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  1. Diapered Senior

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here.
  2. Hello all

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay.
  3. Daddy, brother, uncle

    Hope you find what you're looking for!
  4. Bedwetter in Training

    Well, welcome. I hope you get what you wish!
  5. It's weird to me because I've had this happen few times too, but I'm not as intent on being 24/7. It depends on the situation really. So I was a little shocked when that happened.
  6. With the exception putting on a new pull-up, you can tear the sides. I know you would still likely have to take all of your pants off so if you're changing into a fresh one now you're standing around with your shoes on and just a shirt and then have to slide a new pull-up on. That's why I always feel pull-ups are better for people with more free time and ability. Especially if one is at home a lot. Then you can easily go into another room if needed, drop the pants and change.
  7. Taking stock of my incontinence

    I think clearly a part of you didn't want to be that in diapers. And you shouldn't neglect that. Something in you truly didn't want to be that dependent. And you should honor that. If what your goal was is to be less in diapers then keep it up. If being in pull-ups occasionally and going to the bathroom more often and being careful help you get to that goal I think that's good. I'd say just give it more time. "potty train" more and see where you are in a few months. If enough of a change hasn't happened where you don't think all of the effort you put in is really worth it and diapers would be easier, then lay back and diaper up again. Trust your gut.
  8. Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    Like taped the most but pull-ups can work for certain situations.
  9. Punishment

    Not any memory of it but certainly gets brought up once in a while, mainly a specific time I messed in a swim diaper as a kid when I was supposed to be potty training or pretty much done but had a swim diaper under my bathing suit.
  10. Forget being wet?

    Not really but I can forget how wet I am. Think I'm drier than reality.
  11. How do you know?

    Uh yeah lol. Unless you had a spinal injury where maybe you didn't have feeling maybe you wouldn't feel it. I wouldn't know about that. But in my experiences you normally have an idea if you're awake, one way or another that you had an accident.
  12. New Depends sizes - about time

    Exactly, agree with WetDad. Sure they will make better sizes but those are pull-ups and very bad pull-ups at that. They don't absorb much and even that is quick to leak. I remember barely even wetting them and having sat down and leaked right onto the back of my pants. And you would think maybe their real diapers would be better: Nope. They aren't good either. Even with light leakage I don't see how the pull-ups are practical for anyone.
  13. Just for anyone who might've emailed me in the past. I cannot access that email account anymore so lack of responses is for that reason.

  14. New guy on the block

    Hey Eugene!
  15. Who changes you?