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    73.) …I'd had worse afternoons. I mean, I didn't like being treated like a goddamn baby, but… but the thoughts were gone. Temporarily. The memories didn't bother me. I was too lost. I watched Dora and let Anni play with my hair for hours. When Nora finally made an appearance, I had just gotten the strength to move again, but walking was still out of the question. I sat up and looked at her as she came into the room. I pouted. "Hello, Princess." Nora was looking very well-rested, which was a well-deserved feeling for the woman who'd been up all the previous evening, and much of the morning. "Marta tells me that you've been a very good girl today, and it looks like you had fun with Anni — did she do your hair?" The pigtails were uneven and sloppy, but still pretty amazingly cute. "…I wanna go home," I muttered, trying to pull myself to my feet. Ultimately, though, I only got as high as my knees before giving up. I didn't like her towering over me like this… it made my words sound less powerful. And what was worse: I'd let myself get this way. Stupid milk… stupid, stupid milk... The woman smiled down at Josie and then motioned to the walls of the living room. "This is your home for a while now, princess. Until you're better. You asked for my help, and I'm going to make sure that you get all the attention you deserve." Marta had taken Anni out of the living room discretely during the conversation, and that just left the two of them together for now. I rubbed my eyes and shook my head. I tugged myself up to my knees again, and with great effort pulled myself onto the couch. I was so exhausted from all of it, though. I couldn't believe I'd let myself get like this. "I'm not staying here. You can't keep me here." Jeeze, everything was so hazy… "My sweet, you asked to stay here, you asked for my help. And I'm going to do just that, and once you're properly treated, you'll be allowed to go, just as Rissa did this morning." Luzy knew just how things worked here, though, but not how it began, not what the early stages were like. Not the progression from autonomy to eventual dependence. She just saw the end results. "I'm not like Rissa! I am not a child!" Rissa left…? I didn't even notice… but I supposed she wasn't out here. She should have been out here… "Rissa's still…" I had to take a breath. Breathing was as hard as staying focused when you had so much to say… "Rissa's still got problems. She should be here. Not me. I have school. I have work." Okay, I didn't have work. But I needed work! "I have an apartment, and furniture… I'm not staying here!" "Everything is taken care of, princess. Rissa is going to stay with Koi for a spell, and then she'll take care of your apartment. Don't you worry too much about school, that's what Mom's are for." The word Mommy was still tenuous to the woman, she knew that it would be okay, logically, but she didn't want to rush the girl into things. She'd come to call her Mommy in the natural course of things. "…Rissa's staying with… with Koi?" Rissa. The girl who literally put her entire hand in my ass. The girl who had me lick her pussy ten times a day. The girl who basically took every ounce of my sexuality. Was living with the girl who kissed me? MY BEST FRIEND?! "I AM LEAVING!" The yelling didn't do me justice. It brought stars to my vision… "You must remember that Rissa is not the girl that she used to be. She's Ister, for the most part, now as an adult. You mustn't worry so much about others at the moment, princess. The sooner you can focus on your own recovery, the sooner you'll be cleared to leave." There was paperwork for Josie, things that had been lodged, treatment manifests, school forms, and legal custodianship. She quite literally could stop the girl from leaving, but that was a fact that didn't need to be shared right now. "…how long? A week?" The woman shrugged her shoulders. I looked harshly at her, or as harshly as I could with looking like I was going to cry. "I have class. I'm close to graduating. If you want me to start being happier and dealing with things, I need to move on, right? So I need to graduate." I'd put so much work into this program, to keep me on track despite my setbacks… "You're here under emergency medical suspension. You won't forfeit any of your classes, and you will be able to complete your current classes upon leaving the program, be that in a week or a month or more. The paperwork has been lodged, and the approval given. Your apartment is being taken care of, your school is handled, and you lost your job at Subway, so unless there's something else you'd like to worry about, I think we're safe to move on to your treatment program, don't you?" This would be the first of her twice-per-week talks. At first they'd be very direct and adult, but over time they'd become much more abstract. "I AM NOT STAYING HERE FOR A MONTH!" I went to stand, to yell more, to hit her, maybe! To fight for my right as an adult. But my legs gave out and I fell onto my hands and knees. I exhaled harshly, closing my eyes tight. Everything was spinning… everything was falling apart… "…I'm not… s-staying here…." "You're going to stay here as long as it takes for you to get well, princess. And our first step in that goal is to give you your new name." The woman reached into her pocket and took out a plastic-beaded bracelet with letter-block charms that read Josie. She fastened the bracelet around Josie’s wrist and smiled, allowing Luzy the opportunity to look at it, read it, understand what it meant. I ripped at the little beaded plastic, to snap it, to shoot stupid block letters across the room like I did the cookies. But it didn't move. The bracelet was familiar. Very familiar. Ister had one on her wrist, too, when I'd gotten here, and Anni had one on her ankle. I never paid them any attention before… but the bracelet didn't come off. It didn't snap. It didn't even budge. It just left marks on my wrist where the beads pushed into the skin. Josie…? I… I wasn't… "Josie. You will be Josie until you're ready to leave, at which point you get to choose who you become. Josie is a four year old girl, a sweetheart who enjoys playing with her sister, and very much enjoys her milk. Josie is aware of what has happened in the past, and doesn't hide from it, or ignore it. She understands, however, that her Mom knows best, and her Mom will tell her when it's okay to think about those things. Josie is pretty." Josie is pretty. At first, those words would be followed by something to cause positive feelings, an external tool — a shot, in this case, one to bring a sense of warmth and contentment — but in time, the association would be made, and those three words would trigger happiness all on their own. I pulled at the bracelet again, but for whatever reason, it didn't come off. I looked for a clip or a latch, but I didn't find anything. How had she put it on? I should have been paying more attention… "I'm… my name is Luzy…" I muttered, biting my lip. I pulled myself off my hands and knees, on just my knees, and looking up at the woman. She was so much taller than me… "I'm not… not staying here…" The shot, under her bracelet, the warmth, it was had a similar impact as the milk as most pure contentment would, in that it made the world seem quite a bit more lovely than it was. "Josie, you'll be praised for accepting your real name, because your old name is hurt, it needs time to recover and heal. You don't want to be in the way of that healing, do you?" "…cut it out…" I rubbed my eyes a little, but things felt weird. I felt weird… I felt… calmer… "…you can't…" I fell back on my bottom, rubbing my eyes a little more. Everything was hazy, but it was bright. I knew I was blushing, but I didn't know why. I looked at my feet, playing with my fingers… "Why don't you try saying it? I know it seems a little bit new right now, like a new pair of socks, but maybe you hearing your voice say it will help. Go on, now, tell me your name, Josie." Of all the things at work in the program, it was often the imprinting of a new name that people resisted most — even more so than doing all their bathroom, helplessly, in diapers! "…it's not… that's not my name…" I pouted, rubbing my eyes. I looked up at the woman and blushed. She smiled down at me, on my level now, kneeling, perhaps. She put her hand on my cheek and I fell into it, curling up against her fingers. I didn't feel right... "Isn't it possible you only feel that way because you haven't heard yourself say it in your voice, princess? Isn't it possible that… it is your name, and you're just not used to it, yet?" Josie was putty, barely able to move, nuzzling into the woman’s affectionate touch. She was prime for this sort of therapy, even chemical influence aside, she was such a naturally affection-starved girl. “It's not…" But my tone was a little lost. I couldn't even remember what I was arguing anymore. I'd never been in such a state, such blatant… disarray. I bit my lip and rubbed my eyes again. "Just say it one time.” One time. I could do that. I mean… why not? It didn't change anything… "…Josie…" "Josie is Pretty." The delivery mechanism for the chemical was ingenious — two nubs on the inner side of the bracelet that wouldn't break the skin, pressed lightly and the cocktail would be pushed through the girls skin, an instant rush of warmth and happiness. No pain, no needles, no obvious external influence. "It's such a pretty name, and even prettier in your voice, such a good match, doesn't it make sense to be yours?" "…I…" I couldn't even see things right anymore. Everything was a blur of colors and noise and prettiness and I couldn't remember any of those memories that haunted me. I nodded my head, slightly, and closed my eyes to regain some thought. "… I guess it's.. it's fine…" What was fine? What was I even saying…? "Tell me your name, Josie. Names are such funny things, you need to hear yourself say that it's your name, and soon it starts to be truth." Over the coming days, the woman would teach the girl the differences between Josie and Luzy, about how they shared memories, but Josie was going to protect Luzy and learn how to handle them for her, and keep her safe. For now, it started with the name. "…name is… Josie…" The woman played with my hair and helped me up on the couch. Honestly, I couldn't tell up from down. Nora pulled my head into her lap. She played with my hair for a long while while she reiterated, over and over: "your name is Josie". Sometimes I'd repeat her. Sometimes I'd enjoy the colors. All in all, it wasn't a bad afternoon.
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    Here is Chapter 8, thanks for all of your comments so far! Chapter 8: “OH, SO YOU do have some spirit, huh?” She asked me with a menacing glint in her eye. “I wondered when you would talk back! I won’t give you the spanking my girls would get for that this time...” She said as she lifted my ankles a little higher and pulled me into a tighter crunch position. “With all due respect I didn’t talk back, I just pointed out that maybe if you really feel we need babied that could be fine, but then why wouldn’t you be just as sweet and kind to us as you would to a real baby?” Her eyes narrowed as she began wiping me. Her finger lingered inside my new parts a little longer than it should have and she did the same in my butt. I bit my lip though and didn’t give her the reaction I was sure she was expecting. “Well I certainly do only act that way to my girls when they deserve it. Too often you all just act up and then you need to be punished.” She finished up with some lotion and powder, and as she taped the second tape of the thicker diaper on I said, “Wouldn’t you act up if everything had been taken from you? All hope of a future of a job? Having your own babies? Of just going to the potty?” She glared at me, pulled the diaper cover back over my diaper before she turned and handed me to Amanda, “She’s not physically needing restrained, but I’d take that tongue from her soon.” Amanda cuddled me and replied, “I like her tongue,” she tickled my side, “and everything else about her. Yes she has a difference of opinion from you, but she was very respectful the way she said it, wasn’t she?” Chloe just looked at her in disbelief, shook her head, and then asked, “Mom, are we going?” “Sure sweetie,” she said. “Let’s take your car Amanda since you probably have all of Stacy’s stuff in it already.” Amanda went into motion as she grabbed my diaper bag, along with the other items needed for a day out with a baby… who just happened to be eighteen… years old. Amanda squeezed me gently, as she sat me in my seat she whispered, “Be careful sweetie, I wouldn’t have been able to stop her from spanking you.” I just smiled up at her, “I love you Mommy,” was my reply. Her whole face lit up at those words and she smiled back at me, “Well I love you too Princess.” I was strapped into the carrier and was glad her mom sat next to me in the back rather than Chloe. Before she closed the door Amanda placed a bottle nipple in my mouth and I moved my hands to hold the bottle. It was cold apple juice that was nice and sweet. “You really are adorable,” her mom said looking at me. “Amanda she fits into an infant carrier perfectly! I can’t believe how tiny she is!” “She’s really easy to carry like that too since she’s so light. If I didn’t know how she had gotten that way I would be really worried about her medical situation. Of course we’ve had her checked over and Fred has looked at her a bit too… She has to use infant nursers, as the larger size are too heavy for her to hold up.” “You said you did get her adoption registered?” “Day before yesterday, I didn’t want to risk someone trying to say that she was theirs instead.” “No, you wouldn’t want that,” she agreed. She peered down at me in the car seat and spoke softly, “Stacy I can tell that you have some fire in you - but there’s no way in this world you would ever be allowed to walk more than about ten steps before another woman would adopt you if my Amanda hadn’t. I think you got quite lucky with her…” I continued nursing the bottle and nodded. I pulled out the bottle long enough to say, “I know,” before I went back to nursing it. The drive to wherever it was that we were going seemed to take a while. “You two are going to love this new store! I still can’t believe how humongous it is! It truly has everything you could possibly want!” “What’s different than Babies’r’us?” Amanda asked. “Well they have a lot more discipline items for one… you really might think of getting at least a few things for your girl here. I don’t think she’s as well behaved as you think she is! Probably just doing things when your back is turned.” “Well lucky for us she’s a baby, so I don’t turn my back on her, huh Princess?” She said to me with what I knew had to be a smile in her voice. “Remind me to see if they have one of those mirrors that attach to car seats so I can see her face. That’s the one thing I’ve never liked about rear facing car seats.” “Why put her rear facing then?” Granny asked. “Well she’s the size of a three month old… even if she has an adult body for a little I don’t want to chance that the bigger physics of a crash with our car would cause a spinal injury. Even us as adults would be better getting pushed backwards into a seat. I figure that in a few more years when the government mandates the self-driving vehicles we’ll all be sitting backwards not long after.” “Rear facing like an infant? No way!” Chloe scoffed, “Though I do like the idea of not driving… Too bad the models out there are so expensive still.” “So what else do they have?” Amanda asked with interest getting her sister back on the topic. “Well there’s a huge selection of adorable clothes! Of course that probably doesn’t matter as much for you since Stacy fits so easily in infants clothes?” “Yeah, there’s not a piece of clothing on her that’s from the little’s department. I don’t even think they make little’s sizes that small.” “I don’t think they do actually…” Chloe said as if she was sad. “Well if she was bigger you’d find a lot more selection of the clothes in that style. They also have some new nanny help items to keep them occupied and… happy.” “Happy?” Amanda asked. “Well you know they’re not adults, but still have some of their needs, right?” She paused as if waiting for confirmation of a fundamental fact, “Well studies have shown if you service their carnal needs they behave better. There’s a huge selection of items to do that with.” She paused for a moment, “Katie and Kendra can’t seem to get enough of their rocking horse and relief diapers.” I felt bile rise up in my mouth and I almost threw up, thankfully I had the bottle nipple to bite down on instead of my tongue! Amanda said what I was thinking though, “Chloe you really do need to make up your mind about things. Stacy is just a baby, she doesn’t need to think about such things!” “Well haven’t you been thinking such things Stacy?” Chloe asked me directly even though I couldn’t see her. I could see her mother looking at me intently then. “Honestly, no. I was pretty sheltered at home, and I’m kind of getting sick to my stomach picturing whatever twisted items you’re thinking of! In my world I’m pretty sure forcing things like that to someone would get you locked up for life if it wasn’t mutually desired. It sounds like you just force it on people! That’s rape!” “Chloe, we’re going to agree to disagree on this one. Stop antagonizing Stacy with the threat of those despicable items.” “You wait and see, she’ll be begging for them before long.” “Somehow I doubt that,” Granny said. There was a sad look in her eyes that made me think that while she had loved babying littles, including her Hannah, there’d probably been none of that treatment of her. I could certainly see how Amanda believed Chloe had been responsible for Hannah’s death. “I think I heard they have some toys that are helpful for learning there,” Granny spoke up next to me. “Learning?” Amanda asked. “Well might be something you would like at least… stuff to drill her on our basic math.” “Huh…” Amanda said thoughtfully. I was actually curious about that one myself. I had heard the fact that they used a Base 60 math the last time I had been here and had been doing my best to practice the changeover from our Base 10 system. It helped when I read some articles that explained how we still had some relationships, especially in geometry, to the Base 60 system the Babylonians used. It wasn’t second nature to me though like normal Base 10 math was... but at least I wasn’t terrible at it now. I had done my best the last couple of years to change my calculus worksheets into Base 60 to practice. If there was a toy - even if it was meant for a baby mind - that might drill that more I would be okay with that! “So I hear Megan has a new boyfriend?” Chloe suggested. Amanda laughed, “Maybe, but she’s never going to settle down easily. About the only way she might is if she were to find her own little… and she seems to be very opposed to that.” “Don’t know what went wrong with her,” Chloe said, “Who wouldn’t want one?” For her part Granny sighed and looked at me, “Amazon women when they’re young have what I would call a disease of the heart. They feel like they have to be mothers in order to live. With as hard as it is for us to conceive you all make it much easier.” She whispered to me, “I’m glad to see that my daughter is treating you well.” I looked up at her in surprise, having been prepared for her to be the mother monster more than anything else. I smiled around the nipple at her and kept nursing like a good baby. As I nursed on the bottle I couldn’t help but feel that I needed to pee again. As much as I wanted to make it out of this world with my mind and body intact… I had no illusions that my potty training would survive! I just went ahead and let it out into the diaper. My bladder felt relief and for the moment while the diaper was warm it wasn’t a terrible feeling. ‘Not like this one can’t hold like six of these bottles…’ I sighed, ‘I’m surprised the diaper cover fits over the top of it!’ Just as I had settled back down from wetting the diaper we pulled to a stop in the parking lot. Granny reached over and undid her seatbelt before asking, “Amanda are we taking her carrier or just putting her down in the cart seat?” “She likes the cart seat a little better to see out of,” she told her mom. “Okay, I’ll get her then,” she said and reached over to my seat. She gave my tummy a little tickle, which made me giggle nervously. She undid the harness latch before opening her door and then picked me up. “You really are almost too light Princess,” she told me as she stepped clear of the car holding me. I leaned into her and gave her a small hug, which made her smile. “Well, aren’t you becoming affectionate?” She kissed my forehead and carried me into the store behind Amanda and Chloe. Right away as we walked into the ‘Littles Superstore’ I knew that this was not a place I would want to be with most Amazons as my ‘mother.’ Immediately at the cart pick-up the choices for 'parents' began... There were several different options from infant carrier type to your average grocery cart meant for older children to sit a little more comfortably on plastic forward facing seats with a seat belt. Some of those were even shaped like cars like I remembered in the grocery stores back home. Those carts seemed abnormally large compared to me, but at least they still seemed to be normal shopping carts. Next to those were the ‘special’ ones that seemed to come with leg, hand, and even head restraints in some cases! It looked like one said something about instructions on the little needing to just be in a diaper only so electrodes could make contact… I shuddered and Granny patted my back gently while walking to a traditional cart and setting me inside the seat. “Uh-oh! This seat is too big for you,” she commented. “Amanda do you have a blankie in her bag?” “Sure mom, why?” “Let me see it please.” Chloe seemed to watch in disbelief as her mother kindly rolled the blanket up and put it behind my back so I was more comfortable, “That better baby?” I nodded, “Thank you Granny.” “You’re very welcome!” She kissed my head again and said, “Let’s see if there’s anything in here worth buying for my granddaughter.” I was surprised in a way that Amanda let her mother pushed me around in the cart, but I guessed she was trying to let her mom earn my trust a bit more. I already felt I could trust her more than Chloe… but that wasn’t saying much at this point! She paused at a large store directory board. Since the cart was sideways I could see that the store was laid out with different sections like diapers, clothing, nursing, car seats, furniture, and toys like a normal baby store would have. They added punishment aids, mental treatments, and automated nursery sections too… I gulped as I realized we were right next to the punishment section. “You sure you don’t at least need a good paddle?” Chloe asked. “No Chloe, Stacy is a good little girl,” she told her. Another lady nearby was pulling a little girl around with a short dress and a child’s leash on looked at Amanda and said, “You should listen to her young lady, the hand is good in a pinch, but when they need to know who’s Mommy you want something more firm! When you get your little you’ll really understand. Regular babies like your little girl there are so much easier!” “Umm… thank you for your opinion,” Amanda said, “Come on Mom, I would like to look at a few things over there I think…” I was pushed down the aisles of the store and occasionally one of them would pick up an item to examine. Mostly it seemed Amanda must have already shopped most of the items before. The pacifier aisle contained some cute pacifiers that she began looking through. “Which of these do you like better?” as she held some options out to me. A good dozen pacifiers ended up in the cart after a few minutes. Just before we left the aisle Chloe said, “You should get one of these for her too!” The item in question was unquestionably cute, girly looking, and innocent until you looked at the label. “Lockable Pacifier: Twist and lock pacifier in place so your little can’t pull it out. Keeps littles seen but not heard!” “Chloe, really?” Granny answered, “Have you heard her shout or scream once?” “She talked back to me…” “Only because you were being a witch…” Amanda said. Chloe looked at both of them and just threw her arms up in the air, “I’m only trying to be helpful. I have three of these creatures at home. I have a lot more experience than either of you!” “Calm down Chloe, we’re not saying you don’t.” Granny soothed, “But I think if you really pay attention Stacy is most definitely not your normal little.” “No she’s not, and I’m sure we’ll not be needing one of those. She’s perfectly happy to keep one in her mouth on her own,” Amanda said and sympathetically offered me one of the pacifiers from my diaper bag. “Thank you,” I said around it. She patted me on the head and said, “See?” The glare continued, but we kept moving through the aisles. In the car seat aisle she found a large mirror to mount to see me and would let me see her too. “Ooh, how about this?” Granny said from next to Amanda. “What?” “It’s a TV screen you can hang from the headrest above her seat. She can watch movies on it instead of being bored…” Granny told her. “That’s not cheap though,” she told her. “Don’t worry about it, it’s one of her presents from Grandma!” She smiled at me after putting the box in the cart, “We’ll see if we can find you some safe movies to watch in another store later.” I nodded at her and we were soon to another aisle she felt Amanda hadn’t prepared for. “Oh dear, I thought we could pick up a walker for her here, but these are all going to be much too big for her.” “We can go to a regular baby store if you really want to buy her one later,” Amanda told her. “She can walk though, so that was why I hadn’t even looked at them.” “Yes she can walk, and yes she is a good little girl, but every now and then you’ll be grateful to have the ability to let her walk around downstairs and not be able to get in certain places. Plus it’s a comfortable seat that she’ll look adorable in!” “We’ll go somewhere else and look then later,” Amanda said and smiled at me. Something in the smile told me we’d humor her, but it wouldn’t be getting a lot of use. It seemed to me like it might not be a bad place to do homework in though… I could actually remember a few memories of how much I loved mine as a baby! Next to that aisle we came across the ‘Automated Nursery – Making Parenting Easier’ aisle. “Oh Amanda, look at this!” Chloe cooed. “What’s that?” “Well it’s like a modern swing… but it does so much more. Here let’s put Stacy in it and try it…” The device in question looked like some sort of high tech baby bouncer or swing. I didn’t get much of a look though before Granny helpfully picked me up and sat me in the seat. “Let’s see how it works and if it’s even the right size for you!” She buckled the five-point harness around me and looked at Chloe. “See it bounces her like a real mommy to calm her,” she read off and the swing started up, apparently activated by Chloe’s voice. It was actually soothing at first until Chloe pointed out, “ooh, it does more too!” She smirked at me and I worried as she shouted, “Bad baby!” All of a sudden I was flipped forward to face the ground. My hands and legs were suddenly bound in some sort of cuffs! Before I could even begin to get my mind around what was going on I felt a harsh tug as my diaper cover was quickly pulled down and my diaper was ripped off! “What…?” I said just before I began to feel blows of huge hands on my butt!!!!!!!! Each blow felt like a sledgehammer was coming down onto my bare skin! By number five I was past shock and into full-on terrified screams. “Stop!!!!!” Amanda cried out. “Unable to stop until unit has finished punishment cycle,” a mechanical woman’s voice responded to them. Whack, “Bad Baby!” it said over and over again. I began to bawl as it hurt more than anything I could ever remember!!!! Just as I had given up hope of the pain ever stopping, the machine shuddered to a stop with my face still dangling out like I was at the top of a roller coaster going down. Amanda’s hands were reaching to undo the buckle as I heard shouts of, “Well help us get her out of this!” “Hang on baby, we’ll get you out of this…” Amanda tried to soothe me as I kept bawling uncontrollably. Her comforting touch didn’t mean much as she couldn’t undo the buckle. “Get her out of this!” Granny’s voice said angrily at the person. “It won’t release until it’s finished the punishment cycle…” “And just how much more of a beating does this poor little girl need?!?!” Granny said, “It was supposed to be a swing…” “Well it is that, as well as a complete care giver in absentia. It swings, feeds, and disciplines the little as needed.” “So how are we getting her out?” Amanda said coldly while holding onto my hand. My blood was rushing to my head a bit at this point. “The only way I know of is to let it finish.” “How many times had it spanked her?” Another voice asked. “Twenty?” Amanda’s voice suggested. “Eighteen,” Chloe’s voice piped in amused. “It looks like it’s programmed to do thirty-five the first time to get its point across.” “So she would have to be beaten seventeen more times?!?!” Amanda shouted angrily as I sobbed at the thought. “Where is the car seat aisle?” I heard her ask through my sobs. “Over there…” “I’ll be right back baby,” she reassured me. “Momma don’t you let anyone turn this piece of junk back on!” “Don’t worry about that honey,” she said as she came and kneeled by me to take one of my bound hands. “Shhh… we’ll get you out of this,” she tried to reassure me. I couldn’t stop crying even though the pain was beginning fading a little. My skin still throbbed though and the thought of being spanked more by this torture device was unbearable. ‘How can this seem reasonable for a first punishment?!?’ I wondered as I sobbed. I worried Amanda would never come back, or we’d all get arrested or something with me stuck in this machine. Time seemed to crawl by, but Amanda was soon back and one of the management voices said “No you can’t do that, it’s expensive!!!” “So is my daughter!” she screamed back. Through my tears I could see she held an emergency safety belt cutter in her hand. “Stay still baby,” she told me before she used it on the straps of the harness. Unfortunately it only made things worse as I now dangled by my hands and ankles toward the ground. “Stupid piece of junk!” Amanda screamed at it as she looked for anything that would release those too. She worked at it for several long moments before my feet were loose and then my hands. Instantly I was in her arms being cuddled, “I’m so sorry baby, if I’d had any idea that would have done that I never would have let Granny put you in it!!!!” “I don’t think she’s the problem,” I told her softly when I had calmed down. “Chloe is the one who started the punishment cycle. I don’t think Granny even knew it could do that.” “You’re right baby,” she told me as she looked up and angrily glared at Chloe, “If you ever cause harm to my baby again… So help me you will pay for the rest of your miserable life!” She grabbed my diaper bag and stormed away from the scene. I sobbed as she carried me to the front of the store and I found myself in a changing room. “Sweetie I think this dress is done for…” She quickly pulled the dress off of my head and I could see that in the midst of my struggling and her efforts to free me the pretty dress was ripped in three places. I realized then that I had no idea where the diaper and the cover went. Amanda reached into the bag and grabbed a regular Pamper for me and lay my bottom on top of it. I winced as she rubbed some baby lotion onto my inflamed skin, “I’m sorry baby…” she told me. With the diaper taped up she dug a spare romper from the diaper bag out. I let her pull it over my head and she had it snapped around my diaper in record time. All the while I was sobbing uncontrollably and shaking – it was like my worst fears come true! She picked me up and just held me and cuddled me for a moment before sitting down at a bench in the room and presented me with her breast, “Maybe it will help?” She suggested to me as she nudged my head forward. I couldn’t see how her breast would make this better, but I was thirsty after my screaming and crying so I latched on and nursed. I must have drifted off to sleep because I apparently missed a great deal of excitement. SOMETIME LATER I became aware that I was swinging around in the air. I started and shrieked a little before I realized I was in my carrier - not that torture device. The bottom of the carrier pressed just gently enough not to hurt my butt, but I could still feel the heat of the blows. Amanda sensed I was regaining consciousness and placed the carrier down on something and looked at me, “How are you doing baby?” she asked me while pulling out the pacifier in my mouth. “Where are we?” I asked. “Well we’re shopping at another store right now…” she told me. My butt felt like it was still on fire, “My butt hurts,” I told her. “I know, if it’s still really sore when we go home, we’ll stop by and see Daddy at the hospital. I can’t believe that machine…” “What happened?” “What do you mean?” She asked as she unbuckled me from the seat and said, “Mom can you latch this into the stroller and push it for a moment? I want to cuddle Stacy now that she’s woken up.” “I don’t blame you dear,” Grandma smiled at me as she took the seat from Amanda’s other side, “I’m so sorry Stacy, I had no idea…” I nodded, “I know you didn’t.” I looked around for Chloe but didn’t see her, “Where’s Aunt Chloe?” “We made her find her own way home,” Grandma said with a sigh. “If only…” I didn’t get a chance to ask what that meant before Amanda bounced me up and down a little and said, “Your grandma dealt with the managers after the police were called and we were in the changing room. They wanted the police to charge us with destruction of property. They were about to do it when Granny pointed out it was missing some necessary legal warning tags and signs. She then brought the police officers to where we were sitting and you had fallen asleep nursing. As soon as they saw how tiny you were, and I pulled down your diaper to show how red your bottom was, they instead insisted on the model being removed from the store.” “I’m glad you didn’t get in trouble,” I told her while at the same time being mortified that my butt had been on display like that! “Well I’m not done with them yet. I fully plan to sue them for this! Assault like that should never be okay, and there are actually some protection laws still in place that should keep that particular item from even being sold! Let alone sitting open in the store without some sort of safeguards!” “Thank you for saving me,” I told her and hugged her as best I could. “I’m sorry I didn’t catch it before it got out of hand,” she told me. “Now, do you mind shopping for a while longer?” “No more machines?” I asked nervously. “No more machines!” She told me and kissed my forehead before hugging me tightly. “Come on, let’s see if we can’t spend all of Granny’s money!” I clung to her tightly as they wandered up and down the aisles of a regular baby store that didn’t seem to have anything directed specifically to littles. Grandma pushed the stroller around before stopping, “Amanda, how about one of these? Do you have one already?” I turned my head towards what she held up and blushed as I realized it was one of those slings I had seen another little in the first time shopping. It held you to ‘mommy’ but let her keep her hands free. Looking at the packaging though I realized we were in a regular baby store and it held a mostly bald baby, sitting upright while the butterfly printed sling wrapped around the ladies shoulders and held her upright. The baby was smiling at the camera while I only wondered how humiliating that would be… “No I don’t… do they really help?” “You can’t do anything with your hands right now, right?” “Not easily,” she said. “It lets you have two hands free and keep her close. With as light as she is I bet you could probably carry her most of the day and never even notice.” “What do you think Stacy?” she asked me. Something about her eyes told me she did care what I thought. “It’s kind of embarrassing…” I started, “but I guess no more so than wearing a diaper and nursing from you…” “Okay mom, we’ll get it.” “Great!” she said and we continued wandering until we got to an aisle of walkers. They cooed over several before deciding on a pink one with a half dozen toys in the front that were removable. It made sounds and even had a handle on the back that was supposedly for the baby to use to help learn to walk by pushing it when they got older. ‘I hope a regular kid doesn’t push me…’ I thought about it. “The activity stuff does come off so she can use it to do homework at since you seem to be wanting her to go to school still…” her mom said. “Yeah, we’ll get this one.” Amanda said without even asking me this time. We were walking for a little bit longer when I suddenly felt a cramp in my gut and I forced myself not groan out loud, this was not my day! “Mommy how much longer are we shopping?” “Probably a couple more hours,” she told me. “Okay,” I told her and leaned back in her. She stuffed a pacifier in my mouth as if to keep me from talking any more just then. It could have annoyed me, but instead I found it was pretty soothing to nurse on it. ‘I’m not going to make it a couple more hours,’ I admitted to myself. I tried to hold on at least until we were in a place she could change me quickly with some privacy. As they moved on towards the clothing section I knew it wasn’t meant to be. Amanda had just set me down on ground to toddle after her going through racks when the next cramp hit. A sticky mass piled into the back of my diaper for a long moment. It was accompanied by the still new feeling of pee traveling through my new parts and I felt the diaper swell as it soaked it all in. When I was done I noticed Granny watching me with a smile, “Aww, did someone make a poopie?” I felt tears go down my face and just nodded, “If you want to keep looking Amanda I can take Stacy and go change her?” Amanda looked down at me and I looked at her with my teary eyes. She decided then, “Go ahead Mom, here’s her diaper bag.” She paused, “It’s one less stinky diaper for me to change,” she smiled at us both as I looked at her over Granny’s shoulder as she patted my back and carried me past where I could see Amanda. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Let me know what you think! Comments and likes really do help motivate me. I've got a free weekend now and am planning on writing if I can keep up the energy. I'm working on Chapter 16 right now!
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    Note: So I've been busy this past year, writing for Cushypen.com It's a pay site, but I'm allowed to release my stuff after it's been on the site for a year. So here's what I've been doing all this time. Enjoy, Personalias Interview with the Baby Premise: In which Olivia takes a babysitting job that is much more than she could have possibly anticipated. Beware of magic. Session 1: Introductions I stood there in my jeans and company t-shirt at the door marked “1017AB”. It was just starting to get dark and I was nervously shuffling my feet from side to side. It was my first job working for kidcare2u.net, an off-brand, online babysitting service that just so happened to have some listings in my city. I was just out of college with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad were right: There wasn’t much money (knew that going in- nobody gets into actually helping people for the money), and there wasn’t much in the way of employability, either. All the agencies I had applied to were in a “hiring freeze” because of the economy or some other such bullshit. I didn’t want to keep waiting tables at Hooters for the rest of my life- I justified it while I was in college but I couldn’t afford to go back- and I wanted to feel like I was doing something at least marginally related to my degree. Hence the babysitting gig. I liked working with kids, even if this clientele would likely come from less disadvantaged stock than I had been preparing myself for. Still, kidcare2u.net had had a good rating, and they put in more effort than craigslist, at least. The whole pitch for the business was to “bring the daycare experience” home. Basically, they promoted affordable and well trained babysitting and nanny jobs that you could hire online with the assurance that everyone was trained, screened, and supplied with materials and fun activities for the little tots to be stimulated by. So, I signed up, attended the trainings, and got registered on their site. The classes they held at their regional training center were pretty boring, and mostly common sense stuff; the type of things that a freshman child psych course might cover haphazardly crammed into one day. Then there were the embarrassingly outdated and simple “how to change a diaper” drills using baby dolls. Kids’ stuff, really. But, having “certified child technician” as part of your job title lent an air of legitimacy. It was better than being a “sandwich artist” at Subway anyhow. At least the background checks were legit, and the agreement to take money out of my paychecks to pay for the “trainings” lent an air of authenticity to the company. If they had asked for money from me up front I would have screamed “PYRAMID SCHEME!” and never looked back. As per the company’s rules, I was here to do a babysitting job, and if I got enough jobs in a set amount of time with good reviews, then I’d be put on the full time “nanny” postings. That’s where the real money was, I was assured. For now though, I was just trying to get by, pay rent, and afford ramen. The job was at this well-to-do apartment complex, building 10, room 17AB. That last part still sticks in my head because none of the other apartments had letters associated with their markings and locations. The doors literally read, “1014, 1015, 1016, 1017AB”. If I had thought anything, I figured it was just a quirk, like maybe this was the property manager’s apartment or something. I probably didn’t think anything of it at all, though. I was too nervous and jittery. I stood there at the door, waiting for some time between five minutes and eternity for someone to answer. I was wearing the pastel pink t-shirt with “Kidcare2U” printed right on the front, tucked into some very functional jeans with some sneakers. I personally would have worn something a little more formal, maybe a bit more motherly, like a nice blouse and skirt with some flats, but the company emphasized “functionality and flexibility”. Their customer base wanted someone to play with their kids, not just watch them, and so something you could roll around the floor on as necessary was a must. I brushed some of my auburn hair out of my face, wishing I had brought something to tie it back with. As I knocked on the door for what must have been the third or fourth time as questions raced through my head: What if this didn’t pan out? What if this client didn’t like me? What if the kid was a brat about to put me through a night of hell? What if I wasn’t good enough? What if I’d wasted the last few years of my life? Why wasn’t anybody answering? What if they had canceled and nobody at the site or in the company had told me? What if I was too early? What if I was at the wrong fucking place and the customer was wondering where the fuck I was?! When I was at the apex of my impending panic attack, the door finally, mercifully, opened. Out stepped a woman who was maybe ten years my senior; she was in her early thirties at most and had raven black hair that was kept short and close cropped to her head. She wore thick rimmed glasses and had the darkest eyes I’d ever seen on a woman. Something was just a little off about the way she dressed though. She was about the same age as my big sister, but she was dressed more like my mom. She had a black A-line cut skirt that stopped at about the knees, with panty hose and black heels, along with a light blue blouse and a matching black blazer with shoulder pads. She wore a necklace with little, gray, rocky beads around it. I couldn’t get a close look, but I noticed that there was a strange writing engraved on the little beads. I’d been expecting someone ready for a night on the town, not a boardroom meeting. She looked me up at down and her eyes rested on the t-shirt, before they lit up and she broke out into a smile. “Oh, you’re with the babysitting service!” she remarked politely enough, opening the door fully and waving me inside. “I am so sorry for keeping you waiting, dear, I was just finishing putting the baby to bed.” “No problem,” I smiled politely, just relieved to be in the right place at the right time. “I’m Olivia Miller, and you are…?” “Cissy Hawk,” she held out her hand. I took it. “Pleased to meet you, Olivia. Have you been with the company long?” “I’ve babysat before back in high school, but this is my first job job doing it,” I admitted. “Oh, well this will be an easy first job,” Miss Hawk said. “I’m going out for just an hour or two to meet with some old friends for dinner. I just need someone to watch over my daughter while I’m out.” “That’s what I’m here for,” I told her. “What do you need me to do?” “Oh, Maddie’s already fast asleep,” Cissy replied, “so this should be easy for you. If she wakes up, give her a bottle, change her diaper and then put her back to bed.” “Will she be afraid of me? I am a stranger to her,” I mentioned. “Maddie’s always been very good with people,” she assured me, “and I do this sort of thing often enough to where Maddie’s used to waking up and seeing a nanny or a sitter.” “Oh…” was all I could say. I honestly hadn’t expected the job to be this easy. Sit at a house while a baby sleeps; this would be remarkably simple. “Well, I need to be off,” Cissy Hawk said walking to her front door. “Maddie’s room is in the back. You’ll know if she’s awake, believe me. Bottles are in the fridge- don’t worry about heating them up, she likes them cold. Diapers are under the changing table, and the baby monitor is on the coffee table by the couch. My cell phone number is on the fridge if there’s an emergency-“ Phone! I almost forgot! I half sprinted to the door, reached into my pocket and handed her a company card with my cell number written in pen on it. “Here’s my number if you need to contact me,” I told her. Miss Hawk looked at the card and mused. “Hmmm…no other sitter from the service has given me one of these. New feature?” “Actually, it’s kind of my thing,” I told her. “Figured you’d want to get ahold of me.” “Yes,” Miss Hawk mused, “Yes, I might.” Then she smiled. “Thank you very much. This makes me feel much better. See you in a few hours, Olivia.” Then, just like that, she turned around and was gone. I let out a sigh of relief. The hardest part, meeting the parent, was over. I spent some time wandering around the apartment, getting a lay of the land, so to speak. It was a decent sized layout; two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, a laundry area, a dining area, and a living room. The furniture definitely looked expensive enough. Everything was immaculate, and that got my attention, too. I didn’t hear any mention of a husband or father, and I didn’t see any pictures to indicate that anyone other than my client and her child lived there. So I did the math: Single mom, business type, immaculate and expensive looking apartment. Cissy Hawk definitely had a housekeeper, and likely made some big bucks from the look of things. If I played my cards right I could make some serious money. I vaguely wondered if maybe little Maddie might need full time child care for a while. I plopped myself down on the couch across from the television and picked up the baby monitor. It was a new, fancy type with a video feed. In the crib there was a camera that sent a feed to a screen on the monitor. There she was, sleeping peacefully. Maddie, a precious little girl who couldn’t have been older than one, suckled on the paci clipped to her footie pajamas. The monitor wasn’t in color, but even so I could tell she had a patch of black hair, just like her mother’s. I couldn’t help but smile, first because of how cute the little girl was, and second because I wouldn’t have to deal with her when she wasn’t cute for very long. That was one of the fringe benefits of being a babysitter, I thought to myself: You could take care of the kids, play with them, and then give them back at the end of the night. I turned on the TV and channel surfed mindlessly for the better part of an hour, when suddenly I heard a faint mumbling coming from the baby monitor. Mumbling became moaning and moaning became whining in the two seconds it took for me to pick up and check the monitor. Little Maddie was stirring, her face contorting into painful looking frowns as she spat out her pacifier and began to howl. I kept my cool and walked to the refrigerator and opened it. I took out a baby bottle full of milk, no need to heat it up, I remembered, and quickstepped to the bedroom door to the very back of the apartment. I didn’t need the monitor anymore to hear an infant’s wailing through the door. “It’s okay baby Maddie,” I cooed as I opened the door. “Your new friend Miss Olivia is here to-…” I flicked on the light switch and stopped midsentence. What I saw I couldn’t believe. It was a nursery, all right. But not one sized for an actual infant. All of the furniture and toys were huge; all big enough for a grown adult to use. The changing table, the rocking chair, and the crib (especially the crib) were all sized for a grown-ass man or woman. And now, laying in the crib, kicking her feet, and whining with wordless mewls, was baby Maddie. She laid there in her pastel pink footie pajamas, the bulge of a diaper evident around her mid-section, with her pacifier dangling on the clip, and she was clearly on the verge of bawling into an outright tantrum. There was just one problem: Baby Maddie was no baby. She looked to be about my age if not a little older. Her hair was black and kept short, though it looked more like a short haircut than the almost-baldness of a baby. Her babyish pajamas didn’t hide the fact that she was diapered, and they didn’t hide the fact that she had boobs either. Being a rational adult, I did what I feel most people would have done in my situation; I shrieked and screamed. “THE FUCK?!”, was the first coherent word that I remember coming out of my mouth after a solid five second shriek of confused panic. The hell was this? Where had the baby in the picture gone? Why was this adult woman dressed and acting like a baby? Was she mentally disabled or something? Was this a weird fetish thing that I had gotten roped into? Where were the goddamned hidden cameras and smiling host to tell me that I was on T.V.? The woman in the crib stopped crying and everything was silent for a moment. You could hear a pin drop, along with the thud of me dropping the baby bottle. Milk spurted out into the carpet. She sat up and pulled herself up to her knees, holding herself up by the giant crib’s railing. She looked at me in silent wonder, sizing me up and looking at me with a kind of desperate curiosity. Why was she looking at me like I was the freak? “Can…” she asked, “can…can you see me?” I nodded, my mouth still open from shock. “And…and…and…” the woman stuttered, “you see me as a grown-up? As an adult?” Again, I nodded. Her breathing picked up a notch. A tear rolled down her cheek. She started smiling. It was the desperate, desperate smile of someone fucked who sees an inkling of salvation. “And you can understand what I’m saying?” “Yeah,” I whispered. “IT’S A MIRACLE!” she shouted at the top of her lungs. “PLEASE! MISS! YOU GOTTA HELP ME! YOU GOTTA-“ I didn’t wait for her to finish. I wanted out of this right now. No amount of money in the world could convince me to do some weird kind of fetish babysitting. I had heard of this kind of stuff in chat rooms and internet creepypastas, but I never thought that I’d get dragged into it. “PLEASE NO! WAIT!” I heard as I rushed out the door. “YOU GOTTA- BAAAABAAAABAAAAABAAA!” As soon as I was out of that room, I heard the woman’s words become baby babble. The same babble was coming from the monitor that I’d left on the couch. I should have ignored it and followed my gut. I should have run away and kept going. Worst case scenario, I’d be fired. This in no way counted as child endangerment or negligence. There were better ways to make money. Instead I checked the baby monitor. I expected to the same infant girl crying on the monitor or sleeping peacefully, like some kind of pre-recorded loop. There was no baby there. Someone had moved the baby, or something. In the very corner of the screen, I saw a tiny pajama foot and I heard mewling, pleading babble coming from the monitor. The same exact babbling was echoing in the giant nursery I’d just dashed out of. The fuck was going on? I ran back into the room, baby monitor in hand this time. “Thank god!” The woman in the baby clothes cried out, her cheeks now tear streaked. “You haven’t left. Thank God Almighty! It’s a miracle.” She hung her head in a kind of manic exhaustion. I looked down at the monitor screen. There was a foot shaped outline taking up most of the camera now in place of the petite image that I saw before. “Where’s the baby?” I demanded to know. “What?” the woman asked. “Where’s the baby?” I repeated. “Where’s Maddie?” “I am Maddie!” the woman said. “I’m the baby!” “Bullshit.” “No,” she insisted, “it’s true. I’m under a spell, and for some…for some reason…for some amazing reason, you can see through it.” “Why did I see a real baby on the monitor a minute ago?” I pressed. “I don’t know!” the baby woman practically shrieked. “This has never happened before. Normally, people look at me and just see a baby.” She looked at me and I saw the hope dim in her insane gaze. “Oh god, no,” she almost sobbed, “you don’t believe me, do you?” I shook my head. No way was this happening. No way at all. “Prove it,” was all I said. I figured I’d give this crazy bitch some rope to hang herself with. She looked at the monitor in my hand and laid down in the giant crib. “Look at the monitor.” I did as she asked, and when I looked down, there was the woman claiming to be baby Maddie, her face filling up the screen. “Now….” she took a breath, “turn your back to me, and look at the monitor.” I did. Same woman. No baby. “What am I supposed to be looking for?” I asked. “Not working?” she asked. “Nope.” “Goddamnit…” she hissed. “Try leaving the room.” Easier done than said. I walked out of the room. This was just getting sad. Out of curiosity, I looked down at the monitor. There now, in place of the grown woman, was the baby girl, looking into the little camera looking down in the crib. I could make out the tear tracks on her face even, same as the insane lady in the giant crib in the next room. Back in I went. “Okay,” I asked, “how did you do that?” “Baby?” she asked. “Yeah.” I confirmed. “Neat trick. Split second camera switching?” “So,” she sat back up in the crib. “It only works when you’re in the same room as me.” “The hell?” I half asked, half stated. “Try something else,” the lady went on ignoring my concern. “Does the furniture and stuff look bigger to you too?” “Uh…yeah?” That much was obvious. Why wouldn’t it be? “Take something else out of the room with you,” she offered. “Like, grab a diaper or something.” “Seriously?” “Please,” she insisted. “You wouldn’t still be here if you weren’t at least a little bit curious.” Damn it. She had me there. I walked over to the humongous changing table and reached for a diaper. It was big all right; definitely adult sized. It was folded twice, it was so big. But, it was decorated with Sesame Street characters on the front and had a yellow wetness indicator going down the middle. I took a closer look and saw the Pampers logo on it with a little “Size 3” in the right corner. Except for the sizing, it was an exact replica of the type of baby diapers I had practiced with at the training center for kidcare2u. I could even smell the hint of perfume in the diaper wafting up to my nose. Without further ado, I quickly walked out of the adult nursery and back into the living room. My eyes looked down at the diaper in my hand and it’s a miracle that they didn’t leap out of my skull. I was holding a regular Pampers Swaddlers diaper, size 3. “Oh fuck!” I swore in disbelief. The diaper fell from my hand and wafted gently to the floor. I heard baby babble coming from the nursery, but I couldn’t understand it. “What happened?” the baby woman asked as I returned. “It shrunk,” I said dumbly. “That’s how most people see them,” she told me. “That’s how most people see me.” “What the hell is going on?!” I spat out. My pulse was racing. My synapses tingled. The world wasn’t making any sense and I was desperate for any kind of life preserver in the stormy sea of madness I felt I was drowning in. The woman in the crib threw me one. “Magic,” she pronounced with complete serious and certainty. “That woman, Cissy Hawk; my ‘mother’”, she made quotations with her fingers, “is some kind of witch. I’m her prisoner.” “How long?” I couldn’t help but ask. “Close to two years,” she said. “And in that time, you’re the first person other than her who has seen me as anything more than a baby.” “Why me?” “I have no fucking clue.” She sounded as discombobulated as I felt. “You shouldn’t be able to.” “What do I do?” I asked. “Get me out of here!” she screamed. “Please!” “How?!” “Carry me! I can’t walk!” “Then what?!” “I…” she stopped. “I don’t know,” she seemed to deflate in front of me. “Shit. I need some time to think.” She paused for a moment than snapped her head up. “Wait…what time is it?” “A little after 8 o’clock,” I told her. “Damn it,” she hissed. “Cissy will probably be back soon. She never stays away for too long. We’ve got to find a way for you to come back. I need time to think. Time to plan. I’ll go back to sleep, you make a good impression on Cissy, and I’ll try to convince her to let you sit me again.” “Alright” I nodded, not realizing the amount of crazy I was about to dive into. I turned to leave when – “Wait!” the woman shouted. I turned around and faced her. “I don’t even know your name.” “Oh,” I blushed a bit. I walked forward and offered my hand to her. “Olivia.” “Madison,” she told me, taking my hand and shaking it in kind. She smiled and laughed at herself. “It feels like forever since someone shook my hand and it didn’t feel like I was doing some kind of stupid pet trick.” “Nice to meet you, Madison,” I told her. “I hope I can help.” “Me too, Olivia,” Madison agreed, “me too.” I turned around to leave when I heard Madison mewl out, “Olivia?” “Yeah?” I turned back around. “When I woke up,” Madison blushed, “it really was because I was thirsty.” She pointed to the bottle of milk that I had dropped on the floor. “Do you mind?” Fifteen minutes later, Cissy Hawk, accused witch, walked through the door to her apartment. “How was everything?” she asked me. “What?!” I practically jumped. I’m a terrible liar. Every time I’m nervous, I say “what?” to give myself time to think. “I said, how was everything?” Miss Hawk repeated. “Oh…” my mind went blank. “We’re fine, we’re all fine here…now…thankyou…how are you?” “Did Maddie wake up at all?” Miss Hawk asked me. Her eyes narrowed. She suspected something, I knew. She could smell my fear. I breathed in slowly through my nose and then turned my brain off to everything I had seen in the last twenty or so minutes. “Yeah,” I told her nonchalantly. “But just like you told me, I got her a bottle and gave it to her, and she drank it all down and went to sleep.” I wasn’t technically lying, but I decided to deflect any more questions. “Thanks for letting me sit for her,” I said. “She’s a real cutie.” “Oh,” Cissy Hawk seemed taken aback by this. She smiled. “Why, thank you, my dear.” Yup. She was a witch all right. No one in their 30’s actually talked like that. This was likely some old hag who used magic to make herself look young the same way that Madison looked like a baby to most people. “Well,” I said, to fill the awkward silence. “You already paid for the time that I was here on the site. Kidcare2u will add this to my paycheck.” “That is convenient,” Miss Hawk agreed. “Good night, to you, Olivia.” “Good night, ma’am.” I nodded in a sort of semi-bow and waved goodbye, showing myself to the door. “Olivia,” Miss Hawk called out to me before I had even opened the door. “Would you be interested in watching little Maddie next week?” “Um…sure…” I responded, appearing to give serious, but not too serious consideration to the offer. “I think you can request me personally on the site.” “Or,” Miss Hawk offered, “I could just call you directly to set up a date and time. I have your phone number after all.” “Oh yeah, you do.” Maybe this second meeting with this strange, cursed girl was going to be easier to set up than either of us anticipated. “Very good.” Cissy smiled politely, like a spider that had just invited the fly into her parlor. “I’ll call you sometime tomorrow to make the proper arrangements.” Then again, maybe “easier” wasn’t necessarily “better”. Session 2: Diapers “So you’re incontinent?” I asked Madison. “Nope,” Madison replied matter-of-factly. “Not potty trained.” “You were never potty trained?” I gawked in disbelief. “No!” Madison laughed. “I was totally potty trained before this happened,” she gestured to her current state of dress. She wore a lavender t-shirt with the words “Momma’s Girl” in yellow lettering. It did nothing to cover up her proportionately sized Pampers, bulging out enough that it forced her to sit slightly bowlegged on the floor of the apartment. Other than that, she was naked. I, meanwhile, joined her on the floor, leaning against the sofa; feeling it rude to sit on the furniture while she was on the floor. Cissy Hawk had hired me again to babysit “Little Maddie”, and I took her up on the offer. Now, she was paying me to find out more about how her magic worked and make an escape plan with her “baby” while she caught a double matinee at the Multiplex Theatre. “So you’re incontinent?” I half asked, half insisted. “I’m not,” Madison repeated herself. “I’m just not potty trained.” “What’s the difference?” “Incontinent means there’s something medically wrong with me or something” Madison told me. “There’s not. I just…don’t know how to use the toilet anymore. It got ripped out of my head.” She added. “You don’t know how to use the toilet, anymore?” my left eyebrow arched in curiosity. “Yeah,” she sighed. “I get about as far as taking your clothes off, and then my mind goes blank.” I opened my mouth to say something, but Madison held up a hand to fend me off, “and don’t bother trying to explain it to me; whatever magic is keeping me like this,” again she gestured to herself, “makes it quite impossible for me to understand.” “Cissy showed me when she first cast the spell,” Madison explained. “The moment anyone starts to talk me through the process, my brain gets the worst case of attention deficit disorder and I lose focus. To add insult to injury, I usually come back to myself right when I need a change.” “What about putting you on the toilet? Walking you through it?” I offered. Madison shook her head disappointingly. “Naw,” she sighed. “Cissy did that to me too, just to see what happens. As soon as the diaper’s off and my cheeks hit the seat, I started having a panic attack like I’m afraid the potty’s a monster and it’s going to eat me. It’s…not pleasant. I don’t imagine I’d have much luck with catheters either, though thankfully Cissy hasn’t tried that,” Madison smiled ruefully. “So you wear diapers full time?” “Yup.” “And use them?” I leaned in. “For number one and number two,” she confirmed. “I don’t even know I’m going in my pants until I’m in the middle of doing it, and even then it’s a coin flip if I notice or not. I’ve completely lost my milestone for potty training.” “Your milestone?” I repeated. “Yeah,” Madison answered me. “Those stones that Cissy wears around her like a necklace; those are milestones; achievements that you carry with you from growing up.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “When Cissy first cast this spell on me,” Madison explained, “I felt nauseated, like I was gonna hurl my guts up. But then,” she continued, “instead of puking up my lunch, I heaved up a bunch of little rocks with weird markings on them. Next thing I know, I can’t walk, or dress myself, or feed myself, or drink from a glass, or even use a freaking toilet. Cissy keeps them around her neck like a trophies.” I counted on my fingers the number of limitations Madison told me she had. I had gotten a good look at that necklace that Miss Hawk had the other night. She was wearing it this morning too when I had arrived at the apartment. “I’m pretty sure she had more than five little rocks on that necklace of hers,” I said. “There might be some things I’m forgetting,” Madison conceded my point. “But I also don’t think I’m her first ‘baby’”, she made air quotes with her fingers again. “How’d you get stuck like this?” I inquired. Madison sighed and slumped. “Would you believe pet sitting?” she asked. I didn’t know whether to laugh or not, so I just stayed silent. “Yeah, I know,” Madison conceded, “pathetic. She used to have an old cat around this place; referred to it as her ex-husband. I thought it was joke, but now I’m not so sure. Anyway, when he died-“ Madison started. “She did this to you.” I finished. Not a question. Madison nodded meekly. “Said she had a void in her heart to fill,” Madison told me. “Fuck…that’s heavy.” I said. “Yeah…” she agreed. Then we didn’t say anything for a little while. The silence became a blanket and we both wrapped ourselves in it. “So…diapers.” I finally tried to steer the conversation to something at least a little lighter. Madison feeling sorry for herself and reliving those terrors wouldn’t do her any good. “What about them?” Madison asked, suddenly looking me in the eye. “What’s it like wearing them?” She just sat there, staring at me. Her eyes betrayed nothing about what she was thinking. I couldn’t tell if she was considering biting my head off or just thinking of the right words to say. Maybe I imagined it, but I swear I could feel an almost palpable heat coming off of her. “You really wanna know?” she asked me, frowning. Good, she was angry. Anger could be a productive emotion. “Yeah,” I told her innocently enough. “What’s it like?” “Awful,” she said bluntly. “They might be the worst part about these last couple of years.” That part actually intrigued me, I’ll admit. “Worse than the not walking?” I asked her. “Worse, Olivia, way worse.” She replied. “Worse than not being able to feed yourself?” I pressed on. “Much worse.” “Worse than-?” I started to say. “YES!” Madison cut me off, screaming. “THEY’RE THE FUCKING WORST! GET IT?! ARE YOU DONE GETTING YOUR JOLLIES OFF AT MY FUCKING EXPENSE? THEY ARE THE WORST!” I stopped. Tears were streaming down Madison’s face. I can’t explain it, but some little voice in my head told me to press on. Some terrible morbid curiosity grabbed ahold of me and wouldn’t let go, and I still don’t know why. “Why?” I spoke up. “They’re just underwear. Underwear that you have to… y’know…but it’s still just underwear. There are adults that wear them too.” Madison’s tears stopped. She wasn’t looking at me anymore, but off into the middle distance. “This,” she pointed to her Muppet-emblazoned waistline, “is not underwear.” Her voice was steady now, calm and leveled. Over the course of whatever fucked up life she’d been living, she’d clearly had this conversation with herself before. But this might be the first time she was having it out loud with another person. “I could…” she stopped. “You could…” she corrected herself, “you could take me out in public dressed just like I am right now, and as long as the spell held up, it’d be perfectly acceptable. You might get some awkward glances if it were snowing and I wasn’t bundled up, or something, but otherwise, I could go around in public in my diaper.” “If you go out in public in just a t-shirt and panties,” she went on. “You’d be arrested for indecent exposure. This isn’t underwear wrapped around my ass, it’s just…wear.” “But you could wear something over it, to cover it up,” I suggested. “If you had the choice, I mean. It would be underwear then.” “And some people wear long sleeved t-shirts under short sleeved t-shirts, or a jacket over a tank top,” she countered. “Doesn’t make the first layer actual underwear. I mean, if I was wearing Attends, or Abenas, or Dry-24/7, or something like that, that would be different. They’re expected to be concealed because the people who are old enough to wear them are expected to have shame.” I had no idea what she was talking about, but Attends sounded a little like Depends and based on the context, I figured those were some type of adult diaper. “I still don’t think they’re not underwear,” I said. “Okay,” Madison replied. “Take off your pants.” “What?” I gasped. “Take off your pants,” she repeated. “Just chill with me in your panties.” “Um…I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that,” I felt my face getting a little warmer. “I barely know you.” “Yet, you haven’t batted an eye sitting here on the floor with me in my Pampers,” Madison said, almost defiantly. “For that matter, do you think I’m wearing a bra?” “Oh…” I blushed. “Yeah…” I let the thought trail off. “Yeah…” she brought it home. “And I suppose that’s the part that really gets to me after a while.” She sighed and looked back down at her crotch. “Look,” she pointed to the diaper once more. “These even have a little yellow line that turns blue when I piss in them. No way to hide it. No discretion. No privacy. No nothing.” I saw her lip start to quiver a bit. “And yeah, I don’t have that right now, with or without the diapers, but it’s with the diapers where it’s the most obvious…the most in your face.” “Look, you don’t have to…” I reached out to touch her shoulder. She batted my hand away. “No, I do. I need to get this out.” She was crying again, but her voice wasn’t wavering. “First you have to…y’know…” she let the thought of pissing her pants just hang in the air, “and then you have two really bad choices: You either sit there in your own…fluids…and try to keep your mind off it, or you have to cry for help. I can’t just walk off and change myself.” “Then they come and check your diaper,” she went on. “If you were trying to ignore it, that pretty much slams you back to reality. If you were trying to draw attention to it, then your judgement about what’s going on in your own pants is being called into question. After all,” she sniffled, “I’m just a baby. And I don’t know how many times, a sitter, or a daycare worker, or even Cissy has decided that I’m ‘not wet enough’” she made the air quotes. I could hear the disdain in her voice. “So then, not only am I in a wet diaper, but the only way to get out of it is to piss myself even more.” “But it doesn’t end there,” her voice wavered a bit as she went deeper and deeper into her own mind. This was so not what I had intended. I had tried to get her mind working so we could be more productive, and now, here I was, just driving her more into a pool of her own self-pity. “Because then, some grown-up picks you up and carries you off to change you.” If Maddie noticed my own heartbroken looks that I was sending her way, she didn’t react. “That’s the most discretion I’ve ever been allowed. One time, Cissy changed me in the middle of the floor here in front of some friends of hers…I just wanted to curl up and die.” “Madison, I…” “And even when they carry you off somewhere else, it’s not like that matters,” she ignored me. “There’s always that cute little fuckin’ announcement: ‘Time for a change’, or whatever.” She huffed and then sniffled again. “Might as well say ‘Dipshit pissed herself’ and blare it on a megaphone. The public changes are the worst. I’ve gotten my ass wiped in a bathroom while a three year old brat pointed and gawked while her mother praised her for being a ‘big girl.’” “Madison…” “No!” she snapped at me. “You wanted to know, so now you’re gonna know.” I said nothing more. “They lay you down, strap you to a board and then open the diaper like it’s no big deal. Your private parts, the part of you that you’ve been taught to guard against anyone who wasn’t a doctor or a lover, are just exposed out in the open with complete disregard for your feelings. I’ve had total strangers look at my genitals without consent and no regard for how I felt. Meanwhile, I’m humiliated and exposed…and they’re just worried about getting another diaper on me before I pee on them! At least old people get trained nurses. Some of my sitters haven’t even graduated high school yet.” She was on the verge of bawling. “Then…then…” she hiccupped. “Then…they just put a new diaper on you, and maybe some powder and tape you back up, and they get to wash their hands and go about their business like nothing happened.” She paused, looking like she fighting her own throat to choke the next few words out. “And then, even though I’m clean, I…JUST…FEEL SO…VIOLATED!” That’s when all pretense of strength left her and she crumpled into the fetal position on the floor. Sounds came out of her, but nothing that could be described as coherent words. I sat there on the floor, close to her, but not next to her. Wanting to reach out and comfort her, but not daring to. In trying to dig just a little deeper, encouraged by my own morbid curiosity of her strange situation, I had hurt this girl. No, I had hurt this woman who had been reduced to a girl. That was arguably when I felt my lowest as a human being. Gradually, Madison regained her composure, and her face went from a beet red to a pink as her breathing slowed and she wiped the tears and snot onto her shirt sleeve. “You alright?” I asked, gently. “No,” she said dejectedly. “I haven’t been alright for a while.” She hung her head down. Her black hair was kept short, and did nothing to hide her smooth features. I assumed that this was because of the witch’s desire. Really, though, she did look like she could be related to her captor, in some way. They similar hair, and even the same dark, haunting eyes. Cissy Hawk really could have been Madison’s older sister, if not her mother. “Shit…” she cursed. “What?” I wondered. She pointed down at her crotch. The little yellow line that ran between her legs had turned blue. “How bad?” I inquired, knowing deep down that I’d regret the answer. “Pretty bad,” Madison told me. She shifted over to her hands and knees and stuck her padded rump into the air. The yellow line of the diaper’s wetness indicator had turned blue on the majority of the diaper’s back area. The front was in likewise color and condition. In the blink of an eye, Madison had flooded her Pampers and was likely in danger of leaking. “So,” I hemmed and hawed. “Now what?” Madison, looked up at me, obviously mortified. “Change me?” was all that she said. I wanted to find an excuse. I honestly did. I had trained to change a child’s diapers, and not an adult’s. And magic or not, baby design or otherwise, Madison was still an adult wearing adult size diapers. “Umm…” I heard myself saying; trying to figure out a way out of it. “What?!” Madison accused, “Am I not wet enough?! Do I need to do more to myself to earn a clean diaper?” My jaw must have hit the floor. I felt my face for the bruise, as I felt I had been slapped. Madison must have seen it, too. “Look,” she whispered, crawling a little bit closer to me. “If my Mom…I mean Cissy… gets home and sees me in a soaked diaper, she might question the level of care you’re giving me. Then, she won’t hire you to sit me, and then it’s who-knows-how-long before someone else who can see through the spell finds me. Olivia,” she pleaded, “you’re the only one who can help me right now; in more ways than one.” “When you put it that way,” I sighed as I stood up. “Come on,” I motioned for her to follow me to her nursery, “let’s go.” I made a bee line for the back of the apartment without looking behind me, keeping track of Madison’s relative distance from me by the tell-tale crinkle of her diaper as she crawled up behind me. I arrived in what looked like a normal infant’s room, with everything to normal scale. It’s honestly what I had imagined when I first took the sitting job. After about five seconds, I heard Madison crinkle up behind me on her hands and knees. In less than the blink of an eye, everything blew up like a balloon. Toys grew. A crib expanded. A rocking chair and ottoman magnified themselves. A changing table engorged and diapers practically inflated. Even then, I was learning how the spell that kept Madison a baby worked. If I understood it correctly, Madison was a properly sized adult, but everything pertinent to her being an infant increased in size while in proximity to her, while some part of it made others not notice the change and see her as the infant instead. It wasn’t quite to scale. For example, had Madison actually been an infant, there likely would have been more than enough room for her whole body on the changing table; it would have dwarfed her. But looking at the thing as compared to her, it looked like it would fit her comfortably enough, but her feet would stop just short of the edge. It was close enough, though, truth be told. Wordlessly, I walked to the now behemoth changing table. This was okay. This was okay. This was not at all what I had signed up for, but this was okay. My mouth was suddenly very dry. The clinical part of my brain was telling me this was no big deal, and that it had to be done so I should just get it over with, but the irrational part of my brain was telling me that this was too weird on almost every level. This wasn’t a baby; this was, for all intents and purposes, a peer. And I had no experience doing this sort of thing before and had had no desire to gain the experience. I was so not ready for this, but I didn’t really have a choice. Madison crawled up, still on her hands and knees and sat by my feet. “You’re gonna have to help me up,” she said simply. “I can’t walk, remember?” I nodded and bent over. Madison helpfully grabbed me into a kind of hug while I threaded my arms under hers. “On three,” I said. “One…two…three!” I heaved and hefted her off the ground. Her legs quickly wrapped around my waist, and it was just a quick pivot and heft onto the table to get her over. Once her body was being supported by the changing table, she unwrapped herself from around me and squirmed a bit until she was laying on the table. Meanwhile, I was panting and trying to catch my breath. By God, she was heavy. Actually, that wasn’t entirely accurate. Had she been standing up, I could easily have supported her into a quick piggy back carry or something with no problem. But right then, she was just so much dead weight. Even her arms and legs did little by grabbing onto me other than keep themselves from flailing about. So, I effectively had just dead lifted myself. “Sorry,” she half whispered, looking a little surprised. “Nobody’s ever had that kind of trouble before. I guess the spell makes me seem lighter to most people, too. Looks like everything else, you’re immune to it.” “Lucky me,” I lightly panted as I regained composure. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at the whole absurdity of the situation. More of a giggle, really. Perhaps seeing the absurdity of the situation and appreciating it, Madison giggled a little bit, too. “So,” I looked her in the eyes. “What now?” “Just…” Madison hesitated, “get done what you need to get done.” And then she laid down and turned her head to face the wall. Avoiding eye contact was probably for the best, at the moment. I reached over and ripped the tapes off her diaper, and saw it slacken around her waist a bit. Then I opened it up. She shivered a bit as the fresh air hit her privates. Then, grabbing a baby wipe from a nearby tub, I went to work. “Tell me if you feel I’m missing anything,” I told her as I quickly and carefully wiped down her mound and crotch. An uncomfortable “Mmm-hmmm” was what I got as a reply. I grabbed another wipe, and gently caressed her inner thighs. “Legs up and hips up,” I told her. She complied and was able to lift herself off the matt just enough so that I could slide out her wet diaper. I did a piss poor job of it, but I somewhat balled it up and tossed it in the equally ridiculously sized diaper genie. “Now hold it,” I told her, as I cleaned her bottom. She winced a little bit as I got the crack of her ass and her butthole. The wipes were cold, after all. “Getting tired,” she told me with a slight urgency in her tone. Quickly, I reached under the changing table and pulled out a fresh diaper. I unfolded it with both hands and quickly slid it under her. It was easier on the baby dolls obviously, but the fact that she was being so cooperative made up the difference in difficulty from changing an actual child. “Okay, you can relax a bit.” I told her once I lined the diaper up with her hips. Her legs practically flopped down back into the spread eagle position. Now it was her turn to catch her breath. Either years of disuse, or an effect of the spell Cissy Hawk had her under, had weakened Madison’s stamina with regards to her legs. “Damn, you’re smooth down there,” I jokingly remarked as I pulled the diaper up between her legs. “Tell me about it,” Madison retorted, a smile creeping into her lips as I pulled the first tape snugly over Elmo’s happy face. “If it wasn’t for the whole diaper thing, I’d be ready for bikini season.” “So, that’s another effect of the spell?” I asked, as I finished securing the second tape, securing the diaper over my new friend’s pelvis. “Yeah,” Madison sat up, “and it’s about the only part of my condition that I can’t write off as some weird kind of voodoo hypnosis. Oh yeah, I haven’t had a period in a while either, so there’s that. I guess that’d be hard to explain to any given sitter or caretaker if I did.” She swung her legs over the edge. “Frankly, with as crazy as Cissy is, I’m surprised that I still have breasts. A little help?” she held out her arms for me to pick her up. “Sure,” I said. It was easier setting her down than picking her up, more of a matter of guiding her weight safely down to the floor instead of heaving it up to the changing table. “Gotta say though,” I admitted, “if I’m going to be changing you more often, I wouldn’t mind if at least the weight part of that spell worked on me.” “Yeeeaaaaah,” Madison blushed. “Maybe next time you can change me on the floor. Cissy’s got a diaper bag with a changing mat by my crib.” “Oh, NOW you tell me!” I half-scolded her. I wasn’t actually all that mad, but acting the part was helping me get over that I had just changed the Pampers on a girl that I would have likely hung out with under normal circumstances. Now, I was literally babysitting her while helping to concoct a plan for her to escape a magic user’s curse. Fuck my life. “Sorry,” she shrugged. “It honestly didn’t occur to me until it was too late. So, how do I get out of this?” “Well, just taking you out of here will get me arrested,” I mused. “If everyone besides the two of us sees you as a baby, then an amber alert will go off pretty much as soon as Cissy realizes that we’re gone. Plus, babies still cost money that I don’t have, so breaking the spell is first thing.” “Yeah, and how do we do that, Olivia?” She looked up at me from the floor. “You said that those beads she wears in her necklace are milestones, right? The stuff that makes you act like an adult?” I looked her in the eye. “Simplest solution seems to be getting them off her neck and getting them back in you.” When Cissy Hawk came home, Madison and I had wrapped up our plotting for the day, and so we were both well “in character” for Cissy when she got home. I, the friendly babysitter, oblivious to the truth, and Madison, the prisoner given up on acting like anything other than a baby. On a lark, I stopped by the drug store on the way home. I made a bee-line for the incontinence aisle and scanned the different packages. There were Depends of course, but there was also a type of diaper called “Attends.” “How did she know about all of these adult diaper brands?” I idly wondered. Could it be that whatever magic spell she’s under transforms adult diapers into baby ones? Maybe I could experiment with these in the future, the next time I had some time alone with Madison. Maybe they’d turn into Pampers or something when they were around her. The price tag on the Attends, though, was a bit too rich for my blood. Especially for an idea to test the limits of some kind of hocus pocus. I wandered over to the baby aisle, a few rows down. This being a drug store, the major brands were all represented; and better yet they were mostly sold in small travel packs instead of the huge boxes at a typical supermarket. I grabbed a Newborn Huggies pack, a size 6 Luvs pack, and pack of girl’s Pull-Ups. “Will that be all?” the cashier said as she rung me up. “Mmmm-hmmm” I nodded, as I swiped my credit card. “I’ve got a babysitting business,” I explained nervously to the cashier. “I’m just stocking up. Y’know?” The cashier didn’t seem to care either way. I drove home to my crappy little one bedroom apartment that I’d lived in since my junior year of college. I stashed the packs, guiltily, under my bed as if they were drugs. I’d figure out a way to make them useful, down the line. I just hadn’t figured out how to yet. Then, just as before, curiosity got the better of me, and I pulled out one of the packs. It was the Luvs Size 6. The package had a picture of a toddler, maybe two years old on it. I ripped open the packet and pulled one of the diapers out. There was no wetness indicator, like on the Pampers; but that might have been because this was a diaper for older kids. I couldn’t be sure. The decorations were more minimalist too. Instead of sesame street characters in multiple colors, the whole thing had a purple mesh pattern on it with a baby monkey on the front and on the back. I sniffed it and caught a whiff of perfume from the diaper. The perfume was about the same as the Pampers. Experimentally, I stood up, and pulled my pants and underwear down. I unfolded the diaper and inserted it into my panties, like it was a pad and clumsily hiked it up. Yup. Felt a little like wearing a pad. Thicker actually. Its thickness was nothing compared to the scaled up model that Madison was likely wearing at this very moment as Cissy’s prisoner. I could also see Madison’s argument that a diaper wasn’t really underwear, though it was in a different light than she presented it. In her adult sized diapers, Madison likely had more material between her crotch and the open air than I did when I was wearing pants and panties. This makeshift diaper pad wasn’t really what you’d call a fit, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Then, realizing how ridiculous this was, I reached into my panties, and removed the diaper; balling it up, I tossed it in the waste basket. Curiosity satisfied, I dedicated myself to thinking about how I could use these damn things that I had just spent good money on.
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    Thank you all for your comments. I'm kind of having a rough day and decided I'd give you all a second chapter this weekend... I'm at Chapter 16 in my draft now, so I'm still well ahead! I hope you enjoy - many of you are getting your wishes here! Chapter 7: THE WORLD CAME back in focus for me slowly and I felt pain in just about every part of my body. I tried to say “Owww” but something was in the way. “I think she’s waking up finally,” Fred said. “Where am I?” I tried saying and figured out that it was a pacifier in my way. “I love when they try talking after the procedure… Depending on which settings you chose no one will understand anything but ‘Dada,’ ‘Mama,’ or ‘Baba, from now on!” I heard Eddie gleefully exclaim. “I actually toned down those settings,” Amanda said. I heard a disappointed sigh from Eddie, “I guess that does let you understand their whining better. Still all the same it looks like the treatment did the job. She’s definitely a she and there’s not a follicle of hair anywhere that’s not supposed to be!” I opened my eyes a little wider and managed to get Fred’s eye. He gave me a reassuring glance that I hoped meant my head was fine. “Yes, but I’m glad to have a full head of hair on her head still,” Amanda said as if to also reassure me. “If you ask me cutting that hair down to a newborn’s length would be a great look for her! Combined with what the nanites did to her facial structure and no one will be able to tell she’s not actually your naturally born infant daughter.” ‘Facial structure…?’ I thought to myself. I never thought to include that in the search? ‘Shit, what did it do to me?’ “I wasn’t expecting that one, but it does make her absolutely adorable!” Amanda chimed in happily. “But I enjoy playing with her hair too much to cut it. It reminds me of having my dollies as a kid. I would always change their hairstyles!” As I became more alert I noticed Fred watching some readouts and he said, “I think she’s awake enough we can lose the support machines…” “The straps too?” Amanda asked. “Yes, she should be good for you to hold and cuddle now,” Eddie’s voice said. “But you might want to change that diaper first, it’s a little rank.” I sniffed at that one, ‘what an ass!’ I stiffened, ‘I don’t feel any shame on that… not like I did last time… I sure hope we didn’t do more damage here than good.’ Fred pulled an IV line out of me, pulled a pulse monitor off, and also took off some EKG leads before undoing the straps on my legs and waist. “Here Mommy, do you want to change her?” “Men… bunch of wimps…” Amanda said and I soon felt her gentle hands undo the diaper on my otherwise naked body, maneuvered my legs, and then quickly had me in a clean diaper that was clearly a thicker one from what I could tell. She quickly dressed me in what seemed to be a sleeper, but I was too tired to really notice what she was doing. “So you think everything turned out fine internally?” Fred asked Eddie. “Oh yes, she has all of the proper internal organs. They aren’t any more active than a toddler though. She’ll need an injection of a high dose of estrogen to begin her cycles and start growing breasts. Unless she gets that though she’ll remain free of any signs of puberty. I don’t know why you would even want her to have those though?” “Well…” Fred started to say. “Duh, how stupid can I be? When you get tired of her you can breed her for a fortune! I mean a fully-grown little at thirty-six inches of height? Make four or five offspring with her and you could probably keep breeding for forty years and get the perfect little like she is!” “Umm…” Amanda said. “Brilliant,” he said. “Well, before you take her home I recommend you nurse her exclusively now. There’s a subroutine in the nanites that will make sure she gets sick if she has anything other than her mommy’s milk.” “It was only in one file, right?” Amanda asked. “Yes… but not in the preferences file…” “Oh good, that means she’ll be fine to eat regular food still.” “You found that…?” “Actually my beautiful princess here did,” she said as she picked me up and cuddled me against her shoulder. “She thought she could be a great computer programmer someday if she came here to get schooling.” “Ah, and now destined for the nursery? How fitting!” Eddie said. “Something like that...” Fred said. “Fred, can you grab her diaper bag and the carrier, I’m thinking she needs cuddles right now,” she said. “Thanks again Eddie, let me know how those new subroutines work on the next generation!” I heard some stuttering before he said, “Thanks!” We made it down the hallway a ways before she started whispering to me, “You’re fine baby. Other than that little glitch with your face everything came out perfect… And I think the glitch made you even cuter and harder to resist!” “Why can’t I talk?” I tried to say. “Did you just ask why you can’t talk?” I nodded weakly. “That’s just the anesthesia wearing off, you’ll be fine in a while. I know we caught all of those subroutines. Don’t worry your pretty little face.” “Amanda do you want to take her to my office to wake up the rest of the way?” “Probably a good idea. Should I feed her now or back home?” “I’d say wait till you get back home, your milk seems to be a powerful sedative to her, and right now it’s more important she fully wakes up!” Not long afterwards she paced the office with me as I came out from my cobwebbed brain. She took the pacifier out and asked, “How are we doing Princess?” “Better I think,” I told her and it sounded clear. “Much better!” She said with a smile. “So how much different do I look? I mean really?” “Well… First I’m sorry I missed this one… He must have written a routine somewhere in there to fix one of the easiest ways you can tell a little and an actual baby apart, their faces. With a little, even a chubby one, the fat on their face isn’t quite distributed right…” “So I have a permanent baby face?” I asked nervously. “Looks that way,” she said a little guiltily. “Mommy why don’t we let her see so she stops worrying,” Fred told her. “Here’s a mirror.” I looked at the mirror and grimaced for a second but had to admit I was indeed much cuter now. My nose had a different character about it that I liked, but sadly my cheeks looked to have gained a ton of weight... It looked like the healthy baby fat of a toddler though, and at least I remained slender through the rest of my body. My eyes looked to be a little more open or something too. “See, you’re adorable!” Amanda cooed at me. “So no one will think I’m a little now I’m guessing?” “I doubt it... at least if we cover that hair of yours with a hat or something. I think if we introduce you as a baby no one would dream that you are actually a little. That’s a good thing given how mean some Amazon babies can be to littles…” “But what about school?” Amanda laughed, “Don’t worry about that. Yes you’re going to get some grief there, but you’ll still be able to function fine… if not better. Thanks to the nanites you should be smarter now than you were before since I also implanted a couple extra traits to help your memory.” “But I’m all girl now?” “I guess you were too tired to look back there while I was changing you?” I nodded, “sorry, I’m still pretty out of it actually.” “I’ll show you when we get you home,” Amanda told me. “Do you think she’s alert enough to go home now Doctor?” “I think so Mommy. Do you want to go out for dinner tonight instead of cooking? You’ve certainly had a long day.” “That would be nice…” she said, “I don’t think the baby’s going to be awake enough to eat much though.” “I think I’ll be fine,” I told them interrupting. Amanda looked down at me in shock but squeezed me lightly in approval, “The princess has spoken my king!” I was fastened into the carrier and a blanket put over the top as she carried me down to the car. Fred was to meet us at a restaurant they apparently ate at frequently. “How are you feeling?” she asked when she left. “Not so great,” I said, “I’m beginning to get a bit sore…” “Daddy has some pain medicine he can get you when we get to the restaurant,” she told me. I sighed, “thanks…” “Are you okay?” “Just nervous about what else happened to me that we don’t realize yet…” I thought for a second through my groggy mind, “Eddie was kind of an…” “Ass?” “I wasn’t sure if you’d get mad at me, but yes!” “Sweetie, yes I’m treating you like our baby… I can’t resist that urge… but I also know you’re not a baby. As long as it’s not constant, and you don’t do it in front of other adults, we can give you some leeway…” “Thank you,” I told her and just zoned out a bit more. The restaurant must have been close, or I was really out of it, because when she came back to get my I was back nearly asleep. “Do I need to bring the carrier so you can sleep?” She asked me. I thought for a second and nodded, “Unless you want to look like a bad mother and have me sleep on the floor or in the high chair.” She unlatched the carrier and carried it and the diaper bag into the restaurant and put her name on the waiting list. Fred arrived soon after that and we were called back to a booth. “Do you need a high chair or we have a seat cradle?” “The cradle will work.” “Okay, I’ll grab that real quick.” A moment later I felt the seat sat down in one of the mesh car seat cradles I’d seen back home for babies. “She is so beautiful!” “Thanks,” Amanda said. “How many weeks old is she?” I gasped for a moment when I figured out she really had mistaken me for an Amazon baby. “Nine weeks,” Amanda said without skipping a beat. “She has so much hair!” “Some weird medical thing…” Amanda said and I saw her wink at Fred. “Well here are the menus, you can look through it and let me know what you want.” “Here sweetie, switch pacifiers with me for a moment,” Fred said. I just got a glance at the new pacifier a second later and realized it was one meant to deliver medicine through the nipple. I sleepily sucked on it and hoped it was a good pain medication as I was feeling like I had growing pains all through my body again. “Looks like someone is going back to sleep…” Amanda said to me after it was empty. “Huh?” “Hungry baby?” My stomach grumbled in response, “a little.” She pried me loose from the carrier a moment later and held me. “I really do love you baby,” she whispered, “are you actually hungry for food or…” “Or…?” I asked sleepily. “Just nurse for now?” I sighed as I’d had a feeling that would be on her mind, “Here?” “I’m the one with boobies hanging out in public,” she whispered. I giggled and turned red. I thought for a few moments and said, “Okay.” She messed with her top and bra and presented me with her breast once it was free. I sleepily nursed at it and was conscious of the fact it felt like people were watching us. She had burped me from the first breast and just switched me to the other when I heard, “I’m so glad to see your little happily nursing from you. She’s adorable! I imagine that took a few spankings! My little Heather here must have a red bottom every hour…” “She’s just a very good baby,” Amanda said, “if you’ll please excuse us, she had some surgery today. I’m just feeding her dinner before she naps in her carrier.” “Teeth out?” The lady said, “best thing I ever did with Heather! I’ll let you enjoy your feeding…” I was so tired that I didn’t even care about the horrific conversation at that point. I was feeling full and sleepy when she burped me again. A hug, a kiss, and a pacifier was placed in my mouth before she strapped me back in the carrier. I ran my tongue over my teeth to reassure myself they were there before I fell fully asleep. THE NEXT THING I was aware of was being pulled out of my car seat, with Amanda lovingly cradling me. “Where are we?” I asked feeling drool was definitely around my mouth and the pacifier I had blocking my mouth. “Home baby,” she told me. “Oh…” I said. She had just walked through the garage door when a phone inside the house began ringing. “It’s your mom,” Fred told her. “Hand me the phone, I’ll sit down with the princess and talk to her in the living room.” I sleepily watched as she walked to the living room and sat in the recliner with me before reaching for the phone Fred held to her. “Hi Mom,” she said. The volume of the phone was way loud, or her mom just yelled, because I heard the reply clearly, “Don’t ‘hi Mom me,’ sweetheart! How is it I just heard from Carol Eastland that you adopted a little and you haven’t even bothered to call and tell me yet? Your own mother!?!?!” There was just enough pause for her to breathe before she added, “She saw you at the restaurant! She thought the little was a real baby until I said you hadn’t been pregnant! How can you not tell me? That hurts!” “Mom, we were going to surprise you this weekend at the family dinner…” “Bullshit!” “Seriously Mom, you’ve been bugging me for ages so I thought I would surprise you! Plus we were dealing with the adoption paperwork and getting her into a doctor to have some modifications made…” I felt her hold on me tighten just a little bit. “Well in that case I guess I can understand trying to keep it a surprise… But, all of that is done, right?” “Right…?” “Well then expect to see me bright and early tomorrow! Chloe will be coming too I’m sure. Her daughters will all be at daycare so the three of us can go to lunch and maybe I can even buy my new granddaughter something for the nursery…” “What time?” “Probably eight-thirty in the morning, that should give Chloe time to drop off her girls.” “We’ll plan for it…” “Good, and I want a picture tonight!!!! Carol said she was the most beautiful baby she’d ever seen, so whoever did the work… maybe Chloe should get her girls in there…” “That’s natural for her as much as anything… I’ll send you pictures later. I have a messy diaper that needs changed right now, I’ll see you in the morning Mom.” She said. “It wouldn’t hurt her to be left in it for a little while sweetie. I mean if she’s just a little it’s not a big deal…” “Mom, my little, my house, my rules, and my decisions.” “Stubborn as always… we’ll see you in the morning,” her mom said and hung up. She looked down at me and sighed, “Sorry it sounds like you get to meet my crazy family members sooner than I hoped. Don’t worry, like I said I won’t put you down. You’ll have to be my clingy baby tomorrow.” “That’s fine…” I said thinking what I had heard, “You’re mom certainly sounds special…” “She is, let’s go change that diaper of yours now,” she sat the phone down and stood up with me. “Am I really messy?” I sniffed. “No,” she said with a smile, “I said that to get her off the phone.” “Good… I would hate to have missed another of Eddie’s Easter Eggs…” She squeezed me gently again and carried me upstairs to the nursery. I was laid on the changing table but asked, “May I please see?” “I forgot you were asleep when I changed you…” “At least you’re not rubbing it into me too…” “I’m sorry you have come into contact with some of our more monstrous people the last couple days,” she said as she pulled down the bloomers and pulled the tapes off of my diaper, “there really are a lot of very sweet Amazons… I think you’ll meet some in school.” “I hope so…” As she pulled the diaper open I noticed it was pretty soaked with urine and wondered if I was just not noticing because of the drugs, the breastfeeding, or the fact that there was an Easter Egg we missed… I chose not to worry about it then and instead looked at the fact I was missing a part of me I’d had since birth. The slit that had taken its place looked exactly like it should, but looked so strange and wrong on me. I took my hand to touch it and felt the new skin. “Now don’t be naughty,” Amanda told me. “Sorry, it’s weird…” “Are you going to be okay with it?” She asked as she gently pushed me back down on my back and began wiping. A few tears stung in my eyes, but I shrugged, “No use crying over spilt milk I guess… or missing body parts.” “For what it’s worth it just makes you more adorable… and shows a great deal of strength.” “Kind of hard to feel strength when your grown-up ass is being wiped in the middle of diaper change,” I told her moodily. “I’m going to let that one go now, but I won’t in the future sweetie. It’s okay if there’s really something to be angry about, but using vernacular just to use it isn’t acceptable. Your booty is being wiped.” I sighed, “Sorry Mommy…” I told her as she taped the last tape. “It’s okay, I think you’re understandably unnerved by it. Now I think you’re probably just going to end up sleeping on us some more if I had to guess. What do you want to wear to bed tonight?” “I get to choose?” I asked surprised, “Aren’t I just a human dolly?” “Stacy…” “Sorry…” I sighed, “will you let me sleep without the swaddling tonight?” “What’s wrong with it?” “It’s just really hot… I like blanket sleepers, but that plus the quilt…” “Hmmm…” she said and went digging through the drawers and came up with a pink sleep sack. “How about this?” I shrugged, “in a nighttime diaper it’s not like I can walk anyway…” She laughed and pulled the dress off of my body first before getting me dressed me in the sleeper sack. The sack itself probably would have been too short for anyone bigger than me. For anyone else it would probably keep them from being able to stand up, but for me it was longer than my legs by quite a bit. “It’s comfy,” I told her honestly. “So do I put you in the crib?” “Or…?” “You want to cuddle with Mommy?” “You choose, I’ll sleep either way…” She chose the cuddle option, which didn’t surprise me. She sat down with me on the recliner downstairs and gently ran her hands through my hair. I didn’t last through one commercial break before I was asleep. “PRINCESS COME ON, wakey time,” I heard and felt my body being picked up. “Huh?” I asked confused before remembering where I was. “Feeling any better?” I was asked as I became aware my body was laid out on the changing table. I thought for a second, “I think so?” “Good!” she said, “We have a big day today, so I’m waking you up early and giving you a little bit more of a treat than I will normally.” I opened my eyes more at her and just shrugged, “Okay?” She had reached a soaked diaper then and I felt my skin suddenly exposed to the air and the reaction of my new body parts down there was so weird! “You sure did soak this diapee!” She told me, “I would probably have waited to change you until after breakfast, but this would have leaked with another drop!” “How come I’m wetting in my sleep?” I asked, suddenly thinking about how weird it is to wet in my sleep so soon. “I think you were right about the breast milk having that side effect... but you also have a tiny body now. Bodies that size often have these issues still even in your world I imagine?” I nodded, “I’d probably only be two-and-a-half at this size… I still can’t believe I shrank when I came through…” “Well anyway, not many babies your age sleep dry, so don’t worry about it. I wonder…” “What?” “I wonder if you’ll get back to your original height when you go home?” “I hope so… I can’t imagine being the size of a toddler back home for the rest of my life…” “Well here you’re really only a three month old, so it would still be an improvement!” She said as she tickled me a little after closing the last tape of a new Pampers. “I’m still getting a regular Pamper? Even with your mom visiting?” “My mom and I differ on how to treat littles… and I’m not going to change that just to impress her.” She tickled my bare belly and I giggled. “Thanks,” I told her gratefully. “I picked out a pretty dress for you to meet your granny, but I’m going to wait to put it on until after breakfast. This onesie will work until then.” A onesie that said ‘totes adorbs’ was pulled over me and she quickly snapped it shut. “Let’s go get breakfast before Daddy eats it all!” I felt safe as she carried me downstairs and then sat me in the high chair. Much to my surprise I was soon given a bottle that didn’t look like it was filled with normal milk, along with a plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes sitting next to it. “I think you’ll like your baba,” she told me with a smile. Fred looked at me from down the table and shook his head, “Don’t let your mama know you fed her that Amanda…” “It’s because of Mama I’m giving her that…” “Huh?” I said but reached out to the bottle and gave it a tentative nurse. It contained a concoction that was warmer than a normal bottle, but still safe to drink. There was the unmistakable taste of coffee mixed with… “Breast milk latte?” She smiled at me, “You’re going to have a hard day… thought I’d give you a treat to begin with. Don’t count on this happening regularly though until you show me you can keep that 3.5 GPA…” “Isn’t this like…?” “Unusual?” Fred asked, “Yes it is, but she’s also got to let you have a few more grown up things. Otherwise we might as well just finish regressing you to a babbling baby and send you to an etiquette school…” She sighed, “A few, but not a lot.” She told me while looking at him as if to remind him who was the mommy, “Let’s feed you your breakfast!” I snuck a long nurse on my caffeinated bottle first. ‘Oh coffee I’ve missed you!!!!!’ I thought to myself. I smiled as I pulled the bottle away for Amanda to fork a piece of pancake into my mouth. She fed me about half of it before going back to her breakfast. The eggs and bacon were sitting in front of me still with no utensil. She seemed in no hurry to get back to me with her fork so I just decided, ‘I’m a baby, right?’ they think and grabbed some of the eggs and then a piece of bacon with my hands and brought them to my mouth. Apparently this was the right move because I heard, “Awww… she got it quickly too!” from Amanda. I looked at her and she smiled, “Babies eat with their hands all the time, remember that, okay?” “But not when you’re at school…” Fred added while simultaneously taking a quick photo of me mid-bite with his phone. “You have to pretend to be mature there…” “Point made dear,” Amanda said with a sigh. I wasn’t sure what was going on but this sounded like a mommy and daddy fight if I’d ever heard one! I went back to nursing the caffeinated bottle of goodness until it was empty. I kept hoping for a few more drops though and kept nursing at it until Amanda pulled it away and fed me the last of the eggs and a couple more pancake bites. “I’m full,” I told her as she tried to get me to finish the last of the pancakes. “Last bite,” she told me, “lunch with my mom and sister is going to be a pain…” I sighed and got the last piece of pancake off the fork and swallowed feeling pretty bloated. ‘I hope she isn’t expecting me to nurse right now…’ I thought to myself. Just as I said that I felt the need to pee and decided to hold it for a few minutes to see if I could still. It unnerved me how quickly I hadn’t felt it the previous days. “Let’s get your hands and face all clean and then we’ll get you ready to meet your granny!” Amanda said to me. “Just remember to stay calm dear,” Fred said. “Who are you talking to? Me or mommy?” I asked. “Definitely Mommy Princess.” He told me with a smile. He walked by and gave me a kiss on the top of my head before heading back upstairs. “Why is he worried?” I asked as she picked me out of the chair. “Well… I think he knows how many buttons she’s going to push on you, and knows I’ll probably blow at a certain point.” She reached the top of the stairs quickly, “I’m also worried she or Chloe try something to regress you without me having a chance to stop it.” I nodded. “Do you need to make a poopie in your diapee?” She asked me as we walked into the room and felt my dry diaper. I thought about it for a moment and thought I might be able to so I nodded, “Probably?” “Then I’m going to leave you in your room for a moment while I go to the bathroom, why don’t you go now so we don’t have to deal with our company rubbing that in your face.” “That’s for you alone?” I asked her. “Sweetie, we both know there’s no way you could use our toilets… I think even a toddler’s potty is pushing it for you.” “Could we try that?” I asked suddenly wanting to push a button of my own. “No,” she told me, “you agreed.” I sighed, “You’ll have a stinky diaper when you get back Mommy.” She hugged me and set me on my feet before closing the gate and going down the hallway. I looked around at the nursery again and remembered I had volunteered for this. I then noticed my little desk and computer were missing along with my backpack! ‘I hope she just hid it from her mom…’ I thought to myself. ‘Better get this over with,’ as a minor cramp made it possible for me to push and I felt a log exit into the back of my diaper and kept pushing until it was done. It bounced around down at the bottom of the padding as gravity took hold and I realized it felt different now that I was missing my old genitals. “Did Princess Stacy make a little present for Mommy like she promised?” Amanda was back a moment later and picked me up. For once she seemed to be taking care not to smush everything. “Yes,” I told her with a grimace. “Good baby!” she told me before getting the traditional diaper change ritual out of the way. Peeing in the diaper wasn’t so bad, but I really wasn’t a fan of pooping necessarily. The stickiness… I tried to find that frame of mind of the toddler who didn’t mind but had a hard time today for some reason. Thanks to the coffee I was at least feeling awake, “What time is it?” I asked her. “Almost eight,” she told me. “So your mom…” “Granny,” she corrected, “and Auntie,” she added. “Will be here soon?” I asked. “Yes, and knowing my mother she’ll be here at about ten after eight instead of the time she said. The only thing that has kept her from being here earlier is that your Auntie is picking her up after dropping off her girls at daycare…” I noticed the way she said daycare and asked, “How bad is their daycare?” She sighed, “I remember as a little girl myself I used to go with Hannah to the same one… For an Amazon it was just a daycare. We played with finger-paints, read stories, had naptime, played on the playground… you know, the things you should do as a toddler.” “For littles?” “For littles… well understand that even good sized littles like Hannah was, they’re still smaller than our three year olds. The littles are always ending up picked on by most of the Amazons… I know I even did it sometimes to Hannah,” she said with a sigh and lots of regrets, “The truth is they’re babies and don’t know any better. In a good daycare an Amazon might get punished and it would eventually yield nicer behavior, but there… it was almost encouraged. Hannah used to be forced to let the toddlers feed her, or give her a bottle, change her, hit or spanked…” My eyes opened a bit at the thought of babies hitting or spanking me… “Yeah, it’s bad! Then you have the adults at that place who make it their mission to emphasize to the littles they will never grow up. I think eventually most of their minds crack and they just go with it like a younger baby, I know Hannah did by the end…” “So…?” “So no you won’t be going there. Regardless of what ‘great deal’ my mom can get us there.” She had just taped a new diaper on me and was pulling a pink diaper-cover up my legs as she said that. “Thank you,” I told her. “You’re very welcome Princess. I do enjoy babying you… but I don’t intend for you to have your mind destroyed or to have PTSD flashbacks for the rest of your life.” She said with a shudder that made me think she had witnessed Hannah have some, “Anything we do will be lovingly done sweetheart.” She pulled a dress out that I had to admit was beautiful. The top looked to have capped sleeves and flared out to a shorter skirt that I was sure would barely cover my diaper. The bodice was smocked with these little bows embroidered at the points of diamond shapes that crisscrossed the front. It had two little collar pieces that came down. “That’s pretty,” I told her, “when did you buy that?” “Last night while you were sleeping in the car with Daddy,” she told me with a smile. “So ready to be Mommy’s princess today?” I smiled at her and nodded. She unbuckled the strap and I sat up with my arms up. She buttoned several buttons at the back of the dress to fasten the dress securely to my body. I noticed she was moving faster as she quickly did my hair like yesterday and then showed me my reflection in the mirror. “If it wasn’t for all of my hair I really do look like an Amazon baby, don’t I?” I asked her. She nodded, “I’m sorry I didn’t catch Eddie’s last thing there… but your face makes you look even more adorable now.” “I wonder what those changes will do when I go home?” She shrugged, “You could always come back I guess if they don’t go away. You would still fit in well as our baby!” She tickled my side a bit and hugged me. I hugged her back as much as I could and said, “Thank you for not reneging on our deal.” “What? I just want the money,” she told me with a smile. “I can tell that even double that amount isn’t going to make or break you both, so thank you for just being honest.” “I still haven’t delivered you back home,” she told me with a smile and kissed my forehead again. I just smiled at her and remembered, “Where did my desk and computer go?” “Fred and I decided to put it somewhere safe in my lab… My mom will never go in there, but she will want to see your nursery. I guarantee she’ll be in here as soon as she can just to see what I did with it. We’ll bring it back tonight when she’s gone.” Just as she said that the doorbell rang. “I guess they’re here?” I asked and she nodded as she bounced with me down the stairs. I caught sight of a clock and sure enough it was ten after eight! Just as we reached the bottom of the stairs I heard, “Knock, knock” from a voice opening the front door. “Mandy you here?” “Yep, how are you doing sis?” Amanda said as she gave a giant a little taller than her a sideways hug to avoid crushing me. For my first time seeing Chloe I was surprised how friendly looking she would appear. Nothing about her said she would be a crazy ‘little’ kidnapping and maiming monster… She wore a simple dress with large flowers on it that reminded me of something a teacher would wear back home. Chloe was about the same size as Amanda – maybe a couple inches shorter, she had darker hair. Here eyes and nose were nearly identical to Amanda’s so there was a strong family resemblance. Her hair was cut in a bob and her smile seemed genuine as she cooed, “So this is my little niece?!?” She stepped closer to look at me, “You don’t look like a little at all! You’re adorable!!!” I found myself lean my head into Amanda’s shoulder nervously. “Oh my God! She’s sooooo cute!!!!!” I heard another older voice say and looked to see a lady that was obviously their mother right behind Chloe carrying a big gift bag that she sat on the floor. “Come to Granny!” She opened her arms up and I could feel Amanda reluctantly pass me over to her. “She’s really an adult little?!?” Chloe asked as she continued staring at me. “Eighteen three months ago,” Amanda said for me. For my part I was intimidated and scared beyond belief by these two women. I found myself wishing I had my pacifier then, but just hoped Amanda wouldn’t let anything happen to me. “You are too cute to ever be an adult! It was a good thing your mommy adopted you, huh?” She cooed at me. “Why is she so small?” Chloe asked. “Well, it partially has to do with how I got her. She’s from the other dimension we have the portal open to.” “Are you all this small there?” Granny asked me. “No, I shrank when I came through…” I told her nervously. “Baby you don’t have to worry about me doing something to you, your mommy would kill me if I did,” she told me reassuringly. I guess I was shaking quite a bit. “Here Mommy you probably should take her, I can understand that she’s nervous around strangers.” She gave me a quick hug and a kiss before passing me back to Amanda. She squeezed me tight to reassure me and led them to the living room where she sat down on one end of the couch. Her mom sat down next to us while her sister sat in the recliner. I had my first chance to really look at her mother then. Where as Chloe and Amanda had similar faces and eyes, Granny was a shorter version of Amanda with a few more wrinkles. I had to imagine if you held pictures of them side-by-side at the same ages you would think they were the same person! “How tall were you in the other dimension?” Chloe asked me curiously, interrupting my staring. “Five foot, ten,” I answered quickly. “You were almost an inbetweener…” she mused. “Now…? How tall is she Mandy?” “A little over thirty-six inches tall.” “So she’s barely more than a newborn…” Chloe said. “I assume you’re feeding her as such?” Amanda squeezed me a little tighter and I could tell she had shaken her head, “I’m nursing her, but we’re still eating normal solids too.” “A little that cute it’s almost a crime for her to still eat solid foods…” Chloe said. “Chloe…” her mother warned her. “I’m just saying… If she didn’t have her teeth and hair, I would be sure you’d somehow hid being pregnant from us!” “I know, but that’s not happening to her,” Amanda said. “So is she being a good girl for you so far?” Granny asked. “Yes, she’s never put up a fuss about wearing or using her diaper. Hasn’t even really whined about anything at all yet actually. She’s the perfect little,” Amanda said with another gentle squeeze. I suspected she meant that. “Well here,” Granny said, “why don’t you open my gift?” Amanda repositioned herself to where she could reach over me into the gift bag and the first thing she brought out was a beautiful quilt that I assumed was for my crib. It was a pink, purple, and yellow quilt, with butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers sewn in blocks. “Oh my god mother, this matches her nursery perfectly! How did you know?” Amanda asked. Her mom laughed, “I always knew you would have a baby girl someday, or at least a little, so I figured you would need it eventually. I knew whenever that day came it would be pinks, purples, and butterflies!” “Thank you Mom, it’s really beautiful, don’t you think Stacy?” “Yes it is… umm… thank you Granny,” I told her. “I can see what you mean, she is very polite too.” She reached a hand over and patted my head lightly, “There are a few more things in there too,” she added. Indeed inside was a gift basket of bath toys, soap, and bubble bath. There was also a very cute teddy bear that she handed me and I cuddled. “Thanks Mom,” she squeezed the arm of the bear herself and said, “I do appreciate it.” “So I talked to the daycare when I dropped off my girls and they said they could easily get Stacy in there,” Chloe said. “Thanks Chloe, but I’m not planning on putting her in that daycare.” “Why, it was good enough for you girls?” her mom said. “Mom we’re not going to turn Stacy into a newborn baby only cooing, pooping, and looking cute like some sort of living doll. She’s actually very smart and I’m not going to destroy that. She’s also much sweeter than any little you’ve ever met, so it’s not like she needs to be reminded to behave either.” “You say that now Mandy,” Chloe said, “but just wait a couple weeks and she’ll make her break for it. She’s probably just biding her time until she can run away when you’ve let your guard down.” I actually laughed at that. “What’s so funny little girl?” Chloe asked and I began to get the vibe I had expected more from her mom. “Where would I run to?” I asked, “I’m not even like a normal little who looks like they might have a chance at an adult life. Right now the chances of anyone not naturally just picking me up for my own good are zero. I’m not even the size of a toddler, I’m not going anywhere that Mommy doesn’t want me to go.” “You shouldn’t let her speak like that,” Chloe glared. Amanda shrugged, “She’s right. I bought clothes originally thinking she would be about the twelve to eighteen month size range. She wears regular three month size Amazon clothes… No one will let her by without knowing for certain that she’s cared for. I’m not worried about her running away at all. Besides, she has her tracking chip too and she knows it.” “Well, I know we came early, had you fed her already?” her mom asked, seeming to want to break the tension. “Yes, we had breakfast early since I figured you would be here before the time you said.” “Of course, how could I not rush to see my new grandbaby? I still can’t believe you didn’t call and tell me about her immediately!” “Sorry Mom, I wanted to make sure I got her first and then wanted her to settle in first.” She sighed, “I guess I understand that dear. Any chance I can see the nursery?” Amanda smiled genuinely then, “Sure!” She put me on her side and we walked upstairs to my nursery. “This is beautiful!” Chloe exclaimed. “Exactly like I imagined it would be!” Her mom cooed. “My baby girl really has grown up now and has her own baby!” “Here, let’s put this over her crib rail for now,” Chloe said bringing the quilt with her. “Looks like you handled baby proofing the room pretty well sis. I know none of my girls have had any luck getting out since I put up that brand of gate - and they’re a foot or more taller than Stacy here.” “Honestly I mainly have it up in case someone were to question me having her.” “Nonsense sweetie,” her mom assured her, “you got her to come willingly like the law says?” “Yes, she agreed to come live with us. Even agreed to the diapers and everything.” “Then no one can say anything,” her mom said. “Other than they wished they’d seen her first,” Chloe said, “which I’ll say that!” I looked at her as she hesitated, “Can I hold her for a moment?” I felt Amanda get as nervous as I was but she handed me over to her. “You’re soooo tiny and light!!!!” She cooed over me as she squeezed me into a small hug and then turned me over onto my back to hold me like an infant. She rocked back and forth and cooed at me for a few moments while they continued to talk. “This dress is adorable Mandy, where did you get it?” “Threadbare yesterday,” she said. “I went inside after we ate dinner out. This princess was sound asleep and Fred watched her in the car.” “It really does make her look like a little princess,” her mom agreed. “You both would have loved that dress as little girls.” “So what do you want to do?” Amanda asked as she looked worriedly at me in Chloe’s arms. “Well, I kind of want to buy a piece or two of baby gear for my granddaughter that I see you’re missing.” “Like?” Amanda asked as I internally gulped. “Well you’re missing a swing and a walker for once,” she told her. “I mean assuming you’re not going to follow Chloe’s lead and keep her from walking like her littles.” “How many times do I have to tell you it was for their own good, Momma?” Chloe asked. I felt her squeeze me a little tighter and I grew more nervous. “Kacey convinced Kendra and Katie they should escape. It was only because of the neighbors that they all didn’t manage to toddle away that night! They showed that I couldn’t trust them to be that mature, so I took that decision away from them.” There was an awkward pause before she said, “I hope you don’t make us do that with you!” Chloe said looking down at me. I shook my head and suddenly needed to pee. I decided to just let go and sure enough Chloe said, “Well at least you’re not giving your Mommy a hard time about using the potty. Lord knows I think even the training potty Cassie has for little Klara would be too big for you to get on without help!” I sighed, “I know.” “Here, why don’t you let me change her and then we’ll get going,” Mandy said with her arms out. “Oh nonsense, I’ve been changing diapers forever - I bet I can do just as well as Mommy, if not better, huh?” Chloe said and turned to the changing table. She pulled the strap across my stomach and said, “Mandy, how come you bought a regular baby changing table? What will you do if she starts fighting you?” “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem Chloe, she’s not tried to hit, bite, or kick me once in the first three days. If it was going to happen it would have happened the first time I changed her or nursed her.” She pulled my diaper cover down and said, “Mandy, why do you have her in regular Pampers? There are so many other diapers are much cuter and make them waddle more!” She reached down and said, “I mean this princess themed diaper is perfect! Plus then you don’t have to change them as much!” She untaped my diaper just then. “She likes the Pampers more and I really don’t mind changing her more often.” “You know I kind of like the Pampers on her better too,” their mom said, “it makes you believe she’s actually a real baby in them.” “Hmmph,” Chloe said, “Why would you want to do that?” “Because not every little needs humiliated all of the time,” I found myself saying and then instantly regretted the words as she had my bottom up in the air pulling the wet diaper out from underneath me. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please keep the comments and/or the likes coming, it helps me stay focused on writing if others are enjoying it!
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    74.) Despite the fact that Josie had slept until long into the afternoon and had only been up for a few hours, like most girls her apparent age she had been put down for a nap before dinner. Dozily, she stared at the crib, the one on the left that had been Ister's, and Anni tugged on her hand. "This one is your bed, Josie, an' this one is my bed but if you wanna cuddles wif' me tha's okay 'cause Mommy says it's okay for little girls to cuddle sometimes." Marta was standing just behind the two girls, one of them bubbly and animated, the other blank and dazed. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in the crib. Anni's fingers were weaved through the bars, playing with mine. I was feeling better. But better was relative. Not only was I feeling more myself, but that particular notion wasn't always a good thing. It made me nervous as certain memories raced to take hold of me… "…let me out of this silly thing…" This was the second time I had been put in the crib. "Momma or Miss Marta will come and get us when is time to get out, uhhuh." Life was, at least to Anni, very routine. But children needed routine, needed consistency and structure, and no more than she did — and for Anni, it seemed to be working very well. It also meant she was a very wise choice to get on the good side of, because she knew how things worked. "We do playings and then we do naps and then we do dindins, uhhuh. Are you wet, Josie?" …she was kidding, right? But of course she wasn't. She was a child. Children aren't the type to kid. They don't understand it yet. "No. I'm not." I reached for the little lever I'd been shown earlier by Anni, but the plunger wouldn't push. I tried for a minute or two, but to no avail. Marta waited in the doorway, watching with a smile. "Let me out," I told her, but she barely acknowledged me. Fine. So I got up on my feet - cool, I could stand again! - and climbed over the top. "You're going to hurt yourself, silly Josie." Josie sounded particularly pretty as a name when said in Marta's accent, and she watched as the girl scaled the side of the crib — it seemed much higher looking down outside of it, once you'd reached the top. Josie may have thought she was the first one to ever have the notion to climb out of the crib, clearly, but compared to some of the girls that had been through here, she was an angel. My feet touched the floor and I pouted. All in all, the crib wasn't very good for holding adults. Then again, the last time I was in it, I'd failed to get out because of the milk. Maybe that was the point. "Don't call me that," I said flatly, moving past the maid and into the hallway. My legs were still shaky, but at least I could walk now. I'd be leaving. I wouldn't stick around here any longer. The maid watched Josie, curious, smiling, as she walked away from the crib, and closer to the door. The door that Marta still in front of, and one with one she took the girl by the wrist, pressed the two spots on the bracelet, and spoke simply. "Josie is Pretty." Pause. Always pause. Single out the words. Then continue. "It's time for dindins soon, Miss Josie. You don't want to go anywhere." She let my wrist go and I stumbled backwards. My cheeks got hot and I looked at Marta like she were a burst of color. It only lasted a second, but it certainly took the wind out of my sails. I opened my mouth to say something, to try to come up with something to say, but I felt too… embarrassed. It was hard to remember why I was trying to leave the room... "Now girls, I'm going to change your diapers, and get you both dressed for tea — The Lady of the House will be joining us, and it's not often that all of you get to eat together." She didn't have to stay next to Josie, in-fact, she moved past her to lower the side of the crib and let Anni out, not in any fear or concern that the girl might slip away. I looked at Marta nervously, biting my lip. She helped Anni to the changing table, where she started to undress the poor girl. I blinked, a bit of realization coming over me, and noticing I didn't have to use the bathroom. But I'd had two bottles of milk, hadn't I? Shouldn't I have to go? Or did I… no… of course not. But it had happened before. The milk did that to people… why do I always forget this stuff? Josie came closer to the changing table, quietly, watching as Marta unwrapped the wet diaper from the eighteen year old girl and then started to wipe her glistening skin clean. All the while, Anni continued to babble about a dream she'd had, like having a woman change her diaper was the most natural thing in the world. And honestly, to her, it certainly was. "I'll change you in a moment, Miss Josie, try not to move around too much — you don't want to get a rash." I felt a deeper blush on my cheeks and I shook my head. "I don't…" I bit my lip a little harder and nervously shifted from foot to foot. "I'm… I gotta use the bathroom… I'll be right back…" I needed to make sure I hadn't had an accident. I needed to prove to Nora that I could leave! "Miss Josie, please don't wander off." The sound of diaper tapes being pulled and fastened punctuated the words, and Anni climbed down off the table with a smile. "Climb up here now, Miss Josie, it's time for me to change you — if you're dry, then I'll just tape your diaper back up, as there's no need to be wasteful. Come now, best not to make a fuss, we still need to get you both dressed for tea." "I need to use the bathroom," I said again, a little more assertively. The blur of colors only lasted a moment, but a lot had changed since. I was still getting my bearings… it was just so surreal, the sudden rush of quiet in my head… "I'll be right back, I promise." And without the girl blocking the door, that's where I went. When Marta got to the bathroom, the padded panties and diaper had been pulled down all the way to Josie’s ankles, the inside of the latter stained deeply yellow, and Josie was looking down at it forlornly, like she didn't know what to do. The seat on the toilet was still down. "Miss Josie, it's impolite to run off like that — you can clearly see now that your diaper needed changing, can't you?" "It was just that dumb milk," I said at the woman, frustrated. All in all, though, I felt very embarrassed about it. This wasn't supposed to happen like this… "Get out - I'm changing." To my surprise, she actually got out. Huh. I thought she'd make another smartass comment. I rolled up the diaper and pulled the panties back up over my body. It was all I could do for now… I needed to talk to Nora... Once Josie came out of the bathroom, Marta took her by the hand and began to lead her back up the hall to the bedroom, despite the girl’s protesting and struggles. "We need to get you dressed for tea, Miss Josie, it won't do any good at all to show up in your pajamas now, will it? A young lady must look her best when she's at the dinner table." I would have complained more, but I was still wearing the strange dress and Koi's corset. It had been over a day. When we got back to the room, Marta helped get the dress off me. I covered my chest nervously, looking at the woman with a frown. "I can dress myself." "Uh huh." And she went to unlace the corset. "Hey, hey! I wanna wear this!" "Little girls do not wear corsets, Josie." But, to her delight, there was some autonomy at this point in the program and it could be used to leverage the girl. "However, if you're a good girl and allow me to dress you properly, including your diaper, then I might be able to bend the rules and allow you to keep wearing the corset to dinner. How does that sound?" "I don't need diapers." "Your last one says otherwise." Ugh. "Listen, just because I had that stupid milk and it has side effects doesn't mean anything! And anyway - I can pick out my own clothes, thank you. Go, like, babysit Anni or something." I walked past Marta and into the closet, looking at the dresses. They were just so childish… "Miss Josie, please do not mistake my leniency for an inability to discipline you." It was as much of a threat as a domestic servant could make, but it was delivered very seriously, and the girl stopped looking through the dresses for a moment. "I would like to work with you, Miss Josie, to allow you to keep your corset. But if you're troublesome, then it may have to be put away until you graduate the program." I winced, biting my lip. I kept leafing through the dresses, but I wasn't looking at them anymore. I was thinking… "I'm not in any program," I finally decided. "There's a misunderstanding… and I'll talk to Nora about it, not her help.” It was a catty thing to say, but I wasn't in the mood to deal with Marta. She wasn't in charge. It seemed like a pretty solid argument, honestly. And maybe if Marta were any other maid, and maybe if it were any other child being petulant, it would have caused an effect in the girl’s favor. Unfortunately, all it did was result in Josie pulled by the arm over the maid’s knee as she sat, and her bottom exposed, and a dozen spanks delivered harshly to her skin. "STOP IT!" I hadn't started to cry, but my eyes were wet and ready. I kicked my feet, but the woman was very good - it seemed - at dealing with stubborn children. "I am gonna tell Nora! You're gonna get fired!" I knew Marta's employment was under strange circumstances, but I didn't know the extent of it. Maybe this would work... "Miss Josie, you are under the care of The Lady of the House, and in her absence, you are under my care, and I am quite within my responsibility to apply reasonable discipline." And truly, spanking was the most mild form of reasonable discipline that she was allowed to enforce. Spanking that even after fifteen swats, had left Josie’s bottom remarkably, angrily, brightly red. Tears dripped down my cheeks by the time Marta let me up, pulling the seat of my underwear back over my butt. I couldn't help but cry, but I didn't snivel or blubber. I was trying to keep my dignity… "I..I'm not anyone's… under anyone's care…" I rubbed the water away from my eyes, rubbing the seat of my underwear. "You very much are, Miss Josie, and you would do well to remember that you're not always going to be qualified to make your own decisions. You are a child, and you will follow directions given. If you do not, you will be disciplined." The girl was trembling some, and Marta spoke sternly. "I will extend my offer one more time and one more time only. Would you like to keep your corset?" …this wasn't fair. I wasn't a child. And sure, I… I liked the idea of it. I liked being treated like a kid sometimes! But not… not a baby. Not diapers! Not… accidents. I was more grown up than that… "…I have training panties… can't that be enough…? And I'll… I'll wear whatever dress you pick out…" Compromise. It was all I had to offer… "On the singular condition that if your training panties are not dry by the time you come to bed tonight, you will agree, without argument, to wear diapers underneath until such time as you no longer need them." She would be wet, of course, because Nora worked fervently to ensure her girls’ bladder control eroded very early on — it was an important tool to their descent, and rebirth. "No milk." "No milk," she agreed. "No tubes in my vagina either, weirdo!" "No catheters." …what was the harm? I wouldn't have any accidents. The only reason I'd had one last night was because of the milk. And I'd wet the bed at home, I guess, but that was in the night. I just had to make it until bedtime. "Deal." "Very well. Sit on the easy-chair by the corner, I'll select your ensemble." Admittedly, many of the clothes here did not work very well with the idea of a corset, but there were a few very very childish dresses that would fit the bill nicely, victorian style, the furthest thing from being able to write them off as lolita fashion — they were very obviously for the youngest of babies. "…not that one…" "You said whatever I chose." "…Marta, that's not even…" "The laces will emphasize the corset. Your bust." "…the laces are going to make me look like a baby…" The whole thing was… was horribly childish. And not childish in a modern way. Childish in a no-possible-way-it-could-ever-be-adult way. No fashionable motive. No alternate concept. Just… baby girl. "Marta, please..." "Miss Josie, are you meaning to tell me that you're reneging on our agreement so soon? I would hate to think so lowly of you." Such deals were common in the first few days, it was an illusion of control that some girls needed — Josie included, it seemed. It did not take terribly long for those deals to stop being offered. "Stand up, Miss Josie." "This is so stupid…" The dress was pulled over my head and the little bow tied behind my back. It was not shaping at all, the way she made it out to be. It ruffled under my chin and flounced about in a way fabric really shouldn't. The blessing was the length - it went nearly down to my knees. Of course, I looked like a giant pile of fabric. My cheeks went pink and I looked quietly at my feet. I couldn't believe this… "Head up." "…what? Oh. No! Nuh uh! No way!" She held a matching bonnet in her hands. "I'll just wear the diaper! This is so much worse!" "Yes, that was a choice you were given, wasn't it? You must be so pleased, Miss Josie, that you chose the outcome that you did." The ensemble was simply divine in the most infantile way, and included such victorian impracticalities as the bonnet, and the white gloves. "Oh now, look at that, you see? Josie is Pretty." Her hand squeezed the bracelet lightly, the way that it would be done for the next few days, and she made sure the girl was in front of the mirror when the chemicals hit her system. My cheeks went pink as I looked at myself, at the vibrancy of myself, at the cuteness of myself. And the little part of me that liked this tinged with excitement. I knew it was impractical, with how I looked. I knew it wasn't even how I wanted to look! But… but something about it… stuck… "It's silly," I muttered, but my cheeks told a different story. "Sit in the easy chair, Miss Josie, I've to get your sister ready, now." Anni had been watching the entire time, from the corner where she was playing with her dolls — actually, she'd been having a conversation, quietly, with one of them, her imagination as perfect as any child's, quietly narrating the events unfolding between Josie and Marta. I sat quietly and played with my thumbs, biting my lip while I waited for Anni to be dressed. She looked so much older than me, even though she was a couple inches shorter. I hated it. I hated that I was being treated like a baby. I liked being coddled, sure, but this was just too much… I had to talk to Nora. I had to.
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    Part 29 We decided on fast food, something April really didn't believe in, on the grounds of convenience. I was back in the carrier for the short walk, we were just going to get a couple of burgers and take it back to the room to eat. The restaurant was pretty normal as compared to things where I was from, we stood in line and I pretended to sleep. April ordered a meal for herself and a Little-sized burger and a lemon-lime soda for me, and we headed back to the hotel. People seemed to leave a "sleeping baby" alone, so I had a feeling I'd be faking sleep a lot on this trip. Once we were safely back in the room, I "woke up" and April sat on the floor with me and started distributing the food. Her burger was enormous, the size of a dinner plate - I could eat it for a week and still have leftovers. Her soda was a gallon easily, probably a gallon and a half. Mine were much more reasonably sized, it looked like a good meal. April fiddled with her phone a bit and played some music for us while we ate. It was mostly a comfortable silence... it made me think of a half-remembered saying about love being the ability to sit with someone and say nothing at all. I hadn't really had any soda since I became Little, it had all been milk and juice so this was a real treat. The bubbles tickled my nose as I drank, taking a long draw of the cold beverage, guzzling it quickly. "Thank you for dinner, mommy," I smiled up at her. Even sitting on her rump on the floor she towered over me. "This is really nice... " My face felt warm, my skin felt fuzzy. Something was wrong. "Is it hot in here?" I put a hand on my crotch, I was wetting my diaper with no warning at all. "Um, mommy... I fink somefing is wrong." "Shit!" April cursed, leaning close into me, "They laced the food. Of course they laced the Little menu, fucking Catalon!" She snatched the burger and the soda away from me. Her outburst scared me for some reason and I couldn't help but cry. "What am I going to do? How are we going to get by here without you getting drugged or abused? We can't even trust the food!" I wasn't used to April having emotional outbursts and my own emotions felt completely out of control. I buried my face in her chest and sobbed. We sat there for a long moment, taking comfort in each others arms. Then April stood up quickly, a look of determination on her face. She strapped me back into the carrier and we headed back out into the streets of Barcelon. "Where we go?" I struggled to ask, my brain felt fuzzy and I couldn't get my words to do what I wanted. April looked down at me sadly and slipped my pacifier between my lips. She didn't inflate it.. but for some reason, I couldn't spit it out anyway. Every time I tried, I ended up sucking on it instead. My limbs felt heavy and I couldn't get comfortable. When we stopped, it looked like we were in a pharmacy. "Excuse me, hi," April smiled to a male pharmacy tech behind the counter, her voice sounded a little strange to me, "I'm having a bit of an emergency, I'm hoping you can help me." "Hello ma'am," he smiled back, "What's the trouble?" "My Little has been in the hospital for the past few days.. I got her the implant that rejects solid food," I squeezed my eyes shut to prevent the look of terror on my face from showing. How was that a thing? "But I didn't plan on her being in so long, they kept her for observation and my supply dried up. I need a lactation booster, one that will have her feeding tonight. I do not want her on formula, not my princess." "Oh, those are getting popular. I hear the newer models can even disallow most liquids except for breastmilk. We have just the thing, ma'am. He grabbed a box from behind the counter. "No prescription required, and your Little will be completely addicted to your milk within 3 feedings. She'll do absolutely anything for a feed after that, it's so adorable when they beg for it." "Oh dear, she's allergic to the addiction additive, I tried that when I first got her. She was so fussy. After the second feed, she couldn't stop vomiting everywhere and there was blood in it, no no. We're not doing that again. She'll behave or else. Do you have a non-addictive booster?" "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, ma'am. Littles coughing up blood is so distressing. Poor things," he put the box away and grabbed another one. "This one has the least number of additives - it will make her wet more often, that's the best I can do. That part should be out of your system in three weeks. It's probably best if we avoid all we can since she had such an extreme reaction to the addiction additive. This one is as safe as they come." "Thank you so much," April said, a small edge in her voice. I kept still as we started moving again. April checked out and we were on our way again. I opened my eyes when we were back on the street, but I felt dizzy and warm... I felt so thirsty. Once we were back in the elevator of the hotel, I tried telling her. "Mama," I said softly around the pacifier. I still couldn't spit it out, it felt really hard to talk, "Drink pwease." I hated the way my voice sounded, but I couldn't help it. The words wouldn't come out the way I wanted. April rocked me gently and I felt soothed. I sighed sleepily and smiled. The moment we were back in the room, April set the carrier on the bed and took the medicine she bought. "Mama," I called again, "Drink pwease. Firsty." "My poor baby, oh you're soaked," April said, pulling me out of the carrier. "Shh, shh, it's okay." She stroked my hair. Oh, how I wished I hadn't drank so much of that soda. Why was it hitting me so hard? How did Catalon Littles even function at all? "Let's get you changed." "Firsty, firsty," my mouth felt so dry as she laid me down and started popping the snaps of my shortalls again. "Let's keep you in nighttime diapers for now, until this wears off sweetie, we'll get you changed and we'll get you a drink." Her tones were soothing, I loved her so much. I don't think I ever loved her more than I did in that moment. The warm feeling I had was a little tingly now, and her fingers felt cool where she touched me. "There we go, Kimmy. All dry and comfy again." She was babytalking me... she didn't normally do this, and I was really enjoying it, although some small part of me knew that I shouldn't. She laid me back down in the carrier and walked out of my vision. I felt unbelievably sad the moment I couldn't see her... and I started to cry. Loudly. I just couldn't help it, it felt like I had been abandoned, like she was never coming back and I'd be alone forever. "Mama!" I called out, hoping she could still hear me from her faraway place. "Shhh, baby," came her voice and I felt better, "The medicine says I have to drink a lot of water for it to work, my darling." She came back with a large glass of water for herself and a bottle of juice for me. Seeing her was like seeing the sun rise after a month of darkness. It was beautiful and precious and I savored the moment. "This is the last bottle we brought with us, I hope that the medicine works before you get thirsty again." I took the bottle and sucked greedily at the nipple, the juice felt cold and soothing on my throat, I felt parched - like I had just run ten miles, it didn't make any sense. As I drained the bottle, April picked up the carrier and set it back on the floor. She resumed her dinner, eating the very large and now probably cold burger and drinking as much of the water as she could. I was still quite hungry, I hadn't gotten but a bite of my own burger. I was breathing through my nose and chugging the bottle as best I could, I didn't want to stop until it was completely gone, I felt so thirsty. When it was empty, I felt better... the thirst was lessened, but it was definitely still there. "Tanks," I said, pulling the empty bottle from between my lips, "I.. " I struggled to focus, everyone was always commenting about 'fighting the formula', so that's what I had to do. I struggled to be coherent, "I feel betta. I don know why I got so firsty." "Because," April smiled sadly, "the formula they slipped in your soda is making you pee out all your fluids." She squeezed the front of my shortalls gently, "I just changed you a few minutes ago and you're already wet. Did you not feel yourself going?" "No," I said, a little distressed, "I.. " I reached down and pressed my hands to my diapered crotch. Now that I was focusing on it, I could feel that I was still going right now! "I'm peeing right now," I frowned. I focused all my will on my bladder, focusing to stop the flow. Thankfully, it did. "I feel a lil' betta." "Let it all out, don't try to stop it. Getting those fluids out of you will help," April stroked my face and took another large gulp from her water glass. I nodded and relaxed my bladder.. and I was going again in a moment. The diaper grew warm and heavy between my legs. After a few moments, it stopped naturally. "I feel.. better," I said, focusing on my pronunciation, "Wow, that was awful. How do the Catalon Littles deal with it?" "Well sweetie," she said, picking up my soda cup, "You drank almost all your soda at once and you had never been exposed to the regression formula before.. I've heard that taking a heavy dose the first time can lead to some distressing effects. I'm going to assume that wasn't quite what they consider a 'heavy dose' but it certainly affected you. I'm so glad you're coming back to me, I missed you." "Me too, mama," I frowned at the word, "Mommy. It made everything feel different, more extreme." "You should try and take a nap, sleep the rest of it off. We need to run to the store, thankfully just about everything is within walking distance of the hotel. You sleep and I'll pick us up some supplies." "I'm not sleepy," I objected. "Oh sweetie.. I don't think you're correct," she smiled, pulling me from the carrier and holding me against her, my chin over her shoulder. "Close your eyes," she said softly, and began rubbing my back and rocking side to side, singing a lullaby. "Not sleepy," I yawned, relaxing in her arms. "Then don't sleep, just relax and let me hold my perfect Little Kimmy," she paused the lullaby long enough to tell me I didn't have to sleep, then resumed. I relaxed further, going completely slack in her arms. She held me so easily, so tenderly. I was ten feet in the air and perfectly safe. A smile crept across my face as I bathed in the words to her song. Her voice was so beautiful to me, so perfect. It wasn't long before I was asleep.
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    (6.) It was the sound of crying that woke me up, not the vigorous shaking that made my teeth click together. The pain of that was what brought me to full alertness, and dimly, I hoped I hadn’t chipped a tooth. I felt around for the switch to my bedside lamp. The room was awash in bright yellow light that made both of us wince; once my eyes adjusted, I could see the tears streaming down Emmy’s face. “Oh, sweetheart,” I said, and reached out to pull her onto the bed with me. She settled into my lap without any prompting, and she clung to me with a desperate kind of strength. “What happened?” I could feel that she was wet, but I’d expected that much, and I didn’t think that was what had her so upset. “I...I had a bad dream.” Emmy choked out, and buried her face in my chest, smearing snot and tears onto my shirt. I rubbed her back. “Do you want to talk about it?” “My parents...they died in a plane crash. What if...what if they don’t come home?” Emmy wondered, and then she started crying even harder. “It’s okay, little one,” I said. “They called before we left to go get dinner. They’re fine. They’re safe. It’s actually daytime where they are, so we can try to call them if you want.” Emmy sniffled. “Really?” I nodded. “Sure.” I handed her my phone after dialing the number they’d given me. Emmy held the phone up to her ear, trembling against me. “Mommy?” She said in a quiet, tremulous voice. I could hear Emmy’s mom responding to her, but the volume was too low for me to make out what they were saying. I settled for rocking Emmy a little and patting her bottom, hoping to soothe her. “Yeah...I’m okay. I miss you. I just had a bad dream and was worried.” Emmy said quietly. I reached over to pull her thumb away from her mouth. Emmy relaxed against me. “Good. I’m glad you’re having fun...I love you too. Goodnight.” Emmy handed me my phone. “Thanks.” she said. “No problem.” I kissed her forehead. “Let’s get you dry, and then we’ll try sleeping again.” Emmy’s little fist tightened in the fabric of my shirt. “I…” she took a breath and pressed her face into my chest. “I don’t want to be by myself.” “It’s alright,” I said, more by reflex than anything else. “You can stay here tonight. We just need to change your diaper first, okay?” Emmy just nodded. Poor kid… I knew that calling her mom must have helped at least a little; I could literally feel that she had relaxed some. But, I knew she was still anxious, and I didn’t blame her. Her parents had been on some weekend trips before, but this was the longest she’d been apart from them. Emmy missed her mom. It seemed like such a simple thing, but I knew, to her, it was different. She still needed someone to chase away the nightmares, to hug her when she was sad, and hold her when she was scared. I must’ve seemed like a poor substitute for the real thing in her parents’ absence, but I was going to do my best to make sure that she felt safe with me. I held her a little tighter and shifted her to my hip when I stood up. “Don’t worry little one, I’ve got you.” *.*.*.*.* The bed was empty when I woke up the next morning. I could hear Emmy puttering around in the kitchen downstairs, and I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t noticed her getting up. I forced myself out of my warm, comfortable bed, and headed toward the kitchen. If our trip to the grocery store had taught me anything, it was that there was no telling what kind of mischief Emmy would get up to if left unsupervised. I smelled smoke as I got closer and I started to panic, at least until I saw the black rectangles protruding from the toaster. Poor Wonderbread never had a chance. The next thing that caught my attention was Emmy attempting to operate the stove. The smell of gas hung faintly in the kitchen, but Emmy didn’t seem to understand the danger. My heart leapt into my throat. “Emmy, don’t!” I shouted, but she didn’t seem to hear me. She reached for knob to light it, and Iunged for her, pulling her away from the stove as flames shot up from the hob. Emmy screamed and latched onto me. Nothing was on fire, and the stove was functioning normally, so that was a plus. I held Emmy at arm’s length, checking her over for injuries. She was crying, but I didn’t see any marks or blood, so I hoped that she was just scared and not hurt. “Are you okay?” I tried not to sound like I was panicking, but I couldn’t tell if it worked. Emmy nodded, sucking in a breath. “I think so.” “Are you sure?” I asked, trying to calm my own frantically racing heart.” “Uh-huh.” Heat blossomed in my chest. Now that I knew she wasn’t injured, I was furious. She was lucky I’d walked in when I did, otherwise we might be on our way to the hospital. I couldn’t believe her; I didn’t think her parents would’ve let her operate the stove without supervision, something that seemed even clearer given what had just happened… I took a breath and forced myself to chill for a mental ten-count. And then, I rounded on her. “What on Earth were you thinking?” I snapped, harsher than I meant to. Emmy flinched away from me, tears welling in her eyes again. I felt a pang of guilt that I’d scared her, but maybe that was a good thing. “I...I don’t know.” “Do your parents let you use the stove by yourself?” I demanded. I knew I needed to calm down, but I was seeing red, and my frustration with Emmy’s behavior had been steadily mounting since she’d arrived. As guilty as I felt about it, I couldn’t deny the truth: I needed an outlet. “Well, no, but-” “But nothing!” I interrupted. “If it’s against the rules when your mom and dad are home, why in the world would you think it’s okay when they’re not here?” Emmy reddened, her fists clenching by her sides. She took a step forward, her hands coming up like she wanted to shove me. “I was trying to be nice!” She yelled. I was a hairsbreadth away from taking her over my knee, but I knew that spanking her would be irresponsible while I was so upset. I ground my teeth. “Corner. Now.” I said evenly, though I was still seething. “So what? Now I’m getting punished for trying to do something nice?” Emmy stomped her foot. “You’re so unfair!” “I’m sorry you feel that way. Now, are you going to go to the corner by yourself, or do I need to take you?” Emmy folded her arms and stared me down. “Emory, last chance. You’re already getting five swats for using the stove, and if I have to take you, it’ll be with a sore bottom on top of those, I promise you that.” Emmy turned on her heel. “Butthead…” she muttered, and I gave her a hard swat on the backside. “Boy, somebody really wants a spanking.” I said. “I’ll be back in five minutes, and if you can explain yourself like a big girl, instead of calling me names, and throwing a fit, maybe I’ll reconsider your punishment.” Emmy ignored me, and I took the opportunity to go sit on the sofa and cool off. I took a couple deep breaths and rubbed my temples. She’s just a kid. I told myself. I had no clue what had gotten into Emmy lately, normally she was so well-behaved… I understood that she was anxious and stressed out because her parents were away, but that didn’t give her license to act out the way she had. I spent the next few minutes trying to massage away my headache, with no success, and then went to get Emmy from the corner. I could tell she’d been crying, but she looked more angry than remorseful. I put my hands on my hips. “What do you have to say for yourself?” I asked, as calmly as I could. Emmy took a breath. “I’m sorry. I was trying to make you breakfast. You’ve been so nice to me since I got here, I wanted to do something nice for you, too.” Well. I felt like a jerk... I blew out a long sigh, and knelt down. Emmy was more or less eye-level with me now. “Thank you, munchkin. That was very nice of you. I understand what you were trying to do, but it isn’t safe for you to use the stove by yourself yet. Today could have been much worse if I hadn’t walked in when I did.” “I know…” Emmy’s voice broke. “Hey,” I said, gripping her chin so she’d look at me. I felt bad about snapping at her, now that I knew what she’d been up to, but I didn’t necessarily regret doing it. “I shouldn’t have been so quick to yell at you, I was just scared that you’d get hurt. What do you say to making breakfast together this time? I’ll help you with the stove.” “I’m not in trouble?” Emmy wondered. I shook my head. “I think we can let you off with a warning this time. But, if you ever do anything like that again, your little butt is mine, got it?” Emmy nodded vigorously. “Good. Next time, you’re not sure about something, just ask, okay? I won’t bite, I promise.” Emmy threw her arms around my neck and squeezed. I hugged her back, and patted her bottom, realizing only then that she’d been in a wet diaper this whole time. “Okay cutie, let’s go change that diaper, and then we’ll have breakfast.” “But, I wanna help!” Emmy whined. “I know, and you can. It’ll be a lot more fun with dry pants, trust me. Besides, if you’re gonna be touching food and then eating it, you should be clean anyway.” “Alright,” I could tell Emmy wasn’t happy about it, but she didn’t argue any further. I scooped her up and headed up to her room. “So,” I began as I laid her down on the bed. “Is today going to be a Big day, or a Little day?” Emory chewed her bottom lip. “I...I don’t know.” “You don’t know?” I wondered. I reached for one of her pull-ups. “Do you think you can be big enough to manage the potty today?” Emmy just shrugged. I knew at that point that it was pretty much a lost cause, but I had to at least try. I didn't want to make more work for myself by just allowing her not to bother with the toilet if I could help it. “I think you can do it.” I told her. “I’ll even remind you to go. Let’s see if we can make it through today without any accidents, okay?” Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to happen. But, I knew she wouldn’t even bother trying without some encouragement, and if by chance, she made it through the day dry, well, maybe there was hope for her potty training after all. “Okay,” Emmy replies, and smiled at me. “Good girl.” I slid the pull-up on for her and pulled her to a sitting position. “What do you want to wear today?” “This is fine.” Emmy said. She was just in her pajama top and pull-up, but I didn’t have any plans to go out today, so I wasn’t going to make a big deal of it. Besides, it’d be easier to see if--when-- she had an accident this way. “Alright,” I clapped my hands and tried my best to sound enthusiastic. “I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. Let’s go get started on breakfast.”
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    I couldn't stand not sharing! I finished writing Part 26 this morning. I was going to try and get further ahead so I didn't run out and I could post regularly like I was, but I couldn't stand it! I want you all to meet Gwen. ======= Part 24 I drifted back to consciousness and found myself on Aunt Lisa's couch, still in my sloth PJs but apparently with a fresh diaper. I stretched, and roused to see April hugging Aunt Lisa very tightly. "Thank you so much, you and Mellie both," she said softly, but her voice carried. "It wasn't all sunshine and roses, April - she wants to know how she got here. Melanie told Kimmy her arrival story." "It was going to happen eventually," April sighed, "but I feel like we've turned an important corner. I think we'll be okay." I yawned loudly, in hopes that they wouldn't realize I was eavesdropping. April knew how I got here, and it was something that she thought I would take poorly... "Good morning, sleepyhead. You slept through your morning change," she smiled down at me as she scooped me up, "I was worried it was a hypnotic sleep, but Lisa told me that you drifted off naturally. We've got a lunch date today, sweetie. Gwen is meeting us at the Pasta Palace. It's a beautiful day, I thought we'd eat out on their terrace." My stomach did a little flip-flop at the news of the lunch date. I wasn't sure I wanted to meet Gwen. I wanted to pretend it would just be April and me forever, just the two of us in this new special kind of love we had found... I felt a little shaken, like that newfound love was threatened. The look on April's face said everything would be fine, however. She hadn't been wrong yet, there was no reason to think she would start now. The key to finding happiness was to surrender to her, to be her Little, to follow where she guided me. I didn't know what was best for me, she did. It made my heart hurt a bit, but I had to trust her. "Let's go home and get you in a pretty dress, say goodbye to Lisa. Mellie is still asleep, you'll see her again soon, I'm sure." "Bye Aunt Lisa," I smiled and waved over April's shoulder as she hoisted me up, holding me to her by my diapered bottom. "Thank you for everything, it was a super fun sleepover." "Goodbye, Kimmy. You are a good girl, I'm glad you had fun." April carried me to the car and buckled me in, handing me Harry Otter. "Bottle please!" I smiled cheerfully after I was buckled. She laughed and handed me a bottle of juice from the diaper bag, "Are we sure she didn't slip you something, cutie?" "I'm sure," I said as I took the bottle from her, "I just had a really good time, mommy. How many pacis does Mellie have? She seems to have a different one every time I see her." Mommy beamed at me again, she was really, really happy that I called her 'mommy'. "I'm glad you had a good time," she said, ignoring my question and closing the back door to the car and taking the driver's seat. "Let's hit the road, cuteness." -- Once we got home, I got another diaper change.. I seemed to be going more often than I did before, and noticing it less. Honestly, it didn't seem to matter. If I was going to be happy, I had to stop caring about stuff like that. I wasn't going to find a toilet and April would always make sure I got changed.. so I just went when I needed to go, I never bothered to hold it any more. She picked out a dress for me, it was a sleeveless sundress with a white top half showing a floral print, and a bright red gauzy skirt that fell to my calves. There was a little blue bow at my left hip, which hung down to my mid-thigh. It was so cute! I got a pair of light blue sandals to wear with it, and we sat down on the couch, with me in her lap. "So, tell me about what you and Melanie talked about last night," she said, seemingly perfectly calm. My pulse accelerated a bit, I didn't want to get in trouble. "We.. I asked Melanie how she got here, and she said she died and it scared me and," I felt the words pouring out of my mouth, "I thought maybe I was dead too." I stopped for a breath, "But she told me she wasn't actually dead, that Aunt Lisa saved her and they got the pills out of her and... I was scared. I can't remember how I got here, I just remember waking up." "You and some friends," April sighed sadly, pulling me closer, "decided to drink a lot of a neurotoxin and drive your car entirely too fast for the roads you were on. You were in the back seat of the car, one of your friends was driving, a girl named Stephanie, one of your friends was in the passenger seat, a girl named Joy." She stroked my hair softly, "Stephanie got scared by an animal and drove the car off the road, off the side of a very, very steep hill. None of you were going to survive." She paused, squeezing me tightly. "How.. how did you save me? What about Steph and Joy? Did they get saved too?" "Here on Albion, this is how we get Littles.. we take you when we know you aren't going to make it, and we try to give you better lives. We try to take damaged Littles and make them whole. Your dimension reads about an hour behind ours.. so if we see something happen in time, we can do something about it. Your dimension is a harsh place, sweetie. There are a lot of damaged Littles living there, needing love." "What about my friends?" "They were also brought here and adopted," mommy's voice was halting. There was something she wasn't saying. "Can we go visit them? I didn't know any of my friends came here, too... " "Sweetheart," mommy squeezed me, "Stephanie came through as a five-month, she's... she's probably got a lot of healing to do before she can play with anyone. She was apparently in an abusive relationship that was... it was really bad, sweetie. Joy came through as a fourteen-month. Both have been adopted by now, but I'm afraid I don't know where either of them are, sweetie." On the one hand, I was happy that my friends were okay.. on the other hand, I never thought for a moment that the three of us would have been pulled into this dimension together. Poor Steph was stuck, probably as a crawler, for who knows how long. "Is there anything we can do?" "I doubt it, Kimmy - adoption records are often sealed. Short of running into them, you don't have a very good chance of finding either of them. Don't worry, sweetie," she stroked my hair, "Albion is a mostly gentle place. You and Melanie are happy, right?" I nodded, hoping she was right. I hoped Steph and Joy found as much happiness as I have.. but I also worried. "That's why I can't go back ever, isn't it? I'm... I'm dead there." "Oh sweetie," mommy hugged me close, stroking my hair softly, "I was hoping you wouldn't want to go back any more before you found out. I want you to be happy here." I thought about what the truth toy revealed to me.. I missed my freedom, but I really didn't want to go home. I could choose to sulk and be sad, or I could embrace the wonderful woman who was trying her best to console me. "I'm okay, mommy," I smiled up at her, craning my neck to look into her eyes, "I'm home." -- The Pasta Palace was a Little-friendly establishment.. they had 27 different kinds of mac and cheese! Apparently this particular section of Albion had a lot of Littles, specifically a lot of Littles belonging to progressive Amazons like April. They had special booster seats that slid into the table so Littles could sit at the same level as their Amazons, without needing highchairs. Every spot at every table had interchangable seats to accommodate any combination of Amazons and Littles. As we were being seated we were walked through the restaurant since we were wanting to eat outside on the terrace. I saw a Little birthday party going on, the entire table was nothing but Littles, probably 20 of them, with clapping Amazons nearby. They looked really happy. I saw the birthday girl, dressed in her frilly pink dress and a tiara, holding up a puzzle book triumphantly. Looks like someone got what they wanted for their birthday. I smiled, thinking about how birthday parties were the best when you were young. And now birthday parties would be the best when you were Little. It made me look forward to my own birthday, I wondered what April would do for me... Mellie would have to be there, of course. April sat us down at a table where a woman was already waiting. She stood up when we arrived... I examined her closely. She was a pale, heavier-set woman with blonde hair that fell to her squarish chin, but one side of her head was shaved.. and the tips of her hair were dyed pink. She had on a dark lipstick and eyeliner, and a nosering. She had some kind of animal tooth earring dangling from the ear exposed by her shaven head. She had very large breasts that stretched out the band logo on her t-shirt, and an ankle-length black skirt with lace around the hem. Combat boots laced with bright pink laces which dangled down peeked out from under the hem of her skirt. "Gwen!" April gave the lady a hug and a kiss on the cheek... which meant I got smushed into her large breasts. "Hello gorgeous," Gwen smiled and then looked down at me, "And you must be Kimmy, I've heard so much about you. You are April's favorite thing to talk about." "I'm not a thing," I crossed my arms over my chest... but I was squealing with laughter in just a moment as Gwen's strong hands found my ticklish spots. "Of course you aren't, you're a beautiful Little girl, and you're the apple of your mommy's eye. You know that right? She can't go ten minutes without telling someone how wonderful you are." April blushed, and I did too. "May I hold her?" Gwen asked. "Of course," April answered without even asking me, and handed me over to Gwen. With Gwen holding me up, I was almost eye-level with April, Gwen was very tall. And she smelled like strawberries. Her hands felt strong, but soft and she had baby pink painted nails. I found her very confusing.. she was girly and not girly at the same time. "Hmm," Gwen mused, turning me this way and that, "She's pretty cute, but I'm not sure... " She rotated me so that she was looking down at the top of my head. She flipped me upside-down and my skirt fell up, exposing my diaper and making me squeal, "Is she ticklish enough?" "No!" I squealed, but Gwen was already tickling my exposed legs. I had no idea how she was even holding me up at this point considering I was upside-down, kicking and squealing and laughing, all while she tickled my legs. Each of the fingertips on her left hand had thick callouses that made the tickling even more intense. She gave me a swat on the diaper and flipped me back over, "Okay, I think you should keep her. She is pretty cute." "I like your bow," Gwen whispered in my ear as she sat me down in a Little-ready chair between her and mommy and tied a bib around my neck. I unconsciously touched the blue bow on my dress and smiled. Gwen was funny, I could see why April liked her. "So sweetie," April spread the Pasta Palace menu out in front of me, "What would you like for lunch?" "Oh, I hope it's nothing too sweet - I'm getting diabeetus from being too close to this sweet Little." "Gwen!" I giggled, "You're silly. There's no such thing as too sweet." I stuck my tongue out at her and pointed at a truly wonderous concoction on the menu.. "French Toast Mac & Cheese". "Oh. My. Goodness," Gwen stared at the picture, mouth agape. "You're kidding, right?" "Nope! And you hafta try a bite," I said firmly. I didn't know why, but it felt immediately okay to joke and tease with Gwen. She had this way about her that just set you immediately at ease. She was big, she was strong, she looked like she was the sort of person who would take a stand at a moment's notice... but she was also soft and gentle and funny. "Hey," Gwen leaned down and whispered to me, "Is it okay if I kiss your mommy?" I nodded. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this. This was actually what I had been worried about this whole time. I loved April in a way I'd never loved anyone before. How would it feel to see someone else kissing her? On the other hand, Gwen seemed very nice... Gwen leaned in and gave April a soft kiss on the lips, gentle, tender, caring. This was not their first kiss. The two of them were so opposite.. Gwen was so out there, so take-me-or-leave-me, so unapologetic, and April was... mommy. Kind, sweet, gentle, beautiful... and seeing them kiss felt.. nice. It didn't feel bad like I thought it would. You could see how happy it made them both, and I wanted April to be happy. When they broke the kiss, April looked at me to see if I was okay. I smiled at her and she lit up like the sun. I had a feeling she would have broken it off with Gwen then and there if I had asked... but honestly, Gwen seemed interesting and I wanted to get to know her better. Gwen ordered a cajun chicken mac and cheese, mommy ordered the traditional, and I got the French Toast kind. It was just as wonderful as I had hoped, and Gwen did try a bite of mine... she hated it just as she expected, but she tried it just the same. Through peals of laughter they took turns feeding me bites of my French Toast Mac, they kept it coming so fast that it was hard to keep up. Before I was done with a bite, there was another fork waiting. They were doing it on purpose! When I finished, the bib was covered in fallen noodles and sugar. Something about the fun while eating made it taste even better. "May I?" Gwen asked, holding up a bottle. She was asking me, not April. I nodded and found myself cradled in her arms. She stood and held the bottle to my lips. I closed my eyes and accepted the nipple, washing down the tasty lunch with the sweet juice. Resting in Gwen's arms felt different, it felt solid - like a comfy hammock made out of the softest steel cables. Gwen felt reliable, like she'd never drop me, but at the same time she was gentle. Her strawberry smell floated over me and I smiled.. her heart was beating fast. Gwen was nervous? Why would she be nervous? When the bottle was empty, I just smiled up at Gwen. I felt bad that she was nervous... she pulled the bottle away and put my over her shoulder, and started patting my back gently. "Gwen, you don't have to.. " I started to protest... and then I burped. "Um, thanks." I blushed a brilliant red and buried my face in her neck. "She's so tiny," Gwen cooed as she set me back in the Littles' seat, "She's smaller than Joanne's Little." She stroked my cheek, "She's a sweetie, April." "Who's Joanne?" I asked, April just smiled, looking proud. "Just a friend of mine, sweetie. I don't actually know too many people who have a Little, and April's certainly the first one I've dated. Most musicians can't devote the time a Little needs." "What instrument do you play? Are you a studio musician like mommy?" "I play the bass," Gwen smiled at me and sat down, making eye contact with me while she talked, "And no, I play in a local band, mostly for fun. I'm a hair stylist to pay the bills." "Oh, I bet you're good at that," I smiled back, "Your hair is really cool!" April was just watching us interact with a small smile on her face. I could tell that she was very happy that Gwen and I were getting along. "So, am I the first Little you've held?" "No, I've held Joanne's Little Will a few times, but you're much smaller than he is. I'm.. pretty big," Gwen had a bit of sadness in her smile there, I could tell she was a little sensitive about her size. "It's strange to hold someone so small. You're also much more of a conversationalist than Will, he doesn't really like talking to anyone but Joanne." "Oh," I frowned a bit, "everyone says I talk better than they expect, but I don't understand it.. how else would I talk? I'm an adult, or at least I was where I'm from. All Littles are, aren't they? Melanie talks just fine, too." "Sweetie," April stroked my hair, "Most Littles come here very damaged. Emotionally or physically or both. We don't decide what size you come to us as, you do. Generally the smaller the Little, the more damaged they are, the more care they need... and most your size have a lot of problems with anger and sadness. That's why the regression foods are so popular.. some Littles need help letting go before they can heal. I'm glad you haven't, you're progressing nicely all on your own. You're blooming with just love. And Melanie only talks to us, Lisa says she's totally silent around other Amazons and Littles alike." "Oh," I felt bad for Melanie, I knew why she was sad and hurting. I wondered what was wrong with the Littles at the daycare. "She is too sweet, April," Gwen fawned, taking a turn to stroke my hair as well, "Look at those little wheels turning, she really feels for her fellow Littles, doesn't she?" "All of them could if we let them," April said softly. "You're such a prog, it's one of the things that makes you so wonderful." "Prog?" I asked. "Progressive, sweetie," April smiled softly, "there's a lot in this area - we think that Littles need love and understanding more than control and correction. Lisa wasn't one of us until she met you." She winked at me. "I'm a prog, but for different reasons," Gwen looked at me, "I don't have a Little and I'll be honest, I don't know many so I don't exactly march for Little Rights.. but I'm genderfluid and that's something that still isn't easily understood by most." "Oh, what's that mean?" "I don't consider myself male or female, I'm something in between. It's hard for a lot of people to comprehend. Sometimes it makes things hard, it's tough when people don't understand you." April reached for Gwen's hands and held them gently. Her heart was so big, she loved everyone. Was there something about her that drew her to people who were hurting? My heart was swelling with love and admiration for her, she never judged a book by its cover, she always seemed to look deeper to the person beyond the surface. She always tried to understand every perspective... and she was really good at it. I thought back to all the times she had calmed my outbursts and explained how other people saw things. I wished I could be like her. "Well, that was a good meal - how about a trip to the park?" Gwen stretched, "There's one with a Little-safe playground not far from here. I see it on my way to work." "It's early yet, I think that sounds nice," April smiled, squeezing Gwen's hand, "Are you sure you don't mind us monopolizing your time?" "I can't think of a better way to spend it," Gwen looked down at me. The park really didn't sound great to me, Littles playing on a playground in public, Amazons watching over them... plus, I frowned a bit as I flooded my diaper again. I needed a change, and a public one did not sound like fun. "If that's okay with you, Kimmy?" "Um, I um.. " Gwen looked crestfallen as I stammered, "Can I get a change before we go?" I blushed, looking down.
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    80.) It was a long time before the large tub of water went cold. A long time. The static of the music had faded away. There was nothing around anymore. Some of the tea lights had fizzled out in the hours that passed. I sat in the dark, looking around quietly. No Nora. I'd fallen asleep…? I shivered in the water and pulled myself out of the tub. I looked at myself in the mirror, at my bare body, at my chest, at my stomach, at the hair on my privates. The rash around the hair was nearly gone. I guess baths helped more than I thought. I wrapped myself in a towel from the rack and poked my head out of the bathroom. The hallway was clear, and the door to the nursery where the girls slept was open a little ways down, and further still came the sounds of… singing? Yup. Singing. Anni singing, and obviously quite enjoying herself, doing whatever it was she was doing. Actually, the girl seemed to have quite a lovely voice, all in all! Neither the maid, nor the Lady of the House, seemed to be about, though, and that left the newest member of the household with some level autonomy. In the hall, a heating vent gently wafted warm air upwards, and to a girl that had just gotten out of the bath, it might have seemed like heaven. I stood in the air of the vent for a minute, drying myself on the leftover areas of my towel that weren't wrapped around my body. I heard Anni singing from the other room. I wondered where everyone had gone. When I was content, I continued down the hall to find Anni. "Hi, Josie!" Anni was dressed up as a princess. And by that, she was wearing an emerald dress that was far too big for her (how big must it have been? - it must have been custom made to be oversized) and a tiara, and had pink lipstick on her otherwise unblemished face. There was a large chest of dress-up clothes open by the wall and many were now strewn all over the floor. "I'm a princess today, uhhuh! Wanna be a princess too?" “Um…" I looked around the room nervously, biting my lip. "I guess so…" Where was Nora? What about Marta? Should Anni be left alone like this? Maybe they expected me to babysit. But I wasn't sure I felt like I could. If there was any time to run, now would be it… but I couldn't run away naked, could I? "Um…" It was Anni's turn for ambiguous noises now and she looked nervous. "You need a diapee or you might wets on the dresses! You wait wight here an' I'll go gets Miss Marta, uhhuh." The girl in the emerald dress quickly ran out through the door, leaving Josie alone with the chest of cloths and the words still ringing in her ears. "Wait, I…" But Anni had run out of the room. I stood nervously in the room. The same room I was familiar with, with the powder blue walls. The trunk was new - it was probably hidden in a closet or something. I went over to the trunk and looked inside, biting my lip. Dresses. Tiaras. How cute… Josie was left alone with the trunk for a while — ten minutes, perhaps, and by the time Marta came down the hall — she'd laid the towel down on the floor by the trunk to keep the carpet dry, and was sitting there, naked as the day she was born, looking through the different dress-up options. "Hello, Little Princess Josie. Is there something you'd like in there? I think dressing up can be quite fun, don't you?" I covered my body with one of the dresses and looked up at the woman with a pout. I had gotten distracted. I forgot I wasn't wearing anything… how does someone even forget that? I was so out of it today… "I'm just gonna play with Anni… it's not a big deal…" Adults play dress up all the time! "Very well, Little Princess Josie. But it would be prudent for me to at least get you in some appropriate under-clothes," meaning diaper, because babies had no use for panties, or bras for that matter, "before you get started. And to brush your hair and put it up, at the least." All simple things that an adult would instruct a very young child of, and also all simple things that Josie would typically put up a fuss over. "I guess…" That made sense, right? I mean, my hair was wet. And if I was going to be a princess I needed it pinned up. My cheeks were a little pink as I picked the towel up off the floor, wrapping it around myself. "But then I'm going to play…" No protest to the concept of the diaper, no protest to the concept of her hair. Such progress. Marta smiled. "Come now, Little Princess Josie, and I'll have you back and ready to play in no time at all." Play. Play with Anni. More childish terms. Whatever the session in the bathroom was out to accomplish, it seemed quite successful — more than enough so to warrant the exhaustion that Nora had suffered after, which was why she was now napping. Then again, they had been in there together for two hours, and then it was another half an hour beyond that when Josie emerged. Marta had taken me back to the room with the cribs. It looked like mine was dry now. Mine? No. Rissa's… I bit my lip and went back over to Marta, who was setting up the changing table. Then I remembered what she said about underclothes. "H-hey… I don't need… I can just wear panties. I haven't had milk since this morning. I swear…" "Yes, Little Princess Josie, that's true — but you wear diapers all the time, because that way it's not a humiliating exception at the times when you need them. It helps you to feel better about your bedwetting." Those statements were said with such… absoluteness. Like they couldn't not be true. Marta reached down under the changing table to fetch the pink diaper and set it down by the side of the table, in sight of the girl. "It's just underwear, not a big deal. Come now." A pink diaper…? I felt my cheeks get a little brighter and I shook my head. I… I didn't… "I'm… I'm not…" I hadn't wet the bed in… I mean, last night, and… and I guess the night before, but… wait, had I the night before that? It was foggy… hard to remember. I played with my fingers in front of me, trying to think… "I don't need..." The maids tone turned stern, not harsh, just stern the way an adult would be with a finicky child. Condescending would be the term if used with an adult, but then again, Josie was not an adult. "Little Miss, would you like to make a fuss, or would you like to go back and play with your sister? Up on the table right this moment." Marta could be stern, it seemed, and when she did, it was quite believable! I climbed up on the little table with red cheeks and played with the bracelet on my wrist. The towel was still wrapped around me, but Marta took it away. She helped me lay down and I tried to cover up what parts of me my pubic hair couldn't do on it's own. "This is so stupid…" Marta smiled and squeezed the bracelet in the two places as she spoke. "Josie is Pretty." And then the pause. "And this is not stupid, Little Princess Josie, this is a normal part of your life and who you are, you don't need to make a fuss of it." The maid started to unfold the diaper in her hands, making sure that Josie was able to see it the entire time, though her eyes were glossy. The nerves went away. The sensations of anxiety and stupidity went away. I was calm and the room was colorful and Marta was a blob of niceness until the defining lines came back. She moved my hands away from my body and assessed my skin. I knew that despite the bath, some of the rash persisted. I tried to close my legs, but the woman ran her fingers across the hair between them. I shivered. "I… it's fine…" One of Marta’s hands pushed a pacifier between Josie’s lips, an the other opened a drawer in the changing table. Thee was the sound of air discharging, and shortly thereafter, a cool, slightly tingly gel was touched to the girls pubic hair. Gel that was slowly rubbed in by the dutiful hand of the maid. A girl her age had no right having public hair, and regular diaper usage would meant she'd be so much better without it. The gentle depilatory cream wouldn't burn like normal, it wouldn't cause irritation. It would stay on for a moment, and then the diaper would go on, and the next time she was changed, all the hair would go away with it. I wiggled uncomfortably as the cool cream was rubbed into place. I bit on the pacifier and sucked it nervously. All in all, for a situation as fucked up as this, I was surprisingly calm. She lifted my legs by the ankles, which made me whimper in surprise, and positioned the pink diaper underneath me. Without any further argument, she pulled it between my legs and taped it in place. The padding of the diaper would eventually work away all the gel cream, and take the hair with it, leaving her smooth and hairless by the time she needed changing, but Josie didn't know any of that. For all she knew, it was for her rash. "Such a good girl, Josie!" Marta was sure to show glee, smiling at the girl, knowing the pride it would give her. "Let's get your hair up and a cute cami-top on you, and then you can go play dress-ups, okay?" "Uh, my… my corset…" Marta helped me off the table and I stood awkwardly in the diaper. I didn't need diapers. I didn't wear diapers! I wasn't… this wasn't… right… but I couldn't figure out why. I just knew it wasn't. But what was I supposed to do? It was just a stupid diaper… it didn't mean anything… "Oh, yes, that's quite a lovely idea, Little Princess Josie." More glee. Happiness. Reinforcement. Marta went to the closet in the room, and took the corset down off a hanger, holding it up for Josie to see. "Stand here for me, Princess, turn around, and raise your arms." The corset was a useful tool — not something at all childish, but something usable to represent happiness and control. Despite the adult connotations, it would definitely be a net gain in the pursuit of her treatment. I looked silly. The corset had pink lace around it, which matched the diaper very well. But ultimately, I looked ridiculous with my top half so adult and the bottom so childish. I didn't know what to say… "Um… um… can… can I have a dress, or…" "You'll be dressing up with Miss Anni." "…right…" I forgot. "Sit down by the desk, Princess Josie, and I'll put your hair up out of the way so you're free to play as you please." Actually, her hair wasn't even very wet, but putting up of the hair was a very childish thing; basically 'we're getting this out of the way for now because it doesn't mean anything either way to you but it's easier for me to deal with it if you don't make a mess of it'. Parent logic. Simple logic. I sat on the little bench by the vanity and Marta pulled up a chair. It seemed like this exact place was almost made for a parent doing their child's hair. I sat quietly, looking at my hands, as the woman played with my hair. She teased it and tugged it until it was in two low pigtails. In the mirror in front of me - even without the diaper visible - I still looked like such a child… "There we are, Little Princess Josie. You look very pretty, and I'm sure you'll look even prettier once you're done with dress-ups — we can take some photos for your Momma” - it was the first time the maid hadn't said The Lady of the House, when referring to Nora - "and show her what a pretty girl you are. Go on now, Miss Anni is waiting for you, I expect." "…you're crazy," I muttered, getting up from the stool and heading down the hall. I looked at the diaper between my legs, crinkling as I walked. Marta was crazy thinking I'd let her take pictures of me like this. And she was crazy thinking I was going to wear these stupid diapers. I just… it was one time, because I was tired, and I didn't want to argue! Plus, I wanted to play with Anni…
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    76.) "Josie. Do you know what the term Involuntary Commitment means, in the context of a girl whom tried to take her own life?" She was a smart girl — even if she wasn't inherently familiar with the term, the words themselves weren't the hardest things in the world to figure out the meaning of when placed together. The woman sipped at her after-dinner coffee and watched as Josie stopped in her tracks. "…you're not an institution." "I am, actually." …what the fuck? "…you need a confession." I'd seen enough TV shows. If you say you took too many pills on accident. Or you didn't understand how to read the label. Or if you thought the pills weren't dangerous. They can't keep you. Not unless you confess. "I didn't try to hurt myself, Nora. I was confused. I was tired." "With the degree of your break, it would not take very much to convince a magistrate that you are not currently capable of caring for yourself, in which case I will be awarded legal guardianship over you, and you will complete my program, in full, to my satisfaction. There will be no option for a partially deferred program." The woman sipped her coffee again and then set it down with a small sigh. "I have a proven track record of results, Josie. You pleaded for my help, and now I will provide it. How I do so, and with how much freedom I allow you, is up to you and your actions." "I'm not like these girls," I said evenly, putting my white gloved hands down on the table. "I'm not one of your… your… patients. I'm fine! And I'm not going to let you turn me into what you turned Rissa into! What, you think because I have a soft spot for kids’ shows and sippy cups I'm going to piss myself?" I certainly had done it enough… "If you want my cooperation, you'll agree to my terms. I'm meeting you half way." "…you hate Rissa at the moment, don't you? You can only reconcile who she was in that place, the things she did there — a person she wasn't even truly meant to be, because that man made her that way. And yet, you choose to see her as that, and not as the sweet little girl who cried for you, who longed to help you, who told me all about you." This wasn't a guilt thing, though, oh no. This was much different. "All your priorities and rankings and ideas are out of order in your head, Josie — you had everything poured in together, and took the minimum pieces required to make someone, and that's who you decided to be. You're not whole, you're simply functional." "That's not your call." "It is, actually." I threw the gloves off my hands onto the floor and stared at the woman with the most intense frustration. I wasn't sure I'd ever been this angry in my entire life. "Rissa is my own fucking business! Were you there? Were you getting fucked every day and not knowing what it was? Did you have her hand inside you? Did she make you think she tattled every time you didn't fuck her well enough?" I was screaming. I was angry. "And Kriss watched. She sat there and let it fucking happen. And you're no saint - keeping me here against my goddamn will? What fucked up people are Anni and Marta, huh? No. I've endured enough bullshit for a whole fucking eternity, and I'm done with it! I'm done with all of it! I'm going home." The woman stood up simply once Josie was done yelling, and waited for a moment for her to open her mouth to say something new. Her hand pressed the bracelet, and her words came simply. "Josie is Pretty." There were many things she could have done, many ways to cloud Josie’s mind beyond what she'd chosen, but none of those suited her current plans. Her other hand went to the girl’s cheek and she played with the skin, soft, tender, and stared into eyes made glassy by the yelling. "You don't want to be this way… angry… afraid. And you don't have to be." "…leave me alone," I muttered. But the fire was gone. I didn't get it. She called me pretty. No. She didn't call me anything. She called that fake name pretty. And that was enough to cool me down? I pulled away from her, stumbling back. My cheeks were pink, and I looked away from the woman. "I'm not staying… stop thinking you can change things…" "Change is arbitrary… one thing as good as the other, my Pretty Josie." This time, the words were abridged, and there was no drug, but that was okay — they were only words and that's all they needed to be. "Changing someone without their permission is bad… but fixing someone who's broken… someone who might be so broken they don't even see it… that's good." "Cut it out…" I stepped backwards again, and the woman stepped forward. I stumbled into the living room and bit my lip. Why was she doing this? Did she think her system was going to work? "I'm not Rissa," I reminded her. "I'm not going to be some baby. It's not happening. You can't fix me." "Rissa isn't a baby — she's an adult, and she's not broken anymore. No more hating herself, no more hating others, no bad memories, just experiences filed away as part of life. She's not a baby, she was brave enough to be fixed." The back of Josie’s thighs hit one of the chairs, and she fell backward into it, looking up with a mixture of fear and awe at the woman. "Are you brave enough to be fixed, my pretty little Josie? Are you brave enough to face happiness?" "I'm not Rissa!" I yelled. "She had it easy…" I had tears in my eyes, and as I looked away from the woman, they slid down my cheeks. This wasn't supposed to happen… "She was smart. She deflected. She was independent. And it sucks what happened to her, but she could save herself! She wasn't trapped in the wrong mindset! She wasn't helpless! She didn't rely on everyone else to save her, and… and… and she wasn't let down…" I rubbed the water out of my eyes. I stood up out of the chair and pushed Nora as hard as I could away from me, but she only went back half a step. "I'm not her! You can't fix me! And I'm not going to sit on the carpet playing with blocks while I suffer! I'M NOT!!!" "You're not Rissa, no! You're not, and she couldn't be Rissa while she was here, either, she had to be Ister because Rissa didn't think there was anything wrong with her, even after she almost died!" It was the first time that Josie would have seen Nora raise her voice, and it was only just a little, but enough enthusiasm to make it work. "He poisoned you, and he poisoned her, and he poisoned Kriss, too — he took away all of Kriss, and she had to make herself new from pieces of the three of you, and she still saved you in the end. You didn't have it any better or worse than any of the girls involved in that, and Kriss and Rissa both got help so what makes you think you're so much better than them? You're a beautiful stained glass window shattered into a thousand pieces and put back together in all the wrong ways and the only way to fix you is for me to take apart every little shard and start over, and that's what you begged me for, that's what you trusted me to do." I bit my lip, wiping the water from my eyes, and looked away. Why was she doing this to me? Why was I here? Why couldn't Nora just… let it go… "…I don't wanna… I don't wanna be here…" "Too damn bad." "…it's your fault… you broke me in the first place. I was… I was okay… and then… you messed it up… and that's not fair, it's not fair…" I was still crying, but the crying was coming down harder. I couldn't help myself… "I had to, because if I didn't and that had happened when you were on your own, you would've died…" And there it was… sadness, in the woman's voice. She was typically so withheld, subdued, detached professionally — but that was longing sadness. Was it because she knew Rissa? Was she too deep in? Or maybe, perhaps, it was all part of her methodology. Either way, when she wrapped her arms around Josie, the girl didn't pull away from the cuddle. "I know this is scary, but you need to trust me, I'm not out to hurt you or humiliate you…" "…it's not gonna work… I'm not fixable…" "I'll make it work," she said. I wanted to believe her, but you don't just make things work. Those words didn't mean anything. They were just more words… "I wanna go home…" "Sorry. But I'm not letting you." "…I'm not gonna cooperate… I think this whole thing is stupid…" "But you know it works, you'e just scared that you're too broken, Josie." The woman continued to hold Josie, gently playing with her hair as she hummed softly. "I've fixed dozens of girls, and Anni had literal damage to her brain, and she'll be ready to go in a few more weeks. I can help you, and fix you, so long as you let me. And even if you don't cooperate at first, I'll help you to as time goes on, and you'll be fixed. It's scary, my princess, I know that it is." "It won't work," I mumbled into her shoulder. She kept playing with my hair and I wrapped my arms around her. Maybe because, since I'd woken up, since everything had happened, she's the only person that ever showed me affection. Maybe… maybe I'd given up on affection. But when I was in her arms, I missed it... The fact of the matter was a very simple one, one the woman explained after she kissed the top of Josies head, and continued to hold her. "If it doesn't, you have nothing to lose, and if it does, you have everything to gain." The confrontation had needed to happen — it was why Nora had forced herself to be so blasé over dinner, because nothing could go forward without Josie having had her moment to scream, and to have someone scream back and then hold her.
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    Part 23 Lisa rushed into the room to find us both sitting on the floor, crying our eyes out. "Oh no! What happened? Who's hurt?" We both started talking at once through our tears, trying to explain what was going on. Lisa looked overwhelmed.. then she spotted the toy. "Did the truth toy make you two cry? What in the world were you talking about?" "Lisa! Am I dead?" I wailed. The color drained out of Lisa's face. She dropped to her knees and pulled us both in for a tight hug, but it was impossible to console both of us at the same time, we were blubbering messes. "Shhh, girls.. girls, it's okay. Nobody's dead. You're not dead. You're both here, everything's fine." She scooped us both up, one in each arm and carried us to the living room. My eyes were full of tears, I couldn't see straight, the world was spinning. And then my mouth was full of milk... the sweetest, most wonderful taste ever. It was stunningly good, it put everything else to shame.. it tasted like... love. Lisa was wiping my eyes and I could see that I was not sucking on a bottle.. I was latched on to her nipple! I started to pull away but she held my head in place gently and whispered a soft shush. I looked up.. well, sideways, but up to me, and there was Melanie on her other breast. She was breastfeeding us both at the same time.. and her milk was so... good. I felt instantly calmer, centered. She was stroking my hair and making a long "shhhhhh". I'm not sure how long I nursed.. after a while I didn't want to stop but the milk eventually stopped coming. She popped me off of her nipple with her finger, Melanie was still suckling with her eyes closed. Lisa shifted me into a sitting position and pulled me close. "Are you okay, sweetie?" Lisa asked me. I felt strange sitting next to her giant, exposed breast. "I um, yeah.. " I blushed, looking away, "I'm okay... I just... I don't remember how I got ... how I ended up with April. She's never told me and.. " "Shhh," Lisa stroked my hair, "we aren't going to talk about that. It's not my place. We can tell your mommy that you have questions when she gets here in the morning. Let's try to put it aside for now and have a good time, we're going to have a nice dinner and play some games. I know you're upset," she continued... but I actually felt really calm, "and it doesn't seem fair, but please... let's just try to have some fun." I nodded as Lisa popped Melanie off her other nipple and sat her up. Melanie rubbed her eyes sleepily while Lisa tucked away her breasts and pulled her shirt down. "It's yummy, isn't it?" Melanie asked with a sleepy grin. Both she and Lisa were looking at me intently, I wasn't getting away without answering. "Yes," I blushed fiercely and looked down, "it's really good. Thank you, Lisa." "You're welcome, sweetie. I'm just glad you're calm. Hopefully I didn't spoil your dinner just there. Speaking of which," she scooped us both up, carrying us to the kitchen, "it's time to eat!" I got the highchair and Melanie got to sit in Lisa's lap... Melanie's highchair was a lot different from mine. It had wrist cuffs both above and below the tray, and ankle cuffs underneath as well as a full carseat harness instead of just a buckle. "Do you want me to buckle you in, Kimmy?" I knew that Lisa was teasing, she couldn't help it.. but I blushed anyway. "No thank you." She chuckled lightly as she grabbed our dinners from the counter. She made... "Normal-sized sushi!" I cried out at the small plate she placed on the highchair tray. "Did you make this yourself?" "Little-sized sushi," she corrected, "and yes. I felt bad that you cuties didn't get to have any last night. It won't be as good as the restaurant's, but I hope you like it. It's really hard to make rolls this small!" She sat back down at her kitchen table with Melanie's plate along with her own and ate a sandwich while Melanie dug in. "It's good!" I smiled, it wasn't great. It was better than what you'd get at a grocery store, but it didn't come close to restaurant quality, "Thank you so much, Lisa." -- After dinner, we played for a while. Lisa really was a lot of fun, she chased us around and tickled us, and we played hide and seek, and she let us climb on her and try to tickle her... not that it worked. She gave us horsie rides and we all had a great time. When she got tired, we settled in and watched some TV. I watched the Littles Shopping Network with them... Melanie loved the show, she kept begging for all sorts of arcane torture devices. At least she was relaxing around me. I had no idea why she'd want a rocking horse with cuffs on it, though. It seemed like no time at all before it was declared to be our bedtime. Melanie had to go to bed early because my bedtime was before hers. I apologized, but she said she didn't mind. Lisa changed us into nighttime diapers.. April had forgotten to pack a nighttime diaper for me, so I was going to borrow one of Melanie's... it was incredibly thick. "Lisa, can I wear one of Melanie's thicker daytime diapers instead of this nighttime diaper?" "Nope, it's nighttime so you need a nighttime diaper," Lisa grinned as she pulled the thick padding up between my legs, forcing me bow-legged on the changing table. She taped it securely and helped me sit up. My legs stuck out at a funny angle and the padding was so thick I couldn't squeeze my legs together at all. "Besides, the thicker the diaper, the cuter the Little. That's what I always say." She zipped my sloth jammies back up and placed me into Melanie's princess crib where Melanie was already waiting in her pink bunny jammies. "Now, it's 7 PM. I let you stay up right to your bedtime, I expect you to go to sleep." "Yes Lisa," I said, looking up at her. This was a view that would never, ever become normal. I was sitting down in a crib. The white bars extended so far up there was no way I could climb them, especially not with a diaper as thick as I had on now, and there was a giant woman smiling down at me. I rarely felt as smaller than when I did sitting in a crib, being looked at by an Amazon. She laid us down, foot-to-head and covered us with a blanket. She handed Duchess Fuzzbutt to Melanie and I got Harry Otter. Seeing Melanie cuddle the toy I picked for her made me feel good. "Do you need a paci to sleep, Kimmy?" Lisa asked after popping Melanie's paci in her mouth.. a yellow one, how many pacis did this girl need? "No, Lisa," I yawned, "I don't sleep with a paci." "Okay, well you two go to sleep. We had a good end to the evening, let's not get all riled up now, okay?" Melanie and I both agreed, and Lisa walked out of the room, flipping off the light. "This is nice," Melanie said, "I'm glad you came over tonight. It's been fun. I'm sorry about... " "Let's.. let's not talk about that, I don't want to cry again," I said, banishing the thought. "You'll get breastmilk again though," Melanie teased, "Are you going to ask your mommy to breastfeed you?" My mind was filled with a vision of snuggling against April's breast the way I had been with Lisa.. with Lisa it was a little weird because she's my friend, but the milk tasted heavenly. I bet April's would be even better. Something in my wanted that very, very badly and I felt my lips twitch at the thought. "Kimmy?" Melanie called quietly, breaking me out of my fantasy, "Did you fall asleep?" "No," I was blushing, I could feel it, "I.. I really want to ask April to breastfeed me, but what if she says no?" "That," Melanie laughed softly, "is exactly what my mommy has been trying to break me of since the moment I got home." Mommy. Home. Melanie was more at home here than she had ever been.. she was in a place where she could be herself without any apology or excuse. She wanted diapers, she wanted to be babied, she even wanted to be 'forced' into it in a way. She loved it.. I was strangely jealous of her. She and Lisa were so happy. "Kimmy," Melanie interrupted my thoughts again, "You have to tell your mommy. You have to look her in the eye and say, 'Mommy, will you please breastfeed me? I want to be closer to you.'" "But what if she says no?" I repeated, a little louder, my emotions flaring, "If she said no... I'd fall apart." "What if she's waiting for you to ask? What if she's afraid of asking you? How is she supposed to know you want it? She loves you, Kimmy. You can see it in her eyes. It was really hard for her to leave tonight just because you were sad," Melanie continued, we were both sitting up and looking at each other now, "It's not fair to expect her to read your mind. She can't give you what you want if you don't ask for it." "Are you going to tell Lisa -" "My mommy," Melanie interrupted, "Call her my mommy, don't call her by her name." Melanie was strangely serious. I felt a little uncomfortable. "It's weird, Melanie... she's my friend." "She's my mommy. I'm her Little. I know she's not my mother, it's not like that. I don't even like my mother, she's a selfish, thoughtless person. But my mommy, she's wonderful. She loves me and I love her in a deeper and more meaningful way than I've ever loved anyone in my life. Kimmy, you don't know what it's like to never be able to be yourself.. and when you try, people tell you you're awful or wrong or sinful." Melanie had tears in her eyes and I leaned forward and held her tight. "Kimmy, my mommy loves ME. All of me, every bit of me, for who I am. It doesn't matter that I'm not a boy, it doesn't matter that I want to wear diapers and drink from a bottle... she loves ME." Tears were streaming down Melanie's face. I wiped them away with a fabric sloth-claw... slowly. Melanie couldn't help but laugh. "Are you going to tell your mommy that purple is your favorite color?" "Yes," Melanie blushed, "If you promise you're going to ask your mommy to breastfeed you." "Deal, I'll ask April-" "Kimmy," Melanie said with a sudden intensity, "say it." "Mellie... I can't, she's... April." "You're a Little, she's your mommy. That's the way it works here! It doesn't mean you're not in love." "But it's not the kind of love I want! I want a long walk on the beach, I want... " I blushed, "more.. I want to kiss her... I'm in love with her." I was flustered. I loved April. Deeply, in a very real way. "Kimmy," Melanie smiled softly, "nobody is saying you can't. Those feelings you have... that's love. You love April, she loves you. Love... isn't quite the same here as it was in the other place. You need to get out of your own way, Kimberly." I looked down, resting my hands in my lap... on top of my thick diaper, hidden under my sloth PJs. The cute PJs that April picked out for me. I remembered how I felt while she held me up in the air and we rubbed noses... she did love me. Just as deeply as I loved her... would that kind of love be enough? "Say it," Melanie urged softly, "Stop fighting it. She's not your mother, she's not trying to be your mother. It's not the same thing. April is your mommy. Your mommy. She loves you." "April is," I felt soft tears rolling down my face, "my mommy. My mommy loves me. She swings me around and tickles me, she carries me and cares for me. She dresses me and feeds me and protects me. She loves me. My mommy loves me." My heart felt full to bursting. "My mommy loves me!" "Yes she does," Melanie grinned at me, "Your mommy loves you. And you're going to ask her to breastfeed you, right? Don't you want to feel that close to her?" "Yes!" I stood up, "I'm going to ask my mommy to breastfeed me." It sounded so weird out loud, but the feelings felt... right. Genuine, true. She wasn't my mother, she was my mommy. She loved me in a way I never knew was possible, she'd do anything for me. She'd do anything just to spare me a bit of pain, "I'm going to ask and I hope... " The lights flipped on in the nursery. "Okay you two," Lisa's voice sounded mostly amused, but there was a hint of grumpy in there, "This doesn't sound like sleeping to me." "Sorry mommy," Melanie hid under the blanket... I was abandoned, standing up in the crib. "I'm not honestly surprised," Lisa said, walking over, "You are two cuties at a sleepover. Oh, Kimmy.. what's wrong?" She wiped the tears from my eyes. "Nothing... Aunt Lisa," I said. Her jaw dropped, "I'm okay." "Oh.... kay," Lisa said slowly, "How are you feeling?" She brushed my hair back and looked closely at me. "Little," I smiled, answering simply. "I see," Lisa chuckled, "I'm glad you two are having a good time together. But I'm serious, if you don't go to sleep, I'm going to put you both in sleepsacks and breastfeed you until you pass out." Melanie sat bolt upright. Lisa laughed, realizing the folly of her threat. "Now Mellie, I don't think Kimmy would like that as much as you would." "Mommy?" Melanie said softly, "I have something to admit but I'm afraid you'll be upset at me." "Oh sweetie, what's up?" "Mommy, my favorite color is purple.. not pink." "You... " Lisa laughed, "You thought I'd be upset about that? Why didn't you tell me sooner? Why did you tell me it was pink in the first place?" "Because girls are supposed to like pink! I mean, I do like pink.. but purple is my favorite. And you bought all this stuff already... I didn't want to seem ungrateful." "Melane, sweetie," Lisa said, reaching into the crib and stroking her cheek, "You've never seemed ungrateful to me for even a moment. I'm sorry you were worried about telling me, I'm glad you did. I want you to tell me all the things that make you happy, all the things you want. You have to tell me what you want, I want to make you happy." Her words rang in my ears... those were almost the exact same words that April.. my mommy.. the exact same words my mommy had said to me. My job was to be happy, she wanted to make me happy. Amazons got joy from happy Littles, and they got the most joy from Littles who were... well, Little. I thought of all the happiest moments I'd had with my mommy. They were all the times I was acting silly and Little and just having fun.. when I was just being happy. It was the same with Aunt Lisa, it was even the same with Miss Michelle. The Amazons in my life just wanted happy Littles, who didn't worry about things.. because things were already taken care of. "Tickle fight!" I yelled, jumping on Melanie and tickling her mercilessly. "Kimmy!" Lisa shouted, surprised by my attack. Melanie was kicking her feet and squealing. I was going to win this tickle fight. "Kimberly Morris, it is bedtime, not playtime.. do you want me to have to... " Realization spread over Aunt Lisa's face and she grabbed me and pushed me down onto my back on the mattress... and started tickling me. And Melanie! She was tickling us both, we were squirming and squealing and laughing. She didn't stop tickling us until we were having trouble breathing, tears streaming down our faces. "I guess I have no choice," she said gravely, "It's sleepsacks and breastmilk for the two of you." "Oh no!" I laid my forearm over my face, panting for breath, "Not that! Oh puh-lease Aunt Lisa don't make me drink your breastmilk! I may not survive!" "Yeah mommy," Melanie joined in, "Don't put us in sleepsacks where we'll be super comfy, that would be terrible!" Lisa was shockingly deft at getting Littles into sleepsacks - in a matter of moments Melanie was stuffed inside a pink unicorn and I found myself inside a pink teddy bear. She slid my feet in, then my arms into the sleeves inside and zipped it up. I couldn't move an inch, I was totally helpless. I squirmed in the sleepsack, I was completely at Aunt Lisa's mercy. The sleepsack didn't seem to activate the hypnotic trigger Lisa had given me... maybe because it wasn't wrapped like a swaddle, maybe because she wasn't rocking me yet, I wasn't sure. I was calm and happy, and the fact that I didn't immediately shut down caused me to give a sigh of relief. "Not the breastmilk!" I cried out, "Anything but that!" Melanie couldn't do anything but giggle. "I hate to do this to you two, but you forced my hand. If you're not going to behave and go to sleep on your own, I'm just going to have to breastfeed you like the Littles you are until you drift off to dreamland." "No no!" I cried, laughing, "We'll be good." "I know you will, darling," Aunt Lisa smiled, "You'll be asleep!" She carried the two of us Little-stuffies to the living room and sat down on the couch. She laid out pillows so we could lay on them while we nursed and laid us on them, the tops of our heads facing each other. The sleepsack was actually surpringly warm and comfy if you could get over the sense of confinement. I opened my mouth welcomingly as she guided her giant nipple between my lips. It still felt a little awkward to me, but honestly... this was really nice. I was surrendering completely to Aunt Lisa, trusting her to take care of me.. and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would never let me down. Her delicious milk flowed into my mouth again.. and I was asleep very, quickly. -- When I awoke, it was morning and I was staring into the beautiful green eyes that followed me into my dreams. "Good morning, mommy," I smiled sleepily to her. A splash of water fell on my face, she was crying. "Good morning, my darling Kimmy," she said softly, "I missed you." My mommy was beaming down at me with all the love in the world. "Mommy, are we going home?" "Soon my sweet girl, soon." "I love you, mommy. You're the best mommy ever," I yawned and closed my eyes. "And you're the best Little anyone could ever ask for." She squeezed me tightly.. and I drifted back off to sleep in her arms. The best place in the world. The best place in any world. THE END. This is the end of Act 1. Act 2 takes a seriously dark turn around Part 31. If you love this story because it's sweet and gentle and nothing really bad happens, stop here. There is more story, but it has a lot of sad and scary feelings that Act 1 just didn't have. There is absolutely nothing wrong with stopping here. You can love this story and pretend it ended right here... if you think you can take the darkness, the sad and scary, keep going... but it gets pretty bad. I think it's worth the journey, the message shines through at the end, but it's one heck of a trip.
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    72.) "Hi!" Anni crawled up onto the sofa next to her new sister, the girl who functionally had no name for now, and handed her a crayon and a coloring book with a smile. "I'm gonna watch Dora." Basically, in Anni speak, I'm going to watch television now, so you be quiet and color. Yes. Anni saw her as a younger sister. "…okay…" I passed her the little pink remote and played nervously with my fingers. I kept looking up at the kitchen. I kept shaking. Why wasn't she following me? Why wasn't she punishing me? Why wasn't she making me drink the bottle? Fuck, fuck, fuck… I got to my feet before I could think clearly about it and stormed back into the kitchen. I'd just keep yelling at her… "Oh, hello, Little Miss." Marta was on the floor, cleaning up the broken plate and the broken cookies with the duty appropriate for a maid. "Is there something I can get for you? I'm afraid there was an accident with the cookies, earlier, but I could cook you something else if you're hungry." "I… I wanna speak with Nora…" It wasn't getting any worse. The neediness distracted me from the memories. From the thoughts. It wasn't that bad, actually. But I just… was so thirsty. My body ached… I just wanted some milk… but it would fade. These things faded… right? "Y-you should g-get her… or… or I'll break something else…" "Oh, I don't think you'll do that. Would you like your milk, now? I put it back away in the refrigerator, but I can fetch it for you if you like, you only need to ask." Asking was important, in this stage. Though she'd force punishment upon Josie without issue, making her ask for childish things would help the most. "I don't want the stupid milk," I muttered, leaning against the wall. I just wanted the stupid milk! Why didn't she just make me have the milk! "Nora… I wanna see her…" "When she's available." This bitch was driving me crazy! "F-fucking get her! I mean it!" Marta sighed and brushed her hands on her pinafore, shaking her head. "If you'd like your milk, you'll have to ask for it. But now I'm going to need to soap your mouth, Little Miss, because you used bad words again, words that no little girl your age ought to be using." She wouldn't have to go far, either, there was a hand-soap dispenser by the kitchen sink. "…I don't want the damn milk!" …why was she making this so hard? I shook my head and, again, left the kitchen. I didn't go into the living room, though. I went down the hall - the other hall - toward the office and Nora's bedroom. I slammed open the office door first, but Nora wasn't in there. I thought she was working? I went to the bedroom next. Marta took Josie’s shoulder from behind and spun her around in place in the hall, and with her other hand, pushed the teat of the bottle between her lips, the milk flowing the moment she up-ended the bottom. Not that The Lady of the House would be disturbed; she was in her room, yes, but the door was locked and she was a remarkably deep sleeper. But Josie needed to know where her limits were. I didn't mind. It was what I wanted. I was acting out so she'd do exactly this. So I could have the bottle and keep my pride. But the bottle tasted so good, and Marta didn't let me off the wall. My eyes shined glossy and half-closed, sucking the nipple. I reached up to take the bottle myself, but Marta slapped my hand away. My knees were starting to feel weak…. "You didn't have to act out, Little Miss, you can have your milk whenever you like it, you only need ask." She was hungrily sucking it down, too, but she hadn't eaten in some time so that was to be expected. When she'd finish this bottle, Marta would move her to the living room, and then give her another to nurse with while she watched television. I whimpered, wiggling against the wall. I tried to get out between Marta and the bottle, but she kept me in place. So I stayed there, my hands at my sides, sucking. And sucking. Until the dizziness grew. Until I could barely stand, and then I literally couldn't. My knees gave out, but Marta caught me in her arms. I leaned on her quietly, a blush on my cheeks. The bottle was almost gone… "L-lemme go…" "Shh, Little Miss, finish your baba, and Miss Marta will take you to watch some pretty cartoons and give you another baba, won't that be nice? It will be nice, so very nice." Of course, once in the living room, the girl would be changed into a proper diaper, with the training panties pulled on over the top, but by then she very likely wouldn't even notice. Marta held me up against the wall until the bottle was gone. I was full. I didn't want anymore. I forgot about this part, about the difficulty thinking, about not being able to walk. I could crawl if I focused, but Marta refused to let me onto the ground. She was making damn well sure I didn't think this bottle was a reward. Marta was not a large woman, but she was strong enough to pick up Josie in her arms, propping her against her hip, and carrying her down the hall back toward the living room. One hand reached into her pinafore and produced a pacifier, a pacifier she pushed between Josie’s lips as she carried her. Foggy as she may be, she was so much calmer now, so much more serene. I sucked on the pacifier until Marta put me on the floor in the living room. I sat upright just fine, rubbing my eyes clumsily with my hands. Anni still sat on the sofa, watching TV. Marta disappeared into the other room and I pulled myself to my hands and knees. Shakily, I crawled over to the couch, but I'd only just made it when Marta pulled the pacifier from my lips. "I want to talk t-" A fresh bottle was pushed into my mouth and instinctively and immediately I sucked on it. I wasn't even thirsty! But I couldn't help it… This time, Marta allowed Josie to hold her own bottle, though she knew very well that she would not be removing it from her lips, which made it easy to do what she needed to do. As with most rooms in this area of the house, there was a tall, thin closet set into the wall, and from that, Marta fetched a diaper and powder. She returned to the girl on the floor and motioned to the television. "Watch Dora, Little Miss." "…not… w-wearing…" I sucked at the bottle nervously, trying to roll over, to swat at the woman while she lifted my dress. "…not a… baby… not wearing…" I blinked the cloudiness away, but it came rushing back. I couldn't help myself. Stupid bottle! Stupid milk! "Watch the television, Little Miss." Josie was pliable in body as she was in mind, and Marta had little trouble with pulling down the training panties to her ankles, fitting the diaper into place with ample powder, taping it up, and then tugging the already-padded underwear back up to act as a diaper cover. "Just a little extra padding for comfort, Little Miss. Doesn't that make sense?" "…stupid…" I muttered, but my eyes were watching Dora and my lips were busy drinking. When Marta left me alone, I didn't motion to lower my dress. I didn't try to cover up the diaper or take it off. I'd forgotten about it. And when the bottle was gone, I was so exhausted and flat that I couldn't even imagine moving. I just stayed there, watching TV. In this state, Luzy was an infant to Anni's toddler, and after Marta went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner, it was only the two girls left alone. And Anni took it upon herself to take care of her new baby sister, sitting with her and babbling to her about Dora, and about how it worked, and yelling at the television when prompted to by the animated little girl.
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    Part 21 "Lisa!" I exclaimed as the door opened and I lunged at her legs and wrapped myself around them. April had put me down at the door so I could stand on my own two feet when Lisa greeted us. "Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa! I'm a sloth!" "You are much, much too fast to be a sloth! You're some kind of sloth-predator in disguise," Lisa bent down to tickle me and worked in a diaper-squeeze. She was so indelicate! April had the decency to ask instead of just squeezing my crotch. I shook off the irritation, I liked Lisa too much to have my mood spoiled by something so small, "Show me your best sloth crawl." I dropped to all fours and slowly... slowly... slooooowly crawled forward, until I heard Melanie giggling from the couch. I fell over laughing and rolled on the floor to a point where I could see her. "She's in a good mood," I heard Lisa say quietly to April. "We had some sad when she woke up this morning, but she just needed some love. She's been a joy ever since," April responded, equally as quiet. Lisa shut the door behind us after April was in. Melanie struggled to climb down off the couch to join my laughing form on the floor, I got a big view of her ruffly butt as she did so. Her diapers were so thick! Trying to move in that would be torture. Melanie had her hair braided in two low pigtails that hung on either side of her face... they made her chin look too pointy, but I wasn't about to tell her that. She was wearing just a snap-crotch onesie, covered with princesses and unicorns and hearts. It was white with red ruffles at the shoulder, red trim, and a big red bow on her butt sitting above four rows of lace ruffles. I knew Lisa didn't pick that out, Melanie had the worst taste! "I love your PJs," she said after finally making it to the floor - the last few inches were a drop onto her well padded butt, but she didn't seem to mind at all, "they're so cute! Ohmygosh, they have mittens! I'm so jealous! Do you like my onesie?" "It's very cute!" It wasn't technically a lie, it was cute but it was so, so babyish. I wouldn't want to wear that, ever! "You look so happy in it." "This one is my favorite! I begged mommy to get it for me and she did!" She called Lisa 'mommy' so casually. I looked up to April and saw that she noticed, too... I felt guilty. "...cared if you dolled up or not?" I drifted back into listening to Lisa talk to April. "I don't get dressed up for Gwen's benefit, darling - I like looking good for me," April responded with a smile, it was hard to make out all of her words, but it was easy to tell that she was mostly happy. "Is Kimmy over the fact that you're going out? You said she took it pretty hard," Lisa was asking. I pretended I wasn't listening and started my slow crawl again, which made Mellie laugh. "I think so. She was just afraid that Gwen might replace her in my heart, it's just a fear of not being loved. Poor Littles, they need so much love... You shouldn't have to worry about that though, she seems fine emotionally today. Just make sure she's in bed on time." "Oh believe me," I could hear Lisa's smile even though I couldn't see it, "I'm never making that mistake again. Mellie has a similar problem, but it's 8:15 instead of 7." I slow crawled over to Mellie and started tickling her, her uncontrollable laughter was contageous, soon everyone was laughing with her. By the time I stopped, she had tears in her eyes.. and her diaper was warm, which made me blush. A timer went off from the other room as she was catching her breath. "Juice time!" Lisa declared, scooping the panting puddle of Melanie up in her arms. "Hang out just a minute, April? The book says that we have to follow a strict schedule if we want this to work well." "The book?" April groaned, "I thought we learned this lesson?" "It's fine," Lisa said as she strapped Melanie into the swing in their living room, it was the exact same as the one I had! "Mellie wants this," she continued as she strapped a device to Melanie's face.. it was a tube very similar to the one the RoboNanny forcefed me with that awful day at the LittleGarden and I watched in horror as Lisa turned the pump on and started forcefeeding nearly two gallons of what looked like a flavored water into poor Melanie. "No!" I cried out, "Don't!" I struggled to my feet and tried to run to save Mellie, but I was scooped up from behind by April, who buried my face in her breasts. "Shhhh, shhhh... " she held me tightly, "It's okay, look... " she turned me around slowly, walking over to the swing, which was gently rocking Melanie... who looked worried, not scared. "Look, Mellie is okay. It's not a robot, it's not hurting her." "But... " I started. "Mellie wants this," Lisa said softly, Melanie nodded, still drinking the juice, "this is untraining.. Melanie doesn't want to have to worry about her bladder any more, she wants to be done with the full feelings and needing to let go. She kept waking up in the middle of the night to go and couldn't get back to sleep. This is supposed to fix that, her bladder is supposed to just give up and go whenever it needs to without her having to wet herself on purpose." Lisa stroked Melanie's hair as the swing gently rocked her. That sounded awful! That was the exact opposite of what I wanted, it was the very thing I was upset about this morning. "But.. " I started again. "Shhh, Kimmy, not everyone is the same as you, not everyone wants the same things you do, and that's okay. You don't have problems at night, Melanie does. That doesn't make you wrong or her right or the other way around... it just is. We love Melanie and we want her to be happy, and this is what she wants. We're not going to do this to you, but we're also not going to stop Melanie from trying to find her own happiness.. she isn't hurting anyone, is she?" "No.. " I agreed. "Why don't you color in your book while Melanie drinks, and you two can play when she's done." I watched Melanie in the swing, she looked very relaxed. She didn't look scared.. her eyes were closed gently, not scrunched and she wasn't restrained... other than the buckle to keep her from falling out of the swing. She could pull the tube and pacifier out of her mouth if she wanted to. She... didn't want to. April sat me on the floor and pulled my activity book and crayons out of the diaper bag and set them in front of me. "I'm sure she won't be long, don't worry sweetie, she's okay." I nodded and started coloring, trying to put my focus into my art. Melanie was okay. Melanie was okay. Lisa would never hurt her, Lisa loved Melane and Melanie loved Lisa. "Are you sure you can do this?" I overheard April asking Lisa quiety, "I can cancel on Gwen, it won't be the end of the world." "No, I've got this. I can handle Kimmy, we'll be fine. I want you to have a good time, and don't do anything I wouldn't do... actually, do substantially less than I would do." April laughed and hugged her, then knelt down next to me.. I'd barely colored, I was having trouble focusing. "I'm going to go, sweetheart. I want you to be a good girl, okay?" I was on my feet and in her arms in a flash. "I love you," I said softly in her ear. I was standing on her thighs with my arms wrapped around her neck, and for a moment.. with my cheek pressed against hers like this.. I liked this. It felt normal. For a moment I could close my eyes and imagine that we were the same size as I spoke softly in her ear, "I love you so much." "I love you too, Kimberly," she squeezed me tightly and for a long moment, the world was perfect. I didn't break the embrace.. I wouldn't. I wanted this hug to last forever and ever. I.. I wanted to kiss her. "You two are so cute!" the sound of Lisa's voice followed by a camera shutter brought me back to reality. I blushed at the openness of my affection and looked into April's big green eyes, so full of love as always. The urge was still there... just lean forward and kiss her. She sat me down on my diapered butt and planted a kiss on my forehead.. and I felt tears welling up. "Oh sweetie," she drew me close again, "I'll be back before you know it. I'll... I'll be here when you wake up!" She squeezed me. "You need to go," Lisa said softly, as if I couldn't hear her, "you don't want to be here if she melts down, you'll miss your date. I can handle this." "I can't!" April had such sadness in her voice, "Can't you see she's hurting?" "Of course I can, April.. but she needs to be okay if you have to leave her alone for a bit. It's not good for her if you have to be there all the time and you know it." "I'll be okay," I said quietly, "I'm sorry I got sad.. I'm going to have lots of fun with Lisa and Melanie." "Don't ever apologize for your feelings," April said, squeezing me hard, "It's okay to be sad. It's okay to have all kinds of feelings. You didn't do anything wrong. I'm going to miss you too, Kimmy. We've had such a wonderful time together lately, I don't want to leave you for a moment." Then why are you going? I wanted to ask, but I didn't.. it would just make things harder and that wasn't fair. April gave me one more squeeze and sat me back down, standing up and looking down on me from her towering height. She's so beautiful from every angle, it hurt to watch her go as she blew me a kiss and walked out the door, leaving me behind.
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    This story is another commission. The customer asked me to do a story set in the "Diaper Dimension." I have no experience with reading or writing such stories and he only gave me a vague description of this world, but I agreed to take it on if he agreed to grant me some leeway and embellishments. Since there wasn't some kind of wiki and I only had a few of the original creator's stories to skim over I embellished a lot. If you see any inconsistencies with other diaper dimension stories just keep in mind that this is outside my wheelhouse. Either way, the customer who commissioned the story seems to like it so far. The finished story will be around 75 pages. I am posting the first 1/3rd of the story (25 pages) and will add more as I finish each chapter. A WARNING: besides the usual graphic descriptions of messes, diaper changes, and privates this story is also going to be kind of dark with the main character being infantilized against her will in a cruel and sadistic way. That is what the customer asked for. If you liked my previous stories with loving diaper domination that ends in love then this might not be for you. CHAPTER 1: The Big City In this world there are two kinds of people, those who have power and those who do not. More specifically, there are Amazons and Littles. An Amazon is usually over eight feet tall, standing proud and strong. Using their size and strength Amazons have rose to a position of authority and influence, controlling the governments and economical exchange. It appears that those endowed with remarkable height were set for a live of privilege and affluence. On the other side of things were the Littles who struggled to survive on their own. Littles were not allowed the same education, jobs, or bathrooms as the Amazons. In fact, Littles did not use bathrooms at all. They are never potty trained and kept in a perpetual state of babyhood. For many Amazons, having their own adult baby Little was like a status symbol. The prettiest most petite babies were like a fashionable accessory, kind of like how many people would treat dogs if it were possible to keep them permanently as puppies. While many Amazons loved their adult baby Littles dearly, some of them were simply doing it for the sadistic thrill of keeping these lower class citizens in their place. Littles were of no threat to their society. Even an especially intelligent little still did not have half the capacity as an Amazon. They didn't have half their strength nor even a quarter of their bladder control. It was possible for a Little to become potty trained, but it is an arduous task and tends to only work when they get started at an early age. Some Littles freely accepted their place in the world. Catherine was not one of them. Catherine was born as a little and raised by other Littles. Wanting her to succeed where they did not she was educated using stolen books and videos. She was potty trained by the time she was six years old though she still had the occasional accident. It was very difficult to potty train little Cathy, as it was for most Littles, but she was also taught about the dangers of Amazons and how they strip the Littles of their freedom. It helped motivate her to try harder. Her own parents were never potty trained, having been raised in the Amazon cities and being lucky enough to get away from their adoptive Amazon. She knew she didn't want to wind up like that, helpless and dependent on others. By her 20th birthday it was decided Catherine was mature enough to go out on her own. With a heavy heart and lots of crying she left behind her old life and went to live in the inner city. In this part of the country Catherine needed to wear a lanyard around her neck with a badge alerting people she was an "Unaccompanied Little," a "UL" for short. It was utterly humiliating to go out like this all the time and a little nerve-wracking whenever she needed a toilet and there was nothing available in public. Catherine spent most of her time indoors because of this, ordering most of what she needed online. The fear of having an accident in public was too great. She worried about being fined, or worse, adopted. If a Little broke the law and could not afford to pay the fine they were put into the adoption system. She would be quite an attractive little accessory for an Amazon with her sky blue hair and beautifully large and expressive brown eyes. At five feet tall she was also quite tiny and dainty like a doll. Catherine managed to avoid being adopted her whole adult life. For the four years she had lived in a rented flat she did well enough for herself. To support herself, Catherine did work online. Catherine had taught herself how to build her own electronics. When she lived in a community with other Littles she was always helping others when they needed something fixed. No Amazon would ever willingly take a complex piece of kit from a Little so the anonymity of working online made it easier for her to get away with. For a Little, Catherine was quite clever, and over the years grew more and more confident in her abilities. She even thought she could change minds some day, making more people realize there was more to Littles than just subordinate babies. Her confidence was starting to drop though as the rent increased every year. By the time she was 24, the rent had started to exceed her monthly intake. She would need a roommate or she would not be able to live in the flat much longer. A rent hike like this was mainly done to weed out Littles from certain parts of the city. Affluent Amazons were moving into these rustic neighborhoods and making them more suited for other Amazons to live in. This meant an environment was difficult or downright impossible for a Little to thrive in on their own. Catherine had to put out a want ad for a roommate. She thought deeply about how to properly word it. She wanted to make it seem "Little Friendly" without alerting to anyone that she was a Little herself. ROOMMATE NEEDED Bedroom for rent in downtown area. 1k monthly split two ways, utilities included. Accepting all types of applications, no discrimination. Must like littles. Catherine assumed this wording was just right and made it seem like she was someone who already had Littles in her home. Perhaps that might even dissuade an Amazon from moving in if they already had a Little themselves or might be jealous of someone with more than one Little. Feeling proud of herself, Catherine slept a little easier that night, thinking she was going to have many applications for her room by the morning. When morning came, Catherine checked the emails. Unfortunately many of these were people asking if they could pay far less than Catherine's monthly goal. No doubt they were Littles unable to afford the high rent. There had to be someone out there like her though, she thought, someone that worked hard in the face of adversity and skilled enough to make the rent. She was getting nervous as the deadline for the next month's rent was coming up. Eventually there was one email she found from a rather enthusiastic person. The email read "I'm seeking a room in your neighborhood. I'm willing to first and last month's rent as well as a deposit as long as I can get the room in the next couple days." It seemed too good to be true. Catherine wanted to vet this person further, but considering how desperate she was for rent she agreed to let this stranger from the internet reserve the room and sent her the link for an electronic payment. Not even two minutes after her reply Catherine was alerted to a deposit made into her bank account. Her eyes widened as she saw that this person had already given her the money as promised. It was more than she could have hoped for! "Abigail Jain" was the sender's name. It seemed like a trustworthy name, though her ability to pay so much so quickly should have set off an alarm to Catherine. Catherine did not have the luxury of interviewing Abigail further though. She became easily stressed and the threat of being evicted was hanging over her head. She feared that her next door neighbors would try to adopt her as they always had their eye on her. While the old couple seemed sweet, the thought of being their baby for the rest of their lives was a frightening prospect to her. A loss of independence was scarier to her than anything else. The nights prior to the email Catherine was wetting the bed every night. The poor, stressed little lady peed all over herself in her sleep. She would wake up in soaked sheets and have to flip her mattress to let it dry. She then meticulously scrubs the sheets before washing them in the machine. It was humiliating to be soaked in her own piss, but at least she was all alone when it happened and she wasn't being put in diapers. Catherine thought back to those bedwetting incidents. That only happened during times of extreme stress. She calmed herself down, reminding herself that she wouldn't have to worry about having an accident again when the roommate arrived. With the rent drastically reduced she would be able to have more peaceful nights. The day had arrived and soon Abigail would be heading into Catherine's apartment. Catherine had made sure to decorate the place nicely, stashing away the usual clutter of electronic equipment she had laying around. Every inch of the house was cleaned top to bottom as she wanted to make a good first impression on this Abigail. She pulled on a pair of jeans and a loose t-shirt, hoping to show she was cool and laid back as well. Perhaps she could even be friends with her new roomie. Her life in the big city was pretty lonely and despite her independent attitude Catherine missed having other folks around to talk to. While straightening out some books on the coffee table Catherine heard a buzzing at her door. She promptly shot over to the intercom and held down the button. "Hello? Is this Abigail?" Catherine spoke, waiting to hear the voice on the other end. "Yeah, let me in. My luggage is getting heavy!" the voice responded. Catherine pressed the button that opened the door and she listened in as she heard the sound of said heavy luggage banging against the stairs. She wanted to catch a glimpse of her new roomie before she came in, but being so short she was unable to reach the peephole on the door. She turned the latch on the lock and stepped back as she saw the knob turning. It was exciting and a little scary. Who was this mysterious person? As the door opened there stood the figure, filling the entire doorway. Abigail was an Amazon and towered over little Catherine. She was just an inch shy of being nine feet tall. To Catherine though the size was unfathomable. She swallowed nervously and took several steps back as she just stared up in awe at the comparatively tall woman. Abigail smirked and walked in, pulling that heavy luggage behind her. She propped it up against the wall and then shut the door behind her. "Well now, what do we have here? A Little living all on her own in the big city?" Abigail chuckled, crossing her arms over her large breasts. "Someone had some pretty lofty goals, huh? You're lucky I'm here now." Catherine furrowed her brow. She knew she was being condescended to. She wanted to tell Abigail to get out right then, but her money was already deposited into her account and she needed it. With no other option she directed Abigail to her room, leading the way. "So, little Cathy," Abigail continued engaging with her, "What made you think you could handle the demanding adult world on your own?" "It's Catherine." the Little replied. "and us Littles aren't all dumb and helpless. I'm intelligent and skilled and I managed to survive this long with my online business. I only needed to sublet after the plutocratic tyrants of this neighborhood decided to raise the rent above a decent living wage." "Listen to all those big words coming out of that tiny mouth." Abigail chuckled. "Are you just trying to impress me, Cathy?" Abigail was clearly trying to get to Catherine. She set her luggage down on the floor and began to unpack her things on her large bed. Catherine looked on, looking at the big girl clothes. They were literally for a big girl. There were also some large leather-bound books. She leaned in close, trying to get a better look at them. They appeared to be psychology books. One of them was even titled 'Training Your Little.' When she reached for the book she had her smaller hand swatted away. "No no, those are not for you. They're much too complicated for a child like you to understand." "I'm 24." Catherine responded, trying to sound grown up, but her voice cracked nervously. "I'm just as much of an adult as you!" "That's funny because I'm 23, and yet from where I stand you look like a child." Abigail responded flatly. "Your numerical age means nothing to me." After saying this Abigail reached over and grabbed at Catherine's pants, yanking them down to her knees. It all happened too fast for Catherine to react. "Sorry, I just had to see for myself if you were truly potty trained." "Yeah, well I am!" Catherine responded angrily, her face red with shame and frustration as she stood there with her panties exposed. She was glad these were freshly cleaned panties and not a stained pair. She reached down, grabbing her pants, and tried to pull them back up quickly. "You know, while I'm here there's going to be a few changes. Nothing drastic, I promise, but these are simply for the well being of both of us." Abigail explained. "I mean obviously there will have to be some adjustments with a Little and Amazon sharing the same space as equals." She paused. "Even though we clearly are not." Catherine gritted her teeth, but she held her tongue. She was more perceptive than other Littles and she could see that Abigail was already trying to impose some rules. "Show me your room, little Cathy." Abigail looked down at her. Catherine sighed. She exited the Amazon's bedroom and took her across the hall to her own little room. Inside was the typical large bed, which was clearly too big for her. Abigail nodded. "That's the first thing that will have to go. That bed just isn't suited for you. In fact, I don't see what a tiny little girl like you could do with all this space. If I got some child's furniture in here I could expand my room and move the walls in closer here." "You can't do that!" Catherine finally spoke up. "Any alterations to the apartment would be a clear breach of my lease!" "Cathy, relax." Abigail responded calmly, not even looking at the smaller girl, just staring at the room. "I will be taking over the lease. I should have lead with that. My family is quite successful. Perhaps you have heard of the Jain Family Etiquette Schools For Littles, the largest chain of such schools? Well suffice to say it would be in both our best interest if you handed over the responsibility of paying rent over to me." It did sound ideal to have Abigail's large disposable income on hand to pay for just about everything, but Catherine was still interested in running her business and trying to get more successful at it. That's when she saw Abigail picking up one of the many devices Catherine had build, looking over it curiously. "Don't touch that, it's not finished yet!" Catherine said, hopping up and down to try and grab it out of the taller woman's hands. "Is this one of your toys?" Abigail said, looking down with a snide smile. "I'm an electronic engineer." Catherine said, pouting. "That's one of my projects. I also fix broken devices for people. That's my business." "Well now that doesn't sound like a job for a Little!" Abigail, shaking her head and smiling still. "You should be a seamstress, or a kitchen worker." Her face lit up as she just got an idea. "I know! You could be my maid! Oh I could get you a pretty little dress and apron and you would just look darling!" "Please..." Catherine was angry still, but she mostly just looked sad right now. "Don't make me give up my passion." "Tell you what." Abigail's expression turned serious. "You can fiddle around with your silly hobby in your free time, but during the day I expect you to earn your keep as my maid. Frankly I think you belong in a playpen wearing a diaper, but I am being fair and letting you pretend to be a grown up." Abigail did seem like she was being fair about this all things considered. Catherine may have been a smart Little, but she was not aware of Abigail's cunning. She had no idea that Abigail had a circuitous plan set already that she would never see coming. Abigail was an Amazon after all, and had studied Little psychology for her first two years of school. She knew how to handle a stubborn child. Catherine reluctantly agreed to Abigail's arrangements. They all seemed so extreme to her, but it was still better than the thought of being homeless or getting adopted and turned into a big baby. The threat was still in the air and Abigail let her know it was a possibility with her not so subtle hint. "Just a moment." Abigail stepped into the hall. She dialed a number on her phone. "Yes, hello. How soon can you deliver a princess mattress and bed frame to B Street downtown? Ah, tonight would be perfect!" Abigail placed her hand over the phone and turned to Catherine. "This is big girl talk. Why don't you go play with your toys while I make some purchases." Abigail walked away from Catherine and shut the door to her room behind her. Catherine looked down the hall, frowning a bit. A princess bed? Catherine wasn't exactly a girly type. She was also just getting used to having a big, comfortable Amazonian bed all to herself. This new bed would clearly be much smaller. She was also losing all that extra space in her room. The control she so coveted all these years was starting to slip away from her. Looking at that closed door, Catherine knew that Abigail must be coming up with something, but she just didn't know what it would be. Clenching her fists she resolved to try even harder to succeed. She knew she could still work on her projects in her free time and that eventually her business would take off. All she needed was a bit more patience putting up with this bossy Amazon that had pushed her way into her life. "Okay then." Abigail said, exiting her bedroom. "We will have new furniture in here by the end of the day and by the end of the week the renovations will be made to the rooms." Abigail walked past Catherine with an air of confidence, strolling by her and just smirking smugly. "I also discussed the lease agreement with your landlord. She seemed all to happy to hand the lease over to me and not at all surprised that I would be taking over. You see, no one really expects much out of you. You Littles are all helpless and need the guidance of us bigger people." "I was doing just fine before." Catherine muttered to herself. "What was that, little Cathy?" Abigail said, loving how much mileage she got out of using the diminutive name on the girl. "Nothing." Catherine sighed. "Yes. That is what I thought." Abigail reached down and patted Catherine on the head. Abigail walked over to Catherine's bed. Catherine was helpless to stop the giant woman. Abigail pulled on the covers and took off the comforter. Her eyes were drawn right to the multiple rings of stains around the middle of the mattress. She clucked her tongue and shook her head. "I knew it was a good idea to order the plastic-covered mattresses." Abigail said, like she fully expected Catherine to be a bedwetter. With a fierce grunt she pulled the mattress up and slid it off the bed frame. She pushed it out Catherine's bedroom door, effectively making Catherine have to stumble out into the hallway. "Cathy, be a good girl and drag this down to the curb. You say you can do just as much as an Amazon, right? So you should be able to pull this down the stairs by yourself." Catherine was conflicted, wanting to prove herself, but at the same time pretty embarrassed about having to take a soiled mattress to the curb. Everyone would see she peed the bed, several times. She glanced back up at Abigail who was just staring her down with a calm expression. She sighed and walked in front of the mattress and pulled on it, dragging it through the hall and towards the door. Catherine strained as she pulled the mattress towards the stairwell. It was such a strenuous task for the tiny lady. The mattress was positively gigantic compared to her. Catherine finally got the mattress out the front door and then let it fall to the curb to be picked up by waste disposal professionals later in the week. She felt accomplished that she had done just a huge task all on her own, breathing deep as she tried to catch her breath. When she looked up she noticed some people around the neighborhood were staring at her. They saw the soiled mattress and rightly assumed Catherine was the one that soiled it, considering she was a Little after all. Catherine's face burned with blush, pretty much confirming everyone's suspicions. She turned back towards the door quickly and tried to get back into the building. Unfortunately she forgot her key. Catherine started pressing the button for her apartment frantically. She was trying to get Abigail's attention so she could get buzzed back in. Catherine looked around, whimpering nervously as she felt like everyone was just watching and judging her. She kept trying to get Abigail's attention and she began to cry. Her day was getting more stressful by the minute and now she was having a full-on sobbing fit out in the open. Abigail's voice finally came on the intercom. "I'm sorry, baby girl. I was busy on the phone and I didn't hear you. I'll buzz you in." Abigail responded through the speaker. As soon as the front door was open Catherine bolted inside. When Catherine finished climbing the stairs she saw Abigail there at the doorway, arms out and jutting her lip in a coy pouting expression. Catherine twisted her face in disgust. Did she really expect her to take a hug as an apology? Catherine stubbornly kept her arms down at her sides as she walked towards her door. She tried to slip by Abigail and the larger woman just picked up Catherine into her arms, hugging her tight. "Let me down this instant! I am not a baby or a dolly to be played with!" Catherine shouted. "Shh, it's okay, baby Cathy." Abigail said in a mock soothing tone, petting Catherine's hair. Catherine grumbled, squirming in Abigail's strong hold. "Don't pretend you weren't crying. I know that a Little can get pretty emotional when she is away from her caretaker." "You're NOT my caretaker! I do not need a caretaker!" Catherine said defiantly. "Yes, you've tried to make that clear many times. My mistake." Abigail set Catherine down on her feet. Catherine stamped away from her, fuming with anger. To Abigail the girl just looked like she was having a tantrum. She chuckled at the amusing sight. Later that day the new furniture had arrived. The deliverers carried everything into the apartment. Catherine was sitting in the living room area with her feet dangling off the sofa. She was working on fixing up a small computer on a stick. and everything was strewn about the coffee table. She had to stop what she was doing, standing up and taking notice of just what was being brought into the place. It was more than just a bed. Inside Catherine's bedroom, her old bed frame had been disassembled already while the new one was being installed. Her dresser and night stands were taken out and replaced with smaller ones. Catherine rushed over to see what was going on. The new furniture had a more pastel colored look to it wit childish designs. It was all sized for an adult Little though. The transformation had begun. Abigail had fully invaded her space and was changing everything. There was nothing Catherine could even do about it. "That's an adorable Little you got there." One of the furniture movers commented. "What's her name?" "I'm not her Little." Catherine said, crossing her arms and frowning. "Excuse you, the adults are talking. Go back to tinkering with your toys." Abigail chided Catherine in front of the other adults. Catherine looked up at her incredulously and then scoffed, stamping away. "Her name is Cathy and she's a bit petulant as you can see. She's never been adopted in her entire 24 years so she doesn't really have the manners of a good little girl yet." "Oh yeah?" the mover smiled, looking at the girl. "Fussy or not I wouldn't mind tucking that cutie in at night." Catherine sat on the couch just stewing. She could hear the Amazons just talking about her. She was too upset to even focus on her work. Suddenly one of the delivery people grabbed her and lifted her off the couch. Catherine let out a surprised noise from the back of her throat. This was amusing to all in the room as she sounded kind of funny and squeaky. Catherine was set back down on a smaller chair that was all puffy and cushy and made rubbery sounds as she moved around on it. "That's more suited to you." Abigail said, walking over to Catherine and grinning wide. "Littles should not be on the adult's furniture without permission. Especially ones that aren't properly protected with a diaper." "Hey!" Catherine huffed. "That's my couch! I paid for it.... And I've never stained it either!" "I'm sorry, Cathy, but I'm not going to risk it." Abigail said firmly. Finally one last piece of furniture was brought in. It was a high chair and it was set at the dining room table. Catherine felt a heaviness in her stomach as she looked at the infantile high chair, sized for an adult Little. It reached the height of the table and it would be a lot easier for her to eat off of rather than stacking a bunch of books on a chair and using them as a booster. Still, it was yet another reminder that she was comparatively a big baby to her roommate. Catherine's first day with her new roommate was very stressful for her. Now she felt like she was always on edge, always having to stay on guard so she would not be turned into a drooling baby for some spoiled rich Amazon to play with. After she finished reading her large computer science book she pulled herself up and out of the little kiddy chair. She closed the book and set it down on the coffee table, heading to her room to retire for the night. Upon looking into the room, Catherine made a heavy, annoyed sigh and slumped her shoulders. The new bed was small of course, but big enough to fit her. It made the bedroom look much emptier. The head board was painted pink and purple and had decorations of princesses on them. The bed sheets and pillows also had a princess theme with adorable, diaper-clad princesses playing with woodland critters. The pillow cases had giant tiaras printed on them. Catherine pulled back the covers and she saw the mattress was made of waterproof, stain-resistant material. Exhausted, Catherine didn't bother thinking about that right now. She climbed into the bed and laid back, hearing the mattress make crumpling noises under her. Her heart raced a little and she counted to ten, trying to calm herself down. The whole ordeal was just becoming one embarrassment after another. She did not want to go to bed anxious and wake up wet. She reached into her shirt, pulling out the locket that was attached to her necklace. She opened it and looked at the picture of her parents. She resolved to make them proud and have a better life than they did. Catherine flopped backward onto the mattress and sighed, looking up at the ceiling. She picked up a remote that she made and pressed a button, turning the lights out. It was the kind of invention that only Littles would really need as reaching light switches or cords was often too difficult. Catherine wondered if maybe she wasn't careful about how she presented her online business. So many of her inventions were catered specifically to problems Littles had. Was that enough to get her noticed? When Catherine awoke from her sleep she could feel the cold, clammy sensation of another pissy slumber. She grumbled to herself as she sat up in the bed, feeling herself just surrounded by a pool of piss. The waterproof mattress had collected all her piss into one spot and with only her blanket and pants to soak up her piddly accident it felt like she was just swimming in it! Catherine rubbed her eyes and opened them, seeing Abigail just standing there, like she was merely waiting this whole time for her to wake up. "Good morning, Cathy. Well now I think a thank you is in order now, huh?" Abigail grabbed Catherine, lifting her with ease off the pissy bed. "If I didn't get this new bed for you then you would have soaked right through your mattress again and had to leak straight through to the floor! Now that would be very unsanitary. This is much easier to clean now, don't you think?" Abigail set Catherine down on her feet and then she grabbed the sheets, pulling them off the bed and folding them. She wiped up most of the pee from the mattress before carrying away the sheets and dropping them into the laundry basket. "I can clean up the rest, Abi." Catherine said, trying to get some of adulthood back. "Okay, little Cathy, but only because I do not want to be late for class. I expect you to finish all your chores in addition to cleaning up your pee pee sheets and clothes. If you think you're a big girl you need to prove it to me." With that, Abigail turned around and left the bedroom. Catherine peeked out of the room and watched as Abigail gathered her books into a handbag and went for the door. She gave Catherine a little condescending pat on the head as she passed her by and soon she was out the door. Once Catherine was sure she was gone she stripped out of her clothes, making a face as the soggy material had to be peeled off of her skin. She set the clothes in the laundry basket with the sheets and picked them up. She was completely naked, walking towards the laundry room, when suddenly Abigail peeked back into the house. "Sorry, forgot something." She said, picking up a small bag by the door. She smiled as she got a good look at Catherine's small, naked body. Catherine felt like her whole body was warming over as she was stared at. She started to suspect that maybe Abigail planned that. She walked to the washing machine and stuffed all the pissed on materials into it. After starting the wash she looked down at herself, raising one leg and then the other, making a disgusted face as she still felt the clammy wetness on her skin. She wandered off to the bathroom, climbing into the large tub, and started a bath for herself. Catherine sat there in the bath, almost literally stewing. She sat there angrily, surrounded by bubbles as she thought about how Abigail was making her feel. If it was her and another Little she would not be so embarrassed and frustrated. So she peed the bed. So what? She could handle this on her own. She had survived this long, changing herself and washing her own clothing and linens. She didn't need some Amazon stepping in and taking care of her. She sure didn't need anyone to lecture her either! She was very intelligent. She thought she might even be more intelligent than some Amazons! As Catherine sat there in the tub she really had to pee. She looked over at the toilet which seemed so far. She considered just peeing there in the tub. She thought about what Abigail might say. Even though she wasn't there, Catherine still felt her power over her. It was like she could not escape Abigail's dominance even when she was alone. With a frustrated sigh the wet and naked girl climbed out of the tub and made her way over to the toilet. She climbed up onto the large toilet with some difficulty. She was a bit slippery from being covered in soapy water. The moment she started peeing, Catherine leaned back. As she leaned she slipped right off the toilet seat, her stream still jetting out of her. She landed on her bottom on the floor. She didn't break anything, but the impact still hurt, and she was unable to pinch off her stream in her stunned state. She spread her legs, looking at the growing yellow puddle she was making. She groaned in frustration and damned Abigail for coming into her life, disrupting everything. Tears were welling up in her eyes. She did not want to cry. Crying would be giving in and she felt she would be seen as a baby! She made some awkward huffs, jerking forward a bit as she held back her crying. She stood up and grabbed the paper towels from under the sink. She wiped up the huge pee puddle she made and dropped each used wad into the trash. She climbed back into the tub and went about finishing her bath. Catherine's incident in the bathroom made her feel so small, but not entirely helpless, not yet. She was still able to take care of it herself without any help. In her mind the world was simply stacked against Littles, so her accident couldn't have been entirely her fault. Everything was too big! Beds and chairs, tubs and toilets, these were all made to the size specifications of Amazons. Catherine had nearly fallen off her step ladder more than once when trying to change a light. So, of course, when she fell off the toilet and peed on the floor that was just another thing that wasn't her fault. After getting herself dried off and dressed in new clothes Catherine went back to the washing machine, taking the wet laundry out and putting it into the dryer. She hopped up on top of the dryer and set it for an hour. Catherine wanted to go back to her projects. So much of the day had been wasted! Then she remembered she still had to do "maid" work. She rolled her eyes. What did that even entail? Catherine walked back toward the bedrooms and she found a note taped to Abigail's door. TO DO: MAKE BEDS, DUST SHELVES, VACUUM FLOOR, LAUNDRY, SCRUB THE SINKS Catherine whined, bouncing in place. She didn't want to do all this right now! She wanted to study and tinker with her devices. She opened the door to Abigail's room and threw a silent fit. She swung her fists and kicked the air in frustration. She sighed and looked up at the massive unkept bed. She climbed up on top of it and went to work setting the sheets. Catherine looked at the clock. She had spent so much time doing the household chores on Abigail's list that most of the day was gone! Abigail would probably come home soon and would most likely have new ways to torture her. Maybe if she showed Abigail how she took care of every item on the list then she would leave her alone for the rest of the night? Catherine was able to finish the last item on the list, making all the sinks in the house spotless. She never realized how dirty the sinks and countertops were getting, but of course when she couldn't normally see up there it made sense. She was only ever able to see the bathroom sink while standing on a step stool to brush her teeth. It made her realize that Abigail was right about a few things, but that realization sat poorly with her. Catherine hated the very idea! When Catherine looked at the clock again she noticed that it was getting pretty late and Abigail still was not home yet. She didn't know where the giant woman was, but she didn't care either. She had time to herself. Catherine ran to her bedroom and dumped a bunch of electronic components on the floor. She took out a book she had written some notes in and opened it up to the page with her current project. Catherine smiled, enjoying herself. Abigail arrived home finally, carrying in some bags. Catherine could hear the giant woman moving around just outside her door, walking back and forth as she carried everything in by herself. Catherine ignored the heavy footfalls of Abigail's lumbering presence, though it was hard to ignore as she was doing some delicate soldering. She sighed, sitting there on the floor and just waiting for Abigail to stop stomping around like some trudging dinosaur. The door to her room was opened with no regard to Catherine's privacy. Catherine looked up incredulously, narrowing her eyes and shrugging her shoulders at Abigail for barging in on her. "Mommy's home, Cathy." Abigail said, holding up some clothes on a hanger that were obscured by an opaque plastic sheet. "I see you playing with your toys. Did you finish all your chores first?" "Yes." Catherine rolled her eyes. "I did everything that was on that stupid list." "And your pee pee sheets are all clean too?" Abigail grinned. Catherine blushed, looking down. "Yes. I just haven't put them back on the bed yet." She pointed to the neatly folded sheets sitting beside her bed. "Well you should do that before you go to sleep." Abigail paused. "Unless you want me to start making your bed for you and tucking you in every night from now on?" "I'll do it, okay?" Catherine raised her voice, her face so rosy and red. "No need to jump off the handle. Now stand up." Catherine looked down and let out an angry whine. She wanted to sound furious, but her voice came out like a squeaky kitten rather than a lion. Abigail pulled away the plastic from the hanger, revealing a aquamarine colored maid uniform with white trim and a white apron. In the middle of the apron were some pink bubble letters that spelled out 'MOMMY'S LI'L HELPER.' Catherine scowled, gritting her teeth as she stared at the monstrosity of an ensemble. "Get undressed and put this on. I want to see how it looks on you." Abigail said plainly. "Fine." Catherine took the dress from the hanger and set it over the end post of her bed. She looked up at Abigail. "Could you turn around at least?" "Oh honey, I already said you naked." Abigail smiled. "It's old news by now." Catherine clenched her fist. It was hard for her to hide her rage. Abigail was not only taking control of every aspect of her life she also would not allow her to have any modesty. She wanted to get this humiliation over with quickly so she yanked down her pants and pulled up her shirt. She did not have a bra on since it was very difficult for a mature Little to find such undergarments in their size. She kept on her panties and socks though. She picked up the dress and pulled it down over her head. It was difficult to maneuver into the dress blindly. She never wore anything like it before. Even when she wore a skirt all she had to do was pull it up. She had to feel around for where to put her arms and head. Abigail stepped in and helped, despite the smaller girl's squeaky protests. Her head popped out the top. Abigail showed Catherine some adorable little black shoes with bows on them. She slipped each one onto Catherine's feet for her. She then turned Catherine to the full length mirror so she could look at herself. She frowned. What a sissy outfit! "You look adorable!" Abigail said, clasping her hands together. She did not have the look of an adoring mother though. She looked more like a spoiled child with a new toy. Despite that, Catherine was the one who looked more infantile. "I have a lot more outfits for you. I want you to be careful and not pee or poop on them. I spent a lot of money getting these for you." "No one asked you to do anything." Catherine muttered under her breath. "What was that?" Abigail leaned forward, tilting her head. "Nothing." With a scowl on her face, Catherine did a half-assed curtsy, tugging on either side of the skirt. "Thank you, Ms Jain." she said in a mock polite tone. Abigail, satisfied with the way Catherine was progressing as a "proper Little," just smiled and left the room for now. Catherine thought she was finally alone and grabbed at the hem of the dress, about to pull it off, when those heavy footfalls came back towards the room. Abigail placed several childish looking outfits down on Catherine's bed. They were mostly brightly colored t-shirts with animals printed on them, overalls, and a couple pink dresses. There were also some children's sneakers, slippers, and heels. "These clothes are a little more appropriate for you." Abigail explained. "Besides, I think most of the pants you own right now have been through the wringer a few too many times if you know what I mean." Catherine scoffed at the accusation. "I told you I'm perfectly potty trained!" "For a Little you're very potty trained, but not enough for polite society." Abigail said, folding her arms. "Be honest, how often do you have pooping accidents?" "Never!" Catherine's voice cracked as she shouted defensively. "I never poop my pants!" "Cathy, sweetie..." Abigail tilted her head and gave a knowing stare. "There's no way a Little has never made poo poos in her pants in her entire adult life. Now I will find out eventually while I'm living here, so you might as well come out and tell me now rather than wait for me to find out on my own and suffer the consequences." Abigail had her. Catherine could not lie her way out of this. If she lied and Abigail found a poop-stained pair of panties some time in the future who knows what she would do. It was utterly mortifying, but she could not risk more of Abigail's threats of punishment. "Maybe once..." Catherine looked at her feet. "Or twice a month." She felt her pride peeling away like old paint on a plaster wall. Underneath the peeling would be her true self revealed: just another Little in a world of Amazons. "Thank you." Abigail said, staring down at Catherine as the smaller girl hung her head in shame. "I'm not so sure I believe you can be that diligent with keeping your pants clean, but I would like to be proven wrong. I am going to set up a calendar on the bathroom door that will act as your potty chart. For every day you do a good job and don't make poo poo in your pants I will put a happy face sticker. For every day you make a mess on yourself I will place an 'X' on that day. If you're as potty trained as you say you are then I expect you to have no more than three accidents in one month. If you have more than that I will start putting you in pull-ups. If you mess yourself three times again before the next thirty days then you're going back to diapers for good. No negotiations. Am I making myself clear?" Abigail's lecture was so humiliating! Catherine felt like she was five years old all over again. She had already been through the difficult process of potty training and now it felt like she was being tested all over again. She had to prove she could handle it though. Catherine nodded. She was confident she could handle going in the toilet when she had to. Abigail waved her arm and little Catherine followed behind her. Abigail produced the calendar and set it on the door to the bathroom, using a tack. It was placed just out of Catherine's reach so there was no way she could tamper with it, short of using her step stool or ladder. Catherine hoped Abigail would never resort to taking those important tools away from her! Catherine watched as Abigail placed a happy face sticker on the first day of the calendar. The smaller girl held back a smile, not wanting to look too proud about something she should just already know how to do without encouragement. "Did you have anything to eat today, Cathy?" Abigail asked, looking down and placing her hands on her knees. "I had lunch. I was just about to heat up something for dinner before I head in." Catherine pointed to the kitchen with her thumb "If you want, I could make something for you too-" "Nonsense." Abigail stood up straight and waved her wrist dismissively. "I wont have you playing around with the dangerous kitchen appliances anymore. I know you've been making food in there by yourself before I ever came along, but I just can't trust a Little in a kitchen by herself." Abigail scooped up Catherine, much to the girl's consternation. She carried Catherine to the table and set her in the newly installed high chair. She strapped Catherine in and then locked the tray down in front of her. Catherine thought about unhooking the strap and climbing down the high chair, but when she looked down she saw there was no way to do it safely. She would have to either climb on the table and risk falling off or just jump down. Being in the high chair made this furniture seem bigger than it was now. When Catherine did sit at the table she often sat on stacked books. The high chair felt like it was even further up in the air than that. She had never felt so small before. Catherine looked over at Abigail who was using the stove with ease. She did not have to stand on anything. Catherine smelled the sweet aroma of steak and licked her lips. She could not deny that the dinner smelled so delicious. Abigail came back to Catherine and placed a coloring book and crayons on her tray. Catherine scowled. "Color me something nice that I can hang on the fridge, Cathy!" Abigail said in a bubbly tone. Catherine wanted to just sweep the coloring book and crayons right off the tray and let them fall to the floor. She sighed, feeling defeated. She looked down at the book, opening it up. She saw it was designed for Amazon children and was about a 6-year-old girl meeting an adult the same height as her. It seemed to be an introduction to the concept of Littles as inferior diaper-wearing babies. Catherine had never seen this kind of propaganda before and began thumbing through the pages. She grumbled angrily as she read the single sentences under each thick-lined drawing. She wanted even more to toss the book to the floor, but she had another idea. On one of the pages she hastily drew and colored in a toilet for the Little to sit on while she used the brown crayon to draw some messy poop going all over the young Amazon girl's legs. She smirked to herself, thinking she was pretty cheeky. Abigail walked over and saw what Catherine was doing. She smirked as well. "Cute. Very unlikely though." Abigail took away the coloring book and boxed up the crayons, moving them away from Catherine's tray. She set them aside as she came over with a plate of steak and mashed potatoes. The steak was chopped into very small cubes. Abigail tied a big bib around Catherine's neck. "I don't want you messing up the nice clothes I just got for you." She explained. Abigail then stabbed into the tiny bites of steak with her fork and proceeded to feed Catherine slowly. Catherine turned her head, trying to refuse to be fed by the Amazon, but by the way she was forcing the food towards her mouth there was no way for Catherine to refuse without getting her face messy. She opened her mouth and took each bite under protest. She stared down Abigail with an angry, resentful glare. Abigail just returned the girl's glare with a gracious smile. When Abigail was done feeding Catherine with the fork she handed her a spoon for her mashed potatoes. Abigail sat down at the table and picked up a large serrated knife and tore into her steak, making much larger cuts. She opened her large mouth, taking in healthy bites. She didn't get anything on face of course, despite her more voracious eating habits. Catherine sat there, looking down on Abigail as she spooned the mashed potatoes into her mouth. The food was delicious at least and it did taste better than anything she made on her own. Catherine was scraping her plate by the time she was done eating. It was hard to resist the deliciousness of the meal that Abigail made for her. Abigail soon took the plate away from Catherine and set it in the sink with the other dishes and kitchenware. Abigail grabbed the bib and used it to wipe Catherine's mouth clean. She untied the bib and lifted the tray before pulling Catherine down from the high chair by holding her hips. She set the little girl down on her feet and pat her head. "I made the food so I will clean the dishes. Why don't you go brush your teeth and get ready for bed. I expect you to be in your bed by the time I come check on you." Abigail gave Catherine a swat on her bottom. Catherine angrily grabbed her butt and walked off to the bathroom. She wasn't tired. It wasn't even close to midnight yet! She was glad to be able to take off the silly maid clothes though. She'd have to put it on the next day though. Catherine got on the step stool for the sink and brushed her teeth. She got on her tippy-toes to look in the mirror as she brushed. She didn't need Abigail to tell her to do this, but she did want to show she cared about her hygiene. When Catherine got to her bedroom she pulled off her clothes. She put the maid outfit back on its hanger and then looked in her closet. She was too tired to get on her step ladder to put it up there so she just walked to her dresser and stuffed it into a drawer. Catherine grabbed the sheets and pulled them over her mattress. She didn't know why she was bothering to go to bed just because Abigail told her to. It could have been because she feared her. Catherine climbed into her little princess bed. At least it was easier to get into this smaller bed than the giant bed she used to sleep in. She just hated the way it crinkled noisily and looked like something for a sissy baby. She pulled the blanket up to her chin and lied back against the pillow. She stared up at the ceiling, grumbling to herself. It wasn't long before Abigail came into the bedroom to check on Catherine. She stood in the doorway and looked at the girl who was in bed but still wide awake. Abigail walked towards the bed and got down on one knee. She looked down at Catherine with a smile but a stern look in her eyes. "Cathy, do you think you can have a dry night tonight?" Abigail asked, reaching up to stroke back Catherine's hair. "I'll be fine, I was just stressed out when you moved in." Catherine answered honestly. "Well if you're pee peeing the bed because you're anxious then maybe you need to learn to relax and just accept the way things are now." Abigail responded calmly. "It seems to me that you're just fighting the inevitable, but hey I'm going to give you every chance to prove to me you can at least pretend to be a 'big' girl." Catherine stared blankly. She rolled over onto her side in the bed, looking at the wall. Abigail snickered, seeing how frustrated Catherine was getting. It was giving the Amazon sick pleasure to see Catherine so miserable and humiliated. Abigail left the room, satisfied that she pushed Catherine closer to being a baby. Abigail had more planned for the girl. She was so sure that Catherine was going to wet again tonight too. Being a rather cunning student when it came to Little psychology she understood that Catherine would get stressed again and that would lead to the second wet bed in a row. It was the next step in her elaborate plan to turn Catherine into a helpless baby. First she would just be wearing diapers at night, but soon she would be in diapers during the daytime as well. She just had to continue breaking her down. CHAPTER 2: The Couch Catherine woke up wet the next day, just as Abigail predicated she would. Abigail was not in the room though, so Catherine decided to gather her soggy sheets and panties and make her way to the washer and drier before Abigail woke up. Maybe it was a good thing that Abigail sent her to bed early because it allowed her to wake up ahead of time. Abigail went to the dresser and pulled out some sweat pants and a hoodie, pulling them on so she'd have something warm to wear as she walked down the hallway. She carried the laundry basket to washer and when she set it down she saw two large bare feet. Slowly looking up at those tall, muscular legs she trembled in fear. "What happened, Cathy? Did you make tinkles in your bed again? That's twice now. I was lead to believe that your peeing the bed wasn't a major problem and yet here we are." Abigail reached into the laundry basket and lifted one of the dripping wet sheets. Catherine looked down, blushing warmly. "Can't answer me? All right, get in the tub. I'm going to wash this for you and then we're going to talk about this. Get out of here." Abigail gave Catherine a smack on the bottom again. Catherine really resented the way Abigail just invaded her personal space like that all the time. It was getting more and more infuriating for the small girl. She let her clothes drop to the floor and she climbed into the tub. Catherine thought she was perfectly capable to cleaning the wet fabrics herself, but once again Abigail swooped in and took over. Catherine stood in the tub and added some candy scented bubble bath, wanting to get rid of the smell of pee on her with something more delicious. Abigail came into the bathroom, strutting in with authority. She calmly got down on her knees, rolled up her sleeves, and grabbed a wash cloth. Catherine recoiled, gritting her teeth as Abigail came at her with the cloth. Abigail just grabbed Catherine, holding her still and starting to rub the soapy wash cloth up and down her small, naked body. Catherine squirmed, making high-pitched whines of intransigence. Abigail ignored Catherine's pathetic protests, reaching under the water and scrubbing the small girl's butt and privates. Catherine's eyes widened as she felt Abigail scrubbing over her most sensitive parts. She could not help but get pretty hot between her legs from having her little pussy wiped down. "You're not going to like this, but I think I need to start putting you in diapers at night time." Abigail said with a very serious tone. She watched Catherine's face as a range of emotions washed over her. She was clearly not taking it well. "It's for your own good. It will be more sanitary for one thing. For another we can not continually wash these sheets over and over again! It's just a waste of water and energy." "I was perfectly fine before you came here!" Catherine said with an indignant squeak from her throat. "I only wetted like the bed maybe once a week at most!" "Darling, are you seriously blaming me for your problems?" Abigail shook her head. "That is just absurd. Before I came here you were desperate for a roommate because you could not afford the reasonable rent for this flat. You're also small and helpless in a world that's too big for you and I've been slowly helping you adapt. Any of the problems you're having are caused by your own stubbornness. If you would just listen to me and stop trying to act too big for your britches then you wouldn't be in the miserable state you're in now." Catherine sat in the tub silently, her lips pressed firmly together. Abigail was getting under her skin with these lectures. She wasn't just some typical Little. She could tell the woman was trying to manipulate and coerce her into accepting "help." Abigail grabbed a towel and lifted Catherine out of the tub. The Amazonian towel was pretty massive around Catherine's small frame. She was at least dried off quickly and then pushed her towards her bedroom. "Don't bother with chores today. Just put on one of your play clothes. Before I come home from school I will be picking up your diapers. You better not raise a fuss when I put them on you tonight. I'm getting mighty tired of your attitude. It was cute at first, but even an above-average Little like you needs to learn her place." Abigail punctuated her last tirade with a firm swat on Catherine's butt. "Stop doing that, it's demeaning!" Catherine shouted as she walked out of the room backward. "My that's a big word for a Little to be using." Abigail smiled. "Are you sure you know what it means?" Catherine stomped into her room and tossed the towel aside. It was almost big enough to cover the whole bed. Catherine was furious at Abigail and the worst part is that she knew Abigail was right about some things. If she wore a diaper at night there would be less of a chance of her wetting the bed. Even if it made her feel like a baby it's not like she would wet it every time. She let out a defeated sigh and went to her small dresser. She pulled open a drawer and looked around for her clothes. The only clothes she could find in the dresser were the adorable kiddie clothes that Abigail bought for her. Her original outfits were nowhere to be seen. Catherine whined and bounced in place, tilting her head back in frustration. "Where are my clothes? I got those with my own hard earned money!" she shouted. There was no response. Catherine pulled out the least babyish shirt and overalls combo she could and set them aside. She wasn't so proud that she would walk around naked. Besides, she was tired of the way Abigail was always staring at her body and touching her. She got on the step stool and looked in her underwear drawer. Naturally the big girl underwear was gone as well and replaced with cutesy children's panties. She made a disgusted face. She was glad that the panties were at least for a potty trained kid and not some kind of pull-ups or baby diapers. She grabbed some underwear and socks and pulled them on first. She then tugged the light blue shirt over her head and then tugged up the overalls. They were a little baggy and probably intended for an Amazonian child. She looked at herself in the mirror, trying to think of some way to pull off the look in a cool way, but she just looked like she did when she was a toddler. She pouted and kicked at the floor sadly. "This sucks." Catherine mumbled, tucking her hands into the big pockets of the overalls. She dragged her feet, walking away from the mirror. "Okay, listen up." Abigail said, throwing on a jacket and slinging her purse over her shoulder, "The only thing you have to do is take the laundry out of the washer and put it into the dryer. Can you handle that one task?" "I can do it just fine." Catherine answered plainly. "Really, I can do-" "Great, see you tonight little Cathy." Abigail cut her off and bolted out of the door. Catherine flipped off the closed door. Abigail was not there to see it. It just felt good to do. She walked back to her room. She was feeling mighty deflated at that point and she was not sure if she could get herself in the right mindset to work on her projects. She left all her electronic equipment stored away and decided to spend the rest of the day just relaxing with a good book and maybe vegging out in front of the television. Catherine took a quick trip to the kitchen to find herself a snack to munch on. She searched around the vegetable crisper first, mostly because it was the lowest to the floor and easier to reach. She would normally have a healthy snack, but today she felt like treating herself. Maybe it would reduce some of her stress? She then spotted an open box of candy bars just sitting on the bottom shelf. She picked one up and was able to read the word "Power Go!" She tried to read the ingredients, but those were a little too complicated for her. All she knew is that it had chocolate and would probably put her in a good mood. Abigail had a bunch of them. She wouldn't miss one. Catherine tore the wrapper on the rather large candy bar and walked into the living room, holding it like a baton. She pulled herself up onto the big couch, figuring she could do whatever she wanted with Abigail gone. That rude lady couldn't tell her where to sit like some dog! Catherine put on the TV and found most of the channels had been locked out. She grumbled to herself. Only the kid-friendly stations were unblocked. There was some show about magical ponies that she didn't mind watching though. She settled into the couch and tried to enjoy what little she had and not let Abigail get into her head. Today she was just going to sit back and enjoy herself! Catherine stared at the colorful ponies on the screen, chocolate getting on her face. She ended up laughing along with the show in spite of herself. She thought that if Abigail was there she might say something about how Catherine could not resist her childish tendencies or something. She rolled her eyes. By the time the first show ended and the next one began Catherine had greedily ate the entire "Power Go" bar. She licked her fingertips and wiped her mouth with a napkin. Catherine felt a stirring in her tummy and looked down. She buckled inward, feeling a bit bloated. Soon a soft, warm mess was coming out of her backside. There was no time to react. All Catherine was able to do was sit there with a dopey smile as the mushy poop spread across her bottom. She snapped back to reality quickly though, hopping off the couch. She held her backside, feeling the mess starting to overflow in her panties and slowly go down her thighs like wet cement. She held her bottom, trying to contain the mess within her pants as she ran to the bathroom. In the bathroom Catherine just went more and more. She scrunched up her face, whimpering in frustration. She was never particularly happy when she messed her pants by herself, but knowing there was a domineering Amazon living with her made her a lot more self conscious about what she was doing. Eventually the mess stopped. The messy poop had gone down Catherine's pant legs and got all over the floor. At least she was on the hard linoleum and not a carpet. She still blubbered, puffing out her cheeks and sputtering out pathetic sobs. She didn't understand why she had a poopy accident. She had been so careful! Sure, she usually messed her pants if she got distracted and forgot to go, but she was paying attention to her body. She wondered if perhaps it was the chocolate bar she ate. It was a pretty big bar and clearly intended for Amazons. Catherine couldn't let Abigail find out about this. It was still early in the day, so she figured she had enough time to strip down, bathe, and clean out the overalls before Abigail's school day was over. Catherine pulled down the overalls and looked with surprise at the huge disaster inside the clothing. Poop was practically coating the entire inside of the pant legs and seat. Next she pulled down the panties and stepped out of them. The poop looked like it had set into the white parts of the cutesy material rather deeply and she probably would not be able to clean it. She was never good at getting poop stains out of white or lightly colored clothes so she tried to avoid clothes like that for that very reason. She put the poop-caked undies in the trash and reminded herself to dispose of the evidence later. She also had to toss out the formally white socks. Catherine sighed as she would have to take yet another bath today. Catherine picked up her poopy overalls from the floor and brought them into the tub with her. She decided to let the water flow over the pants first, letting the thicker mess wash away before she scrubbed at the deeper set-in stains. She bent backwards in front of the faucet, letting it rinse away her mess at first before scrubbing her butt and legs with the soap. She scrubbed herself quickly, not wanting to spend too much time washing. She felt like she was in a hurry even though she had plenty of time before Abigail would even be let out of school. She wrung out the wet overalls the best she could, though she didn't have a lot of strength. She let them flop over the edge of the tub and climbed back out. Catherine got down on her knees and used some paper towels to wipe up her overflowed poopy mess. Catherine wasn't too bothered by the smell. She was used to it after living with other Littles most of her life. It took many paper towels to finish the job. The bathroom trash can was looking very full by the time she was done. The naked girl was finally able to pick up her overalls, bringing them along with her shirt to the washing machine. She placed the two articles of clothing in the washer. It was overkill, but she did not have anything else to wash. She started thinking about how much more convenient this all would have been if she was just in a diaper in the first place. She then cringed and shook her head, trying to get the thought out. No way was she going to give up her dignity for some convenience! Catherine just watched the washing machine go about cleaning the dirty clothes. She was disappointed in herself. She would probably put a big red X on her potty training chart herself if it wouldn't give Abigail more incentive to diaper her up. When the washing cycle was done Catherine pulled the wet clothes out. She inspected the overalls closely and even gave them a sniff. Sure that every trace of a stain was gone, Catherine stuck the overalls and shirt into the dryer. Catherine sat on the floor and watched boredly as the clothes tumbled around. After an hour of tedious drying it seemed the overalls were clean again. She pulled them out and looked at the seat. They appeared clean. She carried the shirt and overalls back to her room so she could get dressed, putting on a new pair of socks and underwear. This was supposed to be a fun goof-off day for her and instead she spent half of it fretting and worrying over big messes. Even though the accident was mostly her fault, in her head she still laid most of the blame on Abigail. She took the candy bar, but she was sure Abigail placed it on the lower shelf just to entice her! Abigail arrived home earlier today. It appeared she didn't do much shopping besides getting the night time diapers for little Catherine. She set them down on the kitchen table as she walked into the flat. "Oh Cathy, I'm home, sweetie!" Abigail called out. "Have you been a good girl today?" Catherine was in her bedroom, reading another one of her computer books. She had a long day. She pooped all over herself and did a decent job getting rid of all traces of the mess. She even walked around the alley out back to drop the dirty trash bag in a different dumpster. She was sure Abigail would never find out what she did. "Cathy!" Abigail's voice raised. "You get your butt out here right now!" Catherine sat up straight, a look of fear on her face. What could Abigail be angry about? She was sure she carefully covered her tracks. Swallowing nervously, Catherine slid out of the bed and walked out of her bedroom. She tried to look innocent, like she didn't know what Abigail was so angry about. She strolled into the living room where she saw Abigail standing beside the couch. Abigail grabbed the couch cushion and held it up, showing a brown blotch that had stained it slightly. "Care to tell me what happened here, baby girl?" Abigail asked, keeping a stern tone. The way she asked her question had a hint of perverse glee behind it though. Catherine's heart sank as she saw the poopy stain staring right at her, reminding her of her humiliating episode earlier today. "It was the chocolate!" Catherine's voice wavered, her eyes welling up with tears. "I'm pretty sure that THIS is not chocolate." Abigail pointed at the stain for emphasis. "That's not what I mean! I mean the chocolate from the fridge. I ate some and I think it made me go!" Catherine whined, holding her tummy. "It happened so fast." "I see. So you took one of my chocolate bars from the fridge." Abigail nodded. "I guess you ate the whole thing then? You know Littles can't handle that much chocolate, especially a power bar like that. No wonder you pooped on the couch." She snapped her fingers. "Get over here right now, let me check your pants." Catherine put her hands on her bottom, shaking her head, but Abigail snapped her fingers again and gave the smaller girl a stern glare. Catherine reluctantly walked up to her. Abigail pulled off the straps and tugged Catherine's overalls down to her knees. She hooked her finger into Catherine's panties. "All clean. So what happened to the pants that you pooped in? Did you just throw them out?" Abigail asked, her voice cold and authoritative. "These are the same ones, I just washed them!" Catherine was crying as she spoke. She was ashamed, but she was also frightened of Abigail. "You shouldn't have tried to hide this from me!" Abigail shouted. "You need to understand that it's very naughty to poop in your big kid pants, but it's even naughtier to try and fib about it!" Abigail set the couch cushion sideways, leaning against the couch. She sat on a clean cushion and pulled Catherine over her lap while her pants were still down. Abigail started to slap Catherine's butt. She was smacking hard, but she was careful not to bruise Catherine too much since she was so small and Abigail was very strong compared to her. She held down Catherine with one hand pressed to her back while the other hand smacked her butt over and over. Catherine cried hard, tears rolling down her face. Despite not putting a lot of power into her smacks those big hands still hurt and left a pink mark against Catherine's cheeks. "Are you sorry, Cathy?" Abigail asked, cupping the smaller girl's sore butt. Catherine nodded between pathetic sobs. "And when you make a poo poo in your pants you're going to come to me right away?" "Ye-yes, ma'am, but you were at school!" Catherine reasoned. "Well yes, I was, but when I'm here in the house I expect you tell me. If I'm away at school you tell me what you did the minute I get home." Abigail explained. "I'm obviously not telling you to just sit in poopy pants and not try to clean them. Although that would have been a fitting punishment I don't think I want you leaking all over the floor." Abigail picked up the couch cushion. She was practically shoving it in Catherine's face. "Speaking of which, do we need to go over the rules again about where you're supposed to be sitting, little lady?" "No, Abigail. I'm sorry!" she whined. "I was being bad, okay? I thought you wouldn't find out." "Well I appreciate the honesty for once." Abigail said firmly. Abigail stood up, leaving Catherine to tug her pants back up on her own. She took out her red marker from her purse and scraped a big red X onto the current calendar date. Catherine walked to the bathroom door and saw her shame being posted right there in the hallway. It's not like anyone else was there to see it, but it was enough that she knew and Abigail knew for it to be very embarrassing for her. "I am going to call an upholstery cleaner." Abigail said. "And tomorrow you will be going out with me while construction is being done on the walls between our rooms. For now though I want you to stand in the corner." It was a lot for Catherine to take in. She crossed her arms, looking over at the wall. Abigail grabbed one of her wrists and pulled as she lead the smaller girl back to the living room. She pointed Catherine at the corner of the room, forcing her to stand there and face the wall. Abigail made sure that Catherine would be visible as soon as someone would enter the living room. She got on her phone and started talking. Catherine tried to listen in but she could barely understand from her position in the room. She turned her head slightly. "Face the wall, Cathy." Abigail said in a normal but strong tone. Catherine turned back to face the wall. Only a few days ago Catherine would be fussing and arguing, but she was scared of Abigail. She wasn't sure what this woman was capable of. Abigail grabbed the couch cushion and walked to the door. "Don't move for ten more minutes." She barked out before shutting the door behind her. Catherine relaxed her shoulders and let out a heavy sigh. She was about to turn right around, but she wondered if maybe Abigail might have some camera spying on her or something. She fidgeted as she stood there, glancing around only slightly. She finally turned around completely, hands on her hips. "What the hell am I doing?" she mumbled to herself as she glanced about the room. Suddenly the door opened. It wasn't Abigail though. It looked like one of her neighbors. "Hey, turn back around, little one." The woman commanded. She leaned against the counter between the living room and kitchen, keeping an eye on Catherine. "Who are you?" Catherine said, turning back around. "And what are you doing in my house?" "I'm Sheryl. I live downstairs from you. Your mommy told me to watch you until she gets back. She said you're being punished for the next ten minutes." Sheryl looked at her watch. "Well, nine minutes now." "She's not my mommy. She's my roommate." Catherine said, grumbling. "I see. You're one of those uppity Littles. I guess you've never been to etiquette school." Sheryl let out a sigh, looking at Catherine's butt. "I don't see why that nice lady hasn't put you in a diaper already. Littles can try to act like mature grown ups, but even the so-called potty trained ones can't be trusted not to make a mess now and then. I saw the cushion. That can't be the first time you pooped yourself." Catherine did not respond. She stared right at the corner of the room. That seemed to be fine with Sheryl who was now just looking at her phone. She set her phone aside. "Okay, your ten minutes are up. You can go do whatever it is you do." Sheryl said, watching Catherine. The small girl's legs wobbled as she walked away from the wall. That ten minutes felt like forever to small girl but the time just passed by for the larger woman in the room. Catherine walked to her room and shut the door. Littles weren't normally afforded such privacy, but Catherine didn't know that. Sheryl opened the door right behind Catherine. "Keep this door open. I need to be able to keep an eye on you." Sheryl explained. "Listen, lady, I'm no one's pet or property." Catherine spoke boldly. "I don't need someone watching me! I am a grown woman!" Sheryl let out a throaty snicker. She covered her mouth, trying to hold back her laughter, her big body bouncing. She was even larger than Abigail. Her laughter looked frightening, especially from Catherine's vantage. "All right, you're hilarious." Sheryl said. "I'm surprised no one's adopted you. You're adorable and funny and just the right size." Sheryl walked up to Catherine and grabbed her hips, lifting her up. She held Catherine above her and shook her gently. Catherine whimpered, feeling her heart race. She had never been up this high before! Sheryl then hugged Catherine to her large chest. Catherine struggled for a bit as she was held to the large woman's boobs. She calmed down eventually though and leaned against Sheryl. She blushed, feeling a little embarrassed that the hug made her feel comforted. She clutched Sheryl back, just for a moment. She knew Sheryl could feel the way she was hugging her back. "Aww, poor baby. Do you miss your mommy?" Sheryl teased. "She'll be home soon." Sheryl set Catherine back down on her feet. Catherine felt funny about the encounter. She never felt anything like that since she was a toddler and even then she never did feel that small before. Still, she was fully aware of how Amazons operate and her parents told her that they might seduce her with comforting sweetness. Catherine felt something else. A tingling and warm feeling between her legs. It was a mixture of being aroused and needing to pee. "I... I have to go to the bathroom." Catherine said, trying to push her way by Sheryl. The larger woman grabbed Catherine's wrist. "Not by yourself you're not." Sheryl said. She walked ahead of Catherine and lead her into the bathroom. She chuckled when she saw the calendar. "It's still surprising for me to see a Little that's potty trained. At all." Catherine was about to take off her overalls when Sheryl took over again. She pulled down the overalls and panties and propped Catherine up on the large toilet. She held onto Catherine's hips and stared right at the small girl's privates as she waited for her to pee. Catherine eventually started tinkling, which made Sheryl's eyes widen a bit. Catherine blushed deeply as she was watched. When she was done peeing Sheryl took some toilet paper and wiped her drippy slit for her. She then flushed the toilet and helped Catherine back into her overalls. Catherine looked down, her face so warm with blush as she walked back to her room. Sheryl stood, leaning on the doorway as she watched the small girl. Eventually Abigail came home and walked straight over to Sheryl. Catherine tried to listen in to their conversation. "I want to thank you so much for watching my little stinker while I was out." Abigail said. "She didn't give you any trouble, did she?" "No, not too much trouble. She even went pee pee in the toilet!" Sheryl said, raising her voice with a slight sound of surprise. "I know! It's a little weird, but fascinating." Abigail spoke candidly. "She's pretty fun, actually." Abigail lowered her voice to a whisper and leaned in close. "She thinks she's an equal. Isn't that cute?" Catherine heard that. The small girl pretended like she didn't hear the insulting words and just swallowed her anger. At the end of the day Abigail made her way into Catherine's bedroom. "Okay, kiddo, time for bed." She announced on her way in. She clapped her hands. "Put away your silly little toys." Catherine didn't want to go to bed right now, but at this point Abigail clearly had all the control. She did just as Abigail commanded, putting the electronic components away. Once that was done Abigail lifted Catherine up onto the bed and started stripping her out of her clothes. Catherine squirmed on the bed, groaning obstinately. Abigail just had to give her butt one of her classic slaps. Catherine stop her fidgeting. Abigail slipped off the girl's shirt and then pulled down her cute little panties. By now Catherine's naked body was nothing new for Abigail. She still smiled at the sight of it though. She grabbed one of the new diapers she bought and unfolded it. She slid it under the small girl's butt, holding her ankles in one large hand. She lowered the little bottom back into the diaper. Abigail showed Catherine the large bottle of baby powder and then shook it gently onto her skin. She rubbed the powder around on Catherine's butt and between her legs. She pulled the thick diaper front over Catherine's crotch and taped each side really tight and secure so that Catherine wouldn't be able to pull off the diaper easily. "Don't you go pulling your diaper off now." Abigail warned. "It would be too hard to reattach these tapes. If you got to go then just go right in your diaper." "I don't want to do that." Catherine whined. "It's not about what you want." Abigail admonished. "It's about keeping a dry bed. Besides, I think you'll wake up in a much better mood if you only have wetness on one part of your body instead of all over." Abigail placed her big hand over Catherine's crotch and then gave a playful squeeze. Catherine felt a strange surge of energy zap up her spine. Besides touching herself she never really felt anyone touch her sexually. All the slaps and rubs and wiping of her sensitive flesh was awakening a kind of sexuality she didn't even know she had. Abigail showed Catherine a bright pink pair of bunny pajamas. There were snaps around the crotch for easy diaper changes and a little hood with bunny ears on top. Abigail tugged the pajamas onto Catherine and even tightened the bunny hood over her head. Abigail made the small girl look at herself in the mirror. She even played with the bunny ears, flopping them around. She made some cutesy baby babble at her as she teased. Abigail set Catherine into her bed and pulled up the covers. "What if I have to, you know..." Catherine spoke vaguely as the covers went up to her chin. "I don't know." Abigail said. "You'll have to be more specific." "What if I have to, um... go poop?" Catherine lowered her voice and ducked her head slightly into the blanket. "Do you really have to go poop in the middle of the night all that much? I think you'll be fine." Abigail assured her. "If it's a real emergency then come wake me up. I will leave my door open. I guess I should get a baby monitor for your room." Abigail stood up and left Catherine's room. Catherine glanced over at Abigail's big butt as she walked out. For a minute there Catherine thought Abigail was flaunting her superior non-diapered ass at her. Abigail shut off the light and said a quiet "sweet dreams" before closing the door behind her. Catherine sat in the bed, staring at the ceiling. She found it hard to sleep at first. There was a big bulk between her legs. She had not felt the bulk of a massive diaper since she was six years old. Back then she was ready to get out of it. She still remembered the years before though where she was stubborn about learning the potty and willingly wet and messed herself. She knew it felt good to be wet and messy but she also understood there was no dignity in it. There was nothing to be proud of in a filthy diaper. Rolling onto her side, Catherine stared at the wall and let out a huff from her nose. The feelings of shame were starting to melt away as she was all alone. All she felt was the soothing softness of the diapers against her skin, like being wrapped in a fluffy cloud. She yawned and felt herself getting tired. She was finally able to fall asleep. Catherine had the best night's sleep of her life. It was even better than her confident days as a fresh adult making it in the big city. Sitting up in her bed she flipped her covers aside and proceeded to strip out of her bunny pajamas. They felt oddly tighter on her this morning. Her breasts flopped out as she pulled the pajamas down past them. She kicked off the pajamas and then inspected her diaper. It was wet. The plain white bulky diapers looked thoroughly soaked as a big yellow stain was all around the crotch and seat. The good news was that her bed wad dry. Catherine looked around. Abigail was not here this time to greet her in the morning. Catherine felt the urge to pee and she had to get the soaking wet diaper off. She slid out of the bed and made her way to Abigail's room. She waddled over to Abigail and nudged her arm. Abigail groaned in her sleep and rolled over in her large bed. Catherine climbed onto the bed and nudged Abigail some more. "Cathy, sweety, it's time not to wake up. I still need one more hour of sleep." Abigail said in a raspy half-awake voice. "But Abi, I... I need to get out of my diaper." Cathy explained, blushing a little. "Just relax and toilet in your diaper like a good Little." Abigail muttered. "It wont count against you on your potty chart. I'll change you when I wake up." With that Abigail gently shoved Catherine off of the bed and went back to sleep, snoring loudly. Catherine stood on the floor, looking up at Abigail with a sour expression. Catherine had no choice. She had to pee on herself on purpose. She waddled out of Abigail's room and stood in the hallway. With her legs parted she relaxed and let the piss flow out of her. She sighed with relief as she emptied to the already soaking wet diaper. Catherine leaned on the wall and slid down to the floor, sitting in her own drenched pampers. She felt the wet, spongy material squish between her cheeks and her pussy. She felt the same strange arousal she was feeling lately. She still couldn't understand it. She didn't want to live as a baby, but the call of the diapered lifestyle was getting stronger than ever. Catherine played with herself for a bit as she sat in the hall, only rubbing the outside of the diaper since they were still nearly air tight around her. Catherine stopped her diddling when she thought maybe Abigail might hear or even surprise her by bursting out of her room. The small girl decided she would only try masturbating when Abigail wasn't around. Then she remembered that today she would have to spend most of her time with the Amazon. When Abigail did finally wake up, Catherine was sitting on the floor in the living room, playing around with a handheld game. Abigail was wearing nothing but her underwear. She was a real amazing sight to behold. Her large breasts were just stuffed into her lacy bra, which did not cover much of anything at all. Her nipples were clearly visible through the material. Her panties were made of a very thin fabric, unlike anything Catherine ever wore. It too was mostly transparent. Catherine looked upon Abigail's private area with envy, seeing a mighty pubic bush that she would most likely never be able to grow herself. Without warning Abigail snatched the game from Catherine's hands and set it up on a high shelf. "You may play later. Right now we need to get you changed out of those soggy pampers and into your play clothes. We're going to have fun today!" Abigail scooped up Catherine, putting her hands under the girl's armpits and lifting her. She carried her to the bathroom. Catherine was set on top of the sink counter. It worked as a functional diaper changing station since she was so small comparatively. Abigail spread the smaller girl's legs and tore the tapes on the sides of the diaper, opening it up and smiling when she looked at just how wet and yellow Catherine made the inside of the diaper. Catherine blushed as her diaper and privates were being stared at. Abigail went under the sink and retrieved some baby wipes. She swept the cool wipes over Catherine's skin, cleaning her up with swift and smooth arcs. Abigail put a wipe over two of her fingers and dug between Catherine's butt crack, teasing her butthole as she gave it a thorough cleaning. She looked at the cloth. "Littles... you just can't trust them to wipe themselves properly." She showed the dirty wipe to Catherine before dropping it into the trash. "I should have probably given you an extra cleaning when I came home yesterday. You know, after your pants pooping incident." Abigail just had to remind Catherine. Considering her clean for now, Abigail set Catherine on the floor. Before she could run off, Abigail grabbed Catherine by the waist and held her in place. "Hey little partner, cool your jets!" She pulled the naked girl up into her arms and slung her over her shoulder, carrying little Catherine to her room for her. She set Catherine down on her bed, having her sit there as Abigail picked out some socks, pulling them up onto Catherine's feet. "Don't fidget now." Abigail said with a stern tone. "Abi, please! I can still dress myself!" Catherine beseeched her. "Fine." Abigail held up her hands. "Show me how big of a girl you are and dress yourself." Catherine did not like the idea of dressing up for an audience, but she was glad to be given some small amount of autonomy. It was all part of Abigail's plan though. Catherine still had to believe she had choices so that when they were taken away she would only have herself to blame. Catherine pulled up her cute toddler panties and then tugged a shirt over her head. It was a baby blue shirt with a cute seal cub on it. It was the least babyish shirt she could think to wear. She put on a pair of overalls and Abigail stepped in to help tighten the straps. This helped to give Catherine a bit of a wedgie. This kind of left little to the imagination as the overalls hugged her small form. Abigail then grabbed Catherine's feet one by one, shoving cute sneakers onto her. Right about then there was a buzz from the door. Abigail knew that must be the construction workers. She took Catherine's hand and pulled her along as she buzzed the workers upstairs. "Come on in!" She said into the speaker and then opened the door. Catherine stood shyly behind Abigail's leg as she watched the tall and strong Amazons come up the stairs. These workers were always far larger than Abigail, but she knew there was nothing to fear if she just stuck close to the tall woman. She realized she would not have to wear her UL badge around her neck this time because Abigail was clearly accompanying her now. She looked up as Abigail spoke to the other Amazons, talking about the renovations that would be made to the flat. Catherine was then promptly pulled out of the apartment by her arm as Abigail grabbed her purse and a diaper bag on her way out the door. Catherine looked up at the strange pink and blue bag with a little baby lamb on it. She had never seen anything like it before. She did not know it was a diaper bag. Abigail pulled Catherine up into her strong arms and carried her down the stairs. Abigail probably did not want to have to alter her walking pattern just to accommodate the smaller girl. She found it easier to just carry Catherine. Carrying her also reinforced how small and helpless she was. Catherine held onto Abigail and looked around at the outside world from a whole new perspective, nearly nine feet from the ground. It was a little scary and exciting at the same time. She looked at all the stores that they passed by. When Abigail went into a building Catherine was able to see all the things on the top shelves of the stores that she normally would not be able to look at. It was like this "adult" world she wasn't allowed to be a part of and now she was merely getting a small peek at something she could never have. Abigail started talking to another Amazon at the store and Catherine was set down on her feet. Catherine looked in front of her and saw a small Amazon girl who was a bit taller than her. She looked at Catherine curiously, walking forward and tugging on her overalls. "Hey," Catherine said with a blush. "Give me some personal space, would ya?" "Oh, you talk almost like a grown up!" The not so little girl said with a smile. "Do you have a diaper on?" The young Amazon reached over, pulling on the overalls and trying to see if Catherine had on a diaper. She saw the toddler panties that were neither diapers nor pull-ups. "I'm not- I'm not like that!" Catherine stammered. "I'm... different." "Well-" the young girl responded "you don't look different. You look like a little kid. Even littler than me! My mom told me all Littles potty in their pants and it's the responsibility of us Amazons to watch over them and protect them." "I can go in the toilet." Catherine said, blushing deeply. She didn't think she would have to be defending that point to anyone! The younger girl just shrugged, not looking too impressed. "Hey, Cathy, sweetie?" Abigail looked down. "Can I trust you to keep up with me? I don't have to drag you around on a harness or stick you in a stroller?" "Yes, Abigail" Catherine rolled her eyes. "I might be smaller but I'm not incapable of walking." The way Catherine talked drew surprised titters from the other Amazon that Abigail was talking to earlier. Abigail gave the other woman a look as if to say "I know." Catherine was indeed "different" as she said. Littles generally were not as bold as her. Abigail searched through the top shelf of the store and picked out some small boxes which looked like DVD cases. She looked down at Catherine and winked with a smug grin. She walked swiftly to the cashier which made Catherine have to almost run, picking up her feet and stumbling slightly behind. Catherine looked up at Abigail. She wondered if the large woman was testing her with every little action she did. Catherine was annoyed, but there was still this feeling of safeness when she was around Abigail. She saw the way Abigail's blouse draped down over her pants. She grabbed onto the blouse and held it like a handle. She heard a few gentle "awws" behind her. She ignored them. The gentle tug was fine with Abigail. It let her know that Catherine was still there and she wasn't going to wander off. It's not like she had anywhere else to go, but she just liked the assurance that Catherine was becoming more dependent on her. "Looks like the couch cushion is going to be ready within the hour." Abigail said, looking at her phone. "I know an ice cream shop that's nearby. I think you deserve a treat for behaving so well today." Catherine did like the idea of ice cream. She was also out for a long time now and she needed to pee. The smaller girl held her crotch with her free hand as she held onto Abigail's blouse with the other. Normally she was scared of being out in public while needing to pee, but having Abigail around had a great advantage to it. "Abi, I have to pee." Catherine said urgently. "Can we use the bathroom at the ice cream place?" "Well...." Abigail paused. "Perhaps they'll let us if we ask real nice." Inside the ice cream shop Catherine was full on pee pee dancing, using both hands to grab herself and scampered back and forth near Abigail. Abigail explained that Catherine was not in diapers and she needed a toilet. The worker behind the desk graciously agreed, handing them the bathroom key attached to a metal security block, meant to send an alarm if the key went off the premises. These people sure guarded their bathrooms diligently from Littles! Abigail took Catherine to the back, unlocking the bathroom. Catherine zipped inside, but Abigail still grabbed the small girl and proceeded to pull aside her overall straps and then yank down her panties. There was a small pee stain in her panties. It looked like Catherine just barely made it! The close call scared Catherine, but she soon relaxed once Abigail held her hips and safely let her hover over the toilet bowl. Catherine wasn't too proud to let Abigail help her in this embarrassing way. It was either this or go in her pants. Catherine's slit was already dripping a little before she was placed over the toilet seat, but as she was held there the slight trickle turned into a strong jet of piss. Catherine sighed, untensing her body as she peed into the toilet. Abigail just stared at the small girl's slit as she peed. It was humiliating for sure, but at the same time Catherine was grateful for Abigail's help. The stream died down slowly and Abigail used some toilet paper to wipe up Catherine's little slit. Her wiping was a bit more sensual than when Sheryl did it. Catherine was aroused by Sheryl's normal maternal wiping style, but Abigail's deliberate tactile touching was sending waves of pleasure through her. She tried to hold back her excitement, but those little twitches and jerks she made with her body as well as the subtle facial ticks let Abigail know Catherine really liked being touched down there. Abigail pulled Catherine's panties back up and then hoisted the overalls back in place. She looked down at the small girl, appeased for now that Catherine was falling into the toddler phase of her role already. She took her by the hand and exited the bathroom, making sure to lock it behind them. "What a good girl, Cathy! You made pee pees on the potty!" Abigail said in a nice, loud voice, enough for anyone to hear. Catherine ducked her head down. She could hear the snickers and giggles of Amazon children. The bathroom key was handed back to the clerk, who looked down upon Catherine with disgust. She must not have liked having a Little using a bathroom in the place she worked. Abigail ordered a nice big sundae to split between the two of them. Catherine was fine with this. She rarely treated herself to sweets and now she was going to have them two days in a row! She had gotten a taste for chocolate too, despite the embarrassing incident yesterday. The big sundae bowl was placed on a tray and handed to Abigail and her tiny girl. They sat at one of the round tables in the middle of the parlor, as if Abigail was trying to put her property on display. Catherine didn't notice though. Already she took a small, plastic, pink spoon, specifically made for Littles to use, and dug into her side of the ice cream treat, going for the chocolate scoop first. Abigail worried she might spill some of the ice cream on her cute clothes so she dug into the diaper bag she had slung over her shoulder and pulled out a yellow bib with a rubber ducky sewn onto it. She tied the bib around Catherine's neck. Catherine scrunched up her face a little, but for once she did not raise too much of a fuss. She accepted the bib and continued to go wild on the ice cream, getting some around her mouth. No one was really paying attention to Catherine right now. Normally when she went out, she was kind of a spectacle. With Abigail though, she blended right in. Catherine was really starting to question some of her own values now, wondering if it was better to just go with the flow and not try so hard to fight back. Maybe if she let some things slide then she could properly take on the oppressive world around her. That's exactly what Abigail wanted though. Abigail had read extensively on Little psychology in her first years at university. She knew how to get Catherine to accept her role as a infant in this world forever. To pass the time, Abigail questioned Catherine on her little science projects. This made little Catherine excited and she started rattling off her experiments and inventions. There were some electronic gadgets she invented, mostly remote controls for manipulating other electronics from a distance and mechanical tools for reaching things that she normally could not reach. Abigail wasn't even paying attention though, looking at her phone and only vaguely responding now and then. While Catherine talked with geekish enthusiasm Abigail would just nod and go "mm-hmm" or "sure" like a typical mom listening to outlandish stories from her rambling child. The gadgets that Catherine invented were not all too impressive to Amazons who either did not need them or could make more efficient versions of what Catherine came up with. She was impressive for a Little, but not much else. Abigail put her phone away and looked at Catherine with a smile. "Are you ready to go pick up the couch cushion now?" Catherine smiled back, nodding. The two women had devoured the ice cream together, only a few stray nuts and syrup left at the bottom of the bowl. Catherine, getting bold, leaned over the table and dipped her finger into the bowl. She sucked the chocolate syrup off her finger happily. "Silly little girl." Abigail chuckled, shaking her head. She untied Catherine's bib and used it to wipe her mouth clean. Abigail grabbed Catherine and helped her down to her feet. Catherine knew that Abigail was treating her like a child, but she didn't want to respond to it this time. She was letting a lot of things slide today. Abigail felt the small hand clutching her blouse again as she walked swiftly on the sidewalk, making her way to the upholstery cleaner. Inside there were a couple other Amazons with Littles. It seemed that staining furniture was a common problem with troublesome Littles in Amazon households. Of course these other Littles were properly diapered, so the stains they left were usually food or drink related. A girthy but gentle 11 foot tall woman leaned down and smiled at the sight of Catherine. "Is this the one that made the poo poo stain?" The woman asked in a surprisingly squeaky voice. "Naughty naughty! You shouldn't take your diaper off like that!" The woman wasn't trying to humiliate Catherine, but it sure felt like an insult. Catherine looked down, blushing deeply. She didn't want to react to what the extremely tall and strong woman was saying. "Oh Cathy is stubborn. She thinks she doesn't need diapers." Abigail explained for her. "She's a special case. Someone tried to potty train her before I took her in." "Oh my!" The brobdingnagian behemoth bellowed in surprise. "The poor thing! Wasn't it so stressful for a little one like you trying to learn the potty?" She looked down, pursing her lips. "N-no!" Catherine finally spoke up, her voice cracking. "I wanted to learn." "I see then." The large woman handed the couch cushion to Abigail, but still continued to address Catherine. "Don't try too hard now, and don't sweat it if you aren't able to stay in big girl pants. Littles do better in diapers." She handed Catherine a lollypop. "No more sitting on the couch though, promise? Unless you want to give me more business." With that the giantess winked at Catherine. Catherine clutched the lollipop close. It was a colorful candy swirl stuck in plastic. She just had ice cream so she wasn't about to lick it right away. Still, she thought that big lady was so nice. She kind of wished that if anyone adopted her it would be that woman. If only that were the case though. Back at the flat, things looked more or less the same. That is until reaching the back room. Catherine's room had been greatly reduced in size. She even had new dressers and shelves to fit better wit the smaller space. There was still room for her to move around in and just barely enough for Abigail. There was one more addition that Catherine did not expect though. There were now bars at the edge of her bed. Over the course of the day, her bed was made into a convertible crib with bars that could be raised or lowered. "Hey! What's this about?" Catherine whined, kicking at the bars. "Sweetie, those are for your own protection." Abigail explained. "Besides, now that you're going to be in diapers at night you might as well be locked in a... well, let's not say crib. Let's just call it a bed with rails!" Abigail giggled. Abigail undressed Catherine, getting her ready for bed. Catherine whined the whole time as she was set on her newly 'improved' bed. Her little big girl panties were pulled off and she was completely naked. Abigail shook some baby powder gently over Catherine's crotch. She grabbed her ankles and lifted her butt, dusting her cheeks next. She gave the cheeks a gentle pat and then slid her fingers between her crack before setting her back down on the thick diaper. She folded the diaper between the girl's legs and taped it around her nice and snug. Catherine hated how big the diapers were. They made it impossible for her to close her legs and they rode all the way up past her belly button. Any higher and they might be right under her breasts! She felt like half of her body was covered in thick diapers. The same cute bunny pajamas were suited on her and she was laid back in her bed. Abigail raised the bars on the side and then locked them with a complicated latch. Catherine tried to pay attention, but Abigail moved too fast to let her see how the latch worked. She knew she would be stuck in the crib all night now, no matter how much she wanted out. Catherine sat up in her crib, watching as Abigail went to the night stand and plugged in a device. This must have been the baby monitor that Abigail promised she would get. Catherine had never seen one before. She had only heard about it. She hoped that if she needed anything in the middle of the night she could at least ask Abigail for help. Abigail walked out the door after shutting out the light. Catherine sat there in the bed. She wasn't sleepy and there was nothing to do. She looked at her other night stand and saw one of her science books. She crawled to the edge of her bed and reached through the bars, trying to grab the book. There was no such luck. The only thing that was within reach was a little white teddy bear that was placed next to the bed recently. With nothing else to occupy her time, Catherine took the bear. Suddenly, Catherine's worst fear was realized. She had to poop. Stuck in the crib with no way out all she could do was call for help. "Abi!" She called into the baby monitor. "Abi, I need to get out!" her voice was trembling with fear. "Go back to sleep." Abigail responded groggily. "But Abi, I have to go!" Her voice reached a pathetic whiny pitch. There was no response from Abigail this time. She was probably already asleep. Catherine stood up in the crib and looked over at the bars. She tried to find the latch so she could unhook it and let herself out. In her nervousness she began to piss on herself. Catherine whimpered, feeling the hot pee just rushing out of her. Her crotch was soon drenched, but she was still determined to get out and poop in the toilet. It was all in vain though. A very thick log crept out of her tight little butt. No matter how hard she clenched, the semi-hard poop pushed its way out and dropped into the back of her diaper. Catherine stood there in shock. This was a nice firm log, not like the soft mess she made yesterday. It was followed by another, longer log, which snaked around to either side of her butt cheeks. She sobbed, feeling utterly defeated. She just pooped herself like a baby and it was the second time in a row it happened. She tried to rationalize in her head that she could have made it to the toilet if she wasn't locked in a crib. She felt oddly sleepy in that moment. Catherine slowly got back down to the bed and tried to lie down on her tummy. She didn't want to mush up her mess, though the tight space in her diaper ensured she would always feel those logs against her butt. She tried to relax and go back to sleep. It would be a long night and it only just begun. She was just going to have to get used to staying in the crib, soaking wet with poop on herself for the next several hours.
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    Because I am profoundly urinary incontinent, I always carry a diaper bag of one kind or another. When I am in my 'responsible adult' mode, I carry a double-sided brief case. One side holds the typical things litigation attorneys need in court. The other side holds a couple of GoodNites Tru-Fit with disposable inserts along with disposal baggies, wipes, etc. At times, such as today, when I am relaxing in my AB mode, I carry an outlandish very large pink diaper bag. This has a matching changing pad. It holds four gauze diaper sets and pull-on vinyl panties, along with baby wipes and pins. Outside pockets can hold as many as four baby bottles, but one such pocket holds a sturdy oval wooden hairbrush. That reminds me to be a well-behaved diapered girl. There is a waterproof washable bag to hold wet diapers.
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    Part 34 When I came to, I was laying on a soft bed.. it had walls all around, maroon, and a hole for a doorway, it was big enough for me to stand in.. I tried to stand, but remembered the crawler diaper. I was stuck on all fours.. and the mask was still there. I tried to rub the sleep from my eyes, but the mittens prevented me from doing so. I climbed to all fours and crawled out of the hole.. into a child's bedroom. Well, a giant child. It had a four poster bed with a canopy, a vanity, a dresser and wardrobe, a toybox overflowing with toys, posters on the walls... this girl had everything she could possibly want. The walls were a soft lilac, most everything else was white with lilac trim. There was another Little waiting for me, she wore a red kitty mask and ears that matched her probably naturally red hair. She had a ridiculously thick pink diaper that had darker pink pawprints all over it.. except in the crotch, where they had obviously faded. There was a red tail poking out that matched her haircolor, and she had mittens on her hands.. and kneepads that looked like feet as well. Her actual feet were bound to her thighs, there was no way she could even sit down. As I emerged from the maroon cube, she came and rubbed against me.. there as a purr coming from her mask. I felt so badly for her, there was no way of knowing how long she had been like this. I sat down on my butt to look at her, my legs splayed out in front of me. Her eyes grew wide and she shook her head. Her purring stopped and a soft meow came from her. She turned and wiggled her feet.. her actual feet at me. It clicked, I got it. She was trying to tell me that if they caught me sitting like a human, I'd end up bound like her. I climbed back to my hands and knees just as the door to the bedroom opened. The other Little knelt and put her hands between her diapered knees and meowed up at the girl.. my captor, Bella. The one who stole me away from April. Oh, I hated this girl already. She could just convince her Amazon daddy to get her whatever she wanted, no matter who it hurt. I turned and started crawling back to the hole in the soft box I crawled out of. "Daisy, no," Bella said. After another moment she said, "Daisy, bad kitty!" I felt a sharp pain in my neck and heard a loud buzz and I collapsed. "Daisy, come sit next to Sunshine." Oh no. I was Daisy. I was still hurting from the shock, laying there on the floor when it buzzed again. "Daisy! Bad kitty, I said come sit! Now, Daisy." I scrambled to my hands and knees and crawled over to the other Little, kneeling and putting my hands in front of me like she was. I felt shaky and my vision felt a little fuzzy. "Good kitty," Bella said. I flinched a bit as she reached down, but when she stroked my hair, I felt something in the collar.. and my whole body tingled and felt warm. It felt amazing. Like the best massage in the world, or just sinking in to a hot bath. I couldn't stop myself from craning my neck to enhance her touch. When her hand was withdrawn, I hated myself. "Good kitty, Daisy. When you're a good girl, you'll get pets. When you're a bad girl, you'll get shocks. You should purr when I pet you, too. I'll forgive you this time, but I expect my kitties to be purring, happy kitties. Do you understand?" I nodded my head... and got a zap. I fell to the ground, groaning.. which came out as a soft mew. "We don't nod, do we Sunshine?" Meow. "Sunshine's a good kitty, be like Sunshine and you'll be happy. Right Sunshine?" I struggled back to my kneeling position as Bella reached down and started stroking the other Little's hair. She started emitting a loud purr right away. "That's a good kitty. Who's ready for din-din?" Sunshine gave a loud meow and rubbed herself against Bella's leg... I felt my stomach turn. Bella reached over to her dresser and picked up two baby bottles. "Sunshine knows to purr when she eats. Daisy, I expect you to purr for me too." I didn't know how to purr... the only time I had done it before was when I was screaming.. was Sunshine screaming this whole time? Sunshine knelt again and tilted her head up, and Bella slipped the nipple of the bottle into a hole in the mask. I listened to Sunshine suckle and purr at the same time.. she couldn't be screaming, she couldn't do that and drink at the same time. I knew I didn't want to drink. Normal food in Catalon wasn't safe, even soda and hamburgers. There was no way that the stuff in that bottle wasn't going to do something to me. I laid down with my knees underneath me and my hands in front of me, like I thought a cat would. "Don't worry Daisy, you're next. Sunshine, you're being such a good girl." This was awful. I didn't want to be Daisy, I wanted to be Kimmy, and I wanted my mommy. I buried my face in my hands, afraid to crawl away from this girl. "Okay Daisy, your turn. Come drink your bottle. It's all you're getting." I tried to whine, and it came out as a pitiful mew. "It's okay Daisy, drink your bottle like a good kitty and then you can go play. I'll give you pettings and love." She started stroking my hair again and that tingly, warm feeling came back... it felt so good. So comforting.. it felt incredible. Involuntarily, I let out a "mmmmm" of pleasure... which came out as a purr. "Oh, Daisy likes being stroked, doesn't she? Show me who's a good kitty, Daisy." I flopped on my side. That was a kitty thing to do, maybe she would get the hint. I tried to make a sad sound.. it came out as a sad meow. "Aww, is Daisy not hungry? You're probably still feeling yucky from the medicine, huh?" She started stroking me again, and I closed my eyes. I tried making a soft "mmm", as lightly as I could. It came out as the smallest purr. I was starting to get the hang of this. "Okay Daisy, you don't have to drink your bottle this time, poor kitty. Do you want to go rest in your kitty bed?" I mewed and crawled toward the maroon cube, fearing the shock. I made it in safely and laid down. I watched Bella play with Sunshine, she held a stick with a long string of feathers and waved it around. Sunshine started swinging her mittened hands at the feathers, causing Bella to giggle. Is this what life was like for an Amazon pet? I wanted my mommy so badly. I kept hoping she would come storming through the door and pick me up. Was she done recording for the day? Had she discovered I was gone? I laid and watched Sunshine play until Bella got bored and sat down, pulling the poor Little into her lap and stroking her. Sunshine's purr was loud, she laid in Bella's lap and closed her eyes. "Sunshine, you're so funny," the girl giggled, "Your diaper is getting warm, silly kitty." She reached back and patted Sunshine's diapered bottom, still stroking her head with the other hand. Sunshine's purr got louder. There's no way she could actually like this, right? She was still human, she warned me about the risk of getting my feet bound. How long had she been here? What was her real name? How long had it been since she ate solid food, or spoke a word? I felt terrible for her. Did she ever know the joy of someone loving her unconditionally? I hoped April would find me soon. "Daisy, do you want some pettings?" Bella was looking at me. Sunshine looked up at me too. I crawled backwards into the cube. "Oh, that means you need to come snuggle. No hiding, Daisy. Hiding means a kitty is sick, and you don't want that." After a moment, her large hand was reaching into the hole and she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out. I followed as best I could, I didn't want to get a shock. She pulled Sunshine back into in her lap and pulled me down next to her. I felt very awkward, Sunshine was also naked except for her mask, mittens, and diaper. Our skin touched.. and she purred. Bella started stroking our hair, one Little for each hand, and we were both purring loudly. "There's my good kitties. Oh, I'm so happy Sunshine has a friend now. She was getting lonely. Kitties should have friends. You're going to be such a good kitty for me, aren't you Daisy? So much better than real kitties, you won't bite or scratch, you'll purr and play when I want. I love Little kitties." "I hear-ed you gots a new kitty," the voice of a Little came from the doorway, she was purposefully mispronouncing "heard" and using poor grammar, "Can I play with her big sis?" Bella's back was to the doorway and I was facing forward in her lap, so I couldn't see the newcomer. "Oh, she gots a full bottle, I betcha she's soooo hungry." "Go away Opal," the Amazon girl said, "she's my kitty and you can't play with her." "I was just coming to tell you that mommy wants you, big sis," the Little said softly, she sounded like she had hurt feelings. "Ugh," Bella groaned and gently lowered Sunshine and me off of her lap. Sunshine immediately started crawling for the Amazon's bed, disappearing underneath it. I turned around to look at the Little. She was dressed in a bubble romper, pink with ladybugs all over it, her diaper bulge completely unconcealed. She had a red paci dangling from a clip attached to the peter pan collar of the romper. She had chestnut brown hair in a bobbed cut and a sad look on her face. She looked to be about my same size... if I could stand. "Fine, but stay out of my room and don't touch Daisy." Opal watched Bella leave and walked over to me. I looked up at her, my eyes pleading. "Oh, you poor girl. You weren't a kitty before, were you? Is this your first day?" she asked as she laid a hand on my shoulder. I nodded. "Come on, I have some Little's Chocolate stashed, I'll give you some." She walked next to me as I crawled. We left the bedroom.. but once we got into the hallway she gave me a swift kick to the ribs, which knocked the wind out of me. "Ha! You stupid kitty. Why are all kitties so stupid?" she sneered at me, I couldn't see well through the haze of pain. I collapsed on the floor, trying to catch my breath. "Only a stupid person would let themselves get turned into a kitty. Nobody's going to help you, kitty. Nobody cares." She kicked me again, in the stomach this time, and leaned in close. "I love kitties so much. I bet your cries will be better than Sunshine's, we just have to help you find them. Kitties are the best," she reached down and twisted my exposed nipple, it was agony! I mewled in pain, trying to curl up and hide, but she wouldn't let me. "Oh Daisy, you're going to be my new favorite, much better than Sprinkles ever was. You'll cry for me, won't you Daisy? Oh, I'm sure you will. You'll be a good kitty for me, you won't RUN," she twisted again, renewing the pain, "like Sunshine does, will you? We're going to be Such Good Friends." She twisted and pinched hard with each of the final words before planting a wet kiss on my face, just below my eye. She then waddled off down the hallway, laughing. I laid there wheezing, wishing harder than ever that April would turn the corner and rescue me. But she didn't. Bella found me curled up on the floor outside her room, tears streaming from my face. "Oh no, Daisy," she said pityingly, picking me up. "Opal got you, didn't she. Mother didn't even need anything." Bella cradled me and stroked my hair, which felt calming and relaxing. Warmth flooded my body and I went limp in her arms... and started purring weakly. "Keep away from Opal, she hates kitties. She's a brat. Whatever you do, don't try to hurt her. She'll tell mother and you'll get in big trouble. You do not want mother mad at you, Daisy." Bella carried me back into her room and laid down on the bed, laying me on her chest and petting me. A few moments later, Sunshine was rubbing her head against my cheek with a soft mew. I guess she was apologizing? I looked up at Bella, pleading with my eyes, and put my mittened hands to the kitty mask mouth and made a pulling motion. "No, Daisy - I know it hurts at first and I'm sorry, but the muzzle never comes off. You're a kitty, don't think of it as anything but a part of you. This one is much nicer than the mask your old owner gave you." I.. felt her rubbing the ears on the mask. I didn't know how I felt it, but I felt it, and it felt amazing. I felt her scruff the base of the ears, where it met my hair and I couldn't help but purr loudly. "See, it's starting to work already. Soon you'll be able to move those ears - we don't want to take it off, you'd have to bond to it all over again." My eyes went wide at this.. bond to it? It was bonding to me? How? Would I be able to take it off later? "Be a good kitty, don't ask again. Okay, Daisy?" Bella resumed caressing the ears and that warmth flooded my body again. I melted in her lap and purred, I couldn't help it. That actually made me panic and I pulled away from her - the fear adrenaline broke through whatever the mask was doing to me and I crawled off of her. "Aw, okay Daisy - come back if you want more love," she actually sounded disappointed. Sunshine took my spot on her chest. I crawled to the foot of the bed and laid down, my midsection was aching, and I was hungry. My stomach growled, I couldn't stop it. "Daisy, I can hear that you're hungry. Will you drink your bottle? I don't want to force you, kitty." I just buried my face. I wanted April.. and I couldn't even tell anyone how badly I missed her. I felt my hair being stroked again, which was relaxing. "Poor Daisy. You'll help her, won't you Sunshine? Can you help her learn to be happy?" Sunshine meowed in response, "I knew you would. You're a good kitty, Sunshine. I love you so much." "Bella, it's time for dinner," a female voice called from outside the room. "Coming!" Bella called back, laying Sunshine down on the bed. She patted my diaper and left the room. I just laid there, my face buried.. I felt Sunshine laying against me. Her naked breasts pressing into my back made me uncomfortable as she nuzzled against the back of my head. I felt my stomach cramp and I groaned.. I'd been on an almost entirely liquid diet for days now, and it had done certain things to my digestion... Sunshine gave me room while I did my humiliating business. I wanted to cry so badly, I felt so helpless.. so hopeless. I couldn't even ask for a change, I'd have to wait for someone to find me! Sunshine meowed and crawled over to a ramp I hadn't noticed at the foot of the bed. She tilted her head and meowed, I guessed she was trying to get me to follow her. She waited patiently, kneeling like she did for Bella. I hadn't noticed before how her tail wrapped around her hands and knees when she sat that way. Did she really have control over it? I got to my knees and crawled, feeling absolutely disgusting. I looked at the way Sunshine's tail came out of her diaper.. it wasn't the same as mine, her pink diaper had a round hole in the back of it, it looked like the diaper was cut that way. It had an elastic band around the tail-hole just like the legbands. Sunshine actually had a tail! Were they going to do that to me? She led me down the ramp and out the bedroom door. I was on high alert watching for Opal as we headed down the hall. She led me to a flight of stairs going down, which had a ramp along one side for Sunshine... and me, I guess. I followed her down, she led us toward the back of this enormous house. She knelt outside an open doorway and started meowing softly. I peeked inside.. it looked to be a laundry room of some kind. There was a woman, an older woman who was no taller than Bella wearing a simple dress with an apron, her grey hair braided down her back. She turned around slowly...
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    Trigger Warning: Collars, bondage Part 33 The next two days were much of the same, breakfast from April, lunch from April, dinner from April, supplements to go with it and lots of juice. The nighttime diapers were always completely soaked and swollen in the morning despite their ridiculous bulk. The days were spent just talking to Tina. She was on a Little-oriented career path, she wanted to care for Littles professionally in a greater capacity. Meeting me had actually changed a lot for her, she was planning to reinforce the status quo before meeting me.. now she wanted to be an agent of change, to help more Littles find happiness the way I had. I told her about the Love Your Little store, and Donna and Alice, and everything I could think of about how April and Lisa handled Littles, and how wonderful it could be. I don't think my feet actually touched the ground more than a handful of times in my first three days at Little Care, I was constantly being held by Tina and talking the whole day.. unless I was drinking juice or at lunch with April. It was honestly really good. April and I didn't go out, we didn't really want to "soak in the atmosphere" as it were. We would sit and talk in the hotel room, or watch a movie, or just snuggle and read together. It was really nice.. I slept in her arms every night and I don't think I'd ever felt closer to her. But when we came to the Little Care on the next day, Tina wasn't there. I hadn't actually talked to any of the other nannies there.. I was really nervous again all of a sudden. Little Care had become a safe place, and I didn't know if it was going to be that way today. The girl behind the counter had black hair, long with bangs in the front. She wore very mature makeup, and her nametag read "Nanny Beth". She had a smile on her face... but it didn't reach her eyes. "Good morning, where's Tina today?" April asked, feeling me tense up. "Tina doesn't work Sundays, ma'am," Beth smiled to her, "I run the show for her on Sunday." Had I seen her before? I didn't really pay attention to anything but Tina when I was here. "Don't worry, Ms. Morris. I'm already aware of all of Kimmy's restrictions." I felt panic rise in my chest as April handed me over to Beth. "Mommy... " I whined softly, reaching back to April. "Sweetie," April said, looking a little pained, "You like Little Care, you'll have a great day like always. We're well past the halfway point on recording, we'll be going home soon. Be a good girl today, okay?" I nodded. April's phone buzzed and she looked down, "Oh sweetie, I don't think I'll be able to have lunch with you today like we have been. There's a bottle of my milk for you in the bag for your lunch today. I'm so sorry." "Have a great day, Ms. Morris," Beth said as she began carrying me back into the main area. The moment the door had closed behind April, Beth held me up to her eye level, lifting me up under my arms. She stared into my eyes and her smile turned mean, "Well well well, if it isn't Princess Kimmy who needs to be held all the time. You've made my job really hard this week, Kimmy. Tina hasn't done squat except play with you all day while I picked up all the slack." "I'm so sorry, Nanny Beth. What can I do to make it better? I want to be friends," I pleaded to her, dangling helplessly in her arms. "Oh, I've been thinking all morning about what you can do for me. I'm going to have a nice, relaxing day," her smile grew as she carried me toward that foreboding steel door, "You're going to the kennel today, you don't get to be a princess today, you get to be a kitten." "Why are you doing this to me?" I couldn't help but start crying, "I didn't do anything to you! Please don't!" The other side of the steel door was terrible. We were in a narrow hallway, the left side was a sheer wall with only a recessed cubby interrupting the otherwise unbroken surface, the right side was a wall of cage doors. I couldn't see in to any of them from this angle, but I could hear several whines as Beth strode down the hall. On the far end of the hallway was another steel door. "Nanny Beth please!" I pleaded as she sat me down on a shelf in the cubby, it was difficult to see through my tears, but I felt her taking my dress off, "Please I'll be good, please put me in a crib. I don't like this!" "Spoiled princess isn't getting what she wants," Beth mocked in an ugly sing-song tone. I felt her forcing my hands into mittens and then there was some sort of mask pulled over my face. It didn't cover my eyes but it covered my nose and mouth, as she forced it over my face I felt her squeeze my face and a pacifier-like bulb invaded my mouth. She buckled the mask behind my head, and there was a thick collar attached to it that fit over the collar that April had put on me. I felt trapped! I put my mittened hands to the mask, but I couldn't feel anything. I tried to plead, but a soft "meow" came from the mask instead. "Much better," Beth grinned down at me, wiping my eyes, "Little kitten, you get to spend the day in here. And if you say a word to your mommy about it, I'll make sure tomorrow is much, much, much worse. You're getting off light here. We have the best RoboNanny in the other room... I could instruct it to feed you until you can't hold it and you poop your Little diapers full and then I'll set it to give you a spanking for an hour. How's that sound? Or I could leave it on the exercise routine all day and have it run you - have you ever peed yourself while running, little Kimmy? I bet you'd love that. Four hours of that and you'd be begging to be a kitten." My eyes were wide with horror. Beth was evil! My protests came out as sweet meows from the mask. "Are you going to tell your mommy? Maybe we should just start the RoboNanny in on spanking you now." I shook my head vigorously. I would absolutely tell April all about this, but I wasn't going to let Beth know. "Good kitten, you spend the day right here. I'll come hook your bottle up to your mask at lunchtime... but you probably aren't getting changed until your mommy comes for you. Have fun!" She closed the barred door to the cage and I was left alone, cold in a small cage. I looked down at my hands, they were mittens that looked like cat paws, with no claws of course. I tried my best to feel around the mask.. there were ears on top of my head, and the mask protruded from my face, I could see the end of it, I'm sure it looked like a cat's mouth. I was naked except for the diaper, which was wet already, stuck in a small cage where I only had enough room to turn around. The other side of the cage was clear plastic, where I could see into a room. I have no idea how long I sat in that cage, I laid down and cried - all I could do was watch out of the window at the people coming and going in the room. Every now and again, someone would come in with a Little wearing a mask that made them look like an animal and a big puffy diaper with a tail poking out of it. They were handed over and shortly after, I could hear them being loaded into a cage. It was a daycare for Little pets.. I didn't even know Littles were kept this way! It was awful. At least as babies we were loved and held. Being stuck in a cage, unable to talk at all was the worst! The Amazons going in and out were all dressed in suits or pantsuits.. they all looked like business professionals, bigwigs. I was betting that the Catalon fashion at the moment was to have a Little pet... Oh, how I hated this place! I had nothing to do but watch the awful Amazons and listen to the cries of my fellow Littles for hours.. until a fat Amazon man with an Amazon preteen came in. I hadn't seen too many actual children since I arrived in this dimension. Some at the stores we visited, but it seemed most Amazons had Littles instead of children. But this girl was surely taller than I was. She was dressed in tight blue jeans and a light blue blouse - a small blue purse slung over one shoulder, her dark brown hair was tied in a side ponytail. Her giant father in a pinstripe suit with shined shoes. The girl was pointing at me. What did that mean? I backed into a corner against the bars, hoping they wouldn't see me.. but the cage behind me was open and a young adult Amazon male, an awkward boy with an awful haircut to his dingy brown hair was pulling me out of the cage. I squirmed and protested, but it all came out as meows. He was carrying me to that far door, opposite the one I came in. He was wearing a dark blue uniform shirt, he certainly wasn't part of Little Care. "Oh, that one doesn't have a tail on her diaper, Daddy," I heard the Amazon girl complain, "We have to fix that." "You say you're not sure where this one came from?" the man was asking the employee. My eyes went wide and I started thrashing. "No sir, she's not in the registry.. I'm not sure how she got here." "I'll take her then," he stated plainly. His daughter cheered and hugged him. I screamed for all I was worth, but it came out as a purr. "Oh, she likes that Daddy, hear her pretty purr? Oh, she's the cutest kitten ever. She'll make the best playmate for Sunshine. What's her name?" I felt the attendant pull back the collar of the mask.. he'd see my tag! He'd know I was April's, I'd be okay! They couldn't take me, the collar made me safe. "Oh," the boy said, "it seems she's owned - by someone from Albion. Her name is Kimmy Morris." "No! I want her!" the girl was furious, "Daddy, I want her! She's perfect! Her hair looks so soft!" "But she's not in your system, she's not checked in." The man had a sly tone to his voice that I absolutely did not like. "No, sir." "I'll give you ten thousand right now if you look the other way. You never saw this kitten, and she certainly didn't go with us." I felt the employee's pulse quicken. He couldn't! I squirmed and protested, but the girl seemed to be pleased with the meows that came from the mask. "I shouldn't... " "Fine, fifteen thousand." And then I was being handed to the girl. She was only a few feet taller than me, I should be able to escape. I shoved her and squirmed. "Daddy, she's too wiggly, she's going to hurt me," she complained, "And she doesn't have a tail. Make her less wiggly and fix her tail for me, daddy." Suddenly I was being hoisted into the air by my armpits. The man thumped me on the head and I saw stars... I was so dizzy, he hit me so hard! "Bad kitty, you belong to Bella now. You will behave or else." He handed me back to the clerk, "Get her a tail to match her ears, and give her a sedative please. We'll take her home now, along with Sunshine." "Kimmy's a dumb name for a kitty," I heard the girl saying as the employee took me back to the cubby.. I was being changed into another diaper, thicker than the already too thick daytime diapers.. it taped backwards.. it was a crawler! This one had a tail poking out of the back of it, but the inside felt the same. I knew from experience I wouldn't be able to stand in this. I felt a sharp stab in the back of my thigh... and suddenly I felt very sleepy. He drugged me! Time seemed to be a slideshow between heavy blinks... the attendant's grinning face, a wad of cash being handed over, being loaded into a cage carrier.. and another girl laid on top of me.. and then I was out.
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    88.) "Good morning, Marta." Nora was almost chilling when she was this calm and composed, and she poured out two cups of tea, one each for her and the maid. "Now, my memory may be a little foggy in my age, nowadays, and while I recall giving you permission to enact discipline for Josie's use of language, I'm wondering if there are some elements you may have… forgotten to mention." "No Miss. Certainly not." "Would you like to run me through it again?" Marta sat down across from the woman and took the tea in her hands. She shook slightly. "Are you feeling alright?" "…I haven't eaten yet, Miss. That's all.” Marta had this watertight. There was no proof. She made sure of it. "She said a very harsh word to me after using the bathroom." "I recall." "So I had her mouth washed out. She was asleep within the hour, so I put her down for bed." "And of course, Marta, you do remember the results of what happened last time you weren't… forthcoming with me, don't you? Oh, of course you do — mirrors are quite difficult to avoid, aren't they?" Quietly, the woman sipped her tea and watched her maid as the trembling increased a little bit more. "In the space of one night, Josie has jumped a week ahead in the program, possibly more." "She's a very quick study, Miss. I'm impressed with her myself. You don't think, perhaps, it might have something to do with her liking this? Maybe all of her anger and frustration was only a front." Airtight. Fortunately for Marta, all the changes in Josie were speculation. She was meticulous. She had learned to be. She left nothing as an oversight. The only thing that could give her away is herself, and she knew better. "The problem, so far as I see it, Marta, is that you're very good at dotting your I's and crossing your T's. You're fastidious," which she most certainly did not used to be. “It makes it quite difficult to trust you at times, and trust is the only asset you have with which to offer me in return for what I've given you, Marta." The tea-cup set down on the table, and Nora looked at her maid with a smile. "Josie is an important project to me, and I would like to believe both that I can trust you with her, and that her progress is strictly voluntary." "Of course, Miss! I would never do anything outside of your parameters.” Marta almost looked worried, like these accusations… hurt her. She sipped her tea and looked sadly down at the table. "Please, Miss… I would never do anything without permission.” "Then would you like to explain to me how her bracelet is empty?" …her bracelet…? "What…?" "Her medication bracelet. I noted it this morning while cooking breakfast — I felt as though her responses were a little below expectation, so I asked to see her bracelet. Both chambers are empty. Which is quite interesting, because only a few minutes before you took her to the bathroom, there were around twelve doses left." There were no more pleasantries, the tea-cup was out of play. The woman looked at her maid, steeped her fingers, and asked again. "Now, please spare no details, Marta. Tell me the order of events." Her chest was rising and falling. The bracelet. The stupid bracelet. She never went through that many! That thing had like a hundred uses, and Nora only went through maybe ten a day. She didn't think the fifteen or so she'd used would even be recognized. How many times was she dosing her? How often had Marta dosed her? She tried counting in her head. She tried figuring it out… "I… I don't…" "The time in your brain that you're using for mental arithmetic could be put to much better use right now, Marta." Ever since Marta had needed to be put in place, she did try her best to be good — it just sometimes came naturally to her to do the wrong thing. Often for the right reasons, though! She desperately sought to please Nora, as she should, and sometimes being so single-minded robbed her of perspective. "You met her outside the bathroom. Start there. The truth." Marta told her everything, point to point. She was crying by the end of it. Really crying. She couldn't help it. She felt so sick over the whole thing. She didn't mean to lie! But she did. And unfortunately for her, her honestly leaked into the words she'd told Josie. About how she wouldn't be telling Nora. And when the maid was finished, she was scared for her life. "Well, I do hope you're quite pleased with yourself, Marta — she certainly seems to be quite advanced now. Unfortunately, if she's only advanced because she is afraid of me, then I'm sorry to say you have set the entire project back. Which do you think it is, Marta? Hmm? Do you think she's embracing her regression, or do you think she's simply now afraid of me?" Nora had seen Marta cry before. She'd made her cry before. Practically speaking, she taught her how to cry in the first place. It didn't mean she was unsympathetic, simply that she was formulating her reaction to this. "I… I don't know… M-Miss…" Marta was punished in very different ways to the charges. She knew what her punishments entailed. She knew how she felt about Nora, and how Nora felt about her. She worked harder than anyone for Nora's approval, and she knew what was going to happen next. But like a child, like the same girls she babysits, even smaller than those girls, she begged. "P-please… I'm sorry… I won't do it again… please…" "I'm certain of that, Marta. As well, of course, as being in charge of changing Josie’s filled diapers," actually a punishment element from the last round of discipline the maid had been subject to, "but I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you to your wash-room for some re-education." Her wash-room was locked at all times, the children not allowed inside, usually — cement floor, bath-tub, the shower in the corner and the restraints from the ceiling. The same room that Marta had taken Josie to. It was where many of her punishments were carried out, though they were rarer nowadays. "I am very disappointed in you, Marta. And perhaps, fitting to your sin, I'll take away your bowel control for a week or two, hm? I'm not so certain you frilly panties would hold up nearly as well as the girls diapers do, and imagine explaining that to them…" Her eyes went wide and she shook her head, tears still pouring down her face. "N-no! Miss! Please… I… I have to get the girls out of the tub, and… and they need to be changed, and… and taken to play… th-they can't be left alone…" The last time Marta was punished - other than the catheter incident with Josie - was almost three months ago. Back then, they still had the old babysitter and three charges at once. "Well, true that it may be, I'll simply have to enact your punishment quickly, won't I? Perhaps tonight, after they're asleep. And, of course, on top of that, you can expect to wear the punishment plug for at least a week. Perhaps longer, though we'll see how your behavior is at the time." The punishment plug was exactly as it sounded — large, heavy, lodged in the maids bottom for periods often exceeding days, randomly signaled by remote to heat, chill, produce shock, or incite pleasure. And as a maid, Marta was expected to not let slip her composure — ever. "Eleanora!" Marta's face was covered with water, using a word she hadn't used in so long. A thin smile spread across Nora's face and she stood up. Marta cowered nervously. "On second thought," she said, "I think it's about time we see how Anni handles growing up." And with that, Nora left the maid to cry at the table.
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    Part 32 The trip to the grocery store was nice, but hurried. We picked up some fruits and veggies that would fit in the fridge of the hotel and keep, and a several gallons of juice. The thought of carrying all of those groceries myself was daunting.. but for April it was simplicity. The size difference between us really was staggering, of course I thought that at the same time as I was strapped to her midsection, using her breasts as a headrest. We headed back up to the hotel, I swear April poured a gallon of juice down me until I was positively floating, I was given the supplement we bought at Love Your Little, and then we were off for the daycare. Just April, myself, a diaper bag, and a guitar. -- "Good morning, welcome to Little Care," Do all daycare workers sound exactly the same? I wondered to myself as we were greeted by a young Amazon girl. She was bright faced with shortish blonde hair and a nude makeup style. Her smile appeared to be genuine... but I didn't trust that here. "What can I do for you today?" "Hello, I'll be working in the building today, we're visiting from Albion," April smiled to the girl. She had removed the sling carrier and was holding me on her hip so I could see over the counter. "Marty Walker should have called ahead." "One second," she paused to tap on a few keys to her computer at the high counter. "Ah, Ms. Morris. And this is Little Kimmy?" "Good morning, miss," I smiled to her, following April's lead. "I hope we have fun today." "Oh, what a ray of sunshine you have there, Ms. Morris!" the girl beamed at me, "Hi sweetie, I'm Nanny Tina. I hope we have fun today, too." She looked back to April, "You have a very cute Little, Ms. Morris. Are there any special instructions you'd like to note?" "Yes," April said with a smile, I could tell that she was glad that Tina asked first, "Kimmy is on a strict diet. She's being breastfed only, excepting this organic juice in her diaper bag. She has a very delicate stomach and may vomit if given anything else. I didn't have time to pump this morning, so I will be stopping by around lunchtime to feed her. She is also robophobic, so please keep her away from automated caretakers." "I see," Tina frowned a bit, I guess the specifics were a hassle to her, "That's quite a lot, let me make a note here. One moment, Ms. Morris." The keys of her keyboard clicked and clacked as she wrote down notes. "Does she have a shock unit in her collar or any other disciplinary implants?" "No," April said firmly, "Kimmy behaves very well if one takes the time to talk to her. As I said, we're from Albion... have you ever worked with a wholly unregressed Little?" "You mean," Tina looked surprised, "She's not on the formula at all? Like, none?" "Absolutely none. She reacts very poorly to it, and I do not want her on it at all." "But... how do you control her if she's not on the formula and she has no zapper?" Tina stared at me as if I were a unicorn. I waved again... I couldn't help it. "I talk to her, it's really that simple." "I don't want to make a fuss," I chimed in, "I love my mommy and I want to have a good day." Tina leaned in closely to stare at my eyes, I just smiled at her. "Are.. are all the Littles in Albion like this?" "Many are," April smiled, "Albion handles Littles a bit differently both in how we find them and how we treat them, at least where I'm from." "May I.. talk to her today?" Tina held out her arms, offering to take me. "Of course," April laughed, "Absolutely. She's a joy to talk to. Just please, be very careful with her diet. And no videos for her, either. They're bad for the brain." April handed me over to Tina... it was a strange feeling. They both knew I was intelligent and aware, but I was still being handed over just like that, and now I was in Nanny Tina's care. "Be a good girl, Kimmy. I'll see you at lunchtime." "Bye mommy," I waved. I remember feeling so sad when she'd leave me at the LittleGarden. Honestly, I should be upset and terrified, but something had me pretty well at ease. April seemed so calm, like everything would be fine no matter what.. her confidence washed away my fears. "So, am I supposed to call you Nanny Tina? You look too young to be a nanny." "You little stinker," Tina laughed. I actually put my hands to my rear, with the way things had been going lately... I couldn't remove loss of control there from the list of the possible. "Yes, you may call me Nanny or Nanny Tina, either is fine." She patted my head. Tina was wearing a salmon t-shirt with the words "Little Care" in black and some logo that didn't make sense to me. They apparently got to wear jeans to work, unlike the LittleGarden employees. "So you're completely unregressed? How... how old are you?" "I'm... I mean, I was twenty-six years old. Here, I'm considered ten months." "That sounds about right, you're so light and so cute!" She booped me on the nose and I smiled, "But you wear diapers voluntarily? You play with baby toys and want to be treated like an infant?" "I don't really wear diapers voluntarily," I admitted, "I was upset about it for a long time, but it's not something I'm getting out of. So I accept it. The world isn't built for people my size, and mommy will always try her best to make sure I'm clean and comfortable. Honestly, I had a really hard and draining job in my old life. The toys that mommy gets for me are stimulating, creatively and intellectually.. I have this amazing activity book with dot-to-dots that have hundreds of dots! I'm not stuck playing with toys that teach you the alphabet or anything. The best part is how much my mommy loves me." Tina started walking into the main area of the Little Care facility... the contrast to the LittleGarden was stark. Several Littles here sat in playpens, chewing on toys with vacant expressions. Another group of Littles were sitting on the floor together, staring at a bright screen. There was no crafting, no reading.. there was no one dancing, no slide. I looked over and I did see a group of Littles stacking blocks... but they didn't look like they were having fun. On the far wall, there was a big steel door with a small window in it. The room was clinical, cold. "Um, Nanny Tina... why do all of the Littles look so unhappy?" I gripped more tightly to her, I didn't really want to go play with them. "What do you mean? They're having fun! Look, they love that show.. oh wait," she turned me away from the screen, "Your mommy said no videos. Those Littles over there loooove to chew things, they'll just chew all day if you let them. They're pretty heavily regressed though. The really heavily regressed Littles have the best laughs when you tickle them." She wiggled her fingers, tickling my tummy and I squirmed in her arms. I couldn't help but squeal a bit... Amazons could always seem to find my ticklish spot. "They don't look happy to you?" "No," I admitted, "They look sad.. no one is singing, no one is dancing." "Littles don't sing," Tina laughed, "Littles have no rhythm, no musical ability at all. Littles can't focus on anything long enough for that." "I can sing," I assured her. "May I sing for you?" "Sure," Tina laughed at me, she didn't believe me, "Show me your singing, Little Kimmy. I'm listening." I sang for Tina, I picked a sad, slow song that April would sing with me on a rainy afternoon. I wished I had my ukulele, I'd play for her too. Tina stared at me, open-mouthed as I finished the song. "You.. that... that was very pretty, Kimmy. You sang the whole song, you didn't stop for anything. Do you want to go play with toys?" Something in her voice told me she wanted me to say no. "No thank you, Nanny Tina. Can we talk more? I like talking to you." "I like talking to you too, Kimmy. Are all Littles like you where you're from?" "Well, lots of the Littles at the daycare I usually go to are this way - none of us like diapers, but we wear them because we love our mommies and daddies... well, except for my friend Melanie. She really likes wearing diapers, like a lot. I don't understand it." "So you talk to other Littles while you're at the daycare? What do you talk about?" "Oh, you know, what foods we like, what we did for fun the previous day.. some of them gossip about who their mommies are dating. My mommy is dating a beautiful lady named Gwen who plays in a band. Gwen is super nice!" I blushed, realizing that I was gossiping now. Tina just stared at me, fascinated. Looking at her daycare, I could tell why. The Littles didn't interact with each other much. They mostly played alone.. every now and again there was a fight over a toy that had to be broken up by another daycare worker. Tina wasn't letting me go, so she seemed to be pawning off some of her tasks to the other workers. "Do you want Gwen to be your mommy too?" "Um," my blushed deepened much further at that thought, I hadn't really considered it. I would have two mommies.. but I would probably not get to sleep in April's bed any more. Would she snuggle me as much? "I don't know.. I love my mommy a lot.. Gwen is really fun, but... I don't know. I like it being just mommy and me." Tina held me for hours, we just talked.. about everything. Art, history, cartoons, toys, boys.. Tina had a crush on one of the artists that worked in the studio. From her description, I was betting he was a session musician like April. She said it felt really strange to get dating advice from someone in diapers, which made me laugh. When April came by to get me at lunch, I was feeling really, really thirsty. Tina and I had spent the whole morning talking, she forgot to give me a bottle and I didn't think to ask. We found a bench in a sunny spot outside and laid down. I felt really uncomfortable knowing she was about to pull out a breast and stick it in my face in public... but it was the way things were done here. Nobody cared about breastfeeding in public since it was a positive thing to make your Little as little as possible. April had a salad she'd prepared this morning, she rolled up the carrier harness and laid it across her lap, then laid me down as well. After some fiddling with her bra, her breasts were free with an "Ouch!" from poor April. I felt bad that her taking care of me this way was causing her pain. This is what I had been looking forward to. I was pretending that last night never happened, this was the first breastfeed from my beloved April. I felt my mouth water, the smell from her chest was so mesmerizing. She cradled my head and brought me close to her, and soon I was latched on, the wonderful milk filling my mouth and my belly. "Oh, my hungry girl," April laughed lightly, "I think it's going to be hard to eat as well, that's such an... interesting feeling." She stroked my hair softly and started in on her salad. It was very strange to know that she was eating... and I was eating from her. I greedily drank until there was nothing left from the first breast, to April's great joy, and she moved me to the other, shifting around to continue her lunch as well. When the other breast had nothing left, I popped off with a contented sigh. "So, my darling Kimmy, is it everything you wanted?" She smiled down at my heavily blinking eyes. "Yes mommy," I grinned sleepily up at her, "I love you. It's so good... and I feel so close to you." She reached down and stroked my cheek. "Good, I'm glad. Don't go to sleep on me now. Tell me, how is your day going?" April helped me to a sitting position and steadied me on her lap. I looked up to her lovingly, feeling her one hand cover the majority of my back. "It's been really good, actually. Nanny Tina is really nice and really curious, we've just been talking this whole time. She really thought that Littles needed to be regressed to be happy, but I think I'm changing her mind. I like her. How's recording with the band? Is it fun?" "It's intense," she smiled warmly down to me, I could see the excitement in her eyes, "They need absolute perfection. Billy - the guitarist I'm filling in for - is breathing down my neck, but honestly I think he's impressed." Her proud smile lit up her face. "You're the best, mommy." I put my hand on her leg and looked up at her in what I was hoping was proud or reassuring, but I'm sure it just looked silly, seeing as how I was in a diaper and a sundress sitting in her lap. She grinned and gave me a big hug. "Thanks sweetie, you're pretty wonderful too. I'm glad to hear you're spreading the word that love conquers all. Maybe Tina will look at Littles a bit differently now. This was nice, I'd like to do this with you again tomorrow." "I would like that a lot!" I didn't even mean to, but I found myself bouncing up and down on her lap a little in my excitement. I reached up and wrapped my arms around her, and she carried me back to the building, holding her to me with one arm and carrying the harness and her remains from lunch. "Tina," April smiled as she handed me back over to Tina at the Little Care, "I'm so glad to hear that you and Kimmy are having a good time." "We really are Ms. Morris, I had no idea it could be so much fun to talk with a Little! Kimmy is really funny, and she sings really well." "Thank you, she's pretty special to me. I just have one tiny favor to ask. You're not in trouble, I love the special attention you're giving my Little girl, but please don't forget to give her the afternoon bottle." April had the sweetest smile, but a look of horror crept over Tina's face. "Ms. Morris, I am so, so sorry. We talked so much I forgot to give her a bottle, I'm so sorry!" "Tina, Tina.. it's okay. I'm glad you guys had such a wonderful talk. Unfortunately, she gets dehydrated and won't think to ask for a drink. Please make sure she's a good girl and drinks her juice." "Yes Ms. Morris, I'm very sorry. I won't forget again." "It's no big deal, Tina," April assured her, "I'm not upset, she's not hurt, everything's fine. Please have another wonderful time with her. I'll pick her up in five or six hours." "I'm sorry I forgot to ask for my juice," I said sheepishly as April walked away. "She's not mad, really." "It's not your job to ask for juice, silly girl. It's my job to make sure your needs are taken care of. I imagine you're not thirsty yet though... so where were we? You say that everyone at your daycare likes to sing and dance?" "Oh sure, it's wonderful. We sing songs together, I love it especially when they play music that I know my mommy is playing the guitar in. That's extra special to me." We picked up right where we left off. Tina did remember to give me another gallon of juice and changed my diaper. We laughed because our conversation didn't even stop while she cleaned me up and rediapered me. Diapers were just a thing we had to deal with, they didn't stop us from being friends at all. It was really nice. I didn't even notice the time pass, I was surprised when April was back to get me. She looked tired. "Welcome back, mommy! Tina and I are good friends now!" "That's wonderful, sweetie! Let's go back to the hotel and you can tell me all about your day." "Ms. Morris, Kimmy is an absolute delight. Thank you so much for bringing her in, she's honestly changed the way I look at Littles. You are an amazing woman!" Tina gushed at April, who looked as proud as I felt. "I firmly believe that every Little can respond the same way that Kimmy has. If you love them, if you show them that you love them, if you try to hear them and understand them, and if you can help them through the pain that they left behind in their old lives... they can be happy. Truly happy, not the artificial happiness that some are forced to take." =============== I'm really glad everyone has enjoyed the daily updates, but I'm probably going to take a break from posting for a few days. I'll still respond to comments and discuss anything, I'll be around... but the next part begins the really dark section of Act 2 and we're almost completely caught up with what I have written. If I leave you guys in a cliffhanger in the midst of all the darkness... well, you might cry. If you found the previous parts too dark or were troubled by April's treatment of Kimmy while she was under the thrall of the hormones, I recommend stopping here until you can get through all of the dark parts in one go. It's going to be distressing and upsetting for anyone who loves these characters. This day in the daycare is the last bit of sunlight we get to see for a while, I'm afraid. I'll update the title when we're through the dark parts - I'll put "Updated M/D - Made it Through!" or something similar. I let KWOceans read ahead through the next 2 chapters and now she's mad (not really, but there's been some begging) at me because she hit a cliffhanger in a really dark part.
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    87.) I woke up with my chest in agony. I looked around the crib in a panic, but it was too dark to see. I bit my lip as hard as I could, immediately drawing blood, and waited until my eyes adjusted to the darkness to remember where I was. How I was. I immediately put my thumb in my mouth, curling up in the corner of the crib. My diaper was soaked through… "Good morning, my precious Josie." How unusual it was for Nora to be the one greeting the girl upon her awakening, but here she was — Anni was still asleep in her crib, quietly cuddling with her dolly and peaceful as could be, and that left the two of them, Josie in her crib, and Nora standing over it with a warm smile on her lips, despite the fact she had obviously come straight from bed. "…morning," I muttered behind my thumb. She lowered the gate and helped me out, but at seeing me in the dim early morning lights, she blinked. With a sigh, she picked up a cloth from the changing table and wiped the blood off my lip. "Are you alright?" "…uh… just… had a bad dream, I think…" "Well, I'd like to help protect your lips, just until you're used to how hard you can bite them." One of the drawers was pulled out, and Nora reached inside, picking out a length of baby blue ribbon. At one end was a pacifier, and the other had a clip that she fastened to the collar of the onesie the girl was sent to bed in. "How about the two of us go and have some breakfast together? I'm not quite as good a cook as Marta, but I do know a thing or two." "…b-but…" I looked at the woman nervously and then at Anni in the bed. I shifted from foot to foot and bit on the pacifier. This was so uncool… "I… I thought… um… I could get… ch-changed first…?" I was wet. I knew I was wet. I didn't even remember going down for bed… "Well, you're not leaking, so there's no harm in waiting a little longer now, is there? Besides, Josie is Pretty when she has a little waddle to her walk." The woman smiled, warmly, put her hand on Josie’s cheek, and then kissed her forehead. "Do you prefer pancakes, or waffles? I'm partial to waffles myself, and I do make quite a nice hash-brown-sausage waffle. It's better than it sounds." "…um… it doesn't matter… whatever you'd like to make.” The woman looked at me a little curiously as we walked out of the bedroom together. I guess she didn't expect that argument to end so quickly. She looked forward as we walked, pondering, and I followed behind with the waddle that made me pretty. That was it? No more argument? How refreshing. The woman smiled thoughtfully to herself as she walked, and Josie waddled behind her, until they got to the dining room and she led the two of them through the door to the kitchen. "Come here, princess." She bent her knees and lifted the girl up, setting her down on one of the stainless steel countertops like any mother might with a young child. "Tell Mommy about your dream, while she cooks." Little memories flickered by, but in the end I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't remember it," I said quietly. She wouldn't know about my accident the night before. I remember Marta's words. About not telling her. About if I really wanted to prove it, I'd do it in front of her next time. I wiggled uncomfortably on the counter and looked down at my feet. I wouldn't do that, though… right? There was a waffle-press, just the most basic little $10 model from a department store, a stark contrast to the rest of the appliances, but it served its purpose. She put it down on the counter a few feet from the girl and plugged it in. "Careful not to touch, honey, it's going to get a little warm." Nora kissed Josie’s forehead and smiled at her. "Maybe that's for the best not to remember, especially if it was a bad dream. I know if you felt like it was important, you'd tell me." Breakfast went by slowly. Anni still hadn't woken up. We sat and talked a little. I kicked my feet. I forgot to ask about leaving, I forgot to ask about Koi. I just sat there and ate and talked like normal. Marta came out an hour later, while I was at the table. I looked up at her, then back at my plate with a blush. Nora watched the both of us curiously. Nora had made waffles out of shredded potato, as she promised, with cheese and sausage throughout — it was actually a pretty amazing little confession in food form that Nora had at one point in her life been a college student. Marta looked quite put-off by the fact that breakfast had been made without her, and Nora simply smiled as the two of them exchanged glances. "I promised our Little Princess Josie that I'd show her my sausage hashbrown waffles, Marta. Don't worry, I didn't touch most anything in your kitchen, dear." "It's no imposition, Miss." Marta bobbed a little bit, half a curtsey, and looked at the shy makeshift-child. "Good morning, Little Princess Josie. Did you sleep well?" "Yes, ma'am…" The words tumbled out without thinking and Marta tried to hide a nervous glance at Nora. Nora crossed her arms curiously and looked at the two of us. I went right back to my waffles. "These are very good," I muttered quietly, and took another bite. Nora shared a quiet glance with her maid again, and put her concerns aside for the moment for the benefit of her newest charge — something was definitely afoot, but it was better to discuss it privately with Marta than to make a fuss. "Miss Marta, I'd like you to put Anni and Josie in the bath after breakfast here, and then come and see me — I'd like to discuss a few things." As always, Nora never ever sounded intimidating, though it was enough to have Marta look away discretely. "Yes Miss, of course Miss." Marta woke Anni, and by the time I was in the bathroom with the two of them, Anni was already naked and in the tub. I tugged nervously at the skirted onesie, the pacifier between my lips, when Marta lifted me onto the changing table. The west bath looked very different without the candles and the music. I didn't make a move while Marta undressed me from the wet diaper. I didn't fuss at all. "I'm pleased to see you making some steps towards helping to prove yourself, Little Princess Josie. No doubt, you're thinking very strongly about when to make your move to impress your Mommy." Anni was gleefully ignorant, even as Marta lifted her new sister down and helped her into the tub. In the outside world, two girls of their ages bathing together would be erotic. Not so, here, it was just the same as any other two young siblings — bubbles and toys and all. My chest swelled with anxiety at her notion. At the reminder. I felt sick as I sunk into the bathtub, playing quietly with the water. Marta patted my head and looked nervously at the door. Was she nervous about seeing Nora…? "I'll be back," she said to us, and left the two of us alone. Nora was waiting in the kitchen, sipping at a glass of coffee. Marta stood in the entry way with her hands in front of her. She waited to be addressed properly.
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    Part 31 "Oh Kimmy," April complained as we got back to the hotel, "My chest hurts so much.. is this what Lisa is always complaining about?" My tummy chose that very moment to growl loudly. "Sounds like I'm in luck. Let's lay down." April pulled me from the sling and hugged me. "Oh, I do like carrying you around that way, my little princess," April booped my nose. I smiled but it was very odd for her to call me 'princess'. "Let's get you out of that soggy diaper and get you fed." "I would like that mommy, thank you," I smiled to her. She slipped my pacifier into my mouth.. and inflated it! She silenced me, I couldn't even remember the last time she had actually done that. "Shh, princess, no talkie. Let's get you in one of these," she pulled out the package of new "nighttime" diapers.. they looked easily twice as thick as my usual nighttime diapers, I didn't think I'd be able to walk in those at all. I shook my head as she tore the package open. Something was wrong, April didn't act this way. I lay still as she stripped my shortalls from me, then my shirt, then the diaper. "Oh, you are so tiny and cute, you're perfect. Just perfect." She said as she wiped me down. "Ohhh," she groaned, holding her right breast, "That does not feel good. My little princess will have to help mommy with that." She unfolded the ridiculously thick diaper.. it had four tapes as opposed to the usual two. She lifted my ankles with one hand and laid me down on it... it was like laying on a pillow, my bottom was so far off the bed. I shook my head and looked at her pleadingly. She ignored me and continued, her smile never faltering. "There we go," she said as she pulled the pillow diaper between my legs, forcing them wide apart. She fastened the four tapes and I felt incredibly trapped. I wiggled my legs but I wasn't going anywhere. "Let's see," April said to herself, "I'm sure I packed it... Oh." She lowered the bars to the crib and put me in it, snapping the rails back in place. I was naked except for the thick diaper. I pulled myself to my feet using the bars. Something was very, very wrong. April was acting... like an Amazon, not like April. She went to the big purple suitcase and started going through it. I was trapped. My legs were spread shoulder-width by the diaper and I was silenced by the pacifier. I couldn't do anything but wait for her to come and get me. "Here we are," she said in a sing-song voice, holding up.. the mittened sleeper. Why did she even pack that? I hadn't had to wear that forever! She came back and slid the bars down, manipulating me into the sleeper. I couldn't stop her, I shook my head and wiggled in her grip but there was nothing I could do. The back was zipped up, and my hands were useless. "Okay, time for din-din, princess." She scooped me up and laid down on the bed, removing her shirt and bra. I wanted to breastfeed from her.. but not like this! I wanted my April, I wanted to feel close and loved.. this felt wrong, I didn't like it. She removed my pacifier and pulled my face toward her breast. I was hungry.. and it smelled good.. that's what that new smell was, I could smell her milk. I opened my mouth and felt my lips close around her nipple. "Good girl," April said softly, "Help mommy out. It hurts, princess." I didn't want April to hurt, even if she wasn't quite herself at the moment. I started sucking at her nipple like I would a baby bottle but nothing came out. "Ow sweetie, not like that. Gentle." She stroked my hair and I tried again. I figured out that I had to lay my tongue flat and use my mouth to squeeze at her nipple... it was almost like having to lick and suck at the same time. Once I figured out the trick, the milk started flowing into my mouth steadily... it tasted every bit as amazing as I had ever hoped. Better than Lisa's, better than anything ever. This was ambrosia. I felt my body twitch as I gulped at her milk, my skin felt tingly everywhere... it was euphoric. I sucked greedily and was rewarded by milk and praise. "Oh good girl, princess. That's good, drink it all gone. Get nice and full and make a wet diaper for me, you cute Little thing." I felt my face flush, I wanted my April back, not this Amazon woman. It wasn't going to stop me from enjoying the milk, however. I sucked greedily, the milk filled my belly, warm and wonderful in a way I had never felt before. After a while, I popped off the nipple, feeling incredibly full. "Full mama," I heard myself say... and felt my bladder let go. No! The formula in the meat was getting to me through her breastmilk! The thing that was supposed to be protecting me was dooming me. "Wet!" I heard myself announce. This was worse than before, I didn't seem to be able to control my words at all. "Wuv you!" "Aww princess, I love you too," she patted the front of my diaper, "But you're not done yet. The left one still hurts. Can you help mommy with that?" She rolled over, flipping me over her body and guided me to the other nipple. I felt so full, but I couldn't stop myself from drinking more. My lips and tongue had left my control and I felt the milk flow into me again. No! I screamed in my head. This is wrong! This isn't what I wanted! I felt myself grow more tired as I grew more full, and before long, I started to nod off. "Oh no you don't, princess," April's voice floated to me in my near-dream. I felt a sharp pain in my thigh.. she pinched me! "It's not sleepytime for you yet. If you go to sleep now, you'll wake up in the middle of the night fussy and I won't get any rest. No, we need to keep you up for a bit." "Mama mama," I heard myself say as my body woke up again. April swung me through the air, causing me to giggle wildly. "Mama loves her princess," she smiled at me. She was still in there somewhere, "Tell me you love me." "Wuv!" I heard myself say automatically. My skin felt fuzzy again, but was starting to wear off already. I had to focus, I knew I could fight it off. "I.. love.. you, mama." So close. "You're so cute! You're the best thing that ever happened to me, princess. I just love your lisp right now, too. It's adorable. And look at you in that thick diaper. Can you walk?" She set me down on my feet and took a large step backwards and held her hands out to me. "Come on, princess. Walk to mommy." I reached out and took a shaky step forward. I had to pivot my whole body, my hips were useless in the thick diaper. I didn't like this. I took another difficult step forward.. and she stepped back again, her hands moving farther from my reach. "Come on sweetie, show me you can walk. Oh, you're so cute!" "I don't wike dis," I frowned, focusing on my words. "Please." "You don't like walking? You can crawl if you want. Can you show mommy your best crawl?" "No," I frowned, poking the ridiculous padding, "Too thick!" "No such thing, princess," April smiled at me.. her smile was off, it was wrong somehow. "Maybe we need to put two of these on you?" I was so shocked by her statement that I fell flat on my butt, though I didn't feel it. The padding had me lifted several inches off the ground. Two of these? She'd only double-diapered me that time in the store.. that awful leak. "Go ahead sweetie, tell me they're too thick again. We'll put you in a second one and then you'll know that these are just right." Her words sent a shock through my body. I was stunned. This wasn't April. I didn't know this person! "I want my mommy!" I wailed. I really did, I wanted my mommy. I wanted my April, my mommy, to snuggle me and hold me tight and make me feel good. This didn't feel good. "Oh, my poor sweet princess," she said, scooping me up. Suddenly the pacifier was back in my mouth and inflated, "You poor Little girl," she rocked me, patting the ridiculous crotch of the diaper, "I know, it's so close to your bedtime. You can't control yourself at this time of night. Such a shame, I wish I could keep you awake and baby you for hours. I don't think you've ever been this cute before. I wish we had your bouncer or a walker to put you in. It's a shame we're not at home, I'd rush out and buy you a new walker right now, watching you toddle around in that, surrounded by cute little toys... I want to keep you just like this forever. I wish I had brought more outfits with mittens. You don't need your fingers... but it's too late now to go out and buy any, you'd be a sobbing mess by the time we got back." My eyes were wide with horror. Catalon had changed April. The hormones in the food were turning her into an Amazon mommy... my mommy was gone! My emotions spilled over and I bawled, mourning my mommy. "Oh fine, let's put you to bed," she sounded irritated. I sobbed as she laid me down in the crib.. and started cuffing me to the bed, just as the maid did. I didn't have the energy to fight. I just cried, I have no idea for how long.. I cried until I passed out. -- When I woke up, I couldn't move. My wrists and ankles were bound, and I was in the crib. April was snoring heavily in the bed.. and I was trapped. The diaper was cold and soggy between my legs and felt uncomfortable. I was comforted by the fact that I actually needed to go, so I released my bladder into the soggy diaper and felt it grow warm again. That was more comfortable, at least. "Mommy?" I called softly, "April? April are you.. are you in there?" I called sadly. I wanted my April back so badly, I wanted her to hug me close and tell me everything was going to be okay. I never wanted to hear her call me 'princess' again. I couldn't see a clock, and the curtains were drawn, so I wasn't sure what time it was. I'm not sure how long I laid there before April's alarm went off. That was strange too, she was usually an early riser. "Ohh, my head," April groaned, "I feel hung over... and my chest hurts. Kimmy?" she looked around, sitting up topless in bed. "Kimmy! Why are you in the crib? Why are you cuffed?" She rushed to the crib and lowered the bars. "Oh April, is it you?" "Kimmy, what.. did I do this to you? Last night feels so hazy." "Mommy!" My heart swelled at her return, she was okay! "The formula affected you too! You kept talking about how I didn't need to walk or needed more mittens, how I needed thicker diapers... I thought you were gone forever!" "Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry," she said softly as she uncuffed me. "I am so sorry, I don't know what came... actually, I do. Donna warned us about this but I didn't realize it was going to be so intense. I am so, so sorry my sweet Little Kimmy." "Oh mommy, I was so scared," I felt myself starting to cry, "I thought I lost you!" I wrapped my arms around her as best I could as she held me close. "I'm here, Kimmy. I'm still your mommy. I'm definitely vegetarian for the duration of this trip, though. Suddenly Catalon makes a lot more sense to me, if people are pumping their bodies full of those hormones all the time. I couldn't control myself, I just wanted.. I wanted you to be as little as possible. It felt.. so good," she frowned, "I'm so sorry. That was my first interaction with it as well, I guess I have no resistance either." "It's okay, mommy. I'm glad you're feeling better. I was really worried." April carried me to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of milk. "Let's dump this one out, hopefully all of that is out of my system," she said flatly as she carried both myself and the bottle to the bathroom sink. I watched her dump the delicious smelling milk down the drain. There was no way I should want to drink that, I knew it had the regression formula in it, but I couldn't help being a little sad as it drained away. "How hungry are you? I'd prefer to pump and dump one more time, I think. I don't want to risk you being drugged at the daycare today." "I'm okay, I think. There's... there's no way I can join you for the recording? I promise I'll be quiet." "Oh Kimmy," she hugged me so tightly, "After the day we just had, I wish so badly that we could. But there's no way they'd let me bring you in, sweetheart. They're much less understanding here than at home. We'll be using the studio daycare, but we'll be telling them that you are only to be given my breastmilk. I don't think I'll be able to pump again before lunch, so we'll have lunch together. I'll eat while you eat," she laughed and I couldn't help but smile. "Promise you won't use my head as a plate?" I teased. I needed to get things back to normal. I wanted to forget that last night ever happened. That wasn't April. April was not like that, April would never say or do those things.. My April was right here. "Hmm, I don't know.. we'll see. It will be nice to be guaranteed a lunch break, and I'll get to check in on you. I'll be honest, I don't have a lot of faith in the Catalon daycares." "Me either, I'm pretty scared." "Me too, sweetheart. I'll be very, very glad when this week is done and we're back home. Let's get you changed, okay?" "Thank you mommy, this diaper is ridiculous." "That diaper is full, darling. You needed it. You're going to be wearing these at night for at least three weeks, maybe more. I'm sorry. How thirsty are you?" Now that she mentioned it, I was pretty parched.. my head hurt a bit too, like a hangover. "I think I'm dehydrated," I frowned, "I feel a little icky." "We have enough time to check out that organic grocer that Donna mentioned, hopefully they'll have some juice for you. You need to take that supplement we got as well. Do you want to be inward again, or outward?" "Inward, please." April changed me into the new daytime diapers, which were still thicker than my old nighttime diapers but I should still be able to waddle around without too much trouble. She helped me into a green gingham sundress, which had big white ruff with pink flowers all over it for the skirt, and a big pocket with the same white and pink flowers. It was a little younger than she usually dressed me... "Mommy, are you feeling okay? This is.. a little more babyish than usual." "I'm afraid I packed you more babyish items than usual. I thought it would make things easier on you here, sweetie. Sorry. Now, you sit tight and read while I pump, okay?" I nodded as she sat me down on the bed and she sat down in the chair in the hotel room. I watched her attach a strange machine to her breasts, which when turned on was sucking the milk out of her. I felt my mouth water at the sight of it, which took me by surprise. My body wanted that milk very badly. I turned away, listening to the rhythm of the pump stealing the most delicious foodstuff ever so she could throw it away. It made my skin crawl a bit at the thought, it was shocking how badly I wanted it. And this was without the addiction additive! I hoped, anyway. I focused on my book of Little Tales again, picking up where I left off before the maid had imprisoned me the day before. It hurt a bit to hear the milk going down the drain, but it would probably be worse on me if I drank it. She set the bottles back on the pump and turned it to a self-cleaning mode before donning the carrier and smiling down at me. Her smile was the sunrise, and I felt myself smiling in return. My April had come back to me. Last night had been terrifying in a way I had never even considered before. It was something I never, ever wanted to relive. I knew at that moment that without a single doubt, I wanted to be with April, my April, forever. She loaded me into the front carrier again and I was held close to her warmth and love, and we were off.
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    Part 28 "We're beginning our final descent into Barcelon, the temperature on the ground is a warm and dry 26 degrees. Thank you for flying Albion Air, we appreciate your business." "Mommy," I said softly, "we should probably put on the.. you know.. " My nighttime diaper was soaked after the long flight and I was now asking the woman I loved to put a collar around my neck. My life had changed a lot in the past six weeks... but it felt mostly good. This trip would be over before either of us knew it and we'd be back home, laughing about how we were worried about nothing. April pulled the small box out of her purse and I did my best to pull my hair out of the way. She slid the collar around my neck gently and tapped the clasp. Once again, it sealed with a tiny hiss and I was wearing a constant reminder of April's protection. "It's okay," I laid my hand on April's, who was frowning, "it actually makes me feel protected. We're in a different place, and this says that I'm your Little and no one else can touch me." She returned the smile but didn't reply, looking nervously out the window. We landed and headed to the baggage carousel, waiting for April's big purple suitcase and her reinforced guitar case. I felt bad, I wished I could help.. she had to carry me too. A giant bag, a guitar, a carry on, and a Little in a carrier wasn't going to be easy to handle. "Ow!" a cry came from the carousel as.. a cage fell onto the conveyer. There was a Little inside, bound hand and foot to the walls of a dog carrier. He was dressed in a footed sleeper and had a pacifier strapped to his face, and a very thick diaper on underneath. I looked on in horror as he rotated slowly away from us, only to be picked up by a large Amazon man. "You will be quiet," the man growled as he picked up the cage-carrier and walked off with his other bags. April laid a hand on my stomach as she watched. Catalon was worse than I had imagined. How was it even legal to transport a person in a cage like that!? The trip could not be over soon enough. April loaded all the bags and my carrier onto a rolling cart and started pushing us towards the transportation exit. I don't think I saw a single walking Little in the airport, they were mostly in carriers and strollers.. thankfully I didn't see any more cages either. I breathed a sigh of relief, maybe that guy was the anomaly and not the rule. The hotel shuttle came reasonably quickly and the driver helped us load up. There was a lone Amazon woman traveling, and a man with a Little girl in his lap. She had a collar on too, a pink one with black trim. She stared blankly into space. She was wearing just a light blue onesie and her diaper was very thick, her legs were spread apart by it, each of her legs were draped on either side of one of the Amazon's, who had one hand wrapped around her waist and resting on her tummy. She blinked slowly, but didn't appear to be looking at anything.. her eyes were very cloudy, like Susie's at the park but worse. A thin line of drool escaped the corner of her mouth, wet and shiny coming from behind the shield of her pacifier. "Daddy," her voice was soft, but it carried in the quiet shuttle, "I love you." She didn't blink, she didn't smile as she said it. He kissed the top of her head. "I love you too, my little doll." I shuddered and tried not to stare.. that could have been me. I stayed completely silent during the trip, I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, my pulse quickened with fear for the Little girl. The only sound that came from me the entire trip was a soft hiss from my diaper. I stayed "asleep" as April carried us in and someone helped her with the bags. "May I help you?" It was disorienting to pretend to sleep, I could only imagine what people looked like. The voice was female, young.. bored. "Yes, I'd like to check in. The reservation should be under April Morris, arranged by Marty Walker," April sounded nervous. I didn't blame her, I wanted to get to the room, too. "Welcome Ms. Morris, I just need your initials here and your signature here. Would you prefer a crib or a cage to be provided to your room for your Little?" "Crib, please," April's voice was wooden as she responded. "When would you like the complimentary nanny service? It's good for one hour per night, we'll watch your Little in your room." "No nanny, thank you." "Are you sure? It's one of the most popular amenities here." "Absolutely sure, thank you." "All right, Ms. Morris. Everything is ready to go, here is your key. Just a reminder, Littles in the rooms must be silent after 11 PM, or they must be confined to the hotel nursery. You can check your Little in any time you'd like, we have the latest and greatest RoboNannies." I clamped my teeth down on the nipple of the pacifier to keep silent. I'd made it so far, I didn't want to cry out now. "Thank you very much. I'm quite tired from the flight, I'll be heading to my room. Please have my bags sent up?" April carried just me and what I was betting was her guitar, she wasn't letting either of us out of her sight. "Of course, Ms. Morris, I hope you enjoy your stay!" I heard the elevator door close and peeked my eyes open a bit.. we were alone. I looked up at April, she was obviously agitated. I felt bad again that she had to carry me, this would be easier if she didn't. I wondered if she'd be happier if I had stayed in a RoboNursery back home... I felt awful that she was so miserable. "I'm sorry," I whispered. She just smiled down at me and pressed a finger to the shield of my pacifier and shushed me quietly. Once we were safely in the room, she set the carrier on the bed and breathed a heavy sigh. "I'm sorry," I repeated, louder, pulling the pacifier from my mouth, "You should have been able to check me into a RoboNursery back home, this is so hard on you!" "Oh Kimmy," April smiled sadly, reaching down, unbuckling me, and pulling me out of the carrier. She picked me up and put my chin over her shoulder, holding me tight to her body and rocking back and forth. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders as best I could and closed my eyes, "My little Kimmy, you're so sweet. Don't feel bad that you came along, don't feel bad that there are things you are afraid of. I love you and I'm glad you're with me. It's scary, but if you were so far away from me I'd spend all my time worried that you were okay. We chose to bring you with me together, please don't feel guilty about it. I'm here for you and I'm glad you're here with me." "I love you, mommy," I said softly into her ear. "I love you too, my precious Little girl. You are so wonderful." She stood there, holding me, rocking, the two of us in a loving embrace for what seemed like an eternity and no time at all. "I need to take a shower, I feel yucky from all the travel," April said to me as she put me down gently on the bed. "Do you need a change first?" "Yes please," I poked the diaper through the shortalls, it was pretty full. She smiled and laid me down, I closed my eyes listening to the "pop pop pop" of the snaps along the inner seams of the shortalls. All of my clothes that weren't skirts or dresses had them, and something about the sound of the snaps popping open, something about the feeling of being fully dressed but still exposed to the woman who loved me made me feel very comforted. I popped the pacifier back in my mouth and suckled loudly for her, making a happy sound in my throat. "Oh, someone likes getting a fresh diaper, huh? You were such a good girl on the plane, and in the airport, and on the ride, and in the lobby. You have come a long way, my sweet girl. Thank you for being cautious and smart about what you say and when. This place is definitely not as safe as home." I nodded - it was hard sometimes, but I had to trust April, she wouldn't steer me wrong. The wet diaper was gone and a fresh one was being pulled over me, pillow soft and smelling nice. The sounds of the tape ripping and fastening as they sealed me into yet another diaper was oddly comforting as well. It felt good to be in a comfy, dry daytime diaper as opposed to the wet nighttime one she removed. I was a Little, I was April's Little, and she would always keep me safe and comfortable. As the last of the snaps closed, I opened my eyes and reached for her, opening and closing my hands. April laughed and leaned down, giving me a big hug where I lay. I wrapped my arms around her again, determined not to let her go... but she gently pushed me back to the bed with one huge hand. "I'll come snuggle you after my shower, sweetie. Sit here and read your book, I'll only be a moment." She handed me the book of Little Tales, it was a collection of stories all centering around Littles finding love in the arms of an Amazon. It was nice. I identified with a lot of the Littles, and there was always a happy ending. April headed off to the bathroom and closed the door, followed by the sound of the gushing shower. I laid back on the enormous bed, just a single pillow would make a reasonably comfortable bed for me, and enjoyed my book. Until there was a knock on the door. "Housekeeping, we have your bags and the crib for your Little." "Mommy," I called, "the people are here with your bags." I didn't think she could hear me. The people would just have to come back. It would be an ordeal just for me to get off the bed, there was no way I could let them in. And then the door opened, and an older woman with dark brown hair in a bob wearing a hotel uniform came in, wheeling a crib in. "I'll just... Oh my goodness, look at you!" She rushed over to the bed and scooped me up, "Oh, you almost fell you poor thing. Did your mommy leave you on the bed all by yourself? That's awful!" "I'm fine, really, she's.. " The pacifier silenced my words, and she pumped it five times! My jaw ached a little as the rubber nipple forced my mouth open and held my tongue down. I whimpered. I tried to call for April, but I was completely silenced. "This just won't do, it's a good thing I brought your crib. It would have been awful to find you crying on the floor. Let's just put you in here where you'll be safe." The crib was solid steel with a thin matress and teddy bear sheets. She held me to her hip with one arm, rolled the crib into the corner, and lowered the bars. She laid me down.. and started fastening cuffs around my wrists. I pulled against her and was rewarded with a slap on the skin of my thigh. It hurt! She was so strong. I went limp, tears coming to my eyes from the stinging pain. "Bad girl," she put a finger to the collar around my neck, "Bad Kimmy. You should know better than to fight. You're in your crib, you're going to lay down safely until your mommy is done with her shower, you naughty thing." I didn't struggle further as she secured my wrists and ankles, my thigh hurt a lot where she slapped me. "There, your mommy will be much happier now that you're in your proper place," she leaned in close and stared at my eyes, "Oh dear, it looks like your formula wore off. I'll remember to keep a treat for you in my pocket for next time." My eyes shot wide open and I shook my head. "Oh, I see.. your mommy doesn't know you fought it off, huh? Naughty girl. I'll remember you, naughty Kimmy." She raised the bars to the crib and finished wheeling April's bags in and left. I thrashed in the bonds, but there was no way I was getting out of this. I just hoped April finished her shower before the maid came back. I felt thoroughly trapped, I was in a steel crib, wearing a collar, my arms and legs were restrained to the point that all I could do was wiggle, and in this position, the ever present diaper felt confining as well. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long. "Kimmy!" April cried as she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She rushed over to the crib and lowered the side, looking to soothe my whimpering. She deflated the pacifier and started undoing the cuffs. "My poor Kimmy, what happened?" "The maid came with your bags and the crib, I tried to tell her I was fine but she overinflated the pacifier and strapped me down.. it hurt. She said she'd have a treat with a regression formula when she came back. I'm scared, April." "I'm so sorry I left you alone, sweetie," she drew me into her arms and hugged me tight, "I will be more careful with you. I'm so sorry this happened to you, sweetie." "It's okay," I breathed in April's scent, enjoying the feel of her bare flesh, "I'm okay. I'm okay, I'm sorry." "Shhh," she rocked me gently, "I'll tell the front desk you're allergic to the regression formula, we'll make sure the staff doesn't try to give you any. Everything will be fine. You have nothing to be sorry about, you didn't do anything wrong." She moved me to the bed and kissed my forehead. "We've had a long day already, and we still need to get some dinner. I don't think you're sleeping in that crib tonight, I want you close to me." That was fine with me.
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    Here's the next part, more Gwen for you! If you would like to, I put up a small poll to vote for your favorite character: http://www.strawpoll.me/12926029 Miss Michelle got a vote before Lisa did! Poor Lisa. ======= Part 25 It turned out that Gwen rode a motorcycle, a great big loud one. Honestly, when she started it up it was terrifying. She had on a pair of shorts under her skirt, which she hiked up while climbing on to the bike. I had asked her why she wore a skirt at all, she had just smiled and said because she wanted to. In a way, I envied her - she knew exactly who she was and what she wanted and she wasn't going to let anyone stop her from pursuing it. Of course, she looked like she could knock a person's head off with a well placed punch, so that probably helped with the self-confidence. The park was pretty packed, there were lots of Amazon mommies and a few daddies wandering around with their Littles. Thankfully April changed me in the trunk of the car before we came here, there were a lot more people here than there had been near the restaurant. I was very thankful for her investment into the diaper bag. April still had me drinking 4 of those huge bottles each day, and I seemed to be wet basically all the time. Messes were still very unpleasant, but April worked to make sure I never had to deal with it for long. April carried me on her hip to a rare clear bench in the crowded park.. well, crowded was probably an overstatement. There was still room to play, but most of the seating was occupied and there were at least a dozen Littles running around. Gwen and April took a spot on the bench and set me down on my feet. "Okay, sweetie - go and play, we'll be right here if you need us," April smiled at me and linked hands with Gwen, "Remember, you're trying to learn how to interact with other Littles, try to remember that you're a Little yourself and don't fight it. Just have fun." Just have fun, I thought, that should be easy, right? Because I've done such a great job of it so far. I nodded and toddled off toward the playground. It was huge, the centerpiece was a giant "tree trunk" made of plastic that was hollowed out and had a ladder inside. The treetop was a platform that led to slides and other platforms and was enclosed by large bars so no one could fall. It was probably twenty feet tall... it had four slides and various staircases coming out of the platforms, one straight, one tube, one long and twisty, and one that looked bumpy. The treetop seemed to be the popular place, there were several Littles running around up there, laughing and going down the slide just to climb up again via the stairs or the treetrunk. That looked too busy to me, so I wandered over to a large sandbox where it seemed like more calm Littles were playing. I sat down next to a girl who was wearing a pair of shortalls over a pink shirt and a cute butterfly sun hat. "Hi, I'm Kimmy. Can I play with you?" I asked, honestly unsure how I should proceed. "Hi Kimmy, I'm Susie," she smiled at me. She had shoulder length blonde hair, pulled into a side ponytail. Her smile looked sleepy and there was something wrong with her blue eyes, they looked a little cloudy, "I'm building a castle. Wanna help?" "Okay," I agreed. Her "castle" was a couple of mounds of sand with a stick poking out of the top of one, but this seemed like a nice calm thing to play, so I started digging a moat. "So Susie," I started, trying to find a way to start a conversation, "What's your favorite food?" "Mommy milk," Susie giggled, "It makes me feel tingly." She didn't even look up from scooping the sand as she talked. "Do you like mommy milk?" "My mommy doesn't breastfeed me," I conceded, "But I want to ask her to." "It's the best," Susie assured me, "Better than anything else ever ever." "How old are you?" "11 months," Susie answered without a pause. "No, I mean... how old were you before you came here?" "I'm 11 months," she frowned, "I don't before." Her face scrunched and her second sentence came out broken. "You don't before?" Susie climbed to all fours and went red in the face. I sat puzzled for a moment, and then the smell hit me. "Did you just..?" I asked, concerned. "Before make my head hurt," she complained, "Need milk." And she started crawling off, leaving me with a lump of sand with a trench dug halfway around it. I looked around, unsure of what to do next. Susie seemed to have some sort of block preventing her from talking about her previous life. I started to wonder if maybe that subject wasn't a great one to cover with other Littles. April had said that most of us were damaged, I knew that was true for me but maybe I was less damaged than most? I knew that in the other place I didn't love myself and I didn't feel loved, but it didn't hurt to think about. I stood up and went to find someone else to play with. There was a group of Littles playing tag, but that looked too rough, I didn't want to get shoved. I walked over toward the swingset, it was nothing but those baby swings that a Little would need help getting in or out of. There were three swings on the swingset, two were occupied by squealing Littles being pushed by Amazons, one daddy and one mommy. They looked happy... I wondered what that felt like. As I was pondering that question, I felt someone scoop me up from behind and I started to panic. "No!" I kicked my feet, realizing how helpless I was. Was I being kidnapped!? "Whoa there," Gwen's smooth voice came from behind me, "I didn't mean to scare you, tater tot. You looked like you wanted to swing, may I push you?" "Gwen!" relief flooded my body as she flipped me around to face her, "Yes please," I blushed, "it looks fun." It was, actually. It was a lot of fun. Gwen slid me gently into the baby swing, which was comfier than I expected thanks to the padding of the diaper, and she pulled me way, way back before letting me fly forward. I was flying through the air, it was basically a thrill ride with the push she gave me. I reached ten feet in the air easily at the apex before swinging back again to feel her strong hands on my back again. I couldn't remember the last time someone had pushed me on a swing, and I laughed gleefully as I gripped the chains. It was scary at first, but once I surrendered and trusted Gwen, it was fun. She wasn't going to let anything happen to me and she wouldn't be pushing me this way if she thought it was dangerous. I started waving to April who was still sitting on the bench at the height of the forward swing. "Hi Mommy!" I waved vigorously, "Hi Mommy! Hi Mommy!" I laughed, greeting her each time I reached the end of the forward swing before returning to Gwen. "Okay, tater tot," Gwen laughed and scooped me out of the swing, "Why don't you go play tag with those Littles over there?" "I don't wanna get shoved," I frowned, cuddling into Gwen's arms. "That looks too rough." "Oh, are you a delicate porcelain doll?" Gwen tickled me with her calloused left hand, "Are you going to break?" "No!" I laughed, squirming, "I just don't wanna get hurt." "If you never risk getting hurt, you miss out on a lot in life, Kimmy. Give it a shot for me? If you fall down, if you get hurt, I'll be there to pick you up. Okay?" I nodded and Gwen carried me over to the Littles who were playing tag. It looked to be two girls and three boys, only one of the girls was wearing a skirt besides me. "Can Kimmy come play tag with you?" Gwen asked the group of Littles. "Okay!" one of the girls responded, "but she's it!" She giggled and started running away. Gwen set me on my feet and I chased after her. I never even noticed Gwen wandering off, I was focused on the game. And it was fun, we were all full grown adults running as hard and as fast as we could. Everyone seemed to be in great shape, and if you fell on your butt you had a cushion ready to break your fall. There were lots of laughs and I was 'it' many times before April called me away. Playing something as simple as tag was surprisingly fun if you let it be, adults didn't get to run as hard as they could with no fear of consequences and nothing to gain but fun very often. When April called, I said goodbye to the other Littles and wandered off.. the group had grown and shrunk during the game, many faces had changed but the fun had stayed the same. I hugged April's legs when I got back to the bench. "That was fun," I admitted, "More fun than I thought." "I'm glad you had fun, sweetie. Are you wet?" "A little," I admitted. I had to pause at one point to go during the game of tag, which had made me 'it' again. It hardly seemed fair. "You're very fast," Gwen complimented me, "you looked like you were having a lot of fun. Did you make any new friends?" "It was fun! They're all my friends now." "What are your new friends' names?" "Um," I thought about it, I hadn't actually caught anyone's name but they were definitely my friends. I'd play with them again happily. "I don't know!" I laughed, realizing how silly it was to have a friend whose name you didn't know. "We need to go home, Kimmy," April said, stroking my cheek, "we need to get some dinner in you and get you to bed, it's getting close to your bedtime." "Let me help you get her in the car," Gwen offered. April agreed and she grabbed me by the ankles and carried me upside-down to the car, I was kicking my feet and laughing the whole way. "Stop! You're showing everyone my diaper!" I complained, but my protest was just met with tickling fingers. Wetting my diaper while upside-down was certainly a new experience, but thankfully it was only a little and nothing leaked. I was panting as Gwen buckled me into the carseat and popped a pacifier she grabbed off the seat in my mouth. "I had a lot of fun with you today," she smiled at me, "I hope we can play again. Is it okay with you if I kiss your mommy again?" I nodded, both to the hope for another playtime and to her affection for April. I felt very honored that she wanted my permission. Gwen was a good person. She didn't have to ask me anything, I was just a Little and had no say over who April kissed... but she knew how important April was to me and she asked me anyway. It was incredibly sweet. I watched as Gwen drew April close and gave her a long, loving kiss, sliding her fingers through April's hair. April wrapped her arms around the taller woman, one hand at the shoulder and one hand at the waist. They were both incredibly feminine as they embraced and I smiled at how happy they both seemed. A part of me wanted to kiss April like that, but I think I knew that I could never make her feel quite the way that Gwen did. Gwen could make her feel small and protected, Gwen could be both powerful and soft at the same time. I could make her feel needed and loved, but I could never make her feel protected. Our love was different than her affection for Gwen. I... didn't feel jealous of Gwen. She provided something that I couldn't, and she couldn't provide what I did. It felt like there was enough April for both of us... and there was something very comforting about the way Gwen held me too. I yawned in the carrier, hoping I would get to see Gwen again soon. She was something special. After their kissing was concluded, Gwen rode off on her motorcycle, promising to see April again soon. "Well sweetie, this was a pretty good day, huh? Let's go eat some dinner and get you to bed. I've got to go to the studio again tomorrow, so we've both got a big day." Tomorrow was going to be a LittleGarden day for me.
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    79.) "…wow…" "Hm?" "I dunno, I just haven't… seen this…" There were two bathrooms, as far as I knew. There was the one in the hall, with the toilet and sink and a large bath. That's the one I always used, and the one I had bathed Ister in once. This bathroom was next to the office, across from Nora's bedroom. It had a toilet and a shower stall, a large sink, but the tub… was huge. It was ridiculous. Not like a jacuzzi, but it was at least the size of two tubs, and twice as deep. The water was filled to the top, and candles were lit all around. Light music played, almost invisible in the sound, and little bits of static broke through it like it was being played from the radio. The whole room was dark. It made me sleepy, even though it was just past noon. "Usually there are two children here, Josie — occasionally, three. It's important for my children to be able to bathe together, as all close siblings should." The woman smiled, her hand still in Josie's as she helped her into the faintly scented tub — when she sat down, it wasn't like being an adult in a bathtub… proportionately, it was perfectly as being a child, from size, to depth, to everything. Perfect. "Its warm, not too warm, but comforting, isn't it? Relaxing…" Too relaxing. The water smelled weird, very familiar… but not… bad. Actually very sweet. Like vanilla. No, it was different… like sugar? I shook my head, sinking into the water. The static and music hummed over head. I rubbed my eyes. "…you think I can go home next week?" "How are your thoughts?" …yeah. That was a thing. I sighed. "They're fine. I mean, I think everything you and Marta are doing pisses me off too much to really obsess over it… or maybe I just needed a good night's sleep..." "Language, Josie." There were definitely different grades of standard for cuss-words, and everybody had their own ideas — but Nora's were very strict. She gently ran the wash-cloth over Josie’s shoulders as she spoke, softly, serenely. "You don't like the way bad words sound when they come from your lips, you prefer to use your words to be sweet and kind. Like a child. Children can say the sweetest things, can't they? Sweet, innocent, and genuine. Those are important qualities for anybody, wouldn't you agree?" "It wasn't even a swear word," I pouted, curling deeper into the water. I didn't see the point in this. I didn't know why I couldn't bathe myself. Maybe she was worried I'd drown myself, or I'd stick a toaster in here with me. But I didn't want to do those things. I just wanted to go home. I wanted to see Koi… "I'm kinda sleepy," I muttered, and rubbed my eyes again. The familiar smell took over the room. The music was so soft I had to strain my ears to hear it. "It's okay to relax, you won't fall asleep because you're not in your crib, and that's where you sleep." Cyclic logic was potent and useful for exhausting the conscious mind, and the woman continued to gently cleanse the tops of her shoulders and arms with the cloth. "Sometimes some of the best things about people are found in children, even babies. Babies are cute, aren't they? And certainly people like cute things. Babies make other people happy, too, just by being there. You'd like to do that, Little Princess Josie, you'd like to bring happiness." "Maybe… I don't know… I guess I don't really bring anyone happiness, huh? Like, even Koi just worries and worries…" I rubbed my eyes again, blinking them hard. But ultimately they started to slip closed. Everything felt dizzy… I curled up in the warm water and soft music, next to Nora in no clothes but the little beaded bracelet on my wrist. "You can make Koi happy, happy the way she was when you kissed her.” By now, the soothing environment made it difficult to argue — to argue that Koi had kissed her, for example. Nora continued, softly, the girl’s eyes closed now but her mind open. "It's so nice to make other people happy, that's why it's so important to be a little princess, it's why you understand it, even if you have trouble saying it. Being here, being a baby girl, it's natural. It's good." "…mm…" The room was dark. Little lights flickered on the other side of my eyelids, the candles dancing. But the music was too soft. I wasn't even sure Nora was still talking. It blended in with the static. Everything was so warm. So ridiculously warm. And it all smelled like sugar… "Being Josie is important… being Josie means being happy. Josie is a baby girl, sweet, bubbly, happy — she loves to cuddle with her Momma, she loves to draw, even though she's pretty messy at it. She wears diapers, because babies do, and she's a baby. She's happy, because babies are, and she's a baby.” The movements of the washcloth were rhythmic, calming, steady as her words. "You are Josie. You're Momma's Baby Girl." "Mm…" Nothing was different. Nothing was changing. A static moment of serenity. Warm. Quiet. Still. All my senses applauded it. Touch - warm. Sight - flickering. Hearing - static. Smell - sugar. Taste - remnants of the milk. I had given myself into the moment. It was a perfect moment. "When you fight, you're fighting happiness… fighting happiness is silly, futile, pointless… you want happiness, you know it will come if you don't fight it, so fighting it makes you feel… restless. You feel restless when you fight happiness. But opening your arms to happiness… cuddling with Momma… wearing your diapers like a proper baby girl… drinking your milk… welcoming happiness makes you warm… the best kind warm, warm like the sun in spring, warm like cuddles.” Warm. The water swished around me in happy moments of bliss. The static sung to me, but the warmth was omnipresent. It took over me. It reminded me of the good things. Things like cuddles and sunlight and kissing Koi. Kissing Koi… I felt a little bit of heat in my cheeks. More warmth. "You don't fight happiness… you're a smart girl, a smart baby girl… you welcome happiness. Being a baby girl makes you happy… you welcome it…. praise from Momma makes you happy… you welcome it… wearing your diapers, using your diapers… makes you happy, you welcome it. You're so happy as a baby, happy because you bring happiness, because you welcome happiness, because you are happiness…" She was so relaxed, so deep, so pliable. She needed this, she needed those words inside of her, to set her free. "Happiness is warmth. Hearing your name, Josie, hearing that pretty name that's yours… makes you warm. Warm is happy… happy is warm… when you can't get warm, you cry…babies cry… and Momma will come, and make you warm, happy, take away those tears…"
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    78.) "Oh no, I'm sorry, my sweet." A hand reached in and took the bottle away from Josie, snatching it from her after only a few moments of sucking — but enough had passed through her lips. Nora smiled, apologetic, and held the bottle. "Only girls who are smart enough to ask for a diaper to keep them dry are allowed to drink the milk, Little Princess Josie. And you definitely don't want to wear diapers, you made that quite clear." I thought I was having a fucking heart attack. I looked up at Nora with the kind of confusion you'd only ever see on a baby's face. My eyes reflected the light like mirrors and my mouth persisted in a half-open fashion, waiting for the nipple to be replaced, maybe, or trying to find a word. In the end, I found a couple… "Th-that's… that's mine…." "This?" The woman held up the bottle, curiously, not maliciously. "Sweetie, to drink this, you need to ask for a diaper. Those are the rules, and bad things will happen if you don't have a diaper on when you drink this." "Don't…! Don't your… don't do your stupid talking thing where you think things make sense and they don't make sense! Just gimme that back!" I tried to stand up, but my legs were already weak. I stumbled and grabbed the bars on the crib. I rubbed my eyes, wet and glossy, and shook my head. This wasn't fair… "You know what happens when you drink this." "I don't care," I muttered. I didn't? Of course I did… "I care if you ruin my carpets." …she had a point… "I'm not a baby," I mumbled. "Then you don't need a bottle." "I'll be back in a moment, I'm going to go pour this down the sink. Only a baby would want this." The timing was perfect, too, as perfect as could possibly be — she'd had just enough milk to need it, but not so much that she wouldn't be aware that she was going to do what she was about to do entirely by her own decision and choice. "Wait!" Nora stopped in the doorway. My fingertips quivered and I bit on my bottom lip. This wasn't fair… "I'll… w-wear a diaper…" "So you can drink from a bottle?" Was she fucking taunting me?! "No," I said flatly, and looked at my feet. "I… I just want out of this stupid crib, is all…" "Very well, I'll go pour this out and then come back and put you in a diaper." It was like chess, only every piece that Josie had were pawns, and everything Nora had were Queens. Every move was a disaster for Josie, every move was just three more ways to lose ground to the woman, but given how many times Nora had done this dance it was of very little surprise that she was as good at this as she was. "W-wait, wait…" I bit my lip, looking at the floor. I couldn't keep this up… I couldn't keep sacrificing myself for something as stupid as milk… but I just… "…I… I'll drink it… if…" "You know what it does," the woman said to me. Nora stood there, the bottle in her hand. She was right. I knew what it did. It made me weak. It made me malleable. Hard to fight back. Almost impossible to walk! And… the accidents… "Just give me the stupid bottle," I said quietly. “Manners." But the woman had turned around, had returned to the side of the crib. She held the bottle just out of reach and smiled. "Say ta. It means please, and it also mens thank you. You'll use it as such. Go ahead now, sweetheart, say ta." Oh how diminishing it was to have basic manners taken away, but Nora was magnificent and in her prime, and every step Josie took was a stumble. “That's… that's dumb…" But the bottle was right there. And I was really thirsty. And… and… I mean… how bad could it really be, right? I could just… I bit my lip, shaking my head. "…ta…" And the woman handed me the bottle. I pushed it between my lips and looked shamefully at my mattress. My cheeks were the brightest red. Checkmate. The woman smiled and lowered the edge of the crib, leaning down to lift the girl free from her pee-soaked prison, and leading her over to the changing table on the side of the room. Of course, she wasn't getting up there just yet — Nora had to undress her first, and that was something she did with very little resistance, as long as she didn't disturb the bottle. "I got it," I muttered, reaching down to move her hands away from the My Little Pony underwear. She slapped my hand even more successfully than Marta did and I retracted it. She pulled my underwear down on her own. She'd seen me naked before, but it was usually Marta who changed me. Nora had only seen me naked once, if I remembered… "No!" Nora was shocked at the volume of my voice. I stepped away from her, nervously sucking the bottle, and kept her away from my back. "I don't want it off!” I meant the corset. The one Nora had gone to unlace. "Ask properly, Josie. Baby voice. Say…" Nora thought for a moment on the proper wording the choose for the girl, the words that would set the tone of her baby-talk from here on in. "Josie wan' wear her corsie, Momma." Momma was a small step away from Mommy, a word that Nora wasn't quite sure she was going to use with the girl yet. "Go on now, ask properly, Little Princess Josie." "…you're being an idiot." Says the mostly naked girl with the bottle in her mouth. Nora laughed a little and smiled. Maybe she thought she'd pushed too far, too fast. Either way, I wasn't going to talk like a goddamn infant. "You need to take it off either way." "Like hell…" "You'll need a bath," she said, and pushed her fingers against my pelvis. I yelped, nearly jumping out of my skin. "Ow…" "You have a rash." "That's what happens when you sit around in wet pee all night and morning." And before Josie could argue, she added, "Diapers wick it away from your body, and it takes a little longer to get a rash. You're going to have a bath, so you're going to have to take off your corsie. But if you'd like it back, you'll have to make a positive impression on me. I'm still not sure that it's appropriate for a girl your age." "I don't care what you think," I said flatly, still sucking the bottle. "It's mine. Koi gave it to me." I remembered her kissing me. I remembered her teasing me. I remembered the way she looked in that nightgown. She was my best friend. And… and she wasn't here anymore. I wouldn't let it go. "I suppose it was an important moment for you, discovering that you like girls." Another pawn fell, and before Josie could move her hand to steady it, Nora struck again. "Those aren't things for a girl your age to worry about, though. You're going to have a bath, and if you're a good girl, then you can have your corsie back. If you argue, make a fuss, or otherwise cause trouble, you won't get it back. It's as simple as that. Now, I'm going to unwrap you." It was wording Koi had used with Little Luzy. Wording that Nora was pleased to see had flashed recognition over the girl’s face. "I… I don't like girls…" Nora was already unlacing the corset by the time I'd had time to come up with a response. I didn't get it. Her words just… stunned me. I was lost. The obvious thing was to tell the truth. But it took me a minute to find that truth… "I've only been with guys. I love guys. I've never wanted to be with a chick…" "Shh, shh, those are complex topics that are better handled by a girl once she's grown up, though I want you to know that it's perfectly okay for a girl to like girls — some girls do, and I won't love you any less if that's who you decide that you are, my precious Josie." The bottle still hung between the girl’s teeth, despite being empty now; she was chewing on the teat for any faint remaining flavor. "I don’t like girls," I said flatly, a little frustrated. "And I don't say ‘your age’ like I'm Rissa or Anni. I'm twenty-one." Twenty one year old with a diaper rash and a bottle between her lips. I took the bottle out and put it on the changing table. This was so stup- oh. "Be careful," Nora said, holding my elbow as I nearly fell to the ground. My knees were shaking. Stupid milk... "No more talk about those things, we're going to give you a nice lovely bath, and we're going to have a special talk." Hypnosis, Nora discovered a long time ago, was very close bedfellows with baths. The water was perfect, environmentally, and with low lights, and some faint music, it was almost trivial to bring about a trance-state. Josie would come out of the bath-tub significantly more attached to her new name and knowing that wearing diapers made sense.
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    77.) There were many sides of Nora, many parts of what made up who she was, and how she got there, a fact that could be said of anybody; people are shaped by their experiences. Strengthened by them, and sometimes weakened. Nora's technique fell squarely into the latter. After Josie had sobbed into her shoulder, helpless, hopeless, determined that the process wouldn't work, Nora had stayed with her the whole evening. Simply talking. And then talking while the girl drank a bottle of the milk. She told her fairytales, made up children’s stories with a girl named Josie, a girl who escaped bad things, and become someone better, a sweet and pretty princess. And by the time Josie had gone to sleep in her crib, having nursed a third bottle of the milk for the evening, her head was swirling with ideas about Princess Josie, about the girl she could be. When morning came, Marta woke the girls; Anni with a smile and some words, and Josie with the teat of a bottle pushed between her lips. "Good morning, Little Princess Josie," - the title had been shared with her by Nora - “you slept just like a baby." "Shut up," I managed behind the bottle. I sat up dizzily, but I instinctively held the bottle between my lips. The milk tasted like ice cream or powdered sugar. It was hard to tell. It was hard to care. But I knew I shouldn't be having it this early… what was happening? "Training panties aren't equipped to handle so much," she said, and I just blinked in confusion. She nodded down at my mattress, and for the first time I noticed the soaked sheets. Shit… "…not a baby," I muttered, stumbling to my feet. "Of course not," Marta said. "But I'm not letting you ruin the carpets." My cheeks went scarlet. "So until you can ask for a diaper, you'll stay in the crib." "…I'm not staying here." But when I tried to stand, to stand proper, I slipped back to the sheets. The bottle… The maid had let go of the bottle when the girl tried to stand up, but Josie had held it firmly between her teeth anyway, not wanting to let it go. She was already so needy with her milk. She fell back into the wet sheets, clammy and sticky and unpleasant, and her reaction was to suckle on the bottle harder. "You can stay right there, Little Princess Josie, I'm going to change Miss Anni's diaper." I pushed the little lever through the bars as hard as I could, but whatever locking mechanism Rissa had once told me about was clearly in place. This wasn't fair. This wasn't right… I tried pulling myself up again, to tumble out of the crib, but I could barely stand, even with the support of the crib bars. There was no way I could lift my foot over the top… "Best not to make a fuss, Little Princess Josie." The maid wasn't even looking at her, though, like she were genuinely a child who needed little supervision while in her crib. She lifted Anni onto the changing table, and the bubbly babbling girl started to talk about her dreams, as if the fact she woke up every morning in a soaked diaper were the most perfectly normal thing in the world. I sat down on the edge of the crib that wasn't wet, but it didn't change the fact my dress was soaked through. And the underwear I was wearing had soaked up some of my accident, and clung coldly to my skin. I shivered, sucking on the bottle. This wasn't fair… I wasn't a baby… "Marta, why is Josie wet?" "Your sister is having trouble accepting that she is a baby, Miss Anni." "Buh she drinks from a baba." "Yes she does, Miss Anni." "An' she wears lil girl clotheses." "That's right, Miss Anni." "And she tinkles when she sleeps!" "Also true, Miss Anni." "She sounds like a baby to me…" "Well, Miss Anni, I'm sure that Miss Josie will realize that soon, too." "I'm not a baby!!" I basically yelled it across the room at them, and even with the bottle half-gone, it brought stars to my eyes. I whimpered and nuzzled into the corner of the crib, looking up at the bars that kept me here. This wasn't fair! I didn't deserve this! "Miss Anni, how about we go and have breakfast?" "Buh wha' about Josie…?" "When Miss Josie is ready to come out of her crib, she'll let us know. Would you like some waffles, or pancakes?" “Wan' pancakes." "Excellent choice, Miss Anni." "Shaped like aminals." "Very good, Miss Anni. And then, perhaps, I'll draw you a bath?" "…okay… but dun' get soap in my eyes!" The two of them truly did seem so natural, caretaker and child, and that just left Josie in the crib with the realization that in addition to being wet, and pouty, she was about to be wet, pouty, and alone. I kicked the crib bars as hard as I could. They didn't care. My foot ached, and my leg ached, and I felt like I'd fall asleep with how much force I'd put into the crib. But I didn't. I pulled a pillow over to the clean side of the crib and finished my bottle. I looked down at the nipple with a frown, rubbing my eyes. I needed to stop drinking these… they were messing with my head… The door was left open, and the faint sounds of Anni babbling came all the way from the dining room to the bedroom. She babbled, and she ate, and twenty minutes later her voice got louder as Marta brought her back up the hall to the bathroom opposite the bedroom. The maid peered her head into the bedroom customarily. "Little Princess Josie, are you ready to be changed yet?" "I'm not wearing a diaper," I said with a pout, and curled tighter into the corner of the crib. "I want new underwear, and I want you to stop giving me this stuff! It's makes my head feel funny, and it makes this happen. This would never happen if I didn't have the milk…" "It's only milk, Little Princess Josie, certainly nothing that would make you any more likely to wet your sheets — your body is simply accepting that you are a baby." The maid smiled and then stepped out of the room, joining Anni across the hall in the bathroom. Of all the things, Nora had speculated, Josie would be very susceptible to jealousy for seeing Anni doted over. It didn't take ten minutes for me to notice the dampening of my sheets. The training panties were full of moisture and did nothing to stop the leaking into the crib. I felt water well up in my eyes as I tried to make it stop, but all in all, I simply couldn’t. I didn't even feel it… but it… it was the milk… I knew it was! There was a difference with Rissa and me: I'd worked here. I knew their tricks... Twenty more minutes followed before Marta brought Anni back into the room, the ersatz toddler wrapped up in the fluffiest baby blue towel imaginable, and her cheeks rosy, and every bit of her skin soft and cherub-like. She looked, to all intents, to be a child. A sweet, genuine child. Only bigger. "…Miss Marta, I think tha' Josie wet again…" "…shut up," I muttered, tugging a blanket over the wet spot on my dress. I watched with wet eyes while Marta helped the girl onto the table. She played with her toes and helped her into a new diaper. The smell of baby powder filled the room. Then she worked on brushing her freshly blow-dried hair and tying it into braids. I sat and watched, biting hard on my bottom lip… "Miss Marta, I wanna make play-dohs today pwease." "Of course, Miss Anni. I'll fetch some for you as soon as you're dressed — will you try to be mindful of the carpets, though, you know how The Lady of the House worries." "Uhhuh uhhuh, I will, uhhuh. Um. Is Josie gonna come play, too?" "Well, Miss Anni, that's entirely up to Miss Josie. It seems to be right now that she'd rather stay in her wet bedsheets." "Wait…!" Both girls had stopped in the doorway. "You run along, Miss Anni." And Anni did. It left Marta and I alone. I bit my lip a little harder and looked away from the woman. "…is… is there… could I… wear something less… uh… maybe like a pull-up or something. You said you had those…" "Little Princess Josie, pull-ups are for little girls who have shown that they can keep dry and know when to use the potty. You've wet your sheets again since waking up, so I hardly think they will be appropriate." She didn't say it mockingly, or to tease or embarrass — the maid simply stated facts as they stood to be. "…I'm…" I wiggled in the sheets uncomfortably, pulling my blanket higher into my lap. I bit on the tip of my thumb, trying not to hurt my lips anymore. It was hard not to suck on it… "…c-can't you make an exception…? I promise, I won't… have any accidents…" "If you can keep your diaper dry from now until lunchtime, I'll allow you to try a pull-up for the rest of the afternoon, Little Princess Josie. But there will be rules, and to be quite truthful, I'm not sure you're ready to try something so… advanced." The sheets had gone slightly transparent from the wetness, the rubber mattress beneath visible, and any comfort the warmth might have brought was long gone and cold by now. "…what kind of rules…?" She'd say I'd have to have the milk. Of course that would be a rule. But I knew what it did. I knew it made me weak, and that weakness led to my muscles unable to do simple things, like climb over a crib or keep from wetting myself. She was setting me up to fail. "I'm not drinking any more milk…" "You'll take feedings as feedings are given, Little Princess Josie. But that isn't one of the rules." The maid looked over the bars of the crib with a courteous smile. "You'll have to be sure to let an adult know when you need to go potty, and you'll be taken promptly. But if you miss even one, you'll be back in diapers as you'll have proven yourself to not be ready yet, and yoyoing your progress wouldn't do any good at all." "Don't pretend like the milk doesn't do anything," I said flatly at the woman. She still towered over the crib, and the longer she did, the smaller I felt. "…I can't keep myself dry if you give me that milk. You're just setting me up… if you played the game fairly, I'd win." "Little Princess Josie. This is no game." The way she said it made me shudder, and I sunk further into the crib. I didn't know how to respond… "You take some time to think about that, Little Princess Josie, I'll be in to check on you in a small while." For a girl like Josie, isolation could wind up being the biggest thing to undo her, despite all her best attempts — she liked being a child, but detested being a baby. That was important. If she were treated as a child and not as a baby, the treatment wouldn't work, and if it did, it would destroy her enjoyment of being Little. "W-wait!" I tried again, but Marta did not wait. My stomach growled and I buried myself deeper into the blankets. I felt sick to my stomach. I was cold and uncomfortable and altogether distraught. I just wanted out of this stupid crib. But the milk would wear off… it always did. It just took a couple hours… It wasn't hours when Marta returned — it was actually only about twenty minutes. But twenty minutes in pee-soaked bedsheets probably seemed like hours. She came back to the edge of the crib with a bottle in one hand, and two cookies in the other. A choice. Both would lead to the same result, of course; the milk was baked into the cookies. But Josie? Josie didn't know that. "As it seems like you're going to want to spend all day in your crib, Little Princess Josie, I brought you cookies and milk." I winced a little as I moved, pulling myself up to see Marta. I reached out and grabbed the two cookies, but left the bottle in her hand. Then I went and sat back down. I didn't seem to want any right now. I guess I didn't want any until I tasted it? It was a weird feeling… "I'm not drinking that…" "Well, I'll leave it here for you, and if you decide you'd like it, it'll be here." She would. Even though it was a choice, it wasn't really — once she ate the cookies, she'd want the milk as well. It was simple logic. Milk and cookies. And of course, the fact that both had the same additives certainly didn't hurt. Marta left Josie to contemplate the milk, and the cookies, and resolved to return in another twenty minutes. I was too hungry not to have the cookies. And they were fucking delicious. Even in pissy sheets in a crib trapped in some crazy woman's house, they were still very good cookies… and when I was done, I was really thirsty. "Marta…" I wiggled a little in place, biting my lip. "Marta! Hey! Can't I at least have some water?!" But water didn't even sound good. I picked up the bottle and looked it over. It kind of danced with the way it moved. Like melted ice cream. I ran my fingers across the plastic, and put the bottle down on the sheets. "You're bad for me," I told it. Like talking to bottles was normal. "You make my head fuzzy and I can't move well and… well this happens." I gestured toward the bedsheets. "…and bottles are for babies…" The bottle didn't reply, because bottles didn't do a whole lot of talking, though by the time Josie’s regression was completed that might very well change — children do have very active imaginations, after all. Still, despite talking, the bottle remained as tempting as ever, and as Josie moved about, it tipped over and dripped a few droplets on her hand. Little pearls of milk, simple and tempting, what harm could a few small drops do, anyway? I looked at the little drops on my hand. I wanted to lick them. But I knew the way the milk was. I knew what it would mean. So I wiped my hand on the sheets. I laid back in the crib, staring at the plastic. At the creamy milk behind it. In it. I felt dizzy… "She'll know I drank you. Marta will. And then she'll have me in diapers all goddamn day, because I'll be wetting myself." I wasn't stupid. But my mouth was dry. And I just… I really wanted… "…maybe if you were a sippy cup," I muttered, trying to compromise. Trying to convince myself not to… "…I mean, I… I remember when I first…" My cheeks went red. Why was I talking to myself? Because no one else was here, I guess? "I remember the first time I wanted to… try stuff like that. Kid stuff. And I got a bottle. But you guys are so hard to drink from. I liked sippy cups more. But over the past couple days…" I blushed deeper. "I don't know… stop looking at me like that." It was about midway through the monologue that Marta had come back up the hall, but she stopped short outside the door, waiting and listening as Josie spoke to… the bottle. How interesting — that was very good progression indeed. She waited for the accusation, for the girl to demand the bottle stop looking at her, and then decided to speak to Nora about plans for how to proceed; things were going even better than expected. And so, as Marta slipped quietly away, the bottle remained resolute, the milk moving slightly with every motion Josie made on the mattress. So tempting. "Okay. I'm sorry about this. I am. But… but I don't think I'm as strong as I should be. Maybe I'm still icky about the milk earlier. I still can't lift my leg up over the crib…" Great. Still talking to inanimate objects… "I just mean, I'm sorry… but I'm gonna throw you… just over there… just so I don't…" I took a deep breath. Why was this so hard? I played with the nipple and sighed, shaking my head. One sip. Throw. Before I even remembered. I stood up, on my knees, wet against the mattress, and put the bottle to my lips. "Sorry," I said, and took one suck. I swung my arm to throw the bottle, but my fingers didn't let it go. I looked with glazed eyes at the nipple…
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    Thank you again everyone for your comments and continuing to read! Here's chapter 6! Chapter 6: THE NEXT MORNING I woke up to Amanda gently rubbing my belly. “Hi baby girl!” She said in a happy cooing voice, “It’s time to get up!” I groaned and tried to sit up but that was made really difficult by a thick swollen diaper. “Might be something to the theory of your milk making us incontinent,” I told her, “I haven’t wet the bed since I was four according to my mom.” “I’m sure your late night snack probably didn’t help, huh?” She said with a smile. She picked me up and carried me downstairs to my highchair and I found a treat of eggs and bacon. “What’s the occasion?” I asked her, remembering her mention that would only be special days. “Well you agreed to go ahead with the nanite procedure… and happily nursed from me… and well, you’re just like the perfect little!” She squealed as she put a spoonful of eggs in my mouth. “Thanks,” I muttered with my full mouth. She let me feed myself the two big strips of bacon before pulling me out of the high chair with my bib still on. “Let’s finish breakfast, huh?” She suggested. She carried me into the living room and sat in Fred’s recliner with me in her lap. “What if I’m full?” I asked. “Well, if you’re too full for all of it I’ll pump what’s left,” she told me. I nodded, “Thanks,” I said before adding, “How many eggs was that?” She laughed, “Not even one, I made three and probably gave you half of one?” I gulped, “how can birds that size exist?” She laughed and said, “Come on, here’s Mommy’s booby.” The nipple of her beast uncovered I found myself to have even less of a hesitation than I had yet as I latched on and nursed. She burped me after her first breast and I had only nursed for a few moments on her left breast when I just couldn’t take anymore. I pulled my head away and said, “Sorry Mommy, I’m full…” “Well thank you baby for eating so good! Stay in your playpen for me while I go pump what you didn’t drink.” I sat in the playpen with a very soggy diaper that certainly wasn't comfortable. The already ridiculously thick diaper had swollen to the point I would never be able to stand. I looked around and crawled over to a new toy that had been added to the playpen. It was some sort of cube toy obviously meant for a baby to press buttons. Having nothing else to do I pushed some buttons at the top that were shaped like a cow, a cat, a dog, and a chicken. When I pressed them I was ‘rewarded’ with the sound of a cow mooing and the toy told me ‘Cows moo!’, etc. I sighed and had to admit it was actually kind of a cute toy as I looked at another side seemed to have some maracas, cymbals, and a drum on it. The cymbals had to be slid together to crash them. The maracas sounded when you did the same while the drum made a snare drum sound when you pressed it. The next side had letters that flipped on a bar to an Apple, a Ball, a Cat, or a Dog to help ‘teach’ me the letters. “You’re sooo adorable!” Amanda said a while later. “Do you like your new toy? Daddy got it for you yesterday.” I sighed, “If I was actually an infant I would probably love it. If you sit me here and make me play with it for hours I will go out of my mind…” She laughed and picked me up, “Let’s change that icky diapee and get you dressed for your big day!” A pacifier was shoved in my mouth before I could say anything so I just nursed it and waited for her to want to talk again. “Looks like someone wasn’t over her nerves this morning…” she said to me as she opened up the diaper and quickly wiped me with some wipes before laying my butt back down on a clean regular baby diaper. “Hmm… you have some red spots here baby, I’m going to put some rash cream on it to keep you from being miserable. If you feel like you have any poopy in your diaper today make sure and tell me so we can keep you from developing a bad rash.” I nodded around the pacifier as she kept manipulating my legs and body for me. It was so weird and unnerving not only to have someone see you completely naked, but also to be able to so easily manipulate your body. Feeling like an adult was the furthest thing from possibility as someone rubbed cream on your butt! “Okay there we go baby,” she said as she taped up the diaper. “Now let’s find you a real pretty outfit for today!” She went looking through her small numbers of purchases after having left me strapped on the table and soon had a purple organza dress in her hand on a hanger that she removed a pair of bloomers off of too. While I continued to be strapped down on the table she worked the bloomers over the top of the diaper. She undid the strap and sat me up saying, “Arms up like a ballerina for Mommy!” I groaned and put my hands up and let her slide the dress down over my head carefully. She tied a bow in back and said, “Well, looks like the princess is going to look beeaaaauutiful today!” I blushed and kept sucking on the pacifier. “Well let’s take care of her hair next… I really probably should cut this to a bob or something so it looks like a real babies?” I shook my head, “Please don’t cut it off,” I said while taking my pacifier out. She put it back in and said, “That’s a Mommy decision baby,” she told me, but smiled, “but don’t worry, I can’t see myself doing that as I’m going to have too much fun playing with your hair each day!” She picked me up in one arm and held a hairbrush and some ribbon she had precut in the other. I was carried to the glider where she sat me in the chair facing away from her. She brushed out my sleep-braided hair for several minutes before beginning to do something else with it. “Your daddy called a colleague of his this morning about you,” she told me. “And?” I muttered around the pacifier. I knew it had to sound cute and she giggled. “And… he can work you in today. Apparently they have a new version of the nanites that need a little bit of coding that we’re going to do in exchange for the treatment being free.” I tried to turn to look at her but she said, “Keep that head forward sweetie, I’m working back here still. Use your words…” she pulled the pacifier from my mouth then. I sighed, “What exactly will this do to me?” “Well these nanites are state of the art Amazonian technology. Their possibilities are limitless, but we’re going to just work with their gender adjustment system and hair follicles system.” “What else can they change?” I asked. She sighed, “The sky’s the limit probably... I know for a fact a couple months ago he used it on another little to reduce their size and rid them of some pesky breasts that they were growing! Some of the technology is being used by the research centers to make littles crawl only – or remove even that ability. It’s supposedly a more humane way to take teeth out…” I started at those and tried to turn but she kept a strong hold on my head and the braid she was working on. “But…” “That’s part of why I am agreeing to work on the coding here… If we both look through the source carefully hopefully we can make everything safer.” I shuddered, “That could be a lot of code for something like that?” “Most of the settings are in one file they told me. But we’ll both look through everything else as carefully as we can. We’ll have until three when we’re supposed to show up at the hospital.” “I’ll be safe?” I asked feeling my eyes wet. “This is safer than any other way I know…” she said. “And I’ll be a girl?” I asked nervously, still unsure if I should agree to this. “That’s the plan… unless you changed your mind?” She asked. “No,” I told her knowing I'd made the best decision, “it seems to be the only way. Besides this way you get to play with my hair, right? As a boy you’d have to shave it all off I’m guessing. She laughed, “I wouldn’t, but you’re right.” A while later she finished what she was doing and said, “Ready to see yourself Princess?” I nodded and turned to face her, “Please.” She stood up and walked me over to a mirror on the door and I gasped out loud. My hair really was too long for a normal infant as it normally hung past my shoulders. Amanda had braided it tightly to hide its length, and now it looked like two miniature bunches coming off the top with purple bows to match my dress. If I looked at myself as an adult still I would have to say I was back in preschool with the hair alone. The dress poofed out and you could easily see the diaper bloomers underneath. It was embarrassing, but there was no doubt I made a very beautiful looking little. I turned and hugged her, “Thanks for making me pretty,” I told her. “I never have to make you pretty, you’re already that!” she told me with a smile and a kiss to my head. “They were supposed to send me a link to those files, how about we go downstairs and take a look at them on Mommy’s computer?” “Can we bring mine too?” I asked her, “I might be able to open it in something and help look?” She laughed, “We can always try. Do you need the power cord?” I shook my head. “I’m good for ten hours, so we’ll have to leave before I’d be out of juice.” “Well then, let’s go check this out.” She sat me gently on the ground and watched as I grabbed my computer. With it under my arm I followed her to her crazy tinkering room Fred had told me to stay out of. A huge desk sat with four computer monitors on it at one end. I followed her over to the computer and debated what to do. “Here, let me put this up here really quick,” she said as she unfolded another high chair that looked a little less comfy than the downstairs one, but every bit as formidable against me moving. “Hand me your compy,” she told me with a smile and sat it on the desk gingerly. “Upsy daisy!” she said then and I was strapped quickly into the harness but she didn’t fasten the tray. Instead she slid me up to the desk and said, “doing this is really a big no-no with babies. Don’t push this over and tip!” she warned. I nodded at her and said, “Okay, what’s this system?” She looked at me strangely for a moment before going to an Amazonian equivalent of DropBox and downloading a folder that looked to be 300 megabytes… Much to my amazement she clicked ‘download’ and had the folder in less than two seconds. ‘That connection is ridiculous!’ I thought to myself. “We’re going to look through 300 megabytes of code?” I asked nervously. “I know it’s a lot, but trust Mommy,” she tickled the front of my dress a little and said, “I’m good at this!” I watched as she scanned file names and I noticed the overall folder was ‘patient3894901’ which must have been me. The first thing that jumped out at me was ‘preferences’ and I said, “Preferences?” “Atta girl,” she told me with a smile, “most of it is supposed to be in there. Let’s see what’s in here.” Just like many preference sheets on our systems back home we were able to basically look at it as a plain text file. At the top was a bunch of gibberish that looked vaguely Java’ish, “Is that your version of Java?” I asked. I think she really was sort of surprised I could recognize that by the facial expression she made, but nodded, “We call it Espresso here.” I laughed, “that was a late night naming session wasn’t it…?” She laughed too and said, “I really love your laugh, it’s so adorable!” We kept scrolling through the sheet until we got to the heart of the matter. I noticed they used some different characters that we did for some reason for brackets and comments, but otherwise I could follow along and it made me sick to my stomach. ||Gender value 0 = Female, 1 = Male gendervalue = 0; ||Subject settings 0 = object off or on = 1 (Recommended values) {Change.Routine = object.nanitecontrol01} ||incontinent = 1 bladderincontinentvalue = 1; bowelincontinentvalue = 1; teethremoval = 1; ovaryremoval = 1; pacifierdependency = 1; thumbsucking = 1; || Breast Size values 0 = none, to 10 = oversized breastsize = 0; || Circadian rhythm value 1-10, 1 = infant pattern (eighteen-twenty hours of sleep needed), 10 = adult amazon pattern (6-8 Hours needed), default little = 6 (9-11 hours needed) (Recommended value 2-4) circadianvalue = 3; || Sex drive controls, 1(none) - 10 (constant need) sexdrive = 8; || Motor function adjustment. 1 = infant unable to situp, 5 = crawler, 8 = Preschool, 15 = normal adult, 20 = professional athlete (Recommended 3-6) motorfunction = 3; || Verbal Function 1 = can’t speak, 5 = 2 year old vocabulary (200 Words), 10 = 5th grade (about 20k words), 15 = high school(about 30k words), 20 = full adult skills (Recommended 2-4) Verbalfunction = 3; || Hair removal functions. 1 = on, 0 = off leghairremoval = 1; pubichairremoval = 1; chesthairremoval = 1; backhairremoval = 1; butthairremoval = 1; armhairremoval = 1; handhairremoval = 1; foothairremoval = 1; eyebrowremoval = 0; eyelashremoval = 0; cranialhairremoval = 0; facialhairremoval = 1; nosehairremoval = 1; || Height Reduction value 0 = no change, 10% of body mass for each number 1, 2, etc. More than 3 is not recommended for littles, 6 for Betweeners, or 8 for Amazons. heightreductionvalue = 3; || Hair color change value, 0 = no change, 1 = Brunette, 2 = Brown, 3 = Blonde, 4 = Red, 5 = gray, 6 = White, 7 = Blue, 8 = Pink haircolorchangevalue = 0; I had just finished going through the list of options and found I had long since dropped the pacifier from my lips. “That’s horrible!” I looked up at Amanda and she said, “Oh my god those default values! Why would you make a baby oversexed?!?” “It’s sick…” I said. She shook her head, “I don’t think there’s anything we can really do about it for anyone else, but at least we can edit your values…” “I just hope there’s nothing else hidden elsewhere…” I told her. “Well let’s just start editing this…” she told me. “First option?” “Well it’s the whole point, right? Leave it at female.” She nodded, “Okay next is incontinent values…” “Well please change the bowel back to zero…” “And we’ll change bladder to zero too… I don’t want you to be diaper dependent when you go back home in a few years.” I smiled at her, “Thanks… I kind of figured that one would be a non-negotiable for you.” “Nah, you’re already making peepees and poopies in your diapees just fine,” she told me with a smirk that told me she was enjoying this too much. “Teeth removal to zero please…” I told her. “Well of course that was a part of our contract. Let’s take the ovary removal off, not sure what it will honestly do there, but hopefully in your changes you’ll get them and keep them.” I just nodded, “If I’m going to be a girl I at least want to be able to have kids someday.” I moved onto the next one, “Pacifier and thumb?” I asked kind of incredulously. “I want to leave those on…” She told me… “But…?” “But that would be tough going back to your world… just pacifier?” I sighed, “I can almost live with that one… but what about classes?” She looked sad, but nodded. “Look, I’ll do my best to develop my own addiction to it when I’m not at school?” She smiled and said, “I guess I can live with that.” With a sigh she changed the value to zero too and moved on, “Next up, breast size…” “I’ve never had them before, it can stay at zero…” “We can always fix that later, I agree with zero there.” I looked at the circadian rhythm and wondered what she would suggest here. “Circadian?” “Well, as much as I would like to just have you sleep, pee, poo, and eat all day instead of anything else I think we can use some of these values to help you out. I’m thinking a nine here?” “So I’ll feel like staying up later like you all?” “And be able to get through your classes with no naps…” I nodded at that, “Okay.” “I can’t believe this next one is in here…” “It is, and it’s dangerous and disgusting all at the same time. I don’t even know what the right answer should be to how sexed a baby should be…” “I’m probably at a three right now…” “A baby shouldn’t have any sex drive though,” she said. “If that’s true for littles then why those scary diapers that lady showed you?” She nodded, “How about the three you said then. Probably no change and I don’t have to worry about you trying to jump Daddy or constantly doing something with yourself…” “That’s a mental image I didn’t need…” I said. ‘Hopefully if I make it through this I’ll have enough desire to have a family…’ “Motor function was something I knew we’d have in here. I’d like to make you an eight here…” “An eight?!? I’d be helpless for a lot of things!” “You already are…” “But what if that also is looking at mental motor functions too?” “What do you mean?” “Most child psychology models believe there are stages beyond just the sensorimotor stages of infancy. So if that’s what this is asking, then it’s also asking about cognitive reasoning and picturing abstract ideas too…” She sighed, “Which do you want? “Seventeen,” I said. “Absolutely not, you don’t need to be an athlete…” “Don’t I? What if I have a sticky situation and need to run from some other crazed Amazon?” She sighed, “Better make it nineteen then… Hopefully he doesn’t look at your file too much before he initiates it.” I nodded and she selected verbal skills at twenty before I even asked. The hair removal was left alone as by default it left on eyebrows, eyelashes, and cranial hair… “I can’t believe some people would want to lose their babies beautiful eyelashes…” she decried. “I guess it’s for those doll enthusiasts… You really would look like a cheap child’s doll then…” I shuddered. “Height reduction.. Hrmm..” she said, “I think we definitely should take off another eighty percent don’t you think?” I glared at her as she made the value zero and left the hair color at zero as well. “Well that’s all of the obvious places and code…” “I wish there was a height increase…” “No you don’t,” she told me. “Why?” “Because right now your cuteness is going to help you more than you know.” “Isn’t every Amazon going to take one look at me in an outfit like this and say go back to daycare?” “You won’t be in an outfit like that,” she smiled at me, “at least not at school. Next week I have a seamstress that I sent your general size to who is making you your school uniforms.” I sighed, “I guess.” “Okay, here let’s start doing some double checking on everything here.” I watched her search out the specifications of each class we had just adjusted and I was grateful that we did because bowel incontinence would have happened for certain otherwise! She also found another nasty easter egg for size of genitals that made both of our stomachs retch again. There was no end in sight to just what some of these sick Amazons did with their littles. I hoped that someday they’d gain some real rights and people that made these things would get the punishments they richly deserved… After a while she looked at a clock and said, “Leftover pizza okay for lunch?” I nodded, “Can I keep looking while you’re doing that?” “Sure… but let’s have you work from a backup just in case you have an accident.” “Okay,” I told her and eagerly watched her copy the folder and open that copy for me to work in. As I used her computer I couldn’t help but marvel that while it was similar to our computers back home, it was so much more advanced! I’d watched her use touch screen stuff much more effectively than I’d ever seen. Even the keyboard that I was using had every key programmable to be different if you wanted. Currently she had it as a Dvorak keyboard, which suited me just fine! The ‘mouse’ for the interface reminded me more of a Wii in that you basically just gestured in the air. ‘Less playing, more avoiding traps…’ I yelled at myself. I searched deeper than we had so far and came up with nothing new initially… but I just had a feeling something else was hidden. I opened a new window of her coding software and quickly guessed about what the syntax would be for a new subroutine to search everything deeper. I came up with keywords based on the items that had preferences, and then used those items to come up with variations of syntax, spelling, and even Thesauraus definitions and let it loose on the folder. A bell sound rang five quick times and pointed me to files that had some really scary options. Most were in the null position, but I found one that made my stomach turn. The comment read: || stomach.processing function will cause subject to only be able to digest breast milk. Any baby food or adult solid foods will result in severe abdominal cramping and possible intestinal distress “Oh my god,” I heard from behind me from Amanda. “That’s terrible!” I looked up at her and said, “Yeah it is… I hope you don’t mind that I’m turning that one off!” “Make sure you save this file and then I’m going to copy it over. It looked like you found more files in there. Anything else need adjusted?” She sat over my shoulder for a few minutes while we made sure the copies made it to the live folder. I was enjoying the chance to learn a new file system and was surprised when she unbuckled the harness and said, “Come on baby girl, we’re going to leave the toys here and go eat downstairs. It’s a rule your daddy made.” I shook off my confusion and looked up at her face, “Daddy made a rule?” I smirked, “Not just for me then?” She giggled, “Early in our marriage he got tired of me disappearing for practically days at a time while I was working on one project or another. He came up with that rule to at least make sure I was coming downstairs to eat.” “That’s actually kind of sweet I guess…” She nodded, “I love him a lot. Without him I would probably just be hidden in a laboratory each day for hours at a time.” She hugged me and said, “You’re going to probably be just a bad about that too though!” She deposited me in the high chair and then found the biggest bib she had practically that was a bit more uncomfortable to me as it was vinyl. I liked the cloth ones more and made a face, “I don’t like this one.” “It’s going to keep that pretty dress clean though!” she told me. “I can’t even put my arms out from it…” I whined. “Good thing you don’t need to, huh?” She told me as she speared a piece of pizza she had cut up into bite sizes onto a fork and said, “Open up!” LUNCH PASSED QUICKLY and I was a bit surprised that I wasn’t forced to take a nap after my diaper change, but instead was allowed to help her look one last time for any other Easter Eggs. Finding none she quickly re-wrote the subroutine they were having problems with before putting it all through the compiler and transferring it onto what looked like a flash drive. “Let’s change that diaper one more time and then we have to go meet Daddy at the hospital,” she told me. Seemingly no time after that I was strapped into the carrier and swinging gently from her hand as she walked through the hospital corridors to an office that had ‘Dr. Alfredo Westerfield’ on a plaque next to it. “There’s my little princess!” He said as he cooed over me. “You seem happy?” She asked him. “You never visit me here?” He said as he stood up and kissed her, “And you even brought me a present on this trip.” He leaned down and kissed my forehead too. A knock on the door came and a nurse said, “Oh hi Amanda!” She looked down at me and said, “I had no idea you were even pregnant?!? What’s her name?” Amanda laughed, “She’s adopted and her name is Stacy.” “She’s a little? Fully grown?” The lady who was dressed in scrubs asked incredulously. “She has to be the tiniest little ever then!” “Or close to it,” Fred agreed. “What can I help you with Doctor Kells? We were just getting ready to head to an appointment for little Stacy here.” “Well it won’t take long. We need to work in Terri Castor for a C-Section soon… when can you be available?” Fred looked at his calendar for a moment and made a note, “Looks like next Tuesday I’m free?” “I’ll let scheduling know then. Nice to see you again Amanda,” she leaned right next to the carrier and said, “Bye bye Stacy!” Her breath had been terrible and I found myself gagging. “What’s wrong?” Amanda asked me when she had left. “Her breath was terrible!” They laughed at me and I found myself soon being carried through the halls again to a wing that I saw labeled as ‘Little Care Unit.’ Right away I got the same vibe I had from the office yesterday and would have disappeared further into the carrier if I could. As it was I grabbed the pacifier that was clipped to the restraint strap of the carrier and nursed it to try and soothe my nerves a bit. It didn’t help much though! “Hey Amanda! Fred!” I heard as we passed through a door and passed into a room that looked like an operating room. “Hi Eddie,” Amanda said and gave him a sideways hug. “So this is the little princess?” The man said as she sat my carrier down on a table and a giant head looked in on me. “Yep, this is little Stacy!” “She’s adorable already, why do you need my nanites?” He asked. “Just a couple quick options we want to correct without too much trouble. Here are your new subroutines,” she said handing him a flash drive. “Great, I don’t have a problem working a trade with you. Now you’re probably as familiar with this interface as anyone, since your department did the initial designs, so why don’t you go ahead and upload your program for the nanites here. As soon as they’re ready we’ll give her the injection.” “Great, thanks!” Amanda said and I couldn’t really see her, but the clack of the keyboard at a fast rate made me believe she must have been working quickly. “So how’s the house now that you have a little?” Eddie asked Fred. “Great! She’s adorable and really well behaved. We haven’t had to spank her once yet!” Fred said with a smile as he squeezed my hand. “Really?” “Really,” he said, “She’s even been calm and sweet enough to snuggle with Amanda a good chunk of the time. Not even given us a battle with her diapers.” “That is something isn’t it?” Eddie said. “But you know it’s not a bad idea to give them a spanking even if they haven’t done anything bad every now and then.” He smirked at me, “An occasional enema or other punishment can also be a good idea.” “I don’t know, we’re pretty happy right now. If she starts misbehaving after this we’ll take care of that.” “Well…” “All done!” Amanda said. “That fast?” Eddie asked. “I’m good, what can I say?” She asked as she rubbed her fingernails against her shoulder, “I sent the nanites to production so the canister should be fully programed in four minutes.” “Great,” Fred said, “you have the anesthesia I asked for?” “Right over here, but if you ask me it’s not really necessary…” “She’d be in pain if we don’t, right?” “Exactly, but…” “She’s been a good girl, I’m not going to make her feel pain when she doesn’t have to.” “To each his own,” Eddie sighed. Fred unhooked me from the carrier and laid me down on the bed. “I’m going to strap you down here honey just so if you start flinching you don’t fly off of the table.” He placed his hand reassuringly with his thumb on my chin before strapping me tightly on an infant sized gurney with a strap over my waist, feet, and arms. ‘I really hope I’m not going before the executioner the way he did that…’ I thought to myself. He brought a small vial of liquid and drew a tiny amount from it to set it aside. Quickly like the pro he was he first hooked me up to a saline solution IV and said, “Okay Princess, I want you to count backwards from ten…” “Ten, Nine, Eigh…” +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hope this chapter works for you all. Let me know what you think!
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    75.) The two of them were dressed in coordinating colors, though Anni looked by casual observance to be the older of the two of them — a title she took very seriously indeed, and once she was dressed she actually took her sister by the hand and helped her off the chair. "Come on, Josie, we gotta go for dinner with Mommy now." She even spoke like she was talking to a younger sibling! I pouted at Marta while Anni pulled me out of the room. The dress was flouncy and frilly, but it wasn't impractical. It didn't bump into walls or anything. I just looked particularly babyish. Anni and I went out to the dinner table, taking our respective seats. Nora was already in the kitchen, getting plates served up. I couldn't tell what we were having yet. "Mommy is going to be looking for reasons to reward you, Josie, tha's how it works, an' if you are a good girl then you'll get lots of nice things, uhhuh, but if you're a bad girl…" It was, maybe, the first time that Josie had seen Anni blush; her cheeks pink especially against the ivory of her very formal little dress. That's a weird reaction. Not fear. Not anger. Shame? What the hell happened if I was a bad girl…? I shook my head. It didn't matter. "I'm not staying," I told her. Nora seemed to ignore the comment, though I knew she was close enough to hear it. She was still preparing plates. I'd talk with her after dinner. Get this cleared up. Anni didn't argue the point — she was here to smile and be happy, and she'd given the best possible tip she could have given to her new sister. Either she'd listen, or she'd learn why she should have listened. There was the smell of food, and very soon plates of pork roast, potatoes and other vegetables were set down. There were no knives for the two girls, though, only soft-edged sporks, and it became very clear once Marta plated up Anni's food, and then cut it into bite sized pieces, what the intent was. "Well don't you two look beautiful tonight. Marta, please make sure to get them both bibs once you're done plating." It was stupid. But I wanted this to be over with. So I let Marta tie the bib around my neck, and I ate with the stupid spoon and the stupid cut up food. I didn't argue. I didn't backtalk. And I even drank from the sippy cup when I was sure it wasn't milk. Some of it, the dining habits, the sippy cup, the cut up food… I… I actually didn't mind… so much… Throughout dinner, Nora watched the two girls with the same prideful smile that any mother might happily wear emblazoned upon her lips, and while Anni seemed oblivious to the stares, Josie was anything but — she kept looking up, self consciously, and she'd go to wipe her cheek or something, remember the white glove, and then look back down sheepishly. It was not a nice dinner. I mean, the food was good. And the sippy cup was… relaxing. But I was endlessly and constantly reminded by both the stares of the women across from me as well as my own outfit that I was not a kid today, or even a toddler. I was a baby. I didn't say anything. I would just fuck it up. If I wanted to convince Nora I was okay, I needed to be quiet, at least for now. Just until dinner was finished. Dinner didn't involve too much talking, just smiles, and looks, and anxious look-aways. The food was good, because it was, of course, but it was otherwise silent all the way until Anni was finished, and Marta took her to the children's playroom., leaving only Josie and Nora at the table. "Did you enjoy your meal, Josie, my sweet? Miss Marta is quite talented when it comes to food, isn't she?" “Yeah, it was good…" I untied the bib and put it on the table. I untied the bonnet next because, seriously, it was such overkill. I put it next to the bib. I crossed my arms and looked at Nora across from me. How was I supposed to do this…? "I think I'm okay now. I know I freaked out yesterday. It was just… overwhelming. You know? But after sleeping… I mean, I'm not like happy or anything, but I'm not… how I was." Suicidal was how I was. "I just think I can visit. Do weekends here. That way I can still go to school. Like… outpatient, or whatever, you know?" Nora nodded her head, much as though she were listening, taking onboard Josie’s concerns, and she smiled as she spoke, let her know that her words were getting where they needed to. And after the girl had finished, Nora thought a moment, and then replied. "You'll have regular reviews, Princess Josie, and upon each review I'll consider your readiness to leave based on recently behaviors and actions. At this point in time, I don't feel as though you've recovered, and therefore, you'll be staying." "…for how long?” "Until I feel like you've recovered." "I've already missed a day of school…" "It's like I said - we've withdrawn you from class on medical leave. You won't be penalized in your grades, and you can resume your classes any semester you return." "…but I want to resume my classes now. I don't need to be here. I want to go back home, I want to see Koi. I want to get a job." "At the moment, Josie, you are in a state of flux. You'll continue to vacillate between two states — wellness, based on the girl you presented to be, and unwellness, based on the girl who was abused. This vacillation will be random and unpredictable, and without proper care, well… you do remember the state you were in when you took the pills in my bathroom, don't you?" She delivered the information like it was from a phone-book, like it was all fact that there was no reason to give doubt toward. And she finished it with a crushing point. "How would Koi feel if she came to visit, and you were dead in your apartment?" "I'll stay with Koi, then," I said flatly. Honestly, the thought of Koi walking in on my body… I shook my head, biting my lip. She was getting to me… "I think you're confusing my asking for your permission and my telling you. I'm not staying. I'm just trying to put your mind at ease before I go. Alright? I'll visit Friday…" "Josie, my sweet. You're here by volunteering means at the moment, you're in my care because you asked for my help, because you longed to be well — because there are parts of you that are pure child, parts of you that enjoy childish things, parts of you that were abused, parts of you that are blind to the truth, and parts of you that wish to die. Within your time here, you will become one girl. You will become you. Isn't a few weeks of time worth it, for that?" This was the nice hand. The not-nice hand would mention to Josie the paperwork she had written out and notarized for Petition for Involuntary Commitment, which would give her legal rights over the girl if lodged. "Then I will visit on the weekends. And we can talk all psychotherapy nonsense until the cows come home. Or if you don't feel like you can handle that, I'll see someone who can. But I have a life. I have a best friend. And contrary to popular belief, I don't like being dressed like a goddamn baby from the 1700s!" The woman thought carefully for a moment. "Two weeks. Two weeks, if I am to believe that you are putting 100% into the program here, in two weeks, I will assess you very closely for continuing your treatment in the manner you suggest. I cannot promise that you will be ready at that point, but I will keep my mind open to the idea." In two weeks, she will be Josie, completely. In two weeks, she wouldn't be able to fathom functioning in the real world, nor would she want to leave. Two weeks. What, thirteen days? Sixteen classes. Five homework assignments. I could do them here, I supposed. Nothing would be stopping me. But there were other variables besides school. "No more stupid dresses. No more diapers. I'm twenty-one, and even the part of me that liked…" Who was I kidding? "Likes this stuff… she's not a baby either. No more milk. No more drugs! No more… spankings." That one was hard to admit to. "And stop following me around everywhere - I don't even have a way to kill myself if I wanted to." The woman tilted her head curious at Josie and then replied after giving her won words a moment to sink in. "You are aware that I stipulated two weeks of maximum participation?" Perhaps the girl thought she had more bargaining power than she really did, and that was okay — she just needed to learn contrary. "Two weeks of full immersion here, and then you will be considered for an alternate program for the interim following period." Full immersion? She meant like Rissa and Anni? Oh no. "Yeah, I'd rather just go home. No offense, but my putting your mind at ease really isn't worth this stress." One thing about New Luzy - she was smart. No more shy needy girl vs strong little girl. One girl. All my memories. And I could play a system. That's how you make friends - you play a system. That's how you keep from breaking down from stress. Play a system. Old Luzy didn't get that. I did. "I'll see you Friday," I said, and got up from the table.
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    TRIGGER WARNING: suicide This is the second time I've dealt with really dark feelings in this story. If you are feeling suicidal, please - get help. There are people out there who will talk to you. Reach out to a friend or the suicide hotline - it's staffed by real people who have undergone training because they want to help you. I actually have family working at one of the hotline call centers, she's the best. You can talk to them. ------- Part 22 "Well, we've got a few minutes before Melanie is done with juice time," Lisa was kneeling next to me, I never even heard her approach, "Let's see what your mommy packed for you." She pulled the soft puffy diaper bag down from the couch and opened it up. "Here's Harry," she said, handing me my beloved friend. I hugged him tightly, my emotions still felt a little unstable. "You brought... tattletale diapers? Three of them? Do you want me to put you in one of these?" Lisa sounded surprised. "No," I laughed, "They're for Mellie! Don't you think she'll like them?" "Oh gosh," Lisa laughed, "Mellie will probably ask me to pour warm water down them, just to see how big they can get!" She laughed for a good long moment at the thought, and what I assumed was a mental picture. I blushed a bit at the thought, I really didn't understand Melanie sometimes. "You really love Melanie, huh?" "I really do," Lisa looked down at me, smiling, "Thank you for showing me how sweet and wonderful a Little can be. I can't imagine life without Melanie at this point, she's.. she's my precious Little girl." Lisa sounded a little choked up, I laid a tiny hand on her thigh in what I hoped would be seen as a comforting gesture. She set the electronic toy down without a word as Melanie's autofeeder beeped just then. She stood up and retrieved Melanie from the swing. "My goodness," Lisa said as she lifted Melanie, "Did you pee the whole time you were being fed? You're soaked!" "Mooommmyyy... " Melanie whined and covered her face with her hands, "Kimmy's here!" "Okay, you're forcing my hand," Lisa said. She set Melanie down near me. "Say, 'I have very wet diapers and I'm not sorry'." "Please mommy!" Melanie begged, "I'm embarrassed!" "That's why you need to do this, Melanie. It's not healthy for you to hide, you spend so much time blushing and scared that someone will know you like it. Kimmy already knows and nobody else should care. Now go on." "I.. have very wet diapers," she blushed deeply as she said the word 'diapers', I felt embarrassed on her behalf, "and I'm not sorry." "Are you going to try to hide the fact that you like being a Little again?" "No... " "Kimmy, do you think Melanie is weird or wrong for liking being a Little?" "No! Of course not," I said quickly, "Melanie is my friend and she wouldn't be the same if she didn't like it." Melanie was beaming at this point... her diaper was dangerously swollen though, the snaps on her onesie seemed to be straining a bit. "Now crawl your cute butt into the nursery so I can change you," Lisa said with her hands on her hips. Melanie dropped to all fours and crawled out of the room, her ruffled bottom swaying the whole way. "You," Lisa said as she picked me up, "April told me about your cookie stealing adventure. I don't have a playpen or a bouncer, so do you want to go in the swing or the crib?" "I'll be good, I'll sit and color and not move!" "Not happening, sugar. You're a little emotional already, and I'm not taking any chances on our first ever sleepover. Swing or crib?" I looked at the tube of the autofeeder dangling near the swing.... "Crib." We made it to the nursery just as Melanie finished crawling there, her ruffled butt sticking out way beyond anything that looked comfortable to me. Melanie's nursery was... pink. Everything was pink or white. It was a spoiled princess' room with a gleaming white crib which had a gauzy pink canopy. Stacks and stacks of pink diapers were on the shelf under the changing table. A pile of pink stuffed animals sat next to a glossy white glider chair. The pillows and blankets in the crib were pink, the curtains were pink, the princess stickers dancing on the walls were pink. Lisa deposited me in the crib and lifted Melanie onto the changing table and proceeded to unsnap Melanie's onesie. "I'm not looking!" I called loudly after I had sat down with my back to them. Melanie was always embarrassed, she would probably be really upset if I watched her get changed. I slipped my hands into the sloth mittnes and picked up.. "Duchess Fuzzbutt!" Melanie had Duchess Fuzzbutt in the crib! "Yeah," Lisa laughed, "Melanie wanted to sleep with your present last night, I think you did a good job picking it out." I hugged Duchess Fuzzbutt and laughed. Knowing that I made Mellie happy made me happy. April had asked me to think about what I wished I had from the beginning... Harry Otter made me feel better. I think it's important for a Little to have a companion. Someone to hug when you're sad, someone to talk to when you're not sure of something, someone to drag around with you... I was glad I had Harry, though I did wish I had him right now. He was on the floor in the living room. I was on my feet on the floor before too much longer, standing next to Melanie who had on a fresh thick diaper under her onesie and a smile on her face. Lisa reached down and squeezed my crotch again. "You don't need a change yet. Both of you go play, I'm going to go start dinner. I'm trusting you both, don't get into any trouble. I want you to have a fun sleepover, I don't want to have to lock you in the nursery." "We'll be good," I promised. I took Melanie by the hand and toddled back into the living room. Lisa passed by us and headed to the kitchen. I wanted to show off my coloring book to Melanie, it was one of the best toys April had given me, it was very stimulating. "What's this?" Melanie said, picking up the electronic toy. "It looks like one of those memory games, do you want to play it?" "Sure, those are fun," she said, pushing the 'on' button. It made a loud beep and played a musical sequence. "Can you take that into the nursery?" I heard Lisa call, "I don't really want to listen to a bunch of beeping." "Sorry!" I called. We turned the toy off and headed back to the nursery, sitting down on the floor and turning it back on. It did its beep and music again, and the pads lit up. It was a black circular piece of plastic with four large pad-like buttons big enough for you to put your whole hand on. Two were lit up blue and the other two were lit up purple. There was a central display that had the word READY written on it. "Um, isn't it supposed to play music and we copy it?" Melanie asked, the toy didn't seem to be working. She pushed down on one of the pads, but it didn't chime. WAITING FOR PLAYERS, the central display declared. Otherwise, the toy remained unchanged. "Maybe if we push all 4 buttons at once so it knows we're ready," I suggested, putting my hands on the two blue buttons. The buttons changed to a white color, and Melanie put her hands on the purple ones, which also turned white. CALIBRATING, the toy declared. The central display changed to read, PLAYER ONE, TELL THE TRUTH: WHAT COLOR IS THE SKY. "Blue," I said, confused. This didn't seem like a music toy, but now I was curious as to what it was. Neither April nor Lisa had been worried about it when they handled it, and April had bought it so it was safe, it wasn't going to grab me or hypnotize me or anything. PLAYER TWO, TELL THE TRUTH: WHAT COLOR IS THE GRASS "Green," Melanie giggled. Even if this was a child's quiz-game, she was going to have fun with it. PLAYER ONE, TELL THE TRUTH: HOW OLD ARE YOU "Twenty-six," I said with a smile. Melanie having fun made me happy. PLAYER TWO, TELL THE TRUTH: HOW OLD ARE YOU "Thirty-two," Melanie said softly. PLAYER ONE, TELL A LIE: WHAT COLOR IS THE GRASS "Pink," I laughed. This game was silly. PLAYER TWO, TELL A LIE: WHAT COLOR IS THE SKY "Orange," Melanie laughed as well. PLAYER ONE, ASK A QUESTION "Um," I said, "What color... are Lisa's eyes?" PLAYER TWO, TELL THE TRUTH "Brown! They're the prettiest brown," Melanie said with a smile. The buttons under her hands lit up green and the display read TRUTH, then changed to PLAYER TWO, ASK A QUESTION. Melanie's buttons returned to white. "Ohhh, um... who's your favorite person?" "April!" I declared, laughing as the buttons turned green under my hands. It was my turn again, "Do you like to wet your diapers?" "No," Melanie blushed and her buttons turned red and the display read LIE. "Mellie, I already knew," I said to her and my buttons lit up green. This technology was amazing.. something like this would have been incredibly useful back home and they used it for a Little's toy here. "Do you like wetting your diapers?" Melanie asked me in return. "No, but I don't hate it anymore." TRUTH. "Um, what's your favorite color?" "Pink," Melanie answered but was met with LIE, "Wow, okay.. it's purple." TRUTH. "Mellie! Does Lisa know?" "No," Melanie blushed. TRUTH. "I.. I told her I liked pink and she got all that pink stuff and I don't want to hurt her feelings or upset her... Hey, it's my turn! Does April know you love her?" "Yes of course," I said. LIE. "What? She knows I love her!" LIE. "I say 'I love you' all the time to her." TRUTH. "I think this thing isn't working right," TRUTH. "Maybe we should stop?" "No please, I'm having fun," TRUTH. "Let's play a little longer? It's your turn." "Um," I thought for a moment, wanting to get back to more fun questions, "What was your job back home?" "I worked retail," TRUTH. "I didn't like it very much." TRUTH. "My turn. Would you go back if you could?" "Yes," I answered.. I didn't like this any more. LIE. "I don't like it here." LIE. "I.. miss my freedom." TRUTH. "What? How can I possibly want to stay and miss my freedom at the same time? That doesn't make any sense." TRUTH. Melanie wanted to play hardball. Fine. "When did you find out you were a girl?" "I was fourteen. All the rockstars had long hair and so did I.. then the girls at school started painting my nails and I found out I really liked it. I wanted to be cute, not tough," TRUTH. "My turn. What's your favorite thing about April." Now it was my turn to blush. "How beautiful she is, how smart she is, and how much she loves me," I couldn't help but smile. TRUTH. "Did you come to this dimension voluntarily?" "No, I.. " TRUTH. She didn't finish answering, she trailed off. "Wait - I really thought you did! How did you get here?" "I.. Kimmy, I died." TRUTH. "You WHAT?" I rocked back on my butt, the shock sent me reeling, "What do you mean you died? You're not dead. I'm not dead!" "I took the whole bottle of pills and went to sleep. I.. I couldn't do it any more. I couldn't take it any more." The machine stopped working, my hands weren't on it any more. "I woke up as they pulled me through the portal... they got the pills out of me.. and.. I was in Lisa's arms an hour later. I.. " Melanie was starting to cry, "Lisa saved my life." I realized that I couldn't remember coming here.. the last thing I remembered was getting too drunk at a party, and then April. What if... "LISA!" I was panicking, tears were forming in my eyes, "LISA!" Melanie was starting to bawl.
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    70.) "She's sleeping, at last." Sleep, it seemed from the circles under the woman's eyes, was not something she'd had much personal luck with — these first few nights were always the worst. Koi and Rissa were sitting on the edge of the cots in the guest-house centered in the upstairs courtyard, and Nora did her best to stay focused. "You're clear to be discharged, Rissa — Marta has packed a transition survival kit for you: your blankie, some pullups, and some other things to help you graduate to adult-life. I'll check in with you by phone every day until you no longer need me to. As for you, Koi… I won't be able to have you visit until Josie is stable, a few weeks, I would think." "Josie suits her, I think." "Weeks," Koi muttered. "Josie…" She wasn't taking this well. She didn't get it. She couldn't comprehend it. She knew, of course, why this was necessary. And Nora had a system, a system that worked for many others. That worked for Rissa… but… "I should go." Kriss was standing the doorway. "It's already very late." Koi barely looked up. "Kriss," Nora looked at the girl, and then at the other two, and smiled. "I know that for the three of you it seems like Josie's future is uncertain, and you may have your doubts." Nobody looked her in the eye, not even Rissa! "Go on with your lives, though, and when Josie is stable enough to have company, you'll be able to see that you all made the right choice. I thank you, all three of you." "I wanna stay…" "You have school," Rissa reminded her, like Koi didn't know that. "Luzy gets to drop out!" "You can't stay," Nora said simply. "You would prevent the process. It's bad enough she already has a rapport with me…" Nora almost sounded worried. "…I wanna stay," Koi repeated, quieter. "Staying will only serve to set your mind at ease, and will do nothing positive for Josie." The accusation that Koi was being selfish wasn't exactly veiled, and the woman looked at her carefully. "Besides, I need for you to take care of Rissa — she's going to need some help adapting to the real world again. You can help her with that, can't you, love?" "I wanna stay," she repeated, but Koi knew, as well as everyone else in the room knew, that she wouldn't be staying. She'd have to leave. She wouldn't see Luzy for weeks. She was already slipping. How would she handle weeks without her best friend…? It probably didn't help that Koi was still a bit drunk. "I'll send you some of her drawings once she's started to settle, Koi — things you can put on your refrigerator, how does that sound?" "Do you have any of those that Rissa did?" Kriss sounded a little bit amused, and Rissa shot her a glare. "I'd love some Rissa-art for my place." "I'm sure she doesn't…" "Yes, in fact, let me see these two to the front door and I'll get you some, Kriss." Koi didn't drive. Rissa was nervous behind the wheel of Luzy's car. Koi had taken Luzy's car on purpose - that way, when Luzy was ready to come home, the two could drive together. They could talk and not huddle on the back of a scooter. But everything was different now. Luzy wasn't coming home. There was no huddling. There were kisses, and now, those were lost, too. Luckily for the both of them, no one was on the road. "I guess you never really forget how to drive…" Rissa was driving 15 miles below the speed limit, of course, but at least she was staying inside the lines. "I know that you're going to miss Luzy, but if you want you can ask me anything about what's gonna happen with her, and I can tell you. Cause it could be good for you to take away some of the mystery." "It's stupid… this whole thing is stupid." Koi curled up against the window, her forehead against the cold glass. It was too much for her today… "No one visited you inside, did they…?" Rissa shook her head. Koi rubbed her eyes. She didn't understand this… "What about Anni? Has she ever gotten visitors?" "No, but Anni is different — she didn't have trauma like I did, or Luzy does… she used to have really bad seizures growing up, and would lose big parts of her memory. So they did an operation to help that, but there were complications and she lost the ability to be empathetic." Rissa remembered the way that the girl was when she'd gotten there, and it was… complicated. "Empathy is kind of important, you know? And she started doing bad things, just trying to feel something. Some guilt, or anything… nothing worked, not until Miss Nora took her in, and she's making so much improvement now. Nobody had any hope for her…" “She seems okay…" Koi looked up at that. The idea of a backstory for the girl. But it was different than that… "But she had brain damage…" "She was only sixteen. She has a bit of plasticity…" So she'd been with Nora for two years. Luzy had mentioned she was actually eighteen years old. "…Nora's helping her?" "Extensively. I would have my talks with Miss Nora twice a week, that's the usual schedule, the rest of the time I'd sink deeper and more comfortably into the role she gave me, and it became real. Natural. But for Anni, she has talks with Miss Nora a lot more often, she has tests and quizzes and stuff, and a lot of the time when I'd be playing with Anni, Miss Nora, or Marta would watch." Which, at the time, seemed like good parenting — but in retrospect, was probably to monitor Anni and her interactions. "…oh…" Koi put her head against the window again and sighed, closing her eyes. "I love that girl," she said quietly. "Not like you think, but just… because she's my best friend. And I just want to be there… and I can't be. I'm… glad you don't know how that feels…" Koi closed her eyes, then, and exhaled. "Wake me when we get home - the GPS will tell you where to go." Rissa nodded her head and turned her focus back to driving — a challenging topic, but one she'd get used to in time. It was a blessing that she'd have Koi to help her adapt; usually Miss Nora would have new graduates placed with alumni of her program to help them adjust, and Rissa didn't like the idea of living with a stranger. Koi was barely not a stranger, but she was almost family, as well. They pulled up at the parking lot for the school, and Rissa sighed, looking around at the people she felt completely different to. Reintegration and adjustment would happen, Miss Nora had said, it would just take time. Don't rush it.
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    I'm posting two chapters today especially for my friend KWOceans because I don't think she'll like chapter 19 so much. So everyone gets spoiled a bit today! Good spoiled, not story spoiled. Enjoy! --------- Part 19 "I'll be right back, I have to get the leftovers out of the trunk," April said as she set me down on my feet just inside the door. "Find something to play with, I won't be a moment." I nodded as she turned and went back out the front door. I saw Harry's tail poking out from around the corner of the kitchen doorway. I walked over, as best I could with a pretty wet diaper, and picked him up.. when I spotted the package of cookies on the countertop. I was so hungry and they were right there... April wouldn't mind if I just took one. I'd been good, I deserved a cookie. I didn't even get a single edamame at dinner, after all. I pushed a kitchen chair over to the counter and struggled to pull myself up. Standing on the chair, I could see the countertop easily and I pulled a cookie from the package. "Oh.. oh, these are so good," I said to myself aloud as I crunched. The cookie was gone too quickly... they tasted heavenly, just simply amazing, and on an empty stomach it was possibly the best tasting thing I had ever had ever. April wouldn't mind if I had one or two more... "Ugh, I dropped my keys under the car seat and it took forever to find them, sorry swee.. KIMMY!" April turned the corner and caught me with my mouth full of my tenth cookie. After that third one, I just couldn't stop.. they were so good. "I... um.. I was only going to have one, but I was hungry! It's not my fault!" "Kimberly. Morris. You just ate almost an entire package of cookies instead of dinner, half an hour before your bedtime. I... you know what?" April was really mad. I sat down on the chair, my ankles barely hanging over the giant seat. "I'm sorry," I said, looking down. "You have no idea how sorry you're going to be," her voice sounded sad. I looked up in terror... that didn't sound like April! What was she going to do? Oh, why did those cookies have to be so good?! "You, Kimberly Morris, don't know what's good for you," she said flatly as she carried me into the nursery, "Tonight is not going to be fun. You're going to end up going to bed late and you're going to make my night very hard. I am not happy about this." "I didn't mea-", I was cut off by the pacifier, she pumped it and I was silenced. She stripped me of my clothing and was about to slip a tattletale diaper under me when I sat up on the changing table. I made a pleading gesture with my hands and whined. "Your regular diapers aren't going to be able to hold what those cookies are going to do to you, Kimmy. Those are a sometimes treat because if you eat too many, it will wreak havoc on your digestion. You just signed yourself up for a very unpleasant night, sweetie. I'm hoping that tonight will serve as a good lesson for you, I won't even have to punish you - you punished yourself." I relaxed a bit at this, she laid me back down and continued. "You are a Little, no matter what you think, you don't know what's best for you. You are constantly getting yourself into these awful situations because you make decisions as if you understood everything that was going on. When you find yourself in a situation like this... an open package of cookies in the kitchen, no mommy around.. ask yourself, 'Would mommy let me do this?' If the answer is no, you shouldn't be doing it. Do I make up arbitrary rules to make you miserable?" I shook my head no as tears welled up in my eyes from the lecture. She taped the awful tattletale diaper around my waist and sat me up. "You also need to ask yourself, 'What would a good Little do here?' I think we both know a good Little wouldn't sneak a cookie, don't we." I nodded as she held me close. "Kimmy, I really wish you hadn't done this to yourself. Tonight is not going to be pleasant. Let's go watch some TV until this is done. I expect you to work hard to control your emotions, your bedtime is looming and we both know you get erratic when it gets late." I mimed, "Cold!" as she started to lift me from the table. I didn't want to spend the evening in just this awful diaper. "No, Kimmy - we're not running any risks, you don't get a shirt tonight." April moved the coffee table out of the way and sat me down on the floor in front of the couch where it had been. -- I hated those chocolate cookies now with every fiber of my being. The pain had been staggering, and by the time I was done the tattletale diaper had me completely lifted off the ground, just my heels reached the floor. I had to sit in that, sobbing until April was sure my tummy was done. It was 8:30 by the time the bath was done, and I was a crying wreck. "My poor sweetie, I'm so sorry this happened to you. You're all clean, it's over, everything's okay." "Everything's not okay!" I screamed at April, "That was awful! Why would anyone make a food that would do that to someone! Why would anyone make those awful diapers? I couldn't move, I was trapped in it, it was awful! Amazons are awful!" April just hugged me tightly and rocked me while I screamed my rage at the world. When it was done I was beyond exhausted and I realized she was humming softly as she held me. I sniffled as she carried me to the nursery and she dressed me in a nighttime diaper and a soft pair of white footed PJs... no mittens, no back zipper, just a simple outfit. "Today was one heck of a day, wasn't it, my little Kimmy?" I lay limp as she settled me down in the crib and tucked me in, laying Harry Otter at my side and stroking my cheek. I knew I should feel awful for what I said, but I didn't, and now I was laying in a crib, in a diaper. "You were very clever today in the store. I'm sorry you had such a hard time. I hear that things feel unfair, and it's okay to be angry. I want you to know that I love you with all my heart, no matter how you feel. I will always love you, Kimberly." She stroked my back gently... I was so exhausted from the day that I dropped off to the sound of her soothing tones. ===== Part 20 I awoke in the crib, my nighttime diaper was already soaked. "Oh no, not that too!" Today was off to an awful start. I tried to empty my bladder, just in case since I'd be getting a morning change anyway.. but nothing came. I really did have a nighttime accident. "Oh Kimmy," April sighed, walking in, "I was hoping you'd feel better after a good night's sleep. I really want to try and have a good day today, sweetie." "I had an accident," I explained, but it came out more like a whine. "Of course you did, sweetie - I change you every morning." "No.. April, I mean I had a real accident. I didn't wet the diaper on purpose, I woke up wet... " I refused to cry this early in the day. I spent entirely too much time crying or letting my emotions run away with me. "Oh sweetie," April said in a pitying tone as she lifted me up and held me close, "My poor Kimmy, that must be very upsetting for you. I am so sorry, Kimmy. It's okay, I'm here for you." I felt April's arms wrap around me and I closed my eyes. I could feel sadness welling up inside me, but I felt like I could handle it from where I was. April understood me. She wasn't dismissing my feelings, she wasn't minimizing them, she was just comforting me. I felt so loved in her arms, I wished I could stay right here forever. "I love you," I said softly, my emotions under control again. I was sad... but it seemed inevitable. I was going to have an accident eventually... Melanie was even untraining herself completely. I wasn't going to see a toilet as long as I was here, this was not the worst thing ever. I sighed and soaked in April's warmth. "I love you too, my darling," she gave me a final squeeze before laying me down for the morning change. "How about we make things easy with just a PJ day today?" she asked rhetorically, I didn't pick my clothes after all.. I didn't know what the plans were for the day, I didn't know the weather.. I... I couldn't make the best choice. But I could trust April to make the best choice for me. I got the expected daytime diaper, and she dressed me in footie PJs that made me look like a sloth.. complete with mittens that I could pull on and off on my own and a little tail. It was baggy, you couldn't even tell I had on a diaper underneath. I mean.. it was very childish, I looked every bit like a Little... but it wasn't showing off my diaper to the world. April was pretty good about making sure my undergarments were hidden, for which I was very thankful. She carried me over and stood me in front of the floor-length mirror in the hall. "I'm a sloth!" I raised my arms in victory and danced around. April laughed and clapped. "You are the cutest sloth ever," she said, "Now, make your best sloth sound for me! What does a sloth say?" I opened my mouth... and paused. She tricked me! "Hey!" I said with mock indignation. April laughed and scooped me up, tossing me into the air and catching me once before snuggling me close. "There's my Kimmy," she rubbed her nose against mine while holding me aloft. I giggled at the feeling.. I felt weightless and loved. I was flying and perfectly safe... April would never let anything happen to me. "You need to pick out what toys you want to take over to Melanie's house tonight. I'm going to be dropping you off after lunch, Lisa said she had a surprise dinner for you.. she promised you'd like it, so it's not baby food. I'll pick you up in the morning. I think we'll spend the morning playing music, after your overnight bag is packed. How does that sound?" "Wonderful," I said with a smile. I grabbed my activity book.. I'd still only done one page in it, and it wasn't even quite done yet. And Harry Otter, I couldn't go without him. And my box of crayons. I set them on the coffee table and looked around. The brain toys were still in the playpen, but those were a solo activity... I wandered into the nursery and looked around for something that would be fun for both Melanie and me, and settled on an electronic toy that looked similar to a memory game back home. I carried that over to where I had set the book, the crayons, and Harry. "April!" I called, not seeing her, "Can we give some tattletale diapers to Melanie? I think she'd like them. Can I take my ukulele?" "Oh, that's a good idea sweetie - we'll give her a few since you're probably never going to go through that whole pack. Lisa will think it's funny and I bet Melanie will like it too. No, sweetie - you can't take your ukulele, it should stay here. We'd hate for something to happen to it." April came up behind me and packed my choices into the puffy pink and purple diaper bag. "Let's get some breakfast and have some fun," she smiled as she scooped me up, tickling me as she carried me all the way to the kitchen. I squealed helplessly and kicked my feet, laughing and loving every minute of it. -- Since I was going to be at Lisa's overnight and April wasn't going to move the carseat, I got a rare treat - I was going to get to walk to the door, just like Melanie got to walk to our door! I had my white velcro shoes on with my cute cute sloth PJs, and I felt a little giggly. This was going to be fun. I held on tightly to April's hand, I had to reach very high to make it comfortable for her to walk with me, but it was either me wrench my shoulder a bit, or her hunch over. Walking hand in hand wasn't practical after all, that was minorly disappointing. I had a momentary daydream of April and I, the same size, walking hand in hand through a park at sunset. It made me smile. Walking to the stairs proved difficult. Walking UP the stairs was Herculean. With each stair, I had to pull hard against April's grip and hoist myself up, every stair felt like it was about half my height. And solid concrete is too rough on the skin, I can't crawl up it. After what feels like a very long workout, we arrive at the front door to the apartment building. I'm a little short of breath, I haven't been in the habit of exercising lately. "Whew," I panted, "We made it." April glanced back to the parking lot, she got a really good spot, we were right next to the building. For her this was maybe 30 paces. "You did great, sweetie!" April says encouragingly, "I knew you could do it!" "Yay!" I raise my hands in victory, "Let's go see Lisa!" "Okay, we just have to go up to the third floor where her apartment is." "Third... " I looked back at the half-flight of stairs I had worked so hard to scale to get to the entrance of the building. The thought of doing that six times over was staggering. I looked up into April's encouraging eyes, "Will you carry me please?" "Of course I will, sweetie - any time you want," and within moments I was in her arms and we were climbing the second flight of stairs like it was nothing. April didn't keep me from walking out of a sense of control or a desire to deny me my freedom, she would happily let me walk anywhere it was safe, regardless of how long it took me to get from Point A to Point B.. she carried me everywhere because she loved me and didn't want to see me struggle. This world really wasn't built for people my size.. and I needed to let April love me, and help me. I snuggled into her arms and felt the rhythm of her gait. This was the best place in the world... right in these arms.
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    68.) "She's never tried to do that before." Where Luzy was in shambles, Koi was no better off. The idea that her best friend tried to kill herself… "This isn't doing her any good… this isn't working…" "The longer a repression, the more disconnecting her awakening will be." Nora didn't sound stressed, though she was — no matter how many times she did this, there was always these first few hours where anything could happen. She'd learned well early on to be prepared for what reasonable contingencies she could imagine. "She's lost, and confused, the way she feels right now is the way you feel after being awake for a week, dazed, helpless. She'll come around, Koi. You did the right thing." "She was coping!" "She was ignoring it." "She was accepting it. Not fast, but it was working. She was letting me see her in cute clothes. I'd teased her. We were working up to it! And now she's…" Koi had never known anxiety like this. Even as someone who constantly wore corsets, she couldn't breathe. She buried her head in her hands at the table, rubbing tears away as they came. "This was a mistake..." "Everything in time, Koi, everything in time. Nothing happens instantly, nothing happens right away. She's got a rush of information all melding together, and once everything is assimilated, I'm going to teach her how to handle it all." Nora smiled, reassuring, confident, though Koi was looking wretched — the Japanese girl needed to calm down. "Brandy?" "Whatever," Koi groaned, and the woman passed her a cup. Ister - or Rissa, I guess it was, now? - sat down next to Koi. "Progress?" Nora asked, but Rissa shook her head. "What about Anni?" "I put her down for a nap… I don't think it would help, exposing her to this." "…we should have let her be…" Koi drank the entire glass of brandy and Nora poured her more. "She wasn't stable, you both know that — with her psyche the way it was, who's to say she would even have made it until next week? And this, the way she is right now? Imagine if this had happened with her on her own." Nora left that somber thought in the air, and Rissa sighed, looking at Koi, and then down at her hands. She believed in this, unilaterally. But it was still scary. "What will happen next?" "Be it by exhaustion, or surrender, or self-loathing, she'll come to me for help. And once she's asked that of me, you two will leave. You know well, Rissa, that the first few weeks can be very intense." "…leave?" Rissa looked at the woman with a lot of concern and Koi sighed. "If Kriss doesn't let you stay with her, you can crash with me… all in all, I guess I could use some company…" Koi didn't want to leave. She wouldn't. But ultimately, she knew the price she had to pay. She'd stay away, until Nora called her, until Nora said it was okay for her to come back… "I don't think I need to tell you that you're healthy now, Rissa." It was true, though — Rissa knew it was, sometime between getting the locket, and Luzy figuring out the truth, she knew that she was healthy again. That her hole was solid, safe, that even though she struggled with the idea of Luzy's pain now, it was normal feelings of concern one friend would have for another. "I think I'd like to stay with you, Koi, of that's okay… I know we don't know each other so well, but Kriss has a partner, and you and I are both worried about Luzy…" Koi found that word pretty useless, ultimately. She never called a girlfriend her partner. Always her girlfriend. At the same time, it was a word she would rarely hear straight people use. “So Kriss is gay?" Not that it mattered right now. Koi just needed the distraction… "I don't know… I've only gotten to talk to her a little bit… she's cagey about the topic." "I remind you both that Kriss has had to cope with this upon her own self, and she was with that man longer than either you or Luzy, Rissa. There may be some things, coping mechanisms, that only make sense to her." Nora was, as ever, quite wise. "Then again, she may just prefer the privacy." Koi downed a second glass of brandy. She was feeling shitty through and through. But ultimately, Nora was right. If this break happened when Luzy was alone, Luzy wouldn't be around anymore… “What do I know? I didn't peg Luzy as gay, either." "You think that Luzy is gay? Perhaps she's bisexual, and her broken sense of sexual identity has made it impossible for her to realize that fact. You were much the same, Rissa." Oh shoot. I guess Koi shouldn't have mentioned Luzy being gay. Or bisexual, or whatever. Because, truly, it wasn't anyone's business. And they'd only just started kissing and stuff today. It just already felt like so long, already… "I'm not sure. I mean, I'm guessing. I'm probably wrong…" Koi finished a third brandy, and passed the cup back to Nora for a refill. "You sure you want another?" "Can you drive?" Koi asked Rissa. "I… think so?" "Good enough for me." "I should point out, Koi, that Rissa had a very self-destructive sexuality before she visited me. Not to question your character, or your integrity, but if she's coming home with you I would like to caution against any physical bonding." "Hey!" Rissa puffed out her cheeks. "Look just because Koi is beautiful as heck and wears corsets and corsets are sexy, it doesn't mean I'm just gonna try and get in bed with her the moment we're alone." Nora laughed, shaking her head. "It was just a word of caution, girls." "I don't think I'm much in the mood for things like that today," Koi said quietly, and finished, in a single shot, her entire fourth glass of brandy. She was getting really drunk by this point. But she didn't know what else to do. She felt like she'd betrayed her friend. Her friend who could have died an hour ago… "You two will stay the night, in the guest-house upstairs.” Which was the sun-room in the middle of the courtyard, "I'll have Marta make up some beds. Perhaps you could even watch over Anni for the night, so that I'll be free to work with Luzy. I imagine by morning, one way or the other, she'll have asked for my help, at which point you'll both have to leave." Honestly, they should have left tonight, but with how drunk Koi was getting, it seemed like a poor idea. "I have school tomorrow," Koi muttered, and passed the woman the glass back. Reluctantly, Nora poured her another. "Last one," she affirmed, and gave the girl her cup back. "You can leave in the morning." And then Koi thought of something. "What about school?" Fuck. "Luzy has school! She has a test…" "You'll get the paperwork for me and drop it off in my mailbox for Emergency Medical Withdrawal. I'm licensed to sign off on that." Schools were easy to deal with when it came to patients here, though before she received her endorsement from the state, things had not been so easy. "I wouldn't mind one more night here… it's been a long time since I was out of the house…" "It's her last semester…" She'd been working so hard. She took summer classes to make up for the issues last year, and had finally caught up again. She was even going to graduate early! To be pulled out now… only a couple months from graduation… "Just… let her go… a couple more weeks…" "The process has been started, Koi. I know that you're worried for her, but everything will work out fine — she'll be a happy, healthy, more complete person when she's finished here, and she'll finish her degree and everything bad that happened will just be memories, grayscale and harmless, no more ticking bomb." It was important to note something to the girl, though, and Nora took a breath while she smiled. "Koi. I've agreed to let you visit based on the fact that you were absolutely in support of Luzy's treatment. If that fact has changed, you visiting might be very harmful…" "No! I… I mean…." Koi sighed, playing with the edge of the empty cup of brandy. She was getting really drunk… she wasn't even sure she'd eaten since breakfast. "…I support it. I just… I'm worried…" "I know." "What if she doesn't come around? What if she's not predictable like you think…? What if she… she tries something stupid again…" "She'll be kept under watch, kept safe." "I tried to kill myself six times when I got here." It was a topic that Rissa could talk about now, without the weighted trimmings of guilt and regret hanging off her words and memories. "Nora helped me every time, she didn't get angry, she just helped, and eventually I collapsed in tears and begged her to help me get better. I hated myself so much, and I see that hate in Luzy. But she'll come around." Six times… but what if one of those times had succeeded? "How long does it take… until she's…" "In my experience, less than a day." A day. Then by the end of the day she'd know for sure if this would work. Or if this would just be a failed experiment. Koi just wanted to know her friend would be better… "She's going to be okay. All that strength she'll put into trying to hurt herself now will be fuel for her fire of recovery. And she will want to recover, she will. I've helped worse situations." There was something reassuring about that, about Nora and her confidence, like she knew just how to make sure everything would be okay, like she couldn't be surprised, or caught out. Like a Mom. "She's actually a Little… do you think that will be a problem?" "Quite to the contrary, love, her latent desires will only strengthen her bond with the Protective Self. Speaking of which, she's going to need a new name for a time…" "A new name," Koi whispered to herself. "A new Luzy…"
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    67.) "Hello, Miss." The soft, French-accented voice belonged to Marta, and she clicked the door closed as she entered, gently kneeling to hold Luzy’s hair up out of the way as she continued to heave into the pristinely cleaned toilet bowl. She knew what had been planned for today, what had happened, why the girl was sick. She wasn't a part of this, but she couldn't turn off her empathy. "…I want it to stop…" Marta didn't say anything as I threw up again. She'd closed the door. It was just us, alone. I couldn't think. I couldn't focus. Everything was a blur… "…make it stop… make it stop…" What good was I, now? Here? Alone? Without him. Without anything. Sure, I had the girls. But I was a broken toy. What he did… I was broken in so many pieces… "When you're falling, Miss, the most terrifying thing you can imagine is hitting the ground… but when you finally do land, you realize that it was the falling you were most afraid of all along." Her skirt crumpled beneath her knees as the maid stayed kneeling next to Luzy and continued to patiently keep her hair out of the way. "You can keep falling, or you can let Miss Nora catch you… as she caught Miss Rissa, and Miss Kate, and as she caught me…" "…I need a drink…" "I'll get you water, Miss." "…juice, or something? To help the taste…?" She patted my head and left. I heard the bathroom door click. I got up as quickly as the dizziness would let me and pulled myself to the cabinet. It was a communal restroom. No shower, no bath. Just a sink and a toilet and a cabinet. Which meant no razors. I fumbled through the medicine, opening bottles of everything I could find, not stopping to check the labels, but as I poured them into my mouth, the door clicked open again. Nora knew a few things about how to handle overdoses, she also knew that she kept her cabinets mostly free of anything life-threatening, because she had children, old as they may be. Regardless, it wasn't Nora who opened the door — it was Kriss. Kriss, whom Luzy now remembered. Kriss, who smacked the pills from Luzy’s hands, Kriss who pushed her fingers down Luzy’s throat, Kriss who didn't let go, even as Luzy started to throw up the pills, and what was left in her stomach, all over her. She acted with concern and care and purpose, the way she did as the building burned around them. She acted with love. "Why are you doing this?!" I was sobbing on the floor, curled up into a ball. "I was happy! I was… I was… fine… I was doing okay… why… why are you doing this…" I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't stop rocking back and forth. And Kriss… the same girl who let it happen. I hated her. But she was the same girl that saved me. And I loved her. I couldn't do this… I couldn't… "I was happy… and you took it away… put it back… put it back…" "You pushed away all your friends, your life… you couldn't connect with people anymore… you couldn't date, you couldn't think about the future… you were carrying a weight that you tricked yourself into not seeing." Kriss didn't seem to mind that she'd been spit up on, she didn't protest, she simply smiled and stayed bright, the way that Kriss was. "You weren't living, you were existing, and you deserve to live, Luzy… you deserve to as much as I do, or as much as Rissa does, as much as Cana did, and she didn't even get to choose…" Memories of Cana, in the hospital bed, they rushed back to me. I winced, curling tighter into a ball, and sobbing even louder. Loss. Memories of loss. On top of everything else, I had forgotten about her. I was so broken. I was… so hopelessly broken… Marta came back with juice, looking at me, and at the puke, and the pill bottles. Her eyes went wide. "She made a mistake, don't worry… she won't make it again. She values her life, she values the chance she's been given to bloom, and she doesn't want to wither." Marta gently knelt down and took Luzy's hand, wrapping her fingers around the juice with a tender smile. "I should inform The Lady of the House." "Maybe you could wait a few minutes first? Let her enjoy her juice. I'm sure she already feels guilt enough, there's no sense making her feel worse for her accidental mistake, is there?" Everyone was doting over me. Everyone was taking care of me. What I wanted was for everyone to be trapped on one side of a glass wall and me trapped on the side with knives and pills. And I just wanted to go. I just wanted the feelings in my head to stop. I just needed the memories to go away again, one way or another. I just needed it to go away… "Do you remember… what I did to you?" Rissa was sitting with Luzy, the two of them in her room — she wanted to be alone, but she wasn't allowed to be, nobody thought it was a good idea, so they took turns watching over her, while the others talked through how to reach her. Rissa was supposed to be finding out a way in, but she was feeling considerably selfish at the moment, and she bit her lip. "…yes," I said flatly, looking at my feet. I wouldn't let anyone near me. I wouldn't talk most of the time. I felt so disconnected. I felt so divided. I wished there was a glue that didn't leave marks. I wished I could fit myself back together. More than that, I wished I could go back in time and never see that doctor… "I didn't understand it, then… when it happened…" I was younger then. It… felt like it, anyway… "I did it because that's what he wanted me to do… but it was still me who did it…" Though her hole was solidified, safe, managed, there was bubbling ebbing from inside. "I hated you… because he loved you more, I didn't realize at the time that he'd just replace every one of us anyway… I wanted to be his favorite, and it drove me to do stupid things… horrible things…I guess I…" Rissa frowned, looking down in shame. "I'm so, so sorry… I'm so sorry I didn't save you, that I did what I did." "…you should be.” It was a year ago. It felt like ten. It felt like yesterday. It felt like everything at once. But I knew I didn't feel like an adult, then. I didn't even know what it was… only that she could hurt me and make me feel good in both the exact same way. I didn't get that, either… "You're a horrible person…" I wasn't sure if I meant it. Maybe… I was just trying to make her leave… maybe, I just needed another chance to be alone again… "Yes I am… and I did things to my body after that place that meant I can't ever had kids… and if Nora hadn't have found me, I wouldn't have stopped there." It was candid. Truthful. Catharsis, for both of them, even if neither of them realized. "I learned, though… not to focus on the bad things in my past. To accept and acknowledge that they happened, to learn from them, and to be the kind of person I want my future to be. That's what I learned here…" "I don't care…" I was her babysitter once. It felt like so long ago. Was it really just a week, since? Had everything happened so quickly? I couldn't work it out. I tried so hard, but the words weren't sticking… "Go away…." "I can't do that." I hated this. I hated being put on watch. Why couldn't I just kill myself? Or… or why couldn't I find that man, the horrible man, and have him make me forget it all… like it never happened… "You can do anything you like to me… anything you feel like I deserve in exchange for what I did to you." It was a loaded offer, of course There were things to consider that made it more complex than it seemed to be at first, viewed on the surface. The doctor compelled Rissa to do what she did, and anything that Luzy now did in retribution would be her own actions. Rissa was betting that Luzy would feel that. "You can leave me alone…" "And what? Live with the guilt of losing you again?" That shut me up. I didn't want to hurt her. I didn't want her to be miserable. I didn't even want her to be upset! I just… wanted not to be here. I just wanted to disappear. Was that really so bad…? "…you know that Kriss had left the building, when it was on fire? Her and I both… and she went back to get you.. even though it was falling apart around her. She came back for you, she gave you the chance to live. Don't you even want to try? To make an honest chance at making that life worth something?" It wasn't a guilt thing, it was more like something that maybe Luzy hadn't considered. "I'm gonna sit with Luzy for a spell, Rissa. Miss Nora would like to see you." Speak of the devil. Rissa left the room, leaving me alone with Kriss. I remembered Kriss so vividly now, where I didn't remember her before. I hated how fractured it was. I hated that nothing was making sense, even though everything should of, now. Nothing was getting better. Nothing ever would, again…
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    Part 17 We pulled into the parking lot of the Target, April's usual go-to shopping spot. We still needed to pick up a "Littlewarming" gift for Lisa. We had been out much longer than usual with the extra trip though, and I had an uncommon problem for us. "Um, April?" I called quietly, "My diaper is really wet and I need to go again... " April was a homebody, we didn't leave the house all that often. I wasn't even sure if we had spare diapers in the car. "Can that diaper make it until we get home?" "I'm not sure, it feels really squishy," I pressed on my crotch and felt a little liquid seep out of the padding inside the diaper, "I don't think so." "Well, that settles that - we're definitely getting a diaper bag today. This is two incidents today where it would have saved us a lot of trouble." The pressure in my bladder was building and I hadn't really tried to hold it in weeks now, I wasn't even sure I could. "They have a vending machine in the ladies' room that sells diapers here, let's go get you changed before you leak." "Okay... let's hurry, I'm not good at holding it now." "Oh my, you weren't kidding, you're soaked," April said as she picked me up out of the carrier and hurried towards the store, "I'm wishing I had you in a thicker diaper right now." "I like these," I pouted, feeling uncertain. I'd never been changed in public before and I wasn't terribly thrilled at the idea. A big benefit of April being a homebody was the privacy. We hurried into the store and went straight for the restroom, which was right at the front. There were a couple of other ladies in the restroom, one changing a very messy Little girl who was sobbing quietly around a pacifier. April walked to the vending machine... which was out of order. "Oh no!" she huffed, "Today has just been the worst day!" "What's wrong?" a nice-looking Amazon "mommy" asked April. She was wearing a dark colored dress with a floral print, and she had a pretty beaded necklace on. She was washing her hands, standing next to a stroller with an unconscious Little boy in it. "Oh, the machine's broken." "Yes, and Kimmy was so upset this morning that I walked out the door without the diaper bag and she's positively soaked... " "Um, mommy... " I said softly, as I felt my bladder release a trickle. I was losing this battle. "I'm peeing... " "Here," the woman said and handed April a diaper that looked much too big, "James is bigger than your Little. Put this one on over her soaked diaper before it leaks." "Thank you!" April took the big diaper from the nice lady and laid me down on an open changing table. I could feel the diaper squish underneath me on the hard changing table. April lifted my dress and slid the clean diaper underneath me... and taped the bigger clean diaper on right over the soaking one. I blushed heavily, the bulk of this double-diaper was thicker than the crawler diaper the LittleGarden had put me in and I felt ridiculous. "You are a lifesaver," April said to the lady, picking me back up. I finally lost the battle and felt myself flooding the over-saturated diaper I had on, and I felt it leak into the clean one. April sensed me getting upset and popped my pacifier between my lips, "I'm April and this is Kimmy. Can we buy you a cup of coffee in thanks?" "I'd like that," she said, "I'm Julie and this little guy is James." "He's what, 18 months?" "Good guess, 19. I have myself a handful. He will climb anything if you turn your back on him for an instant. He's a good boy though, I'm happy to have him. Yours is what, 9 months?" "Dis many," I held out both my hands and showed my fingers. My legs were spread far apart by the double-diaper... I bet the extra padding would make me fit up front in a cart. "Oh, well then," Julie laughed, "didn't mean to short you a month, you little silly. She's a funny one, I bet she keeps you very busy." "Oh, she does," April laughed along with her. The four of us went to the coffee shop that was built in to the front of the store, I was set in a highchair next to James' stroller. Julie sat with us Littles while April went and ordered the coffee. The double diaper felt pretty uncomfortable in the simple highchair.. it had no tray, it was just a tall wooden stool with a spot to thread my legs through I wasn't about to complain though, it was better than leaking everywhere and getting my dress all yucky. Julie was staring very closely at my eyes.. by the time April got back, it was starting to make me a little uncomfortable. The smell of the Amazon-strength coffee hit me as April delivered the two cups and sat down. "Your Little is very cute, April. Her eyes are very bright, has she been fighting off the regression formula?" "Oh, I don't believe in giving Kimmy any regression formula," April said. Her spine had gone completely straight. "Really! She's so cheerful, I figured for sure you had her regressed," Julie laughed, completely oblivious to April's discomfort, "I keep James on a heavy dose, it makes him so much more pleasant. If he misses two days in a row, it's all complaining about needing to get back to his 'business'. I guess I'm just old fashioned. I'm not as bad as my friends back home though, their customs wouldn't even be welcome on this island." "Oh, you're not from around here?" April asked, "Which island are you from? What brought you here to Albion?" "My husband is a food scientist - we're from Catalon originally. Your island spends so much on food research for Littles, figuring out what they like and what they don't like... it's my husband's passion so here we are. On Catalon, the flavor of what you fed your Little didn't matter, as long as they were healthy. It's funny how different things can be from island to island!" I was staying purposefully silent, I didn't want this woman's attention on me. April had stiffened visibly when she said 'Catalon', I figured I probably didn't want to know. I just had to wait for April to get us out of this conversation. "Your Little is so cute already, I bet she'd be absolutely adorable on a light dose!" "Kimmy is cute because she is clever, I don't want to dull that at all. I love her just the way she is." "Oh, of course you do honey - I just think you should keep an open mind." "I'll give it some thought. Thank you very much for the save back in the ladies' room - Kimmy and I are shopping for a Littlewarming present for a friend, we'd better get back to it. You have a great day!" "Absolutely," Julie smiled, not noticing April's rapid retreat, "Thanks for the coffee, it was nice meeting you." -- "What a day," April sighed, booping my nose where I sat in the carrier built in to the front of the cart. I smiled, I got to stare into April's eyes as we shopped, it was pretty fantastic. A big puffy, pink and purple diaper bag was in the cart. April wasn't really happy about that, but after the day she'd had.. I knew she didn't ever want a repeat. I felt guilty for causing a fuss in the other store, but she had said it wasn't my fault. We had decided on a pink unicorn sleepsack since Melanie liked being swaddled - it had internal sleeves that were sewn to the body. Once a Little was zipped up in this, they wouldn't be able to move at all.. and they'd look like their head was poking out of the neck of a cute pink unicorn! They'd be a Little-stuffed stuffie! The tail hid a zipper for a drop seat, so Lisa could change Melanie without pulling her out of the suit. It would have been a torture device if April had gotten it for me, but I just knew that Melanie would love it. I had suggested we get Melanie a pack of the super fancy, extra-extra thick girly diapers. They were a soft pink, and they actually had butt ruffles and lace on the disposable diaper. Once again, I thought it was silly but I had a feeling that Melanie would absolutely love it. We also got her a little purple kitten stuffed toy, which I had named Duchess Fuzzbutt. Mellie would probably rename it, but that was definitely the name I was going to use when we gave it to her. "Let's get you home and into a fresh diaper, Kimmy - that doesn't look comfortable." "It's not," I shrugged, "but I'm your Little and diapers are part of the deal." April looked at me quizzically - she didn't look like she was sure how to feel about that one. "I mean, I'm getting used to them. Even the thick ones. It's not so bad... the best part is," I smiled shyly, "how much you love me when you change me." April lit up at that, a big smile spread across her face. I hoped that a good end would erase some of the bad of the day.
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    66.) "You must be Kriss. It's so nice to meet you at last — I've heard so much about you." Nora smiled, peering over the girl’s shoulder at Luzy, who was following just behind, and holding her hand. "You must think terrible things of me." "To the contrary — I think only the remarkable. You redeemed yourself, you saved lives." "Well…" Kriss squeezed Luzy's hand. "I'd like to see Rissa now, if that's okay?" "Of course. She's in her room, and we'll all go see her together, the three of us." I didn't want to be here. I mean, I felt better, knowing she wasn't interested in Nora that way. That Kriss wasn't going to exploit it. But the reuniting… I didn't feel like I was a part of it. I just babysat a couple times. Still, I supposed, this was thanks to me. I could deal with it. I could… try to help. The bedroom was the powder blue one, not the one with the cribs — Ister knew that it wasn't her room, but upon lengthy deliberation, Nora had decided that given the fallout this might well spark with Luzy, that room would be the best possible place to be. The door opened, and Ister was sitting on the edge of the bed in a onesie, her diaper bulge visible, the pacifier covering her lips, and her hair in pigtails. Nora entered first, and then Luzy… and then, behind the two of them… Kriss. "Hello Ister." The name was unfamiliar to her tongue, but she heeded the caution given by Luzy, and smiled. Immediately, Ister got to her feet and ran across the room, throwing her arms around the girl tight as could be, leaving both Nora and Luzy to watch in astonishment. Ister was crying. She couldn't help it, I guess. I didn't blame her. If I had been reunited with Koi or something I'd cry too. But I was crying. I didn't even realize it. I wiped my eyes and looked down at the tears on my hands, mystified. I didn't get it… Kriss reached into her pocket and took out the locket that she'd gotten back from Luzy, then reached behind Ister's neck and fastened it with a small smile, adjusting it into place. "I thought… I thought you died… I thought," Ister rubbed her eyes over and over again, but the tears kept coming. "I thought I was all alone, and I know that Cana died and… and I thought you did, and that Luzy did.” Evidently, the fact that Luzy was listening slipped Ister's mind in the emotional display. "I thought I was going to be alone forever…" "I got out, I'm okay, and I was so worried about you, Ris… Ister. I was worried about everybody…" I didn't want to ruin the moment. I just didn't feel well. They both hugged, they cried, contrasting so much in appearance. I couldn't breathe right. "E-excuse me," I muttered, and stepped out of the room. I didn't make it halfway down the hall before running into Koi. "You alright?" "F-fine… uh… just gotta use the bathroom..." Koi nodded her head, and when they got to the bathroom, she followed the girl inside. Luzy looked at her in exacerbation, and Koi smiled simply. "I'll turn around. You just have that look on your face so I'm not going to leave you alone in case you want to do something really silly. So you can tinkle while I'm in here, or I'm sure there are more of those cute diapers around here." "Don't be stupid," I said a little too harshly. I didn't know why I said it. She was just being playful. That's how Koi was. I sighed and shook my head. "Sorry. Sorry… I just don't feel well…" I should be happy for Ister. Why did I have to get all sick-feely now? "Maybe we should go - give those two some privacy…” Nora had mentioned this could happen, that Luzy might try to run — maybe it was why she'd let her leave the room in the first place. Koi smiled, not belaying the warning, and took her best friend by the hands. "I'll come with you, okay? I think it would mean a lot to Ister if you were there, because this could be the day she gets to go home, and she really likes you a lot." "We're not even that close," I muttered, wiping more tears from my cheeks with my shoulder. Koi, though, took me by the hand and led me out of the bathroom. I didn't feel well… "They probably want alone time…" "Nora is in there." "…but they…" "It's important." Koi reminded Luzy simply, reassuringly, and kissed her on the forehead — awkward, given she was so much shorter — before turning back to the door to the bedroom that Luzy had hurried out of. "Hold my hand, and if you get nervous or scared, squeeze it, okay?" This could be it… this could be the most important day in Luzy's life. Koi steeled herself and smiled confidently. "No matter what happens, you're going to be okay. I promise." "What happened? How did you…" "It's not important." "Like hell it's not important!" "Ister." "Sorry, Mommy…" A blush came over her cheeks at the automatic response and she looked down at her feet. Kriss laughed a little bit. I stayed in the corner with Koi's hand in mine. I really shouldn't be here for this… Kriss took a deep breath and smiled at Ister, putting the back of her hand against the girl’s cheek as she leaned into it, nuzzling like a kitten. "Ister… the past happened, and we can't hide from that, but as long as we know that it happened and it's okay and it doesn't stop the future from happening, everything is okay." “Uhhuh…" Ister looked down at the pendant around her neck and bit her lip, shifting from foot to foot, before she turned her glance to Luzy, and then back to Kriss. "Luzy is still hiding…" I blinked at my name, looking at the two girls. They both looked my way. Ister with a frown of concern. Kriss with a fake smile. My chest hurt even more, and with Koi's hand in mine, I squeezed it. I didn't like this. Why was I here? I just wanted to go home… "Luzy, come here, please." Nora smiled, looking at the girl, at Koi, and at the pair by the bed. Ister and Kriss shared anxious smiles, and waited for Luzy to approach. Koi squeezed her hand reassuringly, and that left Luzy there in the ocean of the room, the decision upon which port to sail to left entirely up to her. "There's a secret I wanna tell you." "The best one ever, we promise." "Okay," I muttered, looking at both the girls, and then up at Nora. I could feel my heart racing in my chest. I couldn't make sense of this. I couldn't even figure out why we were still here! Ister seemed better. We could go home now, right? I needed to calm down... "Luzy… my name is Rissa." It felt nice to say, felt nice to own that name again, that name left behind on the other side of the hole. Now, just like that, on this side. "Once upon a time, the three of us lived together." "With another girl, Cana. You saw a photo of her at my house, you remember that she was familiar?" "Something horrible happened, and we all broke away from each other, and from ourselves… you don't remember… so I know this seems crazy…" Kriss took one of Luzy’s hands, as Rissa took the other, and the two of them smiled. "Some things you see, some things you hear… you get this faraway look on your face, like you recognize them, like maybe from a dream. Like when… I say wither or bloom." "You don't let yourself remember, but the memories are still there." "…I'm sorry, but…" I didn't feel well. I was going to be sick. I felt my chest hurt in a way I'd never felt, so much worse than it had recently, and it took all the energy I had not to curl over in a ball, just to keep standing. "I think you're mistaken." "You met a doctor, a charming man with blonde hair, and a smile that made you feel like you could just follow his every word." "His voice was sweet, and warm, and every time he spoke it felt like butter was running into your ears." "He promised you so many things, promised to help you, to make it so you could be happy… because you had something making you sad…" "Your friend found you enjoying something harmless, innocent, sweet and cute… and you felt shame… you went to see him… " I pulled my hands away from both the girls, looking from them to Nora, to Koi. They just watched me. What was this? A game? I shook my head. "I'm sorry, but you're wrong. I never…" I mean, I did. I mean, they did describe the doctor right… and I did see him because Koi walked in on me… but that didn't mean… "L-listen, all that's over with. I'm better now…" Koi didn't know this. I didn't want to talk about this… In the end, it was going to be Kriss who was crucial to all of this, Kriss who knew the order of events, irrefutably. Kriss who was the key, and Rissa who provided the venue. "He created a sub-self of you, Daddy did. Her name is Little Luzy." The anger washed over Luzy’s face, her instinct to react, and Kriss quickly answered. "You're supposed to get mad when someone other than him says that name, to react aggressively, because after a few times, even someone else’s words brings her out. The perfect you he created." "He was a hypnotherapist," Rissa finally contributed, reaching for Luzy’s hand again. "Someone who you gave write-access to your brain, and he covered his tracks…" I pulled my hand away again, looking at the two girls in frustration. They were joking, right? This is such bullshit. "I'm not who you think I am, okay? I'm not this… hypnosis girl or whatever. So just shut the fuck up, alright?" I turned to storm out, but Nora stepped in front of me. I pushed her away, but ultimately, I knew how little that would matter. "You can't keep me here," my tone shaking in anger. "You went missing for months, Luzy, and then you showed up in a different state with no idea how you got there. The hospital called me, remember?" "You've been having blackouts. When someone says that name, a few times, pushes through your anger, you become her…" "Little Luzy." "Little Luzy." "Little Luzy" "Little Luzy." The words rang into Luzy’s ear. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT-" Koi took my hand in hers and I felt tears on my cheeks. I was trembling. I couldn't do this… not now… please, not now… "Please… shut up… please no more… please, please, please…" I couldn't stop crying. I didn't even know why! I just… I just… wanted them all to stop... "He broke who you were, Little Luzy, and like a bone a break without a splint heals wrong!" The impassioned plea came from Rissa, of all the people, her hole was finally solidified, her-self so close to complete — the guilt and what remained would flush away with this moment of redemption. "Little Luzy, Little Luzy, Little Luzy!" "Please don't," I cried, sobbing into Koi's shoulder. I couldn't move. I couldn't think. My head was spinning. Everything was spinning. Too many words. Too much… too much… and everything was quiet. For a second. I thought maybe I died. But everyone was still here. I still felt Koi. But I dare not open my eyes… "N-no more… p-please…" "I promise I'll keep you safe… I promise, I'll make sure that you're never lonely or scared." Koi was whispering into her ear, as she played fingers through her hair. "They're being truthful… you were hurt, Luzy… hurt so bad, too bad to remember, too bad to recover from on your own… they're going to help." "It hurts," I muttered. Real acknowledgement, said out loud. I was in so much pain… "It hurts so much… please no more… please make it go away again… please…" Everything was still so quiet. Everyone was quiet. Maybe they were afraid. Maybe I was just drowning it out. I didn't know. But I wasn't standing. I felt like I was floating. For now. Gravity would kick in… "I know baby, I know… that's why you hid it… but you don't have to hide it anymore, there's a way to make the pain go away without losing part of who you are." "Luzy, we love you." "We do! Us, and Koi, and Miss Nora, too." It was the first time that Ister hadn't jumped to Mommy as a term, a notable sign of her impending salvation. "We can wear corsets and suck on sippy cups together, and watch endless episodes of bad TV shows… you just have to trust us, trust your friends, trust Miss Nora. She can help." Gravity. "N-no…" I hesitated, and pushed Koi away from me. I opened my eyes to the brightness of the room. It was brighter than I remembered. I was going to throw up. But right now was… strange. I was in-between. I remembered. But I didn't. Not whole. Just… lost. I stood in the middle of them all and I screamed. "I don't want it! I AM FINE! I DON'T WANT IT! STOP RUINING IT!" "I told you that you could wither or you could bloom, Luzy. You're withering… you're losing your petals, you're letting them fall away from you. But it's not too late…" Nora stepped toward Luzy, closer even as she backed up against the wall, and smiled warmly, maternally, brushing her errant bangs from her eyes once she came close enough. "I'm going to make the pain go away, Luzy. I'm going to make the pain go, but the memories stay. And you're going to be whole again, you only need to ask me." "Please, Luzy…" "I AM HAPPY AND YOU ARE RUINING IT! YOU'RE TRYING TO MAKE IT BAD AGAIN BECAUSE I DID IT AND I GOT AWAY AND YOU ARE MAKING IT BAD! YOU ARE MAKING IT SO BAD!" Tears poured down my cheeks while the four in the room watched me. This wasn't about me. It wasn't supposed to be about me. I tried to rationalize. All had good reason. Koi wanted to get rid of me. Ister wanted out of here. Nora needed a replacement. Kriss doesn't even like me. Logical. But none of it explained the knowing. The knowing, in my head, they were right. I just wanted things to stay this way forever. I didn't want to break it... "I love you so much, Luzy. You're my best friend, why do you think I pushed so hard to stay in your life when you pushed everybody else away?" Koi's words were bright, cheerful, not depressed, not saddened by the outburst and display. "You remember the day he left, the day he found that new girl, the day of the fire. You remember that he didn't care." "He made us believe that only he could care about us, that we were useless otherwise." "But we're not! Nora taught me that, she taught me that other people can care. That we're not trash." "That Daddy is replaceable…" And that was the crux of this, that was the most important thing… Kriss knew the words. Knew what to say. She'd stayed quiet for a moment until those, and she finally said it. "Daddy is dead." Those words were the antithesis to the mantra, the key to the lock he placed in the girls, in Luzy, in Cana… a key he only put in place out of moral conflict, conflict that he would lose connection with before he left, finally toppling over the edge of oblivion. "Daddy is dead, and I love you." "Daddy is dead, and I love you." Koi looked at the girls and joined the mantra. "Daddy is dead, and I love you." And finally, Nora. "Daddy is dead, and I love you." I slipped to the floor of the room, sitting with my knees to my chest. I just stared, shaking my head, just slightly. But it hurt. Everything hurt. I couldn't think straight. All the feelings, the notions, the memories, the… the regret… the pain… it came back. And nothing could save me now… The girls circled Luzy, each sitting down around here, Koi to her left, then Luzy, then Nora, then Kriss. She trembled as they sat, and each of them put hands on her skin, each touched her if only to reaffirm that she was alive. Only Nora spoke, though. Only Nora's words knew how to reach her. "You're at the top of the abyss, looking down, looking down at all your pain, all your memories, all your fear… and turning away won't make that hole go away… but you can learn to shrink it down, to make it smaller, to know that everything happened, but not to be hurt by it anymore." I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't find any words. I didn't know why - maybe I thought the words would stop me. I had never felt so horrible in my entire life. I had never felt so… scared. I just wanted it to end. I wanted it all to go away. "…I think I'm going to throw up…" I stumbled up, past the girls, and ran down the hallway. Sure enough, as I made it into the bathroom, I threw up into the toilet.
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    We were just struck by inspiration this week. So another chapter to make up for that loooong hiatus. This one is a doozy too. I hope you all like it! Chapter 9 Diana: I sit, cross legged on my bed, reclined against a pillow propped up against the headboard, with a book in my lap. I turn the page casually, enjoying the peaceful quiet the activity brings me. It’s been quiet all afternoon, with Eva lying down for her usual midday nap, and Clara out with Andrea. She’d informed a little last minute of the lunch date she’d arranged with her other Amazon friend, but I didn’t actually mind this time. I met Andrea not too long ago. She’d come upon hearing Clara was moving in permanently, to meet me and threaten against me doing anything to hurt or upset the Little she is clearly quiet close to. While the meeting may have been an annoyance, in thankfully removed the thorn in my side that had been bothering me for quite some time. Andrea genuinely had no interest in claiming Clara, meaning I could stop worrying about her as a potential threat. Instead, I don’t care much that Clara goes out with her. It keeps the girl happy about maintaining her independence, and ensures that there’s someone looking out for her so nothing can happen when I’m not around. I glance at the clock on the bedside table, frown when I note that it’s rapidly approaching the time I’d start contemplating food. Clara didn’t give any indication as to when she’d be back and I’m regretting not pressing her for the information. As if summoned by my thoughts, I can hear the front door open downstairs, but I frown when I then hear it slam shut. Seconds later, Clara’s voice, now high pitched and laced with something a little past fear. “Diana?” she calls out. I close my book and set it aside. “Upstairs, Clara,” I call back. I slip off the bed, concerned, and make my way out of the room. Clara, having clearly been running, and still in her coat, has made it to the top of the stairs by then. I pause a moment to glance over her. Her violet hair is streaked out in all directions, her face pale, chest heaving as though she’d been running a long distance. Her eyes are wide, a wild, hunted look in them reminds me of a cornered animal with nowhere to go and no way to fight. “Clara, what’s wrong? What happened?” She doesn’t reply right away, still fighting for her breath. Then, she sinks to her knees, dropping her head into her hands, and shudders. “It went wrong, it went so wrong. Diana, I don’t know what to do.” I crouch down on the floor next to her, placing a hand on her back. “Clara, I want to help, but I can’t do anything until you tell me what’s wrong.” She glances up at me, tears springing into her eyes and spilling over to roll down her cheeks. She hiccups softly and leans into me. The motion surprises me. While she’s long since trusted me completely, she rarely engages this sort of contact randomly. “I-I didn’t know. We couldn’t have known...but he did.” “Who?” “The governor,” Clara croaks out, her voice a low moan. I feel my heart skip a beat. Governor Shrell is not someone I ever wanted Clara to have contact with again unless she was safely in my arms, and even then I wanted it limited. Last time they interacted, she’d been standoffish and angry, and I’m almost terrified to ask what happened that has her whimpering and quivering now. “Clara, I need you to tell me what happened please. What did he know?” “That we were going to be there. He was ready, somehow…” she pauses again and I’m almost ready to prompt a further answer from her when she brings a hand up to rub at her nose and forces herself to continue. “There was a...a rally today. We’d been planning for months. He was having a big stupid birthday party for one of his Littles. Humiliating and flaunting them more like. It was supposed to be perfect. The press was going to be there, all the corrupt powerful Amazons. We’d been collecting data, information about his scandalous and less than legal activities. Planned to out him on all his twisted ways...but he knew somehow, he was ready. He had the police there and everything...I don’t even know if anyone else got away. I’m such a coward, I should have stayed...but when the started rounding us up...I panicked and ran.” I’m stunned into silence for a long moment before I finally shake myself from my daze. “I thought you were going out to lunch with Andrea?” Clara shakes her head. “I-I lied...I’m sorry, Diana. I just thought you would try to talk me out of it.” “Of course I would have. Clara, you have a very tiny organization...you have nowhere near the masses or leverage to take on the governor’s cabinet,” I point out. My heart is beating frantically. I knew he was having a party today, but I’d declined the invitation. Politely of course, but I hadn’t wanted to upset Clara by attending, and had felt little desire to anyways. “I’m sorry. Diana, he was so mad. Shouting about etiquette school and putting an end to Little rebellions. He saw me, I know he did. He’s going to come for me...you have to help me, Diana, please,” she begs, staring at me with a look so desperate, it breaks my heart. I take a deep breath, blow it out slowly, and run my hands through my hair. “Okay. It’s okay. Just calm down and we’ll figure something out. I knew he was having a party...and it’s June, which means it was Lacey’s. He won’t claim to partake in favoritism, but she’s definitely his favorite.” I break off to curse loudly, seeming to startle Clara. She continues to stare at me with large, tear filled eyes. I’ve never once cussed in front of her, not that I make a point of doing so often at all, but it clearly seems to bring a new gravity to the situation for her, and she begins to shake again. I squeeze her shoulder in an attempt to reassure her. “It won’t take him long to find your apartment, and even less time to figure out where you went after. I’d say we have a few days at best.” “Do I have to leave the country?” she murmurs. I shake my head. “That’s not an option. You know that Littles can’t leave the country unattended. You would have a struggle crossing state lines without supervision, and you know that if he wants you bad enough to track you down, it doesn’t really matter where you go.” Clara’s face scrunches up, the last sliver of hope fading from her eyes, and she bows her head. I pull her into a tight hug, trying my best to keep her calm. “There is one thing that might work,” I mutter, displeased that after everything, this is how it’s going to go down. “But you’re not going to like it. Not even a little bit.” “What?” Clara demands. “Diana, anything’s better than etiquette school, right?” I take a deep breath. “Well, you’re a Little, which means you’ll always be considered a minor. As an unclaimed Little, you’re technically viewed as a ward of the state, which means that Shrell can act however he decides when it comes to punishing you. However, if you were claimed, then his hold on you would be significantly diminished, because you’d have a guardian instead.” The realization of where I’m going with this seems to dawn on Clara and her already impossibly wide eyes get even larger, her pale skin going ashen as the last of the color drains from her face. She scrambles back from me a bit in a motion that hurts more than I ever thought it could. She shakes her head. “You don’t mean that I...No! I can’t. Diana, I-” I hold up a hand to silence her. “Let me finish. You know that I only want to help. Now I promise you, I will swear on anything you like, that I would not suggest it, if I could think of a viable solution that had even a remote chance of succeeding. But I don’t think there’s a scenario that gets you out of this unpadded,” I explain gently. “Now just calm down for a second and I’ll tell you what I have in mind.” She swallows thickly and nods, but doesn’t move closer. I sigh, but decide to take what I can get. “The governor, from I’ve gathered, doesn’t like you. You’ve always been a nuisance, a thorn in his side stirring up trouble. But you’ve crossed a line and become a genuine threat, so he wants you dealt with, out of the way and no longer a potential problem. He wants you put in your place, so to speak. There’s no doubt about that. Now if when he finally catches up with us and walks through that door to see you in that place, it is likely to shock him enough to dissipate some of his anger. You’ve been living here for almost a month anyways, he’ll buy it, and might just accept it. I’ll see what I can do for your friends as well, but I want you safe first. I know it’s a lot, but you know that I would never hurt or abuse you, right? We’ll play the part, but it’s still you and me, Clara. We’ll still be friends, you’ll still have a voice, a say, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you’re happy. You know that.” Clara’s begun to shake again. “But you would be my mommy, right.” It’s more of a statement than a question, and her tone is bitter. I shrug. “I don’t know what else to do, Clara. I won’t watch him cart you off to an etiquette school. I know that you’ve fought to remain out of diapers, and you’ve done so well, but Clara, this is the better of two real options that you have. And you know that it won’t change my opinion of you right?” Clara takes a deep breath. “I know...but I can’t, Diana. There has to be another way.” “I don’t think there is, Clara. I’m so sorry. I wish I knew what else to do. If there was a third option, you know I’d help you go for it, no questions asked,” I state firmly, surprising myself by realizing it’s completely true. This was not what I wanted, how I wanted to finally accomplish having her in my arms, and I probably would sacrifice having her for her happiness. But it’s no longer an option. Misery shines in Clara’s eyes and she doesn’t reply right away, so I do it for her. “Hey, we’ll take it slow, okay? I’m not going to strip all your freedoms from you, or thrust everything on you at once. Let’s just take it one step at a time, okay?” I watch her closely, every quiver of her body as she breathes, the terror in her eyes as it slowly fades to a distraught acceptance. She slumps and nods, chewing on her lip. “Okay,” she caves. I don’t speak, not wanting to upset her again, and instead extend a hand towards her. She looks up and stares at me for a long moment before forcing a half smile. Her tiny hand extends to take mine, curling around my fingers. I help her to her feet and lead her back into my room, since it’s the closest. I help her up onto the bed. “We need to get you dressed,” I state. “But that’s all we’ll worry about tonight. I promise.” “Does that include the...the um…” “The diaper?” I finish. She nods. “Yes. The sooner we get it out of the way, the sooner you can adjust.” I watch despair cross her face once more, but she surprisingly doesn’t argue. I give her hand a gentle squeeze before turning to leave the room. “Diana?” she whimpers. I turn back to see what she needs. She licks her lips and hesitates. “Not a dress, okay? Anything but that. I don’t want to see it, or know others can.” I smile softly and nod. “I think we can make that work. I’ll be right back, alright? Stay here.” True to my word, I return only a few minutes later with a diaper and a folded up yellow overalls outfit. I set the latter down on the bed before extending the former out towards her. She cringes and shies away. “Do you want to do it?” I ask. “I can if you need me to, but if you’d rather, that’s fine too.” After a long moment, the Little reaches out to take it, her hands shaking terribly, as if she’s expecting it to bite her. She holds it for all of three seconds before dropping it and shaking her head. “I can’t.” I take a seat on the bed beside her, one hand moving to rub her back. “I know it’s hard, but it’s going to be alright. I can do it, then. Just take a few deep breaths, lean back, and try to relax; I’m not going to hurt you or rush you.” I sit patiently and silently as I wait for her to get herself under control. It takes her several minutes to finally seem to work enough courage up to actually lie back. I give her another minute before moving. I gently tease her jeans off, watching her face turn bright red as I do. When I reach for her panties next, she closes her eyes and covers them with her hands. These I remove quickly, not wanting to torment her with it. Unfurling the diaper, I lay it out on the bed and, after gently lifting her legs, slide it underneath her. She makes a small noise, a squeak, though of protest or misery I can’t quite tell. I don’t intend to make her use them right away, so I don’t bother making her endure powder and lotion, instead just pulling up the front and taping it down. “There,” I say. “Finished.” Clara doesn’t move her hands away from her face, but I can see tears pooling out from beneath her fingers. I know she needs a moment, so I help her down off the bed and hand her the outfit. “Why don’t I go make us some hot chocolate while you get dressed? We can watch a movie or something, and I’ll make us some comfort food for dinner, okay?” She nods softly, scuffing her foot on the carpeted floor. “Thank you,” she murmurs. When I return with two mugs of hot chocolate, I’m greeted by a shocking sight. Clara’s facing away from the door, and thus doesn’t notice me, but her legs are spread by the diaper and she hunched over trying to tug the overalls up over her diaper. A task she seems to be failing at, and seconds later a startled squeal leaves her as she loses her balance and tumbles back onto her butt. I set the mugs aside on the dresser and move to help her up. “Here, let me give you a hand,” I offer. She’s already got the shirt on, and just needs the overalls pulled up. “Lean against me,” I instruct gently as I take the pants and tug them up over the diaper in one fluid motion. I adjust the straps on her shoulders before stepping back. “There. Any better?” I take a few moments to appreciate the image before me as Clara shyly looks up at me with flushed cheeks. It takes every ounce of my strength not to scoop her up into my arms right then and there as she practically glows before me like a tiny, adorable yellow sun in those childish overalls. The overalls themselves are intentionally conservative but with a few babyish features I simply can’t resist appreciating. Bright pink stitchings of diaper pins adorn the fabric near the fasteners at the shoulders and small bits of lace flair out at the arm cuffs and the ankles. The crotch and the seat of the overalls bulge noticeably with the somewhat heavy thickness of the padding underneath. I take a few moments more to just soak it into my memory completely, like admiring a painting. “I feel ridiculous,” Clara murmurs. “I look ridiculous too.” I shake my head. “No, you don’t. I know it will take some time to adjust, but it really doesn’t look so bad on you. Now come on, let’s go downstairs, and watch a movie and enjoy our hot chocolates, and not worry any more about this stuff for tonight.” “Okay,” she agrees softly. She takes a few shaky steps towards the door only to stumble and fall back onto her padding again. With a growl of frustration, she picks herself up and tries again, this time ending up pitching forward and landing on the carpet face first. I suppress a chuckle and move to help her up. “This thing is too thick,” she complains, sounding close to tears again. “It’s going to take you some time to adjust,” I soothe. “Here, tell you what; I don’t really want you trying to take the stairs anyways, so I’m going to carry you,” I inform her, gently scooping her up, which steals another squeak from her. I settle her on my hip and hand her one of the mugs. “You carry this, okay?” She nods glumly and makes no motion to reply. I hug her just a little tighter to me, trying to reassure her as best I can, and I can’t stop the joy that blossoms in my heart at having her in my arms. It may not have come about how I would have liked, and it may be one of the worst possible situations we could be in, but she’s finally right where she belongs, and while I need to take it slow, I can finally loosen the reigns on my desires. I rub her back, tilting my head to rest my cheek on the crown of her silky violet hair, and simply stand there for a moment, basking in how adorable and perfect she is. “Let’s go watch our movie,” I decide after a minute, breaking the silence and leaving the bedroom behind, looking forward now more than ever, to cuddling up with her to watch a film.
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    Thank you everyone for your comments, I really do appreciate them! They help out immensely in motivating me to keep ahead of this! I'm currently two-and-a-half pages into Chapter 15, so I'm still well ahead of my postings! Due to having some work over the weekend tomorrow night and Saturday night I'm posting early with this chapter. I'll give everyone a bonus posting on Sunday, so keep an eye out for it! Hope you enjoy! Chapter 4: I WOKE UP to the sound of someone doing a really poor job of sneaking around. “Shhh, she’s sleeping!” Amanda scolded. “Probably only because you made her,” the voice hissed back. “Oh my god she is so adorable.” “Umm thanks,” I told the voice as I opened my eyes and looked at a shorter version of Amanda. She squealed, “Can I pick her up?” “Yes,” Amanda said, “just be careful…” “I will,” she said the strange giant grabbed for me and released me from the quilt. I felt her finger quickly check my diaper and I blushed. “All dry!” “Well, we’ll have to fix that soon, huh?” Amanda said to me with a smirk. “Ignore her, she’s just grouchy cause someone else is holding you. I’m your Auntie Megan by the way,” she told me with a smile. I sighed in relief, “Thank god, I was worried it was…” I caught myself. “Chloe?” She shuddered, “Yeah, I think that would be a bad nightmare to wake up to her face. You haven’t told Chloe about Stacy yet, have you?” She asked her. “Not yet. I haven’t even told Mom yet,” she added. “Just me, your baby sister?” She asked with a smile as she held me in her arms like an infant and I could just make out both of their faces by going back and forth with my eyes and head. “Well duh, you’re the only sane one in the bunch. You’re probably thinking about how you could sue me for taking a free little…” She seemed to be joking. “Well if she was free and didn’t invite you to adopt her…” “Yes I know the law sis. In this case we actually have that contract you saw.” “Interesting contract too. What did your lawyer say about it?” She asked. “In theory it’s legally binding that we return her after college. But he did mention that there were probably a dozen loopholes around it if we just wanted to keep her for ourselves,” she smiled kindly at the suddenly wide eyes I made at her, “but we’re not intending on that!” “Good, I will come back and take you on myself if you or anyone abuse this cutie! I won’t let her become another Kacey…” she said sadly before saying, “So Stacy, tell me about yourself,” she said as I was carried downstairs to the couch where she sat me in her lap facing her. “Well, I came here a couple years ago…” I told her all about why I was insane enough to come and she was good about listening to me. “So anyway, it seemed safest to go ahead and have I guess foster parents instead of risking whatever else came up out of the dorms.” “That’s very smart of you,” she told me, “I’ve had a few littles in the last couple semesters of my classes - I’m going to be a junior by the way - that have all ended up disappearing to etiquette schools… Sadly it’s like a matter of time for every one of them. Last week they introduced a bill in the Senate to make it permissible for the first person to put a hand on a little that comes to this dimension to be their guardian.” “So…” “Yes, yesterday that lady would have become your guardian…” Amanda said with a catch in her voice. “Anyone coming through the portal?” “There’s still a diplomatic clause in effect for the tour groups, but yeah, anyone else will be swept up into a nursery before they can say baba,” Megan said. “What was I thinking…?” I said aloud. “Well, two years ago when you visited it wasn’t as bad. There were some serious roads being made towards little’s rights then.” “What about my ability to be in college?” I asked Megan. She honestly seemed to understand the situation better than anyone. “Well your parents have decided they want you attending school. While every Amazon will think they’re nuts, they’re your parents and have full authority over you like any parent.” She said with a smirk, “same way they could enroll you into elementary, junior high, high school, or a regular pre-school and no one would bat an eye on those!” “Anything but junior high again…” I looked at Amanda pleadingly with a smile. “Don’t worry, you’re off to college young lady,” she smiled at me. “Speaking of which, I promised you a walk in your stroller, didn’t I?” “Umm… yes?” I said, not really caring about it. “Megan you want to come give her a tour of the campus?” She smiled brightly at me and said, “sure!” Megan checked my diaper and said, “Geeze Mandy, did you put her in a thick enough diaper?” “It’s cute!!!” She told her. “Seriously pop the snaps of her outfit and look at it, it’s adorable!” Megan looked at me sympathetically, “May I, she has me curious now?” I nodded and she wasted no time pulling my outfit apart and looking at the very pink and feminine diaper. She sighed, “I’m so glad I’m not a little, I would burn this…” I laughed, “You can still do that for me?” “Nah, she’s right, it is cute… on YOU. You haven’t even put a dent in that padding, do you feel like you need changed yet though?” She asked me. “No, I’m probably good. It could soak up half of the ocean I think…” She squeezed me tight, “I like you. I have dibs on you if my sister gets tired of you!” There was a bit of a circus that went on while Amanda grabbed a stroller she had stored in the car. My car seat carrier apparently connected into it normally, but so that I could see she just let me sit in the very oversized toddler seat. I was so small she could barely get the straps tight enough, and even then I could have slipped out if I wanted to! I watched as Megan filled a bottle of juice for me, while Amanda simultaneously stuffed a pacifier in my mouth, before handing me Elena to hold. I sighed as she started walking down the street and I learned quickly we were only a few blocks from the campus. “Look over there,” Megan said to me, “That’s the student union where we have a cafeteria, the bookstore, and some offices!” She was being cute with her voice in a way that made me think she was hiding my intelligence from the people we passed by. Many of those waved and cooed at me, but we were other wise allowed to walk by unmolested. The buildings with massive lecture halls were pointed out from the outside for me. Apparently the university prided itself on small class sizes, but still had four large lecture halls; the largest seated seven hundred students! They also took the time to point out the building that housed the computer and math departments that would be my home. The sisters decided to take a break midway through the campus and sat down on a bench with my stroller facing them. Amanda took the bottle of juice out of the diaper bag and replaced my pacifier with it. “So you’re keeping her on solid foods?” Megan asked. “We have no agreement on that in the contract, but I think to be kind yes,” she told both of us. “That is kind… and as long as you’re not using cloth diapers it doesn’t really matter what her poop is like, right?” I looked up inquisitively enough that she told me, “breastfed babies poop is water soluble, which means your poopy diapers could just be put in the washing machine and everything would dissolve!” I made a face at that and Amanda leaned forward to tickle me. Megan’s face changed as she looked at her and said, “Manda really? Already?” Her eyes appeared drawn to two spots that were similar to the one I’d seen earlier. She sighed, “Yes, and this is with pads in!” “You know most can only really deal with it in one way…” She nodded, “I don’t want to push something on Stacy that she doesn’t want…” “What’s going on?” I asked as I took the bottle nipple out of my mouth. I watched her look around to see if anyone else was around, she sighed and answered, “Most Amazon mothers have a really strong maternal instinct. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a cute little and I deal with leaking breasts for a week… I’m not surprised that a day with you and I’m leaking like a cow…” “Does it hurt?” I asked “What?” “Those?” I asked, as she seemed to hurriedly dig something discreetly out of the bag. I could see for a brief second they were pads that she swapped out some others that were already there for ones she bagged in a plastic bag. “No… but it would feel better if the milk was gone. I’ll have to buy a pump I guess to get rid of it…” “Or…” Megan said looking at me, “Somehow I don’t think Stacy would mind trying it…” “Well…” I put the bottle in my lap and squirmed in the stroller as I tried to think this through carefully… “I don’t know... I wouldn’t want to only eat it though…” I told her. “New deal?” She asked me. I sighed, “What?” I did my best to figure out what I had just implied. “If it’s not horrible to you, we do this three times a day? I’ll feed you real food all the time - not baby food - but that will keep me from doing this…” “And if I hate it?” “Then I’ll buy a pump and use it instead. Maybe another baby can drink it?” I thought back to that first woman I had seen when we came back and couldn’t deny there was a curiosity in my body from that. The very idea of it had been a thought of fantasy to me since then… “Deal,” I told her. There wasn’t a second of hesitation then for here as she unbuckled me from the seat and promptly revealed a gigantic orb of flesh that I had little idea of what to do with. Her nipple stuck out from the breast far enough that it would easily reach my back molars. ‘Nothing but to try it…’ I had just thought as her hand guided my head and open mouth to it. I really had no real idea what to do as my mouth tentatively rounded on her flesh. My tongue touched her nipple and discovered milk was already leaking out. It entered my mouth before I even suckled and I discovered that it didn’t taste bad at all! I gave her breast suckle like I did with a bottle, and was rewarded with a mouth of liquid that tasted far better than I believed it would! It was like an amazing vanilla shake or something. Before long I felt like the world was on standby as all I thought about was sucking more! After awhile it stopped coming and I became a little annoyed. A finger tickled my chin and Amanda said, “Let’s try the other one instead…” I felt like I was on some sort of insane drug or something as I found myself latched onto her other side. “I guess it must be pretty good,” Megan said next to her. Amanda sighed, “I guess so, we’ll see when she gets out of the milk coma what she really thinks.” “Yeah… I have a hard time after that reaction not thinking there’s something to be said about our milk being addictive.” I tuned most of the conversation out though as all I seemed to care about was getting the next gulp of milk. Before long I was actually feeling kind of full just before the last of this breast ran dry. “Hand me that cloth,” I heard Amanda tell Megan. “Here sis,” she said. “You didn’t burp her between breasts, I bet she spits up quite a bit…” “Yeah…” I suddenly became more aware of the world as I found my face being held to a cloth on her shoulder and my back gently patted. ‘This won’t work on me… will it?’ I thought just as a big belch issued from my lungs along with a bunch of milky spit up. “Eew…” I said aloud as my mouth felt kind of gross then. “It’s okay baby, that’s to be expected,” Amanda said as she gave me a loving squeeze. “Good thing we put you in that thick diapee, huh?” She told me then. “Huh?” I asked. “She’s still out of it…” “Think I should I change her here, or just wait?” “With how much she just drank she’ll keep going for a while I’d guess. You may have a stinker before long too…” I felt myself bounced up and down as my eyes felt sleepy. “We’ll just let her sleep it off then,” Amanda said as I felt myself buckled in, a pacifier slipped in my mouth, and then nothing. NEXT THING I knew I was laying in Megan’s lap with the news on TV. “Oh, so you decided to wake up, huh?” I looked at her confused but nodded. My diaper must have been changed because it felt like one of the ‘thinner’ Pampers again. “What happened?” I asked and spat out the pacifier that I was nursing. “Well my crazy sister exposed you to her psychotropic breast milk and then we decided to go party in the town. Before I knew it you were hanging on a chandelier daring some crazy twelve-foot tall lady to change your diaper before you shot her?” I laughed, “So it made me crazy?” “Not crazy per se, but definitely makes you zone out. Some of the littles groups have tried to make it illegal to feed littles the milk because it seems to have some side effects.” “What else?” “Well eventually you sort of crave it…” she hesitated, “I’ve seen research that it lowers resistance to suggestions and possibly may affect control of your toilet training.” “Great… So one hit and I’m an addict?” I asked. “No, probably not…” I saw it was only Megan, “What do you think I should tell her?” “You’re here for four years, right?” I nodded, “That’s the plan.” “Honestly neither of you has the self-control to not do it again; I say just go for it. Set a limit like you did and try and stick to it the best you can.” “Have you ever had that happen to you?” I asked her. She nodded, “Chloe’s littles caused it one time… You’ll probably do it to me too if I’m here much. I’m a sucker for cute princesses,” she said as she tickled my stomach a little. I groaned with the thought, “Umm… did…?” “Did I change your diaper and discover your secret?” She asked with a smile before answering, “Yes I did.” “And…?” “And… what?” “Well what do you think?” “Well it’s not like you have a say in the clothes you wear silly.” She told me. “My big sister is a nice girl, but she’s definitely going to want to play dress up with her doll!” She tickled my stomach a little more and blew a raspberry on my neck. I squirmed quite a bit before she stopped, “You honestly want to know what I think?” She asked, “Even if I may not be unbiased?” “I think you’re less biased than anyone else from the way you talk. I think you actually believe in rights for littles?” She sighed, “I do… but I’m also a realist. Stacy my advice would be to go ahead and do the procedure. With the technology at the university it’s just a matter of knocking you out, injecting you with some nanites, and then you wake up with the right parts for the Stacy that was admitted into the university. I’m worried if someone discovers something extra on you that they’ll use that as a pretext to dismiss your scholarship and insist you go to an etiquette school.” I nodded, “Seems like something that could easily happen.” The garage door opened right then and I jolted a bit at the sound. Fred came in a moment later and asked, “How’s my favorite princess?” “Good,” I answered tentatively. He took me out of Megan’s lap and held me before giving me a quick hug, “I know you’re not quite comfortable with me yet Stacy, but I promise you can trust me.” I nodded, “I’m trying…” “Hi Megan,” he said and gave her a hug from the side when she stood. “Where’s Mommy?” he asked her as much as me. “She ran to pick up pizza, she should be back soon.” ‘So I was already left with a babysitter, huh?’ I thought to myself. “Great!” He felt my diaper without warning and said, “Well I guess that’ll last you through din-din?” I turned red and found myself hiding in his shoulder. Somehow it was even more embarrassing that he had checked me than it was one of the girls… He just laughed, “You better get used to it sweetie, sometimes Mommy has to work and I’ll be the one taking care of you.” I just nodded. “Auntie Megan would you go ahead and take her back while I clean up for dinner?” He handed me back to her, “Of course,” she answered with a smile. “What now?” I asked her. “Want to swing outside?” She asked me. I shrugged, “sure?” “You don’t sound too enthused…” “Well this isn’t unexpected stuff, but it’s not why I came here?” I suggested to her. “I get that,” she told me. “You really think you can make it through the program here?” I shrugged, “I have no idea… I hope so. I know there’s a uniform for littles on the campus that I’ll have to wear. I know that diapers are okay as long as they’re not messy in class… I guess we’ll see what comes beyond that.” “What about your real family?” “What about them?” “Aren’t you going to miss them?” “I do already, but there’s nowhere back home that would have been as good for college as this. I would have had to move away anyway... In theory without that law you told me about I would think it would be safe for them to visit with a guide… now I’m not so sure. I think the last thing I want is to be in a crib next to my parents!” She nodded, “I’ve always felt it’s especially cruel when littles over the age of 30 are kept like this. At least at your age you’ve only had a little bit of freedom so far…” I sighed, “I think it is just plain cruel.” The garage door opened again and soon Amanda came in with two huge boxes of pizza and a ValuMart bag in her hands. “Who wants pizza?” Ten minutes later we were all sitting at the table… well sort of. I was in the highchair with a bib on and half of a ridiculous slice of pizza on a plastic plate in front of me. I had heard of a place somewhere in Texas that sold pizzas that were like 42” and could feed a family of who knows… The pizzas she brought home must have been pretty close to that size and I watched Fred tear through four slices like nothing. I found myself carefully taking bites out of the slice slowly. It was good, but I couldn’t help the fact I was definitely still full from my experience a couple hours earlier. “So what do you think of Emerson?” Fred asked me. “I really like it!” I told him, “When we were given the tour a couple years ago I couldn’t believe how far ahead everything was from us… I just hope I can get through the basics and catch onto your more advanced ideas quickly.” “I never asked, what languages have you learned so far?” Amanda asked. Megan seemed interested too. “Well I can write well in about five of the languages back home, we call them C#, SQL, Java, JavaScript, and Python. I’ve also dabbled a bit on the iOS stuff Apple puts out. I don’t know if you all even have those?” Amanda looked stunned but answered, “Well we have all of those actually. Those were our standard languages ten years ago. Those all have bumped up to new standards and we’ve added a few others you’ll need to learn too. If you know those though I think you should pick up on them quick…” I sighed in relief, “Hopefully the syntax is all the same and everything here. I don’t suppose you would have some software and a compiler to work with those here at home?” “Of course,” she smiled at me, “tomorrow we’ll both go play together with it?” “Cool!” I said, suddenly feeling like maybe there was a future beyond drooling and messy diapers still. I looked at Megan, “What’s your major?” “I’m doing two actually, Philosophy and Computer Science to go Pre-Law.” “A lot of people would say those have nothing in common, but a lot of the logic principles carry over from the two,” Amanda said proudly of her baby sister. I nodded, “I’ve heard that. If I was back home I think I would probably try to do the same. Here I’m just going to try and get away with my mind intact and one degree!” “Speaking of your mind intact…” Amanda asked guiltily. I had just taken my last bite and gulped it down nervously. “How… how are you feeling now?” I smiled at her, “I seem to be fine now.” “What happened?” Fred asked nervously. “Well… we went for a walk earlier,” Amanda started, “and… well…” “Your wife started leaking from her boobies like a dairy cow at the farm,” Megan finished with a smile. “Megan!” Amanda said annoyed. “Well that’s what happened isn’t it?” She smiled and stuck her tongue out at her. Clearly she was determined to maintain levity at the table. “So does this mean Megan nursed?” Fred asked with a twinkle in his eye. “Eeeeew…” both Megan and Amanda said in stereo. “No, but I did,” I admitted. “Were you forced to do it?” He asked me with concern. “No,” I said. “We made a deal,” Amanda told her husband, “since as long as she’s around the boobs will keep leaking… she would try it and see if she liked it.” “And did you Stacy?” “Well she definitely became crazy about it…” Megan said. “Stacy?” He asked. “It was weird… Honestly it tasted amazing… Once I had one mouthful my body just wouldn’t stop craving it. I’ve never done drugs… but I felt like a drug user must. Is there something in Amazon milk that does that?” He sighed, “It’s hard to determine which of the research into that is genuine and what’s been altered to fit agendas.” “What do you think?” I asked him. “Well… like I said the field is muddled. Most of the research studies that are done on breastfeeding real infants show that it helps with brain development, helps with body development, etc. We have movements like ‘Breastfed Babies are Best’ around all the time. On our infants it does seem to yield benefits above formula fed infants through the first few years… I think that research is absolutely certain.” “And on littles?” He sighed, “Well the majority of the research here has so much bias so clear it’s impossible for me to believe anyone can say it with a clear face. The research tries to say that breastfed littles are better-behaved, more docile, more loving, healthier weight wise, less sick, etc. The problem is that most of the major research is sponsored by people with their hands in etiquette schools. They make money by pushing the idea of littles needing their teeth removed so they can’t bite their mommies. I always find that funny given your teeth can’t even pierce the skin of an Amazon’s breast - no matter how hard you bite! They also push that it’s a healthier diet and you’ll live longer with a more youthful appearance.” Amanda looked a little nervous, “What do you think…?” “Well I thought we weren’t going to do this yet to be safe…?” I saw he was genuinely unhappy about this and Amanda kind of shrunk her giant figure down a little bit. He sighed, “Something in the milk of most Amazons seems to instantly make a craving happen. The little can’t really help needing to finish what their mommies have for them. It seems to have some sort of calming quality that becomes at the very least a psychological support for them. It does seem that those littles on a mixture of breast milk and regular food are in better health longer too. Those only on breast milk though tend to bloat up and gain too much weight. Many of those end up needing other care twenty years down the road for heart related issues.” He paused, “The biggest downside, or benefit according to most Amazons, is that breastfed littles seem to lose their urinary continence very quickly. Bowels don’t seem to be as directly affected except how milk normally affects a person.” “So I’m probably not an addict?” I asked him. He shrugged, “One hit won’t do it, but if you keep it up you may find you need Mommy’s milk more and more? I don’t honestly know. We were going to wait until you were a bit more settled before it came up, but my wife has always had such a strong maternal lactation reflex I’m almost surprised it took her until this afternoon to soak through the pads.” I looked at Amanda, “Last night’s milk?” “Regular milk with a little bit of honey in it…” She paused, “I really am sorry Stacy…” I sighed, “I don’t think any true harm has been done honestly.” I paused for a moment, “The deal was if I would enjoy it or not?” “No Stacy, I’m calling…” “Hold on… I know it probably wasn’t our brightest moment, but you’re doing me a huge favor by taking me in and NOT making me a mindless infant. If my presence is going to make your body have that reaction… I don’t mind helping out.” “Are you sure?” Fred asked. “Really Stacy… maybe it’s not a good idea…” Megan said. She had gotten stiller and stiller on the side and I sensed she felt even guiltier than Amanda had since she egged her on. “We just have to be very careful when. I’m guessing I messed my diaper on the way back home?” I asked. Amanda nodded, “About fifteen minutes later…” “So I think you can probably add some bowel reaction to your research,” I told Fred. I thought for a second, “What time are my classes probably starting?” I looked at Megan. “You’re a freshman, so you’re probably stuck with 8:30am?” “And end?” “Well you should be able to be done by 5pm every day. Once in awhile there’s an odd evening class. Extracurricular groups tend to meet in the evenings… most of those would be dangerous for you though.” I nodded and thought through my agreement before looking at Amanda, “Okay, when I wake up and before bed I think would be safe?” I suggested to her. “On weekends after lunch?” “We said three times?” She tentatively asked. “Well let’s wait and see my class schedule first?” I said. “Remember if I defecate in my diaper in class I’m on a one-way trip to nursery school instead of that college degree.” She looked guilty, “and you did zone out really good…” I nodded, “So is that fair to you? I did make the deal and will stick with it.” “Deal,” she said with a smile. “You sure?” Fred asked me. I nodded, “I’m a m… girl of my word.” “I’ll try and see if I can’t get some emergency drugs for you to have on hand too…” he said. “What?” Amanda asked. “We both know there will be some close calls for Stacy here… probably best if she has some emergency injections to counter any bouts of diarrhea or in case someone tampers with her.” She nodded, “By the way Stacy make it your habit to NEVER accept food, candy, or drinks from strangers. If a drink is out of your sight, even for a minute, don’t accept it.” “What about at restaurants?” I asked. “From now on I’ll make sure we take something with us…” I sighed, “You know this is complicated.” “Yes it is, if you’d rather just go to daycare and watch Naomi and Oliver that would be fine with me…” she smirked at me. Fred and Megan laughed and I just stuck my tongue out at her. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I put some twists in here and some groundwork for this variation of the universe. Hope you are enjoying it, please let me know what you think!
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    A small but necessary update to the story which will make the next part very fun indeed (For us, not for Nick ) I hope everyone is still enjoying the story and that you enjoy the update. As usual, comments/criticisms/suggestions/predictions and any other type of comments are very appreciated If anyone is interested in a commission from me, my price is £5 per 1000 words which is a bit over $6. Just message me if interested --- Nick was incredibly nervous as he sat in his room. He was mentally kicking himself as he realised just how badly he had messed up, he had been given a chance to show just a little bit of maturity and responsibility and instead of repaying that good faith he had made a horrible mistake and lost even more trust with his wife. Trying to sit still in his crib, Nick could feel his heart hammering in fear. Sarah had been so angry; he was terrified at what his punishment might be. He soon found that he could not just sit still in the crib, he was far too nervous and he started pacing up and down the room. Nick could feel that his nappy was soaked. He needed a change and despite having everything required within just a few feet of him, he dared not try and do it himself. He considered laying down and just trying to calm down with a nap but with his recent history of wetting the bed he thought better of it, he just didn’t know if the nappy could take it. A leaking nappy right now would only make things worse. Nick was both anxious to see Sarah and terrified of what he would see when she finally came up the stairs. The wait was agony, he almost wished she had just spanked him and got it over with. The fact he was having to wait only increased Nick’s tension. After around an hour, Nick heard footsteps on the stairs. He braced himself and quickly walked over and sat on the edge of his crib. He felt himself squelch as he sat down and prayed that he was getting a diaper change, the soaking wetness was threatening to overwhelm his nappy and sooner or later he would need Sarah to change him. The door was unceremoniously flung open and Sarah walked inside with a bowl that she placed up on a shelf. She stared over to Nick with a piercing look that the padded man could not sustain, he looked down in shame. “Changing table.” Sarah said shortly. Nick stood up and crinkled over to the table as fast as his wide-legged waddle would allow. He climbed up rather awkwardly and laid down in the established nappy changing position. Despite his fear of punishment and of his wife, he was immensely relieved that he was going to at least get a dry nappy. Sarah looked down at her submissive husband with a snort of contempt. She shook her head slightly as she prodded the padding that had swelled up dramatically. It was obvious how much Nick was hoping for a diaper change, it was written all over his face. It was really a rather pathetic sight. Sarah pulled out another nappy from the shelf under the table and started unfolding it. Lifting Nick’s legs, she slid the new nappy underneath her husband whose face had gone from relief to confusion. This wasn’t the usual procedure. The new nappy was pulled up and over the older nappy and Sarah began flattening it out and getting ready to tape it up. “Wait, wait, wait….” Nick said. He flung his hands down to his crotch to block the new nappy, “You haven’t taken off the old one.” “I know.” Sarah said coldly. She slapped Nick’s hands which got them out of the way and allowed her to tape the new nappy closed. It was a little stretched since it was the same size as the older diaper but it was very secure when it was taped up. Sarah walked away from the changing table and let Nick climb down. If Nick thought he was waddling before, it was nothing compared to now. His legs were spread so far apart that walking was a bit of an issue, he found he really had to take wide steps to stay on his feet. Sarah grabbed the bowl from the shelf and handed it to Nick. It was dinner, Nick had been in line for a nice meal with Sarah but since he had shown himself to be so disrespectful, Sarah decided he didn’t deserve the nice food she had so lovingly prepared. “What… What is it?” Nick asked as he looked down at the bowl with disgust. “Baby food.” Sarah said sharply, “It’s your dinner and it is the only dinner you will be getting tonight.” “But…” Nick was about to complain but when he saw Sarah’s wide eyes he decided not to push her, “Do I get a spoon?” “I will be back tomorrow for you.” Sarah said as she started moving towards the door, “You aren’t to leave this room until I come back for you.” Without another word, Sarah opened the door and stepped outside. When she closed the door behind her, Nick heard a small click and realised that the door had been locked. This room had become his prison cell until whenever Sarah decided to release him. Nick looked down at the nappy he was now wearing. He prodded his own crotch and could feel nothing but the thick padding that seemed to be enveloping him. It did not feel comfortable. Nick could still feel that he was soaked but at least the risk of leaking had been reduced. Putting his bowl down briefly, he stood up and took a few steps and found that he had a comical waddle. He blushed even though no one could see him at the amount of noise he was making and how infantile he must look with such an awkward gait. Sitting back down, Nick looked into the bowl he had been left and immediately looked away. The bowl appeared to be full of a cold and mushy substance. Nick knew it was baby food but what flavour it was meant to be was anyone’s guess, it was just a grey and lumpy mess. He would have to be desperate to eat such a meal. Nick laid down on the crib mattress and stared up at the ceiling with a sigh. How stupid he had been to have thrown his wife’s trust back in her face like that. He deserved everything he was getting, he felt terrible about making Sarah do this. All his worries about Sarah meeting with Jack paled in comparison to the sorrow he felt about being bad. Boredom was the word best used to describe his time in that room. With no clock, he was unsure of the passage of time and could only watch the Sun’s slow movement across the sky to get any sense of what time of day it was. He felt like he was in solitary confinement. Nick walked around the room a few times and looked more closely at a lot of the toys and other infantile paraphernalia scattered around the room. More than once Nick felt his bladder relax and empty into his nappy. After a few hours he had noticed that the outer nappy had begun to soak in some of the urine and his walking got even harder as the two layers of swollen padding forced his legs further apart. Boredom battled with his feelings of discomfort. Trapped in this room, the only things available to distract him were his thoughts and the childish toys around him. He picked up a toy every now and then just to examine it. He had no desire to play any stupid games but at least he could somewhat occupy his mind by making observations. Every couple of hours the door would unlock and Sarah would place a couple of bottles on the floor. She always left again without a word but Nick greedily sucked down the contents of the bottles, it was still a hot day and Nick welcomed the drinks. As the sun disappeared behind the houses, Nick climbed into his crib and laid down. His nappies were very swollen now and his legs were forced out at angles that made him slightly uncomfortable. He decided that the best way to pass the time was to just close his eyes and sleep, hopefully he would be woken up with Sarah coming to change him. It wasn’t an easy night. Nick was just about to drift off but any movement woke him up again as his body struggled to get used to the huge bulk in between his legs. Eventually the sun rose, and with it so did Nick’s spirits. He had drifted off a few times, even if for small periods of time, and this was evident by the state of his nappy when he sat up the next morning. The outer nappy was now much wetter, it seemed that it was doing a good job in catching the overflow from the drenched first nappy. The first thing Nick noticed was a pain in his stomach. For a brief second he thought it was going to be him needing to go number two but after a second thought, he realised that he was just really hungry. He hadn’t had dinner the night before and all he had was the bowl of cold mush that was on the floor. Nick peeked over the edge of the crib and looked down at the bowl. It looked no more appetising now than it did the previous evening. Picking it up, Nick glanced into the bowl with a look of disgust. It looked exactly as it did the previous night, a cold and lumpy mess. No matter how unappetising it looked, Nick was hungry enough that he sat up and started steeling his nerves to eat it. Without a spoon, the eating was a very messy affair. Nick had to dip his hand into the bowl and then eat it out of his hands. Inevitably, it meant that the food got everywhere as it fell between his fingers and got generally smeared on things. Nick blushed when he looked down to see that he seemed to have got more of the food down his front than in his mouth. He had to scrape it up with his hand and eat it, there was no other way of getting rid of it. It was a particularly embarrassing state to be in and the food was absolutely foul, at least it filled his stomach. Nick managed to swallow it all down as he sat in his soaked nappies and started to wonder exactly when Sarah would be back to open the door. His nappy was now reaching critical mass. Nick couldn’t see it, but the inner nappy was completely soaked and had absolutely no absorbency left. The outer nappy was now also showing as being very used as well, the wetness indicator had changed colours on every part that Nick could see and his movement was getting harder and harder. It would have been easier for him to crawl around the floor but there was no way he was going to do that. The padding was incredibly heavy and when Nick stood up he could feel the tapes straining to keep the nappies around his waist. It was getting so bad that he sat down on the edge of the crib and decided that walking around was a risk he didn’t need to make. In the end, Nick didn’t have to wait long for Sarah to come and unlock his door. He heard that little click of the lock being undone just half an hour after he had forced down the previous night’s dinner and he had never been so grateful to see his wife though, by the look on her face, she had clearly not forgotten or forgiven. As Sarah entered the room, Nick stood up and began to waddle towards the changing table. His gait was almost comical due to the huge masses of swollen padding between his legs but with the prospect of a diaper change upcoming he hurried over as fast as his spread legs were let him. Sarah held up a hand to stop him just before he reached the changing table and Nick stopped in his tracks. He really hoped his change wouldn’t be delayed again, surely no more nappies could be fit over his current ones! “Are you messy?” Sarah asked rather coldly as she looked at her husband. “No.” Nick responded rather defiantly. He was rather proud that his nappy was still clean even though he knew his next bowel movement couldn’t be far away. “If you need to mess, I suggest doing it now.” Sarah said rather coldly. She seemed to not share in Nick’s pride, “I don’t want to change you right after your bath.” “Right… Right here?” Nick asked hesitantly as he rather timidly kicked his feet a little. “Yes.” Sarah said, “I promise if you mess after your bath you will be in it until at least lunch time so come on. Do your business.” Nick felt so ashamed as he squatted down slightly like a well-trained dog obeying his master. He saw Sarah just watching him with a slight look of contempt as he closed his eyes and pushed with his tummy muscles. If Nick could have seen where he now was just a week or so ago, he would never have believed it was him. When he had been first put in a nappy by his wife it had been purely for the bedwetting, he was a grown up and trusted with his own padding. His wife still did all the work and he enjoyed luxuries. Since then he had been on a rollercoaster that seemed to constantly plummet as he was now crouching in his own nursery and trying to do in a poo in his soaked double-nappy. All whilst his wife, now his mommy, watched him. Nick brought his mind back to the present. Thinking about the past only made him feel more shameful. Nothing happened for a few seconds but then Nick felt a solid log of excrement start pushing out of his body. He squatted slightly lower to help his body with the process and he felt it slide into the rear of his nappy and rest on the soaked padding. Sarah’s face was unreadable but internally she was going crazy. She had ordered her husband to shit himself and he just did it on command! Sarah could feel herself getting wet between her legs as she watched her husband humiliate himself totally. She made sure to not let it show though, she had to maintain her persona of power and Nick’s punishment was far from at an end. As a second, smaller piece of poop easily exited him, Nick started wondering why he hadn’t asked to use the toilet before his bath and after his nappy was removed. With a pang of further embarrassment, he realised he had never really given it any thought. The fact that this man in his mid-twenties hadn’t considered an alternative to helplessly soiling himself spoke volumes about his mental state. Once he had finished soiling his nappy, Nick straightened up but kept his eyes on the floor. He was far too embarrassed to meet Sarah’s eyes after what he had just done. Sarah helped Nick climb on to the changing table and as he sat on the edge he felt his small messy accident smear around a little bit. Nick tried to ignore the rather disconcerting feeling and laid down as Sarah began removing the outer nappy. When Nick looked as Sarah pulled away the first nappy, he was shocked at how wet it was. He really had been like a sprinkler system. The inner nappy was opened up next and the sight was a lot grimmer. The plastic was almost totally useless and Nick could see that urine seemed to be soaking straight through it. Sarah lifted his legs up and made a quick job of cleaning Nick’s rear end, since it was such a recent bowel movement it hadn’t spread too badly which was a small mercy for Nick. The rest of the day was fairly standard for Nick. He was given a bath after the nappies were removed, it was a quick bath and Sarah seemed unnecessarily rough with him. After that he was left to play around in the playpen until lunch, after lunch he was allowed to watch television, only certain childish channels of course, before playing again. By the evening he had almost started to convince himself that the games he created with the toys that littered the playpen were actually fun. As Nick was being put down to sleep that night he almost welcomed unconsciousness, the day had been so dull that he was glad to get it over with. When he was given his pre-bedtime nappy change he gratefully sucked down on a bottle of milk before tottering over and into the crib. Nick honestly didn’t know what was worse. He hated the humiliation that he sometimes experienced, but was it possible that he actually preferred those days to days of complete boredom? Nick thought back to all his embarrassing moments and shook the thought from his mind. The boredom was horrible but it was much better to the embarrassment he otherwise would feel. “Get your rest.” Sarah’s voice caused Nick to jump a little bit. She had been so quiet all day that Nick was shocked she was talking to him again, “You will be getting your punishment tomorrow and I want you well rested. It will be a long couple of days.” Nick sank down into his thick padding as Sarah turned and left the room when she had finished her scary prediction. His punishment hadn’t even started? What was with the double nappies the previous night then? Was what was coming going to be even worse? Nick remembered that Sarah had something planned with Jack and he winced at the thought of what they might get up to. He felt like knowing those two were going to be alone together would be punishment enough but he knew that Sarah had something else planned for him. As Nick laid down and closed his eyes, he tried to push the thoughts of what might happen to the back of his mind. Something about Sarah’s coldness that day sent a shiver down Nick’s spine. He had really messed up this time, he just hoped what was coming wasn’t as bad as his imagination could think of.
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    Being a Diaper Lover (DL) that happens to be bladder Incontinent, I have an excuse to wear and enjoy diapers and plastic pants and not be embarrassed by wearing them in public. I've embraced it and started carrying my own diaper bag when I leave the house. When I am in my responsible adult mode, I carry a black and blue backpack that has Dry 24/7 diapers and plastic pants, a change of shorts along with plastic bags, baby wipes, etc. When in DL mode, I have a large Graco diaper bag tote, black with teal trim and I carry the following; 6 Dry 24/7 diapers 2 Babykin cloth diapers 3 plastic baby pants 1 baby bib 1 pair of shorts or shortall 1 T-shirt or polo 1 bottle of baby lotion 1 bottle of baby powder Plastic bags for dirty diapers A container of baby wipes That about fills up my bag, So, do you carry a diaper bag, and if you do, what do you carry in it? Also, can anyone give me ideas on how to embellish my diaper bag to scream out "Diaper Bag" when someone sees it?
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    I was about to protest that I didn’t need a babysitter and certainly not Kayla when mom pushed her list of instructions to Kayla and headed out the door. She was gone before I could get a word out. I just stood there dumbfounded glaring at Kayla, and she stared back at me. Finally, she looked down at the paper and read. She dropped it on the counter and came forward and grabbed my hand and started for my bedroom. I didn’t move. She pulled. “Come on baby. Mom says I need to get you out of your school clothes and change your dipee.” I remained rigid. It was one thing that Kayla was here to babysit, but to change me? “You don’t want me to tell your Mommy that you were a bad baby while she was gone,” she threatened. I was defeated. I let her lead me to my room. I started to remove my shirt, and she swatted at my hands. “No, no, let Auntie Kayla do that.” Auntie Kayla? I let her unbutton my shirt and then take off my pants. She was smiling as she exposed my plastic pants. She patted the changing table, and I hopped up. She slid off the plastic pants and then looked at my diaper. “Wow, you’re really soaked,” she said, unpinning the diaper. She got it off and dumped it in the diaper pail. I was lying there naked in front of her and extremely embarrassed. Kayla pulled some wipes from the box and started wiping me down. I rapidly became erect. “So, I see baby like’s having his dipee changed,” she said starting to wipe my penis down with great vigor. I didn’t think I was going to stand it anymore when she stopped and got a fresh diaper. “I bet you love doing this with Kim and Kaitlyn,” she smiled. I did. We hadn’t done it much. Only when we were out shopping by ourselves. At school, we tended to ourselves and most of the other times our mothers changed us. Kayla pulled a fresh pair of plastic pants over my diaper. I was finally covered. She started searching through my closets and drawers, “Let’s find something for baby to wear.” She settled on a shirt with a teddy bear and a pair of shorts. She put them on me. As I hopped off the table and she patted my butt. “I do love that diapered butt of yours.” She led me back to the kitchen and picked up the instructions from my mother and busied herself in the kitchen. She came back with a plate of cookies and a bottle and set them down on the floor. “Sit down and have your snack,” she said. I plopped down and started on a cookie. She was munching a cookie as well, intently staring at me. Finally, I realized what she was waiting for, and I started sucking on the bottle. She grinned. She came closer and pushed me gently down on my back. I continued to suck on the bottle as she giggled. I just closed my eyes and continued to suck. It was quiet. I opened my eyes and looked towards Kayla. She was holding up her phone. “Hey, are you taking pictures?” I said, standing up in a flash. I grabbed towards the phone, but she pulled it away from my reach. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to show anybody. This is just for me.” I wasn’t sure I could trust her. I busied myself on my homework, and soon Kayla called me into the kitchen. She put me into my high chair and placed a bib around my neck. She then started spooning food from a bowl into my mouth, giggling all the time. I had to admit it was somewhat funny and started laughing myself. She started getting sloppy and soon I had turkey and gravy smeared all over my face. Finally, she got a wipe and cleaned my face up and removed the bib. She gave led me to the sofa, and she sat down and pulled me down as well. I rested my head in her ap and she gave me the bottle. Holding it while I sucked on it. At least she wasn’t taking pictures this time. It was oddly soothing, and I felt something growing in the diaper. Crap, I wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this. I already had two girlfriends who wanted me in diapers and now a third? Eventually, I sat up, and we watched TV. I was wondering when my mother was coming home. I came to the realization that I was going to have to poop. I would try to hold it until my mom was back and she could change me. However, as time progressed, I got more uncomfortable. I got up and walked a short distance away and let it rip into the diaper. I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I went back and sat down next to Kayla again. A few minutes later Kayla started sniffing the air. “You gotta be kidding me,” she said with a frown. “I can’t help it,” I said. “You wanted to play babysitter.” Kayla let out a long sigh and stood up and led me by the hand to the changing room. She pulled off my shorts and then pulled the plastic pants off. She unpinned the diaper and unfolded it. She wrinkled her nose. I switched from being smug about Kayla having to do this to being embarrassed. I mean it was one thing for her to know I was using the diaper. It’s another to have her start wiping the poop off of me. She grabbed a bunch of wipes and started in on it. Eventually, she made headway and took the dirty diaper away and pitched the wipes in a covered trash bin. She took more wipes and went over me again. She then turned her attention to my erect penis. She worked the wipes repeatedly. I was growing more and more aroused by this. A dull pain formed deep within me and then suddenly, I erupted. Kayla waited a few seconds for things to stop and then cleaned me up. “Mom said I’d have to be careful that a boy might squirt during a change. I don’t think that’s what she had in mind though,” she said laughing. I turned red. Too much had just happened to talk. I waited as she put a diaper on me. “It’s getting close to bed time, let’s put you in your pajamas.” She dug through the drawers and found the satin romper. “Is this what you sleep in?” she asked. “Sometimes,” I admitted. She helped me into it. She led me over to my crib and guided me inside. She shut the side. She had her phone out and shot another picture. I pouted, but she just smiled. She climbed the side rail of the crib and leaned over and kissed me on the lips. “Good night, baby,” she said and then headed out of the room, extinguishing the lights on the way. I just laid there not knowing what to think. The emotions were complex. I drifted off for a while. I woke a bit later to hear voices. It was Kayla talking to someone. “Oh yes, he was a perfect boy. I changed him and put him in the crib a short time ago.” I heard my mother respond. She told her that she would be glad to have her back if needed. Great. Just what I needed. Why was every female I come across from my mother to my girlfriends dead set on having me in diapers?
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    Young Chris in London Chapter 3 Chris found Louise's terms very reasonable. He was to have the run of the house, would have a key and could come and go as he pleased. Louise ran the maternity clothing business nearby, and her friend Charlie worked at some place in Twickenham not too far away, but other than that were generally homebodies. She said they went out occasionally, usually to galleries or for walks, and would be pleased if Chris wanted to accompany them on those outings. 'Of course,' said Chris politely. Charlie's niece and nephew had been staying while their parents were overseas, but they had recently returned to the MIdlands with their mother and father, so Louise had put the card in the shop window as a start, hoping that someone local might be looking for accommodation. She said it would be interesting having a 'youngster' from so far away staying with them. 'Youngster' thought Chris. At 23, he was hardly a 'youngster'. Perhaps he was in relation to Louise and Charlie, he thought. Tea always had a diuretic effect on Chris, and he had been feeling the urge to pee for some time. 'Down the hall, behind the kitchen,' Louise replied to his request. 'And Chris,' she added as he left the room, 'We're a 'sit down' house here. The bathroom is carpeted and I know from experience that you boys are not always as neat and tidy about things as you could be.' 'OK,' said Chris, and rolled his eyes as he left the room. Chris usually sat down to pee anyway. He took pleasure in the act of peeing and liked to do it in the privacy of his own cubicle when he had the choice. What's more, he suspected he wasn't as well built down there as some, and didn't enjoy standing at a urinal having to fiddle around to get himself out while someone else was able just to whip himself out and pee. So Chris sat and peed in the brightly lit bathroom. He noticed as he pulled up his underpants that they were a little damp in the crotch. That often happened. Chris was in the habit of delaying his pleasure, but the odd damp undies wouldn't be an issue as he intended to continue rinse his own underwear at night as he had been while he was travelling. Chris didn't like tight briefs, partly because they made him look even smaller than he was, and preferred loose underpants lkke the white cotton ones he had on now. Returning to the sitting rooom, Chris found that Louise had gone into the kitchen, where he found her washing the tea dishes. 'Let me help,' he offered. 'Thank you Chris,' said Louise. 'There are teatowels at the end of the bench.' Chris found the teatowels, and looked down to see a collection of plastic trucks and plastic dinosaurs piled up against a glass sliding door to a courtyard. He smiled because trucks and dinosaurs had been his favourite toys years ago. Louise noticed his interest and laughed. 'They're Pete's,' she said. 'Charlie's nephew. He should have put them away before they left. You can play with them after dinner if you like.' Chris felt an odd thrill shoot down his spine. He coughed to cover his surprise at what Louise had said. 'Er, it's OK, I want to write to the people at the library,' he said. It was the first excuse he thought ot. He wondered if he had misheard Louise. What an odd thing to say, he thought. It was strange. For the first time since he had arrived, he began to feel that things were not entirely as he expected, nor were they entirely under his control. He wriggled his toes inside his shoes as he dried the teacups. To be continued.
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    Part 27 The week went by too quickly. Sadie was leaving me alone at LittleGarden and I got to play with Melanie each day, but Miss Anabelle hadn't shown up again. I really wanted to talk to her. April and I didn't get to spend a ton of quality time together, there was a lot of running around to do when she wasn't in the studio. We had to go to the doctor and I had to get a shot, but the Littles doctor she took me to was very nice about everything. The only snag we hit was at the ID office. "Here's the passport for your Little, Ms. Morris," she smiled, "And she is a cutie. Look at that photo!" I had smiled my biggest, happiest smile for the passport photo. April beamed. "There's just one more thing, we highly recommend that because you're travelling to Catalon, you get the coded collar that matches the passport." "My Kimmy doesn't need a collar, ma'am," April declined the older woman's offer politely. "Have you been to Catalon recently? You mentioned you're headed to Barcelon itself, right?" "Yes, that's right.. but no, it's been quite a while since I've been there." "They passed a law requiring all Littles to be collared or tagged, Ms. Morris, I highly, highly recommend that you get the coded collar. You can encode it to only unlock with your DNA scan. Your Little will be much safer. If not... the Albion Embassy doesn't cover Littles, I'm afraid." She looked scared on my behalf, and I was positively terrified. "I'll wear the collar, mommy," I said softly, "I don't want to get in trouble there." "What a good Little you have, Ms. Morris - please, listen to her. It's just a necklace. When you get home, it can come off and no one will ever be the wiser." "All right," April sighed, holding me tightly, "Kimmy, what color should we get?" "I'm afraid it's got to be pink, Ms. Morris. You have a female Little, so Catalon law states that your Little must wear a pink collar when visiting. We'll put the Albion red and white near the clasp. But you do get to pick what name is printed on it," she offered, hoping to appease April. "'Kimmy Morris' is fine," April said, "And thank you for looking out for us, we really appreciate it. You're right, I would be positively heartbroken if something should happen to my little Kimmy. She's very important to me." I smiled and snuggled into her arms. I wasn't happy that I'd have to wear a collar, but honestly - it wouldn't be that bad. It was just jewelry, and if it would keep me out of trouble in Catalon, I was all for it. "It'll be okay, mommy," I assured her, "It's just jewelry." "Aww," the clerk melted a bit, hurrying off to prepare the item that I hoped would keep me safe on my visit. -- We sat together in the back seat of the car and slowly opened the box. It was a collar. Like you'd put on a pet, it was a soft pink leather with a steel plate that read "Kimmy Morris" and had the Albion flag near the clasp. "We should," April hesitated, obviously uncomfortable, "We should try it on before we leave the documentation office, just in case there's something wrong. We should test it to make sure it works." I nodded and held my hair out of the way, leaning forward as best I could in my unbuckled reclined sitting position in the carseat. April gently pulled the collar around my neck and tapped the clasp. There was a small beep and a tiny hiss... the collar was tight but not too tight. I could breathe, I could turn my head and flex, but I was very aware of it. "Try to take it off," April instructed me. I nodded and started fumbling at the clasp. I tried prying it open, I tried finding a seam, I tried tugging hard at the clasp to get it to pop.. there was no way I was getting this off myself. April nodded, her face grim and tapped the clasp gently. It beeped twice and let go, falling into my lap. I let out a small sigh of relief. "It's not so bad, mommy," I laid my hand gently on hers, she was trembling a bit. I picked the collar up and handed it back to her so she could put it in the box. "It doesn't hurt." "Oh Kimmy," she smiled weakly down at me, "You're such a good girl. When we get home from our trip, I will take you to the store and buy you anything you want. We'll have quite a check coming from this one." "Actually," I blushed, "There is something I want... " My cheeks burned. "What is it, sweetheart? You're such a wonderful girl, I'll give you anything I can." "I was wondering... when we get back.. if we could... " my face felt hot as I stammered, I clenched my eyes shut and blurted it out, "Will you breastfeed me please?" April's soft, musical laugh greeted me and I opened my eyes slowly. She was beaming down at me, the whole car was lit up by her love. "Of course, my darling. I didn't know you wanted that," she smiled at me, stroking my face, "I would love to be that close to you. I'll get the necessary medicines the moment we get back." "Thank you," I said quietly, "I would like that." She kissed me on the forehead and buckled me in, and we were off for one more night at home before we started our next adventure. It was strange, but I felt I was going to miss my crib. -- After dinner and once all the bags were packed and everything was ready, it was time to get ready for bed. I was dressed in a simple white nightgown with my usual nighttime diaper.. and April carried me to her room. "I know it's best for Littles to sleep in their cribs, it's safest... but I really want you close to me tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day and I could really use some extra snuggles. Is that okay? Will you stay still in bed with me?" "Of course, mommy. Snuggling with you is the best," I smiled at her, "I've got no reason to go anywhere at all." I wished strongly that she were ready to breastfeed already... that would be the best way to go to sleep. But falling asleep in her arms, in her bed.. that was a pretty close second. She laid down, her arm under my head like a pillow and I snuggled into her breasts. She smelled wonderful, the soap smell from her freshly cleaned face mixing with the minty toothpaste, I breathed it in and relaxed. She stroked my hair slowly as I drifted off. When I awoke the next morning, April was carrying me out of the house. I was dressed in shortalls and a shirt, with a nighttime diaper underneath. I had no idea if it was the same one or not, but it was dry. She was laying me down gently in the carrier and buckling me in, the sun wasn't up yet. "Shhh," she said softly, pushing my pacifier between my lips, "Go back to sleep, it's too early for you." It wasn't hard to do. I closed my eyes and sucked the pacifier.. I may or may not have been imagining it was April. I awoke again, but this time we were standing in a long line with lots of people... at the airport, I was guessing. I was strapped into the carrier, my face was a little wet from drool. I grabbed my pacifier, it was clipped to the front pocket of my shortalls and popped it in my mouth, looking around. We were in a sea of Amazons. If I hadn't already felt tiny, this would do it for sure. April was carrying me and a small bag, her guitar and the big bag we packed must have already been checked. Security didn't seem as crazy here as it was where I was from... the airport flowed smoothly and people were just interested in getting to their destinations. I yawned and stretched, it didn't look like too many other Amazons were taking their Littles on this flight. Honestly, that worried me. "Mommy," I called softly after we had taken a seat, waiting to board the plane, "Are you okay?" "I'm fine, sweetheart," April laughed quietly, "You're not supposed to worry about me, silly. It's my job to worry about you." She picked up the carrier and set it in her lap, so I was facing her, her face filling my view. Her smile was the sun, I was warmed by it. "I love you, mommy," I smiled up at her, my heart full of love. "Oh my goodness! What an adorable Little you have! How did you train her to say 'I love you' like that? It was perfect!" an Amazon woman had sat down next to April and was joining our moment uninvited. Her lipstick was the wrong shade for her skin and her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a tight bun. I couldn't see much more of her than that. "Love," April smiled, "Littles need lots of love. If you love them openly, they will love you back." "Ohhh," the woman nodded, "you've got her addicted. She's not twitchy at all, she's really adorable. You've done a good job." "No," April frowned, "Kimmy isn't addicted to anything. She's lucid and free-willed. Talk to her, if you like." "Hi," I said to the lady, waving, "My name is Kimmy, what's your name?" "Hi Kimmy, I'm Natalie," the woman said, obviously skeptical, "You are a cutie, how old are you?" "Ten months, ma'am," I say, knowing she has zero interest in my actual age, "My mommy says I speak well for my age." "I agree with your mommy, cutie pie. What's your favorite food?" "Peanut butter and jelly!" I lie, Lisa's milk is much better than that, but I'm keeping that to myself. The cookies taste better, but I'm probably never eating another one of those, ever. Hopefully soon I'll be able to answer that April's milk is the best thing ever, but for now peanut butter will do. "Oh Littles do love that, don't they. I don't think I've ever met a Little who didn't like peanut butter," she was staring intensely at my eyes. "I'm not on any regression formula, ma'am. I drink mostly apple juice," I smile. "Oh, she is a sharp cookie, isn't she?" she looks back to April, "How did you get her to be so compliant? She's not screaming, she's not fighting, and she's not drugged - how do you do it?" "Mommy loves me, ma'am," I answer politely, "I... I used to be angry and sad, but she helped me. It wasn't always easy." "Love," April smiled, "Littles need lots and lots of love. If you can help them through their damage, they are wonderful companions." "I will say this, I am envious of you. My Little would never have a conversation like this. He'd either pop off with something rude or refuse to talk at all. I'm impressed. Maybe all that hippy stuff isn't complete nonsense, huh?" "Maybe," April smiled kindly, ignoring the woman's probably unintentional insult. "Maybe it's not too late for you and your Little, help heal the damage from his old life and maybe he'll bloom." April stroked my cheek as she smiled down at me, and I put the pacifier back in my mouth. "Love... " the woman said, her voice distant. The crew for the plane announced we were boarding, so we were separated from Natalie. I hoped she'd give her Little a chance. Before long, the carrier was strapped down to an airplane seat and we were prepping to take off. April had a bottle handy for me, and my paci, and Harry Otter, and a book to read. I hadn't flown often in the place I was from, and flying while strapped into a baby carrier in a wet diaper was certainly new. Takeoff was a breeze in the padded carrier, and I was able to relieve the pressure on my ears easily by drinking from the bottle. This was probably going to be the most pleasant flying experience I had ever had.
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    I'm not sure most disabled would be too happy with the ABDL community getting involved to be honest. Seems like it is making light of a real struggle by saying it should be done for our fetish reasons... Not sure they would be too happy with that. I think if you want to support the cause it is a good cause to support, just leave your ABDL sides out of it!
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    Part 18 I shifted uncomfortably in the car seat as I found myself wetting the double diaper again. Wetting a diaper wasn't fun in the first place, feeling like I was leaking every time made it extra bad. I couldn't wait for a fresh diaper... I shook my head at that thought. I was looking forward to this beautiful, giant woman to carry me into her house, lay me down, and put me in yet another diaper. But honestly... it sounded vastly superior to dragging myself out of bed to slam a coffee and sit on the subway to go to a job that was sucking my soul out. My subway car of thought was interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing through the car speakers. "Lisa!" April said to the car, "What's going on?" "So.. remember how you said we needed to start going to more family friendly places? Let's go out to dinner together for the first time in forever." "Oh that sounds really nice, Kimmy and I haven't been out to eat in a long time. Is Melanie going to be okay though? She's pretty sensitive." "Melanie is most comfortable when she can be quiet, her voice is the only thing that really gives anyone a clue. What she just can't get through her Little head is that literally no Amazon cares. You never know when the pretty Little in a dress is a boy or not anyway! It's all hangups from her old life, you know how it is." "Um, Lisa.. you're on speakerphone in the car." "What!? Um, hi Kimmy, I hope you're having a great day! What do you think sounds good for dinner, sweetie? We should go someplace with a good dessert, I think." "I don't know, Lisa... Is there a place that will let a Little eat sushi? I miss sushi." I honestly wasn't sure what she was covering. She thought I had some hangup from back home that was giving me trouble here? I couldn't think of anything off hand. "Sushi actually sounds really good," April came back into the conversation, "I think that place on 23rd and 5th won't have a problem with Kimmy and Melanie eating the sushi. Do you want to do that?" "Sounds good, 6 PM?" "Too close to Kimmy's bedtime. You really want her to be in a sushi restaurant at 7?" April asked, I blushed. I still didn't believe her that I melted down at 7 PM, but I'd been falling asleep before then lately so it wasn't like I had evidence to support a refutation. "I'll be good," I promised. "Too risky, how's 5 sound?" "A little early for my tastes, but I understand. A tired Kimmy in an unfamiliar place is a recipe for disaster." "Hey! I'm not that bad," I pouted. "Nobody thinks you are, sweetie. We're just playing it safe, that's all. Nothing to be upset about." "Melanie is looking forward to seeing you again, Kimmy. We'll see you two tonight!" "Well, I guess we'll be doing gift bags instead of wrapping these presents," April said after the phone was hung up, "Unwrapping gifts in a restaurant is so awkward. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces from these..." Before April's sentence was even finished, the phone was ringing again. She answered it with a button press on the steering wheel before the first ring even finished. "What did you forget?" April asked. "I forgot how beautiful your voice was, for one," an unfamiliar, deeper female voice came from the car speakers. "Gwen! Um, hi! I just hung up with my best friend, I thought you were her calling me back." "I had a really good time last week, April... I haven't heard from you lately," the new voice said in a smooth tone, "You seemed like you had a good time, too. How about a second date... say, tomorrow night?" All of a sudden, my feelings were out of control. This was the person April went out with dressed so beautifully? They went on a date! This woman went out with my April! Did they kiss? Did April like this Gwen more than me? I felt like my world was spinning... I felt like I had to do something. "I did have a good time, Gwen... things have just been really crazy this past week. You're really sweet and you really do have great taste in... " "I think my diaper is leaking," I complained loudly, interrupting the conversation. "Oh! Is that your Little?" I heard Gwen ask, the romance gone from her voice, "Hi there sweetie, oh you sound cute." "We're almost home, Kimmy," April assured me, "I'm sorry Gwen, I have to take care of Kimmy's diaper the second we get to the house. Tomorrow sounds lovely, 8 PM, you pick the place." She was abandoning me! There was no way she was going to let me go with her that late in the evening, it wasn't fair! "Sounds good, see you soon, beautiful." The phone hung up, and we sat in an awkward silence for a moment... it didn't last long, as we pulled into the driveway shortly thereafter and I found myself being picked up and carried inside. Why did the idea of this Gwen lady bother me so much? If April liked her, she was probably pretty nice. April seemed to have a really good sense for people. "Is Gwen pretty?" I heard myself ask. "Oh Kimmy," April hugged me tightly and sat down on the couch. I was painfully aware of the huge diaper around my waist as she looked into my eyes, "I love you, sweetie. Gwen isn't going to take me away from you. She's nice and we like spending time together. I hear that you're feeling abandoned," I felt tears well up in my eyes at those words, "but know that my love for you is as deep and endless as the night sky, and that nothing will ever change that." I fell forward into her arms and hugged her tightly. I think I loved April more than I had ever loved anyone in my life. And I don't think I liked the idea of sharing her with anyone. "Come on, cutie. Let's get you in a fresh diaper, then let's get the gifts prepared and go have a nice dinner." "Yes please!" -- I was still happy over the fresh diaper even as I was being settled into the highchair at the restaurant. This place had full on highchairs with trays and everything, not just a tall wooden seat with a buckle, and almost every table had a groove set in the side for the highchair tray to slide into, so the Little was closer to the table. I couldn't decide if it was to be friendlier to the Littles, or because so many Amazons in this area had a Little. Lisa was similarly settling Melanie into the highchair across the table from me. Seeing Melanie's outfit made me really glad April had much tamer taste in clothing for me. Once again, Melanie's outfit made it abundantly clear that she was in a very thick diaper. She was wearing a baby pink bibbed romper with a big white bunny on the front, in the spot where most shortalls had a pocket. Melanie's diaper was as thick or thicker than the nighttime ones I wore, and it looked like she was probably wet already. She had a huge bow on her head that made her look even smaller, and she had a pink paci.. not the blue one that she had the last time I saw her. She looked incredibly embarrassed... but I knew that's because she was afraid of people knowing she enjoyed it, not because she didn't want to wear the outfit. It was funny how we could have similar reactions for entirely opposite reasons. I smiled down at my blue dress.. Melanie might be bigger and thus "older" than me, but she definitely looked more babyish. I waved vigorously at Melanie. I was determined to have a good time out, and generally the best way to do that was to embrace my Little position. Melanie smiled shyly and offered a small wave in return. April and Lisa hugged each other and sat down at the table. "This is nice," Lisa said, setting an empty bottle at Melanie's spot. She unscrewed the top and set the nipple down next to the bottle. April did the same for me. "Yes, it's nice that we have such well behaved Littles that we can enjoy a nice meal out like this," April smiled. She stroked my cheek and opened the Littles' Menu in front of me and handed me a crayon. The picture inside the menu was an intricate plate of sushi, it actually looked challening to color. This would be fun. I started in on coloring, ignoring the world around me. "Oh my, what adorable Littles you have! Oh... those grey eyes... Whoops we found a shy one!" I was broken from my reverie too soon by the cooing waitress. I also felt strangely jealous that she was fawning over Melanie and not me, but Melanie certainly looked more like a traditional Little than I did. It was stupid of me to want it both ways. Melanie was hiding her face in her hands, which only made the Amazons chuckle at her display. "Well ladies, what can I get you to drink tonight?" "Coffee for me, natural apple juice for my Little," April was first to answer. She placed her one hand over both of mine as she said 'my Little'. "Grapefruit soda for me and spring water for mine," Lisa followed. "I'll get those right away, would you like any appetizers to start? Fries and ketchup for the Littles?" I was honestly offended at the insinuation - I loved sushi! I started to open my mouth to reply, but quickly found a pacifier was stuffed in it. Damn, April knew me well. "Edamame and an order of gyoza please," April smiled, not skipping a beat, "The Littles will actually be enjoying some of your wonderful sushi as well, we'll be feeding them from our plates." I watched the waitress closely for her reaction - she was completely unfazed! "Of course, here's the sushi menu, select what you'd like and I'll return with your drinks." "Oh, before we get too far into the meal, you have to open your presents!" April said after the waitress had left, revealing the Littlewarming gift bags we brought with us. "Happy Littlewarming." "Oh April, you're such a sweetie. Mellie, let's see what Auntie April got you... oh my, look at this pony blanket, I bet you'll love to cuddle with this!" She handed the sleepsack to Melanie who hugged it tightly. "It's a sleeping bag," I said, pulling the pacifier out of my mouth, "If you put Mellie in that, she won't be able to move at all!" Melanie's eyes went wide and she froze.. I felt guilty for a moment, until Lisa started to laugh. "Well that got her attention. I know where she's sleeping tonight. Let's see... oh my, Mellie look at these," Lisa said as she pulled out the pack of ruffle diapers, "I don't think you'll be able to walk in these, even if they aren't crawler diapers. Your ruffled butt will just have to stick up in the air." Melanie turned BRIGHT red and she hid her face in the pink pony sleepsack. "You two are absolutely spoiling Melanie. We should save these diapers as a treat, I think. Oh, and what's this? Oh look, I bet Kimmy got you this, look at this purple kitten doll." Lisa slowly extracted Melanie from her hiding place and handed her the toy. "Her name is Duchess Fuzzbutt!" I proclaimed, and found my pacifier in my mouth once again. "Shhh," April shushed me, "We are in a restaurant and you are being entirely too loud. Happy Littlewarming, Lisa. I hope you and Melanie enjoy the gifts." "Oh, I'm sure we will. Thank you so much, you're so thoughtful, April." The waitress came back with glasses for the Amazons and small glasses for us Littles, which she poured into the bottles. I was hoping for a sippy cup, but it certainly wasn't worth kicking up a fuss over. "I'll take this," the waitress said, "and put it in, and I'll be right back with your appetizers." I was disappointed to find out that none of the appetizers would be shared with us. The edamame was deemed a "choking hazard" and the gyoza was too hot. I couldn't help but wonder if they just didn't want to share, the dumplings looked amazing... I consoled myself by returning to my drawing. This was going to be the prettiest menu ever colored here. When the rolls finally came, they looked and smelled amazing! There was just one small problem that I saw. Each piece of the roll was the size of a hamburger. I was going to have to take so many bites to eat just one piece, I wouldn't be able to get the mixture of flavors the way it was intended to be enjoyed! April gave me one lonely piece from one of her rolls. I removed my pacifier and called out in a purposefully loud "whisper" across the table. "Melanie! Melanie!" I called, "I didn't think about the fact that the sushi would be Amazon-sized!" "You should see if you can eat it in one bite like you're supposed to!" Melanie called back, laughing. I picked the giant piece of sushi up with both hands and mimed that I was going to stuff the whole thing in my mouth at once, but my fun was interrupted. "Can you believe those two? Letting their Littles eat sushi? This island is so backwards," we all overheard a loud comment from a nearby table, "Back home, those two would be wearing auto-feeders and they wouldn't be making a sound. Littles should be seen and not heard." I felt a wave of shame wash over me and I looked downward. I was embarrassing April with my antics, I felt awful. I saw Lisa get up, she must have been too embarrassed and had to leave... "Listen here," I heard Lisa's voice from off to my right side, "First off, nobody is making you stay on Albion. Second, my little girl is a PERSON, not a toy, not a pet. She has thoughts and feelings and even though she'll always be Little, those thoughts and feelings mean just as much as mine, and probably more than yours. I'm not sorry my baby and her friend are having fun and disturbing your meal because you can't stand to see a Little do anything but cry. Maybe if you talked to one for ten minutes instead of shutting them up, you'd see that they are people just like you or I, just with different needs." "You rotten-" the woman's reply was cut short by the sound of applause from several tables. Few brave Littles had joined in the clapping, but it was very clear that the majority of the restaurant was not with the mean woman. "This island is ridiculous," the woman stood, hissing, "Littles aren't people, they're perpetual babies. They couldn't survive alone, they don't have ambitions beyond their next bottle!" The woman snagged her purse, "We're leaving, Harriet. Come on." I was reeling from the sheer emotion of the exchange, from both Lisa and this awful woman. As they stormed out, Lisa came back to sit down at our table. I wasn't sure how to feel, my emotions were a whirl. I was flattered that Lisa defended us, I was shocked at the confrontation, I was scared on her behalf, I was terribly embarrassed at causing the whole thing. I couldn't hold on to any one feeling, and before I knew it... I was crying. April pulled me out of the highchair and cuddled me close to her chest, making a gentle "shhh" sound. After I lost it, Melanie wasn't far behind and at that we started packing up. Lisa asked for the check since Melanie wasn't sobbing nearly as loudly as I was. April picked me up and carried me out. As we headed for the car, I overheard. "No ma'am, there's no mistake. Another guest has already covered your meal." -- "Wow Lisa," I could hear April talking from outside the car, the sunroof was still open, "You sure have some strong opinions on people looking down on Littles." Her voice was teasing. "Oh shut up, I didn't know any better until I had one of my own," Lisa's voice had laughter in it, "I don't see how anyone who actually likes their Little could see them as just a thing. Melanie is so sweet and so shy, she thinks about everyone before herself. Of course she's more than a toy." "You have no idea how happy you make me, bestie," April laughed, "Speaking of which... Gwen asked for a second date tomorrow. Last time was a movie and dinner, she has great taste in restaurants by the way, I'm not entirely sure what's on the agenda this time. Would you be willing to do me a huge favor?" "I can't come over and babysit Kimmy this time, April..." "Not quite what I had in mind. Can Kimmy come have a sleepover with Melanie at your place?" "Oh that sounds adorable. Of course!" "You're a peach, Lisa - I don't care what anybody says about you. Sorry tonight didn't go as smoothly as planned, let's pick a more Little-themed place next time?" "Sounds good. I need to get Mellie home, my boobs hurt. See you tomorrow!"
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    Part 14 The next few days were wonderful. April introduced me to the ukulele, which is what the tiny guitar was... I felt silly because I knew what a ukulele was, I'd just never seen such a tiny instrument be so big before. She had a smaller version for me, but it was still quite large, almost the size of a standard guitar for me back home. We spent the days playing music, she taught me chords and we sang songs. Otherwise, I mostly stayed quiet, I kept myself to one word replies and I nodded or shook my head where that would do. The days were fun, the meals were simple, but at night I slept in the crib and I felt alone. Music wasn't all we did, but we did a lot of it and I was feeling pretty comfortable with the instrument after three days... I couldn't make sounds anywhere near as beautiful as April, but I was happy. We had something special to share, just she and I. I imagined most Littles didn't get to learn a musical instrument, and I took great solace in the fact that April had not decided the best course of action was to pretend to be something she wasn't... a standard Amazon "mother". In my alone times when April was busy, I was often in the playpen or the bouncer - I thought about Miss Michelle and Lisa, I hadn't seen anyone but April since that last day at the LittleGarden. Not that that was a bad thing, but I wondered how they were doing. On the evening of the fourth day, I found myself sitting on the floor, finally unconfined and finishing up my carousel... I was coloring it in. I was being meticulous. The dot-to-dot was incredibly detailed, when I was done it had turned out to be eight hundred dots, and I was determined to make it a masterpiece. I wasn't particularly artistically inclined, I had some fun with watercolor painting back home, but it wasn't like I had any other skills I needed to hone here, so I decided I was going to devote my free time and effort to art, one drawing at a time. They say you can become professional-level at anything if you put 10,000 hours into it and I knew that to be true from my computer programming work back home. I was really good because I devoted all of my time to it. Not that it would be of any use here, my main skills to remember here were being cheerful, talking in small sentences and timing my bladder and bowels for maximum comfort. I couldn't play with the ukulele unless April was playing too, so this was something else to do when she was busy, and it felt really good to build up two different creative skills. "Make sure your tongue is at the perfect angle while you color, sweetie," April laughed as she passed by me. I realized I was sticking my tongue out of the corner of my mouth in concentration, it was an old habit. I laughed and popped the pacifier that was clipped to my shortalls in my mouth. I liked these shortalls, they had a big pocket on the front and flower embroidery around the legs. April dressed me mostly in what could be considered "childish" clothing rather than "babyish" clothing and I was very grateful. I had a yellow t-shirt on underneath with fairies dancing on it, and my daytime diaper was clean and dry. Today was a good day so far. Things were mostly back to normal, but I know that April was still trying to find some way to "socialize" me. She spent a little bit of time on the phone each day, looking for an activity for me to join so I could bond with some Littles. I know she had been on the phone with a tumbling place and a ballet class.. I really, really didn't want to do ballet. I shuddered at the thought of waddling around on a stage with a diaper bulge under a tutu while Amazons cooed at me. My thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell ringing. "Coming!" April called, when she opened the door she sounded very happy, "Lisa! It's so good to see.. OH MY GOODNESS IS THAT... " April cut off in a squeal of glee. I got up and walked over to the door to see what was going on. I peered around April's leg, she had her arms wrapped around Lisa, who had one arm around April.. the other hand was full. She was holding the hand of a Little! A Little girl with long brown hair with a big blue bow on top... she had big, pretty grey eyes and was sucking on a blue pacifier. She was wearing an Alice-in-Wonderland looking blue dress with the gauzy apron and everything, but it was very short and a very thick nighttime diaper poked out from underneath, covered by a pair of white tights. She had on shiny black shoes.. her expression was nervous, but not upset. She was pretty.. and taller than me by about 4-5 inches. "Come in, come in!" April pulled Lisa inside and closed the door, then crouched down next to the new girl, "And who is this angel?" "Mewanee," the girl said softly and quietly... and she curtsied! "OH My Goodness, that is so cute, Lisa," but April suddenly had a concerned look in her eye, "but did you..." "Did I what?" "I know I said I wouldn't tell you what to do with your own Little, Lisa.. but did you get her reprogrammed? You can't have had her very long..." "What?" Lisa laughed, "No! No no, goodness no. Although I totally understand why you'd think that, is Kimmy okay? I read all those books you gave me." "She's fine," April said as she stood up and faced Lisa, "How long have you had a Little?" "I honestly didn't plan on getting one so quickly, I just went down to register at the adoption office.. Melanie practically fell into my lap, we've been inseparable for the past week. I would have told you sooner, but we had to go through a quarantine. You have no idea how lucky I got, she's perfect for me!" "Perfect for you?" April looked a little skeptical, "You're not exactly a girly-girl, Lisa." "I know, I know!" Lisa laughed, "I'll tell you all about it over a cup of coffee, but first let's introduce our girls!" Melanie had been glancing around the house while the Amazons talked, she seemed unsure of herself, but that was pretty understandable. If she'd only been here a week, she probably wasn't even used to being stuck in diapers yet and it looked like Lisa was keeping her in thick ones. I wasn't terribly surprised, seeing as how it was Lisa who wanted to see me in those awful tattletale diapers in the first place. I felt so bad for poor Melanie already. The Amazons looked down at us, I was practically hiding behind April's leg. "Kimmy," April said, "introduce yourself to our guest." She was watching me closely since we hadn't made any progress on the "socializing" front. I thought hard for a moment about what the correct "Little" way to do this was. "Um," I peered out from April's leg, "nice to meet you Melanie. My name is Kimmy, would you like to come color with me?" "Awwwww," the Amazons melted at me, which made me blush. "Hewwo Kimmy," Melanie said around her pacifier, still very quietly. I wondered if Lisa allowed her to take it out, "yes pwease." I started to walk back over to my activity book.. I wasn't going to let Melanie color on my carousel, but we could start a new picture together. I didn't make it very far before I was scooped up, however. "Not so fast, Kimmy," April plopped me down in the playpen and pulled it over so she'd have a better view of it from the kitchen, "I don't want you and Melanie coloring alone just yet. I haven't seen my best friend in a week, we're going to go catch up while you play with her new Little in your playpen. I'm watching you, I expect you to be nice." I nodded and waited while Lisa lowered Melanie into the playpen too. I'd never had another Little in my playpen, or in this house.. I wasn't sure what to do. The Amazons dropped some toys in the playpen and I snatched Harry Otter quickly. Melanie just sat there quietly while April and Lisa went into the kitchen. "Um, I like your dress," I said cautiously to Melanie. "Can you take out the pacifier so we can talk? Or is it stuck?" She took out the pacifier and let it dangle by its clip from her dress. Her legs were splayed wide from her thick diaper, she looked really nervous. Was she afraid of me? "So.. you've been with Lisa a week. She can be pretty fun.. has she been nice to you?" "My mommy is a very nice lady... " Melanie said softly, but she was looking down at the ground. "Are you scared, Melanie? I won't be mean to you, and April is a nice Amazon, you're safe here. Are you embarrassed about your diapers?" Melanie nodded and blushed seven shades of red. I pulled the leg of my shortalls to one side and showed Melanie my diaper, as best I could. "It's okay, I have to wear diapers too, all Littles do. That's what they call people where we're from. We're so much smaller than they are, we're practically children to them. It's not so bad, you got a nice one - Lisa is my friend. Well, she's April's best friend but she's my friend too. None of us want to wear diapers, it's just the way it is. If it makes you feel better, mine is wet right now." Melanie mumbled something, still looking down. I couldn't tell what she was saying. "Do you... do you miss where we came from?" Melanie looked up at me, her eyes a little glossy with tears, and I felt stupid. I shouldn't have said anything, it's so hard when you first get here. "No," she said firmly, the loudest word she'd said yet. There was something off about her voice, "I like it here, I like my mommy. She's nice to me." Something wasn't right.. I was getting a very weird vibe from Melanie and I couldn't put my finger on what it was. "Oh, I like April too, she's nice to me.. but I still miss my home. I miss cheeseburgers and drinks at the bar with the girls, y'know?" Ugh, why was talking to Littles so hard? Talking with people was never this hard back home. I thought hard about what April would want me to do, and I offered Harry Otter to Melanie. "Melanie, I want to share with you. This is Harry Otter, he's my favorite toy, he makes me happy." "Harry Otter," Melanie laughed.. her laugh wasn't quite right either, there was something strange there, she took Harry from my offering hands and hugged him. "Thank you, Kimmy. You're real nice." My eyes were drawn to Melanie's throat... I saw a hint of an adam's apple bob. "You're a boy!" I shouted, figuring out what seemed off. As soon as I said that, Melanie burst into tears, sobbing like I'd punched her in the face. Lisa came tearing through the door faster than I'd ever seen an Amazon move and swept Melanie up. I stared as Lisa sat down on the couch with Melanie and within moments, Melanie was latched on to Lisa's breast and was suckling away. "Kimmy!" April towered over the playpen, "What did you do to poor Melanie?" "I didn't do anything honest!" I pleaded, "I even shared Harry Otter!" "Then why was Melanie crying like that?" "I don't know, I.. um, I.. April, Melanie is a boy." "And why do you think Melanie would cry when you said that?" April had her hands on her hips, "How would you feel if someone said that to you?" "Oh no," my body flooded with guilt and I stood at the edge of the playpen nearest Melanie, "Mellie, I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings! You're so pretty! Lisa, Lisa.. I'm sorry I was mean to Mellie." Lisa was talking softly to Melanie and stroking her hair, I couldn't tell what she was saying. April picked me up and I watched them. Lisa unlatched Melanie, who was calmer now and held her tight. April sat down next to Lisa, and soon Melanie and I were side by side, two diapered adults sitting in the laps of giants. I felt terrible for making her cry. "Mommy says that the doctor is going to fix my voice and my adam's apple in two weeks," Melanie said softly, "I hate them. They make me feel ugly. I don't want anyone to see me before they're fixed." "Were you.. were you transgender before you came here?" I asked cautiously, not wanting to upset her again. Transgender people existed in my world, they had a hard time.. I knew a couple and was pretty good friends with one. It never even occurred to me to wonder how a trans person would handle being brought here. Melanie nodded, not looking at me. "I'm very sorry that I said that, Melanie.. you're so pretty, I couldn't figure out why you were being so quiet." "Mellie was afraid you wouldn't like her, Kimmy," Lisa said, stroking her Little's hair, "I told her all about you and how sweet you were. Melanie did not have an easy time in her world, she needs a lot of love now that she's here. Melanie is my baby girl and I love her no matter what her voice sounds like." "I love you, mommy," Melanie smiled up at Lisa. I felt a pang at how quickly and effortlessly Melanie and Lisa connected, I felt rotten that April and I had the rough patches we did. Melanie seemed to be a better Little than me... "Kimmy," Lisa said to me, "you get to pick the Littles' dinner. One of you will have a jar of baby food - peaches, and one of you will have a peanut butter sandwich. You get to pick, who is getting what?" "Are you sure you want to do this?" April asked Lisa, "I know I said it was okay, but that was before Melanie got her feelings hurt." Melanie looked nervous, I felt on the spot... like I was in a test. "I think it's okay, honestly.. I think this is good for both of them," Lisa continued, "Well Kimmy, what will it be?" I felt torn. The sandwiches were my favorite food here, getting one for dinner would be a treat, they were usually a lunchtime food. I really, really didn't want to eat baby food, but it felt really wrong to doom poor Melanie to that. I had avoided baby food this whole time and Lisa already knew how much I hated blended food. Was this a test to see how nice I would be to her new Little? I looked from April to Lisa to Melanie, trying to decide...
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    Part 13 April didn't say a word on the way to the car, or as she buckled me into the carseat. There was no music on the drive home. I sucked loudly on the pacifier and watched her eyes closely in the mirror, but they didn't smile. She didn't even say a word as she unbuckled me and carried me inside, she just sat down on the couch and pulled me into her lap and held me tight. I wasn't sure what was going on.. I felt a little scared. Did I mess up? I didn't really do anything wrong.. that boy called me a crybaby and I got upset. I know I wasn't supposed to yell, but I didn't curse. I didn't throw anything or hit anyone, why was April reacting this way? April pulled her phone out and tapped a few buttons, and suddenly I was on the TV, being held by Miss Michelle. The Little boy came up and pulled on Miss Michelle's leg... but he was blurred out and you couldn't hear him. Miss Michelle was visible and audible, and so was I, but the Little boy wasn't. "I. Am. Not," I saw myself say. I watched as Miss Michelle gently rocked me and tried to calm me down... in her arms, I did look like a baby. I looked so small being cradled by her, and my diaper flashed the camera from under my romper as she rocked me, "I'm not a crybaby, I'm not!" "Oh dear," I saw Miss Michelle get up and carry me over to the cribs, the crowd of blurred out Littles were impossible to make out, but you could tell they were agitated. The other Amazon caretakers looked to be in a mild panic as they tried to keep everyone calm until the TV was on. "No! No swaddle!" my scream came from the TV, visceral.. so intense it made me flinch. The me on the TV thrashed wildly... and it looked like the TV-me tried to bite Miss Michelle... and then I watched the Little me fall unconscious in Miss Michelle's grasp. The other Amazons gave a sigh of relief at the abrupt end to the temper tantrum and Miss Michelle gently put the pacifier in the sleeping-me's mouth. The video froze there, and suddenly I realized that I felt tears burning behind my eyes. I had no idea what was going to happen next.. April pulled me tighter and squeezed me. Her heart was beating so fast. I was confused. "Oh Kimmy..." I heard her say, it sounded like she was crying, "oh Kimmy, we are so lucky that Miss Michelle likes you." I tried to look up at her, but she was holding me too tightly. "Where did I go wrong?" her pained question came from above and my whole body was flooded with guilt, "Have I given you too much freedom? Treated you too much like an Amazon child? Too much like an Amazon? Oh Kimmy, I love you so much, I don't know what to do." She backed the video up to the frame that showed me twisting, my teeth bared at Miss Michelle's hand. "Miss Michelle saw this," she said, "She knew. We are so, so lucky. You can't go back to LittleGarden until we have this under control, Kimmy. If you had bitten her... if you assaulted an Amazon caretaker.. they," she sobbed, "they would have forcibly regressed you, permanently." She squeezed me so tightly it hurt, "Lisa's hypnotic trigger may have saved you after all, Kimmy. Am I a bad mommy? Should I have been more strict? I thought that if I showed you my love, made you understand... you'd realize your place and everything would be all right. I almost lost you today." My tears were flowing freely now, I didn't even understand why I had gotten so upset at being called "crybaby", it all seemed so stupid now that I saw it on the screen. April turned me so I was facing her, "You were a bad girl today, Kimmy," she said, and my heart broke into a million little pieces. I started bawling uncontrollably. "I am very disappointed in you." If she hadn't been holding me up, I would have collapsed in a heap at that. I don't think April had ever expressed disapproval at me in any way. What if she didn't love me any more? Tears were streaming down April's face... was she going to give me away? I loved her.. in that moment of fear, that moment that I thought I might lose her, I realized just how much I loved her. I didn't want her to go away! "Oh my little Kimmy, how can I make you understand?" she hugged me tightly, and then looked me in the eyes again. She grabbed a tissue, supporting me with one arm as I leaned back in her lap. She wiped my eyes and nose, and then her own eyes. She looked deeply into my eyes, and I into hers - I hung on her every breath, "I love you, Kimmy. I love you so much, I knew from the very first moment that I held you in my arms that I would love you forever. I'm too emotionally compromised right now to explain to you the severity of what went wrong today. I am too scared and too upset, any decision I make right now is suspect." She smiled suddenly, "The irony just hit me. Littles just don't have the ability to recognize their own disregulated emotions, that's the entire problem," she kissed me on the head. "We need to get some food in both of us, I missed lunch due to recording today." April stood up and carried me to the kitchen, I was still weeping but I had calmed down a bit when she said "I love you", I wasn't scared she was going to get rid of me any more, but I still didn't know what was going to happen. April sat me down in the highchair and snapped the tray in place. "I'm going to make us some food. I think you're too upset to eat carefully, so your dinner is going to be formula tonight," she stroked my cheek, "you are not being punished with formula, I just don't want you to choke. I'm going to take your paci out, but you are not to talk, okay? Show me that you're a good Little, don't say a single word, okay?" I nodded and she removed the pacifier. My need to tell her how much I loved her was incredibly strong, I wanted to say how sorry I was, that I didn't mean it, that I'd do better... it was so hard to keep quiet. April made herself a quick dinner, some kind of fish and vegetables, and I got a bottle of formula which I drank without complaint. We ate in silence, but it wasn't a tense silence.. April didn't seem upset anymore, she was calm and collected. I was miserable, but I stayed quiet. After dinner, April carried me into the nursery where I learned that my diaper was soaked. I had been so upset, I never even noticed going.. or that it was wet at all. She put me in another thick nighttime diaper and the sleeper outfit with the mittens, the one that zipped from behind. She put me down in the crib where I sat, dumbfounded. I had assumed I would get to sleep in her bed again, I liked her warmth, her heartbeat, her smell. She walked out without saying goodnight... I collapsed and started bawling again. She came back in with Harry Otter, put him in my arms and stroked my hair. "Oh my precious Little, I'm sorry I didn't recognize my emotions more quickly. Your mommmy isn't perfect, I get big feelings sometimes too. You poor thing, you had a rough day despite my best efforts. Goodnight my Kimmy, get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day. I love you." She walked out quietly and I croaked, "I love you too," my voice hoarse from crying. I was asleep within minutes. -- I awoke the next morning still clutching Harry Otter tightly. I was still in the crib, it wasn't all a bad dream. I couldn't do much at all with the mittens, so I sat up and hugged Harry Otter. "Oh Harry, I messed up," I told him, "Why do I keep losing control? I've been called much worse in my life than 'crybaby'." I sighed and poked my diaper. It was dry, that was good at least.. in a way. I still had nighttime control even if I went to bed upset. I was a little troubled by my lack of control yesterday evening, but I honestly couldn't remember feeling that upset at any previous point in my life. So I gave myself a pass. I relaxed and flooded the diaper anyway, it wasn't like I had another choice. "Harry, we need to show everyone that we can be friends with Littles. Why wouldn't I be able to? They're just like me. They were adults, now they're trapped in a world where they're treated like a baby.. I have something big in common with every single one of them, how hard could it be?" I propped Harry up and said to him, "Hello there miss, I like your dress. It hides your diaper well." Harry didn't reply and I sighed, "Hello mister, how long have these giants forced you to wear diapers? Have you lost count of the days yet? What's your favorite baby toy?" My attempt to encourage myself was backfiring. The one thing we all had in common was helplessness, how do you bond over that in a way that doesn't make you resentful? "Good morning, beautiful girl," April was smiling as she walked in, "I thought I heard you chattering in here. Is Harry keeping you company?" I was conflicted. On the one hand, I was really happy that she was in a good mood and part of me wanted to play along and pretend that nothing was wrong, on the other hand... something was wrong. We still had a lot to talk about from the previous night, and pretending like everything was okay seemed like a bad idea. "April, I..", I started, wanting to address the problem head-on in a mature way.. but I didn't get any farther, the pacifier was quickly in my mouth and inflated. "I see someone is still fussy, that's okay. We had a lot of big feelings yesterday, didn't we?" She picked me up and carried me over to the changing table to get me ready for the day. The sleeper was removed and she squeezed my diaper... and did something very un-April-like. "You're barely wet," she said, "we'll change you after a while." I always got a morning change - even if the diaper was dry, I got a morning change into a daytime diaper. This was a bad sign. Was I losing some closeness with April? I didn't even get a dress today, or shortalls.. April just pulled on a t-shirt that read, "Full of Love" and carried me to the living room. April sat on the couch and sat me on her lap. "Kimmy," she said, "You are a Little. Your whole job in this life is to have fun, play, and be happy. That's it. You know you weren't happy in your old world, you were sad, you were tired, you were sick. You have..." She was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. I hoped it was Lisa... I hadn't seen Lisa in a while and I missed her. She made April happy, and she was around when I started growing closer to April. I had to remember how I was getting close to her before so I could get there again, I wanted her to understand that I loved her back.. for real, with a real, deep emotion. This is what I was thinking to myself from the confines of the playpen where April had deposited me while she answered the door. "Hello," she said cheerfully, "Oh I wasn't expecting any.. yes, thank you. Right here? Okay, thank you! Have a nice day." She closed the door and carried in a medium sized box.. and by medium size, I mean I would fit in it easily. The Littles Shopping Network logo was on the side. I started to panic. "What did mom send now?" April asked as she set the box down and started opening it. "Oh right, I told her it was okay to buy this. It's actually really good timing." I clung to the side of the playpen and strained to see what was in the box, but I couldn't. April carried it toward the kitchen and I was left alone. I suddenly felt mad at myself. April had been starting to trust me more, I had been getting more freedom. She had been letting me wander the house instead of keeping me trapped in the swing or the playpen, but here I was again. I brooded while April was away, I didn't feel like playing with any of the toys in the playpen. She was gone for quite a while, from the kitchen I heard the sounds of small tools being used.. she must be assembling something. Something from the Littles Shopping Network, something her mother bought. All of this together pretty much guaranteed I wouldn't like it. "Okay, Kimmy - let's try out your new present," April said happily as she carried me toward the kitchen. In the doorway between the kitchen and the living room was... a bouncer, hung from the doorframe. Yet another method of confinement. I didn't complain as she settled me down in the jumper and adjusted the tension. The fabric held the thick nighttime diaper to me closely, my legs dangled in the legholes, splayed completely apart with my toes barely touching the ground. "Okay sweetie, jump for me." I bounced helplessly in the bouncer... Actually, I got some decent height on the jumps, it was kind of like jumping on a trampoline.. except that it held you up by the crotch and made you constantly aware that you wore diapers. Otherwise it was exactly like a trampoline. This was basically the direct opposite of the freedom I was trying to earn back. "There, now you can get a little more exercise while I work around the house, and I can talk to you while I prepare things in the kitchen without you being trapped in the highchair. I prefer to keep that just for mealtimes. Isn't grandma thoughtful?" I tried desperately to push the pacifier out of my mouth so I could play along, make things right again.. but it was in firmly. Instead I just held up my arms and opened and closed my hands, which had worked before. April smiled and picked me up. "Oh, someone is still feeling a little needy, huh? Okay, let's stay close." April cradled me in her arms and rocked me, "I am your mommy, it is my job to take care of you. To make sure you are clothed, fed, and cared for. My goal is to make you happy. Your job is to be happy. That's a pretty easy job, isn't it?" she tickled my tummy and I giggled around the paci. When she stopped, I nodded. "Can you do that, Kimmy? Can you just worry about being happy and stop worrying about all that other stuff?" When she put it that way, it did sound like a pretty easy job. Just be happy, right? April made me happy, it should be easy to be happy for her. I nodded and snuggled in her arms. "Good, I was hoping we'd be able to come to an agreement on this. Now, I don't need to go in to record today, I got word that they're reviewing the previous days' recordings.. so it's just you and me. And I have an idea on what we can do." And then April sat me down on the couch all by myself.. she made sure my diapered butt was all the way against the back cushion, but still.. she left me on the couch, not the playpen, not the swing, not the new bouncer. That was a good sign. When she came back, she was carrying a tiny guitar in each hand, like the one I had been playing with on the coffee table the other night. She sat one of them in my lap and held the other one close to her body, sitting down on the other side of the couch, facing me. "Let's play some music," April smiled.
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    This made me giggle. Thank you to everyone for the kind comments, they really make me happy. Here you go! ========= Part 6 I woke up earlier than usual the next morning to an unfamiliar sight. I was cradled in April's arms halfway under the covers, and she was asleep. I looked around as much as I could without moving, I liked looking at April's bedroom. I tried not to move too much because, well, I didn't want to wake a sleeping giant. April always woke up before me and it felt really nice to see her asleep. Her chest moved with a slow rhythm, I could hear her heartbeat easily. I sighed softly and let the pressure on my bladder go, flooding the diaper like I always seemed to need to when I woke up. I snuggled closer into April's arms and gave the giant girl a kiss on her nose. She had a bit of lipstick still on her lips, she must have cleaned up in a hurry before laying down. I tried to remember what happened the previous night, but it was hard to recall. I remembered fighting Lisa over being swaddled, losing, and then everything was a murky haze. I remembered a tiny bit of feeling good, like April came to my rescue, but I couldn't remember much about it. I closed my eyes and relaxed, just enjoying April's breathing, enjoying her warmth, the warmth of her breath, the smell of her hair.. this... this, I honestly didn't mind at all. If the rest of life here with the Amazons was this pleasant, I don't think I'd have any complaints at all. I felt April stir and I turned to face her as her giant green eyes opened slowly. "Good morning," I said to her softly and kissed her on the nose again. "Aww, sweetie. What a nice way to wake up," she smiled. Then her face darkened and she sat up, grabbing me by the torso and sitting me up, "Kimmy, are you okay? How do you feel?" I was startled by her sudden movement and I felt a little dizzy, "I'm okay - a little sleepy still I think. My diaper is wet." "How do you feel about your diapers?" she asked me. "Um, I don't like them? I never have. I wish you had a toilet I could use. Hell, I'd even be happy to pee in one of those stupid potty chairs, anything would beat having to wear diapers," I said frankly. "Oh good," she sighed, looking visibly relieved, "I was so scared that Lisa had accidentally damaged your little mind. She added a hypnotic trigger to you, you Littles are incredibly susceptible to hypnosis. You seem to be wired to accept almost any hypnotic trigger, I was afraid she overwrote some of your personality!" "That's possible?" I asked, scared, "What did she do to me?" "She said you were a nightmare because she let you stay up past your bedtime, yelling and throwing things, so she needed a way to get you to sleep - Kimmy, did you really do all that?" I looked down, suddenly ashamed at my behavior, "She put my dinner in a blender and made me drink from the bottle, and she took the chocolate away from me," I said defensively. "Oh," she laughed, "you are a spoiled Little aren't you? It seems like each of you Littles is wired to melt down at a specific time, something about our minutes being longer than yours. Your time," she booped me on the nose, "is 7 PM. You probably don't even realize it's happening to you, but your emotions become incredibly disregulated at that time." "But it wasn't fair," I complained, refusing to cede that I was motivated by anything but the unfairness of the situation, "I like the way you feed me much better, and I like the sippy cup better than the bottle." "Littles," she said as she swept me up into her arms and hugged me close, "don't know what's good for them, my silly little girl. I can feed you that way because we're very careful and we've learned each others' patterns. I wouldn't let Lisa feed you that way even if she wanted to, you might choke. She did the right thing, you were in the wrong. You live in a dangerous world that wasn't built for someone as small and delicate as you, darling. The rules are there for your protection, believe it or not." Inwardly I thought, Just let me go home then, the words burned on my tongue, I wanted to say them so badly but April was so soft and cuddly, and happy.. it would just start a fight. "Am I still hypnotized?" I asked cautiously. "No sweetie, not hypnotized.. you have a trigger now. Any time someone swaddles you and rocks you, you will go to sleep no matter what, even if you just woke up. You won't be able to control it. Some Littles need triggers like that because they can't cope with how time flows differently here, so they just need a little help. You don't have that problem, and I don't like swaddling - so that trigger will probably never get used again." As I lay on my back in this giant's arms, I felt how deeply she really cared for me.. and I honestly cared for her too. "I.. I love you," as soon as the L-word came from my lips, April lit up light a million candles.. but it didn't last, "April," I finished, using her name. She deflated a bit. She still looked happy, but not on top of the world like she was just a moment ago. "So close," she smiled sadly. "I love you too, my little Kimmy. I love you more than you'll probably ever realize." She started carrying me out of her bedroom and toward the nursery. I couldn't help but press for some information. "If you know I don't like the diapers, why do you make me wear them? Why can't we get a potty chair?" "Well one, your bladder is tiny and erratic. We'd have to run to the potty chair at all manner of odd times, and it wouldn't help at all in public. The world just doesn't have reliable potty facilities for Littles. Two, most Littles don't keep control the longer they are here. Even if you could make it to the potty chair every time now, it might not be true in the future. Three, I like changing your diapers. I also think you are very, very cute in diapers. You wear diapers, and I have no plans to change that." She squeezed me tightly as she carried me into the nursery, "Now let's get you dressed and fed. We have things to do today." -- I was left in the playpen while April got dressed. After that, she dressed me to go out, and I actually got a pair of shoes. She put me in a daytime diaper and a yellow sundress with white velcro shoes. My hair was put up in pigtails again and the pacifier clipped to the dress. "Where are we going?" I asked as she carried me to her car. "I have to work today, sweetie. They need a rhythm guitar player and I got the call." "Can I watch you play? I'll be good, I'll sit still and not move." "No, sweetie - it's against this studio's policy. There are a couple in town that allow Littles in, but this studio has a daycare attached to it, so you'll be staying there while I record. It should only be a few hours." "I don't want to go to a daycare, can I stay with Lisa instead?" I pleaded. "No, Kimmy," April said as she pushed the pacifier between my lips, the signal that she was done arguing with me over this, "Lisa is at her job. You are going to the daycare and that's all there is to it. Now, I want you to be on your best behavior. Act like a good Little, I know you know how. You are extremely charming when you want to be. Don't try to prove that you're big, don't try to prove that you're an adult - it won't go well for you. Use small words and be happy and your day will be great. If you act up for the daycare like you did for Lisa, they will punish you. I'm trusting you not to end up in a bad spot, sweetie." I pouted a bit as she strapped me into the car seat and considered her words. Lisa actually liked me, these daycare people wouldn't even know me. It was going to be hard, but I had to try my best to be their idea of a "perfect Little". I resented it, but I was glad that April was looking out for me. I sucked the pacifier loudly as the car started and pulled out of the driveway, wishing I had a book to read or something to do during the drive.
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    And now here is the final part of the story! Major drama bombs are dropped, new alliances are made, friendships are sealed, awakenings happen, LOTS of dirty diapers! The story has been wrapped up neatly, but there is always the possibility this person may yet commission a sequel. If you want to commission me, send a private message or go here. ~ It was another day in the sorority house and Janet was being dressed in soft pink kitten panties by Ashley. Janet looked a little confused at first as the panties came up around her waist. She was completely naked except for the panties. The panties were thicker than regular panties, but they were not at all like diapers. They had the look and feel of "big girl" underwear. Ashley smiled at Janet as she pulled a grey-blue shirt over Janet's head. The color really matched her eyes! On the front of the shirt was a picture of a cute little white baby bunny. Ashley then showed Janet her play overalls, holding them out and having Janet step into them one foot at a time. She pulled the overalls up and secured the straps on. "It's time for phase two of our little experiment, Janet." Ashley stated plainly. "We're going to start you on potty training! Isn't that exciting?" Janet looked kind of worried. "Oh, sweetie, it'll be okay! I'll be helping, and so will all your aunties and sisters!" Janet still wasn't sure about this. She thought about how much she wanted to get right back into her diaper. Something hit her in that moment. 'Wait, do I really want to go back to diapers?' she thought to herself. After struggling for so long to get a little freedom and be treated like a "big girl" she found herself longing for the comfort and serenity of being in a diaper and always having someone there to change her. Was this Ashley's plan all along? Was that the purpose of the experiment, to prove that Janet would become dependent on diapers so much that she would grow to love them? Janet decided she would try this potty training thing. "I'll do my best, Mommy." Janet said with confidence, crossing her arms. Ashley looked pleased and smirked at her. She pat Janet on the rump. "I know you will, but don't be too sad if it doesn't work out." Ashley said. She must have known something. Ashley walked to the door, opening it and calling for the sisters to come in. Samantha, Emily, and Vera walked in. Emily was holding a large plastic potty. It must have been custom made. It looked like it was designed for toddlers with red, yellow, and blue plastic parts as well as little unicorns printed on the side. The only thing that made it different from a toddler potty was how big it was. It was large enough fit an adult woman on top of it. Emily set the potty down in the middle of the room, making it the centerpiece. Janet stared at the potty, sucking on her thumb nervously. "Don't be scared. Vera, the potty isn't scary, is it?" Ashley turned her attention to Vera. Vera blushed heavily. She looked annoyed over being singled out. "Vera, tell your little sister about the potty since you used it recently." "Shut up, I did not!" Vera shouted defensively, her face turning red. "Vera, do not sass back your mother now." Ashley warned. She grabbed Vera's arm and brought her over to Janet. Janet smiled. She liked seeing Vera treated like a child. Even though Vera was still treated like she was an older sister it was still satisfying to see her reduced to childhood status in a similar way as her. "Now tell your little sister about the potty." Vera's face was burning red. She looked over at Samantha and Emily who were smiling brightly. They did not have vindictive looks on their faces, but it was clear they were loving this. Vera was the kind of girl who would be popular and could use her good looks to get whatever she wanted, so it made her seem a bit more relatable and human to see her treated like this. Vera didn't want that though. She felt like she was above all this. Still, she remembered the oath she agreed to when she joined the sorority: no matter what, a sister looks after her sisters. Sam and Emily might have thought of Vera as another stuck-up snob, but she knew that the girls would never try to hurt or embarrass her, that they would always have her back. Vera sighed, giving up and looking at Janet. "The potty isn't scary." Vera started talking, her face still red hot. "When... Mommy..." she turned and looked at Ashley for a second, "brought the potty in... she told me to start using it instead of the toilet. It's really easy and it's not scary at all." Vera turned slightly to look at Sam and Emily, expecting them to laugh or at least snicker at her, but they didn't. Vera was still blushing, but she wasn't so much embarrassed about having to use a potty like a child as she was embarrassed at herself for not being mature about it. If anyone else was in her position Vera would be sneering and looking down upon them. She used to call Janet disgusting. Now she felt bad for being mean and hateful towards the dirty baby girl. "There, you see?" Ashley pinched Janet's cheek playfully. "You and Vera are going to be playmates today. If either of you has to go pee or poop I expect you to encourage each other to use the potty chair." "What? Hell no!" Vera said "I'm not doing that again, it's humiliating!" Ashley just gave Vera a stern look, letting her know who was in charge. Vera clammed up, but with her lips pressed together furiously. Ashley walked over to the rocking chair in the corner of the room, sitting down. She pulled the psychology book from the stand beside her and read it quietly to herself while keeping an eye on her two baby girls. Vera looked at Janet who just gave her an innocent but nervous smile. Vera looked around the room. There was nothing here that really kept her interest. "You want to um," Janet touched her fingers together, also looking around the room, "you want to play Spy Barbies with me?" Janet walked over to the toybox, pulling out the toy cars and the various Barbie dolls. "I don't know why you would think I want to play that." Vera said rudely. She pulled her phone from her purse and started typing away on it, ignoring Janet. Janet looked down at Vera's legs, seeing them criss-cross. She was clearly already fidgeting. Janet decided to play by herself, pushing the car along the floor with dollies inside of it. In her mind she had her own action spy movie planned out. She had the car doing flips and stunts to evade some bad guys she was imagining. Vera looked up from her phone, watching Janet playing like a little kid. Vera wondered how Janet could have fun like that just using her imagination. Vera thought back to when she was a little girl, just carefree and having fun. She had to go back pretty far in her mind. It was hard to remember when she was ever that imaginative and child-like. Pretty much the moment she was in first grade Vera was already trying to act cool and popular, even going as far to avoid laughing. Sure, she did giggle sometimes, but she always kept a stoic, stone-faced expression through most of her childhood. It was hard work to keep that up. In a way, she was a little jealous of Janet. That big diaper baby didn't have to worry about being popular. She never had to be cool. Vera felt pressure building up inside of her. She crossed her legs as tight as she could, but she knew she was going to need a toilet. She didn't want to soil herself, but she didn't want to use the potty chair either. She looked over at the open door and started walking towards it while keeping her legs pressed tight to each other. "Don't even think about it." Ashley said without even needing to glance up from her book. Vera pouted. Ashley was so much like a mom! It was completely humiliating, but not as bad as it would be if she pooped her pants. She looked over at the potty chair, knowing it was her only option. She did an awkward walk back towards the potty and then tugged down her panties. She sat down on the potty chair, feeling so small. Janet was watching. Vera could feel her presence as she walked closer and stared at her on the potty chair. Vera shyly placed a hand between her legs, trying to hide her pussy from view. Vera, who prided herself on never farting in front of anyone, not even her boyfriends, was now making loud farts into the bowl of the potty. Thick logs dropped out, hitting the bottom of the plastic with simple thumping sounds. Vera sighed with relief, and the forced squatting position the potty chair put her gave her the most comfortable and relaxing poop she ever had. Now that she was done she started looking around for the toilet paper. Vera felt a sinking sensation in her stomach. She whimpered and looked to Janet. "Hey, little sister." she hissed softly "Could you get me some toilet paper?" Janet nodded with a smile. She got to her feet and walked over to Ashley. "No no, not her!" Vera said to herself. Ashley set her book down and looked over at Vera with a content smile. Ashley grabbed her bag that was full of baby supplies and walked over to Vera. "Stand up so we can wipe that dirty bottom." she instructed. "No, I don't want to!" Vera whined. "You don't want to have a clean bottom? That doesn't sound like something a big girl would say." Ashley added, crossing her arms. Vera groaned and stood up for Ashley. Ashley produced the baby wipes from the bag and then started to wipe Vera. "Good girl. Next time you should probably come ask Mommy when you need a wipe. I don't think your baby sister knows anything about wiping." Vera was impotently angry, unable to really retaliate in her vulnerable position. The wipe felt good on her though, better than toilet paper. It was wet, but soothing, and the cold wet sensation dried away quickly. Ashley tossed the used wipes into the diaper pail and then pulled Vera's panties back up from her, giving her a slight wedgie. Vera winced, reaching up under her skirt and picking the panties out of her crack. She looked down into the potty chair, two big logs of poop just sitting in it and reminding her of the embarrassing thing that just happened. She wondered how long it would be until Ashley emptied the potty. Anyone that was in that room or came in at that moment would see the poop just sitting there and know that she did it. That was quite embarrassing for her. Janet had already gone back to playing. Vera watched her. She didn't go ahead and play with Janet, but she didn't go right back to her phone. She stood there, watching silently. Would it really be so bad to just play with her? She can still be Janet's "big" sister. She saw Janet stop in her tracks. Janet parted her legs and looked down. The back of her overalls started to bulge slightly. She was dropping big lumps of poop into her pants. Janet didn't seem to bothered. In fact, a broad smile was plastered across her face. She was loving it! As Vera watched she wondered how anyone could just enjoy messing their pants like that. When she was forced to pee herself it was positively mortifying. The wet feeling itself wasn't so bad though. Some dirty thoughts entered Vera's head. She got nervous as she realized she was thinking about wetting and soiling her pants just like the big baby did and wondering if she might grow to like it too. She shook her head, trying to get the thought out. It wouldn't go away though, and her cunt was warming over at the thought of secretly stealing a diaper and using it like a baby so she could masturbate into it. The thought made her feel so ashamed of herself. She tried to snap out of it by looking back at Janet who was now waddling around with a load in her pants. She had to say something about this so she wasn't just thinking about herself. "Mommy!" Vera spoke up, pointing at Janet. "Janet pooped her pants!" Ashley sighed, setting her book down again. She walked over to Janet calmly. "Janet," Ashley looked at the girl in the eyes as she stepped closer and closer. "Did you make a poopy?" Ashley sounded stern, but there was a hint of playfulness in her voice. Vera watched, feeling warm and tingly as she saw the girls unfold a little roleplay. "It was an accident, Mommy." Janet replied, looking at Ashley and giving her the big, innocent puppy eyes. "Doesn't look like an accident to me." Ashley said, her hand cupping Janet's messy butt. "Looks like my naughty baby girl went poop in her pants on purpose even though there was a perfectly good potty chair right there." Vera could see there was some underlying sexually charged motivations between each girl. She fumbled through her purse and tried to get her phone out so she could record this. She remembered that Kendra said there was something gay going on between those girls and to try and capture evidence of it. "Vera." Ashley turned, looking at the blonde girl directly. "You want to prove to me that you're a big girl, right?" "Yes, yes ma'am." Vera nodded. She let the phone drop back into her purse. She had to take this opportunity. "Good girl." Ashley pulled Janet's wrist and brought her over to the changing table. "Clean up your baby sister's mess and put her back in diapers." This is the moment Vera had dreaded. She didn't want to change a poopy mess from Janet, but if this is what she had to do to regain her status in the house then she would take it. Vera sighed and started to undo the straps around Janet's shoulders. She pulled the overalls down around Janet's ankles. Vera tried to be careful, pinching the edges of the overalls rather than grabbing them. Ashley took the soiled overalls and folded them before dropped them into the laundry basket. Vera whined, looking at the poop filled underwear sagging down between Janet's legs. "Can't do it? Afraid of getting your hands dirty." Ashley said, standing beside Vera. "Can you really handle this, or do you want Mommy to do it for you?" "No!" Vera said confidently, pinching the sides of the underwear. "I got this." Vera pulled down the underwear carefully. She looked inside at the huge mess. It was so filthy! Vera was glad these weren't her underwear at least. As embarrassing as it was to poop into a potty chair at least she didn't poop her pants and make a mess like this! Vera had Janet step out of the filthy underwear and she held them up. "I assume I just have to chuck these? They don't look salvageable." Vera said, holding out the soiled undies. Ashley nodded, pointing over at the diaper pail. Vera opened the diaper pail and dropped the filthy panties down inside. She went back to the changing table. "Here, let me help." Ashley said, grabbing one of Janet's arms. The two girls pulled Janet up onto the table. Janet giggled, lying back with her legs raised in the air. Vera looked at Janet's privates and the filthy mess all over her butt. Vera was feeling better and better about herself. Smiling and beaming with confidence she took the cool baby wipes from under the table and started to clean up Janet's butt. She remembered Ashley's instructions, wiping front to back. Janet looked up at Vera who looked to have a genuine smile on her face. Janet felt good for Vera, happy to see the bored looking girl actually have a look of happiness and contentment on her face. "What a big girl you're being." Ashley praised Vera, rubbing her back. Vera blushed a little, but she still smiled proudly. She finished wiping Janet and tossed out the used baby wipes. She took out one of the thick diapers, unfolding it and placing it on the table. Janet raised her legs, helping Vera tuck the diaper under her butt. Vera got the powder and shook it a bit too much. Ashley laughed, waving a hand in front of her face as all the powder piled on Janet's diaper. "Now Vera, you shouldn't get so excited! You only need a little dusting of baby power" Ashley instructed, taking the bottle of powder away and setting it aside. "If you shake the bottle you'll end up putting too much powder on!" She then used both her hands to scoop up the excess powder and throw it away. "Now rub the rest in with your hand." Ashley said as she dusted her hands off over the trash bin. Vera gulped a bit. She wasn't sure if she wanted to touch another girl's privates, but it was yet another thing that she just knew she had to do! She reached down and dragged her hand from Janet's butt up to her crotch, rubbing the soft and sweet smelling baby powder into the girl's skin. Janet shivered and smiled. Vera had to chuckle at how easily Janet was being manipulated by the diaper change. Vera rubbed her hand a bit firmer into Janet's crotch and watched as the girl squealed and put her thumb into her mouth. Ashley chuckled and leaned in close, whispering into Vera's ear. "Are you having fun, Vera?" Ashley stroked Vera's head. Vera gulped. She stopped fondling the girl and grabbed the tabs of the diaper, taping them shut tightly around her waist. "All right, you girls play nice with each other. I'm going to empty Vera's potty chair." Ashley picked up the potty and looked over at Vera. "Unless of course you need to use it right now?" Vera looked over as Ashley, shaking her head. She helped Janet down off the table, who was now wearing only a diaper and the bunny shirt. Ashley walked out the nursery with the potty chair. Emily saw it and held her nose. "Oh! Did Janet figure out the potty chair already?" Emily asked. "No, these are Vera's poopies." Ashley explained, walking into the downstairs bathroom. She raised the lid of the toilet and tipped the potty, letting the poops drop into the bowl. Emily chuckled to herself. She was an insecure girl, and something about just knowing the pretty and perfect Vera took big smelly dumps like everyone else put her at ease. Ashley wiped down the inside of the potty chair with some toilet paper before flushing the toilet. She turned and looked at Emily, greeting her with a simple nod as she walked by her, carrying the potty back to the nursery. Back inside the nursery she saw Vera sitting on the floor with Janet, helping her with some puzzles. Ashley thought it looked so cute. She shut the door behind her and walked over to the two girls, setting the potty down in the middle of the floor before she squatted down behind the girls, watching them. "Is your big sister being nice, Janet?" Ashley asked, looking at her favorite baby girl. "Yes, Mommy." Janet smiled, wiggling her padded butt against the floor. Ashley sighed with a big grin. She sat down the floor and watched as the two girls played with each other. Vera's thoughts of power and domination were fading. She suddenly didn't care about Kendra's plan to take down Ashley. As far as Vera was concerned, Ashley and Janet were weird, but they seemed to provide a much more healthy and accepting environment than Kendra would give. Vera knew that siding with Ashley was the safer option, but it also just felt right. At the end of the day, when the sun had gone down and the other girls had retired to their rooms, Ashley had stayed in the nursery with Janet. She was holding in her excitement all day, and perhaps she was feeling very bold. She didn't even bother barricading the door when she planted a kiss on Janet's lips. "What was that for?" Janet said with a whisper, followed by a cute giggle. "For being such a cutie." Ashley replied. She wrapped her arms around Janet, lazily letting them hang behind Janet's shoulders as she pulled closer and kissed the girl. With Ashley's breasts pushed up against Janet's both girls could feel each other's heart beats. Ashley moved her arms and then slide a hand down against Janet's tummy until it dropped into the diaper. She pressed her hand right up against Janet's crotch, feeling how hot and wet her pussy was. Ashley growled playfully with excitement as she fondled Janet. Janet whimpered, bucking her hips back up against Ashley's hand. The fooling around was brought to an abrupt stop as there was a knock at the nursery door. Ashley groaned in disappointment as she pulled her hand out of Janet's diaper. Janet made a pitiful whimper and sat down on the edge of her crib. Ashley walked over to the door, opening it and looking out. She saw Lydia there, standing and looking at Ashley with a cold glare. "I need to speak with you." Is all Lydia said. "Oh my God, right now? It's so late." Ashley rolled her eyes. "You're not going to want me to wait until morning, girl." Lydia said. "This is about you and Janet." Ashley turned, looking at Janet. She then looked back at Lydia. She held up a finger, letting the girl know that she had to stand and wait. Ashley walked over to Janet, pulling the girl up onto her bed. Janet looked up with sad eyes. Ashley stroked the girl's hair. She didn't want to leave Janet without helping her finish what she started, but some things were more important. She tucked Janet in, getting her cozy in the big adult crib before locking her in there. "Alright, Lydia, what the hell do you want this time?" Ashley said, shutting the nursery door behind her and crossing her arms. Lydia looked around, holding a backpack over one shoulder. "I don't think we should talk here. Let's go to your room." Lydia said, tilting her head to the side to point in the direction of the stairs. "I think whatever you have to say you can say it out h-" Ashley wasn't able to finish. "I know you're gay and I have proof." Lydia said so bluntly. Ashley was speechless now. She looked about then guided Lydia up the stairs frantically. No one was around to hear them, but now Ashley was doubly paranoid. Even if Lydia was bluffing she wasn't about to let her blab everything out there in the main hall. One inside Ashley's room she shut the door behind her and leaned against it. She looked up at Lydia with a scowl. "You have got some nerve to threaten me." Ashley said, her face reddening. Lydia breathed deep and then sighed heavily. She took Ashley's hand, pulling her close and looking down at the girl with a strong, fierce glare. "I am not making a threat. All I want is for you to compromise." Lydia said. She held Ashley's wrist tightly and then brought the shorter girl over to the bed, tossing her down. Ashley gasped in surprise. Even when she was faking being straight with her boyfriends she would never let them toss her around like that. It felt thrilling though. She was not used to giving up power so easily. Ashley sat up on the bed, feeling herself already getting a little moist as the stronger girl towered over her. She raised one leg and leaned against the bed. That was one of Ashley's own moves being used against her. Lydia was letting Ashley look up her skirt at her tight panties which barely covered her cunt. "Here are my demands." Lydia stated. "I am the chapter president of this sorority..." Ashley shook her head. "Yeah right, like I would ever-" "And you will be my baby girl." Lydia finished. She looked down at Ashley, waiting to see her reaction. Ashley's mouth as agape. She stared down at the floor, unsure how to respond to that. "I want the same thing you can Janet have." Lydia went on to explain. "Except I'll be your mommy. Everyone here can call you mom, but I refuse." she leaned in. "I am the mommy of this house." She set the backpack down finally and unzipped it. She showed the package of adult diapers and changing supplies she had brought in. Ashley sat there on the bed. She was confused and angry. What could Lydia possibly have on her. Ashley was shaking her head. "I can't do that. I'm the den mother here. I'm no one's baby!" Lydia sighed. She got out her phone and held it up. There were some pictures set to a little slideshow, showing Ashley planting some very heavy kisses right on Janet's mouth. The pictures were from the club. Somehow Lydia had gotten pictures of Ashley being deeply intimate with another girl in a public place. "How did you get those?" Ashley hissed. She reached for the phone, but Lydia was too quick for her, holding the phone up just out of Ashley's reach. Ashley growled and slammed her fists on the bed. Her eyes welled up with tears, but she tried to remain angry instead of looking wounded. "Well you're not the only one that knows some dykes on the down low." Lydia explained. "I heard through a friend of a friend that you sometimes went to this little lesbian bar that often changes its location. I was patient and knew all I had to do was wait. I told this friend to get some pictures of you the next time you were there. Now I have you." Ashley breathed through her nose, tears starting to fall from her face. She glared up at Lydia. "Your parents wouldn't be too happy to see these photos. They might even pull you out of school." Lydia explained, tucking the phone behind her back. "Maybe I will just tell them anyway and get your annoying ass out of my way once and for all." Ashley was shaking with anger and fear, but it soon turned to crying. She covered her face and leaned forward. Lydia watched as the strong girl was broken, turned to a whimpering crybaby. She looked up at Lydia, her bottom lip trembling. "Please... Don't do that." She choked through a strained voice. "You have no idea what my parents would do if they found out. I know they're not good people, but I'm not ready to cut them out of my life yet..." "Yeah." Lydia said, watching the girl cry. It was getting to her, but she tried to remain steadfast. "All I'm hearing are excuses. You're an unfair tyrant and you've had the throne for too long." "Please!" Ashley leaned forward, grabbing Lydia's shirt and tugging on it. "I can't... I can't let you do this. I'm not trying to be mean. I wasn't toying with Janet." Lydia cocked an eyebrow. She plucked Ashley off of her shirt. "Go on, what do you mean?" "Janet.... she isn't just some experiment for me." Ashley said, her voice trembling as she spoke between sobs. "She's not just some toy, some baby doll... I care about her. If my parents stopped paying for my education they would pull me away from the best thing that ever happened to me. I wouldn't be able to see her. I luh..." Ashley felt the words in her throat. She forced them out. "I love her." Tears dripped down onto Ashley's knees as she confessed. "I love Janet.... and Janet loves me." Lydia almost couldn't believe it. It was the most human she had seen Ashley. Everything she worked for up to this point was worth it just for this moment. Hearing Ashley confess her love for Janet made Lydia see her in a whole new light. She kind of expected Ashley to try and brush off her attraction as some kind of frivolous fling and pretend Janet didn't mean much to her, but Ashley had real feelings for this girl that she thought she was just torturing. Lydia was a dominant figure too. She knew what it was like to grow attached to a sub she was toying with an she knew what it was like to just have fun with someone. She understood the difference. She just didn't think that Ashley was the loving type. Lydia looked at the scared, sobbing little spoiled girl. She just couldn't be the wicked Machiavellian villain here. As bad as the privileged rich girl was with the way she lorded her authority over everyone Lydia had seen some real growth from her ever since the big baby arrived. Lydia knew there was some goodness in her that was worth saving. She also could never bring herself to out someone for being gay, especially if her parents were going to cut her off. Lydia looked down at her phone. She swiped around a few times with her thumb and then deleted the pictures. "Look," Lydia started, "I'm not as mean as you think I am. I can be nice too." Ashley looked up, her mascara streaked down her cheeks. Lydia shook her head and wiped away the running makeup with her thumb. "I just feel like it's my time now. White girls like you have run this sorority since the beginning. I've seen the old photos. I know the history here. You have to believe it'll be a good thing to have me as the leader, the main matriarch of this house." Lydia sat on the bed. She looked over at Ashley as she watched the girl try to process this new information. Lydia pat her knee, trying to coax Ashley over. Ashley took some nervous steps forward and then sat on Lydia's lap. "You deserve this, Lydia. I'll even take one of the downstairs rooms." Ashley said, looking down. "I don't care about that crap, Ashley." Lydia put her finger under Ashley's chin and made her look right at her. "The first thing I am doing away with as this chapter's president is the upper and lower story caste system. Everyone is free to use the bathroom upstairs or downstairs as long as one is free. If one of the three bedrooms on the second story is free then anyone can get into it regardless of their 'status.' Doesn't that sound like a better world?" Ashley looked down. She felt like a child as she sat there in Lydia's lap and things were explained to her. "You're right." she spoke up after some silence. "That's how this place should have been run all along. We're all sisters here. We need to stick together and look out for each other. The in-fighting is only hurting this place and its legacy." "Look who's being a big girl!" Lydia said with a smirk. She tickled Ashley's tummy, which made her giggle and squirm. "I knew it was the right thing to delete those pictures. Your gay little secret will always be safe with Mommy Lydia." Ashley now knew that Lydia had gotten rid of her bargaining chip, but she stayed in the taller girl's lap. She hugged Lydia and started to let out a happy sob of joy. Lydia chuckled and just patted Ashley on the back as she got the hug. "I still want you to be my secret baby girl." Lydia said, looking down at Ashley with a wicked glint in her eye. "I just... I don't know how. I've never been submissive before." Ashley said, twisting her skirt. "I don't think you'll have a hard time figuring that out. Now lie down on the bed, sweetie." Lydia instructed her new baby girl. Ashley complied and lying there on her back submissively. Lydia flipped up Ashley's skirt and then ever so carefully pinched the frilly waistband of her panties. She slowly pulled them down. She smiled wide, marveling at how Ashley was already a little wet and sticky down there. "You sure you're not a little submissive, deep down?" Lydia said as she touched her fingers to Ashley's moist slit. Ashley cringed, tensing up for a second, but she soon relaxed against Lydia's touch. Lydia proceeded to pull Ashley's panties down the rest of the way. She folded them neatly and then stuffed them into her own purse as if she was keeping them as a trophy. Lydia took the package of adult diapers and tore them open. She lifted up a thick diaper and showed it to Ashley. Ashley gulped audibly as she saw the diaper looming over her. Lydia grabbed Ashley's ankles and tucked the thick diapers under her butt. Lydia squirted some of the soothing baby cream onto her hand. She preferred to use the cream. She applied it to Ashley's skin, making it all slick and evenly coated. She spent extra time touching her private area, using her whole palm to cover Ashley's pussy. She rubbed up and down, lingering around the area and watching Ashley writhe under her touch. Just as Ashley was getting into it Lydia taped the diaper shut around her waist. Since Ashley was such a thin little lady the tapes at either side were touching and the diapers looked extra big on her bottom. Lydia stood the girl up and had her pose for her, bending her over so her diaper butt would show. "Look at you." she giggled. "You're so adorable now! I almost want to take a picture." Of course Lydia didn't really mean that. She sat down on the bed and pulled Ashley back into her lap. "Now that I have your attention...." Lydia pat Ashley's diapered butt for further emphasis "I need to tell you about Kendra and Vera. They've been working together, trying to take you down. Now that I know you can be an obedient little girl I don't want them trying to usurp power here." Ashley's face changed from shock, to anger, to acceptance. She was very upset to hear that two people she let into the sorority were attempting a personal attack against her, but she wasn't surprised considering how they acted. Kendra's disappointment over Vera's babyish tendencies made more sense now. She was grateful that Lydia was looking out for her at least. "What are we going to do about them?" Ashley asked, furrowing her brow angrily. "Don't worry about it baby girl." Lydia said, unbuttoning her top. "You just leave everything up to Mommy." With that, Ashley's face was guided towards Lydia's exposed breasts. She held Ashley's mouth to her sweet, darkly colored nipple. Ashley closed her eyes, giving into her baser urges and just suckled. Lydia felt pretty good about herself. She was another step closer to being the main matriarch of the house. As Ashley nursed on her Lydia was already planning on a way to take Kendra down, bringing that sycophantic Vera down with her. Ashley looked up, seeing a devious look on Lydia's face, her eyes just staring off into the distance. She pulled her lips away from the nipple just for a moment. "What're you thinking about, Mommy Lydia?" Ashley asked, wiggling her bottom on her lap. "Oh..." Lydia looked down at Ashley. She adored the girl in this state as her obedient baby. She stroked Ashley's cheek. "Just coming up with a plan that's going to be fortuitous to all of us." Lydia heard a hissing sound and felt her leg warming up as Ashley pissed herself. Ashley had a contented look on her face that was followed by a bright red blush. Lydia chuckled. "Already? What a good baby girl you are." She pat Ashley's wet bottom and then pressed her hand hard against the diapered area between her privates and butt. She dragged her hand from the back to the front, knowing exactly how to arouse Ashley in her wet state. Ashley trembled. She could not believe how great it felt. She knew that Janet liked it, but she never realized just how pleasing it could be to have your own pissy diaper rubbed against your crotch. Ashley bucked her hips back against Lydia's hand and Lydia's face lit up with a gratified grin. "I knew I could make you my baby." Lydia's hissed gently into Ashley's ear. After a long session of playing with Ashley through her diaper, Lydia set her down on the bed again. Ashley had a look on her face that was like a mixture of shame and contentment. She looked up helplessly as Lydia tore open the diaper, which had been loosened greatly from all the rubbing and wetting. The diaper was totally soaked on the inside. Ashley had pissed all through her orgasms. Lydia snickered to herself, taking the cool baby wipes and cleaning up Ashley's soggy mess. She was all perfect and hairless, which made cleaning a breeze. Ashley made cute high-pitched noises as Lydia wiped her privates down. Lydia balled up the used diaper, placing it in a plastic bag, tying the bag, and then dropping it into the trash. "I hope to continue our little diaper games together, Ashley." Lydia said, leaning over Ashley on the bed. She gave Ashley a kiss on the forehead. "You know I'm actually very fond of you right now." Lydia stood up and walked out of Ashley's bedroom, leaving the girl on her bed. Ashley turned her head lazily as Lydia left the room, feeling tired and spent. Ashley wanted to return the favor to Lydia and make her feel just as good, but Lydia didn't seem to want it. Her desire came purely from her power. For the first time in her life, Ashley was in awe of someone that had more control than her. ~ Kendra hadn't seen any of her sorority sisters all day. It was as if everyone had been avoiding her, even the pledges. She couldn't even find that suck-up Vera. She walked back to the house, wondering if she would run into anybody there. She had no idea she would be greeted by every single girl at the same time. Even that big baby Janet was there, sitting on a small chair and sucking from a baby bottle. In the middle of the main hall Lydia stood behind a round table that had several glasses of water on it and one big pitcher in the middle. "Hello, Kendra." Lydia said, walking around to the front of the table. Kendra looked around, seeing all the girls staring at her. Vera was standing next to Ashley. She was a little too close, actually. Kendra glared and Vera nervously reached over. Ashley put out her hand and squeezed Vera's. "Okay just what do you think you're doing here?" Kendra asked, her hips swishing as she walked forward. She slammed her hand down onto the table and the glasses shook a bit. "Well it seems we have two people trying to claim Ashley's spot as the president." Lydia explained calmly. "Ashley is willing to give up her position to just one of us." Lydia poked her finger against Kendra's exposed midriff. Kendra slapped Lydia's hand away. "Yeah okay." Kendra said. "I don't know why Ashley would just hand over her position, but I feel like I deserve it more." "Oh it's true that one of us deserves this position more than Ashley, but only one of us." Lydia explained. "Only one of us has the willpower and fortitude to take it. And we're going to decide by playing a little game." Lydia pulled up a chair and sat at the table. Ashley walked to the table, placing her hands down upon it. She looked back and forth at each girl. Kendra pulled her chair up and sat down as well, staring at Lydia from across the table. "Here's how the game works. Each of you is going to drink a cup of water, one after the other. You can take as much time as you need but you must finish the whole cup." Ashley explained and held up one of the glasses. It was short, about half the size of a regular glass, hence why she called it a cup. "The first one to run to the bathroom loses." Kendra narrowed her eyes. She looked at Ashley and then at Lydia. She rolled her eyes and scoffed. "You got to be kidding me. Is that it?" Kendra frowned at Lydia. "I'll play your sick game and I'll win." Without even bothering with a coin flip, Kendra grabbed one of the glasses and gulped it down. She set the glass down on the table and wiped her mouth on her sleeve. "Your turn." "Oh Kendra." Lydia chuckled. "You sure you don't want to take a little potty break before we begin?" Lydia held a glass and clinked her fingernails upon it. "I'm fine, Lydia. Stop stalling and drink." Kendra said with a confident smile. Lydia shrugged, unfazed by Kendra's brashness. She took a glass of water to her lips and started to drink slowly. Each gulp was nice and loud so that Kendra could hear it. She set the glass down and let out a refreshed exhale. Kendra, frustrated, swigged down another glass of water, setting it aside. Lydia followed with another careful drink. This continued for a while with Kendra trying to keep her cool despite her growing frustration at Lydia. Kendra was growing impatient, wondering how long this would take. She was not as careful and calculating as Lydia was and it was starting to show. By the fifth cup of water Kendra was sipping very slowly. She felt full and she was crossing her legs under the table. She looked at Lydia, hoping for some sign that she might break, but Lydia remained as cool and collected as ever. After a couple minutes Kendra's legs were crossed tightly and bouncing rapidly under the table all while Lydia remained perfectly still. Lydia did not even sweat. Kendra's hand was shaking as she picked up the next glass of water. She sipped slowly and could feel the pressure on her bladder growing. She heard a faint hissing noise and turned around to find that Janet was soaking her diaper. Janet just looked at her and shrugged with a smile as her diaper front yellowed. "That damn baby!" Kendra thought to herself, a look of anxiety washing over her. She was losing her cool and it was becoming obvious. She looked around at all the girls who seemed to want her to fail. She couldn't understand it. She knew that people feared Ashley, Lydia, and her. She always thought she would be safe to take the top position at this house with Lydia and Ashley fighting between each other and no one wanting to get between them, but it seemed like the girls had banded together overnight just to keep Kendra from taking over. Kendra felt a sharp pain followed by wetness between her legs. Didn't fully piss herself, but she knew it would happen soon. She shot up from her chair, dropping her glass. It spilled on the table. Watching the water pool out and fall off the edge only made her urge to pee stronger. "All right, I give up, you win." Kendra said, seething through clenched teeth. "Win what?" Lydia asked, taking one more sip of water just to rub it in. Kendra headed towards the stairs, but the girls blocked her way. "Move!" Kendra tried to push through, but the girls kept her away from the stairs. She looked over the downstairs bathroom and rushed to it, but Lydia got up and joined the girls in blocking Kendra's access. Kendra felt more piss spurting out, causing small wet spot to appear on her tight pants. She managed to pinch off the stream, but it still threatened to come out. "Let me through!" Kendra's voice raised, cracking as it reached an anxious pitch. Kendra desperately tried to push her way through the girls who all just pushed her back. Kendra stood in the middle of the main hall, looking around. She was surrounded. A jet of pee started spurting into her pants. She looked down, watching the low-cut jeans getting soaked. A dark pee stain went down both her legs and even raised up slowly to her waistband. It was too late to stop the flow. A clear yellow stream broke free of the soaking wet fabric and started to sprinkle on the hard floor. Kendra let out a shrill cry and tried to quickly take off her expensive shoes, kicking them away before they became filled with piss. Kendra started crying and slowly lowered to the floor. The pee pooled out around her knees, surrounding her where she was kneeling on the floor. She looked up, sniffling a bit as everyone was there to witness her shame. Kendra sighed, giving up, and just letting the rest of the pee out. All that excess hydration was making its way out of her now and soon there was a massive puddle on the floor. "Kendra, you have pissed your pants like an infant. A truly shameful act for this sisterhood." Ashley said, standing over her with her hands on her hips. "But, we are all sisters and we do not conspire or harm. Your little accident is a secret we will keep." Ashley held out her hand. Kendra sniffled a bit and reached out, holding Ashley's hand and slowly standing back to her feet, some pee still dripping from her sopping wet jeans. "Do you agree that sisters keep each other's secrets?" "Ye- yes." Kendra stammered. She looked down at herself. The wet denim fabric was clinging to her legs. She pulled at the fabric, trying to peel it away from her skin only to have it snap back against her. "So you're going to keep your mouth shut about me being gay." Ashley said out loud. Kendra looked at her. She noticed Ashley was practically glowing. It felt so good for her to just say it. Ashley was gay and she no longer had to hide it from anyone, least of all from Kendra. "I wouldn't have, I mean I wasn't going to..." Kendra stammered some more. Ashley placed a finger to Kendra's lips, hushing her. She took Kendra's hand and lead her into the nursery where the other girls followed. "What are you doing? Hold on now!" "Oh Kendra, you know the rules here." Ashley said with a wicked smirk. "If you wet or mess your pants you get the diaper punishment. Janet had to do it. Vera had to do it. Now you." Kendra was shaking her head nervously as she was brought up to the changing table, Lydia helping pull Kendra onto it. Janet stood by the edge of the table, watching with great interest. She seemed really excited to see one of the mature, senior members of the sorority about to be turned into a big baby just like her! With Lydia holding Kendra down by the shoulders at the back end of the changing table Ashley was able to freely pull down the girl's pants. The jeans turned inside out as they were peeled off of Kendra's legs. She dropped the soggy pants into the laundry basket and then proceeded to remove Kendra's panties. Kendra had a darkly colored cunt with pubic hairs surrounding it, just kept neatly trimmed so they would never appear above the low-cut jeans. Kendra tried pressing her legs together, but Alice and Denise grabbed either ankle and pulled her legs apart. Kendra made a pathetic whine as she stared up at the ceiling and felt the cold air on her wet crotch and legs. Ashley started wiping up each of Kendra's thighs, one at a time, slowly creeping up her legs with the baby wipes until she had landed right on Kendra's pussy. Kendra shut her eyes tight and whimpered as she felt Ashley wiping her like she was a big baby. Ashley wiped from the top to the bottom, being careful but deliberate in her wiping motion. Kendra leaned her head back on the changing table, letting out a groan. She heard the tell-tale crinkle of the diaper and soon her legs were being lifted and then her butt was being set down on a cushy, pillowy diaper. Her butt and crotch were lightly sprinkled with powder before the diaper was taped up around Kendra's waist. Her thin waist and wide hips seemed to make the thick diapers stick out more. Her cute, fat ass was now stuffed into an adorably childish looking adult diaper. Kendra sat up and looked around at all the other girls and then down at the thick diapers. Lydia helped Kendra come down off the table, holding her hand. "We're all in this together. We all have our secrets. No one outside of this house will ever hear about your diaper butt." Ashley stated, patting Kendra's bottom so it would crinkle. "We expect you to wear your diaper all night long and to never take it off, not even to go potty." "That's right." Vera said, crossing her arms. "I had to do it, so should you." Kendra looked over at Vera, her former partner in espionage. Vera seemed happy to be behind Ashley, despite her initial disgust over having to take care of the big baby. Kendra wasn't sure what turned the girl around, but she was standing right next to Janet now. Normally Vera would be avoiding Janet, standing far away, but the two girls' hips were touching! Kendra sat there in the diaper. She was still full from drinking all that water. She didn't think she was going to make the rest of the night dry. In her hubris she thought she could handle the water drinking challenge from Lydia. "I'm going to go use the W.C. now." Lydia said with a smile. "I think I'll use the downstairs one. If anyone of you girls needs to use the upstairs W.C. it's all yours." Lydia pat Alice and Denise on the back. Denise looked elated. She ran off, wanting to use the upstairs bathroom first as she always liked it best for applying her makeup. Alice walked over to Kendra, looking her up and down. "Yes, I think I know the perfect outfit for you." The artist grinned. Kendra had seen the kinds of outfits Alice had sewn for Janet and she was dreading what she might have to wear in the future. "Hey, I thought this was going to be just a one time thing!" Kendra said, looking around nervously. "Oh Kendra." Ashley shook her head. "You're going to need to start your potty training all over again! We can't really expect you to know how to go right back to big girl panties after the big accident you had." "Yeah, and the potty isn't so bad." Vera said. She couldn't believe she said that out loud and in front of everyone. She blushed deeply, but she remembered that everyone here would keep her secret. "And even if you don't get potty trained diapers can be a lot of fun!" Janet said, placing her hands on her bottom and patting her thick diapers. Vera looked over at Janet's diapered bottom, still blushing a bit. She thought about what Janet just said. The diapers did look fun. Ashley slid her feet on the floor, strolling up to Janet with a sly smile. She placed her hands on Janet's shoulders and planted a firm kiss on her mouth. The remaining girls in the room all "oohed" at the kiss. Ashley looked over her shoulder and snickered "oh shut up." She turned back to Janet and gave her a deep, passionate kiss right in front of everyone. Janet pulled back with a dreamy look on her face. She shot Ashley some bedroom eyes. Ashley turned to the group. "Will some of you girls stay down here and watch little miss pee pants while Mommy spends some time with her baby?" Right away, Samantha and Emily volunteered, walking up to Kendra and leading her over to the toys. The rest of the girls left the nursery, shutting the door behind them. Once outside the nursery Janet scooped her arm behind Ashley's legs and swept her off her feet. Ashley giggled, kicking her legs as Janet carried her up the stairs. Vera looked around, making sure no one was watching, and she followed the two girls up the stairs. Once inside of bedroom the two girls heard the door shutting behind them. They turned and saw Vera there, leaning against the door. "Um, is there something you want?" Janet asked, setting Ashley down on her feet. "I want to, you know" Vera looked down "hang out with you." "It's going to get kind of kinky in here." Ashley admitted. "And kind of filthy. Literally." "Yeah, Vera." Janet added, hands on her hips "Are you sure you can handle that? I thought you didn't like poopy diapers." Vera gazed down at her feet, rubbing the toes of her shoes together. She grabbed at the hem of her skirt, twisting it in her hands. "Well, as long as you don't tell anyone, I would like to try wearing a-" her voice slowly decreased in volume, "diaper again." "What was that?" Ashley said with a smile. "You're jealous of the attention your baby sister is getting?" Ashley leaned against the door, hands at either side of Vera. She reached for the knob and twisted the lock. She took Vera's hand and lead her over to the bed. "Let me get one of Janet's spare pampers." Ashley got down on her knees. There it was, the package of diapers that Lydia had left in her bedroom from the rather humbling experience she had with her yesterday. She pulled out the diaper package and set it on the bed next to Vera. She then went into her dresser and removed the spare baby wipes and powder. Ashley reached under Vera's skirt and pulled down her panties. She set the panties on top of the dresser for later. She opened the thick diaper and slipped it under Vera's butt. Janet watched, fascinated. She's seen this plenty of times now, but it never stops being interesting to her. Baby powder is gently sprinkled inside of the diaper and soon the diaper is taped shut around Vera's waist. Ashley stood Vera up and had her stand next to Janet. "Look at you, a couple of diaper baby sisters." Ashley cooed. She sat down on the bed and unbuttoned her top. She flipped her shirt open, exposing her breasts. "Now come nurse from Mommy." She was talking to both the girls, though it took a while for Vera to register that. Each girl sat on the bed on either side of Ashley's legs. Janet craned her neck down and put her lips to Ashley's aching, puffy nipple. Ashley clenched her teeth and sighed. She rubbed the back of Janet's head. "What a good girl." she whispered. Vera leaned down next, putting her lips around Ashley's other nipple. Ashley breathed in sharply and then sighed. It felt so good to have both of these girls nursing on her breasts. Each nipple was getting the full attention it deserved now. Ashley closed her eyes, breathing in and out deeply as the girls nursed from her. Her crotch was on fire as she experienced more excitement than she was used to. She also felt utter contentment, finally having her baby girl just the way she wanted her without having to sneak around and hide it. Vera squirmed a little on the bed. Ashley pulled the girls away from her chest and then scooted backward on the bed until she was leaning against the headboard. She looked at her babies. "Do I have a couple of dirty girls in my bed?" Ashley asked with a wide grin. Janet blushed and smiled, knowing exactly what Ashley was talking about. Janet looked down and leaned forward, grabbing her shins and hugging them slightly. She scrunched up her face, grunting. Vera stared at the girl, watching what she was doing. Janet didn't have to push very hard. A soft, mushy mess was emptied into the back of her diaper. The diapers turned a dull brownish tint in the back as she filled them up. Janet sat back up and had a funny looking smile plastered on her face. She looked over at Vera. Vera sat there, knowing that once she did this there would be no going back. She had a close call the last time she was in diapers but she never thought of doing this on purpose. She tried to relax herself and then pushed. She opened her eyes and looked side to side. "It's hard to do it when you're watching." she laughed nervously. She saw them still staring at her. She closed her eyes again and continued to try to poop. It happened. Just like when she was on the potty, Vera was letting out more noisy farts. This time her farts were muffled by the thick diapers. Heavy, semi-hard logs dumped out of her and nestled themselves nice and snug in the back of the diaper. An awkward sound escaped her throat, sounding like a mixture of a sigh and an excited groan. She started rocking back and forth on the bed, mashing up the logs against her bottom. It was like some kind of deep childhood memory stuck in the back of her mind. The bored little stoic girl tapped into the old childhood joy of just filling her pants and enjoying making a mess. Janet and Ashley watched as the girl made a mess of herself, practically drooling as she rocked around. Vera looked down at the diaper, not able to see what she did, but she could sure feel it. "Looks like Mommy has two very dirty, naughty girls." Ashley spoke up. She reached out her arms and waved her hands towards herself, coaxing the girls to crawl over to her. Vera scurried over quickly with Janet following right behind. Vera rested her head against Ashley's still bare breast. Ashley cupped her hand under Vera's butt and then pressed hard against it. Vera gasped slightly, jutting forward at first, and then pushed her butt back against Ashley's hand. She moved her hips around, grinding her messy diaper butt on Ashley's rubbing hand. "Janet, I think your big sister might be a bigger baby than you." Janet smiled, watching the perfect little blonde girl give into her dirtiest and most childish desires. Janet nuzzled her face against Ashley's breast and then pulled the nipple back into her mouth. Ashley sighed contentedly as she held the two babies close. She reached under Janet and started rubbing her bottom just like Ashley's. Janet giggled, having fun being dirty with someone else. Downstairs in the nursery Samantha and Emily had managed to lock Kendra in the high chair. She even had a cute bib tied around her neck. Emily was trying to feed Kendra her dinner, raising a forkful of mashed potatoes up to Kendra's face. Kendra turned away, whining and being resistant, which only caused her to get food on her face. Kendra couldn't hold it anymore and started letting out a second wave of piss into the diaper. She cried as she wet herself a second time today and in big baby pants no less! As her mouth hung open Emily stuck food in it. Kendra whimpered, but she started to accept the food now, giving up. Samantha poked at the crotch of the diaper. "Wow, someone really had to go!" She could still feel the pee flowing out as she held her fingers to the padding. Sam cupped her hand over Kendra's crotch, holding it there until Kendra finished. Kendra shuddered as she felt her own pissy diapers rubbing against her privates. "That's a good baby, eat your nummy dinner!" Emily said, poking some meat with the fork and then making airplane noises with her mouth as she guided it into Kendra's mouth. Kendra gulped down the food as she was fed like a baby. Once the plate was scraped clean Samantha removed it from the tray and then raised the tray out of the way. Kendra was unstrapped from the high chair and helped back down. Her diapers were sopping wet at this point and hanging a bit loose on her. "I think baby needs another change before bed time." Samantha said, guiding Kendra over to the changing table. Kendra growled a bit. "Aww, is someone fussy?" Sam teased. That tomboy was not at all afraid to poke the bear. She grabbed Kendra by the waist and let out a grunt as she lifted her up onto the changing table. "I didn't get a sports scholarship for nothin." Kendra looked pretty impressed by Samantha's strength, though she realized she shouldn't underestimate any of these girls. With them all banding together they took her down several pegs and now she was about to have her wet diapers changed by a couple of pledges. Emily ripped the tapes off either tab of the diapers and then unfolded the diaper, opening it up and looking inside. She took some baby wipes and started cleaning up the pee from Kendra's skin. She piled the used wipes into the diaper and then pulled it away. She balled up the diaper neatly and handed it to Sam. Emily stepped on the bottom panel of diaper pail, having it open up, and Sam tossed the diaper like a basketball, getting it right in the net. Emily walked away from the diaper pail and high-fived Sam. Kendra watched these two girls getting along so well and moving in tandem with each other with such grace and rhythm. Kendra felt bad, not knowing the last time she ever had a close bond like that with a friend before. She really respected these two girls. Sam held up Kendra's legs while Emily slid the diaper under her. Emily sprinkled her with baby powder and used her hand to rub the powder in. Kendra cringed again as her privates were touched. She then felt the puffy diaper folding back up between her legs and taped shut around her waist. Sam helped Kendra down from the changing table and pointed her towards the crib. Kendra was set in the crib and Emily pulled the blankets up, tucking her in. Sam put in a stuffed animal and then Emily put another one in. Sam followed this by added two more stuffed animals so Emily grabbed three. "Enough animals you guys!" Kendra said, her voice almost breaking into laughter. The two other girls laughed, looking at each other and then pulled the bars up, locking Kendra inside the crib. Kendra sighed, feeling a bit awkward about being the baby for now. She hoped it wouldn't last too long. She felt something funny though as Emily and Samantha left her alone there in the nursery. She felt a warm, tingling between her legs. She was greatly aroused. She then felt very nervous, realizing she might have to now accept that she was starting to like this. She swallowed hard and tentatively reached down to her diaper front. She rubbed gently on it and sighed. She wondered if maybe this is what happened to Janet and she prayed that the same thing wouldn't happen to her. Back in Ashley's bedroom she had Vera on her back, groaning excitedly. Ashley was hovering over Vera with a hand grinding hard against her dirty diapered crotch. Janet looked over Ashley's shoulder, watching with great interest as she watched her "big sister" getting off to having her wet and messy diaper rubbed against her. Vera weakly grabbed at Ashley's arm, letting out the same awkward noise from before. She bucked her hips slightly before lying back on the bed, feeling fulfilled. Janet had to giggle, knowing that look on Vera's face all too well. "Okay my dirty girls, it's time for diaper changes!" Ashley announced. Janet crawled up to Vera and lied down next to her on the bed. She looked over at Vera and locked hands with her. Vera squeezed her hand back on Janet's. Ashley tore open the diapers one at the time, unfolding them and then waving her hand in front of her face in an exaggerated motion. "Oh wow, my girls got really dirty!" she announced. She reached for the baby wipes and started cleaning up Janet first, digging the wipes up between Janet's cheeks and clearing away the mess. Janet giggled as she was cleaned up so thoroughly. Ashley went over to Vera's diaper next, gathering lots of wipes and rubbing between her dirty crack. Vera shivered, getting a thrilling jolt up her spine as she was wiped. Both Ashley and Janet chuckled after seeing Vera's reaction to getting her butt wiped. When Ashley placed the cool wipe on Vera's crotch she let out a low moan. Ashley shook her head and just smiled, carefully wiping away the mess that Vera got on her dirty privates. "You're such a dirty, dirty girl, Vera." Ashley commented. She looked down as she carefully pulled away both diapers. She held them up like she was weighing them in each hand. "I think Vera might be a dirtier girl than you, Janet. Her diaper got so full, and she made a bigger mess on herself!" Vera blushed deeply at the comment, but she did not quibble over it. She knew it was true, and she had to accept it. She came into the couple's private space, asking to be treated like a big baby, and she was getting exactly what she asked for. She stuck her thumb into her mouth, sucking on it. Ashley folded the diapers and taped them shut. She then dropped them into a plastic bag which she tied tightly before throwing out. She got fresh diapers out from under the bed and slapped them down. Janet raised her bottom off the mattress and Ashley was able to tuck the diapers underneath her. Ashley then shoved the other diapers underneath Vera. As Ashley put some baby powder onto her palm Vera turned and watched, staring as Janet got the powder rubbed into her skin around her butt and privates. Janet let out a happy noise from deep within her throat as she had the baby powder applied to her. Vera turned her attention back to Ashley as the girl put baby powder into her hand again. She applied it to Vera's skin now, rubbing the powder in deeply. Vera moaned happily, jutting her hips forward as Ashley rubbed the powder around her butt and crotch. Ashley and Janet were giggling at her. Vera stop squirming around and sat still with a hot blush on her face. "Aww, we just thought you looked so cute!" Janet said, reassuring Vera. "Yeah! Super cute!" Ashley added. She grabbed Vera's leg, raising it and then giving her bare cheek a couple smacks with her powdery hand. Vera squealed and giggled at the playful spank. Her butt was set back into the diaper and then the diaper was taped snug around her waist. Ashley turned her attention back to Janet and finished diapering her next, taping the diapers up tight. Ashley sighed and dusted off her hands, pleased with a job well done. She leaned back on the bed and wriggled up between the girls. She spread her arms out and pulled the girls in for a tight hug, holding them close to her. She kissed each girl on the cheek, Vera and then Janet, and then squeezed them against her sides. Ashley looked at Janet, seeing the big baby contentedly cuddled up against her. Ashley blushed a little, looking at the girl's face. "Janet, I have something to tell you." Ashley whispered. "I love you." Janet opened her eyes and glanced over at Ashley. Janet smiled and gave Ashley a soft kiss on the lips. "I know." she replied in turn. Ashley turned her head and stared up at the ceiling. It took her so long to say it, but she was glad she did. In her bedroom Lydia was getting undressed and feeling quite proud of herself. All around her she knew things were finally going her way. She looked at herself in the mirror, proud of the order she drew from all the chaos. Ashley may have thought she ran a tight ship, but she wasn't clever enough to run things smoothly. There was too much lying and back-stabbing. The days of underhanded politics around this sorority were over though. Ashley did have one great idea though, and that was her use of infantile punishments to reinforce rule. Lydia found it so useful. It put so many of the mean girls in their place. Lydia seemed like a mean girl to an outsider, but she was just reacting to an unfair system, one that she was soon able to fix. Lydia flopped back on her bed, completely naked. She thought about how she was going to change things and make a brighter future, not just for the sorority or even the college, but in her entire life. She was a business woman at heart, and she knew that with her hard work and the lessons she learned from running this sorority that she would soon be ruling the business world. Perhaps not with an iron fist though. Just an open palm against a bare bottom, giving it a firm spanking.