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  1. This is one thing I am absolutely horrible at. Generally, using one's real name at an abdl convention is a bad idea, but I don't know what else I would go by. Anyone have advice on this?
  2. Me 3! I've played in many D&D campaigns.
  3. ^ poses as a mannequin in department stores, always with the most rediculous clothing.
  4. I'd tend to agree. Northshore has been very good overall and I don't think a full-on boycott would be justified in this case. Definitions aside, what matters is that people with autism are getting the help they need. About genetics, I think that altering human DNA (artificially) for any purpose is too dangerous. There are other ways to help people with autism, such as educational methods, which are less risky.
  5. It's the way that Autism Speaks is going about it that many consider bad. Supposedly, they see it as a disease that needs to be eradicated, perhaps even genetically. If that were to happen, it could easily turn into a nasty situation. Many people on the spectrum, even some lower functioning people, are very intelligent but need more help in some areas. The key is to solve/eliminate the bad parts of autism while keeping the good parts. If there was a way to do that, I would be all for it.
  6. There has been some discussion that Autism Speaks wants to eradicate autism and is working on a "cure" for it. If this were to be done, even safely, the world would have less originality and really smart people. Also, it has been said many times that Autism Speaks makes decisions without any input from the the autism community which is obvious hipocrocy. * All of the above is what I've heard secondhand, it is talked about extensively online and IRL but I personally don't know what exactly is going on with the organization. There seem to be strong opinions on both sides. TLDR; It's complicated. I recommend researching the issue further before making big decisions.
  7. How does someone with DID come to know things like that about their personalities? I don't mean any offense, it's just something I've wanted to ask.
  8. Well, a diaper is just a portable bathroom, so where else should they be kept?
  9. Which is a pig deal for most farmers.
  10. Firefly 35


    You'll be amazed with what's on the market now.
  11. Or highly elastic sides could work. The side panels on goodnites and similar products are stretchy enough that some adults can fit in them. Do you mean resin casting or 3D printing? For something like diapers the latter would be extremely expensive. But then again it could work for custom designs.
  12. There are such stores. ABU has ones in Seattle and Baltimore, Tykables has several in different places, and there are also a few independent diaper stores. They're all still few and far between, but can be found.
  13. I saw the library has free tutoring, but somehow it is always booked.