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  1. I want some bratwurst! It’s been a long miserable winter, and a snack might make me feel less empty.
  2. Every beanie baby I’ve ever owned.
  3. Lonely


    We’re happy to have you.
  4. Lonely

    Bad Jokes

    I d tell a joke seven days from now, but It’d be weak.
  5. As many herring are in the wood. where does a circle end?
  6. Always been interested in cartoons where diapers were mentioned, so eventually I tried looking up stuff. Imagine my surprise to find out there were other people interested in the things.
  7. There’s a chick I work with who I have suspected of being into this. Every time she goes to the bathroom, she seems to be in there longer than necessary. Perhaps she’s changing something? Also, she admitted to writing fanfiction, but wouldn’t say about what. Clearly, she’s hiding something.
  8. Lonely


    Never mind. I never know what I’m talking about anyway. It’s like I’m drunk on soberiety
  9. Perseverance, friends. If I found one once, you can too.
  10. Lonely


    I’m trying to visit the website “ab4.me” but all I find is an empty screen. Does it not work on phones?
  11. Love this. Reminds me of the games I used to play with my ex.
  12. Mine is simple. A woman I’ve known for awhile accidentally reveals to me that she has a fascination with diapers. She breaks down thinking she is a freak, but I comfort her and assure her that there’s nothing wrong and that I feel the same way. We then experience them together. Changing, cuddling and crinkling all the while.