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  1. carsfan

    Any Musicains Here?

    Me. I toured, played professionally for 10 years. I still love playing but got pretty burnt out of the road. Still gig around town but am now doing school for a completely different field
  2. carsfan

    Wetting way more than usual

    I’ve been dry at night a lot lately but Sunday morning I woke up to a soaked diaper plastic pants and bed.
  3. carsfan

    Tranquility EliteCare

    I’ve been enjoying these lately. The medical supply store near me sells ATNs and the Slimlime brief so I can get them fairly easily. I find the Slimlines a great in between if I don’t want to wear and use a whole M4 while being better then most diapers bought from a regular store. At 15 dollars for 12 the price is pretty good too.
  4. carsfan

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    This resonates with me. While I don't wear full time I wet at night and wear diapers to bed. For most of my life my skin was touch as nails and I never had to use cream of powder. In the last couple years I regularly have a really sore butt crack upon waking. No cream I've tried makes it go away fully. I use cloth which I like but feels worse on my skin then disposables for whatever reason. Do you wear disposables or cloth, ppdude?
  5. Apologies right away if this is too much information. I have struggled with genuine nighttime wetting for the past three years. Previous to that I knew I was a DL for a longtime. I do wear in the daytime for fun but only because I can, because its fun. This weekend wasn't very fun but diapers came in handy. I don't know what I ate but came down with food poisoning and was running to the bathroom every half an hour. I was able to take the day to recover and the next day felt much better but still had a really queezy stomach. I had to do a bunch of things and be out of the house for several hours and decided to wear a" just in case diaper" with zero interest in actually having to use it. I think you can guess what happened in the end. I can't imagine what it might be like living with IBS or actual bowl incontinence. My respect for those of you living with such things is very high. I wore a depends real-fit pull up and didn't have a huge accident but was very thankful for the protection. I decided to change into another pull up when I got home as I was still feeling a bit ill. Was fine for the most part other then trusting some gas and having it be more then that. Its almost time for bed and I feel pretty well back to normal. I love wearing diapers but don't wish the experience of pooping your pants unexpectedly on anyone.
  6. carsfan

    Sleeping While Messy

    I did this last night for the first time in a longtime. I woke up around 2 with the need to go. I just turned onto my back and filled my pants. What a nice feeling warming up with a load in your pants and doing a morning pee in an already loaded diaper
  7. carsfan

    This Morning - ITV

    I think she did well too. From a different site but note the third post down from the top. No idea who this person is or the validity of their claim. https://www.wetset.net/forums/showthread.php?t=7488
  8. carsfan

    I Told My Girlfriend..

    I didn’t actually wear diapers while talking to the therapist. One of her areas of interest is kink. We talked about why I like diapers and how long I’ve known I liked them. She let me practice on her by telling her what I’d tell a girlfriend. She hadn’t worked directly with someone into diapers but was completely aware and supportive of AB/DL.
  9. I’m wearing an ABU Space diaper for the first time and just filled my pants while in bed.
  10. carsfan

    I Told My Girlfriend..

    Congrats! Can’t say that enough. It sounds like she took it very well. I’ve had two long term relationships and never had the balls to tell them about this side of me. I made the decision when my last relationship broke up that I HAD TO BE OPEN the next time I entered into a long term relationship. I’m currently single but have told a few close friends and did some work with a therapist with goal being how to bring the DL side up in a relationship. I wish you guys all the best. Telling your girlfriend about diapers is I think the hardest conversation I might ever have.
  11. carsfan

    Question for gay guys - And Bi-Woman

    So women voting and having careers bothers you?
  12. This guy can't divorce her fast enough. She sounds awful in many ways other then the kink thing.
  13. Speaking only for myself I’d rather mess my diaper then use the toilet. Social graces and cleanup aside 95% of the time I use the toilet I wish I was filling my pants