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    Chapter 78 Becky went into the living room looking for Jamie, and when she didn’t find him there she switched off the TV and moved some of his toys back toward the wall. Figuring he must’ve gone to his room, she went there next, but he wasn’t in there either. She called out, “Jamie, where’d you go?” “Up here,” he called back from the landing. He started back downstairs and was halfway down with Kazoo alongside him when Becky appeared at the bottom. “What were you doing up there?” “I was in Manda’s room.” She picked him up when as he got to the bottom, saying, “Aww. Please don’t be sad.” “I was looking for Kazoozie. He doesn’t understand where she went. He was in there sniffing everything.” “Poor puppy. We’ll explain it to him after dinner.” That made no sense to the logical Jamie. Explain something to a dog? Kazoo didn’t even speak the language. “What did you make,” he asked. “Pasta,” Becky said as she put a glass of water in front of Jamie and another by her own chair, then turned back to the stove and spooned a serving into Jamie’s bowl and one into her own. “Heavy meal,” Jamie observed as he watched Becky carry it over. It looked heavy on cheese, like her take on caccio e pepe. “I can make you a quick salad if you want.” “No. Just an observation. Looks good.” On the one hand, he wanted to lose a few more pounds. On the other, he wanted to eat that pasta. The latter impulse won out before the dish hit the table. “Thank you,” he said as she put it down. “Guess I wanted a little comfort food today. Feel like I earned it after all that help moving.” “Heh,” Jamie grunted. He took his spoon and fork and twisted some noodles onto it. Becky watched him closely, or so it seemed to him. “What,” he asked self consciously. Becky shook her head tightly. “Nothing. I was just thinking it’s nice to be able make pasta and not have the meal end with a little covered in sauce and noodles in a circle on the floor around him. Cute once or twice.” She began to eat her own dinner. “I remember with Manda we’d give her a bath after feeding her spaghetti, and the water would turn pink.” Jamie knew very little about the early years of Manda’s life. He knew even less about her father, Becky’s ex-husband. “Did you guys live here back then,” he asked. “No, we lived closer to where Manda’s apartment is. We were young; we couldn’t afford this part of town yet.” She ate between sentences. “I had just started teaching, and new teachers here do a probationary period for two years. I didn’t start making more money until after ... That was actually when things started to go not so great with Amanda’s father. When I got off probation and suddenly was making more money than him.” “Money leads to a lot of divorces where I’m from,” Jamie said, “and a lot of men are insecure about earning less than their wives. Probably more so than here,” he guessed as Itali seemed to him to be more socially advanced and equal in many ways. Becky talked slowly and thoughtfully as she ate. “One of several issues with him, really. I married too young and to the wrong person.” Jamie was surprised Becky was telling him these things. It made him a little uncomfortable, and he was afraid she’d regret it later. Still, he listened. That’s what he did best. “He left when Amanda was five. Didn’t want shared custody; didn’t want anything. Haven’t heard from him since ... My mom brought him up a lot, whenever she needed some ammunition to throw at me. Like I needed her to tell me it what a bad decision marrying him was.” “You got Manda out of it,” he said. “That’s right. I wouldn’t change anything, except maybe throw him out before he left.” Jamie guessed that her daughter moving out had Becky in a contemplative mood and thinking about the past. He didn’t especially want to hear more about her failed marriage or her mother’s emotional abuse, though he was happy to hear more about her life before him. There was so much he didn’t know, it could be hard sometimes to see her as a full person, not just his and Manda’s mom. He knew, not from his own experience, that most kids knew their parents the same way, just as parents, until they were adults and could relate to their parents as adults. He changed the subject, though, to something more pleasant. “Did you teach at the same school as now?” “Mhmm. I did. Been there my whole career.” “How long is that?” “Twenty-five years. Twenty-six when the new semester starts.” “Do you still like it?” “I love it. All the kids I’ve gotten to know. Lot of really special people ... It’s great to be a part of shaping their lives, but I think my favorite part is just meeting them, seeing who they are. What they’re like when they’re still young, seeing the early part of who they’re going to become start to show up.” “I guess that’s the nice thing about your grade.” “Yeah.” Becky smiled. “I taught younger for a bit and older for a bit. The younger ones are fun; different kind of job, and I didn’t like teaching every subject. Older ones at my level - ya know, it’s still primary school - just too much in the throes of adolescence.” “Tell me about it,” Jamie replied. He’d had many clients in that age group, some after he’d known them for years, and it was not the most fun transition to deal with day in and out. It was special for the reasons Becky said, but it was also a difficult stage of life, for them and for the adults around them. “They’re just so mean to each other sometimes,” Becky continued. “Developmentally appropriate. Differentiating themselves for the first time; finding their own identity,” Jamie interrupted. “Yeah, and sometimes that means finding what they’re not and being total snots to the people who are.” Jamie nodded. “Some people are great with that age,” Becky continued. “I had to always remind myself they were still kids. Ya know the way they switch back and forth at that age, surly teenager one minute, whiny little kid by the next sentence ... Not all of them all the time , obviously. I just decided I wasn’t suited for that. Figured the kids deserved a teacher who was.” Their bowls were empty. Kazoo was laying under Jamie’s feet in the hope of getting to lick a bowl or be fed a scrap. “How long have you been teaching this grade.” “Twenty years, come next month.” “Ever hear from any of your old students?” “A few of the ones who liked school more always reach out now and again when they’re in the next few grades. Had one or two I got close with contact me on social media before they started college, but that’s it ... Which is okay. That’s how it’s supposed to happen.” “There’s a country where I’m from that has an old saying ... I’m not gonna get it right, but they say a student who doesn’t surpass his teacher insults the teacher ... I don’t mean surpass; just grow up, I guess.” “Mhmm. I think that’s right. That’s the hope anyway, right? Teach them well enough that they don’t need you anymore ... Different when it’s your kid; you still want them to need you for stuff. And they do, usually ... First time you realize you’re not a kid anymore is when you realize your students from ten or twelve years ago are having kids of their own.” “Consider yourself lucky. I had kids who were having kids long before they were even supposed to graduate ... very few of them did graduate after that ... One of the worst days ...” Jamie shook his head. “I got a call from a school I worked at a lot. Had a lot of clients there over the years. Cops were raiding this drug house and found two of the students there. They were prostituting themselves for drugs. Cops didn’t arrest them, so they took them to the school instead of the police station.” Becky shook her head with her eyes closed. “I can’t imagine. I know that kind of thing happens here; I’ve just never had to deal with it.” “You must’ve dealt with some tragedy in twenty-five years.” “Yeah. I have ... I’ve had a couple of very sick kids, but mostly the tragedy happened to a parent or an older sibling. Only happened a few times, but fifteen kids a class, three classes a year, twenty-five years.” “Eleven hundred twenty-five,” Jamie said. “Give or take.” Wanting to turn the topic back to something more happier, Jamie asked, “What was Manda like at that age?” “Pretty easy kid. She’s always been pretty easy. Little bookworm.” Becky smiled after the memory. “She read way ahead of her grade level. Lot of adult fiction by the time she was fourteen ... very much the kind of kid to have just a few really good friends.” “She seems so popular now.” “She was then, too, but it was really just Mel and Donna. A few others, but by the end of secondary school, Mel and Donna. Just grew apart from some of the kids she was friends with when she was younger; happens to everybody ... She’d do things with bigger groups, but her preference was always small ones. Think she liked it best when it was just the three of them ... Caused a little rift there when Mel became more social than Manda.” “How so?” “They’re the same age, so I guess it’s just a personality thing. Right around when they were fifteen Mel just started having a bigger social circle. Manda was a bit resentful of Mel’s other friends. She wasn’t thrilled with having to hangout with them to hang out with Mel. Didn’t like sharing her.” “Sounds familiar,” Jamie said with a chuckle. “How’d she get over that?” Becky shrugged. “Matured a bit. Actually got to like some of those people once she got over the resentment ... Never did want to go to a party with any of them without Mel or Donna, though.” “And what was Mel like?” “Haha. I always called her ‘high spirited’ back then, but she was the troublemaker. Only times Manda ever really got in trouble, she was going along with Mel ... Donna was the total opposite. She’d never break a rule. Wanted to be sitting for a baby or little than be going to parties.” Jamie chuckled. That all seemed right to him. “What kind of trouble did Manda get in?” “Typical teenage stuff. Little contests of will,” Becky remembered with a gentle laugh. “Outfits. Curfew, going places and not telling me there wouldn’t be any parents there ... Tried experimenting with drinking one time. Wasn’t the alcohol that made her sick but the sugar and carbonation. Wine coolers.” “How did you handle stuff like that?” “That particular time I told her the red stain on her favorite shirt she begged me to buy was part of her punishment, and then I grounded her for a couple weeks ... Manda always made herself feel worse than I ever wanted her to feel when she got in trouble. I mostly took away privileges or her phone or grounded her for a weekend. She’d get to feeling so guilty with not much more than a cross look from me.” “You think you being a single mom had anything to do with that?” Jamie asked the question out of curiosity before he could think not to. He cursed himself for asking, but Becky seemed unfazed and kept talking. “I don’t know. Manda’s father wasn’t the best father. By the time she was maybe eight, she was over him being gone. Even right after he left, I think the change bothered her more than him, specifically, being gone. They had their good times for sure, but only when he wanted. He disappointed her a lot; even that young, he managed to ... After that passed, it only bothered her a bit at events sometimes; other kids had their dad watching, stuff like that. She never had a melt down over it at things like that, but sometimes you could tell it got to her, just the way her shoulders slumped, or she didn’t smile when everyone else did. Not always, but sometimes, like when the dads would lift their daughters over their heads after they won a game, hearing the loudest ones applauding and whooping. More just missing a dad than the actual person. My dad filled in when he could; when his health was better. Danny filled in a lot. Took her father/daughter dances.” Becky stood up and collected their bowls, placing them in the sink and sat back down. “Even Mel’s dad; he’s cheer them both on. They were on the same teams, in the same plays. Hoisted her on my shoulders myself plenty of times. Incan cheer pretty loud, too. Even coached one season, not that we did so well; lost all but two, actually. ... I always tried to make it so nothing was different about Manda’s life growing up than for her friends with two parents.” “There’s a limit,” Jamie said. “How do you mean?” “Only so much you can do to make that happen. Still going to be different in some ways. One safe adult versus two in the house. Money being tighter than it would be. And her just knowing, seeing how other households work.” “Yeah, all that. Tried to make it so it didn’t bother her; that it didn’t actually, ya know, change any actual outcomes. I think I mostly succeeded.” “Seems like it to me.” “Probably put more work on her keeping up the household than I would’ve. She probably took on certain responsibilities at a younger age than her friends ... Not a bad thing. Never stopped her from having fun or going out to do things. Wasn’t a chore chart thumper who wouldn’t let her put something off if it meant missing out on something worthwhile, within reason ... Did a chore for her sometimes. Idea wasn’t to teach her responsibility; I mean, it did, but it was mostly just practical. Couldn’t do it all by myself all of the time.” “You did a great job. She took on taking care of me so seamlessly ... especially since she wasn’t that thrilled with getting me at first.” “I think that was all you. I asked for a little bit of help when I decided to adopt; I didn’t mean for her to turn into a second mom. Certainly didn’t ask her to. Glad she did, for both of you. You’ve been so good for each other.” Becky shook her head in wonder at how it all worked out. “Why do you think she did,” Jamie asked. “Become kind of a second mom, I mean.” “Because she loves you. She met you, and she loved you before you even woke up, and she wanted to take care of you. Makes her so happy. Like it makes me so happy.” Jamie felt a warm, fuzzy ball in his stomach. “Would’ve been different if you were a sibling, I think, or if the two of us were a few years younger when you arrived. I mean, obviously, but then I would’ve needed her to take on more serious responsibilities, whether she wanted to or not ... I wouldn’t have liked doing that.” “What do you mean?” “I mean all older siblings take care of younger ones to a point, but it’s not good for them to have to be junior parents.” “Happens a lot of single-parent households.” “Exactly. Not what I would’ve wanted for her.” “Do you feel that you kind of took on that role for Danny?” “Somewhat; not entirely. Just had to be a very protective big sister, especially when he was younger ... Never really got to go through the stage when you pick on your little brother all the time. Enough bullies in the house.” Becky looked down at the floor for a moment and took a drink of water. “Just wanted him to know he was a good person. And loved. Unconditionally. Someone had to do those things.” Jamie changed the subject, asking, “Did you ever want a second kid?” “For a while. Always pictured it that way growing up. But then pictured my marriage differently, too. When Manda was still a baby and things hadn’t gotten difficult between me and her father yet, I wanted another baby.” “Did he?” “He would never commit one way or another. Sort of his general problem; one of them. I don’t know why he even married me. Doesn’t seem like something he would do, looking backward. But for all I know, he’s got ten kids now ... Anyway, after the divorce, I still wanted more, but I didn’t want to do it as a single mom. Didn’t wanna do that to Manda but also not to me, and also not to the second kid.” “Ever get close to marrying anyone again?” “No. Only had a few other relationships after my divorce. Just let that fall by the wayside once I got into my thirties. Single mom in her thirties isn’t the easiest pitch to make ... and I also stopped enjoying it, the dating. Just felt like work; never got past the first five dates after those first few years. I stopped wanting the second kid, and then the dating just didn’t feel fulfilling anymore. Not worth the effort.” “Is that why you wanted to adopt a little, do you think?” Becky reached over and picked Jamie up to place in her lap. “Because I wanted a second kid? Maybe a bit. Different, though; one’s not a replacement for the other ... I wanted a little because I just had more love to give.” “Makes sense,” Jamie said, “you’re such a good mom, you weren’t ready to not be one anymore. To a little kid. I mean, I’m not a kid, but you know what I mean.” Becky smiled. “Something like that.” She put her arms around him from behind and her chin on his shoulder. “I did miss that feeling, being needed by someone so much, a snuggly little thing like you. Just wanting to love and be loved.” “I’m glad I make you happy.” “So happy.” She gave the back of his head a kiss and saw the clock on the oven from the corner of her eye. “Goodness; we’ve talked pretty late for you.” She turned him around as she stood up and carried him toward his nursery. “Will you share my bed with me tonight?” “Mhmm.” She set him on the edge of his changing table, and he laid back, lifting his hips. Becky pulled his skirt right off. “You are a wet little boy tonight,” she cooed. “Who’s my wet little boy?” Jamie blushed but giggled. Becky untaped his diaper and took it out from under him, dropping it into the pail. “Ya know what wet little boys need,” she asked as she wiped him off. “Mmm mmm,” Jamie said as he enjoyed the feel of her hands. “Little oil. How about that tonight?” She took the bottle of little oil from under the table and opened it, squirting some into her palm before closing the cap, putting the bottle away, and rubbing her hands together. “This ought feel nice,” she said as she massaged the oil into his diaper area. “Shiny little butts are the cutest,” she said. She gave his cheek a squeeze. “All wrapped in no time.” She got a fresh a wipe out and cleaned her hands. “In dinosaurs, too,” she said excitedly as she picked the top diaper off the stack. She lifted Jamie’s ankles and put the diaper under him, took out the powder and gave him a very light dusting, and then sealed the diaper tight. Before putting the powder away, she put the tiniest bit on her palm and rubbed it across Jamie’s chest. “You might just be the best smelling bear ever.” She held her arms out, and Jamie sat up for her to pick him up onto her hip and cross the dresser. With her free hand, she opened his top drawer. “Which one tonight,” she as he looked at his diaper covers. “Those, please,” he said as he pointed. “Hehe. You love the satin ones.” “I like how they feel slippery.” She took the cover and set him down, then bent down on one knee. Jamie put his hands on her shoulders for balance as she held out the cover for him to step into, pulling it up tight and giving him a gentle pat on the front of his diaper when she was done. “Arms up.” He lifted his arms, and she pulled his tee shirt off, pivoted to grab his skirt, and tossed both in his open hamper before picking him back up. “Let’s get your bear.” She bent over the railing to pluck the bear from his blankets. “You did such a good job on him. Thanks again,” he told her. “You’re welcome again. I love that you love your bear so much.” That reminded Jamie. “We still haven’t explained things to Kazoo yet.” “That’s right!” She tapped his nose. “So clever.” She left the room, flipping out the light. “Better call for him,” she said. “Kazoozle.” Jamie called out. The dog quickly appeared from the living room and followed them upstairs, quite an effort for such a small dog but one his young body executed with grace, most of the time. When they got to the top of the landing, neither looked to the right, toward Manda’s room, though neither noticed the other did this. They turned left into Becky’s room, and she set him and his bear on the bed, stooped to pick up Kazoo, and sat down on the edge. “Do you want to explain it to him, or should I,” she asked. “Could you do it? Please?” She let the dog go, and he waddled toward Jamie, putting his head in his lap. Jamie picked him up, turned him so he was facing Becky, and set him down in his lap. “Kazoozie,” Becky started, “I think you’ve noticed most of Manda’s things are gone. She’s okay. Nothing bad happened. It’s a good thing, in fact.” The dog looked at her, that mindlessly loving stare dogs have, tail wagging because you’re looking back. “She’s growing up, and it was time for her to move out on her own. I know it may be scary for you, and it’s probably a little scary for her, too. The important thing is you’re both going to be okay. You’re still going to see her and have fun with her and play with her, and most important is to know that she still loves you. You had nothing to do with her moving out. She loves you very much, okay?” Kazoo had lost interest. Jamie gave his puppy a cockeyed grin and let out just one amused chortle as he patted his dog. Becky smiled at Jamie gently. “How’d I do?” “If anyone could get through to him, you did.” “Ready for your milk?” “Yes, please.” She reached for him, and Kazoo moved out of the way. She cradled Jamie in her lap, not often how she held him to nurse, and looked down at him as he looked back up at her. “Are you okay? I mean, really,” she asked. He felt his eyes water just a bit, not only because of Amanda’s empty room but because his mother’s concern and that she’d had shared so openly with him, more than ever before that night, touched him so. “I’m okay, Mama.” “You did so good these past few days. Very brave.” “Are you okay,” he asked. Her own eyes watered, and a lump that felt familiar these past few day’s rose in her throat. “I’m okay, Baby Bear.” “Will you tell me if you’re ever not?” “Mhmm, but you have to tell me, too,” Becky said as she unbuttoned her blouse. “I will. I promise ... It’s okay to not be okay with me. I like that you shared tonight.” Becky’s face made an uncertain, tight-lipped grin. “You’re a very good listener.” He smiled back, wondering if there was an end to that sentence she wasn’t saying. “Ready?” Jamie just barely nodded, and Becky reclined against her pillows and raised Jamie to her breast.
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    Sam wakes up to an embarrassing discovery before having to adjust to the life she now has. She discovers how serious her new guardians are about keeping her there until they work out what to do and she realises just how much her small stature can leave her vulnerable and easy to physically control. --- This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to TWENTY-FIVE EXCLUSIVE stories that only my patrons get to see. If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Sam had no idea how long she had been unconscious but when she opened her eyes she saw sunlight coming through the window. She felt incredibly groggy as she tried to remember where she was and why she was there. She tiredly moved her head to the side and as her eyes adjusted to the light she saw the bars on the side of her bed. It all suddenly became very clear to her. The kidnapping, the undressing, the shaving, the diaper… All of it returned to Sam’s mind in a flood that threatened to engulf her and she had to work to control her breathing and prevent outright panic taking hold. Her muscles ached but she could move them, she slowly pushed herself into a sitting position. She heard herself crinkling from the waist underneath her yellow onesie, she moved one of her hands and placed it on top of the padded area. She felt the padding and her cheeks went deep red in shame. Despite them feeling very tired and aching Sam was very grateful to have control of her limbs back. She pushed herself up on to her knees and as she did so she felt the padding taped to her waist sag a little bit. She looked down in confusion and slipped a hand under the leg band, to her surprise and horror she felt the swollen padding and she felt moisture against her skin. “No, no, no…” Sam muttered to herself. Sam had wet the diaper she had been given and the shame escalated to a level that nearly made her want to cry. She couldn’t believe her body had done this, it didn’t matter how long she had been asleep there was no excuse to have wet herself like this. Sam couldn’t keep a lid on the panic that threatened her and she leant against the bars on the side of the crib. She tried to pull at the bars and bend them in some way but they wouldn’t budge an inch. In anger she rattled the bars and banged on them with her small fists, all she accomplished here was a pain in her hand. Sam heard footsteps outside and she moved away from the bars. She pressed herself against the side of the crib closest to the wall as the door to the nursery opened and Karen walked inside. She was smiling widely and the look of happiness made Sam shiver a little. “Oh good, you’re awake. We were getting worried about you.” Karen said as she walked over to the crib, “You were asleep all night and most of the morning. I was so relieved to hear you on the baby monitor.” Sam looked as the little chest of drawers nearby to the crib and saw a baby monitor she had previously missed sitting there and listening to every noise she had made. This all felt so surreal still, it was like a nightmare she couldn’t wake up from. “Please let me go!” Sam said. Her voice was a little hoarse but it had mostly returned. “You know I can’t do that.” Karen replied quickly. For a brief instant her smile faded, “Don’t worry. You’ll learn to love your new life. I’m sure all your friends would be jealous.” Sam’s mouth dropped open in confused shock and she slowly shook her head. Surely there was no way this crazy woman could truly believe that Sam would like being a baby or that anyone would be jealous of her position. “I won’t tell anyone what happened.” Sam continued to plead her case earnestly, “I’ll tell people who missed me that I ran away or something. I wouldn’t have to mention you or Mark.” “It’s too late.” Karen said with a shrug, “You know me and my husband’s names and you know what we were trying to do at that orphanage. I cannot let you ruin things for Abigail, she needs parents who will love and care for her.” Sam put her head in her hands as she tried to make sense of everything. It was hard to believe her life had potentially ruined just because she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. She couldn’t live like a baby, it would’ve been laughable if she hadn’t been so scared. “Are you wet?” Karen asked casually as she dropped the side of the crib. Sam was too embarrassed to answer. The truth would almost confirm everything the two kidnappers had said and prove that she really would be better as a baby. She didn’t want to accept the truth and so shook her head after a period of silence. Karen reached forwards before Sam could do anything to stop her and the bottom of the onesie was pulled apart. Sam tried to stop Karen from looking under her babyish clothes but her little hands were easily grabbed by one of Karen’s and moved out of the way. Sam couldn’t pull her hands away despite her returned strength as Karen leaned in to inspect her diaper. “Your diaper says otherwise.” Karen said as she reached forwards and poked the wet area. Sam bowed her head in shame. She knew this was just a result of her being asleep for a long time or the drugs coursing through her system but it did little to help her feelings of humiliation. She thought about what life would be like if she was back at home and going to school, she would’ve hated it but if she had known this was the alternative she would be the happiest person alive. Karen stepped on a release catch at the bottom of the crib and allowed the barred side of the toddler bed to drop to the floor. She reached into the crib and despite Sam trying to swat her arms away she easily picked the new arrival up and sat her on her hip like a real baby. Sam tried to force Karen to let her go but even now that she had her full strength back she could do nothing to even slow the woman down. She was carried over to the changing table that she had been laid on the previous day and lowered down. Her first thought was to roll off the side and try to run but when she saw how high up this was she had second thoughts about dropping off the side. “Let me go.” Sam quickly demanded again. She was tearing up again as she was easily held down to the table with a single hand. “You’ll have to stop that.” Karen answered warningly, “You don’t want me to get Mark to discipline you. One way or another you are going to accept how things are and the faster you do it the easier it will be.” Sam shook her head as if that would have any effect on what the taller woman was saying. As she laid on the table and watched Karen pull out a fresh diaper she realised that she couldn’t hear Mark anywhere. It occurred to her that he was probably at work, she hadn’t really thought that for everyone else the world was just carrying on as usual. It was embarrassing for Sam that she could so easily be controlled by this other woman. She was an adult and yet just a single one of her hands held her flat against the table. It was all so humiliating that Sam had to cover her face with her hands, she just couldn’t face the reality that was looking down at the fresh diaper in Karen’s hands. The tapes on Sam’s wet overnight diaper were pulled away and she felt herself become exposed to the room again as the front was lowered and her damp skin felt the cool air in the room. She opened her fingers just a crack to see Karen smiling as she grabbed a handful of baby wipes and begin cleaning her. This was all very embarrassing for Sam who had to sniff back the tears, she wanted to get up and run away but every time she moved Karen would stop what she was doing and hold the girl down until she stopped squirming. Sam felt like an actual toddler and that only upset her more. The wet diaper was pulled away when Sam’s legs had been lifted up and she floundered a little as her lower legs and feet were lifted over her own face. It left her very exposed in a different way and Sam jumped when she felt a couple of baby wipes cleaning her rear. When her legs were finally lowered she didn’t feel the cold rubbery surface of the changing table but the fluffy and soft padding of a new diaper. The diaper was pulled up and taped closed before Sam could really process what was happening and she cursed at the end of her very brief freedom from the padding. Once her diaper was changed she was sat up and had her onesie pulled off. As the cloth went over her head she was left naked except for the disposable underwear and she shyly covered her very small breasts. As soon as Karen noticed what she was doing she pursed her lips and pulled Sam’s hands away. “Little girls don’t have modesty.” Karen said simply. Sam kept her hands down by her side and blushed as Karen turned to the closet next to the changing table. She briefly rifled through some clothing before pulling something off the rack and removing the hanger. “You’ve got to be kidding…” Sam couldn’t stop herself from saying, “I can’t wear that!” “Babies don’t decide what they wear.” Karen replied as she smiled at the clothing admirably, “Abigail loves princesses and I’m sure you will too. All little girls love princesses.” Sam wanted to argue but the clothing was quickly pulled over her head and her little arms were fed through the holes until she was wearing a very frilly pink dress with a tiara of glitter on the front. She noticed that even though the dress pushed away from her body a lot thanks to all the frills it did very little to hide her diaper. Perhaps the worst part was that this dress fit at all since it was clearly made for little girls. Sam, despite being an adult, fit into the toddler clothes almost perfectly. Everything seemed to be getting more humiliating by the second. “Just one more thing…” Karen said distractedly as she reached up to one of the shelves above the changing table, “This will make sure you keep out of trouble.” Sam’s arm was pulled forward by Karen and Sam was forcibly lifted on to her knees. She felt the diaper crinkling against her skin and the dress rubbing all over her. She didn’t know what Karen could possibly do to make the situation worse but she soon found out when a white mitten was slipped over her hand. It was tightened around her wrist with a little ribbon before her other hand got the same treatment. When the mittens were on and Sam’s hands were released she tried moving her fingers and found she had very limited movement. She knew that just holding things would be much harder with these infantile gloves. “Karen, I don’t…” Sam started to say. “You address me as mommy from now on.” Karen cut Sam off, “And Mark is daddy. You’ll have to get used to that. Look, maybe if there is a chance we might make you situation better when we have Abigail but for now we need you to be the baby.” Sam scowled as she was lifted up and placed on the floor of the nursery. Her dress swayed around her body as she wobbled on her feet slightly and she felt her thick diaper push her legs apart. She took a few slow steps around the room and felt the padding force her into an awkward waddle. The baby diaper was much thicker than she thought it would’ve been. There was one thing that lifted Sam’s flagging spirits. Karen seemed to suggest that it would be possible for Sam to leave one day, it wasn’t much but it was all Sam had and she was going to cling on to it like a life preserver. “Mommy…” Sam blushed desperately as she spoke, “I understand why you can’t let me leave but… Can’t we forget the diapers and everything? I’m eighteen-years-old and all this is so humiliating!” “You may be eighteen-years-old chronologically but look at you!” Karen smiled patronisingly, “You’re body clearly isn’t ready to grow up. You look just like an adorable little baby!” Sam clenched her fists angrily. She hated when people confused her with someone younger and she especially hated when it was done on purpose. The way Karen laughed off her concerns made her want to jump up and attack but she already knew she was no match physically for such a woman. She would have to be smart and subtle if she wanted to escape, she would have to bide her time. Karen reached down and took Sam’s hand and started leading her out of the nursery. Sam blushed as she heard her padding crinkling loudly underneath her princess dress and she was forced to waddle as the two of them walked down the hallway and towards the stairs. This was Sam’s first chance to look at a lot of the house and she had to admit it was a nice place. The couple who had kidnapped her were clearly quite well off and they had spared no expense in getting the house ready for their little visitor. At both the top and bottom of the stairs were baby gates that Sam noticed she would really struggle to unlock by herself. The empty plug sockets had protectors over them, the fire place had been boarded up safely and it looked like an illustration from a baby safety manual. Sam had to give them points for effort as she walked down the stairs into the open plan living room. Karen kept hold of Sam’s hand as they walked through the living room together and the young woman could see a playpen full of toys as well a rocking horse in the corner. A little girl would be ecstatic to live in a place like this but Sam wasn’t a little girl and all of the baby equipment and toys only made her feel worse. She wasn’t the baby they had tried to kidnap and she resented these adults for trying to force her into that place. Sam was taken through into an open kitchen and dining room area. It was all remarkably clean and tidy, it reminded Sam of a showroom and was the exact opposite of what she was used to. Her house at home was a lot less tidy. She had to force herself to stop thinking about home, it was just too painful and reinforced her desire to break free and run. At the dining table there was a highchair and Sam’s eyes went wide as Karen rounded on her and lifted her up into the sky. Sam felt her legs kicking out beneath her almost involuntarily and the round diaper crinkled as it adjusted position. She knew what was about to happen but couldn’t stop it, she was taken a few steps forwards and sat down in the tall highchair. Sam felt the padded seat pushing her padded underwear up and against her body. “Careful, baby. We don’t want you falling out!” Karen said quickly as she placed a hand against Sam’s chest. Sam was pushed back against the back of the seat as the tray was brought down and locked in place. Sam was rather embarrassed to find that with the tray pinning her into the chair she was completely unable to slip out, she was locked in place until someone decided to let her out. She looked up plaintively at Karen who seemed ecstatic that the chair was doing its job properly. “I’ll get some breakfast.” Karen said as she walked over to the kitchen cabinets. Sam pushed against the plastic tray but found it wouldn’t budge an inch. Anger bubbled up within her small body, it was very galling to her to find that toddler equipment so easily defeated her. She wanted to say something but it was clear that her words meant nothing to the adults who had taken her from her home so easily. “Here you go.” Karen said as she placed a plastic bowl of cereal down on the tray, “I’ll let you feed yourself today but you just let me know if you need help.” “Help!?” Sam spat out in indignation, “You might want to treat me like I’m useless but I’m not some little brat!” “OK, sweetie.” The way Karen spoke made it clear she was just humouring the small girl, “Just eat your breakfast, OK?” Sam was angry and would’ve thrown the bowl across the room if it wasn’t for the fact that she was extremely hungry. As soon as she saw the cereal she realised it had been a long time since she ate and her stomach had started rumbling. Swallowing her anger and taking a deep breath, Sam picked up her spoon and started eating. As Sam ate she looked at Karen who was pottering around the kitchen. She wondered if the woman really planned to keep her, it didn’t seem possible. How would she hide her away in here? At some point someone would notice the extra person in the house and then surely the plan would collapse. She just had to be patient no matter how awful this situation was. By the time Sam had finished eating Karen was standing with the fridge door open. Thanks to the angle of the door it was impossible for Sam to see what she was doing but as the door closed she felt her stomach drop. Karen walked over to the highchair and planted a baby bottle on the tray. It was full of cold milk and Sam looked at it as if it was poison. “This is ridiculous.” Sam said, “I’ll drink whatever but why do you have to put in this bottle? You know I don’t need it!” “You have to get used to it.” Karen replied, “Look, you need to get used to the fact that you’re not a woman anymore, you are a girl. You are just a baby and you will be treated that way from now on. The sooner you stop all this “I’m not a baby” nonsense the easier you will find this transition.” Sam opened her mouth and prepared to argue back. “And if you don’t stop complaining I will shove a pacifier in your mouth and keep it in there. Believe me, I can keep it in there if I want to.” Karen said with more than a hint of warning, “You aren’t leaving that chair until you’ve drained the whole thing.” Sam closed her mouth and looked down at the bottle she had been left with. The thought of picking it up and sticking the teat in her mouth was against everything she wanted to do. The hard plastic of the highchair tray pushed against her belly as a forceful reminder that what Karen said was true, she wouldn’t be leaving this seat until Karen let her out and she needed to drink the bottle for that to happen. “Good girl.” Karen said as she watched Sam pick up the bottle and slowly push the top between her lips. Sam could taste the latex and the wet tip that had a little bit of milk already coming out. She lifted the bottle up and gave the teat an experimental suck. She spluttered slightly as milk suddenly flooded her mouth. “Careful, baby.” Karen said with a small chuckle, “Slowly does it.” Sam resented the woman explaining to her how to drink as she swallowed the sweet milk and sucked more to replace it. She was eager to finish the bottle as quickly as she could so that she could get out of this infant chair as soon as possible. Sam didn’t even pause for breath as she drank and she soon sucked air into her mouth letting her know that her drink was finished. She put the bottle back on the tray and panted slightly, a couple of burps that she did her best to suppress forced their way out of her mouth. It was with an embarrassing amount of effusive praise that Karen finally released the tray and Sam could hop back down to the floor. She quickly flattened her dress over her crinkling diaper as her cheeks blushed, she was so full of milk that she allowed Karen to take her hand and walk her away from the kitchen.
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    39.) Her Eyes I sat upright, feeling nauseous and dizzy. The milk had left my system, but I didn’t feel wholly right. I couldn’t place it at first - just a weird tingling all over. Then I realized what it was. I was cold. No, I was freezing! I stumbled out of the tub and slipped on Marlow’s carpet, skinning my knee on the carpet. And in one instant, I felt all the pain of an entire lifetime. Worse than the electric shocks. Worse than anything. And I screamed bloody murder. Marlow had been there the entire time, he'd done his work like she didn't even exist, and when she got up, when she fell down, he didn't even look up. Not immediately. As her screams turned to sobs, the man stood up and approached her, he knelt down next to her, and he cuddled her naked body in his arms. It seemed comforting, but for the doctor it was more about examination, making inventory of the changes he'd wrought upon her. But still, it was being held. My vision blurred from the pain. Tears poured down my cheeks. I looked down at my bare legs, but they looked... different. No hair, not even the light wispy ones. The skin was so soft, so pink... and my knee was barely bleeding. Why did it hurt so badly? "Y-you fucking m-monster!" I shouted up at the doctor. But he took just one look at me and froze. Not in fear, but in... surprise. "Interesting," he muttered to himself, and I shoved him as hard as I could. Dr. Marlow reached into the pocket of his coat and fumbled for a moment, finding in a second later what he was reaching for: a small penlight. With no regard for her comfort or otherwise, he clicked the light on brightly and shone it into each of her eyes, one each at a time, observing the response. "Dilation seems functional, but my lord that color. Brilliant. Vibrant." This was a problem, this was an oversight, this would forever brand those who'd been through this treatment and... oh. Oh no. No no this was good! He grinned, he smiled wider, muttered to himself. "Brilliant, yes, this is brilliant. Marked for life. Identifiable. Humanely so, too, oh they'll eat it up, child." "What the fuck are you talking about?!" My composure was gone. It had all trickled away, with the milk, with the bath, with the horrible, horrible pain. I climbed to my feet, completely naked, and wiped my tears away. I was so goddamn cold, my teeth were chattering. "Take a look for yourself child, there's a mirror in the corner." Marlow didn't get up off the floor, not out of exhaustion or anything of the sort; but because he had his recorder in his other pocket and he had notes to dictate; notes he didn't need to get up to record. How remarkable... He was tricking me. Right? But as he fumbled for a recorder in his pocket, I looked across the room at the mirror. Carefully, trembling, I took a step toward the glass. With each step, I could feel the fibers of the carpet on my bare feet. But when I stood in front of the mirror, it wasn't me that looked back. It was some... girl. Sure, we had the same hair color, and maybe we were the same height, and sure we both had cocks, but... but that wasn't me. It was a girl, with rosy cheeks, with soft features, with gorgeous blue eyes. I reached up to touch the mirror, and the girl reached back. It... it was a trick? I... I didn't understand. "...much more speculator than anticipated. Will review discomfort and pain for the procedure in post-production interviews, but considering the results this seems irrelevant." Marlow was busy dictating into his recorder when Velvet approached him again, grabbed at his coat, tried to shake him. "Fascinating!" He reached up, touched her face, pulled her lower eyelid down, even as she struggled and screamed and cursed. "Your focus seems tightened? Could it be your glasses aren't required now?" I shoved him as hard as I could, but the force stung my palms. I recoiled from the attack and held my arms tight around myself. My teeth continued to chatter and stars filled my eyes. "Wh-what is this...? What did you do to me? You... you fucking..." "It's metamorphosis, it's magnificent. My magnum opus, my greatest achievement." He finally stood up, began to pace in front of his desk, rambling to himself and even pretending she wasn't even there. This was so exciting, this was so enthralling! This would secure unlimited funding, expand the program. "Oh and your eyes, your pretty pretty eyes. Free citizens will know you were a product of this program for the rest of your life." "My eyes..." I looked up at him, through the stars, and over at the tub of bubbling water. Suddenly, it started to sink in. That girl... that girl in the mirror... and that tub. He... he made me look like that? Like... I shook my head and balled my hands so tight that they ached. "PUT ME BACK! FIX IT, NOW!" As I screamed, my voice went a little too high, into a squeal. That... that never used to happen. "Oh I'm afraid that would be both impossible and undesirable; you're perfect now, Velvet. You're much more perfect than Annie, than failed attempts. Look at you, you're a girl, you're beautiful, you're... soft." Soft. That was a good word. Marlow had Softened her. And boy had he. He picked her up, easily, effortlessly, took her back to the mirror. "Be a lamb now and help me to notate your changes." As he picked me up, my skin stung from the pressure. But his body warmth was intoxicating. I clung to him. I thought I'd die... I thought without some heat, I'd get hypothermia. But as he plopped me in front of the mirror, I was faced again with reality. With a face that wasn't mine. Those... eyes... I exhaled sharply, shaking my head. "You're lying... fix it. Fix it!" "Oh but I did fix it, Velvet, I did fix it." He put his hand on her shoulder and she trembled, and he watched her with narrow eyes. "Quite sensitive, aren't you?" He flipped his hand, ran the coarse back of it down her exposed shoulder, down her arm, taking in the results with fascination. I winced at the pain and tried to shove him away again. But it wasn't working. Any time he touched me, any time I touched anything, it stung. I couldn't stop shivering. How long would it take? My skin would have to get used to sensations again. An hour? Or a day? I couldn't live like this, in this constant tingling. It was so... distracting... "Fuck you... fuck..." "Oh can you think of the irony, Velvet? Dangerous criminals like you, turned out into the world, strikingly beautiful, pretty branded eyes that mark you for life, and sensitivity that makes you soft and compliant? I wonder... if many of you will wind up in sexual servitude once released?" He thought about that, tapping his chin, then shook his head. "I suppose that doesn't matter. Now stand still, child, there's notes to make and pictures to take." I kept fighting, I kept screaming, I kept up every form of resistance I could. But Marlow manhandled me with ease, knowing of my sensitivity to touch. In the end, I was turned out into the hall wearing nothing but a white robe and my glasses. No diaper. No girly clothes. That should have been a victory... but it wasn't. I stared blankly at my feet. ------------- I'll be out of town this week, so chapters will be randomly updated. Remember to Like & Comment! Check us out on Patreon!
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    38.) Her Special Bath Morning came too soon. My diaper was cold and clammy, and nearly at capacity. Bedwetting was just another thing I was getting used to in this awful place. I climbed out of bed and went to the nurse's station. "Hey, um... could I have a change please?" The last thing I needed was another rash. "Actually, Velvet," The nurse began, apologetically, "your care coordinator has put in the request that you don't get changes right now. I'm afraid you'll need approval from her for that. Sit down and have breakfast with the other babies." Babies. I resented her. But I put on a fake blush and looked away shamefully. They had to know this place was working. I sat down on the edge of the chair and put my hands on the table. Was this Colette? Was she getting revenge? Did she think a diaper rash was going to convince me to give up my identity? She was so fucking stupid sometimes. The other girls took their seats and a bottle was put in front of me. But suspiciously, on my right, Annie wasn't there... "Hey, where's Annie?" "Annie was gone when we woke up this morning," Ayla explained, eloquently. To be honest, Ayla was ready to be out of here. She'd be a productive member of society, she'd be a poster child for this place if given the chance. Not everyone here believed in the process in detail and depth, but Ayla had made it through to the other side and was proof that things worked. "She was gone?" I looked at Ayla nervously and then up at Colette's door. It was closed. It was always closed. Had she started fixing Annie? Or was Marlow in the middle of another one of his plots? I sunk in my chair and took the bottle in my hands. Fear of the bottles had started to subside - my afternoons were nothing but childish bliss these days. I knew that now. "I don't think she's gone forever," Ayla continued, attempting to be helpful. "She's going to be here forever," Contributed Estar, doing absolutely nothing to be helpful at all. But both of them were probably right in their own ways. Annie was never going to be fit for the real world, not at this rate. The swirling milk was just starting to kick in. My head was fuzzy, my fingertips were numb, and I started to giggle at all of Bree's stupid jokes. But it was a sobering moment to see those awful alligator shoes. I looked up at Dr. Marlow with my bottom lip puffed out. "Tsk tsk tsk... look at that puddle you've made." I looked down between my legs, at the wet carpet. It was him that didn't let me change? "You're in a world of trouble, little girl." Dr. Marlow clicked his tongue and shook his head, nudging the wet little Velvet along with a yardstick he had in his hand, like keeping her at least that distant from him was as close as he'd want the soaking wet little strumpet. "Into my office, now, don't dawdle." I stumbled to my feet and looked down at my wet thighs, but the prodding of the stick nudged me forward. I looked back with a glazed fog at the room. Six girls stared back at me. Everyone was so scared of Marlow... I shook my head and tried to focus, but it was no use. The milk was too strong. There was something different about Marlow's office, something amiss. Was it the big desk? No, it looked like it had been built before the room had formed around it. Was it his tacky red leather chair, his framed statements attributed to himself, like 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished'? No, not those. Maybe it was the aquarium... the aquarium in the middle of the floor, bubbling ominously with no fish inside of it, and a liquid that looked too thick to be water. Yes, that was probably it. I looked at the large tub with curiosity and back up at Marlow. The lights were fuzzy and everything tilted side to side. Side to side. I giggled, swaying in place with a bright smile on my face. Why was I here again? Oh yeah, dumb alligator man. "You're already so wet as it is, Velvet, that I doubt you'll even notice the difference." Now he did touch her, he leaned in after having snapped rubber gloves over his hands, and began to disrobe the sodden girl. But there was nothing sexual or abusive about the tonality of his motions; this was like a father undressing a daughter for bath time. He hummed a song that made me giggle and sway and I gave no resistance as he started to undress me. My shirt came off over my head, exposing my bare chest. Then, with the ripping sound of tape, the diaper plopped to the floor with a wet splat. The sound made me laugh. "There's a good girl." It wasn't too difficult to tell that Velvet hadn't been born a girl, not when looking at her naked like this - although her hormone therapy had been helping, it would pale in comparison to what was about to happen to her. "Up you get, you're going for a bath okay?" Except that the liquid was highly experimental, untested beyond basic theory, and she'd be completely immersed beneath it, and she'd be in there for many many hours while it changed her. "Don't be scared." The water didn't feel like water. It was slimy. But the strange bubbling sensation made me giggle. A bath! I liked baths! Right? I climbed into the tub and looked up at Marlow with a big grin. "It tickles," I told him, as seriously as I could, like it was the most important thing in the world, then fell apart in laughter. He moved a piece over my mouth and nose and tied it behind my head, then took off my glasses. The air smelled weird... like rubber or plastic. And then I started to feel sleepy... I looked up at the blurry man as he helped me sit in the slimy water, and just as my eyes started to close, I felt myself submerge. There were side effects, unknowns, nothing that Dr. Marlow considered worthwhile of being concerned over; not for the payoff that the chemical promised if it were to deliver. Should all go well, in the seven hours that passed, Velvet Duke would emerge as new woman; her skin soft and doll-like, unmistakably feminine, her features softened, her hair like a small child's, as though never kissed by the toxins of the world. She'd look in the mirror and see a face she scarcely recognized. And if she had to deal with hyper sensitive skin, incontinence, trouble holding onto thoughts, or whatever else might happen as an aside, wasn't that worth it? ------------- Sorry for the delay! Kingdom Hearts DLC came out. Remember to Like & Comment!
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    Serious question,Would you wear this shirt? https://www.redbubble.com/people/steve616/works/24274321-diaper-m4?p=mens-graphic-t-shirt I like how it looks anyway and have thought about buying one if it wasn't so expensive for one t-shirt. I wonder if anyone in the know would actually say anything anything. To those clueless ,"M4" could mean anything.
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    Chapter 8 is ready to be read. Sorry it's a little on the shorter side, the next chapter might be longer to make up for it. As always I hope you enjoy. So here it is Chapter 8 "I'll be out in a minute!" Emily picked up a pacifier from the shelf beside the rocking chair quickly replacing the baby bottle with it. She picked me up cradling me in her arms and went over to the crib placing me back inside. "Alright baby, I need to go and have dinner so I'm going to leave you here to take a nice little nap." Emily gave me a kiss on the forehead before placing the lid back on the crib and leaving the room. Part of me was annoyed that I was still stuck in this damn nursery, but another part of me is relieved because I don't have to go and eat dinner. I think I'd literally throw up if I even saw food after what I just went through, even thinking about it makes me want to barf. **** Emily walked down stairs to join her mother and her sister for dinner. "Took you long enough." "Sorry, I got distracted. Daniel got so tired playing house he practically passed out, he's fast asleep in the dollhouse crib." "I'm afraid you're just going to have to wake him up dear, we still need to give him this dose of milk." "Yeah, it's finally my turn! Little man hasn't even tried my milk yet, after the stunt you pulled last time." "Oh, I can give it to him, I'd hate to interrupt his sleep. I'll give it to him later." "You're just going to give him even more of your milk!" "Now Emmy that's no way to talk to your sister, if she says she'll give him your milk than I trust that is what she'll do. Give her a chance." "But-" "No buts, I don't want to hear another word about this. It's hard on everyone right now, but I promise it'll be worth it once things are complete. Now relax and eat your dinner." Dinner went fine, though there was obvious tension between Emmy and Emily. Once dinner was over Emily picked up the glass of milk that she was instructed to give to Daniel and Headed back upstairs. She walked over to the door of the dollhouse room opening it up and letting herself in, making sure to shut and lock the door behind her. Emily approached Daniel's crib to find him sleeping safe and sound just as planned. "He's sleeping so sound, there's no way I could give him this milk now, I'll just give him some more of my milk when he wakes up. I'm sure he'll like that more anyway, he's probably gotten used to it by now." Emily walked over to the other end of the dollhouse which was setup like a normal apartment and dumped the milk down the sink, before placing a lemon in the garbage disposal to hide the smell. "That should take care of that." Moments later knocks could be heard coming from the dollhouse entry door. "Hey Emily Ma wants to talk to you." "Be right out." Emily walked out of the room closing the door behind her. Walking downstairs Emily met with her mom and sister. "Yeah what's up?" "Hon, while I'm happy you've started to warm up to our new guest I want him to be back into the public nursery by tonight, you can't keep him all to your self, it's simply not fair to me or your sister here. If he wants to play house again later, that's up to him, but he can't be kept there his entire stay." "But he's sound asleep right now, do you really want me to disturb him?" "I don't really care what you do, as long as he's back in the public nursery by tonight." "Fine..." Emily marched back upstairs into the dollhouse making sure to close and lock the door behind her. Angrily she pulled out her phone and started dialing. "Hey, this is Jasmine, can't come to the phone right now, I'm currently out, or sleeping....or something. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.......beeeep" "Jasmine, it's Emily. We're going to have to hold off on our plan for a little while. My family is forcing me to put him back in the public nursery, I can't keep him in the dollhouse overnight. We'll have to think of a better plan, or somehow manage to get my mom to let us keep him in the dollhouse. I'd disobey her and do it anyway, but I don't want to get the shit beat outta me. Oh also, you don't have to actually say beep at the end of your voicemail it does that automatically, the way you have it now there's two beeps the one where you say beep and the one where the machine actually beeps." Emily hung up the phone, putting it back in her pocket before begrudgingly going over to the crib where Daniel was sleeping to get him ready to be put back in the public nursery. She picked him up and placed him on the changing table, making sure to change him out of the baby cloths she had forced him to wear and put his regular cloths back on. Once that was done she picked him up again and moved him back into the nursery making sure to take out the pacifier from Daniel's mouth. After all that was done she left the room, shutting off the lights and closing the door behind her. "He's back in the public nursery!" Emily hollered downstairs. "Thank you dear, we appreciate it." **** I awoke, I wasn't in the dollhouse anymore I was back in my old room and my cloths were back to normal. 'Was all of it a dream? Did any of that stuff actually happen?' I thought to myself, maybe it's better that I don't know the answer. Before I got the chance to really question the potential validity of previous events I heard the room door being opened. "Hey little man! Hope you had a good sleep!" Emmy said walking over to my crib, pulling down one of the side bars. "Hey Emmy, can I ask you a question?" "Sure little man, wassup?" "Did I play house with Emily yesterday?" "I don't believe so, why?" "I think I had a dream last night where I did, it was weird everyone was treating me like I was a baby and I couldn't do anything to stop it." "Maybe it was just because you felt a little emasculated after we moved you into this room with the crib. I can assure you though we only did that because we didn't want you hurting yourself and they simply don't make any regular beds this small. I can also assure you that we don't look down on you in any way just because you're smaller than us. To us you're just like any other normal sized guest." "Thanks Emmy." "No problem. And besides, why would anyone want to force you to be a baby anyway?" "Yeah, I guess it was kinda silly" "Can you hold on just one second, I forgot something." "No problem." Emmy pulled up the side of the crib bars again to make sure I didn't manage to fall and break my neck before leaving the room. **** Emmy stormed into Emily's room clearly furious. "Woah, ever heard of knocking?" "Daniel woke up and told me he had a dream of playing house with you and that you treated him like a baby against his will. Now I'm not going to accuse you of actually doing this, but if you did and it got out to mom, she'd kill BOTH OF US. So I think it'd be best if we just kept quite about the whole thing, I wont tell if you don't. Deal?" "Deal." **** ====End Of Chapter 8==== Hope you enjoyed it! As always I'd love to see what you have to say, your comments give me motivation to keep writing. It's honestly the best thanks you could give me. If you want to stay up to date with what's going on as far as stories go, you can check my profile for that sorta thing. I try to update it semi-regularly with information about stories and other such things. There's even a spoiler for what my little surprise is on there.
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    Thank you for the feedback and interest guys. I'll try to keep the updates regular, but some time real life takes priority or I just hit a writers block, so please be patient with me. But here you go Chapter 2: Slowly opening up my eyes the next morning, two things quickly hit me. 1. I’ve been sleeping on my stomach; which I don’t think I’ve ever done before. 2. I really got to use the restroom. “Well, I’m wearing a diaper for a reason.” I thought to myself, as I repeated the process from the day before, of closing my eyes, inhaling and exhaling deeply and trying to relax. Sadly, the result was the same, as the night before, with nothing happening. Shifting myself to my back, to take some of the pressure off my crotch area, I repeated the process and after several deep breaths, I was meet by a tickle and warm sensation spreading around my crotch and diaper area. As the stream stopped, I laid frozen for a few minutes, enjoying the experience and taking in my situation. I slowly moved my hands down under my covers, down along my body until they finally met the warm soft crinkly covers of my diapers. “Oh for FUCK SAKE!” I exclaimed loudly, as the next thing my hands touched was a wet spot on my bedsheet. I shut out of bed and yanked the covers away to reveal several small wet patches on my sheets, where my diaper had been. Once again I had leaked, thanks to a bad diapering job. I quickly stripped the sheets of my bed, while cursing the damn diaper and proceeded to throw everything in the washer, before stripping myself of the failed diaper and jumping in the shower. Afterwards I once again proceeded to diaper myself, being really careful with the tapes and place of the diaper, hoping the third time would be charm, before carrying on with my day. Later in the afternoon I was hit by the urge to use the diaper again and standing in the center of my bedroom one more, this time it seemed to do its job and held everything in. The sense of a warm diaper around my ground instantly turned me on and I proceeded to rub myself through the diaper, reaching what may have been the best orgasm in my life and afterwards spent a few more hours in the moist diaper, even wetting it one more time with success, before finally changing to a fresh one, throwing the old one in the bathroom waste bin, just as Mom arrived home. Several days past in that sort of manner. I would slowly become more comfortable wetting my diaper, often with a 50/50 success in regards to leaks, due to my inability to figure out how to properly diaper myself, but luckily I only wet in the seclusion of my room, which I had been spending almost all my time in since going back to diapers. This was mainly due to the awkwardness of being around my Mom while wearing my new underwear. So I spent most days alone in my room, playing computer, watching TV and writing small bits and pieces, of what would hopefully be my groundbreaking article, often I would only come out to eat or to go change in the bathroom. This was all fine. In my mind I was slowly easing into my new lifestyle, I took everything in a slow pace, this was going to be an adjustment and it would take time to get used to. But then I suddenly got thrown into the deep end. The weekend had arrived, which posed a few challenges. My Mom was going to be home the whole day, so avoiding her would prove to be damn near impossible. But that wasn’t the biggest hurdle that I was about to have to jump. My Mom was yelling for me from the kitchen, as I carefully “waddled” my way to the kitchen, so figure out what was up. “Oh there you are, would you mind driving to the store really quick, I seem to have forgot to buy coffee.” That sentence made my heart skip a beat. GO OUT, in PUBLIC, in my DIAPER!? I knew this was something I would have to get used to at some point, but the reality of that being at that second hit me hard. “Uh, sure Mom.” I stammered as I turned around and headed back to my room. In almost a state of panic, I started to look for pant, which would be able to hide my diaper bulge. At this point my selection of pants, had almost been cut in half, as I had learned that many jeans were not made to fit over an adult sized diaper. I decided on a loose pair of sweatpants and made my way towards the garage, picking up the car keys on the way and soon drove out of the driveway on the way to the store, my heart racing a million miles per hour. Arriving at the store a few moments later, I was on the verge of having a heart attack, as my ticker was almost beating out of my chest. I knew this was something that I had to get over and a challenge that I was forced to was. Still it took several minutes and a lot of deep breaths, before I finally opened the door and exited the car, making my way across the parking lot and into the supermarket. Luckily it turned out to be nearly empty, as I entered through the entrance. “Okay, get in, get out. Nice and easy.” I thought to myself. The question was, do I move slowly trying to avoid having my diaper crinkle too loudly or do I just go for it, hoping to move fast enough for people not to notice the sound of my plastic underwear? “Sprint it is.” I thought, as I picked up my pace, almost running through the aisles, knowing the exact route to my target shelf. I quickly paced by an elderly couple, they didn’t notice me at all, as I turned the corner and arrived at coffee shelf. I stopped for a moment, almost having to catch my breath as my eyes wandered the shelfs, searching for the correct brand. I quickly stopped it and grabbed a glass off the shelf, but stopped dead in my track just as I was about to turn around and make my way towards the exit. A very familiar pressure was pushing on my bladder, feeling I knew very well. I stood frozen, as I surveyed my surroundings. Not a person in sight. “I’ve come this far, got to get past this sooner or later.” The thoughts were bouncing around my head, did I dare, was I ready? My brain apparently made up its own mind, as it took over control and my body let loose. What started as a trickle, quickly turned into a fountain as I flooded my diaper right there in the coffee aisle. “Please don’t leak, please don’t leak.” I was praying that I had done a good job in diapering myself and that my plastic underwear would hold together. After what seemed like hours, but may only have been a minute, the stream stopped and I was left out of breath, standing alone in the middle of the supermarket in a soaked diaper. I quickly inspected my pants and found them, DRY!. “Thank god.” I thought, as I once again looked around, finding myself alone. “That was easier than expected.” I mumbled to myself, as I slowly turned around and started to make way towards the check out, my waddle a bit heavier and my pace a lot slower, than when I entered. I reached the same elderly couple that I had passed by moment before, slowly picking up my pace, while trying to now draw attention to myself, my slight waddle or the crinkle coming from my pants. I greeted the middle age woman sitting at the checkout, as I placed the coffee on the register, quickly paying before heading straight for the exit. Finally, back in the car, I exhaled deeply, trying to slow down my heartrate. “Wow!” I let out a scream, happy and satisfied with the outcome of my adventure, a milestone had been passed and it felt amazing! With my diaper still warm between my legs, I made the quick drive home and entered the house proud of my courage and adventure. I put the coffee on the kitchen table together with the keys and made my way towards my room, but was stopped by the sound of my Mom calling me into the living room. Stepping into the living room, I found her sitting on the couch. “Thank you honey, everything went smooth?” She smiled at me. “Yeah, nice and easy, no problem.” I responded, smiling back at her. “And judging by the swelling between your legs, I assume you had quit an adventure.” She chuckled, gesturing towards my diaper area. “Oh yeah, that.” I blushed, almost unable to get my words out. “I wanted to talk to you about that, you may start using some powder…BABY powder that is, just to keep the moisture away from your skin and it would also help hide the smell, that’s bound to appear at some point. If you leave the company card on the table, I could swing by the shop tomorrow and by you some.” I was left stunned for a second, not really sure how to respond to that. “Oh, uhm, yeah, that would be great thanks, Mom”. “No problem.” She turned her attention back to the TV, as I backed out of the room, making sure to leave my credit card on the kitchen table, before heading to my room. This day gave me a lot of material for my article and I made sure to put it all down in writing, before turning in for the night.
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    I am curious what Becky is going to do to fill her days (besides work) when Jamie is absent. I like how you addressed the difficulty faced by the newly empty nested people. Maybe time to get back into the dating pool, or perhaps engage in some form of group activity? This story is really one of the highlights on this site, and although I am speaking for myself, I am sure there are a great multitude of people who will be sad when you eventually wind it down, and pack it up.
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    Chapter 12 Sandy was having a nice dream for once. She was walking through a serene forest, birds were chirping and bees were buzzing around as they went from flower to flower. She could run her hand through the grass and feel the newly formed dew. Suddenly, her world started to shake and she fell onto the ground that was suddenly mushy. She could hear a loud voice echoing through the dream. “Sandy! Wake up! Sandy!” Michelle’s voice cut through the idyllic sounds of the dream as the landscape shook more and more until everything went black. “Mitch, for the love of the corps, be quiet.” Sandy groaned as her eyes fluttered open. Michelle was leaning over her and shaking her. Sandy furrowed her brow and grabbed the pillow her head was resting on before pushing into Michelle’s face pushing her back onto her padded rear. “But it’s Festivus!” Michelle exclaimed as she hoisted herself up onto her feet with the help of the crib bars, “We get presents, and yummy food, and presents! Did I mention we get presents?!” Sandy hadn’t seen Michelle this excited since they were informed their unit was being rotated out of occupation duties and being sent home. “Yes you did, several times in fact.” Sandy sighed as she felt her diaper, it was totally soaked, “What the hell?” Sandy sighed as she sat up with her back resting on the backboard, “This is the most I’ve ever wet in my sleep since coming here. It's only been a few days.” Sandy sighed as looked at Michelle. Sandy was becoming just like Michelle and she couldn’t tell if that was a good thing or not. “Where is mommy and daddy?” Michelle whined loudly, “I wanna open my presents!” She pouted as she placed her hands on the railing of the crib. “Mitch, cool your burners.” Sandy sighed as she grabbed a blanket and wrapped herself in it, “They will get us when they are ready for us and I guarantee you that if you try and do what I think you are about to do, it will not end well for you and you know that.” She sighed as she Michelle trying to get a leg up on the railing, “Mitch…” Sandy sighed, she could feel the vibrations from her mommy and daddy coming up the stairs from the crib. As Sandy was starting to feel the vibrations Michelle had just managed to get a leg onto the railing of the crib, whether or not she could actually hoist herself up was another story. “I want my presents!” Michelle pouted as she struggled to get her body over the railing. At this point the vibrations were getting closer and closer. “Mitch, why do I always gotta be the one to pull your ass from the fire.” She sighed and lunged for Michelle’s other leg and pulled her back into the crib. Michelle fell right onto Sandy just as the door opened. “Good morning girls!” Laurel cooed as she entered the nursery with a mug of coffee in her hands and spied the two girls in a tangle pile in the crib, “Looks like you two had a goodnight’s sleep.” She smiled. The Amazon was dressed in a red flannel bathrobe with matching slippers, “Looks like both of you need your diapers changed. Lucky for me, daddy will be on diaper duty today.” Laurel smirked a bit towards her husband and took a sip from her coffee. Stuart sighed a bit as he took a long sip from his coffee before handing it off to his wife. The head of security was dressed in a fluffy pink bathrobe with matching bunny slippers, on the right breast the bathrobe had the inscription, “Real men wear pink.” Stuart stretched a bit and picked Michelle up, “Alright Pumpkin pants, lets get you ready to open your presents.” “Presents now!” Michelle whined as she squirmed in the Amazon’s hands. Stuart groaned, as he tried to control Michelle, the slightly dark circles under his eyes evidence of a very late night, “Michelle, I promise that you will get to open your presents after I get you into a fresh diaper.” Stuart carried the girl over to the changing table, “If you don’t behave then I’m getting the cuffs out!” Stuart raised his voice ever so slightly. “I don’t want the cuffs.” Michelle whimpered, “I just want my presents.” Michelle pouted and stretched as she was laid on the changing table. Stuart sighed as he got the changing supplies ready, “I know you are very excited dear. You are both very excited to tear into the presents that daddy spent all night wrapping, with no help from mommy!” Stuart made sure that Laurel could hear the last part. Laurel rolled her eyes, “You are such a drama queen.” She smiled as she walked over to the crib and looked down at Sandy, “Sleep well Sandy?” Sandy nodded and stretched, “Yeah, I was actually having a nice dream, until someone decided to wake me up.” She said as she squirmed a bit, her diaper was getting to be a bit uncomfortable, “Can I have a change please?” Laurel nodded, “Once daddy is done changing Michelle then you will get your change dear.” She took a sip from her coffee, “I promise that the wait is going to be well worth it.” She said as Stuart started to change Michelle, “Stuart, go ahead and put her in a crawler with a stuffer please, we don’t need her diving right into the presents after all.” “Yes dear.” Stuart nodded as he pulled the correct diaper and stuff out from the changing table shelves and set them next to Michelle. Michelle offered up a few complaints but it was all for nought as she was soon in the crawler diaper and long sleeved onesie. Stuart set Michelle on the carpeted floor and walked back to the crib. “Change please.” Sandy blushed a bit as she reached up. As her daddy picked her up she snuggled into his fluffy bathrobe. “Such a polite little girl.” He smiled and set her down on the changing table, “Because you are such a good girl you get just a waddler diaper.” Stuart said as he easily untaped Sandy’s diaper and started to wipe her down. “Thank you.” Sandy sighed as she rested her head on the changing table’s pillow. She barely watched Staurt as he lifted her legs up and folded up the soaked diaper, all of her attention was focused on Michelle trying and failing to stand up. Sandy couldn’t help but giggle a bit at the antics of her friend. She was so absorbed in watching Michelle she barely noticed that Stuart had powdered and diapered her. What she did notice was him dressing her in a matching long sleeved onesie. “There we go, two clean littles all ready for present time.” He smiled and picked up Sandy and set her on his hip with one hand holding her and the other hand holding his mug, “Laurel, can you grab Michelle?” Laurel nodded as she picked the little up and held her identical to how Stuart was holding Sandy, “Of course.” She cooed at Michelle as the two Amazons carried the littles out of the nursery and down the stairs. As soon as the living room came into view Sandy was in complete awe. Almost half of the living room was covered in a sea of wrapped presents. The sea extended out from the festively decorated tree in the corner all the way to the sectional that had four packed stockings on it. All of the stockings except one had a name monogrammed on them. As Sandy looked at the sea of presents, she noticed Buster chewing away on a brand new dog bone on a brand new doggy bed, complete with a bow. A few feet from Buster, the fireplace had a small fire going behind a grate and the television had festive Christmas music from Earth playing. “Gotta say, Earth music is growing on me.” Laurel smiled as she set her coffee mug down on the coffee table so that she could better hold Michelle who was current trying with all her might to try and get at the presents, “How about I give the girl’s their pills and you get the food, then we can start on presents?” Stuart nodded and carried Sandy into the kitchen where several large clear cloches of Amazon bite sized food sat on the dining table, “Sandy, can you wait here for Mommy to give you and Michelle your pills while Daddy gets the food ready?” He said as he gently set Sandy down onto the floor. “Yes sir.” She nodded as Laurel brought the struggling Michelle in. “Good girl.” Stuart smiled and went off to grab another container of food from the fridge. “Michelle, please!” Laurel sighed, “If you do not start behaving then you will have to watch while Sandy gets to open her presents.” Laurel would never keep the girl from opening her presents, only delay her start by about five minutes or so. However, the threat was enough to get Michelle to calm down, “Good girl.” The Amazon smiled and sent Michelle next to Sandy before digging around in a cabinet and pulling out two pill bottles. She picked a pill out of both of them and set them on the counter. Laurel then got a sippy cup full of water and knelt down to give it to Michelle along with her pill. Michelle quickly swallowed the pill and then drank the water, “Presents now?!” Were the only words out of Michelle’s mouth once she had swallowed the last of her water. Laurel shook her head as she refilled the sippy cup, “No sweetie, you need to wait for Sandy to take her pill.” Laurel knelt back down infront of Sandy, “Here you go sweetie.” Sandy nodded and took the sippy cup first. She preferred to take her pills with a mouth full of water rather than pill first than water. Soon after she had filled her mouth she took the pill from Laurel and easily swallowed it, “Thank you.” Laurel nodded and set the sippy cup on the counter before picking up the two littles, “Alright, now we can open presents.” Laurel smiled as she brought the girls over to the sectional. On the coffee table lay a fest of amazon bite sized food. From little blueberry and brown sugar muffins to mini-quiche like things, it all looked amazing. Michelle could hardly contain herself, the minute she was set down on the couch, she crawled as fast as she could to her monogrammed stocking, her diaper causing a clear bulge through her onesie. Sandy couldn’t help but smile as she watched Michelle crawl to her presents, she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen Michelle with an expression of pure joy on her face. Plus, Sandy didn’t mind looking at Michelle’s rear. As Michelle got to her stocking, she glanced back at Stuart and Laurel who at this point had cuddled up together on the couch, “Go ahead sweetie, tear into it.” Stuart nodded before picking up a muffin, “You too Sandy, go ahead and start opening your stocking gifts.” Sandy smiled and slowly started to open her stocking stuffers. Looking over at Michelle, the girl was tearing into her gifts, wrapping paper was flying everywhere punctuated by the occasional thank you from Michelle. Sandy smiled and made herself comfortable on the couch before starting to unwrap the stocking gifts. “I'll go get the laundry baskets.” Staurt kissed Laurel before quickly walking down the hall and returning with several laundry baskets. The Amazon set two next to him and Laurel’s seats and one next to each of the littles. “Thank you!” Sandy smiled as she unwrapped a new bottle. The bottle was tinged pink with pink and white star designs over the glass. While she wasn’t amazingly thrilled with getting a bottle as a present, part of her was actually happy and appreciated the gift. Sandy gently set the bottle down in the basket that served as her present receptacle. “Big presents now?!” Michelle smiled as she looked up from a pile of wrapping paper and small bags and packages. Laurel rolled her eyes a bit as she opened her own stocking gifts, “You have to wait for everyone else to finish sweetie. Then, mommy and daddy will give presents to you to unwrap, okay?” Michelle pouted and crossed her arms, “Fine…” She sighed before looking over at Sandy, “Sandy, can I help you with your presents?” Stuart sighed, “Michelle, let Sandy unwrap her own presents. You chose to go through yours too fast.” He smiled a bit as he unwrapped a new electric pack of shaving gel, “Ahh, thank you dear.” Stuart gave laurel a quick peck on the cheek. Sandy smiled and continued to unwrap her stocking stuffers. There were several different bottles, but they all had a theme similar to the first one, included in the pink theme was a set of five pacifiers. There were a few travel containers of powder and wipes. Additionally, there were actually a few packages of candy, but they were in little-proof containers, much to Michelle’s frustration. Eventually all of the stocking gifts were in the baskets and the paper was cleaned up, now it was time for the main event. Stuart stretched a bit as he stood up, “Alright, lets see what we got.” He said as he grabbed a pair of large rectangular packages and set one in front of each of the girls, “Girls, who are these from?” Michelle smiled as she looked at the tag, “Grandma and Grandpa!” She giggled as Laurel started to record the two of them, “Can we open them now?” Laurel nodded, “Go ahead you two.” Sandy nodded as she started to unwrap the present, she had a pretty good idea of what it was but as she started to unwrap the present it was worse than what she imagined. She could feel that it was a package of diapers, but she had no idea just what kind. The second that the entire package was unwrapped revealing them to be a bag of Supremies, a brand of diaper that boasts the highest absorbancy of any commercially available diaper for littles with ads boasting that littles could wear the diapers for over twenty four hours. The diapers had two versions, one with anti-rash capabilities and one without. Thankfully, it seemed that these Supremies were the ones with the anti-rash coating. Stuart smiled, “Girls, thank grandma and grandpa for the diapers.” The two littles glanced at each other before smiling for the camera, “Thank you grandma and grandpa!” They smiled and played it up for the camera, but inside their were dreading wearing those diapers. Michelle had seen littles wearing those diapers after an extended period of time, for some, it was worse than an immobilizer diaper. “Alright, next present, these are also from grandma and grandpa.” Stuart said as he handed two small flatter boxes to the girls. After a few seconds of unwrapping the boxes were revealed to hold one piece swimsuits. Laurel chuckled a bit, “If I didn’t know any better, I would say that your parents are trying to say that they want us to make the drive down to their vacation house.” Laurel smiled a bit, “Though, honestly, I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing the girls down to the beach.” Stuart nodded as he put some of the trash paper into a garbage bag, “Agreed, it has been far too long since I’ve been down there, but it will have to wait until at least after the Earth trip.” Stuart said as he put the bag down. “Of course.” Laurel nodded as Stuart handed her a small box with a label indicating it was from Michelle, which when unwrapped revealed itself to be a pumice stone, “Mommy has had her eye on one of these for awhile. Thank you Michelle.” “You're welcome!” Michelle giggled as she grabbed a mini quiche and stuffed her mouth. Sandy smiled and looked at the three smiling faces in front of her. She had never had this experience with her real parents. Sure there was always plenty of presents, but her parents were rarely present when it was time to unwrap them, it was generally always her nannies or maids. As Sandy was thinking about her past life, she felt a bit of pressure near her rear. She realized what this meant and sighed. Part of her was screaming at her to not mess herself, but a much larger part of her was saying just to accept it and be a good girl for her mommy and daddy. However, all of that thinking was pushed away when she saw Stuart picking up another present Stuart smiled as he picked up a rather poorly wrapped bag and turned to hand it to Sandy, “Sandy, this is from Michelle.” He smiled as he handed the girl the bag. “Open it!” Michelle had a massive smile on her face as Sandy started to open the gift. Sandy smiled as she unwrapped the gift. The fact that it was from Michelle made the present that much better. Once all the wrapping paper was off she saw that the gift was a stuffed rhino. Sandy couldn’t help but squeal and hug the plushie tightly, “I love it!” She quickly crawled over to Michelle to give her a hug. Michelle smiled back at Sandy and returned the hug, “I love you Sandy.” She whispered and gave the girl a peck on the cheek. Sandy returned the kiss in kind, “I love you too Michelle.” Laurel couldn’t help but tear up at how cute the two littles were. If there was one thing she loved more than anything in the world, it was little love. It was just so adorable. Sandy was in a state of bliss as she broke off the hug with Michelle. For perhaps the first time in her life, she knew what it meant to be part of a loving family. Sandy couldn’t help but feel like a little girl again as she crawled back to her spot on the couch and start unwrapping the presents that Stuart had set next to her empty stocking. Among the presents were more packs of diapers, all sorts of clothes ranging from dresses for more formal occasions, play clothes like overalls and jumpers, and an assortment of onesies for all occasions. Additionally, there was an absolute assortment of toys ranging from soft plush toys to blocks and puzzle toys, however, the toy that she loved the most had to be the rhino that Michelle had gotten her. Sandy gently readjusted her position on the couch, her diaper was starting to get a bit heavy. She had asked Laurel to fill up one of her new bottles with water and she was drinking them pretty quickly, for some reason her mouth was constantly feeling dry. Sandy quickly wrote off the dry mouth as a side effect of her medicine. Staurt looked out on the shrinking sea of presents. He always loved the holidays because it allowed him to go all out and give the people that were important to him a truly memorable day. Right now, the three most important people in his life were sitting around the fire and opening presents. Despite only being a part of his family for a few days, Sandy had already left a mark on his heart. Stuart smiled as he picked up another poorly wrapped bag like gift and handed it to Michelle, “This one is from Sandy.” Sandy couldn’t help but show her surprise, she didn’t remember getting Michelle anything. She remembered Laurel talking about getting a gift for Michelle after her doctors appointment, but she didn’t really remember anything between arriving at the doctor's office and getting home to see Director Scapti drinking in the living room. Sandy’s internal thoughts were interrupted by Michelle squealing at the top of her lungs and holding an orange and black teddy bear. Sandy could barely prepare herself for Michelle to practically tackle hug her. Sandy found herself laying on her back as Michelle layed on top of her hugging her. However, as Michelle was hugging Sandy, the pressure inside of Sandy got greater until Sandy just couldn’t hold it anymore. “Mitch…” Sandy squeaked as she felt the pressure trying to escape. At this point the only thing Sandy could do was roll with it. Sandy scrunched up her face and balled her fists as she pushed a load into her diaper. Michelle’s nose crinkled as she smelled what Sandy was doing. She quickly scrambled off the messing girl, “Daddy! Sandy is going poopy!” She giggled a bit as she went back to her spot on the couch. “Oh is she?” Stuart raised an eyebrow as he looked over at Sandy who was currently getting on her hands and knees and grunting, “Sandy, are you making a messy in your diaper like a good girl. Sandy remained silent except for the occasional grunt. Her face was beet read, she was messing her diaper right in front of everyone. She couldn’t help but reach for one of her new pacifiers, they calmed her down and right now she wanted one. Stuart noticed Sandy trying to get a pacifier and helped her out by taking one of her new pacifiers out of the box and sticking it in her mouth, “There you go sweetie, go ahead and finish up then daddy will change your stinky diapee.” Sandy just nodded as she kept filling her diaper. She didn’t want to admit it, but it actually felt nice. The pressure in her gut was gone and she felt much lighter than she had felt in the past day. Without thinking she sat back down on the couch, right in her mess. Sandy’s eyes went wide as the mess spread and soon tears started to well up in her eyes. Stuart sighed as he noticed Sandy, “Hey, hey hey. No need to cry sweetie, daddy is going to get you out of that stinky diaper.” He cooed as he picked Sandy and her plush rhino toy up, “I’ll be back.” He sighed as he tried to calm Sandy down as he carried her up the stairs and to the nursery. LIZA Festivus day had come and was already starting to wind down. The sun was setting and casting an orange glow through the snow. The director of the Bureau had a cigarette in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other one as she watched the sun set from her back deck. She stared out at the setting sun and sighed. “I miss you Mark.” She mumbled before taking a long drag from her cigarette as Daniel emerged from the sliding glass door behind her. “He wouldn’t like that you’ve started smoking again.” Daniel sighed as he leaned on the deck railing, a glass of whiskey identical to Liza’s in his hands. “I know, but, but…” Liza started to choke up as tears started to form in her eyes. “Hey, hey, hey.” Daniel rubbed Liza’s back, a common technique they used with Thomas, “Don’t cry, don’t cry.” He set his whiskey down on a deck table and pulled his wife into an embrace, “We will get justice for him. We will, I promise.” “It's just so many things could go wrong. The deal with the Americans could be called off…” Liza took a long drag from her cigarette and started to compose herself. Daniel rolled his eyes a bit, “We both know that the deal will go through. The Americans always need new weapons.” He kissed her cheek, “Everything is going according to plan. Once the embassy opens next month, it will only be a matter of time.” Daniel smiled at her, “I love you Liza. Thomas is all tucked in and fast asleep.” Liza smiled, “I love you too Daniel." She looked her partner in the eyes, "I have one last Festivus gift for you.” She downed her whiskey and smothered her cigarette in the snow. “I can’t wait.” Daniel winked as he grabbed his cup of whiskey and walked back inside with Liza’s hand in his. END OF CHAPTER
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    Mom and Dad were away on vacation. Despite Hannah being the older sister, they had given the job to Amy of making sure Hannah wore her diaper to bed each night while they were away which she was more than happy to accept. She was excited to be given this responsibility as she loved the fact that her older sister still embarrassingly needed diapers. "Now that I've got you're hands tied up so you can't fight me, it's time for your diaper before you have an accident. Just lay back and let me get on with it, it'll make it easier for the both of us" Hannah was absolutely distraught. Her younger sister was about to diaper her for bed like a baby and there was nothing she could do about it as the little brat had caught her napping and tied her hands from each bed post. She layed there terrified and shaking as her more confident and beautiful sister Amy exposed her shaved pussy whilst stood with a smug grin on her face before happily strapping her big sister into one of her thick bedwetting diapers that she still embarrassingly needed. "There you go I think I better put some baby powder on your butt as well so you don't get a diaper rash" as Amy began patting her sisters butt smothering it in powder Amy then pushed a booster pad inside her diaper "Mom said you need these to stop you leaking onto the sheets" as she thrust the pad under Hannah butt before securely taping Hannah into her diaper She felt so belittled and intimidated by her little sister that she didn't dare put up any sort of a fight out of fear of what she might do Just as she thought it was over Amy got out a baby bottle of milk which she insisted Hannah drank "I though seeing as you seem to like acting like such a baby you would like a nice bottle of milk" Hannah was horrified but she knew better than to refuse the drink as her younger sister shoved it into her mouth "Oh, and by the way, I wouldn't bother coming downstairs again tonight as my boyfriends coming over in a minute and we're gonna be having some fun down in the living room, so unless you want him to hear your crinkly padded ass and find out you still fucking piss the bed I'd stay in your room" Hannah was now totally beyond humiliated. Despite being younger Amy really knew how to make Hannah feel like the little sister. Amy was well blessed in the looks department as well as having grown to have more self confidence. In the last few years Hannah almost felt as if Amy had matured faster than her which she found frustrating. For instance Amy had a boyfriend, she didn't, Amy's grades were better than hers, and Amy was already earning more money than her, and as if to reinforce her perceived immaturity was the unfortunate timing of her recent return to bedwetting, which made her feel like a small child, especially since Mom had become so fed up with all the washing every morning and had insisted on Hannah being back in diapers at night. It hadn't taken long before a delighted Amy had become curious as to why her big sister's wet sheets had suddenly stopped which was when she decided to search Hannah's bedroom one evening when she was out. She couldn't believe what she was looking at when she discovered a package of adult diapers hidden at the back of Hannah's closet. She had teased Hannah for wetting the bed, but she had relentlessly teased her to the next level over wearing diapers at her age. Mom didn't even bother hiding Hannah's diaper now as she didn't see any point now that Amy knew. Hannah knew exactly what her sister had meant by 'fun'. She had heard them a few weeks ago, downstairs on the living room couch, fucking all night long. Hannah remembered thinking to herself that should be me having sex but instead there she was sat in her room, hiding away, rustling with every movement, legs forced apart by the thick diaper she had been forcibly strapped into as she was no longer trusted to keep her bed dry like any normal 20 year old girl... Back to the present time..... Amy then heard the doorbell ring... She rushed downstairs, opening the door she was greeted by her boyfriend Sam. They shared a kiss before going into the living room to sit down. "So what have you been up to then babe" "well I haven't done much this evening as I've had to stay in and babysit" "Oh right, where's the baby? Up in bed?" Amy replied whilst laughing "Haha yeah the baby's upstairs in bed" "What's so funny Amy?" Questioned a confused Sam "Well look, if I tell you something you have to promise me you'll keep it a secret" "Yeah of course babe, what is it?" "Well it's uuuu not really a baby that I'm babysitting its actually my sister" Sam looked shocked "Your sister? What as in Hannah?" "Yeah, she's upstairs tucked up in bed" "What? But she's like 20 for gods sake! why on earth would she need babysitting she's older than you" "Look if I tell you something about her you really, really have to keep it a secret" "Of course I will Amy "Let's just say that Mom and Dad don't really trust her while they're away" "Don't trust her with what?" "Well she kind of needs help getting ready for bed" "What the hell are you on about" "She still kind of, well, umm, wets the bed, and Mom doesn't really trust her to put her diaper on while they're away so she left me in charge of changing her" "Wait a minute, are you serious? you're telling me Hannah, Hannah you're big sister still wears diapers, and you, you, actually change her" "Yep, that's right, I'm being a good sister and helping her with her problem" chuckled Amy "Although she wasn't best pleased with me putting her diaper on tonight" "That's rough, 20 years old and she still wears fucking diapers to bed, I bet she fucking hates it" Sam began laughing After a while they forgot about Hannah as they became so engrossed in one another as they layed on the couch making out and having sex for much of the night. By now feeling slightly tired, looking at the clock Amy saw it was 3:30am. She told Sam she just needed to go and check Hannah. He laughed at the thought that his 18 year old girlfriend was going to check her 20 year old sister to see if she needed a diaper change. When Amy got upstairs, Hannah was sound asleep. Pulling back the covers she revealed her big sisters thick white diaper. Squeezing Hannah's diaper, much to her delight she found that she had had an accident, which meant she could give Hannah a diaper change... She got a fresh diaper out from next to Hannah's bed and placed it on the bed ready, before she started undoing the tabs on Hannah's wet diaper. It gave her great pleasure seeing her older sister lying there in a diaper, let alone a wet one so she didn't pass up the opportunity to snap some pics which she would keep should she need them in the future... Hannah slowly kind of woke up. Amy hadn't tied her hands up so she just hoped her big sister didn't play up if she woke up finding her little sister in the middle of giving her a diaper change. "Mommy just change me like you usually do so I can go back to sleep" said Hannah in an unconscious half asleep state "Wow" thought Amy, she's more of a baby than I thought. Mom must actually have to come in and change her during the night for her to have said that Amy played along with Hannah's comment "Don't worry sweetie Mommy will change you into a nice clean diaper" Hannah soon properly woke up. It took her a few moments to realise what was going on as she felt something cold between her legs, which she realised was Amy stood over her wiping her intimate parts with a wet wipe "What the fuck are you doing get off of me!" She exclaimed, as she realised her younger sister had totally invaded her privacy Before she knew it Amy had overpowered her and strapped her hands in to the cuffs on each bed post so she couldn't do anything. "For your information Hannah your diaper was full so I was changing you like Mom usually does before you end up soaking your bedsheets" Hannah glowed bright red hearing her sister say this, all with the added embarrassment of her pussy being fully exposed as Amy hadn't yet pulled the front up on the clean diaper. "There you go isn't that better to be in a nice dry diaper big sis" taunted Amy as Hannah just stayed silent. She even went as far as to pat Hannah's crinkly butt before leaving the room. Hannah just layed there sulking as she stared up at the ceiling. Amy undid the cuffs and went back down to Sam "How's the baby then Amy?" Said Sam whilst chuckling "Well I had to change her diaper cos she was soaked" gesturing to the balled up diaper she was holding as she walked through to the kitchen and chucked it in the trash. "Wow your sister really is a fucking baby Amy. I think I need to warn a couple of my mates that have a crush on her. You know Brad and Aiden that I play soccer with seriously have the hots for her" "For all I care you can tell who you like babe"
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    Maddie and her older sister Holly sat at the dinner table eating supper with their parents as they did every evening. As seemed usual in their home Holly liked to dominate the conversation, telling their parents about her day at school and how well she was doing in every class. "So Mum today in biology Mr Hartford said I'm on track for one of the best marks he's seen on our individual coursework" "oh that's great sweetie I'm really pleased for you" replied Mum seemingly proud of her daughter "And can you believe it in the child care course they even had these massive baby dolls and they made us show that we knew how to change a nappy, I mean why do they need to teach us how to change nappies for gods sake" "Well you never know love it might come in handy one day, maybe if you have children of your own" As Holly carried on and on Maddie found her boastfulness increasingly annoying, she had finally had enough and just couldn't help but say something.... "Jesus do you ever stop talking about yourself Holly I'm fed up with you going on and on about how amazing you are at everything" "Maddie don't be so disrespectful and rude to your sister, all she's doing is telling us about her day" "Yeah Maddie what the hell is wrong with you are you you're jealous of me or something?" "That's right Mum side with her of course she's too perfect to ever do anything wrong" "Stop being such an immature little brat Maddie, your 15 years old not 5 for god's sake, you're acting like a baby" replied Mum angrily at her daughters immaturity With that Maddie ran off up to her room in floods of tears, feeling utterly worthless and inferior at how her life was compared to her sister. 18 year old Holly had always been seen by everyone as the perfect girl, regularly achieving higher grades than Maddie and having a much larger group of friends thanks to her good looks and outgoing personality. But Maddie didn't see it this way, to her she saw Holly as boastful and full of herself, always going on about how she had done this or done that. Maddie felt fed up with living in her sisters shadow. After Maddie's little outburst, she had gone up to her room on her bed to sulk. Lying there, she felt angry at Holly's arrogant response and how Mum had even defended her. These thoughts stirred in her mind as she laid there on her bed feeling worthless and upset, and soon, despite it only being 6:30pm she drifted off to sleep.. She awoke a few hours later needing to pee, looking at the clock she was shocked to see it was now 2am and that she had slept through the whole evening. Due to it now being so late, everyone else had gone to bed. She got up and quietly made her way to the bathroom. As she walked past her sisters room, she noticed her door was slightly open and she could hear Holly was asleep. She thought about the evenings events and how much she hated her big sister when suddenly an idea popped into her head. Part of her was saying it was a mean, nasty thing to even think about doing......the other part of her remembered what had happened earlier in the evening, and how much hatred she currently felt towards Holly.... She quietly went downstairs to the kitchen and got a large plastic bowl, which she then filled with warm water from the kitchen tap. Maddie then made her way back upstairs and very slowly snuck into her sisters bedroom, observing that Holly appeared to be in quite a deep sleep. She put the bowl down next to her bed and gently lifted Holly's hand, being careful not to wake her, and placed it in the warm water. She stood and waited........ after about 2 minutes she was about to give up, having convinced herself it was a stupid idea that would never work, when all of a sudden she thought she could hear a faint noise......... She listened closely as she began hearing a hissing sound from under the sheets which got increasingly louder.... Gently lifting the duvet, her jaw dropped. She saw that Holly's pyjamas were now soaking wet and her bed was soaked. She couldn't believe it, her trick had actually worked. She had somehow made big mature Holly pee her bed like a baby. “Now who's acting like the baby, not quite so perfect now are you” Maddie thought to herself. She left the room with a massive grin on her face not quite able to believe that she had just somehow made her 18 year old sister have a bedwetting accident. She now couldn't wait for the morning to come around... As Holly woke up the next morning something felt strange, as she shifted in bed she realised something wasn't right.... Around her bum felt cold and uncomfortable, as she put her hand under the covers she realised her pyjamas, underwear and bed were all soaking wet... "what the fuck" she said out loud to herself She pulled back the covers and stood up. Feeling around her butt and across the front of her pyjamas she felt disgusting, as she came to the realisation of what had happened-that she had wet the bed "No, I can't have! how the hell did this happen?" a frustrated and upset Holly asked herself Examining her bed she realised there was no hiding the massive wet patch and that she would have to quickly take her sheets and pyjamas down to the washing machine if she didn't want anyone finding out. As Holly was about to do this Mum walked into her bedroom...... "Is everything alright Holly I heard you shouti....." Mum was cut off as she noticed her daughter's soaking wet pyjamas "Oh my gosh what happened sweetie" "I uuuuu don't know Mum, I woke up like this this morning" said an obviously upset Holly "Oh dear it looks like you had a bit of an accident love don't worry, we'll get this all cleaned up" Holly broke down in tears Maddie woke up and could hear a commotion from her sisters room. She got up and went to her sisters room, hearing her Mum’s voice from inside. She barged the door open finding Holly stood crying wearing soaking wet pyjamas, Mum was trying to console her. “"oh my god Holly you didn't pee the bed did you? I didn't know you were still a baby” “Get the hell out of my room” scowled her angry and upset sister “Please can you go out of the room Maddie and let us sort this” asked Mum “"ok Mum I'll leave you to help the big bedwetter” “That's enough of that Maddie, your sisters certainly not a bedwetter, this is just a one off thing as she's probably just got a virus or something” Maddie felt really pleased that she had managed to humiliate her usually perfect sister as she went off to get ready for school. Holly was rather quiet come breakfast time. Maddie held herself back from sniggering, knowing Holly wasn't in the mood. The day went by without incident, Holly tried to put the accident to the back of her mind, convincing herself that it was just a freak occurrence that would soon be forgotten. Maddie however, had got too much satisfaction from Holly's embarrassment to leave it at that.... That night Maddie stayed up late, yet again sneaking into Holly's room. This time within just 30 seconds of Holly's hand being placed in the warm water, the 18 year old began soaking her bed for the second night in a row. She couldn’t believe how easily it seemed to work on her sister at her age. In the morning, again she heard talking from in her sisters room as Mum had gone in to wake her up her oldest daughter finding her upset yet again over a wet bed.... This time instead of barging into Holly's room she stood outside with her head against the door and listened in. “"honey don't worry we’ll book you a doctors appointment today to find out what's going on” “Ok Mum but can we get this cleaned up quickly I really don't want Maddie to find out I did this again” “"yes ok sweetie, can you just take your wet sheets downstairs and put them in the machine for me before you get ready?" "Uuum yea ok" said a blushing and upset Holly With that Holly quickly made her way downstairs to the utility room and put her wet stuff in the washing machine Maddie stood back around the corner so that she couldn't be seen as she watched her pretty older sister go downstairs carrying her wet sheets, still wearing her pee soaked pyjamas which were clinging to her well toned butt. Maddie went downstairs only a few moments later, timing it perfectly to catch Holly trying to hide the evidence of her second bedwetting accident in a row. Holly looked shocked to see Maddie "Morning Holly, hey, how come you're doing laundry I've never seen you do laundry in the morning" questioned Maddie hoping to embarrass her big sister "Uuuuuuu" caught off guard Holly stuttered not knowing what to say "Oh my god you didn't wet the bed again did you?" Maddie saw her sisters face turn bright red "Uuuuummm no I just spilt a drink" Maddie walked up to Holly and pulled the sheets out of the washing machine "Eeeeewww they stink of pee oh my god you actually wet the bed again. And look at your pyjamas they're soaked that's freaking disgusting" Holly felt totally embarrassed having her little sister catch her trying to hide her the evidence of her bedwetting accident, all whilst still wearing her pee soaked pyjamas. "Maddie just shut up and go away, like I said its only because I've got a virus or something so don't even think of telling anyone about this" "Sorry Holly, I was only joking I didn't really mean it, I hope you get better soon". Maddie lied through her teeth, pretending to show some concern for her big sister. Inside she was loving every second of having something like this over Holly. Mum was shocked that her usually mature daughter had suddenly now done this not just once, but two nights in a row. It was that last thing she had ever expected from Holly, especially now that she was a second year college student . She feared that if it kept on happening any more that Holly's mattress would be ruined and may begin to smell.... Maddie had made her mind up that she would do it for another night as she was enjoying having a feeling of control over Holly for the first time in her life...... It was somehow making her feel much better about herself. That night, Sneaking into Holly's room at 1am, seeing her sister was sound asleep she lifted her hand into the bowl of water. Just a she placed her sister's hand in the water Holly began moving and lifted her hand. Maddie completely froze on the spot praying to god Holly hadn't woken up. She soon realised Holly was just moving in her sleep as she saw her roll onto her side.... As Holly turned thought her bed seemed unusually loud and kind of like it was rustling which intrigued Maddie. Upon feeling the corner of the bed she found that Holly was believe it or not sleeping on a rubber plastic sheet.... She couldn't hold back a smile at this finding. Her 18 year old college aged sister couldn't currently be trusted to have just a normal sheet on her bed like anyone else her age. She now had a crinkly plastic sheet on her bed, something you would normally associate with small children and toddlers that couldn't yet control their bladders and we're still not out of nappies. "Well well, you may get higher grades and be more popular than me but I'm not the one sleeping on a mattress protector at the age of 18" Maddie thought whilst chuckling to herself. After finding out about Holly's new bed sheet, it made her more determined to make her wet her bed again. For the second time that night she placed her older sisters hand in the bowl.... Sure enough after about a minute of Holly's hand being placed in the water, Maddie heard a trickling noise as her sisters bladder began emptying it contents, again leaving her nice and wet for when she woke up..... The next morning Maddie decided to and Holly were sat at breakfast, now both ready for school Maddie broke the silence “So did you manage to stay dry last night or did you have another accident” “"firstly Maddie don't talk to me like I'm some little kid, don't forget I'm 3 years older than you. And secondly no it didn't happen again, it was like Mum said, probably just a virus or something I ate which I'm over ok so don't ever mention it again” “Well I hope it doesn't happen again Holly, let's hope you stay dry tonight again” “"just shut up Maddie and stop being so fucking condescending I'm not a kid, just cos your jealous of me being better looking and more popular than you, my god you better not even dare to mention this to anyone ever” Her sisters words had hurt her deeply, but Maddie tried to think positively. She loved this feeling of having something like this on her sister and could see just how much Holly was struggling to deal with it. She laughed in her head at the thought of the crinkly plastic sheet her big sister now had on her bed, which instantly made her feel better, imagining if only Holly's friends knew what their popular classmate now slept on.... After the nasty way Holly had just spoken to her, Maddie decided it would be fair payment to keep going with the hand in warm water prank. She continued it for the next 3 nights. Each time, the gorgeous college girl had been distraught to wake up finding that she had wet the bed yet again, which she desperately, desperately tried to keep from Maddie. She had got better at hiding her accidents, which in her mind she thought she had managed to keep hidden from her younger sister. At breakfast, Maddie, knowing full well that Holly had now wet the bed 6 nights in a row, played innocent and questioned Holly....... "So Holly have you had anymore nighttime accidents since the other day" "Was I not clear when I told you to never mention that again Maddie, and the answer is no because it was just a one off as I was unwell, which I'm over now so stop being such a condescending little brat have you got that ?" "God you don't need to be such a bitch about it I was just asking" "Well don't ! , stop speaking to me like I'm some kid ok. I get it you've always been jealous of me cos I'm better than you at everything, and a couple of accidents changes nothing wart fingers" Maddie hated when her sister called her that. Ever since she was young she'd had trouble with warts on her hands, mainly on her fingers. Holly had off and on used that name when ever she felt like being mean and belittling to Maddie. Her words showed her sister's true inner spite. Maddie could tell the bedwetting was really getting to Holly for her to have said this as she was never usually this unhappy and bad tempered. Mum was now in total disbelief that her eldest daughter had suddenly now out of nowhere managed to wet her bed 6 nights in a row. The doctor had even said there was no obvious reason for the accidents and that hopefully it would just pass. She spoke to Holly about it before she had left for college, and explained that her bedding and pyjamas were being completely ruined and that her room would soon start smelling of pee, which Maddie would surely eventually notice. Holly tried to avoid the conversation as it was something she couldn't quite believe she was having to discuss with her mother at her age. After a short talk Mum said that she would speak to her further about it later on that night. Whilst at college Holly struggled to focus on her classes, she tried to put the inevitable embarrassing talk she would have with her mother out of her mind, she felt like some little kid that was going to be to told off for wetting the bed, except she was no longer a little kid, but a mature, beautiful and intelligent 18 year old college student, looking to get the grades that would get her a place for next year at one of the top universities in the country. The accidents were really, really starting to bother her the longer they went on. A couple of her friends even asked her what was up as they thought she hadn't been acting herself the last few days. She certainly had no intention of telling them what was up. Holly felt as if she'd literally rather die than any of them find out she had been wetting the bed. That evening... It was 10pm and the family were all sat in the lounge either watching tv or sat using an ipad as they usually did of an evening. Mum disappeared upstairs, and just a couple of minutes after, Holly did as well which Maddie thought was a little strange... Maddie decided to creep upstairs to see why they had both gone up there. Just as she was near the top of the stairs she saw Mum come out of her bedroom and go into Holly's room. She noticed she had a bag with her. Mum hadn't seen her as the area where the stairs were was dark. Maddie then crept up to her big sisters door and listened in.... "Mum please no!" "I'm sorry darling but this is the only solution, I'm not taking no for an answer, if you put up a fight you'll risk Maddie hearing what's going on so I suggest you just lie back and let me get on with it" Knowing that putting up a fight would risk her sister hearing, Holly realised she had no choice and gave in..... “"just lie back on the bed love and let me do it” “Mum please can’t I do it this is really embarrassing” "Surely not" Maddie thought as she excitedly listened in..... She could hear a lot of rustling “No sweetie because it needs to be taped on properly so it doesn't leak onto the bed” "No freaking way" though Maddie This comment had brought a massive, massive grin to Maddie’s face as she knew it could now only mean one thing; nappies, Mum had clearly become fed up with Holly continuing to soak her bed and had obviously decided there was now only one solution, to put Holly back in nappies. Her usually confident, beautiful and popular college aged sister had now been reduced to being changed for bed like a baby. All because of Maddie's cruel trick. She couldn't believe she had managed this in just 6 days! Her older sister wearing nappies would literally be beyond her wildest dreams. She imagined how devastating this would be for Holly at her age. It hadn't even crossed her mind that Mum would do this to her big sister. The plastic sheet was like all her Christmases had come at once, but Holly being back in nappies like a baby would be beyond the most amazing thing she could possibly ask for. To Maddie, this really was absolutely perfect, she couldn't of asked for a better outcome, she knew that all she needed to do now was make sure that Holly's first night in a nappy didn't end dry. “"fine just hurry up in case Maddie comes upstairs. I really don’t want her finding out” After a bit more rustling and taping it sounded like Mum had finished the job of changing her oldest daughter into her first nappy since she was 2. “"ok darling, it's all taped up now, if you want to stand up and see how it feels” Holly slowly got up and began feeling her new underwear... “"Mum it's sooo thick....I can't wear this or Maddie will notice. It's so loud when I walk” “"it isn't as loud as you think love, put your pyjamas on and I bet no one could even tell you're wearing it” Holly put on her pyjama pants, pulling them up she struggled to get them over the bulkiness of the nappy. She had to kind of stick her bum out and wriggle from side to side to get them up fully. “see there we go sweetie it's completely hidden under those” "Can't you get me something thinner to wear Mum?" "Sorry sweetie but judging by how wet your bed has been most mornings, anything thinner would risk it leaking onto the bed and ruining your bedding" “"I can hear it crinkling every time I move though" said a clearly upset Holly “Trust me Holly no one will notice. It's just a temporary thing love I'm sure. If the problem passes which I'm sure it will and you stay dry for a few nights then you can stop wearing them" Maddie couldn’t help but snigger "A few nights hey, we'll see about that Holly" now feeling over the moon She quickly moved off back downstairs before she was seen. There was no going back now. This whole situation was music to her ears hearing how humiliated Holly was feeling Normally Holly's concerns would be whether her make-up looked right or her hair was ok- but not tonight. Her only concern tonight was about whether the thick nappy she had been forced to wear to bed due to her heavy bedwetting, was noticeable under her cute pyjamas. After her humiliation was complete, Holly made her way across the hall and into the bathroom, feeling totally distraught and as if her life was now over. "This really can't be fucking happening" she thought to herself. 18 years old and here she was stood there having just been changed into a nappy for bed by her Mum like some un-potty trained little kid. Holly refused to accept it, she was a mature, beautiful and intelligent girl, but deep down she knew that after the events of the last 6 nights, the truth of it was that she was actually in dire need of the extra absorbent adult sized nappy that was now tightly strapped around her butt. So many thoughts went through her head-what would her friends think? How could she ever keep this hidden from Maddie? She couldn't even contemplate her life if she ever found out about this. As she walked she noticed it almost felt like it made her waddle as it was so unbelievably thick it forced her legs apart. Holly locked the bathroom door, and tried to hold herself back from crying as she came to terms with her current predicament. Staring at herself in the mirror, noticing her cheeks were now glowing a deep shade of red, she started observing her butt from every angle. She could see the nappy definitely made her butt look bigger and kind of made it a weird shape.... She tried hard to convince herself that if she was careful Maddie would probably not notice, and that all she needed was to stay dry for a few nights and this whole thing would soon be a thing of the past. Mustering up the courage, Holly headed out of the bathroom and back downstairs, walking slightly hesitantly as she was so conscious of the rustling nappy. She prayed to god Maddie wouldn't notice anything was up. She sat herself down in her usual spot, thankful that Maddie had continued to stare at her ipad screen and didn't appear to have noticed anything was out of the ordinary. Maddie had opted to pretend she had no idea about Holly's predicament, keeping her head down and ignoring her sisters crinkling backside as she came in and sat down on the settee. On the inside however was a different story, Maddie felt tonight could be a massive turning point in her life. She mentally, at this moment felt as if she was no longer completely inferior to her sister. In her eyes Holly was no longer the pretty, intelligent and popular girl, what she was now was no more than an 18 year old nappy wearing bed wetter Holly felt utterly ashamed having to sit near her far younger sister whilst wearing the same underwear as a baby "why the fuck did this have to happen to me" she thought to herself The thing that worried Holly was that, God forbid this bedwetting thing didn't stop, she would have to go through this every single night, with the constant fear of her secret being found out by her younger sibling That was one thing she really, really couldn't deal with- the thought of Maddie ever finding out about this. She desperately hoped that this whole problem would be no more than a short term thing. Holly just couldn't understand how this was happening, she had never wet the bed in her life, and then out of nowhere she had now woken up to wet sheets 6 nights in a row. She convinced herself that although the doctor had said there was nothing wrong with her, that maybe she had something he hadn't picked up on like a bladder infection which would eventually pass and that the accidents would stop with that. Maddie thought back to the argument the other day. She couldn't believe just 6 days ago Holly was the perfect girl in every way, sleeping with all the best looking guys at her college, now she had been reduced to having the same bedtime routine as a baby, which involved sleeping on a plastic sheet and being changed into a disposable nappy at night by her Mum. She no longer felt in any way jealous of her big sister. Holly now had a secret that would completely ruin her if anyone ever found out and Maddie loved it. That night, lying in bed Holly couldn't sleep, she tossed and turned for what seemed like hours, unable to ignore the bulk of the thick nappy between her legs "God this stupid thing is so uncomfortable" she cursed to herself. Lying there thinking about her current situation Holly started to feel upset and overcome with emotion. She felt tears well up in her eyes, and unable to hold back, she began uncontrollably crying which made her feel even more of a baby than she was feeling already. She tried to stay as still as possible as every movement she made reminded her of her predicament by causing either the plastic sheet to rustle or her nappy to crinkle. Eventually managing to relax, Holly fell asleep, it was midnight.. Keeping herself awake, Maddie had prepared to do her cruel trick again tonight. She had debated whether she had gone too far but then remembered Holly's cruel words.. Looking at her phone, she saw it was now 1am. Quietly making her way to Holly's bedroom, hearing her sister was asleep, she gently slid her big sisters hand from under the covers and placed it in the bowl of warm water. She soon heard a hissing noise which sounded louder than usual. She knew this was because it was not the sound of Holly's pee soaking her cute knickers, but the sound of Holly's pee hitting the thick padding of her new underwear, her nappy.... "Oh dear did the little baby have an accident in her nappy" muttered Maddie unable to hold a big grin from her face as she left Holly's bedroom and went to bed herself. In the morning as Holly came around from her slumber, it took her a few moments to wake up enough to remember the embarrassing events of the past week. These thoughts made the 18 year old quickly slide her hands under the duvet and check her bedsheets for any sign of wetness, which to her surprise seemed to be dry as she felt around under her butt. She thought that maybe this would signal the end of her nighttime troubles. But........ she then became aware of something that had slipped her half-asleep mind. Her hopes where quickly dashed as she though back to the bulky nappy her mum had put on her last night. Putting her hands down the front of her pyjamas, her hopes were soon dashed. The huge bulk between her legs was warm and squishy, meaning yet again she had peed herself in her sleep. Maddie decided that there was no going back now so she continued the hand in hot water prank every night ensuring her sister would wake up to a soaking wet nappy every morning. Over the coming weeks Maddie noticed a pattern, that every night Holly and Mum would disappear upstairs at some point during the evening, on returning Holly always seemed to stay fairly still as if to avoid drawing any attention to herself. Some nights she didn't even bother coming back down, instead opting to stay in her room watching Netflix. Maddie could tell though that her sister had a nappy on as it made her butt look bigger and there was a slightly noticeable crinkling whenever she moved. It made Maddie laugh that her mature sister now had this embarrassing night time routine To Maddie seeing her sister sat there knowing full well what she was wearing under her pyjamas was just perfect. To Holly the events of the past few weeks were literally her worst nightmare, she just couldn't believe she had all of a sudden developed this humiliating problem. Trying to keep it from her friends was proving extremely difficult for her. It was having a huge effect on her normally buoyant social life. After nights out she would now always make an excuse to go home so she could avoid dealing with staying over at anyone's house. One night she actually went back to some guys house that she'd met in a nightclub. She had sex with him before keeping herself awake and waiting for him to fall asleep, at which point she got up and left. She certainly didn't want to deal with the embarrassment of wetting his bed and him telling all his mates about it, and there was no way she was going to carry around a nappy in her handbag in case she stayed at someone's house. One night Maddie went in to Holly's room to do the hot water prank, she was a little later this time. She wanted to see it with her own eyes that she had actually reduced her college aged big sister to wearing a nappy to bed every night, so she decided to gently pull back the covers to ge Holly was on her side and Maddie could see the nappy peeking out of her pyjamas which made her smile. She gently slipped her hand down the back of her pyjamas, feeling the nappy she couldn't believe just how thick it was. Mum had clearly taken no chances when choosing Holly's new bedtime underwear, she obviously had little faith in her 18 year old daughter's ability to keep her bed dry, with good reason. She then noticed something that surprised her, the further she reached towards the bottom it seemed to get more warm, and felt kind of mushy, she realised this meant Holly had already wet her nappy, without her hand being placed in warm water. She suddenly thought, had she over the course of the last few weeks trained Holly into becoming a bedwetter, had she trained her older sisters body to pee in her sleep by making her wet herself so many times? Over the course of the next week she only did the prank once, what she did instead was go in and check Holly's nappy every night at 3am. She found that on 6 out of the 7 nights Holly had already used her nappy, and on the night she was dry at 3am that was the one night that Maddie did the prank. She couldn't believe it, she had somehow managed to turn her perfect older sister into a chronic bedwetter, that was now totally reliant on wearing a thick adult nappy to bed to prevent her soaking her sheets. This realisation brought great pleasure to Maddie, knowing it wasn't now the prank that was making Holly wet the bed each night. She no longer needed that! Her big sister was now an actual bedwetter. Maddie loved the thought that because of her cruel trick Holly was likely no closer to being out of nappies at night than a baby. In fact a baby or toddler would probably have a better chance of keeping it's bed dry. Holly was totally fed up. She had endured the embarrassment of having tests done and seeing countless specialists. All she was told was that there was nothing wrong physically and they don't know what's causing it. All she knew was that she kept having this same weird dream...... A flashback to last night... Holly was sound asleep in bed, It was like she was floating, she felt totally at ease drifting around in endless crystal clear, beautifully calm ocean water. As time passed she slowly started to fall below the surface, the lovely warmth of the water engulfing her as she gently submerged. The heat from the water felt extremely relaxing as she let her body follow the natural current of the water. A gentle voice repeated the word "relax, relax". She could then see what looked like a toilet in the distance but before even attempting to get there she felt any tension in her body disappear as she lied in the comfortable warmth of the ocean. Eventually she began to rise back to the surface of the water where she began feeling a little colder...... Still asleep, Holly hadn't so much as stirred, what the beautiful college girl had done however during her relaxed state was empty her bladder into her now, rather swollen and warm nappy. One evening Mum and Dad had gone out to eat, Maddie had observed that Mum had gone upstairs with Holly just before they left at 7:30, which she could only assume meant one thing- changing time. Meaning Holly would be spending a lot longer than usual in her nappy, and unusually the girls would be left on their own. Holly had protested about being changed at such an early time in the evening but Mum had given her no option stating that they would be back very late and that she would likely be in bed by then. Maddie had decided to invite a friend, Tara over for the evening. Tara arrived shortly after Mum and Dad had left. Holly hadn't seemed all that pleased to have someone else in the house, which to Maddie was understandable when she was 3 years younger than Holly and yet Holly was the one who was hiding a nappy under her pyjamas. Everyone was sat in the lounge, between the 3 of them they tried to pick a film to watch. Maddie and Tara wanted to watch The Hangover and Holly wanted to watch Anchorman 2. Maddie announced that it was 2 against 1, grabbing the remote she put on The Hangover which Holly wasn't very pleased about. "That's not fair" "Yeah it is that's how it works" "Shut up Maddie that's just immature" snapped Holly What Maddie felt like saying in response was " I'll tell you what's immature Holly, being 18 years old and still having to wear nappies cos you can't stop pissing the bed" but she thought better of it. It took all of her might to hold herself back from outing her sister as a bedwetter right there in front of her friend. They settled down and watched the film. Towards the end of the film Maddie noticed Holly holding her stomach on and off. She wondered if she might soon need to use the bathroom..... As soon as the film ended Maddie went upstairs, took her pyjamas and went into the bathroom, knowing if Holly needed the bathroom she would have to wait until she came out.... Taking her time she got undressed and proceeded to have a nice long shower.... Not long after she had gone in the bathroom Holly started banging on the door.... "Maddie will you please hurry up I really, really need to use the toilet" "I'll just be a few minutes I'm taking a quick shower" "For gods sake just hurry up" Maddie could hear the desperation in her sisters voice, but continued to enjoy her nice hot shower.... By now Tara had heard what was going on and she was now stood watching Holly smiling at the older girls struggle.. She discretely got her phone out and recorded Holly's struggle... Maddie took her time. She washed her hair twice and then conditioned it, not in any rush as she wondered if Holly would save herself from embarrassment and hold on.... Holly kept banging on the door whilst jumping about trying not to humiliate herself Eventually Maddie had finished. She got herself into her pyjamas before finally opening the door. As she opened the door it looked as if it might be too late for Holly... She was bent forward with one hand clutching her stomach and the other hand holding her butt. Tara noticed something weird sticking out of her pyjamas as she bent bent forward.... Running up to her she tugged at her pyjama pants, pulling them down around her ankles leaving her stunned "Oh my god she's wearing a fucking nappy" Holly, too preoccupied to stop Tara exposing her then lifted her head as she let out a big gasp as both girls stood watching in complete shock as the 18 year old uncontrollably lost control of her bowels and began messing her exposed nappy right before their eyes..... The girls were both totally stunned at what they had just seen, and the best part of all was that they had the whole thing recorded..... Holly ran off crying into her bedroom with her massive sagging nappy still on full display as she slammed her door behind her..... Tara and Maddie just looked at each other and burst into fits of laughter. Boy were they going to have some fun with this...... A short while later they went up to Holly's door............ "Oh Holly can we come in and have a little chat with you?"......
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    Loved this! This was so much fun, and very cute and sweet. You have a knack for bringing the child out.
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    As much as I love padded plastic diapers, it's far from my only fetish. I wondered what other fetishes folks here may have. I also love trash bags, polyethylene is a huge turn-on for me. I love newspapers too. In fact, whenever I'm not dressed in a diaper, I wear a trash bag like a leotard and sometimes I'll pack it with newspaper. That is 7th heaven for me.
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    If you have read my profile or other posts you know I am a severely disabled guy who wears twenty four seven and is also Catheterised. Acceptance of my situation has been much more easy since discovering sites like this and kinda re programming my head. My only problem is I see myself more as a little boy than a baby. I like playing with toy cars and trains and stuff not baby toys. This year I have become totally dependent on others most days I can't even feed my self. If you asked me what's the most embarrassing thing to get used to when suddenly life changes and you become a paraplegic bordering on quadraplegic it's not the nappy changing and bladder or bowels stuff it's being spoon fed. I drool a lot out of both sides of my mouth not all the time but enough and having someone wipe my chin is another humbling baby thing. Being totally dependent on others is scarry if you think about it for to long. The times I actually love being fed is if it's a male friend or care worker doing it. I like it when they use their fingers to feed me chips or crisps. I wear bibs all the time not just feeding time because of my drooling. So I am a baby cos of the care I need but I like older boys toys. Thanks for reading.
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    I want to talk to some diaper loves and diaper wears around here. Be do much fun!
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    37 year old Alicia Harris woke with a start. Around her the bedsheets felt damp and cold. She had been wetting the bed off and on since her divorce the year before. Her doctor had told her that it was because she was going through a difficult time in her life and this was her bodies way of coping with the stress. The fact the doctor told her in time the problem would go away did nothing to make her feel better as she silently trudged downstairs to the laundry room after a brief shower and putting on clean clothes. She wanted to get there before her 14 year old daughter Courtney woke up. The laundry room door creaked open and she backed inside with the wet bedsheets in her arms. When she turned around there stood Courtney placing her clothes in the washing machine. Up until this point her daughter had no idea that she had been having any issues but the jig was up when the teen girl turned around and saw her mother. “Hi mom! Thought I would put in a load before school today.” She looked at the soaked bedsheets. “Wait, did you wet the bed?” Trapped, Alicia dropped the linens to the floor. “Yes. Ever since your father and I divorced I've had some issues. It doesn't happen every night, but probably two to three times a week on average.” “You don't have to hide these things from me. I'm your daughter and I'll love you no matter what.” Courtney hugged her mother. “I want to help get you better.” Alicia felt relieved. “Thank you sweetheart. I promise I won't keep anything from you again, but I don't think there's anything you can do to help.” “Sure there is mom.” The younger girl lit up. “Remember the house rule that you made when I was 11?” She couldn't be serious could she? “Honey that one was made just for you.” “Nope. You said house rules apply to everyone who lives in the house. That means you have to follow the rule too.” Courtney stamped her foot. “And per the rule anyone who wets the bed two times in one week has to wear a diaper to bed until they can wake up dry for 7 straight days. On days that you wake up wet you have to wear a diaper all day, you have to use it, and you can't change it yourself. You admitted you wet at least two times per week so it's diapers at night for you and I can plainly see you woke up wet this morning so diapers all day today as well.” “I'm not wearing diapers. End of discussion.” Alicia stormed from the room. Her daughter followed. “It's not the end of the discussion. How can you expect me to follow the rules if you won't do it?” The elder Harris woman turned to face the younger one. “This isn't open for debate.” “You're right, it isn't.” Like all teen girls she had a cell phone in her pocket and took it out. “Cause you know grandma will side with me when I tell her. I'll bet she even comes over to make sure you follow through.” Alicia was about to say something then stopped. Courtney was right, her mother would come over and she would end up in diapers anyway. “Fine. I'll stop on the way home from work and pick up some diapers and we can start after school gets out.” “The rule says you have to wear one ALL day. Since you drive me to class on your way to the elementary building where you teach we can do this right.” “We have to leave early if we're going to do that, which basically means now.” Her daughter was never ready on time so the chances they would have time to stop at the drug store on the way in were slim. “Are you ready to go?” “Yep! Woke up early to do laundry remember?” She sounded all too cheerful. In a matter of minutes the pair were out of the house and into the drug store. Alicia watched her daughter rush straight to the adult incontinence aisle. When she arrived a few seconds later Courtney had already selected a package of Abena's from the shelf. Begrudgingly she took the offered diapers, paid at the checkout and headed into the bathroom at the rear of the store. Courtney followed her inside and took a diaper from the pack. “I won't make you lay on the ground. We'll have you sit on the toilet and arrange it on yourself, then I'll tape it closed.” “Very well.” Alicia huffed, kicked off her pants and panties and situated herself over the open diaper on the closed toilet lid. Once everything was in order she let her daughter know it was time for her to be sealed in a diaper for the first time in 34 years. Courtney did an expert job of taping it shut, probably from all the experience she got as a babysitter. Her pants were then returned to their normal position and she just barely managed to get the button closed over the bulk. Despite the awkwardness of it, the diaper was quite comfortable but there was little time to think on such things, she had to drop Courtney at the high school and get to her first grade class. She had just pulled into the parking lot when it occurred to her, in her rush to leave the house this morning she hadn't had time to do her usual morning business. And the need was making itself known. ~ It was 8:04. In 42 minutes she could text her daughter, who would be on break between classes, and get permission to use the restroom. After all, she never made Courtney mess her diapers. If she needed to go number 2 she just had to ask and she was allowed to use the bathroom. No worries, she could make it that long. The morning class consisted of arithmetic. Students took their turn coming to the chalk board and solving complex equations such as 2+4 and 1+7. The class applauded each correct answer and their teacher grew more and more worried that she would have to make a 1+1 in her diaper. At last it was 8:46, little Suzy was at the board working on 5+3 and Alicia was on her phone. Her text was short but simple, 'need to poop, permission to take off the diaper and go'. The response was almost immediate. 'Sure. But remember you can't take your own diaper off. So either you have to hold it until my lunch at 11:40 or ask the nurse.' Needless to say, Alicia was not happy about either option. For now she chose to wait, and the class moved on to story time. Students were encouraged to read the text aloud and raise their hand when they had difficulty with a section. The 'Dick and Jane' series may have been old news to Ms. Harris, but to the kids it was ground breaking material. She spent the next two hours guiding them through the material before it was time for recess. While the kids were out to play their teacher made a bee-line to the office. Upon arrival she asked to see Nurse Smith and was informed that she was out sick for the day but that her assistant, Brad Childress was in and more than capable of handling any needs her students might have. Deciding that she would rather risk it than have a male, barely out of college, medical assistant see her diaper she returned to the classroom to prepare for social studies. Specifically, a lesson on the founding fathers of the United States. The students slowly filtered back in after the bell and Alicia couldn't help but feel the increasing pressure on her back side. Once everyone was seated she put up a picture of George Washington on the overhead projector and thought that maybe if she wet her diaper a little bit it would help stave off an impending disaster. It was difficult to begin, but once the flow started it wouldn't stop. She tried to act nonchalant as she wet herself in front of the first grade class and talked about the founding of America. For now her gambit had paid off. She was able to keep on lecturing about the Revolutionary War, no one the wiser until it was finally the lunch break. The kids all ran off to the cafeteria and she ran to her car for the trek to the high school. Less than two minutes later she was inside and in search of Courtney. Her daughter was with a group of friends on their way to the lunch line. “Hey. Can I borrow you a minute?” “Sure mom.” Courtney waved at her friends and broke away from the pack. “Bathroom's over here.” Together they went inside the girls lavatory. Inside Courtney unsnapped her mothers jeans, pulled them down and untaped the sopping wet diaper. Alicia was eternally grateful for the release and quickly took care of business. Once she was done she emerged from the stall and asked for her pants back. “Sorry mom, you know the rules. You have to have a diaper on too.” The young girl looked at the soaked garment on the floor. “Did you bring a fresh one?” Alicia followed her daughters eyes. “Oh shit. I didn't.” “Guess we'll just have to put this one back on and hope it doesn't leak.” Courtney picked up the used diaper and placed it on a closed toilet lid for her mother. The 37 year old gritted her teeth and positioned herself over her temporary prison. “I'm ready.” The teen quickly taped the now cold garment back on. “See you at 3:00 after school.” Having wasted most of her lunch getting her diaper changed Alicia stopped at Taco Bell on the way back to the elementary and ordered three soft tacos. Back at class the rest of the afternoon passed by smoothly but all the while Alicia could feel the greasy fast food catching up with her. At 2:45, a full 5 minutes before the dismissal bell, Ms. Harris had all the kids lined up outside to await the buses. When they were all loaded she darted to her car and fired up the engine. On the way to the high school she let out what she hoped was a fart but turned out to be a little more. A liquidy mass slowly escaped and there was nothing she could do to stop it. The entire drive, more and more oozed out of her behind and into her diaper. “Oh my God! What did you do?” Courtney pinched her nose when she opened the door. “I think I need to change you right now!” Caught between not wanting to be in her mess any more and not wanting to have her diaper changed in public, Alicia was speechless. Her daughter grabbed a diaper from the pack in the back seat, came around to the driver's side door, opened it and leaned back the seat. Before she knew it her pants were pulled down, her diaper untaped and Courtney was wiping away her mess. Outside the window she could see kids staring as they passed by. Alicia began to cry. “Please hurry.” “I'm not the one who shit myself.” The young girl removed the soiled diaper from beneath her mother and slid in a clean one. “I thought you went at lunch.” “It was an accident.” The defeated mother resigned herself to her diapered fate. “And yes, I remember that rule. Diapers 24 hours a day for a week for any day time accident.” ~ The ride home was filled with silence. Alicia was too embarrassed to discuss what had just happened. Fortunately for her, when they pulled in their driveway Courtney announced that she was going to ride her bike to her friend Nicole's house and that she would be back in time for dinner. With the house to herself Alicia sat down to read a book. The clock in the living room chimed six o'clock and woke the mentally exhausted mother from where she had dozed off on the couch. Much to her dismay she discovered she had wet the diaper in her sleep and with her daughter not home yet, it would just have to wait. She waddled into the kitchen and started to get pots and pans ready for Thursday night spaghetti. By half passed the hour everything was ready and Courtney had just walked through the door. While she didn't like the feel of the cold diaper around her waist, it had been on for this long might as well have dinner while it was still warm. Alicia sat at the table and twirled some noodles around her fork. “You know my class has a field trip to the aquarium tomorrow so you'll have to find another ride home from school.” “That's okay. Nicole wanted me to spend the weekend at her house anyway.” Courtney took a bite and sucked in the end of a noodle that didn't quite make it to her mouth. “I'll just ride the bus to her house.” The mother raised her eyebrow. “You'll be spending the whole weekend over there? Does this mean our little arrangement is over then?” “Nope. A rule is a rule and Nicole's house is only two blocks away.” The teen girl held up her cell phone. “Just give me a text when you need a change.” Disappointment showed on her face. “Well if you insist that the arrangement has to continue I don't think I can let you spend the weekend away from home.” The pair argued back and forth about the fairness of life and until they were all out screaming at each other. Then Courtney brought out the big guns. “Well how about I get grandma to BABYSIT you so I can go to my friends?” “That does it young lady! You're grandmother is not to know about this. Now give me your cell phone and go to your room!” The elder Harris stood and pointed up the stairs. “You're grounded and I don't want to see you for the rest of the night.” “Fine! I hate you anyway!” The teen stomped her feet all the way to her room and slammed the door. Alicia poured herself a glass of wine and gulped it down quickly before pouring a second which she planned to sip much more slowly. Looking back at the table she decided to finish dinner, sat down with a squish and realized she was stuck in a soaked diaper. She decided that she would probably have to rescind the grounding in order to get a change, but she wouldn't cave and let Courtney spend the weekend away. Not unless she agreed to end this diaper nonsense. Two things she did know, don't poke a bee's nest and don't negotiate with an angry teen girl. She would just have to tolerate her situation until her daughter had calmed down. At nine thirty Alicia finished her third glass of wine and was feeling a little bit buzzed. She decided to give it a try, went upstairs and knocked on her daughters bedroom door. No response. Down the hall though she could hear the shower running and headed that way. Now standing in front of the bathroom door she made attempt number two. “Court. Honey. I need to see you when you're done in there.” A minute later the water turned off. “I'll be out after I brush my teeth.” Alicia went to her bedroom to await her daughters arrival. When she showed up she had a frown on her face. “How about I just spend tomorrow night at Nicole's? That way I wouldn't be gone all weekend.” “I'm sorry I yelled at your earlier.” She gave Courtney a hug and pointed at her sagging diaper. “You can go Friday night only, just don't forget about me.” “Whoa, mom! You really peed a lot!” The young girl giggled and squeezed the padding. “Let's get you ready for bed.” A fresh diaper on Alicia kissed her daughter good night and laid down for bed herself. It was then that the wine caught up with her and she had no choice to yellow her Abena if she wanted to have any chance of a decent rest. The next morning she awoke more recharged than she had in a long time. Her sheets were dry and she was happy. At least until she remembered what she had around her waist. It was hard to tell because of her pre-sleep wetting, but she thought she had a dry night. Of course now she really needed to pee but figured the diaper was already wet so why not drench it again before Courtney came to let her out for her morning void and shower. Feeling good about herself she picked out a yellow dress to wear to the aquarium today and hung it in the bathroom before knocking on her daughters door. “Time to wake up! Gotta get ready for school!” From the other side of the door there was a groan and a loud bump. “It's too early. Come back later.” “I can't honey. You have an additional responsibility in the morning the next 6 days remember?” There were a few more bumps and Courtney's door opened. The zombie like teen untaped the diaper and let it fall to the floor with a splat. “Wake me up again when you're done in the shower.” Alicia took care of her morning ritual and by that time Courtney was up and about on her own. The dutiful daughter once again diapered her mother and went downstairs while Alicia put on her dress. They ate together in silence, put the dishes in the sink and left for school. When the car stopped at the high school Alicia smiled at her daughter. “Have a good day sweetie. I'll see you later.” “Don't forget to pack extra diapers for your field trip in case you need them.” She exited the vehicle and leaned back in. “And since I won't be there to change you I took the precaution of signing your diaper tabs. That way if you take it off I'll know cause it won't line up right. If you get someone else to change you have them sign the tabs.” ~ Damn that girl! How dare she do that to me. I know I did it to her, but she was 11 and I couldn't trust her. I'm a grown woman, I can do whatever I like. But if Courtney finds out, she'll no doubt spill the beans to my mother and I'll wind up right back in diapers. Keep playing along for now, how bad can it be? She arrived at the elementary and entered her classroom. Inside were a handful of students and both chaperones for the field trip. The bus to the aquarium didn't leave until 8:30 so she let the kids play until then and took the time to talk with the parents that would accompany them on the excursion. Maria Anderson was Tommy's mother and a stay at home housewife while Megan's Ridley's mother Jessica was a teacher at the high school who had taken the day off work. They gossiped about this and that but when the time came to go they had all the kids organized and ready for the bus. The trek to the city took about 45 minutes and was a bumpy ride. For the first time since this episode began Alicia was grateful to have the extra padding. First on the agenda when the got to their destination was a short film about fish and that was to be followed by a guided tour. During the movie Alicia felt a familiar feeling in her bladder and decided that it was as good a time as any to let go. Unfortunately for her that was the point where the movies soundtrack got really quiet. A distinct hissing sound could be heard by all around the room but due to the lights being dimmed nobody could tell where it was coming from or see their teachers crimson face. The rest of the day went by quite well. The kids had a wonderful time, got to feed some of the larger fish and even pet a sting ray. Right before the return journey home each of the three adults took turns sheparding the kids to the restroom to ensure there wouldn't be any accidents. It was 3:30 in the afternoon and for Alicia the large diet coke she had at lunch was making itself felt again. She thought she could hold it and get a change from her daughter when she got home but eventually decided to duck into a stall and wet her diaper for the second time that day. She didn't want to risk a repeat of the mornings close call, or worse, a possible leak on the bus. To her surprise the diaper held it all, but she could clearly see that it was at its maximum capacity and that she would definitely have to see Courtney before she went again. The ride home was equally as bumpy but the extra padding did nothing to comfort the poor teacher this time. With every rise in the air and fall back to the seat it announced her soggy undergarments status with a squish. Lucky for her no one around seemed to notice. With the last child picked up she was finally free to head home. When she got there the house was dark, but that was hardly unexpected since her daughter had gone home with Nicole. She took out her cell, called Courtney's number and heard the phone ring in the kitchen drawer. Shit. I never gave it back to her after I confiscated it last night. Where is Nicole's home phone number? After a frantic couple of minutes searching it was found and dialed. No answer. From the same slip of paper she tried Nicole's mom's cell. Three rings later. “Hello?” “Hi. This is Alicia, Courtney's mom. Is she available to come home for a minute?” “I'm afraid not.” The woman sounded generally concerned. “We are on the way to dinner right now and after planned to take the girls to a movie. We probably won't be home til between 11 and 12. By then the girls will probably be going straight to bed. Is it something that can wait until morning?” Great. Now what am I going to do? There's no way this diaper is going to come remotely close to lasting that long. “I wish it were. Can I talk to my daughter please?” “Hi mom!” “Courtney, honey. I thought we agreed you weren't going to forget about me.” “I didn't. Honest.” She was being defensive. “You weren't home and they wanted to go out. What was I suppose to tell them, sorry I can't go, I have to change my mom's d-” “That's enough young lady.” Damn kid had a point. “Well can I at least get permission to change it myself tonight?” “You know the rules mom. You made them. Now I gotta go we're at the restaurant.” The line disconnected. Alicia had enough and decided she was going to change herself anyway and deal with Courtney when she got home in the morning. ~ She woke to the sun shining through her bedroom window and a dry diaper. Looking at the clock she saw it was just after 9:30 in the morning, Courtney should be home soon. With that knowledge in mind she rolled out of bed, soaked her pants and trudged to the living room to await her daughter. Strangely she felt like she would be in less trouble if she only changed her diaper the one time and was determined not to do the other thing until she was released. A half hour passed, then an hour. Finally Alicia heard a noise on the front porch, Courtney must finally be home. She opened the front door to scold her wayward daughter and shrieked at the sight of the mail man. Her hands went to cover her yellowed underwear and she leaned forward to try and hide it further. All this did was allow her body to empty its contents into the seat of her diaper. Thankfully the mail man had the good graces to reach in and close the door but it didn't stay shut for long. Before the flow from her backside could stop Courtney walked in. “Again mom?” The young girl took her mothers arm, led her to the middle of the room and laid her on the floor. “Wait here. I'll go get the supplies.” Alicia just laid there and cried until her daughter returned. “I- I-” “Shhh. It's okay mom. Or maybe it isn't.” Courtney poked the tabs on the diaper. “How come these aren't signed?” The crying started anew. “I changed myself last night. I had too, I was about to leak.” “You're suppose to ask someone else to do that for you.” A disappointed look was on the 14 year old's face. “You know the rules.” “I have to choose between a bare bottom spanking with a hair brush or being grounded until I'm out of diapers on Thursday.” The 37 year old wiped her eyes. “I pick being grounded.” “Grounded for the duration of your time in diapers it is. But it doesn't end Thursday. If I'm not mistaken I saw you shit yourself in front of the mail man a few minutes ago. I doubt you did that on purpose which would make it an accident.” Courtney rubbed the front of the soiled garment for effect. “You're to be diapered until at least next Saturday.” Alicia, laying in a wet and messy diaper, was thoroughly defeated and she knew it. Her bottom was wiped clean, taped into a fresh Abena and given a playful swat. The embarrassing event over she took some ice cream from the freezer and curled up on the couch to watch a movie and drown her sorrows in Ben and Jerry's. After the movie was over she had a quick lunch and without thinking grabbed her car keys to head to the supermarket. Just then Courtney came downstairs. “What do you think you're doing?” “Going to pick up food for the week. Same thing I do every Saturday.” Alicia slung her purse over her shoulder. “Even though you're grounded, that's fine.” Her daughter giggled. “But don't you think you should cover a certain something up before you leave the house?” Up the stairs she flew to her bedroom, pulled on a skirt and resumed her endeavor. Five minutes later she was at Denny's Food Market and bumped into Tina Martin, one of her students. Tina was with her 13 year old sister Morgan, who was friends with Courtney, and her mother Stacy. The chit chatted for a minute and then continued on their way. Alicia took her time walking up and down every aisle glad to finally be doing something normal, it helped to rebuild some of her lost self confidence. Everything from the list gathered, she paid at the checkout and loaded the groceries into her car for the trip home. At dinner time Alicia was about to prepare homemade Chinese when Courtney surprised her by volunteering to cook. The weary mother agreed and stayed to help oversee the meal, sweet and sour chicken with fried rice. The agony of the morning forgotten, mother and daughter dined together in peace. Feeling better than she had in days Alicia filled the dishwasher then joined her budding star in the back yard to kick around the soccer ball. Halfway through she paused for a minute and stared at the ground. Courtney picked up on it immediately. “You're wetting your diaper aren't you?” The elder Harris put a finger to her lips. “Quiet, I don't want the neighbors to hear.” The teen jogged to her mother's side. “Do you need a change? Let me look.” Before Alicia could respond she found her skirt lifted and the padding between her legs squeezed. As fast as she could she pushed her daughter's hands away. “I'm fine. Can we just go back to soccer?” The kicked the ball a while longer, rocked on the old swing set and talked about plans for the future until the light faded. Back inside Courtney went upstairs for her nightly shower and Alicia decided to make use of her diaper one more time before she got changed for bed. Hopefully in the morning she would be dry and not so desperate for the bathroom. ~ Sunday was a lazy day in the Harris household. Throughout the day Alicia got three changes, the first was after waking up dry and being allowed to use the toilet and shower before being taped into a clean diaper. The second was after a mid-afternoon nap that involved soaking herself on the living room couch and lastly when she wet right before bed so she could sleep comfortably. Reflecting on the day as she laid beneath the covers she was glad it was somewhat more normal and didn't have any embarrassing moments. On Monday she awoke drenched. Apparently during the night her bladder had really let go and overflowed the diaper to moisten her formerly dry sheets. She gathered the sheets along with some clothes she was going to wash later anyway, trudged to the laundry room and hoped Courtney wouldn't notice. Luck was on her side and her daughter was still asleep when she knocked on the door. The teen groaned, came out to the hallway, untaped her mother's diaper and laid down once again. Alicia cruised through the morning routine and met Courtney in the living room to have her nethers once again encased in plastic. “We're going to have to get me more diapers after school. I'm running low.” “And maybe some rash cream.” The young girl completed what she was doing. “Looks like you're starting to get one.” Oh great. A 37 year old with a diaper rash. How could things get any worse? “Nothing we can do about it right now, off we go.” As per usual mother and daughter parted company outside the high school and Alicia started her day at the elementary. Being a Monday she eased the students into the week with a math game, two students were paired together and shown a flash card. The first to correctly answer moved on to face another student. The first kid to make it around the room, or what usually happened the one who moved the most seats prior to recess, won the game and got a prize. Today's reward was a sticker book and was won by Megan Ridley. The students outside for recess, their teacher stood off to the side of the playground, watched to make sure they didn't hurt themselves and wet her pants. When fun time was over everyone raced back inside for reading. The students once again took turns reading aloud from 'Dick and Jane' while their instructor sat on the corner of her desk and fidgeted. My God, the rash Courtney found earlier must be getting worse. I just want to reach down and relieve the itch, but I can't just rub my diaper in front of a group of first graders. I'll have to run to the store at lunch, swing by the high school and get changed. Only forty minutes to go. I can do this. Tina Martin's voice snapped her back to the present. “Ms. Harris. Are you okay?” “I'm fine dear.” She looked around the room to see everyone's eyes on her. “Please continue the reading.” Time dragged by slowly. 10 minutes passed. Then 20. Tina asked and was given permission to use the restroom. I can't wait until I'm allowed to use the restroom again to. 30 minutes down, 10 to go, the second hand on the clock seemed to have stopped moving. With 5 minutes until lunch there was a knock on the door, it was Nurse Smith. “Alright class. You can go ahead to lunch early, I need to have a talk with Ms. Harris.” The kids cheered, packed up their things and ran out of the room. Their teacher was confused. “What can I do for you?” “It's what I can do for you.” The nurse placed her hand on Alicia's shoulder. “I watched you through the door for the last few minutes and it's plain to see you're having some issues. I have something in my office that can help clear that up for you.” “You don't have to do that.” The 37 year old stammered trying to think of a way to break free. “I was going to go at lunch and pick something up.” “Nonsense. This is much more convenient and it'll save you some money.” She picked up her charges purse and led her to the office. Inside the door was closed and locked. “Now why don't you go ahead and take off your skirt so I can get a better look at the problem?” Alicia froze. This was her last chance to get out with her secret intact, think of something to say. “Uh. I, uh-” “No need to be shy. I am a nurse after all.” She unzipped the skirt and it fell to the floor. “Oh my! That isn't what I expected at all.” Tears filled the mortified woman's eyes. “I can explain.” “It's okay. Many people have problems for one reason or another.” The nurse laid the teacher down on the examination table. “Do you have any spare diapers with you? Can you change yourself or do you need me to help?” “There's one in my purse.” Alicia mumbled. “And I need you to change me and sign the tabs when you're done.” Ever the professional Nurse Smith set to work, applied a bit of rash cream and sealed the garment in place. “I don't mean to pry, but have you been having any messy accidents? Cause it looks like you may be getting a bladder infection, which could be caused by not cleaning properly afterwords.” The crying intensified. “Yes. What can I do?” “For starters I would suggest a good shower after a messy accident. It's the best way to ensure you get everything clean down there. As for the infection, drink plenty of water and flush it out.” Alicia hopped down off the table, put her skirt back on and went to her classroom to be alone and reflect on what had just happened. ~ The rest of the afternoon at school passed by in a haze. There was a geography lesson, recess and history. As the day wound to a close Alicia wanted nothing more than to escape home and put it all behind her. She picked up her daughter at the high school and drove in a stupor towards the house. From the passenger seat Courtney watched the drug store fly by the window. “Where are you going?” Where else would we go? “Home.” “We have to stop at the drug store remember?” The teen pointed out the back window. “You need more diapers and some rash cream. Speaking of which, do you need a change?” “I'm fine. Let's just pick them up later.” “No. You need the cream now so the rash doesn't get worse.” Courtney lifter her mother's skirt, found her dry and saw the writing on the diaper tabs. “Oh my GOD! You let someone else change you? Why didn't you just come see me at lunch?” Alicia pulled into a parking lot, turned the car around and proceeded to the drug store. “I was going to but Nurse Smith saw me fidgeting and thought I was having some woman problems. She took me to her office and before I knew it my skirt was on the floor.” Inside the drug store was a mass of people. Apparently it was the place to hang out after school as teens milled about the aisles looking at make up, magazines and trying on sun glasses. All this made Alicia nervous. How would she manage to buy diapers with this many potential witnesses? Her daughter on the other hand had no issue with making a bee line straight to the incontinence products. Two more packs of Abena's off the shelf she handed them to her mother and said she would be the next aisle over talking with her friends. The 37 year old's steps were small and tentative. Right now she was alone, surrounded by diapers and holding 2 packages in her hands but when she made it to the end of the row there would be a sea of people between her and the register. Head down the walk of shame continued, she just hoped her luck held out and nobody looked at her. At last she made it to the checkout, having received no comments or unwanted stares along the way. Thank god teens are so self absorbed. Courtney, along with her friends Nicole and Morgan joined her at the register shortly after the purchase was hidden discretely inside plastic bags. “Got everything?” “Yep.” A nervous smile. “You coming with me or going to stay with your friends?” Of course the teen elected to hang with her friends, Alicia told her to have a good time, be home before bed and then went out to the car alone. She sat down, tossed the diapers in the back seat and sighed. Relieved to have made it out without incident she relieved herself in her absorbent underpants. It didn't take long for her to realize she had forgotten an important item as the itching and burning began. A text to Courtney asked if she could have permission to leave home. Her daughter reminded her she was grounded and that she should have no reason to leave. The grocery shopping was done on Saturday and she had picked up everything she needed from the drug store. If she wanted something else it could wait until tomorrow. Two hours later the torment from inside her diaper was driving her crazy. She the only relief she could get was from constantly rubbing the offending garment. Another text was sent saying that she was in desperate need of a change. Courtney replied she was eating and would be home in an hour. Hungry, but too distracted to cook, Alicia ordered a pizza and threw her skirt back on. She had learned her lesson about answering the door in just a diaper yesterday. The pizza arrived in 30 minutes or less, four slices were eaten in the next 30 and finally Courtney was home. “Do you have to pee again? Cause it's getting close to bed time so this will be your last change for the night.” The elder Harris' face flushed as she nodded and let go. After the flow had stopped she laid down on the floor, allowed the soaked diaper to be removed and a fresh one slid beneath her. She saw her daughter look around confused and guessed what the problem was. “I forgot the rash cream.” “That's what you wanted to go out for isn't it?” The young girl shook her head. “Why didn't you just say that? I could have got some on the way home.” Having no answer Alicia just laid there and allowed her daughter to complete the diapering process. Some fresh air, and a fresh new Abena helped but there was still some residual itching and burning. She just hoped she could wake up dry in the morning and then talk Courtney into letting her wear panties until after they had gotten some cream at the drug store. ~ Alicia woke, not because she had to go to the bathroom but because she already had in her diaper and the itching and burning were unbearable. It was 3:30 in the morning and she screamed in pain. A few moments later Courtney rushed into the room. “What's the matter?” “It hurts so bad.” Tears streamed down her face. Her daughter pulled back the covers, untaped the diaper and gasped. “That doesn't look good. We should get you to a doctor.” With no other choice she agreed, called in to work to get a substitute and went to take a shower. When she got out Courtney was waiting. “I have a proposal for you. You obviously need a break, but you can't break the rules either. So I was thinking of amending it, if a rash appears you can take time out of diapers to let it clear up, but for every one day you take off it adds two days to the end.” Right now Alicia would take any deal to get rid of her anguish. “That seems fair. I was suppose to be done Saturday morning so if I take today off it will be Monday morning instead. And this way I won't have to go to the doctor I can just get cream from the store, sit home and heal.” They shook on it and returned to their respective beds to hopefully get some sleep. Five hours later Alicia awoke dry and feeling better already. She took care of her morning business, dropped Courtney at school and picked up rash ointment on the way back home. The relief was immediate when she put it on. Remembering the nurses advice she drank large glasses of water all morning, after all she was free to use the bathroom any time she wanted. By the time her daughter needed picked up she was confident she would only need the one day off so as to not prolong the diaper dilemma any longer than it needed to be. Tuesday was taco night, formerly a night she dreaded but since her reprieve one she enjoyed. When dinner was over she and Courtney watched TV, told stories and said their good nights. Wednesday was another dry, and therefore great, morning. Birds chirped, the sun shone and her daughter made a zombie like appearance from her bedroom. Everything was as it should be. That was until she got in the shower and the hot water still burned her delicate skin. Damn. I was really hoping not to have to add two more days but I can't afford to chance it while my skin is still tender down there. Courtney will no doubt be thrilled. “Ready for a diaper, mom?” The teen held up a crinkly white plastic garment. Last chance to put one on and get this over with. “I need one more day.” “Alright. If that's what you want, but that means you aren't done til Wednesday next week.” Her daughter continued to wave the diaper in front of her face. “Knock that off missy. We need to be getting to school.” And after a little breakfast that's what they did. The day went by normally with the exception of Alicia drinking far more water than normal until just before lunch. I really have to pee but I still have 20 minutes. God, I wish I had my diaper on. Wait, did I just think that. What's wrong with me? This whole thing has been a fucking nightmare. She was snapped back to the present by one of her students. “Ms. Harris? Did you just pee your pants?” “What? No, of course not.” She looked down to see twin wet marks going down the inseam of her pants. Oh shit! My bladder must have gotten used to just releasing when I had to go and done just that when I was distracted by my thoughts. What am I going to do now? “I can go get the nurse.” Tina volunteered and ran out the door without waiting for a reply. A few minutes later the Nurse Smith arrived. “Class. Settle down. The principal will be here in a minute to stay with you until lunch. Be good until he gets here. Alicia, please come with me.” The 37 year old bowed her head and fell into step behind for the trek to the office. Once there the door was shut, locked and Alicia sat up on the exam table. She couldn't bring herself to look the nurse in the eye. “It was an accident.” “I know that sweetie.” Ms. Smith patted her shoulder. “How come you weren't wearing your diapers?” “Cause of my rash.” “Let's have a look see shall we.” Once again the teacher found herself naked from the waist down. “It looks like it's clearing up nicely, so let's get you taken care of. Did you bring a change of pants with you?” “No.” What is Courtney going to think when she hears about this? “Not to worry I'm sure we'll find something that fits you.” Nurse Smith dug through a bag and pulled out some sweats. “Here, I usually wear these to the gym but you need them more than I do today. Don't worry they're clean. As for underwear you can either go commando or I can get a diaper for you. Which would you prefer?” A question for the ages. “Diaper please.” ~ The too large sweat pants kept slipping down the slick plastic of her underwear which made Alicia have to hold them up to avoid exposing her shame to the entire school on the walk back to her classroom. When she got there the principal was waiting. “Hi Mary. I'm sorry I don't know what happened.” “I do. You're still sick. You shouldn't have tried to come back so soon. Go ahead and take the rest of the day off, I'll cover your class.” The principal winked. “And don't worry about the kids, I explained you were sick. I also told them if they told anyone about what happened they would be in big trouble.” Alicia thanked the principal, waddled to her car and drove home. Once she was through the front door she let the baggy sweats fall to the ground, picked them up and threw them, along with her soiled clothes, in the laundry room to be washed. With that taken care of she threw on a skirt, made lunch for herself and watched TV until time to pick up her daughter. Courtney bounced happily out to the car. “Hi mom. I thought you had pants on when you left this morning.” The girl had to pay attention to everything. “I did.” “Well what happened to it?” Alicia turned out onto the road and lifted her skirt to reveal a purple diaper. “I changed my mind about the extra two days. How was school?” “Where did the diaper come from? We don't have any like that.” Courtney lifted the skirt higher to get a better look. “Who put this on you? It isn't signed.” “Nurse Smith. I had her do it after I got to school. Now stop being so nosy.” The skirt returned to its rightful position over her knees. “This ends Monday morning, not Wednesday.” Her daughter huffed and rolled her eyes. The remainder of the trip, the time at home until dinner and dinner itself passed in silence. It wasn't until right before bed that Alicia asked to be changed and Courtney agreed that sound other than the television was heard. That night was filled with bad dreams of wetting her pants in class, having the principal change her on her own desk and then asking the kids to check her diapers periodically. She was relieved when she woke up in her own bed with only a wet diaper and not a room full of children laughing at her. What would she do when she had to face the kids this morning? A knock on Courtney's door, her Abena untaped, a trip to the bathroom and a shower and it was time to find out. After she was in a fresh diaper and had dropped her daughter off at school she timidly found her way to the classroom. A few students were there laughing and playing when she walked in and didn't seem to give her a second look. It wasn't until the bell rang to start the day that the festivities began in earnest. Everyone's hands flew into the air with questions about whether or not she was still sick. How often she had accidents. If she had any accidents from the other side. The teacher patiently answered them, assuring them she was no longer sick, that the accident was a one time thing and that she most certainly did not have any other types of accidents. The kids seemed to accept this and the lesson began. At lunch she went and had her yellowed underwear changed by the nurse, she wasn't about to let it sit for too long and risk another rash. The rest of the day passed as uneventful as the morning, she received no strange looks from other teachers or any students and felt confident the principals warning had been heeded. Back at home she prepared the Thursday night spaghetti and her daughter went to her friend Morgan's house until it was ready. Alicia was just about to start the sauce when she got a text asking if Morgan could come over for dinner. She agreed and added extra noodles and extra sauce to the pan to compensate. By 6:30 Courtney and her friend had arrived. Over dinner the conversation between the teen girls swung to school and if anything had happened recently. Of course Alicia thought they were talking about boys but that wasn't the case. Morgan gota wicked grin. “My sister Tina had an interesting day yesterday. Apparently her teacher wet her pants in front of the entire class.” “Oh really?” Courtney said in a way that Alicia knew this staged for her benefit. “Isn't she in my mom's class?” The 37 year old threw her napkin on the table and stood up. “That's enough girls!” “She seems a little cranky.” Morgan snickered. “Maybe she needs her diaper changed.” Alicia ran from the room tears streaming down her face and up to her bedroom. Courtney followed her in. “Now you see how it feels?” “What are you talking about?” Her words were choked out between sobs. “The couple of times I wet the bed while diapered you told me that humiliation and embarrassment were part of the corrective process. That it was for my own good and that if I wanted to avoid being laughed at I would learn not to wet myself.” Years of built up anger poured out. “So now it's your turn. If you don't want to be made fun of stop peeing yourself. I did.” The distraught mother was speechless. She could only think that if only she hadn't gone out of her way to make her daughter feel about about having accidents three years ago that she wouldn't be in the position she was now. Maybe she deserved this. ~ Eventually Morgan went home and Alicia was left in peace in her bedroom. Before her night time changing she flooded the Abena and waited for her daughters arrival. There was a soft knock on the door. “Come in.” “Time to get you ready for bed!” Courtney tossed a diaper, rash cream and a couple wipes beside her mother. “To think, I'm going to be diapering you for at least another week and a half.” “Week and a half? What happened to being done Wednesday morning?” Then she remembered. “You added a week because of the accident at school, didn't you? Is there any way out of this?” The younger Harris sealed her mom in her crinkly prison. “I'll make you a deal. If we go to the Braddick Mall on Saturday and you let me do to you what you did to me, then I will allow you out of diapers during the day. You'll still have to wear at night until Wednesday morning. And if you have a wet night, diapers that day. But that shouldn't be a problem for you should it?” The Braddick Mall is three hours away, there's little chance of running into anyone I know, and Courtney only had to wear diapers during the day twice. How much could I have possibly done? “Okay. Saturday we go to the mall.” “I can't wait!” Courtney got a big smile on her face and clapped her hands. “And don't worry, I won't do anything you didn't do.” In the morning Alicia woke up dry much to her own relief. The days events went by as per usual and it was off to school. Since it was Friday she had movies for the kids to watch all day, might as well take it easy before her planned day of humiliation tomorrow. Her soggy underwear was changed once by the nurse at lunch and once by Courtney upon the return home. “How about we go out to dinner tonight?” The 37 year old suggested. “I don't feel like cooking.” “That's sounds good.” The teen was off the couch and headed for the stairs to her room. “Let's go to Curly's, I love their burgers!” “Curly's it is.” Alicia grabbed her keys. “I'll be in the car.” Twenty minutes later they arrived at the restaurant and were told there was a ten to fifteen minute wait for a table. With nothing else to do Courtney took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and her mother did the same in her pants. A short while later they were seated at their table to look over the menu. The elder Harris had jalapeno poppers to start, a chef salad and a tea. The younger opted for the Mega Burger Deluxe with fries and a diet coke. On the ride home Courtney asked if she could spend some time at Nicole's. Alicia, since she was in need of a change said she could go but only after she was taken care of. As it was 8:30 when they arrived back at the house the teen called her friend to see if she could spend the night, got permission and told her mother the news. Since she was in a fresh diaper and because it was so late, the 37 year old thought that she wouldn't need another change before morning anyway and told her daughter to have a good time. By 10:30 when she was brushing her teeth for bed she realized her mistake. It had been to get the poppers at Curly's. They tasted out of the world, but they went right through her. She didn't want to disturb Courtney because it had only been 2 hours since she left and was likely to make tomorrow worse than it already was going to be if she had to come home now. There was no signature on her tabs so perhaps she could take off the diaper, do her business and tape another one on without her daughters knowledge. And so she did. Feeling better she lay in bed but sleep would not come. The minutes ticked by slowly on her alarm clock, 11:00... 11:14... 11:37... 12:02... Eventually she felt the need to pee and let go into her awaiting Abena, even if Courtney thought she wet the bed she was in diapers all day anyway. The next thing she knew it was 7:15 and her daughter was shaking her awake. “Wet night I see. Better not have any more of those.” The teen released her from the yellowed garment to get ready for the day. “I see you changed yourself again too.” Alicia froze, how could she know. “No I didn't!” “Yes you did. I put an 'X' on the back of the one you had on last night.” She held the used diaper up to be seen. “Does this look like it has an 'X' on it?” The 37 year old blushed. “No...” “Not only did you change yourself, you lied to me about it.” The 14 year old thought for a moment then went and got the hairbrush and another diaper. “You pick, spanking or no bathroom privileges this morning before the mall?” “Are those my only options?” Alicia asked nervously. “I don't want either one.” “You should have thought about that in advance, now which is it or do I get to decide?” “I pick neither.” She laughed weakly. “Alright, lay back.” Courtney guided her mother to a laying position on the bed and unfolded a diaper. The garment centered beneath her Alicia tried to put her hips down on it but her daughters arms held her legs in the air. Then she felt it, the first hard smack. Here she was, an adult, getting a bare bottom spanking in the diaper position with a hairbrush. Smack after smack rained down on her exposed backside. By the twentieth one she was balling her eyes out and sure her bottom was bright red. Courtney then lowered her onto the awaiting Abena and completed the process, cream, powder and taping it in place. Alicia selected a dress to wear for the day and they were off to the mall where further indignities awaited. ~ The three hours seemed to take forever, especially since she had naught to do but wait for her punishment. On the way Courtney informed her of the scheduled events, of which there were four. An exposure in the changing room to make up for back to school shopping. A diaper check in the cafeteria following lunch to compensate for the time at McDonald's. A spanking in the toy store and a diaper change in a public restroom. With the pressure building on her backside, Alicia figured the diaper change might come first as she walked into the Braddick Mall. “Where to?” Courtney took her mother's hand and dragged her further into the center for commerce. “Hot Topic. I want to get some new shirts and you have some clothes to try on.” Seven minutes later the 37 year old was in the changing cubicle clad in nothing but a bra and a diaper. Her daughter had taken her dress when she went to find clothes to try on and any minute now would be opening the door to expose her shame to the entire store. When the door finally opened there were a handful of people looking in. A child remarked, “That lady is in a diaper. I'm more grown up the she is, I don't need diapers any more. I'm a big kid.” Alicia blushed and tried to hide herself but with nowhere to go it was a futile effort. In the corner of the change room, with onlookers aplenty, she lost her battle and filled her pants. At last she finished and Courtney closed the door. “Can I get a change?” “Sorry. Don't have any fresh diapers with me. You'll have to run out to the car and get one.” Her daughter smirked. “Or you could just wait.” No clothes to cover herself she didn't really want to traipse around the shopping center. “Do I get something to wear?” Her dress was flopped over the door, she put it on and waddled out to face her audience. If they hadn't seen her performance the smell gave away the state of her diaper rather quickly. “Court. Please can we go to the car?” “You go ahead and go. I'll be at the food court.” The teen mushed the messy Abena into her mother. “We can take care of the second thing on the list.” Six minutes later she had the change of underwear in her hand and found Courtney eating a slice of pizza. While she was outside she had drenched her diaper and was in desperate need of a change. “Alright, let's get this over with.” “You need me to check your diaper?” Courtney practically shouted drawing the attention of everyone in the area before lifting her mother's dress. “Oh my. What a wet and messy baby we have here. We'll get you in some clean pants just as soon as I finish lunch. Why don't you get something to eat?” Having no other choice Alicia got a cheeseburger combo with fries and a coke and sat in her own waste across the table from her daughter. Once she had finished her meal Courtney stood her up, bent her over the table and pulled up her dress to expose her soiled undergarment to everyone around. Her daughter seized the opportunity and rubbed the mess further into her bottom. “Ready for a change or do you want your spanking first?” Alicia looked around the food court, saw all eyes fixed on her and blushed. “Let's get the spanking over with.” A crowd of forty to fifty people gathered around as she laid across her daughters lap. Embarrassment hit a new high when her dress was pulled up and her messy diaper put on display. The first swat didn't hurt but it certainly squished the poop into her backside. Over and over the smacks rained down to the point that Alicia lost count. Here, in the center to the monument to consumerism, blow after blow landed on her sore tushy. What seemed like years later the assault ended and she was able to scurry off to the bathroom. “You're doing great mom. Only one last thing to go. Diaper change.” Courtney led her into an empty stall, untaped the Abena and set to work cleaning. The growing crowd followed them in and watched the proceedings with rapt attention. Her intimate parts cleansed and sealed into a plastic prison she stepped from the stall in just her diaper and bra. “Can I have my clothes back?” “Sorry, you leaked.” Sure enough the dress had twin half moons from where the diaper had overflowed. “You'll be fine until we reach the car.” Alicia wasn't so sure, especially since she needed to poop again after not having completely emptied herself earlier in the day. Reluctantly she emerged from the bathroom, walked in shame through the mall and once again soiled her pants. Several people were around to watch her stop, squat and push a load into her Abena. “Geez mom, you're taking this seriously aren't you.” Courtney buckled herself into the passenger seat. “I'll change you when we get home.” Though she hated to do it Alicia sat in her mess, started the car and started the trip home. Halfway there red and blue lights flashed in her rear view mirror. The officer walked up to the window and was treated to a view of her in naught but a bra and dirty diaper. Courtney laughed and the officer tipped his cap. “Ma'am. Can I see your license and registration please?” Having neither on her Alicia panicked. “Um-” “I need you to step out of the car.” The cop opened her door, escorted her to the trunk and frisked her. “Normally I would put you in the backseat but you need a change and I don't want the smell in my car. What's your name?” Leaning on the trunk Alicia answered all the policeman's questions and waited patiently for his return. She had never had a ticket before but figured if she could stand on the side of the road in a messy diaper for all the passing cars to see then she could handle whatever the cop could dish out. She was wrong. “Are you aware your license is suspended?” The policeman turned her around and placed her in handcuffs. “It seems you have unpaid parking tickets from over a year and a half ago.” They have to be from my ex-husband. That prick had gotten tickets, failed to tell her about them and hung her out to dry. As a result she was under arrest and sitting in a used Abena in the back of a police car while her daughter was dropped off at home. From there she was transported to the county, placed in a holding cell and told the nurse would be by soon to put her into a fresh diaper. ~ It was nearly two hours before relief came in the form of a pink diaper, white t-shirt and orange sweat pants. The nurse made quick work of changing Alicia's messy pants and informed her it was her lucky day. The prosecutor had stopped by the building to meet with the new arrivals. Fully clothed the 37 year old was led from the holding cell and into a small cubicle where an older gentleman with gray hair sat reading a file. He looked up when she walked in. “Alicia Harris. You were brought in for driving on a suspended license.” “Yes sir.” She said meekly and sat opposite him at the table. “My ex-” “No need to explain. I've read the policeman's report.” He tapped a piece of paper. “And judging from your driving record, or lack there of I should say, I'm inclined to believe you. So this is what's going to happen. You pay off the three tickets, a total of $150, and I'll dismiss the driving on a suspended license charge. Your license will also be reinstated.” A smile lit up Alicia's face. Finally something was going right. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have a check book in my car, but it was towed.” “No problem. The impound lot is just a block away.” The prosecutor stood up and indicated for her to follow him. “Now let's get you checked out of this place and I'll walk over there with you.” At the intake desk she was informed that the clothes she was wearing belonged to the county so she would have to give them back before she could leave. Tentatively she pulled the shirt up over her head and lowered the sweats down her legs. Clad in only a bra and pink diaper she handed the jail attire to the guard and was given her release papers. Alicia was out of jail but faced a new problem, she was going to have to parade herself through downtown in just her undergarments such as they were. The prosecutor opened the door to the world and offered to let her hide behind him as much as was possible. She drew many amused stares from people on the street and some outright laughter. It wasn't until they reached the gate at the impound yard that Alicia realized that she had drenched her diaper on the walk. A short talk with the man in the booth got her car pulled around front so she could go through the center console, find her checkbook and pay off the tickets and the impound fee. Receipts were issued, her keys returned and she was at last able to get out of view of the public and make her way home. Back at home she went to her room and collapsed on the bed. It had been a long day and all she wanted was for it to be over. Unfortunately it was only 6:00. Courtney knocked softly on the door and came in. “Need me to change you?” “Yes please.” The elder Harris rolled on to her back. “What did you want to eat?” The teen set to work on the task at hand. “I didn't know if you were going to be home tonight so I ordered a pizza. There's some leftover in the fridge if you want.” “Thank you sweetie. When you're finished here I'll go grab some.” She paused and then grinned. “You know this is probably one of the last times you're going to have to do this. As of tomorrow morning I'm out of diapers during the day.” The last tape was stuck in place. “A proud accomplishment for someone your age. Since you won't need me around can I go over to Nicole's for the day? Her family is going to the beach and they invited me to come along.” “I don't see why not. Have fun.” Alicia stood up, made her way to the kitchen and ate a couple slices of the pepperoni deep dish Courtney had ordered. The rest of the evening was spent bumming around on the couch, watching movies and soaking her Abena before her last change for bed. It was only 9:30 but after the day she had she was exhausted. Alicia woke up and looked at the alarm clock. 8:30. She had slept for nearly 11 hours. She certainly felt rested but could also feel the cold soggy diaper between her legs. Maybe she could change herself before Courtney noticed, after all she didn't want to spend another day trapped in diapers. Silently she snuck down to the living room, grabbed a spare Abena from her purse and tiptoed back up to her room. All the effort was for naught as her daughter exited the bathroom and looked at her sagging yellowed pants. “Looks like someone isn't out of diapers quite yet are they?” The teen undid the tapes and let the garment fall to the floor with a splat. “You know, one more wet night before Wednesday and you'll get seven more nights of diapers too.” The 37 year old didn't say anything, just picked up the used diaper and threw it away. Once that was taken care of she went to the bathroom to do her business and have a long hot shower. Not anxious to be locked in a crinkly prison she spent several minutes applying make up and getting her hair just right. Out of ways to stall the inevitable she wrapped a towel around herself, walked to the living room and was surprised to see her daughter wasn't alone. “Oh. Hi Morgan.” Alicia felt awkward around the younger girl now that her secret had been exposed. “Were you going to the beach with Court and Nicole?” “Yep! I also brought over a couple things that you're going to need today.” Her daughter's friend smirked. The 37 year old tried to think what she would need that she didn't already have at the house. “What-” “It's a chain and small padlock. We're going to loop it through these shorts like a belt after you're more appropriately dressed for the day.” The younger Harris held up an older pair of cutoff blue jean shorts and two Abenas. “Since I'm going to be gone all day, and you have already demonstrated a willingness to break the house rules, this is the only thing we could come up with to keep you from taking off your own diapers.” She knew she had changed herself twice in violation of the rules but this was over the top. “You can't do that. I still need to go grocery shopping since I didn't get to go yesterday.” “Nobody's stopping you.” Courtney laid her mother on the floor, proceeded to double diaper her, pull on the shorts and lock them in place. “And it was either this or hire Mrs. Nelson's granddaughter to babysit for you. I figured you wouldn't like the idea of a 12 year old being in charge. If you would rather I can run across the street and see if she's available.” The bulk of two Abenas between her legs made Alicia have to waddle around like a toddler. “Ugh. I can't leave the house like this. Everyone's going to be able to tell what I have on underneath.” “Would you rather have a babysitter?” Her daughter started walking towards the door. “C'mon Morgan, we gotta get going so we aren't late.” “Yes.” Oh God did I really just say that? Once I get the shorts unlocked I can put on something to cover this bulk and tell Cassie that I need help running errands today. Chances are I have enough padding on that I won't need a change anyway. “Unlock me so I can put on something less revealing and go get her.” “Okay.” Clearly Courtney wasn't prepared for this but handed her the padlock key anyway. Once her daughter and Morgan were out the door she hurriedly released herself, ran to the bedroom and put on a long flowing skirt. Her butt still poofed out a a bit but it was far better than the holey shorts she had been wearing. When she returned to the living room Cassie Nelson was there but Court and Morgan were not, presumably they had gone to the beach. “Hey Cas. What did they tell you about why you're here?” “Just that they were going out and needed me to take care of you for the day.” The small girl looked somewhat confused. Thank God they hadn't used the word diaper. “That's right. I have a few errands to run and hoped that if I gave you a little money you would be able to help. How does $25 sound?” The girl agreed and soon they were on their way to the grocery store. After an hour of traipsing up and down the aisles Alicia let her morning orange juice flow back out of her and into the thirsty diapers. Not long after that all the items from the list were in the cart and the pair was in line to checkout. The groceries paid for it was time to ditch the kid and be on with her life. “Thank you so much, you've been a great helper today. I think that's all I needed to do, here's your money I can drop you off on the way home.” “No can do Ms. Harris. Courtney said I had to spend the whole day with you or you would be in trouble, whatever that means.” Cassie took the money, buckled herself in and looked questioningly at the older woman. “In that case how about we stop on the way home for something to eat.” Damn. I need an afternoon to relax but I guess that isn't going to happen. “How about McDonald's?” “Can we do Taco Bell?” The young girl practically bounced in her seat. “I really love the gorditas.” Unable to offer an excuse of why not, Alicia turned into traffic, and made her way to the restaurant of choice. Cassie ordered two beef gorditas while she opted for the three soft shell taco meal. When they were done they resumed the trip home to put away the purchases from the grocery store. With all of that taken care of it was still only one in the afternoon, several hours before Courtney would be home so the 37 year old offered to put in a movie. Her babysitter chose a Disney classic and the older woman decided that she was going to try and relax and have a glass of wine anyway. Halfway through the Taco Bell was making itself known but there was no way she was going to go through that again. Quietly she snuck down the hall and towards the bathroom where she hoped she could slip out of her diapers and use the toilet. Unfortunately she was not as stealthily as she thought, Cassie caught her trying to leave and asked where she was going. Not wanting to admit to this kid what she had planned and fearful Courtney would find out she had broken the rules once again she simply said she was going for another drink. In the kitchen she wet her diaper once more to relieve some of the pressure and thought of what she was going to do. Tragically when she opened the flood gates on one end the other side opened too. With no choice in the matter she topped off the wine glass and chugged it down. Refilling it again she mustered the courage to head back to the living room and hoped Cassie wouldn't notice what she had done in her pants. ~ Lucky for her the return to the living room drew no unwanted attention. Of course luck was a relative concept considering she was a 37 year old woman sitting in a messy diaper. When the first movie ended another was selected and Alicia bent over to change DVD's. The Taco Bell from earlier took this chance to noisily finish its exodus into the seat of her well used garment. There was no way Cassie had missed this. “Uh, Ms. Harris, do you need any help?” The girl looked on expectantly. Maybe I can play this off as just a fart. Embarrassing sure, but far better than the alternative. “Excuse me. I can't believe I just did that. I'm fine though and look the movie is starting.” Good. Cassie's attention is back on the TV. Now, what am I going to do about getting out of this mess? Perhaps I can fake going to the kitchen for another drink and ditch the dirty diaper while I'm in there. But then what do I put on? There's nothing in the kitchen to properly clean myself with and I don't want to put the skirt on without making sure I won't get it dirty. Dammit! Let's just get another drink and think about it. To the kitchen she went, grabbed the wine, poured another glass and thought that for her fifth glass it was doing nothing to help her relax. She was about to walk head back to the movie when she felt her skirt fall around her ankles. Behind her Cassie pulled on the back of her diaper and noted that she had made a stinky. “Just as I thought. You need a change.” Why didn't I just stick with the locked on shorts? I could have waited and grocery shopped after school tomorrow when I wasn't in diapers. “No I don't.” “You poor thing. You don't even know do you?” The young girl took the older woman's hand and led her to the living room. “I wouldn't be much of a babysitter if I let you stay in that mess. Now wait right here and I'll get you a fresh diaper.” Alicia didn't know what else to do so she just laid on the floor and cried. Moments later her diaper was untaped, she was wiped clean, powdered and taped into a new Abena. There was nothing that could help to live this embarrassment down and to make matters worse not a minute later the wine had her yellowing her new underwear. “I-” “Shh. It's okay.” The 12 year old cooed. “But I think we should keep your diaper uncovered so it's easier to tell when you need a change.” “But-” But there was nothing she could say. Her reluctance to admit she needed changed only proved her need to have a babysitter. Defeated she just sobbed on the floor and stayed that way, in just her t-shirt and soggy pants until the end of 'Aladdin'. Cassie patted her padded bum. “What do you want for dinner?” Alicia's response was to sniffle and wet her diaper again. “Well since I don't really know how to cook, how about we order Chinese?” The babysitter hopped off the couch, ordered from the House of Hunan and poured her charge another drink. “Here, you look like you could use this.” The 37 year old took the offered wine, drank it quickly and curled back up. Her life was over now. She was nothing more than a toddler who needed to be looked after, a point that was punctuated when Cassie spread her legs to change her diaper a second time. How could she be in charge of anyone ever again when she wasn't in charge of her own pants. Soon the doorbell rang to signal dinners arrival but she couldn't bring herself to move. “Ms. Harris? Where's your purse so we can pay?” The young girl allowed the delivery driver into the living room. Crinkling the entire way, Alicia trudged to the kitchen got out a twenty dollar bill and returned to hand it to the driver making no attempt to cover her shame. There was no point, as far as everyone else was concerned she was just a pants wetting little baby. Since she wasn't really hungry she didn't eat the noodles or egg rolls opting instead for another two glasses of wine and to yellow her Abena one more time. Cassie put in another movie and before it ended Courtney had returned home. “So how did it go?” The teen asked the babysitter ignoring her mother on the floor in a wet diaper and sipping a glass of wine. “She messed herself while we were watching movies this afternoon and I don't think she noticed but we got her cleaned up.” The 12 year old recounted the days events. “Then I had to to change her again right before dinner, which she didn't eat, cause she had wet so much.” “She didn't have dinner? We'll take care of that.” Courtney took $20 from Alicia's purse and gave it to Cassie. “You did a great job, I'll let you know if we need you again.” The younger Harris rubbed the front of the elder Harris' plastic undergarment. “Need to go again before I change you for bed?” Alicia sighed, relaxed and doused her diaper. “I'm wearing one of the these tomorrow whether I wake up dry or not, aren't I?” ~ Monday morning found Alicia soaked again. It was hardly surprising considering the amount of wine she had the night before and didn't matter anyway after the talk she and Courtney had at bedtime. After pooping her pants three times in the last two days the elder Harris had agreed to two weeks of wearing protection full time. Week one would be 24/7 in diapers. Week two, diapers at night and pullups during the day but if she had any accidents in the pullups she would be demoted back to diapers until her daughter thought she was ready to start potty training again. A knock on Courtney's door. “Honey, it's morning.” “Ugh.” Several seconds later the door swung open and the teen squished the sodden Abena. “You don't want to go before I let you out to shower? I think we covered last night you have no problems with messing yourself.” Dammit. No bathroom privileges until next Monday morning except to shower. Positive she wouldn't be able to hold it until after school, Alicia informed her daughter she would be back in a minute, returned to her bedroom and emptied her bowels. From the doorway she heard Courtney laugh. “It's not funny lady. Now come let me out of this thing or I'll ground you and you won't be able to go to Morgan's birthday party this weekend.” “Fine. Go shower.” The teen took off the filthy garment. The 37 year old took a long shower, was returned to her new form of underwear and dressed for school. In an effort to alleviate the hangover she drank glass after glass of water all morning and by lunch her jeans had twin half moons where she had leaked. None of the students noticed but Nurse Smith sure did when she went in to be changed. “You never returned my sweat pants so I have nothing for you to cover up with. If you just want to wait here I'll see if I can dry your pants out with the blow dryer in the bathroom.” Alicia waited patiently for a couple minutes, decided that the water she had may have been a bit much and let herself go in her fresh Abena. She had just finished when the door cracked open and in walked Nurse Smith's assistant carrying a third grade boy who was obviously injured. The assistant, Mark, was visibly surprised. “Oh. Ms. Harris. I'm really sorry about this but I'm going to need you to wait in the hall so I can examine Timmy here.” Begrudgingly the teacher gulped, hopped off the exam table and went into the hallway which was empty. An agonizing minute later the nurse returned with her jeans which she hastily took and pulled on without acknowledging the nurses question of why she was in the hall. A quick mumbled thank you and Alicia went to the lounge to eat. The rest of the afternoon passed uneventfully, geography with the kids and a game before the buses came to take them home. From there she picked up her daughter from the high school and headed home when she realized she was running low on her supplies. A stop at the drug store netted more rash cream, powder and for good measure another pack of Abenas. Home at last the elder Harris was changed by the younger twice, once before dinner and once before bed. The following morning Alicia woke up in a clean diaper and was somewhat proud of the accomplishment. Of course it didn't mean anything since she would soon be making it messy so she could shower for work. Once the morning business was taken care of she rinsed off in the hot water of the shower, was taped into a fresh pair of underwear and put on a dress for the day at school. At recess she was approached by the principal. “Hey Alicia. I tried to find you yesterday at lunch but you weren't around. All the teachers were signing up for the carnival on Friday. The only thing left is the dunk tank so I guess you're stuck. So bring a swimsuit and be prepared to get wet.” “There's nothing else?” There has to be, I can't wear a diaper in a dunk tank, it'll just absorb all the water. “Sorry. Not unless you can find another teacher to trade with.” ~ The rest of the day a very panicked Alicia asked every fellow employee she could find to switch out of the dunk tank. Even with the offer of money there were no takers. With no other alternative she broached the subject with Courtney on the way home. “What will it take for me to be allowed to not wear a diaper to school on Friday?” The teen gave her a dirty look. “A miracle.” “I'm serious.” I hate having to propose this. “We can add an extra week, just no diapers Friday.” “A week?” Her daughter's face remained impassive. “What's so special that you can't keep your promise?” No sense lying. “It's carnival day at school and I got stuck in the dunk tank.” “That's it? Why don't we just get you some swim diapers?” Said as if it were the simplest thing in the world. “Honey. Those are just for little kids, I'm sure they don't make them for adults.” After all what adult in their right mind would go out in public to swim in a diaper? Courtney's face crinkled into a disappointed frown. “I bet they do.” “And I bet you they don't.” She doesn't seem confident, let's make the stakes interesting. “If they don't, this whole ordeal is over and no more diapers for me.” The teens face lit up at the challenge. “If they do, then Friday you wear just your bikini top and the swim diaper in the dunk tank.” The two shook on it and Alicia turned the car around to go to the drug store. Once they were there both made their way straight to the incontinence aisle where there were in fact swim diapers, though they were only for children. The 37 year old gloated but accepted the 14 year old's offer to go to the hospital pharmacy where there was sure to be a better selection. They were met with the same result and Alicia was confident her torment was coming to an end. “Excuse me, ma'am.” Courtney waved at a sales attendant. “Do you sell adult swim diapers?” “They aren't big sellers so we don't keep them in stock, but if you want I can place an order today-” The attendant checked her phone. “It's Tuesday, they would arrive on the Thursday delivery truck. Is that okay?” The teen got a wide grin on her face and looked at her mother. “So we could pick them up Thursday? What time?” “Any time after 3pm.” The sales lady led the Harris family to the counter and pulled out a catalog. “Have a look through this and let me know when you've made your decision.” Alicia took the book from her daughter. “They don't have any in stock so I was right and this is over.” “The bet was if they made them at all.” She took the book back. “Now let's see what cute little design we should get you. Oh, they have one with ducks. One with Dora. And how cute is this, a pink one with nursery prints.” I have to do something, I can't wear any of that in front of the school. “You were right. You win. But how about two extra weeks in diapers instead?” “I think a chance to not embarrass yourself in front of the school is worth a lot more than that.” Courtney continued to look through the book. “Look, zoo animals.” What does this girl want from me? “A month.” “Nope. Not going to do it, and I found the perfect one.” The teen flagged down the attendant again. “We made up our mind. The plain blue disposable one here.” “How many and what size?” The sales lady punched a few buttons on her keyboard. “One pack of ten should do.” At that point Courtney lifted her mother's dress. “She wears a small to medium Abena so whatever the comparable size that is.” “Looks like she could use a change too if you'd like to use the restroom while I finish ringing up the purchase.” The 37 year old was taken by the hand and led to the restroom, the oversized change table was lowered and she was instructed to sit up on it. The old yellow Abena was quickly off and she was wrapped snugly in a new one. When they had finished the attendant was waiting for them with the total, $17.47 including tax. Not wanting to argue the elder Harris paid, walked out to the car and cursed herself for making such a foolish bet. At least her daughter hadn't gotten any of those silly print diapers she had been looking at. “Thank you for not getting the ridiculously childish ones.” “I thought you would try to protest more when I picked it.” The young girl tilted her head to the side like she was thinking. “You didn't read the description on it did you?” “No.” Worried she didn't know if she should ask. “What did it say?” “Superior protection so that it won't let the water in.” A pause no doubt for dramatic effect. “And it also has the ability to change colors when it's wet from within. So if you wet it starts to turn green, and if you mess it turns pink. I bet people are going to wonder why your diaper started blue to match your top and gradually turned green all day.” Oh great. Now all the people who would have given her the benefit of the doubt and not thought she was in a diaper were sure to know exactly what the thing taped to her waist was. ~ The rest of the night passed by as per usual with dinner and a pre-bedtime change. That night Alicia slept restlessly having nightmares about what was to come. In the morning the status quo resumed, a mess in her diaper, shower, breakfast and the journey to work. For the morning the students were occupied with a need to prepare for the quizzes that awaited them tomorrow on the final classroom day of school. Their teacher reviewed the material, answered any questions they had and released a flood into her Abena. Lunch came, she got a change and resumed the afternoon by playing a Jeopardy style game with the kids. Tina was crowned the champion and the final bell rang. Alicia led the kids to the buses, made sure they were all where they needed to be and then picked up her daughter. On the trek home Courtney squeezed her mom's diaper. “Looks like I have to freshen you up a bit before I go to Nicole's to study. Were you going to want Cassie to babysit?” “No.” The 37 year old realized she had just been checked like an infant and that she had over the course of the last two weeks become used to it. “I'd rather try the padlock.” Twenty minutes later her pants were dry, the shorts were secured in place and Courtney was off to her friends. Perhaps now she could call her friend Lynn, who she had been avoiding due to what she had beneath her shorts, for the last week and a half. Lynn was glad to finally hear from her and agreed to meet for dinner at a greasy spoon called Alphone's. They were seated at a table near the back, ordered diet cokes and their meals. Lynn had a cheeseburger, Alicia chicken strips. The pair chatted about everything that had been going on, everything that is expect for the 34 year roll back of Alicia's undergarments. Having such a wonderful time were they, that as if in the blink of an eye, two hours had passed. During that time Lynn had even made a comment. It was her second trip to the restroom and she was envious of Alicia's bladder. Previously the teacher had always gone more times than her and now she hadn't gone at all. The bemused friend wanted to know her secret. All the poor teacher could do was blush and hope the question would pass. It did and the two, not wanting the fun to end, ended up at the Harris household sipping lemonade in the living room and continuing to chat. The next thing the elder Harris knew, the younger one was walking through the front door. Panic raced through her veins and she wondered how she might be able to avoid what she knew was coming. Perhaps Courtney would let it go as just two grown ups talking on the couch. “What's all this?” The teens angry voice matched her even angrier expression. “I see you can't be trusted at all.” Dammit, I was supposed to be grounded for the duration of my time in diapers. Maybe I can still weasel my way out of this. “Mrs. Rogers wanted to come by and catch up is all. It's no big deal.” “I come home expecting to change your diaper and got to bed because I have exams and I find this.” Courtney held up a doggie bag from Alphonse's that had been sitting on the coffee table. “Do I need to remind you about the house rules?” Alicia glanced at her friend who had a look that suggested she would rather be jumping into a volcano than present for this. “You better go Lynn. I'll talk to you later.” “Apparently I do.” The teen ignored her mother's attempts to diffuse the situation and put her hands on her hips. “25 spanks with the hair brush for going out while grounded and 25 more for trying to lie about it.” “Goodnight all.” Lynn Rogers headed for the door but couldn't stop staring at her friend. “Maybe we can talk when your punishment is over and you can explain what's going on here.” Alicia could only wave a meek farewell as she was laid on the floor, her pants unlocked and pulled down to expose her soaked Abena. Before her friend had made it to the door her diaper was untaped and her daughter had gone to get the hair brush. “It's my own fault. Please don't hate me. I'll explain later.” Mrs. Rogers exited the door and Courtney entered from the bedroom. “I want you to count them off as I spank you.” Not wanting to carry it on any longer than it need be, Alicia counted her way through the longest and hardest spanking of her life. When it was over she was taped in a fresh new Abena and sent to bed to dream of what horrors tomorrow may bring. Thursday morning Alicia woke up wet, not that it mattered, proceeded to mess her diaper and move on with the rest of the morning activities. Once she arrived at school she settled in for the day. A review of the test questions with the students, basically asking what 2+7 was when the quiz would want to know the result of 7+2. This took the class to recess where she was able to wet her pants with nobody around. Afterwords came geography where she once again provided the answers to all the test questions and then administered the quiz. The teacher received a change at lunch and continued with the same review/test pattern in the afternoon. When the day was over everyone had of course passed the first grade. The students were escorted to the bus, she picked up her daughter and they stopped at the hospital pharmacy on the way home to get her bathing suit bottom for tomorrow. At home it was spaghetti Thursday, thunder clouds rolled in and she and Courtney huddled under blankets as the rain poured down. The 37 year old was happy, if things kept up the way they were the carnival would be canceled in the morning and she wouldn't be stuck in the dunk tank. When the elder Harris was getting taped into her diaper for bed by the younger one the power went out. After a series of bad decisions, most notably betting with her daughter and inviting her friend over while grounded, things were starting to work out good. That night, despite the torrential downpour outside, Alicia slept the best she had in a long time. Friday morning, the 37 year old woke up feeling cold. She groggily opened her eyes, looked down and saw that the sheets had been pulled down and that Courtney was halfway through changing her diaper. “What? I want to take a shower.” “Well it's 7:30 and we have 10 minutes to make it to school so I doubt you have the time.” The teen finished taping on a swim diaper. “The power went out in the night, I almost didn't realize you weren't up yet until I went down for breakfast.” “Then why are you up?” Alicia was still trying to wipe the slumber from her eyes. Courtney pointed at the clock by the bed flashing 12:00. “My alarm has batteries. Now grab your stuff or we'll be late.” The elder Harris quickly threw on her bikini top, a t-shirt and blue jeans. She followed that by packing some extra diapers of both kinds in her purse Just in time they were out the door and on the way to school. She dropped her daughter off and entered the elementary fully expecting the carnival to be called off due to the weather. That was not to be the case. After the teacher had entered her classroom an announcement was made over the public address system. “Due to the in-climate weather outside, as many games have been set up in the gymnasium as was possible. We hope you enjoy the day and everyone, please have fun.” Please don't let the dunk tank have been set up. Please don't let the dunk tank be set up. “Okay class, everyone line up!” The students eventually were all in a single file line ready for the trip to the gym. Their not so confident teacher led them on their way and cringed when she saw her allotted event arranged in the far corner. Once the kids were where they were supposed to be she slowly walked to her assigned station. Alicia had no problem removing her shirt to expose her bikini top while the principal was addressing all the students but was reluctant to drop her skirt. She was about to leave it on and sit on the break away platform of the tank when Amy Peters, a second grade teacher, asked why she still had it on. Unable to come up with a reason she reluctantly dropped the skirt and took her position. Between kindergarten and third grade there were 486 kids that would eventually be lined up to hit the buzzer and drop her into the water below. Fortunately the swim diaper was fairly thin and easily mistakable for a regular bikini bottom. Unfortunately since she had woken late and not had an opportunity to take care of her morning necessities she knew it wasn't going to stay that way. For half an hour she sat and watched as students continued to miss the buzzer, all the while the pressure built up on her backside. Forty six minutes in a third grader named Tommy Jones hit the mark. When the board beneath gave way and was no longer pressing against her so did her control of the mess trying to escape. Alicia plunged into the water and never wanted to surface. While she was underwater everything that she had been holding in all morning emptied out. Eventually her head came above water but she didn't want to return to her position on the board. “C'mon. You've already been through the worst of it, let's go!” The principal laughed. With no other choice Alicia climbed the ladder to get back on the platform trying to hide her lower half as much as was possible. It didn't work as a second grader commented on her new status. “Look, Ms. Harris' swim suit changed color! It's green and pink now!” “It's magic.” The teacher said as she lowered herself onto her mess. “Who's next?” Three more students took their turn before she was knocked into the tank again. This led to another shameful climb up the ladder to her perch and another 30 minutes of sitting in a filthy diaper until lunch. At last she would be able to find Nurse Smith, get a change and hope for the best. Taped into a fresh swim diaper she headed to the lounge to eat. “You're very brave.” A male voice spun her around. Pretending not to hear she continued on her way but the voice repeated itself. “I'm sorry?” “You're brave for not hiding your incontinence.” A handsome man ran up beside her and shook her hand. “Most people would try to hide it but you aren't covering your diaper at all.” Stunned the 37 year old just froze and wet her diaper in front of this stranger. “What are you talking about?” “You're wearing a swim diaper. My little girl has a little swimmer just like it.” He pointed at her waist. “It's okay, a medical condition is nothing to be embarrassed about. And by the way, I think you need a change again.” Alicia blushed. “Thank you. What's your name?” “Alan Freeman.” They shook hands. “Are you doing anything tonight?” ~ “I'm busy tonight.” Alicia took a pen from the nearby bulletin board and wrote her cell and home numbers on Alan's hand. “But maybe next week we could do something.” He smiled. “I'd like that.” The two parted ways and the 37 year old was as giddy as a school girl. It had been over a year since she had last been with a man and far longer than that since she had been on a date. She though about how cute he was and how polite he had been. Then it struck her that he had known it wasn't a bikini bottom. How many other people must have noticed? Thank God it's the last day of school and I won't have to see any of these people again the rest of the summer. By next year they'll have found something else to gossip about in the lounge instead of her underwear choice. Lunch ended and Alicia found herself once again perched on the dunk tank platform. Much like the morning most of the kids threw and missed but three more times she was plunged into the water, the second time down she took the opportunity to relieve an urgent pressure on the inner wall of her bladder. On the way back up the ladder she saw that her bottom was completely green, she would need a change or she would leak for sure. Eventually the teachers torture ended with the final bell and she could head to the nurse's office to be put back into an Abena for the afternoon. Fresh and dry she said goodbye to the elementary for the year and picked up Courtney who was glad to be done with exams. “That last test in biology was such a pain.” The teen flopped back in the passenger seat and let out a sigh. “But I'm sure I passed so you don't have to worry. How was your day?” “Considering it started with me messing in my swim diaper in front of 400 some kids and parents and had to walk around with a pink butt.” The elder Harris paused to reflect on the events. “It amazingly ended okay. I met a guy.” “What?” Courtney nearly flipped her lid. “Who is he? What's he like? Is he cute?” Alicia smiled at the enthusiasm her daughter showed towards her love life. “His name is Alan and yes he is an attractive man and very sweet. He wanted to go out tonight but I told him I was busy.” “Yeah. He probably wouldn't understand you having a babysitter.” The teen dug through her bag. “That reminds me, I'm going over to Morgan's tonight and won't be home again until Sunday afternoon. Cassie will be over around the time I leave.” They arrived home, Courtney packed for her weekend excursion and true to her word Cassie arrived at 4:00. Mother and daughter said their goodbyes and Alicia started making dinner for her and the 12 year old who would no doubt be closely monitoring her pants. Cassie entered the kitchen. “Ms. Harris? You know with your pants on I can't see when you need to be changed.” “That's okay. I'm a big girl, I can let you know.” The 37 year old continued to cut potatoes. This answer didn't seem to appease the young girl. “But I'm in charge and I need to be able to tell. So what I was thinking was that we could do like last weekend and you don't cover your diaper while at home.” Alicia set the knife down and turned to face her babysitter. Would she back down or give in to this kid? Dammit, she was an adult and could wear pants if she wanted to. “Not this weekend though sweetie.” “That's it! You have to do what I say cause I'm in charge!” She stomped her foot to show she meant business. “If you don't, Courtney said that I can give you a spanking.” That turned bad quickly. There has to be some way out of this, I can out wit a 12 year old. “And if I said that Courtney doesn't have the authority to allow you to?” “Then I'm to lock on your pants and go home. When you need a change you'll have to come to my house.” Cassie shrugged. “But since I was planning on babysitting all weekend and now I apparently won't be, maybe I'll spend some time at a friends or go to the park. So unless you want to take your chances, you might want to do what I say.” What are my options here? A, I could take off my pants, parade around in just a shirt and diaper and have the possibility of getting a spanking; or, B, maintain dignity, send Cassie home and risk not knowing if, when or where I might get my pants changed. ~ “I don't have much choice do I then.” Alicia begrudgingly lowered her pants and kicked them away. “Happy?” “Yes.” Her babysitter smiled. “What's for dinner?” “Chicken, mashed potatoes and corn.” The elder woman resumed cutting the potatoes. “Anything else?” Apparently there wasn't as Cassie skipped back into the living room to watch TV. Alicia took the opportunity to slide her pants back on but left the button undone so she could pull them off if she heard the 12 year old coming. There were no more interruptions and her pants were once again on the floor when she announced dinner was ready. The two ate mostly in silence until the young girl wanted to know what the plan for the evening was. Still surly from earlier Alicia replied that she was in charge why doesn't she decide. Cassie thought for a minute. “How about Monopoly?” “Sure, you go set up and I'll put the dishes in the dishwasher.” Alicia suggested. The 12 year old agreed and the two set about their respective tasks. It was a long game since neither player had been able to gain a monopoly. In order to speed it along hotels/houses were allowed to be constructed on any owned property. The 37 year old was so into it she was surprised when Cassie disappeared down the hall, returned with a fresh Abena, and laid her down on the floor. “I don't-” She started to protest until she felt her current diaper squish beneath her. “Oh. Uh. Thanks, I guess.” “See, I told you that I needed to be able to see for myself when you were wet. Wait right there.” The young girl disappeared down the hall again and returned with a hair brush. “I'm not going to spank you now, but I will leave this out as a reminder to do as you're told.” Not wanting to acknowledge what had just happened Alicia said she was tired, conceded defeat and went to her bedroom. It was only 8:15 but she had a rough day and she wanted some alone time to think about Alan Freeman. Not familiar with how to go about that with a diaper on she took a few minutes to realize she could pull the garment to the side. After that it didn't take long to release some pent up frustrations. During the night her bladder woke her up. Proud that she hadn't just gone in her sleep she looked at the clock and saw it was 1:36. Figuring there was no point in holding it Alicia flooded her Abena. At least she would know she hadn't wet the bed. A step forward after an unsettling step back when she didn't realize she had gone during Monopoly. The next morning she awoke bright and early at 6:45. First day of vacation and I'm waking up earlier than I did during the school year. I guess that's what I get for going to bed at eight o'clock. Can't fall back to sleep so might as well get the morning started. Alicia squatted down next to her bed, took care of the first priority and set of in search of her babysitter so she could be released for a shower. The 12 year old was nowhere to be found but there was a note on the refrigerator door. It read: 'My mom called me back home to help with some things. I was going to wake you and lock you in your pants but you looked too cute with your thumb in your mouth so I let you sleep. Instead I took all your diapers to my house with me so you wouldn't be able to cheat. I should be back by 10 in the morning so hopefully you're okay until then. If not you know where I live, come on over and I'll change you.' So now what do I do? I'm not about to go to her house in a messy diaper and get changed in front of her grandmother and who knows who else. Should I call Courtney and complain my babysitter left me alone? How dumb is that. It's not like I'm an actual toddler than needs supervision. Cassie's job is to keep me from changing my own diapers by doing it for me. With nothing to change myself into here I'd say she's still doing what she's suppose to even if she's gone. Great, I'm stuck in my mess for three hours. Or am I? I have a diaper in my purse! Sweet! I can get out of this thing, shower and put that one well before ten o'clock. Hehehe. No one will ever know. ~ After stripping out of her old dirty undergarment, a long cleansing shower and taping the Abena from her purse on her hips, Alicia headed for the kitchen. A pot of coffee brewed, pancakes sizzled on the griddle and she was ready to face the day. She had finished the three buttermilk breakfast delights, her second cup of java and was about to grab the Saturday paper when she realized she wasn't wearing pants. To the bedroom she went and when she emerged Cassie was back. “I thought you weren't going to be here til around 10?” “I finished early.” The 12 year old folded her arms across her chest in an imitation of a stern parent. “I thought we said no covering your diaper in the house.” “Was going to grab the paper from the porch so I covered up.” The 37 year old fumbled with the button to her jeans. “I'm taking them off, see. I wasn't going to break the rules.” Cassie didn't seem so sure. “Alright. Let's go out to the living room so I can change you.” “Dry as a bone.” Alicia patted her padded self proudly. “Did you want some pancakes?” “I see someone needs a spanking. Where were you hiding that diaper?” The young girl dug her cell phone from her pocket and brought up a picture on the screen of her charge, thumb in her mouth sleeping soundly while encased in a soaked Abena. “But I wasn't wet last night.” The 37 year old blushed. “How did-” “My note never said I went home last night.” The phone disappeared back into her pocket. “Grandma called me at 6:00 this morning. I took that when I checked on you before I left.” The elder woman was filled with shame for trying to get away with such a stunt. For having been caught so easily and for having a picture of her looking like an oversized three year old taken. It was too much for her system to handle. She curled up on the couch in the fetal position, started bawling her eyes out and her thumb found its way back between her lips. Not sure if it was minutes, seconds or possibly hours later, Alicia finally started to calm down. She felt Cassie's hand gently rubbing her back and that her diaper was now squishy between her legs. “Please-” “You want me to delete the picture, don't you?” The babysitter took out her phone and handed it to the crying woman. “Go ahead and do it yourself, that way you know it's gone. Why don't I get you some wine and you can just take the whole day to relax and not worry about anything.” “Thank you.” The 37 year old sat up, wiped her eyes and rid the world of that accursed picture. A few seconds later she was given a glass of Pinot Gris. “You're a very good babysitter you know.” “Speaking of which, we need to get you into some dry pants.” The young girl grabbed an Abena from the pack by the door where she had left it upon her return earlier in the morning. “I do still have to give you a spanking for changing yourself and lying about it earlier. Might as well get it out of the way now and not have to worry about it the rest of the day.” Knowing there was no sense in arguing, Alicia quickly drank the ¾ of the glass of white wine she had left, nodded and laid on the floor. Her diaper was opened and the swats began on her exposed bottom. They didn't hurt and it was over before she realized it had been 25 smacks. The new undergarment was secured in place and her babysitter disappeared to the kitchen to refill the glass. It was just passed noon when her second glass was emptied and she stood up to make lunch. When she arrived in the kitchen Cassie was hard at work making a gourmet meal of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a side of potato chips. Starting to feel a little buzzed Alicia chose water to go with lunch, the younger girl had Sprite. Once the food was gone and the paper plates disposed of properly the pair returned to the living room to partake of an afternoon movie marathon. Most of the afternoon Cassie kept the elder woman's glass filled and Alicia kept her diapers soaked. The alcohol was going straight through her but she didn't care. In fact, as drunk as she was starting to feel she didn't care about much of anything. At close to dinner her diapers had been changed multiple times and she was sitting in just a bra and Abena, her shirt having been removed due to a spill of her drink. Dinner arrived in the form of the pizza man at the door. Cassie suggested her charge go to the kitchen so she was out of sight and Alicia thought it was a good idea. Having not had to move from her spot on the floor all afternoon she didn't realize how impaired her coordination was and fell back to the ground as soon as she had stood up. Not wanting to fall again, but also not wanting to be next to the door when it opened she reverted to an easier form of transportation. That was the moment her babysitter opened the door and the pizza man stepped in to see her droopy diaper on full display as she crawled across the floor. To make matters worse her bladder betrayed her and overflowed the Abena to cause a stream to run down her legs. There was nothing more she could do than cry and continue the trek to the kitchen. ~ “Uh oh.” Cassie called over her shoulder. “Looks like someone tinkled on the carpet. No worries, we'll get it cleaned up after we eat.” “Um. That'll be $13.41.” The pizza man looked on in awkward amazement. The young girl paid with the fifteen dollars she had taken from Alicia's purse, ushered the delivery boy out and closed the door. “Sorry about that. You weren't fast enough.” The 37 year old didn't respond just crawled her way back to the living room for deep dish pepperoni. Throughout the rest of the night there was more wine and more diaper changes. None of it bothered Alicia, she was too inebriated to care. Before Cassie went to bed she put her charge in a fresh Abena and coaxed her to her bedroom. For her part the elder woman relaxed and allowed everything to transpire around her. At 8:00 the next morning Alicia was jarred awake with a knock on the door. Cassie entered with a frown on her face. “Grandma wants me to go to church today. Do you want to go with us or shall I lock you in your diaper?” Still somewhat hungover from the day before Alicia laughed. “I haven't been to church in years. Lock it on!” “Alright.” Cassie changed the Abena Alicia had soaked during the night. “Church gets out around noon, so I should be back by 12:30.” Without a care in the world the 37 year old rolled over and passed out once again. An hour later she woke up feeling pressure building on her backside. Not worried because Cassie would take care of it she let loose, filled the seat of her pants til they were almost bursting and then fell asleep. She didn't move again until quarter to one when her babysitter shook her awake. “Aren't you a stinky baby.” The 12 year old waved her hand in front of her nose. “We should get some new diapers so I can change you.” The mention of her undergarments somewhat drew Alicia's attention. “Change please.” “Sorry.” The package that formerly contained the Abena's was held in front of the elder woman's face. “You're in your last diaper. We need to go to the store to get you more.” Tears flowed down the 37 year old's cheeks. “But I'm messy.” “I know sweetie.” Cassie grabbed the keys to the car and shook them in front of her charges eyes. “Take us to the store and we can get you clean pants.” Eight minutes later they were in the drug store parking lot and the 12 year old was taking money from the elder woman's purse. Sitting in the car awaiting her babysitter's return Alicia felt the stares of everyone who exited the store. Could they tell she was sitting in a dirty diaper? What would they say if they knew? It didn't matter. Her babysitter returned, had her lay in the back seat and proceeded to clean up her mess. A few people walked by, but if they noticed what was going on they were polite enough not to say anything. Fresh and clean Alicia rubbed the front of her plastic undergarment. “Can we sit around home all day again? I don't feel so well.” Cassie agreed and soon enough they were back at the house. The 37 year old curled up on the couch with a movie playing and sipped the water that had been brought out for her. Two refills later she felt the need to mess again and let loose noisily. The young girl didn't say anything, just laid the elder woman on the floor, untaped the Abena and set to work wiping her bottom. That was how Courtney found them upon her return home. “Have a good weekend?” “We sure did.” Cassie answered for Alicia whose thumb was in her mouth. “I had to spank her yesterday for changing her own diaper but since then she has been a lot more accepting of everything that's been going on.” Monday morning Alicia woke up calm, refreshed and most importantly dry. Hearing noise from the living room she was excited that she would be out of diapers during the day and bounded down the stairs two at a time. When she reached the bottom it was not Courtney who was there, it was her mother. Embarrassed to be in nothing but a t-shirt and Abena the 37 year old wheeled around and sprinted back up to where she came from. Her mother's voice followed her. “Alicia, get back down here right this instant!” Reluctantly she complied, presented herself in front of her mother and held her head in shame. “I can explain. You see-” “There's no need for that.” Alicia's mom Patricia proceeded to check the diaper. “I see we have a dry baby this morning. Good girl.” Why isn't she surprised by this? How come she called me a baby? “What's going on?” Patricia took a seat on the couch. “I've known about this since the first day you were confined to your crinkly little pants. Courtney called me cause she wasn't sure what she should do and I told her about how when you were little and got stressed out you would regress to a infantile state. You were always so happy when that happened and so worry free.” “Mommy why?” Alicia's head was spinning. Sure the last couple days had been very relaxing having her every need taken care of, but she was an adult now. “When Court told me how the accidents were related to stress after the divorce I wanted to protect you, and your sheets. I told my granddaughter the plan to make you forget your adult cares for a while and she agreed to help. Now that you seem to have cast away the worries of humiliation and the stress of being grown up aren't you happier? Didn't your night time accidents go away?” The 37 year old thought about it a minute. “I guess so.” “So now you have a choice.” Her mom gave Alicia a hug and continued talking. “As of today the punishment is over. If you want you can grow back up and be done with diapers, or, if you want you can stay in them and allow your every need to be taken care of for a little longer. I should tell you that if you do grow up and ever need to regress again, all you have to do is bring a diaper to Courtney, myself or a trusted babysitter and have them put it on you. We will then take care of you for as long as you need and you can grow back up by simply removing it on your own. If you take it off yourself you better be prepared to be an adult for at least a week, so make sure all your stress is gone.” For Alicia the choice seemed like a no-brainer, of course she was going to be an adult again. But then the more she thought about how comforting it had been with Cassie and Saturday and Sunday. How all she had to do was relax and enjoy life. Meals had been made for her, she didn't have to stop what she was doing to use the bathroom, and if her diaper was full it she was put into a fresh one. Plus, it was because of her diapers she had met a new man so it wasn't like wearing them was hurting her social life, it had improved it. Maybe there was something to this new lifestyle. She opened her mouth to tell her mother her decision but then instead put her thumb in her mouth and filled the back of her garment until it bulged out. ~ “Well I guess that's one way to answer.” Alicia blushed at her mother's words and snuggled closer to her. “Change please?” “Babies aren't allowed to ask such grown up questions.” Patricia rubbed the 37 year old's back. “But I guess since it's so obvious you are messy I don't really need to check you this time. In the future you are to be content in your diaper until I, or one of your other caretakers, comes and determines if you are ready to be changed. Understood?” “Yes mommy.” Alicia laid down on the floor so her mother could, for the first time in 34 years, clean her dirty bottom. When the process was complete she was led into the kitchen for breakfast. There she saw Courtney devouring scrambled eggs. “Oh! Can I have eggs too please?” “I guess since you asked so nicely.” Patricia smiled and patted her head. “Now while I have you both here, I have some house rules of my own to go over. First, as long as you are regressed you will be Courtney's little sister and will do what she says. Second, you are not to do anything an adult would do. You are for all intents and purposes a one to two year old infant. Third, if you want to go out with friends but do not wish to end the regression, they can come and pick you up, but they will be responsible for you and your diapers. They will be babysitting you.” The 37 year old had a couple questions. “Can I shower? And what if Alan calls and wants to go on a date?” “Hygiene is important so you will be given a bath every night before bed. I'm not sure if you want to go on a date as a baby though. It seems a bit strange.” “He already knows I wear diapers and he didn't mind.” Alicia protested. Courtney weighed in. “We could always double diaper her before she goes out so she won't need a change til she gets home.” “I guess that would be acceptable.” The grandmother replied. “Any other questions?” Not able to think of anything Alicia waited for her eggs to cook, nibbled on some toast and lost herself in her new role. Before she knew it a bib was tied around her neck and her mother had eggs on a fork and making airplane noises on the way to her mouth. She felt just like a toddler, it was great. Once breakfast was complete Courtney rode her bike to Nicole's house, Alicia's mother loaded Alicia into the car and they set out for the drug store. New supplies were needed, mainly a couple bottles, pacifiers and a changing mat in case of accidents during that process. While they were out more diapers, cream, powder and wipes were picked up as well. Before entering the grocery store Patricia pulled the thumb from Alicia's lips and replaced it with a paci. The 37 year old hardly batted an eyelash and held onto the cart as they walked through the door. She drew a few unusual stares as they trekked up and down the aisles but for the most part people were too busy doing their own thing to pay much attention. That was until daughter and mother were in the frozen food section and a dark stain appeared on the younger woman's jeans. “I'm so sorry dear.” Patricia said upon noticing. “I forgot to check your diaper. Let's get you to the bathroom and get you cleaned up.” Alicia's cheeks burned red and she sucked harder on her pacifier as she was led to the handicap restroom at the front of the store. Once there her mother made quick work of taping on a fresh Abena but the damage had already been done. With the huge wet patch her pants were now unwearable. Slightly nervous she stepped out of the bathroom to the curious stares of the other patrons. Realizing she was putting on a show she asked her mom. “Can we just go home now?” “I'm sorry I let you leak, but babies aren't embarrassed by their diapers and you wanted to be a baby.” Patricia picked up the cart where she had left it. “We don't have that much more to go anyway.” Begrudgingly Alicia placed her hand back on the cart and to follow her mother around the rest of the store. ~ Contrary to her mother's bold prediction, Alicia spent the next twenty minutes crinkling her way loudly around the supermarket. A few young children commented on her attire but they were quickly hushed by their parents. The groceries paid for and loaded in the car it was time to head for home. Back at home it took several trips in and out to get all the food, supplies and other necessities inside. Every trip Alicia thought about the neighbors seeing her in naught but shirt, diaper and pacifier. She thought about whether or not she had made the right decision in becoming a dependent infant. She wondered what was for lunch. After all, she had just paraded around in public in the same attire, what did it matter now who else saw her like this. Lunch consisted of fish sticks with macaroni and cheese and juice. Really getting into her role the 37 year old ate them with her fingers and got her face and shirt quite messy. Her face washed and shirt removed she went out to the living room to watch a movie while Patricia loaded the dishwasher. A few minutes into the feature presentation Alicia dozed off on the floor. She awoke in time for the ending credits and let loose a stream into her pants. “Look at her pissing herself in her sleep. She really is a baby isn't she.” The voice belonged to Nicole. Alicia realized they hadn't seen her open her eyes and quickly shut them. No sense letting them know she was awake. She would just lay here and see what happened next. Hopefully she would come through the experience with a little bit of dignity intact. Morgan spoke up. “I can't believe your grandma put you in charge of your mom. Do you get to make her do whatever you want?” “It's not like that.” Courtney sounded defensive. “I take care of her like she were a real baby. I wouldn't make a real baby do whatever I want so I won't make her. If you guys want to be allowed to babysit ever you should start looking at her as if she were a two year old and not my mother.” Proud of her daughter the elder Harris stretched her arms above her head and rolled over. Pretending nothing was amiss she looked at her daughter's friends. “Hi guys. What ya up to?” “We're going to a movie.” Nicole answered. “Well, Court and I are at least. My mom is picking us up in a little bit.” “And since I can't go because my parents are going to be out on a 'date night' and I have to stay home with Tina anyway-” Morgan's voice trailed off and she seemed like she was thinking what to say. “I'll be babysitting you too. Don't worry, I told my mom that I picked up another kid so she's going to have Tina's room ready for you when Nicole's mom drops us off on their way to the movies.” “I have your diaper bag packed and ready to go.” The younger Harris reassured the elder. Alicia wasn't sure she liked the idea of having to share a room with her former student. What would Tina think about her underwear and the idea of being 'older' than her. The 37 year old wanted to remain in her regressed state because it was fun to have everything taken care of and be stress free, but could she go through with it? Then she remembered the morning at the grocery store, she had already been through worse, so why not. “Thank you big sis!” “No problem sweetie.” Courtney replied. “How about we get you into a fresh Abena before we go?” Figuring that at some point all three of the girls would be changing her pants anyway Alicia didn't protest when her new mat was laid out on the living room floor and she was placed on top of it. Just then there was a noise in the driveway and all four heads turned to look. Nicole's mom was there to taken them to their respective destinations, her clean underwear would have to wait. ~ After being hastily dressed in a shirt and shorts that allowed her diaper to peek out the leg holes and above the waist Alicia was led outside and buckled in the back seat of Nicole's mom's car. A couple minutes after that the group arrived at Morgan's house. It was a little passed three in the afternoon and the Nelson's were waiting in the driveway. They had a couple of short words with Morgan, got in the family's blue Buick Rendezvous and were off. Morgan then came and unbuckled the 37 year old. “Mom said your bed is all set up in Tina's room and they left money for pizza.” “Yummy! Pizza!” Alicia clapped her hands and entered the house. Directing her attention to the girl on the couch watching a cartoons. “Hi Tina.” “Ms. Harris?” The 7 year old's face contorted into a look of disbelief. “What are-” “Tonight she isn't Ms. Harris, she's Alicia or Ali and she's just a little baby. That reminds me.” Morgan took the change pad from the diaper bag, laid it then Alicia on the floor and removed her shorts. “Somebody needs a change.” Tina watched in stunned silence and Alicia allowed her Abena to be untaped. When she was clean she rolled over on her stomach and lost herself in the adventures of Spongebob and Patrick. Soon enough it was closing in on dinner time, Morgan placed the call and was told that it would be ready in 40-45 minutes. While they waited for the food to arrive Tina asked to go out to the backyard and play. Alicia went with her. It had been a long time since the 37 year old had been pushed on a swing and had forgotten how wonderfully free it could make you feel. Soaring back and forth high into the air she squealed with delight. When Tina tired of that the pair dragged the hose over to the sandbox to cook mud pies. By the time Morgan came to fetch them for dinner there was a river flowing across the yard and Alicia's diaper sagged low on her hips. Inside the younger girl was allowed to dig in to the pizza while the big two year old was put into a dry pair of pants. Toddling to the table a bib was tied around Alicia's neck before she was allowed to eat. And eat she did, 5 slices of pizza washed down with 3 large glasses of pop. Feeling extremely full she decided to release some of the building pressure of her bladder into the awaiting Abena and plopped herself in front of the TV for more cartoons. “My, my. Aren't you little miss water works?” Morgan squeezed her diaper. “Bath time is in about an hour, you should be fine until then.” Unconcerned the 37 year old asked. “Can you put in 'The Little Mermaid'?” “Sure.” The babysitter did as requested before retreating to put the leftover pizza in the fridge. Halfway through the film Alicia felt all the soda from dinner catching up with her and let loose a torrent. The hissing noise could be heard over the movie and the Nelson sisters turned their heads to watch the diaper yellow and expand. When she was done Morgan stood up. “It's almost time anyway, I'll go start your bath.” Ten minutes later Alicia was in the bathroom being stripped, placed in a tub full of bubbles and scrubbed clean. She imagined she was being taken care of like this by a strong man like Alan Freeman. She wondered why he hadn't called yet and hoped he would soon. She really wanted to see him again. Before she knew it Morgan had pronounced her squeaky clean, stood her up and began to towel her off. At that point she was told that she could take care of any shaving needs she had, given a razor and some privacy. The task complete she called Morgan back so she could be diapered. The newly 14 year old taped her in, slid on a bra and informed her it was 8:00 and time for bed. In Tina's room she saw the big girl bed where the 7 year old would be sleeping and a toddler bed complete with plastic sheets and railing. It looked almost like an oversized crib though she would easily be able to get in and out by herself. The babysitter tucked her in, said goodnight and turned off the light on the way out. Not sleepy because it was still early Alicia laid there and started thinking more about Alan. ~ All the thoughts of a man taking care of her and cleaning her dirty bum had made Alicia horny. Knowing Tina's bedtime wasn't til ten and that she more than likely had the room to herself for close to two hours she began to rub the outside of her diaper. Soon she was worked into a frenzy and slid her hand inside the infantile garment. Nothing but the thought of sweet release crossed her mind until the bedroom door swung open and she quickly crossed her arms across her chest in an effort to hide what she had been doing. “And what do you think you're doing?” Morgan demanded. “I could hear every last crinkle over the baby monitor.” There is no way I'm going to admit to what I was actually doing. Let's hope she buys a lie. “I was just trying to get comfortable. Honest.” The lights came on in the room. “For some reason I seriously doubt that. But since I can't prove otherwise, how about I get you a warm bottle of milk to help you sleep?” “That would be great.” The 37 year old rolled onto her back watched her babysitter disappear. That was close. Guess I'll have to wait until I grow up to take care of any of those kinds of urges. I wish Alan would call. From the living room the sound of a cell phone ringing could be heard. Alicia strained to listen close to what was said. She heard Morgan's end of the conversation. 'Yes this is Alicia Harris' phone.' 'No she can't talk right now.' 'No, I'm not her daughter I'm her babysitter.' 'I'm babysitting her. I just gave her a bath, put her in a fresh diaper and then to bed.' 'Yes, I'll tell her you called.' A minute later a bottle of warm milk was delivered along with the message that someone named Alan had called for her. Mortified that the one man she had been interested in now knew she needed a babysitter, Alicia nursed her bottle and soon fell asleep. She awoke at just passed 6:00am. Her diaper was dry and she reflected on the irony. When I was an adult I would wake up wet. Now that I've become a toddler I seem to be able to keep my bed dry. Hopefully it stays this way when I choose to grow up and be an adult again. I doubt anyone else is awake yet, might as well soak my diaper and go back to sleep. She awoke again just after nine when Morgan lowered the rail to her quasi-crib toddler bed and guided her to the changing mat on the floor. Taped in a fresh Abena she made her way out to the living room where Courtney and her mother were waiting. Soon enough she was back home being fed a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, sausage and orange juice. “How was your night?” Patricia asked wiping syrup from the big toddler's face. Alicia recalled the events of the previous evening and smiled. “Pretty good. I watched TV, played in the backyard with Tina and had pizza.” Her mom rinsed her plate off in the sink. “That does sound like fun. Today we're going shopping. Court wants to get some new clothes and I thought maybe we should find you some new shorts that would cover your diapers better.” “Do I have to go?” The 37 year old whined. “We couldn't find you a babysitter, so yes.” Patricia playfully swatted her padded butt. “Now go see if Courtney can dress you while I finish up in here.” Finding the younger Harris in her bedroom, the elder Harris allowed her shirt and shorts to be removed and a little yellow sundress to be put on in their place. Once dressed she was loaded in the car for the drive to the mall, this time the local one not all the way over in Braddick. Twenty minutes after they arrived and headed towards the main entrance. A gust of wind blew up Alicia's sundress but she was able to hold it down in the front. The back however was a different story. The hem had managed to catch on the waistband of the Abena and put her diapered status on display for anyone walking behind. Her mother, her daughter and her all continued inside unaware of the show that was being put on. ~ It was a short walk to the store Hot Topic, but that was enough time for Alicia's underwear to become a hot topic of it's own around the mall. Upon entering a sales associate helped the 37 year old by freeing her dress to once again cover her diaper. A bit embarrassed, Alicia thanked the lady and followed her daughter to look at shirts. Courtney took her time, carefully inspecting each and every choice, eventually deciding on two that she thought were fabulous. While she was browsing her grandmother had questioned her fashion sense and her mother had wandered off. Alone in the back corner of the store Alicia flooded her Abena to the point that the yellow diaper was just visible sagging below the yellow sundress. “Oh my.” Patricia said when the oversized toddler waddled up to her. “Let's get you changed. Court, can I see the diaper bag and will you watch for people?” Alicia stared down at her shoes. “You're going to change me here?” “Would you rather walk through the food court with your droopy diaper peeking out?” The plastic mat was unfolded in the far corner of the store. “There's nobody around and Courtney will stop anyone that comes in from coming back here. Now lay down.” The 37 year old put her thumb in her mouth, laid on the change pad and allowed her mom to pull her dress up and diaper down. In a matter of seconds she was wiped clean, powdered and taped into a fresh Abena. The used diaper was folded up and handed to her to be disposed of in the trash can outisde the store. As she was throwing it away a pack of teen girls saw her and laughed but they moved off and Alicia rejoined her mother and daughter at the checkout. The rest of the shopping experience went by without any more incidents. Stops at Old Navy, The Gap and Macy's resulted in better fitting shorts for Alicia and a few new outfits for Courtney. It was a little after noon when they departed the mall and after a quick stop at the McDonald's drive thru they were headed home. Once there Patricia said goodbye and returned to her own home leaving Courtney in charge of Alicia. The 37 year old was hoping to be able to lay around the house for the afternoon but the 14 year old had other plans and changed her mother out of a still dry diaper and into a swim diaper. Alicia's bra was replaced with her bikini top, she was given a shirt and a pair of her new shorts to wear and was scooted out the door. The towns public pool was a short four blocks away so the pair went by foot, making it there in about 10 minutes. The elder Harris found a poolside chair and watched the younger one dive in and splash around with the other kids. It didn't take long of watching everyone having fun before the 37 year old decided to strip down to her bikini and diaper and join in. An hour later she and Courtney were involved in a water volleyball game with some other kids and parents. Everyone was having such a good time they didn't notice Alicia's swim suit bottom had changed from blue to green until she had jumped out of the water to spike the ball. Even then it wasn't a big deal. Courtney explained that the color change was because it was wet leaving the fellow volleyball players to believe it was the pool water that had caused the change. When the game was over Alicia and Courtney's team had won and the younger Harris pulled the elder aside. “Do you want me to change you?” “Depends on how long we're going to stay here.” “How about one more game?” “Then I should be fine. After the game you can put me in a regular diaper for the walk home.” Once again they were on the same team but with a new set of faces as teammates. The game was close throughout and was now tied at 20 with Alicia serving. A pair of aces secured the victory and an undefeated day for the Harris family. Retiring on that high note they grabbed their belongings and went into the locker room. Inside they used a cubicle normally for changing clothes to change the older woman's diaper. From there they headed home. ~ Walking through the door the phone was ringing and Alicia promptly picked it up. “Hello?” “Hello to you to.” Alan Freeman's voice answered. “Are you able to talk or do I need to clear it with your babysitter first?” “I can explain.” The 37 year old was embarrassed by the accusation. “Perhaps over dinner?” “Okay. I can deal with that. Pick you up at seven?” He still sounded happy about the possibility of seeing her. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth she gave him the address and collapsed on the couch giddy as a school girl. Turning her attention to her daughter she exclaimed, “I have a date tonight!” “So are you going to be an adult for it?” The 14 year old flipped on the TV and sat next to her mother. Not sure what she wanted Alicia didn't immediately answer. He would be expecting her to wear a diaper, so she could without question. But then again if she was going to come clean about the why of the situation it may seem odd if she did. Would he understand if she told the truth? Would he think she was a freak? “Can I think about it?” “You have until seven when he picks you up.” Her daughter replied. It was near 4:00 in the afternoon now, she had three hours to figure out what she was going to do. For now she sat on the couch and stroked her diaper through her shorts. Between the crinkling and thinking about Alan she had become aroused and decided to waddle off to her bedroom for some alone time. Unfortunately Courtney followed with a warm bottle of milk in hand. Ten minutes after laying down she had finished ¾ of the bottle and then fell fast asleep. “It's quarter to seven!” The younger Harris called. “Time to wake up for your date! You going to be an adult or a baby for it?” The elder Harris looked down at her undergarment which was still dry. Unsure of what else to do she relaxed and soaked her diaper, regardless of what she chose she would do it with an empty bladder. “What do you think?” “You're asking me? I would have thought you'd have wanted to be an adult a long time ago.” “Alright. Diaper me.” Alicia laid herself out on her bed ready to be changed. “If he doesn't understand then he isn't good for me.” Not one to argue Courtney soon had her mother taped into a double diaper and dressed in a nice blouse with a knee length white skirt. At two minutes to seven the doorbell rang. The young girl answered and invited her mother's date in while she applied a bit of makeup. When she walked down the stairs Alan let out a low whistle. “Don't you look exquisite.” The 37 year old blushed and took his outstretched hand. “Where to?” “The Plaza. Hope you don't mind a piano bar.” He smiled and kissed her cheek. “Shall we?” Within fifteen minutes they were seated and looking over menus. Having already decided what he was going to order her date broached the subject Alicia dreaded. “So what's the story with your diapers?” “It's a long story.” She laid her menu on the table. “I think I'll have the spaghetti alla carbonara.” The waitress came around and Alan ordered for the both of them, along with selecting a good wine. Once they were alone again he indicated that he had all night to hear the long story to which she alluded. “Well... It's like this. I had a lot of stress after my divorce and was having accidents at night. My daughter caught me and reminded me of a house rule I made when she was having some difficulties.” Alicia took a drink of her water. “Not wanting to disrespect the rules and make her think I was full of it, I played along and allowed myself to be put in diapers.” Alan leaned back from the table. “Are you still in punishment?” “No.” The 37 year old looked down at the empty bread basket. “I wear them voluntarily now. It's relaxing to me.” “I see.” Her date ran his hand through his hair and then scratched his head. “So do you psychologically want to be an infant?” The waitress returned with their salad appetizers. Alicia dug in without answering. How could she answer the question when she wasn't sure of the answer herself? Hopefully he would see she was uncomfortable with the subject and let it go. She would have to think about it seriously tonight and find out what she really wanted. After that she would let him know. ~ Before the appetizers were complete the main course arrived. Fortunately, Alan had been a gentleman and changed the subject to talk about himself. So far she had found out he works as a pediatrician in town and that he, like most men, enjoys sports. By the end of dinner the conversation had swung back to her and she told him about Courtney and working in the school. When the waiter arrived to take dessert orders she selected a hot fudge sundae and felt a rumble in her abdomen. It was then that she realized she hadn't made a mess since yesterday morning. Once the feeling hit, the 37 year old knew from experience that it wouldn't be long before the need to go was inevitable. With a great deal of effort she ignored the building pressure and canceled it from her mind. After dessert, Alan mentioned that all summer long at night there were concerts in the park and asked if she would like to stop by before going home. Proud that she had been able to think her way passed the earlier issue, Alicia agreed. Hand-in-hand they walked the two blocks from the restaurant to the park and sat on a bench. Tonight was oldies music performed by a 1960's cover band. Two hours passed, the concert ended and the couple decided to call it a night. On the walk back to the car Alan wrapped his arm around her waist and Alicia rested her head on his shoulder. No words were spoken, none had to be, it was a perfect moment that they both knew to relax and enjoy. Too soon it was over and they were at his car. Like a true gentleman he opened the door for her and took her home to end the night with a kiss on the porch. She wanted to invite him inside the house but there would be time for that another night, after all they had another date set for Friday night. Courtney was waiting up for her. “So how did it go?” “It was great!” Alicia wrapped her arms around herself, a smile plastered to her face and collapsed onto the couch. “We're going out again Friday.” “Good for you.” The younger Harris hugged the elder. “Now I know you're excited but it's well passed your bedtime, so we'll get you a quick bath and let you go to sleep. How does that sound?” “Okay big sis.” The 37 year old thought that while the bath water was running would be a good time to take care of her earlier problem in her already wet diapers. But try as she might she wasn't able to go, she had waited too long and now it wasn't going to happen. Giving up for now she went to the bathroom and allowed the teen to undress and bathe her. Re-diapered she was put to bed for the evening and once Court had left the room she decided to have a pleasurable time thinking about her evening with Alan. Exhausted from her efforts she soon fell asleep with her thumb in her mouth and did not wake until 8:00 the next morning. Her diaper was dry, but it didn't stay that way for long as there was no point in holding anything in. She was wearing her bathroom after all. From there she threw off her sheet, hopped out of bed and made her way down to the kitchen for breakfast. “Someone sure soaked herself!” Her daughter's voice came from behind her. “You want cereal or oatmeal?” Alicia chose the oatmeal and patiently waited to be fed, for her wet diaper to be changed and the days activities to be laid out. Courtney was going to be hanging out with her friends so the 37 year old could either have Cassie come babysit or go to Morgan's house with her daughter and spend the day with the teen girls. Not wanting to intrude on the young girls life more than she had to Alicia opted for the babysitter. Unfortunately when the call was made to Cassie it was found that she wasn't available. A diaper bag was packed and the Harris girls set out for the day. Upon arrival it was determined by the three teens that it was a nice day to go to the park and watch the boys play football. Sandwiches were made, packed and the big toddler was collected and the group returned to the park Alicia had been on a date at the night before. They set up camp under a tree near the field that afforded a good view of the athletes at play. It didn't take long for some of the guys to take notice of the group and come over to talk. Bored by the conversation Alicia allowed herself to be amused by watching the clouds. So soft and white like her big fluffy diapers. Relaxed and staring at the sky the mess that hadn't come out yesterday came out in full force. Two days worth of soft mass oozed out her backside, slowly expanding to the point the diaper could no longer contain it. The mess spilled over the top of it's waistband and through the leg holes to cover her shorts and the bottom of her t-shirt. ~ “What the hell?” Courtney, Morgan and Nicole each said a word. “I didn't mean to.” Alicia stammered. “I thought I was constipated because of last night.” “Constipated? You crapped a mudslide out the back of your pants!” The younger Harris admonished. “How am I suppose to clean that mess up?” “I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose.” The 37 year old rolled carefully onto her stomach and got up on all fours. Her daughter looked to her friends. “I'm sorry guys, I have to take her home and get her cleaned up. She'll probably need another bath. I'll meet up with you later if I can.” Alicia felt a hand on her arm gently lift her to her feet. Once standing the hand, belonging to Courtney took hers and led her towards the entrance as fast as was possible considering the waddle in her step. From there it was a mile and a half walk back to the house and it took close to forty minutes. About halfway there the 37 year old could feel a rash developing but soldiered on knowing this was the only way she was going to get clean whether she decided to grow up or not. Once at the house she wasn't allowed inside until her daughter had taken the backyard hose to her and sprayed off the excessive mess that coated her clothes. The influx of the water strained the tapes on the diaper to the breaking point and it fell in a dirty pile around her ankles. A torrent of water soon moved to cleanse her nethers and Alicia was finally pronounced ready to go in. The bath was refreshing considering how she had spent the previous hour but the warm water and scrubbing did nothing to alleviate the burning on her backside. As she was toweled off the elder Harris apologized once more. “I'm sorry I ruined your day with your friends. Is me behaving like this hurting you?” “Well, my life would be a lot simpler if you didn't.” The younger one started. “But if this helps you to move on in your life then I will do it.” “So you think I should be an adult again?” “I want to be able to be a normal teenager but I also don't want you to do anything you aren't comfortable with.” The teen laid her mother out on a diaper, applied a generous amount of rash cream and taped the aforementioned garment in place. “Let me try again to find you a babysitter, okay?” Alicia nodded her head, followed her daughter to the living room and curled up on the couch. The next thing she knew it was ninety minutes later, Courtney was gone and Lynn Rogers was sitting in the recliner watching a movie. “I guess I owe you an explaination.” “That's already been taken care of by your 'big sister'. And if this is what you need right now, I'm here to help.” Lynn smacked Alicia's padded bum. “Now let's get some pants on you, or didn't you want to go a movie and dinner with me? Your diaper bag is already packed and ready to go.” “What movie?” “We'll decide when we get there.” That they did. It was a new horror picture about an escaped mental patient stalking a quiet suburban town. A cliché plot, but a good fright none the less, so much so that by the end Alicia had quite the soaked Abena. Not sure if she should tell Lynn she decided to keep that to herself for now and the pair recounted terrifying moments on their way out to the parking lot. Seated in the passenger seat of her friends Chrysler, Alicia was a little surprised when she felt her diaper being checked. “You could use a change but it can wait til we get to the restaurant. How do you feel about The Western Front? It's the new steakhouse on Tibits.” Alicia fidgeted in the seat. “Sounds great. How long until we get there?” “I see you squirming, do you need me to change you now?” “Yes please.” The 37 year old smiled meekly. “I don't want the rash to get worse.” With that she was placed in the backseat, her underpants untaped and a cool wipe was taken to her skin. It was then, at her most exposed moment, that Alan Freeman and his two daughters walked by. ~ Without hesitation Alicia reached up and pulled Lynn's mouth to hers. Several seconds later she released her grip. “I'm sorry. I couldn't let him see me getting changed.” “Maybe I should just take you home.” Her friend said taping the Abena in place. “This is getting a little weird for me.” The 37 year old pulled her pants on over the diaper. “Don't do that. I promise no more strange things the rest of the night.” A smile and a laugh from her friend and Alicia knew dinner was still on. And what a dinner it was. The steaks and steamed vegetables from The Western Front were exceptional. The two talked and laughed about the movie they had seen and the days events. All the awkwardness of diaper changes forgotten the pair of friends were just as they always had been. It wasn't until arriving home Alicia was reminded of her status, having said goodbye to her friend in the driveway her pants were dropped upon entering the house. Still dry she was put into her pajamas and sent to bed at the early hour of ten pm. As not much of a surprise she awoke the following morning with a sagging diaper hugging her hips. Courtney changed her mother taking care to ensure the rash cream was rubbed in thoroughly. “I'm planning on going to the mall today, did you want to come or should we find you a sitter?” Relaxed the elder Harris flooded her diaper. “Sitter please.” The younger Harris laughed, untaped the now used Abena and slid a fresh diaper under her mothers bottom. “If that's what you want.” Fortunately 12 year old Cassie was already watching one baby girl and thought a second could be fun. Courtney dropped her mother off to the babysitter and went in search of her first summer job while Alicia found herself stripped down to just a shirt and diaper as had become custom. The other baby, 17 month old Jenna, was similarly dressed. Both little girls were given Barbie Dolls to play with and Teletubbies were put on TV for background noise. By 11:00am the pair who had done everything else together this morning had their diapers changed side-by-side on the living room floor before matching bottles of formula were brought out for lunch. Alicia, since she was obviously bigger also got Spaghetti-O's. Full and tired both the 17 month old and 37 year old were laid down for naps while Cassie went to the kitchen and made lunch for herself. When she returned to check on the girls she could plainly see both had soaked their pants and judging from the smell someone had also made a present. Not wanting to wake them to find out just yet she cleaned the dishes and prepared bath water for the pair. Since the 12 year old was sure it was Jenna who had pooped in her sleep the actual baby was woken first and taken to the bathroom, and sure enough there was a load in the back of her pamper. More surprising however was when Alicia was woken up to join in bath time and she realized she had soiled herself in her sleep. “Oh my God! I've never done that before!” “Huh?” Cassie gave a confused look and untaped the Abena. “Oh. Uh, well, no big deal, that's what babies do, right?” “But I'm 37, this shouldn't be happening to me.” The 12 year old lowered her charges into the steamy water. “Well you also have been wetting in your sleep, so is it really that big a deal? You got your diapers on anyway.” It was then that Courtney returned to pick up her mother. A little worried after overhearing what the elder Harris had done she called her grandmother and given permission to further amend the house rules. Anyone who poops their diaper in their sleep doesn't get the option to grow up, they stay a baby for a month. When the news was broken to Alicia she tried to protest but a pacifier was stuck in her mouth and she was left to sulk in the tub. All spiffy clean a fresh Abena was wrapped around her loins and the 37 year old was sent home to begin her month as a true baby. To make matters worse Cassie had informed the Harris' that she would be going to her uncle's cabin in a couple days and be gone for two weeks so a new babysitter would be needed when Courtney was at work. Since there was no one reliable person to be available during the day, a second call was placed to Alicia's mom for advice on what to do. Not really sure herself, she asked to be given a little time and would call Courtney back in a couple hours. In the meantime the 14 year old prepared a dinner of hotdogs and chips and the 37 year old sat in front of the TV to figure out a solution of her own but when the food was served the only thing she had accomplished was to wet her pants without realizing it. Perhaps having someone in charge of her was a good thing after all. Alicia had been put to bed at a more babyish time of 7:30pm but a monitor had been placed by her bed so that if a need to poop arose she could at least tell her daughter in advance and not have it considered an accident. The earlier bedtime also meant that she wasn't around when her mother called back and her fate was decided, she would find out in the morning who would be responsible for her underwear and hopefully it wasn't too humiliating. ~~ The following morning Alicia awoke a little passed 5:00am not surprised to feel her pants squish beneath her. Knowing her daughter wouldn't be functional this time of day she tried to make herself more comfortable and drifted back to sleep until 7:34 this time calling over the baby monitor for a change and Courtney soon appeared. Once in a fresh diaper breakfast consisted of oatmeal and two bottles of formula for her and oatmeal with orange juice for her daughter. “You get to meet your new sitter today.” The 14 year old said sipping her OJ. The 37 year old slowly swallowed a spoonful of her apple cinnamon breakfast entree. “Oh? Who is she?” “A 19 year old college student on summer break. She'll be living here til you're an adult or she has to go back to school, whichever happens first.” A look of concern flashed on the elder Harris' face which didn't go unnoticed by the younger. “Don't worry, grandma knows her family and says she's really nice.” The doorbell rang and Alicia began to nervously suckle her bottle. A few seconds later Courtney ushered in a beautiful college girl who introduced herself as Shannon. “Isn't she just an adorable little baby!” Courtney disappeared to get ready for her first day of work which allowed her infantile mother to get to know the new nanny. Shannon would be helping with cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and handle most of the diaper changes and all of the driving. By 9:30am Courtney had taken her bike and headed to Scoopie's Ice Cream for work and once she was gone Shannon had found a pretty yellow dress for Alicia to wear out grocery shopping. Remembering the last time she had worn it and how when she wet her Abena had hung below the hem the 37 year old flat out refused. This was a mistake. “Fine.” The nanny returned the dress to where she found it, returned to the living room and stood Alicia up. “I guess you must like what you have on, so you can go in that.” “But I'm just wearing a tank top and diaper!” She tried to break away but was held firm. “I'll wear the dress!” “Too late. Now march your padded behind out the door or do I need to remind you that I am fully capable of spanking your butt red and you'll go out that way anyway.” Extremely unhappy, scared and unsure what to do, Alicia ended up doing as instructed and walking out to the car where she was unceremoniously buckled in for what was sure to be a bad day. Once they reached the grocery store the 37 year old was determined to do what she had to. So when her 19 year old superior came to let her out of the backseat she screamed, slapped at her hands and tried to scramble away. Unfortunately, there are very few places to hide in a sports car. In short order Alicia was caught, pulled from the car, her diaper pulled down and her bottom reddened. No fewer than ten people witnessed the spectacle that ended in the an Abena clad woman being dragged into the store. Inside she was strapped into one of those child friendly carts with a pacifier in her mouth and pushed up and down the aisles while Shannon selected items for purchase. To make matters worse somewhere in the frozen foods she lost her battle with her bladder and now everyone they passed had a view of her yellow underwear leaving little doubt why she was wearing it. At last the ordeal ended, the groceries were loaded in the trunk and the nanny and baby headed home. On the way a stop at the McDonanld's drive thru was made and at precisely 11:17am the pair arrived home. Alicia ate her lunch, including two bottles of formula, had her pants changed and sent to play in the living room. As much as she liked the 'Cinderella' story she was psychologically exhausted from the morning and soon fell asleep. Not surprising, she was a bit damp but not overly wet to where she required a change. Concerned about her charges rash, which was getting better by the day, the Shannon was taking no chances and laid out the change paid. Familiar with the pattern the 37 year old baby laid down on the pad, allowed her Abena to be untaped and relaxed. It was then the 19 year old gasped. “You did that on purpose!” Not sure what was going on Alicia looked down and saw herself peeing on the nanny's hand. “I'm not, I swear!” After she said it she thought about if admitting to helplessly wetting like an infant was better or worse than being thought a bitch. Shannon glared at her. “I'll believe you this time but if it ever happens again I will make the spanking you got earlier look tame.” Locked once again in a crinkly prison Alicia restarted 'Cinderella' and hoped that it never did happen again. A few minutes into the movie Shannon entered the living room with a poster board reading 'Baby Ali's Potty Chart' and pinned it on the wall above the couch. On it were markings for each day for the next week going across the top and on the left hand side were three boxes each for 'morning', 'afternoon' and 'evening'. “Okay little missy, this is how this works. Each time you have to use your diaper you tell me or Courtney or whoever that you are about to use your pants. You can then do so and a smiley face will be marked on the chart. If you are checked and found to be wet or messy and hadn't informed anyone of the need to go than a sad face will be marked. At the end of the week if there are more smiles you'll get a reward; a special dinner, a new toy or movie, the ability to pick your outfit for the week, something nice. If there are more sad faces than you will get a punishment. I'll have to discuss something suitable with your mother and Courtney. Alicia looked at the board and saw one sad face drawn on this afternoon. ~~ The afternoon progressed with the finishing of the movie, a game of twister and a bottle of formula for Alicia while the main dinner of chicken, potatoes and corn was prepared. A little after 6:00pm Courtney returned home, saw the potty chart on the wall and chuckled. While the three ate the 14 year old was brought up to date on the baby's day and the reason for the chart. By the time everyone had finished Alicia had earned herself as smiley face and a discussion about punishments had begun. At that point the baby was sent to play in the living room with blocks and Barbie Dolls while the conversation continued and Patricia was consulted. Bored with her toys she turned on the TV, changed the channel to the news and caught up on events happening locally and around the world. From there it was Entertainment Tonight and a generic sitcom before her daughter and nanny entered the room. “So here's what we agreed would be fair as a punishment.” Courtney turned off the TV. “Either daily spankings every night before bed or no covering your diapers no matter where you are for the week.” “Are those the only two options I get?” The elder Harris didn't like either choice. Shannon interjected herself. “You don't get to choose, it's a punishment so whoever adds up the chart at the end of the week will pick if necessary. But it won't be right?” “No it won't” The 37 year old said but had conviction in her voice as she wasn't sure herself if she could do it anymore. A little more television, another smiley for the chart to put herself ahead of the game and then bed rounded out the evening at a somewhat more reasonable time of 9:15pm. A good nights sleep was followed by a bad morning. Once again she had soaked herself during the night, why oh why did they give her so much formula to drink? Breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, toast with strawberry jam, orange juice and of course the obligatory bottle of formula. She would have complained but knew that would probably land her in a situation where she only got formula and no real food the way things were going. Alicia was then sent to watch cartoons, Courtney got ready for work and Shannon did the dishes. When the younger Harris was ready to go the elder was dressed in the yellow dress she refused to wear the day before and the three all got in the car to take the 14 year old to Scoopie's. With Courtney dropped off nanny and baby went to the park. Alicia was told to play on whatever playground equipment she wanted while Shannon read a book and watched from the corner of her eye. At first Alicia wasn't enthused and just sat on the ground but when the threat of a spanking was made she quickly moved to the swings kicking herself higher and higher into the air. Over the course of the next half hour a couple more mothers showed up with their children, two boys and a girl. They all wanted to play tag, boys versus girls but of course they needed Alicia for that. After a couple minutes of begging she finally relented and joined their fun. She was looking over her shoulder trying to avoid being tagged by one of the boys when she tripped over her own feet, tumbled to the ground and immediately pooped her pants. For his part the boy smelled the accident, saw what was hidden under her short dress and announced, “Mommy! The lady needs her diaper changed!” Not only had she earned a second sad face for the day, she had once again humiliated herself in public. Shannon collected her from where she was crying on the ground, led her to the nearby restroom and proceeded to clean up the mess. “If you had to go that bad you could have told me and we would have gone home.” “I- I didn't-” The 37 year old gave up on explaining and waited for clean underwear to be taped on her. The 19 year old finished the change by blowing a raspberry on her charge's stomach which made the baby smile. “Did you want to go home or keep playing?” One the one hand she was mortified by what had happened, on the other she was having fun playing and it wasn't like she had anything to hide anymore. “Let's go home. I'm getting hungry.” Back at home the pair ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips and cookies for dessert. Shannon drank a diet coke while Alicia was given two more bottles of formula which she drank while watching TV. Her nanny in the meantime told her to have fun, set up the baby monitor and disappeared for close to half an hour. When the 19 year old returned she had a smile on her face. “Hey little one. I was up in the attic and found some of Courtney's old baby stuff you might be able to use.” A stroller and a high chair were then brought into the living room. The 37 year old was certain she wouldn't fit in either, but when Shannon had her try she found that she did. It was a bit tight, but she was told that it would work. “Now I can still go running!” The nanny was excited and disappeared for a minute reemerging in a sports bra and jogging shorts. “Let's get you strapped in, I won't go far today just to get you acquainted with the feel.” Redressed in her sundress and placed in her mobile chair with the straps pushing her Abena into her crotch Alicia shifted in the seat and felt a twinge of sexual excitement from the diaper rubbing her in just the right way. ~ A half mile into the run Alicia earned herself the first smiley face for the day and soon realized the benefits of having a wet diaper on runs. By the mile and a quarter marker she was quietly moaning into her pacifier and came in her Abena. Just before the two mile mark and reaching home she came again. Runs were going to be a fun part of her days for the next few weeks. Inside Shannon untaped her and smiled. “I see someone had a good time.” Alicia blushed but didn't say anything. Soon a new pair of plastic underpants were on her, a bottle was in her hands and her nanny was in the shower. With the TV droning on in the background she suckled the bottle until she fell asleep. An hour later she was awoken still dry much to her relief. “I didn't want you to sleep too long or you won't sleep tonight.” The 19 year old cooed. Alicia nodded and returned to watching the cartoons that were on. It had been a long time since Courtney had watched such programming but she found that no matter how old you got, it was still a good source of entertainment. At 5:45pm she was rounded up and taken to the car to pickup the 14 year old from work. A bottle of formula between her lips as she sat buckled in the backseat she felt herself start to leak into the thirsty diaper. “I need to use my diaper!” Shannon turned around from the driver's seat and lifted the hem of the dress. “It looks like you already did. No use trying to lie after the fact, that'll earn you a spanking.” The elder Harris started to pout as the younger opened the passenger door and got in. The trio rode to home in silence where Courtney changed her mother's pants and Shannon cooked up spaghetti. Once it was ready Alicia found herself strapped into the highchair for what she knew would be the first of many meals. Shannon sat next to her and cut the spaghetti into bite size pieces which which could easily be forked into the baby's mouth. Sliced up garlic bread and a pair of bottles of formula followed. Full to the point of bursting Alicia let out a burp which drew laughter from both her caretakers. All three then sat down in the living room for the news followed by a kiddie movie which brought the time to just after 9:00pm and the 37 year old's bedtime. She informed Courtney of her need to go and evened out the potty board before being changed for the night. The next morning the chart was tilted against her as she had once again yellowed her Abena in the overnight. Things were not going well, if they kept up the way they were she would be earning a punishment by the end of the week guaranteed, not something she was looking forward too and would have to do a better job of making sure didn't happen. Breakfast consisted of blueberry pancakes, maple syrup and a bottle of formula. Shannon did the dishes and Courtney, who had the day off from work took charge of her mother. A bikini top, swim diaper and a pair of shorts were placed on her and they were off to the pool. The Harris family had a great time playing volleyball in the water, splashing around and chatting while laying in the sun. During the course of the fun the elder informed the younger of her need to make use of her underwear, did so and earned herself a smiley when they got back home. When they got there a lunch of grilled cheese with tomato soup awaited. Ravenous from their wonderful morning both ate greedily, Alicia being changed into an Abena and fed a bottle after. Shannon had some personal business to attend to in the afternoon. Things she had planned before taking on the nanny role and couldn't cancel. As a result Courtney took her mother along with her to Morgan's house for the afternoon. The teens spent most of the time in the living room gossiping while Tina and Alicia were sent outside to play. Her 7 year old former student suggested hide-and-seek and the 37 year old agreed. Tina was to hide first so Alicia covered her face and started counting to 20. She gave the traditional call or ready or not here I come and set to looking. Being the younger girls yard she had the advantage but Alicia was determined to make short work of locating her. High and low, in trees and under bushes, the search went til at last Tina was found beneath the back porch. Back and forth they went looking for each other until Courtney came to fetch her mother, who at the time was hiding where she had originally found Tina. When the 37 year old crawled out she was as dirty as can be much to the 14 year olds chagrin. “Looks like someone is getting a bath when we get home.” “I was having lots of fun though.” Alicia's words trailed off as she realized perhaps she had been having too much fun and not paying enough attention to other things. At first Courtney was confused. “What's wrong? I'm going to have to put up a sad face when we get home aren't I?” The elder Harris bowed her head in shame and followed her daughter down the driveway and back to the house. Dirt covered clothes and soggy underpants removed once they were inside Alicia allowed herself to sit back and enjoy the bath. Sure she was behind on the potty chart at this point, but there were still four days to fix that. Toweled off, diaper on she went to the living room for a bottle and cartoons while she and Courtney awaited Shannon's return with dinner. Twenty minutes later the 19 year old showed up with Burger King bags, Courtney put her mom in the high chair and all three ate. Whopper Jr's, fries and diet coke all around, not the most nutritious of meals but tasty none the less. When it was complete Shannon announced she was going for a run and Alicia quickly asked if she could go too but permission was denied. Disappointed, she went to her room to take care of the desire herself but was once again foiled, this time by the baby monitor. Sulking she curled up on her bed to think about how her life had come to this but ended up falling asleep. Thirty minutes later she was awoken to Shannon changing the Abena she had soaked during the short nap. The nanny helped her to her feet. “Come on little miss waterworks. How bout we go watch a movie?” ~~ 'The Terminator' may have been more of an adult movie choice than Alicia thought she was allowed to watch but wasn't going to complain since it was one of her favorites when she was a teen. When Arnold died at the end it was close to 10:00pm, the 37 year old didn't have to make use of her pants, probably due to the wet nap she had a couple hours ago and was put to bed. Not surprisingly, this resulted in a yellow Abena when she awoke the following morning. Thinking about the likelihood of waking up dry any of the next three mornings were out of the question, and she was currently three down on the potty chart, so sometime in the next few days she had to know she was going at least seven times more than she didn't. What should have been a simple task had somehow become daunting indeed. After breakfast and a change the elder Harris said goodbye to her daughter who was riding her bike to Scoopie's for another day of work. She was about to plop down and watch 'Lets Make A Deal' on TV when Shannon came into the living room with a blouse and skirt for her to wear. “We're going out?” “That's right.” The 19 year old swatted 37 year old's padded bum to get her moving. “Have to hit the drug store. Somebaby is running low on supplies. Need diapers, wipes, cream and formula.” Alicia buttoned the skirt in place. “Then let's go!” They arrived at the drug store in short order, Shannon grabbed a cart and together they started towards the incontinence aisle. A couple tubes of rash cream, four packs of wipes and six packages of Abena's were soon loaded into the awaiting basket. The nanny had explained it was best just to get as much as possible so they wouldn't have to make so many trips which made sense. Only one container of formula was picked out in the baby aisle as they could always purchase more when grocery shopping. Everything from the list accounted for it was time to check out. Unfortunately only one cashier was working so they were queued behind six other people, some with a cart full of items themselves. Alicia quietly whispered to her babysitter, had her diaper discreetly checked and then filled the back of it up earning herself one of the seven needed smiley faces. Tragically, the line was taking a long time and the skirt did nothing to mask the smell that was starting to leak out. People around her started to search for the source of the offending odor and probably wouldn't have located it accept for the large pile of diapers in the cart and the extremely guilty look on the 37 year old's face. She offered a meek apology and the fellow drug store patrons stepped aside to allow them to the front of the line, more to rid themselves of the smell than to be nice. In the backseat of the car Alicia was cleaned thoroughly by her nanny, was handed the offending garment and told to dispose of it in the dumpster by the store. She toddled that way blushing with embarrassment as another shopper exited the store and saw her. The task complete she was buckled in the car and on the way home where she got to see 'The Price Is Right' before it was time for lunch. Once complete Shannon got dressed in her running attire for today's five mile jog and Alicia secured herself firmly in her stroller to better enjoy the ride. As before, a half mile into the endeavor the 37 year old lifted her skirt so her underwear could be inspected, “I'm going to pee now.” “Go right ahead. I'll mark your smiley when we get back.” Puffed the 19 year old. Now wet the stimulation from the strap holding her in did as it did before and over the course of the next two miles Alicia managed to quietly orgasm three times. The rhythmic pounding of the pavement combined with her exhaustion from her escapades soon conspired to rock the baby to sleep. Upon arrival home Shannon woke her up, “Smells like someone did more than pee her diaper. If I find a mess in your pants when I check you I'm going to put up a smiley face for informing me of the need to pee and a sad face for pooping in your sleep.” And dirty her bottom was thus negating the progress she had made earlier in the day. Disappointed in herself Alicia vowed not to take any more naps the rest of the week, otherwise catching up might become impossible. That decided she suckled a bottle and watched afternoon cartoons followed by an early edition of the local news. The rest of the evening passed uneventfully and Alicia was happy she was able to claw her way back to only one behind on the potty chart before bed. She was even happier the next morning when she woke up dry, running to find her nanny and show off before releasing a torrent into the thick padding between her legs. It was a whole new ballgame with an equal number of happy and sad faces on the living room wall. Courtney rode her bike to work, Shannon did laundry and Alicia rotted her brain in front of the television until lunch. The 37 year old, fresh on the heels of success wanted to keep the streak going so she mentally checked her bladder's status at every commercial break during the morning game show gauntlet. Some chicken fingers, fries and two bottles later she curled up on the couch with a book, after all there is only so much TV a person can take. “Hey Miss Squishy pants, what ya reading?” Shannon said bringing a basket of clothes into the living room to fold. Confused Alicia let her hand slide down to touch her diaper. It was soaked. But how, she had been doing so well all day, and then it dawned on her that books don't have commercials and that she had lost all track of time, two hours had passed in the blink of an eye. “J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. I like to read the book before I see the movie.” “I'm the same way.” A shirt was crisply folded and stacked on top of the pile. “Can I borrow it when you're done?” “Only if you change me when you finish the laundry.” The 19 year old chuckled. “Deal.” Alicia was a little surprised when she was put into her last swim diaper but Shannon explained that instead of running today, they were going to get some exercise in the pool. After the short walk to the town swimming hole the 37 year old joined the volleyball players in the shallow end while her nanny swam laps on the deeper side. Between games Alicia was able to get the 19 year old's attention to let her know her bikini bottoms were about to change color from blue to green. Before they left the baby was changed into her more regular Abena and the pair strolled casually around the neighborhood in no particular hurry to make it home. The walk gave the elder woman a chance to find out more about the younger. She was a junior at the local community college, had recently dumped her boyfriend when she caught him cheating and took the nanny job as a way to get away from the problems in her own life for a bit. She also admitted that since she had met the 37 year old baby she had developed a bit of a fascination with crinkly white undergarments though she wasn't brave enough to try them herself. When they finally arrived at the house Courtney was there, she had been sent home from work early due to a lack of customers, and was making spaghetti. Seeing that it was almost complete Shannon strapped the baby into her highchair and gave her a bottle which Alicia sucked down rather quickly. A second bottle was drank more slowly with dinner. Her hope was that the more liquid she put in the more would come out, thus giving her more opportunities to put herself ahead on the potty chart. And right before bed the philosophy paid off, Shannon changed the wet Abena, put the appropriate mark on the wall and Alicia was one smiley face ahead. The next morning she modified the theory to drink a lot in the morning and early afternoon and cut back before bed, too much at dinner makes for drenched pants in the night. Having apparently emptied herself fully in the night she waddled her way down to her highchair and the pancakes that awaited her there. ~ When the pancakes were finished, Alicia was put in her stroller and she and Shannon went out for a morning run. As per tradition she felt herself get turned on, did her best to soak her pants and enjoyed the pounding of the pavement. From there it was a diaper change at home while Shannon took a shower and Courtney, who had the day off work, took her to Morgan's. The 37 year old spent the next couple hours engrossed in hide-and-seek with the 7 year old Tina. When time for lunch was called she sat down at the table and noticed that there was more than she expected in the seat of her pants. With a frown she realized the potty chart at home would soon reflect the way her face looked now. After her spaghetti O's were finished her underwear was changed in the living room and the television was turned on but none of the teenage girls seemed to care. They simply chatted away about what boys they liked and how they intended to get their attention. Listening to the younger Harris talk, the elder thought back to her old high school crush. He may not have been the brightest star in the universe but he was certainly the hottest, at least she believed at the time. Her reveille was interrupted when Tina came in the room. “Hey! You want to play Barbies?” Stunned, a small bit of urine escaped her but not enough that anyone would notice. “You go ahead. I'm going to watch what's on TV.” Alicia suckled her bottle, pretended to watch the poorly acted soap opera and waited for the young girl to leave the room before resuming listening to her daughter's friends gossip. The talk reminded her of Alan and the fact that she hadn't heard from him recently. Almost if it had been divine providence her phone rang. “Alan! I was just thinking about you!” “Nothing bad I hope.” He chuckled. “I wanted to see if you were available tonight.” “Let me check.” She covered the mouthpiece on the phone and looked at Courtney. “Can I go on a date tonight?” The teens huddled on the couch coming up with a plan. When it was decided Courtney responded. “Sure. But since you're a baby Nicole, Morgan and I will come chaperone.” Alicia turned her attention back to the phone. “So long as you don't mind my daughter and her friends tagging along we can do whatever you like.” “Sounds good.” He laughed. “I'll pick you all up at seven. And be hungry.” The 37 year old pushed the end button on her cell, grinned and danced in excitement not noticing as her undergarments started to sag lower and lower on her hips. Her jubilation was cut short when Nicole pointed out that the Abena was growing increasingly yellow. Somewhat disappointed in herself she made a mental note to pay more attention to what was going on down below and plopped to the floor with a squish. Taped once again in a fresh diaper she resumed listening to her daughter's friends talk while partially paying attention to the TV. At four o'clock everyone enjoyed a snack of cheese and crackers. It was enough to prevent them from being starving but not enough that they wouldn't be hungry when Alan Freeman came around later. Alicia also drank another two bottles of formula in an effort to make herself have to pee but her pants were still dry when it came time to be changed for the night out. Precisely at 7:00pm the doorbell rang, she answered and invited Alan inside. He introduced himself to the teenage chaperone's who swooned over his good looks. From there the entourage dined in style at the town's most luxurious restaurant where the 37 year old regretted drinking so much earlier. Rather than embarrass herself and get permission she decided to take the hit on her potty chart and flooded the Abena. She would only be two down and there was all day tomorrow to make it up, she only had tonight to be with Alan. From there the group went to the theater for a movie. A romantic comedy all the girls, including Alicia cried at the end when the star crossed lovers finally kissed. When the movie ended it was going on eleven so Alan took everyone home. The teens mysteriously disappeared as soon as the car stopped which left Alicia and the man of her dreams alone. He cupped her cheek in his hand, pulled her close and gave her a kiss to rival the one from the movie they had seen earlier. Passionate as it was the kiss turned the 37 year old on. The next thing she knew she was soaking her diaper and on the verge of rapture. A shift in her seat sent her over the edge and she climaxed with her lips still pressed to his. Blushing a new shade of crimson she said goodnight, went inside to be changed and was sent to bed still wondering what had sent her over the edge like that. Could it be the stroller rides were conditioning her like Pavlov's dog? ~~ The following morning Alicia awoke dry. While not something to be proud of it was at least an accomplishment considering the last few days. A nudge to her daughter and a yellowing of the Abena put her two down on the potty chart with a day to go. Forgoing the pancakes for breakfast the 37 year old opted for three bottles of formula, all the better to make her have to go and hopefully get ahead. And the plan worked well as just before lunch she managed to pull herself within one of tying it up. The afternoon started with Shannon going for a run. With the strap pulled tightly between her legs Alicia sat back and enjoyed. As the friction started to turn her on she involuntarily began to wet her pants, which caused her to reach her moment of bliss. While certainly grateful to achieve her climax, she couldn't help but wonder about what was becoming of her. Two bottles of formula at lunch pulled her to within one once again when the 37 year old sat back and let loose into her diaper with 'Spongebob Squarepants' droning on the television. As much as she love the antics of Spongebob and Patrick she couldn't help but drift off to the land of nod, not returning to the present until her babysitter announced dinner. The crinkly garment between her legs still white she allowed herself to be strapped in to the highchair for spaghetti. The 14 year old looked at her infantile mother, “I'll make you a deal. If you can eat your dinner without making a mess then you can grow up again. If not you owe a week in diapers for each noodle you drop.” “No deal.” Alicia smiled. “I've learned my lesson about betting with you.” All eyes were on the 37 year old as she twirled the spaghetti around her fork and brought it to her mouth. Having practiced many times before the elder Harris made no mistakes throughout dinner. Unfortunately with all her attention on making sure the spaghetti went into her mouth she didn't notice as her bladder let loose. Down by two with little time remaining in the day Alicia resigned herself to her fate, though she did finish only one behind on the potty chart for the week. The following morning she wasn't the only one to wake up wet. “What the hell?” Courtney looked at the 19 year old in disbelief. “I though you were supposed to be an adult.” “I'm sorry.” Shannon peeled off her wet panties. “It won't happen again, I swear.” “Well if it does, you're still subject to the house rules.” Courtney shook her head, walked out the door and headed for work. The nanny put her sheets in the wash, changed Alicia's pants and broached the subject of punishment for failing the first week of the potty chart. “I think that for this week you won't be able to cover your diapers when we leave the house.” “I don't think so.” The 37 year old sat herself in her highchair for a breakfast of oatmeal. “Or I'll tell Court that you deliberately wet the bed so that you'd have to wear diapers.” The 19 year old thought for a minute. “She won't believe that. Besides all I have to do is not pee the bed to prove you wrong. And I think that because you're trying to blackmail me, that in addition to not covering your diapers in public you'll be subject to a bare bottom spanking every day.” Alicia gulped knowing the nanny was right. “Please, no. I'll let you spank me as much as you want, just don't make me go out without pants.” “Sorry, but your daughter and I discussed it last night. We decided that it was a good way to keep your focus on what you're wearing and when you're going to use it. Now finish your oatmeal, we're going for a run then grocery shopping.” Slowly Alicia spooned her breakfast into her mouth, not moving fast enough for Shannon's liking who took the spoon and started to feed her. Most of the food made it down the hatch, but some ended up on her nightshirt so before heading out the door she was changed into a small yellow tank top. Not long after being strapped into the stroller her underwear matched the color of her shirt, she had an orgasm and fell asleep for the entirety of the 4 mile run and the 19 year old's shower. Taped into a fresh Abena, Alicia was herded into the car for the trip to the grocery store. ~~ Perhaps because she dreaded it so much, the trip went by faster than Alicia ever seemed to think it did before. “Please, let me stay in the car, I promise I'll be good.” “What kind of nanny would I be if I left my charge in the car? If you were a real baby I'd be arrested.” Shannon replied. “I have a list so don't worry, it shouldn't take that long.” With a gulp the 37 year old opened the car door and stepped into the warm summer air. Several giggles could be heard as she walked into the store, but for the most part people did what they always do when they see someone who is different, they politely looked away so they wouldn't be caught staring. The sideways glances and chuckles behind her back continued until the urgent pressure she had felt earlier caught up with her. “Um.. I have to, um, you know.” “I've seen you fidgeting for the last couple aisles, but you have to tell me if you want the smiley on your potty chart.” Face bright red with embarrassment Alicia looked down at her feet so she wouldn't have to see the faces of the people that had stopped to hear her response. “I have to poop.” “Go ahead sweetie, everyone already knows about your diapers, I doubt they'll be surprised when you use them.” Shannon returned her attention to the shelf and placing taco shells, seasoning and hot sauce in the cart. The 37 year old baby covered her face, let out a soft sob and filled the back of her pants. The mess continued to balloon out the Abena as her nanny took her hand, placed it on the cart and led her towards the next aisle. “Just a couple more things,” the 19 year old said after depositing chips in the basket. “Ground beef and shredded cheese. Then we'll take you home for a nice bath. How does that sound?” Alicia glared at the nanny and rubbed her padded butt. “I want out of this thing.” Shannon stuck a pacifier between her charges lips, grabbed the remaining items and proceeded to the checkout. On the waddle up front the baby noticed that the more she moved the looser the tapes on the Abena got and the lower it sank on her hips. Just before reaching the car she put her plan to get changed before going home into action, shaking her ass until the offending garment was around her knees. Immediately regretting the decision, Alicia quickly reached down, pulled the diaper back into place and held it firmly there. The 19 year old burst out laughing, guided the 37 year old into the backseat of the car and slid the change pad from the diaper bag under her butt. “I suppose if I'm going to change your stinky pants now, then there's no reason to go straight home.” And after a new Abena was snugly where it belonged, home they did not go instead swinging by the hospital pharmacy to order more swim diapers. From there it was a trip to Shenanigan's for lunch, then Scoopies to visit Courtney for dessert. In an effort to save her mother some humiliation the younger Harris suggested that Shannon drop the baby at Meghan's house since she was already watching Tina and then the nanny could finish whatever errands needed to be done. A little debate between the caregivers and it was settled, Alicia would spend the afternoon at Courtney's friend's house and the 14 year old would walk home with her after work. Tina was coloring when they got there and invited her former teacher to join in. Alicia, remembering how good the 7 year old's pictures had been as a student, gladly agreed. It wasn't long though before she had fallen asleep on the floor, marker in hand and face on the page. The young girl, not ready to be done but unable to use the book, made use of the first canvas she could find, Alicia's diaper. As the baby slept soundly pictures of kittens, puppies, bunnies and hearts appeared on her pants. When the canvas became yellow and soggy, Tina moved on to the unused Abenas in the diaper bag. She wouldn't know it until she woke up, but Alicia was going to have pretty diapers to show off. ~~ Waking up Alicia had a marker stuck to her face and a rumble in her belly. Since it was still only mid-afternoon she was given a bottle which she gulped greedily followed by a second which she nursed much more slowly. Midway through she was laid back and taped into a fresh Abena adorned in Tina's artwork. The 37 and 7 year olds played with dolls for a while before Meghan and Tina's mother arrived home and announced they were going out for dinner. Soon Alicia found herself back at Shenanigan's and being fed chicken fingers by a 7 year old. When the chicken fingers were gone Tina proceeded to feed her a bottle which drew a reaction from the waitress. “I have a little one myself and get off around 6 every night if you ever need a sitter.” “Thank you, but that won't be necessary.” Meghan answered. “Her daughter is picking her up in half an hour.” “Was she in some kind of accident?” The waitress persisted. There was a brief awkward silence that was soon interrupted by the hiss of Alicia soaking herself. “I was really stressed after my divorce and found becoming a baby very relaxing.” Jaw on the floor the waitress turned and walked away. The group paid the bill, exited the restaurant and returned to their house where Courtney was waiting. Meghan and the younger Harris talked a bit while Tina and the elder one watched television. A short time later the both Harris' were walking down the street. Back at home Shannon took charge and Alicia's soggy underwear was pulled down. 50 hard smacks were delivered to her exposed derriere to fulfill the second part of her punishment for failing the potty chart. Afterwards she was given two bottles and sent to bed early, the sun could still be seen hovering just over the horizon. Setting her alarm for 1am she drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face, she had plans on getting revenge on Shannon. Beep, beep, beep roused her at the designated time. Squishing as she sat up, she realized she had the opportunity to change herself without anyone knowing and tricking them into thinking she had a dry night to go along with her nanny having a wet one. While it was hardly a professional job, the new Abena was on fairly securely and wouldn't draw suspicion so she proceeded to the kitchen to get a glass of warm water. Sneaking down the hall to Shannon's room she didn't see her daughter watching her with bemused interest from the doorway. A turn of the knob, a creak of the door and the 37 year old was in. She pulled the sheet off the sleeping 19 year old and was about to pour the water on her crotch when Courtney's voice startled her. “And what are we doing?” Pulling the water behind her back some spilled on the nanny's face. “Nothing. I was just going to see if she could get me a bottle.” At that point the bedside light turned on and Shannon asked, “Did you change yourself?” “No. I'm still dry.” The 37 year old patted her diaper for emphasis. “Court, would you run grab a bar of soap from the bathroom, we have a little liar here.” The nanny pulled her charge across her lap and the Abena down. “When she gets back you are going to put the soap in your mouth to wash out the lies and it's going to stay here for your spanking. If it comes out the spanking starts over, understand?” The younger Harris returned with a bar of Dove and the elder Harris nodded. Soap firmly in place she made it to 15 before yelping and having to start over. The second time she only made 12. With renewed determination Alicia bit down as hard as she dared and at last made it through all 25 spanks knowing everything she ate was going to taste like soap. “How did you guys know?” “I heard your alarm through the baby monitor.” Her daughter answered. Shannon pointed at her underwear. “The diaper you were put to bed in had Tina's pictures on it, that one is plain white. Now off to bed with you so Courtney and I can discuss what to do about your attempt to make it look like I wet the bed.” The following morning Alicia woke up dry, but she suspected that was mainly due to having soaked herself already during the night. Allowing herself to wet, but not be changed before breakfast she was strapped into the highchair for two eggs and three bottles of formula. She was about ready to burst when Courtney led her down the hall for a bath. The 14 year old started to rub shampoo into her hair. “So this is what we came up with last night. I thought she might be making your punishments too severe so we made a bet. After this bath you'll be back in panties and we'll be going out for the day. A stop at the school so you can pick up your class list for the fall and then on to meet Meghan and Nicole at Chuck-E-Cheese for pizza and games until 3pm. If your panties are still dry when we get home, I win. If not, Shannon wins.” The 37 year old played with the bubbles in the tub for a minute. “What are the stakes?” “If she wins, you'll be regressed even further. Instead of acting like a 2 year old, you'll be 6 months which means no walking and no talking. Your potty chart will be suspended as is until next week when it resumes.” The younger Harris rinsed the elders hair. “But if I win, she takes over your punishment and is in diapers 24/7 and not able to cover them in public until the next potty chart week begins.” A mischievous grin appeared on Alicia's face. “Too easy.” Once dried off she dressed in a blue halter top, lacy white panties and white shorts which were part of the previously arranged agreement. She was even given the privilege of driving to the school to pick up the class list. For the most part the names were of kids she had never heard of, but there were a couple troublemakers the kindergarten teachers had warned her about. Looking forward to turning the tide on her perceived tormenter the 37 year old pulled into the lot at Chuck-E-Cheese a little before noon. The group went inside, bought tokens for the games and ordered two large pepperoni pizzas. By the time they arrived so had Nicole, Meghan and Tina. “You're wearing big girl panties today!” Was the first thing out of the 7 year olds mouth. Alicia blushed. “I am a big girl.” “We'll see.” Shannon chuckled dividing pizza onto everyone's plate. “You have to stay dry for about 3 more hours.” The elder Harris stuck her tongue out which drew a slap to the thigh from the younger. “Behave.” When the pizza was gone everyone divided up to play their favorite games. The teens went to ski ball while Tina and Alicia were drawn to whack-a-mole. The younger girl was impossibly good and continually outscored her former teacher. Never one to give in, Alicia readied herself for another game when she suddenly realized her need for the bathroom. The room was a maze to begin with, but factor in dozens of children running around and the fact that she had both hands pressed between her legs and it was sure to be a close call to the ladies room. Weaving in-and-out of traffic and looking every bit the toddler she had become Alicia crept closer and closer to her goal. At last the door was in sight and there was nobody between her and it. Removing her hands from her crotch she went to push the last barricade aside when a girl no older than three slipped in ahead of her. Inside both stalls were now filled, her hands returned between her legs and she did the potty dance of all potty dances. The near stall opened, her hands left her pants to push through the door and the flood gates opened. Behind her Shannon laughed. “It's okay baby, I brought your diaper bag.” The 37 year old couldn't help but cry as she was laid on the change pad in the middle of the restroom floor. Wet pants and panties stripped off a cool wipe was applied to her nethers as the 3 year old who beat her in came out of the stall. “Mommy told me some girls have trouble with potty training but I didn't know she meant that old.” Smiling at the girl the nanny replied. “Ali here could learn from your fine example. Perhaps you could do me a favor and keep an eye on her and let me know if she wets her diaper.” “Okay!' The girl clapped in excitement and ran out of the bathroom without washing her hands. “Don't worry baby.” Shannon taped a decorated Abena in place. “I'm sure since now you have to crawl everywhere she won't have a problem following you around. And don't even think of talking, you're far too young. Any violation will result in a spanking right here in front of everyone.” Wanting to tell her nanny off but afraid to speak Alicia simply cried on the floor. Soon enough her daughter entered with the stroller, “Dammit mom, I thought you were more responsible than that. But I guess if you wet your pants like a baby, than maybe it's best that you be a baby.” Loaded in the stroller the 37 year old was pushed out to rejoin the party. She was thankful the trip wasn't long enough to get her juices going, she didn't want to do that with such a large audience. At just after 2pm, the group still had another hour dedicated to play and while they did, Alicia dozed off. ~~ While she wasn't able to doze off to sleep she was at least able to keep her eyes closed and ignore reality, that was until she felt a pressure building on her backside. Squirming in the stroller she tried to get her nanny or daughters attention, and ended up getting a lot more people looking her way than she wanted. All the movement had started to get her juices going, which resulted in a few dribbles of urine into the diaper and the inevitable moment of bliss. Fortunately, her nanny had seen what was going on and had rounded up the group so by the time Alicia came, they had made it out the door. Contented, the 37 year old relaxed filling the seat of her pants. A few steps behind Courtney was making plans with her friends. “You want to come over for movies and popcorn?” “Sure!” Nicole agreed readily already on the phone to text her mom the change in agenda. Morgan looked over to her sister who was eagerly pushing around her former teacher. “Why not? We can even let the squirt take care of the baby!” All three girls giggled before temporarily splitting up for the trek to the Harris household as Nicole, Morgan and Tina had biked to Chuck-E-Cheese. Since Shannon had driven Courtney suggested that they stop at the movie store to rent a few DVD's for the evenings festivities. Upon arrival at 5 Star Movie House the elder Harris refused to get out of the car. The younger gave her a stern look. “I have to go in and pick out the movies. If you don't want to go you'd better hope your nanny is willing to sit in the car with you.” Alicia began to pout squishing the contents inside her plastic prison. Seeing that Shannon took pity and decided to stay behind. Ten minutes after that the 14 year old was back in the car and they were once again on the road. A block before the house they passed their guests, honked, waved and pulled in the driveway. Once inside the nanny laid down a change pad on the living room floor, her charge on top of it and started to rifle through the diaper bag. “Let's get that stinky bum changed, shall we?” “Can I help?” The seven year old took the Abena from Shannon's hand walking over to her former teachers side. The nanny shrugged her shoulders. “You ever changed a diaper before?” “No.” Tina hung her head. “But I can learn.” Through all of this Alicia wanted to scream and run away but knew that would just result in a spanking, a longer time in diapers and her former student cleaning her messy backside anyway. She started to cry at her own helplessness which caused a pacifier to be stuck between her lips. The tutorial began with untaping the used garment, wiping front to back, applying cream to any red areas and finished with a generous amount of powder and snugly fastening the new diaper in place. The young girl was ecstatic. “I did great!” “You sure did.” Shannon said depositing the old Abena into the trash. “Now how would you like to draw some more pretty pictures for baby Ali to wear?” Tina agreed and with markers and several packages of diapers to work on she happily colored away. The teen girls were engrossed in their movie, the nanny disappeared down the hallway and the 37 year old was left to her thoughts laying on her changing mat. ~ Dinner that evening was leftover pizza and bread sticks from the earlier party; Alicia's was of course cut into bite sized pieces. Afterward the teens returned to their movie marathon while Shannon and Tina took the 37 year old for a bath. Sitting in the sudsy water she suckled her pacifier and begrudgingly allowed herself to be thoroughly scrubbed. Halfway through the telephone rang and the nanny went to answer. From her position in the tub Alicia could barely hear what was being said. “Hello.” pause. “She can't talk right now.” longer pause. “That sounds like a lot of fun. What time?” another short pause. “Great. See you then.” Returning to the bathroom to pull her charge out and dry her off Shannon made no mention of what the conversation had been about despite Alicia's pleading look. Clean, dry and taped into a fresh Abena the 37 year old crawled back to the living room only to be given a swat to her backside. “It's getting late, bedtime for you little lady.” For what seemed like days she laid in her bed surrounded by pillows so that she wouldn't accidentally roll off listening to the giggling coming from the living room. Eventually the monotony caught up with her though and she fell asleep. Sun poured through the blinds the next morning before she awoke. Pushing aside the pillows she got down on the floor and crawled to the kitchen with her diaper sagging heavily on her hips. Scanning the room she saw Courtney eating cereal, Shannon mixing formula and the clock on the microwave read 7:32. “Up you go little one.” The nanny said helping Alicia into the highchair. “Drink up, we've got a big day today.” Not wanting a spanking the 37 year old sucked down the two bottles all the while playing out horrifying scenarios in her mind of what was in store for the 'big day'. Breakfast concluded the baby was changed into her bikini top and a swim diaper. Confused because she was 'too young' to know how to swim, she poked at her undergarment repeatedly hoping to get the point across. It worked. “Don't worry, you won't be in the water unless you fall overboard.” Shannon packed several more swim diapers in the bag. “We're going on a boat ride!” Strapped into the stroller and ready to go she only had to wait a minute or two before the doorbell rang. The nanny opened it to reveal Alan Freeman and his daughters. It was hard to tell who was more shocked at the sight of the other, Alan or Alicia. “Bye everyone, have fun.” Courtney broke the stunned silence. “I'm off to work.” Shannon wheeled the big baby outside, put her in the Freeman family SUV and the group was on the way to the marina 20 minutes away. Checking his infantile girlfriend in the rear view mirror, Alan asked. “Care to explain?” Alicia looked at Shannon who answered for her. “She lost a bet and has to act like this for the rest of the week.” “She can't talk at all? Seems a bit extreme.” “The terms of the bet were that she would have to be a six month old if she lost and she knew that in advance.” The nanny started to apply her makeup. “If she had a problem with it, she could have changed to deal or not taken the bet so it can't be that extreme.” “What was the bet if you don't mind me asking?” He was still confused as to why a 37 year old would voluntarily agree to such a thing. “I assume you know she's had some issues lately and as a result has been in diapers. Well we gave her the opportunity to prove she didn't need them by going a few hours without wetting herself. Obviously she didn't make it.” The remainder of the ride passed in silence. Soon enough the Silver Lake Marina came into sight, they were out of the SUV and aboard Alan's boat, 'The Healing Hand'. It was more a yacht than boat at 40 feet long, below deck galley, sleeping quarters and kitchen. Alicia tried to crawl downstairs but was given a stern look by her nanny and instead made her way to the bow, her tormentor in tow. “Listen, I'm not trying to ruin your social life.” The 19 year old spread out a blanket to catch some rays. “So while we're on the boat, you can talk to your boyfriend but if I catch you complaining about being a baby you'll be sorry.” ~ The morning proceeded quite nicely in Alicia's opinion. She and Alan had spent the morning talking about every topic under the sun except for her underwear. Her nanny had been laid out in the sun leaving her alone and Alan's daughters were fishing off the back of the boat. It was now nearing lunch and Alan was dropping anchor near the middle of the lake. Shannon gathered all the little girls by her at the bow while Alan went below and grabbed a picnic basket. Sandwiches, chips, cole slaw, potato salad and soda pop were distributed to everyone and they all ate hungrily. When the food was close to gone Alicia suffered her first indignity of the day being fed a bottle by her nanny. When the meal was complete the Freeman girls went below deck for a nap, Shannon returned to her sunbathing and the happy couple drifted towards the stern for some alone time. Talking soon turned into kissing and Alan's hand stroked the front of her swim diaper. Alicia tensed for a moment but relaxed and allowed herself to enjoy his ministrations. She felt herself being turned on, her bladder releasing and her boyfriend's hand massaging harder through through the now soaked garment between her legs. Her back arched as a powerful orgasm washed over her. Smiling she looked into Alan's eyes. “I guess I owe you one.” “Did you want to get changed first?” Alicia looked down at her now partly green bikini bottom and shrugged. “It can hold a bit more, I'm okay.” Checking the area and seeing no other boats nearby the 37 year old slid down to her knees on the deck. Reaching up she yanked down her boyfriends swim shorts and treated his engorged member like one of her pacifiers. When she had brought him to his full she grinned mischievously, swallowed and sat up on the bench next to him. “Wow!” He wrapped his arm around her. “I was not expecting that.” “There's more where that came from, just you wait.” Alicia felt the front of her diaper. “Maybe I will get changed after all.” At the front of the boat Shannon hears her charge coming and sits up. “Having a good time?” “More fun than I've had in a long time.” Showing off the green color of her bikini bottom, “Think you can do something about this?” “Sure. Why don't we head downstairs, it'll give us a chance to talk, nanny to baby.” The 19 year old took the 37 year olds hand and led her to the galley. Change pad laid down she started to untape the used diaper. “I told you that you could talk with your boyfriend, not stop being a baby.” Alicia blushed. “I don't know what you mean.” “Oh you don't, do you?” Shannon delivered a hard slap to her charges exposed derriere. “Perhaps you should think a little harder.” “We've just been talking. Honest.” Five more hard spanks. “Are you sure?” “Positive.” The 37 year old squirmed on the floor. The nanny rolled her eyes. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. I saw you back there sucking down something and it wasn't a baby bottle. I suppose now you'll have to be punished for lying and we'll have to find a way constantly remind you of the baby that you are.” ~ The boating excursion ended long ago and back at home Alicia had just been taped into doubled up Abenas as part of the more babyish motif that had been promised. It was well passed ten at night so she knew any second was bedtime and sure enough Shannon came to lead her to her room. Once the 37 year old had been tucked in the nanny whispered in her ear. “Sleep well babykins, tomorrow is going to be another fun day. You see I have a friend that offered me a job a few days ago but originally I had to say no because I was helping here. Now that you've gone and been naughty, it looks like I'll be able to do both after all!” Alicia whimpered behind her pacifier but soon fell asleep despite the impending doom. That night she had dreams of being back at school only this time she was wearing nothing but a soaked diaper and all her students were laughing at her. She was shaken awake from the nightmare at 6:00am. A check of her pants found them to be wet, but not in need of a change just yet. She drank down two bottles, was dressed in a t-shirt that read 'Cutie' and loaded into the car at quarter to seven. Nanny and baby arrived at a semi-large, red brick building shortly thereafter. Still somewhat groggy, Alicia allowed herself to be taken from the car, placed into her stroller and wheeled inside. What she saw was not what she had expected. There was a reception desk to the left and to the right, a large indoor playground complete with real grass, sandbox, a couple slides and several swing sets. Beyond that she could see a room labeled 'Nursery' and another 'Ball Pit'. “She is a cutie isn't she?” A man's voice snapped the 37 year old out of her trance. “And Shannon. Glad you changed your mind and decided to come work for me after all.” “Not a problem at all Joe.” The nanny shook the man's hand. “Looks like we're a bit early.” “Yeah. Normally you wouldn't have to be in until just before 8 when we open but I have some paperwork for you to fill out which will give me time to get our newest little client put into the system.” Shannon started putting ink to paper on the W2 forms while Joe wheeled a confused Alicia towards the nursery. Inside she was weighed, measured and laid down face first on the changing table. Before she could roll over she felt something pull tight across her back pinning her arms at her sides and her body to the table. From there her predicament got worse when the left side of her Abena was untaped, a viscous fluid was poured between her now exposed cheeks and some sort of probe was inserted and positioned inside her derriere. Ten agonizing minutes later the unwanted anal intruder was removed and the daycare proprietor announced that she was a healthy baby girl. The diaper was retaped into place, the strap across her back was loosened and she was once again in her stroller being taken back to the reception desk. By that time her nanny had finished her paperwork and other employees were starting to filter in. “Good morning everyone.” Joe smiled at the four fresh faces standing around the entryway. “As you can see we have a new hire, Shannon, and she brought a very special little girl with her. Baby Ali may look to be all grown up, but for all intents and purposes she's no different than any other six month old. For our newbie's sake I'll remind everyone that duty assignments are posted behind the desk and that we have one person in the nursery, one for the ball pit and the remaining three look after the playground. Tim, you've got nursery today so why don't you take Alicia with you and get her changed into a fresh diaper.” Panic ripped through the 37 year olds mind. Either she could protest and let the daycare workers know she's a normal adult being treated like an infant or she could play along and let some pimply faced boy see her naked. In the end, she wasn't the one who got to choose, Shannon did. “Any time she needs a fresh diapy just let me know and I'll take care of it, she's kind of shy with strangers.” Thankful for the reprieve Alicia smiled behind her pacifier as her nanny took her to change her pants. Two clean Abena's sealing her nethers once more, the 37 year old for the first time noticed that things weren't as they seemed before. Hanging from the ceiling were a pair of bouncy seats, expect one was specially made for someone her size and that was precisely where she found herself hanging, feet unable to touch the ground, a few seconds later. Helplessly going up and down in her seat and listening to childish music play over the rooms sound system she wished she were anywhere else. After Shannon left, Tim took his position, hooked earphones up to his iPhone and began a grueling day of not paying attention to her. Thirty minutes of bouncing had done a number on her bowels to the point that every time she reached the apex of her journey more warm mush escaped her backside and into her increasingly heavy padded prison. If her caregiver noticed what was happening he made no indication of it. The physical exhaustion of having been woken early, combined with the mental exhaustion of the morning thus far took it's toll and she drifted to sleep. A cold wet wipe jolted her awake two hours later, but when she looked down it wasn't Shannon changing her, it was Tim. Without thinking she blurted out, “What the hell are you doing pervert? My nanny is the only one who gets to change my diapers!” “Whoa, lady. You aren't mentally slow, you're some kind of freak who gets off on being treated like a baby.” The pimply faced kid continued to clean her messy backside only now he was purposefully teasing between her legs. “How old are you anyway? 31? 32? My friends aren't going to believe me when I tell them I got to play with an older woman's pussy.” “Let me go you litt-” Her words were cut off by a large pacifier being stuffed in her mouth and tied in place. “Now where was I?” Tim finished cleaning the last bit of filth off her bum, positioned his face near her crotch and took a picture with his phone that showed her face and his. “Now you're going to be a good baby for me and not tell on me or I'll post this lovely photo on the internet with my face blurred out of course.” The 37 year old struggled mightily against her restraints in a desperate attempt to get the attention of someone in the other room but to no avail. Her newest tormentor laughed at the feeble show, rubbed rash cream on her skin and taped two diapers into place. With that done he took out a bottle and went to the staff bathroom in the back of the nursery. Not long after he reemerged and she had no doubt what the milky white substance in the bottom of the bottle was. He added formula on top of it and filled the rest with water shaking the awful concoction up. “I'm going to take out your paci now, and then you best drink every last drop of your bottle without any fussing or the picture goes viral.” Before he could start the feeding the nursery door opened and Shannon walked in. “Oh, does she need a change?” “I already took care of it.” The pimply faced teen eyed Alicia. “She didn't seem to mind. I was just going to feed her lunch if that's okay.” “Actually, I have a special lunch for her today.” The nanny replied waving a woman through the door. “Helen is a wet nurse, does babykins know what that means?” Alicia nodded somehow thankful the being breastfed was better than drinking the little perverts semen. For the feeding Tim had to leave the room due to Helen's modesty which gave baby Ali a chance to tattle on him. Shannon agreed to swipe his phone, have him fired and then delete the picture forever. Her 37 year old charge promised not to protest being in daycare or any meal that came her way. While suckling on the 20 something year old wet nurses nipple she could see through the window her nanny working on her end of the bargain. So engrossed in watching Tim having his iPhone stolen was she that she didn't notice the drool running down her chin or Abena turning yellow. When Helen was sucked dry for the time being Alicia was put in her stroller and brought out to the playground to enjoy the show. The police arrived at the daycare, Tim was handcuffed and she clapped her hands as he was taken away. Compared to the first half of the day, the afternoon passed uneventfully. Shannon took over in the nursery, another infant was brought in and together the two babies played happily on the floor. Every day the 37 year old regressed further and further while at daycare and no longer felt embarrassed on weekends when she was taken to the mall or the grocery store in just a shirt and diaper. For her the last six weeks of summer passed in the blink of an eye. Her first day back in the adult world as a teacher found her dressed in a light blue blouse and pleated white skirt with an Abena she had colored herself underneath. When the tardy bell rang she wrote her name on the blackboard, walked around in front of her desk and dropped her skirt. “As some of you already know from daycare, I wear diapers. I have too as I am no longer potty trained. I'm telling you all this now so that you won't be distracted by gossip and trying to catch a glimpse. Now if there are no questions, let's start learning.” The End
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    I love the way it feels when you have to go and just take your time while you do it. I've been out of diapers for a bit recently and I just ended up doing it in panties or underwear
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    I really get aroused by plastic pants! I mean really! My ideal situation would be to have a female partner who tease me wearing a diaper and plastic pants under a short skirt and let me se and feel them. I guarantee we would GET IT ON!!!
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    A thought just occurred to me. If you are wearing blue colored diapers and you wet them, will they turn green? Yellow and blue make green.
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    I’m from that general area
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    While I am technically in Stamford CT It does only take be an hour to get to NYC and I visit often. I am happy to chat about anything.
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    Mine is fairly simple but it's one that is less fantasy and more something Daddy and I enjoy almost every day. It starts with Daddy changing me, then a story and a bottle while I'm curled up against him. Finally, and most importantly, curling up on his chest and falling asleep listening to his heartbeat as he holds me. The simple act of being cuddled, protected and listening to his heartbeat is more special and precious than anything else I could ask for. It is soothing, comforting and creates a special bond. Kaiya
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    A Fox in the Snow I almost missed her. There was a rustle on the path, off to my right, a flash of orange. A whimper. The crisp white crumpled beneath my feet, a cacophony with each step as I wandered away from the path. It couldn't have been. They were too rare. But that orange, that color, that sound... you couldn't track them, they left no prints. No one understood exactly what they were, but they were beautiful and sweet and gentle - and had been creatures of myth until just a couple of years ago. The first one captured had made worldwide headlines - real, live fox girl. The kitsune, they called her. A few more had turned up after that, once the owner of the first girl shared some details about what they eat, where they live, what they like. But they were so rare - they left no trace, they left no track, they left no scent... I sighed, my breath a steaming cloud as I looked around - the path was no longer in sight, I had wandered well into the woods and the trees were so much thicker here. I shivered, bringing my fingers to my mouth as I breathed into my cupped hands. I didn't live too far from here, this was my "summer home"... I did it kind of backwards from most people though. I fled the warm weather of the summer to go someplace cold. I had built my own place not far from the Canadian border in northern Alaska and I liked it here. My nearest neighbor was three miles away and it was just me and nature. The perfect place to write. And that's all this chase was, most likely. Just a silly fantasy, wishing for a kitsune of my very own - as if I'd find one in the wilds of Alaska. Rubbing my hands together, I turned and began the trek back to the trail, to my cabin that I had designed and commissioned myself. I got the land for a song, no oil, no resources - just a chunk of tundra to hide from the blazing heat of south Texas where I wintered. My mind turned back toward my story, wondering where my characters would take me next... When I spotted her. Just the tip of her tail, a touch of orange and a tuft of white poking out from the brush. I'm not even sure HOW I spotted it, I had almost missed it... but there she was. I parted the branches of the shrub, my heart racing as I hoped against hope that it was real, that this was real life... And I saw her green eyes close as my own brown ones fell upon her. Her breathing was shallow. Her face was pained. My heart clenched as I leaned closer... and saw the blood, and the bone poking out from her shin. A compound fracture. Kitsune supposedly healed very quickly but without treatment, she would never run again - if she could even heal that break on her own. I pulled out my satphone and dialed the emergency line even as I crawled into the brush to crouch next to her. "Northway Dispatch, what's the emergency?" the voice asked on the other end. "Compound fracture of the tibia," I said matter-of-factly. "I need medical assistance." I rattled off what passed for the address of my cabin as the dispatcher promised that assistance would arrive soon. I bundled her up in my arms, wishing I could feel that soft down right now as I did - she was breathtakingly beautiful. Pale, creamy skin and long, red hair.. I averted my eyes from her mound, glimpsing the fiery patch there unintentionally. Other than being bare ass naked in the tundra, there was little that would reveal her as non-human... except for those ears and that tail. A perfect match in color for with her hair, her tail was bushy and looked incredibly soft, and fox ears poked up from the top of her head, white tipped and twitching. She cried out, the softest, smallest cry as I lifted her from the brush. "Shh," I soothed. "You're hurt. I just want to help you." They couldn't talk, of course - not at first. The oh-so-cleverly-named Vixen, the first kitsune, had learned some words eventually but initially they were little more than wild animals. She would likely bite me if she could, but the heat radiated from her body - she was feverish, not even for her kind. I could feel her warmth through my own layers as I carried her, my feet breaking through the rough packed snow as I trudged back to the cabin. We didn't have to wait long for the Doc. I put a kettle on and fetched as many towels as I could muster. I laid the kitsune on my bed, managing to lose only a bare few moments to staring at her breathtaking, haunting beauty. Those green eyes had caught me - they were impossibly deep. Emeralds in the snow of her flesh. Her lips were an equally deep red, parted with her ragged breaths. They were sentient, kitsune, but animalistic. Feral. Untamed. But there was no intelligence in her eyes now. Only pain. The fever, the aches, must have been agony, and I found myself stroking her hair, running my fingers along the impossibly soft tufts of her ears, even as I laid the cool, damp cloth across her forehead. I wanted nothing more in the entire world than to kiss this girl - not girl... kitsune. It hit me like a truck when I realized that there was a real, actual kitsune in my bed. My hand trembled, my own lips quivering as my heart hurt for the beautiful creature. I was saved by a knock at the door. Doc Murphy was young, dashing - living the life of the frontier medic, dreaming of a wilder time when the world itself wasn't so tame. Days long, long before cellphone towers sprouted across the landscape and supplies could be ordered from Amazon in Anchorage. The wilds out here might have been secluded, but they weren't the frontier days gone by. "Liv," he called as he opened my door. I was unreasonably shocked at the intrusion and it took a moment for me to realize he probably thought I was laid up with a broken leg. "Doc," I responded, stepping out of the bedroom and into the living area where he was knocking the snow off his boots, a heavy black medical bag in one hand. "She's in here." "She?" Doc echoed - I knew his name, Justin Murphy, but he was always Doc to me. "Who's visitin.. " His voice trailed off as he rounded the corner of my room, witnessing my kitsune in all her glory, crumpled on my bed and panting softly. I didn't miss the sudden point in the front of his trousers, either. Kitsune had that effect on many - I certainly wasn't immune, my thoughts still turned toward kissing the creature. "I found her near Moose Creek," I offered, pulling back the cooling towel I had soaked with hot water and laid over her wound. Doc, to his credit, didn't even draw a sharp breath through his teeth the way I had expected - but the protruding bone broke the kitsune's lure on him, and he set to work. It was a tough evening - the cries of the kitsune were horrible as he worked the bone back inside her, as he manipulated her flesh until the inside parts were back inside. She screamed and cried and I had to lash her to the bedposts with belts and blankets so he could work. I sat by her, stroking her cheek, petting her soft ears and promising that it would be over soon, that we didn't want to hurt her even as Doc did just that. I hoped she was intelligent enough to see that we had her best interests at heart. Even with the morphine he had given her, the pain must have been incredible to draw out those animal wails - her metabolism burned through the medicine too quickly, he had pondered aloud. He told me he was afraid of giving her too much - he was no expert on kitsune. But who was? She survived. By the end, my bed was covered in blood and piss and my poor kitsune was passed out - from the pain or the drugs, I'd never know, but she slept while he wrapped her leg in the cast. I'd have to take her to the city at some point, but that was a ways off. I needed to get her stable - fed, cleaned, healed some - before we made that seven hour drive. And I had to figure out what I needed to do to legally claim her before I did that. Taking a real, live kitsune into town without some proof that she was mine was asking for her to be snatched right from under me and there was no guarantee the local lawmen would have her best interests at heart at all. They'd probably sell her off to some rich oil asshole before I could blink. I had some research to do. * * * It had been two days since Doc Murphy had left. He had sworn himself to secrecy while I figured everything out - he was a good guy, a good friend. I was lucky to know him. I did my best to get water and medicine - antibiotics and painkillers - into her but Kit... and yes, I realized what an impossibly stupid name I had given her but it was how I thought of her already, so it stuck... didn't make it easy. She wasn't awake for long and when she was it was whimpers, whines, and cries. The supplies I needed had come in and while it wasn't easy to thread an unconscious fox-girl's tail through a small hole in the back of a diaper, I managed. There was something sexy about the puffy plastic-covered underwear on the girl... I couldn't quite put my finger on it, though. Maybe it was just because that was what they always wore on TV. The only other thing she wore was a solid steel collar - seamless - with a single, round, dangling tag. Kit Olivia Lewis Northway 726-555-8762 The tag wouldn't come off easily, and neither would the collar. It wasn't enough to make a legal claim, but it would certainly help. I was still working on that part. In fact, I was still working on that very conundrum when I heard her rustling around in the bedroom. I rose from my seat and tried my best not to rush to her, walking calmly through my cabin to my bedroom. I had made her a bedroll on the floor after I had cleaned up my bedding - but the pillows and blankets were everywhere when I entered the room. It was impossible that she had made such a mess without making a noise... but quiet came naturally to them. She was sitting on the floor, her red tail whipping back and forth wildly as she tugged fiercely on the leash that kept her tied to the leg of the bed. She whimpered with effort, a wince coming to her face as she shifted wrong and her leg hurt her. She was trying with everything she had to pull free, but I had chosen the reinforced leash I had for a reason. "Hey there, Kit," I called softly from the doorway. Her head whipped around, leveling those breathtaking eyes upon me as her brows arched together. She scooted away, her back pressed against the nightstand as she whimpered. She looked so human, but at the same time... not. There was a fire in her eyes, an inner light that shone around that slit pupil - no human had eyes like that, not naturally. She looked like she had eyeliner on, but I knew that was just part of her natural coloring. I stepped cautiously toward her, moving slowly and holding my hands up, palms up, in what I hoped would be a nonthreatening gesture. After three steps, she tried to dart away, dropping low until her breasts were almost touching the floor and attempting to crawl away with what I was sure would have been incredible speed... but the leash held fast. She turned and tugged again, grunting in frustration as she looked at me and whined. "I can't let you go," I explained, as though she could understand me. "Your leg is hurt... " And you're mine now. I couldn't seem to voice that last thought even though I knew in my heart that I would never release her. She would never be wild again, she would be mine forever... "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I want to help you." Reaching the foot of the bed, I pulled a small container of jerky from the bag of supplies, drawing out a piece and holding it up so she could see it. "Here you go, Kit," I said soothingly, holding out the fragrant meat. Her back was against the nightstand again, the leash pulled taut as she still tried to escape. I set the jerky down between us and backed away, kneeling and waiting. "Go on," I nodded at the food. "You must be hungry. You haven't eaten in two days." The plastic of her diaper rustled as she leaned forward gracefully, snatching the jerky from the floor with shocking swiftness and holding it to her mouth, sniffing it before biting into it with her sharp teeth. So human... and yet so very not. I took another piece from the bag, setting it a little closer to me before I sat down on the ground and waited. She stared it it, and me, for many long moments, motionless. I wouldn't believe she was real if I hadn't carried her here myself. She was surprisingly light - I wondered how tall she stood at her full height. I wasn't exactly big and I had carried her back to the cabin - quite a hike - easily. She stared but didn't move for the longest, but from everything I had read, patience was the key with kitsune. I watched passively, not pushing the jerky closer, not calling her, not enticing her... just waiting. I had time, she wasn't going anywhere. And eventually, she scooted forward slightly and snatched the small piece and stuffed it into her mouth, drawing a soft laugh from me which sent her scrambling backward and cowering. I cursed myself silently as I set out another small piece, just very slightly closer to me, and waited. It took no fewer than twenty-six small tidbits of jerky, but eventually... I got her to take one from my hand. "Liv," I said softly as I pointed to myself. She wasn't retreating all the way back to the nightstand now, she hadn't for the past several pieces. I offered a much larger piece, one that would take her a while to gnaw, as I pointed to her and said, "Kit." She reached for the larger piece tentatively, carefully, and I ran my fingers along hers as she took the jerky - she was soft. Very soft. Impossibly soft. My fingertips tingled ever so slightly where I had caressed her hands. The energy between us was electric... and she was crawling toward me. Her eyes looked different now, hungry in a new way, those deep green jewels staring deep into my own eyes... I jolted at her touch, finding myself rearing back as her face came so close to mine. And she sniffed me! Her nostrils flaring as she apparently took in my scent. Just before she snapped at me, those sharp teeth snapping closed uncomfortably close to my face, her neck and shoulders straining at the end of the leash. Without even thinking, before the shock of how bad that almost was kicked in, I reached up and smacked my hand in a downward motion, right across her nose. The kitsune yelped and collapsed to the floor, covering her nose with her very human hands - but those quite inhuman teeth had almost taken a chunk of my face. "Bad girl," I scolded, my hand shaking with adrenaline as I reached forward, threatening. I had worked with dogs enough to know not to cower in front of one - I had let myself forget that she was a wild animal. No matter how much like a beautiful girl she appeared to be, she was a feral creature, wounded and trapped in a place that was not her habitat. She whined and scooted away from me, her diapered rear in the air, her tail drooping between her legs as she tried to make herself seem smaller. It was only then that the gravity of the near miss caught up with me. I stood quickly and left the room without a backwards glance - that would be showing weakness. Once I got to the kitchen, I unsteadily moved through the motions of making myself a coffee. She almost bit me, my mind reeled. She could have taken off my nose with one bite! That wasn't a thing they ever showed on the shows - kitsune were always shown as docile, obedient, loving... but the creatures paraded on the talk shows were owned, broken in. Would Kit ever reach that point? Should I keep her? I wanted to. She was gorgeous - and kitsune supposedly made amazing companions. I was beyond lucky at having found her - and she was lucky I had been the one to do so. I wanted to keep her out of a desire to help her heal, to love her, for her to be my companion. Another person might have wanted her to sell her, to study her, to dissect her. I barely knew her but I knew that I wanted to love her, and earn her love. I was startled from my reverie by a ripping sound, the sound of tapes... "Oh hell," I grumbled, heading back into the bedroom. Sure enough, Kit had torn off the diaper and thrown it across the room. "Kit!" I cried, grabbing a fresh one from the pack. "Bad girl!" My heart broke as she withered, shrinking away from me and whimpering. She curled up on the floor, her ears flat back against her hair, that bushy tail wrapped around her knees as she shook. I leaned down cautiously - ready to jerk my hand back and away from those teeth - and stroked her nose gently, sliding my fingertips smoothly along her skin. She winced and tensed at first, but relaxed quickly. I set the diaper on the bed and reached for another piece of jerky, a big one, and guided her up onto the bed, grazing my fingers along her taut stomach. I held up the treat for her, which was quickly taken - and I praised her while I began the task of rediapering her. "Good girl Kit," I cooed as I slid the unfolded diaper underneath her, lifting her hips and guiding them. "Good girl," I soothed as she whimpered, gnawing on the large piece of dried meat. I carefully guided her tail through the hole and powdered her once again as I drew it closed and taped it shut. And not a moment too soon. Not more than a few seconds later, a soft hiss came from the diaper, which grew swollen and yellowed as she went. She had taken off the diaper to avoid this... I was really glad I had caught it in time. Grabbing another piece of jerky, I handed it to her, stroking her stomach for a moment before sliding my hand to the front of her diaper. Positive reinforcement was important at this stage, and associating a wet diaper with pleasant feelings, food, and soothing sounds would keep her from wanting to take it off next time. It was surprising that she had reacted to a verbal scolding so quickly, so thoroughly - but I wasn't going to complain either. Hitting her, even a gentle strike on the nose the way I had, was not something I enjoyed. The jerky gone, she sat up slowly, looking sadly down at her leg in the cast. She scratched at it, her nails scraping along the hardened shell, a soft whimper coming from her throat. It probably hurt. "I know," I agreed with her unspoken complaint, carefully and tenderly stroking her fiery hair. It was softer than I had expected. She flinched at first, but relaxed as I continued. "I know it hurts, and I'm sorry. It's healing. Hopefully Doc got it in time and the bone will set right. You're not exactly well understood, you know? But I don't think you were going to make it out there in the snow with that leg the way it was. I am sorry." I was - Doc had implied that if it wasn't perfect, she might walk with a limp forever, and that was generally a bad thing for a wild animal. I was keeping her, but a lame leg would soothe my conscience. It was a terrible thing to hope for, I felt bad thinking it. The purr she let out caught me by surprise. The meat was gone and her eyes were closed, her hands resting on her stomach, her chin tilted up in the air, her throat bared, her chest heaving... and her hips grinding into my hand. I blushed fiercely as I realized what she was doing - but I didn't pull away, I didn't scold her. She was bonding with me... not quite the way I had intended, but she was being vulnerable in a way I hadn't expected. Her tail thrashed back and forth as she rocked, a low moan coming from her throat. The tip of that fluffy tail brushed against my arm over and over as she bucked, panting against me. I pressed my hand in harder, dragging my nails gently across her side, across her stomach as she moaned a very human-like moan. She shuddered, her tongue lolling as she arched, her moans a crescendo that matched her body. "Good girl," I told her, rubbing the diaper between her legs, encouraging her to savor that afterglow... if a kitsune had such a thing. "Good girl. Kit is a good girl." I wouldn't want her humping my hand all the time, but this was vastly preferable to her trying to bite me, for sure. As she slipped off to sleep, I slipped from the room, blinking with disbelief at the events that had just occurred. There was a kitsune in my bed. And she was mine. In ways I hadn't expected.
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    If you expect the relationship to be long term or significant then you should definitely tell her. Relationships require honesty and if you don't tell her about it and it comes out later (it almost certainly will one way or another) then she will be hurt that you hid it from her. It seems like a much lower risk to tell her as soon as you think this might be a long term thing. The longer it is left the harder it will be. My advice for telling her is to not make it seem like that big of a deal. Not easy I know but if you act like it's this big horrible thing she will see it that way. Just sit down with a drink or something and explain how you feel. Keep it light and encourage questions and stuff and it should be fine.
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    First off welcome to DailyDiapers, it's a great place to be to connect with like-minded people. And secondly, this may not be the advice that you're hoping to receive, but it's the one you need to hear: You need to tell her. Of course, I understand that this will not be a topic that will be easy to bring up. Many of us ABDL who have had to tell partners that we were fairly certain they weren't going to be all that thrilled for - made us very nervous. However. She deserves to know AND you deserve to be able to be comfortable with your fetish. You said you feel as if she would be turned off with you or change her way of thinking. If she truly loves you, perhaps it will be a bit upsetting or take a while for her to get used to the idea. But, at the same time, if it is a deal breaker for her - then it is obvious the relationship wasn't something that was meant to be. It is also something that is never going to go away. Even if you only consider your abdl side to be 10%, it really isn't. It is something that will always be in the back of your mind. Can you live the rest of your life with that secretly from your partner? I know that some people here haven't told their SO, but I find that really unhealthy. You need to have an open and honest conversation with her. Don't push her into anything (though it doesn't seem like you would, just throwing it out there). Give her all the information, answer any questions she may have (you may even direct her here if you would like), and give her as much time and space as she needs. But, just keep in mind - this isn't something you can change or should have to change about yourself. Yet, at the same time, if this is something she doesn't or can't deal with, that is okay too. I hope it all works out for you!
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    For mobile users and bookmarkers: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/babble/
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    Wow I’m really late I only felt the urge to try it last week and I’m 41 so I guess I have a bit of catching up to do
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    19.) Her Dizzy Day "Hello there, Velvet." The voice belonged to the one person very few people at the table ever wanted to be addressed by, and his hand came down on the boy’s shoulder as he spoke. "Bring your baba, we're going to have a little talk. Nothing serious, child, just hoping to see how you're adapting here." I looked back at the other girls with a frown. The bottle was only half gone. Colette wasn't around - she never was at mealtimes. What was this? Just a conversation? He wasn't my doctor... and the last time we'd had a little altercation, I probably pissed him off some. I bit my cheek and put the bottle back between my lips. This was going to suck... "There's a good girl, I see you're already learning some manners. Come now, this won't take long, you'll be back with your baby friends before lunch is over." He led the boy, holding his shoulder, to his office and closed the door behind the two of them. Velvet continued to drink the milk. "How are you fitting in, precious one? Making some friends?" "Yeah, I guess." Now wasn't the moment I wanted to piss him off. The haze of the milk would hit in a couple minutes. I'd fought him off once before, and I could do it again. But it wasn't something I wanted to test. I just needed to get through today so I could work on Colette's project. "Thank you for asking." "I see that you've been ordered some unusual variances in your dietary menu." He was thumbing through some pages on a clipboard, frowning, thoughtfully. "At first I thought it must have been a clerical error, some kind of oversight. A girl of your age loves her milk, doesn't she? You do, don't you?" "...it's fine." A clerical error? What was he talking about? Colette had the power to change my meals whenever she wanted. It was her right. Sure, it might not make sense to Marlow, but it wasn't his call. I kept sipping the bottle. Three quarters of it was gone. Ugh. Ten minutes, tops... "I'm wondering if perhaps Doctor Clement's judgement might be somewhat impaired, to be allowing you substitutions and, as of tomorrow... solid food." He drew his words out, took his time flipping through pages, wasted no energy at all processing what needed to be told. He knew the milk would start to affect the boy shortly, and he'd be more direct once it had. I shrugged my shoulders. The bottle was nearly gone, but I took it out to speak. "She's my doctor - I trust whatever decisions she's making." It was the best I could do. Act oblivious. Why else would I be getting meals? Obviously because I was cooperating. I needed to leave. I quickly sucked down the last of the bottle and stood quietly. My stomach felt sick. "Sit back down, child. You're not dismissed." He watched Velvet, carefully. "I'm sure you must realize the ramifications of playing favorites here, Velvet. All our patients must be treated with equal care, to ensure the best possible results." "I didn't know I was being treated special," I said honestly. I did, but I was a fantastic liar. "I think because I cooperate more than the other girls - that's what Miss Colette told me, anyway..." I looked a little afraid. Like I was a child. My stomach still grumbled. I was trying to stay focused. "After being in trouble last night, I wanna be a good girl..." "Well, that's excellent to hear. Tomorrow is Doctor Clement's day off, and I'll be tending to your needs in her absence. I think I have a splendid reward for being such a good girl." He wasn't stupid. Arrogant, yes. Not stupid. He read through the boys lies. He knew that he and Colette were up to something — that damn woman was far too attached to the patients. Thankfully, after tomorrow, Velvet wouldn't be interested in helping anybody. I gave him a hard look. He couldn't change my doses. Right? And hypnosis wasn't every day. I could wait for Colette to get back in the office. But things were starting to get blurry and I shuffled quietly on the carpet. Stupid milk... stupid milk... "I'm going to take a little blood from you today, just to ensure you're right where you ought to be." He approached the steel side table to the gurney and started to prepare for the blood sample, while the boy watched his alligator-skin shoes carefully. There would be two needles today — a blood test, and a shot. Nothing serious or long lasting in the shot, just something to enhance the boy’s haze. Something more direct than the milk. Until tomorrow, when the preparations were ready, Velvet would be a giggling idiot. "You might feel a little pinch." I ached. I sat on the table with a little pout and the man took blood from me. Then he stuck me with another needle and I shuffled off the table, bandaged and dizzy. He opened the door and let me back out into the room. I rubbed my arm where the bandaid was. At least I got out of there before the milk really kicked in... The milk would take its toll around the same time as the shot, making it remarkably difficult to tell that the shot had done anything — only now instead of producing a milk haze that lasted an hour or two, the boy would be in a much more surreal state at least until morning. Giggly. Happy. Oblivious Compliant. Essentially, kept out of the way. "Come with me," Colette said, taking my hand. I was covered in fingerpaints again. I wasn't drawing on paper, though, I was drawing on Annie. Annie was drawing on me. I got up from the floor and stumbled after Colette. And I blinked. "Oh! Oh, I gots drawings..." I hurried off to my room. "Velvet!" She sighed and followed me. I started fumbling through my drawers. This was quite unlike the boy — he was usually on the tail-end of the milk by now, and serene and calm and taking back control of himself. This was like he'd only just had the milk. I followed him to the drawer, looking just how covered in paint he was, and he sang in an airy voice while looking for the picture. "Velvet. We need to have our afternoon meeting, remember?" "I got papers, though! Ideas about the headset thing..." I looked around, pouting. "... where are they? I had 'em right here... just this one here..." I pointed to the spot on the desk. They weren't there, though. Nothing was. I hadn't written literally anything descriptive on them. Just numbers to help keep things in my head. To anyone, it would look like very precise childish ramblings. Not even a code. Not discernible in any way. Literally just math. But my math... "Did you put them somewhere else?" I was patient, and calm, and took time with the boy. But he was still acting very out of character, and I couldn't help but frown. He'd gotten paint all over the drawers, too, and I was starting to have my concerns. "Where was the last place you had them?" "...here... right here... before lyin' down, I put 'em here..." But they weren't there. "Maybe Annie..." I pouted a little. It wasn't like her to take stuff. And she helped me make them! Oh right, the colors. Gosh if someone tried to figure them out they'd think the colors meant something. I couldn't help laughing at it, giggling like a child. "Did you have your milk late today, Velvet? I didn't get any orderly reports to indicate that you did." This was not like him at all. Yes, all our patients eventually crossed their event horizon, stopped seeing boy in denial and started to see girl in progress. But even for Velvet, this wasn't fitting to the timeline. I rubbed my temple. "Nuh uh... had milk right when the lighty thing was on, and... oh, I drew a pitture on Annie's arm, wan see? Come on it's got a sun and then there's this one flower, and-" "Velvet, sweetie... I think we need to go in my office for a bit.” I pouted. "...otay..." She took me by the hand, getting paint on herself, and led the way. This made very little sense — the schedule and timeline were all wrong. I would expect to see this level of immersion after... months, maybe. And even then, he was less like Velvet and more like... Annie. I closed the door behind the two of us and he jumped on the sofa, bouncing on his diapered behind with a satisfied grin. "How has your day been so far, darling? Would you like to tell me about it?" Something had to have happened… "Um. Uh huh... I made those drawings. Um, with numbers.” I was rocking back and forth on the sofa. Everything was foggy and my head was light and I couldn't stop giggling. "Um, and then lunch, and my baba..." I never called it that. Marlow called it that. So I guess I started? Oh right, Marlow! "And Mr. Marlow said he thinks you are putting me on bad food and he gots something to give me... but he didn't give me nuffin, just took blood from my arm." I showed her my arm, the bandage. "Marlow, huh?" Listening to the way Velvet was talking, it was becoming abundantly clear that something was amiss here. Marlow had taken blood? Why? Velvet was not his patient. "Well, princess, you know, everybody has their own special food needs, and that's okay. You're not in any trouble at all — I think Doctor Marlow was just a little bit confused. He's an icky boy, and boys are dumb, aren't they?" "Uh huh! 'Cept Roger!" I smiled up at Colette, and then I missed Roger, and then I pouted, and then I laid down on the couch. My arm itched where Marlow took blood. I scratched the bandaid a little bit. Then I looked up at the ceiling and kicked my feet. "Roger does sound like a very nice exception to the rule. How about you tell me about him?" Basically, more or less, I needed him distracted. He scratched at the bandaid, and I pulled my chair alongside the sofa, waiting for him to start his story before I carefully peeled it back to check on the blood-test site. There had to have been something given to him, but even if there was, Marlow wouldn't be dumb enough to make a second injection site. He'd use the same hole. "...he's big. Like super tall! And got big arms like my whole body, and he picks me up at stupid times, but not like in a baby way, like in a cute way, and kisses me like a sunset, and we like to lay on the couch, and he's got a daughter, but she's nice to me, but her momma hates me 'cause I think I made her momma and her dad not love each other anymore..." "Well, you know, my thoughts on that are if that maybe they didn't love each other in the first place, and only thought they did." One injection site. But there was swelling, slight puffiness, typical of an injection of a medication. What had he given Velvet, though? I thought about the agents we had available on hand. "Maybe you just helped Roger to realize what love really meant to him, Velvet?" "Maybe. I think so. I mean, that's what I think. 'Cause he's happier with me and he says he aways yelled lots with his wife. I think that's why his daughter likes me too, 'cause at least her dad and momma aren't yelling..." I broke up a family and put it back together again all at the same time. How awesome was I? "...I'm a little sleepy, Miss Colette..." I didn't recognize the agent. I hated that I didn't recognize it. The stuff used in the milk wasn't suitable for injection, and the symptoms didn't match up inherently anyway. But Marlow had given the boy something, and I was going to have to go to the pharmacology wing and pore over the logs in order to find out what. Worst of all, this would set back the progress by at least two days, because I wouldn't be here tomorrow and I'd planned to give him a task to work on. Fuck fuck fuck. "Okay, darling, you've been a very good girl. Want me to put you down for a nap?" I had no choice but to treat him like Annie for now. "Do you need a change?" "Nuh uh..." But I did. I was messy. I hadn't really noticed, and it didn't really smell because it was mostly water from the enema. But I wasn't clean. I wasn't dry. She changed me anyway, and she soon learned that she shouldn't trust me with comments about my diaper. Honestly, though - I think I was just too tired to care. When I woke up, in my own bed, I was feeling no better. Not sleepy, but still dizzy. Everything was funny and I couldn't think right. I sat down at the table, the overhead light blinking. I couldn't do another bottle like this.
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    I've been into wetting jeans without underwear most of my life. Usually in the bath on laundry day, sometimes in the garden when it's summer,,, or when gardening and I can't be bothered to go inside for the loo,,,
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    I am south of you but periodically make my way up there
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    It doesn't make me feel like a baby, but rather it makes me feel very naughty. Since I'm one of those who poop only every 3 days or so, when I do poop it is massive. For that reason it hangs low in my diaper and slaps and rubs against my inner thighs and crotch as I waddle across the room. That slapping and rubbing becomes such a turn-on that I waddle back to the bed and lay down and 'enjoy' my massive load. So big, so warm and moist, so heavy, so slippery, so stinky and so naughty! So I just let my big load pound my 'privates' until I explode in wild orgasm. I'm such a naughty boy! Shame on me!
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    As much as I like using diapers as a way of making myself feel little again, the naughtiness aspect of filling one is just as much of an attraction. The feel of pushing, that unmistakable crinkling sound, and the smell all make me feel like I've done something I shouldn't. Now, if only the clean-up wasn't so tense (I live with other people)...
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    What do you think of my rules 1 Daddy is always right 2 You will always have your teddy ,blankie and you pacifier 3 You should never be in a room on your own unless your are in playpen, high chair, 4 Your daipee will be checked ever 30 minutes where we are 5 You will always wear what daddy puts out for you to wear no questions 6 You will not have any big boy things like tablets, mobile phones and TV other than cartoons 7 You will always eat all you food up 8 If you are wet you should let daddy or a adult know by attracting they attention but you are not make a fuss about 9 If we are out of the house you should hold daddy’s or a adult hand or be in you harness 10 When in Buggy you must be strapped in at all times 11 You should never try to climb stairs 12 You should never go into bathroom on your own 13 Diapers will replace normal underwear 14 You will always wear diapers, day or night, whatever the circumstances, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. 15 Every time you need to pee, you will always pee in your diapers. Always, without exception. You will no longer use toilets to pee in. 16 Daddy will do his best to find somewhere private to change you, but if not I may be in the open or public place 17 You should never play or touch your diaper 18 You will not wear chastity at anytime there is no need to you are baby and will not play with peepee anyway it’s in you diaper 19 Bed time and nap time are none nago 20 You are to give up phone! I pad and PC. If you.are true baby/toddler they would have not neither should you 21 You should never be in a room on your own 22 You I’ll always play nicely with you friends 23 24 24 If you are good New toys Time with daddy Spacial treats If you are bad If you are really bad six smacks on the bare bum and 15 mins corner time with daipee round the ankles and then everyone can laugh at your small pee pee Early to bed No time with gorgie Lost of toys Time Table 7.30 Wake up 1st bottle and diaper change 7.45 Bath time 8.15 Dress in what ever daddy has put out 8.30 Breakfast 9.00 Leave for play school 12.30 Home from play school 1.00 Lunch 2.00 Play time 3.00 Nap time 5.00 Play time 6.30 Tea 7.00 Bath time 7.30 Bottle and story time 8.00 Bed time
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    A Permament Commitment to Diapers By: Daphne, DDD Doctor of Diaper Discipline Bob squirmed, writhed and struggled against his restraints as Amy and Dr. Daphne carried him to the not-soinviting hospital bed arranged just for him. The mattress and pillow were encased in smooth white rubber and numerous white nylon restraint straps were draped across the sheet in a ready position. The girls kept a firm grip on his straitjacket sleeves and crotch-straps as they half-dragged, half-carried him, and then lifted their very uncooperative patient into position to hoist him onto the bed. The short new strap connecting his ankle cuffs and the wet bulk of the thick diapers thru his crotch made kicking ineffective. Bob's only defense was to go limp so that he was more difficult to lift but the girls let him slump into a sitting position with his diapered and rubber-pantied bottom on the floor and his strait-jacketed torso propped against the bed. As the two women maneuvred for position, Sob's eyes leveled onto the shelves of the treatment cart parked next to the bed. There were a variety of medications and preparation items there; from diuretics to bulk laxatives, and feeding solutions and tranquilizers. Then he saw the same force-feeding bag and tubing that he had seen Amy use on a young woman just minutes ago. He wouldn't let her use it on him! He grunted and whined thru his gag in an attempt to command a real stop to these indignities. At the whimpering, the doctor remarked, "It doesn't look like our pat ient approves of the course of treatment we have prepared. But I'm sure he can be persuaded to cooperate." And, holding him firmly at the nape of the neck, she pushed him forward until his jacketed upper body was folded over, & then she leaned a knee heavily into his back to trap him there. Bob's now front-folded arms and the bulk of his diaper on his tummy squeezed the air right out of him. He wheezed into his thick, rubber-nippled gag, gulping for breath as the fight oozed out of him under the increasing pressure of the woman's weight. The doctor pulled a rubber restraint helmet over Bob's head; zipped it snug from the top of the head to the back of the neck and pulled in the strap that anchored the collar firmly in place. In the process, she had unfastened the strap to Bob's gag, but quickly rebuckled it outside the rubber helmet. The helmet was designed to quiet violent patients obviously. It was heavily padded over the eyes and ears and provided a solid armor for the gag. He was deaf, dumb, blind and disoriented. The two women now simply attached a strap to a ring at the top of the helmet and pulled firmly, leading him to his knees, then his feet and meekly over to the bed again. He had no choice but to follow where his head led him. Any disobedience resulted in a sharp yank of the helmet and immediate compliance. He was urged to position his padded and sealed posterior right in the middle of the rubbersheet bed. Then, with practiced efficiency 8 precision the two securely strapped him to the bed. First, his ankle cuff items were attached to the strap at the foot of the bed to hold his ankles spread to make later access to his incontinent pants easy. Then, he was pulled back by the helmet strap until his head was anchored on the soft rubber cushioned pillow. A waist strap and chest strap completed the operation. All he could do now was to squirm and bit against these most eff- ective hospital restraints. There was no defense for whatever punishment was to come. Daphne stood back and imitated a motion of dusting her hands off while exclaiming,-Amy, he's your patient from here on. I see the medications I ordered are on the cart and ready to go. There are some notes on administering my latest bladder and bowel incontinence therapy. I've increased the dosages especially for Bob's treatment. I'll check on his progress once a day. I'm sure he's never had such personalized care from such a capable nurse. You better get started; it will take you at least an hour to get your boy properly prepared for the night." With that she left the private room and pulled the door closed behind her leaving Amy to care for her now-helpless charge. She wasted no time in starting her boyfriend's treatment. She was going to have complete control of his bodily functions. Dr. Daphne's notes called for a forced feeding of Metrimucal bulk with a doze of feminine stool softener and a strong laxative to be mixed in a half quart of juice. She then the mixed the stuff together and poured it into a forcefeed cylinder with a plunger on one end and a tube on the other. She simply attached the .:._ tube to her unseeing, unhearing, and unknowing patient's gag and started to inject the mass slowly into his mouth. Bob now felt the rubber nipple in his mouth start to swell and suddenly a sweet-tasting paste erupted from the tip of the probe in his mouth. He instinctively swallowed, which collapsed the nipple forcing more of the gooey mass into his mouth. He swallowed again. Amy kept pumping and in near panic, he was swallowing again and again until at length he'd been fed the whole thing. Thank goodness that was over, he thought, as the tube was removed from his mouth. Her patient's bowels would enjoy that laxative-laced load sometime the next morning. Amy thought, as she turned her attention to the next step in his preparation. Now to just change his wet pants and put him in a diaper that would last the whole night. Amy deftly slipped a puddle pad of flannel covered rubber under her patient's padded posterior, stripped down his well-soaked rubber panties & unpinned his diapers. She plopped the soggy mass into a diaper pail on the bottom shelf of the cart. Working so quickly, she sponge-bathed his loins & then applied a coating of shaving creme to him. With practiced detachment, she shaved Bob's tummy, crotch, and man hood clean as a whistle. Bob's hips squirmed and strained against the restrains as the humiliating procedure was perpetrated. His only consolation was the stimulating massage his nurse gave him as she gently worked a coating of diaper rash ointment over every curve of his hips and loins and deep into every crease of his buttocks and crotch. This was followed by a cupped hand fonling- of his buttocks and crotch and tool until it swelled to attention. Just as he started to instinctively thrust his hips toward gratification the greasy massage stopped abruptly his member was firmly pinched between forefinger and thumb quickly suppressing the pleasure response. Fresh diapers were slipped under his bottom and his member was tucked well down as the heavy padding was pulled tightly up between his outstrapped thighs and spread over his tummy. The diapers were trip- le thick and included an extra soaker pad down the middle from front to rear. The bulk between his thighs was enormous. Amy pinned the padding as snug as she could, compressing his tummy and groin as if he were wearing a girdle. Then she rolled up the rubber panties again, with some difficulty, as they had to stretch a bit over their substantially increased bulk. The straight jacket crotch straps were recinched the package was complete. Bob looked like his diaper-filled rubber pants had been inflated. There was no doubt he could wet many times before he would be in danger of leaking and no question that he would get no opportunity to change his pants until morning, no matter how uncomfortable. Amy admired her handiwork for a moment, then read the doctor's notes for the next instructions. With the earlier load of bowel-stimulating bulk well into his system and the night diapering complete, it was time to administer the bladder-stimulating fluids. With practiced efficiency the nurse poured a quart of fruit juice into the force-feeding bag and she added doses of diuretic and a sleeping medication to spice up the fluid. It was a simple matter to attach the tube to Bob's feeding gag and start a gentle flow. She watched her patient start to swallow as his mouth helplessly filled. She stopped the flow several times to let his stomach adjust, but she eventually forced every drop into her squirming victim before removing the tubing. Bob's senses were spinning as the sleeping medication took effect. HIs girl had now trapped him in a living nightmare, as he had been tricked into committing himself as a patient in an asylum. He had even signed a paper authorizing this bizarre course•of things. All hecould do was lie helplessly restrained, silenced, and humiliatingly diapered and rubber-pantied as his girlfriend, Amy, the inventive nurse that she was administered fluids and bulk that he just knew were destined to erupt in his diapers. As he drifted in to a deep sleep he felt Amy carefully checking restraints and diapers and rubber pants, making sure that everything would hold for the night. The next thing Bob realized was that he was shaken awake and juice immediately began to flow thru his feeding gag. He was still helmeted and in restraints and could do nothing but su bmit to the treatments admistered. His enormous bundle of night diapers was now thoroughly soaked; bottom crotch, and tummy. He must have wet uncontrollably numerous times in his sleep. He had never done thtit before and the thought of loss of control ran a shiver through him. With the helmet still in place all he could tell was that a nurse, maybe Amy, was pulling down his rubber pants and taking off his sodden diapers. He was quickly rediapered & then sealed up in fresh rubber panties. Then a force-feeding was performed, first a puree of a mix that tasted good. This must be breakfast, but with the helmet on he couldn't be sure. After a brief rest a second feeding ofthe slippery Metrimucal bulk was forced thru the gag. The dosage was huge. When, at length, it was over, his stomach felt terribly bloated & to make matters worse a slow drip of medicated juice was turned on as a chaser and it just seemed to make his new feeding continue to swell in his tummy so Bob squirmed in discomfort and moaned thru his gag to try to signal for some relief, no matter how slight. HIs pleas seemed to be answered as the nurse proceeded to adjust him to a more comfortable position. She spread his ankle cuffs pulling his legs in a new much wider position and then she loosened his upper body restraints enough to twist him on his side. His arms were loosened and then re-secured by crossing them high over his chest with his hands draped over his opposite shoulders and the straps crisscrossed over his back, pulled around & under his arms and strapped in front again. Not a bad arrangement, if you do have to waear a straitjacket. Then things took a sudden turn for the worse for the nurse began to roughly tighten the jacket down the back from midway . down to the waist. PUlling firmly on the straps, she compressed his tummy as severely as if she had corseted him. His overstuffed insides were pressed down toward his lower torso so much his lower abdomen developed a pronounced corset bulge inside his snug diapers and this caused a new and uncomfortable pressure on his bowels. That would not subside. He was now strapped back onto the bed, as before, then the whole bed started to hum and vibrate. The nurse manipulated the controls until Bob's knees were bent and raised slightly and then raised his upper body to an almost vertical sitting position. Normally, that would have been fine, but his restraints were cleverly adjusted to make him unusually uncomfortable in a very diabolical way. His compressed abdomen put real pressure on his bowels and his uprite sitting stance focused all the pressure down on his anus. His slightly raised and widespread legs forced his buttocks into a relaxed position. And worse yet, the chest and strap for the waist held the weight of his body up so his diapered and rubber-pantied bottom was suspended several inches above the rubbersheet mattress. His positioning was just as effective as if he had been put on a bed pan for his morning consitution. Bob knew that could mean only one thing; this was one of Amy's tricks. She was going to try to make him soil his own diaper. The idea was repulsive to him. Wetting his pants was not an unpleasant sensation. But, he had no intention of finding out what it was like to have a bowel movement load his diaper and incontinent pants. He repeated to himself over and over "I won't mess my diapers, I won't." Bob's resistance didn't seem to work; it just focussed his attention on the building pressure in his colon. He usually did his movement every morning so he already had a normal load in his rectum. The Metrimucal bulk feeding the night before had already packed his bowels with an additional double load and made extra slippery by a feminine stool softener. The stimulation of his huge breakfast and the strong laxative administered the night before had started his tummy growling and churning with ever increasing contractions. The tight strapping and upright position of his torso focussed the building pressure down on his distended rectum and his straining anus. A wave of strong contractions gripped him with cramps. He desperately now squeezed his buttocks trying to hold back. BEads of sweat formed inside his rubber helmet and he gasped a grunted into his gag as he fought back trying to avoid the most humiliating of accidents. The contractions continued without respite. He could hardly catch his breath as they came harder faster. HIs clenched buttocks quickly tired and his bottom cheeks relaxed and spread defenselessly. His suspt ended bottom sagged gently into the hungrily awaiting absorbent cloth diapers and water proof rubber panties encasing his shuddering loins. Bob repeated to himself in hopeless despair as another contraction gripped him, "I wont.. uggh... do a movement. I ...mm mmm. do a ammm... ugghh." His bowels exploaded and his anus offered no resistance as a warm soft smooth mass erupted from his rectum. The movement quickly filled the seat of his diapers and noticeably stretched his rubber panties over the rapidly expanding bulge, with grunting and a gasping, Cob continued his enervating contractions until the massive movement had literally packed his diapered seat and crotch full with a huge 1etrimucal load and his distended bladder had collapsed soaking and warming his tummy with a hot yellow stream. Bob was devastated and totally humil7"-- by this helpless loss of control of his most private bodily functions. All he could do was remain helmeted and restrained with the degrading evidence of his helpless situation contained in his soaked soiled and fully displayed diapers and rubber pants. Suddenly, he felt his ankle cuffs being released. Than goodness, he was going to get his pants changed. But wait, oh no His ankles and legs were pulled together strapped as close as possible, squeez,;- ing together the crotch of his most unpleasant pants. Then the nurse fumbled with the chest and then the waist straps loosening each about six inches. "Oh, my gosh: No, no no She is going to make my sit in my soiled pants, no no." he whined into his gag as his bottom settled firmly into the warm mass in the seat of his pants. It was awful, humiliation overwhelmed his senses as all he could do now was experi• ence sitting in his own fluids complete in hisown thick adult diapers and totally sealed in the awful rubber incontinent pants. As Bob sat helpless in his soiled and soaked pants all he could do was wish for a diaper change soon, from anyone who would help. Help was some time in coming. So finally a nurse and a nurse aide released him from his bed restraints & led him into the tub and shower room. Humiliation flared aaain as he had to waddle along with the disgusting and uncomfortable mass in his sagging diapers and rubber pants. His helmet strap was attached high to a shower head to hold him still as his rubber pants were peeled down and his diaper unpinned, and the mass dropped to the shower stall floor. A hand held a shower nozzle and washed him off from the waist down. Then one of the nurses dried him off and led him away by the helmet strap. He was diapered and rubber pantied again. Thickly padded leather booties were pulled up his legs and buckled high on his thighs. He experienced short-lived relief as his strait jacket was removed. It was so quickly replaced by a high-collared, heavily padded jacket with over stuffed sleeves and thumbless mittens. The nurses easily izipped the jacket snug up the back and secured the zipper tab with a small padlock attached to the back of the collar. Suddenly the zipper on his rubber helmet was pulled up and the gag strap was released. Bob's eyes blinked from the light as the helmet was peeled off his head. Amy kissed him on the cheek and said "It looks like you got the royal treatment this morning. If it will help you do your movements in the diaper, I'll ask the girls to repeat the routine every day." Bob started to sputter a protest, but Amy took a firm grasp of his lower jaw and forced a large rubber feeding nipple into his mouth. The nipple depressed his tongue and pushed well back into his mouth. A form-fitting rubber shield sealed over his mouth and chin as she held it firmly against his face. Amy immediately started squeezing the trigger on the quart sized feeding bottle and with quite a bit of gasping and of gulping, Bob swallowed all of the fluid to his nurse's satisfaction. As the mouth-filling nipple was withdrawn, Amy expalined, "That should keep your bladder busy and encourage you to use your diapers more frequently. You see, the doctor and I are going to keep you on a good high-fluid, high bulk diet during your course of treatment. As a result, you'll be emptying your bladder and moving your bowels quite frequently. But don't be alarmed. You will be allowed to use your daipers & rubber pants around the clock, night & day for all your eliminations. That depilatory cream you used on me -- it's only fitting that you receive my special attentions in return. You know how I adore patients in incontinent pants and you look so cute and helpless in them. So, it's a strict diaper and rubber panty routine for you Bob darling! Of course, I don't expect you to be totally thrilled with that, but I'll just have to insist on cooperation. So here at the asylum there will be no problem keeping you prperly restrained as you are now. Of course, the padded cells like this one are totally sound proof so you won't disturb the other residents. And then, since you are my very private patient there may be special rewards for cooperation." With that remark, Amy hugged her stunned boyfriend and suggestively she pressed herlush leotard-encased body against his as she smothered his lips with a long penetrating kiss. Then she abruptly turned off her affection and quickly left the padded cell, locking the door behind her. Bob was left alone, his senses reeeling with the bittersweet taste of the passions inflamed in him by his Amy and the discomfort of his diapers and restraints. AS days, and then weeks, passed, Amy treated Bob to the many experiences the special asylum had to offer its most special patients. There were energy draining sessions in the whirlpool tubs. There were exhilerating showers with rapidly alternating warm and cold streams. He got plenty of exercise on bicycle and rowing machines. He spent lots of time strapped in his wheelchair in the day room. He even enjoyed several sessions in a wet pack but most importantly, he was always thickly diapered and rubber-pantied & restrained so that tampering with his incontinent pants was impossible. And as soon as Amy's firm words were announced, he used his diapers for all of his eliminations. He was working on wetting every hour or two and doing a movement twice a day. He really could not resist the urges to void whenever they came. AFter all what good would it do, he was never without diapers, anyway; Amy and the nursing staff saw to that Besides, the discomfort of holding back always reached the point where the relief of letting go was its own reward. He was beginning to lose control of his bladder from the high fluid intake. By now he was always wetting at night in his sleep. And by day he had no problem streaming into his diapers at the slightest urge & without the least inhibition. The sensations of wetting his pants was not unpleasant anymore. Soiling his pants was another matter, however; he really dislikdd the sensation. Un fortuneately for him his Metrimucal feedings forced him to answer nature's call. He felt packed almost constantly. Worst, he found he was beginning to lose all his bowel control-This did make his tummy feel better. With Bob's daily routine under total control, Amy pressed her advantage. She was going to convince Bob to become her permanent patient and to agree to marry her. With his wealthy estate, they obviously could live so comfortably and she could make the correct arrangments to continue his special care at home. She applied a rather persuasive technique to help Bob to make up his mind. At every opportunity she applied vigorous stimulation to his manhood, especially by massaging the crotch of his diapers and rubber pants and her favorite routine was to restrain him with his arms crossed behind his back to help him thrust his hips forward. She usually added a helment and gag, as well to eliminate any protests and to let her patient concentrate on his sensations without any distractions. Uith practiced skill it was an easy matter to knead and stroke Bob's manhood to stiff attention. She then would pump and squeeze for a prolonged session. Thru soaked diapers, her ministrations were even more effective; often driving him to thrust & twist his hips involuntarily as he reached peak after peak. But, she did maintain control and rarely permitted climax, unless it was a reward for his good behaviour; like soiling without resistence, or agreeing to her now escalating demands for a permanent commitment. By now a full month had passed since Bob had been tricked into committing himself to the asylum and the bizarre course of treatment at Amy's hands. He was bending to her strong will. HIs submission was becoming more complete with each unrelieved stimulation of his manhood and every humiliating rise of his diapers and pants. Amy had him prepared to submit to her final demand, marriage. The next morning Bob was force-fed his usual breakfast of bulk and a fluid by one of the attending nurses on his case. He easily felt bloated and full as he did after every break fast. He knew it wouldn't be long until he would have a building urge for an elimination. The nurse released him from the wheel chair where he had been strapped for feeding and led him towward his padded cell where he was usually kept until he completed his morning eliminations. But this morning, the routine was different. A second nurse joined the first and together they stripped him and redressed him in a less than comfortable outfit. One new restraint jacket was put on first. Once it was on, both of his wrists were pulled up in back and shaped into a double hammerlock. Another feeding gag with a much larger mouth-filling nipple plug was rocked between his teeth and forced into his mouth. The device was held in place with a molded rubber guard over his lower face and a stiff rubber collar. His lower legs and feet were zipped in restraint booties with pointed toes & they certainly weren't for walking. Finally, hes now wet diapers were changed but this turned out for the worse too. His bottom was positioned on thickweight diapers and he was strapped down to the treatment table. The new rings at the tips of his booties were attached to spparate traction ropes his legs were hauled up in a V above his waist until his bottom was suspenpended about six inches above the diapers. One of the nurses held a three inch thick cloth soaker pad that had two strategically located holes, front and back. In the front hole she positioned rubber coated foam rubber sleeve with a soft pliable hole through the middle and held it in place with two tabs. These snapped to the soaker. & In the back she attached a more alarming device. It was an inflatable rubber plug with a good one inch diameter shaft and a balloon that expanded to three inches in diameter when she tested it. The rubber-glaved nurse took just a minute to lubricate Bob & the rubber accessories with a liberal coating of KY jelly. Bob squirmed & twisted R. jerked against his restraint system as the plug was pressed firmly into place, the soaker pulled up thru his legs and his manhood poked thru a sleeve until the tip peeked out the other side of the clutching donut hole. A squeeze bulb was easily and temporarily attached to inflate the plug balloon. Bob gasped into his gag with each rectum filling pump as the balloon was inflated to its maximum dimensions. The soaker pad and diabolical rubber attachments in place, the 2 nurses lowered his legs, pinned on superthick diapers and swallowed the whole bundle in extra heavy, thick waist and thigh-banded, asylum style brown rubber sanitary pants. The new changing complete, the patient was pulled to his feet and hustled into the adjoining padded cell where he was strapped to a special pedestal with a padded seat. As his heavily diapered bottom was pressed down on the seat the horrible inflated plug was driven deeper into his rectum. Instinctively he fought with his legs to raise himself off the seat and relieve the new pressure. With the neck and waist straps in place the two nurses got Bob bottom-centered and then pulled his bootied feet up under the seat with 2 feathers. His weight was now fully on the cushion, thus compressing his diapered seat and holding the plug deeply in place. AS quickly as they had assaulted him, the two nurses departed, leaving their patient in the padded cell to silently experience the distractions of the bizarre rubber plug and the natural experience now commanding the full attention of his senses. After some time, Amy appeared. She dragged her patient Bob, pressing his face against her lush breasts that pressed from her nurse's uniform and cooed, "How's my darling doing? Oh, the way you are squirming on your seat you must be enjoying yourself. Bob was squirming, all right, but he wasn't enjoying his predicament at all and Amy knew it. She tormented her victim by describing for him how he must be feeling:" Those diapers and rubber pants sure are something quite special, aren't they? They are thick enough to soak up a whole day's fluid and the heavy underpants are the best we have for extended sessions. We've never had them leak, yet. Doesn't that sound cozy? Bob muttered through his gag and squirmed on the pedestal again. Bending down, Amy cupped her hand on the rubber covered bulge in the front of his diapers and began administering her special, arousing massage. "There we go. That's right. Just push forward and I'll help you firm things up. Isn't it wonderful how the slippery rubber sleeve keeps your shaft at attention? But, it isn't snug enough or long enough to let you spoil the fun with a premature climax. And with your little swollen head sticking out you can even wet your diapers. Oh, be a big boy and stop groaning and moaning! I know it's hard to wet when your manhood is at attention. When your bladder is swollen to it's fullest the discomfort will deflate your penis just enough to allow a half of a stream to flow. And, as soon as you have finished flooding, you are sure to start squirming again. You now do know how hard it is to sit still in soggy clothing. With any luck at all your soft little rubber sleeve will have you worked back up to attention before you can possibly get comfortable and sit still.There, that should be enough massaging for now. You look like you could use a dose of fluids to help cool you off." With that she withdrew her hand fromhis swollen rubber encased crotch and turned to the treatment cart she had brought to the cell with her. With clinical detachment, she now produced a large graduated elastic feeding bag and urgently hung it on a hook above Bob's head. She filled it with a quart of fluid and added a dose of liquid diuretic to spice up the mix and, restrained as he was, Bob could not avoid her as she attached the thin feeding tube to the front of his gag. Amy adjusted the flow and Bob started swallowing as fast as he could. The huge rubber nipple filling his mouth had pin holes all over it, and it was leaking everywhere. But not a drop dribbled out of his mouth because the molded rubber faced covering sealed his lips very effectively. Bob just kept swallowing as he listened to Amy continue her unnerving description of his condition. "I forgot to ask you how you like the inflatable rubber plug. But I see you already know how to sit firmly on it to get the maximum benefit. We use that plug to keep incontinent patients from haccidentally eliminating. You're always soiling your diapers so I felt you would enjoy wearing it for a new change today. Of course by now your insides must be stuffed with matter. During the rest of the day your breakfast feeding certainly pack the rest of your system too. I'm sure that the churning insides will become more uncomfortable than they are now. But don't worry, you won't go. You won't be able to evacuate at all with that plug in you. Enjoy!" The sweet nurse patted his diapered and rubber-covered rear and she planted a wet kiss on his cheek. With that she turned and minced to the door leaving Bob to his unbelievable predica meet. There was never a dull moment for him, sitting on the punishment pedestal. Repeatedly his bladder filled to a painful level until he flooded the diaper cloth. His innards ached with their heavy packing and his bottom clutched.at the awful rubber plug. He could never stop squirming for long because the soft slippery rubber sleeve kept working his manhood to unbelievable and unrelieved peaks again and again. The super thick diapers sponged up all the fluid and the horrible rubber casing sealed in everything. So, strapped on his pedestal seat all the patient could do was stew in his own juices, literally. As the day wore on, Bob grew more and more desperate. He would do anything for relief, anything! If Amy would only release him, he would promise to do anything she asked. The devilish designing nurse had known her boy very well. Peeking into the padded cell she could see Bob had gone beyond his limit. The torment in his mind, the pressure on his innards and the uncomfortable moisture had driven him beyond clear thinking to desperation. NOw was the time. She stepped into the cell to complete the plan she had started when she had tricked him into committing him self to the asylum. It was an easy matter to get Bob to sign a complete set of documents. The marriage license and certificate were easy. After all he had pursued her to start the relationship. The conservatorship of his huge estate only got signed affter she had sweetly suggested his one alternative was to remain in the asylum for further treatment. Finally, he signed several conditional commitment papers calling for immediate re-entry to the asylum if he failed to demonstrate a proper mental competence by wearing diapers and rubber pants. He was to do this 24 hours a day to keep himself sanitary in his obvious state of total incontinence. There was no problem getting her assisting doctor to witness the documents and get them notarized. Bobs' fate was sealed romantically, financially and medically as sure as he sat on the hideous pedestal. It took two hours for the first two nurses to get the now pathetically defeated patient cleaned up not to mention out. They prepared him for a release and the trip home with Amy. And did they prepare him well! Dr. Daphne had provided the outfit especially for the occasion. In fact she personally presented Bob to Amy in the private back lobby. There he stood encased in a striking creation of leather and rubber, from head to toe. HIs legs were laced into rubber boots, & his torse was compressed into a sleek corset. His arms were folded in half and laced into sheaths attached to the corset. His entire head was encased in a tight farm-fitting helmet that had a cutout for his eyes and nose but completely covered his mouth. But Amy noticed little of this. She stood transfixed and delighted staring at the most bizarre diapers and rubber pants she had ever seen in her nursing days. Bob's loins were padded with diapers but they were fitted and contoured complete with a neat crease between pear-shaped bottom buttocks and a massive rod of manhood standing at attention. The rubber pants were made of thick natural-colored rubber that was molded to the same bizarre shape as the padding. Dr. Daphne thrust Bob into Amy's waiting arms with the comment, "It's every bride's dream to own a display of manhood like that. He's all yours, and he loves every minute of it!" Amy patted his rubber casing as she kissed his masked mouth. And he pressed against her with pent-up passion. Finally he was going to have her tonight. It would be on her terms he knew, but finally he would have his relief. He resolved he would just have to pay the -consequences later. He had no doubt that his bride would see to that with her nursing skills. Amy whispered, "Bob, honey, I am so happy! Now you are my husband, lover AND mypatient, to care for every day all day. You are so cute in diapers and rubber pants. You are also progressing so well with your bladder & incontinence training that you will be a joy to care for. I've had a special treatment room set up at home. You'll just love it." "Now," she smiled,"Let's go home and relieve your obvious problem you have got right up front!" THE END -- {but not the conclusion of the rubber and diaper adventures of Daphne, Amy and Bob.}
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    I apologize in advance, you're in for a heck of a read. When I finished part one, I found that I had typed 11 pages! Yes, 11 pages in 12pt font in a text editor! Yikes. Please enjoy, I'm hoping to make two future chapters (assuming I don't hit burnout) Or at very least, some illustrations of the project. Based on the story "Diapered Gals" by Lady Daisy on Literotica. The inspiration to write a story like this is based on my personal DL (diaper lover) lifestyle. For me, diapers aren't a sexual outlet, but a lot of online stories go straight in that direction. I also enjoy seeing stories that don't evolve AB's (adult babies) as that too isn't part of my lifestyle. Enough about that- Enjoy! T oday was the day. I was moving house, from a small apartment on the west end to a house of my own in a quiet unassuming suburb. Michelle, one of my best friends, was at the apartment with me packing up the last of my things into her car, while I made the last checks around the empty building. "Bedroom? Check. Kitchen? Check. Bathroom? Check." "Who are you talking to?" Michelle's soft voice piped from the doorway, as she entered and looked at me walking about in circles. Michelle was a complete sweetheart of a best friend, average height and build with adorable dimples on each of her rosy cheeks. Her short brown hair was tied back into a small ponytail to keep out of her equally brown eyes while we packed, and like myself, was dressed casually in jeans and a black graphic tee. "Well?" She said, as clearly I didn't respond quickly enough to her; lost in my own little world. "If we don't get going soon Andrea, we're never going to get everything unloaded by nightfall!" She was right of course, as it was already one in the afternoon and we had about an hour's drive ahead of us. I gave her a knowing nod before playfully motioning her out the door as I walked after her. "Yeah, lets hit the road before I regret this whole moving idea, and all the work that goes into it." I said, locking the apartment behind me and heading towards my own car, which was equally full, if not a bit smaller than hers. I looked back one last time with a knowing smile that this look at my old apartment would be my last. Michelle climbed into her SUV, the main reason I had asked her to help, as I got into my tiny red sedan. I adjusted the mirror, ensuring that she was ready to follow, before revving up the engine and heading onto the city streets. I was ready to start my new life somewhere a little more comfortable. *** It was about a half hour into our drive, and the roads had opened up considerably. Where we started driving through crowded streets, we now found ourselves traversing an open highway where there was open space for miles around. Few other cars and trucks dotted the landscape, the occasional person passing on this non-divided highway, but nothing to be excited about. They had their destination, and I had mine. That was, until it hit me. Out of the blue, a black sports car drove straight for me, straight across the yellow line into my lane. I looked in horror, as there was nothing I could do before the driver plowed straight into my car. I braced for impact as our two cars spun straight across the other lane, off the highway. When we hit the trees, everything went black. *** A beeping, quiet at first, but nagging and annoying is the next thing I could process. I felt like everything around me was in a haze, like I was looking through a fogged over window. Instinctively I pulled my hand up to my head, feeling as though I was dragging a cord behind it. "She's awake!" A mystery voice proclaimed. It wasn't Michelle's, in fact it wasn't feminine at all. As my vision started to focus, I saw where I was. In front of me stood a young hospital nurse, dressed in blue scrubs with cute black and blue polka-dot pants and matching bandana atop his head. He was a tall black man, a bit on the heavier side, with dark eyes that looked like deep blue pools of water. He smiled at me as my eyes focused on him, and this time he addressed me personally. "Good morning Miss Verblau, it's good to see you awake. I'm Dave. Do you know where you are?" He asked before taking a small flashlight from his pocket and checking on my eyes. I shook my head at him and he spoke up again. "I'm not surprised, you were in quite a wreck yesterday. You were admitted to Sacred Heart Hospital yesterday afternoon, do you remember anything from your past? Your name perhaps?" As soon as he finished his sentence, he looked over his paperwork, and everything I couldn't explain suddenly made sense. I must have blacked out when that car hit me! But what of Michelle? She was driving behind me, was she okay? And my car, loaded full of half my life, where was it? I looked back up at him inquisitively and spoke up. "I...have a lot of questions." I said, plainly and simply. He looked down at me knowingly, like this is a statement he had had often before. "Your friend Michelle, the one who phoned in the accident is in the waiting area. Now that you're awake and out of intensive care, I'll get her back in here and we'll do an evaluation. It's sometimes best to have a friendly face to jog a patient's memory." I nodded at him before he could even finish his sentence, and Dave quickly left the room. While he stepped out, I had a better look at my surroundings. It was a traditional hospital room in most ways. The walls were painted a sky blue, with the usual hospital materials littered about the walls. The bed was also a soft blue color, the warm blankets wrapped over my lower body, and what looked to be an iv drip alongside the bed. I could assume it was antibiotics and saline, as well as few other monitors hooked up for my heart rate and oxygen levels. For now, I was in a room by myself, which considering I was unconscious, was likely not abnormal. No sooner did Dave leave and he was back with Michelle at his side. She looked relieved, and not worse for wear. It appears that if she was involved in the accident, she was out unscathed. She smiled widely at me in relief, as though she expected me to not yet be awake. Dave quickly took his assessment, then took his leave after bringing Michelle in, and I struggled to find the words. "How are you feeling?" Michelle asked first. She saw my struggle to say much of anything, and like always, knew exactly what to do. "I....I'm fine." I stammered, taking a deep breath from the oxygen tubes in my nose. "My car, the other car-" I didn't get far into the next sentence before Michelle took my hand in hers and calmed me. "It's going to be okay." She said with a relaxed smile, before continuing her explanation. "The damage is bad, and your car will be totaled, but right now it's in a junking lot until you're better. All your stuff is safe. As for the other car..." Her voice trailed off as she started the second part of her tale, starting the next sentence more sternly and solemnly. "The other driver is dead. No official word yet, but the officers said he looked like he was potentially on some pretty strong drugs." "Dead..." My voice trailed off a bit. I felt terrible for what happened, even if it wasn't my fault. I was the lucky one; I would be able to go home soon. All things considered, my body felt fine and I didn't feel any indicators of broken bones. Though I did have a few itchy bandages, one on my leg which felt saturated. I put aside my concerns about the other driver and pulled up the blankets briefly to look at the damage, but quickly fluffed them back down and turned a few shades of red. Michelle immediately recognized my discomfort. "Was it something I said?" She asked, though she pointedly looked down at the blankets that I had pulled tighter around myself. I refused to let her see what I had just seen, but perhaps the nurse from before could shed some light on the situation. "Michelle?" I asked, "Would you mind getting the nurse back here?" She didn't wait for a moment before stepping out of the room to find Dave, or one of the other nurses of the floor. While I was alone again, I pulled up the blankets to get a better look at what I thought I saw. I know that when in the hospital, patents are generally removed from their personal clothing, and given hospital gowns and shoes for the duration of their stay. However, usually in a situation like this, patients either have no undergarments or some sort of cath. That was not the case. These undergarments were far too purple for my tastes. Before I could think on it a moment more, Dave's voice returned to my ears, the nurse closing the door behind him, leaving Michelle in the halls while I spoke to him privately. "Andrea, I see you're in a bit of discomfort." He picks up the clipboard on my bed as he continues explaining the situation, reading over the clipboard for any additional details. "In the accident, you were mildly injured. I know you don't feel it, but you've suffered minor whiplash and damage to a few of your vertebra. Now, fortunately we've been able to pin the damaged vertebra back together, but the nerve damage isn't something we can reverse. We're assuming from a medical standpoint that it will recover, but it will take awhile as well. The bleeding has been controlled, and you have a few stitches from the initial incision-" "So what I'm wearing..." I interrupted, Dave responding in kind. "Ah, you're more interested in that. What you're wearing is a medical diaper. Molicare Super Plus if you'd like me to be exact with the branding. The nerve damage means that you have temporarily have spasms all through your lower body, including your bladder, hence the diaper. We discussed different options, but this is the least invasive method due to its temporary nature. When feeling and sensitivity comes back in those areas, you can retrain your body to become continent again, which according to patients that have gone through similar cases, is not as complicated as you may believe." I didn't respond to that. All I could do was look down over myself. I looked fine. I looked normal. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that I was laying in a hospital bed in a hospital gown, it didn't look like anything was wrong with me. Most importantly, I felt perfectly fine, other than the fact that I was in a hospital wearing a gown and a diaper. The reality of what had happened to me had just started to hit home. I didn't cry, nor scream, nor run out of the room, even though everything in my being wanted me to. Instead, all I could do was look back up at Dave and ask one simple question. "Dave? How long until I can go home?" I plainly asked. Somehow, I felt like leaving this hospital would put everything behind me. "Well," Dave responded, as though he seemed like he didn't want to give an exact date or time without a doctor by his side. "I'll have to check with the staff, but you'll be free to leave almost any time. The only thing of importance is that with the grafted bones in your spine, you should avoid staircases for awhile, and we'll only be able to send you home with a few basics, so we'll give you a short list of medical items to purchase before you leave, or on your way out. Is there anything else I can help you with?" I shook my head. There was in fact one more thing on my mind, but Dave was a nice young man, and I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of him. I didn't know the first thing about diapers, and quite frankly, didn't want to ask. But as he left, I wish that I had. It was an unfamiliar sensation, a bit of a strange uncontrollable tingle, like the sensation that your foot makes when its asleep. But at the same time, it was kind of numb; likely from the aforementioned nerve damage. I had no control over the sensation, nor the experience that was to follow. I felt my body completely let go and pee at full force. My vagina was entirely soaked in a warm rush of urine, which thanks to gravity, rushed into any space it could find down my buttocks. It was there that I felt the liquid pool inside the diaper between its fibrous insides and my soft skin, before quickly being wicked away into its filling. Soon, all that I was left with was a warm, damp sensation, much like a hot towel, caressing my backside. Much to my relief, the diaper did its job and my hospital gown and bedding were dry. I was relieved, and it wasn't as horrific as I had expected, though maybe part of it was due to the fact that half my sensation was temporarily gone from the area. Moments after Dave left, Michelle returned. "The doctors told me they're going to clear you to leave soon." She said, a smile upon her face at the very thought. "Yeah," I responded. "I'd like to be out of here and recovering in my own bed quite frankly." Michelle looked a bit concerned and pressed her finger against her lip before responding. "Err...Well Andrea...I'm not sure if you remember, I mean it all really did happen fast, we were moving you across the state. There isn't really a bed for you to go home and relax in." I had forgotten! The move! My whole life was packed up in those two cars, and I didn't have anything unpacked in the new place yet. Then again, most of my things were also inside my impounded car. If I was recommended not to use stairs, I'm sure I would also be recommended not to life heavy objects. Clearly my expression spoke for me, as Michelle piped up again, a smile back on her face. "But you know," Michelle began, with a familiar smile. I knew that expression; it meant she already had everything figured out. "I have the office with the spare bed where my sister stays between semesters in college. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you borrowed it until you got back on your feet." "I would really appreciate it." I smiled back, looking up at Michelle and saying the next thought on my mind with renewed energy. "When are we leaving?" "I'll get it figured out with the doctors, but not until tomorrow at least. I didn't empty the car yet, and I'll need to do a quick cleanup on the office before moving you in. I'll see you tomorrow, as soon as I can." She waved at me, and I waved back as she scurried out of the room. If I remember anything about the office from the last time I visited, the office desk and nearby tables were usually littered with coffee cups and empty takeout trays. Best friend or not, Michelle wasn't really the neatest person. It wasn't long after she left that another guest came to my room, closing the door behind them as they entered. Damn, I see why patients in hospitals never sleep! This time it was a woman. A long black-haired woman of what I believed to be some kind of Asian descent. Her eyes were narrow, with decorative black and green makeup, matching her shining green eyes. She too was dressed in traditional scrubs, a plain pink top and argyle pink, black, and white pants. She was of average height, I could tell by her height relation to the sanitizer and latex gloves she put on before approaching me. She approached me and opened a drawer at my bedside before speaking to me. "Hello Andrea, I'm nurse Sabrina. I know Dave was just here, but because you're female, I've been sent to get you cleaned up a bit. Have you been comfortable?" She asked me with a smile similar to a motherly figure. I nodded my head in both understanding and agreement as I looked down to get a glimpse inside the drawer. From where I lay, all I could see was a stack of purple diapers in the drawer, and nothing else. I sighed as I had a feeling where this was going. "I assure you Andrea, I plan to make this as quick and comfortable as possible, and not in the least bit embarrassing, okay? Remember, I'm a medical professional, and my job is to make sure you leave here healthy and infection free, not cause you unneeded embarrassment." I nodded again at her as she pulled closed the curtain around the bed. Even though I was in a private room, it was another level of privacy. She pulled the blankets off to the side and pulled my hospital gown up, leaving my half-naked body exposed, wearing nothing but gray hospital issued socks and a soggy purple diaper. She looked over it for a moment, though at the time, I wasn't sure quite at what. She returned to the drawer for a moment, pulling out a few supplies and setting them aside. The first appeared to be some form of body powder, I didn't recognize the brand. The second was a large jar of Balmex, which I could tell immediately from the smell. I never liked that smell. The third was a large package of adult wipes, and finally she set out a clean Molicare diaper. Like an expert, she popped the four tapes open and carefully rolled me onto my side. She lifted one leg using her shoulder and wiped my buttocks and privates completely clean. The wipes were a bit chill, but the clean sensation felt nice over my half-numb body. She then opened up the jar and applied a healthy layer of Balmex to my skin, followed by a light powdering. She then expertly lay down the diaper and gently rolled my bare body back onto it, snuggly wrapping the diaper along my hips, taping it back shut. All in all, it really was like getting cleaned after a refreshing bath. "There." She said, smiling at me as she was proud of her work. She nimbly rolled up the used items and tossed them in the biohazard bin near the door, putting the diapering supplies back into the drawer before throwing the gloves away. "Thanks." I said, uncertain of what reaction most people gave the men and women who changed diapers for others. The last time I had worn diapers I couldn't have been older than two, and certainly I didn't thank anyone then. She smiled back at me in response. "Of course, it's all to keep you comfortable and from developing any kind of infections. If you have any questions, or you think you need another cleanup before myself or one of my coworkers comes, just call, okay?" I nodded and thanked her again as she took her leave. I looked over at the clock, and though it was early in the afternoon, I had nothing better to do but close my eyes and return to sleep. * * * The day had arrived. Two days after the accident, the hospital had cleared me to go home. I was given my own clothes back, but I wore of Michelle's old college lounge pants. Unfortunately my jeans were far too tight to fit much less hide the shape of the diapers I was now wearing, so I had them stuffed into a bag. At least once I got back to Michelle's, I could just wear pajama pants without question. Dave had me set up in a wheelchair, standard hospital procedure for discharge patients. He had rolled the of us down into the main room, where we waited for Michelle on the other side of a large glass window. The hotel always had a very classy waiting room, spacious and surrounded on two sides with massive glass windows. The floor was a sparkling black tile with white flecks, and the furniture matched that. Black countertops and table tops for the reception area, and navy blue padded couches in the waiting areas. We needn't wait long before I pointed out Michelle's SUV. Like I assumed, the SUV looked just as perfect as when we had left my old apartment. It looked as though Michelle cleared out some of my boxes, which she likely stored in her garage. She stepped out of the car as Dave pushed me out to meet her. The three of us politely said our goodbyes and thank yous, and off we went. Fortunately, Michelle lived near the hospital and, much to my relief, we didn't need to take any major highways. We didn't talk much on the ride; she had nothing to say, and I didn't mind the silent trip for once. It wasn't more than a half hour before her little blue house came into view. Michelle lived in a small middle-class neighborhood in a semi-rural subdivision. Like many of the homes in the area, they're small little one floor homes. We always assumed the entire subdivision was made up of small pre-fabricated homes, but over the past fifty years, some were demolished, others renovated, and others left perfectly as is. Michelle lived in one of the updated ones, where the size of the home was still the same, but everything on the outside and inside was updated into the modern generation. She pulled into the driveway of the little house, parking just outside her garage. The garden full of ornate copper sculptures and well-trimmed bushes, coupled with freshly mowed grass like a traditional well-kept suburban home. She opened up the car door and helped me to my feet, leading me up the short cement walk into the front door. The home was cleaner than I remembered seeing it last. Michelle must have worked night and day to get it back to this level. Like I said before, she's known to be quite a bit of a slob. Her living room was relatively neat, save for the piles of pillows and blankets that covered her favorite easy chair. The mossy green carpet was free of stains and complimented the warm brown walls. I walked past the couch and coffee table as Michelle led me down the hall to the left. She stepped ahead of me before stopping and pushing open the door to one of the rooms. "Well, this is the place! What do you think?" She said excitedly as she stepped back and gave me space to look over the room. The office was nicely renovated from a bedroom into a small spare room and office hybrid. The walls were a nice shade of mint green, complimenting the dark green carpet, and dark brown blackout-shade curtains covering the large single window. To the right of the room sat a black computer desk, complete with desktop and printer, also well cleaned, though the ringed stains of coffee mugs were distinctly burned into the tabletop forever. To the left was the twin sized bed and nightstand, a matching black coloration with another shade of green on its leaf printed comforter. Everything seemed pretty normal until I continued looking around the room and spotted the dresser to my direct left. On top of it sat an open case of diapers, with a variety of creams, powders, and wipes by brands I had never heard of before. Clearly, Michelle had done her homework before I got here. "It's wonderful Michelle, you've more than outdone yourself." I told her, smiling as I turned around and gave her a hug. She smiled back at me, squeezing me tightly for a moment before letting go. "I'll go get the two boxes of clothes I put in the garage, okay?" I nodded in agreement and sat myself down on the bed as she left. I kicked back and relaxed for a moment as she brought the boxes inside. As before, I thanked Michelle for her help as she plopped them down. "Really, it isn't any trouble." She said. "I know if it was the other way around, you'd do the same for me." She was right of course; if she was in an accident, I'd more than happily house her until she could get back on her feet "In that case." I began, "Would you mind handing me some of my clothes? The doctors didn't want me lifting or bending like that with my damaged spine. You know, the whole lack of pain sensitivity thing." "Stay where you are!" She said, nearly interrupting me with her enthusiasm. "I've got you covered, I'll pass em up." She finished as she kneeled on the floor alongside me, opening up the boxes, and handing out shirts, one by one. Around then, it hit me again. I hadn't thought about it much since I completely voided my bladder at the hospital, but suddenly I felt the urge to pee. It came on quickly, and I realized the sensation, but by the time I did it was too late. There was no way in hell I would have been able to make it to a toilet in time, much less stop myself. Every effort I tried to slow or stop the stream did nothing. It rushed out quickly like a faucet, dousing my entire diaper in warm water. The warmth spread from between my legs up the front and back as it pooled inside my diaper. But then the unthinkable happened. I started to feel the warm liquid stream down one of my legs. I looked down in horror and was completely mortified. It wasn't bad enough that I was wetting my pants without realizing it, nor was it bad enough that I was wearing a diaper to keep others from knowing I was wetting my pants, but the diaper leaaked and now my urine was making a dark spot on the crotch of my pants as well as down the leg. I froze in horror and must have turned a dozen shades darker as I looked down at Michelle. She knew. "Stay right there Andrea, I know what to do." Michelle said, surprisingly calm about the situation as she got up and walked out of the room. How did she know what to do? She acted like this wasn't a first for her. Michelle didn't have kids, and I couldn't think of any ageing family memebers she would have taken care of. Michelle came back into the room with a towel over her arm, and some kind of large navy-blue pad in the other. She lay the pad down on the floor and set the towel underneath me. "Now slowly and carefully...lay down here, okay?" Michelle said, motioning towards the pad as she got back to her feet. She took my hands to help me move and position myself, and I followed her words, the embarrassment stuck to my face as I looked over towards her. I am so so sorry..." I said, looking a bit frustrated at her, but all Michelle did was smile. "It's okay." She assured me. "This isn't my first go around if you haven't guessed." She responded. I didn't completely understand what she meant, but I assumed that maybe there was another friend or family member that had a similar situation in the past. "Did the staff teach you how to properly change yourself? I think that's why it leaked." She asked me extremely plainly and a bit bluntly, though considering the situation that just unfolded, it was quite appropriate. "No," I responded. "Not really anyways. I clearly don't think I have a good handle on it." That was putting it simply. By my flushed cheeks and soaked pants, saying I didn't have a handle on it was a serious understatement. But Michelle didn't pry much farther before taking charge a bit. "In that case, she responded, let me show you how it's done." She stood up for a moment, grabbing an armful of products off the dresser. She carefully peeled off my wet pants, balling them up and throwing them to the side. I turned more shades of red, not because I was exposed around Michelle, she had seen me naked before, but instead because I was laying on her floor in a drenched and leaking diaper. She smiled at me before speaking again. "You don't have to watch if it make you uncomfortable, but I want to do it right for you, okay?" I didn't really know how to respond at the time, though I decided I should watch her to learn how it was done. She carefully peeled open the tabs of the diaper and lifted my legs up to pull the diaper out. My spine didn't seem to mind the motion, so I didn't stop her. She didn't stop there, taking a few wipes and cleaning off all my skin, from my buttocks and vaginal areas, to down my thigh and leg where I had initially leaked. She unfolded a brand new Molicare and slipped it in place where she removed the last diaper from, if not a bit higher. She then used a different set of lotions and powders, as these distinctly smelled of soft cocoa butter, nothing like that strong disgusting Destin from the hospital. Confident of her work, she lay my legs back down, split around the diaper and folded the plastic material over my waist, fastening it much tighter and better fitting than I had. "And that Andrea, is how it's done." She said proudly, and without another word, picked up my balled up pants and the dirty diaper and walked away. She left my laying on her floor in nothing but a diaper, a tee shirt, and a pair of striped socks. I sat up trying to comprehend that as well. It didn't feel right, but also didn't feel wrong. At least, it didn't feel wrong until my uncontrollable bladder felt that it wasn't done with its previous actions, and gave me another warm, yet small squirt into the crotch of my new diaper. Great. I sat up at that point and found a new pair of pants to wear, carefully pulling them on. They didn't fit quite right, but at least I could close the button in the front. Unlike the lounge pants that I had ruined, these pants did nothing to hide the massive bulge I felt between my legs and over my backside. I also couldn't pull these pants any higher, the top lip of my diaper peeking over my pants with no way to push it back in. "We might need to get you some new pants for a little while." I looked back towards the door and saw Michelle leaning against the door frame, shaking her head at me. It was time I asked. "Alright, I'll bite. Michelle, how do you know so much about diapers and how to take care of someone wearing them? I wanted to ask before, but it just kind of caught me completely off guard." I asked her, giving her a curious expression as she walked into the room and sat down on the desk chair. "Well," She began, as though she was about to tell a story. Her voice trailed off and instead of continuing, she unbuttoned her high-waisted pants and worked off her belt. She pulled her shirt upwards slightly to reveal just how high her pants sit on her hips and started to slide her pants off, revealing something that I didn't expect. Instead of the undergarments one would expect to see on a person taking off their pants, Michelle sat in front of me with her pants around her knees and a white diaper with blue tapes around her waist. It sagged very slightly on her hips with a yellow stripe that was starting to turn a distinct shade of blue "It never came up." She continued. "I've been incontinent most of my life, but it's sometimes controllable. I wear swim diapers, and sometimes pull up pants that look like briefs if we're going out somewhere awesome, but if I know I'm not going to be able to reach a bathroom in a reasonable time, diapers it is." She didn't seem in the least bit embarrassed by her predicament and smiles at me. "I don't think any less of you, and I hope you don't think any less of me either." Michelle finished off as she stood back up and started to work her pants back on. Admittedly, I was a bit jealous. She knew just what to wear to make me none the wiser to her diaper wearing. "No! Of course not!" I said quickly as I started to feel better. "Michelle, you're my best friend. What you wear under your clothes doesn't make you any less my friend. And...well, it is super helpful that someone knows how to put one of these on." I patted my backside, indicating the diapers on my hip. "You know what that means, right?" Michelle excitedly asked as she stood back up and took both my hands in hers. A wide smile spread across her face as she pulled me back up onto my own feet. "What?" "It's time to go shopping!" Michelle grinned excitedly and pulled the both of us to the door.
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    Hello everyone! It's nice to meet you all.. This is the first time for me to join this site and really talk to anyone about this side of me. I've always been really shy and a bit embarrassed about all of this...but I know it's time for me too meet other people out here too. So hello!! I am 27 years old, from the suburbs area near Chicago, IL and I'm hoping to meet new friends. I really love ...diapers #####>.<##### and having people baby me..even when I insist I'm all grown up!
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    I am seeking to bring together and unite ABDL's of Springfield Missouri please contact [email protected]
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    Here's the next part, thanks for reading Please comment if you enjoy it - tell me what you like the best. Part 4When I woke up, I was in the swing in the living room, still in the sleeper. I looked around but I couldn't spot April anywhere. The pressure on my bladder was strong, so I let it go and felt the thick nighttime diaper grow warm and heavy between my legs. I tried not to think about the RoboNanny or the feelings from the night before. My tummy grumbled and I was looking forward to breakfast. April made killer bacon and I got a strip or two most mornings with a bottle of orange juice. Breakfast was a rare occassion where I got to feed myself entirely on my own, and I cherished it. Unbidden, I smiled remembering falling to sleep in April's loving arms. It felt good to be loved like that."Okay, great, I'll see you tonight," April was saying as she hung up her phone, walking from the kitchen into the living room. "Well good morning, Sleeping Cutie. I already finished eating, but I saved you a piece of bacon." She looked good today, she was usually a skirt-and-top kind of girl, but today it was yoga pants and a t-shirt, a very different look for her. I liked it."Yay!" I exclaimed, determined to start the day off on the right foot with April. I raised my arms joyfully into the air and beamed."Oh my, someone is in a good mood today, I am so glad," she stopped the swing and retrieved me from it, carrying me into the kitchen. The odds of getting changed before breakfast were nil, I just hoped she'd remember the mittens before she put me in the high chair, but I didn't think I'd score any points by pointing it out myself.Nope. She dropped me in the high chair, my thick diaper squishing beneath me. I held up my hands a little less than subtly, under the guise of waiting for the tray. She caught the hint and said, "Silly Mommy," stripping the sleeper off of me with remarkable speed and leaving me in the high chair in just a diaper. I felt extremely uncomfortable with my breasts exposed.. they weren't large, I was on the small side of B, but it still felt strange to be topless. I actually felt better when she tied the bib, no words - just a big butterfly today - around my neck, covering my chest. The tray was snapped into place and a hunk of bacon the size of my forearm was presented to me, with a sippy cup of juice!"Thank you so much!" I said happily as I took a sip of the juice and started in on the bacon.April just laughed, sitting down to watch me eat. She grabbed a guitar from the corner in the living room and started playing some chords. I only knew a tiny bit about music, I'd tried the guitar a couple of times but gave up because it was too hard. I couldn't read music and I couldn't tell you the name of a note by hearing it, but I could memorize chords and progressions. Listening to April while I ate was nice, she was a real professional. Her transitions were smooth and her timing was always perfect. I'm sure I looked hilarious to her, holding one single piece of bacon between both hands and gnawing on it like a squirrel. She watched me, smiling, never missing a beat while I devoured my slice of bacon with a big smile on my face and then drained the juice. The one Amazon-sized slice of bacon left me very full, it was exactly what I wanted this morning. "All done!" I said happily, I really did feel happy but I was hamming it up a bit for April's benefit. Snuggling her last night was so, so, so much better than going to sleep alone in the crib. I wondered if she'd let me join her again tonight. I remembered the sound of her heartbeat which had lulled me to sleep."You're such a messy girl," April teased, using the bib to wipe off my fingers and face, "Good thing you always wear a bib!"She tickled me and I laughed, and despite how bizarre this all was... it felt good. It felt good to make her happy, knowing that she really did care about me."Hmm, looks like you don't really need a change just yet, which is fine. I have chores to do," she carried me to the living room and deposited me in the playpen, one of those collapsible ones with the mesh walls."Cold!" I whined, holding my arms to me, hoping she'd give me a shirt.. I really didn't like being topless."Oh Kimmy," April sighed and strode off. I pulled myself to my feet in the playpen. Standing upright, I couldn't see over the padded border to the mesh walls. I could probably scale it if I really needed to, but that would just make things harder. One thing was for sure, this world had no shortage of ways to restrain me. April came back a few moments later holding a white shirt with ruffled pink sleeves that read, "Cutie Pie" in fancy cursive lettering, and pulled it on over my head."Thank you," I smiled and sat down.April gazed down at me, with a wide but soft smile, "You really are special, little Kimmy." And with that, the day continued, me trapped in a playpen while April buzzed about the house, cleaning and straightening.. with an occassional music break.--The time in the playpen turned out not to be all that bad.. I hadn't noticed before, but the blocks in the playpen were actually a brain teaser, the kind you had to turn a certain way and it came apart, then you had to work to put it back together. I actually loved puzzles like these, I would spend some of my precious free time back home doing one of these in an afternoon. April checked in on me periodically, pleased that I had discovered the true purpose of the toy, and she showered me with praise when she came back and it was done."My little Kimmy! I knew you were a clever one, the adoption agency told me not to bother with brain toys, but I just knew you would be able to do them. I am so proud of you," she leaned down and kissed me on the head, "I'm almost done - you took a lot longer with that toy than an Amazon child would, but I'm really impressed. And you have almost perfect timing. It's almost lunchtime and I bet you're soaked."I was actually a little dumbfounded at the remark... that puzzle was hard, like, "join the puzzle club" hard. I suddenly felt a renewed sense of intimidation at the new world I inhabited and it made a bit more sense why the Amazons looked down on Littles the way they did. Before I could say anything, April was off.. which was probably for the best, she seemed to really be enjoying my short, child-like replies this morning and nothing I wanted to talk about right then would qualify.Figuring a diaper change was coming soon, I took a moment to flood the nighttime diaper again. This way I would get to enjoy the comfort of a clean one as long as possible. Sure enough, I was whisked off to the nursery shortly after, where I was changed into a fresh diaper and had a pair of shortalls pulled on over my "Cutie Pie" shirt. She pulled my hair up into pigtails and tied them each with a small pink bow.. even tied up in high pigtails that way, the bottoms still brushed past my shoulders. She clipped my pacifier to the shortalls but didn't stick it in my mouth before she picked me back up. As April carried me back to the living room, I saw the two of us in the mirror in the hallway... and there I was, being carried on the hip of a beautiful giant, my hair in pigtails and an obvious diaper bulge under the snap-crotch shortalls. I looked every bit the baby that April treated me as, and my heart sank a bit. Maybe I was getting too comfortable with this, maybe I needed to resist just a bit more. I didn't want anyone to think I liked it, after all...--The rest of the day went uneventfully, I continued to be good, April and I played some game-type activities where she cheered for me a lot and we watched some cartoons, until the doorbell rang late that afternoon.I found myself in the playpen again while April answered the door. Lisa was here to babysit, April was going to go out.. I felt a pang of panic, but calmed myself. Everything would be fine, Lisa liked me now, nothing bad was going to happen. I suddenly felt very worried and just a touch sad, I didn't want April to go. April took care of me, April kept bad things from happening to me. Would Lisa even be able to do the same?Lisa strode in, jeans and a cute top, immaculate makeup as always. She walked right over to the playpen and picked me up, "Hey there cutie, are we going to have fun tonight? Can you promise to be good for me?"April walked up near her and suddenly I had the urge to... I just went with it. I held my arms out to April and whimpered.Lisa looked hurt. Shit.April took me in her arms and held me close, "Oh little sweetie, everything's fine.""Wow April, she's really attached to you today," Lisa said with a touch of jealousy in her voice."We had a really rough night," April said softly as she stroked my back, "Kimmy had a lot of tears and it took a lot of cuddling.""Oh, poor thing," Lisa's voice softened, "Hey Kimmy," she said in a light tone, "don't worry, you and I are going to have a great time tonight. Remember, your mommy promised I could give you a bottle of the chocolate if you could be a good girl for me."I sniffled and held my arms out to Lisa. April laughed and handed me over to her, "Well, looks like you're friends again. I have to get ready, don't forget her bedtime is at 7 PM. Littles need more sleep than you or I, they can be emotionally compromised if they don't get it."Lisa carried me over to the couch and sat down with me in her lap, "Don't worry, I actually stayed up last night reading a ton about caring for a Little, I'm ready for this."--When April came out of the bedroom, I was sitting on the couch in Lisa's lap with my head resting against her breasts like a pillow. It was amazingly comfortable. We were watching an animated movie I had never seen before, and I was actually really enjoying myself. I sat up when I saw April. She was dressed in what would have been considered a Chinese-style dress back home, red with gold accents. Her hair was done up behind her and her makeup was.. really, really good. She looked amazing."Pretty," I said softly, which made April laugh."Oh thank you, sweetie. I just hope my date likes it as much as you do," she smiled, "If you guys are going to finish the movie, make sure she drinks a bottle while you do - she hasn't had enough to drink today.""No problem. Have a great time, we'll be fine. I'll see you when you get back," Lisa waved to her friend, who headed out the door and left me.. with a babysitter.
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    I don't feel regressed in a poopy nappy but I do LOVE to feel naughty. I can't do it often and usually when I do, it's the icing on the cake. I feel naughty for wanting my nappies, naughtier for wetting my nappies, naughtier still for touching them.... well pooping is the ultimate naughty thing I could do. Yay naughtiness!!!
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    From the album: me

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    Hi All! I am so confused by this thread regarding wetset! When phoneamommy was brand new, I was one of the owners. As a matter of fact, I was the one that recommended dailydiapers.com for advertising because I enjoyed reading the boards. I have not been partnered with them for years, but I think you are all wrong about the wetset issue - if you go to wetset.net you will see their phone sex page. It is the Mommies of phoneamommy.com - they are the affiliate for wetset. And from what I understand, it is a very profitable business partnership. Now mind you, I am not a member of diaperspace or talk to Madison at all. But I have a real hard time believing that she would dis wetset. They send a lot of business her way. Mommy Mags
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    Any couples in the DFW area available the weekend of July 20th for a get together? Let me know and we can set something up for bowling, movie or something!
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    Sorry about the delay in the story, I drive an 18 wheeler over the road and have been busy doing the Phx. to Amarillo run twice a week, now that I've got the run down pat, I find I have time at both ends of the run to do some writing, even tho my laptop crashed, I'm still putting pen to paper, and then, time allowed, transfering to to my home pc, but enuff of that rhetoric, on with the story................... "My Girlfriends' Sisters Baby" Chapter 11 As Elly wrinkled her nose, she asked Lori to get a diaper from my diaper bag, Lori opened the diaper bag, fumbled around in it for a bit, pulling out various items, including a sealed plastic bag containing my previous dirty diapers, my onesie and some other misc. items, everything but a clean diaper. Lori told Elly that there were no "Clean" diapers in the diaper bag, Elly replied, hand that here, let me look. After literally dumping the diaper bag out onto the floor, Elly just sat there and shook her head, then said, DAMN, his clean diapers are still on the changing table, where Amber must have left them when she was looking for clean plastic pants at the mall nursery, Elly quickly repinned the side of the diaper up she had altready unpinned, patted my bottom, stuck a pink Care Bears pacifier in my mouth (she had found in the diaper bag), and said..... "Don't you move honey, Nana and Auntie Lori have to find something we can use as a diaper so we can change your stinky butt" Elly stood up, whispered something to Lori, then both of them dissapeared into the back bedroom, meanwhile, there I lay, on a nursery print baby sheet, in the front room, out in the open, with an obvious wet spot beneath my bottom, in a very revealing messy diaper, sucking on a pacifier, and just when I thought things could not get worse or become any more embarrassing, I heard what sounded like a key unlocking the front door. The door opened about the same time Lori walked back into the front room, altho I couldn't see who it was that had come in, I heard Lori say..... "Hi Hon, what a pleasant surprize, I didn't know you was coming over today, if you can give me and Elly just a couple of minutes to finish changing the baby, I'll make us some tea and we can visit for awhile" Just as I got a glimpse of who had come in, I heard this sweet, young voice say..... "What do you mean, CHANGE THE BABY, (just then she looked over and saw me laying on the floor), WHOAAAAA, THAT'S A BIGGGGGGGG BABY MOM" Lori told her that YES, I was, and went on to say that I was Elly's nephew from Arizona, a little slow and had the mental capabilities of an 18 month old. Elly then looked at me and said, laughingly..... "Robby Baby, this is my baby, Cindy, can you say HI CINDY" I just layed there, continuing to suck on my pacifier, as Lori's daughter, Cindy, knelt down next to me saying..... "Well now aren't you just a lil cutie pie, awww, and look mom, I think someones just a lil bit bashful and shy too" Suddenly, Cindy got quiet, I saw her nose do a little twitch as she looked up at her mom and say..... "Ummmm Mom, You did say you was getting ready to change "THE BABY" didn't you" Lori replied, "Yes Hun I did say that, only problem is, he's out of diapers so we're trying to find something to improvise, could you do me a favor and watch him for a sec while I help Elly find something, thanks Hun" Lori the went back into the back of the apartment and I could barely hear her and Elly talking about what they could use, meanwhile Cindy took the iniative, knelt down beside me, did what I would call a quick sneak peek inside my diaper right near the inner thigh, and before I knew it, Cindy was unpinning my diaper as she yelled out to her mom and Elly..... "Hey guys, I'm gonna go ahead and start changing him, or at least start getting him cleaned up, GOOD LORD HE STINKS, so hurry up with something you can use as a diaper" Cindy then unpinned the other side of the diaper and started to slowly pull the diaper back, as she wiped me from front to back, with the inside front of the diaper, attempting to keep most of the mess inside the diaper. Once she got most of the front of the diaper down to just below my now (thoroughly embarrassed and limp penis), she tucked the diaper in under my bottom and told me to lift, as she gave my thigh a little love pat, as I slowly lifted my butt, Cindy carefully wiped my bottom with the rest of the diaper as she tucked most of the mess away and rolled my diaper up in a ball. Once she sat the dirty diaper to the side, she grabbed the wet, wash cloth Lori had brought in earlier and started wiping me all over and around my diaper area. She patted my thigh and told me to lift again and as I did so, I felt the wet wash cloth wiping my bottom, in between my butt cheeks and going deep inside of my anal crack, as I moaned a little bit, Cindy kept wiping the front of me as she said..... "I'm sorry BABY, I didn't mean to hurt you, but we gots to get you clean, you're just so yucky and stinky" Just as she was finishing, Lori and Elly came back into the room holding an armful of what looked like giant beach towels, Elly was grinning from ear to ear when she saw that Cindy had already changed my poopie diaper and was just in the finishing stages of wiping me down. Elly..... Well thank you Cindy, for changing Robby that is, he was a total mess Cindy..... It was no problem Elly, I just couldn't see letting him lie there like that, especially after mom explained to me that he barely has the mental capacity of an 18 month old, I mean, I surely wouldn't leave an 18 month old sitting in a dirty diaper Lori..... Well like Elly said hun, thanks a lot for cleaning him up for us, and now if you 2 girls don't mind, I think we best get this Lil Stinker diapered, wouldn't want him to be springing any leaks now would we All 3 girls started laughing as Elly tossed all the towels on the sofa she had in her arms except one, she knelt down next to Cindy, with me laying in between them, handed her the towel and said..... "Well Cindy, here you go, feel like finishing him up, or do you not know how to fold this into a diaper" Cindy laughed and said..... "I can assure you, I can fold this into a diaper with no problem, buttttttttttt, does it have to be PINK, can't you find another color towel to make a diaper out of" As I looked over to Elly, I saw her handing Cindy a huge, fluffy HOT PINK towel and she was looking down at me when she said..... "He's just a baby Cindy, he doesn't care what color diaper he has covering hims lil bottom, pink, white, blue, they're all gonna end up the same way with this lil stinker, wet, yucky, messy and stinky" Cindy nodded her head in agreement as she started folding the makeshift diaper, not just once, but folding it twice, creating an enormously thick diaper, and not just any thick diaper, this would be a HOT PINK SUPER THICK DIAPER. As Cindy patted my thigh and told me to lift, I raised my bottom allowing her to slip the thick diaper under me, as I rested my bottom back down on to the diaper, I instantly felt how thick and how incredibly soft it was, when Cindy brought the diaper up between my legs, it automatically forced my legs to spread apart, Cindy pinned the right side, then tugging tightly on the diaper, pinned the left side, as she patted my freshly diapered bottom, she said..... "Wow Mom, talk about thick, it's gonna take him all night to wet through this diaper" Elly..... Don't bet on it, this lil piss pot can have this diaper soaked in no time at all Cindy..... Well maybe so, but you got to admit, he sure looks cute, laying there in a pink diapey, with baby blue teddy bear diaper pins and sucking on a pink Care Bear pacifier Lori..... Yes he does, and hun, thanks again for changing him for us, I know that was a nasty job Elly..... Yes, thank you very much, I can assure you I wasn't looking forward to doing it, WHEW, WHAT A MESS Cindy..... No problem, it's no big deal, I mean, it's not as if he can help it or has any control over it, he's just a baby, and like the sign says "Dirty Diapers Happen" As all 3 laughed, I could only lay there, try not to turn red from humiliation and act like I didn't know, or care what they were talking about, and maybe, just maybe, Cindy would never know that I was living out a fantasy and that I really wasn't an actual baby or as Elly said, SLOW, just as Cindy was leaving, Elly said something that made my heart go pitter patter and most definitely caused me to turn red, out of embarrassment. Elly..... Cindy, you did remember about Kim's bar-b-que on Monday, remember, you're bringing a nacho dish Cindy..... Oh no prob Elly, I remembered and I will definitely be there, plus Kim said she had a BIG SURPRIZE for everyone that was coming to the bar-b-que, and knowing Kim, I'm sure it's gonna be something TOTALLY WILD, and yes, I am bringing my reknown nacho dish As Cindy looked down at me, noticing that I was a little red, she commented, "Is Robby gonna be there, and by the way, Elly, Mom, I'm not sure what this means, but from my experience, when a baby gets red like that, it's usually followed by some serious grunting and then some extremely serious nose wrinkling" Elly and Lori looked at me, then Lori said, "OH MY, HE IS RED, YOU GET HIM NEXT ELLY" Elly just laughed and said as she slowly started patting my pink diapered bottom..... "Yes Cindy, Robby will be at the bar-b-que and Lori, trust me, if he makes another dirty diaper, I have no problem changing him, at all, not any more, HIMS JUST LOOKS SOOOOOO CUTE IN HIMS LIL PINK DIAPEY, I JUST WANNA GOBBLE HIM ALL UP, AT LEAST WHILE HE'S FRESH SMELLING AND NOT ALL YUCKY AND STINKY, AIN'T THAT RIGHT YOU LIL STINKER, YER JUST A LIL CUTIE YES YOU ARE, C'MON BABY BOY, GIVE YER NANA A BIG SMILE, AWWWW, IS HIMS A LIL SHY, YES HIMS IS" Cindy laughingly said, as she headed out the door, "I'll see you all Monday and then, I'll show you how to properly blow raspberries on a babys tummy after you've changed their poopy pants and they're all fresh smelling and cuddly" Elly and Lori both laughed and Elly said..... Sounds good, maybe we can have a diaper changing/raspberry blowing contest at the bar-b-que and Lil Robby can be the recipient, that is, if he can make enough wet and dirty diapers to keep us busy and make it fair so that everyone gets a chance to compete if they want to? All 3 girls laughed as I glanced at Elly and saw her WINKING AT ME AND SAYING, "WOW, THIS SOUNDS LIKE THIS IS GONNA BE ONE FUN WEEKEND, AND JUST THINK, THIS IS ONLY FRIDAY, WE HAVE SAT. AND SUN. TO GO YET, THE BAR-B-QUE MONDAY, YOUR PEDIATRICIAN APPOINTMENT WITH CASSIDY ON TUESDAY, AND A WHOLE WEEK OF FROLIC AND FUN AFTER THAT, WITH WHAT I'M SURE, WILL BE LOTS AND LOTS MORE SURPRIZES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I could think of was, OH MY GOD, if Cindy's gonna be at the bar-b-que, then she's gonna really find out the truth about me, and what does Elly mean, more surprizes, HOW MUCH MORE CAN THEY ACTUALLY EMBARRASS ME, AND EVEN WORSE, DO I REALLY WANT TO KNOW? To Be Continued?