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    Chapter One I sat at the bar, quietly surveying the crowd. It was a good crowd for a Saturday, I just had to find the right girl. This was the perfect part of town to find my type. Smart, willful, playful, with a high pressure job. Those were the ones who needed to let go the most. The past couple of weeks of hunting had been frustrating. Things with Lauren hadn't gone the way I planned. I really thought she was going to be the one, she ticked all the right boxes and she was a joy to be around. She had balked at the last minute, though.. and she dumped me. I don't know which was worse, that or how things had gone with Kailee. Kailee had gone too willingly, it was too easy to move her along... there was no challenge, no thrill. Kailee had been disappointing. I had gotten what I thought I wanted, but I had to cut her out of my life after I had it. It hadn't been easy to admit, but she hadn't been right for me. I needed more from my partner. I scanned the girls.. too loose, too messy, too cold. I would know her when I found her, I knew my type. She would look oh-so-serious with some very adult and mature fashion, but there would be a tell. Lauren's had been a peek of Hello Kitty panties. The ones under the most pressure to succeed were always the ones who wanted someone else to take over. Life was too hard for them, they needed to be "on" all the time at work, had to do a better job than the boys, had to be perfect. That was just part of life in Silicon Valley. By the time I came along, they were so happy to hand over control. Finally, she caught my eye. A boho girl, that style was getting popular. Multiple bracelets, dangly earrings, earth tone makeup, chunky sandals.. she had a good figure, you could tell she worked out. She had a smile that lit up her eyes, someone had just told her a funny joke. Ah, but the tell. The tell was her purse. She couldn't help it, she needed something cute.. her purse was shaped like a squirrel - she had what was essentially a stuffed animal on her at all times. This is how I knew she wanted the loss of control I needed to give. I had to have her. The latest K.Flay blared overhead, conversation was impossible.. so I'd have to do this with a look. I leaned back, my hair brushing the bartop and I watched her. Humans could feel when someone was watching them with intent, this wouldn't take long. Her eyes found mine, and I smiled. I had a million smiles, every one practiced carefully. This smile said, "I like your style, and I'm pretty sure you like mine." She looked down into her drink and blushed. That was all the invitation I needed. If I had read her wrong, she would have reacted with fear or hostility, not with embarrassment. She wanted to be noticed. I waited for her to glance up again and I tilted my head. This smile said, "I'm nice and I'd like to talk to you." You could say so much with just a look if you knew how. I turned slowly as she moved closer, drawn by my wordless communication. I signaled the barkeep. I order a Guinness for myself and an Apple Bomb for her. We'd see if my read was spot on or not. When she slides up next to me, I don't make eye contact. I just turn slightly so she can see the smile on the corner of my mouth. "You looked thirsty," I measured my voice.. it was hard to do under the dirty bass of K.Flay, but I was practiced. My voice was low, resonant, but playful. I turned slowly to face her as the barkeep set down our drinks. With a fluid motion, I picked up the Guinness and took a draw, but didn't touch hers. "Ever tried an Apple Bomb?" My guess was that she hadn't, it wasn't a very popular drink even though it was from this area. But big girls who were hiding little girls inside... they liked it. "No, I haven't... thanks. I'm Dani," she slid up next to me and took the untouched drink and sipped it. "Wow, this is really good. Thanks again." "Vanessa," I smiled, turning toward her fully and sweeping a strand of hair back from my face, tucking it behind my ear. I tapped my own dangling earring on the way down, causing it to glint at Dani. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Dani." I had to play this part carefully. Too strong and she'd bolt, too weak and she'd ignore the hook. "It's so good to just relax with some music, away from the pressures of the office." Nailed it. Her right hand tensed as I said it, she had some stress getting to her. "Ugh, it really is," she said, letting her weight rest more fully on the barstool. "What do you do?" "I'm a consultant. Systems analysis," I smiled warmly - this smile said, 'I have a tough job, too'. My job was to find the weak points in an organization, and destroy them. And I was very good at what I did, reading people is what made me so good. "What about you?" "Herding cats," Dani grimaced. "Project management then," my smile projecting 'I feel your pain', "I've been there." "How did you know?" she laughed lightly, musically, the blue light of the bar dancing across her green eyes. Oh, how I wanted her. "Lucky guess," I finished the Guinness and paid the tab. The hook was set, I couldn't linger. "I've got to go, it was really nice meeting you, Dani. I thought I was up to this, but I'm still busted up about my girlfriend dumping me. Maybe I'll see you around?" Her eyes flashed a twinge of disappointment. Perfect. "Yeah.. it was nice to meet you, Vanessa. Thanks for introducing me to this drink, I like it." "I'm glad - have a great night." I stepped through the front door of the bar, pausing to look back at her. She was watching me go. I gave her a smile that said, "I really wish I didn't have to go now." She gave the smallest wave in return. I exited into the crowd of Castro Street, the heart of downtown Mountain View.. but I didn't go far. No, I had just ruined Dani's night. She wouldn't be staying much longer. She would suddenly want to go home... if I was right. It took her about ninety seconds longer than I expected. She slipped out the front door alone and started walking north. I flowed through the crowd, following her. It was a warm night, but not too hot. The bars were full and the people were happy, it was a good night. Dani went straight for her car. Silver Prius, so typical. I leaned on the corner, obscured by a tree. "Naughty girl," I said quietly to no one, "You shouldn't drive after having that drink. I'll punish you for that later." I committed her license plate to memory and watched as she drove off. North, then west. I adjusted my purse on my shoulder and started walking home myself. I had some research to do. * * * I spent two days studying Danielle Peters, learning her habits, her path, her preferences. Every tidbit I learned only solidified the feeling that I had to have her. Her credit card statements laid everything bare to me. Dani was a reader, a painter, a jogger. She went to the same coffee shop in Sunnyvale every day and ordered the same thing - iced chai, the only thing on the menu at her coffee shop that came to the amount that went on her card daily. She had no pets, and according to her social media profile, her last relationship ended roughly. Her name was Elaine, another high-powered type.. they probably drove each other crazy. Too similar. I knew where Dani worked, what gym she went to, what gas station she filled her car at, what grocery store she frequented.. credit cards were beautiful things for an interested party like me. I just happened to be at her favorite coffee shop at exactly the same time she visited normally the next day, laying in wait.. sipping a mocha. Dani didn't want someone too similar. Normally on a bright day like this, I'd wear a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses.. but I needed Dani to notice me and recognize me, so I suffered through. I thumbed through a magazine, Us Weekly, something Dani wouldn't be interested in. She had no time for gossip. I had positioned myself so she'd see me just as she came out with her chai. "Vanessa?" her voice was light, unsure. I looked up and smiled at her 'Oh, I'm so surprised but so very happy to see you here!' "Dani! Wow, um hey - I'm sorry I disappeared on you the other night. You seemed really nice... I just... " I trailed off, an invitation for her to step in. "It's okay," she said as she stepped closer. I gestured to the chair across from me, inviting her to join me. "I'm really glad I ran into you... that drink was amazing." She covered. She was interested, she took the bait. Now I just needed to coax her in. "I had a feeling you'd like it, you just seemed like an apple sort of girl.. sweet," she blushed.. I was coming on a little too strong, I had to play it just a bit shier. "I.. I was kicking myself all night that I didn't ask for your number. You seemed so nice.. just this energy about you.. " I looked down, feigning embarrassment, "It's stupid." I pushed my chair back and started to stand. She reached across the table and placed her hand on mine. She was trembling ever so slightly.. the hair on her arm was raised. "No, Vanessa.. I was wishing the same thing," the last word rang flat. A lie. She hadn't been thinking the same thing, but she wanted me to think she had been that interested.. she was ready to take a risk. Blushing on command wasn't easy, but I did it nonetheless. "I uh, here.. " I fished a business card out of my purse and scribbled one of my cell numbers on it. I slid it across the table to her, I had to appear reluctant to touch her back. The weakness would draw her in. "Would you.. like to get dinner sometime? I know this Chinese dumpling place that I haven't been to in a while.. " I knew she liked the place, she'd left a positive Yelp review for it, she hadn't been there in eight months. "That sounds really nice.. how about Friday?" "I.. that sounds great," I looked her in the eyes now and my smile read 'I really, really like you but I'm afraid you don't like me the same way'. "I'll text you the place and we can meet there?" "How about I pick you up?" Shit. I misread that one, I couldn't be the passenger in her car, it would tip the power dynamic too far in her favor. I was playing too timid. My mind spun for a moment on how to salvage this. "Actually, I get carsick if I'm not driving. How about I pick you up instead?" "I would like that a lot," her smile read 'I think I'm falling for you already, I need to know more about you'. I needed to feed her a tidbit. "I'm really glad you didn't think I was coming on too strong at the club. I really like that song and you looked so beautiful under the lights. Your eyes light up when you laugh.. I knew I had to learn more about you." "I'm an open book," she was actually completely open. She was making herself vulnerable, faster than I expected. I hoped this wouldn't turn out to be another Kailee. "What would you like to know?" "What's your favorite movie?" I asked - it was a test. If she was a Kailee, she'd tell me something cutesy. I'd break it off right there and resume the hunt anew this weekend, I'd done it often enough. No amount of wanting her was worth making the wrong pick again. If she had a shell for me to crack through... she'd say something serious. "It's stupid because nobody likes it, but Stranger Than Fiction - you know, that Will Ferrel movie that wasn't really a comedy?" A drama about a writer. Funny, but not silly. A good answer. "Oh, I like that one. His antics usually bother me, but he was really good in that one." "Exactly! What about you?" I went similar to her with the last response, I had to give her something mysterious, something to draw her in here. "You'll laugh," I said sourly. "I won't laugh, I promise." "Amadeus." "The one about Mozart? Okay, I didn't expect that one. Why?" "Tortured artists," I smiled. Just then my phone alarm went off. Two minutes earlier in the conversation than I planned. I had set it up to use a ringtone as the alarm, so it would look like I was getting a call. I slipped my phone out of my purse and held it under the table. "I'm sorry, Dani.. I've got to go. It's work, you know how it is. Text me your number and address.. I'll pick you up on Friday." "Sounds great. I'm glad I ran into you, Vanessa." "I'm glad you did too," I agreed, "Hello?" I greeted my telephone alarm, silencing it, grabbed my mocha with a little wave to Dani, and walked off.
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    Chapter Four My plan for Sunday had been simple: video games. Next week was going to be rough, there was no doubt about it. The gig was a post-startup, funding was drying up and the bloat and excess of the "spend to grow" mentality was choking the company to death - my speciality. So as I stared at Jess in her crib, gripping the bars with actual tears running down her face, I wondered again how Seth had managed to talk me into this. She had been stuck in the crib for at least an hour after he left. I hadn't gotten his message right away - I had been asleep like a sane person on a Sunday morning - and it was generally half an hour from Cupertino to Burlingame. "He left me!" Jess wailed, a small puddle staining the soft pink sheets on the mattress. Thankfully, I could hear the crinkle of the plastic protector. At first I told myself there was no way I was doing his laundry for him, but I knew it was a lie. Seth was as good as friends came, and he'd be exhausted when he got back - he shouldn't have to deal with wet sheets on top of everything. "He didn't leave you," I said softly as I lowered the bars to her crib and helped her step out, bow legged. Her onesie was soaked and I stripped it and the diaper from her quickly before escorting her to the bathroom. "You're being dramatic, you silly toddler." She pouted as I sat her down on a towel on the floor - in a way it was adorable that she was still following his rules, she wasn't allowed to stand without an "adult" helping her. In another way, it was mildly irritating. We'd be breaking at least a few of his rules today - I wasn't bathing his Little. "He did!" she pouted, crossing her arms over her bare chest, her pigtails bouncing as she huffed. "He left me all alone and I couldn't get out of the crib and I leaked!" "Oh I know, silly girl," I tapped her on the nose as the bath filled - with pink bubbles, of course - and slowly undid her pigtails and removed her pink collar. "But I also know you could have gotten out, and you could have gone to the potty. We both know you use it for number two when he's not around." "Nuh uh," she blushed furiously, hiding her face in her hands - of course it was true. I knew it, Seth knew it, she knew it as well. How could he not? "Oh hush," I smirked, taking her gently by one arm and "lifting" her, guiding her into the water. "I expect you to wash yourself, little girl. Understand?" "But Daddy always washes me!" she whined - this was why I didn't like babysitting Jess so much. She could take care of her self - she did it every day, after all - but on the weekends she was especially "helpless". Seth only ever asked me to watch her on the weekends, when he got called away for work. He was ridiculously good at his job, this sort of thing happened. Hopefully it would be a quick run, unlike last time... last time I had been stuck with Jess for almost twelve hours and had been ready to throttle the girl. "As you said," I told her sternly, handing her a washcloth. "Daddy isn't here, he had to work so you're stuck with Aunt Vanessa." "I ha- " her tantrum stopped cold before she could say the word "hate". That was a button for me, and one she had pushed last time, and she hadn't enjoyed the aftermath. The death glare that was surely on my face declared that continuing that particular bit of brattiness would be a terrible idea. She deflated quickly. "Sorry Nessa." "I forgive you," I said softly, sitting on the closed toilet and pulling out my phone. "Just don't say that to me, okay cupcake?" She preened as I used his nickname for her, and began soaping up the washcloth. "You're still going to get your baby day and if you're good I'll spoil like your Daddy does... but if you're rotten to me, I'll put you back in that crib with your mittens and that will be that." "Sowwy Auntie Nessa," she whimpered, slipping into that lisp that set my teeth on edge. "Don't, Jess - don't go sugar sweet on me. I'm not your Daddy. Let's get you bathed, get you diapered, and go relax on the couch and watch one of your cooking shows." "Yay!" she literally bounced in the water, splashing a bit out of the tub. "I wanna watch the Great British Baking Show!" I couldn't help but laugh. Seth hated reality TV, loathed it with every fiber of his being and likely had it blocked on his Netflix account - but I could connect to his systems just as well as he could and it wasn't blocked on mine. Jess was actually a reasonably talented cook and she often made dinner for the pair of them... as long as she was done before he walked in the door, when she collapsed to the floor like an infant. Theirs was a strange dynamic, but it worked for them and they were both happy. "How about," I began, teasing, "we get you dried off and in a nice, blue diaper - one of the Space ones, and we go watch... I dunno, a nature documentary instead?" "No!" her attitude changed instantly, horror on her face. "Pink diapers! Nessa please! Pink diapers and cooking shows, you said you said!" I had to admit, her obsession with pink was adorable. The Space diapers were there as her "naughty" diapers - she would be put in those when Seth was cross with her, when she didn't deserve pink ones. I was surprised they didn't get used more with the amount she bratted, but hey - I wasn't her mommy. I didn't think I'd be putting a collar around my Little's neck either... I enjoyed BDSM games, but I liked them separate from my ageplay games. "Okay, okay," I laughed, "But not because you're throwing a tantrum. Because I already offered, and I need to be consistent with tiny tots like you. Remember, tantrums don't get you anywhere with me like they do your Daddy. Now, finish up your washing, wash your hair, and we'll get you dressed and ready to watch some TV. Do a good job but don't take too long - your Daddy could come home any minute, and then your TV time will be done." She nodded and proceeded to bathe like the adult she was - I actually envied her a little bit, she didn't have to shave her legs... Seth had all of the hair on her legs and arms removed with electrolysis, her skin was always smooth and soft. She groomed her pubic hair often, so it was quick and before long, I was escorting her betoweled form to her nursery and laying her down on her changing table. This particular piece of furniture was missing from my own collection... but Seth's apartment was bigger than mine. I had her dried and powerded and taped up in a DC Amor with a booster in no time. I pulled her to a sitting position and patted her leg, taking a moment to fasten her collar back around her neck before I walked over to her closet to choose an outfit. "I want... " "You did NOT just begin a sentence with 'I want', did you?" I cut her off. I Want was another pet peeve of mine. Littles should always begin with May I Please when they wanted something. "Sorry, Auntie Nessa," the way she shrunk in on herself was delightful, her whole body language changed from confident to cowering in the blink of an eye. I shot her a smile that said, 'Good girl' over my shoulder as I selected her outfit... a pink shirt with pink shortalls. Almost everything in her closet was pink... except for her punishment clothing, which was all in blue. She clapped her hands as I carried the outfit over, slipping the shirt over her head and pulling the shortalls up her legs. I loved these shortalls - I had a pair in the nursery closet in my apartment as well... the sides were high rise to hide a diaper and snug around the waist... but the beauty of the garment was the buckles. They required a key to open. We had bought from the same vendor at the same time, my key worked on Jess' outfit just as well as the pair that was waiting for my own princess. A shiver went through Jess' body as the heavy click came from the lock as I snapped them closed. "Oh, I love that sound," she purred, her cutesy voice dropped for just a moment and the sultry tone she usually saved for Seth bleeding through. "It's just so... final, so inescapable. Can we... can we talk for a bit, Nessa?" Her face scrunched up as she used her usual nickname for me, juxtaposed against her request for a more adult conversation. "Yes, we can talk," I smiled, taking her by the hand and leading her out to Seth's living room. I sat on the couch, pulling her gently down next to me. "When you're ready to be Little again, move to the floor. Until then, you can call me Vanessa." The relief on her face was immense, and her entire posture relaxed. I began to wonder if everything was all right between her and Seth - a lifestyle couple still needed to connect outside of the dynamic, the game couldn't be everything... it wasn't healthy. "What do you want to talk about?" "I'm just curious," she began timidly, winding her fingers together, "does Daddy... does Seth think I'm a burden?" Of all the questions I expected to come out of her mouth, that had not been one of them. I was good at reading people - really good, it's what made me great at my job, and yet here I was again, for the second time in a week, floored by an unexpected reaction. Seth and Jess were the perfect pair, the poster couple for DD/lg - he was dominating, commanding, loving, and she was cute, cuddly, and bratty but mostly obedient... and they loved each other deeply. "Jessica," I smiled a soft smile, a smile that said 'Everything will be all right', and laid a hand on her knee, turning my body to face her. I put on a familiar mask, one that I used to comfort distraught employees - I couldn't meddle in Seth's relationship, but I felt confident in how to deal with this particular Little-crisis. "I can't say for certain how Seth feels about you at any given moment, but I can say this: what you are feeling is really common for kept submissives. You're wondering if you're worth the trouble, if you contribute enough, if he's just playing along to keep you happy and he's secretly miserable." There it was. That was the fear. Tears sprung to her eyes immediately and she nodded her head quickly, her lips pursed as she tried to keep herself from crying. Jess didn't have the firmest rein on her emotions - it came with pretending to be a toddler the vast majority of the day. I wasn't even sure how much contact she had with people outside of the community, she had thrown herself so thoroughly into her role. "It's not your responsibility to second guess him," I assured her. "If he's miserable, it's his responsibility to talk about it. You can ASK him about it, but whatever he tells you, you should take at face value. Here's where the real problem lies, I think - you can't understand why he would be happy taking care of all your needs. Pampering you literally and figuratively. You can't understand why he would want to spend his time, effort, and money keeping you in this lifestyle that makes you so deliriously happy. You can't see what he's getting out of it, and it makes you feel guilty." "Yes!" she gasped, nodding vigorously. "That's it exactly! When we first got together, I used to do so much for him, before... y'know," she gestured down at her diapered crotch, "I would buy him things and we would go places. I mean, I still make him dinner and I clean up around the apartment, but is that enough to repay him for everything he does for me? I don't want to lose him!" Her tears were flowing freely then, she was overwhelmed by fear and doubt. I simply followed my instincts and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her into my lap. "Hey," I said softly wiping her tears away, "You're not going to lose him by doing what he wants, you silly Little. You're his cupcake and he loves you. You can't understand what he gets out of it because if you doted on him the way he dotes on you, giving every ounce of his attention, doing every little thing for you, you'd feel resentful and upset." She nodded again, confirming my thoughts. "But you're not wired the same way, Jess. You're not a dominant. You think I secretly want someone to swoop into my life and keep me in diapers?" "No," she laughed a little, sniffling. "I can't even imagine you in diapers, you're so strong." "And I don't want that. Do you want to be in diapers?" I tugged slightly at the strap to her shortalls. "You're helpless, Jess. You can't go to the potty if you wanted to, you're stuck and you're going to have to pee on yourself like a toddler. Is that what you want?" She squirmed in my lap and nodded, blushing, hiding her face in her hands. Her body language was delightful, the smell of the powder on her, the faint remnants of strawberry-scented shampoo in her hair. She was adorable, and Seth was beyond lucky. "Well?" I prompted her. "Is that what you want?" "Yes, Auntie Nessa," she squeaked from behind her hands, her Little-voice returning. She couldn't help it, I was pushing her buttons, the ones that made her brain melt a little. "Tell me that you like being trapped in your shortalls," I teased her, patting her diapered crotch. "I like it," she whispered, "I like being trapped, I like having no choice." "And Seth likes you being that way. A dominant doesn't want the squirmy feelings you're having right now, we don't feel them. We want to feel power, to feel your vulnerability. We want to feel needed and in control. We want to be trusted, deeply. I promise you, the feeling that you're having right now - Seth gets the dominant version of that feeling when he picks on you." I tapped a few buttons on my phone, springing her British Baking program to life on the television. "Thanks, Nessa," she sighed happily, sliding off my lap and onto the floor where Seth preferred her - I couldn't blame him, his leather couch was nice and she was prone to leaks, after all. "It's just so hard to believe that he would want that." "You want to wear the diapers, he wants to put you in them, it's that simple. You're fulfilled by being controlled, he's fulfilled by being controlling. It takes all kinds. Now I have to go clean your bedding, Miss Puddle Pants." "Sowwy," she lisped, laying her head on the coffee table. "Nessa?" "Yes?" I paused on my way to her nursery, turning around again to face her. "I hope you find your Little soon," she said softly. "Me too, Jess. Me too."
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    Chapter Eight I sat parked on the street outside of Dani's apartment, waiting. She had dropped a couple of hints that she was busy Saturday night, and I had assumed it was with Julian - so I waited, resting in the passenger seat of my locked car, reclined, watching the door to her building. Worst case, I was wrong and wasting my night, but I was willing to bet that she was either going to meet him somewhere, or he was going to pick her up. Sure enough, about an hour later, she walked out of the building and to her Prius. I wished I had already gotten a chance to get my hands on her phone and set up a tracking signal. Following someone the old fashioned way left both the chance of losing her and the chance of being caught. I was confident in my ability to play it off if we "ran into" each other in public, but if she saw me following her while driving... that would be tougher to explain. I slipped to the driver's seat, moving my butt over the console and sliding down, waiting three beats before I fired up the engine and began following her. She was headed downtown - Sunnyvale had a nice little downtown area not terribly far from her place. As I pulled into the parking space across the lot from her and watched her walk toward the restaurants, I took a moment to wind my hair up into a bun - an unusual style for me - and tie it back before slipping on my reading glasses and following her on foot. I watched her step into a Mexican restaurant and hug a blond man an inch or two shorter than she was, before they sat down at a table together. Could be a friend, could be Julian. No way of knowing yet. I settled into a table outside the Irish pub across the way, a spot where I could watch them and ordered a burger and fries - something simple so I could stay focused. I snapped a couple of photos under the guise of getting a few shots of the downtown and ate my subpar burger, paying early and leaving a 100% tip so the server didn't try to shoo me away. I watched as the two of them laughed and ate, shared a pitcher of margaritas - naughty girl, once again - and enjoyed each other's company. Their body language didn't speak of old friends, they were still feeling each other out, still finding the shape of one another. Following him back to his car was easy, as was memorizing his plate number. White Accord, California plates - I had all the info I needed. I watched as Dani climbed back into her car - he waited for her, they were going somewhere else next. I frowned - I had gotten a good long look at him, he seemed like the engineer-wants-to-be-management type, white polo and khakis, short cut blond hair and a pearly smile. He oozed "normal" - I hated him already. Normal was always hiding something. Normal never hurt, surrounded by all the other normals and lauded for their conformity. Growth came from pain - the kind of pain you never felt growing up as a straight white male. Sure, I was prejudiced in my own way, prejudiced against the overwhelming majority of people that looked exactly like Julian in the world, but I felt somewhat justified - I suffered enough at the hands of "normal" and the pursuit of conformity. I sat behind the wheel of my car and sent an encrypted text to Seth. I'd do some cursory checking myself as well, but if both of us were digging too deep on the same target, we'd set off alarms. He was back to his usual routine during the week and there was very little chance of doing the social engineering these kinds of dives required on a Saturday night, so I'd have to wait. And settle for making some newbies suffer at the hands of my smurf. I wasn't feeling particularly gracious tonight. * * * I groaned as I rolled out of bed at the crack of noon on Sunday, kicking over a couple of hard cider empties on my way to the kitchen. I'd clean all that up in a bit. Sunday was cleaning day, after all. I spotted the green light on my phone flashing from where it rested on the couch - I had forgotten to plug it in last night. I'd stayed up way too late on Overwatch, drinking. I grabbed my phone and tapped the fingerprint sensor, opening my messages. DANI: How's your job in Redwood going? Any chance you're free Tuesday night? Well shit, it was from two hours ago. Why'd she have to pick Tuesday of this week? I had to take Jess out, it was important. Tuesday was great usually - lots of places declared it Ladies' Night in an attempt to bring in female clientele, often so the males had a better chance and finding someone... but I wasn't opposed to getting into places free even though the boys had zero chance with me. The job is stressful but it's going well. I can't do Tuesday, sorry. I'm meeting a friend for drinks. How about Wednesday night? I sent the message and began my weekly routine, tidying and sorting, cleaning and recycling. There was one room in the apartment that never needed tidying... though I wanted it to desperately. I stood in the doorway and stared at the empty crib, a sigh passing my lips as the phone chimed again. DANI: Wednesday sounds good - where are we going? The way she asked brought a smile to my face. It wasn't so hard to imagine Dani in this room, in that crib - she wanted someone to care for her. She didn't even want to suggest a restaurant, she wanted to be the submissive partner, she wanted someone else to be in control. This week was going to be busy. I have an idea. How is your emotionally compromised worker? Have you been able to help them? Our conversation continued on and off throughout the day, mostly small talk - she wasn't the worker in question's manager, but she was taking on that role somewhat. Apparently the actual manager wasn't very good at the human interaction part of the job, but very good at the logistics part - it was a shame, logistics were easy but a manager who could actually handle their subordinates well was worth their weight in gold. I felt relaxed as I tidied up, enjoying the casual ease with which we conversed, but my relaxation was shattered by an unexpected message. UNKNOWN: Call Kailee. Aubrey. I sighed wearily, all of the good feelings I had been gaining from talking with Dani shattered and washed away. Kailee didn't have the ability to call me - I had the phone set to send any of the numbers she usually used directly to voicemail and then delete the message. I allowed unknown texts only because I got job leads that way frequently enough that it was worth deleting a rogue message every now and again. I sat down on the couch in my freshly cleaned living room and dialed the one person I really, deeply did not want to talk to right now. "Hewwo mommy," her cutesy voice greeted me. "You said you wanted to be fwiends, but you never called me." "I do, Kailee - but I've been busy this week, I'm sure Aubrey has told you that." "Aubrey says you're going to her company to make people sad," she accused. "Why do you do that? Why do you hurt people?" "I don't set out to hurt people," I countered, "My job is to keep companies from collapsing - and sometimes the problem is that they have too many people, or the wrong people. I'll be able to talk to you more after the job is done." "I want to see you," I could see the pout on her face from her voice. "I miss you." It was baffling to me now that I had ever found that pout cute, those mannerisms. I had thought it was simple cover atop a hidden depth, but that turned out to be false - Kailee was shallow and uncaring, her pout wasn't some game, some façade - it's how she really was. My day with Jess had just reinforced how things could be, with the right partner - and Jess still had a lot of learning and growing to do herself, but she was leaps and bounds ahead of Kailee. "I know," I said soothingly, "I know you do. You're probably feeling a little lonely right now. But you have Aubrey, don't you? Are you guys going to watch some cartoons today?" "Aubrey doesn't want to play with me that way," she groused. "I want my mommy back." "I'm not anyone's mommy right now, Kailee. And I can't be yours, either. We both hurt, we need to focus on being friends first. Have you tried going to the club?" The easist solution to my whole problem would be Kailee finding another dom, someone to hold her attention. She was a bad sub, she was selfish and uncaring and didn't want to devote the time and trust it took to have a deeper relationship... but there were plenty of bad doms out there that fit her just fine. I knew that for a fact, I had met a few at the club. "The club is stupid," the pout was back in full force, "They told me I can't come back any more." Well, that was good news at least, maybe I'd have to visit again. "But I don't wanna meet anyone else, I want you." I couldn't say I was terribly surprised that she had been kicked out, after all. She had probably violated someone else's scene, tried to force her way into a play for attention - Kailee's grasp of boundaries was tenuous at best. "You want someone to take care of you, right?" "Yes mommy," her cutesy voice still turned my stomach, but I pressed on. "That can't be me right now, I have too much work to do. You need someone who can devote their time to caring for you, to helping you find your best self." "Aubrey said you have to do what I want." There it was. I had been expecting this one. "Oh, you want to be the mommy?" "No! I want you to be the mommy," she whined. "You hafta!" "I don't believe the Little gets to tell the mommy what they have to do, is that how it works? You want to be the boss, you want to make the decisions?" "No, no... I want you to be the boss," she sounded frustrated, confused. "Then I don't have to do what you want - if you want me to be the boss, we have to be friends again first. You know I'm right." "Yes mommy," she replied sullenly. "I have work to do, Kailee. I'll talk to you later, okay?" "Okay but don't make me wait so long next time." She was petulant, still trying to top from the bottom in the worst way. There was a right way to do it and a wrong way - the right way involved communicating your needs and expectations, maybe even having the upper hand over the caregiver for a short time... but it wasn't about forcing the caregiver to play their role the way the Little wanted. That had to be a gift freely given, and it didn't seem like Kailee was ever going to understand that. "You have a decision to make for yourself," I told her simply. "You keep talking like you want to be the boss, but you also want someone to take care of you, to command you. If you want someone else in control, you have to let them take that control on their own, and only someone - a friend - you trust very well can do that. Think on it, Kailee. We can still be friends, but you have to want that first." And with that, I hung up on her. She had come close to learning that lesson a few times, but I honestly didn't think she would ever get there. She wasn't interested in real growth, she was interested in short-term pleasure and it didn't really matter who she hurt - including herself - to get it.
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    I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here as I am not an Admin. I'm just a concerned long time DL member here. Recently this week there was a post here that was somewhat disturbing to be mild about it. That post has since been taken down either by an Admin or by the person who originally posted the thread. Without going into detail, the member was posting about one of the things he liked to do when out in public diapered for personal embarrassment. Needless to say, it involved other people seeing him in diapers including random underage teens and children who walked in on him in his diapers. He even had conversations with them about his diapers. This is very disturbing behavior and just about every reply to that post was talking about how wrong the member's actions were. Please! Think before you act! Don't let the hormones take over your judgement! For some people wearing diapers is a sexual fetish and some get a thrill out of other people knowing they are wearing diapers or by purpously showing off their diapers to people around them. It's one thing if a little diaper accidently shows out the back of your jeans when you have to bend down and quite different if you drop your pants and are standing in front of someone in your diapers just to get a personal thrill. I'm not talking about any AB/DL party or get together. I'm talking about out in public places like a local park, beach, store restroom or places where regular people and kids can see what you are doing. The general consenses among members here is you should not involve regular people around you in your personal fetish, and that especially means kids! We have a bad name as it is among many people who think AB's and DL's are perverted pedofile child molesters. Even those who say being seen in just a diaper is no different than seeing a baby with his mother in just a diaper, or that wearing only a diaper in front of people isn't breaking the law as your privets are covered and all. Please! JUST DON'T DO IT AROUND OTHER PEOPLE OR KIDS! Admins, if I have overstepped any authority here, I'm sorry and please contact me about it.
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    Chapter Nine I stretched as I stood, waiting, in Seth's living room. I had decided to go with a simple style tonight, my hair was down - a few locks braided near my temple to hold some beads, otherwise flowing free. I had chosen a pair of deliciously tight black jeans and sneakers sporting a flaming heart, along with a small t-shirt - Sir Sly, white on black and very form-fitting. I wondered idly what he would have Jess wear - if she would be padded - but I didn't have to wonder long. Jess stepped out into the living room timidly, her arms wrapped tightly around one of Seth's as he guided her. She wore a simple one-piece dress, a blue skirt and black top with a few bands around the waist, the short sleeves hanging down over her upper arms elegantly. It was a very mature look, but I could hear the crinkle as she moved. She was still well-diapered under there. No one else would know, it wasn't a thing most people even thought to listen for, but I knew that sound very well. Her hair fell in blonde waves around her face, her makeup was simple but there - more than she usually wore - and she had lovely hoop earrings that went well with her ensemble. "Is this Jess' older sister?" I teased, crouching down a bit so our eyes were level, "Hello there, you look quite mature - your sister is cute as a button, but she's terrible at potty training. How about you?" "Nessaaaaa," she whined buring her face in Seth's arm. "This one's no better," Seth joined in, turning Jess around and lifting her skirt. "Not potty trained at all. She has to be kept in the thickest of diapers, look at these." "Oh they are cute," I continued as Jess pushed her skirt down, blushing fiercely. The small woman was adorable - Seth was tall and Jess only stood to his shoulder, she came to my nose at least. It wasn't a terribly big surprise that she was a Little. "I thought I was supposed to be adult tonight," she complained, pouting and defeating her own point. "I thought that was the whole idea?" "It is," I confirmed. "But you can't blame us for teasing you just a little. Your blush is darling." Seth laughed and kissed Jess sweetly, pulling her to him and bending down slightly - though she still stood on her toes so he didn't have to bend quite so far. I wondered what it would feel like to have a lover so much smaller than I was - Kailee was as close as I'd come, she was four inches shorter than me. Dani was only two inches or so shorter. Seth seemed to like it, and I wagered that Jess did too given that Littles preferred to feel small, in general. "You're going to be an adult," I confirmed. "The padding is just a precaution, given that you've been 24/7 for quite a while now. No one will ever know, I won't do anything to embarrass you." Jess nodded and Seth gave her a small nudge with a hand to the small of her back. "I love you, Cupcake," he smiled and blew her a kiss. "I love you too, Daddy," she grinned as we slipped through the door, making a heart-shaped gesture at him with her hands. * * * I let Jess pick the restaurant - Seth liked keeping her in the dark whenever they went out. She wouldn't know where they were eating until they got there, it was just part of their dynamic. Honestly, I wondered what she really thought of that... the fact that she had an answer instantly said quite a bit. She wanted Korean - I wasn't a huge fan of the cuisine and I knew for a fact that Seth didn't like it at all, some vendetta against fermented vegetables. "Thanks for letting me pick," she whispered as she sat down across from me. "I never get to have Korean anymore, it used to be my favorite." "Of course," I smiled warmly to her, not a condescending smile, but a friendly smile. "When was the last time you went out this way?" "Gosh," she shrugged as she lay her napkin across her lap, "I don't know - six months?" "You haven't stepped outside of your dynamic at all in six months?" I asked, genuinely surprised. That wasn't healthy. "No, that's not true," her smile was easy and comfortable - she wasn't feeling threatened by the question, that was good. "Seth and I have adult time, and sometimes we go hang out with some other people from the club, but I almost never go out without him. I get a break from littlespace pretty regularly." I decided not to press the issue any further, no sense in potentially ruining our night before it had even begun. She ordered a mild bibimbap, I ordered a spicy one - it was my favorite dish as far as Korean went - the way you could mix the flavors in your own time, paints on the palette of your bowl, it was culinarily entertaining. "So," she began, unable to take more than a few moments of silence after the waiter took our order. "Will you tell me about your new girlfriend? Her name is Dani, right?" "Yeah. She's a year or two younger than me. Taller than you - but that's not terribly hard," Jess stuck her tongue out at me for that one, but I continued anyway, "Young professional type, very serious career-woman. She prefers a bohemian style, lots of chunky jewelry and earthy tones, it's nice." "What makes you think she's a Little? That's why you're trying to catch her eye, right?" "She's got some subtle tells," I explained, "But what tipped me off initially was her purse - it's shaped like a squirrel." "Oh em gee," she actually said the letters - I always found that mannerism of hers to be ridiculous, "Yeah, that's a pretty big tell - like, that's her everyday purse that she carries around normally?" "She was carrying it at a nightclub," I smiled. "So yeah, pretty big. It's adorable... she's adorable." The smile I wore now was an easy one, it came naturally - a rare, true reflection of how I genuinely felt: content and hopeful. "Is she already in the scene?" Jess asked, lowering her voice as if anyone cared. "I've never seen her at the club - not that I go very often any more... no, I think she's a vanilla waiting to find her spice and she just doesn't know it. Truth be told, that's what I'm hoping for." "I hope she is, Nessa. I think doing double dates with you and your Little would be awesome... and playdates. We've gone out to dinner with a couple of the other clubgoers, and I get along great with the other Littles, but you know Daddy. He's so standoffish. He finds something wrong with everyone we hang out with - that guy is too religious, it's creepy. That girl chews with her mouth open - which he hates. That couple can't stop laughing at awkward moments. Et cetera, you know how he is." "I do at that," I agreed, "Seth likes things the way he likes things." "I'm glad you're his friend, Nessa. I like you a lot. In a way, you two are really similar. You've both got this calm, in control attitude. And you're both really scary when you're mad... but it's like this quiet mad. Daddy would be less scary if he yelled, I think." "I'm glad he's my friend, too." I chose not to comment on Seth's temper. Watching Jess eat was mildly hilarious - her chopsticks technique left a lot to be desired, but her overjoyed expression as she ate her favorite meal showed no self-consciousness. Jess - especially this Jess who sat before me now, who had been with Seth for over two years as his live-in Little - had a childlike glee that most adults didn't have. Seth had seen it in her early on, when she was a burned out restaurant manager... when she was Jessica. Seth had seen that spark in her, that inner child, right away. I had been there when they met, it was a rare client dinner where both of us had the same customer. Imagining that sharp, pinched woman sitting here with me now was impossible - Seth had unlocked her Little self and while I think Jess could have rejoined the workforce if she wanted to, she was much happier this way. She sold some homemade jewelry online, but for the most part her life was strikingly similar to a three year-old's. When she was done, she politely sat her chopsticks on the edge of the bowl and relaxed in her chair with a look of pure contentment on her face. "Oh," she groaned happily, "That hit the spot. Thanks Nessa." "Are you going to be too full to go dancing? When was the last time you even had a drink?" "I drink," she said defensively, "Daddy says I'm giggly when I drink, so I drink at home sometimes... like once a month." "Really? That's surprising, considering Seth never drinks." "He doesn't drink with me... but he'll put something nice in a sip- " she cut off as the waiter came back to collect her bowl, blushing that she almost admitted to drinking from a sippy cup at home. "Is this on one check or two?" he asked, that eternal question that I had to deal with no matter how affectionate I was being to whatever woman was with me. Despite being in the Bay Area, it seemed unfathomable that a pair of ladies could be, well.. a pair. "One check," I smiled my polite-professional smile, there was no point in showing that the all-too-common attitude bothered me. The few times a date and I had been correctly identified, I had left a 200% tip. "Thanks, Nessa," Jess grinned sheepishly. "Anyway, yes - I can still go dancing tonight, no worries." * * * "Wow," Jess whispered to me, my arm gently around her waist as I guided her into the club. "There aren't many guys here at all." "Not on a Tuesday," I smiled - it was, in fact, Ladies' Night at this particular club and I had observed quite some time ago that despite being a prime invitation, guys just didn't seem too common at these. Not that I was complaining, mind you. "Are you hoping to hit on a guy?" I teased. "No!" she half-gasped, half-grinned. "Just sometimes... it's nice if they try. I haven't done this in a long time." "Want to know if you've still got it?" "Not really," she shrugged as we sat down at the bar together, "I honestly can't imagine life the way I lived before. Is that pathetic? I really like just being... Little." "Is it pathetic to enjoy yourself? No, I don't think so." "No, that's not what I mean," she pursed her lips as I ordered our drinks - a hard cider for her, one of my favorites that I thought she'd like: a raspberry, and a Jack and Coke for me. "I mean, do you think it's a little pathetic... you know, the way I live? I'm not exactly the postergirl for female empowerment." "Hey," I said gently, setting my hand on hers. "Feminism is about the freedom from the traditional roles - but it doesn't mean that the sub role is inherently bad. If that role brings you joy, if you're not being oppressed against your will, then who cares if you're not Ms. Career Woman. You lived that life, and it almost ate your soul." "Yeah," she grimaced her agreement as she sipped the cider. "Oh, this is good." "I thought you'd like it." "I just... sometimes I feel guilty, like I should be doing more with my life. I'm giving up a lot, I basically walked away from my career. It's hard to get that back once you throw it away, what if... " "Are you going to throw away," I interrupted her, squeezing her hand gently, "something that makes you happy right now on the possibility that things might be hard later? It's good to plan ahead, it's good to prepare for potential hard times, but should you deny yourself something that feels right and makes both you and Seth happy so you can fulfill some sort of modern female ideal? I think you're doing the right thing, just where you are. And I say that as Ms. Career Woman. It's okay that you enjoy your relationship and the feelings it gives you." "You're so damned smart," Jess smirked. "Thanks, Nessa. You're a good friend." "You are too - now let's have a dance or two before I have to get you home. I won't even tell Seth about the naughty word you just said." After her blush faded, Jess really opened up when we hit the floor - I wasn't especially big on dancing myself, but she knew how her body moved and she enjoyed it. She was fluid, sensual. She had a sex appeal to her that I couldn't imagine Dani possessing - I certainly didn't have it either. She did end up getting hit on but let him down gently - I wondered what his reaction would be if he knew what was hiding under that skirt. I actually had to move to block someone from grabbing her butt at one point, so she wouldn't be discovered. I gave the guy a fiery, possessive look and he backed off before Jess noticed. She was walking on clouds after the all the attention that night, I didn't want some misguided shame ruining that. She loved that people were flirting with her, she loved that she was wanted. Everyone wants to feel wanted, after all.
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    Chapter Six "Hewwo mommy," Kailee's voice, squeaky and irritating came through the phone. At some point during our playtime, she had realized that she could do a squeaky baby-voice that she found darling but I found unbearable. Jess' lisp got irritating, Kailee's was cringeworthy. I was two words into this conversation and I was already tired of it. "Aubrey told me you'd call." "Hello, Kailee," I said softly. The first day in Redwood was done and I was exhausted, and unhappy with myself for giving in. I knew logically that the correct course of action when being blackmailed was to beat the blackmailer to the punch - come clean and own the embarrassing deed and control the narrative. I could have just gone to Jeffery and said: One of the employees here has compromising pictures from a segment of my life that is over and done with, she is going to attempt to show them to you. What I do in my private time is irrelevant to this job, but she thinks that this will spare her. It would take Aubrey's power away... but knowing a thing was easy, doing the thing was often harder. She could turn around and spread them everywhere, damaging my reputation. If all she wanted was a call with Kailee, then the cost was low enough just to roll with it. I'd figure out how to handle the Benjamin situation later. I could recommend he be moved to a different team... one that would recognize his faults rather than enable him. But I also knew that the chances of this ending with one call were nil. "I missed you, mommy," Kailee continued. "Did you miss me?" "Kailee, we had a lot of fun together, but we agreed that we weren't right for each other, that we needed to move on." "No," her squeaky tone dropped, her voice suddenly sharp, "you agreed that I wasn't right for you, and you dumped me. But you ruined me, mommy. You spoiled me. No one else wants to play with me the way you did. I miss you... " "Either party in a relationship has the right to dissolve it," I stifled a sigh, laying down on the couch of my apartment, glad to be home. "It has to be right for both people for it to work." "Where do you live now, mommy?" she ignored my point, of course. "You moved and I don't know where you are now." "Where I moved doesn't matter," I responded. I wasn't letting her back in my life, she wasn't good for me. She wasn't good enough for me. "But I love you." My lips drew tight at her cutesy voice saying those words. The sad thing was, she believed it. "Kailee," I began, "I appreciate the time we spent together. I appreciate the growth and learning that we gained, I appreciate the fun-" "You appreciate the sex," she interrupted. "We can do it again, mommy. Let me remind you how much you loved me once." I did love her once, before I realized that there was no truth to her. Kailee would do anything I wanted, be anything I wanted, any time I wanted. Even now, it was impossible to tell if she truly wanted any of this, or if she just wanted a place to sleep and free food and no responsibilities. Getting her out of my life had been painful, and I didn't want her back in it. "I can't," I was trying to let her down gently. If I didn't, Aubrey would simply try to blackmail me further. "I've moved on, I'm sorry you haven't. You could make someone very happy, I know it, and you deserve to be happy." "You've got another girlfriend, don't you?" Her tone was curt, accusing. "You've already got another girl." "I don't," I did sigh this time, "I was just broken up with about a week ago." "I know how much that hurts," she said, unable to hold back her passive aggressive nature. "I want to see you. I'm wearing your favorite diapers right now." Guilt was like a second language to Kailee - she knew how to twist words, how to make someone feel bad despite the best of intentions. She wasn't stupid - far from it, she was clever and sharp. But she was damaged and despite all my urgings for her to find someone to talk to, find someone to help her heal from the wounds of her past, she wouldn't. And you can't make someone help themselves, so I had no choice but to walk away. "I can't," I had to be firm, had to hold that boundary. "I'm willing to try and be friends again, but I'm not ready to open my heart." "I didn't break your heart," she accused, "You broke mine." "I never wanted to hurt you, that was never my goal. I hope you understand that." "You're a liar, Vanessa," she hissed. "You always lie, you've told countless lies in the time I've known you. How can you even look in the mirror?" It was true, I was a liar. A social manipulator. Telling a falsehood brought me no remorse in and of itself, people told lies all the time - often to themselves. What was one more drop of water in an endless ocean? Those who were closest to me knew my truths - and what Kailee was calling a lie... wasn't. I hadn't wanted to hurt her, but I wasn't going to let her drag my life down with her damage. "You're hurting, Kailee," I said softly, "I understand. I'd be mad at me too if I were in your situation. Do you still want to be friends?" There was no point in arguing with her, Aubrey had the cards - if I shut Kailee down, she'd just make another demand. But if Kailee walked away on her own then Aubrey lost her leverage - too many demands and I'd show the photos myself first, and then she'd lose out on what she wanted. While Aubrey and Kailee were "besties" as they said, I knew for a fact that Aubrey would turn on her in a hot minute. "I do," she whispered, "I miss you." "Then we'll talk again," I assured her. "But you're sleepy and I'm tired. Say goodnight, Kailee." "Night mommy." * * * Wednesday morning came too soon and not soon enough at the same time. Aubrey had left me alone on Tuesday and I had been able to focus on the job - it would take me well into next week before I could make my recommendation to the COO and I was sure I would be exhausted by the end of the job... but it was also likely going to be the only job I needed to do that month. Companies with weak management hired me specifically because I was willing to pull the trigger on jobs for them, I was given the authority to fire people because they were too scared to do it. Firing someone was hard, you had to look them in the eye and tell them that they were on their own, that they'd have to find another way to feed their families, and too often the managers got caught up in their own feelings surrounding that, how they would feel if the shoe was on the other foot. But to me, it was just another job. I'd done it dozens of times before, I would do it countless more times. I had fired hundreds of people. It held no thrill for me, but I felt no guilt either. It wasn't the fault of the people getting the axe that they were selected, not often - it was management choices, market changes, poor allocation of resources. But that was just the way it was, I wasn't going to lose sleep over it. It was either them or the company... and the company was paying. I waited in my car of the parking lot of the coffee shop... until I spotted Dani exiting her Prius. I had been twenty minutes early. "Hey," I said as I slipped up behind her, holding the door open as she stepped inside. "Oh, what good timing," she smiled. She was in tight black pants today with a white blouse, more of her chunky boho jewelry - two necklaces and three bracelets - with a dark blue blazer.. and she smelled amazing. She was a little taller today - brown suede boots lifted her another inch from last time we met. "I was worried I got here too early." "I just got here too," I gave her a smile that said, 'I am very happy to see you' as I followed her in. We sat down at the table, her with a hot chai and me with another mocha - not my favorite, but the narrative was important. She talked about her project, one of the engineers she was managing was having some personal trouble that was pushing out her timeline and she was trying her best to compensate for it and help him with his emotional troubles - a mature route, and I expected no less from her. I offered her tidbits about my own project without mentioning the company, but I focused on the positive - how the company would be in much better shape after the inefficiencies in their system were identified and corrected... "I got you this," I said after a short, comfortable silence. "I'm hoping this counts as a second date to you, I really enjoy your company." I slid the small box over to her, waiting. The way she lit up at the tiny present was adorable. My timing had been good, she had forgotten that I had mentioned this, and her eyes smiled in a way that most people her age couldn't manage - especially in this town. They were too jaded, too worn... but Littles - and I was sure she was one - held onto some of that childlike innocence. Her lips parted in a wide grin when she opened it. "Squirrel earrings!" she cheered, holding them up - they were cute, they were happy squirrel faces, but what made them great was the fact that the earring back was the rest of the squirrel - it would look like a squirrel was dangling from each earlobe. "Squirrels are my favorite animal!" "I guessed from your purse," I smiled. "I uh," her face fell a bit - here it came. Something had caused her to want to downgrade from a dinner date to coffee, but my hopes were still high. "I have a bit of a confession." She looked at me with a deep concern in her eyes, her posture shifted slightly - she was worried she was going to hurt my feelings. I smiled softly, a 'I can take it' smile, and waited. "I met a guy the day before our dinner date. I know we just started seeing each other - I wasn't sure if you and I are really dating - and I don't know if you're the one-person-at-a-time kind of dater. I usually am. So... I just wanted to tell you." A guy. I was surprisingly threatened by that, I felt the fingers of my right hand twitch with a tell that I wouldn't usually provide, though I let my smile shift to a 'Everything is fine'. All my research had indicated that she was gay, I hadn't accounted for this possibility at all. "We never defined our relationship, Dani - we don't have to. I don't own you," Yet. "I'm not upset that you're dating someone else at the same time. I'm a little surprised, I'll be honest - I thought you were gay." "Well," she blushed, "I haven't dated a guy in a long time, I kinda figured I was done with them. Not because I'm not attracted but... ugh, there's no way to say it without sounding sexist. Women are just easier to relate to, you know? Anyway, his name is Julian and he's really nice and... different. I'm glad you're not hurt, you never know how some people will take this kind of news." "I'd like to continue seeing you - dating you - if that's okay. I like you," I laid a hand gently on hers, the physical touch was important to show that I wasn't threatened. I wasn't - I was sure I would be a better partner for her... if my feeling about her was correct. This Julian likely had some other damage, some secret, some folly - and I would find it. Nobody was perfect. I was bothered by the idea of her with a man, however. And that surprised me. "I'd like that," she smiled... her eyes were smiling too, but there was a glint there, something hidden. She tilted her head just so, turned her body just so... there was something she wasn't saying. She liked him more than me. Damn, and I thought I had been playing this so well. No matter, I didn't mind a little competition. I would win. "I'm glad we met up this morning. Seeing you makes my day brighter, it will be easier to face the challenges of work." "Me too," she closed the box on the earrings and slipped it into her purse. "Thank you for the thoughtful gift, it's really kind of you." "I'm glad it brought a smile to your face." My tongue burned, I wanted to press - to ask her what she had named her purse, but it wasn't time yet. If she didn't embrace her Little side, if she struggled with it as I suspected, it would only embarrass her. And given that she had friends that teased her for those tendencies, that was more likely than not. It would only cause me to lose ground in this unexpected competition I found myself in. "I hope you have a great day at work," she leaned forward and gave me a soft kiss, our lips barely brushing together. It was gentle, timid. It told me that she wasn't sure what she wanted... she knew I made her feel good, there was some attraction there, but I didn't sweep her off her feet. Good. I hadn't been trying to. But I would, once I knew more about this Julian. The moment I was back in my car, I messaged Seth - I was going to be busy today, but he was likely still taking it easy after his emergency job on Sunday. I asked him to find out the identity of this Julian she mentioned and see what he could learn. He knew the drill, he wouldn't let me down. I had done the same for him with Jess.
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    Chapter Two My scrambled eggs were almost finished when I heard my phone chirp. A text.. from Seth by the tone. He could wait. To get perfect scrambled eggs, you couldn't stop folding them at this point. After only a minute or two more I slid the eggs from the pan to a plate and dropped the pan in the sink. I picked up my phone as I headed to the living room of my apartment, fork and plate in hand. SETH (15 minutes ago): I haven't heard from you in a while, I'm assuming you have Lauren in diapers by now. Jess is driving me crazy tonight, call me. She needs a playdate. BADLY. SETH (10 minutes ago): Vanessa, you always have your phone glued to your hand, what's the deal? SETH (2 minutes ago): I'm going to video call you in a few. If you don't want me to, say so now. Dammit. I started tapping one-handed at the screen. I had been distracted on my walk home, I hadn't even heard the previous messages. No. I'm not in the mood for _ Then my TV lit up, with Seth on his couch staring at me from the screen, I had forgotten it was still set to auto answer his calls. He was in his work clothes, a black button-up shirt with a mandarin collar and black slacks. Even his socks were black, at least he had ditched his shoes or I would have thought this was a business meeting. I rolled my eyes a bit. He was the consummate professional with his gelled brown hair, the one curl hanging down over his forehead just above his cold blue eyes, his goatee trimmed just so, sitting straight with an ankle crossed over his knee. "Vanessa," he smiled an irritated smile at my empty couch, I hadn't stepped into view of the camera yet, "Where in the world are you?" "I'm here," I said as I took a bite of my eggs, tossing my phone onto an empty cushion. I sat down, crossing my legs and resting my heels on the glass coffee table. I had planned on savoring my interactions with Dani as I ate, not talking to Seth. He was right though, I had been neglecting him and he was my best friend. "Sorry I haven't been around, things ended up not working out with Lauren. I moved too fast, she bolted." "What?" came a shrill cry from somewhere behind Seth and Jess ran into view. Her blonde curls bounced, her face was scrunched up, upset. She flopped down on the couch, her legs spread wide, her obviously wet pink diaper on full display, completely unhidden by the white and pink-ruffled t-shirt that declared her Daddy's Princess. "No no no! You promised me a playdate, Nessa! You promised!" "Seth," I said simply with a frown, I wasn't in the mood to have my failure rubbed in my face by his Little. I was not pleased that Lauren was gone, I really thought she was the keeper. We... meshed. It was nice. I had been just starting to feel like I could really be myself with her, but I scared her away. It was still more satisfying than Kailee had been. Seth was almost as good at reading people as I was, he grabbed hold of the ring on Jess' pink leather collar and she was over his lap in a flash. She cried out and kicked her legs as he slapped her on the backs of her thighs, she wouldn't be able to feel a thing through the thick padding he kept her in if he swatted her bottom. Knowing Seth, she had at least one booster in that thick disposable, maybe two. She was sobbing after four smacks, and he laid her down on the couch, her face in his lap. He stroked her hair gently, the punishment over. "Shhh, cupcake. The adults are talking, Littles will be silent. What you did was very rude to Vanessa. When I allow you to speak again, I expect you to apologize to her." Her sobs were short lived, her diapered bottom poking up in the air. She knew how to play him just as well as he played her, she knew if she started crying too quickly he'd spank her more.. but crying was the fastest way to get the spanking to end, too. "I'm very sorry to hear about Lauren, you really liked her." "I really did," I sighed, Seth was one of the few people I knew I could be completely honest with, "I really, really did, Seth. She was something special." "What are the odds of her coming back to you?" Seth continued to stroke his Little's hair, her sobs had stopped but she stayed face down in his lap, she wasn't taking any chances. His handprint was still visible on her exposed thigh. An ember of jealousy burned in my heart. Lauren should have been in my lap just like that, my fingers in her hair... I wanted it so badly. "Nil," I frowned, finishing the last bite of my dinner, "She bolted. She's not coming back. We're not all as lucky as you." Jess peeked an eye out at that, she loved hearing things like that... honestly, I said it for her. She was too bratty for my tastes, but that's how they liked it. I had no interest in constantly punishing someone. Seth, on the other hand... "I'm sorry, Vanessa. If I had known, I wouldn't have bothered you tonight. You know you can talk to me any time, right? We've been friends for a long time." "I know, Seth," I sighed, "I know. I will say this: my hopes are up." "Really," Seth intoned as he leaned forward. Jess slipped to the floor at his feet to avoid getting squished. I couldn't see her under their coffee table now, but I knew she'd have her forehead pressed to his toes, just as he taught her. "Tell me about her." "Middle management, stressed out... " "No no," he interrupted, "Tell me about her." "Fit. A hair shorter than me," I started again. "Vanessa," he said my name with a touch of venom, his irritation. "Sweet," I smiled, he wasn't going to stop until he dragged it out of me, "Hair the color of a moonless night, begging to be up in pigtails. Full, pink lips, a narrow nose. Upturned, cute. Bold but hiding the little girl underneath. A round-shaped face... big, beautiful green eyes. I don't know if she's the one, but I'm certainly drawn to her." "How many dates?" "First is Friday, I expect it'll take three before she's comfortable." "Happy hunting, Vanessa. Dream of your Little-to-be tonight," Seth's smile and his well-wishes were sincere. He was a good friend. "Wish Vanessa luck, cupcake," he purred as he pulled Jess up by her collar. Her already dry face peeked over the edge of the table. "I'm sorry I was rude, Nessa. I hope you get the most perfectest babygirl ever," she grinned widely at me, and then whispered, "Because I want a friend." The screen went black and I laid back on the couch, my feelings in a bit of a whirl between thoughts of Lauren and daydreams of Dani. * * * The time until Friday night was painful. I was distracted, I had found a shot of Dani running laps at her gym and I could not stop imagining having her in my lap the way Jess had been sprawled across Seth's. Was my read of her correct? She was a woman-in-charge.. did she have the soft center that I wanted? The need to be cared for, guided, controlled... but the will to resist just a bit? I didn't want a brat like Jess who craved punishment, but I didn't want a sycophant like Kailee who had no opinions of her own. I was in love with an idea, and that made finding real love quite difficult. The date was nice. I had to rein in my dominant desires when I picked her up. I wanted so badly to buckle her in myself, to give her a stuffed animal to hold and pop a pacifier in her mouth... but she certainly wasn't ready for that. Dani had decided that a floral dress was the way to go for the date. It was white and faded to a dark blue, covered in dancing petals as it drew closer to the hem that fell below her knees. I couldn't help but wonder what sort of panties she had on under there.. would it be another tell? She clutched her stuffed squirrel-purse to her. "I really like that purse," I said, feeling confident in my own port-colored blouse and ankle-length black skirt. I had 4" heels tonight, nothing too extreme but enough to give me a distinct height advantage. I had to be subtle, but I wanted to set the tone right from the start. I was the dominant in this relationship, it was not going to be egalitarian. "It's very cute, it suits you." "Really?" she blushed, "My best friend Jenni teases me about.. " she hesitated a split second, a word on the tip of her tongue. Most people wouldn't have picked up on it, "my purse." I couldn't help but smirk. She had named her purse but was afraid to tell me. "Something tells me that you like cute things, what's wrong with that?" We cruised along, the local top forty station on the radio. The impulsive part of me said to tune to "Radio Disney" to see how she'd react, but I didn't think we were there yet. "I like it." "I can't normally afford to be cute.. thanks," she looked away to hide her blush, staring out the window of the car as we cruised down Central Expressway. "Well I want to get to know you, the real you, Dani. Please don't feel like you need to hide anything from me," the irony of the words burned as I said them. It was completely true, but at the same time I was hiding my true desires from her the same way she was used to hiding hers from everyone. It was a cruel world we lived in where no one could afford to truly be themselves. * * * Dinner was nice and relaxed. It held no surprises for me cuisine-wise, I had done my research. I did get to learn some details that raw data didn't hold. Dani liked sweet things and steered away from the bitter. My green tea order elicited a shudder from her and she got a chai... to which she added an absurd amount of sugar. We spent the meal talking about the stresses of work and our hobbies. I could sense she was holding something back. She told me her favorite fitness routines and I talked about my love of puzzles. Our common interest turned out to be in video games, despite Dani's love of the cute, she still enjoyed a mental challenge and played games when she could. She was generally happy with her job and happy in her adulthood, but there was definitely a longing for the cute and carefree buried underneath. After dinner I took her to an ice cream parlor nearby and we each got a bowl - mint chocolate chip for me and cookie dough for her. I made sure she didn't have a chance to pay for anything, not dinner and certainly not the ice cream. I couldn't resist wiping a dab of ice cream from her chin during the dessert, which earned me an intense blush, accompanied with an adorable smile. As far as first dates went, I had rarely had one that went better. I was a little sad when I had to drop her off at her place, though I did walk her to her front door. "Thanks for everything, Vanessa. I had a really good time," she smiled shyly, glancing down as we stood at the entrance to her apartment. "It's my treat next time." She was already thinking about a second date, perfect. "We'll see," I smiled a wry smile, a smile that said 'Not a chance in hell' in the friendliest way possible, "I like treating you. And you like treats. It's win-win." She started to object and I slipped in for a kiss. My heels gave me the extra few inches I needed to get her chin to really tilt up to meet my lips. She was surprised by it, but didn't pull away. This was a risky move, but there was rarely reward without risk. She didn't give herself fully to the kiss, but she didn't withdraw. I kept it short, sweet.. welcoming. When we broke, I took a small step back. "Thank you for a wonderful evening, Dani." "You're.. welcome.. " she was a little stunned. I took her hand gently and smiled. "I hope to see you again soon. This was very nice." And with that, I excused myself and headed for the car, hoping I hadn't overplayed my hand. I was missing a piece of this puzzle, her reaction didn't fit entirely with my read. I cursed myself for a fool momentarily before driving off into the darkness. Dani had potential.. we could have something real, as long as I didn't drive her away.
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    The Little Thief ch11: call to the ice queen, A scream woke Madeline from her sleep in the early morning as she shot out of bed again for the second day in a row. Madeline burst into the nursery to check on Alice who was screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. She didn't even see Madeline until Madeline picked her up. “What wrong baby?” Madeline asked as she put one arm under Alice to help support her and felt a big squish come from Alice’s diaper. Alice just cried louder as she felt the squish and the stench hit Madeline. “Oh dear,” Madeline said as she laid the crying child onto the changing table and started to undress her. With the pajamas off, Madeline could see the well-used state of Alice's diaper. Madeleine went back to the crib and grabbed Alice’s pacifier and used it to hush Alice. But it only dulled the crying as Madeline rubbed Alice’s head and exposed tummy. “It's ok Alice. I'm here, I'll get you all clean.” Madeline told the crying girl before kissing her forehead. As Madeline untabbed the diaper, Alice just cried louder. Mostly out of pure shame. Alice had only ever had 3 messy accidents in her life. While she couldn't help have bladder problems, she had no problem controlling her other need. The first time she had an accident was when she was very little and on a long car ride. Her dad refused to make a stop saying they already did and she should have gone when at the rest stop. But the stop was more than two hours prior and she didn't need to go then. She wound up messing her, at the time “big girl”, panties and she was severely punished for that. The next time wasn't her fault but her sisters. Her sister put a laxative into her food and she pooped herself at her sisters birthday party. But no one would believe her when she told them what happened. The final time happened when she was very sick and just couldn't make it to the bathroom 2 years ago. But each time she was awake when this happened. She at least tried to make it to a bathroom. never has she unconsciously pooped herself. And never in a diaper. It just made her feel even more like a baby! As Madeline finished taping on the new diaper, she lifted the mostly naked girl up and just held her as she bounced the girl up and down like a toddler. “Its ok, it's ok,” Madeline repeated for 10 minutes before Alice started to calm down. Madeline sat down on the rocking chair and had Alice in her lap. “You ok?” Madeline asked. “Mo. *hic*” Alice replied threw her pacifier as she sniveled. Her eyes red and puffy from crying. Madeline kissed Alice again. “Its ok sweetie, it was just a messy diaper. I'm not mad.” Madeline told her. “I-ips *hic* mot phat!” Alice told Madeline before she took out the pacifier. “I-i pooped myself! I *hic* never poop myself!” That last part was just a white lie but had some truth to it. “It might be because you ate more than your body is use to sweety,” Madeline told Alice. “I'm sure this is only temporary as your body adjusts,” “B-but I don't want to poop my diaper!” Alice yelled on the verge of crying again. But Madeline put the pacifier into Alice’s mouth and hugged the girl before rocking them. “It's ok sweetie. Think of it this way, this is your body telling you it's changing. That it's finally getting what it needs and this is just a small hiccup to a better you.” Madeline told her. “Bwut, bwut!” Alice said as she looked up at Madeline and received another kiss and smile. “It ok. I'll be here to help you.” Madeline told Alice. Alice let out another small whimper but buried her face into Madeline’s cleavage as she tried to calm herself down. “Alice, your such a good girl,” Madeline told Alice. ******* When Alice finally calmed down, Madeline helped her get dressed and brought her downstairs for breakfast. Alice was still in her new diaper but didn't want to say anything to Madeline about getting into her training panties. Not after what just happened. Madeline set Alice down on the counter as she got pancake mix and water into a bowl. “Could you stir this up for me sweety?” Madeline asked. “Wes.” Alice replied with her pacifier in her mouth as she started to mix the bowl. With Alice distracted, Madeline got everything else ready. When she came back to Alice, the mix was only half done. But Madeline expected that with Alice’s small body. Madeline took the bowl and gave it a few quick mixes before thanking Alice for the help. This made Alice blush a little and the pacifier hid the small smile forming at the thought of helping. Madeline finished making the pancakes herself and got them ready before getting out the YT formula. “Was pap?” Alice asked in confusion as she saw the container. Then realizing what it was and started to whine a little. “I'm mot a bwabwe!” Alice blushed even harder after realizing how she sounded. “This isn't for babies sweetheart,” Madeline told her. “This is for youthlocks to help them get the vitamins and minerals they need. I gave you some last night and you loved it.” Alice looked confused and then remembered the bottle and her face grew redder. Madeline could see it was making her uncomfortable but thought of something. “Alice, would you like to make a deal?” Madeline asked. Alice looked up a little confused. “I want you to still use the formula, but only until your at a proper weight. Is that ok?” Alice was going to protest about it but didn't. Just like usual, Madeline was right, better just to go with it. “Owta…” Alice tells her. “Good girl,” Madeline told Alice and gave her a pat on the head before picking her up on putting her on the ground. “Go start on your pancakes and I'll bring your milk in just a moment.” Alice totaled off to her breakfast and sure enough, Madeline came back with the milk. Thankfully it was in a regular cup. Alice was a little skeptical about the milk, but after eating more pancakes she needed to wash some of it down. After drinking some milk, she had to admit, the milk wasn't that bad. Madeline was smiling as she watched Alice eat. Thoughts of what they were going to do floating in her mind. Something she wanted to do was take Alice shopping and get her a few things mostly for her. Like some new clothes and other things. Madeline also wanted to talk to Alice about school and possibly help with that. But as Madeline thought about Alice going to school, something troubling came to mind. What about her birth certificate? Madeline just realized, despite Alice wanting to live with her, her family had declared her dead. What was she supposed to do? Alice was the first one done and looked up at Madeline. “What's wrong?” Alice asked seeing the slightly upset Madeline. “Oh, nothing sweety,” Madeline said as she smiled at Alice. “Just thinking about something not important. What would you like to do today?” Alice didn't really know. What could they do today? Then Alice remembered last night and the boxes still in the living room. “I-i want to look th-through my stuff and s-see what I have,” Alice told Madeline. “That's a wonderful idea,” Madeline said, then thought of something else. “Alice, would you like to go shopping with me later?” “S-sure Madeline,” Alice said with a slight smile. “How about this, why don't we go through your clothes and see what you have and what we should get you,” Madeline suggested and Alice's eyes lit up. Madeline helped get Alice's stuff into the nursery so that Alice could use the mirror in there. “M-Madeline?” Alice said as Madeline brought up the last box. “Yes, sweety?” Madeline asked. “I-is this going to be my room?” Alice asked. At first, Madeline was confused about the question. Then realized Alice was only staying in this room. she never gave it to Alice. This also brought up thoughts about Nina. this was her room. This was her space. Was it really alright to give this room to Alice? “I-i don't know yet sweety. But we can talk about it later.” Madeline told Alice in hopes to dodge the question for now. Alice was about to say something when Madeline’s phone range. “Let me get this real fast sweety. You get started trying on clothes while I get this.” Madeline answered her phone as she was walking downstairs. “Hey, Mady! How are you doing?” Michiko asked. “Good morning Michi, I'm doing fine. Alice and I were about to try on some clothes.” Madeline told her friend. “Awesome. How is she doing by the way?” Michiko asked. “She’s doing very well. She’s starting to eat and we shaved her ‘spot’.” Madeline told her friend. “That's good to hear. Now just need to remove it permanently and get her to weight up. Anyway, I was calling to ask if we're still up for dinner at your place?” Michiko asked. “Yes. today or tomorrow would be perfect.” Madeline told her. “Awesome. I'll let my little baby know as well.” Michiko replied. “MOM IM NOT A BABY!” a young girl's voice could be heard. “To me, you always will be!” Michiko responded. “I'll call you later as soon as we decide.” “Ok. talk to you soon,” Madeline said and hung up the phone. As she did, she had a crazy thought and dialed a new number as she walked out the back door and into the backyard. Realizing she still needed to fix the glass Alice cut out. “Hellow?” a rough old voice said on the other line. “Michael, its Madeline. I was wondering if you could do me one last favor…” ********* Madeline was now sitting on an old swing connected to a large tree in her backyard. A swing she uses to love back when she was a kid. Her phone was ringing next to her ear as butterflies fluttered in her stomach. Why was she so nervous? She had the moral high ground. She shouldn't have anything to be scared about the Nightstars. But Madeline was. ‘What if they deny Alice?’ ‘What if they try to bring the police involved and they learn of Alice’s past? ‘What if they try to take my baby?’ Those were Madeleine's thoughts until she heard the phone answered. “Hello, Nightstar residence. Maid speaking.” the maid said over the phone. “H-hello. I'm sorry to bother you but I was hoping to speak to Mr or miss Nightstar. It's about their daughter.” “I'm sorry, but Eve is not interested in any types of scholarships or fundraiser projects. Her schedule is already busy.” the maid told Madeline. That line sounded rehearsed like it was said a hundred times over. “N-no, not Eve. I'm talking about their other daughter. Alice Nightstar.” Madeline told them. There was a long pause as Madeline said this, however. “Hellow?” “Is this some type of joke?” the maid asked as her tone shifted from slight announce to slightly pissed. “Because if it is I swear….” “N-no! This isn't a joke, my name is Madeline and I currently have Alice in my care.” Madeline told them. There was another long pause. “Just one moment miss.” the maid said before there was a sound of someone rushing around with a phone in hand. Then Madeline could hear two people talking briefly. “Hellow? Who is this?” another woman answered. “Hello, my name is Madeline is this Miss. Nightstar?” Madeline asked. “Yes, this is, now get to the point. What is this about my dead daughter Alice?” Miss. Nightstar said and for some reason, Madeline had the urge to slap her. “I'm calling because your daughter is not dead. She is currently in my care at the moment.” Madeline told them. “Look, I don't know what type of game you are trying to play, but I'm not going along with it. My daughter Alice is dead. And if you call back here again ill…” “Alice is youthlock and you were ashamed of her,” Madeline said and cut her off. There was a slight pause. “What do you want?” Miss. Nightstar asked. “Excuse me?” Madeline replied. “You heard me. What do you want to keep quiet about all of this?” Miss. Nightstar replied and stunned Madeline. “As far as we're concerned, Alice is dead and we would like it to stay that way.” Madeline could feel her blood begin to heat up. “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!” Madeline screamed. “Nothing is wrong with me. Alice is the one who soiled the Nightstar name and even attacked my daughter. So as far as I'm concerned, Alice is dead.” Miss. Nightstar told Madeline. “She is your daughter!” Madeline yelled. “No, she was my daughter. And one that rapidly brought into question the Nightstar name. All her failures forced us to have to try to hide her away until she finally went too far and attacked Eve, before running away. when we couldn't find her after she ran away, we decided to just announce her death and be done with her.” For the first time in Madeline’s life, she felt the urge to get her gun and shoot someone. “Why would you want me to stay quiet?” Madeline asked. “It would be better for everyone if Alice stays dead. If she were to pop up now and cause a stir we would be forced to make sure no more problems come from that child.” Miss. Nightstar told Madeline coldly. “Now, tell me what you want to keep quiet, or we'll be forced to settle this by other ways.” There was so much Madeline wanted to scream and yell at this cold-hearted bitch. But she had one thing she needed to ask for. “I want custody of Alice,” Madeline told her. “Custody?” Miss. Nightstar asked. “Yes. I'm adopting Alice and I need her birth certificate and other legal documents. Seeing how you want to just throw away your child, I will take her and make sure Alice has nothing to do with cold heartless bastards like you ever again.” Madeline told her. There was a slight pause. “I'll get the documents ready.” Miss. Nightstar told Madeline. “As soon as you and that child sine them, she will no longer be a Nightstar and will have nothing to do with us.” “That's fine by me. As far as any of us are concerned Alice Nightstar is dead. And we want nothing else from any of you,” Madeline told her. “Good. I'll send my Maid over with the documents in an hour. Well, handle the paper trail. So long as that child never uses the Nightstar name, we will have no problems.” Miss. Nightstar told Madeline. “Good,” Madeline told the heartless bitch. After giving her address and setting up the time, Madeleine finally lets out a frustrated yet relieved yell. Soon, Alice won't ever have to be apart of that nasty family. Madeline made her way back inside and decided to go check on Alice. As Madeline peeked in, she could see clothes scattered everywhere. Most were Alice’s clothes but a few surprised Madeline. They were Nina’s clothes. As she looked at Alice, she could see her in a bright pink skirt with a hello kitty tank top and her hair in messed up pigtails. She was looking at herself in the mirror and blushing as she looked at herself. She did a small twirl and the skirt she was wearing revealed the diaper underneath. Alice gave a small giggle as she saw this and couldn't believe she was having a bit of fun dressing up. With her small size, she really could pass as just a toddler. “Having fun sweety?” Madeline asked and Alice jumped. “M-mo, ma, th-this isn't what it looks l-like!” Alice yelled. “Oh, so you weren't just giggling and having fun dressing like a little girl?” Madeline asked and poking fun at Alice. Alice's lip quivered as she was about to cry again. She was trying on her clothes but none of her pants fit over the diaper and she wasn't sure were Madeline put the training panties. Alice then wondered if she could try on one of Nina’s skirts to see if it covered the diaper but decided to also try on a matching shirt. As a little fun, she tied her hair into pigtails to complete the look. But Madeline wasn't supposed to see her like this. She was a big girl and didn't want to be a baby. This was just supposed to be a little fun. Madeline knelt down and rubbed Alice’s head. “Alice, you can have Nina’s clothes whenever you like. I'm sure she wouldn't mind.” Madeline told Alice. “B-but I'm-im…” Alice started but Madeline put a finger over her lips. “I know sweety, this will stay just between us,” Madeline told Alice. “If you ever want to wear these clothes they will always be here for you. Even if you just want to use them to relax at home.” “R-really?” Alice asked and blushed a little. “Yes. you can and you look adorable.” Madeline told Alice as she fixed Alice's Pigtails. “You're my adorable little Alice.” Alice was still blushing but she had the faintest of smiles. “Alice, I want to ask you something,” Madeline said as she turned serious. “What?” Alice asked as he heard Madeline’s tone shift. “Do you really want to live here?” Madeline asked. “You can always go whenever you want.” “N-no! I-i want to stay with you!” Alice yelled Madeline smiled. “Then would you like to be my daughter?” Madeline asked. Alice was a little shocked. “I-i don't k-know,” Alice replied as she felt a bit ashamed and looked at the floor. She was a nightstar and she was supposed to be dead. Would it really be alright? “Alice. I talked to your mother.” Madeline told Alice. Alice’s face shot up in shock. “WHAT!” Alice screamed. Madeline nodded. “Your mom said she doesn't care what happens to you,” Madeline told Alice. “But I asked if I could adopt you. If you would like, you don't have to be a Nightstar ever again," Alice was still in shock. So much going through her mind. So much she wanted to say or ask. “D-dose that m-mean y-you'll b-be m-my m-mommy now?” Alice asked. “Only if you will have me,” Madeline told Alice. “You'll never have to see them ever again.” Alice had tears in her eyes but she wiped those away. Replaced by a bright smile. “I wan-want you-you be my new mommy,” Alice told Madeline. Madeline pulled Alice over to her and gave her a great big hug. “I love you so much Baby girl,” Madeline told Alice. “I love you too.” Alice told Madeline as she unknowingly started to pee into her diaper. “mommy.”
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    Chapter Ten Ugh. I did NOT want to be here today. I hated Wednesdays. Benny was supposed to give me the day off, but he said that it was important that we look as productive as possible while the Terminator's stupid audit was going on. I hated that woman, that Ice Queen. Honestly, I had hated her from the moment Kailee introduced me to her. Kailee went gay for this bitch, and Vanessa just dropped her like a bad habit, leaving her with some really messed up ideas. She actually wore diapers for Vanessa, and I'd never understand that. Kailee had been normal before she came around. Things had started off normal enough for them, Vanessa was obviously the guy in the relationship, Kailee had acted like she had with lots of guys - talking about how tall Vanessa was, how smart, how cool, how strong. Then her clothing had started to change - she had ditched her usual style for pastel colors and cutesy things, which didn't make a bit of sense when you looked at the Terminator. Severe did not begin to describe the woman. Oh, she was smooth, she was a charmer. She knew just what to say and who to say it to... and slowly, Kailee changed. They had only been dating for a month when I walked in to Kailee's room to find her laying on her bed in nothing but a diaper, sucking on a pacifier. That had been a weird night. She had cried and apologized, she had told me that she understood if I didn't want to be her friend anymore... and I'll be honest, I was pretty bothered by the whole thing. But I comforted her and we talked about it... and it came out that she was doing it to make Vanessa happy. The crazy bitch wanted Kailee to dress like a baby, and she did it... Even after they broke up - well, after Vanessa the Hosebeast dumped poor Kailee on her butt - she still kept going at it. She wore diapers to bed, she bought her own... sometimes she'd wear nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper around the apartment. I figured out eventually that she just really wanted Vanessa back, and this was the way she was going to try to do it. The blackmail had been my idea - I thought maybe if Kailee spent some time around Vanessa again, she'd see that the woman was bad news. But Kailee had never listened to me when it came to love. I had told her that I didn't think Vanessa was all there in the head long before the diaper thing started. The only time Kailee and I really ever fought was when one of her lovers was involved. I never could understand why she didn't just approach love the same way I did - a great way to get what you want out of someone and feel good along the way. I didn't love Benny - he was too old, he wasn't nearly good looking enough... but he made it so my job was easy and he bought me things, so I stayed. Why couldn't Kailee just do the same thing? She was just as pretty as me, she could have gotten another guy - or even a girl, since she apparently swung that way - without needing to debase herself. "Hey Vanessa," I greeted the Terminator as we both found ourselves in the small kitchenette on this side of the building. "Good afternoon, Aubrey," she greeted me with that infuriatingly sure attitude she had. "Kailee's been asking about you, asking if you'd said anything about her - but she's afraid to ask me to get you to call again for some reason." "I've called her as you requested," the bitch said coldly. She knew what I wanted, what Kailee needed. Honestly, I didn't want to see the two of them get back together. Kailee threw herself into her relationships entirely too hard. Vanessa hadn't even been fun to hang out with. She thought she was so smart, so cool. She didn't care what anyone around her thought... and she always had to be right, to get the last word. But Kailee was still pining, even though it had been years. She'd had other relationships, but every partner she dated - boy or girl - had to be compared to Vanessa. And none of them seemed to want to put up with her diapers. I couldn't blame them, I didn't really want to either. The longing for Vanessa got worse when they kicked her out of that stupid kinky club for flirting too hard. "You need to take her out on a date," I replied. "She hasn't dated anyone in months, she's still obsessed with your guys' stupid game." "She can find another partner for that game," Vanessa's face was a blank mask - unreadable. That was the thing about her - you couldn't trust her to give anything away, whatever Vanessa projected was exactly what she wanted you to see. She was a sociopath, a sick bitch who played sick games. Her entire job was deciding who to fire, as if she could weigh the worth of another person in her hand. Truth be told, I hated her. But I loved Kailee - she was my roommate, she had been my best friend for over ten years, and I was hoping that one more spin around the block with the Terminator would open her eyes to the fact that the bitch was bad news. "I'm not asking for a lot, Terminator. Actually, I'm not asking. You're going to call Kailee, you're going to take her out on a date, and you're going to make her feel good, okay?" I wanted to tell her to figure out some way, any way of getting Kailee over her... but knowing Vanessa she'd just tear the poor girl's heart out again. I had to hope Kailee could see it on her own. I didn't even wait for a response, I just turned and walked away. I hated Wednesdays, but I hated Vanessa Evans more. * * * I had a difficult time focusing on the job after my run-in with Aubrey. Why was it so hard for someone to understand that a relationship that involved coercion was doomed to fail? My desired conquests were consensual - I wasn't going to force anyone into diapers. I wanted a woman who was young at heart but hadn't fully discovered the joy of letting go, the way Jess had with Seth. If you had to force someone to do anything, the relationship wasn't going to work and it wouldn't be satisfying for either partner. My job was almost done, I expected it to be complete by this time next week and I'd turn in my report... but then we'd begin the negotiations and the downsizing plan. If they wanted me to be the trigger-woman, I'd be on for another week or two making sure that the exit interviews were handled correctly and that no one being asked to leave would do anything drastic. It was a messy business, but I was used to it. There would be pain, there would be tears - people often got very emotionally involved with their work - but that's why companies like this hired me, because I didn't. Kailee and Aubrey, on the other hand, had me bothered. As I fired up the engine to my car and began the drive to Sunnyvale. The 101 was irritating as usual, though it was much worse going north than south. I tapped my phone until Lily Allen sprang to life through the speakers of my car. I had to calm myself - to Dani, I was a slightly timid and generally happy person. I needed to get into that mindset before I arrived, I didn't want anything - least of all me - to be out of place. I was pretty sure I had achieved the right state of mind when I parked outside of her apartment building. I knocked gently and waited - and was a little surprised by her choice of attire. She had gone with something quite mature - a backless navy blue maxi with a plunging neckline, revealing some cleavage, accented by a lovely silver necklace. "Wow," I breathed, focusing a bit to bring some color to my cheeks - simulating a blush. "You look great." "You think so?" she hoisted her squirrel-purse up on her shoulder, which brought me some relief. Her Little side was still showing, at least. I looked down at my own outfit - I was in one of my many power suits. Charcoal grey, two-button with a dark blouse and sheer black hose. I was dressed on par with her, but she had a much more relaxed and sensual vibe than I had been expecting. Honestly, I had expected a sundress or a swing dress, something frivolous or casual - she had certainly not chosen frivolous. Her earrings were, however - she was wearing the squirrels I bought her. "I do," I assured her, offering her my arm. Some girls liked that, some didn't. Some liked to put me in the "masculine" role in the relationship, some preferred me to be more "femme" - Dani seemed to prefer the former based on the way she easily hooked a hand through the proffered elbow. Good - I didn't truly care one way or the other, but I found this was more indicative of a submissive personality, not that I needed a lot of reassurance of that with Dani at this point. I led her back to the car and opened the door for her, which she seemed to appreciate, before sliding in and starting the engine. "So what's for dinner?" I asked her, half-teasing. "What are you in the mood for?" she turned it back on me. This could go one of a few ways - either she had something she wanted but she wasn't sure about, she was fishing for information about me, or she didn't like deciding on food. "I'm honestly not feeling too particular tonight," I shrugged, putting her to the test. "Well," she hesitated, looking off into the distance and pondering. Indecisive? "How about sushi?" I offered. "Oh my goodness yes," she gushed. It could have been any of those scenarios. "Great, there's a place off of El Camino that I like," I said as I pulled the car out. "Oh that's perfect," she sighed, relaxing in the chair. "Honestly, I have to make so many decisions during the day that I had deciding things at night." She laughed a small, short laugh. "Sometimes, I don't even eat because I can't decide what I want." Well that wasn't healthy, and we'd be putting a stop to that. I'd happily decide for her. "No worries there," I smiled warmly, a comforting smile. A smile that said, 'I am happy to take care of you'. It might have been playing my cards a little openly, but technically this was the third date and it was time to test the waters. Either she was a Little at heart or she wasn't. I didn't want a repeat of either Lauren or Kailee. "I'm happy to decide. I'm used to calling the shots, and I don't mind doing it in my off-hours. It's why I'm a tank main." "We should play sometime," she giggled - actually giggled, it was adorable - and pulled out her phone. "I'm messaging you my tag. Let's play later this week, or maybe over the weekend." "What's your main?" I probed. She blushed. "Support. I know, I know - stereotypical gamer girl, but I like being the Healer. My micro is crap and everyone yells at me when I play DPS, it's much more satisfying to help someone else succeed than having everything resting on me." "There's nothing wrong with knowing what you like," I assured her. "And there's nothing wrong with letting someone you trust take control." She made a contented sort of sound at that. Promising.
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    Chapter Seven It was Friday evening before Seth contacted me about the information I wanted. I was eating dinner when his face replaced Admiral Adama's on my TV. Jess was sitting on the floor at his feet, sucking on an oversized baby bottle of chocolate milk. She paused long enough to wave. "So what did you find out?" I asked him, setting my plate down on the coffee table and picking up the bottle of hard cider. One of the joyous things about my relationship was Seth was that neither of us really cared for the bullshit pleasantries that usually preceded meaningful conversation. "Thanks for doing this, by the way. Work has been... well, work. So who is this guy? What's his weakness? String of bad exes? Votes Republican?" "I haven't gotten a bead on him yet," Seth frowned. "All you gave me was a first name of someone she mentioned. There's nobody in her immediate orbit that has the legal first name Julian. I need more to go on. She didn't go too many places on Thursday - grocery shopping, an Italian bistro, and she bought something from a small vendor near Las Palmas park. Thank goodness that even street vendors use Square, huh?" "Well crap," I frowned in return, slumping on the couch. "He could be anyone. Thanks for looking, I'll see if I can get more detail. I don't think it's anyone she already knew. She said she met him the day before our date - so I'd wager she met him for the first time on Thursday, it's not someone already in her social circles." "If you can get me any of the usual PII, I'm happy to help you figure this out. Chances are that, in this town, she's with an asshole of one kind or another." "Thanks Seth," I sighed. "So," Seth began a new conversational thread rather than hanging up, as I had expected. "When are you doing the thing?" His eyes looked down at Jess without moving his head - he hadn't told her I intended to take her out. "I haven't forgotten," I assured him. "And thanks for the credits, I know just what I'm going to buy with them." I paused for a moment, noting that Jess had checked out of the conversation completely to focus on her bottle. She was laying her head on the couch at this point, holding the bottle straight up and down. "Jess," I called softly. "Are you having a good day?" "Huh?" she looked at the camera with confusion. I couldn't blame her, I rarely spoke to her on these calls - she rarely had anything of value to offer. "Yes Nessa, I had a good day." She smiled an enormous smile as Seth began stroking her hair. "I thought that maybe you'd like to go out to a bar or two on Tuesday? Just the two of us, dinner and drinks - we'll have a good time." "What?" she looked a little shocked, and looked up to Seth. He was inscrutable, she'd get nothing from him. "Out? To a bar? I dunno... " She looked visibly uncomfortable, and I knew in that moment that we needed to make her. "Cupcake," Seth said softly, stroking her hair again, "Vanessa would like for you to go with her, will you do that for me?" "Yes Daddy," Jess bit her lip, setting the bottle down and wrapping her arms tightly around his leg. She was afraid. "I would like to go with you, Auntie Nessa." "Thank you Jess," I smiled a smile that said 'You are a good girl', "we're going to have a lovely evening. I want you to pick out a nice dress to wear to dinner, okay? You're not going as a baby, you're going as my adult friend. But I still expect you to behave." "Yes Auntie Nessa," she nodded solemnly. "I think," Seth smiled down at her, "that someone has earned a treat. I'll talk to you later, Vanessa. Let me know when you've got some more info to go on. We'll figure this out." And with that, I found myself looking at Battlestar Galactica once more. I smirked and picked up my plate - knowing those two, Jess was ramping up for a temper tantrum right now. * * * My heart pounded in my chest as I watched the screen go dark. I was afraid and excited all at the same time. I clung tightly to Daddy's leg, waiting for him to explain what my treat was going to be... but it was hard to let go of the anxiety of my now-looming outing with Nessa. "Okay Cupcake," Daddy practically purred. I squirmed in my wet diaper at his feet, burying my face in his thigh. "What would you like for a treat? We can get you a nice piece of cake or... " "Tantrum!" I giggled into his leg. Tantrums were the best. I had to get special permission to really let go, Daddy loved punishing me, loved it when I broke the rules, but a tantrum was loud and sometimes things got broken so we agreed that I could only have one under special circumstances. It was going to get me in so much trouble and it was going to be amazing. "Of course," he laughed his deep rumbly laugh. He grabbed my by the upper arms, pulling me into his lap. The diaper squelched between my thighs, releasing a little of the hot urine to press against my skin... I was really wet, this one would leak if I didn't get changed soon, but I didn't get to decide that. Just the thought, even after all this time of living with him and being full time, set my pulse to racing. I felt incredibly aroused as he took me gently by the face and guided me toward him for a soft kiss. He took a moment to tickle my nose with his beard and I laughed. Beard tickles were the best. "What are you going to tantrum over?" "Does it matter?" I giggled again, "Just make something up, Daddy." He pushed me gently to my feet and I walked away from the couch as he turned on the music in the living room, activiating the white noise machines in the bedroom and nursery at the same time with his phone. We didn't want the neighbors worrying, after all. "Cupcake," he said in his stern Daddy-voice. My knees felt weak already. "I told you to clean up your room today, didn't I. Is your room clean?" "No Daddy," I said meekly, twisting a bit, feeling delightfully vulnerable in nothing but a soft pink onesie and a sodden diaper. "I forgotted." "I guess you don't want a new toy after all then?" "But I want it!" I protested - it didn't matter what the toy was, I wanted it. I slipped deeper into the role, this was my favorite part of the dynamic, the unrepentant brat and the dominating Daddy. Knowing him, he already had a toy in mind... which meant I would love it. "I want it! Daddy, get me the toy!" "Good girls get toys," he stood, crossing his arms over his chest and looking down at me with those cold blue eyes. A chill went down my spine - when he wanted to be, he was incredibly intimidating. "I don't think you deserve a toy. I don't think you're getting a toy." "No!" I screamed, stomping my foot at him. I felt the heat rising in my face. "I want a toy! I'm your cupcake and you should buy me the toy!" "Go to your room, Cupcake," he said in his warning tone. "Now." "No!" I shouted again, "I want my toy!" This was it - this was the moment, he'd push me over the edge and I'd tantrum and then the game would begin in earnest. My heart was pounding in my chest, wondering what he would do to me. "I want my toy NOW!" "You're being a bad girl, Cupcake. Go to your room right now, there's no way you're getting your new toy. No toys for Cupcake." "It's not fair!" I cried, flopping to the ground and kicking my feet, slamming my fists against the floor. "It's not fair! You're a MEAN Daddy! You said I could have a toy and I WANT IT. I WANT MY TOY!" It took everything I had not to laugh from the sheer ridiculousness of it, but I was invested. Next he would count... "One," his foot tapped against the floor and my stomach flopped at that single syllable. If this were real, if I were really testing him and not getting a treat, just him saying 'one' would have me begging for mercy at his feet and apologizing, but now... "No!" I screamed again, flailing. "IT'S NOT FAIR!" Oh, screaming that was so satisfying, so cathartic. "Two... " My breath came hot and heavy as I rolled over and began climbing to my feet... the next part was about to begin... "No Daddy! No counting! Stop! Just give me my toy!" "Three." He growled - his tone no longer warning - taking a step toward me. I darted away, relishing the fire in his eyes, that faux fury that I could only hope he enjoyed as much as I enjoyed my fake tantrum. "No Daddy!" I squealed as I ran from him. "Please! I'm going to my room, I'm sorry!" I dashed for the door to the nursery, but he was so fast, his legs were so much longer than mine. I slipped inside the room and started to close the door, but his arm was there, forcing it open. "You're in trouble, little girl," he growled. "When I count, you obey." "I'm sorry Daddy!" I squealed, actually pushing with all I had against the door, but I was slowly losing. He forced it open slowly and I moved away once he stepped into the room, walking backward as he advanced on me. He was so tall, I felt so tiny as his hand reached for me. "No Daddy! Wait!" His hand closed around my wrist and I knew then that I was doomed. I couldn't keep the grin from my face as the world spun and I found myself face down in the plush carpet, my arm twisted behind my back. And then came the mittens. Oh, he was really giving me a treat tonight. I squirmed helplessly as he slipped the first pink leather mitten over my right hand, then my left. My breath was short and heavy as I felt the buckles tighten, heard the locks click shut. "I'm sorry Daddy," I squeaked as he flipped me over, pushing my now-useless hands above my head. "You were a bad girl, Cupcake," he purred, his face leaning close to mine. I felt him clip the ends of the gloves together with one hand as he reached between my legs with the other, squishing my wet diaper against my pussy. I moaned, bucking against the pressure of his hand. It could go either way now, I was captured. He could give me pleasure or pain. He could grab the Hitachi and drive me insane, giving me orgasm after orgasm... or I could find myself over his knee and receiving a deliciously scary spanking. I was goo in his hands, I was helpless before him. He would do whatever he wanted with me. And I would love every minute. "I love you Daddy," I whispered. He leaned down, pressing his lips to mine, tickling me with his moustache as he slid his tongue between my lips. I couldn't imagine life without him now. I was his Cupcake, he was my Daddy. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    Within the Magical Realm, it was possible to travel great distances in short times. There were the airships that speed people between different regions and even arcane devices that would teleport individuals from one part of the realm to another in but a blink of an eye. However the faster the method, the less likely one might pass unnoticed. So Kristine had been told. Which was why they were taking the Ebony Zephyr, which was a ‘dark ride’ according to Tac. Whatever that meant. When they had reached a central station, someplace that looked like it was underwater to Kristine, Gwens had left them. Kristine thought she might miss her. Gwens was the only decent Liaison. Tac was Tac, and Gorgeous was fixated on Umon, and only tangentially interested in Kristine’s problems. So Gwens concerns and kindness had been welcome, though she often had treated Kristine as if she were a child. All things considered, as she walked down a long staircase, at that moment, Kristine would not have minded if Gwens had come along. The staircase descended below a floor and Kristine could see the Ebony Zephyr’s platform. She came to a stop on the stairs. At that moment she had her pacifier in her mouth, so she was invisible to all the people around her. Usually stopping on the stairs like that might have had someone bump into her, even if she was not invisible, but she was also wearing her cloak. People just avoided her without knowing they were doing it. “Move your fat, diapered ass before someone accidentally trips into you,” Tac said from Kristine’s shoulder. Kristine almost said that her ass was not fat, but as it was diapered, she was pretty sure that would just give Tac an opening for another insult. She resumed her descent down the stairs. The reason that she had stopped was that seeing the platform allowed her to see the Ebony Zephyr, and the Ebony Zephyr was like nothing she had seen before. Well, that was a lie. It was a lot like a train, which of course she had seen before. The engine was neither the sleek diesel electrics she knew nor even the blocky steam engines of an earlier time. It looked nothing so much like an enormous metal spider. Or at least a spider that had more legs than eight. Many more legs than eight. Each of those many jointed legs ended in a wheel. Only some of the wheels were currently on the steel tracks. The rest were lifted into the air. It made her wonder of the path they were to travel that would require so many different wheels. Then, once she could tear her attention from the engine, there were the cars. All in all, they looked like train cars she was used, though there were odd angles that disappeared and new ones appeared as she walked. And down on the platform, she could see some connections were not the simple single link that she knew, but multiple linkages, some not, at that moment, connected. And then there were the wheels. It was not just a collection of single wheels that rode on the track. Behind each wheel, canted at a slightly different angle were several wheels. Like shark’s teeth. A new wheel ready to pop into place. Again she had to wonder about the tracks they would travel on. A dark ride, Tac had said. She might have dallied on the platform, just to look at this thing that was almost a train, but then was not. However, Gorgeous walked ahead of her with a no-nonsense stride, and there was no opportunity to simply stand and stare. So Kristine, other than pauses, had to follow, with her diaper crinkle and waddle unnoticed by those around her. About six cars down Gorgeous entered the train like thing. Kristine followed after her. There were six compartments in the car. Gorgeous entered the second compartment down from the entrance. The space beyond the door was much larger than one-sixth of the car. It was perhaps even larger than the car. Kristine supposed that was why the angles seemed odd and had changed. Kristine was getting used to the fact that structures in the Magical Realm were not constrained by simple three-dimensional geometry. “Well, here we are,” Gorgeous said, tossing her small bag to the floor before walking across the room and sitting down in a love seat near the windows. Tac jumped down from Kristine’s shoulder, becoming a woman upon her paws, feet, touching the carpeted floor. “Couldn’t even spring for a first class cabin?” “I am not spending agency money just so you can have some servants,” Gorgeous told Tac. “This is more than enough.” “It’s tho big,” Kristine said as she took off her cloak and let her pacifier fall from her mouth. Tac snorted as she lazily dropped into a club chair. She ran her finger across the arm and said, “Nice leather, you shouldn’t sit in these Kristine. In case your diaper leaks.” “My diaper ith not going to leak,” Kristine snapped and hated that she just said that. Tak smiled and leaned back in the chair. Gorgeous just shook her head, looking exhausted, perhaps disgusted. Was it Tac, or her, or the both of them that engendered such a look, Kristine wondered. Kristine crossed the to the curtains and twitched them to the side, so as not to reveal herself to anyone outside the train. She was surprised, no, she was shocked, so much so she let the curtain drop and took a step back. Maybe she peed a little. What she had seen out the window was not the other side of the train, but the platform she had just left. She turned, looked at the cabin door behind her, which she was certain was on the same side as the platform. Gorgeous must have guessed the reason for her consternation for she said, “The windows look out at the most interesting side of the train.” “Oh,” Kristine said. “Not that there is much interesting to see,” Tac got up from the chair. “I’m going to get something to eat. Want me to bring anything back Gorgeous?” “Whatever the lunch special is.” “What about me?” Kristine asked as Tac reached the door. Tac looked back at Kristine, smiled, “You got your magic bag full of your bottles and baby food. Eat that.” She left the room before Kristine could reply. Kristine gritted her teeth and before she could stop herself stamped her foot hard on the floor. “Don’t let her get to you,” Gorgeous said. Kristine looked at Gorgeous, still angry, and asked, tone harder than Gorgeous deserved, “And do you keep her from getting to you?” Gorgeous frowned, then shrugged her shoulders. “I try.” The Ebony Zephyr had left the station, departing so smoothly Kristine was hardly aware they were moving. When she realised that they were in motion, she pulled back the curtains, sat in one of the chairs beside the windows, and looked out. The scenery beyond was strange. Uncertain, Kristine thought after several minutes of watching. She saw a forest in the distance but was struck by the sensation that it was not quite a forest, and as a result, might stop being a forest at any moment. Only the terrain directly beside the train seemed stable. The ballast and the cess, though she could not see the rails. When she thought that she found herself looking down at the rails and the sleepers and she fell from the chair to the floor. He diaper squished under her bottom. Tac, who had returned, said, “The windows show you what is most interesting, or sometimes what you want to see. Stupid.” Kristine bit back an angry retort, recalling what Gorgeous had said. “I thee, thank you,” Kristine said as she stood. Her diaper felt heavy, hanging heavy on her slim hips. She tried not to waddle as she went to the bathroom where she had Mr Bear help her with a diaper change. As she lay on the changing pad Mr Bear had put on the floor Kristine looked at her plushie caretaker. The patchy places on his fur, where his seams had ripped, seemed a little less patchy. Hopefully he was healing, or however, it was that plushie golems recovered from damage. Back in the sitting room, she returned to her seat. She hated that she paused for a moment, looking down at the leather, worried that she would see a stain on it. She sat and looked out the windows again. Once more the strange scenery captured her attention. “Most people cannot look at it for so long,” Gorgeous said some indeterminable time later as she came to stand at Kristine’s side. Kristine looked away from the windows, noticed Tac was not there, wondered if she had left, decided she did not care. “Why?” she asked. “Out there is the primal magic that the Magical Realm came from. Infinite possibility bubbling up to form the world ad the people.” Kristine looked back out again, a sense of wonder gripping her. “For people from the Mundane Realm, it would be like floating next to one of your stars. As beautiful as it might be it is also destructive and so very bright.” “Is it becauthe I am from the Mundane Realm I can look out at it?” “It is because you are tied to it.” Kristine looked up at Gorgeous. “Normal magic would not last in the Mundane Realm. The power of Magical Girls is collected out there, in its most primal form, so chaotic it can even survive in the Mundane Realm.” “Collected?” “By Liaisons. We go out there and absorb it, incubate it, so we can pass it into Magical Girls.” Kristine looked out again. “Does anyone elthe go out there?” “Not unless they are suicidal. No, not suicidal. More that they do not want to continue existing as they are. You have to be very powerful, or made to survive out there, to not be changed by that land.” “Is that why we are taking thith route?” “With all the chaos around us, it is difficult to track anyone, once they are down here.” “Tho does anyone put agents on thith twain?” “Probably, but I doubt that should concern us.” Kristine nodded but said nothing, her attention once again caught by the scenery outside the window. She would stare out them until later, when she suddenly rushed to the bathroom, a moment away from filling the seat of her diaper. Afterwards, she was careful not to let her attention be so captured by the strange landscapes the Ebony Zephyr travelled through. Kristine did not want to stay in the cabin all the time. She did not really enjoy spending time with her travelling companions. She wandered the train, with her cloak on and hood up, no one really seeing her. Sometimes she would slip out of the cloak so she could interact with people. It was subtler than being invisible. She found the passengers odd. She knew why she and the other two were on the Ebony Zephyr. Why anyone else was, she could not really figure. No one else seemed to care for the view, and almost every window she saw had the curtains drawn, so no one had to look outside. And what Tac had said about the train being the choice of old people seemed true as well. While she could not be certain of some of the passengers, the human appearing ones did indeed look old, for the most part. Was this what retired people in the Magic Realm did? She wanted to ask but did not want to express ignorance that might give her away. And she was not about to ask Tac. So she let herself be curious, and watched people, trying to figure it out. Watching people, and the fact she went unnoticed most of the time thanks to her cloak, let her pick up on things. Get a feel for what her fellow passengers and the crew were really like. It was how she was able to spot the man, or at least man-shaped, attacker when he tried to corner Gorgeous. Kristine had spotted him the day before, two days into the trip. He had been in the dining car, which was huge, sitting alone at a table. Kristine, seated at the bar, drinking something that was like coffee, had noticed he was watching Gorgeous. As he did not do anything more than watch she discounted it. Gorgeous was an attractive woman and if some man was watching her the most innocent reason was probably the right one. However he stuck in her mind, and the next day when she saw him slip from the dining car as if attempting stealth, shortly after Gorgeous had left, she decided to follow. She hoped she would not come upon them making out. That would be embarrassing. Instead, she found them between cars, the man wrapping Gorgeous up in flexible bands dispensed by a flying device that looked like an extra large tape dispenser. The bands had gagged Gorgeous, and she could not call out, and her ability to struggle was limited. The man said to Gorgeous, “Don’t fight them or you’ll just hurt yourself.” Kristine acted quickly. Unseen she rushed up to the man, calling her mace as she did. She smashed the tape device from the air, shattering it as she knocked it to the ground. The man drew a long knife, looking around him for the source of the attack. Kristine did not want to fight on the train, or near Gorgeous. She grabbed the man by his shoulder. He was fast and slashed her across the back of her hand. He cut her, but the wound looked minor. Dismissing her mace, she pushed a curtain aside with her now free hand and looked out at the land the train was passing through. Then she teleported the man and herself out of the train. They ended up a few feet above a rocky plain. Kristine was ready for it and landed well, calling her mace back as her feet touched down. Her opponent was not so lucky, and fell onto his back. He was quick though and was back up on his feet. He slashed around himself with the long bladed knife, and spoke something guttural. Green flame erupted along the edge of the blade, dripping and splashing from the steel like gel. Where the green fire hit it hissed and burnt holes into the rock. Kristine did not want to be hit by either blade or dripping flame. She came around on his inside and slammed her mace into the hand holding the knife. He grunted in pain, and the knife fell from his hand. It was not anything approaching a fair fight. She swept his legs out from under him and then dropped the mace head on his chest. As she had learned with Cassar, the weight of the weapon was a useful tool. Kristine pushed her hood back so he would be able to see her. “Who are you?” she demanded. The man tried to twist out from under the mace. Kristine let it settle some more. He grunted in pain. “Bounty Hunter. I’m trying to capture that Gorgeous woman,” he said. “Help me and I’ll split my fee with you. I can get you more money than she could be paying you for protection.” “Who thent you?” “I can’t…” Kristine added her own strength and started pushing the weight of the mace against him. He gasped. “Cassar Red. He’s put a contract out on the woman.” “He knew she wath on the Zephyr?” “No,” he told her. “I spotted her.” “Does Cathar know.” The man shook his head. Kristine asked again, “Does Cathar know?” She shifted the mace, so a smaller surface area was pressing against him, resting on a rib. He cried out. “No. I was going to capture Gorgeous and not say anything, wait for the bounty to go up.” Kristine let up with the mace and looked around. The Ebony Zephyr had continued on, was some distance away. She took the mace away from the man and walked away. “I’ll leave you here.” “Wait! What? You can’t…” Kristine teleported back to the train, to the space between cars where Gorgeous had been, not waiting to hear anything else the man might say. She found Gorgeous in her canine form, working her way out of the wrappings. Kristine helped her, tearing them away. “Thank you,” Gorgeous said. “That man, he…” “Let’s talk about it back in the cabin. Come on.” Kristine nodded, took a moment to hide the wrappings and the broken dispenser, then followed after Gorgeous. Gorgeous opened the door to the sleeping compartment Tac used. “We need to…” she stopped. Kristine heard Tac say, “Close the door or get naked and join us.” Gorgeous closed the door. She was blushing as she turned to Kristine. “Tac is entertaining,” she said. Kristine sighed. She walked to the door, opened it, and stepped into the compartment. Grabbing the woman in bed with Tac Kristine dragged the woman from the bed, shoved her clothing into her arms, and over Tac’s angry outburst she pushed the woman out of the cabin. When she turned back, she saw Tac striding out of the sleeping compartment, naked. Kristine had never seen Tac without clothing and found herself staring at the woman’s beautiful body, hardly listening to what Tac was saying, which mostly was just insults. “Tac, shut up,” Gorgeous told her. “I was just attacked.” That seemed to get through to Tac, who ducked into the compartment and came out a short time later, once more dressed. “What the hell happened?” Gorgeous told her part of the story. Kristine told hers. “Do you think he told you the truth?” Gorgeous asked. Kristine nodded. “I think tho. He didn’t tell Cathar.” “At least we don’t have to worry about being attacked again. Unless another of Cassar’s agents gets lucky.” Kristine nodded. “So you just left him out there?” Tac said. “That’s pretty cold.” “What?” Kristine asked, then remembered what Gorgeous had told her. Tak’s lips settled into a smirk. “Might as well have killed him.” “Let it go Tac,” Gorgeous said. Kirstine, who had been standing, sat in one of the chairs as if she was a puppet whose strings had been cut. Her diaper’s padding was wet. She had not even thought about what might happen to that man when she had left him. It was not that he might die or be changed so fundamentally that he might as well be dead that bothered Kristine. She had killed a few of the Red Caps, and that War Titan, but those actions had been in the middle of battle, and with no other option. And she had not really even thought about what might happen when she had left the man. She stood, walked to the window and pulled back the curtain. “I should go and get him.” “It’s too late,” Gorgeous said. “But…” “He’s beyond help,” Tac said. “You must have left him in an unsettled area. It affected you, even after a short time. Idiot.” “What? But it does not affect Magical Girls.” Tac laughed. Kristine turned towards Gorgeous. Gorgeous shrugged her shoulders. “It has made you more of a Magical Girl, more powerful, more a Nursery Knight.” Kristine ran to the bathroom, to the mirror over the sink. For a moment she thought that Tac and Gorgeous had been playing a trick on her, for the face in the mirror was the one she had grown used to. But then Kristine noticed the lines of her jaw were softer, her eyes appearing a little larger. There had been hints of adolescent in her face, but those had been smoothed away. Her limbs were a little skinnier, and just maybe she was shorter. And her uniform had bits of lace that had not been there before. A far more babyish effect, she thought. “Looks at the bright side,” Gorgeous said from the doorway. “You are more powerful now.” Kristine turned to look at her. Perhaps another year had been erased, and Gorgeous wanted her to look on the bright side? She almost started crying. She swallowed back the tears. “Hopefully when we find Umon I will have a target for this new strength.” Tahc had once been a Liaison before she had quit. She still had friends and acquaintances in the department, and they liked to gossip. Gorgeous ran too tight of a ship for those people to tell her anything confidential, and whatever Gorgeous was doing fell under that category. Tahc had to be careful. It would be too easy to ask the wrong question or press a little too hard. If she did that, then her friends and acquaintances might start to wonder why their old friend Tahc had shown up at this time. And she could not stay too long, or try to see too many people. She had to be precise and careful. Stopping by her old office to say hello she ran into Ushima. Tahc suggested they go out for lunch and Ushima agreed. Ushima was, in animal form, oxen. She was a large, robust woman, and Tahc had to remind herself that she was not slow and dumb, because it was easy to think that she was just that. And when you let yourself believe that Ushima was an easy mark that was when you became the mark. However, she was not a predator like Tahc, and she tended to see those she worked with as part of her herd. Over lunch Tahc did most of the talking, telling Ushima what she had been up to. Most of it truthful cause she needed to prime the pump, as it were. Ushima was, in fact, one of the office’s intelligencers and collected rumour and whispers and distilled it to information. And as Tahc helped her, by giving Ushima the information she needed, Tahc’s position moved from outside of the herd to the inside of the herd. Tahc felt the change and decided it was time to strike. She made her attack carefully, simply asking, “How is everyone anyways? It has been months since I last had a chance to talk to anyone.” Relaxed, Ushima smiled and said. “Well enough. We’ve got some of the Liaisons out in the Mundane World, but things are quiet enough there. Penelope got hurt in a fight with the newest Nightmare Queen but she should recover, and Gwens is taking some recovery time.” Target acquired, Tahc thought, but it was important to distract attention from what she did not want Ushima thinking more on. “There is a new Nightmare Queen?” “Oh yes,” Ushima said with a smile. “Minor nobility from out beyond the Blood Seas, trying to prove she should inherit. Took off to the Mundane Realm to try to build up a power base. They never learn.” “You should be glad, You’d be out of a job if they did.” Ushima laughed and raised her glass. “Cheers.” Later, after lunch, Tahc went to look at some records. There was no reason why she could not ask to see them, except it would be noticed. So she had to go through a back channel, and pay a lot for confidentiality. The next day she had a copy of Gwens' records. Any Liaison who had been on Mountain Seven and had met with a War Titan might have been hurt. The records, of course, had nothing about any of Gwens recent work. Tahc would not have expected them to. She was more interested in what reason that Gorgeous might have had to include Gwens in the hunt for Umon. And then, in a list of previous missions, she found it. Or at least she thought she did. Gwens had been one of the Liaisons on the Nursery Knight Project. So that tied it all together. Though she still did not know who the possible Magical Girl with Gorgeous was. Unless Gwens was there for more than information on Umon’s part in the Nursery Knight project. “I’ll be damned,” Tahc said as she got to her feet. The Duke of Threes would be interested in this. Very interested if she was right.
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    Chapter Eleven Dani's chopstick technique was as elegant as her outfit. She had poise and control, despite the fact that she was eating the most ridiculous mayonnaise and cream cheese rolls known to man. I was a purist - I wanted good rice soaked in good wine, with good fish on top. She wanted deep fried madness - mango and peanuts, avocado and eel, sriracha and roe... she didn't order anything remotely traditional, but watching her enjoy it was delightful. She did this little dance when she bit into a new roll. I sat across from her at the cramped little table and the smile that spread across my lips at her unfettered joy was genuine. She was adorable. "Wait," I gaped, genuinely surprised as they served her another roll. "Does that actually have beef on the top of it?" It certainly smelled like beef. "Yep!" she wiggled in her seat, a side-to-side motion with a grin as big as the world on her face, snatching up a piece with her chopsticks. "They cook it with a blowtorch right on top of the roll. It's actually really, really good." Her taste in sushi was bizarre, but I was glad she was letting go. She seemed bouncier at this meal than Jess had been at hers, and Jess was certainly a Little. "So," I decided to roll the dice. "What's your purse's name?" "What?" she sputtered, choking a bit on her bite before she took a long sip of water. "What do you mean?" "Your purse," I nodded to the squirrel slung over the back of her chair. "Did you name it?" "Well," she blushed... and then mumbled something I couldn't make out. "What?" I asked, leaning forward a bit. "I couldn't hear you." "His name is Forrest," she whispered, blushing and looking away. I couldn't help it, I reached over and tucked a lock of her hair back behind her ear, pushing it away from her face. "Hey there," I said gently, revealing the barest part of my caring self. "You don't need to be embarrassed. I was pretty sure that you had already named him. I was going to guess Nutsy." "No," she laughed softly, looking up - her eyes were vulnerable but she was on the defensive - she was waiting for me to make some crack, to hurt her. I stroked her cheek gently with the back of my hand, caressing her with the lightest of touches. "I like that you named him," I spoke in a low, soothing tone. "And it's a great name. He seems like he's been a really good friend to you." Whoops. I pushed a little too far there. Tears welled up in her eyes. "Hey, Dani.. it's okay, everything's okay. I can see you're really embarrassed and I'm sorry. I think it's wonderful, and I really appreciate you being vulnerable with me." She nodded and looked down, hiding her face behind her hair. She sniffled and wiped her face before looking up, a fake smile etched on her lips. "I'm fine," she lied. I wanted nothing more than to pull her into my lap and cuddle her, to hold her tight and promise her that I would never judge her, certainly not for wanting to indulge in cute things. But we weren't there yet. "It's okay to like cute things," I assured her. "It doesn't make you less of a professional, it doesn't make me respect you less, and it doesn't make you less attractive. In all honesty, you carrying that purse in the club is what made me want to talk to you initially." "Really?" her eyes were shining as she looked up at me. "You don't think it's dumb?" "Of course not," I promised, silently wishing I could throttle the "friends" who had drilled this insecurity into her. "I'm really glad you told me, I'm really glad you opened yourself up to me, and I'm really glad to meet Forrest. I'm going to make sure I have a small bag of peanuts next time we get together, just for him." That got a small laugh, which finally broke her tension. "You're silly," she laughed, "I didn't think you'd be silly - you look so important." "Appearances can be deceiving," I smiled - with no motive, no message. Just a genuine, relaxed smile before I popped a nigiri in my mouth. "But there are always little hints to the truth. Right, Forrest?" It took her a moment to recover, but she went back to enjoying her ridiculous roll with a more relaxed air. When the rolls were gone and she seemed satisfied, I ordered a small bottle of sparkling sake. "Oh, I've never tried that," she smiled. "It's for you," I informed her. "I'll have a taste, but I've got a pretty firm rule about drinking and driving - I won't drive if I've had even one drink. It's too dangerous, too easy to hurt yourself or someone else." "Yeah," she blushed - I already knew she wasn't as responsible with that as she should be, especially in the ride-sharing-app world we lived in now. "Oh, this is good." Her smile was wide and genuine as she sipped the sweet drink - so much like a Little to enjoy the sweeter things. "Why haven't I tried this before?" "That I can't say," I smirked, "but I hope to show you many things that you never knew you liked." "I'd like that, Vanessa," she laid her hand on mine and smiled a serious smile. * * * After dinner, we had gone to a stand-up comedy show. Clean jokes, puns, a little bit of topical humor - no heavy political humor, nothing terribly charged... a great night out. It had gone just as I had hoped - the seats were good, the performer was good, the company was amazing. We had cuddled close at our table as we watched, her head on my shoulder. I would say I would cherish the moment forever, but I hoped to make lots of little moments like that - moments of tenderness, of kindness. But there was a reluctance to her kiss tonight, as we stood at the door to her apartment. Something was holding her back, something was keeping her from allowing herself to fall, to lose herself. Something was bothering her. And it was almost certainly Julian. I wished I already had the dirt on him - everyone had a story, and most of them had a great big patch of darkness in it. "I had a great time tonight," she said softly as she held on to my upper arms. I enjoyed the way she looked in this shadow, her raven hair sucking the very light from the area. Her skin didn't look so tan in this light, next to that darkness, her lips so deeply red. I wanted to take her back to my place right then. To pull her into my bed and to hold her close, to find out what was weighing on her so heavily, to chase all of her problems away. To make her feel safe and secure... to make her mine. "I did too," I agreed. "I really enjoy your company, Dani. You're a sweet and kind person and I look forward to getting to know you better." "I'd invite you in," Dani said softly, looking down - she was embarrassed. "But my place is a mess." "I'm sure it's not that bad," I reassured her. Most people said that - oh, my place is so messy... but it wasn't usually true. "I don't... I spend all of my time at work cleaning up other peoples' messes, so I tend to be a little lazy at home." She was trembling a bit, she was really afraid of being judged. There was some trauma there, someone had hurt her. "If you don't feel comfortable," I kept my voice low and soft, gentle, "it's okay. You don't have to rush with me, I'm patient. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do." "Well," she took a deep breath, "just... promise me you won't judge?" "I won't judge," I promised. Dani's apartment was a disaster. I had expected clutter, a mess of papers, a stack of books, a pile of mail... I hadn't expected what awaited me behind her door. She had empty food containers strewn about her living room, a pile of laundry by the front door, empty glasses and cans everywhere. There were stacks of empty Amazon boxes littered around, a clear path leading to the couch and another to the hallway that undoubtedly led to her bedroom. "Sorry," she whispered, her face a deep red. She needed someone to take care of her. She hung Forrest on a hook by the door and led me to the couch, tossing a pile of laundry on the floor. "It's clean," she assured me. "I just haven't put it away yet." "It's no big deal," I lied. I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close. "Hey, it's okay. Everything's fine." "I should've cleaned," she whispered. "I... I didn't know the date was going to go so well." "Well thanks," I teased, feigning hurt. She panicked. "I'm teasing, I'm teasing. Everything is okay. Hey, I have an idea - how about I get my laptop from my trunk and we just play a game? No pressure, no judgement. We'll just play some casual matches. You can show me your Support chops." "That sounds nice," she smiled weakly. "And next time... let's go to your place." * * * I reflected on the evening as I drove home - Dani was attractive, fun, and had so many Little tendencies that I was feeling hopeful. Julian hadn't come up once, not that I expected him to - it wasn't exactly couth to discuss one person you were dating with the other. I reasoned that her reluctance in our kiss had been embarrassment about the mess she lived in. And it was a mess. She definitely needed someone to help her handle that particular Little tendency - Seth would have flipped at that sty. Jess wouldn't be able to sit for a week if he had come home to that apartment, but Dani wasn't mine... yet. But I would have her. My resolve was stronger than ever. Playing with her had been fun - all Littles were good at playing. She had been nervous at first, but she was skilled. She was right, her micro - specifically her precision - needed work, but it wasn't hard to mitigate her mistakes. We played too late into the night, I still had to get up and face the day tomorrow, but I had been loath to leave. The sound of her laughter as we enjoyed our shared hobby was music to my ears. We won more than we lost and we quit on high spirits. But I felt like I might be lying to myself about her kiss... that same reluctance had been in our final kiss, long after I had convinced her that I wasn't bothered by her cleanliness. Which I wasn't bothered, in a way - her tidiness wouldn't be a problem once she was my Little. I'd clean up for her, she'd only have to make sure the toys in the nursery were tidy and I'd take care of everything else. I'd take care of her. I dreamt of her that night - that same candlelit room, flickering flames everywhere, but instead of Lauren waiting for me on that bed, it was Dani. Naked and vulnerable, her runner's figure lithe and toned as she lay spread-eagled on the bed. When I pulled the diaper out from under the bed and smiled at her, she smiled back. The diaper was covered with frolicking squirrels, thick and fluffy. I lifted her hips gently and slid it beneath her. I traced my finger gently around her exposed lips before I powdered her, caressing the sensitive spot where her thigh met her hip and twisting a finger delicately in her pubic hair. When I pulled that diaper closed between her legs, it was joyous - the look on her face as I fastened those tapes, sealing her in. It was an expression of contentment, of peace. I patted her padded crotch gently, rubbing my hand over the plastic backing. I was sad when I woke. I wanted that dream to be real, for her to be that vulnerable with me, to throw shame and adulthood both out the window and surrender. To be mine.
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    A great plain, covered in forests, rivers, and fields, surrounded by a vast range of mountains. These were the lands of the Duke of Threes. It was a wealthy Duchy, the peaks surrounding it were full of precious magical materials, and the enormous forests of the plain and mountains provided a never-ending resource of enchanted plant matter. Halfway up the tallest of the mountains, the three peaked ‘Crown Mountain’, just below where the tree line ended, was the seat of the Duke of Three, Crown City. The city was built up the sides of a cleft in the mountain, with bridges that arched over a fast moving river. At the end of the cleft, a waterfall several hundred feet tall roared down from the higher parts of the mountain. The Duke of Three’s castle was built near the base of the waterfall. The water entered the castle, rushing through it, turning magical gears that drove strange clockworks in the bowels of the castle. No one knew what the clockworks did, but the water that exited the base of the castle was so cold that chunks of ice floated in it. The Duke of Threes’ office was set near the top of his impossible castle. Its exterior wall was transparent, looking out over the entirety of the Duchy. When the Duke worked, he sat with his back to the vista, and it was those that sat in front of his desk that looked out at the impressive sight. The Duke of Threes was a tall, slim man, with fine, almost feminine features. Dressed often in white and gold, long blonde hair neatly styled, he was always well turned out. It was the nature of the type of being he was. His gaze swept over the people seated in front of him. His eyes were dark, like a stormy sky, none of those that sat there could meet them, and they all dropped their gazes. He was a fey creature, unearthly beautiful and in the Mundane Realm they had named his kind Sidhe, the Fair Folk. He smiled. “Well then, I think that takes care of the day’s business.” “Yes my Lord,” the senior ranking official, the Master of the Duchy’s Finances, said. There were four of them, and they stood, bowing as they stepped away from their chairs. He waved them off as a dismissal. They all left, each wishing him a good day as they passed out the door. The Duke of Threes sat back in his chair, closing a ledger in front of him. After a moment he again stood and walked to the door of his office, opening it. Beyond it was another office, bright and cheerful, with three desks neatly arranged. His personnel clerks worked there. “Brenz,” he said. The most senior of the clerks, a strange looking creature with a head like a bird, stood. “My Lord?” “Let Umon Derrypiz know I would appreciate his presence in my office, at his convenience.” His words were easy. His eyes were not. Brenz bowed. “Yes my lord.” The Duke of Threes returned to his desk, satisfied that his wishes would be carried out. He sat there, listening to the sounds of his castle, feeling the vibrations of the clockworks that spun deep within the structure. Not long after there was a knock at his door. “Enter,” the Duke of Threes called. The door was opened by Brenz who ushered Umon Derrypiz through. Brenz closed the door behind him. “Sit,” The Duke of Threes said. Umon crossed the room and took a seat. The man pulled at the lapels of his suit jacket for a moment, then put his hands on the arms of the chair, knuckles white for a moment as he gripped them hard. “Is there anything you need?” The Duke of Threes asked. Umon’s eyes widened. He quickly shook his head. “No Your Grace.” “Are you sure? You are my guest here. I would like to know that you are comfortable.” “There is nothing I need. You’ve made me quite comfortable.” “Good, good,” the Duke of Threes said with a nod. Umon shifted in his chair, unable to meet the Duke of Three’s gaze. “Your Grace is there…” “My Minister of Foreign Affairs had an interesting report for me today,” the Duke of Threes announced. Umon nodded, eyes wide. “It seems that there was some trouble at Mountain Seven. That is where your broker operates from isn’t it?” Umon nodded. “Cassar Red.” “Yes, that’s the name,” he said as if he had not already known it. “Perhaps you know something that my Minister did not? Something that ties to your problem.” The Duke of Threes smiled and leaned forward. Umon swallowed. “Yes. I was planning on telling you, after…” The Duke of Threes held up his hand, silencing Umon. “I am not accusing you of anything, just explaining. Now, tell me what you might have learned.” Nodding Umon said, “Gorgeous, she escaped the mercenaries sent after her and apparently came to Mount Seven. Cassar Red did not come out and say it, but I think he may have connected us to him.” “And why do you think this?” “Because he sent a War Titan to try to kill those that came to him.” “That seems like overkill. Not that I am necessarily against overkill.” Umon nodded, eyes still wide, face paled slightly. “Oh, do relax Umon. That is not a threat.” The Duke of Threes’ eyes did not echo his smile. Umon nodded, not looking convinced. “I was trying to confirm something before I came to you.” “And that was?” “Gorgeous might have brought a Magical Girl into our realm.” That was something that the Duke of Threes had not known or guessed, and for a moment he let the surprise show. He schooled his features and asked, “Really?” “I am not sure, it is just that it is possible. And perhaps one of the more powerful of the girls, if she could defeat a War Titan.” That was interesting, so the Duke of Threes asked, “Who is the most powerful Magical Girl in the Mundane Realm?” “That would be one of the Army Girls.” “The Army Girls?” Umon looked around, as if suddenly nervous, and then, in a low voice, he said, “Each one is powerful enough to defeat an entire army on their own. There are eight of them together, and as a group, they might be an irresistible force.” The Duke of Threes paused as he thought about that for a few seconds. “There was an enemy that required that level of force?” “No,” Umon said, voice still low, “they are a special project, almost certainly backed by the Council of Eleven, at least that is what I think. Maybe in case there is some great threat to the Mundane Realm.” “What a ridiculous thing, such powerful magic,” the Duke of Threes said with a scowl that matched the darkness in his eyes. “To provide such a thing to the Mundane World, not at all needed, I would…” He noticed that Umon had pushed himself back in his chair, fear openly on his face. The Duke of Threes calmed himself. “Not to worry. So, you think that one of these Army Girls has come here.” Umon shook his head. “No?” the Duke of Threes asked, maintaining a calm tone. Umon relaxed slightly. “Gorgeous would not bring an Army Girl here, even if she were desperate. If she did have a Magical Girl come to the Magical Realm, it would be one of the others.” “Perhaps you can find out if she has and who it is.” Umon nodded. “Good. It will be useful to know.” Umon relaxed more. “If Gorgeous has brought a Magical Girl here she may have the support of the higher-ups. That could be bad for us.” The Duke of Threes smiled. He supposed he had been waiting for a statement like that. “For us?” he asked. Umon was quiet for a few seconds, brow creased. “If this is found out, we’ll both…” “Stop right there,” the Duke of Threes said, raising his hand. “You seem to be operating under a misunderstanding. Please keep in Mind Derrypiz that I have done nothing wrong.” Umon stared, open-mouthed for a few seconds. “You bribed me,” he finally managed to say. “I did no such thing.” “But you paid me for the Nursery Knight Magical Girl Project.” “I asked for a favour and offered a gift afterwards. Did I ever use the word bribe?” “No, but…” “I had an idea, I asked you if it would be possible. I gave you a gift afterwards.” “But…” “Did I ever use the word bribe?” Umon paused, and then said, “No.” “And did you ever tell me that you were abusing your authority by creating that Magical Girl Team?” “No, but you had to know.” His tone was still polite, but there was a hint of anger. “I had to? I assure, there is no reason I had to. And, if asked under the effect of a truth spell, I can honestly say I never said the word ‘bribe’, and you never told me that what you were doing was wrong.” “You can’t be serious.” The Duke of Threes smiled. “I am offering you shelter, while you sort this unfortunate occurrence out. But if you are not able to deal with it, well, I’ll suffer a little embarrassment and nothing more. So, be sure that you do not assume that I have anything to lose and that my patience for your attempts to clean this mess up will last forever. Do we have an understanding?” “Yes Your Grace,” Umon said, biting each word off. “Good. I expect you will try to deal with Gorgeous and this possible Magical Girl?” Umon nodded. “Very good. Let me know if there is anything you need. and keep me abreast of your inquiries.” The Duke of Threes stood, and Umon had to stand as well. The Duke showed him from his office, then took his long, swallowtail coat from a hook by the door and put it on. Like his pants, shirt and cravat the coat was white and gold. Leaving his office, he dismissed the clerks as he departed. “I’ll be heading down to the Garden,” he told them as he passed out into the hallway. He headed upwards, towards the castle's roof. Just short of the stairs that would take him outside he paused and looked towards a patch of shadow. “What do you have for me Tahc?” A woman stepped from the shadow. She was slim, with a boyish figure, pretty enough. A pair of cat ears sat among her short, curly brown hair. “Nothing much my Lord. Gorgeous is smart, she’s got things tied up well in the department, little news, not even much in the way of rumour getting out of it.” “A formidable woman you would say?” “Gorgeous runs that place with an iron fist, as it were. Everyone follows the rules,” Tahc paused and added, as if thinking aloud, “Well, almost everyone.” “I would like to know what she knows, what she is planning, what she has done.” “She wants Derrypiz. He broke the rules, he has to pay. Gorgeous is fairly straightforward if you ask me.” “And I do, which is why you are here.” He paused, then asked, “Would Gorgeous bring a Magical Girl from the Mundane Realm to ours?” “Gorgeous? I wouldn’t think so. It’s not against policy, but it has always been unofficially discouraged.” “And if she did, would she bring the most powerful?” Tahc frowned. “I can’t say for sure. If she were going to break an unofficial rule, she might choose to break it right open, as it were. Or she might try to mitigate things and bring a Magical Girl of middling power. I am sorry I can't offer you more.” “Interesting,” the Duke of Threes said. “Keep looking into this. I would rather my private activities remain that way. If Derrypiz goes down, it will be somewhat embarrassing for me. If we can keep Gorgeous from making noise about this, I would appreciate it. “I will do everything I can my Lord.” “See that you do.” With that dismissal, he climbed the stairs, onto the roof, wet and misty with the spray from the waterfalls. Droplets of water fell on his hair and lashes and sparkled like gems. A chariot of ivory and gold rested on steel wheels atop the castle's highest tower. The Duke stepped up into the chariot and grasped the golden reins. In the traces in front of him, light gathered, becoming a team of three winged tigers, each the size of a draft horse. He flicked the reins, and the winged tigers of light jumped into the air, pulling the chariot up with them. He directed the tigers out of the city, passing above the city where his citizens might see him. Beyond his city he descended the mountain, flying to where the trees were thicker, and it was warmer. Down below on the lower slopes was a sheltered valley. Within the valley was a walled compound. The compound was made up of several buildings and an immaculately maintained garden. His chariot descended to a flat area of packed dirt, just beyond the wall. As it touched down on its wheels, the tigers faded way, the traces falling empty to the ground. The Duke climbed down from the chariot and walked through the open gate. Almost immediately he was nearly bowled over as a small girl charged him and wrapped her arms around him. “Duke,” she squealed, dancing from foot to foot, her diapered bottom shaking back and forth. The Duke of Threes smiled and patted the girl on her head, gently ruffling her short, black hair. “Hello Mandy, you look well.” The girl was still a child, with only the tiniest hints of the woman she would never be. She looked up at him, smiling a gap tooth smile at her. He gently took her chin, lifting it, looking at her teeth, or the one that was missing in front. “Been roughhousing with the other girls Mandy?” he asked her. She giggled and lisped, “Wufhouthing.” He shook his head, still smiling. “Well, I suppose that it will grow back soon enough.” She giggled again. “Where are the other girls?” “Pwaying hide go theek,” she said. “Well little Mandy, you had better hide or seek, shouldn’t you.” She smiled up at him. Shaking his head, he turned her about and gave her a swat on her diapered bottom to send her running off. It felt like she needed a change, but the girls were used to being in their dirty diapers. Laughing she ran off. Nearby he saw one of the nurses, a woman shaped creature nearly twelve feet tall. In the mundane realm, they would call her an ogre. He nodded to her, and she dropped low into a respectable curtsey. He knew that someone was coming up behind him before the woman spoke, “Your Grace, your presence is a pleasure.” “I recall when the girls first came here. How terrified they were of their nurses,” The Duke of Threes said, still looking after Mandy. “That is understandable Your Grace. Magical Girls are the enemy of monsters.” “Yes, I suppose. They have gotten used to them. I suppose being changed and nursed by a monster breeds fondness.” “And they are very kind, terrible as they look.” He turned towards her. “You look on the bright side of things, Colleen.” Colleen had once been human, he supposed she still was. He had kidnapped her long ago. She had been lovely, and again he supposed she still was. However, the energies in the Magic Realm had left her changed. It had changed her to something that could survive there, a process that had left its marks on her. It had taken her eyes, leaving shallow depressions and featureless skin behind. She had sight, of a sort, though the Duke did not know what she saw. So as to not disturb the girls, she wore a cloth band across where her eyes had been, in a dark blue that matched her dress. She lowered herself into a curtsey, far more graceful than that of the ogre. “How may I serve you Your Grace?” she asked, head still held low. “Stand up,” he told her, after a few seconds. “I came to look in on the girls, to let you know that the six Nursery Knight might join us soon.” “The sixth, after so long?” She sounded surprised, though without eyes to provide some clue he could never be certain what she was thinking. “Yes.” He stepped closer to her. She started breathing faster. At least he understood that. “I will need you to see to her education when she is brought here.” “Of course Your Grace, I will teach her…” He moved closer, silenced her with a kiss. He wrapped his hands around her as her knees buckled, and pushed his thigh between her legs in a tangle of skirts. She moaned against his lips. He smiled and picked her up, carrying her like a princess, across the short grass, into a nearby building; The girls’ playroom. Empty as the day was sunny and warm. There was a changing table there, of course. He bent Colleen over it, pushed her face into the diaper scented padding. She moaned again. He pushed her skirt up above her waist. She wore thick panties of a childish design. They were for him, he knew. Colleen thought that he liked children. Certainly seeing any of the girls left him hard, but it was not their youth that aroused him. It was that his power was made evident in the condition of the Nursery Knights. He thought if himself like those that kept bonsai in the Mundane Realm. Or one who might make women bind their feet. He drew Colleen's panties down her thighs and left them around her knees. It was that he denied things their growth and becoming. Releasing his belt, he undid his trousers, pulled out his hard penis. He thought of the poets and other artists that he had taken, who had never achieved their greatest works. Young lovers, separated before their love could fully blossom. Colleen was pushing her bottom back towards him in a lewd display. Colleen had been one of those young lovers. He wondered if she even remembered the boy’s face? The Duke slid into her. Colleen let out a cry like a sigh. And the Nursery Knights denied the opportunity to ever become women, to become powerful Magical Girls, to become anything other than the living dolls he had turned them into. That was what excited him. What inflamed his desires. Not their infantilised state. He brought Colleen to orgasm several times before finally allowing himself his release. As he cleaned himself up with changing supplies, Colleen slid down until she was kneeling on the floor, holding the edge of the table. After putting himself to rights, his clothing still perfect and unstained, he crouched down and gently took Colleen's head in his hands. He kissed her on her forehead. “I trust you to see to the education of the girls. No need to ever tell me what you are teaching them. Because it is you, it is the right thing.” She smiled, said in a breathy voice, “Thank you, Your Grace.” Had she eyes she might be crying. He kissed her again and then straightened and left her to recover and clean up on her own. As he stepped outside, he saw one of his girls, Betty. Likely she had been watching when he and Colleen had made love. He wondered if there was a suppressed adult in them that understood the world they would never be part of, or if they watched with the frank curiosity and innocence of children. Would that he had time to spend with the girls. Their childish antics always amused him, and the fact that it was his power that had arranged it, well, Colleen had been and was always the willing recipient of those feelings. However, things were happening faster than he liked. And there was much to do. He left the walled garden, circled around it on rough paths. A quarter way around from the gate a man waited in a clearing. He had blue skin, was dressed in grey and red and silver. He dropped to his knee. “Your Grace.” The Duke of Threes looked at him. “How goes the hunt for the sixth Nursery Knight Lotts?” “Badger and Rat are on her trail right now,” Lotts said. “On her trail? I would have expected you to have found her by now.” “There were complications Your Grace.” “Complications?” The Duke of Three pulled Lotts up to his feet, then wrapped his fingers around the man’s throat, and deadlifted him into the air with one hand. “You are my Huntsman Lotts, my Baron of the Hounds, and yet you tell me that there were complications.” “I am sorry Your Grace,” Lotts rasped out. The Duke of Threes dropped him. Lotts landed lightly, rolled back onto his heels and kept his balance. “The girl ran when Badger and Rat went to get her.” “Badger and Rat? You set Badger and Rat? Where were you?” “I was otherwise engaged, Your Grace.” “Otherwise engaged?” The Duke of Threes moved forward, grabbing Lotts’ head between his hands, placing his forehead against the other man's. It was not gentle, as it had been with Colleen. “Lotts, I understand as well as anyone the temptation that mortal women impose on a being such as we. The transient beauty and fragility is a powerful call.” He began to push in with his palms against Lotts’ temples. “But not when you are working.” “Yes Your Grace,” Lotts said in a pained tone. The Duke of Threes released him. “How close are you to finding my finial Nursery Knight?” “Badger and Rat have engaged a tracker, they are seeking her even as we speak.” Lotts rubbed at his temples. The Duke of Threes wanted to strike the man but restrained himself. “Very well. Return to the Mundane Realm, oversee this. Bring me that Nursery Knight.” “Yes Your Grace. And the packages?” “Collect them before you leave and take them with you. Deal with them as you always do.” “Yes Your Grace,” Lotts bowed low away. “Remember, I want that sixth Magical Girl. Do whatever it takes.”
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    It's my birthday today, but you get a present. Have another chapter! Chapter Five By the time Seth got home, I had cooked Jess dinner and thoroughly rotted her brain with reality TV. Honestly, it had been a great time. She wasn't my Little, but taking care of her had been nice. I had settled her in her highchair for dinner and fed her cut up bites of spaghetti and meatballs. We didn't use the chair's restraints - I didn't feel it was really my place to use Seth's toys that way - but caring for her, making her feel Little... was soothing. After the sun set, after she had binged the entire season of her silly cooking show, I changed her diaper and put her into pink unicorn pajamas, a silly summer kigurumi with a horned hood. She giggled as I tickled her and told her that she was a very pretty unicorn but truth be told, it made me a bit sad. I kissed her once on the forehead before I raised the bars to her crib. "Goodnight, cupcake," I said softly as I turned on her Fluttershy nightlight. "Nighty night night, Nessa," she yawned, looking tiny and vulnerable in her crib. "Thank you for the lovely day - you're a great mommy. You're going to make some Little very, very happy." "Thanks," my smile said, 'You are the sweetest, you make me happy' but it was a lie. I felt worn and sad inside. To have been so close to my desires and to know that Jess wasn't mine - I didn't want her, I didn't want Seth's Little, I would never, ever try to insert myself into their relationship... but I wanted a Little of my own. Someone to care for. My speech to Jess had been true; I had a need, a desire, that I could only share with someone like her - a submissive. I pulled her door closed so she wouldn't wake when Seth got home and settled back onto his couch, flipping on Twitch and pulling up one of my favorite streamers. When Seth finally stumbled through the door, it was late and he looked awful. "Did the servers take you out back and beat you?" I teased him as I muted the TV. "There's some spaghetti left in the pot, Jess is already in bed." "I ate," he groaned, flopping down on the couch next to me and kicking his shoes off. "Thanks for hanging with Jess. She's kind of fragile on the weekends, she's very much a creature of habit." "Rough day?" "Literal surgery," Seth replied, laying an arm over his eyes. "The dumb fucks bought their drives in a lot, which means that they all reached mean-time-to-failure at once... and they didn't call me until the second parity drive failed - the microcontroller literally burned out. I had to take a live drive from another array and cannibalize it for the board. Of course, they couldn't show me the problem, all they could do was mumble that it wasn't working." I gave him a smile, a 'You poor soul', as I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. "So what are you buying with the emergency fee you're dropping on that invoice?" I smirked. I knew him - he already had the money spent in his mind, probably on... "A pink straitjacket," he grinned, sitting up. "The straps go around the thighs instead of between the legs for easy diaper changes." Yep. Seth was still Seth, even though his usually calculated demeanor was shattered with exhaustion. "I suppose there's just the matter of the babysitting bill," I deadpanned, sitting up as well. "Getting someone to watch your adult baby isn't cheap, after all." "No joke, a pro sitter is like $300 an hour these days..." he winked, leaning into me until our shoulders touched, "but it was money well spent last time, my spanking technique is much improved." It was good to be close to him, we had been very close friends before Jess came into the picture... but lately it was getting hard to be around the both of them, especially after Lauren... "There's a treat waiting for you in your Blizzard account." "You didn't have to, I was teasing," I smiled a wry smile - there was no point in trying to fake it with him, he could see through all of it. "I hope Jess wasn't too bad," he was actually nervous... he needed reassuring. "She was fine. We actually had a really good day, it was really nice to have someone to care for. I'm going to be perfectly blunt," I turned my body to face him, and he followed suit, turning his palms up as he rested his hands on his knees - it was a way that we signalled we were emotionally open to hard truths, it was easier to be vulnerable with your palms up. "I'm worried about her - when was the last time she saw her friends? When was the last time she went out without you?" "I know," Seth sagged. "Believe it or not, I've been trying to get her to go... I messed up. I tried to make her wear a diaper under an outfit that wouldn't hide it well enough last time she was going out and... well, it didn't go well. She panicked and decided not to go instead... and I've been having trouble getting her to try again. She's afraid to go out unpadded, afraid to upset me, and she's not listening to me when I say it's okay. I'm not sure what to do." "I'm in Redwood all week, what if I took her out one evening?" I was relieved - Seth wasn't trying to stop her, not honestly, it was Jess' insecurity that seemed to be the problem. A girls' night out might do her some good. "Are you going to be up for it? This is a hatchet job, isn't it?" he asked. I winced, I never liked that term... but he was right, these jobs were emotionally draining. "Sorry. I know they're hard for you." Seeing him this way, open and vulnerable, disheveled and a little shaky, brought a small smile to my face. He hadn't shown this side to me in a while, and it was nice to connect with him when his Dom mask was down. "I'll be fine, it's important. We'll go out for dinner and drinks and we'll just talk. She needs some adult time. Plus, I'll already be much closer than usual, no sweat." "I agree," he laid back, sighing. "I've been worried about her too." "Why didn't you say anything?" I laid a hand on his knee, telling him I was there for him. "You've got enough on your plate, Vanessa. And irons in the fire. How's that going, by the way?" He looked over at me, making eye contact, his face concerned. "I misread something," I admitted with a small shrug. "We're getting coffee on Wednesday morning... downgraded from dinner." "Ouch," he winced, "what's the core?" "Not sure yet. Texting," I shrugged. He, of course, had the same problem. "I'm sorry it's rough," he consoled, "I know you'll find the right girl. You're a catch, and there are lots of subs out there just waiting to have their Little side unlocked." "That's what I keep telling myself," the advice from him stung a little bit - it was the same advice I had given him when I was with Kailee and he was single... and it had worked for him, after all. It was actually hard to imagine him without Jess at this point. * * * "Don't worry," I assured the nervous manager, Benjamin, offering a smile that said 'All is right with the world, everything is going to be fine', "I'm here to help." He was twitchy in his aeron chair, sitting next to his modern art installation. It was a lie, of course, his entire team was on the chopping block. "I know," he smiled weakly. From the movement of his body, I could tell his left leg was jittering under the table. He was lying as well, he was terrified. "Thank you for your help, we just need to figure out how we can right the ship. My team can really move the needle, I'm sure of it." Ugh. Managers and their buzzword bullshit. Don't get me wrong - management is a valuable skill, a good one was worth their weight in gold, but this guy wasn't a good one. He was a passive aggressive bullshitter and he had blamed three members of his team already and I'd barely started. He was one of those "talk out of both sides of his mouth" weasels... which was only part of the problem. His entire team was warm bodies, subpar code monkeys who were hired to fill chairs so their growth numbers looked good to investors. It backfired, the way it often did. Companies like A-Tech, which was a disgustingly generic name for a SAAS provider, were always better investing in a few rockstars rather than padding out a team with morons. They all knew why I was here, they all knew my reputation. I heard the whispers when I walked through the door... the Terminator is here. I hated the name. I was an Systems Analyst, I found weaknesses in organizations and systems and I helped streamline them... it just so happened that the weaknesses I was best at finding were human. The day was stressful, interview after interview, combing over code commits and roadmaps. The core service was valuable, but the management layer across the entire company was garbage. "Hey," my blood froze as the voice came to my ears. I was hunched over a terminal, fingers flying across the keys... but I stopped dead at the syllable. I would know that voice anywhere even though I hadn't heard it in years. "Aubrey," I greeted her coldly, not even bothering to turn around. "Terminator," she responded derisively, stepping closer. She set a cup of coffee down gently on the desk beside the mouse and leaned on the back of my chair, her chin by my ear, elbows on either side of my head. "Funny seeing you here." "I don't find it particularly amusing," I said evenly, though my heart was pounding. I didn't know she worked here. "What can I do for you?" "You can do me a favor," she said softly. "Make sure Benny makes the cut." I brought up the org chart... Benjamin Harris, manager. Aubrey Brown, assistant. That weasel had his own assistant, and of all the people in the world, it had to be Aubrey. "I can't discuss my analysis before it's complete," I said flatly. "Oh I know," I could hear the smile on her lips, I knew what was coming next. "Kailee has some nice pictures of you though, the two of you doing some pretty... interesting things. I'm sure Jeff would love to see them." Jeffery was my contact here, the COO - and I knew what pictures she was talking about. They weren't particularly flattering. "I really like my job here, Nessa. I barely have to do anything at all, and Benny is a great lay. Don't fuck it up for me." Shit. "Blackmail is unbecoming," my voice was confident, but we both knew my position was weak. "And yet it doesn't seem to bother me at all," she replied. "It's easy, just recommend that Benny gets moved to another department, we both know you're going to cut the brain trust that works under him." "I make no promises." "Oh I know," she stood, resting her hands on the back of the aeron. "You don't keep them anyway, Vanessa. Actually... I need two favors. The second will give me a nice signal that you're going to follow through with the first." No. "I would like very much," she began. My heart pounded. No. "If you gave Kailee a call." She finished the words I knew were coming in a whisper. "She misses her mommy."
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    CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE The apartment was modest - almost bare. Sabrina walked past a laundry room, a large pile of clothing waiting on the floor in front of the washer, and past a kitchen with dishes piled high in the sink and a half-dozen takeout boxes laying on the countertops. It actually struck her as typical submissive behavior - they needed someone to guide them, to tell them what to do, to teach them how to take care of themselves. Rachel, it seemed, was far less mature than most of the Littles she knew. Sabrina stepped into the living room - again, modest furniture - a simple TV, coffee table, a worn, beat up couch. Rachel sat, hands folded in her lap, one leg bouncing and looking beyond nervous. "I, um... I don't really know how to do this," she stammered, looking down. "I've never... talked about it, never confided any of this in anyone before," her words were a murmur, her hands wringing her fingers, twisting the digits into awkward pretzel shapes as she sighed softly, avoiding eye contact. Sabrina climbed the couch carefully and stood next to the trembling Amazon, resting her hand gently on the woman's shoulder. "Well," Sabrina smiled, giving her a big hug, wrapping her arms tightly around the Amazon as best she could. "Let's take it slow. Firstly, you have my eternal gratitude for getting me out of there. I can never thank you enough." She kissed Rachel on the cheek, before pressing her forehead against the Amazon's soft skin. "Seriously. Thank you. As for us, how about we just talk for a bit? Get to know each other - the real us. Then I think I'd like very much to sleep in my own bed in my own apartment tonight, if I could trouble you to call me a robocab... I don't have my comm, Naomi took it." "I can drive you," Rachel volunteered, finally making eye contact. "Though, I guess I was expecting you to maybe stay here tonight. I made up the guest bedroom. This place isn't as grand as where this... Naomi, was it? Where she lived, but it can still house two comfortably. It's probably not the best idea to go back to your apartment so soon. Technically you're stolen, her permit would still be active, and she can take you back at any time she sees you. Your apartment is probably a place she will check pretty quickly. If she didn't already have it sold off, that is. Most Amazons, on any island, do that if they claim a native Little. Even Gaule, usually the Little moves in with the Amazon or they move somewhere new together. You might want to consider laying low for a while." "She... said she'd let me go if I managed to escape and get back home," Sabrina admitted. "Though I suppose it's foolish to believe her isn't it?" She sighed deeply. "I really need my computer to do my job - I'll need to at least check the apartment." "Let me check it for you," Rachel frowned. "It was dark, I'm wearing dark clothes and had that hat on, she probably won't recognize me in normal daywear. I'll go check out the building, see if I can get the computer brought back for you. I have a computer you can use. You should probably take the whole claiming thing seriously." "Technically, she couldn't claim me - her permit wasn't active. I made a mistake... I kind of put myself in that situation, it's a long story." Sabrina sat on the arm of the couch, her bare feet on the cushions as she smiled fondly at Rachel. "I had a good thing going, but I got greedy and messed it up. I really appreciate your offer to stay here, it's kind of you. So... what's your story?" "Me? Well... It's a complicated muddle, really. Most Amazons are really very... vanilla with one another.” Sabrina patiently listened as Rachel looked this way and that, pausing for long moments while she tried to articulate her thoughts. "No one wants to submit and no one can respect you if you do, even if it's a chance for them to dominate, so there's not really a lot of that sort of play in a relationship. So being submissive in nature is already hard right from the start, and something that I've had to hide. When I found the AmzDom site, well... it was kind of a dream come true, and it made sense. "We couldn't engage in public play," Rachel continued, looking longingly into Sabrina's eyes. She felt like the Amazon was floundering, desperate to be understood, "but I put on a costume in day to day life anyways, so pretending there was just the normal Amazon-Little relationship would be easy and accepted, even if it's backwards roles behind closed doors. And in a way, it appealed even more than submitting to another Amazon. Littles have a good reason to want to dominate us, in a way we deserve it, and that's found its way into a lot of my fantasies. But until it was clear you needed help, I was too shy to approach you... and worried you'd turn me down. It's only because you needed help that I found that courage and I feel ready to fall apart now that the adrenaline has worn off." Sabrina stepped forward, placing a gentle hand on Rachel's shoulder. "I understand how hard it is to have these desires. We don't want to hurt anyone, why does society shun us so simply for wanting to love each other in a different way? I don't know you all that well yet, Rachel - but I owe you a lot. Why don't you tell me your fantasy, and when you feel comfortable, we can try it out." Sabrina's breath caught in her throat as she stared at the Amazon, her new pet, her willing Amazon. Rachel was everything she had ever wanted, someone who wanted to submit, who wanted to be dominated, who wanted to be putty between her fingers. She had wanted this moment, dreamed of this moment for so long. But her dreams of her Amazon pet before her capture at the hands of Naomi was nothing compared to how it felt now. Rachel was her liberator, her savior, and now her submissive. It was foolish to think that they would be able to dive into a relationship, but as she waited with bated breath for the beautiful raven-haired Amazon to tell her all of her deepest fantasies, her heart had hope that she hadn't expected. It was stupid to think that Rachel would want her, but at the same time, was it really? The timid Amazon had just told some of her story, and it rang true with Sabrina - hidden desires, feeling out of place, these were all so familiar. Rachel's story was her own in reverse, she was ridiculed and not taken seriously for her dominant desires, while Rachel had been shunned to the point of denying herself and her feelings for her submissive tendencies. Amazon society, despite claiming to be enlightened and benevolent, still had quite a bit of room for growth and acceptance. If an Amazon wanted to be submissive to a Little, what was wrong with that - as long as they were both consenting. It was the impossibility of that thought that had driven Sabrina to do what she had done... and all along, Rachel had been lurking in the shadows, waiting to be pounced on and be loved for the submissive soul that she was. Sabrina had never felt so lucky in her life, so thankful. "My fantasy," Rachel smiled softly, her eyes glistening, "revolves a lot around yours, Sabrina... if your stories are an accurate description, just from the other perspective and... well, without the whole drugging or loss of free will part. I want to be aware, want to enjoy it to the fullest, and I can't do that with a brain the consistency of pudding, after all." She laughed, but it wasn't a relaxed laugh, a casual laugh - her fingers were still tangled together in her nervousness. "But umm... and maybe this is a little tame, I don't know. I'm new to all of it, but that scene you write sometimes in your stories? Where the Amazon is on their back on the floor, the Little standing on them, usually right between the... " Rachel blushed and Sabrina's heart cracked a little - this was what she had always wanted, "On the chest. You've done it once with a leash being pulled tight, and sometimes with just the collar ring, but when the Little looks directly into her eyes and starts talking about place and belonging like this, I... I kind of really like it." It was one of Sabrina's favorite things too, the idea of standing on her pet, feeling their breath underneath her feet as she held that leash. She had written it into several stories, it was a personal favorite. The idea of Rachel willingly laying on the floor, staring up at her with longing in her eyes as she willingly submitted, it was almost too much. Her blood felt hot in her veins. As Rachel's words cascaded over her, the response was immediate. She stepped forward, standing on Rachel's lap and taking the Amazon's face between both her hands. "Well," Sabrina said in a sultry voice, guiding the Amazon's face with her hands until their eyes locked, "I suppose you'll just have to fetch your collar from my apartment when I send you to get my computer then, hmm?" She stared commandingly into Rachel's deep blue eyes. "We are going to have such fun, you and I. I've been waiting for the perfect pet for so long, my dear." She pressed her lips gently to Rachel's, a lingering kiss, feeling the larger woman's breath hot upon her lips. Rachel leaned into the kiss in a way that made Sabrina tingle, she had still been holding on to some doubt, some disbelief that this could be true - but she could feel it in the kiss. Rachel wanted this too. "Oh yes - we're going to have a good time." "Actually, I uh... " Rachel chucked nervously, chewing her lip and looking down, "I already have a collar. I mean... I've only worn it the once, it just made me sad to have with no one else to put it on me, you know? But I still have it. In a drawer somewhere. Though... It might be nice to have a new one." "Of course you have one, you know you belong in one. You need to be collared, don't you? To feel owned. To know that you belong to someone. Well, dear Rachel... you belong to me now. You saved me and now I'll save you. Go get your collar, pet. We'll put it on you and you can wear it when you go to fetch my laptop and your new collar, just to tide you over." Sabrina stroked the Amazon's cheek, desire burning in her eyes. "I um... I don't think I'm at a point yet where I could wear something like that in public. I'm sorry, Sabrina. It took a lot of courage for me to admit all of this to you. I've spent my whole life trying to convince myself it's wrong, and that it's easier to bury it. I don't really know how to play this game and I think I need to take it really slow. I hope that's okay and that it doesn't shatter things for you. I know you want... a pet, and honestly, I really think I'd like to play that role. But I have some adjusting to do. But, if you don't mind, maybe the morning would be best? Can I show you your room? I know Littles don't sleep straight through the night, so it's not like you have to sleep, but I feel like I'm about to drop. I'm sorry this isn't the meeting you probably imagined." The midnight hour was generally productive for Littles - they woke naturally and were wide awake for an hour or two before returning to bed. Sabrina got some of her best writing done in the middle of the night, but it made sense that Rachel was tired - the larger creature needed more sleep. Sabrina smiled warmly, letting her dominant persona slip away as she kissed Rachel gently on the cheek. She was disappointed, but only the barest, smallest amount. It was better to take it slow, to learn each other before they dove in. There was no guarantee they were even compatible, after all. There was more to love than a fetish, and if that was the only thing they had in common... well, they could always be friends with benefits. Their desires were so rare that it wouldn't be untoward to have that kind of relationship, as long as they could form a friendship. And Sabrina couldn't imagine what could stop her from being friends with her savior. "Of course - I also think we should take it slowly. I've been rushing into too much myself lately - I'm sorry if I came across too strongly, I don't mean to scare you." She patted Rachel's head and hopped off the couch, landing on her feet gracefully and stretching. "I always forget that Amazons have a hard time in the middle of the night, this is when I do some of my best writing. I really would appreciate the loan of your computer and a bed, thanks. Oh, and if you could show me to the bathroom... I've been holding my bowels longer than I'd like." Rachel nodded and led Sabrina down the hall off the living room, away from the garage. She pushed open a door and flipped on the lights, revealing a normal Amazon bathroom, reasonably clean... and a Little's potty chair. "My brother has a Portal Little," Rachel spoke quickly, obviously nervous. "He recently left him here with me when on a work trip. He doesn't believe in diapers, though. Prefers pull-ups and potty chairs. You don't have to use it, of course. I'll give you a moment." "You have no idea how much I appreciate this," Sabrina patted Rachel on the leg as she closed the door to the bathroom. She looked distastefully at the potty chair - she knew how to use Amazon facilities, and she'd had enough babying for one lifetime. Using an Amazon's oversized facilities was always difficult, but she managed, beyond grateful that she hadn't actually had to mess herself in a diaper. She shuddered at the thought as she knelt on the sink counter and washed her hands before drying them on a hanging towel and climbing down again, opening the tall door and stepping back out into the hallway. "Oh man, such a relief," Sabrina stretched again, enjoying the way the hem of the skirt brushed her thighs just above the knee, how light and free she felt in the adult dress with the adult panties. Diapers were always the final sign for a Little in media, the first one was generally the end of their adulthood. She shuddered slightly when she realized again just how close she had come to that fate. "It must have been pretty awful for you," Rachel's voice was consoling, but held a hint of sadness. "I like the idea of submitting, but diapers have kind of always grossed me out, so it makes me sad to see a lot of Littles forced into them. Not that I don't enjoy the idea of 'force'. Being 'made' to do things because a dominant wants me to is kind of great, but only in the play sense. Being forced to do something I actually dislike is an entirely different circumstance, and I feel for Littles a lot because of it." "Exactly! It's consensual non-consent. You trust your partner not to violate you, not to do anything you truly wouldn't enjoy... when it's not real it's a lot of fun. I kinda learned that the hard way this weekend, it's not a mistake I'll ever be making again. I'd like to say I'd never write a forced story again... but it's just fiction, I probably will. But I'll be writing a lot more consensual stories, I think. I want it to get to the point where Amazons and Littles can be open with these desires. We're not so different... and there's nothing wrong with loving each other in this way." "Come on," Rachel said with a warm smile, "your room is this way." "Thanks," Sabrina smiled in return as she followed the Amazon down the hall, "I want you to know that I'll never do anything to really force you, Rachel. I don't ever want to take anyone's will away for real." Never again. Sabrina's eyes widened as she gazed at the room beyond the door, the room that Rachel had led her to... As the light flipped on, she turned around to stare at the Amazon, disbelieving.
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    Before you read the next chapter I want to thank you for the comments and I’m going to ask something a bit unorthodox. I have the bad habit of not finishing things and up until a week ago I haden’t felt very into the ABDL scene very much. This is part of the reason I’m writing this. So what I’m requesting is that you go over to this post I have linked below and give me a little input so I can try and set some goals and stick with my ABDL side, and along with that, keep writing this story. I hope you like this addition I enjoyed writing it. https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/63851-self-imposed-rules-help-please/ Chapter 2 Levi had insisted on doing it himself but Becky was having none of it. As she unbuttoned his pants he was trying very hard to keep a calm head but he was having no luck in that department. She pulled his pants down with one quick motion. “Now, lift your foot little Levi, and the other. That’s a good boy.” Levi stood before her in his ripped shirt and boxers, and he had never been more embarrassed or turned on in his life. Next she grabbed the waistband of his underwear and pulled them off as well. He tried to cover himself but she pulled his hands away and tutted at him. “Now now, no need to be shy, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” She lifted his boxers and examined them. “What a good little boy I have, keeping his undies dry for me.” She gave him a wink and placed them in her purse. “Alright,” she picked up the pair of Pull-Ups, opened them up, and brought them down to Levi’s feet, “step in sweetie or I will have to paddle that cute little bum of yours.” Levi took a gulp of air and put his feet though the leg holes. In an instant Becky pulled the padded garment up his legs and over his crotch. The training pants felt very odd around his privates, though his throbbing member poked up from the padding which made Becky giggle again. “It looks like my little man likes his new undies.” Levi blushed. It wasn’t true, he felt like a toddler and compliantly emasculated standing there in front of the giggling girl in nothing but a t-shirt and training pants. Becky must have deduced his feeling because she wrapped her arms around him and started patting his back. “There there, it’s alright. We are just having a bit of fun and you look super cute.” As she continued patting his back, he started to feel better, he was even beginning to regain control over himself and he felt the pressure on his crotch lessen. Becky must have also felt this because the next thing he knew she plunged her hand down his Pull-Up and adjusted his penis so it pointed down into the padding. “That’s better. Now if you have any accidents your Pull-Up can do it’s job.” Levi would have shot back and told her that he wouldn’t have an accident, but he was still dumb struck by what she had just grabbed, and by the time he had gathered his thoughts, she was already pulling his pants back up. “Come on little one,” she said kissing his forehead. “The night awaits and adventure ensues!” She had once again grabbed his hand and was pulling him through the school yet again. As they walked down the hallway the feeling of the padding moving around his nether regions made it hard to forget what he was wearing, and what he was wearing was meant to catch accidents of little kids when they couldn’t make it to the toilet on time. He tried to push that thought out of his head and just enjoy this wonderful girl’s company. She took him from room to room, hallway to hallway, telling him stories about her experiences here. Levi hung onto every word she said, and to be honest, despite the Pull-Up between his legs, he was having the time of his life. They eventually exited the school and were once again walking down the street. With all they had been though that night Levi didn’t know why it was so hard to ask the question he knew he had to. He was infatuated by this girl, hell he loved this girl, so why was it so hard to ask her back to his place. If he was being honest with himself, he already new the answer to that. One of Levi’s biggest fears was rejection, and not only the rejection of the opposite sex, but confrontation of any kind. Levi was the kind of person that would get the wrong order at a restaurant and not bring it up to the employees because he was afraid they would get mad at him for bringing it up. So Levi walked in silence for minutes while he worked up the courage to ask her back to his place, but before he could, Becky took the decision, to tell her, out of his hands. “Why are you being so quite Levi? You didn’t...” Her eyes went wide and she unbuttoned Levi’s pants right there on the street. Becky put her hand on the crotch of Levi’s Pull-Up and moved it around a little. “Nope,” she said and she did his pants back up, “my little man is still dry.” “Hey, don’t do that,” Levi said, going flush. “I’m not going to wet myself. I was just quite because I was thinking.” “Whatca thinkin about,” she asked, smirking. “Is it my hand on your...” Levi cut her off with a rushed “Do you want to come back to my place?” The next few seconds seemed like an eternity as he went over all possibilities in his head. The one that kept popping up was her laughing her head off and telling him he was stupid for thinking he had a chance with her. What she did say however was compliantly different than anything he thought up. “You are so cute.” She pinched his cheek and giggled. But no, I think it’s best you come home with me instead.” She put her hand on his padded bottom and squeezed. “As your babysitter I’m responsible for you, and that includes making sure you make it to the potty in time.” “I don’t,” Levi started but she put a finger to his lips. “Don’t you tell your babysitter no little boy. You’re coming home with me and that’s final.” That’s how Levi ended up at the front door of Becky’s apartment, still not believing all the events that led him there. In fact, as they got closer to her place Levi had once again grown silent, which prompted another Pull-Up check from Becky. Once they were inside Becky ordered, “Pants off little one, and that shirt too,” She motioned to his ripped shirt. “Don’t argue, it will save time. I need to be able to check your training pants easier and don’t tell me you won’t have an accident. I’m the babysitter and I know best.” She was right, he was about to argue with her, but he thought it best to do as she said and he stripped naked except for his Pull-Up. Becky on the other hand, had exited into a room to the right of the entrance and shut the door behind her. While he waited for her to come back, he looked around her modest apartment. The living room was to the left, and wide open with, what looked like a sixty inch TV, and a large couch on the back wall. The walls were decorated with random music posters and pictures of cats. Right in front of him was the kitchen, which was a simple counter top, refrigerator, microwave, and a few other appliances. Last was the room to the right that Becky had just entered, which must be her room, and an attached bathroom. After waiting for a few minutes, Levi walked over to the couch and awkwardly sat down. It was very strange sitting in nothing but training pants in the middle of a girl’s apartment, and the girl in question he had only just met that night. On top of all that Levi was once again feeling the pressure on his bladder. He hoped she would be out soon or he really would have an accident. It was shortly after that thought that the door to her bedroom opened up and Becky emerged wearing black lace panties and a matching lace bra. “I see you made yourself comfortable baby boy.” There was something about the way that she said “baby boy” that made his whole body shiver. On top of that, combined with how she was dressed, and the way she was seductively walking toward him; deliberately placing one foot in front of the other and swinging her hips with every step; he was having a hard time containing himself. “I,” his mouth was so dry he was having a hard time speaking. “I...I,” once again his words failed him as she got closer and closer. “Aww is my little Levi having a hard time talking?” She lifted her leg and got up on the couch, straddling the, now sweating, Levi. “Don’t worry sweetie, your babysitter’s here to take care of all your needs.” She then kissed him full on the mouth while her hand found it way down to his padded crotch where he began rubbing. The moan came to his lips before he even had the chance to process what was happening. Her tongue moved and out of his mouth, and without thinking his hands moved to her supple breasts, causing an intake of breath from the lingerie clad woman. Levi knew he had to speak up. He instently felt himself instantly growing desperate and he had to say something. Levi pushed her away, hating himself, and spoke up. “I...I need to go pee. Can... can we continue this in a bit?” She looked taken aback but then a big grin appeared on her face. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.” She leaned in a whispered in his ear, “Be my baby boy and you won’t regret it.” It was the same whispered voice she had used earlier that night and once again he was putty in her hands. He knew what she wanted from him, he didn’t know why she wanted it, but he knew she did in fact want it. Levi wanted to refuse, rip off the Pull-Up right now and be done with it, but he wanted her more, much much more. He felt his bladder twinge once again and tired to force the gates open, but it didn’t happen. Levi felt her eyes on him and he couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact so he closed his eyes. Once again he tried to let go of his control but nothing happened. He was about to open his eyes and say he couldn’t do it when he felt a hand slowly start applying pressure on his bladder. Levi tired to fight it but all the sudden he felt his bladder open and the padding around his crotch grow warm. He opened his eyes and saw Becky smiling at him with devious eyes. The Pull-Up drank up all that he gave it and when all was said and done the training pants were tinged with yellow and noticeably thicker. The smile dropped from her face instantly and her eyes went wide. “Did you just do what I think you did?” Levi tried to speak up, tried to tell her that he thought that’s what she wanted him to do, but he didn’t get the chance as she once again but her hand on his crotch. “Oh my god you did!” Levi was once again growing red and he regretted ever coming to this apartment with the redhead he had just wet himself in front of. He felt the tears start forming and knew he wasn’t going to be able to stop them. “I thought you were potty trained but it turns out I was wrong.” She looked into his tear filled eyes and winked. Was this just more of the same game? “You aren’t a little boy after all. You’re just a little baby aren’t you?” “I...” “I don’t want to hear another word from your mouth. Come here.” She grabbed his hand a pulled him up off the couch and toward her bedroom. “You didn’t even tell me you had to go. Well, you obviously need to be punished and then we need to get you changed.” She pulled him into her room and shut the door. The room was small but with a queen sized bed and a dresser housing another television set. To the left was the bathroom Levi had assumed was there, and to the back of the room was a closet. Before Levi had much of a chance to look around Becky sat down on the bed and pulled Levi over her knees with his wet bottom up in the air. He knew what was about to happen but the hand coming down on his backside still gave him a shock. The swat was much harder than the playful one she had given him earlier, and she kept spanking him over and over again. “You naughty,” she slapped his bottom, “ naughty,” she slapped him again, “naughty little boy.” Levi didn’t think he would ever be into spanking in the bedroom, but boy was he wrong. It hurt yes, but it was a good kind of hurt. By the time it was over Levi still had tears in his eyes, half from the pain, and half from the embarrassment of it all. Becky helped Levi back up into a stansing position and stood up herself. “Go lay out there on the floorin the living room. If you aren’t out there when I come back, or of you touch that Pull-Up, that spanking will seem like child’s play.” Levi was laying obediently on the ground when Becky reappeared. He felt his bottom throbbing with heat, and when he first sat down a sharp pain ran up his backside. Becky was now wearing pink PJs and it looked like her hair had been combed out. In her hand were three objects. In her left hand was a white bottle but Levi couldn’t make out any words on it. In her right hand was what looked like a package of wet wipes along with a thick white object. “Alright baby boy, lets get you changed.”
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    69.) "Are you happy?" It was a question she hadn't really asked, not in a serious considered way, and it wasn't until they were both back inside and on the bed that she did. It was easier to be calm without the devil in the next room. "Like this, I mean? You keep saying you are, but then you say you don't want me to treat you like a kid, but you say being treated like a kid is making you happy so I'm confused." Lala's voice trailed off. "...oh. Um..." It was sort of hard to explain... "Well, I mean, I am happy. Definitely! I like the way Daddy treats me... I don't ever have to do anything, and I'm always taken care of, and he's actually around for a change. And Mommy... well, she sort of... takes care of all the stuff Daddy doesn't. And it was my idea, by the way! Involving Ginger. You know my mom left when I was young, and... I dunno. I really... I think it really makes me happy." "You remember before, right? Like..." Before the big hole in her memory? Yeah don't bring it up yet Lala. Leave it be until the morning. "You used to have an opinion on everything, you used to tell it like it was, and you'd never quiet down. What changed, do you think?" I shrugged. "I'm still like that. Just not with Mommy and Daddy, that's all." She gave me a look of suspicion and I rushed to defend myself. "I mean it! Like, I don't want you to treat me like a kid because I'm not a kid. I don't want anyone to treat me like that. Just Mommy and Daddy. I'm still a grown up. It's just like... a game we play. Does that make sense?" "Well, if it's just a game, then why did you need to wear diapers here? Why wouldn't Ginger let you use the bathroom here? Or sleep in adult clothes tonight?" it was a far less confrontational tone. "...well..." I took a moment to think about it. "There are rules. Like any game. If I want to play, I have to follow the rules. And this is just one of the rules. But anytime, if I wanna, I can stop playing and things are going to go back to how they were." Obviously. "Yeah? You think so?" Lala tried to tread carefully. "There was mail addressed to Ginger in your letterbox, you know? If she lives there now, what will happen if you decide to end the game?" "She doesn't live there," I said flatly. "She just comes over a lot. And if I say I don't want her around, she doesn't come around! That's all. You can get your mail delivered to my house too, if you wanna. Until I say you can't. That's just how it is." "So how come you agreed to stay in one diaper all night and all day, instead of just saying the game was on pause so you could come hang out? Like, what if we went to a movie tomorrow, and you'd wet yourself tonight? Being around all those people?" Hey now, how was Lala to know that her best friend was programmed to find that idea intoxicating. "...w-well..." I looked at the television an then down at my hands in front of me. "I... I could. But... but it's not fair to just pause the game whenever I wanna. 'Cause I wouldn't want Mommy or Daddy to pause it whenever they wanna. So... I dunno..." It made sense. Right? I was making sense... "I see." Leave well enough alone, Lala. "You know there're probably people online who'd pay a lot to see stuff like that. Maybe that can be your career? Stay at home career baby girl? Get some cameras, make a lot of money, get to play your game." Ugh. Dumb. Whatever. "Did you find a movie?" "...it's personal," I said quietly, tossing Lala the remote a little too harshly. "It's not some weird sex thing like all the guys you're into. Or girls, or whatever. It's just... it makes me happy, so maybe back off." But the nagging idea of Mommy and Daddy together... I pushed the pillow into my chest and pouted. For being so accommodating, Lala kinda figured her best friend might have tried being grateful! Whatever. "Can I ask you a question?" No response. She'd turned away. Lala asked anyway. "What if this was your norm, like, what if it was forever? Would you be happy? As a family kinda thing?" I blinked and looked over at Lala. She was just starting some stupid romance movie and she didn't look back. If this was... normal? I shimmied down the bed a little and shrugged my shoulders. "I mean... it's sort of normal already, isn't it? Do I wanna be like this all the time? Yeah. I already am..." "So like... what if you went for a vacation together, and you have the kids room, they share a bed because it makes more sense. Or what if... they wanted to get some of the tax benefits together, so they got married, or bought a house together? Like what if they weren't in love, but they were together like... a salt and pepper shaker: together for the sake of the food. Which is you." Somewhere in there was Wendy... "...well..." I sunk lower into the bed and bit my lip. "I mean... I sleep with Daddy, so--" "But what if you had your own room. Wouldn't you sleep in there?" "Well... um... I... I guess? I mean, maybe for naps?" "And Ginger wanted to take a nap?" "She could take a nap with me!" "And Remy?" "W-we... could take a nap together..." "I mean, you were watching that show with the fairies when I came over, if you had your own room you could decorate your bed with stuff from that show, right? Probably get like... shit, iono, a crib? Or a cute race car bed or something." Lala had resolved to talk to her like she was a child, without being condescending. It wasn't going well. "I don't need a crib! I'm not an actual baby, Lala!" "What about one of those bunk bed things that are a princess castle?" Oh... I fumbled for the pacifier and played with the guard. "It's just a game... we're just playing a game. You're thinking too much about it..." "I think you're just not thinking enough." Lala looked at her at last and grinned. "I mean, aren't you missing out? A Princess Castle bed, and glow in the dark stars, or or... a star projector? And... oh, OH! Do you have a dolly? Like one you carry around everywhere? You didn't bring one so I guess not, but you should get one, that would be cute." It was nice to be able to put her rage on hold and make light of this. Tomorrow, though, Lala was going to hit back in full force. A princess castle bed... glow in the dark stars... a dolly... I cuddled up to the pillow to watch the movie, but I couldn't pay attention. This was a game, I reminded myself. And I gave up so much. I waddled around in diapers full time and I didn't even have a dolly! If I was going to put this much effort in, they should too. And when I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I knew I deserved more.
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    Okay, you can go ahead and back the hell off now. This is mine and Kimmy's story, and while we don't usually like to steer the discussion in any political direction, Kimmy especially is going through a tough time at the moment, the details are her business, but the point is, if certain elements in this story at the moment are making her uncomfortable, we're not going to post. People's feelings matter to us, and it has the potential to upset more than just Kimmy or I. Besides, if you're looking for a reason to blame someone for there being no new content, don't attack her for her emotional opinion on real life situations. Blame the fact that I'm the one who requested to write this chunk of story because I enjoy one of the upcoming character personalities a lot, and Kimmy writes faster than I do. But I've been so busy that there's only the one chapter, and we like to backlog. I'm sick of seeing this everywhere I seem to go. We get it, a lot of people are here to escape reality. Completely fair. There are plenty of stories on this site. Don't attack a writer who works hard to bring you content for having an opinion or vocalizing an explanation when something makes them uncomfortable. Kimmy's even started providing another story to make up for the fact that we're taking a hiatus on this one for a while. But if you need to be so immature that you need the time again old saying 'if you haven't anything nice to say, say nothing at all', then there it is. We definitely don't come here for negativity or flames, and I refuse to watch you judge a friend for a her moral choices. Let's throw it back at you, hmm? Great job attacking someone's feelings on a matter that's upsetting them. That ought to do wonders to fix the problem AND to bring the story back. Even seasoned writers struggle with the insecurities of whether or not they're good enough, if they should even bother. We're very easily torn down, so let me tell you something from experience. Being attacked or hated on for not updating fast enough, or for our opinions in a matter? Fastest way to get a bunch of stories abandoned. So either please back off, or get the hell out of our story thread, because you're not wanted here if you can't play nice.
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    Sorry this took so long a lot came up but I hope you enjoy the next part. chapter 5 “Aaaand home baby boy!” Becky burst though her front door, arms, (which were filled with grocery bags filled with baby stuff), raised, with Levi crinkling behind her. “Is my little little Levi ready to get cleaned up for the day?” Levi didn’t take his pacifier out, for fear of being punished, but he did nod, excitedly sucking on the plastic bulb. Becky giggled, “You can’t imagine how happy you are making me right now with how cute you are.” She placed the bags on the table, then walked over to stand inches from Levi. Being this close to her, Levi realized how many inches she had on him. “You were smart not to take the pacifier out or I would have to spank you before your bath.” What Becky did next shocked Levi so much he gasped, and the pacifier almost fell out of his mouth. Becky reached down, under Levi’s legs and back, and lifted him as easily as if he really were a baby. She kissed the pacifier in his mouth and said, “I’ve been wanting to do that since last night.” Levi could do nothing as she carried him into the room and deposited him on the bed. Next she stripped him of both, his shirt, and pants, leaving him, once again, in a very wet diaper. “You stay right there until you bath is ready. Do you understand that Levi.” Laying there, still in shock from all that had happened to bring him to this point, nodded his head, knowing he shouldn’t do anything else for fear of a spanking. She smiled and entered the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. Once again Levi’s mind was filled with a multitude of questions; none of which he had the answer to. How long was she going to keep this babysitter thing up? What else did she have in store for him. Was all of this worth it? How long before he got his boxers back? Unlike last night, Levi was now sober, and all of this baby stuff felt less surreal now. True, he still loved the girl, currently running him a bath, but at what point should he say no and tell her that he was an adult and not a baby? The door opened and Becky emerged to the sound of running water. “What a good boy I have!” She strode over to the bed and put her hand on the front of Levi’s diaper. “Oh boy, you did a number on this diaper. We had better get you out of it before you get a diaper rash sweetie.” Levi hadn’t thought about that. Was he really in danger of a rash? Becky put her hands on rather side of his waist and started undoing the tapes of the diaper. When she pulled the front down, to Levi’s shame, his rock hard penis flipped up to meet her. It wasn’t his fault. He was still backed up, with sexual tension from the night before. Levi really hoped she would help him with that soon. “Someone seems happy to see me.” Becky looked like she was trying really hard to keep a straight face which only made Levi blush harder. “Hop up little mister.” Levi did and she grabbed the soiled diaper, balled it up and deposited it in the trash can next to her bed. “Now scoot.” She pushed him along, by his shoulders, and into the waiting bathroom. The bathroom looked like a typical girl’s bathroom: makeup, hair care products, little nicknacks and doodads here and there. In the corner was an almost full bathtub that also functioned as a shower. Becky walked up past Levi and grabbed the bottle of bubble bath she had bought earlier. After she popped the cap, she poured it into the running water and a world of bubbles grew from the bottle’s stream. When she was satisfied with the amount of bubbles, Becky turned off the water and turned to Levi. “Come here little cutie and let Becky clean up your little bottom.” Levi felt exactly like a toddler as Becky helped him into the bubble filled tub. “I don’t know why you’re so shy Levi. I have seen seen you naked before. Are you ashamed of this?” She reached down in the water and grabbed his member. Levi jumped from both pleasure and shock, however all he could do was mumble through his pacifier and she moved her fingers gently up and down his shaft. “You can’t be embarrassed all day,” she said, removing her hand from him. From what Levi experienced so far with her, he was pretty sure she was wrong about that fact and he felt like he had much more embarrassment ahead of him that day. Becky grabbed a bottle, Levi couldn’t read, poured some clear liquid, from it, on her hands and rubbed them together. “Stand up,” she commanded in a voice that brokered no argument. Levi did as he was told and she began rubbing her hands all up and down his privates and bottom. This rubbing once again got Levi all hot and bothered and he began sucking hard on the pacifier in his mouth. Was she ever going to let him finish? But he had to admit, all the foreplay would probably make the final moment something to behold. When she had the liquid all over his lower half, she rinsed her hands off in the water. When Levi went to sit back down, Becky put a hand on his chest. “Ah ah. Stand until I tell you otherwise.” Levi stood there awkwardly for about a minute unable to even speak. A few seconds in, his lover half began to tingle and he started to think something more sinister was afoot. When the minute was up, Becky grabbed the shower head, brought it down to Levi’s nether regions, and turned the water on. A burst of warm water covered his lower half and he would have enjoyed it if he hadn’t seen his hair, down there, begin to fall off his body and into the water. When all was said and done, he had absolutely no hair around his manhood or bottom. Levi looked up at her pleadingly, but she just giggled and grabbed his smooth penis. “Smooth as a baby’s bottom.” She ran her hand up a few times then swatted him on the behind. The rest of the bath was uneventful, aside from her cooing at him at every opportunity, and she was soon drying him off with a warm towel. Throughout the whole ordeal, Becky made him keep the pacifier in his mouth, and it remained there as she told him to lay on the bed and wait for her to finish showering. Levi lay on the bed, looking at his now smooth crotch, and wondered what new humiliations awaited him. When Becky entered the room, naked head to toe, Levi couldn’t contain himself. He started sucking on the pacifier again as he admired her perfectly shaped body and the sexy way she moved it. She put a hand on her right breast and ran a finger around the nipple, then in the most seductive voice, Levi had ever heard, she asked, “Is it little old me that has you all excited?” Levi nodded vigorously as he kept sucking. “Aww I think my little Levi likes it when I touch myself.” She put her other hand down between her legs and she started stroking. Levi wanted to grab her and throw her down on the bed, but the other half of him wanted to keep still and keep watching her. She was moaning now and her next words sounded as if they were hard to formulate. “What would you give for sweet release?” She stopped stroking herself and got up on the bed. “Would you be my little baby?” She put her legs over him and straddled him. Levi started nodding harder and moans could easily be heard behind his pacifier. “Let me be your babysitter at all times?” Levi was almost shuttering with the excitement. “Follow all the rules I make no matter what?” She grabbed his throbbing penis and started stroking. Becky leaned in and whispered the last bit in his ear. “And I mean no matter what.” Levi was nodding so hard he felt like his neck would break. “No backing out then,” and she slipped herself on top of him. Levi almost came right there, but thankfully he was able to waylay the moment of climax, though not for long
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    Chapter Three The hallway felt like it stretched on forever as I walked toward the bedroom. I followed the trail of rose petals to the open door.. the bedroom was lit by a thousand candles, they were everywhere. Candles lined the walls, covered the top of every flat surface, the dresser, the vanity, the end tables flanking the bed, and even the floor.. leaving only a walkway and a large circle around the queen sized bed. The flames danced in their own hypnotic rhythm as my eyes followed the scattered flowers, straight to her naked body. I ached with desire for her. She was spread eagle on the bed, my eyes traced the lines of her body unbidden. From the tips of her painted toes, up her smooth legs. Her thighs were plump and she was completely shaven... she had a bit of a muffin top, and her large breasts hung beautifully on her chest. She was curvy, she was soft, she was mine. Her body may not have been the modern definition of perfect beauty, but she was beautiful to me. Littles came in all shapes and sizes, after all. Her smile was brighter than all the candles combined, and she looked at me with a hunger. Her long blonde hair laid out around her head like a golden halo, the soft natural wave in it was beyond gorgeous. We had been dating for weeks, we had made love, and I had slowly brought out her inner child to play. Tonight was the night. She gazed at me with longing, her eyes tracing my lines from top to bottom just as I followed hers from toe to smile. Then she looked down and saw the folded diaper in my hand, the soft purple plastic encasing the fluffy padding, ready for her. This was the night I claimed her, taped her in her padding and made her mine forever. "What the fuck, Vanessa? Why the fuck do you think I would let you put me in a diaper? What the fuck is wrong with you?" Suddenly she was fully clothed, inexplicably two inches taller than I was, and glaring down at me. The candles spilled over on either side of us and the room was engulfed in flame. "You're fucking sick, Vanessa. We're done. Get some help." I sank to my knees as she walked out of the burning bedroom and slammed the door, leaving me alone with the fire. The flames slowly crept toward me... I woke, bathed in sweat and with tears streaming down my face. A beam of Saturday morning sunshine fell across my face as I sat upright in bed. Just a dream. I looked at the empty spot next to me, her spot. She hadn't moved in, but she may as well have. She had slept here every night for weeks.. I had thought I had her just where I wanted her, I had thought that she was the one. My Little Girl, my Princess Lauren. I wiped a tear from my cheek with the back of my hand and laid back down, clutching my pillow tightly. I laid there for an hour or more, willing myself to go back to sleep, to make the day go away... but sleep didn't come. I was exhausted from the nightmare, but my body wouldn't let me drift off again. Eventually, I got up and started my weekend cleaning routine. It was too soon to contact Dani, I had to wait until tomorrow.. I was groggy and grumpy, but all that melted away as my phone buzzed. I leapt for it before the tone could even sound, hoping it was her. SETH: How was your date? My feet were back on the ground, a sigh heaving from my chest. It was only Seth. But I didn't feel like cleaning any more, so a short text conversation would be a fine distraction. Good. She's got a lot of potential, I like her. SETH: When's the second date? Not sure. But I know what I'll be giving as a gift. Seth was delightfully nosy. It was generally more of a help than a hinderance. We'd been friends for a long time, when we discovered we were into the same kink.. it had been pretty incredible. We met at a fetish night for a local club many years ago, ABDL wasn't nearly as popular back then as it seemed to becoming now, the younger crowd seemed more open and accepting than people my own age... unfortunately I was too old for most of them, or they were too young for me. It was probably a little bit of both. There was also the fact that people already in the community didn't offer the kind of challenge I was after. Seth worried that my seeming addiction to the challenge itself would mean I would never be happy, but I hoped he was wrong. SETH: Cupcake says hi. She's happy things are going well for you. Tell her I want her to have a playmate even more than she does ;) SETH: I know that and you know that, but cupcake is too little to think that far ahead. I sighed, Seth gave her entirely too much leeway in her thoughtless behavior. Jess didn't even have a job any more, she was a full-time baby for him. She cleaned his apartment and took care of herself during the day, but the minute he got home, she was useless. Well, that wasn't fair.. she provided him joy, but she certainly didn't lift a finger as long as he was around. That wasn't the ideal dynamic for me. Yes, I wanted a woman in diapers, I wanted her to be my baby... but not a helpless infant all the time. I would need the challenge even when she was already my padded princess. I needed someone smart, someone savvy... I didn't want some bimbo like Jess, and that's all Jess wanted to be. Another sigh escaped my lips as I laid the phone back down on the bed next to me, willing it to ring. And it chimed... close enough. The chime wasn't Seth's, either. I eagerly tapped the fingerprint sensor to unwrap the digital gift that awaited me. DANI: I had a really good time last night. Thanks again for dinner. I read and re-read the simple two-sentence message. Honestly, I hated text messaging. It was so hard to pick up subtext without tone, without facial expressions, without body language. That simple message could hide a thousand different meanings underneath it. I needed to see her, but I couldn't push. I had initiated the first date, I had kissed her unbidden... she hadn't rejected it but there was something I was missing, some piece of the puzzle I couldn't see yet and I was shaken from the dream. I wasn't sure if I could take another heartbreak like Lauren. She hadn't been the first to reject me, for sure - but she was the first one since I became my current self, since I discovered my confidence. It was my pleas_ No, too formal. I erased the message and pondered - the missing piece of this puzzle tugged at my brain - did her last girlfriend contact her again? The phone records I had gotten for her were a week old now, and there had been no signs of Elaine - all the signs were there that she was ready for a new relationship, it didn't feel like an old flame situation. How's dinner on Wednesday sound? I got you a small something, a gift. I stared at the message, frozen. I took a deep breath and trusted my instincts - the best I could do via text messaging. I had to remind myself that I had a minimal investment at this point - only a single date, dinner and a small gift, a relatively small amount of time... fifteen to twenty hours of research and social engineering, if it went south it wouldn't be the end of the world, maybe I could find a sub girl at the club and- DANI: Oh you shouldn't have I shouldn't have? Why shouldn't I? Was it just the turn of phrase or was there a deeper meaning? Did she really not want me to? DANI: How about coffee? Shit. That was a red flag. I let out a deep sigh as the phone dropped from my fingers. Coffee instead of dinner was the kiss of death, or rather my kiss had been the kiss of death. Too far, too fast, too Vanessa. I sighed again as the phone buzzed, it was likely some excuse. She was busy, she had to wash her hair, she had a deadline at work, I'd already heard them all. Goddammit, why did I kiss her? Why couldn't I just take it slow? You just never knew, so many people weren't in tune with their own feelings let alone someone else's, some people needed you to go fast, to show them that you were serious. Dani apparently wasn't one. I flopped down on the couch, a sour look on my face as I raised the phone up to read her reason. DANI: You surprised me with that kiss, I liked it. You've given me a lot to think about. I could only blink. Of all the responses I expected, that was not one. Coffee sounds great, when? DANI: Wed sounds great The reply came immediately - that was easy to read at least, she had to have been looking at her phone, waiting for a response. She was at least a little bit eager. DANI: Same place I met you before, 3PM? Crap. Can't. I'm in Redwood City for work this week. Morning coffee? DANI: You want to catch coffee before hitting the 101? That's crazy She was right, leaving late would cost me way more time than most people would consider to be worth it. But she was worth it. If it's between traffic and not seeing you, I pick traffic. Ugh, it was cheesy but it was already sent. It made me sound desperate. I wasn't desperate, but I was definitely interested in her. I hope she could read the difference. DANI: See you at 6 then. Coffee - not the most romantic of meetups, but I just had to keep reminding myself that I needed to take things slow, I needed to ease my way into her life. She needed to learn about me just as much as I needed to learn about her. I was interested, intrigued, but there was no guarantee that we'd be compatible. For all I knew, she had some terrible belief structure - just because a woman is gay doesn't mean she has all her shit together, there could be any number of hidden neuroses or psychoses there, lurking beneath that delightfully cute exterior. That stern professional façade hiding the little girl within... oh I was dying to know what kind of underwear she was hiding under those pants. It would tell me everything I wanted to know. The rest of my Saturday was uneventful, but that was okay - my weekend cleaning routine was done a bit early, so it was time to indulge. I considered myself to be a highly organized person, I enjoyed sorting things - it gave a kind of satisfaction that was hard to get other ways. Sorting things that I knew I liked was even better. So I slipped into the second bedroom of the apartment and basked in the scene that awaited me there. It was bittersweet - I had reconstructed it all after Lauren left. When she started spending more and more time over, I had dismantled everything, hidden everything and it turned out that had been the right instinct. Maybe things could have worked out with Lauren if I had gone slower, maybe she could have been my princess, but if she had seen this, it would have spooked her immediately. With a smile, I slid my hand along the top railing of the crib - the lovely, cushy, foam hybrid mattress rested nearly on the ground and it was not hard to imagine Dani pouting at me from behind those bars. Would she be a pouty princess? A bouncy princess? I hoped she wouldn't be a brat like Jess - I was sure she wouldn't... but I was also sure she'd be a princess-type. Oh so sweet but needing things to go her way, needing attention and cuddles. The squirrel-purse told me that, the way she ate at dinner told me that. The gleaming white wood of the crib bars brought me joy - the bed could be converted into a daybed reasonably easily, the frame raised, the side bars lowered and the front bars removed... it was how I had hidden it from Lauren. I pulled the long top drawer out of the dresser, running my hand along the tops of the soft plastic coverings of the diapers I had collected - ABU Space, Dotty the Pony, DC Amors... but these were all in the large size, Lauren's size. With a smile I lifted an Amor, enjoying the feel of the backing, so soft. A smile came to my lips as I imagined laying Dani down and sliding one underneath her. Oh well, I thought, that smile lingering, these will be good for days when my princess needs to be double-diapered. I still had an array of mediums in a box in the closet, ones I had bought for Kailee... I spent the rest of the day reorganizing the nursery, putting away all the larger clothing and diapers, and pulling out the mediums, sorting them by color and style and just daydreaming.
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    I appreciate the input and thankful, at least so far, I’ve been able to keep my writing drive. Thank you for all your comments and I hope you enjoy part 4 Chapter 4 The diapered boy slept for a good few hours before the pressure, in his bladder, brought him back to the world of consciousnesses. Instinctively, Levi started to sit up but the arm laying over him made him stop. Who did that belong to? His head was still fuzzy from sleep and alcohol and it took him longer than he would like to admit, to remember where he was. Levi couldn’t see Becky through the darkness, but he did smell a sweet aroma in her general direction. God she even smelled beautiful! His bladder twinged again and he remembered why he had woken up; he needed to pee, and bad. The bathroom was close, but because of that there was no way he would be able to use it without Becky hearing him. He knew what she would tell him if she were awake, but he had a hard time accepting that it would be best if he just wet himself again. Levi shifted his legs and heard a crinkle underneath the sheets. He would have to do it, he needed to accept that fact. It’s for Becky. Levi closed his eyes and thought back to when Becky was pushing down on his bladder. He imagined her forcing his pee into the diaper as he himself tried to overcome years of potty training. After thirty minutes, and a lot of frustration, the first trickle of pee dribbled into the thirsty padding and he felt the diaper grow warm. It took another few seconds before the dribble became a stream. As he kept peeing and the diaper became thicker and warmer, Levi started to worry that the diaper was going to leak and he tried to stop the flood, but it was no good. After his bladder was empty, he quickly felt around on the bed for any wet spots. When he found no such spots he let out a sigh of relief. Now that the immediate danger had passed Levi was able to focus on the situation at hand; he was now laying in a full diaper and he still had to last till morning before Becky would let him get up and change. Levi shifted his weight to try and make himself more comfortable, but to no avail. The diaper felt too warm and wet, and on top of that, the actual implications of sitting in a used diaper started to get to him. What would Becky do when she woke up and checked his diaper? Would she tease him? Would she punish him? Would that really be so bad? All these thoughts at more filled Levi’s head before he unwillingly and suddenly fell back into the deep clutches of sleep. “Good morning sweetie!” Becky was sitting upright and her face was inches from his. “No,” he tried to push her face away. “I have morning breath. You don’t want to smell that.” “Oh shut up,” Becky said, not budging from her position. “Everyone has morning breath in the morning, even me.” She blew in his face and found that her statement was true. Levi made a show of coughing dramatically and she playfully slapped him in the chest. “Don’t be rude. How did you sleep?” Levi saw a change in her as she asked this simple question. She was more at attention now and her eyes started darting up and down. Levi knew what she was really asking but Levi couldn’t bring himself to admit his shameful secret. “I slept good. You have a very comfy mattress.” At this point he was stalling but it was inevitable that she would figure out the state of his diaper very soon. “Oh yeah,” obviously this was not what she had expected to hear and he could tell she was now switching tactics. “Well we can’t waste our morning in bed. The day is waiting.” Her eyes flitted down below the covers once more and then back to his face. “How about you go jump in the shower and I’ll start gathering my things.” He looked deep into her deep green eyes and knew this wouldn’t work. “That way we can save some time.” Becky’s face took on a hard look and she pushed off the bed suddenly. “Are you trying to hide something from me Levi?” Before he had a chance to reply, she pulled the blankets off of him and with it revealing his, now yellow, diaper. “Were you trying to hide the fact that you wet the bed, or more accurately, your diaper?” “You told me I shouldn’t get up in the night.” Levi knew it was all a game but he still felt the need to defend himself and explain the situation. “Don’t give me that!” She reached down and grabbed his diaper, that had grown cold by this point, and he heard an intake of breath come from her. Was that arousal? She seemed to lose her concentration for a split second but then she continued on. “A big boy would have been able to hold his pee pee till morning. Alright,” she grabbed his hand a pulled him to his feet, “get up we need to go to the store before we get cleaned up for the day.” Levi was taken aback by her statement and also by the greater effect the thicker, wet, diaper had on his movement. “Shopping? Wait what for? Can’t I get changed first?” The questions spewed out of him in rapid succession, but she answered none of them and she pulled him out of her bedroom and into the living room. “Here, step into these.” She was holding out the pants he had discarded the night before. “Can’t I just...” “Now little mister.” He hesitated for a second and she added, “Do you want me to give you another red bottom?” The threat was clear and he stepped into the pants. Becky quickly brought his pants up over the soiled garment and expertly zipped them shut. Looking down he saw that the bulge wasn’t that noticeable, but that didn’t make him feel any better about going out in to public in a diaper, let alone a used one. Next, Becky pulled his ripped shirt over his head and looked him up and down. “We will need to pick up some clothes from your house at some point but these should still do fine. Can you put your shoes on by yourself or do you need me to help you?” The question sounded earnest and Levi wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to do something, for a change, without Becky’s help, even something as simple as putting on his own shoes. By the time his shoes were on his feet, Becky had her purse again and flip flops on her feet. She was still wearing her PJs but her hair was now pulled behind her head in a tight ponytail. “Alright let’s get going little one.” The car ride was a short one and when he had asked what they were shopping for, she simply wagged her finger and told him he would find out soon. When the car finally stopped Levi looked up to see they had pulled into the parking lot of Albertsons. Levi was hoping their final destination would give him some inkling as to what they were shopping for, but Albertsons was as generic a location as she could have picked. “Out we go diaper bottom?” Levi flushed at he words and he looked down at the slight bulge in his pants. He took a deep breath and opened the door. Whatever she had planned, Levi was sure it was going to be embarrassing. As they walked into the store, hand in hand, Levi became acutely aware, for the first time, of the slight waddle his full diaper gave him. He looked around, self conscious, and hoped no one would notice, but thankfully, the store was mostly empty at the moment. Becky grabbed a basket and they started walking through the store. They passed aisle and aisle, going further and further into the store until Becky suddenly turned left and Levi knew why they were finally here. Levi’s legs went weak as he saw the baby aisle around him. He should have known, but he was hoping beyond hope that they would be done with all of this after last night. “Becky, please no.” Levi was whispering as to not alert anyone to his predicament. “Don’t make me wear another one.” Becky turned around to face him and keeled down a little so they were at eye level. “Oh honey, don’t you worry your pretty little head,” she gave him a peck on the lips, “babysitter Becky will take care of anything.” This did little to placate Levi, but Becky stood up and looked around the aisle. “Oh, those are super cute!” She walked over to a package of baby diapers and picked them up. On the front, Levi could see the words “Luvs diapers” and underneath was a picture of a diaper with Barney the Dinosaur printed all over the front. Levi blushed at the thought of being changed into those, and his own diaper seemed much less babyish in comparison. “Aww, but there is no way you would fit in these.” She looked back at him and then to the package again. “What a shame. Why do all the little kids get the cute things?” She put the package back on the shelf and Levi was grateful. “These however,” she picked up a package of Pampers baby fresh wipes and plopped them in the basket, “are a must. I can’t be using up all my face wipes to clean your cute little bottom.” Levi looked down into the basket and saw that it was in fact a three pack of wipes. He gulped and wondered what was in store for him. “I didn’t even think of these!” With giddy skip, Becky moved further down the wall and grabbed a package of pacifiers. It continued like this all throughout the baby aisle, and soon her basket was full of all kinds of things: pacifiers, baby bottles, baby food, diaper rash cream, bibs, and bubble bath. “These might work.” In her hands was a pink package with the words “Goodnites nighttime pants” across the front. Levi hated to admit it, but he was just glad they were more pull on style, like the Pull-Ups he had been wearing, rather than full on diapers, like the wet one currently between his legs. However, why did she have to go with the girl ones? She placed the package in the cart and looked over at him. “The pink ones are much cuter,” she said smiling. When they exited this aisle, Levi thought they were finally done but instead, she turned into the next aisle and his blood turned cold. Levi looked around the incontinence aisle and realized he had, not in fact, dodged a bullet, and was not too big for diapers. The basket, now sporting two packages of Depends, (which Becky pointed out was probably what he was wearing), now moved down the check out lane and the cashier was soon scanning all the items. Levi hoped he wouldn’t make the connection that all this was for him, but thankfully the man didn’t even look up and he rung up everything. Becky had Levi sit down in the car while she put everything in the back. Levi still couldn’t believe, what had happened, or anything of the things they were now in possession of. When Becky got back in the car she looked over at him and smile. She was so beautiful, even while still in her morning squalor, he couldn’t be mad at her for what had just happened; he did however, want some explanation, but when he opened up his mouth to speak, a plastic object was shoved into his mouth. Levi blushed again, (he seemed to be doing a lot of that lately), as he looked into the rear view mirror and saw the Elmo pacifier sticking out of his mouth. “I know you want to know what I have planned,” she was once again stern, “but you will have to wait to find out until we get back home. Until then,” she pushed on the pacifier in his mouth, “keep that in your mouth until I say otherwise.” She didn’t say it, but the unspoken words, “or else”, were obvious to Levi. “Oh,” she turned to him and added, “make sure you suck on your paci like a good little baby. I had better hear you.” As they drove to an uncertain future, the sound of the pacifier rung throughout the car, reminding him that he was completely at the mercy of his, self proclaimed, babysitter.
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    (This is all i have. thanks for all the support. Any idea on how to continue it, will be greatful.) Chapter3: “Mom Im home.” Blake sad as he walked in the door. “Oh how did it go son…” Ms. Jones said as she greeted him. “It went ok…hopefully I’ll get it….I can use the money.” Blake said. “Well I think you might…how many other people were there with you.” Ms. Jones asked. “I would say about 10 people, but they got there before me. And they said they would get back to me in a day or two” Blake said. “Don’t worry you got it.” Ms. Jones said. “Well thanks mom…I hope so to…” Blake said. “You want some dinner…its almost 5ish…” Ms. Jones asked. “No im good…im just going to turn in early….thanks anyways.” Blake said as he made to his room and closed the door. “OK dear…I’ll see you in the morning.” Ms. Jones said. Blake that night slept as he tossed and turned in his bed, his mind kept thinking about the job and how sexy it was for Cindy to lay her hands all over his body, his mind finally came to ease and he only managae to get a few hours of solid sleep. The next morning came and Blake made his way into the kitchen still with a sad look on his face. “Morning hun…” Ms. Jones said as she entered the room and fixed herself a pot of coffee. “Morning mom…” Blake said as he hung his head down low. “Blake…it will be ok dear…just have your day normal….they might call you today..” Ms. Jones said as she rubbed his back and reached for her cellphone in her hand and walked away to the kitchen island to text “Well see…” Blake said as he put his head on the table. (Text message.) “Hey, when are you going to tell him.” Sarah typed out. “Very shortly…its not even 9 am yet…in about 10 mins…” Cindy texted. “Well hes still doesn’t think he has the job.” Sarah texted back. “Don’t worry ill make his day here very shortly.” Cindy texted. (End of text) “Blake I think your going to hear from them shortly.” Ms. Jones said as she sat her cell phone back on the table. “Mom…please don’t…I don’t want to think about it right now.” Blake said as he covered his ears and kept his head down on the table. Minutes pass until Blake hears his cell phone ring from his room. Blake quickly popped his head up to make sure it was his phone. The phone rang again and he sprinted to his room. He didn’t even check the number as he answered it. “Hello…” Blake asked. “Yes is this Blake Jones…” Cindy asked. “Yes….Yes it is..” Blake said. “Yes, its Cindy….I called to tell you about the job offer…you got the job…congrats.” Cindy said. “Wow…thanks…I don’t even know what to say.” Blake said. “Well, you can think of that. But we need to get you in the office so we can do some measurements and sign paper work…how does that sound.” Cindy said. “That sound great…when does it start. “ Blake asked. “It starts in a few days, but I would like you down here as soon as possible to sign paper work. “ Cindy said. “That’s perfect…Ill be there shortly…” Blake said. “OK ill see you here in a few…bye bye..” Cindy said as she hung up the phone. Blake just looked at his phone for a few moments until he was excited and ran into the kitchen. ‘Mom….mom…I got the job…” Blake said. “That’s good honey….I told you honey you would get it.” Ms. Jones said. “Yeah…your right….how did you know..” Blake asked. “Oh..just mothers instincts.” Ms. Cindy said. “I guess your right….she said she wanted me soon as possible to sign paper work and take measurements for stuff I guess.” Blake said. “Well you better get going then.” Ms. Cindy said. “Your right…thanks mom.” Blake said as he rushed to his bathroom and quickly got ready and pulled on another polo shirt and the same khaki pants from yesterday. Blake rushed out the door with his keys and got in his car and rushed over to the building. Blake pulled up and walked into the lobby with the receptionist waiting from yesterday. “How can I help you.” She asked. “Yes Im here to sign paper work.” Blake said. “OK same floor and Ill call them up to tell them to expect you…and congrats on your job.” She said as she smiled at him. “Um thanks…” Blake said as he blushed and made his way to the elevator and hit the 5th floor key. He made his way to the office and Cindy was waiting at the door for him when he walked in. “Oh hey cindy…” Blake said as he acted startled. “Hi Blake…well thanks for coming so fast. Why don’t you step into my office which Is just down the hall. From the original testing room.” Cindy said as she held a stack of papers in her hand and walked out the door. “Um ok…” Blake said he followed behind her like a little puppy. Today Cindy was wearing nothing but a bright red skit up to her thigh with knee high boots. Blake couldn’t take her eyes of her while she walked. “Alright its this door.” Cindy said as she opened it. They walked in and Blake was amazed with the size of the office space she had. She had a small coach in there, two leather chairs opposite of the desk, with an overstuffed book shelf. “I like your office..” Blake said as he stared at her. “Thanks…have a seat….and we can get started.’ Cindy said. Blake to a seat and placed his hands on knees to try and keep control of his urges, his mind was racing right now. Cindy walked over to her desk and grabbed a few sheets and place them in front of Blake. “Ok lets make this quick…I have things to do..so go ahead and sign where it says signature.” Cindy said. “Um shouldn’t I read it first.” Blake asked as he tried to start reading it. But then Cindy came over to him and began to place her hand on his shoulders and began to rub his upper back . “That wont be needed…what questions do you have sweety.” Cindy asked as she continued to rub. “Well what do I need to bring with me.” Blake said. ‘Just your wallet and cell phone and keys, everything else will be provided for you. OK, next one.” Cindy asked. “Well how much do I get paid and when and how.” Blake asked. “Well 10,000 right off the top. You get paid after you completed your week and its by check. You can sign more on the sheet for more money. Max you can get on your check is 18,000 dollars. So its up to you.” Cindy said. “Well that’s good and what will I be testing.” Blake asked. “Well the best I can tell you is, its for the future and if it works, you will be a pioneer and be part of a company that see the future….” Cindy said. “That’s kind of of vague..” Blake said. “I know I really cant tell you until you sign al the paper work and come for testing the first day” Cindy said. “Why and where is the testing place is…” Blake asked. “Well contract terms and liability and the place is here…you ll be spending a week here.” Blake said. “Anything else…” Cindy asked. “No nothing I can think of.” Blake said. “Now go ahead and sign your papers so we can get those measurments. We need to get those hips of yours.” Cindy said as she reached down his lower hips and grabed his hip bone. Blake just blushed and his private stood at half mast when she did that. “So you in..” Cindy asked quietly. “Yeah….yeah…”Blake said as he blushed and signed the paper work real quick. He just dotted his name on each one and didn’t even bother to skim them. “All right…done…” Blake said as he put the pen down. “Good…you made the right choice.” Cindy said as she took the papers and placed them back into a locked file cabinet. ‘Now go ahead and stand up.” Cindy said as she grabbed a clip board and a small tape measure. ‘Wait you want me to stand up.” Blake said as he tried to cover his chubby he was sporting through his pants. “Blake its fine…by the end of this we will get to know each other real well.” Cindy said as she smiled. Blake just sighed and stood up and using his hands to cover himself. “That’s fine. Its natural.” Cindy said as she took out the tape measure and walked over to Blakes arm. “What are you doing…” Blake asked. ‘Im getting your measurements over your whole body.” Cindy said as she wrapped it around his arm and waited for a second. “OK that seems good….just hold still and move your hands to your side.” Cindy said as she went to his shoulder. Blake bit his lip and moved his hands down slowly, his man hood was still sticking out a bit as he tried to think about something else. Cindy worked her way all over his upper body until she got to his waist. She moved her hands around his waist so softly until she was right above his naval. Blake just closed his eyes until she was done with the waist. “Are you done…” Blake asked as he peaked. “Just one more.” Cindy said as she moved to his left upper thigh and wrapped the tape measure around it. Blake’s man hood just stood up straight right through his pants, it was highly noticeable. Cindy just acted like it wasn’t their and within moments she was done. “Well I always say better out than tucked in the underwear, trying to hide it.” Cindy said as she finished writing down all the measurements. Blake didn’t know what to say, he just turned beat red and stared down at the floor from the subject matter. There was a few awakrd moments of slicence as Cindy was finishing writing everything down. ‘Alright so that’s done a few questions then you can go.” Blake said. “So…age, height, weight and are you sexually active.” Cindy asked. “Well 18, 5’3, and around 133. Define sexually active.” Blake asked. “Do you have a partner or do you know take care of it yourself.” Cindy asked. Blake paused a bit until he had the courage to say it. “ Um no mates…” Blake said softly. “Alright that should do it. Ill see you in a few days and then we can start.” Cindy said. “Alright…can I call you if I have any more questions.’ Blake asked. “Of course you can…just be ready to have fun.” Cindy said as she helped usher Blake out the door. “Ok…alright…bye bye now.” Cindy said as she closed the door and locked it. Blake just stood there for a bit. “That was weird…” Blake thought as he made his way back to the lobby. ‘Well good luck…hope you make it.” The receptionist said. “Oh thanks…what do you mean make it…I got the job.” Blake said. ‘That’s all good…only few people finish it…so good luck.” She said. “Um thanks….I guess .” Blake said as he walked out the door back to his car and began to drive home. (Text messages) “Ok he did fine…he’s a little horny…he’s not getting much action is he…..:) “Cindy texted. “No I don’t think so LOL.” Sarah texted back. “Well he started to question things…but im sure he won’t find out…if he does, its already to late for him…” Cindy texted. “I honestly think he’s just to oblivious...” Sarah texted. “Don’t worry…he’ll make it and then our plan can work out….a day closer…a day to perfection.” Cindy texted. (End of text messages.) Chapter 4: Whats in store? (A few days pass) Blake couldn’t sleep the night before the big day. He tossed and turned about not knowing what to expect. His mind raced about what kind of test they would be doing but he knew the payout would be great for. Finally, his alarm went off and he smacked it and rolled out of bed and made his way to the kitchen. He made himself a bowl of cereal and began to eat while he tried to clear his mind. “So todays the big day…you excited champ..” Ms. Jones said as she walked into the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee. “Yeah I guess so…im just nervous…that’s all mom….” Blake said as he stared down into his bowl. “Youll do fine honey…..i know you will.” Ms. Jones said. “Well Im scared mom….i don’t even know the name of the company.” Blake said. “That doesn’t matter….they said they wouldn’t hurt you and there isn’t any mental or physical permeant effects rights or temporary ones.’ Ms. Jones said. “Yeah…they did…I mean…I didn’t even read over the paper work…” Blake said. “Well I guess that’s more on you pal…” Ms. Jones said. “I know mom….. I guess your right..” Blake sighed. “So what time are you suppose to be there…” Ms. Jones said. “I don’t know….i think I should call her…I know its today…today is Monday right..” Blake asked as he walked to his room and grabbed his cellphone. ‘Yes dear..” Ms. Jones said as she yelled. Blake got on the phone and called Cindy. His mind raced as the phone rang, hoping he had not missed the time. “Hello. “Cindy said as she answered the phone. “Oh hi, Cindy, um…its Blake….i know this is last minute…but what time did you want me to come…you never let me know.” Blake said. “Oh…im so sorry dear, that is my fault. Just be hear by 9 am and you should be ok. We can get you right into prep and get you ready. Is that good for you.” Cindy asked. “Yeah that sounds fine…” Blake said. “OK well you might want someone to drive you...” Cindy said. “Why is that….i thought I could drive myself and drive myself home…am I going to be unstable when im done.” Blake asked. “Oh no dear….i just don’t want your car breaking into and have you come out and your car is on cinder blocks. You won’t be effected in anyway…I promise. OK?” Cindy said. “Yeah…im sure I can make it happen…” Blake said. “Well ok dear…I’ll see you when you get here…” Cindy said. “Yes mam…bye now.” Blake said as he hung up the phone. He looked at time realizing it was already 7:30 a.m. “Crap…. hey mom….” Blake yelled. “Yes son…” Ms. Jones said as she yelled back. “Can you take me to this place…they said they don’t want me driving because my car might be vandalized. I have to be there by 9am sharp.” Blake yelled. “Of course, honey…I’ll be waiting by the door ready to go by 8:30. So be ready to roll.” Ms. Jones yelled. “Thanks mom…. love you.” Blake said as he walked to his shower and began to get ready. (Text messages) “So, thanks for getting me in to see him one last time…can’t wait to see his face when he sees what he’s facing…” Sarah texted Cindy. “Your welcome…but I want to see him squirm a little more…. maybe a teaser…” Cindy texted. “Well I guess…but I want to leave the room when you do it.” Sarah texted. “Deal…” Cindy texted. “But be here by 9…because I like to see them ready before my break by 9:30. ” Cindy texted. (End of Text messages) An hour passed and Ms. Jones is waiting eagerly near the door, waiting on her son to come down. “Blake hurry up were going to be late…” Ms. Jones yelled. “I’m coming.” Blake said as he came down stairs in nothing but a white beater and a pair of gym shorts and sandals. “Do you think that appropriate.” Ms. Jones asked. “Yeah I’m dressing comfortable…she said everything will be provided….so I think clothes will be too…so I’m going like this..” Blake said. “Do you have your cell phone and keys and wallet.” Ms. Jones asked. “Yes mom…” Blake asked. “And you put on clean clothes…especially underwear…” Ms. Jones asked. “YES MOM…can we go please…” Blake said as he blushed a bit. “Yes dear…now let’s go.” Ms. Jones said as they made their way out the door and into the car. The drive there was quiet and casual. Finally, they arrived there with 10 minutes to spare. “Ok thanks mom…be safe coming home…I’m sure I’ll need a ride home sometime next Monday.’ Blake said as he got out the car. “Can I go in with you…” Ms. Jones said. “Well…no…I don’t think you can come in.” Blake said trying to convince her to stay. “Well we can try…if they so no. Then I hug you tell you bye, that’s it…nothing else. I promise.” Ms. Jones said. “Fine…but lets make it quick.” Blake said as he closed the car door. Ms. Jones got out real quick and followed right behind. They made their way to the doors and walked in and saw the receptionist. “Oh hi, so you are doing the program. Well good luck. I’ll let Cindy know you’re here. 5th floor and second door on the right.” The lady said as she got on the phone. “Um thanks….” Blake said. “Oh Hi Ms. Jones its nice to see you again.” She said. “It’s nice to see you to. I’m here with my son to wish him good luck. “Ms. Jones said. “Well I’m sure he’ll do fine and make you proud.” She said as the phone kept ringing. “I know he will. Well it was good seeing you again.’ Ms. Jones said as she quickly walked right behind Blake and got on the elevator. Blake nervously pushed the 5th floor button before he said something. ‘So how did you know her.” Blake asked. “Um I use to work with her…in….um in this field.” Ms. Jones asked. “So what did you use to do before you had me…I know you worked from home when I was in school but always from a laptop…” Blake asked. “I worked on started projects that could help advance the way the workforce is ran.” Ms. Jones asked. “Um…what kind…” Blake asked. “Well its hard to explain…” Ms. Jones said but the floor finally dinged and the doors opened. “Oh where here..now what door is the office.” Ms. Jones said as she sighed in relief from getting grilled about from her son. “Um the second one.” Blake said as he thought about a few things while he left the elevator and followed his mom. They both walked quietly until they reached the office. Blake knocked on the door and waited. “Oh hi…right on time….and you brought your mom with you…wow…. well come on in you guys.” Cindy said as she opened the door. They both walked in quietly and both walked to the desk. “Ok so Blake while don’t you take the left-hand seat and your mom can take the right one…I like it that way.” Cindy said as she closed the door. “Sure…” Blake said as he sat in the seat but something didn’t feel right with it as he moved around. He felt it was heavier than a normal chair but didn’t think much of it. ‘Well thanks for making it...I’m so excite you came. Any questions before we begin.” Cindy asked as she sat down behind her desk. “Um…what’s the name of the company.” Blake asked. “That’s a good question and now I can tell you before we begin…it’s called W.T.F.” Cindy said. “What does that stand for and what does your company do.” Blake asked. “Well the name says it all…you’ll learn later but the company is about the future of the workforce….” Cindy said as she went on. But Blake ears started to ring as he began to freak out. His mom just said the same thing, the assistant knew his mom, and his mom knew about the job and he would get the job. Blake quietly got out his cell phone and googled the name with the word research name. “What the fuck.” Blake said as he read the description. The description read, ‘W.T.F. The company name was We Take care of Families. Is a cyber/ robotic service that helps watch kids of all ages and sizes. The testing is still in research and hopefully will be available all over in the next coming years. Being able to care for people of all ages and sizes.” “Um I think I’m going to pass on this…” Blake said as he interrupted Cindy as she talked. “You can’t do that dear. You singed a contract.” Cindy said. “Well I’m getting up and leaving.” Blake said as he started to get up, but Cindy quickly pressed a button underneath her desk and the chair came to life with robotic arms with white gloves on them and grabbed Blake by his wrist and ankles. They were quickly able to pin him to the chair and held him tight. “Hey let me go…what’s the meaning of this..” Blake said as he tried to struggle against the hands but couldn’t get free. “Well I didn’t want to do this.” Cindy said as she walked over to the table and stood in front of him. “Mom…help me…hurry call 911…get me out….do something…” Blake yelled. ‘I’m sorry dear…I work for W.T.F…I’m one of the lead developers….” Ms. Jones said as she stood up and walked over to him. “Mom. No why…. why would you do this to your own son..” Blake begged. “Well its easy…I had you and your dad left…I thought how could a family work and still have someone watch the loved ones from young to old…disabled to able to watch them. Then it hit me. Technology. If you take the human out of it. Then you save money. You create something that doesn’t need to keep up with the latest education or research, all you have to do is upload it. Then I met Cindy after you were born and then we kept in contact and things took off. Cindy went off to college and got a degree in Premed and Technology. I got mine in Business Management while I raised you. Together we founded the company and since has grown from a simple idea to a huge fortune we can get from this idea. Thanks to Cindy and her neighboring Asian investors we finally have the money and technology to launch the first site in the states but we need more research. We need someone between the ages of 18-35 and you were the only one who accepted. Everyone else we told backed out. So it was just you…” Ms. Cindy said. “But why mom…. this is so fucked up.” Blake said as tears started to form in his eyes. “Ahh..don’t worry baby…it will be over soon.” Ms. Jones said as she wiped a tear from her son’s face. “Once I get free, I’m going straight to the police and you all will be in jail.” Blake yelled. “I don’t think so…” Cindy said as she clapped her hands and another set of hands went to Blakes pants and grabbed his personal belongings and took them back to her desk. “Hey that’s my stuff.” Blake yelled as he struggled. “No…it’s our…you should have read the contract. We can keep you here for a week and do a lot more to you. But the fun will begin shortly.” Cindy laughed as she took his stuff and locked them up in a safe. “Mom…you bitch….fuck you….and Cindy fuck you too…this shit isn’t legal…let me the fuck out..” Blake yelled as he started to struggle but the hands held him still. ‘I know dear but one day you’ll understand…don’t you want me to have money for the family…” Ms. Jones said. “No…fuck the family…and fuck you..” Blake yelled. “Well maybe one day you’ll understand.” Ms. Jones said as she walked over and kissed her son on the forehead. Blake quickly looked at her and spat in her face. “Don’t worry…I’ll help you out…” Cindy said. “Blake…baby…I love you..” Ms. Jones said as she walked out the room. “Sarah I’ll text you..” Cindy said as Ms. Jones walked down the hallway. “What the fuck do you want…stupid bitch…” Blake growled at her. “I think…. I know what’s wrong with you.” Cindy said as she got closer to him and got closer to his body. Blake just stared at her with anger and confusion. “I think you…. just need some tender…loving care…” Cindy said as she took her hands to his gym shorts and began to rub the front of his privates back and forth. “No…. uh…. stop…. your fucking ….uh…” Blake said as he began to moan a bit and bit his lip. “Just let it happen…” Cindy said as she got a little faster and harder against his privates. “No this…. uh…. isn’t …right…. crazy…. fucking…uh….women…..your….uh sick……freak.” Blake said as his manhood was a full erection and showing throw his gym shorts. “See…I know you like it…just let me in…and I can make you a real man…” Cindy said as she kept rubbing. Blake was already pre-cuming in his boxer shorts as he tried to resist. “No…uh…oh….ah….please….this….ah….isn’t….right….” Blake moaned. “Just let me take care of you…..” Cindy said as he got closer to his ear and rubbed harder. Blake closed his eyes and bit his lip and turned his head in protest. “Relax and let me in….” Cindy said as she whispered. After that phrase, Blake lost it and his back and hips arched in pleasure. Blake came in his pants filling his briefs with his semen. After almost three long spurts from his penis the front of his briefs were filled with warm liquid. Which eventually leaked onto his gym shorts leaving a dark large stain in the front. Blake just started to cry again, ashamed of what he did. His emotions were filled with anger, desperation, shame and a euphoria feeling all throughout his body. “See it wasn’t that bad…god your so cute when you cry…don’t worry…where you’re going…its safe.” Cindy said as she laughed and walked back to her desk. Blake opened his tears filled eyes and just sniffled. “Don’t worry…you’ll see me in a bit…and maybe other people…but have fun…don’t worry well play more later.” Cindy said as she pushed another button. The chair Blake was sitting in soon found itself being lowered into a small hole in the floor of her room. “No please….let me go…I’ll do anything…” Blake said as looked at her and began to struggle. ‘Just go with it…well get you set up…see you in a bit.” Cindy said as she walked away from her desk. “Hey…no…let me go…someone help…. help…” Blake screamed as the chair went down the hole and Blake soon found himself in darkness. Chapter 5: The introduction… Blake struggled in the chair while in the dark until it stopped. ‘Hello…” Blake said as he stopped for a minute. There was no answer for a bit until the arms let him go and his chair was tipped forward. “Ahh…” Blake yelled as he was thrown forward down a shoot and slid down until he landed on his butt on soft padding. “Hello…where….am…I” Blake said as he tried to look around but it was still dark. “Ahh…your awake…welcome…” A women voice said. “Who’s there….I can’t see anything…” Blake yelled. “Let me take care of that…” A voice said as the lights cut on and Blake was finally able to see the whole room. “What place is this…” Blake said as he looked around. The place was covered with daycare theme. It had blocks, teddy bears and crayon border along the wall, with blue color paint. The room was huge, almost the size of his house. The room had no doors or windows in sight to Blakes eyes. The room had oversized baby furniture like a crib, high chair, and baby toys. Blakes heart was starting to beat faster from all the weird things. “Whos there…who was talking to me…” Blake said. “It was me….” The voice said. “Who’s me…” Blake asked. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lucy and I am going to be in control for you. Think of me as a AI but a little more advance. “Lucy said. “What do you look like…” Blake asked. “That’s not important…right now we need to get you ready to be suited up for the week.” Lucy said as multiple hands came down from the ceiling and quickly grabbed Blake on the padded table and pinned him to the table. Blake knew he had seen this table before but couldn’t put it together. “Hey…what are you doing…” Blake asked as he began to freak out and tried to pull against the hands but they held him still. “Im getting you ready.” Lucy said as another set of hands began to take off his shoes and socks and threw them away. “No….Let me go…” Blake said as he screamed in protest but his pleas fell upon death ears as the hands came back down and began to pull down his gym shorts and pulled them off with ease throwing them away to. ‘No……nothing but this.” Blake said as he felt the hands move him around like a toy doll and easily manipulated his arms out and slide the shirt off, leaving Blake only in his cum-filled briefs. A set of hands came down and felt the wet stain on the front of his briefs. “It seems somebody needs to be potty trained.” Lucy said. ‘No I didn’t wet…I..I just…..lost it..” Blake said as he blushed and began to feel the hands slide down his briefs to his ankles and slipped them off with ease. Blake watched in horror as he watched his last bit of clothes go in the trash can. “Well we need to clean you up…and it also we can also take care of some other issues down there.” Lucy said as the hands went down below the table and grabbed a box of baby wipes and brought them back up to the top. “What are those…”Blake said he looked in horror. “These are to clean you up with.” Lucy said as the hands grabbed a few wipes and brought them over to his private area and began to wipe him. “Hey what are you doing. Its cold and perverted’ Blake said as he screamed and tried to squirm but was held tight. The hands easily wiped him clean on his privates while they began to work on his bottom. “This is to make sure your clean. We need our baby boy to be ready.” Lucy said as the hand finished up and threw the wipes away. “Wait baby…no…I’m not a baby…” Blake said as he looked around. “Its no use. Just relax…we already have you cleaned…we just need you dressed now..” Lucy said as the hands went back under the table and brought out a huge white object. “No….is ...that…a diaper…” Blake said as he yelled as he looked in horror. “Why yes…just let it happen…babies like you need protection.” Lucy said as the hands lifted his bottom up in the air while the other set laid the diaper out and slid it underneath his bottom. “No….No….” Blake said as he closed his eyes from the impending doom. The hands brought the diaper up between his stomach and made easy work of taping both sides of the diaper. “See it wasn’t that bad.” Lucy said as a set of hands patted the front of his diaper. Blake looked down at the thick diaper. He moved his legs a little bit and noticed he crinkled every time he moved. He noticed that the front of the diaper had a babyish diaper tape across it. The tape had teddy bears with rattles all over it. Blake didn’t say anything as he looked down at the diaper in shame. “Lucy…why…why …” Blake said. “Your part of the future…” Lucy said as the hands still held him still on the changing table while the other set brought out a huge blue shirt. The arms easily worked it over his head and chest until the shirt reached his diaper. Then the arms brought the shirt from underneath his diaper and began to snap it over his bottom. “What is this…” Blake said as he looked down as the hands finished the last snap. “Oh its called a onsie…it helps keep the diaper on the baby..” Lucy said. “Im not a baby….” Blake mumbled to himself. “Well now for you to come over and have some fun…” Lucy said as the arms carried him over to an oversized playpen and sat him down on his patted bottom. “Let me out…” Blake said as he stood up and saw the arms go back into the ceiling. Blake saw that he the play pen must have been over seven-foot-tall and at least twenty feet wide. He tried to crawl out the side but the thick diaper kept his legs not being able to lift that high. ‘This has to come off…” Blake said as he reached for the snaps of the onsie but none of them would budge. “Why won’t this come off…Lucy let me out…” Blake said as he jumped up and down in the play pen. Over the next couple of minutes Blake tried to get out and tried to get the onesie off but nothing worked. “Are you done yet…it seems your tried change…but it won’t work…what about a bottle and some toys…” Lucy said as the arms brought down some baby toys and laid down a bottle for the him. “No…I don’t want any of this stuff…” Blake said as he reached for one of the toys and threw it out of the play pen. “Ahh…no no…bad baby…can’t have any of that..” Lucy said as the play pen came to life and a net over came over it, trapping anyone or anything in it. “No…let me out…” Blake said as he began to whine and throw more toys at the pen but all they did was bounce off and landed back on the mat. “Why don’t you just drink your baba…” Lucy said. “No…I’m not doing anything…” Blake said as he crossed his arms and sat on his rounded bottom. “No…you are…and now…” Lucy said as arms came from the playpen corners and grabbed him and easily pinned him down by his wrist and ankles. “Let me go…” Blake yelled as he squirmed causing his diaper to crinkle in return. The arm grabbed the bottle and brought it to his mouth. “No….get that shit away from….mphmmm” Blake said as he interrupted by the bottle being shoved in. He had no choice but to begin to drink it. Blake noticed the milk tasted warm and sweet, he began to suckle down the bottle until it was gone in a matter of minutes. “See isn’t that good…” Lucy said as a hand rubbed his bloated belly. “No….” Blake said as he felt his stomach become full and the arms let him go and went back into the play pen. “Yes…I think you need a nap…” Lucy said. “No…I want…out…I want..” Blake said as he began to slur his words, feeling light headed. “See…the milk helps you sleep…and in no time…youll be asleep..” Lucy said. “No….fuck….this…..” Blake said as he fell to his knees and landed on his stomach with a thud. His eyes soon grew heavy in a matter of moments and soon fell asleep.
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    I'm having so much fun writing this, I really hope you all are still enjoying reading it. Chapter Twelve: ...And You Thought Your Family Thanksgiving Was Crazy His lips separated from mine and as I opened my eyes I saw him smiling at me. I smiled back at him and flushed hotly, coherent thoughts returning slowly to my mind. Reminders of the stain on my dress and the shameful mess on the floor came flooding back to the forefront of my thoughts and my smile was replaced with a quivering lower lip. "What am I going to do?" I asked him pitifully as tears began to form in my eyes. He said nothing and his smile remained as he knelt down and pulled my training panties back up my legs and wiggled them over my bottom, putting them back where they belonged. As he rose to his feet he lifted me up, his strong forearm resting under my bottom as he held me as if I were nothing more than a child. "You're going to cry like a little girl that's made a mess of her pretty clothes." he whispered to me. I had locked my arms together over his shoulders and behind back and wrapped my legs around his waist. The feeling of having someone carry me made my head swim in a sea of impossible littleness, my thumb sliding into my mouth as I rested my head on shoulder, putting no effort into dissuading him from carrying me out of the bedroom and down the hall to the kitchen where the rest of the family was talking and laughing. "Ladies." he said simply in a commanding tone that brought all conversation to a halt. With my back to the kitchen I couldn't see the looks on everyone's faces, but I began to feel tears drip down onto his shoulder from my eyes. "I took Nicki to the potty, and she unfortunately got a little too excited that I was helping her and she had a little sticky accident in her panties as well as on the carpet in the bedroom." he explained, rubbing my back reassuringly as he gently bounced me with subtle moves of his strong arm beneath my bottom. Emma laughed a derisive laugh which was followed almost immediately by a slapping sound and then Mommy spoke. "Nicki!" she chided sternly. "Now now, it's not entirely her fault, I played my part as well." Jon said. "In fact, it was because of not just how pretty she is, but because of how excited she was that I had her give me a blowjob." he explained as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I imagined their stunned faces, Emma smiling ear to ear like she'd just heard the funniest joke in the world and couldn't wait to share it with anyone that would listen. I imagined Mommy looking at me with disappointment at what I'd become, any doubt that may have existed as to whether I was able to be a grown man again vanishing instantly as the truth made itself clear, I was a little girl that loved to suck cock. "Thing is, being her first time, she couldn't quite manage to keep it all in and got a little on her dress." he explained. "I'll clean up everything and pay for any damages if we can't get the stains out, but I don't think she needs to be punished for being attracted to me and for a grownup taking advantage of her." he added, his voice calm and resolute in the decision he'd made regarding my fate. "Well, I appreciate your honesty and trying to protect your little niece, but she knew the rules before you got here and I'm afraid she'll have to be punished." Mommy said. Jon hugged me tight. "I don't think you understand, Veronica, I told you she wasn't going to be punished." he said, his voice shifting to a more forceful and dominant tone that sent a pleasurable shiver up my spine. Mommy's tone changed and was now softer around the edges, like she had stumbled into something she wanted no part of and was trying to back out without incident. "If you feel so strongly about it, I'll let you handle the situation how you see fit." she said. Jon nodded and hugged me once more. "I assume you have a change of clothes for her somewhere?" he asked. "In the bedroom to the left of the master, her diaper bag has another pair of panties in it but I don't have another dress for her to where while we clean that one." she explained, her tone now almost nervous sounding. Jon carried me off to the back bedroom, setting me down on my feet next to the bed and smiling at me as he knelt in front of me. "See, it's all okay, little one." he said warmly, leaning in to gently kiss my cheek. I was so overcome with emotion that I grabbed him tightly and hugged him as hard as my little arms could manage. "Tank oo, Unca Jon." I murmured quietly, my head still fully submerged in the vast sea of littleness. He hugged me back, his lips moving to my ear. "You don't have to thank me." he whispered. "Just know that I love you and I won't let anyone hurt you or make you sad." he added. That did it, that was the key to the floodgates. That was the perfect combination of words delivered in the sweetest and most sincere way that turned me into a blubbering, infantile mess for the better part of fifteen minutes. All the feelings of being abandoned by Mommy for Emma, losing my identity and coming to terms with the new identity I was living, the feeling that somehow I was wrong for not hating what was becoming of me, all of it spilled out of me as he held me. Most of all though, it was the feeling that this man that I found myself instantly in love with had told me he loved me back and would protect me as if I was his own little girl. After it was apparent the end of my emotional breakdown wasn't coming anytime soon, he scooped my up into his arms and sat with me on the bed, cradling me like an infant and retrieving my binky from the bag to put it between my lips in an effort to help me calm down as he gently rocked me. Our eyes fixed on one another's and both filled with love. *********************************************************************** "How are you okay with your husband getting his dick sucked by my husband?!" Mommy shouted at her sister. Dani shrugged. "Jon and I have an understanding." she said. "We can both fuck and suck whatever we want as long as we're honest with each other about it happening." she explained, taking a calm sip of her wine. "Are you fucking kidding me?! What kind of relationship is that?!" Mommy again shouted. Dani narrowed her eyes at her younger sister. "I'm sorry, Ms. I've Turned My Husband Into A Simpering Infant Female And Am Currently Fucking The Babysitter Of Said Infant Female, does my relationship not seem healthy to you?" she spat. Emma stood up. "Listen, bitch-" she started but was pushed back down onto her seat by Mommy's forceful hand. "The grownups are talking, young lady." she said with a harsh look to Emma, causing the younger girl to flush brightly and shrivel up. Dani smirked. "Got another one all lined up, eh?" she asked Mommy. Nana stepped in between them. "Now I have had just about enough of this!" she exclaimed. "You girls knock it off right now or I'll have you both across my lap with a wooden spoon!" she said. Dani and Mommy quieted immediately. "That's better." Nana said. "Now, Veronica, you apologize to Dani for judging her relationship with Jon." she commanded. Mommy seethed for a moment. "I'm sorry I judged your relationship with Jon." she hissed through clenched teeth. Nana nodded. "Now, Dani, you apologize for judging Veronica's relationship with Nicki." she commanded. "And for judging her relationship with Emma." she added with a little wink to the still blushing younger girl. Dani smirked at the use of the word "relationship" when describing our marriage. "I'm sorry I judged your relationships with Nicki and Emma." she said, her smirk still plastered on her face. Nana again nodded and went to Emma, sitting in the chair next to her. "Finally, I want you to apologize for calling my daughter a naughty word." she said sweetly, but with definite authority. Emma remained tomato cheeked as she looked up at Dani. "I'm sorry I called you a naughty word." she managed to timidly squeak out as all eyes in the kitchen were on her. Nana patted her knee. "Good girl." she said, kissing Emma atop the head as she rose from her seat. "You're all good girls." she said as she went back to her cooking. Dani went to her purse and pulled out her phone, leaving the kitchen for the living room. Mommy returned to her seat next to Emma and took a drink of her wine. Emma sat with her hands in her lap, fidgeting for a moment before reaching out to tap Mommy's arm. Mommy looked at her, her face softening. "Yes, my pet?" she asked sweetly. Emma avoided her gaze, looking at her folded hands. "Umm, it scared me when you, umm, pushed me down..." she stammered nervously. Mommy turned to face her and put a hand to her cheek. "I'm sorry, sweetie." she said softly. Emma swallowed hard and closed her eyes, luxuriating in the soft feel of her lover's hand on her face, leaning into it. "The thing is, umm, I, umm..." she trailed off, her eyes opening to reveal wet little orbs teetering on the brink of spilling over. Mommy looked at her quizzically for a moment and then leaned forward, her hand sliding under Emma's skirt, surveying the landscape for a moment, Emma shifting in her seat nervously but allowing access to what she knew the objective of the older woman was. She said nothing, but smiled at the younger girl and removed her hand from beneath her skirt before turning back to her wine. "Aren't you gonna-" Emma started. Mommy leaned over to ensure the conversation wasn't heard by anyone else. "Do you really want Nicki and Jon to see me change your wet Pull Up?" she asked, her voice dripping with motherly sweetness. Emma shook her head vehemently. "Are you sure?" Mommy asked. "Maybe I could go get a dry one and change you in the living room where Dani can see." she mused. Emma again shook her head. "Please, don't!" she exclaimed in a panicked whisper. Mommy was beyond aroused at this point, her young lover squirming nervously in a wet garment meant for potty training toddlers, begging her not to humiliate her with a public change, revealing that she was barely more mature than the little one she was in charge of watching in Mommy's absence. The thought that Emma was her little plaything, completely helpless to her whims excited her to no end and she leaned in and kissed the girl full on the lips, filling her mouth with her own tongue as she claimed that for her own as well. "Please, who?" she asked as the kiss broke. Emma looked at her with lusty eyes, chewing her lower lip. "Please, Mommy." she said quietly. Mommy nodded. "Good girl." she praised, patting Emma on the head like one would a puppy that had successfully performed a trick. "I'll change you once Nicki and Unca Jon come back." she said, using the infantile title Nicki had coined, illustrating to Emma that she was in the same league as the littlest girl in the house. Emma said nothing but nodded softly her understanding as beneath her skirt the remainder of her bladder released into her training panties and a wetness of a different kind made itself known. "You know, Nicki hasn't pottied her panties at all today." Mommy mused. "This is the second time today you've wound up in soggy training panties, maybe we need to rethink our family dynamic?" she asked Emma. Emma blushed again and shook her head, images of her playing on the floor of the nursery in a diaper flashing in her mind. "No, I'm sorry!" she pleaded. Mommy looked at her thoughtfully. "Mommy. I'm sorry, Mommy." Emma corrected herself. Mommy smiled at her. "I'll give you one more chance, but if you have another accident I promise you that everyone will know about it and not only will your spanking be in front of everyone, but I'll lay you right down on the living room floor and put you in one of Nicki's overnight diapers and you can be the baby for the rest of the day." she threatened without dropping her warm motherly tone. Emma shuddered and nodded her understanding, cursing herself inwardly for being so turned on by the situation she found herself in. ************************************************************************ After I'd calmed down, Unca Jon lovingly undressed me, removing my dress and setting it aside to be cleaned and then removing my stained panties, leaving me standing before him naked, sucking my pacifier. He knelt down and pulled a wet wipe from the container in the bag, parting my legs a bit to allow him access to wipe my clitty and my little testicles. I shuddered in pleasure and squeaked a little moan into my pacifier as his strong hands guided the wipe between my thighs and back to my bottom. Without saying anything he leaned forward and kissed the tip of my clitty, his mouth engulfing it easily as his finger, wrapped with the wipe teased and entered my little pucker, probing it with expert skill. My breathing quickened and I felt myself reaching climax into his waiting mouth, my legs turning to Jello causing him to have to help me down to the floor on my back as he swallowed my tiny amount of sissy goo. "Now we're even, sweetheart." he said with a smile as he reached into the bag and found another pair of cloth training panties and a pink belly shirt for me to wear. My thoughts were erratic as I tried to focus on something that wasn't my love for him or the milky afterglow of experiencing a proper sexual orgasm for the first time in I couldn't remember how long. Accidentally squirting my sissy goo onto my panties and the floor was shameful and brought me little satisfaction, but this, this was my new top sexual experience and I wasn't even a little upset with that knowledge. "Lub oo, Dada" I murmured dreamily, not thinking about my choice of title. He slid the panties up my legs, lifting my bottom with ease to get them into their proper place and then moved himself forward so he was above me. "Would you like me to be your Daddy?" he asked. My eyes opened suddenly and I realized my mistake, but as I looked up at him looking down at me I couldn't think of any other answer or any reason why that answer was wrong. "Yef peese." I gurgled happily, nodding emphatically. He smiled and sat me up to put my shirt on me, poking my slightly exposed tummy. "Why don't we see how Unca and niece works for a little while before we think about that?" he asked before leaning in and kissing my forehead softly. I nodded, my disappointment welling up inside me. "Hey." he said, taking my chin in his hand and guiding it up so I was looking into his eyes. "I didn't say no." he told me. The butterflies in my tummy danced happily as he removed my shoes and socks for me, leaving me in just a shirt and panties. "How about for the rest of the day you'll be my little girl and I'll be your Daddy and we can see how you like it." he offered. I nodded. "Tay!" I squeaked excitedly. He picked me up and set me on his hip, gently removing my pacifier and tossing it onto the bed. "It has to be a secret though, so you have to still call me Unca Jon, okay?" he asked. I nodded again and hugged him, resting my head on his shoulder and then quickly giving him a wet little kiss on the cheek before returning to my resting place. "That's my girl." he said as warmly as he opened the door and headed back to the kitchen. To Be Continued... Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe or whatever the forum equivalent of a Youtube video sign off is. <3
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    And we're back, after a shamefully long time! I hope you enjoy! I do hope to updage significantly more frequently than I have been. Thanks for being so patent! Comments and questions are, as ever, the best. Chapter Three: Leaps and Bounds “Okay,” Bridget said, exhaling a long steadying breath, steeling herself. “I can do this.” <<I have every confidence in you, little one. You've already displayed a particular aptitude for stopping things from falling; all that remains is for you to apply that technique to yourself rather than to other children.>> “Right.” She was too focused on the task ahead to notice the insinuation in Val's encouragement. For the third time in as many minutes, she looked left, right, and left again, eyes peeled for any potential observers. But neither the cars nor the occasional pedestrian passing by noticed the girl leaning surreptitiously against a faded brick wall in an alley just off the main road. Which only made sense, of course; Bridget could feel the warmth of the concealing sheath of Voidwalker energy she'd built around herself. But still, there were enough butterflies in her stomach to populate several insect sanctuaries. Closing her eyes and letting out a grunt of effort, Bridget lifted off. The wind of her movement whipped her hair into her face, and its rushing filled her ears. For the single glorious moment of liftoff, the feeling of rising into the grey sky overwhelmed everything. She was a swimmer leaping off the block at the start of a race, casting herself into the void without a care. <<You see, little one? My estimates of your capabilities were, once again, flawless. Being a good girl and practicing so assiduously has produced excellent results.>> A satisfied smile crossed Bridget's cheeks, which became a gleeful giggle before she could even think to stifle it. Practicing in Val's lab had been fun, but it felt so much more real to be out in the world. With the houses and people that surrounded her reduced to tiny ants far below, it was truly exhilarating. Unfortunately for Bridget, while her brain was perfectly content to rest on the laurels of her first successful foray into aviation, her stomach found the aerial view much less agreeable. A sudden rush of nausea broke Bridget's concentration. She clasped her hand to her mouth, her momentum broken as her focus turned from lifting herself into the air to preventing the imminent loss of her lunch. As the energy of her leap faded, gravity naturally asserted itself. Her fall was slow enough at first that she barely noticed it, but then the sensation of being on the world's worst free fall ride came on her with overwhelming force. This, of course, only magnified her discomfort, shattered what was left of her concentration, and kept her from arresting her fall. Val's mental voice echoed in her head, trying to cajole her back to the level of focus she needed. Butt as the ground approached and the soft touch showed no signs of working, Val reverted to the same method so often used by parents of teenagers, one that Bridget's own mother had employed as part of her driving education curriculum: Incoherent, terrified screaming. This, however, proved no more effective. Bridget barely slowed, and it looked for a moment like her budding superheroine career would crash and burn. But, as Bridget's primate instincts took over and she tried to shield herself from the impact with her outstretched hands, she inadvertently released a pulse of gravitic energy that sent her bouncing, mostly unharmed, off the pavement and back briefly into the air, as though she were a human-sized stone being skipped across town by a cosmic giant. The surprise of finding herself hurtling up into the air again rather than an unfortunate stain on the pavement jolted Bridget back to her senses, and she was able, with some hasty coaching from Val, to turn her second fall into a more controlled hover. She touched down in a half-kneel, scraped, shaken, battered, and breathless, but intact. “Owww,” Bridget hissed under her breath. She grimaced and blew on her hand, hoping to ease the sting from where she'd inadvertently pummeled the asphalt. Amazingly, the impact hadn't drawn blood, even though her arms felt like someone had set them ablaze. <<Are you all right, little one? The damage we've sustained appears superficial, but perhaps it would be best to borrow a little life energy from a nearby human? We don't want you getting hurt any further, after all.>> N-no, this is nothing, I'll be fine. I'm\ definitely not stealing someone's energy for something as- she scowled in renewed pain, -minor as this. <<Very well. But if we suffer damage any additional damage, we're going to get you some life energy, and I won't hear any argument. Understand, little miss?>> Val said, the steel in her tone making it very clear that she meant every word. Uh-huh. <<Good. Let's get aloft.>> Shaking herself one last time to renew her focus, Bridget shoved the burning feeling in her hand aside and took to the air again. Her next few attempt was certainly an improvement over her first; she kept altitude for a whole twenty seconds before her body's instinctive fear broke through her mental defenses, and sent her tumbling earthward again. It took every ounce of grit she had, but on her second fall, she managed to control the descent a little bit better, giving her crucial seconds to prepare a smaller pulse of gravitic power, large enough to stop her falling, but small enough that it only bounced he a foot or so, instead of sending her on another gigantic skyward arc. A sudden pulse of worry came from Val, but Bridget managed to catch herself much more gently this time, and to avoid further bodily injury. Her pride, however, was quite another matter. “Dammit!” she cursed, loud enough that a pair of passing joggers turned their heads for a confused moment. Why can't I fly? Everyone with powers flies! Sami flies, Leanne flies, even Phoebe can walk on air. All I can manage are these stupid little frog-jumps. <<Little one,>> Val interrupted, kindly but insistently <<You've had all of a few weeks to practice, while every one of the examples you listed has had years to become accustomed to their powers. Even a newly-split Voidwalker does not gain full control of their faculties in that short a time.>> I guess, Bridget admitted grudgingly. I still look like a doofus though. << I'm afraid I do not concur, little one. The resemblance of your motion to any one of this planet's large variety of jumping amphibians, or of their mammalian variants is rather, oh, what was the human expression? Ah, yes, adorable. And as I recall, many human children enjoy pretending to assume the aspect of various types of non-human fauna.>> Bridget's cheeks flushed. Listen Val, that's- Wait. <<What is it, princess?>> Did you just say that a rabbit is a kind of frog? <<Are they not? I don't see how this is->> But Val's impeccably reasoned scholastic inquiry was rendered useless as Bridget collapsed into a fit of giggles at the thought of her oh-so-erudite passenger making such an elementary error. <<Truly the height of humor>> she grumbled. <<I'd like to see you correctly identify the taxonomic relationship of the zell and the mendat of Cygnus V without any prior knowledge or a xenobiology degree, missy.>> Bridget simply stuck out her tongue in response. <<Yes, yes, very mature, sweetie. I see you're getting quite the start being a good little froggy. Hop along, now.>> Part of Bridget wanted to protest Val's treatment, but she'd probably just get chastised again for wasting time. Besides, like Val said, there wasn't any way anyone would see her. And who knows, Val might even see how absurd an idea a nearly-grown girl pretending to be a frog was. Okay, space-mommy! “Ribbit!” Bridget launched herself into the air again for another gravitically-enhanced leap. She found it surprisingly easy and painless, without the need to worry about staying aloft, she was free to focus on softening her landing. It still took a bit for her stomach to get used to the constant ups and downs, but it was better than looking down at the ground and trying vainly not to think about how terribly far away it was, and how badly she could splatter on theasphalt if she lost control. It was just a simple, silly game, all to frustrate her passenger. <<You see? Remarkably effective.>> “Ribbit!” Bridget replied, landing once more in the middle of a small park before she launched herself again. <<Indeed. Now, we should discuss tactics for our approach. It's highly likely that Vector will have a number of devices in place to detect non-human or metahuman->> “Ribbit!” Bridget interrupted cheerfully, landing with a bounce and beginning another leap. <<-presence.>> <<As such, >> Val continued after a moment, <<it's probably our best option to investigate only the public-facing areas where security is likely to be most lax. If we avoid triggering any alarms or arousing suspicion, we should->> “Ribbit!” Val was silent, evidently uncertain how to react to having her lecture so summarily ignored in favor of silly animal noises. Bridget supposed that other Voidwalkers rarely interrupted the Chief Science Officer mid-exposition. Knowing them, there was probably some awful martial-law punishment for it or something. But Val couldn't very well punish her own host, so as Val described the sort of devices they might find to shed light on Voidwalker activities, she let out another “ribbit” with gusto. <<Well, I see someone is->> “Ribbit!” <<Really now, little one, there's->> “Ribbit!” <<Perhaps you'd like to stop->> “Ribbit!” Bridget objected. <<because we've arrived.>> “Ri-wait, what?” <<As I said, we've arrived. The primitive mapping program we consulted earlier indicated that the entrance to the Vector building is mere hundreds of meters from this location.>> A quick look around confirmed what Val had said. They had touched down at the edge of a lawn so impeccably manicured it might have been a golf course. A small, winding side street snaked its way from the main road, up a steep incline, and into the front entrance of a building that rested at the summit like a gigantic blocky white octopus, its wings splayed out like tentacles grasping the hillside. In front of the main building, a fountain burbled pleasingly, as clusters of casual-clad workers gathered at tables around it, taking advantage of the unusually warm day outside. Once again, Bridget was surprised that a secret stronghold of alien invaders looked so, well, boring, but there was no mistaking the place. The fountain was a circle surrounding a massive silver V, and the company motto hung in marble lettering above the front door. VECTOR.: TAKING THE WORLD IN A NEW DIRECTION. B-but how can we be here already? Bridget asked, now that there was no denying where they found themselves. We never even changed direction! <<Of course not, why would we? I pointed you properly at the outset, and we simply proceeded along a straight route. It would probably have been quicker if we could have simply passed through the rock below, but I suspect you'd find intangibility difficult to maintain along with cute frog-hopping.>> Still! That took, like no time at all? <<If you remember, I did suggest you'd find it easier to use our abilities if you stopped worrying and complaining, and let yourself have a little fun. It is gratifying that you heeded my advice.>> Bridget felt Val smile, a psychic expression of warm satisfaction, laced with just a touch of a smug smirk. <<I did, however, notice you were quite caught up in that little frog impression of yours. But then, I suppose I shouldn't be all that surprised. I recall Breanna was also quite focused when she was playing dinosaur. It seems that is merely a behavior common to all children.>> I-I'm not- Bridget began, but her protest was extinguished as a red blaze of embarrassment ignited in her cheeks. <<All right now, princess, playtime is over. Can you be serious for me?>> A small, defiant part of Bridget desperately wanted to reply with yet another ribbit, but she was sure Val would be furious, or just keep applying her scientific acumen to discovering hitherto unknown depths of human humiliation. But most annoyingly, she found that she couldn't deny that Val had been right. But there would be other times to consider how to win their argument. For now, there was infiltration to be done. Bridget closed her eyes, wrapped her gravitic stealth cocoon around herself again, and strode straight up the drive and toward the front door.
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    I am glad people liked the picture. Mr Bear was supposed to be leaning against Kristine's ankle reading a law book. Will have to update. I've tried reducing the number of 's' replaced with 'th' to make the sentences easier to parse, while maintaining an in text artifact of Kristine's lisp. Let me know what you think. No one stopped them from leaving Cassar Red’s residence. They found Tac and Gorgeous waiting for them. “Let’s go back to the inn; we can tell you what we found out,” Gwens told the other two. Kristine did not mind. She wanted to change her wet diaper. It felt a little saggier than she was used to. Mr Bear was much better at putting diapers on her than she was herself. Later, after Kristine had changed, the four of them sat around a table in a back room at the inn. “So, you find out anything useful or has this been an incredible waste of my time,” Tac asked. “Not that I am not used to Gorgeous wasting my time.” “Thut up Tac,” Kristine said. “Cassar Red told us that he was paid in True Gold.” Tac sat up straighter. “Damn.” “What ith tho thpecial about True Gold?” Kristine asked. “It’s not gold,” Gorgeous said. “True Gold is created by an alchemical process, and is one of the most magical of materials.” “The weaponised plutonium of out world,” Tac told her. “And therefore easily traceable,” Gorgeous told her. “But what if thomeone is counterfeiting it, or whatever?” The three women stared at Kristine as if she had just said the stupidest thing ever. She was seized by a desire to pop her pacifier in her mouth and disappear. She took a deep breath. “Why wouldn’t anyone?” “The Great Eleven,” Gwens told her. “Last time someone tried they killed him, his family out to three relations, his friends and their families out to three relations.” “That’th horrible.” “They are deadly serious about True Gold. No one but an insane person would try to counterfeit, and there is no way an insane person could.” Gorgeous’ tone made it clear she believed what she was saying. “Sound mind, sound body if you want to make True Gold,” Tac told her, leaning back in her chair. “So if Red told you he got paid in True Gold, we can find out where it came from.” “That is certainly going to make him look bad.” Gwens did not sound as if she was talking to them and more like she was thinking out loud. “I would not think he would ignore it.” “What’s he going to do? You already kicked his ass,” Tac said. At that moment it was as if the room exploded. Kristine was tossed through the air, her ears ringing. She bounced hard, things crunching under her as her armoured clothing smashed what was softer than it. Finally sliding to a stop, Kristine was lying face first in the dirt, her butt sticking up in the air. She hurt. Like a too hard day of physical labour hurt, with every muscle in her body protesting. She pushed herself up, rolled over onto her padded bottom and looked around. Perhaps a hundred feet from where she lay she saw the inn, but a large part of it had been smashed open. Something impossibly tall stood close to the destruction, looking around, its eyes glowing like searchlights. Its foot, easily the size of an SUV, kicked at the walls of the inn, destroying more of the building as the light from its eyes fell upon the wreckage. She had no idea what the giant was, other than a giant obviously, but she did not take well to being attacked. After calling her mace to her hand she teleported across the distance, appearing near one of its feet. She swung the heavy weapon out, figuring she would smash its feet so it would fall and put its head where she could reach it. Once, when she had been a kid, Kristine had taken an old wooden baseball bat and swung it as hard as she could against a tree. She did not recall why she had done such a thing, probably for a stupid, childish reason, but she did remember how much it had hurt her hands. The childhood sting in her palms now seemed like a gentle caress in her memory. Pain shot up her arms to her shoulders and she would bet a few of her fingers broke. The giant kicked her. No, to say it kicked her would suggest some intent on its part to hurt her. The action seemed more careless, even harmless, like a flick of a foot to chase off a kitten licking your toes. However, that flick sent Kristine flying again, this time crashing through at least one or two other buildings before she slammed into another and came to a stop about two hundred yards away. The light from the giant’s eyes fell on her. “What the hell are you doing? You really are a stupid baby,” Tac said from nearby. “I’m fighting the giant, and I am not a thtupid baby.” She pushed herself from the wreckage of the wall she had hit. She shook out her still stinging hands. The giant took a step towards her. That one step easily covered fifty feet. She was sure the ground should have shaken with that step, but it did not. She guessed it could not have snuck up on them if every footfall had been like an earthquake. Really unfair. “That’s not a giant you idiot,” Tac told her. “That is a War Titan. Its probably the most powerful thing on this mountain.” The War Titan took another step. “Teleport us out of here. Down to the station.” “Where are Gorgeouth and Gwenth?” She looked around. “Dead, probably. Who cares? We’re alive. Let’s stay that way miss pissy pants.” The War Titan took another step. It was much closer now. It looked down at Kristine. “I am not leaving them,” she told Tac, and ignoring the pain in her fingers she gripped her mace again. She teleported. This time high up, close to its head. It would be sure to feel this, she thought, slamming the weapon down onto a nose larger than she. And maybe the War Titan did feel it. But to Kristine, it looked as if she had not even hit that nose. No blood, breaks or bruising. But it did snap up a hand and slapped her down really hard, so it must have noticed. Kristine hit the ground hand, bounced, crashed through more buildings, was pretty sure some ribs broke. Her head was ringing even louder, and for several long seconds, she could not breathe. “It is going to kill you if you stay here any longer,” Tac said, leaping up onto a wrecked wall that had stopped her tumble in a bone bruising manner. “You’d need a team of combat focused Magical Girls with another team of support Magical Girls to take that thing down. Kristine was tempted to believe the Cat. “So let’s get out of here before it kills us.” Kristine got to her feet. She almost collapsed when a stabbing pain in her knee threatened to fold the joint under her. This was worse than when that monster had beaten her up when she had been purely mundane. “I am not leaving them,” she said. She wiped some blood from her face, probably from her nose. “You are an idiot,” Tac told her. The area around them lit up. The War Titan had crossed to them unheard, was staring down at them. Kristine spotted Gorgeous hobbling from a wrecked building nearby, supporting an insensible Gwens. “I’m not leaving them,” she said again, but as she stared up at the War Titan, she was not sure what she was going to do. Tac was right, it was the most powerful thing on the mountain. The War Titan pulled back its arm and lowering itself by dropping to one knee; it fired the punch at Kristine. Or maybe not the most powerful? “Mr Bear!” Kristine shouted. The teddy bear appeared in front of her, between the War Titan and Kristine. The bear stood about twenty feet tall, as large as Kristine had ever seen it. It was still smaller than the War Titan. The punch that hit Mr Bear drove the plushie back almost to where Kristine stood, snapped its seams and forced stuffing out of those rips. “The bear will never hold it back,” Tac shouted from some distance away, having already fled. Kristine knew that but ignored Tac. “Teddy Bear Pi’nic,” she shouted. Bears of shadow appeared all over the War Titan, grabbing it and punching at it. They were not doing it any real harm. However, it was, for a moment, distracted. Kristine Teleported up behind the War Titan’s head. She dropped upon the nape of its neck. She believed the War Titan was not aware of her for it did not react to her presence. Closing her eyes, taking a deep breath, Kristine visualised what she wanted to do and then... She Pulled. It was the only way she could think of what she was doing. Her magic was like a muscle, and she was straining it for all it was worth. Kristine felt as if she was lifting something heavy. Too heavy for her and if she kept trying to lift it than something was going to tear. She did not stop though. Kristine was straining so hard she started to wet her diaper without noticing. Then, just as it felt something must inevitably rupture, Kristine, in effect, lifted a great weight. She teleported herself and the War Titan far into the sky above the mountain. The air around them was frigid and thin. Kristine released her hold on the War Titan and kicked away from it. The War Titan lifted its head, raising its chin until it was looking back at Kristine over its forehead. The two of them fell through the thin air. Kristine raised her hand and, with numb fingers, raised her hand and gave it the finger. Somewhere nearby there was a flash if light and a rumble. Kristine teleported back to the ground. When she landed, she fell hard to her knees. “Ow.” “What did you do?” Tac asked. Kristine lifted her hand, pointed up. There was a flash of light that lit up the clouds above them and then a boom that rattled windows. “What the hell?” Tac asked. There was another flash and a boom. “The Storm Eagles,” Gorgeous said from not too far off. “Tearing apart anything that flieth above the mountain,” Kristine said. She tried to smile, but it hurt too much. “Well shit,” Tac said as another flash lit up the area around them. Kristine pointing arm fell to her side as she passed out. When Kristine woke, she was one something soft and warm. Eyes still closed she snuggled up against it, ignoring the twinges of pain. She heard talking nearby. Recognised the voices Tac and Gorgeous. They were talking about what had happened, about any other threats that might appear. Kristine opened her eyes. She was in Mr Bears large, soft arms. He rocked her gently, and she felt tiny and very safe. Mr Bear looked down at her. She noticed a few patches of thin fur on him, likely were his seams had split and his stuffing had escaped. “Thank you,” she said softly. Mr Bear said nothing. He never did. He did however jam the nipple of what was easily a gallon sized baby bottle into her mouth. Kristine at first tried to spit it out, but Mr Bear held her and shifted the bottle around, so the nipple stayed firmly in her mouth. Then, as she tasted the bottle’s contents, which was like milk, but so much better, she found herself sucking at the nipple. At first to get a bit of a taste, to see if it was as delicious as she thought, and then, well, then she was just nursing without really thinking. She closed her eyes, sucking on the nipple, as Mr Bear gently rocked her. As her tummy filled the myriad of little pains faded and she started to feel energised. When she finished, Mr Bear had her up on his shoulder, patting her back and rubbing the back of her diaper until she burped with a blush. However, Mr Bear was not finished with her. Putting her back on his lap he proceeded to spoon feed her. Skillfully and without pause he pushed the baby food into her mouth. Again, she wanted to resist, but the taste and the way she almost craved it, had her eating each spoon-full. Finally, she had been fed to Mr Bear’s satisfaction and, after wiping her chin, he took her off his lap and placed her on her feet. Her tummy was almost painfully full, but all her injuries were healed, and her clothes neat and presentable. Mr Bear patted her on the head and then popped back to plushie size before falling into the diaper bag. Kristine closed the bag, which she had not summoned, and then dismissed it. “So the baby is all fed,” Tac said. Kirstine told Tac to, “Thut up.” Tac laughed. Gwens was sitting nearby, she was holding a bandage up to her forehead. “Are you all right Gwenth?” Gwens nodded. “Should be fine soon, thanks for saving me.” “Yes,” Gorgeous said. “That was quick thinking.” “Thank you,” Kristine said. For the moment they were treating her seriously. “Can you get us out of here now?” Tac asked. “Now that you’ve had your nap?” Kristine saw no point in yelling at Tac, so she instead just held out her hand. “Back to the tranthit station?” “Yes,” Gorgeous said as she helped Gwens up. Tac turned into a cat and jumped up onto Kristine’s shoulder. Gorgeous took her hand, her other arm wrapped around Gwens’ shoulders. Kristine envisioned the station’s platform and teleported away. One moment they were on the mountain, the next on the station's raised platform. Gorgeous released her hold on Kirstine’s hand and directed Gwens over to a bench. Tac jumped down and became a woman again. “I’m going to get us tickets on the first ship out of here,” Gorgeous said as she walked towards the ticket booths. Kristine took a seat beside Gwens. Her diaper crinkled under her as the padding compressed a little under her bottom. She pulled furtively at the hem of her baby dress, as if she could hide her diaper. “Were the other Nurthery Knights really that helpleth?” Gwens looked at her. She smiled sadly and nodded. “I suppose the magic made it difficult for them to develop. They always seemed much like they were when they became magical girls.” Kristine looked around to make sure Tac was not close. “Do you think I am going to regress.” She spoke carefully and through sheer act of will kept the lisp out of her words. Gwens shook her head. “I don’t know.” Kristine wanted to ask Gwens so many questions, and she wanted to pour out her worries out to the woman, but there was no time. Gorgeous was walking towards them, tickets in her hand. Tac was walking back towards her. Kristine stood, offered a hand to Gwens. “I got us a ride out of here. Leaves in two minutes.” “Where does it go?” Tac asked. “Who cares,” Gorgeous told her. “Fair enough,” Kristine said. “Not like I would know where we were going anyway.” They had a small, private compartment to themselves on the airship. Crowding in the four of them sat nearly knee to knee. Gorgeous spoke first. “Well, before we were interrupted…” Her matter of fact tone set Kristine, Gwens, and even Tac laughing. The three other woman, without their own Mr Bear to take care of them, still looked a little rough. Small scratches, bruises, damaged clothing. Gorgeous waited for them to stop laughing before continuing. “I suspect that Cassar pulled out his most powerful weapon. I would not be surprised if the news her had a War Titan working for him might even come as a surprise to people who probably feel that they should have known.” Kristine wondered who those ‘people’ were. Gwens and Tac seemed to accept the statement, so Kristine did not have an opportunity to ask. “He has some competitors that will be looking closely at him,” Gwens said. “Especially if we give them a reason to, all for a modest finder’s fee,” Tac said. Gorgeous shifted her attention to Tac, fixing her with an unblinking stare. Tac responded with a lazy shrug. “Girl’s got to have options.” Gorgeous seemed to give up for she turned away from Tac. “I suppose if he had sent out a War Titan and won that would have been one thing, but to send one out and lose…” “Ith he going to thwear revenge or anything?” Kristine asked. “I suppose he is not pleased with you, but him swearing revenge and him being able to do anything about it are two different things. I suspect that his resources will be being spent mostly to keep his competitors from his throat.” “Does a squid have a throat?” Gwens asked suddenly. No one answered her. “The real issue is Derrypiz, who is bound to hear that we met with Cassar and may have learned something as to where he is.” “Becauthe of the True Gold,” Kristine said, “and that it is eathily traced.” Gorgeous nodded. “So we may be very close to finding him, and he will know that.” “And he will try hard to do away with Gorgeous cause she is meddling,” Tac said, “so we still have time to abandon her.” “Shut up Tac,” Gorgeous, Gwens and Kristine all said at once. Kristine, of course, said ‘thut’. “Impressive and creepy at the same time,” Tac said but did not offer any other suggestions about running away. “How do we twathe the True Gold?” Kristine asked. “I have contacts that I could ask,” Gorgeous said, “but we already have a line of investigation.” “We do?” Kristine asked. “The Crown and Sword, the Duke of Threes,” Gwens said to Kristine in the same tone one might use to say to a toddler, ‘the cow goes moo’, and she made it worse by adding, “Remember?” Kristine was careful not to sigh. She could not really blame Gwens. “I remember.” “Even if the Duke of Threes did not give those coins to Derrypiz, he will be interested in learning that someone has used his coins to pay for something like this. He can track his coins far better than anyone else. However, I think the trail will end at the Duke.” She shook her head. “Why?” Kristine asked. “The Duke of Three likes mortals,” Gwens said. “So he liketh humanth? That doesn’t thound so bad.” The three looked at Kristine. “He likes them in the way a crazy cat lady likes cats,” Tac told her. “Oh,” Kristine said. “I am sure you heard stories about fair folk kidnapping humans and taking them away under their fairy hills?” Kristine looked towards Gorgeous and nodded. “The Duke of Threes is likely the one who is behind that.” “It was always considered rather pointless,” Gwens said. “Kidnapping ith pointleth?” “No,” Tac said, “that he thought he could keep humans alive here.” “The energies of the Magical Realm are not particularly kind to mortals,” Gorgeous told her. “Regular humans tend to die, wasting away, or they are changed into something that is not really human any longer.” “And then the Duke of Threes ith not longer interethted in them?” Gorgeous nodded. “That’th sick.” Kristine pounded her fist against her arm rest. The material cracked. “He’s all Catherine the Great and her horses,” Tac said lazily. Gwens and Gorgeous did not seem to understand the reference. “Figureth you would have heard that thtory,” Kristine said. “And who are you to thay that when you were going after Olivia?” Tac’s smile grew lazier if such a thing were possible. “Are baby’s diapers still in a knot cause this kitty got some?” “You are a bitch Tac!” Kristine yelled as she shifted forward, nearly putting her nose next to Tac’s. “Little girls get claw out spankings when they talk like that,” Tac told her, eyes narrowing. “Maybe I’ll take you up in the sky above Mountain Theven and let the Thtorm Eagleth play with you.” “I’d sink my claws into you and take you with me bitch,” Tac told her, barring teeth. “Will you two just either fuck or fight already?” Gorgeous told them. “This thing between you, what ever it is, is getting exhausting. Grow the hell up!” Kristine turned towards Gorgeous, opened her mouth, to defend herself. After all, she was the victim. But Gorgeous just raised her hand. “I don’t want to hear it. We have some planning to do, and unless you want to end up with the Duke of Threes zoo, you might want to take it seriously.” “Baby got scolded,” Tac said softly. Kristine noted Gorgeous did not say anything to her, but she supposed Gorgeous had been banging her head against that wall that was Tac long enough that she might want to take a break from it. Kristine sat back down, not noticing the slight squelch from her diapers. “Do we just go to the Duke of Threeth lands?” “He will be watching for us, if he is behind this. We may have to take a more circumspect route.” “What about the Ebony Zephyr?” Gwens asked. “Only old retired people with nothing better to do and the painfully dull take the Ebony Zephyr,” Tac said. “My class took a school trip on the Ebony Zephyr.” Gwens' tone was defensive. “You just walk right into these things, don’t you.” Tac was sneering as she looked at Gwens. Birds and cats, Kristine thought. “It’s a good idea,” Gorgeous said. “You are painfully dull I’ll admit.” “Tac, you are the only one in love with the sound of your voice.” Tac sat back with a rude noise as if offended that anyone could not be in love with her voice. “Old and retired is true, it also means powerful and influential. Even if the Duke of Threes thinks to have someone watching the Ebony Zephyr he won’t do anything about it. It will give us a clear run into this lands.” “What about when you are in hith landth?” Kristine asked, who thought it sounded a bit like walking into the lion’s den. “Once we are in his lands he is accountable for anything that happens to us. And I am an official of a moderately important organisation. He will think twice before he will do anything.” He will think twice, but he might still do something, Kristine thought. “I’ll admit that the Ebony Zephyr is the best option.” Tac did not look pleased to be admitting any such thing. “When this airship reaches its destination we’ll go dark as we can. Get a ride to the central station and then get on the Ebony Zephyr,” Gorgeous said. “Perhaps I should go back to the office,” Gwens suggested. Gorgeous nodded. “You did take a harder hit than the rest of us. Rest up and little and make sure we’ve got some backup if we need it.” “I know who to talk to." “You’re just assuming I’m coming along?” Tac asked. “As long as Kristine is coming you are coming,” Gorgeous said. “You’re still her liaison.” Tac made a disgusted sound. Kristine did not like it that Gorgeous just assumed she was coming, but at the same time, she could not fault her. It was not as if she had a choice. And it would be childish to argue. She did not want to do anything that might make her look childish. More childish. “I think,” Gwens said, “that Kristine was perhaps a little to focused on our talk.” There was a moment of confusion before everyone in the compartment realised what Gwens was getting at. Kristine was the last to recognise that she had messed her diapers. She was shocked that she had done it without noticing. “It’s all that milk and food Mr Bear fed you,” Gwens said with an understanding smile. “It heals you up, but it has to go somewhere.” She stood. “Let’s go find some place where your Mr Bear can get you cleaned up.” For a moment it looked like she was going to take Kristine’s hand like Kristine was a little girl who had to be led around. Which was likely true for the other Nursery Knights. She stopped herself just short of her fingers closing around Kristine’s hand, and Gwens drew her hand back, a small, apologetic smile on her face. “Right,” Kristine said as if it was perfectly reasonable and she was not humiliated. As she left the compartment she heard Tac say, “Gorgeous, next job you set me up for, make sure it is not a glorified babysitter and that my Magical Girl does not shit her pants every ten minutes.” The compartment door closed before Kristine could respond.