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  1. bigtoddler96

    Word Correlation And ABDL

    I heard of some people that like to use the word "Pampers" (a brand of disposable baby diapers) as a generic term to refer to any kind of diaper, regardless of brand or type.
  2. bigtoddler96

    Coke or Pepsi?

    Even though it has nothing to do with diapers, but I wonder how the DD community prefers Coke or Pepsi. Which soda or pop do you like better? For me, I prefer Pepsi because it tastes sweeter.
  3. bigtoddler96

    Post when messy.

    Pooped my Dotty the Pony pink diaper.
  4. bigtoddler96

    Casino Diapers (Fictitious)

    If this diaper were to exist, a lot of serious gamblers would wear it.
  5. bigtoddler96

    Casino Diapers (Fictitious)

    Disclaimer: This diaper is 100% fiction, I made it up for entertainment. Hi, Everyone! We are proud to announce that a new diaper is coming to stores soon. This new diaper will be called Casino Diapers. This diaper is designed for gamblers who wish to avoid restroom breaks while playing slots or table games. Similar to ABU's PeekABU in design and feel, it can hold up to 6250mL of fluids. Each diaper comes in 4 designs (777, Dice, Playing Cards and Roulette). This diaper also helps diapered gamblers have a advantage over their non-diapered peers. Casino Diapers is currently being test-marketed at stores in the Las Vegas and Atlantic City areas, but soon will expand to more casino markets including Reno, Laughlin, Tunica, Lake Charles, Shreveport, The Poconos, New London County, CT, and even later, internationally such as Macau, China and Niagara Falls, Canada.
  6. bigtoddler96

    Futuristic Diapers

  7. bigtoddler96

    Which is the best AB/DL disposable diaper for pooping?

    I was only doing AB/DL disposable diapers.
  8. Inspired by the "Which Do You Belive I S The Best To Poop In?" thread, except that this one only covers AB/DL disposable diapers. What is your favorite disposable diaper for messing/pooping and why? You may choose from one of the four groups (Plain white, White with printed designs, Blue or Pink)
  9. bigtoddler96

    Who likes pooping in their underwear?

    Not me. Never will poop my underwear, even if I don’t have access to diapers, instead, I prefer to poop my diapers.
  10. Every couple of searches, I get this error message. This has been a problem for at least a while. It makes searching on this forum a chore, meaning that I have to reload a page most of the time, which is a pain. Do you know what the cause of this? Can anyone please fix this?
  11. I didn’t know where to put this, but I just want to give DailyDiapers a heads up.
  12. Do you know that Daily Diapers used the word “nappies” instead of “diapers” in one of the sentences in the “About Us” page? Here’s the quote: “Some just wear diapers, other wet or even mess in their nappies.” I think it should be changed to this: “Some just wear diapers, other wet or even mess in their diapers.”, so it would make more sense, especially since DailyDiapers officially uses “diapers” for the rest of the website. I tried emailing the owner of this site, but nothing happened. https://www.dailydiapers.com/content/about.html
  13. bigtoddler96

    If you created a diaper...

    What would happen one day If you decided to created your own diapers? How is your diaper creation would look like? Here are some of the factors below that you should considered in your diaper creation. Cloth or Disposable diapers? Cloth-Backed or Plastic-Backed? (Only if you chose disposable diapers in question 1, if you choose cloth diapers, put in N/A.) White, Blue or Pink? Plain or Printed Designs? Scented or Non-Scented? Tape-Style or Pull-Up Style? You are also free to add in any of your ideas not covered in any of the six questions. For example, here are my choices: Disposable Plastic-Backed Blue Printed Designs Scented Tape-Style
  14. I’m currently suffering with autism, OCD and depression. I might also be bipolar. I’m pretty much stuck in my parent’s house most of the time (can’t say it’s my house, because I don’t own it), since I don’t have a job yet and it’s hard for me to make friends. I do have sleeping issues on some nights too. Hopefully, I do get a job soon and move on my own in the next few years.
  15. bigtoddler96

    Post when messy.

    I pooped twice today, in 2 different diapers.