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  1. drynot

    ID Expert Slip Maxi

    The plastic backed version is one of my 'go to' diapers. I like them a lot. However I've noticed that they tend to stretch out a bit when I'm wearing them and loosen over time....especially when wet.
  2. drynot

    Northshore Supreme Lite diapers in colors now!

    Those are cool. I'd love to try some out. Is there a Canadian distributor?
  3. drynot

    What started you on wearing diapers?

    I guess my parents were a bit more liberal with me than others were. They really didn't see using diapers for bedwetting as such a negative thing while I was growing up. I'm sure it was because my mom didn't want to deal with the wet sheets and the smell. I didn't stop wetting the bed until my 30's and by then I was full on DL and had been for many years. Even though I haven't had a bedwetting episode for quite a while I still wear diapers to bed when I'm in a hotel or a guest in someone's home. Nowadays I use diapers for comfort and convenience. Movies and concerts are great times to be wearing. I will often just wear diapers around the house on the weekends as a stress reliever.
  4. drynot

    Interesting article

    I'm not sure if this makes much of a difference but whenever I buy stuff off Amazon I try to make sure that the sale is fulfilled by Amazon itself or a fully authorized seller. I could see how someone who didn't do their do diligence to find out what the actual cost of an item is before buying it from one of those shady resellers.....
  5. drynot

    AB Or DL - When You Get Changed

    Diaper changes are a rare but wonderful occurrence. My wife will never initiate or ask if I need to change if I'm wet but the conversation usually goes around how smelly my wet diapers are. Unfortunate for me but as we age she seems less interested in changing diapers at all.....
  6. drynot

    Pacifier and CPAP

    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a couple of years ago. Got a CPAP machine and full face mask and haven't looked back. It has been a lifesaver for sure.
  7. drynot

    Who uses their diaper beyond capacity???

    It happens from time to time but its usually unintentional. It really only happens when I underestimate the capacity of my diaper itself. Once it leaks though its off to be changed.
  8. drynot

    What's in your diaper stock?

    I've amassed quite the stash over the last year or so. I've got quite the mix of AB/DL diapers as well as medical type diapers. The bulk of my AB/DL type are from Rearz and ABU... 2 bags of Safari's 5 bags of Little Monsters 3 full bags and one opened bag of Lavenders 1 bag of Princess Pink 1 bag of Purple seductions 3 bags of Bambino Classicos 3 Bags of Mydiaper diapers 1 bag of Dotty Diaper Company Pride diapers I've got a fair pile of medical type diapers too. 9 bags of ID Slip Maxi's 3 bags of Abena L4's 2 Bags of Dry 24/7''s 1 Bag of Molicare's 4 Bags of Better Dry's 4 Bags of Inspire/Incontrol 1 Bag of Tena Slip Maxi (Old style I'm saving) 1 Bag of Tranquility ATN's I've also got some loose Attends which aren't very good and a couple packs of Pull ups. Man....I could make quite the diaper pile
  9. drynot

    Escape substitutes when out of diapers

    I'm fortunate to have a fair sized diaper stash so I'll likely not run out of diapers any time soon. However....when I'm feeling particularly stressed out or melancholy from the events of the day then my go to stress reliever is riding my motorcycle. I love bikes and I've found that it is some of the best therapy out there for me.
  10. drynot

    Diapers on a trip

    I hear you for sure. I'm headed out for a Christmas holiday next month and I have a special 'diaper bag' just for my supplies. I pack more stuff than my wife does nowadays......
  11. drynot

    Clare in a nappy...

    Oh man...I've been there. What a horrible feeling like you're about to burst and there is no relief in sight. Fortunately for us folks, we don't have any hang ups about wearing diapers My wife and I were travelling to Vancouver Island once back a number of years ago. I put on a diaper near Hope BC and by the time we got to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal it was well and truly soaked. The traffic on the Trans Canada highway was horrid and a journey that should have taken a couple of hours at the most stretched out to 3 and a half. Its a good thing we have great choices in diapers these days.....
  12. drynot

    Inspiring TED X Talk

    Wow.....I couldn't imagine what this guy had to go through when he was a kid. I could remember days when I didn't want to go to school because I hated it and I was never having much fun. THIS guy had some real challenges that made mine seem trivial.....
  13. drynot

    I want to become a bedwetter. Need advice

    I am not a heavy drinker by any stretch of the imagination. However....when I do become intoxicated there is a pretty good chance that I will wet the bed. It takes a relatively small amount of alcohol for me to become intoxicated so I really need to be careful when I'm drinking.
  14. drynot

    What do you Prefer?

    Diaper crinkles are the best
  15. I was fortunate enough to have parents that didn't scold or belittle me for betwetting when I was growing up. The use of diapers past the age of two was just a given. I realize now that my mom was likely tired of having to wash the bedsheets every time I had an accident.