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    This is a commission I have recently finished and can post for everyone's enjoyment now. This is a story about three friends and how their lives changed on one fateful day. If you would like a commission then I am open to more. The price is £5 per 1000 words which is a little more than $6 in USD. The whole story is 14,000+ words long and will be posted in around four parts. Here is part one. Feel free to leave comments and criticisms that you may have. Enjoy. Homecoming By Elfy “I’m going to miss all this.” Taylor said wistfully as she walked down the street to school. The red haired girl was gazing up at her high school with a smile as she recalled all the memories made there. “You won’t.” Samantha replied from next to her, “Next year you will be off at college and you will have forgotten about all of this!” They two girls were seniors and had recently turned 18-years-old within a week of each other. They had been friends ever since they were babies, their parents knew each other and as early as kindergarten, the two girls had started to become friends. This was their final year before they headed off for college. Rather predictably, the inseparable girls were going to the same college as well. “I will miss this!” Taylor insisted, “Besides, next week is homecoming. I always love homecoming week.” The two girls walked through the crowds of people hurrying to classes and stopped in front of the noticeboard that had been put up right next to the school entrance. There was a list of all the special “spirit days” that were going on through the week. “Baby day?” Samantha asked as she noticed the last day of the week, “What does that mean?” “Students can wear onesies, pacifiers and generally dress up like babies. There where will be competitions and fun games throughout the day.” Taylor read the description off of the board, “OK, that might be fun!” “You think so?” Samantha asked sceptically. “Oh, for sure!” Taylor enthused, “We should go all out for it. It will be our last day of homecoming as students.” “Hey Sam!” Came a familiar guy’s voice behind them. “Good morning, Paul.” Samantha turned to see her boyfriend. The taller boy stooped down slightly to give Samantha a quick kiss on the lips. The two of them hugged for a second and smiled at each other. Taylor just stood awkwardly next to her two friends as they greeted each other. They were great people but sometimes having your two best friends in a relationship with each other could be a little awkward. “What do you think Paul?” Samantha asked as she turned away from her boyfriend to look at the noticeboard again. “Of Homecoming?” Paul asked. “The baby day.” Samantha said, “Taylor said we should go all out for it.” Before Paul could answer the morning bell rang and the three of them headed into the building for their morning registration. It was a fairly normal day of school. There was a buzz amongst the students as the week-long celebration of the school approached but the day passed as slowly as any other. Same boring lessons, same boring teachers. When the final bell finally rang Taylor and Samantha met up outside and started walking towards home. The two of them lived just a street apart and they had walked with each other to and from school almost every week day for years. “So are you coming back to my place?” Samantha asked Tayler. “I can do.” Taylor replied, “Any reason you want me over?” “Well, you want to do this baby day thing, right?” Samantha asked, “Maybe you are right. Maybe we should go all out for it, I was just thinking you could come over and we could look for stuff for it.” “Cool! Yeah!” Taylor replied with enthusiasm. Taylor was always the one that had the most school spirit. Whenever there was a school event, Taylor was sure to be involved in some way or another. In contrast, Samantha usually stayed in the background, she never had much energy to devote to these school events. It was out of character for her to want to get involved with this one but, like Taylor said, this was one of the last chances for her to get into the spirit of things. The two girls headed back to Samantha’s house. After some quick pleasantries exchanged with Samantha’s mother, the pair of them headed up to Samantha’s bedroom and booted up her laptop. Samantha’s bedroom was very grown up. Her walls were painted white, she had a desk full of schoolwork and her clothes were strewn everywhere. It contrasted to Taylor’s bedroom a lot. Taylor still had pink painted walls from when she was little and her desk, rather than full of her homework, was full of stuffed teddy bears. This was the main reason they always met in Samantha’s room rather than Taylor’s, Samantha couldn’t stand the cuteness in Taylor’s rather childish room. “What do I even search?” Samantha asked with a laugh with her hands hovering above the keyboard. “Erm… I guess you could search for adult onesies?” Taylor suggested, “You know, the things with snaps on the crotch.” Samantha started typing, sceptical that such a thing existed, and then clicked the first link that appeared. After scrolling down a little bit she felt her jaw drop open. “Oh my God…” Taylor whispered as she covered her mouth. “Are you seeing this!?” Samantha asked in shock. The two girls had expected to find a website that might sell comically oversized baby items for costumes. Maybe there would be a medical use for them, or there would be a website that sold fairly normal versions of these clothes. What they actually encountered was something much, much different. The website they landed on prominently featured a young woman sitting on a rocking horse whilst sucking on a pacifier. She had a big smile that the pacifier couldn’t contain and a pink onesie with cute little pictures of sheep all over it. What was perhaps most surprising to either girl was the that the person in the picture was very obviously, and very thickly, padded in a large disposable diaper! “This can’t be real!” Samantha exclaimed with a shocked little laugh. For the next few minutes the girls scrolled around the websites and clicked links. They were shocked that the more they clicked around, the more it became clear that this was a very real thing. Onesies, footed pyjamas, pacifiers and, most interestingly, diapers. They had expected a fancy dress shop; they had stumbled into something very different. It was like a totally different world had suddenly opened up. “We should order some.” Taylor suggested, “We want to go all out, right? If we buy some of this stuff, we will really stand out.” “Yeah, no kidding…” Samantha replied, “But… Really? I mean, are you sure? I don’t want to look silly at school.” “Look, I’ll pay.” Taylor said, “Trust me. We will start a new trend!” Samantha was sceptical but she turned the mouse and keyboard over to Taylor and let her start adding stuff to the shopping cart. Samantha couldn’t help but think this whole thing was stupid and a waste of money but since Taylor looked like she was paying then what was the worst that could happen. A few minutes later they were reviewing their order before confirming. There were two onesies, a pink one for Taylor and a purple one for Samantha. They also ordered a couple of the large pacifiers and, last but certainly not least, a pack of medium disposable diapers. The diapers they chose were white with some little pictures of teddy bears on the area where you placed the tapes. Both the girl’s agreed that they would look adorable in their purchases. After hanging out for a little bit, Taylor left Samantha’s to go home. Their new purchases would be arriving in a couple of days and both of them were excited and a little nervous for what would be arriving for them. --- The next couple of days passed normally. Homecoming celebrations continued and everyone was having a good time whilst the big day was fast approaching. The “Baby Day” was the last day of Homecoming, the Friday when all the celebrations would come to an end. When Taylor and Samantha finished school on the Thursday of that week, they were both eager to get back to Samantha’s house. It was the day that the delivery was scheduled to arrive and, for some reason, they were both filled with nervous excitement. It was during lunch that Samantha received a text from the delivery company that stated that her delivery had been signed for and was waiting for her at home. Her mom had been home that day and had been available to accept the package. When Samantha told Taylor that the stuff was waiting for them at home, Taylor practically did a little dance in excitement. Her ginger hair bounced up and down as she clapped with glee. Samantha, wanting to play it cool, rolled her eyes and told Taylor to calm down but her broad smile gave away that she was looking forward to seeing their new stuff as well. The afternoon was interminably dull and the fact that were forced to sit through History whilst the teacher droned on and on was only making their impatience worse. When the bell finally rang, Taylor and Samantha were up and out of the classroom almost immediately. Samantha yelled a quick apology and a goodbye to Paul as the two girls ran out of the room and headed back to Samantha’s house. When they got in, they went directly to Samantha’s bedroom where they found the large box full of their new possessions. “Open it!” Taylor said excitedly to Samantha as she sat on the bed. Samantha grabbed some scissors and cut the box open. She could feel butterflies in her tummy and, as she opened the flaps of the cardboard box, she heard Taylor stand up and looking over the shoulder to get a look. “Oh my God.” Taylor exclaimed, “This stuff looks so cute!” Samantha pulled out the two onesies, the two little boxes containing the adult sized pacifiers and a packet of eight diapers in translucent plastic packaging. Both the girls just stared at the packet in silence, neither of them wanted to be the first to say anything but both were surprised by just how big they looked. “So, erm, are we going to… Try this stuff out?” Samantha asked carefully. She was intrigued to wear their new purchases but she definitely didn’t want to seem too keen. “I guess we should.” Taylor replied, “I wouldn’t want wearing them to school to be the first time.” Samantha gave Taylor a curious look. Samantha had noticed that Taylor had gone a little red in the face, almost like she was blushing a little bit. “So… shall we just do it in here?” Samantha asked. “Yeah, no looking though!” Taylor replied. “Of course not!” Samantha said, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll go in the closet and get changed, there should be enough room. You do it in here.” The girls took the onesies they had bought and then each grabbed one of the white diapers. They both stared at the new underwear as they held it for the first time. They were both very curious about the interesting look and feel of the plastic. The girls went to their assigned places and began to get ready. Taylor, standing in the room, felt very self-conscious. She kept looking around as she took her clothes off to see if anyone was looking. Taylor laid the diaper out on the bed. The crinkling with every movement of the plastic was much louder than she expected and she heard a small giggle from the closet. “These things are loud.” Taylor stated as she sat down on the padding. Samantha was doing the same thing in the closet. She opened the diaper up and sat on it. The closet was not an ideal place to put a diaper on, this much became obvious as she hit her elbows on the wall when trying to position herself correctly. There was just enough room when she used the space efficiently to comfortably lay down on the diaper. Both girls had some experience with babysitting so the basic mechanics of putting a diaper on was already there, it took each of them a couple of minutes to work out how to diaper themselves though. The sound of crinkling filled the room for a little bit, followed by the sounds of tapes being tightly placed across the fronts of both their diapers. When Taylor stood up again and walked to her onesie she found that the diaper hugged her figure very well, the crinkling with every step was taking some getting used to. Her initial impressions were good though, she was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the diaper felt. She still felt embarrassed to be wearing it since it was obviously a very infantile thing to be doing. “Are you ready?” Samantha called out from the closet. “Hold on.” Taylor responded, “Just putting the onesie on.” Taylor picked up the pink onesie and pulled it over her head. It was a great fit and, like the diaper, hugged her figure very well. She bent over and grabbed the back flap. Popping the front and back together, Taylor stood up straight again and felt the onesie push the bottom of the diaper up against her body. She blushed slightly, she hadn’t expected to feel so comfortable in these clothes! “OK…” Taylor slowly said, “I think I’m ready.” After a couple of seconds, the closet door slowly opened and Samantha stepped out into the bedroom again. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds as both girls blushed, then they started giggling. The giggling grew louder and louder as they looked at each other in their diapers and onesies. They walked over to the mirror in the corner of the room, the crinkling only made them giggle even more. They pointed at themselves and each other and had a good long laugh before finally calming down. “OK.” Samantha finally said as she wiped a tear from her eyes. She hadn’t laughed like that for a long time, “So we are going to do this tomorrow?” “Heck yeah!” Taylor said with enthusiasm, “It’ll be hilarious.” “If you’re sure.” Samantha said with some degree of scepticism, “But no using them. Can we agree on that?” “Of course.” Taylor responded, “Would never dream of using it. Eww. We can take them off to go to the bathroom.” The rest of the evening the girls stayed dressed up. They would have to spend hours at school dressed like this tomorrow so they decided to get used to wearing these things that evening. They listened to some music, played some games and did some homework whilst dressed as big babies. At one point during the evening they even broke out the pacifiers and tried them out as well prompting another fit of giggles. For a long time, neither of them talked about how they were dressed, they ignored it as they did their homework and listened to music until an hour or so after originally putting the diapers on. “So this is kind of weird.” Samantha finally admitted after putting down her pen. “Yeah.” Taylor agreed. She wanted to say that she actually kind of liked the feeling but she wanted to phrase it in a way that wouldn’t make her sound weird, “But I can see why babies feel so happy and content in them.” “I guess…” Samantha slowly said. She didn’t find the feeling between her legs too disagreeable either, “So what’s the plan for tomorrow? Are we really going to do this?” “We definitely should!” Taylor said with a big grin, “No one will be as well dressed up as us. Not to mention we already bought this stuff. If we chicken out it will have been a waste of money.” “Alright.” Samantha conceded, “We won’t use them though for sure…” “I agree.” Taylor said. She wondered why Samantha felt like she had to bring up that point again, “Maybe we should take a couple of spares in our bags though. Just in case the tapes fail or something.” “Good idea.” Samantha agreed. A little while later, the girls got dressed back into their usual clothes and Taylor headed home. They both had some nerves about what would happen the next day. Nervousness aside, they were both quite excited to dress up again. --- This was a stark difference to Paul’s feelings about the whole idea. Samantha’s boyfriend had seen the signs for the big finale of Homecoming, he had even had friends try to convince him to play along but he had shrugged them all off. He thought it was a stupid idea and didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of the whole school. He would be leaving for college soon and he didn’t want the last impression he left to be one that people would laugh at. Paul was a bit of a jock. Very athletic, he was on both the track team and the in the football team. He was tall, certainly taller than either Samantha or Taylor but not huge. His sports prowess had made him very popular all through his time in school, people looked up to him. There was no way that he would degrade himself and play dress up, he didn’t care if it was all for fun and games, he had a reputation to maintain. He wasn’t a bad guy by any means. He never bullied anyone or used his popular status to get any advantages or special treatment, but he did have a bit of an ego. As far as he knew everyone on the sports teams would be ignoring the dressing up part of Homecoming. It was his non-sporting friends that had tried to get him to take part. Paul had briefly thought about it in the middle of the week. He had even gone online to search for information on adult sized baby clothes. By coincidence, he had found the same website that Samantha and Taylor had ordered from. He had scrolled down briefly and been shocked by the images he saw. Paul stared open mouthed at the image of the woman on the rocking horse. The pacifier, the onesie and, most prominently, the thick diaper all caught his eyes. Blushing a deep red, Paul had closed the website and did his best to forget about the whole idea. He was shocked that there were people who apparently bought these things for fun. No matter how hard Paul tried, he couldn’t get his mind off of the image of the girl. Particularly her padded rear end. He tried to distract himself but for the next few days he found his mind wandering back to those diapers whenever he wasn’t distracting himself with something else. ---
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    aliens disappeared time to change..
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    (To note. I am typing this on my phone and the * will mark the switch from third to first person) Cheryl was a hard working business Amazonian woman who had felt like something was missing from her life. She lived in a nice neighborhood, a great job and could get whatever she wanted, yet that one thing she seemed to lack, ached at her for years now. She was visiting her neighbors and good friends, Alecia and Mary, who always were there for her. Even their little, James. Even if he wasn't able to properly respond anymore after he had regressed she still found him good at making her feel a lot better. "Cheryl. Cheryl!" Alecia, attempted to snap her friend out of a trance. She seems to be in them more and more often nowadays. Cheryl sighed. "Sorry. I didn't realize I zoned out there." "I can tell. I've called your name at least a hundred times." Alecia had exaggerated jokingly to trying to get her friends mind off of whatever was bothering her. She changed her tone when she noticed that Cheryl wasn't even phased to try to respond to the comment. "Hey you look tired. Why don't you go home and try to get some rest. That work you do seems like it's catching up to you." She was referring to the number crunching accounting job she did almost every day of the week. Cheryl picked up on the hint that she needed to try to figure out what it was that had been bothering her. She yawned as she stood up and stretched her arms in the air. "Yeah I guess you are right." She smiled at James, then looked over at the clock hanging on the wall. "I think its just about nap time for James and I." Cheryl and Alecia chuckled when James turned around at the sound of his name being said. He was happily playing with the toys set out to keep him occupied while the adults talked to eachother. Cheryl picked up James and handed him to Alecia but not before she tickled his tummy causing him to giggle uncontrollably. "Alright. Well I'll see you later then. And tell Mary I said hi." Soon enough was on her way out the door when she saw two amazonian young boys sprinting full force down the street. "That was odd." She said. Just as she was heading back to her own house, the same way the two boys were headed, she saw them running towards her own house and a little attempting to get away. "Hey! Knock it off you two!" Cheryl picked up her own pace, now seeing a car going past, it was Mary's. She was oblivious to the scene. The little that was being chased, made a quick turn while keeping an eye on the pursuers without noticing Mary's car until it was too late. "Look out!" Cheryl cried just as the little had hit the drivers door head first. She sprinted over to the scene, and Mary now saw what was going on and stopped dead in her tracks. She saw the look of guilt on the two young amazonian boys, who now froze like a statue, unable to comprehend what just happened. Cheryl took opportunity to snatched the two delinquents to make sure they didn't get away. Mary, still was afraid she had killed the little. "Oh my god. What have I done?" She began to panic as she picked up the all but limp little in her arms. A slight mumble came from the little, much to Mary's relief. Feeling confident enough that the little wouldn't run away, she set him down in the back of her car with the door wide open. Cheryl had called 911 and the authorities showed up quickly to take away the two delinquent amazonian children. When the ambulance arrived to look at the little that was supposed to be in the backseat, was now completely gone from view. After everything was settled down, Mary had calmed down enough, everyone went back to business. Cheryl was still puzzled about where the little had went. Just as she was about to head inside is when she noticed a certain smell around her door. "It can't be." She whispered quietly to herself when she looked to the right and saw the little from earlier, unconscious in her bushes. Cheryl managed to get the little out from behind her pushes, and she checked him for a pulse. "My god. What happened to you." She whispered as she noticed that it was a boy, with his shirt torn and holes in it. His face and arms were cut up a bit and a portion of his forehead was bruised. He had pants and underwear on as well. The pants were full of holes and cuts too like his shirt, but both his underwear and pants were soaked in urine. Once she found his pulse still strong, she picked the limp little up and held him with his head over her shoulder, a hand on his bottom and another on his back. Something clicked. She didn't have that feeling she had before. Something about this helpless little boy made her want to take care of him and keep this from happening again. As she went back to Alecia and Mary's house, she couldn't help herself from smiling at the feeling. Cheryl knocked at her neighbors door and Alecia opened the door. "Oh. My. God. What happened to him?" Was all she could say as she let her closest friend into the door. James had not yet been put down over all the commotion and attempting to help calm down his mommy, Mary, who now was in a state of shock sitting on the couch in the family room by hugging her. "Alecia, I have a favor to ask." Cheryl said in the most seriously tone she could. "What do you need?" She replied without hesitation. ******************** An hour had gone by and no sound was to be heard in the room. It was still dead quiet until suddenly I let out a long whimper. I was happily warm and almost smiled until I realized how much pain I was in suddenly. All of it caught up with me at once. "Ahhhh!" I screamed and shot up straight from my spot. I suddenly realize what has happened now. Everything caught up to me in a flash. Except one thing. I had a diaper on now and in a crib. Before I could react to that the door opened slowly. The room was dark and when the light from the outside shone in on me, I froze like a deer in headlights. I saw that it was daylight still from how the light was coming from the doorway and I saw her. She came slowly towards me and I couldn't handle this. 'No! I was adopted wasn't I?! Oh no! What's going to happen to me now!' I thought to myself until the amazonian drew close. My heart began racing when I heard the water start to run in the background. It snapped me out of the trance and I went to go and move away but it was too late. I was already in the arms of my captor. Suddenly I felt an ache flow across my body from the cuts and bruises all over me. "Let me go!" I whined at her. The Amazonian just seemed not to care, only taking a seat in a rocking chair. Struggling didn't seem to do much except cause me more pain, especially when I had accidentally pressed the bruise on my head against her. I screamed on the top of my lungs and began to cry my heart out. Suddenly I heard a faint humming sound that slowly grew louder the more I calmed down. I focused on it. It wasn't just some random humming, it was a nursery tune used to calm down children. I finally stopped crying and now was beet red from the neck up and I gave into the hypnotic feeling I had and rested a few minutes. "Are you okay now?" I heard break the almost endless moment. Her voice was full of patience and honesty with that question, but I was too unsure about my situation but I knew it was better to answer this one. I nodded a bit in response. "Can you tell me your name please? My name is Cheryl." Her voice was soothing and caring. I offered up no response to that question, fearing it was a trick. She patiently waited for an answer, not trying to throw me into a new panic mode so quickly. "I need you to drink something okay? My friends little doesn't use sippy cups so I need you to drink out of a bottle. Alright?" 'What game is she playing? Why is she like this to me and not just forcing it on me?' I had thought to myself as I felt the nipple of a bottle being pushed against my lips. A squirt of juice touched my tongue and I gave in so quickly. I had the side of my head resting on her chest and I was pressed against her torso gently. I drank as much as I could from the bottle. 'What is have I gotten into?' I asked myself.
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    I am a meter reader and I find that nowadays I need to go weewee very often for a few weeks I just opened the backdoors of the van and go wee but then I thought hang on I love nappies so why not wear one while at work. Now I am happy just to wet my nappy and wear it all day. It's a lovely feeling just to go weewee whenever I like and feel this heavy load underneath me, I don't even mind the nappy rash too much. Having to go into people's houses prevents me going poo in my nappy unfortunately. So next time you have your meter read in Essex see if the meter reader walks like John Wayne, and if he does perhaps ask him if he wants a hand changing
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    Chapter Two Jessie My heart pounds in my chest as I’m scooped into the giant woman’s arms and cradled against her chest. I blush, squirming uncomfortably as the side of my face is practically mashed against her breast. Though likely of a moderate size for her, to me, her chest is massive, like the rest of her, and it feels awkward and embarrassing to be held like this. I find myself trapped in her unyielding embrace, however, forced to stare up at her. I note the high cheekbones and vibrant red hair that falls just below her shoulders, a touch of natural wave curling the tips. She has hazel eyes, like I do, but where mine are a more earthy tone of the shade, more brown than green, hers are far more green than brown, more like a golden or yellow tinted green than anything. Her skin is only a shade or two up from ivory, and looks like it would burn easily, and yet she seemed to have no problem being out in the intense sun earlier. “Please let me go,” I beg, squirming in her grasp once more. She laughs softly, the sound almost more of a giggle than anything. “Oh, Jessie, sweetheart, you don’t want me to let you go right now; you’d fall. Just wait until we get downstairs and I promise to put you down,” she assures me as she leaves the nursery behind and starts down the stairs. “What? No, I don’t mean put me down, I mean let me leave. Come on, this isn’t right. I’m an adult too, you know,” I argue. “You can’t treat me like this. I’m not your little baby doll to play with, so get me out of the dress and the diaper, give me back my clothes, and let me be on my way now, please.” I meet her gaze firmly, trying my best to keep my tone even and convince her that I’m just as mature as she is. Though not half as crazy. Sophie sighs, gently patting my rear, eliciting loud crinkles from the thick and awkward diaper pulled up between my legs, forcing them apart. “Just relax,” she responds. “This is your home now, you’ve no where you need to be scurrying off to except to play with your toys. Now settle down, okay Jessie? There’s a good girl. You must be hungry; it’s near lunch time and a grumbly belly always helps to make a grumpy baby,” she decides. “What? No! Lady, I’m not a baby and I’m certainly not a girl,” I complain, twisting in her grasp. She laughs again, the sound really beginning to grate on my nerves. She finally pulls me away from her chest, and for half a second, I actually begin to think I’ve gotten through and that she’s going to put me down and let me go. Instead, she shatters my hopes by holding me up under my arms out in front of her. She pulls me close to kiss my forehead and rub our noses. I scrunch up my face, fix her with a glare, and kick my legs, trying to wiggle from her grip. “You’ll understand soon,” she decides. “Soon you’ll come to see that this is for the best. If you were mature, you would have shown it by doing things properly instead of acting like a headstrong child getting into mischief.” She lowers me down, but instead of to the floor, it’s onto the padded bottom of a playpen. Crouching down to smile at me through the white mesh laced between the four corners, she presses three fingers to her lips, blowing me a kiss. “I’ll go get you some lunch then, sweetie. You play nicely in here and I’ll come get you once the food is ready.” And just like that, I’m left alone. It feels like a blessing and a curse rolled into one, but the second she’s out of sight, I lurch forward onto unsteady legs. The thick pillowy padding of the diaper keeps my legs spread apart, almost bowed as I stand, throwing off my balance. I have to reach up on my tiptoes to even be able to curl my fingers around the bar running around the top of the playpen. No matter how much a scrabble, however, I cannot find the leverage or strength to pull myself up and over. Stumbling back on my now padded rump with a surprised yelp, I huff and cross my arms, my heartbeat still racing feverently. I have to get out of here. I definitely have to ditch the diaper if I’m going to get anywhere. The baby blue summer dress doesn’t quite cover the white padding, but would likely cover me properly without it. As much as I want to discard the fabric, I don’t plan on running around stark naked either. So I lift the hem and begin to fight with the diaper. I wrestle first with the tapes, hoping to pull them up. I strike out and then try to rip the diaper itself to get it off. This also turns out to be a dud. I can’t even get it to pull down, it seems almost locked around my waist. Sighing, tears of anger and frustration welling in my eyes, I cross my arms. I take the dress off. Not like I need it to cover up anyways, since I can’t get the hindering diaper off. The small act of rebellion makes me feel just a little bit better, but ultimately doesn’t help with my escape attempts. I can hear Sophie bustling about in a nearby room, and I sigh. I need to get out of here, but for the moment it seems that I’m stuck. So I cross my legs as best I can, turning to face the wall and put my back to her for whenever she returns. I certainly won’t make this easy for her in the long run. “Oh Jessie,” Sophie’s amused tone cuts through the silence like a knife. I’m lifted up by the arms and stood up in the playpen. Seconds later, the dress it pulled back down over my head, my arms manhandled into the sleeves before I’m lifted from the imprisoning pen only to be settled on my kidnapper’s hip once more. “Silly baby. I don’t know what it is with little ones desiring to take their clothes off, but there will be no stripping in this house. We leave our clothes on unless it’s bathtime or you’re being changed, okay sweetie.” It feels like a lecture, but her tone is far from scolding. I sigh, and offer up no response. It doesn’t seem to be getting through anyways. Moments later, I’m deposited into a highchair, the buckle secured around my waist and tray locked into place before I can hope to resist any of it. The wooden bottoms of one of the dining room chairs scrapes noisily across the hardwood floor as Sophie pulls it out to take a seat in front of me. She’s got a little purple plastic bowl in one hand, the other hand extending a pink rubber spoon out towards my face. The mash on the end is a murky yellow and applesauce is the first thing that comes to mind, though I haven’t eaten any in years. I press my lips together into a thin line and shake my head. I don’t want to be fed like a toddler, up in a highchair, and the whole experience of today has blown my appetite anyways. “Come on now, Jessie, don’t be fussy,” Sophie instructs, pushing the spoon a little closer. The applesauce dabs onto my lips and I instinctively lick it off, my mouth opening for the briefest moment. That moment, however, is all it takes for the entire spoonful to be pushed into my mouth. I swallow before fixing a glare at the woman in front of me. “Hey-mmph,” I protest only to have another bite shoveled into my mouth. Once again, I gulp it down and open my mouth to protest. She’s ready again, however, and before I can utter any coherent words, a third scoop is filling my mouth. Sophie quirks an eyebrow at me, a sly smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye. “Are you ready to eat nice?” she inquires. I shake my head. “No,” I refuse. “I’m not a baby. Let me down no-ummph,” I’m once again silenced by another helping of applesauce. I stare at the woman in front of me who is readying another scoop. I sigh and smack the tray with a clenched fist. “Stop it!” I howl. To my surprise, she does. The Amazon in front of me looks surprised, her gaze widening slightly, as she falters mid-scoop. I take a deep shuddering breath and glower at her. “Just put the damned spoon down, will you? I’m not hungry and I’m trying to talk to you.” Again, she chuckles softly and I expect her to simply force another bite of applesauce into my mouth. Once again, she proves me wrong by returning the spoon to the bowl and reaching back to set it on the edge of the dining room table. She smiles and leans forward to kiss my cheek. I pull away rubbing at the spot, but the motion only seems to amuse her further. “Alright, hon, I’m all ears. What’s up?” she inquires, propping her chin on her hand. “I’m not an infant,” I state firmly. A bemused expression crosses the woman’s face and she shrugs. “I know, honey.” “You do?” I inquire softly. She nods. “Of course. You’re not a newborn, no helpless little infant. You’re walking and talking and doing very well, but you’re still just a little tot who tried to be a big girl too fast, didn’t you?” she coos, stroking the side of my face with a curled finger. “You shouldn’t rush growing up, sweetie pie. Not until you’re ready. And you’ll stay here until you are.” “Well, I’m ready now,” I protest, hoping that playing into her mindset a little might help sway her. “I’m not a baby anymore. I’m grown and I can take care of myself.” Sophie rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Her finger extends to tap gently against my nose. “It’s not for you to decide, Jessie. I’m your mommy now and I will be making the big decisions for you from now on, pumpkin. Until you’ve proven you’re capable of making them on your own; of which you are doing a very poor job of at the moment,” she lectures, though her voice remains soft. “Now if that’s all, you need to finish your lunch.” She reaches back to reclaim the bowl of applesauce, as though her word is law and puts an end to the conversation. “No, that’s not all. We’re not done,” I argue. “Why the hell am I in a dress? I’m very clearly not a girl. It’s bad enough you’re trying to treat me like a baby, but ignoring my gender along with my maturity? What the hell, lady? Come on.” “Language,” Sophie scolds, her voice turning stern. As it rises, I find a small part of myself cowering, terrified of her anger and hard expression. She’s easily three times my size, and could clobber me with little difficulty. “Now listen up because I only intend to say this once; you made some poor decisions Jessie. None of this would have happened if you had been smart and mature and simply followed the rules of travelling here. However, you chose otherwise and have landed yourself in this situation. I am fully in the right to treat you like this, if a Little needs caring for, any Amazon is free to provide it, regardless of whether the Little wants it or not. Now you are the Little need caring for, and I’m the one providing it. So whether you like it or not, I am your mommy, this is your home, and you are my little baby girl until a time when you can prove to me that you’ve learned from your mistakes and deserve to have your adulthood restored. I will make the decision of when, and it will not happen a moment sooner. Meantime, I don’t want to hear another word about it, because I’ve no qualms against bending you over my knee if need be. Have I made myself clear?” I shudder, much more cowed now as I realize just how societally acceptable this is. There will be no assistance for me from anyone. I feel my eyes water as I realize just how alone and helpless I am here. “Yes,” I whisper, defeated for the moment. “I just want to go home.” Sophie’s expression instantly softens once more. “It’s okay, Jessie. You are home, baby.” She lifts the bowl of applesauce from her lap where it was placed the second time she put it down. Raising the spoon to my lips, she wiggles it as though to make it look more appetizing. “Now come on, sweetheart. The sooner you finish your lunch, the faster you may get down. You eat this and then you can have some crackers to nibble on. Maybe a cookie if you’re a good girl.” I sigh. I do want down from the highchair and it seems like arguing with her is getting me nowhere. I reluctantly open my mouth and allow her to fill it with more applesauce. Playing along for now might be best. Just until a new opportunity presents itself.
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    This is a big story commission. I am going to share it in 6 page intervals to help inspire me to push through. The person commissioning the story may even order more pages, so be on the lookout for them! The usual warnings apply. There's some mild sexuality and the girls sometimes use crude language for added realism (they are college girls after all.) part 1 Janet walked down the halls of the university, wearing her sneakers, tight jeans, and Death Metal t-shirt. Her light brown hair was tied back into a ponytail, which poked through the hole in the back of her baseball cap. She was very much a tomboy and liked to act tough, but there was some insecurity deep down. She liked hanging out with the boys as she got along with them easily. She enjoyed the same hobbies and could trash talk with the best of them. She was just awkward around girls. She liked girls a bit more, though talking to them and flirting were well outside of her wheelhouse. One particular girl Janet liked was Ashley. Ashley was like the exact opposite of Janet. She kept her hair long and fluffy, wore a pink crop top, and her skirt was a bit high, just enough to break the dress code. She never got in trouble for it though. She also wore sexy, thin, thong panties. It made Janet even more anxious around her. Whenever she'd see the little stringy thong peeking out the top of her waistband, or whenever she'd see her barely covered crotch any time she saw the girl sit down and could see up her skirt, it drove Janet wild. If only Ashley was nicer! The girls would call her a "dude" or a "dyke" and there was even a nasty rumor going around that Janet wet the bed at night. That wasn't just a rumor though. Janet really did pee the bed almost every night and she had to wear a diaper. Whenever she didn't wear her diaper she ended up soaking her sheets and would have to flip her mattress over. She didn't always wet the bed, but ever since starting college she would piss all over herself during high stress periods. The wetting became more frequent as the bullying went on. Janet felt the same way about Ashley as her male friends. She was hot, but way too mean. Sometimes when Ashley would start teasing and bullying Janet the tomboy would snap back "shut up, bitch." This would cause an uproar of laughter from her guy friends and lots of high-fiving. Janet didn't like having to stoop so low, but it deflected some of the bullying and kept her from further harassment for the time being. Today, when Janet was seated in her psychology class, the teacher was giving out random pairings for the students' next assignment. Janet had hoped to be paired with one of her male friends so she could breeze through the assignment but also have a little fun. Unfortunately the teacher assigned Janet and Ashley together. Janet wanted to protest, but she was beaten first by Ashley who stood up, immediately objecting. "Please, Professor Arlington!" the petit and feminine girl pleaded, "anybody but her! She smells, and I think she might be a lesbian. What if she tries coming on to me or something?!" "Ashley, shut up." the stern but beautiful professor said bluntly. "These groups were assigned randomly. If you are unable to work as a pair then you can just take an F." Professor Arlington was one of the few people on the school board not afraid of Ashley's family and she was able to stand up to the spoiled brat whenever she made one of her ridiculous demands. Ashley sat down, crossing her legs. She tried to keep her cool as she looked over her shoulder at Janet, seated in back. She narrowed her eyes in a menacing manner. She spoke in a harsh whisper just loud enough for her to hear "If you slack off and make me do all the work on this assignment I will get you kicked out of this school." Janet's heart sank to her stomach. She felt sick. This threat felt real. Ashley's family had connections and they could indeed get a "slacker" student kicked out of the school, especially if she hurt the grades of sweet little Ashley. Her family was one of the school's biggest donors. The two girls decided to meet each other in the library to go over what their assignment should be. Janet had suggested maybe doing a study on nature versus nurture. She brought over one of her favorite books on the subject, setting it down on the table between them. Janet wanted to assure Ashley that she could handle this. "Look, I know we don't like each other, but I need this assignment to go well too." Janet said, opening the book. "If my grades take a dive I wont have anything left in my scholarship to keep me here. I don't have the luxury of endless money..." "Is that what you think? I'm just some airhead that coasted in on her family's wealth?" Ashley said, bouncing her knee angrily as she kept her legs crossed. "No! I didn't mean that! Come on, let's just get started already, please? I don't want to fight about this." Janet's voice trembled. She tried not to look down Ashley's skirt like a pervert. That would just prove Ashley right. The two girls were struggling with an idea for their assignment. Ashley wanted to do some social experiments at the expense of other students while Janet wanted to do something less invasive. The girls just couldn't compromise, and as the sun was going down it looked like they already lost a day. "How about we pick this back up at your place?" Ashley suggested. A twinge of fear jolted through Janet's body. If things ran long Ashley might have to stay the night and then she'd find out about her bedwetting for sure! "Nah, I'm, uh... I'm really tired. I'm just going to go back to my apartment and get some rest. That way I'll be ready to start brainstorming in the future with fresh ideas." Janet was hoping Ashley would just let her go. "Well, how about you stay over my sorority house? I know you'll just love that, hah! I could let you sleep in one of our empty beds." Ashley's offer sounded nice, but Janet figured things would be even worse if she peed in a stranger's bed! "No thanks, I gotta go now!" Janet said, standing up quickly and grabbing her things. She ran out of the library, clutching her books and papers. Ashley was a little weirded out by the girl's abrupt departure, but she tried to let it go for now. That night as Janet got ready for bed, she kept thinking about the possibility of being in the sorority house, surrounded by all those pretty girls. It made her feel all warm and tingly. Janet sighed, trying to get the thoughts out of her head for now. She slipped out of her jeans and panties. She went through her dresser and found her diaper. It was a slip-on diaper at least, not the babyish looking ones with the tabs on the sides. Still, it made her feel like a child, reminding her of when she was ten years old and still soaking her bed at night. She pulled the diaper up around her waist and then slid into bed. She tossed for a bit, unable to just relax as she couldn't stop thinking about her day. She knew one thing that would calm her down at least. She slipped her thumb into her mouth and started sucking. That seemed to help as she was soon drifting off to sleep. As Janet slept, pee was already beginning to dribble out of her slit, soaking into the front of the diaper. The girl didn't go to the bathroom before bed. She was getting more careless now that she was depending on her diaper it seemed. Soon a hot rush of piss was flowing out of her and causing the diaper to swell up in the front. Janet slept soundly, not waking. Her diapers managed to hold in most of her pee. Tonight was a heavy flow night it seemed. Her diapers were not equipped to withstand the stronger onslaught of piss. The diapers overflowed halfway through the night and soon she was soaking her bed. Still, Janet did not wake at all. She actually had the best night's sleep of her life. Little did she know it was due to the comfortable feeling between her legs. When morning broke Janet finally rose from her slumber. She was well rested and feeling pretty good. As she stretched she felt the cold damp spot under her thighs. She was jarred from her bliss as she realized she was sitting in a large pee spot. She yanked the covers away and looked down at the dark stain surrounding her. She had to act quickly and pull off the pissy bedsheets and then flipping the mattress over for the third time. Of course the mattress was well stained all the way through. It would be obvious to anyone that this mattress had been pissed in several times. She couldn't afford another one so she just left the mattress to dry out there as she gathered her sheets to be washed later tonight. She did not have enough time to wash herself so she just yanked off the soggy diaper and dumped it in the trash. She patted herself down with paper towels and put on some fresh clothes, another pair of panties and jeans. She grumbled, feeling embarrassed. She smelled like pee! Because she didn't have any girly perfume she just hoped no one would notice. She darted out of her apartment and made her way to her first class of the day. Ashley was not in a good mood today. There was no project yet. There was barely even an outline! Ashley started to worry she would be taking on all the work herself thanks to her slacker partner running off yesterday! She waited in the library for Janet to show up again. She looked at her phone and wondered if maybe Janet was just avoiding her. She now wished she had gotten the other girl's number so she could be pestering her, and she cursed her own pride for not letting a "loser" know her number. Janet was indeed trying to avoid Ashley. She was in the girl's bathroom, wiping herself with damp paper towels to try and get more of the pee smell off of her skin. There she was, in one of the stalls, with a stack of paper towels she snagged out of the dispenser and gently soaked in the sink. She felt so ashamed of herself. She dried herself with the toilet paper and ended up stuffing the toilet making it clogged. Frustrated and defeated Janet finally left the stall. She didn't even bother to pretend to wash her hands as she shoved by some other girls entering the bathroom. She was so late to meet Ashley now. She could see that pretty girl impatiently waiting in the library, texting on her phone now and then as she looked through a psych book. Ashley turned her eyes towards Janet as she approached her. "Hey, what happened? I been here for like fifteen minutes, doing all this research by myself." Ashley said sharply. "Sorry, just.... there was something I had to deal with in another class." Janet lied. It was believable at least. "Yeah well, you smell kind of funny today." Ashley curled her lip in disgust. "If you were going to be late anyway you could have at least taken a shower." The comment really stung, mostly because it rang true. She really should have just arrived late to her first class instead of rushing out the door, barely dry from her night time accident. Ashley shoved the psych book she was reading in front of Janet, telling her to catch up. Janet was a little spaced out, not paying close attention as she was in her own world, thinking about how she was unable to stop wetting the bed every night! Ashley snapped her fingers in front of Janet's face. "Hey, wake up. We have a lot of work to do now, thanks to you." Ashley said, narrowing her eyes. "Look, you're going to have to come to my place and stay the night. I'm not having you ditch me again. "Look, I really can't-" Janet started before she was cut off "You don't have a choice! I don't have a choice. If I did then you wouldn't be my lab partner in all this. Now read this chapter and then we're going back to my sorority house." Ashley slammed her hand down on the open book for further emphasis. Janet was taken aback. She was never so intimidated by someone so waifish and small before. Janet read the book silently and dreaded the evening she would be spending with Ashley. She barely read a word as her mind kept trying to come up with solutions on how to keep her bedwetting a secret from the snobby princess. As the day drew to a close Ashley stuffed her phone into her purse and hoisted her backpack over her shoulder. She motioned with her hand. "Come on, Janet. We have a long night ahead of us." Ashley even reached out to grab Janet's arm and pull her up from her seat. Janet tucked the book under her other arm and the two girls made their way to the sorority house. Ashley didn't have to go far, with the house being in very close proximity to the school. Naturally royalty like her was able to live in the best campus housing there was. Janet looked around the house. It was so big! There two stories and a basement. It seemed that in the main hall there was some ritual going on that was greeting new pledges to the house. Janet tried to see what was happening, but Ashley pulled her away. "You're not a pledge. That's none of your concern... unless you want to be part of the house?" Ashley looked at Janet. Janet was quickly shaking her head in response. She already got enough of Ashley's bullying. She'd rather be living in her crummy apartment and commute back and forth to campus than put up with whatever kind of torture Ashley saves for new pledges. The two girls made their way into Ashley's room, which was on the second floor and one of the three larger rooms in the back. That's how you knew she was a big deal! Her room was decorated in mostly pinks and other pastels, clearly going for that faux-innocent girl look. The kind of look that suggests virginal purity but with the availability for sex. It was the opposite of Janet's own aesthetics. She hated Ashley's style, but at the same time she was drawn to her. She found herself staring at the girl's butt as she lead her around. Janet took in the sights and sweet perfume scents that filled the room. She sat with Ashley and studied the book some more. Janet started getting sleepy as the night dragged on. She tried to keep herself awake as she saw Ashley getting tired as well. If she could just stay awake all night then she wouldn't have to worry about wetting in her sleep. It was like her childhood sleepovers all over again! When Janet was younger she would avoid going to sleepovers. If she ever had to sleep over a friend's house then very little sleeping would be done. The one time she got too tired to stay awake was when she was 12 years old. All her other friends woke up before she did and were laughing at her for pissing her jammies. It was a devastating experience for her back then. She was a late bloomer and was not maturing as fast as her friends who all got their periods or were already growing breasts while she was still seen as a child. The sleepover incident didn't help matters and she earned the nickname of Baby Janey until she transferred to high school in another town. That was around the time she became more tomboyish and stopped hanging around other girls. She made a vow to never sleep over anyone's house ever again. And yet here she was, sitting wide awake in Ashley's dimly lit room at the dead of night. She brought no extra clothes so she was just in her t-shirt and panties. She was to be sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, which was at her own insistence. Ashley, despite her preconceived notions about Janet's homosexuality, actually did offer the girl a place on her bed so she could have a more comfortable night's sleep. It was a pretty large bed, but still, Janet could not risk it. Time seemed to stand still as Janet sat there in the sleeping bag, trying to keep herself awake. She didn't feel like she needed the toilet, but in the back of her mind she knew that if she fell asleep now she would surely wake up wet. Her eyes were so heavy. "Maybe just one little nap." She thought to herself. "One quick nap and then back to staying up...." Janet knew it was foolish to tempt the fates like that, but she was so very tired. Janet shut her eyes for a second and they darted open ten minutes later. She just experienced a very brief moment of unconsciousness! She looked down at her crotch and could see a faint glistening as the moonlight shone on the little stream leaking out of her panties. She stood up quickly, looking at the crotch of her panties. They dripped wetly, but only a little bit. She was able to clamp off her stream while in her waking state. It was a small victory for her. Sure, there was a small wet spot between her legs and inside the sleeping bag, but at least it wasn't a full-on wetting. Janet wandered outside of Ashley's room and looked for a bathroom. There was a fancy sign made with construction paper and glitter that pointed to the bathroom which was dubbed "W.C." by the girls in the house. Janet understood what that meant and she headed in the direction the sign pointed straight to the door. She heard a flush from behind the door and one of the girls exited. It was a dark skinned girl named Lydia. She was dressed in only a long shirt but no underwear and her black hair was tied tightly at the back of her head. She looked Janet up and down and Janet was quick to cover her crotch even as the house was barely lit. "You that girl Ashley invited over?" Lydia gave a sort of upwards nod as she spoke to Janet. "Yeah, I'm Janet." the shivering and slightly damp girl responded. "All right." Lydia responded sleepily. It seemed like Janet was in the clear as Lydia dragged her feet and went back to her room. Janet made a quick dash into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Janet was taken aback by how spectacular the bathroom looked. There was marble everywhere with fish and mermaids carved into the side of one of the walls. The tub was big and looked like it could fit four people inside. That image immediately popped into Janet's mind. Four beautiful, naked girls all fit into the same tub. She shook it out of her head and reminded herself she was here to use the toilet like a big girl. No bed wetting for her tonight! Janet sat on the toilet and waited. She sighed with relief, feeling the jet of pee burst from her slit and fill the toilet noisily. As she peed into the toilet she looked down at her panties which were a bit stained from her accident. She wondered if she could maybe just throw them out, stuffing them at the bottom of the trash? No, surely someone would find them there. She used some toilet paper and tried to dab the fabric and dry it as much as possible. The wet spot wasn't big, but it was persistent and refused to dry all the way. After she was done she just tugged her panties back up around her waist and left the bathroom. Janet quietly slid back into Ashley's room and got back into the sleeping bag. She could feel the damp spot on her bottom as she sat back inside the bag, but she slept in worse conditions before. Janet felt confident that she would be able to sleep the rest of the night without incident. If only that were possible. Deep in her dream state, Janet again started to piss. She was totally unaware as she did. Janet did not wake up as pee came flowing out her slit as it did when she was on the toilet, only this time she was lying face down inside her sleeping bag. The piss soaked her panties completely, but it also crept up her front and completely wet down her t-shirt. Janet just continued to sleep comfortably despite being drenched by her own pee. Janet wake rudely woke up by a foot nudging her. She looked up and saw Ashley's smiling face peering down at her. "Good morning, baby." Ashley said with uncharacteristic cheerfulness. Janet was confused and she sat up quickly in the sleeping bag. That's when she felt it. The feeling of cold, wet piss coating her chest, stomach, and panties. She pulled away the sleeping bag and saw she totally wet herself in her sleep even after she used the toilet in the middle of the night! Janet shivered in fear, worrying what Ashley was going to do to her now. "That's so gross, Janet." Ashley said, her smile fading. "I invite you over here out of the kindness of my heart, sharing my nice and cozy room with you and you piss all over my hospitality! This is what happens when we give vagrant perverts like you a taste of luxury I guess." Janet was seething. If she wasn't so embarrassed she could snap back at Ashley for her condescending attitude. "Oh, no come back this time? Is the little baby going to cry?" Janet could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as Ashley said that to her. No! She had to fight it. She did her best to hold back the tears and crying, rubbing her face. To Janet's surprise, Ashley grabbed Janet's arm and forced her out of the room. "What the hell are you doing!?" Janet pulled her arm back, but Ashley was shockingly strong for such a tiny girl. Maybe it was just because it was the early morning and she just woke up, or maybe it was because Janet was feeling too vulnerable to fight back. Either way, she was pulled out and dragged to the bathroom. Some of the sisters were peeking out their doors at the commotion. Ashley swung the door open as one of the girls was standing in front of the large mirror, doing her make-up. "Out." barked Ashley at the glasses wearing, freckle-faced girl. "But I was in here first!" the girl responded, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "Did I ask for your life story, twat? I said get your ass out!" Ashley commanded, showing her authority. Janet would be kind of turned on if she wasn't standing in pissy clothes. "I need to clean up this baby!" That's when Janet was presented to the other girl who scrunched up her face in disgust. Janet wanted to just curl into a ball and hide. "Fine. I'll use the downstairs W.C. even though that mirror is smaller." The girl said, gathering her make-up and leaving the bathroom. "Thank you, and again, I didn't ask!" Ashley shouted, slamming the door behind her. "honestly, this is the top floor water closet. It's only for us top floor sisters." she mused out loud. She looked at Janet. "All right, let's get you cleaned up." As Ashley grabbed Janet's shirt, pulling it over her head, she blurted out "wait, stop!" Janet wriggled about as the shirt was yanked away from her arms and she stood topless. "I'll take care of this problem myself! Jesus, Ashley!" "You clearly can't handle this yourself, pissbaby. What kind of grown woman still wets the bed? At least you didn't sleep on my mattress that night so points to you for that I guess." Ashley grabbed Janet's panties and pulled them down swiftly. She yanked them away from her feet. "Now get in the tub. It's time you had a shower for once." Ashley helped Janet into the tub and grabbed the shower head. She pointed it at Janet's naked body. Janet yelped as she felt the cold water hitting her bare flesh at first before it started to warm up. "Come on, lather up and wash your snatch, unless you need me to do that for you too." Ashley said bluntly. Janet was trying to keep her composure, but tears were rolling down her cheeks by now. She took the soap and did as she was told, rubbing it around her bush and getting a soapy lather that was being quickly washed away by the shower head. It was almost sensual the way she was bathing and being bathed, but still with an air of masochistic cruelty. Ashley turned off the water and then pulled a large pink terry cloth towel from the shelf. She held it open for Janet to walk into. Ashley hugged the towel around Janet and rubbed it over her body. The closeness of the intimate moment was short lived as Ashley was soon shoving Janet out the door. Janet caught the eye of Lydia who was standing in the hall. "Hey, what happened?" Lydia asked, looking much more dressed than she did last night. "Oh this dumb baby just pissed all over herself in her sleep. Get one of the new pledges to come up here and put her wet clothes in a wash." Ashley pulled Janet away. Instead of going back to her room she took Janet down the stairs and into the main hall. "What are you going to do?" Janet's voice trembled nervously "Make me go outside naked!? I'm pretty sure not even you could get away with doing that!" "No. You're going to wish I did that. I have something special planned for you, and I think I can tie it into our psych study." Ashley pushed Janet towards an unmarked door. She removed Janet's towel and folded it quickly, tossing it aside. "We sometimes use these on pledges, but I've never known anyone to actually need them as much as you do." Ashley was being vague as she looked around the cluttered room and waved her arm to motion Janet inside. Janet stood there, naked and quivering as Ashley looked through some bins. She found what she was looking for. A package of adult diapers with an adorable pink color and flower pattern on them. She tore the package open and held an unfolded diaper out in front of her. Janet's felt her heart drop into her stomach as she saw the diapers presented to her. "Hold up, you can't be serious..." Janet wore diapers at night for her bedwetting, but these were thick, girly, and not at all discreet! Plus it was the day time. "I'm completely serious, potty pants. Now stand still..." Ashley came at Janet with the diaper. Janet found herself frozen, not moving as she felt Ashley wrap the diaper around her waist. Ashley was actually pretty good at putting the diaper on Janet! She got the tapes just right, doing a better job at diapering the girl than she ever did diapering herself. "You know, we only made pledges wear these, but not really use them. I guess we finally have someone here in our house that will actually use them for once!" Ashley cackled. "I'm not using this thing." Janet said flatly. Ashley stood back, hands on her hips. She gave an exaggerated eye roll. "Whatever you say. We're going to have to find you another outfit. Oh, and- no, I don't have any tops that can match those lame jeans of yours." Ashley talked as she walked ahead of Janet. Janet tried to find where Ashley put the towel so she could cover her bare chest, but Ashley whistled at her and told her to come along. Janet groaned and crossed her arms over herself to hide her breasts. "I could let you borrow one of my ensembles, but I feel like it would be wasted on a fashion dunce like you. No, I think I have a better idea of what you should wear."
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    Hai everyone just starting this new experience im looking for people to talk to (in general, how i feel, what to do) that shares the same feeling of wearing a diaper and also being a caregiver. Would love to talk =3 Thanks =3
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    (this next part gets more intense and graphic, so be warned! Also it's just slightly longer. After this post there will be one more post I make unless the story is commissioned to continue.) Janet spent the rest of her night there in the nursery. She was in no rush to leave. Mostly because she didn't want to be caught dead wandering around campus in a sissy dress and thick diapers, but also because she was growing to enjoy the close attention she was getting from Ashley. Ashley actually came back to the nursery once everyone else had left. She actually had a full meal of burger and fries laid out for her. "Heard from one of your friends this was your favorite." Ashley said, taking out a large kitchen knife and then cutting the hamburger into quarters. "You talked to my friends?" Janet said. She took a french fry, munching on it as she was pretty hungry. That food smelled so good and it was pretty thoughtful of Ashley to get her favorite. "Yeah. Actually I invited Kevin and Robert over to the fundraiser party we're throwing here tomorrow. You can see them again if you want." Ashley flashed a simpering grin. Whatever she was up to Janet wanted nothing to do with it. "No...." she shook her head. "I can't let anyone else see me like this!" Janet patted down her fluffy pink dress. "Okay, fine, but you really should learn to be more social, Janet!" Ashley tied a bib around Janet's neck. She then took one of the burger quarters and fed Janet. Ashley used the bib to wipe the crumbs away from Janet's mouth. She took such tender care of this girl that she was trying to humiliate. Janet was really starting to wonder about Ashley's true feelings. When Janet's plate was clean and she was full, Ashley handed her a baby bottle full of juice. Janet sucked down the juice eagerly, washing down her food with the refreshing drink. Ashley went to the newly installed bookshelf. She picked out a children's book and sat down on the floor with Janet. She sat with her knees pointed upward and Janet could see up her short skirt. Janet tried not to stare at Ashley's crotch, but it seemed to be pointed at her purposefully so she'd have to see it. Her panties were so perfect, just like her. They hugged her tightly, making a neat outline of her folds. Janet turned her gaze away, not wanting to stare. "This story is called The Curious Little Mouse. Once there was a mouse, a very curious little mouse....." Ashley read the children's book to Janet. After reading each page she would show the illustrations to her. That was, admittedly, kind of cute. Janet continued to suck down the baby bottle full of juice until it was empty. She pulled the bottle from her lips and let out a sigh. She puffed up her cheeks, trying to hide her burp, but Ashley noticed anyway. Ashley just smiled sweetly as she finished reading the illustrated children's book. She set the book aside and gave Janet a hug and a pat on the back. "Okay, Janet. Why don't you play while Mommy takes some important notes." Ashley shooed Janet away with a flick of her wrist. She picked up her tablet from her handbag and stuck on the keyboard attachment. She placed the tablet on the changing table and started typing away. Janet looked around for something to occupy herself with. She waddled over to the toybox, hearing those thick pampers crinkle loudly with each step she took. At the toybox she pushed aside a stuffed giraffe, an octopus looking thing with cat ears, and found mostly girly dolls and accessories. She sighed loudly so that Ashley would hear it. She sat her crinkly bottom on the floor, playing with a Barbie doll's hair. "Wish I had something to play with other than these sissy toys." Janet muttered. "Yeah well, under my roof girls are girls. You might fart a lot and stink up the place but I can at least try to teach you to ACT and DRESS more genteel and demure." Ashley kept typing away on her tablet without missing a beat. She removed the keyboard and set everything back in her handbag. "All right, I'm done for the day. Mommy's doing all the hard work here so you should be happy, really. All you have to do is play and roll around in your own filth!" she giggled. Damn did those words sting. "I'll see about one of the auntie's tucking you in for the night once it's bed time." Ashley turned on her heel and took a strut out the door. Janet took a nice, long, hard look at Ashley's sweet ass as she left her alone. She wondered which auntie would come in later. She secretly hoped it would be Lydia. She felt sick for wanting to actually get berated by that hot girl. "Jesus, maybe I am a pervert." Janet mumbled to herself. It seemed like it was Denise's duty to come in tonight. The redhead was dressed down in a loose-fitting night gown. Janet could almost see Denise's naked body underneath the gown as she walked by a hanging lamp. She felt like everyone in this house looked prettier than her. Was she actually jealous? No way. She assured herself that deep down she was still a tomboy and didn't care what anyone thought of her. Still, if someone like Ashley could find her attractive... "Hey." Denise looked at herself in the mirror, adjusting her glasses. "Even this mirror is nicer than the one in the downstairs' W.C! You mind if I come in here and use it sometimes?" "n-not at all, Auntie Denise." Janet shook her head. "Ah, I know I don't really have to ask a baby like you. I'm just trying to be polite." Denise held Janet's hands and helped her stand up off the floor. She undressed Janet with little fanfare. She just got her ready for bed like it was a job that needed to be finished. She got a onesie from the dresser and pulled it over Janet. She secured the snaps shut around the girl's crotch. Once Janet was in her night time baby clothes Denise took her to the crib. She wrapped the blanket over Janet and gave her a little teddy bear to hug. She raised the bars up on the edge of the crib and locked them in place. Denise leaned on the bars, looking at Janet as she lay there, clutching the teddy bear close. "You know," she spoke plainly, "Ashley isn't so bad once you get to know her. And I don't just mean these phony charity events she throws so she has an excuse to party. You see, once she finds herself a friend, she protects them. Fiercely. I really hope you get to be her friend, kid." Denise reached through the bars and pressed her finger on Janet's nose. "Boop." Denise left the room, grabbing the laundry basket on her way out. She used her foot to shut out the light. The room was dimly lit by the night light as there were no windows there. Janet sat silently in the bed, thinking about what Denise said. Could she ever be Ashley's friend? Could they maybe be more than friends? As she thought about this her hands went down over the front of her diaper. She rubbed the diaper front, grinding it against her crotch. While the pillowy pampers felt good on her sensitive privates it wasn't enough. There was little she could feel between the thick diapers and onesie. She knew what she had to do to get more enjoyment out of this. She would have to deliberately wet again. This time she would be doing it purely for her own sexual pleasure. Jeez, had she really sunk this low? Holding her hands in place she waited. She squinted her eyes and pushed. A jet of hot piss flowed out between her legs. The added sensation of hot wet pee on her crotch made her dirty little masturbation session feel even better. She was now rubbing herself harder, arching her back as she felt herself up inside the soggy diapers. Her whole body quaked and shivered at these forbidden feelings. She imagined Ashley and Lydia standing over her and calling her a dirty baby girl. She grit her teeth as she imagined getting a nice hard spanking from Lydia. She then thought about Ashley kissing her right on the lips. That finally did it for her. She paused, her body jerking slightly as an airy noise came out of her wide open mouth. She collapsed on the crinkly mattress of the crib. Thinking about what she did made her feel naughty. She smiled to herself though, satisfied. She pulled her covers back up and hugged the teddy bear. The next morning she was woken up to the syrupy voice of her captor Ashley, holding a pancake stack. "Good moooorning!" she belted out setting the plate down along with another bottle of milk. Ashley spun around and pranced on her tippy-toes towards the crib, looking positively giddy this morning. She took the bars down and helped Janet up. "Did you have a good night's sleep?" Ashley cooed into Janet's ear. She held Janet close, practically squeezing her! She bent down on her knees and without warning hooked her finger through the onesie and touched the inside of Janet's diaper through the leg hole. "Just like I thought. Baby made a pee pee in her sleep! Well how about we get you fed first and then change your diaper, shall we?" Ashley was clearly getting into this. She lavished so much attention on her new baby girl. She sat Janet down on the floor in front of the plastic table. Ashley cut into the pancakes with the fork, making very tiny bites for Janet to eat easily. Ashley even took a bite herself. "Mmm, God." she closed her eyes and savored the taste. "I need to stop starving myself. I should just be like you and stop caring what people think. I mean, your little tummy is kind of cute." Ashley gently poked the slightly round midsection on Janet. Janet squeaked and scrunched up her face as she felt the poke. She couldn't help but let out a little giggle along with Ashley. She took what the girl said as a compliment. Janet picked up the milk bottle and sucked down the milk hard, filling her tummy. "I'm full, Mommy." she blurt out. Ashley perked up and grinned wide. "Okay then, baby!" She stood over Janet and placed her hand on the girl's head. She purposefully thrust her hips forward and kept Janet down so that she'd have to look up her skirt. There was no doubt about it now, Ashley was clearly showing off her panties. Janet took a nice long look, assuming this is just what Ashley wanted her to do. "Now, sweetie..." she began, lowering her voice to a whisper, "Mommy's going to be very busy today with organizing her charity fundraiser party. Before I change your diapy are you sure you're all done using it?" Ashley swished her hips side to side, flaunting her superiority over Janet. "Um, I don't know." Janet mumbled, closing her eyes. "If you don't know then you truly are a baby. Come on, wouldn't it feel good to make a nice big poopy in your diaper for Mommy?" Ashley's breathing got a bit heavier. Did she have some sick fascination with Janet's bodily functions, did she just like humiliating her, or was it both? Either way, the words sent shivers down Janet's spine. She did have to poop. She was going to do it as Ashley watched too. Janet grunted, her face twisting a bit. A firm log was pushed out into the back of her diaper as she sat there on the floor. She could feel it nestling itself snugly between her cheeks. It slowly went up her crack before spreading across her bottom. Janet sighed with relief, having just soiled herself in front of Ashley. It was a little exciting! Ashley seemed excited as well, looking on with a wild-eyed stare. "I have to admit." Ashley sighed as well. "You are really cute like this. Don't you go telling anyone I said that." Ashley let go of Janet's head and let her stand up. Ashley set out the new diaper, wipes, and powder. Janet climbed on top of the changing table and Ashley went to pick out a new girly outfit. This time she brought over a similar looking sissy dress, but this one was a light blue color. "Baby blue. Appropriate for a tomboy, yes?" Ashley said, setting the dress aside. She unsnapped the snaps around Janet's crotch and pulled the onesie off. She tugged it up over Janet's head before dropping it into the empty laundry basket. She then tended to the diaper, tearing the tape off each side and opening it up. She turned away and made an exaggerated gesture. "Hooo-boy! What a dirty girl!" she announced. She applied the baby wipes to Janet's crotch first, sweeping her hand over the area in a delicate motion. With no one there watching her, Ashley let her hand linger on Janet's pussy. Through the baby wipe she teasingly tickled her finger against the girl's folds, letting her finger flick upward to touch the hood around her clit. Such a tease! Ashley took more baby wipes and went about cleaning Janet's bottom now. Even this action was erotic and alluring. Janet was totally in love with these diaper changes now. Was that the point of Ashley's experiment? Did Ashley really decide on Janet's nature vs nurture idea and pervert it into this twisted game? Janet couldn't even be mad. These diaper changes felt awesome. Ashley folded the diaper and taped it shut into a neat little ball. She dropped it down the diaper pail and then retrieved a brand new diaper to put under the girl's butt. She sprinkled baby powder on her hand, adding more this time. She rubbed her hand all around getting between her crack and over her cheeks and then circling around her pussy. She gave her crotch a few pats, letting out a triumphant laugh at a job well done. She folded the diaper up between Janet's legs and taped the sides snug and tight. She helped Janet into the new dress and pat down the skirt and frills. She put her finger under Janet's chin and looked at her face. She gave her a playful kiss on the nose. "Okay, like I said, Mommy has a lot to do today, so it's a good thing we got all of this out of the way, yes?" Ashley stared into Janet's eyes. She moved closer to Janet's face again. Janet's heart started to flutter. Was Ashley planning on kissing her for real? No, Ashley turned away and walked towards the door. "I'm going to have one of your big sister here to play with you and keep you company while I'm off on important business today. You tell me if you have any trouble with anyone, all right?" Ashley left the room abruptly. Janet just sat there on the changing table silently. She had a strong urge to touch herself again this morning, but she used all her willpower to resist. Samantha was her big sister that day. Looking after Janet was easy for Sam since she was a tomboy too and she wasn't much for party planning. Emily would have been too shy and Vera would probably be too bored and treat it like a job. Sam got into it though. She showed Janet that she could have fun playing with the Barbie dolls by making them go on spy missions, exploring the whole nursery and pretending to make the dolls climb up shelves and jump from ledge to ledge. "So, uh, do you like this or something?" Sam asked, "the baby thing I mean. Ashley says you're not a pledge and I haven't really seen you fight it." "Whaaat? No." Janet chuckled nervously and blushed. "I am doing this purely in the name of science." "Well the uh 'aunties' said it was because you wet yourself all over a spare sleeping bag on the floor and now Ashley's making you do this as punishment because she had to get someone to steam clean the stain off the carpet." Sam explained. Janet looked down, clutching the dolly in her hands. "That was... an accident." she mumbled. Her face got redder. "She made such a big deal out of it. I mean, it's not like I did it on purpose!" "I agree that Ash may have gone overboard." Sam said, nodding. "All I was wondering was how much you're liking the punishment." The very question made Janet's heart pound in her chest. Sam could see Janet getting nervous and red, her breathing becoming heavier "Hey, no judgement here! Tell ya what, I'll drop it, but if there's anything you want to tell me I'll be here to listen." Sam said, reassuringly. "That's what big sisters are for, right?" Janet wanted to hug Samantha for that. She just gave a subdued smile. Sure, it was true that she was starting to like her diaper punishment. That's not something she could just admit to though, no matter how obvious it was. Knowing that she had someone else to confide in during this ordeal made her feel much more comfortable though. Just knowing it was on the table was enough. Sam and Janet continued to play with each other for a few hours until it was time for Janet's lunch and nap. Samantha stayed in the room while Kendra came in with a simple salad lunch and crackers. "Sorry it's not fancier, baby" Kendra shrugged, "but if you want to come to the party you know we're going to have some really good food there!" Samantha leaned against the wall. She nodded at Kendra as the girl walked by her. Kendra just ignored Samantha. Sam sighed and slumped her shoulders, walking over to Janet. "I uh- I wouldn't normally put up with these bitchy elitist girls, but you know... they got connections." Sam shrugged. Janet was not naive. She could see that Sam had the same insecurities as her. She knew a fellow outcast when she saw one and knew that Sam just wanted to belong. Janet was as kind as she was perceptive though, so she kept to herself, not wanting to embarrass Sam. After her lunch, Janet was put back in the crib for her nap. A couple hours after waking up the party would no doubt be underway. Part of her really wanted to go, but she didn't want anyone seeing her like this. Right at dusk as the sky was pink and orange music began to play in the main hall. It was noisy and made the walls vibrate. Janet was standing there in the nursery, wearing a slightly damp diaper around her waist. She bounced on the heels of her feet, wanting to dance to the muffled sound of the blaring music. Ashley entered Janet's nursery, bringing the loud music in with her, and grabbed the girl by the arm. "Hey!" she shouted as the music got louder, "You're coming out here to party whether you want to or not!" Janet now had no choice. Ashley pulled the diapered sissy dress wearing girl out to the middle of the house where some people had already been pouring in, holding their red solo cups and wearing special looking hand-made bracelets. Ashley bumped her hip against Janet. Janet stumbled forward a bit and turned to look at Ashley who was dancing sensually, gyrating her hips with her arms in the air. Janet blushed noticeably. "Come on, the real fun is out back!" Ashley shouted some more. There in the back yard was the large swimming pool. A few of the people at the party were already stripping down to their bathing suits, some just in underwear, and jumping into the pool. Janet was extremely nervous being forced to walk around all these people with an obvious diaper on under her infantile clothes, but soon she found herself calm and relaxed. No one was staring at her. No one seemed concerned with the baby being brought out like a prop. Maybe they thought it was just some silly costume? Janet didn't question it. She bounced a little to the music, getting into the groove of the party. She spied the snack table and waddled over to it, picking up delicious treats and practically stuffing her face. "Janet?" a boy's voice called behind her. Janet spun around and saw Roger. The boy was dressed in his usual casual jeans and hoodie. "Is that costume supposed to, like, be for the fundraiser or somethin'?" He reached out and pulled on the hem of the skirt. Janet instinctively jerked backward. Roger looked confused and Kevin stepped up behind him. "It's just that this is so not you. These people here aren't you. They're all snobs and rich kids." "Yeah well, why did you guys come then?" Janet said back, biting into an appetizer. "We only came here because Ashley said you would be here!" Kevin chimed in. "We haven't seen you in a while. Is that Ashley bitch blackmailing you? What does she have on you?" "Ashley isn't a bitch!" Janet snapped. She looked surprised even as the words came out of her mouth. She had used those exact kind of words against Ashley before and now she was defending her! "Okay." Kevin responded. "These are your new friends now I guess." Janet crossed her arms and struck a sassy pose, tilting her hip to the side. "So what if they are?" Janet seemed to be someone different, but she showed the boys she hadn't changed too much. "If you can't share my friendship with someone else that isn't you guys then you're not being very good friends." Kevin and Roger looked at each other. They were stubborn boys. They really did not want to share Janet, but they were still conflicted because they did care about their friend. Lydia soon strolled up between the boys and girl. "Aw, are you three having a little fight? Is the band breaking up?" Lydia sneered and smiled. "No, actually." Roger said. "We were just concerned about our friend." "You know she wets the bed and shits her pants, right?" Lydia blurted out abruptly. The two boys laughed, not out of cruelty, but they just didn't believe it. "It's true. All the rumors you heard. That's why she's wearing a diaper right now." Lydia flicked up the skirt, flashing Janet's diaper. Janet blushed furiously and tugged the front of the skirt down. A small crowd was starting to form as all attention was on Janet now. Kevin and Roger were speechless. They weren't sure if even they could defend Janet. Lydia added another nasty detail. "And you know what? I think she likes it. You should have seen her moaning and groaning during her diaper changes. A nasty shitty-assed slut." People murmured and laughed. Lydia made some mocking moans of pleasure, bending her knees and pretending to touch herself. "Oh shut up, Lydia!" Janet snapped, "I did not do that you liar! She's lying!" The crowd's laughter only intensified after this. Janet was panicking. She felt her diaper getting warmer and wetter. Just then someone rushed behind her and gave her a push. Janet stumbled, walking backwards until she fell into the pool. "Eww, she's gonna pee in the pool, everyone out!" someone shouted. There were screams and more laughter as people rushed to get out of the pool. Janet flailed her arms. She was never a good swimmer, but the ever expanding diaper was absorbing the water making it difficult to even float properly. "HEY!" Ashley's voice cut through the crowd of jeering onlookers. She rushed out towards the pool area and then ran, diving into the pool. She hooked her arm around Janet and pulled the girl out. She helped Janet get out of the pool as the laughing crowd's volume seemed to lower a bit. "That wasn't funny you buttlickers!" she shouted. "Not cool!" Janet looked at Ashley as she escorted her back into the house. Ashley saved her. Now she was pushing her way past crowds of people, slapping them out of the way with her wet hands. Janet's sodden diaper felt like it was going to fall off. She had to grab at it with one hand to keep it from dropping on the floor. Ashley got them into the nursery and shut the door behind her. She saw a boy and a girl making out on the crib. "Oh my god, get the hell out!" Ashley ordered them. Ashley was a commanding presence and Janet always marveled at how she always got people to do what she wanted. The couple did leave, scurrying out the door and leaving Ashley and Janet alone for once. She took a chair and hooked it under the knob to keep anyone else from intruding. Ashley leaned on the door and sighed. She looked sad. Janet had never seen Ashley look this way before. She also found herself staring at the girl's exposed nipples through the wet top she had on. "I'm sorry." Ashley croaked out sheepishly. She wiped her wet hair away from her face. It was flat against her head. "I thought I'd get a few laughs out of this, but it wasn't funny at all. And Lydia, she's ruthless and that's why she's one of the top people here at the sorority, but I never thought she'd be this mean." Ashley sniffed. She looked over at Janet. Janet's diaper slid off and landed on the floor with a wet squish. Ashley giggled a bit, "sorry, sorry... Let's get you dried off and changed, okay?" Ashley walked up to Janet. She pulled the girl's dress off and undid her bra. She dropped the soggy clothes into the laundry basket. Ashley looked down at her own clothes and then staring into Janet's eyes. "I guess I better get out of these wet clothes too." Ashley pulled her top off first, her breasts hanging freely as she wasn't in a bra today. She then pulled off her skirt and panties and set them in the basket as well. The two naked girls stood in front of each other silently. Ashley took a step back, letting Janet now get a full view of her. Janet let her eyes scan over every curve and crevice. Ashley was so smooth down there. She probably waxed, but knowing how vain the girl was Ashley most likely had her hairs lasered off. Ashley's bosom heaved as she took a deep breath and then sighed. She put her hand up and placed it on Janet's chest. "Look... before we begin.." Ashley looked down, stepping closer. "Don't tell anyone I'm gay, okay? I know, to you it's probably not a big deal, but it's not something I want my parents to discover. I'd get cut off for sure." she sounded nervous. Janet was more in love with Ashley than ever. She could have used this information to return to her former life and get out of this humiliating diaper punishment, but she didn't. She could never betray her "mommy" like that. Janet leaned in and planted a big kiss on Ashley's lips. Ashley kissed back, just as passionately. She wrapped her arms behind Janet's shoulder and hopped up, crossing her legs behind Janet's back. Janet was jealous of how light as a feather Ashley was, but it did make it easier to take her back to the crib bed. The girls fall backward on the crib and Ashley landed on top of Janet. She looked down at the girl. Ashley rolled off of Janet and lied on her back. She grabbed one of her breasts, pointing it at Janet. "Nurse on Mommy, little one." Ashley said her face burning with blush. It was now clear that Ashley was really turned on by her own mommy role and it wasn't just about the power. Janet put her lips to Ashley's exposed nipple. She tugged it hard into her mouth, treating it like it was one of her bottles. Ashley squealed a bit. "Not so rough, baby. Gently!" Ashley pet Janet's hair, stroking it slowly as Janet nursed. Janet gave slow suckling motions and flicked the nipple with her tongue inside her mouth. Ashley shuddered and moaned. It was exciting to hear the girl finally giving in. She slipped her hand between her legs and pleasured herself while she got her nipples sucked. She fingered herself rapidly, pulling her hand back and dragging it upward. Ashley pulled Janet away. She sat up. "Lie back, babygirl..." she whispered. Janet did as she was told, getting on her back. Ashley parted Janet's legs and looked down at the girl's hairier crotch. She lowered her face between Janet's legs and started licking. At first she just teased around the outside, rolling her tongue over the mound. Her tongue then pushed in, parting the girl's lips as she licked deeper. Janet tensed up and let out a high pitched moan. Her mouth opened wide and she had her hips jut forward. She balled up her hands into tight fists. No one had done this to her before. It clearly wasn't Ashley's first time though. She expertly used her tongue to eat out Janet's pussy. Ashley pressed her tongue flat against Janet's clitoral hood. As she dragged her tongue upward the skin pulled back and the clit was making contact with Ashley's mouth. Janet squealed out in ecstasy. "Mommy!" she cried, climaxing. She felt a little awkward having that said, but she knew Ashley wanted it. She had to admit it felt good to say. Ashley lifted herself up off of Janet, wiping her mouth. "You like that, babygirl?" Ashley said, looking down victorious over her defeated subordinate. There was love in her eyes as well though. She adored Janet and it was now obvious. Ashley continued to touch Janet's body, trailing her fingers around her curves. Janet was calm and felt safe with Ashley, her guard completely let down. She let herself remain vulnerable as Ashley touched and massaged the girl's body. Ashley stood up. "Are you ready for your new diaper?" Janet nodded, getting up off the crinkling mattress and following Ashley to the changing table. Janet climbed up on the table and got on her back. She sucked her thumb, kicking her legs limply in the air and looking at Ashley with a coy smile. "There's my precious baby girl." Ashley smiled. She took out a thick diaper and slipped it under Janet's bottom. She again used rather copious amounts of baby powder, thickly coating the girl's butt and crotch as she rubbed it into her skin. Ashley taped the front of the diaper up over Janet's crotch and then placed her hand on the padded front. She rubbed deeply against the diaper front, pressing her hand down firmly as she stroked the girl through the padding. Janet whimpered a bit, enjoying the extra attention she was getting. "Do you like your diapers?" Ashley asked candidly. The naked girl leaned forward and looked into Janet's eyes. Janet nodded silently. "heh, I figured. Do you ever play with yourself while in your diapers?" she just asked point-blank. Janet felt butterflies in her tummy. She did play with herself last time. Normally she'd keep something like that to herself, but she had nothing to hide from her mommy now. "Yes ma'am." She admitted and gave a slow nod. Ashley chuckled and kept on rubbing the girl's padded crotch. Ashley let go of Janet and made her stand up. She gave her a quick look, admiring her there in just the padding around her waist. "You look... really cute." Janet smiled wide and looked down, getting bashful. She grabbed her diaper, rubbing it. "Yeah, that's adorable." Ashley blushed. "I want to just keep you like this. You're my adorable little baby girl." Ashley sat down on a chair and just watched Janet. "Well go on, play." Janet looked around the room she waddled over to her toys like a big baby and bent over, her butt sticking out. Ashley admired that cute, round, covered bottom. Janet stood up suddenly, holding her hands on her backside. "Mommy..." she said softly, looking over her shoulder. "I need to use the potty." "Uh oh, baby, you have to go potty?" Ashley giggled. "Are you sure you're ready to use the potty like a big girl?" Janet pretended like she was giving it thought. She shook her head. Ashley beckoned her over with a crooked finger. "Come to Mommy." Janet waddled back over to Ashley, hands still on her bottom, really playing up her baby role. Ashley pat her bare thigh, wanting Janet to sit down in her lap. Janet did so. "Just relax and use your diaper, sweetie. I'll let you use the potty when you're ready, but I'm not holding my breath here!" she giggles. Ashley wanted to feel it the moment it came out. Janet let out a grunt and forced out a big mess into the back of the diaper. Ashley felt tingles going up her spine as she could feel the warm lumpy mess through the diaper getting spread around as the diapers touched her thigh. Janet sucked her thumb happily as she messed herself. Even her poopy accidents were starting to be fun! Ashley lifted Janet up slightly and cupped her hand under Janet's bottom. "Oh my, did you make that for Mommy?" Ashley's voice raised in pitch. She started to pat the heavy lump with her hand. Janet just nodded. "Now, baby, I want you to be honest with me now. Do you want Mommy to change your diapers right now or would you like to stay in your mess while you play?" The question was so embarrassing! Janet couldn't deny she wanted to keep playing with the mess touching her bottom. Still, she rationalized that Ashley was just as filthy as her if she liked her this way too. Maybe it wasn't as humiliating for her, but Janet did feel like less of a gross pervert. "I want to play, Mommy." Janet responded shyly, her cheeks flushed. "All right, princess. You go play and then come right back to Mommy when you're ready for your change." Ashley sat back and watched as Janet waddled away from her. She grinned to herself, just staring at the dull discolored lump in the back of Janet's diaper. She could have forced her will onto anyone, but she was glad it was Janet. That diaper butt was a trustworthy and kind-hearted friend and Ashley felt lucky to know her.
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    WARNING: While I don't have any sexual content. This story is very very graphic. I am VERY descriptive. Anyway I am back, this time with another name that starts with the letter J. Enjoy. Chapter 1 College... Never thought that I would see the day that I would be heading off to college. I thought as I lay in my bed, starring up at the ceiling fan. Tomorrow would be the first official day of summer and the first day of not having to go to high school anymore. I’m never going to miss that horrid place. I hope college will be better than high school. Knock knock “So, how does it feel Jamie?” “Being done with high school, great” “I can’t believe my baby boy is all grown up now. I’m proud of you James” my mom said as she shed a tear and hugged me. “Thanks mom” I said as I wrapped my arms around her. “I’m sure you’re tired from such a long day. I will let you get your rest” she said as got up and went to the door. “Goodnight, and sweet dreams” “Goodnight mom” I turned on my CD player and let the relaxing ambiance drift me to sleep. “James?” I cracked my eyes open and felt very cold. “Why is it so cold? … and wet?” It felt as though I had been swimming. Then it clicked. Not again... “You seemed to have had another accident?” Damnit. That makes this the third time this week. I just sighed. “Look, Jamie, I’m not upset. It’s not your fault. But, this is getting frequent” “Yeah, I know. I just don’t know why” “The doctor said it is just something you will grow out of” “I’m 18, I would have thought I’d have grown out of it by now. Also, why is it getting more frequent? It only used to happen once every one or two months” “Somethings just take time. It is probably just a phase like when you were ten. However, you are going to wreck the mattress at this rate” I know where she is going with this. “Maybe you should consider wearing some protection again. Just until this dies down” I sighed as I knew where she was going to go from here again. “Let me guess, Goodnites again” “Cheer up, you didn’t seem to mind it when you were younger” She was right. I didn’t mind wearing them at all. They were soft and comfortable. They also allowed me to not wake up in a smelly frozen lake. But, it was something that prevented me from sleepovers and made traveling more complex. “I guess you’re right. I mean it is only at night. But, I’m pretty sure I won’t fit into Goodnites” “You probably won’t. But I will take care of that. Now you go off and shower while I take care of things here” The cold damp underwear clung to my skin as I jumped up to have a nice warm shower. As the water washed away last night I began to think. Diapers... it has been eight years. Why did I have to start wetting again. However, somewhere deep down, I didn’t mind them. They made me feel young again and I wasn’t sure if I was quite ready to grow up yet. I shut off the water and got dressed. “I’m going to the store” my mom called out bringing me out of my thought. “Okay” I called back. Life is to short to get caught up thinking about these things. I will just roll with whatever comes of it. That was just how I was. I tended to just roll with whatever life gave me. Can’t really get caught up thinking about things that you have no control over. I threw on some clothes and played video games. Hours seemed to fly by as I enjoyed the first day of summer. I heard the door open. “Jamie, I am home” I heard my mom call out. I quit my game and went to help her with the bags. “Hi mom” “Thanks for the help” she smiled as she handed me some bags. “What all did you get?” I asked as I closed the door. “Some groceries, supplies, and these” She pulled out a large light purple package. Molicare Super Plus, so is that what they call big Goodnites? “So, are those my new Goodnites” I sighed. I still was not really looking forward to needing them but, as long as it was just between my mom and me, I think I could manage. “Sort of. They are a bit different to take on and off” “How so?” “Well, I might have to help you a bit with putting them on or at least show you how to do it. Also, you can’t really slip them on and off” She mumbled. “So how do I take them off and put them on?” “They are more like diapers than Goodnites, they have tapes. Which means that you can’t really take them off without needing a new one. I would prefer that we didn’t have to waste three or four diapers a night. So, once they go on, they don’t come off until morning” “What if I wake up and have to go in the middle of the night?” “Either try and hold it” “That probably will not work” “Or you can just go. They are meant for it. You wouldn’t even have to get out of your warm bed” That would be nice. I remember doing that with the Goodnites on a few chilly nights. I was just to comfortable. That also led to them leaking on a few occasions. “Wouldn’t that cause them to leak?” “No, these are better than your old Goodnites” A rumble from my stomach also reminded me of something that I rarely have to do at night, but on occasion. “What if I have to do more than pee?” “Oh, other than trying to wait until morning. In that case you can come and wake me” “Ya, wouldn’t want to lose another set of sheets like that time I had food poisoning” I replied, remembering when I nine I had food poisoning. I went to bed in my Goodnite like normal, but I was feeling rather ill. The next morning I woke up to a disgusting grime. I still remember clearly how awful it smelled and how the Goodnite leaked everywhere. “Unlike Goodnites these are able to handle such events. Not that I expect any to happen. But, your sheets are ‘protected’ either way” she giggled. “Okay” That was a terrible pun. But, at least I will never have to repeat having to fill my pants. Though she oddly said it would be alright? I guess it is comforting to know that they are better than Goodnites in some aspects. I was still a little annoyed a the fact that I would not be able to take them off. But, I could live with it. “Anyway, what’s for dinner?” I asked sort of wanting to change the subject. “Pasta” “Cool, I will take these upstairs to my room and play about on my computer” I said as I grabbed to purple package. “Alright sweety”
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    38.) "Oh sweetpea." Nora wasn't disappointed, it wasn't that kind of tone. No, her tone was more like one of expectation, like she knew this was only an inevitability. Ister was behind her, standing in the doorway and watching as the would-be-Mom approached the crib and leaned down to pluck the soaked girl out of the wet sheets. "I suppose I should have expected this, a girl your age and all. Not to worry." "I'm… I'm twenty… one…” Fuck was I exhausted. What little energy Id managed to hide away from myself was used up in trying not to piss my pants. Involuntary reactions, and all. And here I was, unable to move, soaked through. I hated myself for this… "Please…" I couldn't even keep my head upright anymore. I put my cheek on the woman's shoulder. "Age is just a number, sweetpea, and any number can change to another, sometimes without you even realizing." The woman was not large, but she was strong enough to carry the wet girl over to the changing table and to lay her on her back, the wetness pushing against her skin and reminding her of what she'd done. "Accidents happen, my little princess." Her hand took Luzy's wrist and pushed the girl’s thumb between her lips. "Especially to little girls." I sucked on my thumb and wiggled uncomfortably on the table. I craned my neck to see Ister, a smile on her face, and I felt my cheeks go red. This wasn't fair. This wasn't right! I didn't… she did it… she… "P-please… I… d-didn't do anything…" How could I get Ister in trouble…? Oh! "H-her diaper leaked… on me… ch-check. She's wet...!" Perhaps Luzy didn't realize how much a child her bickering made her sound. It made Nora smile, though, and she looked at her other faux-daughter and then back at Luzy. "Oh sweetpea, Momma would never put you girls in sub-par diapers that might leak. It's okay now, it's only a natural response your body is having to you becoming a child again. It's surrendering control. This can happen to girls in your situation." "I don't have a situation!!" The yelling brought stars to my eyes and I had to close them to keep calm. I sucked on my thumb as the woman tugged down my jeans. I wiggled, trying to get off the table, but I could still barely move. It wasn't fair… it wasn't… "You're simply adapting to being a child, Luzy sweetie. It's quite alright, we'll get you properly cleaned up and dressed and you'll be able to be confident in no more leaky messes on the bed." Ister stood next to Luzy now, stroking her cheek gently and speaking in a soft, singsong voice. "Pretty baby Luzy, wet wet wet, she's gonna be our sister, yes yes yes..." "I'm not…” I couldn't even do this. I couldn't think clearly. I couldn't move at all. And everything they kept saying kept pushing me. It made me think "maybe I do" or "would it be so bad?" But I was over it! I moved past it… I did… Wet wipes ran across Luzy’s skin, dutifully wiping away the pee from her legs, from between her legs, Nora was so fastidious in her task, and Ister continued to sing, changing the words each time, drilling potential into Luzy’s mind by way of her ears. Luzy was on a changing table, being sung to, having just wet herself, and now she was going to be put in a diaper. And she knew it, too, or at least part of her knew. "Please, Nora… please stop… y-you can't… d-… do… this…." I had to plan sentences better. I had a limited amount of oxygen. But I had even less thinking power. She had lifted my legs like a child, decorated my bottom in powder, and pulled the diaper up between my legs. It might have meant more if it was the first time it had happened in this house, but I didn't hate it any less. The diaper was taped into place, the woman rubbed between it, and smiled — she had a crib to change, and she knew Luzy wouldn't be getting up and going anywhere. Unfortunately, when she turned around, when she left the room to dispose of the sheets, Ister ran her fingertips up the girl’s thigh. And then, she pressed against the diaper, gleefully, giggling. "You're so much better this way, Loozy…” I trembled against her touch, looking up into Ister’s eyes with cheeks like tomatoes. She didn't care. She just smiled down at me, playing with the plastic between my legs. I shuddered, twitching, turning, trying to get out of her reach. She held me down with her other hand, though. "C-cut it out…" "Shushes… suck your thumb, pretty baby, best baby, little baby Loozy, uhhuh… wet little baby, pretty little baby…" It might have seemed unreal, surreal, just how much power the girl seemed to have over Luzy, but then again Luzy did barely know her — conversely, Ister knew Luzy about as well as any human being could conceivably know another person. And maybe that wasn't fair, but it was certainly useful. "Dun' fight…" I trembled, shaking in her arms, wiggling against the table. Her fingers played with the diaper in a way no one should know how to do. Something that padded isn't something that could ever be sexual. But still, somehow… I let out a hard breath, wincing in embarrassment, as the first moan escaped my mouth. My cheeks lit up. "P-please…" I kept sucking my thumb. "N-no more..." "You do wan' more though, Loozy…" Ister hadn't done anything vaguely even a little sexual, not since she left that place, not since coming here. But this felt different, this felt like it was okay. It was helpful. And in the end, Ister wanted so deeply to be helpful. "It feels nice to be a baby… it feels true and right… admit it…" And oh did Ister have ways of making sure Luzy did admit it, ways she would now hesitate to employ if need-be. "Y-you're c-" Another yelp, another moan, and I shook my head, over and over. Then, suddenly, it all stopped. When I opened my eyes to find out why, Nora was back. She was putting new sheets on the bed. I trembled on the table, scanning the room for Ister… "N-Nora, Ister is… is…" What? Pleasuring me? Fuck… I couldn't help but blush. "Momma," Ister pre-empted, the moment that Luzy realized how little she could do, "Loozy was playing wif' the tapes on her deedee, so I think she should wear mittens jus' so she doesn't fidget tonight." Nora looked over, thoughtfully, and then returned to tucking in the new sheets. "I think that's a very good idea, Ister. Very good thinking, you make Mommy so proud." "N-no, she…! I didn't!! She did!" She came over to the table and looked at the diaper, a little look on her face. She turned to Ister, then to me. "You shouldn't tamper with these," she said, and fetched some mittens out of the cabinet. I shook my head, tears in my eyes, as she pulled my hands into each one. "I DIDN'T!" But the yelling just brought more stars to me. I wanted to tell her it was Ister, but I needed a minute to breathe again. "Here, Momma." Ister offered, helpfully, pushing a pacifier between Luzy’s lips with a look of hopeful approval directed at Nora. The older woman smiled and nodded her head. "You're so thoughtful, Ister, even though your sister is having some troubles. You must care about her very very much." "Jus' wan' Baby Loozy to be happy, Mommy, that's all." I kicked my foot, the first thing I'd really been able to do since I'd been put on this table, but it didn't matter. The mittens were locked in place and the pacifier started to calm me. I kicked once more, but then settled into the table. My eyes glossed over and I closed them, trying to concentrate. I couldn't let this happen... With the diaper in place, and the mittens secured, and the pacifier being sucked on, Nora picked Luzy up and whispered into her ear as she held her. "You're just a pretty little baby, a six year old girl named Luzy. You can feel it, in your tummy, feel that the diaper makes it true, your paci makes it true. You're not angry, you're just confused, confused how right this feels to you." Gently, she laid the girl down in the crib. Ister climbed in next to me, the little bars being pulled up. The sheets were dry now. I wasn't sure how that had happened. Maybe there was a protective cover on the bed. It would make sense. But all in all, Nora's words still rung in my ear. I was just confused. I hated how right she was… "We're the same, Loozy." Those were all Ister said as she cuddling down into the covers, and her cheeks felt warm at the goodnight kiss from Nora. Luzy had received the same treatment, and even after Nora left, the girl made soft little noises behind her paci as she'd wriggle, squeeze the mass of diaper she was taped into with her legs, and then shiver a little.
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    Author's Note: Hey everyone, at it again, we'll see how far this story goes. Anyways, for anyone who knows of it, or me, you'll know that Mcraft and I are currently converting a roleplay into the story Gilded Crib. Well, Mcraft doesn't know it yet, and may choose to join me, but I have mentioned in the past a desire to do the same to our first roleplay. And since the characters from it are likely to show up in that story, I figured maybe people would want the original plotline for those characters. Anyways, regardless, you do not have to be reading Gilded Crib to understand this, nor the other way around, really. This is just for fun, and perhaps Mcraft will choose to co-write this as well, I'll ask when I see them next. As always, credit to PrincessPottyPants for creating the wonderful world we love to roleplay in. I hope you all enjoy the story. Prologue Jessie Matthews stood eagerly at the border. Which really wasn’t an appropriate term given the large gates behind which movie worthy vortexes of swirling light pulsed and sparked on occasion when people walked through them. The station he stood in was much larger and grander than anyone would think it ought to be, but then again, it was scaled to also accommodate larger people as well. Little. The term flashed through his head and he scoffed. It was an odd term, that he’d only recently become familiar with. It sounded rather odd, given that everyone was roughly the same size here. Sure, he might be a touch shorter than most of his peers, but he certainly didn’t think it made him little. Despite that, the place he was going, was home to people of a much more giant scale, society seeming to be separated into three basic classes divided depending on average height. In the past year since portal hopping had been invented, and this new realm discovered, it had been an exotic and thrilling tourist destination, to which the inhabitants were all too happy to cater to. He watched one man, easily several heads taller than any of his homeland peers. An inbetweener, or mid, as he would be called in his home world. There were plenty of them around, joining up with tourists to be guides in the new world. It was strictly advised to have a guide, when travelling, because of the apparent dangers the realm held for people of his size, but Jessie didn’t think he’d have a problem and had neglected to pay to find and hire on. It did little to hurt his confidence as he stepped up to the portal. His bags would be delivered to his hotel for him, and of course, there was no guide to meet him. The woman manning the portal gate appeared far less pleased about this, her lips pursing. She simply shrugged after a moment, telling him it was his life to gamble with, and motioned him through. “Stay away from the Amazons, if you know what’s good for you,” she muttered. Jessie cocked his head, his floppy blond hair falling in his eyes. He brushed it back, confused. He knew little about the Amazons, or bigs, true giants in the realm. Sure it might be a tad intimidating, but surely they held no true danger to a tourist? Shrugging it off, he took a deep breath, heart fluttering in his chest. Then, the nineteen year old college student with the intent to spend his vacation time independently, stepped through the portal and into the station on the other side.
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    WARNING: this story contains graphic sexual content and should only be read by the adult babies that can handle the mature themes. note: this was a commissioned story. In it I was asked to play myself. I do some things in this story that I would not normally do IRL, but that I do not mind doing in a fantasy text. If you are interested in commissioned stories feel free to message me about it privately. ~~~ Rose and her roommate "Samantha" for Duke ~ Steve walked up the stairs towards the apartment, his wheeled luggage thumping against each step on the way up. Finding a place to live in the city was difficult, but he thankfully knew an old friend in the area. Anne-Marie Rose was a little older than him and he looked up to her since he was about 19. To him the woman was beautiful and a great example of womanhood, everything he secretly wished to emulate. He did not identify as a woman, rather he had a strong desire to dress as a woman and feel the silky smooth clothing on his skin and the freeing sensation of having a skirt flapping off of his hips. He never really told this to Anne. Of all the people he would want to live with though she was perfect. Her taste in clothing was great, but there was also a kind of naughty thrill he got just thinking about wearing something that Anne had on her skin. Anne herself had to admit that Steve was a handsome boy with his strong build and wavy dark blonde hair. He was about 5 foot 9 inches and Anne was about an inch taller than him, even taller in her heeled boots. Steve stood at the door, his fist hovering over it, afraid to knock. He looked away for a moment and that's when the door opened. There she stood, just as beautiful as she was nine years ago. Anne could tell he was speechless so she helped out by pulling his arm and bringing him into the apartment foyer. "Look at you, sweetie, all grown up." She said, still looking down on him as if he was still a child after all these years. She ran her fingers through the boy's hair, admiring it. "Why don't I show you to your new room?" Steve nodded, wheeling his heavy luggage towards the spare bedroom. There was a bed and dresser already set up. She mattress was very soft and the sheets were fluffy and pink with a flower print. Rose chuckled a bit "Sorry, I had a girl living here originally. I hope you don't mind the bed." "No, the bed is fine. All I need is something to sleep on." Steve said, secretly happy to have the girly bed to crawl into every night. Anne gave him a pat on the back and left the boy alone so he could unpack his things and get settled in. Right away he sat down on the bed, feeling just how plush and soft it was under his butt. Sighing with relief he flopped backward on the bed and just took in how comfortable it was. He was finally at a place that felt like "home." He would leave his luggage be for now and unpack later, just enjoying the bed for the time being. ~ Steve walked into the foyer. The entrance to the apartment opened up to a kitchen and living room area separated by a small partition where the oven was. He could smell Anne's cooking. "Oh, you're awake, dear. I heard you snoring and assumed you must have been all tuckered out from your move so I did not wake you. Would you like some dinner?" Rose took the large pot from the stove and poured the contents into the colander. The spaghetti was cooked in a special broth to give the strands unique flavor. "I'm going to be leaving for work soon, so I am glad that we will get to have dinner together and catch up first." She put the spaghetti on two plates and added the sauce and hand-made meatballs. She sat down across the dining room table, and began asking simple things like what he had been up to lately. Steven blushed and smiled, talking to the old friend about his life and leaving out most of the embarrassing details. Anne responded by recounting her own adventures. Dinner seemed to breeze by all too quickly and soon Anne was picking up the plates. Steven offered to help but Anne insisted on doing the dishes herself. After all these years she was still making him feel small! She scrubbed the plates and the pot, setting them on the rack to dry. She then turned to Steven and gave him a pat on the cheek before she grabbed her keys. She left out the front door. "I will be back early in the morning. Just make yourself at home, sweetie." Steve was finally alone in the apartment. Looking about and taking it all in finally he noticed that Ms Rose had quite a bit of old furniture and electronics. It was like being at an old mother's house, or even grandmother. Her television was a classic CRT with no digital converter, so it wasn't used for watching any shows. Steve had just one thought on his mind at the moment though. It wasn't any of the things in Anne's living room that had his interest, it was what was in her bedroom. Did he dare invade the woman's privacy and go snooping through her closet and dresser? Steve swallowed and took an adventurous step into the woman's room. The door wasn't locked! He took a step in, looking around. Her room was decorated in feminine designs like his bedroom was, but with a clearly older and more mature aesthetic. Steve walked to the dresser, opening the top drawer. He saw all the different kinds of lacy and see-through panties. Some were colored, most were a brilliant white. He grabbed one of the perfect white panties to his face and inhaled. How perfect they were, smelling so pure and clean. Steve was a bit jealous. His own underwear could never look that good. He grabbed a small handful and then saw one of Anne's toys. He got excited, thinking Anne must play with herself using this bright neon pink dildo. When he picked it up though he saw it was attached to a harness and strap. Realizing what it was he blushed and set it back down into the dresser and shut the drawer. Steve turned to the closet next. There he saw the side selection of dresses, blouses, skirts, and all the things a cross-dressing boy like him could want. He swallowed and snatched some pretty looking blue dresses and then made his way back to his room, his dick already fat and straining in his underwear at the prospect of wearing Anne-Marie's beautiful clothing and panties. Steve stripped out of her clothes. His boyish briefs were stained with yellow spots in the front and brown streaks in the back. His jeans were dingy, as boys's jeans often get after a while. He gets completely naked and leaves his clothes in a pile in the corner of the room. He pulled up a pair of lacy underwear first. His big erection stretched the front of the panties. He was already wetting them down with pre. He pulled a dark blue dress next. He looked at himself in the full-length closet mirror. He spun around, watching the skirt flit up in a twirl and show off the panties. He became overly excited, some sweat on his brow. He stood there, hand up his skirt, groping his crotch. He started to gently touch himself through the panties, looking in the mirror. He sat to sit back on the bed and really enjoy this moment. Feeling Anne's clothing on him, the silky smooth fabric just kissing his skin, just knowing it was once touching her skin, it was enough to send waves of pleasure through his whole body. He arched his back as he stroked his hard cock. He was starting to get caught up in the moment and he was unable to stop. He just came into the clean white panties, seeping right through them with the sticky hot cum. Falling back onto the bed to catch his breath he felt the slippery, sticky excess of his over stimulated cock getting all over the crotch of the once perfect cloth. His face reddened as he felt a twinge of guilt for his naughty behavior. Ms Rose offered him a place to stay and he just went and ruined one of her panties. The seat of the panties probably were not in very good shape either. He peeled off the panties and set them aside, thinking he might want to just clean them discreetly. He unzipped the back of the dress and took it off, walking naked across the apartment to put it back into the woman's closet. Maybe she'll never find out? The boy was too tired to take a shower so he just quickly splashed some soap and water on his privates. He stood in front of the toilet and peed carelessly, not really thinking straight at the moment. He was still a bit high from the exciting dress-up he had earlier. His stream sprinkled around the seat and on the floor as he finished up. He shook off and flushed the toilet, but he still left those stray dribbles around the toilet. All he was thinking about was taking a nap. He fell face-first into the cushy bed, laying there buck naked. Anne did return in the early morning like she said she would, at four AM to be precise. Steve woke up to the sound of the front door shutting and two clacking high heeled boots on the hardwood floor. He stood up, looking for his underwear. He saw that Anne's panties were still on the floor. When he heard his door open he quickly kicked the panties into the closet. Anne stopped in the doorway, seeing that Steve was naked. He quickly pulled a blanket over his crotch to cover himself. "Steve it's all right. I'm probably going to see you naked a few times and you might even see me walking around in a robe now and then as well. We might as well get used to it." Anne was quite good at diffusing the awkwardness. "Sorry I just... I thought maybe you would knock." Steve blushed still. "You're right. You're an adult now, not some little teenager that I have to keep watching to make sure he isn't up to anything naughty." Anne chuckled. Anne left the room and Steve went to his luggage to put on a fresh pair of underwear and pants. He pulled up a new set of tightie whities when Anne burst back into the bedroom. "Hey, I thought you said-" Steve barely got a word in as he was dragged from the room to the bathroom. Anne pointed at the toilet. "Steve, if you're going to live here I expect you to follow proper toilet etiquette. Either sit down to pee next time or wipe up your mistakes." Anne showed Steve the sprinkles of pee still stuck on the seat and on the floor around the toilet. Steve blushed deeply. "Right, okay. Sorry, I was just really tired..." he muttered. "You know that's a poor excuse." Anne sighed. She then got on her knees and started wiping up the piss that Steve left behind. He tried to offer to help once again like when he was in the kitchen but Anne hushed him and took care of cleaning the pee deftly. Feeling extra embarrassed now, Steve dragged his feet back into the bedroom and went to get dressed the rest of the way. Anne-Marie Was continuing to make the boy feel small and childish, even now as he was nearly thirty years old. The decorations, furniture, and her overall mannerisms did make him feel as though he was a little boy and she was his mother figure either constantly doting on him or admonishing him for poor behavior. Looking at the time it was still quite early, but since he was awake anyway he decided to go do something to occupy his time. First he did some actual unpacking. There wasn't much to unpack. His entire life was pretty much in that one luggage back. He puts away his pants and shirts, socks and underwears into the dresser. He set up his vinyl Tracer figurines on top of the dresser, which made it feel a bit more like home. He took out his laptop and plugged it in. He would pass the time by playing Overwatch using Ms Rose's wifi. She did not really use the internet much herself, so she had no problem letting him use as much of it as he wanted. Steve could smell a very sweet aroma coming from the kitchen. Anne always smelled like baked goods, and this must be why. She always seemed to be making something delicious! She took some freshly baked cinnamon rolls from the oven and glazed them gently, watching as the glaze melted over top of the hot rolls. She set a bunch on a plate in the middle of the dining room table. Steve was drawn to it, wandering out of his bedroom and over to the table. Anne told him to take a seat and watched as the boy carefully took one of the still hot rolls and took a tiny bite of it. He made a funny face as he tasted the delicious cinnamony sweet flavor. "Steve, sweetie, can I ask you something?" Anne leaned over the table a bit. He was caught off guard, already another bite into his cinnamon roll. "Some of my panties have gone missing. You wouldn't know anything about that now would you?" Immediately his face turned red. He knew that Anne could see the redness on his face. Still, he offered a barely believable "no" with his face stuffed with sweets. Anne narrowed her eyes, looking at him. She leaned back in her chair and nodded "Okay." was all she said and then seemed to just drop the matter. Steve was left wondering what was going on in Ms Rose's mind. Did she really suspect he took some of them? He was the only other person in the house. As the day went on the subject was not brought up again. Steve would continue to browse online, play his games, or do some reading. In the back of his mind though he kept thinking about the next chance he was going to get to wear another one of Anne's dresses and feel so sexy once again. That night when Anne left for work Steve wasted no time finding a pretty dress from her closet. He also got a bra as well. With a quick power nap in the middle of the day and the knowledge of the woman's work schedule he had his whole night planned out. He would dress up in her clothes, wear them around the house, and then give himself release in another one of her panties. He first tugged the panties up around his waist, already getting hard in them. He then picked up the bra and attempted to hook it behind his back. He had to look in the mirror, twisting his body slightly so he could see what he was doing as he secured the bra. It was quite large and there was plenty of empty space inside since he didn't really have a big bosom like Anne did. He used some of his socks to stuff the bra. It worked for now, giving the illusion of breasts. He then shimmied into one of Anne's sexy black dresses. It was so tight! He wondered how the woman could stand being in such a constrained garment. She just had more practice probably. That and her shape was different from his. He admired himself in the mirror, seeing out the dress made him look. He blushed as he noticed the skirt was tented out in front. For some reason that just made him feel even more excited though. He walked around in the dress, feeling the material rub against him. As before, the sensation of the woman's clothes on his skin gave him a thrilling sensation. He wanted to just grab onto the couch and hump against it until he came. Surely Anne would notice if one of her dresses was missing or stained though. He tugged up the skirt so his erection wasn't poking against it. He sat back on the sofa in the middle of the living room. He was all alone and could just freely jerk himself in the main room of the apartment without having to worry about anyone barging in on him. That's what he thought anyway. Leaning back and gently stroking the length of his cock through the lacy panties he thought about Ms Rose in the same panties. He wondered how she might look wearing nothing but panties. He imagined her in front of him, stripping out of her clothes. The thought made him excited and he stroked faster. For some reason while he was doing this he remembered how the woman scolded him in the morning about his toilet habits. The thought just popped into his head unexpectedly! He couldn't understand why, but it was making him even more aroused. Through gritted teeth he masturbated to the fantasy of Ms Rose bending him over to spank his butt raw. He gasped as he had a really good orgasm. He closed his eyes, rolling his head on the back of the couch. He slowly opened his eyes, looking down at the totally slathered panties, just covered in his cum. As he was sitting there in a daze the front of the door opened up and Anne stepped in. She was back already! The entrance to the apartment was wide open and she could see into the living room at Steve who was in one of her dresses and panties that looked like they were well worn and soaked through with the boy's jizz. "Steve Duke, you are in deep trouble." Anne-Marie said, eyeing him down. "That's my dress and... ugh, my panties too! How could you?" She sounded hurt. Her privacy was breached and her personal belongings were being manhandled! She walked over to Steve. He didn't have time to explain, but Anne didn't care to listen to excuses anyway. "I knew something was up when my panties went missing. You are going to give them back to me right now!" She yanked down the sticky pair he had on first. She held it up and frowned, looking at the poor state it was in. "You squirted all over the front and browned the seat with your bottom." she said, sounding sad, "I can't wear these again. No one can." She sniffed, holding back her sadness for now. She was still angry. He tosses the used panties into the trash. She spun Steve around and unzipped the dress, getting it off of his body. She noticed her bra on his chest, stuffed with his socks. She got a laugh out of this. It was the one moment of levity for her in an otherwise very upsetting situation. She unhooked the bra and took it off. Now Steve was completely nude once again. She dragged him by the arm to his bedroom, dropping her clothes in the hamper along the way. Steve had to stand naked in the middle of his room while Rose pulled out each of his dresser drawers and searched his closet for anything else he was hiding. She found one clean pair of panties, still unworn, and the one he soiled from the first time. She turned it inside out. "You see this? This is why you shouldn't be wearing my panties! If you want panties you should have been getting your own, not soiling mine!" She pointed out not only the dried cum on the front but streaks in the back. Steve never paid attention to that before when wearing his briefs. Was he really that bad at wiping himself? To Anne it was a great offense to have her pretty panties ruined by the boy's leavings. She added "My dresses are clearly too grown up for someone like you who can't even keep his bottom wiped and who pees all over the floor." She just wouldn't let that incident go! Just then the very thing he dreamt about was coming true as she sat on the boy's bed and bent him over her knee. It was different from his fantasy though. This was real and it was more humiliating. She spanked him hard on his bare butt and he felt the sting of each impact of the woman's open palm. She breathed through her nose as she pressed her lips together tightly and spanked his butt three more times. A red imprint of the woman's hand was now across the boy's cheeks. It burned and he stood up, holding his hands on his hot behind. "This isn't over." Anne said plainly. "You want to dress like a girl? Fine. You can dress like a girl. I have nothing against that... but you need to start from the beginning..." She stood up from the bad, standing taller than the boy in her boots. "We will be getting you some proper underwear that is more suited to a CHILD of your developmental skills. I'm thinking diapers." Steve's jaw just about dropped. Rose smirked at the boy's shocked expression. "Adorable pink ones for a sissy like you." She pat his cheek. "And we will find some pretty little baby dresses for you too. In the morning we will be going to a store that sells these items and we're going to pick out the clothes you need to be the sissy baby you are." Anne-Marie Rose turned on her heel and walked away from Steve, swaying her hips behind her and making the boy stare at her big butt on the way out. Steve stood there, naked, and with a sore butt. He was now dreading tomorrow. The rest of the night was so awkward as Anne didn't say much to him. Things were mostly silent between the two old friends. Steve was woken up early. His bedsheets were stripped off, snapping him quickly out of his slumber. He stood up in his bed, wearing his slightly damp and dirty boy briefs. He missed those pretty panties so much. "Good morning, Samantha." the woman stated as she helped the boy out of his bed. "Today is your first day training to be a proper little lady like me, Ms Rose, but you have so so sooo much to learn." Steve was already blushing a little. Rose, using her surname as she did when she was very serious, affected a stern and matronly tone with Steve now just to send the message that she was in charge. She even took it a step further. "From now on you will be calling me Mommy and refer to me as Ms Rose to others." "What? But I-" Steve's lips were clamped with two fingers and a thumb and Rose glared at him. Rose pulled off Steve's underwear and held them out between her fingers in an over-exaggerated gesture, acting as if they were worse than they were. She dropped them into the trash. She then got him dressed, putting on another pair of his undies, shorts, and a t-shirt. She sighed, muttering something about how it will "do for now." She pulled him by the arm to the kitchen, giving him a baggie of Cheerios and a big baby bottle filled with milk. "Anne, you can't expect me to drink from this..." he was a little red-faced holding the bottle, though he was hungry enough to munch on the Cheerios. "That's Mommy to you." she swat his butt, "And I'd fix you something nicer for breakfast, but we need to hurry. The store is away a bit." She pulled Steve's arm. "Oh, well then let me just go to the bathroom..." Steve tried to request. He just got up after all. "There's no time! We need to go right now!" Rose insisted, pulling the boy out the door, locking it behind her, and walking him down the stairs to the parking lot. Steve tried to hide the baby bottle he was holding by tucking it under his shirt. His bladder was full and aching. Rose put him into the passenger seat and buckled his seatbelt for him. During the slow car ride Steve felt thirsty. Drinking from the bottle was an option, but it would make him feel silly. Plus, he still had to pee. He decided to take just a few little sips to sate his thirst. He set the bottle down in the cup holder and tried to discreetly grab at this crotch, rocking back and forth in his seat. He felt small dribbles of pee leak out and soak the front of his undies, but nothing that would show on the outside of his shorts. Desperate and crossing his legs now he just hoped the store would be close by. He was never very good at holding it in and that's why he usually stayed home most nights and didn't do much drinking or partying. The possibility of wetting in public was too great. Now Rose had pretty much forced him out of the house and into this embarrassing scenario which he had avoided for so long. In a seedy looking strip mall where stores had neon signs, kinky logos, and the letter X plastered about there was one store which had an innocent look. It was called Claire's Baby Supplies with balloon letters in alternating pink and blue pastel hues. Steve was hoping that's not where they'd be going. He leapt out of the car and Rose followed. She grabbed his wrist and informed him "Don't go running off. You need to stay close to Mommy because some of these stores are too naughty for you. When you grow up maybe then you can take a peek inside, but not today." She tugged his wrist, taking him into the store while he groped his slightly damp crotch. He could feel the pee had leaked a little more and seeped through the fabric. He had to keep touching himself to hide the spot he just knew was there. A lady in bright colorful clothing and pretty colored locks of hair bounded towards the two customers. "Welcome to Claire's!" she said in a bubbly voice. "What may I help you with?" "I need a bathroom!" Steve blurt out, not even giving Rose a chance to say anything. Rose sighed. "Oh really? Are you sure you know how to use the bathroom all by yourself, little boy?" the clerk asked. Steve gave a look as if to say "what?" "Actually, that's sissy girl, and her name is Samantha. I'm going to need to take her to the bathroom to make sure she sits like a proper lady and doesn't make a mess." Rose finally spoke up. By then it was too late though. The sound of piss hitting the hard floor could be heard and everyone's eyes slowly cast downward at the boy's shorts which were raining from the cuffs. Steve was on the verge of tears as he wet himself in front of the two pretty ladies. He apologized, saying sorry over and over, but the clerk just smiled at him. "It's all right, it happens more often than you think." the cute lady said, grabbing a mop that was handily by the front door. She mopped around the boy's feet, bumping each foot out of the way as she cleaned the puddle. "I suppose we need to stock up on diapers and bloomers while we're here. Come along, Samantha. Let's find something cute to put you in first and then we will pick out your sissy dresses. As they left the worker happily mopping up after the boy's accident Steve was feeling extra guilty that he was putting more people through this. The clerk didn't even seem to mind though. Rose got some large diaper packages and set them into her shopping cart. The packages had pictures of fully grown adults on them wearing the diapers and posing as if they were children. The models looked gender neutral and the packaging assured in the corner that they work "for those with peepees and those without." It was like every product in this store was targeted to embarrass him. Rose then piled a few frilly diaper covers (bloomers) into the cart. She lead Steve to the back of the store where there was a "family" bathroom. Inside the bathroom was one regular toilet, a large potty chair, and a steel reinforced changing station. Clearly this was made with very large "babies" in mind. Rose lifted Steve, grunting a little from the boy's weight. She was incredibly strong though and got him up on the table. She pulled off his wet shorts and underwear and just dropped them in the diaper pail as if they were trash. Steve let out a whiny huff as he saw the big boy clothes disappear down the tube. Rose used the complimentary baby wipes and washed the boy's privates. She dug deep between his cheeks too. Ignoring the fact that the wipe-down made Steve's big dick hard she ripped open a package of one of the sissy adult diapers. They were pink and white with hearts all around the crotch. She taped the diaper shut around the boy's waist and then covered it with the frilly bloomers. The bloomers had little bows on each hip and a ruffled waistband. Ruffled frills went down the backside as well. She kept the tag on the covers so it could be paid for up front later. She shoved Steve back out of the bathroom to walk around the store in just his shirt and bloomers. Steve felt so embarrassed as he followed behind Rose. He had no way to cover his baby pants. There were just a few other people in the store. Some curious patrons were by themselves and there was even one other "mother and child" couple. It must have been a sissy like him because the guy had short hair and an infantile looking bo-peep dress. Steve kept his head down, not wanting to run into anyone else. He noticed Rose buying many different kinds of dresses and stockings. She even made him stand still to try on some girly shoes. The cart was getting full. She wheeled it up to the front desk where the clerk happily rung up each item. Rose even lifted Steve up onto the counter, his butt facing the clerk. She rang up the price tag hanging off the bloomers and then Steve was set back down on his feet. What a humiliating experience, just picked up and handed off like he was groceries! Rose wheeled the cart outside of the store, taking it to her car. Some people exiting the sex toy shop whistled and cat-called at Steve. Steve cringed and hid behind his "mommy." Rose chuckled and let the boy hold close to her. She pursed her lips and mumbled "Poor baby. You must be so scared out here." She loaded the back seat of the car first before finally helping Steve into his seat and buckling him up. Rose waved at the naughty people that were cat-calling earlier as if she knew them and then she got into the car and pulled out of the lot. Steve sank into his seat a bit, putting one arm up to hide his blushing face. "Relax, Samantha, we'll be home soon..." Rose said softly, driving back to the apartment. Steve thought about the apartment and then remembered he'd have to walk outside like this. His heart pounded just thinking about the shameful walk he will be doing from the parking lot to the building. When the car was finally parked he gave Rose a nervous, pleading look. Rose came around to the passenger seat and unbuckled the boy, pulling him out. She held him in her arms and carried him like a baby. He buried his face in the woman's blouse, hiding from the outside world as Rose breathed deep and hard, carrying the heavy baby up a flight of stairs and into her apartment. She set the boy down and dusted her hands. "Now you wait here while Mommy brings in all your new things. I'm going to have to make two more trips." She did buy a lot for him. He wondered if he should be grateful. He sat down in the middle of the floor, contemplating what just went down this afternoon while they were at that baby store. After Rose had brought everything into the house she ordered Steve over, telling him to get "front and center." Steve obeyed, knowing better than to not do as Rose said at this point. She tugged one of the frilly pink dresses over his head. It looked like something a 2-year-old baby girl would be wearing. He wanted to hate it, but he couldn't. It wasn't the sexy grown-up lady clothes Rose had, but it felt right. Maybe it even felt more right? He couldn't believe he was actually getting hard again, this time in his diaper. At least it wouldn't be noticeable to Rose, or so that's what he hoped. His diaper did crinkle slightly as his penis became erect inside the padding. Rose then pulled some white tights up Steve's legs and slipped on his pretty little red shoes. "Oh you look just darling now! Give Mommy a twirl and let me see the back." Rose smiled, leaning to the side to admire her work, scratching her chin. Steve did as he was told, turning around. Rose reached out and flicked the back of the boy's skirt to make it rise and show off his puffy butt. Steve felt exciting new feelings. Possibly some long-dormant emotions that had always been there. "Now show me a cute little dance." Rose started to clap her hands in rhythm. Steve reluctantly began to tap his feet, trying his best to dance for Rose, but he was much too clumsy. Rose laughed, stopping her claps. She held the sissy boy's shoulders. "That's enough. Dance lessons might be too advanced for you, but how about we teach you proper etiquette." Rose stepped back and then pinched the hem of her dress. She crossed her legs and then bent her knees as she leaned forward. "This is called a curtsy..." she explained. "It is expected for good little girls to curtsy when greeting someone. Now you try." Steve bit his lip. He tried to mimic what Rose just showed him. He realized that with his short little skirt doing this motion kind of showed off his thick bloomers. Rose nodded in approval and commanded "again..." One more Steve did his best to curtsy but still had trouble with the bending his knees part, his legs wobbling as he strained to do the simple motion. Rose pat him on the head. "With enough of my tutelage you just might fool someone into thinking you're a refined young lady..." Rose took out her keys and walked to the bathroom door. She shut it and then locked it. She put the keys away in her purse and turned to face Steve. "I expect you to use your diapers from now until the day I deem you ready for potty training... which, by looking at the state of your underwear, might take a couple decades." She giggles. "Good girls don't ruin their pretty panties like you did to mine." She groped Steve's crotch, letting him feel that thick padding bunch up against his privates. Steve whined, leaning forward and blushing all over. Rose was now in the kitchen, making a meal for both of them. It had been a long day and she wanted to make sure Steve had a big deal. As soon as Steve sat at the table Rose got out one of the items she bought today. It was a tray that went over his chair. She locked it in place. It made it look like Steve was in a high chair! He couldn't move out of the chair and he couldn't figure out how the lock worked on the tray. Rose set down the plate that had a streaming hot meal of meat cut into tiny bites, mashed potatoes, and veggies. Rose tied a bib around Steve's neck and then fed him. She poked the portions with a fork, giving him one little bite at a time. Steve resisted at first, getting some food on his face. When Rose wiped his face he realized it would be best to just eat the food and not look more childish than he already did. Steve suddenly went wide-eyed. "Anne?" he said in a panicked tone. Rose glared at him. He gulped. "S-sorry, I mean.. M-mommy..." He got his mouth stuffed with more food. He tried to chew and swallow quickly "Mommy, I need to go to the bathroom!" His voice was more urgent and still Rose forced more food into his mouth. He groaned and tried to eat quickly. He squirmed in the chair, stuck behind that blasted tray. His bottom started making rumbling noises and he teared up. "No..." he said in a strained high-pitched voice. A thick log slid out, despite his best efforts. He dumped a huge pile into the back of his diaper. The strict confines of the diaper made his mess worse. He wanted to cry and complain, but Rose just kept feeding him. He had to sit in his mess for the rest of dinner. Even after he was finished Rose still had to sit down and feed herself. Now Steve had to watch as Rose ate in front of him. She didn't take too long, able to take much bigger bites than Steve. She dabs her mouth with a napkin and then finally unlocks the tray from the chair, freeing the sissy boy. Steve did a funny walk as he felt the full diaper between his legs. Rose smirked, looking over her shoulder as she saw the boy get used to being all messy. He took to it quickly though, finding the sensation of the messy diaper starting to feel pleasurable. Rose just hummed a little tune as she washed the dishes and the pans and scrubbed down the surfaces in the kitchen. She came back into the living room and scooped up her sissy boy, pulling him into her lap as she sat down. "Now Samantha, do you want to tell me what you just did in your diapers?" Rose asked, watching the boy blush and avert his gaze. Rose forced him to look back at her. "Well?" "I pooped them." Steve said, confessing. Again, he felt an odd thrill from this. Despite his shame his dick was so hard inside the messy diaper. "Do you want Mommy to change your diapers now?" Rose said a lilting tone. She didn't wait for an answer. She hoisted Steve up and carried him to the table and set him on his back. She raised the boy's sissy skirt and had it bunched upwards. This allowed for easier access to his diapers. First she pulled off the adorable diaper covers and set them aside. She then tore open the tapes of the diaper and let it fall open. She gasped in mock surprise "what a big mess you made for Mommy!" She left him there as she went to bring over the baby powder and wipes. Steve could feel his dick getting harder. It began to point upwards and when Rose came back with a wipe in hand she saw the dick aiming at her. "Samantha..." Rose didn't get much more out. She was suddenly being hosed on her top. She gasped, raising her arms but too afraid to put them in front of the stream. She looked down surprised as the boy's sudden piss stream drenched her blouse, making it semi-transparent along with her bra. Her breasts were just barely visible through her soaking wet top. She looked really annoyed as she looked down at the boy helplessly peeing all over her. Steve whimpered and tried to pinch off the stream, but he couldn't. Rose put her hands on her hips, giving him a disappointed glare. "Honestly, Samantha?" she sighed as the stream died down as she dripped wetly from his mistake. Steve didn't do it on purpose, but that didn't matter to Rose. The woman had to take off her top and remove her bra. With her large breasts swinging freely she went back to cleaning off Steve's dirty butt. She wiped down his cheeks and dug deep between his crack. "You're going to get such a spanking when I'm done here!" Just as promised she pulled away the used diaper and then flipped Steve over. With his tummy on the table and his butt facing her she gave it three hard smacks, swinging her hand back and forth against his cheeks. Steve whined and sobbed, feeling humiliated and a little guilty. Rose flipped him back over and slid a thick diaper under his butt. She sprinkled baby powder onto his butt and privates and then taped the diaper up around his waist. She pulled the bloomer covers back on. "Now you stand there quietly as Mommy cleans up what you did." Rose made him watch as she wiped down the table and the floor where his pee stream dribbled everywhere. Steve wanted to help again, but Rose was still doing everything for him, making him feel like a small child. He tried not to stare at the woman's bare breasts as she was down on all fours wiping up the mess he made. She stood up and began to strip out of the rest of her clothes. She carried them to the laundry machine, deciding to start a wash. Steve grabbed his still hard dick inside the fresh diaper as he stared at the woman's perfect butt. It was clean and pure, unlike his dirty bottom was a second ago. She had no trouble keeping herself completely clean and sweet smelling. Even though she was clean from the bottom down she still decided to go into the bathroom and take a bath. She unlocked the door and then entered, locking it again behind her to give herself from private time. Steve remained outside the bathroom to waddle around in his baby girl diapers. He leaned against the door and whimpered "I'm sorry" practically begging Rose to forgive him. He sat down on the floor and sighed, waiting. Eventually the door opened and Steve looked up, seeing Rose with a towel draped around her. She looked down at the boy, still seeming disappointed. "Next time..." Rose said, "I need to cover that thing." She walked past the boy to her bedroom. Steve waddled around the living room, feeling a bit bad about what he did. Really, everything he had done seemed pretty rude so far. Rose had only been there to help and he took advantage of her kindness and trust. When Rose emerged from her bedroom, dressed in a bath robe and her hair in a ponytail Steve took a few steps towards her. "I'm really sorry, Mommy..." he said, looking up at her with a wet glint coming off of his hazel eyes. "You've been a really good mommy to me and I haven't been a good... sissy." He looked down at his feet. "I'm just a baby girl though. I'm still learning, and I'm willing to have you teach me." He burned hot with blush as he said this. Rose smiled and respected the sissy boy's humility. She pat him on the head. Rose walked over to the couch and sat down with a sigh. She beckoned Steve over and the little sissy came over with a bounce in his step and the little skirt flapping up and down. He beside her and rested his head on her shoulder. "Now, Samantha..." she began, "as your mother I fully expect you to listen to me, always obey my commands, and to never sass back. Remember that I know what's best for you. That means that even if I tell you to go out shopping with me dressed in your sissy clothes I fully expect you to do it and not to complain. Do you understand?" That last bit sounded like it could potentially be very humiliating, but at this point he was willing to do anything to prove he respected his mommy Rose. He nodded in agreement. Rose hugged him and kissed his forehead. "Good sissy." She said. "You've earned this." She opens her robe slightly, letting her breasts free. She grabs the back of Steve's head and pulls him close, pressing his mouth to her nipple. She looks down, watching as the boy instinctively wraps his lips around it and eagerly sucks. Rose sighs happily as she has her breasts nursed on. She knew Steve was enjoying this, but it was giving her great enjoyment as well. Rose enjoyed the power that came with being in this motherly role, but sometimes a mutual moment like this was just what they both needed. "You know, Samantha, I always thought you were quite handsome despite your bad little boy habits." Rose said with a wry smile. "It's just too bad you had to turn out to be a big sissy baby that poops in diapers. I would have liked making love to you." Rose just had to rub it in, letting Steve know his place in the relationship. She could feel his warm blush as his face was pressed to her breast. She just loved how fun it was to embarrass him. She pulled his face away from her breasts and then tied her robe shut again. "Let's get you ready for bed." Rose helped her little "Samantha" out of the dress. She pulled it up over his head and then folded it neatly. She got one of the night time clothes she bought for him today. It was a see-through long top blouse that draped over the diaper only slightly. Steve smiled. It was another soft material that felt good on his skin. He waddled towards his room with Rose right behind him, patting his rump. Rose pulled the blanket up over him and tucked him into bed. She sat at the foot of his bed, singing a quiet lullaby to get him to sleep faster. That night as Steve sat in his bed, he found himself continually waking up and thinking about how exciting it was to be in sissy clothes and wearing big puffy diapers. He groped the diaper front and started playing with himself. Since he wasn't allowed to take the diaper off he just rubbed himself through the thick layers of padding. Steve panted excitedly. He wasn't able to stop himself. It didn't take him long to cum into the diaper. He tensed up and then felt the thick creamy cum coating his privates. The orgasm was even more intense than when he was in Rose's panties. Maybe being a dirty sissy wouldn't be so bad. ~ In the morning Rose woke up the sissy, giving him some gentle nudges to rouse him. She helped Steve sit up and she groped his diaper front. "Someone's really wet this morning. Aren't you glad Mommy put you in diapers now?" She stated quite happily. Steve couldn't believe it. Sure, sometimes he wet the bed, but he didn't think he'd completely soak the diaper last night! He didn't even notice he was wet until Rose pointed it out. Rose went about changing his diaper. This time she was ready though, putting a cone-shaped cloth over the tip of his penis. "This is called a peepee teepee. Mommies use it to keep their little ones from peeing all over them. In hindsight I really should have used this on you during your last change." Rose had a much safer diaper change for Steve this morning. She was able to attach the new diaper around his waist and remain unhosed. She gave him a new set of pink and red bloomers and pulled a sunny yellow dress over him. A large bow was on the back of the dress, making him look kind of small in comparison. Rose held his hand, taking him to the bathroom. "I noticed you did a naughty in your diaper. You should really ask Mommy's permission before touching yourself like that." Steve was confused as to why he was in the bathroom with Rose. Just then she raised her dress, revealing those sexy lacy panties he coveted so much when he first moved in. Looking at the material he was able to see her mature cunt and dark pubic hair. Steve swallowed, just staring. "Does it make you jealous that Mommy can wear big girl panties like this and you have to stay in sissy baby diapers?" she grinned. Steve whimpered and gave an honest nod. Rose carefully slid down the panties, slowly revealing her privates to him. She then sat on the toilet, legs parted so he could stare right at the woman's beautiful and experienced flower. She pissed in the toilet, making him watch. It was a power move to show the little sissy who the real adult was here. Steve could never use the toilet like Rose could. He would have to continue soiling himself in his diapers. Rose finished up and used a square of toilet paper to wipe herself. She flushed the toilet and pulled her panties back up. Steve stood there awkwardly, making a faint hissing sound into the front of his diaper. Rose chuckled and gave his crotch a little pat. Rose left the bathroom and Steve followed behind, tugging on his pretty yellow dress and looking at Rose's beautiful butt. He stopped and stood in the middle of the living room. "Hey, Mommy? Um, you said something last night..." He twisted the hem of his skirt nervously. "Yes, my dear?" Rose leaned against the wall, looking down. "Well... you said that you might have... maybe would have... possibly had sex with me... if things were different." Steve started blushing. "You mean if you weren't a pants pooping sissy?" Rose said bluntly. Steve nodded, "Well, yes. I was wondering though if there was, um... any way at all that we could... you know... do stuff." Rose watched the boy squirm. She tilted her head back and sighed with a broad smile. "Sammy, Sammy, Samantha..." she sighed. "You are just a naughty little vixen aren't you. You're just desperate to be one of Mommy's sex toys. I knew you were a little naughty but I had no idea how much of a slut you were." Steve winced. It hurt, but at the same time he was secretly aroused by his mommy's statement. He wanted her, sure, but he would let her have him if she so desired. Rose held the boy's wrist and pulled "Come on, sissy slut. Mommy has just what you want." She brought him into her bedroom. He had not been in there since the first night when he so rudely invaded her personal space. She had the boy shoved down upon the bed. Steve tried to roll over but she shook her head and held his hand, guiding him to lie face down. "No no. Mommy's on top. Mommy will always be on top." She pat his rump. "Butt in the air now..." She grabbed the bloomers and diapers and carefully pulled them back, tugging them down so his bare butt was exposed to her. Steve turned his eye towards Rose as she walked to the dresser drawer. She pulled out her favorite strap-on. She lifted her dress and pulled up the strap to attach it onto her crotch. She made sure it was tight around her, pulling on the sides to keep it firmly in place. Steve felt his heart racing. Rose was really going to do it! She squirted some lube onto her hand and began stroking the shaft of the dildo, getting it nice and slick. She walked behind Steve and soon she was out of his vision. She rubbed her lubed up fingers over his butthole and carefully inserted them inside. She felt him tense up around her fingers. Rose leaned down and whispered. "Try to relax, it'll be easier..." She removed her fingers and then started teasing his hole with the tip of the strap-on. She ever so slowly pushed inward, gasping a little. Steve relaxed as Rose told him to and soon he felt the entire length of the dildo enter his bottom. It was a new feeling for him, but exciting at the same time. Rose thrust in and out of his bottom. She held onto his hips, really taking ownership of the boy's body. She was clearly in charge and Steve was willing to let her top him like this. He groaned, feeling himself filled by Rose's fake cock. Rose wasn't being stimulated by the dildo very much. Her arousal came simply from knowing she was dominating Steve. Steve meanwhile was so close to spurting into his diaper. "Mommy!" Steve cried out. He grabbed the bed sheets and felt his dick twitching. He came on himself. Rose kept thrusting for a moment and then slowed down. She leaned over and looked down at the boy who was sweating and clutching the bed still. She pulled out and quickly tugged his diaper back up over his spent bottom. Steve flopped onto his back, his chest heaving as he caught his breath. Rose stood over him with a smile, jutting out her hips so he had to stare up at the big fake cock between her legs. She loosened the straps on the sides and let the device come off. She crawled onto the bed with Steve and hugged him close. "So, my little sissy, is that what you meant by wanting to have sex with me? Because that's the only way you'll ever get it from this mommy." She smirked. Steve looked at her. His face twisted up for a moment. The loose state of his bottom caused him to mess himself. He smiled wide, getting a goofy expression on his face as he felt the diaper fill up. Rose laughed as she watched this. She pat Steve's messy bottom, feeling the contents shift around inside. "Looks like you've already given Mommy another present this morning! How about I make us a nice hot breakfast and then we'll change the diaper later, okay?" Steve nodded, giving his new mommy a hug. Rose stood up, helping Steve up with her. She admired the adorable submissive sissy she helped create. She brushed her fingers through that dark blonde hair, thinking about how fun it was going to be to have him around.
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    love these plastic pants
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    Thank you all for the amazing comments. Its been a busy few years, but coming back to this story and seeing the joy it brought so many people makes me very proud. We may pick Melissa up again a few years down the road;) That way we can find out if she stays a baby or not.
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    Kaitlyn, Kim, and I were eating lunch at school one day. “We’ve got a pair of teacher workdays coming up at the end of the Month,” Kim said. “Yeah, what are we going to do?” I asked “Dunno,” Kaitlyn said. “We should go down to Danielson for a couple of days,” Kim suggested. “They have a deal where you can stay in a spare dorm room if you want to visit.” “That’s neat,” I said. So we worked out the plans and got approval from our parents. We’d leave Wednesday after school, and since we had Thursday and Friday off, we’d have a long weekend to spend at the College. Kim called up the admissions office to make the arrangements. The morning of the last day I packed a bag. A pair of nice pants and some nice shirts and some jeans and more casual stuff went in. I wished I had some underpants to wear. Maybe I could pick some up on the way. Mom came in with another bag. “I packed you enough diapers here to get you through the weekend,” she said. “Thanks,” I said, hoping I could ditch out of them once we were on the road. I really wanted to do college right. I picked up the girls, and they each had two bags as well. The day dragged on, but finally, at dismissal time, we hit the road. I broached the subject with the girls. “Do you mind if we stop at a WalMart or something?” I asked. “No, what for?” Kaitlyn asked “I want to pick up some underwear,” I admitted. “Oh, no,” Kaitlyn said. “I’m not letting you loose on Danielson with all those pretty coeds without having you wrapped up.” Kim made confirming noises, so I knew that option was not going to be permitted. We grabbed some drive thru food for dinner and finally hit Danielson around 8 PM. I pulled up to a security guard at the campus entrance, and he directed me to park. We went inside, and he had envelopes for us. “Here’s a campus map for you,” he said showing me the contents of my envelope. “And a parking pass. I recommend you just park near the apartments. We’re primarily a pedestrian campus. Here’s the key to the apartment. It’s got two rooms with two beds each. You all can figure out how you want to divide that up,” he said with a smile. “Here’s an ID card that will also get you into any of our dining facilities. You eat dinner, yet?” I told him we did. “OK, well then you have an appointment at the admissions office at 9 AM tomorrow morning. They’ll take it from there.” We gathered up all the stuff we had been given and made our way to student apartments that he had marked on the map. The girls decided they would share one of the bedrooms and I took the other. We all set about changing diapers. I’d just finished when I heard a knock on the door. I answered it, and a guy was there. “I’m Jim,” he announced. “I just wanted to check to make sure you have everything you need.” “Jason,” I said holding out my hand. Just then the girls came out of their room. “This is Kim, and this is Kate,” I introduced. “Great. Have you eaten?” “Yes, we have.” “OK, if you want I can show you over to the student union. Let’s see; it’s Wednesday. That’s folk night at the Rat if you’re into that kind of thing.” “The Rat?” I asked. “Short for Rathskellar. Sort of a campus club. Music there many nights. Dancing sometimes. Pizza and stuff.” “Sounds like fun,” Kim said. We all headed over there. We listened to a few groups play, and then they had an open mike, and we stayed through some of that. We got back late and went to bed. We helped each other into our sleepers. “Do you think you’ll wear diapers next year?” Kim asked me. “I don’t know. I was thinking that I might want to make a fresh start,” I admitted. Kaitlyn started. “I’m not sure either, but I think I’ll continue wearing them. I’m still not overly fond of public bathrooms.” “Well, I’m still going to need them. Now you wouldn’t want to break up the three musketeers, would you?” Kim stated. “You have a point there,” I said. And with that, we headed off to bed. We got up and changed and showered. Jim told us we should get breakfast in the Commons, a dining hall right next to the apartments. We did and were at the admissions office promptly at 9 AM. They split us up between admissions officer. “Well, how do you like Danielson, so far?” my officer asked. “Yes, it’s quite nice,” I said. He started leafing through my file. “It looks like you’ve completed all the paperwork you need. That’s good. This morning we’re going to send you on a campus tour. Then after lunch, you’ll meet with an advisor from the computer science department. Don’t get wrapped up about the major. Many students change at least once. Then you have a meeting with financial aid, and then the disability counselor.” “Disability Counselor?” I asked The officer dug through my paperwork some more. “Hmm… yes, here it says that you are incontinent and the counselor will tell you how to handle that. We’re very proactive in making things as accessible as possible for our disabled students.” I took it in stride. I had never thought of having to wear diapers as a disability. The tour was nice, and we went to the student union and had a nice lunch. I met with an advisor, and we talked about what courses I took in high school, and he suggested what I should sign up for my first semester. He also indicated where and when some freshmen classes were meeting tomorrow so I could sit in if I wanted. We got back to the administration building and were routed to financial aid. He checked my FAFSA and suggested there were several things I should do to try to get some assistance. The three of us were then seated in the disability counselor. “I hope you don’t mind all meeting together,” she asked. “If you’re uncomfortable discussing this, I can do this with each of you privately.” “No we don’t mind,” Kim said. “We’re kind of all kindred spirits in this, and that’s why we’re together.” “I figured as much since you all showed up with the same disability. Well, you’re in pretty good shape.” She handed us each a disability handbook. We endeavor to make things as accessible as possible. This book tells you all the facilities on the campus. Most of our buildings have special bathrooms to accommodate disabled students changing diapers and the like. I assume you can handle your own changes.” We all answered in the affirmative. “That’s good. The housing may be interesting. There’s three of you and our units usually come in multiples of two, but I’ll see what we can work out there. Ideally, we’d like to find a compatible roommate to fill out the room.” We thanked her and left the office. “I guess we are officially going to be diapered students,” I said. “The Three Diapered Musketeers will take Danielson by storm!” Kim proclaimed. We went back to the Rat. Thursday night just had a DJ, and we danced, and the girls were asked by some of the boys to dance. Everybody had a good time. We spent the next few days hanging out on campus getting a feel for what college life would be like. “I could really enjoy this,” I said. “Yeah, well it’s probably a bit rougher if you actually have classwork to do. Besides, we still have four months of high school left.” “Yeah, but It’s good to look forward to,” I said. Finally, on Sunday afternoon we signed out of Danielson and headed home. I dropped the girls off and headed home myself. I pulled into the driveway and lugged my bags inside. Walking into the house I immediately became aware that something had changed.
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    Best decision ever. I told her about my being an ABDL a few months ago and she's been coming around to the idea. Last week, I did a show-and-tell where I dragged out one of each of my diapers, bottles, pacifiers, etc... and she actually had interesting questions about some of it. Then, last night, I asked if I could get little before we started our evening show-watching; she said yes and I diapered myself and got all comfy-cozy in bed with her. I fell asleep, but around 2am she woke me up - apparently it was time for a feeding. I gotta say, sleepily suckling on her (she called me baby so I called her mommy) breast in a haze is an incredible feeling. 10/10, no regrets, would tell again.
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    Amazing how the human mind can adapt to a new physical condition. After three weeks I have stopped paying attention all the time to what's happening down there in my diaper. Of course I know I am incontinent because that's why I wear diapers. But almost subconsciously my brain has limited itself to sending signals that my diaper is getting saturated. Until then I am just busy doing my usual stuff. Not as exciting as the first days when I am constantly aware of every drop of pee flowing in my diaper, but the excitement makes place for a very relaxed and satisfying feeling. As if my mind tells me this is the way it wants me to be. It's okay to have no control over my bladder, to just wear diapers and accept this different body. My incontinence forces me to be physical with myself, pay attention to my diapers. Maybe this focus on myself protects my mind from getting overstimulated by the overload of information, choices and doubts modern society puts me in. In diapers I feel comfortably numb, diapers are my drugs, diapers make me come to terms with myself. And if people take a close look they will notice I wear diapers. It makes me feel the way I want to be. I have always felt different from other people, for the first time in my life I fully accept that my desire of being incontinent is what really makes me different. So I decided to let it be a full part of the identity I have in society. Not like an exhibitionist, but like a guy who simply happens to like being incontinent in diapers trying to make the best of his life.
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    The Unlikely Couple (Part 18) Bath time had been an embarrassing ordeal, but not as bad as the first instance. The worst part was that she wasn’t allowed to lift a finger to clean herself in any capacity. She was expected to sit there while her mommy scrubbed her hair and her skin, even in the most intimate of places. Very few of the indignities she’d suffered could compare to that of having to spread her butt cheeks so Brynn could clean it with a wash rag. But the bath was over with and Jaylene was about to find out what her surprise was. She honestly couldn’t imagine any surprise that she would actually want. The whole “baby” thing covered every aspect of her new life. She was never allowed to do anything remotely “adult” in nature and anything she would have wanted would fall into the “adult” category. Simple pleasures like using the remote control to channel surf or getting on the internet were now beyond her grasp… and would be for the rest of her life. Brynn laid the baby on the bed and put a fresh new diaper on her. For that, at least, she was grateful. Spending such a prolonged time in that infernal messy diaper made her appreciate having a new one placed on her. Next up was a pair of pink tights. God, how Jaylene hated pink! A month ago---hell, even a week ago---she’d have attacked anyone trying to put pink clothes on her, especially pink tights. But there she was, dutifully letting Brynn slide the feminine yet babyish tights up her legs and over the bulk of the diaper. Oddly, she noticed the tights were devoid of a crotch. That struck her as unusual. A matching pink sundress with white polka-dots was next. Jaylene was just happy that it wasn’t a fluffy monstrosity like the one she had been forced into the previous day. Her elation came to a halt when she realized the dress was so short that her diaper would be quite visible, especially if she bent over or wasn’t careful about how she walked. She tugged at it in a hopeless attempt to make the hemline go down further. “Stop fidgeting with your pretty dress, baby girl.” “But, Mommy, the thingie will be vithible.” Brynn realized at once what was going on. Her baby didn’t want to use the word “diaper”, even though she’d done it before her bath. Perhaps, Brynn thought, she was trying to save face now. "Sweetheart, it’s a diaper. Now I know you’re just a baby and that’s probably pretty hard for you to say, so you can just call it your ‘baby diapee’ from now on. Understood?” A pained look came over Jaylene’s face, but she knew she was defeated. There would be no alternatives. She was going to have to acquiesce and call them exactly what her mommy told her to call them. “Otay…”, she muttered, looking down at the floor. “Well, say it. You’d better get used to it.” Jaylene’s eyes never left the floor. “It’th my baby diapee.” “And you’re not going to try to call it a big girl word again, now are you?” “No, Mommy. I will always call it my baby diapee.” Brynn was pleased with her progress. “Good girl. Now let’s finish getting you dressed.” She produced an article of clothing that made Jaylene tremble with embarrassment. It was a pink bonnet with white trim. On her head it went and she felt Brynn tying a thin ribbon under her chin. The first thing she noticed was that it severely limited her peripheral vision. That, she could tell, was going to drive her nuts. Jaylene’s hands instinctively went up to feel the absolutely foreign article. “Don’t you try to take that bonnet off, Baby Jaylene. That’s to stay on your head, understand?” Jaylene nodded. “Yeth, Mommy.” Brynn pulled some lacy white ankle socks on over her tights, which seemed pointless to Jaylene. It didn’t matter, though. Brynn had carte blanche to dress her whatever way she desired, no matter how ridiculous the ensemble. The outfit was finished off with pink Mary Janes, which were buckled firmly in place. “You look so darling!” said Brynn, clasping her hands together in genuine pleasure at seeing her former life partner dressed like an oversized toddler. In a weird way, that made Jaylene a little proud. “Lift your arms up, sweetie.” Jaylene did as she was told, noting that it made the hemline of her already short dress rise almost to the waistband of her diaper. She hated that so much. Brynn picked Jaylene up under the arms and positioned her so that she was straddling her left hip. The contrast between how the two were dressed was jarring, to say the least. Whereas Jaylene was clad in childish attire from head to toe, Brynn was the perfect picture of adult femininity. She wore a low-cut white blouse, a severe-looking black pencil skirt, suntan colored pantyhose and peep-toed shoes with five inch heels. To look at them together, one would truly believe that Brynn was an adult and that Jaylene was a toddler. This juxtaposition between their clothes was humiliating for Jaylene. Brynn started across Lucas’s backyard with Jaylene in her arms until they reached their new house. Was this the surprise? If so, Jaylene wasn’t impressed. She really didn’t want to have Brynn settle down here in Preston and having a house to call her own was the first step in that becoming a reality. The house was nice enough, but that wasn’t the point. As Brynn stepped through the front door, she announced, “This is our new house, baby.” It was obvious that she was thrilled to have the house free and clear. Jaylene just couldn’t work up any enthusiasm. The only good thing about it was that she wouldn’t have to be around Lucas as much. She really couldn’t stand that man, with his smugness and ego. Brynn seemed enchanted by him and he was able to somehow convince her to do anything he wanted. That was worrisome. “Is dis the supwise?” “No. Your surprise is upstairs. Come on.” Jaylene thought about how moot telling her to “come on” was, considering she was carrying her. Within a minute, they were standing in front of a doorway on the second floor. “Welcome to your nursery…” Brynn beamed as she threw open the door. What Jaylene saw inside mortified her. There was so much pink, offset only by small amounts of white. And there was all the horrifying baby-ish furniture they had purchased at Simms’ store, set up and ready to be used. “Do you like it?” asked Brynn with hope in her eyes. Jaylene was so taken aback that she didn’t know how to respond. She certainly didn’t like it, but she also didn’t want to hurt her mommy’s feelings. She made up her mind to play along for Brynn’s sake. “It’th vewwy pwetty, Mommy,” she answered, lying through her teeth. Brynn hugged her tightly. “I’m so glad you’re learning to accept the way things are now. I do so love you, my baby girl.” Brynn looked at her baby in the eyes and said, “Since you’ve been so good, I’m going to do something nice for you. I know you have sexual needs despite the fact that you live as my baby. I’ve decided to accommodate you so that you aren’t miserable when you become aroused. That’s why I bought the crib with those attachments on it.” “But, Mommy, you know me don’t wike stuff wike that. Me don’t wike anyfing going into my… holes.” She tried desperately to come up with a babyish word to describe her vagina and anus, but that was the best she could spit out. “Sweetheart, babies don’t know what’s best for them. Not the way grown-ups do. It’s important for you to get relief. Otherwise, you’re going to be a grumpy little baby and we don’t want that, now do we?” “No… but…” “No ‘buts’, little girl. I’ve made my decision and I know you’ve come to enjoy it. You have to trust Mommy. I know you’ve experimented with a dildo once, so it’s not like your virginity is at stake.” Jaylene looked so upset and Brynn realized it, letting out a sigh. “Fine, if you really don’t want to… you don’t have to.” Jaylene wondered why Brynn’s feelings seemed so hurt by her protests. Did it really mean that much to her? She couldn’t understand why. Just as Brynn started to walk back down the stairs, Jaylene blurted out, “Wait.” Brynn stopped about three feet shy of the stairs and looked at her baby. Jaylene explained, “Me will do it… if it will make you happy.” “It would make me very happy to see you get pleasure, sweetie. But if it means that you’ll be that miserable, I don’t want you to do it.” At that very second, Jaylene realized just what was going on. The thought of seeing her get penetrated turned Brynn on! What a revelation. Another way for her to please her mommy! She didn’t like the idea at all and found it repulsive, but she now longed only to please Brynn and loved that she had the power to sexually satisfy her in some small way. “Me wants to make you happy, Mommy.” “Are you sure you’re okay with this, little one?” Jaylene shook her head in the affirmative. With that, Brynn carried her toward the crib, getting ready to fulfill one of her most intense fantasies she’d ever had.
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    first time in a proper AB nappy...
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    Subscribers can read Part Two of this story right now on Patreon for just a $2 pledge ($5 gets you access to all of our premium stories.) Part two will be posted here for Non-subscribers in two weeks. Let me know what you think in the comments: Chapter One It was the end of the road for Brenda-- she’d lost her job at the high-class gentleman’s club she’d been dancing topless at for the last couple of years, and her landlord wanted her out by the 30th since she’d spent the last three month’s rent money on make-up and shoes. So Brenda turned up on my doorstep, sullen and pouty and looking for a handout. And why, exactly, would I let a little brat like Brenda into my life, you might ask? What did I stand to gain from opening my hearth and home to a girl who cheated and lied as easily as breathing, who had lost nearly every job she’d ever had, and who had generally been a parasite every moment of her life since the day she was born? Simple... aside from the fact that Brenda possessed many traits prized by the superficial male, it provided me with an excellent chance to get the little minx under my control for a while... and so I agreed to let her stay with me until she found a new job (a difficult task at this point, considering the state of her resume)-- with a few conditions: 1) That, in lieu of paying rent, she handle the housekeeping during the day, including dusting, shopping, washing dishes and floors, scrubbing the bathroom and generally keeping things tidy (but no cooking or laundry-- no way was I going to let Brenda near anything I was planning on eating or wearing.) 2) That I reserved the right to punish her for behavioural infractions or shirking her duties in the form of a spanking, to be delivered on the seat of her pants, for up to as many as 50 swats with the hand or 30 with a hairbrush. 3) I reserved the right to review, revise, and add to these rules as necessary. Brenda would, of course, be told of any updates and have an opportunity to decline and seek living arrangements elsewhere if she so desired (ha!) Of course, Brenda balked at these restrictions, and attempted to whine and even bribe her way out of them... but I stood fast, and in the end she was forced to agree to my terms, muttering darkly as she went out to her car to carry in her luggage. I smiled and watched her go, her pert, round tushy straining against the tightly clinging material of her yoga pants as she went. I smiled to myself-- somehow, I knew that I was going to enjoy having Brenda stay with me. If only I knew. Chapter Two Well, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that Brenda wasn’t much of a maid... The dishes were spotty, she missed the corners when she mopped the floor, her dusting was sloppy, and as far as the mildew in the tub went, she was almost useless. And I was happy as a clam about the whole thing. Why? Because I was doling out spankings to Brenda left and right-- sometimes four times a week. It was always easy to find an excuse to give Brenda a quick ten smacks, and she got one sound, 50 swat hand spanking per week, not to mention one or two 30 swat hairbrush spankings per month. Our spanking routine was simple: I would call Brenda into the room and deliver a stern lecture about what she’d done and why it was important to follow the rules and take our jobs seriously (all while Brenda glared at me hatefully from under her thick and lustrous eyelashes.) Then, having dragged the moment out as long as possible, I’d instructed her to come around to my right side. I’d take her hand gently and lead her across my lap, smiling as she draped herself across my knees, fuming the entire time. Then, I’d place a fatherly palm over her backside as I delivered the second part of my lecture, generally focusing on the value of hard work and discipline, all while occasionally patting, rubbing, and squeezing her plump, rounded tushy for emphasis. For her part, Brenda would huff and sigh and squirm irritably, nervously awaiting the first swat. After I felt like she’d twisted in the wind for long enough, I’d deliver the first spank, which never failed to raise an outraged squawk. The speed and intensity of the spanking generally depended on the severity of the infraction-- a simple “maintenance” spanking would be delivered slowly, with a maximum amount of condescension designed to increase her embarrassment. A more severe spanking would be delivered with a more rapid-fire pace, designed to redden her rump and bring out a stinging, red heat that she’d carry around for the next day or so, and there were few things I enjoyed more then watching Brenda wince every time she sat for the next day after a hard spanking. Brenda never accepted her punishments with stoicism, and she would shriek and scream and buck and howl, and I’d frequently be forced to pin one of her arms behind her back in order to keep her in place. She’d generally curse and scream insults at me (which, of course, would earn her extra swats.) But the spanking was just the first phase of the evening’s entertainment-- the real fun began once I had finished and let her go. No matter how hard or light the spanking may have been, Brenda always made a big show of rubbing her backside afterwords, and even a light, slow, 10 swat hand spanking would result in her frantically rubbing her hiney, hissing in pain and bouncing in place. After a hard one, I was treated to a funny dance as she hopped from foot to foot, rubbing her throbbing rump and whooping with exaggerated agony. I would watch her funny war dance for a minute or so, then banish her to the corner for an hour. I’d watch her squirm and pout for a while, wriggling in place and eager to rub her fanny... but well aware that doing so would earn her further smacks. Once corner time was over, it was time for bed. If it was early enough in the day, that meant into her PJs and into bed for a two hour nap, regardless of whether or not she was tired. If it was after 6 pm, that meant bedtime, and no matter how much Brenda whined and pouted, she had 15 minutes to get into her pyjamas and be in bed before I came in to tuck her in and kiss her good-night... otherwise, she was risking another spanking. And why, exactly, was Brenda willing to put up with all this? Why would a grown woman in the modern world submit herself to such undignified treatment, just to avoid paying rent and getting a job? Simple... on some level, Brenda enjoyed taking spankings as much as I enjoyed doling them out. I believe on some level she knew she needed a good spanking every now and then, if only because it made her feel less guilty for leading a life of sloth and indolence. She had the itch. I was more than happy to scratch it. On this level, we got along just fine from the beginning. Chapter Three But as fate would have it, that wasn’t the end of Brenda’s bad habits... and as it turned out, it was only the beginning of our disciplinarian relationship. One day as I was preparing to do some wash, I came across some of Brenda’s clothes mixed in with my own. As I made a mental note of the incident, and wondered to myself if this wasn’t too flimsy of a reason to put her over my knee for a spanking, I came across a pair of Brenda’s panties... and was shocked at what I saw. The panties were frilly and lacy and had a pale pink color... all except the seat, which had a thick brown skid mark running right up the middle. I stared at it for a long moment, almost disbelieving... I knew Brenda was untidy, and a nominee for the world’s worst housekeeper... but I’d always assumed her personal hygiene was a different story. But there they were, as undeniable a fact of life as the grand canyon or the moons of mars... The long, dark stain stared back at me from the inside of her panties, all crusty and brown, whispering the obvious truth to me. Still, I knew I shouldn’t jump to conclusions... One stained pair of panties didn’t indicate a pattern. So I dug through her hamper, searching for further evidence. It arrived almost immediately... a second pair of panties, more lightly stained this time, followed by a third that were about the same as the first pair that was mixed in with my stuff. Then I discovered a fourth pair-- skid mark nothing, these looked like little Brenda had taken a full blown dump in them! The conclusion was inescapable: apparently, Brenda didn’t wipe her butt properly. Armed with this knowledge, I decided it was time to take Brenda to the next level... whether she wanted to come along or not. Chapter Four She was out at the store, so I had time to carefully set up my display on a towel I laid out on her bedspread in her room-- four pairs of soiled panties, inside out with the stained seats up. I smiled when I heard the door open: “Brenda!” I called down the stairs, “could you come up here please?” “What does that old goat want now?” I could distinctly hear her muttering on her way up the stairs. She entered the room, pouty and sassy as always, seemingly perpetually in a state of rolling her eyes. As usual, she was clad in skintight yoga pants and a tank top. “What?” “I have something to ask you about-- see I was doing laundry today and I found some of your stuff mixed in with mine-- which you’re not supposed to be doing by the way.” “Sorry,” she muttered insincerely, crossing her arms and looking away, probably sensing a spanking in the offing. She was right of course... but I was certain she would find the actual reason she was about to wind up over my lap to be far more embarrassing. “Oh, don’t be,” I said, “I’m actually glad you did, because it gave me an opportunity to see exactly how dirty and skid-marked your panties were, young lady.” I stepped aside dramatically to unveil the little exhibit I’d set up on the bed. Brenda gasped and at once went pale, then red as she realized I’d just discovered something very embarrassing about her. “OHMIGOD!” she cried, coming over to look at the evidence I laid out. “You went through my panties?!” “No-- I told you, the first pair was mixed in with my stuff. I went through the rest of your stuff to see if you really don’t know how to wipe you butt properly...” “Oh, come on!” she huffed “I know how to wipe my ass!” “Oh really?” I asked rhetorically, holding up the most stained pair so she could see. “Because to me, it looks like you’ve never even seen toilet paper before, young lady!” She made a noise of infuriated embarrassment. I took a seat on the bed and grabbed Brenda by the hand, guiding her around to my right side. She was still stuttering excuses as I tugged her across my lap and delivered a sound swat to her wriggling backside. “OOWW!” She squealed, kicking her feet in the air behind her. “Ouch! Come on! Give me a break!” she whined as I spanked her bottom in rapid pace. “I’ll give you a warm bottom!” I said, faux serious as I delivered a medium hard spanking that made her well-sculpted rear end jiggle. “I can’t believe you, young woman! The state of some of these panties is disgraceful!” “Oohh!” She moaned, embarrassed. “It just... I...” she hesitated, clearly mortified about something that had nothing to do with the spanking. “Yes?” I asked, pausing and placing my hand over her rump, feeling the heat already radiating from her cheeks. “Do you have something to tell me?” “I... I had diarrhea OK?” She blurted, squirming in embarrassment over my knee. “I was at the mall, and I had to take a dump and-- there wasn’t enough toilet paper, alright?” She flopped and struggled across my lap, and I had to hold her in place. “C’mon, let me up!” I responded by holding her down and swatting her wriggling bottom once more. “Even if your story is true, that would only account for one pair of dirty panties... I found four without even trying. Are you fibbing to me, little girl?” “No! I’m not, I swear! I was just sick!” “Oh really?” I smiled... she’d walked into my trap. “Does that mean if I do a pantie check on you right now, I’m not going to find any nasty stains?” “Uuuhhh...” she hesitated, suddenly not so confident. Without waiting for her answer, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of Brenda’s pants and tugged them down to her knees in one swift motion. Brenda shrieked and wiggled her pantie-clad bottom in protest, but I settled her down with a quick spank. “Pipe down, young lady, or you’ll be in for a real punishment.” Without further ado, I tugged down her panties, revealing her rapidly reddening bottom. I wasn’t surprised at what I saw-- a long, brown streak about the length and width of my index finger, running straight up the centre of the seat. “Just as I suspected,” I said seriously. Brenda’s struggles had been replaced with uncomfortable, embarrassed squirming, and if I could see her face, I’m sure it would have been as red as a tomato. “This is shameful, young woman!” I said, delivering another swat to her bare ass, making her squeal. “Do you ever wipe your butt at all, Brenda?” “Ow! Listen, I...” but she trailed off, knowing there was no excuse for a girl her age to have skid marked panties. “Yes, please tell me Brenda,” I inquired with a medium hard swat to her bare backside, “what’s the excuse this time? Did you have another upset tummy? I know it wasn’t lack of toilet paper... please tell me why these panties you’re wearing look like a Jackson Pollock painting?” She made an embarrassed noise, though I suspected Brenda didn’t even know who Jackson Pollock was. “Let me tell you how things are going to be now, Brenda,” I said, casually continuing the spanking to make sure she was paying attention. “From now on, whenever you need to ‘go,’ you will come and find me and ask me politely to escort you to the rest room...” “WHAT?!” “...Where I will supervise you while you do your business...” “Oh come on! OW!” She cried as I landed a particularly stinging swat to her jiggling rump. “...and then I will wipe your hiney for you so we can make sure you’re clean and healthy and not ruining your panties.” “That’s... Ow! That’s not fair! Ouch!” “You know the arrangement, sweetheart,” I reminded her, smacking the rounded domes of her buttocks and watching them jiggle with relish. “I set the rules-- if you don’t like them, you’re free to leave at any time... provided that you can find someone else to take you in!” “It’s not fair!” She shrilled, kicking and screaming her way through the rest of the spanking. By the time I finished, Brenda’s butt was red and throbbing and her mouth was in overdrive... which is exactly what I was hoping for. I reached into the bag of stuff I got at the drug store, took out the pacifier I’d been saving, and popped the nipple into her shocked mouth. “Don’t you dare lose that,” I warned, reaching into the bag for the next item: Baby wipes. I didn’t warm the cloth up before I passed it up between Brenda’s buttocks, which drew a surprised squeal. “Stay still,” I warned, holding her in place across my lap and giving her tushy a long, firm wipe with the cloth before pulling it free and examining it. “Just as I thought,” I chided, finding the wipe thoroughly soiled. Discarding the first one into the toilet, I pulled another wipe from the box and repeated the process again, passing the wipe up between her buttocks as she squirmed and mumbled across my lap. “God Brenda,” I said looking at a wipe that, though significantly improved over the first, was still streaked with brown. “It looks like you’ve never wiped back here before!” “I told you I had the runs!” she complained from behind her soother. I chuckled, patting her rump affectionately before I pulled out yet another cloth and went to work again, Brenda stiffening and shivering as I gave her anus a thorough wipe. “Well, if you’ve really been having tummy trouble, we’ll have to get you to the doctor, Brenda,” I told her, examining the wipe and finding it clean enough to instruct her to raise herself from my lap with an affectionate pat to her butt. Pouting childishly, she bent down to retrieve her pants and panties, but I halted her. “You can’t seriously be thinking about putting those filthy things back on,” I half scolded, pointing to the soiled panties still at half-mast around her knees. “Come on, off with them... right now, young lady,” I insisted even as she scowled at me from behind her soother. Slowly, she complied, pealing off her pants and skid-marked panties and handing them over to me with a frown. She reached down to cover her modesty, but immediately became outraged when I dumped her panties into the trash, followed by the other pairs I had gathered as evidence. “Hey!” She squealed at me, ready to fight. But it was too late-- I was already reaching into my bag to pull out the finishing touch. “Here,” I said, tossing her one of the pull-ups I’d gotten her. She turned it over in her hands, reddening when she saw the cartoon characters staring back at her from the padded seat. “This is a joke, right?” she asked hopefully. “Wrong,” I said sternly, “Put it on. Now.” She scowled at me, but she did it, stepping into and tugging them up. Brenda was pretty tiny, but she had a curvy, womanly body with a plump, rounded bottom, so it was a bit of a squeeze, but she did manage to get it on. Brenda stood before me in nothing but a tank-top and a pull-up, looking down at herself in embarrassment. “You can consider this your new uniform,” I explained, gesturing toward her outfit. “When you’re at home, I want you doing your chores in a pull-up and a top... understand?” She nodded stiffly and continued to stare at her outfit, as though she was in shock. “Good. Now off to the corner you go,” I said, gesturing, grinning as I watched her shuffle off to put her nose against the wall and wiggle and squirm, desperately wanting to reach back and rub her tushy. Our relationship had entered a new phase. Babes In Diapers
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    There are a small but significant number of people who took steps mentally to become incontinent, actually achieved that goal, then later on decided to end it only to discover they could not. Muscles can atrophy through disuse so completely that normal strength can't ever be regained. The subconscious can hold onto a concept so strongly that it cannot be overcome or changed in a conscious or sometimes even an unconscious state.And one's original ability to control ones sphincter's play a part here too; ig you began with minimal control then losing even a small part of that could render you incontinent. I've seen it happen here on DD. I've spoken with licensed Doctors.who have seen it. Ditto licensed Psychiatrists. While not common, it DOES happen.and because of that, one needs to be absolutely certain that incontinence forever is what they want before they begin to travel any path which could take them there. For those who disbelieve me it is incimbent on you to look intio the matter yourself- I am not obligated to provide you proofs, and even if I did you would always doubt their veracity until you checked them out yourself. So since that has to happen anyway the time for it is now, And don't come here sating somebody is wrong unless you can prove that which means you have to do that research to get that data, and when you do you will discover that what I've said is true and that there are some people who were never able to regain bladder control after intentionally losing it.. Bettypooh
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    A close friend of mine, who knows I am a little baby girl inside, is an attorney. I asked her: "So, counselor--do I have a legal duty to inform reasonable persons that I am a baby in disguise?" She answered, with mock seriousness--a grin on her face and a gleam in her eye: "Yes. Otherwise, your actions carried out as an adult could be considered fraudulent. Legal consequences could ensue." We both collapsed in laughter.
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    (just wrote a bit more. Thank you for enjoying my stories!) Janet wasn't sure what to think of Ashley's offer as she entered the girly bedroom once more. She cringed when she saw the sleeping bag still bunched up on the floor on top of a giant wet spot. Ashley got her attention again by holding out a tutu. "I don't really do ballet anymore." Ashley stated "so I have no qualms about letting you borrow this." Ashley helped pull the tights onto Janet. Janet wondered why Ashley was going through all this trouble. Perhaps it was just another one of her power plays, keeping another girl in a subordinate position so she could lord over her. She had a gentle, sweet smile though, so it seemed like there was more enjoyment she was getting out of this than just superiority. Janet looked at herself in the full-length mirror as Ashley finished adjusting the pretty little tutu. The frilly skirt just barely hid the diaper bulge under her tights. This did not seem like appropriate school attire. She made a note to herself she would change out of these clothes once she got home. "I'm hungry. I'm going to grab something to eat." Janet was actually hungry, but it made for a great excuse to get out of there. "Here, have one my energy bars." Ashley offered, pulling out a chocolate bar from her night stand and tossing it at Janet. Normally good at catching things, Janet fumbled and dropped the bar. She picked it up, grabbed her bookbag, and headed for the door. "I'll see you later today, little girl. Don't forget we have an important project to work on!" Ashley called out, letting Janet leave for now. Janet looked at her phone as she stood outside. If she rushed to her apartment and changed she would be late for her first class. She could see people were staring at her, standing there in her sissy little tutu. She couldn't bear to have people see her like this. She was a tomboy, not a sissy! She ran for the parking lot so she could make her mad dash home. Sitting in the car on her way home she unwrapped the chocolate bar and munched on it. Every now and then she'd catch a glimpse of herself wearing the prissy little ballerina get-up. She grunted in frustration. Once in her small apartment Janet tugged off the tights and looked at herself in the mirror. That big diaper around her waist was so much more girly than the night time diapers she put on. It was thicker too. She thought about using it as a free night time diaper since it was getting expensive to keep buying new ones. She tore the tapes and then carefully set the diaper aside. She pulled up a new pair of panties. She only had about three clean pairs left. She again made a note to herself to go to the laundromat. She hopped into a fresh pair of tight jeans and slipped a loose hoodie over her head. Now she was finally feeling like herself again. Janet was late to her first class, just as she thought she would be. The professor didn't seem to notice, but seeing as she missed the first ten minutes of the lecture Janet was already well behind. She was an excellent student, but she could not afford any slip in her grades. As she sat in class she felt a cramp in her tummy. Janet crossed her legs tightly as her stomach gurgled out a warning. No no no, she thought to herself, not now! She suddenly could not concentrate on the lesson as she felt the urge to poop growing stronger. She clenched her cheeks together tightly, holding it in the best she could. Time seemed to move slowly. Janet was getting desperate now. She reached down, grabbing her butt with both hands. It felt like she was physically trying to keep her bottom closed with her hands! She couldn't just keep sitting here like this. She would surely have an accident! She looked at the time and saw there was still several minutes left in the class, but she didn't feel like waiting a second more. She grabbed her bag and darted out of the room. Janet walked funny, keeping her thighs pressed together as she wandered down the halls, trying to make her way to the nearest girl's room. Once there though she was greeted by three of Ashley's sorority sisters. There was Lydia, who she met last night, and two other girls she had not seen before. "Where do you think you're going?" Lydia said, standing guard. "Aren't you supposed to be in a diaper?" Lydia just blurt that out. It seems Ashley went and told everyone in the house about her little pissy accident. "Please, just let me in..." Janet begged, not caring if the three girls saw her groping her own butt desperately. One of the girls shoved her backward. "We don't want you messing up the school's clean bathrooms." "But I need to go!" Janet whined, bouncing in place. "I'm going to mess my pants!" the shame of having to admit it out loud was not lost on her, but she was on the verge of a major accident and discretion was not in the cards. "Well then I guess you should have worn your diaper to school." another girl said cruelly. Janet couldn't hold it anymore. She bent her knees and grit her teeth. She felt a thick log crackling out of her bottom. She couldn't hold it back as it went into the back of her pants. Once the firm, heavy log was let out it was followed by a softer mess which spread across both her cheeks. Janet stood there with her jaw hanging. The mess was getting all over! It spread up her crack and even over her crotch. She looked down at her pants, seeing a dull brown stain forming on the dark blue jeans. The three girls by the bathroom door pointed and laughed at the poor girl. "I can't believe she shit her pants!" one of them said. "What a BABY!" another one added. Tears streaked down Janet's face. She tried not to cry openly, but she couldn't help it and was bawling as she raced down the halls. She made a futile attempt to hide the poop stain with her hands. Some students turned to look at the messy girl racing down the halls while others pretended to ignore her. Janet was out of breath from running through the school. She slowed down, holding her stomach as she breathed slowly. This was the most humiliating thing that's ever happened to her. She could feel the poop in her pants slowly going down her thighs. The soft mess was overflowing in her full underwear. She considered just going home and taking a sick day. What else could she possibly do at this point? Doing an awkward waddle, Janet made her way to the parking lot once again. "Hey." called a familiar voice behind her. There was Ashley leaning against the building smoking a cigarette. "Where are you headed off to, huh?" Ashley flicked her cigarette away and casually strolled up to Janet. "You should have kept that diaper on." "It wasn't my fault! Your... friends.. they blocked the bathroom!" Janet snapped. "Yeah but you should have been able to hold it. Hey, you didn't eat that entire chocolate bar, did you?" Ashley chuckled. "You're only supposed to have a quarter of it at a time. It's great for getting a little energy and losing weight, but it makes you have to shit if you take too much." Janet's blushing face drained of all its color. "You set me up. How could you!" "I didn't do anything! You should have read the label! Who eats an entire chocolate bar in one sitting anyway?" Ashley chuckled. Janet huffed and puffed, seething through clenched teeth. Ashley pat her on the back. "Come on, stinky. Let me help you clean up." Ashley walked her away from the building and towards the student housing. Janet wasn't sure why she didn't just break away and go to her car. Maybe it was because Ashley's place was so much closer and Janet wouldn't have to sit in her mess and stink up her vehicle. "I had some of my new pledges get a room ready just for you." Ashley said with a wry smile. "I didn't think I'd be taking you back so soon so it might not be finished yet, but I think it would be a good idea for you to see it." "Wait" Janet stopped her. "A free room at your house, and I'm not even sharing it with anyone? What's the catch?" "It's just for the duration of our experiment, but who knows, I might grow to like you and keep you around." Janet noticed a faint blush on Ashley's face. Though the mention of the "experiment" made Janet nervous she was relieved to see some vulnerability in Ashley. At least she wasn't completely emotionless. Janet stood behind Ashley as they entered the house. She could see some students going in and out of one of the rooms on the first floor. Those must be the pledges that Ashley was talking about. Janet made sure to stay out of sight. She realized that soon enough word would get around that she messed her pants like a big baby and she would relive all the humiliation she endured in grade school but she was still in defensive mode and trying not to have anyone else see the big brown stained lump on the seat of her pants. Ashley snapped her fingers and waved her arm, clearing out the special room. All the pledges ran out, leaving Ashley and Janet alone in the room. Now Janet could see that the room was decorated to look like a nursery. Some things were still packed in cardboard boxes, but there was a crib bed and changing table set up already. Ashley slapped her hand against the changing table. "All right, hop on up here so I can change you out of those poopy pants!" Ashley said with a smile. Janet was hesitant. Ashley held Janet's hand as she helped pull up the messy girl onto the changing table. Ashley set Janet on her back and laid her hands at her sides. Each move Ashley made was like a calculated way to make Janet feel smaller. She unbuttoned Janet's fly and dragged the zipper down. She started to tug the soiled jeans off, peeling the pants off each leg. She set the pants inside out in a basket. She then had to get Janet's poop-filled underwear off without spilling anything. She was very careful, but the slow removal of the panties made the embarrassing situation excruciatingly longer. Ashley wrinkled the bridge of her nose as she held up the poopy undies. "You really pooped these good." Ashley said, a hint of playfulness in her tone. She walked to a tall metal cylinder and pressed her foot down on a petal at the bottom. The lid on top flipped up and Ashley dropped the underwear into it where it landed at the bottom with a heavy thud. Janet sat up slightly "What are you doing... did you just throw out my-" "I just put those poopy panties in the diaper pail." Ashley said, grabbed the bottom of Janet's shirt. "Those things are as good as diapers now. There's no point in keeping them." Ashley pulled the shirt off, mussing up Janet's hair. "And I think we found a the perfect clothes for you." Ashley pushed her hand against Janet's bare chest and made the girl lie back down on the table. She ripped a bunch of baby wipes from the container and started wiping down Janet's crotch. Ashley was gentle as she wiped the mess off of Janet's privates. She sighed as she slid the baby wipes over Janet's slit. "It's a good thing I found you. If you had tried to go home like this your mess would have gotten deeper and that wouldn't have been very good for you." Ashley grabbed Janet's thigh and lifted it so she could clean up lower down her body. "I learned how to clean babies like this when I was ten years old and doing babysitting gigs. So yes, I wasn't just a spoiled rich kid. I earned my own money." Janet groaned and rolled her eyes. Was Ashley really trying to justify herself while she was in this compromising position? That just seemed cruel! Janet grunted as she felt the baby wipe digging between her butt cheeks, sliding front to back. Ashley wasn't just boasting, it seemed. She really was good at this. Ashley got out the same thick diaper from before and shoved it under Janet's bottom. She shook a bottle of baby powder onto her open palm and then started to rub the powder into Janet's newly cleaned skin. "Relax, baby." Ashley pursed her lips and put on a mocking babyish affectation. "Your den mother's here to help now." Ashley pulled the front of the diaper over and taped it shut tight around Janet's waist. She secured the tapes over the tabs and massaged her hands over Janet's hips. They were the same pink babyish diapers that Ashley gave her last night. Janet was frozen on that changing table. Every instinct told her to rip the diaper off and leave, but all the attention to her body was a new sensual experience she had never felt before. It was even more arousing to her than the diaper change she got the previous night. Ashley's hands moved artfully over the girl's curves and crevices. Did she know what she was doing to Janet? "Okay, smellypants, let's get you in your cute new outfit!" Ashley pulled Janet's arms and helped her stand on her two feet. She stood there, looking down at the diaper as Ashley went into the closet. In the closet were several dresses in all different colors, but the colors were all bright and cheery unlike the dark greys, blacks, and blues that Janet usually wore. Ashley put Janet into an adorable pink dress that had a large bow in the back just above the skirt. Ashley dressed Janet like she was an infant, pulling her arms through the sleeves for her and then adjusting the skirt to make sure it was nice and even. Ashley even took out a hair brush and started to comb Janet's hair. Janet normally just wore a hat or a hoodie, but Ashley would have none of that. She bunched up Janet's hair into two cute pigtails on either side of her head. She continued to brush and style the hair until it was nice and even. Ashley turned Janet towards a mirror so she could see herself. "Now you look like a proper little girl!" Ashley giggled. She gave Janet's padded bottom a smack. Janet could barely feel it! "I think everyone here is going to have a lot of fun taking care of our new baby!" "Please, haven't I been humiliated enough?" Janet frowned. She was an emotional girl and would have cried except for the fact that she felt all cried out at this point. Besides, she was still reeling from the arousing diaper change. "I think you'll grow to love all the attention, looking pretty and cute." Ashley rubbed Janet's padded bottom. "and I'm going to be giving you the most attention around here. You're my experiment, after all, and I think you're going to get me an A in psychology." Janet shivered, feeling intense waves of pleasure course through her. She was also feeling quite ashamed. She was feeling all kinds of conflicting emotions as Ashley teased her. This girl who was both her enemy and her crush now had total power over her and Janet wasn't trying to fight it at all. "I'll make some excuses for you so you can miss your classes and stay here in the nursery." Ashley said, sashaying her way to a nearby shelf and grabbing a pacifier. She walked back towards Janet. "You can do the rest of your class work assignments from here and listen to recorded lectures from a laptop." Ashley wasted no time in planning out her little experiment. She pushed the pacifier between Janet's lips. Janet freely accepted the pacifier, sucking on it instinctively. Ashley giggled, watching the grown girl suck the pacifier. "Oh you are just the perfect baby girl! I'm tempted to make you the official mascot of this house!" Ashley clapped her hands together. There mere thought of being paraded around like this sent shivers down Janet's spine. It seemed like this was going to be Janet's life now for the duration of the month. Ashley had planned out her schedule, not just with time for studies and other school work, but also play time, feeding, naps, and bath time at the end of the day. Ashley showed her the big schedule chart she had created. She sure liked her crafts. The chart was decorated cutely with construction paper cut-outs and stickers. "You will refer to me as Mommy from now on. You mustn't call me Ashley. That would be too familiar for a little girl like you! I expect to be treated with respect." Ashley poked her phone for a moment. "Well, look. I have some things to do. When I come back later I will introduce you to your new family. Don't you leave this room now, you hear?" Ashley shut the door behind her and there was the sound of a lock turning. A room that locked from the outside? Janet ran for the door and tried turning the knob. It did not budge. Janet groaned and wanted to just cry. She was stuck in this room, having to smell her dirty pants sitting in the laundry basket and with nothing to do but play with stuffed animals and toys until Ashley came back. The day had just begun, so Janet would be in this room for hours! Even though the situation was completely humiliating and Ashley had only acted opprobrious to her throughout the ordeal Janet still couldn't help but feel a tad aroused. So much attention was given to her body. Even though she would hang out with boys all the time she had no interest in them sexually. What she really desired was a girl's touch. A beautiful girl like Ashley was desirable to Janet in almost every way. She had wished that Ashley wasn't so straight so she might have a chance with her. Those other girls were pretty hot too. Lydia seemed the cruelest, but even that cruelty was alluring. The way she held herself, her confidence, that commanding presence she had in the doorway to the girl's bathroom. While Janet was thinking about these girls she found her hand between her legs, groping herself through her diaper. She seemed to snap out of her dreamy state, moving her hand away and stumbling backward. Oh God, she wasn't growing to like this, was she? She could not deny that feeling Ashley's hands on her during the diaper change was sublime. Would she start enjoying other aspects of being Ashley's baby girl? And what about when the experiment was over? Could she really go back to normal after something like this or would she be changed with a newfound erotic fetish? Janet has to pee now. Thinking about bathrooms, diaper changes, and baby stuff had made her bladder feel full. She tried to cross her legs, but the bulk of the diaper made it difficult for her to put her legs together. She looked around, finding nowhere to go. She was locked in this room and there was really only one place for her to pee. She thought about it, lifting up her skirt and looking at the diaper. As a child, a few times when she was too lazy to get out of bed she did pee her night diapers on purpose, but that was merely for convenience. That was a long time ago too. She did remember it feeling kind of good. It was just a little too childish. The thought of using her diaper instead of holding it made her feel like a big baby. She fought with her feelings for a while, dancing in place by shifting her weight on one foot and then the other. It didn't matter how she felt though. She had to go, and she needed to go right now. Still holding her skirt up she looked down at the diaper and watched as she started to pee. She could feel the warm piss getting all over her crotch and pooling around the thick seat of the diapers. The flower print on the diaper blurred and disappeared as her diaper filled with piss. Her eyelids drooped and she exhaled a heavy sigh. It still felt good to pee on herself on purpose. It was nostalgic even. Just as she was finishing up peeing the door was unlocked and a new, unfamiliar girl entered the room. Janet tugged her skirt back down as this teenage girl came in holding a plate of graham crackers broken into individual rectangles, a banana cut into little slices, and a tall baby bottle full of milk. "Hey, Miss Ashley said you needed lunch." the girl spoke bashfully, barely making eye contact with Janet. She did witness her wetting her diaper though. She must have been too polite to make a comment on it. She set the little plate and the bottle on a little plastic table. She then went to the door and shut it behind her. She leaned on the door and watched Janet. "I have to make sure you have your lunch." the girl said, brushing her hair away from her eyes. Janet knew the poor girl wouldn't be allowed to leave until she consumed the infantile snack. Janet sat down on the floor by the plastic table. She took a few pieces of graham cracker and munched on them. She then put the baby bottle to her lips. She sucked on the nipple and was prepared for a bland milky flavor, but this milk tasted sweet! It was so delicious that she was practically chugging it. She set the bottle down and noticed she had sucked down half the bottle already. "Thank you for being a good girl, Janet." the girl by the door said. She silently let herself out of the room and Janet was left all alone. Even though she was alone she still ate the sweet snack laid out before her. No one needed to watch her, she just ate her meal like a good girl. When she was all done she felt a little sleepy. With the milk settled in her stomach she had no trouble taking a little nap. She went over to the crib bed, climbing into the side where the bars were set down. She rested on the soft mattress. It was just the right level of softness for her and a thousand times more comfortable than the stained mattress she slept in at her apartment. She was used to sleeping in a wet diaper, so not even that bothered her. It was actually nice to be able to get a nap in during the day and it wasn't even a weekend! Janet was jostled awake by Ashley's hand. She groaned and sat up on the crib. Her diaper felt even heavier than before. She must have wet even more in her sleep. At least these diapers could handle more pee accidents than the cheap ones she used. Suddenly Janet's eyes opened wide when she noticed all the other girls in the room. Ashley helped Janet stand and presented her to everyone. "Girls, this is Baby Janet. She's going to be staying here in this nursery for the rest of the month. You need to treat her like a baby, so don't go letting her do anything too grown up. I don't care if you play with her or tease her, but she needs to know her place as the baby of the house." Ashley gave Janet's cheek a gentle pinch. "Now, Janet, let me introduce you to your aunties." Ashley put the big baby in front of four girls. Three of them she met at the bathroom when they blocked her from getting in. "You've met Auntie Lydia..." Ashley said, pointing to the tall and confident dark skinned girl. Lydia smirked, standing there with her arms crossed over her chest and shaking her hips. "And this is Auntie Alice and Auntie Kendra and Auntie Denise." Alice was a short girl with brown hair. Her clothes looked unique, possibly hand-made. Kendra was tan with dark hair and was the curviest of the girls, but still with a thin waist. She wore low-waisted pants and had an enviable butt. Denise was freckled and pale with glossy pouting lips and glasses. Her hair was made up of large red curls that went down to her shoulders and those shoulders were dotted with freckles. She met that girl the night she wet herself and remembered how she wasn't allowed in the upstairs bathroom. She must have a room on the lower level. "Now these are your big sisters. They might be pledges and still working their way into being members of our house, but they still rank above you." Ashley introduced the three other girls. "This is Emily, Samantha, and Vera." Emily was the shy girl from earlier that gave her the baby bottle. Samantha was a tough looking girl that wore similar tomboy clothes to Janet, but it seemed she was interested in fitting in with the other sorority sisters. She was the kind of girl that liked being called Sam and she did have a sports scholarship, but she had just enough insecurity to want to be accepted by these popular girls and maybe explore her often ignored femininity. Vera was utterly gorgeous with long lashes, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She seemed like the kind of girl that would fit right in with the other sisters. Ashley placed her hand up Janet's dress and felt the weight of the heavily wetted diaper in her hand. "Someone is sopping wet!" she announced, as if no one could tell. She pushed Janet toward the changing table and forced her to lie back on it. "Now Baby Janet can stay wet like this for a while, but if she makes a poopy and I'm not around I expect one of you sisters to change her." She pointed at the three girls. The pledges just nodded, clearly wanting in to this exclusive sorority. Enough to get their hands dirty it seemed! "We can't let the poor baby get poop in her sensitive areas. That wouldn't be fun for any of us!" Ashley ripped the tapes on the sides of Janet's diaper. She made Janet hold the skirt up as the diaper was pulled open. Janet's pussy was visible to everyone. It wasn't being naked that embarrassed her though. It was the fact that everyone could see all that pee she left in her diaper. Ashley gathered some baby wipes and slowly wiped Janet clean. Janet could see a look of glee on Ashley's face. She wasn't sure if it was purely spiteful or if Ashley was enjoying this on naughtier level. Again, Janet did not fight this. Even with all those girls staring at her getting cleaned up she could only lie there frozen. And oh, Ashley's touch, how good it felt. The pretty girl's hand just rubbing her sensitive private areas was heaven, even if there was an audience for it. Ashley turned to everyone else. "You see how I'm doing this, front to back? I expect you girls to give her the same attention and care." She cleaned Janet in a sort of instructional way. She pulled away the used diaper and dropped it into the diaper pail. Instantly the other girls could smell the dirty used diaper the moment the lid was open. Most of them held their noses and grimaced. This made Ashley laugh and smile. It was like the odor didn't bother her if she could make Janet feel small. Ashley got a new diaper and pushed it under Janet's butt. She sprinkled baby powder on her hand and showed the girls how to apply it, rubbing around. Again, feeling Ashley's hand between her legs was quite arousing. Janet tried to remain still, but she twitched and let out a faint sound from he throat. Ashley noticed this and paused, looking in Janet's eyes. She gave the girl a deep, penetrating stare. She just flashing a knowing grin as she folded the front of the diaper between Janet's legs and taped it snug around her waist. "And that's how you change a baby's diaper." Ashley said with a proud smile. "Any questions?"
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    I'm sorry kinkikitten, this forum/community dose not really cater to online dating, especially quick sexual ones. Probably you could try out diaper mate or fetlife. Plus posting something like this right off the bat when you make an account really does scare people off and leave a bad taste in the mouth probably is best for you just to jget in the forum start talking to people get to know other people and then maybe give my find your special person
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    36.) "Did the girls give you any trouble?" It was, as promised, a little after two in the morning when Nora got home — Luzy was on the sofa, and Ister was fast asleep with her head in her lap. Anni, conversely, seemed to be in her room to sleep. On the table was the blue box, and the woman smiled, sitting at the adjacent arm-chair as Luzy slipped her phone away. "They were fine." I'd been texting Koi every like 15 minutes. That girl was getting so clingy! "Ister seems upset, I think… I don't know, she's just usually all about attention." I lifted her head and set it down slowly on a pillow, climbing up from the sofa to leave the room. Talking around sleeping children is usually a bad idea. "Yes, she has been quite fixated with the idea of seeing you again. I see she gave you the necklace?" Nora smiled, nodded at the unlikely Lego jewelry as she sat at the dining table and began to take boxes out of a plastic bag she'd had in her other hand — leftovers, it seemed like, from the conference dinner she'd been at. And a lot of them, to boot. "Sit, eat, enjoy." "Sure.” I sat down at the kitchen table, looking through the doorway at the sleeping girl. "I'd forgot I was wearing it, really." I touched my neck, where the necklace was. "It's really nice of her. I didn't want her to take that kind of shine to me, though…" Truth be told, I needed to avoid making this any worse… "Oh, that's Ister — she's our mystery girl. To be honest, she usually avoids getting close to people on her own account; you should have seen how reluctant she was to let even Anni in. She's come from a bad place, and I suppose she did some bad things that she regrets, so she doesn't want to have the chance to repeat them. That she took a shine to you means that you're special." It was Indian food, it seemed, a half dozen dishes and large labs of naan bread, fragrant, aromatic and delicious. The food was okay. Honestly, I never liked take-out much. Koi always ate my leftovers. I played quietly with the edges of the tablecloth with my free hand, alternating stares between the sleeping girl and the food in front of me. "I suppose." "I'm glad they weren't any trouble. Marta will be gone until tomorrow evening, so I know that your job is a little more involved at the moment, but they both seem to adore you so at least they're behaving." The woman gently wiped her fingers with a wet-towelette and sighed, leaning back into her chair. "You're looking troubled." "I can't stay.” She waited for me to continue, and it took a long time. I was waiting for her to say "you're going to" or something like that. It didn't come. I sighed. "Listen. I like them. But I'm not taking this job. I don't want to. And you tricking me into coming here with that stupid box is really rude. And I'm not staying until tomorrow night." "That box, curiously enough, is a case for one of the girl’s pacifiers." The faint blue outline was visible through the doorway, still, and the woman waited for any reaction, though there likely wouldn't be one. She waited all the same. "And I swear on both those girls lives that I did not put it in your bag. If it was taken from here, you must have taken it. Perhaps in your daze, you were tired, post-hypnosis attempt, if I recall. It's possible you were confused." "Maybe one of the girls…" "Who were both asleep." Who, as she would point out if I tried to argue, would have probably tackle hugged me if they saw me… I bit my cheek and looked down at the little box on the table. I didn't take it. I know I didn't… but then again. I had told Marta not to let me steal something. I was worried I might… "I'm more curious as to why it would be that which you chose to take. It certainly holds no real value, does it? One conclusion I came to was that you wanted a reason to return here. Which, I admit, is convenient for me. More likely than that, you're curious. And curiosity is not a bad thing. You're in a household where there are girls your biological age, conquering insurmountable hardship with the aide of things like that. It would be unnatural to not be a little curious." "I'm not curious!" I said it a little too loud, and I heard stirring from the other room. I turned my head, but Ister only rolled over onto her side. She was still asleep, as far as I could tell. My cheeks went pink and I looked away from Nora. "F-forget it. I don't care if you put it in my bag or not… just… don't do it again…" "Your resolve is slipping. You're considering the reality that you took it, and you don't remember. Your memory issues are quite pronounced, aren't they? Honestly, Luzy, a lack of curiosity would be more suspicious than a healthy sense of such. Like, do they just suck on a pacifier, and the guilt and worry all flows away? Or is there more than that? You must wonder, certainly enough to take one of the pacis from here." "I. Do. Not." I was angry. I was really angry. But I couldn't yell because it would wake up the stupid girl on the stupid couch. And I didn't know what else to do, or what else to say. I just had to sit here and act like it wasn't bothering me. But I was furious. Unrealistically furious. "Just shut up. Okay?" "I would like to have another attempt at putting you under before you sleep tonight." It was like Luzy’s angry words went completely unnoticed, ignored like the plastic box of unrealistically spicy curry to the left of the table that even looked inhospitable, and that neither of them had touched. "I'm not letting you do anything!" Ugh. Voice. Keep it down… "You're just messing with my head so I'll stay here. I don't have memory problems. This isn't my stupid pacifier. And you're using this fake hypnotism crap to mess with me! You act like it can do anything!" The woman sighed and stood up, reaching across the table and grabbing Luzy’s chin, firmly. "You will drop that hauty tone, young lady, and you will not wake up your little sister asleep on the sofa." It was a marked change in attitude, but it wasn't the only one — little did Luzy know that she was about to pulled over an adult woman's lap and spanked. And Nora knew a thing or two about painful, humiliating spankings. "Fuck th-" I moved to get up, and just as I did I felt myself trip, or rather, I felt myself fall. I fell into the woman's lap, her hand against the small of my back, and my cheeks went crimson. What the… and then it happened. One hard smack to the seat of my jeans, louder than I was talking in the first place, and I kicked my feet. "Ow!" "Quiet, or I'll quiet you myself." Two more smacks came down on the jeans, and though the denim provided some small modicum of protection from the worst brunt of physical pain, it did nothing to cushion the humiliation. "You have been a very, very naughty girl, and a poor influence on your sisters. It's long overdue that you learn a little lesson about you behavior." "You are going- ow!" The hit came down hard, again, on my ass, and I winced against the smack. It didn't hurt, not horribly, but fuck… if they woke up… "You're going to wake Ister, Jesus Christ…" Another spank, and I whimpered quietly. Oh god… "I only need to spank you until you learn your lesson, Luzy, and so if Ister wakes up and see's you being punished, you'll have nobody to blame but yourself." The woman held Luzy in place with one hand effortlessly, simply, and smacked her bottom three more times, each time waiting for her to calm down, to give her a chance to do the right thing. "F-fine, fine, fine! I've learned my lesson! Okay? Jeeze, just… stop…" I was facing away from the living room. I'd have no idea if Ister woke up or not. I felt my cheeks on fire, my whole body shaking nervously. I just wanted to get off this woman's lap… I didn't even know what lesson I was supposed to be learning! The woman sighed, tugged down the back of Luzy’s jeans, and the sharp crack of spanking on bare skin rang out through the room. Obviously, Luzy hadn't been trying hard enough. "It's very childish to be punished like this, poppet, very childish indeed. How must that make you feel? How must it make you feel to be so childish and juvenile? Well? Don't make me have to ask again." "E-embarrassed…" Another hit on my bare ass. This time, it hurt. It really hurt. I whimpered, wiggling in the woman's lap, trembling against her thighs. There's no way Ister was still asleep… I felt tears in my eyes. "Please stop, please.. I'm sorry, please… please..." There were footsteps. Small, sleepy, shuffling footsteps. But two more smacks followed before Luzy could look over her shoulder. In-fact, the first real awareness she would have that Ister was awake would be the sleepy girl pushing the pacifier from the box between her lips, much to the praising gaze of her Mommy. And yes, perhaps Luzy could spit it out, but there'd be consequences. "There's a good little girl, Luzy. Suck your pacifier like a sweet little muffin, be good for Mommy." I was furious. I was humiliated. But like a light switch, the pacifier calmed me. I felt myself slip, the aggression, the anger, all disappearing… and I sucked on the pacifier as little tears poured down my cheeks. "N-no more…" "You're going to be a good girl, aren't you?" Her fingers ran across Luzy’s behind, but another spank didn't follow, not just yet. Ister tilted her head and rubbed her eyes, looking at her sitter with a smile. "Paci matches your necklace, Loozy… uhhuh." And it did, too, both in shades of blue, both soft and pretty and simple and belonging exactly where they both were. I trembled on the woman's lap, looking away from Ister with red cheeks. I couldn't handle this. I didn't want her seeing me this way. I was her babysitter! But… I just wanted to get up… I wiggled uncomfortably and nodded my head, sucking harder on the pacifier. "I'm a good girl… I am..." Ister knelt down in front of Luzy and played with the sides of her hair, smiling, taking her hands away just long enough at varying times to rub her sleepy eyes, and then finally cuddling the prostrate girl. "Good girl, Ister, see? Your sister doesn't mean to get in trouble, sometimes she just makes mistakes, that's all." "Uhhuh, mistakes. She's just been hurt, Mommy, and she's scared." "Just like you were, huh, sweetie?" "Nuhuh Mommy… much, much worse." When the woman finally let me stand up, when I pulled my jeans back to my waist, I was furious. I wanted to hit her. I wanted to light this place on fire. But I just sucked on the pacifier, trying not to fall apart crying. I didn't understand. I was their babysitter...
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    New Diaper day, thanks https://theabdlshop.com ! Can't wait to wear them and review them!
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    35.) "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Nora looked at me, then down at the watch on her wrist. "A couple minutes early. Such wonderful work ethic." "I'm not here for the goddamn job, you lunatic!" I pushed the little blue box on the woman, color in my cheeks. Honestly, I had to return it tonight. I didn't trust myself with this kind of thing… "Don't put stuff in my bag!" "Excuse me?" Nora, of course, recognized the little blue box and what could only be its contents, but she didn't flash any of it in her eyes. "I'm afraid I'm not sure what you're talking about — and your bag was in your room the entire time you were here last, if I recall. I wouldn't have had the chance, and as I didn't even take you to school, I think you must be mistaken. What is it?" I didn't think she'd outright deny it! I mean, I guess I shouldn't have put it past the crazy woman, but… "JUST! UGH! Take it so I can go home!" Still, I'd shown up surprisingly close to seven at night. It wasn't intentional! I just hadn't noticed it in my bag until an hour ago. I couldn't believe she'd done something this stupid... The woman sighed and looked down at the box. "If you borrowed something from my house without asking in advance, you don't need to make up stories — I'm not cross with you. I wouldn't think you'd take something unless you truly needed it — your moral code is part of why I hired you. Now, I'll be stepping out for the evening, but the girls are excited to see you and would like to watch some movies tonight, there's a selection available on the coffee table." I puffed out my cheeks in frustration, pushing the box on the woman again. Still, she didn't take it. "I AM NOT STAYING! Ugh! Hey!" She'd walked back inside, though, and I hurried to follow her. "I'm not staying. I have work tomorrow!" Not true. But she didn't know that. "Yes, and tomorrow night, and the next day. Now, Ister needs a bath and cried until Marta agreed to let you do it, so you'll need to do that before much else. Her shampoo is the one in the orange bottle, you'll see it when you get in there." The woman looked concerned for a moment as she walked, like she was trying to remember something else of import. "I think that about covers it, but I'm sure I'm forgetting something…" "I AM NOT STAYING!" I was screaming now, really screaming, and the woman tapped her cheek, trying to think. She couldn't be this dense! She wasn't going to leave those girls here alone. And I wasn't staying. I wasn't! "Well, that should be about it. Marta has the evening off, but I don't think there should be anything you can't handle. I'll be back around two in the morning, I suspect." She was dressed to leave, too, and it became abundantly clear that she had every intention of doing just that. "If you have any issues, I've left Marta's cell on the counter downstairs." "W-wait… y-you can't just…" But the woman stepped out the door and closed it, leaving me alone in the room with the blue box in my hand. I was completely stunned. She couldn't have… no. She was joking. She didn't look like she was joking, though. I thought about it. I could leave. I mean, they're not real kids. I could just leave… right? But I couldn't will myself out the door… By the time Luzy came down the stairs, the blue box still in her hand, she had two curious sets of eyes looking up at her from the base of the staircase. The girls knew they weren't allowed up there, but they stood as close as they dare thought they would be allowed. "Loozy!!" Both of them shouted in excited unison, though Ister was a little louder and she threw her arms around Luzy as soon as she was able, forcing the blue box to drop to the floor. I felt a little heat on my cheeks, hugging the girl with her arms around me. I patted the top of her head and sighed. I hated this. But if Marta really wasn't here, what could I do? I had to babysit… I had to do something. Ugh. At least I'd be getting paid… right? "Hey Ister, how've you been?" "Okay… I missed you. Mommy said that you were here before, but you had to go before you could say hello so I'm glad you came back." "Uhhuh, me too! Miss Marta said that maybe you might be busy but you're not and so you can play wif us, uhhuh uhhuh." "I made you a thing too… with Legos." It was difficult to not hear children... I sighed, smiling down at the two girls. "Well I'd love to see it." "Is this a present?" Anni asked, picking up the blue box. I took it out of her hands and shook my head. "Not for you two. Now come on, show me what you've been up to. And then I'll get Ister ready for her bath." "Uhhuh." Anni, however, remained focused on the box, the way any child might when a vague explanation was given. Ister lead the way to the their living room, where the legos were, and picked up a small circular thing she'd made — a necklace. Or rather, something closer to a choker. A perfectly articulated lego necklace, solidly constructed in differing shades of blue and lilac. "Is for you, Loozy, so you can always remember us when you're not here, uhhuh." "…that's really cute.” It looked uncomfortable as fuck, but all in all, it was brilliant architecturally. I put my head down and pulled my hair up so the girl could snap it in place. She had to take a piece or two off, but all in all, it was surprisingly comfortable. "Thank you so much!" "Its pretty!" "I helped! I helped! I helped find some of the blue pieces, uhhuh." "Anni did help uhhuh, And I thought that you might maybe like a necklace because you don't have one." The collar's that were featured during their time with the horrible young doctor were also a key theme, but Ister would ever admit that much. "It's really comfortable," I said with a happy smile. I wasn't lying, either. It was amazing exactly how nice it fit, exactly how… proper. I let out a little sigh and looked at my feet. I felt awkward. Not different, exactly. Just… off balance. "Okay! Let's get you in the tub." "Uhhuh! Bath!" "I wanna come too!" "Nuhuh! Anni! You already had you bath. Wif' Miss Marta." "Oh yeah…" "Loozy will put some colorings out for you, uhhuh, and then you can show her when she's done wif my bath." "That sounds okay…" Despite the apparent skepticism, the girl seemed relatively sold on the idea of coloring. Ister acted a lot like other big sisters I'd babysat, and Anni acted much like a little sister. I wondered exactly what the differences in times were when each got here. How was age determined? I didn't ask, though. That would have been rude. It's a question for their mom. So I laid out some crayons and took Ister by the hand. "I missed you…" The attachment was, as Nora had discussed at length with Ister, harmful to her own recovery. She shouldn't have been focused on helping Luzy, when Luzy didn't yet seem to be ready to be helped. And even if she were, that was Mommy's job. But Ister knew things, Ister felt things… like guilt. Associated guilt. Even though she'd distanced herself from the girl she was, she still feel guilty by association. "I missed you too," I said honestly. Sincerely, I liked these girls. But so much had happened last time I was here… it just wasn't a good idea getting into it. I hated it, but it was the truth, as sad as it was… "Lay down on the table - I'll get you changed." It wasn't as nice a table as the one in the girl's room, but it would do. Ister was wet, because of course she was, but the expression on her face this time was different from the calm serenity of her usual. She was speculative, she was thinking, assessing, wondering. "Have you ever had bad stuff happen to you, Loozy? Stuff you wish didn't happen, that you wanna forget and make go away but you can't…?" "Of course," I said simply. Sincerely, the way Nora spoke about this place, I suspected that was the exact situation of both Ister and Anni. "Everyone does. But I think you just need to listen to your Mommy, because she knows best, right?" Tragically, I didn't know her parenting style on handling these exact situations. Confrontation. Repression. It was hard to know. So I wouldn't influence it. "Uhhuh… Mommy does know best…" Which was the perfect lead-in to… "I think Mommy thinks that something bad happened to Luzy, too… an' that Luzy jus' doesn't remember so good. Maybe… maybe… Mommy could be right? Because if you don't remember maybe you might not know… right?" Midway through, the Ister’s thumb went to her lips. Confrontational speech regressed her, thoughts regressed her, they were all safety mechanisms. I hesitated, looking down at the girl's legs, and bit my lip. I finished changing her out of her clothes and helped her off the table and into the tub. "I've talked to your Mommy about stuff like that," I said quietly. "I promise. You have nothing to worry about…" "Well… it's just… when I got here… I didn't want to remember either… an' Mommy tried to help, but… but I didn't wanna be helped, because I thought that I was okay… but I wasn't okay… I jus' thought that I was…" Ister ran her fingers over the skin of her thigh as she talked, not wanting to look up, having to focus to not trigger another regression trap. "Shh. I'm fine. Please don't worry about me." I helped her into the tub and sat her down in the bubbles. All in all, she did look so small in such a big bathtub. Still, I couldn't shake the feeling…… "I… um… I'm going to get a glass of water. Play nice, okay?" "Uhhuh…" Ister settled back into the tub, into the bubbles, and bit her lip softly. It wasn't a mistake to push. She'd needed to be pushed, and she wished someone had pushed her a little more — it had taken so long for Mommy to get through to her. And she wasn't even as hurt as Luzy was… she was the one who'd even helped to hurt Luzy. The guilt was something that Mommy hadn't helped her with, because it hadn't come up. She slinked a little deeper into the bubbles. "I drew you a picture!" Anni ambushed Luzy in the hall, smiling brightly. "That's a very pretty picture," I said with a smile. My tone, though, was forced. I was feeling a little light headed. "Would you like a juice box or something?" She was already following me to the kitchen anyhow. No sense denying her some snacks, too. "Uhhuh!" Anni pulled herself up onto one of the stools and looked at her picture, smiling cheerfully. "What was your other name, Loozy, 'cuz Mommy said that I used to have a different name and so did Izzy so that must mean you did, too, right?" It was an innocent enough question, just simple curiosity, but it seemed to leave the would-be baby-sitter rooted in place. "Uh…" …different… name? I shook my head, looking at my feet a second. I finally pushed myself forward, shaking my head. I felt dizzy… "Nope. Luzy's my name. Says so on my driver's license and everything.” Anni wasn't her real name? And Izzy wasn't… I guess it made sense. Confidentiality, maybe… "I don't remember my other name, because Mommy said it would be bad if I did so I'm Anni and tha's a nice name for a princess, tha's what Mommy says. And Izzy is Izzy but I don't know if she remembers her old name but I do because Mommy used to say it before Izzy was all better but it's a secret." Anni put a finger to her lips to mark a secret and smiled, holding her other hand out expectantly. "Wan juice now." Okay… so Anni was here first. But Anni was younger? It was hard to come up with logic for that one. I sighed and smiled, grabbing the juice out of the fridge. "That's quite a weird system." The little girl nodded again. After I had a glass of water, I was starting to feel better. "You go back to coloring, okay? I have to finish Ister's bath. "Uhhuh… remember not to tell Izzy cause it's a secret!" Anni slid down off the stool. She didn't know why her sister had asked for her to bring that up, but she was quite confident that she'd handled the task assigned to her properly. Sometimes Ister could be pretty hard to understand, but Anni did her best to be a good sister. When I got back to the tub, Ister sat quietly. She didn't say anything while I bathed, her, which was fine with me. I wasn't in a talky mood anyway, it seemed. I felt a little sick, but all in all, I needed to get over it. I was stuck here for at least another six hours… then, when we were done, I helped her onto the table and fetched a diaper from the bedroom. "Wan' paci." Izzy simply declared as Luzy left the bathroom to go and fetch a diaper for her to be changed into. Honestly, it would do well to replace her thumb, which she was sucking on avidly when she muffled out those words. She'd tripped up during the bath and she'd found herself unable to bring anything else up. It was stupid, too, careless — not that she was resentful at her traps at all, no no, they kept her safe. It was just… inconvenient at this single moment in time. I changed the young girl, my charge, and dressed her in pajamas for bed. She had her pacifier, which she sucked diligently, and I changed her sister into pajamas. All in all, the night was running smoothly. This wasn't really such a bad job, as long as I thought of the young girls as children, rather than what they were.
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    Thanks for the kind words Here is part two of the story. As usual, thanks a lot to the person who commissioned it and if anyone reading is interested in their own commission they can message me to discuss it My price is £5 per 1000 words (which is a little more than $6 depending on the exchange rate.) Without further ado... --- The next morning found Taylor turning up at Samantha’s house very early. They had decided that it would be best to get changed into their baby stuff at Samantha’s house and then drive to school in Samantha’s car. Usually they just walked straight to school but since they were going to be dressed as they were, they decided that they didn’t want to walk that day. When Taylor got up to Samantha’s room, she found Samantha was already in a diaper and in her purple onesie. Taylor raised her eyebrows as she noticed that Samantha had gone even further, she had put her hair into some very infantile looking pigtails. Taylor smiled, Samantha presented a very cute sight with her new hair style. Samantha blushed and pointed to the bed where Taylor could see a diaper and her own onesie laid out ready for her. Taylor felt a pang of nerves as she looked down at the baby paraphernalia spread out before her. She bit her bottom lip and looked back to Samantha. Samantha looked absolutely adorable, there was no doubt about that, the way her pigtails wiggled every time she moved her head was the picture of pure innocence. Even her womanly curves seemed partially hidden by the onesie that tightly hugged her body. Looking back at the bed, Taylor started to have second thoughts. Playing dress up in the mirror was one thing, but turning up at school dressed in such authentic clothes might be a little too much. What if they were the only ones dressing up? “Samantha… Maybe we shou-” Taylor hesitantly began to vocalise her fears to her friend as she awkwardly picked up the onesie. “Oh no!” Samantha quickly cut Taylor off. She shook her said as she repeated herself, her pigtails swung around her head almost hitting herself in the face with the braided hair, “No, no, no. I didn’t spend all morning building up my courage and doing my hair just for you to back out!” Samantha grabbed the diaper on the bed and opened it up. After being hesitant to do any of this at all, Samantha had spent a lot of nervous energy psyching herself up for the coming day, she wasn’t going to let Taylor back out, it had been her idea after all. “You either get on the bed and put that diaper on…” Samantha said as she placed her hands on her hips looking much more like a strict parent despite her padded appearance, “Or I pull off your clothes and dress you myself!” “OK… OK… Just… Could you give me some privacy?” Taylor said as she looked nervously at the diaper. Samantha nodded and left the room with a smile. She stood just outside the bedroom door whilst her best friend undressed. Taylor pulled off her clothes and sat on the diaper. The softness that she remembered from the previous day immediately flooded back to her. When she taped the front and back together she quickly sat up and heard a very loud set of crinkles echo around the otherwise silent room. From outside of the door, Taylor heard her friend let out a small giggle. “Shut up!” Taylor called out playfully as she laughed in spite of herself. “Can I come back in yet?” Samantha’s muffled voice asked through the door. “Not yet.” Taylor replied as she picked up the pink onesie. It took a couple of seconds for Taylor to work out how to put this piece of clothing on again but after an examination she pulled it over her head and let it fall down her body. To finish the procedure, Taylor bent over and grabbed the back flap of the onesie. She snapped the front and back together and then stood up straight again. As she straightened up she felt the cloth of the onesie pull tight over her body and push the diaper up against her crotch a little bit. “OK.” Taylor called out, “I’m ready” Samantha slowly pushed open the door, stepped inside and closed the door behind her. For a few seconds, the two girls awkwardly faced each other with neither of them knowing what to say or even where to look. The air of awkwardness that the girls experienced initially the previous day had returned in full force. Curiously though, Taylor, who had been hesitant suddenly started feeling a little more confident. After a few seconds she even managed to break the silence. “Do… Do you want to put my hair in pigtails?” Taylor asked quietly, “I’ve never done it myself. I’m not sure how.” Samantha found herself blushing but she nodded. As Taylor sat back down on the edge of the bed, Samantha walked behind her friend and begun the process of giving Taylor the same infantile haircut that she was sporting. When Taylor’s hair was completed a few minutes later she turned to the mirror to look at herself. She had to suppress a smile as her face went a shade of red, she saw Samantha walk up behind her with an equally embarrassed smile. “You look cute.” Samantha told her friend with a giggle. Taylor looked away as her face went deeper red. She didn’t disagree with Samantha’s assessment but she was too embarrassed to say anything back to her friend. Every little movement caused the diaper between her legs to shift slightly and crinkle loudly, it would be impossible to forget about what she was wearing. A part of Taylor felt butterflies and nerves in her stomach but a larger part of her really enjoyed the feelings she was getting. Why was wearing a diaper causing her to feel such strong emotions? “Come on, let’s go.” Samantha said after she finished fixing up Taylor’s hair, “We don’t want to be late.” As Samantha headed towards the door, Taylor looked at herself in the mirror a little more. As she did so she spotted something on her friend’s dresser. “Hold on a minute.” Taylor said as she walked across to the dresser, “Nearly forgot something…” Samantha watched with a confused expression as her friend went to the dresser and picked up two objects lying on the edge of the desk. Taylor smiled as she picked up the two pacifiers. They were attached to some pink and purple ribbon so that they could be worn around the neck. Taylor took the pacifier with the pink ribbon and put it over her head. The soother bounced off of the front of her onesie right around her breast area. Taylor smiled, this was just the thing to complete the infantile outfit. “I forgot about those…” Samantha said cautiously as Taylor brought the other pacifier to her, “Are you sure this is a good idea?” “If we are doing this, we are going all the way.” Taylor said mischievously. Samantha shrugged and lowered her head to allow her best friend to place the pacifier with purple ribbon around her neck. Once it was in place she looked back up at her friend, they both looked like the pictures of the adorable women on the website they had ordered all of their clothes from. “Now we can go.” Taylor giggled as she flicked the pacifier on Samantha’s chest playfully. The two girls walked down the stairs and out to Samantha’s car. The crinkling coming from both girl’s waists echoed around the empty rooms as they approached the front door. With a deep breath and a moment to steady their nerves, Samantha pulled the door open and the two girls walked out into the sunshine. They were very grateful for the warm weather since the few items of clothing they had on would not protect them from the elements. They hurried out to the car in silence and sat down in their respective seats with a sigh of relief that they were unseen. They knew they would have to be seen sooner or later if they were going to walk around school whilst dressed up but at least the people at school would know why they looked like big babies. If any of the neighbours saw the two girls, they would be very confused. The drive was mostly quiet with both girls feeling the butterflies in their stomachs. They were just about to pull in to the school’s car park when Samantha turned down the radio. “We need a couple of ground rules.” Samantha said as she looked out of the window at the other students on the way to school. She was gratified to see a lot of them were dressed up but none of them had put in the same effort that the girls had. “OK.” Taylor replied as she nervously looked at the students as well. “Well… We shouldn’t use the diapers. I know I said it before but I want to be clear.” Samantha said, “Just pull them down and use the toilet normally.” “Of course!” Taylor replied quickly. She couldn’t look Samantha in the eyes, she had to admit she was curious what it would feel like to wet, “Eww, using the diaper? No thanks.” “Right.” Samantha agreed, “I have to admit these diapers are pretty comfortable though… Like sitting on an extra pillow!” Taylor laughed but didn’t say anything in response, she agreed with Samantha but didn’t want to sound too keen. She could see why some babies were so difficult to potty train, this padding was definitely something she could get used to. Almost absentmindedly, Taylor started playing with one of her pigtails as she looked out of the window, twirling it around her finger like a little girl. Finally, the two girls pulled up in the school car park. With a deep breath and popping their pacifiers into their mouths, the two girls stepped out of the car to join the throng of students heading into the school. It felt very strange and revealing to be walking amongst so many people when wearing so little. Samantha and Taylor looked around as they grabbed their bags from the back seat and headed towards the nearest building where they usually met Paul and then had their first lesson. They had definitely put more effort into this dressing up than most other people here. A lot of people had a pacifier or maybe wore a cheap adult pull-up over their real clothes but few had gone to the same effort that Samantha and Taylor had gone to. As a result, the two girls were getting a lot of looks from other students who whispered behind their hands to each other. Samantha almost subconsciously gave the pacifier a small suck as she blushed slightly at all the attention. She was surprised to find that her nerves were steadied somewhat by the infantile soother. Looking to the side, Samantha noticed Taylor was having a similar reaction. As a show of solidarity and to bolster each of their nerves a little, Samantha took Taylor’s hand in hers and together they walked towards their first class. Paul was standing near the door to his first class checking his watch and yawning. Samantha and Taylor were a little late, they were normally here by now but he was still left standing alone watching as the bizarrely dressed student body milled around prior to the first class. Paul couldn’t believe that so many people were willing to make fools of themselves like this. People walking around with dolls, in big onesies, with toddler’s books… Paul just shook his head at it all. Internally, his mind kept wandering back to that website but he would not let himself dwell on it, he just needed his girlfriend here to distract him. Samantha was due any minute and he doubted that Samantha would have any part in this silliness. Paul checked his watch and pulled out his phone. He was just about to hit send on a text message for his girlfriend when he saw a commotion at the end of the hallway and coming his way. Paul furrowed his brow as he watched two girls emerge from the commotion and heading his way. Paul’s jaw dropped as he realised it was Taylor and Samantha, and he could see why they had been causing a fuss. The two girls were dressed in tight pink and purple onesies with very obviously padded bottoms. He was speechless, he knew Taylor liked to go overboard for these events but this wasn’t like Samantha at all. As the two girls drew nearer, he saw that both of them were blushing slightly from behind two overgrown pacifiers. “Hewwo…” Samantha lisped from behind the soother. Realising it was giving her an infantile lisp, Samantha pulled the pacifier from her mouth and cleared her throat before repeating, “Hello.” “Samantha… Hi, I… I, erm, didn’t expect all this.” Paul hesitantly said. He felt a strange reaction from within him, a kind of excitement and happiness that he struggled to put his finger on. Why was he having this reaction? It was just like when he looked at that website, he had been trying to keep his mind off of those images since he had first seen them but now he was staring at his girlfriend dressed up just like the models. She looked amazing. Taylor walked into the classroom with a smile whilst Paul and Samantha stood outside in awkward silence, neither of them were quite sure what to say or where to look. The couple were saved by the bell that signalled the start of the day’s classes. After the rest of their classmates had entered the room, Samantha walked ahead of Paul and started to enter the room. Before he could stop himself, and without thinking, he instinctively reached his hand out and patted Samantha on the padded rear. He didn’t know why he did it and he quickly withdrew his hand. Why was this so fascinating for him? Samantha turned, a little shocked, but gave Paul a little wink as she headed into the classroom herself. Paul followed and the three of the took seats at the back of the room. A lot of the class were dressed up to one degree or another but Samantha and Taylor had clearly gone a step above everyone else. As class began, Taylor popped her pacifier back in and, after Taylor gave her an encouraging nod of the head, Samantha semi-reluctantly did the same thing. Paul watched them both with interest. Try as he might, he just could not take his eyes off of his girlfriend. He was continually drawn to the leg band of his girlfriend’s onesie where he could see a little bit of the diaper she was wearing peeking out. The morning went rather smoothly after the initial excitement had gone away. Taylor and Samantha were stopped in the halls multiple times between classes by other students wanting pictures with the authentic big babies and though they were hesitant at first, they gradually warmed up to the idea and before long were doing all kinds of poses and laughing along with everyone else. They spent most of the morning with their soothers in their mouths and as lunch rolled around, having the latex teats in their mouths felt very natural. Paul felt very odd emotions that morning. He found his gaze constantly drawn to his girlfriend’s backside but not for the reason he normally found his eyes wandering in that direction. He just couldn’t stop himself from wondering what it would be like to be wearing one, all that curiosity that had been awoken within him when he first saw the website was now burning in him. He longed to talk to Samantha about the diaper, he longed to put one on as well just to see what it was like. But he couldn’t, there was just no way he could admit how interested in the diaper he was. He didn’t want to look like he was weird. --- “Paul! Samantha! Over here!” Taylor yelled across the crowded cafeteria. Paul and Samantha saw the furiously waving Taylor across the busy room and they hurried over to the table with trays of food held in front of them. They plopped themselves into seats across the table from Taylor and the three of them started talking and eating as if it were any other day. Paul found it very hard to concentrate on the conversation when the two girls were dressed as they were. Every move Samantha made produced a loud crinkling from around her waist that seemed to Paul to be both distracting and intoxicating. Samantha ate lunch as usual but she wasn’t totally oblivious to her boyfriend acting so weirdly. She assumed that it was just the way she dressed that distracted him but it seemed like every time he thought Samantha wasn’t watching him he would look down at her padded crotch. “Hello? Earth to Paul?” Taylor said in exasperation. “What? Huh?” Paul had been lost in thought whilst staring at Samantha’s onesie and had totally lost the trail of the conversation. “I said are you ready for the math test?” Taylor asked, “I know you love Sam but try to keep up with reality!” “Oh, erm, yes. I’m ready.” Paul replied. He blushed a little at Taylor’s comments but knew she was just kidding around. Samantha laughed but also had a little rosiness in her cheeks after her friend’s comments. The three continued lunch until the bell rang when they stood up and started heading towards that afternoons test. Samantha and Taylor walked in front with their diapers audibly announcing every movement with Paul walking along behind, he had to be really careful not to walk into other people as he found himself so inexorably drawn to the girls’ diapers. “Are you coming over after school?” Samantha asked her boyfriend as they negotiated their way through the packed halls. “Sure.” Paul was responded. He felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness at the visit. He always liked spending time with Samantha but with all these crazy things recently, Paul was unsure what would happen. As the three students walked towards their next classroom they walked past the bathroom that the girls normally stopped at after lunch. Samantha almost always went in to relieve herself before their afternoon class but today she decided to skip the bathroom break, she didn’t want to have to bother with sorting the diaper out, she didn’t want to take it off because the spares had been left in the car. By this point in the day most people were used to the odd way a lot of people were dressed up and Taylor and Samantha drew little attention to themselves. Even the two girls themselves had started to feel less weird by their odd attire, Taylor in particular had started to feel increasingly comfortable in her padding. When the trio entered the classroom for their test they immediately took three seats at the back. They always preferred to be towards the back of the room if they had a chance, a place where they could get away with paying less attention in the more boring classes. The test was fairly standard. The room was silent with only the occasional cough or scratching of a pen breaking the silence. There was one other source of noise that was less standard to an examination room, the students who had dressed up were crinkling every time they shifted in their seats which occasionally distracted other people in the class. Paul especially, found it hard to ignore all the padded people in the room. The test was an hour long and required quite a lot of concentration for the students. About forty minutes into the test Samantha began shifting uncomfortably in her seat, she frowned as she shifted and quickly realised that her bladder was asking to be emptied. She very suddenly regretted that she hadn’t taken the time at stop at the bathroom. Samantha looked up from her test paper and raised her hand. She felt embarrassed that she had to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom like some young child but she was quickly losing the choice. “Yes, Miss. Jones?” The elderly female teacher bent down by Samantha’s ear to ask what the problem was. “Miss. Wilkinson I… I need the bathroom.” Samantha stated quietly. She found it rather embarrassing to ask and her present state of dress did little to make her feel more confident about it. “The test ends in twenty minutes. You can wait until the end.” Miss. Wilkinson said dispassionately. “But…” Before Samantha could say how urgent the problem was Miss. Wilkinson had stood up and walked away to help another student with a problem. Samantha bit her lip as she felt the pressure on her bladder getting stronger and stronger. Looking sideways to Paul and Taylor she saw that they were both engrossed in their tests and seemed to have no idea about the internal struggle that had erupted within Samantha’s body. Trying to distract herself with her test, Samantha looked back down and tried to continue her work. It was increasingly hard for Samantha to concentrate on the questions and her twisting and turning in her seat was attracting some attention from the people around her who could hear the crinkles echoing in the silent room. Taylor, to the left of Samantha, gave her puzzled a look as if to ask what was wrong. Samantha was so consumed with pressing her legs together that she didn’t know what to do or say in response. It felt like at any minute Samantha’s tenuous grasp on her bladder may give way and as a result she concentrated every fibre of her being into not letting that happen. “Five minutes remaining.” Miss. Wilkinson called from the front of the class a little while later. Samantha put her pen down, she had answered the questions as best as she could even though she was so distracted by the uncomfortable feelings running through her. She raised her hand again. “What is it, Samantha?” Miss. Wilkinson asked again as she hurried over to the side of the fidgeting girl. “Miss, may I be excused? I really need the bathroom.” Samantha tried not to sound too desperate but even as she spoke she could feel the sweat on her forehead from her continued effort. “There are five minutes left. I don’t know what scheme you have to try and cheat but you can visit the bathroom when the test ends and not a minute before.” Miss. Wilkinson told the desperate girl before brusquely adding, “Now sit still and wait or I will mark your test a zero.” Samantha sat stunned as the teacher walked away shaking her head. She could feel herself on the edge now, she didn’t even think she could get to a bathroom on time even if she was given permission. She looked once again to either side of her where Paul and Taylor were sat, neither of them seemed to have any idea of Samantha’s internal struggle. Samantha was even rather surprised to see that Taylor had her pacifier in her mouth and seemed to be sucking it rhythmically as she scribbled down answers to the questions. Despite the huge need for the bathroom that Samantha had felt for so long it was still a surprise to her as she felt a trickle escape her into the padding wrapped around her. “Oh no…” She muttered to herself.
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    I know this is not in store, but Northshore Supeme is extra thirsty in either plastic or cloth covered version.
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    I also hate the way it is cool to sound or act dumb instead of striving for the best you can be. Every thing is dumped down to the lowest denominator. I now how silly this may sound coming from someone who can't spell and likes to wear a nappy Sent from my SM-N910U using Tapatalk
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    34.) When I got out of the bathroom, my hands cold from washing, I joined Koi at a table. She'd already gotten our food, and my purse was sitting beside the tray. I sat down with a smile and opened up the wrapping on my taco. I liked eating at Taco Bell, because I always made lesbian jokes at Koi. She always ate one thing: beef soft-shell tacos. So a pacifier. That was… well… that did fit in with the little kid thing. Koi tried her best not to let it bother her, and she deflected her thoughts with her meal. "Go on. Make your meat-in-my-taco comment and get it out of the way." She laughed. They both did, because they were friends. It didn't even occur to Koi to think about that box, or to think that she'd left it open in the bottom of Luzy’s purse. I guess we were fine. I mean, it was nice. I didn't know what had upset her in the first place, but it was nice to see that part of our argument was over. Koi was my best friend - I didn't want her to be mad at me. On the way back to campus - five minutes late, I might add - Koi grabbed my hand again. I looked down at our fingers intertwined. “I’m sorry about whatever I did wrong last night… I really didn't mean to upset you.” I was always shitty at apologies. I'm sorry for whatever I did wrong was pretty shitty as far as apologies went. Honestly, it was just like saying I don't know what bad is. Koi sighed, and forced a smile, but didn't let go of Luzy’s hand. "Nah… it's probably my fault. You trusted me with something and guess I kinda screwed it up. I'm trying to do better with it, like today, I just don't know sometimes. It's different, is all. Don't stress over it, though, you'll be fine. We'll be fine. And I love that you trusted me." "Uh… alright?" I didn't know what she was talking about, though. What I'd trusted her with? Maybe because I let her pick me up from the cafe when I was feeling shitty? That made sense. "Anyway, I think you did fine. You didn't make me feel stupid or whatever, so…" She smiled, nodding her head. "I gotta get to class - I'll see you at five, okay?" "Mmhmm." So that was that, then. Everything was cool? Maybe she could give this little kid thing another chance, maybe Luzy was going to be less self-centered about it, maybe it would be okay. And the pacifier, well… that wasn't so weird. RIght? And those things were like $4 in stores and if there was something cute like that which she could buy for Luzy on days she was feeling down… yeah. Yeah, this wasn't so bad... Things were better. Everything was better. Today was one of the worst days I could remember, but it was over, now, and everything was okay. For once in my life, I felt like things were okay! /// "You're really not going back?" "Nope." If I wanted the job, I'd have to be there in five hours. That's how much time I had left, before my shift would start. "You're crazy…" "I like things the way they are right now." "And you'd like things even more if you had that kind of money. Think about all the nice stuff you could buy, and no more being called into work at the last minute of weeknights. Honestly, it would give us more time together, in the end." Well, that was probably a little optimistic, but Koi couldn't really be blamed. "I think you should go back for one more weekend, just to be sure. What can it hurt?" "I don't want the girls to get attached to me." Honestly, they probably already were. Ister, at least. But I couldn't warrant it. I needed them to understand I wasn't coming back. And if I showed up today… "I know I won't take the job either way," I said simply. "No point dragging it out." "For money there is!" "Not if it hurts the kids." I had weird morals. "I'm sure they have plenty of sitters, and they're kids, they'll get over it — but come on, you're also like the best sitter in the world. You'd be good for them, and the money would be good for you." Here goes nothing. "You could save up some, and we could hit Disney in the fall, and I'll hold your hand the whole time and play with your hair and be all babysitter-like for you." “Uh…" Okay, that was weird… "What do you mean?" "I mean… I don't know, like we could go together, to Disney World. And… I don't know…" "…babysitter?" "Yeah." "…why would I need a babysitter?" Oh man, this wasn't about the bedwetting, was it? No. We hadn't talked about that in like five days. It was a dead topic. And we hadn't talked about the "sippy cup incident", and that was over a year ago! Then what was she talking about… Uh. Fuck. Well, that went down like a plane without a pilot. Koi laughed, and nudged her best friend. "Oh man, you should have seen your face. I'm messing with you, like, you babysit them, I babysit you. You didn't get that?" One thing Koi had going for her was the fact she could play this stuff off and sell the performance. "Seriously, though, we could go. And I bet we could do that Princess Makeover thing, right? They do that for adults, I think I read somewhere." I blinked, looking at Koi, and then smiled a bit. She was so stupid sometimes. I needed to stop worrying. The kid stuff was long gone. And as long as I stayed away from that house, it would be gone for a long time coming. I just needed to make sure I didn't wind up there again. "I'll save up my Subway money." "That won't ever be enough." "Then we'll go next year." Koi pouted and decided she simply needed to be more proactive about this. Why did she even care, again? Oh, that's right, because money was rarer for college kids than the god particle was for those researchers in Sweden, and more money meant less stress and Luzy was such a stressful girl. Slyly, her fingers ran up the back of her friends neck and started to tangle with her hair. Fine. She could use that Luzy had a crush on her to get her way. I blinked, turning to look at Koi. Her fingers played with the bottoms of my hair, across the back of my neck, and I bit my cheek. Jeeze, that felt nice… “What…?" "Nothing," she said happily, and I turned to look out at the campus again. We were just on a bench outside the dorms, watching the clouds roll around. Fridays were lazy days. Slowly Koi guided her friends head down onto her shoulder as she continued to play with her hair, like a puppet. She should take the job, she knew that she should, and she was just being stubborn. Stubbornness that Koi was good at breaking through, by virtue of being the best friend. "Tell me about the kids. What are their names?" "Ister and Anni…" I wiggled against her shoulder. Her fingertips curled around my hair and her shoulder felt comfortable. I felt my eyes slip closed. My voice slowed, lulling from obvious to sleepy. Quiet. "They're… really nice girls…" "They have pretty names, Ister and Anni. Which one is older? Anni sounds more like a little sister kind of name, to me.” She was so serene, like she'd stopped feeling like she needed to fight or protest, and Koi liked that. It was easier to convince her best friend to do the right thing one she got out of her own damn way. "Ister's older… couple years…" "How old are they?" "Uh…" How old were they? I mean, I knew they were like eighteen and twenty-three or something, but… "I think… five and… four…?" I had no idea where I'd gotten those numbers from. But they felt right… like I'd be told them… but I didn't remember being told. "I thought you said a couple years apart?" “Musta been mistaken…" Luzy was sleepy, but not in the falling asleep way — more like the completely content way. Like being with someone you just want to be with for the rest of your life. How deep did this crush go? How long had she had it? Koi continued to play. "You miss them. Ister and Anni. You miss them, I know you do. You want to see them again, see the way they smile. I bet you make them smile all the time…" "I guess… they're nice girls…" I rubbed my eyes, trying to sit back up. Koi's fingertips played with my hair, though, and held me against her shoulder. The clouds kept moving, slow like my thoughts. I thought I was melting… "I guess I'll miss them…" "It might be nice to see them again, though… you remember why you got into this, right? You wanted to make an impact on as many people as you could. To help kids grow up and have better lives because they met you." It was so pretentious, but right now it was a useful thing to have committed to memory. "Don't they deserve to have you in their lives? To grow up and have better lives for having known you? It makes sense to me..." "I doubt I'm gonna matter," I said with a little pout. "Too late on all that…" I blinked, rubbing my eyes again. I said too much. I sat up proper, which took more effort than I felt I could manage. The girl watched me, curious, and I smiled over at her. "Anyway, it's not important. Let's talk about something else." "Okay." Koi had, to her credit, done her best. She'd tried to coerce Luzy as best she could, but she couldn't force the matter. So she left it on one last note. "If you truly don't think you being there will make them better people, though, I think you're underestimating how amazing you are."
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    Chapter 2 I wonder what these look like. I began to open the package and slide a light purple fluffy object out. The smooth plastic brought back the memory of one of the times that I had to wear Goodnites. With there soft, pillow like feel. These are many times thicker than the Goodnites I remember. I thought as I squeezed it. And they are purple. I guess that is a bit better than random cartoon characters. But, purple underwear would be kind of a give away. I don’t have to leave the house in them so whatever. I put the diaper down and began playing games until dinner. Knock knock “James, dinner is ready” my mom said as she opened the door. “Cool” “I see you have taken a look at your new protection” she said as she glanced at the open package. Forgot about that. “Uh.. ya I was curious to see how they were different from Goodnites” I replied. No matter how many times in the past I had to wear Goodnites or protection, it was always awkward when talking about it at first. “That’s fine with me” Dinner was uneventful, as was the rest of the evening. However, I was becoming fairly curious about the diapers. I was eager and apprehensive at the same time. Eventually, it was time for my mom and me to go to bed. “Jamie, it’s about time to head off to bed” “Okay mom” I replied as I began to head off to my room. “Hold on, I want to help you with getting these on. At least until you are comfortable taking putting them on yourself” “I’m 18. I think I can manage” “Trust me on this one. It is not normal. Just bring one into my room” I will show her that I can manage. “Okay, I will prove to you” I said as I went up to grab the diaper. I entered her room and saw a plastic mat and some other toiletries along side it. “What is all of this?” “This is to make sure your skin stays healthy. Diaper rash is painful” I unfolded the diaper hearing it crinkle as it opened up. This is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. More importantly it was flat. I began to try and get it positioned myself but failed. After about five minutes of fiddling I gave up with a sigh. “Okay mom you win” “Great now if you could strip for me and lie flat with your waist at the center of this mat” she said as she took the diaper. I got down and eased myself onto the mat it crackled as I shifted my weight onto the cold plastic. My mom knelt beside me with a refreshing smile on her face. “Good now if you could face away from me” I obeyed and felt a cold wipe cleaning my rear. This was followed by a weird paste with the consistency of almost toothpaste being rubbed all about. “Okay now if you could lie on your back again” I saw as she took a baby wipe and cleaned my private area. Followed by a white paste that she rubbed in everywhere. I was now covered on both sides with a white paste. “I suppose that is what ensures I don’t get a rash” “Mostly, now if you can lift your butt up” She scooted the unfolded diaper under me. “You can relax now, just spread your legs a bit” I eased my rear onto the soft fluff that was below me. Wow that feels nice. It was a ton better than the plastic mat. I thought as I slightly grinned. She then applied what I presume was baby powder, which had a pleasant scent. “There nice and snug” she said as she attached the four tapes and the thick padding encased my front and rear. “Well that was very involved” I said as I stood up. “You might want to have me do this for you” “You wouldn’t mind?” “Not at all” I stumbled as I stood up. The bulk of the padding forced my legs apart causing me to have a wide stance. My mom giggled a bit and with a soft pat to my rear she said, “Sweet dreams” she said as I waddled to my bedroom, turned on the CD player and just relaxed on my bed. This is nice actually. It is very soft and comfortable. I happily drifted off to sleep. “Good morning sweety” I stretched out. The mass between my legs was much thicker than it was in the morning and now it felt more like a wet sponge, yet it was still semi comfortable. Whelp I guess I wet last night, at least the sheets are dry. “Good morning mom” I said as I threw off my sheets noticing the lack of a blue stripe and the swollen state of the diapers. “Looks like diapers did there job” “Yes, I am going to get changed out of them and take a shower” “Be sure to wash well down there” As I walked with the padding squishing between my legs, I remembered four year old me. I was probably the hardest kid in the world to potty train. I had a small bladder and didn’t really want to give up my diapers. I actually wore pull-ups during the day until I was five. I just could never seem to keep my pants dry. But, I never hated it. I actually like how they felt and the comfort they brought. I finished my shower and basically the rest of the day was also fairly uneventful. Nothing really happens during the summer. However, the entire day, all I could think about were those diapers. Nothing else really seemed to matter. I ate dinner, and went up to get changed into my diaper for bed. As she was changing me, she said “I have to go to into the office tomorrow sweety, I will probably be gone by the time you wake up” “Okay” “I will call to check in on you at lunch and you can always call me if you need me” “I’m 18 mom, I can handle being home alone” “I know, I’m just being a mom. Anyways sweet dreams” I went up to my room did my normal routine of turning on my music and drifted to sleep. I woke in the middle of the night with a sharp pain from my bladder. I have to pee. I began to move when I felt the padding. Right, I’m suppose to just go... just need to relax. I calmed my self and began to breathe slower and then I began to wet myself. The warm liquid began to pool around my rear before being absorbed by the thirsty padding. Ahhhh. Much better. More memories began to come back of me doing the same thing with my Goodnites. The hot padding sucked up the fluid and I reached down to feel the warmth of my crotch. Now I remember why I use to do this. It feels good and it is so much easier. I smiled and fell back asleep in a wet diaper. I awoke and went to the shower and took off the sodden diaper. In the shower I thought to myself. If I am alone in the house. I could keep wearing it for a few hours just to see what it is like, and remember some more memories. I mean no one would know. That was my plan for the next day. The rest of the day was boring, mom called, and I watched TV. However, I was excited to get to bed as I would try my plan out tomorrow. I went up to get changed into my diaper. “I’m going to work from home for the afternoon tomorrow” Damn, well I can just be out of them before noon. “Great” “Sweet dreams” I woke wet, as usual, but this time I skipped the shower and the removal of the diaper. Alright now what to do? Well nothing really had changed other than the fact now I had a sodden diaper on. So, I just sat down with a slosh at my computer and played video games. Pressure was beginning to build in my bladder. Do I wait? Do I take it off? Or do I dare to use it? Can it even hold another wetting? Maybe I will try in the tub or something. The phone began to ring. I stood up and the cold sodden diaper clung to my skin. Maybe I will take this off now. It is a bit more uncomfortable than I thought it would be. I waddled downstairs to get the phone in the kitchen. “Hi mom” “Hi Jamie, I just wanted to check in and ask how is my sweet boy doing?” “I’m doing fine mom” Better than before as the pressure from my bladder is gone. “Great, I will be home in an hour” “See you soon” “Bye” I hung the phone up as I felt my diaper getting warm again and liquid pooling. Am I wetting myself? What? I guess I had to really had to go. At least the diaper held up. I went upstairs into the bathroom and untaped the diaper. It landed at my feet with a heavy plop. That diaper looks like it was at its limit. I thought as I tossed it into the trash and took a shower. That was not quite as fun as I thought it would be.
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    Chapter 5 Boarding the flight was relatively painless. Being the middle of the day on a weekday, it seemed only businessmen and students were on board, and there were more than a few spare seats. As they shuffled down the endless flexible corridors towards the entrance to the plane, Bonnie and Max made idle chitchat - the sort only couples can make, about nothing in particular - as Claire posted the obligatory travelling selfies to her smorgasbord of social media accounts. She was careful, however, to avoid her camera catching a telltale glimpse of her skirt. "Bonnie might be a wetter," she thought, "but I'm certainly not. And I don't want anyone at uni to think I am either!". Claire did feel a little bad for slightly looking down on her friend, after all, with the shrill protests she put up at the security desks, she clearly was confident in her diapers. "Besides," said Claire, "it's not like I'm not wearing a diaper either." Bonnie giggled and broke off her conversation with Max with a swift efficiency. "Yes you definitely are, hun!" she began, "Isn't it easier?", punctuating her interruption of Claire's thoughts with two sharp pats on her padded bottom. Claire's heart jumped into her mouth. She hadn't meant to announce to the whole plane that she was wearing a diaper, but her last thought had accidentally slipped out of her mouth! Dropping her tone to a frankly useless whisper - the nearest stranger was less than three feet away - she hurriedly tried to explain herself to her friend. "I didn't mean to say that out loud! I don't want the whole plane to think I'm a wetter!" Claire frantically whispered. Either ignoring or remaining oblivious to the hint, Bonnie continued the conversation at normal levels. "Relax! No one cares if you're a wetter. It's, like, totally fine now." "I told you Bonnie," Claire retorted, abandoning her attempts at secrecy by raising her voice back to room temperature, "I'm not a wetter! I don't mind if you are, but I grew out of it!" "Yeah well, you're the one who brought diapers for a 90 minute plane journey," Bonnie teased with a wry smile. Glancing up, they realised that the endless shuffling had actually achieved something, and a smiling air hostess was ready to welcome them to the plane. "Good Afternoon," came the sing song voice of the service industry, "May I see your boarding pass?" The woman's english was impeccable, but her accent was obvious. After a brief search, Claire produced the document. "And I do have to warn you that there is no bathroom aboard todays flight - but I can't help overhearing that you guys came prepared!" "Uh, thanks," replied Claire, going bright red as she moved past the corporate charm into the cabin. After some seat swapping with a more than obliging Bavarian plastic cup salesman, Claire, Bonnie and Max managed to find three seats next to each other. As they reached cruising altitude, Max pecked Bonnie on the cheek and announced his intention to nap for most of the flight. "It helps me wet better," Max helpfully provided, "I never did really grow out of bedwetting, but when I wear in the day I sometimes have to think about it, and that's just a massive drag." After Max had dozed off, Bonnie offered up some secondary information, "Plus he usually messes in his sleep, but when we're out and about he has to stop and tense up, and that's just weird."
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    Why do you feel you have to tell her? Does she tell you what underwear she wears? The thing is, you say she over reacts to a lot of stuff. I'd let it go, don't say anything to anyone unless they ask you (if they even notice). Then just say that you have been having some problems ever since you fell on the ice last year, you have been to the doctor and urologist and they are monitoring the situation. If your mom or someone asks why you didn't tell them, just say you have the situation under control and why would they even feel they have to ask in the first place? Don't tell, wait until (if ever) someone asks you and then make like it is no big deal, you have it under control.
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    Hi guys! I'm in the lowermainland!
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    How about people... Or alternatively, if you know it, their name.
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    32.) I blinked, looking up at the ceiling. My chest was hurting, but I shouldn't have thought that was new. I sat up a little too fast on the sofa, and looked up at Nora with a sense of panic. But when I realized where I was, when I noticed I was okay, I calmed down a little. I played with my fingers in my lap, looking around the room. "I think I fell asleep…" The woman smiled, nodding her head and concealing everything but a small smile. "You must be tired. Come now, I'll take you to your room." The room in question just so happened to have a baby-blue blanket, of course, and the woman would ensure that a pacifier was in eyeshot once Luzy was left alone. Not that she expected remarkable results, not so soon, but it would be interesting to see how far the girl would accept new truths. "…it didn't work, then?" "We can try again tomorrow if you'd like?" “No, I don't…" Ugh… "I mean… I'm…" My chest was hurting. I shook my head, my hand still in the woman's, as she led me down the hall. I didn't know why I was holding her hand. It just happened. "Um… I'm sure I'm fine… I don't need any more… um… attempts..." "We'll make another attempt tomorrow, perhaps when you're not quite so tired." The hand-holding was new — childish, cute, and Luzy had done it without protest or complaint, easing away what had been a flustered and soured look from her face in the process. The bedroom was the same as ever, with the powder-blue comforter on the bed as the woman led Luzy over and pulled back the blanket. "Here we go." "Thanks…" I looked at the blanket with flash of recognition. But I'd been in this room all last weekend. Of course I recognized it. Still. My fingers toyed with the edge of it, my heart pounding in my chest. "Is there anything else I can get you?" "No, I'm good…" I pulled the blanket up to my chest, looking down at my feet. Everything felt heavy, but… it wasn't so bad... The woman opened a drawer in the bedside table, and lined up like chess pieces, were two dozen pacifiers in different colors and shapes and sizes. Carefully, she plucked up two of them, and smiled, looking at Luzy. "The girls will have finished their treat-filled pacis, and if I don't change them out for proper ones before I go to bed, they'll both end up sticky and unhappy." Her hip nudged the drawer, but it stayed mostly open and Nora stopped by the door to turn out the light. A nightlight kicked in, dimly lighting the room, and gently she clicked the door shut, leaving Luzy with the blanket and the ajar-drawer of pacifiers in arms reach. I curled up to the pillow, looking at the nightlight. The blanket was warm and happy and it brought with it a sense of security. I rinsed myself in it, letting it wash me clean. Everything was fine for a long time. But after a couple minutes, I just couldn't fall asleep. I knew I had to be up in six hours. I knew I had to get to school. I knew I couldn't be late to another class. The worries swarmed me. I thought quietly about the drawer. About the girls in the other room. They slept so soundly. I looked over at the drawer and leaned in. There were a good number of pacifiers, strewn about. If one wasn't in there in the morning, it wouldn't even be noticed… so without thinking, I took one out and popped it in my mouth. Within minutes, I was asleep. "Miss, it's time for you to wake up." Marta was standing by the side of the bed, politely, a small smile on her lips. The pacifier had fallen from Luzy's mouth, but was on the sheets by her chest — out of sight, mostly, enough for the girl to believe, perhaps, that Marta hadn't seen it. "I've prepared breakfast for you, will I be seeing you in the dining room? The children are still asleep." "Mm…. five more minutes…." "Miss, please. Breakfast is waiting." The woman left the room, leaving me alone. I pulled myself up and rubbed my eyes, looking around the room of mild sunlight. It wasn't very early. Then I remembered. I looked around in a panic for the pacifier, finding it beside my hip, and trying to figure out if it was out of sight. It probably was, right? Right. Marta would have said something. So I put it back in the drawer before anyone noticed and pulled myself out of bed. Why had I slept with it? Why had I wanted it? I was over it… I had gotten over that stupid stuff… "Is it cold, Miss? I could turn up the heat, if you like." Marta was ever-courteous, even as Luzy sat down at the table with the blue blanket wrapped around her still. On the table was a bowl of oatmeal with honey and fruit, as well as scrambled eggs, toast and bacon on a side-plate, and a glass of chocolate milk beside that. A pretty solid and encompassing breakfast, to be quite honest. "Is everything to your liking?" "I'm fine, I just… do this when I wake up…" I didn't, not really. I mean, when I was younger I used to carry my blanket out of bed with me. I guess I didn't really have time to do that anymore. I pulled the blanket around me and took a bite of the bacon. It was so good! I always loved the food here… "Thank you, Marta." "It's my pleasure, Miss. The Lady of the House and the children are still asleep, so I'll be delivering you home. If there is anything I could do for you, please let me know — I'm at your disposal." The maid curtseyed with a smile. "With your permission, Miss, I'll take my leave to tend to a few things before we depart." "Yeah, of course.” She left me alone with my food. I looked down at my meal and ate slowly, biting the inside of my cheek. Anything she could do for me. I could think of something. But I shook my head. I was done with that! That part of my life was over! I'd resolved it, and that was the end of it. I wouldn't fall back into old habits just because of what happened here last weekend. I knew better… The maid returned not too long after she took her leave, bubbly and perky as she ever was — how she managed to be at this hour of the morning was anybody's guess. "If you don't mind my saying, Miss, it's a pleasant surprise to see you again. I hope that everything was okay last night, and that you're feeling a little better this morning." Marta wasn't usually the conversational type, but she did tend to be a little more open when it came to Luzy. “Yeah. Um… I'm okay.” I had nearly finished my food. Marta stood alongside me. I wondered if she was allowed to sit down. Actually, I wondered if she lived here. I mean, she had a room… but then again, I had a room. "I just had a bad night… I'm better. I promise." "I'm relieved that hear that, Miss, truly I am. The Lady of the House has given directions that I'm at your disposal until the start of your first class for the day, so if there is anything at all I could do for you, or any errands that might need to be tended to, please let me know; it doesn't matter how small or esoteric or personal." She wore a maid’s uniform, it seemed, in perpetuity, but before they left for the morning she would change into something more fitting for being outside the house. "I'm okay… really.” She nodded her head and I looked down at my plate of food. I could just ask. I mean, what if I got home and I regretted it? No, I'd just throw it away. Or worse, I wouldn't. No. I didn't want to go down this road! I knew what was down this road!! "I'm okay. Thank you for breakfast..." "You seem troubled, Miss." The maid did something she hadn't done, not with Luzy, not before — she knelt down next to the chair, the way that an adult would with a child, and she smiled up at her. "While I'm tending to your needs, Miss, I'm bound to be confidential. So please don't feel as though you need to be shy, you can ask quite nearly anything of me." "I just…" I wanted to ask her a favor. But I had another favor, too, and they conflicted. It was a serious problem. I needed her to stop me from doing anything stupid. But I need her to do something stupid for me. I just… ugh. "Could you just…" Ugh! "Make… uh… make sure I don't… uh… take anything?" "…you think yourself a thief?" “Maybe…" I pulled the blanket tighter around myself. "Well, what is it that you'd like to take, Miss?" Marta didn't seem to be too offended by the idea, more like she was… surprised. "I don't think that you're a thief, Miss. I think that perhaps there is something you would like, and you're ashamed to think that you might just take it. How about you tell me what it is, and that way I can ensure you don't take it without permission." I looked at my hands with red cheeks, shaking my head. This was silly. I was overreacting. I didn't even want it. I just… slept really well. I was jealous of how well I slept. It's like a really expensive hotel, and you want to take the sheets home. That's all it was. "Never mind. Nothing. Come on, I'm gonna be late." "Yes, Miss. As you wish." Luzy stood up, the blanket still wrapped around her, and Marta smiled. "I'll return that to your room, Miss, and fetch your purse. Meet me at the stairwell." Strangely, the girl seemed quite resistant to part with the blanket, but eventually she handed it over. Marta knew what it was she wanted, of course she did, and she ensured that the pacifier wound up in a small box in the bottom of her purse by the time she returned with it. "Your purse, Miss. Will there be anything else?" "No thank you, I'm okay.” Marta drove me home. We didn't really say much. Maybe I just didn't have the energy. I'd slept well, but today was nerve-wracking. I had a lot to do. And on top of it, I had to deal with Koi. I didn't even know why she was mad at me. Because I fell asleep? I sighed, checking my phone. No texts… Marta was dressed in a simple dress in shades of black and white to harken her uniform, but accented with dulled pink to provide something a little more than just something to be worn to work. She pulled the car up in the parking lot for Luzy’s apartment block, and smiled. "Is there anything else I could be of use for, Miss?" "No thank you.” Marta smiled at me as I got out of the car. I pulled my bag over my shoulder and dipped my head back down to look in the car at her. "You look nice in your dress," I said. She blinked, but before she could respond, I closed the door. I went up to my apartment and started to get ready for the day. A long day. Thursdays always were.
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    Oh good, just what we need: more of those kinds of labels.
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    Freswith! Where have you been! We're starving out here! We love you so, come back!
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    i made my crib and there are pictures of it and my nursery in my profile feel free to check them out.. as far as thrashbear is concerned.. last i heard he live sin PA some where
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    To be honest is was so shy .... (I was the one in the paw patrol shirt) I could get courage to talk to people.... But xint word next time I ill be more opened up: ) Sent from my SM-J320V using Tapatalk
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    I have been on my HRT for six months now : While my body is certainly changing and they are even measurable changes at this point, most people that know me will attest that I have always had body image issues, even when my body is 'close' to what I am trying to achieve. When I moved to Tucson, I ended up putting on 20lbs because I got lazy and stupid. I ate poorly and didn't exercise properly. But after stepping on a scale back in January, I was scared back into doing what I am suppose to do. I am now watching what I eat again and I am back on a regular exercise routine. And to keep it fun, I chose Pole Dancing for my exercise. I have always respected pole as an art form but until I researched it and started doing it, I had no idea how strong you have to be to do it. I now respect it as a sport. The people who are good are truly world class athletes! I did my first 10 classes from a Groupon completing the last two hours last night. My body is sore and bruised, my hands are ripped open and I love every minute of it. My next class is Saturday where I am getting my unlimited membership for the month and then in April I'll be buying my unlimited membership for the year. In just the few weeks I've been doing this, I have watched my flexibility and strength increase dramatically. I haven't lost but a few pounds, but I feel fantastic health-wise. On top of all the health benefits from pole, I can't think of anything that says feminine grace and beauty quite like this does. As silly as it may sound, I feel so much more like a woman when I do it. And despite the fact that I am 20 years older than most of the girls in my class, I look forward to how far I can take this.
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    Well spoken and congratulations. Accepting who we really are is a milestone not to be taken lightly. If I may add, I'm very jealous of your accomplishment. I wish my personal arrangements would allow me the freedom to explore this pleasure in greater detail. May I ask if your 21 days have gone without removing the stent for cleaning? I'm wondering if tissue will begin to grow around and lead to more long term condition?
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    22.) "Ister Marie." The woman hadn't taken long to arrive, a gown wrapped around her body, and she'd heard those last two words. "Go to your room, right now." Ister looked flustered, frustrated, and whimpered, nodding, and brushing past the woman, tears in her eyes. "Are you alright, Little Luzy?" How far through her barrier had Ister pushed? Only the innocent name-drop would help for her to know. I slapped the woman's hand away, stumbling backward. The girl was gone. She'd ran. Tears flooded my eyes and I shook with the ferocity of a storm. I looked at the woman, the woman in front of me, without recognition. Everything was hurting. "S-stay away from me… don't touch me…" The answer to how far the veil had been pushed was deeply, it seemed. The woman smiled, undeterred, and took a step closer, cornering Luzy between the wall and her body. And one hand raised as if to strike her, and Luzy winced, but the woman didn't strike. She placed her hand on her cheek, and smiled. "Hello there, Little Luzy. My name is Nora, and I'm taking care of you." I looked up at the woman curiously. But the curiosity was surface expression. I waited, quiet, until she came closer, and I hit her as hard as I could in the shoulder, running past her and down the hall. It wasn't like yesterday, when I was stuck. I wasn't stuck. I could run. I could hide. And that's what I did. From the kitchen to the dining room, to the living room, and a door. I opened it, pulling myself into a bedroom, and looked around frantically. Bed. Bathroom. But where I hid was the wardrobe. I curled up behind the coats, shaking. Stay quiet. Stay quiet… "Hello in there, Miss." The maid was seated on the bed — she had been the entire time, and Luzy had been such a whirl of rushing fervor that she must have overlooked the black and white uniformed woman. Marta smiled faintly, talking to the closet even though the door was closed and the girl didn't answer. "Is there something you're afraid of, Miss?" She didn't know where I was. She didn't. She was just talking. Tears poured down my cheeks. I just needed to get out of here. A knock came, not on the door, but to my right. It scared the Hell out of me, and I tumbled out of the wardrobe with five pairs of shoes. I looked up at the maid and stumbled to my feet, looking to run again. "Miss. You're in my quarters, and I've locked the door to keep you safe. If you could tell me perhaps what is wrong, I could be of aid." Marta wasn't too much taller than Luzy, and she knew what had happened last night, so she presented as timid and unimposing demeanor as could be. She was smart, and smart meant being sweet, and sweet and helpful and cheerful were things that won peoples trust. My eyes shined like glass and I shook my head. I looked past the woman at the door, at the lock. True to her word, it was locked. Or at least, it looked it. Then, suddenly, a knock. "Marta?" "No one in here," she said simply. There wasn't a second knock. The woman who had cornered me did not make another sound. "…I wanna get out," I whispered. "H-help me get out…" "Of course, Miss. You're in such distress, I only want to be sure — do you know where it is you are?" Marta strongly suspected Luzy did not. Perhaps, she thought she was elsewhere, captured again by that dastardly man, or maybe even worse — still back in that building in the first place. I opened my mouth to answer, but I hesitated. I felt my fingertips shake at my side and I slowly hung my head. Finally, after a minute of deliberating, I shook it. I really didn't know where I was… I didn't even know the last thing I remembered… "This is the estate of Eleanora Bisketti — that was her at the door a few moments ago. I am her personal maid, and my name is Marta." This would be first contact as much as that could be thought of as such. "Miss Eleanora takes in runaway girls from horrible situations and gives them a place to live, cares for them, and helps them to recover. Did you come from a horrible place, Miss?" “No,” I said bluntly, but my eyes showed otherwise. I was lying to her. I remembered the fire. I remembered the heat on my cheeks. I couldn't breathe. I fell back against the wall and shook my head, biting my lip. I was going to be sick… "…I just wanna leave…" And go where? Did I have a home anymore…? There was a tea-cart alongside the bed, and the maid had poured out a cup of simple tea with cream and honey while Luzy had stumbled for an answer. She extended it with one hand, and used her other to guide Luzy's fingertips to take the delicate cup. "Please sit, Miss, and drink. There is always time for tea. Perhaps you might tell me your name?" Not that Marta didn't know, but it was a trust exercise. "L-Luzy…" I was shaking, and that meant the teacup was shaking. I took the cup in both hands to steady the tea, to keep it from splashing, and managed just barely. I couldn't stop completely, though. And I didn't sit down. I stood, close to the wall, as close to the door as could be. "Miss Luzy. It is very nice to make your acquaintance." Marta curtseyed and smiled politely. "My name is Marta, and I've been Miss Eleanora's maid for quite some time. Her house, where you are, is actually underground. With a large, walled-off courtyard above for privacy and protection. There are many runaways from abusive, horrible situations, you see. And she helps them. One such girl arrived not so long ago — a nasty man enticed her with promises of emotional help… and tried to turn her into something perverse." Why was I here? Was this because… no, I would remember! Right? I didn't feel right, though. I felt like I did remember. I just didn't remember remembering… "…I just wanna go home…" I sipped the tea only after the girl did. No drugs. No anything. I nervously checked the room every couple seconds. "And do you know where that is, Miss? Miss Eleanora provides a home, because often girls in bad situations don't have one to go back to. The girl who escaped that dreadful man, and the fiery building, this is her home, now. And one other girl, too, but sometimes there are more." She honestly didn't seem to remember, and that was simply fascinating. Where had all her memories from the interim gone? "…fire…" I stumbled at putting the teacup back on the cart. I rubbed my wet eyes with both hands and shook my head. "I… I have to go…" I turned and opened the door, but with just one step outside, the woman was in front of me again. I looked up at her with panic, scrambling to slam the door in her face again. "She's not here to harm you, Miss Luzy. You're here to be helped. That man did horrible things to you, and of course you have the right to be afraid. And distrustful. He's gone, now, and nobody will ever be able to harm you, here. At least, perhaps, hear what Miss Eleanora has to say?" Marta was very polite, and soft-spoken, and easy to trust and to listen to. She had no agenda, and perhaps that was why she was so genuine sounding. With only two sides to the room, I had to choose favorites. Marta. Or the woman. I chose Marta, standing on her side of the room, as far away from the woman and the door as physically possible. I played nervously with my fingers in front of me, eyes shining like glass. "…wan' leave… let me leave… please… please…" "I'm going to take you to your room, here, Miss Luzy. And Miss Eleanora won't say anything if you don't wish for her to." The maid gently slipped her hand into Luzy's, her silky white glove soft on the damp skin, and she began to lead her toward the door. "Will you be brave for me? It's only a little way down the hall." My room here? I had a room here? I played quietly with the edges of my nightgown, trying not to cry anymore. The maid led me through the hall, past the woman, who made no motion to grab me or touch me. Finally, we were again by the bathroom, the one I'd run from, and down the hall, doors to bedrooms.
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    19.) "Mamma…" "Yes, poppet." "I don't like this part…" "I know, my sweet. But Little Luzy is going to tell us all about it, and soon we'll fix her. Just like we fixed you, sweetie." "Uhhuh…" Ister continued to play with Luzy's hair as the girl continued to speak. /// I pulled myself out of bed, looking at the girl I'd shared my first kiss with. I touched my cheek, but it didn't sting. How long had I been out? My eyes were still shiny like glass. I couldn't escape the dizzy haze. It didn't make sense… The girl — Rissa — sighed, and gently spread her bare legs. She knew what their Papa had done. She knew that Luzy didn't appreciate Papa's gifts and that she was to learn how good it was that he allowed her to have him inside her mouth. She'd want to go down on girls, she'd want to please them passionately so, but she'd always think of his cock. Always be craving it. If she saw a cunny, she'd want it. Worse, if she saw a girl’s behind, she'd want it even more. Rissa spread her legs, following the direction she'd been given. My eyes fixated on the girl. I bit my lip hard and looked at the other two girls in the room. Both watched me. I felt my fingertips quiver, shaking on the edge of my overalls, and slowly pulled myself back onto my bed. The girl sat there, her legs spread, and I lowered my tongue to her body. With a gentle lick, I cleaned her with it. Rissa favored girls before she was taken into this. Or she thought she did. How could she even be sure? But she was fairly sure… and that's why he did this. That's why he had her here when Luzy woke up. It was a tease. A game. Everything was. That Luzy would pee now, when she came, was only going to make it that much worse. She shouldn't have spilled his cum. Ugh. Rissa moaned. Luzy was certainly… enthusiastic. One of the other girls approached — she wore a diaper, and she tugged it to her ankles, her cunny glistening and smelling of baby powder. I looked up, looked at the girl, at her naked self, and then at the cunny in front of me, and bit hard on my lip. I turned to the one covered in baby powder and drew my tongue across her. But my mind remembered the girl I'd left, and I moved back to her. I was getting dizzy… The standing girl whimpered, blushed, and while she was being tended to for the third time, Rissa followed her last instruction… she rolled over onto her tummy, and then tucked her knees up underneath her, propping her bottom up. Papa had been specific. By the time Luzy decided to change back to her, it would be her behind that she saw. I shook nervously, biting hard on my lip. I looked up at the girl, the girl who waited with red cheeks and a face that begged. But the girl's ass…. I turned and dug my tongue into it, licking and grabbing passionately. Needing it… I couldn't help myself… By the time Luzy looked up from Rissa's ass, the handsome man was standing by the side of the bed, slipping two fingers under Luzy’s denim dress as he rubbed his cock up the side of her thigh. "Until you can learn to honor Papa properly, Little Luzy, you'll only be allowed to honor Papa's property. You'll be the nursery pleasure-toy. All three of the girls will use you as much as they want, and you'll love it." "N-no, I… I a good girl… I c-" But without warning, without gentle play, his cock was shoved into my ass. I screamed, screamed louder than anyone could have ever heard, and started to sob. The girl in front of me turned back around, closing her legs. I stood on my hands and knees, shaking from head to toe. "S-stop! Please! AHH! STOP!" "Stop? You're begging me to stop? That's not how you honor me, you stupid little shit!" His cock moved deeper inside the girl until his balls smacked up against her behind, and then he began to piston out, and in, with less regard for her than he might show for a hole in a pillow. "You don't love your Papa, you're not honoring me. Little Luzy Loves Papa. Little Luzy Honors Papa. Little Luzy craves her Papa's cock inside of her, doesn't she?" I nodded and cried and screamed. He continued, again and again, until I felt his cum shoot inside me, until it filled me up. Then, when he was done, and I fell to the bed, slowly soaking through with blood from my behind, he snapped his fingers at Rissa and she finished taking off my clothes. I writhed on the mattress, sobbing, as she licked my cunny, and within minute, I was brought to orgasm. I thought it would be all. A silver lining. But it wasn't. Next, I felt the bed grow wet as my bladder emptied. I was pissing myself… "You don't get to make beautiful girl nectar, not until you learn to honor your Papa." He'd mentioned diapers to her before, broached the topic, but she'd always declined. She was little. Not a baby. Not a pervert. Just a kid sometimes. This time, he didn't ask. He simply lifted her from the piss-soaked sheets, and slid the diaper under her bloody behind, taping it into place and leaving her there on the wet sheets. Once he was gone, Rissa cuddled up to her and sighed, kissing her lips. It was all that she could offer. No one talked to me that first day. Or second day? I couldn't tell. But the other girl, the other girl who wore diapers, like me, she would very often take it off. She'd open her legs, and like magic, I'd crawl up to her and lick her to orgasm. She'd never say a word, never return the favor. The other girl, Rissa, would do the same. Not often, but sometimes. The third girl, the one in the dresses, never did anything. She just played with blocks. Days went by. Or rather, finger snaps. Finger snaps, sleep, and awake. Licking. And sometimes, when he wanted, he'd fuck one of us, always in the ass. More than the others combined, it was me. He never let me get off. I'd piss myself willingly, which I did. I was changed once every eighteen wettings, only once I'd flooded the bedsheets. One morning, after snapping, the bedsheets were clean. The young man was by the side of the bed, the sheets clean and crisp, and something around her neck to match the diaper she wore nowadays. He was holding a mirror for her to see — a steel collar, fitted to her neck, with pink and blue hearts and stars embossed into the steel. And in his other hand, was a teddy with a matching color. Harold. "Good morning, Little Luzy. How did you sleep?" "G-good…" I'd gotten used to it, the lack of clothes. I wasn't sure how long it had been, but I was used to it. A diaper, and nothing else. I never thought to take it off. I never asked the girl in the dress for clothes. I never even thought of it. Those thoughts didn't come to me. I cried. I wet myself. And I licked the girl's wherever they wanted. Or rather, two of them. While only one had said a word to me - the one in the dress - none had said anything to me since that first moment I woke up. Since then, it had been silence. I'd talk, to them at first, and more recently, to myself. No one talked to me… "You're Papa's property." He was gauging for reactions. Smiles would score a 1. Anything else would be a 0, or a −1. "You're Papa's property. You love to have your ass fucked. You love licking pussy, and licking ass. You think about Papa's cock most all the time. You want to be a good girl. You want to be mine forever. You love Papa. You honor Papa." I nodded quietly, a hopeful look on my face. The man tugged down his pants again. I was at his cock within a second, sucking and licking and treating him better than I'd ever treated anyone in my entire life. And when I was done, when I was full of his cum, he smacked me hard across the cheek. It left a hand print on my skin, but not a drop of cum fell from my lips. I shook, tears on my cheeks. "When I get back from my meeting, you will still have that cum in your mouth. Understand, Little Luzy?" It would only be an hour, but keeping a tablespoon of liquid in your mouth for even an hour took a conscious effort, and she was craving it, wanting to swallow it, wanting to lock it away inside of her. "Understand?" I bit on the inside of my lip and quietly nodded my head. The man left me and I knelt quietly on the ground. Everyone looked at me. I was very quietly, very still, thinking to myself. Be good. Keep it in your mouth. You'll be fine. Just be a good girl. Your'e a good girl. The little sobs escaped me once in a while, but I was careful not to swallow the liquid as I cried. "He'th going to marry you… you're the one." Rissa sounded bitter as she sat next to the girl, knowing she couldn't reply for fear of losing her challenge. That was okay, though. "We're all broken… you're the one." She put her hand down the back of the girls diaper, not down the front, and slipped two fingers into her behind. It was easy nowadays, it was fucked so often. Maybe she was trying to sabotage her… maybe she was just being nice. Rissa didn't even know if it was her own idea anymore. I shook, trembling, as the girl slid two fingers into me. They were the first words I'd heard in a long time. Her voice was nice… but her fingers… those were nicer. I whimpered and grinded against her fingertips, moaning through my closed lips. The other girl, the one in the diaper, came over in front of me. She looked a little unhappy. With a tug of her fingers, she pulled the diaper down to her ankles. I looked at her cunny and my eyes went wide. I shook nervously. "It's a test…" Rissa knew that much, and that was the mercy she could offer. "Papa wants to see that you want his cum more than you want to eat cunny." Her fingers were pushing faster now, and out of morbid curiosity, she introduced a third… and after a moment more, a fourth. She wants to use her thumb. She wanted to fuck the girls behind with her entire hand. She wanted to violate her... The sensations were getting to be too much. I was trembling. I closed my eyes tight, but the girl in front of me didn't move. I felt the stare. I felt the fingers. I moaned so loudly through closed lips. I needed to breathe. I couldn't do this… the other girl, the one in the dress, sat and played with blocks, but through this, she watched. Rissa pushed the girl down onto her hands and knees, and tugged down the back of the diaper. The other girl stayed in place, her cunny wet, the smell of powder long since trained into Luzy as a smell of arousal. And once the whimpering girl’s behind was exposed, Rissa formed her fingers into a cone with her thumb, and began to push the entire thing against her ass. "Papa has fucked you so often, he's changed your body, he's made your ass needy…" "He's made your tongue need to please…" It was the first time the diapered girl had said anything. It was too much. I screamed. I screamed and the cum spilled from my lips onto the floor. I shook, trembling. The girl pulled her fingers out of me and the girl in front of me smiled. I felt new tears on my cheeks. "N-no, no no, no, no…" I leaned down and tried to lick up the cum. From above, came a trickle of pee from the diaper girl, dampening the carpet where the cum had been spilled. "Go on…" Rissa taunted. "How much do you want Papa's cum back in your mouth?" The diaper girl giggled. I couldn't stop crying. I kept screaming. I tried licking up the cum again, but the acidity of the pee made it impossible. Then, without warning, I threw up. Except the only thing I threw up was liquid and bile, since all I'd had since getting here was terrible tasting milk. "…another failure." The man had arrived home only a moment after that, and found his prized conquest on the floor, face in a puddle of piss, biley upchuck a few inches away and her ass in the air, gaping weakly. "Papa gave you only one job, Luzy. One job. You only had to keep my wonderful cum in your mouth for a little while, and you disrespected it. You failed. You're another failure, like these girls." I shook my head, crying openly. "I'm not! Papa, I'm not, please! Please gimme another-"
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    18.) Luzy was mostly alert now, and diving deeper might not have been too fruitful for the time being. But what she had gleaned was useful. "Tell me about being little. About relieving your stress. What if you could do that here, and still take care of the girls, and still get paid. How would that sound?" Admittedly, the woman had never met a girl who already treasured this kind of thing. "I'm not-" I struggled in the woman's arms and she held me in place, petting my hair. "Shhh, shhh. It's okay… I was just asking…" "I just… wanna go home… lemme go home…" I started to settle back down, into her arms, into her lap. She played with my hair so well. "This is your home for one more night, and then you can leave — I only want to know if you'd like to be afforded the opportunity to come back and to be little when you're here, from now on. Nobody outside this safe place would ever know." Mostly, though, the woman knew she needed to get Luzy to agree so that she could continue to dig, and eventually, to help. "You'll be the oldest sister." "Fuck you," I muttered, kicking my feet until I tumbled off the couch. I fell onto the floor and hit my head against the carpet. The room rang with discomfort, but I managed to scramble upright again. Of course, with the fresh dose of milk, I couldn't stand. I couldn't even argue with the woman. I wanted to be pissed off, but really, I was just mildly annoyed by the accusation. "I'm twenty-one. I'm not little!” "Age is a number that can only go up, but it doesn't mean you can't revisit lower numbers — I think if more people understood that, there would be less stress in the world. You understood that, which is why you told Koi, and why you went to see the doctor to help you out." Of course, the woman as now entirely certain that the young man had done very little to help her. "At twenty-one, I'd punish you with the foam for cussing. But at… say… six, I'd warn you and you'd apologize." My chest hurt. I shook my head, stumbling further backwards, the way I had once before, but slower. I felt sick. I shook my head faster, faster, until I felt tears on my cheeks. "I didn't tell Koi! She…" No. "…it's not even… I'm better! He made it better so I don't have to see him! That's why I don't see him! JUST STOP IT! STOP!" "Is that why you don't see him? Or did he punish you for leaving him, by taking it away? Taking away the thing you need to manage your stress." Things were going to escalate, she was yelling already, and things would only now get worse. Digging seemed inevitable. Confrontation, too. Silently, mentally, the woman apologized to Luzy, before continuing. "Little Luzy, tell me about what happened after you dropped your classes." I kicked the woman hard in the leg when she came up to me. I scrambled backward, until my back hit the wall, and miraculously, I pulled myself to my feet. My knees shook under my weight, but with my back to the wall, I stayed standing. "LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU'RE CRAZY! LEAVE ME ALONE! GO AWAY! I WANT TO GO HOME!" "Little Luzy, what happened when-ow!" I hit her, as hard as I could, in the shoulder, and kicked her again in the leg. Tears poured down my face. I could hardly stand. I was sure I'd fall over. "Little Luzy. Tell-" "GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY!" Physical violence was not the woman's venue, and after the second strike to her body, she took a step back out of reach and gathered herself for a moment while Luzy continued to yell at her. Defense mechanism. Put in place by him? Or her? Punishment, or survival? It was so difficult to tell. Taking a step forward enough to grab the girl, she picked her up, and then swiftly threw her down on the sofa, turning her over before she could scramble away. The diapers were thick, so thick, but the effect would be all that matter. The sound as her hand spanked the padding. The squishing of the wetness. And the cooed, soothing encouragement, for her to wet more. It would calm her. "LET ME GO LET ME GO LET ME GO!" "Little Luzy." "LET ME GOOOOOOOO!" I was sobbing, sobbing louder than I'd ever sobbed. The girls appeared in the opening way, terrified looks on their faces, and Marta was quick to follow. "Little Luzy." "Stop stop STOP STOP STOP!!!" "Little Luzy." "STOP!" "Little Luzy." "…STOP…" "Little Luzy." "…stop…" "Little Luzy." "…s-stop…" There it was. What a thick-skin Luzy had, protecting that part of her. She was calmer now, and the spanking had stopped, and she only whimpered now, as the woman cooed and shushed and played with her hair. "Ister, come over here and do Little Luzy's hair. Anibelle, find Little Luzy a pretty doll to cuddle with. Little Luzy is going to tell Mamma all about her story, because she's a good little girl." /// "Let me go, let me go!" The man snapped his fingers and I fell to the ground. My cheeks were warm against the carpet. It wasn't supposed to be like this. I wanted my room… I wanted things to be nice! He said they'd be nice! "Stop! STOP!" I struggled to pull myself to my hands and knees. I could barely breathe… "…stop…" "You were a bad girl, Little Luzy." His zipper was down, but his pants were still on — she'd resisted when he'd unzipped, though, and that wasn't acceptable. She was to Honor him when he required. Love and Honor. He reinforced to her that those were the things that made little girls happy. Love Papa. Honor Papa. The teddy bear was on the floor just out of her reach. "Maybe we should take Harold back, too, huh?" "S-stop…." I couldn't think. I was in tears. I couldn't stop crying. I was falling apart… "You'll get him back when you're ready to be a good girl." Another snap. Or words. I couldn't remember. And then I was awake, somewhere new. I sat up fast, looking around with glossy eyes. My chest was aching, but my head was worse. A bedroom, childish, but old. Tattered, maybe? More like… unkept. I stumbled out of bed, nearly landing on a girl. A girl with brown hair. Her eyes were lost, her body naked but for a locket around her neck, and her fingers curled around her knees. I looked up at her and then around the room. There were two other girls, one on another bed, and one playing with blocks. “You’re awake. Better to be asleep.” The girl wore a dress, playing with blocks on the far end of the room. She looked distant, and her body had bruises around her wrists, and on her thigh. Neither of the other girls spoke, and only one of them even bothered to look. "…I'm…" I rubbed my eyes, looking around nervously. One girl was naked, sitting by the edge of my bed. One had a dress. The other, only a diaper. I looked down at my clothes, at my denim dress, and felt a twinge of embarrassment. Then, without thinking, I started to cry. Not like a sad moment, but like a child. A real baby, crying. I couldn't stop. "Who's a grumpy girl, hmm?" The attractive young man, the doctor, came in through a door that was open, but sub-divided by a child's play-gate — far too short to stop anybody in this room, but only the man would cross the threshold and they all knew it. "This is your new home, Little Luzy. I know Harold is around here somewhere, but I'm sure he said something about wanting for you to Honor Papa." He had his hands around the crying girl now, cuddling her, but the other girls made sure to look away. Uncomfortable. Lost. "Do you love him?" …I nodded. I couldn't help it. His fingers ran up my cheek like lightning and with another word or two, I felt my fingertips fall to my sides. His pants were undone and his cock stood erect at my lips. I didn't know why I wanted it. I just wanted my teddy back… so I licked the tip and took it in my mouth. "There's my good Little Luzy. A little girl should be pretty, and obedient, and love and honor her Papa." The man clicked his fingers and the naked girl jumped. "Little Rissa. Help your sister. Kiss her for Papa after, help her learn to share." The naked girl winced, but crawled up onto the bed and leaned in, kissing the mans cock lower down, working to stay out of Luzy's way, but to enhance the effect. His fingers sifted through my hair while the naked girl licked him. I felt inadequate. Like I wasn't good enough. But all in all, I was the one who had their mouth filled with cum. The sticky substance sat on my tongue while the man pulled out. He warned me "don't swallow". I sat there, trying very hard not to gag. Tears rested on my cheeks. "Kiss her, Little Rissa." The brown-haired girl, eyes still glossy and far away, did as she was told. She kissed Luzy. Her tongue, the heavy ring pierced through it, invaded the other girl’s mouth, helped to coat the inside of it with cum, to intensify the taste and texture. She did it with enthusiasm, but no part of her enjoyed it. She was obedient, and that was all. I was so taken aback. I'd never kissed a girl. I wasn't even sure when I'd kissed the last person I'd kissed at all. I was so surprised that I jumped a little, some cum slipping out of my mouth and down my chin. Before the kiss fully broke, his hand came down hard on my cheek, hard enough to knock me to the floor. Again, without hesitating, I began to sob. "You do not waste what Papa gives you!" There were droplets of cum on the front of the girl’s top, and a few on the floor from the impact of the slap. "You clean up every drop with your tongue, Little Luzy." Rissa sat back down on the floor, absently licking her lips and hating herself for the fact. She hated him. She loved him. They all did. It was horrible... I couldn't stop crying. I just laid there and sobbed. The man sighed and knelt down by my side. I thought he'd hug me. I thought he'd do something nice. But he didn't. He put his hand on my forehead, said something quiet, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up all over again. I sat up straight in bed, looking around. I felt different…. but I couldn't figure out how…