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    • “ good job.” She sais leading him back to the table and helping him into his booster
    • They all made there way to the facepainting section. To,my doing as told and holding onto the stroller.   James helped Tiffany into the chair as a lady showed her all the designs to choose from James saw skye having a blast in her stroller “do you want hour face painted too or do you want to play more with teddy”
    • Hailey took off Sam clothes and put her towel on the sink so it didn’t get wet. She waited until May got back   Then took her diaper off and placed her in the seat.  Zoey pouted she waited until she was placed in the tub. She handed a duck to Sam so they could play in the tub. 
    • Do you have a car?  When grandma goes to bed, wait until she is asleep and sneak the dirty diaper out to your car and dispose of it the next morning when you go to work or school.  Save up the plastic grocery bags or buy some plastic garbage bags and bag up your used diapers right away.  Messy diapers are harder around the house because of the smell.
    • He giggled and put his pull up back on and pants and washed his hands like mommy told him “see told you me Big kid”  as he holds her ha d when they leave the bathroom  James was sitting at the table. Skye was still attached to James and James was talking to Chris wanting to get to know him as Chris babbled a bit about how his favorite superhero was Batman