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  1. He smiled her from behind his paci while she laid him down on the changing table. He looked her while she cleaned him.
  2. Lucas smiled her from behind his paci and let her pick him up. He was still half asleep when his sister went in his room to take him then he huged her sucking his paci.
  3. Lucas woke up in his bed after a hour finding his paci in his mouth and a very wet diaper, he was awake but he didn't want get up then he turned around in his bed sucking his paci.
  4. Until he didn't want he slowly felt in asleep sucking his thumb in his sister arms with a very big smile.
  5. Lucas enjoyed Jessica's cuddles but he wanted his paci too. While he was watching TV he did a big yawn. He never took so funny in his life and he was a little tired but he didn't want fall in asleep. He wanted enjoy that moment again.
  6. "Ok!" Lucas said putting his thumb in mouth again, then he let her sister sit on the fauteuil and let himself be put on her knees. He was still sucking his thumb before he didn't find his paci.
  7. "Ok!" He said resting his little head on his sister's shoulder and hugging her, he closed his eyes relaxing in her arms before to put his thumb in his mouth.
  8. Lucas finished his lemonade and rised his arms before he wanted to be rised up and cuddled. "when does mommy return?" he asked to his sister.
  9. Lucas giggled and drunk another sip of lemonade before to start to wet his diaper. But it could keep another bit in his opinion.
  10. "then you will cook a lot of good dishes for me!" he said with big smile
  11. Lucas watched his sister while she filled a glass and his sippy cup with cold lemonade waiting for her to give it to him. When she closed the sippy cup and gave it to him he said: "thank you!" before to drink a sip of fresh and sweet lemonade "what a good one!" he exclaimed drinking another sip.
  12. When they arrived to the fountain Lucas searched his little fish and when he found it he said out loud: "bye bye Nemo!"
  13. Lucas nodded because he was suffering the hot too then he rised his arms to be picked up. "wait please!" Lucas said to Jessica while she was getting in the house "I didn't say goodbye to Nemo!"
  14. Luca went to the slide and started to go up the ladder, then he sat down on the top and he let himself slide down loughing. But it was beginning to get hot to stay in the garden and Lucas was starting to swea very much.
  15. Lucas nodded to her sister. Then he gave her his little heand to go to his sister and decided to go to see the playground. He wanted play with his sister.