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    • The had their day in court. Her lawyer brought forth the paperwork that allowed the twins, Sheila and Sheena, and Sean become hers. Then they had Ted become their dad and had their last name changed to Evans. William and Georgia were there as well as Laurie, Richard, and their kids. The next case had Richard adopting Her kid's and giving them the Evans name as well. The kids, as well as the adults, were, pleased. They went out for lunch Laurie as well as April kids all tried the cousin tag out on each other as well as Richard, Laurie, Ted, and April small had the Aunt and Uncle title tossed at them.  They went got home and Mr. English was waiting for them he had been at the hearing and had congratulated them on becoming a family. His phone rang and he had to leave in a hurry! He looked concerned, almost unhappy? Mr. English was one of those people that even when he was just sitting there he looked happy. His face did not look like that at all right now. April liked him and right now she could almost see the rainclouds above his head.  I know right now you guys have no Foster children in your house. I have a large favor to ask of you if you say no I will understand. If you didn't notice I had to leave abruptly after the hearing? We got two kids, a brother, and sister. The boy is 10, the girl 7 they were living in the most deplorable conditions I've ever seen! Their mom left from what we can tell  3 months ago. The manager came to evict them and found the kids. The place had rotted garbage and fly and maggots to accompany that garbage. The girl has CP not as mobile as we would like. She had been in bed and at 10 her brother was in charge of her care. The bed was riddled with Bedbugs this girl is one big red bite. They feasted on her! We took them ad we've cleaned them up burned the clothes that the came in got them brand new clothes. Believe it or not, that's not our biggest concern, at 10 and 7 neither had been even attempted to be potty trained. They are verbal but just verily. I don't have a home to place them in, nobody will take them as is. I was hoping you and your new husband would take them in with your family? You're my last hope, Please!  Ted and April looked at each other, Ted smiled Mr? English my wife says yes, she hadn't said a word but he knew. Her and the look in her eyes he knew. My biggest concern said Ted is I don't want any bedbugs coming in with them, I hope you feel my concern? I do I do said, Mr. English! I will make a deal with you if these two bring bedbugs into your home I will make sure personally your house s sprayed whatever they do to kill bedbugs! He went to his case and brought two kids both were of Hispanic decent dark hair, dark eyes, tanned skin almost chocolate color. The boy was introduced first his name was Roberto, the girl Yolanda. They both looked emaciated, a lot like Sean when he first arrived here. My name is April. Like the month the boy asked? Just like it said April! That's when mommy left us, he said sadly. The girl did walk but one of her feet was like on tippytoe like her foot wouldn't let the heel touch the floor, April assumed that was part of her CP. Are you guys hungry asked April? From the looks of things the boy, Roberto was starved he appeared to be salivating. April asked what do you want to eat! The goy and girl looked at each other like this was a foreign question to them, they had never been asked this before. Yolanda said hamburgers and frice! Hamburgers and Fries it is then said April. Just yesterday she had been at the store and they had microwavable hamburgers on sale, 10 for $10. She had bought $30 worth. She had fries that she fried in her fryer. 10 minutes later the two sat down and started eating. She was right both kids were starving the each ate 2 burgers each! Sheena came and saw the two kids. I smell hamburgers can I have one? She cooked one for her and Kerri came in and wanted one. Soon they were all wanting a hamburger. April saw the look of panic on Yolanda"s face. Whats the matter Yolanda, she asked? Do all of these kids live here with you? Yes, why asked April? Are you their mommy, Yolanda asked? Are you asking if I'm their mommy or am I like you and their foster mommy? Like us. Said Yolanda. Most of them started out like you but then we took them in as our own through adoption they are all my kids now. Will you be our mommy and daddy? Do you want me to be, asked April? Yolanda got tears in her eyes and slowly nodded yes. Our mommy left us and I don't know if she is coming back for us. April took Yolanda and sat her on her lap. She could feel her like melt into her, this kid was starved for affection as well as food. She felt Yolanda shudder she was crying. She looked at Roberto he looked upset at her. Whats the matter Roberto she asked? I don't want you to be my mom! I already have one, she will be coming back for us one day, you just wait and see! He was sounding very angry as he was saying this. April knew he wasn't mad at her but the situation he had been placed in. Even as bad as her own mom was to her, April still loved her, she was her mom!
    • See, I can see that, and I knew I was interpreting it wrong. That's an interesting hint there, because if that discussion is happening, that's also indicating that Abbey might not have been like this very long.  (Abbey by nature of her condition is an unreliable narrator, especially in regards to time spent.)  
    • Call say I’ll have some babas already made for in frze and some money for pizza 
    • “Flood the bathroom and clog the toilet so bad that I got to get the plumber out” Hanna says not impressed still    Emily smiled brightly when Karen said she was smart     
    • I mostly watch ones from when I was a kid, but I like to watch some newer ones sometimes too.