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LL Medico Diapers and More Bambino Diapers - ABDL Diaper Store
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  • ABDL Stores:

    1. BiggerDiapers: Our own site featuring washable diapers, plastic pants and more. Helps support the DD Community.
    2. ABUniverse: Offers adult diapers in prints for babies, littles, furries and sissies!
    3. Bambino DIapers: Distributor of super-thick ABDL-themed disposables in fun designs.
    4. DiaperDrawer - Retailer of plain and printed diapers, plus onesies and much more.
    5. Tykables: Offers an exclusive line of disposable diapers intended for the age-play community.

    Incontinence Shops:

    • Amazon.com: Sells most mainstream brands of adult diapers, pull-ups and bedwetting pants.
    • Adult Cloth Diaper: Traditional pre-fold diapers, vinyl pants and more.
    • Enema Supply: Enema supplies, duh
    • Northshore Care: Offers a full line of diapers including Confidry, Molicare and Northshore Supreme
    • Unique Wellness - Sells the Wellness Briefs line of super-absorbent diapers.

    Photo / Video Sites:

    • 4AB - Our own site with thousands of photos of diapered girls and guys, and now videos!
    • ABHunnies
    • Adult Baby Source - One of the original membership sites with tons of photos and videos, updated every couple days
    • DiaperGal - Diaper girl Mega Site with tens of thousands of photos!
    • NappySchool - Diapered Schoolgirls and their mothering teachers.
    • Plastic Babe - Adorable girls in plastic wear with and without diapers
    • PlasticMommy - Moms who keep their "boys" in diapers and tons of plastic
    • Xtreme Diapers - The Hardcore side of AdultBabySource with plenty of diaper sex

    Mommies, Phones and Cams:


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