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  1. alwayslittle

    Big store brand diapers suck

    So normally I order my diapers online (at least since being a grown-up). Today was the second time where I've been desperate and needed diapers which made me come to na sad and frustrating realisation that all main stores (ie: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, ect...) have the worst diaper selection! Maybe I've just been spoiled by ordering the specific AB kinds of nappies that I absolutely love, but I've also noticed that everything in the adult sizes has changed from what I remember. All the "diapers" are now either descreat under garments resembling regular underwear or super thin and flimsy pieces of fabric... I was willing to settle on the classic 6 tape depends but all the stores pulled them off the shelves, now you have to special order them and wait 2 days, which in that case I might as well just order some bambinos or ABUs at that point... I had even ran into this issue with the few medical supply stores I went to... What happened to the nice thick plastic back diapers I grew up on?
  2. alwayslittle

    Post when messy.

    I don't mess very often, but today I had one of my biggest since I was potty trained
  3. I agree in that it did not make me an ABDL since I had already had that seed planted in me at a younger age, but it was a big source in pushing me more into it... I was at that right age while watching it, pre-pubescent so even though I wasn't sure what was going on, I know Rugrats had fueled my curiosity even more into wanting to regress at that age. An influencial episode was the one with Angelica's birthday when she wanted to become a baby again, that episode still resignates with me from when I was that age, if she could do it than why I can't I?
  4. alwayslittle

    Bored, need someone to color with

    New here to El Paso, and since I move around alot I haven't been able to meet many people in the ABDL community IRL... I want to change that while I live here.
  5. alwayslittle

    Being little on your own

    I've been playing by myself for a really long time as well... The older I get though, the more I've tried to become active in trying to find a playmate... The odds are stacked against me though.
  6. alwayslittle

    Baby girl

    Hi Ashley, I wish I was close by I've been looking all over my area for a friend
  7. alwayslittle

    Fastest laxative

    I very rarely ever poop in my diaper, but lately I've been wanting to... I
  8. alwayslittle

    New to site

    Hey there! I live here, I sent you a message, and I'm down to play!
  9. This is a 100% honest memoir of the origins of my AB/DL life

    My Strange Attraction(1).pdf

  10. alwayslittle

    Miley Cyrus on Ellen's talkshow

    Same here, I never cared much for Miley Cyrus until she said that on Ellen. Now I follow her on the news hoping she will elaborate more on her AB fascination
  11. alwayslittle

    Adult Day Care

    I was wondering if anyone has started an Adult Day Care? I was curious because I was reading the news article about that couple in Liverpool who run a nursery from their home. I think that's so awesome, but I can't afford to fly to England and then shell out more cash for a weekends stay. But the responses said "there are a lot of these commercial nurseries" coming out. Where are they?! If I could find one closer I would definitely save up! But I was wondering if anyone had ever thought of a day care theme? My regression agr is a 5 year old, and I would like to incorporate movies and toys and less with the cribs and high chairs. But if anybody knows of nurseries in the states (Oregon/Washington) that would be just as awesome!
  12. alwayslittle

    Oregon Diaper Lovers?!

    I'm not in Oregon now, but I'm from Portland and go home on occasion, would be cool to meet other abdl's