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  1. I'm over 60 and understand that issue. When I go out I need to wear a pullup. When at home I put on an old pair of jeans that gets wet in the crotch and sometimes down the inseams at least two or three times a day. Nighttime is a bit different because usually I dont know Im going. Sometimes if I'm dry and have a full bladder I just let go. I lost my inhibitions about it long ago.
  2. I wet the bed into puberty. Back when I was young it was treated like a discipline issue and my father wouldnt permit diapers after about seven so it meant mornings waking up in soaked sheets and pjs. Maybe because it continued into puberty I developed an attachment to it and while I had only a few real accidents after about 12 or 13 I had 'on purpose' accidents so I could keep the rubber sheet on my bed until I was 17.
  3. I havent been able to travel lately because of medical issues but I used to be really nervous about overnight flights and the possibility of having an accident if I fell asleep. If you wear a pullup its just not enough. I used to try to stay awake on overnight flights and it was a very tiring experience.
  4. Flannel sheets absorb more liquid so the amount of the bed thats covered in pee is smaller if you wet. Its even smaller if you use a thick cotton absorbing pad under the sheets but on top of the rubber sheet or vinyl waterproof mattress protector.
  5. I don't think your offending anybody on here. We all deal with the same issues. It looks like you were a bedwetter into puberty and in my opinion and my own experience you could have developed an interest in it back then thats continued since then. Even when my bedwetting pretty much ended by the time I turned 13 and I only had a few real accidents after that I had a psychologic need to keep the rubber sheet on my bed which I did until I was 17. I used to wet the bed on purpose sometimes to show I still needed protection on the bed. My interest in it continued during my life. So dont worry about it. If your still wetting the bed in your sleep there are ways to deal with it, including diapers. If you have an accident in your pjs and sheets it's just more laundry to do. Just keep protection on your mattress because they are expensive to replace.
  6. I read the article. I suffer from 'intermittent' nocturia. It's a hassle and I'd rather not have to wake up during the night to pee. I've learned some of the techniques to deal with it and especially not to drink liquids after about 7 pm. It's a bit like going back to my younger years when my mom would tell me not to drink anything after dinner or I'd wet the bed but the advice works for nocturia as well.
  7. I had a rubber sheet on my bed until I was 17. Fond memories for sure.
  8. For me it started again about 15 years ago but its off and on. Nothing for days sometimes and then back again.
  9. Why were you put in diapers hours before bedtime? I grew up in a big family where there were four bedwetters including me. One of my sisters who didnt wet the bed used to be very vocal about my and my older brother's bedwetting with her friends and others in the neighborhood. And back then moms including mine often talked about it with other moms in the neighborhood so I was aware of several other bedwetters just by overhearing my mom talk on the phone. And back then few used diapers for overage bedwetting and a lot of people in my area didnt have automatic washers and dryers so I could tell where wetters lived just by driving around on my bike and looking at the laundry on the clotheslines.
  10. I've been at fetish events at gay bars, mainly for watersports or s&m, and you can usually get away with it then.
  11. I got the belt a few times from my father in my teens. It certainly gets the message across.
  12. I think the Israeli stats are probably the most accurate because it's my understanding based on what a guy who lived there one time told me that almost everybody except for those with specific religious exemptions has to register for military service. That gives them a pretty good sample group. As for the 18 to 20 "low point" my guess is that a lot of overage bedwetters get their wetting under control by their mid to late teens are probably less diligent about it when they move out on their own. I had a rubber sheet on my bed until I was 17, although the my frequent bedwetting decreased in my early teens. When I finished school and moved away from home at 19 (I failed a grade so spent an extra year in high school) and started working in construction I also started going out drinking a lot and pretty quickly wrecked a mattress. Then I started using a vinyl mattress cover. I stopped drinking in my 20s mainly because it made it easier on relationships. But the bedwetting started again a couple decades later.
  13. Most of us who have OAB didnt and wouldn't choose it. And nighttime symptoms which is called nocturia and wakes you up three or four times to go to the bathroom even when you dont really have to go is a real drag because it reduces the amount of sleep you get and you feel constantly tired. During the day I can no longer fully control my bladder and that leads to being 'wet down there' more often than you probably want to be. When I go out anywhere nowdays I pretty much have to wear daytime pullups. Hey, Ive had a pee fetish since puberty. But I like the flow to be on my terms and these days thats not always the case.
  14. Wow, that's a lot of pee! More than a litre. I think the most my bladder can hold is maybe 1/4 of that at best and usually I feel like I have to go before my bladder is full. Thats one of the disadvantages of ageing.
  15. I use them for peeing mainly so I don't have to get up at night because I have serious mobility problems. I can wear a wet diaper for quite a while but can't wear for long if I dump into a diaper. Even when I'm hospitalized I make the effort to get up and go to the toilet for No. 2.
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