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  1. alwayslittle

    Babysitter Night

  2. alwayslittle

    A bigger mess than expected

    I got a package of new super-dry kids in the mail today, I was looking forward all week for a day off adulting and lounging around all day age regressing.
  3. alwayslittle

    Longest been messy

    Today marks the longest I've been sitting in a mess. I had just pooped in my diaper two hours ago, and it's driving me nuts... I mean it feels kind of nice still, but it's also kind of uncomfortable.
  4. The INTERNET can be the most frustrating thing ever created!! At this moment I am standing on an ABDL soapbox. 

    The INTERNET has done amazing things for the ABDL community, like right now I'm ranting on the most popular ABDL website, but it's also created a lot of loneliness, and I wish I can think of an articulate way to summarize my exact frustrations without ranting on like a lunatic that's not making any sense, but I start with my dozen or so accounts strewn over the ABDL web-space... 

    They have been able to play a role in helping me broaden my desires, accepting and finding comfort this part of me, and being more abrasive to seek out and meet new people. Before I begin to elaborate mt personal experiences and opinions of each web-page, I would like to go into the frustrations of creating the accounts for each and every one of them, I wish it was as easy as copying and pasting my bio, but the ABDL social media websites are not created equal, each one needing it's own unique kind of TLC ... Also it's worth mentioning that non-ABDL social media sites can play a big part in connecting and interacting, which I have sort of began this whole entire persona with creating accounts in all the mainstream media's. My biggest note worth mentioning is that creating a public profile I check randomly every now and then takes a lot of effort, and not to mention the anonymity I try to retain. 

    Let's start with ABDLMATCH.COM - this was once a promising website, I had joined it years ago and still for some reason have an account. After joining I began to receive messages from actual AB/Little Girls (I should mention that's the role I'm seeking out the most) with little to no effort (more so on the no effort). I was slow in coming to find out these girls we're paid employees to keep desperate guys like me around. It was heartbreaking, especially since I had a solid month long conversation with a girl in a state over for well over a month. Now a days, my email inbox floods with new messages from all kinds of women, and even though I know they're actually not who they say they are, I can't even open up the messages until I pay for a membership! 

    Next is the heart-of-a-lion website DIAPERMATES.COM - now this is probably the most real website for ABDL focused social media website. The only problem with it i it's too real. I mean that in the sense of the mass of members are like myself, a lonely Baby Boy ISO Mommy/Baby Girl IRL... I use the acronyms satirically. I really don't mean to knock this website, because out of most of them, it's honest, it's trying, and it has some potential, but I'm going to come right out and say it... The desperation of all the members can quench the thirst of the every single cliché skeleton sprawled out in the desert, it's on another level. I do somewhat enjoy the random advice I get from some of the older male members.

    Now it's time to bring in the biggest heavy-hitter of them all, the one that's actually gotten some of us lucky, FETLIFE.COM - I am on here constantly, and have been a member for a few years now. It's got everything on with such an easy and straight forward functionality, not to mention it's got the numbers, with promising connections all over the globe. This website is amazing! I can get lost for hours meeting somewhat promising outcomes, in the very least, this is the site where I'm pushing all my messages out, knowing they're going to real people, and the win-win is I don't have to pay for that shit! I can actually say I've successfully met a local female little in real life and that's a story for another time. And of course I can go on about how great this place is, but instead I'm going to leave it with why it sucks, and that's because it's not ABDL oriented, which isn't a bad thing, however it makes me paranoid. First because of the broad idea of having a fetish much more of the population outside of the ABDL community are members, and despite after all these years becoming more comfortable with my ABDL side, I would hate for someone I know to discover my regressive alias. 

    The net one I'm only going to mention briefly, as I would consider it to be like fetlife's "shady uncle" and that is ALT.COM - I had started an account here years ago and actually forgot about for years, but after doing research and being desperate to meet anyone in my area, I was led back to it. Signing back into after resurfacing my username and password, I was happy to see that I had actually received some messages. Unfortunately they were all women looking for guys to pay them for their services, the blunt and up front ones I was more grateful for because I had been led on for a week exchanging messages with a lady not to far from where I lived to find out she was just like the others. 

    The last website I'm going to mention is the one is one of the newest and I feel like has the most potential, but it's the one I rarely get on, and it's DATECGL.COM - from what I can figure out because it's not the easiest as far as functionality goes, is that it's a sister-site to littlespaceonline which from what I can gather (because it's functionality is even worse) is like an ageplayers version of dailydiapers. Like I mentioned, it's sort of frustrating to use, and maybe it's because I don't have the patience, since I've exhausted myself with so many other connection websites. In on a very positive note, it's opened up my eyes to the whole realm of ageplaying, which is kind of like a softer version of ABDL, but with so much more females. It's like a breath of fresh air, all you have to do is tone down the diaper play and be more open to a switch role, and the possibilities have grown to new heights of connecting with that special someone who may or may not make all of your dreams come true.... 

    In conclusion, I apologize about how this may seem like the ranting of a hopeless cyber-romantic, but I just wanted to take some of the time I spend spending countless hours surfing along these various sites to being productive and voicing an opinion which normally stays silent. I have so much to say about myself, this lifestyle, and the community in general, but it's almost always an internal monologue. This community has been good to me, and despite being a silent lurker for many many years, I'm slowly getting out there and making my presence known, and again I have to thank the people and the INTERNET for bringing us together, including the one's I hadn't mentioned (because I was focused on more of the dating aspect), specifically this one. 

    1. Wannatripbaby


      You should totally post this in the "Our Lifestyle Discussion" section. I'm sure a lot of people could benefit from knowing what sites to stay away from.

      Also I'm sorry to hear about what happened with ABDLMATCH.com. :(

  5. alwayslittle

    Big store brand diapers suck

    So normally I order my diapers online (at least since being a grown-up). Today was the second time where I've been desperate and needed diapers which made me come to na sad and frustrating realisation that all main stores (ie: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, ect...) have the worst diaper selection! Maybe I've just been spoiled by ordering the specific AB kinds of nappies that I absolutely love, but I've also noticed that everything in the adult sizes has changed from what I remember. All the "diapers" are now either descreat under garments resembling regular underwear or super thin and flimsy pieces of fabric... I was willing to settle on the classic 6 tape depends but all the stores pulled them off the shelves, now you have to special order them and wait 2 days, which in that case I might as well just order some bambinos or ABUs at that point... I had even ran into this issue with the few medical supply stores I went to... What happened to the nice thick plastic back diapers I grew up on?
  6. alwayslittle

    Post when messy.

    I don't mess very often, but today I had one of my biggest since I was potty trained
  7. I agree in that it did not make me an ABDL since I had already had that seed planted in me at a younger age, but it was a big source in pushing me more into it... I was at that right age while watching it, pre-pubescent so even though I wasn't sure what was going on, I know Rugrats had fueled my curiosity even more into wanting to regress at that age. An influencial episode was the one with Angelica's birthday when she wanted to become a baby again, that episode still resignates with me from when I was that age, if she could do it than why I can't I?
  8. alwayslittle

    Bored, need someone to color with

    New here to El Paso, and since I move around alot I haven't been able to meet many people in the ABDL community IRL... I want to change that while I live here.
  9. alwayslittle

    Being little on your own

    I've been playing by myself for a really long time as well... The older I get though, the more I've tried to become active in trying to find a playmate... The odds are stacked against me though.
  10. alwayslittle

    Baby girl

    Hi Ashley, I wish I was close by I've been looking all over my area for a friend
  11. alwayslittle

    Fastest laxative

    I very rarely ever poop in my diaper, but lately I've been wanting to... I
  12. alwayslittle

    New to site

    Hey there! I live here, I sent you a message, and I'm down to play!
  13. This is a 100% honest memoir of the origins of my AB/DL life

    My Strange Attraction(1).pdf

  14. alwayslittle

    Miley Cyrus on Ellen's talkshow

    Same here, I never cared much for Miley Cyrus until she said that on Ellen. Now I follow her on the news hoping she will elaborate more on her AB fascination
  15. alwayslittle

    Adult Day Care

    I was wondering if anyone has started an Adult Day Care? I was curious because I was reading the news article about that couple in Liverpool who run a nursery from their home. I think that's so awesome, but I can't afford to fly to England and then shell out more cash for a weekends stay. But the responses said "there are a lot of these commercial nurseries" coming out. Where are they?! If I could find one closer I would definitely save up! But I was wondering if anyone had ever thought of a day care theme? My regression agr is a 5 year old, and I would like to incorporate movies and toys and less with the cribs and high chairs. But if anybody knows of nurseries in the states (Oregon/Washington) that would be just as awesome!