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  1. Isabelle keeps hold of her blanket and Olaf as she sucks on her thumb holding her daddy. Him carrying her diaper bag. She sits snd looks around. "Where eveyone (everyone) at?"
  2. "Daddy me need to go." Isabelle says standing up reaching up to him
  3. "Daddy fwiends (friends)." Isabellerepeats over and over sat there clappinh her hands as she holds
  4. Isabelle just sits there on the stoolin the corner of her bedroom cuddling Olaf sucking on her thumb
  5. Isabelle soon stops crying and starts to suck on her thumb to calm down as she cuddles Olaf
  6. Isabelle just sits on the stool in the corner of her room still screaming and kicking her legs. She didnt want to stay there. In fact she wanted to go out but she would have to staybin her stroller
  7. Isabelle keeps running and screaming keeping away from him. She even runs out of the apartment
  8. Isabelle just continues screaming trying to get out of her hughchair which somehow she manages to and she runs
  9. Isabelle throws her sandeich onbthe floor and her sippy cup. She screams trying to get out of her highchair
  10. Isabelle screams not wanting to. She throws a huge tantrum throwing her pacifier on thr floor and stomping her feet
  11. Isabelle looks around sucking her pacifier cuddling Olaf and her blanket. She smiles slightly.
  12. After a while Isabelle wakes up and looks around as she sucks on her pacifier rubbing her eyes to wake up herself up. She then cuddles Olaf and her blanket
  13. isabelle wakes up slightly. She goes under her bed with her covers, blanket and Olaf and she sleeps under there sucking her pacifier
  14. They then say that she will be fine and that she only needs toys, food, drink and that to keep her hapoy and that she could juat stay in her stroller. Isabelle cobtinues to take her nap wetting her pull up in her sleep
  15. Isabelle sucks on her pacifier cuddling Olaf and her blanket and she slowly falls asleep in her bed