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  1. Scott gives you one of his toys to play. He starts to play with you but then the door bell goes suddenly. "Dan can you please go and get the door" Daisy shouts out to Dan. Scott looks at you "I guess you better go and answer the door" Scott said smiling at you
  2. "I just want to play with my toys. Can you please play with me. Pretty please" Scott says smiling at you with a cute face
  3. "yeah you were seven years old once yeah he does. No a lot of people wear them even older people. You should try not to just get on for me but for yourself as I said you might end up being friends with him. Daisy says to you smiling. Daisy then went to her bedroom. "I don't really feel like playing video games right now but I would still like to play with you. Scott says smiling at you
  4. "Maybe I don't really know" Jacob says smiling Max wakes up and hears Jacob and Charlie talking in the bedroom. He continues to listen as he slowly sits up in his bed. He begins to feel left out and decides to get out of bed. He then grabbed his pillows and duvet cover off the bed and quietly put them on the floor before quietly opening the door to his bedroom not wanting to wake up Dan. He then quickly and quietly his pillows and duvet cover and walked over towards Jacob's bedroom and quietly opens the door before walking in and putting his stuff on the ground next Charlie's things. He then goes and closes his bedroom door after he comes back into the room.
  5. "why don't you go and sort it out with him now?. I know he is much younger than you but that is still no excuse. He is not immature for his age give him a chance you never know you might actually end up liking him" she says smiling at you
  6. Scott looks at you a bit confused "I wasn't getting wound up I was just saying that it's just very different. Ok dad I will try to be but I don't know how Dan will be" he says looking down at the floor
  7. Jacob watches you as he certainly moves closer towards the edge of his bed. He then waits until you are finished and quickly reaches out and and grabs your hand. He then put his arms around you and hugs you.
  8. Scott looked at his dad "I know you did. And I have no doubt that it will take time it's hard for me and him he has never had a brother before neither have I it's a completely different experience for the both of us even now I'm not completely used to it myself" Scott says looking quite proud of himself that he manage to think in that way
  9. "I would but how can I little brother if you're on the floor lying down. I would like to see what it looks like. I bet it's not as messy as my diaper" Jacob says smiling at you
  10. "wow anyone could easily do that with there diaper, so I'm not buying it, I think you're just having me on" Jacob says not believing you
  11. Max continues to sleep. "Well I might as well I don't have much choice or control over it" Jacob replies. "But I don't think you have actually done it" Jacob says
  12. Jacob looks at you and nods "yeah well I usually do. I have kind of gotten used to the smell of it". Jacob continues to watch you and says nothing until you have finished. "I don't think you could even do it if you wanted to, I highly doubt that you actually did it if you did I would be amazed".
  13. Scott went outside to the back garden and started playing with his Paw Patrol toys on his own. He was feeling slightly sad that he had upset Dan. He then went back upstairs to get some more toys.he then went back out to the garden to play with them.
  14. Scott begins to listen to his daddy while still crying. After a few minutes he starts to slowly looks up from his pillow as he starts to wipe away his tears on his face. He looks towards his daddy and continues to listen to him. He then gets distracted by his soft toys and starts playing with them. He slowly begins to feel a lot happier and stops crying eventually. He continues to play with his toys making up voices for every individual toy he is playing with. Suddenly he stops playing and picks up his paw patrol soft toys which are on his bed. He then gets out of his bed and runs down stairs to find Dan carrying his toys because he wants someone to play with him.
  15. Jacob turns and looks down at you "don't worry you will get used to the feeling of it. It's actually quite nice after a while they are really soft and comfortable too. Neither have I for a while I will probably go soon though, well you might as well go in your daiper. I think you should go in your daiper, I find it fun and relaxing." Jacob says. "Very squishy and warm" Jacob says as he starts to go poop in to his diaper.