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  1. LOL.. I saw this the other day. "Can you wipe me?" I was in stitches....
  2. drynot

    Looking For a Daddy in Prince George BC

    I'm quite nervous about meeting people in real life. I'm not too friendly to begin with and that is quite off putting to most people. While I do enjoy a variety of hobbies...they're mainly solitary activities where I don't really have to worry about what others think. That said...I certainly don't have any issues with you being transgendered. Frankly....that's none of my business. People need to be free to live their lives as they see fit IMO. Still....it is cool to have more than one ABDL in PG......
  3. drynot

    Looking For a Daddy in Prince George BC

    Well I'm in PG as well. Good luck in your search. Hopefully you can find what you're looking for.
  4. drynot

    Pulp vs SAP

    I've got some diapers with quite a high SAP content. They're the ID Slip Maxi and they are quite awesome. However they are very stiff initially and that might be quite off putting. I think brands such as Rearz and ABU are getting it right as far as the SAP to pulp ratio. Those diapers don't start out anywhere near as stiff and they still have spectacular performance. Given those parameters I think I'd choose a diaper with less SAP that feel softer initially.....
  5. drynot

    Today I'm thankful for padding

    IMO a pull up is much better when you're experiencing gastro-intestinal distress. If I can manage to make it to a toilet at least I can drop the pull up faster than a diaper. For whatever reason I seem to have a sensitive stomach and have bouts of diarrhea frequently. There have been many times when I've gone to bed wearing diapers just for that reason alone. I can't imagine what the poor IBS folks are dealing with.....
  6. drynot

    So much fun

    I loved the scent of baby powder so much that I started to use women's baby powder antiperspirant. I haven't done so in a while but no one ever asked me why I smelled of baby powder. Nowadays I just sprinkle some in my diapers before I put them on. The little whiff of the powder that you get when moving or sitting is heavenly IMO.....
  7. drynot

    How do you pronounce it?

    Definitely DIE-per around these parts. My wife and I have silly nick names like kinky underwear and dippers but its mostly just DIE-per.
  8. drynot

    The Moment You Knew

    I came to appreciate diapers more and more when I was younger. There was still the whole stigma bedwetting thing going on but I got over that when I realized that it was better to wake up in a wet diaper rather than a wet bed. I guess things progressed from there. I do recall wanting to find a girlfriend in diapers as I hit puberty so there's that I suppose....
  9. drynot

    New order ---Crazy Me??

    LOL.....not for quite a while Christine. These diapers will be long used up before I have to worry about that.....
  10. drynot

    New order ---Crazy Me??

    I've got a really healthy stash. All sorts of diapers from all sorts of different brands. I found some Abena L4's in a brick and mortar store......bought two bags. Hey....its not like they're gonna go bad.....
  11. drynot

    No diapers no fun!

    1.21 gigawatts???? Great Scott!!!
  12. drynot

    Favourite diaper designs (OLD or NEW)

    While I like the look of printed diapers I mostly prefer the plain ol white diaper. Harkens back to my youth when I could still fit in baby diapers. I have a couple of preferred brands like the Rearz Inspire Incontrol line and Better Dry. Those most remind me of yesteryear for sure
  13. drynot

    I must be losing my mind...

    Its fun. Enjoy it to the max!
  14. drynot

    Diaper dilemma

    Kind of a first world problem to have but I'm sitting here today at my computer trying to decide which diaper I'm going to wear today while out running errands. It's going to hold a ton and be nice and crinkly regardless of which one I choose
  15. drynot

    Disposing of heavy disposable diapers

    Our trash removal companies use automated lifters and specially designed trash cans for domestic garbage. AFAIK no one has to physically handle my wet diapers besides myself....