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    Chapter 25: “COME ON!!!” FRED hissed. “How can this guy have gotten away?!?” “Let’s talk about this later honey,” Amanda told him while she motioned warningly with her eyes around the room. She busied herself by restocking the diaper bag. He nodded with a sigh, “Okay, let’s get dinner and head back to see the fireworks. Then we can put these two babies to bed.” She nodded and walked over to the playpen where she picked us each up in one arm. “Ready for din-din?” She asked us. I nodded while simultaneously panicking about the fact the man had gotten loose so soon. ‘I doubted it would really hold him long though…’ I admitted to myself. Amanda handed me over to Fred saying, “I want the new baby for the rest of the night, you can have Stacy.” I glared at her, “So I’m the old doll now?” She laughed at me and stuck her tongue out at me, “Of course! Out with the old and in with the new!” she said as she squeezed Bella in a hug. Fred gave me a hug and said, “Don’t worry Princess, you can be Daddy’s girl anytime.” I smiled at him, “Gee thanks Daddy…” He tickled my belly for a second and then placed me on his shoulders in a piggyback carry. Amanda handed him our diaper bag and positioned Bella on her hip as she opened the door and our security guards looked ready to escort us to dinner. “Ready ma’am?” The lead guard asked Amanda. “Yes sir,” she told him. “Right this way then,” he told us and led us to the elevator. It was an awkward ride down with the four members of the security group down to the lobby. Downstairs people stared at us, curiosity painted on their faces, but we made it across to the park again without incident. Inside we were led to a restaurant labeled ‘Pepés Restaurant’ with a picture of Pepé le Pew holding a restaurant tray. Opening the door up there was a crowd of people with buzzers waiting for their table. Amanda led us through the chaos to the hostess stand, “Oh my goodness! Aren’t you two just the most adorable little girls?” to Bella and me. She reached out and actually pinched Bellas’s cheek. “Thanks,” Amanda said with a smile and hugged Bella closer to her. “I’m sorry, their dresses are too precious! Do you have a reservation?” “Westerfield?” She typed into her computer and said, “Yes ma’am, I see you have a reservation. Right this way please,” she said. The crowd of people around that were waiting for tables seemed disgruntled that we were being immediately seated. I heard one say, “What the Hell? We have a reservation but we still have to wait… they get to just go in?!?” She ignored the complaints and led us back through the main dining area, down another corridor, and into a private dining room with a single table in a large room. Two highchairs sat next to two massive adult chairs. They were setup looking across from each other so that each parent would have one ‘baby’ to take care of. Amanda carefully sat Bella in the highchair next to her and Fred did the same with me. Two waiters pulled out their chairs before they too sat down. A moment later a gentleman in a suit came in, “Bonsoir, I am Philippe and I’ll be at your service this evening. Would you like a babyfood menu or kids menus for your two littles? We can also happily heat up any jars you might have with you?” “I would like them to have a regular menu tonight,” Amanda told him. “It’s a special treat for Stacy over there for saving the life of an Amazon girl earlier.” “Mon dieu! Is this the little who jumped into the tank earlier?” “Oui Monsieur,” Amanda said with a smile. “Then I will not protest your request. Should I plan to bring a box to put the leftovers?” “That might not be a bad plan,” Fred said with a laugh. “Before I go, what would you all like to drink?” “Iced tea,” Amanda said. “Same for me.” “And for the little girls?” “I have some sippy cups of juice for them already,” she told him. “Trés bien, I’ll be back in a moment.” As he left Bella looked at Amanda and Fred like they were losing their mind. “We get to eat regular food?” She asked. “Do you see anyone else in here right now?” Amanda asked. “No…” “And even if they were we wouldn’t care,” Fred told her. “Especially since we have a valid reason that we just gave the waiter. You will still need to nurse from Mommy afterwards though,” he told her. She nodded and I remembered the fact Bella was at least able to nurse instead of having the laxatives. Amanda said, “Fred I put in two sippy cups for them in the bag, can you give me Bella’s and give Stacy hers?” “Sure,” he said and dug through the bag he had carried. Bella’s was twice the size of mine and seemed a little closer to a regular cup. Mine seemed more like a bottle almost with a soft silicone spout that felt like the same material as a bottle nipple. I took a tentative sip and then sat it down as the waiter returned with menus that were longer than me. He carefully placed it on the tray of the highchair and I did my best to balance it and read through the menu. Bella being a little larger had an easier time, but I could see she was still trying to figure out the whole crazy slingshotting standards. ‘I hope it becomes easier when we get home…’ I looked through the menu and settled on a salmon dish cooked in papillote. It came with a mushroom risotto that sounded amazing right then. Amanda whispered to Bella for a quick moment before the waiter returned and asked her, “Have you decided?” “Oui,” she said with a smile. She placed her order and Bella’s before he asked her, “And for the petite fille?” She looked at me and nodded at him to ask me, “Saumon en papillote, sil vous plait?” “D’accord,” he told me with a smile. “And you sir?” he continued. Fred gave him an answer and he left us again alone. I caught just a glimpse of one of the security members outside as the door closed leaving us again alone in the elegant room. “A little over the top, isn’t it?” Fred said aloud. “Someone liked Philip the Fourtheenth’s decor I think,” Amanda said. “One of these days I’m going to manage to get through enough of your history books to compare what’s the same and different,” I said with a sigh, “He sounds similar to a king in our universe, but Louis was his name.” “Do littles really not have to wear diapers in your dimension?” I heard Bella ask before slamming a hand over her mouth and looking at Amanda in fear. Amanda smiled at her and kissed the top of her head, “I’m not going to punish you for asking questions silly girl, just be careful where we’re at.” Bella nodded and I replied, “We don’t have Amazons there, so it’s only babies and toddlers that get babied. This is a truly odd place compared to back home.” “I can only imagine,” she said to me. The conversation lulled soon after that as bread was brought. Amanda and Fred cut some small chunks off for us. Our actual meals arrived and the chef had already prepared a smaller version for us to our surprise. The meals were the real thing though, so I didn’t complain and was quite stuffed at the end! I finished sooner than everyone else and chose that moment to drink the last of the juice from my sippy cup. ‘I think I like my bottle better than this…’ I thought to myself. A need to release some urine made itself known to me and I released it into my diaper. The warming diaper expanded and I shifted a little as it did so. “Someone needs a diapee change?” Amanda asked from across the table. I blushed but nodded, “It can wait though.” “You felt it though, didn’t you?” I nodded, “Most of your milk must already be passing through my system?” She nodded, “We’re still going to play it safe until at least Monday though.” I sighed and nodded. Bella looked at me in confusion so I told her, “Have you started going yet without knowing you needed to?” “Not yet… but I’m not getting much warning? Why would I not know? I’m not really a baby… I’ve not been hypnotized, have I?” she kept her voice low, but I could hear the panic in it. “No, you haven’t been hypnotized… Just… the more you nurse… well… it’s not the end of the world,” I told her awkwardly with a sigh, “But Emerson doesn’t mind if I pee in my diapers, or outside of class poop… but inside class if I poop…” “You’re gone from the university and back to daycare…” She sighed, “like me…” “You’re not going to any daycare,” Amanda told her. “I’m not sure what I’m doing with you during the day… but daycare isn’t the answer if I can help it.” The waiter came back in then and said, “I hope you enjoyed your meal?” “We did very much,” Fred said as he folded his napkin. “Mr. Warner has taken care of the check for you all, would you like any dessert though before you go?” Amanda shook her head, “I don’t think I could eat another bite.” I shook my head too when he made eye contact with me. “Well then, enjoy the rest of your stay. I believe you have a park representative here to take you to a prime viewing area for tonight’s fireworks.” “Thank you,” Fred told him. As he left a lady came in, “I’m Desiree Kline, Mr. Warner asked for me to take you to a good place to watch the fireworks tonight.” “Do you have a way for us to confirm Mr. Warner sent you?” Amanda asked. “Of course, given the escape of that boy I can see your need for caution,” she said. “Let me get him on a video conference.” Mr. Warner appeared on the screen of her phone a moment later and Amanda said, “Good evening sir, sorry to trouble you, we just wanted to make sure we’re dealing with your actual people.” “No worries at all. In fact I am concerned for you all as well. Please know we’re going to be keeping a close eye on you all tonight and tomorrow. We’ll make sure to extend that all the way until you get on your plane home. Hopefully any trouble you might have following this incident will stay here in Selegnasol.” “Thanks for that sir,” Fred told him. “No worries, enjoy yourselves. Desiree is going to take you to a private area that I love watching the show from with my grandkids. You’ll be safe and secure there as well.” “Thanks, and have a good evening,” Fred told him. As the screen shut off Fred picked me up, Amanda picked Bella up, and Desiree was kind enough to pick up the diaper bag and throw it over her shoulder. “Do you need to change them on our way?” she asked. “That’s probably a good idea,” Amanda told her. “Mine has a pretty wet diapee, and I’m pretty sure Fred’s is wet too.” “This way then,” she told her. As we left the restaurant the security detail went in front and behind us. It didn’t take long as she walked the streets for her to come to one of the diaper changing family rooms. “Would you like a hand?” She asked as Amanda sat Bella down on a station. “We’ve got it,” Amanda told her with a smile. Fred handed her the diaper bag and sat me next to Bella who quickly had her diaper cover pulled down and feet pulled up into the air with her naked butt for the entire world to see. I turned my face from her and looked around the room. Looking away from her didn’t help much though because two naked men were having their diapers changed too. One woman wasn’t paying attention and ended up with a spurt of pee from that man all down the front of her shirt. “Oh you bad boy!” She screeched at him and flipped him over to deliver a number of sharp spankings. A female attendant walked up to her and said, “Ma’am, I believe you’ve made your point - remember he’s a little who can’t be potty trained - how could he have helped himself?” My attention was drawn back to myself as Amanda pulled me onto the changing pad and I was soon just as naked as the others. I blushed as that same man stared at me as he passed by. He gave me a wink and a smile that made me feel more than slightly creeped out. Amanda shoved a pacifier in my mouth about that time and I turned my head towards the wall. She wiped my bottom quickly and soon had me in a dry diaper, diaper cover, and sitting up with a hug and a kiss on my head. “There, you’re all dry now!” I smiled around the pacifier and soon I was in her arms. “Fred, I need to use the bathroom myself now…” “So do I, you want to take the girls with you?” She nodded, “That works if you’ll grab their diaper bag.” “I can watch them,” Desiree said. “Thanks, but they can stay with me,” Amanda told her. “It’s been a busy day and I don’t think they can emotionally handle being separated from their mommy right now.” “Of course, I understand,” she responded as a hand picked me up from my bottom and Bella and I were facing each other across Amanda’s body. It was a quick walk to the bathroom and she found a stall that she closed and sat us down next to her in on the floor. I looked at Bella who looked almost as awkward as she could sucking on her pacifier and playing with her hair. She looked incredibly uncomfortable that Amanda was using the toilet two feet from us - something she would likely never get the opportunity to do again. I sighed as Amanda’s tinkling changed to a more odiferous nature. I decided as I stood there that as bad as I stank with a bowel movement, Amazon poop smelled even worse! I cracked a slight smile as Bella pinched her nose. “Okay you two, walk with Mommy to the sink so she can wash her hands,” she told us as she opened the stall door. We both stayed right by her side as Amazon women and children hurried to and from the stalls. One amazon toddler walked up to me as Amanda washed her hands. Before I could even register what was happening she pulled my dress up, diaper cover down, and put her hand on my diaper. The brown haired girl stood two feet over me and told me, “Good girl, you dry!” With a slobbery smile. “Selena come here!” her mom said grabbing her hand. “Sorry about that,” she said to Amanda who giggled as I pulled my diaper cover back up and my dress down. “Selena, you can’t just pull every babies dress up to check their diapees…” her mom hissed at her as she led her to a stall. Blushing and beyond embarrassed I held my arms up to Amanda who picked Bella and I up and she gave me a big hug. “It’s okay sweetie. At least it was a clean diaper!” I glared at her and sucked on my pacifier, looking forward to being in Fred’s arms. He took me and noted that I was angry. “What happened?” “Stacy just got her diaper checked by a four year old,” she told him with a giggle. “It’s not funny,” I told him around my pacifier. He had the decency to not laugh out loud, but I definitely felt his body fighting a laugh. Desiree and our security team met up with us and led us down some of the fake streets, steps, and to a seeming dead end. Desiree found a hidden door then and led us inside. “This is not a publicly known place,” Desiree told us. “Only cast members know of its location, but it’s by far the best place to watch the fireworks display,” she told us with a smile. Down a brick lined corridor we came to a small patio with some comfortable looking chairs and a great view of the lake area they set off fireworks from. We could easily see other people walking down to rides and even beginning to try and find places to watch the show. “This is great,” Amanda said, “thank Mr. Warner for us please?” “Will do. If you look back here there is a fridge of drinks, juice, milk, beer, and champagne. If you would like anything else to eat one of your security team can have someone bring something. I’ll meet up with you again tomorrow morning to take you to breakfast and then wherever you want to go in the park.” “Thank you, we appreciate it,” Fred said. “If there’s nothing else I’ll see you in the morning. Your security team is just going to hang out here, you shouldn’t have any problems though.” “Thanks,” Amanda said. As she left she sat Bella down on a couch seat and then moved to the fridge. Fred meanwhile sat me down next to Bella and I pulled my pacifier from my mouth. Bella did too and I could see she was laughing at me, “What?” “That was pretty funny,” she told me as she giggled. I groaned, “Is it pick on Stacy day or something?” “Yes,” Fred said, he reappeared suddenly and began tickling me. I giggled and laughed uncontrollably as he tickled me for several minutes. I wet my diaper during the attack and groaned. “What?” He asked. “You need to change me again!” I told him grumpily. He pulled the diaper cover down and felt my diaper, “It’ll hold for at least one more tickle attack… or the end of the fireworks.” He hugged me tight, “Is that okay?” I sighed nodded, “It’s really only the poopy diapers I want changed out of right away…” Amanda had a seat on the couch then and had gathered Bella up into her arms as they sat closer to each other and Amanda leaned her head on Fred’s shoulder. Bella looked at me and then reached out her hand to hold mine. I was comfortable in Fred’s lap when loud music began playing over speakers in the park as all of the lights dimmed out. “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Looniest show on earth!” the voice said. Further narration continued as a light show began, fountains went off, fireworks blew up, and my mind was blown with the addition of some amazing holographic effects. I’d seen the fireworks shows at Disney World back home, but nothing compared to the show I was now seeing. It was the most mind-boggling display of visual effects I could imagine as characters chased each other across the sky. When the show ended I said, “Wow… that was cool!” “Yes it was,” Bella agreed. Fred and Amanda stood up and simultaneously checked our diapers. “Wet…” both said at the same time before laughing. “I think Bella can last until we get back to the hotel, can Stacy?” Amanda asked. “It’ll be close, but I’d rather change her there. I can change them while you look over the room for whatever surprises have been left for us.” “Sounds good,” she said as she shoved Bella’s pacifier back into her mouth. Fred took the hint and shoved one into my mouth too. I sighed and just sat patiently as Fred held me with my head facing over his shoulder and gently patted my back. The security team rejoined us and led us to the hotel. In the elevator a young Amazon couple looked at us longingly. A moment later the girl said, “Looks like you have two tuckered out baby girls there…” “Yeah, they had a big day, huh?” Amanda said as she patted Bella’s back. “Looking forward to giving them a diaper change, nursing them, and put them in their crib.” “Honey, just think we could have that…” the lady said to her young husband. Thankfully the door opened to our floor before I had to hear anything else. The gentleman who was leading the security team held his hand over his ear for a moment before looking at Fred, “The detective investigating today’s incident would like to speak with you… especially given the suspect escaped.” “In our room?” he asked. “If that’s acceptable to you all?” “Ask him to just give us five minutes to get the girls changed and into their jammies?” “Sounds good,” he said with a smile and pressed on something to relay that information over their radios. Amanda used her wristband to unlock the door and they stepped inside while the security team stayed in the hallway. “Fred, you’re on diaper duty,” she reminded him. “Change them into their footies too.” “Yes honey,” he told her as she moved to grab her bug detector out of the bag. Fred pulled the dress off over my head first, pulled my diaper cover off, then did the same to Bella. He then laid the changing pad on the bed and pushed me back onto it. My diaper changed into one of the thick Princess diapers, he shifted to Bella whom he said, “I’m glad Mommy’s milk is helping you. You definitely put out some poopy!” She cringed at that and I saw a couple tears go down her face. I turned from her and looked at where Amanda was grabbing the sixth item I had seen her find. Fred had Bella in a fresh matching diaper quickly and put her into her sleeper. He had just brought mine over for me to put my legs in when there was a knock on the door and Amanda returned from flushing the toilet in the bathroom. She opened the door and asked to see the detective’s shield before allowing him into the room. I was still mostly naked as the man came in and stared. “I’m sorry to disturb you all, but as this boy escaped custody we have to investigate some more. I would like to speak with you all and your littles, with you present of course, to see if we can find this person as he is obviously dangerous.” “Of course sir,” Amanda said as she picked up Bella and sat down on the bed with her in her arms. Fred offered the detective a chair before sitting down on the bed keeping me between him and Amanda. His arm was reassuring on me and I decided to scramble onto his lap myself. He gave me a kiss on the head and the detective said, “She’s the most adorable little I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe she’s not an Amazon baby.” “We got lucky with her,” Fred said. “She’s… Stacy, right?” “Yes sir,” Fred said. “Do you mind if she answers the questions herself?” “Not at all,” he said. “Stacy you jumped in after the little girl?” “Yes sir,” I answered, “I could see she wasn’t able to swim and I didn’t want to see her drown in front of me.” “That was very brave of you, but didn’t you know there would be an adult nearby who could get her?” I shook my head, “I think everyone had just left. If you watch the video you see that Makayla had just walked backstage and their emergency crews were more busy cleaning up from the show.” “Well, no one can deny that you succeeded in saving her. Do you all have any idea on why he ran from you? He was in a weird place for the cameras.” “Well he was looking at us kind of weird when I noticed he wet his pants?” I said, “I might have said something about that…” “Crazy how some adult amazons are not even mature enough for big boy pants, huh?” Amanda said beside me. “That was probably why he ran?” “Maybe…” the detective said doubt in his voice. “You’re Bella, right?” He asked her. “Yes sir,” she said nervously. “You were just adopted yesterday, right?” “We found her in need of some help on the plane and she asked us to adopt her,” Fred told him. “We didn’t really want to add to our family so soon, but she was special.” “I can understand that. Her blonde hair and blue eyes are very desirable for anyone to adopt. Actually her hair matches your other little girl so perfectly that it’s tough to believe they’re not actually sisters by blood.” “Their eyes are different colors,” Amanda pointed out, “But I’m not going to lie and say I don’t appreciate having matching littles,” she said it with a smile as I looked up at her. “I would too,” he said, “But I’m wondering if maybe that might have something to do with this?” He said tentatively. “Bella, why did you come to Selegnasol?” “I was coming for business… a contact I had for my clothing business…” I was surprised he didn’t say anything about the clothing business being too much for the little, but he then asked, “Who was your contact here?” “Her name was Samantha Felding,” she said. “Mommy was nice enough to get her a message that I was no longer able to do business.” “She seems to be a pretty good mommy, huh?” he finally acted in the demeaning manner I had come to expect from amazons. “The best,” Bella said quietly. “Well, I do want to warn you then if this is all you know. This Collin guy’s name is a fake name. We haven’t been able to ID him for certain, but it appears he is connected to a Breeding and Export business for littles here. From the way events have unfolded I would be willing to bet he was trying to get Bella for himself. Stacy would also likely be a commodity he would find valuable for his business.” “You think he’ll make an attempt to kidnap our little girls?” “It’s quite possible,” he told her honestly. “The information on him being sentenced to regression seems to be hacked in from a little sympathizer group. I think if we catch him though, a judge may treat it as a legitimate sentence, until he’s caught though I would keep a close eye out for him.” He said that with genuine concern in his eyes to Amanda. “Fortunately you have Mr. Warner and the security from LooneyWorld on your side. I would strongly suggest that you go straight from the park tomorrow to the airport with them escorting you. Once you get away from Selegnasol you’ll probably be safe. I’ve yet to get any dirt on this company, but a couple people I spoke with the federal little protection task force seem to think that this isn’t a company you want to be a little involved. It’s believed that they force littles that match their specifications to mate, have babies, and repeat. In the meantime the abuse and neglect is suspected to be despicable.” “That’s awful,” Amanda said. “Yes it is,” he said. “Well, I’ll let you put these two babies to bed. Stay safe and please let me know if you or your baby girls have any other pieces of information to add to our investigation. We’ll let you know if we catch this man.” Fred handed me to Amanda and walked him out to the door, “thanks for stopping by Detective.” Once the door was closed Amanda put both of us on the bed and did another check with her bug detector before saying, “I think I have them all. There were six audio bugs and two video bugs. They know that I have the bug detector from the video, but at least we should be able to talk for now.” “This is insane,” I said. “Yes it is… Maybe we should just head straight to the airport tonight?” Amanda suggested. Fred shook his head, “Those security guards plus the limo ride to the airport should be pretty secure. If we leave early then there’s more opportunity for a snafu at the airport.” Amanda sighed, “You’re probably right… Well little girls, what did you think of Looney World today?” She asked. “It was cool,” I said honestly. “Swimming with Suzy was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done!” “I think you’re nuts…” Bella told me, “she could have gulped you as a meal in one bite!!!” I giggled, “She wouldn’t do that. I think she thought I was a baby calf.” Amanda nodded, “she seemed to have fun playing with you too.” “Well you won’t catch me swimming with them…” Bella said. “Are you afraid of water?” I asked her. She turned red and shook her head, “No… I’m just nervous around it. When I was in school one time an Amazon dunked me under at the pool trying to get me to go poop in the swim diaper they made me wear for the lesson. If I had it would have been an excuse…” I knew she didn’t need to say more and she kind of sniffled, “Well, not that it lasted forever anyway…” “I’m sorry,” Amanda told her as she scooped her up. She sniffled again, “Can’t be helped. I’ll get used to it eventually I suppose. A lot of littles used to tell me when you’re captured just let go and become their baby. If you accept it you can be happy…” she started bawling then and I knew that this would not be the only time I would see her lose it over the events. I myself had a number of tears go down my face in sympathy. “Shhh…” Amanda said and bounced her for a moment to no effect. After an awkward few minutes of her losing it Amanda pulled her top out of the way and placed Bella’s mouth next to her nipple. The sniffling slowed and soon she was nursing fairly calmly. Fred picked me up and said, “I know you want to nurse too…” “But we need to play it safe tonight and tomorrow night,” I sighed. “How about I read you a story?” he suggested with a smile as he handed me my new dolphin. Fred wasn’t as good as Amanda at a lot of things, but his voice was very soothing and I was indeed asleep before the fairytale was done. THE NEXT THING I was aware of was hearing Amanda getting out of bed and into her suitcase. I rubbed my eyes and she noticed that I was awake. She came and picked me up and whispered, “You want to take a shower with Mommy?” I nodded sleepily and she carried me into the bathroom, unzipped my sleeper, directed my arms and legs out, before looking at my diaper with a shake of her head, “Well I guess you must be clear of my milk, that’s a dry diaper,” she told me with a poke on my nose with her finger. “Why don’t you use it while I get undressed.” I sighed but forced the urine out of my bladder into the padding. There was a fair amount of it and the padding swelled to the point where I felt my legs wanting to buckle. When I was done I tried pooping too, but it was too early in the morning for it. I looked up at the now naked Amanda who asked, “Done?” I nodded. She reached down and pulled my diaper open and balled it up into the trash. Turning around she started the shower to a temperature she liked and placed me into the tub. She reached down and poured some shampoo into my hands that I used, followed by some conditioner, and then she used some body wash on my all over. It was nice to feel clean and I felt a little bad that Bella was missing out on a shower, but I guessed Amanda felt she needed to sleep. “You all clean?” Amanda asked me. I nodded and let her wrap me up in a towel and dry me. She sat me on the counter and began using the blow dryer on her hair and my hair before braiding mine into twin pigtails that she tied off with two pink elastics. “Let’s get you into a regular diaper until a bit after breakfast is over, then I’ll get you in your swim diaper,” she whispered to me. “What are we doing today?” I asked. “We’re going to go swim in the waterpark for a few hours, then we’ll get dressed and head back home.” “So Bella will be staying in my room?” I asked quietly. “For now… Maybe we can look for another house that has another room. I don’t think your Daddy or I can give up our office space… I suppose we could move my space down to the basement…” “Might be better for Daddy to move there,” I told her with a mischievous smile. “Wouldn’t do for the mad scientist to live down to the expectations of the secret lair in the basement, would it?” She tickled my stomach lightly and said, “nope,” as she pulled the towel away from my body and laid me down on the changing pad. “Fred, bathroom’s all yours,” she told him as she shook his leg. “Kay…” he mumbled and slowly got out of bed. It was then that I noticed he was naked and quickly turned my head. “You didn’t…” I whispered… “Maybe…” Amanda said with a smile of her own. “Eew…” I told her. “You were asleep, you wouldn’t know one way or another, now would you…” I sighed as she finished taping the diaper up and I figured out that she had put me into one of the thicker princess diapers. “Why this one?” “I might have mispacked… I have five more of these and only one of the pampers. I figured you’d want to pretend to be a real baby in the airport again... so you’d need that one then?” I sighed and nodded, “You sure it was an accident?” I asked her with a glare. “Seriously…” she told me. I just shook my head and let her dress me into the thick diaper. A short sundress that only attempted to cover my diaper followed. “Why don’t you play with your new friend,” she told me with a smile as she handed me the dolphin from yesterday and then placed me into the playpen with Bella who was miraculously still sleeping. “Play quietly or lay back down until Daddy’s out of the shower,” she told me. I nodded and hugged the gigantic stuffed dolphin to my chest and laid down next to where Bella was curled up into the fetal position. I must have dozed back off because the next thing I knew was Amanda carrying me in my sling out the door of the hotel room. Desiree was walking ahead of us with one of the security officers. “Did you enjoy your extra nap?” She asked me noticing I was waking up and pulling the fabric away from my face. “Ugh…” I whined. She smiled at me and gave me a squeeze. I thought about asking to shift up, but decided the position I was in laying down was comfortable enough I didn’t want to move. The trip to the elevator and down didn’t take long and soon we were in the restaurant we ate breakfast in the day before. “Would you like a high chair for your baby girl?” the waiter asked. “Please, I’m going to have to put her down so I can feed the other one.” “Right this way then ma’am… are those men with you?” “Security precaution,” Desiree told him quietly while showing a staff credential. I closed my eyes while they led us to a table. When I heard some shuffling of chairs, and she pulled me upright and loose of the sling she smiled at me, “Come on Princess, need you to wake back up and have breakfast,” as she put me into a highchair next to Fred. As soon as she finished strapping me in Fred handed her Bella and she immediately began nursing her across from me while Fred grabbed our plates of food. I forced myself to be awake enough to nurse at the bottle of juice on my tray while he left. ‘I’d kill for a cup of coffee…’ Fred sat a plate of eggs, fruit, pancakes, and bacon in front of me along with my fork and knife from the diaper bag. “Thanks,” I told him as I began attacking the food slowly. I focused on the fruit first, then the pancakes, and then munched on the bacon. “Don’t want eggs this morning?” Amanda asked curiously across from me as she burped Bella who had finished nursing. I shrugged, “I don’t know…” “You really don’t do well without your regular morning drink, huh?” I shook my head, “I can’t wait to get home…” She laughed, “Well we’ll be there tonight and you can sleep in your own crib.” “Can’t wait…” I said as I reached for the bottle and stuck the nipple into my mouth. I nursed on it for several long moments until it was empty. Bella meanwhile was in her highchair being fed an occasional bite from Amanda’s plate, but looking almost as tired as I felt. While I waited for them to finish I felt the need to pee, which I did. The need to poop followed immediately and I tried to hold it, but my stomach cramped painfully and I leaned forward in the highchair to let it out. I winced as the mess entered my diaper and was smashed against my skin, warm, sticky, and smellie. I sniffled a bit and Amanda immediately noticed, “Fred, can you go change Stacy? She just made a stinky.” He looked at me with concern and nodded, “Come on sweetie,” he said as he grabbed the diaper bag and then picked me up carefully. He carried me in such a way to keep my stinky rear-end furthest from his nose. Two of the security team members moved to follow us while the others kept watch on Amanda and Bella. I continued to sniffle as he walked towards a family room between the mens and womens restrooms. “Doesn’t like her poopy diapers?” a female security agent asked. “Not a big fan of them,” Fred told her. “Well you would think she’d be used to them?” “She’s not been our baby that long, so she still thinks she’s a big girl,” he told her while giving me a squeeze to reassure me everything was okay. “Wouldn’t it be better to make her wait for a change then?” “She gets even more unbearably cranky when she gets a diaper rash. We find it’s just easier to change her. She really is a good baby too,” he reassured her. “I can change her if you want?” The lady suggested and I could see that crazy mothering look in her eyes. “I appreciate it, but we are pretty picky on changing our babies ourselves. I’m a doctor and have seen too many cases of molested babies, littles, and children… We don’t trust anyone,” he told her apologetically. “Understandable,” she told him. Fred closed the door to the small room and soon had me on my back on the table. “Did you try holding it?” he asked quietly with some concern. I nodded, “I had a bad cramp and couldn’t anymore…” “When we get home we’ll have to talk some more. Mommy said you could feel the need to pee though?” “Yes my urinary continence is back since I haven’t nursed. I don’t know why I couldn’t keep from messing my diaper though…” “Well as long as it doesn’t happen again today you’ll probably be back to normal tonight or tomorrow I hope.” “Me too… I start college stuff tomorrow…” The diaper was smelly and Fred seemed to gag for a moment when he first released the tapes. He used part of the diaper to clean as much off of me as he could before continuing with wipes. As terrible as it felt at least the cold wipes soon had me clean and he had a clean princess diaper back on me. He pulled the skirt of my dress back down and then undid my bib, packing it and everything else back into the diaper bag. He sat me on the counter next to the sink while he washed his hands before picking me back up. I felt comfortable and safe as he held me with his elbow underneath my diaper on the walk back to our table. “Better?” Amanda asked. I nodded as Fred put me down into his lap and watched Amanda finish feeding Bella some bites of egg. She wiped her hands with a baby wipe and said, “We ready then?” “Does Bella not need a change?” Fred asked. “She’s a little wet, might as well wait until we get to the waterpark. I’d have told you to wait on Stacy too, but she hates being poopy.” He nodded, “Let’s go get our luggage put away…” Desiree said, “Excuse me, sir?” “Yes?” “The park has already taken care of your luggage. It’ll be checked into the airport for you.” “Oh… great,” Fred said. “Good thing I already grabbed everything we needed, huh?” Amanda said patting at a backpack next to the diaper bag. Isabella and I were fastened back into the carriers on Fred and Amanda. She placed a pacifier in my mouth as she settled me in while Isabella just sat there without one in Fred’s carrier. Desiree and the security team stayed around us as we went back into the park. “Let’s get some pictures with Lola!” Amanda said with a smile when they spotted a Baby Lola character. “She has diapers just like you!” she said a moment later when she was holding us both. The person playing the character was significantly taller though than us! Easily an eight-foot Amazon was in the suit. Lola easily handled holding us both while Fred took a picture. A few more character photo stops were taken before we came back to the water area of the park. As Amanda carried me inside I noticed a set of arrow signs pointing towards the animal area, the splash area, and then the waterpark area. Soon after my mouth dropped as she carried me into what had to be the largest waterpark in the universe… Gigantic slides towered over a huge splash lagoon area that seemed to have a lazy river connected. White water rafting rides, and a kids area with a big playground complete with gigantic squirt guns. Signs abounded everywhere about swim diapers of course. Being early it was a bit cool still, but not too bad. “Let’s get the girls ready and get into our own swimsuits?” Fred suggested. “Sure,” she said and dug through the backpack for his swimsuit and handed it to him. “Give us a little bit while I get them in their swim diapers,” she told him. Inside the women’s restroom there was a long counter with one other mother dressing a real toddler into a swim diaper who wasn’t a fan of it. “Mommy I big girl!” “I know sweetie, but you’re under the height of being allowed to just wear your swimsuit here. Don’t worry, no one will see it underneath your swimsuit,” the mother lied to the little girl. “But I’m not a baby…” she devolved into a tantrum of tears. Amanda ignored it like she did all of these odd places and quickly laid Bella down on a changing pad. The diaper she wore wasn’t just wet apparently, but contained a loose stool in it that Amanda wiped away. Bella meanwhile kept her eyes shut and tried to ignore everything. Her tears belied the fact she was still mortally embarrassed by the treatment. As she was dressed into a pink one-piece swimsuit with a little frilly ‘skirt’ around it she whispered to me, “Now I know what you mean… I didn’t know…” I gave her a hug before Amanda made quick work of my outfit and pulled off a diaper that was completely dry for once. “Wow, what a big girl,” she smiled at me. The swim diaper was pulled up my legs quickly and a matching swimsuit to hers was soon on my body. “Come on, let’s go into a stall so I can get my swimsuit on,” she told us as she placed us on the ground and grabbed onto Bella’s hand. “Stacy keep good hold on Bella’s hand now.” I sighed but did as she told me and toddled alongside my bigger ‘sister.’ In the changing cubicle she pulled her top and shorts off quickly, followed by her bra. Milk droplets appeared on her breasts and I had to look away as I felt the craving to nurse so badly! “Uh-oh,” she said. “Bella you missed some!” Bella shuffled nervously next to me and said, “Sorry Mommy…” Amanda’s naked breasts suddenly were level with both of us as she hugged us and said, “I’m joking sweetie. Mommy’s breasts always make milky for her babies. I’ll put my top on and no one will know once we’re in the water,” she said with a squeeze. I restrained myself from latching on as she stood up and found myself shivering a bit. “What’s wrong?” Bella asked as Amanda worked to tie her top on. “Withdrawals,” I told her. She looked at me, looked at Amanda, and said “Oh…” Once Amanda was dressed she stuffed her clothes into the backpack and pulled out a can of spray sunscreen. She carried us back outside and met up with Fred. “Let’s leave everything in a locker,” Fred suggested. “Okay,” Amanda said. The electronic lock screen of the lockers looked complicated but apparently was based off of fingerprints. Fred quickly purchased some time in two of them and the backpack and diaper bags had homes that we left as soon as all of us were glistening with the sunscreen. “Where to first?” Fred asked Amanda. “Well, why don’t you take Bella to the Kiddie playground over there since she’s not a big swimmer?” Amanda suggested. “And you two fish are going where?” “Dolphins Daddy!” I told him while sticking my tongue out at him. He leaned forward and tickled me a bit, “Same thing,” he said. “Well Stacy can’t ride the big rides, but the lagoon and river should be fun?” She asked me with a smile. I nodded. “That’s settled then,” Fred said while unexpectedly tossing the scared Bella in the air and catching her. “I’ll go toss this one back, you’ll meet up with us there?” “Sounds like a plan,” Amanda said, “Behave Fred,” she told him. I noticed the security guards talked to several people in swimsuits for a moment before they traded places with the appropriately clad replacements. I didn’t say anything though and turned towards the water. Amanda followed as she let me walk ahead on my own to the lagoon. It was probably as big as the pool yesterday, if not bigger, and had waves bobbing in and out to the edges. I walked in and said, “Brrr!” Amanda splashed next to me, “Yeah, it’s a little cold this morning, huh?” I kept wading in and I was in up to my neck treading water while Amanda hadn’t even barely reached her knees. I continued swimming out though and soon she was swimming as well. A lifeguard noticed me and panicked to swim out to me. “What do you think you’re doing?” He asked Amanda while trying to catch me and ‘save’ me. I ducked underwater and went to the other side of Amanda as he tried to grab me. “She’s swimming.” Amanda told him, “with permission from Mr. Warner,” she added. “What’s the problem?” Desiree asked, having changed into a swimsuit. “This little shouldn’t be in here without at least water wings… and they’re really only supposed to be in the kiddie pools!” “She has permission,” she said and somehow brought out her ID from within the cup area of her one piece suit. The lifeguard gulped and said, “Okay then…” As he swam away I looked up at Amanda from where I’d shifted to floating on my back. “That was fun…” She laughed and said, “Thanks,” to Desiree. “You’re welcome… I don’t think your little girl is in any danger of drowning… your husband called her a fish – I believe it!” “Dolphin!” I griped at her and looked at Amanda, “Can we get one of those innertubes and go around the river?” “You’ll have to share with me I think?” Amanda told me. I nodded, “That’s fine.” The lazy river really wasn’t much of a lazy one as it twisted and turned and actually went down and uphill at various points. I sat on top of her belly basically in her lap as we went around. At one point we got bounced around a bit and I clung to her tightly accidentally pulling the cloth off of her breast. “Sorry,” I apologized to her as she turned red. Fortunately the teenagers that had caused the problem had moved down the river and couldn’t see. “It’s okay, but no nursing for at least another couple days sweetheart,” she gently reminded me. “I know, I really didn’t mean…” Her giggles were enough for me to realize she had been in fact joking. I said, “Hmmph…” and turned around and sat facing away from her as we finished making our round of the river and dumped back into the lagoon. She sat me in the water next to the tube and then flipped off of it herself. For another hour or so we swam and went what few places I could before rejoining Fred who was teaching Bella how to float on her back in the kiddie area. “Daddy,” I said as I hugged his leg affectionately. He picked me up, “is she done swimming?” “It has been a couple hours,” Amanda told him. He looked at his watch, “So it has. Shall we get changed, eat, and then head to the airport?” “Seems like a good plan,” Amanda said. “Are you done?” Desiree asked beside us surprising us since she had disappeared for a while. “I think so,” Amanda said. “Why don’t you get your bags and then come with me to a backstage area for you all to change. We’ll get the team that will be with you the rest of the day then to meet up there. “Okay,” Fred said while Amanda picked up Bella. As we waited for Fred to unlock the lockers Amanda sniffed asked Bella, “Did you go poopie again?” I watched as she nodded but didn’t cry this time. Amanda hugged her tightly and said, “You’ll be in a nice clean diapee here soon,” she reassured her as the lockers opened and Fred grabbed the diaper bag and the backpack. The lady said, “Right this way,” and led us back a door that said ‘authorized cast members only.’ It led to a short hallway and there were two gendered locker room doors. Fred put me down on the ground and said, “Go with Mommy,” as he grabbed his clothes out of the backpack and handed it to her. She kept hold of Bella and sat her down on her feet on top of a bench that rounded the locker room. Amanda quickly opened up the diaper bag and grabbed the changing pad that she sat down on the bench. Still having her stand she pulled Bella’s swimsuit off of her before laying her down on the changing pad. “You have the most adorable littles,” Desiree said as Bella’s feet were held in the air and a wipe on her dirty butt was in her hand. I turned to look at the lady while keeping myself right next to Amanda’s legs. “Thank you,” Amanda said, “I love them to death.” I didn’t hear another diaper go on Bella and looked up as Amanda instead sat her down next to me naked as a jaybird. She began pulling her swimsuit off and said, “Stacy take your swimsuit and diapee off like a big girl, okay?” I nodded and did as she said, leaving myself naked as she grabbed a baby wipe and wiped my butt coming away with a brown streak. I gulped at that and vowed not to think about her milk anymore! “Let’s go take a shower real quick girls,” she told us as she leaned down and picked us both up and placed our heads way too close to her breasts for my mind to rationally remember what I had thought a moment ago. Before instinct could take over and I would latch she sat us down in a shower stall with water running. Amanda quickly rinsed us both off with some soap she had stashed somewhere and did the same with herself. Once done she combed our hair gently and said, “We’ll just be air drying our hair today…” “Great, mine will be a frizzy mess…” Bella whined. One of the security guards looked at her oddly but Amanda didn’t make a comment, only laying her back on the waiting changing pad, putting a thick princess diaper on her, and then pulling the outfit from earlier back onto her and snapping crotch snaps closed. She sat her down and said, “Give us just a few minutes so I can get your sister dressed, me dressed, and then we’ll go find where we’re going to eat lunch, okay?” “Yes Mommy,” Bella answered. My naked body was laying the changing pad a moment later and I too had a princess diaper put on me, a pink one-piece sunsuit I’d been wearing earlier was pulled over my head, snapped at the crotch, and then I was sat down next to Bella. Pacifiers were put into our mouths and clipped to the outfits we were wearing and she began taking care of herself. I looked at Bella staring up at her and wondered if she was thinking about her next session from Amanda’s breasts… I sighed, “You have fun playing?” I asked Bella. She looked at me with a weird look but nodded with a smile, “I haven’t really ever been able to play in the water,” she said around her pacifier. It made things sound much more babyish with sounds like pway and I had to fight from giggling because it was cute. “We have a pool at home,” I told her. “You all swim a lot?” She asked while Amanda finished pulling on a pair of slacks. “Every day…” I answered. “That explains how Stacy is such a good swimmer,” the security guard remarked to Amanda. She shook her head, “We adopted her that way. The first time she went into the pool we figured out she could really swim.” “Aren’t you afraid she’ll drown?” Amanda stuffed a few last things back into the bags, “Not really. It’s not like we let her swim alone. She always has to have an adult in the pool with her. Stacy really is a better swimmer than I am – and I was on the swim team in college,” she told her. I looked up at her for the praise and smiled. Amanda had the sling back around her neck and quickly picked me up and placed me inside. Once I was secured she reached down and grabbed Bella and placed her on her hip. “I can carry your bags out to your husband?” She suggested. “Thanks,” Amanda said with a sigh of relief. “Still trying to get used to having two babies!” Out in the hallway Fred stood patiently waiting dressed in slacks, a button down shirt, and a sports coat. I realized then that Amanda was fairly professionally dressed too with her slacks and blouse, while Bella and I were definitely about as immaturely dressed as you could get without being only in a diaper! “Here, I’ll take those,” Fred told the lady and put his wet shorts in the backpack quickly before putting it on his back, put the diaper bag on a shoulder, and then took Bella from Amanda. “Where are we eating lunch?” “Well…” Desiree gave us a suggestion and led us out into the park. We had a changing of our escorts and ended up eating at a restaurant of traditional American fair. I ended up with pizza, Bella had a corndog with a side of breast milk, Fred had a hamburger, and Amanda ended up with a basket of chicken strips. It was a quick lunch though, we stopped at a changing station and wet diapers were switched out for dry before we were led to a limousine with Mr. Warner waiting nearby. “Thank you so much for the evening last night Mr. Warner,” Amanda said. “My pleasure dear. Stacy did you have a fun time swimming today?” I nodded and said, “Thank you, I did. I appreciated being able to swim for real.” “Anytime you come back let us know and we’ll make sure someone lets the lifeguards know to leave you alone. Sorry the one didn’t get the memo earlier!” “It’s okay, I understand,” I told him with a smile. “Well then, this is my personal limousine that will take you to the airport. Our security service will stay with you until you get through security – you should be safe then.” “Thank you,” Fred said, “we really did appreciate the extra peace of mind with that lunatic running loose!” “My pleasure, have a safe trip!” He told us as the doors to the limousine were opened. Along one side I could see my infant carrier buckled in next to Bella’s new car seat. Amanda quickly removed me from the sling and placed me inside the carrier while Fred placed Bella next to me. With everyone inside the limo took off and I looked through the window as we passed by and at Amanda and Fred smiling at the two of us. It made me blush, “What?” “Well… we didn’t intend to have two littles, but you two look adorable next to each other,” Amanda said. Right then Bella farted loudly and the smell of a loaded diaper permeated the air. “Eeww…” she whined. “Well that took care of that moment…” I couldn’t help saying. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thank you to everyone who has commented so far! I appreciate the likes/comments to help keep me pushing through. This week has been a tougher week for me writing wise, but I should be good with next weeks post and the following unless something weird happens. Thanks for reading!
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    Chapter 24: “COME ON BELLA, let’s go to Mommy,” I told her. I pulled her quickly towards Amanda and Fred who were on the opposite side of the splash area from the man. I didn’t turn around to watch for the guy, but quickly walked up to Amanda with Bella and said, “Bella went poopie!” I said it loudly enough for others to hear before putting my hands in the ‘pick me up’ position to Fred. “Daddy uppy!” Fred and Amanda both looked at me with concern before I was picked up and in Fred’s arms. “The man that lured Bella is over there watching us!” By the time we both turned to look again though he was gone. “I don’t see him, are you sure?” He asked. I nodded, “Bella saw him first and it scared her…” ‘Shitless,’ I added in my own brain. Amanda had picked Bella up at that point and asked, “So you don’t feel like playing like a big girl out there?” She asked her loudly. Fred had closed in to her and told her, “They both just saw the man that lured her out here… what do you want to do?” I watched Amanda’s face tighten into a scowl more vicious than I’d seen on her face. She was angrier now than she had been when Chloe had that stupid swing thing spank me! “We can change Bella and move on to the exhibits?” She said. “I suppose we could go home early, but this place does have pretty good security. Go talk to them?” “Bella, does your cell phone have any pictures of the guy you were talking to? Any logs of him on your computer?” I asked her quietly. She shook her head, “I never thought to keep a record of that.” “Screenname or number?” I asked. She nodded to that, “It’s on my laptop in my suitcases.” “Mommy, I want to swim with the dolphins like you promised, is that soon or a long time from now?” Amanda looked at me oddly, “It’s supposed to be when the little hand hits the four on the clock, it’s on the one right now.” “Maybe we go back and take naps? I think Bella is tired. Mommy, you and I could play together?” “That’s not a bad idea Mommy,” Fred told her. Amanda nodded and the two of them walked hand-in-hand, each holding one of us, back to the stroller and changing room. After a quick change into a new diaper for Bella, redressed into her romper, we were put back in the stroller and started the walk back to the entrance of the parks and the hotel from there. I was left in my swimsuit and mostly dry swim diaper. Fred pushed the stroller back and Amanda walked to the side, occasionally I could see her come forward to check on us, but for the most part it was a quiet walk back. Once in the hotel they maneuvered the large stroller into the elevator and down the hallway to our room. Inside Amanda gave us the quiet sign again and pulled her bug detector out from somewhere. As we quietly watched her search, she stopped twice and picked out little devices from hiding spots. Eventually sure she had them all she went to the bathroom with them and said, “I think I got them all. Seriously who was this guy Bella?” We were both picked out of the stroller and sat on the bed. “I don’t know…” Bella said, “He said his name was Collin Munson and CEO for a clothing company here in Selegnasol. He said he liked my clothing design ideas for littles and felt like his chain of stores would be interested in picking up the line of designs.” She shrugged, “other than making stuff directly for littles who knew me, or the occasional betweener, I didn’t have a lot of opportunities coming up. Once in a while I was able to sell some designs online to companies overseas… but I was having trouble doing much more than paying rent. This guy got me hook, line, and sinker,” she had tears leaving her eyes and I leaned over and hugged her. “It’s okay,” I told her. “If you want to just drop me off at an orphanage or something, I’ll completely understand,” Bella told Amanda who had sat down next to us. She enveloped both of us in a hug and said, “I couldn’t possibly do that to you sweetheart. I did what I did to protect you - my reasons to do so haven’t changed, and now that you’re family - we protect our own! Now where is your computer?” “In that black suitcase over there,” she told Amanda. Amanda grabbed the one in question and brought it over to the bed. Underneath a pile of bras and panties that Bella would most likely never wear again, was a black computer more suited for me than Amanda. Amanda picked it up and handed it to her, “can you login?” “I need the power cord plugged in too, it’s kind of ancient and the battery doesn’t work anymore…” she said embarrassed. Amanda dug in and handed the end back to her after she found an outlet. The three of us had to move to a spot on the bed closer to the wall since her cord was pretty short. Amanda said, “Hold on one second before you turn it on Bella,” as she looked at the front facing camera of the computer. She got off the bed and grabbed a small band-aid that she placed on the camera. “Go ahead now,” she told her. Once she logged in she started to hand it to Amanda, but she just pointed to me instead. I smiled, “You sure?” I asked her. “You’re more than decent at this, and that keyboard is better for your hands than mine. I’ll have to get a pencil almost to type on those keys…” I laughed and Bella looked at both of us like we had grown extra heads. I just ignored her and started looking for her logs of her contacts with the guy. I first checked her computer over for things like keyloggers and sadly was rewarded quickly, “Wow, these guys are thorough,” I told them. “They’ve been logging everything done with her computer and had been streaming photo captures every five minutes to their server to track her…” “Here,” Amanda said as she handed me a thumb drive that fit in the slot of Bella’s computer. On the drive was an executable program that quickly cleared that malware off and she looked over my shoulder as I checked it again. Just to be safe I locked down everything with a firewall. If it wasn’t going through my direct actions it wasn’t getting through! I also switched ports for internet access to a non-standard one to avoid something slipping by me. Eventually with the computer fully secured I directed my attention to finding the guy. The Skype like software she had used to talk to this ‘Collin’ guy had a lot more data saved on it than it probably should have. It gave his location info and a picture from his profile information that I quickly saved over to a folder of gathered information. He was a dead ringer for the guy we had seen at the park and the day before! “How do you move your fingers so fast?” Bella asked beside me while now being comforted in Amanda’s arms. I looked over at her and just shrugged before getting back to work. There was a log of information on the calls and I was able to gather an IP address from that. Using my knowledge from home, and the tricks I’d picked up online and from Amanda, it was practically child’s play to track it back to a company since they hadn’t even bothered trying to hide themselves. “This must be the company,” I said, pointing to the screen that was on a company’s website. ‘Venture Little B and E,’ was the name of the company. “What does ‘B and E’ stand for?” Bella asked next to me. “Breeding and Exports,” I told her with a wince. “These are the kind of guys Doctor Nimitz mentioned putting you all in touch with…” “Fuck,” Fred breathed next to us. “Fred!” Amanda warned. “Amanda, these aren’t some small time crooks. I’ve heard of these guys through some of the E.R. docs. We’re in pretty deep here…” “What do you want to do about it?” Amanda asked, “It’s not like we can leave Bella?” “Go to the police?” I suggested tentatively. Amanda laughed, “Stacy, especially where we’re at right now I’m guessing most of the police here would be happy to take a bribe. Selegnasol is not known for being friendly to littles other than here in Looney World. If they went through this much trouble over Bella, I’m guessing they’re also…” “Thinking I would make an even better breeder?” I finished. She just nodded and we were quiet for a long minute. “Fred, would you hand me my computer? When you’re done would you change Stacy into a new diaper. I’m guessing she’s gone at least a little in her swim diaper and those don’t hold a lot.” “Okay…” he said with a questioning look. Once she had her laptop in hand she told me, “Let Daddy change your diapee and then I may need your help.” Fred started moving and quickly handed her the requested computer. While she logged in, and I assumed did some checking of her computer like I had. If they could plant bugs in the room while we were gone, no reason they couldn’t do something with her computer. As soon as her screen came on she hissed. Meanwhile Fred had my swimsuit off and my butt in the air wiping it pretty quickly. “Amanda do I put another swim diaper on her, or a regular pamper like Bella has on?” “She’s going swimming with the dolphins in a bit, just put another swim diaper on her. She can actually do that herself if you want,” she reminded him. He put my legs down and handed me the diaper and the swimsuit, “go for it kiddo.” I smiled and stood up carefully on the counter he had sat me and pulled up the diaper before putting the swimsuit back on. Bella looked at me like I was a creature from another universe. “You let her dress herself?” “Bella, I’m not sure what we’re going to be able to do for you, especially with these guys on your trail, but Stacy is going to be attending college next week… we don’t want her to have extra problems because she’s not used to taking care of herself,” Fred responded. Amanda grunted in assent as Fred carried me back over to the bed. “What do you need me to do?” I asked her. “Well… can you get me that picture you found?” I nodded. In the next thirty minutes I could see what she was doing and had to giggle. Bella looked back and forth at me, and Amanda then when she started to also giggle too, and asked, “What’s so funny?” “Amanda just set it up to where Looney World will associate this guys picture with a missing adopted ‘baby.’” “But he’s an Amazon…” Bella said. “I’ve seen bigger Amazons than him forced by the courts into an adoption,” Fred said with a chuckle. “Unfortunately without a chip he’ll be able to talk his way out of getting sent to an orphanage…” “It’ll be enough to get him kicked out of the park though,” Amanda said. “What about away from there?” Bella asked nervously. “Well, I think we’ll be fine at the airport and back home. It’ll just be getting to the airplane that we really have to worry…” Amanda said nervously. “We’ll figure it out,” Fred said as he gave Amanda a hug. “Now why don’t we change Bella, and then get to that dolphin encounter for Stacy?” “Sounds good, let’s leave the stroller here - it’s been more trouble than it’s worth.” “Okay,” he said. I smiled at that, “You sure you don’t want to come?” I asked Bella as she had the new regular diaper taped shut. “I really don’t swim… those things have got to be scary too, have you ever seen one? They could probably swallow you in a bite!” I laughed, “I’m sure I am small enough for them, but I’ll be fine, right Mommy?” “Yep!” she said, “They have them well trained not to eat the little fish!” I giggled as she tickled me. Amanda quickly braided my hair for swimming and seemed to gather a few more things into our diaper bag. When she was done she repositioned me back in the sling while Fred put Bella into her backpack like carrier on his chest. He grabbed my pink diaper bag and put it over his shoulder then and I giggled. “What’s so funny?” He asked me with a glare. “Umm… pink’s just not your color?” I suggested. He sighed, “I know, Amanda first thing when we get home I am finding a manlier diaper bag.” That set everyone off into giggles as we were carried out of the hotel and back to the park. I sat upright in the sling and watched all of the people we passed in an effort to spot the man Bella had been told to call Collin. Digging through her video logs had shown me how she had been baited in. Loneliness, fear, and the hope of getting a business deal off the ground seemed an easy ruse to catch her. She seemed to have been just desperate enough to risk it… To be fair she had done her checks and on the surface the guy had seemed to be on the up-and-up. My skills and Amanda’s skills were far above what she had… Sadly without them she nearly fell into their trap. ‘Now I have a sister whether I want her or not…’ I grumbled internally. I knew I shouldn’t be jealous of Bella, but it was hard not to be at times. The only good thing about this whole scheme had been the attention Amanda had been giving me for the past hour. I sighed, ‘I’m seriously going to get a complex… I was just getting used to being a baby - not to mention I was an only child back home too!’ Amanda and Fred held hands as they passed into Mr. Limpet’s area of the park. ‘How could they change him to a dolphin? His name was the reason for him turning into a limpet…’ I groused as we passed into the area. ‘This dimension is just infuriating sometimes!’ I saw signs pointing towards a dolphin experience leading me to believe we were close. Sure enough we came upon a booth that Amanda walked up to. “Well hello! You here to watch Mommy or Daddy swim with the dolphins?” the lady asked patronizingly to me. Amanda hugged me, “Actually we have a booking for myself and my little girl here.” “I’m sorry ma’am, but we only allow really strong swimmers to swim with the dolphins.” “That’s your only concern?” Fred asked in a calm voice. “Umm… well yes, I guess?” “Well then Stacy will be just fine swimming with the dolphins. She’s probably a stronger swimmer than you are.” “Umm… I doubt that… Will you let me get my manager?” “Okay,” Amanda said, “We’d be happy for Stacy to take a swim test if needed?” I almost giggled as the girl ducked out of the booth for a moment and came back in with an older Amazonian man. “Ma’am, what seems to be the issue?” “Apparently your cast member here seems to be concerned that our daughter can swim well enough for the encounter?” “Well we don’t allow littles…” “Where’s the sign for that?” Amanda asked. “We prepaid for this encounter and I’ve promised her she’ll get to swim with the dolphins.” “Ma’am, really, there’s no way your little girl can swim well enough to be in the tank with them safely.” “How about she proves it to you?” He looked at Amanda like she was crazy, but I knew we were better off with a man in this case. “If she can swim a lap in the tank without the dolphins we’ll let her do it…” He looked doubtfully. “But you take all risks and must swim next to her to rescue her if need be.” “Shouldn’t she wear a life vest at least?” The other lady asked astonished and a bit outraged. “She seems sure of her little, if she signs the waiver I don’t care.” He said to her while giving papers to Amanda to sign. A moment later he looked at her and said, “I hope you’re right about your little girl… But we’ll see in this swim test. If she looks the slightest bit like she’s struggling we don’t let her swim with the dolphins.” “Sounds good,” I told him, “Thank you sir!” He looked at me a little bit odd, but said, “She does have a swim diaper on, right?” “Of course, we know no one would ever let a little into their pool without one!” Amanda told him with a smile. “Right this way then,” he said and opened a door. I could see that we were being led into the water level of a large amphitheater like I remembered SeaWorld using for shows. Rows and rows of seats were above us, and a massive tank extended in front of us. “Umm… we require wetsuits normally in these pools since they’re colder saltwater…” “And you don’t have one in her size?” Fred asked with an amused grin. He nodded, “no…” “Well good thing we have one for her then, huh?” Amanda said with a smile. While standing on the platform she pulled my swimsuit off my body and left me standing with just the diaper. My face flushed red in embarrassment, until I was dressed in the purple full body wetsuit, holding a pair of matching goggles that matched my suit. She even pulled out a set of fins then, but the man said, “For her test I don’t want her using fins.” “Fair enough,” she said, “then she’s ready to take your test? You said one lap of the tank?” He looked at me incredulously. I could sort of understand since the tank looked to be the size of a football field back home. “You’ll need to get into a wetsuit too… there’s some to borrow over there?” he directed the girl from the counter to help her out. In the meantime Amanda sat me down next to Fred who still had Bella latched to his chest. Amanda made me wait there way too long I thought, as I really wanted to get into the water! The pavilion seemed to be completely covered and lit only artificially. I looked up at Bella in her carrier and she just shook her head at me. Fred bounced her in his arms a little as if to soothe her while she nervously nursed the pacifier in her mouth. Eventually Amanda returned and he said, “Like I said this is on you.” “Just over there and back?” I asked him while pointing to the far side. “Umm… yeah.” I smiled and dove into the water without waiting for any other doubts from him. It was a much cooler temperature than I expected and I could see why the wetsuits were needed. I didn’t wait around for Amanda to catch up and began my swim as if it was a race. I went to the other side and decided to circle the pool, instead of going straight back. It was so nice to swim in such a large pool! Amanda wasn’t far behind me as I approached the platform we left on and climbed up on my own. “Am I a good enough swimmer?” I asked the man. He shook his head, “Definitely... Okay, you booked this to be private, so I’ll get my trainer to bring a couple of friends out for you to meet.” “Yay! Friends!” I squealed a bit with a smile on my face just to mess with him. Amanda sat down on the platform with me in her lap to wait while Fred found a seat in a nearby chair. Bella stared at me again like horns were sticking out of my head. I just giggled. I didn’t have time to have a conversation with either of them before I heard noises of grates opening and a young Amazonian woman came out. She laughed when she saw me, and somehow I had a feeling this was going to be a good experience. “Wow, so you got past Megan, through Jason, and apparently get to be the first little I know of to swim with our friends.” I smiled, “I can’t wait!” She laughed, “I’m Makayla, the trainer and run the shows here.” “I’m Amanda, this is my husband Fred, Stacy who will be swimming, and that’s Bella.” “It’s nice to meet you, please know that I’m in charge of everything with this. I understand you can swim, but we do have some guidelines that you’re going to have to follow.” I nodded and I could feel Amanda doing the same. She went over some rules that made sense before two gigantic dolphins suddenly swam up to the platform we were on and splashed all of us. I laughed and stood up to see them better while Makayla tossed them some fish that had to have been half my size. “Meet Suzy and Maggie,” she told us while pointing to each in turn. “They’re both known as bottlenose dolphins, Suzy is fifteen feet in length, and Maggie is twenty-feet. Both are full-grown adults.” She showed me how I could safely pet Suzy and feel her skin before having her do a few tricks jumping in the water and even had them play with a large beach ball. “You want to swim with them now?” she asked me with a smile. I smiled, “Uh-huh,” and realized Fred had their nice camera out but tuned it out. I ignored him though and focused on the gigantic creature in the water and dived in next to Suzy. She swam up to me and chattered loudly, while she bobbed her head as if to look at me like I was nuts. She seemed to like the idea of playing though, because she jumped in the air and splashed me again while I treaded water. I giggled and then reached out and gently took hold of her fin as Makayla instructed me to. As if that was her cue she took me for a ride around the tank. Just as we went back by the platform I sensed she was doing something different and instinctively took a breath. A moment later I was glad I did as she dove beneath the surface! Instead of letting go I hung on and enjoyed the ride as she dove and then returned to the surface popping us both out. I giggled as I let go and returned into the water with a splash. She made her own sort of giggling chatter sound and pushed me back to the platform with her nose. I let her push me onto it and turned to pat her nose. Makayla handed me a fish that I carefully tossed to her. Suzy seemed to appreciate it and came up to me again and I patted her gently. I watched as Amanda was delivered back to the side there again too. “How much more time do we have?” I asked Makayla. She looked at her watch, “Ten minutes? Then we have to clear the pavilion for the show that’s in an hour. “Awesome!” I said and dove back into the water and began swimming around the tank with Suzy by my side. She seemed to think I was a little dolphin pup, and dove in and around me gently while keeping an eye on me. After a lap of that she leaned her fin towards me and I let her pull me for a little bit more before realizing Amanda and Makayla were signaling time was up. Suzy seemed to have a cue too, because she beached me on the platform a second later. I was able to give her another fish and posed for a quick photo with Amanda and her finned friend too, before we were led to the locker room that Amanda had used. “Thank you so much!” I told Makayla. “You’re so very welcome Stacy. You have to be one of the most talented little swimmers I’ve ever seen!” “Thanks,” I told her with a smile. “Maybe you can catch my show here in a bit?” She suggested with a smile. I looked at Amanda who nodded, “We’ll be there!” After a quick rinse of both of us with a shower they had for staff, Amanda stripped out of her wetsuit first and into her dry clothes. She then stripped me down to the diaper I was in. “Hmm… I forgot to grab a regular pamper for you… you’ll just have to wear another swim diaper for a bit…” she told me. I shrugged, “Okay,” I had nothing else I could do and stood up with the new diaper on me. When I was dressed she said, “We’ll have to give you a bath later, you smell like fish!” she told me. “Like dolphins Mommy!” I told her with a smile and a hug. “Can I wash my hands please?” I asked thinking of the creatures I had just been touching. She picked me up and put me up to the sink with some soap on my hands. She smiled at me and gave me a hug when I was done, “Let’s go rejoin Daddy and Bella.” I walked out beside her and I was a little relieved to see both of them waiting for us, “Here’s your sling Amanda,” Fred said as I watched Bella look at me like I was crazy. “Thanks Fred,” she said, “Did you get some good pictures of her?” “Both of you,” he said with a smile. “I can’t wait to see them,” I told him with a smile, “Thank you both for setting this up!” “You’re very welcome,” he said. Amanda squeezed me, “I thought you would enjoy it.” “You okay Bella?” I asked her. She nodded, “You’re crazy though.” I smiled, “Yep!” “Let’s go see if we can get the girls something at the gift store?” “Yay!” I said with a smile. Fred had Bella in her harness and I was in the sling attached to Amanda a quick moment later. It wasn’t far to ‘Mr. Limpet’s Incredible Shop.’ I immediately noticed there were some stuffed dolphins on a wall. “Mommy! Look, dolphins!” I told her and pointed. “Just like Suzy, huh?” She asked me while tickling my side. I squirmed and giggled a bit, “Stop that… May I have one?” She smiled and hugged me, “Sure, which one?” “That one please?” I told her pointing to one that was as long as I was tall. “It’s as big as you!” She smiled at me. “You sure?” “Please?” “Well then, we’ll here you go,” She said and handed me the massive stuffed animal. I hugged it tightly from my perch with her help. “What does Bella want?” Amanda asked her where she looked on next to us. “I don’t need anything…” Bella said quietly. Amanda turned and tilted her head closer to her, leaving me squished close to Bella too. “Sweetie, I want to get you something. It doesn’t have to be a dolphin, or a stuffed animal, it could be anything.” Bella looked genuinely uncomfortable, but said, “Okay… Umm… Daddy can you walk around?” She asked. Amanda gave her a kiss on the top of her head as Fred gave her a reassuring hug. We walked around while I clung onto my new stuffed animal. After a long while of walking around Bella said, “The mermaid, Mommy?” she asked. I followed where she pointed and saw a plush mermaid doll that seemed to be as tall as my dolphin, but she was taller than me so it didn’t seem quite so gigantic in her hands. Amanda walked through some more then and grabbed a couple onesies with dolphin characters on them for me, and then a mermaid outfit for Bella. You could tell she was having a great time having two babies to shop for, but eventually I began squirming while trying to hold onto my dolphin and she decided it was time to check out. “I get it,” she told me with a smile, “let’s check out and we’ll go watch Makayla’s show.” I turned my head a bit and smiled at her. The lady at the register looked at Bella and I, “Looks like you must have two very good little girls!” “We do,” Amanda said with a squeeze on me. “Here, let’s hand the nice lady your dolphin and then you can have her back.” She pushed it forward to a scanner and then handed it back to my arms that were honestly kind of wearing out a bit. “Would you like a bag for this, or would you like us to deliver your purchase to the hotel?” “We’ll take it in a couple bags,” Amanda told her, “I don’t think this one wants to let go of her new friend.” “Here’s an extra bag in case they get tired of holding them,” the lady said helpfully as she handed her a bag with the other items in it. “Thanks!” Amanda said and led Fred by the hand back to the amphitheater, this time coming in from the main entrance through a queue line. To my disappointment they walked to above the splash zone before Bella and I were freed from the carriers and situated on Fred and Amanda’s laps. “Girls, are you thirsty?” Amanda asked. I looked up and nodded, “Yes, especially after swimming,” I mentioned. “Fred can you find their juice bottles in the bag?” He reached into the pink bag beside him and withdrew a smaller bottle for me, and a larger bottle for Bella. Once the caps were pulled off he handed the smaller bottle to Amanda and the larger one to Bella. I still had the dolphin in my arms so it was kind of tough to hold my bottle when she tried to hand it to me. I held it up to her, “Okay, since you’re a little bit occupied,” Amanda said with a smile and she held it to my mouth while I nursed. I had about half of the bottle down when Makayla came out to the platform we had used earlier and began the show. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome…” she began as several dolphins came out and began performing flips in front of the crowd. The show was very cool and featured a number of dolphins, whales, sea lions, and a few new to me creatures that she introduced and the trainers interacted with. Makayla herself honestly was the reason the show was entertaining though. She was a fantastic MC and I found myself entranced by her and the animal’s antics. Several times the people in the splash zone received a good soaking moment. Once it almost reached us and I giggled when Bella shrieked loudly about it. At the end of the show they invited people to come down to one side to take pictures with Suzy and a couple other dolphins. Amanda and Fred meanwhile began packing up to leave the show. My dolphin was placed into one of the spare bags along with Bella’s mermaid doll, before Bella was put into her carrier and Fred put the diaper bag over his shoulder and carried the shopping bags. “You want to go say bye to Makayla?” Amanda asked me. “Can we?” I asked before taking a quick sip out of my still half-full bottle. “Sure, she was definitely kind with you earlier.” “And she did a really good job with the show,” I told her. “Yes she did.” Amanda said. Instead of placing me into the sling, she held me on her hip as we waited for the line of fans to pass by and soon just an Amazon family with a girl who looked to be about five, and us remained. Suddenly I saw ‘Collin’ approach us and came menacingly up to Amanda, “Well, well, well, looks like we have two lovely littles to collect since you decided to interfere,” he hissed. I didn’t see a weapon in his hands, but the physical threat was implied as I looked at the giant in horror. He was a bit shorter than Fred, but he seemed to radiate a serious physical threat like a trained soldier. I looked at the bottle in my hand and thought about something for a couple seconds before carefully digging my fingers into the edge of the nipple of the bottle. I tried to not move too much as I was able to pull it loose from its ring and opened the bottle “What are you talking about?” Amanda played dumb. “Bella there, she’s meant for my organization. We recruited her and had a plan to catch her,” he said quietly. While this was going on the family with the young amazon child approached Makayla and Suzy and posed for a picture. Everyone else seemed to be clueless that a less than happy situation was going on next to them. “But she’s our little baby girl, I’m sorry you didn’t get her first, but she’s a part of our family now…” “No, you’ll all be coming with me. You’ll be giving me the information on where their chips are, the codes to change their adoption records, and we might consider letting you two go back home.” “I will not be giving up my babies,” Amanda said with all of the fury of a mother bear. With that I took advantage of his not paying attention to me and flung the remaining contents of my bottle onto the man’s pants. It landed perfectly on his groin area and I shouted, “Mommy! That man had an accident! Isn’t he a baby then? Why isn’t he in diapers like Bella and me?” My voice carried and I watched as he looked humorously at me for a second as if I was crazy, just before security guards seemed to be paying attention and approached us all. “Bitch,” he hissed to me and turned to leave. Seeing he was surrounded I watched as he ran by the Amazon family who was starting to walk away. Makayla had just disappeared backstage. The family was trying to pack up their stuff when I watched in horror as he shoved the little Amazon girl into the tank. “My baby!!!!!!!!” The Amazon woman shrieked. The little girl instantly seemed to struggle in the water and was sinking. Amanda had been standing next to the rail of the protective fence and I grabbed firmly and pulled loose of her grip, hopped onto the rail, and dived into the pool after the little girl. I hit the water with a perfect splash and kicked my way down to below the surface where she was already sinking. Using the skills I’d learned a couple summers ago in a lifeguard training, I pulled her to the surface before turning her around and using my legs to help push us towards the platform we’d used earlier. The girl was easily twice my size and I had to work really hard to make much progress and keep her head above the water. Her deadweight was not easy to handle, but my adrenaline was pumping and I wasn’t about to give up! I was worried that the girl was completely limp in my arms, but kept pushing my legs to kick as fast as I could. It was taking forever though! Suddenly I felt the water ripple next to me and saw a fin. I turned my head and realized Suzy was offering me some help. I gripped the little girl tightly with one arm and my legs as I used my now free hand to hold onto her fin gently and she pulled us through the water much faster! I heard a lot of screaming as Suzy beached us on the platform and she left us there a moment later. I was almost crushed by the girls’ weight without the buoyancy of the water, but managed to free myself out from underneath her and immediately checked to see if she was breathing. To my relief she immediately began coughing and I helped her tilt to the side to get it out just as her mom and Makayla arrived. “Oh my god, baby, I’m so glad you’re okay…” her mom said to her as Makayla pulled me to the side and an EMT began checking on the little girl. “Are you okay Stacy?” Makayla asked bending down to the ground and looking at me. I nodded, “a little cold, but that’s nothing a bath won’t fix.” “You know I would have been close behind into the water? I had just gone in the back…” “I didn’t think,” I answered her honestly. Amanda walked up then with Fred in tow. “Of course you didn’t think,” Amanda said with a scowl on her face. I feared she was going to yell at me, but instead she picked me up and hugged me. “Your instincts saved that little girls life,” she told me, “I’m very proud of you,” she told me. I blushed. “Ma’am, we’re going to need to speak with all of you in the security office.” A security officer said to her. Amanda nodded, “I’m not surprised. Did you catch the man who did this?” “Yes, the police are going to ask for you to identify him for certain though before they take him to wherever it is they’ll be taking him.” The gentleman answered with a respectful tone. Just then the lady stood up from her little girl who was being taken on a stretcher to check out and came over to us. She looked at me and Amanda and gave us both a hug, “Thank you for saving my daughter,” she said to me. “I never would have dreamed a little would be able to do so, but thank you…” She was sobbing. “I’m glad she’s going to be okay ma’am,” I told her. “I know she’s an adopted little, but if there’s ever anything you need please let me know,” she said as she gave me a business card that listed her as a CEO of a prototyping company. “Thanks,” Amanda said, “Now you should go with your baby,” she told her. She nodded and disappeared with the medic team and her daughter. I was still sopping wet in my clothes and asked, “Do you have a spare outfit by chance?” “Sure… Sir, do you mind if I change her into something dry real quick?” He shook his head, “If you can do it right here or in the security office, but I need to get you going directly there.” I sighed, “just do it here…” TWENTY MINUTES LATER we were inside the parks massive security facility. As we came in they led us to a temporary holding cell that had ‘Collin’ dressed in only a diaper, a pacifier in his mouth, and restrained by some sort of harness. “What’s with the diaper?” Fred asked as we passed. “Well when we found him his pants were wet from an apparent accident. When we checked into his information we found out that he is a runaway baby.” An older gentleman with graying hair, who seemed to be in charge responded. “Who’d have thought?” Amanda said. Inwardly I was marking a point down for us. “I’m Thomas Cranton, head of security, was this the man… baby... who did this?” From my perch in the sling I could see both Amanda and Fred nod and he answered, “Yes it is. Any idea why he did this?” The man shrugged, “Usually for an Amazon to be placed into a baby sentence there’s something pretty severe. It’s a sealed record for some reason though. We’ve contacted the local police department to take over and get him back to whatever center he should be in.” “Sounds like a good plan, what else do you need from us?” Fred asked. “Well we need some written statements. Can your little girl write still?” “Yes sir,” I told him myself. “Well if you’ll all come with me, I’ll need it from Mommy and Daddy, and then our baby heroine.” I blushed and when we were led into a conference room began writing up a statement that was as vague as possible. An unspoken statement was present in my mind that we didn’t want to give them too much information. Anything that could potentially unravel ‘Collin’s’ trip back to babyhood was not in our best interests. It took about fifteen minutes for the three of us to answer questions and write up the incident before we finished. “Thank you all…” Mr. Cranton said as the door opened and another gentleman in an expensive suit came inside. “Mr. Warner… how are you doing?” He asked a little warily. “I’d be doing better if I knew guests were safe in my park. From what I hear this little was much faster than our own emergency response teams and the girl who was thrown in the tank was saved a much worse fate because of her. How did you manage that?” He asked me. I shrugged, “I like swimming and have had lifeguard training.” “Well I do wish to thank you properly… As you’re an adopted little that makes things a bit trickier.” He said. “Excuse me, I’m Fred Westerfield… you are?” “Oh… I’m Jack Warner, the third, and I’m the current chairman of the Looney World Parks.” “Pleased to meet you, I’m Amanda,” she said with a squeeze to me. “Well this incident is already getting some press attention, and I don’t really want to see it explode any further. Is there anything I can offer…?” “Some good security through the next day while we’re here and a ride to the airport in a limo? Someone would need to return our rental car too?” Amanda said with a smile. “Maybe also no questions over Stacy swimming in the waterpark tomorrow without floaties?” He smiled, “I think we can make that arrangement. Tommy, can you get that security detail arranged?” “Yes sir,” he said. “I think dinner plans would be good for us to make for them too, given the way their day’s plans have been upended?” “I think that’s a great idea.” “We’re going to need to go back to the hotel and cleanup before we do that,” Amanda said. “No problems, we’ll escort you over there and make dinner plans for you at Pepé’s?” Mr. Warner suggested. “Sound’s good to me,” Fred said. “Thank you for not giving us more of a hassle about Stacy jumping in…” Mr. Warner shrugged, “It’s a great story. It’ll help build some more positive press for us in how we treat littles when their parents bring them here.” I shook my head at the blatant business reasoning, but appreciated I wasn’t being pulled from Amanda and Fred’s care into a foster house or worse… As we left Collin struggled against uselessly against his bonds as the front of the white diaper he wore grew yellow. I waved bye to him as Amanda carried me out of the building. There we had four security escorts follow us out of the park and to the hotel. It was awkward as they followed us to the elevator, and waited by the door for us of our room. “We’ll be about an hour,” Amanda told them as two of the officers took up position by our door. “Sounds good Ma’am,” a young male officer said. Amanda and Fred undid the sling and carrier from themselves and sat both of us on the bed. After making a silent gesture to us, but didn’t sweep for bugs for some reason. “Well Stacy, you’re a little hero today,” she told me as she pulled the backup outfit she’d dressed me in off and revealed the swim diaper that was still damp from either my urine or the water. “Sorry…” I told her and Bella who looked at me with that incredulous look even more. She shook her head, “Don’t be sorry for that sweetheart, it was the right thing to do and as soon as you were in the water I knew you would and the other little girl would be just fine. Let’s go hop into the shower and rinse us both off before we get you two dressed into some pretty dresses for dinner.” “Okay,” I told her and held my arms up. “Daddy, would you change Bella and get her into one of the dresses we picked up for her yesterday?” “Sure,” Fred replied with a smile and tickled Bella a little. Amanda picked me up and carried me to the bathroom and removed the swim diaper. “Uh-oh, you have a little poopie here…” she told me. I blanched a bit at that since I didn’t remember going. “I think you need to skip nursing tonight and tomorrow night,” she whispered to me. I made a pouting face at her but nodded. ‘It wouldn’t do for me to have a poopie diaper the first day of college orientation…’ She used a baby wipe on my rear really quick before putting the diaper in the trash and setting me in the running shower where she joined me. She undid my braided hair and used baby shampoo on it, washed me down with a wash rag and some of her body soap, and then quickly washed herself too. When we were done she called out, “Daddy, would you please bring me one of Stacy’s diapees?” A moment later he appeared with a new Pamper and I was laid down on the counter of the sink and quickly diapered. “We wouldn’t want our new heroine to pee all over the floor, huh?” She asked. I looked at her wondering what was going on, but figured it probably had to do with the likelihood of there being more bugs. I sighed and patiently let her dry my hair, her hair, dress me into the frilliest pink dress she had brought, covered my diaper with a frilly diaper cover, tie my hair into loose pigtails, and then dropped me on into the playpen next to where Bella had been placed. Her dress was purple and not quite as frilly as mine. Fred had taken some initiative and some bows in her hair too. “You look cute…” Bella said to me. I groaned, “So do you…” I sat down in the playpen with a sigh as the stress of the last few hours, the fun I’d had over the day, and everything else caught up with me in the form of extreme fatigue. Fred had turned the TV on just then to the local news channel and I gasped at the lead story. ‘Our top news story today comes from the Looney World park. About an hour ago, just after one of the last aquatic shows of the day, a toddler girl was shoved into the show’s tank by a man believed to be an escaped baby.’ A lady said. The clip showed a distant view of the girl being shoved in and my leaping in. The man ran as quickly as he could and came nearer to the person recording. As he closed in you could see the juice I had flung on him had hit the bullseye and it looked like he had an accident. Several individuals tried to restrain him as the person panned and the man went out of sight. “My baby!” scream brought the focus back on the pool. By that time I had reached her and had us both on our back swimming towards the platform. Half-way back to the platform you could see Suzy come up and the rest of the rescue. ‘Incredibly it appears the little shown here escaped her mother, dived into the tank, and managed to pull the amazon child to safety. Towards the end of the rescue one of the parks dolphins, Suzy we’re told, helped her get her the rest of the way out of the tank. Apparently the little was able to render further first aid until the adults arrived.’ ‘Hard to believe a little could do that,’ a man said, ‘but the proof is there!’ ‘Hopefully after her mother spanked her for being so reckless she got a treat of some sort for the good deed,’ the lady said with a smile. ‘A new stuffed animal maybe?’ the man. ‘Seems like a good idea! No names have been released for the two girls as both are minors. The man has been named as ‘Collin Munson,’ who was sentenced to regression at the infant level for a period of ten years. It is unknown where he was supposed to have been in care, and who sentenced him is also sealed in his records as he is legally now a minor too.’ ‘Just a minute’ another man who suddenly appeared on screen and handed the newscasters something. ‘Wow, just when this case seemed too strange to be true, we have received word that this Collin Munson has now escaped custody. Police are advising anyone who sees him or suspects his whereabouts to immediately call this number. He is believed to be armed and extremely dangerous,’ the man read. ‘Wow, I hope they catch him soon and get him to the nursery he obviously needs,’ the lady said. Fred turned off the TV and I saw Amanda had joined in on the shocked faces of everyone I could see. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thank you to those of you for leaving comments. I hope you’ll continue to do so as it is a nice motivator when I get a case of writers block! Please continue to let me know what you’re thinking!
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    I've written many stories, but this is the first I've posted here. It's a one-off. Anna lay still, not daring to move an inch lest she give away her hiding place. She knew they were out there; she could hear them easily enough and even see them occasionally as they moved in and out of her vision, shadowy figures gliding past, their legs barely visible through the multicolored haze that surrounded her. She was safe, she knew. If she didn’t move they would never know she was here, and if they didn’t know she was here then nothing could happen. Anna very much appreciated life when nothing happened, so she held her breath whenever they walked past, speaking in their low voices that occasionally sounded like laughter. Anna knew of nothing in particular worth laughing about, not that she would have joined in if she had: safety was everything, and in here she was safe. The voices receded into the distance and she did not hear anything more for a long time. Were they really laughing? Sound played tricks on her in here; that she knew from past experience. Light and sound didn’t act normally. But laughter? Seriously? She wasn’t sure of the last time she— Anna replayed her last thoughts. Serious laughter, she considered: what on earth would that even be? There had been no sound at all anywhere near her for a long time, nor had there been any disturbance of the light that could indicate movement. She could not hide here all day; she had to move. Slowly, gingerly, she allowed one hand to sift through the leaves next to her face, pulling back only as many as she needed in order to be sure. When she knew she was alone in the yard, she rose up, casting the huge pile off of her as easily as she might have thrown off a blanket. Her sister and her friend had not found her, but now leaves were scattered everywhere nearby, covering previously raked spaces. Gonna have to go over that again, she thought. But before she had the chance to reach for the tool, she heard the door opening up on the deck behind her. “Anna,” her mother’s voice called. “Are you out here?” Not wishing to give her hiding space away, she stepped from behind the apple tree into the light where her mother could see her. “Oh, there you are,” her mother said with a sigh. “You’ve been jumping in the leaves again?” Anna stopped in her tracks. How did she know? Her quizzical look must have alerted her mother. “It’s no mystery, Honey,” the woman at the door said. “The leaves in your hair are a dead giveaway every time.” Anna’s hands automatically reached up and started plucking yellow and orange leaves from her hair. Damn this curly hair anyway, she thought. If it were straight, like Marcy’s, they wouldn’t stick. “Marcy said she didn’t see you out there,” her mom said. “Did you go somewhere else?” Anna forced a small smile. “No, Mom,” she said. “You know Marcy. She was with Allison; probably she wasn’t paying much attention.” Her mom nodded. It was true: when her older sister was with her friends, her mind did tend to become preoccupied. “Well, come on in,” she said. “It’s just about dinner time and you probably need a change before we eat.” “Sure, Mom,” Anna said as her mother moved back into the house. But she wished she hadn’t brought up the diapers. Of course she needed a change. She’d been outside for hours; when hadn’t she needed a change after such a time? But she was almost thirteen. Shouldn’t she be able to handle that stuff on her own? On the other hand…there was the secret upstairs in her room, on her computer, the one secret of hers that the family knew nothing about. Maybe I’m just a walking contradiction, she thought as she opened the door and stepped into the house. * * * * * * “All cleaned up?” her mom asked as she stepped into the dining room. Anna rolled her eyes. “Yes, Mom. Fresh as a newborn babe.” Her mother turned to her. “It bothers you when I ask that, doesn’t it?” Anna shrugged. “A little, I guess. I mean I’m kind of old enough now to deal with it myself, don’t you think?” Walking contradiction: Mom, I’m so mature that you should let me take care of my own diapers. Yeesh Her mom smiled. “I forget sometimes, Sweetie. And when I say something it’s only out of concern, not out of lack of trust. You know that, right?” “Yeah,” she nodded, grabbing some silverware to help her mother finish setting the table. “Sometimes I just get frustrated is all.” The late afternoon light filtered in through the open windows, giving the entire room a life it only had a couple of times each day. Right now it was bouncing off of a glass mobile in the corner, creating some interesting colored reflections on the wall that pulled Anna’s attention. “Spoons on the other side, Hon.” She looked down. She’d done it again. Why couldn’t she get that right? It wasn’t rocket science. But she swore that if getting into eighth grade depended upon knowing how to set a table properly, they’d bust her back to pre-school. At least I’d be dressed for it, she thought, and a rare small grin crept onto her face. “What’s that smile?” her mother asked. Wow. She doesn’t miss a thing. “I was...just enjoying the rainbow on the wall,” she said, noticing that the reflection had coalesced into a true rainbow as the sun passed through the glass. Her mother looked at it too. “Beautiful,” she said, before going back to work in the kitchen. Grownups never have time to appreciate anything, Anna thought, her mind once more slinking back to her computer. It’s no wonder… “Anna?” her mother called. “Yeah, Mom?” “Go tell Sonia that we’re about to be eating. I think she’s in the playroom.” Anna smiled. She loved anything to do with her little sister. Truth be told she loved both of her sisters, but while being with Marcy always reminded her of the impending responsibilities of growing up, being with Sonia was the reverse: sometimes she spent hours just doing whatever Sony wanted to do, whether it was watch one of her shows or play with her dolls or whether. A barely-eight-year-old’s life was so much less complicated. More and more lately she’d found herself wishing she could simply trade places with Sony. That had never been more true than in the weeks after the divorce. She’d been ten then, and Sonia only five, and the younger girl didn’t really comprehend the ramifications of their parents’ constant arguing, didn’t know where it was going to lead them. Most of all, though, Sony didn’t have to deal with the knowledge that the whole terrible thing was her fault. Most kids think that and it’s an exaggeration of sorts. Not so for Anna. She’s overheard enough loud fights to know the truth: Dad left because of her. More precisely, he left because of her diapers. It was just too much, he had said. He thought she’d outgrow it, but she hadn’t, and now here she was, going into middle school in diapers. She heard her mom say once that it was not a judgement about his manhood that his daughter was incontinent, but from his response she knew that he thought it was. “I can’t keep doing this,” he said. “It’s so...frustrating.” “Imagine what it’s like for her!” her mother had cried. “I do,” he had yelled. “All the freaking time. And it’s killing me. Like somehow I’ve failed.” After that, she had known the divorce would come, and clung to Marcy for support, but secretly wished for the sweet oblivion of Sonia’s life, a life where pain and anger and yelling in the other rooms could be ignored as if it were no more real than a Pixar movie. Perhaps it was then, she thought, that she started to wonder what it would be like. She knew it had taken a few years longer before she got curious enough to explore it, and when she did she was so grateful that her mother had not put parental guards on her internet. “Teen Babies?” Kids who liked to dress in diapers? Kids who liked to pretend they were little just because little meant fewer responsibilities? She read some letters and stories and found a Tumblr or two with pictures: it was a world she had not dreamed could exist, one where she actually fit. Except...did she want to live that way? She had to wear the diapers, but the rest? The clothing? The pacifiers? The other things associated with toddlerhood? Why would she want those? She looked in on Sonia in the playroom, playing with some Legos in the corner where there was a huge Lego table for building things. She watched quietly for a bit and really wanted to join in, but she knew why she was there. “Sony, Mom says it’s dinner time.” The younger girl looked up and beamed. “Anna!” she said, dropping her Legos and racing across the room to embrace her sister. “Where were you today? I wanted to play with you but I couldn’t find you anywhere!” Anna’s face turned pink as she recalled her fantasy adventures in the leaf pile alone. “Sorry, Punkin,” she said. “I’ll play with you after dinner, OK?” “Promise?” “I absolutely promise.” * * * * * * School was always the least favorite part of her day, which was, she knew, completely normal, but it was the reason that might be a bit unusual. Basically, she hated going to the nurse’s office for diaper changes. At home, she could change her own, but at school, “for insurance purposes,” the nurse had to do it. And then there had been the messy accidents—infrequent to be sure but enough that her face turned twelve shades of red simply seeing the nurse in the hall. No, Anna hated school and was always happy when she got off the bus at home. Today, she’d had a fresh diaper right before last period, so she didn’t need to change when she got home. Instead of going inside, then, she went straight to her favorite place. God I’m going to miss this when Mom has the leaves cleared away. She’d raked it all back together last night, and it still looked OK, so she went up onto the deck, put her backpack on the chair in the corner, and climbed onto the bench that served as a wall. Positioning herself just right, she turned and faced the house, then let herself fall backwards like a trust fall, but it wasn’t a group of peers who’d catch her. It was the leaves. After a momentary free fall, she felt them: the impact of a million tiny crinkly edges on her jacket and pants and head. With a whoosh! she sank deep into the pile, which closed in on top of her as she fell. She knew that some leaves had scattered as always; she also knew that, lying inside the leaf pile, she was utterly invisible. So she should have made herself known when the door opened and her mother came out, agitated, talking on the phone. She was going to, she told herself later, until she heard the word “diapers” and froze in her tracks. The conversation was about her; she needed to hear it. “Yes, Roger, she still wears diapers,” her mother was saying, her voice angry. Dad? What is he calling for? She didn’t even know her parents still spoke. All she ever hears her mother do is complain to her stepfather Mark about what a horrible man she had married before him, how he never even paid the child support he was supposed to. “Why do you even care? You made it more than clear that you didn’t want to deal with it, and you haven’t.” There was a pause. Anna breathed in the musky leafy air, waiting. “Well I don’t really care what you think. No. If you want me to care, maybe send me some of your back child support. You’re lucky Mark makes what he makes or you’d be in jail.” Another pause. “No, the doctors say it is permanent, but they’ve never found a cause.” Me again. My damned problem. If only I could—”What? Of course she isn’t doing it on purpose! Don’t be ridiculous!” What is he suggesting? How could he think that? “No,” her mother continued, “I haven’t ever heard of that. But how does Brenda know Jenny is doing it intentionally. No, I haven’t. They like what? Well I assure you that’s not our Anna: she simply has no control. She never has and you damn well know it. Now stay out of my life unless you want to send some money.” There was no more talking, but it was clear that her mother had sat down at the table from the creak of the plastic. “Anna?” she asked. Maybe if I’m completely still… “Anna, I know you’re in the leaves. I see your backpack here.” Anna sighed. Nothing for it but to come out. She shrugged off the leaves as she stood and wandered back onto the deck to sit with her mom. “I guess you heard all of that?” her mother asked. Anna nodded. Please don’t ask. PLEASE don’t ask. “Your father told me something odd about the daughter of one of his oldest friends. Do you remember Jenny Harbaugh?” Maybe if I just stay mute this won’t go where it seems to be going. She nodded again briefly. Her mother looked at her quizzically. “Are you all right, Honey?” Another nod wasn’t going to work, so Anna said a simple, “Yes.” Her mother’s expression didn’t change. “Well,” she said, “it seems that she has developed a problem much like yours over the past couple of years.” Again calculating that she needed to speak, Anna said, “that sucks for her.” “Watch your language, Anna.” “Sorry.” “Anyway, her mother made a bizarre discovery this week on Jenny’s computer. Apparently Jenny has been doing all of this on purpose in order to get put back in diapers. She is something called a Teen Baby.” This time there was absolutely nothing Anna could say, so she just kept quiet, her mother studying her face. “You’ve heard of this, haven’t you, Honey?” Anna closed her eyes. Why did you have to ask? Anna did not lie to her mother; her father had done that enough for a lifetime. Right now, she sighed. And she nodded. Her mother’s head returned the nod ever so gently. “If I went onto your computer right now, would I find Teen Baby stuff?” This time, Anna looked at her mother directly. “It’s not like what you’re thinking,” she said. “Why don’t you tell me what I’m thinking?” her mother asked. “You’re thinking I’m a liar like Jenny, that I’m just pretending to, I don’t know, get attention.” Her mother smiled gently. “I wasn’t thinking that.” “Then what?” “I was wondering if I had somehow missed the fact that my little girl wanted to stay little and not have to act so grown up.” They sat in silence for a few moments. Anna picked the few remaining leaves out of her hair and her mother waited for her to make the next move. Whatever it was, she would need to write the script. She sighed again. “I found the TB stuff—” “TB?” “Teen Baby. I found it a little more than a year and a half ago at a really low point, Mom. I mean I was in diapers and I was in Middle School. You can’t even imagine how that made me feel. And it isn’t as if I can keep it a complete secret; these things are thick. Other kids know.” Her mother reached across the small table to take her hand. “You’ve never told me this, Anna. Do they tease you? Bully you?” Anna shook her head. “Nothing like that, at least not yet. But I worry about it all the time, you know? If the wrong kids found out… Anyway, I was feeling sorry for myself and I never want to bother you because...because of Dad.” “Oh my God, Honey,” said her mother. “It isn’t your job to protect me. Besides, you know Mark more than makes up for your father.” Anna smiled. “I know. But he’s really only been here these last couple of years. And I really like him, I do. It’s just...I sort of owe you because of Dad.” “Don’t even think that!” her mother said more sharply than she probably wanted to. “You are one of the three most precious things in my life, Honey. The fact that your father could not see that makes him a jerk. It does not make you responsible in any conceivable way.” They were both crying now, and Anna crawled across into her mother’s lap. After a few more moments of her mother stroking her hair, she looked up into her mother’s face. “I liked the TB stuff, Mom...my. I liked it because in my mind it made it seem OK to need the diapers.” Her mother, who had clearly noticed the “Mommy,” stayed quiet for a while. Then she said, “It’s Thanksgiving weekend. Do you want to try it and see how it feels for real?” * * * * * * “Anna, how come you’re wearing my clothes?” Sonia asked her sister as Anna wandered down into the playroom to join her in whatever activity the younger (Is she still younger?) sister determined. The frizzy-haired 7th-grader was wearing a pair of her sister’s Osh Kosh B’Gosh pink overalls and a t-shirt with Ninja Turtles on its long sleeves. Fortunately for her, she was the smallest girl in her class, so they fit fine. To complete the picture she had two bows in her hair. Their mother, following Anna into the room, answered for her. “Sony, Anna’s feeling kind of little this week so she wanted to wear clothes more suitable for how she feels. In fact, because she still wears diapers, she’s actually littler than you today, so I need you to be a big girl and tell Mommy when she needs a change.” Sonia looked very confused. Anna’s diapers were a simple fact around the house, but no one actually talked about them, and now her mommy wanted her to, what exactly? “Do you understand, Sweetheart?” Sonia shook her head slowly. Anna smiled as she plopped her padded rear next to her sister. “Just ask me once in awhile if I’m wet. I might be playing so hard I forget to think about it. And if I’m very wet, get Mommy so she can change me.” “But you change yourself.” “Not this week, Sony. Like Mommy said, I’m feeling little.” “Oh,” said Sonia, and turned her attention back to her coloring. Then, suddenly, she looked back at her sister. “You’re not too wet now, are you?” Anna’s smile was enormous. “No, Sony. Thanks for checking.” “Da nada.” Sonia had been learning Spanish in 3rd grade and liked throwing in random phrases when she thought of it. Sometimes, like now, she even got one right. “Can I color too?” Anna asked her. Sonia looked at her sister. “Usually you read while I color.” Anna smiled widely. “I wanna color today.” Sonia handed her a book and moved the crayons between them, and the two girls sat peacefully coloring for the longest time. Once in awhile, one would finished a picture she was particularly proud of and show it off to an enthusiastic review by the other. After Sonia had completed her third page, though, she stopped coloring and just watched her sister, who was happily busy at the moment with a series of light purples coloring a unicorn’s tail. As she looked, she thought she could see something odd. “Anna?” Without looking up or stopping, Anna answered, “Yeah?” “How wet are you?” They’d been there way too long for Sonia to presume that Anna could be dry, and Anna understood immediately. She reached her hand down to the side of her overalls, and there was definitely moisture there. “Oh dear,” she said. Sonia nodded and scrambled to her feet, heading for the stairway to the kitchen. “Mommy!” she yelled up the stairs. “Anna’s really wet.” A moment later their mother appeared. The dark stain on the overalls was visible from the stairway. “Oh my. You really are being little, aren’t you?” Her middle daughter smiled at her. “You said I could.” “And I meant it. But now let’s get you upstairs to change that overflowing diaper and get you into some dry clothes. And then maybe you need a nap” As they started up the stairs, Sonia asked, “Can I watch? I never had a little sister before.” Their mother looked at Anna. “Well?” Anna smiled. “It’s up to you, Mommy. I’m just little.” * * * * * * Her stepfather was sitting beside her on her bed when she woke up. “Hi, Princess,” he said. She smiled. She loved the nickname, which he had given her on the very first day he had met her, that day two years ago then her mom had brought him home and she had been wearing her Princess Leia pajamas. Ever since, she’d been “Princess,” and it made her feel both happy and cared for. “Hi, Mark,” she said. He made an exaggerated expression that looked like it could be a wince. “Mark? I thought that was what BIG Anna called me. Aren’t you LITTLE Anna?” She smiled, considering. “Hi, Daddy Mark,” she said. Her stepfather joined her smile. “That’s better,” he said. “Maybe we can work on making it just ‘Daddy’ one of these days, but that will certainly do for now. Tell me, Princess, do you need a change?” She felt a momentary panic; she hadn’t counted on Mark changing her. It must have been clear on her face because he spoke quickly. “Hey, I’m just the one asking,” he reassured her. “If you do, your mom will handle things.” She smiled, relieved. “Oh. Right. Sorry, I just…” He stroked her hair. “No apologies needed, Princess. So, do you?” “Uh huh,” she said quietly. “OK,” he said. “I’ll get her in a minute. But I wanted to talk to you about something first.” This was new. He sounded as if he was going to say something serious, which was so rare as to be...almost unheard of. Anna felt queasy. He had seemed so comfortable with her Little thing a moment ago; now he was going to “talk” to her about it? This can only mean something bad. She braced herself. “About what?” He continued the light stroking. “Honey, your mom and I have been talking.” Of course. Too good to be true. She’s letting Mark do the dirty work. Well it was fun for a day anyway. “We’re wondering if all of this...the Little thing...might be the result of your not having a father for so long.” What? “And we’ve been talking about it anyway, and I...we...ah heck: I want to adopt all of you officially, Anna. I want you to be my actual children.” Anna was stunned. That was not at all where she thought that was going. She really liked Mark, but she had not ever thought about adoption. Yet now she found herself smiling. “You like the idea?” Her smile growing, Anna turned toward her stepfather and threw herself at him. “I guess I can take that as a ‘yes’?” “Yes! Definitely yes, Daddy Mark,” she said into his shoulder. This just felt right. A family. A real family. Wow. Her arms were wrapped so tightly around him that he had to peel her off. “I’m glad you think it’s good, Princess. Your mother—um, mommy—and I have been talking about it, and we thought that today’s revelations might make this a perfect time. And for the record: I have no problem at all with your needing to be little. I think we all should stop and be little once in awhile. The world would probably be a better place.” Anna didn’t think her face had any more room to smile. “Thank you,” she said. She found there were tears in her eyes. “I love you...Daddy.” Now they were both crying, but neither seemed to care. He picked her up and carried her out of the room, calling for his wife to attend to the little one’s diapers. It was the start, she could sense it, of something wonderful. * * * * * * After Thanksgiving dinner, a dinner in which Anna happily played the part of youngest child, even going so far as to eat her pumpkin pie with her fingers and get it all over her face—of course, Sonia saw this and needed to copy it, and they both ended up making huge messes that made everyone else laugh—the two youngest children ended up in the family room watching cartoons while the adults and Marcy cleaned up. Marcy had been taken aback at first when she learned about Anna’s regression, but after consideration it sort of made sense to her. Her sister had always acted so much younger than her age, and was having so much trouble socializing in school—probably due to the bladder issues—that revisiting toddlerhood didn’t seem so far-fetched. Besides, she had just read something about it in her Introduction to Psychology class. Regression was not even all that uncommon. Anna caught bits and pieces of the kitchen conversation during the cartoon, which she’d seen before, so she understood that her sister supported her too, and she could not believe her luck: a whole family willing to allow her to act little again at home. Maybe she could get through Middle School after all. After a while, Marcy came into the family room. “Do you need a change, Anna?” she asked. Anna knew she hadn’t been changed for several hours, so the answer had to be yes, but she suddenly had the devil in her. “Dunno,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “What do you mean you don’t know?” “Dunno. I’m just little.” Marcy rolled her eyes. “Really? That far, eh? OK, then, Little Anna, get your tiny buns over here so I can check your diaper.” Anna smiled and got to her feet, then ambled over to the couch where her sister was seated and stood before her, presenting herself. Marcy reached out and grabbed the elastic waistband of her (actually Sonia’s) pants, pulled it out, and reached in to feel the diaper. It was soaked. “You’re drenched.” “Better get Mommy to change me then.” Marcy sighed, but rose and went upstairs. Moments later, she returned with diapering supplies. “Mom says I should do it; she’s getting ready to go to a movie.” Marcy changing her diaper? That was not something Anna had considered. Well why not? She’s like a babysitter. I can do this. Marcy spread out her sister’s changing pad on the floor and told her to lie down; Anna obeyed. Reaching out, Marcy grabbed Anna’s legs and slid the pants off of them, exposing the wet diaper. “Now can you raise your legs for me or do I need to hold them up?” Anna smiled. “I can raise them. I’m little, not a baby.” “OK then. Raise them.” As Anna raised her legs she became aware that Sonia was watching. This was the second time her little sister had witnessed a diaper change, but the first time it had been on the floor. Upstairs, it was always on her bed. Apparently Marcy had noticed as well, because once she had the soggy diaper off she turned to the youngest sister and asked, “Would you hand me a couple of those wipes, Sony?” Sonia beamed. She loved being included, and being included in this clearly made her somehow above Anna in the pecking order. It was fun. She gave Marcy the wipes. “Thanks. Now the powder.” Marcy spread out a fresh diaper and let Anna lower herself onto it part way. When Sonia tried to hand her the powder, though, she smiled. “You do it,” she said. Anna blushed deeply. She was being changed not only by Marcy, but by Sonia. “Really?” asked the youngest girl. As her big sister nodded, she slid open the powder and started shaking it over the diaper and Anna’s bottom, giving it a generous amount as she had seen her mother do yesterday before she stopped. “Nicely done!” said Marcy. “You’re a pro. You’ll be a fine babysitter when you grow up.” Sonia giggled and pointed to Anna. “I’m a fine babysitter already.” Marcy laughed and Anna blushed again. “Now, now. You heard her: not a baby. Little.” Marcy finished taping up the diaper as she spoke and told the others to go back to their cartoons while she put the supplies away. The cartoons were engrossing, but turkey dinners make you tired. Before too long, both younger girls were passed out on the carpet in front of the TV. * * * * * * When she awoke, the first thing Anna noticed were the bars. Her head was right up against them, and she was sure that she had never seen them before now. Trying to focus after her nap, she followed them: white bars that radiated away from her, moved in a hexagonal shape, then came back to where she was. She’d dreamed something like this; was she dreaming? There were a few toys and coloring things with her inside of the bars. This isn’t a dream. It’s too clear, too specific. She raised her head a little. She was still on the floor of the family room, and the bars surrounding her were from Sonia’s old playpen, a folding contraption you could set up anywhere to keep the toddler contained. I’m in a playpen? How? Why? “Mark thought you might like this,” Marcy’s voice said from behind her. She whipped around to see her sister sitting on the couch with a book in her hand: her Psychology textbook. “He set it up before they went to the movies, but if you don’t like it I can take it down.” My daddy put me in a playpen, Anna thought. I’m just little, and my Daddy put me in a playpen. “Anna?” “Oh,” she said, realizing she needed to respond. “No, it’s fine. It’s...nice.” Marcy shook her head, smiling. “You’re weird.” “I know,” Anna said and moved toward the coloring books. “Where’s Sony?” “She’s in bed for real. It’s 8:30.” “Wow, I napped for a long time.” “I know. Do you need a change?” Anna knew she could play Little and have Marcy check her, but she decided just to tell her. “No, I’m OK. Damp but it can wait.” “OK, then. Since you just woke up, Little One, you don’t need to go to bed yet. So just color for awhile, OK? Then maybe we can watch a Disney movie.” Anna smiled and started to work on that unicorn some more. It was a very complicated unicorn. And just at that point, the doorbell rang. She looked up. “Who the heck could that be at this hour?” Marcy asked, rising. “Just play, Honey. I’ll get it.” She walked out of the room and toward the front door. Anna heard it open. “What are you doing here?” she heard her sister say. A deep voice, one she had almost forgotten, one that was slurred with drink, responded. “I came to shee for myshelf. I don’ trus’ your mother.” Dad! Why on earth was he here after all of this time? “You can’t come in,” Marcy said. “You gave up your rights here years ago.” Anna’s flesh was crawling. She looked around for a place to hide, but the reality was that she didn’t know how to unlatch the playpen and she didn’t think her legs were long enough to step over it without tripping. There were blankets someone had placed over her while she was sleeping; maybe she could hide under those. She made herself as small as possible and pulled them over her. “You can’ shtop me, Marshy. You’re shtill my kid. And so is she.” Anna heard something fall, heard Marcy scream. And then the footsteps were right in the room with her. “I knew’t! I knew’t!” he cried. “She’s one of ‘em. Ish all a game. Izhn’t it, Anna? A game?” She felt the blanket being torn away from her, looked up at her father’s reddened face holding it. She saw Marcy come from behind him and start hitting him. “Go away!” she was saying. “Leave her alone!” With a quick whip of his arm, he tossed his eldest daughter hard into the base of the couch. She crumpled and whimpered. He glanced, apparently decided she wasn’t going to die, and turned his attention back to Anna. “Ish a pretend, right? Teen baby? Probly shtopped really needing those things a long time ago.” “No, no,” she protested, but he wasn’t hearing it. “I’ll show you what it ish to be a baby. And you won’t want to be one anymore!” He grabbed her above her crying protests and dragged her to the door. Marcy was still collapsed on the floor near the couch, struggling to find her bearings. He turned to Anna. “You make one shound right now or act in any way like you don’ wanna be wit me, you’ll regret it, Missy. Unnerstan’?” She nodded, terrified, and they walked out the door to his car. The only thing Anna could do was pray that a cop would notice him driving drunk, but none did. Of course, they’d come for her right away; they knew where he lived. That did provide a bit of comfort. But she could never remember seeing him like this: so drunk, so angry, so violent. They drove for a long time, and even though she was frightened her body took over and Anna fell asleep. When she awoke, she knew four things right away: she was very wet, she was now sitting in what seemed to be a somewhat large toddler’s car seat instead of on the car‘s seat itself, the car had stopped, and this was a motel, not his house. Her rising panic told her that none of these things, at this moment, was good. Her door opened. “Le’s go,” he said, his voice less slurry now but no less harsh. She climbed out of the seat and went with him into Room 2. “Room 2,” he said as they went through the door. “Easy for you to remember, Anna, because that is precisely how old you are going to be as long as you are here.” “What?” she asked, trembling. “You heard me,” he said. “I know all about you Teen Babies.” “But I’m not a—” “Save it,” he said. “I know what I saw. But iss OK, Little Girl: you won’t want to be a Teen Baby when I’m done with you.” She shuddered. What did he mean? And then she saw it. Room 2 was actually a suite, and in the small second room he had set up a crib. A real crib. And there was also a real changing table stacked with diapers—not the plain white ones she’d been wearing for awhile but ones that had babyish pictures on them. There was also a small playpen and, weirdest of all, there was a high chair in the room. “You’ve got to be kidding,” she said. “If you knew me you’d know I don’t kid.” “And whose fault is it that I don’t know you?” He slapped her across the face. “I don’t want any sass. Right now I can see that you’re very wet, so get up on that table.” Stinging from both the shock and the pain of the slap, she did as she was told. He took off her pants and diaper surprisingly gingerly and cleaned her well with wipes before powdering her and putting a new diaper—with toy blocks on it—on her. “OK, get down.” She was puzzled. “What about clothes?” “Are you cold?” he asked. “No,” she answered honestly. “Well, then,” he said. “You’re two. Two year olds can wear just diapers on their bottoms in the house.” Hopping down, she pointed to the room. “This isn’t a house.” “It’s what you have, so don’t be a smart-ass. And while I’m at it: two year olds don’t actually talk much either. A few nonsense words, that’s all. So that’s what you’re limited to from now on.” “That’s ridic—” She stopped at a vicious look from her father. “Good. Now let me make things completely clear. I know you can’t pass as two, but you can pass as seven or eight. I’ve told the hotel that I have a seven year old with brain damage who’s exactly like a two year old in every way except height. So when the cleaning people come in, if we’re here, you’ll act as they expect you to. Clear?” Anna fumed. “I promise you will be sorry if you don’t. Shouldn’t be too hard anyway, since this is kind of a dream come true for you.” “But it—” He swatted her hard twice through her diaper, and to her surprise it hurt. “If you wanna get spanked without the diaper, just keep it up.” She nodded. “Good again. Right now it’s time for little one’s din-din. So climb up into your high chair like a good girl.” The whole thing was ludicrous, but she had no choice. As she got into the chair, he opened a cabinet and took out a couple of jars of baby food along with a bib and a rubber-coated spoon. Turning back, he buckled her in and clicked the tray in place. Then he set the jars down on it and tied the bib around his daughter’s neck. Sitting down next to her on the edge of a couch, he started spooning the food into her mouth. He had bought pleasant-tasting food, at least. One jar tasted like bananas and the other like some kind of meat, bland but fine; she had no trouble getting them down, though he insisted on feeding her so quickly that food inevitably dribbled down her chin. There was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” he called over his shoulder. “Gino’s,” came the muffled voice from outside. He rolled his eyes. “Bad timing,” he said. “Don’t you touch this spoon.” He made his way to the door, paid for the medium pizza, and returned. Her eyes went large when she saw the pizza box. “Oh no,” he said. “That’s for me. Babies get what their daddies feed them, and tonight it’s turkey and bananas.” He shoveled another spoonful into her mouth before she could protest. When both jars were finished, he tossed them into the garbage can and opened the small fridge that came with the room to remove a baby bottle filled with milk. “Do you think you can handle this yourself? Or do I need to feed it to you?” She took it from him, stared at it for a minute, and then, because she was very thirsty, put it to her lips and started to suck. He sat back and watched. “You think you want this right now, and I get that. I’m basically a kind of wish fulfillment. But after a few weeks, or more, of doing nothing but eating baby food, drinking from bottles, playing with toddler toys, and pissing and shitting in diapers, what will you think? And this isn’t just going to be here, either. I’m not shutting myself up for weeks with you. We’ll be going on outings. Or didn’t you notice the stroller when you came in?” She noticed it now as he pointed: a slightly larger than average stroller, but one that looked exactly like every other she’d ever seen. He was going to take her out in public. But...then she’d be saved. Someone would be looking for her. They always were. She smiled around the bottle’s nipple. “Yeah,” he said, “you get to be a baby all the way. Your TB dream come true. And you’re going to hate it.” * * * * * * “This is Maria Espinoza with Channel 2 Breaking News. The four-month saga of kidnapped 13-year-old Anna Martino has come to a happy end this afternoon, as the missing child was discovered alive in a hotel room three states away. The kidnapper, Anna’s father Roger Martino, has not been located. Anna was very dehydrated and emaciated, but doctors at the local Immaculate Conception Hospital list her in guarded but fair condition. They expect a full recovery.” * * * * * * They were sitting on the deck overlooking the spacious back yard, where piles of leaves squatted in several colorful mounds. It was an unusually warm October day, and Marcy was out in the yard with the rake while her mother and the reporter chatted and sipped coffee. “It’s all so hard to comprehend,” the reporter said. “I get that,” came the reply. “What can I do to help?” “Well, OK. I know we’ve been over this piecemeal, but maybe walk me through it again slowly?” Anna’s mother shrugged. It wouldn’t be the first, fiftieth, or last time she’d tell the story. “Sure,” she said, and the reporter switched her recorder on. “You know that Marcy—that’s her with the rake—called me as soon as she was recovered enough.” “From Roger hitting her.” “Right. He knocked her hard against a couch. And she didn’t know what to do, so she called me and left a message because my phone was silent in the movie. When we got it—” “As soon as your movie ended.” “Yes. When we got it, I called her immediately, and when I understood what had happened, I called the police. They put an Amber Alert out right away, but as you know it was too late. No one knew he was in a rental car. No one knew he’d change it half way through his drive. No one knew he had already arranged that suite in the motel in Nebraska. Everyone was concentrating on him, his car, his house.” The reporter slowly sipped her coffee, a trick to calm her subject down: do something utterly normal. It worked. The somewhat frenetic pace and undertones faded away and the narrative returned to normal. “After that?” she asked. The woman shrugged. “After that, it was as if they had driven right off the face of the earth. No one had seen them. No one saw them. It was only much later that we understood how that could be.” “After Anna was found.” “Yes.” “Tell me about that.” “It was the hotel housekeeper. Roger had told them he only needed them once a week and gave them large tips not to disturb him, so they did as they were told. But it had been a week, and no one answered when she knocked, so she went in.” “And found…” “Anna. In that crib, wearing nothing but an overflowing diaper, caked with shit and piss. There were several empty bottles strewn about; he had not left her to die. But she was so weak all she could do was whine softly and suck on a pacifier.” The reporter was nonplussed. “That’s the part I can’t understand. I mean I get that the motel’s housekeeping believed she was a mentally ill seven-year-old, and that’s why no one ever put her together with the missing thirteen-year-old of the Alert, especially since her father had cut her hair so short. I get all of that. But how on earth could he just leave her like that? After he knew what his treatment had done to her?” Anna’s mom shook her head. “You know he was angry because he thought she was faking her incontinence. He thought she was a Teen Baby. From what he said when he took her, his goal seems to have been to break her of those desires by immersing her in forced babyhood. I have no clue whether that’s sound psychological reasoning or not, but it obviously backfired.” The reporter looked across the lawn, where Anna had just rolled out from inside one of the leaf piles, laughing loudly. “Instead he broke her.” It wasn’t a question. “Yes.” “Have you ever confirmed the rumors that he took her to malls and parks and places dressed like that, treating her that way?” Anna’s mom shook her head. “We’ve never found anyone who was sure, and the local mall records over their surveillance video every two weeks. But evidence suggests he did.” “Evidence?” “The stroller. And the fact that there was often no one in the room when housekeeping came.” More laughter from the yard. Anna was running around. She might have been chasing a butterfly, but it was so late in the season… “But somewhere along the line,” he mother continued, “something snapped. Maybe it was in that last several days when he left her all alone. Who knows?” “You never answered why he would do that. Any idea?” She nodded. “Actually, yes. We divorced after years of fighting about Anna’s incontinence. He couldn’t take it. I think that, when he discovered that she really, truly was incontinent, and that he may well have made it worse, since she had never been bowel incontinent before, well...I think he broke.” “That’s being generous,” said the reporter. “Yeah,” she said. “It’s way more than he deserves, but it is what I think.” Anna was running over to Marcy, who was still raking. From behind another pile, Sonia ran right up to her and intercepted her, calling “Te amo!” as she twirled Anna and they both fell into a giggly heap. “What does he deserve, do you think, when they catch him?” the reporter asked. “That’s not for me to decide,” she replied. The door opened behind them and Mark walked out. A big man, he totally dwarfed the women as they sat at the table. “Well, if I got to decide, I’d put him in a room with me for half an hour. And if there was anything left of him when time was up, I’d throw him in jail.” The reporter looked at him. “Is that on the record?” “Why not? That was my little princess he messed up.” Mark’s eyes shifted up to the yard, where Anna was now in Marcy’s arms, laughing hysterically, with Sonia looking on. “Hey, Marcy,” he called, “you be careful with her.” The older girl looked up at the deck and smiled. “Oh you know she loves this.” And with that she launched Anna into the air, careful that it would be her diapered rear that came down first into the huge pile of leaves. As Anna sank down, they could all hear her laughter continuing. “It always was her favorite thing to do,” her mother said. Then she called to the yard. “Does she need a change?” Marcy nodded. “I thought I smelled something stinky that time. I’ll bring her in.” As they bounded up the deck stairs, Mark reached down and Anna leapt into his arms. “Daddy!” she said with clear delight. “I got leaves!” “I know, Princess,” he said. “I saw you fly right into them. Now let’s go change that stinky diaper.” “K, Daddy. I fly more?” “We’ll see, Princess. We’ll see.” “Could I get a turn too?” Sonia asked. Mark smiled. “Of course you can, Sweetheart.” They disappeared into the house, along with Marcy, who had some schoolwork to do. The reporter turned to her subject. “There are gradations of ‘complete recovery,’ aren’t there?” Anna’s mom snorted. “I guess you could say that. But we love our little Anna, and even though they don’t think she’ll ever be the same as she once was, I don’t think we could love her more if she were. There’s something about a baby’s pure innocence, you know?” The reporter turned off her machine and finished her coffee. As they walked back through the house to the front door, she turned to Anna’s mom. “Off the record: if you had known all of this would happen, would you have indulged Anna in her need to be ‘Little’?” There was a pause. “Off the record or on: no, I wouldn’t have. She was leading a hard life before, and she’s perfectly happy now and may always be, but she had to suffer so much to get here. I can’t imagine making such a decision knowing the consequences. Besides, it will be a lot harder to be a thirty or forty year old baby than a fourteen year old one and I won’t always be here to keep her safe. No. I’d have told her to suck it up and we’d have argued and Mark would have taken her side and called her his Princess and...you know what? We’d end up in the same place.” “Fate,” said the reporter. Anna came running into the room at that moment and put her arms around her mother. “Love,” said her mother, and shut the door.
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    “Has anyone given you a placement test yet?” Nerissa asked as she led the girl past the receiving desk. "Oh, um... no. I didn't know there was one?" Shannon said. She felt horribly dwarfed around the woman, especially with her this close. Shannon had been on earth until a few days ago, and she wasn’t sure if she still was on earth. Everything around her looked and seemed the same in terms of scenery, technology, language and human beings… BUT there was a glaring amount of cultural differences, mostly centered around people who were tall, the Amazons, and people who were not, like her - the littles. Shannon was 5 foot 6 inches tall a few days ago, and since coming ‘here’ she’d either shrunk or found out that her height was far down the low scale as whatever height she was now, Nerissa was 4 feet taller than her. There were lots of Amazons around, and more so then there were people her height. "No worries hun, just a mix up then. Come along with me and we'll get this all straightened out." It was Shannon’s first visit to the ‘wanderer home’. It was something she’d heard of that helped lost people who didn’t seem to be from this world. One scary thing she’d found since arriving was that the other’s her size seemed to blur the lines between children and adults. Leading the smaller girl into one of the back rooms of the group home, Nerissa indicated where some of the guest rooms were, as well as the bathroom and the kitchen, and finally, the classroom. There was a certain amount of acclimation that new arrivals to this world would need to do. The only problem was that the classroom was not encouraging. There were colorful desks arranged in lines, posters with educational values on the wall… and oddly, at the front of the class was a plastic child's potty, and to its side, a wooden stand with bottle. Shannon looked a bit confused, but otherwise remained silent--wanting to make a good impression. She’s spent the night before sleeping on a park bench. She didn’t want to mess this up. "...So um, do I just take a seat at one of the desks?" Nerissa shook her head no, having the girl stand at the front for a moment. She leaned against one of the desks and crossed her arms. "We came up with this test back when the wanderer home got popular. It’s a home for visitors, and not residents. Does that make sense?” “Um.. I guess, you mean it’s a place for those who aren’t native?” “Exactly, and I’m not sure if you’ve seen the boys and girls who look about your height, but there’s a lot of them who have a problem growing up.” Shannon gulped and nodded. She’d seen one or two at the park. They looked like big toddlers with their much taller parents treating them as such. “I’ve seen them, and I’m not like that.” Nerissa nodded. “Good, but that’s what the test will determine. In the past we’ve had a few runaways try to stay here and pretend they were from somewhere else. This test will help determine one very important factor.” “What’s that?” “Are you a big girl?" “Umm… do you mean like, physically or maturity? Because I’m not really as tall as you .. er.. obviously, but I’m an adult. I mean, I’m nearly 23, which is adult for where I’m from.” Nerissa nodded at the girl. “Allow me to rephrase, I forget to explain things to new girls at times. Are you a big girl, as in, are you potty trained?” That made Shannon blink. "Y-Yeah! I have been for years?" Shannon said, looking a little confused at what was a silly question to even bother asking. It made her think about the young adults she’d seen dressed strangely in the park. Were they potty trained? She got a little more nervous as being at the front of the room was... even though it was empty, it was stressful. Nerissa just grinned. Littles were so wonderfully naïve. "Good, now if you would be so kind, follow me over here, we're going to have a retention test to determine your maturity," Nerissa said motioning toward the wooden stand. Shannon nods. "...um, retention test...?" regardless, the girl followed, looking the stand over. It’d been in the room the whole time, but she just didn’t really know what it was for. "Mhmm... this stand right here is a piece of medical equipment. It's designed too... clean... things. In a moment we're going to hook it up to you and it’s going to feel like you need to go to the bathroom. The test of a big girl is going to be showing me that you can hold it. Can you wait 10 whole minutes without having an accident? It should be very easy for any BIG girl." "...um..." That one took her a few seconds to decide on. "...Yeah, sounds easy!" She didn't sound so sure, now, but she did want to prove that she wasn’t a big girl. "Good, let’s get the test started then," she said, going to the stand and starting to prep it a little bit. She took the bottle off the top, filling it with a solution from a sink in the corner. "I'll need you to pull down your panties, and please lift up the back of your skirt a little." Shannon hesitated for a few seconds. "W..why?” she asked. “Because this is how you prove you’re a big girl. Do I have to help you do it?” the woman said a little impatiently. “No, I can do it." She said a bit nervously. It felt kind of like a parent was talking to her as she slid the panties around her ankles, setting her skirt up a little. She looked around the classroom. It was empty and the wanderer home was mostly quiet. Still it was embarrassing to be in a classroom like this with her butt on display. "This is going to feel a little odd hun, just relax and it we'll start the test shortly," Nerissa said as she replaced the bottle on top of the stand and took out a long hose connecting to it. At the end of the hose was a bulb. “Do you know what an enema is?” Shannon gulped. She had a general idea. She knew you took water up…inside… you. “Is this the only way? I mean, is there some other test?” “You’ll be fine hun. This is a common medical procedure.” Nerissa just put a calming hand on Shannon's shoulder before starting to tease the tip of the hose in between her cheeks to poke at her pucker. Shannon tensed up her shoulders. Instinctively, at first, her body seemed to reject the intruder, tensing up to try to disallow it. "It’s… uncomfortable... w--wouldn't it be easier to just wait until I need to go...?" Nerissa shook her head. "I couldn't be sure you were telling the truth in that case. This way, I know for sure you'll need to go potty and we can properly assess you, " she said pressing a little more firmly until the bulb started to press in. "There, it’s in hun. Now as I said, this will feel a little weird. I've got a full bottle. And it’s just warm water. Relax and we'll be ready for the test in under two minutes," she said as she slowly opened the valve, and a rush of warm water went down the hose. Shannon tensed up as the water rushed in. The feeling was unlike anything she’d ever felt. While the amazon had told her it was a medical procedure, and she’d heard it was before coming her, this was the last thing she’d thought she’d be doing today, and if it wasn’t for lack of place to stay, she would never have allowed this. "How much more...?" she asked with a groan. Shannon was starting to feel very full. Nerissa tapped the bottle as it emptied the last of the way out. "That.... should just about do it," she said. She put her hand back on the girl's shoulder and started to gently remove the hose. "Now the test begins as soon as you have your panties back up and you take a seat on that plastic potty. Ten minutes, and if you're panties are still completely clean we pronounce you a big girl and you get to stay upstairs on the top floor." Shannon nodded, rushing to get her panties up--stopping halfway down, however, hugging at her belly. She went a bit slower, trying not to strain herself, hobbling over to the potty. Taking her seat, her eyes shot to the clock. Determined as she was, part of her KNEW she couldn't make all ten minutes. She’d never felt such an intense need to go before. Nerissa pulled a pocket watch out and started the timer with a click. "All right, 10 minutes hun. Show me you're a big girl," she said as she took a seat on one of the smaller sized desks. After a minute or two, Shannon reached down and latched her hands on the potty, tensing up. She let out a small, distressed whine. "H--how many people pass this?" Nerissa smiled and artfully redirected the question. "All BIG GIRLS have passed it," she said honestly. "Only babies fail it." Shannon nodded, trying to use the sentence as motivation, but it didn’t take long though. After another minute, and not long before the halfway mark, Shannon let something slip--just a tiny bit of water. It dripped noisily into the potty. Nerissa stopped looking at her watch when she heard it. "Hun... did you just do what I think you did?" she asked, a slight smile curling at the side of her mouth. "Speak up, tell me what just happened?" “I…” Trying with everything she could, the dripping only got louder as more leaked out. “I’m trying… I just…” All of a sudden it was everything at once. At first it was just water, soaking through her panties and going into the potty, but then it was much more then water as everything in her piled up in her panties. Shannon sat with one of her arms curled around her stomach, and another around her mouth, stifling a small gasped "Noooooo." “Shannon?” Nerissa persisted, but it was obvious what had just happened. Shannon whimpered out a small "I couldn’t..." squirming on the seat. "Ew, ew, ew..." "You failed,” Nerissa sighed. “And you know what that tells me? Do you know what type of people can't even pass a simple test?" she asked as she walked toward a shelf at the side of the room, getting some wipes. Shannon hung her head. "b--but I haven't had an accident in years! And I’ve never had an enema before!" Nerissa came back with a box of wipes, taking the little by the shoulder and having her put her hands out on the ground in front of her, positioning her at a crouch over the potty. Her ruined pantied bottom pointed out. The amazon pulled down the panties and started trying to clean her up with wipes. "Haven't had an accident in years until you took the placement test? Are you saying you intentionally failed then? You wanted to prove to me you’re nothing but a baby?" "N--no, it was an accident! This is a crazy test! You have to believe me!" Shannon said, put off guard by the treatment. She whimpered at being cleaned. "Well... if you swear it was a onetime thing, I'll make a deal with you. Because you had an accident in our classroom, and failed your placement test, I'm going to put you back in diapers. You're certainly not going to be the only little around here in diapers. From now on though, when you have to go to the bathroom, I want you to come find me or any of the other adults here and we'll help you get out of the diaper to go potty... We'll keep that up for a week. That should be enough proof I think... but if I find out you have more accidents. Well, you may find yourself in diapers quite a bit longer." Shannon didn't need diapers, but what argument could she make in a new place. Especially dirty panties around her ankles... "Alright..." Nerissa finished cleaning the little in the somewhat compromising position, leaving the wipes and the ruined panties in the plastic potty on the floor. She took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the changing table at the back of the room. "Consider yourself on probation hun. I know this is a new place, and I know you’re nervous, but don't think you can get away with more than a few accidents before everyone here will know just what you are," she says stopping short of the table. She gave the padded surface a pat. "I--Well, good! That was the last one!" Any attempts of hers to seem confident were complete failures; she was just whining now. She crawled up, laying out on the padding. "...Um! Since I'm just on probation, can it be a thin one?" "Sure hun, just remember, prove to me it was a onetime only accident," Nerissa said, bringing out the thinner diaper. It was a disposable, the same kind you could get at convenience stores. She got a bottle of powder to go with it. Without warning, she took the girl by the ankles like she really wasn't anything more than a baby and pulled her bottom up off the table, sliding the unfolded diaper under her before setting her back down and starting to powder her. Shannon fidgeted a bit, not used to the sensations. "Well, yeah! Just--long 's you don't give me another enema I *know* I'll be okay! I'm not a baby..." "Of course not hun, and this diaper is just to keep you protected in case that test wasn't a fluke," she said as she finished taping it up. She gave the now diapered little a pat on the front of her diaper before helping her off the table. She tried to hold back a giggle, as the girl's skirt didn't seem to come down far enough to hide what she was wearing. This was how all littles needed to be really. Diapered toddlers. "Remember, tell an adult when you need to go potty. Okay?" "Why can't I just take it off myself?" Shannon whined, taking her first few steps in the diaper. Each one had an awkward waddle to it as her legs were pushed apart. "I need a dress or something to cover this, too..." she continued to march around the room, trying to get used to the rustly plastic. It never quite worked though--every step was as infantile as the last. "You need an adult so that they can make sure that your diaper's clean. I'm sorry to say that after failing that test you need to earn our trust," she said, covering her mouth with her hand to hide the bemused expression on her face as she watched the girl toddle about the room. She had no doubt, with a little help from a special teacher like herself, she'd get this girl to need diapers for a rather long time. "...Alright! No problem! That's just a few seconds extra--and I'm not a baby so I can wait it!" She was clearly determined to prove herself. Shannon was about the most plucky wanderer that Nerissa had ever seen. Usually girls screamed their heads off. Stopping after a waddled lap around the room, Shannon poked at her diaper. "...this is a *thin* one...? What are the thick ones like?" "Hopefully you'll never need to find out. Those are for heavy night time bedwetters and littles who are such babies that there's really no hope in potty training them," she said. Shannon gulped. --------- "Hi hun, do you need to potty?" Shannon jumped, spinning around. "Um--yeah, I was planning on heading back to the home in a bit! But since you're here, um, yeah I need to go!" Nerissa lifted up the back of Shannon's skirt, checking her just like a toddler. "Let me check your pants hun, and then we'll head to the potty." "But..." Shannon rolled her eyes. She was bone dry. But this sort of thing had happened a few times since she started staying at the home. Heck, it was just about standard for the world at large and people her size. The Amazon smiled and gave Shannon's crinkle bottom a pat. "C'mon then, let’s get the big girl to the potty," she said taking Shannon's hand and leading her back toward town, waddling and stumbling a little at the taller womans longer gate. It was almost too easy as Nerissa took a particular path back toward town, making sure to bring the two of them just past an area of construction. It was almost Halloween and a local haunted house liked to set up every year in a storefront. They’d barely rounded the corner before an Amazon in a monster suit made a silly ‘RAWR’ jumping at the two of them. Nine feet of monster when you’re just over five is terrifying. The little stumbled back and fell on her padded bottom, promptly soaking her diaper. After the initial shock, and hearing Nerissa chastise the costumed monster, Shannon tugged her skirt down, her heart pounding. “Its not Halloween yet! You shouldn’t be doing that!” the Amazon teased the performer. She got a flyer in response before looking back in surprise at Shannon. “Oh, you okay hun?” she asked bending down and offering a hand to help her up. She nodded. Shannon just had to make it back and rush to the bathroom... and Narissa would never even know. Standing up, she put on the most confident face she could muster with a soaked diaper around her waist. “Well we’re almost back, come on hun,” Narissa said turning back around and already able to see the yellow tinge under the girl's skirt. She didn't say anything, instead offering her hand. "You're safe, it was just a guy in a costume, c'mon the home's not far now," she said leading Shannon back by the hand once more. As she got on the same street, there were a few giggles from the other Amazons as they spied a little in diapers. Given her ‘adult’ clothing it was still obvious she was ‘new’ to the area. Shannon was bright red long before they got back to home. At some of the giggles she realized what the problem could be and when the Amazon was turned, she hastilly tried to tug up the diaper, and push her skirt down. Anything to avoid detection for the few seconds she might need! Nerissa led Shannon into home and went back toward the classroom, stopping before the pink plastic potty. "All right hun, do you need some help getting the diaper off?" she asked, looking quite ready to lean down and help the little get seated to do her business. Like this was some second test or something. Shannon shook her head, pushing the skirt down a little. "Why are we here? Why can’t I just go to the regular bathroom? It’s not that big of a deal. " She was obviously hiding something. "...u--um, would it be okay if you left for a moment? I don't know if I can do it with you watching..." "Hun... are you trying to hide something?" Narissa asked at the very obvious way the girl was pulling down her skirt. "I know you’re a big girl and of course you wouldn't have any accidents, but you do seem to be acting a little strange." Shannon shook her head. "You already checked me once! Nuh uh!" Nerissa leaned down and swept Shannon's hands away, pulling up the front of her skirt almost to her chest, and leaving the girl looking rather foolish as she stood there in an obvious soaked diaper. Nerissa let out a 'tsk' and shook her head, obviously looking very disappointed in Shannon. "Why did you have to tell a fib Shannon?" "W-well--I dunno! It was--I had it up until that stupid monster at the end! And--I'm not a baby, I don't wanna go back to diapers!" She let out a small whine, stomping one foot down. Reaching down, Nerissa gave the front of Shannon's diapers a few pats, making sure she could feel that she was indeed in a diaper, and that it was wet. "Aww hun, so you were scared? That's all it was? I believe you, besides, you said you've never had an accident... aside from just now and earlier at your test," she said, ticking the two incidents off on her fingers. She undid the tapes on the girl's diaper and removed it, leaving her wet lower half exposed as she gently put a hand on the girl's shoulder and had her sit down on the child's potty. "Go ahead and see if you still need to go, we'll get you back securely into a diaper after." Shannon nodded, trying to go... but she had nothing. "...this--um, this won't count against me, right? Since it was just a fear-thing... which hasn't happened in years either by the way!" "We'll use a three strikes rule to make it fair... does that work? I know you said it'd never happen, and sometimes we do just get scared, but there's only so much I can believe... so that's strike one hun. If I find or hear about you wetting two more diapers... then I'm going to extend this whole thing another week. That's another week of diapers. ... If I find out you've messed in a diaper... that's going to be three strikes automatically. " Shannon bowed her head, then nodded. "Well--I definitely won't mess! Or wet! Promise..." Nerissa nodded and helped the girl up, shaking her head but not commenting on the empty training potty. She led the girl toward the back of the classroom once more, helping her up on the changing table. She got out another thin diaper and lifted the little by her ankles once more, getting a wipe and cleaning her thoroughly like the toddler she'd been acting like. She put the diaper under her next, getting out powder and liberally applying it before taping it up once more. "There, dry again," she smiled, grinning at the little who now smelled a bit like a baby. Shannon nodded, hopping off the table with a smile. At least she was out of that wet diaper... for good, she was SURE of it. She wouldn't embarrass herself again--either in front of this nice caretaker, or in front of the city full of people. "...Um do you have any drinks? All the walking made me a bit thirsty..." "You a fan of milk? I have some in my room in the back. I got it fresh this morning," she said motioning toward the office door in the corner of the room. "Yeah, I love milk!" Shannon followed, bouncing and crinkling with every step. "Um, thank you! ...sorry about all this... accident stuff..." "No trouble at all hun, that's what the class is for. And as you said, not going to happen again right? So there's nothing to worry about," she said leading the way to her office which had a small desk and two chairs. Behind her desk she had a mini-fridge where she pulled out a metal pitcher filled nearly to the brim with a rather thick milk. "Fresh, and cool," she said, reaching to a drawer on her desk and pulling out a double handled sippy cup. She poured the cool milk into it and capped it back up. "Sorry, I’m not sharing my own mug," she said pushing the cup toward Shannon. Shannon looked at the cup for a moment, frowning. There was something about this world. Childish things didn’t seem THAT bad… and hearing someone that much bigger then you tell you something, you were just inclined to listen. Shannon snatched up the cup quickly, rushing out a small "Thank you" before drinking the stuff. "...Wow, this is really good!" she giggled. It didn’t taste like any milk she’d had before. "Glad you liked it," she grinned. --------- "...So, um, what are the uh guests on the top floor like?" Shannon asked with a yawn. "Intelligent and energetic girls, most of them are littles like you," Nerissa said, smiling. The tall amazon was in the midst of the common room, a diaper bag on her shoulder, helping a few other littles who had less than perfect potty training. Shannon had been spending more and more time at the home, but as she spent time on the ground floor, she’d been curious about the upper floor and some of the girls she’d been told were there. People who had passed the test she’d failed. She’d never actually met one herself. It was already a few days since her arrival and some of the strange things in the home were starting to seem pretty casual. She’d only had one more strike since making the deal with Nerissa. It’d happened after lunch a lunch of milk and sandwiches the other day. It took her by surprise, but other than a warning of not to let it happen again, Shannon had just been changed and sent on her way. It was comforting to know she wasn’t the only little with potty problems. When Nerissa had finished attending the other little, she came over to get Shannon, scooping her up. Shannon, being tired, was content resting her head against Nerissa's arm. She even dozed off, ever-so-briefly, breathing out a light high pitched sigh for a second before snapping back to the waking world. Shannon had been given her own guest room on the ground floor and recognizing someone was in need of bedtime, Nerissa had brought her to her room. She set Shannon down just before her bed, making sure she was awake enough to know she was home. The little yawned again, but then her stomach growled angrily at her. "I missed dinner," she said sheepishly. Shannon was still allowed to wander around close to the home and she didn’t have her own money so she depended on the home for most things. Nerissa smiled and nodded. She came around to the other side of the bed and sat down, laying her back against the pillows and motioned for Shannon to come sit next to her as she reached into the diaper bag for something. Sitting next to her, and squirming over to look inside the bag, a natural curiosity overtook Shannon. Nerissa pulled out a baby bottle, one that was more sized for an Amazon baby, and was rather large for someone the size of a Little. It was filled with a heavy milk, the same actually she'd had at lunch the other day and in the sippy cup before that. She smiled and held it up, motioning warmly for Shannon to rest against her, "It'll help you relax hun, you seem stressed." "...Um... do I have to drink out of the bottle...? I'm trying to *not* be a baby! I mean, I know it'd help... but..." Nerissa tried to do her best to seem warm and comforting and like there was nothing odd about this at all. The world tended to help these girls act more appropriately to what they really were and it was hard for Shannon to object. Nerissa kindly put her hand on Shannon's shoulder, pulling her in so that the diapered Little was resting with her head on the amazon’s chest, and she softly, but firmly pressed the nipple between her lips, silencing her protests. "Just relax hun, you've had a very trying week." Shannon whimpered, but as she was in the position and her tummy was grumbling she nodded slowly, sucking on the nipple. After the first drop, there was no way the Little was going to move an inch. The milk was so delicious, so thick, and... a little sleep inducing. But of course, she made sure to finish the bottle, filling herself up with the creamy goodness. When she finally did finish, she turned her head slightly, resting against the Amazon's chest. "Thank you..." she murmured, nearly asleep from the milk. Nerissa smiled as the girl turned her head, being sure to give her back a few firm pats. She had a very full tummy of milk, and Nerissa already knew exactly what that'd do to her. She kept patting her back leaning in to whisper, "It’s okay hun, get some sleep, I'll be back in the morning to check on you," she said. Shannon nodded, letting out a small burp before dozing off in the woman's arms. After all of the adventure of winding up in this new world, all of the stress, and the belly full of milk, she’d sleep through just about anything. Nerissa slowly eased Shannon off of her. She tried her best to make the sleeping girl comfortable, propping her on pillows, pulling the covers up. She also couldn't help taking the girl's hand, and gently bringing the thumb up to push in her mouth. Nerissa smiled, Shannon was quickly moving along with the program. She grinned to herself, taking the bag, and leaving the room quietly. By morning, Shannon was still sleeping like a baby in complete bliss. She was still sucking on her thumb and hadn't moved an inch since last night. Nerissa was there first thing in the morning to let herself in. She had the same bag from the night before on her shoulder, but it was a bit fuller with a few different things this time. She smiled seeing the girl still sleeping and sucking her thumb, she came around to the side of the bed, easing the blankets off of her and discreetly checking her diaper, trying her best not to wake her. Shannon slept through the check--it seemed like it would take a lot to wake her from this state. The diaper was, of course, soaked. Her thin diaper had barely managed to take it all and she’d leaked a little on the bed. Smirking, the Amazon just started prepping things. The milk had apparently worked its magic, the little not even waking as she wet herself like in an infant in her sleep. Nerissa took a seat on the bed next to Shannon, not bothering to change her yet and leaving the blanket off of her. "Shannon, wake up hun," she said giving the girl a good shake on her shoulder. Shannon slowed to waking, turning up to look at Nerissa. "Mmmorning..." she murmured. She first noticed her thumb, still in her mouth, and instantly retracted it, blushing. "Um, I don't usually suck my--" She fidgeted in her embarrassment, causing her to feel something quite foreign. Another fidget confirmed her fear. "I--" she couldn't come up with any excuse, like she always had before. Either to convince Nerissa, or herself... So she simply started to tear up. "Strike three hun," she said softly. “Remember what I said?” She gave the soaked diaper a pat, as if confirming what the girl could feel. She reached into the bag on her shoulder and took out a pacifier, unceremoniously pressing it into the girl's mouth. "It's okay, I'm not mad... I kind of suspected from the beginning," she said, taking out powder, wipes, and one of the very thick disposables from the bag. The disposable had very childish prints on the front and unlike the thin diapers with two tapes that looked more medical. These were baby diapers, one tape on each side, thick able to keep a baby dry. Shannon shook her head, murmuring a quiet "MmMm! MmMm!" from behind the pacifier, a very childish "no, no". But... how could she argue it? She was *sitting* in a wet diaper. And she wanted to get out of it, even if it meant getting into the childish diaper. Shannon laid out, turning her head to the side, whimpering a little. Nerissa stood up and began her task of changing Shannon. She got out a changing mat and placed it on the bed, pulling Shannon by the ankles and resting it under her. She untapped the wet diaper and began wiping her. The amazon took and unfolded the thick disposable, sliding it under the girl. She took out baby oil and rash cream first, starting to work it into the girl's privates. The time it took to clean her up made Shannon feel... well, babyish. She didn’t think she could have changed herself for one, and for two, it made her feel kind of gross, knowing that Nerissa had wipe pee off of her. Nerissa followed up the rash cream with a healthy dossage of baby powder, this time not just centering it to her diaper area, but on her tummy and thighs as well. This Little was going to smell like a baby. She taped the diaper snuggly in place, it was thick enough that it forced Shannon's legs slightly apart. "There, dry and clean," she said offering a hand to help the sobbing girl sit up. Nerissa put the used diaper in the trash and came back to the bed to sit down opposite Shannon, holding her arms out for a hug. "It's okay hun, it’s not a big deal," she repeated sweetly. Shannon hugged her, trying to believe her... for her own sake, really. What she had been so sure of before, now seemed like an insurmountable obstacle looming on the horizon. Nerissa giggled with the girl and reached over, taking the pacifier and trying to keep her distracted as she reached into the bag and pulled out another full baby bottle. She was gentle, but still firm and insistent as she pressed it into Shannon's mouth, moving her from hugging to resting against her chest again. She smiled, somewhat smugly now. Shannon snuggled tightly against Nerissa, drinking the bottle hungrily. She noticed that rather than get tired of the bottles, she was liking each one more and more and more. Her thoughts eased off of the wet night she had made minutes before, instead easing to a relatively new, infantile bliss. Nerissa watched Shannon settle into a steady drinking rhythm. She smiled, patting the little on her diapered bottom. "Its okay hun," she said in a steady, relaxing voice. "Just relax, we both know what you are, you're just a baby, and that's perfectly okay. After you finish your breakfast bottle, we'll get you dressed and bring you to the nursery of the home. Shannon shook her head when Nerissa mentioned that she was a baby, but wound up relaxing back down, and nodded through the rest of the conversation. Nerissa smiled as the bottle emptied, and once again, she holds Shannon close to start patting her back. As soon as she'd recovered from the wooziness of having a full bottle, she'd get the girl dressed in something rather juvenile and help her toddle off to the nursery section of home. --------- It was another day or two later before Nerissa decided to come check on her pet project. Shannon had been coming along rather nicely, the cute little accepting that diapers were something she may need to wear for a while. She grinned just thinking about the small 20-something girl waddling around in them. Shannon was in the nursery part of the home most of the time now. She was playing alone when Nerissa arrived, and as she set her eyes on Nerissa, rather her typical reaction, she jumped up, scowling angrily. "Nerissa!" Nerissa smiled warmly. "Hi hun, you settling in well here?" Shannon nodded on instinct. "Well--yes--but-- I was talking to some of the other kids today, and *none* of them passed the test! I don't think it’s possible!" She couldn’t really hold up the ruse forever, might as well give a grain of truth on it. "I remember when you asked hun. You asked me and I specifically said 'only big girls pass the test,' which is true. And all the girls you asked... were they diapered like you?" "Well, yeah, but... how many big girls *are* there? Because someone said there aren't any, only mommies and caretakers!" Nerissa shook her head, laughing good naturedly. She reached into the bag on her shoulder and pulled out a pacifier. "Just who haaaaave you been listening too?" she asked as she pressed the pacifier between the Little's lips. "I bet you’re just cranky because you need a change," she said with another warm smile, bringing her hand to lift the girl's juvenile dress and check her thick diaper. Nerissa was spot on--though it certainly wasn't as bad as she expected. Just damp, not even squishy to the touch. Shannon shook her head a few times, blushing, but didn't remove the pacifier to continue arguing, instead sucking on it and shooting the Amazon a glare. Nerissa gave her diaper a few pats. "Seems all right hun, I think you can stand to wait for a change," she smiled. "Come on, I bet I know what will calm you down," she added, nodding toward a rocking chair in the corner of the nursery. Shannon let out a small whine, bringing her hand up to the pacifier. "...’tay, but... take me to see the potty-trained kids soon! I mean it!" Nerissa just nodded absently, not really planing to do any such thing. She took a seat in the rocking chair, lifting up Shannon to sit on her lap. She cuddled her close, holding her head to her chest and bouncing her a little on her legs. Then reaching down, she pulled up another full baby bottle of milk from her bag. "Now just relax hun, I know how much you like your milk." Shannon nodded, but eyed the bottle with noticeable suspicion. For a second, it even looked like she would reject it... but with the milk being as addictive as it was, she caved, opening her mouth wide. Nerissa smiled as she pressed the nipple into Shannon's mouth, tilting her back to let her drink it all up. She rocked the chair and hummed softly, grinning as she gave the girl's diaper a bit of a pat. Shannon squirmed, disliking any focus on the diaper, or its slightly wet state. She may have accepted it, but she didn't embrace or enjoy it. Her mind shifted off everything else though, focusing on how *wonderful* the milk tasted... Nerissa let the girl drink it, she had a plan today, and she'd need the girl in her semi-haze after the full bottle of milk to put it into action. Shannon drank the bottle, almost mindlessly, gulping the entire thing down as quickly as she could. She didn't seem to notice, but Nerissa felt the diaper grow warmer and soggier. It often seemed to happen when the girl was drinking her milk now. Nerissa grinned as Shannon was almost finished with the bottle. She looked around and was happy to see that the Nursery was mostly clear now, and so with the cute Little so focused on nursing, she decided to help her come around to the idea of liking diapers a bit more. She began to rub at the front of the soggy diaper, gently, and tracing her hand around to the back, giving a few soft pats. Shannon let go of the nipple briefly, letting out a small whine. "N--nerissa, what are you--nnh..." she hastily finished the bottle, sucking harder whenever the Amazon rubbed her. Nerissa alternated rubbing the front and giving soft pats to the back. She was counting on the general sleepiness of a full tummy of milk that Shannon wouldn't wholly understand what was going on. She just coo'd softly. "It's okay hun, relax, you like your diapers, they feel good don't they?" she asked with another soggy rub. Shannon moaned softly. She wanted to say no, she hated diapers, but it was starting to feel really good. "...y--yeah... " she set her hands down, on Nerissa's legs, and started to softly squeeze. The Little was breathing out horny little sighs and gasps on every single breath. It felt so wonderful... the squishy padding pressing against her, the soft patting at her bottom... the way the diaper swaddled and cushioned everything... she squeezed tighter with her hands, focusing everything she had on how wonderful her diapers were. Nerissa kept at it, leaning down to whisper in an ear. "That's right, diapers can feel really nice when you relax..." she said with a particularly firm pat to her bottom. "Its okay when you’re tired and when you've got a nice full tummy to just be a baby and enjoy your diapers," she said. Part of Shannon wanted to whine and complain about being called a baby--but that part was shoved back, and her focus forced back on how right Nerissa was. It was always easy to listen to Nerissa and what she told her. She gave a small nod, whining on her next breath. Nerissa grinned and whispered just a little more. "It’s okay baby," she repeated, almost like a mantra. "It’s okay to feel good in your diapers. It’s almost nap time for you... go ahead and let go, let everything go in your diaper," she said with another soggy rub to the front, and pat on her bottom. "Show me you need your diapers," she said in the softest whisper. For a brief second, Shannon shook her head, trying to shrug off the attempted suggestion. But by the time Nerissa reached "Let everything go", Shannon felt something in herself, forcing out. She hadn't realized how far she'd gotten into all of this... part of her tried to resist, to hold it in. But like so much else, she was powerless to do so. As Nerissa finished "show me you need your diapers", Shannon's back arched, and she obeyed Nerissa's order. And she, however slightly or subconsciously, accepted Nerissa's suggestion, melting into a pleasure that she /knew/ could only have been caused by her wonderful diapers. Nerissa smirked as she felt the Little start to shiver and whimper, cumming cutely and adding to the wetness there. And as the Little arched her back, she felt the suggestion take hold, if only for her semi-concious state, and could feel the girl shudder as she gave in to do something really babyish, messing her diaper. Nerissa started to hum the lullaby again, nuzzling the Little as she continued to shake and convulse a bit. "Such a good baby," she said, watching her use her diaper as instructed. She knew this wasn't the end, but this little was coming along nicely. Shannon settled back, shell-shocked from the whole experience. It felt unreal, dreamlike... and part of her wanted to fall asleep right here. "...Did I just poo poo...?" she murmured, confused. She may have been back in diapers, but a full-fledged messy accident? That was the worst she’d had yet. Nerissa was all coo's and tenderness. "Aww it’s okay hun, that’s why you’re in diapers. We'll get you cleaned up and then ready for a nap in no time." Nerissa didn't seem to act like anything was wrong. Where Shannon's previous accidents, she'd tried to console the Little, this time, Nerissa just gave Shannon's diaper a few good pats, and as she got up, carried Shannon on her hip. "Come on hun, we'll get you changed out of that poopy diaper and put you down for a nap. You’re usually pretty sleepy after your bottle, huh?" she asked. Shannon nodded, squirming slightly as the woman carried her. "...yeah..." she sighed, in a daze from what had just happened. "...I didn't feel it coming at all... I usually do, kinda... I just can't make it..." Nerissa nodded smiling as she took Shannon toward the changing table in the nursery. "I know, it’s tough to know when you need to go hun, that's why you're in diapers. Accidents happen," she said, going about the process she had quite a few times before with Shannon, changing and cleaning the Little before putting another thick diaper on. She took out a pacifier and put it to Shannon's lips. Shannon nodded, seeming to accept that fact for the moment. She certainly didn't have the energy to fight it, if she did want to, so she sucked away at the pacifier, nearly dozing off right on the changing table. Nerissa changed Shannon into a fresh diaper and seeing how she was falling asleep, she quietly and gently changed her into a one piece footed sleeper as well. The bottom was bulging noticeably with her diapers and it just made her all the cuter. Instead of her usual bed, Nerissa carried her to a crib in the next room. Pacifier in mouth, adorably clothed, she looked like a baby. It was another solid hour before Nerissa came in checking on the cute little. With gentle hands, she scooped up the baby, bringing her back to the changing table and removing her sleeper. She slipped on the juvenile clothes she'd been wearing earlier, and left the pacifier in. Shannon had managed to wet a bit more in her sleep, but she wasn't soaked, so Nerissa didn't change her. Then, almost as good as earlier, Nerissa, put the sleeping Shannon back in the playroom, leaving her propped against some stuffed animals. When she woke... it'd be a bit different then earlier. Had earlier even happened? Nerissa left quietly, being sure to just let the girl discover what she will on her own. Part of having these wanderers in the home was playing a little with their heads. Usually they were already susceptible to things they normally wouldn’t be… the world it made it so. But it was especially effective if you left them believe they’d dreamed up an incident where-in they enjoyed diapers. Shannon eased out of her sleep, looking around the room in confusion. Her initial reaction was that her experience with Nerissa was undoubtedly real--just like anyone who has a dream. But after a moment, she immediately recognized that the pieces didn't quite fit. She was in the same outfit, and in a totally different spot, for starters. Two, she was as clean as could be. She kind of remembered being changed... and she couldn’t believe she would have messed, but… maybe she had? Pressing a hand to her diaper, she was just as wet as before that whole thing... she sat up, sucking idly on the pacifier. What an odd afternoon. --------- As the days went on, things were mostly normal for Shannon... or really as normal as they had become. She was diapered full time, she made friends with the other Little's of the home, even if most of them were in diapers themselves and no one seemed to question or bat an eye that she was too. The rest of town kind of ignored them, usually only giggling when they saw them around. As small as they were though, things did change. Shannon hardly noticed them. One day, while back in the park, once again searching for the place that had brought her into this world, her thumb found its way to her mouth. She didn't even realize it was there, and at the same time, she began to wet her diaper, not knowing she was doing it. Nightly she'd wake up in the morning needing a change as well. There were a few successes mixed in, she found some of the other adults and told them she needed to go poo poo, phrasing it as a child would and was successful in doing that, one time even with Nerissa, who smiled, and praised her, and gave her a nice bottle of milk as a reward. ... but the successes stopped the next morning after that. Right at the breakfast table with everyone else around, Shannon felt an odd sensation in her rear, and before she knew what had happened, she was messing her diaper. Shannon froze mid-bite, moving a hand behind herself to pat at the diaper in disbelief. In the mornings she often just came to breakfast in a t-shirt and diaper and although no one seemed to mind her accidents, and she had started to care less and less each time. But this… doing it without warning, right at the breakfast table? She hadn’t even felt the need, just suddenly there was a warm mass pushing out of her. She slid out of her chair, rushing towards Nerissa's spot. "Um--Nerissa!" she whined, waddling and whining as it squished around. "Nerissa I made poo poo again!" Nerissa smirked, as some of the others at the table giggled. "Turn around hun," she said, in a somewhat admonishing tone. She proceeded to lift up the back of Shannon's night shirt, in front of everyone having breakfast, and pulled the back of her diaper out to check her like a toddler. "You sure did hun..." she said, letting the top gently snap back into place. "It’s okay hun, babies can't help it," she said with a warm smile, the word baby kind of rolling around Shannon's head. "Go back and finish your breakfast, we'll get you changed after." Shannon bowed her head, looking around the table. It was humiliating as could be... but the others were *just* as bad as she was! Most of the time, at least... sticking her tongue out at the other girls giggling at her and she toddled back over to her seat. Sitting down in her chair with a little squish. She continued to eat, her face completely red the rest of the meal. --------- Shannon was wearing a baby pink t-shirt underneath a sunflower yellow pair of shortalls today. It was a lot less embarrassing than the usual onesie she sometimes had on in the nursery. It didn’t even bother her that she never selected her own clothing any more, even if she did have some clear favorites and least favorites in her new wardrobe. "Hey there hun, I had a fun idea for today, you want to go to playground on the north side of the city?" Nerissa asked with a big smile. She was casually kneeling down next to Shannon, reaching a hand to unsnap some of the poppers along the arch of shortalls, to check her diaper. "Um, sure! That actually sounds like a lot of fun!" Her diaper was just a tiny bit damp, and she barely noticed the check, having grown used to them. Nerissa helped Shannon up, redoing the snaps to her overalls. "Well then I'll go pack a bag and we'll be all set, why don't you go find your shoes hun? Those overalls and that adorable shirt should be perfect for a day outdoors." Shannon nodded, poking around for her shoes. Her old tennis-shoes had gone missing one day, and they’d been casually replaced with pink, childish sneakers. Once she found those, she slipped them on and bounced over to the door, bobbing in place as she waited for Nerissa. Nerissa came back with a cloth diaper bag on her shoulder. It was a light pink with baby bunnies on it. The tall Amazon happily took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the front of the home where she'd left a stroller set up. Shannon blushed a little. A stroller? She could walk just fine! Still, she knew that it was probably a long walk... and the diaper made her waddle really badly... and she knew that Nerissa usually knew better than her. Without so much as a word, Nerissa lifted the Little up under the arms and placed her in the seat. It made the Amazon smile, not even an argument. She leaned down to pull a strap snugly up through Shannon's legs, connecting it to one around Shannon's waist, securing her in the baby stroller. She put the diaper bag on the tray under it, and gave Shannon a tickle on the nose. "All right hun, lets head to the park," she said, winking. She couldn't help but smile at how cute Shannon looked. Pink t-shirt, yellow overalls thickly bulging at the waist, obviously diapered. She was the perfect little baby girl, and she’d be ready for adoption soon. As they went, Shannon first started to look at people around her--watching them all go about their day, moving back and forth... it was mesmerizing. But after a few stifled giggles as they saw her, she focused off into the horizon, thinking about whatever came to mind--how good the milk she was fed was, how much fun the park would be... It took a good 10 minutes to walk across town, but it was a nice day out and the journey was pleasant. As nice as it was, Shannon still arrived as red as a beat. Still, it didn't matter, she told herself. She got to have fun at the playground, after all, and the gigglers didn't. And as Nerissa kept reminding the Little, what was wrong with being a baby? Shannon might not have fully believed it, but it was a useful thing to tell herself whenever she heard little snickers and giggles. Nerissa pulled the stroller up to the playground, pausing to unbuckle the strap and help Shannon out of the stroller. She placed the Little in the woodchip area of the slide and swingset, giving her puffy bottom a pat. "I'll be right over there on the bench hun, you have fun with the other kids," she said, leaving the Little who wasn't much bigger then about half a dozen Amazon babies and toddlers. Shannon blushed, bowing her head a little. It was a bit embarrassing to know that everyone else here was perhaps two dozen years younger. Still, she charged in, intent of having that not matter--after all, a slide was a slide, no matter who rode it! Nerissa watched with a warm smile as Shannon played. At first a little shy, and perhaps a bit timid as the other kids weren't entirely sure what to make of her. One Amazon baby girl was overly curious and gave the back of Shannon’s overalls a tug. It shocked Shannon enough that she felt her diaper suddenly warm as she wet it uncontrollably. But things settled down, and not long after, Shannon was having fun, riding down the slide, playing games, and generally toddling around with the other babies. It wasn't till about thirty minutes later, when Shannon was hardly aware of the passage of time that Nerissa got up to fetch her. Shannon could never get really used to a wet diaper. She wildly flipped between having not a single clue or care in the world, to awkwardly standing off to the side, her mind inseparable from the soaked padding. Most of the time, though, she was playing and having fun just like any of the actual babies. When Nerissa finally came to collect her, she didn't want to go. "We're right in the middle of a game of tag, though! Can I *pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase* keep playing?" Nerissa came over, and in front of the other kids, and a few giggling parents, unsnapped some of the poppers on Shannon's overalls, checking her diaper. "Aww hun, you're soaked, you can play tag again in a moment, but first it’s time for a little baby girl to get her diapie changed," she said, taking Shannon by the hand and leading her waddling away from the playground a second. She didn't go far, just back to the stroller to collect her bag and then taking a changing mat out of it. She started to set up the bench as a makeshift changing table. "Up you go," she said lifting Shannon up under the arms. Shannon kicked her legs slightly, blushing and looking at the other kids. Many were two or three, but some were older, and undiapered. Getting teased by people her actual age was one thing, but getting teased by people far younger with seemingly more maturity was another. But once again, Nerissa was right... she was absolutely soaked, so she needed a change. Maybe that's why she was having problems catching people in tag? Nerissa undid the rest of the snaps on Shannon's overalls, pulling them back up to her waist and revealing the wet diaper to the playground. Most of the parents and kids didn't bat an eye, a diaper change was nothing new here. But it was the first very public change for Shannon. Nerissa smiled good naturedly, getting out wipes, powder and some diaper cream as she undid the tapes to Shannon's diapers and pulled it away, lifting her up by the ankles to wipe her down like a baby. It was nice that no one minded... still, Shannon couldn't tear her eyes from the group, watching for anyone who might be staring. She still cooperated of course, helping Nerissa by lifting her legs up. "Um, thank you!" she said courteously, turning her attention back to the group again. Nerissa placed another thick and clean diaper down on the bench and lowered Shannon to it, she took out diaper cream and rubbed it in, before taking the powder and applying it liberally. Shortly after she brought the front up and taped it snugly on. She gave the little’s diaper front a rub. "There we go, all dry," she said, helping stand her up and redoing the snaps to her overalls. She sent the little away with a scoot and pat to her crinkling rump. "Go on and play a bit more hun, it’s a nice day." Shannon nodded, dashing off to the group. When the game of tag finished, she went to the slide, giggling with excitement as her rump slid down the slide over and over. She went down another four times, Shannon obviously enjoying herself and sinking into the reality that playing carefree with the toddlers could be pretty fun. She had lost track of time again until Nerissa came and lifted her up from behind. "All right hun, all that play had to have made you hungry by now," she said, smiling and tapping Shannon's nose. She carried the baby girl back over to the bench, before sitting down, reaching into her diaper bag, she taking out another full bottle. She helped Shannon sit back, craddling her to feed her a bottle. Some of the kids, most of whom younger giggled, as apparently Shannon was really just a 'little baby' even younger than them, as she was being fed like this. Shannon blushed a little, but in the moment, certainly couldn't find herself caring. After all, the milk tasted absolutely amazing and the others didn't have any. It was sweet, made her feel warm and soft inside... it was wonderful, even with the giggles in the background. Nerissa hummed softly, feeding Shannon. She let her nurse, and drain the somewhat large bottle, filling up her tummy with the liquid. After a full 7 or 8 minutes, the bottle was empty, and Nerissa helped Shannon up to her shoulder, giving her firm and gentle pats to her back, causing a few errant bubbles in her tummy to travel up and make the Little burp with a little line of milk hanging out the corner of her mouth. Nerissa cleaned it up gently with a wet cloth and brought the baby girl back to the playground, smiling and letting her play again once more. Although with a tummy full of milk, she was a bit more slow this time, getting a little more tired with the afternoon. Rather than the more active activities, the girl wandered over to the more relaxed ones, like the large tic-tac-toe board that was set up. Being so obviously an adult, she figured she would beat all the kids who tried--but of course, perhaps because of the milk fogging her mind, she wound up losing most of the matches. Pouting, she decided to head back to the slide for one or two quick goes. Shannon went down the slide twice grinning. She was getting tired, but she still wanted to do it again. She stuck her thumb in her mouth, climbing up a little slower and one handed to ride down once more. She giggled around her thumb, although all the milk her belly was sitting a little heavy now. She toddled away from the slide, walking a little slow as felt her bottom suddenly push out a big warm mess into the back of her diaper. She stopped and stood still a moment, sucking her thumb. She wouldn't be able to say why she just stood there, sucking... it could have been a babyish mindset, it might have been shock and awe, or a bit of the two. She stood there for about ten seconds after, just sort of staring, letting the feeling sink in, before spinning around and looking around at the other children. "Nerissssssssaaaaaa!" she whined, a new instinct from the home. It brought a lot of attention to her as she looked around for the Amazon. Nerissa had watched the whole thing, smiling as she’d seen Shanon slow, and then babyishly fill her pants. Nerissa had been tracking Shannon's progress, and even without the bottles, she lately seemed to be at that point where she legitimately needed diapers now. She waved and walked over to the suddenly panicked girl. "Aww hun, everything all right?" she said coming over and gently cupping a the side of her face in her hand. "Someone getting a little tired?" she asked as the girl looked so cute sucking her thumb. Shannon pressed couldn’t help but nudge the hand and try to lean against the taller woman. Looking for affection with tears forming in her eyes. "I--I made a poo poo..." she whined. Nerissa bent down and gave Shannon a hug, discreetly reaching a hand around to pat the girl's bottom, helping reassure her, and let her know that indeed, she'd had a messy accident, but it was okay. "Aww hun, it’s all right. C'mon, let’s get you back home for a nap. I only brought one diaper to the park." she said taking Shannon's hand and starting to walk the sobbing baby girl to the stroller. Nerissa had purposefully not brought a second diaper, planning on this with the milk. Shannon had learned to accept diapers, and she needed to learn to accept using them, and sometimes being stuck in them. Nerissa's consoling helped dramatically. Shannon winced as they walked, the mess mushing up against her. It was even worse when she was sat down in the stroller... but all that consoling was helping to dry the tears. Nerissa brought the strap up between Shannon's legs and around her waist once more, causing the girl to whimper a little as she was suddenly pressed into and held firmly to the mess in her diaper. It wasn't a completely bad feeling, kind of warm, mushy. Nerissa was quick to recognize the look on Shannon's face and reached into her bag pulling out Shannon's favorite stuffed animal and a pacifier. She slid the thumb from Shannon's mouth and pressed the pacifier in, kissing Shannon's cheek as she handed her the stuffed animal. "Just relax hun, it'll be a short ride back," she promised. And the milk was making her tired... although it would be a little bumpy. Shannon nodded, staying quiet and sucking on the pacifier. She did her best to relax, which was good... it let her feel the warm mushiness against her in a different way. The little bounces might have caused her to wince once or twice, but they wound up helping her come around to acceptance. Just 8 minutes into the 10 minute walk and nearly back, Shannon nodded completely off to sleep, being at peace enough with the load in the seat of her diaper to ignore it and rest. Nerissa smiled. This was a good step. The goal was total incontinence and acceptance of being a baby. A few more outings and gentle encouragements to get Shannon used to the feeling of wet and messy diapers, and she was sure the little girl would stop asking for immediate changes. Once back at the home, she unbuckled the sleepy baby and carried her toward the nap room, going for the changing table first. No need giving her a rash. The girl blinked and stirred a little as she was being changed. Nerissa spent a few moments wiping Shannon thoroughly to clean her bottom, before lowering her down onto another thick diaper. She grinned. "No worries hun, just giving you a diapie change before you go sleepy sleepy," she said, starting to apply diaper cream and powder to her. Shannon barely heard it, back to sleep shortly after. Nerissa taped up the thick diaper, helping Shannon up and removing her overalls. She left the girl in just the pink shirt she'd been wearing underneath and her diaper. She was placed and left to sleep peacefully in her crib. --------- Shannon had slept well. Her sleep had felt really good, and she had some memories of yesterday, but they were like dim lights in a fog. The milk had helped her dreams, crafting them to gentle childlike dreams of wonder and simple joy. Shannon didn't even stir an inch as she wet her diaper thoroughly in the night. This had become normal, and even as she woke up and sat with a slight squish, it only jostled her a tiny bit. Nerissa heard Shannon and was quick to let herself into the nursery, scooping up the Little and hugging her close, patting her back. "Morning sweetie," she said reaching into the crib and looking for her pacifier, easing it into the girl's mouth. "You just need a change huh?" she asked, pretending like this was completely normal, that the Little infant in her arms was just that, an infant who needed coddling. Nerissa set Shannon on the changing table and the Little went through an all too familiar diaper change. It'd been two, almost three weeks since she'd last even had a chance to use the potty. She was in thick diapers full time. She sucked her pacifier, while Nerissa lovingly cleaned her up. Her sleeper was removed, and she was given a cartoonish baby t-shirt, since it was warmer out, before being brought downstairs to breakfast… where for the first time she didn't sit at the table with the others, but instead was placed securely in a high chair. Shannon squirmed in place, looking down at the others. "mm--" she lifted a hand up to remove the pacifier. "How come I'm in the high chair?!" she whined, squirming in place in her crinkling diaper. "I can feed myself just fine!" Nerissa smiled, she liked head games early in the morning. "Oh you can? All right hun, I just thought the high chair would be a nice change of pace, if you can feed yourself," she said getting out a simple bowl of oatmeal and a small spoon that had a deceptive weight to it, and putting them both in front of her. "Finish it all up, and you'll get a nice bottle of your favorite milk," she smiled. Shannon snatched up the spoon, immediately fumbling with it a little. But after a few practice swings, she was sure she had it, so she went to snag some, only to drop the spoon entirely in the oatmeal. Nerissa sighed a bit dramatically, and reached in to reclaim the spoon, letting the need to do so go unspoken. She cleaned it off with a paper towel and then she got a pink cloth bib and wasted no time tying it around Shannon's neck. She pulled up a chair, took the bowl, and the spoon, and held out a scoop of warm oatmeal, smiling. "Come on hun." Shannon shook her head. "I just fumbled a little!" but still, she opened her mouth. She was hungry... and the idea of more milk was a wonderfully enchanting idea. It was a little awkward at first, but Shannon took a bite, and then another, and then another. There was a drip here, and a soft dab of a paper towel to Shannon's cheek to clean it away... and as the other residents came in and out for breakfast, it was apparent that Shannon was a baby this morning. Baby shirt, thick diaper, being fed in a high chair. Shannon gave a little whine, but otherwise, tried to move her attention back to the oatmeal. Not the best of foods to really focus on the taste, but still, better than the others since she got all of Nerissa’s personal attention. Having started with breakfast that day, both lunch and dinner had Shannon seated in a high chair with a bib around her neck. After another bottle of formula, which she had no power to resist, it was back to bed. Days started to go on like this, and while Shannon got more comfortable with the routine, there was still something nagging at the back of her mind, like something was wrong, like she'd forgotten something important. It was a day or two later, dressed in another pair of adorable overalls with a onesie underneath, doing nothing to hide her obvious diaper bulge, that Shannon was seated in her stroller. Nerissa was taking her back to the park. Baby Shannon had been well behaved and she needed a bit of excitement. Nerissa also seemed to be excited about something too. Oddly, the park wasn’t as empty as usual. In one corner of the park, there was a picnic going on… and oddest of all, it was a picnic of littles. Littles who were professional, and adult, at least as they appeared. There were five of them, and almost all watched Shannon curiously as she was helped out of her stroller when she arrived. The Littles were noticeably more aware that Shannon wasn't a baby then the Amazonian woman. It didn’t seem to meet Shannon’s attention though. To her, she almost entirely believed herself to be a baby after the weeks and weeks she’d been living such a life. There was something wrong somewhere in her mind, and that something bugged her when she saw the other group her size, but the rest of her and the want to have fun carried her towards the slide, which she rode down, giggling all the way. With a pacifier in her mouth, the cute babygirl waddled her way up the play structure and rode the slide another two times. The picnic group had all but stopped now, 5 girls watching her a bit stunned. They were acutely aware that Shannon was way too old to be in diapers, even if her size didn't seem to make the Amazonian parents in the park look twice. Two of the littles whispered something and looked over at Nerissa, who offered a polite wave, which had all the girls quickly look away. Another parent took a seat with Nerissa after a while, talking about motherhood and her own adorable Amazonian baby which size-wise wasn’t much smaller then Shannon. It was at this point that one of the Little's quietly made her way over to Shannon. The girl was a red-head with a neat little pony tail and a cute summer dress on. Maybe in her late 20’s. As Shannon went down the slide, she was waiting at the bottom. "Hi, what's your name?" she asked. Without breaking her stride, Shannon popped the pacifier out of her mouth. "Hi, I'm Shannon! Who're you?" she bobbed up and down in place at the bottom of the slide, brimming with infantile energy, crinkling with each little movement. The girl tilted her head. "Jacquline... erm, Jackie. Are you... ... you're not really a toddler right? I mean, we're Little, we can tell, even if the others," and she indicated the parents around the playground, including the Amazon chatting with Nerissa. "even if they can't." Shannon tensed her fingers up, unsure what to say. She had to think about what she even meant by "not really a toddler", at first. She sat there, umming and ahhhing for a second, looking at Jackie and then Nerissa. "...um, well--I... don't know?" she eventually settled on, looking confused and just a little bit embarrassed. "Are you wearing a diaper?" the Little asked, since it was fairly obvious under Shannon’s overalls. Little's could be blunt and very forward. Two of the other Little's from the picnic group had gotten up and were talking to each other just out of the playground area. "I, um... yeah." Shannon knew there was absolutely NO denying that one. "...and um... that makes me a baby, I guess!" she added, following Nerissa's usual line of thinking. Nerissa got up, along with the other parent who went to get her own child. Nerissa scooped up Shannon eliciting a meep of surprise as she was picked up just like a toddler. Jackie watched wide eyed, calling "You're not a baby!" in a quiet voice after Shannon. Even as she heard it, Nerissa had something new in store. She'd been working on readying the baby slowly, and sitting down on the bench with Shannon, she started to unbutton her top. Shannon squirmed. It was... weird hearing that from Jackie. She was a bit upset, and couldn't quite pin down why. She didn't want to call Jackie wrong, since Shannon's physical age was the same as hers... but people *could* be babies even if they were old, right? It was just so weird. Shannon looked up at Nerissa, staring as her top was unbuttoned and a maternity bra came into view. "...Are you... going to breastfeed me...?" she asked realizing the obvious. Shannon's paci hung on a ribbon attached to her overalls. Nerissa smiled and nodded at her. Nerissa was not fabulously endowed, just a modest C, but the nipple was already wet as she undid the clasp on the bra, the milk smelt very similar to what Shannon usually drank. "It’s okay hun, I know you must have a rumbly tummy, you can drink your fill baby girl," she coo'd. The wide eyes of the five Little's were watching Shannon intently now. There was a slight revulsion from Shannon, but then that smell, that milk she was soo used too, so … addicted too. Shannon nodded, casting a look over to the Littles. It was difficult to push herself towards doing it, but Nerissa was right, her tummy was all rumbly and that needed fixing. She curled up towards the nipple, latching on and starting to nurse hungrily. Nerissa cuddled Shannon to her, patting her head one hand, and patting her thickly diapered and crinkly bottom with the other as she cradled her. She was acting like an infant now, shamelessly nursing like a baby and drinking breastmilk. Some of the mothers in the park watched approvingly, but to them, Nerissa just looked like she was feeding a baby, to the Littles, they couldn't believe what they were seeing. "Did you make a friend hun?" Nerissa asked of Shannon, smiling and stroking her head as she nursed. Shannon didn't move her mouth off of the nipple, but she gave a small, mildly discontented grunt between little sucks. Nerissa nodded. "That's nice hun, we'll have to see about setting up a playdate with her some time. I know you have lots of friends at the home, but it’s always nice to have new friends," she grinned. She gave Shannon's bottom a few more crinkly pats, and almost by way of answer, Shannon started wetting her diaper, the padding swelling a little. "Aww such a good baby girl," Nerissa coo'd softly in her ear. Shannon blushed, hoping that the others wouldn't notice. She did take a small bit of pride in it, now... at least when Nerissa praised her. The praise felt good. And having a playmate would be a lot of fun! She finally moved herself off of the nipple, sighing as she finished drinking. Nerissa just moved the baby to the other teat. Baby girls could drink a lot and over feeding wouldn’t do much more then ensure a full diaper and a nap for Shannon. When she was finally finished being nursed, Nerissa adjusted Shannon to her shoulder, patting her back firmly. Shannon felt a little funny for a second, but then she gave out a little burp, with a tiny bit of spit up trailing down her chin. At the same time as her belch, her tummy cramped a little and helplessly her body pushed out a mess into her diaper. Positioned as she was on Nerissa’s shoulder, the seat of her overalls suddenly drooped and the Little's watching were able to see just how much of a baby she was, filling her diaper. Nerissa finished patting her back and gave her bottom a few pats, causing the mess to squish. "Such a good good baby," she repeated the praise. Shannon would have felt humiliated in front of the other Littles, but the praise helped offset that. She curled her hands around Nerissa, giving her a big squeeze. She didn't even think any more about how sudden her mess was, or how icky it felt--it was a warm sort of surprise to her now, and wasn't really a bad thing. Just a part of being her. Nerissa redid her top, and got up with Shannon, going over to her stroller and gently putting her in her seat before buckling her in. She made sure the buckles were snug, pressing her into her full diaper. Nerissa was still working on making her comfortable with having had an accident. She spoke softly to Shannon, "We'll chat with your friend before we leave," she grinned. "Do you think she'd like to come play with you at home? I bet you could show her how fun it could be." "I um... I dunno! She doesn't seem like a baby... but I'd love more friends!" Shannon giggled, unaware of what she was signing the girl up for. Nerissa nodded, wheeling the stroller toward the group of Littles which were now looking intently like they were busy picnicking. Nerissa stopped just behind the red headed one, tapping Shannon on the shoulder. "What was her name hun? Can you ask her to come here?" Shannon nodded, looking over to the group of Littles. "Jaaaaackie!" she called, bouncing in the chair (and her mess). She was excited for a new playmate! The red headed Little stood up a bit stiffly and came over, immediately looking shy before the taller Amazon and the girl in the stroller. She could smell that Shannon had a messy diaper, and her cheerfullness and the way she ignored what she’d done was a little unsettling to her. "Hi Shannon," she said with a slight wave. Nerissa smiled and leaned down to Shannon, "Go on hun, why don't you invite her to visit?" Shannon grinned. "Hey, can you join us at my house some time? It'd be a lot of fun to play with you!" Jackie's demeanor changed a little as she looked back to her friends, who seem to be focused on their activity. She thought a moment, and looking up, with a slight bit of resolve, she nodded. "Y-yes. I'll come visit some time, I think I have something I’d like to talk you to you about Shannon," she said. "We can spend some time being... big girls," she said with a slight glance at Nerissa and lowering her voice to say the last part. It was the only thing she could think of in terms of fixing whatever was wrong with Shannon. Shannon tilted her head, looking confused. "Well... you can be! But I don't think I am..." she squirmed a little in the seat, making a small meep at the feeling of her diaper. "But yeah, come visit, please!" The other girl scurried back to her friends and Nerissa put the paci back in Shannon's mouth, pushing her in the stroller back home for a diaper change and an afternoon nap. “I really do hope she visits,” the Amazon smirked. --------- It was just after Shannon had been fed a full dinner of baby food in what had become her personal high chair, that Nerissa had decided to give her another lesson. Quietly taking the babygirl to her office by the classroom, she took a seat in the rocking chair with her. She started to rub at the front of Shannon's diaper, rocking them both in the chair gently. Shannon had grown slightly used to having her diaper, and chest rubbed on occasion. Even if it was still a bit weird, she quickly settled into the chair, sighing out a pleased and aroused little breath. Nerissa continued to rub at the front of her diaper, waiting till she got a slight moan with the loud crinkling. "Feels nice doesn't it hun?" Shannon nodded, letting out a few soft whines. "Y--yeah... it's really really nice feeling... it's ama--ah! oooh..." she leaned her head in, resting it against Nerissa’s chest. Nerissa traced a finger around Shannon’s ears, continuing to rub her diaper, smirking as the baby’s hips were moving in time with her hands. "That's a good baby girl... such a good baby girl," she said, sweetly whispering. "You want to do something for your caretaker baby?" Shannon nodded, beaming. The praise made her really happy. She softly grinded against the woman's hand, her hands softly kneading Nerissa's lap. "Use your diaper, do everything in it that you can, feel how good it is to let go in your diaper," she encouraged. It was something they’d done before, but she had a more specific intent for it today. Shannon squirmed, pushing herself against the woman's hands. "... I dunno if I can though... I don't really feel it anymore, so I don't know if I need to..." she let out a few grunts, trying her hardest. At first, it seemed she definitely didn't need to--but then, all at once, her diaper start to fill. "O-oh gosh!" she whined, the diaper taking on a new feeling as she was rubbed.” Nerissa grinned, easing her hand from Shannon's ear to move the girl slightly, starting to bounce her on a knee and focus both hands now on the front of her diaper. "Such a good girl, filling up your diaper, but there's still something more you can do," she said caressing the front of Shannon's diaper. The conditioning was going well, Shannon was addicted to the milk, nearly incontinent, and on the verge of a sexual connection between her diapers, and best of all, accepting that she was a baby. Shannon bounced, grinding against Nerissa's hands and genuinely enjoying the feel of her diaper. It wasn’t long before she was starting to dissolve into a body shaking orgasm. Just as she was peaking, Nerissa leaned forward and whispered in Shannon’s ear, right at her most susceptible moment. “From now on you are forever unpotty trained…” she whispered, “You will be in diapers the rest of your life… and I will always be your mommy.” The words invaded Shannon’s mind just as she was shattered and racked by orgasm, whimpering and shuddering as she came in her full diaper. Even if she didn’t fully understand it, her body processed it. She’d never feel the need to go again, and she’d found her mommy. It was over, she was officially a baby again. The poor baby was panting and spent after that. She was more than ready for an early bed time... after a diaper change and short pre-bed feeding straight from the teat of course. She was already asleep before she finished nursing. Not long after she’d been dressed in a new thick diaper under a purple onesie, and laid down in her crib. --------- Nerissa was relaxing on a couch in the large playroom at the home. She was dressed in a casual spring dress, her feet in flip flops and her hair falling lazily about her shoulders as she read from a book. Shannon was on the floor nearby, playing. Today Shannon was dressed in a short blue denim dress, and a pink t-shirt under it. Her bottom was covered in a frilly diaper cover and it caught the back of her dress, holding it up slightly to show her padded backside. Shannon seemed to flip back and forth, alternating between hyperactivity and calmness. Half of the time, she would contently color, nearly silent, while the other half of the time she'd be bolting from one activity to another, giggling and laughing to herself. Right now, she was hyper, waddling across the room to grab various toys, which she was busily building into a large fort in one of the corners of the room. At a knock from the door, Nerissa looked up. She put her book down and looked over to Shannon, just to make sure the babygirl was okay, before going to the door and finding that a Little was waiting outside. It was the girl that Shannon had briefly met at the park. "Oh hello there hun, have you come to play with Shannon?" she asked. The red head nodded shyly, looking around Nerissa to Shannon. "It's Jackie... uh, Ma'am," she said, before being invited in. She barely even acknowledged Nerissa and went right to Shannon. "Psst... we need to talk." "Um, okay! What do you wanna talk about?" Shannon asked innocently, paying only half attention. She was busy building a stack of baby blocks as a sort of flag for her fort. Jackie was wearing a simple short dress and a pair of loose shorts under it. She couldn't help staring at Shannon though. The way the other Little was dressed as a toddler, hair in a pony tail, pink shirt, obvious thick diaper under her denim dress... and not only that, but the red head knew that the other Little used her diapers. "You're... not really a baby," she whispered, watching as the amazon walked across the room to take a seat on the couch, getting her book. She tried to speak so she wouldn't be heard. Shannon shook her head, confused. "I don't understand..." she thought about it a little, stopping her construction. "...Mommy says I’m a baby." It was so firmly in the Little's mind, now. After a few seconds, she found her thumb slipping into her mouth, on reflex as she tried to think hard. After all, her hands weren't being used, so why not? Jackie shook her head, "Just because you look like a baby, doesn't make you one," she said putting a hand out to touch the front of the girl's diaper. Jackie was doing it mainly to confirm that the other girl was indeed wearing it, but what she didn't know was how thorough Nerissa's training had been recently. Which included helping Shannon to really like and enjoy her diapers. The slight bit of pressure on the front of her diaper made her tingle. Shannon half shut her eyes, whimpering ever so slightly around her thumb. It was hard to pin down exactly what it was, with the thumb in the way. Curiously, though, the girl held totally still as the Little held her diaper, not jumping away or even flinching at all. It seemed she was quite used to having her diaper touched! Jackie looked a little surprised as Shannon seemed to straighten, and she tugged her hand away as suddenly the diaper began to warm. The baby was peeing, but by the look on her face, she had no idea. Jackie gasped, perhaps she was in over her head, perhaps Shannon was already a baby and there was no saving her. After a few seconds, Shannon opened her eyes. "...Jackie? What's wong?" she asked after a few seconds, still sucking her thumb. Nerissa noticed the odd occurrence out of the corner of her eye, and put her book down, getting up to go over to the two Littles. "Uh oh... I think someone has a wet diapy," she said coming up from behind to tickle at Shannon's sides. Jackie took a step back from Nerissa, watching the exchange nervously as if it was something dangerous. The babygirl's dress was raised and it was confirmed that she was indeed wet. "Why don't you go get a new diaper and some wipes from the corner Shannon, I'll grab the changing mat from my bag," she said, fully intending to change her right here on the floor. Jackie was dead silent watching them both. Shannon dashed away, waddling noticeably as she snagged a few diapers and the box of wipes from the baby bag in the corner of the play room. She jumped down, laying out right next to her fort as Nerissa got the mat. She was laying down in front of Jackie and she looked up, blankly, hardly realizing that her and Jackie were having a conversation before. Nerissa lifted Shannon's dress up, smiling and giggling. "Why'd you bring so many diapers hun?" she asked, "You bring extra for Jackie?" she teased. The other Little gasped at the thought. “I’m only teasing,” Nerissa laughed at her good naturedly, letting her know she wasn't being serious (for now). Jackie had an instinct to leave, something was not right, but at the same time, something magnetic compelled her to stay. She knew what happened to some littles, and if there was any chance of saving Shannon, it'd be important to save her. She simply turned aside, letting the diaper change finish. Shannon was very used to it by now, thinking nothing as her legs were lifted by the ankles, she was thoroughly wiped, diaper rash cream applied, and finally followed by a healthy dusting of powder before being taped into a thick fresh diaper. "Can I get you something to drink Jackie? It's just about time for Shannon's bottle," Nerissa said, taking the wet diaper balled up, and throwing it away. Jackie nodded dumbly, not sure what else to say, and Nerissa returned a moment later with a sippy cup and baby bottle. Both filled with the same thing. Jackie was handed the cup and she looked at it with a frown as Shannon was given her bottle. Shannon happily stuck the nipple in place of her thumb, drinking hungrily. After a few seconds, Shannon lowered the bottle, looking at Jackie. "Drink! It's really really yummy." Shannon sat up, drinking away at the bottle, shuffling around a bit to get comfortable. Jackie watched Nerissa sit on the couch once more and looked at the sippy cup. "What's in it?" she asked, curiously. She wasn't about to degrade herself by drinking from the cup and managed to pry the top off. Nerissa noticed this, but didn't say anything. The red head gave the drink a worried sniff. "Milk!" Shannon giggled, getting about halfway through the bottle. She stretched out, feeling a little bit sleepy now. Still, she seemed determined to finish that fort--she stood back up, bottle in one hand, a toy in the other, trying to complete her build. Jackie stared at her drink a moment. It did smell like milk, but something was a bit off. She looked over at Nerissa again, worriedly, but there was something about the milk that smelt really really good. She tipped it up to her lips, taking a taste, and her eyes widened as she took a little more of a sip, which turned into a gulp, and soon she'd finished off her cup. "That.. was pretty good," she said nodding. She watched Shannon building her fort for a minute or two, trying to decide how best to handle the situation... oddly, she was starting to feel tired too as she saw the other girl yawning. Nerissa checked her watch, it'd be nap time for two Little's shortly. As they worked, Shannon finished her bottle too. She kept working, but she slowed to a literal crawl, and began to yawn every so often. She looked back at Jackie, nodding. "Yeah! It's pretty good, I love my milkies..." Not having been used to drinking nearly as much as Shannon, the redhead was not used to its effects, and even as Shannon was crawling around, yawning around her thumb, Jackie had managed to nod off, her back against the wall. Shannon noticed this after she finally completed the fortress. She crawled over to Nerissa, giving her pant leg a small tug. "I think we need naps mommy..." she yawned, resting herself against Nerissa's leg. Nerissa closed her book, smiling at the two adorable girls. She scooped up Shannon first, "I think you're right hun, let’s get your stuffed animal and your pacifier, and we'll put you down for a nap in your crib," she smiled, bumping noses with Shannon lovingly. She carried the Little on her hip for a moment. bringing her back to the nursery and doing what she said, getting her pacifier and teddy bear before easing her down into her crib. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get Jackie and set up a nap mat in here, I don't think she'd like the crib," she said teasingly. Nerissa went back out into the playroom, scooping up the younger girl. She was out cold, the milk having hit her hard for the first time. Nerissa couldn't help a grin, she knew this girl would be consigned to diapers and being a baby soon. She brought her back into the nursery, setting up a mat on the floor and laying the girl with a blankie atop it. Shannon grinned sleepily as she watched, squeezing the teddy bear. It was nice to have a playmate, even if she was a little bit unfun sometimes with her ‘not a baby’ talk. Hopefully she'd stop insisting Shannon was a big girl. Shannon laid down, letting her eyes drift shut. The girls slept easily. A milk induced sleep was one free of stress. Shannon slept deeply and with wonderful dreams, hugging her teddy, occassionally sucking on her paci in her sleep. She rested so soundly, that the milk's effect didn't even wake her. Her bottom pushed out a warm mess into the back of her diaper just like a baby. And not far away from her, napping fitfully on the mat, Jackie wasn’t far behind. Her body processed the milk and her bladder released in her sleep, causing the ‘adult’ girl to soak her panties, dress and naptime blanket. At the girls woke up, it would be nothing out of the ordinary for Shannon. For Jackie though, she awake with a start, letting out a startled shriek as she realized what had happened to herself. The red head started to cry, not trying to be too loud and bring Nerissa. Shannon sat up in her crib, looking at the distressed girl across from her with a big wet spot. At first, it was a little hard to believe--she was such a big girl! But after a few seconds, Shannon tried to reassure her. "Don't worry--it's not that bad! I mean... well... I'll call Mommy and she'll clean you up! Mommy!!" she called out, watching the crying girl. Jackie hopped up, still crying and tripping over the blankets around her ankles for a second. She came over and tried to put her hands on Shannon to shush her and keep her from bringing the Amazon. It didn't help, a moment later Nerissa walked in with her long legs. "Oh, someone up from their nap? Smells like someone has a stinky diaper," she said smiling. Her eyes were quick to see the red headed girl next to the crib, with the wet spot on the back of her dress. Sensing this, Jackie let out an eep, backing away from Shannon. "Oops, looks like there was more than one accident during naptime," Nerissa said. She quietly shut and locked the door behind her, going for Shannon first to change her baby. Shannon lifted her arms up, giggling as she was lifted. She didn't seem to realize that Jackie didn't want Mommy to be called. Why not, after all? Did she want to stay in her wetness? That wasn't that weird for the home she supposed, but if she just said that to Nerissa, she'd understand! Or maybe it was that she was a big girl... or, well, apparently not! "Jackie hun, its okay, sometimes girl's have accidents. I'm not upset," she said in a calming and familiar manner that Shannon could almost recognize. "Let me take care of my baby here and we'll get you sorted. Jackie was too mortified to answer, hands covering her rear and backing herself around the crib so that she was always on the opposite side of Nerissa. Meanwhile the Amazon carried her baby, lovingly laying her down on the changing table and going through a routine diaper change for her. Wipes, rash cream, more powder, and a thick diaper later, Nerissa set the babygirl down on the floor. "Why don't you go get her for me," Nerissa said with a pat to her diapered bottom. "I think she's scared and embarrassed." Shannon nodded, crawling over to Jackie. "Jackie?" she asked, softly prodding the girl’s arm. "Mommy's all ready to clean you up... don't worry, it happens! If you really hate it, you gotta get clean and get it gone!" Jackie was reluctant a moment, looking at Shannon and resisting. "You're not a baby Shannon, you're not... and I didn't have an accident, she did something to me! I've never had an accident before like this," she whimpered. Nerissa could hear her of course, but she remained quiet a moment. Shannon shook her head. "Well--accidents happen! I am a baby, and if I didn’t have my diapers I’d make puddles everywhere!” She giggled. “Mommy’s really nice and she'll get you all squeaky clean." There was something innocent and truthful in Shannon's face, and slowly, unsuredly, Jackie came out, walking bowlegged with an obvious accident spot between her legs. It felt gross, and she did want to get cleaned up. She couldn't look at Nerissa as she was led over. "It's okay hun," the Amazon echoed her baby's statement, very proud of the girl for how she'd handled it. "I'll have you all cleaned up and right as rain. I bet you’re worried that I'm going to put you in a diaper huh? Well, I can, if that's what you want?" to which the red head quickly shook her head no, and Nerissa laughed, "I didn't think so. I don't have any clean panties in your size, I do have pull-ups though." The girl whimpered at that, but defeated as she was, there wasn’t much she could do. Nerissa helped her get cleaned up, having her stand as she carefully took some wipes and a small baggy to wad up the wet panties and short and put them in. The little didn’t let go of the baby’s hand the hold time. Shannon squeezed her hand back, smiling all the while. She was really glad to be of assistance! "See?" she sighed, softly resting herself against the changing table. "Mommy's really nice and stuff! She's only here to help." Freshly cleaned, with pull-ups under a short dress that was designed to be worn with shorts, Jackie was quick to excuse herself. Nerissa reassured her that if accidents do happen once more, and that it was okay, and if she needed help with future accidents that she knew where the home was. She also invited her back for lunch whenever she wanted it... The red head was quick to make any excuse she could and escape the place as soon as the nursery door was unlocked. Nerissa and Shannon watched her go. "I think she's a shy girl who needs some friends Shannon," Nerissa said, scooping up her baby girl, carrying her on a hip as she watched the little practically sprint down the front walk, her pull-up easily visible under her dress. Shannon nodded. "I wanna find her some time again! Maybe we could stop by the playground soon and see if she's ever there again?" Shannon rested herself against the amazon's chest, softly tugging at the bottom of her shirt. Nerissa grinned and began to unbutton her shirt, hugging Shannon close. "I think she'll be back some time. She looked like she really enjoyed that milk," Nerissa winked. Her bra was next to go, leaving the girl's pert chest bare before Shannon. She removed the babygirl's pacifier and moments later she was breastfeeding again. --------- Heyo, I'm reposting this after getting a few messages about it. I've slowly been working on a pseudo-sequal about Jackie. No date of release to announce, just 'sometime in the future'.
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    Can definitely tell you are 22, with little real-world business experience. ABU has to pay for their facilities, pay their employees, pay for web space, pay taxes on all of that, and they've still got to make a profit sufficient to continue their operation. They can either increase the prices of their product which, as you point out, are expensive already or they can charge shipping.
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    A Too Late Magical Girl - In the Magical Realm All around her were impossibilities. An inverted pyramid, many times grander than anything in Egypt, balanced on its point, spinning slowly. Buildings (what else could they be?) floated overhead, like clouds. A lake with water so clear that Kristine could see the buildings far below the surface, as well as the people passing between. Tac had muttered, ‘Damed kelpies.’ There was too much to see in this impossible city. Kristine could not help herself as she stared up at it, and down at it, and all around at it. She was not really watching where she was going and should have been a hazard to all the other foot traffic, but people avoided her. Kristine was not offended by that, because the people, the denizens of the Magical Realm, were not aware that they were avoiding her. She was invisible, for her pacifier was in her mouth, but she was also wearing a magical cloak. Tac had shown her how to make the cloak, to tie the magic of the exclusion field into the object. She was not actually sure if Tac should have taught her how to make magical items. She got the feeling that Tac was just too lazy to do it herself. However, with the cloak people just avoided her, and with the pacifier, no one saw her. When not staring at the buildings she was instead looking at the people. Some of them looked human, for the most part, though many, like Tac, had ears or tails or some other feature that marked them out as not really being human. Many of them did not look human at all, much taller or much smaller, animal-headed, or quadruped, hexapod or more legs than she could count quickly. Some were beyond anything she understood. There were slimes, and balls of gas, and glittering lights that bobbed along at head level and people talked to. “I think my mind thould be bweaking,” she muttered around her pacifier when she and Tac walked up a set of narrow stairs, and no one was around to hear them. Her thick diaper made walking up the stairs a little more difficult, and she knew she was climbing with a pronounced waddle. She had a desire, not too strong, but there, to drop down to all fours and crawl up them. “Magical Girls have their minds toughened up with their bodies. They often see terrible things.” Tac’s tone was light. “Thouldn’t thome people be able to thee me? Morw powaful magic people?” She recalled what Oscar had told her of truth spells and powers. Tac stopped at a landing, looked out over the city. The stairs had taken them higher than the number of steps they had climbed. “Everyone in your world can run, right?” Kristine nodded, but did not know if Tac could see it, so she voiced a lisping, ‘Yeth.” “But not everyone can run really, really fast. You’re running really, really fast so not many people can catch up to you.” “Wait, you mean Magical Girlth are weally powaful?” Tac nodded and started walking up the stairs. “But why?” Kristine followed with her wide, waddling steps. “I don’t really know,” Tac told her, “but if it were me, then I would have done it because it is pretty funny.” “Funny?” “Well, each Magical Girl is kind of like a magical weapon of mass destruction. That’s funny right?” Kristine stopped her waddling climb, watched Tac continue climbing, with a smooth step and the almost hypnotic sway of her hips. “You're a weal bitch,” she said. Not looking back Tac said, “Watch your mouth little girl, or you might get a bar of soap shoved up your ass.” Tac stopped and looked back, smiling. Her teeth were cat teeth, and they looked somewhat dangerous. “Mouth.” Kristine shuffled nervously. “Thoap goeth in the mouth.” Tac was still smiling. “Oh, silly little girl. It would end up in your mouth, eventually.” Turning way Tac continued walking up the stairs. Kristine followed, wondering if all magical liaisons were as bad as Tac. She had to doubt it. Madness lay in assuming they were all like Tac. At the top of the stairs, Tac turned and looked out at her favourite view in all the Great City. It was her favourite view because it was the view from the area in the city with the greatest concentration of hostess bars. Though there was only one hostess bar that Tac wanted to visit. The Naga’s Nest. Knowing Kristine was following her, Tac pushed through the doors. “Mama-san, I’m back,” Tac said. “It’s Tac, it’s Tac,” several bunny eared girls squealed happily. Some of them were sitting with customers who looked confused or even displeased by the fact their table mates were paying attention to someone else. However, their excitement was dampened as Mama said one word. “Girls.” They all calmed down. Mama entered the room from behind the bar, her lower snake body slithering in a manner Tac often thought was seductive. She moved up to Tac. “If you have a method of payment, welcome. If not, there is no charity here.” “Oh Mama-san, you know I would never expect charity.” though Tac would certainly welcome it considering how much money she had spent there. She reached into her jacket and removed her card. The naga took the card, looked at it. “This is limited, and only for official business.” “I am here on official business.” Tac smiled. She was not at all surprised that Mama-san knew the status of the card just by looking at it. Mama-san nodded after a moment. “One bottle and one girl.” Tac could not hide her disappointment. “Just one?” she asked, pouting ever so slightly. Mama-san’s look was severe as she nodded. “Oh well, as long as the girl is pretty.” “All my girls are pretty. Clover.” A girl who was indeed pretty and who Tac had never seen before appeared as if by magic (quite probably magic). “Mama-san?” she asked. “Please escort Tac to a table and show her a good time.” “Yes, Mama-san.” Clover took Tac’s arm, pulled it into her ample breasts as she pressed herself against Tac. “This way please.” “It is good to be home.” Clover led her to one of the smaller booths. Not a booth where Tac might sit among six or more of the pretty bunny girls. Three would be the best that might squeeze in. Clover slipped up tight against her, all smiles and pretty words. Tac knew that Kristine had seated herself opposite. She could not see Kristine, but as a liaison, she always had a sense of where her girl was. A bottle of catnip whisky was placed on the table with two glasses. “Would you like a drink Clover my dear?” “Yes please.” Mama-san’s girls could handle their liquor. They drank a lot of it to make sure customers ordered a lot. Tac pulled the cork free of the bottle and then lifted it up, putting it in her mouth. With a mouthful of whisky, she turned her head towards Clover. The bunny girl parted her lips and Tac moved in for the kiss. As they shared a whisky flavoured kiss Tac’s hand slipped between the Clover’s legs, and soon skilled fingers elicited a moan from Clover as a trickle of whisky ran down the bunny girl's chin. It was at that moment Tac decided to put a little show on for Kristine. Let the Nursery Knight know precisely what she was missing. Leaving her one hand between Clover’s legs Tac grabbed the bottle with her other and took another drink. Bottle back on the table, she pulled the bunny girl’s top down, began placing whisky wet kisses across the top of her breasts and on her nipples. Mama-san’s girls did not have to put up with the sort of thing that Tac was doing, but they could if they wanted to. And for all of Tac’s many failings (and she had so very many), she knew how to give pleasure. As she drew more moans from Clover, she hoped that Kristine was soaking her diapers with something other than piss. The girl had been a whiny little bitch from the start, as far as Tac was concerned. Learning what she was missing would be a good lesson for her. “Oh, Tac, please,” Clover said. “Does my little bunny want to cum?” Tac whispered into her ear, gently nibbling on it, resisting the urge to draw a little blood (it was the cat in her). Mama-san did not stand for her girls bleeding. “Yes, yes,” Clover begged. “Well then, let me see what I can do.” She started pulling the short little skirt up when someone hit her on the head. Hard. “What the fuck?” she wondered if Kristine had finally gotten too hot and bothered, or maybe Mama-san was putting a stop to it. However, it turned out to be Gorgeous standing there, looking pissed off. Clover, seeming unaware, begged, “Please Tac, please.” It would just be cruel to leave the poor girl like that so Tac, ignoring Gorgeous, finished Clover. Then, because Mama-san did not like things to get too loud, kissed her, stifling the bunny girl’s cries. And when Clover finally slumped bonelessly on the booth’s bench Tac stood up. “What the hell Gorgeous?” “What are you doing here?” Gorgeous hissed. Tac noticed Mama-san was hovering close, so she waved her off and then grabbed Gorgeous by the arm. “Mama-san, put that whisky away for me, and thank you very much.” The Naga nodded as Tac led Gorgeous from the bar. Outside Gorgeous again demanded, “What the hell were you doing in there?” “I think what I was doing in there was obvious. I was keeping the package hidden in a place no one would ever look.” Gorgeous looked surprised, then suspicious. “Is sh.. the package here?” “Yep. Now, let’s go back into the bar and continue to keep the package out of sight.” She started directing Gorgeous back. Gorgeous dug in her heels, as it were, and pulled Tac to a stop. “No, you’re coming with me. We have things to discuss. I already have a safe house set up.” And reversing the hold Tac had on her Gorgeous started dragging Tac away. “You’re such a cock blocker Gorgeous.” “You don’t have a cock.” That was said between clenched teeth. “You don’t know what I might have in jars at home,” Tac replied. Watching Tac bring the bunny girl to a climax reminded Kristine of Olive. Of their last night together, or Tac saying she was going to seduce Olive, or Tac telling her that she had sex with the magical girls under her care. She was squirming in her diaper, fighting the urge to spread her legs and start rubbing the padding against herself. And then the woman appeared who hit Tac, which surprised Kristine enough that she forgot how horny she felt for a few seconds, long enough to get some control of herself. The woman looked about, and Kristine thought the woman might be able to see her but then her gaze passed over Kristine without acknowledgement. The muffled cries of the bunny girl brought her attention back to Tac and her conquest. As Tac stood, the bunny girl slid down on the bench, legs spread, skirt up around her waist, top down around her waist, lying there with a dreamy look on her face. Kristine pictured herself there, dressed in a more mature magical girl outfit. She almost moaned. But Tac had already told her that Kristine’s youthful form was of no interest. Maybe if she begged and promised to be good? God damn, she hated Tac at that moment, really hated her. How dare such a selfish, incompetent idiot be some sort of master of pleasure. She got up and waddled after Tac and the other woman, hating and loving the way the padding of her diaper rubbed against her. Outside, as Tac and the woman talked Kristine managed to get her feelings in order. She still wished she had some privacy, but she no longer felt like begging Tac for a similar attention that she gave Clover, or not as much so. Then Tac and the other woman, who was named Gorgeous, were walking off and Kristine waddled after them. She wished she knew where they were going so she could just teleport there. She listened to Tac and Gorgeous argue in low tones, mostly about the fact that Tac was pretty terrible at her job. This was not a surprise to Kristine. They did not talk about anything significant, or any mention of the package, which Kristine was sure meant her. Gorgeous led Tac, and Kristine who was following close, onto a train, and Kristine took a seat. The padding of her diaper felt squishier and thicker than it had at the hostess bar, but at least it did not feel messy. The car was not very crowded, but she kept an eye out in case anyone tried to sit on her. She thought that no one would, because of the cloak, but it was better to be safe than sorry. After about twenty minutes on the train, Gorgeous led them off, into a part of the city less built up, and lower than the area they had been in. “We’re in here,” Gorgeous said to Tac as she stopped in front of a building that looked something like a small warehouse. When she opened the door, holding it open for several seconds so that Kristine could enter. The empty space within reinforced Kristine’s idea that it was a warehouse. “She is here, this isn’t some half-ass job of yours again, is it?” Gorgeous asked Tac. “Of course she is here. Kristine, you can show yourself.” Kristine removed the cloak first and then spat out the pacifier. Gorgeous was looking away from where Kristine was but must have caught Kristine appearing out of the corner of her eye. She turned, eyes widening. “That is the most ridiculous magical girl outfit I have ever seen.” Gorgeous suddenly shook her head. “Sorry, I should not have said that. I was just surprised. I did not think the Nursery Knights would be so literal.” “You’re not forgiven.” Kristine was more than a little pissed off. “Yes, I understand. My name is Gorgeous, I am the supervisor of all magical liaisons. I apologise for my behaviour. I do not have any say in the themes of the Magical Girl teams but should have taken the time to look into it. My statement was unprofessional.” “You don’t need to waste an apology on Kristine,” Tac said. Kristine noted that she was not the only one looking at Tac with a scowl. “Tac ith terrible,” Kristine told Gorgeous. “I know.” “Hey! That kind of hurts.” “But Tac’s many shortcomings are secondary to this,” Gorgeous continued. “We need to understand what is happening here. I have called for someone else who should be able to help us. She should be here soon.” Kristine nodded, then, cheeks warming up just a little, she asked, “Ith there a bathwoom awound here I can uthe?” “You mean a changing table,” Tac muttered, Kristine almost missing it. “Back there.” Gorgeous pointed. “Thank you,” Kristine said, trying to walk as fast as she could without a diaper waddle. For a moment she was worried that a bathroom in the magical realm would be some crazy thing, but opening the door she was presented with something that looked normal enough. Her diaper came off, and she sat down on the toilet. As always she did not really know well if she needed it, but she figured she would take advantage of it. After almost two minutes with nothing happening, she got up from the toilet, summoned her diaper bag, and pulled out a new diaper. She put it on, taping it up awkwardly but it was good enough. Dismissing the bag she left the washroom. Tac and Gorgeous were arguing, but it had the sound of an old argument, probably about the fact that Tac sucked at her job. Gorgeous turned to Kristine as she approached. “I have not had an opportunity to say it yet, but thank you for coming to help with our inquiries.” “I did not think I weally had a choithe, theeing ath there were people coming to the mundane wealm to kidnap me.” “Yes, I suppose so.” “Can you do thomething about it?” “I am, what I can. We need information now.” There was a scratching sound at the door. “That would be Gwens.” Gorgeous walked to the door. She unlocked it and then pushed it open. A large, black raven hopped in. Gorgeous closed the door, and the Raven became a young woman with hair as black as the Raven’s feathers. “Gorgeous. I am here.” “Gwens, you, of course, know Tac.” Gwens nodded. “And this is the Nursery Knight Kristine.” Gwens shifted her attention to Christine. She stared and blinked several times. “You made an adult person a Nursery Knight?” She asked the question of Tac. “I think it is pretty clear I did.” “How could you?” “Hey, it was Gorgeous that told me to.” Kristine looked towards Gorgeous. Gorgeous raised her hands. “I needed Tac to learn a lesson.” “You sentenced an adult to that," Gwens looked at Kristine, "so Tac could learn to be more responsible?” “Wait, wath there an option?” Kristine demanded. “See, don’t shoot the messenger. Shoot Gorgeous.” “Not helping Tac,” Gorgeous said. “And I did not realise the Nursery Knight was,” she looked at Kristine, “well, so extreme.” “Thon of a bitch.” “Listen, we can place blame later. Right now we need to understand what happened here.” Kristine and Gwens mumbled an agreement after a few seconds. Tac complained there was nothing to drink. “There’s a conference table we can all sit at in the back.” Gorgeous led the way deeper into the empty warehouse. Once they were all seated and, full introductions had been made Gorgeous asked Gwens to tell them more about the Nursery Knights. “I was sent to be the Liaison of girl named Betty. Four years old and the most helpless thing you could never have envisioned. I mean, if it was not for Mr Bunny…” “Mr Bunny?” Kristine asked with her lisp. “Her stuffed animal helper.” “Oh.” “If it was not for Mr Bunny I think she would not have been able to accomplish anything. All the Nursery Knights were like that. Immature and childish for their age, and seeing they were four, five or six that is saying a lot.” She looked at Kristine. “Sorry.” “I thuppothe I wath like that when I wath a little girl. I grew up and got mature.” “Well, as far as I know, Betty never grew up or became mature. None of the Nursery Knights did, at least when I was with them.” “How long was that?” Gorgeous asked. “A little more than a year to defeat the Nightmare King. And I looked in on her a few times after that, until my next job.” “Did the Nursery Knight program require the Knights to go dark?” “What?” Gwens looked at Gorgeous, obviously surprised. “No. I mean, to what point?” “All of them went Dark, sixteen years ago.” “What?” “It’s true,” Tac told her, “talked to the embassy. All of them just disappeared.” Gwens looked at them all. “What the hell?” “And thome men came and tried to kidnap me.” “I believe that someone wanted the complete set,” Gorgeous said. “I have been asking around. Looking into it. Umon Derrypiz…” “Bastard,” Tac said. “…looks like he was given some large bribes,” Gorgeous continued as if Tac had not spoken. “I suspect he created the Nursery Knights for someone.” “Where is he?” Tac asked. Kristine wondered about that. What sort of person would want the Nursery Knight concept? “He went to ground after you met with him. I suspect he contacted whoever bribed him, to let that person know of Kristine’s existence.” “And then that perthon thent the kidnapperth to get me,” Kristine said. She then told them of Mr Rat and Mr Badger and the blue man. Gorgeous, Gwens and Tac (though Tac looked bored) listened. When she finished, Gorgeous asked, “This blue huntsman? Does he sound familiar to anyone?” “Blue sounds trollish.” Tac sounded bored. “Not helpful.” “The colours, grey and red and silver, do they mean anything?” Gwens asked. “Hunting colours, House Balor uses them, and before you ask,” Gorgeous said, “there are over three hundred sub houses in House Balor, more than half of them ruled by a noble claiming the title of Duke.” “Why do you even know something that useless?” Tac put her chin on the table, staring across the surface at Gorgeous. “It’s not useless, and I don’t want to that from you.” “Useless,” Tac said softly. Kristine looked between the three women. “No way you are going to be able to look into all of those houses,” Gwens said. “Perhaps we start with Mr Rat and Mr Badger.” “Seems pretty nothing to me, bottom of the barrel kind of things.” Tac closed her eyes. Gorgeous looked cross. “Do you have better ideas?” Tac was quiet for a moment. “You know, maybe we look into Mr Rat and Mr Badger.” Gorgeous opened her mouth, Kristine could only assume she was going to yell at Tac. Kristine knew that she herself wanted to. Then she got a far off look. “My wards have been breached. Someone is coming.” Tac was suddenly a cat. She jumped onto Kristine’s shoulder. “Teleport us back to the Naga’s Nest. See you later Gorgeous.” “Wait.” Gorgeous stood. “Fine. Kristine, we’ll take Gorgeous too.” “No.” “Okay, we’ll leave Gorgeous.” Kristine looked between the two. “Tac, shut up. We need to turn this around. Capture whoever is coming after us, get them to talk.” “Great idea. Kristine, take me to the Naga’s Nest and then come back here to get killed.” Kristine grabbed Tac and dropped her to the table. “Why me? You’re stronger than me.” “What. No. You are much more powerful.” “But Tac…” Kristine blushed, not about to say how Tac spanked her. “Tac showed herself stronger than I.” “That’s because Magical Girls are always vulnerable to their Liaisons.” Gwens had turned back to a Raven at some point. “In case we need to kill them.” Tac jumped down from the table. “What?” “Tac, shut up. And yes, in case we need to deal with a rogue Magical Girl, but that's not important.” Gorgeous had stepped close. “We need to know if these are mercs sent after me because of the questions I have been asking or hunters after you. We need to know where they came from and if they know it who hired them. This could be an opportunity, and we can’t afford to pass it up.” Kristine looked up at Gorgeous, then she nodded. “Okay, I’ll do it.”
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    My best night wasn't just one night but several nights. Her name was Kaydee, I now an unusual way to spell Katy. She told me that it was her Dad and mom's middle names, her dad was Kay and her mom Dee, she also told me that she was glad that it wasn't Deekay sounds like I'm rotting! We had known each other since grade school. I knew she was a bedwetter growing up. It didn't matter much to tell the truth I had a crush on her for ever. If she had 20 each toes and fingers, I would still of thought her perfect.she was the prettiest girl in my classes, for some reason from Kindergarten through 6th grade we always had the same teacher, as we got older we joked that we had to stop meeting like this. One teacher sat us next to each other. She had blonde hair a cute little nose, compared to my snozz anything looked little. Her lips were red, it looked like she had lipstick on not a lot but they were the reddest lips I had ever seen! Anyway we knew each other all through high school we graduated, she went to a local college I went Army! I just happened to be home on leave and found out that it was my 5th high school reunion in about a week I was still single I figured if the army wanted me to have a wife they would of issued it with my TA-50 Gear I hadn't even hardly dated while in the army, oh their was friends that arranged a few blind dates here and there but nothing was serious. I wore my Dress Blues, to the reunion I thought I looked damned handsome in them! Also I had just gotten my E-6. I was a squad leader. People always thought I wouldn't amount to anything! The night of the Reunion. I walked in strutting my stuff. Just telling everybody look at me! I sat at a table. The cliques were to gether you had the jocks then, with the jocks. The stoners with the stoners. The I'm so much better than you girls with the I'm still so much better than you girls. The nerds with the nerds My problem was I wasn't cliqued with any group. I was a baseball player and I wrestled, but I wasn't a jock. I wasn't a stoner, I still have my brain cells left, thank you very much! I was smart and I got good grades, but I wasn't a nerd. The I'm so much better than you girls wouldn't of given me the time of day because they were to stuck on their selves to see past the nose on their faces. I was sitting there wondering why the hell I came? When I saw her. She came in and I recognized Kaydee. All I could think was she should clique up with the I'm still so much better than you girls. Instead she wandered around and sat at the table where there were no cliques, my table. She was looking around and hadn't noticed me as yet. I reached out tapped her arm and said we got to quit meeting like this. I saw a look of shock as her lips made an O shape that went into the brightest smiles I had seen after she recognized me. Russell she said it's great to see you looks like your still in the Army! Yeah I am kind of hard to not see that I said agreeing with her. We talked I found out like me she was still single. No man had corralled her she said, she asked is the a Mrs. SSGT. Wall? Negative if the army wanted me to have one, they would of issued me one! She smiled, I don't know if it was because it was a joke or she was happy that I was still single. We sat and talked she told me about a couple of kids that we had gone to school with that had died. Car wreaks mostly. One girl the head cheerleader. Killed herself it was like she was nobody once she got out of high school, she hit her peak in high school. She told me to check a guy out with the jocks I saw the guy he was bald and about 70 pounds overweight. That's Dan Thomas! No shit I said in high school he was the Quarterback had long blonde hair he was the Homecoming King. I looked better than him now. Wow, was all I said. We got around to talking about what she was doing these days. She was an office manager over sales for the local medical supply company. I asked her how she got that gig? Well do you remember when we were growing up I was a bedwetter? Yeah I remember I said. Well I just happen to know a lot about diapers because of it. So I put that knowledge to work and we increased sales 35%! We're the #1 distributer of disposables and cloth diapers and plastic pants in the city! Cool I said if I ever get my butt blown off in a war and need such things I will definatly look you up! She flashed that smile again now I remember why I always had a crush in her! That smile! We ate our dinner and they had a dance we danced a lot together. She went to get some punch I went with her it was getting hot in the gym. Some jerk had spilt their punch and she stepped into it and she started slipping. With my reflexes I grabbed her before she landed. Somehow my hand got a cheek of her nice butt, what I felt there wasn't panties she was diapered in a cloth diaper and what I assumed was plastic pants. I don't know who was more surprised her or me? She was in the process of turning about 17 shades of red, I thought she was going to start crying on me, don't ask me why I did it. I have had that crush for like 17 years. I kissed her red lips. Then I was expecting her to slap my face. I deserved it I had crossed a line! Instead I felt her lips kissing mine I was the surprised one now! She grabbed my hand and drug me outside she asked Russell how long have you liked me? It was my turn to blush 17 shades of red, since like kindergarten . She laughed same here, I just thought you weren't into me much, more of a friend. Funny I said that's what I thought about you! She laughed we have felt the same way about each other for all these years? Why didn't you ever tell me Russell? Well I always thought you were the prettiest girl out there! I thought you were out of my league! She giggled again I kind of felt the same way as you, but you found out my secret. Yes I still wet the bed, but I love wearing in the daytime as well I've been wearing full time since we graduated. I need them now. Please don't judge me to harshly! Kaydee I said I've always found you perfect bedwetter or not it never mattered before why should it now? You don't think it's weird I wear all the time even though I didn't need to, she asked? No your still perfect, I answered and that answer was coming from my heart. She kissed me again. Russell don't take this wrong but I want you! We ended up back at her house. She drug me.. well it was more she went and I followed she held my hand, there was no force involved. To her bed she disrobed and she was nude except for her diaper and plastic pants. We sat on her bed it crinkled. She helped me get my uniform off. Soon we were kissing and let's just say we conected in more ways than one. Curiosity got the better of me and I asked her what it was like to wear a diaper as an adult. I hardly remember what it was like the first time when I was a kid. She had me in one and I was in heaven. They were soft and very comfortable. I told her that I could get used to this. I was rewarded with that smile again! We fell asleep we awoke the next morning I saw her diapers were yellow she told the truth she still wet the bed. She was still perfect! I was dry. I would give anything to be rewarded with that smile. I let go and felt a warmness caressing my butt . It wasn't that bad. Kaydee was still asleep as I sat there watching her sleep . I think that was the most perfect night. That was the the first of many. After my enlistment was up I went from the army base and straight to Kaydee's home where let's just say like Kaydee I've been wearing diapers so long that I need them now. That first night was perfect as well as every night afterwards that I have spent with Kaydee!
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    Sorry put this in the wrong place initially The Special Camp Out I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves it when summer eventually takes a proper hold... when the long days and short nights are warm and sultry. Here in the UK these days don’t seem to happen half as much as I thought I remembered in my childhood but at that age and like any kid, I was always keen to make the most of what was on offer. However, I do remember an incident that me and the gang did, which at the time became the best night ever. All six of us were still at school and we all just used to hang around together. We weren’t a ‘gang’, nor do I remember us ever plotting any burglaries or vandalism as an escape or some sort of excitement. The more I think about it; at fourteen perhaps we were just happy to be in each other’s company and walks, camp outs, bike rides, sleep overs etc were all we seemed to do. Me and Skivvy played football for the school, Dom and Ryan were in the choir, Pete was class monitor, while Little Tam was just such a sweet kid, and everyone liked him. Tam was always bottom of the class in everything but he never stopped smiling. He never had a bad word to say and seemed to make the best of whatever was on offer and was totally supportive of his mates. He may well have had no aptitude for learning but whenever we played football he was always on the sideline cheering us on, or sat in the audience while the choir performed at some old folks home or other such event. Although we didn’t realise his significance it at the time Tam was the one you could always rely on. If you needed help in fixing something, a volunteer to go into town with, a mate who’d back your alibi… Tam was the guy; small in stature but huge in personality and friendship. It never occurred to us at the time why we never had sleep-overs at Tam’s house, or the fact that he didn’t joined us for them. Often the excuse was some major event happening with his family that ‘unfortunately’ he couldn’t get out of. It was the one thing that Tam was always cagey about but, Tam was Tam and we’d laugh, the subject would be forgotten and we’d move on to some other topic. One week I discovered the reason. I’d gone around to his place to see if he’d managed to fix my bike (told you he was a good friend). I’d visited many times but usually only if I’d been invited, I never turned up on speck, in fact, I never turned up anywhere without an invite. Mum had drilled it into me to be respectful of other people’s time and privacy. “Don’t think everything revolves around you young man,” she was prone to say. “Others have their own life to lead and don’t need you mucking up their arrangements.” Anyway, on this occasion I wasn’t even thinking of mum’s words I just wanted to see Tam and see how things were developing with my bike repairs. It never even occurred to me I might be intruding. However, hanging out on the washing-line was a series of large white nappies and a couple of pairs of plastic pants. I knew Tam was an only child so concluded that these items more than likely belonged to him. Judging by the greeting he gave me when he saw me looking at the billowing washing, I knew I was correct in my deduction. I could see the tears welling up as he looked from the nappies and back to me. His secret was now known and he couldn’t have been more ashamed if I’d caught him stealing from the church. “Please, please, PLEASE don’t tell anyone.” He begged as embarrassed tears dribbled down his cheeks. I can’t pretend I wasn’t taken aback but I tried to hide that fact. “Tam, don’t worry. We’ve all got our little secrets and this one is nothing to worry about.” I needed to let me friend know his secret was safe with me and also that it wasn’t a problem. I had been surprised, and I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little perplexed. Why would a fourteen year-old need nappies? However, I hoped my words would offer comfort and show him what a good friend I was though I could see he wasn’t convinced. I suspect he’d carried this guilty secret around with him for years and the last thing he wanted was for his best friend to know and condemn him. “I, I, er, I sometimes have accidents…” He tried to explain but I was insistent that he had no need. “Look, um, it’s me that’s sorry. I shouldn’t just turn up but… Tam… but believe me… um… this is nothing.” I was staring at the billowing plastic pants so despite my words, this was certainly something, but I smiled an encouraging smile and he appeared to take me at my word. He wheeled the fixed bike out from his garage and shamefacedly passed it to me with barely a nod. I made a huge deal of thanking him and asked if he wanted anything from me in return and though he didn’t say it, I knew that my silence was the only price he would ask for. He was holding back tears and I wasn’t sure whether to give him a hug or not. There seemed to be other things going on in his head and he was struggling with something else. “Mmmm, er, I like to wear, er… this stuff.” He said pointing to the washing line. “It makes me feel, ermmm, um…” I was trying to find a reassuring smile but I think it looked like a grimace. “Safe and… erm… happy.” His voice tailed off and got very childlike. He shrugged and I thanked him again for fixing my bike. I wasn’t sure if he’d want me hanging around so I said I had to be off but would see him later. He turned and went back indoors and I pedalled off with my head full of Tam’s confession. However, now I knew his secret I wanted him to know that it didn’t matter and I hoped that the plan forming in my head would prove that and make Tam more involved in our little group. As I’ve mentioned, he never came to sleep overs and now I thought I knew why I needed to let him know that nappies and plastic pants were no barrier to him being involved in our activities. He was our friend and that was all that mattered. Without mentioning Tam specifically I asked mum, hypothetically of course, what I should do if I knew a person’s secret, which I’d been sworn to keep that way, but that I didn’t think was a problem? Thankfully mum and me, I mean mother and I, she was always telling me off for not speaking correctly, but other than that, we had a great relationship. First she asked how I’d feel if a ‘friend’ told others something I wanted to keep secret? I mumbled a response but wasn’t sure. How would I feel, she continued, if the other person, having revealed that secret hadn’t foreseen the outcome and it went badly? What if, that secret you wanted to keep was so special… other’s knowing about it would ruin everything you ever held dear? I wasn’t enjoying this line of reasoning. I desperately wanted to tell mum what Tam’s secret was so she would know that it wasn’t important but then, how could I? “Perhaps,” she said, “you could find a way of showing your support without actually saying anything.” I’m sure mum was right, I mean, mums are always right, right? However, I thought I knew are little group better and I was determined that the guy who was always there to support us, should have some support of his own. So, taking little notice of mum’s advice I came up with a plan and put it to the other guys. A few days later when we decided on an evening picnic followed by a camp out in our favourite spot deep in the woods, Tam reluctantly tagged along. He was very cautious around us not really sure what was going on. I’m sure he thought he’d get ragged nonstop but the truth was, as soon as we set up the tents and spread out the food we stripped out of our clothes and stood around wearing nothing but disposables. Me and Skivvy were even wearing plastic pants over ours and to be honest were enjoying the sensation. To begin with Tam, who was fully clothed, I think assumed this was part of us taking the piss but we tried to make him understand that what he, or anyone of our little group wore, was not a problem and that we would support him no matter what. It was a fairly obvious and unsubtle way of getting our message across, but, and this was the funny thing, when he stripped to join us, he had on a pair of blue briefs so he was the only one in boy’s underwear. Pete pointed at his undies and said. “Bloody hell Tam, I bet you don’t half feel silly now… the only one not wearing a nappy.” We all burst out laughing and it was great to see Tam join in. Tam’s nappies are just a part of him and we like him a lot so, they are no problem. Six fourteen year olds charging around in the undergrowth all but naked was a very freeing and fun experience and one I’ll never forget… or regret. *************
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    Here is the next part of "Bad Husband" that has been available on my Patreon for the last week just like any and all updates. For $5 you can see these stories before the general public and for $10 there are exclusive stories to see. There are also pictures, audio readings and more. Check out my Patreon page for more information https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys my stories. Replies are very welcome since they are the thing that motivates me most! An extra big thank you to my Patrons, without whom I couldn't write nearly as much as I do: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, Sophie S, Jack C, Frank S, Sam M, Cheryl C, Carlota C, Alex W, Snazzycool, Ron M, M, Tsidt, Britnee L, Trenton M, Geoffrey J, Robert J, Chris, Cole T, Dorian G, Babybb, J Land, Tim F, Cvsflip105, Chris B, WillNotWill, Jery J, Charlie S, P, Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Dre, Scott S, Akithor, Diapering Daddy, Guilyn, Miguel A, James B, A Random Patreon, Eric C, Ben R, C Dom, Lin John, Ben F, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent J https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I also write commissions. If you have a story idea you can message me and we can discuss it --- Just as a quick disclaimer before we begin... This part does have a little same-sex sexual content. It is also an important part for the story and so I would suggest at least skimming it even if the sexual stuff isn't really your "thing". --- George laid on the table with a red face as Nick looked from the door back to him. He hated to be manipulating his friend but he would be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to him. Curious as well, curious as to what it was like being with another guy. Nick had very rarely thought about guys in a sexual way before all this started but ever since he had met George there had been curiosity within him. He wished he could explain it better, maybe feelings were always there but he couldn’t come to terms with them until he saw George all dressed up as a sissy, maybe it was then that his brain connected the dots. “It’s just a change.” George said with a shrug, “I’m usually not allowed to do them myself. I’m only up here alone because Kirsty wanted more time to help with Sarah.” “To help Sarah?” Nick asked suspiciously. “No…” George replied quickly, “To help WITH Sarah. She wanted to spend some time with her to get her used to her position.” “Right.” Nick said. He couldn’t help being suspicious but he trusted George. For a few moments Nick remained silent and looked over to the door again. He was weighing up his options and needed to make his decision soon since he didn’t want to be in this soaked diaper for any longer than necessary. “You really want me to do it?” Nick asked his friend with a small smile. It was a shy smile, a smile that someone made embarrassed by a compliment would give. “I’m not very good at doing it myself…” George replied quietly with a blush, “And last time you did it you were pretty good.” “Alright. I suppose there’s no harm in a quick nappy change.” Nick said, “Though I haven’t had that much experience with it either, the last one might have been beginners luck. I can never seem to get it right with Sarah.” “I’m sure you’ll be great.” George mumbled embarrassedly. Nick walked over to the end of the changing table with rosy cheeks and shaky hands. He didn’t know why he was so nervous, he had said this was just a nappy change and he was going to stick to that… Probably. George was smiling up at Nick as the latter started to pull off the tapes on his nappy. He had seen everything inside the nappy before and yet it still felt like Nick was opening some mysterious gift. He felt quite excited at the prospect despite himself. Nick ripped the tapes off and gently lowered the front of the nappy. Nick’s first thought was that George was wrong about his padding. He had said he was about to leak but, in Nick’s opinion, the nappy could still take at least another wetting. Perhaps if he had been thinking more clearly this would have concerned him a little bit. “Sorry…” George said quietly as he covered his eyes in embarrassment. “About wha… Oh…” Nick was stopped mid-sentence when he saw George’s tool twitching as it was released from the warm confines of his nappy. Nick was fascinated as it slowly gained in size. He had never seen someone else’s so up close like this. It was strangely magnetic to Nick’s eyes, he just couldn’t look away. After a few seconds Nick realised he was just staring at his friend’s genitals and shook some sense into himself. He reached under the table for the wipes and lifted the box on the table, grabbing a handful of the wet wipes he began cleaning George’s inner thighs and his lower tummy. He was very thorough with his cleaning until there was only one thing left to rub. “You… You don’t have to.” George stuttered although he knew his Mistress would hate to him say that. Nick didn’t reply. He had never touched another person there before but he would be lying if he said he had never been curious about it. The way it bobbed up and down on George’s tummy, it almost seemed like it was too good of an opportunity to miss. It would just be experimentation after all, no one would have to know, and George would never tell anyone. Just a little exploring of sexuality never hurt anyone. Nick picked up a few new wipes and reached forwards with a trembling hand. He saw George looking down at him with his mouth hanging open. It was hard to say which one of them was blushing more. Nick gingerly touched George’s penis. He just dabbed the bottom of the shaft before feeling a little more confident and starting to lightly rub. Nick didn’t know what he was doing or if this was even remotely pleasurable to George but the way the sissy’s breathing changed he guessed he was doing something right. He knew he should stop but Nick was fascinated by what was in front of him. He soon found that it was quite easy to give the sissy pleasure, he just started to touch the places that Nick liked to be touched. Before Nick really knew what he was doing he found the wipe tossed to the side and gingerly touched George with his fingers. The sissy responded with some low moans. The head of George’s penis glimmered slightly with pre-cum as the excitable sissy writhed on the table. “I’ve… Never done this before.” Nick whispered. “You can stop if you want.” George replied, “I get teased and denied all the time. I’ll understand.” Nick might not get this chance again. This might be his only chance to try something that he had long been curious about even if he rarely admitted it. Nick looked to the door again and it was still closed, Kirsty and Sarah must still be downstairs. Maybe they were in the garage, maybe Sarah was being punished like he had been. “This is just between you and me, OK?” Nick said as he pulled the wet nappy out from underneath George. George nodded his head excitedly as Nick balled the used nappy up and dropped it on the floor next to the table. Nick swallowed as he felt his heart hammering with nerves. He leaned down and saw the throbbing member getting closer and closer. He stopped a few inches short and stood up again. “I can trust you on that can’t I?” Nick asked, “You wouldn’t tell Kirsty or Sarah? You wouldn’t do anything to hurt me?” George felt a thousand emotions and thoughts race through his head one after another. Each one chased the last one out before he had time to process it. He knew what he had been asked to do and that he was on the verge of completing his task but now his loyalties were being tested. He had to think fast… Did he lie to Nick about planning to help Kirsty? Or did he tell Nick the plan and ruin things with Kirsty? “You can trust me.” George said quietly. He looked at Nick as he did so and did his best to keep a poker face. Nick nodded and smiled as he looked down again. He lowered himself and hovered over George’s crotch. He reminded himself that he was just exploring things and that this may be his only chance to try something like this. Opening his mouth, Nick hesitantly lowered his face until he felt George’s spongy head touch his lips. Nick closed his eyes and opened wider as he lowered his head until the tip of George’s penis touched his tongue. He was surprised by its warmth though he knew he shouldn’t be. He was used to oral sex giving him intense pleasure and it was weird to know he was engaging in oral sex but not feeling the usual feelings. Nick found it very exciting to be pleasing someone else like this. It felt so naughty and the sissy’s gasps only egged him on. It was saltier than Nick expected and although he had done his best with the cleaning there was still a very slight taste of urine. He knew this felt good for George as the sissy let out a deep and quiet sigh. Nick could feel himself becoming excited in his nappy and one of his hands went inside the waistband of his trousers. Nick rubbed his tongue against George’s penis and felt it twitch in response. Nick began to rub the front of his nappy as he continued to play with George. George clearly didn’t get this sort of attention very often because he very quickly began to lift his hips rhythmically in the way Nick knew meant he was getting close. Nick suddenly realised that if George was to ejaculate it would be on to Nick. He hadn’t thought this far ahead but could he let another guy blow their load inside his mouth? Nick didn’t pull away. Instead he pushed on regardless and forced as much of George’s dick into his mouth as he could. Nick could feel George bucking his hips slightly and he knew what was about to happen. The naked man underneath George squirmed and his breathing became ragged as he started whining. “Oooh.” George squealed in a high-pitch voice. It was loud, Nick was sure it would carry out of the nursery. Nick braced himself and he felt George’s tool suddenly twitch and a spurt of hot and salty liquid suddenly warmed his tongue. George was squealing like a pig as he orgasmed but over the sound of his sissy friend, Nick suddenly heard the door open. Nick’s eyes went wide and he quickly pulled away from George. He turned his head towards the door and as he did so he felt a couple of spurts of George’s cum hit him in the side of the face as George finally calmed down from his excitement. “Well, well, well…” Kirsty said as she folded her arms and smiled at the scene in front of her. Nick shook his head in shock. As his head moved back and forth he felt a dripping of George’s love fall from his cheek and on to his shoulder. Sarah was just behind Kirsty and her eyes were just as wide as Nick’s. It was hard to say which one of them was more in shock. Sarah couldn’t believe that Kirsty’s plan had worked yet alone walking in on her husband like this. She tried to work out if she was happy to see Nick like this or annoyed. In the end she decided it was probably a mixture of both. There was silence as no one dared say a word. It was one of the most surreal scenes that Nick could imagine. He wracked his brain to search for an explanation as to why George’s still hard dick was out and Nick had half of a facial. Was there any possible explanation other than the truth? “Sarah… I can explain…” Nick gasped. He felt his heart hammering so much that he was surprised it hadn’t burst out of his chest. He belatedly realised his hand was still down his trousers and he pulled it slowly as if hoping no one would notice. He guessed that at least Kirsty had seen it because she covered her mouth and giggled as he did it. “Can you?” Sarah asked as her voice returned to her, “Because you look like you have someone else’s cum on your face.” Nick couldn’t deny this and he cringed as he felt the sticky liquid on him still. The idea had been hot a minute ago, now he just felt disgusted with himself. “I was… I…” Nick looked down at George who was still on the table with his eyes half-closed. He looked to be in a state of bliss and he certainly wouldn’t be any help in this situation. “George. You’ve done your job. Nick, finish changing his nappy.” Kirsty commanded. The wind had changed and all of a sudden any air of authority that Nick once had disappeared. The women were taking control of the situation. “Your job?” Nick asked in confusion. He turned to face George who was no longer smiling. “Erm, well…” George fiddled with his fingers and looked at Kirsty for help. “You… You set me up?” Nick asked quietly as everything started to come together in his mind. “Come off it, Nick.” Kirsty said, “Here, move out of the way. I’ll change the damn nappy.” Nick allowed Kirsty to move him out of the way. He stood a step back from the table as Kirsty swiftly pulled out a new nappy and began sliding it under George. This had to be a nightmare, Nick thought. This couldn’t be reality. “Ahem…” Sarah cleared her throat as she glowered at Nick. “It’s not my fault!” Nick suddenly said as he turned to his wife. “Not your fault?” Sarah repeated incredulously, “Is that your answer to everything? The bedwetting, the lost job, the accidents… Not your fault?” “I was tricked!” Nick replied in desperation as George dropped off the table with a new nappy taped on. “You were tricked?” Sarah replied with a shake of the head, “Did George tell you he was hiding food down there or something?” “Well, no…” Nick said, “But… But…” “And you had the nerve to do all this to me because of the incident with Jack!?” Sarah shook her head, “I think it’s time things changed.” “Changed?” Nick repeated. He couldn’t hide the look of worry on his face. “Yes.” Sarah’s face was hardened, it was as if the last week had never happened. The confidence was back and Nick suddenly felt adrift at sea, “We can start with that nappy.” “But I’m in charge.” Nick said meekly. His voice didn’t carry any of the authority that he had tried to put into it. Nick looked at Kirsty who was staring at him without expression, he looked at George who was sitting on the edge of the crib in just a nappy and looking at the floor in front of him. He was looking for anyone to back him up. His lust had been his downfall and now he would regret it, whatever moral high ground he once held had now crumbled. He had a chance to be responsible and he had blown it by not thinking. “Get on the table Nick.” Kirsty said with a shake of her head. Nick looked at Sarah who stared back with her steely eyes. He had no case to defend himself and the evidence of his misdeed was still covering the side of his face. Nick closed his eyes and let out a deep breath as he turned to the table. He clambered up and laid down with watery eyes. By being caught pleasuring George like this he had shown he was just as bad as Sarah. His mind thought back to all the better decisions he could have made. He could have just ended all this stuff, he could have used some self-control… He could have done virtually anything else. He was ashamed of himself. Sarah stepped forward and quickly pulled down Nick’s trousers. They were stained by the now mostly dry urine that had run down his leg. Sarah pulled the tapes off the nappy and pulled it away from Nick who didn’t move except to help his wife. He looked to the side at George who couldn’t return the look. Nick was defeated. He couldn’t stop the tidal wave that was his wife, he felt powerless to stop her. If he was honest he had only ever been in control because Sarah acquiesced to it, he suddenly realised that as soon she didn’t feel guilty she was happy to take back control. Sarah quickly placed the new padding underneath Nick and before he knew it he was in a new nappy. At least the dry padding from some comfort to Nick who was still struggling to come to terms with everything that was happening. “You could barely even last a week as a responsible adult.” Sarah hissed through clenched teeth, “I’m surprised it took that long to be honest.” Sarah helped Nick off the changing table and then walked closer to Kirsty. Sarah was smiling again, the smile of a woman saved. Nick didn’t notice anything Sarah was doing now. He was still looking at George in a mixture of disbelief and growing anger. Nick had been betrayed by the sissy, betrayed by the one person he thought he could trust in this bizarre world of relationships he hadn’t fallen into. He remembered the first time he had ever met George, when he punched him in the face thinking he was an intruder. He wasn’t far off walking across the room and doing it again. “Kirsty, do you mind if I borrow some clothes?” Sarah asked, “I don’t think this nappy or dress is appropriate anymore.” “Sure thing.” Kirsty replied with a giggle. Kirsty left the room to go to her own bedroom. George felt horrible and when he finally looked up from the carpet his cheeks showed tear marks as he looked at Nick. “I’m sorry.” George mouthed at his friend whilst Sarah was looking away. “How could you?” Nick mouthed back. “They made me!” George replied with a shrug. The door to the nursery opened again and Kirsty came in with some clothes for Sarah. Walking to a secluded corner of the room at the end of the changing table where no one could see her from their vantage points, Sarah ripped the nappy off and quickly stepped into a pair of pink panties and some trousers that were just a touch too large for her. She pulled off the sissy dress she had been made to wear and pulled on a plain white top. “That feels so much better!” Sarah said with relief as she turned around and came out of the corner, “Oh, Nick? You’ve got a little something on the side of your face.” Sarah pulled out some wipes and walked over to her husband who put his hand out to take them. Sarah simply batted the hand out of the way and cleaned Nick’s face herself. The product of George’s fun finally getting cleaned up. “You should have told me.” Sarah said quietly as she cleaned Nick’s face, “If I knew you liked doing that so much we could have had all sorts of fun.” “I don’t…” Nick hissed back and he went red in the face, “I was just… Experimenting.” “Sure.” Sarah replied with a grin, “Come on. Go downstairs and get your shoes, it’s time to go home.” Nick wanted to respond. He wanted to say no but after what he had been caught doing he almost felt like he deserved what was coming next. Maybe Sarah was right, maybe he was just an immature man who needed to be controlled. It wasn’t a pleasant thought but with his pee stained trousers on the floor he realised few other grown men would let that happen. Stoically, and with as much dignity as a man openly wearing a nappy can have, Nick walked out of the door and down the stairs. He had been given his chance to show compassion towards his wife and put their relationship right and he had blown it. Now he knew he would have to start all over again when it comes to proving himself as a man and a husband. Sarah started walking towards the nursery door herself when Kirsty stopped her. “Do you remember what I said when I told you I would use George to help you?” Kirsty asked. “I do…” Sarah replied hesitantly, “But you really want to do it?” “Yes.” Kirsty replied with all seriousness, “I want to teach you and Nick what a real age play relationship is. I’m fed up of the pair of you playing games. Next Saturday, I want you both here so that Mistress Kirsty can teach you both a lesson.” Sarah looked unsure, even a little nervous, but she nodded her head and continued out of the door with Kirsty close behind. George followed last of all, tears silently falling down his cheeks.
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    Today is a new first: I woke up with an entirely soaked dry24/7 with a booster. There must have been 3 wettings worth, all done while asleep; my boyfriend had just changed me right before I went to sleep. I think a major factor to last nights sleep wettings is that I haven't been feeling well for the past few days; I caught a bug or something. This has also caused me to have trouble sleeping and has left me sleep deprived. So when I finally was tired enough to stay asleep last night, I slept pretty deep. I feel that the deeper the sleep I have, the more likely it is I will wet in my sleep. This could explain why I've had other sleep wetting episodes where I will wet once early on in the night, when I'm in deep sleep, but wake up for later wettings, after I have caught up on rest. It was pretty darn awesome to wake up to a fully soaked diaper. I'm also surprised I didn't leak, which makes me think my wettings were pretty small. Hopefully things continue this way and progress into regular nightly wettings :).
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    Thanks for your comments everyone! I apologize for the delay on this chapter going up. Hope you enjoy though! Chapter 23: “WOW…” WAS ALL I could say as Amanda reached down and started the bathwater in the tub and added some bubble bath she’d brought with her. Once the water had started filling she reached down and pulled Bella’s dress off her head and untaped her diaper. She looked embarrassed with an audience, something I could relate to a moment later when my own outfit was unsnapped and my diaper was removed too. With a quick check of the temperature Amanda placed me inside the tub first and then Bella on the opposite end. “This is awkward,” Bella said quietly. “Yep,” I agreed. “And you’re both going to get used to it, huh?” Amanda said with a smile. “If I’m going to have two baby girls then they’re going to get baths together like normal sisters.” I sighed, “thank you for the bubbles at least,” I told her. It didn’t really prevent either of us from staring at the other, but I felt less exposed with a little bit of coverage on my groin. “So… umm… what’s your story Bella?” I asked. “What do you mean?” “Your family?” I asked as Amanda dumped water on my hair. She sighed, “My mom and dad just disappeared one night when I was fourteen. I didn’t see them for two years until one day some Amazon was pulling along two littles on leashes, wearing only collars and their diapers dripping poop down their legs.” I felt bad for her, “I’m sorry…” She shrugged sadly, “It happens… Too often… Anyway my older sister was nineteen then, so she and I lived together until after I graduated high school and started my fashion design program. She was with a CAMOL protest group right about the time the new president was elected. She was adopted right there on the spot after someone threw some dirty diapers at the counter-protestors…” “Ouch…” Amanda said as she poured warm water over my hair again to rinse the shampoo out. “I’m sorry…” “M… Mo…” she choked up, “Mommy, I said before, you’ve got nothing to be sorry for. All I ask is that you please don’t go back on your word and make me like her and them… I’ll play baby, but please don’t make me like them…” Her tears were coming in streams then and Amanda gave her a hug. Her wet hair made a big wet mark on Amanda’s blouse but she didn’t care. “It’s okay sweetie, I promise.” I sat there and watched her console her, hoping beyond hope that things would be okay for her in the end. At the same time I couldn’t help feel worse that I knew I was going to have way more freedom than she would. I was a college student with a little bit of autonomy in theory. She would be nothing more than another forced baby doll… And the sad thing to me was that Amanda and Fred didn’t have a choice about it either, LPS probably would come snooping around this year... ‘Possibly sooner if whoever bugged our room gets involved…’ I thought to myself grimly. Amanda finished up washing both of us and pulled the plug out of the bathtub. “Fred, can you come give me a hand?” As he walked in the bathroom Bella froze and put her arms across her chest. Amanda sighed but pushed her arms down, “Bella, he’s your Daddy now… and you have to remember to act like you’re a baby now… You don’t have anything to be ashamed of, and people will get suspicious if you act like that…” She whimpered but didn’t try to cover herself again, “Fred, would you get Bella dressed so she can get used to you?” “What if I wanted Daddy to take care of me?” I asked, trying to help Bella out. “Not tonight sweetie,” she told me with a look that said she appreciated what I was doing, but behave. I sighed and lifted my arms up and let her pick me up in a towel while Fred picked up a shaking Bella in another towel. We were carried into the room where two changing pads were now laying out on a table. To my surprise Fred was quicker than Amanda, so Bella was dressed in a pink set of footed pajamas before I was in my own purple set. She took us into the bathroom and blow-dried Bella’s hair first, then my own, before braiding our hair into loose braids. Bella’s braid was longer than mine, but that made sense with her being older and a girl her whole life. “Okay, time for a bedtime story,” Amanda said as she carried us both over to the couch, now dressed in a robe. She put me on her right knee as she leaned against her left side of the couch, and then brought Bella into her lap on the other side with her arms around us. “Once upon a time…” I enjoyed the story because it was a new one to me again, but I noticed that Bella looked sadder and sadder. At the end she was quietly sobbing, “Shh, it’s okay,” Amanda told her. Without saying anything else Amanda picked me up and sat me to her side for a moment as she laid Bella across her lap with her legs coming towards me. Amanda undid the robe and pushed her head towards her left breast, “Go ahead and nursie,” to Bella after she gave her a crazy look. “Do I have to…?” Bella asked nervously. “Try it and see how you feel about it?” Amanda suggested. I watched Bella tentatively look at Amanda’s large breast and reach her head forward. She opened her mouth nervously and tentatively suckled, and a moment later she was on the autopilot I knew too well. I was feeling hungry and jealous beyond words, something Amanda picked up on with a smile. “I have two you know…” She placed me to where I was laying on top of Bella and able to get to her right breast that was closer to me. As soon as I began nursing I stopped worrying about sharing and went to sleep. IN THE NIGHT I woke up a couple times to Bella crying softly in her playpen across the bed from where I lay in the crib. I pretended to sleep through Amanda getting up and consoling poor Bella before nursing her back to sleep both times. ‘I guess Amazon milk has its uses…’ I admitted. ‘I definitely need to stick to less though, my potty training definitely takes big steps back when I have more…’ I managed to go back to sleep the second time and stayed asleep until I was lifted up by Fred. “Come on my little fish, time to wake up…” “Ugh…” I opened my eyes, “for the last time dolphins are not fish…” He laughed and sat me down on the makeshift-changing table. Once I was stripped of my pajamas he changed my soaked diaper and dressed me in a romper that was purple with white polka dots on it. The outfit snapped up the front and left these very frilly thin cap sleeves at the top. I saw there were two tiny bows over the top of the top two snaps. I sighed in embarrassment as it covered a bit more than a regular onesie down my legs, but not by enough. As I wiped the sleep out of my eyes I looked and saw that Amanda had just finished dressing Bella in a larger version of the same outfit. “We’re twinning,” I said unsure of if I should be happy with this or not. Bella groaned, “Are we going to do this all of the time?” “Don’t you want to sis? I want to be just like you when I grow up!” I told her with my best peppy valley girl accent. She looked at me in horror while Amanda and Fred laughed. After a moment of frowning at me she said, “You do that way too well…” I shrugged, “I try.” “No we won’t do this all of the time,” Amanda said a moment later, “but coming to Looney World is kind of a time for it.” I looked at her and realized that she had an outfit that wasn’t the same, but coordinated with the colors. “Let’s do both of your hair now!” she said sounding excited. “So… umm… what am I today?” I asked nervously as she began working on Bella’s hair first. “I figured you’d probably rather be a little?” she said. “If we pretend you’re just three-months we might as well not go anywhere…” I nodded, “How bad are we going to get picked on today?” “That’s the great thing about this park sweetie, they have a philosophy that littles are to be treated as babies. Picking on them is not allowed and they fire any member of their staff who act otherwise.” “Seriously?” Bella asked. “I thought those were just lies…” “No, I’ve been here before as a kid with Hannah,” she smiled a bit and looked sad at the same time, “that trip was one of the few times it felt like Hannah was a real person. She got babied, but no one made one mean comment. I remember actually Chloe was starting to pick on her and Bugs Bunny came and told her to knock it off.” “So they have cast members dressed up as all of the characters?” I asked. “Yep, and we’re going to get as many pictures as we can with you two!” she smiled. It was clear to me that while Amanda hadn’t planned on picking up another little, the overly maternal side of her was having a blast with it. She put Bella’s hair into two floppy pigtails that went from the top of her head to flow down. She then found a purple bow that she attached to the middle of her head right in front of the pigtails. I looked up at the mural on the wall and figured out she was matching her hair to Baby Lola’s. I watched her give Bella a hug, which seemed to bring a slight smile on her nervous face, before she picked her up and put her down on the floor. She stared curiously at me for a second before toddling over towards the couch. “Next!” she said as she picked me up from next to her and placed me in front of her on the bed. I felt her work with my hair to do the same style and couldn’t help but run my hand up to feel it when it was done. She squealed and gave me a tight hug, “You two look adorable!” “Thanks…” I said. She sat me down on the ground next to where Bella had found a seat, “Mommy is going to go use the potty and then we’ll go down and get breakfast before we go to the park!” “Well she’s excited about this trip…” I said to Bella. She shrugged, “I’m actually kind of excited too… This is the only way I would have ever seen it… Hate that I’m dressed like this, but better get used to it, huh?” I nodded, “It’s not so bad after a few days… Besides, if you keep nursing from Amanda it’ll help you not even think about using your diapers.” “Huh?” I looked at her, “What did you think when you nursed last night?” She squirmed, “I was mortified and disgusted when she opened her robe… but once I had a taste I couldn’t stop…” She paused, “It’s the same milk I had yesterday from your bottle?” I nodded, “Probably.” “It tastes really good… I didn’t even know what hit me once I started… I just zoned out, it takes away your potty-training?” “Something about it does me at least… We figured out how much it affected me when we cleansed my body for the CARE exam… My potty-training was fully back with it all out of my system. It’s too bad too, I really like it…” “So how often for you?” “Only nightly now… Although yesterday I guess was special.” “Do you think she’ll limit me like that?” “Limit you like what?” Amanda asked as she came out of the bathroom. Fred came back inside from the hallway then too. “I was telling her about side-effects of your milk,” I told her. “Oh…” Amanda said. “Do I have to be limited like Stacy?” “You don’t want to be?” Fred asked. “If it keeps me from having to think about wetting and messing my diapers… no.” “Well then…” Amanda paused, “I guess I don’t have to pump anymore… Good thing I haven’t done that yet this morning. I’ll nurse you down at breakfast?” She said tentatively. Bella almost looked excited and I sort of understood. The green eyed jealousy monster raged a bit inside of me, but remembering my diapers after the flight yesterday reminded me that was a bad idea. I sighed and Amanda looked at me understandingly. “I’m sorry Stacy, but I don’t think…” I shook my head, “No I shouldn’t… We ready?” She came over and picked me up and squeezed me gently, “Stacy, don’t think I don’t love you any less now that you have a sister. I’d happily nurse you both all day long if I could…” I nodded, “but we can’t… So can we go get food? Assuming I’m not going to be restricted to baby food down at the restaurant?” She laughed, “You get regular table food – you can feed yourself if you want too.” I nodded, “Thanks…” “Come here Bella,” she told her after she had me settled onto one side. Amanda easily picked her up and held her in her other arm while Fred pushed our empty new stroller and diaper bag down the hall. In the elevator a couple minutes later we had to stop on a few floors on the way down to let others on. A teenage Amazon girl and her parents were the first ones on. “Oh my gosh, she’s so adorable!” the girl cooed towards me before looking at Bella, “And you must be her pretty big sister!” “Cute outfits,” the girls mom said. “Mom if you would adopt a little we could dress them just like that!” The mom laughed, “You’re sixteen, you’re only two years from being able to adopt your own. I don’t need to change any more poopy diapers. Your first five years in them, and then the other when you were ten was more than enough for me!” I watched the girl turn bright red, “Moom,” she griped. I giggled a little unable to help myself and the girl stuck her tongue out at me, “At least I don’t wear them any more…” “Thank God,” her father breathed, “Your poopy diapers were even more awful to change then...” Several more stops interrupted the seemingly endless stream of people embarrassing their real and fake kids. Downstairs I saw that almost every one of the poor littles had those awful collars on their necks. Half of them seemed to have leashes attached to those, and it scared me to see the number of littles forced to crawl and keep up while their ‘parents’ choked them with those damn things. I buried my head into Amanda who gave me a reassuring squeeze. We ended up in the Daffy Kitchen restaurant that was in the hotel. “Good morning, how many?” a lady at a hostess stand said. I looked back up then and noticed that Bugs and Daffy were standing with a photographer. I smiled at them and they waived at me. I waived back as Fred said, “Two adults and two regular baby highchairs please.” “Will your daughters be eating from the buffet?” “Please,” he said. “It’ll be about five minutes if you want to let your little girls get a picture?” He made eye contact with me and I nodded up and down, “Please?” I asked, realizing Bella now had a pacifier in her mouth though I didn’t. “Okay,” he said with a smile. Amanda walked over to where Bugs and Daffy were standing and handed me to Bugs, and Bella to Daffy. They held us securely and the photographer said, “Smile!” I obliged him and hoped the picture was both cute and not too embarrassing. I hugged Bugs before I thought he was going to hand me back to Amanda, but instead they joined us for a picture. Once done I was given to Amanda and Bella was given to Fred who had parked the stroller somewhere and had the diaper bag on his shoulder. We heard, “Fred, party of four?” They followed the hostess back to a table with two high chairs on either side of the table and two chairs next to them. Amanda handed me to Fred and put Bella in the highchair next to her. “Fred would you please get Stacy a bib out of the diaper bag and then hand me one of Bella’s?” “Sure honey,” he said. A moment later he passed over a bib to Amanda while he fastened a ‘Daddy’s Princess’ bib on me. Amanda put one on Bella that said ‘Messy Princess,’ so I guessed I won the lottery there. Bella looked down at her chest and groaned while my stomach made a loud growl. “We didn’t have dinner last night, did we?” I said in surprise. “You skipped lunch too,” Amanda said to me. “That’s part of why I nursed you the extra times yesterday,” she told me. I blushed but nodded, “did you two eat?” “Daddy got us something to eat after you two were put to bed.” Bella was looking at me like I was crazy to be talking. The waitress came by a moment later and said, “What can I get you all to drink?” “I’ll have coffee and a water,” Fred answered. “Coffee and water for me,” she said. “Anything for them?” She asked her, pointing towards Bella and me. “I’ve got bottles for them.” “Very good then, I’ll be back with your drinks. You’re welcome to go ahead and fill up your plates at the buffet.” “Thanks,” Amanda said. After she walked away she said, “Fred, why don’t you go get a plate for yourself and whatever Stacy wants. We’ll do this in two rounds that way we don’t have to carry babies and food…” “Okay,” he told her before looking at me, “What do you want?” I thought for a second, “Eggs, sausage, bacon… and pancakes if they have it?” “Add some fruit too,” Amanda told him. “And remember she’s not that big!” He laughed, “You just don’t want her proving how much she can eat again.” “That’s it, you’re on Stacy diaper duty the rest of this trip mister…” she said with a mock glare. He hugged me, “See what this says,” pointing to the bib, “don’t hate because she’s a daddy’s girl.” She stuck her tongue out at him and said, “Hand me the diaper bag on your way by.” She dug out a bottle of apple juice that she handed to me. Another bottle for Bella rested on the table out of her reach while Amanda pulled out a cloth that she put over her shoulder. “C’mere you,” she said to Bella as she unstrapped her. I watched with more than a little bit of envy as she situated her on her lap and presented her with a breast. Bella’s face was bright red throughout, but as soon as she began nursing she was hard at work ignoring the world. I sighed and put the bottle of juice in my mouth and began nursing it. Fred took long enough getting our food that Amanda had burped Bella once and switched her to her other side. “Do you want me to go get your plates?” He asked her as she sat there. “No, she’ll be done soon I’m guessing…” He shook his head, “Okay,” and then sat down a plate of food in front of me that he had actually done quite well with! A mini pancake stack that was a little smaller than my hand in diameter, was joined by a small pile of eggs, a piece of sausage that might as well have been a hot dog to me, two pieces of bacon, and then three strawberries the size of apples to me. “You have her utensils?” he asked Amanda. “They’re in the bag here,” she said with Bella still firmly attached to her. He walked over to the bag and she pointed to a Ziploc that looked to have about six sets of plastic forks and spoons that she had made for me. He gave me a set and said, “dig in!” I had made it through the bacon and part of the sausage when Amanda sat Bella up and burped her over her shoulder. I watched and grimaced a bit as milk spattered the well-placed burp cloth. Amanda used it to wipe her mouth and her breast discreetly. “Okay, I’m going to go get you a plate of food Bella,” she told her with a smile and hugged her. She buckled her into the seat. Bella looked zoned out, but her face turned red again as she noticed me watching her. I smiled briefly at her but kept eating and looked back down at my plate. Amanda was back much faster than Fred and just brought one plate of food and a bowl of oatmeal. “Now I figure you’re probably not real hungry after nursing,” I heard her say to her, “but I want you to eat some of this and then I’ll let you have some eggs and fruit.” Bella for her part just nodded as Amanda then brought a spoonful of oatmeal to her mouth. I think Bella couldn’t help but note the serious disconnect by our sizes and the way we were being treated. The waitress stopped by then and said, “Well, don’t you have a good eater here!” towards me. “That she is,” Amanda said as she stuffed another bite of mush into Bella’s mouth. I just hoped the lady would move on soon. Fortunately after cooing over Bella a little too she left. I managed to eat all of the meal without getting anything on my bib – something I was quite proud of but didn’t say anything. Meanwhile Bella had oatmeal across her bib and face, eggs on her bib and tray, and definitely was getting the embarrassing end of the meal. Amanda had just put down her fork for her last bite when Bella began whimpering with tears going down her face. I didn’t have to wonder why for long though since I could smell her diaper from across the table. Amanda gently picked her up out of her highchair and put her pacifier in her mouth. She looked at Fred, “I’m glad this worked, I didn’t really want to have to use those enemas tonight…” “Well with as much as it makes our other princess poop I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try,” Fred told her. “Is that why you nursed her twice at night too?” I asked. Bella turned red and more tears streamed down her face, while Amanda told me, “Only part of it Stacy, now be a good girl and let Mommy and Daddy talk…” I blushed at the rebuke, but understood I probably had embarrassed Bella more. “Fred, you want to pay and gather up the stroller – I’ll go change these two?” “I thought Daddy was going to change me!” I said with a smirk. “I did say that, huh?” She said. “Well then, I’ll change Bella and then you can take Stacy and change her.” With that, and not another word, she carried her and the diaper bag out to the front where the restrooms were. “Well at least I got lucky, no poopy diaper on you right now?” He suggested. I smiled an innocent smile at him and suspicion clouded his face. I could feel the need to go and as soon as I was picked up I planned to get it over with! ABOUT FIFTEEN MINUTES later Bella was set in the raised stroller seat behind me. While shopping yesterday they had decided to get a double stroller that had the back seat raised to where that baby… person… could still see above the other. In the family changing room Fred had grimaced at the state of my diaper, and I just giggled the whole time. It still made me nervous to have anyone change me, but I really was becoming desensitized to Fred now. “Hold out your wrist Stacy,” Amanda told me while reaching for the one opposite my LittleProtect device and charm bracelet. I watched as she put on a wristband that reminded me both of the LittleProtect device and the MagicBands that Disney had the last time we visited. I noticed that mine was a baby pink color, while the one she attached to Bella moment later was red. “What’s the difference?” I asked. “Not sure other than size?” she said. “Did she know you were a little last night?” Bella asked from behind me. I shook my head, “I think she thought I was a real infant…” “I bet you’ll see littles are all wearing the red,” she told me. “Now you two be good while we go through the security gate. I’m sure we’ll have to pull you out to have the stroller searched, just suck on your pacis until we get in, okay?” She told me as she pushed mine into my mouth and reinserted Bellas too. I sighed but just sucked on the silicone teat reflecting that of all the things out there this was actually pretty comforting. ‘As long as it’s not one of those locking ones…’ I remembered. The walk from the hotel to the park was very short and we were soon in the security lines. As expected when we got to the front a gentleman asked, “Would you please pull your babies from the stroller and then hand it to me?” “Yes sir,” Amanda said and soon I found myself in her arms while Bella was in Fred’s. “Arm Bands?” A lady asked a moment later. Amanda pushed my arm out along with hers to be scanned. “Thank you,” she said before smiling at me, “Have fun today!” Fred and Bella were not far behind and we were quickly buckled back into the stroller. “Where to first?” Fred asked Amanda. “Well, I figure we’ll do some of the rides the girls can go on, maybe get a souvenir or two, lunch, and then we’ll head over to the aquarium for our little fish to swim her heart out with some finned friends?” I looked up at where she had turned to look at me and tickle my side. “Dolphin,” I said as I pushed my pacifier out and let it hang from the holder she had connected to my outfit. I heard Bella groan in disbelief behind me, followed by a giggle that told me she at least found our banter humorous. “Wait, I get to go swimming with dolphins?” I asked excitedly as what she said dawned on me. “I knew that would make her day.” Amanda said, obviously talking to Fred, “Bella can go too if she wants?” I could hear Bella squirm behind me, “No thank you… I don’t swim well... or really ever…” I started at that a bit, but in my mind could picture why. ‘As a little it wouldn’t have been normal to go anywhere you could have been easily diapered and kidnapped like a pool. I wonder if she’d even had a kiddy pool growing up?’ “We’ll have to teach you when we get home,” I told her as I wanted to turn around to see her, but even if I could with the harness around me, there was no view to the rear seat. “Umm… Okay…” she sounded nervous. “Here, let’s start with this ride!” Fred said somewhat more enthusiastically than I would have expected. I saw Amanda had my sling on as she unbuckled me from the seat. I was quickly settled into a forward facing position as I watched Fred put on a larger harness carrier that he secured Bella into similarly. She blushed deeply as he settled her in, “All good Bella?” He asked her gently. She just nodded and sucked on the pacifier that she hadn’t apparently felt like being without. Mine still hung loosely from my outfit and Amanda took that opportunity to push it back into my mouth as we joined the line. Amanda and Fred held each others hands as they walked through the metal queue bars. It was apparently early enough for the lines to be short, or the ride just wasn’t that popular, because it was a long walk before they finally met up with a line of people waiting a short distance from where guests boarded boats. Along the way the walls featured decorations and moving robots that reminded me a bit of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride from Disney World, but instead was themed ‘Bugs vs. the Pirates.’ “Wow, you have two beautiful baby girls there!” a woman with an Amazon girl holding her hand said to Amanda. “Thank you,” Amanda said and gave me a squeeze, “your daughter is quite the pretty little princess too!” The young girl was probably about eight and blushed. “What do you say Hazel?” her mom prodded. “Thank you,” she said shyly. “How old are your littles?” the lady asked sweetly. “Stacy here is eighteen, and Bella there is twenty-three.” “They seem very well behaved!” “Yes they are,” Amanda said with a laugh, “perfect angels really.” “My friends have little sisters, but they don’t behave. They’re always getting spankings and icky baby food!” little Hazel said. “Not like you, huh sweet pea?” her mother asked with a smile. “Nope! I even get to change and feed them sometimes!” “What a big girl you are…” Amanda muttered. I squirmed a bit, more than slightly disturbed by yet another sign of how young Amazons were brainwashed to mistreat littles. You almost couldn’t fault the kids because it was simply the parents teaching them the behavior. It was really like back in the days of segregation when everyone just kept regurgitating nonsense about people who weren’t white. I frowned around the pacifier and the lady picked up on it. “Do you get lots of spankings and baby food to make you behave like a good baby girl?” She asked me in a sweet tone of voice, but the taunt was still clear. I was about to pull the pacifier out of my mouth and speak back but Amanda held it in there gently with a finger as she gave me a gentle squeeze on me with her arms, “I’ve never spanked her honestly, and the only time she’s had baby food was in a restaurant when it matched our meal. You asked how I get my daughters to behave? I didn’t kidnap them.” Thankfully we had just reached the end of the line and the lady and her daughter got into a different car than we did. There was definitely an awkward silence as Amanda and Fred sat down next to each other and loosened the carriers as instructed. It meant Bella and I both had a bit of freedom to look around as the ride began. I was once again struck by the amazing progress this world had made in technology! Where Disney thrived with animatronics, this park seemed to have perfect AI behind robots that actually would interact with us as we passed. Holograms, real ones like the assistant that super computer, seemed to float as ghosts through part of the ride. I almost forgot that I was being held in Amanda’s lap as opposed to being in a seat on my own until we got to the end and she refastened the sling with me. As she bounced me a couple times I felt her fingers reach into my diaper, “I’ve got a wet little girl here, how about yours?” She asked Fred as they took some steps away from the ride. “Stinky,” he said, “and wet.” “Let’s go find the family room then and get them changed,” Amanda said and held her hand out to Fred again. The handholding was sweet as they found our stroller but didn’t bother placing us back into it. Not being too far from the front of the park they quickly found the room and carried us inside. “Need a changing table?” A lady in a uniform asked as we came in. “Please,” she told her. She directed us to a table far into the room and we passed a number of genuine babies, littles, and even older Amazon children getting their diapers changed. “You want to take Stacy and I’ll change Bella?” Amanda asked as she sat the diaper bag on the large countertop.” “I’ve got her,” he said with a smile. Poor Bella was most certainly not smiling and around the pacifier in her mouth I could see the frown and tears going down her eyes. “Pwease just change me already…” she begged. He kissed her head as he pulled her out of the harness and lay her down. Amanda meanwhile began unfolding a changing mat for him to use on the large counter and did the same for me. As Bella’s diaper was opened I gagged and wanted to throw up. They may have been worried about her being stopped up, but the runny pile of poop in her diaper definitely proved that was not necessary. “Icky, huh,” Amanda whispered in my ear as she lay me down, popped open the snaps on my romper, and pulled the tapes of my diaper loose. I was glad of her changing my diaper as soon as the wipe hit my rear end I was able to ignore the smell next to me! I was quickly redressed in a new diaper, before Bella and I were back attached to the front of our respective ‘parent.’ “Do you want to just check the stroller in here?” Fred asked, “I think we can probably just carry these two?” Amanda looked at him and shrugged, “sure, might as well. Not sure I want to carry their diaper bag everywhere though too?” “Just check it into a locker?” “And when they need changed?” “We’ll come back?” He suggested. She shrugged and looked down at me. I looked up awkwardly since I was facing forward, “Think you both can make it a couple hours in those diapees?” I sighed, but nodded. With that I think they both found it a bit easier to move around the park. Rides like Marvin’s Space Adventure, Piggy’s Carousel, Tweety’s Flight, and Sylvester’s Haunted House occupied our next couple hours that flew by. As much as I was embarrassed to enjoy the environment deemed appropriate for toddlers, I was smiling if nothing else at seeing the universe come alive. What Walt Disney had done in our dimension, Albert Warner apparently had outdone. Coupled with the technology that made our first ride come alive I was truly in awe. “I wish I could go on the big kids rides,” I told Amanda as she now carried me in the sling, “the effects are so cool!” Amanda laughed, “I’m sorry princess, but you are much too small for many other rides. Bella could ride a few more, but I don’t want to make you too jealous there,” she kissed my head. I sighed, “I wouldn’t mind that much… I’m getting a better deal overall than she will,” I told her quietly. I was currently repositioned to face her as we walked back to the locker she’d stashed our stuff. “I know,” she said sadly. “I’m hoping some day we can find a way to get things right.” “What about her apartment?” I asked her quietly since Fred and Bella were a little ways ahead of us. “We called and had everything switched to our names. We’ll move out her stuff next week…” I just sat silently and nodded. Both Bella and I had wet diapers by this point that were quickly changed and the two of us sat down in the stroller. I really hated continually being harnessed into places, and this trip was increasingly not allowing me to have as much freedom as I’d gotten used to the previous few days. I squirmed a bit before Amanda’s head peeked in and handed me a bottle full of juice, “Here sweetie, why don’t you drink this while we find lunch.” I just nodded and stuck the bottle in my mouth and drank. I hadn’t had much that day so far, so I was definitely thirsty! “Thanks,” I said around it but her head was gone and I heard her checking on Bella behind me. Being increasingly bored I just watched people from my short perch as we passed down the fake roadway leading to wherever Fred was pushing us. Happy families of real children would pass by, cranky children would pass by, and frequently enough the other families with littles trapped as babies passed by. The park really did a good job of making even the most despondent of those seem like it was an okay day to be out and about. There was a fair share of spankings and other punishment I could see, but a lot of it was toned down from everywhere else I had been in this dimension. Since we had arrived at the park we hadn’t really had many negative encounters picking on even Bella. I sighed, ‘Poor girl…’ Not too far down the road we came up on a restaurant that was called ‘Taz’s Café’ with plenty of pictures of him around and a décor that looked like it leaned Australian. “Come here you,” Fred said to me as he unbuckled the confining harness and picked me up. Amanda had grabbed Bella and held her on her hip while Fred decided to give me a piggyback ride. I appreciated the view from his shoulders even as he had to duck down a little at the doorway to not hit my head! I noticed that he also had our diaper bag on his shoulder as we walked up to the counter. “How can I help you?” “Yes, I’d like a meat pie,” Fred said. “I’ll have one of those Sausage Sangs,” Amanda said and looked up at me questioningly. I looked at the board and thought that sounded good, but the fish and chips sounded better, “Fish and chips please?” I asked politely. “Anything for your other daughter?” The lady asked. “She’ll share the fish and chips with my other daughter.” I felt bad and looked over at Bella hoping she wasn’t mad. “It’s okay,” she mouthed to me. I worried that I was seeing a quick devolving of Amanda into another crazy Amazon woman with the fact I felt like Bella was getting the short end of the straw. “Why don’t you go sit down with them and I’ll wait for the order?” He asked her. “Okay,” she said and he pulled her off of his shoulders and handed me to her. She took that moment though to set both of us on the ground and put my hand in Bella’s, while she reached for hers. “Keep up with Mommy,” she told us. I sighed but was glad I had Bella to hang onto rather than Amanda – I didn’t have to reach up nearly as high to hold her hand! Bella on the other hand was reaching very high still and Amanda leaned over a little as she led us to a couple high chairs that she pushed over to a table. Amanda picked me up and buckled me in before picking Bella up and setting her on her lap. When she unbuttoned her shirt I didn’t feel so bad about picking lunch… ‘Why am I so jealous…?’ I angrily asked myself as I watched Bella awkwardly latch onto Amanda’s breast from my highchair. Fred arrived a moment later and asked, “Do you have a bottle or something for Stacy?” as he sat down a large basket of fish the size of my torso and chips as thick as my arms. “There’s another bottle of juice in the diaper bag for her,” she said nodding towards it. “If you can fill up one of those empty bottles with some water from the dispenser for Bella too please.” Fred did as he was told and scooted me in closer to the table. He was kind enough to take a knife quickly and section up the fish into a few more manageable chunks. I grabbed the first large piece in my hand and carefully spent the next twenty-minutes carving away at it before Bella finished her nursing session. Amanda had managed to eat her sausage sandwich and drink a fair amount of water herself while feeding her. “Still hungry?” Amanda asked Bella. She shrugged and nodded. I watched as she leaned over and grabbed one of the far parts of the fish from where Fred had cut it and handed it to her. She slowly ate at it like I had been. I’d also spent some time attacking a large piece of potato myself. I slowed down eventually, and Bella didn’t even finish the piece of fish she had, when Amanda asked, “Are my little girls all done?” I looked at the food in front of me and nodded while Bella said, “Yes.” “Which princess do you want?” Fred asked her. “You can take the fish for a while.” I stuck my tongue out at her, “Dolphins are not…” I was interrupted with a pacifier in my mouth. I glared at Fred who just laughed and picked me up. Back at the stroller we were sat back inside and pushed through the streets until I notice we were coming to a new part of the park that was ‘Mr. Limpet’s Incredible Aquarium.’ “Who’s Mr. Limpet?” I heard Bella ask behind me. I pulled my pacifier out, “He was a fictional guy who got turned into a fish and single handedly helped the US Navy destroy German U-Boats…” Fred peeked around me and said, “Hmm… close, but not quite.” I looked at him with a questioning face, “He’s a dolphin,” he smiled at me. “And you know dolphins aren’t fish, right?” I sighed as I realized that while he had been a fish in my dimension, the picture was stylized into a dolphin here. I shook my head and plopped my pacifier back in my mouth. I started seeing different signs of where to go to see dolphins, whales, otters, sharks, and other creatures popping up. Before we got too far though I saw a water play area with littles and babies splashing about. Most of them only wore diapers with no swimsuits. Some of the littles had more than enough breast development to feel like I was seeing something I shouldn’t. I was just thinking about how hot it was though when the stroller stopped and I was picked up out of the seat. A bathroom and changing area was next to us along with signs saying, “Swim Diapers only in water areas. All littles and children below this height must be in protection.” The sign looked to be well over my head, and when Bella was stood up beside it I could see she was just right at the edge of it. “You’re close, but since you’re a baby we just get to keep you in a diapee, huh?” Amanda said with condescension in her voice that bothered me. Bella sighed, “Yes Mommy,” she said. Amanda took that moment to pick her back up and tickle her and gave her a hug. Both of us were stripped of the rompers quickly before our wet diapers were exchanged for swim diapers. I was a little nervous based on the lack of clothing on the others that we would be naked, but this was apparently planned for because both Bella and I found ourselves in cute swimming suits. “Okay you two, let’s go play!” She carried us out and set us down on the edge of a large splash park area. I turned to Bella who looked mortified about all of this and didn’t know what to do. “Come on Bella,” I told her with a smile and grabbed her hand and pulled her over to a mushroom that had water pouring out from it. “This is so…” She said when we were alone by the mushroom. I realized it was the first time we had actually been alone so far. “Embarrassing?” I finished for her. She nodded, “What do they expect us to do?” I smiled at her, “Look happy, maybe enjoy ourselves a little?” “How? I just lost everything…” I hugged her, “If I know anything it’s that things are not always as they seem with Amanda and Fred, if you want to be free again I’ll help you get to be that way after a while. For now…” Bella froze right then and I looked worriedly at her before figuring out she was going poop. “It’s okay, she’ll…” I started to say. “He’s here… he followed us…” Bella said and I followed her gaze to where I could see the man clearly watching us from across the way. The man who had lured her to Selegnasol! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please let me know what you thought! Comments always help motivate me when I hit a block, so please keep your thoughts coming! I'm hoping to be able to post another chapter before Christmas, but I'll be traveling to visit family during the holidays - we'll see if I can get the privacy or not. Thanks for continuing to read this!
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    The Weird Scholarship Chapter One: The Drive I drove down the highway with one hand held between my legs. I had to pee and being stuck in a car didn't help. A sign up ahead said that the next rest area was only fifteen miles up ahead and I could certainly hold it. It was just a bit uncomfortable and I didn't know what I would do when I got there. My phone rang and I answered it. I know you are not supposed to talk and drive, but at least I wasn't texting. I looked at the screen and saw it was my best friend Kara. “How's the drive?” “Weird,” I said. “I'm almost to Massachusetts though.” “Good timing,” she said. “What's weird about it?” “You know.” She very well did know why I felt weird. This was her plan. “I'm wearing a diaper.” “You better be, Nora,” said Kara. “You don't want to be found out as a faker and lose your scholarship.” “Yeah,” I said. “That's the problem. I'm not really incontinent. They are going to find out.” Kara giggled on the other end of the phone. “No they're not. Just act natural.” I rubbed myself in the thick padded material between my legs with my phone to keep from peeing. I then picked the phone up and said, “This is not natural.” “Well, get used to wetting yourself,” she said. “You probably should show up in a wet diaper. That way you won't look like a faker to the other girls who are used to wetting their diapers.” “Why did I let you talk me into this?” I asked. “You got a scholarship to MIT. The IRS took your college money, remember? This is your last chance to go to college.” I sighed. “Goodbye, Kara.” “Bye. And trust me about arriving in a wet diaper.” I hung up. I don't understand how things got so weird. My father had saved enough in my college fund to pay for all four years of school. So my junior year of high school, I didn't really need to bother with scholarships. When we had to go to the library to research scholarships, Kara suggested I choose the weirdest scholarships. There were actually scholarships for people who entered a program to study yodeling. Like I could get a job doing that. There was also a scholarship for incontinent girls who were studying engineering at MIT. That was a pretty specific scholarship and it was a perfect target for my entertainment during library time. So when the IRS investigated my father, somehow my college fund was where they though he was hiding the money. It was the summer before college and I had no money. The only scholarships I had applied for were for yodeling majors and for incontinent girls studying engineering at MIT. The scholarship was generous. It paid for everything I needed for college. I remember getting the phone call where I was given the scholarship. “Is Nora Stevens there,” the woman on the phone had asked. “This is Nora.” “This is Elizabeth Jones from the scholarship selection committee. I am pleased to inform you that you are next on the list for the Scholarship for Incontinent Girls in Engineering.” My mouth was opened in shock. I had though my college dreams were over since I lost my college fund. I was in until her next line. “The other girl didn't measure up. She was faking incontinence just to get the scholarship. I made this scholarship so incontinent girls can have the full college experience. That includes living in the dorms. To do that we want to make sure that we pair you with another girl in the dorm that is in your same situation. Will this be a problem for you?” “No problem,” I said. “Good. We are having a summer camp to get to know the other girls. Attendance is mandatory.” Kara had laughed and laughed when I told her, but she had been a big help in getting me adult diapers. They do sell diapers in stores, but the kind that real incontinent people wear are only found online and I had to order some ahead of time. The rest area came up soon after the sign that said that I was entering Massachusetts. I almost stopped, but then I thought about what Kara said. An incontinent girl would show up in a wet diaper. To be convincing, I would do the same. I relaxed and pretended I was siting on the toilet, even though I was sitting behind the wheel of my Ford Fiesta. I still had to keep my eye on the road. As I started to wet, it was so warm as the wetness spread around my crotch and under my bottom. The first time I wet the diaper, I was surprised it felt good. This was the first time I had tried to wet while sitting down. The first time I wet a diaper I was standing. Both times, I was shocked at how good it felt. I looked back at the rest stop through the rear-view mirror. The rest area, like my toilet training, was behind me. Chapter Two: Fitting in with the Group I drove my car into Cambridge and then followed the directions I was given previously. I pulled into the lot near Kesge Auditorium and right away I saw the group I was looking for. They were not hard to miss. The parking lot was empty except for a livery van and four cars. Five college age girls and two women stood around the van. I pulled in and got out. “Are you Nora?” a woman asked me. She looked like she was forty. She wore mom jeans and a T-shirt. “Yes,” I said. I opened the back door of my car and got my bags, a pillow, and my sleeping bag. I had brought two bags. One was usually sufficient for camping, but not for this trip. The extra bag was my diaper bag. I grabbed my stuff in both arms and took them toward the van. “I think I have everything I need.” “Good. You're the last one, so let's get going. You can put your stuff in the back of the van.” She open the rear door and I piled my stuff in there. I opened the diaper bag and pulled out a book and then looked down at my clean diapers. The wet diaper I had on had stopped feeling warm and good and I felt that I could use a change. “Do I have time to run to the bathroom real quick?” I leaned closer to her. “I'm wet.” The other older woman heard me. She looked at a brown haired girl. “Are you wet, Darla?” She actually put her hand under the girl's skirt to check. She pulled away. “No, mother. I'm fine. You don't have to do that. I'm starting college now. I know if I am wet or need a change.” “I'm your mother and I care about you. You don't want to get a rash like last time, do you?” “Mother, stop! I'm going to camp now.” She walked around and picked a seat in the van. The woman, not Darla's mother, leaned in and whispered to me. “Do you think we can get by another hour? I think Darla's feeling a bit of pressure to get on the road.” I nodded. When Kara and I were testing, she had me try to make a diaper leak. I hadn't been able to before the thing got so soggy I had to take it off. I had had to wet three times to get to that point. “I think so.” “Good. Then we got to go.” She led me in through the sliding door of the van and I took a seat beside a bored looking girl with a sarcastic nerd phrase on her shirt. She wore black cargo jeans with all kinds of metal hanging from them. She turned to the other woman. “Mrs. Keene, we need to get going.” “Sure. Have a good time, Darla, and listen to Miss. Jones.” The girl Darla just glared as Miss Jones closed the sliding door and walked around to the driver's seat. While she was gone, the girl next to me whispered, “My God, it's like she is a five year old going to her first sleep-away camp.” “So I wasn't the only one who thought that was uncomfortable?” I asked. “Hardly,” said the girl, “at least she was standing up to her mother and not crying as she drove away.” She just pointed her thumb behind her to a girl wearing a pale blue and plaid bib overalls. She was dabbing her eyes with a Kleenex. The girl wore her short blond hair in pig tales. In her left arm she held a battered teddy bear. “So what's your story?” Before I could answer, Miss Jones hopped in the drivers seat and started the van. She put the van in gear and started to drive out of parking lot. “Girls,” she said. “I am Elizabeth Jones, but you can call me Bets. I am the scholarship coordinator and founder of the Scholarship for Incontinent Girls in Engineering. I like to have this camp for several reasons. Mainly so you can get to know each other and find out who you want to be your roommate. There are six of you, so you can pair off during camp. The other reason is, unfortunately, to screen out people who are liars. I had to replace one girl who was not even incontinent. I thought Nora was more deserving of the scholarship.” At this point we had driven off campus and onto the main road. “So get to know each other during this week. How about introducing yourself to each other as we drive to the camp.” She stopped talking to concentration driving and we started talking. “Well, I am glad to be on the road,” said Darla. “You don't know what it's like to live with a woman that treats you like a toddler every minute of the day. I'm eighteen now. I am finally independent.” “We're supposed to be introducing ourselves, Mommy's Girl, not whining about our childhoods,” said the girl next to me. “That's really mean,” said Darla. “I am tired of being teased about my incontinence. Having a mother who is not so discrete about it means everyone in high school knew. I just want to move on. I want to experience stuff. That is what college is for. This scholarship is great. I worried about college and having to hide my diapers from my roommate, but if my roommate also needs diapers I can keep it a secret. My name is Darlene Keene and I am excited about studying engineering at MIT.” “Darlene, not Darla?” I asked. “Darla is my toddler name. I am eighteen and I am an adult. I am Darlene. I have a medical condition called incontinence that I can manage as an adult. I don't need my overprotective mother to change me.” The girl with the teddy bear sat beside Darlene. She spoke up. It was the first time she said anything. “I've never changed myself before. I'm a bit overwhelmed. I've never been so far away from my mommy before.” The girl next to me snickered, but the girl ignored her. “My name is Melody.” Her voice was soft and quiet. “I don't really have friends, so I don't know what to expect. I was home schooled. I scored perfect on the ACT.” In the rear seat, a girl spoke up. “I'm Veronica English. I'm just as normal as anyone else, or I was until the accident. Some drunk ran into my car when I first got my license. It wasn't fair. The drunk doesn't have to wear diapers. That would be fitting justice. Instead, he only got thirty days in jail. I have to spend the rest of my life in diapers.” She pounded her fists on the seat beside her. “My boyfriend took someone else to prom. He was too embarrassed to be with me. I entered my application for the scholarship that day. Ironically, the next day was the last day to get the scholarship application in the mail.” “My name is Bella,” said her neighbor who had just looked up from a book. She wore all black. Even her nail polish and lipstick was black. “People already though I was weird, so knowing about my diapers really didn't change things. I like dressing in black and reading about vampires.” She picked up her book and started to read. “A girl named Bella who reads books about vampires? Can you get more cliché than that?” said the girl next to me. “I'm surprised she doesn't sparkle in the sunlight.” She started laughing at her own joke. Bella looked up. “I'm reading Anne Rice, not that stupid Stephanie Meyer woman. Lestat and Louie would feel sorry for vampires that sparkle in the sun. My mother liked the name Bella. I was born way before Twilight even was heard of. Why don't you tell us about yourself, Loudmouth, instead of teasing us. You pee your pants like the rest of us.” “Fine. My name is Cassie. I am majoring in engineering at MIT. I've dreamed of coming to MIT all my life. I want to fully experience college.” She looked at me. I hadn't introduced myself yet. “From hearing you talk, you wouldn't even know you were incontinent. What gives?” asked Bella. “You're not telling us about yourself.” “I told you my name and my vision. I'm done.” “Cassie doesn't have to say why she wears diapers,” I said. “My promised college fund went away, so I thought I couldn't go to college. I was going to go to Alpen-adria-univeritat Klagenfurt to pursue a yodeling major, but thanks to this scholarship, I will actually get to major in a marketable skill.” I looked around. I was being stared at. I gave a nervous giggle. “Plus, I don't have to explain my special underpants to a roommate. I'm Nora Stevens. I don't have a middle name. Is that weird or what?” I faced forward and looked in my book. Cassie slid next to me. “Why did you turn down a chance to study in Austria?” Her voice was quiet like she didn't want the other girls to hear. “I was living with a family who had a real daughter who was studying in Europe. She was so pretty and she came home to visit for Christmas. She had so many experiences.” She looked across me out the window and sighed. “That was my favorite family.” “Um, yodeling,” I said. That was all the answer I thought I needed to give. I wondered what she meant by having a favorite family. I thought you only got one. “I never thought I could even get into MIT.” She smiled at me. “I hit the jackpot here.” She shifted her legs closed and closed her eyes like she needed to pee. She didn't get the blank stare Kara said I got went I wet a diaper. Chapter Three: The Public Change About noon, we stopped at a McDonald's. I had wet my diaper a second time, which made the pee not feel so clammy, but I wanted a fresh diaper. We all grabbed our diaper bags and stood outside the van as Bets lock it up. “Okay. Here is the plan. Cassie, Nora, and Melody will go into the bathroom and change. Veronica, Bella, and Darlene and I will order our food. When you come out, we will go change while you order your food. Then we will eat together.” I looked at Cassie and Melody. Melody looked back at Bets. She looked like she wanted to say something, but was too shy. Cassie walked toward the building. I grabbed Melody's hand and pulled her with me as I followed. We got inside and Cassie and I took the first two stalls. I thought I heard Melody go into the third stall, but I wasn't sure. I pulled down my pants and looked down at my wet diaper. It was really wet in the back since I sat while wetting. I peeled off the tapes and rolled it up, then wiped myself off with baby wipes. Once finished, I put on the diaper like I had practiced by leaning against the wall of the stall. I got it on semi-decently. I listened as Cassie changed. I heard the toilet flushing, and then heard the rustling of a diaper. We came out together. Melody stood waiting for us holding a diaper. She pushed the diaper to Cassie. “Can you please change me?” “I'm not changing your smelly butt,” said Cassie. “Can't you change yourself? We did it,” I said. “My mommy always changed me. I don't know what to do.” She held the diaper to me. I sighed. “I guess I can help you.” She pulled the diaper change table down and then tried to unhook her overalls. She had trouble. They opened easily to me. Once her pants were down, she lay on the table. Her diaper was swollen. Unlike my purple diaper, hers was white, but it had blocks across the front. I thought my diaper was thick. “Guard the door,” I told Cassie. I didn't want any strangers seeing this. I untaped the college woman's diaper and then cleaned her with a wipe. For her part, Melody lay still and stared at the ceiling. I put the clean diaper under her and then powdered her. I then closed it and taped it up. The tapes on her diaper sucked, but they got the job done. Once she was diapered she stood up and pulled up her pants and then motioned for me to do up her overalls. “Thank you,” she said. “We are going to have to teach you to do this yourself,” I said. “Why can't you get your overalls undone? What do you do when you poop?” asked Cassie. “Mommy takes me to the potty when I have to poop.” “I knew everyone would be in diapers, but she's a fucking baby,” snarled Cassie. “Didn't your mother teach you anything?” “Don't call me a baby,” she said. “I am a big girl.” “You're not a baby. You just let your mother do too many things for you. We better teach you to do things yourself before classes start” I knew I shouldn't have promised. I knew I would regret it. It's hard enough pretending to be incontinent without being a mommy. I just didn't want to be around her if she couldn't learn discretion before classes started. Cassie just rolled her eyes. We walked out to get food. It wasn't real food; it was McDonald's food. I ordered a vanilla milkshake and a Double Quarter Pounder. I supersized it too. Since I am lactose intolerant, I was an idiot, but I thought it wouldn't matter. Ugh. At least Cassie had hers coming. She ordered the same thing as me. I should have had a happy meal like Melody. Chapter Four: Bonding with Cassie. We arrived at the camp just after one. I got up and looked around. The camp consisted of four log cabins that sat on the edge of a forest. A simple gravel track ran between the cabins and a large meadow. We pulled right up to the cabin and we unloaded stuff. The first thing I did when we had everything offloaded into the cabin was make my bed. The cabin was smallish, but much larger than we needed. Bunk beds lined the back wall. There were about ten of them. A twin bed sat near the door. Of course Bets claimed that one. I was surprised that many of the girls openly put their packs of diapers at the foot of their beds. I shrugged and put my diaper back in that location. I didn't even bother to zip it. I claimed one on the edge, but Cassie took the one next to me. She said she didn't want to be near Melody who had taken a bunk in the center. It was funny. Everyone picked bottom bunks. I didn't know why, but that is how it was. I wondered why. My guess was that if an incontinent girl shared a bunk bed, the other sibling would get the top in case their were any leaks. No one wants a golden shower in their sleep. When we were all unpacked, Bets called a meeting. We gathered around. She passed out sheets of paper. I looked at mine and saw we had an agenda. I sighed. It wasn't bad. There were nature hikes, a swimming session at the lake, and sports. I hated sports. There was also free time as well. “So I have lots of activities planned,” said Bets. “We need to get to know one another. I am Bets. I started a scholarship so that girls with incontinence. When I studied engineering at MIT, I was alone. I was embarrassed about having to share a dorm room and explain to my roommate that I had a wetting problem. She teased me and never wanted to hang out. She kept my secret, but I felt like someone who only lived in the same room as me. I wanted a roommate who knew what incontinence was like. I realized that only another incontinent girl would make a good roommate. That's why we are here. We want you to pick a college roommate who you can bond with. There are six of you and that means we have three dorm rooms to fill. You will spend lots of time with your new roommate, so here at camp, I want you to spend time with each of your fellow freshmen engineers. Any questions?” “Um, what's with the swimming?” asked Veronica. “It's stupid. I can't swim anymore. We're incontinent. How's that even going to work?” “I like to swim,” said Melody. “My mommy sent some swim diapers.” “I'm not wearing swim diapers. You can't hide them under a bikini,” said Veronica. “There are many ways to deal with swimming,” said Bets. “Swim diapers are one of them. I have plenty of extra swim diapers for those who don't have any. I usually just wear my regular diaper under soccer shorts though. We are here at this campground where there is a beautiful lake just to the south of us.” “That's what I do,” said Bella. “No one really knows. They do swell a bit though.” “We are going swimming tomorrow,” said Bets. “We will all enjoy it. We have the campground to ourselves, so no one is going to see you in your diapers. That is final. I won't insist that you change your swimming habits. Besides, when are you going to have a chance to swim again.” I was disappointed. Out of habit, I had brought a bikini. I did think about the diapers. I would never be able to swim again. I was upset because I looked good in a bikini. “You guys are just so stupid,” said Darleen. “Stop arguing. It's not important. We are here to bond. Let's not get into an argument about one activity.” “Very good, Darleen,” said Bets. It took an entire hour to get through the agenda. Cassie started fidgeting. My stomach started to cramp and I knew I would have to poop soon. I shifted uncomfortably as well. Some of the girls told long stories. I was in pain. I looked around and then at my watch. I saw Cassie relax. Her face looked blank like she was peeing. She got a scared look on her face and struggled to her knees. “Bathroom,” she squeaked. Everyone stared at her. Was she a faker? I had to go bad as well. We would both get sent home if I revealed myself. “Do you need a diaper change?”ask Bets. She looked a mix of concerned and suspicious. “No,” she whispered. “Yes. I--” She stood and held a hand tightly on the back of her black pants. She ran out the door. “What happened?” asked Melody. I got up. “If she feels like me, she really has to poop.” I grabbed her diaper bag and mine. “Where is the bathroom? I'll find her.” “Oh, yeah,” said Bets. “I should have mentioned that. It's right behind cabin one. None of us are bowel incontinent this year.” I ran out the door to follow Cassie. She was going the wrong way. “Cassie.” She looked at me. “This way,” I said. She came back in my direction and we looked around. I spotted cabin one and we walked around to the back. The bathroom was just around the corner. I was ahead of Cassie and spotted the bathroom. My heart sunk when I saw it. It was a tiny wooden building with a moon carved in the door. It leaned to one side at a ten degree angle. I looked back at Cassie. She had her knees pressed together and she was hobbling by moving just the bottoms of her legs. “I'm not going to make it.” She just stopped. I heard a squishy fart. There wasn't much smell because the diaper blocked most of it. “Come on,” I told her. I needed to go bad as well. “I...,” she said. I saw her almost fall and like an idiot, I rushed forward to catch her. She clung to my neck and hung on me as she bent over and I heard the squishy farting noise again. “Oh God,” she said. I had thought she was just farting, but she really stunk. She had just filled her diaper. Her weight pushed me down a few inches. I lost control myself and made a mess in my diaper as well. I knew I shouldn't have had the milkshake. Usually I would go to the bathroom right away, but I was distracted by needed to change my diaper in McDonald's and dealing with two other girls. We stood together hugging each other as we emptied our bowels in our underpants. It had gone too far. I wondered if it was too late to take up yodeling. I would go to Bets, come clean and give up this nonsense. I was done. “I can't believe I did that,” said Cassie. “I've never had an accident since I was ten.” I looked at her. “I mean pooped my pants,” she said. “This sucks.” She let go of me. “What are we going to do?” “I guess we get changed. I brought our diaper bags.” “Well, we are supposed to be bonding,” she said. “Have you ever changed a messy diaper? What should I do?” “To be honest, I don't have any experience with this.” I looked at the bathroom and started for it. I would get some water and paper towels so I could clean myself. However, when I opened the door, there was only a wooden plank with a hole in the middle. I let the door shut and turned back to Cassie. “What?” she asked. “It's just an outhouse. We need a shower.” “Or a hose,” she said. “At least it's contained in my diaper.” It wasn't running down my legs yet. “Me too, buy I am afraid it will leak any minute. Let's go back and get Bets. She'll know what to do.” “No way,” said Cassie. “I am not going into a room with a bunch of dorks and admitting I just filled my pants. I never should have had that milkshake in McDonald's. It's just McDonald's shakes that make me almost shit my pants.” “Almost?” I asked. “Well, until now,” she said. I opened my diaper bag and took inventory. There were diapers, some powder, and a box of wipes. I didn't really stock it with a lot of necessities being unsure what I needed. I looked at Cassie. “I don't know what to do either. There is no room to change in the outhouse. Hell, there is no running water. Let's just admit our mistake and go tell Bets.” “I got a better idea,” said Cassie. “How about we go skinny dipping?” That was a weird suggestion and just came out of no where. Sure, I'd like a swim, but I had to deal with my accident. I gave her a questioning look. “No, really. We go down to the lake, strip naked, and wash this mess off of us. Bets said there was a lake to the south of us.” “We can't wash in the lake. We'll contaminate it.” I could imagine the next day having to swim in the same water I washed my poopy ass with. That would sure go over well. “Just come on.” Cassie walked or rather waddled ahead of me. She looked into the woods and stopped, but then she saw started forward. I wasn't about to just charge into the woods, but Cassie found a dirt trail and we headed straight into the woods. I think we walked around. The mess was spreading throughout my diaper and I imagined that some was running down the back of my leg. I touched the back of my jeans, but nothing felt wet. I continued to follow for about twenty minutes, when we crossed a little foot bridge across a creek. We turned following the bank of the creek until we found a lake. The lake was pretty big. Cassie walked down from toward the lake and was about to undo her pants when I saw a sign that said the swimming area was around the lake a bit. “The swimming area is around here.” Cassie reluctantly buttoned her pants and we walked the short area to a swimming area complete with a sand beach and a little building at the top of sand. The building had two signs: one said men and the other said women. It was dressing rooms. “Ooh, there might be showers in there.” She hurried forward, not even waddling anymore. I followed as best I could. Inside, it was indeed a dressing room. Even though we were inside, there was plenty of light. I looked up and there was no ceiling. A line of bathroom stalls sat at one wall and sinks occupied another. In one corner was a shower room. Inside was just a pole with a bunch of shower heads like I was used to from gym class in high school. The edge of the room were surrounded by benches for changing. Cassie slipped out of her shirt and bra faster than she could have with help from a high school jock. She kicked her sandals off, but her pants took longer as she didn't want to have her diaper leak when she was getting them undone. She flung her clothes onto one of the benches and looked down to examine the diaper. I didn't envy her and although my description seems like it, I didn't just stand there and watch her change. I was undressed soon after she was. I was caught off guard by examining the seat of my pants. My diaper had leaked and there was an obvious stain at the back of my right leg. I sighed and threw the pants on the floor beneath the bench where my clean clothes were. I then untaped my diaper and slowly lowered it and then pulled it into a loose ball. Cassie kicked a trash barrel toward me and I dropped it in on top of her diaper. She started toward the shower and was about to turn it on when I said, “Wouldn't it suck if the water isn't turned on?” The look on her face was priceless, especially since she was naked and her but and thighs were smeared with poop. “Don't you dare think that,” she cried. She reached the handle to the faucet and gave it a turn. The pipe groaned a bit, but then water started flowing and she adjusted the temperature and stepped under the water. I took a spot on the other side and turned on my faucet. The water felt so good after being dirty for so long. It felt so weird not having soap. I did not feel clean at all when I finished. I knew I was better then when I started. Water and scrubbing work wonders, but it's not the same as soap, especially when I was cleaning poop of myself. We finished and I reached in my diaper bag to pull out a clean diaper. Cassie put a hand on my wrist. “Wait,” she said, “Let's go skinny dipping since we are here.” “But..,” I started to object. “What if I wet?” She smiled. “We will be outside and naked. You can't get wet except from the lake water. If you pee on the beach or in the lake, who will know?” At least she believed I was incontinent. I really wasn't like a lot of the other girls here. Cassie was being pretty cool to me. I just wished she didn't bully the other girls so bad. “Okay, but only for thirty minutes.” We walked naked to the lakes to begin our swim. The water was cool and the sun was hot. I had never been skinny dipping before. It was so much fun. Chapter Five: Facing the Music When we dressed, I could not wear my pants. I washed them in the lake, but I couldn't get the stain out without a washing machine. “I guess you have to walk back pantsless.” She giggled. “It's not funny. I was not counting on messing my pants. This has never happened to me. Ever.” I did not remember a time I had messed myself. I remember the day I wet my pants in kindergarten and again in second grade. I don't remember pooping myself. “It's that stupid milkshake from McDonald's. I'm lactose intolerant but I like to eat ice cream. So far it hasn't caused any problems. Sure, I get the runs, but I always make it to the bathroom for that.” “Well if it makes a difference,” said Cassie, “I messed myself bad when I was ten. I kept telling Lorraine I had to go, but she ignored me. Suddenly I couldn't hold it anymore.” “Who's Lorraine?” I asked. “She was a lady I lived with then. I didn't like her. She raised German Shepherds. I was afraid of them. I'm glad they took me away from her.” She smiled and finished her story. “She was so mad too. I had to ride in the back of the pickup and then when we went home. She then took me into the yard and stripped me and hosed me off with the hose. She wouldn't even let me get dressed or dried off. She just put me in one of the empty dog crates and I had to stay in there for a week until the social worker came and took me away from her.” “Cassie, that's terrible. I hope she got in big trouble for doing that. She should have been more understanding because of your incontinence.” She got a panicked look. “Oh that was before that. I am an adult now and CPS doesn't get to decide who I should live with. I am eighteen now and I'm going to study engineering at MIT.” I wondered if everyone on this trip was dysfunctional. Cassie was the only one I got to really know so far, but Veronica seem very angry, Darleen had an overprotective mother, and there was Melody: the girl who never grew up. Only Bella seemed normal, but maybe that was because I hadn't gotten to know what kind of baggage she carried around. “We better hurry back. They might think we got lost.” “No. They'll just know we decided to ditch those losers. You and me, we are different then the others. I can feel that we have more in common than the others.” “Yeah, we both can't control our bowels. The other girls just have wetting problems.” I turned to Cassie. “They are never going to let us live this down.” “Sure they are,” said Cassie. “We just got hot. Diapers are hot in this weather, so we went for a dip in the lake. No further questions. We walked back up the hill to the cabin and when we emerged from the trailhead at the edge of the woods, everything was quiet. When we left, we could hear the girls and Bets talking in the cabin. Now it was silent. Cassie opened the door and I followed her in. I looked around and noticed the other girls weren't there, except for one girl who let out a squeak. I looked at the source of the sound. Bella was lying on a bunk changing her diaper. “I didn't know you were coming in,” she said. She finished taping her diaper and grabbed her shorts and pulled them on. She looked at me and Cassie and then shook her head. “You two are in big trouble.” “What for?” asked Cassie. “You wandered from the group. You two were supposed to come right back after using the restroom.” Bella picked up her vampire book and walked to the door. “Where were you?” “We went for a swim,” said Cassie. “It's hot.” “Well anyway, everyone else is at lunch in the dining hall. It's that brick building across the meadow. You should come. You two need to face the music anyway, and besides there is lunch.” Bella led the way across the meadow and we followed. “So why were you in the cabin by yourself?” asked Cassie. “I didn't want to leak in my pants. I changed.” She looked pointedly at me for my lack of pants. I blushed and ran in the cabin and grabbed some shorts before returning. I caught up right as they got to the door of the dining hall. Chapter Seven: The Punishment When Cassie and I entered the cafeteria, everyone got quiet. I knew that did not bode well. I knew it was even worse when Bets stood up and almost glared at us. “Cassie, I need to have a word with you in the other room.” She looked at me. “I will deal with you after I deal with Cassie.” She turned and walked toward the kitchen, but turned and waited for Cassie who, with reluctance, followed her. The other girls stared at me. Melody was the first to speak. “You were gone for three hours. Bets is really mad. She wants to send you both home.” “That's not quite true,” said Veronica. “She said that you better have a very good explanation.” I panicked. “But I need this scholarship or I can't go to college. The alternative is yodeling in Austria. I can't yodel.” “Then you better think of a good explanation,” said Melody. “Personally, I hope she sends Cassie home. She is such a meanie.” “She seems really mean, but most mean people are just hurting inside,” said Bella. “Veronica acts cross and angry all the time, but that is because she hasn't accepted her situation.” “This is not about me,” said Veronica. “Besides, if you could pinpoint the person directly to blame for your incontinence, you would be angry at them too.” “Where were you?” asked Melody. “I really like you Nora. I hope you don't get in trouble too.” I was sitting at the table and it took me a bit of time to realize I was being spoken to. I was worried to death and I really had to pee even though I had been earlier. I looked across to Melody. “Thanks.” “No problem. Besides, you promised to teach me to change myself.” I wondered if one of the other girls would help her out. I was sure they would, but I had promised. My thoughts were interrupted as the kitchen door slammed open against the wall and Cassie stormed out. She turned toward the door and yelled, “I hate you, you stupid bitch.” She then ran across the cafeteria and out the door toward the cabin. I caught a glimpse of her face as she ran by. Tears and mascara streaked her face. Clearly she was crying. Bets appeared in the door and I slowly walked into the kitchen knowing I was going to be yodeling soon. “Nora, come on in. I want to hear your explanation.” We walked into the kitchen. It was not just a kitchen like in a house, but an industrial kitchen with stainless steel counters and fixtures and everything. Since it was just the six of us, the kitchen didn't look like it was being used. I followed her toward the freezer which made a buzzing sound. Two chairs sat in front of the freezer facing each other. “Sit,” she said as she took a chair. I sat and looked across to her. “Cassie didn't want to be a team player. She is in the cabin packing. Tell me why I shouldn't yank your scholarship and send you home as well.” “Cassie lost her scholarship?” I asked. “Yes. She told some tale about the two of you getting bored after you went to poop and that you went for a walk to the lake. Yet you were gone for three hours. We almost called the park ranger to find you.” “You didn't believe her?” I asked. “Of course not. She was obviously lying and she didn't seem to care that I knew.” “But,” I started to say. “That is pretty much what happened. We got done in the outhouse and walked down to the lake. I didn't know it was against the rules. Please don't pull my scholarship.” “You two are hiding something, so I don't think I have a choice. Go to the cabin and pack your stuff.” I couldn't lose this scholarship. I didn't even get caught as a faker. How could everything have gone wrong? “Please, no.” She gave me a stern look. I thought about Cassie and how her only way to go to college was this scholarship. I was just faking my way through this. Cassie really had bladder control problems. “It's all my fault. Don't blame Cassie for this. She doesn't deserve to lose her scholarship.” “Cassie made her position clear. She said the two of you went off so you wouldn't have to hang out with losers like the rest of us. Are you the one who convinced her of that.” “No, but it's still my fault. When we went to the outhouse to go number two, I let Cassie go first because she was the most desperate, but I couldn't hold it until she was done. I'm eighteen years old and pooped my diaper like a toddler. I did it right in front of Cassie, too.” “Go on,” said Bets. Her tone had changed. “Well Cassie is pretty abrasive, so I expected her to make fun of me, but she didn't. I still just stood there and balled. Instead of teasing me, she put an arm around me and told me it was okay. However, I didn't feel okay. I was actually overwhelmed and didn't know how to go about changing myself out of that mess. The outhouse didn't have running water and I needed a shower. Cassie suggested that I clean myself in the lake.” Bets eyebrows went up. “You didn't wash that mess off in the lake, I hope?” I shook my head. “No. When we got to the lake, we found the dressing rooms for the swimming area and I had a shower. Cassie helped change me. She was so nice and I was useless. Then the worse thing happened. My diaper had leaked and I had a huge poopy stain on my pants. I couldn't go back like that. I sat and cried and refused to move. It took Cassie a few hours to convince me to come back without my pants. I was unconvinced until she said to tell them I leaked pee in my pants instead of poop. I'm so sorry. I lost Cassie her scholarship all because I had too much pride to let the other girls find out I messed myself.” “You know that scholarship means a lot to Cassie. It's her only chance to go to college. I can probably go in a few years once my dad gets his case with the IRS settled, but Cassie has no money and no family that can help her out.” “Okay, you can stay. Go get Cassie and tell her she can stay too.” Bets then held up a finger. “However, Cassie said a lot of angry things and insulted all the other girls. The two of you will befriend Darla and Melody. Cassie will be in charge of changing and dressing Melody until she learns those skills herself. I don't know what that woman was thinking not teaching the girl those things. You do the same for Darla. Do we have a deal?” “I can't speak for Cassie, but I accept that deal.” “Good. Now go get Cassie and tell her she can stay if she follows the new rules.” “Sure thing,” I said. I rushed out of the kitchen and through the cafeteria. As I left, the other girls were waiting. “Are you being sent home too?” asked Melody. She stood up and came toward me. “I'll really miss you.” She squeezed me into a tight hug. “I explained everything to Bets. Everything is going to be okay. I got to run and tell Cassie before she does anything regrettable.” I pulled myself out of Melody's hug and continued out the door toward the cabin. ### When I opened the door to the cabin, I couldn't see a thing. There was a thick cloud of what could only be described as baby powder. Clean diapers littered the floor, a box of wipes lay broken against the wall and clothes were scattered around. I walked in and found Cassie lying facedown in her pillow. She was crying, but what really got my attention was she was naked from the waist down. There was a slightly damp diaper on the floor by her bed. “Cassie?” I didn't know I spoke, but she sat up and turned to face me. She was white as sheet and covered with baby powder. She must have noticed me staring at her crotch, so she put her pillow in her lap to hid her nudity. “Did you get kicked out too?” she asked. “No,” I said. “I explained everything to Bets and she is going to let us stay.” “Really?” She looked around the cabin and then frowned. She must have been embarrassed. “What did you tell her? I said some awful things. I thought I burned my bridges before I stormed out.” “I just told her that everything was my fault. You were just helping me because I had a messy accident and we were away so long because I was upset and too embarrassed to come back. She bought it.” She looked back at me. “You didn't tell her I messed myself first?” “Nope.” “Good,” she said. I was disappointed she didn't say anything else, but then she must have seen the look I gave her. “I can't live down a messy accident. I'm sorry you had to take the blame. Bets isn't punishing us at all?” “It's okay,” I said. “Yes, we are getting punished. We have to teach Melody and Darlene to be more independent. Both are functionally well-educated toddlers.” “I can see that Darla just had an over-protective mother, but Melody is a piece of work.” “Even Bets is surprised that Melody's mother didn't teach her anything. She is kind of upset about how childish she is. That's where you come in. You are her new best friend.” “Why me?” asked Cassie. “I am not a mommy. I am just a girl with a bladder control problem who wants to go to MIT.” “You said and I quote, 'I hate all these losers who equate incontinence with childishness. We just went away for some adult time.'” “Yeah, I said that and I meant it. I would have tried to break away for some fun time anyway if we hadn't pooped our pants.” “Fair enough. Now we have our tasks to perform.” I waved one hand around the room. “So what happened here?” “I threw the contents of my diaper bag around the room in anger. Do you think Bets will say anything?” “Let's not find out.” I picked a clean diaper off the floor. “Let's get you diapered before you have an accident on the bed.” She blushed, or I think she did under all the baby powder. She took the diaper and proceeded to diaper herself. She looked at me. “Thanks, Nora.” “Don't thank me yet. Let's get this mess cleaned up before the other girls get back.” We never did get the baby powder cleaned up despite sweeping the floor. The cloud dissipated and Cassie got her diaper bag restocked and her stuff put back away. The cabin still had a thin white dust over everything and the overwhelming violet scent of baby powder until we left camp at the end of the week. However, most of the evidence of Cassie's temper tantrum had been eliminated by the time the other girls returned from dinner. The only other consequence we faced was dinner. Both of us were famished from missing our meal. Cassie and I couldn't get a chance to eat until breakfast. I was surprised that I managed to get away with faking incontinence, but I only had been at camp for a day. I had the rest of the week and then four years of college to hide the fact that I was a big fat liar. Bets said we were going on a nature hike and then for a swim in the morning, so at least there would be activities to bond. I still needed to pick out which girl would be my new roommate. Chapter Eight I had such a hectic day with coming to camp and getting yelled at by Bets that I was surprised that we had only been at the camp for one day. After the other girls got to the cabin, it was getting dark. I dug out my cell phone. Although there was no coverage, I could see the time. It was only seven in the evening, but I was tired. Bets was the last one to enter. “Whoa, it's dusty in here.” I gave an embarrassed smile. “Yeah. We had a bit of a mishap with baby powder.” “I kind of need a spare bottle now,” said Cassie. “I'm sure Nora will let you share,” she answered. “Won't you?” I nodded. “And we now have a new rule. No one is allowed to go away from the main campground without telling me. You have the whole meadow, the cabin, and the cafeteria. In addition, there are shower facilities behind the cafeteria building and you are more than welcome to use them at any time. Does everyone understand?” A few of the girls nodded, but Bets was looking at me and Cassie. “We are adults,” said Veronica. “We are not babies just because of our underwear.” “Veronica, no one is treating you like babies. We just have a lot of team building exercises and we are not going to get through them if we have to go all over the camp looking for people.” “I don't mind,” said Bella. “It's only a week and then we have college. I can be adult enough at college.” “At least Bets is not going around checking our diapers to see if we need changed,” said Darla. “In spite of the problems we have, at least she lets us have some autonomy.” I looked over at Melody, but she just sat in silence. She had her bear in hand and was hugging it tight. I wondered how she would adjust to college. I had had my whole childhood to adjust slowly to not having a mother do everything for me. To be thrust from baby to adulthood in one week must be scary and it would be an abrupt adjustment. Of course she hadn't had to deal with bullying or anything like that, but that didn't give her social skills. Cassie and I had our work cut out for us. “So, anyway tomorrow is a full day,” said Bets. “You all might like to get some extra rest. It's 7:30 now, so I will turn the light off at 9:00, but your time is your own until morning.” There was a scramble as six girls stood up and went to their bags. I grabbed the romance novel I was working my way though and curled up in my bed with it. Bella grabbed her Anne Rice novel. We were apparently the only readers in the group. Cassie pulled out a deck of cards and taught Darla and Veronica how to play spades. Melody wanted to play too, but she couldn't follow the game and kept begging to play Old Maid instead. I felt bad that she was left out, but I was too comfy with my novel. I was surprised when she pulled Barbies out of her bag and started to play with them on her bed. I rolled my eyes and returned to my novel. In the novel, Phillipe was hired as a ranch hand after Mayre's husband had died. At first Mayre had hated the man, but he saved her many times. Once he saved her from rattle snakes and then later when her horse got a bur in its saddle and was out of control. He chased down the horse and lassoed it before holding her in his arms. I had the sudden urge to pee and I relaxed and let the inevitable happen. Would a man like Phillipe, or even the average frat boy want to date me while I kept up this charade? Boyfriends were supposed to be part of the college experience. Did Bets realize that wearing a diaper would be a drag on my sex life? Of course I was being selfish. I am sure she experienced lots of rejection from boys due to the diapers. I was stealing a chance from another incontinent girl, so I already knew I was being selfish. I rolled over into my pillow and started to cry. I was overwhelmed. This was too much. It was only one day in diapers and I was ready to be done. I needed the scholarship. I was not going to give it up, but four years of this was going to suck really bad. I tried to keep my sobs silent. The other girls were reading or absorbed in their games. However, Melody looked over at me and saw my blood-swollen eyes. She put down her dolls and walked over and knelt beside my bed. “Are you homesick, Nora?” she asked. I shook my head and tried to think of a way to shoo her away, but she sat down beside me and started stroking my hair. “Don't worry, Nora. I miss my mommy, too.” Angrily I grabbed her arm and shoved her away. “Stop touching me,” I yelled. The hurt look Melody gave me as she fell against the other bunk snapped me out of my morose. I got down on the floor and put an arm around her. “Are you all right? I'm sorry I pushed you.” I saw Bets glare at me, but she didn't intervene. “I'm not injured, but I'm still hurt,” she said. Her voice was still sad. “I was just trying to help. My mommy brushes my hair when I am sad and I thought it might make you feel better.” “It was a nice gesture, but please don't do that again. I am just upset about having to wear diapers. I'm just afraid I won't ever have a boyfriend. I haven't had a boyfriend since I first started having to wear diapers.” That was the first honest thing I had said about my diapers since I got there. I didn't have a boyfriend and I hadn't last week when I tried diapers for the first time. “I was just reading my romance novel and it just brought back the fact that none of the female interest in those books wear diapers.” “Are you saying that I can't get a boyfriend if I am in diapers?” asked Melody. “When I was twelve I asked my mother when I could have a boyfriend and she said when I started college. Why would she tell me that if I can't.” I sighed. “No one is saying we can't have boyfriends. It's just that most boys will be grossed out when we are making out with them and they discover a diaper on their girlfriend.” “But....” “Don't tell me you are that sheltered. All boyfriends eventually want to have sex. They will discover you wear diapers then. They will be surprised to find that you are not wearing sexy panties.” “I've never worn panties,” she admitted. “Weren't you ever potty trained?” She smiled. “Nope. Mommy told me I wasn't able to be potty trained because I am incontinent.” “I had many doctor's visits trying to find the cause of my incontinence after my car accident,” I said. That was the cover story Kara and I devised when I wrote my essay for the scholarship. “Veronica told me she went to the doctor multiple times after the drunk driver ran into her,” said Melody. “I've never been to the doctor's office. My mother doesn't believe in them. She has a spiritual healer we go to instead. Mommy runs a shop that sells hard to find ingredients that spiritual healers use, so we get a discount.” I was appalled. How could have she gone through life with a major problem like incontinence and never been looked at by a real doctor. Did she not have vaccinations either? Was she a religious nut? How would her mother let her go to a college like MIT where they have science if that was the case? “Umm, Melody?” “Nora.” “What about vaccines? You have to go to the doctor to get vaccines. They won't let you start college unless your shot records are up to date.” “Mother's spiritual healer didn't believe in vaccines, so mother didn't either. I never needed them since I was home schooled. We had direct energy transference instead.” I opened my mouth to object, but she interrupted me. “I think DET is nonsense. I still got measles. That was a really itchy two weeks.” She frowned. “Don't worry about the vaccines though. I got a letter from MIT last week that said that I just have to visit the Student Health Center to get them taken care of within the first two weeks of the semester. I am an adult now and can make my own health decisions. That includes going to get my health care needs filled by someone that doesn't buy scary chicken feet and hangs them from the ceiling.” I put an arm around Melody. I thought she was just sheltered before, but now I believe that her mother did her active harm. “So tell me about home schooling.” “Well, daddy used to visit me on Christmas and my birthday. So when I was seven, he brought me some school books and I did all the worksheets. Every Christmas and birthday I got some more and he picked up my worksheets. I went up two grades every year. They got harder and harder the last couple years though. For my sweet sixteen, daddy took me out on a day all my own. We went to a real school, which was weird because it was a Saturday and he left me there to take my ACT. I got a perfect score and we looked for scholarships. Mother was really upset when she found out, but I'm eighteen and daddy said she has to let me go to college. I guess that is homeschooling. I am interested to see how college works because you get teachers.” I was taken aback. She seemed so dumb, but if she home schooled herself with only books and worksheets, she had to be a genius. “Melody, you are going to be in my study group when we start college.” I turned and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled. “I'd like that. I never got to study with anyone else.” Bets walked over to the light switch and toggled it so the lights blinked. “Fifteen minutes, girls.” “Can you change me into a clean diaper before bed?” asked Melody. “I know you promised to teach me to do this myself, but you haven't yet.” I sighed. “Sure.” I helped Melody out of her overalls and then changed her. She just stared blankly as I did it. I taped the final tape and then patted her hip. “All set,” I said and started to get up. “Aren't you going to help me into my jammies?” She sat up and went through her bag and found a sleeper and handed it to me. It was August and hot. I shoved it back in her bag. “No,” I said. “It's too hot for jammies. We are just going to sleep in our diapers and shirts.” I pulled off the soccer shorts I was wearing and folded them and put them at the foot of my bed. I was dry, but I had waited a bit long to wet and it might be suspicious if I conveniently wet right before I needed a change. I had to pee a little bit and I would have gone to the bathroom if I wasn't wearing a diaper. “Are you sure it's okay?” I looked around at the other girls. Veronica wore shorts over her diaper, but Bella only wore a t-shirt like us. Darlene wore a nightie. Cassie got in bed and cast aside her bra and t-shirt before covering up. I was surprised that she would go shirtless in front of the rest of us. My best friend Kara had told me she slept naked unless she was staying at my house. I was a t-shirt and panties girl. I had nighties and even a set of flannel pajamas, but I always found that they were too much. “Yeah, I think it's okay. If you get cold just let me know. I know you don't want to wear a sleeper though.” I left Melody in her bed holding her teddy bear and returned to my bed. As I passed Cassie's bed, she grinned at me. “How was your talk with the baby?” Just then the lights went out, so she didn't see me when I scowled at her. “Don't call her that. Besides, you need to teach her to dress and change herself.” “Don't remind me,” she said. “And I suppose I should be nice since Bets gave me a second chance.” “There's the spirit,” I said. I got in my own bed and lay staring at the ceiling. If Melody the other girls could deal with incontinence, then I should be able to wear diapers continually too. I closed my eyes and relaxed before remembering that I had to pee. I couldn't get comfortable, so I just relaxed letting the wetness fill my diaper. It felt really warm against me and with that feeling, I drifted off to sleep. Chapter Nine: Are You Sure You Belong Here. I woke up and around me all the girls were sleeping. At least I didn’t see anyone moving around. It was light enough with the moonlight shining in the windows so that I could see. I looked around. Bets snored. She lay in the bed by the door, but I could tell she couldn’t know who was coming in or out. Melody sucked her thumb and hugged her teddy. Darla had her mouth open as she slept. I only saw the lump that was Veronica curled up under her sheets. Bella just slept on top of her bed. She was rolled over on her stomach. Her shirt rode up and I could see her entire diaper on display. However, I didn’t see Cassie. My diaper sort of started to feel clammy, so I wanted a change. I changed as quietly as I could and then walked to the trash can to throw away my used diaper. As I passed the door, I heard a noise coming from outside. I stepped out to investigate. Right away things were different. There were usually crickets cricketing and other night sounds but everything was still. We were away from the city and away from electric lights, or at least most electric lights. The only artificial light I’ve seen was in the cabin and it was off. However the sky was brilliant. It seemed covered in stars. I was used to only seeing a handful of stars, but they were clouds of stars. They ran in streaks and patterns around the sky. I was staring so hard at the stars that I almost forgot why I was out here, until I heard a pattering sound coming from behind a tree. I walked over to investigate and Cassie almost walked into me. She was adjusting her shorts, but when she saw me she got frightened. “What are you doing out here, Nora?” “I heard a noise,” I said. “What were you doing over there?” I wondered what caused the pattering sound. If we weren’t all diapered, I would have thought she was peeing, but that didn’t make sense. “Oh, um,” she started. “The stars were really bright so I went to investigate. You know if you wait long enough you can see a shooting star.” “No you can’t. Stars are just big gaseous balls of hydrogen. If one fell to earth, the planet would burn up. No. The whole solar system would be destroyed.” She grabbed my hand and dragged me across the meadow to a clear spot. Her blanket lay in the grass and I watched her lie down on it. “Lay beside me and we can watch.” I decided to play along and got down on the blanket beside her. I looked at the brilliant star field and tried to find the big dipper. That was the only constellation I knew. “There.” Cassie pointed at where the streak was. “Did you see the shooting star?” “It was a flash,” I admitted, “but I doubt it was a star.” “Of course not, you dolt.” She punched me lightly in the arm. “It’s a meteor. Just a piece of space rock. It’s just called a shooting star. The basically fall all the time.” “Meteors land on the earth constantly? You’d think you’d be able to find meteors everywhere if they are constantly falling.” “Meteors don’t land. If they did, they’d be meteorites. Besides, most are the size of sand and just burn up to show the streak you saw.” She pointed at the sky. “Ooh, another one. They are not all over the place.” “So how do you know all about this?” I asked. “When I lived with Felix and Elisa. Felix was an astronomer and he took me to the observatory all the time. I got to look through an eight inch telescope a few times. I really like that family a lot. Well he taught me a lot of astronomy stuff.” “What happened?” I asked. “Did they lock you in a cage too?” “No, they weren’t like Lorraine. I screwed this one up.” She looked at me and smiled. “I sort of beat up another girl in high school pretty bad, so I had to live in juvie for six months. They didn’t want me back when I got out, so CPS assigned me to another family.” She slurred the last few words as she started to cry. I put an arm around her. “It’s okay,” I said. “No it’s not. I wet the bed every night and then they made me wear diapers.” She cried even harder. “The other girls made fun of me and I got beat up all the time.” I held her and patted her back. “No one is going to make fun of you for your diapers.” “Thanks,” she said. She sounded a bit sarcastic. We were bonding and her tone just kicked me out of it. I thought maybe I was imagining it and I didn’t want to think bad of her after she opened herself up to me. Was Cassie a trouble maker? Would she hurt any of us? “We better get back to bed before Bets thinks we are breaking more rules. I don’t want to lose my scholarship,” she said. “Yeah, go ahead. I will follow you in a little bit. We shouldn’t come in at the same time. If we wake someone, they’ll notice both of us.” “Good idea.” She picked up her blanket and walked toward the cabin. When she went inside, I listened but didn’t hear anyone stirring. I turned and walked a different direction to the place I first saw Cassie come from behind the trees. I took out my cellphone and used it as a light to find what was making the splashing sound. There was wetness beneath the tree trunk. I knelt close enough to smell if it was pee and it was. Cassie was peeing back there. I walked slowly back to the cabin and tiptoed back to bed. No one except Cassie was awake. She looked at me. “You don’t tell anyone,” she hissed. Did she know I suspected her? That I discovered her pee puddle in the woods? She slid beside my bed and held one of my hands. “I don’t want the other girls to know about me being sent to juvie. They already hate me.” She looked me in the eyes and moved my hand so our pinkies were interlinked. “Pinky swear.” I was surprised she used such a childish gesture, but she had a look of panic on her face when I hesitated. “Pinky swear.” “And don’t tell them about me crying.” She turned and scooted off to bed. I lay back and stared at the bunk above me. Cassie was a girl of contradictions. First I thought she was going to beat me up for discovering that she was peeing outside. However, she thought she got away with it, so that was not what she was hiding at all. Instead of beating me, she did that little girl pinky swear thing. I was seven the last time Kara and I pinky swore. She had beaten up another girl in the past, so why was I different? Maybe her meanness was just a cover for her being afraid. I still had to worry if she was a threat to me. She was in juvie for hurting someone. Six months must mean she hurt the other girl bad and I wondered if she would do it again. However, she seemed to like me. She confided secrets that I wouldn’t have had the courage to tell. If she was really incontinent, could she have been able to pee outside? I doubted it. She had to walk quite a way from the blanket she lay out in order to pop a squat. It wasn’t right for her to fake this just for the scholarship. However, I was a faker and who was I to judge Cassie? I couldn’t see the splinter in her eye with the plank in my eye. I rolled onto my side. Experimentation had shown that wetting in this position meant a leaky diaper, but I was not going to sleep on my back or stomach. It was more comfortable and I was in no danger of wetting in my sleep. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Chapter Ten: The Nature Hike I woke to Bets yelling at us to get up. “It's morning and we are going to go swimming,” she said. “You can't lie in bed all day. It's nine o'clock already. You don't want to sleep away the day when there is so much nature to see.” I rolled to my back and stretched before looking around. Cassie had a blank look on her face, but she had her hands over her eyes as if she was rubbing them. Melody just jumped out of bed walked over closer to Cassie and I. Veronica's hair was everywhere. She was already going through her stuff and when she bent down, I could see her sleep shorts were wet. She grabbed a clean diaper and threw it angrily onto her bed along with her changing supplies. When she looked my way, she seethed with anger. Darlene just sat on her bed and looked at her feet. Bella stood and stretched. Her t-shirt rode up to display her wet diaper. Bella was the first to speak. “Where can we shower?” Bets smiled. “There are shower facilities across the meadow. Get you stuff and lets go.” Five minutes later, we all trooped across the meadow. We must have been a sight since we were all in our pajamas. Cassie did put on a shirt, but the rest of us wore what we slept in. Veronica was still cross and I heard her and Bella talking. “Did you leak last night?” asked Bella. “Are you wearing Depends?” “Of course I'm wearing diapers. They just suck for sleeping in.” Veronica still wore her soaked shorts. “I meant that you don't really have good ones,” said Bella. “I don't want them to show under my clothes. I'm not wearing thick ones with blocks on them like that girl.” She pointed at Melody's diaper. “I don't know about the blocks, but thicker is better.” She lifted her t-shirt to reveal her diaper. “No baby blocks, but they are thicker and my nightie is dry. I'll loan you one for tonight if you want to try. You'll feel better in the morning.” “I'd feel better in the morning if I didn't have to wear diapers at all.” Veronica bore her teeth and it looked like she was going to snarl at Bella. Darleen grabbed Bella by the arm and pulled her toward me. “Don't mine Veronica. She looks like she needs coffee.” “Or an enema,” said Cassie. “She has something up her ass.” I elbowed her in the ribs. “Shush.” She gave me an angry look and I remembered what Cassie was capable of. Was she going to beat me now? I turned to apologize, but she just smiled. “Geeze, it was only a joke.” “Remember,” I said. “You are supposed to be nice.” She frowned. Melody stood on my other side. She looked a bit worried and reached to grab my hand. I let her hold it until we got to a door in the back of the cafeteria building. It had a woman's bathroom symbol and another symbol indicating showers. We walked and the other girls race toward the showers. I found a bench and threw my bag on it before stripping down to shower myself. Melody stood quietly beside me and just stood there. She looked worried. I looked at her. “Are you all right?” “I always take baths. I never took a shower before.” I sighed. Did she have to be that helpless. “Well there are probably not any bathtubs in the dorms either, so get used to it.” “But...,” “Just get undressed.” I took off my t-shirt and diaper and then wrap a towel around me. I looked over to Melody and she saw she was doing the same. At least I didn't have to undress her like a baby. I put a hand on her shoulder. “It will be okay.” There were only four position in the shower and Bets, Cassie, Veronica, and Bella were first, so Melody, Darlene, and I had to wait. I looked into the shower. Most of the other girls were finished. I took Melody by the hand and pushed her under the shower and then took my position under the other shower head. I cleaned the best could and then returned to my towel and started to dry off. Melody was still under the shower soaping up. She looked happy in there. I imagined how her life must have been before camp. Her mommy probably bathed her like a toddler. I dried off and then pulled my bikini out of my bag. I kept my towel around my waist and put on the bikini top. Before I grabbed the panties and put them on, Bets voice rang out clearly. “Girls, hurry up and get dressed. We are going on an hour long nature hike on the way to go swimming. Be sure you bring some extra diapers. We are going to be gone from the cabin until noon.” I grabbed a clean diaper and taped it on. I found some clean shorts in my bag and pulled them on and stuffed the bikini bottoms in my pocket. Melody came out of the shower naked and wet. I tossed her a towel and she started to dry off. “Can you diaper me please?” she asked. I shook my head. “Cassie is supposed to do that from now on,” I said. I motioned over to Cassie and she came over. “Hurry and get dressed, Baby,” she said when she saw Melody wasn't ready. I sighed. “We talked about this, Cassie. You need to help her. Besides, she's not a baby. She's really smart if you get to talk to her.” Cassie frowned. “Well, Smarty Pants, lay down on the bench.” She put one of Melody's building block diapers under her and pulled the front up between her legs. She was about to tape it up, but I had to tease her. “You must really like changing diapers,” I said. “No, I don't. Bets is making me.” “She's making you do it until she learns how to do it herself,” I said. “If you don't teach her, she's not going to learn and you'll have to keep doing it.” She scowled, but looked at Melody. “See, you lay on the diaper and then you pull the front up to the same level.” She described the process as she did so. I was enjoying Cassies discomfort until Darlene tugged on my arm. “Can you give me a hand?” She held a untaped diaper between her legs and she looked cross. I helped her down on the bench. “I always tape the bottom tapes first,” I said. “Then you can make sure the top ones go over your hips so your diaper doesn't sag too much.” I taped them in place. I never thought I would be changing diapers. I was glad Kara made me wear them and change myself in the week before camp. I would have looked stupid if I didn't know what I was doing. When I was done, I brushed my hair the best I could and tied it in a pony tail. Toothbrushing followed. I decided to skip the whole makeup thing. It was just us girls and it would wash off while swimming. Cassie and I were the last to leave the bathroom when all was said and done. I smiled at the group. “Shall we be moving?” asked Bets. Melody took Cassie by the hand and they followed Bets and the other girls. I was surprised Cassie let her hold her hand. She looked back at me with a look of discomfort. I smiled and walked beside Darlene. We walked into the woods and Bets pointed out all the trees and what types they were. After about twenty minutes, she pointed out some mushrooms growing on a tree like a shelf. I thought it was pretty cool, but the other girls were bored. “Nora, what is your room like?” asked Darlene. “I bet you have a cool and more adult-looking room. Mine has pink walls and a stupid canopy bed.” I frowned. “I'd actually like a room like that. Mine has a boarded up window and black scorch marks on my carpet.” “Really? What happened?” “My house got raided by the IRS. They came with guns. It was scary because I was still in bed and they smashed through the windows. They wouldn't let me get dressed until they were done searching the house.” “Whoa. That sounds embarrassing. Were they nice about your diapers?” I had to stop and think about it. I hadn't been in diapers then. I wondered what would have happened if it was the case. “No.” I remembered the SWAT team teasing me about wetting myself when the flashbang grenade flew through the window. I don't they would have been very nice if I was in diapers then. “They even handcuffed me so I wasn't able to pull my shirt down and I was obviously very wet.” Sitting in wet panties for three hours was embarrassing. Wetting on my carpet because I was still in handcuffs was even worse. “Oh my,” she said. “I though I had it bad with a mother who won't leave me alone. You have it far worse than me.” I felt bad. I was gaming these people for free college and Darlene felt bad for me. I felt disgusted with myself. “Well, it's good you got the scholarship since your money dried up,” she said. I nodded. “So tell me more about yourself.” “Well, I have four brothers. I'm the only girl. I'm the youngest.” She looked around. “Nothing really exciting happened to me. Well that I remember. I was in a car accident between first and second grade. I don't remember it at all. I do remember coming home from the hospital and having to wear diapers again. My mother is a stay at home mom, so she could make sure I have anything I want. She writes all the time”. “I had to be quiet and play with my toys or read a book in her office so she could keep an eye on me. I really didn't need constant supervision. The only freedom I got was when mother dropped me off at school and there I had to deal with people who bullied me.” “Oh wow,” I said. “I thought she was over the top when she dropped you off at the van.” “I was surprised by that too. I thought I'd get a reprieve now that I am eighteen, but I think she is a habitual meddler in my life.” She sighed. “It worked out. I didn't have anything to do at home but do homework. At least mother didn't hover over me and second guess me on school work. Everything else was hovering.” She twirled around. “Do you see how I dress?” I did look at her. She wore nighties to bed, which was just personal preference, I thought, but she also wore weird looking clothes. Her jeans were just a bit like mom-jeans. I mean, sure she would need the extra room in the seat, so I never expected anything. However, her shirts were a bit dressy. I hadn't really seen her wear a t-shirt the whole trip. She only wore button-down blouses. “It's not that bad,” I said. She pointed to Melody just ahead. She wore a pink t-shirt with a Disney princess on the front. She wore a short white jeans skirt and I swear I could see her diaper peaking out as she walked. “At least I am not as babyish as she is.” “Well, from what I hear, her mother makes yours seem normal. You know she never had a vaccination in her life?” “What? My mother wouldn't let up about the vaccine thing. I think I had to get a flu shot at least twice a year. My shot record is meticulously recorded in volume eighteen of my baby book.” “Volume eighteen?” I had a book with baby pictures and scrapbook items, but it stopped getting updated when I was three. “I do have a shelf with all my participation trophies, but I don't care about those. I got my softball trophies for sitting on the bench.” “My brothers had some of those. They never kept them. They only kept their championship trophies. I never got to play sports. It wasn't safe for someone with my condition.” She shook her head. “I only have a severed nerve from where a pen impaled me during the accident. It's only the nerve that tells me when I have to go pee. It's not like I am in danger of hurting my back or jarring something if I get hurt doing sports.” “So why couldn't you do anything?” “I think mother feels guilty because she thinks she couldn't protect me,” she said. “I have to be watched over so no more harm will come to me. You know, I am not prepared to be on my own. Mother didn't even teach me to change myself. It's ridiculous.” “We'll work on that,” I said. “I appreciate it.” She looked at me. “You know, I noticed you are pretty together. You step up and help out. I don't know what you did to Cassie.” She pointed at Cassie and Melody holding hands as they walked. “She was so mean before. Bella told me Bets was going to throw her out of the program.” “Bella was wrong.” I didn't want to tell her about our messy diapers. I didn't want to have the other girls find that out about me. “Well, Bets just asked Cassie to help out Melody. She wasn't in trouble.” “We all heard Cassie's outburst,” said Darlene. “Something went down.” “It's a private matter,” I said. “Bets said it was over and forgotten.” I must have appeared angry. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.” “Forget it,” I said. “So what made you choose engineering?” I asked. “I had the grades for it. We don't have much money because there were a lot of medical bills and mother quit her job to take care of me. I couldn't get any other scholarships because you have to be involved in extracurricular activities to actually be awarded most scholarship. I don't even know what I want to do when I grow up. Never had any experience that would help me decide.” “I actually wanted to teach English,” I admitted. “I want to write an awesome bodice ripper with Fabio on the cover.” “Ick,” she said. “Fabio is pretty dumb. He can barely speak English. Mother got to meet him when he was in a photo shoot for her cover.” “You're kidding. Your mother wrote a book with Fabio on the cover?” “Yeah, ick.” “I love him,” I said. “I used to lay in bed and read his books with one hand under the blankets.” I blushed. “Eww,” she said. “Oh, come on, surely you have. Everyone does it.” “I don't. You really missed the part where my mother supervises every aspect of my life.” She looked at me. “Just eww. That was too much information.” “Oh look,” I said, desperate to change the conversation. “Bets is pointing out a deer. Be quiet or it will run away.” The deer came closer to us and I saw that it had an orange tag in its ear. It saw us and turned and bounded away. “Are they domesticated?” I asked Bets. “What's with the ear tags?” “No,” said Bets. “It's a state park. They mark them to manage the wildlife. Some people like to hunt here in the winter.” “Oh, no,” said Melody. “Someone would kill that sweet little deer? It's like when Bambi's mother got shot.” “Stop being a baby,” said Cassie. “There are too many deer anyway.” Bets glared at Cassie for an instant and then we resumed our march. “That was weird,” said Darlene. “Cassie had to grow up too soon,” I said. “She doesn't have the patience to deal with Melody tactfully.” We walked a while longer and then came out of the woods behind the locker rooms by the lake. Cassie and I had been there earlier. Behind the building was a picnic table and on it was a basket. “Oh good. The food is here,” said Bets. “We can have out picnic after our swim.” Swimming would be fun. I didn't know how much it would reveal about me or the other girls. I've never been so humiliated in my life. Chapter Eleven: Humiliation “I am not going to swim,” said Veronica. She held her arms crossed to emphasize her flat refusal. I stared at her. Her one piece swimming suit lay on the bench of the dressing room and she refused to even pick it up. The colors were still bright. In fact, it still had the price tags on them. Darleen sat on the bench in her suit. She wore a swim diaper instead of bikini bottoms. Melody wore a one piece, but it was obvious she had on swim diapers beneath them. Cassie was naked. She still wore her diaper, but she hadn't started to put on her bikini top. “I don't know why you don't want to swim,” said Cassie. “Nora and I went swimming yesterday. The water was nice.” “It's because I'm wearing a diaper. It reminds me of my incontinence when I swim. There is no way to hide the diaper. Look at these two.” She pointed at Melody and Darleen. “It's just us girls,” said Darleen. “No one else will see our diapers.” “I will see them,” said Veronica. “I will see what that drunk turned me into.” “Don't wear a diaper,” I said. “You are outside and it's a lake. Besides, before I was incontinent, I peed my bathing suit lots of times.” “Eww,” said Darleen. “Nora and I were skinny dipping yesterday. We took off our diapers for a swim.” Cassie turned a bit red. “Are you sure it's okay?” asked Veronica. I nodded and she shed her clothes and diaper and pulled on the new swimsuit. She looked in the mirror and smiled. Cassie and I dressed in our bikinis as well. We walked out and Bets stood there. “Swimming without protection?” Cassie nodded. “Yep. I peed in the pool before I was incontinent. Besides swim diapers don't really hold pee.” Bella came running out of the locker room. She wasn't diapered either. Bets smiled. “Okay. That is a valid and discreet option. Have fun.” She then turned to me and quietly said. “Nora, I think you do need a swim diaper. You had issues with messing yesterday. I don't think we want to swim with you if you have another messy accident unless you have swim diapers on.” Veronica was probably too close and she definiately heard. “Eww. Nora messed her pants yesterday. Make her wear a swim diaper. Eww.” The other girls all stared at me. I couldn't believe what Bets had revealed in front of the other girls. Only Cassie had known about the incident and now everyone knew. “Oh, that's why you came back without pants,” said Bella. I turned and fled into the bathroom where I sat on the bench and started to cry. How could Bets embarrass me like that? I was going to just go home and pack for Austria. At least no one in Austria would know I messed myself and I wouldn't have to wear diapers. I wondered what kind of job I could get with a yodeling degree. Bets came in. She had a swim diaper in her hands which she handed to me. “Nora, it's for the best. You don't want to contaminate the water.” I wanted to yell at her for embarrassing me, but I couldn't get any coherent words out. I was crying too hard. However Cassie came in behind her. “The other girls think I'm mean,” she said. Bets looked at her. “This is hardly the time.” “It's exactly the right time. You revealed something Nora was embarrassed about to all of us. Don't you see you humiliated her? The other girls think I'm mean, but I am never that mean.” “I didn't know Veronica was close enough to overhear. I'm sorry.” Bets sat beside me and held me against her and patted my back. I was still sobbing and I pressed my face against her shoulder. I still couldn't say anything understandable. “Bets, let me take her to the cabin,” said Cassie. “We will behave ourselves, I promise.” “We are going to stay together,” said Bets. “You two need to get to know the other girls. You just can't stay by yourselves the whole time.” “But she is humiliated and just needs to be alone to cry it out. Please let us go. I know she'll have to face the other girls later. However, she not ready for that.” I stopped sobbing a bit. “Yeah, I want to go back to the cabin.” I could barely speak, but I managed. Bets looked at Cassie and then back at me. “Okay, go. We'll be back after our picnic. There are sodas in the cooler in the cafeteria kitchen and there are frozen pizzas in the freezers.” She touched my shoulder. “I'm really sorry I revealed your accident to the other girls.” Cassie took my hand. “Come on, let's go.” I got up and then picked up my diaper bag. Cassie took hers and we walked back to the cabin. We had just gotten out of sight of the lake when I felt the need to pee. I was almost ready to start peeing, but then I realized I was still in my bikini. “Oh crap. I forgot to put on a diaper.” Cassie got a panicked look. “Oh yeah.” She grabbed a diaper from her bag and lay right down on the grass and put one on. She then turned to me as I was sorting through my bag for a clean diaper. “Would you like me to help?” “I think I can manage,” I said. I pulled a diaper out of the bag and started to change myself. When I had my diaper on, Cassie was ready to go. “Hurry up.” “I need to put on shorts.” “No we don't. I am just going to wear my diaper and bikini top. We can go to the meadow and lay out.” She grabbed her diaper bag and began to walk toward the camp. I hurried to follow her. When we arrived at the campsite, he dropped our bags on our bunks and then Cassie left the cabin. I followed her to the middle of the meadow where she threw her towel on the grass. “I still think that was mean that Bets outed you. And Veronica is going to hear from me.” Cassie balled up her fist before bending down to straighten the towel. I laid my towel down and joined her. “Thanks, Cassie. Veronica is still more to blame. I don't think Bets meant to shame me.” “Still, a bit of discretion goes a long way.” She looked at me for a while and though for a bit before speaking. “When I got out of juvie, I got a new family. I was the only foster kid. They had a child of their own and I didn't have to share a room with her, but the diapers weren't a secret. My foster sister teased me and shamed me for needing diapers. It was awful.” I reached over and took her hand. “It's okay. You don't have to hide the diapers from me.” I twisted my fingers. “We are this close. We can share anything.” Cassie frowned. “Well--,” she started. She cut off what she was going to say abruptly. I guess she still had secrets and to tell the truth, I was lying to her then. I was a big faker and she had to endure teasing because of diapers when she was growing up. I had parents that loved me and I wouldn't have to deal with parents that didn't understand. We lay out for quite a while. We pointed out clouds and made up shapes from them. We talked about our dreams for college. At one point Cassie rolled over on her stomach and unhooked her bikini top. “My front is tanned enough.” I rolled over next to her and we stared into the woods looking for the other girls. “Are you going to try to find a boyfriend in college,” I asked. “Of course,” she said. “Although, I've never really been in anyplace long enough to have one. It will be a first for me.” “I thought you'd be a bit more experienced,” I said. “My rough and tough exterior?” she asked. “You got to be rough and tough to get through foster care.” “Especially with diapers,” I said. She paused and then sighed. “I guess.” I heard a noise and saw two cars driving around the lane from behind the cafeteria building. “Someone's coming,” I said. “Let's go before someone sees us.” Cassie squealed and then got up. Her bikini top started to slide, but she grabbed the ties in one hand in her towel in the other and ran toward the cabin. I grabbed our other stuff and followed. When we got to the cabin, we scrambled to find shorts and t-shirts. Once dressed, I looked out the window. The cars pulled up by the cabin and stopped in the lane. One of the cars was a cop car. The other was a Prius. Cassie joined me on the bunk by the window as we peered out. “It's the police. We got to hide.” “No, we don't,” I said. “We didn't do anything wrong.” However, the police man got out of his car and headed toward the cabin. The woman in the Prius followed and stood by his side. “No, there is a woman with the police man. That usually means it's social services. I need to hide.” She looked around nervously. “I thought you were eighteen. They can't get you, can they?” I was more worried that it was the IRS coming to take my new source of college funds. I wore diapers to get this one and I was not going to lose it after going through the humiliation of wearing diapers. Cassie looked around for a way out, but there was no back door. Instead, she hid under the bed. There was a knock at the door and I sighed and answered it. The police officer stood there and looked at me. His utility belt held black weapons. His gun looked so big, but he also had a taser and a heavy flashlight. I involuntarily let out a bit of pee into my diaper as I thought of what the SWAT team had done to me at my home. The woman next to him seemed out of place. She wore a flowy skirt and a peasant blouse. Around her neck was a pentagram necklace. She looked at me and a full body shiver flowed through me. She was a middle aged woman, but she scared me to death. She scared me more than the police man. The police man spoke. “We need to ask you a few questions.” From under the bed, I heard Cassie whimpering in fear. The police man looked around for the source of the sound. Cassie wasn't good at staying hidden. I bit my lip as the police locked his eyes on Cassie's bare foot sticking out from under the bunk. Chapter Twelve: I'm Not a Baby The policeman knew that Cassie was hiding under the bed. He looked at her and he looked pissed. “I see you under there. Come out now.” He took out his flashlight and shined it at Cassie under the bed. It was a big, black six cell Maglite and I knew they were used to force compliance as well as providing light. Cassie slowly backed from under the bed and sat up facing the police officer. She was scared. “I... I... didn't... do it. I... I... swear.” The cop ignored Cassie and turned to the woman with the pentagram necklace. “Is this her?” The woman shook her head. “No, it's not. I told you she was blond.” The cop shrugged and waved a hand at Cassie. “Who knows what color her hair was originally. I had to ask.” He turned to Cassie. “Now why were you hiding from me?” “I don't know.” She said it like a little girl who got caught taking a cookie from the cookie jar. It reminded me of the joke on Bill Cosby's stand up routine where he talked about how children were brain damaged. Her father played the tape in the car on every road trip. “Why'd you do it?” asked Bill. He then switched to a little girl voice and said, “I don't know.” Then he'd address the audience. “See? Brain damaged.” Cassie didn't think it was a joke and neither did the police officer. He looked at her. “Never hide from a police officer. If I wasn't so busy I'd arrest you for obstructing a police investigation.” He turned to me. “Now I have a few questions I need to ask you.” Cassie spoke up. “We demand an attorney while we are being questioned.” “I am investigating a kidnapping. Do you think you're a suspect?” He glared at Cassie. “We are just at a camp for the girls in a certain scholarship to get to know each other before we start college,” I said. “We don't know anything about a kidnapping.” “Is Elizabeth Jones the head of this scholarship committee? Do you know where she is?” “Her name was on the paperwork,” said the woman. I nodded. “She and the other girls are swimming at the lake. I didn't feel good, so we came back here.” “Do you know which road leads to the lake?” the lady asked. “I think you just cut through the woods on the trail.” I looked at Cassie and then back at the woman. “We didn't drive down there, although I guess there should be a way since there was an RV parking area by the lake.” “What's this all about? What would we have to do with a kidnapping? We haven't seen anyone as we've been alone on the campground since we got here.” “Someone stole my baby,” said the woman, “and someone will have to pay when I find them.” She pulled a chain from beneath her blouse and stroked a chicken foot suspended on it. Cassie spoke. “There are no babies here. We are all college students.” The woman just glared at Cassie and held the chicken talon tight in her hand. It was really creepy. Fortunately, the police officer turned to the woman. “We'll find your baby. Let's go down to the lake and interview this Elizabeth Jones woman. They were about to leave when I heard voices coming from the woods behind the cabin. Bets and the other girls were returning. I wondered what I should do, but I couldn't warn them without alerting the police. Besides, they were missing a baby. Maybe someone's baby disappeared at the McDonald's and they were asking because the van was marked and they thought Bets might have seen something. The girls walked into the cabin. Violet was first with Melody close behind. Melody looked at the woman and ran up to her and gave her a hug. “Mommy, what are you doing here?” The woman rubbed Melody's back and then showered her with kisses. “I missed my baby so much. I'm glad you are safe.” “Is this your daughter, ma'am?” the police officer asked. “Yes, yes, she is. Thank you so much.” She looked at Melody. “You are safe now with Mommy. I'll take you back home.” She looked at the cop. “How soon can we leave?” The cop was about to speak, but Melody interrupted. “No, mama. I got two more days at camp, then I am going to college.” “Nonsense. You are coming home. Who is taking care of you? Who is changing you and helping you get dressed. Did your father just leave you with these people without telling me instead of taking you back home when his visitation was over?” The cop looked a bit uncomfortable, but Melody went on. “I am dressing myself now, and I am learning to change myself. I am not a baby anymore. And yes, daddy dropped me off.” “But I am your mother and you have to do what I say. I am telling you that you need to come home with me.” So this was it. We were not going to deal with Melody anymore. She was pretty weird, but I had really grown to like her. “But, mommy, I am not a baby anymore.” “You'll always be my baby and I am not letting you go.” The whole interchange took place in front of the threshhold of the door, so Bets couldn't get in, but she finally got in past Darlene and Veronica and finally stood up for Melody. “She's starting college now. Surely you want the best for your daughter's education.” “Stay out of this,” said the woman. “Don't you dare try to tell me how to raise my child.” “Mommy, I am eighteen now. Daddy said it was my decision if I should go to college since I am now an adult. I'm not a baby anymore, Mommy.” “You lost that privilege when you didn't come back and you left home without telling me.” “But I left a note because I knew you'd be like this. I am eighteen and I am going to college. You can't stop me.” Melody turned to storm to her bunk, but her mother spun her around and held her by both forearms. “Listen. We are going now. Pack your things.” Melody stared back. I could see her legs were shaking. “No, mama.” “You are my child and I will make you if I have to.” The policeman finally spoke up. “No ma'am. She is eighteen now. You can't make her go back with you. She is an adult now.” Bets looked at the policeman. “Please make that woman leave. She is disturbing my students.” The policeman looked at her. “You got to leave now. She's an adult and she can make her own decisions. You have to let your children move on.” Melody's mother looked at Melody. “Fine. You can stay, but when you can't handle college, don't cry to me about it. If you don't make it through, I will not send you to college when you are ready for it. You will learn to do your own laundry, and make your own bed, and deal with homework and everything without help.” She turned and walked out the door. The police officer turned to Bets. “I'm sorry. I didn't know she was an adult. I thought I was looking for a missing child.” He looked at Melody and just stared. “She is awfully childlike though.” I looked at the policeman. “I honestly thought she was going to cave and go home. She is grown up today.” “Well, I'm done here.” He turned to Cassie. “You, young lady, need to keep your nose clean. Not every police officer is out to get you.” He turned and left. “Well, girls,” said Bets. “We had enough excitement for today. Free time until supper.” The other girls ran out of the cabin. I went to my bed. I was wet and I wanted a change. As I was l changing, I saw Melody lay down on her bunk. She wasn't changing herself, but she was lying face down. I quickly took off my old diaper and cleaned myself with a wipe, before putting on my new diaper. I heard sobbing and looked over at Melody. I had planned to go join the others. Bella had a Frisbee and Veronica and Darleen had ball gloves, so they were going out to have fun. However, I just felt bad for Melody. Why was she sobbing. Instead of going out to have fun myself, I walked over and sat beside her on her bed. I started brushing my hand through her hair. “It will be okay.” “No, it's not. My mommy is mad at me. I never disobeyed her before.” I rubbed her back. “Don't you want to go to college?” I asked. “Yeah,” she said through sobs. “It's just that she is mad at me and wants me to fail.” “Well, you will have to make sure that you don't fail then.” I rubbed her back and smiled. “I'll try not to.” “Good,” I said. “You will be in my study group because you are smarter than me.” “I'm glad you have such faith in me.” “Now let's go play Frisbee with the others.” She reached in her bag and pulled out a clean diaper. “Change me first?” I shook my head. “You know what to do,” I said. “Cassie showed you what to do.” She managed to change herself. I did take the time to tighten the tapes though. I looked at the cartoon Teddy bears on the front of her diaper. “Where did you get the diapers with the cartoons?” “Mommy gets them online,” she said. She pulled on her shorts and we headed out the door to join the others. Chapter Thirteen: Breaking Camp After all the earlier excitement, the rest of the camp activities just weren't eventful. Aside from swimming and hiking, we really didn't do much except get to know one another. I thought about who I wanted to live with and I really couldn't choose. I liked Melody and Cassie seemed pretty cool as well. I knew we should be picking roommates and I was frankly just torn. Cassie and I got along pretty well, but she had that violent past. However, Melody was really smart, but she was too childish. It was the last night before camp ended and we would be headed back to MIT. We all sat around a campfire. I sat between Cassie and Melody. Veronica and Darlene had gone off to talk and Bella was sitting by herself reading. Cassie scooted closer to me. “So who are you going to choose?” I thought about it and then I shrugged. “I still haven't decided.” I looked over at Bella and yawned. Sitting next to the fire was making me a bit drowsy. I wondered how she felt. She was sitting by herself. I stood and walked over to her. I looked at Cassie, but she gave me a hurt look. That was too bad. I had to find out. “Bella, may I sit here?” I asked. She smiled and put her book by her side. “So Veronica and Darlene seem to want to be roommates. Who do you want to room with?” She gave me an uncomfortable look. “Well, I like almost all the girls,” she said. “I really don't mind, but I don't want to share a dorm room with one girl.” I looked over to Cassie and then back at Bella. I smiled at her. “The thing is, I am trying to decide between choosing Cassie and Melody. Since Veronica and Darlene have decided to be roommates, then if I choose Melody, you have to live with Cassie, and if I choose Cassie, you get Melody. I wanted your input. Beside, both girls have different downsides, but they are both awesome.” I put a hand on her shoulder. “So what do you think?” “I'll take Melody. You stay with Cassie. You two are best suited for each other.” I nodded. “Okay. I'll fill out my preferences and give them to Bets.” I took the little ballot Bets made us and circled Cassie's name. I then put it in the hat she had on the picnic table and then I returned to my spot between Melody and Cassie. Cassie grabbed my forearm. “What were you two talking about?” she hissed. I tried to pull my arm from her grip, but it was too strong and it hurt. “I asked her if she wanted to live with you or Melody. I couldn't decide and Veronica and Darlene chose each other.” I tried to pull my arm away. “Let go. You are hurting me.” She let go and then rubbed my forearm where her grip had squeezed it. “I'm sorry. I got too excited. Besides, I thought you were going to dump me in with the baby.” She frowned and looked over at Melody and then stuck her mouth to my ear. “I'm sorry. I'm a terrible person.” I whispered back to her. “You aren't terrible. You are my friend and we are going to stick together.” She gave me a hug. “Thanks. I need someone who can put up with me. I usually don't get along with others.” “I would have never guessed.” The sarcasm was evident. I just sat and relaxed. After enjoying the campfire, it wasn't long before Bets took the hat and then began writing. She then stood up. “It looks like we decided on our roommate situation here. I think this is the first year everyone got their first preferences. Veronica and Darlene are together in the double Melody and Bella, and Nora and Cassie are going to be in the quad.” “I thought we were just two to a room,” said Bella. “You are,” said Bets. “The quad has a shared bathroom and sitting area, but the double is just a bit larger. You'll see. They are both nice.” “So I guess we are sharing a bathroom with the baby,” said Cassie. “You get to bathe her.” “Be nice,” I said. “She is going to bathe herself. Remember, we are teaching her to be independent.” “Fine,” said Cassie. “Shush, I'm trying to hear Bets.” Bets continued talking. “… so I expect you to be ready at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. We want to get you girls settled in your new rooms. We will give you a chance to go shopping. Your scholarship includes an allowance for incidentals and school supplies, so we are going to Walmart.” “Oh joy. Walmart,” I said. “Where do you shop for school supplies and stuff?” asked Cassie. “Some of us didn't grow up filthy rich.” I frowned. I felt guilty. I had been rich before Dad's IRS problem. I had two reasons to feel guilty now. Although I didn't feel as bad about this as I did about faking incontinence. Walmart? Really? I said nothing and Cassie took my silence as me being called out as snobbish. After a while, she whispered to me. “I'm going to head to bed. A quick change and some rest will do both of us some good. I nodded and followed. I was getting uncomfortable from being wet and wanted to change and maybe get back into the romance novel I was reading. “I can't wait for college to start,” she said. “I'm looking forward to it myself,” I said. “I hope I have the perfect outfit for the first day of classes.” “Yeah,” she said. “I need to pick out an outfit myself. What I usually wear won't work because I don't want my diaper to show.” “Cassie, what do you mean that you usually wear?” I asked. She got a panicked look on her face. “Well, um,” she started. “I, um, ripped my favorite jeans last week. I wear them everywhere I want to make an impression or I did. You can see my diaper through the rip.” “Okay,” I said. “I just think you should wear a short dress and let all the haters screw themselves.” “I wish I was brave enough to do that, but I think discretion is better.” “I know. It was one of the first things I had to give up after becoming incontinent,” I said. “And printed panties,” she said. “I was at Walmart and saw they had Marvel panties and I was upset I couldn't buy them.” “Really?” I asked. “I didn't see you as a comic book reader.” “Well, I don't read comic books. I like the comic book movies though. I don't have the patience.” “It takes patience to read comic books?” I laughed. “I could read one in ten minutes.” “Fine, laugh. I'll just take your romance novel and give you ten or fifteen pages every month. I'll be sure the last page is at a critical point. You see how much patience you have then.” “You wouldn't dare,” I said. “No, I wouldn't,” she admitted. “But if I did, you would know what a comic book is like.” “So why were you looking at little girl's Wonder Woman panties?” I asked. “I was in Walmart and they were on a display by the aisle. Besides they were for women our size and I said Marvel, not DC. Were you even listening?” “Wait. What?” “Wonder Woman is a DC Comics character. The panties I was talking about had Iron Man, the Hulk, and Thor. They are characters in Marvel Comics. And they were in our size, not little girl sizes. Okay?” “I get it now.” I didn't. I just rolled my eyes. “Good. As my roommate you are going to be exposed to my love of nerdy science fiction stuff. Besides, we are going to be MIT girls and that means we get to study nerdy stuff like science and engineering.” “I still don't know about comic book movies, though.” We arrived at the cabin and Cassie grabbed her changing supplies and changed. I took the time to do so as well. When I finished, I turned toward Cassie. “Cassie, have you ever had a boyfriend?” She started snoring and I didn't have the energy to wake her up.” ### The next morning, I woke up to a gentle shaking. “Wake up, Nora. Everyone else is ready.” I rolled over, but Melody persisted in her attempt to wake me. “Wake up. We are going to college today and we are leaving in ten minutes. I sat up. “Ten minutes. Why didn't you wake me sooner?” I had to pee pretty bad and my diaper was still dry. I reached for my shorts and pulled them on and then franticly set about packing. “We tried to wake you, but you kept going back to sleep,” said Cassie. “I am going to be left behind in the woods,” I said. “Oh, you're finally up,” said Bets. “Hurry and get your stuff packed in the van.” I grabbed my toiletry bag and started for the door, but Bets stopped me. “No time for that. We got to leave now.” I turned around and packed. This was not good. My hair was tied in a pony tail, but I got sweaty during the night and I wanted a shower. Besides, I needed to wet my diaper and have a diaper change. Instead I put my suitcase in the back of the van and got in with everyone else. As soon as I sat down I wet. The purple diaper I had worn to bed handled my wetting well enough, but I was afraid I was going to leak. However, these diapers held up pretty good and I had been in a wet diaper constantly so I guess it wasn't too bad. Soon after I wet, we were on the road and headed back to MIT. My adventure was about to begin. I had worn diapers constantly for three days with other girls watching. I could fake this pretty well. What remained to be seen is if I could fake this for four more years. I lay my head against the window as we drove back toward Boston. Chapter Fourteen: Settling In We decided to stop at McDonalds on the way home. Bets decided. I would have preferred anywhere else, but anywhere with a bathroom would be good. I wanted to change and I couldn't stand it after sitting in a wet diaper for three hours. We finally pulled in and I grabbed my diaper bag got out of the van and headed inside. “Wait up,” said Casey. She ran after me and matched my speed when she caught up. “Okay, let's go.” I headed toward the lady's room and Cassie followed me. We got stalls next to each other and I started to change. I got the old diaper off and carefully wrapped it up so it wouldn't drip on my shorts. “Eww. Yuck,” I heard from the other stall. “What's wrong?” I asked. “Nothing. I'm just changing.” I just ignored her and finished changing and getting dressed. I then picked up the dirty diaper and dropped it in the trash. When I looked in the mirror, I was a mess. My hair was everywhere and I felt sweaty. I just smoothed my hair the best I could and waited for Cassie. She came out of the stall and didn't look happy. She stuffed the diaper in the trash and washed her hands. “Let's skip the milkshakes today.” I blushed but then we walked out and ordered our food. Cassie and I just shared a twenty piece McNugget meal. I was in no mood to have a messy problem that couldn't be taken care of until after I was able to move into my dorm room. That would have sucked. We sat over in the corner away from the other girls. Darlene and Veronica, and Melody and Bella had each taken separate tables away from each other. Being together in the van and all weekend had been a bit much. “I can't wait to go to Walmart,” said Cassie. “I am going to love this. I am going to buy the good folders. I think I might actually buy a Trapper Keeper.” “Really? They still make those?” I wondered why she would want one. I couldn't imagine a use for one in college. “I'm just getting plenty of copy paper and a spiral notebook for each class. And gel pens. I don't know if I will be doing that either because we are going to have laptops and I'm probably going to take notes in Word, not on paper. We are engineering students, not English majors.” I winced slightly when I said that. I still wanted to write my romance novel. “Well, they were too expensive for a foster kid, so I never got one.” she said. “I had an old binder that said JamesSoft Human Resource Department on it. All my classmates had Trapper Keepers. If we needed crayons I would get a 64 pack with a sharpener instead of just eight crayons.” “I think I had a 96 pack of crayons,” I said. “Because you were rich and privileged,” she said. “Every time I colored it looked like they had Simpson skin.” “Anyway,” I said, “you probably don't want to carry more than you need for class each day. MIT is bigger than the campus at highschool. You won't have a locker.” She sighed. “I guess that is true.” She pulled the tray closer to her and and grabbed a hand full of fries. “McDonald's usually means something in my life is changing in a major way.” I smiled and almost laughed. I am glad I didn't because she said something personal and it would have been mean to laugh. “Yeah, my social worker took me to McDonald's before dropping me off with a new family. It was nice arriving somewhere after having eaten because I usually wouldn't be fed until the next meal.” I walked to the other side of the table and squeezed next to her so I could give her a hug. “Cassie, I'm sorry. That makes me so sad.” She hugged me back. “Well, I am a college girl now.” She smiled. ### We were back on the road for another few hours before we finally arrived back at MIT. The parking lot was full now. However, the few of us who drove had spots up front and there was a spot reserved for the van. Bets parked and then turned back to us. “Okay we are here. Go check into your dorms and then you are all set. I will meet you back here for supper and then I will make sure you can get your shopping done, then you are all set.” “What about the roommate assignments,” asked Veronica. “I e-mailed those in while we were connected to the McDonald's wi-fi,” she said. “What time do we meet you?” asked Bella. “Five o'clock,” said Bets. We all unloaded our gear from the van and entered the dorm building for the first time. I have to say, I was nervous. What if our rooms weren't as private as we thought? What if this scholarship was a known thing and our diapers weren't exactly a secret? I shuddered at the thought, but then realized we wouldn't have been warned about keeping quiet if it were known. Inside was a desk with the sign, “Resident Assistant” at the front. A poster said, “New students, sign in here.” A college girl sat at the desk behind a laptop. “Name?” she asked. Darlene and Veronica were at the front so they stood at the desk first. “I am Darlene Keene and this is my roommate Veronica English. Do you have our room ready?” she asked with a polite, but nervous tremor. The RA typed. “I got you in 401A. It's on the end, so it's a double. You two are lucky. There are only four doubles per floor and one of them is the RA's room.” “What's that mean?” asked Veronica. “You don't have to share a bathroom with anyone except for your roommate.” I started to feel worried. We were supposed to be protected from the other girls in the dorms from finding out our situation. “I'm Nora Stevens and this is my roommate Cassie…Cassie, what is your last name?” “It's just Cassie,” she said. “You got to have a family name,” said the RA. “I have to have a family to have a family name. I don't.” “Cassie, stop being difficult,” I said. “Tell her your last name.” “Fine,” she said. “It's Nova.” “I got a Cassie Nova here,” said the RA. She snickered. “You two are in 308A. That's on my floor. I am at 328A if you need me. And no sneaking in the dates after hours, Miss Cassie Nova.” “Is it a double?” I asked. I did not want to share the bathroom with anyone. “Not likely,” said the RA. I looked at Bella and Melody standing behind us. Melody hefted her teddy bear and frowned. “Do you know who our quad mates are then?” She looked down at her sheet. “Some girls named Melody and Bella.” “That's us,” said Melody. “That works,” I said. I took my key from her and Cassie did the same. We both headed to the elevator. ### The dorm room was tiny. It was a quarter of the size of my own bedroom at home and I had to share it. There were two tiny twin beds, two nightstands, two decent-sized desks, and that was it. Along one wall were two doors that led to closets and a third door to the bathroom. I threw my stuff on one of the beds and Cassie claimed the other. “Whew, I thought we'd be sharing the bathroom with strangers,” I said. “Yeah, not fun.” She lowered her voice. “Juvie was bad. We had common bathrooms and everyone knew. The other girls would steal my pants when I was showering and I had to walk back to the room with just my diaper and shirt. I can share with Melody and Bella.” I took the box of clothes from my bed and dumped it out. I had another box of hangers and I started to hang my clothes. I stuck them all in my closet. Cassie watched me and frowned. “Did you bring all your clothes?” She opened her suitcase and I could see that she maybe had twelve outfits. “No, I just brought my warm weather stuff. I'll bring my winter stuff when I go home for break.” She gave a look of shock at me and then I could tell how different we were. “Oh, that is all you have,” I said. We looked about the same size. I knew what I needed to do, but I didn't really know if I wanted to share my wardrobe with an incontinent girl. I sighed. “You can wear any of my stuff.” “Thanks,” she said. She looked at my unused hangers and gave a pleading look. “There is not much drawer space in here.” She opened the drawers in the bottom of the closet. She dumped socks and bras in the drawer, shorts in the middle one, and shoved her diapers in the bottom drawer. I gave her enough hangers to hang her stuff and we were pretty much settled. I still had one more box and I opened it. It had my desk stuff. I had a little clay cup I made in pottery class which I used as a pencil cup. I had painted flowers on it and it was girly and whimsical. The other thing I had was a Dr Who TARDIS USB hub that somehow stayed in my possession without being seized with the rest of my computer stuff. I also had a little bound book with my Internet passwords. By some miracle I had left it at Kara's house the night of the raid, so I still had it. The last thing I took out was my coffee mug. It had an open book on it and the caption read, “Hopeless Romantic.” Cassie's desk was mostly empty. I saw she pulled out a plaque that read “First Prize – North Senior High Science Fair” on it. “Wow, you were in a science fair?” I asked. She nodded. “I got lucky. The judges graded the entries before Ailina Mathiue sneaked into the gym and smashed my exhibit.” She frowned. “I took a Raspberry Pi computer and hooked it to motors. It was supposed to move a telescope to point at any object in the night sky. I used an astronomy program, but I controlled the motors with Python script I wrote myself.” “That sounds really cool,” I said. I had no idea what she was talking about. “I'm sorry someone ruined your exhibit.” She sighed. “Well I beat Ailina with her majorette baton. After I was through with her, she couldn't twirl a baton for the rest of high school.” She smiled. “And she looked like a raccoon with her two black eyes.” “That's terrible,” I said. Would she take her wrath out on me? “I thought I was a bad ass back then,” she said. “I never would have beaten her up if I knew I would get kicked out of school and sent to live with some real mean girls.” She shrugged. “I am in college now, so I don't have to worry about that anymore.” “It's nice that they still gave you the plaque,” I said. A tear ran down her cheek. “Felix brought it to me when I got out of juvie. That was when he gave me the news that he and Elisa wouldn't take me back.” Her talking turned into a sob and she turned and ran into the bathroom. “Wait,” I said, but she had slammed the door and locked it. I sat on my bed and opened my book bag. I sighed and then emptied the twelve novels I had out on the bed. I then stacked them on the shelf above the desk. I took the one I was reading and laid down and began to read. About twenty minutes later, I heard a knock at the door followed by frantic pounding. I got up and looked around and made sure no diapers were visible in the room and then opened the door. It was Bella and Melody. Melody had her hand held tightly onto the back of her pants. “Hurry and let us in. Our bathroom is locked from our side and Melody is about to crap her diaper,” said Bella. I let them in and then knocked on the door to the bathroom. “Cassie, come out. Melody needs the bathroom.” “Go away,” she yelled. Melody was bent over and she was breathing hard. “Please, no. I can't do this at college. I haven't done this since I was a little kid.” I thought of my incident at camp and blushed. I didn't wish that on anyone. I took out the bobby pins from my hair and bent one into a torsion wrench and the other, I straighten except for a little hook on the end. I stuck both pins in the lock and wiggled them a bit until the doorknob turned. Cassie had her head in the sink. Her eyes were red and splotchy when she looked at me. “How'd you get the door unlocked?” she asked. “Melody is pooping her pants,” I said. Melody rushed past me and pulled down her pants and diaper in one motion and sat on the toilet without waiting for Cassie to leave. She was not quiet as she pooped. Bella was not happy. “We were trying to get in for over ten minutes. How can you be so inconsiderate? You should be required to poop your pants so you know what she almost went through.” “You don't know what I was going through,” said Cassie. She still rubbed at her eyes. I lowered my voice. “I accidentally squirted perfume in her eyes. It's my fault.” I looked toward the open bathroom door. “We are sorry, Melody.” “It's okay. I made it all right,” she said. “Bella, can you go into our room and get me a dry diaper. I tore a tape getting them down and I will leak if I use this same one.” Bella went through the bathroom and came back with a diaper. I watched as Melody tried to change herself. She did a pretty good job fr not having done it before this week. Cassie pulled me aside. “Thanks for covering for me about crying. I am supposed to be tough, not a crybaby.” I nodded. “No problem.” She grabbed my forearm. “And you got to show me how you got that bathroom door open.” “What? A bad girl like you can't pick a lock with a bobby pin?” She smiled. “No, but that's why I like you.” Melody ad Bella returned to their room and Cassie and I just talked until it was time to go to Walmart. Chapter Fifteen: Shopping at Walmart “I found a Trapper Keeper,” said Cassie. She held up a puke green binder that said Trapper in white letters. She also had a handful of pocket folders. She also had a box of 96 crayons. “I also found crayons with a pencil sharpener.” She squealed in delight. I looked at her “Can you imagine any use case for crayons in college?” I just stared at her for a while before she sighed. She frowned. “I guess not.” She took the crayons out of her cart and put them back on the shelf. I showed off my stash. I had two separate stacks of six things each: pocket folders and spiral notebooks. In addition I had two packs of jelly pens, a pack of mechanical pencils, and some paper. I thought my current backpack was good enough. Cassie, had a new Jansport backpack, a ream of paper, some lined paper, spiral notebooks, and of course her Trapper Keeper. She had a big pack of ordinary Bic pens. “School supplies, check. Now we need some toiletries,” I said. We moved our cart over to the health and beauty section and Cassie went over to the lipsticks. “Of course I am stocking up on makeup. We got a $100 budget here.” She grabbed a few cheap items. They were about a tenth of what I paid at the department store. I didn't need makeup, so next we went to the other aisles. I grabbed a new toothbrush as mine was kind of getting gross. I picked up some toothpaste and shampoo and looked around. Cassie was gone. I walked up and down the aisle and then found her. She grabbed a box of pads and stuck them in her cart. I walked up to her. “Cassie, what are you doing?” She shrugged. “Nothing. Just getting toiletries.” I pointed at the pads. “Yeah, I started my period. What's the big deal?” “Cassie, we wear diapers. We don't need pads.” I waited a few seconds and then the light came on in her eyes. “Well, I…,” she started to say. “Cassie, you don't really need diapers, do you? You are faking this just for the scholarship.” She clapped one hand over my mouth and then gave a blank look as she stared at me. She held that position for almost a minute and then let go of me. “Nora, let's go to the bathroom right now.” She grabbed my hand and almost pulled me over. I pulled away from her and grabbed the pads out of the cart and put them back on the shelf. Veronica entered the aisle and I had put back the pads before she came around the corner. “What are you doing here?” asked Cassie. Veronica gave an angry look. “I'm low on Depends,” she hissed. She walked down the aisle to the incontinence section and grabbed a pack and then made a tent of folders and notebooks around it to hide the fact that she was buying diapers. “Well we are running to the bathroom for a change. Watch our carts,” said Cassie. She pulled me to the bathroom at the back of the store. We got in and went into a stall. She took down her jeans and showed me the front of her diaper. “I'm really incontinent. See?” She pointed at the yellow patch on her diaper and then frowned when she saw the diaper was also stained with period blood. So that was what she was doing when she held my mouth in the feminine hygiene aisle. She was wetting and on purpose to prove she was wet. “I saw you wet on purpose when I called you out as a faker.” She changed tactics. “Okay. I am faking incontinence. I stopped having daytime accidents about a month after I got out of juvie. I still wet the bed occasionally when I have a dream about juvie.” She shrugged. “So what are you going to do? Before you tell Bets on me, just know that this is the only chance for a science-loving foster kid to go to any college, let alone my dream school of MIT. Please don't take that away from me.” “I'm not going to tell,” I said. “How do I know that?” She had a feral look in her eyes. I think she was about to snap. I imagined Bets finding me dead in this stall. “I am faking too,” I said. “The IRS took my college fund and this was my only hope. Okay. We are both faking, so you don't have to hurt me to shut me up.” I pulled down my pants and diaper and sat on the toilet and peed. “See?” She smiled. “It's good you are my roommate. I was worried that I couldn't hide this all semester long without being reported.” I sighed with relief. “And you are right. Buying pads is a habit.” She looked down at her stained diaper. “Diapers do work as pads.” She pulled a clean diaper from her purse. “I'm going to change now.” We changed and straightened our clothing and returned to our carts. I was a faker and I was a lot worse than Cassie who had overcome legitimate issues. However, having a co-conspirator really did assuage my guilt. Chapter Sixteen: More Walmart After leaving the restroom, Cassie and I rejoined Veronica at our carts. "You guys took long enough," said Veronica. "You left me in this aisle of all places." She waved her hand to point to the diapers on one side of the aisle and the feminine hygiene products on the other. "What were y'all doing here anyway.?" I shrugged. "It's just in between where we were shopping," I said. "Cassie was looking at the makeup in the next aisle and I was getting a new toothbrush in the other aisle." "Well next time look around you before abandoning your carts for me to look after." She drove her cart away from us. We took our carts the opposite direction. "Do you suppose she suspects anything?" asked Cassie. "Not a chance." I said it louder and harsher than I meant to. In a quieter voice, I said, "She'll be even more resentful and most likely to go to Bets if she finds out, so let's keep quiet around her. He is content to hang out with Darlene, so we only have to deal with Melody and Bella." "Yeah, and we have the added bonus that we need to keep Melody from blowing our cover to everyone else about what this program is all about." Cassie looked around, but then shrugged. "At least she is willing to try to be a grownup." I nodded. We had all the items on our list, so we just walked around the store. As we passed the toy aisle, I saw Melody standing in front of the Lego display. She waved when she saw us. "What are you doing Melody?" I asked. "Just looking at toys," she said. She pointed at her cart. "I got everything on the list, so I thought I'd just kill time until time to leave." I looked in her cart. She had pens and pencils and notebooks and paper like I did. There were no crayons either. The only thing I thought was out of place was here Frozen backpack. I was concerned about how childish it was, but I decided to let it go rather than make a scene. She was the one who would have to carry it after all. Cassie looked on. "I love Legos. If I had any extra money I would get some," she said. “Felix and Elsa had Legos at their house. I used to build robots out of them and control them with a Raspberry Pi.” Melody shrugged. “My mother didn’t want me playing with Legos, so they were kept at my daddy’s house. I mainly had Lego Friends, not Lego Mindstorm, so I didn’t get to play with robots.” I felt completely lost. “Wait, what?” “We are engineering students,” said Cassie. “We all played with Legos.” “I haven’t,” I said. “I didn’t even know I wanted to be an engineer before Bets called me and told me I got the scholarship.” Cassie looked worried. “Did you take a computer programming course in high school?” I shook my head. “What about doing science fair? Popsicle stick bridges? Video games? Did you watch science fiction shows and wanted to be a rocket scientist?” I kept shaking my head. “I’m good at math and I love to read romance novels. I got a 33 on the ACT. I was eleventh in my class which disappointed me because I didn’t get to graduate first with the top ten. I had to wait all the way at the end with the rest of the S’s. I was supposed to major in English at Ohio State.” I looked at Melody and Cassie and they were just staring at me. “I though you were kidding about the whole yodeling thing,” said Cassie. “No,” I said. “I really had a choice between studying yodeling in Austria or engineering at MIT.” Melody smiled. “I’m just home schooled so I have no expectations of college. I didn’t do those science fair things either. Don’t worry. We can catch up on new experiences we didn’t have. You try so much to solve our problems that you never really tell us much about you.” I thought back on this whole adventure. Camp was so hectic and I did intervene between Bets and Cassie and teach Melody life skills. I shrugged. “I just went to school and enjoyed it. I wasn’t in sports or other extra curricular activities. I was just about going to prom.” Bella walked around the corner. “Oh there you are. Bets is ready and waiting to check out. Come up front.” We followed and went to the front where Bets paid for our purchases. Chapter Seventeen: Cassie Saves Us Money on Textbooks Cassie was shuffling stuff nosily on her desk. I woke up after my first night in the dorm and I quite frankly was not ready to get up. I was tired, but she was too busy moving around to notice she was waking me up. “What are you doing?” I asked. I had to pee badly and when I noticed the diaper I was wearing, I let go and wet. “I’m trying to figure out what to wear for our trip to the book store.” She put on a pair of white pants and looked behind her to see if her diaper was visible. “Don’t wear those,” I said. “I can read the wetness indicators through those pants.” Her face turned red and she hung the pants back in the closet. “Crap. I guess I shouldn’t even have these pants.” She grabbed a jeans skirt and pulled it on. She looked backward at herself and then bent over. “Can you tell?” “You aren’t going to be bending over in public. You wouldn’t do that if you weren’t wearing diapers.” I got up and put on my bathrobe. “I’m going to shower.” I started for the door. “Hurry up,” she said. “We got to get our textbooks.” I showered and then came back in the dorm room wearing only my diaper. I grabbed a bra and some soccer shorts and a t-shirt that had hearts on it. I pulled on some sneakers and sat on the bed to tie them. I then pulled my hair back in a messy ponytail and then grabbed my big purse. “I’m ready.” “Good,” she said. “We have $1000 each to buy our books. After that we got to go to the student computer store and pick up our new laptops. I am so excited.” We walked to the bookstore. It was quite a walk across campus, but it was a nice day. Cassie kept pulling down the back of her skirt and it was starting to bug me. “Stop touching your butt. Your skirt is long enough.” She took her hand away and we continued walking. We entered the bookstore and went into the engineering section. There were hardly any used books at all. When we had all the books we added the price up and it was well over $1200. “I can’t afford these,” she said. “I thought our book money would be enough.” I sigh. “Who would have thought that a Chemistry book would be $329?” I asked. “No one,” she said. “That is ridiculous. Put the books back.” I hesitated and put the chemistry book away. “No put them all away. We can get them cheaper online.” I sighed, but I complied with her. “We still can pick up our computers. We will need them to get our books online.” We walked over to the campus computer store. This semester, the computer was required for classes, so our financial aid covered the cost for freshmen. Since our financial aid was the scholarship, that meant the computers were waiting for us to pick them up. We got in line and after standing their for about an hour, we left with two brand new laptops and a huge debit on our financial aid account. Back in the dorm we had the computers set up. Cassie went online and got the list of textbooks and we were in business. Unfortunately, going online was not a better plan. It seemed like the edition of our textbooks we needed were new editions, so there was no deals on used books. I sighed. “Maybe we can share the books,” I said. “Or there are e- versions of our textbooks that are cheaper.” Cassie pulled up the information about the e-versions of the books. “They expire after one semester and I know we need that calculus book for Calculus I, II, and III. No. These people are thieves and I know how to deal with thieves who overcharge for textbooks.” “You are going to get us in trouble, aren’t you?” I asked. “No, but I know how to get some e-textbooks that never expire.” She closed her laptop and put it in her backpack. “You and I are going to Starbucks.” “Wait, why?” “We need to used the Internet.” I looked at my laptop that was connected to the Internet via campus Wi-Fi. “We have Internet.” She shrugged. “I’m not taking a chance of getting caught misusing the Internet my first day in college. We need off-campus Wi-Fi.” # We sat together at a table in the Starbucks. I sipped on my grande smoked butterscotch latte and watched as Cassie downloaded an IRC client onto her computer. She then found a warez chatroom and soon was downloading pdfs of all her textbooks. The two of us were taking the same classes, so we she copied them on a thumbdrive and gave them too me. “Why not e-mail them?” “Because. You can’t.” I sighed. “So I’m going to sit around with my computer to read my textbook?” I asked. “Well, with the money we saved on books we can get a tablet.” I was dubious, but we went back to the MIT computer store. They had tablets there and we were able to use the funds that were earmarked for textbooks on the tablets. I had a brand new $150 tablet with icons on it for each of the textbooks. I clicked an ICON and lay in bed flipping through my English text book. History, Calculus, and Intro to Engineering were the same. We did have to go to the book store and buy the lab book for one class that had tear out pages of assignments to turn in. “You are smart, Cassie.” I said. “I would have never thought of getting our books from a chatroom.” “Our generation missed out on the early Internet. It’s not just Facebook and Bit Torrent.” I grinned. “Yeah, our computers have Windows 10 and 1 Terabyte hard drives.” She tapped a few buttons on her computer. “And it’s a waste to give Windows that much drive space. I partitioned the hard drive and now I have Windows and Linux on my new computer.” “I don’t know Linux. I only use Windows.” I suddenly felt stupid. What if I put on diapers and then went to a school that I was unprepared to excel at? She laughed. “You have a lot to learn about being an engineer.” Chapter Eighteen: Melody’s Medical Diagnosis I was going to retort about Cassie lording her knowledge over me by using computer jargon to make me sound stupid, but Melody came through the bathroom door connecting our dorm rooms. “Hey, Nora. I have to go to the student health clinic to get my vaccines. You promised to come with me.” I stood up and adjusted my soccer shorts. “Yeah. Let’s go.” We walked to the clinic. Melody’s face looked white as a sheet. I rubbed her back as we walked. “Melody, it will be okay. Shots aren’t really that bad.” “Won’t they hurt?” “Just a little,” I said. “It hurts worse to get a paper cut.” “Oh, I hate those,” she said. “I’ll be with you,” I said. We got to the health center and sat in the lobby. There were about twelve students in the waiting room. Most of them looked like international students. They talked among themselves and didn’t come near us or try to make friends. I guess I could have initiated contact, but I just sat beside Melody as she filled out the health survey they asked her to fill out. “Should I put my bladder control problems down?” she asked me. “I thought it was supposed to be secret.” “Yes,” I said. “Answer everything truthfully and completely. The doctors and nurses can’t share the information with other people.” She started writing and then stopped when she got to the end. She got up and turned in the clipboard. While she wrote I got out my tablet and started reading ahead in my textbooks. The English textbook was interesting to me and I almost got lost before I heard the nurse call out a name. “Melody Franklin.” “That’s me,” said Melody. We went into the room. The nurse looked at me, but Melody smiled. “Nora is here for moral support. I’ve never had a shot before.” “Yeah, you will need quite a few shots. Well, let’s go.” She led us into an exam room and directed Melody to sit on an exam table. I sat in a chair in the room and we waited. In no time a nurse came in with a tray with about six shots on it. She held Melody’s arm and took the first needle. Melody stared at the needle and tensed her arm muscle. I knew it would hurt worse. “Hey Melody, it won’t be that bad. Just look at me and it will be over soon.” She stared at me and then let out a squeak as the nurse gave her the first vaccine. The needle didn’t bother her at all, but I know she felt a major discomfort when the nurse pressed the plunger on the syringe. “You did it,” I said. “Just five more.” I will say that Melody was pretty brave. She didn’t cry or act like a baby at all. When the shots were over the nurse looked at me. “Okay, Nora, I need to talk to Melody about something she wrote down on her medical survey sheet. I think she will want privacy for this. Wait in the lobby and we will be out shortly.” I left Melody in there alone. I wondered if I should have. In the long run she was fine. I walked out of the room and waited. I thought it would be about ten minutes to talk about whatever she wrote, which was probably about incontinence. However, I sat down playing games or reading from my tablet. I thought she would never get out of there, but she finally came out after two hours and she did not look happy. “Are you okay,” I asked. She didn’t answer, but left the clinic. I followed and she took my hand. “What’s wrong, Melody?” She pulled me behind some trees and just started balling? I held her against me and let her cry on my shoulder. “Was it the shots? They are over now?” “It’s not the shots,” she whispered. She sobbed and hiccuped before being able to talk again. “They asked about my incontinence and then ran some tests. They couldn’t find anything wrong and my lack of medical history meant there were no medical records. There is nothing wrong we me other than weak bladder muscles. My mommy told me all my life that something was wrong with me and that is why I needed diapers, but I think she was trying to keep me as her baby.” She sobbed and then sniffled. “Why would she do that?” I was appalled. “Are you saying your mother just didn’t potty train you?” She nodded. “I could have been a normal girl and gotten a boyfriend.” “No one says you can’t still be a normal girl,” I said. “Now that you know, you can train yourself.” She looked at me. “But the scholarship….” “There is no question you need diapers,” I said, “but I won’t tell Bets if you want to try to put diapers behind you.” She gave me a hug. I smiled. I wondered if any of us would have an actual need for diapers before four years were up. Chapter Nineteen: A Cute Boy and I’m Wearing This I was fully prepared to wear diapers for all four years of college. However, I hadn’t thought a situation where I could get a college boyfriend. I knew college boyfriends weren’t like high school boys. We were now adults and adults sometimes have sex. If I got a boyfriend, he would find out about the diaper and I couldn’t have that. But I’ve gotten ahead of myself. Melody and I walked back from student health after I got her calmed down from her cry about what she found out her mother had been doing to her. She looked at me. “What was potty training like?” I stopped suddenly. “Seriously? I was like three.” Honestly, I didn’t know how old I was when I was potty trained. My earliest memories involve me using the toilet by myself. I didn’t remember having a potty chair or anything. I had a little wooden stool that I used to climb up high enough to sit on the regular toilet. “I know it’s something three-year-olds are supposed to master, but my mother lied to me and said I couldn’t, so I don’t know what it was like. That’s why I am asking.” She looked angry, like I was holding back information from her or something. Maybe I was a bit dismissive in my answer, so I took her by both hands. “Melody, I don’t remember. I was three. Do you remember what you did when you were three?” She looked down. “I guess not. I remember my birthday. Vaguely. I had a My Little Pony birthday cake.” She looked down. “I’m sorry I snapped at you.” I shrugged. “I’m an only child, so I’m the wrong one to ask. Don’t mention this to Veronica at all.” “Oh yeah,” she said. “She would be mean instead of being happy for me.” I nodded. I wonder who said she was no good at social interactions. We continued around the tennis courts and were going to turn the corner when a hard form struck me and sent me sprawling onto the ground. I tried to suck in breath but it hurt to breathe in. “Are you all right?” I looked up and a really big student was kneeling over me. I slowly got my wind back and then just panted. “Why are you running around knocking girls down?” asked Melody. I sat up and looked around. My backpack lay on the ground about ten feet away. I looked down to my waist and fortunately, my diaper was covered. I landed hard on my arm, but it wasn’t broken. It was a little bit scrapped up. I looked up at the big man’s face and saw he was about the age of the rest of us. He wore a shirt that said Beavers. He was covered with sweat and I could tell he had just been running. He was also hot. “Yeah, I think I will be okay,” I said. He reached for my hand and pulled me to my feet and I swear there was a surge of electricity as he touched me. “Well I feel awful about knocking you down. Can I make it up to you by taking you to dinner? I got a gift card for the Olive Garden.” I smiled and then I stopped because I thought I was making myself look like a crazy person. “Yes. That would be nice. What time should I be ready.” “I’ll get you a seven.” He looked down. “Um, I am not carrying my phone since I am running. Do you have a pen and paper?” I grabbed my lost backpack and checked inside. My laptop was still in my dorm room, but the tablet was fragile and I checked it before grabbing out a pen and paper. The screen was intact. I wrote my number down. “I am living in the dorm next to Kesge Auditorium.” He smiled. “I know the one. I’ll pick you up then.” He waved and then continued his run. Melody looked at me. “Did you just get a boyfriend?” “I got a date,” I said. “It remains to be seen if he’ll want to be my boyfriend.” I tugged at my soccer shorts. “He’ll run away the second he sees my diapers though.” As we walked back to dorm, I wondered if I should cheat and skip the diaper. It’s not like Cassie would say anything if she saw me put on panties for my date. Chapter Twenty: The Date Cassie was missing most of the afternoon. I couldn’t find her anywhere since I came back from Student Health with Melody. She wasn’t in the dorm, nor was she in the common area. I shrugged. I had the room to myself. I sat down on the bed and started to program my class schedule into my new tablet. At about 4:30, I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize on my phone. “Hello?” “It’s Jonah Grueber. We ran into each other earlier and I asked you out. I am looking forward to sharing some Olive Garden with you.” “Oh, hi. I was hoping you would call.” My face burned with embarrassment. I hope I didn’t seem too eager. I wanted to date that guy so bad. I also wanted some Olive Garden. I hadn’t eaten anything except McDonald's and camp food since I began this adventure. “I was hoping to talk to you to,” he said. “It was fate that I ran into you.” “I was just in the right place at the right time,” I said. I smiled and then moved my phone from my right ear to my left ear. “So why were you running around out there?” He laughed on the other end of the line. “I was working out. I’m on the football team and was trying to improve my endurance so I can get more playing time.” “Cool, football. What position do you play?” I wouldn’t know a fullback from a shortstop, but I didn’t want him to think I was an idiot. “Umm, I’m kind of a bench warmer, but I am still a freshman and I may get some playing time. Until then, I am just paying my dues until I get more seniority on the team.” “I’m a freshman too,” I said. I then tried to steer the conversation to something I could follow a bit better. “What’s your major. I am engineering.” “Me too,” he said. “Cool that we have that in common.” I shrugged. “It’s more common at MIT then other colleges, I suppose.” He laughed. “Well I will give you a chance to get dressed for our date. I will pick you up about six.” “I am room 308A,” I said. “Well, see you. Bye.” He hung up. I put down my phone and then flew into a panic. It was now five o’clock and I tore open my closet door and the sifted through my dresses. I chose a blue one that went down to my knees and then I lay it on the bed. My bra was too thick and white, so I grabbed a sexier colored bra. I then opened my panty drawer and then remembered what I was wearing. Kara and I had a panties-burning party before I left and I didn’t have the appropriate foundation garment for my date. Instead, I pulled out a clean diaper and threw it on top of the clean bra and dress. I grabbed a pair of sandals with blue stones on them and put them by the pile. I didn’t have time to do my hair, but I wore a wet diaper and I wanted a shower. I hurried in and then started the water, being careful not to get my hair wet. I paid close attention to my diaper area and made sure I didn’t smell like pee and that my legs weren’t hairy. Satisfied, I returned to my bed and put on my clothes and underwear I had picked out before realizing that I could not zip up the dress. I turned my back to the mirror, and the diaper was clearly visible beneath the zipper closure on the dress. “Hey, Nora, I hope you aren’t hogging the bathroom,” called Cassie as she ran in. “I have a date tonight with a real boy.” “A real boy?” I asked. “Are you sure he is not made of wood?” Cassie laughed. “He better be made of wood.” She tossed a pink shopping bag on her bed and then tried to pull me from the bathroom. “Okay, I’m almost done. Just zip up my dress first,” I said. I turned and let her zip me. She closed the door and I heard her undress and then water start to run. The little pink bag on her bed looked familiar. She needed a better bra if she was going on a date. Hers were pretty sad. I checked one more time to make sure the diaper wasn’t showing. That’s the last thing I wanted the new boy to find that his new date still wore diapers. Still I shoved two clean spares into my purse and then got ready for my date to arrive. I had no plans of wetting, but I knew that if I used the toilet, I couldn’t retape a diaper. There was a knock at the door and I froze. He was here. I looked around and then kicked the dirty diaper that I had left on the floor into my open backpack and zipped it closed. I went to the door and looked out. A boy was there, but he wasn’t Jonah Grueber. He was tall and skinny. He wore glasses with thick brown frames and he actually had a pocket protector full of pens in his pocket. In the hall behind him was a dolly with a long wooden box balanced on it. “Hi, I’m Milton Jones. Is Cassie ready?” I was speechless. This was her date? He looked like such a geek. I looked over to the bathroom and shook my head. “She isn’t ready yet. I will tell her you are here. I shut the door and ran over to the bathroom. “Cassie, your date is here.” She came out of the bathroom naked and wet. She grabbed some clothes from the upset clothes basket on her bed, then ran back to the bathroom. She was only in there fro a little bit longer before she came out again, fully dressed. She wrapped her wet hair in a pony tail. “Is he on the way up?” she asked. “No. He is right outside the door.” She opened the door and let Milton in. He smiled, oblivious to her drowned rat hairstyle as he carted in his long box. Once she shut the door, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Milton on the lips. He put his arms around her and held her close. “So, what’s in the box?” I asked. “It’s a ten inch reflective telescope,” he said. “Milton built it himself and he offered to take me out to look at the stars.” she said. There was a knock at the door and I opened it. It was Jonah. He looked at Milton and got a hurt look in his eyes before he saw that it was Cassie and not me that was hanging all over him, I grabbed my purse off the bed and smiled. “I’m ready Jonah.” I gave him my hand and we started on our date.\ ### The Olive Garden wasn’t really busy on a Wednesday despite being move in day at the university. I wore a lilac corsage that Jonah had made for me and presented to me in his minivan on the way to the restaurant. He was so sweet. No one had ever arranged flowers for me. The only corsage I have ever been presented was for senior prom and that was store-bought. Jonah was so nice. We had to sit for a while to be seated, but when we were, he pulled out my chair and adjusted it for me to sit. He also held every door. “You’re so polite,” I said, after the waitress had seated us and left us breadsticks. He only smiled. “I’m big and mean, so I have to be extra careful to be gentle. Besides, I already knocked you down once, so I am already at a disadvantage. I really hope I am doing okay on this date.” “You are doing fine,” I said. I picked at my breadstick and nibbled on it. I was trying to avoid bread. As it was, the carbs from the lasagna I planned to order would make me full, heavy, and disgusting. “Good,” he said. “I’ve never been on a date before. I’m kind of new at this.” Most guys had dated by college and most expected a college girl to put out. Jonah seemed different. He wasn’t pressuring me to have sex. He seemed to just enjoy sitting with me. I had to reward him, so I was totally going to have sex with him. I thought about the diaper I was wearing and how I was going to hide it. Maybe I would just go commando once I got to his house. That would work. “So what are you thinking?” he asked. No way was I going to answer that question. “I’m just thinking about college. I didn’t know I wanted to be an engineer until I decided to go to MIT.” “Really? What else is there besides math, science, and engineering?” he asked. I shrugged. I think STEM also includes technology. It’s one of the big parts about MIT.” He laughed. “Yeah, I guess.” “So why no high school girlfriends? How were you a football player and not have a cheerleader to date?” All the football players at my high school dated cheerleaders. He shrugged. “I could only stay on the team if I kept my grades up. My mother said I had to quit the team if I got an A-. I was too busy with football practice and school work to date.” I looked at Jonah. I was so dumb. I didn’t belong at MIT. Everyone else was so smart. Cassie’s date built his own telescopes, Jonah held an A in every class while being a football player, Melody home schooled herself, and Cassie won first prize in a science fair. They would all know what a faker I was. I wasn’t just faking incontinence, I was faking at being an MIT student. “What’s wrong? You look upset.” I looked at him. “Sorry. Everyone I met so far is so much smarter than me. I don’t think I have what it takes.” He took my hands. “Yeah, you do. Just have faith in yourself and do all the homework exercises. My brother went here before me and he said if you do the homework even though they aren’t required, you will know how to answer the test questions because they are set up the same.” I was about to say something negative, but the waitress came back with our drinks. “Are you ready to order?” I nodded and Jonah said, “Yes, ma’am.” He waved to me and I took it as a signal to order. “Lasagna.” “Grilled chicken piadina,” he said. She left us and we started talking again. So what do you like to do when you aren’t studying?” I smiled then frowned. I could talk about what I liked to do, but then he would think I am stupid. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was omitting the diaper-wearing part of me, so I had a feeling that I should be honest about some things. “I like to read. I like to read trashy romance novels. I know they are all formulaic, but I don’t care. I love them and just want them to come true for me sometime.” He smiled. “I like to read too. I am a science fiction fan. It’s how I got a love for engineering. I wanted to be the one to build the space stations in 2001, A Space Odyssey. I’m not a Star Wars or Star Trek fan because there is no science in those stories, but 2001 had accurate science.” “Really?” I asked, my tone doubtful. “Well maybe not the giant space baby.” “A giant space baby?” I asked. “I’ve never seen the movie.” “I got the DVD,” he said. “You want to watch it with me?” I wanted to understand more about Jonah and I bet I should have the science fiction repertoire of the average MIT student. “Sure,” I said. ### The meal was delicious. I had eaten way too many bread sticks and I had eaten the entire plate of lasagna. My stomach was distended and I looked down at my belly and thought about how fat I looked in my dress. Jonah didn’t seem to mind. He drove us to a local park and we got in the back of the minivan together. The headrests contained TV screens. He put in the 2001: A Space Odyssey DVD and I cuddled up next to him as we watched the movie. His hand touched my bare thigh and I put my hand on top of his. We watched the movie and gotten past the apes and past the moon mission. We were to the part where the Discovery One crew was being interviewed when his hand crept slowly up my thigh. I froze. I wanted this, but I didn’t have a chance to change out of my diaper. I wondered what he would do and I didn’t want to find out. I grabbed his hand with both of mine and pulled it away. “Oh, sorry. Am I making you uncomfortable?” I took his hand in both of mine and pressed it hard against my chest. “I’m just not ready today. Let’s just keep the hands above the waist.” I was feeling wet from the stimulation on my inner thigh and I wasn’t really prepared to explain my underwear. The movie continued on and we both watched it. He still held me in his arm, but he never again touched my legs. My boobs got touched quite a bit it honestly felt really good. I never had been touched there before. I don’t think he would have dared to touch them if I didn’t specifically moved his hand to cup them to distract him from discovering my diapers. The movie continued all the way to the giant space baby. Honestly, I was unimpressed. What was the space baby even there for? I thought about my special underwear and thought that the only baby in the minivan was me. The credits began to roll and my phone rang. I hit the back button to send the call to voicemail and looked at Jonah. “So what did you think?” he asked. “I enjoyed it, but I didn’t understand the space baby.” “It’s explained in the next movie.” He paused. “Sort of.” Another pause. “Well, not at all. It’s human’s next evolutionary step forward.” I gave him a kiss and my phone rang again. I sent the call to voicemail and looked who was calling. It was Cassie. I had six text messages and I looked and they were all from her. The last one said, “Help. Come get me.” I called her right away. “What’s wrong?” “Finally you answered. Why didn’t you pick up?” She did not sound happy. “Um, I’m on a date.” I looked at Jonah who looked left out. “Nora, you got to come get me. I am all alone and I am uncomfortable.” Cassie sounded panicked. “What happened to your date?” I asked. I was annoyed she was keeping me from Jonah. “We had an argument. He left me here alone. You need to come get me.” “Where are you?” I asked. “At a gas station. I’ll text the address.” “He left you at a gas station?” “Yes. Oh, and stop at the dorm and get me a change of clothes.” “What happened, Cassie?” She just started crying on the phone. My phone binged and an address came up on the screen. I copied the address into a mapping program and found out how far away she was. I hung up the phone and texted, “We’ll be there.” I looked up to Jonah. “Hey my roommate got in a fight with her date and he left her in the middle of nowhere. Can you please take me to get her.” I then explained that we had to stop at the dorm for clothes for her. I wondered what she did that she needed extra clothes. I wondered if her boyfriend got aggressive and tore her clothes and left her because she wouldn’t put out. Suddenly I hated Milton, her nerd date. ### I sat in the passenger seat of the minivan holding a pair of blue jeans wrapped around a clean diaper and a clean t-shirt. The minivan powered onward down the highway, a small two lane road going through the country. We drove a bit until we got to a small town. The town wasn’t that large and the only light that was turned on was from a gas station. The gas station was closed and a young woman sat on the curb in front of the building. Jonah pulled in and we got out. Cassie looked up from where she sat on the curb and then stood up. She had a sheepish look on her face and as I studied her and why she needed new clothing, it looked like her pants were very wet. Jonah looked shocked as he noticed her wet pants as well and Cassie began to cry as she noticed Jonah had noticed the state of her clothing. I went up to her and pulled her into a hug. “I’m here, Cassie.” “Let’s just make this night go away,” she said. I broke away from her and grabbed her stack of clothing. I then looked at Jonah. “Can you look away for a while while Cassie changes?” He nodded and started walking down the street. I took Cassie by the shoulder and guided her to the lee of the front door of the minivan. She wasn’t happy and but she pulled down her pants and panties and stepped out of them. I looked at the panties with disapproval. “What happened?” She looked down. “I peed in my sleep.” She took the diaper I brought and frowned, but put it on. She then pulled on the dry pants. “And the panties?” I asked. I grabbed a grocery sack from the minivan and picked up her dirty clothes and shoved them in the plastic bag. “Well we finished looking at the telescope and we cuddled. I was so comfortable I kinda fell asleep in his arms. I woke up with a very angry Milton waking me. He just packed up the car and left me alone in the middle of no where. I had to walk two miles to get to a gas station.” “Why were you wearing panties?” I repeated. “You know the other girls might find out we’re faking it.” “I was on a date, Nora. If Milton acted this way when I peed myself, how do you think he would have reacted if he discovered my diapers?” She grabbed the bottom of my dress and yanked it up, exposing my diaper. “How did your date react to your diaper?” “I didn’t tell him,” I said. “And shut up. Here he comes.” Jonah was walking back to us and I waved him over. When he got to us, I pulled him into a tight hug. “Thanks so much for doing this. I know this isn’t the best date misadventure to have happen.” “It’s not,” he said, “but I think it was terrible her date left her in the middle of nowhere.” He leaned in close. “No matter what you do, I won’t leave you in the middle of nowhere.” “Can we please go back to campus?” asked Cassie. “Um, sure,” said Jonah. I got in the van and rode shotgun while Cassie took one of the seats in the back. When Jonah got into the driver’s seat I leaned over to him. “I’m so sorry I ruined our date. I promise I’ll put out next time.” He blushed furiously and I smiled at him. I had picked a winner. ### Cassie lay on her bed and started to cry. I sat beside her and just rubbed her back and tried to make her feel better. “I’m so gross. What guy wants a girl who occasionally wets in her sleep?” she asked. “Is it just occasionally?” I asked. She looked up at me. “Of course it is. The last time was the night before I left for camp.” I touched the plastic of my wet diaper. I had made it through dinner and through that long movie, but I couldn’t hold it on the drive to get Cassie and I just wet my diaper in the car. I sighed. I wondered what Jonah would have though if I had let him discover the diaper under my dress. I got Cassie to get ready for bed and then I went to bed myself. My diaper was wet, but I wasn’t really in the mood to change, so I decided to go to bed wet. I took off my dress and replaced it with a t-shirt and soon fell asleep thinking about warm and pleasant thoughts. Chapter Twenty-One: The First Day of Classes After the exciting events of our mutual date night, Cassie had disappeared. I had no idea what had become of her and I was starting to get worried. I tried messaging her, but she didn’t answer. I asked around and she neither told Bella nor Melody where she was going. Melody had seen her with a dufflebag. After deciding that she had given up after her humiliating date and gone home, I gave up and got in bed the night before classes. When I woke up in the morning, there was a Cassie-sized lump in her bed and I sat up excited. “Cassie!” I sat up and went over to her bed. She rolled over and scowled at me. She looked tired and I had gone to bed shortly before midnight, so she had to have come home late. “What time is it?” she groaned. “It’s 6:03 am. Classes start today. And where where you?” “Oh yeah.” She threw off the blankets and got up. I looked down and she was diapered again, but it looked like she was dry. “Did you pick your outfit already?” I looked at her. “That’s it? You disappeared for two days and you are asking about outfits? Why didn’t you text me when I was texting you over and over for two days? I was getting worried.” “I didn’t get a text.” She walked over to her desk and opened the drawer and pulled out her cell phone. She flipped it open and looked at it a bit and then grabbed the charger cord and plugged it in. “The battery died.” “So where were you?” “I was hanging out at my boyfriend’s house?” she said. “I’m sorry I forgot the phone and made you worry.” “You will have to introduce us later,” I said. “You met Milton,” she said. “The same guy that left you out in the middle of no where?” “I know what you are going to say. We met up again near the planetarium and he walked over to me and apologized. I’ve been at his house rewatching Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.” “And explaining the situation we are in?” I asked. “No. I am not going to explain that to him right now.” “So besides watching two movies and not telling him about the diapers, what else did you guys do?” “We cuddled mostly and we watched way more than two movies. We watched six Star Wars movies and three Lord of the Rings moves.” I frowned and then walked over and gathered up my toiletries to get ready. “There are six Star Wars movies?” I put them down again. “Never mind. I know everyone here has seen those movies, so why watch them all again?” “I never saw the prequels before the original trilogy. It changes your perspective on the movie. And I also read a theory that Jar Jar was an evil Sith mastermind the whole time and I wanted to know if that theory fit into the narrative of episodes four through six.” She looked at me “Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.” “The movies are beside the point. If Milton hurts you again, you need to call this off. Leaving you in front of a gas station out in the middle of no where was inexcusable.” I grabbed my clothes, a clean diaper, and my toiletries and went into the bathroom. # When I finished showering and dressing, I heard a knock at the door from the other side. I opened it and Bella came out of her room. “Are you done? I have an eight o'clock class.” I nodded and left the bathroom and threw my stuff on the bed and then started sorting my stuff. “Listen,” she said. “Milton and I have so much in common. We like the same types of things: space, stories about space, and hobbits. I know he was a jerk, but all guys are jerks sometimes.” “So, let’s change the subject,” I said. “Does this outfit work for the first day?” I spun around. I wore a brown knee-length dress and white Converse. I had transferred my purse stuff to a white canvas bag that was the exact color of the shoes and had plenty of room for the extra toiletries I needed to work around this scholarship. Cassie giggled. “Well not if you spin around.” I froze and the ran to the mirror and turned around and tried to bend over. The mirror was too tall to see if I was flashing people because it was just for brushing hair, not a full length look at an outfit.” Cassie giggled again. “It’s knee-length. It covers you diaper. Just don’t spin or bend over: dress wearing 101. It’s not different in diapers.” “I know and I nagged you about this.” I walked over to her closet and grabbed a dress and tossed it to her. “Here is your outfit.” “Fine,” she said. She took the dressed and then opened her dresser. She took out her pink shopping bag and started to unroll it. I grabbed her wrist. “Just because you are faking, doesn’t mean you can wear panties. You are putting on a diaper.” She frowned but nodded. “Yeah. All I need is Bella or Melody to rush in here by mistake and this will be over.” She grabbed one of her diapers and wrapped the dress loosely around it. She took a bra and her toiletries and ran to the bathroom only to find the door locked. She knocked. “I’ll be out in a little bit,” called Bella. Cassie turned toward me and shrugged. “Well it could be worse. I had to share a bathroom with ten girls when I lived in the group home.” She did a little pee dance and then just stopped and relaxed. I watched her wet her diaper. When she finished, she smiled. “Yeah. Long lectures won’t be a problem for us.” “I’m done,” Bella called from the bathroom. We heard the lock click open. Cassie hurried to get ready. Chapter Twenty-Two: The First Class I had walked our route from class to class before the morning classes began, so I was already to go. Cassie had not. “Are you sure this is the right way?” she asked. “Of course it is. Instead of watching old movies I saw before, I made sure I was ready for classes. I mapped out our course. I was a Girl Scout. Our motto was ‘Be Prepared.’” “That is the model of the Boy Scouts,” said Cassie. “They both have the same motto,” I said. She took out her tablet and started tapping. “Scouting is expensive and my foster parents said it was only for their real children.” She found what she was looking for and said. “I just assumed the mottoes would be different.” “We are here,” I said. We walked into a mostly empty classroom. There was a guy in the corner wearing headphones connected to an iPhone that was on his desk. He wore sunglasses and had a cap pulled low. Instead of a sports team it was decorated like R2D2’s dome. We selected desks in the second row of the classroom. I sat down carefully and I watched as Cassie took the seat next to me. She carefully pulled her skirt under her and tried to cross her leg over her knee. She blushed and I realized the bulk of her diaper kept her from crossing her legs. She gave up and just sat with her knees close together and crossed her legs at her ankles. I sat in the same mode she did. She took out her tablet and her Trapper Keeper and then started writing in a notebook. “This class is a waste of time,” she told me. “I wanted to major in English, so watch it,” I said. I took out my new computer and then turned it on. I then started a file folder for English and then opened a Word document for my notes. I then shut the lid of my laptop. “Well, I knew I would have to take the same classes in college as I did in honors classes in high school. I just don’t care to write about what I did last summer or a persuasive essay on whether someone should vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.” “I am hoping we will have essays of more substance than those topics.” I didn’t want to write about being humiliated by the IRS swat team and then having to take a scholarship that required me to wear diapers. “Like what?” She fumbled through the syllabus she picked up by the door. “Write a story based on a poem by Keats or Shelly. I don’t even know who Shelly was?” “He is a romantic poet and he was married to the woman who wrote Frankenstein.” Her interest peaked. “Really? I love the old monster movies. Felix and I used to watch them before I was sent to juvie.” Some nerd in the next row gave her a weird look. He then picked up his bag and moved to the other side of the class room. She got a hurt look on her face. “Everyone is a nerd here. They aren’t used to being around people that were in juvie or talk about it openly.” I said this in a whisper. She nodded and then tried and failed again to cross her legs. She leaned over and whispered to me. “Tomorrow, you and I are going to skip diapers and wear panties. Tonight we are going to Victoria’s Secret.” I groaned. This again. We were going to get caught for sure. Then I thought about it. I didn’t really care to be sitting around in my own waste. It’s not like the other girls in the scholarship program would be looking in our pants to make sure we were diapered. “Okay, but we still wear them around the dorm. We do share a bathroom with Melody and Bella.” “Do you think they will say anything? “Bella might, but it’s doubtful. Melody already feels cheated and lied to, so I’d wait and see on her.” “What is her deal. She went out shopping and wouldn’t show Bella or I what she bought.” “She got bad news. I won’t betray her confidence by telling you.” She nodded, but class started before anything else was said. # o not Cassie. nd I will bring them."pants and one of my diapers from the room."bout it. I didn'r side of the class room." “We just had three classes and we already got loaded with homework and it’s only the first day,” I complained. “And we got two more classes tomorrow,” she said. “Let’s go to the mall so we got time to get back and study.” I nodded, but my phone rang. “Hello?” It was Melody. She wanted me to find her. “Where are you?” “In the library bathroom. Bring some pants and one of my diapers from the room.” “Okay. Cassie and I will bring them.” “No not Cassie. I don’t want her to see me like this.” I didn't know what to make of her. She was never shy about leaks before. She never said she had a leak, but I assume that is why she needed a change of pants and an extra diaper. “Okay. I’ll get them and bring them to you.” “And don’t look in the Hello Kitty bag on the floor of my closet.” “I promise,” I said, although I wondered what she was hiding in the Hello Kitty bag. “See you in about ten minutes.” I hung up. “What was that about?” asked Cassie. “I don’t know. It will just take me fifteen minutes to bring Melody what she wants. Stay at the dorm and I’ll meet you in time to run to the mall with you.” Cassie and I went to the dorm and I went through the bathroom to Melody’s room. I didn’t know which closet was hers, but I knew that she had a Hello Kitty bag on the floor. Upon finding it, I grabbed a pair of pants from her closet. I then found a pack of diapers. It was a plain white pack with only a green block with an M on it. I wrapped the diaper in the pants and then took off to the library. I climbed up the stairs and then texted Melody to ask what bathroom she was in. “The girls room next to the Athena computer lab.” I climbed higher and then entered the bathroom. Inside, a trail of pee lead to one of the stalls. “Melody?” “Nora, I’m in here.” A stall door opened and Melody emerged with a large pee stain running down both legs into her shoes. I looked at her. “Melody, what happened. It looks like you are not wearing a diaper at all?” She frowned and held up a Potty Training for Dummies book. “I’m not. I made it all day and then I couldn’t make it to the bathroom after my last class. I peed right as I walked in the bathroom.” There was a lot of pee on the floor. The puddle expanded out into the stalls on either side of the stall Melody was in. “How long did you hold it?” “About three hours. I peed in the potty at lunch and then held it until just before I got in the bathroom. The book doesn’t say how to clean up peed in pants. Toilet paper doesn’t dry it out.” I was impressed. “You are potty training yourself?” She nodded. “My mommy told me I was incontinent and I just wasn’t potty trained.” She looked down. “Maybe I am just too naïve to use the toilet.” “Well let’s get you changed and back to the dorm.” She pulled down her pants revealing Super Girl panties. She then took those off too and then changed into the diaper I handed her. However she had to exit the stall to pull on her jeans to avoid dipping them in the puddle. I helped her dress, and then put her peed in shoes on over her peed in socks. “Thanks, Nora.” She looked at me. “Do you think I should give up the potty training?” I shook my head. “No, keep it up. You deserve to wear panties again. Just don’t try to hold it three hours.” She nodded. “I thought I could make it. I was only squirming half an hour.” I laughed. “When you are squirming, it is an emergency. Go pee. Ask the professor if you can go to the restroom, or better yet, you are an adult: just excuse yourself and go pee in the toilet.” “So is that when you go potty? I mean before you were incontinent?” I nodded, feeling bad about lying to her. She followed me back to the dorm as the two of us bonded. I held her hand as we walked back to the dorm. Cassie was waiting. “What happened? It’s been twenty minutes, not fifteen.” “I didn’t bring enough supplies and I leaked,” said Melody. She squeezed my hand. “Yeah, I brought her a new diaper and extra pants.” I said. Cassie hugged me. “You are the designated pants and diaper bringer, I guess.” She giggled. Melody looked confused. “Nora brought me a diaper and extra pants already,” she said. “Shall we go to the mall, Nora?” I nodded. Melody waved at us and went into her room. “I got to do laundry,” she said. I took Cassie to me car and we went to the mall. I looked forward to wearing panties again. I wasn’t even a bed wetter, yet two others in our group were back in panties and I was still in diapers. I meant to correct that and getting new panties at Victoria’s Secret was a step in that direction. Chapter Twenty-Three: Shopping at the Mall I drove us to the mall. It had been a few months since I went to the mall, which was awful for me because the mall was my usual haunt. Armed with my dad’s credit card I could buy enough clothes to dress in style. This time I had no credit cards and was using my meager allowance that came with the scholarship to do my shopping. I was satisfied with the little bit of cash every month I had saved by just eating in the dorm’s cafeteria and not going out to eat. At least it wouldn’t be tracked like dad’s credit card would have been. All that stuff was gone until the lawyers and the IRS figured out whatever they had to figure out. I looked around the mall. Oh how I missed Hot Topic, Aeropostal, and Macy’s too. I also missed Victoria’s Secret and I missed underwear that didn’t need to absorb two cups of liquid. Cassie took my had as we went into the mall. “I’m really glad you are doing this with me,” she said. “I know you are faking too, but you have actually been faithful about diaper wearing. I don’t want to be caught by Bets as the only one.” I shrugged. “Melody is going to have problems in that regard too.” “But she has a good reason. I can’t believe her mother purposely tried to keep her a toddler.” Today Melody was all grown up. “She managed to toilet train herself, not to mention, she basically home schooled herself with educational materials her father left with her during his two weeks of visitation.” Cassie laughed. “I didn’t know that was her home schooling experience, but it’s no wonder that woman was divorced.” We walked along the halls of the mall toward Victoria’s Secret. However, when we walked by the shoe store I got excited. “Look at those sandles.” I looked at the price. They were $40.00, but there was a 75% off sign on them. I steered Cassie toward the store. “Don’t tell me you want to forgo panties for a pair of sandles.” She leaned closer to me. “I know you are still wearing a diaper.” “It’ll only be a few minutes,” I said. I was still wearing the same slightly damp diaper since lunch time and I was ready for my trip to Victoria’s Secret, but I wanted those shoes. I held up the display shoe to the clerk. I want one of these in an 8.” I sat down and waited. Soon the shoes were brought and then after I was satisfied that they fit, they were bought. I carried them in a shopping bag and we left the shoe store. “Besides, if someone asks us what we bought we can say shoes.” Cassie nodded. “Well it didn’t delay us that long from Victoria’s Secret.” She pointed at the displays of panties. “Have at it.” I entered just as some other girl was leaving. She set off the alarm and the clerk stopped her. Cassie grinned. “Imagine trying to steal panties,” she whispered to me. “If I were going to shoplift, I wouldn’t steal panties,” I said. “What would you take? I mean if you knew you wouldn’t get caught.” I thought about it. “I’d just take the cash from the till. We are only talking hypotheticals here.” I went to the bin that had my size. I didn’t know what I wanted. Should I go with bikini, French-cut, or boy shorts. I wasn’t going to wear a thong because they ride up more than other panties. I decided I had some money to spend so I selected some of each. I made my selections and then paused. One of the panties had a matching bra. I decided that I had to have it. I grabbed one my size and went to a fitting room. After trying on the bra, I decided to buy it. I took my purchases to the cashier. “I want this bra and these,” I said. I laid the panties on the counter next to the bra. “That will be $48.97,” the clerk said. I handed over my money and watched as she packed my purchases in the signature pink bags. “All set.” Cassie handed the clerk a naughty teddy. “Milton said he wanted to see me in something like this,” she said to me. She handed over a Victoria’s Secret credit card and paid. I was shocked. How did she get a credit card being an orphan? “Where did you get the credit card?” She smiled. “Milton got it for me to make up for leaving me behind at the gas station. I get the underwear and he gets the bill.” She smiled. Her purchases were bagged and we were ready to go. As we left, the alarm rang. I looked at Cassie and she looked at me, but she looked as surprised as me. A manager walked over. “Ladies, can we check your bags?” I reached into my pink bag and pulled out the receipt. “Everything I bought is paid for.” “Go through the sensor one at a time please.” Cassie went first. I am sorry to say that I expected the alarm to go off when she went through because I thought she might actually have tried to shoplift something. The alarm was silent. I walked through and the alarm blared again. The clerk left her cash register and stood between me and the entrance to the mall. I stood frozen. I handed over my pink bag to the manager. She went over the items I bought and compared them to the receipt. Only the bra had had a sensor and the clerk had removed it when she put it in my bag. She put my items back in the bag and then looked at my bag from the shoe store and my purse. “Hand me your other bags.” I hesitated. “We can call the police if you don’t let us look.” I remembered the sounds of the flash bangs and then being pulled roughly from my bed and thrown on the floor. I remembered the hot flush of urine soaking my pajamas. As I remembered wetting myself the night of the raid, I realized I was wetting my diaper in the store. I didn’t really want to deal with the police, so I handed her my purse. I only carried my tablet, my phone, my money, my ID, and two extra diapers. As the manager emptied these items on the counter, I heard the cashier giggle. The manager looked at the diapers. “Why do you have these?” I tried to think of a lie, but saying I had them because I was incontinent wouldn’t work. I was buying panties which I wouldn’t need if I had to wear diapers all the time. “It doesn’t matter why she has them,” said Cassie. “They are not stolen merchandise, so it is none of your business.” She took my shoebox from the shoe store bag. “She has a receipt for her new shoes too.” She waved the shoe box over the alarm sensor and the alarm went off.” The manager and Cassie looked like they had a lightbulb going on over their heads. Cassie examined the shoe box and peeled a sensor off the bottom of the shoe box. “This is what set off your alarm.” “I guess I owe you an apology,” said the manager. “You owe her more than that,” said Cassie. She motioned to the diapers. “You embarrassed my roommate in front of the whole store.” I looked around, but the store was pretty empty. I gathered the contents of my purse so the diapers were out of sight. Why I gathered my items, the manager was tapping something on the cash register while Cassie glared at her. “Let’s go,” I said when I had everything. The sales girl was still suppressing a giggle and I wanted to leave. But Cassie waited. The manager finished typing and then she handed me a pink card. “Just so there are no hard feelings, here is a gift card to the store.” I took it, but I wanted out of there. My diaper was really wet and I wanted to change. I walked out of the store and walked strait toward where I thought the bathrooms were. Cassie was right behind me. She was smiling. “You spent less than fifty dollars and you walked out of there with a $100 gift card. You made out great.” I pulled close to Cassie and put my mouth near her ear. “I just had an accident when she threatened to call the police. If I was wearing my panties, this would have been even more embarrassing. I am too overwhelmed to change right now and I am about to leak.” Cassie took my hand and lead me to a family restroom. Although I had my new panties, I let her change me into another diaper. ### I was still shaking so it took me over an hour of sitting in the car before I was able to drive. “I’d like to help, but I’ve never driven a car.” “Never?” I asked. “Would you trust a foster kid with the keys to the car? This one family locked me in the trunk every time we took a car trip.” “Your stories are so sad,” I said. “I can’t believe you got that scared though,” she said. “That lady couldn’t have done anything to you.” I frowned. “It’s not that. As soon as she mentioned the police, I felt like I was in my room when the IRS raided my home. It was awful.” I shook again and had to pull over and park in a parking lot. Cassie reached behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. “It will be okay.” “Thanks,” I said. “No problem. You’re my best friend. I owe you a lot. I mean, who else would drive to the other side of the state just to help me out after I had an accident?” She paused. “Besides, you admitted to messing your diaper just to keep me from being embarrassed for doing the same thing.” I thought about how we went swimming together at camp. Getting to meet Cassie was worth losing my college fund and having to take this Weird Scholarship. ### We arrived at the dorm and Melody greeted us. “Doing laundry sure is hard,” she said. “Why? What happened?” I asked. “I was dumping everything in the washer and someone said I needed to separate my colors and wash them in separate loads.” “So?” asked Cassie. “I knew you had separate colors since I had to start washing my own sheets.” She blushed. “Well there are just so many colors,” said Melody. “I did my white clothes and then I did my blues. I still have to do my reds, my grays, and my greens. And then I have this one yellow shirt that I have to wash by itself.” Cassie and I both started laughing. Cassie crossed her legs tight, like she was trying to keep from peeing. I couldn’t cross that tight in my diaper. “What’s so funny?” asked Melody. “Melody, you don’t have to separate each color of the rainbow. You just need to do two loads of laundry: white clothes and colored clothes.” I just shook my head at the idea of her separating her clothes in rainbow order. “I was starting to run out of quarters,” she said. “You would,” said Cassie. “Well Nora and I bought some new clothes and we need to wash them. Since you have just a partial load of colors left to do, we can maybe through ours in with yours.” I glared at Cassie. “No. We can’t. Melody will find out.” “Find out what? That you aren’t incontinent either?” I looked at Melody with an worried look. She smiled. “Cassie told me. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.” “Why’d you tell her?” I asked. “We caught each other in panties and I mentioned that you were being faithful and wearing diapers even though you didn’t need them.” She turned to Cassie. “She is still wearing diapers right now. Isn’t she?” I felt the warmth of a blush coming on. “Well that is half of us,” I said. “You don’t suppose there are any others in our group of six?” Melody shook her head. “There is no way Veronica or Darlene are faking. And as nice as Bella is, she would have totally come out to me once she figured out I was trying to potty train myself.” I nodded. So Bella knew about Melody, but we had all seen how Melody’s mother treated her. I knew Bella would understand in Melody’s case. Probably not with our own. “So let’s see what you bought.” Melody smiled. “I got new underwear last night. I ran out because I didn’t do laundry until today.” She ran into her room and came back with a Walmart bag and dumped it on the bed. Every single pair had a cartoon character or a superhero on it. I couldn’t help but giggle. She looked hurt. “What’s so funny?” “Nothing,” I said. “She thinks you are being childish because you like superheroes,” said Cassie. “Nora doesn’t know any better. She is nerd-impared.” “I’m not nerd-impared,” I said. I thought of my experience so far at MIT. Everyone had awesome backgrounds and I had nothing like that in my past. “Okay, maybe I am nerd-impared.” “Well, let’s see what you bought,” said Melody. I poured my panties out of the Victoria’s Secret bag. The pastel-colored panties spread all over my sheets. They were pretty much the same cut as Melody’s superhero panties, but they were a marked difference. “Can you believe Nora got all her purchases for basically free?” said Cassie. “How?” asked Melody. “I don’t want to talk about it,” I said at the same time Cassie told the story. “Awesome. Maybe you can take me to Victoria’s Secret sometime if I ever get a boyfriend.” “It’s a deal,” I said. “And here is my purchase,” said Cassie as she spread out her teddy on the bed. “Isn’t it so slutty?” Melody just shook her head. “Wow. That is fancy. How do you pull it down when you need to pee? You got to take off your top as well as your pants.” She smiled and lightly punched Melody in the shoulder. “You don’t wear clothes over it, silly. You wear it in the bedroom with your boyfriend. An help me get out of it when he needs to.” The look of shock on Melody’s face was priceless. I giggled. I was a virgin, but I wasn’t really this naive. I loved Melody and I felt bad that we were corrupting a child, although a late-blooming one, and turning her into an adult. We packed up our stuff separate stuff and got it all put away just as Bella walked in. She had a big box in her hands. “They came. They came,” she said. I looked from Melody to Cassie and back again. “What came?” I asked. Was she going to reveal that she was part of the conspiracy? She laid the box on my bed and opened it. She then pulled out a pack of diapers and ripped them open. “I finally found diapers that come in black.” She looked back and forth between me and Cassie, as if to figure out why we weren’t as excited as we were. “That’s really interesting,” I said. She smiled and then pulled out three diapers. “I am going to put on one now. You two got to try them.” She looked at Melody. “You don’t have to try one,” she said. “I know you are training yourself.” “Okay,” said Cassie. She seemed like she didn’t know what to say. Bella thrusted the diapers into our hands, grabbed her box and went to her room, before she left she looked back. “I am going to put mine on now. I’ll be back and you can tell me how you think they feel.” I took the diaper and started to lay it out on my bed. “It looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer to wear panties.” I preceded to change myself. Cassie laid down on her bed and did the same. Melody just smiled. It was safe to bet that Bella didn’t know we were fakers. I looked longingly at my panty drawer before taping on the black diaper. Chapter Twenty-Four: Bet’s Visit I woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee. I put my hand between my legs and prepared to flood my diaper, letting the cushion of my diaper expand beneath my hand. When I reached down, I instead felt my panties and sat up. I was going to have to get up in the night to use the bathroom. I smiled. At least I hadn’t become reliant on the diapers I needed to maintain my scholarship. Instead I waited to wet my diaper until I really had to go. And I always woke up before I had to pee at night. I got up and went to the bathroom and peed. When I came back the lights were already on. ¨Shit, not again,” yelled Cassie. She pulled her sheets off the bed and threw them to the floor. The plastic on her bed may have protected her mattress, but a visible puddle reflected the rooms light. I squinted against the light and walked back to the bathroom and returned with Cassie’s towel. I tossed it to her. “Again?” I asked. “This is the second time this week.” She nodded. “What am I going to do if I do this at Milton’s house. I am supposed to stay with him this weekend and wear my new teddy.” I let her vent as she dried up the puddle with her towel. I then helped her make the bed. “I’m not sure. You will probably have to talk to him about it before you surprise him with a wet bed.” I thought of her accident where Milton left her at the gas station after she wet on their telescope date. This was not going to go well. Cassie glared at me and then pulled her half of the top sheet tight across the bed before tucking it under the mattress. “Or maybe I will just wear my diapers to bed with him so he can change me like the big baby I am.” I sighed. “We aren’t babies,” I said. “We are incontinent engineers,” I said. “Besides, you are just under stress. It’s just a phase.” Cassie frowned and then pointed at my dry panties peeking out from under my long t-shirt. “Half of us aren’t even incontinent. Besides, these phases get worse before they get better. After Loraine, it was a month before I could stay dry. After coming home from juvie, it was almost six months before I was consistently dry at night. It’s only a matter of time before Milton finds out.” She threw her pillow on the remade bed and straightened it out, then pulled the sheets open to get back in bed. “Wait, Cassie, you are still in your wet things.” She looked down. “Dammit.” She grabbed a clean t-shirt and some panties and started to change. I frowned. “How about you let me change you into a diaper,” I asked. She nodded and lay on the bed. I quickly changed her, the first time either of us changed the other since we went panties shopping at the mall. “Just wear diapers to bed,” I suggested. “We got to use up diapers. I have three whole packs stockpiled since I started wearing panties again.” “I only have the one pack,” she said. “Melody comes and gets my extra supplies every weekend.” “What for?” I asked. “She stopped wearing them too. Besides, she has to buy her usual supply or Bets will see she is not buying diapers anymore. The scholarship reimburses us for diapers and we need to keep sending Bets reciepts.” Cassie shrugged. “I don’t know what she does with them, but she gives me a dollars a diaper, so I don’t really care.” She pulled the dry sheets around her and I returned to my own bed. “I care,” I said. “I have the trunk of my car full of diapers and then what?” Cassie laughed. “See if you can get the same deal.” She rolled over and went to sleep. I lay awake wondering what Melody was doing with all those diapers after she started wearing panties. ### I lay in my bed with Jonah next to me. Cassie was gone for the night, presumably to Milton’s. I hope her date would go okay. She’d had wet nights three of the four nights since the first time I helped her with her bed. “I can’t believe you never saw The Princess Bride,” said Jonah. He held my tablet so we could both see the movie and his other hand rubbed my thigh. I squeezed in closer and put my one hand that wasn’t holding the other half of my tablet on top of his hand. “Too much too soon?” he asked. “No,” I said. I pulled his hand higher and ground it into crotch. “Boo! Hiss! Boo! Hiss!” I was shocked at first, but then realized the sound was coming from my tablet. I pressed pause and set the tablet on the night stand and turned to kiss Jonah. “Don’t you want to finish watching the movie?” “We can watch it after I put out like I promised.” My heart beat heavier and heavier. I was a bit scared. He helped me out of my shorts and then out of my top. Soon I was had my underwear off and I focused on undressing Jonah. He lay me down on my back and I squealed. “Wait.” “What?” he asked. I reached over to the night stand and got out the condom I bought for our date. “Oh yeah. We need that,” he said. “Are you ready to have sex?” I asked. I trembled with readiness. I was scared and I knew it would hurt the first time, but I thought Jonah was the one who should have me. He looked at me and kissed me, but then scooted a bit away. “Actually, I’m not ready.” I looked at him with surprise. I wondered if something was wrong with me. I gave him a hurt look. “Listen. I just want it to be a special time when…,” he paused. “Well, when I do it for the first time. I’m sorry. I am not really experienced. Can we get dressed and just make out?” “Yeah, sure,” I said. “I am actually afraid that it would hurt me the first time.” I grabbed my panties and pulled them on and then pulled my t-shirt on. I left my bra and shorts on the floor. “You’ve never done it either?” “Nope. Kiss me and let’s finish the movie.” That night I didn’t get lucky but I did find out what true love means. I hoped Buttercup and Wesley were getting lucky. And that morning I woke up alone. ### I woke up in my shorts, t-shirt, and a dry diaper. I had encouraged Cassie to wear diapers to bed and I promised to wear them to bed when I was in the dorm. My phone had rang and I ignored it, but then I looked at my text and froze. “Just arrived for a visit. The staff let me upstairs. -Bets” I froze. The message was from tree minutes ago. I opened the bathroom door and found Melody in there. She was dressed for the day already. “Are you diapered? Bets is coming.” “That’s not funny, Nora.” “I’m not kidding.” I ran through her room, grabbed one of her childishly printed diapers and pulled her into my room. “Lay down.” I diapered her as quickly as I could just as I heard a knock on the door. I picked up her panties and threw them in my laundry and then push her shorts to her. “Get them on. Quick.” I went to the door and peeked through the peephole. It was Bets.” I had to pee badly from the night before, so I just relaxed and wet my diaper. Then I opened the door. “Good morning, Nora. I thought I would take you girls to breakfast and see how you were all doing.” She looked over at Melody. “Hi, Melody. How are you doing?” “Much better,” she said. “I had to get twenty-five shots just to start classes.” “Oh you poor girl? Why so many?” My mother didn’t believe in vaccines, so I needed them all to be able to start classes.” Bets shook her head. I think she looked angry. While they were talking, I grabbed my phone and texted Cassie. “If you are coming, stop by my car and get a diaper on. Bets is here. I’m dropping the keys out the window.” I then opened the window and dropped my keys outside. “So, Nora, did that woman ever show up here?” I shook my head. “Well thank goodness,” said Bets. I looked at her. “I need to freshen up for the day. I just woke up and I am wet and smelly.” I grabbed some clothes and a diaper and took them into the bathroom and showered quickly. I got dressed in the bathroom and then check my phone. “We are here and it’s awkward. I couldn’t hide this from Milton, so thanks.” “You want to keep the scholarship?” I texted back. “Yes.” I pocketed my phone and left the bathroom. Melody passed through and then I returned to the room with just Bets. “Where is your roommate?” she asked. “Um, Cassie had a date and didn’t come home.” I wanted to look at my phone, but Bets was watching. “She said she’d be back after breakfast. We didn’t know about the surprise breakfast you had planned.” “That’s okay,” said Bets. The door burst open and Cassie stormed in and threw her bag on her bed. She looked angry, her eyes were red and black streaks of mascara ran down her cheeks. Milton followed. “What do you think I am supposed to think? First you pee all over my bed and then you wear diapers. I can’t take it.” Cassie turned to Bets and then looked over to Milton. “Milton, just go. Please. I’ll explain later.” He shut the door and left. Cassie looked at Bets and let the tears flow. “Nora, do you want to step out so I can talk to Cassie?” asked Bets. “No,” said Cassie. “Please let her stay.” “So what happened Cassie?” She looked at Bets with tears flowing. “I cheated on the scholarship. I didn’t want my boyfriend to know about the diapers so I bought sexy lingerie to wear instead. I understand if you want to kick me out. I really loved MIT so far.” “And what happened when you did wear diapers with your boyfriend?” She hung her head. “I peed all over both of us in his bed” “And then he learned about your diapers anyway. So did you learn your lesson?” “Um,” she said. “I really wanted to go to MIT. I’m sorry for getting regular underwear.” Bets laughed. “I did the same thing. I tried to go on a date without being diapered, but I peed all over myself in his car before we got to the restaurant. You need to sit down your boyfriend and be honest with him. You need to ease a boy into dating an incontinent girl. It’s not something you want to spring to him after you wet your pants because you were too prideful to wear the diapers you need.” It then began to dawn on me that Bets didn’t realize Cassie was a faker. She actually thought Cassie had tried to hide her diapers from Milton by wearing panties to bed and had an accident. I walked over to Cassie and rubbed her shoulders. “Everything will be okay, Cassie.” I looked at Bets. “I’ll get her cleaned up for breakfast and then we’ll join you and the others soon.” Bets looked at Cassie. “It will be okay.” She left. Cassie looked at me. “She knows and I am getting kicked out.” I shook my head. “She doesn’t know you are a faker. She just thinks you didn’t wear a diaper and wet yourself because you are incontinent, not because you are a bedwetter.” She smiled through her tears and laughed. “Bedwetter is hardly an upgrade.” “But now that Milton knows you have diapers, just wear them for bedwetting if you spend the night with him.” She sighed. “Well if he wants to sleep with a smelly diaper baby, then I will sleep with him.” “Now go wash up so we can eat breakfast. I am hungry.” “Me too. Apparently Milton didn’t want me cooking him pancakes in a wet teddy.” I laughed. “That is his loss then.” “Don’t you know it?” she said. ### Breakfast was weird. At least Cassie got her pancakes. She didn’t have to cook them at all. The restaurant did it for her. I had bacon and eggs. Sullen Violate and carefree Darlene were doing well in classes and had become best friends. Bella couldn’t stop gushing about her black diapers. Melody couldn’t say much and neither could I. I had worn panties during the day for about a week and I was back in diapers again. I hoped Bets wasn’t going to come back and surprise us again. “This is really yummy. When are you coming back to do this again?” “I usually come the second Saturday of the month,” she said. I took a bite of my bacon strip. “Awesome.” Cheating was fine when it came to wearing diapers and Melody and Cassie deserved to be happy. I just hoped Melody could be grown up and Cassie could have a little less stress in her life. Chapter Twenty-Five: Accepting Diapers “Milton, you’re a jerk, but Cassie likes you, so that is why we are here.” I picked up my donut and took a big bite, pausing to suck out some of the pudding. Cassie sat beside me in the booth at Linda’s and Milton sat across from us. Between us was a box of a dozen donuts that I insisted that Milton pay for. Milton yawned. “It’s 6:30 am. I don’t know why you wanted to meet here in the first place.” “Because you avoided Cassie all week. It’s Friday already and you haven’t even called her. She’s worried you don’t like her anymore.” “I like hanging out with her, but she...” I didn’t let him finish the sentence. “She embarrassed herself in front of you and you did nothing to reassure her. Instead you yelled at her and humiliated her further.” I waited while that sunk in. “Let’s just go,” said Cassie. “It’s obvious that he is disgusted by me.” She stood up to leave. “Sit down, Cassie,” I said. “We are not done. I want to hear Milton say that he wants to stop doing astronomy with you and watching Star Trek characters cut off each other’s hands with laser swords.” “It’s Star Wars,” Milton and Cassie said together. They laughed. “Okay, Star Wars,” I said and then lowered my voice. “Do you want to give that up because of a little pee?” Milton sighed. “It’s not the first time she did this, you know,” he said in a lowered voice. “I know,” I said. “Last time you left her across the state and my date and I had to drive out and get her, so she was not only humiliated in front of you, but also in front of my date. Yet she dated you again. I wouldn’t have given you a second chance.” “It’s kind of gross to be peed on by your girlfriend,” he said. “Listen, Milton,” I said. “I am sure she didn’t pee the bed with you in it to make it a better experience. College is stressing Cassie out and causing her to wet the bed. Maybe you should help her out instead of make her feel worthless.” “What about the diaper?” he whispered. “That is just weird.” Cassie looked at him. Her eyes glistened and I think she was about to cry.” I kicked him under the table. “I wear them for my own wetting,” I said. I could feel my face grow warm and hot. “When she started having problems I gave her some of mine and told her to use them to deal with the problem. I thought she would explain it to you, but you aren’t really that understanding, are you?” He looked at the box of donuts. I think he was thinking about taking another donut, but I glared at him. Instead, he looked up at me. “So what do you want me to do, Nora?” “How about you accept your girlfriend for who she is? Give her another chance. She was more than forgiving when you left her at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.” I chomped on my donut and enjoyed the maple frosting as it mingled with the pudding in my mouth. “What if she wets the bed again?” he asked. “I don’t want wet on.” “I won’t do it again,” said Cassie. “How will you react if she does?” I asked. “Are you going to humiliate her again? Because I am already unhappy with how your treat her.” “It’s my fault. I’m sorry,” said Cassie. “No, it isn’t. Milton is the one acting like a jerk. So this is what is going to happen. Milton, you don’t want wet on when you are sleeping. Cassie, you can’t predict whether or not you will have a wet night. So when you are staying over at Milton’s, you will put on a diaper before you go to sleep. Milton, you will not tease her about her diaper or her wetting. And you will not tell anyone about this arrangement.” Cassie looked at Milton and then me. Her face was bright red. I have never seen her that embarrassed. “I like hanging out with you, Milton. We have so much in common. Are you going to let this one thing come between us?” “Well I did like the sexy teddy you wore last weekend. And we both like space and the same movies and stuff. I don’t want to give that up.” “So,” I said. “You’ll put up with her unwanted costume change before she falls asleep with you? That’s all we are asking.” “Okay, but I don’t want to have to change her.” He made a weird face. I laughed. “Is that what your problem with the diaper was? That you don’t want to change your girlfriend that you see naked anyway?” He nodded. “Yeah, Messy diapers are gross and they smell.” “Listen. A. She’s not going to poop in them and B. She is capable of changing herself. Besides, she’ll only be wearing them while she is sleeping. In the morning she will shower and put on her regular underwear.” Milton nodded. “Okay. I think that is okay. Cassie, do you want to do this? I promise I won’t humiliate you again.” She stood up and walked around the table and sat next to Milton. She then grabbed a donut and put it on a napkin in front of him. “I saw you eying that chocolate sprinkles one.” I grabbed my third donut. “I need to work on my freshman fifteen,” I said. I took a big bite of a chocolate long john and let the flavors mix in my mouth before swallowing. I wasn’t wearing a diaper that day, nor did I have a bow and arrow, but I sure felt like cupid as we ate donuts together. Chapter Twenty-Six: The Cheese-E-ist Restaurant Ever It was Saturday and I had a date later that night, but I had the afternoon free. I was one of those students who did my homework right away after school and then could spend the later evenings reading or otherwise enjoying myself. Although I hadn’t finished everything Friday night, I had plenty to keep me occupied on Saturday morning. I had just finished the last math problem in my calculus homework when Melody came bursting in through our shared bathroom. “Nora, do you want to come with us? We are going some place awesome.” “Slow down. Who is we again? And I can’t. I am starving.” I really was hungry and looking forward to the cafeteria fare in the dorms. Melody looked disappointed. “But my father is here and we are going to lunch. Please come with us.” “Sure. What kind of food do you have in mind?” I shuttered at the thought of going to McDonald’s again. Apparently Melody thought it was wonderful. I didn’t want to get sick when I couldn’t resist the urge to order one of their caustic milkshakes. “Not McDonald’s I hope.” She was still beaming. “Better than McDonald’s. We are going to Chuck E Cheese.” I was about going to say, “Taco Bell?” in my Sylvester Stalone tone, but then Melody was excited by it and I hadn’t had pizza in a while. And Jonah said I needed to learn about video games. So I said, “Why not?” We went through the bathroom to her room and I met Melody’s father for the first time. He was younger than my own father. Her dad had a very distinctive mustache. The corners were twisted up on the ends in points, like reddish flames, much darker than his very light blond hair. He smiled. “So this is my daddy, Jack Franklin,” said Melody. “And this is Nora Jones, one of my good friends. We share a bathroom.” I waved. “Nice to meet you, Nora. Melody said you helped her learn how to do a few things that her mother didn’t teach her.” “Yep. I taught her how to do her own laundry,” I said. “Good,” he said. “I don’t have a washer and dryer and could never teach her the basics.” “No washer and dryer?” I asked. “Well in my work, I travel a lot, so I am usually on the road.” “Well, let’s go,” said Melody. “I still have tokens from last year.” She grabbed a purse and flung it over her shoulder. “Do you have everything you need?” he asked. “Of course,” she said. We walked out to the car. His vehicle was a Jeep, but it had a tow bar on it like it was usually pulled behind an RV. My parents weren’t big on camping, but Kara’s family were big RV enthusiasts. I looked at it. “Do you go RV-ing a lot?” He nodded and started the Jeep and we pulled out of the dorm parking lot. “I am in the RV delivery business. I just delivered an RV to a family in Boston, so I decided to see Melody since I was in town already.” “So how often do you do this?” I asked. “It depends on how far from the factory it needs to go, but usually about one or two a week.” I couldn’t imagine driving all over in an RV. Kara’s family usually stayed at RV parks. “My best friend’s parents have a Fleetwood RV.” He frowned. “They are a major competitor of ours.” He laughed. “They keep us innovating though.” He kept driving. It only took about twenty minutes to get to the pizza place. We walked in and it was like it had never changed. “I haven’t been here since I was eight,” I said. “Daddy takes me here at least once a year,” said Melody. “I am a ski ball expert, so you better watch out.” “Food first, then games,” said Mr. Franklin. I giggled. “Yes, sir. I am starved anyway. We found a seat in the dining room without the big stage of animatronic singing animals and we sat and talked. “Melody gushed about classes and how she was becoming more independent. “Did you know Mommy hunted me down at the scholarship camp and tried to make me go home?” “Really?” asked her father. “How did she know about everything?” “I think she found out when I got the letter about my vaccinations. I had to go to student health and get all the vaccines I should have had over the years.” Melody continued. “Anyway, she went to the campground with a policeman and tried to get me to go home, but I told her that I was going to stay and go to college. The policeman said I could do what I wanted because I am eighteen.” “Good for you, baby,” he said. “Your mother unfairly held you back because of your problem.” Melody looked thoughtful, but didn’t say anything, so I was free to open my own mouth. “That’s not a problem anymore. Student Health told her there wasn’t physically wrong with her and Melody figured out her mother just didn’t teach her and she learned to use the bathroom by herself.” “Nora, no,” Melody said, but it was too late. Mr. Franklin’s face turned bright pink. He had been pale to begin with and it was easy to tell when he was angry. “That woman lied to me and you. She stole your childhood so she could keep you under her control. I am calling your mother and letting her know how despicable she is for what she did.” Melody looked alarmed as she looked out into the restaurant. “Quiet, our food is here.” A waitress laid a pizza on the table and we took time to pass out some slices for us. I took a bite of my pizza and looked at Melody. “I am sorry for bringing that up.” “Well, I am eighteen and don’t have to talk to Mommy again. I am so angry about what she did to me, but Daddy, don’t confront Mommy about this. I don’t want her to know that she doesn’t have power over me anymore. Besides, she can stop me from going to college just by telling the scholarship coordinator that I am not incontinent anymore. Then I would have to go back to her. I don’t want that to happen.” Her father’s normal color returned to his face and Melody relaxed. “I will not call your mother,” he said. “Now we came here to have fun, not argue about your mother. “Goody,” she said. She grabbed two slices of pizza from the pan to her plate dragging a stream of cheese across the table. I smiled and grabbed a few pieces of my own. “I haven’t been to a pizza arcade in years,” I said. “How did you know they still had them?” “Daddy took me to Chunk E. Cheese for every birthday. It was the one chance I got to have the kinds of fun Mommy didn’t want me to have.” “Oh?” I asked. “Melody’s mother didn’t want Melody to have fun if she wasn’t the center of it,” he said. “Or do anything, apparently,” I said. “Maybe that why she kept you in diapers?” Melody frowned, then nodded. “If my talking Barbie didn’t require a computer, I would have never been able to use a computer. Mommy couldn’t figure out how to make her talk and she left me alone with the computer for hours. I just had to change Barbie’s speech every now and then, so she thought I was only doing that.” We quickly ate and then when we were finished, we each got a cup of tokens. “Let’s play Ski Ball,” said Melody. I got up and followed her out into the game room. It was black lit and filled with flashing arcade machines and electronic noise. I went over to the ski ball machines and put in my tokens. The nine balls rolled down the chute and I begin to play. By the time I finished the first game, I only had one ticket print out. I looked over to Melody and she had ten tickets. I was jealous, but she had scored much higher than me. She smiled. “Don’t worry. We’ll pool our tickets and get something fun to share.” She popped in another token and we started a new round. We played Skee-Ball until it was time to leave. “Well, let’s redeem our prize,” she said. We walked to the counter and looked around. There were really awesome prizes, but we didn’t have near enough tickets for a MacBook or a LCD TV. Instead we spent our tickets on a cheap plastic Slinky. She looked a bit disappointed, but I just shrugged. “We just had fun playing.” “And we’ll have fun playing with the Slinky at the dorms. We didn’t have stairs at Mommy’s house.” Melody’s father drove us back to the dorms and then I came back to see Jonah walking away. He wasn’t happy. He was clinching and unclinching his fists. He stopped and looked at me. “Did you forget about our date? Cassie said she didn’t see you all day and Bella said she saw you leaving with some guy.” “Sorry, I kept her our too long,” said Melody. “My father stopped by and took us both to Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday.” She held up the Slinky. “See what Nora and I won at Skee-Ball.” “But you didn’t answer your phone or my texts or anything. I thought you didn’t want to talk to me anymore.” I grabbed my purse and reached for my phone, but it was gone. I grabbed my keys and went inside and found my phone still on my bed. I grabbed and started scrolling through the messages. I turned to Jonah. “I left my phone. I am sorry I forgot about the date. How late am I?” “Just half an hour,” he said. “I hope our plans aren’t time sensitive,” I said. He shook his head. “We can see the next showing of the movie.” “Let me get dressed and I will be ready.” I grabbed some clothes and threw them on my bed and then pushed him out of the room and was able to get dressed. I thought about a dress, but I decided that I needed to make sure that Jonah wasn’t like Milton. For that, I needed to wear light colored pants. I dressed in a cute blouse and khaki pants that I couldn’t really wear with diapers. I then packed some more suitable clothes in an overnight bag. I came out of the dorm with my purse and my bag. “Let’s go,” I said. Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Movie: the Test The movie was educational for me. I had never been to a superhero movie before and Jonah had to explain things now and then. However, I enjoyed it. I drank my large soda and some of Jonah’s and didn’t take a bathroom break because I was afraid to miss any of the movie. By the time the credits rolled, I was bursting. I stood up and tried to leave, but Jonah grabbed my arm. “You got to stay for the credits or else you’ll miss what the next movie is going to be about.” “Really?” I asked. I had to pee and I regretted not wearing a diaper, but I was not going to wet and then walk out in front of all these people. I squeezed my thighs together as the credits rolled. “I really had no idea that it took so many names to make a movie. They had separate credits for the caterers and craft services. They are pretty much the same job too. Both of them serve food to the actors. I later looked up the difference, but I though I was going to soak the theater seat and I was too embarrassed to tell him that I was desperate. What I planned to do was more embarrassing, but I wasn’t ready yet. Finally a scene came up on the screen and the characters interacted. The audience laughed and then started discussing as everyone got up to leave. “We got to go. I need to pee,” I said to Jonah. He guided me to the bathroom, but the line was so far out the women’s room door that I knew I was not going to be able to hold it. “Jonah, I can’t hold it with this line this long.” “Okay, let’s go,” he said. He led me out of the theater and into his minivan. We drove across the parking lot as I held my crotch and then pulled into the gas station on the other side of the parking lot. I got out and started to go into the gas station. I decided it was a good place to have my accident, but the clerk gave me a dirty look. Instead I hurried into the bathroom and locked myself inside. As soon as I saw the toilet, instinct took over and I pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet and peed. After peeing, I realized what I had done. I missed my chance to test Jonah. I wiped and got dressed and then saw my phone sticking out of my pocket. I picked it up and called Jonah. “Jonah,” I said in a weepy voice, “I didn’t make it.” “Are you okay? Should we try somewhere else?” he said over the phone. “No, I mean I got into the bathroom and started peeing down my legs. I’m soaked and embarrassed.” “Are you serious? You wet yourself?” I let out a sob into my phone. “Well, don’t cry. These things happen. I shouldn’t have made you stay for the credits. Come on out and I’ll take you home.” He was so nice and I suddenly felt guilty for lying to him. I went outside and then got in the minivan. “Now, don’t be too embarrassed to date me again, Nora.” His hand touched my upper thigh and then he gave me a confused look because I was dry. I looked back at him. “Sorry,” I said. “I had to test you. Cassie’s boyfriend humiliated her twice over something like this.” I leaned forward to kiss him. “You passed.” “So you didn’t have to pee at all?” He sounded more annoyed. “You don’t trust me to treat you right?” Now I was on the defensive. “I’m sorry. You always treated me perfectly. And I really would have peed my pants in the theater lobby if you didn’t drive me to the gas station. I thought I was going to die. I was really counting on going during the credits. But I couldn’t help thinking, what you would do if I didn’t make it. I didn’t plan this out really well. I trust you completely.” He frowned. “We had this discussion earlier when we went and got Cassie on our first date. I knew she wet herself and that’s why she needed the extra clothes.” I looked at him. “I’m not being honest with you,” I admitted. “You see, Cassie and I are roommates because we both wet the bed. I just can’t really break it to a boy in a good way. I understand if you don’t want to see me again. Just don’t tell anyone about me and Cassie’s problem.” He reached over and kissed me. We made out a bit and I felt so wet. “Okay, now I am a different kind of wet. If you are ready, I’ll let you do me.” “I’m not ready for that yet,” he said. “I am waiting until I get married and I am not ready to think that far ahead until I graduate.” I kissed him hard. “You are such a keeper. I will respect your wishes in that area. I hope you still want to date me after all the mistakes I made today and what I revealed about myself.” He held my hand. “Nora, I still want to date you. You are okay and that won’t change even after I graduate and want more in a relationship.” “Then I declare this date a success. Now why did the superhero carry that old-fashioned relic with him?” “Well in the first movie...” Chapter Twenty-Eight: Driving Home Thanksgiving break was soon and I was exited. I liked my time so far at MIT, but t was really weird pretending to be incontinent so I could keep my scholarship. At least Cassie was also faking it, but she had genuine issues. I packed my suitcases and then Cassie walked in. She looked at my bags and frowned. “Getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving break?” she asked. I didn’t answer because I was getting ready for break and it was obvious. She must have realized she asked an obvious question so she went on. “The dorm said I they are closing for break and I can’t stay here. We are supposed to go home and enjoy the week with our families while they fix the bathrooms.” She frowned and walked over to the bed and sat down. “I don’t really want to take Bets up on her offer of a place to stay for the week. Can you imagine?” I laughed. “Could you even go 24/7 again?” She thought about it for a little bit. “I probably could. I mean, it would be easy, but I can’t deal with the paranoia that Bets would discover that I was faking. A week at camp was bad enough and you basically caught me out at Walmart right after camp.” “I actually caught you peeing in the woods that night we looked at the stars and looked for meteorites” “Meteors. They are not meteorites until they hit the ground. But, wait, you caught me peeing? I had kind of just changed into a clean diaper and didn’t want to wet it yet.” I nodded. “She paced back and forth. “Oh Bets is so going catch me since it will just be the two of us in the house. At least at camp there were six of us girls.” “Don’t worry about Bets. You are coming home with me.” I grabbed two packs of diapers and threw them in a duffle bag and put it with my stuff I was taking home. “So pack,” I said. “I want leave in half an hour.” She went to her closet and packed about four outfits. She then packed enough socks and underwear for two weeks. She didn’t pack any diapers. She brought her laptop and table since we both had a paper due. “Bring diapers. You’ll have to sleep in my room and I’d rather you didn’t pee in my bed.” “What were the diapers your brought for then?” “Because I promised I’d wear them to bed as long as you needed them. I didn’t embarrass myself in front of Milton for nothing.” She packed some diapers in her diaper bag. “Good idea. I don’t want your mother to throw me out on my butt in the middle of Pennsylvania.” We were all packed and I rushed us out the door of the dorm. The room was clean. Our beds were made, and our valuables put away. Most of what we owned was our laptops and clothes and we brought most of those with us. We went out to my car and soon we were one the road. We had driven for four hours when Cassie looked at me. “Can we stop soon. I have to pee.” I decided to tease her. “Just go in your diaper. I went in mine an hour ago.” I resumed driving. I also picked up my bottle of Mountain Dew from my cup holder and drank it down. She shifted her hips in the seat and then grabbed her crotch. “Nora, I’m serious. I am about to wet right in your seat. Besides, I am not diapered and it will make a mess.” “You really have to go. Well, we arguing to run out of gas soon, so I guess we can stop. Besides I am out of pop and I was just teasing when I said I was diapered.” I took the next exit and we stopped at the gas station. I didn’t even pull up to a gas pump. I just parked because I needed the bathroom as well. We went in, used the facilities and then I left to fill up the car while Cassie bought treats. She came out as the car was filled up. I got my receipt out of the gas pump and we were on the way. “Everything come out all right,” I asked. She nodded. “So does your mom know you signed up for a scholarship for incontinent girls?” I almost swerved I was so panicked. I got control of the car and then looked at Cassie. “Don’t do that again. My parents would freak if they knew I was doing this. Let’s not tell them. In fact, we only wear diapers for bed all week. We don’t have long classes to sit through and we can stop at a rest area any time we need to pee.” Cassie nodded. “Okay. The family doesn’t know. Anything else?” “Most of my family is Republicans. Don’t get involved in any arguments.” “Are you a Republican?” asked Cassie. “What?” I thought about it. I really didn’t know. “I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet.” Cassie sat back and thought silently for a bit. “I would be a Libertarian, but I don’t want dope legalized.” I shrugged. “Why not? It doesn’t hurt anyone else.” She looked at me a second. “I lived with this one family and they fed me graham crackers and Kool-aid for an entire semester. I only got to eat real food when I bought school lunches because they spent the grocery money on dope. It just breeds irresponsible people.” “Oh,” I said. I sat in silence for a while. “But we get a big meal with turkey and stuffing and mash potatoes and yams and green bean casserole, and for dessert we get pumpkin pie with Cool Whip on it.” “What will I get to eat?” she asked. “The same stuff as me,” I said. “Doesn’t turkey and stuffing sound good to you?” She game me a funny look. “When I lived with Cathy and Peter, they said Thanksgiving dinner is just for family and you don’t share it with anyone who is not a blood relative. I had to sit in my room by myself because they had relatives over. They brought me a bowl of popcorn and some pretzels and that's all I had.” “What kind of blockhead said you can’t share Thanksgiving with people who aren’t your relatives?” I asked. “You lived with some terrible people.” “Well after Loraine, I went to live with Cathy and Peter for three years, then …” She listed off a bunch of names before she got to her favorite Felix. She then mentioned a few more names. “None of them had me during Thanksgiving except Loraine and Cathy and Peter.” “Loraine is that awful woman that caged you with the other animals in that puppy mill?” She nodded, then shuttered. “In November too. Do you know how cold it is in a cage, especially when you wet your pants?” “Well, no cages, no wetting our pants, and no shutting you up in a room. Just be yourself and be polite and everything will be fine.” I shook my head. “You are going to enjoy a real Thanksgiving dinner no matter what.” “Thank you, Nora. You are the best friend ever.” I drove the rest of the way home. Cassie read her textbook on her tablet and I listened to the radio and drove. Then we got to my house. ### I pulled in the driveway and got out. I tried the door and it was locked. I had not brought my house key with me when I left for college. I rang the doorbell. My mother answered. “Oh, Nora, you made it back already. Come on in. Your grandparents came yesterday and are occupying the guest room. Your cousin has taken the foldout bed in the study.” She leaned in to whisper to me. “I didn’t know you would be bringing a friend. We don’t really have the room unless you want to put sleeping bags on the floor of your room?” “What’s wrong with my room?” I asked. I took Cassie by the hand and dragged her to my room. My room was missing. What had been my room was an empty shell. The carpet was missing. The walls were gone too. You could see the studs. Even though the carpet was gone, you could see a scorch mark on the floor near the window, which was boarded over. Over by where my bed used to be was a water-damaged area were I had peed. My stuff was gone, but where they used to be was piles of new Sheetrock, a brand new window, and lots of construction supplies. Cassie looked around. “Looks like they are doing a major remodel.” I nodded. “But why now? I lived here all summer like this because we couldn’t afford to fix anything.” I walked back down stairs. “We can’t stay in my room,” I said. “There is no furniture and it’s not habitable like this. And I brought my roommate Cassie.” “Nora, calm down. It’s been arranged. Kara said you can stay over with her. Just call her and ask if your roommate can stay too.” I calmed down. Of course my mother would have figured out a plan. She looked at Cassie. “You are very welcome to our house. Sorry about the sleeping arrangements. The house is in chaos and construction work never got finished.” She went to the computer and printed out two sheets of paper. She handed one to me and one to Cassie. I took it and looked over the “Steven Family Thanksgiving Week Itinerary.” Cassie looked at it with confusion. “I’ll explain later,” I said. “You don’t want to miss any events my mother has planned.” “Cassie, do you have any food allergies or religious restriction we need to know about.” “No. I can eat whatever I am served,” she said. I smiled. “We get along great. Cassie is a fun roommate. She has lots of stories from before college.” “I’d like to hear some sometime.” I shook my head so only Cassie could see me. “Let’s go to Kara’s so we can get settled in. I will be back in time for….” I looked at the itinerary. “…Monopoly or Uno and light refreshments at seven.” We walked out of the house and got into my car. “That was weird,” said Cassie. She held her Steven’s Family Thanksgiving Week Itinerary. “I never had an itinerary planned for me in such detail.” “My family is not weird. No one gets locked in cages or told to hide in a room during Thanksgiving dinner.” “Fine,” said Cassie. “My family experiences are way more weirder than yours. But I had a lot of families and not one had a printed itinerary.” She sat in silence for a while while I drove to Kara’s. “Although some of them were so disorganized they could use an itinerary,” she admitted. “See,” I said. She nodded. “So what is on the list for right now.” I looked being especially careful since I was driving. “It says Nora driving to Kara’s house.” She rolled her eyes at me. “Let’s say we just go to Kara’s later and go to McDonalds and get some milkshakes. I haven’t had one since—.” “—since we had some on the way to camp and both pooped our diapers. Never again.” “But those were vanilla shakes. I was thinking about egg nog shakes since it is almost Thanksgiving.” “So you want us to lose bowel control for the entire week then?” “Well, no. But I love egg nog and I love shakes from McDonalds.” She looked longingly out the window at a McDonalds we past. She was silent for a bit. “I bet we would have never become this close of friends if we hadn’t had that major accident together, but you have a point. So what about this Kara person and can she be discreet about my night thing?” I laughed. “She is the one who made me buy the right stuff. I would have shown up in pull ups and been totally outed as a faker. “Lol, that is what the other girl did,” said Cassie. I looked at her with surprise. I didn’t know about another girl. “Yeah, you don’t know because you weren’t at the pre-summer get-together. Neither was Melody for that matter. Anyway, she wouldn’t wet the pull up anyway and Bets accidentally walked in on her in the single person bathroom, so she got caught. Also, she didn’t bring any changes. That is such a rookie mistake.” “I was well supplied. Kara burned my panties and I had to wear diapers for two weeks before camp started.” I thought back about that bad ideas. Panties should never be burned. Thrown away would have been fine, but not burned. She frowned. “Yeah, about that. I pretended to wet the bed and told my foster parents the bed wetting started again and what they used at the last place. They weren’t really impressed with me and I think they were happy to see me go to college.” Chapter Twenty-Nine: Arrival Home and Alternate Sleeping Arrangements I pulled the car into the driveway of a little suburban home and we got out. I walked up to the door with Cassie by my side and I rang the doorbell. Kara answered. “Nora!” she yelled and gave me a big hug. I hugged her back and she whispered in my ear. “Who’s the other girl.” “My roommate,” I whispered back. “Be nice.” She released me and smiled. “Welcome to my parent’s house. Nora and I are best friends. Any friend of Nora is a friend of mine.” Cassie looked at Kara. “Don’t I know you?” I looked confused and Kara bit her lip. Kara looked embarrassed. “Yeah, I met you on senior skip day when I was looking at a college and you were there.” Cassie looked at me. “Well, that is how she knew.” Kara looked confused now. “Well, let’s go in and I’ll show you where you will be sleeping and then you two can freshen up.” We walked up to her bedroom. Her queen sized bed sat in the middle of her small room flanked on either side by nightstands. “Well you two can have the bed. I have an air mattress so I will sleep here.” She motioned to the floor. Cassie looked dubious, but I smiled. “It will work. We haven’t had a sleepover in ages. Thanks for taking the floor.” She smiled back. “Anything for my best friend.” “Do you want to get our luggage,” I asked Cassie. “Sure,” she said. We went out to the car and carried our bags upstairs. When we came back up, Kara was waiting for us. “So Nora, I got the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special on DVD. We always had to watch it. I thought we could see it as soon as you get ready.” “I’ve never watched that. Is it good?” Cassie smiled trying to be friendly. “Of course it is good,” I said. “It’s a classic. I can’t believe you never watched it.” “Well, I’ll go get it ready on the VCR while you two get changed.” She ran off. “What do we wear for watching a DVD?” asked Cassie. “I think she meant that we should change our diapers. She thinks you are incontinent and I am wearing one as a faker.” I shrugged. “So do you want to wear one?” “Sure, but we could have had the egg nog shakes if we were going to wear diapers anyway.” “You don’t remember camp very well, do you?” I said. She shuddered. “Well anyway, remember in the car how I talked about the girl with one pull-up faking incontinence?” I nodded. “Well she was your friend Kara.” “What?” I asked. “No way.” “Way,” she said. “She is pretending to not remember me, but we sat together at the get-together.” “That might be why she was so adamant about making me wear and use diapers for two weeks before I left for camp. She was the one that decided to burn all my panties.” I looked down the hall making sure she wasn’t coming. “Maybe that is why she knew what to do diaper-wise.” “At least she learned from her mistakes,” said Cassie. She walked over to her diaper bag and pulled out a diaper. Then she undressed and taped it on, then put her panties back in her bag and pulled her jeans back on. I wore a skirt, so I only had to pull my skirt up to change from panties to a diaper. Once diapered we went downstairs. We sat down on the couch and got ready for the show. “Wait. We need drinks. Nora, come and help me pick something out.” Kara grabbed my hand and took me to the kitchen. “Whoa. What’s up.” I knew Kara dragged me in to talk, not to pick drinks. “So, what is it like wearing diapers all the time?” she asked. “Is this why you dragged me in here?” I asked. ”So?” “It feels like a soft pillow between my legs,” I said. “But when I wet, it kind of bothers me because it shouldn’t feel good. But I have to worry whenever I am with my boyfriend that he will notice I am wearing them. He doesn’t really know.” “Wow, you tried dating in a diaper. You are brave.” “Well anyway let’s get the drinks. What do you have?” “Just Mountain Dew,” she said. We returned with six cans of Mountain Dew. Cassie was none the wiser that we were gossiping about her, but she was gossiping about Kara earlier. I wonder what Kara’s deal was. I didn’t know she had signed up for the scholarship too as another faker. Since she got caught, that opened up a space for me. I would have been yodeling in Austria if not for her. I was familiar with the rolling mountains of the Appalachians, but had not traveled overseas to see the Alps. I knew they were different mou, because I am not an idiot, but I tried the yodeling in Appalachia when I realized that was what I was probably going to end up doing. Fortunately the MIT scholarship opened up. I had Kara to thank for the opening and also for her coaching me on how to blend in, mostly based on her own failure to blend in. The movie started as usual. Again, as is everytime I watch it, I was laughing at Snoopy and Woodstock’s efforts to set up table and chairs for Thanksgiving. By the time the poor meal of toast, pretzel sticks, and popcorn was served, I was still giggling. “Is this where my foster parents got the idea to feed me that for Thanksgiving?” asked Cassie. I stopped laughing and it an arm around her. “This year, you will have turkey and all the fixings.” “Even though I am not family?” she asked. “You are my friend and Friendsgiving rules,” I said. “What is your family doing for Thanksgiving, besides inviting us to sleep over?” asked Cassie. Kara smiled. “We are all going over to the Stevens’ house and eating with them. Now quiet, this is the best part.” The cartoon cut to the closing scene where Charlie Brown invited his friends over to spend Thanksgiving at his own grandmother’s house. The children sang a song and then the cartoon ended. “So do you want to watch the Mayflower Voyages,” asked Kara. “No,” I said. “Let’s watch the Christmas ones.” “We can’t because Thanksgiving hasn’t passed. You can’t do Christmas stuff until Santa’s sleigh stops at Macy’s at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parade.” Kara retrieved the DVD and put it away in its sleeve and put it on the shelf with the Christmas and Halloween DVDs. “I never heard of these rules,” said Cassie. “They are quite well known,” said Kara. “They are completely arbitrary,” I said in return. “Kara and I had special rules we made up for everything. What did you think we did at all the sleepovers we had? Had pillow fights in our underwear?” Cassie thought for a minute. “Besides that I think we do each other's hair, give each over makeovers, and steal the underwear of the first person who goes to sleep, dip them in water, and put them in the freezer.” We looked at her with confusion. “Well that is what I think happens at them.” Cassie shrugged. “I’ve never been to a sleepover and foster children aren’t allowed to ‘invite their criminal friends over to case the place.’” Kara laughed and I reached under the blanket and pinched her hard in the leg. “Ouch,” she said, but the pinch got her the hint. She stopped laughing. “So if you want to do the pillow fight thing, we can,” said Kara. “I don’t think you want to with your problem.” I frowned. “We don’t need to go there. We all know about my scholarship and why Cassie and I got it.” I was going to let her think Cassie was genuine for a while. I wasn’t sure if I trusted Kara to keep Cassie’s secret. She would keep mine, I thought, but maybe she changed. “I’m sorry,” said Kara. “I shouldn’t have said that.” “It’s okay,” said Cassie, “but I am not really comfortable with people knowing that I am wearing a diaper. My boyfriend doesn’t even know.” “How do you—?” Kara started to say. “Easy,” said Cassie. “We do it in the hot tub.” She smiled and then I started to giggle. “I got the boyfriend who wants to wait until he gets married, so that is not an issue.” I thought of Jonah and how I wanted him and wondered what he would think of it he knew about the scholarship and how I wore diapers, but really didn’t need them. “Well that is an issue,” said Kara. “What’s the point of having a boyfriend if you can’t have fun with him.” “So did you get boyfriend at Penn State,” I asked Kara. She stood up and twirled. “Do you think a college boy could pass up this bod? In fact, I’ve had three boyfriends since the semester started. Just one at a time though.” “She was always the popular high school girl,” I told Cassie. “So we have talked about boys,” said Cassie. “When do we do each other's hair?” She took a notebook out of her pocket and put a check mark where it said, “Talk about boys.” I laughed and grabbed her note book. It really was a list of stereotypical things that girls do a slumber parties. I looked at the list. “Ooh, there is truth or dare,” I said. “Kara, truth or dare.” “Truth,” she said. “What a copout,” said Cassie. “Name a kinky thing you did with a boy,” I said. Kara blushed bright red. “No way,” she said. “Way,” said Cassie. “You picked truth so no take-backs.” “Fine,” said Kara. “My current boyfriend likes to spank me and I love it.” “That isn’t that kinky,” said Cassie. “I got spanked a lot of times.” “Well I have to drag a big wooden paddle to him with my teeth.” “Well that is kind of kinky,” I said, “But it’s just a playful smack I am guessing.” “No,” she said. “The paddle has holes in it and it leaves welts and it hurts to sit down in class for the next couple days.” “You really need a safe word,” said Cassie. “I have one,” said Kara, “but I never use it.” “Okay, your turn Kara.” “Nora, truth or dare.” I decided to be daring, “Dare.” “Show me your diaper.” I looked at her with a scowl, but lifted my skirt revealing the purple diaper I wore. “There. Still dry.” Cassie smiled. “While your holding your skirt up, I dare you to wet your diaper for us.” The Mountain Dew had gotten to me and. I went ahead and relaxed letting the wetness soak into my diaper. The wetness indicator disappeared and I felt it swell around my crotch, but it wasn’t really that noticeable. “Okay, I am done. Cassie, it is your turn.” “This is for Kara,” she said. “I double dare you to go put on one of my diapers and wear it until you wet it.” Kara shook her head. “No. I am not wearing one of your diapers. I don’t have a wetting problem.” “That’s the point,” I said. “Maybe you need to learn what it is like for Cassie.” She looked at me for a bit more than made me comfortable, so I added. “And me. Learn what it is like for me.” “I don’t know how to tape a diaper on,” she said. “I’ll go upstairs and do it for you,” I said. “I’ve changed some of the other girls in the scholarship program and Cassie and I have changed each other. She’s actually pretty good at it.” “Fine, but please don’t make me wet in it?” Cassie smiled. “We could all get egg nog shakes and then see who needs to be changed first.” “No,” I said. “I’m joking,” she said. “Well, come on.” I pulled Kara to her feet and led her upstairs. I looked at Cassie. “I’ll just change her in the bedroom since she doesn’t need both of us as an audience.” “Fine.” I walked with Kara into her room and we closed the door. “So take off your pants and panties and I will change you.” She slipped out of her jeans and then dropped her panties. They were purple with little black bats on them. She held her shirt down to cover her. I opened my bag and pulled out one of my diapers. She walked to the suitcase and held up a pair of my panties. “Why do you have panties in your bag?” “Because I am not letting my parents know that their college aged daughter now wears diapers. What do you think?” It was as close to the truth as possible. “Won’t your roommate realize you are a faker if she sees them?” “She won’t see them. Besides I am diapered now.” I flipped my skirt revealing my wet diaper. “Doesn’t that feel gross after awhile?” I smiled. “It actually feels really good,” I said. “You might try wetting while sitting down. That makes it warm you in more places at once. Why are you so squeamish? You taught me to wear diapers and be convincing.” “Because, I didn’t want you to go all the way to Austria,” she said. “Well, lie down.” She lay down and I opened the diaper and sat in front of her. “Lift your butt. Right there. You can put your butt down now.” I pulled the diaper between her legs and then taped her in it.” “This feels really secure,” she said. “You should be able to wet about three times before you are sufficiently wet to call this exercise over.” I slapped her leg, stood, and then pulled her to her feet. “Besides, why didn’t you tell me that you tried to get the MIT scholarship but you weren’t convincing at all.” “Would you admit you had to wear diapers?” “I don’t like to,” I said. “So far my boyfriend doesn’t know, but Cassie’s boyfriend saw me and was quite frankly a bit immature and stupid about it.” “To be honest, I filled out every scholarship app I could find and the incontinence one just hit for me. It was either that or go to State. Although I have to admit that State is hard enough. I don’t know what your grades are like at MIT, but I barely am going to sneak by with a 3.2 at State.” She reached down and picked up her pants to pull on. “No,” I said, “you need to leave your pants off so Cassie can tell you did her dare.” I then thought about my grades. My exams were all A’s except, ironically, in English where I struggled to get a C. College papers are hard. I will probably make five A’s and a C,” I said. “Wow, is Nora who studied all the time getting a bad grade in a class?” That wasn’t true. I hardly ever studied. I just did my assigned homework and made sure I had an overall understanding of the material. I knew grammar and the parts of speech and how to write a paper, but college English was really different. Our papers had to be about something. “Yes, I am bad at something. Let’s go and show Cassie your new underwear.” We opened the door and Cassie came in. She smiled. “Twirl around.” Kara did, but then she started to blush bright red. “I don’t think I like this.” “Well leave it on. Cassie and I haven’t changed since we got here.” “But Cassie… …and you,” she said adding me at the last minute, “actually need diapers.” “Thanks. I don’t know that already,” said Cassie. “Now, relax everyone.” I wanted to avoid a confrontation. “Let’s just watch stuff on Netflix.” We went back down to the living room and started watching romantic comedies. Most of them sucked, but there was one where Melissa Joan Hart gets robbed and decides to marry some guy for the wedding gifts that she met at the singles table of a wedding. It was pretty funny, at least to Kara and me. Cassie wanted to watch some science fiction series, but I had enough science fiction just from my semester at MIT. I wanted to watch a show I picked. Usually it is, “You never saw blank? Well we are going to sit you down to watch blank this weekend.” Blank either meant the Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The one thing I really enjoyed was Ice Pirates for all its cheesiness. However, we had to stop the movie ten minutes in, because Kara’s parents were going to be home soon. “I don’t want to get caught in my diaper. I am taking it off.” “You never wet it,” said Cassie. “But at least let me put pants over it,” she said. “My parents will freak if they catch me.” “Just tell them you started bed-wetting,” said Cassie. “That actually works.” “Yeah, no.” She went upstairs and came down wearing pants. I slapped her on the butt to see if she was still diapered. She was. “Hey,” she said. “Yeah, still diapered. No start the movie. I want to find out if Melissa Joan Hart falls in love with the guy.” “Of course she will. Romance is so formula,” said Cassie. However as we watched she was totally crying by the end of the movie. Inevitably, Kara had to pee. “I have to pee,” she said. “Then pee,” said Cassie. “I did a little bit ago.” “Eww, won’t it smell bad?” “Are you saying we stink?” asked Cassie. “No, she is not,” I said. “She just doesn’t know how good a wet diaper feels. Well until it gets cool and gross.” “You’re not going to smell like pee right away,” said Cassie. “It needs awhile to get that gross ammonia smell and that is usually after you throw it away. Nora and I have a Diaper Genie so we don’t smell up our dorm room, but if I wet during my first class, I can usually wait until lunch time to change unless I have to use the toilet, then I just change afterward and I carry baby wipes in my purse.” “That sound good?” I asked. “Besides, how do you think Cassie and I feel about needing diapers?” Veronica is the person she should really ask, but I didn’t really like Veronica and Darla and here were friends, so I didn’t really need to try to bond with her. Her parents came home at that time, so her chance at bladder relief got delayed. “Oh, Nora, you’re here,” said Kara’s mother. “Yeah, I bright my roommate. I hope you don’t mind.” I put an arm around Cassie. “Mrs. Drake, this is my roommate Cassie Nova.” Kara giggled, and Cassie blushed. “It’s just Cassie. When you use my last name, I am Cassandra Nova. The people who named me were idiots.” “Well we are glad to have you here. Were your parents too far away to meet for Thanksgiving?” Cassie shrugged. “I don’t know. I never met them.” I did a shushing motion and the she said, “Well I am sorry. You are welcome to be part of our family this year.” “Thank you, Mrs. Drake,” said Cassie. “Well I am getting supper ready, but the Stevens are going out to dinner tonight or I would invite you to stay for dinner.” “Once Mom makes plans on the Steven’s Family Itinery, it is pretty much set in stone,” I said. “We should probably be getting ready,” said Cassie. “I want to make a good impression and be on time. Will you come upstairs with us Kara so you can show us where everything is.” “Sure,” said Kara. I walked upstairs with Kara and Cassie. We went into Kara’s room and then Cassie shut the door. “Did you pee yet?” Cassie asked. “No, but I really got to go,” said Kara. “Tickle fight,” said Cassie. She tackled Kara onto the bed and started to tickle her. I stepped besided her and held her kicking freet while Cassie dug her fingers into Kara’s armpits. I freed a hand and used it to tickle Kara’s feet. We had her held down and laughing for a good two minutes before Cassie let up. “Are you peeing?” she asked. Kara sat up. “OMG, it felt so warm. How do you stand this?” She got up and unbuckled her pants. Her diaper was very wet. “Okay you did the dare. Now Cassie and I have to get ready for dinner.” “Okay. I am going to take a bath now.” She ran off. I opened my bag and pulled out an outfit. I looked over at what Cassie was wearing and frowned. “You are not wearing that to my parent’s dinner.” She had picked skinny jeans and big black t-shirt that had Bill Nye on it. I rooted through her bag and didn’t find anything, so I went in my own bag and gave her one of my casual dresses. “Put this on.” “That is so not going to hide my diaper,” she said. “Duh, we are wearing panties.” She got the hint. Our diapers came off and went in Kara’s wastebasket. I’d let her deal with our wet diapers. We used wipes to clean off and soon looked ready to eat at dinner someplace nice. I twirled and my dress came up. “Don’t do that in front of Kara or she’ll think I know you are a faker. I hope we are keeping it a secret that I don’t really need diapers because I don’t trust her.” Cassie straitened the skirt of her dress and then the two of us went down stairs. “Goodbye, Mrs. Drake,” said Cassie. “We’ll see you before it’s too late. I understand we are going someplace nice to eat.” “It’s a local restaurant that your mother loves. It’s too pricy for me,” she said. “Have fun.” We went out to the car and got in. I started it and Cassie confronted me about my family. “I thought you were poor because the IRS raided your family’s bank accounts. However, they have money to remodel their house and to go to fancy restaurants. What gives? You had to pretend to be incontinent because of this.” I thought for a few minutes. “I’m not sure. I am sure my parents have a good explanation for this.”
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    Chapter 1: “Heather, can you come here please?” “What is it Miss?” “I was just watching Sammy and I want you to come here and take note of something. Do you remember when we put her back in daytime diapers?” Heather had to think a moment. It was Thursday now, and it wasn’t that long ago. “I think Monday Miss? After she wet her trainers at snacktime?” Miss Fairchild grinned and nodded. “Sounds about right.” Heather joined the taller woman at the kitchen back door, looking out into the backyard. There were four students at play, three of which were digging around in the sandbox, but just off to the side, the girl in question, Samantha, was standing with a hand on the trunk of the large Mulberry tree facing away from her and Miss Fairchild. In the same way that they were watching her, Sammy was watching the other girls playing in the sandbox, seeming lost in thought at whether or not she wanted to join them. Samantha had only been at Miss Fairchild’s school for about two weeks now. When she’d first arrived, she’d been the picture of teenage rebellion. Wearing a short plaid skirt, ripped fishnet stockings, a loose wide neck shoulder shirt, she’d loudly proclaimed how her mother was insane if she thought she needed to spend time here. The transformation of just two weeks was nothing short of inspiring. Sammy was currently dressed in a light pink t-shirt, with a sunflower yellow overall dress worn over it. The front flap had three pink butterflies on it, and the whole thing barely came down enough to hide the thin diaper she was wearing. “Watch this hun, from what I can see, she’s about to take a nice step back from pre-schooler to toddler.” Miss Fairchild said. Heather didn’t fully understand the stages, she’d only been working at the school as a helper for about 3 months herself, but she had seen all the girls currently playing in the sandbox go through similar transformations. Miss Fairchild labeled all her students by relative maturity. Teen, pre-schooler, toddler, and finally baby; which did not reflect their physical ages. Sammy was physically a teen, easily 16 or 17, but was definitely not that mature, not any more. As Heather and her boss watched, Sammy slowly slipped her thumb into her mouth. She was entranced, watching the other girls play, all of which were already at toddler or baby level. Heather looked on intently, and as she did, Sammy seemed to relax her shoulders, and from what she could see of the girl’s face, her eyes half lidded as she stared off dreamily. Sucking her thumb, watching the ‘younger’ girls at play, she didn’t even seem aware that she was crouching a little, other hand still against the tree to steady herself. Heather wasn’t sure what she watching. She looked up to Miss Fairchild, trying to see what the fuss was about. Miss Fairchild just smiled, but catching the curious look from Heather she gestured with a hand. “Sammys’ going poo poo, the poor dear. That’s not something pre-schooler’s do in their pants. I think we’ll need to demote her down to toddler if she’s going to do that in her diapers,” she said in an almost coo’ing tone. Heather shifted her gaze back to the girl. The way she tilted forward, sucking her thumb intently, and the slight growing puffiness of the back of her diaper under her dress, it was obvious now that she’d been told what she was watching. Sammy remained both focused on the sandbox and dreamily not part of the same reality. What was going through her head as she had her accident? After almost an entire minute, Sammy stood back up, thumb still firmly in her mouth. “Go check on her hun, see if she knows she had an accident, and then take her to get changed. Be sure to use the thicker diapers this time, she needs them.” “Yes miss,” Heather said almost reflexively. Miss Fairchild stood aside as Heather went out into the back yard. There was always a slight intimidation factor there. Mako Fairchild, the owner of the school, was an Amazon. This meant she was a beautiful woman almost 9 feet tall, which was average height for an Amazon. Heather was something in-between. Both of her parents were Amazons, but somewhere in her genealogy, she had a rogue gene and she was only a hair above seven feet. Still technically an amazon, but on the shorter side of them, and sometimes teased when she was back in High School. All the students at the school were ‘littles’. They had many names; dwarves, munchkin, shortstack, funsize, and ‘babies.’ This school especially promoted the last one. A somewhat secretive result of just a month’s training, ‘or your money back guaranteed’ as Miss Fairchild quietly advertised. Approaching Sammy from behind, the cute girl in the yellow dress jumped a little at the pat on her shoulder. She was only an inch or two above 5’ feet, squarely in the ‘little’ category. “Hi Samantha, everything okay?” Heather asked. Sammy gave a slow confused nod, her thumb still in her mouth. “I was about to check all the baby girls, but I wanted to see if you needed to potty first. Do you need to potty?” Sammy shook her head. “You’ve had a few accidents since Monday. Let me check your diaper. I want to see if you need a change.” The girl blushed. Heather had been trained by Miss Fairchild to use this circular logic. You had to talk to the students and describe what you were doing and why, give them reason to understand like it was all normal and part of a learning process. “I’m a big girl, I don’t need to be checked,” she said in a soft voice. Heather just ignored her, lifting up her dress to pat the front of her diaper. It was a little damp, but nothing too bad. She turned Samantha around, getting a whimper of protest from the girl and lifted her dress a little higher to pull out the back of her diaper. “Samantha,” Heather said in the authoritative tone she’d been working on since she’d started at the school. “Do you have something to tell me?” Sammy’s face went pink. As Heather dropped the back of her dress, she slowly lowered her free hand to reach under and press at the back of her own diaper, letting out a little gasp as she cupped her own heavy seat. The thumb slowly came out of Samantha’s mouth as she realized what had happened. “I… I…” “You’re stinky,” Heather finished for her. Taking the girl by the wrist, Heather led her back toward the house. The teenager had to waddle with the load in her diapers. She started to cry softly as she saw Miss Fairchild waiting right at the door. “Uh oh, someone needs a change huh?” Miss Fairchild asked down at the two girls. Heather thought it was a little silly since it was something she knew already. Samantha was quick to look at the floor and put her thumb back in her mouth. She whimpered out some excuse that neither of them could catch. “Don’t worry hun, these things happen, no one’s upset,” Miss Fairchild assured her as Heather led the new toddler off to the nursery for a diaper change. It was 15 minutes later that Sammy was led back outside, and shyly helped over to the sandbox, where she joined the other girls in her now thicker diapers. Her thumb had been freed from her mouth, replaced by a pacifier. Chapter 2: “And this is my assistant Heather,” Miss Fairchild said with a smile. Heather gave a polite wave to the Amazon couple seated on the couch. They had a ‘little’ boy with them who had his hands nervously placed between his knees as he sat rigid. He looked maybe 15 or 16, probably somewhere in the middle of high school. “Typically we have between three to six students at any given time. I specialize in correctional behavior and maturity assessment. We offer both day classes and full time boarding for those that want a bit more focused program,” Miss Fairchild said. “You came highly recommended, we’ve actually visited a few of the automated daycares across town, but I wanted something a little more personal.” the Mother said. Miss Fairchild smiled. “Most of our business comes from referrals and we believe no machine will ever replace a Mother’s nurturing.” Heather listened a moment, but she’d heard the sales pitch before. Likely the young man would start classes here soon. Most of the time it was under the pre-tense of making them more focused at their studies, or less rebellious, or any number of things. One student had even been told she was going to be learning a new language, but the end result was generally the same. Crossing the room, Heather went to go check on the nursery and its sleeping occupants. Naptime every day started at as near to 1pm as it could get. Herding teenage toddlers was a lot like herding cats. It was never easy and it never happened exactly on time. They generally slept for an hour, sometimes two if she was lucky. The nursery had its own unique smell that could be a bit overwhelming at first, but becomes something familiar over time. It smelt of talcum powder, clean carpets, faint used diapers secured in their sealed trashcan, baby shampoo, and clothing fresh from the laundry. At the moment, they only had three students, and all of them were already at the baby level. They would be graduating soon. Going to the first crib, Heather checked on Ami. Ami was an adorable little Asian girl. She was small even for a little, right at four feet tall, and Miss Fairchild had apparently gotten a special request from her parents. Ami was probably in her early 20’s, but after her training, she was the ‘youngest’ in the school, with maturity about equal to an infant. She was still sleeping in her crib, clad in a lilac purple onesie, matching pacifier and her thick diaper underneath. Ami needed the most help of the group. She could still speak, but most of her communication had defaulted to crying or giggling. She didn’t even walk anymore, choosing instead to crawl everywhere. Heather wasn’t sure if that was something Ami had decided, or was ‘taught’. Popping one or two of the snaps on the bottom of her onesie, Heather checked her diaper and wasn’t surprised to find the baby girl had soaked her diaper during her nap. She made a mental note and moved down the line, coming to Sophie next. Sophie was a very quiet girl. She’d come to the school knowing what was going to happen. Her mother had even told Miss Fairchild on her first day that she couldn’t wait to have ‘her baby girl back’. The little brunette had seemed resigned to her fate, and her training had gone by rather quick. In just twelve days, Sophie was completely diaper dependent and sleeping like a little angel in her crib with her paci. Heather reached down to lift the girl’s summer dress up, giving her diaper a check. Another wet one to see too. Finally Heather moved to the last crib, where Sammy was sleeping. Just last week, Heather had watched as Sammy took a step back from pre-schooler to toddler. She was rapidly progressing toward baby, sleeping in overalls with a pacifier like the other girls. She leaned down and was about to undo some of the snaps when she caught a slight whiff of a dirty diaper. She just gave Sammy’s padded seat a couple pats and could tell already the girl had thoroughly messed her diaper while sleeping. “Might have already stepped down to baby, huh?” Heather asked quietly. She went back to Ami and started waking and changing the girl, bringing her out to the playroom. Miss Fairchild had seen their guests off by then and was waiting with a bottle of formula to feed baby Ami. “We’re going to have a new student starting Wednesday,” the Amazon woman said happily. “The young man?” Heather asked as she passed the still sleepy Ami over. “Yes, his name’s Timothy, although he’ll be a rather fun one. We’re to get him ready before his parents officially make him baby Tabitha.” Heather shook her head at that. There was a booming ‘baby business’ around here, that was for sure. She almost felt sorry for the poor boy. Science seemed to know no limits when it came to Amazons and their children. In a month’s time, Timothy could very well anatomically be a baby girl. “Very good Miss,” Heather said politely. She went to go get Sophie and Sammy, changing both girls and bringing them out to the playpen. Chapter 3: “Ummm so what do you do there?” Julie asked. “Underpaid babysitter and daycare worker mostly. Officially I’m a teacher’s aide, but I’ve never known a teacher’s aide who had to change so many diapers,” Heather groaned. “Who enrolls them?” “Their parents, at least, I think their parents. I can’t really be sure about this one woman and the girl she brought in; I think her name was Kurin? Man, she was a biter. Ranting about another world, always trying to sneak out a window, or under the fence. It took almost four weeks to get her just down to pre-school level.” “Pre-school?” Heather rolled her eyes. “Sorry, it’s a bit tough to explain. Just be glad you’re not on the receiving end of ‘schooling’. Miss Fairchild is really nice, but she certainly knows what she’s doing.” It was easier not to explain everything since what happened to ‘littles’ wasn’t necessarily illegal in their society, but it was something of an unspoken occurrence. “Oh.” The two girls sat in silence at the diner for a little while, poking at plates. Julie was Heather’s best friend since High School. The two of them had been close through thick and thin. They shared a common bond in being short Amazon’s. “What’s up Jules? Why the 20 questions all of a sudden?” Heather asked as she sipped from her drink. “It’s been almost six months since we’ve hung out last. I was just curious what you’ve been up to.” Heather shrugged. “Work keeps me busy, and the hours at your job seem to be opposite to mine.” Julie shrugged. “I actually quit, I was working too many hours and the stress was getting to me.” “Oh, sorry to hear that,” Heather said awkwardly. The two girls sat in a longer silence as that sunk in. “You want desert?” “Totally.” After their brief visit, Heather was a bit surprised when she saw Julie walking up the street outside their school a few days later. It was a beautiful spring day, and Heather was seated on a quilted blanket, reading a storybook to four students. She offered a smile and little wave to her friend, but she didn’t pause in her reading. The little teens seated before her had a collective attention span of less than four minutes, and she knew if she stopped, she’d lose them. She continued with a show of every page about what a hungry hungry caterpillar was eating, getting a few giggles from her audience. Julie watched from outside the yard’s picket fence, leaning on it and listening. After the book, she let the kids play with their toys and came up to say hi. “So this is it?” Julie asked looking around. Heather nodded. “Yup, the whole kitten caboodle. What brings you here?” “Oh, uh, just interviewing for a secretary position down the street, and I remember you saying where the place was, so I figured I’d stop by and see it for myself.” The two of them chatted quietly, although Heather was soon dragged away when young Timothy, barely having been at the school for a week, had a growing wet spot on his shorts. “Duty calls,” Heather sighed, offering her friend a wave. Oddly, Heather found Julie stopping by again just a few days later. This time she asked Miss Fairchild if she was hiring. Miss Fairchild was happy to meet Julie, but informed her that she wasn’t hiring at the moment. The following week, Heather found Julie there a third time, and it was on this visit that Heather began to suspect what Julie really wanted. Every time she came, she watched the ‘students’ a little too closely to be curious about the business. She’d heard about this sort of thing before. “You’re jealous of them aren’t you?” Heather asked as she leaned against the fence, watching the yard once more. Julie practically gasped for words. “No, never, who’d want that?” she asked indicating Tabitha, the onetime boy who was now in an adorable frilly dress, with thick diapers underneath. “Amazon mothers with deep pockets,” Heather said jokingly. Julie didn’t laugh. She just watched the students playing. “You’ve never actually seen inside the school have you Jules?” Heather asked. “No, I mean, well I saw from the front door, when I talked to your boss about if she needed a worker.” Heather nodded, smiling. “Come on, I have an idea.” After corralling the pre-schoolers and toddlers inside, Heather showed Julie the play room, and her friend even helped in getting the little ones ready and down for a nap. Usually between 1 and 2pm, Heather would clean a little and go on break, but instead she invited Julie to have a seat on the couch. “Oh you’re little friend stopping by to say hi again?” Miss Fairchild asked as she came in. Usually during lunch Miss Fairchild did the reports on student progress, and ordered supplies. Heather nodded and put her hands on her hips. “Actually Miss Fairchild, I wanted to talk to you about her.” Julie looked up surprised, looking at her friend and then at Miss Fairchild. “I’m pretty sure there’s a reason she’s come to visit me so much here. This is the third time in seven days.” Miss Fairchild smiled, and nodded like she understood exactly. “How old are you hun?” she asked the small Amazon. “I’m 23,” Julie gulped. “And you live on your own?” She nodded. “Well, have a seat here with Heather a moment, I’d like to get some refreshments. We can discuss things when I get back.” Julie watched the Amazon woman leave and she looked hesitantly to Heather. Julie had been doing a lot of research lately. Thoughts about the school had been dominating her mind. She had a general idea from the things Heather told her, and what she’d found online, but she wasn’t sure what was about to happen. She felt sure that now was probably her only chance to turn and walk away. Miss Fairchild returned with a small snack tray. Julie was sitting nervously on the couch, she hadn’t left. Heather was lounging beside her, looking like she was contemplating a nap after the morning she’d had. “You asked about a job the other day, right?” Miss Fairchild asked as she set the tray down on the coffee table. Julie nodded. “Well I don’t have any more spots open for a teacher’s aide, but…” and she gestured at the snack tray. On it were a cup of tea and a baby bottle of formula. “Can you stand up and come over here please?” Julie did as she was asked, looking at the tray and then Miss Fairchild, confused. “I brought you something to drink hun,” the Amazon woman said in a conspiratorial whisper. Heather slowly got up and excused herself from the room, having a notion of what was likely coming and not wanting to put peer pressure on her friend. “Oh, uhm, which one is mine?” Julie said as she started to fidget a little nervously. She was an Amazon, but she couldn’t help noticing the obvious difference in height between herself and Miss Fairchild. Where Julie small, around seven feet, it was still two feet shy of the woman before her. “That’s a good question hun. Why don’t you tell me which one is yours?” Julie moved her mouth like she was about to say something, but her eyes focused on the two items on the tray, staring intently at them. Miss Fairchild just leaned forward to whisper. “You’d make an adorable baby girl Julie, if that’s what you want,” she said. “I’d have no problem at all finding you a mommy, and I’d even let you stay here for your schooling free of charge.” Julie gulped, her eyes not leaving the baby bottle. “The choice is yours hun. If you’d like a second childhood, just take the bottle in front of you and come climb into my lap. After little Julie has her ba-ba, we’ll get her in diapers and she can join the others for a nap.” Julie felt a little tingling shudder as she heard the word ‘little’ added to her name. Unable to really control herself, she reached forward. Heather came back into the room a few minutes later, having been gathering a few things. She found Miss Fairchild humming softly and cradling her friend Julie in her arms, the younger girl had her eyes closed as she was being fed a baby bottle. Heather nodded to herself, patting her own back for having guessed right. When she’d stepped out, she’d gone to the nursery and quietly gathered pre-school clothing and one of the diapers. Chapter 4: “You’re Heather’s mother?” Miss Fairchild asked with a big smile. The other Amazon nodded and raised a hand to wave at her daughter, who was currently overseeing the playroom. She waved back, and looked like she was going to come over and say something, but she had a hard time freeing herself from the baby girl who’d hugged both her legs and was trying to purposefully trip her. “I’m just in town for the long weekend. I figured I’d drop in on her workplace to snoop about what she’s been up to.” Miss Fairchild laughed at that. “We mother’s always have to know our babies are safe.” Both women giggled and watched the ‘students’ at play. “I have to say I’m surprised. She told me she was a teacher’s aide. I had no idea she was helping with all this.” “Oh, yes, Heather’s been one of my most reliable helpers to work here. She’s a darling.” The Amazon woman nodded and smiled, watching the playroom. She was just in time to watch her daughter spill over with a delighted giggle from the babies. She was on her feet again in moments, but it looked like she was enjoying herself. “I think it’s wonderful,” the woman told Miss Fairchild. As she watched, the Amazon tilted her head, seeing one baby girl who looked familiar. “Is that… Julie?” Miss Fairchild’s smile broadened. “Julie’s a sweetheart. She’s being adopted in two weeks to a lovely woman in this neighborhood. She’s only been here a week and she’s already completely unpotty trained.” The woman gasped a little, seeming lost in thought. “I’ve known Julie since her and Heather were kids. They’re the same size even.” Miss Fairchild nodded, “They are a bit small for Amazons.” The other woman looked at her, and slowly she began to smile. Miss Fairchild smiled back. “What type of programs do you have available?” she asked. (To be continued…?)
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    30.) I jumped. The freedom of the air, the rush against my skin, the certainty of our freedom and their inability to trick us. I'd freed us, I'd saved us from their lies, their mistruths, their tricks. I remembered falling and I remembered laughing, and I remembered being together with my sister. My sister. Oh no, my sister... and I was alone, I was falling alone and my sister was above me, flying, silhouetted by the light of the sun behind her, screaming down at me. Flying. Like an angel. She wasn't flying, though, was she? She was floating, being held, held like a little girl in our Daddy's big strong arms, caught at the last moment. A moment too late to catch me too. I remembered being free, for the first time. Being certain of only one truth, one reality. One world. I remembered a lot after that day. I remembered everything with us, growing up, sharing our five short years together. I remembered all of her stories. The world she built. I remembered playing make believe with her. I'd never had so much fun in my entire life. I'd never wanted it to stop. But it did. I remembered our first day in the hospital. I remembered slipping and falling, and being bandaged up by a doctor. I remembered all the blood. But I never had a single cut on my body. The surgery was just more make believe. Soren was destroyed. It was just a joke, she kept saying. It was a game. She didn't mean to make it happen. She just wanted attention. She just wanted to keep playing in our make believe world. She wanted to be a part of us. Kori left the hospital a few days later. She had always had trouble using the bathroom, since she was in a car crash at a very young age. She had been there for anxiety. The doctor told me I was there for anxiety too. But after that day, I was there for something else. I was there because I was very sad. The doctor woman and I talked every day. I talked to Trudie every night. She told me stories about Bridget. That she was an oracle or something. She knew things about the future, or was very good at expecting them. That kind of creativity isn't normal, Trudie told me. But when I talked to the doctor woman about it, she said Trudie liked to believe in mysterious things. That it made her feel better. Well, it made me feel better too. I'd look outside my window at night -- I'd been moved up to a wing upstairs, away from Soren and the library -- and looked up at the stars. I didn't know why, but I felt like Bridget was okay somewhere. Maybe that's Heaven. Or maybe that's just how outer space is. But whenever I closed my eyes, all I ever saw were those rocks. I'm eight now. I'm Bridget's age, and tomorrow I'm going home. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to turn nine or if I'm going to try to find Bridget. Before, I was sure this world wasn't real, but I wanted it to be. Now, I'm sure it is, but I really hope it isn't. A world without my sister... that's just not a very good world at all. It's weird when you remember dying, because you are never meant to remember. But I fell to my death, I fell because I jumped and when I woke up I wasn't dead. But I remembered dying and I remembered waking up. I remembered the smell of the foul water, and dragging my unconscious best friend up the stairs and up the hill to the car as well. And I remembered yelling at the stupid woman at the hospital, the real hospital, that my friend needed help and could she not be a total bitch for just a second and go find a doctor. I also remembered the three weeks before Ria woke up, because they were the longest three weeks of my life. I sat up with a start, like I'd been having a bad dream or something was chasing me. But I wasn't in my bed. I was on an uncomfortable, stiff mattress. I was looking up at dizzying fluorescents. It smelled too clean. It looked too bright. I was supposed to leave today, wasn't I? Momma and Daddy were coming to pick me up after lunch. Weren't they? Where was I? "Ria?" I dropped the plate of cafeteria food I'd been holding and it clattered on the floor loudly, but by the time it did I'd dived on her in the bed and thrown my arms around her. She'd been in a coma, she'd been out. She was so frail and so cold but she was awake!! Bridget. No, not my Bridget. A different Bridget. The one from the game we played? Had I fallen asleep? Had I gone to bed on that last night and started dreaming? Or had I left with my parents and walked right off that cliff? Was I... back? Was this... was this real? No it couldn't be. But it had to be. It was so vivid, so potent, so... familiar. I felt on a blush on my cheeks when she hugged me and I hugged her back like I'd just brought my sister back from the dead. I had. I had her back... "Bridget..." "Ria! Oh shit dude they said you were in a coma and there was nothing medically wrong with you but it's been so fucking long and now you're awake and.. and.." I wiped my eyes. "Fuck I'm crying, I'm sorry, I'm just so messed up over this, it was all my fault, I took you to that stupid spooky nightmare asylum." Every time she swore, I winced. I looked up at her in awe, in... bewilderment. That was the word. I was bewildered. She was here. She was... but that meant I was... I looked down at my body. A grown girl. I was taller than her, wasn't I? I had a different last name, and I had a crush on her. But when I looked at her now, all I remembered was... I closed my eyes tight. "I... um... w-when... w-what..." My throat hurt. Everything made me nauseas. "When? Oh, how long? It's been like... three weeks? Maybe more. Hey wait here," I laughed, "I mean like, don’t try and move okay, I'm gonna get you some real food because you've been eating out of a drip for almost a month." Oh I was giddy, I was so excited, we'd made it out alive! I ate quietly. I felt big. I felt lumbering. I felt sick. The food was delicious, but it wasn't what I was used to. It wasn't the pie. It wasn't the meals in the hospital. This was all packaged junk. "So... they said... it was some hallucination?" "Spores or something," she tried to explain again. I didn't understand. "But we can't both hallucinate the same thing, can we?" I didn't know anything about hallucinating or drugs or anything. I didn't know what to believe. That was real, wasn't it? It had to have been real... "I dunno, I spoke to Cat a lot, you remember Cat, right? That had a crush on me? Anyway she said that like brainwaves can theoretically sync up when you're dreaming, so maybe thats what happened. Or maybe we had completely different hallucinations, and there're just some coincidental commonality. Who knows? Who cares, though, right? We're safe now." "You... don't... believe it?" She shrugged. She did, didn't she? She had to. My head was spinning. I pushed the tray of food away from me. "We... you're my... were my... sister, and... and..." And now it sounded silly, in the voice of an adult. Like a dream that had gone by. But it lingered, haunting me. And she was, truly, my sister still... "I... um. Sorry... forget it..." I did what I did in the dream to prove things to her, I did the most adult thing I could think of, and I crawled onto her lap gently in the bed and pressed my hands to her cheeks and my lips to her lips, because sisters didn’t do that. And to be fair, after everything we’d been through… spending a life with her didn’t seem so bad. I shied and pushed her away, blushing furiously at her forward act. I'd learned about girls loving each other - it wasn't right. I had talked to that woman so many times about my affections in my dreams, but they weren't real. Just a cry for attention. I looked away, ashamed, and pulled my blanket up to my neck. "You can't do that," I said without thinking, and looked away in embarrassment. "It's... y-you just can't." "Oh, but I want to... don't try and tell me you don't have a crush on me, because I know you do!" Well. Hallucination her did. Maybe I was barking up the wrong tree. "What's gotten into you? Oh, like... you're still having trouble telling whats real and what isn't, right? That awful place felt pretty real, huh..." "Y-yeah, I guess..." She gave me a soft look and I melted into it. She was always the best sister to me... she always took care of me. She made me safe. Until she left. But I had her back! I had Bridget back. I dressed myself in some scrubs they had on hand and went for a walk around the hospital. The doctors said I couldn't leave until they'd done a full evaluation, but everything looked good. My sis-- Bridget... walked alongside me. It was impossible to stop calling her that in my head. "You know where we are?" "Fairmont?" "Yeah, see. You remember. You got stiches here last year." "Yeah..." Last year I'd stopped having daytime accidents. Last year I'd learned basic subtraction... "Look... I know it seemed real. It was hard when I first woke up, too, dragging you out of that basement up the hill on my own, I felt like I'd died... remember, I jumped? Shit I don’t know what you remember. Anyway..." It was good for her to walk, it was good for her to get back on her feet. Maybe she'd be back in school by next semester... I didn't want to tell her the truth. That she'd left me there for three years. That I'd grown up knowing a life without her. I had her here now. I was her best friend. Even if we weren't sisters, I had Bridget. That was what was important... right? "Yeah. I remember all that. I... I'm glad you were right. About jumping. I wish I'd trusted you sooner..." It was my fault anyway, being stuck there. We rounded a corner and walked by the vending machines. "Are you kidding me? You trusted me the whole time we were there. It's not your fault they kept like chopping up your brain. At least you weren't like shitting yourself like that asian chick, right?" I reached in my pocket for some singles and began to select items. Buffalo Combos. Flaming Hot Cheetos. Snickers. All her favorites... "She was a nice girl," I mumbled after wincing at the swear word. Her tone was so vulgar here. Her words. I remembered those last few days, how scared she was. How much she swore. I felt sick all over again. "I... c-can we talk about something else?" But as if fate was against me, I felt the light blue pants between my legs warm up and darken. And with a feeling I hadn't felt in a very, very, very long time, the heat started to drip down my legs in warm spurts. I stared at my feet as I wet myself, absolutely mortified. W-what...? I... "Oh...um..." I looked around for a nurse or something, but found a cart of white sheets and towels, and like the big sister she'd seen me as when we were in the hospital, I wrapped her up in one of the sheets, doubled over like a skirt, like I'd done it a thousand times. "Let's get you into the bathroom to get you cleaned up sis." Sis. Right. Ugh. "You know what I mean, no big deal..." I mean she was recently cathed right..? That explained this.. I felt tears start filling my eyes. Shame washed over me. I remembered Momma and Daddy talking about my bedwetting. I remembered being in diapers at seven years old. I still had accidents at night. And when Bridget called me sis I hugged her as tight as I could. But she was so much shorter and everything felt wrong. "Dun tell anybody, please, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it..." "Hey its cool, uh, don't sweat it alright? It's cool, everything is just the same as always.” I couldn't help but feel off center, though, like something was different, like we'd been changed. That we weren't the same as when we went down those stairs that day. A lot didn't make sense, like Soren and Kori; I'd gone back there to search for them but never found any sign of their bodies. And I still had dreams... dreams about falling. Dreams about what would have happened if I didn't. She sucked her thumb, and I cleaned her up in the hospital bathroom. "It's alright sis, I'm here..." [END] ~~~ Thanks everyone who stuck with us through this tale! The vote came in at 7 to 5 in favor of Bridget jumping off the cliff. If you want to know the alternate ending - where Bridget doesn't jump - please subscribe to our Patreon and download the full ePub or PDF copy of the story!! Thank you all for your comments, love, and support!
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    Consider this. They have rent, employees, taxes, utilities, etc etc. Because the diaper itself cost .50 doesn't mean the end result isn't .50 per diaper. I know from being in manufacturing for nearly 8 years in plastics.
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    Chapter 6: Babyhood Sarah woke with a start. It took her a few moments to register her surroundings. She was surrounded by the wooden bars of the crib…her crib. She had been moved and didn’t wake up in the process. What was wrong with her? She figured she was still being affected by the drugs and it was making her a lot more drowsy than normal. She sat up and immediately noticed a crinkle, louder than before, pulling the covers off her, she froze. She was naked, dressed only in a diaper, no shirt, no pants. She covered her chest, looking around the room only to notice she was alone. Looking back down, she examined the diaper, it was the first time she actually saw it, completely babyish in every aspect. White and blue with green trim and none other than a cookie monster banner at the top near the two large tapes. They were exactly the same a baby diaper, but a lot bigger and thicker, made for someone her size. How the hell did they get these? She placed her hand on it, feeling the padding and she pressed on it. It was smooth and crinkled as she moved her hand across it. She looked around and noticed it was still daylight, she wasn’t even sure what time of day it was. She got up on her knees and grabbed the bars, peering through. The rooms was the same as it was before, but she could finally see the white object she failed to see before. There, in the corner of the room was fully stocked changing table. Shelves filled with changing supplies and many, many more diapers just like the one she was wearing. It was then, as she was looking her changing table, she felt a twinge in her lower regions. She knew what the feeling was and she started to panic, looking down at the diaper around her waist. She started to look around the room as if she was trying to find a way out. It was only a few seconds after the initial feeling that she felt like she was going to explode. She blocked out the rest of the world as she started to leak into the diaper. She couldn’t hold it, the pressure was intense enough to make her not want to hold it anymore. Letting out a small yelp, she released. She could hear what she was doing and didn’t care. The wetness poured out of her as the thirsty diaper soaked everything up almost as quickly as she expelled it. She could feel it spread throughout the diaper and expand between her legs. Just as quickly as it started, it stopped. She was frozen, still holding onto the bars of the crib. It took a moment for her to move again, she looked around under her, terrified about what would happen if it leaked. But to her surprise, the diaper held everything just fine. She slowly sat down and pulled her legs out from under her and hugged them, slowly starting to softly cry as she felt the snug warmness press against her. She didn’t know what to do now except sit there. She sat without moving long enough for the diaper to start to cool off. She laid down and covered herself with the blanket. It was silent aside from the casual movement that would cause her to crinkle. Disgusted, she realized that this is going to be her norm and there was nothing she could do about it. Even worse is that she knew she would need to do the other thing sooner or later and she was going to end up sitting in her own waste on a regular basis, it was a diaper after all. She started sob again, turning into a full blown cry this time. She didn’t even hear when her mother entered. She didn’t even hear her ask what was wrong. She only noticed she was there when she felt two fingers enter her diaper as it was probed. She jerked away and she pushed herself to the bars behind her, away from her mother’s hand. Covering her chest again and stifling the cry, her face turning crimson. “Don’t be ashamed sweetheart, you have nothing to hide.” Mommy said and she lowered the side of the crib. She reached in and grabbed her by her armpits and pulled her up onto her hip. Sarah tried to push against her mother, only to find out she couldn’t muster the strength to rival hers. With Sarah firmly planted on her hip, her mother probed her diaper once again. “It’s just a little wet sweetie, you’ll be fine.” She said after checking Sarah and adjusted her on her hip. A little wet? Sarah felt like she burst a water balloon in her pants and her mother was saying it was just a little wet. She could feel it being pressed against her by her mother’s waist and it definitely felt like it was more than just a little wet. She brought Sarah back through the kitchen into the living room again. Sitting her down in the highchair once again. “Mommy needs you to be good while she gets you a late lunch.” She said as she buckled in the tray. Sarah waited a moment before trying to reach below and actually check her own diaper. The tray was too close to her to even stick more than her hand down and it was too wide to reach around it. She gave up almost immediately, putting her head down. She slowly opened and closed her legs, feeling the bulk and listening to the crinkle of her new underwear. After tying a large bib around Sarah’s neck she was fed cut up grapes, more banana and some bland cereal. She felt rather full as her mother hoisted her out of the highchair and took her back into the living room. Once again she was laid down and a bottle was presented. As it was pressed to her lips she noticed was how much easier it was to drink from this time. She was a lot slower this time as her stomach was full but the bottle wasn’t going to be removed until it was gone. Her mother just stroked her hair and hummed as she drank. She felt like she was going to burst when milk stopped flowing. The bottle was removed and her face was cleaned off with the bib. Her mother placed a towel over her shoulder and sat Sarah on her leg in the burping position. After a few minutes of her mother rubbing and patting her back, Sarah felt something dislodge. It was that moment that a rather guttural burp left her mouth that the same urgency that struck her in her crib repeated itself. It was like a rapidly inflating balloon that started to hurt to the point where she was pushing it out just to make the pain to go away. Her mother must have felt it as Sarah felt a hand press her diaper as it was filling. Without a word her mother stood up with Sarah on her hip, still peeing her pants, and headed back to the nursery. She didn’t feel as bloated now, she was actually feeling pretty good as every pressure was being removed from her body. She just placed her head on her mother’s shoulder as she finished wetting herself.
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    Listen, I know finding a "mommy" or a caregiver is like finding the holy grail. But honestly, it's not that rare. Sharing your feelings and experiences with your significant others, being understanding and accommodating, and all that junk... usually it works out. As long as you aren't a dick and are willing to accept each other and help in any way you can, and you don't always want things /your way/, most healthy relationships can find a middle ground. I've had a few mommies throughout my short life. Usually girls I was dating. I never wanted to be a full time baby or any of that, so I probably wasn't as much of a potential burden as Corey. But it was completely possible. My current girlfriend, actually, doesn't like the "mommy" stuff because it brings up weird memories for her. So we settled on her being my big sister. But she still does all the things my other mommies had. So, it's like... compromise, you know? Anyway. I believe you Steph. Because as unrealistic as your story is, it's still completely plausible. You've given us no reason to distrust you. Your story isn't "perfect" like most of those fap stories are. You write very experientially and educated, and most of those fap stories are unintelligible dribble. And you say it yourself - if you wanted to tell a story, why wouldn't you just write a story? A lot of people on this site get burned by stories like this. Some of it is probably jealousy, but I think a lot of it is because more stories like this are fake than real. People are just playing the odds. People are cynical in this community of stories like this. So you'll probably be met with skepticism. But the longer you stay, the longer you stick to your story, you'll see those people coming around to you. Anyway, thank you for coming to our community! It can be rough sometimes but there are a lot of people you can talk to! Good luck! ~Sophie
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    Hey everyone! Pudding and I wanted to put out a short holiday story, so here you go. Once again, we have to thank @Selpharia for this one. She gave us a great writing prompt of "very anime and very gay". So welcome to our cute short-story about two girls who meet on their third annual school retreat after a long year apart! This is a one-off, so don't expect more. And I implore everyone to read Of Capes, Cowls, and Cuddles by Selpharia, because it's super elaborate and really cute! PDF and ePub versions of Snowflakes & Sweethearts are already available on Patreon for supporters! ~~~~~ Snowflakes & Sweethearts By: Sophie & Pudding I sat up and looked around the quiet common-room, decorated with sleeping bags and sleeping girls. A dim hue poured through the window, the lights outside reflecting off the falling snowflakes. It was dark and late. If you listened hard enough, the only thing you would hear was the harsh, icy breeze against the side of the lodge. I slipped out of my bed roll and shivered as my feet touched the cold floor. I pulled my bag over my shoulder and left as quietly as I could. "I was wondering when you'd come." I puffed out my cheeks and had flecks of snow on the little bear beanie I wore. I hugged Harumi tightly to steal some of her warmth. and wondered where the year had gone, the time that passed since last we met. This was our third year… the third time we'd met here in the mountains for our school vacation. Always like this; a few fleeting days. My school booked with the resort across the other side of the hill, so meeting meant fifteen minutes of trekking through whatever snow whipped through the air. But Harumi was worth it. Kanako and I met two years ago, on nearly this exact same day at nearly this exact same place. Back then, it wasn't snowing. What snow there was on the ground had been shoveled and it was easy for her to walk over to my lodge. Last year, she wasn't so lucky. This year, it was worse. I brushed the snow off her shoulders, off her hat, and hugged her as tightly as I could, dressed in my long-sleeved button down pajamas. "I missed you so much..." "I missed you, too." I melted in her arms the way the flecks of snow on my fleece jacket melted and put my cheek to hers. We only saw each other once a year, and until one of us could afford otherwise, that would be all it could ever be. "Come on, the tree's set up in the other room!" I took her mittened hand and pulled her through the foyer, dragging snow in with her. And sure enough, in the front lobby, between an abandoned check in desk and a three-story wall of windows, was a giant pine tree decorated in baubles, ornaments, rainbow lights, silver garland, and a bright glowing star. Underneath it, huge gifts were wrapped and tagged for donation. The day before Christmas - next week - they would get sent out to needing families. I fished into my pocket as she let me go in front of the tree. I pulled out the small package, wrapped neatly and elegantly in pink cloth with blue Christmas trees stenciled in the fabric, and held it out with both hands. "Merry Christmas, Harumi..." We'd never gotten each other gifts before, but I wanted to. I remembered her telling me last year how much she'd wanted the soother, and all year I'd remembered it, reminded myself of it, and saved my spare money for it. I looked down at the small box in her hands, then up in her eyes. I... I didn't know what to say. We didn't really do the gift thing last year. And I knew this was our last year together, but I hadn't expected... took the box out of her hands and held it in my own, like it was the most precious thing anyone had given me. And I hadn't even opened it yet. "You gotta open it," she laughed, stripping herself of her coat and mittens. "R-right, yeah." I pulled on the string and unwrapped the fabric, taking out the little paper box. There were no markings on it. So I lifted off the top and looked in. Immediately, I slammed the lid back on top and held it to my chest, looking around the room, at the administration desk, up at the balcony overhead, for anyone that might be watching. My face turned scarlet. Her reactions were so cute, her modesty, her shyness - she was the cutest girl I might ever have met, and I found her immediately charming. The same way I had in the first place when I first met her, when she'd tried to tell me that she didn't need help, despite the fact I'd found her outside under a tree in weather cold enough for snow. "Nobody else is awake, nobody but us." I pouted and looked down at the box again. Nobody is awake, I repeated. So I lifted the lid off again and held up the pacifier. It was pink and white, with hearts on the button, and a tiny white handle. No different than a million other pacifiers, if it weren't for the size. Maybe it was a trick of the Christmas lights shining colors down on us, but it definitely looked... bigger. Appropriate, almost. Wow... "Thank you, Kanako, so much..." I hadn't mentioned wanting one in months, but she remembered. I tucked it into the bag on my shoulder and pulled out a box, wrapped in gold and silver paper, holding it out with both my hands. "I got you something too." We'd never discussed it, never agreed to getting gifts, that we'd both come to the same conclusion was... well, it felt like magic, the sort of sparkling, tingling magic, that only happened at Christmas. I gently pried the tape from the paper with the tip of my nail and let the package open like a flower, a little box just a tad bit smaller the one I'd given her, and inside was a little velvet box. Inside, I was presented with a half heart necklace on chain. And as she swayed left and right and bit her lip, I saw the glimmer of the matching half around her neck. "Beautiful... you're beautiful, it's beautiful..." I took the box out of her hand and set my bag down on the floor next to her coat. She took off her hat and lifted her hair so I could wrap the chain around her neck and clip the half-heart into place. It sat perfectly, dipping low enough that it would hesitate on her shirt when she leaned forward. And before I knew any better, I leaned in and kissed Kanako on the lips. Last year, we'd kissed a bit. This year, I wasn't wasting time. We kissed and it was tender and lovely and I adored the way we did. I adored the way our lips touched, her soft freckles shining like my own private field of stars. Harumi was a beautiful girl, taunted all her life for her half-Irish bloodline from her father that left her skin pale and doll-like and peppered with freckles, but her hair dark black from her Mom’s Japanese heritage. I thought she looked ethereal. "I missed you.." We sat on the couch together, in front of the light of the Christmas tree, with the howling winds on the other side of the glass. We imprisoned in each other's eyes, lost in each other's lips, and incapable of keeping our hands to ourselves. First her cheeks, and her neck. She started with my hips and my sides. The front of her chest. Under my shirt. Then I was on top of her, with my knee between her legs. We'd never come this far, but we were adults now, and might never see each other again after we graduated. Neither of us wanted to wait and risk what might come for the sake of patience. One year, Harumi had mentioned having a boyfriend - I didn't know if that were true or not, but I'd had my share of admirers, too. It didn't make this moment any less ours. "You're beautiful..." I whispered, and smirked up at her with her knee between my thighs. A sharp thud, dull and quiet, broke the silence of the room. I toppled straight off Kanako and landed on the hard floor in front of the tree, echoing the sound. I fumbled as close to the sofa as I could and held my breath. Quietly, through the whistling of the wind, I heard footsteps. I heard a door creak. And then... nothing. I peeked up at Kanako and then the balcony. Nobody was there. Finally, I sighed. "That was scary..." "I wonder what that was... maybe it was Santa Claus." I knew she was looking at me strangely, but for a girl with a soother in her bag I didn't see her having much of a leg to stand on when it came to questioning my adultly nature. She gave me a sly smile and I knew what she was thinking. I stuck out my tongue. "Don't even say it!" I climbed up onto the sofa and reached for my bag. The pacifier was still there. I thought maybe I’d dreamt it up, that it was too good to be true. I slipped it between my lips and sucked softly on the nipple. I wasn't always so accepting of stuff like this: baby stuff. When I first met Kanako, I hated it! I remembered sitting outside in the cold, wrapped up in my winter coat and wet pants, trying not to cry. "I won't say anything, my little Rumi-chan..." I giggled and this time I was the one on top of her, pushing her down into the cushions and running fingers thru her hair. When I stared into her eyes, I did what felt natural and normal: I leaned in to kiss her... on the guard of her soother. Ten minutes, or an hour. I wasn't sure. She whispered words in my ears, words I'd read in text a thousand times. Words I'd heard on Skype. Words I heard in my dreams. But I'd never heard them in person. She kissed the front of my pacifier. She drew circles on my stomach. She spun my hair. She and I were the whole world. Finally, she tugged the pacifier out of my mouth and touched my lips. Her hand was down the front of my pajama pants. "You didn't change yet?" she asked. I blushed. We only had such limited time together, and I found myself wondering just what it was she was thinking to have forgotten something so simple. I put the soother back in her lips and tilted my head, grinning. "I guess that means you're going to risk it tonight, huh, Rumi-chan?" I puffed out my cheeks in frustration. Two years ago was the last time I risked it. Our school took a weekend trip to the ski resort and I was too humiliated to bring any diapers. Through sheer force of will, I thought I could overcome my stupid bedwetting for two dumb nights! But I didn't. I woke up in the middle of the night, ashamed and humiliated. Everyone would know. Everyone would tease me for the next three years. "No," I mumbled around the pacifier and patted the bag next to me. I hadn't gotten a chance to change yet. Everyone took so long to fall asleep! "I'm not stupid." Not stupid at all, in-fact - Harumi was one of the top performers at her school; she was in a half dozen after-school clubs and always got her homework in on time. She was the antithesis of me, the academic standout, and only our relative meagerness when it came to family income status drew commonality. And the fact we wanted to be with each other. There was that too. "Then let's take care of it, Rumi..." I put my hand on her back, entirely ready to do this for her for the first time. I pulled the pacifier out of my mouth. "Oh, no no no! It's alright! I mean--" She pushed it back in and touched her finger to her lips. "Shhh." And I realized immediately what she meant. I was being loud. We were both silent for a moment, until we were sure no one had heard my protests. I looked up at her with burning red cheeks and talked around the pacifier in a whisper. "I can do it, Kana..." "Oh no no, you're far too small to deal with that on your own, my pretty imōto~" In the time it took for her blush to conquer her cheeks, I'd unbuckled her bag simply and confidently. I'd never done this before, not with her, but I spent the last year doing both babysitting and volunteering in nursing homes, so I had a pretty good idea now! At any moment, I expected someone to come down the stairs. I thought someone would look down over the balcony and see a stranger changing a third-year's diaper on the sofa below. I thought the smell of baby powder or the sound of the snaps would attract attention. But all my fears were for naught. I didn't wear the same diapers on this trip as I did back home - I wore my cloth snap-together ones with the ribbon around the waist. I didn't want anyone to hear me crinkle. "First time you're seeing me naked and it's like this," I mumbled through the soother. It was hard to tell if that fact irritated or appeased me. "First time implies there'll be many more times." I teased her, smiling to myself - this was so much easier than the plastic ones! I positioned her easily, I dug out the powder from the top of her bag and I used far too much, and then I pulled the garment up between her legs and fastened the snaps that rested on her softly defined hips. She was so pretty... "Do you have a cover to wear over this, so you don't leak?" I asked, matter-of-factly, a question that probably caught her off guard at my knowledge. But my hand was rubbing her crotch when I asked, so I think she didn't have much room for protest. I sat up with a blush and shook my head, working to steady my breath. "Um... n-no. It's... it's a discrete one. There's a layer of plastic built in. As long as I don't sleep too long, I dun leak." The babyish lisp was an accident. I was slipping. Two years ago, I didn't know these feelings could exist, and now, because of Kana, I craved them. Feeling "little", as she put it. Diapers and pacifiers and her... "Then you have no more grown-up worries to fret over, do you?" I pushed her back down, my lips on hers and then atop her soother as I guided it back in. My other hand pressed against the thickness of her padding. Discrete, she'd said. And maybe in sound that was true, but this was thicker than I could have imagined, and she couldn't squeeze my hand away if she tried. She pushed and rubbed the front of my diaper, and I had to suck harder on the pacifier to keep myself quiet. Her words built stories in my head like sandcastles, and just as quickly as they came up, she would tear them down and start again. I curled into her chest, quivering and whimpering. I muttered her name through the pacifier guard, over and over, until we were both quiet and immobile on the sofa. This moment... I wanted it to last forever. I didn't expect our first time beyond kissing to be like this, I didn't and couldn't have guessed. But... I think a part of me might have known, even from the beginning, that this was so a part of her. And as far as Harumi was comfortable going with another person, she’d gone there with me. I felt... warm, in that knowledge. I almost fell asleep. If I had fallen asleep, it would have been very, very bad. I was dressed in nothing but a diaper and my pajama top lying on another girl in the lobby. But I didn't fall asleep. I heard the faint sounds on the stairs. Steps? Shuffling? I listened closely, to be sure, and when I was, I tapped Kanako's shoulder to get her attention. Someone was coming. We had to hide! I hadn't heard it as first, but my auditory memory kicked in. Quick like two little bunnies, I took her by the hand and led Rumi to the space behind the administrative desk, shushing her with my finger to her soother’s guard and holding my breath to try and hear what was happening. Was someone there? I held my bag and my pajama pants tight in my arms. Kana had to double back for her coat and hat. We had just managed to hide behind the check-in desk when the woman rounded the corner. I peeked over the counter, betting on the darkness to keep me hidden. Mrs. Yoshida stood in the center of the room, looking up at the Christmas Tree. Was she looking for me? Had she noticed I wasn't in my bed roll? But she didn't look like she was in a hurry. She turned around to walk out, but stepped on something. She reached down and picked it up: a glove. One of Kanako's gloves. Oh no... "Oh shoot..." I whispered, wincing to myself - my glove. My glove in school colors that were not the same as Rumi's... oh no, the teacher going to think a boy had snuck in or something! If only she knew how wrong she was... I giggled quietly and covered my mouth, trying to stay composed. It'll be okay, it'll be okay... She turned the glove over in her hands and looked down at her palms. Then, she put them to her mouth and blew hot air on them. And speaking as a girl without pants, it was rather nippy in the lobby. I watched quietly as my teacher went over to the other wall and switched on the electric fireplace, then turned around and looked right at me. I ducked down behind the counter and sucked on the pacifier to keep myself from hyperventilating. She saw me. She saw me! No, it was too dark. No, she would have called out. Right? We waited, both with baited breath, for the next moves the teacher would make. And then her footsteps began, and got closer, and closer, and I kissed Harumi on the soother. I got ready to stand up, to take the attention, to save my forbidden friend... but then there was clattering on the floor above us. Girls horsing around. And the approaching footsteps faded away into the distance. Saved at the last moment... I exhaled, pulling the pacifier from my lips, and putting my forehead against Kana's. "That was scary," I whispered for the second time that night. Kanako and I waited behind the counter until the footsteps stopped, until all was silent again, and then we waited a little more. Finally, I pulled my pajama pants on over the diaper and walked out toward the Christmas tree with Kana's hand in mine. But the fireplace on the other side of the room... it looked so warm and comfortable. "Come on..." I put both my hands on hers and tugged her over to the fireplace, over to the large plush rug on the floor right in front of it. The snow had picked up outside, whipped up in the wind, and the fire crackled like an instrument trying to play along and keep up, and I felt so serene that we were here... together. It was our last year, and thusly, our last school ski trip. Next year, if we wanted to come up here, we'd have to do it ourselves. We were adults now, after all. And soon, we'd be graduates. We were applying to the same colleges together and the same dorm suites. We even had our first non-ski-trip meet-up planned for the summer! Our lives were intertwined now, Kanako's and mine. I leaned over and put my head on her shoulder, staring into the crackling fireplace. We were thinking the same thing. We didn't even have to say it. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I was shivering in my coat with my knees pulled up to my chest. Tears streamed down my cheeks. My pajama pants and underwear were soaking wet, and I hadn't even sat in the snow. The paths were shoveled and the sky was full of stars. The only sound was my whimpering and heaving as I tried to make myself stop crying. Then there was the sound of footsteps close by. I looked up at the girl in the bear beanie. I'd never seen her before. "Do you need any help?" she asked. I shook my head, shooing her away with my hands. I didn't want her help. “Well, okay. Choice is the only thing given freely in this world. That’s what my mom says.” But I pulled down the zipper on my oversized parka, a puffy pink coat as warm as could be that I had gotten for this very trip, and I pulled my arms free to drape it over her shoulders. "I like your freckles, they're like little stars." ...what a weird girl, I thought. That was my first opinion of Kanako. She was a very weird girl. "What are you doing out anyway?" I asked, wiping the water from my eyes. Maybe if I had a reason to stop crying - like if somebody else was talking to me - I'd stop altogether. "I like to walk at night," she said honestly. Weird indeed. "And what are you doing?" she asked. I looked away. "Maybe you just like to come outside and cry?” I’d noticed how wet her pants were when I put the jacket over her shoulders, but it would have been rude to say anything directly. Instead, I offered her, "Sitting in the wet and icy snow you're gonna catch a cold, I have some spare pajama pants if you want them...? Our lodge is just past the hill, and that way you won't be cold." I didn't know then. I thought maybe fate had dropped Kanako into my lap. I thought that her lending me a spare blanket and some pajama pants was some serendipitous miracle. Six months later she told me the truth. She knew all along, she just didn't care. But I cared. I cared a lot! And then she started to realize, before I did, that I cared too much. It wasn't that I hated diapers, but rather, I hated that I didn't. She helped me up off the cold ground under the tree and together we walked back to her lodge. Neither of us remembered to bring mittens. To keep warm, we held hands.
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    I think it is as much a mind thing as it is a physical practice thing. You have to "want" to wet the bed. The more you worry about it, the harder it is. I learned to wet the bed in less than a year. I just went to bed in a diaper, slept comfortably, and peed in the diaper if I need to go. It helped that I was wearing all day as well, I am sure. I wake up wet every morning now. Also lots of fluids before bed helps in the beginning.
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    My wish is for any stigma related to people wearing nappies to be banished for good.
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    Chapter 8 With Little Fierceness With little fierceness remaining and warm water dripping from her skin, Leslie Audet finally found herself at some peace. It was fine, she told herself, everything would be fine at last. She turned the shower off, let the last droplets fall down on her head and then from that shaggy red mane of hers. One more breath she inhaled, taking in the smokey warmth as well as the sweet scent of the shower gel. Leslie took her step out of the shower and onto the cold floor. Looking around, she found a small cabinet filled with towels. Taking the one that looked the biggest and fluffiest, she wrapped herself up in it, felt the softness against her skin. It was as wide as a cloak on her, and, if she had any clothing, she'd probably make a convincing super hero or knight or even a wanderer in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Maybe even everything at once if she could get the proper accessoires. Right now, as she stepped closer to the mirror and wiped her hand across the glass, her eyes found her face. She looked at best like the last one. There were the bruises which, by tomorrow, would be swollen and ugly. At this moment they only hurt, but still, if she would've had a mother waiting for her, she'd rather avoid going back. Still lingering, she found herself posing in front of the mirror instead of drying off the rest of her body. Drops fell on the ground as a puddle formed where she stood, and yet she remained, threw the towel over her shoulders but kept her arms close to her sides. Her fingers twitched slightly as imagined herself wearing a pair of holsters, the warmth she felt came from the blistering sun of the desert and her opponent was a gritty, old mexican man wearing a joke of a hat. Like she'd seen in these cheesy, incredibly racist old westerns. As the water dripped from strands of her and into her eyes, she found herself smiling a bit. He was as beaten as she was, he, the murderer of her family. The clock would soon ring high noon and this story would finally– Someone knocked at the door and Leslie froze up instantly, unable to contain the high pitched yelp that escaped from her mouth. Thrown back into reality, her spirits were downed almost instantly. Su was back, she knew, and that made it so much harder to escape the why. Everything that could've gone wrong today did so and now she had decided to play pretend instead of drying herself. The puddle on the ground was more than noticeable. That, the still remaining pain, and the suddenness of the knocking all came together and Leslie quickly found tears in her eyes again. Fuck! Are you kidding me? She thought. Stop crying! The whole bloody world seemed to have it out for her, but still, would keeping quiet help? Would crying? Leslie didn't know an answer and she doubted there was anyone who would've. And, in the end, did it matter? With all the trouble she brought into a stranger's home, she shouldn't cry and feel sorry for herself. Whatever would happen next, she needed to accept it. Everything hurt, yes, but Leslie decided to answer anyway. “Yeah?” she asked, trying to keep her sobs at bay. The red girl's face came through the door. “Is it okay if I come in?” she asked. Leslie almost wanted to answer, to tell her no, but by then Su was already through the door and walking towards her, a smile plastered on her face and a pile of clothes in her hands. Quietly, Leslie grabbed onto the towel, holding it close. At least she was small enough that it hid everything important from sight. Su didn't seem to notice her fretting as her attention was immediately drawn to the girl's face. Leslie couldn't stand her eyes locked on to her like that, so she turned her gaze away. Suqi's smile turned into a bit of a frown, if only for a split second. “Still some tears left, eh?” Suqi said as she stopped. “Well, I don't know if it'll make you feel any better, I got something for you.” Her looked down as she lifted the pile a bit and Leslie allowed her own attention to shift. Atop the bunch, there lay something that caught it immediately. Small and fluffy it looked, with colorful images making it look that much more charming. It was a strange thought, but at that moment she remembered a story, or maybe a lot of them, where the protagonist would scream and cry and tell whoever offered them diapers that they didn't need them, despite clear evidence to the contrary, or the author's wish for them to end up in them anyway. Some ended in spankings, some with them trying to fight but failing. Few did more creative things, like simple acceptance or coming up with clever bargains, faustish deals that only furthered the protagonist's road downhill. Looking at this thing being held down to her level, it made her think that maybe she should've felt some dread, the weight of a failure pulling her down. Yet, now that she saw the diaper, it was that familiar sense of safety that moved through her instead of the creeping cold. Rick had never given her this, the comfort of somebody else knowing what was good for you, the bit of a smile on their face, as if to tell their charge I know that you need this, and I know that you know. And who would rebel at wearing such a cute thing? Colorful flowers were spread across its front, with smiling bugs and bees all around them. It wasn't quite a baby's diaper, but certainly none of those pull-ups one might've thought more mature. This was it, the thing she wanted, no, needed. A smile grew on her face and, maybe despite herself, the little one whispered; “Thank you.” Su was taken aback by a minute, not having expected this reaction. “Welp,” she said as she put the clothes to the side. “Looks like somebody's got enough of walking around with their mess dripping all over the floor. Though I do have to ask, if you're this happy about wearing them, why ever bother going about without them?” The comment, though deserved, made her blush with hellish fury and she doubted that she could lift her head ever again in Su's presence. And even following the question, all she could do was bite her lip in thought. “I,” she started, stumbled over her own words. Su put her hand on her shoulder. It was by no means a giant's hand. Su could've only been about five foot five, yet to Leslie, it felt so huge and protective. One glance at Su's face made her hopeful that the girl wouldn't just kick her out after all this was done. “I just wanted to impress mommy,” she said, trying for an awkward smile. There was a pause. Su sighed. “Shit, Lee, disabilities don't go away because you want to impress your parents. If you wore a prosthetic leg, you couldn't just take it off and pretend you still had two legs. I mean, you could, but it would go about as well as the,” she looked to the door, probably thinking about how much a new couch would cost, “… trip you just made. And to make sure you understand my point, I'm gonna get you clean, dressed up and then we'll go to your mom and you can see why the bible talks about sowing rain and reaping thunder.” As she heard that, her eyes went wide and she shook her head. Nobody was home, and that was something she really didn't need anybody to know. And what if Asad saw the clothes? What if anybody on the outside did? She wanted to protest, but Su immediately put a finger to her mouth. “I know what's coming, and I'm telling you, right now, punishment isn't supposed to be a feels-good kind of thing. I'm gonna get you all dry, then I'll help you with the diaper, the clothing, everything. You'll look as proper as you can, then we go to your place, and I'll explain the situation, from how she can reach the parents of the kids that beat you up to why you're wearing boy's clothes now. Keeping my couch and floor in mind, you'll just accept my being nice and be a good little girl. Alright, Leslie Junior?” There it was and as she heard her name spoken in such a patronising way, or at least that's how she interpreted it, she couldn't help but nod through her blush patches. Su smiled, reached for the towel and pulled it off the girl, who, even revealed before the teen, barely moved. As she was scrubbed from head to toe she couldn't help but look a bit more at Su. This girl was a strange one, previously she'd grabbed a knife pointed at her without flinching, one that had, with a sigh and pause, been able to work with somebody who'd turned out to only be continent in pretend, apparently and still managed to look unnaturally nice for a teenager. On the other side, Leslie found herself only ever moving when she needed to help. Lifting an arm, a leg, she found out that she was more ticklish than before, but even the laughter whenever Su hit one of her spots she tried her best to contain. All in all, she did try to be a good little girl, as Su had called it previously. It didn't take much, but Leslie still find herself smiling at the perceived irony. God fucking dammit. I always thought I'd be more of a brat, she thought. In spite of that thought, she was quite happy, despite the circumstances, to have somebody fawning over her. After a minute or so, Su was finally done and looked at her work. “Alright, no more puddles from you,” she stated before muttering under her breath, “I hope.” She took Leslie by the hand, the clothes in another. Wondering where this would go, Leslie allowed it to happen. She was, of course, buck naked, yet had to admit that she only cared so much about it after being seen in what had to be the worst state she'd been in since forever. It helped that Su's apartment was far better heated than her own, yet the way Su hurried made her less able to appreciate it. Then again, Su thought her incontinent. They entered the girl's own room, which, of course, wasn't half as plain as Leslie's. No, whereas she always woke to the same boring, downright annoying sight of nothingness, Su had plastered posters of animals on her walls, paintings of inuit mythology and maps of the most northern edges of America. There was a shelf filled with books about all kinds of subjects, from a beginner's guide to the french language to a book concerning the livelihood of, of all beings, kiwis. Atop one shelf there was a collection of tin figures that looked straight out of the Nineteen-hundreds and a few photos that were presumably pulled straight from Su's phone. As they stepped into the room, Leslie could make out quite a few selfies, what appeared to be friends and the like only ever stayed in the background. Su spread the diaper out on the bed. “Alright, haven't done this in a while, but don't worry, it's probably like riding a bike. How 'bout you lie down on that thing?” She almost wanted to argue that it would be easier done standing, but, truth was, she had no clue whether that was true. After all, a voice whispered in her ear, she was a kid, she needed the help, needed someone to tell her how to get it right. It was an annoying whisper, but even the parts of her that knew it to be a lie didn't argue, not this time. Right now, she felt the butterflies in her tummy rile up anyway, so she didn't want to ruin this moment. She stepped towards the bed, noticed a stuffed penguin looking at her from behind a carrotesque nose. As she sat down on the bed, one of her hands grabbed it and, lying down, she took a good long look at it. The feeling of the diaper was familiar, but as she stared into the penguin's friendly face she pretty much rationalized that she didn't want to focus on it, on the process that was about to happen. No, she looked at the penguin, bit down on her lip and hoped Su would start soon. Which she did, luckily. Su felt the diaper being pulled up instantly, no glamor, no cream, no anything. Still, her hands were shaking. “That penguin I got in Nuremberg,” Su said as her hands went down by Leslie's left side. “Love the city, love the Lebkuchen.” “The what now?” “It's what the city's famous for, it's, erm, gingerbread. Yeah, gingerbread, ever ate gingerbread?” Leslie nodded. “Well, you probably never had some from Nuremberg, it's the best. I might just get you some down the road, one day in the future. Personal opinion, but all sweets pale in comparison. And I've been to some fine cafés in france.” “Were you on a trip through europe?” Leslie asked, curiously. A slight tremble went through her as she felt the first tape come shut. “Not all of it, just the majority of the western ones. We went from Portugal to Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany and our final halt was in Poland. Every country with its own history and culture. As fun as it was though, I'm never gonna leave home again.” Su laughed. “Why?” “You could give me a life of a thousand years and I would still tell you that,” she leant over to look directly into Leslie's eyes, “bus rides across a continent take for-fucking-ever. Now,” the second tape came shut, “That's it. Luke's about your size, his parents swear on these, so, unless you forget to change 'em, you'll be fine and dandy.” As Leslie wanted to get up, Su winked at her, as if to give her a sign. What she wanted to tell her, Leslie couldn't imagine, at least until the fingers went down on both her sides. Before she even realized what was happening Su was already tickling away, leaving her to break out in laughter. It was for but a second, before the older girl stopped. “I wasn't even moving my fingers and you're already dying, huh?” She shook her head and took up an undershirt. A long-sleeved one, white and boring to look at. Leslie just shifted her gaze between Suqi and the garment, not sure how to handle this. “Come on, up, up,” Su told her and, after rising, Leslie lifted her arms. What followed was essentially Suqi dressing her up, no questions asked. Maybe she didn't want to strain the younger girl, maybe she just wanted to get it done. The smile seemed kind and honest, but Leslie remembered Clara smiling like that once upon a time, and that left her with goosebumps running up her back. Nevertheless, the rest of the clothing fit her to a tee, which made them even more amazing, even though the Transformers posing on the front of the red pullover made her think that Su got everything from that boy she mentioned. It seemed awfully kind of the parents to just hand their child's clothing out to Su, even if they knew her. Fairhills wasn't known for its warm community spirit, after all. The pants were thick cord dyed in a deep blue, but an old stain remained close to the crotch, telling of some food related incident the washing machine hadn't managed to clean, and the knees were worn, with the left one ready to soon tear open. There was a bit of a bulge, and the diaper could be seen when one lifted the shirt up a bit, but otherwise the only real way to notice her protective gear for now was the feel of it. All in all, as Leslie finally stood there, with all signs of the previous accident gone, she didn't really feel like crying over the bruises anymore. The pullover felt warm, the diaper snug. “Woah, girl, you actually rock those clothes,” Su commented with an approving nod. “You think?” the girl asked and twirled around. There was a moment where there was some movement on Su's face as she did that, but Leslie only caught a glimpse of it. The same old smile was on her savior's face as she finished her pirouette. “I don't really like transformers though,” she added then, looking at a picture of characters she only barely knew. One of them was called Optimus Prime, right? “Yeah? What do you like, then?” “Care bears,” she answered instantly, that being the first thing that came to her mind. Su raised an eyebrow at that, but then gave an understanding nod after a revelation visibly struck her. “Right, they made a new show recently. Gotta remember that cash cow exist to be molken.” That's awfully cynical of you, Leslie thought, tilting her head slightly. “What do you mean?” There was a bit of laughter. “Oh, it's an old franchise, that's all. Been around since before … I was born,” Su explained, though that wasn't really what Leslie had meant to question. “Either way, it's not quite up my alley.” “Why? It's super cute.” “Oh, I'm just more into adult movies. You know, the ones kids aren't allowed to watch.” Su told her. “Not that I'm endorsing it, if you're happy with care bears for now that's where you should stay, don't want to ruin your innocence even further, right?” There was an awkward pause in which Leslie decided to simply observe her savior. Su couldn't be more than sixteen years old, and nothing about this apartment told of somebody living with her. She scratched her chin as she giggled at herself and for a moment more, Leslie wondered who she was. In a strange way, this felt like her first day in Fairhills. She knew some of the faces around here, some names, some rumours, but looking at this girl and thinking back to those boys, Leslie was painfully aware of how little she knew about her own home. Cold and grey and uncaring, that's how she'd always thought of it, but now the other girl patted her on her head and told her that Transformers wasn't that bad, they even had some cool girl bots or whatever, and Starscream was fun in most incarnations. They held a conversation, a normal one at that, in which Leslie could actually unload some serious Care Bears trivia onto her friend. She'd once talked to Rick about it, who'd rolled his eyes and immediately drifted to a more “mature” topic, and once she attempted to regale Annie with her tales, but the kindergarten teacher had waved it off. Sharing which characters she liked, which episodes she thought were the best, what the funniest jokes were, it was an awesome feeling. And Su asked some questions, put some songs, old and new ones as well. The best part, Leslie singing loudly along must've looked less weird and more cute as Su quickly went to make a video of the red headed girl rocking out in the middle of her room. And the winter sun drifted towards the horizon, leaving her with a thought that it would end soon, and that it did. “It's getting late, Lee. I'll get you back home, the sooner we'll get it over with, the sooner we can move on. I might even show you around town a bit, then no boys'll try shit, right? Your mommy's probably worried about you, too.” Leslie felt herself stiffen at the suggestion, but knew that this was inevitable. After all, staying here, with the scene of the crime just a few steps away, wasn't something she could've done anyway. But going home sounded scary. “I can just call her and you can show me the city.” Su wordlessly produced a trashbag at that moment, which, quite frankly, smelled filthy. As she held in front of Leslie, the girl recoiled, but immediately knew what Su was trying to say. “I'd love to, kiddo. But if we're going to be friends, you're gonna fess up to your mom, and, I'm sorry to say that, but considering your condition, keeping you around without any spare, uhm, underwear, seems risky. For both us.” Leslie found herself blushing at the insinuation, but the honest truth was, even though her body was younger, she was still herself. The easiest way to phrase it was that both she and her muscles were more relaxed when she was diapered, which led to her having gone already. Knowing that and what had happened before, she found herself nodding in agreement. Both parties felt equally good about not having to argue with the other. Leslie was sure her mother wasn't at home, and maybe she could avoid Asad. Then, she could shake off Su at the door, wash the clothes, give them back to Asad, tell Su the next day that her mom had been really mad, but she would pay some money (an offer she hoped Su to decline, in all honesty). They could be friends, she would beat up those bully kids as revenge and ride off into the sunset on a pony. Perfection. She nodded to herself, snow falling on her face again. Su had helped her put the jacket and the boots on, which only made Leslie feel smaller than she already was. As Su put on her own jacket, Leslie decided to finally check on her phone, which had, luckily enough, survived every endeavor she'd been through. For a moment, she wondered whether she should access the site, but if it contained any more recaps of today's events in the same style as it did with her meeting with Clara, she doubted the phone would survive for much longer. So, instead, she decided to step out into the world. Now outside, she took one more look at the city. Fairhills looked cold and old in the evening light. One streetlight burned fiercer than the others, and on a corner another flickered while another one on the opposite side was broken. There were lights in some windows. A cat looked at the city with big eyes, intrigued by the outside world, a young man with a bald, tatooed head smoked a cigar as he sat on a windowsill. His grim eyes turned towards them and he broke into a toothy smile as he waved at the two of them. Leslie shifted around on her legs, inched slightly closer to Suqi. If the other girl wasn't here, she would've just run, but maybe the boys were still waiting around the corner. “Who's the littler lady with you, little lady?” The man asked aloud. “Someone new,” Su answered discreetly. He gave a hesitant nod, probably because he hadn't heard her. He was on the fourth floor of the building opposite to them and the snow muffled the sound pretty well. Su waved at him again, nonetheless and then patted her on the back. “Come on, let's get you home,” she said and Leslie, clutching both her shopping bag and the trashbag in one hand, grabbed Su's with the other. The way Su's hand wrapped around hers eased her unease a bit, yet she couldn't shake the feeling off that somebody was watching her, waiting for a moment of weakness. She stuck close to Suqi, when a car drove by she felt her heart skip a beat, when she heard a boy laughing, her grip tightened. After a while, Su let go of her hand and placed it on her shoulder instead, pulling her as close as she could. It slowed them down by quite a bit, but Su felt warm, and she had that unflinching smile of hers. So this was probably alright. The sun had already vanished behind the buildings and only a few rays still peaked out, dyeing the air in a fading orange. “Why are you so keen on helping me anyways?” Leslie asked her after a few moments. “You looked like you needed it. Wouldn't have thought it would be as much as you did, but I guess you're lucky, in a weird sort of way.” Leslie found herself biting her lip. “Am I?” Su exhaled, a cloud of air rising from her mouth as she did. “Do you know the story of the starstone that once fell on the center of the city?” “Mom told me.” “Well, there's a lot of stories about it, actually. One of the urban legends the kids still love to tell is that it was brought down to the earth by a wish.” Leslie's head immediately turned up towards Su. “What are you–“ She started, but immediately tripped over her own feet. Su, with the reflexes of a cat, immediately grasped her. “You gotta watch out, kitten, come on. Eyes up front.” Leslie nodded, and they continued on. “Anyway, what did you mean when you said it was brought down by a wish?” She asked after a few moments of quiet walking. Su looked at her queerly for a second, before shaking her head. “Aw, right. I forgot. Uhm, well, the thing is,” she thought for a moment. “There were multiple kids in this city back in the nineteen hundreds. Kids with a special friend who ensured that all their wishes would come true. And the starstone? It was brought down by one kid who was really, really angry at his parents. He wanted them smitten and that's what happened.” “That's horrifying.” “Well, the parents deserved it, which I should've probably told you before.” Su sighed. “Sorry, I'm horrible with stories.” Leslie nodded. “Looks like it.” “Right back to being cocky, eh?” Again, Leslie nodded, which Su answered by sighing yet again. A second later, both of them escaped a giggle. “Anyway, what I meant with the story is that sometimes, wishes might just come true in this town. Bad people can get punished, horrible experiences can turn out well and bad days can end up good, right?” “But if they had a special friend, wouldn't they be dead by now?” Su giggled. “If it can grant wishes, I doubt it would age like humans do. It's more of a benign spirit, I think. Not that it matters, it's a story about hope and about luck. Good things can happen and sometimes they happen especially when everything looks bleak.” “But were they the only one who got their wishes granted?” Leslie interrupted, not even listening to Suqi attempting to be inspiring. “You're really hung up on the details, you know that? I mean, well,” she thought for a bit, “there's a few urban legends about wishes when you keep your ears close to them. Maybe enough to fill a book. Some say the Moore family's riches come from such a wish. Uhm, the Moore's are big shots in this town, though they got little to do with us folks down here in Fairhills.” Leslie suddenly stopped, more aware of the mobile phone in her pocket than before. The sky was grey and cloudy and the snow would not let up. Her eyes turned to Su, and for a moment she wondered. “If the stories were true, Su, who do you think would get a wish?” The girl looked at her, a wry smile growing on her face. “Piqued your interest, huh? Well, if I were to decide people whose wishes needed to be answered, I'd go for those with character, those who'd use them for the greater good. But, since powers in these fantasies are more fickle, I think,” the smile faded from her face and Su looked up at the sky. “I think the closest possible answer would be that a person needs it, whether they know it or not. A child starving of hunger, maybe, an old man on death's edge who has done nothing but wrong and needs a second chance, maybe a woman who never got to live life to the fullest.” Leslie nodded. “Someone who has something specific they need, then? Like,” she thought of Annie, of Rick, of herself, “a shot at life?” Su nodded. “I guess that's a way to phrase it. You don't find many starving people here, after all.” “Su?” “Yeah, kiddo?” “If you had a wish–“ Su put her hand up. “Don't even continue that. I don't need any wishes. I've got everything I need, alright. Now let's get going, my hands are getting cold.” She moved on, pulling Leslie after her. Leslie, who now thought of Clara. Why would a monster like her deserve getting her wishes fulfilled? She'd probably never done a good thing in her life, only lied and deceived. She was a witch, a siren, nothing that deserved any kind of power. “Do you think bad people could get their hands on such a friend?” Leslie asked as they walked along a familiar road and her home came into sight. Two people stood in front of it, talked. Suqi didn't answer immediately, but turned her head slightly, just to catch a glimpse at Leslie. Her face was cold as stone. “Why would you ask that?” For a moment she didn't want to say anything, for fear that the girl would laugh at her, but another part of her urged her onwards. “Is it possible to get powers with the wish?” Then Suqi stopped, completely turning towards Leslie. Her smile was gone, a frown was on her face. For a moment there was a silence between them, only broken by the sound of a distant train, muffled by the snowfall that grew ever heavier. “What did you see?” Suqi asked. She wanted to ask the same question back, wanted to ask how Suqi knew about the wishes. She caught a knife by the blade and didn't bleed, you dummy, Leslie thought. Her eyes turned downwards, however, and she wanted to do nothing more but sink into the ground. Leslie wondered why she even brought this attention on to herself. She found a spider crawling down her spine, its legs digging into her skin, into her nerves. It was the cold again, like before, a cold that burned like a fire. She bit her lip and the taste of iron hit her tongue, and a tear ran down her face again. She felt Su's hand on her shoulder and looked up again. The girl was kneeling in front of her, her expression softened again. “You can tell me, Leslie,” she told her, her voice so soft and enticing. “You don't need to be afraid.” There was blood on her lip, she felt it grow cold in the open air. Leslie shook her head. “They're just legends, right? That's really all they are.” The snow was cold, Su smiled softly. “You know, you're new in town, so you don't know a lot about this place. It's distant and grey during the day, cold and horrifying at night. But in the dawn and twilight hours of the day, there are colors here you see nowhere else. We got stories stranger than mythology, of meteors, of children jumping through pictures and stories, of demented growing normal once more, of wolves that learned to walk among men and people living the lives they always wanted to live, just as we got stories of dark beasts in the shape of people, criminals that during firefights never got hit by a single bullet and people going missing with no evidence ever left behind. When you keep your eye close to the playgrounds, some children sing the songs and tell the tales, and their parents do so as well, and their parents too. Nobody believes them, of course, but in this place, well, I think wishes can come true for those who really want them to.” “How do you know that?” The wind picked up, howling through the alleys. “If I tell you, are you going to tell me what you saw?” Suqi asked and Leslie nodded, completely caught of guard by the red girl. She paused for a moment, thinking about how to say what she wanted to say, then sighed. “Well, the best way to describe it would be–“ “If it isn't the little kitten from this morning,” a voice interrupted her and the hairs on Leslie's back rose up as she turned towards her house, to the person approaching. Clara smiled her same, cruel smile. “Did you make a new friend?” Leslie didn't know how to react, so she just grabbed Suqi's hand and started running.
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    (Please enjoy XD. Give it a like if you did! Credit for the Diaper Dimension setting goes to Princesspottypants of course~) Quincy lounges in the backseat of a luxurious executive town car absently spinning a book of matches between her pinched fingers. She flips it open to check the number scribbled inside. It had been memorized instantly of course, but reviewing it helped to pass the time and ease her hungry anticipation. She peered out her passenger-side window, watching the black rippling waterfront lap against the docks, city lights shinning like yellow-orange orbs on its moving surface. A slight twinge inside her answers this alluring view, a small pressure building below, but she soundly ignores it, cursing her weak genetics. It was illegal to have been driven to this job in such a fashion. The regulatory carseat sat empty next to her, but legality meant very little to Quincy. This was how she had learned to survive in the Amazon’s world, and luckily, she was very good at it. “Almost New Year’s.” Her driver commented, glancing at her in the rearview. Quincy responded by lighting the final match in the book with a one-handed flick, letting it burn up the thin cardboard to then drop and fizzle against the leftover ice in her glass. She opened the door, no childlock to stop her, and stepped into the cold night. Showtime. She had been trained; not like the other drooling idiots of her kind, but by an Amazon who knew how to hone her very particular set of skills. Ones that used her size to her advantage. In this case, a cargo vessel’s ventilation system became as easy to navigate as a Little’s playground. A snap of her wrist anchored her rappel and she lowered herself on the thin line, barely strained by her weight, into the cargo hold below. Container 343Y...The cameras were taken care of and it was shocking how few crew were required to operate these gargantuan ships. She walked between the towering rows like she owned the place, which in a moment she would; at least a small piece of it. Finding the container, she cut the lock and shoved her mechanized wedge to leverage the gap. The seal cracked, a hiss, then a blind punch shocked her senses. She staggered back, dropping her tool with a clang, her eyes watering as searing chemicals burnt up her nostrils forcing her to cough, gag, grow faint. She turned, collapsed, and was forced to crawl; her small black-gloved hand reaching up for her escape line, but darkeness over took her, and she was powerless to stop it. She grew numb, limp, then everything inside her relaxed; a warm stream began seeping through the fabric of her pants, growing wet and puddling around her. “Well, well, well.” A voice intoned above her, sneering. “I thought I smelled a rat.” A heeled toe nudges Quincy’s side, rolling her off of her accident. “A lost little kitty found her way inside? Poor thing’s so nervous she’s forgotten her house training.” Quincy mewled struggling to move. “Nuh-uh. Don’t struggle, babygirl,” the Amazon admonished. “That dose won’t wear off for much longer. I was wondering where my things were walking off to. I almost thought my ships had sprung a leak! But oh don’t worry honey, Mommy will take good care of all of your little leaks...” * Floor to ceiling windows frame the twinkling city skyline. The top story penthouse was dim and cool. Inside, Quincy awakens; her arms held motionless by her shoulders, rubber padding crackling beneath her with every squirm, faint whiffs of baby powder and something worse floating in the air. She attempts to stretch, her legs spreading with soft thick crinkling, kept still by restraints, a bulb obstructing her mouth. She tries to force it out only to feel pressure against the back of her head from the strap keeping it in place. A barely illuminated silhouette of the Amazon from the docks settles into view, leaning above her, shushing gently, a possessive hand rubbing up the front of the diaper pressed squarely between Quincy’s legs, squishing it slightly as it was visibly darkened from a helpless wetting and messy accident. Fireworks colored the sky above the city, flashing intermittent colors into the darkened room. “Happy New Year’s, babygirl.” The Amazon purred surveying her new hapless luxury toy. “Finding a Little of my own...of your sophistication...may make this my best New Year’s Eve ever...” She leans forward, her full breasts aching for attention, and her lips press against Quincy’s pacifier in a loving, mocking kiss. Her breath then travels, settling against Quincy’s ear as she whispers, “Mother Time can tell when her Baby New Year needs her diaper changed,” she tittered then chuckles, darkly smug. “Don’t worry, babygirl, Mommy’s here, and her resolution is to change her Little’s diapers as often as she needs them...”
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    New story from the creative minds of Sophie & Pudding! Actually this one was my idea, so I'm really proud of it. It's a slow regression story, but I think there's enough content to keep everyone engaged. The first seven chapters are up on Patreon for supporters. I hope you enjoy it! Small Frosty 1.) I sat quietly at the kitchen table, playing with the ring on my finger. Remy was working late again - he always worked late on Fridays. I just thought maybe tonight would be different. He would get home and there would be a huge surprise dinner for him! I started preparations at noon. But as I played with the ring on my finger - a ring he'd given me no more than a year ago - I knew it was all for nothing. I licked the tip of my finger and squeezed the flame out of the candle. Maybe he would have some free time this weekend, I thought. We could go to the aquarium, like we used to. Wednesday had wasted so much money on that meal, money that had been earmarked for other, more important things. What had possessed her to be so compulsive? I'd told her long in advance about last night, I'd told her and all she ever cared to remember was what suited her and her fairy tale narrative. Ugh. I was still in my work suit at five in the morning, washing dishes and throwing away food she couldn't even have the good sense to put in the fridge for leftovers, while the love of my life was sleeping on the sofa, drooling on the fabric again. "Wake up." I nudged her gently, my tone warm and soft as it always was. “Come on, up to bed with you." Don't ask me to carry you, don't ask me to carry you, don't ask me to carry you... why was I even fighting it in my head? It was her trademark move. It was morning? The sun was just barely poking through the windows, which I'd forgotten to close. I looked up at Remy with a small, sleepy smile. He was still in his work clothes, though? When had he gotten home? Had he worked all night? Was it Saturday? Too many questions... too sleepy... "Carry me?" I asked with a little pout. I was impossible to refuse. It was hard to mount any kind of protest against Ginger’s insinuations that I was engaged to a child in an adult’s body when she went and did things like that. Ever diplomatic and warm, kind even when I was annoyed with her, I leaned down and scooped her up into my arms the same way I always had. It was easy when she barely bristled 5’1. "You know you're not allowed to sleep on the couch, you goofball." "I was waiting up for you." He picked me up under the legs and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He looked tired. He really had worked all night, hadn't he? "Sleep with me for a while? And I thought today we could go to the aquarium, or we could see a movie?" It felt like I hadn't seen Remy in years! "We'll see, Frosty.” Because one of us hadn't already slept the whole night. Honestly she should have been asking what she could do during the day while I slept, but expecting that much level of adult initiative of Wednesday was naive of me. Ginger was right about her. I mean, she wasn't. I was just tired and irritated. Wednesday was my fiancée and I needed to be more understanding about her personality. But sometimes she made it hard. He had to shower. I told him I could shower with him! But the second he put me down on the bed, I was out like a light. When I woke up, it was two in the afternoon and Remy wasn't in bed with me. I rubbed my eyes and scrambled for my phone. He'd always text me if he went somewhere, but there weren't any texts. He must be around here somewhere... oh, I was still in my day clothes from yesterday. There was laughter coming from the living room when she came down the hall. The woman with hair the color of a fire hydrant that my fiancée was none too much a fan of was setting stuff on the table for an english afternoon tea, crustless sandwiches and all. Ginger noticed we weren't alone first. "Oh heeeey Wendy, you're finally awake, and before the sun went to sleep, too! I guess I lost that bet. Go wash your hands, princess, and sit at the table." Ginger worked with children, she told me. As her night job. She wasn't intentionally condescending - it was just how she was. "Well go on, you hear what Ginger said.” I opened my mouth in frustration and decided against it. Ginger was one of Remy's work friends. She worked two floors above him, in a different department. How they'd gotten so chummy, I didn't understand. But I hated her. I knew she didn't mean to talk down to people, but that didn't make her any easier to deal with. And she spent too much time with Remy... "Be right back," I said under my breath and went into the bathroom to wash my hands. "Make sure to get under your nails, Wendy~" "She's in a bad mood, I'm sorry. She slept on the sofa and then overslept, you know how she is." "She just needs some discipline, Jeremy." Ginger was the only one who called me by my full name, and it made me feel... masculine. I liked that. "Girls like her, her Daddy spoiled her growing up and now she thinks the world is her sandbox." "Come on Ging, she's not like that, she's just... idealistic, that's all." "You mean childish, right?" I came out of the bathroom at the tail of the conversation. Childish? I gave her a harsh glare. "Are you here for something?" “I just brought some tea and cakes over." "Thanks for stopping by." I walked past her and took a cake off the tray, popping it in my mouth. Remy knew I didn't like her. He kept telling me I had to "get to know her better". Why do people always say that? Why would I want to get to know someone better if I already hate them? "Be polite, Wednesday, Ginger is our guest. She even cut the crusts off the sandwiches, just for you." Not because it was tradition or anything. But sometimes being engaged meant understanding when the truth was not always the best option of what to say. "Would you like some tea? Go on, sit down alright, we're doing afternoon tea, it's like what they do in England." Somewhere Wendy desperately wanted to visit, once we had the money. "Fine," I relented, and went to sit down at the coffee table in the living room. I looked up at the two of them, working the kettle together. Like it was a two person fucking job. Whatever. I knew Remy wouldn't cheat on me. I trusted him. I just... I sighed and leaned back on the sofa. I wanted to go to the aquarium today... I wanted to spend time alone with him. The sandwiches had cucumber and cream cheese, which Wednesday hated. Sprouts and butter, which Wednesday hated. And Nutella and banana, which Wednesday loved. Ginger gave me a wry smile across the living room and I rolled my eyes. "Okay, so having tea hot, that's new, right? Isn't it Wednesday? How do we take it, Ginger? Is it like coffee?" I knew, of course. Ginger and I had done this before, but I wanted my pouty faced fiancee to be involved in this. "Not quite." The woman poured the tea and I ate one of the little sandwiches. My fingers were sticky from the tiny cake I'd eaten, but I soon licked them clean. Ginger passed me a teacup and the little sugar cube. "You'll like it more with this." Begrudgingly, I took the cup and dropped the cube into it. It made the tea a little milky. And it tasted pretty good, too! Huh... "See? Isn't this fun?" "This is what we grown-ups do on Saturday afternoons, you know, instead of sleeping in all day." "What's this?" "It's a sticky bun." "What's it got in it?" "It's a sticky bun, just try it, Jeremy." Sometimes she even made me feel like a kid, but she did so playfully. Ginger was much more pointed when it came to my fiancée. Jeremy. Ugh. She was so fucking pretentious. I took another sip of tea and bit into my sandwich. When was she going to leave? "So. Ginger. Does this project thing keep you busy all the time too? Remy's been working crazy hours." What did I want her to say? Yes? And she was alone with my fiancé every night? I shuffled uncomfortably on the sofa. "Oh it's such a bear, Wendy, you simply have no idea. I have another project in the evening, and then there with your boy working on the project until the sun shows its pretty face. Sometimes when you grow up, you work two jobs, though. Don't worry too much about it, though, Jeremy's in line for promotion, so you not working won't be a big deal." "Oh, yeah." I hadn't told Wednesday about that yet. "It looks like I'm getting a promotion, doll, isn't that great?" "...a promotion?" I tried to ignore Ginger's rude comments; she had worked with kids for most of her life, so the condescension came naturally. It wasn't my fault I didn't work! I got laid off, and... and well I just hadn't gotten around to getting a new job yet. It was a tough market out there! "Does that mean you'll be working less? You already work so much..." "It could mean a little more hours, but..." "If you pick up the slack around here, then he won't need to come home and clean and tidy up after you, and you'll get more time together." Yeah, I'd vented to Ginger about this morning, which was probably a mistake, but her and I were becoming really close friends. What? What had she said? I just stared at her, my mouth open wide, and then I looked up at Remy in frustration. "What are you telling her?! I don't pull my weight around here? You're always working! Always! And I'm here alone and..." Suddenly, and very unexpectedly, I felt tears in my eyes. Damnit. Fuck. "Fine. Whatever." I got up off the sofa and went to grab my jacket. I'd just get a fucking job. Fuck this. "Wait." Surprising maybe everybody, it was Ginger who grabbed Wednesday by the wrist, and she immediately pulled the crying girl into her arms like she'd done that a thousand times. I watched, gobsmacked, as she played with my fiancée’s hair and cooed gently to her, speaking too quiet for me to hear. "Nobody thinks you don't do enough, nobody thinks you're not good enough. Working isn't something for a pretty fiancée to be doing, why work for someone else? Work for your man, because he loves you. You're his princess. And you're beautiful. You're beautiful and it's okay. You're not in any trouble." I didn't expect that. I didn't expect her to stop me or to hold me or to... to make sense. More than anything, I didn't expect to hug her back. The top of my head only came up to her shoulders and I pushed my face into her neck. She was warm. She was a good hugger. I still hated Ginger, I did. But she really knew how to make a girl feel better... "Nobody is cross with you, just try to be good going forward, okay? Will you do that? For Jeremy? He's so kinda and gentle, isn't he? He's very clever, and he loves you very much." I didn't know what happened. How my fiancée had gone from explosion to peaceful calm, her puffy red eyes the only sign once she sat back down that anything had happened. Quietly, she ate another finger sandwich. I didn't like that I wasn't working. I didn't like that I was stuck inside alone all day. And I did make him dinner! He just wasn't home to eat it. That wasn't my fault. But I guess I could clean up a little bit. And maybe I could ask Lala if she knew of any part time jobs in the area... or if they had an opening at her work. I sighed. I was over reacting...
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    I don't like the idea of leaving a paper trail re: diapers.
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    So, i just finished the first round of talking to my wife. Later on tonight were going to talk and try to come up with a compromise. Thank you so much, everyone, for all of your help. Especially you, bettypooh, your words resonated with me and actually helped in the conversation.
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    I accept my self for who I am and I have no control over the feelings and behaviors of others
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    I spent a lot of time with my family this Holiday season. Now, this was really cool, and the first time it happened since I came out as not-straight. (I went through a period of I don't want a label, because I was dealing with the fact that I didn't want to admit that I was homosexual.) My parents decided they missed me enough to ignore my sexuality, and while they are not accepting of it yet, they at least were willing to agree to disagree and enjoy everything else about our relationship. Step in the right direction. Now they knew I wore diapers, they just assumed I was having bladder issues, and I never corrected them. My sister, who knows the real deal was the reason they came to that conclusion, which I am both happy for, and little annoyed that she didn't tell me she was doing that first. Anyways, all of this got me thinking... I lead three different lives. It is hard. I have a public persona, my YouTube and Twitch character, who while reflecting who I am, is a character. There is nothing about "Her" that is actually me in real life. She is based on me in real life, but the language I use, the excitement I get over some things, etc... is an act meant to increase viewer engagement, and thus increase income from ads and sponsors. This is easy 99% of the time, only becoming hard when someone recognizes me in public, which doesn't happen that often outside of conventions. (I exist in the sweet zone where if I really wanted to, I could probably live off of my Stream/Videos, but that they don't dominate my life yet... I am actually afraid to push much further and try and break into that top group.) The harder part of my life is the real me, the girl who enjoys peeing her diaper, who enjoys being a little raunchy, the kinky me who enjoys pushing boundaries, and social norms, etc... The real me, the me who is shown here more often than not, (Although I will admit, I do default into my character me on occasion, just a habit of this communication medium.) Then there is public me. A sweet girl who does not put up with nonsense, is very assertive, and can be almost shrew like that has developed due to constant marginalization I deal with. Both of my income sources, my "real" job, and e-Job are both in male dominated areas that want nothing more than to break my spirit. The e-Job is actually worse, because skills are so subjective, and the nature of being an entertainer is accepting the fact that funny gets more views, so being super good at a video game is not the best way to win viewers, but deliberately picking games you enjoy, but are not good at, leads to more moments that allow for the injecting of humor. So my public personality has developed into this, I will say no, but then I will apologize, feel bad about it, and convince the rejected person that it is my fault that I said no, and not because they asked me an hour before event to do something, and I had something else already scheduled, or they are just plain creepy. It is getting very hard for me to be all three of these people at once. It is stressful, and I feel lost in these constructs of my own creation. I am not asking for advice, just throwing this out there in one of the only mediums that I can without actually impacting the "real" me, or the entertainment me... Just needed to let it out, and I am sure it will be helpful for others dealing with similar issues to see they are not alone.
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    Sparse connection. Going out to sea month of Jan. Be back Feb. Yar. Update~ Still on/off connection, but can post a little here and there ^ ^
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    My sentiments entirely. Our bed is we protected and leaks are just all part of being a bedwetter.
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    Telling someone to shut there mouths just proves his statement is accurate.
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    BULLSHIT! You are stealing their work and SCREWING THE AUTHORS. Stop doing this! You can delete books out of your kindle library at any time without "RETURNING" them and ripping off the hardworking writers.
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    Alright, side project time, Something Vile, a story on the lighter side of the fluff, with the chapters being fairly short. I'm basically writing this one on the side and I need to get this concept out of my head, too. Imma attempt to get a lot of fetish content into it along the road, hopefully not to the detriment of the experience. his is a roadtrip story about two women who start their journey in arizona and drive northwards with the goal of simply not being caught. They thieve, they scam, they lie and attempt to get mixed up in all sorts of mischevious behavior while trying to keep the facade of two girls on a simple trip through the best country in the world. Also, since I'm not american I'm gonna say sorry for any misrepresentation, but I do try to keep up with my research on the locations as we hit them. As for now, have fun reading this amazing tale that will at some point involve ramen soup prepared with steak sauce. I Perfectly Average Name aside, Deidre had always considered herself perfectly average. Average height, average looks, average personality with absolutely nothing remarkable about her. Not once in her life had she considered something vile in her blood. Yet as the pieces of gum went into the hands of the cashier, were rung up and he grabbed for the American Girl Magazine she felt a tingle run down her back. A cold, excited sensation as she looked at his reaction. A pretty and slender face, a stubble of a beard, thick eyebrows resting above deep green eyes, he had to be close to his thirties. Or maybe the hair growing out of his face just made him look older. His eyebrows moved as he noticed the next item on the conveyor belt and she felt the warmth rush to her face, felt her fingers tense up because she knew exactly what the hesitation in his hands and the heavy sigh escaping his mouth meant. It meant that the show was on. "Are you serious, kid?" he asked, emphasizing the last word just enough so she would get that there was no way she'd pass for anything other and the bottle of beer would be out of her grasp for a few more years. She shrugged slightly, looked down and bit her lip. Her fingers wrapped themselves around her purse and she opened her mouth but let no word escape. A woman, late fifties, slender, hair dyed in an egregious red, setting up her things on the conveyor belt right behind her. She saw the beer and the one purchased it, couldn't help but giggle. She found the courage, more embarrassed that she had to say the well-studied lines than being 'caught'. "I'm just a bit on the small size." "And I guess Mister Teddy there can vouch for you." The bear stuck out of her pink backpack, his beady little eyes staring away like he had nothing to do with this mess. When she said nothing, the cashier sighed. "Well, missus, if you want a drink, you can either show me your ID or get yourself some juice," he said, somewhere between annoyed and amused. She would've been amused, too, if she wasn't the victim here. "I have an ID," she said and got out a prepared fake. It wasn't well made, looked like something done with windows paint, with added butterflies and a signature written out in block letters. As she gave it to him, he stifled a giggle and woman behind Deidre tried to do the same. "Alright," he said after a second, his expression softening as she stared at him with honest determination. "You know what, you do get an A for effort. If all identification cards looked as pretty as this, my job would be way more fun." The compliment made her smile through the embarrassment. She'd put honest work in making that damn thing look like it was done by someone who had wanted to make it look as exciting as possible. "Tell you what," he said as he took the beer and put it behind the counter, stood up and reached for the sweets that were placed by the cash register and gave her a Kinder Surprise with a pink top. She took it, eyeing him unsure. "I'm a nice guy, so I'm gonna tell you this. That egg is your promise to me that you're not going to do something so blatantly stupid like walking into a shop and purchase adult drinks with a fake ID ever again. If I catch you doing it again, though, I'm gonna go talk to the police and they'll put you in juvie for a bit. Of course, your parents are gonna know, too, and I honestly don't believe that they're gonna like that. And that's completely disregarding," he pointed outside to the car from which she stepped, "your sitter." Maggie was sitting in the car, whacking away on her phone intently. Again, she bit her lip, felt the tinge of excitement. Clutching the egg with one hand, she looked up at him. "You're not going to tell her." "Do you want me to?" She shook her head. Maggie knew her lines, had shouted them at Deidre earlier in the car. They were good lines and she was a good actor, but if she didn't need to, then all the better. He rang up the rest and told her the price. As she got out her Frozen wallet, she saw him shook his head in disbelief, wondering how she thought he'd take her for someone in her late teens. The woman behind her attempted to stifle another giggle. Deidre knew why, felt herself tense up. He thought it was because she knew she was caught, but in actuality it was because of the cherry on top of it all. She gave him the money, said thank you for everything, and quickly put the things in her. As she turned to the door, the woman's laughter rang through her ears, and he couldn't help but giggle, too. "Hey, pumpkin," he said loudly, and she turned around, a question mark over her head. "Your shirt's riding up." She turned her head around, looked at her backside and found it true. With one hectic motion, she pulled down the shirt, knowing full well that it was going to stay in place until she put the backpack back on, which she did with seeming obliviousness. Everybody in here had seen it, all five people, the cameras, even the dog that one person had brought in here despite the sign telling them not to do so. Yet the cashier was the first one who thought it appropriate to mention it and not be stunned by how inappopriate/adorable the girl looked. Even he let her walk away with the shirt riding up again. Well, maybe it didn't matter whether the shirt was as short as it was. Beneath the warm summer sun she waddled back to the car, regretting the choice she'd made before going into the gas station's shop. The shirt was riding up again, resting on the hem of the diaper she wore. The shorts were too tight to obscure what she wearing. When she looked at a mirror before, the thick underwear was bulging out beneath. Now that she filled it, there was no doubt how childish she must've looked. Maggie pushed open the door for her and she seated herself, backpack firm in her hands again. "Looks like somebody didn't make it to the potty," Maggie joked. "Want me to change you before we drive?" She glared at Maggie from her position, feeling so much smaller than ever before in front of her friend. "Can we not?" She asked, closed the door, put the seatbelt on before she opened the egg's wrapping to relieve some stress. Maggie shrugged and put the gas on. As she started to drive, she couldn't help but wave at the cashier who, with a disarmed smile, waved back. The road in front of them was close to empty, there was only one car approaching them, and, after a few minutes went past without much of a noise. To their side was the vast emptiness people called Arizona. Well, it wasn't as empty as Deidre had pictured it for most of her life. There was some green after all. "So," Maggie started after a while, taking her eyes off the street to look at Deidre munching away on the chocolate. "Remember how I told you that you could make a convincing fourteen or fifteen year old?" Deidre looked at her, the chocolate, melted by the warmth of the sun, smeared across her hands and around her mouth. She put on a mischievous smile. "You're fucking perfect as a tween. Holy shit!" Maggie yelled the last words before she broke out into laughter. "How the fuck are you doing that? You look so adorable, I can't believe we ever worried about you pulling that shit off." She slammed her hands against the wheel of the car, gripped it tightly. The excitement was written on her face. "This is perfect. You're an artist." Deidre looked at her hands, then back at Maggie. "What can I say. I'm a method actor," she slammed her knee against the glove compartment so it would open and grabbed a few tissues out of it, she wiped the chocolate off, felt the taste stick to her mouth. "Also, being four foot nine with a pre-schooler figure might help." "Don't get too cocky, Didi, you'd never make a pre-schooler." "Is that a challenge?" Deidre asked, leaning down and opening the backpack. A bag of potato chips, two bars of chocolate and a bag with mixed sweets, as well as package of gum, she went past it and went straight for the two bottles of cold beer she'd snagged when nobody was looking. She went for the bottle opener to the side of her seat and opened both of them. One was for herself, the other for Maggie. "As they say in the motherland, kampaii," Deidre said. "So, you're japanese then?" Maggie asked as she took a sip from her bear. "Is that japanese? I thought it was swahili. Eh, whatevs." As Maggie rolled her eyes, Deidre laughed. It wasn't the laugh of an average person, but that was because, ever since she'd met Maggie she understood perfectly well that she wasn't like the cashier or the woman behind them. She was one of the wolves. Downing the beer she looked in the mirror and what she saw put a smile on her face. She looked like someone from the eastern parts of asia and maybe that was why she was as small as she was. Deidre didn't really care, not anymore, not since she was made a part of Maggie's group. She looked young with makeup, but younger still without it. Maybe it was some strange god's notion of a joke that, added to her height, she had the most perfect baby face and a womanly figure that was close to nonexistent. Her mother had wept when she'd realized her sixteen year old girl would never be one of those sexy tall blondes that got to hook up with a millionaire. Her father hadn't cared, he had a son in John and tended to only talk to her when she forgot about John's birthday. He'd always called her beef with little Johnny childish and might've laughed if he could see her now. The bright pink t-shirt she wore had a large flower stitched on its front, ruffled sleeves and only barely reached down her waist. The lime colored shorts bulged out heavily, the diaper sagging beneath them. She'd held it in ever since the airport, in preparation for a moment like this. It was like the cherry on top of the cake. A part of her felt ridiculous about wearing this outfit, a diaper, using the diaper and then waddling around in it, all to grab two bottles of beer. Another part of her was glad she'd done it, because who else but her could pull off something as ridiculous as this. Nobody. "Well, girl. That's a good thing, cause the regrets of the past are the problems of today. Did I ever tell you how hard my childhood was? I am barely a functioning adult today because of it," Maggie told her, attempting (and failing) to fake a tear. "If you had a bad childhood, Mags, it was because you are and always were an asshole." Maggie looked at her with doe eyes, before she flashed a grin and lifted the beer. "You're right when you're right, potty princess." She lifted her beer, too and drank a bit. "So, I think you might've done without the diaper, though. I mean, shit, I don't think I would've dared." Deidre shrugged. "I almost regretted it, but in all honesty, I think they really stopped to take me seriously once they noticed. It's plenty helpful, plus, I didn't need to use their restroom. However that shit looks, it's probably less sanitary when going into my own underwear." "Fuck, you're weird." Deidre smiled at that. "Thank you," she said, completely honest. As both of them sipped on their beers a sign passed them by. A hundred kilometres ago she'd stepped out of her plane and onto american soil, where Maggie waved at her excitedly. She'd looked all grown up, a woman in her early twenties ready to take on life. Deidre must've looked similar, simply like a small woman who just came from a business trip, all dressed in a blazer and well applied make-up, or maybe not. People had stared at her for a bit, but only until she'd hit the bathroom and gotten into the clothes she was dressed in now. A hundred kilometres ago she'd willingly decided to leave the old Deidre behind and finally get to do what she and Mags and all the rest of them did the best. Thinking back to the amazing shit Mags, Lucy and Roger had promised her on Discord, she wanted nothing more than this trip to be worth it. And even if their promises couldn't be kept, now she knew she could at least have some fun on her own. II Broken Girl The time had been 6 AM, her sheets were soaked with sweat and her liner had gone missing during last night's drunken escapade, leaving her in a literal puddle of her own blood. When she escaped from her apartment she hadn't showered in two days and her home looked like a crime scene. The underwear she wore might've been washed, but she doubted it, same went for her shirt and pants. It hadn't mattered at all, though. Right now, she was pushing the gas, stared at the road in front of her and felt the blistering heat of the sun as it started to descend ever farther down. At 4 PM she'd seen Deidre step out of the plane, yawning and stretching. The other girl had looked as tired as she felt, but as she saw Maggie, she lit up, like a switch was pushed within her. "I talked with Lucy about it and I got the perfect disguise," she had told her moments later; after they'd both settled down on a bench. A wide, perfect smile had been on her face. Whenever Lucy involved herself with Deidre, things tended to go down a weird path. Once they'd been to some rich kid's birthday party, dressed up as clowns, and got away with every little trinket the parent's had so carefully hidden from stranger's eyes. Then, due to the slippery nature of the two of them, even though the caught Lucy, they could not pin a crime on them. It made it great to be friends with them, but sometimes their collaborations scared Maggie. Deidre had taken out a small backpack from her baggage. It was pink with floral motives and looked like it belonged to a grade schooler. People stared but Deidre smiled that mischievous of hers. With that backpack, even though Maggie didn't want to admit it, she looked positively childish. "I'll go and get dressed for the journey. You wait here and be surprised." Then she departed for this small airport's public bathrooms. Apparently she asked the way and people seemed confused at this woman's mannerisms, who folded her hands behind her back and bouncing on her toes. A man she asked chuckled later on as he passed, telling the woman by his side, "I'd taken her for a young woman, children do seem to grow up so fast." And all Maggie could think at that moment was; What the fuck? Half and hour later and what came out of the bathroom into sight stunned her into silence. Rainbow striped socks, lime green shorts and a pink shirt that barely covered the top of her pants. And Maggie found her eyes lingering on the crotch, wondering for a moment whether Lucy had come up with this. The didn't do much to hide the bulge underneath and neither the length of the shirt or the backpack helped her looks much. At 6 PM they'd reached a gas station along a smaller route that would get them to the Lost Love's Motel and Deidre wanted to try out her disguise. She and Maggie had practiced some lines as they approached it, but there still had been doubts on her mind. Deidre was a grown woman and some silly disguise couldn't hide that fact. Yet, looking the way she did seemed to come easier for her than wearing more adult clothing. "You want a beer? I'll get us some beer." Maggie had frowned when Deidre offered. "You know, they're gonna ask you for you ID?" Deidre's laughter was the most disturbing part about her. It was the most girlish giggle that always ended in a little snort, so utterly undignified she only managed to pull it off now, dressed like a child on a field trip. For a second, Maggie could suspend her disbelief, but there was too much doubt on her mind. Then came the moment when they stopped, Deidre had been fidgeting, wanting to go to the toilet. Maggie told her to ditch the infantile garment and her friend seemed to consider it. Yet, a few seconds after getting out, she visibly changed her decision. Stopping before the door of the station for a second, she breathed out and continued her walk as Maggie was sure she was actually going in her diaper. She wanted to ask why Deidre did that, but after all the shit they'd been through, she couldn't help but laugh and that only intensified once Deidre got back with a chocolate egg and two bottles of cool alcohol. As she approached though, her blush was real, and the shadow between her legs seemed a bit too dark, which was almost weird for Maggie. After finishing her own she'd taken Deidre's. The girl had fallen fast asleep, probably because the jet lag finally had caught up to her. Girl, Maggie thought. She referred to other people her age by that descriptor, but looking at Deidre now, it seemed so appropriate, almost insultingly so. Still smiling, she sipped on the beer, freeing the last drops from the confinement of the bottle. Then, she opened the window to Deidre's side and threw the bottle out. A few minutes passed in silence, she sighed, let her fingers run along the steering wheel. The road was going ever on and Maggie felt the alcohol rise, making her light-headed. With a groan, she strengthened the grip of her fingers and looked at the blinking signal in front of her, spelling out how little fuel was left in the tank. It could only be a matter of minutes now. Enough time to accelerate and crash the car into the side of the road, she figured. Deidre stirred, her arm wondered up her stomach, pushing the shirt up. Maggie was once again surprised how naturally she made herself look like a child. Yet as the girls hands rubbed her own belly, as she snorted and giggled at something in her sleep, Maggie couldn't help but sigh again. Maybe she could have some fun with this before the car broke down. Still looking in front, she made a grab for the backpack and lifted the bear from it. It was rather nice looking, with a red bow around his neck and a face that Maggie found pretty cute. Looking at Deidre for a second she put the bear on the girl's stomach and then guided one hand towards the bear. Deidre hugged it instinctively, giggling once more. "Fuck," Maggie stated eloquently, making a grab for her own phone to take some pictures. "I musta been blind for the past few years if regression's this easy for ya." When she'd met Deidre, she hadn't made any inquiries about her height, looks or build. She fell just short of 4 foot 9, was flat as a washing board and, thanks to Roger, would later also lose a tooth. Lucy always told her that she looked precocious, but Maggie had never cared about that. "You know," she said after a second. "This trip probably won't take long, but I'm glad you're with me. To hell and back, eh?" The other girl was sleeping and gave no answer, for which Maggie was extremely grateful. The motor rumbled and she turned the wheel, turned the car to the side of the road where she let it roll out. After a solid minute more of slowly moving forward, the car came to a halt. Maggie stared in front of her, towards the endless road which seemed to end in an horizon that was distorted by the desert's heat. Once more she sighed, let her head fall against the seat. Her white shirt had stains from chicken wings and beer on it, her mini-skirt did little to hide her underwear as she let herself slide down slightly more, revealing the underwear, which covered barely anything. Risque was her style, after all. "Shit," she said, before opening the door of the car and standing up. Looking to both sides. Not seeing anybody, she nodded to herself. They were far away enough from the station so that walking back was impossible, her phone, she decided, was dead the moment she saw a car approach on the horizon. Without the howling of the motor, the wind blowing through open windows and the thoughts running through her head like crazy, she finally realized that she hadn't had a proper sleep in a few days. Here hands seemed more shaky then before and as she looked in the rear mirror she noticed how little make-up actually did to hide how ravaged she looked. With a smile, she turned to Deidre, where she only now noticed something. A stain on the inner side of her left leg, not too big, but still visible. "Character actor, was it?" Maggie asked the still sleeping girl. She didn't want to know if this was practiced. With a series of taps she freed her friend from the happy realm of her sleep. Deidre groaned, hugged the bear, twisted her legs, and then suddenly her eyes went wide open as she turned to look at Maggie who used the chance to smile at her. Instantly, she dropped the bear and pulled the shirt down. "Hey, sleepyhead," she said with a smile too wide. "I, look... this is... " There was a heavy blush on the cheeks that told Maggie that none of this was rehearsed. "Did you go again in your sleep, Didi? Don't tell me you actually need those." "Well, I ... No," she blushed more, her lips trembled. Maggie took the sight in, thinking back to words another friend spoke, but dismissing them instantly. She's my equal, isn't she? Maggie told herself and at that moment thought back to when Deidre walked out of the gas station. Instantly, she knew when the stain had come to be. "Your diaper must've leaked when you went. You already had it when you walked out." Deidre looked at her. "Wait? You're saying I wasn't just parading my diaper around, but that I leaked?" The shock was clear on her face. "Well, you did say you could make a convincing pre-schooler. So, hat's off to you, I guess," Maggie answered after a moment of hesitation. "Fuck you," Deidre looked down. "How the fuck could that happen, aren't these things supposed to not leak instantly?" "Maybe you put it on wrong?" "How the fuck do you put a diaper on wrong?" "The elastic could be pushed down, you could've placed it a bit too much to the side so it didn't spread out properly, and..." Deidre looked at her curiously for a moment. "Elastic?" "Have you ever actually put a diaper on anything on before?" "What? No, why would I?" Maggie sighed. "How did it feel when you put it on?" Deidre tilted her head and the way she looked thinking about it made her look ever so young again. "I guess it felt a bit loose, is that wrong?" There was another pause. "Has anybody ever told you how much of a dipshit you can be sometimes, Didi?" There were tears in her eyes, Maggie noticed. Of course there were, anybody would cry in this situation, so the girl sighed and put an arm around her friend's shoulder. "It's okay, we can just get you out of the one you're wearing. New pants, new underwear and everything'll be nice and dandy, kay?" Deidre took a moment to pat her friends back. "Yeah, thanks," she said, trying hard to not let her voice crack. Maggie threw the car door open and stood up. Only then did Deidre turn to look at the situation. "Why're we in the middle of the desert, Mags?" "Because we don't have anymore gas." "Oh," Deidre said, before she screamed out loudly. "What?" Maggie looked at the street. No car was approaching. "You want to keep on wearing diapers for the rest for the day or do I get my grown-up Deidre back?" Behind her, Deidre thought for a moment. "Are you comfortable changing me?" Maggie shrugged. "Not gonna lie, it's probably the weirdest thing you ever wanted me to do with you, but yeah. I can dig it." Yet she couldn't bring herself to look at Deidre while saying this. Another moment passed. "I lie down on the backseat, there's more diapers like this in my baggage." She opened one door, then another, Maggie heard. She couldn't help but smile. Deidre's conviction to a cause, no matter how silly, was something she always admired. "So, this is our dynamic now?" she asked and walked around the car. She saw that Deidre was pulling down the pants, revealing that, at least, she'd put the front where it belonged. "Anything to make me look more helpless," Deidre answered her and laid down on the backseat of the car. "Also, if we're gonna make a thing out of this I don't want there to be anything I'm not prepared for along the road." Maggie pushed open the trunk and then went for her friend's baggage. To her surprise, the only things she found were four more diapers, a book on child development, the set of clothing she'd worn before and ... nothing more. That made her raise an eyebrow. She took one of those diapers and walked back to where Deidre lay. "Can you promise me one thing, Mags?" "I'm just gonna gush over how adorable you look like this for half the change, I can't guarantee more." "Again, go fuck yourself." Maggie shook her head. "Girl, you need to lay low with those cuss words. What will the people think of a sweet little angel like you cursing like a sailor?" She unfolded the diaper and began her work ever so professionally. She was used to changing kids diapers, but this was different and weird. Not wanting to think about what exactly was going on beneath Arizona's hot sun, she decided to instead reveal why they were stuck here. "You know how our deal with Roger is to meet him up in Montana, right?" "I was in the chatroom, so you don't have to do the whole 'As you know'-shtick." "Well, as you know, most bratty half-pints get a spanking down here. So how about you drop the 'tude?" Deidre looked at her, she looked at Deidre. The other girl shrugged and turned away just as Maggie motioned her to lift her behind. Dominance established, woohoo! "The thing is, I thought that buying a car and driving there was boring. So, I thought... Why not take the car from somebody in town I know, drive around with it until the tank's almost empty and then leave it behind in the desert where nobody will ever find it." "Do you hate that person?" Deidre asked, visibly shaking as Maggie put the new diaper beneath her. "He's a nice guy, bought me coffee, always treated me like lady. Had a horrible taste in hats though and constantly talked about how nice a guy he really was. So I took his car, all the money he deposits at home because banks can't be trusted." One tape, two tapes, three, then four. "Didi. There's a few people along the road I don't particulary like." "What? More nice guys?" "Some of 'em, some of them not," she told her friend as she leaned down on the backseat, looking straight into Deidre's big, brown, innocent eyes. "I just wanna fuck some people up while I'm still young. You can dig that, right?" Didi always looked at her like this. For the longest time, Maggie hadn't wanted to admit it, but she did look innocent. Like an angel that just needed protection from all the bad things in the world. Yet her smile revealed her true nature. "Well, I don't quite get why you're sounding that sad," she stated and Maggie giggled at that, "but sure, let's have some fun while we're still young." There was the roar of a machine in the distance. A car approaching from whence they came. Maggie looked up. "Wanna start with them?" "Sure, but, first, Maggie?" "Yeah?" "Can I have my pants back?" III Sweet Nectar "And that's the reason why I believe the chinese control the democratic party through radio waves," were the last words Jonathan needed to decide that he would never return to this goddamn city. The heat had gotten to his old friend's head and the crowd he hung with nowadays were all the same type of conspiracy loving assholes. He disliked democrats, especially nowadays where the left was obsessed with populistic ideas of feminism and socialism, throwing themselves down into a puddle of ideals he doubted anyone with common sense would agree with. How anyone could think of american when they saw them talk about social welfare and climate change, about how god didn't belong in the classroom and how immigrants weren't as vile as everyone thought they were, all that was beyond him. Everything was going down the drain and he was wondering what to do next. Jonathan Romero looked at the far front of him. He rushed past a gas station, northwards down this fucking route to nowhere. His eyes went to the mirrors and a stray glance lingered on himself. Every girl he'd ever known had wanted to sleep with him and those who told him they didn't simply said so because they knew that they were too ugly for him. White skin with a soft tan, the blonde hair, blue eyes, a well kept beard shadowing his chin while his hair was styled expertily.The shirt did little to hide his manly stature. He wasn't just a straight A or even an A+, he was the epitome of what an alpha male looked like. Not a single person who ever questioned that remained in doubt for long. A smile crept across his face and he let himself feel the leather of his carseat. Yes, no matter how shitty the world looked, he was still the same good-looking young man with a plan. The true blue boy with the business back home. He just needed to make due without his friends now. He half-heartedly took the wallet from his jacket, both from expensive brands and went with one hand through the papers in it. He kept some few thousand dollars cash on hand, his cards, as well as a paper where he'd scribbled all his passwords down. The money was mostly there so people would see just how rich he was, he even loved to pay small purchases with hundred dollar bills just because of how fucking amazing he looked. Everything important was there, all ready. He'd planned on giving a few of these things to Mike, but he now swore on tinfoil and chemtrail poisonings. It was almost sad that only crazy remained where once a man with ambitions for a leading job someplace in a pharmaceutical company had been. He couldn't help but sigh, but in a way, despite having wasted hours on this trip, he also felt relief. Mike might've proven too ambitious, too impulsive for the schemes Jonathan had laid out. Yeah, considering his plans, maybe it was better to remain alone. His smile widened, only to immediately fade as he spotted something by the road in the distance. A car, probably parking or broken down. He hoped for the first, another distraction wasn't what he needed now. Well, even if, he could just drive on and pretend he hadn't seen anything. "Right," he told himself, "serves 'em for driving a broken fuckin' car ... ?" He blinked, looked at the person by the side of the road, the one who lifted her thumb as a signal. Yet it wasn't the thumb that caught his attention, but instead the fine tits and ass of the girl. As he drove past her he already slowed down, looked at her as he went past. She had a smile on her face, a smile he'd seen way too often. Oh shit, how fucking lucky can I get? He wondered and put the breaks down. A thirsty bitch in the middle of the desert, now that's what I'm talking about. He drove a few meters backwards and halted right in front of the young woman, who leaned down on the car, carefully resting her arms on the door and smiled at him seductively. The way she placed her arms only pronounced her tits even more. Were they a C or a D? He smiled at her, went up from her well proportioned body to look at the most womanly seductive face he'd seen in a while. This was a bombshell of a girl, right here, and she needed a big, strong guy like him. Porno material right here. "Well, good to see we both enjoy what we see," she said, slightly chewing on her lip. He wanted to giggle, but caught himself, fixed his posture. "That scrap of metal of yours seems to have broken down. Wanna ride in a real car?" "Oh we'd love to, would you be so kind as to escort two young, helpless girls to the Motel a bit further down. I need to make some calls so we can get on." Jonathan looked at her curiously. There's two? With that question came the hope that it wasn't the ugly friend, this one didn't need an ugly friend. How could you prep up perfection? Maybe it was another hot one. Maybe they could have a threesome for the night, as thanks for his prestigious rescue. "Well, sure, who's the other one?" She stepped a bit to the side, smiling at the car, where, from within, a girl looked straight at him. Not the kind of girl the one with the bouncing breasts–was she even wearing a bra?–was, but a different sort, the sort that had no body and who's only ideas of romance came from her playing around with Barbie and Ken. In other words, a child, which was, of course, not bangable. His enthusiasm was curbed immediately, but one look at the other one made him wonder. "You don't look much alike?" "Oh, she's an exchange student. My family decided to take her in. I'm getting her to experience Phoenix, the right way," the girl said, leaning in. "Sadly, our car's a bit broke and little missy over there couldn't hold it in for more than five minutes." She noticed his frown, giggled to herself and waved at the girl who seemed confused as to what they could be talking about. The tall one leaned closer into the car, her lips pursed, almost as if to kiss him, but he knew it couldn't be that kind of development, not with a little kid watching. And he kind of didn't feel like kissing anyone after that declaration just now, whatever that declaration was. "She only had one pair of pants, too, so she's a bit shy." "Aside from a shirt she's naked?" He asked, actually getting offended. Her laughter diffused his mood instantenously. "No, no, silly. If I left her naked, she'd make another puddle." Not quite getting what she meant, he also leaned closer to her, smelled the air around her. Even her perfume was perfect. "A puddle of what? She on her period?" For a second she looked at him with a blank expression, then, after a second more, she raised an eyebrow. "No, dude, she's way too little for that. What I'm saying is, to make a rather boring story short, that the little tinkler over there isn't quite potty trained yet, so she's in the cutest little diapers. You know what, you should see her, it's super cute," with that she turned around. "Come on, Lilli, this nice man won't take us unless we're, like, super-nice to him. And you greeting him properly is kinda important for that." He saw the child stir, first slowly. She bit her lip and once more, he couldn't help but see the dissonance. The one he just talked to made the gesture alluring, she just looked like what she was, a little kid nervous about stepping forward. The treatment the other girl seemed a bit cruel, but, if the little one did indeed pee on her carseat, he could understand the salt. Also, if that was the case, he kind of wanted to make sure it couldn't happen to his ride. So, Jonathan put on the most welcoming smile he could muster. "Come on, sweetheart, where's your manners?" A few seconds passed as the girl deliberated with herself whether she should come out, then decided that, yes, she should. She hugged a teddy bear in one hand, while using the other one to steady herself while stepping out of the car. She couldn't be more than eleven, wearing a shirt, with ruffles and a flower motif, that couldn't even have covered the diaper if she attempted to pull it down. She wore pink and white shoes that fit with the shirt, rainbow striped socks and her hair was done in a single ponytail held by a bow. Of course, all that might've just appeared normal, but the diaper was the thing that stood out. It wasn't even just a white piece, instead adorned with a colorful stripe with motifs of animals and bubbles outlining the proclamation 'KIDS', just so the wearer wouldn't need to say that she wasn't a baby. This little chinese girl looked like the biggest baby he'd ever seen, though. "Well," he said after a moment of looking her over. "How old are you?" She opened her mouth, but it was the tall girl that answered. "Oh, she just got ten. The sweetie had a big party with cake and disney princess dresses and everything. I should show you the little dance she did," she laughed. "Come on, Lilli, step up, greet the man. If you're nice, I'll even let you have your candy." There was an exchange of looks between the two, then Lilli stepped up, more confident than before and stretched out her hand. Her face was red from blushing and up close, Jonathan could tell that a little something had already gone in the diaper. She had to go on her tippy toes to even reach him and as he took her hand, he noticed how weak her grip was. This was a nervous little thing. "So your name's Lilli, huh? I'm Jonathan, but you can call me Johnny if you want," he said with a softness that surprised even him. "Oh, Johnny, huh. Why, you seem like you've got a strong, big ... Darn, I wanted to go somewhere with that," the one not called Lilli shook her head and looked him straight in the eyes. "I'm Allison, but you can call me whatever you want." "Can I call you fatty?" Lilli asked immediately, looking at her compatriot with a strange sort of fury. She looked taken aback, and Jonathan wasn't quite sure what to do, but, well, since he was the man here, of course the path of action would be the right one. "Lilli, language. If you were my kid I'd put you over my knee for talking like that in front of strangers." Now they both looked at him, and on Allison's face there formed a thankful smile. "Sorry," Lilli said instantly, putting her head down. "I didn't want to be mean. Can we still ride in your car?" He sighed, looked at Allison. "You want to the Lost Love Motel, right? Yeah, I can take you, but," he looked at Lillie again, "No more potty language, or I might just follow up on that threat." "Well, you're not only handsome and nice, you're a real knight in shining armor, aren't you?" Allison spoke, as Lilli just nodded, not wanting to provoke him anymore. "You just gotta show 'em who's boss, that's it," he told her truthfully. She nodded in agreement. "I'll keep that in mind." With that, he let them grab their things. There was a bag, which Allison told him had contained her backpack, some comics, and, of course, as the people with a medical would scientifically call them 'diapers'. No clothing, because little Lilli had been allowed to pack her own things and nobody checked twice on the overgrown toddler. Her backpack didn't fair much better, as the moment she seated herself, she instantly grabbed some candy from it. While precocious, there were several doubts on his mind as he looked onto her from the rear mirror. Not only did she smear melting chocolate across her hands and face, but as she looked around for something to wipe it off, the diaper almost seemed to come into focus again. He gave her a stern warning as to not touch the leather, gave her a tissue. Luckily, she dozed off after a while. "So, hot stuff," Allison then said, reminding him that there was another adult in the car with him. "What takes you down here?" She'd seated herself beside him, and he would not dare to complain about having those sweet melons next to him. Jonathan doubted she'd understand the intricacies of what he did. The way she'd taken hours for her make-up, the almost stand-offish sort of clothes she wore, as if to proclaim her beauty, all meant that she was a shallow person. He knew shallow girls. She didn't even want to get to know him, she wanted to look interested, wanted him to just take her and have his way. That's the way women worked, after all. "Oh, just a little business. I want to do a start-up thing, nothing big, wanted a friend to join." "That didn't work?" "I think he'd use the business to undermine the reptoids." She blinked. "The what-now?" "Their lizardpeople who've taken over the world." She gasped, then went closer in, her hand touching his arm. "Really?" He rolled his eyes. "No, Allie, no. He's gone insane. Insane people don't make good businessmen." She shrugged, then nodded. "That sounds right." And he knew he was right. About her, that was. "And you, you don't seem to fond of babysitting?" "What's the oldest you've ever seen a kid in diapers?" He laughed. "Not that old." She nodded. "I still live with my mom and dad, and they always take in these exchange students. I like 'em, most of the time. This one's got a rough start, got out of the plane tired and cranky, her diaper was almost falling off, as I just found out. She almost hit me when I wanted to change her." "She seems to lack discipline. As Phil Robertson once said, you have to discipline your children, or they won't respect you, law enforcement or god or anyone else. If you're responsible for her, she looks in need of learning some of that responsibility." She looked at him again, this was obviously too high for her. Either that or that chinese kid was some kind of buddhist, worshipping tree spirits and sacrificing rabbits to their moon gods or some shit like that. If that was the case, she needed god's embrace more than anybody else. Not that he cared or anything. "So, you know your way around children, huh?" "Not really, just what my own parents taught me. Never settled down, myself." There was a glint in her eyes, or there must've been. He was sure of it, though his eyes were glued to the road. "So, you have a boyfriend?" "Parents don't like me with guys. Something about how all men are predators, how a girl like me needs to be always careful." "So you step into a stranger's car without a second thought?" The sun was going down and in the distance there were buildings coming up. A small town in the middle of nowhere, and a hotel to the front of the town. In the quiet he heard the little one snore a bit, her face and clothing a mess already. His eyes went over to hers. There was a playful smile on her face and, as he thought, a glint in her eyes. Had he been someone else, maybe he would've seen it all for what it was, but right at that moment the only thing he knew was that he got her. "Only when they're hot." The sign of the motel came closer, flickering. It declared: "Welcome to the Lost Love's Motel, where we wait for your loving patronage, always"
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    Pt3 Poppy led the way, her hand firmly holding mine as I followed up the 13 stairs. She opened the guest room where Lola had unpacked her belongings earlier and as I kept pace with my wife and entered the room Lola slipped in behind us and closed the door. I was then asked to sit on the bed as the ladies explained exactly what was happening and the rules that I’d be boating for the next few months. “First of all” Poppy began, “I’m not sure we explained ourselves clearly downstairs” “You are going to be our baby, Dan” Lola continued “You will be expected to behave just as a new born would behave” “BUT”, Lola interrupted, “As you are also a grown up we can punish you in a more adult manner should the need arise” “As I said downstairs there are a number of rules that you will need to adhere to” I was handed a sheet of paper with words on. “Take the opportunity to read this very carefully” “It will be the last adult thing you do to n this house for a while” Poppy passed me my reading glasses and I studied the 5 rules listed. I’d just got to the end of the list when Lola grabbed to paper from my hand. “Babies can not understand writing, I will read this out to you” Rule 1) Anytime you are in this house you will be our baby. There may also be trips out as a baby but they will always be with one or both of us. Rule 2) As you are a baby you will not be allowed to speak unless specifically asked to Rule 3) You will be treated like a baby, dressed as one and fed like one. You will have no responsibilities at all. Rule 4) You will be allowed to walk (as you’re a little too big to be carried) but again this will occur only when we say. Rule 5) The only time you will be treated older is when you are punished for breaking any of our rules Poppy began “ Dan, I know this list is a little bizarre but I also know that you are aware that what you and Lola did almost broke me and our marriage. I’ve done a lot of soul searching since it happened and thought that this is a way I might be able to learn to trust you again. By going back to childhood we will be able to start again. Also Lola moving in means that I get the chance to be a kind of mother because it does nt look like we’re able to have a child of our own” I stared at the floor, not fully understanding what the list entailed. Poppy continued “This is a one time offer. If you feel that it’s beyond you then I will pack your bags for you and myself and Lola will bring up the child together. If you agree to this then I will know that you are committed to our marriage” I opened my mouth to talk to Poppy but Lola snapped at me straight away “No talking baby! Just nod your head if you agree to our rules and we’ll start straight away” Facing the floor I silently nodded and with the requested head action my new life began.
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    Don't go to urgent care. They can't do anything for abdominal pain. As an ER nurse i can tell you that there is a million things that can cause stomach pain like you are describing, but if it is so bad you are coming in here looking for help, I would say a trip to the ER is warranted. Don't die from stubbornness. Just go.
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    ****** quick message. I would have had this chapter up yesterday but it just didn't feel right. it originally was all threw Fran's POV but I don't think it would give off the same feel as it has now. I worked extra hard to get this chapter out before the day was over. Merry Christmas to you all!******* Fran’s POV. “So do we have a deal?” I asked Enedina as we both looked down at the bag of 200 pieces of gold. I knew I didn't have to ask, I already know what she will pick. She will choose the easy option, the one where she doesn't have to do a damn thing just as long as it benefits her. Enedina looks up at me with a blank stare and….. **************3 days ago It's already been a few weeks since Alex and Bab left and things are starting to settle down again. Most of the kingdom didn't know what to make of what happened the day prince Lauren became king. Most people thought we were being attacked by monsters when they heard the roars coming from the castle. Even now most people don't know what really happened in the castle. Rummers say the prince ran away from the castle to recruit a dragon and took over the castle. Some say the prince was a dragon. And so many more ridiculous claims. A ridiculous claim that no one believes is that the prince was kidnaped by a diaper wearing little girl and her adopted father, who trained him for 3 weeks before riding a shapeshifting monster back to the kingdom before facing and beating his brother not once but twice. I can only laugh when I hear people talk about it. Things have slowly begun to change around here. some laws are fixed and changed to be better for everyone. The guards were given a little more funding to help protect the city more, and to prepare for the next festival. As of now, things are going fairly well. However, not everyone is happy about the new king. Some thinking he’s too young to be king, or that the old king was better. But most of them just like to make trouble. The two that hate him the most, however, is the former queen and prince, Enedina and Danilo. Because they were stripped of there royal title and had nowhere to go. they had nothing but the clothes on their backs. A few good townsfolk who didn't know what was going on offered to help them with a place to stay until things got sorted out. However, thanks to Enedina’s attitude and constantly demanding to be treated like royalty, Enedina, and her son were soon kicked out. I once asked kin Lauren why he doesn't give them any type of money to at least settle down. The king told me that while he regretted his hasty decision at the time if he could go back he would have let them take only what was there's so that they could sell it and still have a peaceful life. But, be they family or not, he can't go back on his own law. As to why he doesn't still try to help them, it's because the people would see it as a type of weakness. If the people saw him give special treatment to the people he’s punishing, then they will expect it for themselves. Despite only being a kid, King Lauren is already facing his own hardships. I remember It was a nice sunny day when I first meet Danilo, he had run into my shop and slammed the door shut. ********* Danilos POV. ‘WHERE DO I GO!’ my mind screamed as I ran as fast as I could to outrun the older teens chasing me. I immediately cut a corner and knew it was only a matter of time before they caught up. Desperate, I ran into the closest building and slammed the door shut. Without a moment's hesitation, I ran through the empty shop and into the closest room I could see. It was a tiny broom closet filled with clothes of all colors and I could just barely fit myself into. Not even a few seconds later did the three teens rush into the shop. I don't know what they were doing, and I was too afraid to peak out to look, but I could clearly hear them seac=rching the shop. “Excuse me, but do you mind?” a woman's voice asked. “We're looking for a little brat and we thought we saw him run in here.” one of the boys said. “Boys, I'm running a business, do you think I want kids running into my shop and reeking havoc? Now get out of my shop before I call a guard to arrest the three of you for trespassing.” the woman told them. “Come on, he must have run down a different alley.” I heard one of them say as the three of them left the shop. There were a few moments of silence when the closet door was suddenly opened and the sudden light hit my eyes. “They're gone now. You can come out.” the woman said as she took a step back to let me come out. When I came out I looked at the woman and saw she was a much older woman and was fat. “I-i'm sorry.” I quickly told here before I tried to run out the front door before she had the chance to report me to a guard or something but was stopped when the women grabbed my arm. “Not so fast young man, mind telling me what that was all about?” the woman asked, wondering why I was being chased by three teens. “They were talking bad about my mother and me, so I punched one of them,” I told her as I tried to get my arm free from her grasp. “You know, for a former prince, that was a very stupid thing to do.” the woman told me as I now glared at her for bringing up me being a former prince. “I might not have my royal mark but I don't deserve to be disrespected!” I yelled at the fat woman as I finally broke free of her hand but fell on my butt. “Boy, someone really needs to teach you how respect really works,” she told me as she crossed her arms. “Fuck off!” I yelled as I got up and run to the front door but stopped when the woman grabbed my shoulder. “You do remember you have three people still looking for you, and you're in tattered clothes.” the woman told me before letting me go. It was here I finally looked at my cheap shirt I was forced to wear and saw the back of my sleeve was completely ripped. Most likely it got caught on something while I was running. Ever since my mom and I were stripped of our title, we had to sell the only thing of value we had, our clothes. Our clothes were made from some of the finest material around and were worth a bit but that forced us to have to wear these peasant clothing. “Come on, you can wait in here until the coast is clear.” the woman said as she walked to a different room and gestured me to follow her. With no other choice, I did. I had sit at a table while the woman went back to the shop to get something. “You're lucky I'm a taler and have something just your size,” she told me as she tosses me a blue shirt. “I don't need your charity,” I told her as I tossed it onto the floor. I might not be royalty but I still have my pride. The fat woman just glared at me for a moment before pointing at the shirt. “first, pick that up. You are in my home and you will not disrespect it. next, this is not charity, I just don't feel comfortable looking at a boy wearing a ripped up shirt. And lastly, if you don't put it on, you are more then welcome to leave.” she told me. I just glared back at her for a moment before I finally succumbed to her demand. I really didn't feel like running for my life again over a simple shirt. Unknown to me at the moment, as I was taking off my shirt and putting the new one on, the woman was looking staring at me and all the marks on my body. “Did those guys do that to you?” the woman asked. “What?” I asked as I looked down at the bruises all over my body. “Y-ya, they did.” I don't know if she believed my lie or not, but that didn't matter as my stomach began to rumble very loudly. “Hungry?” the woman asked. I didn't say a word as I looked down at the ground, ashamed of myself. The woman left the room for a moment and came back with a basket full of socks and sat it in front of me. “Whats this?” I asked confused. “Work,” she told me. “You find the matching pairs for me and I'm going to pay you with lunch.” the woman told me as she walked into the kitchen to start making some food. I was going to start protesting when my stomach made another rumble. I then started to match the socks in front of me to get that free lunch. It was just a simple sandwich, but I didn't care as I quickly ate the entire thing. The only good food I've had in 2 days. “When was the last time you ate?” she asked me. “None of your business,” I told her as I finished the sandwich not wanting anyone to know I haven't really eaten much in the last week. “I should probably be going.” I stood up from the table and made my way to the front door, with the woman right behind me. “Thank you for the food, miss...?” “Fran, my name is Fran,” the women told me as she gave me a warm smile before I left her shop to head home. Unknown to me at the time, Fran followed me… ********************* Frans Pov. The next day I was walking back to the shop after a little meeting I had with the king. He asked me to return tomorrow to pick up what I asked for. I was in a slightly good mood after the king agreed to grant my request. But that was washed away as I saw Danilo being chased by those same thugs from before. Danilo ran into an alleyway with the tugs hot on his heels and I went after them. When I cough up the boys had Danilo on the ground while one of them started hitting the boy. “Enough!” I yelled at them as they all stopped to look at me. I took a deep breath before putting a smile on my face. “I would greatly appreciate it if you leave that boy alone,”I told the three teen thugs about to hit the younger boy again. “Beat it old lady.” one of them told me as he turned back to Danilo and was about to hit him again. ‘old?’ “I must not have been clear,” I say as I grab his arm. “Leave him alone.” The thug got mad at me and swung around to hit me with his other hand, however, I took a step back and he completely missed. “How dare you try to strike a lady!” I yell as I smack him across his face, knocking him to the ground. “Hey!” the other two thugs yelled as they one rushed over to help his friend, while the other rushed over to hit me. I effortlessly grabbed him by his arm and spun him around before letting him go and having him land on top of his friends, knocking them all over. “You know, back when my husband was alive, he liked to have me spar with him before he went questing,” I told the boys with a warm smile still on my face as they stared up at me. “I never lost to him, Do you really think I would lose to some lowly street thugs?” Suddenly the three thugs felt a cold chill run down their spine as they realized just who they were trying to fight. The scariest woman in all of Pa’s. The three thugs immediately scrambled to their feet and took off, all fearing for their lives. I looked back down at the small boy still on the ground staring up at me and I gave him a warm smile. “Come along now,” I tell him as I began to walk away. “Y-yes Mis.Fran,” Danilo stammered as he got up and began following me. I walked with him back to my shop where I got out a little med-kit and began treating Danilo’s wounds. His cheek was starting to swell and he had a little nose bleed but nothing I could not treat. “I'm glad I was just walking past when I did,”I told him as I finished and began putting the med kit away. “I didn't need your help,” Danilo mumbled as he left without saying thank you. Shigh~ “That boy really needs to learn some manners,” I tell myself as I decided to follow him, hoping the boy doesn't get into any more trouble. I stayed in the background as I watched Danilo get kicked out of every inn and guardpost as he tried to look for a job posting but found no one wanting to hire a brat like him. I finally walked up to him sitting on a park bench and decided to sit down next to him. “What do you want,” Danilo asked notably depressed. “You know, as long as you have that choker on, you won't be able to do any adventure job,” I tell him. Just as there are bracelets that allow people to use magic, there are some items that suppress magic. The black choker in one such item. The choker is created by the royal family's and as long as they are alive the choker cannot be removed unless the one who made it takes it off. This item is only used on people who misuse their magic powers and they are suppressed until they go to trial and they receive their punishment. Not long after Enedina and Danilo were removed as royalty, they soon started abusing their powers and were forced to wear the chockers or be locked up. “I know that, but there's nothing else for me to do!” Danilo yelled. “Wow now, calm down and take a deep breath. what do you mean nothing else to do?” I asked him as he took a deep breath and calmed down. “I need to make money,” Danilo told me. “Then why don't you find different work?” I asked him. “Like what?! I'm a prince! I don't know anything else!” Danilo yelled as he stood up. “Just what other job am I supposed to do!” I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath before I also stood up. “Follow me,” I told him. “What?” Danilo asked as he watched me walk away, for a moment he wondered if he really should or not before reluctantly following behind me. He followed me all the way back home where I lead him to the supply closet he hid in yesterday and handed him a broom. “I want you to sweep up my shop,” I told him. “What? No!” Danilo said as he dropped the broom. “You want money? Then you work. No work, no money, and you're more than welcome to leave.” I tell him as I cross my arms waiting for his response. I watch as he walks over to the door and was about to leave when he suddenly stopped. I didn't say a word as he slowly walked back to me and picked up the broom. *********** Danilo definitely was pampered all his life. It took me half an hour just to teach him how to use a broom and he wound up having to sweep the shop 3 times just to get it clean with his sloppy work. By the time he was done it was already dark out. “Here you go, 3 bronze for your work,” I tell him as I give him the coins. “Wait that's it?” Danilo asked. “But I worked all day!” “Ya, the same task over and over that you couldn't finish the first time. If it was anyone else I would have given them 3 copper and kicked them out a long time ago.” I told him as he looked at the coins slightly disappointed. “This is how the real world works. You get paid to do a job, if you don't do your job right you don't get paid.” As Danilo mad his way to the door I called out to him. “Come back tomorrow and be prepared to work hard,” I told him. Danilo just looked back and stared at me for a moment before having a slight smile on his face and nodded in agreement before running off. As the door shut my smile faded as I looked at the door. I decided to grab my coat and follow Danilo. Hoping that I wouldn't see what I saw yesterday. *********Danilo’s POV ‘It wasn't much, but at least I had something.’ I thought as I ran to the crappy little shack my mother and I call home. I used the money Mis.Fran gave me to get some food and while it wasn't much, it is definitely more then we had. “Mother, I'm back,” I say as I opened up the door and walked in. I watched as I saw my mother stubble into the main room and look at me. Completly drunk with a bottle in her hand. “Mother, I managed to get some work and got some money!” I told her as I walked over to her with the bag of food in my hand. “W-ware is it?” my mother asked, slurring her words a bit as she held out her hand. “I use it to get us some food!” I told her excitedly. We haven't had a proper meal in ages and I thought this would be good. My mother just stood there, however, not pleased with me for getting the food. Instead, my mother's face got angry as she dropped her bottle and began hitting me! “You useless child! You lose us our royalty! You lose us our money! And now you bring back useless crap! I should have aborted you when I had the chance!” mother screamed as she continuously beat me as I fall to the floor covering my head as the hitting continued until she lost her balance and fell to the floor. My mother still so drunk, passed out at that very moment. With tears in my eyes, I jump to my feet and run into my small room were a little mattress awaited me. I lay on the bed with tears and snot dripping from my face. My stomach growls but I dared not move to get the food I brought in fear that my mother might wake up and continue the beating. Right outside Fran watched in hatred as she watched from the window what had happened. It took every fiber of her body not to rip that door open and kill the woman inside. But instead, Fran walked away. ********************* Frans POV I waited for Danilo to come through the door and I happily greeted him. Danilo had on a long-sleeved shirt despite it being a very warm day outside. His eyes were still red and slightly puffy but I decided not to say a word as I lead him into the back room. “Today I'm going to show you how to fold some clothes,” I told him as I picked up a shirt and folded it right in front of him. It took a few tries but he eventually got the hang of it and began doing it on his own. After a few hours, I made us lunch and had him do the sweeping again before I closed the shop early and asked Danilo to watch it while I was out. “I'll be back shortly,” I tell him with a large smile on my face as I shut the door. ******* Two hours later I slammed my fist on the door to Danilo’s home. No one answered but after asking the neighbors if Enedina left, they told me she never leaves her home unless it's to get alcohol. So I went back to slamming on the door until I could hear angry footsteps stomp their way to the door. “WHAT!” Enedina screamed before I punched her in the face. Enedina woke up twenty minutes later with a black eye and tied to a chair. “What's going on!” she screamed as I walked over with a little candle and sat it down on a tinny table before I sat down across from her. “Who the fuck are you!” “My name is Fran, I can't really say it's a pleasure to me the former queen,” I tell her. Enedina was now beyond pissed and didn't even know what to say. “Now that I have your attention I want to ask you something,” I told her. “Why did you give birth to your son?” “What's that supposed to mean!” Enedina asked. “I've seen and heard the way you treat your son. So I'll ask again, Why did you give birth to your son?” “He’s my son and I will treat him how I want!” Enedina yelled “ now untie…. She suddenly stopped as I pulled out a knife and slammed it into the table in front of us. “I know you don't like kids, so I'll give you one last chance to tell the truth,” I told her as I was in no mood for any games. Enedina just looked at the knife and gritted her teeth. “It’s all my stupid husband's fault,” Enedina told me. “He just had to have a child before he met me. A child that would one day take over his father's throne. Then what would happen to me? Was I supposed to pretend to be that brats mother and hope he kept me around when he became king? No, I wasn't going to let some brat take what I worked so hard for. I knew I couldn't kill that brat but I could have my own kid. Since my child was born while I was queen I thought that would make him above the brat who was only half royalty.” “But then you found out that's not how the thrown worked,” I said as Enedina nodded. “I couldn't believe it. I ruined my perfect body just on the possibility that my son would become king. I gave that brat everything, the perfect life and what does he do? He fucks it all up and look where we are. Were now living as sewer rats just because that brat was useless!” Enedina screamed. We sat there for a few minutes as Enedina panted heavily from her yelling. “I would like to adopt Danilo from you,” I told her bluntly after she calmed down. “What?” Enedina asked as she looked at me confused. I want to adopt Danilo.” I told her again. “If you don't want him then I will take him.” Enedina then burst out laughing. “Why would I ever agree to that!” Enedina yelled. “I knew you wouldn't just say yes. Which is why I would like to make a deal.” I told her as I pulled out a bag out of my pocket and set it down in front of us. “I will buy Danilo from you.” With that, I opened the bag to reveal 200 gold coins. “I've been saving up for years. And this is everything I have.” I told her which was half a lie. I have been saving up for years but I only had 84 gold saved up. So I asked the king to loan me the money. I told him it was a special investment that would help me. The king was skeptical about it but knowing he could trust me already he okayed it. Still not knowing what it would be for. “So do we have a deal?” I asked Enedina as we both looked down at the bag of 200 pieces of gold. I knew I didn't have to ask, I already know what she will pick. She will choose the easy option, the one where she doesn't have to do a damn thing just as long as it benefits her. Enedina looks up at me with a blank stare and nodded. “Fine, you can have the brat,” Enedina told me. “That's good, but before we finish here, there are still two more things for this deal,” I tell her as I yank the knife out of the table. ********************Danilios Pov. I was sitting at the front desk waiting for Fran to get back. What could be taking her so long? I wondered. I had already swept the entire shop 3 times, just to make sure I got it right and because I had nothing else to do. Thankfully Fran came back and greeted me with a smile. “I'm sorry I'm late, I just had to finish with something important,” Fran told me before giving me 7 bronze. “Thank you,” I tell her before rushing home. This time not spending any of it so mother won't hit me again. Almost immediately I felt something was off before I even opened the door. I could hear movement inside and not the normal stumbling from before. I open the door and immediately my nose is hit with the smell of food cooking. “Danilo? Is that you?” mother yelled from our tiny kitchen, and surprisingly sober! “Go wash up, dinner will be ready soon.” What was going on? I decided not to question it as I went to the bathroom and washed my hands and face before I went back into the living room. “Go wait at the table.” mother told me before I could ask her anything but I did as I was told. Once I was at the table I noticed something strange, there was a small hole in it. Was that always there? “Dinners ready.” mother said as she sat a plate down in front of me. Ok, this has to be a dream, my mother cooking? I looked up and stared in confusion, for more than one reason. “Danilo, it's not polite to stare,” she told me, not even bringing up her swelling black eye. “What's going on?” I finally asked. “Were having dinner,” she answered me, dodging my question. I really didn't know what to do. So I picked up my utensils and began eating, and it was tearable. We sat there in an awkward silence as we forced the terrible food down our stomachs. But despite the food, it felt surprisingly nice. When was the last time mother and I eat together? “Come along Danilo.” mother told me as we finished dinner and she went to the front door where a small bag was sitting. She picked it up as we left the house and I followed mother to wherever she was taking me. It wasn't until we were almost there did I realize we were heading to Fran's shop. “Mother, why are we here?” I asked. Mother just turned around and knelt down in front of me. “I met Mis.Fran today.” mother told me. “She’s seen the bruises on your body and confronted me about them. She helped me realize that I'm not fit to be a mother.” “Mother, what are you saying?” I asked not understanding where this was going. “I've done many wrong things. I've hit you, abused you, called you names, and even blamed everything on you. Nothing I do will ever make up for what I've done.” mother said with a slight tear in her eye. “I want what's best for you, which is why I've asked Mis Fran to watch over you until I'm ready to be a real mother.” I didn't know what to do. I just looked down at the ground with tears in my eyes and my body shaking. Was my mother really leaving me? Was she really just dropping me onto some strangers house? “Danilo,” my mother said as she pulled me into a hug. “It's all going to be alright. I'll come back for you someday.” With that mother stood up and knocked on the door of the shop. *************** author's POV Danilo watched as his mother walked away. Tears still streaming down his face as he realized he has truly lost everything he once had. Enedina, on the other hand, couldn't have been happier. She was finally rid of one of her burdens. She honestly would have just left him to fend for himself as soon as she got the money but Fran had her make a deal. Enedina had to have at least one last goodbye meal. Fran wanted her to give Danilo some type of good memory of his mother. Enedina was just glad her acting was good enough to convince him. Fran, on the other hand, knew what had happened. While it wasn't the best way to go about things, she also knew that any other option would have hurt the boy even worse than now. Danilo was an overly spoiled brat that needed to learn a lot. But Fran also knew that it was just how he was raised. Fran could never have kids, but she hoped she could at least raise this boy better than his bitch of a mother. Danilo could only take one last look at his mother, the last time he would ever see her in his life. He was a prince who lost his title and his family. Everything he once had was now gone. His older brother was dead, the younger banished him. His king father never saw him as special and his mother saw him as a pawn and a burden. Fran led her adopted son into the old guest room, now his new room. Neither of them knowing what the future may lead. Danilo laid his head on his new bed as the bastard son of two fathers closed his crying eyes, hoping thing to be better. Fan just looking at him, knowing she made the right choice and promised herself to be a good mother.
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    Being out in public when wearing a nappy, using my nappy and being changed by my daddy
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    Part 6 Mr Wojciechowski was sitting at his desk speaking to the concerned parents of Charlie. They hadn’t heard from him for almost a month and wanted to know where he was. “I’m sorry Mr and Mrs Clarke but Charlie hasn’t worked for us for some weeks now.” The parents looked perplexed as he continued. “Because of the financial downturn we’ve been forced to slim down our staffing levels and I’m afraid Charlie was one of the casualties.” He tried to make sure they knew he wasn’t fired for doing anything wrong. “So, like around fifteen percent of our staff… he was laid off.” At that moment Miss Thorpe walked in carrying a sheaf of papers and handed it to her boss. He shuffled through them “Yes, here it is,” he looked at the single sheet of paper he now held. “On the 18th of last month we gave him a month’s extra pay and he left us immediately. I’m not sure if he took it too well…” He left the inference unsaid. Mr and Mrs Clarke looked agitated. “But he told us that you and he were going off to work on a brand new project, developing sites and…” Mr W was trying to placate Charlie’s distraught parents. “I’m sorry but we simply don’t have any new projects at the moment, if anything… we are trying to cut back even more.” “He said he was going to be your personal assistant and it was a live in position.” The two frantic parents insisted. They seemed at their wits end and looked imploringly at Mr Wojciechowski for some kind of answer. He couldn’t come up with anything. “I’m sorry, really sorry but…” he turned to his secretary. “Can you shed any light on this at all?” Miss Thorpe looked uncomfortable and obviously had something to say but didn’t dare speak. Everyone could see it but it took some imploring from Charlie’s parents before she’d tell what she knew. “He left immediately after the company had to let him go. He didn’t even close down his computer, just grabbed his things and left.” She was reluctant to say what was really on the tip of her tongue but thought it was something Charlie’s parents ought to know. “I’m really sorry to say this Mr and Mrs Clarke,” she nervously gulped her words but carried on. “but I think your son was a bit infatuated with Mr Wojciechowski.” Mr W interrupted her. “I’m sure not. I took him on the occasional field trip to our sites, he seemed so keen to know all there was about the business, I was impressed by his enthusiasm but I never saw…” Now it was Miss Thorpe’s turn to interrupt. “Sir, he was always hanging around the office, even when you were out at meetings.” She let the information she’d been holding back burst out. “He’d regularly appear at my desk asking to see you on the most ludicrous excuse, saying you’d asked him for a new file or some such thing, even though you hadn’t been in the office for days.” Mr W looked suitably shocked as did Charlie’s parents. Miss Thorpe looked like she thought she’d said too much. “I’m sorry Mr and Mrs Clarke,” there were tears in their eyes now, “but I thought you should know.” ~ Mr Wojciechowski arrived home to see his latest Executive Toy playing innocently amongst a pile of dolls and building blocks. He’d been happily surprised at how quickly Charlie had absorbed all the influences, drugs, suggestions and hypno-reinforcements to which he’d been subjected, to become a sweet little toddler only interested in his own games. He seemed just as happy to play on his own as he was when his Daddy came and joined in. It was true that Mr W did indeed love to be his Daddy and take care of his little man and it was heart-warming at the speed the teenager accepted his new place in the world. Within days all his grown up perceptions had been removed and a new set of toddler instructions were introduced to his passive and easily receptive mind. The diapers strengthened that view as little Charlie slipped totally into the condition of being a Forever Kid. His clothes were those of a sweet little boy. His Daddy had things made that would imprint it continually on his mind. He recreated the little blue and white striped bib and brace overalls he’d worn as an infant in the photograph. He made the giraffe a constant symbol on his clothing to reinforce that memory of being a happy pre-schooler. Going on Charlie’s earlier childish expression that all clothes should me made out of the same material as his fleecy blanket, that’s just what he got, a fine tight fitting short fleecy coverall, which moulded to his body and showed off the bulging thick protection underneath. His Daddy also loved the fact that when he played in his little outfits, they would ride up and his diaper with its rubber or plastic cover could quite easily be seen. As with all little kids, what he wore was not important so the bundle between his legs never bothered him, To Mr Wojciechowski this is what having a teenage toy was all about. He found it quite an experience to see, a young man in his diaper and not having to worry about it. In truth it turned him on to be able to manipulate someone so easily and thought he’d done a good job on Charlie. It didn’t worry Charlie in the slightest; he was oblivious to any such intentions. ~ It had been inevitable that Mr and Mrs Clarke would come calling seeking answers but he realised with Miss Thorpe’s reluctant, though rather compelling evidence, that Charlie’s parents would have to look elsewhere for any resolution. He’d offered to help in any way he could, promising he would ask the foremen at their sites around the country to keep an eye out in case he turned up; perhaps, he offered hopefully, one that they’d visited together in the past. He did suggest some further information, which in truth was a huge red herring; he told them that on their trips to various sites he always spoke about yachts. His parents had no idea about this side of their son, and why should they as it didn’t exist. However, Mr W went on how Charlie would produce a yachting magazine and enthuse about some photograph or other of an expensive boat. Indeed, the bigger and more luxurious the yacht was, the more it interested him and he would say how exciting he thought it must be to travel the world in such extravagance. Of course he’d never said anything of the sort but it gave them another hopeful lead as to the possible whereabouts of their missing son. He wished Charlie’s parents well and trusted their boy would soon be in contact. He was sure it was just a reaction to losing his job and maybe for some reason feeling a bit guilty about that fact. He remained positive in the face of such a despairing pair. No doubt, once he’d had chance to think about it he’d return home, like he assumed teenagers did, as if nothing had happened. ~ The transformation from cute teenager to even cuter toddler had been a wonder to behold. Mr W hadn’t had to put half of the tricks he had envisaged into practice as Charlie succumbed instantly (almost willingly) to each suggestion and slipped effortlessly into his life of diapers. His toddler bum, wrapped in a succession of colourful covers as he played and waddled about the nursery, was a constant joy. Even when he snuggled up whilst wearing only a thick white well-padded disposable made Charlie even more loving and appealing. In fact, Mr W was astounded, no matter how Charlie was dressed, from the most basic to his own take on ‘toddler fashion’, he looked prettier and sweeter than any child in any baby magazine. His Daddy (or Dada as he now called him) absolutely adored seeing his little mite when he was put in his crib for a daytime nap or his bedtime; hugging his furry giraffe, sucking on his bottle and wearing his well-padded footed onesie. A kiss and a cuddle were all that were needed to send him off into a peaceful night’s sleep. His Dada made sure that every morning he’d wake up wet and messy, he felt it important that the bonding between them should maintain its strength, so cleaning his sweet boy’s bum and wrinkled little privates was all part of that. Once fitted in his constantly changing selection of ultra-thick colourful diapers Dada would smooth the rubber or plastic cover over the mound where once a raging cock that desired sex lay but now hung unused except when it emptied his bladder. Having Charlie sit on his lap as they watched movies or cartoons together was a constant source of delight as he stroked and caressed his lovely, floppy-haired baby. The glossy fabric protection rubbing against his skin caused sensation after sensation to course through his body. Even the rustle of his diapers as he waddled to greet his Dada was music to the man’s ears and he was so happy with the results of making this adorable little youth into his toy. ~ Charlie wasn’t the first Executive Toy although he didn’t describe them as that to begin with, they were just susceptible teens who he liked to practice his ‘art’ on. In amongst the cartoon characters painted on the nursery wall were three other characters that might not immediately be identifiable. The cute little baby carrying the Polish flag and wearing a similarly styled diaper was in fact Mr W’s younger brother Amadei. When they were kids the two brothers shared a bedroom. Amadei was two years his junior but when he got to around fourteen he became quite a handful. He began to get a reputation for trying to get into every girl’s knickers and it wasn’t through charm it was as if he thought he had a right. Any female just wasn’t safe and his macho vision of himself was making a very egocentric and unconstrained young man. Bronislav (Mr W) who was even at that early age very much into hypnosis and psychology wondered if there was anything he could do to halt what he and his family saw as the rise of a possible sex fiend. Bronislav’s interest in hypnosis began when he was eight and his parents had taken him to see a show at the local theatre. A stage hypnotist was on the variety bill and the young and impressionable Bronislav was completely in awe of a rather weedy looking man having so much influence over other, bigger men he could make do silly things. The show had been the catalyst and the boy went away dreaming of exerting such control over others. The two boys shared a bedroom so it wasn’t too difficult for the older brother to bring a few ideas into play as his brother slept - he was surprised at the results. By continually making suggestions as his sibling slumbered Bronislav was soon able to make him wet himself during the night. After waking up several mornings in a row to a soaked bed, his mother a nurse, insisted her fourteen year-old son slept in a pielucha (diaper). The effect on Amadei was almost instant. The cockiness and seeing every female as prey began to disappear as he felt the chauvinist side slipping and his petulant juvenile side reappear. Bronislav loved to watch as his brother was put into is pielucha every night by their mother, all that bravado gone and only a baby brother was left. ~ Bronislav was delighted by the discovery of such influence and continued to keep his susceptible younger brother in his place. A couple of times when he tried to talk his mother into letting him out of wearing his protection to bed, he’d have a terrible messy accident which merely confirmed that it was too soon. She also said that if he continued to mess his diaper that she’d put him in a little smock, like they used to wear when she was a little girl. It was for all children who were yet to be toilet trained because it made access to change their pielucha that much easier. Bronislav desperately wanted to see his brother reduced to this state and the idea of Amadei’s soggy pielucha hanging down waiting to be changed appealed to his ‘other side’. Perhaps not quite a ‘dark side’ but he did enjoy the control and power that his abilities had granted and couldn’t wait to investigate further. To try and emphasise the point he brought out toys that had been put away many years before and scattered around his brother’s bed to accentuate his childishness and no amount of denials by Amadei to his mother for making the bedroom an untidy playground were believed. His older brother even planted other thoughts deep in his subconscious so that at certain trigger words he would unintentionally mess himself. This was particularly effective at school when in math his teacher mentioned ‘Pythagoras’ and he’d immediately pissed himself in front of the entire class. Another such word was ‘vault’, which had a similar messy result during gym. Wearing only a vest and a tiny pair of white short; that was an embarrassment he didn’t get over, especially when it happened a few more times and the principal insisted that he wear protection to school in future. Amadei’s treatment wasn’t over when he got home as his older brother would pat his diapered butt and mock him, but his mother saw this happen too many times to let it go so, as punishment, insisted that Bronislav change his brother’s messy diapers. At first the older sibling tried to rebel but his mother was adamant that if he thought his brother’s unfortunate situation was something to make fun of then he needed to know otherwise. However, Bronislav actually didn’t mind cleaning up his brother because it gave him more power over him and because of part suggestion and part deviousness; he managed to get his brother to wear thicker diapers and more childish outfits. He liked that the well-padded diaper emasculated his brother so not only was he no longer a threat to any one, he also looked like he was no longer a threat. Both his parents were shocked at this change but Bronislav managed to make his little brother kick off; screaming, shouting and generally creating if he was taken out of his more ‘colourful’ clothing. He also saw to it that the diaper was more than just a little bit visible, puffing out over the waistband or appearing bulky and immense under his pants. At his suggestion his mother also bought thick plastic pants to help protect his clothes from the constant dampness of his pielucha, so that also became part of the young Amadei’s procedure. In fact, it was that visibility that Bronislav began to find a bit of a turn on. He found handling his brother’s protection, the texture and glossy feel of the plastic gave him a raging hard on. The parents had no idea what their oldest son was up to, or how successful he’d been, they were just relieved that their young son had somehow been curbed from his predatory behaviour. They attributed this fact to their firm but fair parenting. ~ After their father’s death Bronislav’s mother returned to Poland to run a care home together with her ‘mentally challenged’ son: The effect that his older brother’s constant suggestions, affirmations and implants had sent Amadei into a downward spiral of diaper dependency from which he would never recover. Their father had been a successful town planner in Poland before he emigrated with his young family. It took some time to establish himself but after a few years he’d made a name as an architect and designer and formed his own company. Business was doing well when he died but his eldest son, who had learned at his father’s side, took over the business and helped it grow. With various take-overs and mergers the company he now led was worth several million. His mother never forgot her nursing background and if truth was known, had never wanted to leave her homeland in the first place, but her husband had insisted it would be a better life for them… and it was. However, with his death came her yearning to return home so, armed with a considerable amount of money and with her nursing background, she invested in the one thing she always wanted to have, her own care home. It also meant that her son, like all the others at the facility got attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ~ The young and successful Bronislav created a firm that reaped loads of government building contracts. Those in the business couldn’t work out how this ‘Pole’ (as they tried to dismiss his ethnicity) kept gaining more and more lucrative work. The company designed and built, planned and developed so much that their competitors grew suspicious but could never pin down just what it was. In meetings Mr Wojciechowski Junior had such a calm and studied way of describing his ideas that those with the power to grant planning permission and award contracts did just that. Meanwhile, back at ‘Evergreen’, as a memory and a tribute to his ability to influence others, Bronislav had depicted his younger brother on the nursery wall as the little baby he’d reduced him to. The cheerful marching toddler, proudly displaying his nation’s colours and thick diaper was the first but he wasn’t going to be the last. ~ Bronislav started studying with intensity; psychology, hypnosis, mind altering drugs, sound waves that affect the brain… anything he could get his hands on. He’d been pleased in what he’d achieved with his brother and wanted to learn more. He read everything on the subject, whilst at the same time learned his father’s business. Bronislav was a very talented and clever student and absorbed information very quickly. ~ Years later there was the uniform wearing Klaus, the hitch-hiking scout he picked up who wanted a lift to a town twenty-five miles away. He never made it. With a few knockout drops in a friendly offered soda and a few weeks of intensive retraining he became his first real Executive Toy. He wasn’t as easy to influence as his brother had been but all that he needed was a little help in coming to terms with his new position in life. Blond haired Klaus was a spectacular looking young seventeen year-old athletic, intelligent and confident youth. Watching him crawling around in his thick white diaper, sucking on his thumb and playing with his favourite pink teddy bear gave Mr W a constant horn in his pants. On the cartoon wall he was the jolly little Boy Scout in the brightly coloured neckerchief, with matching gaily coloured plastic pants, which ballooned because of the thick diaper underneath. Klaus had been Mr W’s toy for six months and had been a constant joy in what he could get his ‘little’ boy to do. However, despite him being young in age he was still growing and though at times it was fun to see such a sweet boy in a diaper, Mr W had business distractions that meant he couldn’t give him the attention he needed. Thankfully, a friend of Mr W’s who had a similar love of ‘babies’ asked if he could adopt him. So, he was now living with a dentist out in the suburbs as a three year-old toddler and had been for the past three years. The third cartoon image on the wall was of Brent, a sweet little run-away from the south, who found sanctuary with the incredibly generous and helpful Mr Wojciechowski, the man who gave him money, treated him to a meal and even better, treated him as a person and not some kid to be knocked around. Mr. W insisted that Brent should make his own way in life but the boy, barely out of school, thought he was onto a winner by milking this Good Samaritan of all he could. The offer of a bed and a bath for the night had won the suspicious, though opportunistic, boy over but that was also what sealed his fate. Mr W discovered the young man tiptoeing out of his house the following morning with his pockets loaded with stolen items and cash… he didn’t feel quite so guilty in quickly getting the boy into diapers. Bronislav was not forgiving and commenced a very deep and fierce programme of rehabilitation that included the complete destruction of the lad’s understanding of the world around him. He would perhaps have been happy to be forced to wear diapers and act like a toddler but instead he was regressed back to being a six month old baby with no ability to do anything more than what a child of that age could do. On the wall he was depicted as a cartoon raccoon - well he was a baby wearing a bandit’s mask, a cartoon style raccoon short onesie with swag over flowing from his huge prison-striped diaper that could be seen bulging out from his leg holes. Like Klaus, he was found a family who wanted a baby so now lived back in his native south, with a mommy and daddy who wanted a perpetual child. When he delivered Brent to his new parents he was wearing only a thick pretty pink diaper and cover, a small pink smock that came down to his hips, a pink bonnet and a pink pacifier, the couple hadn’t decided if they wanted a boy or a girl so Bronislav left them with the option. How it all ended up he didn’t know as he didn’t keep in contact with the families who took either of his previous ‘toys’. ~ Now there was Charlie - he’d already decided what image he should have of him on the wall. He’ll be wearing his tight little short green fleecy coverall with the giraffe emblazoned on the front. His green diaper and plastic pants will be visible like they were in the photograph of him with his parents on the promenade. Meanwhile, he’d got very, very fond of the boy. He loved the quick way he’d taken to being a toddler. He loved the fun they had together. He loved cuddling the boy when watching TV and he even loved watching him sleep. Charlie was different to the others and his floppy-haired innocence as he hugged the giraffe and suckled on his paci just reinforced that view - Charlie was the best toddler in the world. There were times when Mr W envied Charlie. He wished that somehow he could regress himself and that they’d be the same age to play together in a pure toddler world where everything was brand new, exciting and an adventure. The constant audio that sent sound waves and words of reinforcement directly into Charlie’s head had no effect on his Dada. It wouldn’t be possible to do that to himself but, he wondered, if he got Charlie a friend to play with, it wouldn’t only be nicer for him to have a playmate, but Dada could watch as the two little imps develop and interact. A new thought entered his head but he knew, with Charlie’s disappearance, he’d have to be very careful with what he planned on doing. ~ Mr Wojciechowski knew that Kevin was very grateful for having a job. He was on a government programme where companies took on young school leavers who, let’s say, had a past. Kevin had been in and out of foster homes from being a baby, all his young life he’d reacted badly to authority and so had got into trouble enough times to send him to a juvenile correction facility, where he learned quickly what to do to survive. Thankfully, the powers that be had decided, after his sentence to give him a try at a real job and the government stumped up the cash if anyone would take him on. At his interview he came over very well, confident but not as boastful or full of attitude like other eighteen year-olds that had applied for jobs in the past. He was personable and his back story had hit the hearts of the three people in the human resources department who had interviewed him. He was in. The job was menial; collecting and distributing mail, collecting files, organising the lounge and conference rooms and making sure they were clean, tidy and had whatever refreshments or stationary were required. He did his work well and was always cheerful around the office so was well-liked, so it wasn’t long before he caught the eye of Mr Wojciechowski. Kevin had learned a lot in his young life and, when he thought he might be laid off like many other members of the staff, he went and hoped to persuade the boss to keep him on. Mr W was surprised when young Kevin came to see him, and even more surprised that the boy wasn’t aware that the government paid for him to work, he decided he wouldn’t share that info, who, in an effort to impress his boss, got down on his knees and performed oral sex. Once he came, and it had to be said he’d got a load of pent up jizz bubbling in his balls, Mr W told the slobbering youngster that he had a bright future with the firm and that it was safe in his hands. The grateful youth promised that anytime Mr W needed some ‘relief’ he’d be only too pleased to be of service. ~ The huge company ‘audit’ that had just happened and the laying off of staff had actually been the preliminaries to a possible take-over bid. Mr Wojciechowski had seen it coming and knew it was only a matter of time before the hawks would fly in and take the company whilst it was at its lowest ebb. However, the owners, the executive directors, would make quite a tidy sum if the company was swallowed up some bigger conglomerate so financially they had little to fear. Mr Wojciechowski had decided that it was time to retire and pursue his real interests so, began to take a back seat in the running of the company and attended the office only when needed. Kevin had been called upon to perform his services only occasionally though Mr W would have preferred a more regular arrangement – for someone so young and sweet he was very good. Like he had with Charlie he’d thought about trying to persuade the sexy little mail boy to adopt diapers as a preferred form of underwear but decided on a different course of action - though one he hoped would produce the same result. However, with Charlie missing it would be inconceivable that should a second youth disappear that flags wouldn’t start to wave. As Kevin was on his knees and enjoying slurping on his boss, the man himself was planting thoughts and ideas into the boy’s head. With his ability of being able to influence other people’s mind he convinced the boy, with the promise that they should set up home together, to make preparations to leave the company. Kevin loved the thought of shacking up with a good-looking millionaire, especially as that millionaire was saying they had a life together. However, Mr W pointed out that initially, and because of the obvious age difference, and to avoid any police suspicions, they needed a plan. Mr W told Kevin that he needed to start having rows with his carers at home, so much so that they would be glad to see the back of him when he eventually ran off. He needed to sound a bit disgruntled around the office, complain a bit and mess up some of the things he needed to do – be late, belligerent and disrespectful. The boy wasn’t going to know what the final outcome of all this was going to be but he played his part to perfection. After a couple of weeks of venting his anger and frustration with the world he had to declare that he couldn’t stand it anymore, tell them all to go fuck themselves, pack a bag and as much money as could muster and storm out. Mr W would arrange to pick him up at a secret location and then they could start their new life together. Kevin loved the plan and within two weeks he’d done what he had to do; angered enough people, threw aggressive fits and generally disrupted what had become a pleasant life. On that final day and only three hours after storming out of the house (and a performance that any actor would have been proud of), he was standing under a tree in the deserted countryside excitedly waiting for his ride from the rich man who wanted to look after him. He was so excited at the prospect he was standing with a stiff dick in his jeans. **** tbc
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    Thanks for the encouragement Part 4 My ‘career’ had just come to an end. The employment start I had hoped to gain over my friends who had gone off to university looked like it had been a bad move and as I sucked on my paci I realised I had absolutely nothing to lose from accepting his proposition. I nodded. Mr Wojciechows, sorry, Daddy smiled and hugged me tightly to his chest before saying he had more people to see and that I should pull on my pants and go home. Whilst he stroked my shiny, slippery padded bottom he added. “As far as anyone else is concerned, you have been made redundant so no one else needs to know of our arrangement.” I understood but a sudden thought hit me - why had he got that box of diapers and things already on his desk, was it in anticipation of this moment, was he so confident I’d agree to anything or, and this is what really bothered me, was it for someone else? Kevin maybe? He saw me looking at the box as he sorted through a few of the babyish items it contained. “I was going to take these back home,” he spoke quietly as if half to himself. “I’d had them here for ages but, what with all the recent activity… and you not looking like you were interested… I thought…” “Erm, I wondered if they were for Kevin?” I mumbled, pretending it was an off-hand comment. “Kevin?” He looked surprised, “Why Kevin?” I had to get this off my chest so thought I’d just jump straight in with my theory. “I saw him enter this office and not leave for ages, I wondered if you’d found somebody else...” As I saw the look on his face my voice trailed off awkwardly. “He’s a bright boy but,” he looked like he was talking to a befuddled toddler, “he’d heard the rumours about lay-offs and wanted to know if he needed to find another job.” “Does he?” “Not really because his position is paid for by the government. We get a grant to employ young, sixteen year-old school leavers so in fact, for the next couple of years he has the most secure job in the company.” I wished I’d been a sixteen year-old school leaver and didn’t have to worry but he continued. “He was very thankful and surprisingly very emotional with relief so I let him settle his feelings before he went back out into the office.” He looked at me struggling to get back into my pants, pulling the damn things over the bulky diaper and smiled an understanding smile. “You thought he’d taken your place?” Now I was just too embarrassed to speak so shrugged and eventually got my pants up and zipped. “Charlie,” I didn’t really want to look directly at him but he put his hand under my chin and guided me so we were eye-to-eye. His short, slightly greying hair and those piercing, yet friendly grey eyes gave the appearance of an adult trying to placate a distressed child. “Charlie, it’s you I want but I don’t want you to feel trapped so, go home now and think about my offer.” He passed me a card with his personal number. “These past few weeks have been very stressful and if truth be known I could have done with you being around when I got home.” He helped me to my feet. “I suggest you collect your stuff and leave and, after you’ve had time to think, let me know if you accept my offer. I…” “Yes.” I interrupted. “Yes, what?” He looked quizzically at me. “Yes I agree to be your personal assistant, your little boy, your… baby.” A look of relief eased his face muscles. “Are you sure?” “Yes,” I replied as enthusiastically as I could. “Let’s start as soon as possible.” “Ohhh Charlie.” And we hugged for what seemed ages before Miss Thorpe came on the intercom and told him his next appointment had arrived. ~ I talked everything over with my parents, well, not exactly everything but I let them know it was a big new opportunity for me and I was very excited about the project. I think I sold it pretty well and they didn’t seem too worried about the fact that it was a live-in position. It felt weird telling them all about my supposed ‘plans and ambitions’ whilst I fidgeted nervously around in the diaper I’d been told to wear all the time. My outward enthusiasm was for their benefit because inwardly I still wasn’t completely sure. Having said that, I wasn’t focusing on that particular aspect as I assumed we would be having riotous sex on every available occasion and that was far more appealing than anything else. I’d told mum and dad that for the first part of the job I was going to be away as we were spending a week or so touring the company’s building sites around the country to make assessments and develop new ideas. In truth it did sound very exciting and I wasn’t surprised that they were happy for me to ‘fulfil my destiny’. In fact, they were very encouraging and said they were incredibly proud of me, which made me feel a bit ashamed of the lie I was spinning and the diaper never seemed more appropriate because I felt like a naughty little kid. ~ It was 7pm when I arrived at the solid black and silver door of ‘Evergreen’. Mr Wojciechowski, wearing jeans and a polo shirt greeted me with a huge smile. Up until then I’d only ever seen him dressed in a suit but this casual look made him appear so much younger, more attractive and my cock immediately sprung to attention. I imagine I’m not the first teenager to be led by his dick into an area he doesn’t really understand but I was soon getting a taste of what was expected of me. The sex I thought we’d immediately fall into just didn’t happen. He took me to the nursery, which I’d temporarily forgotten about, and told me this was my new ‘home’. I was pulling my case packed with my clothes behind me and he said I wouldn’t need anything; from now on he would decide and provide… everything. ~ Perhaps it was strange that I should have gotten so close to my boss but I’d never had any friends who I confided in as much as him as we drove between sites. Although throughout my school life I was likable, I was mainly very shy, I didn’t push myself; I didn’t make friends easily and kept myself to myself. So, starting work, finding someone who took an instant liking to me and one whose company I enjoyed had been a real thrill. I still wasn’t sure how all this was going to work – with me acting like a baby. He’d tempted me so much with that first taste of sex, although I wondered how he knew I’d react to his sexual (if indeed it was sexual) advance. I know our trips out from work to the building sites had been fantastic. We’d chatted about everything - from when his family emigrated from Poland to my first day at school and all points in between. He was terrific company and so easy to speak with, even though he was so much older than me it never felt that way when there was just the two of us. We got on really well and I suppose I’d been giving off signals that I wasn’t aware of, though in truth, I loved it when he did make that move. I wanted a boyfriend and right then and there, with his lips around my cock, he seemed the perfect choice. Even when he then put me in diapers I thought – OK, if this is what it takes – I know it should have seemed odd but it didn’t. Actually, that’s not true. When he put me in diapers I didn’t think about it, it just happened, it seemed like a done deal. I think it was only later, when I got home and was wearing what I was that I thought – if this is what it takes – I certainly didn’t want to lose his friendship. You might think I was being a bit desperate but with the few old school friends I had away at university I was spending a lot of my time on my own. I mean it wasn’t like I was abandoning all my mates because, well, they just weren’t around anymore. My parents were great and supportive as always but I think I was in desperate need of something physical. ~ He guided me past the large crib, past piles of toys, past the large TV screen, past the closets and draws full of I don’t know what and said that he was looking forward to our first night together. So was I. I could feel my aching cock trapped behind the diaper folds and couldn’t wait to feel his lips caressing it once again. Perhaps, I wondered, might I be expected to service him? I hadn’t seen his cock so had no idea what I’d signed up for and suddenly got a bit frightened of the thought he might be massive. I was relatively still a virgin so how was I going to cope? I decided I’d learn quickly as I was sure that Mr Wojciechowski, sorry, Daddy, would want to know my abilities fairly soon. Alas, he just guided me to the large bathroom off from the nursey and asked me to strip. My mind was wandering if we might be taking a shower together, or a bubble bath, either might be fun, so I eagerly began to remove my clothes. He ran the bath and indeed filled it with loads of bubbles. Once I was down to the disposable and the pink plastic pants he’d told me to wear he asked me to stop. He ran his hands over the smooth, shiny bulk and again told me how damn cute I was and how much I suited wearing a diaper. His words were soft and persuasive and wrapped themselves around me like a comforting blanket. I was enjoying the attention and the compliments. His touch was electrifying and I trembled, almost ecstatically, as his assurances and caresses sent sensation after sensation through my body. I closed my eyes and let myself drift in the miasma the steamy bathroom, his gentle touch and his soothing words played with the total experience of my well-being. ~ Back in the office Mr Wojciechowski had always been the quietly spoken boss. I remember when we first started going to the sites together how everyone he talked to listened rapped and attentive to what he had to say. I couldn’t remember him ever having to raise his voice and now, as he was about to bathe me, his seductive voice dripped like a soothing molasses over my thoughts. It was the same on that first time I came back to this place and he told me he liked me. Each admiring comment made me shudder with delight and made me desperate to please this man. So caught up in my revelry I missed some of the things he was saying - each touch delivering jolt after jolt of pleasure to my brain and I was consumed in the moment. He’d asked me something but I just moaned my approval/consent as another ripple of electricity tingled through my nervous system. Oh God, I was euphoric. Again, it was like it was happening on another plane altogether because I sensed him gently peel down my plastic pants, followed by a leisurely release from my surprisingly wet diaper. He guided me into the bath and, as I stood, trance-like to his touch, he slipped on a plastic apron and slowly began soaping my entire body. Lotions and potions were smoothed everywhere, never before had I been so thoroughly cleansed, and I loved it. He clipped my hair and the thrill of the scissors, and his plastic apron, occasionally making subtle contact with my skin sent me off into further spasms of delight. He then lay me down amidst all the bubbles and sponged away the soothing and rejuvenating lotions. My cock had been rock hard from the moment I’d entered his home, our home, but he was letting me enjoy the long and achingly hot wait for orgasm. ~ When sure that my entire body had been completely scrubbed by his roving sponge I was helped from the bath and laid on a huge towel. Once dry he administered more soothing creams and unguents mainly around my bottom and groin. His occasional playful flick of my still throbbing cock was met by a tremor of pleasure. As the beautifying balms where palmed into my pubic area, I hardly noticed that my hair, all my body hair, had now disappeared. I was strangely smooth, and although I thought it weird, at the same time it felt wonderful. I was in the safekeeping of a consummate artist, a man who knew what he wanted and was quite happy to take his time in getting it just right. I felt extremely peaceful in his hands and at that moment he could have done anything he wanted and I would have agreed. Now I was how he wanted me, naked and hair-free, I was hopeful that at last he’d take me in his mouth, or in hand, and work my throbbing, leaking dick to a final conclusion. Instead he powdered and slipped a thick fabric diaper under my bum. I wanted to complain and demand that he play with my cock but he started tickling my tummy, playing with my toes and making me giggle so much I couldn’t get the words out. The diaper, with more padding than I’d encountered before was pulled together and pinned into place trapping my cock behind its thick cotton embrace. I wanted to scream “No not yet” but he slotted a blue paci between my lips and waited until I started to suck. A pair of enormous see-thru plastic pants was then pulled up, which captured and held everything in place and almost magically I relaxed and let ‘Daddy’ completely take charge. **** tbc
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    My sleep wetting progress continues! In addition to sleep wetting Saturday, as reported above, I've also had sleep wetting episodes Sunday night and Wednesday night. Unlike Saturday, both Sunday and Wednesday I wet once in my sleep and woke up for every subsequent wetting. It's a first for 2 nights of sleep wettings in a row and a first for 3 sleep wetting nights in 5 days! It's been super exciting! On a different note, I surprised myself with how comfortable and relaxed I am with using my diapers for messes: last night, I was doing laundry and I suddenly got the urge to mess. When the urge came on, I debated on if I should take the diaper off and use the toilet to mess, just so I didn't have to deal with the clean-up. My body made the decision for me. I have a strict rule that I don't ever hold it in. Within a minute after the urge came on and before I finished loading the washer, I started messing myself. The mess really wasn't all that bad. It was fairly small, unlike the larger messes I have every morning I get up, and didn't take too much effor to clean up. This is only the second time I had to mess twice in a day since my diaper point, so it will be interesting to see if this will become a regular thing or not. That's all for now crinklebutts!
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    Part 2 I checked the canvas bag apprehensively: It contained a pack of disposables, a pack of super absorbent pads, a canister of baby powder and two pairs of plastic pants; one pink and frilly, the other see-thru and noisy. I shook my head in disbelief… my ‘uniform’? When did he envisage me wearing this I wondered and hoped he didn’t expect me to turn up to the office dressed only in what I’d spread out on my duvet. Mum was calling me down for dinner so I quickly slipped out of my diaper and into a pair of joggers then bundled the lot under my bed and thought I’d sort it out later. ~ Later, when I went to bed, all I could think about was SEX. Yes, I’m afraid my mind raced and replayed over and over again what had happened and, as I relived every action and reaction, my body replied with copious amounts of sticky fluid that flowed from my cock like a broken faucet. My PJs were a mess and I should have worn the diaper that Mr Wojciechowski had put me in; it would have saved all the washing that now needed doing. Eventually I fell asleep drained and messy but thrilled about this new, no-longer-a-virgin, version of me. Weirdly, and perhaps under the circumstances stupidly, I felt I had made some kind of step into adulthood and I was quite pleased with myself. The following morning, after I’d showered, I got dressed and unthinking just slipped into a pair of briefs. I was about to put on my work suit when I suddenly remembered I had an obligation and I thought - what if he checks me in the office? For some reason I didn’t want to disappoint him or put my new ‘relationship’ in jeopardy. I’d spent the night excited whilst thinking things over and had come to the conclusion that this might be a bit of an adventure. I was convinced it was really a sexual adventure and one I was OK with, even if it resulted with him making me wear something I wasn’t sure about. I’d also come to the conclusion, no matter how obliquely, I was now his boyfriend, although the diaper stuff I’d convinced myself was just a passing fancy of his and I could change all that with time. However, I slipped off my briefs, retrieved the pack of disposables and then noticed the note taped to the side of the pack. Daily Instruction Wash and apply plenty of baby powder One disposable, two pads and your choice of plastic pants. Inspection in my office at 10am sharp. Penalties for not complying. I was relieved I’d seen this in time and hadn’t thought to do my own thing. I’d committed, albeit reluctantly, to do as he requested so here was the proof he wanted me to acquiesce to his ‘babying’ demands… I thought I could cope… after all… I had my career to think about… didn’t I? I taped myself in and once again thought how ungainly the feeling was. The see-thru plastic pants were incredibly crinkly and made a lot of noise so I opted for the more malleable, if slightly sissy, frilly pink pair. Although fairly confident, I didn’t dare fail at my first inspection so complied completely with what I’d been instructed to wear. Cramming in the two pads made the entire thing quite unwieldly but once held in pace by the plastic pants I hoped it wouldn’t be too visible. I wore a looser fitting suit that I hoped would hide most of that extra padding but it didn’t stop me feeling the bulk between my legs with each step. It was awkward and I had to slightly change the way I walked but at least the loud crinkle wasn’t there, just a soft rustle as I moved. I hadn’t seen Mr Wojciechowski but still presented myself at his office at 10am and mentioned to his secretary, Miss Thorpe, he’d said the day before he wanted to see me. She replied it would have to wait as he was in a meeting but was there anything she could do to help. I gulped at the notion of her carrying out the inspection and how embarrassing that would be but, there again, I didn’t know what, if anything, she knew about her boss’s little peccadillos, though thought better than to say anything. ~ He didn’t return in the afternoon and I hated the fact that my diaper was bunching up and making me feel quite uncomfortable. One or two of the guys I worked with mentioned the fact that I was wriggling in my seat and smelled of talcum powder - they were of the opinion I must have contracted some deadly, infectious itch from a girlfriend. I knew they were only kidding but I suddenly thought that they assumed I was straight. I smiled knowingly and raised my eyebrows as if to say “Don’t you know it?” and hoped this would deflect any thoughts about my relationship with the boss. For the next couple of days I still wondered up to his door 10am wearing what I’d been instructed to wear but each time was told he was out. I began to get a bit moody around the office but couldn’t tell anyone why. A little resentment quickly slipped into my thinking. I was angry because I was keeping my uncomfortable side of the bargain and he wasn’t. In retrospect, he hadn’t… well… he was the boss and I would have to wait on his availability, I was in no position to rush him… but still? I was also in denial about what had happened. Well, perhaps not denial but the lack of him being around and any continuation of physical contact I found frustrating even though my padded arse, and surprisingly regular stiff cock, were permanent reminders as to what exactly had taken place… it played on my mind so my office work suffered. I got a warning from my manager to buck my ideas up and when Mr Wojciechowski did return to the office I partly dreaded him asking me to go on another site inspection. However, businesswise, I could see there was something drastic going on as the entire place was working hard to meet some sudden targets, so intense was the workload we hardly got time to chat or have breaks. ~ On the third day I arrived at his office at ten and he was there. I’m not sure if it was relief or dread but I was desperate to prove I’d done all he requested. As I entered his room he smiled. “Mmmmmmmm, the smell of baby powder... my favourite.” He whispered sort of conspiratorially. He invited me over to the side of his desk then ran his hand down the front of my trousers; the bulky outline of the diaper seemed more pronounced under his inspection. Next he stroked my bum, felt the padding, smiled and told me what a “good obedient baby” I was. He then enquired if I was using them properly. I wasn’t sure what he meant but he saw my confusion and elaborated. “The next time I want you wet.” I was startled at this new demand. “I want to know you are using them for what they are intended for, I want my little boy to be happy about wetting his diaper and that daddy will take care of everything.” Daddy? This was the first time the word drew my attention but the main point was I couldn’t believe he wanted me to use the damn diaper; after all it wasn’t hygienic… was it? “Are you wearing them all the time?” He smiled hopefully. “Er, travelling to and from work and while I’m here… I…” “Do you wear them to bed?” His voice turned more serious. “Er, no, I, er,” “You need to wear them for everything, all the time. I want to know my boy is well protected.” He said with fatherly concern. The problem I now had was that I wanted something more. I wanted the sex I’d experienced to happen on a daily basis. Just thinking about it was leaving the diaper slick with pre-cum. I wanted him to do things to me that at the moment I could only wonder about. I wanted his firm, older, more seasoned and well-maintained body doing things to me that I’d read about online. I wanted hard, uncontrolled SEX! “But, but…” Before I had chance to complain, explain or say anything his phone rang and I was dismissed. As I was about to close the door behind me he ordered “Wet! Come and see me again at two and you need to be wet.” And that was the end of any discussion. I really didn’t like the idea of wetting myself. What if it was obvious? What if I leaked in to my pants? What if… well there seemed to be quite a few reasons not to but he said I had to and he was my boss… my ‘Daddy’? ~ Later I locked myself in the cubicle and dropped my trousers; the cumbersome diaper looked huge now it was without any covering except the pink plastic panties. In the scant privacy the stall offered I hoped I could force myself to pee and the only positive I could see was it would mean that at least I could check for any ‘problems’. I pulled down the plastic protection and examined the diaper more carefully - my hand slowly sliding around the soft silky material, poking the tapes and leg-holes to make sure everything was tightly held in place. Even though I was desperate to piss I just couldn’t make myself go. My plastic pants were around my ankles so I tried to rub and encourage my cock to respond through the thick white fabric. I could hardly feel it but strangely enough, the padding looked solid enough to take any amount of pee and as I stroked the sexless, bulging front I felt myself relax for the very first time. Unexpectedly I felt a spurt. I was shocked, especially as it was followed by a full flow, which I desperately wanted to stop but couldn’t. A minute later with my diaper full I couldn’t believe the warming influence my pissy protection was giving. It felt snug, it felt comforting but I was worried it might overflow because I’d pissed so much. I swiftly pulled up my plastic pants - the tight cuffs around my waist and legs made me feel leak-proof. I waited a couple more minutes to make sure I couldn’t feel any trickles and all seemed well contained. I returned to my desk wondering if anyone could tell what I’d just done in my pants. Although I felt guilty I was also giggling to myself at doing such a babyish thing and being in a public place wearing a soaked diaper. However, the computer screen was flashing an urgent memo and I had to get back to work. ~ Perhaps strangely, now my diaper was full and it had soaked up so much liquid, it didn’t feel quite as uncomfortable to wear. There was definitely a change in the overall character that was now resting wetly in my pants but one I surprisingly liked. I wasn’t sure if I should but it felt fantastic and I began to wriggle contentedly in my seat. At two I knocked on Mr Wojciechowski door. Miss Thorpe was still out at a late lunch so I didn’t have to deal with anyone else. I stood in front of him and he slipped his hand down the back of my trousers. Access wasn’t easy so he told me to drop them; I did as I was told. The thick drooping diaper had expanded to quite a size and the pink plastic pants had grown with it. With my trousers around my ankles my shirt hardly covered the soggy mass between my legs and I trembled under his inspection. “Good boy.” He said, sliding his hands in appreciation over the frills of my sissy plastic pants. He patted my wet padded bottom as if determining the bulk. “How are you feeling?” He spoke quietly as he set about checking the soaked pads, opening then refastening the tapes. Even though I felt silly standing there with my trousers down I had to nod and say I was OK. “Good, good. Pull up your pants and go back to your desk.” He saw me hesitate. “Stay behind after work and I’ll change you then. In the meantime, I’m sure there is plenty more absorbency left, so don’t worry, pee all you want.” He smiled and I could hear the return of Miss Thorpe talking to someone outside the office. I quickly dragged up my pants and fastened them as efficiently as I could before picking up a folder, thanking him loudly and excusing myself. His secretary gave me a questioning look as I exited but I think I was reasonably clothed so hoped not to arouse any suspicions. ~ When I got back to my desk I noticed that the workload there had increased proportionately to the size of my diaper… it was heavy. I needn’t have worried about anyone else noting my bulging trousers as we were all so inundated with new targets and special reports we hardly had time to grab a cup of coffee. In fact, the two other bosses were supervising the office, which made for a very intense atmosphere, and I don’t think anyone looked up from what they were engaged in. I have a confession: I sat at my desk and peed twice more into my soaked diaper and although there wasn’t gallons of the stuff I quite liked the sensation. The naughtiness of just doing it and no one else being any the wiser gave me a strange feeling of, superiority. No that’s the wrong word, satisfaction, yes that’s better, the satisfaction of not having to rush to the toilet. I was no longer a slave to my expanding bladder. Eventually it was home time and I grabbed a folder and reported to Miss Thorpe who was putting on her coat. “Just leave it on my desk,” she said nodding towards her pristine, clear and tidy work area. She checked her watch, “Mr Wojciechowski will now not be back until tomorrow.” I felt stupid, uncomfortable and annoyed. I gave no thought to the fact that the business was at ‘high alert’ and obviously something major was happening. I just thought about my soggy diaper and that I’d now have to wear it on the bus home. It was bad enough wearing a clean one but now, well, I was frustrated and angry with developments. The satisfaction I had about it only minutes earlier was now gone and I mumbled under my breath my dissatisfaction. Miss Thorpe held the door open for me as I collected my coat then she locked up as we left. I ambled off to the bus stop and she disappeared towards the car park. It had been promising it all day and eventually the heavens opened up and a huge deluge seemed to be mocking my wet and soggy diaper as I waited in the bus queue. In retrospect I know I should have chuckled at the stupidity of my situation and laughed off my soaked groin but at the time I was livid with the entire thing. Why should I wear a diaper? Why should I do what he wanted? Was he just out to make a fool of me? Was the sex that good to go through all this? Did I really want to be someone’s little baby? As I trudged/waddled the last few hundred yards to my house, soaked and indignant, I thought I’d had enough and without doubt… that would be the last time I wore a diaper for anyone. *** tbc
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    Chapter 7 Downside Up Cracks ran through the window while the wind whistled through the hole at the center, one that was only covered by a piece of cardboard ever so lightly. The cold permeated the air, she felt down to her bones. Her teeth chittered and she hugged herself. As Su put the gel pack to her cheek she winced instinctively. The teenager looked up to Leslie, as she was kneeling before the younger girl. Su tried to smile as encouragingly as she could, yet Leslie found herself not strong enough to react. “At least it dulls the pain, right?” She ended most of her sentences in a question. Her first reaction after she'd gotten Leslie into the bathroom was to stand there and stare at the child in front of her, utterly at a loss at what she should do. Leslie mustn't have made it any easier, as through out the whole process of being bandaged up, she never managed to stop herself from crying. Where shoes had kicked her the bruises burned. Her stomach, her arms and legs, her face, even the pitiful remains of her pride, she felt like every single piece of her was broken apart now. Biting her lip slightly, feeling the burn of it too, she turned her eyes to the mirror in front of her, where a reflection stared back at her miserably. Paper towelettes were shoved up her nose, dyed in a dark red tone that implicated that the bleeding still had not stopped. She only felt a light pain to it, but that did not help matters at all. Aside from that, it was clear where the boot had come down on her cheek. The shirt Asad'd borrowed her was torn at the right sleeve, another wound bleeding on it. The sight just added to her want to cry once more. Aside from her name and some well-meaning comments, Su had given her very little information about herself. Looking at her without someone else threatening her, Su looked more distinctive than Leslie had originally thought. Her black hair she wore in a loose braid that hung from the shoulder and the dress she wore had long, slightly puffed sleeves. Well, aside from that, Leslie noticed easily how the girl's skin looked. There were no signs of acne, no scars, no anything. Even where she grabbed the knife there was no cut. It was the sort of skin most people would envy, so perfect it seemed. Leslie was more astounded by it than she would've loved to admit. She felt the gel pack press against her cheek again and once more she flinched as a stab of pain ran through. “On the plus side, they didn't break anything. So you'll be a-okay,” Su said with another awkward smile. Considering she was the first person today who wasn't cruel to her for cruelty's sake, that comment seemed more like a vile jape than friendly banter. Yet Leslie wasn't really feeling like shedding another tear. Lowering her eyes didn't help the matters. Not only were the wounds and bruises hurting, but red drops were splattered across the front of her shirt and the whole of her side was covered in dirt. Added to that, she felt a pressure buidling up inside of her. It made her at least proud that she didn't have any sorts of accidents throughout the whole ordeal, but dreaded the things to come. She breathed heavily, another sob escaped her. Her throat still hurt from all the crying she'd done until a few moments ago. “I fucked up,” she muttered quietly. “I really fucked up.” She felt like crying again, because by god, she shouldn't have left her home today. Yet, even though she kind of wanted to, her body seemed to have spent most its energy and all that remained was that sort of hollow feeling that didn't even blur out the pain. Her lips were quivering, still. “It's not your fault, kitten. Lars and his cohorts are just asshats who like to pick on kids who are littler than they,” Su answered, still holding the gel pack wrapped in a towel in her hand. It was clear to Leslie that she wanted to cheer her up a bit, but that didn't change the fact that Su was wrong. After all, wasn't all of this Leslie's fault? She had been the one who decided to go to the mall, to be at that toilet. She was the one who hadn't simply run away, the one who decided to follow and the one who insulted that boy. A shiver ran down her body, her sight got blurry, she felt herself shrink together. One second like that, the cold of snow and dirt still clinging to her, reminding her of just how horrible a day this had been. Arms wrapped themselves around her shoulders and hands started to stroke her back gently. “it's okay,” Su whispered into Leslie's ear. The warmth of her body broke through the cold she felt ike the usn's light through a cloudy sky. For the first second, the strange, unfamiliar sensation left Leslie almost in shock, with her first instinct to move backwards, to create some distance. Su held her close, however, and slowly but surely she was allowing herself to sink more and more into the hug. If she was being honest, it was weird having this sort of hug done by a younger person, one who tried to calm her, to make her feel safe. Yet the arms wrapped so easily around her and felt like they were a pretty good shield from whatever pain she did feel. “There, there,” Su said after a few moments and Leslie had to admit that having someone rub your back the way she did was extraordinarily calming. Even as Su opened her arms, Leslie, for some odd reason, remained close to her chest, eyes closed, sniffling pathetically. They remained like that for a moment, before Su decided to put one arm around her again and the other on her head, patting it. “Someone's quite affectionate, huh?” Su asked and Leslie found herself nodding. She wasn't quite sure why she got close to Su, but heavens, did she need the warmth right now. In all honesty, this must've been how changelings in My Little Pony felt when they fed on the love of others. It was so rejuvenating, so sublime. That the cloth of Su's dress felt quite comfortable too only added to her need to stay close to the teenager. This was a better feeling than originally anticipated. “Thank you,” Leslie whispered. “Wow, so you can make sounds other than 'uwaa', who'd have guessed?” Su answered lightly. Leslie found herself giggling at that and looked up at Su with a hint of a smile. The teenager's brown eyes looked at her and she seemed to find some joy in seeing this stranger she nursed in a better mood. “Alright, kitten, now that we know that you can speak human, can you tell me your name?” Kitten, that was Su's nickname for her, but she didn't deliver it with the same condescendence Clara had brought to hers, Su made it sound loving, caring. Leslie hadn't known there'd been this nice a kid in this block, but then again, she hadn't really cared much for the people of Fairhills for the past few years. Yet she wasn't sure whether Su knew about her, whether she was more sociable than her. As fingers ran through her hair, she knew that she needed to not say her real name. “Lee,” she answered after a moment of thought. Su nodded. “'Kay, Lee, do you have a family name too?” That made her stutter. “Aude–, I mean King.” Su squinted her eyes at that and Leslie attempt to dissuade any suspicions with a sheepish smile. “You don't look like any of the Kings I know, though,” Su told her after a moment. “That's because girls can't be kings,” was the answer, though Leslie immediately regretted it. She didn't need to antagonize the one nice person here. She'd read enough stories to know where a glib tongue could end you. “Wow, not only can she cry, hug like a champ and talk, no, she's also a smartass. You're full of surprises, aren't you, kitten?” Su asked bemused. It was a good reaction, Leslie thought behind her own smile, especially because Su used the chance to ruffle her mane. Su really wasn't a bad person it seemed. Thinking that, Leslie found herself moving. Throwing her own arms around Su’s back, she pressed her face against the teen’s chest. The warmth was unfamiliar, the smell sort of too, but it was all a good kind. It'd been too long since she allowed herself to get this close to somebody, maybe the first time she allowed herself to just do so with a kind stranger. Su didn't say anything about that, Leslie just noticed that she kept her arms around the younger girl. Neither did she see her face, yet a feeling of safety abound within her. “You really don’t want to let go, huh?” Su asked. Leslie nodded. “Well, I guess after all that you deserve all the cuddles you can get, kitten.” Leslie found a dumb smile plastered on her face and then, as the last bit of adrenaline faded from her body, exhaustion kicked in and her consciousness grew dim. Exactly what happened, she didn't know. It was like one second she was awake and then, the next, her consciousness alarmed her that she was somewhere else. The first thing that she noticed, the one that made her return from sleep, was a sort of unbearable pressure in her abdomen. It was the sort of pressure every person was familiar with and Leslie shifted where she lay. As she did, the padding hugging her so tightly served as a reminder she had trained herself to accept over quite a few years. Knowing the pressure, knowing that she was safe, she decided to just let go. It was not a conscious decision, but something she'd made her own over the years. It was a choice that left her feeling the area around her crotch growing wet and warm. She moved her body a bit, felt the pressure relenting, the diaper filling up with more than just urine. For a moment, she felt the release, for a moment she smiled. Then, as her consciousness returned to the world of the waking she realised that the warmth was overflowing, dripping through the safety of what should've kept it in and spreading across her backside, the clothing and what was underneath. It was at that moment the memory of where she dared to nod off returned. Immediately her eyes flung open. She stared at a pendant lamp that clearly didn't belong to her apartment. Reality hadn't changed to what it once was or changed at all. She felt her arms, the bruises and a bandage around her arm. She knew, just by moving her toes, that she was still stuck in the very same body she wished for the day before. Without ascertaining where she was, she already knew one thing however. Whatever the consequences were, they would swallow her whole. She lay on her back, covered by a black blanket donned with rebellious slang words of decades past, spread on a sofa that looked not only old, but kind of venerable. Leslie didn't know the style, yet would've guessed it somewhere from the first half of the twentieth century. And, considering the warm wetness around her thighs and back, and from the feeling of a warm mass spread across her behind she'd done more than simply ruin it. And, as she lifted the blanket, she also found that Asad wouldn't be too happy with how she treated his gifts. She stared at herself for a moment, still, wondering whether this was really happening. Then, she heard a door opening and turned to the left, where she spotted Su coming in with a light a smile. “Hey, kitten,” she said, yet Leslie only stared at her with an expression as blank as her mind. There she was, wet and soiled, beaten and bloody, which she might've probably all managed to work around, or so she could've told herself. But the fact was, because reality hadn't changed and everything was as before she'd been beaten down by those boys, Clara was also a person she'd met and the truth that shouldn't be still counted for her. She couldn't get out of this mess, not by herself and honestly, she doubted Su would do anything but throw her out of the door considering how she'd woken up. “Hey,” she said unsure, hugging the blanket closely, wondering what she should do. Then the girl in the pink dress came one step closer, then another and Leslie still tried to smile, tried to keep up the facade while her mind raced for answers how to get out of this one. Yet it seemed like certain death coming ever closer. One moment passed, then another. Her eyes focused on her surroundings, her mind struggled to find something for help. There was a bookshelf, with the actual books hiding behind dozens of pictures. The walls were plastered with memories, with photos and paintings of places and people Leslie didn't know and in the distance, the smell of curry chicken lingered fresh. Nothing of value, nothing she could use. Then Su stopped, her smile dropped, she sniffed something. Leslie thought of her wish, thought of a thousand stories she read, a thousand outcomes to this whole spiel and came to the realization that the universe really did hate her guts. “What the–“ Su started, but as soon as the girl in front of her started crying once again she probably realized that helping Leslie was the biggest mistake she made in her life. For a moment, she lingered and looked at Leslie, not quite understanding that what she thought had occurred actually did, and then, as the truth finally began to sink in she turned around for a second, then back, took a bit of a breath, whispered something to herself. Her steps were quicker, but she tried not to look too hectic as she went to the couch by the wall of her living room. There, before Leslie, she seemed to falter for a moment, as the stink gave her final proof of her suspicion. “Hey,” she said and her fingers brushed against Leslie's cheek. “I know it still hurts, but you'll get better, okay?” The girl in pink tried to smile, looked down and made a grab for the blanket, which Leslie still held close. The part Su grabbed however, was more to the side and she still could lift enough of it to see what had transpired. She raised an eyebrow at the mess and turned to Leslie again, who refused to do anything but cry. “It's fine, kitten,” Su started again, after a moment of contemplation. “I would've advised for a shower anyways.” As no reaction came, Su struggled to smile and rolled her eyes. “Come on, get up. We both know you need to take a shower now.” “I don't,” came a meek answer from the girl, who didn't even convince herself with that answer. “Yes, yes you do. Or do you want to sit in your excrements?” “I'm not sitting in my own–“ “Lee King,” Su said, attempting to sound authoritative, but the amused smile on her face almost ruined that, “you really should get a shower, because I can’t have you in my space, like, messy. So, if you don’t take a shower, I might just have to throw you out. And kitten, in a town like this, children like Lars are gonna swallow you whole if you walk about with poor body hygiene.” Leslie looked at her, how she tried to look serious. Whether she truly was, however, was up for debate. For a second, Leslie didn’t answer. For a second, neither said anything, at least until Su spoke up again. “Plus, if you go into the shower I'm not gonna say anything my sofa or do anything because of it, right?” That was a more tempting offer than anything Leslie's mind had conjured up and she nodded, relieved at how Su took a diplomatic approach. Nevertheless, as she got up and lifted the blanket off herself, she truly did notice how much of a mess she'd made. The sofa beneath her was soaked and she felt the mess press against her back in a most uncomfortable manner, and the moment the blanket was gone, the smell of it filled the air. Su, who'd been quite happy about Leslie calming down, blinked at it and smiled at Leslie. “Well, smells like somebody really needed to go potty, eh?” The truth was, Leslie was flushed already and this only made it worse. Her eyes turned to the ground and she was unsure on what to say, but Su quickly put her hand against her back and pushed her up and forward. “No dilly-dallying, you need to take a shower, kitten,” she said as she looked at Leslie's back, “more so than you think.” With a hand to her back, Leslie was led to the bathroom despite her zombie-esque gait. She felt herself shivering again as she took her steps across the floor. The mess pressed against her bottom and the way it reeked made her flush a deep red. Conscious thought returned to Leslie, wondering why she’d gone and done that. Now that Su had helped her, treated her wounds and attempted to comfort her, what was the thanks she got? She felt tears welling up again. If this was her true path, she figured jumping out of the window would hopefully make for a quick conclusion. “Hey now,” Su told her from behind, “there’s no need to worry, everything’s gonna be fine.” “I didn’t mean to,” she answered dumbly, her eyes drifting downwards. Su sighed heavily as she opened the door to the bathroom. “And here I thought you took playing pretend really seriously.” They halted in the middle of the room and Su walked up in front of her, a bit of a smile on her face. Leslie only looked at her with a raised brow, wondering what she meant. “It’s funny because cats like to fall asleep being close to their owners and also mark their territory with urine and you’re a little kitten in a new territory,” the girl told her sagely. “That’s not very funny, “ Leslie said, making more of a pout than she intended. Su shrugged. “Sometimes you gotta have humor, kitten. So now, let’s get you out of those messy clothes and into the shower, humorously. So, arms up, kitten.” She hesitated, wondering whether she should accept the help. Yet, the moment she even started to contemplate, thoughts of Clara came up in her mind and it appeared more and more that it wasn’t even a question. How else would a kid like her get out of these clothes if not with help? Her arms went up and Su slipped off both the shirt and undershirt. “Mom’s neighbour leant them to me,” she told Su the moment the air grew cold as ice and the older girl threw the shirt into the corner of the room without a care. “Really? I was wondering why your entire garderobe was made for giants,” Su answered. “I liked the colors,” Leslie told her, attempting a smile, but found her teeth chittering instead. Su sighed. “Well, they do look rather nice on you.” “Yeah, I look perfect with a little brown on me.” “Blergh,” Su told her eloquently. “I know your situation’s a bit shitty right now–no pun intended–but you shouldn’t take everything so badly, we’ll have this mess fixed up in a second. We just gotta take those silly pants off and then you’re good to go.” Leslie nodded, but the moment she felt arms tug at her waist her eyes became wide. The pants slid down and Su got a good look at the pull-ups Leslie wore. She gaped, struggled for words, but it was Su who spoke up immediately. “These make it look like this isn’t a usual problem for you, Lee,” she said with a bit of curiosity in her tone. Her mouth opened and then closed itself again, much like that of a goldfish who tried to figure out what glass was and why another goldfish was mouthing it off on the other side of it. “I–” she said, but her thoughts were more along the lines of; Shit! Shit! Shit! Su looked at her, she knew. In all honesty, if Su had thought her completely incontinent until this point, this probably raised a flag. And that needed to be rectified, so her mind struggled to find the words. “I,” she started again and then it clicked. “I … It’s a bit of a usual problem,” she answered, conjuring up what guilt she felt over this debacle to add some credence to the words. “A bit?” Su answered, the annoyance dripping from her tongue. A slow nod came as answer and she looked up at Su, who frowned at her. “I–,” Leslie started, but then her mind went blank again. It was getting a bit warmer now, she almost felt like sweating. Su however, didn’t look quite as receptive to her as one moment ago. “Alright, Lee,” she said, “if that’s true. Why would you get pull-ups. They’re not meant for number twos, if that wasn’t obvious.” Leslie blushed and looked down again. She knew that, obviously she did and if she hadn’t met that dumb bitch of a witch who enjoyed torturing little children and kicking puppies this wouldn’t even be a situation right at that moment. Eyes on her feet she noticed once more how tiny they were, she almost hoped she was younger than ten, ever smaller, ever more in need of help. So wouldn’t a child want to be bigger? She suddenly found herself asking. It was a strange sort of question that popped out of nowhere, yet it gave her the answer she needed, the material from which she could spin her tale. With an awkward motion of her arms, she found herself looking at the pull-ups. They were leaking everything and the bit of padding she felt seemed close to inappropriate for her. In a weird way, it felt almost right that she should be chided for this. Well, it was definitely right, yet she needed to tell her tale and pretend to be this kid she’d invented on the spur of the moment. “They’re for babies, though,” came out the answer, the words only as loud as a whisper. “You thought what now?” “Diapers are for babies and I’m not a baby anymore and I wanted to wear panties and make mom proud so she wouldn’t kick me out.” The words came out without a breath between them. A cold sensation ran up her spine, like a spider that dug its legs into her skin. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t pleasant at all. “I can do fine without them.” She paused, found her teeth chittering, her lips quivering. “I wet them at the mall.” There was a moment, Lee found herself close to tears again, only to be stopped when Su embraced her again. “Sheesh, kid,” she said as Lee smelled her body odor. It was a thousand scents combined to one and it should’ve been more unfamiliar than it was, yet Leslie felt safe in the embrace. “First up, if you needed them until this day, it’s not as easy as wearing panties. Secondly, if you do more than wetting your pants, well … Don’t. Buy. Pull. Ups. You’ll ruin couches and floors and all your neighbour’s clothing. Alright?” She smiled at Lee. It was an infectious sort of smile, honest and uncaring of the horridness she just saw. It made the child wonder whether this was the first time Su had to deal with a situation just like this, though she doubted it. If the kids in this district were all like Mike, she doubted any of them were incontinent or whatever. “Alright, now let’s get this dumb thing off, I doubt you’re comfy like this, right?” Su asked, looking down and then at Lee again. It took one moment before she went on her knees. Her hands were trembling a bit, more so than she wanted to show the girl, but her face was a mask of stone. She tore the sides of the pants open and made a face as the smell hit the room. “Looks like somebody had a healthy breakfast,” she said, a joke that was clearly more for herself than Lee, who nonetheless giggled despite her own blushing and the cold. Su looked up at her. “A giggling girl’s better than a crying one, at least. Come on, hop into the shower. You need help with that, too?” Lee attempted to cover herself a bit more, but shook her head. A shower she could work, that wasn’t as complicated as zippers and sleeves and shoes. Now those were hard for a child like her. She tiptoed into the shower as carefully as she could. “And don’t worry about the shower gel,” Su said as she threw the garment into the bin and then took out the garbage bag, “just because it’s for adults doesn’t mean it’ll melt little kids.” “I’m not a little kid, though,” Lee answered, awfully aware of the position she was in. “Which is why I can pick you up with one arm. But sure, you’re biggest kid I know,” Su answered after she was done rolling her eyes. “I’m gonna have a look around the building whether I can find some other clothing for you and some underwear that’s a bit safer, maybe the Connor’s have something.” Lee looked at her. “But I can’t wear dia–” “Well, if you wear them anyways, just consider it cautionary. And if you wanna be an adult, you gotta learn to be cautionary, so take a shower and I’ll find the most mature incontinence briefs this side of the ocean for you. And some clean pants to hide them.” The girl in red left with those words, a smile on her face that was probably meant to be encouraging. It wasn’t really, but considering her butt was as messy as a garbage pail, Lee didn’t feel like arguing right now. An early shower would help her clear her mind and so she made a grab for the knob to turn on the water. It rushed down her spine as cold as ice and made her grit her teeth. It would take a while to become much warmer and she wanted to get the dirt off as quickly as she could. Before she began cleaning herself, Lee found herself longing for at least some foaming shower gel. That would be a bit more fun at least. Thinking that, she opened her mouth and whispered into the quiet, “Lee King.” There was nothing to that name, an old flame that had spent more time with other girls and boys than with her. Thinking back on what a guy Robert was, he’d tried to get rid of a daughter the moment she couldn’t net him any dates. “Leslie Audet Junior,” she said, a bit louder. She was more happy with that and the suffix made her name taste of sugar and not ashes. She didn’t hear it over the water, didn’t see it because she was too focused on the cold, but Su finally closed the door, half-worried about what poor sod of a child she’d gotten herself involved with. Maybe, just maybe, she could brighten her day up a little.
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    At day 80 today being in diapers 24/7. I seem to have regressed on my lack of control and things have just seemed to stabilize. I still drip but not as much and once I start to wet it will not stop. Physically I may not permanently need diapers at this point but I do feel mentally I can never take them off. I almost feel naked when I am not wearing one after getting out of the bath. One time this week I did not put one on as I ran down to my co-workers room to give him something. The entire time I felt as if I was going to go potty in my pants mentally. Wanting to take my diaper off after orgasm is non existent now. I simply fill my diaper and that is it....no mess to clean up. I never thought those feelings would go away. I think my brain has just clicked over to the realization that I am going to be diapered the rest of my life.
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    All my previous stories got devoured in the malware attack. I haven't had the time to repost the long ones. They're still up on another site.
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    I came back to the hotel after work today and apparently the maid decided to let me know that I don't use the potty only diapers. I have been giving her good tips because of my used diapers in the garbage can so she decided to be playful and put one of my diapers on the potty seat.
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    Those Three Words A Diaper Dimension Story By Babystevie26 Eloise knew she had soiled herself before she moved and made the mess shift. Knew even before she sniffed the air and detected the telltale odor. She had the Dream again and, like every other time she dreamed about that night, she woke up with a dirty diaper.She heard stirring around her. Eloise's classmates, children and Littles alike, were waking up from their naps the same as she was. The grown-ups were getting the stragglers and organizing everyone for potty time and diaper changes. The former for the older kids, the latter for the Littles and younger children.Eloise sat up on her nap pad, paying no heed to the cool, squishy feeling in her diaper. She couldn't honestly remember the last time the sensation had bothered her. Eloise got to her feet and briefly checked her skirt. She frowned as her hand felt something sticky on the hem.Well, no helping that, she thought as she made her way to the changing tables. Eloise didn't hurry. There was no point. Grown-up children got priority over the Littles, since keeping them clean and dry as much as possible would encourage potty training. That wasn't something anyone thought about much when it came to Littles, so she wouldn't be changed for a while yet whatever she did. As she reached the tables she saw Miss Shannon kneeling behind Victor. Miss Shannon's noise wrinkled as she pulled back on the waistband of the grown-up toddler's shorts and diaper.As she lifted him up to the table Eloise looked around for Mrs. Esther. The grown-up teacher was herding Littles in one place and doing diaper checks. She always did that so that whoever needed it most could be changed first or, if they misbehaved, be changed last.As Mrs. Esther checked the Littles' diapers her eyes narrowed as she saw Eloise approach. She always somehow knew who the stinky butts were. Then again, the sagging diaper poking out from Eloise's skirt probably made it easy.Eloise got in line for diaper checks. In front of her was a Little man dressed in the sea green smock and shorts that all the boy Littles wore. He was trying to squirm and stand up straight at the same time. Eloise knew that squirm. ---------- "You should poop now," a girl's voice said from behind Lester. "If you go after you're changed they may not do it again before your grown-up comes to get you.""I'm fine," Lester said hotly. He heard the girl behind him sigh."You're new at this, huh?" the girl asked. This time Lester turned to look at the person speaking.The girl was a Little, wearing the sea green smock the daycare gave out to differentiate the Littles from the amazon children dressed in blue. Instead of blue short pants, she wore a red skirt like all the girls did. Judging by the stench that hadn't been there before she got in line behind him, Lester could only assume that the diaper drooping from underneath her skirt was full to capacity."Just adopted?" she asked."I wasn't 'adopted'!" Lester said angrily. "I was kidnapped off the street!""Same thing to the grown ups," she told him. Lester was getting annoyed.Where does this girl in her poopy pamper get off talking all high and mighty, he groused to himself. She couldn't have been more than twenty, compared to his twenty-nine. He did not need this on top of holding back a bowel movement."You should show your elders more respect," he sneered.That got a response. The poopy girl scowled at him. Then, to Lester's dismay, she smiled."You are new," she said. "You think you still count as an elder."Lester was angry enough to start shouting, only for the girl to cut him off before he could."You're a Little in a diaper." She crossed her arms. "That means, like lots of Littles, you tried to be like the grown-ups and couldn't. Maybe you got checked and had wet panties, or a mean grown-up made you poop." She shrugged. "It doesn't matter. It's always something like that. Did you have a shmancy job, too? That's pretty typical. The Littles that didn't usually don't fight as much. They know a Little is in a diaper doesn't get out of it except when they're changed into a new one.""Hmph," Lester said, in lieu of confirming or denying what she was saying. "None of that matters, I'm not going to soil myself. Not now, not later, not ever.""Yeah you are," the girl said. "Everyone does. There was one time, after naps, when every Little was poopy. The grown-ups opened all the windows to air out the place."The girl held her arms out wide."I won't…" Lester said, more uncertain. "I have my pride.""That'll only make it worse," the girl said. "I've seen it, lots. I know what'll happen.""Oh yeah?"The girl nodded."Probably the teachers will change you now, and you'll poop later. It'll be a real accident, which will be worse than if you just did it yourself. Also, the teachers don't like changing poopers if they were just changed so you'll have to sit in it. Probably until go-home time."Lester's stomach churned and he grimaced as a bit of gas escaped his rear."And if a teacher or your grown-up thinks you're trying not to poop, they'll make you." She pointed to the daycare teacher who was finishing with the last of the amazonian babies. "Miss Shannon might just give you pooping foods like prunes or brown muffins to eat." She pointed at the old woman who was slowly but surely diaper checking her way to them. "But Mrs. Esther, if she thinks you're not pooping when you should be, she'll stick things in your bottom."Lester swallowed."It might just be one of those butt-pills that make you go. A…" she hesitated for a moment, "I can never get the word right… spasitory?" she continued. "Or she might stick the tubey bag in there and pump you so full you'll push it all out." She pointed to an enema bag set up in the corner. "And if a grown-up makes you poop it'll really be a long time before you're changed. I was naughty once and got a butt-pill, and Mommy didn't change me until bedtime.""So do it now and be a good Little baby boy until the end of time?" Lester demanded. To his outrage, she laughed."Don't be silly, you're not a baby," she told him. "You're a Little. You know the difference?"Before Lester could answer, she looked him right in the eyes."Babies grow up."In that moment, hope died within Lester. Everything the Little girl said was true. Everything he'd done to try and prove a Little could make it in a world of giants had gone up in failure the instant an amazon thought he'd become too big for his britches. He'd played the game and lost. He'd lost and he'd become the prize. An eternal baby doll for the giant woman who had made herself his Mommy.In that moment. Lester gave up.He broke.He wept.He filled his pants. ---------- Eloise watched the older Little break down as he messed himself. She hadn't enjoyed that. She shouldn't have laughed, but she always found it amusing how few, Little and grown-up alike, realized the simple truth she had learned so long ago.Mrs. Esther reached their point in the diaper check line. She saw the Little man bent over and crying. She simply nodded."I'll leave you to your poopies, Lester," she told him. Though Eloise doubted the man, Lester, was even listening. Mrs. Esther turned to her."Turn around, Eloise."Eloise obeyed dutifully, turning her back to Mrs. Esther. Normally, this was where the teacher would lift Eloise's skirt and pull back the waistband of her diaper. Between the sheer amount of sag in her pants and the fact that some of the mess had leaked out of the leg holes and onto her skirt, that was wholly unnecessary."My word, Elly," she said. "You're filled to the brim. It even got on your skirt."Eloise didn't resist when Mrs. Esther took off her skirt, leaving the Little in her daycare smock, socks, and dirty diaper. When you leaked, you lost your skirt for the day, or shorts in the boys' case, so it could be cleaned and your parents would know you leaked when they got you. That was the daycare's dress code. Given her obvious need, she got first diaper change when the children were done. Going first meant all the other Littles who were waiting in line for their changes were in a position to watch as Mrs. Esther untaped her messy diaper and exposed her poopy bottom half to the world.Some watched in resentment, like Lester who must have been misbehaving before since Mrs. Esther put him at the end of the line to give him as much time in his messy diaper as possible before changing him. Some watched in dismay. They were mostly the other poopy butts in the front of the line who knew their changes would have an audience, too. Some were impatient. They just wanted out of their wet or messy diapers as soon as possible. Finally there were the curious grown-up children, who wanted to see the Littles getting their diapers changed after they got to use the potty like big grown-ups.Eloise didn't care. If anything she enjoyed a feeling of relief as the diaper was removed and the teacher began cleaning her with wet wipes. Dirty diapers had stopped bothering her a long time ago. That wasn't the same thing as enjoying them.As Eloise often did during the longer messy diaper changes, she let her mind wander. Thanks to her dream, her mind and memory travelled back over a decade. Back to when she was eight years old. Back to the day she had returned to diapers. ---------- She had been scared at first, when she woke up in the hospital crib. She had awoken in a room filled with other cribs, which all had their own Littles in them. The giant grown-ups had comforted her and gently explained that there had been a gas explosion. She had only been hurt a little bit, but her parents had not survived. She had been so stunned, so shocked, that she never noticed she had been diapered until she was lifted out of the crib and bottle fed. She had put up a short lived token resistance when she was initially picked up.Mother and Father has been clear. Never wear a diaper or let a Big Person get you. With both happening at once and Mother and Father nowhere to be found, Eloise fought, kicked, struggled, and bit until the nurse decided she'd had enough and put Eloise over her knee and spanked her bottom until Eloise was begging for it to end.After that, she was compliant. She accepted the bottle feeding, accepted the crib. She had tried not to use her diaper, but had wet it during her spanking. The nurse had not changed her until just before the Little patients' bedtime.Despite the Littles' general bedtime being only a slight bit earlier than her own actual bedtime, Eloise couldn't sleep. Her tummy hurt, and she squirmed and moved around in her crib. Bending seemed to make it worse so she tried to sit straight up.In the moonlight coming through the window Eloise saw a few other Littles giving her annoyed looks from their own hospital cribs. Only one spoke to her."Just poop already!" hissed a voice from the crib next to Eloise's. Eloise was so surprised she nearly did just that. She looked over at the crib next to hers and saw an old Little, gray haired and wrinkly. She was dressed in the same hospital gown she was. The same kind of diaper peeked out from it."No," Eloise said. "Mother and Father said I should never pee or poop in my panties.""You aren't wearing panties," the elderly Little observed. "Besides, you'll be up all night, way you're carryin' on. Try and fight, it'll last forever. Fill your britches and get it over with. Your stomach'll feel better and you might even get to sleep once you're used to the feelin'.""I'm still not gonna poop," Eloise declared."You sure about that?""I'm not a baby!" Eloise declared. The old woman laughed. At the time Eloise thought of it as such a mean laugh. Later, she would understand how bitter it was."You're right, missy. You're not a baby. You're a Little. Do you know what that means? What the difference is?"Eloise shook her head. Then the old Little said the three words that defined Eloise's life from that day forward."Babies grow up," she said to Eloise. "Babies grow up big and strong like their mommies and daddies. Littles?" She shook her head, gray pigtails flapped as she did. "No. No Little is ever gonna be more than waist high to a grown-up. We'll all be as tiny as their babies. When those babies grow and leave the nest, we Littles will still be there in our diapers. And there will always be diapers. Only way a Little in diapers gets out of them is when she's changed into clean ones."Eloise took the woman's words in. Her breathing grew heavy. It couldn't be true. Eloise's eight year old mind tried to deny it. But try as she might she saw the old Little, sitting in the moonlight from the window. For all her age and wrinkles showing she was a million times older than Eloise herself, she was in a crib just like was. She wore the same hospital gown, her wispy gray hair was in pigtails, and Eloise thought her diaper looked swollen, as if it had been well used.In that moment, Eloise gave up.She broke.She wept.She filled her pants. ---------- "All clean!"Eloise blinked. Just like that she was no longer the eight year old stuck in a hospital crib soiling herself for the first but far from final time. Once again, she was the adult Little being lifted off the giant changing table now that she was in a clean diaper.She w