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  1. Isabelle drinks her juice away then sucks on the cup fslling asleep cuddling Olaf
  2. Isabelle sits there eating ger dinner watching the game giggling. She isnt drinking the juice as it isnt in her sippy cup. Its getting late but the game hasnt finished but its nearly complete
  3. Isabelle sits there and eats her dinner looking up at her daddy sometimes holding her food upnto his mouth
  4. She takes it and just holds it as she sucks on her pacifier sat there with Olaf and her blanket looking at her daddy
  5. Isabelle doesnt take it as she sucks on her pacifier staying curled up as she cuddles Olaf and her blanket
  6. Isabelle sits there really scared as she cuddles onto her Olaf and blanket even tighter as she sucks on her pacifier
  7. Isabelle nods wabting chicken nuggets. She holds Olaf smiling as she stands there happily
  8. Isabelle sits there sucking on her pacifier cuddling Olaf and her blanket as she looks around paying no attention to whats going on.
  9. "Me have paci." She says sat there giggling as she is bounced on his knee
  10. Isabelle smiles waving at them happily. "Hewo (hello)." Isabelle says happily cuddling Olaf sucking her thumb. "Daddy." she says looking back at him.
  11. Isabelle keeps hold of her blanket and Olaf as she sucks on her thumb holding her daddy. Him carrying her diaper bag. She sits snd looks around. "Where eveyone (everyone) at?"
  12. "Daddy me need to go." Isabelle says standing up reaching up to him
  13. "Daddy fwiends (friends)." Isabellerepeats over and over sat there clappinh her hands as she holds
  14. Isabelle just sits there on the stoolin the corner of her bedroom cuddling Olaf sucking on her thumb
  15. Isabelle soon stops crying and starts to suck on her thumb to calm down as she cuddles Olaf