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    Fight the rain. Show your dominance.
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    Small Frosty (Ch. 45 up!)

    45.) "I never realized how pretty you are when you smile," Ginger complimented her, off-handedly, and added, "I think it's because you never really smile around me. I want for you to like me, you know that, Frosty? I want for you to want me around, to be in your life. Sometimes I wonder if you'd prefer I wasn't, though." I looked down at my ice cream and licked the sprinkles off the top. Ice cream always made me smile, no matter what. Even when I was sitting in a wet pull-up out in the cold late-autumn. "No, that's... that's not it." I sighed and took another lick. "I just... think we're really close. And... you know a lot of stuff even Lala doesn't know, and... and..." "And Lala's your best friend, right? So if I know some things she doesn't, I wonder what that makes me." Ginger knew that a word would come to Wendy over and over, a word that described her exactly. A word she didn't know what to do with at first, admittedly, but that didn't mean she wouldn't figure it out. Daddy had seemed foreign once, too. I pouted and looked at her quietly. Ginger... first I thought she had a crush on Remy, and then I thought she had a crush on me. But here we were, getting ice cream together, and I realized that I didn't understand her at all. "You keep saying that. Mommy. Ever since I told you about the Daddy stuff. And you did it yesterday. And you did it today. Why are you trying to play our game? It's private." That question was unexpected, and Ginger soured but only for a moment, barely enough to notice. "I'm friends with the both of you, close with you, close with your Daddy, maybe I got the wrong impression of things." With one scoop of ice-cream in her mouth, Ginger watched Wendy like she'd watch prey. "I don't care if you're close to us. We're engaged. And... and I like you and all, and I think you're cool to just, talk to and stuff. I think we're pretty good friends, right? But this is personal. It's between him and me and you can't just pretend like you're a part of that." I took another lick of my ice cream. I hoped I was getting through to her. "I want you around, but you're just so invasive sometimes. Maybe get a boyfriend." "I'm not interested in any of that. You understand, don't you? I'm not the romantic type, I don't really date. Honestly, I'm too busy for relationships or friendships, but I make room for the two of you because..." She leaned across the table. "Because you're special." I rolled my eyes and took another lick of my ice cream. "Whatever. I think you just need to get laid or something. From one friend to another." Even if it wasn't a very friendly thing to say, it was the sort of way Lala and I would talk all the time. It absolutely wasn't the way a little girl talked to her Mommy. So enough was enough. She climbed up on the table and put her hand on Wednesday’s cheek, and she whispered in her ear. "You're a big girl, huh? You don't need a Mommy? Alright, suit yourself." She wouldn't even remember what was said after that. Thirty seconds later, Ginger slid back into her chair and began working on her ice cream again, waiting for the show to begin. I shoved her away, or I thought I did, but she was sitting there eating her ice cream. I pouted, frustrated, and licked my own. But the cold winds were colder than I remembered. I shivered a little. I couldn't even finish my ice cream. I closed my eyes and got up from the table. "I wanna go home now," I told Ginger harshly. "Sit down, baby girl, I'm still eating." Ginger would be as cold as the ice cream, until Wendy said those magic words, until Wendy admitted to needing her. As cold as the world around her would seem. "Fuck you, I want to go home!" Swearing wasn't something I did anymore, not around Remy. The word felt weird on my tongue, but I needed to make a point. I hugged myself in my coat and looked down at my feet. I felt uneasy. I felt... uncomfortable. I felt nostalgic... "I'm going to tell your Daddy that you used a bad word. He's going to be disappointed." This was rough; Remy as Daddy had the luxury of time. Ginger as Mommy didn't have that. Her transformation in Wendy's eyes would be stark, and sometimes volatile. But the results needed to happen, or all this would be for nothing. Bad word. Disappointed. I hesitated and turned away from the woman at the table. I looked out at the street, at the passing cars, remembering when I was younger, and my sister and I would count cars on the way to the mall. I closed my eyes and shook my head. "I wanna go home," I muttered, trying not to think about it. Ginger finished her ice cream and set the cup in the waste bin, wiping her hands off with a napkin. Oh to be inside that girl’s head right now; she could have written a thesis! “I’m disappointed, too, Wednesday. I've been lovely to you, caring, accommodating, motherly, and you use awful words like that? Talk to me in those tones?" Dismissively, she shook her head. "...shut up," I mumbled quieter, shaking my head. Motherly. Caring. Accommodating. Lovely. I remembered when my mom was around, before she left. I wasn't sure lovely or caring were the proper words for it. She was busy. Too busy for me or my sister. Then she wasn't around anymore, and... I started to breathe heavily. "I dropped everything when you needed me, and I always do. I'm always here when you need me, aren't I? Today, at the party, when you started having night time accidents?" These were strategic words, to be sure. On the way to the car, Ginger was silent, letting the words weigh the girl down. Letting her drown in her pride and her stubbornness. Eventually, and before too long at that, Wendy would come to the conclusion she'd been programmed to; that she needed Ginger. And Ginger was sure of that. "SHUT UP!" I slammed my hands on her car door and shook my head. "I can't right now, Wendy." "Ask your father." "Go play with your sister." "I'm on the phone." "I'll be home after you're in bed." My mom's words played in my ears. I leaned against the car and bit my lip hard, drawing blood. Tears filled up my eyes. When she started to cry, Ginger waited. When she started to shiver, Ginger waited. When her nails dug into her own arms, that’s when Ginger struck. She put herself in the way, she cuddled her up, she engulfed her and encompassed her, and reminded her of one simple thing. One obvious thing. "I'll never leave you. I'll always have time for you. I'll always be here." "YOU! AREN'T! MY! MOM!" I hit her over and over until I couldn't anymore. Until I felt weak and sick. I curled up in her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her waist. I was going to throw up. I couldn't stop everything from spinning. What was wrong with me? What was going on? "She was never there, was she?" It was easy for Ginger to hold her, no matter what she did. It was easy for Ginger to play with her hair. It was easy for Ginger to route the origin of the trauma, of the resistance. It was easy to know what was happening, and how to use it. "She never had time for you?" "Shut up... shut up, shut up, shut up..." I buried my head in Ginger's neck and used her to warm me up. The pull-up between my legs was so cold and I felt so humiliated. Sure, my mom and I didn't have the best relationship. But that never mattered before. Why did it suddenly matter now? "Shh..." Despite her crying out in anguish, her negative responses, Wendy held tightly onto Ginger’s form and sobbed, and she certainly didn't fight off the cuddling. "That's why you were so upset when Remy didn't have time for you, you felt neglected, second best. Thats why you get so upset when you think of me as Mom, it would make you feel the same way..." Her words were heavy on my heart. My excuses... I told her she wasn't part of our game. That was true. But was this true, too? I didn't know what to say, I didn't know what to feel. I just felt sick and uncomfortable and dizzy. Holding onto her... that was all that made me feel better... "I don't want to be given anything, poppet, not a role in your life, or your dynamic, not your affection, kindness, or trust. I'll earn every last bit of that, so when you offer it, you know you made the right choice." Ginger pulled her into the backseat of her car, holding her cuddled against her chest and playing with her hair. "And if you ever want me to be that to you, I will be. And I promise you'll always come first." Always come first... my heart hurt. My chest hurt. My head hurt. I curled up with my face against her lap and thought about a life where I could come first. Even today, Remy took that phone call. He went to work. And Ginger came running to my side. Would... would it be so bad, to have her? To know I was always safe with somebody? Of course not... it's what I'd always wanted. So I nodded my head and blushed through my tears. "...I'd... like it... if you were my Mommy..." "There's a good girl..." Ginger played with her hair, held her close, found the binkie that had popped out of her dress, and slipped it between her lips. She always was good in the crunch time, always was her best under pressure. "You're too precious for just one person to look after, aren't you? Don't you worry, Mommy will do a good job, you'll see." It felt like... like a weight was lifted off my chest. Like everything felt easy and free again. I didn't know how to explain it. But... but maybe a part of me thought this was a good idea. Remy, my lover, my everything, as a Daddy. And Ginger, the girl I was hardly friends with, restoring my faith as a Mommy. Half the reason I hadn't wanted children was because of my Mom... and now... now I had the chance to have everything. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wendy has a Mommy now! Obviously nothing bad can come from this. But if you are skeptical, chapters 46-56 are posted on our Patreon. Please consider supporting us!
  3. Sophie ♥

    Beginnings and Endings

    THEY ARE SO CUTE and I want Min to fall in love with Ashley and she goes against something she's not supposed to do for Ashley's sake and Ashley realizes that Min did something for her like that and then they live (die?) happily ever after in a little cottage by the woods!!
  4. Sophie ♥

    Beginnings and Endings

    This is WHYYYYY I ship them!!! Clearly they have adversities to overcome, which will only strengthen their relationship!
  5. Sophie ♥

    Beginnings and Endings

    I ship them. ALSO yes. Love the style.
  6. Sophie ♥

    Pokémon go players

    I play! Mystic all the way.
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    XD Oh my goodness, I want more C3 so badly! @Selpharia you better get to work missy! (Ana's not from DD, she's from one of Pudding's Discord servers!)
  8. Sophie ♥

    Change Inc. (One-shot)

    Thank you everyone! Personally speaking, I'd do most anything for a couple thousand dollars. Even if it's humiliating or haunting. But I know the appeal of a lot of ABDL content (including stuff we love to write!) is the idea that it's SOOO embarrassing that you'd NEVER do it. The character in the story would probably go back though... as CDfm said - that sort of experience has lasting effects. I'd love to explore the idea of a robotic nursery again. It was something we had never written before! But maybe a longer story that we can really dig our nails into? Anyway, thanks again. The comments are so inspiring. ~Sophie
  9. Sophie ♥

    Small Frosty (Ch. 45 up!)

    I don't say it enough, but thank you guys for all the wonderful comments. They are literally the greatest motivation! There's a certain point I want to get to today in this story and I'm hoping I can edit a little faster than usual. >_< So... fingers crossed! More chapters soon!
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    XD thanks! It was just a fun, silly story. We had a great time writing it. These little short vignette things might not make it to DD in the future. We like to keep our focus on our bigger stories, you know? But for now, why not? ~Sophie
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    Small Frosty (Ch. 45 up!)

    44.) We were in line for concessions when his phone rang. I gave him a sour look but he answered it all the same. Why now? It was our date night! I checked my ticket. And we were already running late... I ordered popcorn and soda and some candies, then waited while he talked to somebody. He seemed unhappy. "No, it's..." I sighed and rubbed the bridge of my nose. "Yes I know, I kn-... right. Yeah yeah, alright. Okay, I get it." She wasn't going to be happy at all. I pulled her to one side and put my hands on her shoulders, trying to keep a brave face. "Daddy had a work emergency happen, and-" She was about to protest, and I put my finger over her lips. "I won't be gone all night, but for a bit. I wanted to ask my princess how she might feel if I asked Ginger to come babysit? She could use my ticket with you and see the movie, and we could meet up at home later on?" "I don't want to see Ginger. If you don't want to go--" "I want to go, Frosty, I just--" "Fine! Then go home and do whatever you have to do and I'll see the stupid movie on my own!" I turned on my heel and stormed off toward the theater with my arms full of snacks. Wow, it was like having an actual child! I followed after her and picked her up, scooping her into my arms and sitting her on the ledge that one of the movie posters was inset into. "I didn't raise you to be rude, Wednesday. Ginger has wanted to see you all day too, to make sure you're okay. You don't have to tell her anything, she wont even know about your special undies, but would you please let her come and see the movie with you? For Daddy?" I pouted and looked at my fiancé with frustration. He had put me before his work all month! He had started to actually come through! He was home for dinner and... and... and I wanted my night with him. I wanted time with him. I kicked my feet and looked away. "I want adult time tonight," I told him simply, because we hadn't had sex in over a month. The last time I came, it was because of a vibrator, and that was two weeks ago! The issue of my not being sexually attracted to her notwithstanding, I nodded my head. "Let Ginger take you in to see the movie, and when we're home tonight, we'll have some adult time. Deal?" Mostly I wanted her to relent to needing a babysitter, because if this was going to be an issue with work tonight, I wanted to salvage something. "...she better get here soon. Movie starts in five." I kicked myself down from the little ledge on the wall and walked past Remy and into the theater alone. I sat in the back, sulking and pouting and eating handful after handful of popcorn. Previews started. Those were over. No Ginger. Maybe she wouldn't come. That would be a blessing. "Hey you." Ginger whispered as she sat down next to the girl, only ten minutes late to the film. After all, she was the reason that Remy was called away, so of course she was in the area. Tonight was going to be a big night for the baby girl to be - she was going to be put to sleep with a trigger word in the movies, given headphones, and inducted into some important new beliefs that Ginger had worked on. I didn't say anything to Ginger. I didn't know what to say to her. Yesterday, she'd been... wonderful. Helpful. But how was I supposed to thank a girl for changing me out of a piss-soaked pull-up? So I sat quietly. I wanted Remy here... "It's going to be okay, Apricot Pudding." Ginger counted five in her head to make sure the trigger had taken, and when the girl didn't move, she slipped the earbuds into each of her little eat canals and started the program running. Efforts must be doubled, after all. The credits rolled. I looked up at the screen in bewilderment, up at Ginger, who I was sleeping on, and rubbed my eyes. I didn't... understand what just happened. "You fell asleep," she told me. And now that I thought about it, that made a lot of sense. I had worked myself up over Remy, so maybe I just fell asleep. The sugar from the soda and candy probably didn't help either. "Sorry," I muttered. "I didn't mean to." "It's alright, thats why I'm here - someone has to take care of you." She'd put the headphones away a few minutes earlier, and checked to see that the girl had indeed wet herself, but not enough to leak this time, before counting the remaining minutes to wake her up. "I dun need to be taken care of," I pouted and climbed up to my feet, instantly noticing the shift of weight in my pull-up. I hesitated, patting the back of my dress and finding it dry, before blushing and walking ahead of Ginger down the flight of stairs. My pacifier was still tucked into my dress. "Hey wait up, I need to use the ladies’. Do you need to as well, princess?" Ginger knew the reality, but it was fun to watch for reactions with a little smile hidden behind her features. "Alright, suit yourself, sit and wait for me though, okay? Girls your age shouldn't be left alone without a Mommy or Daddy to care for them." "I... y-you're not...!" But she had already gone on ahead of me. She went into the women's bathroom and I stood uncomfortably across the hallway, waiting impatiently. She wasn't my Mommy! Why did she keep saying that? Because she took care of me ONE time? Because we were friends? She wasn't a part of this game I played with my fiancée - why did she feel the need to interject? Ginger took her time using the bathroom, took her opportunity to review the file, to check for any imperfections in her work, before putting it away and coming back out and putting her hand right on the girl’s cheek. "You're glowing. Remy texted and mentioned he'd be busy for a while longer and asked me to take you out for ice cream. So where should we go?" Her fingers touched my cheek like they had a few times before, but this felt different. It felt electric. I blushed and pushed my face into her palm until she took it away, and I was left speechless. My heart was racing. What... just happened? "I... what?" "Ice cream?" "N-no, I... I... um..." I shook my head. "I'd like to go home please..." That was when I realized Ginger was my ride. "Oh, pretty please? It broke Jeremy's heart to have to go into work today and I promised him I'd take you for ice cream. Please, for me? He said you knew all the best places, because you're his Frosty." Her blush was perfect, her reaction spot on. Timing may have had to come forward, but Ginger was pleased with herself. I looked up at her with blushing cheeks and opened my mouth to protest. But I was having trouble thinking. She took my hand and led me out to her car, and when she asked where to go, I told her a nearby ice cream shop. But I just wanted to change out of this pull-up...
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    We actually wrote this story on a LiveWriting night, which is a Patreon thing Pudding and I do where we... well... write. Live. But this time, we gave our patrons a special super power: they could change anything we had already written and they could pick what we wrote next! It was a super fun experience, and we have to thank our supporters: @Selpharia and Anapathy! This is just a one-chapter short story thing. But who knows, maybe more will happen in the future? Make sure to comment and show your love! Also please consider supporting us on Patreon! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reconnecting Written by Sophie & Pudding Meddling by Selphie & Anapathy "I know I teased you for wetting the bed, but this seems a bit extreme..." We were always close for siblings, but ever since puberty had taken hold and driven us in opposing directions dictated by gender, things seemed more and more distant between Vania and I. And the way she'd reacted after I teased her for wetting the bed when she came to visit… well, it was scary! "You wanna make fun of me because I have accidents Milo? Well I'm not having it. Either you're wearing one of my diapers to bed or I'm leaving!" I had planned to stay two entire weeks, and we were only on the second day. Milo and I used to be so close, and now look at us... "Right, I get it, but why? It's not going to make you any less of a bedwetter an-" If she had an aura, I was sure she'd have been on fire right about then. I didn't mean it! I just couldn't see how she'd gotten from 'pissed at her sibling' to 'wanting to humiliate me' like that. I shoved him as hard as I could into the wall, but I'd never had his strength or balance, even I was a few inches taller. "Wear it or I'm leaving!" The fact I had diapers at all was something I had hoped to keep hidden from my brother, but we'd gotten too drunk last night and I'd fallen asleep on the sofa. One wet cushion later... "I don't even know how, okay!" She tried to push me again and I grabbed both her wrists in my hands and pulled her in close to me by pulling her arms up. "Is it going to make you happy?" "Yes," I muttered, struggling to pull away from him. Finally, he let me go and I stood as tall as I could, looking at him with a deathly glare. "I'll show you what to do. And you're wearing it to bed. The whole night! So you know how it feels to..." I didn't finish my sentence, a blush overwhelming my cheeks. "How it feels to wet the bed? Vania..." She was crazy. "Whatever I do, if i wear it or not, it's not like I'm going to have an accident at night, alright? I'm an adult." An adult? I glared harshly and he quickly realized his mistake. "I'm leaving," I pushed past him to the spare room and started packing up my bag. But I knew better - Milo and I had been best friends since the day we were born. We had that twin-telepathy thing. Sure, we had drifted, but both of us wanted to be closer. This was... well it was a way to reconnect. As stupid as it sounded. "Hey I'm sorry, alright, I'm sorry." I grabbed her wrist as she was unzipping her bag, and she shook me off with a pout and puffed up cheeks. "I said I'd do it, alright? I just... you're a girl, Vania, and wearing girls things is weird... I'm not gay, you know?" "It's a diaper." "It's pink." I put my hands to my face and sighed. How was my brother such a goddamn idiot? "Fine, you don't want to wear it, I'm leaving." "I said I would!" "Then stop being a..." I thought about it. "Stop being a baby about it, then." Well, that certainly hit home. I crossed my arms and puffed my cheeks the way she just was, which was MEANT to mock her, but just made me look more like her and thus, less intimidating. "What do I do?" I checked the clock. It was already eight at night. Early for bedtime, but whatever. I fished into my suitcase and pulled out one of the pink diapers - something simple and medical with a pinkish tint - and pushed it into his hands. "The side with the tapes goes under your ass. Pull it up between your legs and tape it in place. Lay down first. And I swear, if you mess it up I will kill you because these are expensive!" Obviously I was still angry. I took the diaper with masculine indignation and stuck my tongue out at her, waving my hand toward the door. "Some privacy?" But my apartment wasn’t exactly the bastion of free space to go. "Or at least like turn around?" The last thing I wanted was my sister seeing me nude, especially given I'd taken to keeping myself hairless down there for my last girlfriend. I left him alone in the spare room. I swear, he could have just used his own fucking room, but whatever. I sighed and leaned against the counter, rubbing my temples. This wasn't supposed to happen... but maybe I could use it to my advantage. Milo in a diaper. I giggled. Okay, this could be fun! "I broke it." It was flimsy anyway, how was something made out of plastic supposed to stay on?! and I was obviously too big for it, even though Vania was bigger than me, and I guess she just got cheap products from china or something. Either way, I couldn't wear it now! "Sorry, sis, I tried." I went to drop the torn diaper in the trash. Broke it? He... he broke it? Was he an idiot or something? You can't break a diaper! I snatched it out of his hands before he could throw it away and saw that the tape had been pulled clean off. Some of the plastic was ripped where he may have tried taping it on, but it was... it was awful. And then I remembered my first time, last year. With a deep sigh of defeat, I threw the diaper in the trash and pointed to the spare room. "Come on. I'll help." "What?" She'd help? Oh no no no no, not a chance! "Look if you want me to try again I will but you can’t help! We're twins, and we're siblings, and you can't see me in my underwear like that!" Because obviously I wasn't wearing it without underwear on underneath. "I don't care. You said you'd wear one, right? And these things are like two-fifty a piece. So either you get your ass in there and stop whining, or I'm leaving." Whining. And then I remembered earlier... "You really are a baby, huh? Throwing a tantrum over everything." "What? N-no I'm not!" I crossed my arms, how dare she?! Fine. Fine, I'd do her stupid thing. I marched back into the bedroom and fell back on the bed. That didn't mean I had to LIKE it. I went to remove his underwear and he stopped me. "You are not seeing me naked." "I've seen you naked a hundred times. We shared a womb. We shared a tub. When you were fifteen you wouldn't shut the fuck up about your dick and you whipped it out every ten goddamn minutes. Now stop complaining like a bratty child." I kept using that against him - that he was a baby. He hated it. And in turn, he seemed to actually listen to me. Perfect. Ugh. Why was she doing this?! I mean. She was right. I did do all those things, but that's just how boys act. Letting your sister put you in a diaper is absolutely not how boys act! "Fine just. Don't look okay?" "You're such a baby," I said once more, to get under his skin, as I stripped him of his tighty-whities. Honestly, I'd seen enough guys naked to know that penises really weren't a big deal. I was a nurse for goodness sake! That was how I came to find these diapers anyway. When the boy was appropriately naked from the waist down, I unfolded the pink diaper and lifted his ankles above his head. Standard stuff. Diaper changes were dime a dozen. I couldn't help it, when girls saw me naked, it meant sex. And sex meant getting hard. And I tried to think unsexy thoughts, you know, like rotten fruit or Trump or my sister putting me in a damn diaper. Regardless, nothing seemed to work. "This is dumb..." ...he was hard. And he was shaven. I had placed him back on the diaper, but I couldn't look away from his member. Um... I bit the inside of my cheek and went to get the baby powder, dousing it all over his private parts. Covered in white powder like that, like a real baby, it helped to distract me from his condition. This was... strange. "Could you like... calm down or something? This is weird enough as it is." "Yeah you don't fucking say!" I didn't mean the outburst, but it wasn't exactly my choice here to be aroused, it was a bodily response! "Just ignore it okay, you're not even supposed to be looking at me. Don't be a perv." "Don't be a perv, he says," I muttered, so he could hear. "But he gets an erection when I'm putting him in a diaper. His sister, no less..." Okay. Weird. But at the same time, teasing him like this... it was really fun. It reminded me of when we were younger, and we'd always be at each other's throats. Mom hated that. I pulled the diaper up over his erection and placed the tapes as tight as I could. Hopefully that would work, right? "All done. Good boy!" "Oh my fucking god, don't say shit like that, alright?" I was doing this because it made her happy, but she was REALLY pushing her luck here! And my cheeks were bright red and I pulled the comforter over myself before I could even look at what she made me wear. Ugh. I couldn't close my thighs. "Not so funny now, being a bedwetter?" "I'm not a bedwetter!" "You sure look like one," I said in a sing-song voice, smiling happily. Who could have known this would turn out so perfectly? I never would have thought my brother and I would be equivalent through diapers. "Okay, let's watch TV or something. Put your pants back on." I tried. I really tried! But my skinny jeans weren't having any of it, and I ended up falling over on the floor after hopping around on one foot over and over, trying to pull them up over my ass and this thing on it. She laughed like a chorus of angels. "Why don't you wear pajamas?" "I don't have pajamas!" "...you don't have pajamas?" Who didn't have pajamas? "I sleep naked." I stifled a laugh. "Well, that sucks for you. Do you want some of my pajamas?" I fished through my suitcase to find a spare pair - pink with cupcakes on them. "I'm not wearing those." That was my protest. "They're girls pants, and I'm not gay, okay? I love girls and girl accessories." I was proud of my Hank Hill reference. She looked... mischievous. "Accessories? I have hair bows and stockings and heels - you still wear the same size shoes as me, right?" He looked absolutely mortified! I rolled my eyes. "I'm kidding. If you would rather wear a pink diaper instead of pink pajamas, that's your call. I think you look darling. Like a real little boy!" I passed him the pajamas all the same - the choice was his. "Come on. TV time." "I'm NOT a little boy! Fucking..." I huffed and pulled the pajamas up my legs, which at least fit over the bulky undergarment better than my jeans. But when I walked, I sounded like I'd just gone grocery shopping, and my legs didn't move the same, and this was so DUMB. "Don't you have to wear... these?" "At night, sure." He glared at me and I smiled widely. This was going to be such a fun week! And true to my word, before bed that night, I used the bathroom and changed into one of my diapers. I had grown accustomed to them over the past year - I didn't mind them at all. I just hated when shitty people made fun of me - i.e. Milo. I poured myself a very small glass of water and looked at the bathroom door before turning off the light. Hm. I reached in and locked it, then pulled it closed. It didn't matter either way for me - I knew I'd wet the bed. But my brother... this week would be very fun indeed! "Hey." I shook my sister on the sofa, and then shook her again, and finally, in desperation, I slapped her face - something I wouldn't realize was a mistake until I'd done it. "Did you lock the bathroom door? I fucking... you gotta be more fucking careful than that." It was late, dark, and I was moving anxiously from foot to foot. "I"m going to take this dumb thing off and go down to the store to use their bathroom, just don't lock me out alright? You're such a bimbo sometimes, Vania…” I was a heavy sleeper. But when someone slaps your cheek, you wake up. And you wake up irritated. I stared at my brother, processing what he was saying. Bimbo? When did he even learn words like that? What was this, tenth grade? "Mm. No. Use the diaper." Like it was the most normal request in the world. "Ugh, don't be stupid, alright, I played your dumb game and I was a good sister," I winced, "brother." fuck I was tired. "This isn't like some fetishy sissy story on reddit alright," because a brother should know about such things, right? I rubbed the bridge of my nose. "Just. Don't lock me out. And stay out of my room." "Mm. No. Use the diaper." Like I hadn't heard him at all. But I had. I'd heard him very clearly. Sissy story? Sister. I looked up through the foggy dark night at my brother in those girly pajamas and thought about it a minute. I had always wanted a sister... "You were teasing me for bedwetting. Use your diaper, and we'll be even." "I'm not pissing myself." I didn't exactly want her to be here on her own, either, though. "If I do it, can I take this stupid thing off? No more games?" Gross. "Mmhmm." I was still tired, lying with my head down on the edge of the sofa. I wanted to get up and move to the spare room, but I was lazy and the sofa was comfortable. At least this time when I fell asleep out here I was diapered properly. "I just want you and I to be even. That's all." "You're a fucking pervert, I want you to know that. Boys and girls don’t have to be the same. It’s alright for you to piss your pants and me not to, I love you anyway." I wasn't getting out of this, though, huh? "Fine. I did it. Just now." I hadn’t, but how could she tell anyway? ...hm. I sat upright and stared at him in the eye. I knew when my brother was lying - he wasn't exactly good at it. Psychic connection, remember? Twin powers. But what annoyed me was his argument: it's alright for me to do it and not him? Why? Because I was a girl? So I tugged down his pants as hard as I could and dropped the pajamas to the floor. Before he could react, I put my palm to the front of his diaper, cupping his cock. "No you didn't." And then another realization... "Why would you lie to me...?" Jesus. JESUS. Why. What?! WHY would she touch me like that?! Holy fuck. My knees felt like jelly and I puffed out my cheeks. "Because you want me to do gross things, and I'm trying to be a good sibling and you're being such a typical chick about it. Whenever a guy is nice, this happens." "I'm not unlocking the bathroom until morning," I told him sincerely. Actually, I couldn't. I would have to take the whole handle apart just get back in - it's not like I had a key or anything. "So either you piss that diaper or you piss your bed. But tomorrow I'm going home, since you're being such an asshole." And then a true but crushing statement: "I hardly even know you anymore..." Well. That hurt. I was quiet for a second, and looked at her, then away, and then down at my feet. "Tha's not... that's not fair, you know me really well sis.." "The Milo I know wouldn't act like this. He wouldn't lie to me, and he wouldn't say I'm being a "typical chick" like being a girl is so fucking terrible. You started this, remember? You made fun of me! And... and I just... figured you were better than that. And I was giving you a chance to prove it." I got up from the sofa with my blanket. Already, I could tell I was wet. "But I guess I was wrong...." "No no hey... hey, I'm sorry alright.. I'm sorry, it's just how guys are, and I love you sis, I love you more than anything, you know I'd like be first in line if you needed a kidney, or I'd kick anyones butts who hurt you. I'd do anything for you. Anything. I miss you too." Yeah, I knew I screwed up. "Well this is what I want," I said quietly, but strictly. I was sure of myself. I was sure of this decision. "You're in a diaper because you teased me. And you should wet it because I have accidents too. Then we're the same again, and you won't be so horrible to me. Understand? So if you want things to get better between us... well, you know what to do." "Fine." My borrowed pajama pants were still around my ankles, and I realized when I started peeing just how obvious it had to have been that I was dry before. I felt it. I heard it. It was gross and it went on forever and ever and I felt more embarrassed that I think I ever had. "Now we're the same.." A part of me thought he wouldn't do it. I thought... I dunno. His pride would get in the way. But it didn't. He stood there, he pushed, and the diaper between his legs darkened and sagged. I stood there quietly, watching him give up control of his own bathroom habits, and bit my lip. Oh... "Y-yeah... you're right." Wow. "Sorry if I... you know. Was a jerk." "Can you unlock the bathroom now please?" My voice was small and I shifted left and right on my feet. "I need to shower, and do more than pee." And I couldn't leave the room to go to the store now. "Oh." Ohhhh... "Right. Well, about that." I forced a smile and played with the ends of my hair. "You don't have a key by chance, do you?" He stared at me, bewildered. Great... "Or a Philips head screwdriver?" Again, he only stared. Oh no... "W-well... I can't really get the door open then. I'm sorry..." "You're sorry." She nodded to the non question. "I'm here standing in my own piss and about to crap my pants, and you're 'sorry' that you locked me out of my bathroom? Well, I'd do anything for you sis, and you wanna be the same, right? So fix it. Do anything for me and fix this!" I stomped my foot like an petulant child. "Hey, you're the one that doesn't keep the keys when you get a new place!" "Don't put this on me!" Yeah, okay, this was my fault... "Um... is there a store open nearby? One that has screwdrivers?" I knew the corner store had snacks and a bathroom and it was open all night, but they probably didn't carry screwdrivers. "I don't KNOW, Vania, but I know that in about two minutes we're NOT going to be the same anymore!" My stomach churned angrily. I was such a good brother, why was she doing this to me! I shifted awkwardly from foot to foot, trying to think of a solution. Ask a neighbor! At 3am? Or a crowbar? Who even has one of those in this day and age? I bit my lip and looked at my feet. "We... have to wait until morning," I told him simply, honestly. "Can't you hold it?" "I can absolutely not fucking hold it okay I needed to go before bed and you weren't going to let me out of this thing so I thought OH I'LL JUST WAIT UNTIL MORNING but here I am in a wet diaper - not the kind of girls’ underwear I usually like for the record - and my insides are about to become my OUTSIDES!” Way more information than I needed... "Well. I can't do anything, Milo! I... I didn't think this would be a problem!" Who could have anticipated this? It's not like some evil omniscient god was controlling our lives! No one wanted my brother and I to be locked out of the bathroom, stuck in diapers, waiting to mess ourselves! Of course, I wasn't a goddamn child and I could hold it until morning. But apparently I'd overestimated my brother... "Yes, you didn't th—“ I didn't even get that word out before it happened, and it happened with no subtleties, no grace; with a loud and vibrant sound I lost what little shred of dignity I had in the torrent of mush that pushed out of me, pushing into the diaper like a dam had collapsed and caused a mudslide. And I couldn't help but cry. He was crying. Like a baby. My poor baby brother. And I felt so guilty. If I hadn't of locked the bathroom, if I hadn't of been so spiteful... so I did what any good sister would. I put my arms around him and pushed, struggling, until the mess started to fill the seat of my diaper. We were the same. Him and me. Always. No matter what. It was pretty gross, I'm not gonna lie. And I wasn't sure that what she did really helped, but it did make me feel a bit less like a freak to have been the only one having done it. She pulled me into her arms and I winced with every motion, because I felt like I was going to burst, like my diaper would pop and stuff would get everywhere. But it was nice to be held. "I t-to-told you..." She smelled awful. I smelled awful. I coughed and tried to bury my nose in her shoulder. "Shh," I told him, holding him close. I'd never done anything like this before. I'd never even wet myself on purpose! I was strictly a bedwetter! But now, in such a shameful situation... I didn't know what to do. I felt helpless in his arms and he felt helpless in mine. But we were together. That was what was important. "I have an idea..." I led him by the hand over to the living room floor. "Lay down." I didn't want to move. I didn't want to exist honestly, but I didn't have the energy to argue, so I let her hold my hand and followed her whims like a little puppet. "This is so icky.." "It'll be better soon. We just have to get used to each other." With that, I crawled on top of his body, facing away, and pushed the seat of my diaper into his face. He would acclimatize. Everything would be better soon. Facing his diaper, I pulled at his knees, until his legs were high in the air, spread wide. Then I pushed my own face into the seat of his-- "That is so out of character," Selphie interrupted. "Give me that." "Hey!" Ana shouted as Selphie snatched the book out of her hands. "This garbage boy needs to be force-femmed so hard. She’d best prance him about in the prettiest little outfits!" "Right when it was getting good," Ana sulked. Selphie pulled out her pen and started writing the next chapter.
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    Small Frosty (Ch. 45 up!)

    Well, Ginger's motives are always... shrouded. I mean, we really only see things from the perspective of Frosty, so Ginger could be a manipulative brat who just does this for fun, or she could be trying to steal Remy away, or she could be investing herself in this family dynamic? At the end of Part 1 it seemed like Wendy was an obstacle for her, but as the story goes on, it seems more like she's invested? Ginger's motives are never outright stated (I don't think?) but they can be surmised pretty easily. But that's for the reader to decide. As the story goes on, you'll see more of her decisions and then you can figure out where you stand with her. I hope that's a good answer? New chapter today. I'm editing a LOT right now! O_O
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    Small Frosty (Ch. 45 up!)

    43.) "Hey there you are, where'd you run off to, little one? Someone said they saw you crying, and then I couldn't find you..." I wrapped my arms around her, protectively, and held her tight. "Wanna leave." "Hunny, we--" "Wanna leave," I said again, more seriously, and I think he noticed how intent I was. I wasn't being playful. I wanted to go home. And with the information that I'd been crying... so he nodded his head and we left the party early. I didn't talk the whole drive home. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't explain what happened... Was she upset that I got the promotion? Was she upset that we'd been separated? Hmm. I really only knew how to deal with her in context of being little, so when we got home, I picked her up out of the car and carried her inside without a word. Maybe I could run her a bath... "Ginger knows," I muttered, sitting quietly in the tub, surrounded by bubbles. I didn't want her to know... "I dunno if she found out or... or if she has known a while. But she knows now..." I didn't want to talk about the accident. I didn't want him to think there was something wrong. Wearing pull-ups in the daytime was humiliating enough. But... I'd grown to accept it. Almost even like it? It was like wearing my wedding ring: a demonstration of my commitment. But I didn't want anyone else to know, and now someone did. "Well, I'll talk to her if you like." But that didn't seem like it would help all that much. "It's probably my fault. I've told her about the fact I like being the Daddy, she actually helped to encourage me some to be brave enough to talk to you about it. So maybe she just inferred, and if she did, I'm sorry little one." "It's fine, she... was helpful, or whatever." Helpful. I didn't want to get into this. But I had to tell him something. "I got sad about something - probably from drinking - and she made me feel better. So I guess it's not a big deal. I just... don't want you to talk to her about it. If she wants to talk she can talk to me. And don't tell her about the diapers." I was making rules. It almost sounded like I was in charge. But these were safety rules: rules we'd come up with to make sure I was comfortable being Daddy's little girl. This was normal for us. "Let's put a pin in it and come back to it tomorrow, Frosty, I think tonight you need some safety and security." I ran my hand up the back of her neck while I talked. "Like... your paci, and a nice thick diaper, so thick your legs don't close, and that's okay because you're on Daddy’s lap all night anyway. And we can cuddle under one big blanket, on the sofa, and watch anything you want on TV until you fall asleep." I nodded my head quietly and smiled up at Remy. "Uh huh. I think that would be very nice." And that was exactly what happened. I woke up the next morning in bed - obviously Remy had carried me - and in another wet diaper. I had a period where I would cry when I woke up, but this whole thing was normalizing. Diapers at bedtime, pull-ups in the daytime. I was a little girl. Daddy's little girl. And it kept my bed dry anyway, didn't it? I pulled on Daddy's sleeve in the den and lifted my nightgown for him to see. "Need change, please." It might have become routine, but it never lost its magic. Not the first time she did it, not the dozenth time. Not the times she'd whine if she didn't get it right away, not the times like today when she'd crawl up onto my lap and watch me work until I had a moment free to change her. My adult fiancée had adapted, grown even, into hew new role. And it never ever got old. It was twenty minutes after she asked that I carried her into the bedroom and tossed her down on the bed. Despite her somber mood since last night, that always brought a giggle. We were so much happier now. "Movie and ice cream, uh huh?" "Of course." I waited with my shoes on for ten whole minutes, but Remy was still in the den. I pouted and hurried after him. "Come on." "In a moment, Frosty." "No, but... we always leave around now." Movies and ice cream were our Saturday tradition for over a month. They were extremely important to me because they were the only real "dates” I had with Remy anymore. "Alright!" For the first time, I think in forever, I put my work aside when she asked, and I think that stunned her. It certainly had her eyes wide. And she ran off to the bedroom quick as a light. Where was she going? "Come on, Frosty, don't you wanna go see the movie and get ice-cream?" I came back out a minute later holding my pacifier and handing it to him. "If we sit in the back, I can use it during the movie?" I never did little girl things in public. Never where anyone could see me. But elevators, private rooms, movie theaters... well, that wasn't so bad, was it? No one ever noticed, other than Ginger. But she was an exception. She knew about our situation, so maybe she inferred. I got it - a reward? She'd done that before, when I'd done something for her and given her what she wanted, she'd go out of her way to use her littleness to reward me. I took her pacifier from her and clipped it to the collar of her dress, then tucked it down inside and out of sight. "Now you won't forget who you are, and whose.” I loved when she blushed...
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    You Don't Need to Remind Me

    Awwww! That was cute! Keep up the wonderful work, B!