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  1. Okay but only one I buy you a soda
  2. I eat mine
  3. I pull into the driveway and let you out John: Hi princess
  4. Steven: I'll go downstairs and make some breakfast
  5. I cut up your pizza for you
  6. Elizabeth: Me make stinky Steven: Well there's my little princess
  7. Sarah: I drive us home.
  8. Elizabeth: I wait for you to smell what I did
  9. Sarah: So what do you think about the retainer
  10. Yes it is now let me cut it up for you
  11. Elizabeth: Mama up
  12. Sarah: come on Lucy let's get you home
  13. Elizabeth: I soon wake up and call for you (mama)
  14. Sarah: Say thank you lucy
  15. Elizabeth: I fill my diaper while i sleep