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    Pick Your Battles #8 (Or: More Careless Wishes...) The doorknob rattled in my grip - it wouldn't turn. I knocked gently - the light was off inside, so it didn't seem like anyone was in there... but the door was locked. I tried it again, thinking perhaps it had just been my imagination. "What are you doing?" her voice was ice on the back of my neck, I spun around and pressed myself to the bathroom door. The locked bathroom door. "I just need to use the- " "No," she sternly interrupted my weak protest, her strong voice a stark contrast to my own squeak. "No?" I echoed, surprised. She was rarely this intense. "Oh, I need to go number two, I wasn't cheating." I was allowed to use the potty for number two, she had said so. I didn't even need to ask, I just went. My hips were narrow, I could shimmy down the diaper without messing up the tapes and pull it back on with very little trouble, I did it regularly. "No," she said again, her eyes boring into my own. "You're not allowed to use the toilet." My mouth went dry and my heart raced at her words. She didn't do this, it wasn't her scene, it wasn't her game. If I wanted her to play I had to ask for it, had to schedule it, had to script it. She'd play, she loved me, but I had to prep things according to how she wanted them. This was unexpected. "Sweetie, I really have to- " "No." She cut me off again, but the ice was giving way to heat. She sounded irritated at my continued probing. I could pop the lock on the bathroom, I'd had to do it before it was locked by mistake with no one in there - all I needed was a paperclip - but now she was there. Staring at me. Why wasn't she walking away? Why was she just... watching me? "But I have to- " "You asked for this," she said pointedly, stepping forward and slipping a hand under the hem of my skirt. My breath came in short gasps as she squeezed the front of the dry padding between my legs. "You begged me to lock you out of the bathroom, to make you use it." I couldn't respond, couldn't speak. She was so close to me, her hand rubbing the soft plastic of the padding between my legs, giving the slightest friction of the papery, cottony embrace on my most delicate parts. "I didn't... not... " I tried to protest. "You did," she smiled. "You asked me to make you use them for everything just once, so you could find out what it felt like." That had been months ago! Why was she doing it now! I really had to go and the heat in my cheeks felt as intense as the heat between my legs. She was right and now I had to pick my battle carefully. I could safeword, I could end the game right there and then... but she'd never want to push these limits again. It had taken months for her to go from a request to action on this one, there might not be a second time. I could choose to end it, or I could give up, give in, the way the smaller part of me, the submissive part of me, had begged for months ago. "Please, I really have to go," I whispered, feeling a little lightheaded from the embarrassment. I wasn't ready. "Then go," she said, leading me into the kitchen. She sat down on a chair at the table and just stared at me. "Well?" "You... I... but... " the words wouldn't come. I was a writer! Why wouldn't the words come to me!? I was good with words, they danced to my will like I was dancing to mommy's right now. "I'm waiting, little girl," she said again, crossing her arms as she stared up at me. "Squat down, right now." I did. And now with her eyes above me, staring down at me rather than up, as I turned what she was telling me to do over and over in my mind, I felt smaller than I ever had. I really needed to go - I hadn't gone in a couple of days. Wetting was one thing, but this was another entirely. I had never done it before, it had always been fantasy, imagination... and now the reality of it was staring down at me just as my mommy was staring down at me. "Fill your diaper," she said calmly, as though she said it every day. It might not have been her scene, but she was a good actress when she wanted to be. "Push your mess into your pants and show me what a complete baby you are." I couldn't take it. This was it, this was the moment of truth. In that squatting position, I could feel my body ready to go, ready to defile myself, to debase myself, to prove to her that I was the smallest of the small. My mind went back to the first time I had wet... it had been a flimsy drugstore Depends, and I recalled how hard it had been. How I had drank water all day but when the pressure on my bladder exerted itself, I couldn't overcome my potty training. How my body wouldn't let me. How my very first wetting had come while sitting on the toilet, in that pathetic diaper... and how wonderful it had felt. How warm, how pleasant, how... shameful. I still loved wetting - it came much more easily now - but I had never taken that next step, I had never... "My sweet baby needs to go," she said, her hands folded in her lap. Her touching me would have been too much just then and she knew it. "So go. Let it out, fill that diaper for your mommy." And so I pushed, my cheeks as red from effort as they were from embarrassment. Unlike my first wetting, this came much more easily and even as I heard the adult part of myself screaming in panic as I felt the mess begin. You can't do this! You're an adult! Go to the toilet! My mind was racing, raging, panicking as I neared that point of no return. I closed my eyes and pushed that voice away as I pushed my bowels, bearing down and willing my body to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was little. That I deserved to be in diapers. I gasped as it slid out of me, solid and hot, pressing against the confines of the diaper. I felt the back bulge as I pushed, but most of all... I felt small. I felt so, so small as I squatted there in front of my partner, my love, my wife... my mommy. As she watched me, her eyes on me, her hands so close. As I shamefully forced my mess out of my body and into that waiting diaper. I was not going to fight this battle, I was giving in. I wanted to give in. I wanted this. I had never felt so very Little in my entire life as I pooped myself. My breath came in short gasps as I finished, as the load sat there heavy and warm in the seat of my diaper. I looked up at her with pleading eyes, terrified of rejection, terrified to see derision in her gaze. It was amusement that greeted me. That smirk. That playful smirk that she wore when she felt thoroughly in control, when she knew she was bringing me joy by bringing me shame. "Are you done, sweetie?" she asked gently. I could only nod. My words were gone, I was too Little. In that moment, I felt tiny. Minuscule. Helpless. That was it. Helpless. I felt more helpless in that moment than I had in my entire life - she had tied me to things, beat me, gagged me, left me in a wet diaper overnight while bound to the nightstand beside her bed, but never in the whole of my being did I feel so utterly and completely helpless as I crouched there in a shitty diaper. She leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead. "You're such a good girl," she whispered. I felt the small smile creep at the corners of my mouth... as she reached forward... And pushed me. I lost my balance, landing flat on my backside, right on the mess that I had just made in the now-bulging diaper. I felt it squish under me. My breath rushed out of me in surprise as I sat there, staring up at her. She had forced me to sit in my own mess without a word, she had taken my choice and shown me my place. And THAT was as Little as I had ever felt. Ever.
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    A Fox in the Snow I almost missed her. There was a rustle on the path, off to my right, a flash of orange. A whimper. The crisp white crumpled beneath my feet, a cacophony with each step as I wandered away from the path. It couldn't have been. They were too rare. But that orange, that color, that sound... you couldn't track them, they left no prints. No one understood exactly what they were, but they were beautiful and sweet and gentle - and had been creatures of myth until just a couple of years ago. The first one captured had made worldwide headlines - real, live fox girl. The kitsune, they called her. A few more had turned up after that, once the owner of the first girl shared some details about what they eat, where they live, what they like. But they were so rare - they left no trace, they left no track, they left no scent... I sighed, my breath a steaming cloud as I looked around - the path was no longer in sight, I had wandered well into the woods and the trees were so much thicker here. I shivered, bringing my fingers to my mouth as I breathed into my cupped hands. I didn't live too far from here, this was my "summer home"... I did it kind of backwards from most people though. I fled the warm weather of the summer to go someplace cold. I had built my own place not far from the Canadian border in northern Alaska and I liked it here. My nearest neighbor was three miles away and it was just me and nature. The perfect place to write. And that's all this chase was, most likely. Just a silly fantasy, wishing for a kitsune of my very own - as if I'd find one in the wilds of Alaska. Rubbing my hands together, I turned and began the trek back to the trail, to my cabin that I had designed and commissioned myself. I got the land for a song, no oil, no resources - just a chunk of tundra to hide from the blazing heat of south Texas where I wintered. My mind turned back toward my story, wondering where my characters would take me next... When I spotted her. Just the tip of her tail, a touch of orange and a tuft of white poking out from the brush. I'm not even sure HOW I spotted it, I had almost missed it... but there she was. I parted the branches of the shrub, my heart racing as I hoped against hope that it was real, that this was real life... And I saw her green eyes close as my own brown ones fell upon her. Her breathing was shallow. Her face was pained. My heart clenched as I leaned closer... and saw the blood, and the bone poking out from her shin. A compound fracture. Kitsune supposedly healed very quickly but without treatment, she would never run again - if she could even heal that break on her own. I pulled out my satphone and dialed the emergency line even as I crawled into the brush to crouch next to her. "Northway Dispatch, what's the emergency?" the voice asked on the other end. "Compound fracture of the tibia," I said matter-of-factly. "I need medical assistance." I rattled off what passed for the address of my cabin as the dispatcher promised that assistance would arrive soon. I bundled her up in my arms, wishing I could feel that soft down right now as I did - she was breathtakingly beautiful. Pale, creamy skin and long, red hair.. I averted my eyes from her mound, glimpsing the fiery patch there unintentionally. Other than being bare ass naked in the tundra, there was little that would reveal her as non-human... except for those ears and that tail. A perfect match in color for with her hair, her tail was bushy and looked incredibly soft, and fox ears poked up from the top of her head, white tipped and twitching. She cried out, the softest, smallest cry as I lifted her from the brush. "Shh," I soothed. "You're hurt. I just want to help you." They couldn't talk, of course - not at first. The oh-so-cleverly-named Vixen, the first kitsune, had learned some words eventually but initially they were little more than wild animals. She would likely bite me if she could, but the heat radiated from her body - she was feverish, not even for her kind. I could feel her warmth through my own layers as I carried her, my feet breaking through the rough packed snow as I trudged back to the cabin. We didn't have to wait long for the Doc. I put a kettle on and fetched as many towels as I could muster. I laid the kitsune on my bed, managing to lose only a bare few moments to staring at her breathtaking, haunting beauty. Those green eyes had caught me - they were impossibly deep. Emeralds in the snow of her flesh. Her lips were an equally deep red, parted with her ragged breaths. They were sentient, kitsune, but animalistic. Feral. Untamed. But there was no intelligence in her eyes now. Only pain. The fever, the aches, must have been agony, and I found myself stroking her hair, running my fingers along the impossibly soft tufts of her ears, even as I laid the cool, damp cloth across her forehead. I wanted nothing more in the entire world than to kiss this girl - not girl... kitsune. It hit me like a truck when I realized that there was a real, actual kitsune in my bed. My hand trembled, my own lips quivering as my heart hurt for the beautiful creature. I was saved by a knock at the door. Doc Murphy was young, dashing - living the life of the frontier medic, dreaming of a wilder time when the world itself wasn't so tame. Days long, long before cellphone towers sprouted across the landscape and supplies could be ordered from Amazon in Anchorage. The wilds out here might have been secluded, but they weren't the frontier days gone by. "Liv," he called as he opened my door. I was unreasonably shocked at the intrusion and it took a moment for me to realize he probably thought I was laid up with a broken leg. "Doc," I responded, stepping out of the bedroom and into the living area where he was knocking the snow off his boots, a heavy black medical bag in one hand. "She's in here." "She?" Doc echoed - I knew his name, Justin Murphy, but he was always Doc to me. "Who's visitin.. " His voice trailed off as he rounded the corner of my room, witnessing my kitsune in all her glory, crumpled on my bed and panting softly. I didn't miss the sudden point in the front of his trousers, either. Kitsune had that effect on many - I certainly wasn't immune, my thoughts still turned toward kissing the creature. "I found her near Moose Creek," I offered, pulling back the cooling towel I had soaked with hot water and laid over her wound. Doc, to his credit, didn't even draw a sharp breath through his teeth the way I had expected - but the protruding bone broke the kitsune's lure on him, and he set to work. It was a tough evening - the cries of the kitsune were horrible as he worked the bone back inside her, as he manipulated her flesh until the inside parts were back inside. She screamed and cried and I had to lash her to the bedposts with belts and blankets so he could work. I sat by her, stroking her cheek, petting her soft ears and promising that it would be over soon, that we didn't want to hurt her even as Doc did just that. I hoped she was intelligent enough to see that we had her best interests at heart. Even with the morphine he had given her, the pain must have been incredible to draw out those animal wails - her metabolism burned through the medicine too quickly, he had pondered aloud. He told me he was afraid of giving her too much - he was no expert on kitsune. But who was? She survived. By the end, my bed was covered in blood and piss and my poor kitsune was passed out - from the pain or the drugs, I'd never know, but she slept while he wrapped her leg in the cast. I'd have to take her to the city at some point, but that was a ways off. I needed to get her stable - fed, cleaned, healed some - before we made that seven hour drive. And I had to figure out what I needed to do to legally claim her before I did that. Taking a real, live kitsune into town without some proof that she was mine was asking for her to be snatched right from under me and there was no guarantee the local lawmen would have her best interests at heart at all. They'd probably sell her off to some rich oil asshole before I could blink. I had some research to do. * * * It had been two days since Doc Murphy had left. He had sworn himself to secrecy while I figured everything out - he was a good guy, a good friend. I was lucky to know him. I did my best to get water and medicine - antibiotics and painkillers - into her but Kit... and yes, I realized what an impossibly stupid name I had given her but it was how I thought of her already, so it stuck... didn't make it easy. She wasn't awake for long and when she was it was whimpers, whines, and cries. The supplies I needed had come in and while it wasn't easy to thread an unconscious fox-girl's tail through a small hole in the back of a diaper, I managed. There was something sexy about the puffy plastic-covered underwear on the girl... I couldn't quite put my finger on it, though. Maybe it was just because that was what they always wore on TV. The only other thing she wore was a solid steel collar - seamless - with a single, round, dangling tag. Kit Olivia Lewis Northway 726-555-8762 The tag wouldn't come off easily, and neither would the collar. It wasn't enough to make a legal claim, but it would certainly help. I was still working on that part. In fact, I was still working on that very conundrum when I heard her rustling around in the bedroom. I rose from my seat and tried my best not to rush to her, walking calmly through my cabin to my bedroom. I had made her a bedroll on the floor after I had cleaned up my bedding - but the pillows and blankets were everywhere when I entered the room. It was impossible that she had made such a mess without making a noise... but quiet came naturally to them. She was sitting on the floor, her red tail whipping back and forth wildly as she tugged fiercely on the leash that kept her tied to the leg of the bed. She whimpered with effort, a wince coming to her face as she shifted wrong and her leg hurt her. She was trying with everything she had to pull free, but I had chosen the reinforced leash I had for a reason. "Hey there, Kit," I called softly from the doorway. Her head whipped around, leveling those breathtaking eyes upon me as her brows arched together. She scooted away, her back pressed against the nightstand as she whimpered. She looked so human, but at the same time... not. There was a fire in her eyes, an inner light that shone around that slit pupil - no human had eyes like that, not naturally. She looked like she had eyeliner on, but I knew that was just part of her natural coloring. I stepped cautiously toward her, moving slowly and holding my hands up, palms up, in what I hoped would be a nonthreatening gesture. After three steps, she tried to dart away, dropping low until her breasts were almost touching the floor and attempting to crawl away with what I was sure would have been incredible speed... but the leash held fast. She turned and tugged again, grunting in frustration as she looked at me and whined. "I can't let you go," I explained, as though she could understand me. "Your leg is hurt... " And you're mine now. I couldn't seem to voice that last thought even though I knew in my heart that I would never release her. She would never be wild again, she would be mine forever... "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I want to help you." Reaching the foot of the bed, I pulled a small container of jerky from the bag of supplies, drawing out a piece and holding it up so she could see it. "Here you go, Kit," I said soothingly, holding out the fragrant meat. Her back was against the nightstand again, the leash pulled taut as she still tried to escape. I set the jerky down between us and backed away, kneeling and waiting. "Go on," I nodded at the food. "You must be hungry. You haven't eaten in two days." The plastic of her diaper rustled as she leaned forward gracefully, snatching the jerky from the floor with shocking swiftness and holding it to her mouth, sniffing it before biting into it with her sharp teeth. So human... and yet so very not. I took another piece from the bag, setting it a little closer to me before I sat down on the ground and waited. She stared it it, and me, for many long moments, motionless. I wouldn't believe she was real if I hadn't carried her here myself. She was surprisingly light - I wondered how tall she stood at her full height. I wasn't exactly big and I had carried her back to the cabin - quite a hike - easily. She stared but didn't move for the longest, but from everything I had read, patience was the key with kitsune. I watched passively, not pushing the jerky closer, not calling her, not enticing her... just waiting. I had time, she wasn't going anywhere. And eventually, she scooted forward slightly and snatched the small piece and stuffed it into her mouth, drawing a soft laugh from me which sent her scrambling backward and cowering. I cursed myself silently as I set out another small piece, just very slightly closer to me, and waited. It took no fewer than twenty-six small tidbits of jerky, but eventually... I got her to take one from my hand. "Liv," I said softly as I pointed to myself. She wasn't retreating all the way back to the nightstand now, she hadn't for the past several pieces. I offered a much larger piece, one that would take her a while to gnaw, as I pointed to her and said, "Kit." She reached for the larger piece tentatively, carefully, and I ran my fingers along hers as she took the jerky - she was soft. Very soft. Impossibly soft. My fingertips tingled ever so slightly where I had caressed her hands. The energy between us was electric... and she was crawling toward me. Her eyes looked different now, hungry in a new way, those deep green jewels staring deep into my own eyes... I jolted at her touch, finding myself rearing back as her face came so close to mine. And she sniffed me! Her nostrils flaring as she apparently took in my scent. Just before she snapped at me, those sharp teeth snapping closed uncomfortably close to my face, her neck and shoulders straining at the end of the leash. Without even thinking, before the shock of how bad that almost was kicked in, I reached up and smacked my hand in a downward motion, right across her nose. The kitsune yelped and collapsed to the floor, covering her nose with her very human hands - but those quite inhuman teeth had almost taken a chunk of my face. "Bad girl," I scolded, my hand shaking with adrenaline as I reached forward, threatening. I had worked with dogs enough to know not to cower in front of one - I had let myself forget that she was a wild animal. No matter how much like a beautiful girl she appeared to be, she was a feral creature, wounded and trapped in a place that was not her habitat. She whined and scooted away from me, her diapered rear in the air, her tail drooping between her legs as she tried to make herself seem smaller. It was only then that the gravity of the near miss caught up with me. I stood quickly and left the room without a backwards glance - that would be showing weakness. Once I got to the kitchen, I unsteadily moved through the motions of making myself a coffee. She almost bit me, my mind reeled. She could have taken off my nose with one bite! That wasn't a thing they ever showed on the shows - kitsune were always shown as docile, obedient, loving... but the creatures paraded on the talk shows were owned, broken in. Would Kit ever reach that point? Should I keep her? I wanted to. She was gorgeous - and kitsune supposedly made amazing companions. I was beyond lucky at having found her - and she was lucky I had been the one to do so. I wanted to keep her out of a desire to help her heal, to love her, for her to be my companion. Another person might have wanted her to sell her, to study her, to dissect her. I barely knew her but I knew that I wanted to love her, and earn her love. I was startled from my reverie by a ripping sound, the sound of tapes... "Oh hell," I grumbled, heading back into the bedroom. Sure enough, Kit had torn off the diaper and thrown it across the room. "Kit!" I cried, grabbing a fresh one from the pack. "Bad girl!" My heart broke as she withered, shrinking away from me and whimpering. She curled up on the floor, her ears flat back against her hair, that bushy tail wrapped around her knees as she shook. I leaned down cautiously - ready to jerk my hand back and away from those teeth - and stroked her nose gently, sliding my fingertips smoothly along her skin. She winced and tensed at first, but relaxed quickly. I set the diaper on the bed and reached for another piece of jerky, a big one, and guided her up onto the bed, grazing my fingers along her taut stomach. I held up the treat for her, which was quickly taken - and I praised her while I began the task of rediapering her. "Good girl Kit," I cooed as I slid the unfolded diaper underneath her, lifting her hips and guiding them. "Good girl," I soothed as she whimpered, gnawing on the large piece of dried meat. I carefully guided her tail through the hole and powdered her once again as I drew it closed and taped it shut. And not a moment too soon. Not more than a few seconds later, a soft hiss came from the diaper, which grew swollen and yellowed as she went. She had taken off the diaper to avoid this... I was really glad I had caught it in time. Grabbing another piece of jerky, I handed it to her, stroking her stomach for a moment before sliding my hand to the front of her diaper. Positive reinforcement was important at this stage, and associating a wet diaper with pleasant feelings, food, and soothing sounds would keep her from wanting to take it off next time. It was surprising that she had reacted to a verbal scolding so quickly, so thoroughly - but I wasn't going to complain either. Hitting her, even a gentle strike on the nose the way I had, was not something I enjoyed. The jerky gone, she sat up slowly, looking sadly down at her leg in the cast. She scratched at it, her nails scraping along the hardened shell, a soft whimper coming from her throat. It probably hurt. "I know," I agreed with her unspoken complaint, carefully and tenderly stroking her fiery hair. It was softer than I had expected. She flinched at first, but relaxed as I continued. "I know it hurts, and I'm sorry. It's healing. Hopefully Doc got it in time and the bone will set right. You're not exactly well understood, you know? But I don't think you were going to make it out there in the snow with that leg the way it was. I am sorry." I was - Doc had implied that if it wasn't perfect, she might walk with a limp forever, and that was generally a bad thing for a wild animal. I was keeping her, but a lame leg would soothe my conscience. It was a terrible thing to hope for, I felt bad thinking it. The purr she let out caught me by surprise. The meat was gone and her eyes were closed, her hands resting on her stomach, her chin tilted up in the air, her throat bared, her chest heaving... and her hips grinding into my hand. I blushed fiercely as I realized what she was doing - but I didn't pull away, I didn't scold her. She was bonding with me... not quite the way I had intended, but she was being vulnerable in a way I hadn't expected. Her tail thrashed back and forth as she rocked, a low moan coming from her throat. The tip of that fluffy tail brushed against my arm over and over as she bucked, panting against me. I pressed my hand in harder, dragging my nails gently across her side, across her stomach as she moaned a very human-like moan. She shuddered, her tongue lolling as she arched, her moans a crescendo that matched her body. "Good girl," I told her, rubbing the diaper between her legs, encouraging her to savor that afterglow... if a kitsune had such a thing. "Good girl. Kit is a good girl." I wouldn't want her humping my hand all the time, but this was vastly preferable to her trying to bite me, for sure. As she slipped off to sleep, I slipped from the room, blinking with disbelief at the events that had just occurred. There was a kitsune in my bed. And she was mine. In ways I hadn't expected.
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    Hello again, everyone! So, you all know I typically don't write anything in too great of detail when it comes to the fetish side of things. But, I took a stab at it. This is nothing like anything I've written before, and yeah, it's definitely more sexual than what I normally write. But, I'm considering writing a small collection of short stories like these, and eventually selling the collection. If you like it, awesome. If you don't, that's okay, too. But, here ya go! Chapter 1 When the average person hears, “It’s just a party,” there’s usually an inkling that it’s not just a party. Of course, Robert Marx wasn’t your average guy, and wasn’t thinking too clearly when he agreed to go to Chloe Brown’s party. It didn’t help that he had a huge crush on her, or that she seemed to have taken a liking to him, too. Robert paced his apartment living room, running his fingers through his hair as he did so. “Ugh, why did I agree to go? There are going to be tons of people there! Chloe won’t even notice me. I’m going to cancel. I’ll tell her I’m sick…” he said to himself. “...But, I already told her I’d go! She’ll kill me if I don’t. And she wouldn’t have invited me if she didn’t want me there, right?” Typical with Robert’s luck, his phone vibrated loudly, and he quickly unlocked the screen to see who it was. “Chloe…” he sighed as he viewed the text message. Hey, it read, you’re still coming tonight, right? Lots of games, drinks, all that fun stuff! Robert’s thumbs moved all around the keyboard, before finally responding with an, Of course! Want me to bring anything? Just yourself, Chloe replied, there will be plenty of food, and drinks, and just people hanging out! Got it! See you soon! Robert replied, before sighing once more and placing his phone in his pocket. Why was he so nervous? It was, after all, the perfect situation. Chloe had come up to him right after work, unlike the previous attempts, where Robert would approach her, and get all tongue-tied before walking away like a fool. Sure, they’d been working together for two years and talked quite a bit; all the little jokes, the occasional nudge in Robert’s side that made him giggle, and some of Chloe’s teasing that turned him beet red. But they never really got the chance to know each other. This particular time, however, the petite, green-eyed brunette approached Robert with a warm, “Hey!” Robert turned and smiled shyly, with his hands in his pockets. “Oh, hi, Chloe! What’s up?” “Well, we’ve known each other for some time now, and I’m having a party at my house this Friday. Nothing crazy. Just some friends, some drinks, and some games. I’d really like it if you showed up.” “G-gee, Chloe, I appreciate that! I-” “Now before you say you’ll think about it,” Chloe interrupted, “I wouldn’t be inviting you if I didn’t like you. And I know you’ve told me how shy you are around lots of people, but there will seriously only be about 10 people max.” Robert scratched his head, not liking to be put on the spot. Before he could respond, Chloe looked him in the eyes, giving a little pout. “Please? For me?” Those damned eyes! That convincing, hypnotic pout! And she said she liked him! “I’ll be there.” “Woo! I’ll see you there! Remember, Friday by 8!” Chloe gave him a huge smile before turning and heading towards her car, while Robert stood there with a dumb smile on his face. “Oh!” Chloe turned around, Robert still in his smiley trance. “We didn’t swap numbers yet!” “N-numbers?” Robert snapped out of it, shaking his head quickly. “Yeah, silly! Phone numbers!” Did she just call him silly? This made Robert blush, and he watched a little smirk develop across Chloe’s face. He blushed harder when she asked him for his number. He fumbled over his words, giving her his number with an awkward, strained effort. “You’re getting all flustered! Are you okay?” Chloe asked in a caring tone. “Wh-what? Yeah. I just don’t really get asked to parties or for people to have my number.” “Awwww, poor thing!” Chloe patted his head, quickly retracting her hand when she saw him blush harder. “I’m sorry! That’s probably way out of line, isn’t it?” It was out of line in comparison to Robert’s interactions with women in the past, but as embarrassing and as silly as it was, he liked it. “It’s okay, really.” “You sure? You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?” Chloe raised an eyebrow. Robert quickly responded with a, “I don’t know...maybe?” and giggled, before realizing what he’d just said. He never joked with anyone like that! Would she get upset? Would she find his humor funny, or would she redact the invitation to the party? Most women he’d attempted this kind of banter with gave an awkward laugh and then walked away. But not Chloe! “Ohh, that’s very unlike you to say!” Chloe giggled some more, “I like it! We’ll get you out of that shell of yours, mark my words.” She quickly looked down at her phone, and within moments, Robert’s phone went off, letting him know he had a message. It read, It’s Chloe! He added her to his contacts, then smiled some more, feeling as though he’d just won the lottery, all because he got an invite to his crush’s party, and was given her number! Chloe, on the other hand, found this entire moment enticing, if not slightly arousing. She loved making guys blush, but lately, she’d had no success, as the men she’d dated more recently acted all tough or got extremely defensive when she said or did something to make them uncomfortable. Not Robert, though! Nope, this shy, 5’9” tall, average-built, brown haired and hazel-eyed man blushed and took it like a champ, and seemed to like it. And this had been the case since the two started talking! He always gave a shy, “Hello,” or a small wave with a blush, and was always friendly towards her. It made Chloe wonder how far he’d let her take it, if it got to that point. Teasing and humiliation were two out of the three of her biggest turn-ons, but again, most people she tried it with either chickened out, got upset, or pretended to like it (and yes, she could tell when they were pretending!). The third? Eliciting the first two turn-ons by babying men; giving them all the attention and care that a baby would need, diapers and all. She’d discovered her little kink quite a few years earlier and had experimented throughout the years. And yet, she never felt satisfied with her past experiences (and she didn’t have a lot to begin with, since most guys weren’t into it). Maybe Robert would be different. “Hmmm…” she wondered aloud, temporarily in her own little world. “What? Oh, I added you and send a message back.” Robert replied shyly. “Ohh, just thinking, is all. But hey, thanks! I’ll see you later, Robert. Remember, you have to come to the party now that you agreed!” “Okay! Thanks again!” The two parted ways, and Robert made his way home, psyching himself out the entire time, leading him back to pacing his living room and questioning whether he should attend Chloe’s party. But, he sealed his fate when he sent her the response, and started getting ready, talking himself out of backing out every step of the way. Chapter 2 Finally, the time came for the party to start, and in typical Robert fashion, he showed up 40 minutes early. He hated being late, but never timed his departures right. After all, what if there was a traffic jam? What if his car broke down? What if he got pulled over? What if the sky split in two and giant robots came crashing down, annihilating all of humanity and blocking his path? He was a worrier, for sure! Taking an awkward step onto Chloe’s little wooden porch, Robert knocked on the screen door and tried to peek through the screen without making it too obvious. Maybe I’m at the wrong house. Maybe the party got cancelled. Maybe- he thought. “Robert!” he heard Chloe’s voice before seeing her make her way through the kitchen before opening the door and letting him in. Without any hesitation, she put her arms around Robert and gave him a hug. It didn’t take long for Robert to realize that Chloe was a little tipsy. The hint of alcohol on her breath, the way she nonchalantly swayed towards him, the constant smile on her face. “Oh, hi Chloe! Um,” he stammered, a bit surprised by the hug but giving a warm (but shy) one in return, “sorry if I’m a little early.” Releasing him from her hug, Chloe looked over at the clock on the wall, then tsked. “Mmm, I’ll let it slide,” she tilted her head, “after all, you are the first one here. If you were late, I might have had to punish you.” “Punish?” Robert chuckled nervously, his face a dead giveaway that he was embarrassed. “Yeah, you know...a time out, or a spanking over my knee, or something like that.” Chloe giggled, waiting to see Robert’s reaction. She was pleasantly surprised to see Robert’s face turn so red so quickly. Was he truly embarrassed? Turned on? Ashamed? It didn’t matter; she loved it! Robert, on the other hand, did his best to keep his composure, trying not the ideas give away the fact that part of him was quite intrigued by the idea of being punished. “Real funny, Chloe.” Robert replied, shaking off the idea. “Anyway, um, thanks for inviting me. I don’t usually go to parties.” “Pshhh, we’ve been working together for what, two years?” “Two and a half,” Robert corrected her, “although I’m surprised our shifts haven’t really changed over that time.” “Well, I’m probably gonna be a lifer, anyway,” Chloe joked, “but they tend to leave you part-timers alone. Why are you still working there, anyway?” Robert shrugged, “The extra income is nice, and it’s only 2 nights a week.” “Fair enough. Bah! Anyway, let’s not talk about work. It is a party, after all! Come, follow me!” Chloe took Robert’s arm and gently yanked him, leading the now blushing man around her house. “Drinks are in the fridge and coolers,” she pointed to each, “food’s in the dining room, games in the living room, music is...everywhere. Do you want anything? Beer? Mixed drink?” “No, thanks.” “C’monnnn,” Chloe teased, “I can already tell you’re all tense and uncomfortable. Loosen up a bit! Besides, you’re my first guest, so you have to have a drink with me. It’s the rules!” “Rules?” Robert cocked his head sideways. “Yep! Chloe’s List of Rules! And one of those rules is that I’m always right!” “A-and the other rules?” “They’ll be known as the night goes on, depending on how well-behaved you are.” Okay, Robert thought to himself, she is definitely flirting with me! “I see. And what happens if I break the rules?” “Well, depends on which rule you break. For this particular rule, turning down the host’s offer for the first celebratory beverage means your other option is milk or juice in a sippy cup or bottle. So….beer?” Chloe offered once more, this time with a wink. With a blush and a chuckle, Robert said, “Alright, give me a beer, please.” “Ohh, you said please!” Chloe exclaimed before reaching into the large blue cooler, pulling out a can of beer, and popping the top before handing it over. “That’s a surprise? And thank you.” Robert said, waiting for Chloe to grab her own drink. “You’d be surprised how many people, both customers and people I’ve taken a liking to in the past, don’t have any manners.” Chloe quickly poured herself a vodka and lemon-lime soda, before raising her glass. “Cheers.” “Cheers,” Robert replied, tapping her glass with his can, “and yeah, it’s a lost art these days.” “Amen to that!” The two sipped their drinks, continuing their conversation about manners, and things not related to work. Sure, they talked during work, but this was far different. They didn’t have to be careful about what they said. And then things got more interesting. “So let me ask you something, Robert. I know we’ve only got a bit of time left before everyone else shows up. But, you ever had a girlfriend before?” Chloe asked before sipping her drink, making Robert nearly choke on his. “Well, sure! I mean, it was a long time ago, but, yeah, I’ve had a couple of girlfriends in the past.” “And may I ask why it didn’t work out?” “Um, well,” Robert paused, first thinking of giving a typical response, but again giving in to Chloe’s seemingly soul-piercing eyes, “we had some differences in what we wanted. And, if you haven’t noticed, I am pretty awkward.” “Hmm, so they were kinda kinky and you weren’t?” Chloe seemingly joked. “What? I mean, no, I mean-” Robert stammered and blushed. “Ahh, so you’re the kinky one.” She giggled some more, before putting her hand on his shoulder. “Uh oh, someone’s all flustered again!” “H-hey,” Robert giggled shyly and looked away, making Chloe smile even more, “I mean, that’s part of it.” “Robert, it’s fine. I’m not judging. Just curious. I’ve got some, *ahem*, preferences of my own. And I think your awkward personality is kinda cute, if we’re being honest.” This made him turn even more red, but he looked at Chloe this time, giving her a big smile. “Well, I appreciate that. I um,” he said, his voice getting quieter, “think you’re kinda cute, too.” God, Robert felt like such a high-schooler! Why was he so giddy and awkward?! He cursed himself, again hoping he wasn’t being too straightforward. And once more, Chloe found his response to be utterly adorable! “Awww! Most guys just make comments on how ‘hot’ I am! You’re so sweet!” Chloe hugged him once more. Robert was enjoying this so much! He didn’t feel as awkward around his crush, and Chloe relished the moment; Robert’s blushing, and shyness...even his posture! Clearly he liked her, and Chloe, being the type to not just take an interest in anybody, found herself quite attracted to all of Robert’s quirkiness. “You’re so cute, I could just eat you up!” Chloe sang, making Robert look down awkwardly. When she saw this, she beamed before smirking, taking her hand and gently pinching Robert’s reddening cheek. “Awwwwwwwwww! You’re so red!” she giggled. “I-I’m not used to this kind of attention.” Robert fumbled over his words, giggling shyly the whole time. “Well I can stop if it’s too much.” Chloe offered, looking Robert in the eyes once again. “What? N-no, you don’t have to do that.” “Ohhh, so you like it?” As much as Robert didn’t want to admit he liked it very much, he blamed the beer (that damned truth serum!) for making him nod shyly and quietly say, “Yes.” “Gahhh!” Chloe gushed, “I knew it! See? Breaking that teeny tiny shell of yours, a little bit at a time! Well, I promise I’ll behave when the others show up. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable in front of everyone.” “I appreciate that,” Robert said with a relieved sigh, catching his breath and recovering from his blushing session, “they should be here soon, right?” “Yeah, any minute now. Oh, and I know you said you get a bit nervous around lots of people, but you can stick with me tonight,” Chloe paused, “or I can carry you on my hip.” “W-wait, what?” Robert said, flustered. “Sorry! Last joke for a while, I promise!” Chloe giggled, thinking to herself how much of an easy target Robert was. “Oh,” Robert giggled, “w-well, thank you, Chloe. I appreciate that.” Oh, yeah, Chloe thought to herself, I think he might just be perfect. Her mind wandered, wondering how Robert would react if she pulled him to her room, plopped him down on the floor, and swiftly but lovingly started diapering him. She turned and bit her lip as she thought about this. Would he run or get upset like the other guys she tried it on? Hell, she didn’t even know if Robert had any kinks! Chloe regained her composure, shaking off the thoughts for the time being. Perfect timing, too, as some loud knocks and shouting could be heard from the entrance to her home. “Hey, Chloe! Let us in!” she heard a few people laugh and shout. She turned towards the noise and quickly headed over, but not before putting her arm on Robert’s shoulder and whispering, “Remember what I said. You’ll be okay.” Robert nodded, watching as Chloe opened the door, and about eight people, some of whom he recognized from work, waltzed in. They all greeted Chloe, with some who were familiar with Robert exclaiming, “Ohh, shit! It’s Robert! What’s up, man?!” and the unfamiliar faces shaking his hand and introducing themselves. T-they seem nice enough, Robert thought, maybe this won’t be too bad. After everyone made their way inside, Chloe instructed them to grab some drinks and food, and went over the different games and music she had for the party. “Now, everyone have fun!” And so the night went on, with lots of music, some dancing, some games, and plenty of food. Nobody got too out of hand, and Robert stuck to Chloe’s side, except for when either had to use the bathroom. Sadly, one by one, people left, with the clock not even striking 10:30. Some had other parties to go to, others had to be to work at 6am the next morning, and some people never even showed up! Robert, on the other hand, waited it out, in part by choice, in part by not knowing when a good time to leave was without offending the slightly inebriated Chloe. Chloe begged people to stay, or picked on them when they left, but shrugged it off, saying, “There’s still four of us left!” Ironically, as she said that, the other two folks yawned and stretched, before telling Chloe that they needed to go. “Sorry,” her friends said, “our babysitter has a curfew.” “Ugh,” Chloe sighed, before giving her friends a hug, “well, thanks for coming! I appreciate it! I’m sure I’ll see you soon.” They parted ways, and as they left Chloe’s house, she turned the music down a bit. There was hardly any alcohol left, and mostly empty bags of chips and containers of dip. Board games and crumbs were all over the place. Robert thought about leaving as well, but he definitely didn’t want to stick Chloe with cleaning up herself. “Well, that kinda sucked.” Chloe sighed. “I think everyone had fun,” Robert said reassuringly, “I mean, I know I did.” “Yeahhh, but they do this sometimes. Just stop over and flake out after a short while. But not you.” “N-nope. I mean, I can go if you want…” Robert said shyly, uncertain of Chloe’s last remark. “What? Nooo, you can stay!” Robert nodded, and began rolling up the bags of opened snacks, and stacking the used plastic cups strewn about Chloe’s furniture. “You don’t have to help me with that.” Chloe smiled. “Well I don’t think it’s right for people not to help clean up after going to a friend’s party.” Robert explained. “You are such a sweetheart! My little helper!” This made Robert blush once more, but he smiled and continued cleaning, making sure everything was in decent shape before Chloe told him she’d take care of the rest later. “I can’t get over how cute you are!” Chloe gushed, giving Robert a quick peck on the cheek. Was she drunk? Or was that a legitimate kiss? Robert’s face burned, but he smiled (albeit, shyly). Robert himself hadn’t had that much to drink, his buzz wearing off about a half hour earlier. “T-thank you, Chloe.” “You,” she said as she kissed his cheek again, continuing this in between each word she said, “are. Welcome.” Robert couldn’t contain himself, becoming overwhelmed with wanting to kiss Chloe back so badly. With an even bigger blush, he kissed her on the cheek back, and in response, Chloe pulled him into a huge hug. “I know I’m a little tipsy,” Chloe admitted, “but I really like you, Robert.” “And...I like you, Chloe.” Robert shyly admitted. “You say that now,” Chloe tsked, “but most guys run the other way after they get to know me some more.” “Well, same thing happens to me.” “I didn’t forget about you being the kinky one,” Chloe winked, “but really, it’s okay. I’m a pretty open-minded girl, and like I said, I’ve got some preferences of my own.” “And that’s perfectly fine.” Robert said quickly, trying not to get flustered. “Makes me curious what you have going on in that brain of yours, though.” Chloe wondered, smiling softly. “I’m curious about you as well!” “There’s only one way to settle this then, per Chloe’s List of Rules.” “How’s that?” Robert asked inquisitively. “We’re going to play Spin the Bottle!” “W-what? But there’s only two of us!” “I know! This is my own little twist on it. But before we play, you have to promise that if you agree, there is no backing out. And if you get really uncomfortable, just tell me, and we’ll stop.” Robert told himself he should’ve left then and there, but his curiosity got the best of him, and he said, “Okay.” Chloe nodded, then brought Robert to the living room floor, sitting him on the floor on one side of the coffee table. Chloe then left the room momentarily, and came back with a couple of bottles in her hand: one was an empty beer bottle, one was a full beer bottle, and the third was a baby bottle. “Okay, let’s play.” Chloe said with a smirk before sitting down. Chapter 3 Robert did a double take when he saw what was in Chloe’s hands. Why both beer bottles and a baby bottle? Trying to mentally put the pieces together, he figured it was for some silly consequence if a player backed out of the game. “You look confused, Robert,” Chloe smirked before sitting across from Robert, sitting with her legs in a slight v-shape before setting both bottles down in front of her, “but I promise it’ll make sense. Now sit just like I am, so our feet touch each other.” Robert sheepishly did as instructed, still eyeing the bottles. In no time, he sat directly across from her, smiling. “Okay,” Chloe took the baby bottle and showed it to Robert, clearly showing it was about halfway full, “as you can see, this bottle has some yummy drink in it: beer!” “B-but why?” “Such a silly boy! It’s part of the game! This is literally just like your average game of Spin the Bottle, except, whoever the baby bottle lands on, has to drink from it, whether that’s on your own or with a little help.” Chloe winked, her eyes seeming to glisten as she explained the rules. This made Robert shift and scratch his head nervously. He’d have to drink from a bottle, or worse, be fed from one by his crush? He’d read about adults doing such babyish things before, and despite never wanting to admit it, it did pique his curiosity a bit. After all, being more of the type of person to give up control was one of his kinks. “T-that doesn’t sound too bad.” Robert said, trying to mask his uncertainty. “Now you can try to do a counter spin if you really want to, but just keep in mind, if you do and it lands on you again, the ante is upped. Three times in a row, and…” “And…?” Robert asked. “...I don’t want to spoil the surprise!” “Mmm, I don’t like surprises too much.” Robert said quietly. “Ohhh, but you promised! And besides, I told you if it gets to be too much, you can just say the word, and we can call it a night.” “That I did.” Robert sighed, unable to conceal his concern. “Here, why don’t we just do a few practice rounds by playing the old school way first?” Chloe suggested. “Maybe it’ll help break the ice a bit?” “That sounds good to me.” “Good! This’ll be slightly different from the baby bottle. So, if the beer bottle points to anywhere towards your side of the circle, you get kissed. If you spin it and it lands on yourself, then the other person gets to kiss you! It’s a win-win, right?” Robert nodded, and with that, Chloe cleared the other bottles out of the way, setting the empty beer bottle on the hardwood floor directly in the center of the circled formed by their legs, and gave it a good spin. The bottle spun wildly for a few moments, before coming to a crawl, its neck pointing directly at Robert. “Ohh, lucky first spin, huh?” Chloe winked, before breaking the circle, kneeling towards Robert and leaning in for a kiss. Fear took over Robert as Chloe got closer, followed by confusion, followed by the realization that this was happening. Chloe closed her eyes, her intoxicating perfume entering Robert’s nostrils, before leaning in further and kissing Robert lightly. Robert closed his eyes and followed suit, kissing her back, feeling a wave of pleasure and ease overcome him. He heard Chloe softly let out an, “Mmmm,” before they parted lips, leaving Robert with a very goofy smile on his face. “Something told me you were a good kisser, Robert.” Chloe giggled. “How was that?” “Um, pretty amazing, actually.” he replied with a shy giggle. “Awww, good. And there go your cheeks again! All red!” she teased, pinching his cheeks before forming her half of the circle once more. “H-hey.” Robert said, clearly flustered. “Awww, is someone getting fussy? Maybe we should end the game?” “Fat chance.” Robert retorted, taking the bottle and spinning it hard, this time pointing to Chloe when it came to rest. Feeling much less anxious and much more confident, Robert leaned in and gave Chloe a bigger kiss, feeling rather surprised when Chloe’s hands gently grabbed the back of his head and stroked his hair. “Mmmm, goodness! You’re a damn good kisser!” Chloe said as the two ended the second kiss. “Thank you!” Robert replied. “There’s the gentleman again!” The two smiled and giggled a bit, before Robert got back into a sitting position. The game continued on this way three more times, and it indeed broke the ice, the two growing more comfortable with kissing each other. This was like a dream for Robert, and he hoped he wouldn’t wake up anytime soon! He felt much more relaxed around Chloe and about how the rest of the night would go (although he was still curious to know what would happen with the baby bottle if he lost). It was no different for Chloe, though she secretly grew impatient and wanted to hurry the next part of the game up. Sure, the kissing really turned her on, but she was ready to test Robert’s limits. She quickly took the empty beer bottle and set it aside, before reaching over and grabbing the baby bottle, setting it on its side, the rubber nipple pointing right where their feet met to make it fair. “You ready for this, Robert?” Chloe asked with a hint of seduction in her voice. She sounds really into this! Play it cool, Robert. There’s nobody else here. He thought to himself before nodding quickly. “You spin first this time, Robert.” His hand shook a little bit before taking hold of the baby bottle, giving it a hard spin and looking at it intently, as if to will it to spin and land on Chloe. Round and round and round, it went, Robert biting his lip in anticipation. There’s no way it would land on him on the first spin! It was a fifty-fifty shot! It did in fact, land on Robert first. His heart sunk as he saw it, and Chloe clapped her hands. “Awww, wooks wike Wobert has to drink from the baba!” Chloe said in a sing-song fashion, making Robert blush helplessly. “Y-yeahh, yeah,” he said with a giggle, trying to hide his embarrassment, “do I just, like, pick it up and drink from it, or…?” “Nice try! I probably should’ve added that the ‘with a little help’ part is the other person’s choice. I mean, you could always spin again and try to get out of it.” Chloe suggested, practically eager to see Robert lose. “N-nah, it was a poor spin. I’ll um, I’ll be a good sport.” “Okay then,” Chloe said, picking the bottle up and patting her legs, “c’mere.” “W-wait, what?” Robert blushed hard. “C’mere! I’m going to help you. These things are tricky, you know.” “O-okay. Do I just, I mean,” Robert stammered, inching closer towards Chloe, surprised when she turned him around and gently pulled him back towards her, his back and head resting in the crook of her shoulder, “like this?” “Like this.” Chloe repeated with a nod. She quietly held the baby bottle, bringing it up to Robert’s mouth, poking his lips a little with the rubber nipple before positioning the bottle at an angle to make drinking it easier. With some hesitation, Robert opened his mouth, accepting the bottle, his cheeks burning red as he felt Chloe’s other hand gently hug his chest. “There you go,” Chloe said quietly, “drink it alllll up. Just relax and enjoy it. Who cares if it’s silly? It’s just us, and we’re having fun, right?” Robert, practically mesmerised by Chloe’s soft tones, nodded, beginning to drink from the bottle. The way she held him, the way she held the bottle, the way she spoke to him as he drank, made him feel so...relaxed, so safe. It was actually kind of nice! And still, he felt his face burn. Chloe kept a watchful eye on Robert’s physical response. He was leaning into her with no sign of tension or stress, and those adorable red cheeks didn’t help any! Chloe smiled down at Robert the entire time, and when his eyes met hers, they closed slightly, indicating he was happy. Perhaps he would be a good match for her, after all! It didn’t take long for Robert to finish the bottle, to which Chloe set it aside and helped him sit back up. She turned him around, but before sending him back to his side of the circle, she leaned in and gave him a much deeper kiss than from their first game. “Awww, good job, finishing your bottle!” Chloe said. “Do you need to be burped, too?” “N-no thanks.” Robert blushed with a giggle, already feeling a little guilty for liking the bottle-feeding but not wanting to give himself away. “Okay,” Chloe shrugged before unscrewing the bottle’s nipple and filling the container with more beer, “maybe next time.” “Pshh, if there is a next time!” Robert argued, hoping the tables would be turned! “Your turn to spin.” Chloe nodded, screwing the rubber nipple back onto the bottle, setting it down, and spinning it. This time, it landed on her. “Aha!” Robert exclaimed. “Yep! Landed on me!” Chloe laughed. “You wanna feed me, or should I do it myself?” “You can do it yourself.” Robert replied. “Okay!” With that, Chloe unscrewed the baby bottle’s top, before taking a few quick swigs of the beer, giggling as she filled it up once more and put the rubber nipple back on. “H-hey! That’s-” “-not cheating. Remember, Chloe’s List of Rules!” she smirked. Damn it. Robert cursed himself, knowing he’d been tricked. “I’ll let it slide…” “And you better slide over here to kiss me.” He did just that, making his way over and giving Chloe a kiss equally as satisfying as the one she’d given him. Bending rules aside, this game wasn’t so bad, after all! “Alright, your spin!” With a confident smile, Robert took the bottle and spun it as close to Chloe’s style as possible, knowing there’d be no way it would land on him again. It did, resulting in a fit of giggles from Chloe. “Poor Robert,” she cooed, causing Robert’s cheeks to turn beet red again, “this just isn’t your game, huh? Now, come here.” To Chloe’s surprise, Robert placed the bottle back in its starting position, his hand ready to spin again. “Ohh, you’re quite brave! You know, if you lose-” Chloe started. “-No way I’m gonna lose. My luck has to turn around! It always does.” Robert said, unaware of the deeper hole he was digging himself into. “Your call.” Chloe smiled before biting her lip. With a nod, Robert spun it once more, the bottle spinning round and round, this time in a counterclockwise rotation. Again, it landed on him, his heart sinking even further. Chloe could barely contain her excitement. She knew if he didn’t spin again, she’d tease him quite a bit more, this time adding a burping and spanking. However, if Robert chose to spin one more time, she’d go much further beyond that. “W-well.” Robert stammered again. “Awwww, it’s okay. You wanna try again? Either that or I can feed you again, but this time, I’m gonna pat your back and bottom until you get all those nasty bubbles out.” This made Robert blush even more than before, the mere thought of being treated so babyishly by such a beautiful woman making him feel so helpless and out of control. “You can always try one more time! All it needs to do is land on me and you’re in the clear!” Chloe encouraged, hoping to influence Robert’s decision. “B-but the third spin. What does it do if it lands on me?” Robert asked sheepishly. “Well, this is where I’m anticipating you’re going to back out. But,” Chloe leaned in a bit further, “if it lands on your three times in a row, drinking from a baby bottle will seem like a cakewalk, because that means you have to on an adventure with me tonight.” “L-like out somewhere, or….?” “Not quite. But, people in the past have always backed out at this point, and I don’t blame you if you do as well. Still, there’s always that chance that it won’t land on you.” Robert had a general idea of what the third strike would entail, his kinky mind already playing imaginary scenarios in his head. It was clear that Chloe loved being in control, but what kind of adventure did she want with him? Would she really take it that far? And with his luck, wouldn’t it be better to just accept phase two of the game and move on? But no, something in his mind yearned for this, the curiosity tugging at his brain. He had to know, but at the same time, knew there was the chance that it wouldn’t get to that point. “A-and...if it does land on me for the third time, I can, um, still back out if it’s too much?” Robert asked shyly. “You can.” Never having been one to take these types of chances before, Robert shakily took the bottle, set it into position, spun it hard, and bit his lip, torn between wanting to get out of the entire thing and wanting to know what Chloe had in store for him if he lost. He heard the friction between the bottle and the floor, getting less and less audible with each spin, until there was silence. Robert’s eyes widened when he saw that the baby bottle was pointed directly at him. This was it. He’d lost. “Hmm, well. This just made things interesting.” Chloe said, smiling from ear to ear. “Y-yeah. Am I, like, your slave for the night or something?” “Or something. I told you you’d have to go on an adventure with me, right?” Robert nodded, watching as Chloe moved closer to him, until she was within whispering range. She leaned in and whispered into his left ear. “Well, this is going to be an adventure in babysitting.” “Y-you mean…” Robert whispered back, blushing. “Such a smart boy! If you want to continue this with me tonight, I can promise you that you won’t be forced to do anything you don’t want. Just say the word, whether it’s now or any time throughout the night, and we can stop and pretend nothing ever happened. But I think you’re cute, and I think you just might like what I have planned, so if you want to continue, just say the phrase, ‘yes, mommy.’” There was a brief pause, Robert swallowing hard before choosing whether to venture further into the rabbit hole than he ever thought possible. With a trembling lip and a big blush, Robert leaned in, whispering into Chloe’s ear, “yes, mommy.” Chapter 4 “You mean it? You’re not just saying that to impress me?” Chloe asked, looking Robert in the eye. “No! I mean, no, in that I’m not just saying that to impress you. I like you, and tonight’s been fun so far. It’s kinda scary not knowing what to expect, but I trust you.” Robert ranted, getting flustered once more. “Aww, baby’s getting all flustered again.” Chloe cooed. “And babies should trust their mommies, so that’s good!” Robert smiled shyly as he heard this. That soft, teasing talk cut through him, and yet sounded so sweet to his ears. “Yeah. Besides, that’s-” Robert paused, “-that’s kind of how the dynamic between kinky people should be, right? Trusting each other?” “Such a smart little guy!” Chloe gushed, before leaning in to kiss Robert once more. Chloe then got up from the floor, reaching her hand down to help Robert up. “C’mon, Robert. Let’s start the adventure.” Robert said nothing, only nodding as he used Chloe to help himself up. He followed right behind her, down a hallway and to the third door on the left. He was brought into what he assumed was her room. A queen-sized bed, two matching nightstands with lamps, a short but long dresser with mirror, and various pictures and posters filled the room, making it look and feel quite cozy and inviting. “Alright, on the bed you go.” Chloe instructed. Robert complied, lying on the bed and backing up slowly, until only his feet were hanging over the edge. “L-like this?” he asked, hoping he was doing it right. “Just like that! Good job!” Chloe smiled. “Now wait right there! Don’t move that little bottom or Mommy might have to spank.” Keeping still as a stone, Robert followed Chloe with his eyes, watching as she opened a closet and dug around. When she came back into full view, Robert saw a box in her hands. She plopped it down on the edge of the bed, before slowly pulling various items out. The first being a pastel green pacifier, followed by another baby bottle, a stack of what looked to be about six diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, and finally, a large, fuzzy blanket. “There we go. What kind of mommy would I be if I didn’t have the right supplies to take care of baby, hmm?” Chloe asked, setting the box back down, giving Robert a full view of everything that was about to be used on him. “Don’t worry about the blanket, Robert,” Chloe added, “that’s for if I decide we need to change you on the floor.” “Ch-change me? O-ohh…” Robert blushed hard, his heart beating rather quickly as he tried to anticipate what that would be like. Before he could further respond, Chloe picked up the pacifier, then leaned over Robert with a satisfied smile, and kissed him on his lips, cheeks, and forehead, before gently placing the pacifier in his mouth. “Be a good boy and keep this in for Mommy, okay? Can you do that?” “Mhmm…” Robert said, blushing even more as he felt the rubber nipple of the pacifier in his mouth, which made talking near impossible. “Good, good. Now, the first thing we need to do is get you out of those awful grown-up pants, and into something fitting for someone being babysat, don’t you think?” With a grin, Chloe held up one of the diapers, showing it to Robert. Having read about the lifestyle briefly before, Robert knew about the diapers, but had never actually seen one up close. This particular diaper was pretty thick, having just a few cutesy balloons on the front, with the rest of the diaper white as snow. Chloe furthered her teasing by opening the diaper a bit, then placing it in Robert’s hand so he could feel it. It was so very soft, and even more surprising, was that it smelled rather babyish. “Hmmm, this is gonna look so cute on my wittle Wobert, huh?” Chloe cooed, silently gaging Robert’s reaction to everything going on. She didn’t want to overwhelm the poor guy, but she had an itch that needed to be scratched, and judging by Robert’s….excitement...Chloe didn’t sense any discomfort. I think I met my match! Chloe thought to herself with a smile. Still, just to ensure he was okay, Chloe took the diaper out of Robert’s hand, then hovered her face over his, kissing his pacifier before saying, “I’m going to undo your pants and boxers. Is that okay?” Robert nodded shyly, looking into Chloe’s loving but seducing eyes. Something told him that he could trust her, and he had agreed to the game, after all. “Good boy.” Chloe murmured, before kneeling beside Robert, her hands getting to work on unbuckling his belt, followed by unbuttoning his pants and undoing the zipper. Robert saw that she was struggling to remove his pants and boxers, and despite feeling slightly embarrassed by the fact that she’d be greeted with some obvious excitement, he slightly lifted his bottom so Chloe could easier remove his clothing. “Awww, mommy’s little helper!” Chloe cooed with a smirk, eyeing Robert’s manhood but saying nothing so not to torture him too much. Next, Chloe further opened the thick, babyish adult diaper, and with a little more help from Robert, lifted the man’s legs and slid the diaper beneath his bottom. Robert, too shy and docile to resist, couldn’t believe how comfortable he felt with Chloe doing this, let alone with how comfortable the inside of the diaper felt against his skin! He bit down on his pacifier softly, blushing hard when his legs were lowered. Chloe then softly spread Robert’s legs apart before taking a light hold of his erect member, positioning it so it hopefully wouldn’t be too uncomfortable in the diaper. Next, she very slowly folded up the diaper, making sure to quietly rip the tapes on each side, taking her time to tape up the left side first, followed by the right side. The front of the diaper did nothing to hide Robert’s excitement, making him blush from behind his pacifier. With a smile, Chloe rubbed her hands over the diaper, making sure it was on snug and that there was no potential for leaks. She then patted the bottom of the diaper, making Robert shiver softly. “How’s that, my little baby? Is baby comfy in his diapee?” Chloe beamed, the look on her face clearly giving away the fact that she was very turned on by the man in a thick diaper that lay before her. Instead of simply nodding this time, the now embarrassed (but very comfortable and excited) Robert leaned up and kissed Chloe on the cheek with his pacifier still in mouth, blushing very hard but still wanting to show her he was okay. This only made Chloe gush even more. “Awwwwwww, yay! I’m so glad! Such a good baby for his first diaper!” Chloe sang, before sitting Robert up and pulling him into a big hug, making sure to pat the back of his diaper. This made Robert blush harder, if that was possible, and he put his arms around Chloe in return. He could hear Chloe’s breathing and feel her composure, giving away that she found this very exciting, and the front of Robert’s diaper gave him away as well. “Now,” Chloe said, “my baby’s all cute and comfy in his diaper. But, I think we need to get him his baba again. No beer this time, though. How does some iced tea sound, little baby? Hmm?” Chloe asked. “Yes, please.” Robert tried to speak from behind the pacifier, muffled due to its size. This made Chloe giggle and smirk, and she told him she’d be right back, grabbing the baby bottle off the bed and hurrying down to the kitchen. She was no doubt very turned on by this whole ordeal, but wanted to relish the moment. Her previous encounters with men when it came to exploring this side of her always led them to play the tough guy role, or their discomfort would clearly give away the fact that they weren’t into it. Robert, on the other hand, despite looking very shy (and sexy in his new diaper), seemed to fit the role perfectly. His quiet nature and the fact that he’d said he was a bit kinky made this all the more fun. That, and he hadn’t backed out yet! Would he, however, when it would be time to use his diapers? She wasn’t sure, but hoped for the best. Coming back down the hallway, baby bottle full of iced tea, Chloe hummed as she saw Robert still sitting up in her bed. The adorable diapered man hadn’t moved an inch! “You know, I wasn’t sure if you’d be one of those types to just question everything and think you could do whatever you wanted. But nooo, not you,” Chloe cooed as she sat with her back against the headboard, “you are being such a good little boy, and I can’t get over it!” Robert shyly looked away, smiling from behind his pacifier as he felt yet another wave of embarrassment and excitement flow through him. It didn’t help when Chloe patted her lap, motining for him to come over to her. Although he wasn’t that far away from her, Robert got on his knees and scooted his way over to Chloe, who then put her hand on his diapered bottom and gave it a firm pat before sitting the diapered man across her lap. His head was in the crook of her shoulder, with his legs and diapered bottom lying horizontally across Chloe’s lap. Chloe made sure Robert was comfortable, before taking the pacifier out of his mouth, making sure to kiss him quite a few more times. She was without a doubt wet from the experience, but Robert wouldn’t be able to tell, given the diaper he was wearing. Still, Robert’s tented diaper showed he was still very much turned on as well. Chloe held Robert close, before bringing the baby bottle up to his lips, as she had before. Robert accepted the baby bottle with a blush, beginning to suck as he shyly looked up at the smiling Chloe. “Awww, Mommy has such a good baby boy.” She cooed, her free hand making its way to Robert’s diaper, rubbing and patting, alternating from the front of the diaper to the back. Robert reacted accordingly; the front of his diaper being patted made him shiver and arch his back ever softly, while the bottom pats caused him to wiggle, all while keeping the baby bottle in his mouth. It didn’t take long for him to finish the bottle, either, resulting in even more embarrassing praise from Chloe. “Awww, good job! That’s two bottles in such a short period of time, baby! Now, mommy needs you to do something for me.” Chloe winked, before gently moving Robert over. She quickly removed her shirt, followed by her bra, Robert doing his best not to look so not to be disrespectful. This only made Chloe giggle, as it wasn’t long before her bare, ample bosom was in plain sight. Robert bit his lip, Chloe giggling more and smirking seductively. Her nipples were hard; a clear indication this was turning her on even more. “Now, baby,” Chloe said quietly, “I need you to suckle from Mommy, but don’t bite.” Robert nodded, the bulge in his diaper pressing hard as he blushed. Chloe again pulled Robert into her lap, this time holding up her left breast to help guide her nipple to Robert’s mouth. “There’s no milk, but Mommy wants her baby to make her feel good.” Chloe explained. Robert’s lips shook before he closed his eyes, and latched onto her nipple, suckling ever slowly. With each suckle, his tongue found its way dancing across Chloe’s erect nipple, eliciting a moan from the woman. This made Chloe stroke the back of Robert’s head quite frantically, as her other hand alternated between long rubs and pats right at the bottom of his diaper, making sure her palm or fingertips teased Robert’s bulge and balls. She knew there was a chance that he’d cum his diapers quickly, but was also pleasantly surprised to see that he hadn’t quite yet. Chloe moaned with each and every suckle and lick of her nipple, her breathing getting heavier as she spoke between breaths, “Mmm, you’re making Mommy so wet right now. Such a good, diapered boy I have.” This only made Robert more bothered and hot, causing him to suckle a little faster. Chloe made sure to alternate between breasts, so she could feel pleasure from both sides, and Robert was far from disappointing. She truly felt that she’d found the perfect fit. She paused for a moment, quietly having Robert move over for a bit, so she could undo her own pants. Yanking them down, she could feel the wetness from her arousal on her panties, and she made sure that Robert could feel it, too, gently taking his hand and pressing it against her. This made Robert arch his back again, shivering hard. “Hehe,” Chloe giggled, “someone’s awful excited.” “Mmm, uh huh.” Robert quietly moaned, nodding. Chloe pulled the man back into her lap, this time very slyly moving her hand to the inside of Robert’s diaper, teasing his rock hard erection and balls with her nails. The front of his diaper shook ever slightly with each tease, making Chloe smirk even more. As Robert got back into the rhythmic suckling of Chloe’s breast, it wasn’t long before he started feeling the drinks he’d had throughout the night, slowly tease his bladder. No, not now! He thought to himself, trying his best not to let it interrupt his pleasure. And yet, it did, as the more he thought about it, the more difficult it was for him to stay hard. Chloe caught on rather quickly. “What’s wrong, baby? Is...is this too much?” she asked innocently, pretending not to know what was wrong. “N-no, it isn’t that. This is...this is strangely satisfying. But, I kind of have to….um…” Robert stammered. “What? You have to what? Tell Mommy.” Chloe encouraged. “Use the bathroom.” Robert said with a big blush, almost ashamed that their fun was being ruined because of the need for a bathroom break. Surely Chloe would let him take a quick break to relieve himself. “Ohhh,” Chloe giggled, “well, you did have lots to drink tonight. But, babies don’t use bathrooms, do they?” “You-you mean…?” Robert blushed further, not knowing if he had the willpower to willingly use a diaper, not to mention, there was no way that wouldn’t ruin the evening! “Oh, yes. Nothing is more embarrassing and exciting than watching someone trying to be a big, strong adult, helplessly use a diaper like a little baby.” Chloe murmured. “I don’t know if I can just use it.” Robert admitted sheepishly. “Is that so? Hmmm, what ever shall we do?” Chloe pouted playfully, before sitting Robert up and positioning him so his back was leaning into her chest. She spread his legs slightly, cuddling him close and resting her head on his. “Maybe Mommy ought to help her baby, huh?” “Y-yes, Chl-” “-ah, ah, ah!” “-Mommy.” “Good boy! Now, you just relax here with Mommy.” Robert nodded, and he found himself snuggled into Chloe. As he looked over, he could only see her smile, as her hands slowly found their way to his shirt, pulling it up softly. Chloe then used her nails to gently scritch at Robert’s chest and tummy, and down to his legs and diaper, making him giggle and wiggle quite a bit. “H-hey! S-stop!” Robert said between giggles, shifting uncomfortably. “Uh ohhh, I knew it! Wittle Wobert is ticklish, isn’t he?” “C-come on, that’s not fa- he, he, he!” he giggled back, fidgeting quite hard. “He is! All those drinks are gonna end up right in your diaper!” Chloe cooed, giggling as she relentlessly tickled him more. Robert didn’t do anything to potentially hurt Chloe, but he did flail a bit and wiggle lots, biting his lip in an effort to fight the increasing urge to relieve his bladder. He opened and closed his legs as well, giving himself away. “P-please, I can’t, I’m gonna…” “You’re gonna pee your diaper, baby,” Chloe leaned in and whispered, holding Robert close with one hand, as her other hand moved to the front of his diaper and gave it a few firm presses, “just let go and wet your diaper for Mommy.” Robert tried one last ditch effort to not give in, but Chloe then cupped his diaper in her free hand, pressing a bit harder on his manhood. This made Robert gasp, and before he knew it, he was doing the unthinkable: he was wetting his diaper, in front of his crush, Chloe, with her hand right there on his diaper. He got very quiet, almost letting out a little whimper as he began wetting the diaper, feeling terribly embarrassed and surprised. “Shhhh,you’re doing so good, baby,” Chloe encouraged even more, “just let it all go into your diaper for me. Wet that diaper, and...mmmm, Mommy feels it getting so wet and warm!” Chloe breathed hard into Robert’s ear, shushing him and calming him down, her hand staying firmly planted on his diapered crotch, feeling the diaper filling up. Robert, on the other hand, turned his head, hiding his face in Chloe’s chest as he felt the rest of his bladder betray him. When it was over, he felt the warmth of his now pee-filled diaper pressed up against his skin, with Chloe’s hand gently rubbing and even patting it, making a small “thud” sound with each pat. “All done, baby boy?” Chloe whispered. “Y-yes, mommy.” Robert said very shyly. “You okay?” “I-I think so.” “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” “It’s just so new to me…” Robert admitted. “....this really turns you on?” “Oh, yes, it does, baby.” Chloe smiled, “and judging by how you’re feeling down there, I think it’s turning you on, too.” Chloe kissed Robert’s neck, giving him a little nibble as both of her hands moved to his diaper, rubbing and patting a bit faster. She was right, too; Robert felt his member spring back to life, quickly pressing back up to the front of the diaper, begging for relief. Maybe it was her soft cooing, or maybe it was her gentle hands pressing this warm and squishy fabric against him. Quite frankly, he couldn’t exactly tell, and he didn’t care. The soft pats and rubs continued, but not long before Chloe added a little more fervence to her hand movements, the soft, squishy diaper further encasing Robert’s member, giving his arousal nowhere to hide. “Now, you’re being such a good baby boy,” Chloe spoke softly, kissing Robert’s neck, cheek, and lips before continuing, “what does the baby want to do now, hmm?” “I want…” Robert paused, feeling a little silly saying what it was that he actually wanted. I want to cum! His mind screamed. “Go on, tell Mommy.” Chloe pressed. “I want to cum, Mommy.” Robert admitted, losing himself in the moment and listening to Chloe’s sweet voice. “Ohhh, is that so?” Chloe teased, gently motioning for Robert to scoot down the bed a little bit. This time, instead of leaning against the headboard, Chloe got on her knees, and leaned directly over Robert’s face, her breasts dangling right above him. He bit his lip as his diaper got even bulkier in the front. He was going to explode if he didn’t get some relief soon! “Well, you’ve already wet your diapers, and I’m gonna change you, anyway,” Chloe licked her lips, “and being that you’ve been such a good boy so far, how about Mommy helps you with that, too?” Help him? Help him how? Was she going to let him finish mid-change? Were they going to have sex after she cleaned him up? Robert instinctively nodded, still trying to guess what Chloe had in mind. “Good. Now, I’m going to let my wet, diapered little man suckle on Mommy again, and then I want you to fill that diaper with all that naughty stuff, okay?” “W-wait, wh-” Robert tried to ask, but was quickly greeted with Chloe’s right breast. He closed his eyes and latched on once more, suckling and licking, causing Chloe to moan. Chloe took Robert’s hand again, sliding it beneath her panties so he could again feel just how dripping wet she was. Suddenly, Chloe’s hands got to work. She reached out towards Robert’s tented, warm and wet diaper, and gently took hold of the plastic, using her nails and fingers to gently squeeze, scratch, and pat. Robert instinctively suckled faster, his back arching quite a bit and his feet curling up. “Hmmmm, yes,” Chloe gasped between moans, “just relax and make that special mess for Mommy, right in your diaper. Don’t hold back, little boy. I want it so nice and full so I can change you.” Robert moaned from beneath Chloe’s nipple, sucking even faster when he felt her other hand slide into his diaper, teasing his erect member from both sides now. Chloe upped her game a bit more, as she softly took her hand that was outside of the diaper, and lightly patted Robert’s diapered balls and dick, almost in a very playful spanking motion. This sent Robert over the edge. He moaned faster, his breathing and heartbeat going crazy. “C’mon, baby. Fill your diaper for Mommy. Mess it real good.” Chloe moaned, taking her hand out from beneath the diaper and now using both to firmly hold his member, feeling Robert arch his back one final time as he came. His diaper wiggled softly during his orgasm, Robert whispering, “Oh, my God…” over and over again as he finished. The man was spent, never having done something so unusual (and unusually sexy!) ever in his life. Chloe looked more relaxed than before as well, her breathing also a bit heavy as she giggled and sunk down, sidling next to Robert and cuddling him close. “Did you like that?” she whispered. “I, I can’t even explain….what...was that? That was freaking amazing.” Robert huffed, smiling over at Chloe, before realizing something. “Oh, what about you? I mean, did you like that?” “Oh, yeah, I definitely did.” Chloe smiled before kissing Robert’s cheek, the two resting their heads on one another’s. “I can honestly say that this was probably the hottest I’ve ever gotten trying this before.” “Really? You’re not just saying that?” Robert asked shyly. “Really. I told you, most guys backed out...that, or they just weren’t into it. But you? You’ve never done this before?” “This? No. I mean, I’ve read a bit about it, and I’ll admit, it intrigued me. But I never really tried it.” Robert explained. “Well, you are amazing at it.” Chloe said with a kiss. “Good.” Robert said, the two catching their breaths for a few moments. “Um, so, should I take this diaper off now, or…?” “You could,” Chloe giggled, “or we can continue this into the rest of the night, and maybe tomorrow if you’re not too busy. I can change the baby’s wet and messy diaper, and we can explore some more together. Or you could take it off and head home. Although, I would really enjoy it if you stayed.” “I’ve got nowhere to be tomorrow, and honestly, I’m very curious about this. I’ve never experienced this before.” “So, whaddya say?” Chloe asked. Robert looked Chloe dead in the eyes, and with a big smile and blush, asked, “May I please get a diaper change, Mommy?” The two giggled and kissed each other, before Chloe started to get up to get the supplies. She wasn’t going to tell Robert what else she wanted to explore with him, but something told her he’d be all for it. Chapter 5 “Hmmm, a diaper change, huh?” Chloe purred, giggling, scooting back down towards Robert with the diaper, wipes, and powder in hand. “Yes, Mommy.” Robert nodded. “I don’t know...what did you do in your diaper that you need me to change it, hmm? Tell Mommy.” She clearly knew what Robert had done, but wouldn’t be satisfied until she heard him tell her (in a most likely shy manner) what he did. She wanted him to beg for it, and she wanted to embarrass the adorable guy a little more. “I, um,” Robert’s face turned red once more, as he slowly continued, “I wet and c-came in my diaper, Mommy.” “Mhmm. You couldn’t control yourself, could you, my little baby? You just filled that diaper up for Mommy, huh?” “Y-yes.” Robert nodded shyly. “Guess I have to check it first. Then we’ll see if you really need a change.” Chloe smirked before setting the changing supplies next to Robert, whose diaper clearly looked like it was wet, judging by the front. Still, she checked his diaper in various ways, starting first by placing her hand along the front of the diaper, giving it a few light presses and pats. “Ohhh my, you really wet your diaper, huh? Such a good job!” Chloe sang, her smile widening as Robert nodded and blushed even harder. Robert wiggled excitedly, feeling so embarrassed and yet safe and relaxed at the same time. He wiggled a bit more when he felt Chloe’s hand continue to run along his diaper, slowly reaching towards the bottom of it. He blushed even harder when Chloe gently rolled him onto his stomach, the wet diaper pressing against him once more. Robert then felt Chloe pull on the back of his diapered waistband, peeking in with a, “Hmmmm,” followed by some more pats and presses to his diapered bottom. Clearly, she knew he hadn’t messed his diaper in that way, but this must have been part of her game, because Robert then heard Chloe make a few sniffing sounds, and felt her gently press her nose to the back of his diaper. “Nope, no stinky diaper.” Chloe giggled, rolling Robert onto his back once more before spreading his legs and kneeling between them. She seemingly towered over Robert, face to face with his swollen diaper. With big smile and a look of great pleasure in her eyes, Chloe placed one hand on Robert’s diaper, as the other took hold of the top left tape. “Now, time to change baby’s diaper.” She giggled, very slowly ripping the tape. The first tape ripping echoed throughout the bedroom, making Robert’s cheeks burn a little more. He wondered if Chloe would speed up the process any, but no; she took her sweet time, ripping each tape nice and slow until they were all undone. Chloe then carefully took hold of the front of the used diaper, and slowly opened it, as if revealing a big surprise. “Ohhhhh my,” Chloe tsked and smirked, “look at how much baby Wobert used his diapee.” Robert wiggled, his eyes darting around the room, occasionally stopping to look up at Chloe. He’d never been in such a vulnerable position before; lying on top of a diaper he’d wet and orgasmed into, with a beautiful woman kneeling before him and cooing at him. “Hehe, it’s okay, baby. That’s why Mommy is here: to change your diaper!” Chloe then grabbed a few baby wipes from the pack, warming them in her hand gently before getting to work on Robert’s upper legs and sides, then working her way to his crotch and manhood. She took her sweet time there, too, making sure he was all nice and clean, “so he didn’t get a diaper rash”, as she put it. The feeling of the wipes made Robert’s member quietly stir from its slumber once more, eliciting another smirk from Chloe. When she finished wiping him clean, Chloe put the used wipes into the wet diaper, then instructed Robert to lift up, sliding the diaper out from under him. She then grabbed more wipes, and with his legs still in the air, got to work on wiping his bottom until she felt it was clean. Setting his legs back down, Chloe then rolled up the used diaper into a bit of a ball, using the tapes to keep it in place. For added effect, Chloe then held up the diaper, which clearly drooped and sagged as she made sure Robert could see it, using her other hand to bounce it in her palm lightly. “Look at this diaper! Goodness! Good thing Mommy’s changing you, huh?” Robert again nodded silently, suckling his pacifier even more. Chloe set the diaper aside, then got to work opening the new one, making sure Robert watched her unfolding it and shaking it out until it was ready to be slid under his bottom. Robert lifted his legs with a blush and giggle, giving Chloe ease of access in sliding it under his bottom. She positioned it just right, letting Robert’s legs back down, then grabbed the baby powder and twisted open the cap. “Last part, baby boy.” Chloe cooed, before sprinkling plenty of powder into Robert’s diaper, onto his bottom, and all over his member and balls. She then rubbed the baby powder in, nice and slow, back and forth, making sure it was coated evenly on Robert’s skin. It felt amazing to Robert, who was too relaxed to even blush or wiggle. His member occasionally twitched, but Chloe just giggled at this, and continued her work. Finally, she folded the front of the diaper up, taping up the left side of the diaper, followed by the right. Once finished, she ran her fingers along the leg gathers to make sure there wouldn’t be any leaks, then patted the front of Robert’s diaper, before turning him on his side and patting his bottom. Robert let out a small “eep,” then giggled a bit as well, feeling an overwhelming sense of bliss. “There we go,” Chloe sang, “all nice and clean.” Chloe quickly got up and tossed the wet diaper into a plastic bag, tying it up before putting it in her bathroom garbage, then returned to Robert, who immediately put his arms around her, hugging her affectionately with a big, happy sigh. “Thank you, Mommy…” Robert smiled, nuzzling Chloe’s neck. “Awwwwwwwww, you’re welcome! Now, is someone tired? We can snuggle up in bed, we can stay up, we can do whatever my little prince wants.” “Mmm, snuggling up in bed sounds nice.” Robert said, as it had been a long day and a very eventful night. Chloe nodded, setting the rest of the supplies onto her floor before pulling back the covers of her bed. She motioned for Robert to get under the covers, before sliding in herself. Then, pulling the covers over both of them, she kept one hand on Robert’s cheek, caressing him softly and kissing his forehead, as the other hand stayed around his diapered bottom, patting it rhythmically, practically entrancing the yawning Robert to sleep. “Hmmm,” Robert smiled, kissing Chloe on her lips and cheeks a few times, “this was...amazing.” “Agreed,” Chloe smiled, “we can continue this in the morning, too.” “Mhmm.” Robert sighed happily, his voice giving away that he was falling fast asleep. “Good baby. And that diaper better be wet before we get out of bed.” The two held onto each other, falling asleep with Chloe’s hand resting on Robert’s diaper, cuddled close and warm. Chapter 6 Robert’s eyes slowly opened, peeking out Chloe’s bedroom window to see that it was morning. What time was it, though? He turned to his side, only to be greeted by an audible crinkle: the diaper around his waist. He’d almost forgotten! With a smile, Robert turned back towards Chloe, snuggling up with her. Chloe let out a sleepy groan in response, her eyes fluttering before she woke up. When she saw Robert, she smiled and held him close, kissing his forehead. “Good morning.” she whispered. “Morning,” Robert quietly replied, “how did you sleep?” “Hmmmm, good. It’s not every day I get to cuddle with someone so comfortably. How about you?” “Well, considering what I’m wearing, like a baby.” Robert smirked while stretching, making Chloe laugh. “And I slept very good.” Chloe smiled and gave Robert’s diaper a few pats. She hadn’t forgotten what she told him about wetting his diaper before they got out of bed that morning. Robert, on the other hand, having been too tired to really remember her last words. After a few wiggles and more cuddling, Robert gently sat up and stretched once more, beginning to get up. “Where do you think you’re going, mister?” Chloe smirked, still under the covers. “I just need to stretch and move around a bit.” “You sure you want to do that right now?” “Of course I’m sure,” Robert chuckled, standing up and letting out a big yawn, “why wouldn’t I?” “Because, Mommy told her baby his diaper better be wet before he got out of bed this morning. Is my baby’s diaper wet?” Robert’s heart sunk once more. Of course it wasn’t wet. Not having worn a diaper in many years up until the previous night, wetting one wasn’t something he could simply just do. “Ummm, n-no.” Robert sighed, fearing the worst. What would Chloe do? Would she yell at him? Spank him? Robert hated making mistakes or doing anything that would potentially negatively impact the people around him. “Come back into bed and let Mommy check that diaper.” Chloe patted the bed before beginning to sit up. Robert nodded shyly, looking quite upset with himself as he sat back down next to Chloe. Once seated, Chloe used her hands to investigate and check Robert’s diaper, patting and rubbing the front softly, digging her fingers into the waistband and leg gathers. Still, she saw how upset Robert looked, and tried to comfort him a bit. “Hey, it’s okay, baby,” Chloe kissed his cheek, “you didn’t know any better. Maybe you even forgot. But, I will have to punish my baby a bit.” “P-punish? W-w-what does that entail? I’m, um, not big into pain.” Robert stammered. “Relax,” Chloe shushed, “I’ll be gentle. But first….we need that diaper wet.” Not wanting to further upset Chloe, Robert nodded and wasn’t sure exactly how Chloe wanted him positioned. He was a bit surprised when she pulled him into a cradling position in her lap, for he was obviously too big to fit. And yet, she made it work. While the seat of his diaper was mostly between her legs, he partially hung over the side of her legs, as Chloe held his body close to her, with his head on her chest. “Now,” Chloe said quietly, her hand just resting gently on Robert’s diaper, “just relax.” “Yes, Mommy.” Robert responded, feeling rather comforted by the position he was in. It took some time and a bit of mind over matter, but leaning into Chloe and softly blushing, Robert did what he had done the night before, opening his legs ever slowly as he relieved his bladder right into the waiting diaper. Chloe looked him square in the eyes again, her one hand stroking his cheek as the other stayed on his diaper, feeling the warmth spread rather quickly. He was going to have a wet diaper for sure, one that Chloe would soon be spanking. Chloe grinned as she felt the diaper getting even fuller and warmer, kissing Robert’s forehead before saying, “Hmmm, someone really had to wet, huh?” Robert could only nod, sighing and relaxing as he finished. The diaper showed no sign of leaking, but the front and bottom did start to sag ever slightly as the outside showed visible signs that it was wet. Chloe nodded her head in approval, kissing Robert once more. “Great job, baby boy,” she cooed, before gently positioning Robert over her knees, his diapered butt sticking out, “now, baby must be spanked for not following Mommy’s orders last night. Robert blushed, his eyes widening, actually growing more nervous. Would she pull his diaper down and spank him hard? He gulped, frantically looking around. From the corner of his eye, he saw Chloe’s hand go up. Closing his eyes hard and wincing before contact was even made, Robert braced himself for what he thought would surely be a- Thud. He felt Chloe’s hand make contact with his diapered bottom, the sound of a partial crinkle and a partial squish filling the room. It didn’t hurt, and actually felt kind of nice. “You naughty boy,” Chloe gently scolded, that loving sweetness never leaving her tone, “I know someone’s a bit potty shy, but you need to listen to Mommy.” Thud! This time, the force of the spanking got a little more noticeable. Again, it didn’t hurt, but Robert felt it, and it was definitely embarrassing! He blushed hard, letting out a, “Yes, Mommy. I’m sorry.” Chloe nodded, giving him a few more spanks, making sure that for a few, she pushed the diaper against his skin. The movement of Robert’s diaper against Chloe’s knees actually felt pretty good, making Robert blush and bite his lip, even turning him on a bit. Chloe would notice this pretty soon. She did, but this didn’t stop her from spanking the diapered man over her knee! She continued as such, giving him roughly 30 spanks before gently rubbing his back and diapered bottom. Sitting him up, she looked at him and kissed his nose. “Sorry I had to do that, baby boy, but Mommy sometimes needs to teach her baby a lesson when he doesn’t listen.” Robert nodded, blushing and kissing Chloe in return to show her he was okay. The front of his diaper looked a little bulky, but Chloe didn’t seem to take any mind to it at the moment. Leaning in to whisper, Chloe kissed Robert’s cheek and said, “Was that okay?” “It was...hot…” Robert admitted shyly, giggling as he felt silly saying that, Chloe clapped her hands together and smiled. Robert assumed she would then be changing his diaper, but he said nothing, instead, looking into Chloe’s eyes and watching her cheeks turn a little red. She looked a little shy herself, something Robert really hadn’t seen from her once since they started their little game. “Are you okay?” Robert asked in return. “Yeah, just...I’m happy you’ve been enjoying this with me so far, and that you stayed the night to explore some more. But…” Chloe paused, hesitant to finish her thought. “But what?” Robert cocked his head sideways, trying to figure out what was making Chloe so shy. “Well, I’m wondering if,” Chloe stammered, “and you don’t have to agree and I won’t get mad or upset if this is too weird for you….but, if you’d maybe wanna try the full diaper experience.” Chloe’s face turned a little red, gently using her hand to reach over and pat the back of Robert’s diaper. “The full diaper exp-ohhhhhh.” Robert blushed. Did that really turn her on? And could he do that? Sure, Robert didn’t have any trouble with his bowel movements, typically going once a day or every other day, but to do so in a diaper? “Yeah,” Chloe said, “it’s something I’m into. And I know this is the first time you’ve ever done anything like this, so I don’t want to pressure you into anything. But as you’re probably finding out, I am very turned on by grown men helplessly doing this kind of thing and letting me take care of them. And again, everyone in the past has backed out before we even got past the initial diapering. But, I’ve always wanted to just hold someone close as they fill the back of their diaper up, comforting them. And you blush so, so easily. Still, I totally understand if you don’t want to do this.” Hearing the excitement in Chloe’s voice and watching her body glow as she simply talked about what she wanted Robert to do made him blush and stir. Maybe he wouldn’t like it, but maybe he would. After all, he’d already wet and came in a diaper in front of Chloe, and he liked those experiences, especially since Chloe was so comforting about it. “Hmmmm…” Robert thought. He did have to use the bathroom soon, after all. He just wasn’t sure if he’d be able to simply do it in front of Chloe just like that. “I mean, I want to try it,” he admitted shyly,” but I haven’t done anything like that since I was very little. I’ve already tried everything else, right? I might just need some help relaxing.” “Really?” Chloe asked, her eyes lighting up. “S-sure, Chlo-I mean, Mommy.” Robert giggled. “You’re absolutely positive?” “I am.” “Do you...do you have to mess right now?” Chloe asked with a smile. “Umm, probably soon. Maybe some coffee will help. It does that to me, sometimes.” Robert blushed. Chloe leaned forward and kissed Robert on the cheek, hugging him before saying, “You’re the best ever.” She then quickly got up and left the room, looking back to say with a wink, “I’m gonna get us some coffee.” Robert nodded, wondering what he’d just agreed to. Not in a million years did he ever think he’d agree to something this kinky, but he also never thought he’d actually get to spend the night and morning with his crush, either. He poked at his wet diaper, blushing as it still felt warm against his skin. His stomach slowly stirred, giving him the indication that he would have to poop pretty soon. It wasn’t long before Chloe returned with two mugs of coffee. She couldn’t put the coffee in a bottle since it was so hot, she explained. The two sat on the bed, waiting for their coffee to cool off a bit, before finally taking sips of it. They sat comfortably next to each other, Chloe leaning her head on Robert’s shoulder, and Robert kissing Chloe occasionally between sips. “This is so great.” Robert smiled. “Glad I’m not the only one who thinks so! I hope you know, too, that I’m definitely okay with us hanging out more. Like I don’t want it to just be about what we’re doing now.” Robert smiled even more. “That’s good to know,” he said, “because I’ve had a crush on you for a while.” “Oh, I knew you did. But look! You came out of your shell and admitted it outright!” Chloe exclaimed. “T-that I did!” Robert said awkwardly, giggling shyly. “Good job, sweetie!” “Thank you!” They kissed each other before going back to their coffee, Robert finishing his with a few big gulps. When they were both done, Chloe took their mugs and set them on her night stand, turning back to Robert and cuddling with him some more. Not too much was said for some time, both enjoying one another’s company, occasionally kissing and giggling and changing cuddling styles. About 25 minutes later, just as Robert had indicated, the coffee indeed began working its way through him. He’d always known that coffee made most people have to urinate rather quickly after drinking it, but for him, it tended to affect both his bladder and his bowels. Most of the time, it was something that gave him plenty of time to get to a bathroom. Other times, it went through him like a flash flood, forcing him to hurry along to a bathroom. In this particular instance, it was somewhere right between the two. Robert’s stomach grumbled a bit, making some odd noises as it always did when letting him know something big was coming. Robert blushed, as apparently Chloe could even hear his stomach, making her giggle and go, “Ohh, my! What’s happening, baby?” “It does this every time.” Robert explained with red cheeks and a shy chuckle. “I see. Are you still okay?” “Umm, yes, but, I think it’s gonna happen soon.” Robert blushed even more, not sure how he would mess while being cuddled that way. Chloe seemed to take note of his discomfort, as she whispered, “It’s okay. I said I’d help you, right?” Robert nodded sheepishly, before Chloe smiled and continued, “If you need to sit a certain way, that’s fine. And please, don’t rush. Take your time.” With another shy nod, Robert did just that, quietly getting on the floor in a crouching/squatting position, his cheeks even redder. He really didn’t know how long it would take for him to mess his diaper, especially since he was being watched. And yet, Chloe again realized this, and soon knelt in front of Robert, positioning herself so she appeared to be a little taller than her was, before pulling him into a big hug, positioning his head onto her shoulder. Robert then felt her hands slowly moving along his back, until one made it to the back of his diaper, very slowly rubbing and patting it. “Baby, Mommy is so proud of you for being so brave. I know it’s scary, but you’re making Mommy so happy. Just close your eyes, relax, and push that mess right out into your diaper for me.” Chloe whispered, her hand methodically patting Robert’s diaper even more. Adding to his comfort, Chloe then gave Robert a few gentle squeezes, hoping to add just a little bit of pressure to his stomach to help him along. Keeping his head on Chloe’s shoulder, Robert closed his eyes, listening to the near hypnotic words from Chloe, his diapered bottom sticking out thanks to the squatting position he was in. He did indeed feel more relaxed than ever, and slowly but surely, nature started taking its course. Robert let out the tiniest of strained grunts, mostly as a means of helping him overcome what he’d been trained to do in a toilet for nearly his entire life. This only made Chloe more turned on, squeezing Robert a little more and continuing her cutesy talk. “Uh ohh, I hear baby’s little grunts,” Chloe cooed, “is someone about to mess their diaper for Mommy? Hmm?” “Y-yes, Mommy.” Robert quietly replied. “Tell Mommy what you’re about to do, little baby.” “I’m about to mess my diaper, Mommy.” Robert almost felt consumed at that point, as if something was taking over his actions and speech. “Good! Now mess your diaper for Mommy! Leave me a big, big messy present to check and clean up!” Chloe cooed even more, her hand out staying on Robert’s diapered butt. And that was all it took. Robert felt his mess slowly make its way into the back of his diaper. It no doubt felt a little strange at first, but, with Chloe’s gentle cooing and praising, and with her hand directly on the seat of his diaper, he couldn’t lie: it was again pretty exhilarating. “Good baby.” Chloe purred, her nipples growing erect as her breathing got heavy. Robert could only stay in place for a bit longer, and finally knelt down as he felt the last of the mess fill his diaper. These must have been pretty good diapers that Chloe bought, because, while he could slowly start to smell what he’d done, it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. Still, he could feel the diaper sag quite a bit, and he quietly whispered to Chloe, “A-all done, Mommy.” This made Chloe praise her diapered guest even more, telling him over and over again what a good boy he was, and how happy and excited he was making her. It only became more apparent when Chloe did yet another diaper check, first feeling, grabbing, and patting the front of Robert’s diaper with a smirk, before going behind Robert to get a good look at his messy diapered bottom. She sniffed the air a bit, watching Robert’s face get redder as she did so, then quietly pulled at the back of the diaper’s waistband to peek in. “Such a messy diaper! Goodness!” She teased, letting the waistband go before gently moving her hand along Robert’s diapered behind. She didn’t pat or squeeze it just yet, but her teasing and cooing and checking oddly turned Robert on once again. He bit his lip, nodding as Chloe kept stating what he had done in his diaper, the front of it getting bulkier as it had the night before. When Chloe saw this, she licked her lips softly, before leaning in and saying, “Awww, does someone like this?” “Y-yes, Mommy.” Robert stammered, blushing and biting his lip harder. With that response, Chloe moved the palm of her hand from the back of Robert’s diaper, to the front of it, making sure he felt it against his skin. The mess spread slightly, but Robert didn’t care; it felt amazing, making him shiver in pleasure. Chloe did this a few more times, her panties dripping wet from being so turned on. “Guess we should change baby’s diaper and get him all taken care of, huh?” Chloe sang, to which Robert nodded once more. “Can’t leave him in his icky diaper for too long! And everyone knows a baby can’t change his own diaper!” Robert nodded in agreement, as even though the full diaper was turning him on, his member ached for relief. “I think you need to ask for...no, beg for it, baby.” Chloe commanded. Now completely vulnerable and out of his shell once and for all, Robert did just that, looking Chloe in the eyes with a huge blush, and asking, “Mommy, please change my full diaper and take care of me. Please?” Chloe bit her own lip, feeling a warmth of pleasure flow through her. She made him ask again, this time getting closer. “Please, I wet and messed my diaper like Mommy asked, and I need her to change me and take care of me.” Chloe grabbed the blanket that she’d shown Robert from the night before, laying it out on the floor. After all, this was a messy diaper and she had to take the necessary precautions. She motioned for Robert to lie on his back, to which he did, shivering and blushing as he felt the messy diaper press against him more. Chloe then knelt closer to Robert, laying out all of the diaper changing supplies. Suddenly, she leaned in towards Robert’s face. “Mommy will take care of her baby boy’s full diaper and his little...ahem...problem down there in a little bit. But, Mommy needs baby to take care of her first…” “Okay.” Robert said quietly, watching and blushing as Chloe removed her panties, completely naked before him. “Finger or tongue?” Chloe whispered, guiding Robert’s hand to her clit, letting him feel how wet and turned on she was. Robert was familiar with both means of pleasuring a woman, and had been told he was pretty good at both in the past. “What does Mommy prefer?” he smirked. “I think both feel great in their own way, but I do prefer the tongue.” “Tongue it is.” Robert smiled, making Chloe smirk herself, before she positioned herself over Robert’s face, sitting down gently. She guided his mouth to her most sensitive area, until she quietly moaned, “Lick.” Robert did just that, his own member still quite hard, as his tongue swirled and danced around wildly. Each movement of his tongue made Chloe moan even louder, as her hips slowly moved in motion with Robert. Her hips moved even faster, her moans louder, until, after a few long licks, Chloe sighed, gently moving away from Robert’s face and sitting on his chest, catching her breath. “Mmmm, you’re just full of surprises, huh?” she giggled, making Robert smile. Robert felt content, even confident, that he was able to satisfy Chloe. She’d been doing the same for him since the night before, and it made him happy knowing he could return the favor. After a few more moments of smiling and kissing each other, Chloe declared, “Now, it’s time for baby Robert’s diaper change!” And she did just that, making sure to once again slowly untape Robert’s very wet and messy diaper, giggling as his member sprang to life once she opened it. The smell didn’t really bother her, even though it made Robert blush. Chloe kept teasing him as she carefully lifted his legs and cleaned him up, telling Robert, “We might go through all these wipes with this messy diaper you made me!” The two were in sync with one another, Robert keeping his legs in the air as Chloe pulled the dirty diaper out, placing all of the used wipes in it before rolling and taping it up. Once she was satisfied that Robert was wiped clean, she paid extra attention to his member with a few baby wipes, making sure to stroke up and down his shaft and balls, smirking as this made Robert stir quite a bit. She wrapped his shaft in the baby wipes, stroking a bit more as her other hand remained on his balls, massaging gently. Robert’s hips moved along with Chloe’s movements, biting his lip and smiling down at her. “Good boy, just relax.” Chloe smiled, briefly pausing to grab a fresh diaper, opening it up and sliding it under Robert. She didn’t close it up right away this time, however. Instead, she continued grabbing a hold of Robert’s shaft, stroking faster as she held the front of the diaper up. “I want baby to make his special mess right here for Mommy. The diaper will catch it all, okay? Go on, baby.” Chloe cooed. “Go on and make one more big mess for Mommy!” Chloe continued her gentle cooing and encouragement, as her stroking increased in speed and length. After just a few moments, Robert felt himself get ready to cum, his hands clenching just as he was about to do so. Chloe saw this and quickly wrapped the diaper around Robert’s member, stroking up and down slowly, even patting the diaper as she felt Robert release. The man relaxed after a few seconds of this, leaning back and whispering, “Ohhh, God,” with a big smile. Chloe giggled at this, letting him catch his breath before cleaning off whatever mess he made with more baby wipes, before sidling up to him and cuddling close. The two stayed this way for quite some time. Breaking the silence, Chloe looked over at Robert and asked, “So? What did you think?” “That was inexplicably hot.” Robert chuckled. “But, I will admit...messing may take some getting used to.” “Understandable,” Chloe agreed, “and you know I will help with that in any way I can. You know...pats, cuddles…..laxatives….maybe an enema.” Robert looked at her with a shy smile, to which Chloe replied, “Hey, you said you were kinky.” “That I did. We can try it one day.” “Good. And,” Chloe paused, kissing Robert on the lips, “thank you for trying this with me. Nobody has tried it to this point before.” “Well thank you for introducing it to me.” Robert kissed back. “Hmm, touche. Whaddya say we have some breakfast?” “Breakfast sounds great.” “It does, huh?” Chloe winked. “Yeah. Maybe we can go grab lunch or dinner later, too, if you’re not too busy.” “That sounds wonderful.” The two cuddled just a bit longer, before getting up from the floor, disposing of the dirty diapers, getting dressed, and making their way to the kitchen. It would surely be a weekend to remember!
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    Pick Your Battles: Episode 9 (Or: A bet gone wrong!) By Sophie I glanced down at my phone; why was Mommy so persistent today? She never texted this much - sometimes, she would forget to check her phone all day! What had gotten into her? Mommy >> I know you’re having fun playing school and you want to act like a brat, but I won’t stand for that in my household. I puffed out my cheeks in frustration, and they took on a bit of color. I was not playing anything - I was in the middle of class! Sophie >> Shhh Against my better judgement, I sent another follow-up text. Sophie >> brat It was only a moment later when she replied. My phone vibrated under the desk. Mommy >> Excuse me? Mommy >> What did you call me? Mommy >> Go ahead, repeat it Mommy >> See what happens I looked up at the front of the room, at the professor and the Powerpoint on the projector, then back down at my phone again. She really was a brat… Sophie >> *mumbles* brat… Another moment, another text. I checked it nervously. Mommy >> I know what building is yours at school My building? I read the message again to be sure I had heard her right. Was she… threatening me? I rolled my eyes. Sophie >> So what? Sophie >> I’m not afraid of you *sticks out my tongue* Mommy >> *gets dressed* Mommy >> *packs baby powder* I stared at the two replies in sequence. The room around me seemed to drift away. It was just me and my phone. Was she packing the diaper bag? Was she thinking about coming to my school? I typed back to her: Sophie >> …you won’t come all the way out here. Mommy >> Are you willing to bet on that? A bet. Chloe and I bet all the time, but Mommy never did. She hated making bets - probably because she always lost - but this seemed to be an exception. A smile spread across my face. Interesting. Sophie >> Yes. Mommy >> Yeah? What’s the bet? Sophie >> Whatever you want. You wont win. Mommy >> If I come out there, I put you in a diaper and you wear it to class. I hesitated, my thumbs over the keyboard. I hadn’t worn a diaper to school since high school. But my school was over an hour away and Mommy wasn’t patient enough to make the drive here and back. Sophie >> …fine. And if you don’t, then you do my chores this week. I had to clean the bathroom and take care of the cat litter. She wouldn’t agree. Mommy >> Okay, it’s a bet. When does your class let out? I checked the clock. Sophie >> Half hour. Then I have a two hour break before the next one. Mommy >> See you soon. I rolled my eyes. Sophie >> We’ll see. After that, I forgot all about the bet. We were talking about something interesting in class and then we split up into groups for a project. During my break, I went to my usual spot in the study room and pulled out my laptop. I had some editing to do. But half an hour into it, I was surprised by another text message. Mommy >> Come outside. Sophie >> …why? Mommy >> Now, little girl. I sighed. This was just some stupid joke and I didn’t want to play. But if only to satisfy her stupid bet, I packed up my bag and went outside to the place where Chloe would pick me up. I would take a picture of the empty spot and send it to her. Bet over. But when I got outside, the spot wasn’t empty. My van was there, waiting for me, with a familiar face smiling through the windshield. I puffed out my cheeks and stomped up to the passenger door. She rolled down the window. “Seriously?!” I asked, incredulous. “It’s over an hour to get here!” “Traffic was good,” Mommy said with that bright smile. That smile that told me what she was going to say next. “I won.” My stomach sank. I looked in the van and saw the diaper bag on the floor behind her seat. I blushed. Oh no… “Get in little one. We’re going to get some lunch.” I climbed into the passenger seat and buckled in. Mommy pulled away from the curb and drove down the street. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I couldn’t believe she actually came out here! Now I had to do my chores when I got home and I’d have to wear a diaper to class. I’d have to wear a diaper to class, I thought again, because it was completely unbelievable! The thickness between my legs, the hug of the wings around my hips, the light crinkle when I walked… and to make matters worse, I was wearing a dress! I tucked the hem between my legs shyly. I shouldn’t have made this bet… Mommy pulled into the parking lot of a Panera, in the corner, away from prying eyes. I looked around at the slew of cars in a mild panic. There was no way… “Get in the back,” she told me. “We need to get you changed.” “Absolutely not.” “You are backing down on a bet?” she asked, an eyebrow raised. She knew me too well. If I made a promise, a bet, a pinky swear, that was sacred. I would never go back on it. With a huff, I climbed over the center console and into the back of the van. “This is so stupid,” I muttered. But no matter how stupid it was, Mommy and I both knew it would happen. She sat me down on the back bench and knelt on the floor in front of me. One of the seats had been folded down, giving her plenty of room. She really planned this, hadn’t she? “Oh don’t be so pouty my gorgeous girl,” she said lightly, as her hands slid up my dress and hooked around the waistband of my leggings. “We are just keeping you safe and dry while you go to school.” “I don’t need diapers,” I said sharply. But with a tug, she pulled my leggings and panties down to my knees and off my feet. That action eroded what little confidence I still had. Suddenly, I was just a little girl being undressed by her Mommy. I blushed and looked away. “Of course you don’t sweetie,” she appeased. “This is just in case. And when you get home, I’m sure all the stars will be there.” The disappear-when-wet stars. I shied further into the seat. She unfolded the diaper in plain sight - anyone could glance through the window and see what she was doing! But nobody did. My heart was racing. “Up,” she said simply, and I did what I was told. One simple word had become such an ingrained instruction. ‘Lift your bottom so I can put this diaper under it.’ She moved my dress aside and slid the padding beneath me. I leaned back in the seat, glancing at the windows. From my vantage point, I couldn’t see anything but the tops of nearby cars. No Panera. No people. No anything. Just me and Mommy. That helped calm my nerves. I felt her sprinkle powder over my skin, then I felt it pour between my legs. The whole car filled up with the scent and I sat up in frustration. “That’s too much!” I hissed. “People are going to smell it!” “And then they’ll know what everyone else does - that you’re just a helpless little diaper girl.” Her words were icy water over my anger. In a second, I had gone from an irritated adult to a tiny girl in her arms. She folded the front of the thick diaper up between my legs and adjusted the wings for a good fit. Then, with a whirl of color and motion, she threw the dress over the front of my diaper and leaned forward between my legs. I sat forward in confusion just as a shadow passed by on my left. I looked up at the head of an older man. My breath caught in my chest. Had he seen? Was he looking. My heart started to race and I looked down at my girlfriend with panic all over my face. But her expression was bright and giddy, leaning over my padded crotch and looking as natural as possible. Finally, the man opened the car door next to us and disappeared from view into the vehicle. I let out a sigh of relief. “This was the stupidest idea ever,” I muttered, exhausted from the ordeal. “Really?” Mommy asked. “I think it’s cute. And he didn’t see anything.” “How do you know?” “Because I kept you safe.” Her hand reached up under my dress and patted the front of the diaper, rubbing the padding ever so softly. “And even if someone did find out, who would be surprised anyway? You’re just a baby after all.” Her sweet smiles and cute words ebbed away my panic. I rolled my eyes and looked up at the roof of the van. A few minutes later, lying like that with her between my legs, another car replaced the one beside us and the woman inside hurried into the Panera. When Mommy was sure we were alone again, she finished taping on my diaper and pulling my leggings up over it. It had been a while since I wore a diaper this thick out of the house - the last time was months ago, to the movies. I forgot how they rustled so subtly, so quiet that hopefully no one but me could hear it in the crowded bakery. I forgot how they filled the space between my legs and forced my steps an inch further apart. I felt… small. I felt perpetually little. No matter how I shook the feelings away, they kept coming back. “Does my little girl want mac and cheese?” Mommy asked sweetly. “Please,” I muttered shyly. She ran her hand down the back of my dress, against my padded bottom, only for a moment. I gave her a harsh glare and tried muster up my adulthood. But it was nowhere to be found. “Brat,” I said quietly, only to her. “Isn’t calling me that what got you in trouble in the first place?” That was all the incentive I needed to behave. She wouldn’t punish me in public, but too many wrong words and she might say her own words a little too loudly. I had to pick my battles. We were given a little buzzer to tell us when our food was ready. Mommy went to get some tea and I was tasked with finding us a seat. The place was packed and I hated crowds. My hand ached for Mommy’s… but I had a job to do. I had to make her proud! I finally found a small table in the corner and hurried to get it before someone else did. I pulled out a chair and sat down too fast, causing a puff of powder to escape the back of my diaper. The area filled up with the thick scent of baby powder and my cheeks turned pink. Higher thinking had slipped away and all I could wonder about was when my mac and cheese would get here. How was I ever going to make it through class like this? How was I supposed to hide the truth: that was I was just a little girl.
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    Author's note: It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, that's partly because I've been writing for Cushy Pen for the last 14 months, but the bigger part is because I went back to work full-time in November last year, so it's been all I could do to generate my minimum contribution there, never mind anywhere else. Nonetheless, this was a short I published last September, so it's clear of the exclusivity period and I can now post it here. Hope you enjoy! You Know You Deserved It 7:45am Mommy Tina sat quietly and sipped coffee as little Janet fumbled her way through her morning cereal. Janet sat there in her booster, naked but for a bib and last night's very wet diaper, the anticipation of what was coming completely overwhelming her, but still she did her best to be neat and tidy as possible. Mommy didn't like her making messes on "school days" like this, and she didn't want Mommy to be upset today. "Now you make sure and be a good girl today at school, get all your work done, so I don't have to hear any bad reports from your teachers," Mommy scolded. "School" was her job as a paralegal at Mayfair, Flowers, and Tarkenton. Mommy used to be a lawyer there, until she left to join the ACLU, so she still maintained friendships with Janet's bosses – the "teachers" in question. Not to mention, Mommy Maryanne was a partner there. Hence, if the twenty-five-year-old missed a deadline or fouled up a research assignment, Mommy Tina was first to know. Janet carefully chewed and swallowed her mouthful before she responded, "Yes Mommy." Speaking with a mouthful of food was definitely not acceptable behavior for a little lady, and Mommy was always chiding her when she did un-lady-like things. Except during playtime. Playtime was Janet's chance to just let loose and be as little and as silly as she wanted, and Mommy never punished her for it. Well, other than an occasional sit in the Naughty Chair for being fussy or throwing a tantrum. But throwing tantrums was fun too, especially after a bad day at School. But today was different. Mommy was quiet, and so was Janet, and Janet was on pins and needles about what was coming tonight. As beautiful and spacious as their 1-bedroom apartment at Thomas Circle was, Mommy said there wasn't room for what needed to be done here, and Janet knew she deserved it. Mommy had been counting up the incidents for weeks before, and once Janet crossed the threshold, what was to come was cast in stone. Janet shuddered as she considered it. That Mommy decreed it was going to happen at Black Rose, DC's most high-profile BDSM club, instead of here at home simultaneously thrilled and terrified her. She spooned up the last of her Lucky Charms, and Mommy smiled, rising to her feet. "Good girl. No messes. We need Mommy's help getting dressed today?" Mommy set the bowl aside and lifted the tray, then hoisted Janet out of her seat and stood her on the floor. "Umm..." Janet really wanted Mommy to dress her, but she wasn't sure. Would Mommy be happier if she started playing at Big Girl now, or... "Mommy's help it is!" The quandary was moot; Mommy latched on to her hand and tugged her down the hall. Mommy rarely gave her time to mull that answer. Either she was confidently feeling big, or Mommy treated her little. Staggering in her swollen diaper, Janet joyed over Mommy making the choice for her. Adulting was hard, letting Mommy take care of her was easy. A fresh, clean girls' Goodnite, a crisp white blouse, black knit wool skirt, hose, and stylish black heels later, Janet was feeling very big-girl indeed. Mommy tied her hair into a smart ponytail and did her makeup for her, and Janet was very careful to sit still through the process. Her last incident being fidgety while Mommy was doing her hair and makeup got her a sharp swat with the paddle, something she definitely did not want this morning. "There we go. Now, Mommy needs to get ready, and Janet needs to get her head right for adulting now, so I suggest we go sit and watch the news for a while, okay?" "Yes Mommy." Even though the instruction was toward readjusting out of littlespace, Mommy was Mommy in private company, no matter how big or little Janet felt, and accidentally calling her Tina at home had much more dire consequences than letting slip a "Mommy" in public, as embarrassing as that could be. She straightened up and mustered her most dignified stride, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she made her way to the living room. She sat on the end of the couch, carefully turning both legs the same direction, and reached for the remote. Inside, adult Janet was shouting down the giggling toddler-girl who just thought the whole exercise was silly. She hit the power button on the remote. The screen lit up. It was still on Cartoon Network from the night before. She stifled a giggle; Dexter's Laboratory was starting. Changing the channel to CNBC was a monumental effort of will, but Mommy had issued the order, and Mommy would be cross if that order wasn't followed. Squawk Box was on. Boring stuff about Wall Street. She pouted a bit, Dexter would be way more fun and interesting than this. "Big girl, Janet! Big girl!" she muttered under her breath. She focused on the screen. Texaco stock down, profits pinched by continued slumping fuel demands. Kimberly Clark stocks up as Huggies brand announces new Disney character designs on the entire product line. Janet unconsciously wiggled in her Tinkerbell Goodnite, delighting in the subtle crinkle... Ugh! Focus! Biotech stocks on the slide, consumer backlash against expensive prescription drugs driving bearish forecasts. Time Warner up, earnings outperformed projections thanks in large part to success of the Turner Broadcasting group's revamp of... the Cartoon Network morning lineup. "Dammit!" she whisper-shouted. Mommy expected her to be focused and ready for work by the time she was finished getting herself ready, but the distractions were everywhere today, especially in anticipation of what was coming tonight. "Dammit, dammit, dammit, Janet, pull yourself together!" Work. That's it. Need to focus on what was coming at work. Big case involving a patent troll suing one of their clients, she was sure to have a pile of research work on her desk related to that. And the SEC charges against their other big one, god, that was a huge, sprawling mess. Good grief, she was sure to be busy nonstop today. Probably have to work through lunch to avoid having to go in for overtime tomorrow. That'd be horrible, missing Saturday morning cartoons and... "NO NO NO!" she squeaked. Right at that moment, Mommy's heels announced her exit from the bathroom. "Someone having a little trouble?" Mommy stepped over to the kitchen counter and looked approvingly at the TV, then back down at Janet, who was doing her best not to fidget. Sadly, her best under Mommy's gaze and in this state wasn't much. "I'm trying, Mommy, I am! Even the TV's being mean!" "Come here, baby." Mommy's tone was neutral. Janet fidgeted even more as she stood and walked over, hands in a fig leaf in front of her skirt, head down, wobbling now on the heels she so confidently strode out in just a few minutes ago. "I'm sorry, Mommy. It's hard to adult." Mommy drew her into a hug, reaching down with one hand and patting her bottom. In heels, Janet stood barely five feet tall, and the nine inches of height between the two women always made Mommy's hugs extra comforting, pulling Janet's head easily into her bosom as she embraced her. "Mommy knows how hard it is. Trying to watch business news was a very adult choice. Good girl. What went wrong?" "Well, first they started talking about Huggies diapers, and they showed a clip of the commercial with the little girl with the pull-up on her head and all these pictures of Huggies Disney prints, and then later they talked about Cartoon Network and showed a bunch of clips of my favorite shows, and it just wasn't fair!" "No, it wasn't, was it. Mean old news broadcasters, trying to fuzzy up your head like that. Should I call Nanny, then, so you can be little today?" "No, Mommy! There's too much important stuff to do at school today!" Yes, Janet badly wanted to stay home and be little, especially if she got to spend the day at "Nanny's", also known as Mommy Racquelle's house, but she also wanted to be good. She knew what was coming tonight, and she didn't want to give Mommy Tina any reason to be cross or disappointed or anything else ahead of it. "I have to adult today! I have to!" Mommy released the embrace and grasped her shoulders firmly. "Look at me, Janet." Janet looked up. "It is up to you to be a big girl and go to school and make your teachers happy so Mommy can be proud of you. I know you can do it. You know you can do it. Will you do it, Chamita?" Chamita. The word gave Janet tingles every time Mommy said it. Mommy said it was what her grandmother in Venezuela called her when she visited her house. It meant babygirl, or something like that. When Mommy asked anything of Chamita, the answer was always yes. It had to be yes. Chamita could never refuse her mommy. "Yes, Mommy!" Janet stamped her foot for emphasis. "Good girl. Let's get Chamita to school then, so she can work hard and make Mommy proud." Make Mommy Proud. Yet another little key that unlocked certain secret places in Janet's heart. It was right up there with Good girl. Mommy had given Janet the option long ago to give up working and be little around the clock, her several mommies taking care of her, and as tempting as the offer had been, she knew that Mommy wanted very much for her to continue adulting. And Janet wanted it too. Giving up her job meant Janet would no longer have any control over how big or little any of her mommies treated her, it would become their decision, not hers. And she liked having that choice, even if she more often than not deferred to Mommy Tina, or Mommy Racquelle, or Mommy MaryAnne. It was fun insisting she was a big girl and having one of her mommies ignore her pouty demands and put her in diapers anyway, leaving her to sulk behind her binky in her playpen. But most of all, she lusted after Mommy's praise, and Mommy always praised her for going to School and working hard. Plus, she always looked forward to coming home and being little after a hard day of adulting, and that little joy would go away if she quit her job. So big girl it must be. The pair walked tall together out of the apartment, rode down the elevator, and into the waiting cab Bennie, the doorman, hailed for them just as he did every weekday. 8:50am "Okay, Chamita, be good girl at school for Mommy!" Mommy kissed her cheek and gave her a squeeze. "I will, Mommy," Janet whispered back sheepishly. For as many times as this exchange had happened, Janet had never gotten over being embarrassed about having the strange person driving the cab hear it, wondering about what thoughts were going through his head as he eyed her quizzically in the rearview mirror. She felt the soft blush creep into her face yet again as she hastily opened the door. She and Mommy exchanged waves, as they did every morning. Usually this was the moment where Janet was completely able to get back in big-girl mode, standing in front of the huge tower, three entire floors of which were occupied by her employer. Today was different, though. Today was a much bigger struggle. Today, she had to block it out of her mind, what was coming. Tonight. It was going to happen. She couldn't do anything about it. And she knew she deserved it. She mustered all the big-girl dignity she could and walked through the revolving door into the towering foyer. Again! Again! NO! Think about legal things. Think about precedents and case law and not about how fun it'd be to splash around in the big fountain right next to you! DAMMIT! Her pace quickened toward the elevators. She got there just in time for someone to hold one open for her, and there she was right in the front, in arm's reach of the buttons. She reached out to... Push them all! See the lights all light up! She tapped 7 and quickly pulled her hand away before she could get herself in trouble. Staring straight ahead, she smoothed out the front of her blouse and clasped both hands around her little handbag, trying to at least pretend her nerves weren't already frazzled. Focus, dammit! Focus! The war inside her head raged. She felt like she was chasing a tiny version of herself around a room while the little version was wreaking havoc everywhere. Make Mommy proud, remember? The words were like an elixir. The toddler quieted, and her focus returned, at least long enough for her to exit the elevator and into the sea of cubicles that was the paralegal pool. 11:05am Work had been fast and furious that morning, a never-ending stream of research, delivering briefs, making an occasional low-level client call, but Janet was keeping up with the pace. In fact, it was easier when she was busy, easier to tune out the noise and distractions. She'd been good all morning, even got a compliment from one of the partners about the brief she delivered for a class-action on which he was lead counsel. But right now it was all rushing back. This morning she had been grateful that Mommy put her in a pull-up, because this morning she was still very much in little mode, and she didn't want to be big yet. Now, as she sat in the stall with same pull-up around her knees, staring at the delightful little Tinkerbell designs while she tinkled, all the focus was gone, and it was only sheer force of will that kept her from giggling. She flexed her legs, determined to keep that pull-up from dropping to her ankles, the raw fear of anyone else seeing it the only anchor to "adulting" she had left. She finished and cleaned herself up, then slid the garment quickly back up her thighs. It was a certainty that everyone in this echo chamber could hear the crinkling, that they all knew she was wearing a diaper, that her "big girl" facade was a complete farce. It was as certain as the telltale little yellow stain in the middle, the little tiny dribble she'd left when she got so busy she almost forgot to go potty entirely. It wasn't a big stain, not even enough to feel so much as a swell once the soft padding hugged her girl parts again. But even if she didn't need to call Mommy Racquelle for a change at lunch, she'd see it this afternoon, and any chance she had of claiming big-girl status ahead of tonight's looming event was out the window now. Pee in her panties meant she wasn't ready for big-girl panties, which meant big, thick, crinkly diapers after School and on until bedtime. Part of her wanted to run upstairs and find Mama MaryAnne, tell her about her "accident" and that she wasn't feeling big enough to stay in school today. Janet once playfully called her "Ma" and claimed it was just easier than saying all those M's. While she was scolded severely for it at the time, MaryAnne decided that "Mama" was rather cute, and that became Janet's name for her. Mama would close her office door and give Janet a warm hug before calling Nanny to let her know that Janet would be coming early, and she'd be diapered and have lunch and a nap and be able to play until Mommy came to pick her up. But Mommy would be disappointed if Janet didn't stay in School. That was the last thing she wanted. So she bit her lip, straightened out her skirt, and exited the stall to wash up. Hold it together, Janet! It's only three more hours! You can do this! If anything, it was a mere 15 minutes until her lunch break, so she'd have a chance to gather herself, get refocused. After that it was just making it to 2:30. That was one of the more embarrassing, yet very pleasant aspects of having one of her mommies working in the same firm. As a partner in the firm, it was easy for Mama to pull strings down in the paralegal pool to accomodate Janet's "special scheduling needs", or more accurately the three women's collective desire to have Janet's schedule look more like that of a kindergartner. Where she went in at 9 and left at 2:30, her co-workers pulled 8 to 5. Her bosses never asked her to stay late, though she was occasionally tapped for Saturdays if the backlog was too deep. It was a compromise struck when Janet first moved in with Mommy, that Nanny get time with their babygirl on a daily basis, since she worked out of her home, and it came with the standing offer for Janet to abandon school altogether and let Nanny take care of her during the day. For Janet, the arrangement was dizzying at times, but she loved each of her Mommies very much, and she sorely missed each of them on the occasions she was deprived of one, like the week Mama spent in Boston, working with one of the firm's top clients on an important project. That was a really bad week for Janet; she tried to go to school on Monday, but knowing Mama wasn't in her office upstairs in case Janet had an accident or just needed a cuddle to get through the day made her nervous, anxious, completely unfocused. She wound up leaving work at lunchtime that day and every other day that week, and it it took nearly all the strings Mama could pull to keep Janet's job when she got back into town. That was the first time the three women spoke seriously about Janet "not being ready for school". After barely convincing them she was perfectly capable, Janet resolved to tough it out at work by whatever means necessary going forward. Janet was definitely in the "whatever means necessary" territory today. The anticipation of tonight's event had been building inside her for over a week, and now it was nearly unbearable, consuming her entire thought process, filling her with anxiety. She was rapidly running out of mental energy, and 2:30 seemed like eons away. 1:55pm Lunch had been no help. The self-imposed diet Janet was on made passing the snack machine an exercise in torment. It wasn't that she was overweight, far from it. It's just that she had picked up enough of a chest to where she could no longer fit comfortably into a girls' XL dress, and Target had this adorable pink one with Frozen characters on it that wasn't available in the girls' plus sizes Mommy usually ordered for her. She made Mommy promise her that if she lost a little weight, she'd get that dress, and she was almost to her goal weight of 95 pounds, and she could nearly fit back into her 32B, which would satisfy Mommy's insistence that she have a little room to fluctuate. Nanny always scolded her for being so skinny, but Nanny was also the most athletically built of the four of them, despite also being the shortest of her Mommies at a mere five feet four. Janet suspected Nanny could probably take either Mommy or Mama over her knee with little effort, whether they resisted or not. The thought made her chuckle, Nanny dropping her powerful hand on Mama's bottom while her impossibly long legs flailed helplessly. Janet just managed to finish the amicus brief she'd been called upon to draft that morning, and as she looked it over one last time, proofreading and error-checking as thoroughly as she could, she cheered herself inside. It was quite good, and she was sure today's "teacher", Mark Ainsworth, would be sending along very a very good report to Mommy. Her toes curled in anticipation as she saved the final copy then forwarded it along to him. Five minutes to go in the shift; perfect timing. She shut down her computer, gathered her purse, and made for the elevators, doing her best to maintain at least a pretense of professionalism when inside she was positively bursting again, toddler girl forcing her way back into her headspace. Normally she'd stop for a bathroom break on the way out, but she was determined to make her exit before she could be delayed by would-be small talkers, or worse be asked to come in tomorrow for extra work. The ride down seemed to take forever, stopping at every floor on the way, and her bladder began to murmur, ever so subtly. Janet had a dilemma now. On one hand, her pull-up was already stained, but there was a chance Nanny would give her a pass on such a tiny little dribble. Of course, it might not matter, Nanny could be in one of her moods, just looking for an excuse to give Janet the full babying treatment when she arrived, which Janet hate-loved and love-hated every time. And as much as Janet wanted to stay big for as long as possible before tonight's event, she also didn't. Being changed out of her big-girl clothes, diapered, and bottle-fed by Nanny, put down for a little nap, and playing in the playpen until Mommy came to pick her up was a positively delightful idea. The elevator finally stopped at the ground floor, and Janet walked out into the lobby completely on autopilot as she wrestled with these thoughts. The fountain finally made her decision for her. As soon as that tinkling sound reached her ears, her body betrayed her, and she blushed deeply, forcing herself to increase her pace and pretend nothing was wrong as her pull-up began to warm and swell between her legs. She had reached the revolving door by the time she was done; it wasn't that big of an accident, but it certainly removed all doubts as to what she'd be wearing shortly. She spotted Nanny's silver BMW sitting at the curb, and all the big-girl thoughts melted away as she jog-walked toward the car. She opened the door and nearly jumped into the seat, landing on the rustly puppy pad Nanny always laid out (just in case) with a gleeful squeak, pulling the door shut gently behind her. Nanny was very strict about slamming the door, and if Janet was going to spend the afternoon being little, she wanted it to be as pleasant an experience as possible. "Well hello to you too, cutey!" Nanny smiled as Janet's thumb found her way to her mouth. "I see someone is geared up for a little afternoon." Janet nodded her head fiercely and giggled. Nanny lifted Janet's skirt, which normally would have sent the smaller woman into a fierce blush, but "little" Janet only ever cared about modesty in the presence of strangers. Behind Nanny's dark tinted windows, the rest of the world ceased to exist. "Looks like someone had an accident today." Nanny's sing-song voice was scolding, but playfully so. Still yet, Janet felt the need to defend herself, thumb in her mouth or not. "Vat jus' happem, Nanny! Da foun'n made me do i'!" Nanny's made contact with the front. "Hmmm. Feels pretty warm. You sure we didn't have any other accidents today?" "Um... I had a li'l bribble before..." "I see. Thank you for being honest, sweetie. Let's get you home and changed before you wind up with a rash." Nanny watched for an opening, then scooted into traffic. "Are we excited about tonight?" The anxiety rose back up in Janet, and she dropped her thumb into her lap. "I'm scared, Nanny." "Oh I bet, you poor thing. This is your first time going to the Rose, isn't it?" "Uh-huh." "Well, how about Nanny fix you a nice bottle of chocolate milk when we get home, help you relax a little and take your mind off it?" "No chocolate, Nanny! My diet!" "Oh for heaven's sake!" Nanny rolled her eyes. "If you lose any more weight, I'll be able to put a harness on you and fly you like a kite in the park!" "Nuh-uh! Mommy's gonna get me the dress with Elsa and Anna and Olaf on it! I've only got a couple more pounds to go!" Her thumb found its way back into her mouth as Janet's thoughts wandered off to the animated movie with the silly snowman in it. "Good lord, you and that silly movie. Well, Nanny got a package in today with your name on it!" "Wa wuv in i'?" "Well I guess we're going to find out in a few minutes, aren't we?" "No fair!" Janet pouted behind her thumb. "No fair what? I only opened one of them, the one I ordered for you. The other one is as much a mystery to me as it is to you!" "Who wuv i' from?" "I'm not sure, it didn't have a name on it, but the return address was from Chicago, so that might solve part of the mystery." Janet's eyes got wide as she remembered the glorious two weeks she spent at "little camp" with her friends from the Chicago Ageplayers crew in May. And the even more glorious week she spent when she got home being constantly doted on and spoiled rotten by all three of her Mommies after them missing her "SO MUCH", as they told her day and night. She wondered who of her little friends sent her a package and why and what could possibly be in it! Or maybe it was another invitation! No, Nanny wouldn't have called it a "package" if it was just a letter. Mysterious indeed! Nanny let out a chuckle, breaking Janet's concentration. "Hey silly goose, we're home!" Janet looked out the windshield in disbelief. There indeed was Nanny's townhouse in Georgetown, a huge step up from Mommy's condo in the city. But that was a whole other reason Janet was determined to keep working, because she and Mommy were saving to buy a place like this. Janet's little paralegal salary at the law firm wasn't a ton of money, but it was enough to pay a lot of peripheral bills, leaving Mommy free to invest a huge amount of her paycheck. Another year or two and they'd be ready to live in a wonderful spot like this. Maybe even in the same neighborhood as Nanny. Then she'd get more time with both of them, and Mama too, as she lived just a few minutes away in an even nicer complex than this. "Are we coming in, or do we need Nanny to carry us?" Nanny snapped her back to reality again, this time a little sterner than her playful rib. "Sorry Nanny." Her thumb dropped out of her mouth, and she took Nanny's hand and stepped out of the open car door. "Our little head is just full of thoughts today, isn't it?" Nanny said, wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulder as she closed the car and locked it with her keyfob. "I guess so..." "Care to share?" "I was just thinking about your pretty house, and how someday soon Mommy and I are gonna have a pretty house near here too, and then I'll get to see even more of you and Mama, and it made me happy." "Aw, that's going to make your Mama and I very happy too. But you know what will make me happiest right now?" Nanny opened the door and ushered her inside as she spoke. "What?" "A certain babygirl toddling her damp little self up to her room so Nanny can get her properly attired for a fun afternoon together!" Nanny gave her a playful swat on the bottom, and Janet giggled in spite of herself. She kicked off her heels behind the door, glad to be rid of the cumbersome footwear, and dashed up the hardwood steps, stumbling once as her nylon-clad feet betrayed her. "Alright, alright, no need to fall and break your cute little bottom, now!" Nanny laughed as she followed her up the stairs. Janet scampered up to the landing and hooked a left into her favorite little spot in the whole house, Nanny's nursery. Of course, it wasn't a nursery for Nanny, it was for Janet. And it wasn't even entirely Nanny's idea. In fact, she'd only known Nanny for about a month when Mama and Mommy had conspired with Nanny to build it. But it was a magical little place nonetheless, and she'd spent a substantial part of every afternoon for the last six months here, and a fair number of overnights. The tall white crib stood out starkly against the soft lavender walls, as did the changing table across the room from it, with its little stepladder for her to "assume the position" on top. Not that Nanny needed any help; she was strong as a bear, and could easily carry Janet around one-handed when she felt like it. The walk-in closet was filled with clothes far more befitting a girl of four or five; Nanny was obsessed with expanding Janet's little wardrobe, and no doubt there was something new. Nanny was a bit proper, though; she refused to buy anything with cartoon characters or for that matter anything she didn't think befitting of "a little lady". Which meant everything Nanny put her in after School was absurdly girly and more than likely rather short, as it was intended to be worn with leggings, which Nanny never put on her. Too much fuss for playtime, was her constant refrain. And Janet would always complain that if she was to play dress-up, she should be dressed up proper. Then came the inevitable, "Who changes the diapers decides the rest of the underwear." Today was no different. Janet dutifully stripped away her skirt and blouse, Nanny arriving just as she started to wrestle down her pantyhose. She stumbled and fell backward on her squishy bottom with a squeak, and Nanny just laughed. "We needing some help?" "No, Nanny, you just startled me." Janet managed to get one leg free of the stretchy nightmare before Nanny bent over and grabbed the other one, ripping it loose effortlessly. "Honestly, I have no idea why your mommy insists on going to such lengths. Up up!" Nanny patted the vinyl-covered top of the changing table, and Janet quickly made for the ladder and sprawled herself out. Lying here, nearly as far from the floor as she normally stood, in a wet pull-up, made her feel about as little as could be. "Cause I'm 'posed to be a big girl at school, Nanny!" Nanny raised her eyebrow as she tore the sides down on the sodden underwear and began wiping Janet down with a warmed wipe from a tub attached to the table. "Do big girls do this in school?" Nanny dangled it in front of her for emphasis before wrapping it up and tucking it into the diaper genie. "I was on the way out already, and the fountain made me do it! I adulted good! And I worked hard all day!" Janet poked her tongue out in defiance. Nanny reached into her shirt pocket and produced a pacifier, which she tucked into Janet's mouth and went straight back to work. "Alright, sassy girl. Nanny believes you. But we're all done being big today, aren't we?" She wiped the Desitin off her hands as she spoke, and began dusting her with a generous layer of powder. "Mmmhmmm." The anticipation was still a mixed set of emotions for Janet. Big girl was fading fast now, as the sweet smell of the powder reached her nose. When she stepped out of that elevator, she was determined to stay big girl until tonight, but she'd expended so much effort at work trying to stay focused, and the nipple felt so good bouncing on her tongue, and Nanny's strong arm lifting her bottom up... it was hard to care about much of anything right now but being snugged up tight into a thick pink diaper, Nanny's fingers running along the leg elastics to make sure it didn't pinch. Oh, and what video she wanted to watch, since Cartoon Network was pounding that stupid Teen Titan show. Maybe Frozen again. Or Hotel Transylvania. That would be fun. "Are you going to lift your arms up for me, or are you just going to sit there like a silly lump?" Nanny stood there expectently, a lavender bishop dress in hand, two pink butterflies embroidered on the attached white bib. Janet raised her arms, silent but for her suckling and her bottom rustling. Yep, big girl was all the way gone now. Once Nanny had the dress over her head, Janet reached out for her. "Oh, we want to be carried? Well, it's a short ride to the crib," Nanny said as she pulled loose Janet's hair band and went to work on her face with one of the wet-wipes, stripping away the makeup Mommy had carefully applied this morning. "Mmm-mmm!" Janet squeaked. "No nap, Nanny! Movie!" "Your Mommy and Mama and I already discussed it. It's going to be a very late night for you tonight, and we don't want you getting all overtired and emotional. You're taking a nap, and that's all there is to it." "None of my mommies have to take a nap!" Janet crossed her arms and pouted behind her pacifier as Nanny dropped the siderail on her crib. "Your mommies all have to work, including me. In fact, while you're napping, I'll be finishing in a teleconference in my office. Believe you me, I'd rather be having a nap." "Hmmmmph." Janet played it up, but she actually was tired, just from the mental struggle today. Nanny handed her Avvy, her big stuffed unicorn, and hoisted her up with a rustle. Janet couldn't help but giggle as Nanny bounced her on her hip, betraying Janet's efforts at being rebellious, even if it was only passively. Nanny laid her in the crib, and Janet threw back another "Hmmmph," though with less conviction, as she flopped over and showed Nanny her back. Nanny swatted her bottom with a hollow plastic thud. "Sleep, baby. Nanny come get you when it's time to get up." She covered Janet with the throw. "Hmmmph!" Up went the rail, locking in place with a loud click. Such a comforting feeling, being surrounded by bars that came up all the way to her chest even when she was standing up in here. She suckled quietly and sighed. She was so sleepy by the time she realized Nanny had forgotten her bottle that she didn't even care as she slipped into happy little dreams. The next thing she knew, there was a hand on her back, and a soft voice in the room, but it wasn't Nanny's voice. "Hello, Chamita. Time to wake up now and get ready for our big night!" Her eyes popped open. "Mommy!" She flipped over, her pacifier and Avvy tossed aside as she lurched to a sit and looked up. Mommy startled a bit and chuckled. "Hello there, sleepy girl!" Janet was a bit surprised herself. If Mommy was here, then it was already six o'clock! And she hadn't even so much as heard Mommy drop the rail. She reached out with a squeak, and Mommy laughed as she picked her up. "Oh yes, baby, Mommy's happy to see you too!" "Nanny made me go ni-ni! I wanted to watch cartoons!" Janet put her fake pout back on, hoping to buy a little sympathy, or at least a reaction from playing her cute-card. Mommy just gave her diaper a squeeze, which was silly, because she was still dry, though that was probably going to change soon. "Oh yes, mean old Nanny insisted we take a nap, even though it was clear we needed it!" Nanny's laughing voice rang out from the doorway. "And she didn't even give me a ba-ba!" Janet pressed. "Meanie!" "Oh, Nanny!" Mommy gave her a squeeze. "No ba-ba before nap?" "Okay, you got me there. I'm sorry, Jan-Jan, I was distracted by that meeting I had to attend." Nanny stepped aside as Mommy carried her out into the living room. Janet stuck her tongue out at Nanny on the way by, and Nanny laughed and pinched her cheeks. "You're so adorable when you're grumpy, you know that?" "We goin' home for supper, Mommy?" Mommy sat down on the sofa and pulled Janet into her lap. "No, silly. All your party clothes are here, and you don't think Nanny would miss a chance to doll you up for an important outing, do you?" Janet's heart skipped a beat, and big girl came surging back. "Mommy! I can't go out in public in baby clothes!" She buried her face in Mommy's shoulder. "We've been over this, Chamita." Mommy lifted her chin and turned to face her. "You earned what's coming tonight. And you are going to be dressed properly for the occasion." "But Mommy..." "Hush." Mommy's finger went across Janet's lips. "Nanny, could we get a ba-ba over here, help tide her over until we eat later?" Inside Janet was roiling over the prospect. Terror was winning out over thrill. In public. In one of any number of elaborate party dresses Nanny had stashed in the closet. None of which covered her underwear. Would Mommy let her wear tights? Would it even matter if she did? Maybe it would on the way in and out of the car, but once they were inside that imposing place, a place dedicated to bondage and leather and dark things, to discipline of the fiercest kind. What would those people think, when they got a gander at her puffy rearend and her absurd piles of pastel-colored crinoline and satin and her curls and rosy cheeks? She was going to be made a spectacle of, and while the idea excited her when it was first announced, the closer it came to becoming a reality, the more afraid she was of it. She let loose a whimper and curled up tighter in Mommy's lap, her eyes squeezed shut. The crinkle in her bottom was no longer soothing, nor was her bladder emptying itself, swelling her diaper up and warming her thighs. A nipple entered her mouth, and Mommy whispered, "There we go, Chamita. Relax and drink your ba-ba." Those words soothed her. And a pull on the bottle, her mouth filling with chocolate Ovaltine, was exactly what she needed to forget the nightmare brewing in the back of her mind. She suckled eagerly, nuzzling Mommy's chest and letting loose little whimpers of pleasure in between swallows. "Good girl, Chamita. Gooood girl." Janet squirmed and curled her toes. Somewhere in the background, she heard Nanny chuckle. Then there was a shift on the couch, and she felt those strong hands rubbing her feet, thumbs digging firmly but gently into her arches. "Someone needs to relax and stop worrying so much," Nanny scolded. "It'll all be gone in a flash, and you'll be sad it's over before you know it." "And besides," Mommy added, "You know you deserve it." Yes, yes she did deserve it. She earned all of it. And it was nearly time to face it all. By the time Mama arrived, Janet was fully done up. Stark white tights covering what was now a thick, comfy white diaper with a couple of boosters, "So we don't have to worry about changes until it's all done" according to Mommy. Pink patent leather Mary Janes to match her pink-and-white babydoll dress with its puffy short sleeves and Peter Pan collar and satin sash tied into a huge bow in the back, a full crinoline skirt beneath. Nanny assured her that no one would see her well-padded bottom until she bent over, and when Janet stood in front of the mirror in Nanny's bedroom, her hair in curt pigtails with pink barretts securing them, far too much blush on her cheeks, and her pacifier attached with a pink ribbon to her collar, she actually believed it too. There were so many other things rustling on her, surely no one would hear her diaper, and the tights would keep it well secured even if she wet it. "So pretty!" Mama declared as Janet ran to give her a hug. "Are we all ready to go, then? Our car is waiting out front!" Car indeed! Mama had splurged on what looked like a cross between a limo and a giant SUV, which sat right out front of Nanny's condo. In the darkness of the fall evening, her three mommies surrounded her and ushered her into the back seat, where a wonderful sight awaited her – her very own car seat! She squealed as she climbed into it and Mama buckled her in snug with the five-point harness. "Is it ours? Do we get to keep it?" "Well yes we do, though I don't think it'll be of much use in Nanny's car." Mama said with a chuckle. "Oh, so now it's on me to swap out for a truck?" Nanny said. "Puleeeeeeeese Nanny?!" Laughter rose as the vehicle pulled out into traffic. Nanny rolled her eyes. "We'll discuss it more later. Mama needs to start consulting with Nanny before buying new furniture, though!" Janet kicked her legs happily, enjoying this new level of security and childishness she had fantasized about many times. Her three mommies chatted, but Janet was deep into little-space now, their words just a buzz in the background as she stared out the dark-tinted glass and watched the car-headlight fireflies dance to and fro. She suckled her pacifier happily, wishing she'd taken Avvy with her. Having a friend to cuddle would have made this moment absolutely perfect. Stop and go, stop and go, the car wandered through traffic, her mommies laughing and joking in the background somewhere, until it finally stopped one last time and didn't move again. "Time to go, Chamita!" Mommy reached over and released the latch on her harness. Janet's heart clenched. It was time. Right now, it was time. Time to step out, to be exposed in front of strangers on the street. Time to enter the strange place she'd only ever heard stories of, terrible stories. Her eyes darted around the car. Nanny had her handbag over her shoulder, and Janet could see the handle of the paddle that had on rare occasions made contact with her bare bottom. Janet didn't feel so safe anymore. She felt exposed, vulnerable, full of dread and anxiety. She began to tremble as the soother fell from her lips. "I... I can't.... Mommy, I can't!" Her throat began to tighten, and tears formed in the corners of her eyes. "I wanna go home Mommy! I can't go in there!" The faces of all three women changed, reflecting deep concern. Mommy snatched her up out of the carseat and onto her lap, pulling her close, while Nanny rubbed her leg and Mama her back. "It's okay, Chamita. It's okay. You can do this, I promise. Mommy would never make you do something she didn't think you could do." Other words of encouragement came from Nanny and Mama. Her pacifier was tucked back into her mouth, and Mommy rocked her gently. "Be brave, Jan-Jan," Nanny whispered. "You can do it." "Jan-Jan need a ride?" Mama offered. "No, I know Chamita's strong enough to walk with us, isn't she? Mommy and Nanny and Mama all be right by your side, baby, holding your hands the whole way. You can do it, baby. Look at me, Chamita." Janet looked up into Mommy's eyes. "Say it, Chamita. 'I can do it.'" "I... can do it." Janet didn't really believe it, not all the way. "That's right, you can do it." Mommy squeezed her tight again. "Say it again, Chamita. Mean it this time." Her mommies were all here to keep her safe and protect her and love her, just as they had the entire year since she agreed to become the full-time baby of this little poly family. How could she be afraid now? She trusted them completely. Surely they would not abandon her now. "I can do it." "That's my big brave Chamita! Let's go!" And with that, the car door opened, and out they went. This wasn't a particularly busy area of town for foot traffic, and even though she knew people in cars passing by could see her, those faces didn't mean anything, she couldn't see them. She clutched two hands tightly, and a third one rested on her shoulder as she took trembling steps toward the door. Mama opened it, and in she walked. A tall, dark-haired woman in a leather catsuit stood at a counter across the room, and as she saw Janet, she grinned broadly. "And who is this adorable little thing? I might have to check some ID!" She laughed, and Janet's mommies all laughed with her, though Janet just blushed. "Well this happens to be the belle of this particular ball. Lassetter party?" Mama spoke coolly and confidently as she reached forward to shake the woman's hand. "Right through that door," the woman replied. Got a good turnout for this one. Have fun cutie!" Right... through... the door. They were here, now. No turning back. Mommy gave her a pat on the bottom and whispered, "Go ahead, Chamita." Janet steeled herself. She stood up straight, took a breath, and marched toward the door, pushing it open and nearly stumbling on the staircase on the other side. Nanny caught her arm as she regained her balance and surveyed the scene. There was no evidence of any of the horrible things Janet had heard about. A huge sign greeted her overhead, "Happy First Birthday, Jan-Jan!" it declared. And suddenly the room noticed her as well. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" they all shouted, breaking into raucous applause. She spotted Tracy from the CAP crew, and her heart soared. One by one her little friends from so many play-parties and visits and overnights came into vision, and she squealed with joy. There were balloons everywhere, and a ball pit, and littles and their mommies and daddies filling the room. This dark place had been fully converted into a little princess' birthday ball. She turned back toward her now grinning mommies. "I... I was so scared! I... heard so much..." "Silly girl!" Mama said, pulling her into a hug. "This was the only place I could find that would host a birthday party for a big little girl like you!" "Oh, thank you, Mommy! Thank you Nanny! Thank you Mama! I love you!" She reached out to them all, and they surrounded her in a huge embrace. "Oh little Chamita, you know you deserved it." She did deserve it. She was a good girl, and she had the best mommies a little girl could ever dream of. Full of happy thoughts and love, she turned and dashed down the stairs and straight into the fray, just like a little girl at her very first little-girl party. The paddle? Oh yes, she did catch the paddle later that night. Right before she cut the cake, Nanny got one good shot on her very padded bottom. Her "birthday spanking". By the end of the night, Janet was positively giddy at the idea of having a second birthday party. But only if she deserved it...
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    I thought a few tips on how to spot and avoid a "scam mommy" might be useful to people. Some things may seem obvious to many but there are some who fall for these things and if they are new or hurt by it they can be put off the community for good. So, how do you spot a scammer? 1. They follow you - Sorry guys and girls but mommy's are not going to just fall into your lap and real ones don't come here looking for any baby they can get. If you have never spoken to them and they follow you it is likely before they message you or they are hoping you notice so you message them. A real mommy would be here looking for someone special rather than just someone, so treat any random encounter like this as extremely suspicious. 2. They message you - See above for the most part. They will come here and mass message as many people as they can, it is usually copy and pasted and they will often just scroll through users messaging them. It only takes one or two "hits" to make it all worth their while. If you receive a random message like this from a mommy make sure to report it. 3. Profile Picture - Many will come on with a profile picture that is either stolen from someone else, a pro model shot or something else designed to emphasise their beauty. I'm not saying we don't all try to get attractive pictures but the ones used in these profiles will likely not feature anything ABDL and would be something you would be much more likely to find on facebook than a fetish site. A good way to check photos (though not foolproof) is to search the image on Google. It may show you that the picture is stolen from others. 4. Location - It's not nice to say but nearly all scam mommies that visit here are from the same place... The Philippines. However any mommy from a place not close to yourself but still messaging should be a warning sign. This is difficult to check because, they often lie about where they live and will usually pretend to be American. That includes having a western name. 5. Do they have Mommy[Girl's Name]/Mistress[Girl's Name] in their name? - This is far from foolproof because there are many users with those names who are here for the same reasons as everyone else but just about every single scammer I've banned has started with those two words. 6. Broken English - Many of them will claim to be from America despite being from somewhere else. English will likely not be their first language and that should show through messages. Unusual spelling, poor grammar, something that is clearly not written by someone proficient in the English language... These are all signs of a scammer. 7. Do they instantly treat you a baby/slave or invite you to be their baby/slave? - Real mommy's don't do this. If they seem instantly to want you to be theirs it's because they want what's in your wallet. 8. Do they try to take you to a different website? - One thing a scam mommy will try to do is to get you to go to a website where you either have to: a) pay to send messages and thus give her money or b) get you off this site ASAP so that it is harder for admins to find them/make it harder for you to report them. If they are in a rush to get you off of site messaging and into e-mails, instant messages or another website it is to avoid scrutiny. A big red flag. 9. They ask you to pay for things for your new nursery with them - Some mommies or mistresses will quickly want to make it seem like you are going to live with them and have all your fantasies come true. They will say they want to have a nursery ready for you but that they need you to send money to them to help get it ready. Needless to say none of that money is going on a nursery and none of that stuff will be used on you. So what do you do if you get a message you suspect is from a scammer? Report it. The admins can then see the message and we are very experienced in separating people who are lying and scamming from those who are legitimate. You can also message me or another admin if you aren't sure and we can give private advice. --- I hope this helps some people and remember that whilst a lot of this is going to be obvious to long term members there will be others who will learn something so let's not judge anyone. If these scams weren't occasionally successful they wouldn't happen. If anyone else has good tips to spot a scammer just post them below and I'll add them to the list! Stay safe everyone!
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    This is another story that was posted on another site but never here. (1) New School I don’t think anyone will try to kill me this time. Not here. I mean, as school entrances go, it really doesn’t even look all that imposing: just a medium sized stairway leading to a white double door under an archway with some sort of Latin inscription. I have no clue what it means; I don’t really care either. As long as it doesn’t mean Carly isn’t welcome here it’s fine by me. And I don’t think it means that. I’m pretty sure there’s no reason for anyone here to hate me. Not for who I am or what I am or what I may bring with me. At least not yet. Mom let me help pick out this town. I think she felt it would give me some ownership in the move or something. I know that’s what my therapist said, anyway, and it sounded good in theory. You’re taking a teen out of school and moving across the country, uprooting her during high school: a traumatic experience, right? She’ll have to say goodbye to friends, move away from places she feels comfortable and get used to everything all over again. And she’ll be that most awkward of things: the new girl. Truth be told, though, I was ecstatic. I suppose I used to have friends—well, a couple, anyway—but we’ve moved so much that I never really feel settled anywhere. And this move? It couldn’t come fast enough because the very last thing I was back in Elmdale was comfortable. If I had really explained to Dr. Sessions (what a name for a shrink!) what was going on at Elmdale High and why I started skipping school...and why I did what I did, not that I can even recall most of it...I suspect the only move I’d have made would have been into a padded cell. But Dr. Sessions is behind me now too, like Elmdale High, like Marissa, like… It isn’t good to dwell on this. Picking the new town was interesting. Mom’s new job was going to be in LA, so we had to be in commuting distance, though the fact is that she’d actually be working from home most days. So we sat with a map and a computer and wandered through the towns we had as options. The hundreds of towns we had as options. She suggested we go somewhere near the ocean, and at first I thought that really didn’t matter to me anymore, but she talked me into it. And when it came right down to it, what difference did I really think it would make? “You’ll regret it if we don’t,” she said, and I had to agree she was probably right. And that’s how we ended up in Corona Bay. It just ended up checking enough of our boxes to pass the test. So now I stand here staring at some Latin writing on the door of Corona Bay High School (Go, Sea Lions!), needing only to walk up the stairs to start my first day, a week after the year began for everyone else here. Joy. I examine the entryway carefully, searching for any sign of anything that might seem odd, but there’s nothing. Kids file past, normal enough looking kids, not even noticing me, many dressed in the school colors of red and grey. I look down at my red skirt and white top: it will do, I think. Raising my head, I notice a teacher at the top of the stairs looking down at me with a helpful look in his eye. Oh God. Please don’t. “Miss?” he calls to me. Damn. “You look a bit lost. May I help you?” You might have begun by not calling everyone’s attention to it. But I give him my best smile. “I’m fine. My first day.” Now he returns the smile. “Ah, I understand. Well, come on up here and I’ll show you where you’ll need to go.” Nothing for it now but to go with him. He seems all right. “I’m Mr. Benson,” he says, his smile seemingly stuck to his face. “I’m one of the Deans, but I hang around in the cafeteria and student commons a lot, so you’ll probably see me there.” “Nice to meet you,” I say. “I’m Carly Lannigan. Just moved here from near Chicago.” Mr. Benson is around forty, trim, with short hair graying around the temples. He doesn’t look at all severe though; not like a military kind of guy. More just like someone who takes care of himself. I know exactly what I look like to him: a long-haired redhead in that red skirt and white blouse, no makeup which I should have put on to hide the freckles that are already appearing from the sun, and inexpensive sandals. In other words, I look like every other teenage girl, at least up north. In California, if the kids I saw entering the building are any judge, the girls are all fashion models. My problem, though, is that I’m most definitely not. Either a fashion model or normal. I can wish for it all I want, but it just ain’t going to happen. Which is why I’m standing here in the main office of a new school thousands of miles across the country from my old one, in a town where I know no one and no one knows me. I’d say I intend to hide in the crowd here, but it isn’t true. No can do, amigos. That’s for some other chiquita. “But Carly,” Mom said, “it caused you such distress at your last school. We could at least try to keep it to ourselves, couldn’t we? It’s your life, but why does anyone else have to know anyway?” She was standing in our new kitchen surrounded by unpacked boxes, leaning over the breakfast counter on the opposite side from where I was sitting and eating a sandwich: my incredible “Welcome to California” meals were all pretty much like this before we unpacked enough to do some real grocery shopping. One box was open; there were glasses with random colors swirled on them sitting near the sink. “Your timing is perfect, Mom, to ask that question, as it happens.” “What do you mean?” I shook my head. “Breathe deeply, Mom. You’ll know.” She took a deep breath and suddenly screwed up her nose. “Oh.” I nodded. “Right. And that will happen no matter what. And happen and happen and happen. So they’ll know, all right, Mom. But this time, they’ll know on my terms.” Mr. Benson leaves me with a big, friendly blonde woman. The placard on her desk says her name is Mrs. Girard. She explains how my schedule will work, where I need to go to get books, and some other things. She tells me that if it had been the start of the term there would have been an orientation meeting for new students, but as that was last week I’ll need to start the day with my counselor. “Are there that many of us?” I ask with a smile. “You’d be surprised,” she says. “We always seem to have our share.” She’s laughing so easily with me that I almost hope she doesn’t scan too far down the schedule to see what I know will be there. But of course she does. The look on her face twists into a register of surprise, then almost immediately covers it back up. “I’m seeing here that you have some...medical issues? Maybe you’ll also need to know where the nurse’s office is?” My smile doesn’t fade; I hold it steady. Here goes. “That would be very nice, Mrs. Girard. I am in fact completely incontinent, and I’m in need of a diaper change right now. Could you show me the way?” I watch her eyes as I say that: she’s stunned, to be sure. She’s never heard a high school kid––or anyone, probably––acknowledge her incontinence or her diaper wearing so boldly and publicly before. Well, get used to it, Sister, because I aim to change all of that. I tried the “I’m ashamed so I hide it” route at my last school, but they found out anyway and it was terrible. “Carly?” Daria taps me with her pencil and I turn around at my desk, hoping Mrs. Garcia won’t notice. Not that it matters; we’re the two best students in her class. “What?” She glances downward, in the direction of my chair. At first I have no clue what she means. Then I do. I can feel the wetness on my outer thighs and along my lower back: places it isn’t supposed to be. Shit! Daria’s a good friend, but she’s staring at me, looking for some explanation for something I have no explanation for. Suddenly I feel something running down my leg: I’m still wetting! And I know instinctively what is happening below me: it’s running down my pants leg and, since I don’t feel it in my sock, that means it’s ending up–– “Did you just wet yourself?” Tricia’s voice, behind me and to the right. She has a great view under my desk, and she really doesn’t like me. I see her pull out her phone, keeping it under her desk so the teacher won’t see. I’m done for. I don’t need anything weird to get me; I’m going to do a great job doing myself in. Not this time. I’m calling the shots. And as embarrassing as it is, I’m in diapers and I intend to freaking own it. No one can use against me what I openly admit to. I honestly don’t know how this is going to work out, but heck: it’s worth a try. And if anything else...any other problems...have followed me here...well at least the diapers won’t be a distraction this time. If that had been the case in Elmdale, maybe Marissa would still be alive.
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    @Elfy This is the chapter in question. To everyone else, depending on what the powers that be feel, this may be my last post here. If it is, I want you all to know that I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity to share my work and grow as a writer while interacting with so many wonderful people. I will still continue this story but will post it on my DA page going forward if it's found that this story breaks any sort of rules and must be removed or altered. I didn't set out to write this story to have it be an issue or cause a problem for this board, but I will absolutely not make changes to my work if I feel that what it says is important to the narrative. Am I being stubborn? Sure. Am I wrong to believe that the voice of my work should be heard as is and not tinkered with or watered down because it happens to have underage characters? Maybe, but here we are. Again, I respect the judgement of the Admins but I will take my ball and go home if what I feel is an unjust ruling comes down. Part Two: The Kids Aren't Alright Chapter Three: 3 The Hard Way "Don't hold me up now I can stand my own ground I don't need your help now You will let me down, down, down!" Rise Against - "Prayer of the Refugee" "My name is Dawn Lassiter and this is my first day at this school." I said quietly as I stood in front of the class looking at the small group of faces staring blankly at me. Being a public school, I saw boys in my class for the first time ever, and I was very nervous to say the least, my hands were sucked into the sleeves of my hoodie and I fiddled with the ribbed material in secret with my hidden fingers. "We know that, Dawn, tell us about where you came from or what you like to do for fun." Mr. Graham, my new teacher coaxed. I came from a way better school than this and I had two best friends, well, one best friend and one really good friend and now I have no friends. On the last day at my old school my friends told me that they were both coming up to my grade because they'd been doing so well that they were too smart for second grade, but they weren't telling me because they were happy, they were telling me because they were sad. Why would they tell me something they knew was sad when I was already sad because I was going away and would never see them again? Why wouldn't they just say goodbye and tell me they loved me and let me go? My best friend hugged me and told me she would miss me, but her hug wasn't the same, she was hugging me with fake arms, like a doll that can only hug wrong because plastic isn't the same as skin. She said something to me, whispered it in my ear so only we would know about it, and I tried not to cry but I couldn't stop and then my other friend hugged me and they both thought I was crying because I would miss them but I was really crying because I missed myself. I missed the girl I used to be. For fun I like to wear diapers and act like a baby and my parents are divorced and neither one of them really cares about me. My dad lives in a junk apartment downtown with his whore and when I stay with him she tells me how gross it is that I wet the bed and calls me a baby but not in a nice way, she says it with a mean face on and I cry myself to sleep on a bed that's too little because my dad says my bitch mom took him to the cleaners. I don't know where that is but it's not a very nice place because he always complains about going there. My mom likes to have grownup juice all the time now, and she sometimes forgets to make dinner or pick me up from school so I have to walk home and it's kinda close but when I get home I usually have to make dinner and I'm not allowed to use the stove so I usually just have a sandwich or something. When my mom is asleep, which is a lot, I go into my room and put on a diaper and curl up in a little ball on my bed and suck my pacifier and hug the stuffed otter that my used to be best friend gave me and cry. I used to cry because I was sad that I didn't have my friend anymore and because I didn't have a family anymore, but now I cry because I have a hurt in my heart that's so bad I feel like I can't move or talk or do anything but lay there and cry. I saw a movie one time where a lady hurt herself with a knife on her arms because she was sad and I think maybe she had the same sad I do but I'm not allowed to play with knives and I'm scared of how bad it would hurt to cut myself but maybe it wouldn't hurt as bad as my heart hurt or maybe it would make it so the heart hurt didn't hurt as bad. All I really know is that I'm standing here in front of all these new faces and I don't want to be friends with any of them and I'm wondering if anyone would care if I just walked away and never came back. The end. "I came from St. Abigail's Academy for Young Girls before this and I've never had boys in my class before." I said, causing giggles and whispers among the class. "For fun I like to listen to music and read." I added, ignoring my peers. Mr. Graham stood up and thanked me, putting his hand on my back to usher me to take a seat off to the side of the rows of desks. The boy behind me looked like a jerk, his face like a bulldog eating a sour candy as he stared at me vacantly, looking through me as I took my seat. In front of me was a girl with little afro puffs on either side of the top of her head, she looked adorable and I wished I had fun hair like hers. Finally, to my right was a girl that looked like she had walked in off the street, her clothes were too big for her and were kind of dingy, like they'd been worn by several kids before they'd found their way to her. Her hair was full of snarls and little knots and I distinctly smelled stale sweat and urine coming from her, but I said nothing because no one else seemed to care so why should I? ****************************************************************************** My name is Celeste Johnson and I am the middle child of my family. My youngest sister is one, followed by my youngest brother who is four, I'm six and my older brother is ten and my oldest sister is twelve. I share a room with my younger sister, which means that I live in a nursery and that's pretty appropriate since neither my sister or I can keep our beds or pants dry all the time, at least she has an excuse though. Up until I was around four I shared the crib with my brother, but when my sister was born they got me a toddler bed and had the two little ones sleep together. My little brother now has his own bed in the same room as my older brother and I still have a toddler bed in a nursery, this is all very damaging to my self esteem. I think that my parents believe I'm a baby like my sister or my brother was before her. Aside from going to school, my routine is much the same as my sister's and it's become so common that I don't try to argue when I'm put into the bathtub with her or put to bed at the same time as her or made to take a nap when she does. Some of it is done because of convenience, if you have two kids in diapers why wouldn't you take care of them at the same time? I'm not a baby though, and my parents seem to forget that a lot of the time. On more than a handful of occasions I've been given a bottle of breast milk before bed and I don't know what to say to my parents when stuff like that happens. My siblings aren't any better. When my older sister babysits she puts me in the playpen with my sister. I'm talked to in the same "I don't expect you to answer because you're just a baby" tone by everyone in my house more than I'm talked to like a six year old. I found out that I'd done so good in first grade that the school was moving me to Third Grade and when I came home to give my parents the note that explained everything they took it and signed it without really looking at it because the baby had a cold, my little brother needed new shoes, my older brother wanted to ride his bike to his friend's house and my older sister was begging for a cell phone. Routine took hold and I was taken to the pediatrician with my sister, both of us in a carseat with nearly matching outfits comprised of little sundresses and plastic shoes adorned with a little white flower, pacifiers clipped to each of our dresses, mine purple with a little cartoon bumblebee on the front of the shield and my sister's pink with a little cartoon squirrel it. Going from being told you were so smart and good at school that you're skipping over an entire grade to being weighed in just a diaper right next to your younger but somehow your equal sister at the pediatrician's office messes you up pretty bad. I don't try and complain about any of this anymore though, I've learned that no one will listen anyway, I just let whatever is going to happen happen and do my best to remember that I'm a big girl despite all evidence to the contrary at home. When I met Alina and Dawn felt an instant connection to them. At first I just knew that Dawn wore training pants to school like I did, but over time I learned that Dawn like to play baby and I was really confused by that because I was treated like a baby at home and wished it wasn't the case, I was sure that after my sister grew up I'd be moved back into the crib and as all my siblings got older and left the house I'd still be in that nursery just a big baby for the rest of my life. If Dawn hadn't been so sweet I don't think I would have liked her as much as I did Alina because she liked being what I hated being treated as, and when I looked at her I saw myself side by side with my sister, a bigger version of an actual baby, and I kind of hated that. I favored Alina over Dawn and didn't try to hide it at all, Alina and I kept secrets from Dawn and when she told us she was leaving our school I was so happy that I'd have Alina all to myself from then on but then the day came when she wasn't going to be around anymore and I was sad because I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fill the space she left in Alina's heart because I was just a timid little Mouse to everyone around me and a mouse was so tiny and the dawn filled the whole sky. ****************************************************************************** Third grade was when everything changed. It started with being there when I was supposed to be in second grade, and the swell of pride I felt at having come from that time I lost my mind a little bit to being in the same grade as my best friend. My happiness was dampened by my best friend going to a different school, the feeling of how unfair it was that I had finally made it to the same grade as her again and now we were further apart than before. Mouse made things easier, but she wasn't Dawn. That sounds like a mean thing to say, but as much as I like Mouse, I don't love her, at least I don't love her the same way I love Dawn. When I think of Dawn I think of how happy she makes me, how special she is to me and how good she is at being my friend. When I think of Mouse I think of a little kitten that walks right next to your leg all the time so it can be close to you and then you trip over it and the kitten gets scared and you feel bad that you were mad at something so innocent and harmless. Third grade is also when I learned I was gay even though I didn't really know what that meant. I'll give you a second to process that. Good? Okay, moving on. Dawn and Mouse came over to my house for a sleepover the weekend after school got out for the Summer. Mommy had gotten us all into our diapers for bed and Mouse basically passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow and Dawn climbed into the bed with me and cuddled up to me and I felt the butterflies start to flutter in my stomach like when I'm nervous but I was with Dawn and I was never nervous around her. I rolled over to face her and cuddled her back and she looked up at me and her blue eyes shimmered wetly in the dimness of the nightlight and I don't know why, but she was so beautiful and vulnerable in that moment and I moved my head down a few inches and kissed her on the lips. I know, it's wildly inappropriate for six and seven year olds to kiss, but something in my head and heart told me that that's what I was supposed to do and it felt right! We didn't make out, it wasn't sexual in any way, I just kissed my best friend on the lips and it was different than anything else I'd ever experienced. In the moment before our lips parted and she hurried out of the bed and back to her sleeping bag where she tried to keep her crying a secret from me and I fell asleep feeling like I'd ruined everything between us for a reason I didn't understand I felt like everything was perfect and made sense. Kissing Dawn felt so right that I never wanted to stop doing it, but her hands pushed into my chest and then she was gone as fast as she could get away. The thing that hurt the most about the whole thing was that that's how things were left between me and Dawn for almost a whole year after that night. With all the things going on in her life and the new distance between us geographically, I was left thinking she hated me and that I was a freak for not only kissing her but for feeling so happy that I had, it's a terrible feeling to be happy about doing something you feel hurts someone you love so much, but we all have our crosses to bear. ****************************************************************************** I had managed to mostly forget about my old life, my old school, and my old friends by the time Alina's birthday invitation came in the mail. I sat on my bed staring at the pink, glitter encrusted invitation with a cartoon princess on it for the better part of an hour, thinking about the last time I'd seen her and all my feelings of loneliness and regret came rushing back to the surface and even though the invitation lay crumpled up in the trash can next to my dresser I still knew it had come and knew that she would be sad I didn't respond and even sadder when I didn't show up, but how are you supposed to go to a birthday party for someone you're scared to be around because they kissed you and it was so nice and sweet and meant so much to you but they're not who you're supposed to have your first kiss with? Had my mother been sober and conscious she would have called Alina's house to accept for me, but she was taking one of her naps and I was free to wallow in my own self pity and cry because I hadn't felt like doing that for a while and we can't have that now can we? ****************************************************************************** When Dawn didn't show up to the party I knew it was time for me to step in and take her place as Alina's best friend. For whatever reason Alina still had it in her head that she and Dawn were best friends forever and ever, and nothing I did or said changed that. Could I tell Alina that Dawn was a jerk and she should forget about her and lean on me? No, that would just make her hate me for saying something negative about her beloved Dawn. Could I be there to pick up the pieces when the almighty Dawn let her down so completely that she wanted to cancel the party entirely and pout all the rest of the day? Absolutely! I made sure I was there by her side the whole day, hugging her when she got sad and being silly to cheer her up, and little by little her mood brightened and by the time we were going to bed she was talking and giggling with me like only a best friend would. A mouse can be greater than just a timid little thing that's quiet and scurries around to keep from getting stepped on, look at Mickey, he's known the whole world over and is more popular than a lot of other not mouse characters! ****************************************************************************** Dawn had made her decision to not be a part of my life, and I had to live with that because I had no way to change her mind. Mouse became my best friend because she was there for me when Dawn wasn't, and even though I didn't feel the same way about Mouse as I did about Dawn, I knew that I couldn't spend my whole life being sad about a lost friendship or feeling regretful that I'd driven her away in the first place, all I could do was live my life and be happy and that's what I did. When I did see Dawn again it was more awkward than I'd imagined it would be, not because of our kiss or the amount of time we'd gone without speaking, it was awkward because it was like the setup to a bad joke, 'a princess, a mouse, and a wannabe baby all walk into a pediatrician's office...', stop me if you've heard this one.
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    7. Humor me. With all of her focus on “Baby G,” Geneva came close to overlooking the audition dates for the school musical, Annie. She had been surprised when they announced it: she and many of her classmates had done it in elementary school. Back then she’d been Annie herself, but she was much older now. And there was no way she could get the main comic part, Miss Hannigan; that would clearly go to Lara Miranda. But there was also Daddy Warbucks’ assistant, Grace Farrell, as well as some great chorus parts, including one she really did covet: a solo in “NYC” that had launched Sutton Foster’s career, so why not? But Naomi had other ideas. “Go for Annie,” she told her as they walked through the mall. “Are you kidding? I’m way too old. That’s definitely going to be one of the freshmen.” But the way Naomi was looking at her told her that she had other thoughts on the matter. “Look,” she said, “you’ve done it before; that puts you a step ahead. Also you’re 4’10. A lot of young kids are taller than you.” “Rub it in, why don’tcha?” Geneva asked sarcastically. “No, no!” said Naomi. “That’s not what I meant. I meant what 14-year-old is going to be able to compete with you? You’re a really good actress and your voice kicks butt.” Geneva smiled. “Thanks, Naynay, but my voice is way more mature than my body. We both know that; it’s why we searched so hard for a Baby G voice.” “Use that,” Naomi said. Geneva looked at her friend as if she were on crack. “I can’t do that!” she said. “Why not?” “Because...Baby G! Someone will know she’s me!” Naomi took her friend’s hands and looked her straight in the eye. “No one will recognize you,” she said. “Hell, no one would recognize you as Annie under all that red curly hair. Baby G is a completely different thing. But if it worries you, try adding just a little bit of the Kristen Bell voice to it; that should disguise it completely.” It took several tries before Geneva was able to blend her Baby G voice successfully with her “I Wanna Build a Snowman” voice, but when she did, Naomi’s eyes lit up. “That’s it!” she said. “Really? Cause to me I sound like a parrot with indigestion.” “No, it’s great,” Naomi said. “Wait a sec.” She got out her cell phone and opened up a voice recording app. “Sing something,” she said. Geneva looked about them. The mall was rather empty despite it being the start of Christmas shopping season, and they hadn’t been bothered as she looked for a possible voice, but that was at a low volume. To be effective, this would take a bit of belting. “Um,” she said. “We’re not exactly in private.” Naomi shook her head. “Just do it.” And she turned the recorder on. At first, Geneva just stared, but Naomi was insistent. “Come on! Or are you going to let a lead pass you by because you weren’t willing to try?” “I’m telling you I won’t get it.” “Humor me.” Geneva sighed. When Naomi got like this there was nothing for it but to do as she asked. So she started singing. “The sun’ll come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be sun.” She stopped, and Naomi raised her eyebrows. “More,” she said. Geneva shook her head in resignation. “Just thinking about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow til there’s none.” “Try the chorus,” Naomi urged. “Here?” “Just do it!” Geneva took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and belted, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re always a day away.” When she opened her eyes, some people were staring. One woman applauded. Geneva wanted to crawl under a rock. “Now listen to this,” Naomi instructed, and she played the recording. The voice that came from it was far younger sounding than Geneva’s natural voice, a bit thinner but still bold. And it was significantly different from Baby G, but without that voice she never could have found it. For the first time in high school, Geneva Whitmore actually started believing she could take a lead. And all she had to do to get it was convince people she was much younger than she was. That’s pretty much the story of my life, she thought. For once, though, it might be an advantage instead of a disadvantage. Maybe the sun would come out tomorrow. “Let’s get lunch,” she said to Naomi. “What do you want?” “There’s a new Thai place in the food court. I’m in the mood for some Pad Thai.” Naomi smiled. “Yum,” she said, and they headed to the food court. ### The Neverland store did not disappoint. As advertised, it actually had what amounted to a nursery made for adults! There was a giant crib with a mattress that was so far above the ground that they had a set of steps to climb in. There was a playpen filled with toys and stuffies. There was a changing table sized for adults. I won’t be using that, Geneva thought. There were giant Legos and wooden blocks. And on one end of the room was an actual ball pit like at McDonalds PlayPlace, but much, much bigger. “We try to make everything very realistic,” the store’s owner, a man named Jack, was saying. “Our clientele are actually pretty particular.” “I’ll bet,” Geneva said. “Do people actually come here and use these things? Naomi asked, a little too enthusiastically. “They do,” said Jack. “All the time. Sometimes they buy our clothes—” he pointed to the sales rack— “and dress up in the changing room before playing.” Geneva could see her friend’s excitement. “Wanna try it, Naynay?” “What? No. Of course not. I mean, unless you do. Do you?” Naomi stumbled over her words as if they were large weights casually deposited in her way. “I mean, No, right?” Geneva laughed. “I’ll be in there soon enough,” she said. Jack picked up his cue. “Yes, so if I understood you guys correctly, you will be filming videos here for a Little persona?” Geneva wasn’t sure whose face was redder, hers or Naomi’s. She decided to go with her own, even though she couldn’t see it. This idea was hard in the abstract, but now here she was standing in front of a giant crib that she was expected to use! “Hard” didn’t being to describe it. “Insane,” maybe. Or “utterly ridiculous.” Or— “Yes,” said Naomi simply. “It’s a gimmick we came up with for youtube.” Jack stared at her for a moment. “You know, that’s the problem I’ve been having with it. I’ve done some thinking since we talked. And I’m not sure we can do this.” Geneva surprised herself by getting upset. “Why not?” she asked. “I thought we had an agreement.” “Well,” said Jack, “you see our clients take this lifestyle very seriously. After some consideration, we realized we can’t let vanillas use it to poke fun at it.” “Vanillas?” Geneva asked. “People who aren’t into it,” he said. She looked at her friend, who was clearly weighing the consequences of the thing she was about to say. “We won’t poke fun,” she said. “Honest. Baby G is a very real Little character even if she’s entirely fictional.” “How can we know that?” he asked. And Naomi responded. “Because I’m not vanilla.” He examined her face for signs she was not being honest, but the deep blush told him all he needed to know. “You’re into ABDL?” She shook her head. “CG/l. But it’s still…” “I know,” he said, and then he thought of something. “Is that why you said you would not need any clothes?” “Yes,” Naomi said. “Well, then,” he said. “I guess we have some contracts we need to sign, don’t we?” He led the way to a table behind the register as Naomi pulled the contracts she had created out of her backpack. “Now I’ve told two people,” she said to Geneva. Shaking her head, she wondered how many more people would learn her biggest secret before all this was over.
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    Bab's Halloween Nightmare Bab's eyes fluttered open as she sat up in a dark forest. “W-what?” Bab asked herself as she looked around. “Alex?” But he wasn't in sight. Where could he have gone? Why was she here alone? Deciding not to stay right there, Bab spotted a small trail leading, she hoped, out of the woods and maybe to Alex. It felt like she was walking for a long time when Bab finally walked up to a strange sign in the middle of the road. The sign was mostly bare except for a single piece of paper pinned to it. As Bab removed the paper to get a better look, she saw it was just a crude drawing of trees all over the paper. It was strange and somewhat creepy. She was about to put the paper back when she noticed the sign was gone? Looking left and right, Bab tried to see where it went but couldn't find it. Odd? Bab looked back at the paper and tried to think of something. She couldn't just leave it on the ground, and her skirt didn't have pockets. So, as much as she didn't want to do this, she pulled open the front of her diaper and stuffed the piece of paper inside of her diaper! The paper felt weird and contrasted against the soft diaper. As she continued to walk on, the paper added to the crinkle of her diaper. Bab continued to walk the road, often messing with her diaper as it felt off with the paper inside of it until she reached somewhere familiar. Bab was now standing outside the city of Pa’a! How did she get all the way here!? She was now very confused as she should be very far away from here. As she got closer to the city, she noticed another piece of paper taped to one of the gates protecting the city. As she got closer and removed the paper it said ‘LEAVE ME ALONE!’ and had a picture of a tree. ‘Strange?’ Bab thought as she looked at the trees and didn't see anything weird about them. Bab then tried to put the paper back but it would not stick back to the gate. Bab sighed as she put this paper into her diaper as well and decided to throw them away as soon as she found a trash can. As bab continued into Pa’a, she soon started to feel uncomfortable as she noticed no one was around. “H-hello?” Bab called out. Partly hoping to find someone to ask what was going on, but no one answered. It wasn't until she finally reached the center of the city that another piece of paper flew into her face. As she pulled it off, she looked at the picture and saw another drawing. It was of a man standing beside a tree with ‘follows’ written right next to it. “Is this some type of joke?” Bab huffed as she stuffed the piece of paper into her diaper as well and started to march to the only place that might have answers for her. Not knowing of the tall figure standing far behind her... Bab marched all the way to Fran’s shop hoping to get some answers. But as she got to the door she was only greeted by a locked door and another piece of paper. ‘Always watches, no eyes’ it said. “What the fuck is going on here?” Bab asked as she stuffed the piece of paper into her diaper and turned around. Standing in the middle of the road nearly 3 blocks away was a very tall man. One that wasn't moving or doing anything. But Bab couldn't be happier! Finally, someone was here! As she started running over to the man she began to get a better look at the unmoving man. He was very tall and slender, wearing a nice suit and tie from the other world. But as she grew closer, she also noticed that the man had no face! As if on pure instinct, Bab’s arm shot up and shot out a bolt of electricity right at the man! But the man was gone. As if he wasn't even there in the first place. “ALEX!” Bab screamed as her heart was racing from the encounter. Bab didn't want to admit it, but she was starting to grow scared as she began to speed walk towards the only other place she could think of. The castle. It was the only other safe place in Pa’a Bab could think of as she made her way there. Periodically looking back to see if that strange man came back. As she reached the foot of the stairs leading to the castle, she saw another sign with another piece of paper. She didn't know what compelled her, but Bab stopped to pull down the paper and look at it. ‘DON'T LOOK...OR IT TAKES YOU’ followed by a picture of a stick man. Bab suddenly had a cold chill run down her spine as she slowly began to turn around. There the man stood even closer than before! Bab screamed and began pissing into her diaper as she shot more electricity at the faceless man before she sprinted up the stairs. As she got to the castle, she quickly ran inside and slammed the front door shut! But soon screamed again as she saw another piece of paper on the door. She didn't bother taking it down as she could clearly see it was a picture of the tall man with NO! Repeated. Bab screamed yet again as she looked over to her side and saw the faceless man standing right out a window staring at her! Bab blasted the window but the man was gone again! She had to run! Had to hide! Bab ran randomly through the castled trying to find someplace to hide! Her wet diaper swaying back and forth as she ran with the paper inside soaked. Every now and then, Bab would look behind her and see the man, closer and closer! She turned a corner and sprinted down a hallway filled with nothing but papers saying ‘HELP ME!’ Bab bolted into a random room and slammed the door shut before locking it. The room was small and lit by a single candle. Bab’s heart was pounding as she took a few steps back and stared at the door. “He can't get in, he can't get in, he can't get in,” She repeated to herself in a whisper as she stared at the door. Arms ready to fire at anything that tries to get in! That's when a piece of paper slipped through the bottom of the door. Every part of Bab’s body was screaming at her not to look at it! But her body moved on its own. Stepping closer, and closer to the paper on the floor until she could finally see what it read. ‘CANT RUN.’ As a tall shadow began to loom over Bab, Bab released herself into the back of her diaper before screaming once again. ************ “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” “W-WHAT!” I yell as Bab’s scream woke me up! I turned to see Bab panting like crazy as sweat and tears streamed down her face. “Bab, what wrong?” I asked as her head bolted to me with surprise! For a moment, Bab had a relieved face as soon as she saw me, but that soon began to morph until she was scowling at me and lunged at me screaming! “IT WAS YOUR FALT!” Bab screamed as she began hitting me! ‘“W-what did I do!?” I asked as I tried to defend myself from her attack. “YOU TOLD ME THAT SCARY STORY!” Bab yelled as I finally managed to grab her hands and stopped her from hitting me. As I looked at her panting face, I could see she was mad, sad, and overall, scared. So I let go of her hands and just pulled her in closer to me. “I'm sorry Bab, but you said you could handle a scary story.” I reminded her. “SHUT UP!” she screamed at me but started to wrap her arms around me. I could feel her heart pounding from her chest as I rubbed her back. “Its okak, it was just a dream,” I tell her to try to calm her down. When Bab finally let go of me, it was just so she could move to be better position on my lap. She didn't even flinch when she sat in her messy diaper on my lap and just continued to hold onto me. “You okay Bab?” I asked. “You did this, so take responsibility!” Bab told me without looking at me. No doubt blushing as she said it. I just give a slight smile as I lay back down with her on top of me. “Ok, I’ll protect my baby girl from all the bad dreams,” I tell Bab who doesn't respond as I kiss her head and hum a song to help put her back to sleep. “Good girl. I'll chase away all the bad dreams.” As Bab’s body finally relaxes, one hand still holding onto me tightly while she sucks on her thumb, I finally close my eyes myself to go back to sleep. Unknown to the two of us, a tall, slender man stands right outside our tent. Happy Halloween!
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    8. Good thing I don’t have any boobs. “Little cheeks, little necks, everything around me is Little. If I wring little necks surely I would get an acquittal!” All of the eyes in the audience were on her as Lara Miranda sang her version of Miss Hannigan’s funny/abrasive anthem. But she was paying the most attention to the eyes of the director, Mr. Harvey; his was ultimately the only opinion that mattered, and she was actually nervous for the first time in her high school career. This was such an odd choice for a musical. Not only had much of the prospective cast done it in middle school or elementary school, but there was no diva role for the school’s star actress. She’d hoped for Hello, Dolly or Sweet Charity or something that could feature her throughout the performance, but in Annie this comic foil was the only part she could practically go for. Almost all the rest of the female main characters were, quite literally, “little girls.” It was a smashing showcase, all right, but for freshmen. As she arrived at the song’s final moment, she reached into herself to find that something extra that would assure her the role. “Someday I’ll land in the nuthouse with all the nuts and the squirrels. There I’ll stay, tucked away, til the prohibition of little girls.” She allowed the first syllable of “Little” to get completely wrapped up in vibrato and then stretched out the others as long and as hard as she could. Go big or go home. When she was through, she saw the familiar look in Harvey’s eyes; she’d won the part. That may not have been the way he wanted it sung, but he knew she could adjust anything. She felt a huge jolt of relief course through her; she really hadn’t known how concerned she was. A couple of other girls sang “Little Girls,” nowhere near as well as she had, but she was deprived of the moment she’d been waiting for when Geneva Whitmore didn’t try out for the part. She had been smiling to herself all day about a “little girl” singing that song. No doubt Geneva would have sung it well, but the visual would have been hilarious. As she looked around the auditorium, she realized that Geneva wasn’t even there. Guess she couldn’t see any role she could do, Lara thought. She sat down in the back of the house with Raven to watch (and comment on) the rest of the auditions. Lara loved this part; she thought of it as Mystery Musical Theatre 3000. As usual, She and Raven spent much of the time trying not to laugh out loud; the parade of little Annies was adorable but also often ridiculous; most of these girls simply lacked the voice. Around the sixteenth or seventeenth trip through “Tomorrow,” they gave up and went out into the lobby where they could speak more freely. “I suppose that Kleinman girl might be OK,” said Raven. “You’re just being blinded by her curly hair,” said Lara. “Her voice was nothing special.” Raven shrugged. “Are any of them?” Lara shook her head. “I mean one of them has to take the role, but it’s going to be a stretch for Harvey to make her solid enough.” They were both silent for a moment, listening to the strains of the song—must be Contestant #20 by now (how many were there anyway?)—coming from the theatre. Raven wandered over to the theatre door and glanced in at the blonde freshman girl who was trying unsuccessfully to hold the stage. “Well, at least there is enough talent there to make a great bunch of orphans for you to beat on.” “Shhh!” whispered Lara, waving her hand in front of her friend’s face. “You’ll jinx it. I haven’t got the role yet.” Raven rolled her eyes. “Right. As if anyone could compete with you. I noticed that Geneva Whitmore didn’t even bother to try.” Lara smiled. “Probably sick of losing to me,” she said. Neither of the two had been able to believe it when Geneva had beaten Lara in the vocal contest. It was an annual thing, and it meant that Geneva would get the choice choir solos for the whole year. But whatever, Lara thought now, I still get all of the plum parts. Suddenly the two girls stopped talking. Inside the theatre, someone was killing “Tomorrow.” The voice was strong and stunning even without amplification. “You’re only a daaaaayy a-waaaaay.” “Shit!” Raven said. “Sounds like you might just have a decent lead after all!” They made their way back into the theatre but the girl had turned her back and was exiting the stage. Only when she passed through a side door could they see who she was. “Geneva?!” Lara said. It hadn’t even occurred to her that the diminutive singer might try for a little kids’ part. But of course she would. It’s the lead! And the fact of the matter was that she had rocked it. “This is even better than we thought,” Raven said. “What do you mean?” “Well,” she said slowly, “Miss Hannigan is in charge of Annie, isn’t she?” “I mean in the play, sure.” Raven shook her head. “You’re missing my point. You know how Harvey likes to use in-character improvs in his rehearsals.” “Yeah? He likes to build character relationships on shared experience. So?” “He’s bound to cast a bunch of frosh as the other orphans, which means there will probably be some improvs where you get to mother hen the bunch of them.” A light went on in Lara’s eyes. “Including Geneva,” she said. Raven nodded. “Including Geneva. She’ll actually have to do what you say!” Lara’s smile was devious. She thought for a moment and then said, in character, “You’ll stay up until this stage shines like the top of the Chrysler Building!” They both laughed at the mental picture of Lara lording over Geneva as she cleaned the stage floor on her knees. “You’re right, Raven,” Lara said. “This could be a lot of fun.” ### “Tell me again why we need Ryan?” Geneva tried to keep her voice down so he wouldn’t hear them, but it was difficult; she was agitated. “I thought we were keeping this between us.” Naomi spelled it out for the third time. “We have essentially two options. Either we borrow the equipment from school, which would make this a school project and we’d have to show it to Ms. Johansson, or we use somebody else’s equipment. Ryan’s the only one I know who has what we need.” Geneva watched him carefully as he sat on the other side of the room. The boy was a junior; she knew him from the tech crew, but not that well. He was one of Naomi’s geeky friends; he basically kept to himself most of the time. Even in last year’s musical, when he had been assistant stage manager, she hardly interacted with him. And here Naomi was telling her that she needed to trust him with the biggest secret of her life. As if reading her mind, Naomi said, “You can trust him, Genny. I’ve known Ryan for years, and he can keep things to himself.” Geneva scanned the tall, thin boy who was hunched over his books, reading. She couldn’t tell what it was (other than thick), but based on the stack of Neil Gaiman books next to it she figured it was probably fantasy of some sort. His longish blonde hair dangled close to the pages and he pushed it back without a break in his concentration. This was the boy Naomi trusted to do sensitive things? Well why not? He sure looked the type. As Geneva well knew, though, you can’t just a book by its cover. “OK,” she said. “Ask him.” Naomi got up and walked across the library to the table where Ryan was sitting. It was too far for Geneva to hear what was being said, but it must have been interesting to Ryan; he had actually moved once. It was when he briefly looked across the room at her. Shortly the conversation ended and Naomi came back, her face aglow. “He says he’ll do it,” she told Geneva. “Does he know what it is?” she asked. The expression on Naomi’s face read, Sort of. “I mean he knows it’s a secret and all, but I didn’t go into details.” “Don’t you think we ought to do that some time before he has to, say, walk into that ABDL shop?” Naomi tilted her head. “Look at you with the lingo!” Geneva shrugged. “I pay attention. But really, how do we even get him there if we don’t come clean?” “No worries,” Naomi smiled back. “I’ll talk to him at tech and tell him all about it. He’ll be fine. He’ll probably find it just as adorable as I do.” “Yeah,” Geneva said. “I think that’s what I’m afraid of.” Naomi nudged her friend playfully. “I think we should change the subject. Let’s talk about your first-ever high school lead!” Geneva smiled. When she’d gone to the website to check the cast list, she told Naomi that it really didn’t matter to her, that if she didn’t get it then she’d be very happy with the Sutton Foster part. But the squeal she let out when her name was at the top of the list belied that argument. They had gone out for some ice cream to celebrate. Pistachio, of course, for Naomi; chocolate chunk for her. She loved biting into the large pieces of semisweet chocolate and letting them melt in her mouth and mingle with the vanilla ice cream. Other than her, Lara, and Flynn Weathering as Daddy Warbucks, the list was pretty much a surprise to Geneva. The NYC solo had gone to a sophomore girl she hardly knew, and most of the orphans were, as she’d figured, freshmen and sophomores. Grace Farrell was a junior, Megan McNamara, who had been in the musical each year in chorus roles. And Miss Hannigan’s sleazy boyfriend Rooster was a senior boy who had never even tried out before. It was one of the most interesting cast lists she’d ever seen: practically no one where you’d expect them. Except Lara. Part of her really wished that Lara had not gotten Miss Hannigan, but she’d heard the audition from backstage: she owned it. Damn. “What more is there to talk about?” she asked Naomi. Naomi rolled her eyes. “You, silly. This is a huge month for you. Annie onstage and Baby G on youtube. You’re getting everything you want!” “Yep,” Geneva said with a forced half-smile. “I get my choice of being like 10 or 3. Good thing I don’t have any boobs.” “Your body is about to become your biggest asset,” Naomi said. “Remind me of that when I’m sitting in a crib.” “I won’t need to. The song is dynamite and you’re going to hit it out of the park.” “Oooo,” said Geneva. “Sports metaphors. Since when do we use sports metaphors?” “We always have,” Naomi said, mock-serious. “I think you’re way off base.” Geneva’s smile grew bigger. “Oh, that was hitting below the belt.” “Nope,” said Naomi. “I think it was par for the course.” Geneva laughed. “Now we’re running neck and neck.” “This could be a split decision.” “He shoots, he scores!” Naomi looked puzzled. “What’s that got to do with anything?” Geneva, still laughing quietly, said, “Absolutely nothing. I’ve just always wanted to say it.” Naomi shook her head. “Game, set and match,” she said and joined the laughter. Geneva just laughed harder. “Bingo!” she said. “Shhh!” Naomi said through her own laughter. “They’re gonna throw us out.” “Well then,” Geneva said, “that would be a third ‘first’ for me this month.” To herself, she added, and I don’t know which of the three I’m going to regret most.
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    --o Bill and Sarah spent the next weeks planning the wedding. They decided that they’d have a small service at a local hotel with a reception to follow. Sarah had her family and Bill had his, along with a small group of friends. They picked a date. Of course, Sarah had an immediate selection for the maid of honor. Without Cheryl, they’d not have been together. One item still to be resolved is where they were going to live. They both realized that Sarah’s place was too small, lacking a room to use for a home office that Bill needed for his work. Sarah didn’t like the location of Bill’s place either. They started a hunt. Bill got a call one day from Sarah. “You need to come to 115 Prospect Street right away. I may have found the perfect apartment.” “On my way,” Bill replied and headed out the door. He found the building in a trendy section of downtown. He walked into the lobby and Sarah was there. “One of my coworkers has a place here. She told me there was a unit available and I just saw it, come.” The manager led them to the apartment. He showed them a nice living room and kitchen. There were two bedrooms which was perfect. “Now here’s the great part,” Sarah said leading him through to the master bath. He stared at the bathroom not quite comprehending. Sarah swept her hand over the large vanity in the bath. “Look how large this is.” The landlord broke in explaining how convenient having the space was, especially with women and all their cosmetics and hair dryers and such. It didn’t mean much to Bill. Sarah moved in closely and whispered, “Think, changing table.” Bill looked again. There was easily six feet of clear space beyond the sink. Lots of drawers underneath. He smiled. “We’ll take it.” After the landlord was out of earshot, Sarah pointed out there was a linen closet that could easily hold the diaper pail. “Just one?” Bill asked. “We only need one,” Sarah replied. “Isn’t sorting out yours versus mine going to be a problem for Cheryl?” Bill asked. “I’ve decided to wear the same pinnable diapers like you. I’ll need to get some plastic pants, but I can get started with the ones of yours that don’t lock. I’ll order more of both. We’ll need them. Let me take care of it.” Bill just nodded his assent. They proceeded to move their things from their respective apartments to the new place. Sarah had indeed made her switch away from the all in ones to the same diapers Bill used. Bill continued to change her any time they were together and she kept him locked up most of the time. About two weeks before the wedding a large box arrived. Sarah opened it with glee. It contained more plastic pants, locking and not, in quite an assortment. She had spent a happy evening researching these and picking them out. Also, there as a selection of various disposable diapers. Bill came into Sarah spreading them out on the living room floor. “That’s quite a stash,” he said. “Well, it’s probably not practical to take Cheryl’s diapers on the honeymoon. We’d have to haul all the dirty ones back.” “And the lock on mine will probably set off the metal detector, and that might take some explaining,” Bill said sheepishly. He looked through the piles. Not only were there plain white diapers like he had worn before, but a variety of others, some all black, some with juvenile prints on them, even some pink ones. Bill stared. Sarah looked down and said, “I just thought they were cute. Besides I need the black ones for under certain of my dresses.” Bill just nodded. Soon, the wedding day came. Bill was banished from the house, so he headed over to his best man’s to get dressed. Cheryl was helping Sarah prepare for the ceremony. Bill made his way to the hotel with the best man. He stood near the front of the hall. A friend of Cheryl’s who happened to be a minister was standing ready to officiate. The music started. Cheryl entered in a very nice dress, but then all eyes turned as Sarah was led in by her father. Bill smiled. She was lovely. He didn’t remember much of the service after that. He got through the vows and the I do’s, and in a heartbeat, it was “You may kiss the bride” time. Bill did so in earnest. They walked out of the room and headed over to get pictures taken while the rest of the guests headed for the reception. Bill beamed. He leaned over to Sarah and asked her if she needed a change. “I’m good. Cheryl double diapered me. Good thing this dress has a full skirt.” Then she paused and broke into laughter. “I guess I give credence to the rumor of bridal diapers.” They both laughed and headed into the reception. Afterward, they headed back to their place. Bill helped Sarah out of her dress revealing a white satin pair of plastic pants with ruffles. They had added a small mat to the vanity in the bathroom to make a comfortable changing table. She climbed up, and he slid them down. “You are wet,” he said unpinning the first diaper and then the second. She sat up and started undressing him. She leaned down and used the key on her neck chain to unlock his pants and removed them. They headed off toward the bed. The next morning they got ready to leave. Sarah had put on the pink diapers, and she pulled out another from the drawer. “These would look cute on them.” Bill made a mock scowl. “OK, how about this one.” She pulled out one with teddy bears. He got up on the changing table, and she fitted it to him. They headed off to the airport to their honeymoon and to launch their married life. Sarah had packed plenty of diapers for the trip. And she was determined to get Bill into the pink ones at some point. She smiled at the idea. Bill looked at his new bride and smiled back. The End.
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    (3) Green Eyes They’re coming. Tricia and her gang: I can hear them coming down the hall toward me. Not now. Bad fricking timing. I can’t let them find me today. I can’t. I’m standing in front of a bathroom, but it’s a boys’ room. No choice. It better be empty. It is. School’s been out for over an hour. I don’t even know what Tricia’s still doing here, unless she’s just trying to find me. That’s paranoid. Got to change and go, got to find him. I debate changing in here, but the place is filthy; the girls’ room on three is usually much cleaner even at the end of the day. If I can get to it. I pull the door open slowly, listening. Nothing. Easing into the hall, I don’t see any sign of anyone, so I cross to the stairway and start to climb. I’m on three in no time and across the hall and into the girls’ room. And almost run right into Tricia. “Diaper Girl, I missed you today,” she says with her usual sneer, as her three friends giggle behind her. I force myself to look at her. I’m getting better at it; my head went straight to the floor at the beginning. “I don’t have time for your garbage today, Tricia,” I say, but she just laughs in response. “Elly, do you hear that? She hasn’t got time. Do we feel bad?” The long-haired blonde in her merry band shakes her head, and Tricia turns her attention back to me. “Sorry, Diaper Girl. We don’t have time to feel bad about that.” I can’t do this. No time. I try just bursting past her, but her friends block me. I’m stuck, and now I’m surrounded. “What do you want?” I demand. “Nothing much, Little One,” she says. “Just your skirt.” They all laugh. I can’t keep up with the ways they try to humiliate me. “I...don’t have anything else to wear.” She smiles. “Sure you do. I’m sure you came here to change into a nice clean didee, didn’t you?” I try to break free, to run back into the hall, but I can’t. I’m trapped. “Look, you don’t understand. This is an emergency. I mean it.” “I’m sure it is,” she says sarcastically. “It always is with you, but then that’s why you wear the diapers, isn’t it?” I shake my head. “No, no: I mean a real emergency. Life or death.” She looks as if she’s considering what I’m saying. Maybe my anxiety is convincing her. But then: “Well, then. If it’s that serious, better hand over that skirt and get going.” Bitch! But there’s no choice. I slip off the skirt, revealing my very wet diaper. At least it isn’t messy. Not like last time. She takes it from my hand. “That’s a good girl. I’ll leave it for you in your locker tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even leave another present. I know how you loved the last one. Bye now!” And they all leave, my skirt with them, and I’m sure she’ll leave a “present.” Last time she did that, it was a pacifier. But I don’t have time to worry about her; I’ve lost too much time already, and he’s out there. Somewhere. I need to find him before...something happens. “Carly? It’s dinner time. Are you napping again?” My mom’s voice. I’m in my bed. In my room. In California. Right: I came home after school and tried to get some work done; I must have fallen asleep. I really need to stop listening to Adele in the afternoon. Did I finish anything? A quick check of my computer answers the question: not much. Crap: more evening homework. “Carly?” I call out, “Yeah, Mom, I’m coming.” Within a few minutes we’re sitting down to dinner: homemade tacos, which I love. She’s set up a little taco bar on the kitchen counter, and now my plate is heaping with three overflowing tortillas. I sip some ice water and eat the tacos and it’s bliss. “You’re enjoying that,” she says. “You know I love these,” I say, smiling. “Thanks for making them.” “You’re welcome,” she says. “Now are you going to tell me how your grand experiment went today?” I put the last bite of my first tortilla into my mouth and swallow. “I suppose as well as I could have expected it to,” I say, reaching for the second one. “Which means?” “I haf four new frienfs,” I say, and she rolls her eyes. “Don’t talk with you mouth full, Honey.” I swallow. “Sorry. Anyway I did make friends, though there were a few issues late in the day.” She looks concerned, which isn’t exactly unexpected, so I continue quickly. “The school nurse is great, and I’m using her whenever I have a messy diaper or even just a wet one if her office is convenient. But in the last passing period of the day a couple of kids––seniors, I think––were sort of lying in wait.” Mom’s eyes are wide, her breathing is actually audible, and I’m sure her pulse is racing. “Hey,” I say, “I clearly survived the encounter, so don’t lose your shit, OK?” I can see her telling herself to calm down. “OK,” she says. “I’m OK. And watch the language.” I smile. She’s fine. “Anyway,” I say, “these girls were in the hall just outside the nurse’s office, and they stopped me before I could go in.” “Carly Lannigan, right?” The one speaking is the taller one, though not by much. Both girls are wearing school colors. Go, Sea Lions. “Yes,” I say. “Can I help you?” As if I believe in any way at all that this is going to be something normal. They move closer. “It’s true, isn’t it?” Before I can even answer, the shorter one says, “Of course it’s true. You can smell the shit in her diaper.” Tall Girl sniffs and crinkles up her nose, making an exaggerated “Eww” sound, and Short Girl starts to laugh. They find this hilarious: the single funniest thing that has happened to either of them all day. Me, I just want to get changed so I don’t get a rash. I shake my head. “You know, it’s not really a funny thing,” I say. I’m about to give them a little lecture on the medical issues that go along with incontinence, but they just don’t care. The taller one interrupts me. “If it weren’t funny, I wouldn’t be laughing. Don’t tell me what’s funny.” She’s so close it’s menacing. “Got that?” Discretion is the better part of valor and all that crap. “Yeah. Sure.” She laughs again. And the smaller one says, “Better go get your diaper changed.” And they laugh more at that as they slink away down the hall. “So what did you do after that?” Mom asks. “I did as they suggested: I went in and got my diaper changed.” She laughs as I finish my final taco. “Want more?” she asks, but I’m pretty full. “So it was basically a pretty good day then?” I nod. “Yes, I think it was. And I like the new school. I think I’ll have a much better year than last year.” “Well,” she says, with no hint of irony or sarcasm, “you could hardly have a much worse year than last year, could you? I mean, at least how it ended?” I shake my head. “No, I guess not. I still have nightmares about it.” “I’m sure you do. I’m so sorry I didn’t get there faster.” I reach across the table and take her offered hand. “I know, Mom. I know. But even if you had, what could you have done? Marissa was already dead––that was my fault––and he didn’t want you. He wanted me.” She squeezes my hand. “No, Honey. He wanted destruction. That’s all.” “He got that.” We’re silent for a long time, the subject apparently being exhausted at least for now. I stand and pick up my plate and glass, carrying them into the kitchen, where I start to put leftovers into tupperware. We continue until everything is put away, neither of us saying anything, as if we’ve somehow been put on Mute. When we finish, we both move into the living room. Mom sits on the sofa and absently picks up the book she’s been reading for the last month. I sit across from her with nothing in my hands; I’m not certain why. After a while, I interrupt the stillness. “Mom?” She looks up. I’m not sure she’s actually been reading. “Yes, Honey?” I keep seeing those eyes in my dreams. That’s the hardest part, every time: those unnatural fiery green oval eyes. I know he didn’t always have them. He couldn’t have. But always, in my dreams, when he appears, they do too. Sometimes they simply linger on their own, like the Cheshire Cat’s smile, hanging in the air long after he’s gone. Sometimes they are all I see of him: two fiery lights where such things shouldn’t be. Like some kind of sign. Like the last day. “Never mind. I’m just tired, I think. And I still have homework. So I’m going to my room, OK?” I get up and kiss her goodnight. Daria teased me once for that, but if she only knew what we’d been through… After I change my diaper in the bathroom, I head into my room and close the door, then proceed to spend the next hour trying to get through the math homework, but I’m lost. I’ve never liked math much anyway, which is why that’s not one of my AP courses, and starting out a unit behind is just a bitch. Marina’s going to have to go over it again tomorrow. But it doesn’t help my studying any that the image of the eyes keeps superimposing itself over the work. Why am I having these dreams anyway? They’d been terrible at first, but they calmed down over the summer. Now here we go again? That’s ridiculous. There’s no way. But even as I tell myself that, my breathing thickens and my vision gets cloudy and I have a desperate need to sit down. The bed is close by and I find it before I collapse as those eyes rise up before me again. And the pillars, those three pillars that stood in front of the school at the open front of the auditorium lobby, weight-bearing pillars designed not just to be beautiful but to support the second floor classroom above the lobby’s outdoor open space. And Marissa. And that horrible laughter. I’m lying on my bed and it’s dark in the room. I must have fallen asleep after the diaper change. More awful dreams. God, I wish they would stop. Must be anxiety over school, over my decision to be so open. Yeah: it’s a metaphor. The whole thing could blow up in my face just like Elmdale. OK. I’m not exactly Sigmund Freud. But from what I’ve read, he wasn’t either. Just a doped-up doc with an obsession with sex. And dreams. And invading other people’s privacy. I’ll bet he got off on it. Still, from that came the whole science of psychology, and provided jobs for people like Dr. Sessions, who otherwise would have had to be, I don’t know, a record producer? So yay. The point is that I’m too focused on the dreams to concentrate, and that isn’t a good way to begin a new school year in a new school. Maybe I should ask Mom to find me a new therapist around here. I think I’m losing it.
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    6. We’ll co-produce it Some days, Geneva was especially glad her mom was an Amazon Prime member, and today was one of them. When she saw the thick envelope with her name on it, she knew immediately what it was; she scooped it up and whisked it into her room before anyone else even knew it was there. Slicing the plastic (why are these envelopes always so hard to open?), she withdrew her prize: a bright teal-colored wig, so shiny it actually shimmered. In her mirror, she quickly put her hair up and pulled it on. “Perfect!” she said aloud. And it was, as she knew it would be: the unnatural color, the pigtailed style, everything. She’d been so fortunate to come across it, and now two days later here it was. She studied her reflection: even with just the wig it was already so different. She was sure that, with make-up added, she’d be virtually unrecognizable. Well, pretty sure, anyway. The first song, she thought, had turned out very well despite the fact that she couldn’t use her normal writing group. No, Naomi had told her, if you use them, then they’ll know the Baby G song is yours. Which was right, of course; she just hadn’t thought about it. So Nay had become her “writing group” for the time being, which was weird but she thought it had worked out pretty well even though Nay was more science girl than writing girl. If she leaned toward the Humanities at all, it would be history. Still, her advice was good and anyway she had a lot riding on this thing too: they had decided to put up half the money each to make the video. We’ll co-produce it, Naomi said. Is it really going to be so expensive? Geneva asked. Well, it won’t cost a million dollars, but we need a professional recording, and we need a video shoot and editing and other stuff. It does cost money. Geneva replied, Can’t we use school facilities and some of our friends? Sure, said Naomi, if you want to erode that wall between Baby G and Geneva Whitmore, but I thought you really didn’t want to do that. Silence. Right, said Geneva. We’ll co-produce it. The trick to the Baby G gimmick, they had decided, was going to be the set. Naomi had all sorts of adult sized baby clothing thanks to her weird kink, but what they needed was someplace for their creation to be while she was singing. They couldn’t very easily do these shoots out in public, for obvious reasons. Nor could they do things involving extras. No, this thing was going to live or die on Baby G alone: the videos were going to be her, on her own, singing her songs. But that left a huge problem: how to maintain interest from one video to the next. Fortunately for Geneva and Naomi, the solution found them. Geneva was working on her English homework when her phone buzzed. A message from Naomi. Naynay OMG guess what I’ve found! GennyW Too tired to guess Naynay Oh come on! GennyW Fine. Um...new boots Naynay NO! About the vids! GennyW Oh. You should at least give a category Naynay What have we been talking about nonstop for like two weeks? GennyW Point Naynay And since when do I care about boots? GennyW Another point. So what about the vids? Naynay I found a location! GennyW REALLY? Naynay Yes indeedy. And it’s all approved and everything! 🙂 GennyW I could kiss you! Naynay Did something happen and you forgot to tell me? 🙂 GennyW Nooooooo! It’s a figure of speech and you know it Naynay Hey a girl can dream GennyW LOL So where’s the place? Naynay Ever hear of Neverland? GennyW Like in Peter Pan? Naynay That’s the one GennyW Obs, what about it? Naynay Did you know there’s a store called Neverland in town? GennyW Um...no Naynay Kaaaayyyy...guess what they sell GennyW Nay! Naynay Just one more I swear! GennyW Arrgh. Pirate ships? Naynay Nope GennyW Mermaids? Naynay You’re not even trying. What does Peter Pan want? GennyW A mother. Because he’s always going to stay a child, so...wait...NO!! Naynay Yes! GennyW Right in town? Naynay They just opened a few weeks ago. I found them through a mention on one of my sites. An actual store! Where you can walk in and not just click. But the best thing isn’t the clothes. It’s something else. GennyW What? Naynay The store itself: They have part of it decorated as a nursery...for big babies! GennyW You’re kidding Naynay Crib, playpen, toys, stuffies, all sorts of things, and all adult sized GennyW So… Naynay So I told them about Baby G and asked if we could film vids there and they said yes as long as we credited the store on screen! GennyW Wow...this is really happening, isn’t it? Naynay Yes, little girl, it is. My Aunt Margie already agreed to let us use her vocal studio, which is pretty much professional level. I’m surprised she’s letting us. And I’m shocked that she said she doesn’t need to supervise. So we’re totally golden! GennyW OMG! Naynay I believe if you scroll back to the top you’ll find I already said that. 🙂 ### It took several hours and about three million takes—or at least it seemed that way to Geneva— to get a recording of “The Water Looks Fine” that both she and Naomi agreed was about as close to perfect as they could get. Aunt Maggie had taken a long time just talking with the girls and teaching them the ropes of her sound board—Naomi was familiar with sound boards in general from tech at school but not with this one—and then, true to her word, she had left. “Got a little shopping to do,” she said. “I’ll be back in the late afternoon if you’re still here.” At that point they had smiled. No way would they still be there that long. But it was after 4:00 now, so she actually could return any time. The problem, it had turned out, wasn’t making a quality recording. They’d done that on about Take 2. The problem was making one that captured just the right feeling for the character they were creating. First, they had to find the right version of Geneva’s singing voice for “Baby G.” It couldn’t be Geneva’s straightforward voice; that much they’d agreed on: it would be too recognizable. But what would she do? She tried to “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” it, swallowing its roundness so that it would sound younger as Kristen Bell had done in “Frozen,” but neither of them was satisfied with the result. It was good, but they thought it sounded too much like Bell. They didn’t want Baby G to be some kind of imitation. She tried making it softer, but that had the unexpected result of making it sultrier, which was pretty much the opposite of what she was going for. In the end, after trying many variations, she ended up using a slightly nasal head voice that, to her, sounded all sorts of wrong, but somehow, when she played it back, she found that Naomi’s reaction had been right: it was indeed Baby G. The struggle wasn’t over, though. They needed to figure out the production of the song. First they recorded a base version with just Geneva and her guitar, both at once. “That’s it raw,” Naomi said. “Now let’s try some shit.” Since Geneva also played keyboard, and keyboards can make the sound of pretty much any instrument you want, the two girls had a blast adding instrumentation to the song. The first thing they added was a drum track, knowing they’d get someone to record it for real if they decided to keep it; keyboard drums always sounded awful. Geneva added some bass and another guitar for depth, and when Naomi suggested it, used the keyboard as a keyboard, letting some mean piano riffs into the piece. Eventually, they finished that version and listened to it, and realized exactly what they had: a terribly overproduced piece of musical amateurism. Fun to create, but just too much. “We’re doing this all wrong,” Geneva said. “Think about what the videos are going to show: Baby G in her nursery, playing or whatever, right?” Naomi nodded. “So where do all of those other instruments come from anyway?” Naomi smiled. “You need to get back in there and lay down just the guitar track so it’s perfect.” It took awhile, but they did that, and Geneva even laid down a couple of extra guitar tracks that they decided they might overdub for depth without much of a problem. Then they tackled the vocals: singing to her guitar track, it only took two takes for Naomi to pronounce the track “golden.” For a while after that, they played with the overdubbing and decided to use one extra guitar on the chorus, and Geneva went back in and recorded a harmonizing vocal as well. When they put it all together, it sounded simply wonderful. Baby G had her first Master Recording. ### The message was all wrong. After all of the work, all of the focus, all of the extra hours she’d put in; after the endless diets and purges, the pure hell of standing in front of mirrors, the way a single contrary voice could destroy all of the applause; after the voice lessons and the dance lessons, the summers in arts camps, the self-denial, the recognition that she was seen as a prima donna by just about everyone, this was not the message she was supposed to get. Dear Miss Miranda, We regret to inform you that New York University will not be able to offer… Lara Miranda stared at her screen, not comprehending. Everything had been leading to this moment, when she would get into NYU, early admission, and then just roll through the rest of her senior year, an already-accepted college student with a future all mapped out. But the message on the screen stubbornly persisted in being wrong. “I don’t get it,” she said aloud, though no one else was there. “I have good grades. I have all the leads. I have great videos. My resumé kicks ass. Why?” “Must just be you,” said a voice behind her, and she spun her chair to see her freshman sister Jaymee standing at her door. “What happened?” she asked. Then she noticed the screen. “Is that NYU?” Lara reached behind herself and, with a motion she had perfected in years of hiding screens from her mother, buried the current screen using the mouse. “None of your business, Shrimp.” Lara never missed an opportunity to make fun of her sister’s lack of height. While Lara herself had been blessed with their father’s height, Jaymee was stuck much closer to the ground thanks to their mom’s tiny stature. Though she was only a freshman, and technically she could still have some kind of growth spurt, no one expected her to. For a long time, Jaymee had countered by calling her “Stick,” but in the last two or three years she had at last filled out her figure and finally felt like a woman instead of a really tall pre-teen, so “Stick” basically no longer applied. For her part, Jaymee knew better than to react to the “Shrimp” monicker; it would only make things worse. “It was, wasn’t it? You didn’t get in.” They’re gonna find out anyway. “Well,” Lara said with a shrug, “they aren’t the only school in the world.” Jaymee smiled. “Ooo...now that’s acting! If they could see that, they’d let you in. But I guess that would be some kind of paradox, wouldn’t it?” “Geek!” Lara said, just wanting her sister to disappear. “Drama queen!” Jaymee countered. “Micro-nerd!” Lara shouted. “Non-Violet!” Jaymee called, reaching for a devastating blow using the name of NYU’s sports teams, a name Lara, who had said it so often, would now not be a part of. Hearing this, Lara, who had been poised to continue the insult contest, simply stopped. Jaymee was right: she would never be a Violet, and she had really wanted to be. She felt tears welling in her eyes. “Lara?” Jaymee was standing there, awaiting the next blow, and now realizing it wasn’t coming. She studied her sister and saw the change in demeanor: the slump of the shoulders especially was not a thing she associated with Lara. Then she saw a tear slide down her cheek. Immediately she was at her sister’s side, her arms around her. “Lara, I’m sorry,” she said. “I wouldn’t have made fun if I’d—” “It’s not you,” Lara said, her tears coming stronger now, her voice beginning to catch. “Anyway you’re probably right. They just didn’t want me.” Jaymee smiled a small, rueful smile. “Well, you are a bit of an acquired taste.” Her sister chuckled through her tears. “Am I that bad?” Jaymee paused, then went with it. “Sometimes, I guess. But you’re my sister and I love you no matter what. And now you have a clear job to do.” “What?” “Get out and kick so much ass that NYU will know they blew it big time!” Lara gave her sister a long, hard hug. “I know I’m rough on you, Jaymee. I tease you a lot. But for what it’s worth, even though I’ll probably go back to normal tomorrow, I hope you know that I do realize how special you are.” Jaymee stood up and shrugged. “Oh, I know that. And anyway I’m keeping a list of all of the mean things.” Lara was puzzled. “Why?” “If you become a star, I’ll use it to get you to let me into your entourage. And if I become some world class scientist, I’ll use it to remind you why you don’t get to ride on mine.” “Creep,” Lara said, and they both laughed as Jaymee left the room. Outside, in the hall, she bent down to pick up the small potted plant she had left there and walked down to the living room where her mom was reading. “What was all that?” her mom asked. “Lara didn’t get into NYU,” she replied. Her mom put down her book. “Oh no!” she said. “Is she OK?” Jaymee nodded. “I think she will be, Mom. But can you do me a favor?” “What?” “Take this to work or something? I was going to give it to her, but it’s kind of not appropriate any more.” Her mother smiled and accepted the plant from her daughter, kissing her as she did so. “You really are a sweet child, Jaymee, especially with the way she treats you.” “She’s OK.” “Well, I’ll take care of this for you.” As her daughter left, Adele Miranda slowly ran her fingers through the soft leaves and violet petals of the plant. Yes, I got really lucky with my children.
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    6. New Determinations “Yeah, so it turns out I have this form of epilepsy.” We’re at lunch again, and my friends are desperate to know what happened yesterday. I fill them on on the fun I had in the nurse’s office and then on the tests, and the fact that now I’m on this medication for the MTS. “Jesus,” says Sarah. “That sucks.” “Yeah it does,” says Janelle. “My cousin is epileptic. He has these grand mal seizures where he suddenly falls to the floor and shakes and is unaware of anything. You have to help him so he doesn’t swallow his tongue or something. I saw it happen once; it scared the shit out of me.” “That’s not what I have,” I say. “MTS is pretty mild. The seizure I had is called a partial one; I just sort of zoned out.” “But you hallucinated?” It’s Madison this time. I nod. “That’s what they tell me. Unless the demon was real, then yes I had a hallucination.” She shudders. “Scary.” Marina agrees. “No duh.” “Well, I wouldn’t trade places with me,” I say. Sarah looks really upset. “How is this at all fair? I mean you’ve already got to deal with the divorce and the diaper thing, and now this? Who are you anyway, Job?” Madison and Janelle both look puzzled. She explains. “Job, from the Bible?” Still blank. “God made a bet with Satan that his most devoted subject would still love him no matter what, so he took away everything Job had, caused everyone he loved to die, and caused him to suffer from great illnesses and poverty. But Job stayed true.” Marina shakes her head. “Every time I hear that story I can’t help thinking that God comes off as a real shit.” Sarah laughs. “Well, whatever, it just seems like maybe he could spread the dark stuff around a bit better, you know?” “You won’t hear any arguments from me,” I say. “So who wants what?” They laugh, but a bit uneasily, I think. “So does the medicine work?” Janelle asks. I shrug. “Well, I haven’t seen anything weird yet today. But it’s still early; there’s plenty of time for the jello to start oozing off my plate.” Madison laughs. “That’s not weird. That’s Tuesday.” We all join her. “But seriously, Carly,” Sarah asks, “the doctor says you’ll be fine with these meds?” “Yeah,” I say. “She said it’s really common, actually. So I guess in a way I’m lucky.” Marina sort of snorts. “Right. With your kind of fucked-up luck, don’t ever go to Vegas.” Everyone at the table is laughing again, and I almost fail to notice the two girls walking by who are also laughing. But it’s hard not to pick up on the fact that they are staring in my direction as they walk, and when I look back I see that they are in fact Tall Girl and Short Girl from outside Mrs. Feathers’ office. When they catch my eye, instead of hastening away like any decent person might do, they stop in their tracks. “Hey, hey, Carly,” says Tall Girl. “I assume from the fact that these girls can stand to be at the same table as you that you aren’t quite as stinky as yesterday?” “Beat it, Melody,” Janelle says. “We really don’t need your brand of ‘humor’ here.” “Aw, that’s sad,” says Melody. “McKenna and I happen to quite enjoy it. Don’t we?” Short girl giggles her response. “Yeah,” says Janelle, “but McKenna still laughs at knock-knock jokes.” “Only the really good ones,” McKenna says, and the girls start to walk away. As they leave, though, we hear Melody say, “Knock knock.” McKenna asks who’s there, and Melody responds “Carly.” “Carly who?” says McKenna, and just before they are out of earshot, where Melody clearly intended this final line to be spoken, she says, “Carly needs a diaper change!” And both of them crack up. “Ignore them,” Madison says. “They’re assholes.” “I am,” I say, and it’s as true as I can make it. They are nasty, but not anywhere as bad as Tricia. “Melody and McKenna, eh?” “We call them M&M,” says Sarah. “They’re always together,” adds Marina. “It’s basically ridiculous.” “Well,” I say, “I infinitely prefer my own M&M.” “What?” asks Sarah. “Madison and Marina! And I could add you and we’d have M&Ms!” “Not fair!” says Janelle. “What about me?” Marina comes up with the solution: “Combine with Carly! We can be CJM&Ms!” Everyone agrees that works fine, even though it’s the world’s most meaningless and cumbersome acronym, and our group name is official. Now all that remains is to figure out how to keep them all alive if he comes. If he even exists. ### We’re sitting in the living room of our new apartment. It’s actually a pretty comfortable room, larger than the one we had in Illinois, and Mom bought us a 60” TV when we got here—keeping the promise she made to me in exchange for taking me across the country (along with letting me help pick the town). And I do have to admit that I’m finding it pretty cool that we have a view of palm trees out the window; we didn’t even have trees out the window in Elmdale, and if we did they’d have been oaks or something. Palms are so much cooler. Mom is working on her second glass of white wine. She rarely has more than two glasses, in fact I have standing permission to comment if she does, but I’ve noticed that, since all of this started, she also rarely goes a night without at least one. I don’t know if that’s good or not. I don’t think she drank regularly when Dad still lived with us, but I can’t be sure: so much has happened since then that it’s all jumbling together in my mind. And besides, I was pretty young. As for me, I’m nursing a Diet Coke. The caffeine never bothers me, so it doesn’t really matter that I’m drinking it after dinner as far as that’s concerned; I just try to limit my fluids in the evening so I’m less likely to overflow at night. Even if it did keep me up it wouldn’t be a problem since it’s Friday and I get to sleep in tomorrow, so whatever. It’s been a crazy couple of days with the seizure and the doctor visit and all. And now we can’t even be sure if any of this has been real. Do I actually have any objective proof? “I guess I’m just not sure anymore, Mom,” I say. “I don’t know what to think.” She places her glass carefully onto a coaster on the table in front of us and reaches across the couch to take my hand. She folds one hand over and the other under mine and looks directly into my eyes, which is always a little bit disconcerting. “Honey,” she asks me, “would it worry you more if the demon is real or if he isn’t?” I shake my head. “That’s just it: I don’t know. We’ve both been assuming he is for so long now. And it was before Elmdale, wasn’t it? Or is that all in my mind too?” “You know it was before Elmdale, Honey. Portents, anyway. For a lot of years.” I find myself silent for a minute or two, trying to puzzle this through. Yes, there were portents for a long time. We noticed the first of them when I was maybe twelve or thirteen, but it was only later that we started thinking that the odd runic graffiti was anything more than gang tags. Then in Indiana, in eighth grade, I started seeing the eyes: dark figures in my dreams would have these frightening green eyes that often scared me awake. Later, I began seeing them during the day as well, momentarily appearing on the faces of classmates and even teachers. The first time that happened, I was in the lunch line and the lady who was serving the pasta suddenly was staring at me with those eyes. I shrieked and leapt back so swiftly that I not only spilled my own tray but those of two kids in back of me. I won’t say I ever got used to it, but I learned how to see it without being shocked by its sudden appearance. There were other portents too: storms that seemed to be centered where we lived while other places enjoyed sunny afternoons were my favorites. How can that be natural? But he only started appearing when we got to Elmdale, right after school started back up in January. “Is that why you believe, Mom?” She smiles. “We ran across three states because I believed, Carly. You know that. Once we realized that the first runes were your name and the next meant death my most important job in the world became keeping you alive.” “Good thing you’re good at your job.” “Yes, well, you’d be surprised how few really strong and creative IT people are out there, given the overabundance of folks working in the field. I always come with glowing recommendations. And I’m a woman, so that makes me a diversity hire.” “I meant the keeping me alive job, Mom. Still, the lack of diversity thing sucks.” “Oh, sorry,” she says with a small blushing smile, “but anyway, yeah, you do take the good with the bad. About employment I mean. Besides, I can always design websites on my own if I need to. Now, about him: I haven’t needed to see the demon myself to believe it’s been stalking us. And I’m not convinced just because you have this epilepsy thing that you imagined him in Elmdale. Or in your nurse’s office this week.” “But I might have,” I protest. She nods. “Sure. And I might win the lottery. Honey, you were chasing someone across that campus. Someone was with you and Melissa when the pillars came down and everything collapsed. And no one was there when it all was cleared. Given everything else about all of this, I’d say Occam’s Razor points to demon.” My turn to smile. “Might be the only time in history that’s ever happened,” I say. “So where does all of this leave us?” “I think,” she says,” we need to keep on assuming he, or it, is coming. Or is already here. And we need to figure out what to do.” ### The wine bottle is empty. I didn’t say anything when she poured her third glass; it’s been a really hard week for her too. I thought about commenting on glass #4, but when I saw how little was left in the bottle (it only partially filled the glass) I didn’t bother. She’s entitled. And the conversation we’ve been having hasn’t been particularly helpful on her emotions either, since it’s pretty much revealed how utterly helpless we are against him (or it, as she keeps trying to make me say). She doesn’t want to acknowledge him. Doesn’t want to know, I think: one layer too far to believe. There have been times I know she has, but then she’s pulled back again, and the epilepsy totally helps her denial. In the end, though, I think we both know that, if he is real, this thing will come down to him and me. God, that sounds egocentric. But isn’t it where he wants it? “What do you really think you can do, Carly?” Mom’s voice is ragged. We’ve talked about this entirely too much. We’ve talked about it all night. We’ve talked about it again and again for years. We talked about it before the attack on Elmdale. I didn’t really know then and I don’t know now. “All I know is I have to try to do something. Especially if he thinks I’m important.” Her eyes are tired, bloodshot. The wine isn’t helping, and I don’t think she’s sleeping any more than I am. Is she having the dreams too? “Maybe you’re important because he needs you in order to succeed. Isn’t that just as likely? Why would he tell you how important you are if you were destined to be able to stop him?” I’ve wondered the same thing ever since the vision, or hallucination, or whatever it was. “I was there in Elmdale and he didn’t succeed.” She nods. “I know. I’m operating in the dark here as much as you are.” We sit in silence for a long time. It’s a frightening, familiar silence flavored by exhaustion. He...it...whatever….chased us through at least three moves before finally catching up to us and eventually revealing himself—if that’s what happened—in Elmdale. Before that final day, though, when we knew we’d been found, we might have run again, but we just couldn’t. I couldn’t. “Mom, we can’t just keep running away.” She takes my hands in hers. “What choice do we have, Carly? It’s powerful. And it wants us.” I don’t understand. I’ve never understood. Why does it want us? What is it? All I ever glimpse are those terrifying green eyes, which are enough to tell me I don’t want to see the rest, but I don’t even know what the rest is. Yet it’s followed us at least since Columbus. And that means through two towns in Indiana and now two in Illinois. What does it want? All I say is, “It can’t have us.” Mom agrees. “No, Honey. It can’t. Not if we’re careful.” “That’s just it, Mom. I think being so careful is exactly what it wants from us. I think it’s growing from our fear.” “You watch too much Buffy.” “I’m serious,” I protest, “and the fact that I may have gotten the idea from Buffy doesn’t make it any less worthwhile. Think about it: doesn’t it seem stronger in every town? Isn’t it finding us faster each time?” She only needs to consider for a moment. She knows I’m right. “But we aren’t going to stop being afraid of it. How can we?” I smile, maybe for the first time ever while talking about the demon. “We kill it.” Mom looks at me sadly. “If it’s here,” she says, “then clearly you didn’t succeed in killing it in Elmdale, and you ended up dropping several tons of bricks on it and were damn lucky to have walked away.” I shrug. “So?” “So maybe it just can’t be killed.” I feel a warm pressure in the rear of my diaper and realize that some remarkable (or perhaps ironic) Fate has caused my bowels to release just as Mom made that dramatic statement, perfectly punctuating the depressing thought. As much as I hate messy diapers, I have to admit that there are times when they at least make comments on life that are as powerful as their smell. “That can’t be the case,” I tell her. “It just can’t. I refuse to believe it. I think he’s frightened of me for some reason and wants me to be frightened too. He knows I wasn’t in Elmdale and he’s trying to make me now.” Mom looks at me so intensely that I can read the question on her face before she even asks it. “Yes,” I tell her. “It’s working. But I have to fight it. As much as I believed it before, I’m even more convinced now that I’m the key to killing him and stopping whatever he wants to do.” She pauses for a moment, taking it all in. She sighs. “You’re going to need a magic tutor then,” she says. I smile. “Exactly what I’ve been thinking. Do you have any clue where to find one?” “I’ll bet we could get a clue on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. There are some very...interesting...people down there if you know where to look for them.” “And you do?” She nods. “We’ll find you what you need to face a demon, if there’s a demon to be faced. But right now, you have a more pressing need: a diaper change.” I shake my head, smiling. “Way to ruin a great heroic moment, Mom.” Both of us laugh, and we head off to my room to get me out of the horrible mess I’m in so I can spend more time thinking about the horrible mess I’m in.
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    Another side story in the Keeperverse. This is a one-shot that came to me while I was reading a story about a different kink. Be careful what you wish for! -- She lay her head on her friends leg, as they lay on the couch watching TV. Her name was Katherine, but everyone called her Kat, or Kitty. Breaking five feet only when she stood tall, her button nose and large warm brown eyes defined the stereotype of what most people would call a "cute Pet". She wasn't Bound as a Pet though, despite her best efforts, and everyone's expectations, so she lay here with her best friend Kelsey. They had moved in together a year ago, when tragedy had struck and Laurie, who had been Kelsey's pet since they had been Bound during their senior yet of high school to years ago, had passed away from a fast-moving breast cancer that had been caught too late. Today was one year from her passing, and Kat and Kelsey were sharing a glass of wine in Laurie's memory. Kelsey had had a rough time over the last year... the Bind between a Keeper and a Pet was very strong, and when it is severed through tragedy it can wreck the heart of the survivor. Luckily, Kelsey had Kat around to help support and strengthen her, and she had made it through the year. "Kelsey, can I ask you something?" Kat's heart thudded in her chest. She had been over this conversation a million times in her head, but she wasn't sure how it was going to go. Only one way to find out. She had to try. "What if... I mean... could I... would it help..." Well, this was off to about the worst possible start. "Start over. Let me just say it. I'd like to pretend to be your Pet. For like a week, or something." Kelsey didn't kick her off her lap. She didn't even say no. She looked at Kat with a little surprise. "You want to pretend to be my Pet? I can't say I'm surprised though... Ever since I caught you wearing one of Laurie's diapers... it was so big on you!" Kat, seizing the opportunity, jumped in. "I think we could take a vacation... somewhere no one knows us... and I think that I've figured out how to get a registration. I mean, I work at the Department of Pet Registration. We don't even have to do it the whole time... if it doesn't work out for either of us, we just stop... and enjoy a vacation together." Kelsey didn't say anything, so Kat pressed on, her voice gentle. "It's been a long time since you've had a vacation. I have the money saved up; I can pay for the whole thing." Kelsey actually smiled. "You're going to pay for the whole vacation? Let's go to Hawaii then!" "...Really?" Kat couldn't believe that Kelsey had agreed, to the vacation at least. "Really. And you don't have to pay for the whole thing. You're right, I need a vacation, and I've got more than enough time and money saved up. We'll have to talk about... your request... but let's do the vacation either way." Kat hugged Kelsey. "Thank you! I'll start planning. When can we go?" It only took a few days before the vacation was scheduled, vacation time at work arranged, flights purchased, an AirBnB house rented, and shopping for new vacation clothes commenced. It was a few days later, while they were having dinner together while sitting on the couch in the living room watching something on the TV, when Kelsey brought Kat's request back up. "I've been thinking about what you said." At first, Kat was confused. "What I said? When?" "When you suggested the vacation. About wanting to be my Pet. I thought about it, and I'm OK with it. It will be on my terms, though... and that means it will be the whole time, no exceptions. You want to be a Pet? You'll be my Pet from the moment we get to the rental house until we leave. I'll give you a list, and you will need to buy everything on it and have it delivered to the rental house before we get there. Also, you'll need to do whatever registration trick you were talking about so that you are legal. Deal?" Kat was stunned. "Uh, yeah, of course. That's what I wanted, exactly." She smiled and jumped up, realizing her wish was about to come true, if only for a week. She hugged Kelsey. "Thank you thank you thank you!" Kelsey handed cat a handwritten list. Here's your shopping list. I've already talked to the owner, and you can have it all shipped there. He's already got a bunch of Pet equipment there, so you only need what's on the list." Examining the list, Kelsey saw most of what she expected. Restraints, including paws and a muzzle with a gag. Diapers. A leash. A collar. The words 'Registration tags' were underlined twice. The next two weeks were spent on the shopping. Kat went to several local Pet stores, posing as someone looking to buy gifts for a friend who had just become a Keeper. The sales people, after being told that her friend's new Pet was the same size Kat was were more than happy to help her try on the equipment, to make sure everything fit, and then set up a delivery to the address in Hawaii. She even bought diaper samples and spent time wearing each one around the house, looking for what was comfortable. The registration part was easy. While registering a human Pet was an involved process, requiring blood samples and notification of the Pet's family, registering a real animal pet was easy, and the resulting tags and computer records were pretty much the same. So, Kat registered a cat to Kelsey, named, of course, Kat, and took the resulting tags and paperwork home and handed them proudly to Kelsey. The day of the flight, Kat was beside herself in excitement. She wasn't bringing a suitcase at all... Kelsey had reassured her that she wouldn't need anything, being that she would be acting as a Pet the whole time. The flight passed slowly, as Kelsey sat next to Kay, possessively holding her hand, getting her used to the idea of being under Kelsey's control. When the plane landed, as the luggage passed through the arriving luggage scanning portal, an alert buzzer sounded. The tired animal quarantine worker examined the alert and the bag that had caused it. While he has being told that there was a cat in the bag, the luggage in front of clearly had no cat. He could dig in the luggage to figure out why he had been alerted, or... he pushed the 'OK' button. Kelsey collected the 'clearly not containing a cat' bag from the luggage belt. A quick stop at the rental car counter, and they were on their way. Kat's excitement was growing by the minute, and she was almost bouncing up and down on the seat. Kelsey smiled, enjoying her close friend's obvious happiness and anticipation. It would be nice to have a Pet again, even if were a pretend Pet, just for a while. They finally pulled up to the house, a beautiful ocean front property full of greenery. Kat started to run inside to see the place before she heard a commanding "Stop". Even not being bound, Kelsey's voice was a powerful one, and Kat stopped. "Wait here, in the car. I'm going to get a few things. As I promised, you'll be in Pet mode the whole time, until we leave. OK?" Kat nodded, and sat back down in her seat in the car. Kelsey took her suitcase inside while Kat waited and drank in the view of the ocean in front of them. A few minutes later, Kelsey returned. She was carrying a large bag. "OK, get in the back seat, and strip." Kat had known the moment was coming, but she had never been naked in front of her friend. The personal boundaries in the apartment they shared had always blocked that. With a mix of embarrassment and excitement, Kat moved to the large back seat, and took her clothes off. Shoes, socks. The dress she was wearing. Her bra. Her underwear. As she removed each item, it disappeared into a bag that Kelsey held. "Lay back." Kat lay back and felt the bulk of a diaper being placed under her, and then pulled up between her legs. It felt... heavenly. It was real. She wasn't just trying a diaper on, or playing in the apartment for an hour. She was going to get to be a Pet. "Ok, sit up, and let's get you into your restraints." As Kat sat up, she heard the crinkle of the fluffy diaper, and pressed in pleasing ways on her excited crotch. She sat up. First one hand was fully inserted into the mitt, which went up to mid-arm and locked, and then the other. With the mitts on, she knew she was committed. When the paws were put on her feet, keeping her ankles near her thighs, she wriggled around a little. She felt exactly like she had imagined, restrained, but comfortable. She was getting very, very turned on. "Almost done. Any last words?" Kat shook her head, and Kelsey placed the muzzle, with it's gag to keep her silent, on her face, pulling the straps firmly and locking them. Last came the collar. It was a beautiful pink leather collar, and Kelsey had attached the registration tags to the locking buckle. They jingled lightly as the collar was fit around her neck and locked. She closed her eyes. It was done. She felt something attach to the front of her collar. "Heel." She was pulled forward, out of the SUV, landing somewhat ungracefully on the ground. Ungainly at first, not used to walking on all fours, she followed her friend into the house. It was beautiful, but she had little time to examine it as they passed through and out to the back yard, near the ocean. There was a fenced area, and Kat soon found herself in the pen. Kelsey bent down, her face at the level of Kat's face. "I'm going to settle in. You should relax, and practice moving in the restraints, OK? Oh, and don't forget, you should use your diaper often so you get used to it. I'll bring a water bottle so you stay hydrated." Kat didn't have a choice, really, so she nodded, and Kelsey went back in the house. The next two days were filled with new experiences for Kat, and familiar comforts for Kelsey, as they got used to acting as a Keeper/Pet pair. Kat got into the role quickly and easily, learning to walk comfortably on her leash at Kelsey's side. Kat spent nights in the Pet cage that was in the house, while Kelsey enjoyed the comfortable bed. Kelsey didn't give Kat any chance to back out, not that Kat would have taken it even if offered. On the third day, they were walking past a local golf course. Kat was on a short leash which was clipped to Kelsey's belt, so that Kelsey could use her phone to play her games while on a walk. Kat was, as was normal, muzzled and gagged, kept at a tight heel by the leash. Suddenly, there was a 'thunk', and Kelsey dropped. A golf ball landed next to her. Kat started screaming, trying to determine if Kelsey was OK, but through her gag only faint noises were audible. She couldn't help, bound as she was, her short leash still attached to Kelsey's belt. Some people came running, yelling "Call an ambulance!" Someone unhooked her leash and moved her away as she tried to get closer to her friend, clipping her leash to a fence pole ten feet from her fallen friend, out of the way. She couldn't see what was happening through the people. Soon the ambulance showed up. They put her on a stretcher, and Kat was glad to see that they didn't pull the sheet all the way over her. Someone finally looked in Kat's direction. "What about her Pet?" One of the EMTs looked back has Kelsey's stretcher was pushed into the ambulance. "We have a Pet cage in here. Bring'er over." Kat soon found herself in a small cage at the front of the ambulance. No one had talked to her or ungagged her to ask her anything about her friend but... then again, she was just supposed to be a Pet. The hospital was a frantic whirlwind of activity, and Kat was left in her cage as Kelsey was whisked off. A few minutes passed until a young woman approached wearing a 'Pet Comfort Volunteer'. "Hi dear, I'm here to help you. Your Keeper is being sent into surgery, but she's going to be OK. I'm going to bring you down to our Pet kennel here in the hospital, where you can be taken care of until you can be with your Keeper again. OK?" Kat nodded. Not like she had a choice. The volunteer opened Kat's cage and attached a leash to her collar. Kat was led through the ER, through a maze of hallways, down a floor, another maze of hallways, until they arrived at a door labeled, 'Pet (Human) Care Center and Kennel'. The waiting room had a number of cages, a few of them containing Pets. The volunteer walked Kat over to one and opened it. Kat entered, and the cage door was closed. "Someone will be here to help you in a while, OK? I'm sure everything will be OK." Thirty minutes passed, and Kat's diaper was wet and getting wetter. Someone in pink scrubs came into the room and took the other Pets one by one through the far door. Eventually it was Kat's turn. The woman in pink came to her cage, and opened a hatch. She allowed the leash to be attached to her collar before the cage door was opened and she could get out, following the firm tug of the leash through the doors. She was led to what looked like a silver cage with a lot of hatches, and obediently entered. The woman pressed a button, and the cage raised up to table height. "OK, who do we have here?" The woman pointed a device at Kat's neck, but nothing happened. "No chip? Unusual. Well, you do have tags on at least," the volunteer said mostly to herself. As she came around to the front of the cage, Kat saw her name tag. "Brandy - Pet Care Services". Brandy opened a hatch in the front, turning Kat's registration tags so she could read the number. "780-234-1285" She wrote the number on a pad, and went over to a computer. She typed the number in. "Are you Kat?" She looked at Kat. Kat nodded, fearful of what she would find in the record. "OK, your Keeper is... right, ok, she's in recovery. Looks like her status is good, by the way, but I'm sure they'll give her some rest for a day or two before release. But you'll be OK, right?" Kat nodded. "OK, this is weird. Your registration lists you as a cat. Kat, cat. Funny. Someone was joking around I think. It also shows that you came into Hawaii on Sunday, and since you're here and not in a quarantine kennel on Oahu I will assume that you are not a cat. Also, you don't look like a cat. The good news is I can fix this..." Kat wasn't sure what to think. She had found the false record... but... she was ignoring the fact that it said that she was a cat, and just fixing it? Kat knew that Brandy must have some serious permissions within the registration system if she could 'just fix that'. It made her nervous. "OK, this is really weird. There must have been some sort of computer glitch. All you blood test records and such are gone. I think somehow your record and a cat's got intermixed. Well, I can fix that too. We deal with a lot of newly bound here." At this point, Kat just wished Brandy would transition to an internal monologue so that she wouldn't know just how screwed she was. She felt a prick as a blood sample was taken. Now she was really going to be marked as a Pet. She started to panic. This couldn't be happening. How could she go back to normal life after vacation when she was legally marked as a Pet? She started to hyperventilate. Brandy noticed and came over, stroking her head. "I know you're worried about your Keeper... it's OK, she's going to be fine, and soon you'll be back together as Pet and Keeper forever, right?" Kat's eyes got wide. Forever? Pet? That wasn't what she wanted! Brandy went around behind the cage, and suddenly she felt a cold draft as her diaper fell away. She blushed... only Kelsey had ever seen her like this. She felt a cold wipe on her crotch, and then the warm dry bulk of a diaper much thicker than what she had been wearing was taped between her legs. "OK, I'm all done with you. Since you're going to be with us for a little while we have a nice comfortable kennel run open right now, so I'm going to put you over there." Her leash was reattached, the cage door opened, and she was led firmly to a wire door, which was opened. She was guided inside, and her leash removed. The door closed, and clicked. "There is food and water here in these nipples that you can get to through your gag. Relax. Good girl." Now she was in trouble. Kat was only there for about a day before Brandy came in. Rather than her every-few-hours diaper change and feeding, this time she was cleaned much more throughly than normal before being diapered. Rather than being led back to her cage, she was to the waiting room, where another volunteer was waiting. Now Kat was excited. She knew what was going to happen! Kelsey was going to be released. With a grin on her face and a light heart, the maze of hallways was a blur. Kat saw Kelsey sitting in a wheelchair, her clothes on. The volunteer handed Kats's leash to Kelsey, and admonished Kat to get off the wheelchair, where she was trying to hug her friend despite all the restraints. A taxi ride home, and they were back at the rental house. Finally, after a day, Kat's gag was removed. She noticed that the muzzle stayed, though. "Oh Kelsey, are you OK? I was so worried!" Kat burst into tears as she could finally release her words and emotions. Kelsey sat on the floor, holding Kat tight. "I'm ok. I was knocked out, and they held me to watch for a concussion, but I'm ok now. It's all OK." "Uh, Kelsey, it might not be OK." Kat told her about Brandy, and how she had 'fixed' the registration. "Well, that explains something... I got a text from your mother yesterday." "You... got a text from... my Mom?" "Yeah. It just said, 'Congratulation's it's about time, and we're all very happy for you both.' I had thought she had made a typo or sent the message to the wrong person, so I didn't reply, but..." "If Brandy completed my registration..." "Then your family was notified..." "And now everyone thinks I'm a Pet and you own me." Kat and Kelsey thought for a moment, staring at the beautiful ocean view through the window. Kelsey was the first to speak. "Is it so bad? It's what you've wanted anyway. And... I enjoy it too..." Kat looked at her friend. "This is what I've wanted, and I want you to be my Keeper, but... do we pretend... forever? "You know, it's not pretending any more. The legal aspect is done. I own you, and your property, and everything, and I am legally required to care for you now, like it or not. Have you ever heard of a case where a Keeper/Pet relationship was undone? I mean, you work at the department of registrations. Surely if it happened you'd be familiar." Kate realized she was right. It didn't happen. The legal aspect was clear. She was Kelsey's Pet. She lay her head on Kelsey's leg. Turning her head, she took her nose and placed it on her friend's crotch. The bars of her muzzle kept her just out of reach, but she flicked her tongue, signaling her interest in consummating their unconventional relationship. Maybe her Keeper would reciprocate. It was, of course, what everyone expected, so she might as well enjoy it.
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    Push-button babies     Dianna, Tom, and Dave had been walking for what seemed like hours. It was cold, dark, and the woods all looked the same, they were lost for sure. Dianna turned to Dave and said, "Well, I hope you're happy, "Mr. I Can't Get Lost". This is your fault, if you'd just stopped and asked for directions, we wouldn't be tromping through the woods on this beastly night!" "Oh now, who told me they were in a hurry and had to pee? I could've asked directions if you hadn't insisted on finding a gas station." Dave said sarcastically "Will you two cut it out? It's bad enough we're lost. Let's not get into a blaming contest." Said Tom, trying to catch his breath Suddenly, Dave spotted something through the trees. An old cabin. Probably deserted for quite a while, from it's dilapidated looks. "Hey! There's a cabin up ahead, we can probably shack up there for the night and find our way back in the morning." They walked up to the worn and weathered door of the cabin and tried to open it, but it wouldn't move. "What the hell? It's stuck." Dianna said "Here, let me try it, little missy" Tom said with a very fake John Wayne accent. Dianna and Dave rolled their eyes and began looking around while Tom worked on forcing the door open. They searched for the better part of half an hour when Dianna shouted for them to come see what she had found. Dianna pointed at a small board that looked out of place on the dilapidated building. They pried it off and were amazed at what they saw. Under the board was a metallic control board with several flashing buttons on it. Only one of them was labeled though. The brown button clearly said, "DOOR", on it. Dave quickly pushed it and they heard a loud click from the front of the cabin. When they opened the cabin, they gasped in shock. The inside was very clean and looked extremely modern. There was wall to wall carpet, a large sofa, two padded arm chairs, and a floor lamp. Dianna, who had been trying not to wet herself for the last hour, rushed in and began searching the small cabin for a bathroom. She ducked through one of the doors leading from the living room and a few minutes later, Dave and Tom heard a flushing sound. When Dianna finally came out, she had a look of extreme relief on her face. Dave laughed, "Almost peed yourself, huh? Maybe we should have packed diapers for you sis." Dianna gave Dave a withering look and replied, "Oh really? I seem to recall that you weren't potty trained till you were 5 years old, LITTLE BROTHER!" Tom quickly got between them again, "Ok, we all know about each other's "toileting problems", let's not bring that up again. We're warm, and drying off now, let's just relax and find out what's with this weirdo cabin." They all agreed and sat down on the comfortable furniture. Tom glanced around the room and noticed that there was another section of wall that didn't quite match the surrounding wallpaper. He walked up and felt around it for an access. As soon as he pressed on the panel, it slid back and up, revealing another control panel, but none of the buttons were labeled as the door button had been. Curious as to what the buttons were actually for, tom pushed one of the dark green ones and suddenly the sound of gears and motors running filled the room. "What the heck's going on Tom? What did you do?" Dianna looked over to Tom, clearly annoyed Before anyone could get another word our, the floor began to shake. They looked down at the floor and were amazed to see the carpet change color from the light brown it had been, to a dark, forest green. "Aw cool!" Tom said Dianna looked upset and glared at Tom. "Don't go pushing any more buttons. We don't know what they do and it could be dangerous." Tom and Dave both agreed to leave the buttons alone. "We'd better take a look around this place. You know? This cabin looks much larger from the inside. Weird, isn't it?" Dianna said The three of them split up, Dave went to the basement, Tom to the upstairs and Dianna checked out the first floor. Dave found that the basement was stocked with buttons and some appliances. There was a washer, dryer, and a tall, thin machine he couldn't figure out what it did. The machine had a control panel with a numbered knob. Dave remembered Dianna's warning about pushing buttons, so didn't touch anything. He turned to leave and was startled by Tom, standing right behind him. He fell back into the mystery machine, hitting the control panel. The machine began humming and suddenly they heard Dianna begin screaming curses at the top of her lungs. They ran upstairs, following the sound of Dianna's shouting. When they entered the room, they almost burst out laughing. Dianna was standing there, dressed in a very short, "little girl's" dress. The hem of the dress was so short that they could see a pair of thick underpanties as well. Dianna looked at the two, glaringly. "If either one of you says a word, or tells anyone this happened, I swear, I'll tear off your sacks and shove them up your noses." Dave immediately fell to the floor, laughing. "Guess you're my "little sister" now, huh?" Dianna ran up and kicked Dave right in the privates. She then turned away from them and began crying. Tom walked up to her and placed his arm on her shoulder. "Hey, Dave was only kidding. It's ok. We know you're more mature than that. Now, tell us what happened." Slowly, her crying subsided. She even managed a quiet apology to Dave, which he accepted, feeling he really did deserve it. After a few minutes, she composed herself. "It was so sudden. I was looking over this room, when I heard a whirring and two arms popped out of the wall. They undressed me and quick as a flash, put this stupid thing on me and took my clothes. I didn't touch anything, so why did this happen?" Dave and Tom hung their heads, then Tom said, "I think it might be our fault in part. I didn't find anything upstairs but a lot of empty, so I went down to the basement to check on Dave. He was looking, but not touching this weird machine. He turned around so suddenly that I must have startled him. He fell backwards and onto it's controls. There was a humming and then we heard you scream, we're sorry." Dianna looked at them for a moment and then said, "Lets go have a look at this machine, I wanna know where my clothes are. I feel ridiculous in this costume." They all went back downstairs to the basement. Dave showed them the machine controls. the numbers on the dial went from 1 to 30 but, it was set on number 3. There was still no indication as to what the machine actually controlled. Suddenly, Tom had an idea. "Dianna, go back up to the room you were in and wait there, I have a plan." Tom said, while studying the panel. "Alright." she said, "But be careful, remember, this is my dignity we're dealing with. I don't wanna end up in something worse." "Don't worry, I've believe I understand what this thing does." Dianna walked back up to the first floor and found the room she had been investigating before. She yelled down to the duo in the basement, and Tom turned the dial to Dianna's actual age, 19. The machine began humming again and Dianna yelled then gave a shout of joy. A few seconds later, she came running down the stairs in her old clothes. She ran up to Tom and gave him a kiss. "Whatever you did, thanks a lot. I'm glad to be out of that costume." Tom blushed and said, "I figured that the machine is the control for that room, probably a bed or dressing room. The dial on the machine is the age of the occupant. You just happened to be in the room when the controls were activated. If it had been set on, say thirty, you probably would have been dressed in a house dress and heels. You're just lucky the dial wasn't turned any further or you would have ended up in diapers and a footed sleeper." They all gave a nervous laugh, and it was Dianna's turn to blush.. They all went back up stairs and sat down, the day had been very trying so they decided to stay the night here, (without touching anything) and try to find civilization in the morning. As they slept, a strange humming began to circulate in the house. Bleeps and boops rang out every now and again. Down in the basement, the "dressing" machine's dial began turning backwards, 19, 18, 15, 10, 8, 4, 2, and stopped. Chapter 2 They all awoke to strange noises coming from what was assumed to be the kitchen, though they hadn't found any food in it the day before. They crept up to the archway and peeked into the kitchen. At the counter top were two mechanical arms, chopping carrots, celery, onions, and dicing a chicken breast. The trio slowly walked into the room to watch the arms do their thing. A panel on the counter slid aside and a blender rose out of the hole. The arms dumped the carrots, celery, onions, and chicken into the blender and liquefied it. "Alright, who touched a button?" Dianna said Both boys replied they hadn't touched anything since the previous night. As they stood, watching the kitchen go through it's paces, a red light emerged from the ceiling and began shining on them, going up and down their bodies. Dianna was the first to turn around and see the light as it retreated back into the ceiling. "What the heck is going on here? What was that red light?" Dianna was suddenly cut off as, what appeared to be a dressmaker's dummy rolled out of one of the back rooms, straight toward them. As it approached, mechanical arms emerged from the shoulder of the dummy and began grabbing at Dianna. Tom and Dave ran to help Dianna but they were shoved away as if the thing was swatting flies. The dummy picked up Dianna and rolled toward the wall, which opened up and quickly closed after it entered. Tom and Dave picked themselves up off the floor, ran to the wall, and began pounding on it, calling for Dianna. The dummy held Dianna tight as she struggled to free herself. It moved quickly down the inky black passage. It then stopped and placed her on a table. Before she could run, manacles clamped down on her arms and legs, and straps were tightened over her chest. She twisted and wriggled, trying to get loose, but froze when a deep mechanical voice spoke to her, out of the darkness. "Do not struggle child. This is for your own good. We wouldn't want you injured." Who are you? I demand you release me right now. When I get my hands on you, you're gonna be one sorry bastard!" Dianna screamed The voice responded, "You are an excellent specimen. The right height, weight, and even the hair and eye color match the order perfectly. Yes, you'll do nicely. Computer, prepare the subject for the process." Dave and Tom pounded on the wall for several minutes, believing they could reach Dianna. Tired and frustrated, Tom slumped to the floor. "Cut it out Dave. We're not gonna get to her that way. We gotta find a different entrance or..." he stopped in mid sentence as an idea struck him. "CONTROLS! There's controls for everything in this freaking house! There's gotta be controls for this door, wall, whatever! Dave could see the logic in the assumption and both of them began to franticly search the walls, floors, and even the ceiling for more access panels. They searched every room in the house, basement to attic, until they came to the room where Dianna had encountered the "dressing machine". They hesitantly entered and found several control panels easily. Dave and Tom looked at each other and carefully, Tom reached out and pushed one of the buttons on the panel. A whirring sound filled the room, and both men ran for the door. There was a flash of red light as they exited the door and the whirring stopped. "Dude, this isn't gonna work, we can't run out of the room every time the dang thing starts up, we gotta see if it opens up a way to Dianna." Dave said Tom nodded. He knew his friend was right, They stirred up their courage and walked into the room. The control panel stood open and Tom pushed a white button. The whirring noise sounded again and the red light filled the room, then the noise went silent. Tom turned to Dave, who shrugged and pointed to the panel. Tom reached out to push another button when, mechanical arms slid out of the ceiling above them and held them firm. Tom was too shocked to respond, but Dave began thrashing and screaming. Another hand lowered out of the ceiling and shoved something into his mouth, effectively gagging him. Tom realized his friend's predicament and kept his mouth closed. Dave was screaming behind the gag as it expanded inside his mouth. The arms lifted them off the ground and they could hear something happening below them. They were lowered into what looked like huge cribs and held down against them by the huge mechanical arms Dave and Tom struggled against the arms, but were held tight. A feminine mechanical voice began to sing some strange soothing, wordless, lullaby. The more they fought, the more soothing and gentle the voice became, lulling them into a relaxed and submissive state. The arms released them and carefully began stripping their clothes off. As the arm reached down for Tom's underwear, he snapped out of the trance and bolted out of the room. Dave lay in the giant crib while the arms completely disrobed him and began to redress him in an extremely large version of a baby diaper. It had only two tapes and cartoon figures on the waistband. As Tom stood outside the room in his underwear, he heard the female mechanical voice call out to him from the room. "Don't fight it child, this is for your own good. Lost children should be cared for, and you are definitely too little to care for yourselves." "What the hell are you talking about? We're not babies, I'm twenty years old. Dianna, my girlfriend, is twenty two and her brother is almost eighteen. There's no way we could be considered babies or even children." "Physical age is unimportant. A child is a child even if their bodies are fifty years old. This domicile has been modified as a wayfarer station for children of all ages. You are children, as demonstrated by your actions, and shall be kept until suitable parents can be found for you. You, seem to be the most mature of your group, so your age shall be designated as four years." Chapter 3 Back in the hidden room, Dianna was struggling too, but also to no avail. "Let me go, you SOB!" "My, what a little potty mouth we have here. That will never do, your parents won't want their new baby spewing foul words at them." As the voice spoke, another mechanical arm came down out of the ceiling and produces what appeared to be a huge pacifier. Dianna's mouth was pried open and the pacifier was inserted, then her mouth was held shut while the insidious device was inflated so she couldn't remove it. The pacifier inflated so large that it almost made her gag, but it was certainly not coming out any time soon. Dianna's muffled screams and cries sounded more like the gurgling of a 10 month old, than the calls for help of an adult woman. Dianna thrashed and twisted, kicking at the mechanical arms that held her, but to no avail. The arms lifted her and then lowered her onto a large, padded table. Her arms and legs were restrained in manacles, effectively pinning her to the table. Seconds later, the manacles pulled in opposite directions, causing Dianna to become spread eagle on the table. The mechanical voice spoke over the intercom, "You'd better close your eyes little one, we wouldn't want to damage those beautiful baby blues of yours. A thin red light shot out from the ceiling and danced across her body. She could feel the heat and suddenly realized what was happening. She cried behind the pacifier as she felt her body hair being removed. She was turned over and the light again fell over her body, this time taking the remaining hair, leaving her with only the hair on her head. "You can open your eyes now, little one. We're finished, now it's time to get you dressed for your nap. You've had a trying day, and a nap will do you good." The mechanical voice said Dianna was indeed tired, but she struggled again as the metal arms adjusted her and began to wipe her down with baby wipes. She knew what was coming next, as she saw the huge diaper being lowered towards her. The arms lifted up her bottom and gently placed her onto the diaper. Suddenly she felt a cold hand on her privates and it began moving down to her bottom, spreading some kind of lotion on her, then the diaper was pulled up and carefully taped on. Dianna felt she couldn't possibly be more humiliated than she had been already. She was wrong She was quickly dressed in a footed sleeper. It had padded feet and mittens. The mittens seem to be slick on the inside but dry on the outside, she couldn't grasp anything. Next, what appeared to be a huge female mannequin, sitting in a rocking chair, rolled into the room. Dianna didn't want to even think what was going to happen next. The dummy picked her up from the table and effectively held her against it's shoulder. A lullaby began playing and the dummy started rocking in the chair. It's touch was as firm as it was gentle. It coddled her and caressed her back and bottom, just like a mother would with a real baby. Dianna eventually began to feel tired. She could hardly keep her eyes open. The dummy switched her to a cradling position and began to rub her tummy and face. Just as she was about to fall asleep, she felt a warm liquid entering her mouth. Her eyes shot open and it appeared that the dummy had removed the back of the pacifier and attached a huge baby bottle to it. The liquid filled her mouth and began to choke her. She tried to spit it out, but the pacifier prevented that, so she swallowed. The pacifier gave way and the liquid proceeded to her stomach. Then, more liquid filled her mouth. She could see that the only way to keep from choking on the stuff was to nurse on the bottle like a baby. It took some time, but Dianna finished the bottle. The bottle was removed and replaced by the regular back of the pacifier. Dianna was full and quite tired by now. The dummy placed her into a huge crib and raised the sides. There was some type of netting across the top, probably to prevent her from escaping, but she was far to tired to even attempt an escape. Chapter 4 Tom watched as Dave went through the same process as Dianna had just experienced. He was diapered, dressed in a sleeper, fed a bottle, and placed into an escape-proof crib. Tom was mesmerized as he watched Dave be put to sleep by the mechanical arms, rubbing his stomach and rocking the crib. He was watching so intently that he almost didn't hear the footsteps behind him. A vibration on the floor behind him shook him from his trance and he whirled around to see an old man and woman standing in front of him. He jumped back and took a defensive stance he had learned from his sensei. "Who the hell are you two? Are you the freaks in charge of this place?" he said, teeth clenched in hate "Now see here young man. That's no way to speak to your elders, but no, we're not in charge of this cabin. We just invented the original designs. This place was to be placed in New York city to be tested as a waystation for abandoned children and infants." The old woman said "Then why is it trying to make babies out of me and my friends?" "As I said, it was originally supposed to be set up for children and infants, but our partner decided to use it to make money by taking people and forcing them to become babies and children for certain clients. A rather lucrative deal. There are a lot of people who would pay great sums of money to have a teen or an adult to treat as a baby, strange as that may seem." Tom was about to wrap his hands around the guy's throat when he felt the sting of the taser the man had been hiding. Tom went down like a sack of potatoes. The last thing he heard before the darkness took him was the old woman, speaking in soothing tones. "Don't worry little one, you'll be much happier when you meet your new mommy and daddy." Chapter 5 When Diana woke up, she found herself laying in a gigantic crib. There were bars on the top, probably to prevent escape. Her arms were bound at the elbows, making it very difficult to do anything with them. She was dressed in a form fitting one piece sleeper and, from the bulge at her waist, a diaper. She shifted her weight and discovered a nasty surprise, the load in the back of her diaper squished and moved with her. The pacifier/gag prevented her from screaming, so only muffled cries sounded. When she began crying, a video monitor blipped on and two mannequin like hands extended down from the ceiling and opened the crib top. Before Diana could get up and make a run for it, a strap was placed over her chest and the hands began busying themselves with changing the diaper. While this was going on, an old woman appeared beside the crib and began stroking Diana's hair. "Well, hello there sunshine. It's good to see you're awake.” The old woman said Diana, still barely awake, struggled against the restraints, but without success. The old woman reached down and began to rub and pat Diana’s tummy. “Don’t fight it sweetie, you’ll feel better once your diaper is changed and you’ve got a full belly.” The fight was futile, Diana was soon rediapered and dressed in a onsie. The old woman reached down into the crib and placed mittens on Diana’s hands and soft, padded booties on her feet. With the help of the mechanical arms, a strap was placed above Diana’s elbows and pulled tight behind her, effectively restraining her arms. The old woman then surprised Diana by lifting her out of the crib and placing her in a stroller. Diana was wheeled out of the room, down the now lit hallway, and back into the kitchen. She saw Tom and Dave, both dressed just like her, sitting in highchairs, with bibs. They were being fed something, she couldn’t see exactly what though. There were stains on the bibs, as if they had moved around and the spoon missed their mouths. Seconds later, Diana was unstrapped from the stroller and placed into a highchair, next to her boyfriend and brother. A bib was tied around her neck and two mechanical hands lowered out of the ceiling with a sectioned plate and what looked like a baby spoon, the only difference was it was the size of a normal one. The pacifier suddenly began to deflate and the old woman pulled it from Diana’s mouth. The second it was out, Diana let out a string of curses that would have made a sailor blush. Suddenly one of the mechanical hands slipped a spoonful of some disgusting mush into her mouth. She was about to spit it out when a third hand came down and held her mouth shut. The old woman reached over and pinched Diana’s nose closed. “Might as well swallow your food sweetie. This and a bottle of formula are all you’re ever going to be eating from now on.” The old woman laughed and rubbed Diana’s tummy again Diana looked over to Tom and Dave, but the boys seemed to be in some stupor, they ate the mush without any resistance. “What did you do to them, you bitch?” she yelled at the old woman “You’ll be feeding just as easily in a moment. The food you just swallowed contains a depressant that mollifies babies so they can be cared for easier. It’s effects aren’t long lasting, but they are potent.” Diana found the old woman was right, she was beginning to feel drowsy and lethargic. Soon, she was eating just like Tom and Dave. She didn’t even care when she suddenly pooped herself. When the meal was over, three female dummies rolled into the kitchen and pulled Diana, Tom, and Dave, out of their highchairs. The three were carried into the nursery where Diana had been held earlier. Inside the nursery, there were three women, sitting on loveseats. The dummies dropped their charges in the hands of the women. Each woman pulled their baby close and slowly unstrapped their blouses. The three charges knew what was coming, but had no power to resist as the women slowly placed the nipples of their breasts into the three charges mouths. They were nursed and slowly fell asleep. Diana woke up some time later, she shook the cobwebs from her head and looked around. She immediately noticed that she wasn’t in the nursery she had been in before, it was a new one. She tried to sit up, but her muscles wouldn’t respond correctly, she grimaced, and suddenly realized, her teeth were gone. “How long was I out?” she thought to herself She tried to yell for help, and found that she couldn’t speak, only guttural noises came out. She thrashed about the crib, trying to get out or stand up, but it was no use. A few minutes later, a woman and man walked into the nursery. The woman bent down over the crib and gently rubbed Diana’s tummy. “Well hello there sweetie. It’s ok, Mommy’s here baby.” The woman reached down and unsnapped Diana’s onsie, exposing her wet and messy diaper. Diana was shocked to find she hadn’t even realized she was wet and messy. The woman cooed and patted Diana in the most babyish way as she changed her diaper and redressed her in the onsie. Once she was clean, Diana looked up at the man and woman questioningly. They looked at each other then back down to Diana. “I’m your new Mommy.” The woman said “This is Daddy, we adopted you from the agency. We know you weren’t a baby when you went into the cabin, but you will be our baby now. There are lots of people out there, who can’t either have or adopt children, so this is our only recourse. You’ll learn to love it here. In a few weeks, the drug regimen will make you a little bit smaller and more babylike. It costs us a small fortune, but it’s worth it to have you with us honey.” Diana tried to ask where Dave and Tom were, but all that came out was, “Harr ss dom nd dabe?” The woman smiled as she lifted Diana out of the crib. “Oh look honey.” She said, turning to her husband “She wants to know where her little playmates are. Isn’t that sweet?” Her husband nodded and said, “You don’t have to worry about your friends pumpkin, they’re safe and sound with their own mommies and daddies. I’m afraid that you won’t be seeing them for a while though. They live on the other side of the country and the agency reunion won’t be for six months, to allow the drug regimen to take full effect and the babies to get used to their new lives.” The woman bounced Diana in her arms then took her over to a padded rocking chair. She sat down, with Diana on her lap and began to unbutton her blouse, then her nursing bra. Diana remembered the old nursery and the breast feeding she had been forced to endure. She tried to fight, but it didn’t help, the woman’s nipple was slipped into Diana’s waiting mouth and the rich breast milk flowed. Diana was held so close that she had to swallow or drown. Diana lay there on the woman’s lap, nursing, but in her mind, she was screaming, which soon turned into the panicked wail of a newborn baby.
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    The Home Chapter 11 The mild disturbance created by Chris's arrival had subsided by the time Chris had introduced himself to Peter and Steve. Chris spoke to Steve while Peter went on unpacking the furniture pieces and putting the right number of legs and struts in little piles. 'Steve,' said Chris quietly. 'My diaper's wet. Who do I ask?' Steve looked at Chris's thick diaper. He knew the appearance of a wet one, and Chris's looked soaked. 'You ask one of the nurses,' replied Steve, 'But only Angela is here and she's in the changing room with El. Why didn't you get a change before you came here?' 'Er, I did, but I need another one,' said Chris. 'Wow,' said Steve. 'How much did you drink?' 'Oh, no,' said Chrtis. 'I, erm, pooped last time.' 'You pooped your diaper?' Steve said with surprise. 'Abby pooped her diaper, and that's why she went back to Pre-teens.' 'Twice,' said Peter, still sorting pieces at the other end of the bench. 'Yeah,' said Steve. 'Same day. She talked them out of sending her the first time, but the next time she was goneski.' 'Shitting your diaper is a big no-no here,' said Peter. 'We're supposed to be grown up. Sometimes you go from here back home or even get a job if you're grown up enough and out of diapers properly.' 'Though some people want to stay here,' said Steve. 'Like Erin,' said Peter. 'Remember her, Steve? She hated pooping because it was messy, then they selected her for St Corantyn's or whatever it was, and she made herself mess two days straight so they kept her here.' 'Once while they were changing her pissy diaper,' added Steve. 'Except she overdid it and went back to Littlies. I think she's still there.' 'Yeah, she is,' said Peter. 'Terri told me, and I saw her in the playground after that. She was there for months, and she forgot how to count and stuff, and they kept her there.' 'Weird shit happens here,' said Steve. 'I saw one of the nurses feeding one of the Babies once. One night when their door was open and I was coming out of the big bathroom. Like properly feeding, off her tit.' Peter looked around anxiously. 'Shut up, Steve!' he said. 'If they hear you saying that they'll bust you!' 'Bugger,' said Steve. 'What?' said Chris, who had been listening attentively. 'Now I'm wet,' said Steve. 'I'll follow you. There are only two benches in there.' 'OK,' said Chris, and headed off to the changing station. When he got there, he found Elinor sitting on the bench, naked from the waist down, arguing with Angela. Elinor glanced at Chris as he entered, but showed no other reaction. 'I don't care, Elinor,' Angela was saying. 'There is not one set of rules for everyone else and one set for you. Now lie back on the bench please. Hi Chris,' she said, 'I'll be with you in a minute. I have to deal with Elinor here, although maybe not for much longer if she goes back to keep Abby company.' 'I haven't pooped,' said Elinor heatedly. 'And I'm not wearing those. I want my other panties.' She put her hand to her bare hair. 'And my tiara.' 'Elinor,' said Angela firmly. 'I know it's been your big day, but your princess panties are wet, and you can't wear your tiara lying on the bench. Now I can send you back to Pre-teens for misbehaviour. Is that what you want? You are holding up Chris now too. He needs a change and you are wasting time.' 'I don't care,' said Elinor. 'I'll go back outside with nothing on, and wait until my panties are dry. In my tiara.' Elinor wiped her hand across her face, smearing her bright red lipstick across her chin. She set her jaw and glared at Angela. Angela could not suppress her laughter. 'Oh, Elinor darling,' she said, trying not to laugh. 'Please behave. I'm supposed to give you a last warning, which I will. Last warning Elinor. But I'll do you a deal. If you lie back on the bench, I'll try to dry your princess panties, and I'll give you back your tiara as soon as I've diapered you. Deal?' Elinor looked cross, but said OK, and got up on the bench and lay down. Chris saw that she too had a smooth, hairless crotch. She put one hand to it. 'Elinor, do not do that!' said Angela immediately, smacking Elinor's hand which she instantly retracted. 'You are being deliberately naughty, aren't you?' added Angela. 'No,' said Elinor mildly, looking at Chris with a quick grin. 'I'll pretend I didn't see any of it,' said Angela, 'Now lie still,' she ordered Elinor, and began to wipe the young woman's vulva. 'If you give me her panties, I'll try to towel them dry,' offered Chris. Angela looked at Chris. 'I'm not supposed to,' said Angela, 'But here. Anything to get Little Miss Princess here changed and gone.' Angela handed Chris a pair of plastic panties. They were translucent pink with stars and crowns on them, and white lace around the elasticated openings. Chris found a towel, and did his best to wipe them dry. 'You're lucky he's so helpful,' Angela said to Elinor as she talced the girl's crotch. 'She's so helpful, you mean,' said Elinor with a giggle. Chris blushed. 'Elinor, you are so close to going to Pre-teens,' said Angela. 'You really are atrocious. If you were the other way around, I'd give you a severe spanking right now, Teens or not.' 'You wouldn't dare,' said Elinor. 'Try me,' said Angela. 'What's that?' said Elinor suddenly. 'What?" said Angela. 'On your nose,' said Elinor. 'It's, wait, give me a look.' Worried, Angela put her fingers to her nose, but felt nothing. 'No, it's still there,' said Elinor, reaching up and putting her hand behind Angela's head. Angela leant forward to give Elinor a closer look at her nose. Elinor planted a long, smacking, lipstick-laden kiss on Angela's surprised lips. 'Ha,' she said with the broadest of grins as Angela eventually sprang back when Elinor released her hand. 'Now spank me!' 'Oh Elinor,' said Angela, who seemed quite upset. 'You,... Elinor, please...' Angela turned to Chris. She had tears in her eyes. Chris couldn't figure it out. 'You can't say anything to anyone,' Angela said to him. 'Chris, it's... Elinor... You can't say anything, OK? You have to promise.' 'I promise,' said Chris, although he wasn't sure what he was promising about. 'Thank you Chris,' Angela said, taking his hand and squeezing it. 'Thank you.' Angela took the now mostly dry panties from Chris. She took a fresh wet wipe and wiped the smear of outrageous red lipstick from her face, then turned to Elinor. Chris watched the two women with interest. He still couldn't figure out what was going on. Without looking at her, Angela finished diapering Elinor, who sat up again on the bench. Angela stood in front of her, while Elinor dropped down from the bench into the plastic panties Angela was holding ready. Angela pulled them up around Elinor's waist. 'And as for you, Princess For A Day Elinor,' Angela said to Elinor in a very firm voice, although Chris could see that her eyes were saying something different, 'You had better, well, change your ways or someone will send you back, although you'd be missed. Very much missed,' she added in a strange, strangled voice, turning away from Chris. 'I'll fix you in a minute, Chris,' she said with her back to him. 'I just have to get something.' Angela went to a cupboard at the far end of the room and opened it, digging around inside. Elinor dropped down from the bench. She patted her newly fitted diaper front and back. She picked up her tiara from the end of the bench, smoothed her hair and adjusted the plastic crescent on her head. She turned towards Angela. 'Thank you, dear Angela,' she said. Angela didn't reply. Elinor smiled at Chris. 'You should wear your ponytail lower,' she said quietly, smiled again, opened the door and left. 'Yeah,' thought Chris. 'Weird shit does happen here.' To be continued.
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    Wow....just wow. Please, do not listen to this! It's very simple: If you're not comfortable with something, you have every right NOT to want it to happen. I don't care if she is your mommy. a Mommy/little relationship is all about respect and trust. It is NOT about complete control regardless if you're comfortable with it or not. If you want them to ask permission (or don't even want them to touch you at all) you say so.
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    Artists listened to on shuffle during the writing of this chapter: Modest Mouse, The Offspring, Blink-182, Korn, Nelly, Red Hot Chili Peppers, All-American Rejects, Nirvana, Queen, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Cake, Eminem, Rage Against the Machine, DMX, Beastie Boys, Weezer, 3 Doors Down, Green Day, The Killers, Tiger Army, The Verve, The Game, Social Distortion, Salt-N-Pepa, AC/DC, Kendrick Lamar, Slipknot, System of a Down, Trapt, Jet, Incubus, Fall Out Boy, Def Leppard Part Two: The Kids Aren't Alright Chapter Two: Fuck the System "This mood of yours is temporary It seems worth the wait to see you smile again Out of the corner of your eye Won't be the only way you'll look at me then" Dashboard Confessional - "Again I Go Unnoticed" When Herby, that's the name I decided on for my bear, and I woke up a man was picking me up from the carseat and I nuzzled against his chest and put my thumb in my mouth and mumbled for 'Daddy'. I felt his strong hand gently rubbing my back as he held me to him and carried me from the car. My heart swelled, it had all been a terrible dream, Mommy and Daddy hadn't been fighting or getting divorced, they weren't making me be a big girl, I was still their baby after all. Everything felt warm again and I savored the little feeling of being in my Daddy's big, strong arms and slipped back to sleep. When I woke up it was dark outside and in the room I was in, a room that I didn't recognize. I clutched Herby to me and crawled to the edge of the bed, the metal springs of the older piece of furniture squealing loudly with every movement until I was able to put my feet on the floor and leave the bed completely. I could hear snoring somewhere else in the room but could only make out several other beds, some of which clearly had other kids sleeping in them. I shivered slightly, feeling the too big sweatpants I'd left school wearing clinging wetly to my legs, indicating I'd wet the bed in my sleep. My mind struggled to comprehend why my parents wouldn't have put a diaper on me for bed, and why they'd brought me to this place instead of taking me home. Padding out of the room I found myself in a large hallway, dingy linoleum being illuminated by flickering florescent overhead lights. The hallway smelled like the bathroom at school with a strong scent of some sort of cleaning agent trying to overpower the smell of urine and feces. The hallway was full of clutter, toys of all kinds for various age ranges strewn about as though all the kids had simply vanished in the middle of playing. I walked to the end of the hall, passing by open doors with more beds and more sleeping kids, coming to a desk with the lady from the school sitting at it, typing on the computer. I sniffled and shuddered again and she turned around quickly, her hand going to her chest as she gasped. "You scared me, honey!" she exclaimed in a hushed whisper before rising to her feet and coming around the desk to me, noticing the dark stain on my too big sweatpants. "Uh oh." she said quietly, giving me a sympathetic look as she reached down and took my hand in hers, leading me back down the hall to the bathroom at the other end, opening the door and ushering me in as she turned on the light. The naked bulb hanging from the ceiling lit up the room revealing a single toilet that was as dingy looking as the linoleum floor in the hallway. On the wall was a baby changing station, the outer portion of it graffiti tagged with nonsense words and dirty words and pictures alike. "I need you to stay here for just a minute while I go get some things to change you into, can you be a good girl and stay in this room and not wander off?" she asked me. I nodded and hugged Herby, my thumb slipping into my mouth as she left me in the bathroom alone. The smell in the bathroom wasn't unfamiliar to me, the acrid scent of stale urine assaulting my nostrils as I breathed in through my nose as I sucked my thumb nervously. One of the things written on the changing table caught my eye and I stood staring at it, "You belong here." was scrawled above the decal on in the center of the outer cover, the round sticker partly peeled at the top. Pulling my thumb from my mouth, I reached out and grabbed the edge of the sticker, pulling it away slowly to reveal more writing. "You're such a fucking baby." was exposed, causing me to whimper and feel guilty about my infantile actions up to this point. I continued pulling on the sticker. "No one will ever love you if you keep acting like a baby." was the final bit of writing, and my thumb shot back into my mouth to stifle the hurt sobs that began to escape my lips. "Dawn?" the ladies voice asked suddenly as she reentered the bathroom. I clutched Herby and snapped my attention to her, looking back to the changing table to see that the sticker was back in place and only vague gang related scrawlings were now visible. Very confused, and still tired, I quieted down and continued sucking my thumb as the table was opened and I was lifted onto it, my too big sweatpants and underwear removed to allow the cool baby wipes to clean me up. "I know you're not a baby, but I think maybe for now we should make sure you're protected from any more accidents." the lady explained as the familiar rustling of a diaper being opened filled the small bathroom, the softness of it under my bottom as my legs were lifted and I was lowered onto it, the calming scent of powder as my diaper area was dusted and finally the snug and safe feeling of the diaper being taped around my waist. "Where am I?" I finally asked as she went to the small sink and washed her hands. "This is a place where kids like you come when they need help and they don't have a Mommy or Daddy to help them." she explained in a gentle tone meant for a child younger than my actual age. I shook my head and hugged Herby to my chest. "I have a Mommy and Daddy!" I wailed. She dried her hands and picked me up, holding me to her, her arm supporting my bottom as she hugged me and rubbed my back slowly in little circles. "Sweetie, we haven't been able to talk to them just yet, that's why you're here." she explained. "We can't let a little girl with special needs go without someone to take care of her, right?" she asked. I was very tired still and her words weren't making any of this less confusing or upsetting so I just sucked my thumb and lay my head against her shoulder. We left the bathroom and she carried me down the long hallway, passing the room I'd come out of when I woke up and going all the way to the end of the hall to another door. She opened the door slowly and quietly crept inside, moving to the far corner of the room beneath the window, light creeping in from a streetlight outside revealing a room with half a dozen metal cribs like the ones in the hospital and laid me down on the crinkling mattress before she slowly pulled the side up, the metal squeaking loudly as it rose and thunked into place causing several of the rooms other occupants to wake and begin wailing. She sighed heavily and quickly went to a small shelf behind her and returned with something that she inserted into my mouth after removing my thumb. "Go back to sleep now, sweetie, we'll figure all of this out in the morning." she said before leaving the side of my crib and walking out of the room, closing the door behind her. In a room full of crying babies, in a crib, sucking on a pacifier with a diaper taped around my waist I felt something click inside my head, a realization that this was where I belonged. I looked out through the bars past my feet and saw the little arms and legs kicking and wiggling inside their own cribs, I smelled wet and dirty diapers now, and heard the little wails of my fellow infants and knew that I was no different from the rest of them. I felt like Mommy and Daddy had learned that I was really just a baby and had decided they didn't want that and had just let me go, leaving me to go to a place where babies lived and waited for parents that wanted them. ****************************************************************************** "Her father was in the drunk tank downtown, apparently he assaulted someone in the bar he was spiraling out in. Her mother returned our call this morning, she decided to mix wine and a sleeping pill while the girl was at school, so clearly we're dealing with a textbook case of shitty parenting." the lady was saying to the man behind the desk. "Ms. Jones, do you think that's an appropriate thing to say in front of the child?" the man asked as he gestured to where I sat on a little plastic chair in the corner at a small table coloring in a drawing I'd been told to do. "If I thought she was able to understand what I was saying I wouldn't say it." she said flatly. "The truth is, I think she's pretty much retreated into her "safe space"" she explained making little bunny ears with her fingers. "When I talked to her at the school she said that her parents used to treat her like a baby but then they started fighting and expected her to grow up, and I think she's regressing to try and insulate herself from the divorce and the obvious shit parenting that's going on at home." "Here's the thing," the desk man began, his voice lowering to a whisper, "no one is going to adopt a seven year old that needs to be cared for like an infant. We're overcrowded with kids no one wants already, and we're not equipped to deal with a child with such emotional and developmental issues." he explained. "We either turn her back over to her parents, find a relative or family friend to take her, or we ship her off to the loony bin where she can have a terrible rest of her life. I advise you pick one of the first two options and move on to another kid." "Hank, look at her." Ms. Jones said, turning to face me as he leaned over and looked past her to me. I colored in the diaper of the baby in my picture with my yellow crayon gripped clumsily in my clenched fist like I was holding a knife and dragging it across the paper. My diaper was cooling off from my wetting a few minutes earlier and the baby in the picture needed to have a wet diaper too so Ms. Jones would know that I needed to be changed soon. I used the black crayon to draw a sad face on the baby and a blue crayon to make tears on her face with some flying off her head. I sucked my pacifier to keep from crying like the baby in the picture. I could hear them talking about Mommy and Daddy and about me but they didn't think I could understand because I was just a baby and I didn't think they'd be happy with me if I corrected them, so I just colored my sad, wet baby drawing and pushed my sadness way down deep inside my tummy. "Look, I know she's in a bad position, but I honestly don't have the resources to help her in the way she needs." the desk man said. "I want her file closed by the end of the day and I want the little Pyromaniac you're also assigned to dealt with as well, got it?" he asked. Ms. Jones stood up and sighed. "Yes sir." she said before going to me and picking me up to carry me out of the room, leaving me to watch as my unfinished drawing sat abandoned on the table, the sad, wet baby left alone and forgotten, just like the girl she was based on. ****************************************************************************** A dry diaper later and I found myself laying on Ms. Jones' lap as she fed me a baby bottle of apple juice, looking down at me sympathetically. "It looks like you're going home today, Dawn." she said quietly. "I wish there was something else I could do to help you, but-" she stopped and sighed, forcing a smile, "you're a very special little girl and you deserve better than what you're getting but the system just isn't able to help all the kids that need help." she finally said. I finished the bottle and burped as Ms. Jones sat me up and patted my back softly as I looked over her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her to hug her as tight as I could. "I have a friend, well, I don't know if she's still my friend, but if she is then she's my best friend in the whole world and she went away for a while because she turned into a baby but then she got better and was a big girl again." I told her. "I know that I'm not a baby for reals cuz I'm bigger than a real baby but when I'm taken care of like a baby it makes me forget how big I am and I feel little and safe and happy and Mommy and Daddy used to be the only ones that would make me feel that way but now you did too and maybe that means I can be a big girl like Mommy and Daddy want me to be but be a baby with someone else, like you." I said, trying to articulate the ridiculously complicated emotions brewing inside me. Ms. Jones returned my hug and rubbed my back gently. "Oh, sweetheart," she began, her words tinged with hurt and sadness for me, "don't let anyone make you feel like you can't be yourself. It may not be normal for a big girl to want to be a baby, but it doesn't make you wrong or bad. If it makes you feel safe and happy then you should do it." she told me. "Just make sure you do it when it's okay to do it, not at school or where people might not understand and might think you're in trouble." she added. I nodded, not because I understood what she meant, I didn't, not fully, but I understood that she was hugging me and she meant it, and I started crying because I couldn't remember the last time a grownup had hugged me and meant it. I needed that hug more than anything else, more than I needed the dry diaper or the bottle or the news that I was going back home, that hug centered me and brought me back from the brink of following in Alina's footsteps and giving up my big girl status for the role of baby. Even though I never saw Ms. Jones after that day, I never forgot her or that hug. It was the last time for a very long time that someone hugged me and conveyed genuine love and concern and wasn't just putting their arms around me and pressing their body against mine. Only one other person in my life ever hugged me as sincerely after that day, and if it had been the person I needed it to be then maybe things would have turned out differently, but we'll never know if that's the case or not.
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    Stockholm Syndrome Baby Chapter 1 My name is Kevin Lorey. I am 15 years old and I live in Beaumont, North Dakota. I am writing this journal because my therapist, Dr. Kline, has asked me to. She says that if I write down my feelings about what happened to me, perhaps I can come to terms with it. I hope she's right, I don't want to feel the way I do but, I can't help it anymore and I'm deathly afraid that someone outside my family will discover my secret. I don't know if I could survive if that happened. Ok, let's get this started. It was a cool day in October, about 5 years ago when it all began. I was walking home from school. I wasn't too far from my house, near my friend Gerald's place when, I spied a minivan that I didn't recognize. It was parked on the curb in front of Gerald's house and had out of state plates. I knew that Gerald had family out of state but, I didn't know where they lived. The windows were tinted so I couldn't see inside. Nothing would have happened if I hadn't stopped. No! I can't think like that. Dr. Kline says it's not my fault. I was just being a curious 10 year old. I didn't do anything to provoke a response but, a response is definitely what I got. I walked across the burm to get a better look at the minivan but, the windows were way too tinted for me to even get a glimpse of what was inside. If I had seen the crazy woman in there, I would have run like a demon was on my heels. When I couldn’t see inside, I turned to continue walking home. I heard the door to the minivan open suddenly and felt a hand covered my mouth and nose. I struggled with everything I could, trying to get away from whoever was holding my face. Another hand grabbed the back of my shirt and began dragging me into the minivan. In a panic, I swung my arm behind me and hit the door jam. I heard a sickening crack and intense pain shot up through my arm, all the way to my shoulder. That was the last thing I heard or felt. The world went dark just after that, she used chloroform on me, that’s what the police said. When I came to, I was sitting in an awkward position. My arm that I’d hit on the door jam still hurt like crazy but, when I tried to talk, I found that I was gagged. I tried to move around and found that I was bound as well. I was sitting in a raised seat, like the ones that toddler’s are put into for car trips. My injured arm lay useless at my side and my other arm was bound by the seat’s straps. Realizing that I had just been kidnapped, I looked around. I was in an enclosed area of a minivan, a wall of some kind separated the back seats from the driver area. The scenery outside was a constant blur of woods and fields, none of it looked familiar. I was scared. I’d heard of kids being taken and made to do “bad things” with adults. They had told us at school about the “dangerous stranger” and I was always very careful around adults that I didn’t know. The van drove for several hours without stopping. I was still groggy from the chloroform so I drifted in and out of consciousness. Finally, when the car stopped, I heard a door opening somewhere and began trying to shout for help but, the gag in my mouth made that impossible. A gentle hand ran over my head and a woman bent down to face me. She was in her mid to late 40’s, blonde and in fairly good shape for her age. She smiled at me and began to manipulate the seat I was in. The seat straightened out and stretched until I was lying on my back, my injured arm dangling at me side. The woman unbuckled the lower straps on the seat, freeing my legs. I started kicking and thrashing. She stood up and began smiling even wider. “I’ll just wait till you tire yourself out, then we can get you ready for the rest of the trip home.” she said I glared up at her and stopped kicking, waiting until she got close enough to kick. She seemed to know what I was thinking. She pulled a little black bag, the kind doctors used to use for house calls, from behind her and searched around in it for a moment. When her hand came out, it had a syringe and small drug bottle in it. That made me start thrashing again. I’ve always hated needles and I didn’t want to be anywhere near her right at that moment. Pain from my injured arm shot up into my shoulder and I held back the urge to cry. She uncovered the needle and stuck it into the top of the drug bottle then, set the syringe aside. As I thrashed, she grabbed one of my legs and held it tightly in one hand. I barely felt the pain from my arm as the fear of what she was going to do filled me. She pulled something down from the ceiling of the van and secured my leg in it. It looked like the handle for a giant pair of scissors. Once my leg was stuck in the hole, she grabbed my other leg and secured it as well. She retrieved the needle and I tried to thrash but with my legs in the scissor handles and my body in the seat but, I couldn’t do much. She walked around so she was behind my legs and I felt a pin prick in the small of my back. She walked back around to my side and sat down on a stool. Soon, my legs began to go numb, I couldn’t feel anything at all below the waist, couldn’t move and, the pressure in my bladder was building rapidly. She saw the distress in my eyes and knew that the drug had taken affect. She released my legs from the restraints, not that I could do much about it. She pulled a small length of narrow plastic tubing from her doctor bag. The tubing was in a sterile case and the second I saw it, I knew I wasn‘t going to like what she had planned for me, even if I wasn‘t sure of what it was. She began by removing my shoes and socks, then my pants and underwear. I must have blushed like ten thousand shades of red and I almost began crying from embarrassment. What I didn’t know was, the worst was yet to come. She took some sort of jelly from the bag and began lubing up the tube. She grabbed my penis and started shoving the tube up it. I was terrified and tried to thrash my legs around but they were still unresponsive. When she had the tube fully inside my penis, she walked back to the driver’s compartment, leaving me there, naked and scared. It was then that I noticed a small string dangling from the end of where she had put the tube. I didn’t understand what was going on but, I definitely did not like it. The woman came back a moment later, carrying a brightly colored bag. It had little teddy bears and pastel blocks on it. I could see a baby bottle sticking out of a pocket on it and realized what it was, A BABY’S DIAPER BAG! She opened it and pulled a fairly large diaper out. It looked exactly like a baby’s diaper, except it was about five times bigger. She opened it up then lifted my useless legs up and slid it under me. I couldn’t feel the padding or, I might have tried to thrash again. She grabbed more of that jelly stuff and wiped it all over my butt and crotch. By this time my embarrassment was so bad that I actually started crying. She stopped what she was doing and began rubbing my chest and stomach with her hand, cooing gently, just like you would to calm a cranky baby. That didn’t help my mood so, she went back to diapering me. The powder was next then, she pulled the string at the end of my penis to the side as the diaper came up over my crotch. She fastened the tapes and then pulled the string out from the end of the tube. I immediately felt a lessening in pressure and watched the diaper grow yellow. I was almost bawling my head off at this point. She reached up and began fiddling with the end of my gag. “Oh My God!” I thought when I realized that the thing in my mouth wasn’t a gag, IT WAS A PACIFIER! She was going to treat me like a baby and, the tube in my penis was going to make sure I couldn’t stop myself from wetting my diaper. When the realization of the what was happening dawned on me, I wiggled and thrashed around, trying to free myself, but it was no use. She had me strapped tight in the child seat. She finished messing with the end of my pacifier and reached into the diaper bag. She pulled a baby bottle from it and unscrewed the top. She held my head still with one hand and pushed the bottle onto the end of the pacifier, then screwed it together. I heard a swish of a vacuum being released and liquid began flowing into my mouth. As my mouth filled, I was forced to swallow, which pulled more liquid from the nipple. Soon my mouth was full of liquid again and I was forced to swallow, pulling more liquid into my mouth. The cycle went on for several minutes until the bottle was empty. She removed it and put another one in it’s place, then walked back to the driver’s compartment. The van stared up and we were moving again. My destiny at that point looked pretty grim and I cried as I was forced to finish the second baby bottle. There must have been something in them to knock me out because I fell asleep not long after the second bottle was done. Chapter 2 Slowly, the world began to seep into the dreamless sleep that I had been forced to endure. Sounds were first, birds and the whistle of a train. My nerves began to slowly come to life as I felt myself being lifted up, out of the car seat. I kept my eyes closed, for fear the sunlight would blind me but, that was unnecessary. As I was carried, there was no glare of sunlight through the protective surface of my eyelids. One at a time, I forced my eyes open. Only a sliver at first so, as not to alert my captor. The sun was setting behind me. The fading light illuminated the van from which I had been pulled and a long dusty drive, leading up to a deserted looking country road. I was laying with my head on my kidnapper’s shoulder so, I couldn’t see where we were going, only where we had just been. I took in every detail I could so I could remember it when questioned by the police. It was so hard to just lie there, limp in her arms but, my strength had not returned and, I knew I had no chance of escaping at that moment. I felt her walk up some steps and stop. There was the sound of a lock being undone and then two doors being opened. She carried me into a house and up to the second floor. I heard the noise as she dropped the keys onto a table. She shifted me to the front and I quickly closed my eyes. I felt myself being lowered into a padded table and straps were pulled over me, to hold me down. She walked off and I opened my eyes. I was in some kind of nursery. The room was huge, the theme was an earthy brown and the furniture looked somewhat expensive. I could hear her doing something in a nearby room so, I took stock of how much of my body was mine to control again. Sensation was slowly beginning to come back to my legs and waist. With that sensation, I could definitely feel the diaper that encased my hips. To my utter disgust, I felt as if I was sitting in a thick mud. “Oh My God! I shit myself” I thought The feeling was more than just disgusting, it was disturbing as well. Whatever drugs she had given me had worked their particular magic very well. My thoughts were confirmed as the cold wet feeling around my crotch suddenly warmed. I realized that I now had the bladder and bowel control of a small infant. Before I could do anything else, I heard her walking back towards me. I closed my eyes and relaxed on the table. I felt her breath on my face as she bent down in front of me. She gently ran her fingers through my hair and I heard her sniff then, giggle. “So far, so good.” she whispered I felt her un-strap my right arm. She pulled my arm our straight from my shoulder and lay it on what felt like Styrofoam. She then began pressing my hand into the foam, starting at my fingers, and ending with my elbows. I could hear the foam crunch as my arm was pressed into it. My curiosity was driving me mad so I opened my eyes, just a sliver. She had several boxes filled with blue Styrofoam. She flipped the other side of the box on my arm over, closing it around my arm, then began to strap it down. As she worked, I noticed that my arm didn’t hurt anymore, in fact, I couldn’t feel anything from it. She walked around the table and did the same to my other arm and both my legs, up to the knee. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing but, that would become apparent fairly soon. She left me like that, lying there in a dirty diaper, spread eagle with my limbs enclosed in the foam filled boxes, for the better part of an hour. When she came back in, she had the diaper bag I had seen in the van. I tried to remain still, hoping that I would have a chance to escape. Those hopes were dashed when she bent down to my ear and whispered to me. “I know you’re awake baby, the anesthetic I gave you should have worn off by now.” I opened my eyes and glared at her hatefully. “Aww, don’t be like that sweetie, mommy would never hurt her baby boy and that’s what you are, my baby boy. I watched you for a long time. You’re just the right size, weight, and temperament. I’ve seen the way the other kids treat you. You don’t fight back too fiercely when they tease you about your bed wetting.” My eyes went wide with surprise when she mentioned my sleep wetting problem. “ Oh yes.” she said “I know all about how my baby wets his bed every night. I also know how you still sleep with a little teddy bear. Oh it’s so cute!” She seemed so excited She walked around the table, removing my arms and legs from the foam filled boxes, then strapped them back to the table, one at a time. She set the boxes aside and moved to un-strap my legs and set them into a device just like the one she had used in the van. She then began to un-tape the diaper and pull it off my crotch. She cranked a lever on the scissor hands and they began to raise up, taking my legs with them. Soon, my butt was off the ground and she was cleaning me off with baby wipes. Once it was done, she removed the dirty diaper and wipes, dropping them into a diaper genie. She pulled another diaper and a bottle of baby oil from the bag and set them on the table. As I lay there, naked, she poured some baby oil into her hands and began rubbing it all over my body, slowly, massaging it into my skin. By the time she was done, I smelled like a baby’s nursery. After the diaper was put underneath me, my crotch and butt were powdered. She cleaned off her hands and pulled the diaper up, covering my crotch then, taped it shut. She patted my bottom as she bent down and cooed into my ear. “There we go, all clean and dry. Now my baby smells like he should too.” Tears of embarrassment rolled down my face as she continued to pat my diapered butt. She took my legs out of the device and strapped them back to the table. She then gathered up the foam boxes and left the room. A couple of minutes later, she came back in with a weird looking helmet and a baby bottle. I thrashed my head, side to side but, it wasn’t hard for her to put the helmet on me. The helmet encompassed my entire head, closing me off from any sight or sound outside it. I could feel the helmet being secured into place against the table, preventing me from moving my head, and the bottle being attached to the back of the pacifier. At first there was no sight or sound, only the rhythmic suckling of the nipple in my mouth. I couldn’t tell how much time passed when suddenly, a video screen in the helmet turned on and the speakers near my ears came to life. On the screen was a mother taking care of her baby. While the mother/baby scene played out on the video screen, the quiet sounds of a waves, crashing upon the shore played on the speakers. The scene played out a day of mother and baby activity, including watching the toddler as it wet and messed itself. On a regular basis, the bottle was removed from the pacifier and replaced with another one. I felt something soft and warm being laid over me, covering me from neck to feet. I don’t know how many repetitions of the mommy/baby scene I watched before I fell asleep. Chapter 3 While I slept, my mind was filled with the lost memories of my infancy. I remembered them in my dreams, just as if I was living them in the moment. Diaper changes, breast feedings, rides through the neighborhood in my stroller and, the endless pinched cheeks from my female relatives. It seemed like the dreams would never end, as if I was being forced to relive my life from birth till being toilet trained, over and over again. Suddenly I was jolted from my strange dreams by an icy feeling on my crotch. I tried to stir but, my arms remained strapped down and the helmet still resided upon my head. I felt a gentle wiping motion on my crotch and bottom then a light sensation, as if dust was falling there as well. The next thing I know, I feel my nether regions being encapsulated in another diaper and a gentle hand rubbing my stomach and diaper. The helmet blocked any words that might have accompanied the physical gesture but, the intent was clear. My captor was trying to calm me as you would to a small infant. After a few moments of this, my injured arm was released from the restraints and slipped into the sleeve of some garment. I waited for my hand to emerge from the end of the sleeve but, it didn’t. Instead, I felt it roll over a mass of spongy material and then something wrapped around my wrist. I squeezed my hand only to be rewarded with a sharp pain in my palm, as if I had grabbed onto a ball of needles. My arm was strapped down again and something was drug underneath my back. I pressed my back down, hoping to block the cloth. Again I was rewarded with the sensation of a sphere of razor sharp needles as it pressed into my back. I arched in pain and the cloth was pulled beneath me. Slowly but surely, my body was enclosed in this garment and my arms were restrained again. My legs were left unrestrained but, I couldn‘t understand why at the time. The answer came soon enough though. There was intense pain when I tried to stomp my feet and when I tried to close my hands so, I stopped struggling and waited. The helmet was removed from my head and my eyes tried to adjust to the light. I couldn’t focus my eyes and everything seemed blurred. I didn’t understand but, I knew she had done something to me that I couldn’t quite comprehend. I think she smiled at my non-comprehension but, it was hard to tell with my eyes so unfocused. She bent down over me and gently rubbed my stomach through the soft material that now encompassed my body. I looked at it for the first time and realized that I was dressed in a one piece, footed, sleeper. Anger flooded me and I tried to give my captor the “death stare” but, she only smiled and said, “Aww sweetie, don’t be like that. You’ll love being my baby, eventually. I’m going to take such good care of you that you’ll forget all about your former life and accept this one unconditionally.” I glared again and she giggled and rubbed my stomach again. “Now, you probably noticed that it hurts to use the bottoms of your feet or close your hand. I made this sleeper just for you, just so you would have to act like the baby you are. The hands have a foam ball in the palm. Inside that foam ball is a metal sphere with very sharp needles on it. If you try to close your hands, oh say, to make a fist, they’ll close over the sphere and push the needle sharp points into your hand. The feet have about the same thing on the bottom. The footpads of the sleeper have the same razor sharp needles pointing up from them. If you try to walk or kick anything, it will push the needles into your feet and cause you very intense pain. So, you can see, I expect you to behave just like an infant, let me take care of you and everything will be just fine. Fight me and you will experience pain like you’ve never felt before.” As I listened to my captor describe the bondage to which I was now subject, the idea sunk in. She expected me to act like an infant and let her take care of me. If I didn’t or fought against her domination of me, she would hurt me. It sounded to me like she was psychotic and a sadist. What hit me hardest was that she now had absolute control over all aspects of my existence. That was something that nobody had ever, to my recollection, had. It scared me and when she asked me if I understood, I just numbly nodded and went limp. She released the straps that held my arms and legs down and gently picked me up. I was draped over her shoulder and carried over to a rocking chair. She shifted my position in her arms so that I was lying in the crook of her arm. She sat down and began rocking back in forth. She pulled me close to her chest and began to hum a soft tune. I was so stunned by what had just happened that I didn’t even think to resist. Chapter 4 We sat like that for a while (I couldn’t tell how long because there wasn’t a clock in the “nursery”). I began to feel relaxed, no matter how much I didn’t want to. I was warm, the kind of cozy-warm you feel on cool Autumn night, sitting by a roaring fire. Even though I had just woken up, I felt the inclination to go back to sleep. My eyes began to droop and I began to lose consciousness. I felt something when my pacifier was being unscrewed and when the bottle was attached but, it wasn’t until the liquid began flowing into my mouth that I snapped out of my stupor. I glared up at my captor and was rewarded with a sharp smack on my cloth covered leg. “Now now baby.” she warned “Don’t look at mommy like that. Just relax and drink your bottle.” I clenched my fists reactively and pain shot up through my hand, to my arm, to my shoulder. The intensity was too much for me and I began crying, hiccupping. Seeing my distress, the woman laid a cloth diaper across her opposite shoulder and removed my pacifier. I gagged as I cried and choked on the liquid trying to force its way into my lungs. She rotated me and gently laid me over her shoulder. I felt a quick, rhythmic, series of hard pats on my back, causing the liquid to erupt from my nose and mouth. After my hacking and gagging stopped, she began rubbing my back and patting my diapered bottom. This caused me to realize I had another problem, I had to poop, and soon. The urge wasn’t as bad as it would have been in say an hour or so but, I did need to go. I tried to push myself off her shoulder and accidentally bumped my right hand against her chest, sending new pain up my already injured hand and causing me to void myself right there and then. As I cried in pain, I filled my diaper, her hand on it gave her clear signal as to what happened. She patted and rubbed my bottom, spreading the mess everywhere, smiling almost erotically. She shifted my position on again. Now she had me cradled on one arm with her other keeping steady pressure on my mess. “See, that’s what babies do. They make messies in their diddies for mommy and, this is what mommies do. She said as she carried me over to the changing table. “Mommy’s not going to change your diaper right away baby, you need to get used to the feel of a messy one so you don’t think about it when you make a poopie.” She strapped me to the table, replaced my pacifier and, left me to lay there in my own filth. I tried to make myself comfortable but, the feeling of the load under my butt was always at the forefront of my consciousness. It seemed like hours before she came back. By then, the mess had hardened a bit and was becoming very uncomfortable. I squirmed as she walked into the room. She just smiled and slowly walked over to the table. She took my nose in the knuckles of her first two fingers and gave it a gentle shake. “I think my baby has made a poopie. I better get you changed little boy.” she said, grinning widely She unsnapped the sleeper’s legs and began pulling it away from me. Once she had the two tapes undone, she unfastened one of my legs and fit it into the harness above the table then quickly did the other leg. I was again and still at her mercy. She raised the harness and pulled a large version of a baby wipe from a box sitting nearby. She had me clean of poop, oiled up and powdered in record time. The worst part of the experience was when she laid her head on my chest and began rubbing my stomach, telling me what a good baby I had been for making poopie for mommy. I very nearly died of embarrassment. She re-diapered and redressed me in the sleeper before taking me off the changing table. I was then placed in the feeding position again and a horrid thought went through my head. She had me in the same position that many young mothers used for breastfeeding! I definitely did not want that to happen and I was almost relieved when she pulled another baby bottle up and attached it to the back of my pacifier. I nursed for a while before drowsiness overcame me and I fell back to sleep in her arms.   Chapter 5 When I awoke, I found myself lying in a baby’s crib, un-strapped and unrestrained. Though the bars prevented me from rolling out of the crib, I didn’t think they would keep me from climbing out. It was only a few seconds later, as I tried to stand, that I was reminded of the needles under my feet, in the sleeper. Pain shot through my leg and I peed myself as I fell back into the crib. My mumbles of pain must have alerted my captor because she rushed into the room almost immediately. She began cooing at me and reached into the crib, to lift me out. I tried to backpedal but, I pushed my foot against the mattress and the pain shot through me again. When she realized why I was crying, She lifted me out of the crib and put me on the changing table. She strapped my legs into the scissor and began to gently tap the bottom of my feet, sending shockwaves of pain up my legs. “I guess you’re just to little to understand mommy when she told you to not try to stand. I guess I’ll have to help you remember.” She said as she began tapping my feet harder. The pain was excruciating and I almost blacked out several times but, each time I was close to oblivion, she would stop and give me just enough time to come back to my senses. Each time she would tap my feet, she would say, “Babies don’t walk. You are a baby. You can’t walk.” The torture went on for what seemed like forever. When she finally stopped, she bent close to my head “Babies can’t walk, can they?” She asked me. I shook my head quickly. “You are a baby, aren’t you?” She said, gently rubbing my stomach. I nodded, defeated. “You can’t walk, can you?” The smile on her face was terrifying. I shook my head again. “There there baby. Now that that’s settled, let’s change my BABY’S diaper.” As she said that, I realized that I had wet the diaper. I don’t remember if I woke up wet or if I wet it because of the pain but, I was wet. This change went just as the ones before had, lots of cooing and petting. I was in a clean diaper and she laid me back in the car seat she had used when she kidnapped me. I was strapped in and she went over to the changing table. From underneath, she pulled what looked like a giant syringe but, instead of a needle, it had a hose connected to a clear plastic hemisphere. I couldn’t understand for the life of me what it was or what new torture she would use it for. My horror was peaked when she sat down and unbuttoned her blouse, then her bra. I watched, dumbfounded as she used the devise to suction out her breast milk. I almost threw up right there, realizing that the bottles I had been drinking were her breast milk. I tried to throw myself to the side and crawl out of the room but, the car seat would not topple. She stopped what she was doing, the syringe about half full and looked over at me, struggling. “Aww, I know you’re hungry sweetie. Mommy will be just a minute.” she said I watched with growing horror as she finished draining her breast milk into the syringe and filled a bottle with it. She calmly walked over to me and set the bottle down next to me. I saw her reach behind the changing table and pull out the helmet that she had used to calm me earlier. She put it over my head and secured the bottle to my pacifier. The darkness of the helmet was broken when the “Mommy and Baby” scene lit up the screen in front of my eyes. I tried to reach up and get some kind of hold on the helmet but, the straps of the car seat prevented me from getting anywhere near it. Again, I don’t know how long the scene went on, her breast milk now filling my mouth with every movement of my head. I had to stop myself from throwing up (a very difficult thing to do given my situation). As the scene played on, the sounds filling my ears, I began to feel calmer and numbly suckled on the bottle till it was empty. The bottle was replaced with another and my stomach filled as I slowly began to drift off to sleep again, the sound of a mother nursing her infant, the only thing I could hear. Chapter 6 When I awoke again, the first thing I realized was that I was still wearing the helmet but, the “Mommy and Baby” scenes weren’t playing. I tried to roll around but found that I was still in the car seat that my captor had placed me in. I couldn’t tell what time it was or how long I had been asleep but something felt strange. I felt an urge to cry but, I didn’t know why (besides the realization of my indefinite captivity). I thought for a moment, trying to figure out what was wrong when the urge became overpowering and I began sobbing. The pacifier muffled the sound but, it must have been loud enough to attract “Her” attention. Only moments after I had begun bawling, I felt hands lifting me out of the seat and holding me against a warm body. My urge to cry vanished and I felt almost comfortable. My body relaxed against the person holding me as I felt a gentle hand rubbing my back and patting my padded bottom. I felt soothed, like I had never felt before. Suddenly, my stomach began growling. I felt the person holding me jiggle for a second then the back of my pacifier was removed and a baby bottle was attached. As I suckled the bottle, I was shocked. I didn’t feel revolted at the thought of nursing on the madwoman’s breast milk, in fact, it felt almost normal and, that terrified me. When the bottle was done, it was removed and she fiddled with the pacifier for longer than usual. I felt air rush into my mouth as I breathed through the pacifier. I didn’t know what she had done but I was going to give her a piece of my mind. I was about to say something when she repositioned me so, I was laying on her shoulder and, began patting my back. All my tension drained away when she laid me on her shoulder and my intended words died in my throat. My limbs went limp and I placed my head against her neck. I wanted to rail and scream against my captor but, my body had a mind of it’s own. My greatest shock was yet to come. As she patted my back, I felt a great distress in my bowels, then nothing, that was all I felt before I realized that I had just pooped my diaper with almost no hesitation. The realization of what had just happened shocked me into silence. A moment later, I felt myself belch with enthusiasm. I didn’t have to hear my captor’s voice to know that she was pleased with my body’s betrayal. I felt her hand gently rubbing and patting my full diaper. She sat me back in the car seat again and strapped me in. I felt her do something to the pacifier and I couldn’t breath through my mouth again. Finally, before leaving me to my torture, she turned on the helmet and the familiar “Mommy and Baby” scenes began playing again. “What fresh hell is this?” I thought to myself as consciousness began to leave me. Chapter 7 I came to when my stomach began to tell me it was empty. I thought about it for a second and then an overwhelming sadness hit me. I bawled my head off, not even realizing that the gag that had been my constant inhibitor was now loose. I couldn’t focus on anything but the rumblings of hunger. The screaming and crying alerted my captor and, she quickly ran to the nursery. She picked me up, out of the crib, laid me on her shoulder and, spoke to me in a soft, crooning voice. At first, I was comforted by her presence but then, my stomach growled again and my howling began, with renewed vigor. When I started crying again, she took me over to the changing table and laid me on, pulling the strap over my stomach. She unbuttoned my sleeper and checked my diaper, which was wet. Once I noticed that the diaper was wet and cold, my howling increased times two. I was uncomfortable and it seemed like torture. My butt and crotch were cold and wet and, my stomach was empty. These two things seemed like the worst possible feelings. In the back of my mind, I tried to reason, to remember that I wasn’t hurt and I was only in a wet diaper and a little hungry. Every time I tried to focus on that thought, the feeling of sadness flooded my mind and my other thought were overcome by it. It only took her a few moments to change me and re-insert me into my sleeper. To me however, it seemed like an eternity. My stomach was still growling and the sadness was still driving me to bawl my head off. Finally, she must have heard my stomach growl because she said something I couldn’t understand and carried me over to the rocking chair. She removed the loose pacifier and cradled me closer. A moment later, I felt a warm, soft bump in my mouth. I realized it was her breast and I tried to force myself to push my head away but, the urge to begin suckling was too strong. My mouth covered the nipple and I began to nurse with extreme vigor. As the breast milk began flowing down my throat, what was left of my true personality, gagged and wanted to scream, rage and, do whatever it took to stop my body. My body however, betrayed me and continued to nurse. After a bit, she switched me to the other breast and began rocking in the chair. The slow, steady, motion of the chair combined with the full feeling in my stomach calmed me. It was enough that my rational mind began to re-assert itself. I twisted and wrenched myself loose from the nipple, careful not to press my hands against anything. My captor lifted me up and put me on her shoulder. I knew what was coming but I my body betrayed me again and laid limp on her shoulder. I felt the pats on my back and the bubble forming in my stomach. Not long after, I let up a huge burp and a spit up some of the milk. She seemed happy but, I couldn’t understand what she was saying. The language sounded foreign but, I couldn’t tell what it might be. She carried me to a fenced in mat and laid me down on my back. She grabbed a nearby infant toy and positioned it over me. There were strings with glittery and colorful things hanging from them. She pushed and prodded the bangles, saying something. I watched her face and tried to understand what it was she was saying. As I watched her mouth, I saw what I thought were familiar words. I can’t read lips, but some words are easy to read; “Mommy”, “Baby”, “Toy”. A shock ran through me as I realized, she wasn’t using a foreign language. I found out later that the helmet that she’d been using, had been hypnotizing me. The effect was sinister and sly. The program soothed me into feeling like an infant, that’s why being on her shoulder had calmed me. It also scrambled my brain, making regular English sound like garbled, nonsense. The loss of understanding was so profound that I began weeping, not crying like a baby but, weeping like a beaten man. She watched me and seemed to understand. She got up and walked out of the room. Time seemed to stretch out as I lay there on the mat. She came back, carrying a piece of paper. On the paper was written a message: “I can see that my baby still has a bit of the little boy in there. That’s ok though, after a few more times in my special helmet, you won’t even be able to read this message. You shouldn’t try to fight. Just relax and let it happen. I want you to just be a happy baby. The effects of the helmet will be permanent but, I can teach you to speak and as you grow up, I’ll even potty train you. Won’t that be fun?” I tried to rail against my body’s betrayal and managed to swing my arm up but, she just caught it and used my hand to tap one of the swinging bangles. She threw the paper in the trash and began tickling me until I wet my diaper. She said something, I couldn’t tell what though. She got up and walked out of the room, leaving me to “entertain” myself with that damnable toy. I lay on the mat for what seemed like forever. Every now and again, my hand would reach up and bat at one of the bangles, no matter how much I tried to stop it. I pooped my diaper, another betrayal by my body. “Looks like that damn helmet made me incontinent too!” I thought to myself. I was uncomfortable again and I felt that sadness welling up again but I was also tired and, in the end, the tiredness won out and I fell to sleep with a wet and dirty diaper encasing my crotch. Chapter 8 I dreamt of laying in the crook of my mother’s (my real mother) arm as she nursed me and I felt at peace. It didn’t seem wrong because I was a baby but, I realized that it was just a dream when I looked up and my mother’s face stared back down at me. The reality of the dream was so real, so vivid that I didn’t want to leave it. I just wanted to be with my mom and have her take care of me. Reality wouldn’t let me have even that though as I woke up and my captor knelt over me. She spoke in gibberish and at first I was terrified that I was going crazy. I remembered that she had used the helmet on me and it had messed up my head somehow. I felt dirty as she removed the sleeper and carefully changed my diaper. Try as I might to fight the effect of the helmet, I couldn’t raise my hand to fight her off. She watched me the entire time and smiled when she was done. She took off the sleeper with the needles in it and put me into a regular sleeper. She lifted me off the ground and carried me into the kitchen. I saw a highchair and I thought, “Another step into my infantile life.” She inserted me into the chair and slid the tray into place. She walked behind me and I saw a bib fall in front of me and felt it being tied in the back. Horror had been replaced by simple disgust and hate at this point. Nothing this woman did to me scared me any longer. I had come to accept the inevitability of the situation and simply had to endure until I could find a way to escape. I allowed myself to be fed and focused my mind on getting the layout of the house down so I knew where I was going, even if I had to move in the dark. When she finished with the baby cereal, she cleaned me up and pulled me out of the highchair. She took me into the living room and laid me on her lap. I knew what was coming so I didn’t try to fight it. She turned on the television and positioned me to nurse, which my body did, in earnest. I closed my eyes and thought about anything that would let me forget I was suckling on a madwoman’s teat. Finally, the sensation stopped and I feigned sleep and she put me back into the crib upstairs. After she left the room, I tried to move in normal fashion, sitting up, forming words with my mouth but, without sound. I was only marginally successful but, it encouraged me. Time lost all meaning for me over the next few weeks, she applied the damned helmet again and my eyesight became severely unfocused. It got to the point that I could only discern color and shape, light and dark, all other details were gone. I could barely tell when it was day and night because she kept the light on in the nursery. I fought every effort of her to bond with me, kept my mind active by thinking about my school, my family, my friends and last but not least, REVENGE! One day, at least I think it was day, there was a loud noise downstairs. It woke me up and I began to cry. I saw lots of dark shapes in the nursery and couldn’t understand what was going on. I could hear the madwoman screaming something but, I didn‘t know what it was. Someone picked me up and carried me out of the house, to a waiting car. I was scared for the first time in a while and began to cry. I felt someone holding me and cradling me against them. It soothed my fear but not my anxiety. I was taken to another building and lots of bright lights were shined at me. People stood over me and I was pinched and prodded, even pricked, which hurt so bad that I began bawling. I remember changes and feedings but, there was something different about them, they were less smothering and more matter of fact. There was no cooing and more talking to me. I still couldn’t understand what was being said and I still couldn’t respond but, the speakers definitely wanted me to keep trying. After a while, I felt something slimy touching my face and saw a big square with moving dots on it in front of me. I was forced to watch the square for a long time, until I fell asleep. When I woke up, the world seemed a bit clearer, sharper, more in focus. I could tell some details about my surroundings. I seemed to be in a hospital, the smell of disinfectant and the white walls made me wonder what had happened. A nurse came over to me and began to check my diaper. She talked to me like a normal person. To my shock, I could understand some of her words. It was still a bit jumbled but I could definitely understand some of it. I tried to respond, telling her my name and she nearly jumped out of her skin. Quickly, she yelled and a few moments later, this guy in a white lab coat, a doctor I think, came over and began shining his pocked flashlight in my eyes and asking me questions. I tried to focus on what he was saying but it was too much all at once, I said my name again and said, one simple word, “Where”. The doctor and nurse seemed overjoyed and quickly motioned for someone to come. My mother (my real mother) leaned over the bed and looked down into my eyes. I was so happy to see her, I reached up and said, “Mommy!” She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. The moment would have been better if I hadn’t started peeing right then. My mother got soaked before she could pull the diaper over my front. I was so embarrassed that I started crying. Mom held me close and spoke soothingly to me. It calmed me but I was still upset at my lack of control in front of her. “ It will be fine honey.” she whispered into my ear The doctors began using the square (which turned out to be a video monitor) and earphones to help undo the effects of the helmet. Luckily, they were able to get my kidnapper to cough up the secrets of the helmet, so a program was designed to reverse it’s effects. After that first session, they weren’t sure that the program they had made would be able to change me back but, after the second session, I was able to fully understand English and even speak a little back. It took a few months before I was back to my normal self, even managed to get re-potty trained. I haven’t managed to get my control at night back but, the doctors say that will come in time. The worst part of this experience is the lasting effects of that damn woman’s program and, that’s the reason Dr. Kline has me writing this journal. Ever since I got out of diapers, I have felt the need to go back to them and be a baby again. I tried to fight it and refuse to give the madwoman a victory but, Dr. Kline says that the events of my kidnapping unlocked some deep part of my psyche that wants to be taken care of. She says that I may never get over wanting to be babied sometimes. My mother knows and she helps me with it when stress at school or life gets too much. I have a special room that we added to the house. That is where I go when I’m feeling low or depressed, mom knows the signal and comes in to take care of her baby boy for a while though, she NEVER breastfeeds me (Ugh, that was gross!). My mom and I are much closer now and for that, I thank the crazy woman who kidnapped me but, I’ll never forgive her for unleashing this infantile desire on me. I am now stuck with feelings I don’t want but, can’t get rid of. I have nightmares that my classmates find out I still like to be babied every now and again and that terrifies me. I finally found out the kidnapper’s name, Emily VanHoustan. She lost her baby due to the physical abuse of her ex-husband and never got over the trauma. As traumatized as she is, she’s still crazy and we sued her for a million dollars. That money is the key to my future. I think I’ll go into law enforcement maybe even into Missing Persons. Maybe I can make a difference and give some other kid a break like the one I got.
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    Ghost Nanny   "Ha ha, look at the little baby!" Johnny had always been a bully, but today he was especially cruel to Nathan. "You think it's funny, do you Johnathan? You don't have the guts to deal with what I've been through! None of you have any idea why I have to wear these diapers, so I'm gonna tell you. Even if you don't believe me, I dare anyone of you to do what I did. You won't be so skeptical after that." Nathan was particularly incensed at the taunting the other kids gave him and finally let his true story come out. "All right baby, just what did you do that's so bad we couldn't do it?" Johnny said. "First off, I'm not 13, I'm 18, and the reason I look 13 is that I spent 5 years in Mandrake Manor. I barely escaped with my butt intact, the diapers are the result of my stay there." An eerie quiet surrounded Nathan as he began his story. "I was always small for my age, and back then I wanted more than anything to be a member of a club called the Daredevils. They were a group of kids that hung out together. They were very popular and everyone wanted to join their group. I was told that if I could spend one night in Mandrake Manor, I could join them. Everyone knew that the manor was haunted, cause of the sounds that came from it late at night. I never believed in ghosts or the supernatural so, I figured it would be an easy way to get into the Daredevils. We went there on a Friday and I was told that the rest of the club would be back Saturday morning to see if I had stayed the night. Just to be sure I didn't chicken out and leave before the morning, they posted a guard outside the manor's gate. Just as the sun was setting, I entered the manor's grounds and headed for the house. The place was quiet as a tomb. I crawled into the manor house through a busted window. It was dark and I pulled out my flashlight to find my way around. I thought that the best way to pass the time was to sleep so, I found a chair and settled in for the night. I awoke to the sound of creaking floor boards. I thought that the Daredevils had sent someone in to scare me into leaving. I followed the sound upstairs and saw a light coming from one of the rooms. As I got closer, I could hear music coming from behind the door. When I opened the door, I saw a nursery, complete with everything a baby would need. There was a crib, playpen, highchair, rocking chair, changing table, and a dresser. The room was very well lit and I could see someone in the crib. I walked over to it and found a boy, maybe 10 or 11 sleeping. He opened his eyes and stared at me. He had a baby footed sleeper on, and I could tell he was diapered underneath it. He was sucking on a pacifier and wore a baby bonnet on his head. He seemed shocked that I was there. He pulled the pacifier from his mouth and said, "RUN! Run while you can. If she finds you here, you'll end up like me. Just like all of us." "All of us? I don't see anyone else here but you and me?" I said Just then I heard a soft humming and the boy put the pacifier back in his mouth, laid back down and pretended to be asleep. He whispered around his pacifier, "HIDE! She's coming." Quickly, I ran behind the dresser and squatted down. I heard the door to the room open and a female voice humming a lullaby. I peeked around the corner of the dresser and saw a woman dressed in a nurse's uniform from like the early 1900's walk over to the crib and slide down the bars. She unbuttoned the boy's sleeper and checked to see if he was wet, which he was. She then began to remove his sleeper and talk to him in baby talk. Once his sleeper was off, she pulled off his plastic pants and removed his wet diaper. Still cooing and talking baby talk to the boy, she cleaned him off and put a new diaper and plastic pants on him, then left the room. I came out from behind the dresser and went over to the crib. "What's going on here? Who are you two and why is she treating you like a baby?" I asked The boy looked up and said, "I was once like you, a big boy. I came into this manor to get out of the cold, one winter night, and she found me. She's a ghost, the ghost of a nanny that once worked for the family that lived here. The baby she was taking care of died while under her care and the family killed her for it. She haunts this place, catching anyone who enters here and making them into babies. There is other nurseries in this manor and all of them have a baby who she caught. During the night, we look as we did when she captured us, but during the day, we become babies. She treats us like infants and takes us out in carriages, you've probably seen one or two of us at the park. If she catches you here, she'll make you into a baby too, so get out while you can." His eyes filled with dread as he finished his story and a voice sounded behind me. "So, how did you get out of your crib little one?" the voice said I turned around to find the nanny standing there. She grabbed me and held me tight, I couldn't fight her strength. She carried me into another nursery down the hall, and strapped me onto a changing table. She started talking to me in baby talk, as she removed all my clothes and put a diaper under me. She carefully put baby powder on me and pulled the diaper up and over my "wee wee". I kicked and screamed, trying to get away, but she was so strong I couldn't get loose from her. She dressed me in a pair of shortalls and unstrapped me, then carried me into another room with several playpens and a young lady. "Joanne, we have a new charge, give him a bottle and put him down for a nap" Nanny said to the young lady As the lady turned to face me, I saw that she had a glazed look in her eyes. Nanny handed me to the lady and I knew that this was my chance to break free. I twisted myself free of their grasp and ran for the door. Before I had taken three steps, Nanny grabbed me by the arm and hauled me back. "Naughty baby, you shouldn't run from Nanny. Now Nanny will have to spank you." she said crossly She sat down in a chair and easily laid me over her knee. She pulled my shortalls and diaper down and I felt the first sting of her hand as it cracked against my behind. Crack! Crack! Crack! On and on it went, till I was blubbering like a toddler. Nanny kept asking me if I would be a good baby now, and I said yes. I would have said anything to make the spanking stop. Suddenly, I felt a cold cream being spread over my bottom and the diaper was pulled up. She put me into a playpen filled with baby toys and left me to tend to other kids. I spent weeks learning the routine of the nursery, trying to figure a way to escape and meeting others trapped like me. Nanny took one of us out to the park each day, and when we were out, we looked like babies. We couldn't talk or walk and that was the most frustrating part, not being able to communicate our predicament to anyone around us. Each night, I would try talking to Joanne, trying to convince her to help me and the rest of the kids escape. She would tell me that no one had ever gotten away from Nanny, and that those that tried were turned into newborns and kept that way forever. This unnerved me a little, as I knew that all a newborn baby does is eat, sleep, cry, and use their diaper. I didn't want that to happen to me. Days turned into months and months to years. I behaved myself and Nanny rewarded me with a birthday party in the park. I planned to use the party as a last stitch attempt to escape. I knew that if it failed, I would be turned into a newborn forever. After 5 long years, I eventually persuaded Joanne to help me, but only if we also took her little brother, Andy with them. He was the reason she stayed with Nanny. I found out that they had wandered into the mansion and been trapped by Nanny. The only difference in their case was that her Andy was already in diapers, he couldn't control himself, and she was his caretaker. When Nanny found them, she took Andy and made him one of her babies, and made Joanne an assistant to help take care of all the children. Nanny had told her, she could leave any time she wanted, but Andy would never leave, so Joanne decided to stay with her little brother. We planned to have Joanne put us into a baby buggy at the party and run. We could hail a taxi or a passing car to take us away till sunset, when we would turn back into our normal ages. We figured that Nanny wouldn't have any hold on us after that. The day of the party came and everything was going smoothly. Joanne talked Nanny into bringing Andy and some of the other Babies. We pretended to have fun at the party and after a while, acted tired. Joanne put us into the carriage to lie down and then she ran for it while Nanny's back was turned. We raced from the park and found a car in a nearby that still had the keys in it. With Nanny in hot pursuit, we floored the pedal and left her behind to take care of the other Babies." He finished his story and heard Johnny laughing. "If that's true, then how come you're still in diapers BABY BOY?" Nathan looked straight into Johnny's eyes and said, "I wore diapers for FIVE long years, and now I can't control myself. That time took all my control, as I was forced to wet and mess in diapers, just like a baby! I doubt if you have the courage to face a lifetime in diapers and treated as a baby!" Johnny laughed again and sneered at Nathan, "Oh Yea? I bet you're lying and that you're just a big baby. I bet there never was a ghost or any of the shit you said." Nathan glared at Johnny, "I dare you to spend one night in that mansion, if you do, I'll wear nothing but a diaper, shoes, socks, and a T-shirt to school tomorrow. If I'm right though, you won't be coming back and my point will be proven." Now Nathan sneered as the color drained from Johnny's face. "All right baby, I accept your bet. Be at Mandrake tonight at sunset. I'm gonna love seeing you in nothing but your diapers here at school." The school bell rang just then and the boys ran off to class. After school that day, Johnny and his gang went to Mandrake Manor and stashed a flashlight, a party noise maker, some old beer bottles from Johnny's dad and a baseball bat in a sack, not far in the door of the mansion. They left and returned at sunset to meet Nathan. Nathan was standing in front of the gates to the mansion when Johnny showed up. "I'm gonna show you up baby! I'm gonna prove once and for all, there is no ghost in this house, and when I come out tomorrow morning, me and my pals are gonna dress you right here for school. We're gonna make sure you don't welch on your end of our little bet." Johnny seemed quite sure of himself. The boys went through the gate and up to the front door of the mansion. The sun slipped beneath the horizon and Johnny walked into the house. Satisfied, Nathan and the other boys left. Johnny walked up to the spot where he had hid the sack, earlier in the day, only to find it missing. "That baby, Nathan must have come in and found it. No big deal, I can handle anything this house has to offer without the sack." he thought He waited for an hour and then decided to find a spot to crash for the night. He looked everywhere but nothing looked good, so he went up the stairs to the second floor where all the bedrooms would be. As he climbed the stairs, he heard laughing and giggling. He grinned, "Must be Nathan, trying to scare me out of the house by morning. Ha! What a lame attempt!" As he neared the top of the stairs, he spotted a light coming from one of the bedrooms. He quietly sneaked up the rest of the way, intent on scarring Nathan. He reached the door and slowly opened it a crack to see what was going on inside. He was shocked to see a nanny, just as Nathan described, feeding a bottle to a boy who was older than Johnny. His heart began pumping and he trembled as he backed away from the door. "Oh my God! It's true, it's really true. There is a ghost in the mansion. He slowly backed away, but suddenly bumped into something. It took all his courage to keep from shouting out. He turned around and there standing in front of him was Nathan. "What's the matter Johnathan? You look like you've just seen a ghost." Nathan said and Johnny's eyes began to bug out "SHHHHHHH! Do you want her to hear us? I'm sorry man, I believe you!" there was a hint of panic in Johnny's voice "Now lets get out of here before she finds us and turns me into a baby and you back into one!" "You were right too Johnny, I am a big baby, so are all the kids here. We all enjoy wearing diapers and being treated like babies. You see, part of my story wasn't true. Nanny isn't condemned to haunt this place and we're not prisoners. Nanny doesn't keep anyone here against their will, but in your case you'll make an exception, won't you Nanny?" Suddenly a voice from behind Johnny said, "Of course I will Nat, I think this bad boy should be taught a lesson." Johnny slowly turned around and found himself looking into the apron of Nanny "You shouldn't tease others, Johnny. My babies just need more time than others to grow up happy and healthy. As punishment, you'll spend a year as one of my babies." Nanny reached out and touched Johnny on the forehead, and everything went black. Johnny awoke to a strange feeling, he looked down and saw he had been dressed in a footed sleeper. He then noticed, he was in a crib. Quickly he reached down, into the sleeper and found a diaper snuggled around his loins. He tried to rip it off but couldn't find the strength. He screamed out in rage but only the cry of a toddler came from his throat. Nathan watched Johnny's impotent rage as Joanne changed his diaper and prepared him for bed in his crib.  
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    In 5 days I will be in New York!! I'm so looking forward to it! It has been a long time since I've experienced true cold weather
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    Mommy and Daniel Standing there, among all his closest relatives, Daniel's embarrassment grew and grew. His mistress had commanded him into humiliating situations before but, none with such dire consequences as this. If any of his family discovered his secret, he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to face them again. He shifted his weight to his right leg and the crinkle from beneath his trousers sounded like a twenty-one gun salute...to him. Three of the women at the gathering had toddlers, either with them or at home. Daniel was determined to avoid these woman at all costs. His mistress however, would not allow that. She immediately headed over to his cousin, Amanda, dragging him along by his shirt collar. As they approached the woman, carrying her 28 month old son in her arms, Mistress whispered into Daniel's ear. "If you leave my side, little boy. I will pull your shirt over your head, exposing your rubbers for everyone to see. Do you understand?" "Yes mistress." he whispered back She kissed him gently on the cheek and said, "Good boy." Amanda greeted them casually, as she moved the toddler from arm to arm. His mistress began the conversation by asking how Amanda's family was doing and what progress there had been in the "toilet training" front. Amanda went into detail how her "little man" was nearly trained and rarely wet his diaper anymore. "It must be a load off your mind to know you won't have to change diapers soon." Mistress said, smiling "Oh my yes. Once Jason is potty trained, I hope not to change another diaper until I have grandkids." Amanda laughed and began bouncing Jason on her hip. "I've got a friend who's son is almost school age and still has no interest in training." Mistress said, patting Daniel's padded rear to emphasize the point "She better get on the ball then." Amanda said, looking shocked "Most kindergartens won't even take kids in diapers anymore." As Mistress nodded in agreement, Daniel thought he saw an evil look cross her face for a second. "What about night-time training" She asked Amanda must have picked up on the vibe as she grinned and said, "Well, the boys of this family have a habit of sleepwetting long after they're day-trained. In fact, I seem to remember a certain young man who wet his bed when he was thirteen years old. Isn't that right, Danny?" Daniel blushed for a moment before retorting, "Yes, and I seem to recall a young lady who couldn't sit down for two days for putting my hand in warm water as I slept and making me wet the bed." Now it was Amanda's turn to blush. "Yea, my parents were not very happy with me when they discovered my little joke." She put on her best sad puppydog face " I just couldn't help myself. I remembered how cute you looked when your mom would diaper you before bed. When you stopped wetting, I was heartbroken." The conversation eased Daniel's nervousness. The continued talking with Amanda until suddenly, she got a surprised look and began patting Jason's bottom. Amanda sighed then looked up at Mistress and Daniel. "I'm afraid you're going to have to excuse me for a few. I seem to have a wet bottom here that's begging to be changed." All three of them looked at the toddler, no asleep on his mother's shoulder. Mistress and Daniel nodded as Amanda wandered off, to find a secluded place to change the sleeping child. Inconspicuously, Mistress slipped a hand down the back of Daniel's pants, rubbers and, diapers. "Hmm, seems MY little boy is still dry...for the moment." Daniel's whole face turned red as his anxiety meter jumped to it's former level. He quickly glanced around the room, hoping that no one had heard the remark. He jumped suddenly as he felt her hand then brush the front of his trousers. She frowned when she felt the tent forming there. Casually, she lead him to the back of the house, to his old bedroom. After he moved out, his parents had turned it into a storage room. She pulled him inside and locked the door before turning to face him. "Little boy? What did I tell you before we came here tonight?" Her voice displaying her anger "Daniel looked at the ground. "Little boys don't make tents in their diapers." He spoke as if he was reading it off a cue card. "And yet, here you are, clearly doing exactly what I told you not to do. What should I do with you? You've obviously disobeyed me so, I have to punish you." She turned toward the door, thinking A second later she turned back to Daniel, "Give me your pants, we're leaving!" Daniel stared at her, shocked. Sure, he'd been out in public in his diapers before but, only where nobody knew them and NEVER around ANY of his family. His eyes started to water as he began unbuckling his belt. Mistress watched Daniel obey without hesitation, even knowing it would probably cost him his family. Tears began forming in her eyes and she regretted being so harsh with him. She pulled Daniel into a gentle hug as she rubbed her baby's back. She spoke soothing tones into his ear as she guided his hand away from his belt. "Oh, you're such a good boy, baby! Mommy is so proud of you. You did just what mommy told you, even knowing what it would cost you." She said softly, still rubbing his back "Now, I think you can keep your pants on sweetie. Mommy would never hurt her baby like that. You still need to be punished for disobeying however." She thought for a moment and then said, "I want you to sit on the floor, suck on your thumb and wet your diaper for mommy, just like any baby does." Daniel's eyes dried almost instantly and he gently kissed Mistress on the cheek. Suddenly, he plopped down onto his padded rear and popped his thumb into his mouth. Mistress watched as he closed his eyes and relaxed. As she looked on, the bulge beneath Daniel's trousers shrunk back to normal size. Seconds later, the pitter-patter sound told her that Daniel was now one very wet baby. He opened his eyes and looked up at her, never removing his thumb from his mouth. She smiled and put her arms under his to help him stand up. She glanced at Daniel's crotch. The now soaked diaper made his condition much more noticeable. Daniel saw this and gave her a worried look. "Don't worry sweetie. Only another mommy would be able to tell that you're diapered. We'll try to avoid them but, we only just got here. We have to stay for a little while more. You don't want your family to think we're snobs. Do you?" "Mo, you wight." He said, the thumb in his mouth garbling his words She giggled as she pulled his thumb out of his mouth. She reached into her purse and removed a tissue then, wiped his face and hands. She put the tissue up to his nose and said, "Blow for me sweetie." Daniel blew his nose and Mistress wiped it for him. She tossed the soiled tissue into a nearby trash can. Taking his hand with her own, she guided them both back to the party. They mingled and chatted with Daniel's family, carefully avoiding the mothers of small children and babies, as they might notice Daniel’s diapered condition. Two hours passed and mistress could see that Daniel was uncomfortable. He fidgeted and squirmed but, it wasn't until he stopped suddenly. He looked in pain for a moment, then relieved the next. She was shocked as she saw the back of his pants expand. Daniel has POOPED himself! At that point, she knew it was time to go. Quickly, she and Daniel made their excuses to his parents, gathered their things and, made for the exit. As they reached the door, Amanda passed them. She took one look at Daniel, sniffed the air and, smiled. She turned to Mistress and said quietly, "Take care of your little boy. You don't want to leave a baby in a poppy diaper for too long." Daniel and Mistress both blushed as they hastily retreated through the door, smiling all the way. Amanda, still holding Jason, waved goodbye to them as they walked to their car.