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    • Here is another one of my old stories that I posted that had got lost and have updated and made a few changes Once there was a 32 year old man called Ben. But unlike other men his age he was no bigger than a 6 month  old toddler which made his girlfriend Amy much bigger and more powerful than he was, she liked having her boyfriend the size and height that he was for she can just pick him up and leave her baby boyfriend where ever she likes,  Amy can come and go as she pleased, eat what she whatever she liked, go into any shop and buy anything that she wanted, Amy could even do what she liked and wear the clothes she fancied wearing and she often told Ben to act like a real baby while they are out and about in public
      But even though that Amy was much bigger and powerful than he was, Ben could still manipulate her to pander to his every need by using a quite complex behaviour guaranteed to drive her to distraction despite the fact that he could still talk as well as still able to form sentences and he had to call her Mum. It was a dull, wet morning and Amy had decided to leave Ben in his cot while she had gone to throw his nappy away soon after she’d changed him and dressed up in a yellow T-shirt and a pair of red dungarees that had a teddy bear on the front which she thought that he looked cute and adorable in
      As he lay helpless in his cot with a few soft, cuddly toys next to him for company just gazing up at the mobile above his head thinking how much he hated being the size that he was.  
      Suddenly he heard footsteps coming closer towards the room. As Ben turned his head towards the door he saw Amy step into the room with her long straight length natural blonde hair which was tied up in a ponytail. Her legs were covered by a pair of white biker jeans with multiple pockets and stitching panels. Amy’s feet filled a pair of red 3.5 inch heel South Fisher Pointed Toe Court Shoes and her large silver metal hoop earrings swaying about as she walked over to him  
      ”Hey there my little man. Who’s mummy’s sweet little baby boy then ay” Amy said to him in a babyish tone as she peeped in at him, Ben Just gazed up at her and watched his girlfriend’s earrings swaying about as she was chatting away to him “Hay what the” Ben called out as Amy leaned over and lifted him out then placed him over her shoulder. He gripped onto the wide round neck of her Aqua Casual oversized style t-shirt with short batwing sleeves.  It wasn’t long before he felt Amy move. She walked out of the nursery with Ben moaning and grizzling. As Amy took Ben down stairs and entered the living room she went over and laid Ben down onto the floor then knelt in front of him. Then started blowing raspberries onto his tummy trying to make him laugh
      “Hay Amy, stop it now” He demanded for Ben didn’t seem to be enjoying it much as she was. He started kicking her "Bad baby. You must not kick mummy" Amy yelled as she wagged a finger at him. "For that you will now have to be put into time out "NO" Ben screamed as Amy picked him up then walked out of the living room to put him in his pram "There we go, You will stay in here and think about what you did" Amy told him then she took the toys out of the pram so that Ben didn't throw them at her then turned round and stepped away from the pram leaving Ben all alone in his pram " Hey, Come back, Amy I demand that you come back now" Ben called, But Amy just ignored him. While he lay in his pram waiting for Amy to return when suddenly Ben felt himself going for a poo in his nappy and within minutes Ben began squirming about crying for he really felt uncomfortable
      A while later when Amy had returned she walked over and peeped in the pram chuckling as she watched him squirming about for she found it rather cute and adorable “Hey there Baby. I can see that you are sorry and had learnt your lesson so come on sweetie time to come to Mummy. There we go now baby” Amy said to him in a soft tone as she picked him up and took Ben out of the pram but as she lifted him up Ben seemed to feel a bit heavier as she held him close Ben punched Amy in the face as hard as his little arm can reach. This seemed to anger Amy but the smell of his nappy soon distracted her” Oh dear, Smells like mummy’s little man has got a dirty nappy” She laughed as she placed Ben over her shoulder” Right then you let's go and get that dirty, smelly nappy off shall we” Amy told him as she took him up stairs to the nursery so that she could get him changed
      When she entered Amy went over and laid Ben down onto the changing mat. He squirmed about and watched her undressing him. Soon as she had taken off his dungarees and as Ben lay helpless on the changing mat gazing up at Amy standing towering above him while she untapped his nappy . Then Amy took a few deep breaths and took a baby wipe out of the tub and cleaned his bottom before applying powder. He then saw her take a nappy out of an open pack and she fastened it around his waist she dressed him up in an orange envelope neck vest and smiled down at him sweetly as she patted the front of his nappy. "Up we go now darling," Amy told Ben sweetly as she lifted him up and kissed him lovingly on the lips.
      "Hay, where are we going? Where are you taking me now?" Ben asked her as she crossed the room and looked out the window at the rain; she looked at her reflection in the glass” Look at that rain” Amy sighed” So what about it” Ben snapped” I was hoping to take you out for a while but looks like the rain had put a stop to that plan” Amy replied back then just pushed her cheek against his face. Ben didn’t seem to like it very much as he felt that she was invading his personal space as she held Ben close to her, and listened to the soothing sound of her voice while she was chatting away as she gently rocked him back and forth As Ben was being rocked in his Girlfriends arms he had the sudden urge to grab hold of her earring. But then he thought that he wouldn’t because he didn’t want to be put back into time out so he reached out then he began to batter one of her earrings about just for the fun of it. Amy just looked at him and laughed and smiled at him finding his babyish acts so adorable” Awww Does my little man like mummy’s earrings ay” Amy said as she just smiled at him. After he had finished the sound of her jade plain plastic bangle that had the chunky part facing downward while the thin part was facing upwards and her 3.7 cm plain silver metal bangle jangling as they were sliding about on her right wrist caught his attention. She noticed this she took him over then laid Ben down in his cot then she held up her bangles and shook her wrist in front of him so they made a rattling sound “Hay Amy can you please stop shaking that about for that is starting to do my head in” Ben told her” Ben how many times do I have to tell you, Call me Mummy” Amy replied back as she stopped the rattling and cooed at him” Oh Darling is my little man getting sleepy. I think that it’s Nap time for you” “NO, I don’t want to have a nap, I’m not tired” Ben moaned as he gazed up at her standing towering above him and started squirming about "Oh Come on Now sweetie. You need to nap” she said sternly as she started to wind up his mobile. Soon as the mobile had started moving Amy began singing him a lullaby. No matter how hard Ben tried to stay awake he soon found himself getting drowsy. He felt his eyes getting heavy for he found the music from the mobile along with Amy’s singing to be rather soothing and within minutes he slowly fell asleep and slipped into a deep, peaceful slumber, as he slept in his cot with only his soft, cuddly toys next to him. Amy peeped down at him smiling as she watched him sleeping” Sweet dreams my darling” Amy whispered as she leaned over and kissed Ben lovingly on his forehead then stepped away quickly and quietly as she could trying not to wake him up and made her way back over to the changing table and picked up the nappy then crossed back over to the door closing it half way as she left the room leaving him to sleep
      A while later Ben had woken up from his nap. As Amy entered the nursery and hurried over to the cot “Hey there baby, did you enjoy your nap” Amy asked as she peeped down at him “No I didn’t” Ben replied back then Amy leaned over and took Ben out then she popped him over her shoulder and walked out of the nursery and went down stairs to feed him
      Once she was down stairs Amy wandered into the living room and took ben over and sat on the sofa” Ok then sweetie time to have some of Mummy’s yummy milk”
      “Oh goody, I love your milk” Ben replied back excitedly as Amy held him in the crook of her arm while she lifted up her top and unclipped her Bra. Ben was happy that he was going to be seeing her breasts as well as sucking on them for they were for his eyes only. When she was ready Amy adjusted the way she held him as she held him up close to her. Within minutes he latched on and began suckling away happily on her While Amy sat on the sofa feeding him there seemed to be some pleasure from both sides. “Oh my you are a very hungry boy aren’t you baby” Amy said as she looked down at him smiling
      ”There we go now, Down you go baby” Amy told him as she took Ben away and laid him down next to her for a moment while she did up her bra and pulled down her top.
      Then she picked Ben up and placed him over her shoulder then began to burp him. It wasn’t very long before he let out a very long, loud burp. After he had been burped Amy laid him back down next to her then she bent over and picked up a soft, cuddly toy which sat on the floor by her foot Gingerly, she dangled it in front of him. He found that the doll was now more interesting than the bangle, but as soon as Ben tried to grab for it, she pulled it away.
      Then she dangled it in front of him again. As Ben reached for it again, she pulled it away once more. Ben thought that it was a game that his mum often played he still found it to be enjoyable. He couldn’t help but laugh again, which brought a smile to her face. "Ok then darling, that's enough play time for now. We don't want you getting over stimulated now do we?" Amy said as she put the toy back onto the floor. "What? I was having so much fun!" Ben said. But his attention was quickly focused on her bangles that were moving about so he reached out and tried to grab one of one of them.
      “Awww is my little man trying to garb Mummy’s bangles” Amy said in a babyish tone as she found it rather adorable. Amy took off her bangles waving the silver one front of him. "Does my little man want to play with Mummy’s bangle?"
      “No I don’t want to play with it” Ben replied back as Amy chuckled and gave it to him. "Here we go then baby, seeing that you don’t want to play with Mummy’s bangle then you can hold it instead” Amy said to him as Ben held her bangle, while he was holding her bangle in his tiny hands Ben gazed at his reflection in her shiny bangle like it was a mirror.
      He looked so cute like that and she just watched as he had the urge to place it up and put it in his mouth so he did and soon after he had finished drooling on it Amy took the bangle away from him and gave it a quick wipe it she slipped it back onto her wrist along with her Jade bangle. When Amy had out both Bangles back onto her wrist she decided to have another little play with him
      So Amy started to tickle him from head to toe. Ben laughed for he found it rather fun and enjoyable. Amy just loved hearing him laugh and she tickled his tummy while she laughed and giggled along with him while her earrings swayed about all over the place and her bangles were jingling away on her wrist as she moved her arms “Are You enjoying Mummy’s tickles baby” Amy asked him as she continued tickling him Ben just looked up at her laughing and giggling which brought a smile to her face. “Ok baby that’s enough tickles at the moment because Mummy is all out of tickles for her baby” When tickle time was over Amy played peek- a- boo with him. She covered her hands in front of her face and quickly pulled them apart, saying "peek-a-boo." Each and every time that she did it.  As she uncovered them Ben somehow found the game was pretty fun and entertaining and he couldn't help but giggle with pleasure while he watched her bangles moving about. Soon as the game of peek-a-boo had ended Amy nuzzled his nose with hers and patted his head. Ben felt happy and content as she did for he was starting to really enjoyed being in her company
      Within minutes she clasped his tiny hands, nibbling them gently a few times. Then it wasn’t long before she cooed at him. "Awww my sweet little baby boy, you're so cute Ben. Who is mummy’s little baby boy huh, you are” Amy chuckled as she watched Ben wriggling about and commenting how cute he was. As Amy lifted him up and was about to head up stairs to put Ben in his cot for a while when suddenly, she stopped, and sniffed the air. "Oh dear, I think that's it's time for someone to have their nappy changed once again. Right then let's go and get that dirty, smelly nappy off you then shall we” Ben just looked up at her and frowned. "Err no I don't at the moment mum," he tried to tell her as she undone his envelope neck vest and opened his nappy. But she opened it to find that it was still clean. "Told you so," Ben said, rolling his eyes. "It was a false alarm Mum. It was just gas." "Hum that's strange I thought that you needed changing my darling..." Amy replied as she looked slightly puzzled. Ben just smiled up at her as Amy quickly refastened his nappy smiling at him for he had finally called her Mum instead of Amy. She lifted him up and popped Ben over her shoulder then stood up and began bouncing and jiggling suddenly he began to yawn “Oh dear is my sweet baby getting tired” Amy asked in a soft babyish tone” Yes I am feeling a bit tired it was all that playing” Ben replied back” Ok then sweetie It’s time for someone to go sleepy byes” Amy said as she walked out of the living room and headed up stairs to put him in his cot so that he could have a little nap  
      On the way up and as Amy rubbed and patted him gently as she could, she couldn’t help but notice that Ben had already dropped off to sleep and a worm smile appeared upon her face. Seeing him sleeping made her yawn as well.
      Soon she was up and instead of taking him into the nursery and placing him in his cot for she didn’t want to disturb and wake Ben up. Amy decided to go into her room
      When she had brought him to her room Amy went over and pulled back her cover then just laid him gently down trying not to wake him up then she tucked him in. After she had tucked him in Amy lay on the bed next to him and kissed his temple."Sweet dreams my darling baby." Amy whispered to Ben as she smiled at him and hummed him a soft, soothing lullaby. Soon after she had stooped humming Amy yawned once again then within minutes she too fell asleep, while they both were sleeping next to one another. As they slept Amy rolled over hooking her arms over him with a smile upon her face
      A while later and Amy was the first to wake up she opened her eyes and wiped the sleep form her eyes and looked about the room then rolled over and looked at the clock which sat on her bedside table then she turned towards Ben and watched him as he slept peacefully next to her. Amy suddenly had the urge to go to the loo so she quickly got up and left the room without trying to wake him
      When Amy had returned back a while later she was sitting next to him with a cloth draped over her shoulder and watched him gazing up at her squirming about thinking to herself how lucky that she was for not only was she Ben’s girlfriend but she was his Mummy as well. “Come here, good boy oh what a good boy you are” Amy told Ben as she leaned over and picked him up, placing Ben over her shoulder. “Oh there we go my little one” Amy told him as she stood up and started gently patting her small boyfriend’s back ”no not quite” Amy said like something wasn’t quite right then she started patting him again.
      As Amy continued patting him Ben just wondered what Amy was on about then suddenly he started to burp and was a bit sick all over the cloth, “oh there we go, there we go now baby back down, back down there we go Now” Amy said to him softly as she laid Ben back down onto her bed “Oh ewe we got a little spit up here, “Amy replied as she took the cloth off her shoulder and looked at it with a disgust look upon her face “Hum Better go and clean that up, ok” Amy told him as she walked over and put it in with her dirty washing that she needed to wash ”That feels better now doesn't it sweetie?" Amy chuckled as she went over to Ben and sat next to him then gently patted his head and picked him up
      "Oh Phew” what is that smell" Amy moaned "What is it? Ben replied wondering what was wrong "what' is it, what’s the matter Mum? Tell me" Ben asked her. As Amy just sniffed the air, suddenly; the smell of his bottom caught her attention. So Amy lifted Ben up and smelt his bottom, she exclaimed as well as her nostrils were assaulted with a dirty nappy,” Looks like Mummy has got a stinky Baby once again ?" Amy giggled and gave him a cuddle “Look Mum I’m really sorry about the smell, you know how it is I can’t help myself” Ben replied as he tried his best to look apologetic. She then slipped a finger into the leg holes of his nappy to check if he was wet as well Amy inspected his nappy to declared him to be wet as well ”Aw has my little man wet himself as well as making a stinky, ok then my Darling I think that it’s Time for my little man to have his nappy changed. Amy laughed as she walked out of the room and into the hallway then headed towards the nursery to get her boyfriend changed. When she had entered the nursery Amy crossed over to the changing table “Every things going to be ok, alright let mummy see to that nasty old nappy” Amy said as she laid him down onto the changing mat “let’s get this wet, dirty off you then shall we” Amy smiled as she then set about changing his nappy.
      “Yuck now that was a nasty one” She clucked down at him, "Oh Now that is a really big pile of Poop that you’ve done sweetheart” She found the smell was so strong that she could hardly breathe for the smell seemed to be worse than it was first time round Then Amy took a few deep breaths and was about to grab a baby wipe and start cleaning his bottom when all of a sudden Ben let fly a stream of wee right in her face! She gasped and quickly drew back from him then pulled a tissue out of one of her pockets and wiped her face. “Right then Mr" she said sternly. "You are a naughty boy peeing on mummy” Amy told him as she stood towering above him and continued to change his nappy “ Sorry I didn’t Mean too” Ben apologized while he gazed up at her watching her earrings that swayed as she spoke to him. His reflection in them attracted his gaze. Ben quickly set them aside, and turned his attention back to Amy. It wasn’t long before he began Moaning and grizzling for her to hurry up and finish changing him “Its ok baby Mummy’s nearly done now” Amy replied as she took a new nappy out of the pack and fastened it around his waist, pulling tight the adhesive straps. “There we go now all changed” Amy said in a babyish tone as she patted the front of his nappy then buttoned up his vest and put Ben into a pair of cute dungarees. Soon as she had dressed him Amy lifted Ben up off the changing table then walked out of the nursery and headed down stairs to place Ben in his Pram before coming back to fetch the nappy that was now full of his wee and poop and throwing it away into the bin that was filled to the brim with Ben’s nappies along with the rest of the household waste which was due for a change of bags.
      After she had placed Ben inside his Pram Amy was in the kitchen and when she had thrown Ben’s nappy inside of it. She glanced at the thought of how such a small baby could make such a smell, but resolved to empty the bin and change bin bags. She turned to get a fresh bag out of one of the bottom cupboards, when Amy had come across the special formula that she had used to shrink Ben down to real baby size.
      As Amy picked the formula up and just held the tin in her hand she shook it there seemed to be some left over. After she’d shook it Amy just looked down at the label then read it out loud” To make shore that the change is more permanent the person has to drink the whole thing. Warning the drinker might shrink down a bit more to a much younger age than they are and once the change has been made permanent the drinker will may never be able to speak like an adult again. They will look like an infant and anything that they say would just be baby talk. But their mind will stay unchanged. The drinker will stay as helpless as a regular baby and never grow up”. Amy stopped reading and paused for a moment then just looked up thinking for she wanted to keep Ben as a baby forever. But wasn’t sure if she still wanted him to be able to still talk  
      So after the bin had been changed and a new one put in its place Amy stood at the side board making up a bottle for Ben. Soon as she was done and screwed the top on Amy walked out of the kitchen."Hey there Ben what you doing, Does my sweet little baby want his baba?" “No I don’t, Hay wait a minute stop, Please stop, What are you doing No” Ben cried as he lay in the pram gazing up at her and began wriggling about but it was no good she gently reached down to pick him up and took him into the living room then went over and placed Ben down next to her while she popped the bottle onto the coffee table then picked him up and cradled him in her arms As she held him in the crook of her arm then leaned over and picked up the bottle” There we go now, good boy” Amy told him as she placed the rubber teat in his mouth. While Amy sat where she was feeding him Amy gazed down, smiling and cooed at him and talked baby talk at him as Ben started sucking away. While he was being bottle fed Ben just looked up at her and felt himself shrinking and getting smaller than he already was.
      Soon as the shrinking had stopped he had shrunk to the size and height as a 2 month old. He looked up and watched her earrings swayed as she spoke to him sweetly. Ben couldn't help but feel as though she was even bigger than she had been and to him Amy now looked even more like a giant...an odd looking one. When he finished the bottle and the formula was all gone, she put the bottle down and she noticed that the formula had worked which made her happy that Ben would now stay a baby forever then Amy placed Ben over her shoulder and patted his back firmly trying to bring up any trapped wind so that his tummy wouldn't hurt later.
      “Oh come on now sweetie be a good boy and Burp for mummy” “No I don’t want to” Ben replied back “Look if you don’t burp soon darling then you will get a pain in your little tum, tum” Amy told him sternly as she continued to burp and bringing up any trapped wind. Within minutes Ben’s tummy began to rumble then he found himself letting out a baby type burp instead of an adult burp
      “Who’s mummy’s sweet little baby boy then ay” Amy laughed and giggled as she finished burping and had bought up his wind with Ben still peered over her shoulder she stood up and bounced him up and down a few times while she paced about the room when suddenly Amy felt her body started producing milk once again so Amy was pleased and happy at the feeling that she was still able to continue to feed her little man for she really loved and enjoyed having her boyfriend attached to her breasts. But that moment was short lived because Amy suddenly realized that the nappies that were upstairs in her boyfriend’s nursery would not fit him now seeing that he was the same size and height as a 2 month old. So Amy decided to head up and check with Ben. When she had entered the nursery Amy went over then picked up the pack of nappies sitting on the changing table and looked at the age range and to her relief they did for she was worried that she would have to quickly pop to the shops in the pouring rain to buy some disposable nappies   “I love you my darling, you are my only baby boy which makes you all mine and only mine” Amy whispered softly as she held him close to her with his head nesting against her breasts. Ben couldn’t help but let out a little grizzle. “Oh Hush now my little man Mummy's here and she’s going to try to protect and keep you safe for she will not let anything bad happen to her small, helpless baby boy” Amy told him as she gave him a tight squeeze being careful not to suffocate him. When she had cuddled Ben, Amy kissed his temple and rocked Ben Gently in her arms. As she gently rocked him in her arms Amy had the urge to dress him up as her Favourite character Nina Sayers when she danced the Black swan in the film of the same name.
      But he didn’t seem to like the sound of it but there was nothing that he could do about it for he was so little and helpless to do anything about it as Amy laid him down onto the changing table then began squirming about grizzling and crying. But no matter how hard Ben tried she just couldn’t hear him for Amy couldn’t speak baby. Amy cooed at him as she gazed down at ben and watched him squirming about as she started to undress him. Soon after Ben was undressed and the only thing that he was wearing at the moment was his nappy. He lay helpless on the changing table and watched Amy pull out a very small Black swan costume which was covered in black feathers that she had bought a while ago and had now magically shrunk so that it would be a perfect fit out of the drawer and began to put it onto him.
      “There we go now my little one, don’t you look so cute and adorable in your Black swan costume” Amy chuckled as she put on his feet a tiny pair of Pink pointe ballet shoes and tied them up so that the ribbons were tied up past his ankles. Soon after that had been done Amy tickled his tummy then started blowing raspberries onto his tummy.
      After she was done Amy gently reaching down to pick Ben who was grizzling for he hated wearing his Black swan costume then she walked out into the hall way and headed to her room so that Amy could apply the make-up.
      A while later Amy had come back into the nursery after she had covered Ben’s face and neck to wash out his skin and applied red lipstick on to his lips before finally applying black face paint round his eyes which resembled a mask or a clown...not the funny sort, but rather, a scary clown from a nightmare for that was now he looked like and he felt embarrassed and didn’t like being dressed as a ballet dancer. The bodice part of the costume came down from his neck to his chest which was barely covered up so that it revealed his skin. While the back part of the costume came half way down and hardly covered up his back Ben’s legs were covered by a pair of white leggings and a black Tutu around his waist. As she went over to the cot bouncing him up and down a few times trying to calm and sooth him then took out his a light blue spotted spider cuddly toy and used it to distract him. Ben didn’t like wearing the costume and wanted Amy to take it off.
      Just at that moment Amy paused and smelt something then she lifted Ben up and smelt him "Phew I think that someone needs a quick change" Amy cooed as she lifted Ben up and began smelling him “Oh Yes my baby boy does need his dirty, stinky nappy changed” Amy said as she took Ben away and wrinkled her nose at the horrible smell that he had made but as she patted his bottom Amy found it to be warm. So she put her hand down the back of the costume and felt the nappy to confirm her hunch which was true ”Yuck, looks like my little man has gone and wet himself as well” Amy chuckled and cooed at him as she crossed over to the changing table “Every things going to be ok, alright let mummy see to that nasty old nappy” Amy said as she laid him down onto the changing mat “let’s get this wet, dirty off you then shall we” Amy giggled as she gently laid down Ben down onto the changing mat and blew a few raspberries on his belly then she took off his Tutu, leggings and the rest of his Black swan costume so that she could get to his nappy underneath. Ben lay where he was and gazed up at Amy while she just stood above him and continued changing his nappy she gazed down smiling and giggling at Ben for she thought that he looked really cute and adorable in his black swan costume.
      But he disagreed with her Amy really liked seeing Ben with it on and refused to  take it off and she decided to keep him in that costume for 24/7 and the only time that she would remove it was whenever she bathed or had to change him
      Soon after she had finished changing him and had put his costume back onto him Amy looked down at him cooing and fussing over him suddenly she had a feeling that something was missing “I know what is missing” Amy said as she knew what it was “It’s the crown and Mummy’s got one somewhere” Amy told Ben as she quickly looked about for what she was after
      Amy soon found the crown which was sitting in the drawer. The crown was a replica of the swan queen’s crown that came with the costume. She placed it onto Ben’s head making sure that it stayed on then picked him up and placed Ben over her shoulder then walked out of the nursery to place Ben inside his bouncer before going to fetch her camera so that she could take a few pictures of him wearing his costume.
      A while later and when Amy had returned after searching all over the house. Amy looked in at him she and she began taking a few pics and took a few pictures of him wearing his black swan costume. As she snapped away Ben didn’t seem to like it. But there was nothing that he could do about it and had to wear the costume whether he liked it or not,
      When she had finished taking a few pictures Amy knelt down onto the floor then placed the camera down beside her then took Ben out of his bouncer and held him up right so that his feet was touching the floor so that she was behind him.
      Still holding underneath his arms then made Ben doing all sorts of different Ballet moves using her hands to move his arms in the same way, over and over again, doing the same moves over and over. While she bounced him about all over the place and making her baby dance like a ballet dancer. He moaned and grizzled for he didn’t like it much but she didn’t seem to take any notice Amy just laughed and giggled. An hour later and after Amy had placed Ben in his cot for a nap for he was tired from all that dancing that she'd made him do. As he slept peacefully in his cot while his mobile was spinning round above his head playing a soothing tune. Amy just stood towering the cot with her head resting on her hands and gazed proudly down at him with a warm, maternal smile upon her face as she was chatting away to him softly. Within minutes Amy began singing him a lullaby softly, soothingly as she watched him sleeping in his black swan costume. As she watched Ben sleeping Amy thought that he looked a picture of peace. ”Sweet dreams my darling baby boy” Amy said softly as she leaned over and kissed Ben lovingly on his forehead then removed the crown from his head and stepped away from the cot quickly and quietly as she could trying not to wake him up
      “Oh Just look at this mess” Amy sighed quietly as she looked around the room and folded her arms and looked at Ben's toys strewn about the room which she had forgot to pick up and put away after Playing when he was the size of a 2 year old. "There are a few toys that are toys scattered everywhere that could easily get stepped or trampled on?” Amy said to herself in a soft tone as not to disturb her sleeping baby. It wasn’t long before she started to climb over the toys being careful not to step on a squeaky along with any other toy that made a noise and trying her best not to step or trample on?
      As she made her way over to the changing table to put the crown up on the shelf just above the changing table. Amy sighed with relief as she had made it over without stepping on a single toy and waking Ben up from his nap. Once she had placed the crown up on the shelf Amy went over to the toy box and opened up the lid ready then she set about tidying the nursery by going round collecting up a few toys then putting them into the box. When the first lot of Toys were put away Amy went round picking up as many toys as she could carry. Soon after she had finished tidying up the nursery and had put some of them into the toy box which sat in one corner of the room, while she had placed others up on the shelf with the un open pack of disposable nappies and the crown that she had taken off Ben’s head she crossed back over to the door closing it half way as she stepped out of the room leaving him to sleep peacefully in his cot Not long leaving the room Amy went to the office so that she could upload and print the pictures of Ben in his black swan costume out so that she could look at them whenever she wanted Amy didn’t want to show them to anyone so she decided to keep them for herself. Not only that but she was also going to copy them onto her computer so that she could put them onto a Flash drive so that she could delete the pics from her camera  
      Later that day after Amy had finished changing Ben's nappy and had placed him inside of his Moses basket. As She stood towering above him gazing happily down at him looking back up at her. "Who's mummy's little man then" Amy cooed in a babyish tone. While she continued to smile happily at Ben a thought was going through her mind and for all the time that the two of them have been together Amy had longed for and wanted a child but Ben didn't. Also seeing that he will stay a baby forever. Amy was thinking about moving to a new town and start a fresh new life with Ben as her child forever. To make sure that he stayed young forever Amy was planning to give Ben the rest of the Formula the next time that he was due a feed                         
    • Connie starts feeding Ava.

      Joey throws food at Dan
    • Just a word of advice.  Don't let your diaper desires and the fetish ruin your marriage after so many years.  Diapers are only one part of your entire life, although for you a big part.  You have gotten by for 20 years without being in nappies all the time.  Maybe for all those years you have been dreaming and anticipating the day when the last kid would be out on his own so you could have your wish of being in nappies all the time.  Maybe that has been a long time fantasy of yours that you hoped would become a reality.  Had you ever discussed it with your wife throughout the past 20 years, or is it something you just recently sprung on her?  You said, "We're getting things more out into the open though.  At least she now knows I want to be in nappies all the time".  She knows you want to be in them all the time, but that doesn't mean she's OK with it, especially if you hadn't said it 5, 10, 12 or even 15 years ago.  For example, did you ever say years ago, "When the kids are grown and move out I want to wear nappies 24/7".  Unless she has been well aware of your desires all along, it's a little unfair to spring it on her all of a sudden.  Yes, it can be a big life change for her that she wasn't expecting.  If she decides she can't go along with you being 24/7 in nappies, you said, "things aren't looking good".  I hope you meant things aren't looking good for your desire to go 24/7 and you may have to continue as you have been for the past 20 years and not, "Things aren't looking good for our marriage if she won't go along with my diaper desires of being 24/7".  You have a lot to lose just for a desire of going 24/7.  Don't let the urges ruin your marriage, life or relationship with your children.  If you separate from your wife, the kids will most likely find out the reason in time.  Do you want all that just to wear diapers 24/7?  
    • Sexually involving minors in the United States, whether real or materials, is considered by most jurisdictions to indicate pedophilia. Materials of minors used for masturbation is used all the time in cases of pedophiles to convict them. Also, an FYI, since Adam Walsh's the Center Missing and Exploited Children stamps every video and image uploaded to the Internet with IP Addresses of users. This is how the Fed's bust pedophile porn rings in this country. Images and video are just bits and bytes of data. John Walsh was instrumental in getting this done for minors and missing children.