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  1. Susan: I take you to the nursery and diaper you and get you ready for bed
  2. Mary: I come down ready to go with my purse and we go out to the car
  3. Susan: I soon finish and get you out of the bath and wrap you in a warm towel
  4. I sit down and watch you play
  5. Mary: I finish and go and get ready to go
  6. After i put it on you i get you down and let you play
  7. Mary: I clean up and put the dishes in the dishwasher
  8. I get a onesie out and put it on you over your diaper
  9. Susan: I get you undressed and put you in the bath with some toys
  10. Mary: I drink my coffee and eat my breakfast Greg: I work
  11. I clean your bottom up and put a fresh diaper on you