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  1. "Where will I be sleeping tonight?" Mikey asked (Let's make it around 6 pm )
  2. Mikey looks at the drinks "what is this?" he asks looking at Dan
  3. Stops hugging Tyler and gets his Spider Man suitcase from outside. He then walks back inside
  4. Mikey runs up to Tyler and hugs Tyler tightly
  5. Michael's mother dropped him off with his suitcase and said goodbye before driving off. Mikey was very excited about staying with his best friend. He started walking to the door with his heavy suitcase it was quite hard to carry. Eventually he got to the door and was able to put the suitcase down. He then knocked on the door and waited
  6. ( oh yeah I didn't think of that sorry I changed it now)
  7. Dylan slowly woke up "where are we?, what happened to the nice warm bed?" Dylan asked as he tried to wake himself up. He then noticed that Harry was wearing a diaper "um why is Harry wearing that?" He asked very confused.
  8. ( what about Harry?, can he really go in just a diaper?, he could ,but don't you think it would be a bit embarrassing for him?)
  9. ( um I think you posted in the wrong area)
  10. ( keep it there I think it makes it look like that Jason has made a mistake or something, plus I think it will be very interesting to the role play)
  11. Dylan was still upstairs in Harry's bed sleeping. He tossed and turned a little bit in his sleep but nothing major. Harry just continued sleeping not realising that he was outside now and no longer in his bed. He still didn't realise that he was wearing a diaper.
  12. Harry and Dylan were very deep sleepers and usually didn't wake up that easily. One of the only things that woke up Dylan and Harry almost instantly was thunder and lightning. They were absolutely terrified of thunder and lightning. Harry didn't hear or feel anything and continued sleeping. Dylan just continued sleeping.
  13. "Like my friend would want to hang out with her" Jacob said.
  14. "Who said we were only going to go to a BMX park, who knows we could have gone anywhere sis" Jacob said smiling at Jessica
  15. Dylan woke up up but didn't wake up fully. he was still half asleep. He noticed that Harry wasn't next to him. He looked around the room for him yawning. He realised Harry was in his bed. He didn't question how Harry got the. Dylan carefully got off the bed trying not to fall over because he was still half asleep. He then went over to Harry's bed and got in. He then started hugging Harry and fell asleep. He didn't notice that Harry wasn't in his soaking wet onesie anymore or that he was wearing a diaper.