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  1. This article doesn't surprise me one bit. A bit of topic but I spend a good amount of time in schools for work purposes. We work in elementary and high schools and in major centers to very small towns. I was recently in a K-4 school in a fairly small area and while using the facilities( single room with one sink and toilet). noticed a handful of kids still in diapers at that school. Beside the toilet there was a cubby with the four name tags and four places to keep diapers and wipes. Three kids used pull ups/ goodnights and one wore tena diapers. There was also a potty and those seats kids use that go over the regular toilet. The school had about 400 kids. It made me wonder if they didn't have much of a problem with bullying as everything was out in plane site and clear to anyone using the bathroom.
  2. Katelynn's Diapered Study Abroad Trip

    Hey! Just wondering if you intend to keep this story going. It had so much potential!
  3. Can anyone tell me if the " small" in female pull-ups is different or smaller in the waist then the male kind. Particularly looking at Depends fit-flex. Thanks.
  4. Greetings from Seattle!

    Welcome to the site, Enjoy yourself. I love Seattle! So much to do there.
  5. Good thrift store find?

    Good score! is there a date on the package?
  6. For myself and using the above criteria I'd say I wet involuntarily somewhere between a 3 and a 4. Its pretty easy for me to be wet at night and wettings happen regardless of fluid intake, tiredness and using the bathroom before bed. There's not a lot of predictability or patterns to my wetting which if more frustrating at this point then actually wetting the bed and needing to wear diapers to sleep.
  7. I just messed a few minutes ago. I changed out of my nighttime diaper and put on a Rearrz safari print one, which is my first time trying. Made coffee and a few minutes later filled my pants.
  8. About 15 minutes ago. I loaded my pants while doing some emails and drinking a coffee. I wear cloth to bed but usually save pooping for disposables, not today though.
  9. Keep your chin up!

    Very well said, Comfortably Diapered! I think I'm in the same boat as you in that I'm a longtime DL who more recently began having medial issues that make me have to wear for need. Since I began having nighttime issues I stayed away from dating in the last couple years. Recently I reconnected with an old friend from high school which developed into a relationship. Once I was sure it was headed in that direction I told her very honestly my history with diapers medical and non medical. I expected the worst but she handled it like a champion and is completely supportive.While really difficult, honestly is always the best policy.
  10. Peapod

    Curious if anyone has tried one of these on their bed? At first look they don't look very absorbent but after watching some product demo videos I think it might work well. I love the idea of a protective sheet that sits on top of the bed and still actually keeps the mattress dry. Cheers. http://www.peapodmats.com
  11. Types of mattress protection

    Thanks guys! I'm still unclear in how the mattress pad thing works. If it doesn't cover the entire area of your bedding. How does it differ from a vinyl sheet with a zipper? Thanks
  12. Types of mattress protection

    Hey guys, a couple years ago I bought a cheap vinyl mattress protector from Walmart. My problems have become more frequent ( and the cover was a piece of crap, really poor quality ), so I'm in the market for a new one. I like the idea of something that covers my entire mattress with a zipper for security sake but I'm also curious about what a "mattress pad" does? Just from look at pictures on the internet it doesn't look like the pad is supposed to cover the entire mattress so I wonder about protection vs a vinyl cover with a zipper. What do you guys do? Does anyone use both? Thanks, carsfan
  13. babykins

    Hey, I use Babykins for all my cloth needs. It depends what you require, do you wear for need or want. Since I wet the bed at night and need pretty thick diapers I've found that the PDF ones work well for that. I use them with a soaker pad and the 10300V plastic pants and rarely have any trouble. Good luck. Cloth diapers are a bit of work but feel great and are lots of fun.