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  1. I prefer it shaved but you really do have to work to keep it up. I don't know what its like for females but for guys it can be very itchy if your shaving pubic hairs periodically. And Ive tried removal products before but have an uncomfortable sensation for a while afterwards. If you can keep it shaved and smooth though I agree its better.
  2. Ah yes, dream wetting. I've read that as you move from one stage of sleep to another the possibility of losing bladder control increases. When I've recalled that I was dreaming of peeing and ended up wetting myself the most common scenario is that I'm camping at a lake and am desperate and end up urinating off the end of a dock. I wonder if others have any version of a standard dream scenario for this?
  3. An interesting story. I have a few thoughts and questions. Why did James start peeing his bed again at 10? Was there a medical or psychologic reason for it? Still doing it at 18 suggests there might be. Also, pooping in the bed suggests this too. I had this problem at one point and it was a hormonal medical issue. I agree with the preceding comment about the controllable pants wetting. This suggests a behavioral problem like James may not mind wetting himself. Before putting him in a diaper although that might be the eventual outcome I'd try something more basic like having him do his own laundry. Thats what my mom had me do after I was 13 or so. It cut down on controllable wetting for sure including bedwetting which was to some degree habitual because I often just didnt get up to go even when I knew I had to go.
  4. Well your lucky. Wearing protection seems like a good compromise. Years ago when I was in a relationship I was relegated to a little cot beside the window due to my wetting.
  5. A lot of us who are over a certain age regularly got spanked when we were young. And we got spanked at both home and school. Ive got kind of mixed views about this. I dont know that it did a lot of actual harm as it was never brutal punishment. It was more psychological than anything. Did it have a later effect? Probably, and it seems to have been the basis of some my current fetishes. But I see much younger people who were never subjected to spanking or other corporal punishment who have elements of these fetishes so I dont know about a direct connection. I know Ive talked to my older brother about this, who "got it" as much as I did and he is totally opposed to all corporal punishment. Is it child abuse? Probably it is if the main point is to be sadistic or inflict pain. But Im not sure that it should be dismissed as a disciplinary tool. I remember when I was in school where a single teacher could control a class of 35 students and you could hear a pin drop when the teacher wasnt talking. If you acted up you got sent to the principals office usually for a swatting. But it worked in keeping order even if many today are horrified by the idea.
  6. I used to go in my pants on the way home from school too as long as the weather wasn't too cold. Back in those days I was pee shy and couldn't go at a urinal so I was often desperate by the time I left school. There was a small park about halfway home and usually desperate Id sit on a bench and relieve myself in my pants. When I got home I put my wet pants under the bed to dry until I could get them into the wash and I stashed my wet underpants behind a dresser in the closet and eventually would rinse them out and let them dry under the bed and then put them into the laundry - until my mom found the wet undies in the closet one day when doing spring cleaning. I admitted I was wetting my pants and she called the school which then gave me a key to use a private washroom. My public pants wetting days weren't entirely over but I had to be more careful after that.
  7. I think it depends on if your sharing a place with somebody though. I haven't shared a bed or room with anybody for a long time but I once shared an apartment with another guy who complained about the pee smell. It didn't bother me but it did bother him. I think we shared for about 8 or 9 months but then I had to find another place to stay.
  8. I get you about the partner thing. After a certain age its more difficult if there are medical or emotional problems involved. And wetting and diapers also complicate things for sure. I kind of gave up awhile ago too. I'd tend to place myself in the asexual category other than for the fact that I still think about sex quite often. I'm not sure about the link between ED and libido. They may be separate issues but I know medications can affect either or both. Right now I don't have a problem with ED or with libido but I am having problems with producing seminal fluid and ejaculation but I'm on medications that make this commonplace. Apparently these problems aren't necessarily linked to libido so I can see how complex this can be.
  9. I changed over to my gmail account today so hope it fixes the problem. Thanks for the advice.
  10. I agree with you on this. I have a serious medical problem and a psychiatric condition too and have had some recent medical urinary issues but probably not to the extent that they amount to general incontinence. Ive been told that my daytime wetting issues in particular are more psychological or behavioral than medical and maybe thats true. Often I wet because I can and I wear diapers because I feel like it and its just easier and makes me feel more secure. When your already wearing a diaper why not wet?
  11. Thanks. Ive been using Hotmail but I have a gmail account so maybe I should change to that for this website. I'll try that out and see if it works.
  12. A few years ago I had a problem where I was pooping in my sleep at night. It turned out that I had an overactive thyroid and I had to go on medication to control that. Thyroid tests are easy to get done.
  13. Do you have any significant medical issues or are you on medications? I have a serious neurological problem in combination with an ongoing psychiatric condition and various drugs have had differing psycho-sexual side effects. When I was on steroids my libido disappeared almost completely and I couldn't easily get or maintain erections. More recently Ive been on drugs that seem to increase arousal and allow me to get erections but I produce very little seminal fluid and have difficulty ejaculating. Ive been single for about a decade now and haven't had any actual sex with anybody during this period so that might play a role as well. If you have an accommodating sexual partner maybe they can play a role in addressing some of these issues?
  14. I continue to have this problem which began a few months ago. I used to routinely get notifications by email when there were replies to my posts or posts I was following as well as when I received new private messages on this site. Now I get nothing. I don't have this problem with any other websites I use. I've checked my settings and cant see that anything is being blocked so I'm not sure whats going on.
  15. You have to pick your time and place for this. When I was younger I used to wet my pants when I was upset or angry about something. When I got older I had to be more careful about this. I remember once being so frustrated with my boss shortly after I moved out on my own and was working for a construction company that I started to pee in my pants when I was sitting in his office listening to him lecture me for repeatedly being late. I was drinking fairly heavily after work in those days and had problems getting up at 5 am often with a wet bed that meant I had to shower. I felt like he was berating me like my father had often done. After realizing what I was doing I remember putting the suspension (for 2 days) and warning letter he gave me over the front of my pants when I got up to leave his office. Luckily it was the end of the day so I quickly left and got into my pickup truck and drove home to change.