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  1. Bad Jokes

    What happens if your wallet goes through the washing machine? You get laundered money!
  2. Banned members

    Is that another reason why they got into legal trouble?
  3. Banned members

    I would think that spammers would be given a notice to stop spamming first.
  4. Why no ABDL pride??

    I'm all too familiar with that unfortumately. I would think, however, that people would recognize a hateful tone when they see/hear it. For example, I don't know much about dyslexia, but if i saw an article that said all dyslexic people have a mental disorder and need to be educated in a seperate school, I would know that the author of that article is obviously very biased, and should probably be regarded with caution.
  5. Why no ABDL pride??

    Either way, if someone's going to be making judgements about another group, they better have good reasoning to back it up. Willful or not, failing to understand a community/group and still trying to judge them using faulty logic is just going to make that person look bad. I'm not saying that everyone should know about ABDL, but if they want to make a statement about our (or any) community, they need to know what they're talking about.
  6. Banned members

    So would an abdl group that meets in real life be better?
  7. Banned members

    That's why we need to do something about it. Sign a petition, send a letter to a state/federal official, or something, because if the people in charge see that ABDLs are more common than one would think, and that we clearly share the same values as far as not harming children, they will most likely be willing to change the laws to be more understanding of our community.
  8. Banned members

    I guess not trying to push the envelope until the public has a better understanding of us would be a good idea. That being said, we should keep in mind the interests of the whole community, not just a few members in this particular thread. I have nothing against keeping this site 18+ if that's what most people want. However, if the laws change, and people want to let teens join, I would be fine with that as well, as long as it could be done without harming anyone. Just like how there's a large muslim population where I live, and all of them seem very peaceful. Everyone else around here knows that as well, so there's really not much fear of terrorism. Plus, from what I understand, in Islam, it is a major sin to kill anyone without a very, very valid reason (terrorism doesn't count). So, anything like what ISIS or Al Quada is doing very much goes against the morals of their own religion.
  9. Banned members

    I think that it really depends on the person. My roommate last year was an avid consumer of those type of tv shows, yet was always very kind and very ethical with everyone, including women. Plus, my campus has about 17,000 students and in the past year and a half, there have been no cases of sexual problems/crimes at all, except for a minor case of inappropriate touching which was quickly resloved. So, I agree that what you're saying is a valid issue, but I think we have the media to thank for hyping it up.
  10. Why no ABDL pride??

    Hey, I have autism and happen to quite mature. But for someone with severe autism, perhaps someone could blame their autism for why they're an abdl. Also, I don't think that either autism or being an ABDL is a mental issue. The former is just a different mental operating system, and the latter is a lifestyle that some people like, but others oppose.
  11. There are no DL websites

    I think it's kind of a spectrum. DLs are on one end (only liking diapers for the most part), littles are in the middle (liking diapers (sometimes), little clothes, roleplay, toys, etc), and ABs are on the other end (liking diapers, toys, pacis, bottles, certain clothes, etc). None are any better or worse than any others, but since ABs have the most attributes, a site tailored to ABs could also include Littles' and DLs' interests as well. That way the site can be as inclusive as possible for everyone.
  12. Banned members

    That's one of the biggest problems with american society. People think that a perfectly normal, natural and necessary interest (sexuality) is a big problem, but one which causes nothing but death destruction, and hatred (and perhaps some short lived bragging rights) is perfectly ok (violence). Most cultures are just the opposite from what I've heard. I think that it is definitely wise to do our best to protect children from adult content that would cause them harm and/or problems. However, if the teens already know what they're getting themselves into (they're abdls as well), it would not be wise to shut them out because of a stupid law passed by overprotective people. I'm not saying we should just ignore the law and do whatever we want, but that we should petition for it to be changed. As Ghandi said "Be the change you want to see in the world".
  13. Banned members

    But it is ok for them to play Call of Duty and shoot people's heads off in the game? I don't understand the logic there.
  14. Why no ABDL pride??

    Like I said, that employee would probably want to leave anyway at that point due to the amount of embarrassment they would get. But what if the employee was a muslim, and caused you to lose buisness because people believed the media's "terrorism" propaganda? What would you do then?
  15. Diaper Title Game

    Star diapers I - the phantom messing Star diapers II - attack of the clumps Star diapers III - revenge of the shit Star diapers IV - a new design Star diapers V - the enema strikes back Star diapers VI - return of the leakguards Star diapers VII - the wearer awakens (And finds their diaper completely soaked)