no longer had to hide it from anyone, least of all from Kendra. "I wouldn't have, I mean I wasn't going to..." Kendra stammered some more. Ashley placed a finger to Kendra's lips, hushing her. She took Kendra's hand and lead her into the nursery where the other girls followed. "What are you doing? Hold on now!" "Oh Kendra, you know the rules here." Ashley said with a wicked smirk. "If you wet or mess your pants you get the diaper punishment. Janet had to do it. Vera had to do it. Now you." Kendra was shaking her head nervously as she was brought up to the changing table, Lydia helping pull Kendra onto it. Janet stood by the edge of the table, watching with great interest. She seemed really excited to see one of the mature, senior members of the sorority about to be turned into a big baby just like her! With Lydia holding Kendra down by the shoulders at the back end of the changing table Ashley was able to freely pull down the girl's pants. The jeans turned inside out as they were peeled off of Kendra's legs. She dropped the soggy pants into the laundry basket and then proceeded to remove Kendra's panties. Kendra had a darkly colored cunt with pubic hairs surrounding it, just kept neatly trimmed so they would never appear above the low-cut jeans. Kendra tried pressing her legs together, but Alice and Denise grabbed either ankle and pulled her legs apart. Kendra made a pathetic whine as she stared up at the ceiling and felt the cold air on her wet crotch and legs. Ashley started wiping up each of Kendra's thighs, one at a time, slowly creeping up her legs with the baby wipes until she had landed right on Kendra's pussy. Kendra shut her eyes tight and whimpered as she felt Ashley wiping her like she was a big baby. Ashley wiped from the top to the bottom, being careful but deliberate in her wiping motion. Kendra leaned her head back on the changing table, letting out a groan. She heard the tell-tale crinkle of the diaper and soon her legs were being lifted and then her butt was being set down on a cushy, pillowy diaper. Her butt and crotch were lightly sprinkled with powder before the diaper was taped up around Kendra's waist. Her thin waist and wide hips seemed to make the thick diapers stick out more. Her cute, fat ass was now stuffed into an adorably childish looking adult diaper. Kendra sat up and looked around at all the other girls and then down at the thick diapers. Lydia helped Kendra come down off the table, holding her hand. "We're all in this together. We all have our secrets. No one outside of this house will ever hear about your diaper butt." Ashley stated, patting Kendra's bottom so it would crinkle. "We expect you to wear your diaper all night long and to never take it off, not even to go potty." "That's right." Vera said, crossing her arms. "I had to do it, so should you." Kendra looked over at Vera, her former partner in espionage. Vera seemed happy to be behind Ashley, despite her initial disgust over having to take care of the big baby. Kendra wasn't sure what turned the girl around, but she was standing right next to Janet now. Normally Vera would be avoiding Janet, standing far away, but the two girls' hips were touching! Kendra sat there in the diaper. She was still full from drinking all that water. She didn't think she was going to make the rest of the night dry. In her hubris she thought she could handle the water drinking challenge from Lydia. "I'm going to go use the W.C. now." Lydia said with a smile. "I think I'll use the downstairs one. If anyone of you girls needs to use the upstairs W.C. it's all yours." Lydia pat Alice and Denise on the back. Denise looked elated. She ran off, wanting to use the upstairs bathroom first as she always liked it best for applying her makeup. Alice walked over to Kendra, looking her up and down. "Yes, I think I know the perfect outfit for you." The artist grinned. Kendra had seen the kinds of outfits Alice had sewn for Janet and she was dreading what she might have to wear in the future. "Hey, I thought this was going to be just a one time thing!" Kendra said, looking around nervously. "Oh Kendra." Ashley shook her head. "You're going to need to start your potty training all over again! We can't really expect you to know how to go right back to big girl panties after the big accident you had." "Yeah, and the potty isn't so bad." Vera said. She couldn't believe she said that out loud and in front of everyone. She blushed deeply, but she remembered that everyone here would keep her secret. "And even if you don't get potty trained diapers can be a lot of fun!" Janet said, placing her hands on her bottom and patting her thick diapers. Vera looked over at Janet's diapered bottom, still blushing a bit. She thought about what Janet just said. The diapers did look fun. Ashley slid her feet on the floor, strolling up to Janet with a sly smile. She placed her hands on Janet's shoulders and planted a firm kiss on her mouth. The remaining girls in the room all "oohed" at the kiss. Ashley looked over her shoulder and snickered "oh shut up." She turned back to Janet and gave her a deep, passionate kiss right in front of everyone. Janet pulled back with a dreamy look on her face. She shot Ashley some bedroom eyes. Ashley turned to the group. "Will some of you girls stay down here and watch little miss pee pants while Mommy spends some time with her baby?" Right away, Samantha and Emily volunteered, walking up to Kendra and leading her over to the toys. The rest of the girls left the nursery, shutting the door behind them. Once outside the nursery Janet scooped her arm behind Ashley's legs and swept her off her feet. Ashley giggled, kicking her legs as Janet carried her up the stairs. Vera looked around, making sure no one was watching, and she followed the two girls up the stairs. Once inside of bedroom the two girls heard the door shutting behind them. They turned and saw Vera there, leaning against the door. "Um, is there something you want?" Janet asked, setting Ashley down on her feet. "I want to, you know" Vera looked down "hang out with you." "It's going to get kind of kinky in here." Ashley admitted. "And kind of filthy. Literally." "Yeah, Vera." Janet added, hands on her hips "Are you sure you can handle that? I thought you didn't like poopy diapers." Vera gazed down at her feet, rubbing the toes of her shoes together. She grabbed at the hem of her skirt, twisting it in her hands. "Well, as long as you don't tell anyone, I would like to try wearing a-" her voice slowly decreased in volume, "diaper again." "What was that?" Ashley said with a smile. "You're jealous of the attention your baby sister is getting?" Ashley leaned against the door, hands at either side of Vera. She reached for the knob and twisted the lock. She took Vera's hand and lead her over to the bed. "Let me get one of Janet's spare pampers." Ashley got down on her knees. There it was, the package of diapers that Lydia had left in her bedroom from the rather humbling experience she had with her yesterday. She pulled out the diaper package and set it on the bed next to Vera. She then went into her dresser and removed the spare baby wipes and powder. Ashley reached under Vera's skirt and pulled down her panties. She set the panties on top of the dresser for later. She opened the thick diaper and slipped it under Vera's butt. Janet watched, fascinated. She's seen this plenty of times now, but it never stops being interesting to her. Baby powder is gently sprinkled inside of the diaper and soon the diaper is taped shut around Vera's waist. Ashley stood Vera up and had her stand next to Janet. "Look at you, a couple of diaper baby sisters." Ashley cooed. She sat down on the bed and unbuttoned her top. She flipped her shirt open, exposing her breasts. "Now come nurse from Mommy." She was talking to both the girls, though it took a while for Vera to register that. Each girl sat on the bed on either side of Ashley's legs. Janet craned her neck down and put her lips to Ashley's aching, puffy nipple. Ashley clenched her teeth and sighed. She rubbed the back of Janet's head. "What a good girl." she whispered. Vera leaned down next, putting her lips around Ashley's other nipple. Ashley breathed in sharply and then sighed. It felt so good to have both of these girls nursing on her breasts. Each nipple was getting the full attention it deserved now. Ashley closed her eyes, breathing in and out deeply as the girls nursed from her. Her crotch was on fire as she experienced more excitement than she was used to. She also felt utter contentment, finally having her baby girl just the way she wanted her without having to sneak around and hide it. Vera squirmed a little on the bed. Ashley pulled the girls away from her chest and then scooted backward on the bed until she was leaning against the headboard. She looked at her babies. "Do I have a couple of dirty girls in my bed?" Ashley asked with a wide grin. Janet blushed and smiled, knowing exactly what Ashley was talking about. Janet looked down and leaned forward, grabbing her shins and hugging them slightly. She scrunched up her face, grunting. Vera stared at the girl, watching what she was doing. Janet didn't have to push very hard. A soft, mushy mess was emptied into the back of her diaper. The diapers turned a dull brownish tint in the back as she filled them up. Janet sat back up and had a funny looking smile plastered on her face. She looked over at Vera. Vera sat there, knowing that once she did this there would be no going back. She had a close call the last time she was in diapers but she never thought of doing this on purpose. She tried to relax herself and then pushed. She opened her eyes and looked side to side. "It's hard to do it when you're watching." she laughed nervously. She saw them still staring at her. She closed her eyes again and continued to try to poop. It happened. Just like when she was on the potty, Vera was letting out more noisy farts. This time her farts were muffled by the thick diapers. Heavy, semi-hard logs dumped out of her and nestled themselves nice and snug in the back of the diaper. An awkward sound escaped her throat, sounding like a mixture of a sigh and an excited groan. She started rocking back and forth on the bed, mashing up the logs against her bottom. It was like some kind of deep childhood memory stuck in the back of her mind. The bored little stoic girl tapped into the old childhood joy of just filling her pants and enjoying making a mess. Janet and Ashley watched as the girl made a mess of herself, practically drooling as she rocked around. Vera looked down at the diaper, not able to see what she did, but she could sure feel it. "Looks like Mommy has two very dirty, naughty girls." Ashley spoke up. She reached out her arms and waved her hands towards herself, coaxing the girls to crawl over to her. Vera scurried over quickly with Janet following right behind. Vera rested her head against Ashley's still bare breast. Ashley cupped her hand under Vera's butt and then pressed hard against it. Vera gasped slightly, jutting forward at first, and then pushed her butt back against Ashley's hand. She moved her hips around, grinding her messy diaper butt on Ashley's rubbing hand. "Janet, I think your big sister might be a bigger baby than you." Janet smiled, watching the perfect little blonde girl give into her dirtiest and most childish desires. Janet nuzzled her face against Ashley's breast and then pulled the nipple back into her mouth. Ashley sighed contentedly as she held the two babies close. She reached under Janet and started rubbing her bottom just like Ashley's. Janet giggled, having fun being dirty with someone else. Downstairs in the nursery Samantha and Emily had managed to lock Kendra in the high chair. She even had a cute bib tied around her neck. Emily was trying to feed Kendra her dinner, raising a forkful of mashed potatoes up to Kendra's face. Kendra turned away, whining and being resistant, which only caused her to get food on her face. Kendra couldn't hold it anymore and started letting out a second wave of piss into the diaper. She cried as she wet herself a second time today and in big baby pants no less! As her mouth hung open Emily stuck food in it. Kendra whimpered, but she started to accept the food now, giving up. Samantha poked at the crotch of the diaper. "Wow, someone really had to go!" She could still feel the pee flowing out as she held her fingers to the padding. Sam cupped her hand over Kendra's crotch, holding it there until Kendra finished. Kendra shuddered as she felt her own pissy diapers rubbing against her privates. "That's a good baby, eat your nummy dinner!" Emily said, poking some meat with the fork and then making airplane noises with her mouth as she guided it into Kendra's mouth. Kendra gulped down the food as she was fed like a baby. Once the plate was scraped clean Samantha removed it from the tray and then raised the tray out of the way. Kendra was unstrapped from the high chair and helped back down. Her diapers were sopping wet at this point and hanging a bit loose on her. "I think baby needs another change before bed time." Samantha said, guiding Kendra over to the changing table. Kendra growled a bit. "Aww, is someone fussy?" Sam teased. That tomboy was not at all afraid to poke the bear. She grabbed Kendra by the waist and let out a grunt as she lifted her up onto the changing table. "I didn't get a sports scholarship for nothin." Kendra looked pretty impressed by Samantha's strength, though she realized she shouldn't underestimate any of these girls. With them all banding together they took her down several pegs and now she was about to have her wet diapers changed by a couple of pledges. Emily ripped the tapes off either tab of the diapers and then unfolded the diaper, opening it up and looking inside. She took some baby wipes and started cleaning up the pee from Kendra's skin. She piled the used wipes into the diaper and then pulled it away. She balled up the diaper neatly and handed it to Sam. Emily stepped on the bottom panel of diaper pail, having it open up, and Sam tossed the diaper like a basketball, getting it right in the net. Emily walked away from the diaper pail and high-fived Sam. Kendra watched these two girls getting along so well and moving in tandem with each other with such grace and rhythm. Kendra felt bad, not knowing the last time she ever had a close bond like that with a friend before. She really respected these two girls. Sam held up Kendra's legs while Emily slid the diaper under her. Emily sprinkled her with baby powder and used her hand to rub the powder in. Kendra cringed again as her privates were touched. She then felt the puffy diaper folding back up between her legs and taped shut around her waist. Sam helped Kendra down from the changing table and pointed her towards the crib. Kendra was set in the crib and Emily pulled the blankets up, tucking her in. Sam put in a stuffed animal and then Emily put another one in. Sam followed this by added two more stuffed animals so Emily grabbed three. "Enough animals you guys!" Kendra said, her voice almost breaking into laughter. The two other girls laughed, looking at each other and then pulled the bars up, locking Kendra inside the crib. Kendra sighed, feeling a bit awkward about being the baby for now. She hoped it wouldn't last too long. She felt something funny though as Emily and Samantha left her alone there in the nursery. She felt a warm, tingling between her legs. She was greatly aroused. She then felt very nervous, realizing she might have to now accept that she was starting to like this. She swallowed hard and tentatively reached down to her diaper front. She rubbed gently on it and sighed. She wondered if maybe this is what happened to Janet and she prayed that the same thing wouldn't happen to her. Back in Ashley's bedroom she had Vera on her back, groaning excitedly. Ashley was hovering over Vera with a hand grinding hard against her dirty diapered crotch. Janet looked over Ashley's shoulder, watching with great interest as she watched her "big sister" getting off to having her wet and messy diaper rubbed against her. Vera weakly grabbed at Ashley's arm, letting out the same awkward noise from before. She bucked her hips slightly before lying back on the bed, feeling fulfilled. Janet had to giggle, knowing that look on Vera's face all too well. "Okay my dirty girls, it's time for diaper changes!" Ashley announced. Janet crawled up to Vera and lied down next to her on the bed. She looked over at Vera and locked hands with her. Vera squeezed her hand back on Janet's. Ashley tore open the diapers one at the time, unfolding them and then waving her hand in front of her face in an exaggerated motion. "Oh wow, my girls got really dirty!" she announced. She reached for the baby wipes and started cleaning up Janet first, digging the wipes up between Janet's cheeks and clearing away the mess. Janet giggled as she was cleaned up so thoroughly. Ashley went over to Vera's diaper next, gathering lots of wipes and rubbing between her dirty crack. Vera shivered, getting a thrilling jolt up her spine as she was wiped. Both Ashley and Janet chuckled after seeing Vera's reaction to getting her butt wiped. When Ashley placed the cool wipe on Vera's crotch she let out a low moan. Ashley shook her head and just smiled, carefully wiping away the mess that Vera got on her dirty privates. "You're such a dirty, dirty girl, Vera." Ashley commented. She looked down as she carefully pulled away both diapers. She held them up like she was weighing them in each hand. "I think Vera might be a dirtier girl than you, Janet. Her diaper got so full, and she made a bigger mess on herself!" Vera blushed deeply at the comment, but she did not quibble over it. She knew it was true, and she had to accept it. She came into the couple's private space, asking to be treated like a big baby, and she was getting exactly what she asked for. She stuck her thumb into her mouth, sucking on it. Ashley folded the diapers and taped them shut. She then dropped them into a plastic bag which she tied tightly before throwing out. She got fresh diapers out from under the bed and slapped them down. Janet raised her bottom off the mattress and Ashley was able to tuck the diapers underneath her. Ashley then shoved the other diapers underneath Vera. As Ashley put some baby powder onto her palm Vera turned and watched, staring as Janet got the powder rubbed into her skin around her butt and privates. Janet let out a happy noise from deep within her throat as she had the baby powder applied to her. Vera turned her attention back to Ashley as the girl put baby powder into her hand again. She applied it to Vera's skin now, rubbing the powder in deeply. Vera moaned happily, jutting her hips forward as Ashley rubbed the powder around her butt and crotch. Ashley and Janet were giggling at her. Vera stop squirming around and sat still with a hot blush on her face. "Aww, we just thought you looked so cute!" Janet said, reassuring Vera. "Yeah! Super cute!" Ashley added. She grabbed Vera's leg, raising it and then giving her bare cheek a couple smacks with her powdery hand. Vera squealed and giggled at the playful spank. Her butt was set back into the diaper and then the diaper was taped snug around her waist. Ashley turned her attention back to Janet and finished diapering her next, taping the diapers up tight. Ashley sighed and dusted off her hands, pleased with a job well done. She leaned back on the bed and wriggled up between the girls. She spread her arms out and pulled the girls in for a tight hug, holding them close to her. She kissed each girl on the cheek, Vera and then Janet, and then squeezed them against her sides. Ashley looked at Janet, seeing the big baby contentedly cuddled up against her. Ashley blushed a little, looking at the girl's face. "Janet, I have something to tell you." Ashley whispered. "I love you." Janet opened her eyes and glanced over at Ashley. Janet smiled and gave Ashley a soft kiss on the lips. "I know." she replied in turn. Ashley turned her head and stared up at the ceiling. It took her so long to say it, but she was glad she did. In her bedroom Lydia was getting undressed and feeling quite proud of herself. All around her she knew things were finally going her way. She looked at herself in the mirror, proud of the order she drew from all the chaos. Ashley may have thought she ran a tight ship, but she wasn't clever enough to run things smoothly. There was too much lying and back-stabbing. The days of underhanded politics around this sorority were over though. Ashley did have one great idea though, and that was her use of infantile punishments to reinforce rule. Lydia found it so useful. It put so many of the mean girls in their place. Lydia seemed like a mean girl to an outsider, but she was just reacting to an unfair system, one that she was soon able to fix. Lydia flopped back on her bed, completely naked. She thought about how she was going to change things and make a brighter future, not just for the sorority or even the college, but in her entire life. She was a business woman at heart, and she knew that with her hard work and the lessons she learned from running this sorority that she would soon be ruling the business world. Perhaps not with an iron fist though. Just an open palm against a bare bottom, giving it a firm spanking.
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    There is always the possibility of reverse causality. Your friend may know or suspect that you are a DL and be trying to tempt you into confirming this.
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    Hi there. My name is lisa. I've never been on these kinds of sites before. I've been into this fetish for 8 years now and I'm finally feeling comfortable enough to talk with new people who are also intrested :). ....Im more of a baby girl. I love wearing my pink diappies and have so much different outfits and dollys! . Just enjoy being wittle. I have long brown hair. Blue eyes i am 5'2 and weigh 115lbs and really love the color pink! I also have a daddies who takes good care of me makes me feel special. I love having our special daddy baby girl days and nights. Xxoo don't be shy to message me if your looking for a baby girl friend xxoo wittle baby lisa
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    Pretty much exactly what I was going for Nick has been quite submissive for Sarah for a while now but how much of that was just because he had little opportunity to take advantage of her? Sarah gives him a treat and, more importantly, a chance to show that Nick respects her privacy and won't look at any of her personal files and he screws it up. He hasn't changed! Thanks everyone for the kind words... Still writing the next part and will hopefully get a small update out soon before a bigger and more tantalising update!
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    Thanks again for all of the kind comments, I'm really enjoying writing this story. I hope you continue to enjoy reading it! ======== Part 3 I awoke after a short nap in the swing to April kissing me on the forehead and setting me down on the floor. I yawned and stretched and tried to stand up, forgetting that I was wearing the ridiculous expanding diaper. I struggled to my feet, looked up at April and pointed to the diaper, hoping she'd get my meaning. She just smiled. I felt the urge to go again, but I really didn't want to find out if this thing would expand further. I bounced up and down a bit and whined around the pacifier, trying to get a muffled "please" around the rubber nipple and plastic shield. Her smile unchanged, April gently guided my body into a sitting position. "I'm curious if those will expand again, and you always go after a nap... so go, little one," April stood back and watched me, but I just sat there, "Go on, let it go. You'll get a cup instead of a bottle at dinner if you do." I sighed and released the pressure on my bladder. I was paying attention this time, so I actually watched the diaper balloon up to twice its previously-too-large size into something absurd. The expanding diaper lifted my bottom off the ground and the padding expanded out to my knees. I was lifted so far off the ground and my legs splayed so far apart that I was completely immobilized by my wet diaper. I could wiggle my legs, but I couldn't get any kind of purchase to help me stand up. I looked up to April pitifully and made a pleading motion with my hands. "Oh my, they weren't kidding, were they? Can you even move?" April looked down, her smile was soft and pitying. I shook my head in response. "It looks like naughty girls will be stuck in their Tattletale diaper - it tells on you. Let's hope you're not naughty, huh?" She picked me up, supporting the massive diaper with one arm and she held me to her, carrying me back to the nursery. She set about changing me into yet another diaper, telling me, "We're going to eat dinner, you can finish coloring in your book, and then it's off to bed with you. We're going to take your paci out to eat and you're not going to say one word, right little Kimmy?" I nodded while she threw away the tattletale diaper and taped up the fresh, clean daytime diaper. I didn't bother to struggle, there was nothing I could do about the situation anyway. It felt good to be in a normal, clean diaper. After that ridiculous diaper, the regular diaper felt so thin. "I'm very, very happy with how you let Lisa take care of you, it made her happy," she lifted me up and snuggled me close, "She doesn't understand how wonderful it is to have a Little. And I am so lucky to have one as wonderful as you. You're a very sweet girl, Kimmy. There are so many Littles that have to be punished all the time just to get them to behave. You silly Littles don't know what's good for you," she said it lovingly and booped my nose, but it rankled. I was an adult, I'd been taking care of myself just fine for years! April carried me to the kitchen where she sat me down in the high chair, buckled me in, and snapped the tray in place in front of me. This was another thing I doubt I'd ever get used to, mealtimes. I wasn't allowed to do anything for myself in this world. Everything was enormous and I was entirely at the mercy of April. The memories of how I got here were fuzzy, the last thing I remember of home was a party with some friends and I was doing shots. I've been blackout drunk a few times before, but this time when I came to I was in the back seat of April's car. She explained it all to me, that I had travelled to another dimension where people like me were cared for and loved.. she showed me the adoption paperwork and explained the ins-and-outs of my new life, she explained that they had repaired my body and she told me that everything was going to be fine. I shuddered at the memory of that first night in the crib, hoping desperately that when I woke up, I'd be back home. But I woke up the next morning to crib bars and a diaper, which I inevitably ended up wetting. I snapped out of it as April finished tying a bib that read "Messy Eater" on it, and set a sippy cup down on my tray. I pouted a bit, it wasn't really what I was hoping for when she said I'd get a cup, but I honestly wasn't surprised. I watched her as she prepared a small plate for me and a large one for her. It looked like we were having chicken breast... rosemary by the smell. April wasn't the best cook ever, but she wasn't bad. Asparagus and roasted potatoes to go with it, and I'm sure apple juice was waiting for me in the sippy cup. The meal made me long for a glass of wine instead. The food was cut up on my plate, which she set in front of me with no utensils. I waited patiently while she took a few bites of her meal, then she released the pacifier and started feeding me with a "tiny" (in that it would have been regular sized for me had she let me hold it) plastic fork, one bite at a time. April would take a few bites, she would feed me a bite or two. I had to be very careful when chewing. She had warned me at the first meal that if I choked on a bite, she'd have to feed me pureed food... and I really didn't want that. "Today was a pretty good day, huh Kimmy?" April said between her bites, while feeding me mine, "You were such a good girl today, I am so proud of you." I smiled and took a drink from the sippy cup when I had the opportunity, reminding myself that I wasn't supposed to speak yet. "I'm so glad I can trust you to be such a good girl, I like feeding you this way no matter what the books say. You're such a cutie, it's a joy to watch you." I made sure to finish the sippy cup, April was always very keen for me to finish any liquid she gave me, any time I left so much as a sip she'd make sure I finished it and I didn't want to give her cause to take the sippy cup away. It felt good to be able to take a drink without having to suck it through a nipple and to be able to control how much I drank.. at least a little. April used my bib to wipe my face when we were done eating, she always did that same motion whether I was messy at all or not, which for the most part I wasn't. I glanced at the pacifier where she had left it on the table and watched her silently as she cleaned up after the meal. She came back and picked the hated pacifier up and popped it in my mouth, but didn't pump the shield for a change so I could actually take it out if I wanted to. It was much more comfortable that way. She released me from the confines of the high chair and carried me to the living room, where she sat me down on the floor in front of my unfinished dot-to-dot. This was part of the routine, I got some playtime after dinner while we watched TV, I just hoped it wasn't going to be... The TV flipped on and April punched in the number for the "Littles Shopping Network", the shopping show where they spent the entire time showcasing all manner of furniture and supplies for "caring for your Little". I hated the hosts, Tom and Beth - they were everything that was wrong with the Amazons. Cold, controlling, they seemed not to think that Littles were people at all, just pets at best or toys at worst. I hated this show. I turned to my carousel and tried to find the dot where I had left off, it was in the mid-two-hundreds. "That's right, Tom - this upgraded RoboNanny x9 can either be installed into an existing crib, or it optionally comes with its own, and it also comes with a guarantee that any Little placed in its care can be kept inside for up to seven days unattended. It feeds, it cleans, it changes, it dresses, it rocks them to sleep. Everything you need for a night out, a weekend away, or even a short vacation!" Beth beamed at the camera, never even looking at her co-host. "My my, Beth - that's simply incredible. I understand that our own studio Little Tina has been in this RoboNanny for what, three days now?" Tom's smug voice came from the TV speakers and my head snapped up to look. Sure enough, there was a blonde Little with a pacifier stuffed in her mouth who was holding desperately onto the bars of a crib. She reached pleadingly through the bars and started to cry. "Uh oh," Tom continued, "Looks like someone needs a nap. RoboNanny, begin naptime routine for Little Tina." The Little wailed as flexible metal arms came from the sides of the crib and grabbed her by the wrists and ankles and laid her down. You could see her trying to struggle free but the mechanical arms were too strong. A flexible tube appeared from over the head of the crib and attached itself to the shield of her pacifier. The camera zoomed in on the tube and showed a red liquid entering the pacifier and moments later, Tina was unconcious. I heard my paci hit the ground at the same time April's phone rang. I quickly closed my agape mouth and put the pacifier back between my lips. Poor Tina. I shuddered, thinking about how that could have been me. Trapped in a cage for days where a machine fed you and changed your diapers, an endless cycle of eating and changing. I felt a tear in my eye for poor Tina. "That's a content Little right there, Tom. Look how peacefully she's sleeping," rage bubbled in my heart as Beth walked away to show the next product, a teddy bear shaped sleepsack. Before they could begin expounding on the horrible features of their device, April's phone conversation caught my attention. "Actually, I'm watching it right now," April was relaxing on the couch, even she didn't seem to see how awful what they did to Tina was, which made me feel a little afraid, "Oh mom, no. Please don't buy me that RoboNanny, I don't want one." My blood ran cold. "I know you're excited that I got a Little, but you already bought the crib, the changing table, that excellent pacifier - which has been a lifesaver - and more diapers than Kimmy will go through in a year, please don't buy the RoboNanny." A year. The words rang in my ears. I hadn't really thought about the future, I was mostly trying to survive the present, to make the best of it... I had been in diapers 24/7 for at least a week, maybe a week and a half, could I endure it for a year? "Yes, I know the crib is tax deductible. No, I don't want the deduction, we agreed that you'd use it when you bought the crib. No mom, I'm not falling for that one. That's how you got me to take your expensive microwave. If you buy another RoboNanny and tell me that you don't like the color of the old one, I'm still not taking the old one. I like changing Kimmy's diapers. She doesn't bite, she doesn't scratch, she doesn't kick.. Mom, she doesn't even try to escape. She's a good girl. Changing her diaper makes me feel close to her, I want her to feel how much I love her and a RoboNanny won't do that. I won't do that to her." April's mom must have been talking now, April went silent. My emotions were an absolute rollercoaster. April planned on keeping me in diapers for a year.. maybe more.... probably more. Maybe forever? Oh my goodness, was I going to be her baby forever? Would I never get to wear makeup again? Or feed myself? Or pee in a toilet? I looked down at my t-shirt and diaper and read the "I Wuv My Mommy". All of these emotions were flooding, but at the same time, I could hear how much April cared about me and that felt good. She wanted to protect me, she wanted me to be happy. "Okay mom, I'll take that one from you. But promise me, no RoboNanny. Okay, good. I love you too. Yes, I'm sending you the newest picture of Kimmy right now, Lisa was holding her. Oh yes, they are adorable together. Oh, mom - I need to go, Kimmy looks tired, I think she needs to be put to bed." I did feel tired all of a sudden. I looked at my unfinished carousel.. the TV had distracted me, I didn't get to finish. I only connected a few more dots. I leaned down to put the crayon to the page again and suddenly I was up in the air. April flipped the TV off and pulled me close. "Let's get you in your jammies and a nighttime diaper, little girl," April smiled at me, I stared up at her in a daze. "Oh sweetie, are you okay?" I felt tears welling up in my eyes, but I didn't want to talk. I bit down on the teat of the pacifier and buried my head in April's neck. "Oh sweetie, what's wrong? Oh no," April seemed genuinely distraught at me being upset, she carried me to the nursery and sat me down on the changing table. "Okay sweetie, you can talk, tell me what's wrong. I need to understand." She gently took the pacifier from my mouth. "I'm scared of the RoboNanny," as soon as the words tumbled from my lips, I started bawling. "Oh Kimmy, my little Kimmy, I'm so sorry. We won't be getting one of those. I promise. I want to be close to you, sweetheart. You know that, right?" I nodded, trying to stifle the sobs coming from me. April picked me up and laid me in her arms, facing up at her. She made a shushing sound and rocked me gently and... honestly, it was nice. She held me close and rocked me and whispered to me, "My little Kimmy, you're always safe with me. I'll always take care of you, my little one." When I had calmed down, she laid me down on the changing table and removed my shirt and diaper, remarking, "Only a little bit wet," as she threw it away.. which was a surprise to me, I didn't remember wetting it at all, but I was really upset so who knows. She gently lifted my legs and laid me down on the soft, soft padding of a nighttime diaper. She moved extra slowly as she powered me and rubbed it in gently, taking some time to also rub it on my arms. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, feeling her draw the front of the diaper up, forcing my legs apart slightly. Soon the tapes were fastened and I was trapped in yet another diaper. "We're going to put you in your sleeper outfit, Kimmy - just because you were so upset. I want you to feel snug and secure." I nodded, I didn't want the sleeper outfit, but this wasn't an argument I thought I could win. She worked my feet into the pink legs of the jammies, and then my arms, tugged my hands into the thumbless mittens and zipped up the back securely. April had kept me in this sleeper the first few nights to make sure I wouldn't hurt myself, or figure out some way to take the diaper off even though I've never been able to budge the tapes even a bit. She hugged me close and said, "You know what? You're all snuggly, you can come sleep with me just for tonight." I hugged her back as tightly as I could as she carried me off to her bedroom. The last thing I remember hearing as I drifted off to sleep in her arms... in her giant bed... was, "I love you so much, Kimberly. You are perfect just the way you are."
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    Thanks for your feedback everyone! ##### (2.) To say it was a rude awakening might have been a little harsh. Still, little fingers poking into the space between my ribs was not on my ‘Top Five Ways to Wake Mallory Up’ list. “It’d better be at least eight-thirty.” I grumbled. “I’m hungry.” Emmy complained. “And you woke me up because…” Honestly, I didn’t really trust Emmy to operate the stove without supervision, but a bowl of cereal wasn’t that hard to make… “We don’ have any food. Well, ‘cept Raisin Bran.” Emmy made a face. “Alright, alright, I’m up.” I groaned and sat up. “Do you need a change before we go see if we can rustle up some grub?” Emmy shrugged. “I dunno,” I raised an eyebrow. “I’m pretty sure you do know, you just don’t want to tell me.” Emmy scuffed her foot against the carpet. I liked to think of myself as fair, and I didn’t think I was being unreasonable by expecting Emmy to tell me if she was wet. I picked her up and sat her on the bed beside me. “I’m so silly,” I said, in the most sickeningly sweet voice I could muster. I felt bad about being so deliberately patronizing just to get a rise out of her, but I wasn’t about to spend all day changing diapers just because Emmy was too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom. “I thought you were a big girl, but I should have known you were still little.” Emmy’s cheeks colored, but she didn’t say anything in response. I pulled off Emmy’s pajama bottoms. If she wanted the baby treatment, then I was going to give it to her in spades. She was about to get a lot more than she bargained for, especially if she just wanted to play videogames without having to get up to go potty. “And, little ones have to wear diapers, right? Otherwise they’ll just make a mess everywhere.” I paused. “Of course, they also can’t play video games, since staring at a screen for so long isn’t good for little eyes. And, definitely no phone, or computer; who knows what kind of trouble they’d get into?” Emmy frowned. “But…” “No ‘buts’.” I said. “If you can’t handle your responsibilities, then you lose the privileges that go with them. If making it to the potty on time is too much responsibility, then clearly it’d be crazy of me to trust that you can use your phone, or computer, or PS4 since making it to the potty is too hard.” It felt wrong, somehow, to play hardball with a ten-year-old, but if yesterday was anything to go by, I’d go crazy by the end of the first week if I didn’t establish some boundaries. “It was an accident! Honest!” Emmy looked like she was going to cry, and I felt awful. “I’m really not trying to be mean. And I don’t think you’re lying to me.” Emmy sniffled and tears ran down her cheeks. I felt like scum. I lifted her into my lap and wiped away her tears. “I’m not accusing you of anything, sweetie. I’m just saying that maybe it wouldn’t have happened at all if you’d been paying more attention. What do you think?” “Maybe…” Emmy conceded. “So today, we’re gonna try really hard to get to the potty, right? No accidents?” Emmy nodded, and I hugged her, glad to making progress. “Good girl. Now, let’s get you changed, and then we’ll see about breakfast.” I stood up and carried her back to her room. I went to lay some clothes out for her to wear, when I noticed something peculiar. “Emmy, where are all your big-girl panties? Didn’t you bring any?” Emmy shook her head, but didn’t elaborate. I frowned. I could understand forgetting a toothbrush, or a phone charger, but even for a ten-year-old, underwear didn’t seem like the kind of thing that would get lost in the shuffle. It’s a pretty essential piece of clothing. “Well, it looks like we’re going out for breakfast then. We need to go to the store to get you some big-girl underwear. Sound good?” Emmy grinned. “Yeah!” I smiled at her as I held out the fresh pull-up for her to step into. “Remember, these are for just-in-case, okay?” Emmy’s determined facial expression was pretty much the cutest thing ever, but I didn’t want to laugh for fear of hurting her feelings. I helped her dress, since she’d seemed content to just sit around in her pajama top and pull-up. She latched on to me as I stood up after I’d finished. Emmy was getting a little old to be carried around, but as long as she was making progress on the toilet front, I was willing to make a few concessions. She really wasn’t that heavy anyway. “See? I told you we didn’t have anything to eat!” Emmy said after I’d scoured the kitchen, only to come up with Raisin Bran, some stale bread, and some ketchup. “You were right, munchkin.” I told her. I put her down so I could start jotting down our grocery list on the nearby notepad. “It looks like we have a busy day ahead of us. I’m going to go upstairs to shower and get ready to go. I want you to look at this grocery list and see if there’s anything you want to add to it for us to get at the store. Not too, much candy, though, okay?” “Okay,” Emmy said glumly. I fiddled with the oven for a moment while I figured out how to set the timer. I set it for twenty minutes and turned back to Emmy. “When the timer beeps, I want you to go sit on the potty. Brush your teeth while you’re in there, too.” “Aye, aye, cap’n.” Emmy grinned. “Good. I’ll be right back. I’m hungry too, so I shouldn’t be too long.” I planned on being ready in fifteen minutes, that way I could make sure Emmy actually went to the bathroom when she was supposed to. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust her, it was just that… Who am I kidding? I really don’t trust her, not right now, at least. I wanted to be able to trust Emmy, heaven knew I wasn’t looking forward to putting a ten-year-old through potty-training boot camp. But, we weren’t off to a great start, and I’d only have myself to blame if I didn’t put the effort in now, and we ran into more problems later. Still, I had more time alone with my thoughts than I really needed while I was in the shower. Even though I had to be quick, the warm water relaxed me enough that I felt like I could deal with the day ahead and not end up with a crippling tension headache. I managed to get dressed, brush my teeth, and make myself generally presentable with three minutes to spare. Emmy was lounging in front of the TV, watching cartoons, and given that the timer on the oven hadn’t gone off, I felt pretty safe in assuming that she hadn’t been to the bathroom yet. And, since her pull-up was showing, I couldn’t resist taking a peek for myself to see if she was still dry. “Hey!” Emmy was indignant and she turned around to glare at me. “I was just checking…” I put my hands up. Emmy pouted. “I’m not a baby.” she said. “Good job staying dry,” I said, stuffing down an urge to list all the evidence to the contrary. Then the oven timer beeped. I shooed Emmy toward the bathroom. “Go on, then. Off with you.” Emmy harrumph-ed, but she got up and headed for the bathroom. I switched the TV to the news for the few minutes she was gone, so I could keep up with current events. Emmy looked a little put-out when she got back, but she plopped down next to me on the sofa anyway. “Did you make it?” I asked. “Yes.” Emmy replied testily, folding her arms. “Let me see,” I said. “How come you have to check? Don’t you believe me?” “No.” I told her honestly. “You lied to me about being wet yesterday, so I want to see for myself. I want to be able to trust you, but that’s something you have to earn.” Emmy glared at me and refused to move. I picked her up and laid her over my knees. I’d had permission from her parents to spank her since I’d first babysat her years ago, and I knew that Emmy was aware of that. I didn’t intend on doing it then, but I was starting to get tired of her bratty attitude. Maybe being in this position would help remind her who was in charge. I pulled her pants down and patted her butt firmly. She was definitely dry, since all the designs were still there, and I was glad for that at least. Emmy gasped. “All dry. Good job.” I said, pulling her pants back up before sitting her on my lap facing me. “Told you,” Emmy muttered. “Emory Rose,” I used her middle name so she knew I meant business. “That’s enough of your lip. I know you don’t like me checking on you all the time, and when you’ve earned my trust, I’ll back off. Until then, little girl, you’re just going to have to live with it.” Emmy continued to glare at me, balling her little hands into fists. “For someone who tells me she’s not a baby, you’re not acting very much like a big girl.” “Because you’re treating me like a baby!” Emmy shouted. She tried to clock me with her fist, but I was ready for it. “Emory Rose McKale, you stop that this instant!” I took a breath to calm myself. “It’s okay to be angry, but it is absolutely not okay to hit. I didn’t think I needed to tell you that at this age.” I put her down, glad that she was small enough for my arms’ length to put her out of hitting/kicking range. “Go stand in the corner until I come back. I need to go and pack some spare diapers for you before we go.” Emmy stomped over to the corner. I sighed and went upstairs to get Emmy’s supplies. I was only gone for five minutes or so, but Emmy was a mess when I came back. She’d obviously been crying. “Okay, little one. Timeout is over.” Emmy turned around, eyes red and puffy, tears streaming down her face. My heart nearly cracked in two. “You understand why I had to put you in timeout, right?” “Yeth.” Emmy lisped. “‘Cause I throwed a fit and I hitted you. I’m sorry. “Right.” I said. “But we’re not gonna do that anymore, right?” Emmy shook her head. “Huh-uh.” “Good,” I said. I knelt down and opened my arms to her. Emmy bolted from the corner and into my arms, squeezing me with an impressive amount of strength for someone her size. She pressed her face into my shoulder. “I’m sorry!” Emmy gasped. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please don’t be mad.” I patted her back. “It’s okay. It’s all over now, okay? Fresh start from here on out. I forgive you.” Emmy shuddered and hiccuped. “I think…” she hiccuped again. “I think I wet my pants…” I scooped her up. “That’s okay. Thank you for telling me, Emmy. I know it wasn’t easy to tell me.” Emmy just rested her head on my shoulder. I was pretty sure she was getting snot all over my shirt, but I didn’t have it in me to be bothered by that at the moment. I patted Emmy’s bottom, and realized that she’d either lied to me about going to the bathroom earlier, or she’d been a lot more worked up than I’d realized, because she was leaking. “Uh-oh. I think we’ve sprung a leak.” I bounced Emmy a little, hoping for a giggle, but she was quiet. I sat her down on her bed while I got the changing supplies ready. “Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I am a baby…” Emmy said quietly. “Come on now,” I said. “That’s not true.” “But it is. I just threw a fit and got so worked up that I peed my pants. That doesn’t sound like something a big girl would do…” “Don’t get yourself down.” I said. “Accidents happen.” “To babies.” Emmy added forlornly. “Maybe I should just wear a diaper instead.” I frowned. I couldn’t tell if she was hinting at something she wanted, or if she was still beating herself up about earlier. Either way, putting her back in diapers would only make things worse. She wouldn’t even try to make it to the bathroom then, I’d have wagered. Not to mention, her self-esteem would end up taking a huge hit. “I don’t think so.” I said. “You’ve been dry up until now. Don’t give up, sweetheart. I know you can stay dry. We’re even going to get you some big-girl panties at the store, remember?” I winced internally. That sounded a lot more demoralizing when I replayed it in my head. “And, maybe we can go to Chuck E. Cheese after all the errands are done. Does that sound like fun?” Emmy cracked a little smile. “I guess…” “You guess?” I tickled her until she squirmed, hoping to lift her spirits a little. Emmy laughed and tried to roll away from me, flailing and wriggling away from my fingers, until she finally froze. “Oops.” she said. I realized she must’ve wet again, and I wondered how such a tiny person could hold so much liquid. “That was my fault.” I said. “Sorry, babe.” I did my best to make quick work out of changing Emmy into a dry pull-up and clean pants, only to realize that I should probably have packed a change of clothes for her too. I threw a new outfit into the Dora the Explorer backpack I was using as Emmy’s diaper bag, double-checking to make sure I’d put the rash cream in there too. “Alright kiddo, let’s hit the road.” I said, holding out my hand for her to take. Emmy made grabby hands at me instead. “You’re lucky you’re cute, you lazy butt. You’re totally capable of walking. I feel so used.” Emmy grinned. “I love you!” she pressed a sticky kiss to my cheek. “I love you too, munchkin.”
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    sorry for the long wait. I had to take a break, but now I am BACK with this full 15 page update! Remember, if you ever want to commission me for a story I am always open to do some custom work for you at a reasonable price! Part 2 Janet leaned back against a very large teddy bear with her laptop in her lap. She was working on her school work for her other classes. Another one of her frilly sissy dresses was on today as well as an extra large diaper that went way high, past her belly button. Janet sighed, feeling a little sad. She hadn't seen much of her mommy Ashley lately. She thought maybe Ashley was too busy to play with her lately. She had no idea that Ashley was avoiding her. Poor Ashley was worried about getting caught with another girl. If she did then her parents would surely cut her off. Ashley was starting to grow attached to Janet too. It was painful, heartbreaking even for Ashley to keep avoiding that cute diaper wearing baby. Ashley dominated Janet and treated her like a big baby, but Janet in turn made Ashley feel like a little kid with her adorable crush. Ashley sometimes experimented with girls when she was younger, having sleepovers with certain friends and getting close to them. Her parents made it pretty clear what their stance on that was though. They were staunch conservatives with old school values. Janet looked down between her legs, raising her skirt slightly. The set the laptop aside and then relaxed as she started peeing. It was so relaxing. She leaned against her teddy bear and slipped her hand between her legs, feeling her crotch as she peed on herself. She had only just started when Emily came in to check on her. Janet moved her hand away from her crotch, but Emily already saw what she was doing. If one were observing them they'd have a hard time figuring out which girl was more embarrassed. "Oh, gosh, uh, I'm so sorry! I mean, I didn't see anything!" Emily said, blushing and covering her eyes. Janet just sat there, rolling her eyes back and sighing. Emily peeked between her fingers, seeing Janet had put the laptop back in her lap and went back to doing her school work. Emily walked over to Janet. "I was just coming to check on you. Are you all right? Do you need anything?" Emily put her hand on Janet's knee. "I'm fine. Some juice would be nice though." Janet said softly. She wanted to say how much she missed her mommy, but she kept that to herself for now. Emily got up and left the nursery to get Janet a baby bottle full of juice. Janet took notice as she saw the door just hanging open. She sat up straight and continued to stare at the slightly open door. Janet got up to her feet and walked over. Did she dare leave the safe little nursery and venture out like a bad girl? Janet took an adventurous step outside the door. She wandered around the big house, exploring it curiously. Her big wet diapers crinkled as she walked around, so her sneaking wasn't exactly discreet. Janet looked into some of the downstairs rooms that had their doors open just spying inside them and seeing how the other girls lived. She suddenly felt a hand grab her from behind, spinning her around to face Lydia. "Naughty girl. What are you doing out of your nursery? It's not bath time is it?" Lydia said, gripping one hand on Janet's wrist. Her other hand groped the diaper, feeling if it was messy. She only felt the wet squishiness. "I don't see any of your aunties or big sisters out here. How did you get out?" "The door was just open." Janet said softly. She gasped as she was pressed up against the wall. Lydia looked down on Janet, a fierce look in her eyes and a subtle smile stretching her full lips. Lydia may have scared Janet, but she was so attractive. Janet couldn't help but notice Lydia was not wearing a bra, and her hard nipples were poking through the fabric of her tight shirt. Another little trickle of pee came out as Lydia had the girl cornered. The involuntary piddling was loud enough for Lydia to hear. She looked down. "Nasty baby girl." Lydia said softly. "We can't have you wandering around all willy nilly, soaking your panties. What if you made a puddle on our nice clean floors? And what if you slipped in your own pee pee and hurt yourself?" "Oh my gosh, there you are!" Emily said, sounding relieved as she found Janet. Lydia let go of Janet and gave Emily a stern look. "Young lady, you were supposed to be watching your little sister." Lydia said, taking on a commanding pose. She took Emily and bent her over a table, lifting her dress in the back. The shy, reserved girl was very embarrassed by the sudden reveal of her panties. They were, of course, perfect and clean, unlike any of Janet's old panties were. Lydia then began to strike Emily on her butt. Her hand smacked Emily's cheeks hard and you could just about see the red marks left behind by the spanking. Janet watched in awe. In no time at all Lydia had taken on a very matronly role in the house. It was not strange for pledges to get spanked at a sorority, but the way Ashley and Lydia did it verged on the perverse. When Emily was let go she quickly pulled her skirt back down over her butt and looked like she was going to die of embarrassment. She wanted to just run to her shared bedroom with the other pledges, but she didn't want to do anything right now without Lydia's say so. "As for you, little lady." Lydia turned her attention back to Janet. She bent the girl over the table and gave her a light spanking. It wasn't as hard as Emily's spanking and with the thick diapers on Janet could hardly even feel it! Lydia was clearly just messing with the girl. "Naughty naughty baby!" she cooed cutely with each smack. Janet looked up. She saw Ashley at the top of the stairs, just looking down at the scene. She kept a straight face, but there was a hidden sadness in those eyes of hers. Lydia was watching as well. She had Ashley's toy and was openly playing with it. Lydia showed more brashness as she started to stroke Janet's crotch through the soggy padding. She dragged her hand up and down, grinding the sodden material against Janet's sensitive bits. She whimpered with pleasure, grabbing the edge of the table. Ashley let out a fake laugh that sounded pretty awkward and she descended the stairs. "All right, that's enough of that gay shit!" Ashley said with a wave of her hand "How about I just take her for her diaper change now." "Oh, I can do it." Lydia said, staring down Ashley. "I'm getting mighty attached to this girl. You don't mind, do you? It's not like you have feelings for her." Ashley shut her eyes and then slowly opened them. She gave the calmest "fine." in response. Lydia took Janet back to the nursery and Emily followed right behind. Janet was set on her back, placed on the changing table. Lydia spread the girl's legs wide and then started to tear the tabs on the sides of the diaper, opening it up and looking inside. The diapers were well soaked and Janet's folds were wet for an entirely different reason. Lydia pulled the used diaper away and handed it to Emily, who fumbled with the soaked diaper for a bit before folding it neatly and dropping it down the diaper pail. "My my, little kitten. Do you need this mamma cat to lick you clean?" Lydia leaned closer, looking between Janet's legs. She let her tongue slap against Janet's pussy lips and pulled up slowly until she was flicking at her clit. Janet could not help herself, and after several days of not having Ashley's touch she was wrapped around Lydia's little finger. It didn't take long for her to reach a climax. That's when Lydia stopped though. Janet could have gone on for longer, but with a quick wipe of her mouth Lydia was back to the business at hand of changing Janet's diapers. She slid a new pair under Janet, lazily dusted her with powder, and then taped up the diaper around her waist. Janet sighed, sitting up. She saw Emily's paralyzed expression. The whole scene must have really over-loaded the shy girl's senses. "You may go, Emily. Today is Kendra's turn with the baby." Lydia said. She turned and saw Ashley standing at the doorway, peeking in. She ducked away the moment Lydia saw her. Lydia just smirked to herself and walked out of the nursery. She looked at Ashley knowingly and poked her tummy. Ashley made a disgusted face and jerked backwards. She sighed, going up to her room. She made a plan inside of her head and decided she would get some alone time with her secret girlfriend later that night. Kendra came into the nursery with a sassy strut, her large hips swaying side to side from her very intimidating gait. She had curves that none of the other scrawny girls in this sorority had. She stood at the door and leaned against it. Janet stared at Kendra, wondering what she had planned. "Have I got a surprise for you." Kendra said. She reached behind the doorway and wheeled in a large baby stroller. She turned it to the side so that Janet could see it's design. It was old fashioned, heavily adorned with lace designs, and there was a collapsible canopy that could either open or close all the way to shade a little one from sunlight or heavy weather. The handle bar was pointing at the front so that the baby girl could face her auntie the whole time. Kendra lifted Janet and set her in the pram. Naturally the curviest girl would be the strongest. She pushed Janet back and strapped her in. Even though the baby carriage was sized for an adult, Janet's legs still stuck out. That was probably by design to keep her somewhat visible even from a distance. "Hold on! We're just going to stay on campus, right?" Janet said, some fear in her eyes. "Oh, but Auntie Kendra wants to show off her niece around town!" She kicked the stroller forward and grabbed onto the handle. She pushed Janet out of the nursery. Ashley came rushing over, holding Janet's baby bottle of juice that she snagged from Emily. She held out the bottle, handing it to Kendra who just yanked it away from Ashley's grasp. "I could come along and help. It would be no problem at all!" Ashley said with a smile. "That's all right. I've got this. I know you have important things to do like running the house." Kendra said flatly as she handed the baby bottle to Janet. Ashley furrowed her brow in deep thought for a moment. She wondered if maybe Lydia had been telling people about her attachment to Janet and was just trying to subtly undermine her and get between the girls. Ashley shrugged and pretended it did not bother her. "Fine." she said. "Just uh- keep up the good work. It's important for the experiment that she remains immersed in her infant state." Ashley pat Kendra on the ass, just as a reminder that Kendra used to be a pledge before she was one of the top three sisters. "You like my ass, don't you?" Kendra teased, winking as she left the front door. Ashley fumed. "Just remember who's boss mom around here!" she shouted. Ashley shut the door behind them as they left without her. Ashley wanted to cry, but she reminded herself that tonight she would have little Janet all to herself. Kendra strut her stuff down the sidewalk, through the suburban neighborhood by the college. As Janet sucked on her baby bottle the only view she got was Kendra's smiling face, her bosom, and her midriff. Janet could barely see where they were, but she did hear the sounds of people talking and children playing. Kendra paused, looking to her left. She waved. A young girl peered into pram at Janet. Cringing and wide-eyed Janet raised her bottle over her face and tried to hide behind it. Kendra just moved the bottle out of the way as a couple more kids showed up and stared at Janet. "Is she wearing a diaper?" One of the kids asked. "Yup." Kendra said with a smile. "This is Janet, and she's just a baby." "She's kind of big for a baby." a little girl said, twisting her face to the side as she stared at Janet. She poked Janet's foot. Janet pressed her lips together and twitched. The children must have enjoyed this reaction because they soon started poking Janet's exposed feet and legs all over. Janet clenched her teeth as a sneering, snorting noise began to erupt from her. She couldn't contain it anymore and began to laugh as she was tickled by tiny hands. Kendra stared right between Janet's legs and watched as the diapers began to discolor to a dull yellow tint. Kendra let out a wicked laugh under her breath. Some of the kids stopped tickling and watched in surprise as an adult woman wet herself like a baby before them. "eww, she's peeing!" one of them said. "She is really is a baby!" another chimed in. "I wouldn't wet my pants like that just from a tickle!" added a third. "Okay, children, don't crowd the baby." Kendra said, swishing her hand. Kendra pushed the stroller through the end of the sidewalk until she turned and crossed the street, heading back in the other direction. She glanced about. "People are staring..." she whispered down to Janet. "I think they can tell you're not a real baby." her voice shook as she laughed a bit. She started walking a bit faster, trying to contain her laughter. Janet just put her hands over her eyes, feeling completely ashamed. Not even Ashley would have put her through something like this! She sobbed quietly into her hands as she sat there in the baby carriage. Back at the house, Kendra wheeled the big baby in but she kept her strapped into the pram nice and snug. She reached down and pulled Janet's hands away from her moist eyes. "You big crybaby. I thought you'd be used to this humiliation by now." Kendra said with little compassion in her voice. She groped Janet's crotch "You pissed yourself in front of those kids. Don't tell me you actually couldn't hold it." She paused, looking at Janet's wet face and waiting for an answer. "Well? Was this really an accident?" Janet shook her hand a bit as she held Janet's crotch, causing the squishy wet material to grind against her skin. Janet winced. "It was really an accident!" Janet confessed. "I haven't used a toilet in so long. I can barely hold it in when I have to go now!" This bit of information seemed to make Kendra smile. She continued to grope and massage Janet's crotch through the diaper. "Or maybe you just forgot all your potty training?" she teased. "Ashley did say you were a bedwetter before this experiment even began. Maybe you're some kind of diaper loving freak." Kendra looked down at the diaper, still fondling it. If anyone was the diaper loving freak it would be her for the way she seemed obsessed with Janet's soggy crotch, at least that's what Janet thought. Janet glared at Kendra, looking very annoyed despite becoming aroused by the curvy woman's touch. "Aw, why so fussy, baby?" Kendra sighed, taking her hand off of Janet's diaper. "You're not even wet enough for a diaper change." Vera stepped into the room. Janet wondered if the petite blonde heard Kendra's mocking speech. Vera had that same, distant, uninterested look on her face when she stared at Janet, but there was a slight smile when she looked at Kendra. Most people wouldn't notice, but from Janet's angle all she could do was look up and watch. Vera raised a hand to the side of her mouth and whispered something to Kendra. "Yeah, eventually. You need to have some patience though." Kendra whispered to Vera, a bit louder. Vera nodded and stepped back. "You want me to help take the baby out of this thing?" Vera said, limply pointing at Janet. Kendra nodded and the two girls helped each other get the baby out of the carriage. Vera undid the straps while Kendra pulled Janet's legs. Vera made a half-hearted attempt to help lift Janet into Kendra's arms, but Kendra was strong enough to do it on her own. Janet instinctively wrapped her legs around Kendra's waist. Kendra carried Janet back to the nursery. Opening the door they saw that Lydia and Alice were there, setting something up. They turned to face the two other girls, revealing what they were hiding. It was a high chair, recently painted with a glossy finish. Lydia smiled at Janet wickedly while Alice just gave a friendly grin. "Janet, look what your Aunties got you!" Alice said in a cheerful, perky voice. The high chair must have been a custom made piece of furniture that Lydia bought while the artistic paint job was by Alice. When Janet was set on her feet she waddled over to the high chair and put her fingers all over it, inspecting the designs. It was bright blue and had mermaids all over it, getting smaller as they went down to the legs of the high chair. Janet just had to smile! "It's really pretty, Alice!" Janet said. "Did you paint the whole thing?" "I sure did! Don't forget to thank your Auntie Lydia who commissioned it for you." Alice said, nudging Janet's side. Janet tucked in her lips and turned to face Lydia. This was another gesture meant to shame Janet, but at the same time it was kind of sweet. She wasn't sure what kind of game Lydia was playing, but she still gave her a hug. "Thank you, Auntie Lydia!" Janet rubbed her face against Lydia's chest. "Okay, that's enough mushy stuff, keep it in your diaper!" Lydia said, gently pushing Janet off. Of course the moment Ashley peeked her head in to see what the commotion was, Lydia pulled Janet back in for a tight hug to her breasts. "Oh, hello, Ashley." The nursery was getting full. It had not been this full of girls since the nursery opened on Janet's first day there. Janet felt like she was the center of it all since she was in a soggy diaper, but most of the girls were staring at Ashley. "I did not approve the high chair." she said quietly, "but it makes perfect sense." She took out her notebook and wrote something down. She glanced at the other girls in the room, like she was trying to remember who exactly was in there. She gave everyone a nice hard stare before leaving the room. "Yes, well, we'll get out of your hair now." Lydia said, pointing at Vera. "It's your turn to feed the baby." Vera groaned and rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, I'll help." Kendra said, smiling down at Vera. Janet may have been a big baby, but she was perceptive. She could tell there was a lot of secret plotting going on between the girls, but she wasn't sure which teams were working together. She wanted to warn her mommy Ashley, but she suspected that she must have known. Ashley may have seemed like an airheaded spoiled brat, but she was smart and clever. Kendra proved to be a big help to Vera by lifting Janet into the high chair and strapping her in. The thin waif Vera would have never been able to get Janet up on that chair. Janet sat there, sighing and looking frustrated. She didn't mind the high chair, but she just wished she was getting this kind of attention from Ashley! Really anyone would be better than Vera, whose heart was never much into this. Kendra left for the kitchen while Vera stood there. Vera took out her phone, showing just how much she cared for Janet by texting away to people and not even watching the baby. Janet crossed her arms and pouted at Vera. "Hey!" Janet spoke up, kicking her legs from the chair. Vera lazily turned her head to look at Janet. "You're not giving me enough attention. Mommy Ashley made you my big sister so she'd have help with her project." Vera, normally very stoic, suddenly looked at Janet with an open-mouthed smile. Janet turned up an eyebrow, looking quizzically at Vera. "Jeez, I didn't believe it at first. You really do have a crush on Ashley." Vera said. Janet's face warmed over with blush. "Yeah well, that doesn't change the fact that she's your mommy too and you have to do what she says." Janet crossed her arms tightly over her chest. "Whatever." Vera muttered under her breath. After what felt like an eternity for both Vera and Janet, Kendra came back in the room with a hot plate of food, all chopped up into very tiny bits . She set the plate down on Janet's tray along with a baby bottle. She got out Janet's bib with the rubber ducky on it and tied it around Janet's neck. "All right you baby nerd, time for your food." Vera said with a drab tone. She shoveled in the tiny bites. Janet tried to keep up, getting a lot of the food on her face and little in her mouth. Janet let out a frustrated groan as the food got all over. It was a good thing she was wearing a bib. Vera wiped Janet's face and removed the bib. She stuck the baby bottle into Janet's mouth before gathering the plate and walking away. Janet suckled on the bottle for a bit but then became worried as she looked down, realizing she was still trapped on the high chair. "Hey!" Janet shouted, slamming her bottle on the tray. "You forgot to let me down!" Janet grunted and struggled to wriggle free. She reached down for the strap, trying to get herself out. Her bottle flopped onto its side and rolled off the tray, bouncing on the floor. Janet whimpered as she was stuck there on the high chair, unable to get down. Her eyes widened when she realized she had to poop. If she pooped while sitting down the mess would mush everywhere. She then remembered that Vera was still in charge. Vera seemed very adverse to changing poopy diapers. Janet sat still and relaxed. If Vera was going to be rude, she was going to give the nasty girl something nasty to clean up. Janet sighed, feeling a soft mess coming from her bottom. The poop spread out and coated her rear end. Janet felt good. The poop nicely covered her cheeks, going up to the top of her crack and over her crotch. Janet bounced a bit on the high chair just so the mess would get all over. Vera came back in much later, head down and focused on her phone as usual. She did turn to look up and wrinkled her nose. Her tongue hung out of her mouth and she almost went cross-eyed. "Did you seriously shit yourself?" Vera asked, as if she wasn't expecting it. "Of course I did! I'm not allowed on the potty, remember?" Janet said so matter-of-factly as if Vera should know by now. "You also forgot to let me down! I'm gonna tell Mommy on you!" "Yeah whatever, you do that." Vera unlatched the tray, flipping it upward. She then unbuckled the strap to let Janet down. Even though the distance from the high chair to the floor wasn't that far, it was still a struggle for the weak and scrawny Vera to get Janet down. Vera felt the full weight of the girl pressing on her. "Ucch! Get off of me you shitty baby!" she shouted. She pushed Janet back. "I am NOT changing that diaper! You can just sit in it until one of your aunties comes to clean it up!" Vera then stormed off. "I'm telling!" Janet shouted as Vera left the nursery. Janet frowned. She has been in wet and messy diapers plenty of times now, but this felt like it needed to be changed right away. Janet walked up to the open door, but Vera quickly shut it in front of her face. Janet pounded on the door a few times and let out a pathetic whine. She parted her legs and looked down at her diaper, which was starting to droop but still hung on to her hips. "Auntie Kendra?" Janet raised her voice with a slight tremble. "Auntie Denise? Alice?..." she gulped "Auntie Lydia?" She pounded her fist on the door one more time. "Mommy!" she shouted. Janet slid down the side of the door and started crying. Janet covered her eyes. She was bawling like a big baby, but she didn't care about her dignity at the moment. She just wanted her mommy. She wanted Ashley to come to the rescue, change her diaper, and punish Vera. Janet tried to close her mouth. She blubbered for a bit, tears streaking down her face. She wiped her nose on her arm. After a while her crying just turned to sad little sobs. She eventually stopped, coughing and clearing her throat. She crawled on the floor, feeling weak after her crying episode. She curled up to her favorite teddy bear and hugged it. Eventually the door unlocked and Ashley came in. She saw her baby girl, cuddling the large teddy at the far end of the room. Ashley walked over to Janet, tugging her arm. Ashley could see that Janet's face was a little red and puffy. She knew the girl had been crying. As soon as Janet saw Ashley she gave the girl a big hug. Ashley hugged back, kissing Janet's forehead. "I'm sorry I haven't been around, baby. Are you okay?" Ashley pulled Janet up to her feet, placing one hand on her butt. "I see you're not in your crib and you're really messy..." "Vera..." Janet said, rubbing her cheek. "What about her? Did she do something to you?" Ashley's tone got serious. "No..." Janet shook her head. "It's what she didn't do. First she left me in the high chair for like an hour!" she exaggerated. "Then when I made a poo poo she didn't change my diaper! She didn't even tuck me into bed. She just locked the door and left me like this." Ashley kept a calm expression, but her lips tightened together and almost turned white. She exhaled through her nose. "Vera is going to get it. But first, let's change your diapy." Janet climbed onto the changing table, helping keep Ashley's job easier. The flipped up the skirt and then tore the tapes on the sides of the diaper. Ashley did not even flinch at the disaster area inside of Janet's diaper. She just gathered the baby wipes and started to clear the soft mess off Janet's skin delicately. She was quick but careful, dragging wipe after wipe over the mess and dropping lots of them into the heavily soiled diaper. Ashley pulled the diaper away, folding it and retaping it shut before she dropped it down the diaper pail. She unfolded a fresh diaper and stuffed it under Janet's bottom. Janet's pussy was looking pretty red. Ashley got out the rash cream and squirted it onto her fingers. She applied the cream onto Janet's privates. The cool cream was so soothing after she had just been sitting in a filthy diaper for so long with poop all over her privates. She sprinkled the baby powder on and then rubbed it in with her hand. Ashley pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it around Janet's waist. She secured the tabs and made the diaper comfortably snug. She pat Janet's padded butt and had her sit up. "I'll be just a moment." Ashley said, digging into her little purse. She walked over to the doorway and opened it. Tweeet!~ Ashley blew into an old metal whistle like the kind drill sergeants use. "Pledges, front and center!" she shouted. Just about all the girls in the house woke up, coming out of their rooms and looking around. Only the pledges had to line up in front of Ashley though. The single room shared by the pledges was opened up. Emily, Samantha, and Vera stood before Ashley. She reached over towards a lamp sitting at a nearby table. Even as it turned on the room was still dark and it put a menacing glow on Ashley's face. "Remember when I taught everyone how to change the baby's diaper?" Ashley said. Emily nodded quickly, wanting to fall right into line. "Remember how I said you shouldn't leave the baby in a poopy diaper for too long? Well someone here deliberately broke that rule. This person willfully neglected our baby. You think that's how a responsible woman should act? That's not exactly sister material, now is it?" Ashley marched back and forth in front of the three girls. Lydia was peering down from the balcony, watching the drama unfold. Ashley pointed at Vera. "You're out. By tomorrow I want you to pack your bags and leave." Ashley dropped her major bombshell. Vera's mouth almost dropped completely. "Wait a minute, you can't! I need to stay here! I'm a legacy!" Vera's voice cracked as she pleaded. "Well legacy or not we can't have someone staying here that wont follow the rules and bylaws of this sisterhood." Ashley stood in front of Vera, waiting for a response. "Please..." Vera said, showing emotion for the first time she's been here. Janet watched as Vera showed a human side for once. "I need this. Just let me stay." Ashley watched the poor girl squirm. There was a purpose to her machinations. She knew the perfect way to punish Vera that would ensure she would never forget. "Pee your pants." Ashley said, looking down at Vera's pajama bottoms. "Excuse me?" Vera responded, not quite registering the request. "You heard me. I want you to know what it's like for your baby sister." Ashley spoke calmly. "So pee your pants. That is your punishment." Janet walked closer to the doorway. She clutched the frame tightly, excited to see what would happen next. "I don't even have to go." Vera said, looking down and brushing her blonde hair away from her face. "Then I guess you're out of the house." Ashley spoke plainly. "No!" Vera interrupted. "I'll do it... I'll....." She shut her eyes, trying to concentrate, putting it out of her mind that there was a small audience watching her. For Vera this was the most humiliating thing she would ever have to do, but the power that came with this particular sorority house was worth a little embarrassment now for a bright future later. She balled her hands into tight fists and soon a faint trickling sound came from her night time sweats. They darkened under her crotch. The dark stain grew and expanded down her legs, trickling down each leg until a puddle started growing under her bare feet. Ashley tilted the lamp shade so that light would shine around Vera's feet to show the glistening wet puddle on the hard floor. "ooh, poor Vera tinkled her pants, just like her baby sister does!" Ashley said in a mocking tone. "You know what that means!" She reached for Vera's pants and yanked them down. Vera gasped, quickly covering her dark brown bush with her hands. "Knew you weren't a real blonde." Ashley grabbed Vera's wrist and pulled her away from the sweat pants pooled on the floor, soaking up most of the puddle. She dragged Vera towards the changing table. "No! Absolutely not!" Vera shouted. "You can't make me!" "Vera, little girls who soil or wet their pants don't get to wear big kid pants. She struggled to get Vera up on the table. The skinny little girl fought, but Janet helped by putting her hands down on Vera's chest and stomach. Vera kicked her legs, but it was futile. Ashley took a baby wipe and started cleaning the girl's crotch and legs. She wiped deep in the girl's crevices, causing Vera to make some very funny expressions. Janet's face lit up, never seeing Vera so expressive before! Ashley shoved one of Janet's thick diapers under Vera and sprinkled it with powder. She taped it up snug. It looked way bigger on Vera than it did Janet. Ashley helped the girl down and patted her on the bottom. Vera was shaking with rage and shame. "Emily, Sam, make sure your sister doesn't take off her diaper. I don't care if she has to use the toilet in the middle of the night. If you catch her taking it off then you tell me." Ashley ordered the other pledges. They nodded in agreement, knowing they were getting major points for this. Ashley smacked Vera's very padded butt, forcing her to step forward towards the two other girls. Vera breathed deep and hard, looking very angry but with nowhere to direct her anger. As the girls walked Vera back to her bed Ashley grabbed some paper towels and wiped up Vera's puddle. She took the soaked pants and held them out at arm's length before dropping them into the laundry basket in Janet's room. "Mommy that was so awesome, thank-" Janet was stopped by Ashley holding a finger to the girl's lips. "Tomorrow, baby girl." Ashley spoke softly. "I will find time for you, and it'll just be you and me." Janet smiled, nodding. She wanted to hug Ashley right there, but she knew that others were watching. She respected Ashley's wishes to keep their relationship a secret. Ashley put Janet to bed, tucking her into her blankets and raising the bars on the side of the crib. Ashley walked up the stairs to her room. Lydia was leaning on the railing and sauntered up to the girl before she could get into her room. "That was pretty sick, even for a pledge punishment." Lydia said resting her hand against Ashley's door. "I mean, we've spanked them, even forced them into those sissy costumes, but making a grown woman pee herself? Now that's just cold." "I don't know." Ashley said, turning to look at Lydia. "I bet Vera thought it was pretty warm." Lydia laughed, clasping her hands together. She breathed in through clenched teeth and looked around. "Yeah, well, still. It was pretty nasty what you made her do." Ashley stood outside her door, looking down. She jerked her head, flicking her hair back. "I'm the den mother here. The leader of this house. I need to show these girls I'm not to be fucked with." She glared at Lydia. "Whether they're a pledge or a top-tier sister." Ashley grabbed her door, turning the knob and quickly opening it, causing Lydia to have to let go of the door and stand up straight. Lydia watched Ashley strut into her room. "I admire you, little lioness." Lydia said, staring at Ashley's butt as she walked away from her. "and I'm learning new things from you every day." Lydia shut the girl's door. The next morning there was some shouting coming from downstairs. Ashley practically jumped out of her bed, pulling on a bathrobe. She came down the stairs, the robe fluttering open a bit to show she had no underwear on. Ashley saw the weak little Vera trying to force her way into the bathroom. There were faint giggles inside the bathroom. "What's the matter?" Ashley asked, sounding aloof. "There you are!" Vera said, sounding a bit excited. "It's morning now, so I can take this off, right?" she pointed at the diaper, which was still on her butt. It looked like Emily and Samantha did their job well and didn't let Vera get away with taking it off. The two other girls were also clearly toying with Vera by keeping her out of the bathroom. "I don't know. Maybe wait until you get into the W.C. You wouldn't want to make another puddle on the floor now would you?" Ashley held back as a smile as she watched Vera struggle. Vera let out a high-pitched groan and marched towards the stairs. Ashley grabbed her wrist "where do you think you're going?" "There's two bathrooms here. I'm not going to be locked out of both of them!" Vera snapped. "Well you can't use the upstairs W.C. without permission from one of the top three sisters." Ashley tried to remind her. She pulled Vera closer and stuck her finger into the leg band. "What the hell are you doing? I'm not wet!" Vera's voice was going up and down, the whole situation very exhausting for this girl who normally always got her way. "All right, that's enough." Looking up the two girls saw Kendra at the top of the stairs. She walked down, making heavy footfalls on each step. "I give Vera permission to use the upstairs toilet." "Playing favorites all the sudden, Kendra?" Ashley said, still holding onto Vera's wrist. "I assumed playing favorites was still in fashion." Kendra said, glaring at Ashley. Vera was stuck between the two bickering girls. She yanked her arm away from Ashley and ran up the stairs while Kendra blocked Ashley. Vera almost made it to the bathroom before getting her way blocked by Lydia. "Even if you get permission from one of us top tier sisters you still have to wait your turn." Lydia said, slamming the bathroom door shut in Vera's face. Vera pitifully clutched her crotch and leaned against the door. Ashley and Kendra watched from the bottom of the stairs. Vera was making faint whimpers as she stood outside the door. Kendra watched from the bottom of the stairs and it looked like she figured out what happened. She muttered "damn it" under her breath before going back upstairs to her private bedroom. Ashley decided to stay at the bottom of the stairs to see what Lydia was going to do. Once Lydia opened the door, she pushed Vera back. "Oh no, you're not getting into the master bathroom like that. You go downstairs to change." Lydia kept pushing the poor spoiled blonde girl back. Vera silently pleaded, but Lydia just spun her around and directed her down the stairs. She walked Lydia down each step. "Here, you're the den mother, right? Deal with one of your babies." Lydia pushed Vera into Ashley's arms. Ashley looked at Lydia, wondering whose side she was on. It was hard to tell sometimes. She wasn't just another mean girl in this sorority. She was complex. Ashley pulled Vera towards the nursery. Vera just laid limp in Ashley's arms, defeated. Janet was standing in her crib, wondering what was going on when she saw Vera set on the changing table. Ashley walked over to Janet's crib, pulling down the bars and helping Janet out. She walked Janet over to the table and placed her on it as well. There was room enough for both of the girls. "Could you please just get this thing off of me and let me go back to how things were?" Vera whined. "Well, I don't know," Ashley started as she began to tear the tapes off of each girls' sides, pulling their diapers open at the same time. "Seems like you can't control yourself. You're totally wet right now. I really don't think I should put you back in big girl panties." "It's your fault though!" Vera snapped. She cringed as she felt the cool wipes starting to clean her up. "First you made me pee my pants and then you wouldn't let me out of a diaper all night!" "Listen here, brat." Ashley said, punctuating her statement with one hard smack on Vera's butt. "You did this to yourself when you left my..." She paused and took a breath. "When you left poor Janet in a high chair all by herself and then didn't even change her poopy diaper. Did you even learn your lesson?" "Y-yes..." Vera nodded. "I did. I'm sorry." "Don't say sorry to me. Say sorry to your baby sister." Ashley stated as she began to wipe Janet. Vera turned her head, looking at Janet's face. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that to you." Vera said softly. "That's okay. I forgive you." Janet said back. Ashley smiled proudly as she threw away both girls' squishy wet diapers. She placed a new diaper under Janet and started to rub the baby powder in. She folded the new diaper over and taped it snug around Janet's waist. Vera was clean down there, but she didn't care move until Ashley told her to. "Now Vera." Ashley said, holding up a pair of poofy looking panties. "These are training pants. You will wear these for the rest of the day and if they're clean by sundown you can wear big girl panties again." She slid the training panties up Vera's waist. "Please, don't!" Vera cried "Someone's going to see!" "No one is going to see. We can't have you bringing this kind of shame to our sorority. A valuable pledge like you seen in diapers would hurt our reputation as well!" Ashley pat Vera's crotch and then had her stand up. "I mean, it's okay for people to see Janet's pampered butt since she's not an official sister of this house." Vera nodded, knowing the rules. She pulled down her night shirt, trying to cover the pull-ups as she exited the nursery. Ashley turned to Janet. She gave her an innocent kiss on the lips before standing her to her feet. Ashley took Janet over to the closet where she started to dress her in an ornate, patterned dress, looking as usual like something for a toddler, but large enough to fit her. The skirt was way too short so that her diaper would always stick out and show. "If anyone tries to mess you I will protect you." Ashley said, patting down the skirt and flattening it out. "No one else has mistreated you, have they?" "Well" Janet looked off to the side, wringing the skirt in her hand. "Kendra was kind of mean yesterday. She took me around the neighborhood in a stroller and I think a bunch of people saw me." She blushed, looking down. "She did huh? Anyone else? Has Lydia tried anything?" Ashley said, stepping closer and holding Janet's hips. "No." Janet shook her head. "Actually, Lydia's been a lot nicer lately." "Too nice?" Ashley asked, her brow turned upward in worry. "Don't worry, Mommy." Janet whispered. "You're the only one I love." Ashley bit her bottom lip. She pressed her forehead together with Janet's. She gave Janet's head a kiss and then left the nursery, shutting the door behind her. Janet waddled over to her toys and sat on the floor. She was excited for whatever Ashley had planned for that night. ~ Janet did not see Ashley until very late that night. Janet had an uneventful day with the usual feedings, playtime, and diaper changes. Janet had been put into her crib for the night and she went to sleep wondering where her mommy Ashley was. Sure enough she had showed up eventually, holding the bars of the crib. "Hey." Ashley whispered, trying to gently rouse Janet from her sleep. Ashley pulled down the bars on the crib and took Janet out. Janet was a bit sleepy but excited as well. Ashley took Janet over to the closet where she pulled out Janet's stained playtime overalls. She quickly undressed Janet out of her pajamas, repressing a giggle as she dressed Janet in the overalls. "We're going to have some fun tonight!" Ashley looked back and forth as she excited the nursery with Janet. She shut the nursery door so it wouldn't be hanging open suspiciously. Ashley moved like a ninja around the dark and went out the front door with Janet. In Ashley's car, she pulled out of the reserved parking space and drove off onto the road. She glanced over at Janet, bouncing excitedly as she took the girl far away. "We're going somewhere secluded, where no one can find us." Ashley spoke in a normal voice as she no longer had to whisper. "I wish it didn't have to be this way, but I need to keep up this charade of good little straight girl until I am out of college." "That's okay, Mommy. You don't have to tell me, I know." Janet said, smiling and holding herself, looking positively giddy. Ashley pulled into a parking lot. Janet looked around, a bit confused. This was far from the college, but it was exactly secluded and private. Ashley stepped out of the car and walked around to open the door for Janet, treating her like a princess. She even bowed, holding out one of her hands. The two girls held hands as they walked to an unmarked building. Despite not having any sign there was a line reaching around the block to the door. Janet had never gone to a club before, let alone one that was too cool to be advertised. At the front of the line was a very butch woman with huge arms and a flat top hair cut. She held out her hand. "Hold on, I'm going to need to see some ID for that little girl you got with you." the bouncer said. "Come on, she's with me, Erin. What do you take me for, some sort of cradle robber?" Ashley latched her arm tightly around Janet's. "Yeah, fine." Erin said, ushering the girls in. "You're lucky you're hot." Janet and Ashley walked on in, feeling confident and full of themselves. "I see what you did there." Janet said, leaning to the side. "Just a little inside joke between us." Ashley said, grabbed Janet's ass. Janet jumped forward and giggled as her crinkle butt got groped. Ashley had Janet's hips and started dancing sensually to the music. It must have been so liberating for the repressed gay girl to just let go of her inhibitions and openly be queer with another girl in a public place. Janet was happy, but she was happy for Ashley as well. Janet dancing along with Ashley, not as well, but taking her lead. When the music was over and a new set started Ashley leaned in and kissed Janet on the mouth. Janet looked around. There were plenty of other lesbians there, dancing around and kissing each other. No one was even paying attention to them! Ashley pulled back from the kiss and walked Janet to a free table. "I'm getting us some drinks. I want you nice and liquored up tonight." Ashley pressed her finger to Janet's nose and then sashayed her way to the bar. Janet sat alone, feeling thrilled to be on a real date with Ashley. It felt more grown up than her other outings, despite the fact that she had a diaper on underneath her pants. An older woman slid into the booth where Janet was sitting and looked at her. "Hey, sweetie, are you lost?" the woman asked with a broad grin. "Where's your mommy?" "Over there." Janet pointed at Ashley who was leaning on the bar and swaying her butt. The woman laughed. "You got a nice sense of humor. Sorry, I was just teasing you because you looked pretty young for this place." The woman scooted closer to Janet. The girl nervously scooted away from the woman. "Hey relax, I'm not going to do anything." The woman then reached down, slipping her hand under Janet's butt, feeling the soft, crinkly diaper. "What...." "Hey!" Janet huffed. "Keep your hands to yourself! Only my girlfriend can touch me there!" "Jeez, sorry. I didn't think you were an actual little kid." The woman said, pulling her hand away. "I'm not." Janet said, sighing, "this is so I don't have to go to the bathroom every five minutes and I can just drink as much as I want." Janet fibbed slightly. She was never a heavy drinker. "Yeah, sure. Sounds like a good idea.... except for the part where you're literally stewing in your own piss." The woman twisted up her face. Janet blushed brightly and it was visible even with the colored lights beaming on her face. Ashley finally came back. "Hey, scram. That's my date." Ashley said, holding some tall, colorful glasses of alcohol. She set one glass in front of Janet. The woman left, though she gave the two girls an odd look as she walked away. "What's her problem?" Ashley thought out loud, taking a sip of her drink. Janet took a sip of her own drink. The sweet flavor hit her tongue first, followed by the sudden jolt of strong alcoholic content. "Oh fuuu... fudge." Janet said, not sure if she was allowed to swear around her mommy. "That kicked me right in the throat!" "Ha ha, this isn't your first time drinking, is it?" Ashley asked, watching the girl. Janet shook her head. "Of course not! I just never had a drink this strong before." Janet said, setting the glass down on the table. Janet's shyness was fading fast as the music took over. Soon she was on her feet and dancing. She looked over at Ashley and turned around. She started thrusting her butt towards the girl, trying to beckon her on over to dance with her. Ashley laughed. "Janet you naughty girl." she said, smacking Janet's hip gently. Janet laughed. She lowered her butt down into Ashley's lap, rubbing it all around. Ashley could only laugh at the futile lap dance. Neither girl would be able to feel anything anyway what with the massive diaper between them. Still, Ashley found it very cute, and she let Janet continue her playful lap dance. Ashley soon stood up, bumping Janet's butt from behind. She held onto the girl's hips and let her lead her out towards the dance floor where the two girls continued to dance with abandon. Ashley was now groping Janet, slipping her hands under the bib of the overalls and squeezing Janet's tits. Janet moaned and slipped her hands behind her, squeezing Ashley's cheeks. Ashley could not contain herself anymore. "Let's go back to my car." Ashley breathed heavily into Janet's ear. The two girls rushed back the car, stumbling as they ran across the mostly empty lot. A single street lamp lit up the car like a small spotlight. Ashley tucked Janet into the back seat where she then climbed on top of her. Ashley plunged her hand down, rubbing up against Janet's crotch through the overalls. Janet bit her lip. Ashley could feel Janet's crotch slowly warming up as the sound of piddling raised in volume. "Mommy, I think I'm having an accident." Janet whined, but still with a slight smile on her face. "Yes you are." Ashley confirmed, rubbing her hand up and down Janet's crotch and listening that diaper crinkle as it got wetter. "You had quite a bit to drink, baby girl." Janet put her thumb into her mouth, sucking it as she got her diaper rubbed. Ashley grabbed Janet's hand and pulled it away from her mouth. Ashley then unbuttoned her top, flashing her tits at Janet. Ashley didn't have a bra on and her perky tits were just begging to be touched. She lowered her breast down to Janet's mouth, guiding the nipple between her lips. Janet instinctively suckled on Ashley like she was her mommy. She remembered that Ashley liked it gentle, so she didn't tug it too hard between her lips. "Harder." Ashley said, pressed her knee between Janet's crotch. Janet gasped in surprise. She didn't expect Ashley to demand that, and the feeling of the girl's knee pressing hard onto her diaper. The soggy pampers started to grind on her sensitive bits. Janet moaned loud and yanked the nipple as she pulled her head back, sucking hard. Ashley threw her head back as well. She moaned and shuddered. "Okay now, stop." She pulled up. Ashley reached up her skirt, grabbing her panties and pulling them down a bit. "Naughty girl, you like making pee pees and messes in your diaper, don't you?" Ashley turned around and practically sat on Janet's face, her hot pussy right up against Janet's mouth. "You need to be punished. Lick Mommy until she says you're done." Janet happily pleasured Ashley, licking her deep between her folds. Ashley pressed her lips together and a pleasurable moan came from deep in her throat. She leaned down and placed both hands on Janet's crotch. She carefully kneaded and pressed Janet's diaper through the overalls. She knew by now how to get Janet excited by her diapers. Janet's stomach groaned. "Uh oh, are you going to make a poopy in your diaper? Let's see which comes first, my orgasm, or your dirty little mess." Ashley said, feeling a bit strange, but loving this roleplay with her baby girl. Janet tried her best, rolling her tongue around and licking deep into Ashley. Her thumbs rubbed around Ashley's clit, trying to bring the girl to an orgasm without rushing, but she was still trying to beat her own body to the punch. Janet gasped, feeling something warm, soft, and lumpy touching her butt. Ashley giggled, cupping her hand against Janet's bottom. She wasn't sure if she was blushing from her embarrassment over how much she enjoyed watching Janet go to the bathroom on herself or if she was just a bit drunk, or possibly both. Janet made some funny sounds as she bucked against Ashley's hand, feeling her own mess on her bottom. Ashley knew Janet was enjoying this as much as she was. Ashley let out a long, satisfied moan before sitting up on Janet's face. She looked down at the girl, still diligently licking her. She raised her bottom. "Good girl. You made Mommy very happy." Ashley said. She pulled away and sat back on the opposite side of the car seat, not even caring if she stained it. "I..." Janet said, wiping her mouth on her sleeve as she sat up. "I came too." Ashley started laughing, holding her stomach. Yes, she had to be pretty drunk. Janet looked at Ashley and giggled too, watching the girl laugh with her. "Oh my, someone must have really liked making a mess, huh?" Ashley said. She opened the door and stumbled out a bit. "You wait there." Ashley wandered around to the back of the car and popped the trunk. She rummaged around and got out a fresh diaper. She came over to back seat again and pulled Janet's legs. The thrill of getting caught making out in a back seat was fun, but Janet was a bit nervous that someone might see her getting a diaper change, even in the middle of the night in this dark parking lot. Ashley wobbled around, but she still expertly changed Janet's diaper. She opened the crotch panel to the overalls and pulled them up. She then ripped open the diaper and just smiled as she wiped Janet clean. "Who's Mommy's messy baby?" She made her voice high-pitched and squeaky. "Who's Mommy's dirty little girl?" "I am..." Janet responded, giggling and tucking her chin down to her chest. Janet finished wiping and pulled the soiled diaper away. She taped it up and looked around. She saw a fence so she just tossed the diaper as hard as she could over it. Janet went wide-eyed "Mommy!" "What? Not our problem, let the neighbors deal with it." Ashley said with slurred speech. Janet giggled. She was kind of fascinated by seeing this "bad" side to Ashley. Ashley put the new diaper under Janet and rubbed baby powder into her skin. Ashley taped up the diaper snug and then gave the girl's hips a tight squeeze. She buttoned up the crotch flap to the overalls, covering her back up. She then fell forward and bit and kissed Janet on the mouth, still able to taste her own juices on the girl, but not caring. She loved Janet so much. Ashley pulled back up and stumbled back. "Baby girl, you can drive, right?" Ashley said, brushing her hair to the side. It appeared that Ashley was the real lightweight here and Janet was the surprise heavy hitter when it came to drinking. Janet sat up and scooted out of the car. She hugged Ashley and helped her into the passenger seat. She walked to the driver's side and buckled up. "This was really fun, Mommy. Thank you." Janet said, starting the car. Ashley looked across the seat. She reached over and stroked her hand across Janet's face. Janet put her hand over Ashley's and sighed happily. She pulled out of the lot and drove her home. Back at the house, Ashley had fallen into a drunken sleep. Janet got out of the car and opened Ashley's door. She pulled Ashley up into her arms and carried her like a bride into the house. It felt funny to carry her girlfriend like this. She still saw Ashley as a mother figure, even when she was in her arms like a babe. Janet carried Ashley up the stairs and took her to her bedroom. She set Ashley down on the bed and pulled the covers over her. Janet left the room and gently closed the door behind her. When she turned around she saw Lydia looking right at her. Janet squeaked in surprise, clasping a hand over her mouth to keep quiet. "Where did you two go off to?" Lydia asked, looking over Janet curiously. She sniffed, wrinkling her nose "smells like you've been drinking... among other things." "We didn't really go anywhere." Janet said, trying to cover for her mommy and secret girlfriend. "We just had to, um... take an emergency trip to the store. It was nothing." Lydia leaned in close and stole a kiss on Janet's mouth. Janet placed her hands on Lydia and pulled her off, letting out an annoyed whine. "Now that definitely doesn't taste like nothing to me." Lydia said knowingly and smirked. "Come on, leave Ashley alone." Janet whimpered. "Look, I have nothing against you two, but I have ambitions here." Lydia spoke candidly. "If I ever get any hard evidence of you two fooling around I'll finally have a bargaining chip that will make me the head of the house and I will be the rightful ruler once and for all." Lydia smiled, looking down at the shivering girl. "I promise I will be the best mom this sorority ever had." Lydia pat Janet on the cheek. "Come on, let's get you back to bed." Lydia swept her arm behind Janet's legs and pulled her up, cradling her as she carried her down the stairs to her nursery. Janet was undressed out of her overalls and put back into pajamas as if nothing happened. Lydia hung the overalls and t-shirt back up in the closet. She set Janet into her crib and locked the bars in place. She gave the girl one last look before walking away and shutting the door behind her. Janet sat in the crib, looking up at the ceiling. She really hoped that she and Ashley could get through this without any problems. Lydia said she was only in it for her own personal gain and not to really hurt Ashley. She just wanted Ashley's authority. Janet did not want Ashley to lose any authority though. She loved Ashley just the way she was. ~ Samantha came into the nursery in the morning. Her hair was done up in a higher, more girly ponytail and she didn't have on a hat or jeans or even a hoodie. Instead she was dressed more like Ashley, wearing a skirt and spaghetti strap top. She didn't look comfortable in the girly clothes, but Sam was working hard to fit in. "Good morning, stinky." Sam said, lowering the bars to the crib and pulling Janet out. She hugged Janet close as she took her away from the crib. Sam shook her head. "You look like you really tied one on last night." "What?" Janet seemed to wake up right away, wondering how much Sam knew. "I'm just saying. I never seen a baby with a hangover before. Did someone slip something into your baby bottle last night?" she chuckled. Janet just scoffed and shrugged. "I just had rough time getting to sleep last night." Janet said quietly, looking down. Sam pulled down Janet's pajama bottoms and stuck a finger into the leg gathers of the diaper. "You must have had a hard time sleeping with a diaper this wet!" Sam commented. She lifted Janet up onto the changing table and tore open the diaper. She hummed with a smile as she wiped the piss off of Janet's skin, cleaning her up. "You know, I'd say I'm getting pretty good at this. I never gave it much thought before, but maybe I could actually be a mom some day." She stretched out her leg and stepped on the petal to open the lid to the diaper pail. She tossed the used diaper like a soggy basketball into the pail and let the lid slam shut. Janet giggled a bit. "You like that, eh?" Sam said, tickling Janet's tummy. Janet scrunched up her face, snickering as she was tickled. Sam pulled a fresh diaper under Janet and then rubbed the baby powder into her skin. "Yeah, you like all this, I just know it. That's cool. It seems to make you pretty happy. It seems to make Ashley happy too." Janet blushed deeply. Samantha was so understanding, but perhaps she knew more than she should. Janet squirmed a little as she got the fresh diaper taped around her waist. Sam pulled Janet into a sitting position and hugged her. She then carefully guided Janet over to the high chair where she would be fed. Janet only had on her fluffy pajama tops but her diapers were completely exposed, just like a baby. "Hey, Sam?" Janet spoke up as she was strapped into the chair. "What happened with Vera?" "What do you mean, sport?" Sam asked with a smile, setting the tray in place. "I mean, um... after she had to wear the... the..." Janet stalled "The pull-ups?" Sam smirked. "Yeah. Did she make it?" Janet asked, very interested. Sam snickered. "Yeah, she survived the day without wetting them if that's what you mean." Sam pinched Janet's cheek. She whispered "but there was a few close calls. I think it would be pretty fitting if she was a baby sister to you since she acts like such a spoiled baby already." Janet smiled. That's what she wanted to hear. While she didn't really wish this kind of humiliation on anyone she still thought Vera looked really cute in a diaper. It also made her feel better to see another girl her age diapered up for once. Even as a kid she never knew anyone else who wet the bed. If anyone did they kept that pretty secret from her. Denise came in with Janet's breakfast and soon the auntie and sister were talking to each other casually while Janet picked at the bite-sized pieces of food with her fingers. Janet happily kicked her legs in the chair, giggling. Sam caught a glimpse of Janet enjoying her baby life from the periphery of her vision and she smiled to herself. When Janet was done her meal Denise and Sam helped each other get the big baby down and they set her on the floor. The two girls crowded Janet, fawning over her and teasing her, giving her lots of attention. Janet couldn't hide her smile, clearly liking this kind of attention. She rolled away from them, crawling on her hands and knees while they pretended to chase her around the nursery. Janet had a fun play time with her big sister and auntie, her crinkly diaper butt swaying side to side as she crawled on all fours. Auntie Denise and big sister Samantha cornered the girl and pretended to attack her with stuffed animals. Janet giggled, kicking her legs as she rolled onto her back. She grabbed some of the stuffed animals near her and threw them back at the other girls. Lydia stepped into the room. "Well well well, aren't we having fun?" she said as she casually strolled into the nursery. "Oh, hey Lydia." Denise stood up straight, looking over at Lydia. "It's not really your turn to look after Janet today. Not that I'm complaining if you want to help." Lydia stood there, hands on her hips with a very serious look on her face. Her eyes glanced at the two girls, back and forth, slowly. What was she doing? Was she sizing them up? Suddenly, a soft stuffed giraffe flew through the air and bounced off Lydia's head with a squeak. Her eyes went wide. The room became hushed as Denise and Sam looked back at Janet, a bit nervous that the girl would do such a thing to Lydia of all people! "I'm going to get you." Lydia said menacingly, but her serious expression turned lighter as she grabbed the stuffed animal and threw it right back. Janet squealed and giggled, scrambling to her feet and running around to gather more stuffies to throw. Denise and Sam breathed a sigh of relief and were soon laughing again as they saw the once fierce and frightening Lydia letting herself be silly and have fun with the big baby.
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    Time passed, and I guess I got used to the being dependent on the diapers. No longer did I have a choice at home and even at school, it was just not practical to do otherwise. I’d wet and usually just stay in the wet diaper until I got home. Then one Wednesday, it hit me. A little rumble in my gut around second period and I knew I wasn’t going to make it through the day. My next class was way across the building, and I was figuring I could get in and get seated and try to stave it off for another period when just before the door a cramp hit followed my release into the diaper. The bell rang, and the teacher was motioning me inside as he was closing the door. I had little choice. Not only did I have a diaper full of poop, but I was going to have to sit in it for forty-five minutes. I got to my chair and gingerly sat down feeling the feces squish all over me. Here I am sitting in a pile of my own crap for no good reason I thought. Class droned on. As it did, I got the sinking feeling that I could smell that poop emanating below. When the bell rang, I raced from the room and headed for the changing room. I grabbed my bag and started cleaning myself up. Yuch. A dozen wipes later, and I was clean and in a new diaper. I stuffed the soiled diaper in a bag my mother had packed to contain the dirties and sealed it up. It still stank. I’d have to do something with this. I dressed and carried the bag into the hall. I could run out and throw it in the trunk of my car. I made for the door. About ten feet towards the parking lot, one of the assistant principals stopped me. “Aren’t you supposed to be inside?” I stammered but finally got out that I was putting the soiled diaper in my car. I held up the bag near his face, and he made a disgusting face. “Go, and be quick about it,” he said. Later, I related the situation to the girls. They cooed with sympathy. “By the way, I’m spending the night at your house, Friday,” Kim said. “You are?” I said. “Mom’s going to visit her sister, and I’m staying with you,” she said. “Kaitlyn, you should ask your mother if you can sleep over, too.” “OK,” she said. When I got home that day, I asked my mother about Kaitlyn. “Oh, yes. I was just about to tell you about Kim. If Kaitlyn’s mom is OK with it, she can stay, too.” The next day I confirmed with Kaitlyn that we were on. The Three Musketeers were going to have a sleepover.,
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    Here is the next part of the story I apologise for delays but I didn't expect as much interest in commissions right after I started writing again! This story is still my first love and it is still getting worked on even if it is slower than any of us would prefer! If anyone is interested in a commission. I charge £5 per 1000 which is a little over $6 (American). I am open to all ideas. As usual all comments, predictions, criticisms, suggestions, etc are welcome. --- Nick wasn’t sure how long had passed when he was awoken by the sound of his bedroom door opening. Judging by the sun outside it hadn’t been very long but his naps rarely were. He slowly sat up in the bed accompanied by the crinkling which had been following him everywhere since this ordeal had begun. Rubbing his eyes, Nick looked through the bars as Sarah came walking across the room. “Gosh, this room stinks.” Sarah said quietly as she reached the bars, “We are going to have to sort out your nappy bin.” Nick didn’t reply as he waited for the side of his crib to be lowered. Rubbing his eyes and yawning again, Nick jumped when he suddenly felt a hand on the bottom of his nappy, the hand prodded and pushed the padding against his body. “Hmm, wet already?” Sarah’s voice had a combination of surprise and condescension as she looked through the bars at her sleepy husband, “Asleep for only an hour but already wetting yourself.” Nick looked down at his nappy that was indeed wet, he did a kind of mental shrug. There was nothing he could do about it after all, he had trouble staying dry at night, that was how this whole thing started. If he was to be in nappies all the time he wished she would stop acting so surprised when he used them. As Sarah stepped on the release lever and slowly allowed the bars to descend she worked hard to keep a completely straight face. As usual, her husband’s lack of control proved to be exciting for her. His growing reliance on his nappies and on her was just what she had hoped would happen, she felt a growing swell of power every time she found Nick in a used nappy. Nick slowly scooted over to the edge of the toddler bed and dropped to his feet. He stood unsteadily for a few seconds before Sarah came back with an afternoon outfit for him to wear. “I think this would look absolutely adorable on you!” Sarah exclaimed as she brought the clothes over. Nick remained silent but couldn’t disagree more. What he was looking at was an outfit he had seen toddlers wear but never something for an adult, the fact this even existed was a shock to Nick. The outfit was like a toddler’s sailor outfit but, just like everything else, sized up for a fully grown adult. The shirt was navy blue with thin white stripes going across it horizontally, the shorts were white and small with a picture of an anchor on the rear end and the clothes were completed by a little sailor’s cap with a strap that seemed designed to keep it strapped to the head of whatever unfortunate soul would have to be in it. Nick allowed himself to be placed into the clothes without complaint. The way Nick saw it, as long as they were staying at home, who cared what he was wearing over his nappy. He assumed after the torment of the morning that they wouldn’t be heading out again. Remembering the morning before his nap, Nick was suddenly reminded of the phone conversation he had eavesdropped on. Nick tried to think of a way he could bring it up with his wife to talk about but there didn’t seem to be a good way for the topic to come up. Nick had slowly slipped to the point where he knew he was no longer an equal partner in the relationship, he feared making Sarah angry or upset when she had so much power over him. Nick followed his wife downstairs and into the living room where he saw the playpen set up for him. Sarah held the gate open and, with a sigh of resignation, Nick walked into the fenced in area and sat down on the cushion in the middle of the space. He looked around at the various toys and activities with a sceptical eye, he hoped he wouldn’t have to be in here long because these infantile activities were beyond boring for him. “I have a special treat for you.” Sarah said with a smile down at her adorable husband. Nick looked up in interest. He was unsure if he should look forward to any surprises his wife had for them when they were almost always bad. He couldn’t help being hopeful though. “You have been pretty good recently. The way you tried to protect me in the elevator today, although it was misguided, was really sweet.” Sarah smiled and turned towards the couch, “I bet the toys and things in there are pretty boring for you aren’t they?” Nick nodded his head quickly. He would do anything for something that could occupy his time. “Well then, why don’t you have an afternoon with this.” Sarah said. She walked over to the table and picked up her laptop and carried it over to the playpen. With a big smile she opened the gate and placed it carefully inside. Nick looked at it in awe. It had been so long since he had been given access to a computer that he had started to believe he would never be able to use one again. He eagerly crawled over to it, his large padded rear swaying as he scurried across the carpet. “I will be doing dinner in a few hours.” Sarah said as she closed the playpen and started walking towards the kitchen, “You can do whatever you like with the laptop until then.” Nick didn’t know where to start. It had been so long since he had been allowed on a computer that he had a long list of what he wanted to do. He started by loading up the internet and browsing some of his online forums. He caught up on everything he had missed in the world, it was amazing how much time he had to devote to just catching up on current events. He had never even noticed that with everything that had happened in the last few weeks, he had completely lost track of all the things he normally took an interest in. Games, music and especially sports had barely crossed his mind since this all began, now he had a chance to catch up on everything he had missed. Once he had finished checking his usual online hangouts, Nick was shocked to see that he only had half an hour of computer time left. He wondered what he should do before his time with the laptop was taken away. Then his mind went to the one place all male’s minds tend to go when bored and with internet access. Porn. Nick turned so that the screen faced away from the doorway to the kitchen where his wife was. It served the dual purpose of hiding what he was looking at from his wife and also allowing him some warning for when she was coming in to the room. He knew he shouldn’t look at this stuff and he was fairly sure he wouldn’t be able to pleasure himself without being caught but he was so starved sexually, he couldn’t help himself. Heading to the search bar he started typing “adult” and then stopped in confusion. The search bar showed a drop down menu that autocompleted recent searches from this laptop that started with the word “adult.” Nick looked around the room conspiratorially as if expecting someone to jump out at him. The room was silent, the only sounds in the house came from the kitchen and the occasional clang of a pot or pan. Nick looked back at the screen and read the search terms that had been made from this computer recently. “Adult Baby”, “Adult Baby Pictures”, “Adult Baby Stories” and “Adult Baby Forums.” Nick recognised the “Adult Baby” term. He had seen it on the television, it was a label for those adults who liked parading around in nappies and playing baby games. George had talked with Nick about it a little bit since he seemed to enjoy it. He had been very curious about the world his wife had forced him into but he had no way to research it. Finally, he had a way to look through the window. Scrolling down to “Adult Baby Forums”, Nick clicked and was taken to a page full of search results for forums full of people who liked to wear nappies. Nick was shocked at how many existed, this lifestyle seemed to be more popular than he had expected, it looked like there were thousands of people enjoying it. It was quite confusing to Nick how anyone could want to wear nappies or act like babies, after the last few weeks he would have given anything to never have to act that way again. Seeing a link that was a different colour from the rest which indicated that the link had been visited, Nick clicked on the same link and was taken to a very active forum. He scrolled up and down the page quickly to see all kinds of topics ranging from people who wanted to make themselves incontinent to people arguing over which nappy was the best. There was even a section for family and friends to ask questions about this lifestyle. Nick found all of the information overwhelming and he found himself becoming increasingly resentful that people were actively asking for the horrible life he had. It was just something he could not understand at all. Just before Nick was planning to leave the forum and look elsewhere he found his eyes drawn to the top right of the page. Nick saw a name and a picture that made him pause. The name was “MummySarah” and the picture was of a woman in leather bondage gear. Nick realised that Sarah must have set her profile on this website to log in automatically and forgotten about it, or at least assumed Nick wouldn’t find it. Nick bit his lip. He knew that he shouldn’t look at what his wife was posting or messages she had sent but the curiosity was difficult to ignore. He looked around again and was satisfied he was still alone. This would be snooping, almost spying, on his wife but he had to see what she had been saying to people. There may be clues as to what she has planned in the future, maybe it will hold the key to Nick regaining his independence. Nick clicked on the name and looked at previous posts made from the account. Most were innocuous, she seemed to have made some friends on the website and a lot of the posts were just her asking for advice on some small stuff and contributing to other threads. His wife’s introductory post was very interesting though. “Hi everyone, new here and new to the scene.” Sarah’s post began, “I have a bit of a strange situation at home. My husband lost his job and started wetting the bed on the same day. I wouldn’t have minded so much except he didn’t clean up after himself and left it for me to find. As a result, I started putting him in nappies. To cut a long story short we have quickly ended up in a position where I am in complete control. My husband no longer uses the toilet and he relies on me for everything. Looking forward to getting to know you.” Nick blushed as he read the post and realised that his wife was telling strangers about their strange home life. He scrolled through the posts and saw a bunch of welcoming posts and posts from fellow people into the ABDL scene. Nick found himself shocked at the sheer amount of information that Sarah had happily handed over. He felt betrayed that Sarah would go behind his back and tell a bunch of strangers his most intimate secrets. It was all quite interesting for Nick but none of it helped him out all that much. Nick was looking for information about what might be coming, for the most part the information Sarah was sharing was just what she had already done or comments on other people’s posts. Nick was just about to leave the website when he heard the computer make a notification noise along with a pop up that said “QueenMistress has sent you a new message.” Nick suddenly realised his wife’s inbox on the website had a bunch of personal correspondence and he had a chance to read what she wouldn’t tell the rest of the forum. There could be clues about where this was all going, perhaps a message or some indication about what the end game was for this seemingly never ending punishment. Clicking on the little envelope icon, Nick saw a whole bunch of messages and began scrolling through them. A surprising number of them appeared to be from desperate guys asking Sarah to be their Mummy. Nick scowled at these people for trying to pick up his wife and he quickly scrolled past them. The next messages were a back and forth between Sarah and “QueenMistress”, Nick clicked on the conversation with a slightly shaking hand and started to read the long list of replies the two had exchanged. The first messages were basic messages about getting to know each other but Nick quickly noticed the mood of the posts changed when this Mistress started asking Sarah about Nick. Sarah told this anonymous person all the details and stories of what had happened and the two of them shared some jokes about the situation. It was as Nick hurried past the jokes at his expense that he saw the Mistress had begun to give Sarah advice for where to go from here. Nick’s wide eyes scanned the messages quickly as he saw all kinds of ideas being shared between the two of them. He saw one post where the Mistress asked Sarah for a picture, Nick was glad that none had been taken until he scrolled down and found Sarah had sent this woman a picture of Nick asleep in his crib! His nappy was wet and exposed and was now online. Nick felt himself shaking through a combination of anger and fear. How exposed was he? Where had Sarah been sharing information about him and how could she do that without his permission? In a rage, Nick started typing an expletive laden response to MistressQueen’s last message where he was giving her a stern telling off and making it clear that she should never contact Sarah again. His hand was just hovering over the send button when he suddenly heard the sound of someone clearing their throat behind him. Nick froze and felt his nappy suddenly warm up again as his bladder reacted to the shock by emptying itself. “What do you think you are doing?” Sarah’s voice was stern, it was sharp and it was full of warning. “I… I…” Nick was really angry but under the withering stare of Sarah he started to wilt. His finger still hovered over the send button. “Snooping through my personal mail!” Sarah said with anger as she opened the gate of the playpen, “I give you one little treat and this is how you repay it?” “Why are you talking to people about me online!?” Nick shouted back. Tears formed in his eyes as his emotions threatened to overwhelm him. “What Mummy does and doesn’t do is none of your business.” Sarah hissed back through gritted teeth, “As you probably noticed, you are far from the only person in the world who wears nappies. I was just looking for some advice. I repeat, it is none of your business, baby.” “And you meeting with Jack again is none of my business too, right?” Nick quietly said in an accusing manor. He immediately regretted saying anything. He had exposed that he had listened in on the conversation his wife and Jack shared. He was angry, but letting Sarah know that he had been listening to her private conversations hardly made this situation better. “Eavesdropping on me too!” Sarah shouted angrily, “This is the thanks I get for giving you a little freedom is it?” “It’s not fair!” Nick shouted. He kicked the floor with his foot as he shouted and looked for all the world like a toddler having a tantrum. “I’ll tell you what isn’t fair… What isn’t fair is making me have to watch you 24/7 to stop you doing this kind of stuff.” Sarah hissed back at her husband, “You are treated like you precisely because of this disrespectful behaviour. I thought you were getting better but you appear to have learned nothing.” Sarah took a large and menacing stride towards Nick. She was livid that Nick would break her trust like this. Nick panicked as he saw his wife advancing and he jerked backwards. As he did so, his finger dropped on to the send button and a second later there was a notification that a message had been sent. The hateful message that Nick had typed in rage now travelled through the tubes connecting the internet together and will have arrived on its recipient’s computer seconds later. “What did you just send?” Sarah asked her husband with a note of warning in her voice. “Erm…” Nick replied. Sarah walked up to Nick and picked the laptop to see the horrible message Nick had just sent to one of Sarah’s online friends. Nick watched Sarah with trepidation. He saw her grip on the laptop tighten and her knuckles go white, she even began shaking slightly. Nick had never seen Sarah so upset. He was terrified. “Go to your nursery.” Sarah said barely above a whisper, “Go up there and stay there.” Nick stood up and quickly started following Sarah’s instructions. His crinkling bottom waddled over towards the stairs where he paused to look back at Sarah. “Your punishment will come later. GET TO YOUR NURSERY!” Sarah screamed the last bit causing Nick to yelp and almost run up the stairs and into the nursery. He closed the door, ran over to the crib and huddled behind his blanket. He didn’t know what was coming but he was sure he had just made his life a lot worse. Just as Sarah was giving him some responsibility he had screwed it up again. Sarah was seething. Putting the laptop down, Sarah tried to get her rage under control. She walked to the phone and dialled Kirsty’s number. “Hello?” Kirsty said as she answered the phone. “Hi, it’s Sarah.” Sarah said stiffly, “Is it still fine for Nick to spend the night at yours the day after tomorrow?” “Yeah it’s fine, George is looking forward to it.” Kirsty replied, “What’s up? You sound angry?” “I’ll be fine.” Sarah replied tersely, “I want you to give Nick the full works. No sissy stuff, but I want him to be punished.” Sarah hung up the phone before Kirsty could reply. Walking back into the kitchen, Kirsty at least felt slightly better knowing that Nick would very much regret what he had done soon enough.
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    IMPORTANT, EVERYONE READING THIS STORY PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE: lol, okay, so now that I've gotten your attention; I finally did it. I thought this was dead, was certain I was never going to touch it again, but apparently once again, I've broken my own rules. We'll see if I can actually keep this going this time. I have a new chapter to post beneath this. It's a little shaky as I get back into the swing of writing this story, but I wanted to make this note to inform you all of some changes being made. I'll go back and fix up old chapters, but from now on, I'm renaming Diana to Brianna, just because I can't wrap my mind around to function having to different MC amazon characters with the same name. Secondly, I'm aging Kaitlyn/Hailey up a bit. She's no longer fifteen or sixteen or whatever I decided upon in the beginning, and is now seventeen on the cusp of her eighteen birthday since I want to write that scene of her becoming an adult but not really and I don't want her quite so young any more. Honestly, the only reason she ever was younger was because I was basing her off another character and that character was sixteen. That changes now. This is just to clear up any confusion. Thanks for taking the time to read it ^-^ Kaitlyn I groan softly, a yawn parting my lips as I flutter my eyes open. Sitting up, I stretch my arms above my head, another yawn escaping me. Smacking my lips, I glance around. Sunlight is streaming into the nursery, faintly, seeping through the curtains. My legs are tangled in the soft, fleecy baby blanket, but it’s immensely cozy, so I tug it free and wrap it over my shoulders, snuggling into the warmth. Moments later, almost on cue, the door opens as Brianna strides in. Her black hair is woven back into a side braid trailing over her shoulder, and she’s already dressed in jeans and a dress blouse. “Good morning, Hailey,” she greets warmly, closing the distance in seconds. I yawn again, bringing a fisted hand up to rub at my bleary eyes. “Morning,” I mumble back, offering her a soft smile. I’m still not pleased with this babyish lifestyle or being here, but she’s really been trying hard to make me more comfortable and happy now that she knows I can understand her and have more sentience and intelligence than she originally thought. Brianna chuckles. “Still not quite awake yet, silly girl? Come on, let’s get you some breakfast.” Her arms reach into the crib and lift me up from its confines. I keep a tight grip on my blanket when she tries to take it and return it to the crib. Shaking my head, I pull it closer, burying my face in the fluffy folds. “Found a favorite blankie, did you?” she inquires, poking a finger into my side and tickling. I squirm a little and squeak at her motions, which only really makes her smile grow. “I guess it is a little cool in here, isn’t it? We’ll have to fix that.” She shifts me, blanket and all, to perch on her hip as she carries me downstairs. I lean my head on her shoulder. If she can try, so can I. A little affection makes her incredibly and it’s a sacrifice I’m more than capable of making. A kiss is pressed to the crown of my head before she lowers me into the highchair. Her fingers curl into the fabric of the blanket and she’s a bit more firm about tugging it away from me. “You can have it back after breakfast, but you don’t want to get it messy,” Brianna explains as she ties a bib around my neck. “Are you hungry?” I don’t need to answer, my stomach rumbles loudly and Brianna grins. “Guess that answers that question.” I blush slightly and nod. Her hand ruffles through my already frizzy hair. I’m still not happy about having had it chopped off, but perhaps she’ll let me grow it out again, and there could be worse things to endure. Brianna wanders away into the kitchen, leaving me to my thoughts. I drum my fingers on the plastic of the highchair’s tray, humming softly to myself. Today is the day Janice is supposed to be coming over, and my mother coming with her. Excitement bubbles in my heart. I haven’t really met Janice, since she left pretty soon after we woke up, but I know that she’s Brianna’s younger sister. Hopefully she’s just as kind and caring. I’ve been so worried about my mom these past few days. I’m torn from my thoughts when Brianna returns with a pink, plastic baby bowl in hand. Within is a warm porridge dotted with blueberries and strawberry slices. While it’s more akin to baby pablum than actual oatmeal, and thus a little lumpy and bland, but the fruit adds a little flavor and it’s definitely better than the jars of baby mash in the cupboard. The floor squeals slightly as one of the tall, elegant wooden dining room chairs is pulled out and twisted around for Brianna to take a seat. She stirs the rubber tipped spoon around my breakfast a little before scooping up a mouthful and holding it out to me. I lean forward and wrap my lips around the spoon. My nose wrinkles a little at the texture and lack of flavor, but it’s not intolerable. While I’d much prefer to feed myself, I have come to terms with the fact that I have to accept some of the lifestyle if I want to keep earning freedoms, and it makes Brianna happy. “You’re looking a lot better,” she comments as she offers me more of the meal. “I have to give you credit, you have impressive willpower to go as long as you did. It wasn’t good though, Hailey. Don’t do something so silly and dangerous again, okay? If you’re mad at me or trying to tell me something, there are better ways. Especially now.” I nod, a trickle of shame burning through me. It was a stupid move, and my mother would be disappointed too if she found out, which I have a feeling she will. It’s like all mothers have a radar for knowing when their children aren’t okay or doing something they shouldn’t. Soon the bowl has been scraped clean and Brianna is dabbing at my already mostly clean face with a moist cloth. “Are you excited for today, Hailey?” I nod, smiling brightly and shifting in my seat. Brianna smiles back and lifts me from the highchair, returning my blanket to me. I bunch it up against my chest, the fabric dangling down by my feet anyways. The blanket that may seem small to her is almost like a full comforter for me. She carries me back upstairs and, still holding me, opens the wardrobe in my nursery, thumbing through the different outfits and dresses on the hangers. I look too. As long as it suits her image for the day, she’s occasionally let me pick something out, and having always been a shorts and tee fan myself, I try to get her to avoid the dresses. All of the clothes are still babyish, but some are better than others. I catch sight of something that I could live with and point it out, tugging on her shirt sleeve for emphasis. Brianna reaches out and plucks the hanger of my choice from the rack. It’s a full length purple romper with rather baggy legs that scrunch in around the ankle. It has an almost overall appearance, the purple tapering to straps over the shoulders instead of sleeve, but the built-in lavender shirt has longer sleeves that would likely end at the elbow for me. It looks loose and comfortable, and still nice and warm. “You want this one?” Brianna asks. I nod, offering her another smile. I’d much prefer it to a dress, and I’ve been getting chilly very easily of late, so something long and warm is definitely a bonus. She looks it over once more, a small smile creepy onto her face. “It is rather cute, isn’t it?” she comments, though more to herself than to me. She lays me out on the changing table, stripping me of my current green sleeper and removing the dry nighttime diaper from around my waist. “Do you have to go potty before I get you dressed?” I shake my head. I wound up falling asleep early last night before she could make me drink the nighttime bottle that would normally lead me to be desperate for a bathroom break most mornings. “No, I guess you didn’t really have much to drink yesterday. You feel asleep pretty quickly,” she agrees, going about the motions of getting me into a fresh diaper and then into the warm romper. Minutes later I find myself on her lap in the rocking chair while she runs a brush through my hair, humming softly to herself. She gently tugs the dirty blonde locks into stout pigtails jutting out from my skull and then pulls me close into a cuddle. “I love you,” she whispers. I tense a little, feeling a guilty that I can’t bring myself to reply. She’s been kind to me the past week, but I don’t love her, and I wouldn’t really hesitate to leave her if I had the chance to return home with my real mother. Brianna sighs softly, her arms tightening ever so slightly around me. “I know,” she whispers. “Maybe someday.” She presses a kiss to my cheek and then stands up. “Come on, we’ve a little time before Janice is due to show up. So maybe you and I will watch a movie or something until then.” True to her decision, I find myself cuddled up to Brianna on the couch, not truly paying attention to the unfamiliar children’s film playing on the screen. She has her arm around me, hugging me to her side, while she sips from a steaming mug of coffee. Discarded beside me, lying on the blanket I’m still snuggled into, is a bottle of warmed, though likely old now, apple juice. I rest my head against her side, shifting slightly into a more comfortable position against her. She moves, bringing her hand up to rub my head, nails tracing gently over my scalp. It’s so soothing that I actually find my eyes beginning to droop. I’ve been so tired lately, though I’m not sure why. Yawning widely, I fall slack rolling over to stretch out on the couch, head resting in her lap. “Aw, are you sleepy, honey? You take a little nap now, and I’ll wake you up when it’s time,” Brianna promises. She tugs the blanket away with me and shakes it out, draping it properly over me and tucking me in. Her hand falls gently onto my torso, her fingers rubbing my belly through the fleecy material. I stretch out for a moment, blinking blearily up at her smiling face before I begin to feel heavy once more. With one final yawn, I relax completely and succumb to slumber. “Brianna, she’s so adorable.” I groan slightly, scrunching my eyes a little as the sound disrupts my sleep. I roll over, only to find my head sinking into the warm crater on the couch left from my giant captor. Startled into a more awake state, I sit up and blink rapidly, rubbing at my sleep crusted eyes. Brianna comes into view first, smiling down at me. Hovering behind her is the red haired woman that took my mom. She’s staring at me too, her gaze almost hungry and it makes the hairs on the back of my neck prickle. There’s an infant carrier at her feet, but it’s facing the wrong way, so I can’t see into it. Wrapping my blanket around me, I shuffle to the edge of the couch and slip down. I land on my feet, but wobble, unbalanced, and tumble back onto my padded rear end. Flushing, especially at the jittering coos Janice makes about my actions, I grumble as I pick myself up off the floor. Brianna pats my head. “Are you okay, sweetie? Can you say ‘hello’ to my sister? This is your Auntie Janice.” I glance up at the woman once more, offering her the slightest motion of a wave. I’m not interested in her. I walk forward, teetering into a waddle as forced by the diaper around my waist. “Mom?” I call out softly. Janice is blocking the way to the carseat, otherwise I’d have already raced over. Brianna laughs. “I think Hailey is far more interested in her cousin, Jan. Why don’t you take her out, let them play a little.” “I’m not really willing to allow Sarah free reign. I don’t want her getting into anything.” “So they can sit in Hailey’s playpen,” Brianna suggests. Next thing I know, my feet are leaving solid ground as Brianna hoists me up, stealing a surprised squeak from me, and deposits me in my playpen. I watch, heart pounding in my chest, a desperate ache yawning in me like a chasm in my heart, as Janice kneels down in front of the carrier and lifts my mother from it. I watch with wide eyes as she’s lowered in next to me. Her wavy brown hair has been hacked off even shorter than mine, into a infantile bob just above her jawline, and she’s trapped in a ruffled pink dress layered in what I can only label as a lace overdose. A pacifier is in her mouth, held there by a pink silk ribbon tied around her head, and her fingers are confined within thick, padded pink mittens that lack individual fingers, only a slot for her thumbs. Her face is flushed but the concern in her eyes as she studies me as well tells me that her appearance doesn’t concern her much at the moment. I scoot a little closer, bringing my hands up to help tug the pacifier from her mouth so it dangles like a necklace from the ribbon. Her mittens are probably what kept her from doing that in the first place. “Mom?” I inquire again, voice soft. A small smile twitches on her lips and she lurches forward to pull me into a tight hug. “Oh, Kaitlyn, thank goodness you’re safe,” she murmurs. The itchy lace around her dress collar tickles my nose, threatening to make me sneeze, but I force the sensation back, my arms coming up to squeeze her just as tightly. “I missed you,” I reply. “I was worried I wouldn’t get to see you again.” Mom’s grip only tightens in response. After a long moment, she pulls away to study me once again. “Are you alright? She hasn’t hurt you, has she? You look pale,” she begins to fret. I shake my head, catching her wrists. “I’m okay,” I assure her. “Brianna’s not so bad once you get used to the…requirements,” I decide finally, gesturing at my outfit and gazing around the playpen. “She hasn’t hurt me, she’s been pretty nice.” The tension from my mother’s form loosens and she sighs softly. “Good. Thank goodness. I was terrified that she was hurting you.” “Why?” I press. “Are you okay? Janice seems a little more overbearing and forceful,” I comment. Mom nods. “Yeah, well, let’s just say I’m grateful that our roles weren’t reversed. I couldn’t bear knowing you were stuck with someone like her.” I wince, shooting a glare at the other giantess, whose attention thankfully isn’t on me so the hostility goes unnoticed. I don’t really want to cross her either. She makes me nervous. Brianna sees me, however, and her expression darkens, a frown twitching on her lips and her brows furrowing in confusion, as if trying to figure out what’s wrong. I hastily look away and refocus on my mom. “Are you alright?” She sighs and shakes her head. “It’s been far from pleasant, but I’ll adjust eventually. Don’t worry about me, Kate, just look out for yourself okay? Don’t upset them.” I nod, feeling my throat constrict. I lean into her again, hugging her tight. “I missed you so much. I don’t want to be separated again; I want you to stay here, with me,” I sob, clinging to her. She hugs me back, tightly. “Where’s the girl who only weeks ago was over the moon about applying to college, about going out into the world and finding her independence?” “It was a phase,” I decide. “I’m a mommy’s girl.” Her grip tightens ever so slightly. “It’ll be okay, Kaitlyn. We’ll figure it out. At least we now know that there’s a relation between them and we’ll still see each other. Just lie low a while, alright? Promise me you’ll stay out of trouble.” “I will,” I agree. “I promise.”
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    Sandra felt herself going beet red. " you wet the bed this morning and lied about it . - Julie shook her head . - I really feel bad for your mom. She is so devastated because of the way act . So now what am I supposed to do ? You have no where to go but I can't trust you . " Sandra started to breath fast. Julie was right if she kicks her out she really has nowhere to go . "Julie I m sorry ... I will make it up to you please give me a chance !" Julie slowly moved into the living room sitting down on the sofa . " if I let you stay you will have to do as I say. Live by my rules. If you don't you are out . Understood ?" Sandra nodedd . Though she was getting worried about what these rules will be. " I want you to wear a diaper to bed . Till I decide otherwise. " " I don't need diapers. It hardly ever happens . I swear " " well first of all I can't trust what you say based on your lies. Second of all like I said I promised my aunt to look after her flat. Even a few accidents are enough to ruin the furniture. If you want to stay you will wear a diaper . " Sandra knew she was out of options . "Good. I asked your mom she told me that biggest pampers should probably still fit you as she still had a package at home for you." Crap she thought typical of my mom. She watched as Julie walked over to the box of things she brought over and bring out a fluffy white diaper with Disney characters printed on the front . " let's see shall we " - she said gesturing at the sofa . She carried the diaper in her hands siting down . sandra stood still . Shocked . " Come on Sandra ! If these don't fit I will have to find a shop that is still open . I can't have you wet the mattress again " sandra couldn't believe it . Julie wants her to lay down so she could diaper her ?? She was living on her own well in a dorm for a while now she didn't need any one diapering her. Julie started to look impatient " Sandra I think you pushed my buttons enough for one day " the girl walked slowly over to the sofa . " lay down on your back . You know the drill " Julie said with a little smile. Sandra did as she was told still in disbelief in a way admiring julies assertiveness yet also hating her. Julie expertly removed Sandra's shorts and panties spreading the diaper under her pulling it up between her legs securing the tapes . "Good, it fits , lucky you are so small ." Sandra reached to untape the diaper as she felt Julie slap her hands away " now what do you think you are doing ?! Rule number 2 you are not to touch your diapers . Only I can take them off . Coming to think of it actually ... Stay right there ! " Julie went into her own bedroom and returned with a baby pink top . She removed Sandra's top and bra ( not that the bra was really needed ) and pulled down the pink top that was actually a bodysuit. "This will be perfect for you , I felt bad it shrunk in the wash but it will fit you perfectly " Julie pulled down the bodysuit closing the buttons on the crotch - " since I can't trust you this is the best way to keep the furniture intact and this is perfect to make it easy to take your diaper off when you will need to use the little girls room . " sandra was still laying on the sofa as if not grasping the latest events . " you can get up now. But like I said I don't want you messing with your diaper. If you need to use the tiolet you come and tell me "
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    Yes, many people can relate. You are not the first ABDL. This is not unexplored territory for the world. Please stop spamming so many new threads for information, advice, and every new experience you've had. I'm glad you're excited, but you are becoming a nuisance.
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    Here we have a nice, big, 10 page update to finish off PART ONE! The good news for those of you following the story is that 30 more pages were commissioned, so expect more adventures from baby Janet with some twists and turns and maybe some new babies being added to the mix! As usual I need to warn that this story is still on the graphic side with strong adult themes, situations, and language. After what seemed like hours someone was finally trying to get into the nursery to look for Ashley. The door was kept shut by the chair propped up against it. A faint voice came from the other side, "Hello?" Denise was trying to shove her way through. Ashley sighed, looking at the door. "Janet, baby, looks like our play time is over. I guess the girls need me." Ashley sat up from the chair and searched for some towels to wrap herself in. She then dragged the laundry basket over with her. She opened the door. "Is everything all right about? No one else is trying to drown anyone in the pool?" "Oh, uh, no, everything's fine. We were all just wondering where you went. We thought you were going to just change Janet and put her to bed or something." Denise adjusted her glasses. "I guess I just want to know if you are all right yourself." "Just drying off after having to jump into the pool. It's Janet that needed comforting. I know I'm punishing her, but Lydia took it too far. She incited the incident and if I found out who pushed Janet in the pool I'm going to make them pay." Ashley handed the basket of wet clothes over to Denise. "Give this to one of the pledges and make them do the laundry, thank you." Ashley shut the door and turned to face Janet. "All right, stinky girl. You have to get your diaper changed now because I don't know when I will get back." Ashley strut on over to Janet and helped tug her up to her feet. She guided Janet over to the changing table and had her lie back. She tore the tape from the sides and opened up the diaper. She put her hand on her cheek in mock surprise as she looked at the big mess Janet left on herself. "What a dirty baby you've been! Aren't you glad Mommy's here to clean you up?" Ashley was glowing, grinning ear to ear as she used the cool wipes to clean Janet's bottom. Even Janet was quite pleased with the current situation. Janet was looking forward to each diaper change now, just as Ashley knew she would. Ashley wasn't feeling too good about shaming Janet anymore, but seeing how much she liked the attention Ashley just couldn't stop the baby treatment now! If Ashley could fulfill her desire for domination on a willing subject then there was nothing she had to feel sorry for, and girls like Ashley don't like feeling sorry for anything. Ashley finished cleaning Janet's bottom and dropped the used diaper down the pail. "We're going to have to empty that soon." Ashley said with an almost proud smile. "You sure did make a lot of dirty diapers!" Ashley pushed a fresh diaper under Janet's rump. She dusted her with baby powder all around and used her hand to rub it in. Her hand crept around the girl's bottom and between her crack and she finished up with a light pat on her crotch. These diaper rituals were quite fun for both of them. Ashley pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it snug around Janet's waist. She helped Janet down off the changing table and gave her a big hug. Ashley walked Janet over to her crib and helped her into it. She pressed her hand firmly on Janet's puffy rear. She laid Janet out on her back and tucked her into her blanket. She wiggled the teddy bear in front of Janet before handing it to her. Janet hugged the teddy as the bars of the crib were pulled up and locked into place. Ashley swished her hips, sashaying to the door and giving a quick flash of her rear end to Janet. "See you in morning, baby girl!" With the lights out and the room dimly lit by the night light Janet thought about how great it was to finally have a girlfriend, even if it was a secret. Said girlfriend was also her "mommy," but she was finding that to be quite acceptable as well! The only thing that would make the situation more ideal for Janet would be if the mommy/baby arrangement was more private. Today though a majority of the school's students saw her in a diaper and heard Lydia spill everything about her accidents. She raised her thumb up to her mouth and closed her eyes. She started to spray hot piss into her diaper. She was probably going to make a habit of wetting herself before sleeping. Something about the warm wet sensation between her legs and on her bottom made it easy for her to drift off to dreamland. It did not take long before the piddling little girl ended up falling asleep. The next morning Janet was greeted by Alice peeking at her though the bars. She was under five feet tall, shorter than even short little Janet was, and Janet was only a couple inches over five feet. Alice kind of looked like a kid, like a gymnast, only her real calling was fashion. Today she was dressed in a totally unique outfit yet again with different types of fabric blended in a way that wouldn't make sense to an outsider, but Alice was able to make it work. Janet never put much thought into what she wore, often just slapping on a combination of jeans and hoodies. "Rise and shine, sleepyhead." Alice spoke in her adorably squeaky voice. Alice unlocked the bars of the crib and opened the side. Janet was groggy as she sat up. "Where's Mommy?" Janet mumbled as she rubbed her cheek. Janet didn't think twice about calling Ashley her mommy. It just came naturally to her now. "Ashley is busy again today, but that's why she has all us aunties and big sisters to help." Alice said with a bright smile, getting Janet out of the crib. Alice put one of her delicate little hands on Janet's crotch, raising it slightly as she felt the weight of the heavily used diaper. She then wrinkled the bridge of her nose. "Oh Janet. I think you did more than wet last night!" Alice announced. She put her hand on Janet's bottom, cupping the large mess in the back. "Yup, someone made a big poop in her sleep!" Janet's face instantly warmed over. She wet her bed several times in her life. That's just how things were for her. She never pooped herself in her sleep before though. It was humiliating, but at least it wasn't a big public humiliation like yesterday. Alice had Janet lie down on the floor and Janet looked up confused. "Hey, I'm four and a half feet tall. I don't want to have to stand on my toes to reach you on the changing table." She pointed to herself and then shrugged. Janet shrugged too and nodded in agreement. Alice spread Janet's legs and then started tearing the tapes away from the sides. She opened the diaper and then turned away, waving her hand in front of her face. "Oh Jesus!" she blurt out. "I'm sorry I just never had to change such a large diaper before! That's a lot of poop!" Alice took the baby wipes, carefully starting on Janet's crotch first. She slid the cool wipe over Janet's slit from top to bottom. "Raise your legs." She said calm and casually. She proceeded to wipe the rest of the mess off of Janet's rear. Alice was still making a face as she pulled the loaded diaper away and walked it to the diaper pail. She sighed with relief. "Thank God that poopy diaper is gone!" Alice got a brand new diaper from under the changing table and slipped it under Janet's butt. She made Janet raise her bottom again so she could get the poofy pampers under there. She sprinkled baby powder around her butt and crotch and then taped the sides of the diaper shut around Janet's waist. Getting changed by petite little Alice was pretty embarrassing. It felt like she was getting changed by her little sister or something! Alice even looked pretty young for her age. Alice stood up and dusted her hands. "Okay, baby Janet. I have a special surprise for you today." Alice smiled, looking proud. "I was working on this ever since you got here. I think you're going to love it." Alice turned and grabbed a piece of clothing she brought in with her. She held it up, showing it to Janet. It was a pair of purple denim overalls with patches and little cute designs sewn into them. They were the perfect mixture of boyish and girlish design. On the left knee was a large patch that had frogs and dragonflies printed on it. The other knee had a smaller patch with butterflies and flowers on it. There was also a swirly design sewn into the right pant leg. On the bib was a pocket with a puppy's face embroidered into it. Janet's face lit up when she saw the overalls. Alice was really good at making clothes that were fashionable but also personal to each individual subject. Janet couldn't believe that one of these rich, snobby girls could understand her so well! She got on all fours and then pushed herself up onto her feet, running over to Alice to give her a hug. Alice laughed, almost getting knocked over by the taller girl. "Thank you, Auntie Alice!" She hugged Alice enough to lift her off the floor. Alice let out a squeaky giggle as she was held up. She tapped Janet to let the girl know to set her back down. "Okay, let's get you dressed!" Alice gave Janet a plain white shirt for her top and then had her step into the overalls one leg at a time. She pulled the overalls up and clasped the straps around her shoulders. "Is that comfy? Not too snug?" Alice asked. "They're perfect! I really like them. I'd even wear them outside!" She tucked her hands into the side pockets. It even had pockets! She always had to buy boy's pants for pockets. Alice really understood how important pockets could be for a girl like her. "Ya know, it's funny you should mention going out. A little birdy told me Ashley wants to take you on a picnic today." Alice said with a side lean and an elbow nudge. Janet blushed and smiled. Alice chuckled "You like her, don't you?" Janet blushed. She looked down and shook her head. She couldn't tell that to one of the most popular girls here. Ashley and Janet's love was private! "You don't have to be shy about it. It's obvious you're gay. I'm gay too." Alice spoke candidly, looking up at Janet. "Yeah, it sucks that someone as hot as her is straight. I bet she has the sweetest pussy." Alice's voice lowered as she gave Janet a leer. Janet gulped and let out a nervous laugh. "but, oh well. I'm at least hot enough to find anyone I want. You're cute too except for the fact you piss and shit on yourself all the time. You never know though. You might meet some weirdo that likes that sort of thing." Oh how Janet just wanted to tell her at that moment! Ashley was the kind of person who liked that. It's too bad their relationship had to remain a secret. Janet tried to just think about how fun her date with Ashley would be, and she was much more confident wearing these clothes than the sissy dress. Her diapers did make her bottom stick out more, but they were less noticeable than they would be peeking out the bottom of a skirt. Vera, one of the big sisters, came in. She set down a bowl of cereal on the little plastic table and poured some milk into it. She was also handed her usual baby bottle. Vera waved to Alice as she left the room, her hand just kind of limply twisting on her wrist like a royal wave. Vera looked bored as she stared at Janet eating her breakfast. "Please don't poop yourself on my watch." Vera said plainly as she seemed to stare through Janet. She took her phone out of her tiny purse and started texting on it. Vera was one of those perfect blonde beauties that was always stuck in her own little world. She seemed like the one girl that didn't want to be part of this nasty experiment. She simply wanted into the sorority so she could build the connections she needed for her future. Janet watched Vera as the girl seemed to ignore her. Janet took a spoonful of cereal and munched on it. She scooped a bunch of spoonfuls into her mouth, shoveling the sugary breakfast down her throat practically. When her bowl was finished she held her tummy and let out a burp. Vera looked up from her phone briefly and gave the girl a shrug of disbelief. "What? Aren't you going to say excuse me?" She cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse me.." Janet mumbled, looking down. She had to pee, so she just started doing it right there as Vera watched her. Janet thought it wouldn't be noticed, but since the room was so quiet in the morning the loud hissing noise from her diaper pretty much announced exactly what she was going. "Ew." Vera responded with a little eyeroll. Janet pouted and blushed. She just wanted to enjoy the wet feeling between her legs as she peed herself, but Vera had to be rude about it. Janet sat still until the stream ebbed. She got on all fours and crawled away from Vera, figuring the snob wouldn't care. Janet sat on the floor by the toy box and pulled out some Barbies, putting them into a car. She pretended the Barbies were in a high speed chase with the police, making quiet engine noises with her mouth. She was whispering stuff like "oh no, watch out!" and then making explosion sounds, raising the car in the air and then pushing it along the bookshelf. "Could you play a little quieter? Your big sister is trying to talk to someone over here." Vera said, not even looking up from her phone. Janet furrowed her brow and stared down Vera. She raised her middle finger at her and grabbed her soggy diapered crotch. She was of course able to get away with it since Vera was no paying attention. She was like a bad teenage babysitter who just used the phone all the time and didn't bother to watch the baby. Janet turned back around and played a little quieter with the toys on top of the shelf. She felt more warmth between her legs and looked down. She was peeing her diaper more and she barely felt it this time. She hoped the diaper would hold up during her outing today. When Vera's babysitting duties were over she just told Janet to put herself to bed for her afternoon nap. Vera sighed, feeling inconvenienced that she even had to lock up the bars to the crib. Vera looked down into the crib at Janet. "Um, thanks for not pooping. I'm really squeamish about that stuff." Vera said, revealing her true feelings on the subject. "Ashley told us we HAD to change you if you pooped and I just don't think I could have handled it." Vera looked off to the side, her arms hugged around her waist. "I really need to get into this sorority. Thanks again for not giving me a hard time." When Vera left Janet had more to think about. A lot of these girls weren't here for the sisterhood of the sorority. It seemed like most of them just needed the connections that this particular house had, especially with Ashley's family. Janet always thought the social structures within colleges were unfair and even bordered on dubious legality. Janet sucked her thumb and thought about how she was right about everything. At least she had the vindication of being right, but what she really hoped for was social change within the system. That might not happen with someone like Ashley involved. Her ambivalence weighed heavily on her now. She knew Ashley was not a good person most of the time, but she loved her so much. A nasty thought entered Janet's head as she thought about Ashley dressed in tight leather with revealing open panels like some very kinky dominatrix. In Janet's fantasy, Ashley was the queen mother of the house. Every girl was in diapers, bibs, and bonnets, pathetically rolling on the floor on their backs, crying as Ashley held dominion over all of them. Even Lydia was in a soaked diaper, sobbing loudly up at Ashley. And there was Janet, sitting on the floor beside her and hugging her leg. The fantasy was so naughty. Janet just about had a climax merely from thinking about it! She closed her eyes and smiled. Ashley came in later, decked out in a sunny dress and a big sun hat that protected her delicate skin. She was holding a basket and a handbag which she had to set down so she could unlock Janet from her crib. "Are you ready to come with me, baby girl?" Ashley said, a hint of excitement in her voice. She hugged Janet close and patted the girl on her rump. "Do you need a change before we go?" Janet shook her head no in response, not realizing how wet she was. Well, she knew she was wet, but she had no idea just how full those diapers actually were at this point! "Alright, baby girl." Ashley held Janet's hand. For once Janet wasn't shy or embarrassed about having to go out. The cute overalls gave Janet confidence to be seen in public. Lydia stood, leaning over the railing at the edge of the second story as she looked down at the two girls she would be in charge today while Ashley was gone. Lydia shook her head with a smirk like she knew something. Ashley buckled Janet's seatbelt as she got into her car. Naturally Ashley's car was an expensive little red sports car. Janet rubbed her hands on the plush seats. Ashley pulled out and started driving. Janet leaned back, tucking herself into the seat as if Ashley was driving too fast. Ashley seemed reckless with the way she took abrupt stops and rapid zero to sixty starts. She bobbed between traffic to and fro effortlessly. Janet was so nervous she pissed her soggy diapers a bit more. She clutched the seat under her, almost digging her nails into it. Once they were at the public park Ashley turned to Janet and saw the girl shivering and clutching at the seat below her. Ashley giggled. "Come on, it wasn't that bad. I thought a tough girl like you could handle a little fast and furious driving." "That was a little too fast." Janet pouted. She turned slowly to Ashley. "And too furious." Ashley tucked in her lips and tried not to laugh, but a snicker still came from her. She pat Janet on the back and then hopped out of the car. She ran over to Janet's side and unbuckled the seat belt for her. Ashley insisted on doing every little action for Janet to make her feel small and helpless. Janet wondered if Ashley just drove like that to scare her now. Ashley took Janet to a nice grassy patch in the middle of the park. She set down her handbag and then the picnic basket. She pulled the blanket out of the basket and flapped it open before laying it down on the ground. Ashley took all the neatly wrapped and Tupperwared food items out of the basket and placed them in the middle of the blanket. Janet sat across from Ashley while she set out some paper plates and napkins. Ashley unwrapped a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Janet and set it on the plate. She then opened some of the containers with the sides in them. "Go on, baby. Eat up!" Ashley said with a wide grin. Ashley sat with her legs crossed. Janet looked up Ashley's dress and saw that she wasn't even wearing panties today. There was no doubt now that Ashley was doing this on purpose to tease her. Ashley gave Janet a knowing look as the other girl was clearly staring at her pussy. Ashley seemed to be taking sensual bites of her food and flashing Janet some bedroom eyes. Ashley retrieved a juice box for Janet and poked the straw through the top for her. Janet wished she could have inserted the straw herself, but she was just grateful she wasn't sucking from a bottle today. Janet filled her tummy with the juice and then realized she had to pee yet again. This time it felt like it was going to be a full-on flood. She tried holding it in, groping at herself. That's when it dawned on her that her diaper was getting full. She stood up suddenly and looked around. "Ashley I need to use a bathroom right now!" Janet said, her voice panicked. "Just use your diaper, that's what it's for." Ashley shrugged "besides, I don't think people are going to be happy if you set your dirty butt on one of the public toilets around here." Janet gritted her teeth and stamped her feet. Ashley watched with wide-eyed amusement as Janet struggled to hold it. She couldn't hold it though. Pee was gushing out now and her diaper was slowly becoming deluged. Dark spots started to appear on either of her thighs as piss leaked from the leg bands of the saturated diaper. Janet whimpered and watched helplessly as she flooded into the nice new overalls. The dark stains on her pant legs grew and soon pee was dribbling onto the ground below her. She looked around nervously. She was peeing herself in such a public place! No one knew her here, but the shame of peeing herself out in public like this was too much to bear. She started to cry. She could hear the laughter of children behind her as she pissed all over herself. She stood with her legs parted, tugging at the sopping wet denim. She waddled towards Ashley, sobbing openly. "Oh Janet, what's wrong? I thought you'd be used to wetting yourself like a big baby by now!" Ashley giggled. "Why don't you sit back down and enjoy the rest of your picnic with me?" Janet sat her wet bottom back on the blanket. She sniffled and took a few more bites of food. She looked up across the blanket at Ashley who was still smiling and flashing her uncovered crotch from under her skirt. "Well I mean..." Janet looked over her shoulder, seeing some kids still spying on her and gossiping to each other as they looked on. Janet turned back to look at Ashley. "It's a little embarrassing, but I'm sad about getting my present wet." she says, pointing out the overalls. "Auntie Alice was so nice for making these for me and I pee peed on them!" Janet pouted and crossed her arms, looking angry with herself. "Oh, is that all, Janet? Silly little girl." Ashley shook her head. "I asked Alice to make you some adorable play clothes because I knew they would get dirty. It's all right if you get stains on these tomboy overalls. They're made for a little girl like you that plays kind of rough!" Ashley leaned forward, putting her hand between Janet's legs. She squeezed her crotch. The diapers made a wet squishing noise and leaked out the leg holes more, causing the dark spots on Janet's overalls to glisten and spread out further. It felt so good to have her diapered crotch groped, though being out in public like this made it a little less enjoyable. She bit her lip and nodded as Ashley explained things. It made sense to her. She remembered how as a little girl her mommy gave her play clothes and fancy dress-up clothes. Janet, being the tomboy she was, almost always wore the play clothes. "You know." Ashley spoke up, sipping some juice. "It would be cute to start you on potty training. I could get you some special little panties meant to catch accidents and stuff. I would bring over your old clothes to the nursery. Then I could watch you utterly fail at that and soil every last pair of pants you own." Janet frowned. She couldn't understand how Ashley could be so nice one minute and then cruel the next. It was like she was just acting whatever way suited her mood in that moment. Ashley watched the look on Janet's face twist as she tried to figure things out. Ashley let out a cruel laugh and leaned forward. She placed her hand on Janet's knee. "All right, that's enough teasing. Do you want me to change your diapy now?" Ashley looked at Janet with a kind smile, making herself appear nice and sweet. Janet puffed out her cheeks and grunted. Ashley tilted her head to the side, watching Janet a bit closer now. Muffled noises came from her backside. Thick logs of poop started to pile up in her diaper. Janet leaned forward, staring Ashley right in the eye. She then sat back down forcefully. A look of smug satisfaction grew on Janet's face as she spread her mess around inside the diaper. Since it was already waterlogged the diaper was seeping out a mess onto her thighs. Ashley's jaw hung open for a minute as she saw Janet's defiant but childish action. Her mouth shut again and she pressed her lips together. "Well played, baby girl. Well played." Ashley nodded in acknowledgement. "But now I think I will wait a bit before changing you. We'll see who lasts the longest." Ashley and Janet were in a standoff now. Ashley crossed her arms, watching Janet closely. Janet looked back and gave Ashley a cute and coy smile, placing a finger under her bottom lip. She made little kissy sounds at Ashley, flirting with her. She kept rubbing her butt against the blanket to mush the mess around further. "I can wait as long as I want for a diaper change. I'm so used to making messes. I pooped my diapers in my sleep last night." Janet crossed her arms. It didn't sound like something to brag about. Ashley was caught up in the competition at this point though. "Okay, fine, you win." Ashley said, putting food away in the basket. "I'll change your diaper. Now lie down and let's get started." She patted down the blanket in front of her. The color left Janet's face and her expression dropped almost immediately. "Wait, here?" Janet looked around. This was still a very open public park with a good handful of people in it. "Well I'm going to have to put those messy pants in a bag so we can take them home and wash them later. I can't have you sitting in my car and soiling my seats." She pulled on Janet's arm and made her lie down on the blanket. Janet was stronger than Ashley, but the skinnier girl caught her by surprise. Janet kicked her legs and threw a fit, but this just caused more attention to be drawn to her. "Janet you little brat! I've been giving you fresh clothes and diapers, I feed you, give you a place to live, and this is how you thank me?" Ashley grabbed one of Janet's ankles, raising it high in the air. She started bringing her hand down on Janet's rump. Everything got silent except for the repeated sound of Ashley's hand tapping Janet on her rear through denim and padding. Janet just lied there silently, not crying, but she did tear up a bit. "I'm sorry, Mommy." she finally said. Ashley slowed her spanks down. She looked around the park, realizing the scene that was being made by the both of them. Ashley actually felt bad about embarrassing Janet like this. She also worried someone might find her spanking another grown woman and think she was up to something weird and kinky (which she clearly was.) She helped Janet sit up and she yanked the blanket out from under her. It was pretty badly stained. She then helped Janet stand to her feet. "Let's get you home." Ashley muttered quietly, gathering her handbag, basket, and soiled picnic blanket. "But what about your car seat?" Janet asked, standing awkwardly with her legs parted. "I don't know! I'll just, like, put down a plastic bag or something." Ashley shook her head. "Come on, let's go." She grabbed Janet's wrist and pulled her towards her sporty little car. Ashley walked to the trunk and stuff everything in the back. She then searched for something to cover the seat. She found a garbage bag and brought it over to the passenger seat, laying it out for Janet to sit on. Ashley sat in the car and waited for Janet to get in. Ashley had the bright red face this time. It was a rare sight to behold. She cleared her throat and looked over at Janet who was waiting patiently for Ashley to buckle her in. Ashley sighed. "Oh darling..." She reached over to Janet's seat, pulling her seat belt over and buckling her in the seat. Ashley sat back and put on her own seat belt. "Ya know, Mommy's sorry too. Sometimes I get a little too caught up in, you know, doing the mean mommy stuff." she shrugged, looking down. She gripped her steering wheel and took in a deep breath. "I would never try to hurt you like Lydia though. I luhh-" Ashley got a weird look on her face as her tongue hung from her mouth. She almost said "I love you" to Janet! Janet lit up. She didn't say anything though. She looked forward while Ashley just sat silent and dumbfounded. Janet figured that Ashley would say the words when she was ready. With renewed awkwardness Ashley started up the car and drove Janet back to the sorority house. It was a silent drive back and not Ashley's usual energetic driving. Ashley quickly took Janet to her nursery. She rushed the girl in and propped the chair to the door like the last time. Ashley grabbed Janet passionately and put her lips to the big baby girl's mouth. This was a real kiss! Ashley's tongue danced around Janet's as she pushed forward. Janet stumbled backward until she slammed into the side of the changing table. Some of the baby wipe containers and puffy diapers spilled out onto the floor. Ashley pulled back and stared into Janet's eyes. "I love you, Mommy..." Janet spoke up first, hoping it would help ease Ashley into confessing her feelings. "Yeah, I know." is all Ashley said back. She unhooked Janet's overalls and flipped the straps over her shoulders. She shimmied the soiled clothing down to Janet's ankles and had her step out of them. There was poop all around her thighs and it was streaked down her legs. Ashley dropped the messy pants into a hamper and then took out some baby wipes. She tried wiping Ashley clean, starting around her feet and ankles, but there was quite a bit of mess all around. She tucked in her lips and then shook her head. "Well, shit..." Ashley tore the tabs on the sides of Janet's diaper, opening it up and very carefully carrying it to the diaper pail. She dropped the completely ruined diaper down the pail. She looked back as Janet who was a complete mess. Her diaper area was just coated and the mess had gotten to be too much to clean with just the baby wipes. "Okay, Janet. Looks like it's bath time." Ashley removed the chair from the door and took Janet out of the nursery. Janet nervously walked behind Ashley. Not only was Janet exposed, but she was totally covered in poop. The other girls in the house had seen her in this state before, but it hadn't stopped being embarrassing. Janet started regretting making such a big mess during her little protest in the park. Ashley walked Janet up the stairs to the good bathroom. Lydia was heading in that direction just at that moment. "Um, excuse me." Ashley called out. Lydia stopped at the door, putting her arm against the doorway. "As you can see we've got a little emergency here. Poopybutt made quite a mess and she needs a bath." "Well I need to use the toilet first. You know, like a grown-ass woman." Lydia stated firmly. "If it's an emergency why don't you use the tub in the downstairs bathroom." "Come on," Ashley scoffed. "I'm like, the president here, and that bathroom is for the lower tier sisters." "Yeah and this bathroom up here is reserved only for the three of us top tier sisters. The very rules you made up state that whoever of us gets to the bathroom or 'W.C.' first gets to use it first." Lydia shut the door in front of Ashley. "So wait your turn!" she said from behind the door. Janet felt even more embarrassed now as she stood there outside the bathroom. She couldn't even remember the last time she was allowed on a toilet. She couldn't believe she actually envied someone for using a toilet! It was just one of those things you take for granted until it is taken away from you. Janet listened to the sound of Lydia tinkling into the toilet. It was so unfair that such a mean girl was allowed to be all grown up while she had to get her mess washed off in the tub like a big baby! Kendra came up behind the two girls and held her nose. "Mierda!" Kendra said, waving her other hand at the air in front of her. "What in god's name happened here?" "Accident at the park." Ashley said with a shrug. "It was a big one this time." "Well could I please go in front of you? I don't want to use the bathroom after her stinky butt is in there." Kendra looked pretty annoyed. "Rules are rules. Whoever gets here first gets to go first." Ashley said, repeating Lydia's recital. Lydia opened the door just as Ashley said this. She was wiping her hands with a paper towel and staring down at Janet's half naked and poop covered body. She then gave a long hard look at Ashley before walking away silently. "The hell was that look for?" Ashley said, twisting her mouth to the side of her face. She took Janet into the bathroom and turned back to Kendra. "You could come in with us and use the toilet if you want. Maybe we can teach Janet something?" Kendra laughed and shook her head. "No, that's all right. I'll go use the downstairs toilet. Thanks anyway!" Kendra seemed to be in a much better mood after that gesture which just coincidentally would have embarrassed Janet further. Inside the ornately decorated bathroom Ashley locked the door. She stood with her back on the door and looked at Janet with a naughty grin. She stripped out of her skirt and then raised her top as well. She kicked off her shoes and used her toes to peel down each of her socks. Reaching behind her back she unhooked her bra, freeing her breasts. Now Ashley was completely naked with Janet. She neatly folded her clothes and set them on the sink countertop. She walked over to Janet and pulled off the messy girl's shirt, casually dropping it on the floor. She lead Janet into the tub and stepped in with her. Janet was excited to be in the large tub. She was never able to take a bath in her own tub as it was too cramped of a space to lie down. Before Janet could sit in the tub Ashley made the girl turn and face away. She took down the detachable shower head, holding it in her hand. She turned on the water and put her hand in front of the stream, waiting for it to get warmer. Once satisfied she pointed the warm water jet at Janet's butt. Janet squealed and laughed as she felt the water spray against her butt, parting her cheeks a bit from the sheer force of the jet. Ashley had to giggle as well, having fun hosing down the cute girl. She made Janet turn back around and started spraying down her crotch next. Janet bit her bottom lip, still giggling, but in a different way this time. She bent her legs and sighed as she felt the jet stream rinsing her. The dirty mess washed away, going down her legs and into the drain. Once Ashley felt pleased with a job well done she set the shower head aside and went about plugging up the tub. She started to fill the tub with warm water. She added some liquid soap to get the water all bubbly. "I'll have to remember to get some scented bubble bath for you." Ashley commented. She slowly sat down into the water with Janet. The two naked girls looked across from each other as the soapy water rose all around them. Ashley twisted her arm around and shut off the water. Ashley took a pink, plastic mesh loofah in her hand and lathered it up with soap. She drifted across the tub to Janet and hugged her. As she embraced the stinky girl she dipped the scrubber down into the water and started to wash Janet's butt deeper. Janet's body trembled from the closeness of her friend and the feeling of being washed down there. Ashley looked into Janet's eyes and planted a softer, more gentle kiss on her lips this time. The two girls' nude bodies pressed together in the big tub. Ashley easily and thoroughly cleaned Janet's lower half. She got her dirty front cleaned as well as her backside. Ashley dropped the loofah on the side of the tub and then climbed on top of Janet's body. She pressed her crotch right up against Janet's and started grinding against her under the water. The two girls looked deep into each others' eyes as they went back and forth against themselves. The water sloshed around, waves kicking up around them. Ashley closed her eyes and clutched Janet tightly. Janet held onto Ashley as well. She moved her legs around under the water to hook them around Ashley better. Their legs were intertwined and Janet was able to further grind their crotches together. Ashley raised her hand to her mouth, holding back her moans of pleasure as Janet showed Ashley her moves. Janet wanted to show her strength off a bit so she held onto Ashley's hips and raised the scrawny girl out of the tub. Janet was happy to finally return the favor to Ashley. Janet put her mouth to Ashley's cunt. First she dived her tongue between Ashley's lips. She then pulled up to flick against her clit. Ashley pressed her hand against her mouth harder to keep herself quiet. Janet knew how to hit Ashley's sweet spots. Janet sucked, pulling the clit into her mouth and teasing it with her tongue. Ashley did not pull away for a full two minutes, letting Janet do whatever she wanted with her body, but eventually she grabbed the girl's shoulders and pulled her away. "Okay okay, stop. Just... stop." Alice panted, catching her breath. She looked down at Janet. "We have to do this some other time." Janet could see the frustration in Ashley's face. Ashley didn't want to stop, but she didn't want to spend so much time in the bathroom as to make things suspicious. She stepped out of the tub and pulled the plug from the drain. She grabbed one of the giant, fluffy towels and started to dry off her body. Ashley beckoned Janet to come out and she did. Ashley wrapped a towel around Janet next. When the two towel clad girls exited the bathroom they saw Lydia standing right outside of it. Ashley turned slightly and motioned with a tilt of her head. "Go to your room, Janet." she ordered the girl. Janet sighed and nodded, leaving Ashley and Lydia alone to talk. "Why were you in the tub with that girl?" Lydia asked plainly as if it wasn't an invasive question. "You know how it is. I had to get in there to give her a full body wash. I couldn't bend over the tub without my clothes getting wet" Ashley shrugged at her very matter of fact explanation. Lydia chuckled and nodded, rubbing her chin. "Ohhh-kay, oooh-kay." she said, looking off to the side as the wheels started turning. "Ashley, I got to ask. Are you a lesbo?" She just flat out said it. "Me?" Ashley scoffed. "You know I'm the hottest and most desired girl here. People want me, not the other way around, and I only date guys. Besides, if I'm going to make out with anyone it's going to be a someone that's as hot as me." "You know, you say that..." Lydia waved her finger at Ashley, "but I notice the way you look at that little loser. The way you talk about her. The way you defended her at the party. I'm not stupid. I know something is going on. She doesn't just have the hots for you, but you want that nasty pissy cunt of hers." Ashley blinked several times. She melodramatically shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Just what is going on in that mind of yours, Lydia? Are you having fantasies about us or something?" Lydia laughed, shaking her head. "Nice try, but my parents wouldn't care if I was gay. Yours, on the other hand..." Ashley crossed her arms, putting on her serious face. "You think anyone's going to believe your absurd story?" Ashley stared the girl down. "My father wouldn't stand for someone slandering me like that, so you better watch what you say. You are treading very dangerous waters here, Lydia." She got up close in her face. Lydia put her hand on Ashley's chest and pulled her away, looking annoyed. "I may not have anything right now, but you're not as clever as you think you are." Lydia said, walking around Ashley in a circle. "I honestly don't care what kind of freaky shit you're doing, but I plan on running this sorority. If I'm head of the house that's going to open a lot more doors for me. Would be good to actually have some diversity in the long history of this place too." "So you're going to play dirty to try and get ahead." Ashley said. "That's pretty cheap." "Don't act like your kind haven't been gaming the system and moving the finish line every time I get a little closer to it." Lydia stated flatly. "Have fun playing with your little baby doll tonight. Enjoy your power while it lasts." Lydia turned and walked away. Ashley had kept herself looking calm and collected, but her heart was pounding through the whole exchange with Lydia. She couldn't get caught in a relationship with Janet, but at the same time she just couldn't give it up either. Ashley walked to her room to get a change of clothes for herself. She wanted to go downstairs to take care of Janet, but she was feeling rattled. She took out her phone and texted one of the pledges, Samantha. Sam agreed to go diaper Janet and get her dressed again. Ashley sighed and set her phone down. She wanted to cry, but she kept up her patrician facade. She flopped backward onto her big bed, wearing nothing at all. She stared up at the ceiling, deep in thought. Ashley had to just get through this semester and finish this experiment. Maybe some day, after school, after she could distance herself from her family, she could then finally be herself. For now though she had to just stick things out. She wiped her face before any tears could fall.
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    The next morning after being fed, got me dressed. Again, I had a pair of pants with snaps in the crotch and no fly. Another polo shirt went on. Looking in the mirror, I detected a slight change. Rather than the usual alligator on the breast of the shirt was a small teddy bear. I hoped nobody noticed. In English, our teacher reminded us our papers were due the next day. I had actually started on mine, but it was kind of rough. I mentioned this to the girls at lunch. Kim offered to help me with it if I came over that night. We asked Kaitlyn, but she begged off saying she had stuff of her own to do. I opened my insulated lunch bag. Previously, I’d been buying lunch in the school cafeteria, but mom packed me a lunch this morning. I pulled out a sandwich and some cookies. I caught a glimpse of what was inside and shut the bag quickly. Kaitlyn gave me a strange look. I pushed the bag over to her, and she peeked inside and then shut it. “Your mom’s going to expect you to have drunk that,” she said. “Yeah, but I’ll do it later, in private.” I got up to throw my trash away when Kayla came up and patted my rear end. “Nice butt,” she said in passing. Great. It had not escaped her notice. After school, we got in the car. As I headed down the road, I reached into the lunch bag and pulled out the unconsumed item. It was apple juice in a baby bottle. Kaitlyn removed the top for me, and I chugged it down. “Thanks,” I said to her as I let her out at her house. She gave me a quick peck and told us she’d see us tomorrow. We pulled up at Kim’s and went inside. “Mom, I brought Jason home, we’re going to work on his English paper.” Kim’s mom came out and nodded approval. “Let’s get you changed,” she said leading Kim off. A few minutes later Kim returned. She was wearing a very short romper with short poofy sleeves. I thought she looked cute. “You’re next,” Kim’s mother said leading me into the bedroom. She took my pants off and removed my diaper and plastic pants. She put a new diaper on me and then rummaged in a drawer a bit and returned. “I’m sure your mother wants you out of your school clothes,” she said taking my polo shirt. She gave me a pink T-shirt. “This should fit, it’s big on Kim.” I put it on. “And you’ll need clean plastic pants. The ones you had on were a bit smelly.” She pulled a pair of white plastic pants over my diaper. I got up and looked in the mirror and then reached back and felt my butt. These had a ruffle sewn on the rear. I went out to the dining room where Kim was reading my paper at the table. She looked up. “Real cute,” she said. I turned to let her see. “Yours is cute, too,” I said. I sat down and felt the ruffle brush the chair as I did. We got to work. Kim’s mom brought us each a bottle was we worked and we sucked and discussed the paper. Soon we had revised it sufficiently, and I bade them a good bye. Kim’s mother handed me a paper bag. “Your school clothes and the dirty diaper are inside. You can bring back the stuff you’re wearing some other time.” I stood there dumbfounded for a second. She expected me to wear this getup home? Surely she had also talked to my mother so she would be waiting on the other end. What could I do? Kim sensed my predicament and came up and gave me a kiss. “It will be OK,” she whispered in my ear. Then she gave me a longer kiss. I thanked h er and headed out the door. I took a quick look around and started to my car. I breathed a little easier when I was inside and the door closed. Still, I was sitting there in a T-shirt and diaper, a pink shirt and frilly diaper at that. I’d need to be careful driving home. I could imagine getting stopped like this. I got home without further incident. I looked around and carefully got out of the car and went inside. “Well, don’t you look , cute,” my mother said. “That seems to be the consensus,” I said. Mom told me dinner was ready and led me to the highchair and put the bib on me. I endured another feeding of mush and then allowed my mom to wipe my face. She gave me the bottle, and I sucked on it and thought about that long kiss from Kim. The good with the bad, I thought. The good with the bad.
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    62.) "Koi, sweetheart, Luzy is having some troubles — would you help me for a moment?" "Troubles…?" "She has momentary episodes relating to her time away." "Time away…?" Koi approached cautiously, and Nora nodded her head. "In April, last year." "Oh…" The Japanese girl looked like she was processing, and then looked at Luzy, and Nora. "What can I do to help?" "Put your hand on her cheek, and tell her big sis is here, Little Luzy." "CUT IT OUT!" I finally managed to pull my arm free of Nora's, looking angrily up at her with glossy eyes. "I am not having any TROUBLES! You're crazy!" I turned to Koi, to tell her we're leaving, but her hand slipped to the back of my neck and I felt my back hit the wall. Her lips were close to mine again… "Big sis is here, Little Luzy." Koi kept her lips close to her best friend’s, and her hand in place, and pressed her forehead to hers, smiling. "Big sis is here, and if you forgot how much I care, I'll have to kiss you again to prove it, my little Luzy." Nora watched, an arms length away, and smiled, lightly nodding her head in approval. I pushed the girl as hard as I could, which any other day of the week would have worked just fine, but today, it didn't. She stayed there, close to me, and I felt the life drain out of me. Little tears sat on my cheeks as I stayed quietly pinned to the wall. I swallowed hard, rubbing my eyes. In response, Koi kissed her friend’s lips, her fingers moved past her face, played with her hair, and the back of her neck, only moving back to her cheek when she pulled back her lips. "Big sis is here, and so is Miss Nora, and she cares about you very very much." Nora, whom was, at this point in time, vastly impressed with the manner in which Koi was conducting herself. She could actually be useful here! The kiss lingered. I let it. When she pulled away, she cautiously stepped back. I blinked the stars out of my eyes and looked up at the two women. I pushed myself further back against the wall, nervous, and looked at my feet. Had I done something wrong…? Why were they looking at me like that… Nora knew about the dissonance between the two selves, of course, the unstable limp by which there was no parity, but Koi wouldn't be aware, so the woman spoke first. "Luzy, you blanked out for a moment there, do you know where you are?" "You're safe, precious." Nora looked at Koi and smiled slightly, and they both reached out and took one of Luzy's hands each, squeezing and rubbing reassuringly. I pulled back from the both of them, nearly tripping as I stumbled backward. I leaned against the wall, nervous, and looked around the hallway. Familiar hallway. I had a bedroom somewhere around here. I looked back at the two women. They were familiar too. The one, the tattle tale. And the other… she… she was the one asking me about laces… I think… Koi recognized that look, that expression of confusion, eyes-wide and lost, and she looked at Nora before taking a breath. Here goes nothing. "Hey Little Luzy," The term was used as much for Koi's differentiation as it was for any other reason. She lifted the back of her top and turned to the side. "You wanna come unwrap me again? You remember? I'm like a present, right?" This was new to Nora — had Koi inadvertently triggered Little Luzy of her own accord before? I looked at the girl, at the woman behind her, and at the laces. I stood nervously in the corner for a long while before I was prompted again. "It's okay. You can do it." My chest ached. I looked at the woman's curious face, and at the girl again. I remembered this. I just… didn't remember much of it. I took half a step from the wall, and hesitated. With a nervous glance, I lifted my arms up and started undoing the laces. "See, it's like unwrapping a present, isn't it? Only special people are allowed to unwrap me, though, special people like my pretty little sister — that's you, you know." Koi really knew how to run with a bit, and Nora watched as Luzy, calmer than maybe she'd ever seen her, dutifully tugged on the corset laces. "Have you done this before, Little Luzy?" "Oh, she definitely has, she's the best corset unlacer in the whole world." I looked up at the woman with a frown of nervousness, but the expression faded away at Koi's compliment. I almost even smiled. When I was done, when the laces were completely loose, I took another step backward, but not quite pressing myself to the wall. I wasn't exactly comfortable, but I was at least feeling a bit better. "You know, little sis, I think you've proven how good an unlacer you are." Koi pulled the baby-pink soft-boned corset from her torso and smiled at the nervous girl. "I think you're finally ready to wear a corset, jus' like your big sis. Do you wanna be just like your big sis?" Koi had exactly zero experience with kids, but she knew when she was growing up that she wanted to be just like her older siblings. "Oh now, I don't think she'd be too interested in that…" Nora trailed off, though, because Luzy had raised her hand and was gently touching the corset. "…um… okay…" Koi smiled happily and Nora looked at me in bewilderment. I mean, I didn't really care about the corset, but… I was curious. And if it was my big sister's, then it wasn't for babies like this silly nightgown. Not that it wasn't cute… I bit my lip, blushing quietly. "Okay, let's see…" Koi handed the corset to Nora, and then turned back to her best friend, now apparently little sister. "I'm gonna lift your night-gown up up up, and big sis needs you to hold it, okay?" Her fingertips bunched up the night-gown as she lifted it up all the way to Luzy’s neck, and then smiled. "Hold it here for me, princess." She took the corset back from Nora with a shared bewildered look, and then turned back to the girl — she'd only vanity lace it for her, barely right at all, the way that poser goth kids did. Koi looked at me curiously, an expression I didn't recognize, and then turned back to the woman behind her. I hesitated, my cheeks turning pink. I didn't know why she cared so much about my underwear… "Turn around for me." I turned around. I felt the corset pulled against my chest and kept glancing over my shoulders at the woman and the girl. I didn't like having my back facing them… "Oh this is going to match your pretty undies.” As much as a corset could patch padded training panties with ponies on them “And you are going to be just the prettiest little princess." The laces didn't pull tight, just tight enough to tie, and she'd do a very decorative bow with the laces, too. Nora watched and wondered, deciding to test the waters. "Sweet Luzy girl, you make sure to let a grown up know when you need to go potty, okay? I know it can sneak up on girls your age." "I'm not a baby," I said flatly. "Come on now, Luzy. Please, for me?" I hesitated, shaking my head, and looking down at my feet. The girl continued to lace up the corset, then, when she was done, pulled the nightgown back down over my body. I was still blushing when I turned around. “Fine… but I'm not a baby…" "Of course you're not, you're a big girl." That was Koi. She looked over her shoulder at Nora for approval, and then back at her friend. "Maybe I could put some bows in your hair, little sis? I bet that…” Who was Nora? Who was she to Little Luzy? She was…something safe. "Aunt Nora has some pretty ones, because your cousins are about your age, aren't they? Izzy, and Anni?" Nora nodded in agreement. "Well, they're not as much of a big girl as you are, princess, but they do have many pretty bows. Would you like to see?" I hesitated, looking up at the woman, and then at Koi. Koi smiled at me, so I nodded my head. This whole thing had me on edge… "Okay…" We went down the hall toward one of the bedrooms, but then I saw someone down the other end. Someone I remembered. Rissa. She was with another girl, someone I didn't recognize. I ran across the hall as fast as I could, grabbing Rissa's sleeve and standing right behind her, putting the girl between me and the older women. Without thinking, I buried my head into her shoulder. Koi looked surprised. Nora less so. Somewhere in between that was Anni. Ister, however, did not look surprised at all, as far from it as could be. Instinctively, she cuddled the girl close to her and kissed the top of her head as she hummed to her. "Loozy, my favorite." The word favorite meant something important to all of Doctor Lorie's girls; every one of them longed to be his favorite, so much so that being called one-another's favorite was potent and impactful and a wonderful feeling of pride. I melted into her arms and curled up tight against her. I didn't want to let her go. "They're scaring me," I muttered into her ear. "I don't like this place… she said Daddy's not here no more… she's playing tricking games…" I felt tears on my cheeks. She felt tears on her shoulders. Ister didn't know what stories had been laid out, what pieces had been put into place, she didn't want to spoil anything, and so she simply smiled and played with the girl’s hair even as she sobbed, whispering. "It's all going to be okay, I promise, that lady is taking care of me, and she wants to take care of you, too. She wants to help us, uhhuh." That was ambiguous enough. "Little sis? Would you like to introduce me to your friend?" I looked at Koi with surprise and frustration, but it faded as the memories of just minutes ago came back to me. I bit my lip and played with my fingers in Rissa's top. "…this is Rissa," I muttered, looking at the woman. I tugged on Rissa's sleeve and nodded toward the girl. "Who is she?" I asked her in a whisper. "That's Koi, you knew you before you came to the house, and she loves you very much. I think she's your friend, and she's very sweet. We can trust her, we can trust what she says." Nora and Koi shared furtive glances, only faintly able to hear what Ister was saying. I hesitated, looking from Rissa to Koi. Koi. It sounded familiar… I guess… "…that's Koi," I told her, as if I was keeping up the facade of introductions. Koi and the woman behind her both smiled at me, contemplative. It was easy to tell. I curled back into Rissa's shoulder, nervously biting my lip. "It's okay, Luzy, I trust her so it's going to be all okay, you'll see. I take care of you all the time, don't I? I make you feel nice, don't I? So you can trust me, and tha' means you can trust Koi." One at a time, Koi first, and then Nora — Nora had messed up by using the M word, after all. Baby steps, unironically. "Y-you wanna come do bows…?" Rissa smiled and patted my head. "Sure. Let's do bows." Rissa and I went past Koi and the woman, into the bedroom I was familiar with. She sat me down on the bed and fetched a hairbrush, and together, we worked on our hair. Anni - the young girl - followed behind us. I trusted her - it's easy to trust children.
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    The Jig-Saw. It just wasn't the day for a family row, but I walked into one. It was, alas, the day of Granpa's funeral, and the whole family had gathered at Pembroke House to attend the service. The problem had boiled up with Caroline, Vickie's daughter, who was objecting to Pembroke Rules being applied to her. She was eight, no less, and was quite capable of going through the school day - and some nights as well - without wetting herself. To be subjected to wearing a nappy in the daytime was altogether too, too much. She had "forgotten" to stock the changing bag which her mother had brought all the way up from Cornwall, but had betrayed herself by wetting during the five- or six- hour journey on a broiling-hot summer's day. Fortunately she had had a nappy on, but Vickie was still furious with her. The shouts from the nursery were audible all the way down to the hallway of the great house, and I joined the task force of Mums as they set off up the stairs to support the beleaguered Vickie. My twin daughters, Katherine and Elizabeth, scenting blood, followed close behind me; after a long traffic-jam on the motorway, they were also in need of a change. We arrived at the scene and formed into line of battle. Caroline stood with her arms folded before the changing table, spitting defiance at all of us. It appeared that Vickie had perhaps been a little tactless. Yes, poor Caroline had had an accident, and needed a change, but there were no fresh nappies in the bag. It had been her job to pack the bag and bring it, and her omission was all too understandable. At the advanced age of eight, she was at last gaining some control over her treacherous bladder, and at home and school was out of nappies during the daytime. Unfortunately, this wasn't home or school, this was Pembroke, and Aunt Claire, the mistress of the house was jealous of her beautiful carpets and furnishings. Claire's contribution hadn't helped. Although she had no disposables in the house, the big trunk in the attic had yielded up some old terry nappies and pants carefully stored after her own daughters had managed to get themselves dry, and one lovely soft terry nappy was even now folded on the great changing-table in invitation of Caroline's most reluctant bottom. Not unnaturally, Caroline was refusing to put up with the indignity; disposables, discretely worn under a skirt were bad enough, but a huge terry-clad bottom was the preserve of a toddler, and Caroline had a strong sense of her own dignity. I could sympathise with her predicament, but at the same time I felt envious. I could remember those big nappies, how they had given me such a sense of security when I was lying in the cot, one leg bent and resting against the bars, and in this very room. I remembered looking down at the white heap of plastic pants over my groin and exulting in the slow release of my water into them, making it last as long as possible, but then of course, it was very private and I didn't have a host of people watching me. The impasse was broken by the arrival of Simon, Caroline's father, dressed in full uniform for the funeral of the admiral, and looking hugely impressive. He thanked us all, which was taken as a dismissal, and all the Mums left the room with the exception of me and my two daughters, whose nappies were now visibly sagging with wetness. Simon then turned to his daughter, and she promptly gave up the fight, submitting to being hoisted onto the changing table. My mind took me back to the times Peter had changed me on that table, and how I had played him up so gleefully; it was worth wetting my nappy in order to get him to do it. Poor Caroline didn't realise just how lucky she was. Then, horror of horrors, Simon secured her with the old seat belt strap, which had been fitted to restrain the ebullience of Hal, Claire's youngest. Caroline bit her lip, but said nothing as Vickie caught and held her hands well up and clear of her nappy area; her humiliation was complete Caroline responded by deploying her main armament; she burst into tears. Simon was nonplussed, and started to turn red. It was time to intervene. I offered him a nappy from our changing bag - I had bought some spares in anticipation of a long day of Pembroke Rules, and he accepted gratefully. Caroline sniffed her tears, and the operation was concluded without further delay. Caroline murmured her thanks, which surprised me, and waddled off towards the door, hand in hand with Vickie, as Simon admonished her not to dare to take her nappy off on pain of a spanking. I turned towards my twins, who had watched the whole proceedings with fascination. "Right, who's first?" I uttered, intending to divide and rule. To my surprise, Katherine stepped forward and climbed the steps to the changing table with something like enthusiasm, pulled up her dress and allowed me to untape her nappy and wipe her down. Then she laid herself down, and to my astonishment she picked up the strap and offered the end to me. I demurred, as I didn't agree with that approach, and she wasn't wriggling. As I turned to take a fresh nappy out of our changing bag, Elizabeth stepped forward, took the end of the strap and fastened it into the buckle before strapping her sister down tightly. She then went to the head of the table and held her sister's hands carefully out of the way. I didn't argue - there were two of them and I often lost, so I got on with my daughter's nappy and asked no questions. I was, however, very unhappy. I knew they were playing a game, but I didn't like the implications. As I was taping up Katherine, Juliet came in with Sally, her younger daughter, bent on a similar mission, and took in the whole picture in one sweep. "Great idea," said Juliet, grinning, "I'll have to get one of those installed at home for Sally!" Sally made no remark, but her outraged expression made any reply unnecessary. I released Katherine from the strap and the table, and Elizabeth actually ran to the steps to take her place. I played along with the new game, removed her wet nappy and strapped her down. "I must say it makes things easier," I said to Juliet, " They can't wriggle so much and it keeps them quiet" as Elizabeth gave her arms up to be held by her sister. I unfolded another nappy. "How's Sally getting on?" I noted Sally beginning to blush. Elizabeth raised her knees to her chest to allow me to slide the fresh nappy under her bottom. I noted she was smiling, which caused me further misgivings. Juliet replied: "So-so. She's dry all day, but soaks herself at night, and on long car journeys. We kept her in nappies for the trip to Switzerland, and had to change her only once in a rest area on the autoroute. She was as good as gold!" I nodded. It had been a fight when we tried to do that with the twins, and the solution had been that, for long journeys, we simply nappied them in their thick night-nappies, and risked the nappy-rash - we just used plenty of cream. I cast off Elizabeth, and vacated the changing table for Juliet - it was obvious that she hadn't just come in here to admire the wallpaper - and she gently pushed Sally towards it. Sally was going as red as a beetroot, and I decided it was time to give them some privacy, so I moved towards the door, gesturing to my twins to follow me. They held back. "Can we stay and play with Sally and Caroline, please?" and I could hardly refuse. Sally's wet nappy thumped into the basket, and Juliet turned to the changing bag she had brought with her. Caroline emerged from her corner; Caroline and Sally had been born on the same day, had largely been brought up together, and always supported each other in a crisis. As Juliet turned back with a fresh nappy in her hand, Sally sat up and said "Can I do it myself, please Mum?" and Juliet paused before acquiescing. She opened the nappy and passed it to Sally, who laid down again and arched her back to centre the nappy underneath her bottom. Juliet leaned forward and pulled the front of it up between her daughter's legs, and Sally taped it down very carefully. It was an altogether different process to that which Caroline had suffered, and it reflected their different personalities; Katherine was quick and impulsive, Sally more calm and patient. Sally's elder sister, Holly, arrived in the nursery. Juliet looked up; "What? Not you too?" which went down very well with the younger children, but not with Holly, who was eighteen now and very conscious of her maturity. As the laughter died down she told us that the cars had arrived and it was time to go. As it was thought inappropriate for young children to go to a funeral, they were handed over to Holly to look after while the grown-ups observed the necessary rites. The funeral itself was very impressive and dignified, with a large turnout of Granpa's old Navy friends and protégés in their uniforms - enough gold braid for a coronation, after which everybody returned to Pembroke for a buffet meal. After the guests had departed I retrieved the changing bag and went to look for the children , finding them at the bottom of the garden by the old pond, lying in the grass sunbathing, with the exception of my two, who were sitting on the bathing-step dabbling their feet in the water. I recognised the danger signals and asked them if they were still dry. "No," they replied in unison, and Katherine added: "Just had a little accident." I groaned. Dabbling feet in cold water always had that effect. I was amazed they admitted it in front of Sally, Caroline, and the boys, but that was the way it was in our family, and the boys knew it was more than their lives were worth to jeer. "Well, come on then, there's no point in getting a rash, and in this heat it's a real danger." I said, and reluctantly they began to climb off the stone steps. I looked round at the other girls. Sally looked back at me, shrugged, and said she'd been to the toilet. I congratulated her. She was a sensible child and could manage school without accidents, and Pembroke Rules were a bit unnecessary for her, but when the children were hard at play it was all too easy to leave it too late. It was a long way up the garden to the house and nursery, but there was the little grassy bower close at hand which was fairly private, so I decided to change them there. Unfortunately it was occupied. Gran was sitting on the bench watching the children at play, basking in their youth and exuberance. She was smiling - the first time I had seen her so since Granpa's first stroke, and I didn't want to disturb her. I asked her if she minded me changing my daughters on the lawn. The two girls froze with embarrassment. "Never mind me, my dears, I've seen it all before." she replied, "So many times. I've even changed you here in the old days, Amelia." My daughters were suddenly all ears. "Did you really, Great Gran?" they chorused. Little so-and-sos - I couldn't deny it. In fact I had rather enjoyed it, lying in the cool sweet grass, particularly when Peter had done it, as he had done once or twice. I had better not go into that. My childhood crush on Peter was now firmly tucked away in the back of my mind, listed under the heading of "Precious Memories". Worse, it brought back the time Matt had done it, but that was when I was much older and was to be kept very, very private. "Well, I tried to," she continued, "but she would wriggle so much." The children burst out laughing, and I felt myself begin to redden. That wasn't the example I wanted to set my two; they were inclined to play up at the best of times. I had wriggled for Matt, too, but not in the same way. "Was that long ago?" asked Katherine, gently pushing the issue. Gran demurred. "Not so very long ago," she replied, "but she was a bit older than you are now." "And still in nappies?" asked Elizabeth joyfully. They were delighting in this, but I was looking for a hole I could crawl into. "Oh yes!" continued Gran, "Wet every night until she was eleven, and quite often in the daytime too. We had to keep her in nappies because we didn't want accidents in the house. Sometimes she used to play down here without one, but it was important to put one on her before we went back up the garden. She used to hate it, but it was very necessary." Yes, I used to hate the indignity, but I quite liked the nappies. They made me walk a bit funny, but the sense of security was worth it - I knew I wouldn't be scolded if I had a little accident, and those accidents would come so swiftly and without much warning. They made me feel a bit special, and I liked the attention I got from the family; I was the only small child in the family at that time, and tended to get overlooked otherwise. I liked the smooth pillow between my legs, and the feeling of being held tightly there. I didn't have to worry about using my nappy, because it was accepted I was in them, and it was sometimes easier than breaking off my game and going all the way to the lavatory. It made me think for a moment; perhaps I should be stricter with my two, but I knew it would have had little effect, apart from requiring endless fruitless nagging. I had been forgiven my many little accidents in exchange for wearing nappies with minimal protest, so I could hardly deny my semi-continent daughters the same privilege. I took advantage of the twin's bemusement with Gran's disclosures, and undid the tapes on Elizabeth's nappy. I well knew that once the nappy was down, there was no turning back, and the change proceeded normally. I wiped her down, plonked her into the middle of a fresh dry nappy and taped her up, finally smoothing her sundress down so that it covered almost all of it. She made no objection. Just then I heard Peter's voice from behind me. "Oh, a nappy change on the lawn. Lucky thing! I remember when I used to change your mother here in the old days, just like that!" "Did you really, Uncle Peter?" came the chorused response as my hackles rose. "Well, I tried to, but she was such a wriggler. It was like putting nappies on an eel." Both girls shrieked with laughter. I let go of Elizabeth and made a grab for Katherine but missed. Both the girls trotted over to Peter and I recognised the signs - they were getting a crush on him, and I couldn't blame them. I had done exactly the same when I was small - in fact when I was not quite so small. "Was that long ago?" they asked. I began to recognise the technique, the kids were enjoying my embarrassment. "Not so very long ago," Replied Peter, winking at me, "But she was even older than you are now." "And still in nappies?" said Elizabeth gleefully. I scowled at Peter and unfolded a fresh nappy., waved it at him and pointed at Katherine. It was here that Katherine made her big mistake. She had, as usual, become overconfident and thought she could handle Peter as easily as she handled her doting great-grandmother. "Did you do it the same way?" she said, hoping to spin the issue out to my greater embarrassment. "Oh, yes," said Peter, "Just like this!" and he up-ended Katherine and dropped her neatly onto the dry nappy. She screamed, she wriggled, but it was too late - he had her wet nappy off in a moment. I moved forward with the wipes, but he simply took a handful and wiped Katherine down. She stopped wriggling and lay still, obviously enjoying the unusual sensation, and Peter duly pulled the nappy up between her legs and taped her in. I looked on, and I actually envied her. It was exactly like the way he used to change me, and my body responded accordingly. Just then Matt's voice interrupted. "Oh! Nappy change on the lawn! Lucky thing! I remember when..." - I gave him my Kilowatt scowl, but he went on - "I used to change..." - a soggy nappy flew past his head - " ...your mother just there." I reached for the other wet nappy but it was too late, he had got his line out and the damage was done; the twins were hooting with laughter and my dignity was in tatters. I chased Matt out of the bower with the nappy in my hand, but he was too fast for me and escaped into the vastness of the lawns. I went back into the bower to recover my changing bag, and saw Gran shaking with laughter. It was the first time I had seen her laugh in the long year while Granpa had been so ill. "You didn't really play babies with Matt did you?" the said, "I'm amazed how he could ever put up with it!" "He loved it! It was just a game." Gran shook her head, tears of laughter running down her cheeks. "I used to play the fool with Nurse." She said, " I would even wet deliberately, but I certainly never dared to try it with Granpa. Bit too late now!" For a moment a cloud passed over her face. I had to think of something. "I played it with Peter, too. But that was a bit more genuine.. I had to tease him into changing me." Gran's eyes narrowed. "I always thought there was more to Peter than met the eye." she said, "It was always quite surprising how he accepted Juliet's problem, even though we had briefed him before." My jaw dropped. It had always been one of Juliet's great stories, how Peter had looked over the garden wall, seen Juliet sitting there in her nappy, and still climbed over to meet her. The last piece of the jigsaw had fallen into place. Gran, always the arch-schemer, had set it all up. I looked across to where Peter and Juliet were sitting with their three children. Plainly it had been a successful plot, and nicely handled. She had hit Juliet at exactly the moment when she was turning into a woman, and was desperately depressed about her mother's illness, and by good fortune had got it exactly right. She had brought out the protector side of a teenage boy, and that took quite a bit of doing. If I had still had my hat on, I would have taken it off to her.
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    I'm not sure why people on this site immediately fire down at someone who makes a post, just because some of you have not experienced various scenarios or fantasy scenes, doesn't mean they never happened. Why not give some of the new people a break and jut a little bit of rope with their first post, if they're bull shitting, they'll hang themselves down the road, personally, I believe Dizzy, there are women out there that WILL grant a person their fantasy, I know from first hand experience. All I'm saying is, if none of you have anything positive to post about another persons post, just close it out and move on to something more to your, personal preferences.
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    Here's the next part, thanks for reading Please comment if you enjoy it - tell me what you like the best. SGTbaby has already affected the story a bit with her feedback! ======= Part 4 When I woke up, I was in the swing in the living room, still in the sleeper. I looked around but I couldn't spot April anywhere. The pressure on my bladder was strong, so I let it go and felt the thick nighttime diaper grow warm and heavy between my legs. I tried not to think about the RoboNanny or the feelings from the night before. My tummy grumbled and I was looking forward to breakfast. April made killer bacon and I got a strip or two most mornings with a bottle of orange juice. Breakfast was a rare occassion where I got to feed myself entirely on my own, and I cherished it. Unbidden, I smiled remembering falling to sleep in April's loving arms. It felt good to be loved like that. "Okay, great, I'll see you tonight," April was saying as she hung up her phone, walking from the kitchen into the living room. "Well good morning, Sleeping Cutie. I already finished eating, but I saved you a piece of bacon." She looked good today, she was usually a skirt-and-top kind of girl, but today it was yoga pants and a t-shirt, a very different look for her. I liked it. "Yay!" I exclaimed, determined to start the day off on the right foot with April. I raised my arms joyfully into the air and beamed. "Oh my, someone is in a good mood today, I am so glad," she stopped the swing and retrieved me from it, carrying me into the kitchen. The odds of getting changed before breakfast were nil, I just hoped she'd remember the mittens before she put me in the high chair, but I didn't think I'd score any points by pointing it out myself. Nope. She dropped me in the high chair, my thick diaper squishing beneath me. I held up my hands a little less than subtly, under the guise of waiting for the tray. She caught the hint and said, "Silly Mommy," stripping the sleeper off of me with remarkable speed and leaving me in the high chair in just a diaper. I felt extremely uncomfortable with my breasts exposed.. they weren't large, I was on the small side of B, but it still felt strange to be topless. I actually felt better when she tied the bib, no words - just a big butterfly today - around my neck, covering my chest. The tray was snapped into place and a hunk of bacon the size of my forearm was presented to me, with a sippy cup of juice! "Thank you so much!" I said happily as I took a sip of the juice and started in on the bacon. April just laughed, sitting down to watch me eat. She grabbed a guitar from the corner in the living room and started playing some chords. I only knew a tiny bit about music, I'd tried the guitar a couple of times but gave up because it was too hard. I couldn't read music and I couldn't tell you the name of a note by hearing it, but I could memorize chords and progressions. Listening to April while I ate was nice, she was a real professional. Her transitions were smooth and her timing was always perfect. I'm sure I looked hilarious to her, holding one single piece of bacon between both hands and gnawing on it like a squirrel. She watched me, smiling, never missing a beat while I devoured my slice of bacon with a big smile on my face and then drained the juice. The one Amazon-sized slice of bacon left me very full, it was exactly what I wanted this morning. "All done!" I said happily, I really did feel happy but I was hamming it up a bit for April's benefit. Snuggling her last night was so, so, so much better than going to sleep alone in the crib. I wondered if she'd let me join her again tonight. I remembered the sound of her heartbeat which had lulled me to sleep. "You're such a messy girl," April teased, using the bib to wipe off my fingers and face, "Good thing you always wear a bib!" She tickled me and I laughed, and despite how bizarre this all was... it felt good. It felt good to make her happy, knowing that she really did care about me. "Hmm, looks like you don't really need a change just yet, which is fine. I have chores to do," she carried me to the living room and deposited me in the playpen, one of those collapsible ones with the mesh walls. "Cold!" I whined, holding my arms to me, hoping she'd give me a shirt.. I really didn't like being topless. "Oh Kimmy," April sighed and strode off. I pulled myself to my feet in the playpen. Standing upright, I couldn't see over the padded border to the mesh walls. I could probably scale it if I really needed to, but that would just make things harder. One thing was for sure, this world had no shortage of ways to restrain me. April came back a few moments later holding a white shirt with ruffled pink sleeves that read, "Cutie Pie" in fancy cursive lettering, and pulled it on over my head. "Thank you," I smiled and sat down. April gazed down at me, with a wide but soft smile, "You really are special, little Kimmy." And with that, the day continued, me trapped in a playpen while April buzzed about the house, cleaning and straightening.. with an occassional music break. -- The time in the playpen turned out not to be all that bad.. I hadn't noticed before, but the blocks in the playpen were actually a brain teaser, the kind you had to turn a certain way and it came apart, then you had to work to put it back together. I actually loved puzzles like these, I would spend some of my precious free time back home doing one of these in an afternoon. April checked in on me periodically, pleased that I had discovered the true purpose of the toy, and she showered me with praise when she came back and it was done. "My little Kimmy! I knew you were a clever one, the adoption agency told me not to bother with brain toys, but I just knew you would be able to do them. I am so proud of you," she leaned down and kissed me on the head, "I'm almost done - you took a lot longer with that toy than an Amazon child would, but I'm really impressed. And you have almost perfect timing. It's almost lunchtime and I bet you're soaked." I was actually a little dumbfounded at the remark... that puzzle was hard, like, "join the puzzle club" hard. I suddenly felt a renewed sense of intimidation at the new world I inhabited and it made a bit more sense why the Amazons looked down on Littles the way they did. Before I could say anything, April was off.. which was probably for the best, she seemed to really be enjoying my short, child-like replies this morning and nothing I wanted to talk about right then would qualify. Figuring a diaper change was coming soon, I took a moment to flood the nighttime diaper again. This way I would get to enjoy the comfort of a clean one as long as possible. Sure enough, I was whisked off to the nursery shortly after, where I was changed into a fresh diaper and had a pair of shortalls pulled on over my "Cutie Pie" shirt. She pulled my hair up into pigtails and tied them each with a small pink bow.. even tied up in high pigtails that way, the bottoms still brushed past my shoulders. She clipped my pacifier to the shortalls but didn't stick it in my mouth before she picked me back up. As April carried me back to the living room, I saw the two of us in the mirror in the hallway... and there I was, being carried on the hip of a beautiful giant, my hair in pigtails and an obvious diaper bulge under the snap-crotch shortalls. I looked every bit the baby that April treated me as, and my heart sank a bit. Maybe I was getting too comfortable with this, maybe I needed to resist just a bit more. I didn't want anyone to think I liked it, after all... -- The rest of the day went uneventfully, I continued to be good, April and I played some game-type activities where she cheered for me a lot and we watched some cartoons, until the doorbell rang late that afternoon. I found myself in the playpen again while April answered the door. Lisa was here to babysit, April was going to go out.. I felt a pang of panic, but calmed myself. Everything would be fine, Lisa liked me now, nothing bad was going to happen. I suddenly felt very worried and just a touch sad, I didn't want April to go. April took care of me, April kept bad things from happening to me. Would Lisa even be able to do the same? Lisa strode in, jeans and a cute top, immaculate makeup as always. She walked right over to the playpen and picked me up, "Hey there cutie, are we going to have fun tonight? Can you promise to be good for me?" April walked up near her and suddenly I had the urge to... I just went with it. I held my arms out to April and whimpered. Lisa looked hurt. Shit. April took me in her arms and held me close, "Oh little sweetie, everything's fine." "Wow April, she's really attached to you today," Lisa said with a touch of jealousy in her voice. "We had a really rough night," April said softly as she stroked my back, "Kimmy had a lot of tears and it took a lot of cuddling." "Oh, poor thing," Lisa's voice softened, "Hey Kimmy," she said in a light tone, "don't worry, you and I are going to have a great time tonight. Remember, your mommy promised I could give you a bottle of the chocolate if you could be a good girl for me." I sniffled and held my arms out to Lisa. April laughed and handed me over to her, "Well, looks like you're friends again. I have to get ready, don't forget her bedtime is at 7 PM. Littles need more sleep than you or I, they can be emotionally compromised if they don't get it." Lisa carried me over to the couch and sat down with me in her lap, "Don't worry, I actually stayed up last night reading a ton about caring for a Little, I'm ready for this." -- When April came out of the bedroom, I was sitting on the couch in Lisa's lap with my head resting against her breasts like a pillow. It was amazingly comfortable. We were watching an animated movie I had never seen before, and I was actually really enjoying myself. I sat up when I saw April. She was dressed in what would have been considered a Chinese-style dress back home, red with gold accents. Her hair was done up behind her and her makeup was.. really, really good. She looked amazing. "Pretty," I said softly, which made April laugh. "Oh thank you, sweetie. I just hope my date likes it as much as you do," she smiled, "If you guys are going to finish the movie, make sure she drinks a bottle while you do - she hasn't had enough to drink today." "No problem. Have a great time, we'll be fine. I'll see you when you get back," Lisa waved to her friend, who headed out the door and left me.. with a babysitter.
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    Now that I'm on the other side of the keyboard, I can see that comments really do make a big difference to the writer. Thank you both I'm writing this as we go so I don't know what kind of update schedule it might have, but I'm enjoying it so far. ===== Part 2 April set the carrier I was confined to down in the foyer of her home and released the buckle. Normally I would scramble out on my own at this point, but I had an idea. I had to come up with some way to win Lisa over tonight or I might be in a rough spot tomorrow. "Aww, baby, are you feeling tired? Come on out, sweetie," April's sing-song voice came from high above. She pulled the sunshade back and the two Amazons looked down at me. I still couldn't get over just how BIG they were. I was 5'2" last I checked, although who knows if that was true since I was apparently in a new dimension, but I didn't even come up to April's waist. Laying in a baby carrier on the floor with them towering over me made me feel impossibly small. I hoped desperately that this didn't backfire... I tried to ask that Lisa pick me up, but the pacifier kept me from making any intelligible sounds. I held my arms up toward her and opened and closed my hands. April melted. "Oh my goodness, Lisa! She's asking if you'll pick her up!" Lisa looked entirely unsure, she looked down at me, then up at April, then again back down to me, disbelieving. "Why would she want that? I don't know what to do with Littles," she complained. I made a small whining sound and continued to open and close my hands at her. "Just pick her up. She's normally so independent, I really don't want to discourage this." Lisa leaned down and her huge hands grabbed me under the armpits and hoisted me up. I wrapped my arms around her neck as she pulled me close to her and nuzzled her as best I could. I was terrifyingly high up off the ground, it would really hurt if she dropped me. I closed my eyes and faked a happy sigh. Her skin was actually really soft and she smelled like lavender up close. I could feel she was unsure as she slid an arm under my diapered bottom, pressing the wet padding into me. I resisted the urge to grimace and kept smiling. I felt her lay her other hand on my back. "Am I holding her right?" "Judging by that smile, I'd say so. Stay right there, don't move." I heard April rustling in her purse and then the sound of her cameraphone "shutter". I opened my eyes to find that she was taking pictures of Lisa holding me. Thankfully I think my small frown was hidden behind the pacifier. I looked up at Lisa.. she was smiling. That made my smile return, my plan seemed to be working. I got carried over to the couch where I snuggled up against Lisa's breast. She started rubbing my back and I really did melt a little bit. Her hand covered most of my back all at once, feeling her stroke my back felt amazing. "Here, you feed her the next bottle, practice run for tomorrow," I heard April say, and next thing I knew I was on my back in Lisa's giant lap. I squeaked a bit in surprise, I hadn't expected the sudden motion and I felt quite helpless... there was really nothing I could do to stop them. April reached over, released my pacifier and took it from my mouth.. and gave me a look. Not really a warning, but a look that said, "I'm watching you." I looked up at the unsure Lisa and decided to relent this once, resistance now could spoil my plan, so I opened my mouth and reached up for the bottle. Lisa gently lowered the nipple into my mouth and I wrapped my hands around the giant bottle.. it was nearly the size of a 2-liter soda back home. They never seemed to take no for an answer, it's no wonder they all believed Littles needed diapers, anyone being given six liters of apple juice in a single day would have to pee like crazy, this was the third bottle they forced on me today. Lisa wasn't going to let me hold the bottle on my own, but I wasn't going to let go either. Not holding the bottle while being fed felt entirely too helpless. While I tried my best to drain the massive amount of juice, I felt April lean over and poke my diaper. "She's pretty wet and her daytime diapers aren't as thick as her nighttime ones, we should probably change her after that bottle. I'll go put her new diapers away, be right back." Hearing that, I tried to wet again but nothing would come. It felt impossible to drink and pee at the same time. I wanted an empty bladder when I got a clean diaper, I liked to keep them dry as long as possible, they were much more comfortable that way. The daytime ones weren't that bad, I could still walk fine. The nighttime ones were a different matter, they were so thick that I waddled around.. which April loved. Snapping back to reality, I noticed that Lisa was watching me. I looked up into her brown eyes.. she wore more makeup than April. She had cat's eyes eyeliner and a nice subtle eye-shadow. I missed makeup a lot, obviously I didn't get to wear any anymore. Her expression was one of... curiosity? She was watching me drink from the bottle carefully, studying me, a small smile on her lips. Her shorter blonde hair had fallen around her face as she smiled down at me. She was actually quite pretty when she wasn't being difficult... I wondered if she was having the same thought about me. I finished the bottle as quickly as I could and tried again to pee while Lisa set the bottle down and carried me back toward the nursery, but again nothing would come. Knowing my luck it would hit me right after I was taped into the next in a seemingly endless line of diapers. "I can't wait to see you in these new ones, you'll be so cute!" I had forgotten about the "she won't see it coming" that was mentioned in the store and my stomach filled with dread. Lisa carried me into the nursery, my prison, with its off-white walls and bright white wooden furniture. The carpet was a deep plush with a light pink hue, the enormous crib and changing table were stark white. Oh, how I hated that crib. "Oh, she finished that bottle faster than I expected, hold on - we need to give her a treat for being such a good girl for you," April said and walked out of the room. I looked around for clues as to what they had in store for me, but I didn't see anything right away. The nursery looked normal, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.. the new diaper that was waiting for me on the changing table looked normal enough. It was a dark purple, which was new, but it didn't look different from any other diaper. I groaned inwardly at the notion of this room seeming "normal" with its pile of stuffed animals as big as me and its closet full of baby clothes in my size. Lisa was looking around too, she'd been in here before but she seemed to be taking things in more than usual. "You smell pretty," I said in a small voice to Lisa, trying to break her out of her studying. I didn't want her to get Little-obsessed, I just wanted her to think fondly of me so tomorrow night would be easier. "Aww, thank you sweetheart. I didn't know you liked lavender," she gave me a kiss on the forehead and laid me down on the inescapable changing table. I blushed as she unsnapped the crotch of my onesie, I didn't think that would ever, ever feel normal. I was being undressed by giant hands and I had zero say in what I was going to wear. "But remember, you're not supposed to talk for the rest of the day. Shh, I won't tell your mommy but let's be quiet." April came back and handed Lisa yet another bottle. I frowned, that didn't seem like much of a treat to me. Lisa held it to my lips and I accepted the nipple. My eyes shot open wide at the taste... it was AMAZING. It was the thickest, richest chocolate flavor I had ever tasted in my life. It was exquisite, the liquid was creamy and smooth and just... amazing. I let out an involuntary, "Mmmm". They both laughed gently as I sucked greedily at the bottle. "Oh my, someone sure likes that - it's Littles' Chocolate, it's specially made for Little tastebuds, guess they weren't kidding," April went about removing the wet diaper and taping the new one on me, but I wasn't paying attention at all. I was savoring every drop of this chocolate, "That's what good girls get for a treat, sweetie." When the bottle was done, they sat me up and pulled my onesie off and replaced it with a pink t-shirt that read, "I Wuv My Mommy". I was still in a bit of a daze from the chocolate as Lisa carried me back to the living room and set me down on my freshly padded butt. I poked at the diaper.. it felt different, a little squishy, like there was a gel in the diaper. It felt dry though, and comfortable. It was a little bit thicker than my normal daytime diapers, but not as thick as the nighttime diapers by any stretch. I didn't bother trying the tapes, no diaper had budged for me yet, it seemed very unlikely that this one would be any different. April opened an activity book on the floor in front of me and dropped a crayon on the page. They sat down on the couch together... but they were watching me intently. Feeling very on-the-spot, I picked up the crayon and looked at the book. It was a connect-the-dots picture... but it had hundreds of dots to it. I had no idea what the picture might be, and that actually excited me. I thought to myself, "This might actually be fun!" I laid down on my tummy and kicked my legs up in the air, the book was bigger than a coffee table book back home. I found the first dot and started connecting, it was actually challenging but relaxing at the same time. April and Lisa were talking softly to each other on the couch, I wasn't paying much attention. About three quarters of the way through the picture, which I had determined was a carousel but I still wanted to finish it, I felt the urge to go. I still had full control of my bladder, I just had no choice about where to go. This was a big struggle for me when I first got here, but I had lost count of how many diapers I had been changed into at this point and there was no use in fighting it. I paused my dot-connecting but didn't lift the crayon off the page, I didn't want to lose my place, and released my bladder into the waiting diaper. It felt like I peed forever, the warmth flowing into the padding, and I was about to start my drawing back up when I heard April and Lisa giggling. I looked up to them in confusion. "Looks like someone wet her diaper already," April smiled, "Can you walk over here sweetie?" I set the crayon down and tried to get into a sitting position.. the diaper had expanded enormously! It had ballooned up around my waist, I had to put my hands on the ground and push myself up to stand, my legs were splayed wide. It shouldn't have even been that wet, the daytime diapers usually held more than that. I looked at my bottom, it has expanded out even further than the padding between my thighs. "It's a new diaper - they made it for Littles who fibbed about when they were wet, we just thought you would look so cute in it. Can you walk over here? I promise this won't be a regular thing since you're always such a good girl. But I do have a whole package of them if you decide to be naughty." I tried my best to waddle over to the couch, it was very difficult to walk in the swollen diaper. I had to pivot my entire body with each step. "That is the cutest thing I've ever seen," Lisa said. "I don't like these diapers," I complained as I trundled over. I grabbed April's knees to steady myself. "Ah ah," April tutted, "You are done talking today, remember? Let's put you in your swing for a bit while we make some dinner." She lifted me under the armpits and swung me up to her hip. "No! Please can I fini-", my words were cut off by the hated pacifier. I actually wanted to finish my dot-to-dot. The carousel was pretty, I wanted to color it next. I would be bored in the swing! I pouted and refused to suck on the pacifier at all. "Lisa, are you staying for dinner tonight?" April plopped me down in the swing and adjusted out the straps so it would fit over my bulging diaper. I could only wiggle my legs helplessly, it felt like I was sitting on a giant cushion. "I don't think so, I'm in a burger-and-fries mood. Rain check?" She smiled and patted me on the head. I crossed my arms over my chest and scowled. It wasn't fair that they got to decide everything. I was being good and doing their silly baby activity with no complaints. "Oh, look at the grumpy girl," April teased, "Someone doesn't want any more chocolate, I guess." Immediately my face brightened and I stopped scowling. I was stuck here anyway, it would be worth it if I got more of that chocolate. "Much better. I'll be sure to have a bottle of the chocolate ready for you tomorrow, Lisa. I think someone is a fan. I bet she'll be a very good girl for you." I nodded vigorously, which caused them both to laugh. I sucked loudly on the pacifier as the swing started its side-to-side motion. I closed my eyes and relaxed, imagining I was in a hammock on a beach in the Caribbean, sunning in a bikini... rather than strapped into a baby swing in a wet diaper. "Sounds good, it's crazy.. but I'm actually kind of looking forward to it now," I smiled at Lisa's words, it was looking like tomorrow wouldn't be revenge day for me "stealing" her friend away and biting her after all. "Oh, that makes me so happy to hear. I'll see you tomorrow, I've got to go make some dinner for myself and little Kimmy."
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    Thanks for your feedback everyone! ##### (3.) “I think that’s everything,” I said, giving our shopping cart a once-over. “Emmy, did we miss anything?” Emmy just stared into space, as she sat in the cart, her eyes slowly glazing over. I snapped my fingers in front of her face and she flinched spectacularly. I narrowly avoided being kicked as she flailed around. “Are you okay?” I wondered, though from the look on her face, I had a pretty good idea of what she’d been up to. Emmy nodded. “Yep.” she paused to look at the grocery list. “We still need oatmeal and cereal and…” she frowned. “What’s Desitin?” “Diaper rash cream.” I explained. I turned into the next aisle, which just so happened to contain all the baby supplies. “You’re running low.” I reached out and lifted her out of the seat. “Speaking of which, I think it’s time for a potty break once we’re done here.” “Umm…” Emmy began sheepishly. “I kinda already went.” I forced myself to take a breath and count to ten. “Why didn’t you say anything earlier? The bathrooms are right there.” I could literally see them from where we were standing. “I didn’t need to go then.” Emmy replied, as if that explained everything. “Are you mad?” “Of course I’m mad!” I snapped, a little more harshly than I meant to. “You’re ten years old, I shouldn’t have to constantly remind you to go to the bathroom. This is your third accident today and it’s not even lunchtime yet.” Emory’s bottom lip trembled as she stared at me. “I’m trying.” she replied. “I don’t think you’re trying as hard as you could be. Even if you don’t feel like you need to go, you should try as often as you can if you really want to stay dry.” “You don’t understand,” Emmy spat, and turned away from me. Her dark brown hair fell between us like a curtain. “You’re right,” I continued more calmly, after I’d mentally counted to ten again. “I don’t. What’s wrong, Emmy? Why are you doing this?” “I…” Emmy sniffled. “I can’t.” “You can’t what, sweetheart?” I knelt down to brush some hair out of her face. “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.” Emmy didn’t say anything, she just cried. They weren’t crocodile tears either, these were deep, gut-wrenching sobs. I was worried she’d make herself sick, and I didn’t want to make things worse by bombarding her with questions. I was totally out of my depth… “It’s alright, little one.” I said softly, scooping her up. “I’ve got you.” Emmy squeezed me hard enough to make it difficult to breathe, her small body shaking with the force of her sobs. I tried rocking her a little as I wheeled the cart over to the restrooms and took her diaper bag out of it. The family restroom wasn’t occupied thankfully, and I took her in there, hoping that the privacy would help calm her down. Her cries echoed off the wall, loud and oppressive in the small space I sat down on the toilet seat and reached under her shirt to rub her back. It was a trick I’d learned while babysitting kids much younger than Emmy, it helped to calm them down. I hoped my hands weren’t too cold… “It’s okay,” I said again. “You’re safe. I’ve got you.” “Potty,” Emmy said quietly. I tried putting her down, but she just whimpered and held on tighter. “Do you need to go now? Or are you telling me that that’s what you were upset about?” I knew she was more than old enough to be ‘taking care of business’ so to speak, without needing any help from me--in theory at least--but I still felt proud that she’d taken the initiative to tell me before she had an accident. I was proud of her for that, now if we could just work on actually going in the toilet, maybe we could make some real progress. Emmy nodded. It wasn’t exactly a helpful answer, but it was better than nothing. “Okay...I need you to use your words, sweetheart. Think you can be a big girl and tell me what’s bothering you?” Emmy sucked in a shaky breath and went to wipe her nose on her shirt sleeve. Yuck. I grabbed some toilet paper off the roll and held it up to her nose. “Blow.” Emmy did, and we both chuckled at the foghorn-like noise her nose made. I used some more tissue to mop her face up a little. “All better?” “All better.” Emmy sing-songed back to me, and nodded firmly. She blinked and wrung the hem of her shirt before saying anything else. “Promise you won’t laugh at me?” she almost whispered. “Pinky swear,” I said, extending my littlest finger to her. Emmy relaxed a little at that, but she didn’t let go of my hand. “You know how some people have a split personality?” I swallowed hard. Oh, god… “Yeah…” “Well, um...it’s sort of like that. But like, not. I don’t know.” Another non-answer. “Okay…” It was like pulling teeth, getting this kid to talk. I realized that she was probably just embarrassed, but I wished she would just spit it out before I had a stroke from high blood-pressure and anxiety. “I just...I don’t always feel like a big kid.” I blinked. “Huh?” “Nevermind, it’s stupid.” “No, no, no, it’s not.” I said quickly, hoping to stop her from clamming up again. Emmy blushed. “You know how in commercials for Pull-Ups, they always say ‘I’m a Big Kid Now’ at the end?” she stared at her lap. “Sure,” I was pretty sure it had been at least twelve or thirteen years since I’d have watched any TV channels where that would’ve been a frequently-aired ad. “It’s like that.” Emmy said. I didn’t think I’d ever seen her so red. She squrimed. “What do you mean?” I thought about it for a moment, trying to connect all the dots. The whole point of those commercials was to encourage kids to use the toilet and be a… Oh. Oh. “So you don’t feel like a ‘Big Kid’ huh?” Emmy shook her head and nibbled on her thumb. “Sometimes I wish I was younger.” Emmy confessed. I got the feeling that she meant for that to be some kind of big reveal, but I didn’t see what was so strange about it. I was no stranger to curling up with some ice-cream, or Oreos and milk, or some other nostalgia-inducing snack and watching cartoons on Netflix when I was feeling blue. I wished I was younger sometimes too. Holding down a job and paying bills wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time, even if it felt good to be independent. I was sure Emmy felt the same way about school. I’d been out of school for long enough that I felt old whenever someone asked me when I graduated, but I remembered enough of it to realize that for someone with less life experience, it could be pretty overwhelming sometimes. “Me too,” I said thoughtfully, and Emmy’s face lit up. “Really?” “Sure, I mean, who doesn’t wish they had less responsibility sometimes…” Emmy looked at me sideways. “I don’t think you’re getting it.” she said. “I’m trying,” I said. “Am I missing something?” “I mean, I want to be little.” she said, with the same tone that suggested I should be having a lightbulb moment. I could tell she was getting frustrated, but she’d been dodging the question this whole time, like she was ashamed of the answer, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what she was trying to tell me. “You kind of are,” I said gently. Emmy palmed her forehead. “No! Not like short, little. I mean ‘Little’ little.” she made air-quotes around ‘little.’ Someone’s been spending too much time on the internet… I thought. I could tell by her tone of voice that she thought what she was talking about was a thing, but I didn’t know what niche group she was trying to lead me to. “Little, like a kid.” I said. “Yes!” “Which you are.” I added. Emmy growled in frustration. She looked close to tears again. “No! I knew you wouldn’t understand!” She scrubbed at her eyes, and tears dripped into her lap. Crap. “Emmy, baby, I’m not trying to make fun of you, I promise. It’s just that you’re not giving me a whole lot to work with. I know that you know what you’re trying to say, but I’m having trouble getting to the same page.” Emmy didn’t answer. Not verbally, at least. She just sort of grunted and leaned against me. No way... I was about to ask her what was going on, more to see if she’d cop to it than anything, when I felt it. There was a sudden, mushy warmth against my leg along with a smell that I was intimately familiar with, though I’d never in a million years have expected Emmy to do such a thing. Judging by her relieved sigh, Emmy wasn’t bothered in the least by the mess in her pants. She wiggled on my lap and smiled at me. I on the other hand, just kind of sat there in shock. I’m sure I looked ridiculous, but my brain was having a serious ‘does-not-compute' crisis. At this point, I’d thought I’d lost my capacity to be surprised by Emmy’s accidents, but I’d never have expected this, especially not on purpose. I wanted to scold her--I was not looking forward to cleaning up a ten-year-old’s poopy diaper, one that was undoubtedly going to be a royal pain since pull-ups have never been designed to hold that kind of an accident. However, she’d finally calmed down, and discussing her potty habits had brought on her meltdown in the first place. That wasn’t an experience I was eager to repeat; I hated seeing her so upset… I wasn’t sure that there was anything to be gained by reminding her for the umpteenth time that she was supposed to go to the potty, it hadn’t worked so far, and I was getting tired of repeating myself. Even though I’d never expected to have to go through the process with a ten-year-old, I’d sat for plenty of kids who were ‘in-progress’ with their potty-training, and I knew that sometimes, it was better for all parties involved to take a step back and try again another day. In the grand scheme of things, I didn’t think one day would make all that much of a difference. It’s not really my problem anyway, I thought, and immediately felt guilty. I felt like I was giving up, and I’d never been a quitter. At least not before now. Win some, Lose some. I don’t know what possessed me to check her pants like I would for a toddler, especially since it was obvious what had happened, but I chalked it up to habit. “Well,” I said, finally finding my voice again. “Looks like someone really had to go potty.” Emmy looked entirely too pleased with herself for my liking, but I figured today’s potty-training plans were a lost cause at this point. Maybe we’d have better luck tomorrow. I rubbed a hand over my face, trying to cowboy-up for the task ahead. “This potty-training thing isn’t working out very well, is it?” I muttered. “I poo-poo.” Emmy said proudly. I tickled her under the arms. I knew I was babying her, but she didn’t seem to mind, and I was at my wit’s end. I just wanted to get through the day without any more massive crying fits, and if I had to change diapers to do that, then I would. “I know, you little stinker.” I said over Emmy’s riotous giggling. I set her down on the floor, and went to unfold the changing table from the wall. I’d have bet money that Emmy would fit up there, and even if she didn’t I’d make it work. “And now I have to change your stinky butt.” Emmy laughed grinned like the cat that ate the canary. There was no way I was going to lay her down on the floor of a nasty public restroom. I reached into the diaper bag and took out all the stuff I would need. I’d stashed one of her diapers in there along with the change of clothes. I’d meant for it to be a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ kind of thing, but considering that Emmy had just soiled herself on my lap of all places, and that she didn’t seem all that upset about it, I knew I’d just be kidding myself if I put her in another pull-up. Not to mention, I’d be making a lot more work for myself if she had another “accident” (If you could call them that). I didn’t want to go down that road, but I had to consider all the possibilities. Emmy toddled over to me, and I found myself wishing desperately for some air freshener, or some matches at the very least. “Alright you.” I said. “Hold still, and let’s get this over with.” The smell was bad enough that I fought back a gag once I’d gotten to work, and I was glad that I packed a change of clothes for Emmy, because her pants were beyond saving. Into the garbage they went, along with the pull-up and wipes. Once all the dirty work was done, I put her up on the changing table to finish putting on her diaper. Emmy sighed once I’d finished fastening it and she looked happier than I’d seen her in a long time. She was also sucking her thumb, a habit that I’d nearly gone nuts over trying to break her of the first it time. But, I was slowly learning to pick and choose my battles with her. I finished putting on Emmy’s pants and lifted her down. “There we go. All fresh and clean. Do you feel better now?” Emmy nodded. “Uh-huh.” She rocked back on her heels before taking her thumb out of her mouth. “See?” she said, like she was explaining something to a particularly dense person. “Little.” I looked her up and down. She looked every bit the toddler now, mostly because I’d packed sweatpants which didn’t exactly hide the fact that she was diapered, something she’d advertise for sure if she bent over. I wasn’t worried about anyone saying anything since she was small enough already to pass for a lot younger than she actually was… And that’s when the lightbulb went on. Oh. My head spun. I had a million questions, and I was more than a little frustrated with Emmy for not saying that this was what she wanted in the first place; I could have done without the clean-up I’d just had. Even with all I wanted to say, as I stood there like an idiot, not speaking or doing anything, the only intelligible thing that came out of my mouth was: “Huh. Well, how about that.” Way to go, brain.
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    Day 1 was a success! Set an alarm for every 2 hours, but dry sheets!
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    I would have to agree with dlnoir. The thicker diapers keep them very obvious and present compared to a thin diaper that you can get used to and not notice so much.
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    You know you old when, plastic pants were rubber pants, but not really rubber pants. And you know you're even older, if rubber pants were really rubber. We won't talk about wool diaper covers.
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    found this wanted to share
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    LOL. I certainly contributed to the rank!
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    Just signed up and I have no idea where to begin, so here goes. I'm a diaper lover, pure and simple. I've always had an attraction to diapers and even to thoughts of being babied a little. I suppose this is due to the fact that my upbringing was one where boys were raised to come out of the womb hammer in one hand and wrench in the other ready for work. Despite this I do not consider myself an adult baby. I think it's because of early trauma with potty training and the loss of childhood freedom that diapers represent that I'm the way I am now. I spent years trying to suppress this aspect of myself since it was something frowned upon by society and, by extension, most potential mates. While I'm still concerned about appearances, diapers represent relaxation and release for me, and I'm now willing to see if I can't fit them into my life somehow.
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    I tried to nonchalantly look at my reflection in one of the office windows. Hopefully, this diaper didn’t call too much attention, nor the rather toddlers pants. About the only thing that could be worse if they had snaps on the inseam. Did I think about that a second, she wouldn’t have? I reached down and felt the gap and slid down and found a snap. She did. I got to homeroom without attracting notice. I plopped down on what normally would be a hard seat and felt the cushioning of my diaper. At least there were some advantages. By second period I had to pee. I came t the realization that unlike my slipping out of the disposable for a second to pee, I’d not get the plastic pants down, the diaper unpinned, do my business, and get everything done back up without attracting attention. I was going to resign myself to being dependent on the diaper. Everything seemed to work fine, but lugging the sagging wet cloth got to me, and I went to the changing room and changed. I dumped the sodden diaper in a plastic bag and put it in my bag. I’d have to remember to retrieve it before I went home or the thing would get really ripe. I caught up with the girls at lunch. “Hows it is going?” I asked. “Not too bad. At least we didn’t have any of the same classes this morning, so it’s not like we were going around like the Bobsy twins all morning,” Kaitlyn responded. “I’m going to have to change more,”I said. “Aren’t your diapers absorbent,” Kim asked. “Yeah, but I used to cheat and use the toilet from time to time, and I really don’t like sitting in the soaked ones,” I confessed. “Welcome to my world,” Kim said. The rest of the day fared pretty well. I dropped the girls off and headed home. Mom welcomed me home. “Need a change?” I had wet again and I nodded. She led me into the bedroom and removed my pants all the way. I guess she wasn’t going to allow herself the use of the snaps. She changed the diaper and the plastic pants with fresh ones. She then proceeded to remove my shirt. “Let’s get you into some play clothes,” she said. She went to the closet and came back with a one piece outfit. I stepped into it and pulled it up. It was some kind of romper with short pants and sleaves. But the design was definitely toddlerish. A cartoon dinosaur adorned the front. “Do you have homework?” She asked. Again I nodded. “She led me to the table thing and set me inside. My legs went through the holes, and a strap between them restrained me from sliding forward on the seat. She placed the knapsack with my school books on my table and announced she’d make me a snack. A few minutes later she showed up with a small bowl and a bottle. She put a bib on me and proceeded to feed me the stuff from the bowl. When finished she wiped my face and removed the bib. This was getting a bit silly. “How long is this going to go on for?” I asked. She looked at me with a smile. “For as long as you lived here. You wanted to play diapers with your girlfriends, here is your chance.” I worked until dinner and dinner were more of the same only in the high chair. After being changed into my sleeper and put in the crib, I reflected on this. I was hoping that I’d be wearing underwear again once I graduated. I guess that was not going to be the case. At least I don’t have to bring that subject up with the girls. The girls. I smiled and drifted off to sleep.
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    Chapter 3 bed and rest for tom the meaning of bed rest was exactly that . Bed and rest . Laying in bed without getting up for about a week . he was to be stay in his bedroom if he was lucky he was allowed to watch some tv but nothing his mom considered over exciting . However fever meant no disruptions from sleep to allow his body to recover as quickly as possible . about an hour later his mom returned to check on him . He hated to admit but he did doze off . - let's see how you are doing sweetie - Emma said - let's take your pants off - tom groaned as he knew he will be submitted to another temperature check . As he was laying quite unfomfortably with the thermometer inside of him he felt his mom put the back of her hand on several of his body parts - mm well still not normal - Emma said reattaching the tapes of his diaper - will see how you are in a little bit . - let's try to drink some warm tea - she held somethings that always seemed like a giant silly cup to his lips. That was actually a special drinking cup used for elderly or disabled patients in hospitals . Tom turned to his side after his mother left . He felt the pressure in his bladder build up . He knew that there was no way to sneak off to the bathroom . He tried it before . He can't flush without his mom hearing over the baby monitor on the bedside and he could never get his diaper back on right either. He knew he had no choice. he turned to his stomach and tried to relax sighing he burrowed his head in his pillow it took him a few minutes till he felt the stream start then it felt like it wouldn't stop. he turned back to his side , debating if he should call his mom but decided that she will be back soon enough and he didn't need to give her another reason to poke around his private areas.
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    Poop stops pee from getting absorbed into the diaper so I have had that experience of feeling pee going elsewhere in my diaper when messy or even leaking sooner because the poop is stopping the pee from absorbing so it finds its way out of the diaper.