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  1. This morning I had a nice big iced coffee and boy did it do a number on my diaper. It got full quick.
  2. That seems interesting.
  3. You better be behaving yourself stinky boy he he

    1. HotDogg55


      I'm trying to :-)

    2. Spiderman


      well if your not then I will have to get out the spideee paddle :)

  4. Omg that's awesome! I've never come across one but I kinda really want to try it one day.
  5. This is a very bad idea. Please rethink all of this.
  6. I just take a dump in the diaper because I don't feel like wasting it. If I'm paying for it, might as well get every cent out of it.
  7. I'm from New Jersey, nice to meet ya!
  8. To be fair, and i say this as someone has no interest in being a baby, it seems like it would be hard to give some one a diaper change and not baby them, even just a little bit.
  9. Have to show some more pics!
  10. I like it. I've actually used it for when I have to go but sense I might have a BM. Nice cup of a joe out on the patio. Have a controlled BM, get a quick diaper change and then I can do whatever I need to. Pretty peaceful.
  11. Damnnnn. Could this work? http://www.hdis.com/janibell-akord-incontinence-disposal-system.html?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=CLG82ZmJ0tMCFY5WDQodvRkC_g
  12. Not particularly. Much more of a fan of dry diaper and baby powder, but I guess a wet diaper isn't the worst possible diaper smell.
  13. I do some form of log. It's not too useful because i wet the bed or well diaper 99.9% of the time now.
  14. I love it! I hope the story doesnt go too fast.
  15. Tranquility wipes are the best. JDinVirginia got me hooked.