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  1. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ^ Went to the power tools cabnet when the fire alarm went off in order to find the "fire drill"
  2. Corrupt-a-wish

    Granted, but you have to go into your kennel every night. I wish I had $1,000,000,000,000,000,000
  3. Post a funny/satirical advertisement

    Your personalized recommendations on Amazon: AB and incontenece diapers- 3 offers from $0.99 Condition: 0 new 2 used 1 shitty
  4. Corrupt-a-wish

    Granted, but the rear tire bursts into flames whenever you go at 88+ miles per hour. I wish ABDL diapers weren't so expensive.
  5. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    Can't sleep unless he rolls over to the cool side of his web. Also enjoys insect-based foods.
  6. Punish the user above you

    And you will have to figure out the combination to Davey Jones's locker.
  7. How to manage impossible professors?

    I think my original post got cut a bit when the site rolled back. Anyway, from my experience, things like these are what constitute a professor as impossible (and all of these really did happen at one point): 1. A professor blatanty refusing to honor testing accomidations that I had already been approved for. 2. The whole math department at my university redacting the professor's names on the course registration page so that students would not know who they were signing up for. 3. Almost all of the faculty/staff/administrators and even my advisor knowing about the above problem (#2), yet making zero effort to fix it. 4. Having multiple professors who are known for being highly incompetent keep their jobs year after year while dozens of other faculty and staff (and I mean dozens) get laid off. 5. Having to buy this stupid remote thing for $50 and use it in order to get participation credit in class for work that I already do. 6. The stupid remote thing ceasing to work after one year unless you pay more money. 7. The provost of your university being involved in a scandal that attracted media attention, yet being put on "paid suspension" for 2 years instead of being fired and then suing the university for trying to fire him. I don't mean to complain, but these are situations that are completely unaccpetable and need to be fixed soon.
  8. Bad Jokes

    Just make sure not to eat at any casual resteraunts since from what I've seen, they cook most of the food in plastic portion bags. (And I work in the resteraunt industry, so I can assure you that this isn't fake news) For a more lighthearted joke: What does a furry do if they lose their tail? They go to a retail store!
  9. Punish the user above you

    For your punishment you have to drink as much rum as Captain Jack Sparrow and sail the black pearl without crashing it. (Make sure you have a swim diaper on hand.)
  10. Punish the user above you

    Then you will have to wear 50,000 pages of code while typing 3 diapers.
  11. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ^ Eats an entire 5 pound bag of candy in one sitting every year just after halloween when candy is on sale for super cheap. Sometimes also needs a 2 liter of soda to wash it all down.
  12. When Kids (of all ages) Love Diapers

    No, but if you accidentally walked in on them, say, in the bathroom when they were in the middle of something, that might change the situation. Same for ABDLs
  13. What's your meyers briggs personality type?

    Same here. I don't think it was ever intended to be 100% accurate though because humans are too complex to be categorized by any one system.