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  1. Firefly 35

    Why Should I Care?

    People need to post stuff like this more often. I agree with a lot of what you said, and I honestly think that you're doing better than most people in the same situation, given that you recognize the problems here instead of just ignoring or rationalizing them. As far as what to do, I think other people will start to catch on soon. All throughout history, lunatics who tried to conquer the world never lasted very long. The roman empire, nazi germany, napoleon, al-quaeda, etc. have all proven that. It's very likely that will be the case this time.
  2. Firefly 35

    Your favorite printed diapers

    I don't know anyone who works at NASA, but that would be funny. Only problem is they are quite heavy even when dry.
  3. Firefly 35

    Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ^ drinks bleach with every meal
  4. Firefly 35

    Bad Jokes

    Have you heard about the Tabasco truck that left its hatch open? That was a hot mess.
  5. Firefly 35

    If you could design the perfect diaper......

    I could see that being really popular. All the diaper company would need (most likely) is a highly adaptable printer.
  6. Firefly 35

    If you could design the perfect diaper......

    Perhaps the diaper company could have all those designs preformatted on their website, so that the customer could print out the one(s) they want and tape it to the diaper. Although for poofier diapers, there may need to be a "front" and "back" printout.
  7. Firefly 35

    If you could design the perfect diaper......

    It would be really cool if it could have "pre-fastenable" tapes so that one could use it as a diaper or a pull up.
  8. Firefly 35

    Types of Diapers

    In general, there are about 4 main types of diapers: - Store bought diapers, which are usually not very good at all, but are cheap. - Medical type diapers which are pretty good, but can be a little pricey. Northshore and Abena are generally among the best in this category. - "Official" ABDL diapers which are amazing, but very expensive. There's a whole bunch of abdl companies, although ABU and Crinklz are probably the most popular. - Cloth diapers, which are usually pretty good, and the most economical option, but do have to be washed between uses. Happyendings and Biggerdiapers.com are good from what I've seen Also, if you want designs, you'll want to look into the last 2 options. Does this help?
  9. Firefly 35

    ISO Two Stories

    I think it was the coinhive virus that resulted in that. The virus is now long gone (thank goodness), but in doing so, a lot of posts got deleted along with it. If you can find the person(s) that posted the stories, they may have it backed up somewhere.
  10. Firefly 35

    Actually useful life hacks

    Need 9V batteries, but don't have any? Just connect 6 AAA in series.* *Please make sure you know what you're doing beforehand.
  11. Firefly 35

    Tired of my Lazy Alcoholic brother

    @tyrantblade3500, it might be different where you live, but from what I've seen most apartments do allow pets although with extra fees.
  12. Firefly 35

    Bad Jokes

    If the Sun is 4.6 billion years old, how would its parents be?
  13. Firefly 35

    D&D (5th Edition)

    I've played D&D a bunch of times, so I could probably give you a crash course if you want.
  14. Firefly 35

    Want to hide stains? – Make it worse!

    Regardless, you still have to clean it up thoroughly. Not cleaning up the leak/spill is a very selfish way to go, but I think most people would rather put up with some extra cleaning one time than reveal that they're incontenent and/or ABDL.