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  1. Which Do You Belive I S The Best To Poop In?

    I chose other, since there's no option for colored diapers such as blue and pink. Pooping in Blue and Pink diapers FTW!
  2. Happy Fappy Nappy

  3. Happy Fappy Nappy

    I think the title should be changed to “Happy Fappy Diaper”.
  4. Rules for using toilet

    I hate using toilets with a passion, but I’m still forced to use it at least for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use diapers 24/7 when I live on my own.
  5. Diapers at both ends.

    Most of the time, diaper manufacturers usually market baby diapers to children under 3 (baby diaper sizes usually only go up to 6 (about the size of a average 3 year old)) and adult diapers to seniors 65+ who has been suffering from some type of incontinence. Diaper companies usually ignore people from ages 3-64 in most of their marketing, even if these people are still not toilet trained or suffering from incontinence. However, for children ages 3-12, they’ll only go as far as marketing bedwetting diapers, but that’s about it for the 3-12 group.
  6. Potty training age and accidents?

    I was lucky enough to wear diapers for 3 or 4 years, but I had 2 accidents when I was 5.
  7. If Their Was A Cure, Would You Take It?

    I have been wanting to wear diapers for a long time and I will continue to until I be able to buy some diapers (when I live by myself).
  8. Absorbent Underwear?

    We already got a lot of choices for protective underwear, but they are meant to hold small amounts of pee. If you want to pee a lot or do a poopie, you will need a real diaper.
  9. Pull Ups Vs Diapers

    Diapers for me all day and all night! Pull-ups are bad because it can’t take too much pee and it can’t even hold poop without blowing out at all. That’s why I don’t trust pull-ups at all.
  10. ABDL Diapers - too many options?

    I like to have an option to buy blue or pink diapers and I do hope the ABDL companies keep on making those diapers in the future and hopefully, sell the blue/pink diapers at a cheaper price too.
  11. Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    1. I was just calling any type of pull-on diapers as “pull-ups”. This includes training pants, youth pants, protective underwear, etc. 2. There's a guy on Daily Diapers, who has been wearing tape diapers continuously for 19 weeks, and since he doesn’t use his diapers for poop, he can pull down his diapers when he has to go poop without having to take the tapes off.
  12. Clean Vs Dirty diapers

    I like to pee and poop in my diapers, because I want to use diapers for their intended purpose. Diapers are supposed to hold both pee and poop, not just one or the other.
  13. Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    Which one of the types of disposable diapers you like better? For me, I personally liked tape diapers better, because not only do they hold pee better, but I want be able to poop in it too.
  14. Since the 2020’s are only two years away, I was wondering about how the diapers would look like in the next decade. I do predicted that for the ABDL diaper market, there would be more blue and pink diapers (possibly in other colors such as purple), and maybe even some of the diapers might reach 7000 ml in absorbency level. I don’t know about baby diapers in the 2020’s (maybe gender-specific baby diapers?). What are your predictions on how the diaper market would look like in the 2020’s? Do you have any ideas?
  15. Best Baby Diaper To Hold Poop

    Do you know there are a lot of choices for designed adult diapers that emulate baby diapers today (the ones with prints, colors, front stickers, etc.) ? So what's the point of pooping in baby diapers that mostly likely won't fit you (unless you're really small or skinny) when we have so many choices? All AB/DL tape diapers can hold a decent amount of poop very well.