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  1. Heading out to an appointment with my headshrinker and my car wouldn't start. Jumped it and it ran for a minute then died. Repeat. Repeat. 1 year old with less than 3k miles. Surprisingly NOT freaking out, as it's under warranty and they are even sending a rig to get it and take it to the shop. Rescheduled shrinks appointment. AND... my car payment bill came in the mail today. lol
  2. I'm intrigued by others who - like myself - see themselves not as infants or toddlers, but as older kids, yet still wear diapers. Are diapers just an unmistakable sign that you aren't a real adult? Or is it deeper than that? Why do you wear diapers? For me, toileting issues were always a frustration in my childhood. My grandmother once told me about scolding my parents when I arrived for a visit with a red hand print across the side of my face after my step-dad had violently slapped me for having an accident at four years old, and I remember being punished for bed-wetting incidents; as well as being endlessly teased by my parents and brothers for needing to "mark my territory" as they called it, by rushing to the bathroom everywhere we went. So basically, I couldn't win. I'd be hit for wetting my pants, and ridiculed if I did what I had to in order to avoid wetting my pants. I was often called a baby and threatened with diapers, and I secretly wished they would just put me in diapers and I could stop worrying about it all the time! When I started having leaking issues as a teen I very quickly turned to "belted undergarments" and then diapers to manage it, and finally found that comfort and security I had always wished for. Why I think I'm permanently stuck at age 12 emotionally is a more complicated and darker story that I may or may not ever share, but why I like being "kept" in diapers by my adult self is clear. What are your stories?
  3. I demand @Bambino Diapers make a diaper for us older kids called Bambinis and featuring a more "big kid" design. It should be a high-absorbency diaper for sleep-overs and all-day play and gaming sessions where us kids just can't be bothered to go to the bathroom (and we've been forbidden to pee in the yard anymore lol) The question is, what design? Ideas? Maybe action sports or camo similar to a goodnight?
  4. Yeah, saw that myself last night. Don't know what's causing it
  5. Don't recall such a vid. Must have been a user file, not something we had made
  6. Win of these adult-sized pacifiers. To enter: Like this post and reply with a comment on why you like being here! Open to those 18 and over anywhere in the world. Ends 12/10/2016. Value of prize: 8.99 - Odds vary based on number of entries. Prize supplied by Mikey. A new study says most people stop reading fine print after the first few lines, which is why I feel confident calling you a stinky-poo.
  7. Let's hear them! Why are there no Wal-Marts in Iraq?
  8. Author's Note: I have always been intrigued with the idea of asking for discipline. As a child I tried once to get my mom to start spanking me again, and as a "little" i know that proper discipline is one of the ways I feel loved. This is just a short story for now, but if others are intrigued by the same wants and needs; and have ideas for how it could continue, let me know. Old School Mom I came home from school to find my Mom sitting on my bed holding a large wooden-hairbrush I had not seen in quite a few years. "Uh... I'm home." I stuttered nervously. "Welcome home, now go ahead and take those clothes off for me." Mom replied gently. "Wh...wh...why?" "I talked to Brian today..." Mom began, and I immediately understood and started to undress. "He told me about your last session and your need for more attention from me." It was true. Since Dad had died I had been feeling unloved, in part because I was no longer spanked when I was bad and was allowed to get away with more than even I knew I should. To me, that meant mom didn't care if I was good or got in trouble! And yeah, I had given Brian, my therapist, permission to talk to my mom about my feelings, but hadn't really expected him to mention the spanking thing. "I...I meant when I was bad!" I stammered when I was down to my underpants. "Did you make your bed this morning? Brush your teeth? Take the trash out?" Mom had me dead to rights. "Okay," I tried one more time. "Starting now, I'll be good!" "Great! And starting now I'll remind you WHY you better!" Mom reached out and pulled me closer to her, and pulled my underpants down. With them still around my ankles she pulled me over her lap and started spanking my bare cheeks with the hairbrush's solid oak backside. Each slap stung more than I remembered, and before long I was kicking my legs and crying out for her to stop. "Hold still or I'll get Daddy's old frat paddle" I settled immediately, not wanting the dreaded paddle I had experienced just once before. I tried to go limp and take my spanking like a big boy, but tears streamed down my face and I cried like a baby as she thoroughly reddened my butt. When it was finally over she pulled me up into her arms and hugged me tight; and kissed me on the cheek. "I'm sorry I haven't been the mother you need. She whispered into my ear. I nodded, unable to speak and cried into her shoulder, both from the spanking... and the emotions of the moment. "Now then," Mom said after several minutes. "We're not quite done here." "What?" "Mom picked up my underwear that I must have kicked off my ankles during the spanking and held them up. They were yellowed and obviously damp, and there was no mistaking the smell of stale urine. "I haven't seen undies in the laundry for days, and with your dribbling you know better! Do you remember the punishment for little boys who can't seem to handle their potty needs properly?" "No Mom, I'm too old!" I cried. "Too old to be sitting in soiled panties all the time... I agree. Now lay down." I continued to cry, but did as she asked and covered my face in shame as I heard that familiar sound of a 'Youth Disposable Brief' being unfolded. "I don't want to wear diapers!" "I know sweetie. I know." Mom assured me, but all the same she slid the diaper under me and quickly wrapped me in it. "But what you want and what you NEED isn't always the same." Mom pulled me into another hug as I cried. "I'm sorry Mommy." I sobbed. She assured me it was okay, and that she would help me be the man she knew I could be... one day. "Now, do your homework and straighten up this room for Mommy so I don't have to put you back over my lap today, OK?" I nodded as she gently pushed me away and got up. "Good boy. Mommy loves you very much, and I won't forget to show you that again!
  9. What do you or your little like?
  10. I fixed it for you. In the future you should be able to click on your own name in any post or in the user bar and select profile and there should be an edit button by your profile header image
  11. The board is now set to default to https/secure pages by default.
  12. Many have asked about open-sourcing the chat code, but they keep saying no. I honestly don't know why they are bent on killing a service people are paying for! Our board and it's database runs on my server, but they have always kept control of the chat server (to enforce user limits on accounts that only pay for a few users) and are unwilling to give it up
  13. LOL that's awesome! Sounds like a fun time.
  14. That's not an effective way to wear a pull-up lol. Them spandex gonna be a wet-suit!
  15. I'm starting to suspect they are messing with the chat server in order to frustrate people to get us to stop asking them to keep it going The chat server is still scheduled to end on April 30th, and as of now the beta we ran appears to still be our best option. I am expecting the new version of that software in a couple weeks to test again
  16. I found the photo from a google search, but it appears the site that made them is sold out in all sizes That's interesting that she kept a special soap for punishments. She's she was not only old-fashioned, but prepared to give discipline on demand. Edit: As usual it seems I should have checked Amazon first lol. http://amzn.to/2md6n2l
  17. I couldn't think of why "I" would have had diapers that would have fit Charlie Thankfully my relatives were well-informed of the dangers of Soap Poisoning from "A Christmas Story"
  18. Author's Note: Thanks for all the comments and compliments! This next part includes a couple of ideas from your comments (both public and private) and I've taken a few notes on future possibilities based on what folks have asked or suggested. I have no planned ending for this tale, so it can evolve any way we want; and can go on until folks lose interest. This is the first time in a while that I have been inspired to write something myself - as opposed to sending my ideas to better writers lol - so I really appreciate the feedback and even the silent page views! - - - - - My black "church pants" were a little more uncomfortable than usual with the diaper underneath them, and the padding around my middle was pretty obvious. "You're growing like a weed!" Mom joked and promised to get me some new clothes soon. I hated my church clothes anyway. The boring pants, the stuffy white dress shirt and the pointless tie. While I was no bible expert, I knew neither God nor Jesus cared what I wore! My thoughts had been mostly negative all morning. Did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Maybe. I think it was more that I was worried about wearing a diaper to school the next day. My friends and most of my classmates knew that I wore diapers sometimes when I had trouble controlling my bladder during one of my many infections; but what would they say if they knew I was wearing one mostly because Mom said so... or that I might just have to wear them forever if my dribbling got worse? Lost in my thoughts I didn't pay much attention to the sermon of the day; a crime I did apologize to Jesus for during the silent prayer time. When it was time for the kids to move to the youth center I went reluctantly. I didn't much feel like playing or talking; I really just felt like going home and taking a nap. It didn't take long for Mom to notice how quiet I was on the ride back home. She asked me what was wrong, and after a long pause and a deep breath I told her. "I think I need to be spanked!" Of course Mom was curious as to why, and I told her. One of the older boys in the youth group had called me a sissy diaper baby, and tired and frustrated I had told him to F--- off! Not only was the f-word a total no-no word to my Mom, but I had said it at church, and while the kid deserved it, I was feeling guilty. Mom patted my leg reassuringly. "I'm sorry honey, I know it must be tough having all those conflicted feelings about diapers, punishments, and just being a kid in this world! I'm glad you told me what happened, and you probably do need a bit of a spanking, but I appreciate you being strong enough to tell me, and smart enough to recognize both what you did, and what you need to feel better about it. When we got home Mom sent me to my room to take my church clothes off and wait for her. She didn't make me wait long, and came into my room carrying the hair brush in one hand, and an old, dusty box in the other. I stood there in just my diaper and black socks as Mom sat and pulled me over to her. She put a hand on my diaper, and gave it a gentle squeeze. "You're pretty wet, was that all leaks, or did you pee?" I admitted that I had peed in the car, not wanting to be at church another minute... even to use the bathroom. "That's okay," She assured me. "I want you to be comfortable in your diapers, and they are absorbent enough to handle a little extra wetting! Just tell me if the accidental leaking gets worse, so we can get ahead of any infections or anything we need to have your doctor check on, okay?" I nodded and hugged Mom happy to have her love and support, and to know that it hadn't been "naughty" to pee on purpose. "Now, on to the business of the day." Mom said sternly but lovingly. I put my hands on my head to get them out of the way as she undid the tapes on my diaper and pulled it free from my body. "Grab a couple wipes for me, please" Mom asked, rolling the used diaper into a ball and setting is beside her on the bed. I pulled several wipes from the tub of Huggies One & Done wipes that now sat on my nightstand and handed them over. She gently washed my diaper area, between my legs and back towards my bum where pee would pool while seated. "Okay, you know better than to use THAT word, even in anger, but let's give you the reminder you need. With that, she pulled me over her lap and applied the first smack of the wooden brush. I yelped a bit, but quickly covered my mouth with my hand, to help me take the punishment I knew I had earned. Mom alternated cheeks, and location to thoroughly cover my backside in 'reminders' and I felt tears roll down my cheeks even as I fought to not cry. "And a few more for bringing such language to church!" Ten more, hard smacks landed on my backside and finally I cried out, unashamed of expressing my regret. "You confessed, and accepted your punishment like a big boy. All is forgiven my Angel." Mom whispered in my ear during our post-spanking hug. "That's my boy, let it out." She added as I sobbed softly, slowly calming myself down in her arms. "I'm sorry Mommy." "What's in the box?" I finally asked, still hugging her, but too curious to wait any longer to know if it was a good surprise or a bad one. "I wanted you to see something," She began as she opened the box. "He didn't like to talk about it, but your Daddy used to have trouble with leaks too, and for the same reason." She pulled out a strange bundle of material with what looked like streamers hanging from it. "He stopped leaking in his mid-teens, but his infections weren't nearly as bad as some of yours... But when he was your age he had to wear these." She unfolded and held out the garment, and I could now see that it was some strange kind of diaper with a plasticy outside and those odd stripes of cloth on the side. "It's called a Staydry Panty and it's what bedwetters and leakers wore before there were Goodnites or super-absorbent youth diapers. Daddy wore these to bed every night, and to school for a few years. Kids were even less understanding back then and gave him a lot of grief over them, so he didn't talk about them much; but he saved a few to show you someday if you ever thought he didn't know what you go through. I thought maybe you could try wearing one, to be like Daddy. "Coooool" I cooed, knowing that my Daddy had worn diapers too. I felt the slightly-textured cover and examined the string. "How...how do you even put that on?" I asked with a giggle. Mom laughed too and patted the bed, signaling for me to lay down. She laid the panty between my legs, and folded the big sheet of flannel that was attached to it, to form a long, multi-layered pad that fit perfectly down the center of the plastic panty. She slid it under me, then brought the end of it up through my legs and laid it over me just like a diaper, but instead of tapes, she began to tie the three sets of "laces" on each side, shifting side to side as she went - top left, top right, middle left, etc. They were tied like shoelaces, and when applied it was a snug, not-at-all-uncomfortable diaper pant. "Daddy would put these on by himself, by holding the back of the panty against a wall, then holding it there with his bum while He did the ties." Mom explained, and I laughed at the mental image of my Dad putting his "panties" on. "But I don't mind helping you dress." Mom assured me and we both smiled. I sat up in bed when Mom brought my Teen Titans tee over, and I raised my arms so she could dress me in it. "You seem tired today, why don't you take a little nap while I make dinner?" I smiled again, Mom really did know exactly what I needed. I reached for my doll, Charles and hugged him to my chest as I laid down on the pillow. "Is he... wearing a diaper?" I asked, noticing a crinkle that wasn't me when I squeezed him. "Of course, " Mom joked, "we can't have him wetting your bed can we?" We both laughed. "You're silly Mommy!" I peeked down Charlie's pants to see the little white doll diaper he had on, and was pleased to know my little friend was just like me! "There's a few more diapers in the nightstand if he needs a change." Mom said with a smile, then kissed me before leaving me to nap. "You're such a baby Charlie." I teased my doll, "But I love you."
  19. Currently the role-plays go back to April of 2014. Ones older than that can not be recovered, sorry.
  20. Don't think that's a possibility of the software
  21. grumble grumble grumble, I keep forgetting to come back to this and pick someone. I declare @eatenbywo1ves the winner. And @diapersalways a second winner for the reminder
  22. When Mom was gone, I sat on the edge of my bed and tried to unpack the mix of feelings I was experiencing. I felt stupid for asking for a spanking that had hurt and made me cry; I felt like a baby sitting there wearing just a diaper that I hadn't asked for but knew I had earned; and I felt safe and loved by my Mom acting like a mother again and not just trying to be my friend. I looked down at my diaper again and sighed. The truth was that my dribbling had gotten worse lately. It started a few years ago after many bladder infections; and had worsened after the most recent flare up which had been a really bad one. I had avoided telling my Mom about the worsening for fear that she'd make me start wearing diapers again.... I didn't know Mom's plans for me when it came to diapers now, but if it came down to a challenge to stay dry, I knew I would fail. Not wanting to earn another round on Mom's lap I got up and pulled myself together. I put my school clothes and soiled undies in the hamper, and got an Adventure Time tee from my "play clothes" drawer and pulled it on. I didn't bother with pants, the thick diaper seemed like enough on it's own. I put my toys away, and made sure everything was in its place, then made by bed as best I could. For some reason bed-making was one of those things I just couldn't do as good as Mom does, but I tried. Just as I was finishing my homework Mom called me down to dinner. I sat across from her and admired the plate she had set out for me. Two of my favorites - Chicken nuggets and tater tots; and a vegetable I didn't mind too much - green beans. I smiled at her, knowing she had chosen my faves on purpose and picked up a nugget and took a bite. It wasn't until I decided I should start on the green beans that I realized Mom hadn't set out any silverware for me. She had a forkful of green beans, but the napkin upon which utensils were usually set for me was bare. Unfazed I grabbed a bean with my fingers and ate it. After dinner I helped put the dishes in the machine to be washed; and took out the trash. The path between our side door, and the cans was mostly covered by our porch, but I still hurried to get out there and back to reduce the risk of being spotted in my diaper. Mom and I watched TV for a while, and after the first few minutes I scooted over from the other side of the couch, to right against her. She put an arm around me and pulled me closer. Together we watched a couple of sitcoms before she announced it was bath time. In the bathroom Mom started the water to fill the tub, then helped me un-tape the diaper I had been wearing. She pulled the tapes on one side, and I did the other. I noticed a round yellow wet spot in the middle, but Mom didn't seem to check or notice. "Try to go potty now." She advised, and I felt my face get warm from embarrassment as I realized she wasn't planning to leave the room. "Go on!" She said again, and I complied, sitting on the toilet as she went back to fussing over the water temperature. I managed to pee and poo a little, then cleaned myself up and flushed as Mom laid out a bathmat on the floor and set a towel on the sink. She helped me into the tub and reminded me to wash my hair first (before the water got too soapy) and not to forget my face and neck. Thankfully then she left me to bathe on my own. Twenty minutes later she was back to pull the drain and help me out of the tub. Mom dried me off with a big, fluffy towel and complimented me on my clean, soap-free hair. "You're getting a little rashy down there from being in wet panties" Mom said, and I again blushed and looked away from her. "Best make sure you're clean and there's no pee or soap residue. I don't think you want to get another infection!" With that, mom opened the linen closet and produced a tub of baby wipes from which she gathered two or three wipes, and quickly went over my private areas. Mom walked me to my room, still wrapped in a towel, and when she pulled that towel away I knew to lay down on my bed. She went to my closet and retrieved another diaper from a bag that hadn't been there when I got dressed that morning, and a bottle of baby powder. I didn't hide my eyes this time as Mom unfolded the diaper, and laid it out between my legs. I lifted my butt a little so she could easily slide it under me. She sprinkled just a bit of powder over me then expertly wrapped the diaper around me and taped it firmly in place. She shook a bit more of the powder into one hand, then rubbed it across my belly at the top of the diaper; then around my thighs by the leg-bands of the brief. "A little trick a Mommy-friend shared with me to prevent irritation from the elastic bands." Mom explained. I blushed a little again at the idea that she had discussed diapering with a friend who would know that "I" was the baby she'd be diapering. Freshly diapered, Mom had me stand back up. "Hmmm, think we better get something to work as a change mat." Mom said with a laugh as we both noticed the white outline of my diaper area on the bed where baby powder had settled. Mom brushed the powder away with her hand, then got a nightshirt from my dresser. She gathered the long shirt up in her hands until it was only a few inches, then held it over me and threaded it over my head and arms before gently unraveling it down my body. When she let go and it unrolled on its own, the soft cotton brushed my knees, covering my upper body and diaper in warmth. Mom gave me a big kiss on the forehead, then pulled the covers back for me to climb into bed. I got in and squirmed and shifted to find that perfect spot as Mom laid the covers over me, up to my neck. I pulled my arms free and let them flop down on top of the covers. Mom went back to my closet for a moment then returned with Charles, the stuffed boy doll that I had carried with me everywhere when I was little. She handed Charles to me, and without question I pulled him in against my chest and smiled. Mom kissed me again and wished me sweet dreams before turning off the lights and backing out the door. She mostly closed it, leaving about two inches so I wasn't left totally in the dark. I shifted onto my side a bit and hugged Charles as I closed my eyes to go to sleep.
  23. The best I can place it, would have been around 13. I made a chart of the things I knew I should be doing and showed it to Mom and told here I needed some kind of punishment if I didn't do it to encourage me to do it. She said something about putting money in a jar each time I missed something, but I didn't have money so.... Don't think she even thought of spanking, not that she was refusing me. I had been spanked by a step-father until I was 11 or 12, but when he left so did ALL discipline. I knew what I needed, but couldn't flat out ask for it.
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