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  1. (sorry I have been really busy )
  2. (we will start off with Mum and Dad telling the kids where they're going, then we will get into the car. Skipping the journey we will then arrive at the place)
  3. @Danny there is nothing to reply to a part from a ?. What am I supposed to reply to that?
  4. Yes which is where Drew is needing the toilet
  5. (multiple posts of the same thing Danny) Calvin and Maximus are already downstairs in the conservatory sitting at a big table one at each end. There is a big map on the table with some sort of miniatures on it. Bothof them had different cards on each side of the table with different cards underneath them. They also had five dice each some were in a red colour and the others were Green as well as some other things.
  6. (let's just continue where we left off)
  7. Jackie lives down the road from Lisa and also is a single parent living with her two boys Louis who is six years old and Tommy who is 7 and a half. They lived in a 10 bedroom house with all the luxuries and expensive stuff. Such as indoor and outdoor swimming pool,plenty of bathrooms,a massive gaming room, a downstairs bar in the basement with a pool table and so much more.
  8. Thread Gone?

    No the website was rolled back from what I understand. Pretty much everything is gone if you look around on the website.
  9. Babble = Chat

    So what we will be stuck with Babble?
  10. Family Road Trip (now private)

    "screw you dad, all you care about is punishments and you think they always works. Well maybe if you actually tried caring about my feelings you might get somewhere, at least my siblings can care about my feelings more than you" Colin says sobbing loudly. Tray continues brushing his teeth.
  11. Family Road Trip (now private)

    "no school! I'm not going today it was horrible yesterday. Colin says as he starts crying before he quickly places the bowl of cereal on the floor and then runs upstairs into the twins bedroom. He then gets into one of the beds and starts burying himself under the covers,He then buries his head deep into the pillows on the bed as he continues crying his eyes out. Tray finishes getting dressed before he goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth.
  12. 5th wheel family roleplay reboot(private)

    "anyway would you like to play with me and Dexter if he wants to join?" Jacob asks Tommy and Dexter. "Yeah I will play something with you guys, I don't have much else to do"Dexter says