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  1. drynot

    Abena X-plus

    I also find that cloth backed diapers tend to snag on bedsheets where a plastic backed one slides. It might not be a problem for some but I found that really uncomfortable. If I absolutely must wear a cloth backed diaper then I also use a pair of plastic pants to go along with them.
  2. drynot

    Infinity War : Anyone else see it?

    My God....I agree! Emotionally it would be terrible but from a logical standpoint it makes sense.....
  3. drynot

    Question about rearz

    I get great customer service from Rearz all the time. I really like their products.
  4. drynot

    Different situations, different diapers

    Yep. For sure. I will wear something more discreet like an ATN or Tena Slip Maxi when I'm out running errands or headed to the movies. If I'm lounging around the house I want to be in the thickest and most absorbent diapers I own.
  5. drynot

    Thoughts on Cloth Backed Disposalbes

    Ugh. I can't stand cloth backed disposables. I mean...they're still diapers but I just don't enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy wearing plastic backed. I understand that they fill a need but they're just not for me at all.
  6. drynot

    Making Friends Here

    Holy hanna....necropost. Hi Jason from East Texas. You might not be aware but this original post is from 11 years ago.
  7. Hey folks. Has anyone ordered diapers and whatnot from Day Nite care in Quebec? Any comments on their service?
  8. drynot

    Taxes in diaper

    And you'd have the added benefit of being able to hide behind the Triceratops armoured upper plate if things got dicey.
  9. For myself.....one wetting is usually a full bladder first thing in the morning. I call a diaper a good performer if it can handle a first morning flood. Subsequent wettings are usually when I feel the first urge.....likely in the 250 ml range.
  10. I've been happy with the 'storage' capacity of abdl and medical diapers for a while now. My current fave is the ID Slip Maxi European medical diaper which can hold 3 wettings of mine with ease. I've used and worn higher capacity diapers such as the Rearz Inspire InControl as well as a few other brands and it seems to me like the end up feeling really uncomfortable long before I can reach their stated capacity. The thing is....I LIKE big and poofy plastic backed diapers so I will continue to buy them. As long as they hold my standard 3 wettings then they've done their job IMO.
  11. drynot

    I'm moving soon

    I've moved quite often in the last few years. I own a number of big Rubbermaid containers that I store my diapers in. I tape them up with duct tape before any movers or helpers show up and it hasn't been a problem. If anyone has snooped and discovered my diapers they haven't mentioned anything to me. I think it would only be really embarrassing if they found the ABDL type diapers as opposed to my more medical type ones. Much easier to explain away an Abena L4 than a Rearz Safari or Princess Pink.....
  12. drynot

    The joy of a diaper

    Aw man....there are things that I love about wearing diapers. I love how content they make me feel. No matter how hard my day has been or if life is getting me down....all I have to do is put on a diaper and things feel just a bit better. I love the crinkle that disposable diapers make when I walk. I love trying out new diapers when companies bring out new ones. I love how cute girls look when they're wearing diapers....especially pink ones. There are many things to love about being a DL. I can't see me stopping any time soon.
  13. drynot

    What to put....

    Sounds like a 'Nunya' situation.....as in Nunya damn business. Pretty invasive form if you ask me. Like others have mentioned...if it could be used against you to disqualify you as a driver then I would mark down 'no' for sure....
  14. drynot

    ABU Space Diaper

    So I have thoroughly 'insulted' my ABU Space diaper sample. I have to say I'm impressed. Very high quality diaper.
  15. drynot

    Doctors Visit

    When you're sick I think its prime time to wear diapers. I mean....you don't want to be moving around too much anyway. Unless you have diarrhea.......then things can get messy. However....if things DO get messy then you'll be happy you are wearing anyhow.....