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  1. Like that one to
  2. Oh, nice love panties with pee
  3. Ohh, nice puddle
  4. Very nice, just use night cloth pull-ons for night use and Depend pull-ons for day. 

  5. Nice and soaked, love it!
  6. Love it my favorite diaper and panties
  7. Thanks Ruffle, I still hide my DL love but can at least wear 24/7 and use my cloth diapers and waterproof panties at night and have wet diapers in the morning and not be judged. 

  8. Nice package for a old dude
  9. Love the thick cloth diaper and the baby pants
  10. Nice drawings, love the Pamper package
  11. I know this is an old topic but I agree with DL and Rusty, I have been a DL since age 11 and most likely long before that and I have always hide my fetish, from my parents and my wife and children. To me it is a private matter, some of it sexual some fantasy. Sure I like to share experiances with like minded fetishes but not with my family.
  12. Yes nice story, loved it.
  13. Wow, is that with a diaper on? Man how many time did you pee?
  14. Nice onesy
  15. Nothing nicer than a wet warm diaper.