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  1. Any abdl near skegness

    I'm in Skegness from time to time although it tends not to be this time of year.
  2. Diaper Friends In Lincolnshire

    I'm in the Lincolnshire area and spend quite a bit of time in Lincoln, Boston and Skegness.
  3. Curious, could use advice.

    Hi and welcome, Sammy. Some feelings of confusion in your situation are natural but they're also perfectly normal. We're a very friendly bunch here. Please feel free to ask anything you want.
  4. DSC_2568a.jpg

    Nice. The only query I have about plastic pants is do they get sweaty in warm weather?
  5. DSC_5780a.jpg

    Very nice indeed!
  6. 1139 DSC 1528a

    Very nice.
  7. Sometimes I just want to wet my pants

    It's absolutely fine to do that.
  8. Rejection and Hopefully quiting forever!

    Thanks for sharing that. I hope you're okay. Please feel free to PM me if you want.
  9. Hi and welcome. I don't do the AB thing but I'm certainly DL and in the East Midlands.
  10. Trying to enjoy diapers without overdoing it

    Thanks for sharing that. I'm sorry to hear about the anal fissure and I know from personal experience that they're not fun. Many years ago I had one and after I'd had a BM there would always be a small amount of blood in my underpants. I used to put a mansize tissue in the seat of them to try and counteract the problem but it didn't work very well. Getting GP appointments nowadays can be a struggle, largely because demand exceeds the available supply, but I hope all goes well on 22nd. Let me know how you get on.
  11. Have you ever had a full solid accident?

    I think you're right. Nowadays I tend not to fart until I'm sat on the loo if I can help it!
  12. Have you ever had a full solid accident?

    Yes. In my case it's happened twice during adult life. On both occasions I thought I was going to fart and ended up getting rather more than I bargained for.
  13. Trying to enjoy diapers without overdoing it

    That's a tricky one to manage when you're living with parents. I presume you wake up in the night needing to wee and wet in them, so it's a voluntary act rather than an involuntary one. If that's the case, perhaps one way might be to wear them alternate nights so that you can still enjoy them without depending on them too much. On the nights when you don't wear them you could presumably either get up and go to the toilet or, alternatively, wee in a suitable container. Do you go for a wee at bedtime or not? At 26, assuming you're a healthy young man, the answer could still have a bearing on whether you need to go in the night or not. There will come a time - and I'm already there - when you'll need to wee at least once or twice during the course of pretty much every night regardless of how careful you were about draining down before going to bed.
  14. Need help with finding the right diaper

    From experience I'd say the Tena pants were the most comfy and absorbent. The heavy duty ones can absorb a decent amount of wee.
  15. Helllo to all you nappy loving people

    Hi and welcome. I look forward to seeing you around.