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  1. I do it because it’s feels good and I’ve been doing it since I was 12 but looking back the love of going in my pants was in place firmly for about the age of 4. Nothing else compares to all the feelings that happen when I go In my diaper and I don’t see that ever changing. I choose to embrace it now
  2. Not me. I got caught once by my mum and lied but I bought my own diapers.
  3. To each his or her own. This doesn’t appeal to me know but I did pee my bed intentionally when I was a teen a couple times because I was curious. I think I loved it at the time but woke up cold and uncomfortable. I will say though that I wash my bedding and cloth diapers fairly regularly. Sometimes though if I have a small press leak from my cloth at night l, I’ll just remove the bed pad and let it air dry upon waking in the morning. Roughly baseball size or smaller dries quickly and the smell doesn’t bother me.
  4. Stroller, we’re on the same schedule. I had my morning coffee this morning and decided to go do some running around near by in my night diaper since it wasn’t that wet. Went to a few places and as I was at the register at the pharmacy I began to have an urgent feeling to go. I headed outside, had a good poo in my cloth diaper and walked the ten minutes home enjoying the load in my pants. I pretty followed the advice outlined here for clean up and just put a load of diapers in for washing. Will see how they turn out but the whole process was easier then I imagined
  5. I recently got a crazy deal from someone locally who was moving and didn't want to cart around their stuff I got 325 diapers for 100 bucks! Varies kinds ,some cheap pharmacy stuff and some good medical and AB/DL diapers. At present I have a lot of different diapers of various capacities and prints and pull ups, along with my cloth and plastic pants. I'm well stocked at the moment but usually don't have this much.
  6. Newbee, I see you around here but I don’t know your history. Do you wear for need or enjoyment or both?
  7. We here on DD don’t know the inner workings of your relationship with your husband but it sounds like you guys care about one another and have a relationship built on communication and mutual respect and love for each other. In your mind what’s the worst that could happen telling your husband about your baby side? It feels like having an honest conversation maybe a good idea. Good luck in however you go about it.
  8. I don’t think you’ll ever completely cover up the smell of a loaded diaper. That said, I’ve been enjoying using a terry lined plastic pant over my diapers of late. I get them from Babykins and find they mask the smell better then normal plastic pants. I can be in a poopy diaper in the kitchen doing dishes and my roommate in another area of the house has no idea about the state of my pants. There is no detectable smell.
  9. I wear cloth to bed but find myself wearing more in the day time in place of disposables. When I mess my pants I usually put on an M4 and then change later. I feel like cleaning loaded cloth diapers would be too much work but I'm curious if anyone here who enjoys messing does it in their cloth and plastic pants with any regularity? What's your routine for cleaning?
  10. Does your wife know the true reason for your night wetting? I’ve always struggled with telling a romantic partner I choose to make myself wet at night. It’s one thing to say you have a legit medical problem and even another to say you have a off beat kink but telling someone you want/ you made yourself wet at night feels more difficult
  11. Hey, if anyone reads this. Lately I've been really enjoying being a daddy. I've done online stuff a bit but would love to meet a AB/DL girl who is into it and lives in the same place. Ideally looking for a more ongoing thing if we both feel it. If you live in Vancouver and are reading this, maybe we could chat and see if we're on the same page? Open-minded, respectful, and discreet. Cheers,
  12. Maybe people have heard of this but it was new to me. I think we come off in a good light in the podcast and the host sounds genuine and interested. Have a listen.
  13. Oznl, I’m glade to hear of your return to diapers and details of travels abroad. I’ve highly enjoyed your updates on this thread and look forward to more. While I’m not married I view your experiences and the way you’ve handled diapers and marriage as a resource I can draw on later in life. I suspect I could be headed down a similar path towards balancing a partner and desire to be 24/7 for the most part. Thanks for letting us all into your journey
  14. I just tried Snappi’s for the first time and love them. A great solution for my diapers that are otherwise fine but with velcro that’s wearing off.
  15. I have a week off and my roommate is out of town so I got to fill my pants twice today. I started out by making coffee and let go while eating breakfast. I enjoyed my diaper for a while before showering and changing. After doing some running around I went for lunch and just as was walking from the bus stop to my door I filled my pants second time. All and all it was a nice day