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  1. I am open to just about anything as long as my character is the one being punished/diapered. I would prefer the diapering to be by a male, and I would like my character to be forced into diaper-checks and acting like a big baby. If you are interested in this let me know ;).
  2. Shouta frowned and squirmed a bit, but allowed Hailey to spoon mac and cheese into his mouth. He didn't want to go to bed with just a bottle, and flushed when the morning's wet diaper was mentioned, "I..I jus' couldn't use the bathroom, that's all." He muttered, averting his gaze and blushing deeply as he ate. When he was done, he saw that she got him a sippy cup of juice; while it was a bit humiliating, he was just happy it wasn't a bottle. Sighing, he reached for it, diaper crinkling.
  3. Shouta squirmed, his tummy rumbling as he reached for the food just inches away. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't reach it; the mac and cheese had been placed too far away for him to grab. His former co-worker told him he didn't get to make the decision, and now he'd have to wait until she was finished eating. This was all too humiliating; he was trapped in a highchair and a cushy diaper, unable to eat or go to the bathroom on his own, tears of frustration welling up in his eyes. He quickly blinked away the tears and sniffled, blushing when Hailey once again called herself mommy and said next time he fought her, he'd be going to bed with a bottle. "Don' want a bottle. Notta baby, 'm big." He muttered, opening up his mouth so she could feed him. When he escaped this bizarre nightmare, he'd be home free; he'd get his big-boy clothes back and then report this crazy lady to the proper authorities. Besides, nobody would ever believe he was a baby; he looked nothing like one.
  4. Shouta felt tears well up in his eyes; that wasn't fair! He was capable of eating all by himself, he didn't need to fed. When she just turned away and made herself a salad, just started eating her own food and leaving him there, he tried to reach for the Mac and cheese himself. It was useless; he couldn't move correctly while stuck in the highchair. Whining, he leaned over and reached, trying to grab it, but it was too far away. Sniffling, Shouta pouted, tears starting to stream down his cheeks. Trapped in a highchair, wearing a big, poofy diaper and a babyish onesie, Begrudgingly, he swallowed his pride and reached for his former co-worker, "I-I wan' my food. Please? Feed me?"
  5. Shouta kicked his legs a little when she left him in the high-chair, dressed up like a giant baby. He folded his arms, pouting childishly after Hailey mentioned she didn't think that was the reason he wet himself. " 'm responsible! I just hadda accident." Shouta whined, squirming a bit, his oversized diaper crinkling noisily as he tried to leave the high-chair. He soon realized the bulk of the diaper and his onesie weren't what kept him trapped in the chair; it was exactly his size, and even if he weren't dressed like this he still wouldn't be able to climb out. The man slumped in the high chair and allowed her to tie a bib around his neck, but stubbornly refused to open his mouth when the spoon was brought up to it, turning his head away with a childish pout. He would feed himself, or he wouldn't eat at all.
  6. Shouta lay on his back, squirming uncomfortably as he was lain on the changing table. The man blushed when his former co-worker mentioned she thought he was fibbing because his diaper was soaked, even underneath the onesie. Once Hailey undid the tapes of his wet diaper and changed him gently, he couldn't move much, strapped down to the changing table and squirming a little. As he was wiped clean and powdered up, he felt his cheeks grow hot with no small amount of embarrassment. Shouta wriggled a bit when she picked him up, but soon allowed her to simply carry him away; he had no other choice. When she called him her baby, he sighed, folded his arms. "I'm..an adult. I just had too much to drink and peed." He muttered childishly, before nodding. "Okay, I'll eat mac n' cheese, but after that, can I please have normal clothes?"
  7. Shouta still felt weak when Hailey walked into the nursery and approached the crib. He squirmed in her grip, his diaper sopping wet and sagging underneath the onesie. "Don' need a diaper change. I'm not a baby." He muttered stubbornly, folding his arms. The long-haired man allowed the woman to pick him up, because he had no other option, but he didn't exactly look happy about this arrangement.
  8. Shouta whined, squirming as Hailey called him her little baby and told him to take a nap in the crib. He tried to roll onto his back, diaper crinkling loudly, once he was placed into the crib. Sighing, he curled up and closed his eyes, willing to sleep off the hangover for now. Later on, he'd get rid of all this baby stuff, he'd be a big, strong man again. The man slept, and soiled himself again in the process.
  9. (Shouta) The man groggily acquiesced to being carried off the changing table and held like a baby, unable to do much else. He drooled as he was cradled, dribbling on his onesie and laying limp in Hailey's arms, only able to listen as Hailey told him the news; he'd gotten fired for being drunk too many times, and she was going to be his Mommy. His..Mommy? He wasn't a baby! Shouta whined quietly in response to her insistence that he couldn't take care of himself; yes he could! He'd been taking care of himself since he was eighteen and moved out of the orphanage he once lived in, why wouldn't he be able to do it now? Hailey said that her and her husband would be taking care of him, because apparently he wasn't able to, and he let out a soft whimper of protest. She couldn't let anyone see him like this, he'd be a laughingstock! "Notta baybee." Shouta mumbled weakly, his voice slurred and babyish, squirming a little. " 'm not coot. 'm big an' stwong."
  10. Shouta begrudgingly stopped thrashing about, just so she'd explain what was going on. He was about to speak when she inserted a medicine-filled syringe into his mouth, cutting him off. Under normal circumstances, he'd spit it out, but it spilled down his throat so quickly he was forced to swallow. Hailey informed him that it'd help his hangover go away and make him calm, and it did just as she said; his pounding headache vanished. The man felt far more sleepy and pliant now, and even though he was still internally raging at the indignity of having been dressed up like an oversized baby(as well as having been drugged without his consent), on the outside he looked calm. Drool trickled down his chin, and he lay back, arms going slack against the changing table. He couldn't even really kick in this state, only able to lift his legs a little and then set them back down on the table.
  11. The new teacher dozed through his suit being removed, even when his bottom was powdered and a huge diaper taped around his waist. He squirmed a little after the mittens were placed onto his hands, rendering them useless, and heard something crinkle underneath him. Confused, he opened his dark brown eyes, blinking wearily at the woman standing over him; wasn't she the fellow teacher he'd met a few days ago? That was when he felt thickness between his legs, forcing them apart; he glanced down at what he was wearing and realized with a shudder that he was no longer in his usual business suit; he was wearing a onesie, and underneath it was clear he was also diapered. On top of that, he'd been strapped tightly to the table, and as he tried pawing at the onesie to remove it, he realized that his hands were useless trapped in the mittens. The man scowled, turning his annoyed glare to Hailey, "Why am I dressed like this? T-this isn't funny, if this's some kinda joke!" He whined, wriggling and kicking his legs, trying to get the onesie off to no avail.
  12. The new professor was squirming a little as he slept, but soon stopped. He was all dressed up, in a suit that was much too large for him and had a small stain on the front of his pants. When Hailey picked him up, he lay limp in her arms, drooling from the corner of his mouth. Even after he was placed into the back seat of Hailey's car, he didn't struggle much, too wasted to really do anything about being man-handled like this. His long, black hair hung in his face as he dozed, the wet spot on his pants growing larger.
  13. bumping this in case anybody wants to join?
  14. Danny's Daddy nodded in agreement when his little boy told him it was easy, because the diaper was just a wet one. "That's true, sport; it'd take longer if Tommy had made poopies. When I have to change your stinky-bum, it usually takes longer to get you all clean, doesn't it?" He smiled, patting his son on the head before setting a now-dry Tommy down.