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  1. Wetting
  2. That's what happens when we lose control our bowels. It's as if we go back in time. Just the reality.
  3. I relate so much. So much.
  4. Sign of Diaper dependency. Like muscle memory.
  5. Don't do this unless they're absolutely cool with this and know what you're doing.
  6. Hello there! Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  7. Just to say, I love your profile picture: that little tiger is adorable!

    1. Spiderman


      Well alvin the picture of the tiger is from the comic strip Calvin and hobbes.






  8. Ok I can understand powder (sorta) but wipes?! How are you changing your diaper? That's not the best thing to do. And if you're wearing a diaper on a road trip you're exposing yourself to a rash which would be best to add some powder. Especially if you're not wiping yourself off. Just a thing you should DEFINITELY be doing.
  9. Interested to see where this goes.
  10. Usually. Though sometimes randomly the bulk between my legs gets annoying. I should and am normally used to it by now but once in a while I get so fixated on physically feeling something and drives me nuts. Just the presence of the bull keeps me fixated and up.
  11. Do as you wish. I always hope all people do what they wish to make themselves happy and have a nice life, as long as its legal. This obviously is. I'm interested to read as it unfolds. Good luck!
  12. Unless I'm very wet I'm fine. I take precautions to hide them. No one has ever noticed and if they have they haven't said. Only thing I can't fight is the waddle which I can always blame on a "tweaked knee".
  13. Depends on how I am, currently probably a 6/10 on need scale but last week they were like an 8.9/10.
  14. I like your attitude about it Dave. Seems so natural.