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  1. 20 minutes ago. I’m still enjoying it while having my morning coffee
  2. carsfan

    Your favorite printed diapers

    I also love Safari. Have a couple cases in stock right now and use them a lot. I once tried a tykables overnight, ( not fully sure on the proper name) It was one of the best fitting diaper I’ve ever tried and extremely thick. I’d buy tykables more but the price is pretty high and availability of the overnights in stock isn’t very consistent
  3. I’ve never used them but read some good reviews. Where did you buy them from?
  4. I have a couple different places. I keep my cloth diapers in a big drawer in my dresser and have a small drawer that pulls out under my bed that contains plastic bags, wipes, creams and powder. I have a night stand thing with three drawers as well one that has cloth stuffers plastic pants and onesies and the other two which I keep various disposables and pull ups
  5. carsfan

    Family Diapers and the Holidays

    Lots of different options for navigating people’s desires around family during this time of year. I should say that I don’t feel bad about not wearing for a day or two or conflicted. I just found it interesting that while I’m completely confident in my using diapers, wearing around my family is still such a no go. That’s only me though and people can wear to whatever level makes them happy. I do have bed wetting issues and will be sleeping in a diaper when visiting my folks.
  6. I’ve had a bit of downtime with the holidays and thus indulging in diapers more then usual. I don’t wear 24/7 but use a lot of the time and am completely comfortable wearing in pretty much every situation even around friends who don’t know. The last bastion of my wearing that I still can’t get past is wearing around family. I’m going to spend tine with my parents over Christmas and will certainly not be wearing around them during the day. It’s a nonstarter for me. I’m not sure why after years of accepting my need to wear diapers the idea of wearing around family is still such a turn off. Years of this hobby has made me know with certainty that most people have zero idea a person with a diaper under their pants is around them
  7. carsfan

    Shania Twain

    This is fantastic. She didn’t sound too embarrassed ether. There was an older story of her recounting a time she peed her pants on stage at a school concert.
  8. carsfan

    Clare in a nappy...

    Pretty sure it happened in real life as it’s her blog.
  9. carsfan

    Should I tell my parents I’m a DL?

    Another vote for not telling them.
  10. carsfan

    Any Musicains Here?

    Me. I toured, played professionally for 10 years. I still love playing but got pretty burnt out of the road. Still gig around town but am now doing school for a completely different field
  11. carsfan

    Wetting way more than usual

    I’ve been dry at night a lot lately but Sunday morning I woke up to a soaked diaper plastic pants and bed.
  12. carsfan

    Tranquility EliteCare

    I’ve been enjoying these lately. The medical supply store near me sells ATNs and the Slimlime brief so I can get them fairly easily. I find the Slimlines a great in between if I don’t want to wear and use a whole M4 while being better then most diapers bought from a regular store. At 15 dollars for 12 the price is pretty good too.
  13. carsfan

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    This resonates with me. While I don't wear full time I wet at night and wear diapers to bed. For most of my life my skin was touch as nails and I never had to use cream of powder. In the last couple years I regularly have a really sore butt crack upon waking. No cream I've tried makes it go away fully. I use cloth which I like but feels worse on my skin then disposables for whatever reason. Do you wear disposables or cloth, ppdude?