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Found 15 results

  1. BabyWarlock

    Teacher becomes mommy(private)

    Tain was standing outside of the school gates. It was freezing yet he had no coat. He saw a group of other students walking up and he went to walk away brfore he was grabbed by the boy who was obviously the leader of the gang. "Hey you! Why you not wearing a coat are you tough or something?" "Leave me alone!", tain said trying to push the boy off him.
  2. Some of you were asking for a preview of this one, and since part two will likely be up on Patreon later this week, I figured now was as good a time as any. You can read this and other exclusive stories right now for a $5 pledge. For those of you who don’t know, the lead character here is “played” by the amazing Totally Transformed… check her out on Tumblr and Patreon. Just a brief word of caution: this story takes place within her universe of restricted women’s rights, so if you’re uncomfortable with that you should probably give it a pass. You can also check out my blog for more great stuff totally free. A FEW YEARS FROM NOW When she walked into what used to be the ladies room at work (but was now collectively known as “the changing station”) Elisa was immediately greeted by the now familiar stench of a messy diaper change in progress. Sure enough, she was quickly confronted with the image of her boss changing one of his former employee’s thoroughly loaded pampers. Elisa watched with a mix of fear and morbid fascination as the front of Rebecca’s diaper was folded down to reveal a gooey brown load caked thickly across both the seat of the diaper and Rebecca’s well toned hiney. It was just a few weeks ago that Elisa and Becky were engaging in lively, intelligent conversations over lunch and during breaks. Looking at her friend now, Elisa hardly even recognized her. It was almost as though the sophisticated, educated young woman who had worked hard to earn a place on the faculty at the university had ceased to exist-- in her place, Elisa saw a babbling, squealing adult toddler with a pamper full of poo-poo, about to be changed by the dominant male figure in her department. “Hi, Elisa,” her boss said, lifting Rebecca’s legs and revealing to Elisa the full extent of her dirty diaper. Elisa winced at the sight of her friend’s rump completely caked with greasy brown poop, and the seat of the diaper reminded her of a Jackson Pollock painting. She groaned internally, but found herself unable to look away. “Look who came in to watch you get your diaper changes sweetie!” he teased. Rebecca giggled happily at the joke, then gurgled warmly when she saw Elisa, displaying not one ounce of shame-- which was the thing that unsettled her the most. To see her friend totally robbed of her maturity, her dignity, her very identity as a woman was unnerving... to see her not only not bothered by it, but to see her seemingly enjoying herself was downright disturbing. “Ugh.... what have they been feeding you, little girl?” Elisa’s boss chuckled, going to work with the wet wipe. Rebecca squealed and shivered as the mess was cleared away, and Elisa watched with knots in her tummy as the sticky mess was slowly wiped away revealing more and more of the bare, pink skin of her tushy beneath. Elisa watched, inexplicably fascinated by the process, gauging Rebecca’s reactions. She knew there were varying levels of regression available, that there were women out there who were fully aware but trapped in a body that had been re-programmed to behave as infantile as possible. But that didn’t seem to be the case here... If anything, Rebecca seemed to have embraced her new role wholeheartedly. “And when am I going to see you up on the changing table, young lady?” Elisa’s boss asked her teasingly, chuckling as her cheeks turned red in response. “Uh... well, I...” Elisa stammered, growing more embarrassed by the second. She glanced at Rebecca with her legs up in the air, cooing softly to herself while somebody else wiped her plump, womanly bottom for her, and for a moment, she could almost see herself laying there in that exact position... Her boss chuckled at her discomfort. “A pretty girl like you, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone sends you back for re-education!” he said, and she knew by his tone that it was supposed to be a complement. “Um... thanks,” she said, slinking by them and into the stall. Baring her bottom, Elisa sat on the toilet and forced herself to tinkle, trying to ignore the fact that a woman that she’d worked with for years was getting a dirty diaper change like a two year old just a few feet away by her male boss. She sat, a small stream of pee trickling into the water beneath her, listening to her boss playfully tease Rebecca as he changed her messy diaper. “Oh my yes,” he said, and Elisa peeked through the crack in the door to watch him finish cleaning her friend’s dirty rump with a baby wipe. “I think little Becky is almost ready for a new pamper,” he said, pulling the messy one out from under her backside and balling it up to discard it in the nearby bin. “Upsey daisy,” he said, lifting Rebecca by the ankles and sliding the fresh diaper under her wriggling tushy. “Some powder, for your stinky bum, lil’ lady?” he joked, drawing a pleasant (if uncomprehending) giggle from Rebecca, who wriggled with glee as her pale buttocks were dusted with powder. Elisa finished as quickly as she could, wiped and flushed. She washed her hands, watching in the mirror as Rebecca’s new diaper was pulled up between her legs and sealed closed, reminding her of just how far her bright, lively and intelligent friend had been reduced. Overwhelmed with strange emotions, she beat a hasty retreat. The atmosphere around the college had certainly changed since the new laws suppressing women’s right’s had been passed, Elisa had to admit. Most of her female colleagues had already been remanded for re-education, either by their significant others or by their parents. They entered the re-education centres mature, dignified young women, filled with potential and looking forward to a bright future. They emerged dull, docile, and adorable. And the idea seemed to be catching-- rather than being outraged, society seemed to have embraced the idea with gusto, and Elisa had been catching sight of more regressed women by the day, both in real life and in the culture at large. And through it all, she couldn’t shake a certain guilt-- hadn’t she, after all, spent years both online and in private fantasizing about this exact scenario? Hadn’t she imagined countless young women stripped of their rights and rendered docile, infantile little playthings for the amusement of their friends, families and lovers? And how many times had she imagined herself in the same situation, pleasuring herself guiltily as she pictured herself crying and jabbering helplessly through a diaper change, the people in her life laughing and cheering as she was stripped of everything that made her a woman? But that was fantasy, and it was one thing to imagine women stripped of their rights-- it was another thing entirely to see it happen in real life. And nowhere was it more evident than the campus she worked at. The amount of female students and faculty members had been dramatically reduced, the majority having been removed to attend re-education. Not many returned to school after that, their new caregivers opting to keep them at home or enrolling them in one of the Adult Daycare centres that were springing up all over the place these days... however, there were those who liked to keep their “special girls” close to the people and environments they were familiar with from their ‘previous lives.’ Therefor, many businesses and universities had opened daycare facilities designed specifically to cater to former students and employees, and the school Elisa worked at was no different, and it was quite common to see a 20 year old woman who should have been on her way to class laying in the middle of the courtyard and giggling her way through a diaper change, or a onetime member of the staff happily sucking a bottle as her former colleagues pushed her around the campus in an adult sized stroller. Arriving at her afternoon class, she tried to put her anxieties out of her mind and focus on the lesson. But she found herself stammering and stumbling, preoccupied... it didn’t help that every time she looked out into the faces of the (largely male) audience, they seemed to be smirking in her direction, and she couldn’t shake the uncomfortable feeling that they were regressing her with their eyes. Elisa imagined herself regressed into adult infancy, cavorting on the floor in front of her leering, smirking class, naked but for a thick diaper crinkling between her legs. She tried to reign in her imagination, but once the image had been planted, Elisa couldn’t stop picturing herself, robbed of her status and intelligence, crawling on the floor and babbling happily to herself in front of her amused former students before squatting down to push out a load of muddy brown poo-poo into the seat of her pampers. “Everything alright, miss?” Elisa was jolted back into reality by her student’s voice. “Err... y-yes, thank you,” she said, blushing when she realized she’d been caught daydreaming, and if her students hadn’t been thinking about how she was better qualified for pissing her diapers in the nursery than trying to teach a class before, they definitely were now. “Um... anyway, as I was saying...” Babes In Diapers
  3. urson

    Push-Button Babies

    Push-button babies     Dianna, Tom, and Dave had been walking for what seemed like hours. It was cold, dark, and the woods all looked the same, they were lost for sure. Dianna turned to Dave and said, "Well, I hope you're happy, "Mr. I Can't Get Lost". This is your fault, if you'd just stopped and asked for directions, we wouldn't be tromping through the woods on this beastly night!" "Oh now, who told me they were in a hurry and had to pee? I could've asked directions if you hadn't insisted on finding a gas station." Dave said sarcastically "Will you two cut it out? It's bad enough we're lost. Let's not get into a blaming contest." Said Tom, trying to catch his breath Suddenly, Dave spotted something through the trees. An old cabin. Probably deserted for quite a while, from it's dilapidated looks. "Hey! There's a cabin up ahead, we can probably shack up there for the night and find our way back in the morning." They walked up to the worn and weathered door of the cabin and tried to open it, but it wouldn't move. "What the hell? It's stuck." Dianna said "Here, let me try it, little missy" Tom said with a very fake John Wayne accent. Dianna and Dave rolled their eyes and began looking around while Tom worked on forcing the door open. They searched for the better part of half an hour when Dianna shouted for them to come see what she had found. Dianna pointed at a small board that looked out of place on the dilapidated building. They pried it off and were amazed at what they saw. Under the board was a metallic control board with several flashing buttons on it. Only one of them was labeled though. The brown button clearly said, "DOOR", on it. Dave quickly pushed it and they heard a loud click from the front of the cabin. When they opened the cabin, they gasped in shock. The inside was very clean and looked extremely modern. There was wall to wall carpet, a large sofa, two padded arm chairs, and a floor lamp. Dianna, who had been trying not to wet herself for the last hour, rushed in and began searching the small cabin for a bathroom. She ducked through one of the doors leading from the living room and a few minutes later, Dave and Tom heard a flushing sound. When Dianna finally came out, she had a look of extreme relief on her face. Dave laughed, "Almost peed yourself, huh? Maybe we should have packed diapers for you sis." Dianna gave Dave a withering look and replied, "Oh really? I seem to recall that you weren't potty trained till you were 5 years old, LITTLE BROTHER!" Tom quickly got between them again, "Ok, we all know about each other's "toileting problems", let's not bring that up again. We're warm, and drying off now, let's just relax and find out what's with this weirdo cabin." They all agreed and sat down on the comfortable furniture. Tom glanced around the room and noticed that there was another section of wall that didn't quite match the surrounding wallpaper. He walked up and felt around it for an access. As soon as he pressed on the panel, it slid back and up, revealing another control panel, but none of the buttons were labeled as the door button had been. Curious as to what the buttons were actually for, tom pushed one of the dark green ones and suddenly the sound of gears and motors running filled the room. "What the heck's going on Tom? What did you do?" Dianna looked over to Tom, clearly annoyed Before anyone could get another word our, the floor began to shake. They looked down at the floor and were amazed to see the carpet change color from the light brown it had been, to a dark, forest green. "Aw cool!" Tom said Dianna looked upset and glared at Tom. "Don't go pushing any more buttons. We don't know what they do and it could be dangerous." Tom and Dave both agreed to leave the buttons alone. "We'd better take a look around this place. You know? This cabin looks much larger from the inside. Weird, isn't it?" Dianna said The three of them split up, Dave went to the basement, Tom to the upstairs and Dianna checked out the first floor. Dave found that the basement was stocked with buttons and some appliances. There was a washer, dryer, and a tall, thin machine he couldn't figure out what it did. The machine had a control panel with a numbered knob. Dave remembered Dianna's warning about pushing buttons, so didn't touch anything. He turned to leave and was startled by Tom, standing right behind him. He fell back into the mystery machine, hitting the control panel. The machine began humming and suddenly they heard Dianna begin screaming curses at the top of her lungs. They ran upstairs, following the sound of Dianna's shouting. When they entered the room, they almost burst out laughing. Dianna was standing there, dressed in a very short, "little girl's" dress. The hem of the dress was so short that they could see a pair of thick underpanties as well. Dianna looked at the two, glaringly. "If either one of you says a word, or tells anyone this happened, I swear, I'll tear off your sacks and shove them up your noses." Dave immediately fell to the floor, laughing. "Guess you're my "little sister" now, huh?" Dianna ran up and kicked Dave right in the privates. She then turned away from them and began crying. Tom walked up to her and placed his arm on her shoulder. "Hey, Dave was only kidding. It's ok. We know you're more mature than that. Now, tell us what happened." Slowly, her crying subsided. She even managed a quiet apology to Dave, which he accepted, feeling he really did deserve it. After a few minutes, she composed herself. "It was so sudden. I was looking over this room, when I heard a whirring and two arms popped out of the wall. They undressed me and quick as a flash, put this stupid thing on me and took my clothes. I didn't touch anything, so why did this happen?" Dave and Tom hung their heads, then Tom said, "I think it might be our fault in part. I didn't find anything upstairs but a lot of empty, so I went down to the basement to check on Dave. He was looking, but not touching this weird machine. He turned around so suddenly that I must have startled him. He fell backwards and onto it's controls. There was a humming and then we heard you scream, we're sorry." Dianna looked at them for a moment and then said, "Lets go have a look at this machine, I wanna know where my clothes are. I feel ridiculous in this costume." They all went back downstairs to the basement. Dave showed them the machine controls. the numbers on the dial went from 1 to 30 but, it was set on number 3. There was still no indication as to what the machine actually controlled. Suddenly, Tom had an idea. "Dianna, go back up to the room you were in and wait there, I have a plan." Tom said, while studying the panel. "Alright." she said, "But be careful, remember, this is my dignity we're dealing with. I don't wanna end up in something worse." "Don't worry, I've believe I understand what this thing does." Dianna walked back up to the first floor and found the room she had been investigating before. She yelled down to the duo in the basement, and Tom turned the dial to Dianna's actual age, 19. The machine began humming again and Dianna yelled then gave a shout of joy. A few seconds later, she came running down the stairs in her old clothes. She ran up to Tom and gave him a kiss. "Whatever you did, thanks a lot. I'm glad to be out of that costume." Tom blushed and said, "I figured that the machine is the control for that room, probably a bed or dressing room. The dial on the machine is the age of the occupant. You just happened to be in the room when the controls were activated. If it had been set on, say thirty, you probably would have been dressed in a house dress and heels. You're just lucky the dial wasn't turned any further or you would have ended up in diapers and a footed sleeper." They all gave a nervous laugh, and it was Dianna's turn to blush.. They all went back up stairs and sat down, the day had been very trying so they decided to stay the night here, (without touching anything) and try to find civilization in the morning. As they slept, a strange humming began to circulate in the house. Bleeps and boops rang out every now and again. Down in the basement, the "dressing" machine's dial began turning backwards, 19, 18, 15, 10, 8, 4, 2, and stopped. Chapter 2 They all awoke to strange noises coming from what was assumed to be the kitchen, though they hadn't found any food in it the day before. They crept up to the archway and peeked into the kitchen. At the counter top were two mechanical arms, chopping carrots, celery, onions, and dicing a chicken breast. The trio slowly walked into the room to watch the arms do their thing. A panel on the counter slid aside and a blender rose out of the hole. The arms dumped the carrots, celery, onions, and chicken into the blender and liquefied it. "Alright, who touched a button?" Dianna said Both boys replied they hadn't touched anything since the previous night. As they stood, watching the kitchen go through it's paces, a red light emerged from the ceiling and began shining on them, going up and down their bodies. Dianna was the first to turn around and see the light as it retreated back into the ceiling. "What the heck is going on here? What was that red light?" Dianna was suddenly cut off as, what appeared to be a dressmaker's dummy rolled out of one of the back rooms, straight toward them. As it approached, mechanical arms emerged from the shoulder of the dummy and began grabbing at Dianna. Tom and Dave ran to help Dianna but they were shoved away as if the thing was swatting flies. The dummy picked up Dianna and rolled toward the wall, which opened up and quickly closed after it entered. Tom and Dave picked themselves up off the floor, ran to the wall, and began pounding on it, calling for Dianna. The dummy held Dianna tight as she struggled to free herself. It moved quickly down the inky black passage. It then stopped and placed her on a table. Before she could run, manacles clamped down on her arms and legs, and straps were tightened over her chest. She twisted and wriggled, trying to get loose, but froze when a deep mechanical voice spoke to her, out of the darkness. "Do not struggle child. This is for your own good. We wouldn't want you injured." Who are you? I demand you release me right now. When I get my hands on you, you're gonna be one sorry bastard!" Dianna screamed The voice responded, "You are an excellent specimen. The right height, weight, and even the hair and eye color match the order perfectly. Yes, you'll do nicely. Computer, prepare the subject for the process." Dave and Tom pounded on the wall for several minutes, believing they could reach Dianna. Tired and frustrated, Tom slumped to the floor. "Cut it out Dave. We're not gonna get to her that way. We gotta find a different entrance or..." he stopped in mid sentence as an idea struck him. "CONTROLS! There's controls for everything in this freaking house! There's gotta be controls for this door, wall, whatever! Dave could see the logic in the assumption and both of them began to franticly search the walls, floors, and even the ceiling for more access panels. They searched every room in the house, basement to attic, until they came to the room where Dianna had encountered the "dressing machine". They hesitantly entered and found several control panels easily. Dave and Tom looked at each other and carefully, Tom reached out and pushed one of the buttons on the panel. A whirring sound filled the room, and both men ran for the door. There was a flash of red light as they exited the door and the whirring stopped. "Dude, this isn't gonna work, we can't run out of the room every time the dang thing starts up, we gotta see if it opens up a way to Dianna." Dave said Tom nodded. He knew his friend was right, They stirred up their courage and walked into the room. The control panel stood open and Tom pushed a white button. The whirring noise sounded again and the red light filled the room, then the noise went silent. Tom turned to Dave, who shrugged and pointed to the panel. Tom reached out to push another button when, mechanical arms slid out of the ceiling above them and held them firm. Tom was too shocked to respond, but Dave began thrashing and screaming. Another hand lowered out of the ceiling and shoved something into his mouth, effectively gagging him. Tom realized his friend's predicament and kept his mouth closed. Dave was screaming behind the gag as it expanded inside his mouth. The arms lifted them off the ground and they could hear something happening below them. They were lowered into what looked like huge cribs and held down against them by the huge mechanical arms Dave and Tom struggled against the arms, but were held tight. A feminine mechanical voice began to sing some strange soothing, wordless, lullaby. The more they fought, the more soothing and gentle the voice became, lulling them into a relaxed and submissive state. The arms released them and carefully began stripping their clothes off. As the arm reached down for Tom's underwear, he snapped out of the trance and bolted out of the room. Dave lay in the giant crib while the arms completely disrobed him and began to redress him in an extremely large version of a baby diaper. It had only two tapes and cartoon figures on the waistband. As Tom stood outside the room in his underwear, he heard the female mechanical voice call out to him from the room. "Don't fight it child, this is for your own good. Lost children should be cared for, and you are definitely too little to care for yourselves." "What the hell are you talking about? We're not babies, I'm twenty years old. Dianna, my girlfriend, is twenty two and her brother is almost eighteen. There's no way we could be considered babies or even children." "Physical age is unimportant. A child is a child even if their bodies are fifty years old. This domicile has been modified as a wayfarer station for children of all ages. You are children, as demonstrated by your actions, and shall be kept until suitable parents can be found for you. You, seem to be the most mature of your group, so your age shall be designated as four years." Chapter 3 Back in the hidden room, Dianna was struggling too, but also to no avail. "Let me go, you SOB!" "My, what a little potty mouth we have here. That will never do, your parents won't want their new baby spewing foul words at them." As the voice spoke, another mechanical arm came down out of the ceiling and produces what appeared to be a huge pacifier. Dianna's mouth was pried open and the pacifier was inserted, then her mouth was held shut while the insidious device was inflated so she couldn't remove it. The pacifier inflated so large that it almost made her gag, but it was certainly not coming out any time soon. Dianna's muffled screams and cries sounded more like the gurgling of a 10 month old, than the calls for help of an adult woman. Dianna thrashed and twisted, kicking at the mechanical arms that held her, but to no avail. The arms lifted her and then lowered her onto a large, padded table. Her arms and legs were restrained in manacles, effectively pinning her to the table. Seconds later, the manacles pulled in opposite directions, causing Dianna to become spread eagle on the table. The mechanical voice spoke over the intercom, "You'd better close your eyes little one, we wouldn't want to damage those beautiful baby blues of yours. A thin red light shot out from the ceiling and danced across her body. She could feel the heat and suddenly realized what was happening. She cried behind the pacifier as she felt her body hair being removed. She was turned over and the light again fell over her body, this time taking the remaining hair, leaving her with only the hair on her head. "You can open your eyes now, little one. We're finished, now it's time to get you dressed for your nap. You've had a trying day, and a nap will do you good." The mechanical voice said Dianna was indeed tired, but she struggled again as the metal arms adjusted her and began to wipe her down with baby wipes. She knew what was coming next, as she saw the huge diaper being lowered towards her. The arms lifted up her bottom and gently placed her onto the diaper. Suddenly she felt a cold hand on her privates and it began moving down to her bottom, spreading some kind of lotion on her, then the diaper was pulled up and carefully taped on. Dianna felt she couldn't possibly be more humiliated than she had been already. She was wrong She was quickly dressed in a footed sleeper. It had padded feet and mittens. The mittens seem to be slick on the inside but dry on the outside, she couldn't grasp anything. Next, what appeared to be a huge female mannequin, sitting in a rocking chair, rolled into the room. Dianna didn't want to even think what was going to happen next. The dummy picked her up from the table and effectively held her against it's shoulder. A lullaby began playing and the dummy started rocking in the chair. It's touch was as firm as it was gentle. It coddled her and caressed her back and bottom, just like a mother would with a real baby. Dianna eventually began to feel tired. She could hardly keep her eyes open. The dummy switched her to a cradling position and began to rub her tummy and face. Just as she was about to fall asleep, she felt a warm liquid entering her mouth. Her eyes shot open and it appeared that the dummy had removed the back of the pacifier and attached a huge baby bottle to it. The liquid filled her mouth and began to choke her. She tried to spit it out, but the pacifier prevented that, so she swallowed. The pacifier gave way and the liquid proceeded to her stomach. Then, more liquid filled her mouth. She could see that the only way to keep from choking on the stuff was to nurse on the bottle like a baby. It took some time, but Dianna finished the bottle. The bottle was removed and replaced by the regular back of the pacifier. Dianna was full and quite tired by now. The dummy placed her into a huge crib and raised the sides. There was some type of netting across the top, probably to prevent her from escaping, but she was far to tired to even attempt an escape. Chapter 4 Tom watched as Dave went through the same process as Dianna had just experienced. He was diapered, dressed in a sleeper, fed a bottle, and placed into an escape-proof crib. Tom was mesmerized as he watched Dave be put to sleep by the mechanical arms, rubbing his stomach and rocking the crib. He was watching so intently that he almost didn't hear the footsteps behind him. A vibration on the floor behind him shook him from his trance and he whirled around to see an old man and woman standing in front of him. He jumped back and took a defensive stance he had learned from his sensei. "Who the hell are you two? Are you the freaks in charge of this place?" he said, teeth clenched in hate "Now see here young man. That's no way to speak to your elders, but no, we're not in charge of this cabin. We just invented the original designs. This place was to be placed in New York city to be tested as a waystation for abandoned children and infants." The old woman said "Then why is it trying to make babies out of me and my friends?" "As I said, it was originally supposed to be set up for children and infants, but our partner decided to use it to make money by taking people and forcing them to become babies and children for certain clients. A rather lucrative deal. There are a lot of people who would pay great sums of money to have a teen or an adult to treat as a baby, strange as that may seem." Tom was about to wrap his hands around the guy's throat when he felt the sting of the taser the man had been hiding. Tom went down like a sack of potatoes. The last thing he heard before the darkness took him was the old woman, speaking in soothing tones. "Don't worry little one, you'll be much happier when you meet your new mommy and daddy." Chapter 5 When Diana woke up, she found herself laying in a gigantic crib. There were bars on the top, probably to prevent escape. Her arms were bound at the elbows, making it very difficult to do anything with them. She was dressed in a form fitting one piece sleeper and, from the bulge at her waist, a diaper. She shifted her weight and discovered a nasty surprise, the load in the back of her diaper squished and moved with her. The pacifier/gag prevented her from screaming, so only muffled cries sounded. When she began crying, a video monitor blipped on and two mannequin like hands extended down from the ceiling and opened the crib top. Before Diana could get up and make a run for it, a strap was placed over her chest and the hands began busying themselves with changing the diaper. While this was going on, an old woman appeared beside the crib and began stroking Diana's hair. "Well, hello there sunshine. It's good to see you're awake.” The old woman said Diana, still barely awake, struggled against the restraints, but without success. The old woman reached down and began to rub and pat Diana’s tummy. “Don’t fight it sweetie, you’ll feel better once your diaper is changed and you’ve got a full belly.” The fight was futile, Diana was soon rediapered and dressed in a onsie. The old woman reached down into the crib and placed mittens on Diana’s hands and soft, padded booties on her feet. With the help of the mechanical arms, a strap was placed above Diana’s elbows and pulled tight behind her, effectively restraining her arms. The old woman then surprised Diana by lifting her out of the crib and placing her in a stroller. Diana was wheeled out of the room, down the now lit hallway, and back into the kitchen. She saw Tom and Dave, both dressed just like her, sitting in highchairs, with bibs. They were being fed something, she couldn’t see exactly what though. There were stains on the bibs, as if they had moved around and the spoon missed their mouths. Seconds later, Diana was unstrapped from the stroller and placed into a highchair, next to her boyfriend and brother. A bib was tied around her neck and two mechanical hands lowered out of the ceiling with a sectioned plate and what looked like a baby spoon, the only difference was it was the size of a normal one. The pacifier suddenly began to deflate and the old woman pulled it from Diana’s mouth. The second it was out, Diana let out a string of curses that would have made a sailor blush. Suddenly one of the mechanical hands slipped a spoonful of some disgusting mush into her mouth. She was about to spit it out when a third hand came down and held her mouth shut. The old woman reached over and pinched Diana’s nose closed. “Might as well swallow your food sweetie. This and a bottle of formula are all you’re ever going to be eating from now on.” The old woman laughed and rubbed Diana’s tummy again Diana looked over to Tom and Dave, but the boys seemed to be in some stupor, they ate the mush without any resistance. “What did you do to them, you bitch?” she yelled at the old woman “You’ll be feeding just as easily in a moment. The food you just swallowed contains a depressant that mollifies babies so they can be cared for easier. It’s effects aren’t long lasting, but they are potent.” Diana found the old woman was right, she was beginning to feel drowsy and lethargic. Soon, she was eating just like Tom and Dave. She didn’t even care when she suddenly pooped herself. When the meal was over, three female dummies rolled into the kitchen and pulled Diana, Tom, and Dave, out of their highchairs. The three were carried into the nursery where Diana had been held earlier. Inside the nursery, there were three women, sitting on loveseats. The dummies dropped their charges in the hands of the women. Each woman pulled their baby close and slowly unstrapped their blouses. The three charges knew what was coming, but had no power to resist as the women slowly placed the nipples of their breasts into the three charges mouths. They were nursed and slowly fell asleep. Diana woke up some time later, she shook the cobwebs from her head and looked around. She immediately noticed that she wasn’t in the nursery she had been in before, it was a new one. She tried to sit up, but her muscles wouldn’t respond correctly, she grimaced, and suddenly realized, her teeth were gone. “How long was I out?” she thought to herself She tried to yell for help, and found that she couldn’t speak, only guttural noises came out. She thrashed about the crib, trying to get out or stand up, but it was no use. A few minutes later, a woman and man walked into the nursery. The woman bent down over the crib and gently rubbed Diana’s tummy. “Well hello there sweetie. It’s ok, Mommy’s here baby.” The woman reached down and unsnapped Diana’s onsie, exposing her wet and messy diaper. Diana was shocked to find she hadn’t even realized she was wet and messy. The woman cooed and patted Diana in the most babyish way as she changed her diaper and redressed her in the onsie. Once she was clean, Diana looked up at the man and woman questioningly. They looked at each other then back down to Diana. “I’m your new Mommy.” The woman said “This is Daddy, we adopted you from the agency. We know you weren’t a baby when you went into the cabin, but you will be our baby now. There are lots of people out there, who can’t either have or adopt children, so this is our only recourse. You’ll learn to love it here. In a few weeks, the drug regimen will make you a little bit smaller and more babylike. It costs us a small fortune, but it’s worth it to have you with us honey.” Diana tried to ask where Dave and Tom were, but all that came out was, “Harr ss dom nd dabe?” The woman smiled as she lifted Diana out of the crib. “Oh look honey.” She said, turning to her husband “She wants to know where her little playmates are. Isn’t that sweet?” Her husband nodded and said, “You don’t have to worry about your friends pumpkin, they’re safe and sound with their own mommies and daddies. I’m afraid that you won’t be seeing them for a while though. They live on the other side of the country and the agency reunion won’t be for six months, to allow the drug regimen to take full effect and the babies to get used to their new lives.” The woman bounced Diana in her arms then took her over to a padded rocking chair. She sat down, with Diana on her lap and began to unbutton her blouse, then her nursing bra. Diana remembered the old nursery and the breast feeding she had been forced to endure. She tried to fight, but it didn’t help, the woman’s nipple was slipped into Diana’s waiting mouth and the rich breast milk flowed. Diana was held so close that she had to swallow or drown. Diana lay there on the woman’s lap, nursing, but in her mind, she was screaming, which soon turned into the panicked wail of a newborn baby.
  4. Prologue The television crackled as an image came on screen: WELCOME TO THE BUREAU! “Hi there.” A man walked into frame, “And let me be the first to welcome you to The Bureau. Over the next few weeks you will embark on a fantastic new career full of adventure, joy, and excitement!” The man started to walk and the camera panned to follow him, “Now, as I am sure you know, there are many different positions in The Bureau. Perhaps you joined our legal team, who protect the brave volunteers and candidates in the court of law. Perhaps you joined enforcement, bringing those who violate the laws regarding our people to justice!” The man smiled as a fifteen foot woman entered the shot and the camera zoomed out, “Hey there Clarie!” “Hello Charles!” The woman smiled. “This is Claire.” Charles smiled back, “She is going to run you through some of the basics of the Amazon world and some terminology that you will hear during your time with The Bureau. Claire, take it away!” “Thank you Charles.” The camera panned over to Claire who was standing next to a map of many islands, “I will now give you a brief overview of some of the different nations of this world. Keep in mind that there are several more nations, however, these nations generally follow the same policies as one of the big three nations. But first I need to address a bit of lingo that I will be using. When I use the term, “Little” that is referring to people of your size whether they be from your world or if they are native to my own. She turned to the map and pointed to the largest island, “This is Libertality, the first of the big three. This is where The Bureau’s primary base of operation in my world is located and this is where many of you will be based. Libertality has a decent sized population of littles with the 471 Y.A census putting the population at around 1.3 million and around seventy five percent of those littles are live independant of an Amazon. Here on Libertality, Littles enjoy significant rights and are on equal footing with the Amazons, in fact several members of the nation's parliament are littles!” she smiled and loved to a much smaller island, “This here is Galice. The Bureau operates several consulates in Galice and the nation currently hosts the only joint Little-Amazon undercover unit! However, despite the high level of cooperation between the Galicen government and The Bureau, littles do not enjoy the same rights as Amazons. Every little in Galice must be registered to an amazon or obtain an exception from the local government. However, this pales in comparison to Tasria.” she sighed and moved to an archipelago in the shape of a circle, “In Tasria, The Bureau only operates a pair of consulates and both are under heavy guard. In Tasria, Littles have no rights, even your status as members of The Bureau may not protect you and because of this all little personal are unfortunately confined to the consulates unless in the company of several amazon bureau agents. In Tasria you may see things that shake your conviction and because of this, assignment of little agents to Tasria is decided via lottery followed by a multi part appeal process if desired.” Claire said as she walked away from the map, “Now, let me be the first amazon to officially welcome you to The Bureau.” The video cut out and a man entered the room, “Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the video. My name is Daniel and I will be your travel and orientation guide.” He smiled, “Now if you just follow me, we can start your journey to the land of the Amazons.” He looked at people in the room. There were about thirteen people but a few stood out, there was a buff scared woman with noticeable tattoos. In stark contrast to her was a relatively scrawny even by little standards man with fluffy blonde hair. “Follow me please.” Daniel started to leave the room. The woman sighed and started to follow Daniel along with the rest of the room. As the group left the room they entered into a massive courtyard with several trucks moving containers labeled “Volunteers” and other trucks with containers labeled, “Candidates”. “Hey Daniel!” The woman yelled, “What’s in those containers?” Daniel smiled, “I’m glad you asked.” He said as he started to walk backwards, “Volunteers are those who have chosen to enter the care of an amazon willingly and candidates are chosen by the Amazons to be entrusted to the care of an amazon. Now I know what you are thinking and let me silence those fears now. Candidates are screened by The Bureau before we acquire them and these people are those who need to be healed and rehabilitated through the love that the Amazons give to them. By the way we only send littles from our world to Libertality and Galice.” He smiled as the group neared a bus, “Alright, everybody on the bus. Your luggage has already been loaded onto the bus.” He said as people started to enter the bus. “So, where are you going?” The muscular woman asked the blonde guy. “Well, I am going into the legal department as a junior attorney. What about you?” He said as he put on a nervous smile. “Security and enforcement. Two tours with the corps and I just couldn’t handle civilian life luckily a recruiter for the Bureau found me before I reenlisted. I just hope I don’t get assigned to that Tsaria place, it would make Pyongyang look like a cake walk.” “Shit, you were at Pyongyang?” “Yep, I was one of the first elements in the city. It was fucking dead. The higher ups had hoarded all the food for themselves and the vast majority of the city starved.” she sighed “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. I’m Markus.” He extended his hand. “Sandy, nice to meet you.” She smiled a bit and shook his hand as the bus started to drive into a large building. Daniel came over the loudspeaker, “Alright everyone, listen up.” He cleared his throat, “Now you are about to see our trans-dimensional portal. The trip can be a bit jarring but don’t worried no one has died from it...yet.” He said as the bus joined a line of trucks loaded with the containers from earlier. Armed guards patrolled the line of vehicles. Within a few minutes the bus neared a massive swirling pink and blue portal, “Alright everyone, here we go.” He turned to the driver, “Driver, lets do it!”. The bus drove right through the portal and within an instant they were though. Everything seemed the same except for the guards, they were all about fifteen feet tall. “Holy mother of God.” Sandy‘s jaw dropped. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the land of the Amazons!” Chapter One “Okay, this suddenly looks like a prison.” Sandy said as she watched the armed Amazon guards patrolling the convoy. Daniel smiled, “I can see where you are getting that observation from, however, I assure you that this is not a prison. This is just the primary base of operations for us in this world.” “But why the armed guards?” “Excellent question. There are those who wish to gain access to the technology that is used to facilitate trans-dimensional travel and those who want to try and get at the volunteers and candidates for their own nefarious purposes.” He said as the convoy neared a very large exit, “Now, please brace yourselves the size of the buildings may trigger a sense of vertigo.” The bus exited a large hangar and suddenly everything seemed much larger. Markus shut his eyes and steadied himself with the help of Sandy, “Oh Jesus.” “Easy there soldier.” She said as she grabbed his shoulders, “This is pretty cool. Doesn’t really look like what they advertised but still looks nice.” The bus came to a halt next to a massive office building that was at least thirty stories tall to the people on the bus. Daniel smiled as the driver opened the door, “Alright guys here we are.” He said as he exited the bus, “Don’t bother grabbing your bags you can collect them after you get your assignments. Now, follow me!” He started to walk towards a pair of little sized glass doors about thirty feet from an amazon sized glass doors. Markus slowly walked behind Sandy muttering nervously, “What have I gotten myself into? This is nothing like what they pitched me!” Sandy rolled her eyes, “Calm down Markus. While I will admit that there are significantly more amazons here than the recruiter said would be here, our bosses should still be like us, I mean it’s not like recruiters would lie to get more people to sign up, right… God damn it, it’s enlistment all over again.” The former marine sighed as they entered the building and were led into an amazon sized meeting room with plenty of little sized chairs, an amazon sized door, and a little sized door. Daniel smiled, “Everyone take a seat please your presenter will be here shortly. Now I know you signed a lot of paperwork back home, however, none of those documents are valid here and because of this you guys get more paperwork!” The group let out a collective groan at the thought of more paper work. Soon a pair of voices could be heard coming from the amazon sized door. “Martha, what do you have against the daycare, you used to put her in it everyday. I put Michelle in it, why can’t you put Kim in it?” A masculine voice said with a hint of agitation. “Well, Stuart, Michelle is exactly why I stopped sending Kimberly to the daycare. Michelle is a little monster!” A feminine voice responded “Oh! So now you are insulting my little!?” “Not per say, you just need to discipline her better.” “Discipline?! Oh that is rich coming from you!” He said getting more agitated, “My entire family is former military! I’m millitary, my wife is millitary, even Michelle is former military, so don’t you go telling me I need to work on my discipline, Miss spoils every single little that comes through her office!” The owner of the voice was a buff, crew cut amazon in a police officer's uniform. “So basicly you are accusing me of doing exactly what you do? You spoil Michelle beyond belief! I just give littles the love and attention they deserve!” The owner of the other voice was that of a woman dressed in a light brown sweater and matching dress with a dark chestnut pony tail. The woman had a girl dressed in purple short tails with a pink onesie underneath on her hip. The girl had light blonde hair styled in ringlets, she also had a clear diaper bulge and was sucking on a pacifier attached by a clip to her shortails, she had her eyes shut tight. Daniel cleared his throat, “Director Martha, Chief Crimson, it is good to see you both again. I see you brought Kimberly. However, I must ask why are both of you here? Director Park was scheduled to give in world orientation ” Martha nodded, “Daniel, very nice to see you again as well and yes Kimberly is helping mommy with work until some issues with the daycare are sorted out, isn’t that right sugar butt?” The girl on Martha’s hip nodded and took her pacifier out, “Yes mama.” she quickly replaced her pacifier. “Such a sweet little girl, if only Michelle acted like that.” Martha bounced Kim a bit. “I’m sorry, that sounded like you just insulted my darling pumpkin pants.” He growled, “And another thing.” “Moving on!” Daniel flashed a nervous smile as he raised his voice to stop the verbal altercation between the two amazons, “Director, you were just about to tell me why the two of you are here.” “Oh yes.” Martha smiled, “Director Park has had a bit of a family emergency and recommended that each department pick up their own new members and give individual orientations.” Daniel nodded, “Excellent.” he cleared his throat, “Allow me to introduce two members of our executive board. Director Martha is in charge of our legal department and our adoption department.” Markus looked at Sandy, “Legal and adoptions? Are the departments combined?” Sandy shrugged, “Beats me man, you should go ahead and ask her if you get a chance.” Daniel continued, “Chief Crimson is in charge of The Bureau’s security force.” Chief Crimson smirked, “Best paramilitary organisation of the planet.” Daniel nodded, “Now then, those of you who have joined our security forces please go with Chief Crimson and those of you who have joined our legal and adoption department please go with Director Martha. “Looks like this is where we part ways Markus.” Sandy extended her hand, “Wanna try and get drinks later?” Markus smiled a bit, “Sounds like a plan.” He shook her hand before Sandy walked over to the Chief along with a few guys. “Here we go.” Markus swallowed hard and walked over to marth and Kim. There was only one other person who joined them, a woman. MARKUS Martha smiled at the two new members of her department, “Let me guess.” She extended her hand towards Markus, “Markus Altivition.” Markus nodded, “Yes ma’am.” He shook her hand, or at least attempted to. Her hand dwarfed his own and he instantly felt like a child. Martha smiled and did the same with the woman, “Angela Balzac? “Yes ma’am.” The woman smiled and shook her hand. “Excellent, please follow me.” Martha smiled and shifted Kim to her other hip. Angelia struggled to keep up a bit with her new boss, “Um, Director, could you please slow down?” She said as she had to jog in order to keep up with her. “Oh?” She looked down at the two littles jogging to keep up with her, “Sorry!” she giggled a bit, “I’m very sorry.” she said and slowed her pace. “Thank you ma’am.” Markus said as he slowed down. “Oh please, just call me Martha.” She said as Kim started to whine and squirm in Martha’s arms, “What’s wrong sweetie?” She looked at her watch, “Oh dear, you must be hungry.” Martha started to take off her sweater revealing a white T-shirt which she then adjusted she that a nursing bra was exposed, “Alright baby, drink up.” She brought Kim to her breast. “Thank you mama!” Kim’s pacifier dropped her her mouth and swung for a bit as she started to nurse. Markus couldn’t help but blushed, sure he had seen mothers breastfeed in public before, but never had the child been so close to his own age. Martha seemed to notice Markus’ feelings and covered Kim up with her sweater, “Sorry dear, its past Kim’s feeding time and she gets fussy when she gets hungry.” “Of course Direct, er, Martha.” He smiled a nervous smile, “Mind answering a question for me?” he asked as the group passed a pair of amazons. “Quite alright Martha.” Angelia smiled “Sure.” She said as they entered an elevator. Martha pressed the twelve key. “Are the legal department and the adoption department combined?” He asked as her looked at Angelia. “Yes they are dear.” She smiled, “The legal department’s workload is very light as most of the work they do is advocating on littles’ behalf during divorce proceedings we do get a case every so often that is much more serious, but those are generally the cases that either myself or Charles takes. Charles is your supervisor by the way. Since the adoption process has so much paperwork and red tape it makes sense that the legal department help out with that. It also helps because it protects The Bureau from legal repercussions. Legal is the first line of defense for the littles we adopt out because they conduct the primary interviews with prospective adopters.” She said as Kim unlatched and started to try and adjust herself, “Hold on, hold on.” She set Kim on the floor and readjusted her T-shirt before putting her sweater back on. “Up, up!” Kim whined and reached up to be held Markus couldn’t help but but look at Kim in her babish attire. This was a woman about as old as he was, “Why?” he murmured to himself. Martha picked Kim back up, “What was that Markus?” she said as she set Kim on her hip. “I just can’t understand why anyone would want to live like… a baby.” he said and suddenly realized his mistake, “No offense to you Kim!” Kim whimpered and buried her face in Martha’s shoulder, “Meanie!” “Hey, no need for that language.” She scolded Kim and started to pat her back, “Well Markus, Kim here was a volunteer from your world. She was a graduate student in literary studies. Her parents did not approve her education path and threatened to stop paying tuition combine that with social stress on top of the existing academic stress, it was a pretty easy choice for her to make, and she hasn’t looked back has she?” “Never!” She smiled and kissed Martha’s cheek, “I love you mama!” “I love you too Kimberly.” She cooed as the elevator arrived and the doors opened. Waiting for them was a little in a beige suit and blue tie, “Hello Charles.” “Hello Martha, are these the new members?” Charles said as he shook the hands of the two new littles. “Markus here will be under you, but Angelia will be under Keith.” Martha smiled, “How’s the Faux case coming along?” “Almost complete ma’am.” he smiled. “Excellent, please show Markus to his desk. I will introduce Angelia to Keith.” Martha started to walk away with Angelia in tow. “Welcome to the pits Markus, now let me show you to your desk.” Charles smiled and motioned for Markus to follow him. SANDY Sandy smiled a bit as the group of new recruits introduced themselves to the Chief. There was José, a former Border Patrol agent, Frederick, a former seaman with the Coast Guard, and Kenji, a former Army military police officer. Chief Crimson smiled, “Well, I gotta say you three are one of my more promising groups.” He said as his phone started to ring, “Sorry, one second.” He looked at the caller ID and quickly answered, “Yes honey? A water main burst? I see. But I’m with new recruits. But. Yes,ma’am.” He sighed and hung up before turning to his new officers, “Never marry someone higher rank than you. Sandy chuckled, “Your wife pulled rank?” The Chief sighed, “Yep, she has me by one rank. Alright, so we are gonna swing by the daycare so I can get my little so my wife quickly pick her up and head home and then we will head to the armory so you can get acquainted with the rest of the team.” He smiled, “lets see how you four can up with me, double time!” He started to jog down the hall but to the littles he might as well have been in a full sprint. Sandy smiled, “Yes sir!” She said as she ran to keep pace with the Chief. After about a minute of running they came to a two part amazon sized door decorated with butterflies and clouds. “Not bad recruits, not bad.” He smiled and knocked on the door. An amazon woman opened the top portion of the door, “Chief Crimson, here to visit Michelle?” He shook his head, “Sorry Jessica but the wife got off early so I am withdrawing her early today so she can head home with mommy.” She nodded, “Alright, let me go get her.” The woman walked away from the door. Sandy was stretching a bit after the run, her back to the Chief, “Gotta tell you guys I am looking forward to this job.” José nodded, “This is gonna be a whole helluva lot more comfortable than border patrol.” Kenji nodded, “Yeah, hopefully this is as nice as the recruiters said it would be.” Sandy rolled her eyes, “Kenji, I dunno about the army but with Marine recruiters and evidently bureau recruiters, they tend to embellish heavily.” “Alright recruits, meet my little pumpkin pants.” Chief Crimson smiled as he carried a girl in an orange and black dress that did nothing to cover a fairly thick diaper. “Daddy!” The girl whined, “I told you not to call me that in front of people.” She blushed. “I can’t help it, you are just so cute.” He kissed her Sandy’s eyes went wide and she quickly turned around to face the Chief and his little, “Corporal!?” The girl’s eyes went wide as well and smiled nervously, “Hey there...Gunney.” END OF CHAPTER 1
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    The Wand's Surprise.

    All characters will be 18+ This is an RP between two adults (myself being one of them). I am seeking another adult for this RP, which is purely fantasy based. I'm on Eastern Standard time you dont have to be but that would be a plus. If you have any questions feel free to ask here in the comments. Want to role play a scene similar to this story scene yet it is subject to change on what fits us best. So take your time and read this post. (RP Contains: mental changes to my character, diapers (wet and dirty), abdl, mdlb, humiliation, spanking, magic transformation, public diaper changes, enforced bedtimes, nurseries, breastfeeding, and whatever else you'd like to add. (Hard limts are gore, vomit, death) I would perfer to use discord, kik, or reddit for are roleplaying messaging. The Wand’s Surprise Chapter 1 “Oh shit *Cough*, look at this!” Maggie said, as she pulled out a thin black wand from the dusty box. She waved the dust that puffed out of the crate away with her free hand. “Look at this, Mikey! This is perfect for our Harry Potter costumes!” she said, handing the wand to her boyfriend. He smiled as he took it from her, making quick note of the strange engravings on the side. “Holy shit this is perfect!” He said, twisting it around in his hands. Mikey looked back up at his girlfriend smiling back at him… god she was beautiful. While she was three years younger than him (He was 27), she was drop dead gorgeous. Brown hair, hazel eyes, moderate breasts, and an ass that could kill. She was truly the perfect girl for him. “Man this house just has so many cool surprises in it!” He said, handing the wand back to Maggie. She beamed at him. “I know! Buying this place ‘as is’ was the best choice we could have made haha” she said with a slight giggle at the end. The two of the continued to rummage around the attic for about an hour, before calling it quits. They descended down the latter together, and made their way into the kitchen for a quick snack. “Watcha want Mags? Crackers and hummus sound good to you?” Mikey said, as he stared into the refrigerator. She responded with a quick nod. As Mikey pulled the crackers out of the cupboard, Maggie couldn’t help but keep twisting the wand around in her hands. It was just so interesting, it was as if she didn’t want to put it down. “This thing is just so cool.” She said, starting directly at the black wand. Mikey let out a smirk as he placed everything on the table. “It’s neat for sure, but ain’t a real one.” He said, grabbing a fist full of crackers. “Well you don’t kno-“ Maggie suddenly cut herself off as she looked up from her wand. “That dick” She thought to herself, as she peered at the tower of dirty dishes in the sink. Her smiley face fanished, replaced with a pissed off glare. “What the hell, Mikey? You said you would do the dishes YESTERDAY!” Maggie said with some bite in her words. Mikey recoiled from the sharp response, then shot a defensive look at Maggie. “I just.. forgot okay?” He said, pulling a cracker out of some humus. Mikey tried to look away, as if to defuse the situation by doing that. Maggie continued to glare. “It just pisses me off because I’ve had to do them for the past what? 2 weeks non-stop?” She said, getting up out of her chair. Mikey just rolled his eyes. Grabbing his plate of snacks, he also got out of his chair. “I’ll just let you be for a bit then.” Mikey said, making his way out of the kitchen. Still munching, he went into the couples room. Maggie was left fuming in the kitchen, still holding the wand for some reason. She just shook her head, as she stared up at the ceiling. “You’re such a baby” she whispered, as she thought about Mikey. The wand began to warm in her hand. She didn’t really notice it at first, but suddenly she shot her gaze toward the black stick in her hand. “The fuck?” She whispered, as she lifted the wand to her face, the very tip of it began to glow. It was a dull green, but slowly brightened to a blinding white. Maggie let out a gasp as she dropped the wand. The light grew even brighter, until she couldn’t see anything anymore. She braced herself in response, until… the light just shut off. She stood in her guarded stance for a few minutes, a look of fear clear across her face. “Holy… shit…” She whispered, as she touched the wand with her foot. “That didn’t just happen…” Maggie said, slowly grabbing the wand off the floor. She thoroughly examined it, praying she didn’t just blow something up… Mikey looked back up at his computer screen, as he popped another cracker in his mouth. He kept scrolling through his facebook feed, not really doing anything in particular. He looked down at the plate in his lap again to grab another cracker, but instead let out a gasp. “What the hell!” Was what he meant to say, but instead “Was da hecks!” came out. His entire wardrobe had started to change. Gone was his shirt and sweatpants. Blue overalls and soft blue pastel shirt had taken it’s place. That wasn’t the worst part through… it was the fact his crotch couldn’t stop expanding… A thick, gigantic diaper was slowly growing over his waist. Mikey’s overalls had some buttons on the front, and instantly he started fumbling around with them to see what the hell was going on. It took him much longer than he would have expected (Solid 2 minutes to undo three buttons). The diaper had finally stopped expanding, but that didn’t help Mikey feel any better. A gasp escaped his lips, as he stared in awe the oversized diaper around his butt. The words “Baby” were written repeatedly across the waistline in block letters. These were baby diapers, meant for some little baby boy who wasn’t even close to potty training. “Dis so- UGH!” Mikey yelled, his emotions just suddenly bursting over him. It was as if the rational part of his mind was less in control than normal. He got up, and started stomping his feet all over the ground. “No No NO! NO DIAPIE!!” He yelled, his face growing red with anger. He could feel some tears starting to form around his face, but he didn’t even care. “Me no need DI-DI’S!” He screamed again, he started to wobble. His face went from angry, to scared as he lost complete control of his balance. He fell straight onto his diapered butt with a “PUFF”. It was almost instant what happened next: “WAAAA!!!! W-W-WAAA!! AAHHH!!” Mikey just lost it, he lost all control of his emotions, as he just let loose into a full temper tantrum. Any kind of surveillance on his bodily functions was out the window, as his diaper started to warm under his lack of focus on his crotch. His potty training was now spotty at BEST, so just any outburst like this was going to lead to a very wet diaper.. It was then that Maggie bust open the door. “Mikey whats! … Oh… oh my…” She said, completely shocked. “Mikey why the… why are you wearing a fucking diaper?! What happened to your clothes!?” Maggie said, making her way closer to him. Mikey didn’t even respond, in fact he just wailed even harder. “WAA! MAMA!! WAA!!!” He screamed, pounding his fists onto the floor. Maggie recoiled at that middle part. “Mama?” She said to herself. It was if something just clicked in her mind, “Oh baby.. come here you.. aww did you fall on your little butt?” Maggie said, collecting her ‘boyfriend’ into her arms. He weighed almost nothing in her arms, he easily hoisted him up. “Aww did you take a tumble? Hm? Did you go boom boom on the floor?” She said, swaying the baby boy back and forth. Mikey just nodded in response, popping a free hand into his mouth. “Aw well it’s okay little boy, here let mommy check your diaper here.” She quickly placed two fingers into the waistline of his diaper. “Oh you’re soaked, Baby!” Maggie said, shaking her head. Mikey didn’t even slightly care, he was starting to come down from his tantrum. He moved his gaze toward the large, supple breasts of his girlfriend. He instinctively started pawing at them, whimpering as he did so. Maggie wasn’t sure what he meant at first, but a smile grew across her face as she realized what he wanted. “Oh, are you a hungry little boy?” She said, placing Mikey on the bed. She started taking off her shirt. She stared at Mikey, as her bra came off. “Am I really about to breastfeed my boyfriend?” She thought, sitting on the bed next to him. She guided his head to her plump breasts, he instantly latched on. “Ooo!” She said, not expecting it to feel that good. Her smile grew even wider… “Oh I could get used to this…” she said… her ‘boyfriend’ slipring happily away.
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    Summer's Retreat

    Summer's Retreat by BabyStevie26 "These grades are abysmal," her father said. "I didn't raise a dullard. Do you expect your tutors to be pleased to find out you've wasted their time?" "That-that's not-" "It's not what?" Father said, his lips curled into a sneer. "Not that the work was hard? Was it just laziness, then?" "No!" she said. "Some girls in my class, they needed help-" "Then next time you will deny them," Father snapped. "You have enough problems of your own without contributing to others' failure." Summer closed her eyes and cried as her father's tirade continued. She begged, prayed to be somewhere, anywhere else. -------------------- Summer opened her eyes. Then blinked as nothing seemed immediately familiar.Where am I? Summer asked herself.She wasn't sure what had just happened. One moment her father was berating her for getting C's in school. The next she was someplace else entirely. Looking around she saw she was sitting on her knees on a carpet in front of a coffee table. A child's coloring book was open in front of her, overlarge crayons scattered around. A green one was in her hand. Further in front of her was a television. It was currently turned off. Reflected in the screen was the sofa directly behind Summer, as well as Summer herself.What am I wearing? Summer thought. She looked down at herself. She needed to see it with her own eyes because the image reflected the screen was simply too absurd. Yet when she looked down she saw exactly the same thing that was in the reflection.Seventeen year old Summer was wearing a pastel pink one piece dress. Its hem, sleeves, and collar were ruffled. It would've been adorable… on a preschooler or something. Which brought to mind what else she was wearing. Sitting on her knees she could tell the ruffly pink dress went barely halfway past her thighs. As a result, it was easy to see her underwear poking out. Her thick, white, padded underwear.Why am I wearing a diaper? Summer thought.Any further questions were interrupted by a woman entering the room. Summer immediately recognized the short black bob of her Aunt Jennifer, or "Aunt Jenn", as she had insisted on being called. Summer watched as her uncle's wife moved about the room, dusting the shelves. She paid Summer no mind, going about her task as if Summer were not even there.Summer kept quiet, terrified of drawing attention to herself. She liked Aunt Jenn, she really did. Yet even knowing Aunt Jenn was one of the nicest people Summer had known her mind imagined the woman seeing her and demanding to know why Summer was sitting in her home dressed like a toddler.Butterflies gathered in Summer's stomach as that image filled her mind. She found herself leaning forward to try ease the feeling. She heard a crinkling noise as she moved and realized it was the diaper wrapped around her. Aunt Jenn noticed, too. She looked directly at Summer when she heard the crinkle. Rather than the screaming tirade Summer had anticipated, Aunt Jenn smiled at her and finished her dusting without a word. Summer watched her aunt, wondering how she could take Summer's outlandish appearance in stride.Summer tried to speak up, tried to tell Aunt Jenn this wasn't what it looked like. She opened her mouth, but no words came out. She couldn't bring herself to even make a sound as Aunt Jenn went back into the kitchen.Summer's stomach had begun to feel better, so Summer straightened out of her hunched over pose and sat back down. That was when she felt something squish against her bottom half. Summer's face turned pale, then became completely red as she began to realize what a squishy sensation from a diaper had to mean. If she had any doubts, the odor that began to hit her nostrils took care of them.When… when did that happen? Summer thought. The only thing she could think of was when she leaned forward moments before. She had just thought she was nervous. Apparently it had been more than that.Now a sound did escape Summer. A soft sobbing as she began to cry. It wasn't loud, Summer had never been loud, so no one responded to her distress. Summer's self-pity was interrupted by the sound of a door opening and closing, followed by a voice calling out."I'm home!" it said, breaking Summer out of her daze. She looked up an saw a young girl walk in from the front hallway. She looked just like Summer's younger cousin Bailey, except she seemed an extra foot taller than Summer remembered. She also didn't recall her cousin wearing glasses. Judging by the bag slung over Bailey's shoulder, Summer assumed she had just returned home from school. At the sight of the bag, Summer let out an involuntary whimper. Bailey's head turned to look at Summer, her head tilting one side."What's wrong, Summer?" Bailey asked with clear concern.She dropped her backpack and approached her crying, diapered, stinking cousin. Bailey's nose wrinkled as she noticed the last part. Then shook her head and sighed."Is that all it is?" Bailey ruffled Summer's hair and grinned at her. "You had me worried."Bailey walked behind Summer and lifted the back of Summer's dress. Summer felt a tug and realized only then that Bailey was checking her diaper. She heard Bailey "tsk" after a moment."Mom!" Bailey yelled out. "Summer needs a diaper change!"Summer thought she could not possibly be more mortified. Then she heard her aunt's reply."I know. I saw her in her pooping pose earlier," she called back from the kitchen. "Does it seem like she's done?""Pooping pose"? Summer thought. Her mind reeled at the implication. Was she referring to when Summer had been bent forward?Bailey looked at Summer for a few seconds before answering."Well, her face is still red, but it looks like it," she called to the kitchen. "She might have a rash, though. She's been crying.""Okay," Aunt Jenn called back. "Take her to the nursery and I'll change her when I'm done here.""Alright!" Bailey replied. She took hold of Summer's left arm. "C'mon, Summer. Let's go to your room."Bailey pulled on Summer's arm clearly trying to indicate the girl should stand up. Summer refused to move. She didn't so much fight as sit there as dead weight Bailey was not strong enough to move by force."We have to go upstairs so Mommy can change you," Bailey said as she tried to get the older girl to her feet. "Don't you want clean pants, Summer?"Summer desperately wanted just that. She just as desperately wanted to avoid moving around in dirty pants. She could feel the mess in the diaper shift and squish just from Bailey's attempts to move her. She dreaded trying to walk, let alone go up a flight of stairs, with a messy diaper smushing every step of the way.Fortunately, after a few more attempts to tug Summer to her feet, Bailey gave up."Mom! She won't move!"Summer's aunt came back into the room and saw Summer right where she'd been last, Bailey still holding her arm."In that case," she told Bailey, "go upstairs, please, and bring her changing supplies here.""'Kay." Bailey let go of Summer and got up to do as she was asked.Summer's aunt knelt down in front of the girl and smiled."It's all right, Summer," she said soothingly. "Mommy and Sissie are going to get you out of those icky pants and into a clean diaper in just a little bitty bit."She gave Summer a firm yet gentle push on her shoulder. Unlike Bailey, Aunt Jenn was strong enough to force her to move, so Summer soon found herself lying down on her left side. At that point Aunt Jenn took hold of Summer's legs, using them to help Summer turn onto her back. Summer whimpered as the motion shifted the mess around. Aunt Jenn whispered soothing nothings at her until Bailey came back down. With her head resting on the floor, Summer felt as much as heard her cousin's footsteps on the stairs and carpet as she returned."Perfect timing," Summer heard Aunt Jenn say. She then lifted Summer's legs until her bottom was off the floor. "Slip the pad under her, please."Summer's dress was hiked up past her waist as she was lowered back down. She heard something besides her diaper crinkle. She moved her head to try and see and found a plastic changing pad had been placed under her."Do you want any help?" Bailey asked as her mother got everything Bailey had brought down organized to her liking."I can handle the dirty work," Aunt Jenn replied, patting the front of the diaper Summer wore as she said it. "Keep Summer occupied, though. She's really distressed about something. Some attention from her Sissie might help.""Sure thing." Bailey sat down next to Summer's head."Hey, Summer," Bailey said in the sing-song people reserved for speaking to infants. "Look what I got!"She held a rattle over Summer's head and shook it in front of her face. Summer found herself enthralled by the jangling of the rattle. So much so she was only vaguely aware of the sound of tapes being torn. She immediately noticed the rush of the house's air conditioning on her bottom half as the diaper was opened. She closed her eyes and shuddered a little at the sensation.When the rattle stopped moving she looked at her cousin and saw her face scrunched up, clearly trying not to gag. Obviously the smell from the open diaper was getting to her. Summer couldn't help laughing at the expression on her face."You think that's funny, do you?" Bailey asked. She then started making faces at Summer, some with sounds. Summer started laughing as Bailey kept it up. Summer felt a hand grip her ankles as she started to kick."Sorry," Bailey told her mom."It's fine." Aunt Jenn pushed Summer's feet forward until her knees were at her chest."Hold her for a moment," Aunt Jenn instructed Bailey. Bailey took hold of Summer's ankles and held her legs in place. Summer couldn't see what was going on but yelped when something cold started moving across her lower body."It's weird…" Bailey said."What is?" Aunt Jenn asked."Summer's face. It's all red. It's not a sunburn and she isn't pooping anymore. It almost looks like she's blushing. Like she's embarrassed.""That is odd," Aunt Jenn replied. "I honestly can't remember Summer being embarrassed during a diaper change."Summer herself couldn't imagine not being embarrassed by a diaper change, since she didn't normally wear them at all in the first place, let alone need them changed. Obviously, her aunt and cousin thought differently. As far as they were concerned, she soiled herself often enough to earn a nickname for when it happened. Summer wanted to tell them to stop. To stop wiping her rear end. To stop talking like she wasn't even there. To tell them that, yes, she was embarrassed at being stripped down in front of her younger cousin after soiling herself.Say something! Summer screamed at herself. You're seventeen years old, for Heaven's sake, not seventeen months!She said nothing. She did nothing. Summer laid there, with that younger cousin holding Summer's legs so her dirty bottom was on full display to her aunt. That aunt was cleaning her niece's most private areas like it was the most normal thing in the world."All clean!" Aunt Jenn announced. Bailey continued to hold Summer's legs. Summer heard more crinkling noises and only after they stopped did Bailey lower Summer's lower body back down to the floor. Summer felt her bottom rest on something soft. Before she could register the obvious, Aunt Jenn was already sprinkling powder on Summer's lower half. After that she took the front of the clean diaper and folded it over Summer's front.Once it was secured, Aunt Jenn took Summer's hands and pulled her back up into a sitting position. Before standing up herself, she gave Summer a kiss on the forehead."All better now, huh?" she asked. She stood up before Summer could think of answering, revealing to Summer she was likely not expecting one."Do you have homework, Bailey?" she asked, turning her attention to her daughter."Just a little," Bailey said. "I'll have it done before dinner."Aunt Jenn agreed to that and went back to whatever she'd been up to in the kitchen. Bailey didn't leave. Instead she got her backpack. Summer flinched when Bailey plopped it down next to the coffee table. Bailey sat on her knees on the carpet next to Summer and began working. Summer sat passively and watched as her cousin worked on math. It seemed more advanced than the fourth grade math she remembered taking. That was when she noticed one corner of the worksheet Bailey was using. On it was what looked like a teacher's name. Below it were the words "sixth grade.""Sixth?" Summer asked out loud. Bailey looked up, then back down at her paper as she followed Summer's gaze."Yep, that's a six." Bailey smiled at Summer. "That's there to show I'm in sixth grade."Summer stared, but said nothing further. Bailey went back to her work, leaving Summer to her thoughts.Since when is Bailey in sixth grade? Summer thought. Then again, since when is Bailey suddenly a foot taller than she used to be? Since when did she wear glasses?Summer began looking around the room more. This time she was looking for something specific. She saw a clock and a few digital displays on some of the electronics, but all of them only had the time. That alone wouldn't confirm what she had begun to suspect.The kitchen! Summer thought. She stood up from the coffee table and began walking to the kitchen where her Aunt Jenn was currently cleaning the counter tops. Summer winced as she heard the diaper crinkle with her every motion. Bailey watched for a moment then went back to her schoolwork. In the kitchen, Summer looked around, trying to find what she was after.There, Summer found a calendar on the wall next to the pantry. On the bottom was the month and various little notes written in, such as Summer herself having a doctor appointment on the sixteenth. On the top page, mixed in with a picture of frolicking puppies, was a four digit number. Summer looked at the last digit and began to panic.Two years? she thought. The calendar's year was two years ahead of what she could last remember. She had been right, there was a gap. A gap of two years. Two years in which her cousin had hit at least one growth spurt and entered the tail end of elementary school. Two years during which she had been prescribed glasses. Two years during which Summer had become an overgrown baby.Summer tried to remember anything she could from before today. Everything was hazy at best. She could remember Mommy-no, Aunt Jenn singing to her. Bailey playing with her. Daddy… no, Uncle Henry managing to carry her. None of the memories were clear. Rather they were apparently things that happened enough she could remember them through sheer frequency. The first memory she could recall with any clarity involved her father.As the memory of his scowling face entered Summer's mind, she squatted into a fetal position, burying her head in her legs and starting to sob."Summer?!" Summer heard her aunt's voice as if it were far away. She didn't even notice the woman bend over and wrap her arms around the girl."I'll do better, Daddy," Summer moaned."You always say that," she heard her father's voice answer, "and you always fail to keep your word. You often do worse than before. Does that make you an idiot, a liar, or both?"Summer sobbed loudly. Instinctively leaning into Aunt Jenn's embrace. "I'll do better!" she sobbed."It's all right, sweetheart. Everything's all right." Soothed by her aunt's voice, Summer gradually quieted down."Mom, is Summer okay?" Bailey asked from the kitchen doorway."I think she had some kind of flashback," Aunt Jenn explained. She helped Summer to her feet and helped her into the living room. She laid Summer down in on a blanket on the floor. She went back to the kitchen, leaving Bailey with the older girl just long enough to return with a bottle."Drink this, sweetie, you'll feel better." Aunt Jenn handed Summer the bottle and helped hold it to the girl's lips. Inside the bottle was sweet juice that Summer began to suck down greedily. As she did, she heard Aunt Jenn start to sing, and everything become hazy again. -------------------- Summer awoke to a smell much nicer than a dirty diaper. I'm the distance, she heard sizzling she realized was coming from the kitchen. Someone was cooking."Look who's awake," Summer heard a man's voice ask. Her eyes went to the sofa where she saw her Uncle Henry. He had something in his hands. Next to him, holding the same thing, was Bailey. She was intently focused on the television. Summer turned her head in that direction and saw a colorful video game on the screen. She got caught up in it herself for a moment. So much so she didn't notice the game pause nor Bailey kneel down where she lay. "Hey, sleepyhead," Bailey tickled Summer lightly across her belly. Summer laughed and tried to pull her dress down to cover herself."Don't excite her too much," Uncle Henry told her. "Her late nap is already going to make her impossible at bedtime."The ticking stopped. Once Summer blinked away the tears she saw Bailey looking at her father with a serious expression on her face."You didn't see her this afternoon," Bailey told him. "She needed that nap. She's already in a better mood now.""I know that, sweetheart." Uncle Henry pressed buttons on what Summer now realized was a game controller and behind her the TV went dark. "You and your mother were quite clear. How's Summer's diaper?"Bailey rested a hand on the front of Summer's diaper for a moment."Wet, but just a little," Bailey said. Summer tensed. "Mom's giving her a bath tonight and she's already pooped, so she'll keep."Summer moved around a little, squeezing her legs together and squirming. Indeed, the padding felt different than she remembered when Aunt Jenn had diapered her before. Summer realized she had wet herself in her sleep.An image entered Summer's mind at that realization. A memory of herself, late at night. A memory of a maid wordlessly stripping sheets off a bed. Standing at the door, silhouetted by the light in the hallway, was her father. She didn't need to see his face clearly to know it was scowling, or maybe sneering at his ten year-old daughter's lack of control. He blocked the door, preventing the maid from leaving until Summer, already full of shame from her accident, removed her wet panties and nightdress and handed them over. "Bubble kissie!" A shout suddenly interrupted Summer's thoughts as Bailey blew a raspberry on Summer's stomach. Summer squealed in a way she couldn't remember ever doing before."You keep that up and you're the one staying up with her if she doesn't want to go to sleep," Summer heard her Aunt Jenn say from the kitchen door. "Dinner's about ready, so get Summer seated."Bailey complied, taking Summer's hands in her own and helping her sit up. This time Summer didn't resist when Bailey pulled on her to suggest she stand up. Bailey let Summer to the dining room, where four chairs were set up.Summer was guided to one chair and told to sit down. She did and was promptly reminded of her wet diaper as it squished under her."Oh, please," Bailey said dismissively at the expression on Summer's face. "You've sat in worse."Says you, Summer did not say out loud. Of course, if she had indeed spent two years as a baby, Bailey was probably right about that.Bailey tied a bib around Summer's neck while Aunt Jenn and Uncle Henry brought plates over. Summer immediately noticed three differences between her plate and the rest of the family. Her meat was already cut up, her drink was in a plastic sippy cup, and there was a noticeable lack of metal silverware. While even Bailey used a knife and fork to cut into what looked like chicken, her elbow precariously close to her glass of juice, Summer had an oversized spork and the next closest thing to a baby bottle. She took a few stabs at the meat and eventually managed a couple bites. Then she started getting frustrated and began just eating her chicken by hand."Two bites before abandoning the fork," Bailey said. "That's a record.""She's feeding herself this time, at least," Uncle Henry said."She's been a lot better lately about needing to be hand fed," Aunt Jenn said.Summer froze, suddenly self conscious with everyone's attention on her eating habits."You're fine, Summer," Uncle Henry assured her with a smile. "Keep eating."Reluctantly, Summer continued eating her food by hand. Summer didn't take part in any of the conversation, nor was she apparently expected to. The grown-ups talked about their days at home, work, and school respectively and left the baby to herself except to wipe her hands and face when she finished. Summer stayed in her seat, unsure whether she was excused and not sure how to ask. Everyone else, slowed by conversation and having to actually cut up their food, was still eating. Bailey seemed to hit a particularly stubborn bit of chicken as she was struggling to cut it. When she finally succeeded, her arm slipped and sent her elbow right into her glass, sending it crashing to the floor."Bailey!" Aunt Jenn exclaimed."Sorry!" Bailey said as her father moved to start cleaning the glass and spilled juice off the floor.Summer felt a hand clamp on to her shoulder and turned to see Aunt Jenn holding it, pushing down if Summer tried to move, and risk her bare feet around broken glass."How many times have we told you to be careful about your glass?" Aunt Jenn scolded."Sorry!" Bailey said again. "I didn't notice it was right there.""That's my point, Bailey. You've said over and over you'd be more careful, now look." Aunt Jenn sighed in frustration.As Summer watched her cousin's expression fall as her mother scolded her, a strange sensation came over Summer. She blinked several times, only for her vision to blur each time. She brought a hand up to her face and felt the tears running down it."How many times have you been told?" A voice rang in her head."Obviously you weren't thinking!""Is this all your promises are worth?""Bailey's good!" A voice cried out. Summer realized it was her own."Bailey's good," she repeated. "Bailey played with me! Don't yell!"Everyone stopped to like at Summer. Then Summer, her voice much quieter, said "Please don't yell."Summer closed her eyes and began to sob. For a moment the only sounds were her crying and her uncle's continued collecting of broken glass. After a few moments of that, Summer felt a weight on her legs. Summer opened her eyes to see Bailey sitting in lap, looking up at her. She grabbed a napkin from the table and dabbed Summer's tears with it. Summer wrapped her arms around Bailey and squeezed."Don't cry, Summer," Bailey said. "Mommy's not yelling. She's just a little upset, that's all. Sissie isn't in trouble…" Bailey hesitated at that, then looked to her mother. "Um… I'm not, am I?""No," Aunt Jenn replied. Then took one of Summer's hands in hers. "Even if you were, I certainly couldn't punish you now, could I?" Mother and daughter chuckled. "Still, if this happens again, Summer won't be the only one using a sippy cup at the dinner table for a while.""Mom!" Bailey's face went red."I'm not kidding," Aunt Jenn insisted through a big grin. "If you don't start shaping up, Summer will graduate to big girl cups again before you do."Bailey glared, but Summer didn't feel that same tension from a few moments ago. While they spoke Uncle Henry had finished cleaning the glass and the spill, brought Bailey a new drink, this time in a plastic cup, and everyone soon resumed eating. The only difference was Summer couldn't bring herself to let go of Bailey, forcing Bailey to finish her meal from Summer's lap.After dinner, the family moved to the living room and sat together. The television was on, but Summer didn't pay it any attention. Bailey insisted on playing peek-a-boo with her. Bailey spiced it up by doing things like funny faces or "bubble kisses" when she uncovered Summer's eyes. Summer's aunt and uncle watched a movie, content to let the children entertain themselves. Some hours later, the movie was done and Bailey had gone through more rounds of peek-a-boo, some pattycake, and rolling a ball. Aunt Jenn took Summer to the bathroom and gave her a bath. The bath was uneventful, other than Uncle Henry walking in to ask her aunt something. Nobody noticed Summer's embarrassment, as nobody really looked in her direction or seemed to care she was naked as the day she was born. Similarly, after the bath, Aunt Jenn dried Summer then led her, still nude, to her own room to be dressed for bed.Once Summer got a good look at her room, she became too surprised to be embarrassed.It was, for all intents and purposes, a gigantic nursery. Against the left wall was a bed with a raised mattress and bars that raised or lowered on tracks set into the headboard and footboard. To Summer's eye it looked like those bars could go nearly to the ceiling to make sure no large errant babies got out of bed without supervision. On the opposite wall was a long bench or table. Summer saw underneath there were several large diapers, boxes of wipes, and bottles of lotion and powder.On the floor in the room's center was a playmat with a few soft toys and blocks scattered around it. On the wall opposite the door, under the window, was an open toy box. Baby cartoon characters decorated the walls all around, which were painted a pastel pink. Other furniture, such as a nightstand and bookshelf, were lined up around the room.Summer was so busy gawking at it all she paid no attention to Aunt Jenn leading her to what she was only just realizing was a changing table and made her lie down on it. Just like in the living room, Aunt Jenn put a new diaper underneath Summer and taped it onto her after applying powder and lotion. As her aunt had her stand up, Summer was quick to notice that this diaper was even thicker than the ones she had worn already.As she marveled at that, Aunt Jenn got Summer dressed for bed. The first thing her aunt did was guide Summer's arms through the straps of a bra that, once in place, Aunt Jenn fastened from behind. Summer giggled at the idea of a baby in a bra, then realized there were probably practical issues of physical support or comfort that could not be ignored just because she didn't act like a young adult.Lost in her thoughts, Summer didn't pay attention as Aunt Jenn pulled another piece of clothing from the dresser. This one she knelt down and navigate Summer's feet into one at a time. Summer supported herself with her aunt's shoulders. Once that was done. She lifted the garment up the length of Summer's body and guided the girl's arms into sleeves on the front. That was when Summer realized she was being dressed in an adult sized footed sleeper. One that zipped up in the back, as her aunt's next step was to stand behind Summer and zip her up. Summer's attempt to reach for the zipper herself got her hands lightly slapped away, but not before she felt a button where the zipper was supposed to end. Finally, Aunt Jenn led Summer to the bed and had her lay down on it. As she raised the bars, Bailey entered the room with a baby bottle in her hands. She passed it to Summer through the crib bars. This time the bottle was just regular water. Regardless, Summer was thirsty enough to put the bottle to her lips and start drinking."You go get your pajamas on, too, Bailey," Aunt Jenn said softly. "Tell Daddy I'll be down as soon as I give Summer her lullaby.""Sure." Bailey reached through the bars one more time before she left. She brushed Summer's cheek and wished her good night. Soon after she left, Aunt Jenn began singing, just like the living room. Summer didn't fall asleep right away like before. Instead she started to think about the past several hours.So much had happened in that span of time. Summer had found herself in a diaper, a sight nobody except her seemed to find unusual in the slightest. She had soiled herself without knowing she'd done it until she sat down, only for her aunt and cousin to clean her up without a fuss. She'd lost two years of her life to what she could only assume was this second babyhood, yet when she had reacted by freaking out Aunt Jenn and Bailey had stayed by her and helped calm her. Bailey had played with and entertained her, even if they had been baby games. At dinner no one had so much as cared that she had eaten with her hands when everyone else had been using silverware.Then there was this nursery. This nursery filled with baby furniture sized to fit Summer. The adult diapers, sippy cups, and baby toys were one thing, but there was no way they just had anything like the nursery's furniture just lying around. That meant Aunt Jenn and Uncle Henry needed to have had it made specifically for Summer. She could not imagine her father doing anything even remotely like this. If she has begun acting like a giant toddler around him, he would have had her committed."Just get her out of my sight!"Summer screwed her eyes shut at the imagined sound of his voice. This time, her father's voice seemed quieter in her head. Lesser. As if it were being drowned out by something. Then Summer opened her eyes and saw that Aunt Jenn had stopped singing and was looking at her with concern.Summer should tell them. Reveal that grown up Summer was back or, at least, coming back. She should let them know she wasn't the baby they were treating her as anymore. She should show her family her gratitude by explaining they didn't need to take care of her like this anymore. She knew that she should.Yet…"Sing again!" she said instead. "Again!"Aunt Jenn smiled and began her lullaby anew. Summer found a stuffed animal in her crib and hugged it tight. This time she felt her eyelids begin to droop at the sound of her aunt's song. She knew she should speak up. But…Would that bring an end to all this? Summer asked herself. An end to feeling cared for, instead having to earn her place in this household. An end to being free of expectation, as she resumed the life she had been nothing but a failure in. An end to being unafraid?That question was the one that decided Summer. Whenever she thought about anything Before, she felt fear. She saw she the man she called father ready to pounce any error she made. Be it failing grades, misbehavior, lack of manners. Summer had lived knowing any fault would be presented to her as soon as her father knew of it.Now, she could poop her pants and nobody would scold her. Nobody cared if her table manners were subpar. She wasn't even expected to know what a six was! In her mind, she knew that was absurd. Her aunt and uncle and cousin wouldn't change if she did. They wouldn't go through all they clearly had if they didn't care for Summer.Yet…"Again…" Summer said softly as her eyes closed. Her aunt cleared her throat and sang one more time.This time, Summer feel asleep before Aunt Jenn finished.
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    Sweet Secretary (Open!)

    May quietly knocks on the door of her boss. Being the secretary of the head boss of the company, it was her duty to make sure she is ok. Recently her boss had a miscarriage and has not taken it well, their spouse has left them alone and childless, May thought that she would pop in to hand a coffee to her boss and brighten their day.
  8. Oscar had just finished University and was now looking for an affordable apartment. He came across this nice neighbourhood and rented an apartment there. Today was his first day and he was going to meet his new Landlady who unbeknownst to him had other plans for him.
  9. I'm still working off and on with Student's Pet, however this is an idea that was stewing in my head for a long time. I don't expect to update this particular story very frequently. Because of that, however, I'm going to make each update I do make its own, self-contained story. That way if I end up leaving it by the wayside nobody will be stuck with some cliffhangery chapter that never completes itself. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy Summer's Retreat. The story has been reposted here: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/60675-summers-retreat/
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    Haunted (open! )

    Olivia was much too old, 25, to be trick or treating. But she just couldn't resist this year,
  11. Princess Ophelia

    Enchanted Forest (looking for a partner! )

    My idea for a rp is that there is a duo of thieves or bandits etc or even warriors that come across an enchanted forest. The two of them are granted magic powers
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    Recovery (open)

    Caelan had had a long history of mental health issues from his parents splitting when he was young to the constant torment from bullies. To date he'd been kicked out, taken out from or left 6 different sxhools in
  13. Princess Ophelia

    Popular to Pacifiers

    Violet, the most popular girl in school is pretty, smart, and talented all around. She's the picture of perfect! Most everyone adores her, and who could not? She was popular, but still kind and her adorable little face is impossible to hate. The only problem is that she has a little secret. Sometimes she still wets her pants. If anyone found out, then she would be dead! Everyone would laugh and really tease her.
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    Damsel in Diapers

    When Princess Seraphina's father gets remarried to the Queen of the neighbouring kingdom, Seraphina finally has a new mother. What she doesn't know is that Seraphina, at age 20, is