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  1. rubbersheetmike

    High and dry

    I can't use it because it makes me feel really paranoid. I already take antipsychotic meds so making an existing problem worse probably isn't a good idea.
  2. rubbersheetmike

    Do gay/bi guys wet the bed more?

    That's kind of my view. I thought the person who told me this who was a neighbor in a rooming house where I was living was stereotyping people and was putting me down. But it did make me wonder because I was put down a lot when I was younger. I guess my real question is whether anybody else was ever put down or negitively stereotyped for bedwetting?
  3. rubbersheetmike

    The Psychology Behind Incontinence Desire

    For me being reliably dry started in my late teens but I soon regressed in my early 20s because of drinking and taking some medications. I got treatment for it because I wanted to date and bedwetting made that much more difficult. I understand your point though about missing it. I think theres a sense of psychological security about it but I dont know why. In my 40s it started to become fairly regular again and for the most part I couldnt care less although it is inconvenient at times.
  4. rubbersheetmike

    Do gay/bi guys wet the bed more?

    I guess I put myself in the "bi" category. Now that Im older I have a lot less sex than when I was younger so sometimes I call myself post-sexual. Anyway, a few years ago somebody told me they thought that gay and bi guys wet the bed more often and to a later age growing up. I don't think this is true but wonder about it.
  5. rubbersheetmike

    Have you ever been told you smell because of your bedwetting?

    It wasn't issue for me either until a girl pointed it out at school one day. She said in front of classmates that I smelled like her younger brother who wet the bed. After that I told my mother I needed to shower in the morning before going to school. My mother was okay with it but because of the number of us using the bathroom I had to get up earlier to shower and get dressed.
  6. rubbersheetmike

    Any Advice for Stopping Bedwetting?

    This is probably a very good idea. There may be medications that could help. Otherwise, the usual checklist of documenting triggers might be helpful. Is the wetting more common in certain situations or circumstances? Is it diet or stress related? Might it be related to the use of prescription or over the counter drugs? For women, is there any association with other hormonal issues?
  7. rubbersheetmike

    Preferred spanking method

    I mainly prefer an implement on my bare bottom which is usually a hairbrush or strap and I prefer to receive rather than give. Does that mean Im selfish? I dont get it very often anymore although did years ago when I had more luck in seeking out partners.
  8. rubbersheetmike

    A question for the guys

    I know what you mean. I always start with it down but have got up soaked in the morning when its pointing straight up and has aimed over the top of the diaper. Im a heavy sleeper but have been told that despite that I move around a lot. I wonder if Im adjusting myself during the night maybe due to itching. A friend told me its easier if you shave but Im not that brave because my eyesight is no longer great.
  9. rubbersheetmike

    Have you ever been told you smell because of your bedwetting?

    I think the stale pee smell is pretty common with bedwetters. As I said in an earlier post, I didnt shower in the morning when younger until after a school mate pointed out to others that the odor some noticed was common for a bedwetter and then I insisted on being able to shower. I grew up in a big family of 9 people and we had one full bathroom with a shower and the hot water used to run low after a couple showers. But even as an adult Ive had others notice. A good friend fairly recently told me when I arrived at his place for social outing that I smelled of dried urine and I had actually showered for about 20 minutes that morning. I wonder how long this odor lingers and if there are ways that are more effective than others to hide it?
  10. rubbersheetmike

    camp or camping with friends

    My father was a believer in the view that if you had to deal with the consequences of something you would get over it. I didnt like going to summer sports camp both because of my bedwetting and because I wasnt good at sports. I resented him for making me have to "deal with it" as he put it. And I dont think it did anything to help. If anything I became more withdrawn and had a more difficult time socializing with others my age.
  11. rubbersheetmike

    A personal best/worst

    The first pic is quite amazing. I dont think Ive wet that heavily for a long time or maybe ever. I had the pillow wet many times but not right down to the foot of the bed. Its a wonder theres not a puddle on the floor. The later pics are more similar to what I experience which is some leakage but not a soaked bed.
  12. rubbersheetmike

    Dry Night

    Id think being drowsy would more likely cause bedwetting unless the pain killer has some kind of antidiuretic effect. I too take strong painkillers in my case for a neurological illness but I dont recall that they resulted in dry nights.
  13. rubbersheetmike

    Would you tell someone you still wet the bed?

    I dont really mind telling people or if they know it doesnt bother me. But I dont wear a sign advertising it. I guess there are limits.
  14. rubbersheetmike

    What feels better?

    I picked wet. I can wander around for hours in a wet diaper just like Im doing now. I'll change at bedtime but theres no rush.
  15. rubbersheetmike

    Marijuana and your diapers?

    Ive never bought it either. Ive tried it though when others have it and have consumed edibles like brownies and cookies but if they're too strong it makes me feel paranoid so I dont like it. It does make me pee more though but Im not sure why.