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  1. Diaper *Crinkle*

    I think the rearz rebel (skull and crossbones print) is based on the original inspire diaper. I tried them at work with compression underwear and a onesie and they were still ridiculously loud.
  2. The right. Diapers for lifestyle

    I didn't wait for the response. I already ordered and received a pack of northshore air supremes and regular plastic supremes. They're my work diaper. Also got a new navy blue onesie that looks like a muscle shirt.
  3. Why?

    When I was 18 I had a really close girlfriend that I told about my fetish. She had no problem with it and wore and wet just because she knew it drove me crazy. One time after sex she put on a pull up and wet it thoroughly. She then put on a pair of shorts and sat down at the kitchen table and began looking for a movie for us to go see. This girl was beautiful, hourglass figure, nice round ass, and a perfect C cup. That was a fond memory.
  4. Favorite diapers?

    Don't want to waste an additional diaper
  5. Post when messy.

    Woke up, had to pee badly. Wife was on the toilet said it would be a while. Put on a seni pull up and soaked it till a few drops hit the ground. Went back to bed. Wet a little more while laying down resulting in a small spot on the sheet. Woke up a little later and wife and kids left. Got some jeans out of the dirty clothes and had to pee and poop. Went outside and let loose a big pee and 3 days worth of poop go in my pull up which tightened up my jeans and essentially pissed my pants as probably only 5% of the wetting was contained. Now I'm sitting on an absorbent pad playing xbox in my wet jeans and messy butt
  6. Favorite diapers?

    Dunno. Rearz sells one that's like adding an additional diaper
  7. My First mattress protector

    My mattress protector is cloth like. Feels like a wash cloth but liquid just beads up and doesn't penetrate. They sold it to us with the king size pillow top.
  8. A good pull up

    Tried the senis. Not great. Bambino has an AB pull up. Might be worth a try. Not into AB stuff but alot of times it's got all the qualities I'm looking for except the print.
  9. Discreet

    Do it all the time. That's the only kind I wear. I've got to be able to last for a work day
  10. Favorite diapers?

    Northshore has about 5 different sizes. I like the second smallest because you can stack them, overlap them, and place them where you want.
  11. Girlfriend issues......

    If you don't want to be single you don't have to be. If you want to be single you can be.
  12. Girlfriend issues......

    Don't have to be single
  13. ABDL FROM NSW looking for friends

    Where's NSW?
  14. Proper times and places. To wear diaper

    Anytime anywhere
  15. Wearing Diapers at the Beach

    Not in the pool and I haven't pooped in the ocean since I was 5 I don't pee in the pool either