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  1. Hey, if anyone reads this. Lately I've been really enjoying being a daddy. I've done online stuff a bit but would love to meet a AB/DL girl who is into it and lives in the same place. Ideally looking for a more ongoing thing if we both feel it. If you live in Vancouver and are reading this, maybe we could chat and see if we're on the same page? Open-minded, respectful, and discreet. Cheers,
  2. Maybe people have heard of this but it was new to me. I think we come off in a good light in the podcast and the host sounds genuine and interested. Have a listen.
  3. Oznl, I’m glade to hear of your return to diapers and details of travels abroad. I’ve highly enjoyed your updates on this thread and look forward to more. While I’m not married I view your experiences and the way you’ve handled diapers and marriage as a resource I can draw on later in life. I suspect I could be headed down a similar path towards balancing a partner and desire to be 24/7 for the most part. Thanks for letting us all into your journey
  4. I just tried Snappi’s for the first time and love them. A great solution for my diapers that are otherwise fine but with velcro that’s wearing off.
  5. I have a week off and my roommate is out of town so I got to fill my pants twice today. I started out by making coffee and let go while eating breakfast. I enjoyed my diaper for a while before showering and changing. After doing some running around I went for lunch and just as was walking from the bus stop to my door I filled my pants second time. All and all it was a nice day
  6. I honestly don’t know why he hasn’t been banned yet. This type of post keeps happening. Can he please just have his membership revoked? Pretty please.
  7. No. I’ve long gotten over that particular marker of diaper enjoyment. I worry about why/how/when to tell a girl friend I like them more then who might notice I’m wearing
  8. carsfan

    Which one?

    I love megamax. Tried then a couple times. My issue with them is being from Canada the price for amount of diapers isn’t worth it.
  9. carsfan

    Which one?

    I’ve been an M4 user for years. Next time I get a case I wanna shake things up a bit. Pretty sure it’s a toss up between Northshore Supreme and Better dry, both diapers I’ve never tried before. What would you pick?
  10. I've been diapered lots of places. Pretty much the only place I still won't wear is around my parents. Not sure if that will ever change but it truly is the only time I can't wear and feel comfortable, so I don't
  11. I don’t know of another option but feel your pain as a fellow BCer. I recently tried a sample of the Megamax and while they were great it was 25 bucks shipping just for a sample pack of two.
  12. Hi folks, I see lots of posts on here talking about what disposable diapers people are currently wearing and what they have in their stash. I thought it might be cool to start a similar thread for cloth fans. I wear for genuine need at bedtime but the rest of the time I'm just a DL. Lately though I've been wearing cloth at home in the daytime when I would typically use disposables. I know cloth isn't for everyone but I happen to love the feel and coupled with the environmental side, I see myself using it to occupy the DL side more and more. I've also taken to using it outside the house a bit more without too much hassle. I previously thought this would be impossible. I still use disposables for messing but at this rate that may change too. Currently all my diapers, ( day and night thickness) as well as pants and and doublers and from Babykins. This works well but I'd love to hear about how others do cloth diapers and what kinds they wear.
  13. I voted yet. I sometimes wet the bed but that has been really good lately. The older I get the the mental/emotional side becomes more clear to me. It’s apart of me just like wearing glasses or liking a particular kind of music. It brings me lots of joy and a level of calm I can’t find very often elsewhere