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  1. This won't be much help if you don't post where you are located geographically. Sounds like it would be naughty and fun.
  2. I used to wear a cloth diaper to school in jr high some afternoons in the 60's. I lived 1 block from school and came home for lunch to get diapered. PE in the mornings meant tightie whites all mornings because we changed in the locker room. I felt so naughty to do this. My makeshift diapers then were daddy's old tshirt or hand towels. Never even considered wetting them.
  3. I was so jealous of girls getting to wear pretty frilly and rumba panties when all I got were boring tightie whites. Unlined panties are best now so I can decide what type of diaper and Ppants to wear under... if any.
  4. Pretty princess is standing on her head in cute onesie.  No wonder you are sticking your tounge out at us, it is hard to stand on your head.

  5. OMG. I think I count 16 bunnys. Luv em
  6. I am thinking little Spider-Man likes lots of attention too.  Am I right?

    1. Spiderman


      hmmmmmmmmmm........maybe yes..........maybe no.   I will ask my magic eight ball I have in the basement for the answer :rolleyes:

    2. ruffledpanties


      Hugglez and diaper pats on costumed buns

    3. Spiderman


      be careful if you want to do that right now my diaper has a special surprise in it for you :P

  7. Will Chris be a good boy and admit what happened or a naughty boy who hides and makes excuses?
  8. Sounds like a lovely routine with your loving mommy PP. I feel like I am there witnessing it all in your story. My night night routine is quite different. I usually head to bed at 10:00. After evening ablutions, I change from my big boy clothes to my nightime diapers. I pin my cloth diapers on with four baby pins with a cloth stuffer inside. Thick soft cotton in my crotch is my reward and sure to send me swiftly to dreamland. Accompanied by the scent of sprinkles of J&J powder I slip on my man nightie. BunBun sneaks out from under my bed to join me under the covers. No Ppants needed for sleeping since I have never bedwetted since 7 yrs old. Wifey knows all this happens, but does not participate. I slip on plastic pants in the morning to wet, then enjoy the warmth as I catch up with friends on my favorite ABDL sites. Ruffle, princess potty panties.
  9. Kayla? Oh no, not the cute coed. First the pizza delivery guy, then younger children. Now his third major crush. Soon the whole world will know about his diapered state. Do I see pictures all over the internet in this little boys future?
  10. Careful what you wish for Chris. Mrs. Brook's garden of pleasure may be more than heexpected.
  11. 9 full days of 24/7 diapers. How do your u feel about your decision at this point? Is it closer to 5 or 22 diapers a day? Do you wear clothes ove them or are they your new pants?
  12. I think this is the classic "growing up question." Who has more control of your world, a trusted dominant mommy who is there for your needs 24/7 or the friends in your life that you want to impress? Is mommy still in control and you are hers? Is the acceptance of the "group mind" taking over as you explore your larger world outside the nursery. Probably both are important? P.S. pat the pink bunny.
  13. I think I could have been the young boy playing with the toys. Defitiely been one of my dreams to actually ride like that. The behind the scenes epic fails is the reason I never tried it.
  14. This would definitely require continuous butt rubs
  15. Pottypanties needs to be on leash to keep safe from deep water.