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  1. "There we go eat your yummy food and maybe someday you'll grow up to be big and strong" Dee continued to tease Joshua while making sure he didn't try to spit it out. She got another spoonful ready even as her son in law tried to swallow the first bit of baby food. When he wanted the bottle all he would have to do was point to it. Dee seemed to be greatly enjoying forcing Joshua to eat baby food while sitting in the girly highchair.
  2. Crystal nodded as she hugged the stuffed animal tight not letting it go. She waited to see if she would be put back in the stroller now or might get to walk on her own for a bit. One thing was certain she wanted down now that she had picked out a stuffed animal. Crystal hoped Siobhan would let her get it despite it being a little more expensive than some of the smaller ones.
  3. "Nonsense it's just what a baby like you needs. If you give me any trouble just remember that I can easily show the pictures I've been taking to anyone I please" Dee informed Joshua as she put a jar of chicken and peas on the highchair tray along with the bottle of warm milk. She had a jar of prunes to help the laxatives in his bottle and was going to make him eat all of it. Once she was sure he wouldn't try to push the baby food or bottle off the tray she used a baby spoon to get a spoonful of the chicken and peas baby food. "Come on open wide for the carriage" Dee teased Joshua as she moved it closer to his mouth while making horse sounds.
  4. "Just don't drop me or lift me up too high" Crystal begged Siobhan as she was taken out of the stroller and lifted up. She now had a much better view of the stuffed animals but still felt uneasy over being held. After looking at all the stuffed animals for a good five minutes she finally chose a big English Matstiff dog. Crystal didn't seem to care the dog was half her size as she reached out for it.
  5. Dee tied the bib around Joshua's neck before going over to the refrigerator and getting out a gallon of milk and what looked like a chocolate bar. She then got baby food, a bottle, and baby silverware. After that she sat to work making breakfast making sure to crush some of the chocolate bar and stir it into the bottle of milk. Dee wondered if Joshua knew that if wasn't really chocolate but instead fast acting laxatives guaranteed to work in thirty minutes or less.
  6. Crystal was delighted to hear Siobhan tell her she could pick out any stuffed animal she wanted. She tried to see all of them but was finding it difficult while stuck in the panda stroller. Even though she hated it she asked the woman "Can you please hold me so I can see all the stuffed animals. Crystal wanted to get a good look at all the stuffed animals before she made her choice.
  7. "Don't worry I'll pick out an outfit for you if you behave. That means eating everything I give you though" Dee told Joshua as she put him in the highchair. She strapped him then laughed at how easily he fit into it despite being an adult. After taking a few more pictures she pulled out a bib to match the highchair complete with princess designs. Dee went to go put the bib on Joshua ready to punish him if he resisted in any way.
  8. "Now you can't stay inside all day so we're going to get some food in your tummy then go run some errands around town" Dee told Joshua after taking a few pictures of him in the plastic panties. She finally released him from the changing table only to pick him up and head for the kitchen. In the kitchen sat Denise's old highchair as if waiting for the small man. "Now I know you probably want to choose your own breakfast but babies have to eat what they are given understand ?" Dee asked Joshua as she got ready to put him in the highchair.
  9. Crystal continued sobbing as Siobhan again thwarted her attempts to take the diaper off and put her back in the stroller. She hoped none of her friends saw her in it as only the strap between her legs made any attempt to cover her diaper. When the woman mentioned a special stop she got a little excited hoping it was something good. Crystal looked at the huge toy store wondering if Siobhan was planning on picking out a Fisher Price or Playskool toy for her to play with during the shopping trip.
  10. Dee waited to make sure Joshua would leave his feet in his mouth before taking a few pictures. She waited for him to do more with them like he had been forced to do during his phone call. The look in her eyes warned the small man not to disobey her or he would endure a far worse fate then being in someone else's used diaper. Dee finally seemed satisfied with Joshua and put the pink plastic panties on over the used diaper.
  11. Crystal was surprised when Siobhan pulled out a purple pacifier and put it in her mouth. She was about to spit it out when she realized how relaxing it was despite finding it incredibly childish. While her tears didn't stop completely they faded to sobs making her more manageable. Crystal tried one more time to reach the tapes on her diaper so she could remove it.
  12. Dee loosened the changing table strap for Joshua then brought his feet up to his mouth. She was sure her son in law knew exactly what she expected him to do. The messy diaper would be staying on him a bit longer though no matter how well he behaved. "Come on show me what a cute baby you are" Dee teased Joshua as she cooed to him as if he was a real baby.
  13. Once Siobhan had taped the diaper on Crystal she looked down at it before bursting into full on crying mode. She couldn't help but feel as if the diaper was taunting her telling her she belonged in them since she had so many accidents and could easily fit into them. Despite their deal she tried to reach the tapes so she could take it off and throw it away. Siobhan needed to do something quickly to help distract Crystal from being in the baby diaper.
  14. "Oh it's much too late for that. You had a chance to be good but decided to try and go against me so now your butt is going in this diaper" Dee told Joshua as she kept him from squirming away. She laid the diaper down then forced his butt down onto the poop still on it. With him still protesting she taped the diaper on him then made sure to push it against his butt and penis. Dee then took Joshua's phone out and got even more pictures of him in the Disney Princess diaper.
  15. Crystal began to sob again as Siobhan made sure the baby oil got everywhere even her most private areas. She thought it seemed like the woman actually believed she was going to have an accident in the diaper like a baby. As the baby powder was applied she could tell the woman genuinely thought she would use the diaper. Crystal continued to sob as Siobhan continued the diaper change and knowing she couldn't stop it.