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  1. Maggie let her self to be picked up by her aunt and brought to her room where she was layed down on the changing table. She giggled while her aunt began to untape her diaper.
  2. "would you want that I spank you?" Mary asked to Sarah searching to understand what she wanted.
  3. Maggie smiled happy and proud because her aunt had praised her and she was, happy specially because her wanted hang her picture to the wall, when grumbled noisely.
  4. I sleep badly for a few hours before Waking up wet and in a bad mood. This situation is absurd. Why my friends don't come to to safe me? Did they forget me? I want to go back to my home and to my life as a teenager. I feel a tear in my eyes while I think this.
  5. I come to to take you on my arms but the doorbell ring "they must be your uncles" I say you "I called them to disassemble your old bedroom to make room for your new bedroom" I explane you rising you up on my hip and going to open the door "don't worry I will change you in my room if you prefer, in this way uncle Carl willn't see us. OK?"
  6. "do you like it?" Maggie asked to her aunt curious about her opinion, she had taken two hours to realize it and now she gave it to her aunt. "It's a gift for you" she a said her smiling "I hope that that you like it"
  7. Maggie started to drow making a landscape. She drew it very carefully focusing very much on the details. She was very good in the drawing because she liked it very much.
  8. Melinda took Eleonor in her arms and walked in with Sarah to an ice cream parlour nearby. As soon as they entered they was welcomed by a blond diapered girl who invited them to sit inside "Hello!" she greeted them with a smile "what can I serve you? " "three ice cream" Melinda said with Eleonor seated down on her knees "do you want look the variety of tastes that we have?" the Miss asked them "OK" Melinda said her approaching the freezer "how do you want the Ice-cream" she asked to Eleonor who looked and indicated chocolate and Strawberry
  9. I: "what about play with dolls?" I ask to this new girl offering her a doll "what do you think about a game in which I am a pediatrician and I care your baby?" I say indicating the doll that I gave her.
  10. The little girl thought about it for a moment then she said "I would like draw. I feel inspired"
  11. M: I take her picture and I put it in a new folder that I label with a tag on witch i write her name with some little hearts around it, while i see her run to a little girl then I tidy up and I aproach to them Isabell: "Hello" I answer her smiling while I'm playng with my curatrix with some doll "do you want play with us?" I ask her
  12. "it's very beautiful" Mary said to Sarah, caressing her head, when she finished "I see that you like the green very much. I like very much too! what do you think about put itin a folder?"she asked her "in this way we can give it to your mommy together the others"
  13. "wouldn't it be easier seat down to the table?" Mary asked smiling to her little to understand if she was sure to want start to draw here