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  1. Business Trip

    no barbie if you dont then your fired do you want to be fired
  2. Business Trip

    how would like me to get you implants
  3. Business Trip

    at work your boss comes over and says hi barbie i see you let your wife choose your dress
  4. Business Trip

    dont you look like a woman whos ready to work honey
  5. Business Trip

    i change your diapers then i put fresh ones on with locking diaper panites follwed by a corset a stuffed bra and dresss with thigh high enpointe ballet boot heels a long platinum blonde wig, makeup a collar and a purse and diaper bag
  6. Business Trip

    now come over here
  7. New Rp ideas

    ah ok was wondering since youve barely done it
  8. im looking for a roleplay partner who will want to try out ideas.
  9. New Rp ideas

  10. Be my student

    ok sure we can try that
  11. Be my student

    ( ops sorry) (im trying not to do that)
  12. Be my student

    i look down "oh my god im so sorry sir i didnt even notice. ive had trouble with feeling when i have to go sir." as i head the bathroom amd wait. i think i should have been in my diapers and diaper panties after i get the bathroom i cry realizing i wet and didnt even feel it
  13. Be my student

    "no sir. i hope it helps me." i look and i ask "sir why dont i move in and id love that sir." as i stand there i look at you and i dont notice my jeans growing wetter.
  14. Be my student

    "its close to what some wore in high school sir." as i look down and wait to be told what do to next. and i think i hope i did ok
  15. Be my student

    (i will now as to what im wearing) "um ok sure." as i get up i revel that im in a baggy long sleeve tshirt and baggy jeans that are faded and torn with faded gym shoes. "what is it sir"