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    Well it’s been a while since I was able to write or post! The block of time was finally broken yesterday though and I managed to make some progress in the form of a 10k word day! Today’s about 6k so far and I’m not done yet. As of right now I’m a chapter and a half ahead of this chapter, so hopefully I’ll be back on track for at least a couple weeks! Thanks for your patience with my postings! I hope you enjoy! Chapter 29: I WAS STUNNED by Amanda’s statement, and didn’t speak for a moment. After a long moment I asked, “What? What do you mean?” She sighed and squeezed me gently, “She said that if she had to be ‘little’ then there was no point in wearing training panties or regular panties to pretend to be big… Other children would just pick on her like they had when she was a kid and do their best to keep her from making the potty so she could be punished. The adults would just pick on her for being so useless too…” “But at home…” She gently poked my nose, “You have no idea how lucky you really got Stacy! I remember my sisters… my friends… and she’s right.” She blinked away a set of tears, “growing up one of my best friends was a girl named Katie. She had a little sister named Gisella who her parents had actually re-potty trained at the same time as her. In retrospect her mom probably just used Gisella to help Katie learn how to use the potty faster… One time when we were about seven my friends were over at her home, playing house, in the backyard and we all ended up ganging up on Gisella until she peed her pants so we could have a proper baby. After her mom spanked Gisella for the accident she was back in diapers and playing baby for us like we had all wanted for the rest of the day… I remember feeling a bit guilty at the face she made when I forced her to eat a jar of baby peas…” I nodded, “there’s more?” She grimaced, “when I came over the next time Gisella was in a onesie holding up a poopy diaper she’d been in for who knows how long, without the ability to say anything more than a one-year olds vocabulary. When I asked what happened Katie told me, ‘I wanted a dolly more than a twin, so Mommy had Gisella fixed up to be my baby. Isn’t she more fun this way?’” “You’re…” “Sadly not making this up. Bella’s right really… If she’s wearing diapers, nursing from me, but getting to talk still and eat real food… her life will be easier and yet not as horrifying as it would be any other way.” “But…” I stuttered, “You can’t… you’re not going to make her into a total baby like…” “Oh silly girl of course not!” she squeezed me into a hug then, “She’s just going to be a little more babied than you. You’re I guess going to be more of an Amazon girl in that you’ll be given the freedoms to sort of grow up…” I laughed at that, “Mommy I don’t think I’m growing up much…” She laughed too, “No, but you are going to college, so that’s a big growing up step. Speaking of which, we should probably head over to the luncheon?” I nodded and let her set me on the floor and help to settle my backpack on my shoulders. She led me by the hand to the elevator and we took the trip down and out of the building to Venture Commons where the parent and student luncheon was to be held. A line of students and parents formed at the entrance to the dining hall and I looked around hoping to see someone to make a friend with. No littles seemed to be nearby, but a shorter Amazon girl looked down at me, “Looking for your big sister?” I looked up at her and shook my head, “No?” She looked more intently at me and realized I was both in the uniform and wearing a student ID, “Are you a student?” she asked in disbelief before bending down closer to my level. I smiled, “Yep! I’m Stacy,” I said and held my hand out to her like I’d always done. “Oh my god, you’re adorable!” she said, “I’m Mia,” she said taking my hand. “Nice to meet you,” I told her like I always had before realizing that may have been a bit of a male response too. ‘What should I be saying as a girl?’ I suddenly wondered. “You too!” she said and suddenly got the vibe that she was like a cheerleader back home who had always smiled and been peppy with everything she did. She looked up and realized Amanda was looking on, “Are you her Mom?” Amanda smiled at her and extended her own hand, “Amanda,” she said. Her own mother then extended her hand to Amanda, “I’m Jannet, Mia’s mom.” “So you’re really coming here as a student?” Mia asked before quickly saying, “That’s so awesome!” I smiled at her, “Thanks, what are you majoring in?” I asked her as the line moved forward and she stood up. “Biology and Childhood Studies,” she said with a smile, “I want to be a doctor. You?” “Computer science,” I said with a smile. Mia was the first Amazon besides Megan that I actually had a conversation with as an equal… well as much of an equal as you can with five feet of height difference… As we neared the buffet serving lines Mia handed me a tray and actually helped me fill a plate of food too. Nothing was little sized in the dining hall though, so a chicken sandwich and fries that I carried to a table in the corner with Amanda and our new friends was more like a full chicken! I guestimated the bun had to be eight inches in diameter, and with my new size… At the table Amanda said, “Let me see if there’s a booster nearby…” I stood next to the table patiently and Mia sat down. “That must suck?” I laughed, “You have no idea Mia.” “I’m surprised Emerson admitted you?” Mia said in a kind voice. “I mean now that you have your student ID it’s a little bit more difficult to adopt you… but aren’t you worried about what will happen to you here?” I smiled up at her as Amanda returned with the booster in her hand a few feet away. “I’m already adopted,” and nodded my head towards Amanda. Mia’s mouth fell open as Amanda helped me into the booster and sat down across from her mom. “You’re adopted… but if that’s true…?” Amanda smiled at her as I tried to get situated with the plate and evaluated how I was ever going to attack the monster sandwich. “As adopted parents you’re allowed to send your child to school, right?” Her mom asked us before either of us could respond. Both of us watched them for their reactions. Mia smiled, “So you choose to send her to college instead of daycare! That’s so awesome of you!” Mia’s mom looked at Amanda, “That really is kind of you, we’re from Gaule, and while we have littles that are babied… most of them are by choice. I was a little worried about my little girl coming over here and being exposed to almost all of the littles being babied without any freedom…” “It’s their choice to be babied?” I asked tentatively. Mia nodded, “It’s the law – even more so than when you all had the law here stating permission had to be granted. With our littles it has to be their choice with a court appointed officer checking to make sure it’s what they want. After they’re adopted they have to be treated right.” I looked up at Amanda, “Can we visit there someday?” “Maybe sweetheart, we’ll see,” she said with a thoughtful look as she helpfully cut my chicken sandwich into six smaller sections. ‘If Bella was there she could be free…?’ I thought to myself. I learned more about Mia during lunch that I liked, and with Amanda’s permission I traded phone numbers with her. The whole lunch was informal so no speeches or other things were going on, so about noon with a promise to talk soon Amanda and I left to go to her car. “You need a change I’m guessing?” I blushed but nodded as I hurried to keep up with her. At the car she picked me up and felt my diaper, “I think it’ll hold until we get home?” I nodded, “I shouldn’t need to go anymore until then.” “Okay, let’s go check and see if your Daddy and sister are back home yet.” “Why not just call them?” I asked from my seat as she closed her door. “Just in case they’re busy doing stuff,” she told me. There was a nervous tremor to her voice but I wasn’t sure which of the crazy events from the weekend were causing it! After the short drive home she stopped in the driveway and picked me up out of my car seat. I could see then that a moving truck blocked our normal parking space. The truck was being unloaded by Grandpa, Fred, and a few other amazon men I didn’t know. “Just take this stuff to the basement,” Fred was telling the men. “All except that box, take that one up to the nursery please,” he said. “Hi Mandy!” he said walking up to us pulling his work gloves off, “Hi Princess!” “Hi Daddy,” I said while taking in the moving of furniture and boxes. Amongst it all I noticed a number of sewing machines and things that I thought were embroidery machines? A ton of bolts of fabric were also carried in. To my surprise they looked about right for an Amazon to use – none of it looked little sized or amateur in any way! “You get everything from her apartment?” Amanda asked as we stepped inside the house. “Yes. Most of it is going into the basement until we see if there’s anything we can use – or should let her use ever again. I can’t believe the sewing setup she had there Mandy – I think it was better equipped than your friends shop!” “Hmm…” Amanda said, “Did you separate out her personal mementos then?” “Yeah, there’s a couple boxes that I’m having sent up to the nursery. I don’t think we should make her give up any of it… it’ll just be a matter of figuring out how to find places for it and Stacy’s stuff.” “Maybe we should move your office downstairs and give them each their own nursery?” Amanda said as she carried me into the living room and I found myself settled down in the playpen in next to a dozing Bella. He nodded, “It’s an option, but I also thought maybe it was time for us to look for another place to live?” “This is so convenient though…” Amanda said as she followed him downstairs and I felt like the unwanted abandoned baby. I sighed and watched Bella sleep for a bit while looking at a toy doll that Bella must have brought in with her. It looked old and I wondered if it was from her childhood. I sat there for a while before Bella suddenly squirmed and rubbed her eyes, “Stacy?” she asked tentatively as she sat up. “I think I’m the only other diapered little sharing the house with you…” I told her with a smirk. “Sorry, it’s been a rough morning. Daddy gave me a bottle when we got home and I must have been out in seconds.” I nodded, “I’m sorry you had to deal with that,” I told her. “It seems like they brought a factory with them?” She blushed, “I was really good at making deals online for equipment…” “Looks like it,” I told her and crawled over to her and gave her a hug, “Sorry for everything Bella.” She gave me a light hug back, “Probably best this way… I would have lost it all for certain if you all hadn’t sat next to me on the plane.” “So everything go smooth at least?” I asked. A tear went down her face, “It was so embarrassing and tough to handle…” she told me honestly. “My landlord was pretty mean about it all. The downstairs neighbors weren’t much better…” “Why?” “Why else would someone be mean to a little Stacy?” I shrugged, “I’m sorry… the more I’m here the more I’m glad I’m not a native little.” “I hope you never really understand Stace,” she told me. I nodded. “So enough about my crappy morning, how was yours?” She asked me while wiping her face of tears and snot and forcing a smile. “Pretty good I guess?” I said, “Definitely better than yours I guess…” “Well tell me all about it! I want to know about my big sisters day at college!” I groaned, “Well we checked in this morning and I got my student ID.” I pointed where it was clipped to my dress, “Of course that meant waiting in lines… lines with Amazons for the most part. Definitely some awkward moments there, but I guess I only saw one poor little get kidnapped this morning at least.” “Outside before they got inside?” she asked. I nodded, “How did you know?” “There’s always a couple who think they’re too good for diapers and have an accident out there…” She shrugged, “Of course who am I to talk?” “You didn’t actually have an accident in your panties though,” I reminded her. “Details like that don’t matter when you still end up in the nursery Stacey.” I nodded, “Anyway… after that we went to Amanda’s office and I met her secretary. She seemed really nice! She has littles, but she lets them still do things as much as she can I think.” “So three good amazons in the world?” she said. “More than that,” I told her, “you just don’t encounter the good ones most of the time. I also met a new friend, her name is Mia, who is also an Amazon – but she’s from another island?” “Oh, I’ve heard those exist… Not completely baby crazy?” “Not that I could see…” “Well I see you two are getting along at least,” Amanda suddenly said as she scooped Bella up in one arm and me in her other. “Of course Mommy, she’s my sister!” I told her with smile. “You clearly haven’t had a sister very long,” Amanda said while shaking her head. “Trust me, they’re okay sometimes, but then other times…” Bella and I laughed. “You haven’t met my other sisters yet,” Amanda said to Bella, “Of course I don’t have to worry about you two becoming nearly as crazy. I do however have to worry about some leaking diapers, huh?” She said while looking specifically at me. I looked down and went, “Oopsie…” with my skirt showing clear spots. “Yes, ‘oopsie,’ at school that might mean walking around without your skirt if you’re not careful Princess.” She told me. I turned red and put my head against her shoulder, “You were supposed to change me when we got home?” “Oh blame it on Mommy,” she said in mock exasperation. “I give up…” I said as she shoved a pacifier in my mouth and laid me down on the changing table. The jumper was off in a flash and tossed in the dirty clothes hamper. My Pamper was then swapped out for another and with another jumper pulled over my head before she sat me on the ground and reattached my ID, “There, that’s better…” I looked at my watch to distract myself as she changed Bella, “How are you doing now Bella?” She asked quietly. “Okay I guess…” she told her. “I’m sorry today was so rough, but at least it’s done?” She asked as she sat her up and placed her on her hip. Bella just nodded as she sucked on her pacifier. Amanda gave her a strong hug and asked, “You should go through these two boxes and find a place for your stuff. Stacey’s got her end of the room with the computer desk, but why don’t you make this end of the room yours?” She stood next to the window where the wall was mostly blank, “I’ll try and find you a desk if you want too?” Bella nodded and said, “Kay,” simply but nothing else and just seemed content to stay in Amanda’s arms. I looked at my watch again this time noticing the time and pulled my pacifier out so I could speak clearer, “Mommy?” “Yes Stacey?” “We need to get me to the university again?” I saw her look at the clock and nodded, “I can’t believe it’s already that time…” she said and squeezed Bella, “be a good girl for Daddy and we’ll be back for dinner, okay?” She nodded as she was sat down and Amanda came over to me and picked me up. “Let’s leave your paci here?” she said as she took it from my hand. I blushed and said, “Probably a good idea…” Since it was already almost two-thirty by the time we got into her car she didn’t say long goodbyes to anyone as we passed. At Emerson she pulled me out of my car seat and sat me down on the ground before reaching out with her hand towards me for a second and pulling back. “Sorry, probably not a good idea for all the littles to see you holding Mommy’s hand,” she said quietly to me as she patted my back and we walked as quick as my legs could carry me towards the building that contained Destiny Hall. At the building I could see a hundred or so littles walking through the doors into a large lecture hall. The thing that made my eyes pop open in disbelief though was everyone was grouped in tens, each hanging onto a rope with rings on it like preschoolers back home. An Amazon held onto the end of the rope and I could hear one saying, “Come on chicks,” loudly, “let’s get to your first orientation session.” I looked on with a fascinated horror as Amanda said, “I’ll see you after this is over Stacy.” I looked up at her and gave her leg a hug before walking to join the others walking inside. “Where’s your nest group?” A tall Amazon woman leaned down to me as I walked inside. I looked up at her and decided politeness was definitely key with her. Something about her struck me as a proper Chloe like woman, “I don’t believe I have one Miss,” I told her politely. “Tisk, tisk, how did you get lost already?” she said like she was talking to a newborn. “Your dorm room number?” She asked as she grabbed her phone. “I don’t have one,” I told her, “I’m a commuter.” “Oh you silly girl, you’re a little, you can’t be a commuter…” Her face began to look different and colder, “Are you lying because you already earned a demerit and a spanking from your Nest Hen?” “Pardon me Miss, but I live with my adopted Mommy and she has it okayed through the university? Please look up my information?” She narrowed her eyes, but took her phone and took a quick picture of me with it. “Stacy Westerfield?” I nodded, “Yes Ma’am.” “Well I’ll be… you were telling me the truth. This is…” she paused, “unusual…” “Yes Ma’am, I understand it is.” “Well then… I guess why don’t you go sit over here with Miss Madison’s group here,” she said as she led me down the lecture hall to a row with a girl who looked to have a queen bee personality. “Miss Madison, this is Stacy. She doesn’t have a nest group per se, but she’s going to join yours whenever she needs to get around little events.” I looked up at the well-dressed girl who could have been a teacher and instantly felt glad I had a diaper on. Something about her just didn’t scream pleasant, “Well Stacy, I’m glad to have you join our nest. Girls this is Stacy,” she said as she pushed me forward. I saw Laura was in her group and quickly noted that all of the members of her group seemed to be girls and shorter than average – even for littles. Laura waved at me and Madison noticed, “You already have a friend in our nest?” She said in a singsong voice, “Why don’t you go sit with little Laura over there in that empty seat,” she told me with a pat on my rear. “Yes Miss Madison,” I said nervously. As I passed she patted my rear and seemed to ascertain I had a diaper on. “Let me know if you need a change by the way Stacy, even though you’re not one of my chicks I’ll be happy to change you.” “Umm… thanks,” I told her, “I’m good right now…” I walked quickly down the row and sat in the huge oversized fold down seat next to Laura. “Hi,” she said to me quietly. “Hi, how’s it going so far?” I asked. “Umm… embarrassing?” She said. I nodded, “I’m guessing the rope for the line wasn’t the worst thing yet?” She shook her head, “Not even close… at least I already had a diaper on. That girl over there,” she pointed to a girl right next to Madison, “didn’t come in one. Let’s just say it was a little exciting getting ready to come over here.” I noticed that the girls eyes were definitely red and signs of crying were present. It looked like there was a little bit of mascara she hadn’t cleaned off her face yet from coming over and I felt bad for her. “You?” “Not bad so far… I’m going to be a bit sheltered from some of it,” I whispered to her. She nodded, “I kind of wish I was already adopted…” “Already?” I whispered back to her. “You know it’s inevitable…” I looked at her and nodded, “Hopefully it’ll be someone nice at least,” I breathed sadly. She reached for my hand and said, “I’m glad I met you, I hope we stay friends this year?” “Through college!” I told her with a smile. “Good afternoon Boys and Girls!” a lady suddenly said from the front of the lecture hall. I was glad the lecture hall descended into the front or I wouldn’t have been able to see over the seat. As it was I found myself moving to kneel on my knees like a number of others in my row to see. “My name is Dean Sanders, and I am in charge of you adorable little boys and girls here at Emerson University.” Her smile made me think ‘Granny, what big teeth you have…’ and I felt a shiver of fear down my spine. “If you have any problems with any of the big kids at school, or you need anything at all, I want you to think of my door as always open. Please think of me as your mother away from home…” I really did shiver at that and noticed several other littles shift uncomfortably. “This afternoon and evening are a bit different for you from the big kids as we need to get you all used to the procedures of this university. I want to begin by making sure you know your rights and responsibilities here as our Griffin Chicks.” A powerpoint slide came up then with a stylized griffin in a diaper and I couldn’t help but know she thought of the room as just a bunch of babies to be. I bit my tongue though as she continued and ‘Protection’ flashed on the next slide. “I want you all to know that protective undergarments such as diapers or pull-ups are strongly encouraged here at Emerson, but they’re not required of any student during the daytime.” I heard someone whimper down the row and wondered why for a second before she continued, “Please know that we consider that wearing of these garments not to be a sign you need to be adopted as a baby, but rather that it’s a sign of your maturity of dealing with your weaknesses. A simple fact of life for littles is that pee-pee accidents will happen! While some of our bathrooms have been upgraded to have little potties, many times you may have to travel a long distance to find one. Having protection means that if you have an accident it’s contained in a sanitary manner.” She smiled, “We have no problems with a wet diapee or pull-up on a little student. Your fellow students, Nest Hens, Dorm Mother, or the medical facility will be happy to help you clean up into a new one if you need help. You’re always welcome to refuse help directly from a fellow student, but they will then take you to your Nest Hen, Dorm Mother, or the infirmary to make sure that you’re cleaned up properly.” She smiled, “After all diaper rash doesn’t help you concentrate on your coursework!” As if to add insult to everyone a little boy was shown with his pants wet in the hallway. Clearly a college student in his blazer and pants, you could see the terror in his eyes as someone made him pose for the picture. “Unfortunately we will have a few littles amongst you who are sure they can make it every time. Should you choose to not wear protection that’s your right! If you do have an accident though – anywhere on campus – you will have progressive consequences in the form of demerits and/or spankings.” I noticed a few littles nervously look around then and guessed they might have come without protection on. Her slide flashed to a new one with the words, ‘Ten Demerits’ in big bold words. Below the words it stated what she said, “If you have ten demerits in a year you will be expelled from the university. Additionally we will be legally obligated to hold you on campus until a responsible adult can take charge of you.” I could hear a few mutters of anger around, but myself kept absolutely silent like Laura next to me. “Any questions boys and girls?” She asked in a demeaning voice. “None?” She smiled, “One other item to note is that while it’s okay for you to have a wet diaper or pull-up in class, if you should have an issue with poopy in class you will receive eight demerits automatically.” One brave little boy raised his hands, “Miss, that’s in class? If we happen to defecate a diaper outside of class?” “Oh sweetie I know how hard it is for you all to make it to the potty!” She said in a sweet mom’s voice that made me want to vomit. “Outside of class if you have a poopy accident it’s okay and there’s no punitive consequences. We just don’t want to smell up professors classrooms! It’s a sanitary thing you understand?” “Thanks for the clarification Miss,” the little said as politely as he could. I couldn’t see much of him over the tall seats, but he seemed to be on the taller side for a little. ‘Probably just put a big target on his back…’ I thought to myself. The next slide that popped up said ‘Adoption – When Can I Be Adopted?’ with a picture of a smiling little girl with her ‘mommy’ tickling her stomach in what looked like a backyard. The thick diaper couldn’t be missed with the pink t-shirt being the only other thing she was wearing. ‘Mommy’s Princess’ her shirt read and I couldn’t help but wonder how much had been done to her. Just then I felt the need to nervously pee and decided to just get it over with. The warm pee made me wonder a moment later though why that picture made me feel a need to go so suddenly. I noticed a lot of shuffling right then and some whimpering. ‘Great, I hope there’s not some extra hypnosis going on here with subliminal messages…’ “This is an important topic that we must discuss with your rights, boys and girls. At Emerson you are in a place where you may not be adopted unwillingly by another student, staff member, or campus visitor. So long as you are wearing your name badge and uniform around campus – or town – you are protected legally from being forcibly adopted.” Something in her tone said she regretted that. “Without your badge or uniform on outside of your dorm though you should be aware that bystanders may not know that you attend the university. You are welcome to ask for a university representative at any adoption center to verify your student status, but failure to be in compliance with the badge and uniform rule means you have no protection.” She passed over to another slide with another smiling little in his ‘mommy’s’ arms. “Should you decide that the university coursework is too much for your little brain, you are more than welcome to come to my office and we offer adoption counseling to help you find a loving home to place you in.” The room was totally silent at that point as if everyone was shocked anyone would willingly dive into that. Things continued along that vein throughout the rest of the meeting as rules about Nest Groups, profanity, getting around campus, information about getting diapers, and other items were doled out. One of the roughest things I thought was the requirement that all little freshmen in the dorms had a bedtime of 7:30pm. She added that you could not get out of bed except for emergencies until 7:00am the next day when Nest Hens would check their chicks and help them get dressed. “What about the orientation events that are later than that?” one girl asked, “Griffins Fly is supposed to be at 7:30pm?” The Dean laughed, “Silly girl, that’s an event for the big boys and girls, you’ll need to be in your jammies and night diapees by then. Don’t want to have a cranky dorm of littles all day tomorrow!” I noted in my head that the wording was ‘in the dorms’ and knew that meant I could probably get out of a lot of requirements that way. I was going to have to be careful to keep that to myself though unless I wanted her to give me some demerits or find some other way to make my life miserable. “Well then, it’s about time for dinner. Your Nests will go back to the dorms and get ready for dinner. You’ll have a quick dorm meeting at 6:30pm before your Nest Mothers get you ready to roost in your beds for the night! Tomorrow morning there is an opening ceremony for the university that you’ll travel to with your nest group. After lunch if any of you have somehow not taken your CARE exams yet you will need to do so at 1pm. Please let your Nest Hen know so they can get you to the appropriate testing room. Welcome to Emerson University!” As we stood up I heard Madison shout, “Come on chicks, grab onto the rope so we can all stay in a nice line to the dorms.” I stood unsure what to do and Madison said, “You too Stacy.” “I think my mommy is supposed to meet me outside…?” “Well just grab on, and if we see her I’m sure she’ll come get you from me.” I wanted to send a quick text message but as soon as I reached for my backpack for my phone she chided me and said, “Here you go baby, just grab right on to this purple ring next to your BFF.” I turned red as I looked at Laura but grabbed on and followed them outside of the hall. From the row next to me I noted that another Nest Mother was scolding a little boy with wet pants, “That’ll be two demerits Grayson,” she said. “You know the rules now…” I shuddered and followed our rope line out the lecture hall feeling like I was truly in preschool. True to her word though Amanda was standing right outside and waved at me before coming up to Madison. “Hi, I’m here to pickup Stacy,” she told her with a smile. “I’m sorry, but parents aren’t allowed to take their students to dinner today.” Amanda frowned at that, “Since when?” “It’s a university regulation for littles…” “Where is that in the handbook?” Amanda asked with a smile, “As a professor I should know this one if it’s the case…?” Madison looked flushed then and I realized she was blushing. Dean Sanders came up to us the and said, “Oh Professor Westerfield! I didn’t expect to see you around orientation events for littles?” Amanda took her hand and laughed, “Normally no, but my little girl over there is starting out here and I needed to pick her up for dinner.” “Oh but of course, I’d almost forgotten about your unusual daughter! Miss Madison what’s the issue here?” She asked the girl. “Littles are supposed to have dinner on campus tonight with us!” she said with a bit of hiss to her voice. “Normally you are correct Madison, but Stacy here isn’t a resident. She lives with her mommy who’s one of our most distinguished professors. I know she’ll take great care in making sure Stacy is fed and back for her nest meeting tonight at 6:30pm in the dorm?” “Of course Jackie I will make sure she’s back. Is it going to be a long meeting? I know the littles on campus have a very early bedtime?” “Thirty minutes should be it,” the dean said. “Madison will make sure that she has your daughter out of there by seven so you can get her home and in bed there.” “Great!” Amanda said and held her hand out to me to grab on. It was only then that I let go of the rope and looked at the other littles looking at me jealously. Even Laura was envious, but I just smiled and said, “See you later!” “Oh, what room is your nest?” Amanda asked Madison as we had started to walk away. “Wenig, room two-ten,” Madison said obviously not happy. “Thanks! Have a good dinner!” She told her and the other girls. I held onto Amanda’s hand for the lifeline it was back to the car. As she lifted me into my car seat she felt my diaper and said, “Need a change, huh?” “Back home please?” I asked nervously. She kissed my forehead and said, “sure sweetie.” The drive home was of course again short and she wasted no time carrying me upstairs to the nursery and changing me into a dry Pamper. “So how was the meeting?” Amanda asked me as she carried me back downstairs. I thought for a moment, “Enlightening and scary…” “Scary?” She asked. “Dean Sanders has to be one of the scariest Amazons I’ve met…” “I thought maybe you would think that about Miss Madison there…” she told me with a squeeze. “She’s not exactly the friendly fun loving RA,” I admitted, “but Dean Sanders basically laid out everything to us about accidents and adoption. Just as she showed one of the slides I went pee almost as soon as I noticed I needed to go. A couple of the other littles I think went too… I’m thinking they had something in the slide?” “It’s possible,” Amanda told me as she reached the bottom step and carried me to my highchair to join Fred and Bella who were already sitting down. “With as common as it is in TV and movies right now I could see them easily doing that.” “Doing what?” Bella asked. “Subliminal messages,” I told her with a grimace. I looked and saw she was already bibbed and ready to eat with a baby bottle of apple juice on her tray. “All the time…” she griped. “How do you defend against them?” I asked curiously. She shrugged, “I don’t think there’s any sure way of doing it. I knew some people who swore by wearing contacts with a slight tint to them. It would at least let them notice the images some of the time if it was a still image. Doesn’t help when it’s just an occasional frame every hundred frames or so though.” I nodded and watched as Amanda settled my tray onto my highchair and brought me a sippy cup of juice. For a moment I felt a bit of jealousy over Bella’s bottle, but bit my tongue and asked, “What’s for dinner?” “Your daddy made shiskabobs,” Amanda said as she walked over to the stove and brought over two plates with food. Mine was cut somewhat smaller when she placed it in front of me. Bella’s though was practically mutilated into little minced pieces. Amanda left Bella’s plate just next to her own, but began putting a few pieces at a time on another small toddlers plate in front of Bella. While I was getting to use my tiny utensils Bella was using her fingers. I frowned at that, “Bella?” “What?” she asked me. “Umm…” “It’s okay Stacy,” Amanda told me, “remember what we talked about earlier…” Bella seemed to catch on, “It’s okay Stacy, I’m actually kind of enjoying everything today…” I looked at her and believed she was telling the truth, “If you’re sure…” I muttered and kept eating my food. “So how did your little orientation event go?” Fred asked. I retold, and now in more detail, all that had gone on with that and then in the morning. “So we knew everything about all of that though,” Fred said after I finished. I shrugged, “I guess?” “You have even less to worry about than anyone else Stacy,” Amanda told me reassuringly. “Except maybe from this Madison girl. I was really hoping you would be able to avoid having a Nest Hen assigned to you…” “Why do they call them Nest Hens?” Bella asked curiously. “Because the school mascot is the Griffins?” I told her. “What’s that?” “How…?” I paused, “How can you not know what a griffin is?” “I dunno? I never really paid attention in school?” “Harry Potter exist here?” I asked. “What’s that?” Amanda asked. I slapped my forehead, “I wonder if Mom and Dad can send me a shipment of cultural items…” “Important back home?” Fred asked. “Probably one of the largest books and movie franchises to exist back there. This author…” I paused and realized it wouldn’t matter… “Anyway… this author has a magic school and one of the houses mascots is the Griffin…” They all stared at me. I sighed and looked at Bella, “It’s a half-eagle and half-lion creature.” With the continued blank stare, “eagles raise their young in nests, so I guess they decided that littles are grouped in nests too.” “You’re also chicks to them,” Amanda said with a nod. “Chick, huh?” Fred said. “That’s Princess Chick to you,” I huffed as all three of them laughed at me. When Bella was done with her solid dinner Amanda released her from her high chair and carried her to the living room where she sat in the rocker. I sighed and looked at the small scoop of ice cream the Fred had given me while he munched on a larger bowl. “It’s smarter this way,” he reminded me. “I know, but if you’d told me a few weeks ago I’d be feeling withdrawals from not breastfeeding…” “I suppose you could always give in and give up?” He said softly. I shook my head, “No, my dream is worth more than that… You wouldn’t happen to know a way to cancel out the bad effects, would you?” He shook his head, “I wish I did, it would make it easier on you and Mandy both!” I quietly finished my scoop and felt a little rumbling in my stomach, “May I use my potty please?” “Sure chicklet,” he told me. I glared at him as he released me from my straps and I walked to the potty. With a little bit of effort I pulled the tabs of the dry diaper off and sat down on the potty before pushing out a couple small chunks of poop and some pee. “Good girl,” Fred said, “can you hold your skirt up so I can wipe you clean?” I did as he asked and he wiped me clean. “Thank you,” I told him softly. “No problem,” he told me, “You want to try and put your diapee back on while I throw this out?” I nodded and picked up the discarded garment. I remembered it was easier standing and leaning so I pulled it up and leaned against the cabinet and was able to pull the tabs tight. He bent down and checked when he returned, “Why aren’t you just a big girl!” I stuck my tongue out at him and he picked me up to give me a hug. “You ready to head back Stacy?” Amanda asked after I’d sat in his arms for a few moments. I shrugged, “I guess. I have to imagine this is going to suck…” “It might,” Amanda said, “but from now on unless you’re talking about sucking on your pacifier or a bottle I think it would be a good idea to skip using that word?” I nodded, “sorry Mommy,” I added with a sigh. She carried me to the car and we were soon parked on a lot close to Wenig Hall. She wasted no time in getting me out of the car and walked me up front to the entrance where a couple Amazon girls and Mrs. Walters were talking. Amanda walked me inside and said, “Good evening, I was told Stacy needs to meet with her nest group for a little bit tonight?” “That’s right, Dean Sanders mentioned that. I guess she was assigned to Miss Madison?” “Room 210?” I added helpfully. “That’s the right one sweetie!” she said condescendingly. “Did you happen to bring your orientation shirt?” I nodded and patted my backpack, “It’s in my backpack?” “Great! I’m sure Madison will help you get it on real quick before we do our last activity before bedtime. Professor Westerfield if you want you can just hang out here in the lobby until seven? All of our residents are going to take a picture just before then and then you can take her from here?” “That sounds great!” she told her. “Meg, would you please help Stacy here find her nest?” “Sure thing!” the larger of the girls said. I couldn’t help but notice she had a very plump body with large breasts. I squirmed internally as I thought of the fact she probably would have a lot of littles feeding from them at some point… She held her hand out tentatively and I took it. She led me down a hallway past the desk and to a bank of elevators. “So why are you so special that you’re only here for the nest meeting?” She asked inquisitively. Her voice was friendly, but she seemed to have a wary tone to it. “I’m adopted,” I told her, “so I have to live with Mommy and Daddy instead of in the dorms,” I told her. Something inside of me told me that trying to behave maturely in these dorms wasn’t a bright idea. I kept my senses on high alert for details and noted that there were five floors in the dorm total when she pressed the second button. “Wow, and you’re still coming to school?” I nodded and said sweetly, “Mommy wants me to be smart like her and Daddy.” “Aren’t you worried your classes will be too much for your little brain?” I giggled, “I think I’ll be fine.” She shook her head but led me outside of the elevator as it opened. “Let’s see, here we go! Room 210, Miss Madison’s Nest.” I felt my mouth drop a bit as I came into the large open room that was more like a barracks in some ways than the modern dorms I had seen back home. Well… a daycare barracks! Parallel to the walls on three sides of the room were ten lofted beds over desks. Each bed had a small staircase leading up to it from one side and the side rails were all mesh about two feet high. ‘So littles can’t fall out?’ I thought to myself. I noted that the height of the beds meant most of the Amazons could probably still reach in and pluck out a little if need be. The desks seemed to be decent sized, but all of the white furniture in the room just screamed ‘baby girl.’ I noticed that a sign in block letters had been placed on each bed for the girls in the room. A small wardrobe and dresser adjoined the bed/desk units. The walls of the room were painted in a sickeningly sweet pink of a nursery, and as I turned to the side I noticed that Madison had Laura up on a large, and well stocked changing table with her legs and naked rear hanging in the air. “Miss Madison I found a visitor for you,” the girl said and with a pat on my head left me there alone. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ So this chapter and the coming chapters were what I had originally been thinking of when I started this twenty-eight chapters ago! What did you think? Please leave me a ‘like’ and/or a comment to help keep me motivated this weekend! I’m hoping maybe I can get a chapter or two more written before Monday! Thanks again for reading!
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    Chapter Nine Cammi stared at the door for a long time, but decided against it. Jo had been so sad when she had said she was going out alone. Her Amazon just didn't seem to understand that her new body came with an incredible amount of new energy. And she hadn't really taken the time to explore it. She stripped off her dress, dropping it on the floor, then her bra as well - leaving a line of clothes to the bathroom, where she stood in front of the mirror in only her thick, pink, wet diaper. The image was strange to her... Littles, at least native Littles, didn't have curves like these - the Portal Littles in the movies often did but who knew whether that was surgery or not. Sure, she had breasts, but not like these. And her waist looked smaller, her collarbones more defined. She looked like... well, like Jo. Her high blonde pigtails fell just past her shoulders, until out of curiosity she reached up and untied them, letting her hair cascade down until the tips tickled her nipples. She had once caught Frederick with a magazine... a magazine full of naked Amazons. She hadn't understood the allure, they would never be interested in him as a sexual partner, he was a Little. He had gotten defensive and yelled at her, saying it was only a fantasy, that he didn't actually want to be intimate with an Amazon, that he knew he was a Little and that he loved Littles... and her. Looking at herself now in the mirror, she understood it a little more. Her breasts were fuller, she cupped them with her larger hands, her long, lithe fingers - they were more than a handful for sure, whereas she was used to only having a handful. She had considered herself attractive before, she never had any trouble getting a boy's eye growing up, but now... now she was beautiful. The diaper looked quite out of place on her Amazon body. She turned in the mirror, looking at how it poofed out around her butt, smooth and round. She ran a hand along the pink plastic, just enjoying the feeling. She loved her diapers, and these - while not as thick as her personal favorites back home - were soft and comfy when they were dry and warm and squishy when they were wet. And then a thought struck her. She slipped over to Jo's sleeping form and started unbuttoning her jeans. Gently, slowly, carefully... she didn't want to wake Jo up. She slipped Joanna's jeans off delicately, and then her panties. Jo stirred and grumbled as those slipped off, but Cammi was lucky... she didn't wake up. Cammi held up her Amazon's trim blue panties... so thin, so flimsy - it was hard to imagine that she'd ever worn anything like these, it seemed like a different life altogether. She slipped quietly off the bed and reached into the bag of diapers, pulling out one of the delightfully soft pink rectangles. She unfolded it carefully... and started to slide it under Jo's bottom. And Jo sat up. "What," she said fiercely, anger flashing in her eyes as she saw the open diaper in Cammi's hands, "Do you think you are doing?" "I uh.. um," Cammi stammered, stepping backwards but Jo caught her by the wrist and before Cammi knew it, she was over Jo's knee. Three hard swats stung against the backs of her left thigh - Jo was serious, these weren't swats on the diaper. "I'm sorry! I just thought you might like how it feels!" "Amazons," she growled, "Do NOT wear diapers, do you understand me?" Three swats landed on her right thigh in rapid succession - Jo managed to hit the exact same spot three times in a row, and tears came to Cammi's eyes. "Yes mommy! I'm sorry mommy!" "You are never this naughty at home, Cammi - what has gotten into you?" she lifted the girl and set her gently on the bed while she picked up her panties from the floor. "I've never missed your crib more in my life. What did you think you were doing?" "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Cammi sobbed, the feeling that she had let Jo down hurt far worse than the stinging of her backside, "I just wondered... I wondered what you would look like in one, I wondered if you would like how it feels." "Amazons," Jo repeated sternly, as she pulled her underwear and pants back on, "do not wear diapers. Littles do." "You sound like the Littles in this dimension," she said quietly, a little afraid to speak up but unable to keep the thought to herself. Jo's expression softened, and she sat back down on the bed next to Cammi and pulled the girl into her lap. "I suppose I do," she admitted, smiling, the loving softness of her voice returning. "It's just not a thing that's done, sweetling. Diapers are for Littles - no matter what their size is. Do you think I'm secretly a Little?" "No," Cammi giggled, "You're my big strong mommy." "That's right," Jo squeezed the naked girl, "Littles need someone to take care of them." "Well that's not true," Cammi objected, "There are lots of Independent Littles and they get by just fine." "You're right, sweetie - I don't mean to denigrate the Independent Littles. You gave me a wonderful gift by letting yourself need me. The truth is, I needed you." "I needed you too," Cammi agreed, "You were there for me in a way no one ever was before, Jo. You held me when I cried, you laughed with me... I love you so much." "I love you too, you silly Little. Now who are diapers for?" "Me!" Cammi giggled, leaning her weight onto Jo, causing the woman to lay back on the bed. Jo's hand slid down Cammi's bare back, her fingertips trailing that soft skin. She traced down the small of Cammi's back, rolling the girl on her side and patting her diapered bottom before continuing down her long legs.. she had to admit that there was an appeal to Cammi's new body... and down to her bare ankle. "Cammi," Jo said, her voice thick with concern, "Where's your anklet? The one the travel department gave you? Did you take it off?" "Um," Cammi frowned, sitting up, "No mommy... I remember I still had it after we ran, it felt a little slippery from the sweat. I guess... I guess it fell off?" "Shit," Jo cursed, startling Cammi with her intensity, "That's Amazon tech. Come on, we need to get you dressed. We need to find it before someone else does. Hopefully it's still on the ground somewhere between here and the aquarium." * * * The two of them strode through the lobby, Cammi trailing behind with Jo leading her by the wrist. "Ma'am," William signaled in an attempt to get their attention as they blew through the lobby and past the front desk, but he failed. They were out the door in a moment - their search had begun. They walked all the way back to the aquarium together, and then began the tedious task of retracing their steps. Cammi was cranky and tired by the time they had slowly searched every place they had been that day... and Jo's nerves were starting to fray at her whining. "Cammi," Jo found herself saying in a warning tone after the girl complained about her tired legs for the thirtieth time, "Your whining is not helping us." "Hey, I've been helping," Cammi was instantly defensive, "I'm looking just as hard as you... I'm just not used to walking around as much as you are." "You were fine when you wanted to race," Jo pointed out callously. Cammi stopped walking altogether, looking wounded. "Baby, I'm sorry," Jo said softly, seeing the tears start in Cammi's eyes, "I'm sorry, Mommy's legs are tired too. Let's go relax in the room and I'll see if the little computer they gave me has some advice on what to do, okay? I'm sorry I got cross with you baby. Okay?" Cammi could only nod, she was choking back tears as Jo took her by the hand and led her gently toward the hotel. "I also wish I could carry you," Jo said softly, "I wish I could scoop you up and cradle you in my arms and snuggle you and rock you and make all your big sad feelings better." Cammi did not look mollified as Jo took her wrist gently and led her back to the hotel. William spotted them immediately and called again, rushing over. "Ms. Fabron," he ran over to the couple with a small box, "Here are the items you requested." He held out the box, worried for the pair - Ms. Fabron looked quite upset and possibly angry, where her partner Camille looked positively distraught. "Also, a young man came in here earlier holding something that looked quite similar to the bracelet you were wearing on your ankle... " "When?" Jo demanded, a little too strongly. "A few hours ago.. " "Thank you William. Can you tell me what he looked like? Do you know him?" Jo frowned. Great, she thought, I really hope that little computer has some answers, because I have no idea how to track someone down in this place. "I didn't know him," William said apologetically, "He was a smaller man, perhaps early twenties, brown hair in a somewhat haphazard shaggy cut, clean shaven, lean build. I'm afraid I don't have any more information than that." "You've been wonderful, William. I really appreciate your help." "It's my pleasure, ma'am," William looked to the girl and reached into his pocket, producing a candy sucker, "For you, young miss?" This felt really odd to him because the girl Cammi was pretty close to his own, he was sure. The front desk kept a jar of these small lollipops for children and he thought that maybe... The sadness in Cammi's eyes vanished as she lit up with a positively childlike joy, taking the sucker and bouncing up and down a bit. William blushed a bit, both at the girl's unabashed joy over something so simple, and the bouncing of her bosom. "Thank you, Mr. William!" Cammi beamed... and before Jo could even open her mouth, the wrapper was off and the candy between her lips. Jo looked a little cross, it was considered rude to offer candy to someone's Little directly instead of to the Amazon parent, but there was no way William could know that. She'd mention it if it happened again, there was no sense in making him feel embarrassed or making Cammi feel sad about it. She tucked the small box under one arm and led Cammi, much happier now, to the elevator.. and William could see the faintest hint of a pink diaper sagging beneath the hem of her skirt. Did she... surely she didn't... * * * Jo had opened the box they got from William and gave the large pacifier to her precious Little, turning the television on to some cartoon animals, one that was chasing the other with various implements of destruction, and fishing out the minicomp from the bags. After finishing the research, and a diaper change for Cammi, they set out for dinner... and recon. Jo had learned from the mini-computer that her own traveller card and the minicomp could be used to track down the bracelet in the event that the Little wearing it got separated. It didn't seem to have any insight as to why the bracelet had come off, but at least they should be able to retrieve it. As long as the young man who picked it up was not also a tourist... the thought made Jo feel nervous. The bracelet itself didn't do much, but she wasn't a technology specialist - who knows what a primitive society of Littles like this one could learn from that simple device, just in the way it was designed and manufactured. She would be in quite a bit of trouble if she didn't return with it, the travel contract was quite clear on that. Their makeshift radar indicated that the bracelet was still nearby, and they followed the signal together on foot. "We're like spies," Cammi giggled, "Secret Agent Mommy and Secret Agent Cammi, going to find the bad guys and save the day." Jo was incredibly thankful when the minicomp signaled that the bracelet was actually in a nearby restaurant called Wild Philly Wings, which Jo learned that the place served nothing but chicken nuggets in a wide variety of sauces. She shook her head once again at the overwhelming Littleness of the entire dimension. They placed their order, honey barbecue flavored for Cammi and something called 'spicy Philly' for Jo, who had to admit that the spicy cuisine of the dimension was pretty good, even though it tended to be a little sweet as well. Jo kept one eye on the minicomp the entire time... the bracelet was stationary, after their waiter had wandered off and Cammi had started coloring on the menu with the provided crayons, she scanned the room for someone that matched the description William had given. And it didn't take her long. Sure enough, there was a young man sitting three tables over, eating a basket of the chicken nuggets with a fork, sauce smeared a bit around his mouth... and Cammi's bracelet on his left wrist. Jo frowned, it turned out that finding the bracelet might be much easier than retrieving it - how was she supposed to confront this young man without tipping her hand?
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    Wrote this during some free time over the last couple of days. Ideally, I've got two more segments planned out, although time is an issue. All comments welcome, be they positive or negative. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Josie was having a hard time wrapping her head around it. Her best friend, Sandra, was acting too weird for comfort. They’d been friends since 9th grade, and although they attended different universities, they’d staid close. After finishing up with school, they’d both returned to their home town and eventually, after a couple of years spent establishing toe holds in the work-a day world, decided to share an apartment. Initially, things went great. Sandra had always been the more outgoing of the two, and often prodded Josie to hit the bars on Friday nights as well as join her for the various parties and get-togethers with her wide collection of friends and acquaintances. Having Sandra as her unofficial social director was great, plus it was a terrific way to meet eligible men. But despite Sandra’s extroverted personality she often spent several nights a week behind her locked bedroom door, only coming out occasionally to raid the refrigerator and to share brief, seemingly reluctant conversations with her puzzled roommate. Josie began to wonder if her friend might be suffering mood swings, or full on depression or some similar malady. She didn’t know if she should even attempt to broach the subject, fearing that Sandra might become uncomfortable and accuse Josie of prying. One Wednesday morning, about 4 months into their lease, Josie found herself alone in the apartment per usual, as she left for work later than her roommate. Walking past Sandra’s bedroom, and using her friend’s odd behavior as an excuse, Joie did something she wouldn’t normally have done, and opened the always closed door. The room was a mess with clothes spilling out of both the closet and dresser drawers. Her bed was strewn with stuffed animals, cast-off pajamas and underwear, the nightstand covered with dirty plates and used drinking glasses. Knowing that entering Sandra’s personal space was highly inappropriate, Josie decided that so long as she didn’t touch anything, what her roommate didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt her. The smell of stale pee, reminiscent of a neglected basement powder room, hit Sandra’s senses first. What the hell is she doing in here? Sandra thought. Does she have medical problems? She doesn’t seem sick. Wait, maybe the smell isn’t pee, just the leftovers on the dirty dishes. She decided that when she returned home from work that evening, she’d ask Sandra if she had any dishes in her room that might need cleaning. Josie moved to the closet door, careful not to step on the discarded laundry that made it impossible for the sliding doors to close. Peeking from under a thin layer of clothing were small glimpses of a spread out wool blanket covering a large mound on the floor. Obviously, the blanket was meant to hide something from view, the only question being was it something secret, or just a coping mechanism in place to allow the owner to ignore the ever-growing mess. Josie hesitated at first, but then decided to go for it, carefully moving the garments aside and gently lifting the side of the blanket facing her. Oh, my god. The two large packages of adult diapers certainly explained the smell. Josie immediately felt bad for her friend who must surely have some sort of uncontrollable wetting issue. A problem like that would make anyone feel depressed and engage in the solitary, secretive behavior that Sandra exhibited. Having never actually seen a diaper fit for adults, Josie carefully extracted one from the torn open top of one of the packages. With eyes widening, she took in the pink and white color, unfolding it, and stifled a laugh as she examined its balloon and teddy bear covered motif. Why would Sandra have something so ridiculous looking? Was this kind of adult diaper cheaper than other brands? And was that why she had something so childish? Lifting both packages out of their hiding place, Josie learned the answer to those questions. Several pairs of what looked like enormous granny panties were tucked back underneath the blanket. Josie picked one up and unfolded the thin clear plastic-like material. Both the waistband and leg bands were ringed with tight elastic and a couple of rows of pink lace decorated the seat. A yellow covered, spiral bound yellow notebook was lodged in between the rest of the plastic pants. Josie pulled it out and flipped through the college ruled pages. It was a bunch of handwritten lists, well not lists really, because each line was just the same thing, over and over. One page read, “Sandy has been a very naughty girl", another, “Little Sandy needs a spanking.” Glancing down and seeing a zip lock sandwich bag containing two baby pacifiers next to the stack of jumbo sized panties ended Josie’s exploration as she suddenly felt overwhelmed by her discovery. She carefully put everything back in its place, arranging the camouflaged covering just as she’d found it and beat a hasty retreat. Grabbing her purse and keys off the kitchen counter, Josie flew out the front door, skipping her morning coffee ritual and silently cursing herself for her own damn curiosity. Over the next several days, Josie kept a close eye on her roommate, keeping her own behavior as unchanged as possible. She also did some research, viewing the wide variety of adult baby pictures and stories available on line. Josie was floored that Sandra was one of these people. She decided that it was probably best to never mention what she’d seen, as it might mean the end of their friendship. Besides, everybody had things of their own that they did in private which would be difficult to explain to other people, although usually not something as potentially humiliating as Sandra’s little hobby. And that would have been it, as they say, but Josie suddenly found herself with a little too much downtime for her liking and idle thoughts can sometimes lead to, well… complications. A month had flown by since Josie’s discovery, when suddenly, without warning, she was visited by an old, always unwelcome companion, boredom, and she started to get strange ideas. During down time at work or while out running errands, Josie started to wonder what Sandra looked like in her diapers. While the online pictures of men in diapers had seemed more humorous than anything else, it was truly disconcerting how undeniably cute the adult women looked in their infantile finery, a fact which clashed deeply with Josie’s thoughtfully developed feminist beliefs. Having absolutely no desire to wear diapers herself, and not planning to until she was too old and grey to care what the nursing home staff strapped her into, Josie was nonetheless intrigued by Sandra’s own apparent desire to give up her maturity, and sadly, it made her lose a little respect for her old friend. But still, what must it be like for someone to fantasize about losing their adult independence and returning to little girlhood? And, wouldn’t such a woman innately do so if provided enough encouragement? What exactly would it take? Josie began spinning various scenarios in which she could arrange for both her and Sandra’s desires to become a reality. Sandra’s birthday was in two weeks, so she decided to pounce. Normally Josie wouldn’t have been so bold, but she’d recently received a promotion at work and the accompanying pay raise would allow her to get her own place if things turned sour with her current living situation. Nevertheless, she hesitated, right up until a couple of days before the annual occasion. **** Sandra opened her eyes and stretched. She looked over at the bedside clock. It was 9:37 AM, Sunday, October 8th. The newly minted 25-year-old smiled, today was her birthday. She’d spent the evening before with her family, going out for an overpriced meal and receiving several presents. She was especially grateful this year for the customary, large gift of cash from her parents. She’d been shopping online a little too much lately, and she needed to get her finances back on track. She’d gone out Friday night with several of her friends and gotten a little tipsy, but wasn’t hungover enough the next day to ruin dinner with the family. Today, she was just gonna relax, and go out to lunch with her roommate Josie. The only thing that would have made this a better birthday was if she didn’t have to go back to work the next day, but alas, High School English wasn’t going to teach itself, now was it? She padded out into the kitchen in just her pajamas, and helped herself to a cup of the fresh coffee Josie had already made, nodding at her roommate. “Hey.” Josie smiled, looking up at the tallish brunette from her cereal bowl. “Hey. How’d it go last night?” “Good, but my little brothers are as annoying as ever. Looks like you’ve been up a while.” Sandra said, referencing Josie’s state of dress. Her blond, 5’4” roommate was already dressed for the autumn weather. Her curvy figure was clad in an elegant looking grey sweater and dark blue form fitting jeans tucked into knee-high brown leather boots. “Yeah, I went to sleep early last night.” The two friends sat at their small dining nook table, talking for a few more minutes about Sandra’s family party and where they might go have lunch. Eventually Sandra stood up, excusing herself to take a shower and get ready to go out. “Sandy, before you get cleaned up, how about you open your presents first?” Sandra smiled. “Presents? You didn’t need to get me more than one” “Oh, you know me, I always over do it.” Sandra followed Josie into the living room and took a seat on the couch while Josie ventured on into her bedroom, returning with two similar sized festively wrapped, rectangular packages. Josie pulled an armchair across the room and placed it on the other side of the brown coffee table, sitting down to face Sandra. She handed her friend the first box. Tearing off the decorative paper, Sandra squealed with delight, as she always did in these situations. The grown woman had never lost her juvenile love of all things plush, and extracted the teddy bear from the clear plastic box and clutched it to her chest. “I don’t have a pink bear yet, this is perfect. Thanks Josie.” The two women stood up and hugged across the table. “I’m glad you like it, honey.” After they sat back down, Josie handed the second box to her friend. Well, here goes, Josie thought. She’d been nervous all morning and had gone back and forth several times, her courage wavering. But here they were, too late now. After stripping away the wrapping, Sandra’s eyes widened in surprise. Packaged just like her new pink teddy had been was a baby girl doll complete with little brown pigtails and a white onesie. According to the writing on the box, “LITTLE CATHY” drank from a bottle and wet her pants, “JUST LIKE A REAL BABY”. Driving this capability home, a miniature bottle and several doll sized diapers were mounted next to Cathy inside the box. Lifting the box off her lap, Sandra finally noticed the pink folded cloth underneath. Putting the doll box aside she lifted the thin, light pink t-shirt off what was left of the shredded paper and saw that something was written on the front. Holding the shirt up with two hands, she read the words “LITTLE SANDY” spelled out in grey lettering. Sandra’s mouth opened, but she didn’t say a thing. “I hope it’s the right size. We can’t really take it back if it’s not.” Josie had spent several days working on her opening line, and that was the best she could come up with. Damn, she felt nervous. “Wha… I don… Why, wou-” Sandra stammered. Josie gently cut her off. “Oh sweetie, we both know why. And it’s okay. I think it’s really cute.” Sandra looked at her friend with genuine fear in her eyes. “W- What’s cute?” Seeing her friend’s reaction, Josie suddenly felt awful. Not knowing what else to say, she met Sandra’s eyes with a none to confident reply. “Your baby side.” Again, Sandra sputtered in response. “I d… How… Bu..” Despite the extreme awkwardness and her conflicting emotions, Josie couldn’t help but smirk. She even sounds like a baby, she thought. Maybe this isn’t going to be too bad after all. “Honey, I just want to encourage you, and let you know you don’t have to hide in your room anymore. I’m here for you and I want to help you.” During the long, thought out preparation for this scene, Josie had decided to always use positive language and to keep things moving in a forward direction. The message she wanted to convey was - I support you, and here’s what you’re going to do. Sandra just stared at the carpeted floor. The silence grew. Josie didn’t want to lose the momentum and decided to go for it. “Why don’t you go try it on, little Sandy.” Josie said, keeping her tone flat and smiling at her flustered friend. With a look of horror, Sandra bolted off the couch and strode briskly toward her bedroom, still clutching the little pink T-shirt in her fist. Caught off guard, Josie scurried after her, only to have the bedroom door close in her face. Josie could hear Sandra rummaging through her things, and after a few minutes the door flew open and Sandra stalked past her. She’d exchanged her PJs for a thick hooded sweatshirt, yoga pants and running shoes and was heading toward the front door. “Where are you going?” Josie plaintively called after her. “Out,” snapped Sandra. “But what about lunch?” “Oh, just quit… Just leave me alone.” Sandra fumed petulantly as she stormed out of the apartment. Shaken by Sandra’s reaction, Josie cringed with self-revulsion over what she’d done. “Sandy, please don’t’ go. Just sit down for a minute.” She yelled out. Josie grabbed her bag from her own room and rushed after her friend. Eyeballing Sandra’s unoccupied car in its parking space, she scanned the rest of the lot. Seeing Sandra turning the far corner of the parking lot on foot, Josie guessed where she was going and followed from a distance. Fortunately, the line at the coffee shop wasn’t too long for a Sunday Morning, and Sandra was already in the middle of it when Josie walked through the door. Josie decided to impose. “Sandy, please get me my usual, I’ll be outside.” She called across the room. Sandra looked back over her shoulder, the look of misery on her pretty face hardening into a frown. Without saying anything, she turned back and faced the counter. Josie headed back outside, knowing that her friend was too kind not to grab her a latte, regardless of their current kerfuffle. The Autumn morning was cool but not unpleasant and Josie had her pick of the several available outdoor tables. Sandra eventually exited the building, two fisting a couple of hot paper cups. She set Josie’s latte in front of her friend and sat down before taking a sip of her usual whip cream covered, caramel flavored favorite, the kind of sickeningly sweet coffee drink that only teenagers, and apparently some adult women, would ever order more than once in their lifetime. Josie thanked her, relieved to find that Sandra seemed to have calmed down a bit. “You owe me $2.74.” Sandra said wearily. “Okay… Uh, I’m sorry if I upset you, that isn’t what I wanted to happen.” “Well, what did you want?” Sandra asked. “To help you.” “Help me how?” Josie smiled at her friend. “To help you be yourself. You can wear whatever you want around the apartment, I don’t care.” Sandra sighed deeply. “I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation. How did you find out anyway? No one was supposed to know.” Dodging the question, but seizing the opening, Jose reached her hand across the table and clasped Sandra’s arm. “That’s my point, don’t you want someone else to know? To share your true feelings with someone, not just play pretend all the time.” Sandra sipped her drink slowly, not responding Josie plucked at the heavy cotton sweatshirt material covering Sandra’s arm with her fingers. “Did you put on your present?” Sandra’s placid expression turned into a scowl. “Sorry, sorry, too soon, right? In retrospect, perhaps not the best thing to say under the circumstances.” Josie said, turning her head slightly and shrugging her shoulders in the exaggerated, apologetic manner that never failed to get a giggle out of Sandra. Sandra smiled, despite herself. “So, is that how it’s going to be from now on? You making fun of me?” “No, not all the time. I might tease you a little, but I think you might kind of like it sometimes, even though you won’t admit it right now” Sandra’s eyes widened in shocked recognition, her smile vanishing and her manner becoming tense. “So, how did you find out?” Josie took a deep breath, which turned into an awkward, small coughing fit. “I’ve been really worried about you, you seemed so down, and you wouldn’t talk to me. And the hallway started to smell like…” Suddenly remembering where they were, Josie nervously glanced around to see if anyone was in eavesdropping range. “You went in my room, didn’t you? Without asking first. How could you?” Sandra accused, her voice rising. Josie pleaded with her friend to somehow understand her motives. “Yes, but only because of the pee smell and because I care about you and thought you might be sick or something. If I’d asked, you wouldn’t have let me. What was I supposed to do?” Sandra acknowledged to herself, that yes, it was true, she wouldn’t have let her. “Then you saw the diapers?” There, she’d finally said it. “Yeah, and the pacifiers and stuff.” Sandra winced. “What stuff?” She demanded, glaring at her housemate with mistrust. Josie looked down at the table “Um, you know… the plastic underwear thingies and the, uh… notebook…” She mumbled, her voice trailing off. Oh god, not the notebook, Sandra thought. She gasped and covered her mouth in mortification, now realizing for the first time that her oldest friend had read the imaginary punishment lines that fueled her favorite fantasies. Sandra started to cry. “Please don’t tell anyone about this.” She whimpered pitifully. Josie leaned across the table, pleading once again with her friend, as her own eyes began to water. “Sandy, listen to me, I’m not going to let you feel bad about yourself. I love you. I’m not judging you. I only want what’s best for you. Let’s go home, I think you need to relax for a while. Everything’s going to be okay.” When Sandra didn’t acknowledge her, Josie stood up. She tossed her empty cup into the nearby waste receptacle and moved to Sandra’s side of the table. She reached down and put her hand under the other woman’s arm and gently lifted. “C’mon sweetie, we’re going home now.” Picking up Sandra’s half-filled cup with her free hand, Josie led the taller woman down the sidewalk. Entering the apartment, Sandra headed to her room and Josie followed. Surprised by the intrusion, Sandra sat down on her bed. “How are you feeling?” Josie asked. “I’m really tired, I think I kind of want to be alone right now.” Sandra said, looking up at her friend. Josie smiled and ran her hand through Sandra’s hair. “Yeah. I think you should take a little nap, get yourself sorted out” Sandra nodded. They both looked at each other, neither moving. “Take your shoes off.” Josie finally said. Sandra kicked her shoes off and lay back on the bed. She turned toward the wall, lying on her side and bending her legs at the knee. Josie sighed, picking up the discarded shoes and placing them over by the closet. This girl really needs to clean her room up, this is getting ridiculous, Josie thought as she crossed the room and turned off the light. Sandra looked back over her shoulder at Josie. “Could you close the door, please?” Josie smiled down at the woman. “No, I think for the time being, the door needs to stay open. I’m worried about you” Too dazed by the day’s events to object, Sandra lay her head back down on the pillow and closed her eyes. About an hour later, Sandra entered the living room/kitchen area yawning and still wearing the exercise clothes she’d slept in. Josie sat at the dinner table typing on her laptop, finishing up a report for work. She looked up and smiled. “How’d you sleep? “Erm, fine, I guess.” Sandra said, stretching her arms above her head. She sat down across from Josie. “How do you feel about our little talk? “I don’t know.” Sandra replied weakly. Ever the showman, Josie tried to lighten the mood. “Well, I still have to give you your last birthday present”. She said in an exaggeratedly festive manner. Sandra looked at her apprehensively. “What is it?” “Well actually, it’s a two parter. First, because we didn’t make it out to lunch, I am going to cook the birthday girl her favorite dinner, spaghetti.” Sandra visibly brightened at the news. Encouraged, Josie continued. “And you, my dear, get to wear one of your diapers in front of another person for the rest of the day, with nothing over it, just like you always wanted to” Sandra’s manner morphed back into that of a frightened kitten. “I… I don’t think I should.” Josie sighed and shook her head. “Oh Sandy, it’s your birthday. This is something you need, just let yourself be happy and enjoy the moment. “But I’m scared.” “Don’t you mean, I’m scaawed.” Josie lisped, sticking her bottom lip out at Sandra. Sandra rolled her eyes. “Again with the teasing? Really?” Josie giggled. “Darling, you’re not allowed to be scaawed, sorry, I mean scared, anymore. It’s time to accept things for what they are and for what you are. Let’s make this the bestest birthday ever.” “W-What would we do?” “Nothing special, just eat dinner and watch a movie. Now shoo and don’t come back until you’ve changed.” Twenty minutes later, Sandra shyly shuffled back into the room, the large, grey sweatshirt proudly displaying her alma matter that she was wearing almost completely covering the fluffy white and pink diaper on her hips. Josie turned from where she was standing in the kitchen and shook her head. “No Sandy, not like that, go put your new shirt on. I already took off the tags and washed it before I gave it to you. Your diaper needs to be out in the open, so I can see it.” Sandra just stood staring at her, a look of protest on her face. “But, I… “ “No buts. Go.” Josie interrupted, pointing back down the hallway. “Fine, Miss Bossy.” Sandra threw up her hands in complaint, but did as she was told. The cute t-shirt proved a perfect fit. The bottom hem just met the top of Sandra’s crinkly padded underwear. The bashful woman kept trying to pull the shirt down further as she once again stood before her exacting chum and waited on her approval, but the pink cotton material wouldn’t budge. Josie was in the kitchen mixing the ingredients of her garden salad. “Oh Sweetie, you look adorable,” she gushed, silently elated at the progress she’d made with the malleable little squirt. She had essentially put her roommate in a diaper and taken away her right to wear pants for the night, just because she'd said so. Not bad for one day. If I can do this, I can do anything, she thought. Sandra glowed with giggly glee, this was proving an incredible experience for her. “Do you really like it?” “Yes, Baby, I do. Now come over here and give me a hand, diaper girl.” Sandra’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment and attempting to regain at least a little of her lost footing, albeit in a light-hearted manner, she put her hands on her hips in mock outrage. “Josie not play nice, you big meanie. No more making fun.” She accused in her angry, practiced, infantile voice, which up until this moment had been restricted exclusively to solo playtime. Josie laughed with astonished delight. “Okay, okay. Just set the table, Cassandra. No teasing, I promise.” Surprised and pleased by the use of her real first name, Sandra grabbed the necessary plates and silverware. To an outsider it might have looked like a little girl trying to make her Mommy proud, but Sandra didn’t recognize the parallel, not consciously anyway. Although, if she really thought about it, her real mother was the only one who ever called her Cassandra, and only then just on occasion. To most family members and friends, she was always just Sandy, to professional colleagues, Sandra. The pair spent the rest of the evening enjoying each other’s company, as if nothing were out of the ordinary. The yummy dinner gave way to re-watching a favorite tear jerker, followed by mutual admonitions that they’d better get to bed before it got to late. As they took turns brushing their teeth in the shared bathroom, Sandra became self-conscience of her diapered state as she viewed herself and her fully clothed companion side by side in the vanity mirror. The last one to finish the nightly ritual, Sandra wasn’t too surprised to find Josie waiting for her in her bedroom. “It’s time for bed little Sandy.” Josie pulled back the comforter, smiling as her new diaper baby dutifully climbed under the covers. “Thanks for everything. Good night, Josie.” Sandra said, looking up at her best friend. “Happy Birthday, baby. Good night.” Josie said, reaching down to tickle the giggling woman’s chin. She crossed the room and turned off the light, leaving the door open as she left the room. Sandra stared up at the ceiling and waited. Finally hearing Josie’s bedroom door close, Sandra did something she usually only did on nights when she couldn’t fall asleep. She rolled onto her side, nestling her cheek on the pillow and brought a hand to her mouth. As the diaper clad woman began sucking her thumb with groggy dedication, the faint rhythmic noise soothed her to sleep. It had been a long day and Sandra was all tuckered out. **** Josie’s alarm went off at 7:30 AM and she hit the snooze button, but upon further consideration of the day ahead, she reached up and shut the damn thing off. Stumbling out of her room, she made the daily pilgrimage to the magic coffee machine, only absent mindedly noticing that Sandra’s bedroom door was half way open. A few minutes later while praising the invention of electric timers as she took the first sip, Josie suddenly became energized by remembrance of the previous day’s events. She hurried back towards the bedrooms and peered inside Sandy’s room. The woman was gone of course, perhaps already sitting at her desk in the front of classroom 201, ready to dole out the daily literature assignments to the next generation. What a trooper. Josie frowned. While pleased that she now had unfettered access to Sandra’s domain, she was still appalled by the clutter within. At that moment the only thing equaling the affection she felt for her bestie, was the desire to crack the whip and make little Miss Messy Pants clean up her room. My work is never done, thought Josie with a sly smile, as she traipsed back toward the kitchen.
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    THE RAINBOW’S END by CK Cute Kitten “This was disappointing.” A cold wind blew, snowflakes and green shamrock confetti fluttering down onto the crowd. Bridget pulled her green scarf tighter and wished she’d just stayed in her warm dorm. The parade had featured bagpipers in kilts, Irish step dancers in green and gold costumes, people dressed up as leprechauns and throwing out chocolate coins to the children while the crowd was a sea of green. On the surface, it had been fun, but deep down, something was missing. Bridget frowned, deep in thought as she moved with the green sea of people. Now that the parade was over, they headed off to various nearby pubs for green beer. The day felt like a sham, an excuse for idiots to drink themselves stupid. What had she been expecting? A celebration of Celtic pride? Getting in touch with the culture her ancestors came from? She was just a foolish Plastic Paddy, yearning for a culture and country she wasn’t part of. Bridget shook her head and side-stepped a group of noisy young men in silly clover hats. As they brushed past, she could already smell the alcohol on their breaths. A hand reached out to grope her butt through her green woolen coat; she smacked it away and scowled. Perverts. That was just one of the reasons she didn’t like men much. Occasionally, there was a specimen she found attractive, but on the whole she was more attracted to women. “Can you believe those shirts? ‘Kiss me, I’m Italian’, ‘Kiss me, I’m Puerto Rican’. How stupid. If you want the luck o’ the Irish, then you have to kiss an Irish girl on St. Paddy’s Day. Particularly one of the Fae. Like us, eh, Moira?” That heavy Irish brogue caught her off guard. In this small college town, there was only one girl with a heavy Irish accent. Her heart sped up and her cheeks blushed. Bridget stood stock still, nervously looking around at the sea of faces, searching for her crush. Moira stood a few feet away, pressed up against a lamp post as people walked past. The wind blew her golden curls and fluttered the hem of her knee length white dress. Bright metallic green thread in the shape of embroidered shamrocks glimmered on the hem in the weak March sunlight. The Irish girl wore a hunter green leather jacket with matching fringed boots and green stockings embroidered with gold shamrocks. Moira was in one of Bridget’s classes. They’d spoken a few times, even worked on a project together once, but Moira was shy and reserved. She barely spoke. Bridget was crushing hard- the more she pushed and tried to get to know Moira, the more Moira recoiled. She only answered emails and texts relating to school work, and that had only been during the duration of their group project. She never wanted to hang out, no matter how many times Bridget asked. The only personal information Moira had shared was that she didn’t like men, and that was when a boy from class asked her out. Yet here shy Moira stood, talking and laughing with another girl. Red ringlets poked out from the girl’s lime green beanie. The hem of her green skirt was embroidered with shiny golden shamrocks and she carried a violin case. “Deirdre, you’re the one who wanted to watch the parade.” Moira stuck her tongue out and swung around the lamp post. “Besides, we need to get going. Oonagh promised turf from Tir Na Nog for the fire, and I don’t want to miss that!” She grabbed Deirdre’s hand and tugged her into the crowd. A gust of wind burst upon the crowd; people grabbed their hats and pulled their coats closed. Moira’s white skirt flew up, revealing a glimpse of bulky mint green underwear peppered with darker green shamrocks. Two big shamrock-shaped tapes fastened to the front panel. “Eep!” Moira bent over, struggling to hold her skirt down. Deirdre laughed, her own skirt whipping around her calves. Bridget’s mouth went dry and her heart fluttered. Her vision tunneled in to the two girls. To Moira’s waist. Such bulky, bulging underwear. Almost like a diaper. She recalled all the times she managed to sit next to Moira in class, and all the faint crinkling sounds the girl made. She was certain Moira was in a diaper. The thought made her pulse skip a beat. Bridget herself was a closet diaper lover. Why did Moira wear diapers- for fun, or because she needed them? The question only fueled her flame for Moira higher. She needed to talk to Moira, to connect with her, like she needed air to breathe. She was in love with Moira. She drifted closer to the two girls. Their talk of Fae, of Tir Na Nog- the Irish Otherworld, the land of the Fae- gave her no pause. She brushed it aside as them being silly. “I’d like to see how Oonagh’s going to pull that one off. Besides, my feet are itching to spin a reel and my fiddle’s tuned for playing.” Deirdre held her hand out to Moira, red curls bouncing as the wind died back down. Moira laced her fingers in Deirdre’s and followed the other girl into the crowd. Deirdre looked over her shoulder, her eyes sliding past Moira to skewer Bridget. She smiled. “So come, let’s go to the Rainbow’s End. There might not be a pot o’ gold, but the beer’s still golden. Along with some other liquids.” She giggled and Moira’s cheeks burned a rosy red. Bridget quivered. Although the red headed Deirdre faced Moira, it felt like she was talking to Bridget. Inviting her to some pub called The Rainbow’s End. Did she go? Did she stay? Something in Deirdre’s smile made Bridget feel like she was being invited to her doom. She shivered, and not from the cold. Deirdre and Moira took off, hand in hand. Bridget watched their retreating backs. Moira started skipping like a little child. Her shamrock-embroidered skirt flipped up, giving teasing glimpses of her thickly padded bottom. Bridget licked her lips. She had no choice- she followed.
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    The Asylum at the End of Reality. Jenna Jennerick rocked back and forth in her cell, a narrow beam of into her dark and padded room. Any minute now, like clockwork, they’d come for her. It happened at the same time every day. She could tell by the sun. Any moment now, the routine insanity would start all over again. First they’d come into her cell and pin her down as she thrashed. It wasn’t hard for them, they were professional man-handlers, or “orderlies” as they called them around here, and she was wearing a straightjacket. The only time when she wasn’t wearing a straightjacket was at bath time, and even then she was strapped down, as a nurse rubbed her down from head to toe with a warm wet sponge. On average she maybe had two precious minutes of being able to move her arms a week. The walls themselves were padded, so no amount of roughhousing or struggling in her cell would likely result in her harm. She was a prisoner here, and even bodily injury or death would not be given as a means of escape. The rational part of her brain told her…actually that’s not fair…all of her brain was rational. The defeatist part of her brain told her that she should stop struggling, but it was during those brief moments of rebellion that she actually felt a little bit alive, that hope could flare up, however futile. She’d beg them to release her. They’d ignore her pleas, and if she was lucky she wouldn’t be gagged. Then they’d change her diaper. Yes, she wore a diaper; these fascists wouldn’t even allow her the basic decency of a toilet. It was one of the numerous indignities forced upon her to try to get her to break. To try to drive her into madness. She’d had her ass wiped for her so many times, she’d lost count, by now. So she was in a padded room in more ways than one, it seemed. Her life had become padding. The first time she thought of that, she had laughed mirthlessly. No doubt someone online was jerking off to that very thought; even as it materialized as words on a fetish blog somewhere. Then, she’d be strapped to a gurney- and force fed pureed, nearly tasteless mush, all while mocking her helplessness. Then, something in the mush would make her weak. thought to hear the orderlies talk, she might expect a highchair any day. They would not break her though. Because she knew the truth. That’s why she was trapped here to begin with. She knew the truth, and she couldn’t be allowed to spread it. She first became aware of the truth a few weeks ago, or was it months? It was so hard to track the passage of time, with only feedings, diaper changes, sponge baths, and the occasional shock therapy session to wittle away the hours. The point is, before she learned the truth, she would have seemed incredibly out of place in an asylum and never would have even picture herself padded and surrounded by padding as she was now. Such a thing would have been far too extraordinary, and Jenna was anything but extraordinary. Jenna Jennerick was almost completely average. This should hardly be surprising. Most people think that they are average or perhaps just a little bit above average; unless they are particularly conceited or have self-esteem issues. In Jenna’s case, however, it was true. She would be right in the middle of the bell curve on most things. Average girl. Average student. Average grades. Average looks. The only thing that may have made her stand out from the crowd was something that one could not see just by looking at her; so in other words it didn’t stand out. Jenna was a pervert; a diaper fetishist. She didn’t have a facetome page, or twit on tweeter, or send anything via immedigram or blinkchat, but she practically lived on sites like offenderart and kinkworld. She knew more about various forms of kink than current events. But alas, being average, she lacked the resources, courage, or privacy to fully indulge in her fantasies. It was through naughty pictures and dirty stories that she lived vicariously. It was on that fateful day, the day she discovered the truth, while studying for a midterm at the library, that she got a particular itch. She was bored. She was antsy. She really didn’t want to study for the midterm. Porn. She needed it. Badly. She held up her phone to see if she could scan some kinkworld feed in her lap while she pretended to read what felt like the third reference book that the library wouldn’t let her check out. Damn. Her phone was dead. Should have remembered to charge it last night. That’s when she turned to the last refuge of the perverted addict: Smut in the library. Now, Jenna Jennerick was average, and that also meant she wasn’t obscenely stupid in most cases. Going to a site like squishypencil would get noticed and get her kicked out of the library before she could blink. But that didn’t mean she didn’t have other options. She went onto theforbiddenstory.com., a story site that catered to most every legal form of smut imaginable. Jenna had been walked in on multiple times by her parents over the years, yet not outed due to the tiny font and the lack of any pictures. The site was a chameleon of kink. The homepage of the site loaded up. Jenna frowned, slightly. According to the most recent update, the site was shutting down. The owner couldn’t afford the upkeep and today was going to be the last day the servers were operational. Well, that was a shame. She liked “theforbiddenstory.com”. It was a good story site. But what were you gonna do? In what she’d foolishly attribute to a sense of nostalgia, Jenna went on one last time into the AB/DL discussion chatroom to say a final goodbye. She didn’t bother logging in to her own usual screen name, and instead just lurked as a guest. It didn’t look like any name she recognized was still online. Just her and someone called… “Padded_Patient: help”, a message came up on her screen. “Guest01: Who is this?” Jenna asked. A last call for a donation to save the site or something? No thanks. “Padded_Patient: cant tok help” the reply came back. Great. No punctuation. Poor spelling. This guy sounded like a creeper, already. Any minute she’d be reading something like “I got turnd into a widdle baby, will u b my momy”. This is why she never went onto the roleplay threads on sites like these. Still some pathetic, naïve, bleeding heart piece of her soul wanted to confirm her suspicion instead of leave some poor lost soul flapping in the wind. “Guest01: With what?” She typed back. “Padded_Patient: trapd n dprs call 911”. Aaaaand it was definitely a horny net geek. She wasn’t leaving someone flapping in the wind. Some douche wanted to talk to her so he could go fapping in the…in the…okay she wasn’t that clever, but the play on words was there somewhere. “Guest01: Is this roleplay?” Jenna replied. “If so, not interested. You look like you’re typing with one hand, anyways.” Her experiences online had told her that she was about to be called a bitch by some poor virgin “nice guy”, or that- “Padded_Patient: no im trapd hlp” the ding of the reply interrupted another one of Jenna’s witty remarks. Yup…he was a persistent one. No point in staying around and enjoying the story archive if this was the only company she’d have left. If she was on much longer, some librarian would likely look over her shoulder and see too much as it was. “Guest01: Bye Felicia!” Jenna typed in, her mouse hovering over the “x” to log out. That’s when another picture filled the computer screen. It was hastily taken, but it looked real enough. Holy shit! It was a woman. It was hard to tell what she looked like. The lighting wasn’t the best, and only a dainty chin managed to get in the frame, but there was no mistaking those curves. There also was no mistaking what the woman was apparently wearing: A straightjacket and an adult diaper. Jenna’s jaw dropped and she felt a little tingle down below. She had seen drawings of these, but never real life pictures of this kind of thing. It even looked like the walls in the background were padded. “Padded_Patient: Duz dis look fak 2 u?” Jenna read. Jenna looked around the library, guiltily. Had she been in her room at home, she would have started to play with herself right then and there. “Guest01: Holy shit! That’s hardcore!” she quickly typed in. “But I think you’re on the wrong site. I know some good ones for stuff like this if you want.” Even the ding of the next reply sounded desperate. “Padded_Patient: plz help dey thnk crazy cant end it dis way” “Guest01: Okay, I’ll play along,” Jenna bit her lip and grinned. “Where are you?” A single word came back on the screen in answer. “Padded_Patient: asylum” it read. Well duh. Jenna looked to her left and right. She felt so edgy doing this kind of thing here, in the library of all places. “Guest01: Asylum?” she wrote, “They still have those? Kinky” “Padded_Patient: not jk but yes”. Came the response in the chat box. This girl was committed to the role, Jenna had to admit that. Heh…committed. How had she managed to type with the straight jacket on anyways? Jenna looked down at her sandals and wiggled her toes. She supposed if she had to she could manage it in a pinch. “Guest01: Okay, I’ll play along. Where?” Jenna asked. “Padded_Patient: net” “Guest01: The internet? How’d you get there?” “Padded_Patient: crumbs”. Crumbs? Crumbs? What a terrible joke. This chick got to the asylum in the internet by following crumbs from a message board? And that’s how Jenna officially lost any thrill she might have gained from this bothersome exchange. This roleplay was getting way too cerebral in her opinion. Who ever heard of an asylum in the internet anyways? This is why she didn’t do private chats, too many people too caught up in their own shit and their own strange kinks. Still, she couldn’t help but be polite. “Guest01: Haha!” Jenna wrote before logging off, “I get it. Look, I’m in the library, I can’t rp right now. But if I see any crumbs, I’ll follow them.” And then she clicked the “x” in the upper right hand corner of the computer screen. Jenna shook her head as she put the reference books back on the shelves where she found them. Today was no day for studying, it seemed. There was no way she’d be able to keep her mind on her midterms at this rate. She had a few days left to cram, regardless. She could afford to waste today and she’d still likely end up breaking even. A “C” might not be the perfect or most desirable grade, but the course she’d been studying for wasn’t part of her major anyways. Jenna walked to the bus stop and waited. And waited. And waited. After what felt like an eternity, but was probably closer to ten minutes, Jenna reached into her pocket and looked at her phone. She sighed as she remembered that her phone was dead. The bus had to be running late. She sighed, slipping the useless plastic rectangle back in her pocket, when she heard the distinct sounds of cheerful chirping behind her. She looked over her shoulder. Rather than one bird, she saw an entire flock pecking at the ground behind her. Blue birds, red birds, black birds, and yellow birds. All of them voraciously pecking at a feast at their feet. A feast of- “Crumbs,” Jenna gasped. The word, even whispered from her lips sent the bouquet of birds skyward into the air. A thin trail of crumbs lay on the ground, making a trail that led right into a worn and wooded walking path in the park. “Well,” Jenna said, knowing providence when she saw it, “a promise is a promise.” Jenna followed the trail, leaving the safety of asphalt and concrete and followed the breadcrumbs onto dirt and trees, carefully stepping over exposed roots and fallen branches as she went. As she followed the literal trail of breadcrumbs, Jenna felt a surge of excitement. She felt like the two children from that one fairy tale. Why did that sound so familiar to her? So relevant? There was a subtle shift in the air, like crossing a threshold, as she followed the trail of breadcrumbs. Jenna was broken from her trance of following the crumbs when she heard the slightest crackle of thunder above her. How odd. There hadn’t been a cloud in the sky when she had left the library. Jenna looked up and only had leaves and branches to look at. The sky was lost to her for the time being. She looked back over her shoulder, only to realize that she no longer knew where she was. Birds skittered around behind her, eating her lifeline back to the bus stop. Nothing left to do but to head on and find this “Padded_Patient”. The trees thinned out as Jenna walked on. Soon, Jenna came to an open clearing, and instinctively, like a swimmer coming up for air, her neck craned skyward. The same blue sky greeted her, and although it was still obviously daylight, she couldn’t quite place the sun. A brief flash flickered in the blank sky as Jenna stared upward. It wasn’t quite lightning, but there was definitely something electric about it. There was also something off about the color of the sky itself, but Jenna couldn’t quite put her finger on it. It was blue, but it was almost too blue. Jenna lowered her gaze to the ground and noticed that she was out of bread crumbs. Wherever she was meant to be, she had arrived. Off in the distance, Jenna spied a large building. It looked big and imposing even from this distance; at least several stories tall. With a path obscured behind her, and only this giant penitentiary like building on the horizon, Jenna walked forward till the building came into better focus. The grass of the clearing crunched beneath her shoes, and she looked down to examine it more closely. Like the sky, it too seemed off. It was green, but it unnaturally so. There were no variations of color among the different blades of grass. No imperfections and differentiation among the individual scraps. Each blade of grass was exactly and perfectly identical to its sibling beside it, and there was something wrong about that. If anything, Jenna pondered, the ground beneath her feet was closer to longer and softer astro-turf than even the most perfect and precisely trimmed. The building became clearer as she neared it. It was big, and blocky, and Jenna could make out windows with bars on them, like it was some kind of prison. But if it was a prison, why was there no guards in sight or fences with barbed wire; y’know, the stuff that you see in the movies? It was painted white; perhaps even too white. It was as if the walls themselves, even though made out of some kind of concrete or stone, had never had to weather the elements. There was definitely an element of “uncanny valley” about this entire place. As Jenna looked ahead at the building in front of her, she began to recognize that she wasn’t the only person here. People in hospital gowns and slippers shuffled on the front lawn, like zombies in search of human flesh. They meandered about aimlessly, neither seeing nor sensing what was going on right in front of their very eyes. Was this some kind of hospital? “Hello?” Jenna called out as she wandered into the shambling sea of people. “Is there anyone here who can help me? I’m a little lost, and I could use a phone. My cell phone is dead.” The patients in their gowns- some of them moaning, some of them groaning, some of them drooling, some with little patches of their scalp shaved bald, walked right by her. She might as well have been a ghost. “Is there a doctor here? I’ve gotten lost and my cell phone is dead.” “No it’s not,” A voice called out. “It’s just never been written as being turned on before.” Jenna followed the voice to the front porch of the building. A strange man dressed in even stranger attire stood before her. He wore a gray fedora over his eyes, with a yellow button up shirt and a black tie dangling loosely from his neck. His gray loafers matched his hat, while his yellow socks complimented the shirt, nicely. He leaned against the wooden door, sucking on a lollipop with all the seriousness of taking a drag on a cigarette. If it weren’t for the puffy white diaper between his legs, he would have looked at home in a cheesy gangster movie, instead of a hospital or prison, or whatever this place was. No matter what, he looked objectively ridiculous. This wasn’t a prison or a hospital, Jenna concluded. This was an insane asylum. And the guy in the diaper definitely belonged here. “Um,” Jenna called back to him, weary to step forward. “Is there a doctor around? Maybe a nurse?” “Oh, you’ll meet them, given time,” the stranger called back. “But come on in, we’ll have a talk.” The stranger wrapped on the door behind him and it opened a crack, allowing him to slip inside. Jenna lost sight of the lunatic for a moment before he poked his head back out. “Oh, and don’t worry about the clothes,” he called out to her. You won’t need them anymore. Then he slipped his head back in. “What in the hell was that all about?” Jenna wondered aloud . Guy must be nuttier than a fruitcake and some kind of sex creeper to…boob? Boob! Boobs! Jenna caught sight of fully naked, bare breasts. Her own to be exact. The sudden draft enveloping her confirmed that she was completely naked from head to toe. “Ieee!” She screamed, dashing for the front door, following the stranger in the diaper. She couldn’t stand to be out in the open and so vulnerable, even if the only other people were shuffling mental cases who didn’t even register her as being there. Jenna was panting from panic and excitement as she slammed the door behind her, a cold, nervous sweat breaking out across her brow. She was still naked, but was inside at least. “Come on in,” the voice of the stranger greeted. “The crazy’s fine.” Jenna looked for the source of the voice, but only a singular hallway that branched off into a “T” at the end could be seen. Covering herself as best as she could, Jenna followed the hallway. She went right at the end of the hallway. “Good choice,” the stranger complimented her. “I thought you were going to go left for a second, but wait…no I didn’t. The point is, enjoy this walk, stretch your legs, stretch your arms, take a look around, smell the roses.” Jenna took in the surroundings as she followed the stranger’s voice. As she walked down the corridor she noticed the cells in the asylum lining the walls, all blocked off by glass walls. It was rather like a zoo. Each of the rooms had but a single occupant staring out at her, all of them occupying themselves or engaging in some display of madness or another. One was cutting themselves. One was tied up completely in rope and suspended from the ceiling. One flicked a lighter on and off under the palm of their hands. One was choking themselves with a rope while they masturbated. On and on the menagerie of madness went. The passage ways began to twist and turn, with Jenna keeping dutiful note of each turn she made. Right, left, right, right again, left, straight at the cross section, right. “Keep going, Jenna, we’re just building atmosphere here,” the stranger beckoned. “The main event is yet to occur.” It sounded louder, this time. She was getting closer. The logical part of her brain knew that this wasn’t how asylums actually operated. There was no practical reason to allow a mad woman to stomp around barefoot on rotted fruit, yet the cell she just passed held exactly that. “Oh, so close to enlightenment,” the stranger’s voice told her. “So close.” It then occurred to her that many of these people didn’t seem all that mad. A lot, if not all of the activities reminded her of various kinks. “Correct,” the stranger said as if reading her thoughts. “Now just take that last step.” She had started this journey looking through one of her kink sites. This was somehow all connected to kink. “And now we’re there.” Jenna stopped and looked to the cell on her left. Somehow, the diapered man in the fedora had managed to get behind thick glass and waited in his own cell. It wasn’t a padded room like the rest. In fact it looked a bit like a weird cross between a detective’s office and a nursery. Jenna saw a thick wooden desk and a coatrack in one corner of the tiny room, while an oversized highchair with a typewriter on the tray was in another. “Have you figured it out yet?” the diapered man asked, leaning against the glass. “Yeah,” Jenna said. “This is some kind of kink party, right? It’s not really an asylum.” “Ooooh,” the man sucked in his breath. “So close, yet so far. This is an asylum, Jenna. It’s just not a real asylum. But that’s okay, because you’re not a real person.” “Get serious,” Jenna said blankly. Maybe this wasn’t a proper asylum, but this creep was definitely crazy if he believed what he was saying. “Alright,” the man behind the glass nodded. “Let’s get serious, Jenna. How do I know you’re name?” “Stalker,” Jenna shrugged. “How else would you know that?” “Fair enough,” the man shrugged back. “Tell me something that I wouldn’t know about you. Like what’s your middle name?” “I…” Jenna stumbled for words. “Don’t have one.” “Then what are your parents’ names?” “…Mom and Dad?” “How old are you?” “I don’t…twenty-something…?” “Your birthday?” “I…” “What major are you in college?” “I…” “What college do you even attend?” “Uh…” “What state are we in?” “I…” Jenna paused. “I…don’t…know. I don’t know.” “That’s because you’re not real in the strictest sense, Jenna.” The diapered man walked over to the typewriter on the giant high chair. He pulled out a sheet of paper from the typewriter and walked back over to the glass. “You only know, say, and feel what has been written.” As if to prove a point, he pressed the paper against the glass so that Jenna could read it. Jenna’s jaw hung open as every word she had just exchanged with the diapered man was displayed in front of her in plain black and white. “You’re…you’re the padded patient.” She whispered in realization. “You brought me here.” “I’m not the padded patient,” the diapered man smirked. “But I did bring you here in a sense. I’m the writer. Or at least an aspect of him. You however, you just learned the truth.” Jenna began shaking as and tearing up right as she read the words “Jenna began shaking and tearing up right as she read the words” “Hope you like internet kink stories, Jenna Jennerick,” the writer chuckled grimly while he took the piece of paper away. “You’re in one.” “But…but…but…” Jenna stuttered for words, trying to find something, anything to contradict what the writer was saying. Why didn’t she know her parents’ name? Or her actual age? Or her college degree? “I’m sorry I didn’t flesh you out terribly well,” the writer said. “The lack of detail was necessary to make you realize the truth about yourself. If I had put that kind of detail into you, made you seem too real, you might not have noticed the difference. I’m kind of going through a bit of an experimental phase.” Why?” Jenna asked. “Why me?” “I was bored,” the writer shrugged. “If it makes you feel any better, most people would have an existential crisis upon learning that they’re a character in an internet kink story. I don’t think that’s too far-fetched, do you?” “Hey!” A voice called out from the other end of the corridor. “Stop right there!” Nice young men in clean white coats were pointing at her and started to walk hastily in her direction. They were coming to take her away, she knew. “This would be the good part,” the diapered man smirked. “Go on,” he told her. “Run. Make it decent, but not too long. The reader might be skipping over this part this very moment just so they can get to the good part. Go!” With no other evident choice, Jenna ran. The slapping sound of her bare feet pounding against the cold concrete floor contrasted with the clattering footfalls of the men in white coats chasing after her. “She’s getting away!” The voices hollered after her. “Stop her!” Panicked and panting, she did her best to retrace her footsteps to get to the front exit. The bizarre parody pastiche of cardboard cutout kink characters all hooted and hollered at her from their cells as she sprinted through the corridors of this fictional madhouse. Jenna didn’t even bother to look behind her. If she did, she would likely stumble and fall, and then she would be caught and diapered. That’s how it had worked in all the stories she had read anyways. Instead, she forged ahead, retracing the Left. Straight back at the cross section. Right. Left. Left again. Right. Left. Just like the way she came, but backwards in reverse. The door! Jenna saw the door straight ahead. Freedom, freedom at last! Jenna ran full out the final few yards, barreling ahead. She ran straight into a brick wall. Literally. Jenna lay on the floor, dizzy and in agony, her head pounding while the fluorescent lights above her buzzed and swayed in refracting visual echoes. “I never said it was realistic fiction, did I?” the writer’s voice echoed in her brain while two men in white coats picked Jenna off the floor and dragged her naked body back down the corridors, her heels dragging on the floor. “Got her!” One of the orderlies called back through the halls. “Let’s prep her. This time, they took a left at the first turn. “Helllp, meeee….” she moaned quietly, unsure of exactly how loud she was talking. “We will, sweetie,” one of the orderlies told her, not unkindly. “By the time you get out of here, you’ll be all better. We just need to get you ready for your stay.” Two double doors opened up and. Jenna was facing the wrong way so she couldn’t read the sign indicating where she was going. Her bare back pressed against a cool metal slab- some kind of operating table- and her hands were cuffed into sturdy restraints. The world was just beginning to stop spinning by the time a strap was being pulled across her chest. “Let me go,” she demanded. More people were coming into the room, these ones wearing surgical masks. “Let me go!” she repeated herself more forcefully. They ignored her. “This isn’t how my story is supposed to go! Please!” she began to plead. Still, the nurses and orderlies ignored her, wheeling over strange looking and complicated machinery. What was going to happen? What were they going to do to her? A lobotomy? Some kind of surgery? Amputation to prevent escape? What dark depraved things might some sicko on a typewriter be about to make these people do to her? Then she caught a glimpse of a nurse walking by holding something white, rectangular and plastic backed. Diapers. Of course it was diapers. Despite herself, Jenna sighed involuntarily. At least it was diapers. She liked diapers well enough. She could deal with diapers. Then she frowned at the idea. Did she really like diapers? Or did she just like it because she was actually a fictional character designed to promote a fetish? A gloved hand shoved a pill in her mouth and then covered her lips. “Shhhh, just let it happen,” the nurse said, rubbing Jenna’s throat with her forefinger. “It’s medicine.” A male orderly came in and pinched Jenna’s nose, just in case. Jenna swallowed the pill. She had no idea what she had just swallowed, what it would do or when it would do it. “Good girl,” the nurse said. Jenna didn’t even have time to eek out a reply or a question before a ball gag was shoved rudely in her mouth, practically prying her jaw open. The nurse with the diaper came and lifted Jenna’s legs into the air. Whether it was because the nurse was strong or because something in the pill Jenna had been force fed made her suddenly week, Jenna was unable to resist as her bum was lifted up and then set down on an unfolded diaper. Jenna moaned into her gag- it was all she could do- as the nurse slid another pill inside Jenna, this time from the other ends. The stinging sensation of several quick spanks caused Jenna’s buttocks to instinctively clench down accepting whatever horrible concoction she was being violated with. “There we go,” Jenna heard someone say as the diaper was pulled up between her legs and taped into place. “Now for the fun part.” Two little wands touched Jenna at the temples. “Clear!” White hot lightning coursed through Jenna’s brain causing her to convulse and shudder on the cold metal table. Her mind reeling in unimaginable pain. Was she dying? Was this what dying was like? Her new diaper suddenly became wet as her muscles spasmed, the contents of her body voiding into the waiting incontinence brief. Some part of Jenna’s brain, the part of her that was rational and protecting herself by distancing her from what was just now happening remembered a little factoid. Shock therapy didn’t hurt, according to everyone who knew about it outside of fiction. Because she was fictional and a degree of humiliation and pain was called for at this point in the story. What other reason could there be? “We’ll change her later,” she heard a voice said as she shook on the table, naked save for her wet diaper. The restraints were removed. She was in no position to properly resist. That would come later, she realized. The struggling, the force feeding. The diaper changes. All of that would come later until they had broken her. A flash of off-white blocked her vision briefly as a straightjacket was pulled over her head and her arms being guided. The world was just starting to settle down and the electric static in her head was calming down into a smooth sizzle as her arms were pulled securely across her body. From there, it was a short trip to a dark and padded room. It wasn’t as well lit, as the cells she had passed on her way in. Those were for the ones who had already broken and been conditioned, she instinctively knew. Until then, this is where they’d keep her. “Welcome home,” they said before slamming her cell door shut. And that’s how it had been ever since. Jenna had been stuck there, unable to do anything save use her diapers and struggle briefly when the team of orderlies came to feed her, change her, and occasionally bathe her. She sat, stewing in her own diaper. It’d only be an hour or so, maybe a little more before she’d do this dance again. That’s when the door opened up to her. Instead of the usual team of burly thugs there to punish here, an Asian man in a lab coat walked in. He was holding a laptop in his hands. He only said two words: “For you.” He slowly, carefully, placed the laptop on the ground, never looking away from Jenna. It was as if she were a poisonous snake to him. As if she were the dangerous one. Then, still not taking his eyes off of her. He backed away and shut the door. Jenna waited once he was gone before scooting over to the laptop. Was this some kind of trick? Some kind of trap? What kind of villain (and this place was the villain, make no mistake about that), would give their prisoner anything that could help them connect with the outside world? Perhaps the computer had some kind of brainwashing program that would melt her resistance away. She’d read stories like that. It was possible. Anything was possible. This wasn’t real. Still, it was unlikely that Jenna was ever going to get a chance like this again. With trembling, clumsy toes, she turned on the laptop, and went to the only places that had mattered to her; her old fetish websites. Websites so fake sounding they probably didn’t exist in the real world. She didn’t have facetome, or blinkchat, or immedigram, or tweeter, or any of the other possibly off-brand names of real social media websites. The only place where she talked to people were on these kind of websites; where people were more likely to talk about diapers than politics or news or whatever it was you were supposed to do on the internet. It was a character flaw, she realized, built into the story to keep her isolated so that no one would miss her. Jenna smiled all the same. These idiots were giving her the very tools she needed to escape. She would have her happy ending after all. Her story would end with “And she escaped, straightjacket flying off into the wind…” Granted, it’d take a few more steps after this; she’d have to convince a rescuer and get them involved and have them sneak in to rescue her, just as she had been foolhardy enough to try and rescue someone else, but it was still doable. Maybe she was a character in a kinky novella instead of a smutty short story. Who could tell? But she could set things in motion, at least. It wasn’t a perfect plan, after all, as it turns out. Squishypencil, Yiffenthusiasm, and Kinkworld were all blocked on the laptop. She couldn’t even pull up Offenderart. It figured that they’d lock all the good porn. After every fetish site she knew of came up blocked, she went back to “theforbiddenstory.com” as a last resort, hoping and praying that she had misread the message about the shutdown those many weeks ago. It wasn’t technically a porno site, as much as it was a “story site”, so hopefully any kind of blocking or parent program wouldn’t register it. To Jenna’s happy surprise, it seemed to still be up and working…and she was already logged in, but not under her usual screenname. Someone had used this laptop before, another fetishist no doubt, and they were still logged in. The name in the upper right hand corner of the screen “Padded_Patient”. This was the exact same screen name that had started this whole mess. It figured that the Asylum would have some kind of communal laptop, but how bad was it that she was now effectively the person she had come to rescue? She went to the old chatroom and typed with her feet: “Padded_Patient: help” She would have typed more, but clacking away at the keyboard with her toes, no matter how dexterous they were, was no easy feat. Better to keep it short and sweet and use as few letters as possible. There was nothing at first. No friendly ping to let her know her message had been seen. Then, just as she was about to lose hope; just when she swore that the orderlies would come back and take her window to the outside world, another name popped up. “Guest01: Who is this?” Great, another lurker, just like she had been. Better than nothing. Maybe she’d get lucky this time. “Padded_Patient: cant tok help” she clumsily plonked out on the keyboard. “Guest01: With what?” Her one window to the world typed back. “Padded_Patient: trapd n dprs call 911”. How simple could that be? Even in a fictional story, the cops still worked like the cops. Even a dumbass fap master knew how to write “And then the cops broke down the door and rescued the poor diapered girl.” If she knew her tropes, (and she did) she’d probably end up permanently incontinent and needing to always be diapered, but she could live with that as a “happily ever after”. It was as close to a fair ending as she was likely going to get. “Guest01: Is this roleplay?” the source of her salvation typed back. “If so, not interested. You look like you’re typing with one hand, anyways.” Jenna grunted in frustration. Hopefully that was the only reason she was grunting. Total incontinence happened so much faster than normal in these types of stories. “Padded_Patient: no im trapd hlp” She didn’t have time to be eloquent or verbose or well written. She needed help and she needed it now. “Guest01: Bye Felicia!” came the reply. Shit! This stranger didn’t believe her! This couldn’t be her fate! This couldn’t be how her story ended! Could it? Hurriedly, Jenna leaned back and managed to take a picture of herself with the webcam before quickly sending it. In her panic she got the framing all wrong. She couldn’t manage to get her face in, only the bottom of her chin and a few strands of disheveled hair made it into the picture; but anyone could clearly see that she was wearing a straightjacket and a diaper. “Padded_Patient: Duz dis look fak 2 u?” she posted. “Guest01: Holy shit! That’s hardcore!” the reply came. “But I think you’re on the wrong site. I know some good ones for stuff like this if you want.” “Padded_Patient: plz help” Jenna typed back, losing patience. “dey thnk crazy cant end it dis way” “Guest01: Okay, I’ll play along,” the computer dinged. “Where are you?” With careful and deliberate speed, Jenna sent out her response. She had to get this right. “Padded_Patient: asylum” “Guest01: Asylum? They still have those? Kinky” Jenna rolled her eyes in frustration. How could this girl be so dense? It was like she was just a character in a…oh yeah, she probably was that dense. That’s probably how Jenna realized the person on the other end of the line was a girl, too. It just fit the tropes of the story she was in. Jenna took a deep breath and carefully typed in, “Padded_Patient: not jk but yes”. A few tense moments went by before the computer pinged again. “Guest01: Okay, I’ll play along. Where?” Now came the hard part. Now came telling the truth. Hope she believed it. “Padded_Patient: net" “Guest01: The internet? How’d you get there?” “Padded_Patient: crumbs” “Guest01: Haha! I get it. Look, I’m in the library, I can’t rp right now. But if I see any crumbs, I’ll follow them.” It was only then that the strange familiarity of this incident came front in center. The shock therapy had addled her memory enough that she only now realized that she had had this exact same exchange once before, but on the other side of the monitor. Her eyes glanced at the date on the chat. How could that be? According to the timestamp on “theforbiddenstory.com” It was…it was…it was the exact date that she had wandered out of the library and onto that path of breadcrumbs. Somehow, through no conceivable method that she knew of, she was talking to her past self. “Padded_Patient: stop,“ Jenna typed, but “Guest01” had already logged off, well onto her journey into the waiting truth and diapered imprisonment that she had now endured for God knows how long. She screamed and gave up; hot tears flooding down her face and hot urine filling her diaper, saturating it to the point of leaking. It ended where it all began. How typical. How fucking typical…No one escaped these fetish stories; because the people reading them didn’t want to escape. She was the escape. At best, some hack writer would steal some old Stephen King trope and make an endless cycle of suffering. She was going to doom herself in reaching out for her salvation. Somewhere, a universe away, the writer woke up with a start and looked around. He was home. It was the middle of the night. His wife snored peacefully beside him. His cock was at half-mast; that magical, frustrating line between arousal and disappointment. He remembered having the dream, but like so many dreams, it was all stardust and half-remembered nonsense by the time his lids shot open. Worse yet, he had to pee. He wasn’t diapered tonight- not in the waking world at least- and while he was still groggy enough to roll over and go back to sleep, he knew that he wouldn’t be particularly comfortable, so the few hours he had remaining would be wasted. In the end, practicality won out over lethargy. One of these nights, he pondered as the toilet flush echoed in the bathroom, he’d accidentally wet the bed instead of just dreaming about wetting a diaper. Then he’d likely end up diapered at night as a precaution, instead of just for kicks on special nights when he could get over his own insecurities. He didn’t know if he wanted that kind of wonderful defeat as a reason to be diapered more often, though perhaps the fact that he thought of it as “wonderful” told more than he meant to. That’s why he liked “horror porn”: people being forced into things that they secretly wanted, despite what society and the little judgmental parts of their brains told them. Damnit. He looked down. So much for half-mast. He’d done it again. There was only one way he was going to be able to get back to sleep now, and waking his wife was not likely an option. So, as quiet as a horny church mouse, he tip toed over to the computer in the corner of his bedroom and turned the monitor on. Out of habit more than anything, he went to his inbox before visiting any of his fetish sites. A request? A padded asylum? Hmmm…how would that work? He was familiar with the concept, but never quite figured out a way to work it out in his head. Sadly, he had a little too much information on how mental institutions really worked these days to suspend his own disbelief enough to write a story about it. There was a certain line that he had difficulty crossing when it came to realistic portrayal. If he was going to do something, he was going to do it right and be as accurate about it as possible. Perhaps that’s why he preferred to write about the impossible; easier to suspend disbelief when you weren’t pretending you were writing about anything other than pure bullshit. Same reason why he liked fantasy over historical fiction. Altered realities? Magic? Diapered afterlives? Done, done, and done. Go for it. It’s not trying to be realistic anyways. Parents deciding to full-time diaper their errant high schooler and replace their room with a prohibitively expensive adult sized nursery so they could raise them over again? Diapered asylums? Ha! Only on the internet would something like that work! Only on… He wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight, for multiple reasons. That hadn’t been a dream he’d had. That’d been inspiration. The writer smiled to himself. “Go,” he whispered to himself as he opened up a fresh word document, “There are other worlds than these.” It wasn’t quite the fresh piece of paper being slid into an old typewriter like his online avatar wrote on, but it was close enough for his needs. He began to type: “The Asylum at the End of Reality. Jenna Jennerick rocked back and forth in her cell..” He felt sorry for the girl-Jenna Jennerick- and what he was about to do to her; what others would likely experience through her eyes or his, depending if they viewed themselves as the witness to her plight or experienced her journey vicariously. Good thing she was fictional. He wouldn’t rationally wish this on anyone. Or perhaps Jenna only imagined that the writer thought all this as he click-clacked away on his keyboard in the middle of the night…who can say, really? Patient Record Patient Name: “Jenna Jennerick” (No name, social security number, finger prints, or other identification on record) Height: 5’4 Weight: 120 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Sex: Female Patient ID: 1017-AB Security Level: High Visits: Allowed Outings: Allowed in Common Area with Supervision Food: Pureed food, spoon fed by orderly. Medication: Loxapine Restraints: Straight Jacket. Diapers. Treatment: Ongoing Notes and diagnosis: Patient suffers from delusions of oppression and shows signs of paranoid schizophrenia. Patient was found walking the grounds, naked, talking to other patients of escape, yet made no attempts to leave the premises herself, even when asked to leave by staff. Security reported several instances where subject could have evaded them, yet chose not to. Patient suffers from the delusion that she is a character in a sexual fetish story off of the internet based around the themes of bondage, sexual masochism, and autonepiophilia. Patient labors under an elaborate set of imagined rules, such as needing to be “force fed” “baby food”, diapered, and physically restrained. When these conditions are not met, patient becomes physically violent and attempts to “escape” though in every documented attempt, she allows herself to be re-captured; oftentimes throwing herself to the floor and self-harming as she nears an exit. I fear that we’re simply making her delusions worse by playing into them, however she is a danger to herself and others when not allowed to act out her fantasy. Looking at a form of regression therapy as a means of transition and behavioral modification. If her delusions cannot be dispelled completely, perhaps they can be modified so that she is no longer self-harming or a danger to others. Given her internet search history on the laptop we’ve given her, (note: she still insists on being restrained and has learned to type with her toes) she seems to focus heavily on the Adult Baby/Dipaer Lover Fetish, many of them revolving around the twin themes of confinement and forced regression. It is my belief that she has become fixated on these stories to the point where she is now unable to distinguish reality from fantasy and enacts these stories in her everyday life as a coping mechanism. Hypothetically, she might allow her fantasies to change from one of confinement to one of becoming regressed and modify her behavior accordingly. Considering starting to give her “Training panties” under the pretense of “proving she’s an adult”. It is my hypothesis that she will be compelled to follow the tropes found in so many of these stories, and begin to act as if she is losing her adult qualities and then pretend to be an infant. Better to have an overgrown toddler than a violent patient. Already looking into various providers of custom clothes and incontinence products to help the transition. Expense report for these items as well as custom furniture for a nursery being compiled and sent the board of directors for approval. Grant for study pending -Dr. Gaajar
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    Project Calibeen is a trilogy of stories - Audrey & Staycee, Lottie, and Velvet - that follow the events of a correctional reformatory, intent on making the worst people into the best. In as little as a year, patients leave the institution with a 0% reoffender rate. But how do they do it? These stories can be read in any order. Audrey & Staycee Lottie Velvet is a prequel to Audrey & Staycee that explores the creation and refinement of the Calibeen institution. Of the three stories, Velvet is the most ABDL-focused. It takes a shotgun approach: hard and fast! Diapers, hypnosis, drugs. An expansive cast of characters, a hero, a villain! Velvet tells a straightforward narrative that is easy to follow and fun to read. Actually, this is sort of uncharted territory... Pudding and I have been working on Project Calibeen's final installment for years, and we don't even have a rough draft yet! I'm actually hoping posting the few chapters we have complete will motivate us to finish this series. Project Calibeen has been our white whale for almost seven years, and we are so eager to bring it to a close. Anyway... wish us luck! The first 15 chapters are up on Patreon! Please consider supporting us! ~Sophie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Velvet by: Sophie & Pudding 1.) Her New Home "We have a new inmate today." I was in the small staff room adjacent to the security checkpoint, sipping on poorly made coffee with a sour look on my face. Everything about our budget here was in a pinch, but that was the nature of experimental deployments. Nobody wanted to invest too much into something without a proven track-record. Things would be different once Ayla graduated the program, which she certainly would in the coming weeks, perhaps the coming days. Dr. Janick nodded in recognition of the small-talk and eyed the coffee-machine skeptically, a sandwich in one of her hands. "Alexander Duke." "Mmhmm. The Round Table Committee is curious to see how the program takes with a more troubled case. Like killing people is the worst we've dealt with? Everybody wants to kill someone sometimes. So passé." "I did read in the report that the judge was on a 50/50 split between here and Pascatero. Kids a nutjob." "Well, he won't be when we're done with him. You know when he's gonna be here?" "He's outside the checkpoint at the moment, being processed. You're taking him, right?" "Yeah, I think so. By the time he's settled in, Ayla will be out, and we'll have a new intake again, so I'll have to make sure there're no setbacks." "I heard Marlow wanted him." "He would, but he's a hack. He just wants the recognition." "Last thing we need is another Annie." I was guarded when the woman walked in the door. I sat still on the table and kicked my feet. She had a lab coat and nice shoes. But the kind of nice that could be nicer. Hm. Her hair was up. A clipboard in her hands. Taller than me, but then again, who wasn't? The orderly at my side stayed put. Like I could do anything with these handcuffs on... "Alexander Duke." There was a plastic clipboard in my hand, made from a single sheet of pink perspex — wooden clipboards were not allowed in any correctional facilities — but I didn't need to read anything on the chart. Alexander Duke had murdered every member of the grand jury, the 12 people who had been party to his brother’s incarceration. That kind of thing made the news. "I am Doctor Clement, and I'll be overseeing your entry into the program here." "...what is this place?" A hospital? A mental ward, probably. I was mandated here: experimental recovery for the mentally ill. That was all I was told. It certainly looked like a hospital. The rest of my life being fed and watching TV? It wasn't so bad. But it wasn't the rest of my life. My time was mandated between one and two years. I'd killed twelve people, and I had two years maximum in a hospital. How I'd gotten so lucky, I'd never know. "This is your home for the duration of the program." Which answered nothing at all, but there was a certain rapport that had to be built up before he'd be allowed to expect useful answers. "I can see why the judge recommended you for treatment — slight of build, below-average testosterone levels, confident demeanor. I think you'll be an excellent candidate. You're going to be here for some time, so how about we break down this formality somewhat — you may call me Colette." "I'm Alex," I said quietly, looking down at my feet. I didn't meet her gaze. I didn't act like I knew what I was doing or why I was here. I felt scared. Well, I looked like I felt scared. I was very good at acting. I swallowed hard and shuffled on the table, feeling tears well up in my eyes. "You prefer Alexander, but that's really neither here nor there — you'll be given a new designation as part of your enrollment here." He'd shown no remorse during the trial, no fear or discomfort or anything that might indicate that he had access to the fuller breadth of human interaction. The court hadn't deemed him sociopathic, but I'd certainly be curious myself. "Welcome to Project Calibeen. You will be rehabilitated and reeducated through unconventional an experimental means in effort to isolate and correct your behaviors." That all came from the marketing material, it was overly verbose and pointless. It didn't matter. In a few seconds, he'd start crying anyway. I could tell. Tears fell down my cheeks. I shook my head and tried to wipe them away with my shoulders. I tried to hide it, or pretended to try to hide it. I could hardly talk right, and when I did, I sounded so pathetic... “I… I didn't even... I don't know what happened... I used to have these blank spots... just times I didn't remember things well, and then... s-sorry... sorry... n-nevermind..." I nodded my head sympathetically, and cupped my hands together on the table, giving the boy a few precious moments of believing that what he was doing would work, before my look faded to a smirk. "Pretty baby face like yours, Alexander — that routine must work quite a lot. Don't worry, I can wait." "Wh-what...?" I looked up at her with wet eyes, but she just smiled back at me. She saw through that? But it was perfect! I sighed a little and rubbed the water out of my eyes with my shoulders. Ugh. I guess this is what I get when I'm all over the news... "Fine. I know what I did. You got me." No point keeping up this charade... I'd have to settle on a new one. "Things go a lot more smoothly here when we can trust one another, Alexander. In the end, you'e going to trust us implicitly either way, and it will go more positively for you if we find that we can trust you, early on. More privileges, less rules. Now, would you like to start this over, and we'll avoid the charades?" He wasn't anything new. I was actually kind of let down. "...yeah, sure. Can I have these handcuffs off though?" She looked at me incredulously and I rolled my eyes. "You're like a foot taller than me, and you've got Godzilla over here." I nodded to the orderly. "You really think I'm stupid enough to try to attack you? If you do, then you're the stupid one." "Not at all, Alexander. You're not in handcuffs because anybody is afraid of you — you killed with planning and the more efficient ways possible. Which meant sneaking up on people. You're clearly not anything other than a tiny little coward, so nobody is afraid of you." The male ego was the first thing to show up to a fight, and the first to fall as a result. "You're cuffed to remind you that you're no longer in control." "Of course not." Her attitude bothered me. She was... unique. Hm... "Why would I want to be in control? I'm here for help, Doctor Colette." I could see it on her name plate on the desk. Nicolette Clement. Did she not like her full name? So many questions. "So what now? How do I get better?" There was no doubt in my mind that this wouldn't be the boy’s last face he showed to me. Compliant and penitent. Did he think we were new at this? I smiled at him anyway, nodding my head slowly. "I'm going to introduce you to your fellow inmates, and appoint you a bedroom. You'll be sharing it with..." Curiously, I wondered how admin had arranged things, and flipped a few pages on the clipboard. "Annie." "Lead the way," I said with a smile. And to my delight, she did just that. I slid off the examination table as she passed and wrapped my cuffed hands around her neck. With a kick at her heels, we both fell backward onto the floor, the chain of the handcuffs choking her throat. The orderly rushed to remove me, but I kept the girl's neck tight against my chest, strangling her. "I sure would hate to be without these handcuffs," I chimed with a smile. "I might feel in control!' There was a very simple strategy that we were all taught during training for working in this program, though I'd been taught it in countless former roles as well. I went limp. I didn't struggle. The less I struggled, the easier it would be for the orderly to deal with the boy. And he did, too. Not with violence. With a shot into his neck. And just as soon as the stars appeared for me, he blacked out. "Are you okay, Doctor?" "Fine. Four-point him in the white room," the spare room that we didn't use as a bedroom, but likely would as we expanded. "Have him diapered, and give him a fluids drip. We'll try this interview again in 24 hours." A reaction. That's what I wanted. She'd learn to accept me, or she'd get hurt. The truth of the matter. I didn't care that I was left in the room alone. I didn't care that I was fastened to the bed, that I could feel myself urinate into the diaper on my waist. I wasn't hungry, because of the IV. I was content. I got her to react. Was aggressive, angry, violent Alex the Alex she wanted to deal with for the next two years? I could do that. Or she'd change her mind. Accept an easier Alex to handle. And I'd use it against her. Psychology made life so easy.
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    The screenshot is mine and I had no idea it was going to be posted publicly when I took it. The picture was taken to be shared with a private group of people and I had no idea that it was going to be posted publicly until when I woke up this morning ten hours after the post had been made. After I had seen what was said in the chat room I was left quite shocked but didn't want to get into a shouting match with another admin in the chat room so I took a screenshot of what I saw (I actually took several but only one saved unfortunately). Later that day I sent a message to @DailyDi although I used his back up account by accident. I didn't include the screenshot because getting it off my phone was going to be a bit of a hassle with my dodgy USB wire but I said if required I could message it. As for the topic at hand... I agree with @Lyra that there is an issue of transphobia in the ABDL community at large, possibly as a consequence of there being a large transgender community in the ABDL one. I think I have banned more people for transphobia than I have for racism, sexism, homophobia or any other similar reason. If I started banning or reprimanding everyone who used terms like "real girl", "fakes", etc... I would be very busy indeed. I have, or at least had, a reputation as being particularly sensitive to transgender subjects on here because my fiancée is transgender. I've even been called a "woman hater" for my defence of trans people, it's a ridiculous accusation to throw my way and anyone who knows me can say so. Since I was told that I was being overly sensitive to trans issues I tried to step back a little from that issue in particular. I also think there is an issue with transgender understanding amongst the mod team but often I think this is less due to hate and more down to ignorance. Generally just because of the team don't have experience around trans people. Aside from what was brought up above, I don't think there is any malice among the rest of the admin team but I know there are examples where there has been a lack of action over trans issues. I was told via PM, and I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, that the person in question is no longer an admin or a chat mod.
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    34.) "I'm almost there, don't you worry. Your Daddy called me and let me know you were having a bad day, so I'm going to take care of you today. I'll talk to you soon." Ginger didn't leave much option for argument or complaint, that was for sure. "I don't need--" But she'd hung up. It was only fifteen minutes after I gave Remy the keys back. I had managed to calm down enough to call Ginger. She still hadn't replied to my text from yesterday. I still wasn't completely sure what happened was a dream. But it had to be a dream! It just had to be. I tore off the pull-up and threw it away, burying it deep in the bottom of the trash can, along with that horrible pink strawberry dress. I shut my bedroom door, where the sheets had been removed from my bed. I changed my clothes, even though the clothes I was wearing were fine. I was a ball of anxiety with Ginger knocked on my door. I didn't want to answer. I couldn't do this right now! I just wanted everyone to leave me alone! "Come on now, let me in, I know you're in there." Ginger did have her own key, but she really wanted Wednesday to answer the door voluntarily; it would help drive things forward from here. Honestly, she'd expected the girl to breakdown a lot earlier than this, so this wasn't any big deal. I opened the door. Ginger closed it behind her. I looked up at her with frustration, like I was mad at her or something, but I wasn't. I was just confused. I went back to the kitchen to wash the dishes from breakfast. I was doing anything I could to keep from thinking about last night, thinking about today... "I don't need you to be here with me," I told her simply. "I can take care of myself." "I believe you, you're very independent for a girl your age, and we're all really proud of you." That statement she got away with, but Ginger didn't push. "Tell me what's going on, let me help you, okay? I'm like a Mom to you recently, so let me help out." I slammed the dish down in the sink and the sound of shattering glass rang through the kitchen. Fuck. I hadn't meant to do that... "It's... everything. It's wrong! It's all wrong! A month ago, all this was normal! Remy wasn't trying to make me dress like a little girl and I didn't call him Daddy and I never fucking wanted to! And now everything is messed up and I..." I held my hair in my hands. "It's all wrong. Something is wrong. I just don't know what. And it's... it's infuriating me. I'm furious about it!" "You're furious at the man you love, for entrusting you with his secrets? That doesn't sound like the Wednesday I know now, does it? You're much kinder than that, and much more gentle. Let's finish the dishes later, come sit on the sofa with me, alright? We can play therapist." "See! You say things like that! And part if me just wants to hit you! I just hate you so much for saying it! And the other part knows you're right! And I don't..." She took my hand and I tugged away from her, on instinct. But when she left the room, so did I. I sat next to her on the sofa, balling my hands in fists in my lap. "You said I don't sound like the Wednesday you know. Well I don't feel like the Wednesday you know either! I don't... feel... right..." "You feel different? Is different a bad thing, would you say? Do you think you feel worse, or just different?" She tapped her chin thoughtfully and waited for a response; she wanted her little project here to dig deep inside of her for answers. And then, any answers that were incorrect would be corrected by Ginger. I bit my lip and looked up at Ginger. Part of me wanted to climb onto her lap and have her hold me. Part of me wanted her to make it all better. I knew she could. She had a magic power. But there was another part of me and that part was winning out. A part of me that thought... "I think... this might be your fault," I mumbled. "I don't know how. And I don't know why... but... this is your fault, isn't it?" I looked up at Ginger in bewilderment, like I didn't believe the things I was saying. But when I said the words, suddenly, I knew they were true. Pieces were coming together. Every mystery of the past month was answered perfectly by her. "It is, yes, but you won't remember knowing that." Her answer was candid, honest, and bold; she didn't seem surprised at all to have that accusation leveled at her, and truthfully she was actually pretty happy that Wendy had revealed that loose thread so soon for her to hide away. At any point she could click her fingers three times and drop Wendy into a deep as night trance space. At any point she could make her forget this conversation, and her realization. I stared at her. Blankly. She... admitted it? My mouth was wide open. Shocked. Appalled! But a part of me had always known... "Y-you... you want... Remy?" She nodded her head. "I... I don't understand. I thought you liked me? I... I don't understand any of this." But I did. She was using me. She was changing me. Was she changing Remy? But how? She couldn't just... wait no. She was a hypnotist. But I never-- the MP3 players. Remy working late. I didn't... I didn't understand just one thing... "Why...?" "Because you're awful for him. You're an awful, selfish, needy person, who doesn't ever put him first. You hold him back; he turned down three promotions because of you. His career is at a standstill because of you. And you're not without potential; you're impulsive, clingy, needy... you need nurturing. You're a child, Wednesday. And as you refused to give him any, it seems fitting to... restructure things." "...this is about not wanting to have kids?" I was... I was at a complete loss for words. I... "I said I would... I told him I would! I am not a child! And I'm not awful for him! I love him! And I am not letting you do this to us! I am his fiancée! I am going to be his wife, Ginger! And you are never going to keep us apart you fucked up basketcase!" I had stood up. I was on my feet without thinking. My phone was in the kitchen, on the counter. I had to tell him. I had to tell Remy. I ran out of the room, but before I could get my phone, Ginger spun me around. "You're happier this way, Wendy. I'm doing this for you, as well. I promise. I'm not an awful person, and you're not either. You just need some help." She could have clicked her fingers at any time, and still she would, but Ginger honestly wanted to see if any of this had sunk in with her little project. "I am not happier! And you are an awful person!" I reached for the phone again but she held my hands firmly in front of me. I struggled to pull away but she didn't let go. I kicked at her thighs, but she hardly flinched. I was scared. I was out of breath. "You. Are. Evil. And you won't win. I'm telling him everything. I'm telling him what you are, what you did to us! He won't ever talk to you again!" "Do you think that will make him happy? Or do you think he'll just think you're continuing your tantrum?" Because she wet the bed and leaked, because she refused to leave the house, because she screamed out Daddy in the hall. This was all simple facts that Ginger knew. "He's happy now, he's happy for the first time. He feels like he knows you, he feels like you love him. Are you going to take that away from him? Will you be so selfish?" I opened my mouth to argue, but I shook my head instead. I... I wasn't winning this fight. Everything she said had two sides. A side that made sense and a side that didn't. The side that made sense was fake. It was made up. But it was a very strong side... "I.. I'm..." "You're Mommy and Daddy's little girl." My stomach flipped at the words. Butterflies. I struggled in her arms. "Stop it... stop right now! Let me go!" "You love Daddy, and you want him to be happy. You love Mommy, too, and you want to be our little girl. We're going to be a family, Frosty, we're going to be a family and we're going to see the world together, the three of us. You're going to wear the prettiest dresses, and you're going to have all the toys you could ever want. No responsibilities, no worries or cares... just cute clothes and thick padding between your legs... happiness and crayons." Everything was muddled. I knew it was getting worse. She shouldn't have come. I should never have let her in. I was only now noticing my mistake, but it was too late. She let go of my wrists, but I didn't reach for my phone again. I was shaking. "Y-you're not gonna get away with this," I mumbled quietly. "I'll tell him.. tell everyone... you'll go to jail, or... or..." "You wouldn't want Mommy to go away, would you? Mommy knows best, little Frosty, and you love Mommy, right? You love Mommy." She paused for a moment. "Say it. Tell me how much you love me, be a good girl. It only makes sense, doesn't it? It makes sense to you, don't fight it." Don't fight it. I'm happy when I don't fight it, I remembered. I remembered last night, when I let Daddy take care of me. But no, this was different... this was... I shoved Ginger off me, which took a lot more energy out of me than I'd ever want to admit. I grabbed my cell phone and opened a text with Remy. "She's manip--" Ginger clicked her fingers in rhythm, and the phone dropped from the girl’s hand, landing on the floor with a sickening crunch. Not to worry, though; girls her age didn't need a phone, right? Her arms were limp, and Ginger spoke very slowly and clearly. "It's time to let go. You're a little girl, Wendy, you always will be. You want Daddy and Mommy to be happy, you love them more than anything. You obey them both. You're sweet and cute, you never want to change. You wear diapers to bed because you wet the bed every night, and pull-ups the rest of the time because accidents happen. Wendy, you tried to pretend to be an adult, but the game is over now. You'll never try again... you just want Mommy and Daddy to get married, so we can all live happily ever after." ~~~ To be continued in Small Frosty Pt. 2 ~~~ Small Frosty Pt. 1 is available on our Patreon in ePub and PDF format! Please consider supporting us! And special thanks to all our commenters and readers! You guys are amazing. More Frosty will be coming your way in the near future, and it will DEFINITELY make up for the lack of diapers in this one.
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    I'm sure if you go to the local mall, somewhere near the back, you will find a special store for big sissy babies. They are always there (or at least that's what the stories tell me) then your wife can buy you an adult sized stroller, bouncer, highchair and everything else then she can convert the spare bedroom into a nursery for you and you can be a baby 24/7. Breastfeeding in public is no big deal, I mean there are all sorts of debates about it with kids when it's required but I'm sure it's acceptable for an adult to do it as part of their kinky play... Babies need to drink right? Just get your wife to lift her top up in public and latch on preferably with as many people watching as possible. Maybe some other ladies will want to take their turn feeding the big baby and they will volunteer to take over until you make big excited squirties in your diaper. To be honest it sounds perfectly reasonable to risk going to jail and getting put on the sex offenders lists. Of course your wife will want to show you to her friends. What self-respecting wife wouldn't want to expose their private lives to everyone they know? I'm sure there'll be a picnic in the park where you can play in the sandpit whilst your wife and all her friends have a good adult time, you'll eventually succumb to the inevitable and make little mud pies in your diaper and then your wife will have to change you in front of all her friends. In short... Screw laws, screw common decency and screw reality
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    "Fuck this shit," Tiffany shouted as she slammed a sledge into the side of the old truck. It was not the first impact, and was not going to be the last. "Why is everything completely fucked!" Another slam. Behind her. on the work bench, is a note she found, reading that the engine and gear box needed to be picked up at the shop in town. The note was dated the day the war began. "I just need one thing to go fucking right!" she shouted, hitting the truck again. Sweat was flowing down her forehead, her yellow sundress was streaked with moisture. It was obvious she was crying. She was wondering if this was the moment she finally broke. It was at that moment that she heard something. At least she thought she did. She ran outside, and the sound got louder. Engines, big ones. She knew that sound like the back of her hand. They were AMX-10 AFVs. She canned the horizon for them, and then she saw them coming down the road, emerging from the woods. She started to jump, trying to make sure they saw her. -June, 2014- The cop climbed into the front seat, and looked through the grating at Tiffany, "Look, I know she is bitch. Just like her mother, but you can not go around punching her... or her boyfriend for that matter," the officer said. He didn't seem mad, or annoyed, "They don't get it. You got dealt a shit hand, and you have no way out. You are going places though. This isn't going to stop you." He started the car, and started the drive to the station. "I'm sorry I did this to your son," Tiffany said, very meekly. The Officer pulled over the car and looked back at her, "You did nothing wrong. Fuck, his ma and I were very well acquainted with eachother at your age. He fucked up when he walked away and denied being the father. This town fucked you, he fucked himself." He turned back around started to drive again. It was quiet until the officer pulled up into the driveway of his house. "This aint the jail," Tiffany said, looking around. "See, I told you that you were a bright one," he said, "If anyone asks, you spent the night in a cell, got it?" He got out of the car, and then helped Tiffany out, undoing her cuff. "You can sleep in my sons room. He doesn't live here anymore, but I am not about to let the mother of my grandchild be left in the cold." Tiffany smiled, she was cautious, but it was nice that someone was being nice to her for a change. "Thank you..." -Present- Tiffany was holding Persephone as she slept, a miracle given the noise of the vehicle they were in. Tiffany had propped herself up on the rim of the commanders hatch, more out of habit than anything else. She thought she must look strange, a woman in a bright yellow dress, wearing a tanker helmet, holding a baby, and looking like the tanks commander based on where she was sitting. When the tanks had got closer, and she realized they were foreign legion, she had never been that happy. True to legion standards, they left no one behind, and when that Commissar had been captured, and he gave up Tiffany's location, her unit had requested permission to begin the search. They had apparently been about to give up when they heard the banging. Now, here she was, wind on her face, her hair matted under a helmet once more, although the length that had been added to it over the months didn't allow her to tuck it all up like she normally did. The crew was at ease, and had let her know that all of her men were accounted for. Now, it was quiet, well as quiet of a ride as this got. She needed time to process everything. She'd been gone for almost two years, the war was far from over. Europe was being torn apart, but the war in the states had been fast, with the US turning against the attempted fascist take over of the country. Elections had come and gone, and the USA had agreed to honor its NATO obligations, and was mobilizing as best as it could to join the front in Europe against Russia. China had joined the NATO powers with Russia made a move against it. They had apparently thought the US would fight longer and harder than it did, and so risked the second front. There was no way she was not going back out, and she knew it. The FFL wasn't like the rest of the military. They didn't care that she was captured, once she was physically fit again, she was going to be back in the field. The men who had found her knew it too, and that was what brought the silence. None of them wanted to trigger a breakdown right now, as Tiffany would never recover from that. She was already in danger of second guessing any command decision she would make in the future. The silence came to an end as the column pulled into the French FOB. It was already being torn down, and the convoys to the airport were well underway. Tiffany saw her commandant, and knew that this moment was the last one of peace she would have. She took a deep breath, and with the help of the vehicles gunner, climbed down off the vehicle with her child, and then walked over to the Commandant, <Sous Lieutenant Rouge, reporting for orders sir,>> she said, with a salute. <<Lieutenant, I am authorizing you a weekend pass, starting upon arrival to France, then you are to report to base, and be tested for physical fitness,>> he replied with a matter of fact tone of voice, then switching to a more personal tone, <<I am glad to have you back, and who is our new recruit?>> <<My daughter, Persephone,>> Tiffany responded. <<Thank you sir for the pass.>> -July 7th, 2014. Alabama.- Tiffany watch from across the street. The firefight had come out and picked up the child left in a car seat out in front of the building. Tiffany knew the child was safe now, but it didn't stop her from crying. She really loved her daughter, but could not keep her. She needed to escape Alabama, and if she stayed, she would just become another poor woman living on welfare in a trailer park. Like her parents, and her grand parents. This was the girls best chance to break the pattern, and her own chance to break free from it as well. Once the fire fighter had taken the child inside, she wiped away her tears, walked down to the tattoo parlor down the street. -Present- Tiffany looked at herself in the mirror. She had a few scars from her time in prison, nothing as distinct as her stab wound to her belly. She had always convinced herself it was a punishment for leaving her girl, as the wound went straight through the the VII she had had tattooed on her belly to remember her child. The doctor examining her had asked about the tattoo years ago, this time she was willing to answer, <<Doctor, you had asked about the tattoo when I first joined up.>> He nodded. <<It marks the day I gave my first child up. I wasn't ready for it. July 7th... I am ready to take care of this one, and you and I both know I will never have one of my own.>> He just nodded, and then closed his folder, <<She will have a great mother, Lieutenant,>> he said, then said, <<Make her proud, you are fit for service.>> Tiffany smiled, the Legionnaire in her was thrilled, the new mother was terrified. <<Thank you doctor.>> -One Year Later- <<Bye bye baby girl,>> Tiffany said into the webcam, as she skyped with Persephone and her husband Michel. She had tried to clean her uniform, but Russian mud was impossible. The image cut out, and she wiped away the tears. Her thoughts for a moment went back to that house in the middle of no where. It was funny that she kind of wanted to be back there, diaper and everything. The thoughts floated away as the sound of artillery firing brought her back to her present. Tiffany stepped outside of the communications tent, her helmet under her arm, <<Alright boys and girls, family time is over. Hope you all enjoyed it... Lieutenants, you will have an operations briefing at 1300, and we will be hitting the mud at 1700 hours. Get some food, and drivers, make sure your fuel is topped off, gunners check your magazines. Dismissed.>> <<Aye Commandant!>> came back at her from her men. They were about to discover they were going to push onto Moscow. China was a day out, and allied command decided that they needed to get there first. Funny how history repeats itself. She wondered how similar this moment was to the moments of the allied soldiers in the 1940s getting the order to push onto Berlin before the Soviets got there. In the end, it didn't matter to her. One way or the other, she and her men would be heading home shortly. One last battle. The End.
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    He stirred softly, diaper crinkling. She thought about snapping his sleeper crotch close, but he was so adorable with his diaper on display, matching his bear. Even the smell of his pee didn’t bother her. She wanted to change him, feed him a bottle, scoop him up and cuddle him. “Lucas.” “Hmm?” His lashes fluttered partway open and he yawned. “What do you think of Prudence?” Under her intense stare, he sobered up a bit. “I weally wike hew.” He really liked her. He was still so warm and hazy. He wanted to go back to sleep. “You do?” “Uh-huh.” He nodded sleepily. The world spun and he closed his eyes. “I did a weport on hew wast month. Fow schewl.” He did a report on her last month for school. The alcohol and nipple filling his mouth slurred and slowed his speech. His tongue felt like a thick slug in his mouth. He giggled. “I made a doww.” He made a doll of her as a visual aide for his report. The babyish words slammed into her like a physical blow. She gasped; he opened his eyes. “A doll? One of your pretty dolls? Of me-her?” Her deep, penetrating eyes lasered in on him like he was her lifeline. Her entire being focused on him. He was so out of it he barely noticed her stare. Otherwise he’d have been so scared, so intimidated, he’d clam right up. “Yeth.” Yes. Pru leaned forward, hands on her knees with a knuckle white grip. “Why?” He squirmed, diaper crinkling. She could smell fresh ammonia when he peed. “Cuz-cuz...I w-wike hew.” Because he liked the historical Prudence. The intensity of the girl’s tone, her gaze shocked him. His voice shrank to a soft whisper, like a child who’d been reprimanded but wasn’t sure what they’d done wrong. Pru tried to gentle her tone, smooth her face in a happy expression. “Why do you like her? By all accounts, she was a no good shit. The world would’ve been better off without her.” She couldn’t shake off the intense emotion that gripped her. She felt like her very existence hinged on him. Her raging emotions felt like a hand gripping her heart. “Nuh-uh!” Lucas shook his head fiercely then whimpered when the world rolled. The fuzzy clouds in his head flipped. He felt like he was on a spinning ride at an amusement park. Indignation twisted his stomach at her words. His pacifier fell from numb, tingly lips. “She lived life on her own terms. She did it her way. She wasn’t bad. She just wanted the world to hear her voice. Prudence was so full of life she overflowed. The world didn’t understand her.” His chest welled with a hot feeling; he rambled on to release the pressure. The fog in his head made him feel topsy turvy; kept him relaxed enough to share his feelings. Tears stung Pru’s eyes and her chest burned. What did she see when she looked at him? Redemption? She never wanted that. Forgiveness? She wasn’t sorry. If she had to do her life over again, she’d make the same choices, for the most part. Hope? How to walk a different path in life? She laughed. Lucas, lost in an alcoholic stupor, paid her dark laugh no mind. He was talking more to himself. “I wish I could’ve met her. “ “No, you don’t. Trust me, kid. You hold her in higher regard than she deserves.” Pru ran a hand over her face, scrubbing away tears. She was angry at herself. He nodded like a puppet with slack strings. “She would’ve hated me. I...I’m a freak. A weirdo. A girl like her...and me….” His laugh echoed hers; sharp and full of pain. It matched perfectly with how Pru felt inside. “She would’ve adored you. I know this for a fact.” She wondered if any of her words were getting through to him. When she was drunk in her cups, she was oblivious to the world. Just like her old man had been. The unbidden thought startled her. She hadn’t thought of her family since the day she left home. “Nuh-uh.” Luc’s deep self loathing hit her heart. Was this dark muck what lay beneath his timid, nervous exterior? Pru picked up his pacifier and slipped it between his lips. Her fingers stayed on the shield until she felt him start to suck. “There’s a lot of good in you, kiddo. Like your dolls. Seeing them makes people happy.” The touch of the plastic shield against his lips and the rubber nipple filling his mouth caused him to open his eyes. He focused on her face, staring at her lips with glassy eyes. Her words floated to him through the fog in his mind. The fog was a thick blanket that made it hard to think. He smiled at the compliment. It made him feel good when people liked his dolls. The nipple once again morphed his speech into a toddler’s lisp. “Dey okay. Others make pwettier dowws.” His dolls were okay, but other doll makers online were more skilled and innovative than he was. Their dolls were prettier. “Others make prettier dolls?” Pru translated his slurred lisp. How could he be so drunk after just those little drop? Had he never drunk before? Alcohol could hit a virgin lightweight hard, especially on an empty stomach. Had she miscalculated? She barely felt the bourbon. She’d also been a hard drinker since she was young, when she first stole a bottle from her old man. “Yeth.” He nodded again. He was pleased she understood and wasn’t going to argue with him. “Maybe. But yours are very beautiful. When I look at them, I see how big your heart it. All the love you put into them. You’re a giver. Prudence...all she does-did- was take.” Luc shook his head to argue, but she pressed a finger to the pacifier button, cutting him off. “Even now. Look.” She gestured around the small booth. “Here you are. Fighting your anxiety. Raising money for needy animals. You give even when you’re hurting. That-” Emotion choked her, overwhelmed her. Pru swallowed thickly and wiped at her too bright eyes. Luc touched her deep, twisted her feelings all up inside. Churned up things she’d long ignored. All of that tangled up in knots clogging her throat. How did she tell him everything that ate her up inside? It wouldn’t come out. She’d never been good at this touchy-feely shit. Luc saw the pain in her gray blue eyes. They made him think of an autumn sky just before it rained. He knew that feeling well. Harsh self-judgement, when he fell short in his own eyes. Everything he did was wrong. He was a screw up. A royal fuck up. Prudence felt like that; he read it in her face. With a soft, sympathetic little noise, he reached out to her with one hand. He didn’t think, didn’t know what he was doing. He just acted. He knew she needed comfort. She had no diapers, no pacifier, no Fiji. No Rosie. Her eyes screamed lost and alone. His heart ached for her and tears welled in his eyes. Pru’s eyes widened in surprise when his hand moved towards her. She froze, unable to breath. Afraid if she did, she’d shatter the moment. Her heart skipped a beat as she watched his fingers closing the distance between them. His fingertips lightly touched the back of her hand. Electric coursed between them. They both gasped and pulled back, staring at each other. Luc looked scared, adrenaline sobering him up. Pru smiled. “See? You’re giving right now. You have no idea. It comes so natural to you. I wish I could be like you.” Pain brightened her eyes again. Luc shook his head. What was wrong with her? There wasn’t anything to admire about him. His love of diapers? His anxiety? His inability to interact with the world like a normal human being? The way he so easily fell to pieces because he was an insecure crybaby? She was off her rocker. “Yew nice, too. Yew bought me hot chocowit.” She was nice, too. She’d bought him hot chocolate. His fingertips still tingled. The jolt made his already fuzzy head spin and his heart jump. What was this feeling? He wanted to touch her again while at the same time he wanted to run and hide. He did neither; just sat there in his chair and stared at her. He’d take his cues from her. Pru rubbed the back of her hand. The skin tingled. Damn, she liked him. It wasn’t lust so much as it was how funny he made her feel inside. She was getting attached. She never got attached. Over the decades, she’d had plenty of drinking buddies, bed mates, partners in crime. But she kept the walls of her heart up. With a single glance, this diapered boy tore them down. She felt so raw and exposed. “That doesn’t count. It was just something small.” She brushed his words off. She’d had a selfish, ulterior motive in getting him to relax. Here she was, blowing it. “I really am an idiot.” “Yew nice to me.” She was nice to him. Luc insisted. Pru smelled fresh pee and glanced at his crotch. His exposed diaper swelled some more. It had to be close to leaking. It was swelled up like a balloon ready to pop. He didn’t even realized he peed himself. She knew what his bladder was doing, but he didn’t. She found that adorable, along with his toddler lisp. “No, I’m not.” “Yes-huh!” Luc scrunched his pretty doll face up in tipsy agitation. “I not wying!” He wasn’t lying. Why didn’t she believe him? He took his paci out of his mouth. A string of drool fell from the nipple to land on his chin and orange spattered bib. He stared at her hard, willing her to believe him. “Okay, okay.” She held her hands up in placating surrender.
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    chapter three : A little horror Madeline sat in front of her phone. She’s been there for the last two minutes hearing the girls scream and cries as she hit and slammed the door the little thief was handcuffed too. She turned her head towards the stars and heavy thoughts wage war in her mind. ‘“Someone like her with her condition and weight she was going to be torn apart.’ Madalin thought. “No! She is eighteen years old! she may look like a child, she may sound like a child, But she is eighteen years old. if she wants to go to jail then she can! But the thoughts didn't help the sick feeling in her stomach. She knew exactly what would happen to that little girl. Madeline finally just had to grit her teeth and grabbed the phone before raining outside, and away from the crying. Her hands were shaking bad but after taking a few deep breaths, she slowly dialed the one number that came to mind. “Hello?” the man said on the other end of the line. “Michael, I need a favor from you…” Madeline told the man. ___________ As the call was being made, Alice had one leg on the door as she was pulling her arm as hard as she could! “OOOOOOW!” Alice moaned as the pain grew too much and she stopped. She tried everything she could think of to get free of the handcuffs. She tried breaking the doorknob, but without any tools that didn't work. She tried lubricating her hand and sliding out by licking it, but the cuffs were to tight and she couldn't do that. Her thoughts then turned a little more drastic as she thought of cutting off her wrist, to breaking her thumb, to even gnawing her own hand off! Everything she’s read about before. But before she could commit to any of them the pain stopped her. “I am going to die, I am so going to fucking die,” Alice told herself. She then looked over at the clothes she was wearing not 5 minutes ago. They laid scattered on the floor. Ironically the one closest to her, and the one thing she wanted back was her black thong. The one piece of clothing she wore to make her at least feel like the adult she was. Now look at her, spanked, wearing a pink diaper and pink shirt that says ‘mommy's little girl’. And the thong she wanted was just out of reach. Alice so started to laugh as she thought about it all. Nothing was funny about her situation, it was just a shaky almost mad laugh that was only hushed when her thumb involuntarily reached her mouth. “I god po pwee” Alice said to herself. __________ 5 minutes after the call a police car pulled into Madeline’s driveway. Still standing out there waiting for them was Madeline. She couldn't bear hearing any more of the screaming and crying from the little teenager upstairs Two cops took a step out of the car. The first was an old man, and Madeline's old teacher and partner, Michael Gould was in his late 50’s but with the amount of stress, he's had to put up with, he looked more like 60. But he was still a good looking grandpa type of man. Especially with his gray hair, mustache, and glasses. (if I had to say, he would look a lot like Tom Selleck) Madeline knew Michael back when she was just a rookie. But take away the kind heart and grandpa looks, you would find an old tough bastard. Once taking three shots from a man named Jacky Scoleri (AKA Mad Dog) and his Sad’Day night special (a modified revolver.) On the other side of the car, a younger man stepped out. A new guy Madeline didn't know. He looked to be in his early 20’s, was tall and had the “straight out of the academy” look to him. Especially with his bright-eyed and hopeful look. “Hay Madeline, how are you?” Michael asked as he walked over and smiled at Madeline. Madeline herself give a weak smile as she walked to Michael and give the old man a hug, but before she could say anything to him the young man walked over with a big smile on his face. “Hello sergeant Tenderheart,” The young man said with a smile as he reached out his hand. “It’s an honor to meet you.” “Please it’s just Miss Tenderheart now or you can just call me Madeline.” Madeline told the young man as she shook his hand. “Oh, um, sorry.” The young man said with a blush, “it’s just, a lot of young recruits have heard about you. is it true you took on Jacky Scoleri’s two younger brothers? Who were both armed with two AK-47’s, while Mr. Gould took on Jacky himself with three bullets wounds in his stomach?” Madeline gave a weak laugh. “Kid, most of those stories are overly dramatic, and besides, that was years ago,” she told him “Now Billy, we don’t have time for this,” Michael said after giving the young man named Billy the eye. “We have work to do” “R-right sir S-sorry sir” Billy fumbled out. “And you don’t have to call me sir just call me Michael,” Michael said as he got a cloth to clean his glasses. “You make me sound like an old man.” “Y-yes Mr. Michael I um mean Sir Michael I um so-sorry I-I.” Billy stuttered as he tried to process what to call him. “Boy, call me sir one more time, and I'll teach you why Scoleri now fears me,” Michael told Billy. Billy was stunned for a moment. Then Madeline gives a small laugh at the young man. On the other hand, Michael sighed. “just go open the damned back door to the car and meet me inside,” Michael told the rookie “Nice kid,” Madeline said with a smile, “guessing you haven't given him a black eye treatment yet. “He’s a dumbass. reminds me of another young dumbass I had under my wing when she became a cop. she somehow, with a higher power or whatever, made it to sergeant. now, what was her name again?” “screw you old man, you know miss me,” Madeline said with a smile and a slap on the old man’s arm. “So anyway Madeline you said you caught a Thief?” Michael said looking at Madeline. he then saw her face change to one that was smiling and joking with her old partner to one with worry and sadness. “O-oh right, she’s upstairs. just to warn you, she has youthlock.” Madeline told him. “Really? did she have ID on her to confirm that?” Michael asked with a look of surprise on this face. “No, but she has hair well… down there.” Madeline said making the old man blush. He didn't want to know how she knew someone with youthlock had hair in that place. Soon Billy came back just as Madeline was leading Michael upstairs as soon the cops stopped. both dumbfounded when they saw Alice at the end of the hall. “W-what the fuck?” Michael said as he saw a little girl in a pink t-shirt and pink diaper with cartoon animals on it. Not at all what he expected. “Um, Michael who are we supposed to take into custody?” Billy asked just as dumbfounded. Alice pulled her thumb out of her mouth and turned around as she heard them. when she saw the two cops she could not move, could not blink, could not even scream. some part of her hoped the old woman was lying, but now... All she could do was look in a silent horror. her face bright red from fighting, her eyes puffy from crying, the only neat thing about her was the hair still in a bun. “As I have said before, she has youthlock,” Madeline said again trying her hardest not to look at the little girl. “Okay Madeline, but I am going to have to ask you some things, you know the standard procedure and all that,” Michael said but all Madeline could do was nod a yes. Michael looked at Billy then turned his head to the little girl. Once they were near her, Alice let out a blood-curdling scream making all three Adults jump a bit. Alice then fought as hard as she could but the two cops easily overpowered the screaming girl. As Michael was taking the old cuffs off, he noticed something besides his shew, for a moment he was about to ask why there was a tiny black thong on the floor but pushed those thoughts out of his mind. he didn't think he wanted to know and focused on the girl. They took off the old handcuffs and put on new ones, even though Alice was spent, she still tried her hardest to get free. Somehow she even managed to kick Billy in the face! But it was not enough as they got to the cop car and started putting her in. Alice looked at the house and saw the older woman was standing by the door. That's when reality struck and she realized she didn't want to go to jail! “MISS! MISS! PWEASE! PWEASE H-HELP ME! I-I- WILL TELL YOU E-EVERYTHING! I *SOB* I WILL DO WHAT YOU *WAAAAAAAAAAA* YOU SAY! PWEASE! I-I- D-DON’T WANT D-D-DIE! MISS PWEASE! *WAAAAAAAAAA!” Alice broke down and let out her inner child. Madeline was shocked when she heard that. Despite the fact Alice tried to rob her, lie to her, run from her, Madeleine's motherly instincts kicked in. “Get in there you fucking brat” Billy yelled as he finally got her in the car. still mad at being kicked in the face. Madeline called Michael over and the two adults talked as Alice was kicking the door. “HAY KNOCK THE FUCK OFF!” Billy yelled at the girl but she was not listening just as Billy was about to do something Michael called him over as Madeline walked to the back car door and opened it. “Miss you cannot!” Billy started but Michael grabbed him by the shoulder. “That door was never opened after you shut it.” Michael told Billy, “now, let's go check out how that little thief got in the house shall we?” Billy looked back and forth between Michael and Madeline then decided just to go along with Michael into the house. Alice seeing this tried to run out of there like a bat out of hell but was grabbed by Madeline, making Alice cry out. “NO, NO, NO, NO! PWEASE! LET ME GO! DON’T WANNA DIE! DON’T DO-DON’T WANNA DIEEE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Alice screamed out terrified. Madeline just hugged the little girl and slowly rocked her and rubbing her back. Alice was still crying, but she had calm down enough. “it's okay. I talked to Michael, the older grandpa cop, and said I was not going to pass charges on you and that I will be billing you out.” Madeline told the girl. “R-really? you are really g *sniff* going to do that?” Alice asked with tears in her eyes. “Yes honey I am, and I am also going to take you back inside okay?” Madeline asked. Alice at this point did not care all she wanted was to not go to jail and possibly die. “But they are still going to have to take downtown,” Madeline told her. A little bit of sadness on her face. Alice heart almost stopped at hearing that. she then began a new round of crying. “W-WHAT! N-NO! MO-MO *WAAAAAA* PWEASE! I WILL DIE *WAAAAAAAAAA* MISS PWEASE! I’LL BE G-GOOD! I DON’T WANT TO DIE PWEASE!” Alice cried out her voice going hoarse. “Don’t worry sweetie. they will only keep you for 30 minutes till I bail you out. and because of your size and because of how skinny you are they will take you to a special holding cell. okay? I promise I'll come get you out okay.” Madeline told the girl after calming her down. Alice wanted to say yes, but it just came out as garble from all the crying, so she just nodded her head yes. “But you have to be a good little girl for them. so no more kicking and fighting or cursing all right?” Madeline said and again Alice nodded, then realized something. “M *sob* Miss I-I g-got to go p *sniff* potty. *sob*” Alice cried out feeling absolutely humiliated having said that. Madeline rubbed the little girl’s back and Shhhed her. “All right I will tell the officers. but first, my name is Madeline. can you please tell me your name.” Alice hesitated, looking over at the front door of the house and seeing the officers still inside. Deciding she had no other choice, she gave her name. “Its *sniff* its Alice, Alice Nightstar.” Madeline gives an odd and surprised look on hearing that. “Nightstar?” Madeline asked making sure she heard it right. “Y-sniff-Yes that’s right my m-mommy is I-I-Isabell Nightstar and my d-d-daddy is Jack Nightstar a-and my big s-s-s-sister I...” Alice told her but stopped as Alice’s stress levels finally reached their peak and she began to dry heave. Madeline quickly began rubbing the little girls back and started thinking about those names Madeline knew those name. Isabell Nightstar was a CEO of Hopeman industries. A powerful one at that. Jack Nightstar is a Chief Prosecutor and might soon be governor. As Madeline rubbed Alice’s back, she noticed that she finally had an opportunity to run. Alice thought maybe she could make a run for it. but that idea died when she then thought, where would she go? and even if she found joe, that guy would bill on her the moment he saw her being chased. Madeline herself was thinking similarly. Which is why she left that opening. To see if this little girl was being genuine with her cries for help, or just trying to use Madeline’s kindness against her. If Alice ran this time, Madeline would catch her, place her in the car herself and not look back. But Alice stayed where she was, even as she stopped dry heaving. She just slightly leaned on Madeline as she rubbed the girls back. “Okay Alice, I think it’s time you get going,” Madeline said as the two cops were finally returning. “O-Okay a-are you, are you really go to get me? mo, I mean Miss Madeline?” again she almost called her mommy again. “I am dear, just be good for the officers all right,” Madeline said as she gave the small girl a sad smile. Alice willingly got into the cop car and sat down as Madeline buckled her into a seatbelt. Madeline then closed the door and walked to the two officers. after a bit of time the two men got into the car and went off to the station. leaving Madeline alone in her driveway. Alice slowly cried on the way there. she still needs to go the bathroom, bad, and just hoped Madeleine was right about the cops letting her go to the bathroom. She leaned on the cold window and it felt soothing against her bright red face. soon the cop car stopped. the older man got out and opened Alice's door to let her out before they took her inside. The floor of the station was cold even with her socks on. Alice grew a little scared when they passed a few holding cells. Most were just drunk men asking why a kid was here, but a few made jokes as she passed them. “What the fuck she do? Rob a candy store?” “No man it was a toy store!” “Ya, she robbed them at water gunpoint!” “And ended with a high-speed chase with her getaway tricycle!” The cells were full of laughter as Alice’s face grew redder. she closed her eyes, trying not listen as she walked with the old officer. soon she felt a hand touch her shoulder, it made Alice jump she then looked up and saw a woman looking at her. “Okay Alice, go with the officer and she or someone else will put you in a special holding cell till Madeline comes and gets you,” Michael said as he cracked his back. Alice nodded and walked with the female officer. Alice was then made to get her fingerprints taken and then asked her full name. but she just said, Alice. then it was her picture getting taken, all the while Alice cried. “Stop crying you little snot.” the female officer told Alice. Alice looks up in shock as the female officer looks at her. “W-w-w-what?” Alice choked out. “You heard me. you people always say your adults but you act like snot-nosed kids when you get in trouble. now shut it and let’s get this over with.” Alice, scared, just nodded her head as the pictures were taken. soon Alice was taken, not to a special holding cell, but to an empty regular holding call. “W-w-w-wait! I-I was supposed to be taken to a s-s-special holding cell!” Alice cried out as the female officer just rolled her eyes. “Sorry, but the special holding cells are full. and besides, you people say you want to be treated like everyone else, so now you are, now get in there.” The female officer said as she uncuffed and pushed Alice in before closing the cell door. Alice cried as she walked to the cell bed. Looking around she saw that there was no toilet in here, much to her dismay. “S-she’s coming to g-git me. I-i can h-hold it.” Alice stuttered from a mixture of fear and need to pee. With her nerve so high, her thumb once more found its way into her mouth as she tried to calm down. as she sat on the bed after what felt like forever, two officers open the cell and put a big buff scary looking woman in. her thumb immediately popped out of her mouth. “The fuck! why is a kid in here?” One of the offers asked. “Oh I heard about her, she got that youthlock syndrome thing. she is really adult.” The other officer said. “Really? I don’t know, shouldn’t she be put in a special holding cell or something?” The other officer replied. “Maybe there filled up? Look for now just put this one in and I will go talk to someone about this.” The other officer said “Fuck man all right all right.” The other officer said as both men left. Alice started to shake as the scary woman looked her up and down. Knotting the pink shirt and diaper. “Oh look at the little crybaby! hehe, this so going to be fun to hurt you little shrimp, and what are you doing on my bed?” the woman said with a hillbilly accent. Alice then immediately got up, then said “I-sniff-I am not a crybaby” ”Yeah fucking right, you look like you've been scared shitles. kid, you know why I'm here? I beat my ex-half to death for breaking up with me.” the women said. Alice swallowed hard and tried to make herself look big. “w-well t-that k-kid’s stuff I killed five cops.” Alice lied. “Bullshit! don’t make me laugh kid. and don't try and act tough, it's not smart.” The scary woman told her. But Alice still trying to be brave said: “I-Its t-t-true s-s-so don’t fuck with me.” But all that did was make the woman laugh more. “Hey here's an idea, I'm going to make you my little bitch tiny.” the woman told Alice with a broad smile on her face. "soon you'll be calling me mommy." Alice’s eyes went wide as she backed up to the wall. “W-WHAT? NO PWEASE!” Alice told the woman as she started laughing. “Oh look the baby wearing a diaper. a pretty pink diaper. Is it wet yet?” the woman asked before laughing again. “STOP IT! I-IT'S NOT A D-DIAPER!” Alice said, now getting a little mad. “AWWW, Looks like big baby wants to act all big and tough.” the woman mocked Alice again. “No no no no no I-I am n-not a big baby I am an a-an adult!” Alice says trying to look tough, but the woman wasn't buying it. “Says the girl wearing a diaper with baby cartoon animals on it and a shirt that says mommy little girl.” the woman told Alice before again more laughter. Alice was finally at her breaking point! “I AM NOT A FUCKING BABY YOU, YOU FAT STUPID UGLY BITCH!” Alice screamed as she ran across the room and punched the woman in the crotch area. That punch didn't hurt, but Alice immediately regretted it. At that moment the scary woman grabs Alice by the shirt and slams her against the wall. “WHAT YOU CALL ME YOU SNIFFLING LITTLE CUNT? I WILL BREAK YOU LIKE A TWIG AND FUCK YOU! UNDERSTAND!” The scary woman screamed at Alice’s face as she began pissing her diaper right then. “WAAAAAAAAAA! OH GOD! HELP ME! M-MOMMY! PWEASE! WAAAAAAAAAAA!” Alice balled as she began kicking as swinging at the woman. “What the hell!” Someone yells before a loud band is heard as the door opened. The woman immediately draped Alice as she turned to the two cops rushing in to detain her. But the moment Alice hit the ground she bolted for the door. “HEY WAIT! AN officer yelled as Alice slid under his legs. Alice was in the hallway and saw a familiar old face. Michael saw Alice running toward him, thinking she was aiming for the door behind him, he dropped to one knee and spread his arms out to catch her, but instead, she jumped on him and raped her arms around his neck tightly. Nearly knocking him over. “PWEASE, PWEASE, DON'T LET ME GO! DON’T WANT TO DIE! DON’T WANT TO DIE!” Alice yelled into his ear. “MISS MISS ITS OKAY YOU'RE SAFE!” Michael yells back at Alice so that she could hear him over her yelling. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAA I-I WANT MY MOMMY! WAAAAAAAAAA!” Alice Cries out not caring who heard her, or if she looks like a baby. “S-SIR LET ME…..” an officer started as he was about to grab Alice off Michael. “No no! It's fine! I was just coming to get her anyway. I got her.” Michael told the officer as he stood up with Alice still sniveling in his arms. " I got you." Madeline was waiting at the front desk as Michael came out with a crying child in his old arms. when Alice saw Madeline she pushed herself out of the old man’s arms and ran to the older woman. “MOMMY!” Alice cried out. She didn't mean to, but at that moment she didn't care either. Madeline saw Alice terrified look as she then kneeled down and scooped the little girl up and hugged her as Alice cried, Madeline then asked what happen. But with a mixture of adrenaline, crying, and snot running down her face, Alice could Barely make out two cohesive words. “its okay baby, mommy is here, don’t cry.” Madeline then looked at Michael angrily. “Michael what the hell!” “Madeline, I honestly don’t know. but I do know heads will roll as soon as I find out. I can promise you that..” Michael said as they both looked at the crying, possibly traumatized girl. Madeline said okay and to give her a call as he soon as he knows what happened. she then took Alice outside, her crying only being muted as she started to suck her thumb again. Madeline then opened the back car door and put Alice, to the little one’s shock, into a kids car-set! Alice was about to ask why but continued to suck her thumb. It didn't matter right now. Compared to the cell, she would rather be in the car seat then with that scary woman. As Madeline buckled the little girl in, Alice saw this and began whimpering. "mo, mad-Madeline?" Alice said meekly, getting the woman's attention. "i-i w-w-wet my..." But Alice was too ashamed to finish, that's when Madeline looked down at the diaper. the cartoon animals were gone and she knew that meant the young girl wet herself. “Ssshh. Don't worry, Mommy will take care of it,” Madeline told Alice and stroked Alice’s face to calm her down and not to cry anymore. Alice nodded. No longer caring. She was tired, scared, hungry, wet, embarrassed, hurt. And all she could do right now was let this woman take care of it, With her thumb back in Alice’s mouth, Madeline closed the door and got into the driver's side. She started the car and began driving home. Hoping to put, not only this strange night, but also her new baby girl to bed.
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    Nick and Sarah are back at Kirsty's house for their lesson in how to act. How do Kirsty and George plan to teach the couple? And will George and Nick make up after the explosive exit the previous week? --- This has been available on my Patreon for the last week and for $5 you can see each of my posts (one each four days) one week before everyone else. For $10 there are exclusive stories as well. There are more tiers and rewards available on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to all my patrons who allow me to write as much as I do, they are all very appreciated: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, Charlie S, Spaxxs, John D, Pierre-David G, Vincent, Struggle, Kit, Sith, Daniel, Ak, M, Sophie S, Earnest B, Jack O, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Txdiapered, Kin, P74_1986, Chris, Dre, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Persi S, Ceneroz, Rob, Darrell, Jack C, S Millard, Cheryl C, Carlota C, Ron M, Tsidt, Britnee L, Trenton M, Geoffrey J, Robert J, Chris, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Jerry J,Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Malcolm E, Brandon S, Nate J, Tomy, Infouneed2know, Daniel W, LuvsSissy, Guilyn, Erik P, Bojack D, Shihouin10, Scott S, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, A Random Patreon, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F, Kent J --- George hardly felt any better knowing Nick was on the other side of the door. He worried that Nick was still angry with him, George wouldn’t blame his friend after he had sold him out just a week ago. George stayed on the stairs in his girly clothes as Kirsty walked straight to the door and opened it. “Hello Kirsty.” Sarah said immediately before turning to the sissy on the stairs, “Hi George.” George waved shyly but then quickly pulled his hand down when he saw Nick follow his wife through the front door. He looked away immediately. Despite his cage and his plug it was the look Nick was giving him that made him feel the most uncomfortable. “Let me stop you right there.” Kirsty said as she closed the front door. Sarah stopped in her tracks and turned towards her friend. Nick just quickly walked to the foot of the stairs and watched the two women, he was very aware of George’s eyes staring a hole through him. Nick was wearing relatively normal clothes today so he felt a happy superiority over the sissy in their pink and feminine clothes. “Today I’m not Kirsty.” Kirsty said with a sultry smile, “Today I’m Mistress.” “You’re kidding, right?” Sarah smiled as if trying to catch her friend out. “Absolutely not.” Kirsty replied seriously. She wasn’t smiling, “Today you aren’t “Mummy Sarah”. You are just another little slut, like any other.” Sarah gasped in shock and Nick’s mouth dropped open. Nick couldn’t believe that someone was talking to Sarah like that. He thought about stepping in between the two women but he felt a hand on his shoulder, Nick turned to see George holding him back. “She knows what she’s doing.” George whispered. Nick scowled and pulled himself away from the sissy’s grip before turning to watch the scene in front of him again. “I… I…” Sarah was stuttering. “Get in the dungeon.” Kirsty ordered as she pointed to the door to the garage, “Now.” Nick expected Sarah to argue. He expected her to laugh and tell Kirsty to knock it off but Sarah hesitated for a second and then meekly walked through into the converted garage. Nick watched with open-mouthed shock. He saw Kirsty look at him and she smirked. “You are surprised?” Kirsty asked Nick as she slowly closed the few feet to Nick. She reached forward and patted Nick’s nappy, “Honey, taking control isn’t just about giving orders. Some of us can make others do as we wish and others… Well, they end up back in nappies.” “Bitch.” Nick growled through clenched teeth. Clearly the mistress hadn’t forgiven him for hitting George. Kirsty didn’t miss a beat. Without even batting an eyelid she thrust her hand forward again and grabbed the front of Nick’s padding, Kirsty squeezed her hand causing Nick to wince and yelp in pain. “You and George will play nice.” Kirsty whispered into Nick’s ear, “If you don’t you will answer to me.” Nick nodded his head frantically and Kirsty slowly relaxed her grip. Nick massaged the front of his pants as he winced through the pain. He felt the pain slowly dissipate and Kirsty was still waiting in front of him. “You’ll go upstairs with George.” Kirsty ordered. Nick still wanted to argue but he swallowed his pride and followed the sissy up the stairs and into George’s nursery. George flounced into the room in his feminine clothes and sat down on the edge of his crib. He winced as the plug was pushed further into him and he took a second to try and get comfortable. He watched as Nick walked straight over to the window and look outside. He seemed to be determined not to talk to George as he folded his arms across his chest and deliberately avoided looking at him. If there had been a clock in the room the ticking would have been deafening as the silence seemed palpable. George thought Nick was a powder keg and he was trying very hard not to light the fuse. It was why he was very surprised when Nick sighed and turned away from the window. “I’m sorry.” Nick said at last, “I’m sorry I punched you… Again.” “I-I’m sorry too.” George replied. His voice showed the shock he felt, “I shouldn’t have sold you out.” “You had no choice.” Nick waved his hand dismissively, “I was angry and hot headed but I know you were given no choice. It just… Sucks.” George nodded his head. He smiled a little bit and, when Nick returned the smile, he stood up. Slowly and carefully George waddled across the room until he was stood next to Nick at the window. He awkwardly stood next to Nick quite unsure of what to do next. Nick took the reins and wrapped the sissy in a hug. They spent a couple of seconds holding each other before separating and moving apart. They were both a little pink in the face from the situation. “I deserved it.” Nick said as he turned his back on the window, “After everything that happened I was just as bad as she was.” “Being in control is hard.” George said with a shrug, “Why do you think I gave it all up?” “I guess…” Nick replied slowly, “I was never too good at it myself. As bad as all this is there is a certain pleasantness that comes with not having to worry about anything.” “Now you’re getting it.” George giggled. “But there’s a difference between giving up a little control and, well, this!” Nick spread his arms out and shook his head, “I’m not a baby and I don’t deserve to be treated like one.” “You say one thing… But I think you think another thing.” George sat down on the floor in front of his little doll house. Nick didn’t reply. He looked at George questioningly when the sissy winced again. “Are you hurt?” Nick asked to change the subject. “No.” George replied. “What’s with the wincing?” Nick walked away from the window and sat down cross-legged in front of the sissy. “I’m not sure you want to know.” George replied with a little snide smile. “You think you can shock me after everything that’s happened?” Nick replied. “I’m… Plugged.” George blushed as he spoke. “Plugged?” Nick asked naively. Realisation dawned on him slowly, “Oh! I see.” George nodded his head slowly and fiddled with one of the buttons on his overalls. Nick was equally embarrassed but not overly surprised. “What’s that like?” Nick asked after a little silence, “I’ve never had something like that.” “It’s weird.” George said, “You can always feel it but especially when you sit down. It’s hard to explain, it’s one of my hollow ones so-” “Hollow ones?” Nick’s eyebrows furrowed. “It’s got a hole through it so that… Well, I’m sure you can guess!” George said. “Oh…” Nick thought for a second, “I didn’t know those were a thing.” Silence fell again as Nick digested the news. Nick had started to think that he knew a lot about BDSM and all of it’s aspects but he kept finding new things that he didn’t know about previously. He thought back to that morning when Sarah had threatened him with a suppository and wondered what other things she was thinking about. Nick suddenly became concerned about what Kirsty might be teaching his wife down in the garage. He kind of wished he could be a fly on the wall. He didn’t know what devious things Kirsty and Sarah would cook up together but he knew that he wouldn’t like it. “Mistress wanted me to teach you a bit about being a sub.” George eventually said. “Teach me?” Nick asked, “What’s there to learn?” “Apparently quite a bit.” George replied, “Because you and your wife have got into some very bad habits.” Nick nodded his head as he looked down at the floors. His nappy was freshly warm again but he didn’t remember wetting it, it must have happened since he got up to the bedroom though. “I mean… I don’t want to pry to deep or anything but-” George said slowly before being cut off. “No, you’re right.” Nick replied. He smiled a little, “Teach me, Sensei.” George giggled as Nick did an over exaggerated bow. He nodded his head and thought about where to start, he really hadn’t planned anything because he didn’t expect Nick to even talk to him after his betrayal. “Well, firstly… You need boundaries.” George said, “You need to know where hard limits are because what happened with your wife and her friend was because she made assumptions.” “Isn’t that her fault then?” Nick asked seriously. “Yes and no.” George said, “She was at fault to some extent but you did give her permission to do whatever with Jack.” “I did…” Nick replied, “But only because I was scared that if I didn’t let Sarah have what she wanted that she would make me leave.” “But you never made that clear.” George said as he tugged on the strap of his overalls, “She thought she had permission and that you were fine with it all. Basically, the key there is communication.” “It’s hard to talk to her when she has control like that.” Nick admitted quietly. “I know it is.” George reached forward and put a consoling hand on Nick’s arm, “But you and her need to find a way to discuss things properly. If you don’t do that then this will happen again, I’m sure Kirsty will tell Sarah the same thing.” Nick nodded his head but he was doubtful about having a way to make Sarah listen to him. George was correct that their relationship had become toxic though, at the very least they had to stop trying to get control over one another in such a malicious way. “You are Sarah’s submissive husband.” George continued, “She is in control of the relationship but that doesn’t mean she can do whatever she likes. She might make you uncomfortable or embarrassed but she can’t do things like cheat on you when you haven’t given her your express permission.” “I think I understand.” Nick was still nodding his head. Nick was a little unhappy that it should just be assumed that Sarah was in control of their relationship. He had to concede that he was a useless husband when things were equal and he had to admit that when he took control of the relationship things didn’t go well at all. “I feel like I should be taking notes.” Nick said with a little smile. George laughed. “I don’t mean to lecture.” George said, “But I’m a bit more experienced at this stuff. I know it can be scary putting all your trust in one person and I know what it feels like where they damage that trust. The point is that you two are made for each other and you guys can make this work.” “I just… I never saw myself like this.” Nick blushed a little, “I didn’t realise that “this” even exists!” “But here you are.” George smiled. Nick stayed quiet. “Maybe we should play for a bit.” George suggested, “Mistress is going to be with Sarah for a little while I think.” “Really?” Nick asked. He was curious as to what was going on downstairs, “Do you know what they are doing?” “I don’t know what’s happening down there exactly, just that Mistress is making sure your wife knows a little more about BDSM.” George hesitated. He wasn’t sure what was happening but he knew from the way Kirsty had been acting and speaking that something would be going on “Her methods are a bit more… Practical.”
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    The moon hung full and round in the velvet blue night, an orange pearl studded with white diamonds. Prudence ran silently through the pumpkin field. Her feet made no sound, like a predatory animal on the hunt. Her heart hammered like a drum in her ears, her racing feet keeping up with the frantic rhythm. Shiny metal handcuffs glinted on each wrist, broken chain links dangling. She’d intended to drink herself into oblivion, drown her regrets in alcohol. Instead, she got arrested for credit card fraud. A declined credit card transaction came up with the card reported as stolen. Once out on the street, she’d tripped the police woman, sent her crashing to the ground while she took off. Prudence moved with inhuman speed and stealth. Lycan bodies were better tuned than humans. Superior senses, strength and endurance. Almost super human. Which was why humans so feared them. Before the policewoman collected her wits and called for backup, Pru was long gone, lost in the crowd and shadows of the night. She'd broken the handcuffs easily with her lycanthropic strength, as if they were cheap dollar store toys. Not much time had passed- a half hour at most. The cops would still be searching the town for her. Even the most in shape human fugitive couldn’t get this far. She was on the first farm on the outskirts of town. The farmhouse lights were out. The entire family, all three generations, was in town. The smells of crushed apples, smashed pumpkins, hay, chickens, and cows filled her nostrils. Only faint scents of humans lingered. Her nose told her the family was gone. No humans were around. She stopped at the bottom of a hill. Most of the pumpkins had been picked and sold off. Only a few smashed ones remained in the tangle of prickly leaves and vines. Throughout this entire night, the call of the moon had nibbled at her subconscious, plucking her lycan DNA. She had no reason to resist anymore. With the moon now risen, she couldn’t fight it off anymore. Like a majority of lycans, she couldn’t keep her human form under the full moon. Only the oldest and strongest of lycans could keep their human form and remain calm, like the moon didn’t bother them. In all her years, she’d only met one. Daniel. Just thinking of that brute caused her to shudder in fear. Prudence considered herself tough and badass. She pulled mid-rank in her pack. She packed a pretty nasty bite if she did say so herself. Danny was on a whole other level. Humanity was long gone in him; pure primal lycan. The alpha’s alpha. He was a rogue who’d slaughtered his own pack. She’d nearly wet herself when she crossed his path. Her chest rose and fell rapidly with her heavy breathing. She was only slightly winded; she could’ve run much further. Most of her exertion came from fighting the moon. It was a losing battle. The pain in her shredded heart and being lost in her memories had helped her fight it off earlier, when the call was weak because the moon wasn’t fully out. Prudence threw her clothes off, tossing them aside. She felt a twinge of regret at the loss of her money. It would be a while before it was safe for her to resume her human form. “Good job, dipshit. You’ve pissed off the law here too. No more hidey-hole for you. Lucas, I’m so sorry. It was a bad moon for when you met me.” Her last human words drifted away on the chill night air. Moonlight burned her skin, heating it to a fevered pitch. Her blood boiled. The marrow in her bones burned. Heat and pain rose up from her belly, lava from the core of her being to consume her. Her beating heart sped up until it fluttered as fast as hummingbird wings. Her brain shut down as her senses came alive. Her spine coiled. Her mind tripped like it was strung out on psychotropic drugs. She wasn’t aware of anything but pain and fire as her body shifted from one form to another. The change felt like hours. Minutes. Years. Seconds. Just one big tripping, tearing, spinning jumble. Bone and sinew twisted and turned as she morphed from human to wolf. Most weres shifted from human to wolf. Some- usually the older, stronger lycans- could keep their head through the shifting and could stop the process partway. This resulted in the well known, half man, half wolf form notorious in horror movies. She couldn’t keep her head; pain and heat consumed her. Pain and fire rolled back like a curtain, leaving her sharp and crisp as a fall day. Her senses were the same. Eyes sharp, able to see in the dark and picking up details humans missed. Same with her sight and hearing. Her vantage point had lowered. Her furry ears swiveled, taking in the sounds of nearby animals. Moonlight was a warm hand caressing her fur. She panted, lungs aching. She lay belly down in the trampled grass and dirt. She felt like she just got off an intense roller coaster. Exhausted and exuberated at the same time. There was something about shifting that left her feeling truly alive. She wanted to run, to howl her presence to the world. Sorrow in her heart tinged the rush, the joy of changing. Lucas. She whimpered. She’d hurt him and left him crying. Guilt haunted her, a shadow on her heart. There would be no forgetting. Not this time. Pru stretched. Her muscles trembled with the aftershocks of shifting. Slowly, she got to all four paws, getting the kinks of her spasming muscles. She looked towards the woods. She doubted her pack would come look for her here. In town, she could pass as a wolfy-looking stray. Lucas was in town. Ghosts of his sobs hung in her ears. The memory of his hurt, sad eyes haunted her heart; a lantern that would not go out. She’d rather risk the brutal anger of her pack. She headed towards the dark tree line, head and tail low. Her heart was full of Lucas and the wrongs she’d done. She broke into an easy lope, turned sharply, and headed back into town.
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    Yes - while I usually try to keep admin actions behind the scenes, since this issue was made public before it got my attention I will reveal that I have removed Daddy Adam as a moderator. While he has been quite helpful to us in spotting trolls and minors, his words in the chat room - pointed at a trans member - are simply not in keeping with the ideals I hold for the DD community. I support the LGBT community both within the ABDL world and in the outside world, and while I am not naive enough to think I can change everyone's minds on LGBT issues; I can control the tone set by a admin team I lead; and a website I host. I personally believe it is ignorant to think that sexual identity, gender and sexual preference are the only parts of a human that can never go wrong in the development of a baby; and that we should support those who face an extra struggle to be themselves in an already complicated world.
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    2.) Her New Name "Being violent is no more you than crying remorse is, Alexander." He was still on the table, and smelled of pee, and I stood close as could be. He needed to know that he hadn't rattled me. "If only you would put as much energy into showing me who you are, instead of who you aren't. Doctorate at your age, private practice, financially secure and a bright future. Being someone so remarkable, I'd have thought you'd be proud of who you were." "You didn't like who I was," I said plainly. Why do they always do this? I want to get to know who you really are, they'd say! Everybody. Lawyers. Doctors. Friends. Of course I test the waters. I'm not exciting or anything. I just pick more exciting things to be. "You said you wouldn't take off the handcuffs. You didn't want me to feel like me." Ugh, she was so boring... "Well, Alexander, you can let your reputation define you, or your actions. That's quite up to you." In the end, we would be the ones defining him. But he was far too wound up in his self- absorbed crusade to realize something so obvious. "There is a system here. The system is immovable, indisputable. If you fail the system, you'll go to a real jail for the rest of your natural life. If you exist within the system, move with it, allow it to move you at times, you'll be out of here in 18-24 months and back to your boyfriend." The mention of Roger rattled me, but it didn't show. I was a professional. I could get in a state where nothing showed. Often, I was in that state perpetually. I opened my eyes and looked around for the woman. She was behind me, at the head of the bed. "Whatever you say." Boring, boring, boring. Maybe this Colette chick wasn't as interesting as I thought she was. Maybe playing with her wasn't worth it. Whatever... "Honestly, Alexander, I think you're smart enough to understand what our plans are for you, and to understand the concepts at play." And then, the exploit, the weakness. The catch under the skin that I could pull up with. "I think you'll agree that it’s for the best." "I am sure to concede that." Because if I didn't, I couldn't stay here, right? Follow the rules, or I could go to jail. Boys my size don't do well in jail. I closed my eyes and sighed. I guess I was done with Doctor Colette. Maybe there'd be somebody else I could entertain... "Project Calibeen is a treatment program designed to break down the bonds of attachment to a criminal's current persona, and to rebuild their psyche as a demographic far less likely to reoffend." He'd see more when I gave him the tour, he'd understand better. For now, he understood most, this: I unbuckled him from the bed. No orderly. Nobody to intervene. No restraints. And no fear from me at all. I rubbed my wrists and looked at the woman. First time I wasn't in some kind of cuffs for most of a week. It felt nice to be able to move my arms again. She led the way out of the room and I hesitated on the edge of it. She really didn't care? I stood up and shifted on my feet. The diaper I had on was cold and damp. Over it a hospital gown. Aside from the glasses on my nose, I was wearing nothing else. I didn't know why she didn't just cath me. "There are seven inmates at the moment. You will be rooming with Annie. As well, there is Ayla, Kinata, Charity, Lemon, Bree and Estar." He had a proper name listed on file, one that I'd had the privilege to select upon being assigned the boy’s case. He would be Velvet. I waited at the door for the boy to follow through into the common room, where five girls were sitting. Two of them were playing a board-game, another was reading and two more were sitting very close on the sofa, painting each others nails. Ayla and Annie were absent. They were dressed young. Like little girls. Not completely, but mostly. And they were all taller than me. No surprise. I mean, sometimes girls were smaller than me... but not that often. She took me over to introduce us and I realized. They weren't girls. They were guys. "...well that's interesting.” I grinned a little bit in a moment of pride and nodded to the boy. "I suspected you'd think so. An overwhelming amount of crimes are committed by an overwhelmingly small demographic. We transplant from one to the other, and turn out results that are generations ahead of traditional correctional facilities." There was a personal vested interest for me, of course — this project was significantly my baby. Though I hadn't been on the planning committee, I'd been a consultant from an early point. "...guys favor masculinity. Taking it away... making them childish girls. It's smart. Really..." I never thought about it, but it makes so much sense. Two of the girls were listening to us talk. If I wasn't in the hospital gown, they might even think I was a new doctor! "Of course, it won't work on me. I'm a 5'2 gay boy. I don't quite fit your demographic." Tragically, her plans had holes. Every plan did. "Not quite, no. But Kinata doesn't speak English at all — she was Triad — and we worked just fine on her. Admittedly, the program is limited in scope and budget, but success with you will certainly help make the case. Criminal behavior doesn't mind if you're gay, so our treatment methods need to be as open minded." One of the girls, Lemon, and the friend she was sitting with, Bree, were looking at the two of them, now, and Lemon piped up. "Your dress is weird." I looked down at the dress in question. My hospital gown. I nodded my head a little and smiled up at the boy. Girl. I'd have to pick a pronoun sooner or later. "Yes. Yes it is. Thank you for noticing." Oh, I liked this place! I liked this place a lot! Finally, something exciting! "You should wear a prettier one." Lemon nodded, not just dressed small, not just made to look that way — but precious the way that only a child could be. Blunt in that way that showed just how good the work we did here was. "Velvet will wear a pretty dress just like yours very soon, Lemon, darling. I think it's your turn though? Is Bree going to win?" "No! I'm gonna!" "Nope. I'm winning, I gots seven hotels!" Velvet? Was I missing something? Colette led me down to the wall with doors, into one of the rooms. There were two bunk beds, four beds in total, but only one girl. She sat on the bed on the left. I crossed my arms, looking the place over. It sure was designed for little girls, even if it was designed poorly. Or more likely, on a budget. "That's Annie. She'll be your roommate." "Hi Annie." I waved. She could have actually been a girl. But she wasn't. It wouldn't make sense for the program. "Hullo." Immediately, Annie was different to the others out there. She didn't just look like a small child girl, she spoke like one, too. Her voice was chipper, and excitable, and her vowels clipped in a way that only toddlers ever did. And as soon as she was done with the greeting, she grinned and stuck the tip of her thumb between her lips. "Annie, honey, no thumb thumb. It's a big girl day, remember?" "Yahuh... sowwy." "Annie is... special, among our patients. She was one of our first." "...hm..." They made a mistake. She'd been here a while. That much was obvious. They did something, and they weren't fixing it. Couldn't, maybe? They were such... amateurs. I walked into the room without prompting and picked the bed across from Annie's. We both had the bottom bunks. "May I have this bed, please?" “Uh huh." "Thank you very much." So I sat down. Ugh, cold diaper... I needed to shower. "Wha's your name?" "Annie, this is Velvet. She's gonna share your room, okay?" "Belbet!" "No, honey, Velvet. Vvvvv. Like the sound a vacuum makes. Remember?" "Vvvv!! Velvet!" Annie grinned, and I clapped my hands for her. Obviously, she was unique. Unique because Marlow had fucked her up. And Alexander wasn't too dumb to as not have noticed. "...wait, that's my name?” Okay, so Alexander was a stupid name. A boring name. But Velvet...? Fuck, it's like Colette went into a stupid name book and decided to make her own that knocked out the top five. "Yeah, I'm not going by Velvet. What about like, Ally. Nah, too close to my name, right? Gotta dissociate. Maybe Brooke? How homey..." "Your name was selected, vetted, tested against the criteria of the program," nothing remotely androgynous, "and approved by the Round Circle Committee. It wasn't simply a snap judgement." "Velvet is a cute name!" Annie was giddy, and she was bouncing on her mattress some, her thumb tip back between her lips. "Annie, please, grown-up day." This place was so radically disorganized. Like it would ever be a threat to me. "Yeah, I don't think so. Get me a different one in the next day or two, or I'll go by Brooke." My first stance against Colette. She needed to know, despite my enjoying all this, I wasn't going to cooperate so easily. And unfortunately, I wasn't the type of person her methods could manipulate. Dresses were actually pretty cool sometimes! "Interesting that you're so easily rattled by a name, I would have thought you'd be far more secure in yourself than that, Velvet. It's just a name, and Brooke doesn't meet the criteria set out for naming convention by the board. You're going to be Velvet, and I suggest you get used to it because it'll be your legal name when we're done here." I'd given him an explanation, which was more than I usually gave. I hoped he'd see the fact that I respected him. Legal name? I frowned. "You can't change my name." "No, I can give you a name." "I have a name..." I didn't understand. I just watched her in the door, smiling. What the hell was she talking about. She didn't have any power like that... that was against the law... "You should understand where your strengths are, Velvet. Psychologically brilliant, but law isn't one of them. What we are doing is sanctioned and supported under the current party policy. A prisoner costs more per year than college, and is 72% likely to reoffend. Our program costs the same, but has a zero reoffender rate to date. This program is the future, and I promise you that we have full support. Your legal name will be Velvet Duke, when you graduate the program. Is it worth fighting over?" "I'm not responding to it," I said flatly. She was kidding. She couldn't just... ugh. What a bitch. Such a nice place, but the staff needed work. And if Colette was the one that made Annie like this? She was more pathetic than I thought. I had no time to associate with such hopeless doctors. "Well, Velvet, give it time. We'll see how the pieces fall, won't we?" His name would be Velvet. Velvet to the staff, Velvet to the other inmates. Velvet would be a name that would overwhelm him, and nobody lasted all that long. She didn't have to justify why she knew it would work, just that it would. It always did.
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    chapter 4: A Mothers Love It was cold and chilly night in the town of fox-heart as Madeline was driving home with the little girl in the back seat. as she drove she could hear the sniffling from the little girl in the old car seat Nina used to sit in. Madeline knew YL’s could now sit in a car without one thanks to the new law that passed a few years ago. But after what happened to Nina, she just didn't feel safe putting the little girl into anything other than the car seat. ‘What a night’ Madeline thought as she let out a sigh. ‘There is a lot I need to do. I need to give Michiko a call tomorrow morning to see Alice. Hopefully, I can reach her before she goes to work. As Madeline thought of what she needed to do, Alice, on the other hand, sat in the car seat all most as quiet as a mouse say for her sniffling. ‘How could this happen to sob me?’ Alice thought to herself as she sucked her thumb and sniveled. All most everything hurt, from her little bottom from all the spankings she got to her wrist from trying to get out from the handcuffs when she handcuffed to the doorknob, to her little body when it was slammed to the well by that scary woman! But what hurt most of all was her pride. in just one night, almost all her adulthood had be taken from her. she had been caught, stripped, spanked, cried, wiped, powdered, and diapered like a little child. But worst of all she even wet herself! Alice looked down at the diaper she was in. she could hardly believe was she in one when just a little while ago, she was in a black sexy thong. HER black sexy thong! She looked down at the diaper, poking it, trying not to believe she had peed in it. trying not to believe she had wet herself. Wet herself like a baby. But she could clearly see the yellow tinge and that most of the cute cartoon baby animals were gone. then to her horror and humiliation, her mind went back to the police station and the thought of people seeing it and hearing what she said. “Haha! See! I told you she was just a BRAT!” “Ya only BABYS wet there diapers!” “Well she's OBVIOUSLY just a little baby” “A little baby POTTY PANTS!” Soon Alice started to whine at the imaginary police officers in her mind. What they must all be saying behind her back. Alice had literally no more tears to shed and all she could do was whine. as she did, Madeline looked back at her when she was at a stop light and the sight almost broke her heart. The little blond girl in a wet diaper, her eyes red and puffy from crying, and sucking on her thumb for comfort as she leaned her head onto the car seat to look out the side window as she whined. “Alice honey,” Madeline called out trying to get Alice’s attention to try to calm her down, but it did work. “ALICE,” Madeline said a bit louder then she meant to and made the little girl jump in her car seat. “P-p-pwease *sob* I-I *sniff* sorrwe! d-don’t h-h-h-hit *sob* me!” Alice sobbed out and raised her arms out to protect herself as a little more pee went into the waiting diaper. “Alice honey no no no no! I-I won’t hit you! why would you think that!?” Madeleine asked with worry as she quickly pulled over before turning her head to look at Alice. Alice could only look away in shame. “b-because I-I *sniff* w-went potty in m-my *sob* diaper.” Alice sobbed. Madeline felt her eyes start to water a bit as she looked at the scared little girl in the car seat, “Ni...” Madeline all most said her daughter’s name but stopped herself. Madeline then got out of the car and opened Alice’s door and gave the crying girl a little hug. “Alice, I won’t hit you for that. I know it’s not your fault.” Madeline whispered to Alice. “B-But sob it is!” Alice wimped out just wanting to die right there. “Look we will soon be home and I will make you something to eat and give you a nice warm cup of milk,” Madeline said after drying both Alice's and her eyes. Madeline then started driving back home again. Alice did not say anything else as they drove. all she could do was suck her thumb and look out the window at the early Halloween decorations that were out. Soon they were home. Madeline parked her car then she gives one more look to Alice before getting out, wiping her eyes she opened the back seat. Alice looked up at the older woman and quivered, scared of what she could do to her now. But All Madeline did was unbuckled her and picked her up. Alice was just too tired to fight back, so she wrapped her arms around the older woman's neck and allowed herself to be carried inside. she wanted was to get out of this wet diaper and go to sleep. Madeline carried the little girl right upstairs and into the nursery, then to the changing table. Madeline laid Alice down and then started to undo the little girl’s diaper but was soon stopped by Alice who whimpered. “P-P-P-Pwease d *sniff* don’t mo.. *sniff* mo.. *sniff* miss! I-I can d-d-do it my *sniff* myself!” Alice said, but really she could not. she just did not want this older woman to see what she did. But Madeline just gives a warm and caring smile and put her hand on Alice’s cheek rubbed it a bit. “Shhh now-now, it’s okay. I have done this before with my little girl. so you don’t have to be scared or embarrassed.” Madeline told her. Alice wanted to say something, but looking into the blue caring eyes of the older woman robbed that, all Alice could do was closes her eyes and sniffle as she let the older woman change her. “That’s a good girl,” Madeline said then went back to work on changing Alice. she took off the little one’s diaper, tossing it away, then got some baby wipes out and started cleaning Alice up. Like before Alice blushed, squirmed and a little cried as she was cleaned. Alice even bit her lower lip when her kitty was being cleaned. ‘I will take care of her hair later, right now she has been through enough today.’ Madeline thought before she got the same aloe-Vaseline and put on Alice’s bottom. like before, Alice squirmed and cried a bit but not as much as before. soon after the cold cream soon followed the nice smell of baby powder in the air. Alice hated to admit it, but she did like the small and the feel of it on her lower body. Soon a new diaper was put on her. she was then sat up on the changing table and her face was cleaned with a baby wipe. “There we go, all cleaned up. so, how about we get you in some pj’s and get you something eat. okay, Alice?” Madeline said as she started to take off Alice’s socks, “p-pj’s?” Alice said questionable look on her face. “Yes honey, pj’s, it’s going to be a cold night tonight,” Madeline said as she got Alice’s socks off and then her shirt. she then put the nearly naked Alice on the floor. “B-But I don’t *sniff* have a-any pj’s with me.” Alice sniffled out. “don’t worry sweetie you can wear one of my Nina’s pj’s till we get some of your own” Madeline told Alice as she walked to a dresser and looked for some pj’s to pick out to wear. Alice was shocked to hear that. “I tried to rob her. why is she being so loving and nice to Me?” she thought. then thought, ‘m-maybe I can get out of this diaper and back into my thong and my big girl clothes.’ Alice felt a good bit calmer after being changed, but still a good bit scared. Madeline then walked over holding three pj's. “Okay honey, I have three pj’s you can pick. which ones do you want to wear tonight?” Madeline asked. “C-can’t I wear what I had on before?” Alice asked hoping to get some of her adulthood back. Alice looked up at Madeline for a moment as a thought of realization came over the older woman's face. “I-im so sorry sweety!” Madeline told Alice. “Michael took them when you were taken to the police station. I was supposed to grab them when we left but everything happened so fast!” It was the truth, Madeleine wasn't expecting to see Alice in a wet diaper crying earlier and it just slipped her mind. Alice was a little distraught, she was really hoping to be back in her clothes again. But it did make sense. Even she was too depressed at the time to fully understand what was happening. “C-can I just h-have a shirt?” Alice asked. “No Alice it’s going to be very cold tonight so you need to be warm, you don’t want to get sick do you?” Madeline asked as she kneeled down to face the little girl. Alice finally looked at the pj’s and was a little shocked to see the three pj’s where Footed Onesies. From what Alice saw, one was pink with a hoodie, next one was made to look like a teddy bear with ears on the hoodie. And then the last one, the last pj’s were like the diaper she had on, it had cute baby cartoon animals on it but the animals that were on it were wearing pj’s themselves and were ready for bed. Alice’s face grows red at the thought of wearing any of them. “N-No *sniff* no no no *sob* I am not wearing them! I am a grown up n-not some baby!” Alice said stomping her foot and mustering up all the remaining strength she had left. “Alice, its cold out and you need to be warm or you are going to get sick.” Madeline said before her instincts kicked in and she went ‘MOM MODE’. “DO YOU WANT TO GET SICK OR WORSE?” “I-I d-don’t care if I g-get sick, I *sniff* I just want to be a grown up!” Alice said stubbornly before looking away from Madeline. but then Madeline grabs Alice’s shoulders and made the little one look at her. “Well I am sorry, but you are wearing one of these pj’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it, young lady,” Madeline said now in full mom mod and knowing what she might have to do next, Alice just sniffled. “N-No y-you can’t make me! I am a grown u-owwwww.” Alice was starting to say till Madeline give Alice a hard slap on her patted bottom. “Alice that is enough young lady.” Madeline starts to say having enough of Alice temper tantrums. “Now Alice, enough is enough. you have two options, one you get your pj’s on right now, or you get a spanking and then get your pj’s on.” to emphasize her point, she gave Alice one more hard slap on the little one’s padded bottom. Alice eeped and jumped “N *sob* No fair! pwease m-my bottom still hurts s- *sniff*s-so much y-you can’t m-mommy.” Alice sobbed not realizing she called her mommy. Madeline let out a sigh. “Alice, I can sweetie and I will. but I am giving you a choice so which one will it be?” Alice sniffled and rubbed her padded bottom a little, “Well little one what do you want?” Madeline asked still keeping an eye on the little girl. Alice not wanting another spanking slowly picked the pink one. “That’s a good girl. Now let mommy help you in them.” Madeline said with a smile before helping Alice get in the pink pj’s. Alice did not resist anymore as she was helped into the footed pj’s, after getting in them she was then zipped up. to Alice’s surprise, the pj’s felt nice and warm on her little body they were a bit big on her but not too much. Madeline smiled and give Alice a hug and said.” Okay, Alice now let’s get you something to eat.” “Mo... um, Miss Madeline. c-can I just go to bed pwease I am really really sleepy.” Alice asked just wanting to sleep and put this horrible night behind her. “Alice are you sure? You are very skinny, can you try to eat something for me please?” Madeline asked. but she did see Alice was getting sleepy so she didn’t want to force her too, Alice just shook her head no, she just wanted to sleep. “All right Alice you can but you are eating tomorrow Now let’s get that hair-bun undone,” Madeline said as she reached for it, but Alice stopped her wanting to show she was an adult. “I-I c-can do it myself.” Then Alice went to work and in less than a minute Alice’s bun was undone and her blonde hair fell to her shoulders, Madeline looked at Alice then give a warm smile. “My my, you look even cuter with your hair down.” Madeline said with a pat on the little girl’s head making Alice blush “Th-Thank you, mommy. I-I mean miss Madeline!” Alice said finding it getting harder to stop calling the older woman mommy now. Madeline just smiled before picking up Alice and walking to the crib, she laid the little girl down covered her with some blankets. “C-Come on! I *sniff* I don’t need to sleep in *sob* a crib!” Alice said getting really sick of being treated like a baby and not an adult. “Alice this is just to keep you from falling out of bed,” Madeline told Alice, “B-But I-I don’t fall out of bed!” Alice protested. “Just for tonight sweety, its already very late and I don't have anything else for you at the moment,” Madeline told the small girl. Alice just pouted just like child. She didn't want to sleep in the crib, but she was too tired to really complain about it anymore as she gave a yawn. “Anyway, I know it’s going to be scary having to sleep in a new place. so I have a friend for you.” Madeline said as she grabbed something and held it up to Alice. Alice gives an odd look till she was given a snow white teddy bear with a big light pink heart on its tummy. “W-who’s this?” Alice asked as she held the teddy bear to look at it. “That’s snowy the bear. she was one my Nina’s toys before she…” Madeline stopped talking and tried to stop sob from coming out. “Th-Thank you, mommy, she is um really pretty,” Alice said but really, she wanted to say she was too old to be sleeping with a stuffed toy. but after seeing Madeline’s face, Alice thought of keeping that to herself tonight. “Your welcome sweetie now can you open your mouth for me please?” Madeline asked. Alice found it odd but did what she was told only for a big pacifier to be put in her mouth, Alice sucked it once and blushed before taking it out. “C-Come on! now enough with this baby stuff! I a *sniff* am eighteen god d-dammit.” Alice said just wanting to go to sleep. “Okay but you do suck your thumb a lot and that will lead to bad teeth. you don’t want that do you?” Madeline asked. “N-No, but I a-am not a baby mommy! um, Miss Madeline!” “All right, all right Alice. we will talk about it in the morning. till then, do you want anything to help you sleep?” Madeline asked, but Alice shakes her head no before yawning again. Madeline nodded an okay and give Alice a kiss on the forehead. told her goodnight then turned off the light and walked out of the room. When she was out, Madeline let out a sigh. ‘what a night this was.’ She found a Little thief stealing from her, diapered the little girl, and even had her arrested. Now she just tucked the little girl to sleep just like she did with…. Madeline shook her head to not finish that thought. She walked into her room and looked at the clock. it was 2:15 AM. even though it was late Madeline was still wide awake from everything that happened. so she went to work putting the stuff Alice tried to take back to where it belonged, even after getting that done she was still not sleepy. She then got out her old laptop and looked up the Nightstar’s. ‘Was it true?’ Madeline thought ‘Was that little girl really a Nightstar?’ Madeline started to look them up starting with Jack William Nightstar first. Jack was the son of judge Kin Nightstar and the great great great great grandchild of the infamous hanging judge Able Nightstar, and one of the founders of the town of fox-heart. The Nightstar’s are one of the oldest families in fox-heart. Madeline knew Jack from work. he was ferocious in court and very smart. as the news said he’s a shoo-in for governor. But there were rumors of blackmail and falsifying evades, but nothing has come of it. Then there was Isabell Nightstar, wife to Jack and CEO of Hopeman industries, and daughter to Jimmy Wolf the CEO before her. Isabell was beautiful for a woman her age and had been in many magazines and news stories for her charitable works. Then there was Eve Nightstar the daughter and pride and joy of Jack and Isabell Nightstar. She was a violinist and an athlete. Not to mention very smart. she was going to be a CEO herself after she was done being in the Olympics. Madeline did not see Alice at first but did some digging she found an article saying how the Nightstar’s have just welcomed their new daughter Alice into the world. Madeline looked even more and she soon found a pic of Jack and Isabell Nightstar at a fundraiser. in the picture, there was a teenage Eve and a seven-year-old Alice. even those she was a bit small Madeline knew it was her. She tried looking up more about Alice but the only thing she got was that Alice had passed away years ago. Madeline blinked ‘his can’t be right? Can it?’ She asked herself then looked more into it. It said something about a home invasion gone wrong, Eve being hurt and Alice being missing then being declared dead. Madeline’s head was full of questions. How is Alice declared dead? Did her parents even know she is alive? What caused Alice to become a thief? What type of treatment would cause such a small girl to hate her family? Why would Alice starve herself like that? Thoughts lingered on Alice's skeleton-like body. There was no doubt she was starving herself. Even right now Madeline had to stop herself from just shoving a turkey down the little girl's throat just to put something into that stomach. But she’s most likely sleeping right now and wouldn't eat anything. That's when Madeline had a thought and rushed to the kitchen. She opened her pantry and looked at the container of “Youth Lock bottle formula.” For some Youth locks, it's hard to get all the nutrition their body needs. So people made a special formula mix to help with that. All you had to do was mix it with water and drink. It's not meant to replace food, but it can help youth locks who have a hard time getting the nutrition they need. Madeline bought this one when Nina was sick and couldn't eat anything solid for almost 2 days. “It might not be much, but its way better than going to sleep hungry,” Madeline told herself as she prepared a bottle in the microwave. As the bottle was warming up, madeline thought of another way to force Alice to get nutrition. She looked down at her breasts. “Ill ask Michiko about it later” she told herself. Once the bottle was nice and hot, Madeline added some cold milk and strawberry syrup to it to add some flavor. The bottle was now nice and worm as Madeline creped back up to the nursery. Checking on Alice as she walked to the crib, she then smiled as Alice was sound asleep hugging snowy and sucking her thumb, Madeline placed a hand on Alice little cheek and rubbed it a bit. “What have your parents done to you my little one?” Madeline asked as she felt tears in her eyes. Madeline slowly pulled Alice's thumb out of her mouth and quickly replaced it with the rubber nipple of the bottle. Alice gave two small sucks, letting the warm liquid pour into her mouth. Her body must have realized it was getting some type of food as the sleeping girl began sucking harder. Madeline held the bottle and pet the girl's hair as she watched the bottle slowly drain. ‘You were definitely a hungry baby’ Madeline thought as the bottle soon emptied. Madeline then replaced the bottle with the pacifier. Alice moved a bit but did not wake up, all she did cuddle snowy and suck her pacifier as if it might also give milk. But sadly didn't. Madeline gives a happy sigh before kissing Alice’s cheek before gently raising the side of the crib. Madeline then went to her room and got her nightgown on, set her clock and finally went to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.
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    The morning after the night before... Nick wakes up in his crib and comes to terms with his submissive position whilst George and Kirsty discover than sometimes even the most unplanned things can just happen... And that, for one of them at least, there are some uncomfortable consequences. --- This story, like all my story updates, has been available on Patreon for one week, I post an update every four days and everything remains Patreon only for one week. For $5 a month you can get access to all my public stories. For $10 you also get access to exclusive Patreon only stories. There are other tiers and rewards available all of which can be found on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A huge thank you to everyone who supports me on Patreon: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, Sith, Daniel, Dillon W, Ak, M, Sophie S, Earnest B, Jack O, Joshua M, Neshon C, Txdiapered, Kin, P74_1986, Chris, Dre, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, C Dom, Persi S, Ceneroz, Rob, Kyle L, Darrel, Jack C, S Millard, Cheryl C, Carlota C, Ron M, Tsidt, Britnee L, Trenton M, Geoffrey J, Robert J, Chris, J Land, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Jerry J, Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, John D, Tomy, Infouneed2know, Daniel W, LuvsSissy, Guilyn, Erik P, Bojack D, Shihouin10, Scott S, DiaperingDaddy, Miguel A, James B, A Random Patreon, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F, Kent J --- Nick woke up the next morning in the same way that he was used to. His eyes slowly opened to see the bars of his crib surrounding him and he had grabbed his blanket in the night to hug close to him. One of the things Nick missed since losing his adulthood was sleeping in the same bed as his wife, this crib was a far cry for the marital bed that he had been used to. Nick adjusted and sat up slowly as he woke up with a yawn. As he moved he felt the familiar presence of his nappy separating his thighs. He already knew he was wet but Nick reached down and prodded his padding anyway. The spongy feeling was familiar, even in the new nappies. With a yawn Nick looked at the door to the nursery. It was still closed so Sarah was probably in bed. Nick had heard her come to bed a while after he had so he could be left lying there for a while for all he knew. Sarah hadn’t been lying about these new nappies. They were extremely thirsty and despite being certain he had wet plenty in the night Nick knew the padding was still very clearly capable of taking a lot more punishment. He had no idea if it was good that the nappy was more absorbent or not, less changes were probably good about potential humiliation but it would mean more time spent in wet padding. Nick rubbed his eyes and looked out of the window. The sun was rising but was still hanging low over the houses on the skyline. Without a clock it was impossible to know what time it was but he knew it was still early, without knowing when his wife was coming this could often be the most boring part of the day. Nick sighed and laid back down as he tried to relax and wait patiently. It didn’t feel good to be this reliant on another person but without Sarah he knew he would be a prisoner in his bed for the foreseeable future. As Nick waited he grew exceedingly bored. Time seemed to pass really slowly and after a few minutes of silence Nick started to wonder how much time he had. He looked at the door guiltily as if it would show a countdown of how much time he had. “There’d be no harm if I…” Nick muttered to himself. He trailed off as he listened to the house in case there was a creak of a floorboard or a thud of a footstep. Silence. Nick reached down with his hands and gently massaged the front of his wet padding. The sound of crinkling plastic filled the room. Nick tried to pleasure himself stealthily but the plastic echoed around the room, he hoped that the noise wasn’t carrying down the landing. “Come on…” Nick whispered to himself as he tried to rub his erogenous zone through the thick padding. It was no good. After five minutes of desperately trying to get himself excited Nick gave up, the padding was too thick and Nick just couldn’t feel himself. It was extremely frustrating. He threw his arms to his side in frustration and closed his eyes. It was about an hour before Sarah opened the door to the nursery and walked in. She was in her bath robe as usual and looked very tired, she still found time to smile at her baby as she walked past and over to the changing table. Nick watched Sarah set up a new nappy for him with disinterest. One nappy was just like any other to Nick who barely noticed the difference between the thinner nappies and the thicker ones, they all made him waddle. “Ready for another big day?” Sarah asked her pampered husband. “A big day?” Nick replied with a frown. “I swear you would forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on.” Sarah giggled as she lowered the side of the crib and helped Nick climb out of his bed, “We are going to Kirsty’s. She wants to show us a few things.” “She wants to show you how not to take advantage of me.” Nick muttered darkly. “Careful.” Sarah gently chided her husband, “I’m sure you don’t want to go to Kirsty’s house with suppositories up your butt.” Nick swallowed and looked at his wife in shock. She had never threatened something like that before and it was not something Nick wanted to push about. He just happily followed Sarah to the changing table and then clambered up in his wet padding. Lying flat on his back Nick felt the nappy loosen as the tapes were removed. He relaxed as the front was lowered and he was wiped. The nappy was soaked and when Sarah pulled it away she clucked her tongue and shook her head, it was clear she was overreacting to try to make Nick feel bad but it wasn’t working. Nick was too busy worrying about going back to Kirsty’s house. Nick remembered the way he had left. The drama that ended up with him hitting George and storming away was still fresh in his mind and knowing that he was going to see them again definitely made him nervous. He felt bad for punching George but he also felt very hurt after what he felt was a betrayal from the sissy. “Right.” Sarah said. Nick quickly came back to reality, “All done. Let’s get some breakfast before we head off.” --- Kirsty stretched and let out a yawn as she slowly woke up. She felt the warm sunlight falling on to her face through the window, clearly she had forgotten to close the curtain the previous night. She could feel a very slight headache, she hadn’t had too much to drink the previous night but she certainly did have some. The meal had been nice but a little awkward at times. Kirsty’s own fault for what she had done in the past. She remembered the kiss and then the ride home. She remembered laughing and joking with George and then… “Good morning.” George said quietly with a yawn. Kirsty’s eyes shot open and she rolled over in bed to see George lying next to her. Suddenly the events of the previous night flooded back. George had turned to go to his nursery but Kirsty had stopped him and offered him a place in her bed. George had asked if she was sure and that she wasn’t making a drunken mistake, she responded that she knew what she was doing. The pair of them had laid down and Kirsty had started getting things heavier. Kirsty had pulled off George’s clothes as he kissed her passionately. The nappy was ripped off with the tapes still attached to the front, it was thrown to the foot of the bed. Kirsty remembered pulling a condom out of her bedside table and she remembered what happened next. “Hello.” Kirsty whispered in return. She wasn’t sure what to say or do, this was not a situation she thought would happen. “So… This is a little awkward, right?” George giggled as he spoke. “A little bit.” Kirsty smiled as she agreed, “But I don’t regret it.” “I’m glad.” George replied, “So what do we-” “Go to your nursery and wait for me on your changing table.” Kirsty cut George off and smiled. George smiled back at her warmly. Kirsty winked at George. “Yes, Mistress.” George smiled widely as he climbed out of the bed naked. He picked up last night’s nappy and folded it up. Kirsty sat up and got dressed. She found herself smiling and she couldn’t seem to stop. When Kirsty walked into her sissy’s nursery just a few minutes later she found George obediently lying down on the table. Both people were smiling and generally acting quite awkwardly around each other as Kirsty walked across the room and began to unfold a new nappy. “Last night was nice.” Kirsty said to George. She blushed as she spoke. “It was.” George agreed. “But we can’t let it be a regular thing.” Kirsty warned, “I’m your Mistress not your lover.” “Not regular… But occasional?” George asked with a little twinkle in his eye. “We’ll see.” Kirsty couldn’t get rid of the little smile that was lighting up her face. She was acting liking a hormonal teenager and it caused her some embarrassment. Kirsty lifted George’s legs and placed the new diaper underneath him. It was one of George’s special pink diapers. She pulled the front of the padding up between George’s legs before pausing. “I think we need to remind you of the power aspect.” Kirsty said thoughtfully. She lowered the front of the diaper and exposed the sissy again. George watched from the table as Kirsty opened a drawer and pulled out a few things. He gulped nervously at what he was seeing, he knew Nick and Sarah were coming over today and he was already nervous enough. “Your little clittie cage.” Kirsty said as she held out a small pink chastity device and holding it in the air. George gulped as the cock cage was placed on the still open nappy. He was even more dismayed to see that Kirsty wasn’t done. “And your hollow butt plug.” Kirsty held up a long piece of clear transparent plastic with a hole all the way through from top to bottom. George hadn’t used this plug much and it was a very new addition to Kirsty’s toy collection. He knew what it did though. The plug held open his anal sphincters and the hole meant that he would mess himself with much less control, indeed when he pushed down with his tummy muscles he knew there would be nothing he could do to stop from messing. “D-Do I have to wear those?” George asked nervously. His small effeminate voice betrayed his nervousness. “I think after last night I have to make sure you know who’s in charge.” Kirsty stated, “So yes, you do have to wear them.” George swallowed again as Kirsty started to affix the pink plastic chastity cage. Once it was all put together it barely fit George’s member inside, any swelling would cause the sissy great pain. He rarely felt as emasculated as when he couldn’t get hard or relieve himself sexually. It was as if Kirsty was taking control of his genitals. When Kirsty moved her hands away George could feel the plastic chastity cage weighing down his diaper area, he looked down to see his poor caged penis. He was nervous about what was coming next. Kirsty pulled out the lube and started liberally applying it to butt plug. George looked at the plug with trepidation. Even worse, he could feel himself becoming excited by the sight of it which caused his penis to expand against it’s prison and send pain through his body. “I can tell from the look on your face that you are looking forward to this.” Kirsty giggled as she saw the pained wincing from her sub. Kirsty placed the plug down and lifted George’s legs into the air just like she would for a diaper change. She instructed George to hook his knees with his arms and keep his legs in the air, he did as he was told immediately. George was breathing a little hard as he pulled his legs back as far as he could His legs blocked Kirsty and her toy so he couldn’t see when it was coming, he just tried to stay as relaxed as possible. “Tell me if you need me to stop, OK?” Kirsty said quietly. “Yes, Mistress.” George replied rather breathlessly. Kirsty could see George’s little brown hole right in front of her. She pointed the thin end of the plug towards the sensitive opening and slowly moved it closer. She knew the anticipation for when it was coming was driving George mad and she liked it. Slowly, Kirsty moved the plug closer and closer until it was resting on George’s ass. She could feel him whimper a little bit when he felt it’s touch, she loved his reactions. He was practically begging for it to be put in just to stop the anticipation. Kirsty pushed it forward slightly and the very tip entered the trembling sissy. Kirsty heard a moan of shock quickly give way to a moan of pleasure, she smiled as she slowly pushed it in further. “Just a little more.” Kirsty said as the plug passed the halfway point. George’s legs were twitching with every move. George was looking up and the ceiling and wincing from what his cage was doing to him. He could feel every centimetre of plug entering him until he finally felt the flared base pressing against his cheeks. George grunted slightly as he felt Kirsty’s hand leave the plug. “Now you are all ready for your nappy.” Kirsty said as she gently lowered George’s legs. George winced a little as his legs were returned to the table and he felt both the constricting cage and the plug shift uncomfortably. He felt almost like a machine with so many little toys poking and prodding him. He tried to forget about them as the front of his new pink nappy was lifted up and taped closed. It was impossible to forget since every step sent a reminder to George’s brain. Kirsty dressed George in a rather plain pink t-shirt and some blue denim overalls that were cut off at the knees. The straps ran up and over each of the sissy’s shoulders. It was a nice and comfortable outfit for lounging around the house. As George walked down the stairs after Kirsty he heard the doorbell ring and froze in his place. He nervously whimpered as Kirsty approached the door. “Relax.” Kirsty said, “It’s just Sarah and Nick.”
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    26.) "How does it make you feel?" Ginger had come and picked up her little project upon receipt of the call, and taken her home. Home being Ginger’s house. Home being an immaculate apartment that Ginger referred to as her flat, adorned in decor from all around the world, but ever-tasteful. The tea set was Chinese, the tea inside? English, and the kotatsu she'd sat the girl down at was decidedly Japanese. Her place was weird. But right now I didn't care about furniture. I sat under the blanket table and sipped the cup of tea. I was over my crying spell - I was feeling sick and uncomfortable. I was feeling stupid. I didn't know what to feel... "I just... I don't understand what I did wrong. He said I used disgusting language... because I swore? He loves that stuff..." I bit my lip. Dirty talk had always been his thing. I was actually pretty good at it over the years... "Well, sometimes people change over time. Sometimes... there are circumstances. Like, if I were to dress up as a proper English Maid for some curious boy or girl, I'm sure that they wouldn't want to hear me talking in a way that didn't match up to that, would they? Wouldn't it ruin the moment?" Ginger was remarkably good at making points like that. "I don't understand," I said quietly, looking at her with a pout. Talking different? Like a different language? But then there was something else she said that was interesting. Other than the 'dressing up like a maid' thing, which I thought was much sexier than dressing up like a kid. "You said boy or girl? So you...?" Obviously she was gay. Or bi. Or something. Because she liked me! "Let's keep the focus on you for now, Wednesday," Coyly, she smiled and sipped her tea. "It's all about congruence, it's about what fits. Perhaps Jeremy likes you to talk filthy sometimes, but when he's playing Daddy, he wants you to fit his image of you in that context. You don't think he'd want his little princess to be cursing, do you?" "Oh." Hm... well I guess she had a point, didn't she? I bit my lip and looked down into my tea. So I had to do more than dress like a little girl - I had to act like one? I really didn't understand how any of that was supposed to be sexy though. I wished Remy would just talk to me about it! We always talked about everything. But for over a week now, it felt like we couldn't discuss things anymore. Like he made the decisions. It wasn't so bad, but at times like this... it really could be annoying. "He shouldn't have spanked me." "I think it's easy to jump to that conclusion, because you're an adult woman and he's your husband to be." There was always a but, tho. "But in the context of you being his little girl, don't you think maybe, just maybe, and only in that context, that it may have been appropriate?" "It wasn't fair! And I didn't say he could. And it hurt! And..." I shuffled awkwardly in place under the warm blanket. I suddenly wasn't so thirsty anymore. "He just stormed out, like... like I'd messed up. But he didn't even talk to me! And he won't tell me what he wants, so how am I supposed to know? I messed up but I didn't even know!" “Well, communicating is important. Let's see... you and he had the dispute when you were being his little girl, so maybe you should approach it in that context? I have some colored pencils, maybe you could draw him something cute, and write a little note that says how sorry you are for disappointing him?" Somehow Ginger made the notion of all that sound completely normal. "...that sounds stupid," I said more to myself than to Ginger. "I'll go get some in case you change your mind," she told me, and got up from the table. Honestly, I didn't understand any of this. I didn't know why it was sexy that I acted like a kid? Was he into kids or something? No, Remy wasn't like that. But he always did want kids... when Ginger came back, she put down a coloring book in front of me. I finished my tea. "Um. Do you understand this dressing like a kid thing? And acting like one? I just think... maybe he should see a therapist or something?" Oh wait, wasn't Ginger a therapist? "I mean, you know psychology and stuff, right?" "I am, yes." She chuckled a little bit under her breath as she sat back down. "There's nothing harmful about what he likes, and it's actually a very common dynamic. Polled in 2011, women in the US listed Daddy-play as a Top 10 fantasy interest almost consistently. So you're pretty lucky, wouldn't you say?" "I guess so..." I didn't even know if she was telling the truth, but I sort of believed her anyway. I picked up a crayon and started to color because I had nothing else to do anyway. "So it's normal? Does it mean he finds kids sexy? Or what? I don't really understand..." “It’s not really the same thing. You’re an adult, and he knows that. You aren’t a child. But it’s exciting for men to have so much control. It manifests differently in different people: sometimes bondage, or treating girls as pets. Sometimes as children. It has nothing to do with real kids. And haven’t you been better off?” "Hardly," I said flatly, a little annoyed. "I haven't had..." I looked up at Ginger and felt a little blush on my cheeks. Jeez, I couldn't believe I was about to talk to Ginger about my sex life... "It's been like... almost three weeks since..." I really didn't want to talk about this, though. Since our talk at the sex shop, this line of conversation hadn't come up. "Well, how has the little surprise I got you been?" When Wendy looked at her blankly, Ginger frowned and sighed. "You did look in your top drawer, right? I got you something to help with your issues." Actually, it would probably benefit more when Jeremy had introduced Wendy to her new undergarments, but it would be pretty fun even before that. "...what are you talking about?" "From the adult shop, Wendy?" I stared blankly at her. "The... dress?" But she sighed, dismissively. I blushed. "I really have no idea what you're talking about!" A surprise? I had gone in my top drawer to get some underwear this morning, but I wasn't paying attention. "Look... you're exploring something new with Remy, and that's going to take some time, it’s going to take some... adjusting. So I got you something to help you out, sometimes to take the edge off your..." Slutty neediness, maybe? And then I remembered the conversation we'd had in the store, about how I didn't own any sex toys. My blush deepened and I slammed my crayon down on the table. "I don't need one of those! I have a fiancé! And it's his responsibility to make sure I'm satisfied, or he doesn't get satisfied! That's how it works!" That was how it has always worked! "I don't need a toy!" "That's how it works?" Ginger smiled thoughtfully. "So it sounds like you hold all the cards, then? I wonder if that's very in line with the fantasy notions Jeremy has about you being his little girl. Shouldn't Daddy hold the cards? Isn't that more fun?" "I..." I hesitated and shook my head, crossing my arms over my chest. "I don't have the cards! We both have the cards... we just... we have balance. That's fair! That's how it's supposed to be!" Right? The fact that she called Remy Daddy in common conversation didn't even register. "I'm just trying to keep things fair..." "Fair doesn't have to mean symmetrical, though, does it? You do as you're told by your Daddy, and in return, he takes care of you, he makes time for you, he makes the bad things in your life go away. He offers you safety and security, and you offer him beauty and obedience. That sounds pretty fair to me, doesn't it sound fair to you?" Leading questions were certainly a strong suit here. "I... I don't want to talk about this anymore," I said quietly, picking up my crayon again. I was so annoyed. I was annoyed because... well, because she was making sense. I hated that. I hated it! "I'm not using your stupid sex toy," I said as a finishing thought and changed the subject. "So you're bi?"
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    Magda stared up at her, blue eyes huge in her sallow face. Her body was as tense as Gertrude’s. Both were too scared, too shocked to scream. Her clothes were layers of dirty, tattered rags. Her once plump face was gaunt. Her cheeks were sunken hollows. Baby fat and pudge melted away to reveal sharp angles and jutting bones. Egg liquid shined on her thin lips in the lantern’s light- she was so hungry she’d sucked raw eggs. Their gazes locked, brains too stunned to process what was going on. Childhood friends- the Diaper Girls- reunited on opposite sides of a rifle. A bedraggled Jewish girl who smelled of pee and a healthy Nazi girl in a clean diaper. The smell of fresh, concentrated ammonia filled the air as a puddle of liquid expanded from under Magda, soaking her skirts and the floorboards, dripping between the cracks. A wave of warmth flowed over Gertrude’s crotch, her bladder caving under the strain tension, fear, and shock, collapsing under the strain of heavy emotions. The padded cloth diaper was thick enough to absorb her pee without the protection of rubber panties. The girls peed at the same time. Only Gertrude gasped, face flushing in embarrassment. Her diaper was heavy, weighed down by her urine. The diaper pins kept it warm and snug against her, but the wetness and weight let her know it was there. The soggy cloth clung to the fleshy folds of her lady parts, yet the rest of her was dry. The contrast was strangely soothing. Poor Magda had no diapers, and she apparently never managed that potty training thing. Gertrude could only stare down at her. Her body felt numb and leaden, her brain kaput. She could only focus on the feeling of her wet diaper and stare at the puddle of urine around her childhood friend. Those blue eyes just continued to stare up at Gertrude over the barrel of the rifle. Magda had no reaction to peeing herself. No fear of death, either. Only the shock of unexpected recognition. Gertrude kept her finger on the trigger, kept the muzzle pointed at Magda. “Magda.” She managed to croak out. Her voice was loaded with questions that never made it out of her throat, that her sluggish mind was just beginning to form. What the hell happened to you? What the hell are you doing here? Those blue eyes slowly blinked. “Gertie.” The reek of pee drowned out the barn and animal scents. Gertrude hoped it was Magda’s puddle and not her own wet diaper that smelled so bad. “You’ve changed.” Gertrude couldn’t keep the tremble out of her voice. The pee smell reminded her strongly of days she’d come home from school to find Heidi in a drenched, leaky diaper and wet bed that stunk up their small room. What should she do? She hadn’t expected this at all. Magda was her childhood friend. Magda had also broken into the barn and stolen eggs. Typical Jew behavior. Right? But Magda wasn’t a bad Jew. At least, she hadn’t been as a child. Who knew now? She was hiding out like a common criminal on the run. Magda didn’t look like a criminal- she looked like a scared, cornered rabbit. “So have you.” Magda spoke softly. She never moved in her pee puddle. Her eyes took in the uniform coat with the swastika band on an arm. The big boots. The rifle. Sadness crept in to replace surprise. Slowly, she shifted on her knees. Her long skirt grew wet and dark with more pee. The rifle’s muzzle now pointed directly over her heart. “It’s easier if you shoot here. Death is quicker. You can get back to your Christmas celebration sooner.” Her voice was a soft and quiet as the surrounding night, without the serenity. Calm, detached, emotionless. Dead inside.
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    I like the 12 month program, there is some interesting concepts in it and I followed it when I was starting. However, it really seems to be a very long long journey in losing the ability to wetting yourself. Which in a sense, is a good thing. You're really going to have to retrain yourself and it takes a long time. What you end up with is some form of PC muscle atrophy and leakage due to weakening the external sphincter. Also keeping things loose down there makes it extremely easy to go in any position, its like retraining muscle memory. I think long term it leads to a thickening of the bladder wall which makes it more difficult to holding fluid as the elasticity starts to go. What you don't get is a never knowing, not feeling it like with a cath. But don't kid yourself, at this stage you're what medical professionals will label as urinary incontinent. If you were to take a test, your bladder will most likely contract violently due to not holding a lot of fluid for a very long time and for sure will contract to expel it. You will feel it to, not pleasant but you won't be able to stop it. I just had something like this happen about a week ago. I woke up to a very full (or thought due to the bulkiness) diaper. As soon as I lifted myself up I could tell right away that I had urine to pass but I was afraid of wetting the bed. In an instant not really thinking it through I could start to feel urine pass when I tried to stop the flow by contracting. Uh, it didn't work, it stopped for maybe a millisecond as I think what was me re-shifting myself off the bed and then continued without a hitch. Wow, talk about realizing that if I was out and about, I would have for sure ending up wetting myself. Or when you think you're going and then it seems like it stopped only to realize and feel more wetness. I can feel large amounts coming out, or what I think are large amounts. This is probably more like 3-4 ounces now, at most. Anything lower, like maybe an ounce has become extremely difficult to feel when voiding. I get more like a vibration of the urine hitting the padding and reverberating back on my penis. There is no way of being able to hold a minimal normal 16 ounces of fluid. To give you an example, if I remember correctly (been awhile), when you void you can feel the bladder contract and I could anyway feel the urine pass through the urethra. Also (for me), I could not for example where a belt or something tight around my abdomen while voiding. Things would have to be loose so to speak, also no erections or would have to wait a bit before being able to go. Now, I can wear tight fitting plastic pants that snug my abdomen and my thighs and pass urine easily without even thinking about it. I do not feel the bladder contracting or the urine passing through the urethra. I can still feel something at the end of my penis but like I said, this is mostly due to the splashing of urine coming out hitting my skin bouncing off the diaper. So some background on my journey. When I started I could: Hold a fairly large amount of urine. Had a shy bladder, like a rock could go up to 8 hours without using the restroom. Could not pass urine with an erection. Did not leak seamen or prefluid. Could hold off on ejaculation for a long time, very strong PC muscles. Never wet the bed or have an accident during the day. Now five years in, that is completely opposite. When I started wearing and finally made the decision, some of the things I remember off the top of my head are: Year 1 I could void a lot of fluid, I didn't end up voiding every 15-30 minutes. When I went, it was a fairly a large volume at once. I had plenty of issues with wearing due to the excitement (fetish) of the diaper itself. No close fitting clothing or plastic pants too tight, could not void sitting down at a 90 angle or laying down. I had to constantly get up at night to void and then return to sleep. Erections were strong and some times painful if the diaper was not loose enough in the crotch area. Constantly worried about leaking. Diaper rash, get use to it cause until the skin gets tough enough, yeah. Year 2 Going easier, but still holding urine. Still could not void sitting down, I would have to use my arms to lift myself off the chair or lean forward/backward to relieve myself. Going while laying down still a challenge, I remember the painful bursting feeling trying to go without anything happening. Still getting up at night to void, either by standing completely up or kneeling on the bed or on all fours to void. When going in public I needed it to be quiet, was not use to just you know, going. Could not go while walking or going up the stairs. Year 3 Voiding amount has been reduced, at this point large amount no longer happen. I can still feel it coming out and for sure remember getting bladder pains if holding to long. It's around year 2-3 that I could finally stop feeling the constantly want to contract during voiding. The contraction you'd feel at the bottom of your penis where the PC/external sphincter is trying to control the flow. Almost from the start I had tried not to force anything out or closing this sphincter after stopping. I could kinda go in a chair, I would have to lean to one side or another. Had to be cushioned though. Getting better at laying down, but I had to be on my back. Still would not void on my side. I did start having or realizing that I was wetting during my sleep. There was also points here when I changed myself that there would easily be drops coming out during changing. Year 4 Around this time things started to become much easier in going all the time. I think year 3 was a crucial year in that this was probably the turning point. I could still somewhat retain but I found if I became sick (cold), I would loose everything and experience incontinence. This is also the time when I could go a lot longer with diapers and changing since the void amount was a lot smaller. Would give plenty of time for the diaper to absorb and not leak. Matter of fact, I don't remember leaking at all in year 4. I started to forget how to do certain tasks down there. I realized I couldn't figure out what to do to squeeze the last drops out. Erections by now were a lot weaker. I would have problems with playing with myself if it lasted more that 20 minutes in the fact I could feel I needed to go. Diapers could get a bit more snug but not too much. Going while laying down now works, sometimes still having to concentrate on relaxing the entire body. Year 5 Around the transition from year 4-5 I lost that bladder feeling. Now I get a "going now" and it just comes out. Started wearing thicker diapers as they can last a lot longer and the need for them. There is no way of being able to wear underwear at this point, I would have an accident for sure and probably wouldn't even notice it. Temperature change causes me to void, I need to wear some type of protection getting out of the shower or I'll ruin the rugs. A few brief strokes/tugs of my very sensitive penis will cause ejaculation. Since I no longer contract the external sphincter which controls/helps the prostate. Can go while having an erection as well. This is a very weird feeling. Mostly if playing around I will be sitting on a diaper as for sure I will start going. Standing, walking, talking, laying down, even upside down I can go. I don't think about it at all pretty much, I couldn't even tell you how many times I void in a day, but it has to be around 20ish? Any irritants to the bladder will cause immediate voiding, much quicker than normal. For instance, drinking coffee. Can wear anything at this point and snug as possible, there is no more needing to relax or loosening the belt area. In order to achieve this, I make sure I drink fluids all through the day to stay hydrated. I always had made sure to void before going to sleep (when I could feel it). I did listen to hypno files, and although I don't think they put a spell on me, they are encouraging, kinda like how like minded people here helping each other along. I never once wore underwear. I kept them around in the attic for about three years and then finally decided to just throw them out, which is now funny because I just now bought some, but for use with pads when I work out (for about an hour's worth tops). I now wear bodysuits almost all the time to keep from diaper sag. I don't care what anyone thinks, I have never been confronted about it and I've never seen anyone look. Honestly, I don't care about that either, lol. I've changed sheets more than I can think until I got a good routine down, still have the occasional leak. I have noticed, most likely due to drinking all the time and voiding, I have a much better skin complexion and my sickness time is much shorter. Most likely to passing the virus through quicker and not becoming dehydrated, which can prolong a cold.
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    7.) Her Refusal Ugh, she was such a bitch! I leaned against the wall in the hallway. I knew better. I knew she was goading me. I knew she was trying to get under my skin. But it still sucked. When lunch came, when the tone sounded, we all went to the table. I sat in my spot across from Annie. I didn't drink the bottle this time. I wasn't going to get willingly drugged by these lunatics. "Make sure dwink your baba." "You probably should." That came from Ayla. She'd been absent for breakfast, and of all the girls here, looked the most remarkable. She looked, spoke and acted like a teenage girl of about fifteen. She didn't seem like an experiment like the others. "Nope." They'd all try to convince me because they were products of this place. I knew that. And I was sure I'd get punished, whatever punishments were here. I didn't even know. I wasn't very afraid, though. I was interested. I wanted to know what they'd do to me to try to get me to conform. Some might say I was tempting fate, but fate had ensured I wasn't going to lose myself to this place. All I was doing now was trying to have fun in such a boring facility. There was a light above the table, in Velvet's red-ish color, and her sound rang as well. "That's your warning that you're almost out of time to finish your meal." Ayla had a pasta dish, with garlic bread, though the portion was small. The girls here were strictly calorie controlled. "Honestly, anything's better than sitting around and playing with blocks." I'd probably regret that statement. I played with the bottle, but I didn't put it anywhere near my lips. If they'd just give me some milk that wasn't drugged, it wouldn't be such a problem, would it? Like, I didn't mind the bottle, even if it was impractical. Everybody left the table when they finished, almost all around the same time, and that left the boy sitting there with the bottle. And shortly thereafter, two orderlies approached the boy, the larger of the two, with a bald head a beard, frowned. "You are refusing your meal, Velvet?" "That's not my naaaaaaame," I sighed, looking at the bottle. "Are you refusing your meal?" Did I have to answer? What if I didn't answer? Was this some protocol bullshit? If they'd ask nicely, maybe I'd even do it. Nah, I wouldn't. I was in such a bad mood after my meeting with Colette. I just wanted something exciting to happen. "Yes. I'm refusing." One orderly each grabbed the boy’s arms, though with their size advantage, one of them alone could have taken him. He didn't cry out as he was led through the security checkpoint door, and then into an adjacent room in the hall. It was a simple room. A television. A metal chair, bolted to the ground, with restraints. The boy was strapped in with little effort. "Velvet Duke, you have committed a Level 1 offense." "This isn't a courtroom, dude. I don't need to be read my rights or anything. Just get on with it." Ugh, how boring. The men strapped me into the chair. There was a TV in front of me. Was I going to have to watch TV? Oh no, not The Golden Girls... or was it a hypnotism trick? I'd dealt with this before. It was such a joke. This whole place was a joke. The television displayed an image of a man with a mustache. He spoke clearly. "You will be asked a series of questions. Failure to provide the expected response will result in punishment." That was it. Simple. Questions would flash up on the screen. Difficult ones at first. 88x172. 10 seconds to answer each one. Only, as the boy would find out, he would be electrocuted for providing the correct answer. He was expected to answer incorrectly. And the questions ranged from math, to geography, to logic puzzles, and would run for an hour. Training him to give wrong answers. Training him to be just a little bit... dumber. "Uh... 15 thousand... uh... one hundred... um..." And a bolt of electricity shot through the chair. I screamed out, twitching in the chair, and fell back into it as the current stopped. My breathing immediately became erratic. There were tears in my eyes. Real tears. Fuck, fuck, fuck... "What is the capital of the United States." Once again, the boy provided the correct answer, and was shocked. "What color is a mix of red and blue." Purple. Electrocution. "Which planet is closest to Earth?" "What year was the declaration of independence signed?" "What year were women allowed to vote." And so on. Shocks for right answers. No shocks for wrong answers. I was sobbing in the chair. I couldn't help it. It hurt so badly. My hair would rise on its own. My body shook, endlessly, and I couldn't catch my breath. "What is eleven times five." "F...fif..." I winced, shaking my head. "Fifty...f-four..." No shock... It wasn't 54. It was 55. I knew that. They wanted me to give the wrong answers? I could do that... "How many stars make up the Big Dipper?" "Fifty-four." No shock. "What is a young cat called?" "Fifty-four." A shock, throughout my whole body again, and I started to sob. I gave them the wrong answer, fuck!! The program wasn't automated. Unseen, adjacently roomed, was the orderly. The boy had to try, had to give the right answer, or want to, and then give the wrong one. He couldn't cheat. And worse, the questions were getting easier as the program went on. Some inmates endured dozens of these programs, conditioning them to become a little less smart every time. "What is the color of the sky?" "...purple..." No shock. "How many seconds are in a minute?" "...a hundred..." They were so stupid now. I knew the right answer. I'd just answer wrong. That was easy. I could answer wrong. It didn't teach anything. I wasn't being conditioned to anything! I knew the right answer! I'd just give the wrong one! About midway through, the pattern changed. The questions become specific. "What is your name?" Velvet would't elicit a shock, everything else would. "Are you a girl?" Yes meant no shock. No meant a shock. "Are you a baby?" Shocks for arguing. These shocks, too were significantly more painful. Tell them what they wanna hear... that's all I had to do. And after following up with the answers to lies, it was... obnoxiously easy. "What is your name?" "Velvet." "Are you a girl." "Yes." "Are you a baby?" "...yes." Three things I would have lied about anyway. No shocks. It was like the designer of this thing was a complete idiot. I smiled to myself. Lie, lie, lie... The second half of the test now provided shocks no matter the answers given. Back to general knowledge. But shocks no matter what. Shocks for right and wrong, shocks of fierce calibre. He'd been trained to lie, then to tell the truth, and now, neither was a path to victory. Now, for twenty five minutes, he would be shocked, and the word 'Failure' would flash up after every answer given. I tried so hard. I tried to get it right. I tried to get it wrong. I tried everything! I was falling apart. The shocks weren't meant for my size. Meant for someone bigger, I bet. I couldn't handle it. I was sobbing. I was crying so hard I'd miss whole questions. I'd pissed myself long ago, urine all over the floor, soaking my dress. I couldn't figure it out... I couldn't find the right answers... Finally, at the end of the marathon of shocks, one final question flashed up. "Are you a good girl?" The question mark blinked slowly, tauntingly. The room spelled of ammonia, and the boy was soaked, and every bit of hair on his lithe body crackled like tiny insects chirping. "Y-yes... I..I'm a good girl... I'm a good girl..." I couldn't stop sobbing. Even the words broke as they came out. This was a Level 1 punishment. This was the easiest of them. I didn't even get it! I didn't understand what the punishment was! I didn't know what it was trying to teach me, or... or anything. I just felt so lost and pathetic... The boy was dropped in his room by the orderlies, not cleaned up, not explained to. Just dropped on the floor. And sitting on the dresser, in front of him, was the bottle. Waiting. Above it, the burgundy light lit up, and the boys sound chimed. The expectation was clear. None of the girls came to see him, they knew he'd earned his first punishment. And now all he need do was contemplate his second. I stumbled to my feet, pulling myself to the bright flashing light. I grabbed the bottle and fell straight to the floor. I couldn't stop crying. The bottle went between my lips and I sucked on it, warm milk splashing my tongue. I just couldn't be punished again. I couldn't have that happen again...
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    “Do you have to bang?” detective Antonio Dawson sighed as he looked over to his niece. Eighteen year old Victoria who was sat on the windowsill continued knocking the white blinds cord against the window. Victoria sighed and looked at the rain bouncing off the street down below out of all of the places Victoria wanted to be spending her half term being stuck in a police station wasn’t one of them. “I’m bored” Victoria whined as she saw her uncle glaring at her. “Well nobody's forcing to be here why don’t you go round to see Leah?” Antonio replied. Victoria rolled her eyes as she placed her hands in her pocket. “No she’s going though some breakup thing.” “Well what about Samantha?” Antonio suggested. Victoria looked albeit a little confused but then she realised who her uncle meant. “Oh you mean Sammy, I can’t she’s gone to some army or marine base to see her dad” Victoria sighed as she pulled her phone out. Victoria sighed to herself as she started to look at people in adult diapers, for as long as she could remember Victoria had always wanted to wear a diaper she’d often have fantasies and dreamed of being made to wear a diaper as a form of punishment, although all Victoria ever received was more chores or groundings but she would sometimes be placed over her moms knee and revive a very hard spanking if she was very naughty. Victoria wasn’t sure why she had this fantasy she thought that it might have been because she was adopted but that idea was immediately dismissed as fast as it entered Victoria’s mind after all millions of children get adopted all over the world and they probably grow up without wanting to be in diapers. “Hey uncle Antonio?” Victoria quietly asked. “What’s up?” Antonio questioned. Victoria bit her lip she didn’t want to tell her uncle she wanted to wear diapers but it was driving her crazy not being able to talk to anybody about her feelings. “Can I talk to you about something?” Antonio span round in his chair and looked slightly confused. “Talk to me as your uncle or talk to me as a cop?” Antonio asked. “As in my uncle” Victoria asked as she took a last look at a picture of a woman about her age in a diaper. “If I was to ask mom if I could try something do you think she’d let me?” Victoria timidly asked. Antonio looked on slightly confused because of the odd question. Antonio knew his sister extremely well but he couldn’t really say yes or no because he didn’t know what his niece was wanting to try. “Depends your eighteen so your practically an adult what did you want to ask her?” Antonio replied. As Victoria was about to speak her adoptive mom Gabriella Dawson still dressed in her paramedic uniform appeared up a flight of stairs. “Ask me what?” The light brown skinned woman asked as she looked as she looked straight at Victoria. “Hey mom it doesn’t matter” Victoria replied as she grabbed her things. “Is it OK if we stop off at the supermarket?” Victoria asked. “Sure thing honey listen go sit in the car I need a word with your uncle” Gabby replied as she handed the keys to Victoria. Some time later and Victoria found herself down in the diaper section of her local supermarket. Victoria was twiddling with her fingers as she looked at the various diapers on display. Victoria eyed a pack of medium attends that would probably just about fit her. Victoria squatted down and pulled the attends diapers towards herself. Victoria was now seriously thinking about buy a pack of diapers but her thoughts were interrupted when a voice spoke to her. “I’d personally go with Abena they tend to hold more or you could try pull-ups” the female voice suggested. “I don’t wear diapers!” Victoria embarrassing spoke as she turned to face a friend of her moms. The friend was doctor Natalie Manning and she was very surprised to see Victoria down in this part of the store. “Look it’s OK don’t be embarrassed” Natalie spoke as she rubbed Victoria’s arm. “Listen I’m not judging you because I’m wearing a diaper right now” Natalie spoke as she pulled the tip of her red doctors scrubs down to expose a plastic backed diaper. Seeing Natalie in a diaper came as a little bit of a shock to Victoria. “W-why are you wearing a diaper your not worried people will think your weird?” Victoria stammered as she was totally amazed that Natalie was openly saying she had one on. Natalie who was now picking up a pack of pull-ups and a pack of diapers shrugged her shoulders. “It doesn’t bother me what people think look working at the A&E department we sometimes get rushed off our feet so wearing a pull-up or a diaper can help if your busy” Natalie replied. Natalie brushed a strand of hair out of her face as she strolled off to pay for her things. Once Natalie had paid for her things she walked out and saw Victoria’s mom Gabby sitting in her car. “Hey Gabby” Natalie smiled. “Oh hey Nat” Gabby groggily smiled as she rubbed her eyes. Working twenty four hour shifts was really taking its toll on Gabby so since Victoria was in the store Gabby had decided to try and rest her eyes for five or ten minutes. “Hey Gabby look I know it’s not my place but I think Victoria might be in need of her mom” Natalie spoke she didn’t want to openly tell Gabby she caught Victoria looking at the diapers but being a mother herself Natalie was just going off of her motherly instincts. Gabby rolled her eyes “what’s she done now?” Gabby sighed with great annoyance in her voice. “Well I think it’s best if you look for her she’s down aisle twelve” Natalie said before leaving. Gabby soon got out and went straight into the store and headed straight for aisle twelve. When she got there she saw Victoria holding a pack of diapers. Gabby stood watching Victoria looking at the diapers. Gabby was now totally confused as to why Victoria was even looking at them she thought herself and her adoptive daughter had a great relationship but Gabby couldn’t connect the dots as to why Victoria was here, she waited till Victoria put the diapers down before making her move. “Hey honey” Gabby smiled. “Oh hey mom” Victoria smiled awkwardly. “Anything I can help you with?” Gabby asked as she walked down the aisle and looked at the rows of diapers in front of them. Victoria bit her lip she wanted to try diapers and her mom was right here so she could easily get a pack now. However it dawned on her that her mother might think she was a freak and a weirdo if she said she wanted to go back to wearing diapers. “I needed some more tampons just looking fir them” Victoria tried smiling. Gabby raised an eyebrow at what she thought might be a lie. “Well there in the next aisle” Gabby said as herself and Victoria left the diaper section. Victoria and Gabby were soon back home and Gabby was busy talking to her housemate and fellow paramedic Sylvie Brett. “So I don’t know what to do seriously do I confront Victoria and ask her why she was looking at diapers or do I let her explain in her own time?” A slightly worried Gabby asked. “Well you should talk to her you might be over reacting don’t you think?” Sylvie suggested. “Your right I’ll go talk to her” Gabby sighed as she walked to Victoria who was sat on the couch listening to her music. As soon as she saw her mom sit down Victoria took her head phones off. She’d been thinking about telling her mom that she wanted to try diapers again so she decided to bite the bullet and just ask her. “Hey mom can I talk to you about something?” Victoria nervously asked. “Sure” Gabby smiled. Victoria breathed deeply before speaking. “Mom you said you’ll always love me no matter what” Victoria began. “Well I want to try something but I’m afraid you’ll say no or you’ll think I’m a freak” Victoria worryingly spoke. Gabby let out a little warm laugh as she rubbed her daughters hand. “Oh sweetie don’t say that no matter what you say I don’t think you’ll ever be a freak so what do you want to try?” Gabby warmly asked although she had a rough idea of what Victoria was going to say. “Well ok then” a nervous Victoria spoke. “Well I want to go back to wearing diapers!” Victoria cried as she brushed away a few tears. Gabby sat there trying to act surprised but in actual fact because she saw Victoria with them earlier it started to click into place. “But why?” Gabby spoke softly. Victoria shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know I just keep having dreams about them one dream even had you putting me back into diapers” Victoria cried even more. “Am I a freak?” Victoria asked. “No-no your not a freak Victoria but here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to think it over and if I agree to let you try diapers then I’ll pick some up for you deal?” Gabby asked. “Deal” Victoria spoke as she hugged her mum. Gabby looked out of the corner of her eye at Victoria who was blissfully unaware of what her mom had planned. Gabby figured if Victoria wanted to wear diapers then she’d have to agree to her moms terms but first she’d have to talk to Sylvie.
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    If you wanna be kicked in the ball(s), sure
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    Birch House Chapter 7 --- Ann --- “Well, no.” Mom replied. “That wouldn’t be very modest now would it Molly Ann Smith?” “Sorry. I didn’t mean to get so upset. It’s only at night and you have to deal with it twenty-four seven... Robin Smith.” I sighed feeling like a butt and purposefully flipping the full name drop back at her. “Oh Molls. You have to stop this wallowing.” She said sitting next to me crinkling loudly. I can’t believe I didn’t hear that before. It’s not like the skirt did that much to muffle it. It’s as lame as Superman and his glasses. I scolded myself. Huh… I don’t think I know Mom’s middle name…? “Pretty aren’t they?” Mom asked poking at her crotch. “Very… I mean, for a diaper.” I blushed. “Pfft! That’s it! I’m not covering these up unless Trent’s home. I’ve got to desensitize you to them. Feels better this way anyway. It’s not like Daddy lets me wear pants around the house.” She laughed. “You mean you just run around in wet diapers all the time at home?!?” I asked feeling like I had uncovered some sort of scandal. I had a quick imaginary flash of myself with a press pass. “Daddy has been changing me since you were a little thing Doodlebug. I sort of stumbled into diapers a long time ago as a solution of sorts to a problem. If it weren’t for Daddy, I’d have had some expensive surgery or been on some drug or other for years. Those side effects are scary… anal leakage!” Mom said looking off blankly at the bed area shuddering. “Analyst here… the cost of diapers over a couple decades far outstrips the surgery cost. Well anyway, running around diapered and showing it will definitely force me to confront my situation.” I admitted. “What about Becca?” “Oh pish! Becca caught me diapered way more than you did. That one is very observant and maybe a splash of sneaky!” We laughed together because… yeah Becca was definitely sneaky. “There was never a point in hiding stuff from her. She smelled me out this morning. I couldn’t dodge her anymore.” I told mom. “Smelled you? You didn’t mess did you!” Mom gasped. “Yep… pooped all over myself. Seriously, no, but she did smell me even after a shower.” I told her the story suddenly bothered by my conversation with Becca, but unsure of why. “Well, I guess I’m a little nose-blind by now. I can’t smell you Molly. Even with all the hugging and crying!” She told me tickling into my sides a little. Mom got up, diapered booty on display, and walked over to my dresser with the package of diapers. She set about rearranging my underwear drawer to hold them. “No sense in leaving these lying about.” Mom chuckled. I pulled my feet up and dropped my skirt over my knees. I rested my head against my knees and got lost in thought. “Mom?” I eventually asked. “Hmm?” She responded without stopping progress on her task. “Is that why I always had to be in my room by eight?” “Part of it. Wearing just the diaper is much more comfortable for me. They can be a bit sweaty sometimes. Most of it was quiet time with Daddy. It’s not easy being a young attractive married couple with a kid sabotaging all your romantic efforts!” She smiled at me nodding and turned back to her task. “Yeah, I’m glad for you two. Everything in the romantic department still…” I floundered for words whirling my arms around. I was very proud that Mom and Daddy loved each other and had no fear of showing it with small touches and kisses. They taught me that tasteful PDA was totally appropriate. “Daddy would be devastated if it weren’t Molls.” Mom laughed. “Your unconventional underwear doesn’t put a kink in his plans?” I asked thoughtfully. “Well, it does put a kink in our love life, but probably not the way you think.” Mom laughed out loud hard. “BAH! I don’t wanna know!” I yelled hopping up and running to my breakroom for a snack sticking my fingers in my ears. La La La La “THAT’S WHY YOU REALLY WENT TO BED AT EIGHT!” Mom’s words and laughter chased me down the hall. I was grazing on a snack sized bag of Cheetos when Mom came into the room with me. She smiled and milled around the bedroom turned part kitchen and part dining room. She opened my refrigerator and pulled out some apple juice. “Cups are to the right on the top.” I told her. “Little help?” Mom asked looking at the cabinet standing there holding the juice. “Oh yeah. Pigmy Mom. I forget.” I chuckled and got her a glass. “Giraffe daughter!” Mom laughed taking a cup. I poured myself some juice and sat down with her at the little table. Mom wiggled every now and then lighting up the room with tiny diaper sounds. There was no getting around what she was wearing around her waist. They reminded me they were present everytime I caught a glimpse of Mom or when she moved and made themselves known. “Al, over at White Thorn’s, came in the other day on your recommendation.” Mom mentioned casually. She’d clearly switched to business talk. Mom adores talking shop with me since Daddy won’t have it. He doesn’t care about numbers and we don’t care about lumber, so it was a mutual agreement! “They’re my biggest client right now. I helped them invest in a new inventory management system that’s integrated with their supplier. The system tracks onhand supplies with a scanner. We negotiated three deliveries a week with their vendor and now Al floats less stock.” I beamed at mom proud of the accomplishment, but trying to keep it to the bullet points. “Oh he’s thrilled with your work Doodlebug. We have all his accounting now. He told me it was OK to talk to you about his accounts. Your advice and guidance increased his profit while reducing his risk and overhead. It was... impressive.” She told me her face flushing with pride. “I mentioned your company. I told him you’ll have quite a bit of experience with the lean management style and it’s financial impacts. His accountant was a friend from college. Frankly, they’d outgrown him.” I told her sadly thinking of the portly little bald guy. “Believe it or not, Al insisted we keep him in the loop. We sub him out for some of the face to face work so we don’t have to travel down all the time. I think Flemming, Al’s old accountant, will probably bring us some other business too. This town is growing in the industrial sector.” She nodded again. I loved the chance to talk about my business with Mom. I’d learned a lot from listening in on her calls over the years. I had a knack for efficiency and that will always sell. Every owner loves to do more with less! Admittedly, I was showing off a little for her though. “Al has a few friends that are itching for some time with me, but I have a couple smaller contracts I need to finish before I start another large project. You know how I hate to travel.” I reminded her but was happy to let her know my business was still thriving. “We are so proud of you, Daddy and I. I wish your Grams had been around to see you graduate college. She’d be so proud of you. Speaking of Grams, I… uh… I don’t like the distance between us dear.” She told me. “I’m sort of locked in now. I sort of own a home!” I laughed. “I don’t mean the physical distance Doodlebug.” Mom said a sadness in her voice. “I don’t mean to be distant.” I confessed. “You haven’t needed anything from me, except with your diapers, since you were eleven. So independent and self-reliant.” She shook her head. “Looks like they may always be a thing for me. Thank you for coming. Thank you for helping. Thank you for doing what I couldn’t.” I told her my eyes tearing up again talking about the wettings. “Oh Molls. Mommy will always be here for you.” She stood up and crinkled over to me pulling me into a hug. I was a little taller than her still sitting down. “You’re so short.” I laughed and patted her butt. “Uh… Mom. You should probably get a change.” I told her. “Oh Shit! I hadn’t… I… well, Daddy usually keeps an eye on that. I’m sorry honey. I don’t think much about them when I’m not at work.” She told me blushing furiously. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s just me Mom. How do you take care of it at work or out and about?” I asked suddenly curious. “If Daddy’s with me he… uh… he checks me. If I’m by myself out of the house, I can remember easier. We’re at home, well your home, so I just... didn’t think about it.” She laughed nervously. “Well, I don’t mind helping you keep an eye out, but help me cause I’m not used to it, like Daddy I guess.” I giggled. “I’m not embarrassed as much as I’m worried about embarrassing you. I gave up dry panties a very long time ago.” “Hey, Rebecca have anything to fix for dinner? I bet you never really cook for her.” Mom laughed. “You’re no chef either Mom.” I laughed thinking of all the pizza I ate growing up. “Well, Grams finally taught me while you were off at college.” “You any good?” I asked. “We eat home cooked meals more than we eat out. Just not by much.” She told me standing. “Let me go change. Then we’ll head downstairs.” I told her. “I’m just so proud of you Molls. So smart and successful at such a young age.” Mom said shaking her head. By six, we’d made Grams’ spaghetti and tossed a quick salad. I knew I’d have to restock Beck’s fridge, but it had been fun to cook for her for a change. Mom spent the entire time with her diaper fully visible. Her very cute pink booty shined making all kinds of racket. By the time Becca was due home, I’d begun tuning out the noise. Progress I suppose... The door rattled and Mom jumped up from the downstairs couch and sprinted for the door. She was excited to see my bestie. She yanked the door open before Becca could, leaving her keys still dangling in the door. “Oh Rebecca, your hair is so neat! I love it. Did you get another ear piercing? Holy Shit your nose! God don’t those hurt! I can’t believe how old you look. Such a beautiful young lady. Hey can you smell dinner? We made food! I even got Molls to help! She said you could smell her. What do I smell like?” Mom gushed like an over excited toddler greeting a parent just home from work. She literally bounced up and down firing questions faster than Becca could answer while crinkling all over the place. Ok. That could give a girl a cavity it’s so sweet! Serves her right! I giggled watching the conversation tables flip on Becca. “Oh My God! Robin! I mean Mrs. Smith!” Becca squealed and hugged her standing up pulling her off the ground. Becca was vibrating with happiness her ass wagging she was so excited. “You’re so cute!” She channeled her Despicable Me, ‘It’s so fluffy’ voice. “I’m so glad to see you.” Mom said from Becca’s embrace. “That diaper looks so fucking adorable on you! Bet you would still be in them even if your medical stuff cleared up! I just love it. So fucking cute.” Becca fed off Mom’s energy. “Alright you two, dinner’s getting cold!” I reminded them before one of their heads exploded in excitement. “Awe, it’ll keep a bit! I haven’t seen your mom since the wedding!” Becca laughed sitting Mom down on the ground. “Far to long girls. With all Trent’s traveling, I expect you both at the house more often. Just… call first. My diaper is one thing, Daddy in his underwear is a whole other ball game!” Mom laughed. “Speaking of! Run around a bit. You look adorable. I wanna see!” Becca insisted clapping her hands. “Run to the kitchen Mom. You two are like herding wet cats.” I laughed. “OK.” Mom said grinning widely and putting her hands down on her sides before sprinting off sounding every bit the toddler she was dressed as. “Your mom’s the best.” Becca said coming up next to me. Becca pulled me into a hug burying her face in my cleavage like she had this morning. I could feel a light kiss on the vee on my chest and hear a dramatic inhale. She shook just a bit and visibly relaxed into me. I hugged her tighter loving that closeness. “Mom seems extra nutty today.” I laughed. “You smell extra amazing today.” She laughed. “Do I still smell like pee?” I asked cautiously. “You smell like you. Wonderful with a side of meat and tomatoes.” Becca said immediately. “I smell the red sauce and meat and… Oh, and fresh garlic!!! OMG you used my farmers market tomatoes in a... salad… caesar salad.” “Amazing!” I shook my head. “Dinner is served madams.” I laughed. We ate in companionable silence. Mom felt more like another friend at the table than the mother figure. With her lack of height and the diapers, she seemed like the youngest one of us too. Sure, our faces were more youthful, but she’d abandoned the motherly vibes the moment Becca had arrived. Becca almost always had a positive impact on Mom’s attitude. They sort of fed off each other like a perpetual youth machine. “So, it’s settled! Cuddles and movies tonight right?” Mom asked us. “Of course. Upstairs though… Annie cleans up that way.” Becca giggled. “I’d clean up down here too.” I laughed. “Still sounds weird. Nearly a decade you’ve insisted people call you by your middle name and it still sounds weird to my ears Doodlebug.” She admitted. “Oh fuck! I haven’t heard that in years! Doodlebug…” Becca poked me in the side laughing. “Watch it. I’m willing to help with dinner dishes unless you keep on.” I poked her back. Mom just laughed, “You big girls just leave the dishes to Mommy and run upstairs to setup Movie Night!” Becca saluted my tiny parent and jumped up to leave before someone changed her mind for her. Becca hates doing dishes. She patted Mom on the butt and told her to get changed before she joined us cause she was getting soggy. Mom just nodded turning an amusing shade of pink and trundled off to the kitchen with a large armload of dishes. “Holy Frack Annie! She can’t get much fucking cuter. I know you hate ‘em, but she looks great in those diapers. She doesn’t look all that much older than you do now.” Becca laughed. “It’s her idea to desensitize me to them. She’s making me wear them at night.” I told her defeated. “She can’t make you do shit! You’re a grown ass woman! Piss your bed if ya want to, or wear diapers if ya want. Don’t blame your Mom! That’s not fair. I’ll take you to the doctor if you think you need one.” Becca said sobering toward the end. “I… I know. I called her and asked. I...” I took a deep breath, “I had to buy a new mattress.” “I know. I changed your sheets remember?” Becca reminded me. “It was just this morning. I didn’t forget. How’d you know it was a new bed?” I asked. “I could just tell.” Becca said quickly her cheeks warming in color. “I hate this, but Mom’s doing a good job of beating back the dread.” I admitted. “Do you think you should go ahead and put one on? Then you could hang out with us and I’ll be the odd bitch out, the only one not in a cutie ass diaper.” She laughed. “I don’t want to, but it’s probably a good idea. If I doze during the movie… Hey!” I said perking up, “you could wear one too!” I laughed totally kidding. Becca froze standing there in my bedroom. She seemed to be lost in a sudden thought. I didn’t want to hear her refuse while looking at her. Somehow, I knew I would feel rejected. She had no reason to wear a diaper with us. She was the only one with a fully functioning bladder after all! --- Becca --- Could I wear a diaper for Ann? Should I? I mean, if I did it would certainly help get her used to them. Yeah, I’d do about anything for her. Hell, I’d just promised myself to that very thing this morning. Hell ya, I’ll sit around in a diaper to make Annie feel better. I’d do just about any fucking thing to make this better for her. “What the hell?” I said shrugging my shoulders, “Where are they?” “Uh… whattttt?” Ann stuttered. “Our diapers, where are they?” I asked again. I smiled at the confused look on Ann’s face. This is already fun! I laughed. “Look, I was the one who fucking said you should change early. I don’t want to be the only chick getting up to run to the bathroom.” I laughed not thinking about what I was saying. “You know, I have these gorgeous hips Annie. If I put one of these diapers on, I won’t be able to take it off by sliding it down. I’m sure I’ll end up pissing one at some point.” I told her while she looked down at her feet too nervous to look up at me. “If I really have to get up and go to the bathroom and I can’t bring myself to piss the diaper, I’ll just take it off and put my undies back on. I’ll make sure and pee before I put it on, that’ll help too. Then I won’t be the only chick here without a diaper.” I laughed glad I’d left myself some wiggle room in case I backed out of wetting the diaper. “Just think, you can drink all you want. You’re covered, literally. Wet the bed… Who cares? That’s what they’re for! No way your overflowing these fluffy assed things!” I joked hefting the diaper in my hand. “I guess.” Ann said not convinced at all. “Eh, Your call babe. I’m putting one one so I can hang with Robin then!” I pushed. I knew this was tough for her. She hated the diapers, at least she had as an older teen. I can’t blame her. Fucking being a teenage girl was hard enough without dealing with her tiny ass bladder. The doctors had told her parents she’d have a very hard time successfully leaving the diapers behind without another form of treatment. I remember her freshman year of homeschool when she got the pull-ups. We went to the mall to celebrate and buy her some pants. Ann, Molly at the time, had been stuck in skirts and dresses her entire life. She went to the bathroom like forty times and still had to change once while we were there, but it was so liberating for her. It brought tears to my eyes remembering that day, but I’ll never forget the next summer when we went to the pool for the first time and she got to wear a swimsuit in public. It was amazing. She was terrified and thrilled at the same time. It had likely been the scariest moment in her life. In fact, I bet she had a hard time not telling everyone it was her first time out without a diaper… well, maybe not that hard, but she smiled at me a billion times. Huh… a lot of my favorite memories are with Ann. I wasn’t sure I could wet a diaper on purpose, but if I could get Ann to do it, it would be worth it. I’m wasn’t as squeamish as she was plus, her mom would be sitting there soaked in no time. I peed and then lay down on Ann’s bed while she followed up my bathroom performance. I didn’t care if she saw me naked, it’d happened a million times. I just wasn’t, you know… advertising. “Need some help with that?” Robin asked coming in Ann’s room catching me half wrapped. “I figured it would be good for Ann to push this a bit. Like tearing off a bandaid. Plus, I want her to know I don’t give a fuck what she wears.” I rushed to tell her explaining my halfway diapered ass. “I know dear. You didn’t even react to mine.” She nodded sagely and reseated my tapes adjusting the diaper I was wearing. “Shit that feels a lot better.” I told her sort of enjoying the crinkle, the naughtiness of it. “Well, you just do what feels right. I’ve loved you as a daughter since we moved in next door.” She told me. “I usually do.” I belly laughed. “What’s so funny?” Ann asked joining us. “Oh Rebecca here was just admitting to not thinking and acting first most the time.” Robin twisted the truth-knife in my gut, a Mom throwing around razor sharp words. “Well, she does usually do whatever she wants and figures the rest out later… that, or I do.” Ann laughed. I didn’t even care that the fun seemed to be at my expense. I only cared that the gorgeous woman was smiling with her hands held and arms twisted demurely. Ann started to ask us to leave the room and then I volunteered to step into the guest room while she changed. “Oh that’s not necessary.” Robin offered swiftly. “Let me help you with that while Rebecca gets us some of that pie from your refrigerator.” I felt a little strange about Robin helping Ann, so I just left. Not sure why it bothered me, but it did. I couldn’t tell if Robin was excited to diaper her adult daughter or was keeping her from the guest room or maybe she just didn’t want to leave Ann alone for this. I couldn’t read Robin’s mind so I did the next best thing. I checked the guest room sneakily. It’s locked? Why the hell would it be locked? How will she get back in? Oh, it’s one of those you can push a pin in and open it. Why locked though? I’m not sure what possessed me, but I dropped to the floor and sniffed for all I was worth at the crack under the door. I caught a strong whiff of baby powder, probably from her just changing. I could smell her hair products and body wash. I thought I could smell some toothpaste thinking she may have busted it in travel. Oddly, I could smell old rubber. Nothing seemed too out of place, so I went to Ann’s break room and took my time grabbing the paper plates, silverware, and the pie from the fridge. I wasn’t going to serve anyone, but I didn’t want to make any more trips. I had been so caught up in Robin’s little puzzle, I hadn’t thought about the diaper around my waste until I was walking back to Ann’s bedroom. God, I’ve wanted to try one of these for years. Sort of hot, but feels bulky and good. I love the poof of air when I sit down too. I knocked before being called back inside. There we all stood. Three adult women clad in varying tops and diapers, Ann’s mom in a really pink foo-foo one at that. I couldn’t help but laugh. My laugh set Robin off, and eventually Ann’s thin hands drifted to her face covering her own laughter. “What movie are we watching?” Robin eventually asked.
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    4.) Her Secondary Doctor I started picking up some of the blocks, giggling to myself. And then I thought about putting the blocks in order. And then I was stacking them. Everyone else had finished eating, and I was now playing like a child would with the colorful cubes. I would laugh when they'd fall over, or I'd spell out words that didn't make sense. And I'd laugh. I just couldn't help it. "Well, if it isn't our newest angel." The man wore alligator skin shoes that looked tacky like the 1980's had thrown up on his feet, and his tan pants were well-pressed, but it didn't stop his slightly awkward gait from being noticed. He knelt down next to the boy, his top unbuttoned one button too far, and his teeth too straight to be real or natural, when he smiled. Oh, and did he smile. He smiled at the boy, and nobody else looked at him. "What are you building here, hmm, princess?" "Uh... mm... nothing..." I shuffled to my feet, trying to stand up to meet the man. He was taller than me. Who wasn't, though? At least a foot. Colette only had four inches on me. I took a deep breath and tried to focus on the man. Ugly shoes... "...um, I'm Alexander... nice to meet you!" I put my hand out for him to shake. Honestly, I wasn't trying to be difficult. I totally forgot about the name thing! My head wasn't in the right place. "My name is Doctor Marlow." His face was sour at the use of the boy’s birth name, but this once, and only this once, he would overlook it. "The other girls told me that your name is Velvet. Now, why would they say that if it weren't true, hrmm? Do you think maybe you made a little mistake, my child?" I puffed out my cheeks a little bit and lowered my hand. He didn't shake it. "Velvet's a stupid name," I muttered, rubbing my eyes a bit. Everything was a little bit cloudy. I turned away from the man and climbed back down to my feet, sitting in the puddle on the floor. I blinked, looking down at the wet spot, and then up at the girl on the sofa. She just shook her head, curling her knees to her chest. Why was the floor wet...? "Well it does seem as though you've had a little accident, doesn't it, Velvet?" He smiled, again, that same smile that looked so harmless. That cheerful, warm tone, like a father in the 1950's addressing his family at Thanksgiving. He took the boy’s hand and pulled him to his feet, turning him around. "Well this doesn't make any sense at all, now, does it? Somebody silly put you in big-girl undies." My cheeks went a little pink and I looked up at him through my glasses. Maybe my prescription was off - that would explain the fuzziness. But it didn't explain my attitude. The embarrassment of wetting myself. The frustration at his words. "I'm not a girl!" Wow. That wasn't like me at all... "I... I mean... don't call me Velvet..." "Well, that's an awful lot of requests coming from somebody who just tinkled on the floor." Warm. It was hard to see why everybody else was so afraid of him. He took the boy’s glasses off, and tucked them into his shirt pocket, smiling. "How about you choose? I can call you a girl, or I can call you Velvet. Which would you prefer?" "I..." He took my glasses. I could barely even see straight. I blinked up at the blur that was his face and rubbed my eyes with the backs of my hands. Everything was so out of focus... "Um..." "Do you want me to call you a girl?" I shook my head. "Do you want me to call you Velvet?" I shook my head. "Which would you rather?" "...um... V-Velvet..." Because I wasn't a girl... "Let's get you cleaned up, then, Velvet." There were some key differences between Doctor Marlow and Colette. Where Colette valued procedure and routine, Marlow was opportunistic. He believed himself to be above everybody else on this program, and if he spontaneously wanted to hypnotize a patient, that was exactly what he would do. He held my hand and walked me out of the room. The girls all watched while it happened. I followed behind him in the wet nightgown, rubbing my eyes while I did so. I stumbled once, tripped over a block or something, and had to hurry to keep up with him. I didn't like not wearing my glasses... "You're such a pretty one, Velvet." He hadn't begun until he had the boy inside of his office, and he lifted him without stress onto a gurney along one of the walls. "So much prettier than those other girls, aren't you? They'll never be as pretty as you are, Velvet. You're above them." He helped the boy to lay onto his back, and then brought a rotating lamp over above him, switching it on. There were colored LEDs in the enclosure, hundreds of them, different colors, moving slowly and lazily from one to another. Easy to follow, even for a boy without his glasses. I rubbed my eyes again, trying to turn my head. His office wasn't warm or inviting. There was an examination table and a sofa in Colette's room, but here there was a hospital gurney and tile floors. It looked more like a research lab. It was also the second door, the one by Colette's. I tried to blink the colors away, but the spinning green dot kept moving. It spun circles around me... "I'm going to get you all cleaned up, Velvet. Clean and dry. And so you don't wriggle away by accident, and get a booboo, I'd like you to focus on the light above you. It's pretty, isn't it? Pretty like you are. Focus on the light and try to say still." The activation factor of the milk made things a little brighter, easily distractible, difficult to focus. Easy to obsess. With his glasses off, the light program, which, even now, was speeding up steadily, would expose his subconscious quicker than any hypnotic induction could. Colette was so behind the times. My eyes fluttered at the speed of the light. My breathing was heavy. Everything was still and quiet and magically brilliant. I just felt so relaxed. Everything felt so nice... and I felt the underwear tugged off me, but I didn't move or say anything. It was just... nice. "A pretty little thing like you needs a pretty name, Velvet." No induction. No wasted time. To the point, and effectual. Yes, there had been issues with the test subject, but it hardly mattered in the face of results. "You love being called pretty. And your name is so pretty, Velvet. Such a pretty word, a pretty name, a pretty thing to touch. Being called by your name, Velvet, makes you feel pretty, a pretty girl, a pretty smile, a pretty thing to touch. It makes you well up with pride. Proud to be so pretty, proud to have a pretty name. No other name even makes sense, no other name is pretty enough." "...pretty," I muttered. My eyes fluttered closed, but the weird green light still spun in my head. Like it had burned into my eyes. I couldn't not see it. It was perpetual. I felt a little dizzy, but I always did without my glasses. And the milk made it so much worse... "And a pretty name could only be for a pretty girl, so you must be a pretty girl, it's so easy to understand. You're pretty, so your name’s Velvet. You're pretty, so you're a girl. Velvet is a girl’s name. Velvet is a girl, Velvet is you, you are a girl. You love your name, Velvet. You love being reminded how pretty you are. Like lightning through your pretty body. Tingles up your spine. You feel them now, each time you hear your name. Velvet. Velvet." The little light flicked off. I had no idea how long it had been. The man sat me up on the table, and when he did, my ass crinkled with me. A diaper? And my nightgown was taken off, replaced by a flouncy dress, a childish one, that barely came to my thighs. I felt my cheeks turn a little pink. This was so stupid... "Velvet, you can go play with the other girls now. Say thank you, now, Velvet. It's important to have good manners." The boy had been putty, had been pliable, had been simple. Confident people always were. To think that he had been in the field, he had been so knowledgable. That was why Marlow's techniques were better — nobody could ever plan for it. "Velvet, do you hear me?" "...that's not my name," I muttered, sliding down off the table. The man was taller than me, so much taller than me, and he looked down at me with disbelief. My fingers went out and tapped his chest, finding my glasses in his pocket, and putting them back on my eyes with shaky fingers. My head was killing me... "My name is Alexander," I said flatly, and with a deep breath, "and you shouldn't toy with things you don't understand." I closed the door behind me.
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    No, I haven't forgotten this story. Have had a few stressful weeks dealing with finances, but slowly working on this tale in the background. Hope you all enjoy! ---- Chapter 7 - Messages Mum carried me into the house, after we arrived home from the Mall, setting my capsule down in the home theatre room. Unbuckling my restraints, I was picked up out of the capsule, and placed on my back on the shag pile carpet floor, pacifier placed back into my mouth, bear in the crook of my arm, and my comforter blanket placed over the top of us both. I was fast asleep, the tantrum in the Mall tiring me out completely. I woke up slowly, from the silence in the room, and the distinct lack of movement. My surroundings seemed almost lifeless, the air around me quite still, totally devoid of breath. That air was warm though, my cheeks flushed red. I heard whispering nearby, so opened my eyes and slowly looked around. Initially I was quite confused of my surrounds, until I noticed the big TV hanging on the wall, and all the gadgets with blinking lights in the TV cabinet. As I woke up, I felt my tiny body react in a quite natural way, it released a stream of wee into the already wet nappy covering my butt. The sensation was weird, it felt like ants crawling across my pelvis, so I started to squirm and moan. I looked up towards noise beyond my vision, below my squirming feet and legs - glass doors being slid apart, with Dad's face appearing above me. "Good afternoon, my sweetness!", his gruff, manly voice cooed at me. He leant down and picked me up off the floor, settling me on his shoulder, before covering my back with the blanket. I buried my face into the crook of his neck, smelling the musky manly odours of protection and strength. I was hungry. I noticed Mum busy in the kitchen, bags of groceries all over the island bench. She was furiously chopping up some carrots into slices, looking up from her work when she noticed Dad and I. "Look who's awake, mummy!", Dad stated "Hello, bubba, ya hungry?", Mum enquired softly. Her face was quite relaxed. Dad didn't give me an opportunity to respond, placing me in the highchair, and fastening the safety straps. Mum placed a long strip of carrot, some grapes, and some banana pieces on the tray in front of me, and went back to slicing up vegetables. I rubbed my eyes of the remains of sleep, whilst examining the feast in front of me. I picked up a piece of banana, which mostly ended up in my mouth, but some ended up between my fingers, and on my nose. I played and giggled at the squishy texture. A grape was next, which felt quite hard on my gums until I bit down on it causing a mini explosion of grape juice and mush, with the slick innards dribbling down my chin. Yummo, that grape was wonderful, very sweet, and quite juicy. So I picked up another grape, but squished it in the palm of my hand before I could get it into my mouth. Once all the fruit pieces were devoured or smeared all over the tray, my attention turned to the carrot piece. It was hard, and all I could do was suck on the end of it. Mum had thoughtfully only cut it up long enough that I could grab it with one hand, and have just enough poking out of my fist to suck on, and not shove it down my throat, lest I choked. As an adult, I'd largely ignored the textures, and taste of carrots and fruits, but as a baby, I was able to enjoy the discovery and sensations of touching and tasting the fruits and vegetables all over again. I was concentrating quite hard on sucking the weird and tangy juices out of the carrot when my body betrayed me once again. Eating caused pain in my belly, and I unconsciously started pushing and straining, letting out a bit of a smelly fluff from my rear end. Mum looked up at me, smiling, close to outright laughter. "Have you done stinky poos, Meredith?" My red blushing cheeks may have given her a clue, but it really was the smell which gave the game away. She dried off her hands, extracted a few wipes from a packet on the island bench, and wiped my face and hands. I was released into her loving arms, and we walked off down the hallway into my Nursery, wherein she gently laid me down on the change table. Before my butt had a chance to settle onto the padded surface, Mum had my sundress up around my head, my nappy cover down around my ankles, nappy un-taped, and my butt in the air, wipes furiously at work. Expert hands danced around my nether regions applying desitin cream, and baby lotion, before a fresh Huggies nappy was pushed under my butt, and brought up between my legs. Tapes screaming to a tune, nappy cover velcroed back into place, Mum sat me up, and adjusted the sundress. "All done, no fuss, no muss, easy!", she cooed at me, touching my button nose. DING DONG! I heard an electronic chime go off. Mum immediately looked around to the entrance to the room. "Keith? Keith? Can you get that please, hunny-buns?" "Sure", he said as he walked past the door to my room. About a minute later, I heard muffled voices elsewhere in the house. Mum picked me up off the change table, placed me on her shoulder, and walked out into the main living room, restoring my pacifier to its rightful position. I instantly recognised Sarah, Mum and Dad's daughter. A tiny Little girl was clinging to Sarah's right leg, trying valiantly to hide from my sight. She must have been no more than about 16 or so, still quite a child for a Little, and so tiny even by Little standards. The girl sucked on a white-shielded pacifier, which had a cute baby-pink ring as contrast, a purple ribbon connecting the ring to her dress. Her longish natural blonde hair had been braided into pony tails, which had pink ribbon intricately laced through them. She wore a pink and purple sundress, which splayed out from her chest, covering the obvious nappy bulge underneath. Her overall looks were quite beautiful. I giggled with excitement. As soon as Sarah saw me, she reached out to touch my nose and plant a kiss on my forehead, "Hello you!", she softly spoke to me. Holding onto the girl clutched tightly to her leg, "Annabelle, say hello to Meredith". The girl looked up at me, and gave a cute little wave, before hiding once more, looking up at her mum for approval. I just looked at Annabelle, with a cute little smile behind my own pacifier. I don’t know what made the girl scared, or shy of me. Maybe it was because I didn’t back down, and kept staring down at her from my lofty height. Most likely though was that she saw me as an amazon baby, who would sooner tease her for being a Little, than to be her friend. Sarah crouched down and had a quiet word to her Little, who hugged her before running off around us and disappeared into the home theater room. I was offered up by Mum into Sarah’s waiting outstretched arms, receiving a kiss on the cheek by Sarah, before she started walking with Mum and Dad into the living room. Sarah held me tight against her chest, my eyes only just seeing over the top of her shoulders, my nappy’s butt resting on her left forearm. She started chatting away to Mum, watching her cut up meat, slowly rocking back and forth on the spot, patting the small of my back, or rubbing my back up near my neck. I was totally relaxed, nursing away on my pacifier. I rolled my head to one side, my left cheek buried on her shoulder blade, and watched intently as Annabelle stated pulling out toys from the toy box in the HT. The girl selected a doll I’d spied yesterday, sat down amongst all the toys, stroking the doll’s hair, pulling the clothes into shape, and talking softly to it. The gyrations of my body were starting to put me to sleep again, the sensations made worse by my continued eye movements trying to keep track of Annabelle. “Is she going to sleep on you, Sarah?”, I heard. A few gentle movements, and I head Sarah respond in the affirmative. She never let up the subtle movements though. I woke with a start when I heard the door bell again. Sarah handed me back to Mum, as Dad walked past us towards the front door. More voices I’d never heard before. I was soon being introduced to the rest of the Bradley clan. Mark Bradley was another tall, strappingly handsome, and quite young man, clean shaven stubble, slicked back hair, wearing a pin-striped blue shirt, straight pants with very distinct and sharp creases. A hint of Old Spice aftershave. His wife was introduced to me as Sue (short for Susan). Very demure, feminine shape, she had gorgeous long blonde straight hair that disappeared down her back somewhere, I could not see, complemented by a simple but effective dark blue dress and dark blue flat shoes. Her skin was glowing, maybe a touch sunburnt. She gave me the cutest little wave and smile, I instantly melted. Looking down, I remembered Thomas and Kerry-Anne from the photo on Mum's phone. Both were still toddlers (Tom being the eldest at 5), but both were big bundles of energy. Thomas shook Dad’s offered hand, and immediately roared off into the HT, followed quickly by a whirlwind of hair, lace, tiara, and pink tutu that was Kerry. Which left Michael Stone, ahh... Bradley now, standing alone at the front door, a bit apprehensive and shy, looking quite out of place. “Michael, come and say hello to your cousin, Meredith”, Mark asked him. Michael took a few steps towards me and waved. “Hello, I’m Michael, very pleased to meet you, umm…”, he quizzically looked up to his dad. “Meredith, her name is”. “Oh, Meredith, sorry”. Michael only then began to study me, his eyes a bit surprised. I couldn’t help but get a little bit excited at seeing him again, but my enthusiasm at seeing a familiar face was lost to everyone. Michael looked again up to his dad, who told him to go off and play with the others in the HT room. I was again the centre of attention, as I was handed over to Sue, who planted a kiss on my cheeks before giving me a tender hug. She did something different, and spun me around, holding me against her chest in a bear hug so that I was looking away from her out to everyone else. This was a bit different. We walked back into the living room, to a space now filled with chatting and laughter and general merriment. I kept stealing glances into the HT room, where the four kids were playing away, toys scattered all over the floor of the room. I started kicking my legs, and cooing away, occasionally hooting and yammering, letting out the odd little yelp, blowing bubbles. Mum eventually rescued me from Sue’s embrace, after seeing my face slowly turn red from exertion from the position I was in. She walked to the doors leading into the HT, and put me down on the ground, before leaning up against the door jamb to watch the activity within. Maybe a bit shocked at the orgy of toys and blocks everywhere. “Good luck navigating that minefield of lego blocks, Meredith!”, she said, before walking away with a giggle. I was on my hands and knees, rocking in place, finding my balance once again, excitement building within me. With each movement of my hands and feet, I slowly propelled myself forward, crawling into the mosh pit of kiddy arms, legs, stuffies, blocks, bricks, dolls, balls, cars, trucks, blankets, and boxes. It was chaos, but organised chaos none-the-less. I noticed Michael was busy building something with the lego set he found in the bottom of the toy box. I stopped and watched, a smile on my face, drool dripping down off the bottom of my pacifier’s guard. I could see that he was content, and happy, and definitely not the highly-strung Little that Stowe and I rescued. As he sat, cross legged with the lego bricks in front of him, I could see the telltale signs of a nappy’s waistband peeking itself above his trousers. “Hi there Meredith”, he offered quietly. I just looked at him in return, gurgling away to myself, trying unsuccessfully to respond. He stopped what he was doing, and looked at me with an intense glare, before his eyes kind of glazed over. “You know, I used to know a lady with the same name as you. Her name was Meredith too”. He went back to his work, “She was a Little, like me”, occasionally stealing glances towards me. “Had the same colour eyes as yours too - what are the chances, huh!”. I started to feel a bit frustrated at that point, unable to communicate with him. I was so sure he’d continue his line of thought, and realise who I was, but he never connected the dots, instead remaining focused on his rapidly evolving lego model. Just as I began to crawl towards the toy box, I was pushed over by Thomas, bent over wheeling a dump truck around the floor, picking up blocks as he went along. The shock of being pushed off balance scared me as I toppled onto my side and back. As I started screaming and crying out, I heard a muffled, “… sorry Mum, I didn’t know she was there! I’m really sorry…”. Picked up into a hug by Sue, she sat down on the lounge, and began to calm me down, quietly reassuring me. I was unhurt, just shocked, partly from the shock of being so shocked so easily. I was normally not such a sooky la la, but I guess that babies can’t help it. She held me against her shoulder, and rubbed my back, as I calmed down to a sniffle. “You’re ok, Missy Meredith”, she cooed at me. “Is she going to be ok, Mum?”, I heard Tom quietly ask, genuinely concerned. He laid the back of his hand against my cheek. I noticed that Kerry was standing next to Tom, just as interested in my welfare. “Yes dear. You need to be careful when you’re around babies, ok?” Kerry-Anne had a paci in her mouth, and was studying my face. I was sure she was wondering who this little baby was, and where she came from. “Yes Mum, I am sorry”. “Ok, now go off and play, dinner will be ready soon”. Through the hum of talking and laughter, I could hear a crackling and sizzling in the distance, with the odd wafting smells of bacon, sausages, and meats. "Hey, Mum, can we play games on Grandpa's console?", Tom asked. "I don't know how to turn it on, Tom" Michael looked up from his model, and noticed the console sitting in the TV cabinet opposite him. "I used to know all there was to know about electronics, I bet I could get it going!?", he offered. "No, Michael, Ill ask Grandpa to turn it on for you". Sue placed me back on the floor, and walked out of the HT room, returning with Keith. He stood in the middle of the room with a remote. "Ok, who wants to play some games!?", he quizzed to the crowd of kids around him. "Me, me!", both Tom and Michae replied excitedly. "Ok" He took a few seconds to boot the console up, which flicked the TV on, and caused a green light to glow on the camera below the TV. "Can I leave the control of this in your capable hands, Michael?", Keith asked, handing over a remote to him at the same time. "Sure can, Grandpa" Michael was a natural at controlling the console. No sooner had Keith disappeared out to the back deck to continue supervision of the BBQ, Michael had navigated to the games list, selecting a two player dancing game. "Can I go first, Mike?", Tom asked. Thomas shuffled into the middle of the room, and paused before raising a hand, causing a clock on the screen to count down, with music starting up on a track advancing across the screen. He jigged, and waved, and twirled away, “dancing” to the beat. I was initially quite confused, seeing the game react to Toms movements. He was trying to place hands and legs into particular spots in time with the music and track markers. Alas, after a minute or two he failed to keep up and it was game over. Michael then had a go, waving his hands around to reset the game, then start it. After a couple of iterations, Tom stopped, panting hard from the exercise. "I need a drink!" "Yeah, so do I!", Michael agreed, and waved his hands to pause the game. Both walked out of the HT towards the kitchen. I looked at both Kerry and Annabelle, who’d also stopped to watch the action on the TV. Annabelle jumped up from her spot next to the toy box, and walked over to the camera. Looking slyly out towards where the boys were, she started waving her hands around, causing the console to move from one game to another. This little Annabelle, looking so innocent and angelic, seemed to be quite smart for her age, moving control and focus from the games area to apps. I saw a messaging app pop up on the screen briefly, but Annabelle was only interested in a colouring app icon, opening it up, and selecting a picture to colour in. She sat down on the floor, and waved her hands like a magician across the floor, selecting colours, then the areas, then making tiny movements with her right hand to do the colouring in. She was far too concentrated on her work to notice that Michael and Tom returned. Tom pouted at seeing the console commandeered, but Michael just sighed, and sat down next to his lego model. It was "unwise" to assert authority over two Amazons fighting, he knew, irrespective of how old he was. “Hey, Annabelle, I was playing a game on that!”, Tom grumpily stated Annabelle ignored him. “Gramps put the console on for Michael and I, not you, Annabelle!”, he started yelling, before pushing her aside. She screamed in response. “Oi, Oi! None of that!”, came a booming voice from the door. I think we all jumped from fright. “It’s dinner time, anyway, so there’ll be no games until after dinner, if you’re all good, and eat everything on your plates!”. Dad walked into the room and scooped me up off the floor. I was taken out into the main living area and placed into my highchair which was at one corner of the island bench, with seating spaces allocated for the other kids. Mum handed me a small piece of lukewarm sausage, and placed a bowl with some fruit, some vegetables, and another couple of sausage slices in it. “Eat as much as you like, missy, then you can get some milk, ok?”, mum whispered to me, before walking back around the Island bench into the kitchen to dish up plates for the other kids. I sat back and examined the slice of sausage, which felt a bit rough, but squishy. A synapse suggested I knew what sausage tasted like, but the rest of me was hesitant, like I’d never seen this thing before. Curiosity got the better of me, though, so I started to suck on it, and kneed it between my gums. New sensations, my tastebuds going wild with the meat textures and juices. As the sausage was whittled away to nothing, I picked up another piece, and then another, followed by some grapes, a squishy little cherry tomato, a sweet apple slice, and some carrot. I looked down at my bowl, and was shocked to the point of giggling, at all the food smeared all over the tray, the bowl, my hands, and my face. I looked around, and noticed Mum watching me. She was enjoying a piece of cut meat, and smiling back at me. She retrieved my pacifier, placed it in some brown gravy sauce on her plate, and popped it in my mouth. Heaven - I spent the next couple of minutes furiously sucking the tasty morsels off the paci, looking at Mum, pleading with my eyes for more. Another dip of the paci into gravy, and I was hooked. Gravy had never tasted so good! Mum stood up from the dining table, and walked off into the Home Theatre room, to retrieve my comforter blanket. She grabbed a few wipes, and cleaned my face and hands, much to my annoyance. After I'd finished a baby tantrum, she unclipped the high chair harness buckle, and picked me up, sitting back down at the table, but angled off to one side, giving herself some room. With everyone else chatting away, and eating their dinners, Mum unbuttoned her blouse, unclipped her bra, and positioned me in front of her left breast, covering me up with the blanket. I quickly latched on, and started suckling the sweet sweet warm milk, all alone in my private little cocoon. I nursed away until I fell asleep, waking up to a pounding back and a burp. A change of position, and I was soon back asleep. ---- "So, Mark, out with it now. You've been a sour-puss all afternoon!", Keith questioned. He looked across the dining table towards his son, who was slowly rotating his beer bottle with the tips of his fingers. Mark looked up at his dad for a sec, looked across to his wife, who almost invisibly beckoned Mark to start talking. The kids were all asleep in the Home Theatre room, so now was the time to let it all out. "Ok, well, hmm... I was called into a meeting yesterday by a cop... about Michael... ", he quietly announced. Silence across the table, Jenn's face a mask of surprise. She stole a look towards Michael through the clear glass panels in the Home Theatre room closed doors. He was stretched out on the floor asleep under a blanket. Tom had his hands wrapped around Michael's shoulders, in a loving embrace. The two girls were asleep on the lounge, Meredith asleep stretched below Tom and Michael, under the same blanket. With a sigh, Mark continued, "... he informed me that the Department had concerns for Michael's safety." "Concerned for his safety? Why? Is he in trouble?", Sarah asked. "Littles always seem to be in trouble. Not my little angel thankfully!", she responded nervously. "No, it's not like that", Mark replied angrily. "The investigator from the adoption company Sue and I used told me that people were after Michael". "Did they say who?", Keith probed. "Yeah, the Mob" "What the heck!?", Jennifer screamed. Sue burst into tears. She'd obviously been briefed by her husband, so knew the story, but it didn't really hit home until just then, when she finally realised the full implications. ---- I woke up with a start, arms shot up into the air, legs involuntarily kicking, after hearing screams from the other side of the glass doors. Why I was in the HT room, rather than my own bed was a bit of a mystery, until I realised my nappy had been changed, but also still wearing the same clothes. I must have been changed by either Sue or Sarah, as my nappy felt slightly different to the result of Mum's changes. I yawned, and unconsciously nursed on my pacifier. My teddy bear was lying against the left side of my head, so I leaned over, and attempted to cuddle it, burying my face in soft plushy fur, all the while intently listening to the adults talking away, just the other side of the Home Theatre Room doors. "But, why, Mark? Why would the Mob be after little Michael" "It was explained to me by Michael last night that he was rescued from the Mob, the... Ramon Family" What a great night that was, though ultimately became my last outing with Stowe. I sighed at the fading memory of him. "Michael is apparently an heir to an Estate, though he's told me sweet fuck all else, apart from a blow-by-blow account of his rescue. Oh, and Sue, I've just remembered... the investigator informed me that Mrs Stowe passed away". "Oh, oh... ", Sue cried. "She was a gorgeous and patient woman, oh, no...". A minute or so of silence befell the table. "She was such a sweet lady to talk to too, so knowledgable about the law, and weaving her magic to find Michael". Another minute passed. Mark returned to sipping his beer. As I lay there, my face buried in the bear fur, I could feel a few drops of tears form, and I sniffled. My first mum was absolutely the best woman in my Little life. I so dearly missed her, wishing I could see her again, but knew that the idea was impossible, whilst simultaneously feeling intense love and warmth towards my new family. "The investigator told me that none of us were safe from these people". The fear in Mark's voice was quite evident. "They've put a squad car outside our house. I don't think we were followed here, so you should be safe, Mum." Keith, connecting the dots, piped in, "No, that's not right. If the Mob want Michael, they might try to use the rest of us as leverage, to get to him." Sarah opened her mouth as if to speak, concentrating on what she was going to say, but paused. "So, does this mean Annabelle and I are in serious danger?" "'Fraid so", Mark replied back matter-of-factly. Sarah did not react well to that news, standing up, hands covering her face. Which meant that even I was in danger. The Mafia would stop at nothing to find Michael. My next thought was that Mum, Dad, and I were defenceless. "Was there anything else the investigator said, Mark?", Keith queried again. "Yeah, he told me to go get a gun" A gun. I didn't know whether Mum or Dad had one. It was an absurd thought, but I know who did have one, and who could use it too if push came to shove. "You're supposed to defend your family from those raving lunatics with a lowely gun? Are the cops for real!?", Mum yelled out. "Oh my lord above, Mark!" I rolled over onto my stomach, and gingerly pushed myself up onto my hands and knees. My arms were tired from the exertion, a bit shaky and unsteady. I looked up towards the black TV, hanging on the wall. "Can't the cops arrest this Ramon family?", Sarah questioned. Directly below the TV was a steady green light, which told me the camera was active, though the TV was showing nothing. "No, it doesn't work like that, Sarah. If the Mob made an attempt, then yes. " I crawled to the middle of the room, and sat back onto my padded butt. Remembering how little Annabelle expertly navigated around the console's interface, I started waving my hands around in front of me, but to no avail. The TV remained black. Was the thing even on? "We've gotta do something", Mum stated, fear in her voice evident to all. "I'll have a chat to the cops in the morning", Keith responded. I looked around the room, and noticed the controller thingie that Dad had handed to Michael still sitting next to Michael's unfinished lego model, so I crawled over to it. I was agast at the seeming complexity of the thing, spending the next couple of seconds in a vain hope of recognising any of the buttons. Noticing a green button, I realised I had no hope of pressing it down, so I raised my hand and smacked the controller. As the thing lept into the air from the force of my palm whacking it, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the TV screen emit a faint glow. More animated talking outside the door. Any moment one of the giants out there will notice me, or the TV being on. I crawled back to the middle of the room, and sat back onto my butt once more. This time, I could see an interface on the TV. Every time I moved an arm, the interface would move in sympathy. Remembering once more how Annabelle moved around to find the app she wanted, I took a few minutes to get to where I wanted to go - the messaging app. I was greeted with a largely blank screen, a slow flashing block, some writing towards the top of the screen. A message needed a recipient, so I could start with Stowe's mobile phone number. Alas, for the life of me, I couldn't remember it. Stowe. A gun. His gun. The gun in his photo, sitting on my desk, in my office in HH&S. I was walking up the Mall, phone in my right hand, absently thumbing through the contacts. I needed to contact someone, but who? I paused scrolling with my right thumb on the screen, when it displayed a tiny image of the same photo, which I'd stored as Stowe's avatar photo. Below that was his mobile number. Memorise it, Meredith. Still walking up the Mall, I began to recite the number, committing it to long term memory, a set number of numbers, digits, ten digits, ten shapes, shapes with bumps and strokes and squiggly funny looking lines. I giggled. Memorise it, Meredith. I woke up as I fell back onto sleeping Michael's outstretched legs, causing him to stir. Sitting back up, I looked back up at the TV. Raising a hand up above my head, I noticed a keyboard appear on the bottom of the screen. I could wave the hand around, and a bright square would follow the movement, flicking from one object to the next. So began the laborious process of moving the cursor from remembered shape to remembered shape, until I had no more shapes remembered. I hoped that was it, and that I'd remembered correctly. The flashing cursor went to the next line, so I waved it down to the main part of the screen, which I presumed was the message area. What to put there, I wondered. Meredith. I could put my name there. How was my name even spelt? I knew that it started with an Emm. What does that look like, I wondered? I stared at the TV for a while, frustratingly examining each symbol. Eventually I found the one I wanted, so pushed and pulled the cursor over to it, and selected it. An "M" flashed up on the TV. The talking outside got quite animated, and I heard sobs of pure fear out there. I had to send this message quick, deciding just an Emm would do. How would Stowe know it was the real me, though, and not some imposter, like a Mob goon? I instantly remembered the series of symbols on Stowe's photo, his Service number. The same one that was seemingly engraved into my brain. 6510029. So I added those symbols to the message box too. "I thought it was you", Michael whispered to me, as he yawned, and stretched his arms high and wide apart. The message immediately moved across the screen, flying off to the right edge before disappearing forever. I was horrified at losing the message I'd so meticulously crafted, so I cried out in anguish, and flopped backwards once again into Michael's legs, a tantrum building. "Ow!" Suddenly the whole room was bathed in a bright light. "What the hell's going on in here!", Mum spoke quietly, but commandingly. "Meredith bumped into me, Grandma!", an obviously tired but bewildered Michael responded. I was whisked up into the air, in almost full cry mode, kicking my legs, my arms moving wildly. I was balling my eyes out, snot all over my face. My cries started to wake the others, so Mum held me tightly against her in another loving warm hug, as she quickly carried me into my Nursery. "Now stop that, right now Missy!", she spoke, as she stripped me of my clothes, popping my pacifier into my wide-open mouth. I almost immediately started suckling on it, letting out the odd pop and gurgle and squeek. My cries died down as Mum removed my wet nappy. "Lay still, will you". Mum was getting a bit impatient with me, with my legs and arms still moving about. I sensed that she wasn’t particularly happy with me, which started to send a bit of fear through my body. I somehow didn’t like seeing Mum unhappy. She once again quickly cleaned my bottom and bits with some wipes, before soothing my butt with cream, some powder, and wrapping me in a clean nappy. She retrieved a bottle of night time body lotion, and started to massage it across my arms, legs, chest, and neck, the scent wafting through the air. She sat me up, turned me around so I was facing the window, held onto my neck and face in her left hand, and began massaging the lotion into my back. The sensations were wonderful, her gyrations getting slower and slower, gentler, and gentler, as I completely relaxed to her touch. A warm sleeper then buttoned up, and she decided to swaddle me tightly in a knitted-wool soft-pink blanket. I was completely trapped, unable to move any part of my body. The swaddling did its job - I found it all too hard to keep my eyes open. Mum then picked me up, holding me to her chest, and sat down on the rocking chair. The room was mostly dark save for light from the hallway. She started patting my butt, her warm face a hairs breadth away from my cheeks, giving me the odd kiss. With no way to move my arms or legs, feeling warm and secure, I gave up the fight, and retreated into the dark dreamland, fast asleep. ---- A quiet night, the office totally still, and mostly dark, save for the work light atop Stowe’s desk. Typing away on his mechanical keyboard, clickety clicks, vibrations travelled across his desk to the scotch in his glass, which formed minute waves. Orangey light bounced off these tiny imperfections, sending sparkly light to splash across the walls and the roof of the greater office. A buzz started to emanate from his mobile phone, which sent more vibrations into the already unsettled scotch. Stowe briefly contemplated ignoring it, but decided that a mere glance wouldn’t break his concentration. “Holey shit!” He picked up the mobile, and examined the message closely. <UNKNOWN> M6510029 The “M” plus his service number could mean only one thing. Meredith sent it. He forwarded the message to his work email address, and impatiently started refreshing his mailbox on his laptop. DING! There it was, a message from Meredith, but it was way too short. There was no substance to it, no plea for help, just a simple “M”. What did it mean? Stowe used a command to examine the mail headers. Filtering out the ones added when he forwarded the message from his phone to his work account, he came across a series of headers added during the message’s transmission across the Internet. It looked to originate from within a console gaming service. Weird. He picked up his desk phone, and dialled some numbers. “Sergeant Jackson speaking!” “Jac, it’s Stowe, I need a favour”. Stowe’s voice was serious, and oozed urgency. “Sure”, came a tired response “Your Intel guy, Herbie? Can he track down the owner of an account within an online games network?” “Sure, but what’s this about?” “I’ve just received a message from someone who seems to be Meredith, but it was sent from a system I know nothing about”. “Ok, send it to Herbie, and I’ll get him to look it up for you”. After receiving PFC Herbert’s email address, Stowe forwarded the message, then took a swig of his Scotch as prayer that something will be found. “Where are you anyway, Jac?” “Watching this goon of yours, mate”, Jacksen responded quietly. “He’s done nothing wrong so far, so our hands are tied. We can do nothing until the guy breaks the law”. “Shit, I thought you were gonna nab him” “Can’t do that, Stowe, you know that” After talking of the legalities of an illegal snatch of a known Mob goon, Stowe started to realise that Jac was right. Stowe was itching to interrogate the guy, inflict pain, but at the same time, he hesitated to stoop to Mob level, to achieve that goal. DING! He looked across to his laptop screen. Jac kept talking “Stowe, Stowe… you still there?” “Yeah, we’ve got a problem” “Eh?” “Herbie’s good, mate. He’s already tracked the account to one Keith Bradley” “What? Meredith is with the Bradleys?” “Adopted by them, Jac. It all fits. I saw her at the Mall today, being carried by a woman”. Stowe became quiet, tired, spent. “Can she not escape?” “She can’t, Jac, she’s a baby, she’s been regressed by these fuckers”. “You can’t snatch her, Stowe, if that adoption is in any way legal”, Jac had to add. “She’s in trouble, Jac, I have to …”, Stowe responded in kind. “If the Mob get to her, and find out who she is? Oh, shit…” “Stowe, brother, don’t do it!”
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    Thank you for sharing this link, The Trying Policy is certainly well worth a read
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    Monday morning dawned with my wife standing over me. It was clear I was in a puddle. I was barely surprised. “That’s second and last strike, you know. If you do it again, you lose the bet.” She smiled. I yawned and stretched. “That’s OK, things are going better today, and I’ll be able to get to the bathroom as I need to. Tonight I’ll just pull an all nighter.” Getting up, I bundled the wet sheets and pajamas into a ball and brought it to the washer, starting the load. A quick shower and breakfast, and I was soon engrossed in work. Every 15 minutes, though, the alarm on my phone rang, and I would dutifully trek to the bathroom, shake off the uneasy feeling, and drain whatever I had. Lunch came and went, and soon it was dinner time. The interrupts kept my day from being very productive, but it was the only way I could possibly make it. “Good heavens, are you still trying to win?” My wife was in the door, doing her best Count Rugan impression from the Princess Bride. I had to laugh. “Want to go out for dinner? Pub?” It did sound good. It was not a good idea, though. “I don’t think I should. If I drink, I’ll lose, and if I don’t drink, Frank will annoy the hell out of me.” She laughed. Frank was the bartender, and as his regulars he felt the need to engage us in conversation. A standing joke was to tell Frank that he needed to shut up or bring us a beer. He’d usually bring us the beer and continue with whatever story he was telling. “We’ll grab a booth.” “No, I shouldn’t go” “I’ll go then. You can have leftovers.” “Well, that’s not fair.” “Come with me then. I really need a glass of wine, and we’re out of white.” “I don’t want another accident in public!” She switch to Black Knight from the The Holy Grail. “What are you going to do, pee on me?” My response was immediate. “I’m invincible!” “You’re looney.” She paused. “What if...” She paused again. “What if I let you wear a diaper, but it wouldn’t count against the bet. Well, the diaper wouldn’t but if you wet it it would. That way you can come with me, you can just have water or whatever, and if you do have an accident no one will know. Except me, of course.” That sounded like a horrible idea, really, but her mind was obviously made up about the pub. At least this way I wouldn’t risk a public accident. I sighed. She took it as acceptance and disappeared briefly, returning with a thin disposable that she handed to me. “Remember, if you wet it, you lose the bet. And you know I’ll check.” I put the diaper on, a onesie to cover it, and we headed to the pub. I only had water, and continued the 15 minute periodic pilgrimage to the to bathroom. Frank only bugged us slightly, especially after I told him that I wasn’t drinking because I had a bad case of whooping west nile virus, cough cough, and alcohol enhanced the transmission rates to ugly bartenders. He laughed, but took the hint and mostly left us alone. I have to say I was somewhat surprised when I managed to make it back home with the stripes still a happy yellow. My wife was in a frisky mood, and I was happy oblige. We started downstairs, but moved upstairs after a while, ending up on the bed in each others arms, both spent, her several times. It was as I was laying there that I felt my wife reach down and pat the mattress, then get up suddenly. “You wet.” “No I didn’t. That’s the wet spot.” “Urm. No. That’s a big pee spot. And you’re dehydrated.” I looked. It was a big spot. A big, clearly dehydrated-pee-yellow spot. That smelled like dehydrated pee. Clearly centered between my legs. “That’s two beds you’ve wet today. And a couch.” She smiled. “You know what that means...” I was stunned. It seemed so anti-climactic, especially after working so hard the last two days to not have a problem. And here I was, laying in my own pee. Again. I was still in my own thoughts as I realized with a sinking feeling that my wife was slipping something around my neck, and before I could react I realized the collar was locked with the tether attached. By the time I tried to sit up, it was too late. “Honey, one more chance. I’m sorry, it was just the sex, and the climax, I mean, you were so wonderful, and I just forgot. Please, give me one more chance.” I tried to sit up again, but the tether kept me on my back. “You lost. Say it with me. Yoooooou Looooooost.” She was definitely gloating, almost doing a little dance. “And here I was almost thinking that giving you that extra strike might have been a bad idea!” “But I’ve been so good, and got so close. C’mon, honey please.” I was whining, and I knew it. She stopped and looked at me, suddenly serious. “How about double or nothing?” I didn’t even hesitate. “Sure. Whatever, please just give me one more chance.” “Are you sure? You don’t even know the terms yet. Are you sure you want to do this?” I paused. She was right. “What are the terms?” She held up the cuffs and chain. “Lets get these on first. I don’t want to have to fight you later.” “Do I have to?” “Yes.” OK, then. If it meant I got another chance, so be it. She made me put the cuffs on myself, their little LEDs indicating that they were not coming off without the right signal. She attached the chain even shorter than usual, giving me just inches of movement. “So, here are the terms. You have until noon tomorrow. Since I don’t think that you’ll be able to make it, you’ll be wearing a diaper until then. If you wet that diaper, even a little, you lose. If you do lose, the trainer goes on until I decide to remove it. I will continue to have full responsibility for your diaper changing, and will be taking more direct control over when you can remove your diapers. You may lose certain other privileges depending on how cooperative you are. Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll become the first subject in Phase II. Do you accept these terms?” “Obvious question... what’s Phase II.” “Well, you’re doing very well I think, and I’ve actually gotten into this whole behavior modification thing. It’s amazing what kinds of changes in a person’s behavior we can cause just with some subtle carrots and sticks that are consistent and automated. It’s a really interesting experiment.” Again, she’s such an engineer. And I’m obviously the test monkey. Guinea pig. Lab rat. She continued, “Officially, the project I’m working on now at work is titled ‘Behavior Modification Through Automated Immediate Stimulus’, which sounds very academic but so far has been sold as looking for better ways to address bedwetting. The stopping of it, normally, but obviously your case is a little different. Phase II is a little more advanced... I will try to address some other behaviors of yours. No, I won’t tell you what.” She smiled sweetly. “How long will it last?” “Until the study is over. When I decide it’s over. I don’t know.” “And if I decline?” “Well, you’ve already lost, so as we agreed when we set up the bet you get another little while on the current program, and we’ll do our best to make your diapers a permanent addition to your wardrobe.” “And if I’m able to make it? What’s your double? A month in diapers for you?” “At this point, you’ve already lost that bet. The upside for you is only that you might not have to wear diapers for the rest of your life. If you make it, I’ll let you out, and maybe even help you by using you in the ‘official’ program to make sure you’re actually dry.” She held all the cards, I realized. The best I could do, I thought, was to try to make it to noon tomorrow. The only way out was if I was actually able to make it. Even if it meant I had to stay up all night. “If I take the bet, will you remove the trainer?” “OK. But the moment you lose it goes back on.” “Can I use the bathroom right now?” “Yes.” “Then I’ll take the bet.” She released the tether and the chain between the collar and cuffs, but of course the collar and cuffs stayed on. I got up, and since I was already naked I made it to the toilet, sat down, and peed. I returned to find my wife in the other room, laying out a diaper. I paused. She looked at me. “I don’t want have to wash the sheets again. If you want another chance, these are the terms.” She pointed at the waiting diaper. I went over and lay down. As she pulled up the thick cloth between my legs and pinned it, I realized that if I did lose, I was giving up the last night without a diaper for what would likely be a long time. After making sure I had on the plastic pants, she retired to her room. I threw a onesie on to hold everything together. Determined to stay up all night, if necessary, I went to my office to work. Every 15 minutes when my phone alarm rang I trekked to the bathroom, unsnapped the onesie, unpinned the pins on one side, peed what I could, and put everything back together. It must have been 4 in the morning when I woke with a start, nearly falling out of my chair. I panicked. Yep, I was wet. Crap. But my wife was asleep! If I simply changed out the diapers before she got up, she’d never know. I wasn’t wearing the trainer, so there was no electronic record of my failings! I just had to make it until noon. The pile of clean diapers was in my room, and I quickly grabbed dry ones, unpinned the wet diapers and re-pinned on the replacements. Now, what to do with the wet ones? It was too loud to run a load of wash right now. I’d have to hide them and wash them later. I got a plastic trash bag, and hid them in my office. I risked a cup of coffee; the risk of falling asleep and peeing again was worse than the risk of the caffeine causing other problems. Soon it was 7 AM, and I heard my wife’s alarm, followed shortly after by the sound of the shower. I started a cup of coffee for her. A few minutes later, she emerged, only a little bleary eyed. “Good morning honey.” The cup of coffee brought a smile to her face. “You look like you stayed up all night. Everything OK?” She looked meaningfully at my diaper. “So far.” She shrugged, and went into her office and closed the door. I figured it was that kind of morning. She stayed there all morning. I heard her on the phone for substantial parts of the morning, and it sounded like she was dealing with a pressing work issue. For my part, I continued using the toilet every 15 minutes, even though the lack of sleep was definitely catching up. At 11:30, though, I figured I had a chance to make it. I had even taken a chance and slipped a load of laundry with the diapers I had wet mixed in with a bunch of clothes. I had managed to get the load washed, dried, folded, and even put away before she emerged from her office at 11:50. She looked harried and annoyed. “Come into the bedroom”, she said quickly, in a way that indicated she was in a hurry and still thinking about something else. I followed behind her. “On the bed, let’s check and see if you’re still dry.” I lay down. This was the moment. I was still dry. She would check, and I would win. I watched her hand go down between my legs and unsnap the onesie. She pulled it up. She started to pull open the top of the plastic pants, when I realized that her other end had just clicked the tether to my collar. Dammit, she was getting good at that. She stepped back, the plastic pants snapping back against my waist. I tried to sit up, but once again I was held on my back, unable to move, by the tether to my neck. She looked at me, clearly disappointed. “I didn’t think you’d make it, but I expected you to try harder than this.” I acted innocent, of course. “What do you mean? It’s still dry!” “Why are you wearing a different diaper than what I put you in last night?” I paused. How to answer this. I didn’t have a good excuse. How did she know? She snickered, reading my mind. “You look like a toddler, there. Laying in a diaper. Trying to think up an excuse. There is only one diaper with a green serge at the top. All the others are blue or pink. You were wearing the green one last night. Now the diaper you’re wearing so proudly has a blue serge thread. Why.” I just looked at her. Why indeed. Busted.... “You could have just taken that one off, put a disposable in it... I can think of a bunch of ways you could have tried to cheat. Not that you would have gotten away with it, but I’m rather unimpressed with your lack of ingenuity. Oh well, come clean. You had an accident, right?” Sigh. “Yes.” “OK, then as we discussed yesterday, you lose the bet, as you know.” She left for a few moments, and then came back. She applied the chain to hold my hands at the collar, and proceeded to remove the plastic pants and unpin the diaper. The familiar trainer was quickly applied. I didn’t fight it. All I could do was watch in resignation. “What’s that?” I asked, as she was putting a thin paper thing on top of the diapers. She slid it under me after asking me to lift up. “Since you lied about when you changed your diapers, I’m going to be determining when and where you get changed. This is to make cleanups easier.” I was still confused. I looked at her. “You’re not going to be able to choose when to use the toilet. You will have to use your diapers for everything. This is to make cleaning your poop easier.” I was horrified. “Honey, I don’t like using my diapers for pooping! I’ve never done that! That’s disgusting!” She laughed. “Well, I’m glad that you accept that you like using your diapers for peeing. But you lied about changing your diapers, and the consequences are that you lose that privilege. The pooping in them is just a side effect. I’m sure it will be unpleasant for both of us.” For some reason I rather doubted that it would be as unpleasant for her as it was for me. She was pulling up the plastic pants, and I realized that the material was much thicker. The waist had a belt, and I was unsurprised as a little LED blinked green as it was closed. I looked at the on the clock on the bedside table. It was 12 noon. A strong shock signalled that it was time to pee. I did. =====
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    This is exactly why it is important to air the bad laundry with the good. It helps people find the right shoe, and since I am mixing metaphors like a mofo, and once they find the right shoe, they can be happy little pandas, like a cat in a bed of catnip.
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    Here, finally, thanks to the encouragement of Sophie and Pudding, and the invaluable assistance of my amazing editor, is Interlude 3! This is the last interlude before Issue 3, and I'm very excited to get back to the main plot! A Note: This chapter is *much* darker than usual, and contains emotional manipulation and an detailed discussion of suicide. While I hope you enjoy it regardless, it is absolutely fine to skip it if that's going to be painful or triggering. It's something I have personal experience with, and would absolutely never wish for anyone. As always, comments and questions are the best. Interlude 3- That She May Devour At first, there was nothing but the cold of the silver snake's metal gullet, and the unyielding dark within. There was nothing, therefore, to distract from the searing indignity of her recent defeat. Her eyes narrowed as the image of the face of that impudent child who had dared stand in her way floated before her. Then, right as she was considering what terribly inventive torment she would visit on this girl for having the temerity to oppose Kimmy Schaeffer, Consulting Demonologist, the sinuous slide abruptly ended. As she sailed out the mouth of the slide, styled like a silver serpent's head, bright green flames flared to life, burning like hungry eyes in a pair of braziers on a far wall. By the time her head cleared enough to register what had happened, she barely managed to extend her staff and spit out a brief incantation to slow her speed, before her momentum would have sent her straight into the wall. Still, her landing couldn't be called graceful; she staggered forward with the impact, and fell to her knees hissing in pain, right in front of the silver filigreed hieroglyphics that danced uncaring in the torchlight. “Damn it!” Kimmy whispered under her breath. She used her staff as a support, and found a handhold in the hieroglyphics to pull herself to her feet. When she rose up to her full height, she suddenly realized that her full height was much less full than she had expected. Her head was usually just below the torches, but she was barely half as tall as that now, face to face with a hieroglyph of a jackal that she usually would have had to stoop to read. Kimmy shook her head, trying to clear it. But when she did, she felt the familiar brush of pigtails against the side of her neck. She let out a sharp sigh; normally she'd be quite content to stay in her childish form for a while after a mission, but right now, feeling smaller than she already did was the last thing she wanted. She struck the ground with her staff, willing its power to rush forth and withdraw the glamour from her. But when the green flame receded, the room still loomed enormous around her. With a grimace and a hiss, she grabbed her staff with both hands, and rammed it into the floor. The sudden flare of light stung her eyes, and dark blobs danced in her vision for a few moments after the spell completed. Nevertheless, despite the outpouring of magical energy, her form was unchanged. “Stupid staff,” she exclaimed, hurling the offending implement against the wall and stomping the floor in irritation. “Of all the times for you to f-” “Such a dirty mouth, little sorceress. What would the Mother Goddess think” Kimmy jumped a little at the sound of the voice that filled the gloomy chamber. It was deep, and loud enough to make her whole body vibrate, and the sibilant sound of it coiled around her. She took a reflexive step backward, and gasped when she felt a pair of arms close around her waist, and lift her a full two feet from the ground. Kimmy let out a yelp of surprise, and thrashed as hard as she could. She kicked her feet and flailed her arms, but to no avail. “Ah ah ah, don't squirm, wiggle worm. Resistance will just make it worse.” Kimmy tried to crane her neck to see the identity of her assailant, but the face above her was unfamiliar. It was copper-skinned, with all sharp angles, and muscle rippling in all the wrong places where fat should be on any normal human. When he smiled down at her, even his front teeth looked honed to a razor edge. His shoulder-length black hair darkened his face like a hood. “Who the hell-” she tried ramming the back of her head into his face, but again forgot to account for her reduced size; she groaned as she hit his immovable shoulders. “What, you don't recognize me, even after what your stupidity put me through? You really are a child; this should be well within the power of even a stripling mortal mage such as you.” He snorted and yanked her hair back violently, forcing her neck to strain and her eyes to meet his. As she did, his black pupils grew long and slim, until she was starting into the slit eyes of a snake. “You wasted my physical form, using me to cover for your mystical incompetence. Perhaps I should return the favor.” “So what, Apophis? I've been empowered by Lady Uto, and you're just her thrall, at my beck and call. It's not like you can do anything.” Kimmy knew that this was almost certainly not the case, but still, she was Kimmy Schaeffer, Consulting Demonologist, and wasn't about to stand for some snake demon mouthing off to her. “Whatever you've done to my form, release it, and I may be lenient.” “I, a mere thrall? Such talk from one who would be barely a glimmer in their own eye without Lady Uto's gifts. Would you truly wish for me to withdraw all that has been done to you in Uto's name? Then let us begin.” As Apophis spoke, the torches flickered, and a stream of sickly-sweet smoke billowed up from the braziers. Apophis breathed it in as though it was the scent of flowers wafting through the air, but it stung Kimmy's eyes and burned her throat. When her vision cleared, she thought for a moment that she had returned to her full height. It quickly became clear, however, that Apophis had somehow used the smoke to bind her, and she now dangled from the ceiling, as far off the ground as she normally stood. Even though it should have been light enough to brush aside, the smoke held her like thick rope, and she was helplessly trussed up in its coils. Kimmy tried to fight through the burning pain that seared her wrists when she attempted to wriggle free, but she found that she could barely move. Realizing her predicament, she narrowed her eyes at Apophis and fixed him with her best hateful glare. but there was a part of her, below the resentment that welled up in her chest, that felt a shameful thrill at the feeling of being held helpless, a tingling delight that grew with the realization that her struggle was utterly futile. Not that there's anything strange about that of course, she told herself. Merely a mage's proper fascination and hunger for a newly discovered source of power. Apophis reached up and danced his fingers under Kimmy's chin, and smiled a mirthless smile. She instinctively pulled away from the sensation; his hand should have been warm, if ungentle, but it was cold as ice, and eerily smooth. As she tried to squirm away, his hand closed around her throat like an icy vise. “Perhaps, you require a...harsher reminder of the magnitude of our Mother's kindness.” The muscles of her neck strained against his grip, but then, as quickly as he had grabbed her, Apophis released his hold. But where he had held his hand, she felt a bulge in her windpipe that hadn't been there before, but was still horribly familiar. He held her bound hand in his, then kissed it, in an absurd parody of a display of courtly affection. Kimmy shivered as a wave of numbing cold washed over her. When sensation returned to her hand, though, she almost wished it hadn't. She could feel them growing larger and more unwieldy, and felt the itching pinpricks of long-dormant follicles spurred to life again. When the same sensation followed the touch of Apophis's hand and spread like chill wildfire across her face, she screamed, or would have screamed if she'd dared to. Logically, her voice should still be her own, but she couldn't bear the thought that she might hear the low, guttural sound of years of work undone in an instant. Kimmy fought desperately against the chains, twisting and rolling the best she could, now driven more by animal fear and instinct than any kind of rational thought. But the more she strained, the tighter they drew, until her skin burned with their cold. Tears ran down her cheeks, brief and feeble points of heat against the mounting waves of bone-deep cold. Finally, able to endure no longer, Kimmy's head swam, and the darkness behind her eyes replaced the dim and dusty tomb. Kimmy suddenly felt the harshness of bare blacktop beneath her, its thousands of tiny jagged stones biting into her skin. The supernatural frost that she'd felt before was replaced by the all-too-material feeling of waterlogged clothing clinging, sodden, to her flesh. Her chest burned, her cursed chest that she could feel grown flatter, broader, and terribly alien and hopelessly familiar. She knew the heat, of course, the heat of a wound, cut by her own sacrificial dagger, the same knife whose blade she'd spent untold dark hours honing, gazing at its point with a forbidden longing. All these years later, she still remembered the detached euphoria of that first stab, when she finally pushed past that cursed instinct for self-preservation, and inflicted a punishment on the body that had housed her, betrayed her, imprisoned her, for so many years. Finally, she could go of the vain hope of slow rituals that only dulled the pain, and would never grant her the object of her longing. It had felt so good to finally punish the true source of her suffering that she had barely minded the deadly pain, even cherished it, in a twisted sort of way. Or at least she had, before the new life Uto, moved by her sacrifice, had bestowed upon her. Kimmy had always thought she'd rather die than live a lifetime as her old self. She'd even done it once. But the thought of losing her new self, the one she'd always wanted since before she'd had the words to express the longing, spurred her to fight on as she hadn't that day. With a groan of effort, she lifted her head up from the pavement. As she expected, the shadow of a passer-by fell upon the ground as its owner moved toward her, its shape obscured by the dark, save for the outline illuminated by the dim halo of a streetlamp. “Oh, my poor, sweet little Kimmy. How did you get yourself into this, little sweetling?” The voice was soft and maternal, sounding at once loud and strong enough to fill a stadium, and as close and soft as a gentle, loving whisper. Even ensorcelled in a serpent's dream and on the verge of death, Kimmy couldn't mistake the voice of Lady Uto, Devourer of Corruption, Last of the Triumvirate. And sure enough, the figure that stepped -or rather, slithered -up to her was not a teenage Isis, but the Mother Goddess herself. Kimmy's gaze followed the sinuous shape as it approached, taking in the shining black scales laced with silver that caught the light as the goddess moved across the ground, and her pale, blue-green underbelly. From the waist up she was human with skin as black as her serpentine half, save where her white tunic covered it, and gold glinting around her neck and head. Her eyes that looked down on Kimmy with pity were like shining green lamps in the darkness, and her hair undulated with a hiss. An observer might have considered her like the mystical Medusa, but there was no way that any sandal-clad Greek warrior wielding a bit of bronze could ever possibly challenge her. The goddess reached down and gathered up Kimmy in her lithe and muscled arms, as though the full-grown woman was little more than a doll, and nestled her against her chest. It was so soft and warm, that all the fear, terror, and bitterness just fell away, until the sense of closeness with an impossibly strong and wise power was all she could feel. It wasn't enough to say that she felt that nothing and no one could harm her; that was a mortal kind of strength. No, as Kimmy felt Uto's arms embrace her, she knew that no one would even dare to try. “There there, see? All better..” And as Uto said these words, the nightmare of her first death faded from Kimmy's eyes. She was back in the tomb, Apophis still standing in his human form before her as she dangled in his chains. But he was utterly dwarfed by Uto, and seemed faded and shrunken in her presence, as though he had shriveled in the light that shone from her golden headdress. “Now,” she said, her brow furrowed and her tone sharp and reproachful.“Just what, pray tell, is going on here?” She fixed them both with her emerald stare, and it took all of Kimmy's mental fortitude not to look away in shame. Uto's eyes were so bright and searching, it felt like lies told beneath her gaze would vanish like mist in the glow of the morning sun. After meeting Uto for the first time and negotiating the terms of her first job, Kimmy had tried everything she knew to avoid this sensation, the terrible smallness that she felt in the presence of the Mother Goddess. But the second time, when Uto saw all the charms and spells Kimmy had woven around herself, she simply laughed, and told her what an impressive priestess she would make one day. Kimmy hadn't know what to say then, and was no better prepared now, though she consoled herself that at least she hadn't blushed. Apophis spoke up first:“Lady Uto, she is an incorrigible little brat,” he spat, “who shows no gratitude for the new life you have given her, refusing even to give you the fealty you deserve, and wasting the power that belongs to your faithful servants.” He smiled smugly. “I simply wanted to show her that she'd be nothing without you, and remind her of her place.” “I see. I will certainly have a talk with Kimmy about properly using her resources.” Apophis grinned in triumph, and Kimmy's heart sank. Something about the way Uto said the phrase made it more terrifying than the worst possible punishment. “But,” Uto said evenly, “tell me, Apophis, did you ever consider why I have given the gifts that I have?” Apophis's grin turned into a scowl of confusion. “No, milady, I had not, I merely assumed-” “Assumed I was like that foolish feline, giving and withdrawing favor as suited my whim? For one so quick to judge impudence, you might consider your own thoughts more carefully, my servant.” Apophis stepped back, eyes suddenly sepentine and wide with fear, as a flash of terrordisrupted his concentration on his glamour. “How about you, Kimmy? Do you know why I chose to help you?” “B-Because I gave you an offering you liked,” Kimmy replied sullenly. That was what all magic was about, of course: a mercenary exchange. Favor for favor, strength for strength, and nothing more. “Half right, little dear.” Uto cooed. Kimmy wanted to protest that she was neither little nor dear, but one look at Uto's massive scale stopped the words in her mouth. “A body that fails to develop as it should, and drives its inhabitant to kill themself-” Kimmy felt a cold lump in her throat when Uto talked about that day. The burning satisfaction that she'd felt when she'd first done it, and again when Apophis had brought the memory surging back cooled to a leaden weight of shame in her chest when Uto talked about it so forthrightly. “-is certainly corrupt, and a worthy sacrifice.” She licked her lips. “But what I appreciated about you, my child, was your zeal. The joy of the executioner whose blade finds a deserving target; it is so rare to find a mortal who feels it as purely and keenly as I do, unalloyed with baser motives.” “I would be overjoyed, Kimmy, if you would take the bargain I offer, seal it with the souls of that cur I sent you after. But I will never force you; I am no tyrant. Nor will I hold your body ransom.” Uto reached out a hand, and ran her fingers through Kimmy's green hair, and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. As she did, Kimmy felt her body return to normal, all the awful changes Apophis had made undone, and her full size restored save that her heart quickened, and her face burned with a heat that was not entirely due to embarrassment. The chains that held her dissolved again into smoke, and she floated down gently to the floor. When she went to retrieve her staff, she found it already in her right hand. Uto straightened up and waved a hand. An oval, easily large enough for Kimmy to step through, and rimmed with the unmistakable glow of mystic energy, appeared on the opposite side of the tomb. Through it she saw a familiar street, empty beneath the midday sun. “If you choose to return, I will leave you to your new mortal life, and you will make your own way.” Uto turned around, so that Kimmy could see her black scales, and the green serpents that coiled and uncoiled on her head. Kimmy took a few steps toward the portal, but stopped in front of it as the scent of the world outside reached her nose. On the one hand, it was so rare to get what Uto had given her with no strings attached, and unlimited freedom to use it how she wished. One unfortunate loss certainly didn't mean she wouldn't be able to pay back those self-righteous assholes who hid their cowardice, indifference, and smug satisfaction behind colored masks of virtue. On the other, no one had ever spoken to her the way Uto did, valued her the way Uto did. And she had enjoyed playing the part of the priestess. In her last battle, she'd announced herself as a servant of Uto, almost without thinking, it had felt so...right. She'd even enjoyed the childish form that Uto had given her, it fit so well that she'd hated to leave it every time she used the advantage of surprise it offered her. She could certainly keep it if she left now, and use it out in the world whenever she wanted. Her cheeks grew pink at the thought. Still, she knew all too well that the world would not be kind, even to a child with mystical powers. Kimmy turned her head to look back at Uto, whose body was in set in profile against the green torches, one lamp-like green eye watching her. The world she would return to had no one like her; no mortal could ever replace the Mother Goddess, or offer the kind of warmth that she did. So... “I-I...” she stuttered, “I want to stay.” Apophis hissed in surprise, but when Uto turned around, a knowing smile was on her face. “You would? You'll be my little priestess?” “Y-Yes.” “Well, then, my sweetling, repeat after me.” “Give your virtuous over to Isis, that She may teach them.” “Give your virtuous over to Isis, that She may teach them.” Obediently, Kimmy repeated the words, and she felt the world grow larger around her, until she had to crane her neck to look into the light of Uto's eyes. “Give your clever over to Bast, that She may hone them.” “Give your clever over to Bast, that She may hone them.” Kimmy's voice started the phrase as the one she'd made her own, but by the time she got to the words “hone them,” her voice had grown higher, and taken on an unmistakably childish lisp. “Give your wicked over to Uto, that She may devour them.” “Give your wicked over to Uto, that She may devour them.” As soon as the words left her lips, a man's anguished cry filled the tomb, and the soul of Darius Morgan, which had spent the whole ordeal in its prison-jar at Kimmy's waist, twisted and formed a glowing green chain connecting Kimmy's now child- sized heart to Uto's massive one. The bindings wrapped around Kimmy's body, holding her utterly immobile. But she felt no fear as Uto's power embraced her. When the bonds drew tighter, she only grew more certain that this was where she belonged, and who she ought to be. And so, in a flash of green light and a serpentine hiss, Kimberly Schaeffer, Consulting Demonologist, died a second time. And with a second flash, held tight to the breast of her goddess, the Emissary of Uto was born. Her hair was bound again into tight pigtails, but in the place of her blue trenchcoat dress, she wore a child-size version of Uto's own tunic, save for an emerald green ribbon tied into a bow at her chest. “A shadow from beyond descends upon the world, my little priestess. But I am certain,” she intoned, “that when the time comes that we must act, you will make me so very proud.” Uto kissed her new priestess on the top of her little head, and her eyelids fluttered closed. As tiny little snores echoed through the tomb, Uto's serpentine servant dropped his glamour, and slithered round his mistress, resuming his place upon her head with a quiet hiss.
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    Gertrude recoiled like she’d been slapped. She stepped back. Her wet cloth diaper rubbed her privates and squished with each step. She lowered the rifle, holding it in one hand at her side. Shock gave way to surprised outrage. “You think I’ll shoot you?!” Horror turned her voice into a high pitched squeal. A few chickens clucked and a cow lowed at the sound. Magda simply stared at her with a blank, gaunt face. “You pointed a gun at me.” Her blank tone was matter of fact. “You broke into our barn! Of course I’m gonna point a gun at a thief. I didn’t know it was you!” “Even when you recognized me, you never lowered the gun.” “I-well. You. I-I didn’t know what to do! I still don’t. You think I’d shoot you?! What the hell’s wrong with you?!” Magda was calm and collected in the face of Gertrude’s shocked hysteria. “I’ve stared up a gun like this held by a soldier in a coat like that. He fully intended to shoot me. I’ve seen people lined up and shot down into big pits by soldiers in coats like yours, armed with guns like the one in your hand. Of course I expect you to shoot me.” Her voice was flat, but her blue eyes were full of horror at the memories. Gertrude shook her head, stepping back. “You’re lying.” “It’s what happened to the Jews from our village. A few of us survived only because it started storming. Lightning struck a nearby tree. The soldiers got scared, wanted to get indoors.” “I don’t believe you. If it was true, the newspapers would’ve reported such atrocities.” “What do you think is happening? All across the Reich, Jews are disappearing. You saw the soldiers round us up at gunpoint like we were criminals.” “The papers said Jews were being relocated. Killings were never mentioned.” Gertrude firmly believed the papers and the news on the radio. She crossed her arms awkwardly, the rifle slipping down in her grip. The lantern hanging off her elbow swayed. “I’m telling you the truth. Where do you think the Jews are being relocated to? I bet the papers nor the radio ever mention that.” Gertrude shrugged. She had no answer to that. “Does it really matter? They’re being exiled from the Reich.” Magda smiled darkly. “First it was a train ride. They stuffed us into a small, poor section of a Polish city they’d walled off. I shared a tiny apartment with three families. There was no room. Little food. Once the ghetto was stuffed full of people, the Nazis sealed it off. Then they started liquidating. People disappeared, packed into cattle cars. Not a train for humans. For animals. That’s how they see us. Animals.” Gertrude wanted to deny it, say her once-friend was lying. Jews always lied. But she knew how Jews were viewed...the things taught in school, read in papers and books, heard on the radio. Even in the movies, in songs. A Jew was no better than an animal. Less than an animal. How could she argue with that? Magda’s haunted blue eyes bore into hers. “Once in a while, someone would escape and come back. They told stories about camps and gas chambers. Huge chimneys that belched black smoke day and night. The smell of burnt flesh spread out for miles around. “ Gertrude wanted to call Magda a liar. That was like something out of a horror book. Edgar Allan Poe stuff. Not reality. Yet, if it was real, how were people getting away with it? It was one big, governmental conspiracy theory. Too surreal to be true. Just like all the dead Hadamar patients. Her old doubts about Heidi’s death surfaced. The doctors had been state employees in a government run hospital. Was Magda’s story that much of a stretch? Or just more Jewish lies? As a child, Magda had never lied to her. She’d trusted Gertrude with her deepest fears and secrets. “Y-you’re not supposed to be here. I-I’ll go g-get my d-dad.” Gertrude’s tone warbled her indecision. She was torn on whether to believe Magda or not. “If you’re going to do that, I’d rather you just shoot me. I’ll be turned into the Gestapo and end up right back on the train to Auschwitz. Or Buchenwald. I don’t know which one they planned to take me to. The soldiers never tell us where we’re going. I only know because I overheard two of them talking.” Buchenwald. The name punched Getrude in the stomach. That was the place Josef didn’t like to talk about. Gassings and mass graves. Working in a place like that, it was no wonder Josef had turned cold and guarded. She still wasn’t fully sure if Magda was telling the truth or not, but that name swayed her. Maybe she just didn’t want to believe such horror was going on. All she knew was she couldn’t turn Magda in. She had to help her. Heidi would’ve wanted her to. How could Magda speak of such horror yet stay so calm? By shutting down her emotions, pushing reality to a distance. The same way Gertrude got on with the loss of her sister and her suspicions of her death. “You can’t stay here. It’s not safe.” Gertrude was calm and firm in her resolve. She knew what she had to do. She gestured to the oversized coat. “Josef is a guard at Buchenwald. I can’t offer you refuge.” Magda’s lips twitched in a small, wry smile. “No where’s safe.” Gertrude held out a hand in an offer to help her up. “I can get you some supplies. Sneak you into the house. Get you warmed up. Get you some food.” Her gaze flicked to the broken egg shells littering the floor. “Some cooked food. Everyone’s asleep; it’s safe if we’re careful.” The morbid amusement fell from Magda’s face. She stared at Gertrude’s hand like it was a poisonous snake. “You’re going to turn me in. You’re trying to trick me. It’s what your kind always does.” For the first time, emotion crept into her voice- hurt and bitterness. Her face stayed blank.
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    “You’re nice. Even Rosie can be nice. Sometimes. So, you have to be nice, too. What other nice things have you done?” His glassy eyes burned at her. She regretted giving him some liquid courage. She shifted in her chair. It was like her long ignored conscience crawled out of her and manifested as Lucas. Her gaze dropped as she wracked her brain. She hated thinking about the past. Living in the present was much easier and more pleasant. A string of petty crimes spanning nearly a century were her foremost memories. None were particularly well thought out; she was more of an opportunistic predator. Not clever, but damn had they been fun. As a human, she didn’t get emotionally attached. She saw what that did to her mother. It made her weak and vulnerable. Life taught her early to use or get used. The rest of her memories were hazy; a string of arrests, different handcuffs through the decades. A few mugshots, but she usually escaped before she was booked or even taken to the precinct. She took advantage of her shape shifting nature. Her routine was simple; the policeman arrested human female, released the stray, wolf-looking dog, then the policeman scratched his head wondering where the human escaped to. After that, she laid low in lycan form. In the early days, she hightailed it deep into the woods. Sometimes she’d double-crossed other weres. In the woods, older, bigger, badder wolves sniffed her out. They weren’t happy with her shenanigans. She found herself on the receiving end of their teeth and claws. The woods were not safe. She was safer in the company of humans; it was harder for the other lycans to get to her. That became her modus operandi; to play the part of the happy family dog, a sweet stray adopted from the streets. A few decades ago, she fine tuned her scheme after being dumped in the pound a time or two or ten. She played the sweet pooch to get adopted by the first sucker that came along. She ended up getting trained to be a service dog. This happened quite a few times. She played the sweet, furry helper then ditched as soon as the coast was clear. Lather, rinse, repeat over the decades. This pattern resulted in her being trained in a wide variety of service dog capacities- everything from mobility assistance to anxiety management. It was how she knew just where to push and how much pressure to apply when she’d pressed on Lucas’ chest earlier to calm him. Deep pressure therapy. He’d been too distraught to notice what she’d done. Maybe if she’d been in canine form, he’d have noticed. Lucas still stared at her, waiting for an answer. “Well….I did some service dog training…” Her ditching as soon as the coast was clear probably canceled out any brownie points for charitable works. Being a service dog with a human brain sucked balls. She’d been bored most of the time and annoyed with the needy whinging the rest. Last time, when she left the whiny blind brat, she’d vowed to never resort to masquerading as a service dog again. Unless absolutely necessary. Now, she planned on holing up as a loveable stray. Luc smiled. “See? That’s really good! You helped a lot of people. Made their lives better. Trust me. I know.” He giggled, turning her words back on her. “I used to have a service dog. Her name was Cookie. She was the best dog ever. Cookie helped me with a lot of stuff. She’d get things for me. Keep me calm…” He trailed off, smile falling. His voice grew soft and sad. “She was my best friend. She gave me my life back. Then she...got sick...and passed…” Tears welled in his eyes. He sniffled. Pru’s heart twisted, guilt nibbling at her. Did all those tards and cripples she leave behind miss her like Luc missed his dog? Did they mourn her loss? She never thought of them. Even now, their faces were just blurred memories, like her family. She’d just run, moving on to the next town, the next scheme. Never gave the ones she left behind a second thought. She brushed them off like so much garbage. If they were stupid enough to let her take advantage of them, she was only too happy to comply. Now, looking at Luc, she wondered if she’d been the stupid one. “You must miss her.” “Very much. Everyday. Not just for what she did. She was so sweet. She really loved cookies. Anytime I had a cookie, I had to share.” He smiled sadly at the fond memories. That smile broke her heart. She’d never bonded like that with her humans. “Cookie knew all my secrets.” Lucas carried on. He felt so fuzzy, so warm and mellow. Like his bones were melted wax. He was too relaxed, too comfortable. His brain snuggled in the fuzz; he didn’t pay attention to what he said. He just opened his heart and let it all pour out. This girl was Rosie’s friend. A descendent of his idol. She’d taken care of him. He could trust her. Prudence wanted him to trust her. She wanted to bond with him like his dog had. The urge gripped her with desperate need, like a junkie craved a fix. She needed to be with him. To learn from him. To bond and experience all the things she’d been missing out on. She wanted to prove he could trust her. Let her take care of him. Protect him. “Like your diapers? They’re more than just a costume. You enjoy being a baby. An adult baby. It’s okay. Really. Wanna know my secret? I’m the real, the original, Prudence Piper. I’m a werewolf; that’s why I still look so young.” The truth rolled off her tongue as easily as lies. Her sincerity was true and pure, but her lies sounded so truthful everything came across as one and the same. Lies and truth blurred together in an unholy union. Lucas jerked as if her words were physical blows. An arrow pierced his exposed heart. Hurt and adrenaline surged; the pleasant fog in his brain rolled away. Thoughts pounded his skull, jump starting his pulse to a pounding tempo. His chest tightened. This whole night was just a joke to her. She’d come to toy with the big baby. He’d been obvious right from the start. Or Rosie put her up to it as a Halloween prank. Even for his cousin, this was cruel. Pru had been toying with him all night, having fun tricking the big, stupid, pants-pissing baby. Seeing how far she could go, seeing how stupid he was, while she laughed all the while. He’d believed everything she said. Naive baby. He was so, so stupid. She was a liar, just like Rosie. No wonder they were friends. And he was a gullible idiot. Well, no more. Embarrassed, hurt, and angry at her, at himself...panic and anxiety welled up, lapping at his conscious like waves upon a shore. He threw his paci across the booth; it smacked off the pavement. He really wanted to throw it at her head. He yanked at his bib, but the ties held it firmly in place. His cheeks burned candy apple red in his humiliation. Tears rolled down his cheeks. “You’re horrible. This is just cruel. What did I ever do to you?” He choked out before his tears fell faster. A sob tore his throat. He lowered his head. His shoulders shook.
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    Birch House Chapter 5 --- Trent --- [Rebecca] Coming home tonight? I made noodles! [Me] Did you boil your own water? [Rebecca] Ass [Me] Yeah but you can’t live without me [Rebecca] Wanna fucking bet? I seem to be doing just fine since we moved :| Oh Shit! I thought sensing a dark disturbance in the Force. [Me] Don’t be like that :0 [Rebecca] Like what? Here by myself? Hard not to be… like all the time. Guess I’m not sleeping here after all. That extra 45 minutes is going to suck balls in the morning, but I gotta keep my little lady happy! [Trent] You won’t be long. Get my supper fixed woman! I’ll see you in 30. [Rebecca] If my vagina wasn’t so lonely, you’d be sleeping on the couch you ass! I was already driving when the Google Assistant on my phone read me her text. So I sang back a line from one of her favorite movies. [Trent] You love me. You want to kiss me. You want to hug me. You want to smooch me [Rebecca] We’ll see. You may have to grovel at my altar for a while first. [Trent] Looking forward to it! I pulled up to my house about seven thirty on that thursday. I wasn’t looking forward to an all day drive with some supplies tomorrow, but I’d do it for Becca. I had to be at the dock by five am to catch tomorrow’s load. If I really pushed, and rushed the guys unloading the truck, I might make it back by midday on Saturday. I knew Becca was going to be pissed, but they’d offered me a premium for the whole run since it spilled into the weekend. If I took three more of those runs and Ann put in her share, we’d be able to put in that privacy fence. Then we could start working on the deck for the above ground pool the girls wanted for the summer. Everything I did, planned, or thought about was for my Becca. I was wanting to make a little walkway from the lower deck and fill it with gravel and stepping stones. With the slope of the hill, we’d be able to walk right into the above ground pool that would be ground level on the house side. It looked amazing in my head and was a small fraction of the cost of a below ground pool. I hadn’t told the girls that the pool was in the plans for this year, but if the loads kept coming like they were, I could really afford to get some luxury for my love. I walked around back and came in through the mud room pausing to look over the site for the fence and pool, Happy Wife is a Happy Life! --- Becca --- Where the fuck is that asshat? My dumplings are getting cold. I might as well take Ann some. She hardly ever comes downstairs anymore. I should just move the fuck upstairs. She never finished that last room anyway. FUCKING TRENT! I bitched disappearing behind her unlocked door. I was coming back downstairs after kissing Ann’s cheek and leaving her with the surprise dinner when I saw my man standing there in his work clothes and sock feet. Must have snuck in the dirty room. I bet myself. I couldn’t think of any words and all my anger washed away in a flood of emotions. Tears were trickling down my face, which pissed me off when I realized it. Suddenly, I was in Trent’s arms and I don’t remember how I got there! I was wrapped tightly around his waist my head in the crook of his neck breathing heavily against his skin. He smelled like burning brakes, gasoline, and Doritos. It doesn’t sound like an attractive mix of smells, but to me it screamed Trent, Husband, Mine to me. I coughed a cry against him and then jumped down and pounded on his chest. “In two weeks, I’ve been with you less than seven hours.” I said my voice rising as i smashed my hands against his chest. “Oh, Becks! That almost sort of kinda hurts.” He smirked at me forcing me to hit him harder. “I’ve been home both weekends, and I’ll be here most of this one.” He told me. “Yeah, you were home, but you weren’t with me. You went outside and started the fence stuff. I’m even counting reading in bed in the seven hours!” I laid my head against his chest feeling defeated. “I’m sorry honey. Three more weekend runs and we’ll have the money for that fence you wanted. You told me you wanted it for the summer so you two could tan, not that you’ll ever get Snow White outside in the sun, but whatever! I was doing it for you!” He huffed into my hair bitching about the same old things. “I was just talking babe. It’s sweet you heard and did it and all, but I miss YOU not a fence!” I huffed too. “I can’t fuck a fence!” “I don’t know how to sit still anymore, and I just can’t get into the games anymore. I’m the man now… for real. I’ll make sure your Mom would have been proud to have me as a son-in-law.” He said. “She’d be more proud if I was happy.” I mumbled. “What, have you got late onset A.D.D. or something?” I felt petty… and I mother-fucking hated that! I wasn’t in the wrong. I was willing to wait till next year for the fence. Hell, Ann had offered to front it all now and let us pay her back. Neither of us were comfortable with that though. Fucking money! It always comes back to fucking money with us. What the hell use is a house when there’s no husband to make it a home? I need to just fucking quit school and get a damn job. Then he could be around more! With those lovely thoughts in my head, we settled in at our tile covered kitchen table. Trent had re-finished it after saving it from a garage sale. He’d stop when he could while he was on the road. He was always coming home with a new project. I fixed us both some dumplings and we sat down to eat. “Listen, I’m thinking of stopping with my associates at the end of the semester. I’ll have a college degree. I can get hired on most local places with it and start contributing to the pants-wearing around here. Then you won’t have to work so much.” I told him comprising. I can always finish the bachelors later. I promised myself. “I’m not comfortable with that Becks. I didn’t get my degree. I might be a manager some day, but it will take a lot longer than it would have if I’d have finished school instead of driving.” He told me. “I know babe, but I’m just so sick of not seeing you. I’m… UGH! I’M FUCKING LONELY!” I found the strength to admit it, and that’s no small thing. “I… that’s why we moved Ann in Rebecca, so you wouldn't be lonely.” He said trying to shift the blame. “Fuck! Dumbass! It’s more like she moved us in! We pay our equal share, but none of this happens without her! She doesn’t even really need us.” I told him furiously biting into my dumplings. “Wait. Pause. Let’s try this again.” Trent tried to regain some control of our spiraling conversation. “You’re right, I haven’t been around much and I sure as hell don’t want to spend it yelling.” He said stomping back off to the mud room. Did he just leave? I thought in a panic. He came in a moment later rattling a bit more cheerfully, “Hey honey. I’m home.” “In here babe. I fixed dumplings!” I tried echoing his excitement. “Awesome, you know I love your chicken and dumplings!” He complimented me. “Smells terrific. I feel rough. I’m sore and I have that early load going out in the morning. Hey, a few more of those and I can put up that fence for ya.” He tried. I kept the lighter mood, “Thanks babe, but I’d rather wait a year and see you then have some dumb ole fence.” Then, we both lost our shit laughing at that point. We sounded like an old episode of I Love Lucy. Admittedly, it was hilarious and I found myself staring at him truly appreciating his effort at fixing the afternoon’s vibes. My panties were getting clammy and I decided that dishes and clean up could wait till tomorrow. Gonna fuck the shit outta my man, and tomorrow I’m going to find a summer job and get it lined up. Gotta keep my dick at home! I thought proud I’d figured out a solution to my problems. I texted Ann while I chewed. [Becca] Trent’s home! [Ann] The dumplings are great. Guess I better wait till tomorrow to bring your bowl back? [Becca] You bet your ass. Better sleep with your earplugs girl! [Ann] Geez! I can’t hear you two unless your romp around on the back porch under my window. Your on the other side of the house. [Becca] To cold for that shit tonight, you’re safe. [Ann] Praise the Lord! [Becca] I’m gonna howl tonight girl, I’m so ready for this. I finished my meal and moved my plate to the side stowing my phone in my waistband. “Trent…” “Yeah?” He asked finishing his bowl of dumplings. I knew he was done cause I’d been watching him like a predator. “Run!” I told him and yanked my shirt over my head putting my piercings on display. “Those are new!” He smiled. “Yeah, I got tired of the rings and saw these dog bones. Cool huh?” I asked swaying my chest back and forth. He stood there mesmerized. I felt my mouth water and my pussy dampen. My appetite was satisfied and I was about to feed another hunger. The corners of my mouth turned up in a predatory smile. “I said Run!” I reminded him putting one of my tiny bare feet on the table. The thing was sturdy as fuck. Trent’s eyes bulged and as he took in my tiny shorts and mostly naked body stalking him across the kitchen table. I managed a passable growl crouched on the table my boobs hanging provocatively from my frame. He smiled at me and gave me his back turning to run for the bedroom. I felt silly, playful, dangerous, and horney all at the same time. A playful bark escaped me and I jumped off the table landing on my feet sprinting after him. Trent ran like I told him too, and it made my blood boil. I caught up to him in our bedroom and popped the final three buttons off his shirt yanking it off him. I prowled closer and inhaled against his chest planting hard kisses on his nipples. The dangerous side of my mood overcame me. My arm flung around the back of his neck and I walked up his legs resting my crotch on his much higher one. I ground into him kissing his neck. “Oh my God.” Trent said breathlessly. “Mine.” I said in a guttural tone. Pulling at his neck, I gave him a massive hickey just below the line of his shirt. Mine. I inhaled again grinding myself into his growing excitement. My wet pussy almost slid against his jean covered dick. I bucked against him rubbing us to both our pleasures while he just stood there on sensory overload. He reached down and grabbed my nearly exposed asscheek, my shorts having long ridden up exposing them. He grabbed my phone and threw it on the bed slowing me down. I’d guess he was fighting off an early explosion. I wasn’t happy with the lack of friction and growled into his chest. I started kissing and sucking at his neck again. My crotch and mouth both watered. I was hungry for Trent. I bit him. I fucking pulled my lips back and bared my teeth. I closed my mouth around as much of his neck as I could right over that first hickey. I broke free of his grasp and ground myself harshly against his dick. “Mmph, Mph, Mmmph.” I whined into his neck having brought myself off. Trent took both my asscheecks in hand and scooted me a hair's breadth away from his equipment. I whined again at the loss of contact and air humped the space between us. Since he was supporting my weight, I reached up with both hands cupping his face and inhaled his lips in a kiss. “I love you Trent Phillips.” I told him between kisses and breaths. “I love you too babe, but damn!” He told me around my lips. I relaxed and leaned back from him my hands still around his neck. This brought my crotch into contact with his again as he supported all my weight leaning away from his core. “No more clothes. That sorta hurt.” I giggled, I never giggle! “Yeah, I’m not sure that zipper will ever be the same. I think this is now my favorite pair of jeans though.” He laughed. I climbed down off him and kissed my way down to his pants pulling them off on my way. I secretly took in the scent of his manhood and smiled. My mouth watered and I took his hard penis to the back of my throat. I ended my teasing with a loud pop freeing him from my mouth. I stood up and walked to the bed pausing only to pull my shorts and panties off. I looked over my shoulder summoning my husband and he nestled up behind me laying his dick in my ass crack. I pushed against him as he reached around and cupped my breasts. “I’m going to fuck you doggy now babe.” He told me with a husky voice and pushed at my back being more intense than he usually was. I got down on all fours and looked over my shoulder again. I smiled at him and enjoyed the smell of our excitement on the air. “Woof.” I said not actually barking but saying the word playfully. Trent tugged at my hair lightly knowing I didn’t mind a small measure of pain with my pleasure. It felt amazing. He brought his legs up on the bed scooting me forward. We were really going at it like a couple dogs in the next breath. I felt hot and wild. Normally, I’d have died in embarrassment barking like I was, but that day worked up like we were, it felt right. So I barked and Trent went nuts. He responded to it with an amazing rhythm. The friction was out of this world and I adored this new aggressive side of my husband. I was the aggressor in our love making most of the time, but not that night. To think… ughhh… He almost... Mhmmm… didn’t come home. I laughed to myself as I lay beneath him. We had steamy doggy sex a few more times before we passed out. They were playful but intense orgasms, fun… they were fun. Trent was an animal. He’s a tall man and I’m a short girl, so the position felt amazing too. We rocked doggy style like a boss and passed out in a sweaty puppy pile. I woke up Friday morning just enough to feel him kiss my cheek and rub it in before he left for work. I managed a smile at him thinking about how funny I’d be walking when I got up, later… much much later. --- Ann --- [Becca] Dude! I made breakfast! [Ann] I just got up. Still warm? Or cold? Or whatever? [Becca] Me too. Come on [Ann] K, I have to wash some clothes anyway Was breakfast warm, cold, or did she just get up, or was she cold or warm? I was confused, but it didn’t matter. I hadn't just gotten up. In fact, I’d woken up at seven AM when sunlight strolled into my room. I was anxious and sleeping lightly, so it hadn't taken much to wake me. My angry eyes had been crusty from some late night pitty tears shed on behalf of my unfair situation. I don’t know if it was the sun or my itchy eyes, but something had pulled me from my sleep. I’d rubbed at my eyes breaking the salty seal that had held them shut. They didn’t pry loose easily. They left me feeling need of a shower and some time to rinse away the sleep from my face. I slept in nothing but my ladies pull-up last night. I had dreaded washing my clothes again, and I was suffering from laundry burnout. I went to bed in the pull-up praying that it’d work for me. When I was finally awake enough to see how it’d held up, I’d run my hands from my eyes to my stomach tentatively touching the pleated material at the top of the undergarment. I had winced in unwitnessed embarrassment. It was hard to believe it had come to this... again. I was an adult, but the fitted product around my waist argued the fact vehemently. I was thinking over the impending arrival of my mother as my hands made their way to the material over my crotch. It only verifying my ineptitude. I was wet again. Worse still, I discovered that the fit of the pull-up was bad or simply inadequate. Either way, I was soaked and I’d leaked onto my mattress protector! I didn’t even have the emotional availability to cry over the state of my bed. I just sighed and wallowed at the bottom of my self-pity barrel. Eventually, I sniffed back a final tear. Flipping Fiddlesticks, I hate wet sheets! I ranted internally. These were supposed to fix this! I thought smacking the pull-up. I stood feeling the shameful reminder of my failure as the cool soggy padding touching my intimate places. I walked to my bathroom and tugged some Wal-Mart bags out from under the sink and wrapped my failure up tightly before throwing away. I looked at myself in the mirror at the bags under my eyes. I hate to even think this, but I’ll be glad when Mom gets here. I need some real sleep. I can’t keep this up. Maybe, the real thing will at least let me sleep. I admitted feeling defeated. I showered and touched up all my shaving. I took my time cleaning my hair and drying it. I started feeling anxious because I was taking more time than I should with breakfast waiting on me. So, I hurried through brushing my teeth and pulling my hair into a set of pig tails feeling almost playful now that I was clean and in my hipster panties… big girl panties. I saw Becca puttering around her kitchen walking strangely. I felt a slight blush touch my ears as I guessed why she was moving funny. Well… Good for her. I thought never begrudging someone intimate happy fun time. She cocked her head to the side and slowly walked over to hug me. That new touchy-feeling Becca rested her head against my chest and I thought I just heard a faint sniffing inhale as she hugged me. I felt the blush in my ears deepen with her physical contact. “Morning Ann.” Becca said a sadness touching her voice. “Morning Becks.” I said pushing some cheer into my voice. “I’m so sorry dude. I’ll do your laundry. You go eat pancakes babe. It’ll be ok. I’m here for you.” Becca told me. Oh that’s not going to happen! Can’t let her go upstairs! I thought instantly. “Uh… No. I’ll do it. Let’s just sit down and eat.” I insisted. “I promise I’ll never tell anyone. I never did last time either! You know you can trust me.” She said. “Whatever in the world are you talking about?” I asked her pushing her out to arms length my hands resting on her shoulders. “Ann… I… haven’t smelled you like this in the morning in years. Somewhere under six foot I think.” She said looking down and not making eye contact. “What?” I huff my blush reaching my cheeks. “You wet again last night didn’t you.” She whispered. “No… I mean. Well… wait! Again?!? You knew?” I panicked. “No, don’t you pull away from me. I love you Ann. There are no secrets with us. I never treated you differently, and I won’t now either. Just trust me Babe.” Becca pleaded. I let my arms fall and then rise to cover my mouth. The blush in my face deepened and I could feel the heat around my eyes, on the tops of my ears, and the tips of my cheeks. Tears that I had thought had run dry clouded my vision. My lip quivered and I was on the edge of oblivion. I needed to hide and be alone. “No you don’t! You don’t get to run from me. Not me. Never. You’re my BEST FRIEND. I will be there for you! All this is because of you! Sure I miss Trent, but driving would be his job either way.” Becca rushed to me wrapping me in a hug trapping my arms my hands against my face. “But... it was supposed to be over!” I started a balling screaming cry letting the emotion bubble out. “I know. I was never so happy for you than when you got your panties.” She told me smiling. “I was so jealous of you. So much younger than me and in your panties before me.” I told her hiccuping and sniffling. I was in fully on ugly cry mode. “You are wonderful and fucking amazing! Don’t let this be all there is to you.” She told me pulling me down into a hug over my shoulders forcing my head down to her level. Becca kissed my cheek and I swear I heard her sniff my neck as she rubbed her cheek against mine. It was odd, but I quickly lost focus on the sniffing as she kissed one cheek then the other. I was still crying as she pulled my hands from my face and kissed me on my lips. The kiss was the only just a touch of her soft lips to mine, but it shattered my entire world. I gasped and touched my lips as Becca pulled away her head cocked to the side adorably. She hugged me again tucking her head between my breasts. A fact I was more than a little aware of. I felt that hug more than any hug we’d ever shared before. “I got your laundry. We’ll talk in a bit. Just go be awesome and eat and I’ll be back in a bit.” I coughed stepping away from her. Oh My Lord! Oh sweet baby Jesus. [Ann] I need you. [Mom] I’m leaving now. Do I need to call? [Ann] No. Becks is with me. She made me breakfast. [Mom] I’ll be there around 2. Keep in touch. [Ann] Yes ma’am. [Mom] I love you. [Ann] I love you. Hurry Mommy.
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    Just a reminder that littleforbig is owned by the same people that run abdreams. They have a history of transphobia, so please consider that if it is something you feel strongly about. I'm not saying don't buy from them, but if you don't support companies because of transphobic activity, they shouldn't be a company to consider buying form.
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    Lily slammed the front door shut and locked the deadbolt. Her knees were trembling, and she leaned back against it and gave into her nerves and fear as she slumped down. Between the added weight and bulk forcing her to waddle all the way home from the bus and the terror from the idea that someone could notice she was running on adrenaline more than anything else. The suburbs which earlier that day had been virtually deserted were now fully populated by couples walking their dogs or children playing or hot people out for a run and every time she approached any of them she had stopped walking and pretended to check her phone for something until she was certain they weren’t looking at her. As her heartrate returned to normal she became aware of the edge of arousal she was feeling as well. Fuck. The last thing she needed was to enjoy this. Lily pushed herself upright with some effort, taking extra effort to steady herself. She had time yet before her next task, so she should get the groceries squared away. Milk in the fridge behind her old carton (even if it was supposed to expire two days ago it tasted fine and Lily wasn’t one to waste), food in the pantry, toiletries in the bathroom. She glanced at the baby food from earlier, but was still unsure what to do with it. Just like she was unsure what to do with the other baby shit, eventually deciding to leave it in a tidy pile on the kitchen counter until she could make up her mind on how to proceed. Next she ran down the checklist of possible culprits behind the blackmail. By cross-referencing her list with pictures and status updates from during the party and the night after she confidently removed three names. They had simply been far too drunk to orchestrate this. Her phone buzzed. Simon: *So, figure out who I am yet?* Lily: *Maybe I have. You should be worried, bc I’m gonna kick your ass.* Simon: *Looking forward to it ;)* Simon: *Looks like my baby got a few things done today! Let’s do one more task before bed.* Lily: *Fine. What now?* Simon: *Simon says make dinner and drink a bottle of milk while I watch. Use the baby food from earlier.* Simon: *Finish everything in half an hour.* “At least I still only have an audience of one.” Lily cracked the seal on the baby food and scooped a dollop onto her finger to taste it. She had expected the worst, but to her surprise it wasn’t so bad. Despite the texture of mushy oatmeal gone through a food processor, the flavours were pleasant enough thanks to the root-y carrot taste having been cut with mangos. She grabbed a spoon and dug it into the open jar, then opened up one of her new baby bottles and filled it with milk from her older carton. She sucked on the nipple to test the flow and found that it worked, though the milk tasted odd. It was probably just from the fresh plastic, or the age of the milk itself. It would be fine. Lily took the jar and the bottle and returned to her laptop. Simon: *Bottom’s up!* She flipped off the camera and started in on her dinner. She decided to stretch out the meal as much as she could to hopefully limit the amount she actually had to consume on camera, taking a spoonful of orange mush and chewing methodically before washing it down with a few sucks from the bottle. Lily was halfway into the jar when she began wishing she at least had some crackers to dip into it, anything to break up the same-ness of the textures. The jar was empty enough, and the milk was beginning to bother her stomach. She held up the mostly empty jar and bottle for the camera. “There. Happy?” Simon: *Nice try. I told you to finish it. You can’t use that twice.* Simon: *2 minutes left, better hurry.” “Shit.” Lily scraped at the glass sides of the jar to heap all of the remaining baby food into one spoonful, then stuck the entire thing in her mouth at once. Then she grabbed the bottle and sucked furiously at it to drain the whole thing and wash the pureed carrots down her gullet. She finished and belched once. “There. Happy?” She threw her hands up in impotent frustration. Simon: *Good girl <3* “I’m so happy. Thank you Daddy. Or do you prefer Mommy?” Simon: *I think it’s a bit early for you to be calling me that. Have a good night sweetie, I’ll text you in the morning with your next task.* Shit. She had hoped Simon might slip up and reveal something to help her search. Well, she just had to keep trying. Lily took her dishes and left them in the sink, rinsing out the bottle but otherwise resolving to just clean them in the morning. Today’s excitement must have taken a toll, because she could barely keep her eyes open. She went to the living room with her computer and opened up a TV streaming site, but before she could so much as choose a title she fell asleep. Across the house, the deadbolt on the front door slid open. Someone dressed all in black slipped in. They went to the living room to watch the sleeping Lily. They hiked her dress up and pulled down her tights so that her diaper was fully on display, then pulled out a phone and began filming. After a few moments the sleeping girl’s face contorted and she grunted softly. Her diaper expanded even more as her bowels emptied into it. While the laxatives in the baby food had not come into play when Simon intended them to, the sleeping drugs they had placed in the milk ensured that Lily would have a pleasant surprise the next morning. The figure in black closed Lily’s laptop, then went to the kitchen and finished putting away the supplies on the counter. Then they carried the sleeping girl to their bedroom. They undressed her carefully, folding the tights and her dress up in a neat pile. They then placed a locking pink and ruffled pair of plastic pants around her waist. Next was a pair of padded locking mittens on either hand, then a short and frilly blue nightie with matching bonnet and booties. They placed a pink pacifier in her mouth as a final touch. “We’re going to get you a nice crib soon, don’t you worry.” Then the figure turned and waved for one of the hidden cameras in the room. Then they left the way they came, silently sliding the deadbolt back into place.
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    There are multiple levels of diaper dependance / incontinence. #1 Newborn Level Does not know about potties etc. When it needs to void, is aware of the sensation, but doesn't know what it means. It registers same as something that needs to be taken care of so it fusses for attention. Bladder and bowel sphincters are autonomically controlled so discomfort is removed. If left in this state, the newborn as he/she matures, would never gain control as their bladder / bowels would never learn how to stretch. A newborn will need changing almost every hour due to this to give a diaper usage of almost 20 diapers per 24hr period. #2 Baby Level Due to coersion and training, ignores all signals from bladder & bowels. Due to the proportions in its size and the size of its diaper, will no longer void autonomically, but will allow its bladder and/or bowels to fill to capacity before voiding. When it starts to void bowels, due to the feelings, will spread its legs slightly to allow for room in its diapers. As a result, the discomfort of a full bladder / bowels is mainly ignored and handled without thought. Due to this, a baby will need changing every 2 - 4 hours while its bladder / bowel capacity grows to give a diaper usage of 6-10 diapers every 24hr period. #3 Toddler Level Knows when it needs to void, but due to knowing no better, and habits formed (by training) over the past 2-3 years, will wet without thinking but will force to void at the first chance during / after meals. This means the diapers are changed after every meal to give an approx count of 4-6 diapers per 24hr period #4 Reflex When urine enters the bladder to a specific level, the sphincters will open and one will void entire contents at pressure. This is usually due to an irritation within the bladder. Similar occurs with the bowels. This person normally suffers from recurrent U.T.I. and bowel infections. Diaper usage would be in the 4-6 per 24hr perioud, the same as a toddler. #5 Overflow When bladder/bowels are full, will void with force. Mostly, the person is aware of this, and find this a discomfort due to the pressures involved. Over time, this level will morph into Reflex due to stretching damage. Due to the forces, diaper usage is cloth as it is the only diaper that can handle the large quantity. #6 Self Trained (Hypnotic etc) Due to the bladder losing its ability to stretch, and the consistant relaxed state of the external sphincter, this person will void approx an egg-cup full every 30 minutes 24/7/365 (depending on ones fluid consumption). This state takes time and paitence to achieve, and requires one to pass all control to ones sub-contious mind. This will allow one to regain the 'newborn' level of voiding. Bowel loss is also achieved this way. Due to the consistant warm wet squishy diaper, and the lack of feeling to identify a messy diaper, the relaxed pelvic floor muscles, this stimulates the bowels to release on every movement. As a result, the bowels / lower intestines will not have the time to reabsorb some of the fluid in ones poop. Without identifiable feedback, bowel control slowly deterioates to the state that one is voiding from bowels without notice during / shortly after every meal. Diaper usage is now per clock, as opposed to by voiding. As a result, diaper usage will be approx 4-5 per 24hr period with bosters / cloth overnight. Epilog For those people that are/were toilet trained and wish to become incontinent, it is #1 and/or #6 that one can achieve safely. Medical science will refer to it as '#4 Reflex' incontinence, but since one is not voiding at pressure and there is no damage that caused same, it really is not Reflex Incontinence. Since some bladder / bowel damage is impossible to identify without cutting open the bladder / bowels, most Doctors will state, based on evidence (that one is wearing and soiling diapers) that it is Reflex incontinence. #5 Overflow Incontinence is easy to attain, but the associated complications in ones quality of life (not the fact that one is diaper dependant, but the associated damage to bladder, bowels, kidneys, sphincters, liver, heart etc) does not make it a choice that I would recommend. Incontinence can be achieved by just putting on a diaper and relaxing. Convince yourself that the diaper is your bathroom. When you get the feeling that you need to void, spread your legs slightly (no matter where you are or what you are doing) and void. If your diaper leaks, ignore it. No matter what you were doing before you voided, continue what you were doing before you voided. The diaper is doing a job, was doing a job before you voided, and will contine to do its job after you voided.
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    I mean, I think we'd all be terrible protagonists in the stories that I right. Ex: Suddenly Bill was in diapers and everyone thought of him as nothing more than a baby. "Huh," Bill said leaning back in his newly manifested playpen. "well alright then." THE END
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    New School 3 We moved everything. The company mom was going to be working for had found us an apartment in a rather nice leafy part of town. Most of our neighbours either had jobs at the facility or were somehow connected in the supply chain. The Academy was for ‘special’ children but, as I hadn’t needed to pass any entrance exams or attend any interviews, I was grateful to mom for finding a place where she was convinced I’d be ‘settled’. A new beginning in a strange place was a little daunting but mom had done her best to find a location where we’d both be happy. I was more than OK with this, I knew she wouldn’t have taken us anywhere we were going to feel outcasts or lonely. So now, just after my twelfth birthday, she thought it time I met others who shared my interest. * I thought it a little odd that this school term started a few weeks before I expected but put this down to different education authorities having their own programme which we, as outsiders, would simply have to get used to. On that first morning I was incredibly surprised to find mom had laid out my school uniform and just what that ‘uniform’ comprised of. I looked at her in a very quizzical way but she was all smiles and encouragement and told me everything would be alright. She was also keen to help me dress and turned my doubts into a series of giggles and laughter. Whatever reservations I had mom certainly wasn’t sharing them as I was joyfully made ready. Mom took me to the Academy, a large imposing building on the outskirts of the city and knocked on the rather grand oak door. She had made sure I was dressed correctly – not the uniform I had to wear at my last school but something different; diaper, plastic pants, onesie tightly holding it all together, pacifier and my comfort blanket. My backpack held replacements and extra disposables instead of books but mom said that the ‘teachers’ at this school would make sure I had everything else I needed and not to worry. The outfit I thought was rather strange for the first day of term but she assured me I’d be OK. By now I really loved being dressed and cared for as a baby, even though I knew school would prove awkward. However, this was strange even in my strange world of dress-up. I briefly wondered if mom was returning me to kindergarten and I’d be spending my time with pre-schoolers, which actually didn’t bother me that much if she did. Although I liked all these babyish things I was worried that my fixation (as mom occasionally called it) might look bizarre and uncomfortable out in the real world. Up until that moment, the only place I’d worn this type of clothing was in the privacy of my own home. But I trusted mom completely and, no matter how nervous I was, knew she wouldn’t let me be somewhere that wasn’t safe. * The door swung open and a lady, dressed like a very up-market nurse, greeted us. “Ah, Mrs Grohm and… Davey… isn’t it?” She smiled and beckoned me and mother in. I sucked on my pacifier as I suddenly felt very shy, vulnerable and way out of my depth. “Mrs Grohm,” she looked over to mother still smiling her cheerful welcome, “how wonderful of you to bring you sweet baby boy Davey here… “ She looked questioningly at mom. “Is it OK to call him by that name?” I was still nervously looking down at my thick diaper and the way it was bulging out around my onesie, the snaps emphasising just how thick my protection was. Mom tried to clarify. “David is the new boy so, if that’s how the academy refer to their, er, students?” Now it was mom’s turn to look a little bit unsure. The nursey looking lady beamed. “Davey is such a friendly name and we want all our babies and toddlers to be happy here.” She continued, “Let me show you around and I’m sure Davey will soon fit in.” * ‘Babies and toddlers’ it was three words that hit me right between the eyes. Surely that wasn’t what mom was expecting me to become, was it? I know I enjoyed playing my part and being delighted when she let me wear the clothing but, a place where I was expected to be a baby all the time? I just couldn’t believe mom would want that. The school was set out like a huge nursery. As I walked in there were about twenty to thirty other ‘kids’ charging around wearing toddler clothes or just their diapers. Their ages ranged from maybe five to fifteen, maybe sixteen, maybe older but the place was alive with noise, fun, laughter, shouting, squealing, screaming, crying and that overpowering smell of babies – urine and powder. “Sweetheart,” she squeezed my hand to get my attention. “For the next few weeks I’m going to be very busy with my new job.” I could tell what she was about to say was going to be difficult for her. “Because of that I wanted to give you something that I thought, er, hoped would be a place where you’d be happy.” She gave me a sorrowful look. “So, you will be staying here with these nice people for the time I’m away…” * The reality struck - Mommy was leaving me here to live as she thought I’d like. A situation I was okay with at home but doubted I wanted to live all the time… and without her around to… well… be there for me. She’d wanted it to be a nice surprise but I was in shock. I think she knew that if she’d told me she had to go away for any length of time I’d be upset and possibly a little too emotional to be left and I probably wouldn’t have given the Academy a chance. As mom explained, it was several weeks before I needed to start school properly but she had to go on courses and generally be unavailable to me for a few weeks and hoped this would be a wonderful and welcome surprise. When she saw the colour drain from my face, my shoulders slump and my face screw up ready to bawl, she realised that perhaps it wasn’t that great an idea after all. I certainly didn’t want to be parted from mom. We’d never been apart and I could see that the separation was going to be as difficult for her as it was for me. There were tears in her eyes and my blubbing was muffled by sucking on my pacifier. I’d never felt more like a vulnerable and sad little toddler. “Sweetheart, I thought you’d be happy.” My tears told her otherwise. * To be continued…
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    I was a bit surprised Danielle wasn’t overly concerned that her dorm mate was wearing something that was more or less a diaper to bed, but I was quite relieved that she did not make a bigger deal out of it and even in some weird way gave an endorsement for cuter more babyish undergarments. After our quick exchange on Goodnites we said our good nights and went to bed. When I awoke the next morning my Goodnite was at capacity and largely swollen. I tried to sneak out to change without waking Danielle but she stirred when I pulled the covers up and waddled towards the bathroom. She quickly stopped me from leaving and asked how slept and if my Goodnite had held up well. I told her it had but I had better change into some dry panties before it leaked. I could tell quickly that she was going to be very inquisitive about my situation when she asked how often the Goodnites leaked on me and if I had expirenced as many leaks when I wore baby diapers. I told her the Goodnites definitely leaked more than the Pampers or Luvs did and I think it had to do with the fit. My Goodnites fit well, but the diapers felt more secure and stayed with my form. She then asked if I’d rather wear diapers or Goodnites to bed and I told her diapers if I could find some that fit me that weren’t made for 80 year olds. She chuckled and told me she could see how adult diapers weren’t ideal or attractive. Once our exchange was over, I waddled to the bathroom, showered and returned ready to explore campus and the surrounding area on my first weekend at college. Danielle asked me if I wanted to go to grocery shopping with her and told me her parents had let her bring her car to school and we could use that. I told her I’d love to go to the grocery store. Being new to town and not having the high tech smart phones of today we decided to go to the Wal-Mart super center about a mile from school. When we arrived, we grabbed a cart and walked the isles together. I needed more shampoo and bath soap and of course the staples any college student would get for their dorm, Mac and cheese, Doritos, and Top Ramen. While heading towards the detergent isle we ran into the baby department. Danielle asked if I needed more Goodnites and I had said no, then she asked if I used diaper rash cream or baby powder. I told her I do when it’s needed. She then asked if I liked other baby things. I paused, looking for something to say, but my blush gave it away. She told me it was ok, and asked what things I liked. I told her at home, I would use a pacifier and bottle when nobody was around. She smiled and said, well, you’re not at home anymore and you don’t have to hide it from me and convinced me to get a pacifier and bottle. I was taken back but as we looked at the baby items I felt at peace. I found a three pack of pacifiers with a frog, bear, and fish on it, and found two cute bottles with strawberries and raspberries on it. As we kept walking through the baby department we arrived at the diaper aisles. Danielle stopped and looked at the Goodnites and then noticed that the Pull-ups didn’t seem much smaller and looked way cuter. She asked me why I didn’t use Pull-ups and I told her I would but they leaked a lot on my last time I used them. She then looked down the aisle and noticed Pampers size 7 and that the weight range went higher than the Pull-ups. She asked why I didn’t use those and I looked at her, blushing, and said, they only went to 6 back home. At that point, she grabbed the box and put them in the cart. She looked at me, still blushing, and said, you can be my baby if you want. I looked at her holding back tears and smiled.
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    After the cold outside, the kitchen felt almost warm. Magda stood just inside the big door on an old rag rug, shivering and reeking of pee. Gertrude wrapped Josef’s huge coat- warm from her body head- around Magda’s shoulders. Under all those layers of dirty rags, Gertrude could feel her sharp shoulder bones. This time, Magda didn’t protest. Gertrude fired up the old wooden stove in the corner. The family had a new gas stove, but they still used the old wood stove for heat. Magda’s eyes were huge as she looked around the room she once knew well. She huddled by the coat rack, as if waiting for Nazi soldiers to rush out and arrest her. She looked so small and terrified. It was the same haunted look Heidi had had on her face when Gertrude had left her for the last time. Gertrude’s heart twisted. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to get you some clean clothes. Hide in here if you hear anyone.” She motioned to a pantry door just past the long line of family coats. The pantry was supposed to store canned goods and other foods, but it was mostly full of old junk. Generations of pack rats ran in her family. Magda nodded, shuffling closer to the pantry door. Gertrude left and took the lantern with her; Magda was left in darkness, with only the moonlight coming in the window to see by. The crackling fire in the wood stove filled the kitchen with waves of warmth. Upstairs, Gertrude took off her wet diaper. After the soggy warmth of the thick, wet cloth, her privates were extra sensitive to the cold draft in the bedroom. For a moment, she was tempted to put a dry one on. She moved more freely without the bulky diaper. It made her appreciate being potty trained. She put on a pair of dirty panties; she had no time to clean up her pee-damp privates. Helping Magda was her priority. Out in the barn, that had been very clear. Here in the house, so close to her slumbering kin, she wasn’t so confident. Was this really the right thing to do? It’d be so easy to go wake Josef, her father or one of her uncles. Let them handle this. Betray Magda like she did Heidi. Well, she hadn’t actually betrayed her, but leaving her behind at the sanatorium felt like a betrayal. Gertrude returned to the kitchen with her old Bund Deutscher Madel, or League of German Girls, camping knapsack stuffed with Heidi’s winter clothes, diapers, and rubber panties. She held a fresh change of clothes, some towels, and a bar of lye soap. She set everything down on the kitchen table. “I’m back.” She whispered to the empty room. Magda was nowhere in sight.
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    I buy my diapers in two different ways, online (Bambino) and at the drugstore for my Depends. I'm always a little shy when I go to the drugstore to buy my diapers, so I always dress well (it gives me confidence) and I try to assume who I’am and look at the cashier in the eyes with a beautiful smile . This time it was a beautiful young woman of 20 years old (last week was her also) and very nice, everything was fine but at one point she took me off guard when she asked me « do you want a bag? » and I hesitated a good 3 to 4 seconds before saying no, very embarrassed. It was to late the dommage was done and she understood that the diapers was for me, she asked me again « Are you sure? » said in a delicate and empathic way. Before leaving, she made me a beautiful smile and a wink, probably wanting to say, I know that the diapers are for you and that's ok whit me. She thought maybe I was incontinent but it does not matter because her kindness made my day.
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    Ever try it? It’s not easy. Nor is it fast, or remunerative. We owe the writers in this community a debt of gratitude we can’t ever repay.
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    Rehabilitating Cathy - Part 1 Packed up The appointed day arrived. Cathy's transfer to the Meridon Prison was this morning. The van was due to pick her up at 10AM. She hadn't slept much the night before, wakening after only a couple of hours of sleep and tossing and turning the rest of the night. Breakfast in the mess hall with her regular crew was an out-of-body experience. She knew that she'd likely never see any of them again. She sat down with Amelia at the usual table. She wasn't hungry. Amelia addressed her kindly. "Eat your breakfast, girl. You don't know when you'll get a meal next or what it'll be like." "I'm not very hungry. I didn't sleep much last night and now my stomach feels upset." "Drink your juice. That will make you feel better." Cathy sipped the apple juice. "You're right. I'm not hungry, but I'm definitely thirsty." She drank the rest of it down. "Here, I'll trade you my juice for your bacon. Try to eat some of your oatmeal. That stuff always calms my stomach down when I've got the quivers." "I can't wait to go! My mom and sisters will be able to visit me a lot more often. And Brad will be allowed to visit me, too!" "OK, OK. Keep your pants dry, girl. You'll be there soon enough." After breakfast a matron took Cathy back to her cell alone while the rest of the girls went off to their regular morning routines, some to class and some to the various workshops. In her cell on top of her bunk was a cardboard box. Hanging on from her clothes hook on the wall was a cotton shift. It had wide vertical pink and white stripes. It looked a bit big to Cathy. "Pack whatever you want to take with you in the box," said the matron. "You only get the one box, so anything that doesn't fit you'll have to give to someone here or throw away." "I don't have much stuff. I don't think I'll have a problem." "You'd be surprised. You accumulate a lot of junk in a big hurry." "Whatever. I don't really care." "When you're done packing, take off all of your clothes and dump them in your pail. Put on that dress there. The Meridon folks sent it to us. It's how they want you dressed for the trip." "OK." "I'll come get you in about half an hour. The van called in a while ago and said that they'd be here on time." Cathy went through her meager stash of belongings and packed the cardboard box. The boom box was too big. I'll leave that for Amelia, she thought. She'll like that. Cathy wrote a note to Amelia and put it and the boom box and Amelia's favorite CDs on her bunk where she'd find them that afternoon. She closed the box carried it to the cell door. Then Cathy stripped off her baggy shirt and pants. She took the hanger with the shift on it down from the hook and looked it over. There was a cotton brassiere hanging from the crossbar of the hanger but no panties. I guess the panties fell off somewhere along the way, Cathy thought. I'm sure this joint won't give a damn if I take one of their pairs with me. They're certainly nothing to write home about. She took off her bra and put the new one on. Then she pulled the shift over her head and settled it on her shoulders. The top wasn't too bad, but from the waist downward it was too loose and floppy. And the skirt was far too short for Cathy's comfort, stopping above mid-thigh. She took the discarded clothing over to her cleaning pail and piled them in. She looked at the clock. Five minutes to go. Cathy felt like she had to pee, but when she sat down on the toilet she found that she was too nervous to produce. She pulled her panties back up and settled the skirt back around her hips. She sat down on her bunk and waited. Cathy heard the matron and another woman coming down the long echoing corridor long before they arrived. She couldn't make out what they were saying, but she could tell that the other woman, probably the guard from Meridon sent to transport her, was doing most of the talking. "Here is Cathy Philips," said the matron. "Cathy, this is Miss Martinez from Meridon. She's taking you today." "Glad to meet you," said Cathy. The polite formula sounded silly in the prison context. What is the proper etiquette on being introduced to a new prison guard, Cathy wondered. Martinez was a middle aged woman who could have been someone's maiden aunt. She was plump and comfortable looking, certainly not Cathy's idea of a prison guard. She picked up the cardboard box and hefted it, nodding not approval but acceptance of its weight. She carried a canvas briefcase of some size, like a very large handbag, on a wide strap over her shoulder. She set it down on the bunk and unstrapped the flap. "Just for the record," said Miss Martinez, "are you Catherine Philips?" "I am," said Cathy. "Good," said Miss Martinez. "I have here an identification necklace that I will put around your neck and seal. It will ensure that no mistakes are made." Miss Martinez produced what looked like a long strip of white ribbon. She showed it to Cathy, who read her own name on it, a six-digit identification number, the name of Meridon Prison, and a toll-free telephone number. Miss Martinez reached behind Cathy's neck and wrapped the ribbon around. She removed a piece of white paper and then stuck one end to the other. She tugged experimentally on the ribbon to verify its security. "Cathy," she said, "you understand that in the interests of security you have to be secured for the duration of the transfer, don't you?" "Um. I hadn't thought about it, but yeah, I'm not surprised." "Good," Martinez said, "then we can get this taken care of and be on our way quickly. You're the first pickup I have today, but after here we have four other girls to get. It will be a long day. Turn around, dear, and clasp your hands behind your back. Hold your left elbow in your right hand and your right elbow with your left hand. That's good. No, turn this hand around here a bit." Martinez then wrapped a padded cloth apparatus of some sort around her paired forearms. She tightened several straps which pressed Cathy's arms together firmly but not uncomfortably. Miss Martinez then wrapped the padded material around the upper part of Cathy's arm and tightened some Velcro straps. Cathy wouldn't be able to pull her elbows away from one another and slide them out of the tube that captured her arms. Having her arms pressed behind her straightened her posture and pushed her breasts out. Cathy caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and thought, I should hold my shoulders back like this all the time. I'd drive Brad mad. "Is that comfortable, dear? It doesn't hurt, does it? Does it press or rub anywhere?" Cathy flexed her torso and wriggled her arms about, feeling for friction or pressure. "It's OK, Miss Martinez. It doesn't hurt anywhere." "Good." she said from behind Cathy. "Just stay put for a second." Cathy heard the clinking of the metal buckles on Miss Martinez' satchel as she rummaged for something in it. "Cathy," said Miss Martinez, "this next step will seem a little strange to you. I don't have any choice in this matter. Meridon's rules about transportation of prisoners are very precise. Would you open your mouth, please, dear?" Cathy was astonished. Open her mouth? "Huh?" was all she could manage. "Open your mouth, dear." Cathy's desire to be closer to home struggled briefly with her natural caution. Home won. She opened her mouth. Miss Martinez stepped forward quickly and lowered a jumble of leather over her head and quickly popped a largeish wad of rubbery plastic into her mouth. As her new jailor pulled straps across her cheeks, the matron stepped forward and lifted Cathy's long hair from her shoulders so that Miss Martinez could seat the straps snugly at the nape of Cathy's neck. Cathy felt Miss Martinez tighten the buckles at the back of ner neck. She experimented gingerly with the object that so completely occupied her mouth. It was shaped like a large relatively stiff tongue pointing backward. The wide part was at her lips and the rounded tip was in her mouth. It protruded fairly far in, though not far enough to trigger her gag reflex. It did, however, pin her tongue down quite effectively. There seemed to be a little ridge around it, just behind the lips, that her teeth settled into quite naturally. She tried biting the object to test its consistency. The outer surface was flexible and rubbery without any particularly definable flavor. There was a definite resistance further inside that hinted that there was more to it. With it completely seated in her mouth, her teeth were forced to stay open what felt like about an inch. She wiggled her jaw hinges side to side slightly. It didn't feel like she'd be uncomfortable wearing the thing, though if it held her jaws any further open she had a suspicion that she'd get cramps before long. Cathy tried to say, "wait a minute," but all that came out was a faint, muffled mumble. "That's OK dear. It's designed to be as comfortable as possible. It has some other useful features which I'll introduce you to during our trip today. Now let's just get this attached and you'll look great." At this point Miss Martinez stepped around to stand in front of Cathy. She had piece of pink cloth in her hand which she held up in front of Cathy's eyes. It was a flesh-colored strip with a pair of lips embroidered on its surface. It looked quite realistic. Miss Martinez turned it over to reveal a Velcro backing which she then pressed up against the strap across Cathy's face, which turned out to have matching Velcro on it. After a few seconds of fiddling, Miss Martinez turned away. "Do you have everything that belongs here, Miss Westix?" "One second, I'll check," said the matron. The matron expertly stripped the bed, piling the blankets and the linen on the floor near the cell door. She took Cathy's pail and started taking the clothing from it, dropping them on the pile of linen one piece at a time. "Slacks, shirt, socks, bra, where're the panties? The panties aren't here?" "Did you pack your panties, my dear?" asked Miss Martinez? Cathy shook her head no. "Hmm. I wonder where they are?" Miss Martinez suddenly stepped forward and lifted the hem of Cathy's skirt. "Here they are, Miss Westix. She's got them on. Hold on a second, I'll get them off for you." Miss Martinez pulled Cathy's skirt further up and reached around behind her. She grabbed the elastic at the back of the panties and in one quick motion pulled them down to Cathy's ankles. "Step out of them, dear, please, won't you?" said Miss Martinez. Cathy blushed furiously and shook her head. She grunted in protest. "Let's not get off to a bad start, dear," said Miss Martinez, with the first hint of steel in her voice. "Don't worry about being naked or cold down there. I'll take good care of you." Cathy stepped out of the panties. After all, she reflected, she was bound and gagged. There was little she could actually do, and in any case, she was a sentenced prisoner with virtually no rights to start with. "Very good dear," said Miss Martinez, all warmth again, "Now the final step in preparing you for the trip will seem at first to be a bit of a surprise. Before we go on, I feel that it's best to explain why I need to do this." Cathy was taken aback. More surprising than strapping this big plastic thing in her mouth? Miss Martinez went on, "Back before the prison was privatized and budgets were cut, we didn't do this. But back then each transport team consisted of two matrons like me plus a State Police officer to keep order and provide any necessary security assistance." "Now, however, each transfer is limited to a single matron, that's me, dear, and instead of one or two prisoners per trip we take up to six. Today we have five, four more plus you, to pick up. Because of the long distances and the number of prisoners, we don't have the time to ensure an adequate number of stops along the way." Cathy looked at her expectantly. Miss Martinez seemed to be beating around the bush for a terribly long time. And when would she give her a pair of panties? "Lie down on the bunk here, dear, and lift your legs up," said Miss Martinez. Miss Martinez stood close to her and slightly behind on the right. Cathy sensed the matron moving up to a similar position on her left. Cathy moved forward to the bunk and turned her back to it. She bent her knees and slid her bottom on to the slippery surface that had so recently hosted her sheets and blankets. Lying back was a bit of a challenge with her hands pinioned behind her, but she finally relaxed and flopped back onto the mattress. To Cathy's surprise and dismay, Miss Martinez and Miss Westix then stepped forward and quickly handcuffed her ankles to the siderails of the upper bunk, one on each side. Cathy felt grotesquely spread out, particularly since the short skirt had ridden up during the maneuver, leaving her completely exposed. Miss Martinez then turned away and rummaged in the satchel, which she'd moved to the top of the bunk across the cell when Miss Westix had been checking the inventory. When Miss Martinez turned to face Cathy, she held a bundle of white cloth in her hand. "All right, dear," Miss Martinez said with a friendly smile, "just stay there and we'll get you taken care of lickety-split. Would you lift your bottom up there for a moment, dear?" By now Cathy was beginning to have a notion of what was coming, but she was too astonished, and too limited in options by now, to resist. She flexed her back, transferring her weight to her shoulders and her ankles and lifting her bottom off of the mattress. Miss Martinez quickly put one of the cloth rectangles down on the mattress. She then picked the other up and folded it in half lengthwise and put it down on top of the other one. "OK, let down now, dear." Cathy lowered her bottom to the mattress. As she expected, the thick wad of cloth was centered underneath her bottom. She could feel the top of the cloth more by the transition from its relative warmth to the coolness of the slick mattress surface than from any particular texture. Miss Martinez produced a gob of cold oily cream of some sort from a jar on the other bed and proceeded to rub it in to the skin of Cathy's groin area, front and rear. Then Miss Martinez leaned over Cathy's midriff and reached down between her legs and smoothly pulled the rest of the cloth up and snugly pressed it between her legs. The top came up to Cathy's waist. Miss Martinez then secured the outer pad using Velcro straps that Cathy hadn't noticed before. Miss Martinez turned back to her satchel and returned with another strip of cloth. This one seemed quite thin and about half the width of the large pad at its widest. This one had Velcro strips at each end, which Miss Martinez secured to the waistband of Cathy's new pair of "panties" at the front and back, so that it covered the central part of the cloth entirely. Cathy was puzzled at the purpose of this extra item and she looked inquisitively at Miss Martinez and grunted questioningly. "Oh that, dear? That's just to let me know how you're doing." The explanation didn't mean anything to Cathy, but it was obviously all that she was going to get. Meanwhile Miss Martinez had turned back to the satchel and fetched what looked to Cathy like a crumpled pink rubber glove. "Miss Westix, if you'd oblige me by releasing her inside leg and holding it firmly by the knee?" Miss Westix sat down at the end of the bunk and reached up to the handcuff that secured Cathy's ankle there. She unlocked it with a key that she produced from her pocket and then scooted forward a bit so that she could wrap her arms around Cathy's leg at the thigh. If Cathy had had any thought of using her one free leg to kick or fight, she was certain that it wouldn't do her any good. Miss Martinez shook out the pink object, which turned out to resemble a pair of baby's translucent waterproof plastic pants, but in a size large enough to accommodate her adult female hips plus the extra padding she now wore, and threaded the hanging handcuff and Cathy's ankle through it. She then briskly reconnected the open cuff to the lower bedrail. "OK, Miss Westix, the other leg, if you please." The maneuver was repeated, at the end of which time the plastic pants were draped around Cathy's knees. Miss Martinez reconnected her right ankle handcuff to the same bedrail as that which held Cathy's left ankle, which reduced the spreading of her legs. Meanwhile Miss Westix slid off of the bed and stood up, smoothing out her uniform. Now Miss Martinez sat down on the bunk just below the calfs of Cathy's legs. She quickly worked the plastic pants up her legs and settled them about her hips and thighs. She checked efficiently around each hem, carefully tucking stray bits of cloth inside. Finally Miss Martinez stood up. She dusted off her hands in symbolic show of completion and turned to her satchel, which she repacked and closed up. She turned back and as she put the strap of the satchel over he shoulder, she said to Cathy, "You're ready to travel now, my dear. Miss Westix will unlock your ankles from the bed. We will help you stand up and then we will walk down to the transit station where they'll process your transfer from this prison to my custody for transportation to Meridon. You won't give us any trouble will you? I wouldn't want to have to ask Miss Westix to hobble you or otherwise restrain you, my dear. You've been wonderfully cooperative so far. Will you cooperate now? Nod your head." Cathy, in a daze, nodded. They set off.
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    Chapters 5 and 6 - from January 2012 Chapter 5 Jessie changed me out of the diaper, and pointed toward the bathroom. When I came out of the shower, my new clothes were hanging up, and I was drying off with a freshly laundered towel; my beard scratched a bit since I hadn’t shaved in 48 hours, and I gazed, and walked into the Master Bedroom to view a slowly fading pee stain. I WET THE FREAKIN’ BED… Geez what a loser… Jessica was at the top of the basement stairs, now holding a new diaper…and grinning… I nodded, she joined me in the bedroom, I lay down on the dry side of the mattress, and when I was almost done, she gently moved my growing penis, so its head would point down into the padding, and taped me up, with a kiss on the crotch “for luck.” I squeezed into the pants which were my size (why did she get a 38 inch waist and a 32?), and grabbed a shirt. “What’s the game plan today?” “Well, I’ve got to write your ad copy, and I’m still kinda stuck on how I’m going to get people to by a DVD series that has them drinking out of bottle, not remembering vast periods of time, and then, *sigh* peeing in towels, to get relaxed. “Or diapers.” “Or diapers….” “Are you relaxed? “Yes, I am, and my “Johnson” has had some amazing ummm, times with you.” She grinned – “anytime. Why don’t you watch Twinkle Twinkle a couple more times, and then we’ll see if an ad comes through.” “Isn’t there one more DVD? Old MacDonald? “You don’t want to watch that one. Let’s stay with Twinkle Twinkle.” I started to say something, caught a tone in her voice and didn’t push further. “I call you for breakfast,” gave me a swat on my puffy ass, and handed me a used Gatorade Sports Bottle with blue-ish liquid in it. I looked at it. Jessica grinned. I swallowed…. Don’t make me say it, don’t make me say it…don’t make me say it… “Is there a problem?” S - - T…! “Where’s my bottle?” “You mean my nephews bottle? Do you want to use my nephew’s bottle, or do you want to use the bottle I bought for you…” She bought me a bottle? *boing!!* Jessica walked over to me, looked up, and stroked my lower regions, cupped my balls and waited….“I would like to use my bottle.” She uncoupled her hand, grabbed a red baby bottle, and handed it to me. “Have fun.” I padded my way down the stairs, foolishly put on my cans, foolishly powered on the DVD Player and TV, and foolishly hit play. Mary Had a Little Lamb morphed into Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the then repeated, and then… Jessica knew that her man-child would be out for hours – but also knew that heavy gas and chapped lips were on the way if she didn’t keep swapping out her nephew’s blue bottle and his bottle every hour. So between a quick trip to Bed Bath and Beyond, and keeping her guy well hydrated, she had finished wrapping the door in the washroom with a comforter and topping it with double-sided taped crib-mattress pads for added comfort and waterproofing… and re-fitted her bed with a waterproof pad. Her work finished she stopped the DVD in mid session, made sure his baby bottle was in his hand, and went out to the car, and drove around the neighborhood for a few minutes. My jeans were soaked in the crotch, and I was erect. I had never peed so much in previous viewings to dribble out of an adult diaper, and to also soak my jeans in that ‘tell-tale-I’ve-got-a-diaper-on-half-moon-pattern…’ My bottle wasn’t even finished…where did all this pee come from? The DVD player said 12:06. I guess I missed breakfast….. 12:06???? My watch said the same thing. I stood up and urine dripped down my legs. I waddled to the DVD player hit eject and looked at the disc. It looked the same… I put in back, and went to the case… VOL 2 & 62 minutes stared back at me. Where did three hours go???? “Well hello sailor.” Jessica helped me carefully slide my jeans down over my engorged diaper, and felt more droplets land on my bare feet; I stepped out of the legs, and looked down on a saturated, droopy, wet adult diaper. *sigh* “I believe I need some help….my hands?” She led me into the back washroom, which was pretty damn warm from a portable space heater. I got up on the “changing table” as directed - when the fuck did this get done? - with a pillow under my head; Jessica put her right hand on my hard-on, her left hand on my hairy chest and right nipple and began to stroke through the warm soggy padding, and lick here and there. I started to blush, and closed my eyes. ‘LOOK AT ME…” I peeked out… Does that feel good?” “Yesssssssss…” She kept moving the wet-slick material up and down my shaft, and slowed way way down… “Wanna play a game?” Uh-oh…. “It’s called Don’t Cum Yet. I give you a time goal, and if you can hold out for that long, I’ll blow you in a wet or dry diaper. If you climax before the clock strikes twelve, I get you into a dry diaper with the wet diaper duct-taped over the top of the dry one forcing you to waddle or crawl until the next changing time….. Do you want to challenge your ability to control your orgasm…and get one hell of a hummer?” Think, think, think…. “I’ve been told I’m very good at giving that….” And she squeezed one more time gently…Already soaked, and little worried to be playing urine games in diapers, I painfully declined. Jess looked a little disappointed, stopped her rubbing, undid the tabs, and put me into a dry diaper, using all the tools of her feminine ways to keep me very horny, and very frustrated. When she was finished she helped me off the sawhorse-table, patted me on the ass and watched me plod off toward the couch with just a diaper and button-down Oxford shirt – that wasn’t. I heard the heavy dype land with a THUNK inside the rapidly filling pail, uh, TRASH CAN. “Let me fill your bottle,” and once she did just that -- my subconscious brain made the correct statement….and my paycheck knew what my dick was saying. I’m never going to write this ad – and don’t care, ‘cause the orgasms have been fucking awesome….and I can’t explain it….never mind write about it… I hit play and didn’t come around again until Jessica stopped the DVD and challenged me again to a game of Don’t Cum Yet… “How long?” “Four and a half minutes.” “I hold out for JUST four and a half minutes – two hundred and seventy seconds – and you’ll blow me?” “Uh huh…” “And what can you do to me?” “Anything I wish so long as it is NOT painful…” Her green eyes bore into me and the missing molar was clearly visible; her nipples were two tight marbles pushing out against the jersey; and I was clearly erect. Tent city… She knew she had me. “Deal?” “Deal,” I said and she leaned down and softly kissed me and whispered – “this is going to be so fuckin’ easy…” She marched upstairs and got some Johnson’s Baby Lotion, and a kitchen timer, smeared the pink lotion on my chest and my face; and wonderful smells wafted up… Opened up the top two tapes of my soggy diaper, set the timer, hit start, came back over to the couch, curled up with her head on my shoulder, gazed down and began to pump with her coated right hand. I thought of math problems, and my dog passing away, and ANY-THING-I-COULD to stall the building wave of pleasure…that had been denied for many hours…I sniffed in more scents of baby lotion, groaned - and then she took it one more step…with her vocal cords… “Don’t cum yet Stevie…or Mommy will have to keep you in big squishy diapers…You’ll have to waddle around for your bottle, you’ll crawl, and bounce up and down in big heavy dypees…don’t cum yet Steve, don’t cum yet…” Lost in lust and baby smells and the thick diaper - I did just that… I spewed into her hand, onto my chest and semen gurgled into my belly button. 1:05 left. While I sat dazed in ANOTHER orgasmic trance, Jess removed the diaper and hefted it over to the changing table and moments later, after I lay down she cleaned me off with a small towel, added the diaper rash cream, powder, new diaper, and then old diaper, and used packing-tape from the back basement on the tired tapes. I rolled off the table, and semi-waddled to the sofa. “Do you want a late lunch?” It was almost three….. And I was starved. I followed her upstairs and watched her magically create a wonderful tuna melt in mere minutes, added a glass of milk, and we sat at the counter talking and laughing as I sat in an open Oxford shirt, with one wet and one dry diaper to cushion my butt as I dribbled urine on a kitchen-towel-covered-chair. She fiddled with the TV remote control, adjusted the volume, and picked up her phone. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – how I wonder where you are, up above the world… I kept eating, watched ESPN, finished my meal, thanked her with a kiss on the cheek, and got up to return to the basement, and realized my waddle was more pronounced… I was wet. When did I go to “the bathroom?” “You okay? Jess touched my arm. “I’m wet…and I don’t even remember letting go…” “Do you want me to change you – no games?” “No, no – it’s okay…man, wet the bed, and just let go during lunch…” “Well…..SOMEONE LOOKS pretty happy,” and rubbed her hand up and down my pole, and leered. I grinned an “aw shucks grin” shook her off, went down the stairs, put on the earphones and hit play; when I awoke her nephew’s bottle was in my hand, my diaper and SHIRT tabs were damp, and Jess was sipping wine by the jigsaw puzzle. I was doubly full of urine – old and new. “I guess I peed when my dick was pointing the wrong way too…” She grinned. “Go again? Double or nothing??” I grinned back and patted my erection. “Sure.” She got up, put down the Chardonnay, went into the sewing room, got something, almost skipped to the sofa, kicked the coffee table out of the way, set AND STARTED the timer at four and a half-minutes, got on her knees, sliced open the packing tape, peeled back the tapes, took my urine soaked cock in her hand and licked and pumped me to an rush of an orgasm with her slippery right hand while her left pushed and cradled soggy padding up and around my balls. She’d been told very correctly – she was fucking great “at that” as I poured into her mouth. 2:16 left. Jess toweled off the sofa plastic, and at almost six o’clock and I was in a dry diaper sliced open at the bottom, into another dry diaper, with two heavy wet ones taped over that. Once I had I waddled and crawled to the sofa, she grinned, looped her arms around me, kissed me on the neck, I put my WELL-spread-apart feet on the coffee table, while she went and filled two bottles, and I hit play… At 8:53 I crawled up the stairs, with Jess patting me on the backside, fucked her doggy style leaning over the bed, the big weight of diapers swinging between my legs with each thrust, licked Jessica clean with fingers and tongue, got released from all the diapers, took a quick shower, got dressed in my original Saturday clothes; took all the weekend’s wet diapers home with me in a double plastic garbage bag, with a note attached to them. STEVE – PLEASE THROW AWAY – DO NOT PUT THEM BACK ON. xoxoxox Jess No problem, I thought, there was a dumpster right around the corner from my condo… Jessica tidied up a bit around the house, stretched, yawned, smiled, and hung up a couple of Steve’s clothes – including the size 38 waist jeans - in a corner of her closet, put his toothbrush next to hers in the bathroom, and put his baby bottle in the dishwasher. Microwaved some popcorn, poured some more wine, and went to bed. Jess sipped and munched and grinned a big tooth-missing-grin. She had a pretty good feeling that he wasn’t going to throw out the diapers. Chapter 6 I pulled the Nissan Altima into my assigned parking space, killed the engine and gazed at the big black heavy bag of soggy diapers, my diapers in the passenger’s seat. It’s dark and FREEZING outside – I’ll throw them away in the morning. Hurried to the condo, put my cans away, put my sales stuff on the kitchen counter, put my gym stuff into the washer, then listened to my parents begin to worry, and Lisa start to whine on the ‘answering machine’, and got a glass and slowly sipped vodka in the soft kitchen light. My jaw and lips were sore – I wasn’t really sure why – yes the bottle, but did I suckle the entire time? Wouldn’t I run out of blue-stuff? For most of the past four days my crotch was a mixture of seminal fluids, Desitin, powder, and urine. I had climaxed so many times that my balls felt empty and my foreskin was tender. I sipped some more vodka and rolled an ice cube on my tongue. I had wet my client’s bed, and orally satisfied my client twice…. Does one balance out the other..? I flipped off the kitchen light, walked to the living room - the drapes still open since Saturday morning - and looked out on the golf course covered in snow. To my left, on the mantle of the gas fired fire place was an engraved picture frame: “Steve & Lisa – Sandals Jamaica” …we looked tan and happy… I thought of Jessica Redenbacher… Four fuckin’ days and this woman was in my HEAD, and in other places too…Then I ‘barked out loud’ in the quiet room – “Why did Jessica ask for me?” The room gave no answer and Lisa sure as hell wasn’t going to say anything. I closed the drapes, carried my drink upstairs, got undressed down to my T-shirt, put two towels on top of my mattress sheet, set the alarm, sat and sipped my vodka, and then went to sleep. I woke up dry. THANK GOD!! I dressed for work, walked down to the car – and looked in at the bag of wet (frozen?) diapers, and the dumpster about thirty yards away. It’s icy out and I may get my London Fog dirty heaving that bag into the dumpster… I’ll put them in the kitchen, and throw them away later… At the office I massaged my jaw, and worked doubly hard to bring in another strong order, knowing that I had to cancel out Jessica’s and it would leave a huge “MINUS” next to my name for the day… Fortunately I had many “irons in the fire” and one closed -- thus at least balancing out the loss for February and March. As I drove home, and my phone rang – keeping my eyes on the road and not on the ID listing – I simply said “hello?” “Well – you’re one tough hombre to get a hold of…! Are you ducking me Mr. Anderson?” It was Lisa…. “No, not at all – I’ve been trying to write an ad to help save a seventy-eight-hundred-dollar commission.” Which was true… “$7,800 commission?” “Yup…” “How’d it come out?” “Lousy – it went south, client didn’t like it lie, lie, lie… and the order was pulled.” *Silence* “Why don’t I come over tonight and cheer you up?” The sexual inflection was clearly heard… Oh no – the diapers… “Uh – Lisa, tonight’s not a good night, how ‘bout lunch tomorrow?” She giggled – “a Nooner?” “No, lunch – lunch.” “Lunch ?? You haven’t called me or spoken to me since Thursday, and you turn me down offering sex tonight or a romp tomorrow, for LUNCH? Is there something I should know about Steve??” Yes…but I’m not sure either… “No, nothing – nothing’s up – just a bad time. Lunch tomorrow? Panera Bread, Noon?” …Silence… “Love you.” “Love you too” I said and clicked the phone shut….and called Jessica. “Hi Steve, I was hoping you’d call!” Her voice was warm, and rich. “Can I ask you a question?” “Sure.” “When we kiss you sometimes put your tongue in my mouth…” “Does that bother you?” “No – it’s fuckin’ erotic as hell; I don’t want to sound gay or anything – but I’ve never had something to suck on like that before, where did you learn that trick?” She laughed – “I started doing that as a defense mechanism – lotta guys like to jam their whole tongue in – so I started ‘fighting back.’…Your lips are pretty sweet too…” Steve – you are such a doll…! “It just feels great -- like a warm wet gentle sword fight, and I had to ask; thank you for sharing that we me.” Pause “I cancelled out your order today, and your credit card will be reimbursed at midnight. PANIC … “YOU’RE GIVING UP?.....You’ll still come see me won’t you?” “Do you want me too???” “Very much so.” I silently nodded – balance Lisa and Jessica? Oye….. One lady has a temper, and the other almost wrestles in my weight class… “Steve…?” “Okay – let me get my work and gym visits out of the way, and we’ll set a date; I’ll call you tomorrow or Thursday.” “Til then – and thanks for a super weekend….” I swear she mentally licked the phone… “Thank you” I said. Went home - made dinner, paid bills, including my rent check at the dining room table, got my gym stuff and clothes together, and thought about Jessica and Lisa….in that order, while I carried the heavy bag of diapers up to my guest bedroom. The diapers smelled okay – not too ‘ammonia’ strong because I flushed so many liquids through my body, but enough of a “baby smell” to make me rise to a ‘chubby’ just sniffing in fully. Okay, so I untied the bag and opened the plastic bag up to the air – but I didn’t put the diapers on – just as Jessica asked. The next morning, I got dressed in the guest bedroom, pulled up carefully, and went out into the dark to start my day. By noon I was having lunch with Lisa and made sure to call her honey or nothing at all in case my still slightly sore mouth said Jessica instead of Lisa. Thursday came, and I did call Jessica -- but for the wrong reason. “Hel-lo…?” “Jess, it’s Steve…” “St, Steve? What, what time is it?” “Almost 11:30….and…” She giggled. “What..?” “Well – you said you’d call me ‘tomorrow or Thursday’ *yawn* and it looks like you were correct – by about thirty minutes. What’s up?” “Can you come over?” “NOW? You call me at 11:30 on a ‘school night’ and want me to come over? I’m flattered, and a little aroused – but why?” *Silence* “Steve, are you still there??” “I put the diapers back on.” YES, YES, YES, YES, -- !! *sigh* “Really? Stevie, I asked you not too – that’s our game… Why didn’t you throw them out?” “Well,…..I really don’t want to say.” “Well, I really don’t want to get out of bed at almost midnight either.” *DAMN, DAMN, DAMN* “I liked the way they smelled.” She smiled. “Okay, sniffing is not wearing – why did you put them on?” “I was feeling, you know – and I looked into the bag, and the four diapers you last had me in were all still stacked together, and so I… you know… And now… well, you know, I forgot my hands don’t work…and I’m beginning to, you know, tingle and chafe, and I don’t think I can make it to tomorrow, when I, you know….” “Did you masturbate?” “No!!” “Did you pee in them?” Cringe – “ a little to warm them up..” “Are you erect?” “Jessssssssssssss………………” “Are you?” “Yeah.” “Give me your address.” I did – and she said – “be there in as soon as I can and I am staying the night, fair enough?” “Yes, yes, fair enough, thank you, thank you – I owe you one. And with that, Jessica hung up, hugged herself, and kissed the paper in her hand; since Friday – she’d lost four pounds by not snacking (and by revving her motor), while her emotional confidence was at an all-time high. And now, Steve Anderson’s unlisted home address was in her hands. She got some stuff together, including make-up, Tampax, and some baby supplies, and headed out to rescue her little guy.
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    What excuse did the boy give his mother for always wetting his pants? "It runs in my genes (jeans)"
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    Finally got Fiber internet on my street! Love that the Upload is as high as the download. Makes uploading photo/video sets so much faster!
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    Bored of winter now! Roll on the spring please
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    Consider the medically incontinent fathers out there- are they any less good at that simply because they wear diapers? Of course not And if your increased happiness is having a positive effect here that should tell you something too It is good and wise that you are thinking about these things at this point where there is still a chance of changing your course Just know that with every serious decision you will make in life there will always be some doubt, and this is normal. Without that doubt we'd rush headlong into things and find ourself in trouble more often than not Use that doubt in a positive way- once you've thought your decision through and moved toward your goals cast the doubt aside and know that you've made a good decision because you once had doubt. Don't let it keep pestering you and keep dragging you down Something my Therapist taught me is that I'm no good for anyone else if I'm not good for me. I need to be OK first, then I can do good for other people like I want to If I'm not good then I really will not have any good to give, or at least not as much good to give as I'm capable of giving You can't do your best unless you are at your best, and if it takes being incontinent to make you your best then that is the path you need to be taking. It's not the best path for everyone but it is for some of us. I still have doubts that I want my own level of incontinence to increase- things are great for me right now without the bedwetting I originally thought I wanted. My own approach is simple acceptance of whatever happens being what is good for me I'm not going to fight anything because it was that fight to stay dry which was causing my problems. I'm happier now that I'm not fighting anything, and since I'm always diapered then nothing can hurt me anymore Maybe you should consider a similar approach and just let your heart and subconscious mind take you wherever it is that you need to go as you simply ride along. It works for me! Bettypooh
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    well in my case, I don't buy a lot of the cute ab diapers.. I am pretty much full time in diapers and I just can't justify thye prices. They are cute and yes I do feel they add something to the ab play.. I do use the crinklz diaper occasionally, but I can buy a lot more diapers for that kind of money if i go with plain white disposables. I use the dry 24/7s and north shore diapers. both of them are considered to be premium diapers. This is really a question you have to answer for yourself. "Do I really want the cute diapers or can I feel the same in something less expensive".