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  1. Sophie ♥

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Isn't it?! I loved writing it. They are the cutest!
  2. Sophie ♥

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Ohhh don't you worry about Abe. He's got some irons in the fire.
  3. Sophie ♥

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Chapter Twenty-Seven: The dress was Jackie's - I didn't have anything with me that I was comfortable wearing to the pier. It was too long, but it did a great job covering up the diaper underneath. I never thought I would be used to this feeling: walking around in a diaper in public. I took a bite of my cotton candy and looked down at Jackie's hand in mine. It didn't feel childish or silly. I didn't feel like I was holding Betsy's hand in the store. I felt like... like I was on a date. I sighed and smiled. What a nice thought. "Okay. I've been avoiding this question all day. But I want to ask." "And what is it you want to ask?" When she looked up at me, I smiled back in kind and used my thumb to wipe away the crusted remains of cotton candy from the corner of her lip. A simple gesture, a simple moment shared between two adults that just so happened to resemble something more like what a parent would do for her child. I pouted at the childish gesture. Did she have to do that all the time? "Okay, um. Well, I know you like this stuff. The baby stuff and diapers and..." I shrugged my shoulders and watched my feet as we walked. "Anyway, what I'm saying is, I don't really mind it. It's part of my job. And if you like it, I want to understand why. I want to... uh... learn what's the right thing to do. To make you... um." Jeeze. "Enjoy it." How freaking cute! She was squeezing into my hand as we spoke, and I didn't want to disrupt the rhythm of our flow, so I didn't stop us as we were walking. I smiled at her and tried to keep everything casual. "That's a very good question, Leona.” I liked calling her by her name. Luvs was so impersonal. "And it would be easy for me to say 'well just do what you're doing' which would be entirely true. But I bet that's not a very useful answer now, is it?" "Ah, not really." I mean, I saw the appeal. My work days were four hours long at most. Sometimes I didn't work more than once or twice a week. I had enough money to pay for rent and food and clothes. And all I had to do was let go of my pride and adulthood. I just had to relax and let everything come naturally. It had a freeing feeling. It was definitely interesting. But sexy? I didn't see it. But Jackie did. And I liked Jackie... "I mean, if I had a weird fetish or something, I guess I'd want you to understand it. So I'm trying to understand yours." While she talked and justified, I wondered if this was just... her process. If this was how she was coming to terms with herself, by using me as a proxy. Was the girl who messed her diaper to show-up another little that she was the best at what she did still having trouble putting her own pieces together? Either way, I didn't mind helping. "I think your purity is sexy. I think you not cursing, and getting chastised if you do... that's sexy. I think you padding around the house in a diaper and a cute little tee and no pants, I think that's sexy. I think when you're coy and ask for something you want, knowing you'll get it if you just act babyish enough, I think that's sexy..." I'd decided to start vague here and not to push into very specific elements all at once. "I swear." "Not recently." I thought about it. A the beginning of the week, as long as I was off-set, I swore all the time. But now that babyhood had become a full time gig and six whole days had passed, my cursing had really diminished. I sulked; I didn't like to think this week was changing me... "Well, fuck," I said, almost as a protest to the process. "Leona Addison Whittaker, you will not use words like that! Especially not in public, or you'll be in big trouble." I didn't know her middle name, so I just made something up on the spot for the audio impact of the scolding - truth was, for as new as she was to this, I was just as new to my side of things. We were both approaching something new from either side and meeting in the middle. ...well, that shut me up. I looked up at her with burning red cheeks and turned my head back to my feet in a huff. "That's not my middle name," I muttered. But I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. Like when your mom scolds you. Ugh, Jackie's not my mom! I held her hand tighter. "It's Marie." "You know, my head went to Marie at first, but then I thought 'there's no way someone saying such icky words could have such a cute middle name.’” Yes, I turned that around on her. And she slinked into my hip and squeezed in close in response. "So if you wanna have such a pretty name, you're just going to have to keep your words sweet and soft too. Right, Leona Marie?" "Sure," I muttered, begrudgingly. It didn't make any sense. Marie was my middle name no matter what she said! But for some reason, I wanted to swear a lot less. I put my head against Jackie's shoulder and smiled. Today was... it was pretty great so far. "Let's go on the ferris wheel, okay?" "That sounds wonderful.” The line was short, and we seated into one of the colorful gondolas - ours was baby blue on the roof and didn't squeak even a little bit as we lurched skyward. Just smooth and soft and relaxing. "I haven't been on a Ferris Wheel in years..." She was clinging to me so tightly though. "Yeah, I don't remember them being this high up..." We were both sitting on one side and the gondola tilted awkwardly. I slid away from Jackie onto the other seat to balance out the car. I couldn't cuddle up to her, but at least we weren't tilting anymore. I kept my hand in hers. "I gotta pee," I muttered. I knew I had to even before we got on the ferris wheel, but I didn't think there was any point saying something. Diapers were so normal now... "Oh, you do?" I didn't do anything obvious, I didn't make a scene of it, but up here and on the ferris wheel on our own, I coyly reached my foot across and slid up the hem of her dress enough that I could see her diaper when I pushed her knees apart. "It's a good thing you came prepared, right? It's a good thing that you're ready to show Mommy what a cute little girl you are." I tried not to sound like that cuntly woman, but it was hard not to pick up some influence from Betsy. Mommy? I looked at Jackie in surprise and pushed her foot away, shoving the dress between my legs with a blush on my cheeks. "That wasn't an invitation!" But the way Jackie smiled at me - it wasn't like Betsy. It wasn't mean or malicious. It was like... like she was having fun. I shied into my seat and shifted on my padded butt. "...you uh... want me to?" Ugh, this was so stupid! "Yes,” I told her simply, and then softened the yes even further with some fluff. "If you want to. I enjoy what you do. I enjoy saying and doing things that make you blush, and I love dressing you up pretty. But none of that changes the fact that you get the final say. Any time you listen to me is your choice, and nobody is ever allowed to take that away." I gently nudged her dress again, this time by leaning forward and using my hand. "It's the same if you want to call me Jackie, or Auntie, or Mommy. That's your choice." "I really don't see how this is sexy," I sighed. "It's the least sexy thing I've ever done." But as Jackie touched my bare knee and slid her hand up my thigh, I felt a tingle in my stomach. Her fingers pressed against the soft padding between my legs and her other hand reached around to pull me in by the neck. Our lips touched. Soft. Warm. The ferris wheel stopped when we were at the apex. My tummy was full of butterflies. I didn't need her to understand why I thought this was sexy, I just wanted for her to understand that this was sexy, objectively. My fingers on her diaper, my lips on her lips, my free hand playing at her hair, and the two of us so alone that each others’ heartbeats were all the backing track we needed. I could have held it. I totally could have. But with the constant barrage of kisses... with the way her fingers played under my dress... I felt sexy and desirable. I wanted her to feel the same. I wanted to make her warm and full of butterflies. I wanted to make her panties wet. So I did the only thing a little girl could do: I wet my own. The warmth spread around the crotch of my diaper. Expanded. Filled. She could feel the heat through the plastic without a doubt. Pissing myself had become so easy now, I should have been concerned. But in that moment, I couldn't think of anything but Jackie's lips. It could have lasted forever and that still wouldn't have been enough. The fact that I'd never found the idea of a girl wetting herself to be at all attractive before wasn't even a factor in my brain; I was as warm and wet-in-my-own-adult-way as she was by the time we were finished kissing at the top of the ferris wheel. My fingertips remembered the feel of her diaper pressing back against them, growing warm, growing thick, soft. Magical. My cheeks flushed in a way I always saw on her but never imagined on me - two girls, kissing in a ferris wheel, wet in two very different ways. My heart had been racing, and I didn't know if it would ever stop. "Leona Whittaker, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met." It was one of the best dates I'd ever had. I had dated girls before. I had dated guys. But I never dated anyone like Jackie. I never dated someone into this diaper scene. And I thought it would be the worst thing in the world, honestly. I never wanted my work life and my private life to overlap. But Jackie... she was special. If it was for her, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like & Comment! Please also consider supporting us on Patreon!
  4. Take out "was". o_o This worries me... This is a good question! I am curious as to why this is the end of Act 1. It didn't exactly end on a pivotal moment or a big reveal. Or, if it did, it wasn't laid out for the reader. I wonder if this is going to lead to a time skip or something... hmm. Or a location skip. Maybe Act 2 is less focused on Cadence and more on this new Faering? Either way, I am ANNOYED that you haven't written more in a month! (And slightly annoyed at myself for taking so long to read it. >//< Sorry about that...) Keep up the good work, sweetie. You're a remarkable writer!
  5. Sophie ♥

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Chapter Twenty-Six: Maybe it was the car ride back to the hotel. Maybe it was the milk that flowed out of Betsy's breast. Maybe it was the way the bassinet - another new piece of furniture in the hotel room - swayed side to side. Whatever it was, I was out like a light before eight o’clock. The whole day: the trip to the mall, the clothing store, the two salespeople at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, eating baby food in public, messing myself in the toy store, and getting changed in the women's restroom. All that crying, all that blushing, all that humiliation and shame, things I never thought I'd do, people I never thought would see me do them. By the time Betsy swaddled me in a blanket and laid me down for the night, I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I couldn't fight... I didn't want to. I just wanted to sleep. To say this week had been unusual would have been to undersell everything we went through together; from taking photos of a model who was in this business to make a few bucks, to waking up in the same room as that same girl who was asleep in a bassinet... it was a strange progression. Stranger still, were my feelings. My feelings for her. The way I'd protected her yesterday at the mall and did my best to keep her safe from Betsy’s machinations. I'd stood guard outside of the bathroom to stop others coming in. I'd planned ways to keep her safe from Betsy when we'd gotten back to the hotel. I'd keep her safe today too, even though it was still early. I'd show Leona that she could depend on me. Jackie's phone rang. It was only six in the morning, and Jackie had woken up only a few minutes before. She checked the caller ID. Abe. "Hey Julie! How's your morning?" "Jackie," she said sourly into the phone, keeping her voice down as not to wake up Leona. "Right, right. But here's the thing. We're planning a huge party for tomorrow, and I need Nurse Betsy on board. So you're going to babysit today. Don't worry - you'll get paid." "You need me to babysit? And Betsy won't be around?" I held the receiver away from my ear as Abe scolded me for 'not listening, Jackie, you never listen, maybe you should try listening, Jackie', which only represented his total inability to pay attention to contextual questions. When I put my phone back to my ear to listen to him, I crept my way over to the bassinet and looked down at Leona. God, this furniture was ridiculous. Who made furniture like this? Gosh she was cute, though... "One other thing. Jackie, you there? Hey!" "Yeah, I'm here." "Good, now listen up. We still need footage for today, so you're on camera duty. Pictures. Videos. The works." "I don't do video." "Your camera has a video setting, doesn't it?" "Yeah, but--" "Doesn't matter. Do it anyway. Amateur shit is all the rage. And you're part of the project now - we've got you on camera, right? Make it into a thing. Make it good. Make me money. Or you're fired." Then he hung up. Or I'm fired? Yeah, he was going to fire me. How petty could that piece of shit be? Ugh. Before waking up sleeping beauty, I went over to my bedside and took my camera; it wouldn't hurt to get some snaps of her in the bassinet, would it? Maybe for me, maybe for Abe. Who cared, though, it was just pictures. Gosh she was cute. Click click. Sunlight filtered through the curtains when I woke up. I wasn't sure where I was at first, and I had to struggle to pull myself out of the tight blanket wrapped around me. But when I struggled, I started to rock side to side. I froze in place until the rocking stopped before I sat up and looked around the hotel. Bassinet... I sighed, remembering last night. This was so fucking stupid. I managed to kick the blankets off me but getting out of the rocking bed was a lot harder than I thought. "Hey Leona, how're you feeling? Want to get some food?" I decided that if I wasn't filming her actively, I damn well wasn't going to baby talk to her. I'd get Abe what he wanted, but I wouldn't go overboard to get it. "Here, let me help you out of that thing; for an adult that's gotta be a death trap." "Thanks," I muttered, as Jackie took me by the hand and helped me step out of the bassinet. The diaper between my legs weighed down the onesie. I was wet? In my sleep? Or did I wake up in the middle of the night and decide it was best to stay in bed? A blush came over my cheeks and I shuffled from side to side. "I, um... should shower before Betsy gets here..." "You should, but she's not getting here until tomorrow so what's the rush?" I tugged down on the bottom hems of her onesie and smiled. "Oh you're so cute in your onesie, look at you." I had the realization when I did that... that she was wet. And that's probably why she wanted to shower. Maybe instead... "How about I draw you a bath? This week has been stressful as heck, and I could put some bubbles in it, wash your hair...?" I pouted a little and shooed Jackie's hands away from my diaper. It wasn't any of her business! The offer for a bath was kind, but I ignored it for a much bigger concern. "What do you mean, she's not getting here until tomorrow? She's not coming today? What about the documentary?" "Well, Abe said something about a big event tomorrow to celebrate the end of the movie, and he needed Betsy to help with the setup. So I'm tasked with babysitting you today and he wants me to do some photos and videos throughout the day so we are still on the clock. But more-or-less, it's up to us how we want to go about things now." Which meant... "Which means, little sweetheart, that Auntie Jackie is giving you a bath." Jackie went into the bathroom and started running the tub. I followed behind her in my frilly ankle socks. Ugh, I hadn't even noticed those... "This is... surprising." "A good surprise?" Jackie asked. "Um. Yeah, I guess so. I just... didn't expect it." A day without Betsy. Hm. How lucky. "But you don't actually have to babysit me. We can just take some photos or something and you can take the day off." "I'm going to take you on a date." I told her, surprising the both of us equally. Why had I said that? I didn't even ask her, I just said it! I said it smoothly and confidently, like there was no chance of her saying no. I said it like I was a parent giving out instructions, that's what I did. "...oh." Well. "Um... I don't... really have any date clothes with me? If you wanted to stop by my apartment or something..." Not a no. Because I didn't want to say no. I wanted to say yes. But she hadn't asked, so I couldn't. Jackie poured bubbles into the tub and I stood awkwardly, shifting from foot to foot in my wet diaper. "If you let me take you on a date,” - still not asking - “I’d like to dress you." I unsnapped her onesie while I was talking, like it didn't matter at all to me that she was wet. “So I'm going to, if that’s okay.” I thought for a second and then continued to undress her. She unsnapped two of the four buttons between my legs before I pushed her hands away and took a step back. "I can do it myself. And I still don't have any clothes here." Then again, I knew what Jackie liked. This baby stuff was right up her alley. Was she going to dress me up like this in public? I crossed my arms. "I'm not going out in baby clothes again." “I’m not going to embarrass you.” She unsnapped the next button on my onesie and I tried to push her hands away again. "I said—“ "I know what you said. Come here." I gave her a pensive look and took a half step forward. She'd see I was wet, if she hadn't already... ugh. "I'm perfectly capable of doing this stuff on my own, you know. It's not a real documentary." "And I'm capable of knowing that the girl I want to date can both be an adult and a little girl, and me treating her one way doesn't diminish her value in the other. So be good." Yup. She sure was wet. Really wet. Had she done this at night, when she was sleeping? She must have, right? She must have lost control? Gosh that was hot. I thought about that. Being an adult and a little girl didn't diminish the other. It seemed like a paradox, actually. You couldn't be both an adult and a little girl, right? One was real, the other was an act. Jackie undressed me, naked as the day I was born, and plopped me in the sea of bubbles. She didn't say anything about the diaper, if she'd noticed. She had to have noticed, right? She was so different to Betsy… "I want to take you somewhere fun today. You know the Faire down at the pier? I think I'm going to take you there, and we can hold hands, and ride rides, and win prizes, and have fun today." And the backdrop would make an excellent framing for any pictures or video, too. It was win/win, really. A date at the pier. Actually, that sounded sort of nice... Jackie rinsed my hair and helped me put shampoo through it, though I didn't need the help. She scrubbed soap on a rag and started wiping down my arms and back. "If you know I can do all this myself, then why are you still treating me like a baby?" "Because I want to, and I think you want me to, too, or else you would have just stuck firm on 'no' and went to have a shower. I'm new at this, Leona, but you're really easy to figure out when you want to be figured out. Stay here." I stood up and dried off my hands; a few pictures in the bath would be good for the documentary. I smiled for the camera, thinking about what Jackie had said. If I didn't want to, I would have said no. So when the photoshoot was done - playing in the bubbles, with the bath toys - I thought to follow up on my thoughts. "So maybe you're right. A few days ago, Abe said that I had a pretty easy job if I let it happen. So I did. And he was right. I mean, except for the diapers and Betsy being a total asshole about everything she does. But the rest of it - being dressed and fed and stuff... that's not so bad. I don't mind you, uh.. bathing me..." I blushed. I was so proud of her! I mean, it was weird to be proud, because she was an adult and I was an adult, and I wasn't her Mom or anything like that. She called Betsy Mommy and it burned me up every damn time. Auntie Jackie was a nice start, but I longed for her to call me Mommy, even if only for a very short time. "I think being you should always be easy. It should always be something you like being." "But the other stuff - the diapers and pacifiers and stupid frilly clothes and being bossed around - that's not me. That's just some character I play so I can get money." I crossed my arms in the tub, sinking into the water. Half the bubbles were gone and it was easy to see the tops of my small boobs. "The only reason I am agreeing to any of this is because of the documentary, and the second it's over, everything goes back to normal." "Yeah? Is that right?" I splashed her with bubbles a bit and laughed. "Here I was thinking you liked it when I sat you on my lap in your diaper, or brushed you hair, or picked out clothes for you to wear, held you hand in public and talked to you like a little girl? Here I thought you liked having me change your diapers in the morning and before bed? The smell of baby powder, the feeling between your legs?" I glared at Jackie, annoyance written all over my face. "If you are only interested in me because you've got a diaper fetish, then you should find someone else. Because I don't. I do this because it's my job. I'm an actress, not a character. Don't fall for some imaginary girl." I splashed her again. "I"m not going to pretend that it's not fun for me, because it is. But if it were anybody else, I wouldn't care either way." She was so cute when she was pouty, trying to posture, trying to make a point. "Listen. I'm into you, you dummy. And whatever makes up you. If it's this stuff or isn't, I'll probably be into that, too. It's like a kiddy pool; it's not that deep. I like you." I gave her a skeptical look, but no matter how much I tried, I couldn't find any hint that she was lying. And I wore diapers for work anyway, so she'd get her rocks off on that, right? Couples had different sexual interests all the time. So did it matter if she had a diaper fetish? I sighed and gave up. Let it be easy, I reminded myself. Stop getting in your way. "I like you too." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like & Comment! Please also consider supporting us on Patreon!
  6. Sophie ♥

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    I meant in the story, Trip! The documentary lasts one week.
  7. Sophie ♥

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    34 chapters. Just Friday and Saturday to go.
  8. Sophie ♥

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Fixed! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  9. Sophie ♥

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Chapter Twenty-Five: I thought it was over, this whole stupid shopping trip and this whole stupid day. But it was only the afternoon and Betsy was just getting started. I reached down to pick up the huge box of wooden trains and felt my body tense and strain to lift it off the shelf as a cramp overwhelmed me. My muscles gave out and I dropped to my hands and knees on the tile floor, just as I started pushing the stinky mess into the seat of my diaper. At first... relief. No more cramps. No more pain. But as I recognized my position, bent over with my ass in the air, diaper exposed for the camera, in the middle of a toy store... I felt tears fill my eyes as I filled my diaper. I should have been disgusted. I mean, it was disgusting. She was an adult woman, on her hands and knees, shitting herself loudly in a public place. I didn't see it that way, though; when I looked at her, what I saw was a lovely precious cinnamon bun of a baby girl who was having an accident and sobbing about it. And I got to my knees immediately after it was finished with and cuddled her face against my chest, playing with her hair and soothing her. “Oh no, did Baby Luvs have an accident? Here in public, in the toy store?" The camera had captured everything - if the perverts were into this, then Abe was going to make so much damn money. “It’s okay, for girls your age, it’s natural. It’s normal. No reason to be upset.” I curled up in Jackie's arms and pushed my face into her chest as tears dripped down my cheeks. Just as I finished messing myself, I felt the uncontrollable warmth in the front of my diaper as I started to wet. I wasn't even thinking about it. I didn't even care. I was just so embarrassed... I just wanted to be changed... "Oh no," Betsy said with mock concern. "Is Jackie right? Did you have an acci-- oh! Oh you surely did." Betsy waved her hand in front of her nose. "It's okay, Little Luvs, it's perfectly normal and natural and healthy, you don't have to worry about a thing. Do you want me to help get your toy in the cart? Betsy did promise it to you, didn't she?" When I looked up at Betsy, she was frowning; there was no fucking way that Abe was going to be happy about such an expense, and it was my little revenge on that cunt. Oh my gosh Leona smelled horrific. "Come on, let's stand up, don't worry, accidents happen." "Especially for smelly little infants like you, Baby Luvs." Betsy felt the need to interject, sourly, waving her hand still. "Maybe I should let one of the staff members know..." "No!" I looked up at Betsy and blushed fiercely as the camera panned over me. "I... I'm otay..." I wiped my tears away and stood up on my feet, feeling the unnatural shift in my diaper as my mess was pulled down between my legs. I peeked through the aisles at the woman at the register, who seemed to be investigating our side of the store. I bit my bottom lip. "C-can we go now, pwease?" "Of course, just get in your stroller." I stared up at the woman with wide eyes. She... she had to be kidding... "Come on, Baby Luvs." There was something humiliating about the stroller, too; a little cut out in the back where a camera was fixed up, a tiny little Go Pro, that was going to capture the moment her messy padded ass sat down and made contact, the way it moved and smooshed, up until she was in position. I didn't care about the toys. I didn't care about anything right now. I just wanted to get out of this stupid mall and out of this stupid diaper! We went up the counter and the checkout clerk made a double take at me. I pushed the dress down between my legs and looked shyly at my feet. "That'll be $245.58," she told Betsy, who pulled a card out of her purse with a deep sigh. I watched as the cashier sniffed the air, looking around curiously. My cheeks burned red. “I’m sorry about that," The clerk offered, trying to ignore the very obvious sight of an adult girl in a stroller, "I think there must have been a skunk outside." Oh bless her. Betsy, though, she was the opposite of a blessing. "Oh goodness me, no, Im afraid my oversized baby girl here has just had an accident in her pampers. I do apologize, but you know how girls her age can be." She pulled back the sun guard on the stroller to make sure Leona couldn't hide. "Thank the nice lady before we go, Baby Luvs, and apologize to her for making her store all stinky.” I sunk as far back in the stroller as I could and felt fresh tears in my eyes. I wanted to leave... I wanted to change... "S-sorry," I muttered quietly. But the clerk was completely taken-aback. "Um... here's your receipt..." She gave Betsy the slip of paper and went to finish some stocking. I rubbed the water from my eyes as Betsy took me back into the main mall. It was over, I reminded myself. It was all over... except it wasn't. Just before the exit, Betsy turned the stroller into the restroom area. I looked up at her with awe. What was she... "Let's get you changed, my little baby." I was hanging back a little bit, not because I was embarrassed or anything, but because I felt like I couldn't do anything to help her. But when I heard Betsy say that, I did pipe in. "Well, the car is the other way, Betsy." "That's Miss Betsy to you, Jackie, and I'm certainly not taking a little stinker like Baby Luvs in the car without being changed. We're going to make a quick stop by the Baby Change Room and get her cleaned up." What. WHAT. Betsy picked me up out of the stroller and plopped my messy behind down on her forearm, holding me against her hip. She carried me into the women's changing room, where the cameraman couldn't follow. Jackie hesitated and stayed behind. Finally, we were alone. "Th-there's no cameras... p-please let me change myself..." "Oh no no no, see my lovely, Abe Scott has wasted too much potential on you already. There're sites you know, places to cater to Little Fetishism, but they always draw the line somewhere. And my research shows how much money there is in messing - that thin line between Little and the more extreme side of things. By the time this week is finished, this is going to be your specialty. Messing. Messing in private, in public, on accident, on purpose... well... on purpose only until you lose control. Abe's next video series is going to be on Training Incontinence, and you're going to be the star of the tutorials. So you should get used to this experience, being a baby, being smelly, being changed... because this is your future, Leona. And you're going to be so rich." She plopped her down on the fold down changing table, which miraculously held her. "No!" I kicked and hit Betsy until she set me on my messy tush on top of the baby's changing table. I shuddered at the sensation and blushed furiously. "I... I'm an actress... n-not a baby... a-and you're just some h-hired work... y-you don't know anything..." Incontinent? Messing? I would never! This was just a job! "Oh, and how many other actresses are sitting in public changing rooms in their own mess, darling?" Betsy smirked and put her hand on the girl’s cheek. "You're not just an actress, Leona, you love this. There are parts of it you don't love yet, but you will, and anything you don't love by the end... well, money talks in a big way to our passions. Now, are you going to keep up this fuss, or are you ready to be changed? If you'd like to sit in your mess all the way home... you know... get used to it, come to appreciate it, love it, need it... well, I suppose that's okay too." I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. My lip quivered and I gave very little resistance as Betsy laid me down on the little changing table. I was too big for it and my legs hung off the end, making it that much worse. I closed my eyes tight and tried to shake off her words. I... I wasn't a baby... I was an actress. Right...? Right...? "Oh, you decided not to? Not to worry, there'll be plenty of time for you to appreciate this." She untaped the diaper while she talked. “Your little crush out there already seems to be quite into it; the way she dived on you when you made your mess, held you close? Such a sweetheart, and ever so transparent." The wipes were cold, and the coldness peeled away the warmth of her mess, cleaned her skin and her sensations, left only the heavy scent in the air. "I dun have a crush on Jackie," I muttered, but I hardly believed myself when I said it. So what if I liked Jackie? So what if Jackie liked... this? That didn't mean I liked this! I felt the diaper slip out under my bottom and the smell started to disappear. Betsy unfolded a fresh diaper from the diaper bag - a white one with baby blocks from one of our suppliers - and slid it under my butt. I thought the worst was over, until I heard a toilet flush. Betsy and I both froze. The girl that came out of the stall was young - maybe in her twenties. A cute goth look to her hairstyle, too much eyeliner, and a cheeky smile. She didn't pretend not to notice the pair, in-fact, she did quite the opposite. "So you do ABDL video stuff? That's cool, what's your site? Do I get free access for meeting you in person?" Then. "Wait, are you filming right now, in here? Where's the camera?" She got on her tiptoes and looked around the corners of the bathroom, pouting with a little frump. "Well, whatever. You're really cute, huh? You're the baby and you're the Mommy? My ex-girlfriend was into this stuff, got me into it." The fact neither Leona or Betsy had said anything in return to the girl who'd clearly heard their entire conversation didn't seem to deter her one bit from talking though. "Alright well, I gotta go. Oh, what did you say your site was? You're so fucking real man, so genuine, not like those fake posers on all the sites I've been to." Wow… Betsy snapped out of it first. She gave a business card and the website address to the young woman, who basically skipped out of the bathroom with excitement. The whole thing... it was so surreal. So... unexpected. When Betsy returned to finish taping on my diaper, I'd built up an ounce of confidence. I stuck out my tongue at her and said: "I told you I was a good actress." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like & Comment! Please also consider supporting us on Patreon!
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    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Chapter Twenty-Four: I didn't feel well. The bottle made me queasy and I had nothing but baby food all day. My stomach grumbled and I felt a familiar need on my bladder. But wetting myself in public was different than the studio, or the hotel, or at Jessie's house. I looked around nervously as Betsy pushed the stroller into a toy store. It was well after noon, but all the kids were still in school. Thankfully, I thought. My poor Leona, she looked so distressed. So when we got to the toy store, I kicked into gear. Without concern for being seen on camera, I leaned down and unbuckled her from the stroller and spoke in an excited tone. "Okay, you can walk, and we can go look at the dollies and the legos. But you gotta promise to hold my hand, okay? You're too little to be on your own." I knew the cameraman would follow me and her, but I would do anything to cut out Betsy. Bitch. I pouted up at Jackie as she helped me out of the stroller and took my hand. But... well, I guess it was better than being pushed around like a baby. I tugged down the dress as far as I could, but no matter what I did, the padding poked out underneath the hem. The camera followed me and swooped in low to get a shot. I curled up to Jackie's arm shyly. "This is so dumb," I muttered. “Luvs,” I hated using that name, “you're one of the cleverest girls I know, especially at your age." Which was a kind of code for 'be clever, realize I'm giving you an out' or something like that. "Which toys do you want to look at first?" Truth be told, most of the audio here would probably be edited out, overlaid with babyish music and lots of up-skirt shots of her diaper. But it was fun to play a little too, especially knowing how I could make her feel. "This dolly is cute," I said in my baby voice and smiled for the camera, playing up the shy attitude perfectly. I was an amazing actress. Honestly, I should be in movies. "Ohh, but dis one too!" I hurried to another shelf and picked up a box. But each harsh step in my Mary Jane shoes made my stomach turn. Oh, I had to pee... "How about this one down here?" Honestly, I didn't know much about the human body. I was a photographer, not a doctor, and that meant that I didn't know the stresses all the ups and downs would put on her. I didn't know all the strain it might cause for her to have to kneel down. That, I was afraid, was Betsy’s forte and not mine. I looked around first, careful to scope out the aisle. No sales associates. No one had even approached me yet. Probably because it was a bigger store, I told myself. So I climbed down on my hands and knees, which flashed the seat of my diaper perfectly for the camera. I got up on my feet, on my tippy toes, and reached for high shelves. On one hand, this was super embarrassing. But on the other, well... I was going to be very popular online. "Show me which ones you like, okay?" For my part, I tried to stay out of view. She was the star of the show, and I think I had faith that most shots with me in them would be edited out anyway - I wasn't a part of this. But I liked interacting with her, too. "Oh hold still, peach." I took her by the cheek, licked my finger, and rubbed away a spot of food from her cheek. "There we go, much better." "This one is my favorite," I told Jackie in my babyish lisp, holding up a dolly. "She gots diapers, juss like me!" "Okay, well put the other one back then." I took the second baby doll and put her back on the lower shelf, but when I stood back up, I felt a little sick. I leaned against the racks of toys to hold myself up. Ow... when I got back to Jackie, I tugged on her sleeve. "Dun feel good," I muttered. "I bet it's just because you had a big lunch, honey." Or Betsy had something to do with it. But there was no point getting her upset about that, especially when she was already struggling to stay in character, while out in public. “Did you want to look at legos now? Remember, you have to hold my hand." "Uh huh..." I held Jackie's hand as she walked me to the other side of the store. I saw a woman at the counter, but she was on her phone, texting or something. Thankfully. "What do you think about that one?" Jackie asked, pointing to a big lego set on the bottom. I tried to crawl down there to take a better look, to give the camera a better shot, but my tummy grumbled and I was hit by a wave of cramps. Oh... oh no. "I wanna go," I told Jackie as seriously as I could. "I wanna go home now please." "Well," I looked at Betsy, who had a knowing smile on her face. "That's not up to me, sweetie, not today - so let's just focus on looking at toys, okay? Do you like Brio Trains? I loved those when I was a kid, did you want me to show you? And I bet they have Calico Critters. You can buy whole families of animals.” "Jackie, I really want to leave. I really-" She gave me a look, then looked behind me. I turned around and saw Betsy by the stroller, watching with a smile on her face. My cheeks turned crimson. She... she did this?! I puffed out my cheeks and stormed over to her and spoke as quietly and sternly as I could. "I wanna go home!" "Oh didn't you hear, my little lovely girl? You should listen to your little playmate over there and focus on toys and worries your own age. Don't you worry, girls your age are always ignorant and clueless when it comes to what happens in their diapers.” Her smile deepened. “Maybe you can't find the toy you'd like? I could call for an assistant? Would you like that?" My hands were balled at my sides. I kept eye contact with Betsy and her stupid smile. But if she called someone over... I felt another cramp in my tummy and dropped my gaze to the floor. Damnit... I walked back over to Jackie and bit my lip. I really didn't feel good now... but what was I supposed to do? Find a toy I wanted... then we could leave, right? Right... I just had to hold it until then... "Come on, let's go look at the Calicos okay?" I took her by the hand and lead her through the aisle, to the end of one, turned right, went through another, and found the little section for the wooden and boutique toys that only rich parents brought for their kids that probably wanted Xbox anyway. "Ta-da!" "I like this one," I said immediately, pointing to the first thing I saw. "Less go now." I picked it up off the shelf and felt another cramp. My tummy was aching and bubbling. I was already out of breath... "C-come on..." "Oh, this one is your favorite, huh?" Betsy took the little Puppy Family from her charge and held it up. "And who are these lovely people? I'm sure if they're your favorite, you must know all their names? Tell me about them, tell me about their family, Baby Luvs. Which one of these little puppies is the baby?" Gosh I hated that woman. I whimpered and shifted from foot to foot, wincing whenever the cramps would hit me, which was more and more often. "I... I dunno. Um, that one... um..." I tried to look up at the box and make up names on the spot. "That's Bingo, and that's Rally, and she's Megan, and... and can we go now? Please...?" I hadn't meant to, but I sounded no different to a child asking their mommy for permission. "Oh come now, you've been such a good girl recently, you know, with your playdates, and sleeping in your crib, wearing your diapers, making big stinky messies in them…” Her words were all picked out so perfectly. "You deserve a lot more than just one toy, let's keep looking. Go on, ask your little friend Jackie to help." I couldn't believe she said my name!! I was so furious! Ugh! "I..." "Go on now, little one." I looked up at her with pleading eyes, but Betsy didn't budge. I looked nervously at the camera and went back to the shelves. The ache in my stomach was constant and I saw stars in the corners of my eyes. "Th-this one," I muttered, pointing to another family of animals, but Betsy knew better. "How about that house on the bottom shelf?" I looked up at Jackie. She... she'd save me, right? I did all I could do to push Betsy's hand and force her action: I hit her where it would hurt Abe. "This one, and this one, and how about this one? You can have them all, Luvs, as many as you want - Uncle Abe is paying for all this, after all, and Miss Betsy has to explain to him how much you spend, so you pick out as many as you like!" Betsy would have to say no. Abe would throttle her if she didn't. And with no reason left to be here, she'd have to let us leave. I'd be Leona's savior, and she'd kiss me. And the light in her eyes, despite the sweat on her forehead, gave me hope that she knew what I was doing. "Uh huh," I said with a faint smile, picking up two different sets and putting them in the stroller. Betsy crossed her arms and looked at me sternly, and then her scowl turned into a smile. "If you're going to get so many things, you might as well get the biggest one." I looked at her with bewilderment and she pointed to the wooden train set on the bottom shelf. "Grab that and let's get going." Going? Oh, thank god... I was so sure that we'd won. I was so sure that we'd beaten her. What I didn't count on was Betsy’s wording, her cunning, her talent at this. That she asked a girl who was fighting back shitting her diaper by sheer willpower, to pick up something heavy. Heavy enough for her to struggle and strain to lift it, heavy enough that when she dropped it into the cart, she'd lose her battle and the cameras would be watching. I didn't know it, but we were about to be outplayed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like & Comment! Please also consider supporting us on Patreon!
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    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Take your time, darling. It's not going anywhere. (Hopefully!!)
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    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Yeah, that was way more annoying than I thought it would be. >_< I'll get another chapter up today so people FINALLY have some new content.
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    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Chapter Twenty-Three: Stop Number Two: Bed Bath & Beyond. It was only noon and the place was barren. I sat forward in the stroller and kicked my feet while Betsy pushed me around like my servant. Honestly, when people couldn't see me, strollers were pretty convenient. "You still dry?" Jackie asked me, and I stuck out my tongue. "Of course!" My good mood seemed to sour Betsy's. Today was not going the way she expected. "Well you just let me know if that changes, okay? Smile!" I'd stepped out in front of the stroller, forcing the entourage to stop as I took a photo. First Leona looked shocked, then smiled, then grinning with her fingers up in peace signs with her binkie stuffed between her lips. Oh she was darling beyond words! "Stop messing about you two. We have to go look for sheets, because this little one can't keep her bed dry." Jackie rolled her eyes and I laughed a little, tucking the pacifier back into my dress pocket. The back of the store was somehow more dead than the front. There wasn't a single person in sight. Betsy pushed me down the aisle of bedsheets and toward the children's prints. Some cute sheets for my crib actually sounded like a good idea... "Oh, excuse me, I was hoping I could get some help finding some sheets for my baby here." Baby? Betsy was getting more bold. I cringed at the thought of what the poor clerk must have been going through, but the reply that came shocked me to my core. "Absolutely! Is this her, here, in the stroller? Oh now let me get a look at you, sweetie, don't worry, I don't bite." His name badge said Simon, and he squared up in front of the stroller, clasping his hands together. "Oh she is just darling! What's her name? Or is it a him?" Ouch. What a fucking question! Betsy chuckled. "No no, she's a darling little girl, her name is Luvs." My good mood was siphoned out of me as the man leaned in and pinched my cheek. "Luvs, what a cute name for such a little girl." I opened my mouth to say something, but I was awestruck. He... he... and Betsy, she... I rubbed my cheek where he pinched and struggled to get out of the stroller. "Lemme up," I muttered, fumbling with the buckle. "Oh, don't squirm and fidget now little one, the nice man here is going to help Mommy to find you some sheets to help with your bedtime problems." Betsy gloated and pushed the stroller after the man who led the entourage to a wall of sheets. He began to detail the features; prints, thread counts, waterproof, et al. I watched, gawking. Why was he acting this was? Was he fucking insane? "Well, waterproof is very important," Betsy told Simon. "Some nights she leaks all over, no matter what diapers I put her in." "I.. I do not!" I fumbled for words, trying to defend myself against Betsy's accusations. But my words came out in a babyish whine. "I dun leak!" Which only confirmed I wore diapers. The realization dawned on me and my cheeks caught fire. "I see it all the time in little girls her age," Simon clucked his tongue and shook his head. "Well these ones here are waterproof and stain resistant. You don’t want to have to throw away the sheets if she makes twosies.” I felt exasperated. I felt helpless! I felt... small... I looked up at Jackie for help, but she was just as shocked as I was. I fumbled again with the buckle, but it wouldn't come undone. "Why are you so fussy, Luvs?" Betsy asked with a sigh. "Are you wet?" And right there, in front of the man, she lifted my dress and stuck a finger in my diaper. Tears welled up in my eyes. "Oh is she in need of a change? We have a family restroom just down this way?" Simon offered, and Betsy shook her head. "She's quite damp, but the thick diapers we have to keep her in nowadays are more than up to that job." And then, things got worse. A girl, young, maybe Leona's age, approached the group of us. "How are things here, Simon?" "Oh, Becky, this is Little Luvs and her Mommy, they're looking for some sheets for her crib. You know, night time A C C I D E N T S?" He spelled out the word. He actually spelled it out. And worse was, Becky actually nodded and smiled. "Oh, I know how that is, girls her age and all." Her age? Her age?! I was the same age as her! I was probably older! "I'm notta baby!" I shouted, kicking the stroller with my feet and pounding it with my fists. It wasn't until Nurse Betsy un-clicked the buckle and pulled me out of the stroller that I realized I was crying. I felt so pathetic... "Oh shh, shh," Becky - yes, Becky, not Betsy - reached into the pocket of the dress and pushed the pacifier between the girl’s lips, and then ruffled her hair with a smile. "I have a niece your age, baby girl, don't worry, accidents happen." I was aghast. At this. At all of this. The audacity of it all, and the way Betsy was smiling; gloating silently, like she planned this whole thing, like this was her revenge, like this was comeuppance for daring to undermine her at the last store. But how? Why? Who were these people? Actors? Simon was showing off sheet prints while Betsy followed, soothing Leona, the cameraman in tow and me left by the stroller. With a pacifier between my lips and Betsy rocking me on her hip, I started to calm down. My cheek rested on her shoulder. My tears dried up. I started to relax. Betsy picked out some sheets. I had no input. I wasn't even paying attention. Then, when Betsy put me down on my feet, I stumbled and almost fell over. I sucked quietly on the pacifier and looked up at her with glossy eyes. But Simon and Becky were still there, watching me. They felt taller... "They're so cute at this age, aren't they?" Simon smiled, and Becky nodded. "Makes me want to have one or two of my own, little tiny troublemakers." "Oh there is no way this little fuss-muffin is any trouble at all, is she?" Simon concluded and gestured his head to the counter. "Let's get you all rang up, did you meet any help getting her back into her stroller, Ma'am?" It was like watching hypnosis, or what I imagined hypnosis to be; Leona had transformed into Baby Luvs, with only the power of suggestion and circumstance. And I was simply baffled. Becky - a girl my age - strapped me into my stroller and booped me on the nose. "You be good for your mommy, little girl," she said brightly, and I couldn't do anything but nod. Simon led us to a check out counter in the back and I sucked on my pacifier, sinking into the stroller. I was so exhausted... I couldn't believe what had happened. Not as we checked out, not as Betsy led us out of the store, not as she talked about how good Leona had been and how we were going to go to the food court next and get some lunch and then hit the toy store. And none of this made her mad. None of this got Leona riled up. She was just calm and quiet, sucking on her pacifier, as she was pushed through the mall in public in a diaper and a stroller. I struggled to keep up, struggled to make sense of this. Was this was being Little really meant? I struggled to fight all the feelings, but they washed over me like waves. Helpless. Safe. Warm. I knew I wasn't safe. I knew I wasn't helpless! But the way Betsy held me... I fumbled for the pacifier and took it out of my mouth. We were at the food court, setting up at one of the tables. Real food, I thought, but Betsy set down another three jars of baby food. I whimpered. "Please don't make me eat that stuff." "Excuse me? Is that how a girl your age should be talking?" Betsy took a firm grasp of her chin and spoke sternly. "You're not a big girl, Baby Luvs. You're a baby. You're a little girl. And you're going to eat your baby food and you're going to thank me for being so thoughtful as to bring your special baby food today.” Her tone was so... firm. Like all that anger from earlier was channeled into this moment of parental sternness. My blush must have burned her hand, because she let go of my cheeks. I nodded softly and looked down at the table. "T-tank you, Mommy... f-fo' bringing my 'pecial food..." She opened up one of the jars of baby food and tied the bib around my neck. Just like in the car, I ate every last bite. Then, unexpectedly, she placed a bottle in my hands. "Drink." "But..." She gave me a serious glare and I looked around the food court with crimson cheeks. So many people... some were already looking at me. "I'm going to get something to eat I guess..." Not so much that I was hungry, but I couldn't watch this. Though even from the line at Taco Bell, that's exactly what I did. I watched as my crush drank from a baby bottle in the middle of a food court. I watched as Betsy talked down to her, as the cameramen filmed her, and I knew that something was going to follow by the time we got to the toy store after lunch. This day had ‘bad omen’ written all over it.
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    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Chapter Twenty-Two: I didn't know what my place was in this, but I knew how much I cared about Leona and I wasn’t going to let Betsy hurt her. "Do you wanna look at some cute clothes?" I'd asked, but Betsy crowed in with a much louder tone of voice, obviously to draw attention. "Oh look at all these cute clothes, little Baby Luvs, I wonder if they have anything in your taste and style? I should try and find a worker, bring someone over to meet you, shouldn't I?" "No!" I hissed, trying to sit forward in the stroller, but Betsy was already pushing me toward the counter in the center of the store. I wasn't familiar with this mall. I wasn't even familiar with this store! But they didn't sell fetish gear or adult diapers. It was normal stuff - blouses, jeans, cardigans. Somewhere adults were not pushed around in strollers. Somewhere I stood out. And when the woman at the counter noticed me, it was all too obvious that this was not planned in advance. \ "Can I help you find anything?” the woman asked, clearly not in on this at all, and Betsy took over like a villain out of a fetish story. "I do hope so. I've noticed a lot of what you have here is rather mature," she said without a sense of irony, given we were at a Tween fashion store, "I was wondering if you had anything more juvenile, something lacy, frilly, that sort of thing?" The woman, to her credit, took it in stride and forced a breath to focus, then a smile. "We do have a Victorian Misses section from last season that might fit your needs?" I couldn't believe this. If this store happened to have something Betsy was looking for, there was no chance at all she didn't scout this place first. "Right this way." Betsy pushed the stroller toward the back of the store - a blessing! - and I caught the saleswoman glancing at me out of the corner of her eye. Uncertain, maybe? Or curious. She didn't laugh. She didn't make fun of me. But I couldn't help but blush, sulking into the back of the stroller. My chest ached with anxiety. My eyes hurt, holding back tears. I wrapped my arms around myself and tried to cover my face. "It's going to be okay," I said, kneeling down next to the stroller to take a picture of the clothes on the rear racks - true to the clerks word, they were very ornate and childish, very classic lolita-esque victorian. Click. Click. I stood up and flashed her a smile as Betsy moved in predatorily to unbuckle her. Here we go. Betsy used a magnet key on her bracelet to undo the buckle, but I didn't get out of the seat. I wasn't doing this! I wasn't playing dress up in a shopping mall! I'd stay in this damn stroller all damn day! But Betsy had other plans. She picked me up under the arms and set me down on my feet. The shopkeeper was a few inches taller than me and did her best not to stare. "Uhhh well... those ones are the most... erm..." Childish was the word she was looking for. I tugged my dress down as far as I could and avoided speaking at all costs. Two other workers from across the store were staring, probably because the dress that Leona had been put in wasn't long enough to cover her diaper in front and back at the same time, and she was flashing everybody. The cameraman made sure to capture them, discretely, while I got a good shot of her exposed rear padding. It was my job, after all. “Baby Luvs, what do you like the look of? I know you love the frills and pastel colors, and you prefer your dresses short, don't you now?" The saleswoman looked so fucking uncomfortable. Even more than I was! I looked up at her with a blush and tried to stammer out an answer, an apology, anything! But words wouldn't come out. My chest rose and fell and I realized my breathing was a little shallow. What was I supposed to say? What was I supposed to do? I looked back at the cameras and felt tears in my eyes. I wanted to go home... I couldn't understand what I did next, but I did it anyway. "She likes frills and pastels, but maybe something more mature? She's not a baby, after all, she's very mature for her age." I turned my head and winked at her. And then I said something I knew would drive Betsy crazy. "Do you have anything like that? She's my girlfriend and she's important to me, and she's not so good at walking around, but she just wants to look cute, you know?" Fuck Betsy. Fuck Abe. Fuck it all. I wasn't going to let them torture Leona like this. And honestly, they'd probably strip a lot of the audio from this outing anyway and just use the video in a montage; Abe wasn't dumb. The saleswoman looked visibly relieved, smiled happily, and reached for another rack of clothes. "These ones were a top seller. I think teens are really getting into the "lolita" thing, you know? And you should check out Hot Topic for some dresses. It's not all skulls and chains anymore." "Th-thanks," I managed, grabbing Jackie's hand in mine. "Um, I sort of like that one, actually..." The pink one with the apron was actually kind of cute. If Betsy wanted this to ruin Leona, to break her down, then she was going to fail. Her camera crony could shoot up her skirt all they wanted, but I was going to keep this girl safe. "What do you think, doll?" I elected not to use her name in case they did keep some of the audio, "I think you'd look so cute in that, do you want me to help you try it on?" "That's an excellent idea, Baby Luvs, how about you and your little playmate take a few dresses to try on?" I did not like the way she referred to me.... but Leona had to come first. "Wanna do that, doll?" In for a penny, in for a pound. The clerk was excited to leave us alone, I could tell. And the cameraman couldn't join us in the changing room. Even though he passed Jackie the little GoPro camera off his belt buckle, things were starting to look up. Jackie clipped the camera to the top of her shirt and led me into the changing room. "I'm glad you're doing this and not Betsy," I muttered, but Jackie hushed me. "Stay in character," she mouthed, tapping the GoPro. "That's what I'm here for, cutie." I spoke, not in any character, but enough to placate any audience. “This is something you should share with me, not with your Mommy, right?" I closed the door behind us and hung up the four different dresses on the hook, turning to face with the mirror... which showed me and Leona right there on camera, and the off-set mirror showed her diaper. Gosh what a couple we made. I was at a loss for words. Jackie pulled my overall dress over my head with the t-shirt and left me in nothing but the thick pink diaper, breasts round and exposed. Embarrassingly enough, this was more my element. A diaper and topless. I wished I was back at the studio... deep breath. Play the part, Leona. "Am I still dry?" I asked in baby talk. "I dunno when I have at-cidents..." Now it was my turn to blush. I set my DSLR down and put one hand right on her cheek and the other I ran up her thigh. "Let's see what we have here..." I didn't know much about diaper intimacy, but - and I made sure the camera saw all of this in the mirror - this had to count for some of it. My fingertips crept into the leg gather of her diaper and my face got closer to hers, forehead eventually touching forehead, lips close to each other. I could smell her perfume. Her lip gloss shined under the overhead lights. I forgot about the mirror. I forgot about the diaper. She took her finger out of the leg band and stepped back. It was like snapping awake, coming back to the real world. "Nope, still dry! I'm so proud of you." Proud of... me? I looked up at her with bewilderment. "Let's get you dressed." "Uh huh." "I think you're going to like this one the most." I knew her by now. I knew that the subtle frills would be something she fidgeted with, I knew the shorter skirt area would show off her diaper from the right angles. Deep down she liked that - but she liked to have control over it. I knew she'd like the gingham. I knew she'd like the design on the front, and the puffy shoulders that all came together to both disguise and accentuate her flat chest. I knew Leona Whittaker. And I knew my heart was fucking racing, too. Half an hour later, we were walking out of the store with the gingham dress in a shopping bag and I was in a much better mood. Sure, I was wearing a stupid kid's dress and I had to walk perfectly straight to hide the diaper, but whatever! "Luvs," Betsy said strictly, and I turned around to look at her. "You should be in your stroller." "Nuh uh. I can walk." "I bet we have a bunch more places to go, doll, how about you relax and take a load off, and maybe after lunch when you wanna burn some energy you can walk some?" Honestly, Betsy had no idea how to handle Leona, she thought it was all about barking orders. It wasn't. Leona was a complicated, prideful girl, and to get what you wanted you had to make it seem like it was the best choice for her to make. I smiled, hopefully, squeezing her hand. "That sounds like a good idea, right?" I looked at Jackie with a pout and then down at the stroller. At least when I was sitting in the stroller, you couldn't see my diaper... I sighed and shrugged my shoulders. "I guess that makes sense." I climbed into the stroller and Betsy looked a little annoyed. Why? She got her way, didn't she?
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    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Chapter Twenty-One: "I'm sorry about yesterday..." Jackie tapped my hip and I lifted my bottom up off the changing table so she could slide a fresh diaper under me. I never fought for my right to use the bathroom anymore, even though I knew Jackie would let me. I mean, I was already wearing a diaper, so... "It's fine," I told her, avoiding eye contact. We hadn't talked at all about the kiss... "I mean, it was nice, so..." "It was nice." I agreed with her, nodding while I looked away so she couldn't see the color of my cheeks. "I haven't kissed anybody in a while." I finished the taping with my free hand and bit my lip, smiling a little bit. "And I've never kissed a girl. I'm glad my first girl-kiss was with someone so pretty." It was a weird cross pollination, a strange juxtaposition of maternal tones and flirtatious words. Weird. "You’ve never kissed a girl? Huh... I sort of thought..." Jackie always had this out of college comfortable look going on, with plaid shirts and loose ponytails. Not that she looked gay, per se. But probably not straight either. Plus, she took pornographic pictures of girls! Or, girl. Me. It was my turn to blush. "Well I'm bi, so this isn't really new to me." Though the last time I kissed a girl, we were both fifteen. "You sound surprised that I haven't." She looked at me with a little smirk and I stuck my tongue out, almost childishly. "I've only even had one boyfriend. I put my heart into my work and that doesn't leave so much time for relationships. But I guess if the person I was dating was the object of my work, well... who knows." Of course, I was implying we should be dating... that was embarrassing. Before it got to be too much, I rubbed the front of her diaper to distract her. Oh, was she done? I looked down at the diaper taped around my waist - Jackie was getting better and better at doing that. With a bit of help, I climbed down off the table and my nightgown covered the fresh pink diaper. I shuffled from foot to foot, crinkling with every movement. "Betsy will be here soon," I sighed, checking the wall clock. "I wonder what horrible plans she has for me today." "I really don't like that woman. She doesn't see you as a person, she sees you as a product, she sees you as like... a toy. I get that it's for money, I get that Abe has this big hard-on for the almighty dollar and all that. But you're not just a very pretty face, Leona, you're special. And I wish those bumbling idiots would see that." And like clockwork, there was a knock on the hotel door. "Oh my little girl is up and at 'em!" The cameraman followed her into the room and Jackie stepped out of the shot. "You look so cute in your nightie, but I have another outfit in mind." She reached into the bag and pulled out a dress. A rather... unexpected dress. It was short and pink with overall straps, covering a polka dot undershirt. But no frills. No words or babyish motifs. All in all, it was more tame than a onesie. What was she getting at? "On days like today," Betsy monologued to the camera, in a display that was well and truly something she'd mastered by now, “little Baby Luvs prefers to dress down, because the excitement of what we'll be doing is more than enough for her. She's a simple little girl, after all." What we’ll be doing? What were we doing? I looked over at Jackie for answers, but she shrugged her shoulders. I wasn't surprised that they kept her out of the loop. After all, she was just the photographer. Betsy made a show of changing me for the camera into the pink overall dress. Then she sat me on her hip and led me downstairs to the car. I put on my best baby voice in the elevator. "Wha' are we doin' today, Mommy?" "A very special treat for a very special girl, that's what." Surprisingly, I was allowed to sit in the car with them - up until now, for the most part, I had to drive myself from destination to destination. This time, I was seated in the front passenger seat. The main cameraman sat on one side of Leona, with Betsy on the other, fastening her into the carseat. "Open up for Mommy. You have a big day ahead of you and you've gotta eat your breakfast." She put the spoon to my mouth again and I wiggled in the carseat, kicking and pouting. I hated baby food! I hated mashed peas especially. But that was the jar she opened after tying the bib around my neck. "Not hungry! Not--" The spoon was shoved in my mouth and I gagged. Ew... "Just like most girls her age, Baby Luvs would rather just eat candy and be done with it. But we all know that for a growing girl, sometimes she has to eat some things she might not want to." And that included special homemade baby food from her would-be Mommy. I seethed from the front seat, equal parts outraged and jealous that it wasn't me doing the feeding. I squirmed away from the spoon until she smacked my bare thigh with the palm of her hand. Immediately, I was silent and still. She put the spoon to my lips and I opened my mouth, looking up at Jackie with a blush on my cheeks. This was so stupid... and it tasted awful! After I'd finished three jars of disgusting baby food flavors and one that I didn't totally hate, the car stopped. I looked out the windows, but we were definitely not at the studio. It looked like... a parking lot? "Where are we...?" "We're at the mall sweetheart, we're going to look for some new sheets for your crib because your accidents keep staining the old ones, and some new dresses. And if you're a very good girl, we're going to look at some toys." Betsy slipped out of the car and went around to the trunk. Oddly enough, the camera man followed her, like what she was doing was worth filming. My shameful little crush looked horrified. "The mall? Seriously?" I leaned forward to talk to Jackie, but the carseat held me back. "I swear, if she thinks I'm going to walk around in public like this, she's crazy! But she wouldn't do that. Right?" But Jackie looked about as uncertain as I did. "And here we go." The answer was not that she was going to be expected to walk around like this, oh no no. The reality was so much worse, about as much worse as it could be. She'd unfolded a stroller outside the open door of the car, big enough for the diminutive girl, and she strapped her down into her newest mode of transportation in short order. "Hey! No! Absolutely not!" Betsy unhooked my carseat and dragged me into the stroller, pulling the seatbelt over my lap and between my legs. No matter how much I pulled and twisted, the belt stayed latched together. I kicked her in the shoulder as hard as I could with my glossy Mary Jane shoes. "Not in public! I did not agree to this! Lemme up!" "A gentle reminder, for any little drama princesses, that you are getting paid for this. And we are oh so close to the end of the week - you might want to change your behavior.” Obviously the cameraman did not film that exchange. "I don't care! Let me out of this stupid stroller!" I was getting a lot of money for this. I mean, a lot of money. But I'd talked to Abe ahead of time! I told him I would push my limits, but that didn't mean he could ignore them. "I want to talk to Abe! I want--" Her hand smacked the side of my cheek, rough enough to hurt, rough enough to shut me up. Water filled my eyes and I looked up at Betsy in frustration. She... she had no right to do that... I got to my feet, ready to get myself involved, but Betsy glared at me hard enough that it felt like I was the one that got slapped. I froze. “We're not doing these games anymore. We are going to the mall and we are going to have a magical time. No more fuss, or this is going to be a lot more humiliating for you. And you're going to do it anyway. That goes for both of you." Wow. Fuck her... I sunk into the stroller and looked down at my shiny black shoes. I couldn't believe this... this couldn't possibly be happening to me! But as the camera turned back on and Betsy started pushing me into the mall, I knew I had no choice. I couldn't say no. I couldn't fight. I did my best to hide behind the canopy of the stroller and shrink as small as I could. As small as I felt... This wasn't sane at all, this was displaying a kink to the world, we had camera crew and... oh. I didn't even notice that the cameramen had switched to discrete cameras; one on a set of glasses and another as a little GoPro camera on a belt buckle. This was super guerrilla, huh? I felt self conscious about my large DSLR all of a sudden. The doors opened and Betsy pushed me inside. It was only ten or eleven in the morning, so the place was pretty dead. Thank god. But then again, that made a large stroller and three adults stand out a lot more. I shied deeper and deeper into the stroller, shifting away from passersby. I shoved my dress down tight between my legs to hide the thick diaper. My chest was aching with anxiety... I felt awful, and I couldn't imagine how much worse Leona must have been feeling. I ruffled her hair in the stroller, feeling braver than I was, and spoke loud enough for her to hear. "I can't wait to show you the new Lego Elves sets. Maybe we can get one and build it together, tonight? When it's just me and you?" And now, if it wasn't already the case, it was done beyond done: I was a part of this. I looked up at Jackie, obscured by the canopy of the stroller, and smiled a little bit. Just her and me... "Y-yeah... that sounds nice," I muttered. But before I could take a moment to revel in the company of someone who actually seemed to care about me, Betsy interjected. "We're here," she said in that chipper voice, pushing the stroller into a clothing store.