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  1. New family roleplay

    Thank you for accepting this character. I was wondering if Thomas and Danny could have a close Brothers relationship between them.?
  2. New family roleplay

    Time for my characters Thomas is 6 years old and is Danny's younger brother. Thomas is very friendly and sweet though he can be cheeky at times. He never means it in a spiteful way and it is mostly because of his age. He loves his older brother Danny and never teases him about his diapers. He still has accidents during the night time and day because of this he wears diapers and or pull ups. Not sure if I want to play a mother or another child yet.
  3. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    "I know but she won't be happy if she finds out if any of us have been wearing them" Logan says
  4. New family roleplay

    Sounds interesting. Being able to make the return now. Once again sorry for having to abandon everything so quickly.
  5. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    Logan lays down on your bed excitedly
  6. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    "ok we'll see don't they don't" Logan says
  7. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    "yeah why not and yeah I understand" Logan says excitedly going into your room.
  8. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    "ok right. I never said they were bad I'm just a little surprised that is all. Anyway you said they feel comfy and nice but I do wonder what they actually feel like" Logan says
  9. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    "well it's nice to know that you have already figured things out I guess and I thought that diapers are only for babys and toddlers" Logan says
  10. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    "true yeah but what about if she did find them can you imagine trying to explain that?" Logan asks. "I don't think she would do that because that would be getting in your personal space now wouldn't it. Have you got one on now and if so did she hear them when you went downstairs?" Logan asks another question.
  11. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    "she does go in your room sometimes without your permission. Though she would rather you didn't know about that"he says. "With certain things yes but this would just be embarrassing for you if I told mom I highly doubt she would believe me anyway" he replies.
  12. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    "I know but you've been acting suspicious ever since you came home and now I know why. Plus the hiding space wasn't that good mum could have easily found them" Logan says before watching you go upstairs. He then goes upstairs shortly afterwards and knocks on your door "look I'm sorry I know I shouldn't have gone in your room but I do promise I won't tell mom about them" Logan says
  13. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    Logan is looking around Dan's room when suddenly he comes across the packet of diapers. He looks at them for a couple of minutes and doesn't quite understand why his brother has them in the first place. So he decides to pick up the packet and go downstairs with them.
  14. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    Luckily she she is too focused on thinking about what she has to order to notice much at all. A man answers the phone, she tells him what she would like to order and then gives her credit details at the end. Before hanging up and putting the phone back. She then grabbed her coat and keys before going out and walking into town to the post office. Logan start exploring his brother's room and is very excited since he hardly ever got to see it
  15. Me and my brother (with anyone2)

    "well thanks for the money but I'm paying by card on the phone" she says giving back your money to you before she goes downstairs and gets the home phone. She then Dials the number for the pizza place in town which does deliveries. Logan decides to end the Livestream and then stops the broadcast from his console before putting down the controller and going to see if Dan is still in his room or not. He notices the door is open and no one is in there so even though he knew he shouldn't go into his brother's room without permission he does so anyway because his brother hardly ever let him in his room.