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  1. Ugh. Sorry to hear that my friend. Hopefully you wake up to the feeling of wetness bathing your nether regions more, in the coming future.
  2. I hope you don't mind, but I'm just checking in. Maybe it'd be better to PM me. How have you been?
  3. I think I agree 100% on all of that.
  4. Gee do I appreciate your description. It's like my own thoughts are being written by someone else. It's nice.
  5. lol I'm an envious boy! Hehe.
  6. Yay Gobphus! I'm sorry to hear you've had such a dry streak as of late. Any idea why? It seemed like last year you were definitely a wetter boy.
  7. OMG great update!
  8. Yeah that would be much appreciated
  9. In my experience peeing in a messy diaper isn't a huge deal. The pee will find somewhere to get absorbed. Whether it Moves down into the crotch and up the back or vice Versa. The pee shouldn't just sit there. Unless you really have filled your diapers to the brim. I've never had this issue you speak of.
  10. I never try and stay in them longer than I have to. Some people like to tough it out so to speak, but I'm almost immediately looking for where I'll be getting my next diaper change. It can be in a bathroom, office, etc. if I must I have been taught how to change in my car, or obviously at home. Never been in a situation to use a changing table or anything of the sort either. I'd normally say I'll be in a poopy diaper for anywhere from 5-35 minutes if I choose to drive home. I seldom mess while I'm asleep. I'm usually triggered by meals so that's unlikely but if I have late dinner or eat before bed it has happened. When I have messed it hasn't had any issues with wetting leading to leaking. It's just a full diaper really. I don't think having a mess in the seat of your diaper truly leads to a leak if you wet. I guess I'm trying to say I don't think that mess in the seat would really have any affect on any pee going into the diaper. Since the poop isn't getting absorbed like the pee, it sort of just sits in the diaper. So other than getting I guess a wetter mess in your diaper, I don't think it really changes much. At least in my experiences that is.
  11. It's very inconvenient, and I'm not sure what's the good part of it. To me I'm used to it, but it felt weird. It can be embarrassing, humiliating, it's insanely infantile. It's a hassel. I've grown to the point where I can deal with it all and not care, but that's me.
  12. I hope it works out like that. Not sure how most women of the world think about guys who have messy diapers multiple times a day
  13. Hmm. I guess I'll just have to hope for the best. It's an odd situation to be in, so generally I feel odd about trying to explain any of this. I wish it was easy.
  14. Lucky man. Never had anyone change my diaper. Still have to find a girl who accepts my IBS and diapers. Maybe one day. Sounds nice.
  15. Hello! i missed this, but you seem like an interesting and nice fellow I hope you come back sometime. Always welcome!