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  1. Aizawa gurgled, pretending not to know what he meant when Daddy moved his little hands over his face and cooed, “Where’s Aizawa?” The baby boy giggled uproariously in surprise when Daddy cooed, moving his hands from his face, “There he is!” He looked surprisingly cute in his new diapers, though he still had big-boy hair down on his privates and a trail of dark hair up to his belly button from his pee-pee. Though he had hair down there, he still looked suitably babyish, with his soft face and big, round eyes. His diapered bottom was nice and big in only two diapers, and his diapers crinkled as they were secured on his small body. When Daddy was all done taping the third up around his waist, it was obvious baby Aizawa wouldn’t be walking anytime soon. The pat to his padded crotch made the baby blush a little, smiling. The comment about how he was all clean prompted him to reply with, “Baby awl cwean!” Aizawa nodded when his Daddy Alexander cooed that he wasn’t so bad, and he’d like being a baby. He was sure he would learn to like it, and get used to the baby-talk that still made him blush and the cute way he had to speak. The outfit his new Daddy picked out really was adorable on him, just like he said. Aizawa cooed joyously; it was so soft and the colors were so pretty. When he noticed the duck on the front, he babbled, “Ducky!” and clapped his little hands. He let the bigger man take him outside, carrying him downstairs and out the front door. Aizawa found himself buckled into his Daddy’s car in a car seat, like any other baby boy. The baby simply sat there, cooing, “Haiwcut fow baby!” in a cute little voice, squirming gleefully, obviously excited for his haircut.
  2. Aizawa lay back, relieved. “Otay.” He cooed, rubbing his eyes and reaching up. “Kittie?” He was mesmerized by the mobile, eyes huge as he lifted up his legs.
  3. Daddy Oliver gave his stinky little man a pat on his diapered rump, before laughing a bit to himself. The hired help he had reacting to how cute his baby boy was worked like a charm; he could pay anybody off to pretend that the big baby strapped to his chest was perfectly normal if he wanted to. Daddy Oliver had more connections than this poor little thing knew, and he’d be using them as much as possible. He instead focused on little Dewey, who was determined to squirm around in his baby sling, trying fruitlessly to escape. Daddy made sure his pacifier was strapped nice and tight around his head before giving his poopy-diapered ass a hard smack through the seat of the sling. “Be a good boy for Daddy, and don’t squirm around so much or he’ll spank your little butt red right here after changing your diapies!” The boy was trying to spit out the pacifier, his speech garbled and unintelligible. When someone bravely asked what was wrong with his son, Daddy smiled knowingly and put on a sorrowful face, stroking the baby’s head, “Well, he has a growth disorder. He may not look like a baby, but he is one mentally; his body just ages too quickly. That’s why I have to take care of him.” Baby’s garbled babbling just made it seem like he really was a baby, convincing the nice person that Daddy was telling the truth. Daddy Oliver hummed, taking his cute little pooper into the men’s bathroom, leaving the shopping cart outside it and pulling down the baby changing station. He got diapers out of the diaper bag he brought along, with wipes and locking plastic panties covered in Barney the dinosaur faces. Daddy untaped his diaper after setting him on the changing table and people groaned at the stench, asking what “that awful smell” was while Daddy Oliver smirked at the baby boy, wiping his ass nice and slow. “See, baby? You really are a stinky widdle guy.”
  4. Aizawa peeked up at him, flinching a little when the man demanded to know if he had to wait out there all day. After the man at the door asked if he was Aizawa, he nodded, “Mm-hm, that’s me. John is in his bedroom, he wanted to sleep more.” He replies, not realizing what he just admitted to. He was a touch confused that the stranger was talking about his son like he needed to wear Pampers. John woke up, yawning a bit as he walked out of the bedroom. He sighed when he saw that Aizawa was up, deciding to walk over. “What’re you doing up?” The smaller man pouted at him, shifting a little as he folded his arms. “Whaddaya mean? I was gonna go out! I always go outside.” The larger boy sighed, picking his father up, ignoring his vehement protests, “Put me doooown, I wanna go outsiiide!” John set Aizawa down on the couch, and he scowled, pouting as he flopped onto his back. John waved to the guy at the door. “You must be the babysitter, hello. I’m John. Our dad left me in charge, but I guess he wanted a babysitter too?” He shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry about him, by the way, he’s really fussy today. I think he’s grumpy ‘cause dad left without telling anyone?” “No I’m not, I’m an adult! I’m not a baby! I wanna go outside, lemme out. I don’t need your permission!” Aizawa whined, pouting up at him.
  5. Aizawa blinked and rubbed his own eyes. “Guuh.” He gave her a thumbs-up to show he slept well, before sitting up a little, diaper crinkling. “S-skool to-day?”
  6. Aizawa removed himself from her mouth. “That’s fine, I can get you a new diaper if you want?”
  7. Aizawa suckled on his pacifier, comforted by Momo’s prescience. Baby brother, huh? That was fine. “Da. Googoo gaga.” He cooed in greeting, reaching up as he watched the mobile spin over their crib. When he saw that the mobile had cartoon kittens spinning, he became transfixed, cooing as he watched, “Kittieee. Kittie!” Baby said his first real word, gleefully staring up at them with an amazed look on his cute little face.
  8. Aizawa reaches down and rubbed her diaper while he fucked her mouth.
  9. The next morning, the man woke up confused. He glanced down at himself and saw his cute little pink onesie, heard the diaper crinkle as he moved, then remembered his punishment. Aizawa felt drool trickle down his chin, his pacifier still locked into his mouth. He could only let out a muffled attempt at speech, squirming a little, “Guhguh!”
  10. Aizawa fell asleep, babbling in his sleep. He curled up, sucking on the pacifier.
  11. Aizawa eventually relaxed, sucking on the pacifier in his mouth. Drool trickled down his chin as Mina held him.
  12. Aizawa sniffled, trying to speak. “Gagaga. Goooogooo.” He babbled incoherently, waving his little hands around. When she started rocking him, he relaxed in her arms, rubbing his eyes.
  13. Aizawa babbled through his pacifier as she changed his messy diaper, wiping him up. When she taped a new one around his waist, putting rash cream on his bottom and zipping up his onesie, he sighed in relief before reaching up again. The baby boy let out a coo, waiting for Mina to hold him.
  14. Aizawa gave her diaper a pat and thrust into her harder.