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  1. Woman Pooping All Over Town In Colorado

    They say there are several places with public restrooms in the area she runs, and she even pooped behind a Walgreens when she could easily have gone in!
  2. Got an invite from 23andme to apply for a depression/genetics study, and based on my answers I got accepted! Got a free DNA kit to get the ancestry reports and such they advertise on TV, as well as study results; in exchange for letting them catalog and study my DNA. Got the kit today, will take a few weeks to send it in and get results, but very interested to see what they find!
  3. Feeling good...

    Over the last day and a half I've gotten a site update done, added products to the stores, added photos to 4ab.me and gotten caught up on shipping orders on BiggerDiapers and Lapel pin orders here... Inbox is empty and office is a clean as it's gonna get... time for some Warcraft
  4. Site Update for 09/16/2017

    Site Update for 09/16/2017 www.dailydiapers.com 28 new Photos Added 1 Video and 2 photo sets added to www.4ab.me 11 new ABDL Ebooks spotlighted 4 new Photos added to MegaPics 3 videos added to www.abdl.space 115 New Forum members - Now 39,267 friends! 100 members added to DiaperMates - now 38,318 members. New flannel pull-up diapers and bamboo flat diaper inserts available now at www.biggerdiapers.com - You can also pre-order new colors and prints of our large AIO training pants due in next month! 2018 User Badge and physical gift available now on our forums!
  5. Bambino Pull-Ups!

    Thick and of so soft. Finally a good pull-up for littles!
  6. What best describes you?

    What best describes you?
  7. 2018 Members Upgrades are now available in the store, and this year includes a collectable pin to match your new user badge. The 2018 User badge looks like this: ... and gives you access to all areas of the site; plus UNLIMITED photo and message storage; and the ability to change your username, delete your own content and more. Plus, we will ship you our new die-case soft enamel 1" lapel pin that matched your user badge. Use it to decorate your diaper bag, or mark your diaper pride when attending kinky functions! The pin looks like this: As in past years, the membership kit is $20 for the year, but new this year, 2017 badge holders get a $5 discount on renewing! Upgrade today! Pins will be in to start shipping around Sept 15th! https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/store/category/2-memberships/
  8. Site Update for 09/07/2017

    Site Update for 09/07/2017 www.dailydiapers.com 28 new Photos Added 1 New Story Added 16 new ABDL Ebooks spotlighted 6 new Photos added to MegaPics 5 videos added to www.abdl.space 161 New Forum members - Now 39,152 friends! 200 members added to DiaperMates - now 38,218 members. New flannel pull-up diapers and bamboo flat diaper inserts available now at www.biggerdiapers.com - You can also pre-order new colors and prints of our large AIO training pants due in next month! 2018 User Badge and physical gift available now on our forums!
  9. 2018 User Badge + Gift Announcement

    The pins are in, and they are adorable!
  10. Shame thoughts of wearing diapers in public

    No offense but you seem to way overthink the diaper thing... it's just underwear. Wear what you like.
  11. 4ab.me Update

    www.4ab.me Updated! Miss Kim (@Diaper_Angel) explains why YOU need to wear diapers to class in a new Video. Plus 2 photo sets!
  12. Flannel Pull-Ups In Stock!

    Soft and thirsty 5-Layer Pull-Up diapers. Just $16 each in sizes from 28-64" waists! https://biggerdiapers.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=flannel
  13. 2018 User Badge + Gift Announcement

    Pins have been produced and will be here next week! Can't wait to see them!
  14. What's your religion?

    Christian without belonging to any church or organization. I do not believe in putting "man" between me and my God; and dislike the politics of organized "branches" of Christianity. (No judgement to those who chose to belong to such groups, whatever your personal relationship to God involves is okay with me.)
  15. I would recommend making a club for it. The old private forum system is long dead
  16. External Link to Chat

    For mobile users and bookmarkers: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/arrowchat/public/popout/
  17. I ship in colored mailers and generic boxes. Bambino ships in plain packaging. ABU also I think. Awwsocute ships in silver bags
  18. BiggerDiapers.com Shipping

    Hey guys and gals! I've been dealing with a family emergency this week (Dad in the hospital) so I was starting to fall behind. Put the fam on notice that I HAD to work today, so all pending in-stock orders are now packed and ready to ship Tuesday morning. This excludes orders for the Large training pants which are still in production; but includes the cloth pull-ups which came in this week! Thanks for your patience, and if you have any questions please e-mail me: [email protected]
  19. Should be fixed now
  20. Rough Day

    Dont much feel like talking, so will let my security camera explain my night. Might be distant for a few days, dealing with family shit.
  21. Rough Day

    Back at the er.
  22. Take this stupid Buzzfeed quiz

    LOL You got: Pee! So you’re into golden showers, which means you either like to pee on people or get peed on. Cool, there’s no judgement here. Live your life and be free.
  23. Diapermates

    LOL, missed that one!
  24. Diapers > PC parts

  25. Rough Day

    Thanks guys/gal. Everything WILL be okay, though not so much right now. Medical issues with my step-father. Luckily I had a pre-scheduled appointment with my shrink today, so got some better anxiety medicine while things are extra stressful.