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    • The strategies suggested by Emma to make sure girls remain unaware of the potty regression therapy "until it's too late" are similar to the concepts used to craft effective rat poisons for highly resistant populations. In particular, the concept of sub-critical (chronic) dosage of the active principles seems to be mutuated from there.
    • for those who still wear undewear, and yet enjoy wearing diapers.   heres a question lets  say you go to bed one night wearing your under wear ,not a diaper. you wake up the next morning in a hosptial and you are in a diaper?  what would your reaction be?  
    • At least Beth is sensible enough to be suspicious of a person who seems to know about the monster world. I think she asked too many questions about the ritual. But well, let's see what happens next. Will the short story about Nessa remain exclusive to Subscriber or will it come here later?
    • Chapter 12: Opening Up Arbitrio Sanguinis – LittleFallenPrincess       Thankfully, it didn’t take Avery long to finish her conversation with ‘Dave’ the gargoyle, and when our food was ready she walked over with it precariously balancing on her arms. I was starving at this point, as the human food does nothing for my appetite, it’s mostly just for the taste for me. Right now I need sustenance, which I can only get from… well… you know. So as soon as the sandwich lay in front of me, I took no time at all to devour it, only stopping once I had finished the last bite and I looked up at Avery, who was currently staring at me with a mix of shock and adoration. The final straw for me was when she started giggling, which just set me off blushing and trying to hide my face in my coat sleeve. We talked for a good hour or so after I finished eating, with Avery going through a couple of cups of tea and me going through at least three milkshakes, before the market started dying down and I could tell it was getting a bit too late.   “How come everyone is packing up? It’s not even early morning yet.” Avery asked, confused as she looked around at all the people putting their stuff away and calling it for the day. “We picked the one day of the month where they close early.” I replied. “Oh really? Why?” I was surprised that she didn’t know this already, considering how friendly she was with the gargoyle guy. “The owners of this square give us the safety of this place for most of the month to trade, meet, eat, whatever. But in return, they need twelve hours once every month to perform a ritual.” “A ritual? What kind? Why haven’t I heard of this?” Avery asked, sounding genuinely fascinated by this seemingly normal thing for us. “Most monstrum these days don’t know, they’re too young to remember. Over time they forgot the true meaning of the market closing early and just assumed that that’s how it is.” I shrugged. “I forget you’re probably a lot older than you look, being a vampire with eternal youth. How old are you exactly? Fifty? Sixty?” She asked. “Try double that. And a bit more.” “No… seriously? So you were born…” “At the end of the 19th century, yes.” “So you were around…” “At the end of the Victorian era, yes.” “Wow… what was that like?” She rested her elbow on the table and cupped her cheek with her hand as she stared at me… smiling. I forgot that I hadn’t had this conversation with her yet, that I had been very vague about my past with her after I assumed she wasn’t aware of this world. And with Fiona, I didn’t have to talk about this part of me, as she was already a proper part of this world, meaning she knew others who had lived as long, if not longer, than me. “It was… not fun. Especially not for a girl like me.” “Girl like you?” Avery’s face changed, looking more concerned than content. I fucked up again. First with Fiona, now with Avery. Maybe I should just come clean? Maybe I should just be honest about myself. If they can’t accept my past, then I don’t want to be with them. Maybe I’ll tell Fiona next time I see her, and I’ll tell Avery now. “I’m… trans.” I sighed, clenching my fist, hoping that she wouldn’t respond negatively. “Oh! I never would have guessed. I… oh… yeah… I bet that would have been very difficult back then. When did you manage to transition? As I assume there wasn’t much in the way of hormone replacement therapy or surgery back then…” “It was after I was turned. Thankfully I was able to transition magically, something I know a lot of human trans women wish could happen to them.” “I bet! Well hun, thank you for sharing that with me. You didn’t have to, and it must have been scary, but I’m proud of you. And before you start to worry, it doesn’t change a single thing about this thing we have between us. I still like you just as much as I did before.” “I… thanks. Not gonna lie… I was a little bit nervous about telling people. I haven’t had to ‘come out’ in a long time. Well, except with my succubus friend recently. But before that, it was a long time since I told someone.” “Succubus friend? And here I thought knowing Dave was really special! But a succubus? You never hear of them these days.” “You know about Succubi?” I asked, surprised that she knew about them. “Only from the tales I read in books and in movies. How’d you two meet?” “It’s a long story. But I think… we need to get going. They’re nearly done packing up, the ritual will begin soon.” “Oh shi… I mean oh yes… we should head off. Especially as it’s getting late and I need to be up for work in the morning.” It was cute how she was trying not to swear in front of me, which just made me blush more. “You’re working? Oh yeah… admin, right?” “Clever baby! Good girl for remembering. And yes, so why don’t I walk you to a taxi and see if I’ve earned a goodnight kiss?” “I… I think that… maybe you have…” I blushed once again as she stood up and held out her hand.   “So you never said what the ritual actually is…” She said, just before we got to the taxi rank. “Oh it’s just the spell that keeps the market from being found by humans. At least the ones who don’t know about it already.” “Oh… so that’s how it’s done! I thought it would have just been a one and done spell, but you say they have to keep casting it? Interesting… Sorry, I’m still new to magic. Supernatural creatures are one thing, but magic… that still blows my mind!” “I’ll have to introduce you to my Witch friends.” I grinned. “You have Witch friends too?” Who else do you know? What other monstrum don’t you know?” Avery laughed. “I know all sorts. Maybe you’ll meet them one day.” “Are they all…” “They’re all littles and Mummies. Except Beatrice.” “Who is Beatrice?” She asked, tilting her head gently, confused. “Oh wow… I found someone who Beatrice hasn’t dated…” I laughed, much to the confusion of Avery. “Sorry… just… everyone knows Beatrice. I think you’d like her.” “Well maybe I can meet them all sometime. For now, let's get you sent home safe, and maybe we can arrange another date sometime soon? Maybe a playdate? We didn’t actually get to do much Mummy/Baby stuff, and I’d love to get to babysit you, to see if we connect well on that level too. Because I’m hoping you agree… but we seem to connect on a personal level at least.” “I… I think I’d agree with that analysis.” I blushed, stopping in front of a parked taxi with her. Avery grabbed both my hands and lifted them up into the air. “So… did I earn that kiss?” She asked, hope in not only her voice, but also her eyes, as she stared deeply into mine. “I… think so…” This perfect, gorgeous woman smiled at me, bent down, and planted a soft kiss on my hand, leaving a lipstick mark on it. “Is that it?” I mumbled jokingly, hoping I wasn’t too forward with my flirting. “Haha!” Avery laughed, “Don’t be greedy, little baby. There’s plenty of time for other kisses. But I’m not going to rush anything. You’re a perfect little baby and I want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy and not feeling anxious.” “Then next time?” “Next time, provided it goes well, you get a proper kiss. Okay?” “Okay!” I smiled up at her, my face beaming. “Now, get that soggy butt in the cab and get home safe. Make sure to text me, okay sweetpea?” “I will… Thank you for tonight, Miss Avery. I’m glad we did this. It was a lot of fun. And… and I’m glad you know more about me. The real me, that is.” “Me too, precious. Me too.” ----------------------------------------------------------- “So… how’d it go?” Susie asked as she sat on Beth’s lap, who was currently relaxing in her large chair by their fireplace. After I got back to the hotel, I found Abby and Grim had already gone to sleep, and I was about to call it early and head to my room but Susie was in the hotel’s kitchen sneaking some food up for her and her wife, and caught me passing by. Quickly ignoring her snacks, she grabbed me and threw me into the elevator, taking me up to their penthouse apartment, and sitting me down in the opposite recliner by the fire. “It… went… well.” I blushed, smiling and trying to hide my happiness. “She treated you well then?” Beth asked, always the protective one. She’s Susie’s Mummy, but like her sister… She is very protective of all the littles in her circle, especially me. Probably because I’m the only one without a partner. “Uh huh.” I replied, nodding at my Mummy friend. “So what did you do?” Susie asked, excitedly. “We went around the markets.” “Oh the human ones? I haven’t been there in forever. Mummy… we should go sometime!” Susie said, turning to her wife, who just lovingly smiled back at her. “We will, sweetie. But Lucy…?” Beth asked, sounding like I was about to be in some sort of trouble… “Yeah?” I replied, sheepishly. “What were you doing taking a human to the monstrum market? I saw you entering just before I left earlier tonight.” “She WHAT?” Susie burst out, quickly turning her gaze back to me in shock. “I…” “You know you’re not supposed to tell any…” “I DIDN’T!” Beth looked at me, like she didn’t believe me. “SHE KNEW ABOUT US ALREADY!” I blurted out. Thankfully, Beth’s suspicious frown eased off and was replaced by that of confusion. “She knows? So… she knows you’re a vampire?” She asked me. “Yeah…” “And she’s okay with that?” “...Yup. Seems like it.” “And you’re sure she’s human?” “Smells like a human, acts like a human.” “Then how can you be sure she’s not a hunter, trying to trick you? Especially after you just had to move back here because of hunters?” “Because she… I can’t explain it. She knows the gargoyle in the market, she knows some monstrum, she just… it's a lot of effort to go through just to hunt one vampire, right? She’s too… maternal. She gives off the same vibes as you or Victoria.” And in that moment, Beth’s accusatory demeanour vanished, and she relaxed back in her chair. “Oh, she knows Dave?” She asked. “You know him too?” I asked, surprised. “Who do you think recommended our current hotel chef to us? I trust Dave. If he vouches for this human, you have my approval.” “I don’t need your approval!” I blurted out, realising I was acting very defensive about this woman that I honestly barely knew. “Oh I know, sweetie. But you want it all the same, don’t you?” “I… yes. I want you to get along. So…” “So…?” “So… Can she come to the Sanctuary?” “I… let me talk to Dave about her first. Then you can invite her if he does actually vouch for her. Is that okay, Lucy?” “I… yeah. She wanted to babysit me, to see if we connected on that level…” “Then it would be good to be in a safe location. Invite her here. Once I’ve gotten Dave’s approval. You can have one of the spare rooms.” “Not the playroom?” I asked. “No, sweetie. The playroom is a safe space. Only those who I’ve met and approved myself can go in there. You know the drill.” “Yeah… I understand.” “But I’ll put some of the spare nursery items in a room for you, if you want.” “You will? Eeeeee! That would be so good!” “What about the werewolf? Fiona, was that her name?” Beth asked, suddenly swerving the conversation without me being ready for it. “Yeah…” “Why don’t you get her to babysit you too?” “We’ve got a movie date in a few days.” I replied. “Why not have a littlespace movie date? You practically already had a first date with her…” Susie suggested, finally speaking up. “I… I guess… I…” “Just ask her. If she doesn’t want to, then go on your boring vanilla date. But I think you’d both prefer to be snuggled up with you thickly padded and little, and her being all Mommy to you…” Susie said, grinning at me. “I’ll ask her then.” “Good girl.” Beth responded, making me blush. I swear at this rate my heart must be beating again considering how many times my face has turned red. “I… should go message them both.” “You can suggest a babysitting day to Avery, but no invites. Because if Dave says anything about her that I don’t like…” “Then she doesn’t get access to the Sanctuary, I understand.” I replied, nodding and sliding off the recliner, landing on my feet and walking off. “Night night, poppet.” Beth called out behind me. “Nini Lucy!” Susie added. I turned, waved goodbye to them, and walked off, closing the door behind me.   After a long elevator ride down to my floor, shuffling to my room and entering it, then closing and locking the door, I collapsed face-first onto my hotel bed, throwing my coat on to the end of it in the process. “Gotta give it to Beth… she picked super comfy beds for this place. I always love staying here. One of these days I’ll ask her where I can get one for myself. Though honestly… Maybe I don’t. If I had one of these at home, I don’t think I’d ever leave.” I joked to myself, my voice muffled by the fact that my face was still planted deeply in the duvet.         =======================================================   Just a heads up: The first chapter of my new commissioned short story about Nessa from Little in Love is available on my Subscribestar as an exclusive. One chapter every Sunday, for the next two weeks. If you haven't seen, I'm now up and running on Subscribestar! (Sorry for the reminder again, trying to get my subscribers back after the Patreon rubbish!) ======================================================== I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! If you want to read the next 4 chapters, thanks to two weeks early access to my main story and also soon-to-be exclusive access to short stories (or even have a chance at commissioning one when I add the tier for them!), why don't you check out my SubscribeStar! The basic tier gets early access and exclusive access to short stories (when they're written), higher tiers will be limited but get a short story each month (1-2 per month in total, also not yet running this tier yet, will announce when I'm starting!). Thank you to all my subscribers for their support over the past few years! Seriously, your support means the world to me. New chapters of my latest story every Wednesday/Sunday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. If you want to show others, please send them a link to the first page of this post! Thanks!
    • That actually sounds like a really good idea. Someone should totally do that! I think what would also be another good idea, would be to build adult baby gyms. I think some places DO build them, but they're always VERY expensive and it would be great if they were more streamlined so that people could afford them more, on a regular basis.
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