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  1. Good one
  2. I just got some plastic ones and the plastic seems quieter and softer. Also, the very first tab I pulled open to put on tore off. One very angry DL
  3. They're thin but I was impressed. Seemed like good quality.
  4. I tried the inspires once. They held marginally more than a dry 24/7. Not worth the $24 shipping. I just tried the inspire + and I don't think I'll be experimenting with any other brands. The absorbency blew my mind. It felt like there was no end to the amount it could handle. By the time I had wet all of the padding it weighed nearly 6lbs. A gallon of water weighs 8. Super swollen and squishy, no leaks!
  5. I ordered some. Didn't like them. The absorbent material came up to my belly button and was almost unusable. They leaked once on the first wetting.
  6. I use these as my go to. They hold alot, the tapes stick and they fit me awesome.
  7. I think their goal of quantity over quality might have something to do with the increase in sales of Internet companies that sell top quality diapers. So screw em'.
  8. An adult pullup similar to what you described but plain white would be good for the DLs. Super high capacity like a dry 247 would be sweet too.
  9. They advertise a 3000ml capacity. An Abena L4 is advertised at 4000 and from my experience they hold nearly every bit of that. I got some of the new ABU super dry kids that are 2 tape and have an advertised 4500ml capacity. They leak after three decent wettings and don't transfer the pee past your crotch. They leave you with a swollen groin area and a half dry diaper once they've hit their leaking point. No matter how well the two tabs are fastened or where they're placed they still won't seal around your legs or secure enough to hold securely around your waist. They cost a lot and I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to having a two tape diaper. Just accept the fact that you're physically unable to wear a two tape with any kind of capacity. At least they haven't gotten it right yet anyway.
  10. Try molicare. They have a plastic one still and it works surprisingly well. Only thing is, it's purple. They sell them at medical supply stores. If you ever come across any Abena products at a medical supply store I encourage you to buy it
  11. Season 1 episode 8 at the beginning Denzel is talking to Malloy the bear about how the hookers brought out a diaper and he said "whoa, I haven't paid you yet."
  12. I had a great childhood and remember my mom and super affectionate babysitter always making sure I had a fresh diaper, and I can still remember how good it felt to poop in one then having more attention given after filling a big thick plastic diaper. I think part of us misses the attention and wants to relive that feeling that we miss as responsible adults. A friend of mine recently possibly converted a friend of his who had never worn a diaper as an adult before. He said his friend came over and hung out for a while then sometime later he convinced him to give it a try and layed him on his bed and fastened an AB diaper on him. He didn't take it off, and said that he wet and slept in it. They are just very comfortable and I think if there weren't such a stigma attached to it, many more would be wearing them too. Let's keep it a secret though. They're pricey enough and we don't need demand to go up
  13. How much $ >D
  14. This makes me wonder...what if we were cave men? Dirty itchy butts all around!