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  1. Would be good to hear from you

  2. Tommy’s Tantrums

    Really throwing myself into Tommy’s a tantrum., please write more.
  3. Spanked for pants wetting

    I’m so sad I was never spanked, only threatened. Threats worked very well. My problem was skid marks in my undies, not yellow areas.
  4. It started with a onesie 1-7

    OMG. I loved that SO MUCH. I was just sure baby Leslie was in for a rough time with daddy Brian. Did you read my mind as to the perfect little nursery to drop him into? All the littles were adorable, esp kitten and frilly Ruffle. this is your best story EVER. TY TY TY
  5. Overpriced ABDL diapers

    Here is another idea for alternative to “expensive” ABDL diapers. I love to feel cute for myself and posted pics like the rest of you. I just bought a bunch of diaper stickers from ABUniverse to make my plain diapers look as cute as Pampers. I feel like I got preorder of PeekABU’s with Princess Raccoon and Racer Bunny on my comfy North Shore Supremes. Now I just need to figure out how to decorate my cloth diapers.
  6. New diaper boy

    Welcom Texas10. We have been waiting for you. Well, not you specificity, just any scared little that wants to make friends and know he is not “all alone” in our fun kink. Hope you make lots of friends and someone close for you and mommy/babygirl to lay with some day.
  7. New abu diapers:)

    The cute aminals peeking at you are just adorable. I can’t stand to wit. The name is so adorable.
  8. Story Time!

    Three very quiet cheers for ADBL Tom. You are our hero.
  9. Post Your Childhood Holiday Memories

    I too grew up in the 60’s and remember most of what you share here Rusty Pins. I was the youngest of four siblings, the “baby”of the family. I was not a bedwetter but do remember the plastic bed cover under the sheets that made me sweat every night. Yes, I remember fighting over who got the Sears or JCPennies catalog for for Christmas toy hunting too. I liked to also look at the pages with little girls panties, embarrassed and memorized by the sweet rumba panties that went all the way to size 16. Many a time my yucky older brother went running to mom ratting me out for looking at them. Christmas was a special time of year. Cookie baking was a family affair that took all day. So many steps and so many kinds of double batch recipes were baked. We each had our favorites with mine being frosted molasses cookies. Chocolate crinkles were a close second. Candy and fruitcake were also part of the traditional baking. We decorated the week after Thanksgiving and presents were added under the tree nearly every day. No shaking or even touching was allowed. How many times did I hear, Get away from those presents or there will be none for you on Christmas morning. The threat of Santa watching caused more naughtyness than normal I swear. Christmas morning was pure TORTURE for excited little kids. In mom and dads room three times during the night asking if it was time to get up yet. We were made to wait at the top of the stairs for hours when we could get out of bed. Mom went down to lure the heat up and start the coffee. Dad took three hours for morning ablutions. How excited we were when we finally flew down the stairs to see the presents had magically multiplied overnight and Santa had filled each of our stockings. God devised Christmas mornings to allow parents to teach patience. We had to take turns each opening one present at a time. Dad was the worst. He had to be sure not to destroy any wrapping paper so it could be reused next year. Moms baked breakfast puffs were once a year delights hours later after all the presents were open and parts already lost or broken. I choked down the scrambled eggs just so I could get a third cinnamony muffin. Bacon was wonderful back then.. I thought we were really poor as a child, but now I see how rich we were in wonderful memories.
  10. PeekABU from ABU

    Awww these are so cute
  11. white frillies.JPG

    I hope your dress is short enough to ruffles peak out for everyone to see
  12. Getting Rid of Your Undies

    I have not had big boy undies in 10years. I either am diapered for fun, wear cloth training pants, or cute girls panties. The last 2i even wear to and from the locker room three days a week.

    OMG Genie, what a BIG JOB. You are a miracle worker. TY TY TY. HUGS to EVERYONE involved in this search and rescue.
  14. The Baby Sitter App.

    Oooooo, I think I’m going to like this.
  15. Help me find a story

    Hey everyone, I need help, please. I think it was in Dd a couple years ago I read story about a girlfriend who takes he bf to a littles day at the zoo. It was soon after Safari diapers came out and all about her getting boyfriend back in diapers. Anyone remember that story? Anyone know the title or link to it? This is the greatest community of super loving friends I ever met. Thanks everyone. Ruffle and BunBun