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  1. Haven't been around in ages and my time is a bit more limited than before but we can start something new if you want.
  2. "Daddy, can we have a snack?" Judith asked about halfway through the movie.
  3. Sean handed Ava her apron and started getting out baking supplies, a rolling pin, and cookie cutters. Scarlett stretched out her left hand to reach the water. Her right remained close to her body clenched in a fist. "Mama! Need soap!" she ordered.
  4. Judith had to fight back a grin at Hazel's obvious displeasure. Not that she wanted Hazel to get upset, but after 3 months of Hazel always getting her way she felt a sense of satisfaction, even if she hadn't gotten to pick the movie. "Baby, it's okay. You'll like this one," Abbie said quietly as she rubbed Hazel's back, though she didn't really believe it. "We'll watch your movie next time."
  5. Judith hurried to her room and put on her Merida nightgown as soon as her bath was done, then went downstairs for the movie.
  6. Judith got in the tub and let John wash her hair. "We're gonna watch Moana. That's what Rosie wants to watch," she announced as she sat with her eyes squeezed shut.
  7. "Well, of course we can! We need something to leave for Santa, don't we?" Sean said as he scooped Ava up. Scarlett perked up as soon as she heard 'cookies.' "Cookie! Cookie!" she squealed excitedly.
  8. "Are you doin' it? If mommy does it Hazel's gonna get mad," Judith said as she wrapped her arms around his legs.
  9. "No no no, there are still two little girls that need baths. Now who wants to go next?"
  10. (that makes no sense. Wouldn't it be pull ups in the daytime so he could go potty and diapers at bedtime?) Fiona snuggles with Moira and keeps an eye on Dylan as he watches the movie and plays.
  11. Abbie got Hazel diapered and into her pajamas. "Okay, who's next?" she asked as she brought Hazel downstairs.
  12. Sean hugged Lillian and grinned. "Finally. This house has been way too quiet without the two of you here," he said before leaning in for a kiss.
  13. "Okay, fine. We can watch that," Judith gave in, not wanting an argument with the only sister that liked her. "Okay baby, let mommy do it." Abbie took the washcloth, added more body wash, and started scrubbing Hazel.
  14. (not really, just a slow recovery and lots of therapy) The day before Christmas Eve Scarlett was finally being discharged. Sean looked around the living room as he waited for Lilian and Scarlett to arrive. There were almost no decorations up aside from the tree, and there was a standing frame for Scarlett set up in one corner looking terribly out of place. A stack of Christmas cards with the girls' picture that never got sent sat on the coffee table. This certainly wasn't how Sean had imagined the holiday, the first where Scarlett would really understand what was going on. But at least Scarlett was still with them, so he was thankful for that even though she was a far cry from the wild, independent little person she had been just a few short weeks ago. Her speech was almost where it had been before and she was starting to eat pureed foods and drink thickened liquids, but she was barely crawling; walking independently probably wasn't going to happen for a while yet. She could get herself into a sitting position, but with her poor balance and core strength she tended to topple over after a couple minutes without support. Her right hand was virtually useless and she wore braces on both legs. The right one only supported her foot and ankle, but the left one went to just below the knee. Worst of all, her mind was fully intact and, coupled with her two-year-old temperament, the frustration of not being able to do the things she knew she should be able to do led to epic meltdowns multiple times a day.
  15. "Good girl! All done! Now let's wash up. You want to do it?" she asked as she squirted a little body wash on a washcloth and offered it to Hazel. Judith could tell Rosie wasn't on board with her plan. "Okay, so what do you wanna watch? Anything but Beauty and the Beast, okay?"