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  1. ruffledpanties

    What feels better?

    I voted for wet, as long as it did s still warm.
  2. ruffledpanties

    Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    My diapers require diaper pins because most are cloth. If I mostly wore disposables, I would choose tape rather than pull up. besides, plastic pants are the only real pull ups, giggles
  3. ruffledpanties

    Which color do you like your diapers to be?

    Of course girls prefer Pink or Purple. These colors go with all my dresses. I choose PURPLE
  4. Every time I see ruffled panties avatar I get so excited.

    Those perfectly proportioned amply padded ruffled diaper covers are such a turn-on !





  5. ruffledpanties

    Roleplay Partner Search

    So Allison, where did you find these clothes? I’m told all patient clothes are locked up when they arrive to prevent just this kind of confusion. Let’s get you back in uniform, then we will sort this all out. It’s hard to know since this is my first week here. What was your room number? Have you been here long?
  6. ruffledpanties

    Peter’s Story 1-5

    Bravo! Well done @Les Lea. Another great story of a boy living with bedwetting. Mommy is so supportive of. The temporary set back bot for Peter and his older brother Damian. Mommies have so much influence in forming the type of men young boys grow into. I know you said The End, but it feels like there could easily be more to this story. Summer holidays with big bro, discovering Williams whereabouts and reconnecting, daytime wetting and school, or even a real adventure for the diapered duo. How about it? wishing it was me, Ruffle
  7. ruffledpanties

    New School 1-4

    Very brave of Dave to stay at the New academy. Playtime is great, living there could possibly be a whole different experience. Diaper changes are just as caring as mommy was. I can’t wait to read more.
  8. ruffledpanties

    Stuffed animals~!

    Simply adorable stuffy bunny. I’d hug her for hours and hours
  9. ruffledpanties

    Jimmy's Story 1-3

    Jimmy and Mr Chips sound like a lifelong friendship. What a lucky bear to get so many pretty outfits to wear over his diapers. Our hero seems to have discovered his coping system for the loss in his early years. I’m so happy mommy indulges his littleness and does not force him to change.
  10. ruffledpanties

    New School 1-4

    Another Les Lea story! Squeeeeeeee. I wish I was Davey headed off to this scary new adventure. Isn’t one thing missing? Doesn’t Davey need a cuddly teddy bear to share his adventure with?
  11. Love cartoon diapering too.

  12. ruffledpanties

    Valentine's Diaper

    I love penguins! Someone needs to get a pack and sell me 3. Please?
  13. ruffledpanties

    Tommy’s Tantrums 1-4

    Hooray for Tommy Tantrum’s mommy and daddy to take action to correct their lack of discipline for their son. Although pissy pants endured such teasing, his change in attitude and actions will have a lifelong effect. Well done Les Lea
  14. ruffledpanties

    Opps! Almost

    Let that be a warning to you. Mommy should always be the keeper of the key.
  15. ruffledpanties

    Diaper Pins

    My diaper pins are getting old and yes, they do bend. I got a pair of protex baby pins with purple heads. Very sturdy, but the are very hard to stick through the cloth. I have poked my self pudhing so hard to get through thick layers. Fortunately just my finger and not my hip. I best idea is use plastic head baby diaper pins and replace once a year. Way cheaper than a small pack of disposable diapers that are gone in ten wears. P.S. get a mommy, so it becomes her problem, not yours. Ruffle.