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  1. My ideal diaper design

    The first picture is a blue diaper, while the second is a pink diaper.
  2. Futuristic Diapers

  3. My ideal diaper design

    Here's my idea for the AB/DL diapers of the future. The name shown below was picked randomly, but you could call it whatever you want. The diapers would be extremely absorbent, has excellent leak guards, has 2 tapes (1 per side), holds #2's very well and the packages would come in half blue and half pink. What do you think about these diapers? Would you buy it if it ever exist?
  4. There's nothing better than releasing a big stinky poop into my blue diaper.
  5. ABDL pet peeves

    When I heard of a AB/DL who poops in the toilet instead of his/her diaper, wasting 50% of his/her diaper in the process.
  6. The Price of Nostalgia..Worth It?

    That price was way too high for 1 pack of diapers, especially when those are designed to be used only once and then thrown away. It should've been $25-$50. I wonder if that person who brought those insanely expensive diapers would use it on his/her baby/toddler, which he/she pees and poops in them, and then probably suffering through buyer's remorse when he/she runs out of those diapers.
  7. Which diaper style do you like better? This time, you only have two choices. In my opinion, I like colored diapers better, because I think of the colored ones as the diapers of the future, while seeing the white ones as the diapers of the old times. Plus, the futuristic colored ones look more stylish to me than the plain old white ones.
  8. Who likes pooping in their underwear?

    Please poop your diapers instead of underwear.
  9. I think all AB/DLs should poop in their diapers. Diapers are supposed to hold both pee and poop. There's no good reason why would an AB/DL not poop in his/her diapers and instead wasting good food just to simulate a mess. Just eat whatever food you have instead of shoving it inside your butt. Once you eat, you will poop in your diaper later. Real babies pee and poop in their diapers and never stick their food inside their butts at all.
  10. Best diapers for messes

    When I move on my own, I would love to do big stinky poopies in blue diapers such as DC Idyls.
  11. Post when messy.

    I just pooped my blue diaper again last night, which it held up pretty well.
  12. Post when messy.

    I just pooped in my blue diaper.
  13. Does Anyone Like To Watch While People Are Pooping?

    I do like to see people poop in blue/pink diapers. White diapers are too boring for me.
  14. Which color do you like your diapers to be?

    I found this blue diaper that you would like: https://diaperconn.com/product.php?id_product=62
  15. Favorite part of messing

    I think it's funny when someone poops in their colored diapers (i.e. blue, pink, etc.), so I can see the brown stains through the blue/pink plastic backing.