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  1. Parents being a jerk

    I did lay low, at first. When my dog outed me, my parents demanded an explanation, and I told them it was bedwetting and that it was getting better. They kept bringing it up, and I told them the bedwetting was getting progressively better, and then that it was no longer an issue. They were the ones who kept insisting that my bedwetting was an ongoing issue, and simply will not shut up about it. As for how I think they will react to me coming out as a DL: If it's something that they do not find provocative, they will be accepting about it, most likely. If it's something they do find provocative, they will shoot down any evidence that abdl is harmless and twist it so that they can claim it's a big problem. I don't know their life experience in regards to abdl, so I honestly can't say which one it will be. It's almost like that scene in Monsters vs. Aliens where one button pours a cup of coffee, and one identical looking button fires nuclear missles. I'm sorry if I offended anyone here; I did follow the sound advice as best I could, and my parents just aren't having it.
  2. Parents being a jerk

    I agree. They are the kind of people who will distort any evidence, sometimes even blatantly, so that they aren't "wrong". I had actually told them about a month ago that the bedwetting stopped, but they were the ones who had insisted that it was an ongoing issue and cause for concern. I had told them over and over that the "bedwetting" was highly correlated to my stress level, and that my stress was the underlying issue that needed to be fixed, but they are just stressing me out more. Are there any b***h breaker strategies that would work on them? I would hate to use that on them, given that they are pretty accepting of me in general, but my options are rapidly running out.
  3. Parents being a jerk

    I posted a thread a while back about how my parents saw an underjam in my room and busted me about it, and I used the bedwetting excuse. Well, that worked until...never. First off, I don't mean to offend anyone here; everyone's advice here is excellent, but the situation has changed. This is what I've had to deal with in the past 3 days: 1. I explained to them that spraying my mattress with vingear and sprinkling baking soda on it is a tried and true method for removing urine odors that they were complaining about. They seemed to approve, but then yelled at me when I went about using that method. 2. They demanded that they buy me depends and a new mattress, since my current mattress is a few years old and should be replaced anyway. 3. My parents insisted that I see a doctor about the 'bedwetting', claiming that it is clearly still happening and could be a symptom of a serious problem or disease. 4. They seem to be extremely unwilling to hear anything I say, unless it supports their opinion. I know most people here would recommend coming out as an abdl to them, and I may have to, but does anyone know of other strategies that may work?
  4. Finish the article

    In spite of this, some members of congress have taken a more accepting stance on this issue, claiming that it may finally grant them relief from the senate bullies who would would always tattle on them to the committee chairs. Others have expressed an interest in being a "big kid" and taking on the role of such. Only time will tell how - and if - this issue gets sorted out. Thank you for watching Fox's Fake News at 5 sponsored by Toys R Us.
  5. Indian Relics

    I went to Puerto Rico once (before the hurricanes), and there are some really neat things to see there, like how the old govener's mansion has cannons on the back porch (true story, although they no longer work as far as I know.)
  6. Luvs size 7?

    From what I understand, P&G corporate overlords bought out luvs, and that's probably why there isn't a luvs size 7. Had luvs still been their own company, they probably would have done so, I would think.
  7. What are these

    I haven't seen these diapers before, unfortunately. Where did you get this variety pack?
  8. Springtime

    The weather seems rather depressed where I live: snow, rain and an occasional thunderstorm for several days now.
  9. What interest ?

    I am a bit of an ammeture electrician. I took a class about electronics in high school and thought it was really neat.
  10. Punish the user above you

    And you will have to tie yourself upside down to the mast of the Black Pearl, so that when the ship turns upside down, you will be right side up.
  11. Finish the article

    Several petitions have been made to require members of Congress to have a required bedtime of 8:00 pm and mandatory vegetable consumption with each meal Scroll down to continue reading
  12. Corrupt-a-wish

    Granted, but the teleportation only works once every 5 years. I wish that life had a pause button for when things get overly insane.
  13. What Diapers do you wear?

    It depends (no pun intended.) I have a few different types and wear wichever one is best for the situation.
  14. Punish the user above you

    And you will have to find the chest that contains the heart of Davy Jones.
  15. Count to 20 unless someone posts a diaper pic

    10000 (16 in binary)