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    • Great new chapter. That ice cream sounds so good I want some. I enjoyed the look back to the beginning of things and look forward to seeing how things progress. I still wouldn’t mind seeing both couples getting together and making a family. 
    • Now you ladys go and i will bring the begs in
    • yeah besides that they were good
    • Hello folks! I hope you enjoy this short story I whipped up today. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but Mommy asked me to be sure to post a story today, and I had this one mulling about in my mind for a bit. Hope it's fun!   Maggie’s heels clicked on the pavement as she made her way slowly towards the large, grey door. She blinked a few times, and fished a scrap of paper out of her blouse to triple check the address she had been given. After a few moments of back and forth between the scrap of paper and the door, she summoned up her courage and pressed the button on the side panel near where the knob would be.   A still silence followed, as Maggie nervously looked around. This was not a great area of town, and her standing here in her light blue blouse, black pencil skirt, and heels not only made her feel a bit ridiculous, but also somewhat unsafe. She had first heard about the job through her friend, Abigail. She had finally mustered up the courage to ask her just where all her money came from, and what she was doing to get it. One discussion had lead to an incredibly seedy interview over the phone, and now she was hear for her on the job training. She still only had the vaguest idea what it was she was here to do, but the twisted feeling in her gut told her that it likely was not legal.   The sudden, loud buzz of the intercom over the door made Maggie cry out in shock, and her voice lightly echoed throughout the alleyway as she turned to face the camera now stoically watching her.   “Are you the new hire?” said a slightly monotone female voice.   Maggie cleared her throat and stood up a bit straighter. “Um Yes ma’am. Margaret Owens. I...uh...I heard about this opportunity from my friend Abigail Wilson,” she said nervously. “I..um..I’m pretty sure she’s here today. If you wanna...you know...check...or...”   Another, louder buzz quickly ended Maggie’s rambling. “You can enter. Your On-The-Job Trainer will be with you shortly. Please wait in the waiting area,” the woman said.   Maggie pushed the now unlocked door open and was greeted with the sight of a long corridor leading to yet another door. This time, however, the door was a garish, bright pink instead of the mechanical grey she had just opened. She made her way down the hall slowly while trying to convey as much confidence as possible in front of the cameras still watching her every move. When she finally made her way to the pink door she saw the company name for the first time, The Norrisview Corrective Facility. She had googled the name a couple of times, but only ever found vague mentions of it on seedy forums she did not want to spend much time on. Abigail had told her though that no one actually calls it that. The name that the employees all had for it apparently was the Norrisview Nursery.   Maggie felt her cheeks flush a bit. From what little she had gathered, she knew that this facility was, in some way, related to some kind of fetish activity. She still was not quite sure on the details, but Maggie knew that Norrisview apparently had a very wealthy clientele, and that their employees were ridiculously well compensated. It was that money that had tempted her most of all. She was three years out of college now, and with few job opportunities the debt she had incurred from student loans was slowly accumulating with no end in sight. When Abigail offered her a position within the company, she jumped at the opportunity. It had nothing to do with what she’d read on those forums…   “OH EM GEE,” came a loud cry from her right. Maggie squealed in surprise as a tall woman appeared from no where and wrapped her in a tight embrace that quite literally lifted her off the floor. “It’s been so long since we’ve had a new employee! Welcome!”   Maggie struggled for breath in the woman’s crushing embrace, thoughts of being mauled by the friendliest bear in the world came to mind as she struggled and wiggled.   “Oh, oops. Sorry bout that,” the tall woman said as she released her grip and returned Maggie to the ground. “My name is Marie, and I’ll be your Job Trainer!”   Maggie looked up at Marie, and once more took in the sheer size of her. She was a six-foot-two, blonde haired, blue-eyed Valkyrie with the widest, most mischievous smile she’d ever seen. What stood out most beside her height, however, was her uniform. It mostly consisted of a simple navy-blue, white collared dress that came down to a bit past the knees accompanied by a stark, bright white apron over the front. A name tag reading “Nanny Marie” was pinned onto the apron just below her collarbone.   “H-hello, Miss Marie,” Maggie said. “My name is-”   “Ah, ah, ah. None of that Miss crap from you. Just Marie, hon,” she said with a warm natured smile and a reassuring pat on the back.   Maggie could not help but smile back as she nodded, despite Marie initially seeming rather intimidating, Maggie was happy to have someone who seemed rather easygoing.   “Alrighty. Ready to get started?” Marie asked excitedly. “We gotta get you into uniform. That whole Office secretary look you have going on is kinda hot, but it’s not gonna fly here,”   Maggie felt herself flush, but nodded and allowed Marie to lead her to a nearby changing room where she quickly adorned herself into her given uniform. It was a near exact copy of Marie’s own uniform, but colored a pale pink instead of the navy-blue that Marie wore.   “Pink is for newbies. Let’s the other girls know you’re new and might need some assistance as you settle in,” Marie said in a matter-of-fact tone, “We’ll get you a name tag by the end of the week.”   Once she was buttoned up and ready to go, Marie led her deeper into the facility. It was shockingly large, with multiple rooms, hallways, offices, and even a break area for her fellow nannies. Maggie blinked in confusion at the sheer scale of the operation.   “Alright so. You’ve probably not been completely brought up to speed yet on what it is we do here at Norrisview, right?” Marie asked.   “Ah...Not really. I know it’s um...k-kinda fetish related, right?” Maggie asked bashfully.   A manic, excited glee shone in Marie’s eyes as she whirled on Maggie. “Yes and no. Yes our work is...parallel to certain fetishes, but we’re far from just being some kind of weird Dominatrix place or something if that’s what you’re thinking,” Marie said proudly.   Maggie nodded without understanding at all. “So then what do you do?”   “Now that is a bit harder to explain, and probably best understood once you meet my charge,” Marie said deviously. “That being said, we provide a service to certainly…extremely wealthy clientele within the city. Clientele who expect professional work for their particular proclivities.”   “That tells me almost nothing,” Maggie said in a slightly annoyed tone.   “I know! I’ve been working on the perfect vague sales-pitch to tell to people not in the know. Pretty good, right?” Marie said good naturedly. “Oh...and here we are,”   Maggie looked up and saw that they were both standing before a large pink and white door that simply read “Becki’s Nursery” in light-blue font. Beside the door was a small dossier on a Charles Monroe, and Maggie took several moments to read it over. It was not much, just a brief history, age, and a photograph of the boy. He seemed to be a simple college-frat boy from what Maggie could tell. A thin, scruffy mid-twenties with cropped dark, brown hair. The same kind of guy who would likely be hitting on her at her favorite bar right now.   “Now. First things first. Get ready for a shock to the system. I’ll explain everything as we go, but don’t freak out, alright? Gotta remain in control of the situation,” Marie said as she unlocked the door. Maggie was already nervous as she followed Marie into the dark room, and blinked several times as Marie unceremoniously flipped on the lights.   To her credit, Maggie did not freak out. She was more confused than anything, because once illuminated she found that the room housed what appeared to be a fully stocked and lovingly detailed nursery. Everything was the peak femininity amplified by a thousand. The fleecy rug under their shoes was pink, the walls were white with pink trim, pink curtains hung over windows with fake, cartoonish depictions of pastures and fields, and the large crib and diaper changing table were adorned with lace and bits of frills.   Maggie blinked at the crib and changing table. To put it simply, they were huge! The changing table also came adorned with various restraints and straps all sized to fit an adult. Realization dawned on Maggie as soon as the figure in the crib stirred. She was not able to contain her gasp as the figure sat up and she finally saw a good look at Marie’s charge. The figure was an adult woman who appeared to be tethered to the crib in some kind of harness, underneath the harness was the single most ridiculous dress that Maggie had ever seen in her life. It was, like much of the room, bright pink and adorned with layers upon layers of fluffy white petticoats that jettisoned out the skirt to a preposterous degree. The girl’s hair was long, blonde, and fastened into two braided pigtails that hanged loosely around her shoulders. Her hands were bound into oversized, fingerless mittens, and her mouth was occupied by what looked like an oversized pacifier that was held in place by large pink straps buckled behind her head. Maggie blinked and remembered to take a breath right as Marie walked forward as if everything was the most normal thing in the world.   “Good morning, Becki. Did my little princess sleep well. Is she ready for wakies?” Marie asked as she began to lower the railings of the crib. For her part, Becki merely made muffled sounds around her gag and her face flushed like a tomato as she looked at Maggie whose own face was equally red.   “Alright, missy. Up and at em. You know the rules,” Maggie said once the railing was down. Becki, still tethered to the crib, gingerly stepped her bootied feet onto the ground. She then promptly turned, bent over the crib, and Maggie gasped audibly for the second time. She had not noticed it at first, but now wondered how she could have missed it even through the jungle of lacey petticoats. Under Becki’s short dress was a positively monstrous diaper. It forcibly spread Becki’s legs wide apart by what seemed to be almost a foot of padding separating her knees from each other. Marie hummed softly as she squeeze the thick padding, and slid a finger into the leg guards. Maggie realized quickly that she was performing a diaper check.   “Wet as usual. And quite a bit too! Becki really gets good use out of that extra bulk doesn’t she?” Marie asked jovially while patting Becki’s considerably padded rear. Becki, for her part, said nothing as Marie released her from the tethered and lead her by her hand over to the changing table. Maggie could not keep from smirking as she watched the ridiculously dressed, oversized toddler waddle carefully over to the changing table. Becki was taller than Maggie initially thought, and her shoulders were wider as well that most girls she knew. Despite that, however, she was unmistakably cute, and Maggie could not keep from admiring her as she waddled along. The bounce of her padded behind as she waddled was both oddly hypnotic, adorable, and hilarious as she climbed her way onto the changing table.   “First things first are almost always a diaper change in the morning. When you get new charges you can sometimes expect them not to wake up wet in the mornings, but after a few weeks they’ll be regular little faucets,” Marie said cheerfully as she began strapping Becki into the restraints. “Don’t worry. You won’t have to handle any diapers today. Just observe and soak up information. You could learn from Becki here. She’s good at soaking, isn’t she?”   “Mmmrpphh...” came Becki’s reply, which Marie promptly ignored.   “So I...does she actually NEED diapers?” Maggie asked, feeling more than a bit lost.   “Oh not yet. She probably will by the time her training is done, but Becki here has only been with us about four months now. She probably might be a terrible bedwetter, but likely still has some kind of continence if I had to guess,” Marie said plainly.   Maggie nodded still not understanding. She had so many questions, but had no idea how to even begin asking them. She merely stood by Marie dumbly as she finished up restraining Becki and moved to open up the sodden diaper.   This time, however, Maggie did not gasp. Her mouth hung open in abject shock, but no audible noise came from her throat. It was so preposterous to her senses that it simply did not make sense, and comprehending what she was saying was taking more than a little time to register. For once Marie had opened up Becki’s diaper, Maggie saw what could only unmistakably be a penis covered up with bits of baby powder, and a sealed in a strange pink plastic tube. Becki who, aside from her height, seemed to be, physically, a woman was in fact a man!   Marie laughed loudly, and it was only then that Maggie realized she was gaping with her mouth opened and face burning. She struggled to regain her composure as Marie fought to regain hers.   “Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry to laugh, but your reaction was absolutely priceless,” Marie said a bit breathlessly. “It’s been so long since we’ve had a new employee, and that initial reaction is always gold. If I was allowed to I’d film it and upload it to Youtube. Imagine that reaction video,” she said while rolling up the soaked diaper and tossing it into a nearby bin.   “I...this...I don’t….w-what?” Maggie said intelligently.   Marie smiled warmly as she wiped Becki’s nethers with a few baby wipes. “That’s right. Becki here was once Mister Charles Monroe. I think we can both agree her new name is much, much cuter. She’s one of eleven charges currently housed here in the facility.”   “But I don’t understand. Why...why is he dressed like this? Why is he wearing diapers?” Maggie asked. “She...” Marie said with some emphasis. “Is here because our client has paid for her to be here and undergo our training. Little Becki here use to have quite the wild streak you see, and ran afoul of a certain very wealthy guest speaker at her college. After that little incident, she was selected for re-training and housed here at the facility as my charge. In about five more months, she’ll be released to her new owner: that same woman she already ran afoul of, and get to live the rest of her life quite literally pampered in the lap of luxury AKA her new mommy.”   “So the rich clients...pay you to do this?” Maggie asked, still not understanding.   Marie sighed as she slid a brand new diaper under Becki’s bottom and began liberally powdering. “It’s weird, yeah, but it’s not hard to understand. Rich ladies around town have a certain...shared kink so to speak. One of them started it a few years ago by turning her unruly husband into a what’s called a sissy,” Marie said cheerfully. “Other bored, socialites wanted sissies of their own, and so Norrsivew was founded to meet that supply. So rich clientele select the boy they want trained, we pick them up, train them, and then give them to their new owners. Simple as pie.”   “T-that….that is hilariously illegal, isn’t it?” Maggie asked incredulously.   “Oh hilariously so,” Marie said without pause. “But money talks in this town. And you can get away with a lot when you pool resources. Besides, you may not think it, but most of the guys who come here are often much better off once they leave. I mean think about it...you get to live with the richest people in town. No rent, no responsibilities, and everything provided. Okay granted, they’re not quite free and it may or may not be tantamount to slavery...but I think it’s more like being a pet than being a slave really.”   “I...don’t really think you made a good case,” Maggie said.   Marie merely shrugged and pulled Becki’s new diaper between her legs and expertly fastened it. Becki, anticipating what to do next, lifted her rear off the table and allowed Marie to examine the fit. Once it was to her specifications she gave Becki a playful smack on the butt, and began to unfasten her.   “Alrighty. Once your charge is freshly diapered you’re allowed to select outfits for the day. I think for now we’ll keep Becki dressed as is, but tomorrow I’ll show you how fun it can be to get her all dolled up. So once that’s done it’s feeding time,” Marie said happily as she went to a nearby fridge in the room and retrieved a large, baby bottle filled with a pale, white liquid. She quickly popped it into a nearby microwave on a counter and waited as it warmed up leaving poor Becki restrained on changing table.   “So umm...I get that the restraints and stuff are prolly due to the fact that he-er...she isn’t really here by choice. By why the...uh...thing on her...you know?” Maggie asked bashfully.   “Oh the chastity device?” Marie asked. “Company policy. All charges undergo mandatory chastity during their stay here at the facility. Oh don’t give that look. We’re not monsters. We administer weekly milkings to keep the sissies compliant and comfortable. Interestingly, you’re here on such a day. Becki here will receive her milking right after her feeding. I bet she’s excited,”   Becki, for her part, did not in fact seem excited at all. Her face was flushed bright red once again and she gurgled muffled pleas into her pacifier gag that Maggie could simply not comprehend. Comprehension, in fact. was a thing that was currently bugging Maggie. She felt that she needed to run. That she needed to escape this madhouse and call the National Guard or Seal Team Six to raid this house of madness and set these imprisoned boys free, and yet she stayed and continued to listen. She was not sure what compelled her to stay, but that tightness in her stomach had changed to a fluttering kind of excited feeling that was almost tantamount to some incessant, internal itch, and the only way to scratch it was to keep going and keep learning.   The ding of the microwave alerted the room that Becki’s bottle was ready. Marie retrieved it and shook it a few times as she approached the changing table.   “Alright, Becki. Same procedure. I’ll unrestrain your arms and let you feed yourself. Absolutely no big girl talk though when the gag comes out. I have no problem getting the paddle and spanking you in front of Nanny Marie here. Do you understand me, Missy?” she asked. Becki for her part could only eagerly nod her head, and with a smile Marie set about removing the restraints on her arms. Next she unbuckled the gag and slowly released it from Becki’s mouth. Maggie felt that same rush in her stomach when she noticed that the pacifier nipple was quite large and very phallic in shape. Marie grinned at her when she saw Maggie’s reaction, but Maggie merely looked away ashamedly.   The two conversed while Becki nosily sucked on her bottle, several times making a disgusted face. Apparently it wasn’t milk, but specially made formula that the sissies subsisted on, with actual solid foods being distributed it for dinner or good behavior. Maggie for her part, mostly listened and absorbed what she could. Thoughts of the paycheck had not even entered her mind for the past two hours, and instead some other kind of desire was fueling her need to stay and learn.   “So how exactly does this milking thing work?” Maggie surprised herself by asking suddenly.   Marie grinned again. “Excellent question, recruit. It looks like Becki is done with her bottle. So I can go ahead and demonstrate!” she said excitedly as she rushed over to the changing table. Becki made to vocalize something, but her mouth was quickly restuffed with the pacifier and refastened. Marie made quick work of unbinding Beck from the changing table, standing her up, but then quickly bending her over the table so that her amply padded butt was facing towards Maggie and the rest of the nursery. Her arms were quickly bound across from the table in new restraints, and Marie carefully forced her legs farther apart and restrained those to the legs of the changing table. Becki was nearly spread eagle, and was eagerly muffling around her pacifier. Marie merely petted her hair and went to the closet nearby to retrieve something.   What she brought out almost reminded Maggie of those projectors on wheels that she use to see in high school. The device that rested on the wheeled station for all intents and purposes looked like a machine gun almost. All black, sleek and with a long protruding pole that jutted out where the barrel of a gun might be. When Becki heard the wheels creaking forward, she desperately began tugging and pulling on the restraints and whining pitifully into her gag.   “I-is she alright?” Maggie asked.   “Don’t worry. She’s just putting on a show cause someone new is here. This is one of Becki’s favorite treats, but she just can’t admit that in front of someone else,” Marie said as she positioned the device directly behind Becki and locked the wheels. “Would you open up that draw for me and retrieve the letter C?”   Maggie nodded, unsure what that meant she wondered over to the draw that Marie had indicated, and once again, despite herself, gasped loudly when she saw what the drawer contained. Dildos. An assortment of dildos all arranged by letters according to their size from A to G. With trembling hands she took hold of the one marked C, a flesh-colored one of mostly average size and slowly brought it to Marie and the struggling sissy.   “We work them up gradually on the sizes. Becki only started the C recently, but she’s taken to it like a real champ,” Marie said proudly as she affixed the dildo to the protruding rod.   Soon enough it was ready, and Maggie needed little hint on how the device or milking procedure worked now. “There we go!” Marie said happily. “I like to call this little baby...The Borg.”   A silence followed, only the clanking of Becki’s restraints and the crinkling of her monstrously thick diapers filled the room as Maggie stared at Marie with a confused expression.   “Ya get it? Cause Resistance is Futile, You will be Ass-Stimulated,” Marie said with a wide, proud smile.   Silence followed once more, save for Becki’s exasperated groan.   “Oh nobody asked you,” Marie said as she tugged town Becki’s diaper, and began lubing up the dildo. Once the milking tool was well lubed to her specification, she then finally released Becki from her chastity. Becki, despite her struggling, did indeed become almost instantly erect, and Maggie blushed as Marie teased her. “Somebody is excited for playtime,” she said in a sing song kind of voice. “Alrighty. Let’s give Princess Becki her treat, and then we can go get some lunch ourselves,”   Becki wriggled fitfully as she Marie pushed the machine forward, soon the lubed dildo was pressing right up against her back passage, and with some effort Marie began to work it slowly inside of her.   “MMMMMPHHH...” came Becki’s groaned reply as the anal invader slowly worked it’s way inside of her. Soon the head of the dildo was all the way inside, and Marie handed a small remote to Maggie that she had retrieved from her apron.   “Alrighty. All you gotta do is press that, and we’ll leave Becki to enjoy her weekly treat,” Marie said deviously as she watched Maggie and her expression with an excited, predatory gleam.   For her part, Maggie’s hands trembled as she held the remote in her hand and admired the maroon button affixed on it’s front. Her eyes darted to Becki’s partially filled rump to the device in her hand, and that same feeling came rushing back stronger than ever. So strong that her knees quivered and her mouth felt dry. She licked her lips as she looked at the button, and swallowed a quick intake of breath. That feeling...she knew what it was now. She had not recognized it at first, because it was a feeling so alien to her. She was a simple college graduate. A mostly B student who graduated with a degree in economics and little job prospects. Her life was fine, but simple and dull. Before this opportunity, she had worked as a barista at a nearby coffee shop, and dated her on and off again nice, but boring boyfriend. She had never felt a rush like this, and now she knew what it was: Power.   She smiled at Marie, and pressed the button forcefully which quickly activated the pistons in the machine as the dildo began slowly pumping in and out of Becki’s bottom all the way to the hilt, and then out with the head still inside her. Becki groaned loudly and gripped the changing table tightly as the machine did it’s slow but methodical work of pumping away inside of her. Each thrust brought a new grunt or groan from Becki’s gagged lips, and Maggie’s heart beat faster and faster each one. Marie, for her part, was smiling widely at Maggie and quickly laid down a pad of some kind under Becki as she began to drip slightly onto the floor from the stimulation.   “We’ll let her enjoy that for about an hour or so. While you and me get lunch,” Marie said gently patting Becki’s tightened behind as the dildo continuously worked inside of her. “Maggie I think you’re going to fit in here just fine.”   “Happy for the opportunity, Marie,” Maggie said before turning back to Becki. “Now you be a good girl, Becki and enjoy that til we get back. Okay, hon?” she said, shocked at her own words. Becki merely groaned in response as both Marie and Maggie giggled and left the sissy to enjoy her milking while they grabbed some lunch.   Maggie’s mind was reeling with the possibilities of what this opportunity held for her, in more ways than one. But more than anything, she could only think of one thing: getting a charge of her own to look after, and what that might be like once she finally had a sissy of her own to train.   Oh well, she had plenty of time to learn. [END]