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  1. I remember mommy overseeing my bath time as a child. Trusting me to wash all over, but always checking if I did an acceptable job. Many baths ended in a scolding and good wash by mom. Playing was just way more fun than washing. i wonder if Charles was a baby boy doll in diapers like you or a boy doll dressed as a big boy as a reminder of what you should hope to become? My teddy Bosco was a naked bear that I sometimes pinned daddy's handkerchief on as a diaper.
  2. Pretty. Did you cut your hand on a thorn?
  3. Great story mammy rose. I just finished chapter 1. Wish. Was Jeremy
  4. Age old adage, women train women to be good mommies. I think I need to be 2 steps ahead of my little one or you know they're going to get in trouble. Left to their own devices, they drop to the lowest denominator, picking on their siblings. It is always easier to raise 2 littles together so you are not always the playmate. I am not saying getting two littles out of the tubby time is very organized, one is always toddling off naked which can end up with wet spots on the furniture. Again, plan ahead and bring diapers to the bathroom with the towels. Learned that the hard way. ruffle
  5. Sweet. What color and flavor is it? Did you put it on your wish list for Santa to get for you?
  6. I enjoyed this story and POV of the three characters. We have all seen similar characters in other stories, I would be intrested in reading another chapter. Riding a horse in a diaper and t-shirt would be fun. Having Heather baby Jacob Andrew Rollins for the weekend would be fun if sis wasn't around. I have no problem with self promotion. Let's face it, $3 is not much for a nice read, many disp diapers cost that much and how long do they last?
  7. Cute
  8. 15

    You are a cute diaper girl Jenny
  9. Happy snews year from the potty party gang
  10. Public diaper checks are absolutely necessary
  11. Best is to pick me up by the ankles and shake me up and down to see if any things falls or drips out. Teehee
  12. I think you had a big crush on your babysitter Spanky
  13. Amen Glennie. I also had many accidents before that age too. Very memorable was on a hike in California redwoods park. We were about as far as possible from the portapotties as you could get when uncontrollable urge hit me. Too many people around to stop and squat, so it came out in my undies. Wifey knew immediately what happened and giggled all the way back to the restrooms. The potty I picked had NO toilet paper and she was not nearby. I had to clean up using dry parts of undies then spent the rest of the day commando. Sorry to the park service for undies down in the pit.
  14. Sounds like a dream come true after hard hard work.
  15. Cloth diapers are what I was raised in and I like best for sleeping. They are oh so soft and comfy. I bought three cute cloth diapers from someone in Madison Ws going out of business, baby blue wif trains, lellow wif froggies, and brite blue wif Sesame Street characters. I have 2 changing time fluffy white dips. I made 4 white dips outta 3 each child white prefold diapers. All are fun to wear and wet. i do own several brands disposable plastic backed dips because they are so cute. They are comfy to play, wet, and occasionally poo in. My real love is all my cute plastic pants that I think the whole world should wear ALL THE TIME! You might have already guessed this, but RUFFLED Ppants are the best of the best for sweet overpanties. I'm just sayin princess potty panties