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  1. Firefly 35

    Punish the user above you

    I'll just replace the 5 laser guns with 1 laser cannon. For your punishment, you have to type out all your posts on DD on a telegraph (powered by a hamster wheel)
  2. Firefly 35

    Bad Jokes

    I finally decided to upgrade to a solid state drive - the old one kept leaking everywhere.
  3. Firefly 35

    What is your faith?

    That's terrible that people would do that to you. Anyone who believes in that (physical assault against 'non-believers') is not a true christian.
  4. Firefly 35

    Punish the user above you

    Sure. I hit everything but the target. For your punishment, you must invent a laser gun that is powered by a hamster wheel.
  5. Firefly 35

    Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ^ Has actually been an Imperial stormtrooper all along.
  6. Firefly 35

    Bad Jokes

    Computer terminology 101: Screen - a device that keeps all your computer's bugs from flying out. CD drive - refers to a Convienient Drink holder. RAM - Random Asshole Module. Stores all spam and trolling content when you have spam filters enabled. HDMI - High Difficulty Machine Interface. An old type of operating system that has been discontinued. Antivirus software - a type of health program designed to detect if the user is ill.
  7. Firefly 35


    Granted. You are now 50 miles tall and have to lay down to breathe. I wish I could turn invisible.
  8. Firefly 35

    What is your faith?

    I agree. Have you recieved your confirmation and everything?
  9. Firefly 35


    Granted, you now own all of the monopoly money ever made. I wish for a mole (unit of measurement) of moles (cute fluffy animals)
  10. Firefly 35


    Granted. You are now in the belly of Moby Dick. I wish for society to be less judgemental of everyone.
  11. Firefly 35


    Granted. You now have a wild untrianed that barks and chews at everything. I wish for a glass of ice water.
  12. Firefly 35

    Punish the user above you

    For your punishment you have to make 3 pillows and a waterbed that are very comfortable out of nothing but toothpicks.
  13. Firefly 35

    Luvs 6

    Dollar tree would be the cheapest by far if they have it, otherwise a store like target or wal-mart. Also, if regression is inportant, you may want to consider underjams instead of goodnites as the designs on underjams are better.