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    There was a knock on the door. Jessica stood up, and looked at her clock. She sighed angrily."You're seven minutes late," she said loudly."I'm sorry, there was traffic getting here, and..." Mary, her house keeper said."I don't care. I said wake me for 7:00, not 7:07. Every moment you're late is more time I need to rush. If I'm late for work, we could lose thousands of dollars, and you can guess what the first expense I'd scrap is.""I... yes ma'am, sorry ma'am. It won't happen again."Jessica looked at her house keeper. A foot shorter then Jessica, with long brown hair, thickly built and frumpy... Jessica almost felt sorry for her. Almost. "It better not," the taller, younger blond said."You could get an alarm clock..." the woman said.Jessica rounded on her. "Excuse me? I run portfolios for a billion dollar company. I have thousands of numbers to keep track of, a hundred rules to know, and dozens of patterns to watch each day. You think I have time to remember to set a clock? You think I worked daily for all those years so I can set alarm clocks? That's why I have you, who doesn't keep track of a thousand numbers, who didn't work hard to get to where I am, and who doesn't have to worry about a billion dollar company, to do it for me. Be thankful the positions aren't switched. Now go make breakfast, I'll be down soon." She walked away and into her bathroom. She didn't have time to hear the reply, nor did she care. She turned on the taps and showered quickly, then got dressed in her most severe black dress. Today was a day to impress.She made it down the stairs to her kitchen and ate the eggs Mary had prepared without looking at her. As she was leaving her home, her phone buzzed.She looked at it. There was a message from Kevin, a lower level employee who served as her chauffeur."There was traffic, and I was unable to get onto your street. Please meet me at the path by Morrin St."She groaned to herself. It wasn't that far of a walk, but it was another annoyance in an already annoying day.She walked across her street and onto the path on the other side. It wound through a small wood and cut into the next suburb. She was walking down the path and muttering to herself when her foot hit something."GOD DAMN IT!" she shouted. She hoped she didn't wreck her shoes. She looked down, and stopped.It was a lamp. A small, metal lamp, the kind from Aladdin movies. She didn't have time to wonder why it was there. She was angry, and it was an object she could focus her anger on. She picked it up and threw it as hard as she could into the bushes. Smiling proudly to herself, she kept walking."Ummmm excuse me, that was rude," a voice said.She turned around quickly. The path had been empty a moment ago. She looked up to see a tall, red skinned man hovering above the ground with his arms folded."Who the hell are you?" she said. "What kind of trick is this? Is this a joke?""This is no trick. I'm Yasafar, the red genie, and I will not have my profession called a joke."She rolled her eyes. "Riiiiggghht. Look, I don't have time for this." She turned to walk away.To her surprise, the man reappeared in front of her. "How about no. That's not how this works. You threw my house against a tree, you woke me up, you insulted me, you don't get to just walk away.""Uh huh," she said. She ignored him and tried to walk past him.Suddenly a light appeared in front of her. She stooped and was temporary blinded by it. The light dimmed, and she saw she was surrounded by a faint blue haze. She reached out into it, and saw it formed a solid wall. She looked around herself, and realized she was in a sealed dome. She turned to face the red man."What is this?" she demanded."Its a force field. We are now outside your time and world.""Ohh bullshit.""Hey! Don't say that about my work. You have no idea how long it takes to learn this."She rolled her eyes again. "Whatever. Just let me out, I have actual work to do.""I don't think so. You kicked my house, and I cannot return until I fulfill my duties.""Whatever. So I guess I get whatever I want, right? I want unlimited wishes.""Har har. That doesn't actually work.""Oh, you're not powerful enough? You can't give me all I want?"His eyes went wide. "Seems to me you're just too much of a spoiled brat.""Yeah whatever. I work for what I want. Unlike you, I don't spend my days sleeping, pop out once in a while for a light show, then go back. I struggled, now I have what I want, and if I want unlimited wishes, I'll get it.""Uh huh. Is that what you think?" he closed his eyes. "Lets see... Jessica," she gasped that he knew her name. "Works in her fathers company. Got the job without even getting a degree. My my... relies on a house keeper and a chauffeur, lives in a house bought with her daddies money... Seems your a privileged little brat living off her daddy who'd never make it in the real world.""Excuse me? I didn't get a degree because I didn't need one. I know how to do my job better then anyone. I made it on my own.""You made it because of your parents. Your house keeper works harder then you, is older and knows more. She just wasn't born rich. If you came from the same circumstance, she'd be doing better."Jessica was dumbfounded. The housekeeper, who couldn't even arrive on time, doing her job better? "You don't know what your talking about.""Of course I do, silly. I'm a genie, route word of genius. I know everything.""Right. Well, you don't know me. I could make it in any circumstance."His eyes twinkled like he had won a game. "Oh really? Any circumstance?"She paused. Something about his voice made her feel nervous, but she refused to admit defeat. "ANY circumstance. I could make it anywhere, on my own, with nothing but my own skills."Then lets make a bet, shall we. I'll put you in a different world where no one knows where you are. You get to start from scratch. If you succeed, I'll transport you back here and give you your unlimited wishes. No time would have passed, nothing would have changed, but you're all powerful.She considered the offer. It was tempting, but she couldn't let him know that if she wanted to bargain, and she definitly couldn't hand him a blank slate. "And if I lose? What happens then?""Oh, not much. Same thing, you come back here, no time passed, but you don't get your wishes. Oh, one more thing.""Uh huh?" here it comes, the catch, she thought."I get to make one small change to your life.""What kind of change?" She knew better then to accept that. It could be anything.He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, depends on the manner of your failure.""Riiiigght. So I'm supposed to agree to that, not knowing what you'll do? Fat chance.""Oh, so you're afraid you'll fail? What happened to being soooo talented and sooo smart that you'll make it anywhere?"She gritted her teeth. "That doesn't mean I'll fall for a trick like that."He shook his head. "No trick, just what I said." He leaned in closer to her. "Think about it. Unlimited wishes, unlimited power, all you want, and all you have to do is the one thing you said you could do anywhere- make it on your own in a new city. Didn't you say it would be easy, or are you admitting you were lying to yourself?"She glared at him. This was so stupid, she thought. But... unlimited wishes. How hard could it be, anyway? She had made it already, she just had to do it again."Fine. Do it. What are the criteria for success?""You'll be tested on everything, from your wits to your work ethic and your basic skills. Succeeding in any of them will count as a pass. Failing them all will lose you the bet.""Fine. Do it."He laughed. "You are soooo manipulable, you know that? I just love having fun with people like you in different worlds, you should have seen this one girl Crabula, she... anyway, I'm ranting. The world is ready. Have fun!"There was another bright light, and Jessica covered her eyes. Air rushed around her, and she felt herself spinning. SHe began to panic. Was this a trick? What was this? She began to scream as she felt herself falling through the air, faster and faster.Suddenly she realized it had stopped. The light coming through her finger tips was normal, and there was no air rushing around her. She had been screaming for nothing.She uncovered her eyes and looked around. There were a few people staring at her. She blushed and began to walk quickly as if nothing had happened.She was in a city. She knew that, but she didn't know which one. There were tall buildings on either side of her, and the side walks were crowded with people. It could easily have been any city she had been to, and the weather and foliage of the trees made it seem like late summer or fall. In that way, at least, this 'different world' seemed to be the same.However, she knew that couldn't be the case. It was too easy. There had to be some differences here.She began to make mental checklists.What did she have?She had her clothes. They had changed, she realized, to a more casual pair of jeans and t shirt, the kind of thing she wore on weekends. Fitting, she decided, since she technically didn't have a place to work yet. She had her wallet and credit cards... except they wouldn't work if it was a different world. She had her ID... which probably would come up as fake. She stopped. "Huh," she said. She hadn't really considered what she was getting into.She started walking again. No matter, she'd find a way. She began to make a list of tasks. Find out what the differences were in the new world, learn about it, get a job, get an apartment... She thought again. Get food, get water.... There was a lot to do very quickly.She noticed something. "Ah, a leg up," she thought.It was a pair of girls, both slightly younger then her but still adults, and wearing the same uniform. It appeared to be a waitress outfit, with a dark, tight shirt above a short skirt and long stockings. She didn't recognize the restaurant, but that didn't matter. She was a master of one of the most valuable skills a person could have finding a job- the gift of gab, or how to talk your way into anything. She followed them from a short distance. Find out a bit about them, perhaps where they are going, make friends, and use them to help get a job. Waitressing wasn't her first choice- it was far beneath her, in fact- but it was something. Pay the bills, get some clothes, get some references... in a few weeks, she could be managing at the restaurant, then using that to find work elsewhere. Their job would be her stepping stone.She followed and watched them closely, studying them. Something about them was odd. It was their skirts, they seemed to collect strangely around their hips.She stared at it. It seemed like there was something underneath it. She also noticed their walk- she had been trained to notice such things- which was odd, slightly waddled like a...She did a double take. Like a toddler, she thought, or someone wearing diapers. She looked closer. The skirts were short and flounced as they walked. There was a distinct line of white underneath them. Whats more, the girls- she couldn't think of them as anything else after noticing, despite their being only a few years younger then herself- didn't seem to mind at all, and just kept walking like it was the most normal thing in the world.Surely she must be mistaken. There is no way someone their age could... could they? It was a new world.She turned away. Frankly, she didn't want to know the answer, and if they were part of some weird group... there were things she'd do for money, that wasn't one of them.Suddenly she realized the girls had stopped. They had turned and staring at her. Had they noticed she was following them?She ran into a nearby door without checking what it was."Hello there! Would you like to try our new cold coffee?"She looked at the origin of the voice to see a short, fat and bearded man standing behind a counter. She was in a cafe. It had dark walls covered with paintings, and the smell of caffeine hung heavily in the air."Oh, no thank you, I just...""Oh come on!" he said, smiling, "surely you need something to keep you going. The mornings were made for coffee and the afternoons were made for wine, I always say. Come on, I assure you its good."She didn't want it, but he was insistent and she couldn't think of an excuse to be there. He handed her a cup, and she took a sip. It was sweet, sugary, but strong."Its good!" she said."Yep! That's our new blend. Why don't you take a seat and enjoy it?""Ummm, alright," she said, and sat down at a table. She looked around the cafe. It wasn't bad. She could work here, she thought. She looked at the coffee. She might have to, given she had no money to pay for the coffee.She began to watch the people around her. It was a good way to learn about her new environment, she figured.There was a couple at a table across from here. There was a man about her age, black haired, tall and muscular, next to a younger and smaller brunette. They were both flirting openly, whispering into each others ears and cuddling around the edges of their table.She smirked. One thing to know, the new world seemed to have a liberal view on homosexuality, and flirting in public. What else could that say about the society? Perhaps open about other things too? She made a mental note of it.While she was watching, the black haired of the two stopped moving. He seemed to sniff the air. The younger looked at him in confusion. The older pushed the other forward slightly and reached down to his belt line.Suddenly the brunette's eyes went wide. He looked at the other, then around the cafe as the other stared at him, seeming disappointed.The brunette bent down under the table. He picked up a bag and began ruffling through it. He looked panicked. He went through the bag again, then dumped the contents on the table. The black haired one rolled his eyes and sighed as the younger searched through a pile of books and pencils as if looking for something. Finally he gave up and looked pleadingly at the older.The black haired man reached down slowly, picked up his own bag, reached into it and took something out.Jessica had to stifled a gasp. She had through earlier, but it was pretty clear now. The black haired man was holding a large adult diaper, and handed it to the brunette. Defeated, the brunnette grabbed it, and waddled slowly away from the table and toward a bathroom door. He knocked on the door, and a grunt inside replied. He paused, shuffling from foot to foot, clearly uncomfortable. He looked back at his boyfriend sadly. He went back to shuffling. He moaned, and looked at his boyfriend again, his eyes begging for help. His boyfriend sighed, stood up, and walked over. Once there, he grabbed hold of the younger's belt. The brunette shook his head with wide eyes, but did nothing as the older undid his belt and pulled down his pants. The brunette was now standing with a clearly visible, and clearly messy, diaper. The older turned him around, peared at the back, and waved his hand in front of his face teasingly. He then took his boyfriend by the wrist, waggled a finger under his nose, and pulled him toward a second bathroom to the side. Jessica noticed the sign on the door- it showed no gender, just had pictures of characters- one small, one medium sized, and one larger, all in diapers. The diapered boy, looking completely defeated, followed is boyfriend into it.Jessica stared in shock. What was all the more odd about seeing a twenty something year old man in a used diaper was the fact that no one in the cafe seemed to mind. In fact, they seemed prepared for it, even having a bathroom just for it.She needed air. She needed it fast. She got up, and walked toward the door."Hey, you have to pay for that!" the barista called after her, but she ignored him.She was in the open air and walking quickly. What was this world she was in? Some kind of kinkster's paradise? A world where everyone was incontinent? She looked at the people she passed. She began to noticed more and more strange things. Crinkling sounds, thick padding underneath pants and skirts, she noticed a group of girls socializing, and one casually hand a diaper to another. The padding seemed to vary in thickness, and in times when the plastic was visible around the edges of their pants and skirts, she noticed some with patterns on them, and others that were white.So diapered were a lot more common here, and for different age groups, she determined.Not everyone was diapered. Most teens or younger she passed were, with few exceptions. The majority of young adults were as well, though less so then the teens. The cut off seemed to roughly the mid twenties. There were one or two older then that who appeared to be diapered, but they were in the minority, and seemed very shy. She noticed other things as well. The window of a restaurant showed a woman in a high chair, being fed by another girl her own age. Another time she saw a man, she couldn't tell how old but he was fairly big, being bare bottom spanked, with tears running down his face. The woman seemed mortified, however, and no one else her age seemed to be in it, while man was clearly blushing, so she determined these must be exceptions to the rules. Still, there were many people with childish thing who seemed to be far to old for them- some in strollers, others with toys, or wearing onesies, one or two pacifiers... the list went on.She remembered the genie saying she'd be tested on everything, even 'basic skills.' He couldn't mean... that... could he? She shuddered at the thoughtShe steeled herself. So what? It just be one more test to pass, and an easy one at that. Its not like SHE was incontinent. Or did they have different rules here? She'd have to find out.Her stomach grumbled. She'd have to find out soon, she realized. Those eggs and coffee were not sitting well.She passed by what looked like a gigantic mall. It was three stories, and had banners and displays for stores all along the outside. She decided it was the perfect place to look for a job, and she may as well do it while trying to find out the strange laws.She entered the mall. It really was huge. She walked passed store after store, gawking at the size. Whatever world this was, they loved their shopping.Most of the stores seemed fairly in line with what she was used to. She even recognized a few logos, but none of the names.Her stomach grumbled again, and she felt a weight in her bladder. It was getting too hard to ignore. She realized she had been putting it off, dreading to find out what the laws of this bizarre land were, but she needed to find out.She found a large department store that had bathrooms. Like the coffee shop, there were three of them. One was male, one was female, and the other had three images of people in diapers, ranging in size from baby to adult.She walked to the female bathroom and tried to turn the nob, but it wouldn't budge.She tsked. Locked. She walked up to the help counter and waited in line.The pressure was building. She considered just walking to the front of the line, but she didn't want to stand out until she knew what was going on.Finally she reached the front."Hi, how can I help you?" a stocky, middle aged woman said."Hi, can I get the bathroom key?" Jessica asked."Of course," the woman said. "Just let me see your proof of toilet proficiency."Jessica stared at her. "What?"The woman laughed. "Oh, don't worry, I don't mean to embarrass you. I know most girls your age have passed their tests. However, there are a few stragglers, so we have to check. Do you have your proof?""I don't... uhhhh..." this would normally be the time where Jessica would come up with a lie, say it was at home or lost, just as she did when she used to drink underage. However, the absurdity of the question caught her off guard."You don't have it?! WHen did you complete the tests?""Tests?""When did you complete your proficiency tests?""I... didn't."The woman's eyes went wide. "OH! My mistake, sorry to embarrass you." She spoke in a soothing tone that bordered on condescending. "I must have gotten confused by how you asked. Don't worry, and sorry for what I said earlier, I know some people still have troubles at your age. Nothing to be worried about, it comes to some a bit later. Do you need a diaper change?""No! I don't need a diaper.""What?" The woman looked over the desk. "Where is your diaper?""I don't need a f--ingg diaper just give me the f--ing key!"The woman gasped. "How dare you speak to me that way! I'll bet you haven't even passed your full language tests. I'm going to give you three seconds, and I'd better see something- your id card, paperwork, a signed note, anything- that says your are qualified to use the toilet, or I better see a diaper on your butt. If I don't get it, you're going to be in a world of trouble.""I don't have stupid paperwork and I don't need diapers! I'm an adult you idiot!""Right, that's it." She hit a button under her desk.Almost instantly a large, muscular man in a uniform appeared behind Jessica."Right, what seems to be the trouble?""This GIRL has not passed her potty training tests, is not diapered, tried to lie her way into getting a bathroom key, then threw a tantrum, swore and insulted me.""YOu f--ing b--h!"The guard seized her by the wrist. "Do you have your toilet proficiency tests?" He asked."Uhhh..." she tried to think of a lie."You better not lie to me. You know I can check.""I... don't."He reached down to her belt."Hey!" she said, trying to stop him. However, he grabbed her and turned her around, then pinned both her hands to her stomach with one of his, and used his other on her belt. She squirmed, embarrassed at how easily he manhandled her. She looked around for help, but no one seemed to mind. A few watched, some laughing, some even seeming lecherous, but no one reacted as if there was anything wrong with what was going on.The guard undid her belt and pulled down her pants. There were a few chuckles from the audience. She stared. Her underwear, as it turned out, were a lacy pair of panties with a cartoon picture of the genie on them. Some kind of sick joke, she decided."Where is your diaper?" the guard asked."I don't have one," she said."NO paperwork and inappropriate underwear. Tell me, do you have your exemption from corporal discipline? Don't lie now, or it will be much worse.Her eyes went wide. "No...""Alright then," he said, and picked her up.In a flash she was turned over, and she landed on his raised knee with a squeel. "No," she said, barely having time to process what was going on before his first spank landed on her upturned backside.SMACK SMACK SMACK! He rained blows down on her as she squirmed and cried out. She couldn't believe how strong he was, or how vicious he was with the spanking. He was clearly used to doing it.She tried to hold onto her dignity as best she could, but the pain was growing. Her protests turned to pleas, and her angry shouting turned into loud cries. Soon she was bawling her eyes out, getting spanked as people watched. She could not believe it, and didn't know what was worse- the pain, or the indignity of the entire situation.Finally, he stooped, and stood her on the ground. He waggled his finger under her nose like she was a child. "Now, you are possibly the oldest I've ever had to spank, but then again, you'll likely be one of the oldest I've seen diapered too." She gulped at the though and fought back arguments. "Now, I'm going to take you to the help desk to get you diapered, and we are going to leave your pants down so your red bottom can serve as a warning to others. After that we can get you to the station to sort this out and get you where you are supposed to be, alright?She nodded through tears. She couldn't help but sniffle, and tried to ignore the snickers and giggles behind her.The guard turned her by the shoulders and spanked her still red bottom. "EEP!" she shouted, not expecting another spank, and walked forward.At the edge of the store she paused, and he spanked her again. She jumped. She realized he was planning on using spanks to direct her through the mall.He spanked her again. Worse still, the pressure in her bladder had been building. Being bent over his knee had made it critical, and each spank made it worse. She realized soon she might have to argue against being put in diapers while proving she needed them.Another spank. She turned. "STOP!" she said angrily."Are you arguing with me?" He grabbed her shoulder and delivered a burst of hard smacks to her bottom, making her squeal and dance on the spot. "I'm sorry!" She said. "P Lease! I really need to go to the bathroom.""You'll be diapered shortly.""No! Now! The bathrooms right there!" She pointed to a set of doors."No? Are you arguing again AND trying to lie your way into toilets?"He held her again and delivered more smacks. She screamed.It was too much. The pressure, the waiting, and now the smacks... she felt her bladder release."Nooo..." she whined as she wet herself.The guard backed away. "Well well," he said, "and you were trying to argue against diapers?""But... but... you made me do it! You wouldn't let me use the bathroom!" She whined as the puddle grew beneath her. She knew it wasn't the right thing to say, but an audience had gathered round to watch her shame, and she wanted to do anything she could to divert their blame.He shook his head. "I can see why you never made it through the tests. Mature women don't try to blame others for their mistakes. Also, we have told you several times now the bathroom is off limits. I suppose it isn't your fault you are a slow learner, but you could have at least been responsible enough to keep your diaper on. We may need to speak to your caretaker.""I'm not a... I don't have a...." she knew it was useless to argue.He shook his head. "Barely able to form sentences. We may need to test your language too. Come on," he grabbed her shoulder "the staff will clean up your mess, and we better get you diapered before you leave something worse for them. Really, you are the age of a woman, but really you seem more like a little girl. We will need to test you to see."She cried louder at that comment. What did it even mean, 'seem like girl?" Was that something she could be designated? What were the tests? She dreaded to find out what restrictions they could put on her. It was all so fast. It had only been a few hours, she knew, and she had gone from a wealthy, successful capitalist, feared and respected, master of her world, to a little girl, being lead sobbing through a mall with a spanked red bottom on display and wet pants dribbling, to be diapered in this strange world she didn't understand at all. Why had she taken that bet? -next part up soon. Future sections will likely include (spoiler alert) a lot of embarrassment, messy diapers, spankings, etc. and some cuter abdl moments Comments or critiques appreciated
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    2 WEEKS AGO- I was thrown back into my seat as I slammed the gas. The engine roaring as I ripped down the black top. I looked in my mirror and saw my opponent, left in the dust. They had no chance against me on these streets. As I past the quarter mile marker, I let off the gas and began slowing down. I could feel my heart pumping fast and that adrenaline rush felt so good. I rode up to my team and my best friend came up to my window. "9.23 seconds! That's the fastest you have gone yet!" "Great!" I yelled back before cruising back to my parking spot. I shut the beast down and got out, making sure not to ding the wide swinging door on anything. "Alright, girl, that's the last run tonight. Why don't you go get rest some before we get on the road?" My father said, coming mk up to me. "Okay daddy. Goodnight." "Goodnight, my little speed demon" --------------- So my name's Danielle, but you can call me Danny. I'm a 20 year old female from the state of Texas and for as long as I can remember, I've been a car junkie. When I was 9, I was always in the garage with my dad working on his pride and joy. It was a 1970 dodge charger with a 426 hemi under the hood. For many years, we worked on that car. As I got older, I started doing bigger and bigger jobs involving the car. I remember when I was 15, we finally got it running, and it immediately blew out the muffler with a loud bang! When I turned 18, my dad handed me the keys. Ever since then, I've been building the hell out of it, and now, it's the baddest mother fucker around. However my story gets really weird, really fast. So buckle up. ----------------- "Danny, it's almost midnight. You need to come in to sleep." "Just give me another 30 minutes, Dad. I'm almost done installing the new valve covers I just got in!" "Alright then, just don't lose track of time. I'm going to bed." Dad said, before leaving the garage. 'Finally,' I thought to myself. I felt like I hadn't had any alone time since the races two weeks ago. I got back to work installing the new, fully chrome, valve covers when I heard acar come screeching towards the garage door and then a strange zapping noise that made my ears pop. I looked up from the engine bay and realized I wasn't in my garage anymore. Instead, I was in a very shiny garage with a thousand or more tools. Everything looked like it had never been used at all. My car definitely looked odd in this garage since it was faded and slightly rusted in some spots. I'm a girl of performance instead of looks so I never bothered with it. Before I could continue looking at the strange garage I found myself in, my phone began to ring, and it wasn't a number I recognized. I let it go to voicemail and almost immediately, it called again. I answered it the second time. "Who the hell is this?" "My name is Alex Tesla. I'm sure you're wanting to know what is happening to you right now. If you would please walk thru the door behind you, and I'll explain." I turned around and saw a door that I hadn't noticed before. "How did you get my number, and what's going on?" "Please Danny, walk thru the door and I'll explain everything." The female voice on the other end said before the call went dead. 'Can this day get any weirder?' I asked myself as I put my phone away and went thru the door. What I saw on the other side made me gasp. It was a house, but everything was huge! Everything from the couches to the TV's to the kitchen stove was gigantic. 'Yup. it just got weirder...' As I was looking around, a lady came out of the gigantic living room. As she came up to me, I quickly realized that she was also huge. She towered over me and it nearly scared me to death. I started to back up against the door when she stopped moving towards me. "Danny, I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay. I am just trying to help you." "Where the hell am I and why are you so damn big?!" I said, my voice shaking slightly, giving away my fear more than I wanted to. "You're perfectly safe in my home, sweetie. As far as the size of me and all of this, maybe it's best if you take a seat." The lady said, motioning towards a chair that I hadn't noticed before. It was actually my size so a slowly walked to it and sat down. "So what is going on? What happened to my home. Was I drugged or something? Is this some sort of fucked up hallucination?" I said, then pinched myself for good measure. I looked up at the very tall lady I assumed was this Alex Tesla that called me. "No. Everything is real, believe it or not." She crouched down Infront of me and gently smiled at me. I couldn't help but feel a little more relaxed from her warm expression. "So, as far as the size of everything, that is because you have been transported to a different dimension. I don't know how to tell you this very easily so I'm just going to say it. You were nearly killed, sweetie." I stared at her like she was crazy. "Nearly killed? A different dimension? What are you talking about?" "I'm sure you noticed the screeching sound outside your garage just before you came here? That was a car that had just lost control, and it crashed right into your garage, crushing you in-between the two cars. I grabbed your life essence with a dimensional portal and took you here and brought you back with our advanced medicine and put you in the garage with your car before you awoke." She said to me, taking my hand a squeezing it gently. "Wait. So you're telling me that I'm technically dead in my dimension?" I said, stunned. "I'm afraid so sweetie." I just looked at her a moment before tears started to build in my eyes. "What about my dad?" I choked up. "Oh baby, it's okay. Everything's going to be okay." Alex said as she wrapped her arms around me in a huge embrace as I tried not to cry "I'll never be able to see my father again?" I said, sniffling. "I'm afraid not, sweetie." She responded, rubbing my back with her hand. That's when I just lost it and started balling. I was always slightly emotional and if this wasn't a time to get emotional. Alex picked my up and held me as I cried. I didn't pay attention to what she was doing too much until she put a bottle in my mouth. "Shhh baby girl, it's okay. Drink this and it will help." Alex said. So I began drinking. Don't know why it was a bottle, but it definitely wasn't the craziest thing I've experienced today. As I continued to drink the bottle, I started to get tired, and before I knew it, i was asleep. When I woke up, I was in a very comfy bed. However the bed wasn't a normal bed. This one had bars going up way above my head. It looked like a crib and I was a bit unnerved by it. As I got up, I realized that the bed wasn't the only thing off. I felt something thick holding my legs apart, so I looked down and saw two things. One, was my outfit was different. I was now in this pastel pink onesie looking thing. And two, was that under the snaps on the onesie, was a thick diaper! 'Why the FUCK am I in a diaper?' I thought to myself. As if on cue, my bladder told me that I needed to pee, and now. I stoop up and tried to reach the top of the crib bars so I could climb out and get out of this stupid diaper, but the top was still out of my reach. At that point, my bladder couldn't wait any longer, and I began to flood the diaper. I couldn't believe it at all. I was fine one second, and then only a minute later, I was desperately soaking a diaper. Nothing in this stupid world made any sense! I began to cry again as all my emotions started to flood over and Alex came in quickly. "Oh princess, don't cry! I'm here now!" She said, picking me up. "I know all this is so different for you but I promise everything will be okay, baby girl" I leaned into her as I sobbed and couldn't help from feeling comforted by her. After a bit, my cries slowed to just sniffling and Alex sat down on the huge couch with me on her lap. I looked up at her and was reminded how huge she was. "I'm sorry... It's just all that's happened. Me dying and all. -sniffle- and this diaper. Why am I in a diaper?" I said, just now thinking about it again. She looked at me softly as she held me in her lap. She then began to explain the world and how it was different than my world as there were littles, inbetweeners, and Amazon's. She was an Amazon and I was a little apparently. She told me about the natural instincts of Amazon's and how the world wasn't built for littles. With everything so big and dangerous, most littles are just seen as babies that need to be cared for. "So I'm just a baby for you then?" I asked. "While yes, you are my baby girl now, I won't be regressing you or anything else like the cruel things I mentioned some of my kind like to do." She responded with a gentle squeeze that was to reassure me. "But you littles are very small and need extra things like diapers and special care." I started thinking about everything she said and then remembered. "Okay, that makes sense and all. But what about my car and that garage that seemed my size." Alex thought for a moment before answering. "Well. I'm a car enthusiast myself and I thought it would be really nice to have a baby car enthusiast mechanic." "Well as long as I get to keep my car, I guess I'm okay with the whole thing." I said, before thinking how crazy I sounded. "Great! I know we are going to have so much fun together! I can already see it." Alex practically squealed. "So before I set the rules of the house down, would like to see my car?" She smiled down at me and I couldn't help but smile back. "Sure." Alex stood up then, and carried me to a much bigger door that was next to the garage door I came in thru. She opened it and turned the light on. "There it is!" She squealed happily. "Oh my god." Were the only words I could get out. ------------ This crazy idea just popped in my head tonight and I scribbled it down as fast as I could. Let me know what y'all think and I'll keep on writing when I can.
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    Good day ladies and gentlemen, all the fine baby's (and even the not fine ones) and everyone in between. I have decided to throw my hat into the diaper training ring as it were. You see, I come here often and read the postings of some of you fine brave people. I am often surprised at the depth of many of the written words on this subject. Many of us have obviously done a great deal of thought on why we have these strange and silly desires, myself included. In my 34 years of living with this strange and undeniable compulsion to wear and use diapers, I have come to a personal conclusion that I wanted to share with all of you. Due to reasons beyond my understanding I have to wear and use diapers in order to feel like I am comfortable in my own skin. I could probably go on for hours about the how and why of it, and I would still leave many unanswered questions, so I will try to keep it brief. I have been wearing 24/7 since Sept 2017. I have been wearing to bed every night for about 2 years. The decision to start wearing 24/7 was supported by both my wife and psychologist. I would consider myself a bedwetter at this point, I often wake up in a saturated diaper without any memory of making it that way. I have a dirty diaper every morning, that my Mommy/Wife usually changes, but I will still use the potty if a dirty diaper would be a social handgrenade. I can't remember the last time I pee'd in the potty but I still use it maybe 2-3 times a week on average. At this point I am starting to experience actual urine leakage in certain positions. If I'm sitting I often feel a few small drips of urine escape, or if I cough or sneeze I will leak a little. I didn't start wearing 24/7 with incontinence as a goal but now that I am experiencing small aspects of it I am inclined to continue. The feelings I am having around this experience lead me to believe that I am doing the right thing. I can't really explain it, but it just feels right, every fiber of my being is pushing me with warm feelings in this direction(no pun intended). It's highly doubtful anyone would really know I'm wearing a diaper in public. I try to carry myself with dignity and respect, and I express the same sentiment to those around me. I do however wear diapers under my clothes everywhere I go, including Dr appointments, airports ect.... I truly feel that my best self is one that is wrapped in a diaper and it makes me feel happy to know that I am not alone in these admittedly odd feelings.
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    Chapter 4 You're taking me to the drag strip!?" I squealed. Alex laughed. "Nope!" She replied and then immediately laughed again at my hurt expression. "Okay so what we are going to do is told to absolutely no one! Got it?" "Yes mommy!" I said quickly, eager to hear what she had to say. "Im sure that in your old dimension, street racing was illegal. Well it is here as well, and that just happens to be exactly what we are going to do." My jaw dropped. I was always interested in street racing, but my dad had completely forbid racing off the track. Apparently he had lost a friend or something in a wreck back when he was my age, but even then, I still wanted to street race. Now Alex, my new mommy, was going to allow it! "Oh my gawd yay!" I squealed happily. Alex just smiled and dressed me up in the outfit. I found that besides the buttons on the jeans, the outfit was something I'd actually wear back in my dimension. "Now I know you're really excited to hit the road, but we gotta eat first and then do a complete check up on your car before we load it up in the crate for transport." Alex said as she picked me up. "Wait. I don't get to drive it?" I asked sadly. Alex replied with a stern tone. "Absolutely not. If any one of our neighbors spots you, you'll be on your way to an etiquette school with LPS by morning. I don't wanna lose my little babygirl!" She said the last part in her mommy voice and squeezed me. Then she put me in my highchair and gave me a bottle of juice. I sighed but drank it. I was very thirsty so it helped. Alex began making what looked like a simple dinner of burgers. The one she made for me was a perfect size for me, but for her, it looked the size of a slider! I ate quickly but carefully and finished the juice. Once we were both done, she made 3 more bottles of juice and gave me one of them before placing the other two in the bag. "Alright babygirl. It's getting late now. You ready to go?" Alex asked me after placing our plates in the sink. I squealed again and she smiled. "I was born ready!" I said as she picked me up. "Alright, go get the charger and pull it into my garage so I have room to look it over." She told me before setting me down outside my mini door. I nodded at her before walking into the garage and getting into the charger. The mini garage door opened up as I started it up and pulled it forward into the bigger garage. Then I turned it back off so we could talk without yelling. "So I just raced this thing 2 weeks ago and it passed our regulations." I told Alex as she walked up. "Oh so my little girl already races huh." She smiled and I groaned. "Well I mainly want to look at the brakes to make sure they're going to stop properly. Then I want to look at its chassis and suspension to make sure it's all solid. Don't want my little racer to crash!" She began inspecting the car with a tool that looked like a magnifying glass but electronic. It beeped like it was scanning things and everything. After going around the car, she stuck the tool under the car and it scanned the underbelly. I could see a faint light go from front to back before it beeped one long beep. "Alright. It's good to go. Pull it into that open crate right there and set the ebrake." Alex said to me as she pointed to a silver looking crate. The crate looked like a car trailer but with a display on the side and a few buttons. I pulled the charger up into it and set the ebrake like she asked. Once I was out of the crate, Alex closed it using the display and then something crazy happened. The entire crate SHRANK! It went down to the size of a small box that Alex picked up easily and set it into the trunk of Forza. "How in the world?" I asked after I could speak again. "Mommy has some cool toys huh?" She asked me as she picked me up. I nodded as I was again speechless. The technology in this world was astounding! After I was buckled in, we were on our way to where ever these street races were. On our way, Alex spoke up. "Okay baby. I want you stay safe. If you notice anything bad or off about your charger, stop the car. Winning a race is not worth your life if the car breaks. If you notice any suspicious behaviour from anyone, tell me immediately. If someone tries to grab you, you tell them that you are adopted and point them my way. If they try to take you anyway, I want you to send an alarm to me. I have a special watch for you that is programmed with a safetly alarm that will alert my phone as well as take 2 minutes of audio recording. And finally, if we get separated in any way, be it cops or anything else, I want you to press the alarm on your watch as well and ill come find you. Do not attempt to go home on your own. Do you understand?" I shivered at the thought of being kidnapped or arrested. "Yes mommy." "Good girl." She said softly. Just then, she pulled off into an ally, and then there were cars. Lots and lots and lots of cars. I saw cars resembling hatch backs, super cars, tuners and modern muscle cars. "Oh my god. There's so many cars!" I said, astonished. Alex just laughed as she found a parking space and got us both out. Immediately some Amazon shouted at her. "Hey! Ain't no one babysitting while your ass gets beat in that family sedan, lady!" Alex just smiled at him and replied, "Ain't no one wiping your tears away when I smoke your car and whoop your ass like the baby you are!" Everybody near us went, "OOOOHHHH," and the guy just walked away angrily. I couldn't help but laugh. Alex then put a watch on my wrist that said 'little protect' on it and it locked into place. After that, she went around to the back of Forza, opened the trunk, and pulled out the shrunken crate. When she raised it back to its normal size, I couldn't help but giggle at some of the expressions I saw on the faces near us. Then Alex set me down and opened the crate. "Okay sweetie. Get your car and park it in-between the crate and Forza, and you can open the hood if you want." I smiled brightly up at her before running inside the crate. I started the charger up and revved it a couple times before backing it out and parking it beside the crate and popping the hood. Then I shut it off and stepped out. I could hear some Amazon's talking to each other nearby. "Oh my god look! That little has her own car!" "Woah! What is that anyway. I've never seen a car like that before." "Does it matter? That little should be spanked and locked up for being here!" "I can't believe her mommy is letting her do this!" I tuned out of the conversation as I heard engines roaring from a distance and an air horn. Suddenly everyone filed away from the center and a few seconds later, two cars went flying by, before slowing down just past the car meet. Once they parked, people surrounded the cars and I couldn't see past them. "They're congratulating the winner and the loser is paying up." Alex said behind me and I jumped, startled. "Awe did I surprise you?" She asked, giggling as she picked me up. "No!" I retorted before looking away. "Maybe." Alex smiled, but before she could reply, a lady came up to us. "Alex! Good to see you again. I see you brought the little you were telling me about!" She said as she cooed over me. "Zoe! Hello! Yes i sure did! And there is her car I mentioned!" Alex replied, pointing at my charger. Zoe crouched down next to it and looked it over. "Wow! It's is old. Even for the little dimension!" Zoe said after a moment of looking at it. "I bet I could leave your car in the dust!" I said back without even thinking. Zoe turned around quickly and stared at me with a crazy smile. "Wow kid! You got fire! I don't take that talk, little one. Better put your money where your mouth is!" Alex then replied, "1000 credits and a bow to the winner." "Deal!" Zoe said quickly before running off to her car. Meanwhile I was set down by Alex. "A bow!? Really?" I asked looking up at her. "You'll do fine! Now go to the starting line. Just remember our drag races are longer than yours. So you better have a good enough top end! I'll be right here when you get back." I stuck my tongue out at her before i ran to my car and shut the hood. Then I started it up and drove to the starting line. Their quarter mile felt like a full mile to me. I was gonna have to do something about gearing when I got home. When I got to the line, I saw a car that looked like a mix between a Camaro and a challenger. It had a super aggressive stance and the some drag radials I understood more than what was on Forza. As I came pulling to the line, the flagger that started the race burst into laughter. I just ignored him and lined up to the mich bigger car. As the guy raised his flags, I set the charger and revved the hemi to the what I liked to call 'green zone.' The flags went down and we were off! The charger screamed as I slammed the gas. Zoe was way behind me as I went into second gear. We were nearing the crowd as I went into 3rd gear. I never used this many gears back in my dimension but oh well. I looked in my mirror and saw Zoe getting closer! However she couldn't catch up fast enough and I passed the line just as she caught my tail end. I screamed happily and threw my first into the air outside the window as I slowed down. As soon as I was stopped, I was surrounded by Amazon's. When I stepped out of the car, I was bombarded with questions and praises. "Wow that little can fly!" "What do you have under that hood, little one!?" "She could have gotten herself killed!" The crowd parted a few moments later and Zoe walked up. She looked at me with this infuriating facial expression and I began to worry she was going to hurt or kidnap me, but then she busted into laughter. "Oh my god kid! That was the most exciting race I have done in a long time! You got one wicked car there!" She beamed at me. I smiled and thanked her as Alex walked up. They pulled out their phones and made the credit transfer and then Zoe walked up to me again. Then she bowed and the crowd went wild. I smiled brightly and raised my arms as several people chanted, "All hail the queen!" After awhile, the crowd dispersed and I parked my car back in its spot. Alot of Amazon's came up to me and started talking to me like an adult. Asking me things about my car and sharing details about their own. I was really enjoying myself when Zoe and Alex came walking up to me. "Your mommy is about to go race. You want to get on my shoulders so you can see her?" Zoe asked me. I looked at Alex and she nodded at me. "Yes please!" I then answered. Zoe picked me up and placed me on her shoulders as Alex started Forza, who was still in family mode, and rode off to the starting line. I could see that the opponent was in a lowered truck. He must have thought that it could beat Alex's 'family car.' At the line, I heard Forza change modes and start screaming that beautiful roar. Right at that time, I realized I really had to pee. Giggling, I soaked my diaper while sitting on Zoe's shoulders. Seconds later, Alex was flying past us. The truck was at least 4 seconds behind. Later that evening, we packed up our stuff and started our way home. After we got everything resituated in the garage, Alex carried me to my room and changed me on the changing table and dressed me in a sleeper onesie before she sat in a rocker chair and cradled me. "Did you have fun tonight?" She asked me softly. "I had so much fun, you couldn't even measure the level." I replied, still wide awake. "That's wonderful. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." She said as she held up a bottle to me. As I started drinking, I had just enough time recognize the flavor before I was out like a light.
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    “You said d-diaper. Moira wears diapers.” Bridget’s mouth went dry. Her cheeks pinked at saying that word out loud. “So? It’s not exactly a state secret. She’s not the only one. Haven’t you looked around at the crowd?” Deirdre’s arm swept out over the green-clad crowd. Bridget followed the motion, taking a look at for the first time at the individuals who made up the sea of green. No children, but several adults were dressed as young children, or babies. Her eyes went wide and her heart skipped a beat. “What’s this? Some kind of kink party? Ageplay? How can you invite someone to something like this without telling them?!” “Consent sucks half the fun out of. You saw Moira’s diaper on the street and still followed like a love sick puppy. I saw it, so don’t bother denying it. Don’t worry, everyone here’s cool with it. Here, let me introduce you to some of the bigwigs, who really shouldn’t need an introduction. You’re just a human, so I’ll forgive you for not knowing who they are.” Bridget’s brain struggled to figure out just what kind of game these people here were playing. Before she could form a thought, Deirdre’s arm shot past her face, pointing at a table. Bridget’s eyes followed. A lanky Japanese boy with green eyes and dyed orange hair gelled up in spikes sat with a petite Japanese girl on his lap. The girl had a brace on one leg. She wore a white sweater decorated with green ribbons, and her frilly green skirt flipped up to reveal a bulging green shamrock diaper, swollen with pee. A bib hung from her neck, and she sipped a green juice from a sippy cup. “That’s Ichiro Nakatomi and his fiance, Yukihime. They’re yokai- Japanese demons. They’re highborn- nobility or some shit. Make sure you call him Lord Ichiro. The yokai are very particular about shit like that. But see those eyes? He’s half Fae. His mom was Oonagh’s mom’s cousin or sister or something. They’re distantly related.” Deirdre turned, pointing to another spot in the crowd. Bridget turned with her. Ram horns curled out of her riotous black locks and large, cloven hooves peeked out from under the hem of her long, dark green skirt. She held a sippy cup of green juice to the lips of a - girl? boy? Bridget wasn’t sure- but this big baby wore a bib, a frothy green dress, and braces on both his? her? legs. “Azrael Ruprecht and Nicholas Klaus, but he likes to be called Nicky. No relation to the Fae, but Azrael’s part demon, so she’s probably got some overlap somewhere in her bloodline.” “That’s a boy? Why the hell is he dressed like a girl?” Most of what Deirdre said when over Bridget’s head; a flood of information she tuned out. She stared at the girly boy, fighting the urge to lift her upper lip in a sneer of distaste. “Cuz he likes it? Is that a problem?” Deirdre’s tone was light, mildly curious. She gazed at Bridget without blinking. “....No, of course not.” Bridget forced a smile; Deirdre smiled back. Maybe this was why Moira had been so standoffish. These people created elaborate roleplays and mixed some age play in. Moira would obviously be ashamed and embarrassed for a classmate to find out about her odd hobby. Bridget just had to prove to Moira she was cool with all this and totally accepting. Bridget had never been to any type of age play or kink parties before. She’d never even worn diapers out in public.
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    In this story, Pudding and I stepped outside our comfort zone into a second person, present tense narrative about a topic we've never explored before. It's also the first story we've done together without using color! It was scary and challenging, but we came out the other side with a great little short story. I think this whole experience has really broadened our ability and made us better writers. I'd really like to say thank you to the person who commissioned this piece for providing us an opportunity to learn and grow. And thank you for believing in us. Please consider supporting us on Patreon! We also take on commissions! ~Sophie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Change Inc. By Sophie & Pudding *Commissioned by Anonymous You can’t believe your luck - only yesterday it had seemed like the world was going to end, with your athletic scholarship pulled. Your bank account is not doing so great on account of your reckless lifestyle and frequent partying. You need a miracle, a miracle like the flier in your hand that promises two semesters worth of tuition in exchange for a 24 hour test program for a robotics firm. You look at the paper in your hand, then up at the building off-campus marked with ‘Change Inc.' in colorful letters made of baby blocks on the wall. What a weird place. It wasn't as though you cared, though. You barely listen at all through the orientation process, you certainly don’t read the contract, and all you can think about is the busty older woman who talks you through it. Damn her titties are fine! What you wouldn't give to get a taste of those! "Right this way." She intones with a sickly smile on her painted lips, pushing open a door to a room that looked completely empty, then sealing you inside with a click. The room around you is white and plain, with a metallic sheen. A bright red light above the door is the only ounce of color, but it then switches to green. Holes in the ceiling open up and thin, long robotic arms reach down and wrap around your wrists before you can think to act. "Hey!" you shout. "What's going on?!" Two more arms grab onto your ankles and suddenly you feel your entire weight pulled up off the floor. You've never felt like this before. Something about the way the arms hold you makes you feel weightless and helpless. "HEY! Something's wrong in here!" Your voice is hoarse from calling out at the top of your lungs, but it's all for nothing. Despite your yelling, more arms appear and start undressing you in the worst possible way. "Those are my good jeans, don't..." You struggle and tug and pull. “Don’t cut them up!" If the arms have ears they're not listening. Soon all your clothes - except for your lucky red undies - are in ribbons on the floor. Then before you can complain, a floor panel flips over and sucks the pieces away. "What is this place?! I changed my mind!" But your mind isn't what the room has in mind when it comes to changing. A panel in the ceiling opens and a new robotic arm appears, holding in its grasp a thick, white square of plastic. Carefully, deliberately, the arms reveal the item in front of your face, peeling open the wings and exposing the soft padded crotch of the diaper. A very large diaper. Your mind races. No matter how hard you struggle, you are incapable of fighting off the cuffs on your wrists and ankles, holding you high in the air. "No," you mumble, "This isn't happening!" But your fears are realized as two more arms slide the red briefs down your legs and pull the diaper up in its place. A soft puff of air sprays white powder all over your cock before the arms pull open the tapes and fasten the diaper tight around your hips. The chime of a bell rings all around you. You struggle with the restraints, and a voice speaks from above. "Does baby need a change?" Humiliatingly, one of the arms with an oversized hand reaches down behind you and pats your diaper, hefting it against you, checking if you need to be changed. "I'm not a fucking baby you fucking weirdos! Lemme out!" An arm extends down and shines a red beam over your chest and stomach, like some kind of scanner, and you begin to feel some very real bodily needs. Desperately. Urgently. Like you won't even be able to hold it. What did they do to me, you think. You didn't need to go even ten seconds ago! "HEY! Lemme go, I gotta use the toilet!” The feelings are so familiar, but so sudden. The red scanner disappears into the ceiling, but the sensations do not. As the metal arms slowly lower you, the cuffs on your ankles and wrists stick to the floor, leaving you pinned and helpless as the feelings grow worse. Then the floor starts to rise into a large table, as if you were on display. Suddenly, you start to wonder if... if maybe you are on display? You frantically look around the cold white room, but the only thing you see is a hatch above opening up and a bottle lowering to your lips. You turn your head to fight it, but small arms sprout from the table near your head and hold it still until the nipple penetrates your lips. No matter what you do, you're immobile, naked but for a diaper, and drinking formula from a baby bottle. "Administering Formula #1822.” Or at least that's what you think you hear, but the liquid between your lips tastes strangely sweet and very relaxing. You drink, sucking hungrily on the bottle between your lips in a temporary daze. But halfway through the bottle you realize something is amiss. You're naked, you know that. You're in a diaper, you know that. The diaper is slowly getting warm, and wet, and... oh no! You can't be!? You're wetting yourself?! You try to stop, try to stymie the flood into your pristine white diaper, but no matter how much you panic and struggle against the strange new feelings, the formula seems to keep you from getting too riled up. You're not a baby! But the bottle stays firmly in place, even as your stomach grumbles unhappily. You need to find a way out of here… Once the bottle is empty, the arm takes it away, back into the ceiling. The warm, soggy diaper between your legs constantly reminds you of what you've done. The feelings in your stomach remind you what could happen next. No matter what you say, no matter how you struggle, nothing works. You're... you're scared. "Please let me out," you say, as tears start forming in your eyes. You don't understand why anyone would do this to you! Then another tight feeling rushes through your stomach and you whimper in pain. You shake your head to fight it off, but your body reacts in spite of you. Suddenly, unexpectedly, you start to push the mess into the seat of your diaper. No matter what you do, you can't stop yourself. There's no way you're pooping your diaper, you tell yourself. It’s not possible! Though as it happens, you're held down against the table, making it impossible to ignore; the way the thick mess squishes up and down your behind, between your legs. To make matters worse, the arms start to sit you up and gently bounce you up and down on the changing table. Why are they doing this to you?! How can this possibly be science?! Tears drip down your cheeks and you squeal out as you feel something hit your back. A hand - a robotic hand - patting you on the back, over and over. What the heck is it doing, you wonder. You're being bounced in a messy diaper, held in place, and being patted on the back like a baby. As you cry and whimper, the room reacts. It begins to play soothing music. Sounds of a woman's voice shushes you, saying things like "there, there" and "no need to cry". You can hardly believe you’re crying. No different than an actual baby, you think. But as the hand pats your back for the tenth time, still bouncing you softly on the table, a burp escapes your lips and the taste of formula fills your mouth. "There we go," the room says to you. "I bet you feel much better now." But you do not feel better at all. You want to go home, you want to leave this awful place! How long has it been? Hours? Days? In the back of your mind, though, you know it hasn’t been even an hour. Something is pushed between your lips, thick and rubbery, and it tastes like the formula. You suck on it out of newly given instinct, and you only realize it’s a pacifier as you are laid once more on the table. You're an adult man, naked but for a diaper, a thick, puffy, soaking wet and stinky messy diaper, sucking on a pacifier for anybody to see. You don't know how this can get worse! But then you feel something pressed against your stiffness in the front of your diaper, something semi-firm, and then a buzzing hum fills the empty room and vibrations are sent through your padding to your cock. Intense vibrations like you've never felt before. No no no! You are NOT getting off to this! "You are a very good boy," the room says to you in its warm, maternal voice. "A very good little boy. Relax now. Do not worry. You are safe and cared for and loved." You struggle against the cuffs, but any gesture or movement only reminds you of the state of your diaper. Tears drip down your cheeks. The buzzing sound permeates the room and you feel a warm pressure on the outside of your diaper. Rubbing down, between your legs, against your mess, and up to the yellowed front, along the length of your cock. As it moves, you shiver. Your body trembles. Your even breathing breaks. The room learns from your reactions and moves to please you better. All the while, the voice never quiets. "You are a good little boy. Relax. Let me make it all better." You want to spit out the pacifier. You want to tear the humiliation away from your waist. You want to leave more than anything. Your head swims and drowns and you suck on your pacifier, you suck and suck and suck. Your movements remain strong, but your struggles fade away, instead focusing your energy on moving against the vibrations, gyrating your hips to feel more of it. You're lost in yourself, lost in the moment, lost in the pleasure. The voice talks to you and you listen, eagerly licking up the words with your brain: you're a good boy, you're a baby, you deserve a reward, you should drink your formula, you should behave, you should enjoy your diapers, you should wet them, you should feel childish, you should associate this all with feeling good, you should mess yourself and be proud, proud of being a baby. You whimper and moan and your cock erupts in your diaper, soaking the already sodden padding with thick ropes of cum that have nowhere else to go but to press against your skin. Your breathing is ragged. Your heart, racing. You can't believe it. You are a grown man! You're in college! You are not a baby, and you not only have wet and messed yourself in the past hour alone, but the voice had convinced you to cum into a diaper. In your post-orgasmic haze, you thrash and kick on the table, furious and ashamed. But you're too weak. Weak and exhausted. You feel your body limply slip to the table and a program from earlier repeats itself. "Does baby need a change?" The robotic hand pushes roughly against the seat of your diaper, reminding you again that you are helpless here. "Oh! Yes, you do!" The metal hands move to the tapes of the diaper and peel them off. You struggle, but each moment of resistance feels harder and harder, and soon enough you're thrashing about with only the strength of an infant and the restraints have no problems at all holding you in place. The voice narrates, and your mind feels like it’s shrinking with each word. "There's a good little boy, let's see just how full your diaper is." The hands pull the diaper down and the thick smell fills the room: the smell of baby powder, baby pee, and baby mess, because you're a baby now. "Oh what a big mess for such a little baby! Don't you worry, baby boy, you'll be in a fresh clean diaper soon enough, won't that be nice?" You nod. You just want to be changed, you don't even care if it’s into another diaper. You can't see what going on, you can barely lift your own head (or your arms, which the machine feels no longer need to be restrained right now, humiliatingly). But you feel your legs lifted enough to raise your bottom, and you feel the soft warmth of a wet cloth cleaning you up. "Baby Boy made such a mess! All squished around, you must love your messy diapers, don't you baby boy? You love your messy diapers. We'll make sure to get you cleaned up and apply thick cream and lotion so you don't get a rash from now on." From now on... like you'll ever do this again... "You're a baby now, after all, you can't ever be an adult after doing that." Your cheeks flush red, and your cock stirs. Stupid voice, you think. What does it know... The room dresses you in the same kind of diaper as before, white and thick and crinkly. You smell like fresh baby powder, rather than a messy infant. Matching white mittens are pulled down over your bare fists and cuffed into place around your wrists, just as walls come up around you and the table is transformed again - this time into a crib too high for you to climb out of. The restraints disappear into the table and you are free. Free to wander around the small crib, anyway. Immediately, you tug at the diaper with your thick mittened hands, but the satin slips off the plastic tapes. The lights dim around you and lullaby music begins to play. The room starts to feel warmer and more comfortable. Even the metal table feels nice on your skin. You want to shout, you want to be let out, let up. But you can't talk with the pacifier in your mouth, and your confused little mind doesn't even think about the fact you could just spit it out. You try to stand up, but your legs wobble a little, and the top of the crib walls are so high. This whole room seems so much bigger than it was, and you know that shouldn't be possible. Which means you must have gotten smaller, but you know that's even less possible. That the room had expanded as the crib grew around you. You feel so small. You drop down on your padded butt on the bed, listening to the music play. You focus, sucking on your binkie. Gosh you're sleepy, though. You lay down, noticing for the first time a fluffy teddy bear adjacent to a pillow. You feel alone enough to hold the bear in your mittened hands, and before you know it you're asleep. You think, maybe, it was a bad dream, but when you wake up, the white room, the robotic arms, and the warm maternal voice are there to greet you. Your diaper is unexpectedly wet, but the room does not admonish you. After all, you are just a baby boy. A tub of warm water appears in the far corner and after stripping you of another wet diaper, you are placed in the warm water for cleaning. Though the mittens stay firmly on your hands, you kick and struggle against every action the room makes. You don't want to be bathed! You don't want to be carried! You are a grown man! But the room is quickly fed up with you. It lifts you high in the air, bends you at the waist in its many robotic arms, and spanks your bare, wet bottom. "You are acting so stubborn, baby boy. Be good." It hurts much more than you could ever have anticipated, not only on bare skin, but when it’s soaking wet, too?! Each smack aches, like you're being beaten with a metal spatula, and the feeling of heat from your ass after thirty firm smacks tells you that your skin is red raw. And you're crying, crying because you're just a baby boy. You wail and cry even worse when you're put back in the soapy water and your abused bottom has to feel the warm water against it. You sob and sulk and suck on the binkie pushed firmly between your lips. The hands soap you up, rubbing lotion over your skin that tingles and burns, rubbing shampoo in your hair that smells awful. You offer no resistance when toys are dropped in the bath to be played with - you just don't want to be hurt anymore, you want to be a good boy! When the water drains, your body hair drains away with it. ”You're such a good baby boy, aren't you?" You nod without a second thought. All you can do is nod. Fighting this isn't going to stop it. You pissed yourself. You shit yourself. You orgasmed into a diaper. Maybe you are just a baby boy… Twenty four hours felt like a week. The longest week of your life. You step out onto the sidewalk, wearing clothes you thought had been torn up. You look up at the huge sign above you. Change Inc. Then you turn your attention to the woman in the doorway, who invited you in only yesterday. She knows what happened to you, and you can hardly make eye contact. You hold the envelope tight in your hands - enough money to pay for the next two semesters of college. You had earned it. You had given up so much in that room... "If you're ever in need of more money," the woman says to you with that bright smile, her large breasts impossible to ignore, "you are always welcome back." She closes the door and leaves you alone on the street corner, with nothing but a wad of cash and an erection in your favorite red briefs.
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    As some of you know, Pudding and I were on vacation last week. And vacations are fun and all, but we had NO writing time! So on the plane ride home we decided to write a short story. This one has been up on our Patreon since last week, but we want to share it with DD as well. Please consider supporting us on our Patreon! We also do commissions now! Enjoy! ~Sophie --------------------------------- Sissy In The Sky With Diapers by: Sophie & Pudding “Oh you’re making too much of a fuss about it, Sunny.” His face still screwed up when I called him that, despite the fact I’d been doing it for over a year now. Sunny just had a much nicer ring to it than Sonnet, and with the way our dynamic had developed it was only a natural progression. He shifted uncomfortably in the seat, slinking down into himself, and picking at the tips of his tangerine painted nails and puffed out his similarly glossed lips. It was just a plane full of five hundred people - what was the big deal? “This isn’t fair,” I said again. It was all I’d said for the past hour, until Luna dragged me onto the plane and plopped me down in the window seat. This past year with her was... well, it was an amazing experience. But this was our first vacation together, and she it made clear before we left the house: it would be unlike anything we had ever done. “If it were fair, we wouldn’t be having any fun now would we?” I leaned over and kissed his cheek, using the gesture to slip my hand down the front of his jeans - my jeans, really, that I’d had him wearing for weeks now - and brush my hand over the front of the silken garment I’d coerced him to wear out of the house. He was so damn cute in silk panties, squirming. If he thought this was bad, he had no idea how much more exciting I was going to make it! I always liked dressing like a girl. It was just one of those things. In high school, I hated it. And in college, I was ambivalent. But this past year, since Luna found out... well I had the opportunity to really enjoy it, without the shame and guilt. And the funny thing was, Luna loved it too! She always had a really strong maternal side, eager to take care of the men in her life. We completed each other, as cliche as it was. And I was just so happy. Or rather, happy when I could hide myself behind the walls of my apartment. Days like this, when Luna put her foot down and dressed me up to go outside, I was all nerves... “You look really cute you know, though I think you’d be a lot cuter in what I’m wearing now.” Which meant a lot of things: the strappy little sundress, cute tights, and lace bracelets. It meant a bra that made it look like my poor under-endowed chest was anything other than modest, and it meant something else I was wearing in place of panties. A garment that I had every intention of transposing upon my little pretty boy. “We need to go to the bathroom.” We. Yes. We hadn’t been in the air more than ten minutes and I was already so embarrassed that I wouldn’t look up from my feet. Any smart person would have thought Luna’s comment about my being cute in her clothes was harmless, but it was anything but. And as if fate was on her side, the seatbelt light turned off only a second later. She pulled me out of the seat and I tugged her back to sit down. “You want to make a scene?” she whispered at me, and I looked around to find a few people staring. My stomach sank and I followed my girlfriend shyly to the restroom. I practically skipped. Sunny dragged his feet. It was a good analogy for the way we approached our dynamic - I was attracted to his shyness and pretty face, and he was attracted to my carefree confidence... and my pretty face. I opened the door to the cramped little restroom and shoved him inside roughly enough for anybody around to look up and investigate. Before they could, I’d closed the door behind the two of us and pinned his back to the mirror with the force of my lips alone. Spider and prey. Luna and I were the same height, but on days like this, when I wore her panties and jeans, she always wore heels to give herself the advantage. When we kissed, I had to look up. She held my chin to look at her. I tasted her strawberry lip gloss and my eyes fluttered closed. Wow... It was tight and awkward in the bathroom, tiny and oddly shaped, but neither of us were very big anyway, though I was essentially a girl shaped storm. I unbuttoned the jeans he wore, made sure to pull them down to his thighs, made sure when I did it I was standing behind him and he could see himself in the mirror in my peach colored panties. Be blushed. I bit his neck. This was going to be so much fun. Luna’s teeth sunk into my neck and left a small purple mark. That I belonged to her. She would leave hickeys on my neck whenever she felt possessive, and I could never once stop her. I saw in the mirror as her hand drifted over the waistband of my peach panties and I gasped. Mm... “Luna...” “Miss Luna,” I corrected him, and ran my fingers up the front of his panties when I said it to silence any arguments. Nice and smooth, because I made him tuck the way I learned about online. Smooth like a girl. My fingers pressed and pushed and I whispered in his ear. “You keep saying you’re a boy, Sunny, but I don’t feel anything here at all...” One nice side effect was that when I teased him and taunted him, his taped down boyhood would leak between his legs. And I’d tease him more for “getting wet”. “I am a boy, Miss Luna,” I muttered quietly, less sure of myself every day I spent with her. I could live full time as her sissy boy if I wanted. But the idea of going to work like that terrified me. Or what if my brother found out! No, this was private. Private between me and her, and... 500 passengers on the plan. She pushed between my legs and I whimpered. Her touch always felt amazing. “You don’t feel like a boy to me... maybe you’re just confused, Sunny? Maybe you need help seeing what I see?” I moved my hand up his hips to the cute little pastel top I’d had him wear - androgynous enough without a bra underneath anyway - and I tugged it up up over his tummy, up over his nipples. “When we get to the island, we’re going to get your tummy pierced.” I ran a finger around his navel as I spoke. “And get you some pretty bikini tan lines that no boy would ever have...” “Miss Luna, please don’t... I have a meeting next Monday, if anybody...” My voice trailed off into awkward whines. Was she serious? It was impossible to tell with her. I would wait until either my belly button was pierced or I was on the plane home. A whole week of this... her constant teasing... could she keep this up for that long? “Please, Miss Luna. I’ll be good.” “A good what?” Oh man, was I embarrassed. The boy in the mirror, in his tight panties, his revealing nipples, and round, pink cheeks... I sure didn’t look like a boy... “A good girl, Miss Luna...” “God I love you, you little airhead.” I pulled the top up over his head and dropped it adjacent to the sink, leaving him in only his panties, standing in front the mirror from which he couldn’t escape. “Do you want to wear my dress, Sunny? Do you want to be allowed to wear my dress and walk back out into the plane, walk allllll the way back to our seats where everybody will see and know what a little sissy you are?” My words weren’t malicious. I knew what worked for his long denied and tortured libido. I looked at her eyes, milky brown and shining with excitement. And I was so nervous. Walking back down that aisle, everyone gawking, calling me a sissy girl, and all the humiliation that went along with it. Automatically, before the consequences could form in my mind, I had already agreed. “Yes Miss Luna. Please may I wear your pretty dress, even though everyone will see me?” “Tell me what you like about it. Tell me your favorite things about it.” I was taller than he was with the grace of my heels and I made sure to stand behind him while I spoke, using his body facing the mirror to obscure mine. There were secrets beneath this dress that he needed to be kept from knowing until the dress was off my dainty shoulders and settled down on his. “It’s.. pink and feminine. Unmistakably. And only a girl would wear something like that. I like the straps and the frill at the bottom and how it accentuates your breasts even though I don’t have any and... and it’s yours and I want to dress like you Miss Luna. Please...” He took my breath away, he really did. We always described this as something we did for him, but it would be a bald faced lie to say I didn’t love it. I took his hand with his painted nails that the gate agent had stared at on the way in, and guided it to his borrowed panties. “Just like I showed you, one finger right down between, touch your cunny, Sunny.” To inspire him to do just that, to rub his restrained boyhood like a girl, I began to pull the dress off the top of my head behind him, revealing the bra that he’d soon be wearing. One finger, exactly where she told me to. A special spot where girls liked to be touched. It took me a little while to figure out the right thing to do, but I had months of practice. I pushed and rubbed with only my index finger against the satin, dampened panties. I was so distracted, I never even noticed Luna undressing. The first time he noticed me was when I needed his arm to push through the strap of the bra, but before he could complain about it I directed him to continue his touching. And he did. Eyes fixated on his chest as the padded bra cupped his soft skin and shaped what wasn’t there into the illusion that something was. I tugged taut, made sure he could feel it, clasped the hooks and let it snap against his lower back. Boys didn’t wear bras. Ergo, he wasn’t a boy. His eyes were more interested in his lace cupped chest than they even were in my naked one. So sexy. The dress would be next, and then something very new. Something I’d yet to share with him. My breathing was heavy and uneven. Every few moments, I would close my eyes and imagine Luna on her knees, with her lips around my... I bit my lip and shook my head. I was a girl. Her girl. She would never get on her knees for me, and she would never put her lips on a part of me that I didn’t have. The admission that my manhood was not only locked away, but gone, was… overwhelming. My orange satin panties were dark between my legs. I dropped the dress over his head. I pulled down his borrowed jeans. I left his panties for a moment longer and then tugged those down, too, breaking the spell of his touching with firm words. “You made these so wet, Sunny, soaking wet with Sunny’s cunny hunny, you must be such a girl, girls get wet and the wetter they are the more girly they are. I bet you wanna get even wetter, don’t you?” Even if he could have seen me from his angle, I doubt his unfocused eyes would even have noticed that I was wearing a diaper. A diaper damp and warm with my own arousal. A diaper I’d be making him wear in only a few more moments. “Mm..” Luna took me by the chin and looked into my eyes. I was still shy, but tempered to her words. One strong swing and she could shatter me. And that’s exactly what she did. “Uh huh, wetter, more girly...” I didn’t know how much the fact I had broader hips and bubblier butt would impact the taping job I’d done on myself when I pulled the diaper up his legs. But his thighs were thicker and his waist was enough for it to be a remarkably snug fit. And enough for me to tease him about. “It fits so well, you must be becoming more like me, Sunny, more of a sissy and less of a boy, a cushy bubbly behind and pretty hips for all the boys to stare at.” I knew he liked that. I knew he didn’t have any attraction to guys, but he was thoroughly smitten with the idea of them objectifying him. Wanting to have him. Defile him. I was sparing when I pulled that string because I didn’t want to wear out the note. Besides, I had more to go on now. “You’re so girly and wet that you need this, you need proper panties to soak up all your girlish hunny, don’t you?” A... diaper? I didn’t understand. She was wearing only a moment before, but with some tight wiggling, managed to slip it off her hips. But why was she wearing it at all? Why did she slide it up my legs, and why did she try so hard to pull it into place on me? I didn’t wear diapers. I didn’t need a diaper! On instinct, before the thought even came to my mouth, my hands tried to undo the tapes. It only barely fit anyway. Obviously she made a mistake. I took his hand and moved it from the tapes to down lower. I pushed - helped him feel that he could still touch himself like a girl - and made a very clear distinction. “You’re a lusty little slut, my airheaded little sissy. Far too wet for grown up panties. The wetter you are, the girlier you are. How girly can you be? How much of a sissy will you be for me, Sunny?” I let his hand go. Let him run his course. I was completely naked in front of him. Even after a year, Luna’s body was a work of art. Small and simple. Subtle curves. Almost plain, if she wasn’t so radiant, like an angel. Almost childish, if you couldn’t see past her hairless skin and into her mischievous eyes. Luna made me stop in my tracks when she was fully undressed, and she knew it. Her lips touched mine. Softly. Testing me. Waiting for me to make a decision. Her, or a diaper. What was more important? What did I want to focus on? I kissed her back and touched the soft plastic between my legs. “If you’re not rubbing hard enough for me to hear you crinkle like a a fairy, I’ll stop kissing you.” There was nothing romantic about the plane bathroom. Nothing romantic about the way he pushed me back onto the commode once my kisses had combined enough with his touching and made him passionate and wanton. But it didn’t matter about the venue, because we were the very essence of romance itself. A knock on the door brought me out of my stupor and I blushed furiously. I had been grinding my padded crotch into my girlfriend’s knee when it happened. And worse yet, she pushed me off and started getting dressed. “Wait, wait!” I whispered. “Please, Miss Luna, don’t stop now, please!” But she had already pulled on my wet panties and tight jeans. This... this wasn’t fair!! He was still whiny when I pulled him out of the bathroom. While I adored the way the traveler eager to use the restroom looked at us, Sunny looked mortified. Good. In his new dress; the first of many, and his diaper; the first of many, and his bra; a new norm, he was pretty enough to eat up. That would have to wait until we got back to our hotel, though. I sat down in my seat by the window, feeling the stares and whispers of the passengers. Was my dress too short? Had the tights bunched up? Or did I crinkle when I walked? Did they know I was wearing a diaper? Were they laughing at the sissy boy, or the baby sissy boy? I was almost in tears when Luna leaned in and kissed me on the forehead. “Shh,” she told me. “You’re my good little girl. They don’t matter. You’ll be getting the reward tonight, not them.” Her words warmed my heart and I pushed my face into her chest just as she put her palm on the front of my dress, crinkling the ill-fitted diaper. “And the wetter you are when we get to the hotel, the better the reward.” The wetter I was? Well... I could think of a few ways...
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    21.) Her Best Clothes "Wake up, wake up, wake uuuuuppppp!!" Annie shook the boy in his bed with gigglish glee — he'd slept through the entire set of chimes that indicted it was time for group showering. Actually he'd slept remarkably well, and she shook him a little more for good measure. "Velvet! Come on, come on, is time to go, the bells went beep beep beep!" I sat up and rubbed my head. I had never in my life felt so sick. Like, it was like I'd gone drinking. And drank everything in the entire bar. My head was pounding. What the fuck did that asshole do to me? I stumbled up from the bed, wincing at the lights. Ugh... "It's time to go do showering, Velvet. Gotsa get clean clean clean!" The bedroom door was open, and outside the door across by the bathroom entrance were a large majority of the populous, only Ayla hadn't made it there, yet. There were orderlies by them, two of them including the lovely smaller woman that had given Velvet his first cleansing. "We all gots go get cleans, and we helps to cleans each other, uhhuh, uhhuh." "...right... sure..." I was going to be sick. I was sure of it. I grabbed my glasses off the nightstand. Annie helped me out of bed and toward the shower room. I stumbled along the way, trying to keep the room from spinning. I was so drugged. But how? The milk? "Children, please disrobe." That was the smaller woman, and by the front of the line, Bree and Charity were both already in the process of doing so. It seemed that modesty with regards to nudity wasn't the world’s biggest issue here, to say the least. Maybe it was because everybody here felt like family to one another. "You gots take off your clothes now, siwwy Belbet, uhhuh, gots take them all off so you can do getting clean!” The diaper was soaked through. I didn't like the way the bottle made it happen without me thinking. But I was more interested in the headache. I undressed entirely and joined the girls under the water. I thought I was going to fall over, but damn did the shower help. Each of the girls, Ayla now having joined them, seemed like living anachronisms, each mismatched with body parts that seemed impossible. All the girls received electrolysis to remove all traces of body hair, but that didn't seem to numb out the facts anyway. They all had penises, most of them having permanently softened from the high doses of experimental hormones, but penises nonetheless. On some of the newer girls, it wasn't so bad. On Annie, it seemed impossible. 'Hol' still!" All the girls helped to clean one-another, and Annie was no stranger to it, but Ayla approached just before she applied a soaped cloth to Velvet's body, and smiled. "I'll take care of Velvet, Annie, how about you help out Bree?" Ayla ran the washcloth over my skin and I took a deep breath. Everything felt dizzy. Everything hurt. But the water was helping. Ayla was helping, too. "Thanks," I muttered. I wasn't sure why she was taking such an interest in me. But the effects of last night were not known only to me. "You had hypnosis with Doctor Marlow yesterday, I'm surprised you're in as good shape as you are. He doesn't seem to care about us the way that Colette does." There were no parts of the boy’s body that she found off-limits, she cleaned tenderly and softly and dutifully, and came with experience from having cleaned every single one of the girls here. "Are you feeling okay?" "Head's killing me... I think he drugged me." Did that make sense? What the hell end game was that? Mess with me for one day? Was he really that butthurt about my ignoring his hypnosis. I rolled my eyes. Pathetic assfuck. "Doesn't matter. Didn't change anything." "He's not a silly man, and he doesn't do anything without meaning to." Ayla nodded, having experienced both first and second hand, the lengths the man was willing to go. "We're projects to him, not people. If he drugged you, it's because he wanted to see the effects of the drug on you." Which didn't make sense for the short game, but Marlow as a long game kind of man. "...was it bad?" "It was a lot like the milk. But longer..." ...all day. I sighed and ran my head under the faucet. What if he put me on that stuff perpetually? What if he made it so I couldn't think right? I felt sick. That wouldn't happen. Colette wouldn't let it... "I would just do what he says and maybe hope that he gets bored. He usually does. And when I graduate in a little while, he'll have someone new to experiment with and you'll be off the hook." It as an unfortunate eventuality of all this, an inevitability. Marlow did pretty much as he pleased. "I wish he were gone, though. Colette is a much nicer person and a better doctor too..." “Yeah, I think so, too..." The waters started to turn off. We'd all been cleaned as much as we would. My hair was covered in that baby shampoo again. It was a weird kind of silky. I wrapped a towel around myself, but the orderly - the woman - came over and wrapped it around my chest instead. I didn't argue. "Thank you, Ayla. I will get Velvet dressed." While the boy was still in diapers, every one of his diapers would be put into place by a staff member. As for how long that lasted, that was up to the speed at which he embraced his training. The orderly helped Velvet through the playroom and into his bedroom, the towel wrapped around his chest and his hair soft and vanilla-y. She didn't make conversation. I sat on the edge of the bed in my room. She was rifling through a cabinet above the padded table. I looked at my feet and dried the waterdrops off my glasses with the towel. What was Marlow up to? "Up here." "Right..." No point protesting anymore. I'd kind of gotten used to the diapers. And it was better than pissing on the carpet, right? "It's good to see that you're starting to calm down a little bit, Velvet. It really is better not to fight." There was something about the orderly, something... familiar. Or maybe it was just the level at which she invested herself into this, and the level of interest and care she seemed to have. To be honest, nobody else bar Colette actually seemed to see the boys as people. "I didn't say I wasn't fighting. I'm just being practical." The woman took the towel away from me and started to diaper me. It was weird how normal it was by now. The woman poured powder over me and taped the diaper in place, leaving me on the table while she fished around the closet. "Your orders today are for specific attire," she explained, shortly before producing the dress that was so tiny it would hardly even come halfway down the diaper. It was the kind of impractical things infants might be dressed it, when they weren't expected to be moving around, when they just had to look pretty, and this mimicked the notion amazingly well. On the hanger, as well, as a bonnet in a matching style. "You'll be in the care of Doctor Marlow." "...that is the stupidest thing I have ever seen..." I sighed and climbed off the table. I wasn't going to play his game. I wasn't going to let him humiliate me. So I took a deep breath and forced a smile. "Give it here." Fuck, this thing seriously doesn't even come close to covering the diaper... was I actually embarrassed? No. I wasn't. I was sure of it... "You may put this on, but there are directions that you are to wear mittens once dressed, so you can expect limited mobility options once you're dressed." A glass-lace baby dress, and a bonnet, and mittens, and a diaper on display for all. There was no mistaking an agenda to these decisions, and the woman handed the boy the dress courteously. "I'll fetch your mittens." ...I didn't like this. I hadn't even started the day. I'd still need my milk before training, and another bottle before hypno. Was this stuff still on the table when Colette wasn't around? Why wasn't she here? She didn't have a life. She should be here... the woman put my hands in the mittens and I curled my fingers. I felt so nervous... Inside the mittens, at the wrist, a soft click, a firm plastic band secured each mitten into place. The system would only be able to be released with a special magnetic key, and between the fastening and the padded nature of the mittens, the orderly was not kidding when she said that he'd have limited mobility. Finally, she wrapped the bonnet around his head and fastened it in a bow beneath his chin. "Is there anything I can get for you, Velvet?" "Out of my face." She smiled, then left. She was so bitchy today. Yesterday she was so kind. Ugh. I bit at the gloves, but they didn't come off. I felt so stupid. The little bell rang for breakfast and I looked in the mirror. I couldn't believe this... A few of the girls stared. They couldn't help but stare. They were used to seeing one another like this, yes, that much was true, but never to see such a spectacle made out of one of their own. Honestly, the point of the system here was to help normalize childish and feminine behaviors. And this seemed so contrary to that, it was beyond belief. "Tha's a cute dwess, Belbet..." "...yeah..." I pouted and sat down in my seat. The table was full already. I felt so foolish. Stupid Marlow. His plan was working, whatever it was. I had so much attention. I just wanted to fade into the background. The food came out, and surprise surprise... no food for me. The bottle sat there and I sighed. I tried to pick it up but the gloves simply wouldn't let me. "You've gotta be kidding..." "Want some help?" Ever the mother of the group, Ayla presented the question in the most polite and considerate way possible, and only after letting the boy try it a few times first. Nobody else said anything. Colette wasn't here today. Everybody wanted to stay on their best behavior, and it was truly telling of the culture that Doctor Marlow had cultivated here. I tried with both hands, but when I tried getting the bottle up to my lips it slipped out, tumbling on the carpet. Ayla picked it up. My cheeks were a little pink and I rubbed my face with the back of the mittens. “This is so dumb... they can't get mad at me for not drinking it when they put these mittens on me." "You would be surprised." Ayla smiled, but when she went to push the bottle to the boy’s lips, her light lit up above the table. It flickered between her color, and red with a very angry tone. It meant she was doing something wrong, and she frowned, looking up at the light. "Here," she spoke quietly and quickly finished pushing the bottle to the boys lips, housing it safely, and pressing his mittened hands around it. As quick as she could after that, she sat back down, looking around nervously. It was so hard to balance. My arms were in an uncomfortable position and my fingers hurt. But I was sucking on the bottle just fine. For a while anyway. And then it fell out of my mouth. I tried to pick it up with my mittens, but it didn't work. I looked at the table, but they all looked away. This was pathetic. I crawled onto the floor and worked at it with my mouth, finally getting it in place, lying on my back like an infant and drinking. I didn't dare try to get up. Nobody said anything. It was clear as clear could be that Velvet had painted himself as a target to Marlow, and as much as they all cared, Ayla's brief defiance in helping him was as far as any of them would ever go. Not that it was their fault, it was just that fear was a powerful conditioning tool. I drank the bottle. Upside down. Trying to stay as still as possible. It was humiliating, lying on the floor while the rest of the girls ate on the table. There was no talk today. No discussion. They were all nervous. Why were they so nervous around him? I tried to get up, but the bottle slipped, rolling down the tile to the glass counter by the door. I hurried after it on my hands and knees.
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    37.) I sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed my eyes. Ginger had finally gone home, but it was well past midnight and I'd already fallen asleep once on the sofa. I could sleep all day if I wanted to. I looked at the MP3 player she had given me and rolled my eyes. "I don't know why she keeps having me listen to this stuff. I literally never remember any of it. She doesn't even ask me about them! It's so stupid." "It helps with her current client, Frosty, you don't need to worry about it." I was over by the dresser, thinking carefully about bringing something up. Part of me said to ask her, to be diplomatic. Another, louder, voice in my head... well, it disagreed. "Now lay back and put your buddies in your ears, Daddy is going to dress you for bed." Why did I even want that? Pull-ups were cute and all, but at night time it just seemed like she needed something more. And I couldn't get that image out of my head. I looked down at the cracked open drawer, lined with diapers. I sighed and unwrapped the earbuds from the MP3 player, then put my arms up so Remy could pull the shirt off over my head. Dressing me for bed was pretty usual by now. It had been almost a week, and... well, it was sort of nice being doted over like this. Who cares if he always picked stupid clothes? My usual choices amounted to footed pajamas and cute hair ribbons. Tonight, though... I waited until her eyes were closing for her music and set down my plan adjacent to her on the bed. A diaper in white with pink print, thicker than the phonebook... a little container of baby powder. A romper that snapped between the legs, but not enough to conceal the ruffled leg gathers of the diaper. Pretty frilly socks. And hair ribbons. I felt warm, like a high schooler about to lose my virginity to a more experienced woman. But also... as I crinkled the plastic of the diaper in my fingers... I felt anticipation. I wanted her like this at night. Completely mine. My little girl. I felt his fingers in my pull-up. I felt him take it off. I closed my eyes, thinking quietly to myself. Why was he changing me? I was already wearing a pull-up to bed, wasn't I? And I wasn't wet - I checked after I woke up on the sofa. So I opened my eyes to check, just as he was lifting my bottom to slip the diaper underneath. I blinked, confused, and then pulled out the headphones in frustration. "What are you doing?!" I sat up and shoved him off me, kicking the clothes and the diaper straight off the bed. Oh, my head was fuzzy... "Frosty," My tone was stern, normal volume to me but thunderous to her. She sat up, so I pinched her thigh and pushed her back down. "Daddy is getting you ready for bed, little one, and I don't want to hear any protests, because Daddy knows best. You've had a big meal, and you're sleeping in tomorrow, so you need to listen to Daddy and be good." Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. My head was cloudy and everything around me had a weird echo. I struggled and kicked and tried to roll over on the bed, but his slap to my bare thigh made me freeze. I shook my head and felt tears filling my eyes. "Notta baby! I'm not! I dun wear diapers!" "You leaked earlier this week, and--" "NOTTA BABY! LEMME UP!" I had planned it only to be an accessory to her nightwear, but it took no hesitation at all for my brain to connect the dots and to push the pacifier on the bed between her lips. And when it was there, I told her very clearly. "You look like a baby to me, little Frosty, sucking your paci, wetting the bed, leaking on Daddy’s lap? You are a baby and you're Daddy’s little baby to boot. No more fussing, or I'll spank your little tush and then dress you anyway, understand?" I looked up at him with shock, with surprise, and then... the same sinking feeling from earlier, when Ginger pulled me onto her lap. Helplessness. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't stop him. I felt tears drip down my cheeks as I kicked and whined, but another slap to my thigh silenced my protests. I sucked on the pacifier and whimpered quietly. Maybe it was better this way, too. She wasn't half asleep, she wasn't escaping the feelings; she felt every moment of her behind in the softness of her diaper, and there were associations in her head to that, associations lighting up that she'd never had before. Soft diaper, thick diaper, powder that made her dizzy, the sound of crinkling, of tapes coming into place, fastening, the snug fit, the comfort like wearing a cloud. She was an Angel, Angels wore clouds. By the time I had the diaper on her, I'd noticed quite a change in demeanor. I looked up at Remy with embarrassment, unable to make eye contact. This was humiliating. And it felt... warm. It felt nice. I didn't understand. This wasn't me! This wasn't right! I just... I couldn't put the pieces together. My tears started to dry up, but I couldn't think clearly. I was cloudy... "Remy... please..." "Daddy," I corrected her, "I"m Daddy, aren't I?" I rubbed the front of her diaper, pushing it against her, making it crinkle, releasing the smell of powder. And I pulled her up into a sitting position so I could dress her in the snap-crotch romper. Jesus she was cute... "...Daddy," I mumbled. I couldn't stop him. He was Daddy. He was in charge. I had to listen. I had to do what he told me. I swear, it wasn't always like this! But it was like this now. Damnit, I felt so helpless... I felt so small... "Please Daddy... dun do this..." "You want this, Frosty, you're my little angel, wearing your clouds, you want this and Daddy knows you do. So please be good for Daddy." With minimal effort I pulled the back between her legs and snapped the crotch together, an action that pressed the diaper firmly against her and made sure there was no forgetting it was there. "You're a baby, Frosty, you're Daddy’s baby, and every night from now on you're going to dress like this. Daddy will dress you because you're too little to do it yourself." I shook my head and pushed him away from me. I knew this was wrong. I knew something was wrong! But... but his words, his tone, him... Remy... Daddy. I felt my cheeks burn pink and I looked at the diaper between my legs. Baby. I wasn't! Was I? No... "Please," I mumbled again, forcing my lips to drop the pacifier. Why was I struggling so much? Why was I so foggy? "Shh." I put my finger to her lips, held it there, and pulled her socks on her feet, then began to pull her hair up in two pigtails - something Ginger had taught me one day when she needed help with her hair. And all the while, I told Wendy what she already knew. "Daddy’s baby girl is confused, because she's just a baby, you're too little to know what's right and wrong, that's why you're muddled, that's why you need Daddy." He pulled my hair up in ribbons and helped me into bed, with socks on my feet. I hated sleeping with socks. I hated the puffy diaper between my legs. I felt so humiliated! I felt so... scared. Daddy crawled into bed next to me and pulled me against his chest, and I curled up into him for comfort. I played with the MP3 player, I restarted the track, and I put the buds into her ears while I held her. I didn't know why, but it was important. It was important because Ginger said it was. And Ginger was right, because tonight’s file reinforced a lot about Wendy’s new relationship with her Daddy. It told her over and over that if ever she were confused, that Daddy knows best. That she shows love proportionate to how much control she gives up; only a true babygirl could love Daddy the way he deserved to be loved. And control wasn’t just emotional, it was physical. Love was crying, love was diapers, love was waking up wet and needing Daddy to take care of it. Love was dependence, and if baby Wendy didn’t show it, somebody else might.
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    It seems like every ABDL company is suing out there. Why can't they leave each other alone? This is going to ruin the market and there won't be any ABDL diapers.
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    We arrived back at our dorm shortly and Danielle parked near the entrance like most students did on move in day. She helped me get out of the car and we went inside and grabbed a large cart to place all of our purchases on. ”Danielle, everyone is going to know what’s going on when they see you pull the cart in with the furniture and box of diapers.” ”Yes, Alisha, but it’s midday and I think most people are out enjoying the nice weather. I wouldn’t worry to much about it honey, but if you want to be a little inconspicuous you might take your pacifier off.” ”Oh geez, I completely forgot it was still dangling from my shirt. I quickly I clipped it and put it in my pocket.” Danielle and I made quick work of unloading the car and quickly made our way to our room. She was right, the dorm was a ghost town, and we didn’t see anyone. ”Hey Alisha, will you go ask the RA for a little toolbox? We’re going to need a screw driver and wrench to put some of these things together.” ”Sure” I said as I left down the hall. I knocked on Amanda’s door and she answered quickly. “We need a screw driver and a wrench, can you help us?” ”Yes, can you write your name on this checkout sheet and once you do that, just grab that toolbox under the desk over there.” I did as I was told and I was bending over, Amanda said, “You might want to wear bigger shorts or a longer shirt, I can see your underwear. I just love how childish they are making them these days, it almost looks like a diaper!” She laughed. I blushed, pulled my shirt down and left quickly. The smell of the baby powder was still strong to me and I thought for sure she would smell it too. As I walked down the hall back to our room, she said, “If you ever need a babysitter honey, tell Danielle I would be glad to keep an eye out on you. You’re not the only girl in diapers in this dorm.”
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    Chapter 3 When I woke up, it was still dark in the room. I looked around for a clock and found a baby block styled clock that read 6:32. I groaned inwardly. "I hate mornings..." I said quietly. I tried to stand on the bed but the diaper was stopping me from standing easily. In fact, the diaper felt wet and swelled. 'No way.' I thought to myself. I reached down and felt the diaper and sure enough, it was soaked. "Whaa..." Just then, Alex came in and picked me up. "Good morning princess. How did you sleep?" She asked as she set me down on the changing table and began changing my diaper. I blush and rub my eyes. "Better than I have in a long time, honestly. Maybe I should have gone to bed early more often back home." "Sweetie, this is home now. You mean in the other dimension." She reminded me gently. "I know... It's just going to take me some time to get used to." I look over at the wall as she wipes me clean. "I don't think I'll ever get used to diaper changes..." Alex finished taping me up into another diaper. "I'm sure that over time, it'll become as natural as eating. Now let's get dressed and get some breakfast in that little belly of yours!" She smiled and tickled me some, to which I tried squirming away from with no success. She stopped and dressed me in a plain pink T-shirt and some overalls. Then we were on our way to the kitchen where she placed me in a high chair. She buckled me into the chair but left a bunch of other straps undone. "What are these for?" I asked as I looked at one of the straps on an armrest. "They're for unruly littles that thrash and scream instead of eating like good babies. Hopefully you'll be a good girl and not fuss." She responded with a very motherly tone. I looked at the straps with a new disturbing light. That definitely didn't sound fun. The intro scene from black ops 1 came to mind and I shivered. Alex had gone to the stove and started cooking and before long, was setting a small plate of food on my tray. It looked like bacon and scrambled eggs. But the bacon was in tiny little pieces instead of long strips like I was used to. "Eat up sweetie. And be careful not to choke. I'm being really generous letting you eat on your own, but if you choke, I'll have to feed you." Alex said softly before sitting across from me with her own, much larger plate. "Yes ma'am. I mean mommy. S-Sorry." I said, stuttering some at the mistake. "Don't worry princess. I don't expect you to remember everything immediately. It's okay as long as you correct your mistakes." She smiled at me and I relaxed. I definitely didn't want to choke or be fed from some baby spoon so I ate very carefully. Once I was done, Alex took our plates and put them in the sink. She then wiped my face, which I definitely did not like, and picked me up out of the chair after unbuckling it. "Do you need a change Danny?" She asked me as she walked back down the hallway to my new nursery. "No I am good mommy. What are we doing today?" Alex set me down on the floor for a moment as she gathered diapers, baby wipes, and other supplies into a diaper bag. "We are first going to an adoption center so I can get official paperwork stating you're my adorable little princess." I blushed and looked at my toes awkwardly as she said that. "Then we are going to come back home and work on your little car." She added and I brightened back up. Alex picked me back up after she was done gathering stuff into the bag and walked to the garage. The car kicked up again just like last night as she walked in. "Good morning Ms. Tesla. Are we headed out today?" Alex smiled and with a wink to me, replied, "Yes." Suddenly, the car fired up its engine and roared. It revved a couple times before settling down into a mean low idle. I almost came in my diaper just listening to it. "Oh my god! It sounds so good!!!!!" I squealed. Alex laughed as she opened the back door and buckled me into a forward facing car seat. The inside of the car was just as beautiful as the outside. I couldn't believe my eyes or ears. As Alex got in, Forza spoke back up. "I recognize the car seat buckle is engaged. Would you like me to switch to Family mode, Ms. Tesla?" "Yes that would be great Forza, thank you." Alex responded. Then, with a small beep, the car went silent. "Woah." Was all I could say. Alex pressed a button on the visor and the garage door opened. Then we were on our way to the adoption center. After a couple blocks, I heard another beep from the dash and Alex spoke up. "Go ahead Forza." "Thank you Ms. Tesla. Hello Danny. You already know my name. I'm an artificial intelligence, or AI. How are you feeling back there?" My jaw practically fell into my lap at that moment. "Wait, he's an artificial intelligence? Not just some Siri like machine that we had back in my dimension?" Alex smiled in the rest view mirror. "Yes he is. I created him myself." "That. Is. Awesome." I said, stunned. Then I remembered Forza's question. "I'm feeling alright I guess. Best I can feel dressed like this." "Are you not normally dressed like that?" Forza asked. I shook my head and stared at my feet. "No. I came from the other dimension where there are no Amazon's. I would usually wear jeans and a T-shirt." "If their are no Amazon's, how do you get by?" Forza inquired. "Well in our world, everything is sized for us. To you and the Amazon's, everything would seem tiny. You're definitely the biggest car I have ever seen." "Very interesting." Forza replied just as Alex pulled into the parking lot for the adoption center. As she came around and picked me up, she said softly into my ear. "This isn't going to feel great sweetie, but I need you to not cry out. Just stay quiet and be a good girl while in here." Then we were inside. I wondered as Alex was filling out the paperwork why I'd feel the need to cry out. Or why I wouldn't be able to if I did feel the need to cry out. "You're babygirl is so adorable! You would think you have had her for years with how content she is in your arms!" The lady behind the desk said as Alex turned in the paperwork. "Yes she is definitely a sweetie." She replied as she squeezed me gently. I blushed a little and looked away. "She's my perfect little. I hope that I can be the perfect mommy for her." The lady behind the counter smiled this weird fake looking smile just then and I knew immediately that she must have been one of those abusive amazons Alex talked about. A few moments later, I heard my name. "Danny Tesla?" Alex then carried me back with the nurse and sat me down on the bench for a check up that seemed pretty standard. After that, the nurse left and a doctor came in. It's was a man who looked about 40 that seemed even taller than the nurse and Alex. "So this is the new babygirl you adopted?" He smiled at me and I tried not to scoot away from him. "Yes she is!" Alex beamed. "Alright well, I'll need you to remove her diaper for me so we chip her where you requested on the form you filled out." Before I could protest, Alex had my diaper already off and I stood naked from the waist down Infront of this giant stranger. I blushed heavily but decided against saying anything or trying to cover up. I definitely didn't want to find out what would happen to me. The doctor turned me around and stuck a huge needle into my left butt cheek! I nearly screamed in pain but bit my tongue. The doc took his sweet time with it and I'm sure it was on purpose. Then, after what felt like an eternity, he pulled the needle out and put a small bandaid over the puncture wound before saying, "What a good girl you have here! Wish I could find a little that acts this good." I could tell Alex didn't like this guy any more than I did. "I got luck on my side, it seems." Was all she said before she diapered me back up and held me close, rubbing my back reassuringly. The doctor left and for a few minutes, we were alone. "I don't like this place." I said. "I know sweetie. I promise that we will do something fun once we are done here." Alex replied as she set me back on the bench. My butt still hurt but it wasn't a searing pain like before. Just then, the nurse from before came in with these small ink boxes. She then had me stick my feet and hands into them and press them onto an adoption form like I was some newborn baby. After that, we were done and left. Alex feeling overjoyed and me feeling more than a little violated. When we approached Forza, he immediately started up. Silent as the night since he kept the family mode activated. Before long, we were on our way home to get my car. I was super excited to finally be working on my charger again after what felt like years even though I knew it hadn't even been a full 24 hours. I felt the need to pee on the way home and just let it out in the diaper. I knew I wasn't ever getting out of them so I just accepted it. Once we got home, Alex unbuckled me and placed me on the garage floor. Then she opened the little garage door and my charger was exposed, hood still up. "So what were you doing to it when I took you in?" Alex asked me, careful to avoid anything about my "death." "Well I had just gotten new chrome valve covers for it so I was installing those when.." I replied in slightly sadder tone at the end. "Great! Let's get to work!" Alex cheerfully chipped in, obviously trying to change the subject before I got sad. I had the valve covers on and bolted down in no time, peeing my diaper again while working. Alex had been handing me all these shiny tools since she was too big to get dirty with me under the hood. Once the covers were fully installed, I topped off the oil with some high performance full synthetic 10w-40 I had inside the car. Then I looked at Alex. "You ready to hear how she sounds?" I asked excitedly. "You bet I am!" She replied, clearly just as excited as I was. I hopped into the drivers seat and turned the key. The beast roared to life and I revved her up a few times before letting her idle. I looked at Alex and I could tell she was impressed. "You built all this yourself?" She asked. "For the most part. My father did some of the work when I was growing up, but after I turned 18, it was all me. I wanted a car that could tear up the streets and leave all my opponents watching my taillights." She laughed loudly almost to the point of snorting for a moment. After she calmed down some, she said "Brilliant! You and I are so similar, I'd think you were my long lost sister!" I laughed at that and smiled. "Okay go ahead and turn it off." She said and I complied. She then picked me up and carried me to my room, cleaned my hands with baby wipes, and laid me down on the changing table to change my diaper. "I need to make sure you're drinking more. This diaper is yellow sweetie." I looked down at it and sure enough, it was yellow. "I don't normally think about my own personal needs when I'm working on my charger." "Oh yes, I was the same way when building Forza." Alex said as she cleaned my private area up and rediapered me. "How did you even create a car that had artificial intelligence?" I asked her curiously. She began removing my outfit and tossed it in the hamper nearby and went into the closet. "Maybe sometime, I'll explain that story. Right now however, I have got to get you ready." She said from inside the closet. "Ready for what?" She came back out then and held up an outfit. It was a simple T-shirt and jeans that I could tell had baby snaps on them to easily check my diaper. However, the interesting part was the words on the shirt. 'QUEEN of the DRAG STRIP!' "To prove your mettle.' Alex replied with a wicked smile. Thank you! I'm glad you think it's awesome! I like the idea of the flashbacks. Can't do her dad though because he had gone to bed just before the crash. But I have a few ideas.
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    Yes I have children. Two of them and they are both potty trained. I still wear mine 24/7. I change in my bedroom or in the bathroom. Kids are not going to care if you are wearing a diaper, they will forget about it because it will seem like they won't remember they caught you in one. Also get a lock on your door or teach them to knock before coming in. I don't think you need to give up happy meals or frozen kids meals. I also knew someone at work who liked coloring so don't give that up either. Also don't give up watching kids shows. Plenty of adults like Legos or coloring or kid shows they grew up with. I think it has a stigma it's considered a guilty pleasure and considered taboo so adults keep it a secret but when you go online, you see it everywhere because everyone is anonymous so they are open about it. This doesn't really need to be an AB thing.
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    Hello everyone! Apologies for the lateness of this, I've been working on a few other writing-related projects that slowed its production, and I wanted it to be as good as possible because it's a super important chapter. Two notes for this one: First, Val gets an interesting feature in this chapter, an inspiration from a story written by my wonderful editor, some derivative of which might be coming as my next piece after this. Second, what appears to be nonsense might just conceal secret meaning. Third, comments and questions are welcome as always. Enjoy! Chapter 2: Moonlit Echoes That night, Bridget's dreams were strange. She found herself on a bridge constructed of hard light, a monochrome arch, that bent off into the starry distance, so bright that she had to shield her eyes with her hand while sh staggered forward to keep its sharp luminescence from stabbing her eyes. As she dashed forward, she splayed her fingers just a bit to peek through. Through the tiny gap, she saw a figure standing at the summit of the arch, so far away that it was barely a speck. It turned toward her, and despite the distance between them, she heard it speak to her as easily as if she was standing a few paces away. But the words were all nonsense, distorted and warbly as though they were being spoken through the water. Emdo todan hatowt fenpo fuildell danteh skahu themorg, kind meht pebeas / fotinsel foi arvsintibo uyoru vies rens hat toteth loomnight. A grimace of concentration crossed Bridget's face: she could swear there were words in there somewhere. She felt like this woman, or creature or whatever was trying to tell her something incredibly important, but it was useless. Her heart began to beat faster. “I'm sorry, what did you say?” Bridget responded quizzically. Huh, reahem untacoy? Bridget said nothing, and cocked her head quizzically. Maybe she was just spoiled by being able to understand Val perfectly, but she couldn't make any sense of any part of that. Yaw, with meton tenlist wothis risking! The voice sounded distressed, but it was growing softer, as its owner flickered in and out of existence. Hograt, woneth sicone cenntio? The voice was suddenly cut off. More worrisome though, the arc bridge in front of her began to dim, unbinding into pale, wispy tendrils of nebular gas that faded into darkness with a hiss. For a moment, Bridget stood, transfixed, and then she realized that the outer edge of the darkness was moving swiftly in her direction, like the fuse of an old explosive, threatening to plunge her into the emptiness of space. Bridget turned on her heel and ran as fast as she could. If she'd had the presence of mind or time to contemplate, she might have realized that Val's power of flight could have saved her. But as is so often the case in dreams, the only solution she could see was also the least effective one. She turned and ran. But, the bright ground beneath her faded before she'd made it a hundred paces. The endless cosmic night yawned beneath her. She closed her eyes and screamed, the sound echoing impossibly though the airless void as she fell and fell and fell. <<Wake up, little one.>> Bridget's eyes snapped open. She woke in her own room, or what might have been her own room once, when she was much younger. The glowing stars that decorated her ceiling were gone, and the walls were a surprisingly cutesy lilac instead of the usual dark blue. Gabrielle the Unicorn was still in her place of pride on the pillow next to Bridget, but she had many other stuffed animals she hadn't seen in years: a pink bunny whose body doubled as a blanket, a soft brown bear with a heart on its chest, and a tiny green dragon with its lizard-like tongue sticking out, and so many others were piled up on the magenta comforter that someone had wrapped around her. Everything around her was soft, even her moon and cloud-pattern onesie was well-padded beneath. A vague shiver of horror ran down Bridget's spine at the thought, but she dismissed it easily; there were more important things to think about. Most of all though, she found herself transfixed by the sheer size of it all. It was definitely the same room, but everything was almost twice as big. Bridget's full-size bed might has well have been a soft boat floating on a sea of purple carpet. Bridget tossed off the covers with a crinkly rustle and crawled to the foot of the bed, peering with mingled excitement and nervousness down at the ground that was so much farther away than it should have been. In other circumstances, she would have tried to get down as carefully as possible, but even her smallest movements made big bounces in her giant mattress, and an absurdly reckless part of her brain wanted to see if she could do a bouncing jump instead. The carpet looked very plush, so it would probably be fine. Besides, Val would always be there to help her catch herself. Gabrielle went under Bridget's left arm, because she knew that there was no way the adventurous unicorn would want to miss out on such a daring feat. Bridget performed a few test bounces just to be sure, and then she made her big giant leap. A giggle burst from Bridget's lips as she the rush of launch. She splayed her hands, letting Gabby fall, so that she could land like a cat. But she dropped faster than she expected and the ground rushed up to meet her before she could brace for impact. <<Careful, there, princess. I'm glad that you want to fly so much, but we talked about how you have to wait for one of us to watch you, didn't we?>> Just as she's predicted, Voidwalker power encased her in a bubble, leaving her floating a scant inch from the carpet. But unlike every other tine Val spoke, her psychic voice didn't come from within Bridget's own head, but instead from just outside her door. Momentarily confused, Bridget looked for the source of the sound. Sure enough, Val was in the doorway, wearing her usual purple blouse over her favorite black dress and matching black flats as she floated above the floor. She beckoned gently with her outstretched index finger, and floated her little charge over to her, until Bridget was securely nestled in her arms. A half-formed thought ran through Bridget's mind – Val shouldn't even have a body, and especially not a humanoid one. Sure the purple-tinged skin and the outfit matched Val's usual color palette, but still, the Val she knew would have conniptions if she were stuck with a physical form and all of the attendant infirmities she so loathed. But Bridget's dreaming mind asserted itself again, and she knew without question that this had to be Val. And the most important thing in that moment was that space-mommy was unhappy. The realization that she must be the cause of that unhappiness was an avalanche in Bridget's now-little heart. She buried her face in Val's blouse, hiding her quivering lip. For a moment, Val said nothing, surprised by her little one's sudden change in mood. <<What- oh. Stars take me, I should have listened to Echo. She told me about how variance in human sleep cycles could affect mood,>> Val chided herself. <<It's all right, sweetie, I'm not angry.>> Val planted a kiss on the top of Bridget's head that made her scalp tickle. As the Voidwalker bent her head down, a sweep of her shoulder-length black hair brushed against Bridget's neck, and made her look up. When she did, she forgot all about how upset she was. Val's hair had looked black from a distance, but close up, it was full of far off stars, as though each strand were a tiny sliver of a window through which she could view the universe. The image shifted as Val's hair swayed with her floating steps, revealing and occluding stars, planets and galaxies as she moved. The display was entrancing, and Bridget grabbed excitedly at a lock of Val's hair to get a better view. Val grimaced at the sudden tug. <<Don->> she began, but immediately thought better of finishing her reprimand and facing the ensuing tears. <<Hey there, Bridget! Did mean old mommy Cadenza wake you up from your nap?>> The voice echoed like Val's did, but higher and more chipper. As its owner rounded the corner that led to the kitchen, Bridget saw that she was about a head shorter than Val, and her skin looked much more like Bridget's. Her soft pixie cut seemed almost to be composed of swirling pink nebular gas. <<She was already awake by the time I got here, I'll have you know,>> Val protested. <<A likely story. You probably woke her up just so she could do more training, even after I had to read her three stories before she finally closed her eyes.>> The woman's tone was stern, and she had her hands on her hips as she floated up to look Val in the eye, but a smile tugged at the corners of her theatrical frown. <<I have no idea what you're talking about,>> Val replied. <<But if it perturbs you so, you can have story duty again tonight.>> <<Deal! But no making her cry, and no flying outside the playpen for little humans. And no, little one,>> she cooed, looking down at Bridget. <<no matter how cute those rounded fat deposits framing your jaw are, there's no changing my mind.>> <<Of course, Echo darling,>> Val said, with mock irritation and a playful smirk. Bridget looked up at Val quizzically. <<Sorry, little one. You heard the lady.>> Val gave her another kiss on the forehead, and released her like a bird from her grasp, floating her toward the playpen, as she called it. The contraption resembled the gravitational alteration field that Bridget and Val used for practice, except that Voidwalker outside of dreams didn't generally decorate the pylons at the field's corners with unicorn motifs. Once she'd been plopped down inside the energy field of the futuristic playpen, she wiggled around a bit to watch Val and Echo. But it was quickly apparent that even her best puppy-dog eyes wouldn't get her any attention. Echo was clearly telling Val some really awesome secrets, her lips were right up against Val's ear, and every few moments, Val would let out a gasp of what must have been surprise. After a little while, Echo just lay her cloudy pink hair right up against the base of Val's neck, and then it was Val's turn to whisper secrets. Strain as she might, though, Bridget couldn't hear anything fun, so she turned to look at the toys piled up within the confines of the violet energy field. She dug through a few stuffed animals before her eyes lighted on an interesting little device, which she eagerly pulled out from beneath the soft blocks where it had been hidden. This toy looked vaguely familiar to her; it had five little hatches, each a different color, red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. In front of each hatch was a button in the same color, but each button was also a different shape: a red triangle, a blue square, a green circle, a yellow star, and a purple moon. Bridget pressed the red triangle, expecting the red hatch to open, but instead, a tinny voice, irrepressibly cheerful came from the machine. “Find the life energy!” A look of surprise crossed Bridget's face; this definitely wasn't how this toy usually worked. But she remembered how Val had shown her to detect the different types of energy around her. So she closed her eyes and concentrated, putting her hands over her eyes, playing a game of solitaire peek-a-boo. Sure enough, when she opened her eyes and looked down at herself, her body glowed a faint, familiar green. That toy in front of her, meanwhile, gave off five different colors. The red hatch pulsed and flickered like a flame; it housed heat energy. Within the blue hatch was what looked like a ghostly circuit board, it took Bridget a moment to realize that she was watching the flow of electrons from the blue hatch to the rest of the machine. The green hatch glowed the same color as Bridget's body, while the yellow and purple hatches concealed bits of the familiar signature of star warden and Voidwalker energy. She hit the green button, and giggled happily when the machine beeped a tinny little tune of congratulation. Of course it would work like that. Color coded for our convenience. The strange thought flitted wryly through Bridget's head, before it was totally subsumed by the pride she felt at having gotten such a difficult question right. Bridget turned and toddled excitedly toward Val and Echo, hoping to get some well-deserved praise. But when she looked at them sitting on the nearby sofa, instead of their humanoid forms, she saw their silhouettes, all bright star warden energy, but shot through with veins of Voidwalker violet, as though they were statues made of luminous marble. Doing her best not to cry out of sheer surprise, Bridget rubbed her eyes again to restore her normal human vision, and, in a moment, Val and Echo were back to normal. Which of course, meant that Bridget had very important news to deliver. “I did it!” she said happily, looking hopefully up at Echo, and pointing proudly back to the little toy. <<Good job, sweetie!>> Echo said kindly, <<I'm sure you'll be sensing every kind of energy in the galaxy in no time!>> Bridget excitedly nodded her assent. <<Certainly, with a good deal of practice.>> Val's voice was impassive, but she leaned down and kissed Bridget on the head just the same. <<Bridget, tell mommy Val not to be such a curmudgeon,>> Echo replied. “Yeah mommy, don' be a mudgin!” Bridget dutifully relayed Echo's request to Val, whose face formed an exaggerated frown, even as Echo bust into giggles at hearing her own insult repeated in Bridget's childish lisp. <<Truly, you two surpass the entire galaxy for sophisticated humor.>> Echo merely stuck out her tongue in response, and Bridget eagerly followed suit, realizing that if mommy Echo was doing it, she certainly wasn't going to get a time-out if she did it too. <<Remember, my dear Cadenza, there are other ways to learn besides through rigorous practice. Sometimes play is an easier method.>> <Oh, very well,>> Val relented. <<Get up here, little one.>> Val smiled, and reached through the field to gather Bridget into her arms. <<Get up, little one.>> <<Up>> <<It's time to get up.>> Val's voice resounded through her head, and Bridget's eyes slowly opened. Her room had returned to its usual hue, and all that remained of the horde of plushies was Gabby the Unicorn perched on her pillow. “All right, all right, I'm up!” Bridget mumbled, shaking off the last foggy remnants of the night's strange dreams <<Very good, little one. We have a whole day of educational opportunities ahead of us.>> Tired as she was, Bridget could only wonder at how Val managed such a perverse degree of enthusiasm so early in the morning. Gee, you never change do you? She thought back grumpily. There are other things in life, you know. <<Why would I alter a perfectly effective methodology? Does that make me a “'mudgin,” princess?>> Bridget flushed beet-red. Wait, you saw all that? Bridget asked, dreading the answer she already knew. <<Of course. Your nightly hallucinations happen in a different part of your brain than I'm used to interacting with, but viewing them is a fairly simple matter. They really are fascinating, you know; an interesting display of what could be if you'd just embrace things and complain a little less about our training regimen.>> ”You mean you could make me a baby. Truly, a thrilling prospect.” Bridget said dryly. << The dreams come from your psyche, not mine. Besides, isn't it more important that you'd have full mastery of our shared powers? It isn't as though you'd be required to wear that cute little outfit when we're on missions.>> “I guess,” Bridget said, unconvinced. A thought suddenly occurred to her. “Hey, wait a minute. If none of the things in my dreams are from you, where did that version of Echo come from?” Val was silent for several long seconds. <<A fair point. You couldn't possibly have formulated such an accurate picture of her personality without input from my memories. Our gestalt is truly odd.>> Bridget finished her morning routine, and endured a breakfast with her mother and sister. This included endless rounds of being peppered with parental questions about whether she had completed all of the assignments from her time out of school. Her mother had, of course, recorded each one meticulously in her day planner, and the list was so long. that Sami got up from the table in the middle of it; she ran out the door with a wave to her mom, and a gruff nod in Bridget's direction. Once that ordeal was finally over, Bridget was able to retreat to her room again. <<More importantly than Echo's verisimilitude,>> Val said, continuing their discussion as though there had been no interruption, <<the inclusion of my thoughts in your nightly visions suggests that there might also be some scientific validity in to the possibility of constructing an ersatz form of hard light that could act on the material world as though it were a physical creature.>> You mean, we could make you a body? <<With significant limitations, but yes.>> That's awesome! Bridget did her best to banish the memories of last night's dream in which Val carried her snuggled tightly in her arms that rose up unbidden, along with recollections of how easy it was to get lost in the swaying of the galaxies in Val's impossible hair. <<Indeed. However, that is a thought for another time. As I recall, tonight is your meeting with that Margot girl.>> Oh, um, yeah, that is today isn't it. Bridget's stomach was instantly one gigantic knot. At least I have a while until then, with mom out of the house all day. <<Precisely. You'll also have a long flight during which you can consider what you might wear, or any other frivolities you wish.>> Val said cheerfully. Right, that's true. Wait- what do you mean a flight? It took a moment for Bridget to register what Val had just said. <<Well, I suspect an active Vector office will be better guarded than an unmanned warehouse, so I don't think we can use the bike again. Besides, we need to put some of your training into practice.>> <<Don't worry, little one,>> Val said, after a few moments of silence from Bridget. <<We're just going to do some intelligence gathering. There's minimal risk of bodily harm.>> Val's self-assured, didactic manner could make almost anything seem safe and reasonable, but in this particular instance, even she couldn't quite quell Bridget's fear. Still, there was no denying that they had to do something, and this was the best lead they had. Bridget didn't trust herself to say anything that wouldn't sound like a fearful child trying to squirm out of getting a shot, so she stayed silent as she grabbed her coat from off the doorknob and slung it over her shoulder.
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    Birch House Chapter 12 --- Ann --- I hadn’t laid eyes on Becca in weeks, and it was killing me. It had taken me longer than that first week to work her out of my system, but I was diligent. I was back to normal emotionally, except I had lost my best friend. I was thrilled to hear from her. I’d talked to Mom much more frequently over the last couple months even Daddy had started calling me twice as often. Don’t get me wrong, I loved talking to Mom. She was action girl pushing me forward but Daddy was my rock keeping me steady. As my parents, they had sensed a change in my life, Mom knew about my wet nights, but Daddy didn’t. He just knew something was wrong and that I needed him. Honestly, they had good reason to be concerned. I was a mess. After they’d helped me clear my head, I’d thrown myself into my work. I’d completed seven minor contracts and was once again flush with cash. I’d planned to take a few days off before I called Al’s buddy that needed my help, that was looking like it was going to be a big project. One I wasn’t excited to get started on either. It might require some travel… Blah! I was seriously thinking about going to Mom and Daddy’s for a few days, maybe even a week. I had needed out of this house, but maybe… just maybe, things were changing. Maybe I had a reason to stay... I was worried about Becca more than anything else. She was having potentially serious health problems, and I was dying to know if she was OK. Mom knew we’d had had a falling out of some kind, but I’d kept the details to myself. In fact, I wasn’t even sure Becca knew why I’d started avoiding her. I felt miserable about where our relationship was. I needed to fix it, but I wasn’t sure Becca would want too. I had just stopped talking to her, cold turkey. I hadn’t felt like I had a choice, but I thought I was ready to see her again. I was almost certain I could see her without doing anything... untoward. She knocked at my bedroom door while I was sorting my feelings. Deep breaths Ann. Keep your hands to yourself! “Come in.” I called out from my bed trying not to let anxiousness seep into my voice. “Hey.” Becca said awkwardly walking in the room. “Hey.” I replied staring down at my comforter. Well, so far so horribly uncomfortable… Ugh! The tenor in my room was sad and tense, but my heart fluttered in excitement anyway. I couldn’t tell if it was desire, or if I simply missed her. I found that I wanted one of her hugs, the ones I used to dread. I missed the tinkling sounds of her jewelry that used to annoy me... Focus! Big girl panties on… Let’s do this! HA! That’s funny. Big girl panties… hahahaha “Sit with me?” I asked her testing the waters and terrified that our report was broken. “Yeah.” She said a smile creeping on her face. What an amazing smile. Hey her teeth look weird… “You still in bed?” She asked sitting down and patting my covered knee. Instinctively, I arched my eyebrow and looked at the covers again. So much of our relationship was based on a loving sarcasm that was impossible for me to hold back. I was worried, that I’d pushed too hard too fast though. So I waited. “Fuck you, you know what I mean!” She huffed crossing her arms over her chest smiling. “I know what you meant.” I laughed looking down at my lap. Yahtzee! The banter is fine. OK. I can work with this. I can do friends… But, that smile. Sweet baby Jesus! Hearing her cuss at me felt like angels strumming harps on sunny clouds! A smile crept up on my face splitting the oppressive air in the room. I took a deep breath and prepped to deliver my speech. “Listen, I’m sorry. I mean it.” Becca told me surprising me before I could get started. “Why are you sorry?” I asked. “I’m sorry because I freaked and didn’t talk to you for forever.” “It’s been rough with Trent. I… I did something that it took Trent and I a while to work through. Guess we are still figuring it out.” She told me with a tremble in her voice. Does she know?!?! “God, I just made all that harder on you falling off the face of the planet.” I started to sniffle finding new layers to my own misery. “Hey quit! Today is a day for a celebration! Fence is finished.” She told me. “There’s gonna be meat too! I’m going to make a mess outa my face girl. Bikinis and Ribs! Sexy backyard time!” I leaned forward and laid my head on her shoulder. I was so glad to have her here, but I hadn’t been asleep. She knew that cause I saw them watch me walk up the stairs earlier this morning. I was covered with my comforter for another reason. “Listen, I have something to tell you.” I started, but Becca interrupted me. “Nope, let’s just pretend the last couple of months never happened. It’s better that way.” Becca decided nodding her certainty. “Alright, but… I can’t, not all of it. This last one’s been a particularly bad month Becks.” I told her tears in my voice and real tears dripping down my nose. “W… What… Uh... “ She stuttered. I decided the best thing I could do was show her. I took a deep breath and stood up. My pink princess Rearz diaper was on full display and predictably wet. “Shit Babe. Did the diaper demon take your day times afterall?” Becca’s lip quivered in sympathy for me. “You can’t cry! I can’t hold it together if you cry!” I whined. “Fuck Fine!” She said standing up shaking her body like a wet dog. She hugged me tightly and I felt so much better. “So are you full time now?” She asked. *Sigh* “Yeah. I might as well be six again. I guess I have a little control, but I have almost no notice. I get no real time to get to a toilet.” I sniffed. “Fuckety Mother lickin sack of butt smokin asshats!” Becca said kicking one of my pillows that had been lying on the floor. “Your mouth Becks. So filthy.” I chided her out of reflex while covering my mouth laughing. We both laughed hard and the tension in my room cleared. Yep her teeth are definitely weird. “What happened?” She asked me. “Well, I stopped talking to you in part because of this. My daytime control started slipping right after Mom left. I tried pull-ups for a while, but they just don’t fit me right. I kept leaking.” I told her. “I don’t know what to say. You know I don’t give two fucks right?” She smiled at me. “It’s cute.” She whispered to softly for me to hear. “I know you don’t care, but I just wanted to be able to use the bathroom… at least at home. I mean it’s only ten feet away, but as soon as I get the memo and stand, I’m empty before I get anywhere.” I folded my hands in my lap staring at them. “Damn, that’s almost worse than not knowing.” She muttered. “Exactly!” I was so relieved she understood. I’m just glad someone gets it. God, I missed her so much! Knowing I needed to go and not being able to make it was more humiliating than just wetting my pants! I had really struggled with that over the last few weeks. Mom had constantly badgered me not to worry and just ‘Let it Flow’. I was so tired of Frozen puns. Dads don’t have the market cornered on terrible lame jokes. Moms can get in on that action too! “Ok, so bottom line. Your ass is padded 24/7 now. You still shitting in the toilet?” She asked me trying to understand the new dimensions of my situation. “Yes! I mean, I mean I have to pay a bit more attention than I used to, but I have plenty of time to address number twos... at home anyway.” I told her embarrassed. “I’ve seen you leave a couple times. So you are doing some stuff outside the house. That’s good.” She told me working hard for the silver lining. “I mean, it’s not like I haven’t been out diapered before, but I need to get new clothes. I’m going to miss my pant suits.” I sighed depression creeping in around my edges. “Meh, pants are overrated! Your legs look better in skirts anyway.” She told me. AHHHH! She likes my legs! GASP! Bad girl. Stop it. Focus... “So, when’s the BBQ?” I asked trying to shift the conversation. “Well, two-ish… Trent’s went to town to get the food. I’m fetching you. We can sit in the shade on the downstairs deck while we wait.” She smiled at me hugging me again. She pulled me into the hug and buried her nose in my hair. Becca inhaled and barked a bit having sniffed a few hairs into her nose. I smiled and snuggled into her. I had grown used to her sniffing like I had her hugs. It was just Becca now. “Hey… Uh did you ever get to the doctor? No tumors or anything right?” I asked suddenly worried. “Not yet.” She started, but I interrupted. “Look, we’ll get those appointments next week and knock it out. I was going to take some time off anyway.” I told her suddenly motivated. “Yes Ma’am. It just got away from me cause of the Trent stuff, and school, and uh… life n’shit.” She sighed. “Well, you’re shagging your old man again so we can focus on you now that your vagina has something to focus on.” I told her determined and giggling. “Ok… So bikinis and Ribs!!!” She agreed as I heard her stomach growl. “Well, I can do a bikini top…” I told her unsure. I didn’t relish showing my body like Becca did. “You’re going to look amazing no matter what you wear. You’re kinda hot ya know?” She told me kissing my forehead. My Lord I needed that. I needed a bit of praise from Becca! She thinks I’m hot! Wait! Ann! She’s Trent’s. She doesn't want you that way. --- Becca --- I had two bridges on the mend now, and we were on our way to celebrate another good thing in our lives. The finishing of the fence gave our remote house total privacy. Well, unless somebody was airborne or someshit! Things were definitely looking up at Birch House. Let the birds fucking stare! I’m so going to be nude most of the time! I’m a streaker and I know it. I began to sing in my head. I helped Ann pick out her skimpiest bikini top, partly for my own pleasure, but mainly to remind Trent how fucking hot our housemate is. I mean damn. Tall and waif thin, all she needs is pointy ears and she’d be some kinda elf from that movie with the short guys and the dragon! “What are we going to do about the bottoms?” She asked me shyly. “Well, if it was me stuck in a diaper, I guess I’d go topless so no one would look at what I was wearing around my waist.” I laughed. “Becks! Seriously. What am I supposed to wear over this thing?” She asked me patting her padded ass. My God, I’ve missed my pet name on her lips! “Well, you got…” I rummaged through her stuff. “You have a choice of not covering the diaper and owning it, the bikini bottoms over the diaper, or some kinda shorts or skirt or something. I’d look hot in a skimpy top and some skater shorts, but I bet you don’t have anything like that.” I suggested. “I could do a skirt and some workout shorts I guess.” Ann shrugged. “That’s not very hot! We are supposed to be young 20 somethings wearing skimpy clothes to show Trent how much we appreciate that soul sucking fence of his.” I fussed. “Well, I could just go without if you two don’t care if I pee on your deck.” She just laughed throwing out a last resort. “To bad we don’t have a pool. You could just step into the grass to pee and be all wet from swimming and no one would know.” I pointed out unhelpfully. “We don’t though!” She whined. “I’m not getting you outside in the bikini bottoms am I?” I asked honestly hoping she’d take that option. “Nope.” Ann huffed and plopped back down on the bed. Her frame was so petite, despite her height, that her tiny chest didn’t even show the impact of plopping down on her bed. I shook my head at that. My girls aren’t record breakers, but gravity still gets a say when flop around! I thought about this shitty situation and what I was hoping to do with this BBQ. I wanted to draw Ann back into our lives. I needed my bestie back and I was willing to do about anything for her. I tried to imagine what Robin would tell me to do about her daughter. What would Robin do? … Fucking brilliant! Now if I can just keep my fucking pussy to myself this time, this will be great. “Look, you aren’t going to like this, so let me just throw it out there. I’m gonna channel your Mom for a moment.” I told Ann catching her eyes with mine so she’d know I was as serious as hell. “Ok…” She said looking away. “Change into the black bikini top. It’s got some frills and covers more, and it will look great with your diaper! We’ll put your hair in pigtails and you can wear your black Hello Kitty canvas shoes. Oh, and a pair of those black HK thigh highs. You’ll look fucking cute as hell.” I suggested proudly. I got the pieces together for her and she changed tops with her back facing me. I let my mind drift over the thought of Ann, particularly my interest in her body. I didn’t generally find girls sexually arousing, but could find them entertaining to look at. I could appreciate a beautiful woman, but that didn’t mean I needed to get sweaty on top of her. But, as Ann pulled her last shoe on and I pulled her hair into the sexy-as-fuck pigtails, I found myself short of breath. “Where ya going?” I asked as she made for her bathroom. “Put on my face.” She answered as if it were plain to see. “Nah, it’s like the surface of the sun out there. No makeup girly. You’ll sweat it off Baby.” I told her catching up. Ann made her way to her bathroom dressed like a goth baby girl on Halloween. I stood behind her slender frame with more curves and being much shorter in my skimpy ass blue bikini as she closed the door and got a look at herself in the full length mirror. “I look like a drunk idiot on going to a costume party wearing a diaper as a swimsuit bottom!” Ann gasped. “Nah, you’ll look fucking hot. That black on pale shut-in skin… Amazing! Hell, I’m going to have to go bare ass naked to get Trent’s attention with you all dressed up like this.” I laughed. Ok… Now I’m turned on. Going to have to check the porn-o-verse and see if other people get off on this shit. Rule 34… Someone’s got to! “You could always get one of the Molicare diapers from the drawer. They’re the white ones. Do your slutty blue top and swap out for a diaper then wear my blue and white HK tights. I don’t have any Kitty shoes, but we could be matching costume sluts!” She laughed. Oh, I want too. Especially if I’m going to drink. That’s probably not safe though. Me + diapers + booze didn’t work out well last time. You have an adult chaperone tonight though! A paranoid one… It should be fine. But, I couldn’t convince myself. It was just to risky. “I’ll do the tights and do some white workout shorts. Not sure Trent could handle us both all sexed up with diapers and shit.” I amended “I have some white canvas shoes I can wear. It’ll work. I’ll look close.” I decided. I changed my clothes while Ann fixed up a diaper bag. I couldn’t believe it, but if she were going to spend all afternoon outside with us, there’d be no need to be running up and down the stairs all afternoon, at least she could change downstairs this way. I texted Robin and Trent a picture of Ann that I took when she wasn’t looking. [Me] Patched up with Annie... [Rob] Good news sweety. We’ve been worried. [Rob] How are you? Did you get to the Doctor? Are you and Trent OK? [Me] *pic of Ann #2* 3x BBQ Ribs and yard games. Fence Done. Have Annie send ya pics [Rob] God how adorable! Can’t show Daddy that one, or I’ll be in the yard in that getup. [Me] You’d be every bit as cute only you’d have the tiny person cute factor too [Rob] You’re sweet. I’m old and a midget, no worries. [Trent] WHAT THE HELL! [Me] No Doc yet. Trying next week. Annie is taking me. [Rob] I want to know everything! Need me there? Probably won’t get in that fast… [Me] Told ya she was hot! [Me] Not unless they find something bad. [Rob] They won’t cause I’m about to pray God’s ears off. [Me] Thanks… Mom. [Trent] You’re not wearing one are you? [Rob] You know I love it when you call me that. [Me] I could [Me] You know I love you! [Rob] Love you too. [Trent] I shouldn’t be feeling like this about her! [Rob] You know. Rearz does a black diaper that would look hot with that outfit. [Me] I’ll get her some for the next time I drag her outside, she’s 24x7 now. [Me] Yeah, let’s revisit this when you’re ten beers in… [Trent] Damn it. Guess I owe you an apology too. [Rob] 24x7! I’ll call her tomorrow. Love to Annie and Trent. Have fun. Don’t drink too much. Sunscreen. [Me] We’re both pretty pale, I got SPF 100 for the occasion. [Me] No apology babe. Just know I love you. No matter what happens. OMG! Brain cramp trying to keep those two convos straight!!! Wonder if I could get Trent to lotion Annie. I don’t feel safe doing it. Fucking hot bitch. We walked outside and setup the BBQ shit for Trent. We dug out a frisbee and a few other things to goof around with in the yard. Then we got all the ice from in the house and setup a cooler for the beer we snagged out of my fridge. We ended up lotioning ourselves while shooting the shit about the time we’d missed. I wouldn’t risk touching Ann, and Trent still out at the store so he wasn’t around to keep me sane. It felt amazing catching up with Annie, but it was stunningly hard to keep my hands where they belonged. I’d missed her so badly. We were lounging on the back deck in the shade of the upper deck when Trent finally got home. My man loves his meats like I do! Meanwhile, we’d both drifted off napping while we were waiting on Trent. “The lolita look is working for me.” Trent whispered in my ear. “Don’t wake her. She hasn’t been sleeping.” I whispered back my protective instincts kicking in. “I have to go rub the ribs down anyway. You two finish your nap. Fucking hot. Damn…” He hissed. “Diaper only for her around the house babe. Robin’s rules. Try not to stare. It’s probably wet too. Don’t know if we are supposed to help her not leak or not so follow my lead on that. Night Night babe.” I yawned quietly stretching and then rolled back on myself to sleep in a ball in the lawn chair. I thought about it a moment watching Trent out of the corner of my eyes. He was eyeing Ann hard. It looked like he was taking a fucking 3d scan, he stared so hard. I chuffed softly watching him go back in the house. That’s it! I was right! I groused pulling the knot on my top. This shit’s coming off! Those are MY pervy stares!
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    For me having to wear nappies and being incontinent somehow just feels right to me. I slipped back in to nightly bedwetting just like being reunited with a long lost friend. Now six years on and I am never dry at night and couldn't be happier. I have little control over my bladder during the day and wear nappies all the time and honestly couldn't be happier. Some o us are just meant to be this way.
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    Well summer is here for the weekend at least. My sunburned face attests to that
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    Thanks... I've managed to get through the insurance visit and am waiting for settlement on contents that were stolen more than anything now. I've spent my spare time since Wednesday putting up some cameras around the house. I was starting to feel like I could have written without that at least yesterday. Hopefully this next week I can be done with this stuff and get back to writing the end of the next chapter and then get back on track to getting the next chapters out... Thanks for understanding the wait here!
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    Hello everyone. I am a 45 yo diaper lover living in the Seattle area. I'm into cars, motorcycles, gaming. Looking to talk to people that love wearing diapers for pleasure. To help me understand why I like wearing them. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.
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    This amuses me a little. And I want to share some images, that I found.
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    19.) Her Dizzy Day "Hello there, Velvet." The voice belonged to the one person very few people at the table ever wanted to be addressed by, and his hand came down on the boy’s shoulder as he spoke. "Bring your baba, we're going to have a little talk. Nothing serious, child, just hoping to see how you're adapting here." I looked back at the other girls with a frown. The bottle was only half gone. Colette wasn't around - she never was at mealtimes. What was this? Just a conversation? He wasn't my doctor... and the last time we'd had a little altercation, I probably pissed him off some. I bit my cheek and put the bottle back between my lips. This was going to suck... "There's a good girl, I see you're already learning some manners. Come now, this won't take long, you'll be back with your baby friends before lunch is over." He led the boy, holding his shoulder, to his office and closed the door behind the two of them. Velvet continued to drink the milk. "How are you fitting in, precious one? Making some friends?" "Yeah, I guess." Now wasn't the moment I wanted to piss him off. The haze of the milk would hit in a couple minutes. I'd fought him off once before, and I could do it again. But it wasn't something I wanted to test. I just needed to get through today so I could work on Colette's project. "Thank you for asking." "I see that you've been ordered some unusual variances in your dietary menu." He was thumbing through some pages on a clipboard, frowning, thoughtfully. "At first I thought it must have been a clerical error, some kind of oversight. A girl of your age loves her milk, doesn't she? You do, don't you?" "...it's fine." A clerical error? What was he talking about? Colette had the power to change my meals whenever she wanted. It was her right. Sure, it might not make sense to Marlow, but it wasn't his call. I kept sipping the bottle. Three quarters of it was gone. Ugh. Ten minutes, tops... "I'm wondering if perhaps Doctor Clement's judgement might be somewhat impaired, to be allowing you substitutions and, as of tomorrow... solid food." He drew his words out, took his time flipping through pages, wasted no energy at all processing what needed to be told. He knew the milk would start to affect the boy shortly, and he'd be more direct once it had. I shrugged my shoulders. The bottle was nearly gone, but I took it out to speak. "She's my doctor - I trust whatever decisions she's making." It was the best I could do. Act oblivious. Why else would I be getting meals? Obviously because I was cooperating. I needed to leave. I quickly sucked down the last of the bottle and stood quietly. My stomach felt sick. "Sit back down, child. You're not dismissed." He watched Velvet, carefully. "I'm sure you must realize the ramifications of playing favorites here, Velvet. All our patients must be treated with equal care, to ensure the best possible results." "I didn't know I was being treated special," I said honestly. I did, but I was a fantastic liar. "I think because I cooperate more than the other girls - that's what Miss Colette told me, anyway..." I looked a little afraid. Like I was a child. My stomach still grumbled. I was trying to stay focused. "After being in trouble last night, I wanna be a good girl..." "Well, that's excellent to hear. Tomorrow is Doctor Clement's day off, and I'll be tending to your needs in her absence. I think I have a splendid reward for being such a good girl." He wasn't stupid. Arrogant, yes. Not stupid. He read through the boys lies. He knew that he and Colette were up to something — that damn woman was far too attached to the patients. Thankfully, after tomorrow, Velvet wouldn't be interested in helping anybody. I gave him a hard look. He couldn't change my doses. Right? And hypnosis wasn't every day. I could wait for Colette to get back in the office. But things were starting to get blurry and I shuffled quietly on the carpet. Stupid milk... stupid milk... "I'm going to take a little blood from you today, just to ensure you're right where you ought to be." He approached the steel side table to the gurney and started to prepare for the blood sample, while the boy watched his alligator-skin shoes carefully. There would be two needles today — a blood test, and a shot. Nothing serious or long lasting in the shot, just something to enhance the boy’s haze. Something more direct than the milk. Until tomorrow, when the preparations were ready, Velvet would be a giggling idiot. "You might feel a little pinch." I ached. I sat on the table with a little pout and the man took blood from me. Then he stuck me with another needle and I shuffled off the table, bandaged and dizzy. He opened the door and let me back out into the room. I rubbed my arm where the bandaid was. At least I got out of there before the milk really kicked in... The milk would take its toll around the same time as the shot, making it remarkably difficult to tell that the shot had done anything — only now instead of producing a milk haze that lasted an hour or two, the boy would be in a much more surreal state at least until morning. Giggly. Happy. Oblivious Compliant. Essentially, kept out of the way. "Come with me," Colette said, taking my hand. I was covered in fingerpaints again. I wasn't drawing on paper, though, I was drawing on Annie. Annie was drawing on me. I got up from the floor and stumbled after Colette. And I blinked. "Oh! Oh, I gots drawings..." I hurried off to my room. "Velvet!" She sighed and followed me. I started fumbling through my drawers. This was quite unlike the boy — he was usually on the tail-end of the milk by now, and serene and calm and taking back control of himself. This was like he'd only just had the milk. I followed him to the drawer, looking just how covered in paint he was, and he sang in an airy voice while looking for the picture. "Velvet. We need to have our afternoon meeting, remember?" "I got papers, though! Ideas about the headset thing..." I looked around, pouting. "... where are they? I had 'em right here... just this one here..." I pointed to the spot on the desk. They weren't there, though. Nothing was. I hadn't written literally anything descriptive on them. Just numbers to help keep things in my head. To anyone, it would look like very precise childish ramblings. Not even a code. Not discernible in any way. Literally just math. But my math... "Did you put them somewhere else?" I was patient, and calm, and took time with the boy. But he was still acting very out of character, and I couldn't help but frown. He'd gotten paint all over the drawers, too, and I was starting to have my concerns. "Where was the last place you had them?" "...here... right here... before lyin' down, I put 'em here..." But they weren't there. "Maybe Annie..." I pouted a little. It wasn't like her to take stuff. And she helped me make them! Oh right, the colors. Gosh if someone tried to figure them out they'd think the colors meant something. I couldn't help laughing at it, giggling like a child. "Did you have your milk late today, Velvet? I didn't get any orderly reports to indicate that you did." This was not like him at all. Yes, all our patients eventually crossed their event horizon, stopped seeing boy in denial and started to see girl in progress. But even for Velvet, this wasn't fitting to the timeline. I rubbed my temple. "Nuh uh... had milk right when the lighty thing was on, and... oh, I drew a pitture on Annie's arm, wan see? Come on it's got a sun and then there's this one flower, and-" "Velvet, sweetie... I think we need to go in my office for a bit.” I pouted. "...otay..." She took me by the hand, getting paint on herself, and led the way. This made very little sense — the schedule and timeline were all wrong. I would expect to see this level of immersion after... months, maybe. And even then, he was less like Velvet and more like... Annie. I closed the door behind the two of us and he jumped on the sofa, bouncing on his diapered behind with a satisfied grin. "How has your day been so far, darling? Would you like to tell me about it?" Something had to have happened… "Um. Uh huh... I made those drawings. Um, with numbers.” I was rocking back and forth on the sofa. Everything was foggy and my head was light and I couldn't stop giggling. "Um, and then lunch, and my baba..." I never called it that. Marlow called it that. So I guess I started? Oh right, Marlow! "And Mr. Marlow said he thinks you are putting me on bad food and he gots something to give me... but he didn't give me nuffin, just took blood from my arm." I showed her my arm, the bandage. "Marlow, huh?" Listening to the way Velvet was talking, it was becoming abundantly clear that something was amiss here. Marlow had taken blood? Why? Velvet was not his patient. "Well, princess, you know, everybody has their own special food needs, and that's okay. You're not in any trouble at all — I think Doctor Marlow was just a little bit confused. He's an icky boy, and boys are dumb, aren't they?" "Uh huh! 'Cept Roger!" I smiled up at Colette, and then I missed Roger, and then I pouted, and then I laid down on the couch. My arm itched where Marlow took blood. I scratched the bandaid a little bit. Then I looked up at the ceiling and kicked my feet. "Roger does sound like a very nice exception to the rule. How about you tell me about him?" Basically, more or less, I needed him distracted. He scratched at the bandaid, and I pulled my chair alongside the sofa, waiting for him to start his story before I carefully peeled it back to check on the blood-test site. There had to have been something given to him, but even if there was, Marlow wouldn't be dumb enough to make a second injection site. He'd use the same hole. "...he's big. Like super tall! And got big arms like my whole body, and he picks me up at stupid times, but not like in a baby way, like in a cute way, and kisses me like a sunset, and we like to lay on the couch, and he's got a daughter, but she's nice to me, but her momma hates me 'cause I think I made her momma and her dad not love each other anymore..." "Well, you know, my thoughts on that are if that maybe they didn't love each other in the first place, and only thought they did." One injection site. But there was swelling, slight puffiness, typical of an injection of a medication. What had he given Velvet, though? I thought about the agents we had available on hand. "Maybe you just helped Roger to realize what love really meant to him, Velvet?" "Maybe. I think so. I mean, that's what I think. 'Cause he's happier with me and he says he aways yelled lots with his wife. I think that's why his daughter likes me too, 'cause at least her dad and momma aren't yelling..." I broke up a family and put it back together again all at the same time. How awesome was I? "...I'm a little sleepy, Miss Colette..." I didn't recognize the agent. I hated that I didn't recognize it. The stuff used in the milk wasn't suitable for injection, and the symptoms didn't match up inherently anyway. But Marlow had given the boy something, and I was going to have to go to the pharmacology wing and pore over the logs in order to find out what. Worst of all, this would set back the progress by at least two days, because I wouldn't be here tomorrow and I'd planned to give him a task to work on. Fuck fuck fuck. "Okay, darling, you've been a very good girl. Want me to put you down for a nap?" I had no choice but to treat him like Annie for now. "Do you need a change?" "Nuh uh..." But I did. I was messy. I hadn't really noticed, and it didn't really smell because it was mostly water from the enema. But I wasn't clean. I wasn't dry. She changed me anyway, and she soon learned that she shouldn't trust me with comments about my diaper. Honestly, though - I think I was just too tired to care. When I woke up, in my own bed, I was feeling no better. Not sleepy, but still dizzy. Everything was funny and I couldn't think right. I sat down at the table, the overhead light blinking. I couldn't do another bottle like this.
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    Drownedinp: Hmm, that's a great premise for a story. I'll have to write something strictly about that type of thing. In the meantime, here's the exciting, magical conclusion. Chapter 2: Getting Little Natalie splayed her limp legs out. They felt heavy, as if they were asleep, but without the tingling sensation. Speaking of tingling, her wet diaper was really making her feel hot. The material tickled the contours of her pussy lips. The college freshman slowly started rubbing the carpet with her diapered ass. Ashlynn looked up from her phone and sighed. "Seriously?" "Take that into your room and use your toy if you want to play with yourself. Just don't do that in front of me!" Natalie ceased her humping of the floor and looked towards the open door of her room with a far away gaze. The diapered adult nodded and got onto all fours, crawling away from her rude roommate and towards her private sanctuary. "Fucking diapers and an exhibitionist. I certainly never expected that." The crawling college freshman thought she heard something, but it sounded far away as she reached her nightstand. Crawling took a lot of effort and energy, but her quivering slit was moist and begging for her vibrator. Natalie knelt by her nightstand, diaper touching her calves, while searching each drawer for the tool of stimulation. "Eureka!" She lisped and held up her mighty magical wand. Clicking it on surprised her and caused her hand to drop the violently shaking adult toy. "Dammit!" Natalie watched it roll under her bed and swore she saw a flash of light escape the dark under belly of the mattress frame. 'Just twipping weally gud.' Reaching out, towards under the bed, made the girl feel like she was fighting with gravity or jelly. Yes, she was that high now or was there something more to her severe discordination? Either way, after minutes of wiping her useless hands across the surface of what laid under her bed, she found a lone item. Her fingers explored it and felt a ring with a huge rubber bulb. 'Don't feew wike a wibwator.' Natalie pulled it out and realized that it was a freaking pacifier. Like, an actual giant, pink version of a baby's binky. She was going to throw it away, but for some reason she wanted to suck on it. Honestly, in what remained of her rational mind, it made sense. Whenever she did Esctasy she sucked a binky. Maybe this was one of her raver pacis that she forgot to toss? "Whatever." The teem said aloud before plunging the massive rubber nipple into her mouth. Her tongue explored the slick surface of the infantile intruder. It was big and felt great when her lips finally wrapped around it and sulked it. Soon drool began to leak from her mouth and only quickened her suckling. Each bob of the binky made her gums tingle and pulsate. 'Something not wight!' Her mind screamed at her to pull it out. Quickly she used her heavy hand to pry at the shield of the pacifier, but accidently hit a button which activated the massage feature of the binky. The annoyed young woman whined behind the paci until she felt the tingling increase and the painful aching go away. Once her teeth had fully receded into her gums, the suckling impulse stopped, but she still took a random drag off of it while crawling back to the living room. 'I wunder how Ashlynn ish doin.' Natalie entered a completely different room then she remembered. The walls were painted Seafoam Green and her treasured posters, which once adorned the walls, were no where to be found. Instead, a series of black and white "baby pictures" took their places. Normally, the young woman would have study the images, but there were stranger things demanding her attention, such as the kitchen. Black and white tiles spread out from the edge of the formerly crampt kitchen. Natalie didn't have time to question where the wooden floor had gone. She stared, slack jawed, at two old fashioned high chairs which towered above her. The two infantile chairs occupied a space which was formerly used for the ladies' modern barstools. Just then the diapered student realized an important fact: Everything in the kitchen looked like it was straight out of the fifties. There was an old stove and massive pink fridge. An ancient blender filled with purple muck found her searching eyes. The mechanical pacifier fell from her lips. "Eww, no way!" A long string of spittle stretched down and poured onto the young woman's forearm. She snapped herself out of a dazed, prolonged gaze and wiped her arm with her cute bib. "Much betta!" "Hey Nat!" A distant voice called out. The voice echoed slightly while Natalie turned her head slowly. "Wat ta hell happen to you?!" "What are you talking about?" Ashlynn asked. The blond girl cocked her head to the side as she sat slumped in a large baby bouncer clad only in a diaper and a tiny t-shirt. From the stoned adult infant's point if view, everything was normal. She felt fine, after all her diaper absorbed all of the juices flowing from her pussy. Both of a sexual result of the drug and the random discharges of urine. So, what was Natalie's issue? "Dun gib me tat look. Sumthin ish nod wight!" The shorter girl flailed her arms in a mild tantrum style manner while tryingto get through to her roommate. "Yeah, I'm super horny and I can't get my hands into my Pamper cause of the straps on this damned baby bouncer." Ashylnn's hands thumped off of the slick plastic cover, accentuating her point. "That's the problem." The blond whined. "No!" Natalie wailed while Ashlynn bucked her hips and rocked up and down in the bouncy. This once capable art student noticed that each bounce sent a sexual shiver up her spine. Once this sensation was felt, the young woman discovered that she could manipulate the diaper while the oversized baby's chair helped bring her to the brink of ejaculation. Natalie could only stare, completely dumbfounded, as the blond drooled and howled for more. It seemed that her tongue must have swelled due to her rapidly deteriorating enunciation of basic words. "Yes, oh God yes!" "Gib me everythin you got!" Her roommate demanded of her infantile seat. "Wanna squirt in mai pampaws!" A piercing scream of ecstasy overpowered the squeaking notices which followed the bouncing of the baby chair. All other sounds bowed before the five seconds of the declaration of a blissfully orgasmic climax. Natalie watched as her friend fell silent, eyes rolling back into her head before she passed out. Her exhausted body slumped down once more into the chair with a sickening "squelch" noise from the swamped Pamper. "Ashwynn!" Natalie cried out and crawled over to her restrained friend who has started blowing spit bubbles in her sleep. Said bubbles fluctuated with her breathing. *Crinkle* *Crinkle* *Crinkle* Her diapers various crumpling didn't even register to the college kid, but the various sounds of laughter, cracking free from the walls sure did. She stopped her crawl and plunked down on her padded tush, frantically searching for the source of this ghostly cackling. Dizziness fell upon her senses as her mind was spinning. "You have no choice!" The walls called out. An entranced Natalie stared at the door. Somehow she got turned around, not that she took any notice of this development. No. The front door was all that mattered as the laughter died down and a series of footsteps clacked about outside of the former student's dorm. She followed the sounds to the best of her abilities until she felt compelled to stop. *Click* A bright orange glow almost blinded Natalie as the door swung inwards. Using what was left of her mind, she hoped that this was all an illusion brought before her eyes by the pharmaceutical potion she eagerly swallowed minutes earlier. Or was that hours ago? Nonetheless, the shadowy figure closed the door behind her and looked down at her newest charge. "You weren't ready to be a big girl. Lesson one, you never take candy from strangers." The red skinned, Seafoam green clad woman hefted Natalie onto her hip. "Now, this is an institution of higher learning, or was. I think it's more suited to a daycare capacity. Don't you?" The End? If you like this type of thing then maybe you could check out my Patreon. For just $5 bucks I can write you a story similar to this one or you can give me an idea and I'll write that. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213
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    I was 13, no one told me much about puberty, and I accidentally got the new pleasures of my growing body all tangled up with old childish memories of being desperate and wetting my pants. In that first rush of discovery, diapers — which had seemed something between irrelevant, embarrassing and nasty to me up to then — became Totally Fascinating. The fact that I used to wear them as a baby and pee my pants all day long. What did it feel like? Why couldn’t I remember? How long did I wear them? How could I possibly have not known any better? It was such a weird thing to think about, not a subject for a new teenage boy, but somehow it sent tingles through my whole body and I wanted to do it. The first time I had privacy I held my pee in all morning, put on two snug pairs of underwear as my “diaper,” went and sat on the toilet with them still on and … let go and wet myself while imagining being a baby in diapers. It felt absolutely fantastic, the warmth streaming all through my undies in such nice places, the relief, the helpless innocence of being a baby mixed with the daring of doing this on purpose, for pleasure. After I’d thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the feeling of wetting myself like a very little boy, I pleasured myelf in my wet undies, twice, like a much bigger one...
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    Last time the doctor checked my prostate it was going fine, then I realised he had a hand on each shoulder... normal?
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    The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 13. I sleep poorly under the influence of the prescription medicine. I missed the dead-to-the-world sleep like I normally get. Instead, I got one of those naps where you surface checking the clock every few minutes. I can’t toss and turn like I normally would. I’m a roller, but my damn boot acts like an anchor keeping me from resting. Totally unsatisfying! This nap is turning out to be more trouble than it’s worth… Normally I wake up with my pad a bit damp. It’s not like I’m sleep wetting or anything, but more like a series of piddles throughout my wiggly sleep. My pad isn’t soaked nor do I wet my bed, but my pads are almost always a little squishy. I feel like it happens because of my restless body syndrome (I’m self-diagnosed!) I figure when I’m rolling around in my bed the movement releases a bit of pee no matter what I do. I blink my eyes trying to shake off the medicinal haze and lack of a real rest. I reach out slapping around for my cell phone wishing I had force powers like in Allen’s movies. Finally finding it, I sit the phone on my chest after checking the time, apparently its 8:30pm. Molly should be in bed by now. Wonder if muh Man is still in the living room. [Me] So… what’s a girl gotta do ta get sumpin ta eat? [Allen] What are ya offering? I could think of a few fun things… [Allen] Seeing any pink elephants? [Me] God what did I do? Was it as bad as those dentist videos? [Allen] Nowhere close. [Allen] Still very amusing. [Me] Does that mean I have already entertained you enough to get some food? [Allen] I’ll feed ya either way. Wanna get out of there a while or soup in bed? [Allen] Also, this is way better than yelling and waking up the kiddo. [Me] I know right. How’d our parents do this? [Me] I’d like to get out of this bedroom, but uh… I pause no knowing exactly how to ask my next question… [Allen] … yes? [Me] can I get a change first? [Allen] Change of what? [Me] You know. [Allen] I have no idea what you’re talking about. [Me] Shit… don’t make me say it. [Allen] Type it baby you can do it. [Me] Diaper *stick tongue out emoji* [Allen] What about it baby? [Me] Don’t push me. I am the vaginal control tower. I can deny your entry codes way longer than you can circle the airport without crashing. [Allen] This pussy monopoly must stop! Baby will you help me make some protest signs? [Me] Yeah, protest that at city call. Husband’s Vaginal Visitation Rights. OMG! That would be fucking hilarious. [Allen] *Gasp emoji* what were we talking about? [Me] Will you come change my diaper and carry me to the living room? [Allen] Gotcha, see that was way easier than being the woman behind men’s vagina suffrage. [Me] I feel like I’ve been setup. [Allen] It’s possible. Daddy Diaper Service on the way. I could hear Allen in a light jog coming down the hall. I looked down at my chest again to see that he’d put me in one of my white onesies. It feels dry. Least he didn’t screw the laundry up. I reach down and pinch the diaper beneath the material. It feels a little squishy, but I just don’t see the point in sitting around in a wet diaper! Being all bed ridden and immobile seems like an invitation to diaper rash! Better send Allen for some baby oil and powder when he gets here. Ain’t no body gots no time fo dat! “Daddy Diaper Services at your…” he draws a blank “service?” he asks laughing and raising his eyebrow. “Allen.” I say exasperated. “May I have a clean ass and dry butt and a sausage Totino’s?” “Of course you can Princess Mommy!” “Allen…” “Yes dear.” “Much better. Hey grab some baby oil and baby powder from Molly’s room while you run out to pre-heat the oven. Uh… feel free to make yourself one to. You know, if you’re hungry. Sorry babe. Ah… also I like my pizza rack backed and crispy.” “Sorry for what?” he asks. “I don’t know. I feel bad bossing you around. I stay at home and don’t work as much so I can do that stuff for you, well, most of the time. But, I just don’t know how to beat around the bush and be all polite and stuff.” “That’s why you’re the boss lady not the worker bee dear. Those idiots you work with couldn’t tie their shoes without you. That’s why they had to ask my big Princess for help even though she put in her notice years ago.” He coos. “Pfft. Fat lot of good quitting did. I may work less hours, but the problems are all more complicated now. I suppose I should just be grateful I’m only solving the big problems not all of them anymore. Hey, I have a great team! They haven’t called me all weekend and I have a board report on Monday. That’s saying something!” “How you gonna do that baby?” “Shit.” I crow. “Guess you need your laptop in the living room too?” Allen says. “Come here and kiss me my smarty pants man.” He kisses me. It imbues woman feelings not the toddler I’m dressed up as. Don’t get me wrong. I love my diapers. I like my onesies. It’s just that in my mind they are a convenient sexy way to turn my man on and… I don’t know. Unique? Allen comes back with the baby oil and baby powder. I guide him through changing my diaper. Sure the principles are the same, but I want him to be extra careful not to get any powder in me while he’s dusting the baby oil. I want my baby oil rubbed in just right and a touch in the creases of my legs to help keep the noise down on the plastic shell of my diaper. That little bit of oil helps with the friction too! “All aboard the Allen Express.” He bellows standing up. Fucking Goofball. I think laughing to myself. If he hadn’t just rushed me to the emergency room and taken care of everything in that crisis, I’d swear he was a twelve year old boy. He hardly ever takes anything seriously. I suppose it’s a blessing though. I tend to be a bit too focused and a bit too serious. Maybe we are a bit like the light and dark side of the force bringing each other into balance. I laugh. Allen picks me up as if I weigh nothing. My legs drape over his right arm at the knee. The boot feels like a dead weight just lying there. I have nothing but pain and weakness available to me when I try to move it. The most annoying thing is the apparatus keeping my broken big toe locked into place. I swear it’s giving me big toe claustrophobia! I ached to scrunch it up and relieve the unnatural feeling. “Princess Mommy, your ass is bound and determined to make racket tonight.” “I know. These depends are crinkly as hell.” I acknowledge then mumble, “I like the noise.” “Huh. Didn’t get that.” “Nothing.” “Nothing sure sounds like, ‘I don’t want to tell Allen what I said and my poor pizza will just have to sit in the oven burning to a crisp since I’m so sensitive and stubborn’.” He mocks me with a parody of my own voice. “Not the pizza! Geneva conventions man!” I slap at his chest giggling. “Maybe for the pizza, but smelling it burn is a good punishment for not telling Daddy what you said.” He chuckles. “But I’m so hungry…” I whine. “Then tell me what you said.” He insists cheerfully starting to spin me in circles. “I said that I like the sound. I hear it with Molly. I hear it with these a lot. Molly’s have a sort of fabric looking plastic on the outside. It’s not as loud, but the crinkles remind me what I’m wearing each time.” I admit. “And I like it.” “Well, if you like them and you know I love them… I don’t see you out of them any time soon. Do we need to go burning man on your underwear drawer?” Allen chuckles. “This is what you prefer me to wear?” I ask. “Really?” “Yeah baby. How many other full-grown-ass women do you know that are wearing diapers for their men? It’s super fucking sexy to know you’re wearing it for me.” “Normal women wear crotchless panties or a wireless vibrator or something to turn their men on.” I deadpan. “Yeah but this is so much better cause you like them too.” “That’s true.” Allen dumps me on the couch and fetches my pizza. He’d propped my leg up on the coffee table in a nest of pillows so it wouldn’t roll side to side. I have no strength. My foot just keept lolling to one side or the other until he nested it into the pill of pillows. I eat my pizza and watch the news while typing a memo to my department head and my team. I inform them of the injury and the medication I’m taking. I tell them we should postpone the meeting till later in the week, but that I’d be attending by video conference regardless… and likely with the camera disabled. “I told them we could meet by video later in the week, but that I’d be mic only.” I tell him sending the email. “Why just the audio? I’ll bring you your makeup and a nice top.” Allen offers. “Look, if I can’t move around and clean myself, put my makeup on at my mirror in the bathroom, or pick out my own clothes, then I’m not going to worry myself about that. I’ll wear the nicer onesie and a diaper under my covers with the laptop on the breakfast table in the bed. No worries!” “Shit… now I have a song stuck in my head.” Allen laughs. He goes back to reading his tablet while I surf the internet casually watching the news. This is our real together time. Normally, my feet would be in his lap and I’d have my laptop on my stomach lounging on my end of the couch. This is the time we water and nurture our marriage by just hanging out together in peace. The time of the day where we remember that we love each other and that we can still share amicable silence despite the day’s dramas. I purposefully flood my diaper soaking myself completely. The sweet tea that I’d been chugging with my pizza knocked on the door of my bladder and I rushed it in. I hear the hissing in my diaper as I finally put some real push and pressure on a full wetting. I scrunch my toes in the walking boot (well, all but the big broken one) and feel elated that I don’t have to rush off to the bathroom. Maybe I’m just lazy…ha! It’s not like diapers are a wonder solution. They still have to be changed. They still have to be disposed of too. Since I’m going to keep shaving while I wear them, I still have to shave every day. Then there is the extra smelly trash and the more trash. Not to mention they have a cost associated with them. No diapers are usually shunned by those with control for a reason. I think they may be more work in the end… But, in my situation... not so much. Allen likes doing the work. He loves how I look in them. He feels special because I’m wearing something kinky for him. I love them. I love how they feel. I love how they look. I adore the crinkle sound. The biggest bonus is that I finally don’t have to worry about the Piddles. I’m master of my bathroom destiny now! I go when I want. I go where I want. I’m no longer the slave to my bladder! That is a liberating thought. I smile to myself at the freedom. No rushing off. Just doing my own thing bladder be damned! “Allen, when you can… I’m wet.” I tell him cheerfully. “Well that’s a turnabout. You couldn’t even tell me you liked how they sounded earlier.” “Pfft, it’s not like I’ve been wearing them that long babe. It’s new, but I love it. Even if my foot were fine, I’d prolly have gotten up three or four times since I came out of the bedroom just for bathroom trips. Every time I stand up I have to worry if I’ll piddle or even flood my pad. I have to think so much about my damn bladder…” “Not anymore! When your home that’s my job. I’ll just change you when I change Molly. Surely you can’t go more that our little leaky faucet!” “Really, you will? I mean I thought I’d have to handle it all when my foot was better.” “Nope, I really don’t mind. And any excuse I have to rub you down in oil is a good one with me!” Allen says lecherously.