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  1. 5000 posts! O_O

    Aww you're so sweet. Princess has such a nice ring to it!
  2. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    Awww we would love to finish it! It's super high on our to-do list. We started it a few years back but dropped it when a new idea came up. Then we sort of forgot to go back to it. When we finally did, we re-started the concept and it didn't take off. Now we're in limbo. We tried to pick it up again a few months ago but it didn't really click. That's the hard part about writing with a partner - you both have to really be in sync on a story to make a good one! Hopefully we can finish it one day and put the A&S series to bed.
  3. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    Oh my days you guys are killing me A&S is Audrey & Staycee. A huge epic that Pudding and I wrote ages ago. It's... it's an experience. And it's widely regarded as our best work. (It should be it took us two years and three attempts to get it done!) We wrote a follow up called Lottie and have been working for like 5 years on a prequel following a character named Velvet. If we EVER finish it, it'll complete the series. Lemme find you a link. https://www.patreon.com/posts/audrey-staycee-11488290 ~Sophie
  4. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    Cass. I'm amazed you remember that. And I definitely don't think Remy or Ginger are /that/ bad!
  5. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    Thank you very much. I'm not really sick so much as super anxious and overwhelmed... and it's sort of messing with my head. I just want to go home and sleep, but all my friends want to hang out... *sigh*
  6. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    19.) When we got home, there was a note on the front door written on cute stationary, and a little MP3 player in an envelope attached behind it. From Ginger? Huh. "I guess she must have come by when we were in the movie?" The note was addressed to Wednesday, though, so I let her read it. Dearest Wendy, Please give this a listen as soon as you get it, it's a breakthrough for a new client and if you could listen-test for me tonight before nine, I can give you a bonus. It would also mean the world to me, and I know you're a good girl. Love, Ginger The time now was 8:12pm. And with the notion of going inside and having sex, or making Ginger proud, it seemed like Wendy was at an impasse. "What does the note say?" "Um..." I looked down at the paper and bit my lip. Something for a client? I knew a lot of her work was time-sensitive but it was a Saturday! What could she possibly need this for before nine? I played with the MP3 player in my hand. "Can I see your phone?" I didn't have Ginger's number. Now was as good a time as any to get it. I copied it from Remy's phone as we went inside and sent a text. "I can listen to it later tonight," I sent. "I'd like to have your feedback to the client tonight, could you be a good girl and do it for me now? It should only take you around a half hour my luvly.” came back the reply, along with a string of emoji because that was apparently how Ginger typed. I groaned and checked the time at the top of my phone. Mm... "Half hour? Alright.." I sent the text and sat down on the sofa. "Remy, can you get my headphones? Ginger needs me to make sure this file is okay. Not like I know what's "okay" and what "isn't", but whatever..." I was obviously pouty, but what could I do? She needed help. Honestly, I didn't know why Ginger had me listening to these sounds. What was the point? But at the same time, it seemed perfectly normal for me to do it. Like it wasn't worth asking about. I went to take a shower, because by this point in my life it was just simple nature for my fiancée to be listening to these files when provided to her. So I didn't see her eyes go glossy, I didn't see her body go limp, I didn't hear what she heard. "Frosty?" I blinked, looking up at my fiancé. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. My head felt foggy. "Um... sorry, what?" "You fell asleep again." "Mm... yeah." I pulled out my phone and texted back. "Seems fine." Send. Then I looked up at Remy, who was still wet from showering, with a towel around his waist. I bit my lip. "You're way overdressed," I smiled. "Come on, let's go to our room." The truth of the matter was, I rarely had time for sex. Not the long drawn-out love-making that my fiancée wanted, at any rate, but she took my hand in hers and lead us to the bedroom with this coy little skip in her step. She could be so charming when she wanted to be... I pulled him onto the bed and kissed his lips. It took literally zero seconds for him to lose the towel. He wasn't hard yet, but he would be very soon. Kiss, kiss, kiss. My fingers running up his side, down to his hip. I fumbled for the blankets while we worked our way into the bed. I had been waiting weeks for this! "I loved it when you went down on me, my little Frosty, you're really good at it." My fingers played through her hair, and I thought about how she never liked it, how she found it unfair, how she hated it being one-sided, especially because I'd never gone down on her. "Yeah? Well. I'm glad! I mean, it's not really my thing, so..." I kissed him again. He was in position on the bed and I wiggled the top off over my head, flashing my bra. I shuffled out of my leggings. Matching purple bra and panties. Sexy. Attractive. And I kissed him again. "I want you to go down on me, and I want you to show me your pretty face the entire time, I want to see you with me between your lips..." Wow. Where had that come from? "Do I need to ask again?" That was unlike me, I guess. Right? Wasn't it? Hmm. It was hard to tell. I looked up at him in bewilderment, stunned, and I felt a heat come over my cheeks. Frustration? Or embarrassment? "I... Remy." Deep breath. Focus. "That's not fair and you know it. I did it once because you wanted me to, but I haven't... we haven't..." Two weeks was too long! I was so needy! Ugh, couldn't he take a hint?! She was so pent up, so flustered, so frustrated so.... cute. Damn. "Don't you want to make me happy?" That was an odd question, because I wasn't so often given to selfishness like that, but right now, in that moment... it didn't feel selfish, it felt... proper. I fumbled for words. I shook my head. I didn't want to make him happy? No, of course I did! I just... this wasn't fair and he knew it! I could make him happy and be happy too, couldn't I? Wasn't I sexy? And then I remembered something. I climbed up from the bed in a hurry and went over to the walk-in closet. Remy didn't know why, not until I came back two minutes later wearing the silly childish gingham dress. I expected him to fawn. I expected his cock to get hard in a second. But he didn't. He just stared at me blankly, like he was missing something. I started to get nervous. "Well?" I asked. I didn't want to have sex with her anymore. I didn't want her to suck me off. The feelings I felt were... so much stronger than that, so much different. I felt indecent being naked in front of her, like I was taking away her innocence or something. And I pulled the covers over me. "You're beautiful, Frosty. C'mere, give Daddy a hug." Daddy? I stared blankly at him. What had he just said? What did he call himself? I stood there, completely taken aback. And it looked like he was just as nervous as I was. I put on the dress because that's what he liked. And he said... and I felt so stupid. I bit my lip and shook my head. "I... I'm gonna... um... I'm sorry. I'm gonna stay at Lala's." I left the room and grabbed my coat out of the hall closet, fumbling to dress myself, to hide this humiliating outfit before I started to cry. But when I got to the door, I hesitated. I stopped. I couldn't turn the handle. I almost broke down right there. But right when I thought I might, I managed to find the strength to open the door and leave. ~~~~~~~ All 34 chapters of Small Frosty (Complete) are up on Patreon, along with six Valentine's Day exclusive captions! Please consider supporting us!~
  7. 5000 posts! O_O

    Gosh I've been here almost ten years. I remember I hit 1000 posts in my first few months. @square_duck gave me the nickname Little Miss Chatterbox. XD Gosh there are so many people I miss from the old days. And so many new friends I've made this year alone. Anyway. Here's to another 5000 posts and another 10 years on DD! Love you guys! ~Sophie
  8. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    I'm feeling really sucky today. I'm gonna get another chapter up later on and post on Patreon and all that fun stuff... feel free to leave a comment to keep my spirits up. Love you guys.
  9. Valentine's Day

  10. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    18.) I fell asleep on the sofa again, but it wasn't Ginger that woke me up. Remy hovered over me with a sigh and moved my bangs out of my face. "What did I tell you about sleeping on the couch?" he asked. I smiled sleepily and raised my arms. "Carry me?" It was early in the morning, but my fears were sated. I'd spent most of my night with Ginger. He wasn't cheating on me. Especially not with the woman who had a crush on me. I noticed two things when I picked up my fiancée. The first was that she clung to me like a child, and put her head on my shoulder, almost falling asleep before I'd even gotten my balance with her weight in my arms. And the second was that she'd wet herself, that there was a dark patch on the sofa, and that her behind was damp and clammy. I felt like a proper reaction would have been annoyance, maybe. We'd have a fight, things would be bad for a while, we'd be distant until we weren't. What I actually felt, though, was.... satisfaction. She needed me, she needed to be taken care of. "Come on, let's get you ready for bed, Little Frosty..." I didn't even notice. My fiancé picked me up and put me against his hip and helped me into the bedroom. But when he started to strip me of my nightgown, I sat up in confusion. If he wanted sex, that was fine. I was eager, after two long weeks without. But he never wanted to do that stuff after work. I rubbed my eyes. "What? What's up?" When he reached for my panties next, I slapped his hands and shoved him away. "Hey, what are you doing?" "You had an accident, baby. Don't worry I'm gonna get you changed and in bed and I'll be back to lay with you before you know it." I found myself using tones I didn't recognize - warm, sincere, and loving tones - the way I imagined I might have spoken to my children should we ever had had them. "I... what?" And sure enough, though the nightgown had been removed from me, the wet panties hadn't. They were damp. Damp like... I thought about this morning. About the bedsheets I'd had to wash. I shook my head. I was dreaming. I was, right? I had to be? "I didn't... I spilled something. Lemme up..." I pushed him away and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I didn’t know why she was being so difficult; this wasn’t a big deal. I should have stopped to consider why I thought this wasn’t a big deal, perhaps, but I was more concerned about Wednesday in that moment. ”I’ll take care of the sofa, my angel, don’t be too long in there.” I showered. I had to. I'd already showered earlier that day, but... I didn't know what else to do. I didn't know what to even say! How was I supposed to explain this? What would Remy think of me? I crossed my arms over my chest and stayed under the warm water for as long as it took to run cold. It was one accident. He didn't have to know about the other one. I had some wine before going to bed. It wouldn't happen again. That's what I'd say. "Quiet." I could see that look in her eyes, that little pout of petulance, my little Frosty ready to make an excuse, to provide answers to questions unasked. I put my finger to her lips, then followed with a kiss. "It's taken care of, there's no need to talk about it, it's late. Let's get into bed." I looked up at him with a bit of awe and followed him quietly into the bedroom. I should have talked about it anyway, but honestly... who wants to talk about wetting the bed? Actually, Remy was being... well, pretty damn sweet. So I changed into a fresh nightgown and climbed into bed with my almost-husband. We didn't talk about it. the next day, through the movie, when we went for ice cream, we still didn't talk about it. I actually started to forget. "Vanilla with sprinkles please," I asked the woman through the window. It might have been the end of it, if she hadn't asked for a lemonade as well - when she did, I piped up with 'small, please' as an addendum to her order. Like a parent. Also like somebody concerned about her having wet the bed, perhaps. Thusly, she was sour when we sat down to enjoy our ice-cream. "Whats on your mind, Little Frosty?" "Nothing." "You're lying." "I can order my own food." I was sour, sure. I was irritated. He was doing that thing where he treated me like a kid. And after last night, I was especially sensitive... not to mention the children's movie we watched. That was the third kid movie in a row. "You've been really good recently, Wednesday. I'm really proud of you. Don't you feel like we're closer now than we've been in a long time? You've been fun and playful, and less stressed, and that makes me look forward to coming home in the evening. You like that, don't you?" I wasn't so much asking her that she liked it, though - I was reminding her that she did. "...I guess." "Then you shouldn't cause trouble. Everything is going well." I hated to admit it, but it really was. Ever since I recognized Ginger wasn't trying to steal Remy away from me, it felt like... well, like everything was falling into place. I let out a sigh and nodded. I was picking fights. There wasn't any reason for it. "Come on, I'm not that hungry. Let's go home." Sex. That would make me feel like an adult again. That's what I needed.
  11. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    Sorry, but I haven't. For an ABDL writer, I read very, very few stories on here. I'm just easily distracted so I start reading and I forget about it. I have to have a really quiet environment to read even a normal book. But I promise, if I'm ever looking to pick one up, I'll check yours out first.
  12. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    You must make very good comments! I "Like" your answers sometimes. *nods* And you write stories too.
  13. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    YOU SHOULD BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED! On the topic of "Likes", they aren't that important to me. I have a far-off dream of having the highest reputation on DD (I've been here almost ten years now o_o) but it's not like. That big a deal. It's just a personal goal. The way I see it, if my stories get me that high up, I must have brought people a lot of happiness! (Right now I'm in fourth, for the record! ) Okay another chapter coming soon. Promise. ~Sophie
  14. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    17.) It wasn't a regular store that had the dress; it was a speciality store with more of an adult-tinge to it than Ginger had let on. Adjacent to the risque-lingerie ensembles either side of it, and the walls of sex toys, the dress seemed so... out of place. So innocent! Like it needed to be rescued from this sinful place and draped over Wendys body. "What do you think?" "...y-yeah, I guess it's cute..." The store obviously made me uncomfortable, that much was obvious. Ginger would reach around and pat my shoulder or pull me into a short hug every now and again, but it didn't help long-term. The truth of the matter: sex was normal. Sex wasn't weird! But I'd never needed vibrating penises to fulfill an orgasm. I'd only masturbated a few times when I was much, much younger. And then there were toys called "anal beads" and I just wanted to get out as soon as possible. I kept my eyes on my feet while I walked, nervous and embarrassed. "You're so cute when you're shy~" Ginger praised in sing-song with a little smile. "It's like you've never been in a place like this before!" And the silence filled in that gap. "Wait, you've never been in a sex store before? Well, wait, where did you get your vibrator?" Because Ginger assumed with absolute certainty that Wendy must have owned one of those. I looked up at her with scarlet cheeks and an obvious pout. I wanted to leave! I wanted to get the stupid dress and I wanted to leave! But now that I was here, now that I knew where the dress came from, I didn't even want it anymore. "I don't need a..." I wouldn't say the word and I felt color flood my cheeks. I swear, I could be the light bulb for this store! "I have Remy." "Not always you don't, he's busy with work a lot and he has less time to spend making love, doesn't he? So if you owned a vibrator, you could take care of yourself during the week and make date night with Jeremy all about tending to his needs. Doesn't that make sense?" Ginger had the dress in her arms, and she'd even front up the cash for it, too, just to get Wendy wearing it. "I don’t need one," I said quietly, under my breath. It wasn't that I really wanted to talk sex-stuff with Ginger in the middle of an adult store, but it didn't sound like she was going to let it go. "I think sex is supposed to be equal... we both get what we want out of it and neither of us have to do anything by ourselves." But this conversation was getting to be too much for me. I played with my fingers in front of me and shied into myself. I wanted to get out of here... "How about you wait outside, I'll take care of this, okay? I'm really proud of you for doing your best and coming in with me, Wendums." Hand on cheek. Kiss on forehead. And a new addition; encouraging swat on the behind, to send her on her way. Ginger was absolutely going to get the girl a vibrator. I waited outside the store - or rather, the store next door - and looked at my feet. I was so embarrassed. I couldn't believe I had to go in a place like that! I went from wetting the bed that morning to buying a slutty dress from a sex shop. Of course, the dress didn't seem that slutty. And I hadn't even given Ginger my purse. When Ginger finally came out of the store, I climbed into the passenger seat without saying a word. "This is an innocent dress. You rescued it from a naughty place." Ginger put the dress in the girl’s lap for her to hold, tucking the plastic bag with the other purchase onto the backseat discretely. "It's just hard to find gingham in the US, because its more of a British-slash-old-world thing. Jeremy is going to be thrilled to see you in that." "If you say so," I mumbled, sinking further into the seat. By the time we got back to my house, it was already late in the afternoon and I needed to start getting dinner ready. Then I got a phone call just as Ginger was starting to get her things together. "You are? But I was making dinner..." I waited. "But Ginger's here you know? I thought the three of us--" I sighed and nodded my head "Right, I understand... love you." And then I hung up. Great... "Has he been kept late again?" Ginger pouted, emulating the dismay in her little project, and wrapping an arm around her lower back reassuringly with a squeeze. "I'm sorry, Wendygirl, you know he can't help it when that happens. Maybe you and I can just have dinner tonight? A girls’ night in, right?" "Yeah," I mumbled, shuffling my feet on the tile. I really missed Remy. But I remembered tomorrow - our date day. A movie, ice cream, and now that new gingham dress. I took a deep breath. Things would be alright - I just had to be patient. I put on some fresh chicken breast and went to the dryer, taking out my sheets and tumbling them into my laundry hamper. A night with Ginger instead, huh? We did have a pretty fun afternoon together. "Try it on! Come on, I know you want to, and if it's not a good fit this gives us time for me to take it in or exchange it.” That was a trait that Ginger had - she was very good at making a point, very good at coercing people, and very good at getting exactly what it was that she wanted. "You can take it straight off, but I wanna see you in it." The gingham dress, of course. I looked at the dress on the hanger, my laundry hamper on my hip. Well, it couldn't hurt, right? I still thought it looked rather silly, though. "Alright, hold on. I'll be right back." And it was like Ginger said - if it didn't fit she could fix it or return it. I went into my bedroom and folded the laundry first, putting my now-dry pajama pants in the drawer and putting the bedsheets in the linen closet. By the time I came back out, dressed like a young schoolgirl from a TV sitocom, it was fifteen minutes later. "You sure this is sexy? It doesn't feel sexy." Ginger clapped her hands with a little grin, giggling a little bit in her upper-class-accented way, and her smile spread further from ear to ear. "It's not about being sexy, it's about building on your strengths, Wendy, and this is what your man wants you to wear. So you need to build on that." She looked super cute, and about 12 years old too. It was enticing in its own way, a kind of corrupting-the-innocent kinda thing, maybe? "I feel like a kid," I pouted. "Nonsense," she told me, and stood up to fuss over my dress. It definitely didn't help me feel less like a kid, let me say. Finally, she dubbed the whole purchase a success. "Can I change now?" It wasn't that outfit was uncomfortable - I'd just never be caught debt in it outside. Asking permission was a new thing, and it made Ginger smile to see it happening in real time, especially when she'd been at the receiving end of some hostilities only a week ago. She nodded with a warm smile and thought for a moment. "You could wear one of your nightgowns, you have really cute hips and look best in nightgowns. And that way if Jeremy comes home early, you'll be at your cutest. Make certain to hang up your dress." I hung the dress in the back of my closet, something to surprise Remy for tomorrow, and pulled on one of my nightgowns. Usually I only wore nighties in the summer, but recently I found myself wearing them a little more frequently. The sun was already on its way down, so it didn't feel weird that I was in my pajamas at seven in the evening. That was just October. When I got back out into the living room, Ginger was already setting up a movie on the TV. It was a start contrast between the defiant young firecracker that she'd been before, and the pleasant and obedient girl she was now - this was probably why men got their wives lobotomies back in the 50's, Ginger thought idly to herself with a little grin. Well, she wasn't quite so barbaric, this was far more of a kindness. "I'm glad we're friends now, Wendy, aren't you?" "Yeah, I suppose." "Come now, let's watch a movie. I will put some popcorn in the microwave." "I can do it." "Nonsense." And like that, I was sitting on the sofa with a blanket over my lap and Ginger was organizing dinner. It started with popcorn, then it turned into ordering pizza. To think, none of this would have happened if I'd gone into work today. That evening gave Ginger some amazing ideas; getting this kind of hands-on contact with her project was going to set things forward in motion by an order of magnitude. Like the fact that Wendy could so easily be affectionate, given the right directions. Ginger wanted her to be affectionate, she wanted her to cuddle up on the sofa. Or the fact she bit the tip of her thumb when watching the movie, Ginger could so easily manipulate that into a nervous tick, and then into a habit, and then into... well. Tonight, when she went home eventually, Ginger was going to have a lot of recording to do...
  15. Small Frosty (Ch. 19 Update!)

    I'm sure I'll manage. New chapter today! Probably two!