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  1. Probably because it interests me so much I watch for these accidents and listen for stories others share about them. I remember dating a girl when I was in my early 20s who told me about her pants wetting accidents in school. It was one of those "most embarassing things that happened when you were young" conversations. I was fascinated and aroused. When we were going at it later I couldnt get it out of my mind which meant that we had a pretty quick session. It was way more satisfying for me than for her I guess.
  2. My first thought when reading this topic is to just wait til you get older and especially if you also have or get a medical condition and having accidents might not be so unusual. Loss of bladder control often comes with the territory even if you dont try for that outcome. If I drink liquids especially coffee or beer my ability to make it to the toilet is very limited. When I got to go, I got to go. That doesnt bother me much in certain situations but out in public it can be a nuisance. I take a med for urge IC now and it reduces the urgency feeling a lot but not completely. I might have thought urge IC was good thing 20 years ago but Im not so sure now. Usually you can wet your bed without too much inconvenience except laundry but wetting your pants is more difficult to manage.
  3. I grew up in a big family with seven kids and for us the spanking room was the laundry room just off the kitchen and inside the back door. There was a "special" chair against one wall. We all knew when we were to wait there what that meant. It was otk by hand when we were young and later with the back of the hairbrush. Our father took over discipline for the boys when we were in our teens and that was usually with the belt in his workshop. We had to do something really bad to get it from him though.
  4. Yes, how would they know in most cases? I dont actually mind dental work that much. Ive had wisdom teeth removed and had a couple root canals and crowns done. Not my favorite thing but you get through it. I read a while back about a tatoo artist who had a customer wet himself because of the pain. That would be embarassing. I remember once having a medical scan where the young technician put some kind of drug into me by IV and then said I would feel like I was hot and would then fell like I had to pee really bad. "But dont go" he told me. I wished I wore at least a pullup for that. By the time I rushed to the bathroom my underpants were wet. I was told not to worry because that was normal.
  5. I woke up with soaked sheets and pjs just like three other times in the last week. I got my disability cheque but had a big bill to pay so ran of of night diapers. But I have a refund for benefits expenses coming this week so will have to head out to the store and buy some new diapers.
  6. Your probably right. I havent been to a pride parade or party for many years but it seemed to be pretty mainstream the last time I was there. Thats good for LGBTQ rights and acceptance but I sometimes wonder if people with fetishes or who don't fit easily into boxes get pushed more to the sidelines by generic gay acceptability? A gay friend of mine recently told me that LGBTQ risks becoming boring as it loses its edge.
  7. I remember the bedwetters cabin. Back when I was young though there werent the kind of protection products there are today. When mom checked the bedwetting box we had to bring at least one extra sleeping bag and they hung the wet sleeping bags and pjs out to dry on a nylon rope behind the cabin every morning. At least the mattresses in the cabin were vinyl covered. But sometimes if it rained during the day the sleeping bags and pjs didn't get fully dry. There were usually a few accidents in the regular cabins and word about them got around the camp really fast. But the guys in the bedwetters or "special needs" cabin were usually treated differently like not being picked for teams. It wasn't fun.
  8. I guess I got into bad habits years ago learning to do this. Especially when Ive had too much to drink I sometimes wake up with a full bladder and just roll over and wake up soaked a couple hours later.
  9. Increased adrenaline from fear or excitement increases urine production. So I don't think the connection between being scared and having accidents is uncommon.
  10. I dont know about getting stressed when I have to pee unless Im not wearing protection and worry that I cant get to a bathroom. Just feeling a full bladder doesnt usually stress me out. But being stressed can make me feel like I have to pee really bad. Being stressed increases adrenaline which can make you have to pee more or even feel desperate to urinate.
  11. I was going back over older posts today and was surprised this topic didnt get more responses. For those of us who grew up bedwetting camping and sleepovers were a big concern. Maybe the memories are just too difficult for lots of people?
  12. Can you get back to sleep when your wet? A lot of times I cant until I, well you probably know. I learned years ago when I had a cold basement bedroom to go back to sleep with a full bladder. I can still do it.
  13. I think the laws vary in a lot of places but authorities probably don't want to tell parents how to raise and discipline their kids. While corporal punishments aren't common today in a lot of places they were for a long time. I remember getting picked up by the police when I was younger and listening to an officer tell my parents in the next room not to punish me severely at home. The assumption seemed to be that was what parents would do under the circumstances. But that was decades ago. They might tell parents the same thing today but would they enforce it?
  14. I dont know that I ever described myself as actually gay. More like bisexual and nowdays more like asexual with mixed fantasies. A counselor once told me years ago that whatever your fantasies are more accurately reflect your sexuality than any actual lifestyle or label. I dont find some gay sex acts particularly interesting but once watersports becomes part of it then I get interested. I find hetero penetration sex stimulating with or without watersports though. I met the first guy I got into it with at a dive bar one night when I was in my 20s. He was maybe 10 years older than me and kept buying me beers and after I told him I should stop drinking or I would p*** the bed he said that turned him on and one thing lead to another. Over the years I found it easier to find other guys with these interests so looked more often for that I guess. One guy I used to meet up with showed me the a results of a study showing that about 6 percent of gay and bisexual males are attracted to watersports. I don't know the level for women but I suspect its not as high. I think we have little control over these things and just have to accept ourselves for what we are.
  15. Ive gone both ways over the years. I started off in my teens with hetero relationships and thought that was just normal. But I kept my fetishes mainly to myself and in private. It was actually a guy I met at a bar one night in my early 20s who persuaded me that I could experience my fetishes with others and led me down that path. And I was on the road for years for work mostly staying in motels and had a few encounters mainly with other men even though I dated women at the time. Now Ive been alone for about a decade and I dont really think much about meeting people for sex or relationships. My sex life is mainly a fantasy life - again. I usually fantasize about female scenarios although I work my fetishes into these scenarios which I didnt experience when I was younger. I'm attracted enough to female plumbing that I can't give up on the idea of it. I also fantasize about MTF transsexuals. But I think fondly about some of the guys I met over the years too. My experience was that guys tended to be more open to experimenting with fetishes and sexuality than women who usually focused on relationships. Maybe thats not everybodys experience though.