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  1. How do I overcome the sexual urge when wearing 24/7?

    If you masturbate and release only in your diapers, you can train yourself to feel you need diapers for your stickies. I'm not allowed to remove them after or I get a spankin,
  2. Diapers

    I did the same with plastic covered tracing panties. I loved the cute prints of the plastic. Of course the sides of both pairs made them large enough for this skinny boy. All this work made them more precious to me. I almost never wet my diapers because there was no way to sneak a pair in the wash when mom hand washed everything with the old Westinghouse wringer washer.
  3. Panty Thief Punishment

    Here it comes, hang on Dereck boy
  4. Explain Your Screen Name

    My name is my favorite thing to wear over my thick diapers
  5. Anyone use swim diapers?

    I have, we'll sort of. I have kid adult pul training pants that are fun to wear. I was challenged to wear a pair under my swimming pants. I did it once on vacation and two unknown women never said a thing if they noticed. We were all exercising and enjoying a nice conversation. I go to the pool 3 days a week with about 20 people who know me very well. I wore them there once and was very self conscious about getting out of the pool. I did not try it again with people I know. P.S. I know there are 2 older people who obviously wear to the pool every time.. giggles you should really try it. No one will say anything even if they do see.
  6. The BabyDoll Diaries

    I admit I'm kinda hooked to. Careful what you wish for.
  7. enjoying sucking on a pacifier

    I don't remember using one as a child nor thumb sucking. I saw no reason to act so childish as a DL. But, now as AB LG I can not imagine going a day without my pacifier. It calms me and I often find myself with slippery slobber around my chin that I don't know where it came from. Mine is attached by cupcake strap to my stuffie Bunbun, so it is definitely a comfort symbol along with morning stuffie hugs. This is my 5th binky, all being some form of adult paci. I buy extra pacifiers to keep as gifts for onLine friends. I have given away 2. i carry an older one in the car for stress filled drives at the end of a work day. I feel naughty knowing most people never look at the other drivers face well enough to spot a paci.
  8. New

    How can active mommy actually be a baby girl? Something sounds a bit funny here. Quick, someone peek up her skirt?
  9. The Adventures of Alex

    OMG. What a fortunate little 18 yo boy. Both of his aunties are so good to him. Teaching him to be obedient child. Please write more soon.
  10. I found you new friend LBJ.

  11. I see you wear diapers and plastic pants. How long have you been wearing them. I have to wear them. I wear them 24/7. I see you are from Des Moines Iowa. I live in Columbus Nebraska. Email me at [email protected] I would like to talk to you. Thanks 

  12. Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers

    WE ALL look cute walking around in our big puffy plastic pants. Ppanties can be worn over disposables too.
  13. Bambino Teddy.

    Congrats, you are in for an incredible experience. Be sure to leave enough time to fully experience the fluff and warmth. I like to hold my pee for a full first wetting. I always lay on my back ad pull the crotch away from me to make room for my boys. I love to let warm wee trickle down over my privates and tickle between my cheeks. The back of your teddy will get soaked, not a normal experience for us male types. Pulling the diaper back tight after let's you enjoy the warmth. Plan on lots of absorbency for future wettings. Let us know how this proceeds for you.
  14. Don't be  afraid little Carebear, we got you here.

  15. Untrained

    Interesting story Sophie. I can't wait to read more. My face feels as red as his.