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  1. The Baby Sitter App.

    Oooooo, I think I’m going to like this.
  2. Help me find a story

    Hey everyone, I need help, please. I think it was in Dd a couple years ago I read story about a girlfriend who takes he bf to a littles day at the zoo. It was soon after Safari diapers came out and all about her getting boyfriend back in diapers. Anyone remember that story? Anyone know the title or link to it? This is the greatest community of super loving friends I ever met. Thanks everyone. Ruffle and BunBun
  3. Remodelled Nursery

    What little would not be happy with all of this? I think it’s adorable. Great job.
  4. How "old" are you?

    I will be forever 4. Such a great age, old enough to play at being Big, but I have so little control. I am always trying out my big girl activities but loving to sit on a lap, be snuggled, changed, fed, and babied to my hearts content. I never totally outgrew the “terrible tows” so I still know the sting of a bare bottomed spankin and embarrassment of corner time with my dress pinned up and diaper around my ankles.
  5. Hello, long lost friend, how are you doing?

  6. Miley Cyrus SNL

    Miley is DEFINITELY ABDL. It looks like real diaper and onesie to me. The fact that onesie does not cover the diaper completely says it all.
  7. Messing in front on another person with them knowing

    Peeing s hard enough, never would I do that.
  8. When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    Dr sent me home this week with kit to get stool sample. There is a big sheet you supposed to lay on top of potty water to keep poo afloat for clean sample. I must have done it wrong because mine sank into the water right away. So, this morning I donned my northshore supreme and did what I HATE to do. No no, I don’t hate to poo, I hate to poo my diaper! Yuck yuck yuck. I suppose it might be less icky if I had someone to clean me up, but it’s just me.
  9. What did you call accidents?

    #1 or #2
  10. Practice Makes Perfect

    A very interesting start to what is sure to become embarrassing and uncomfortable for Danny boy.
  11. Lambs found on Steir website. What a cutie.
  12. My very first memorable stuffy was Bosco Bear. I remember begging mommy to diaper him for me with one of daddy
  13. Diapered at drive through

    You are SO NAUGHTY! Mama ought to take you over her knee for doing such a thing. TeeHee. I bet that girls sweet disposition showed Red in your face for an hour. How embarrassing. I recently took an early morning run through McD
  14. Boy/girl friends in Cleveland

    Is Des Moines close enough?
  15. Are you loyal?

    If loyalty mattered most, we