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  1. Dream wetting

    Lately I've had a recurrant dream during the night that I'm wetting my pants and cant stop. In my dream I look down and see the pee gushing through the front of my pants and running down my legs while I'm in a crowd of people. Years ago I used to have a regular dream that I was peeing into a lake off the end of a dock but was alone and the dream didnt seem distressing like the current one does. I've read that these kind of dreams can be related to a loss of control in real life or a fear of losing control. Has anybody else had these kinds of dreams and if yes do they usually result in bedwetting?
  2. Anyone fake bedwetting as a kid?

    If I didnt have an accident for a long time I did it to make sure my mother kept the rubber sheet on my bed.
  3. Embarrassing moments

    So, in my case spanking was probably justified? Thats an interesting question. Did your mother know when it wasnt accidental? If she did maybe punishment was justified. As I got older I sometimes wet on purpose too mainly to keep the rubber sheet on my bed. The incentive to stop bedwetting was that the rubber sheet would be removed after a specified number of 'dry' months but I made sure that didnt happen. Did my mother know? I dont think so. But she stopped punishing for bedwetting anyway when I was in my early teens. I just had to do my own laundry which didnt seem like a huge sacrifice.
  4. Who was spanked for bedwetting

    This was my experience too. In the past it was often commonplace to spank for many issues even though today that wouldnt probably be the case. We were sometimes spanked for what now seem to be pretty minor infractions like lying or talking back or challenging authority.
  5. I want to let you know, I had to make a name change,, I made comments in the new baby part of the site. I made it my old name basically backwards

  6. How easy is it for you to wet while sitting.

    I have no problem wetting when Im sitting. When Im on the computer I can go several times over a few hours without ever having to stand up.
  7. bedwetters

    The vinyl or plastic sheet is a pretty strong give away for sure. Ive slept alone for a long time now but I remember having to explain away the distinctive crinkle of matress protection. The last time this happened I told a date I recently had pneumonia (which was true) and was protecting the mattress from damage from excessive sweating.
  8. ABDLism =/= LGBT

    Im just going by what I believe a lot of people still think. I dont think tolerance is as strong as a lot of people like to think it is. Younger people have grown up in an environment where gay bi and trans people are visible but not long ago these people weren't. I doubt that being an abdl is widely tolerated either although most likely wouldnt know if somebody is. A lot of people still equate sexual preference or lifestyle difference with negative things even if theres no logical reason for it. For those of us who know the difference theres no problem but we cant always assume that others think this way.
  9. Bedwetting Without A Diaper

    I wet regularly into puberty. After about age 10 though my father wouldnt allow me or my older brother to be diapered because he felt it encouraged bedwetting. We had rubber sheets on top of our mattresses and had to strip our bedding every morning and take it and wet pajamas to the laundry room. My mom usually ran the bedding through the washer and dryer every morning but sometimes when the weather was nice she just hung everything outside on the clothesline to dry. When we reached our early teens and after the frequency of bedwetting declined quite a bit we had to do our own laundry.
  10. Thinking back, were your spankings fair?

    Your a young guy but for a lot of us over a certain age spanking was a more regular reality and often until a later age than most experience today. The last time I got the belt from my father was for getting suspended at school when I was around 15. That was probably fair but was spanking always fair? Probably not a lot of the time. But it was the norm. I pretty much knew when to expect to get it so it was pretty predicable. I think it was fair for really bad behavior like stealing or getting into serious trouble at school but wasn't fair for a lot of other more minor things.
  11. Happy New Year!

    I was sober enough to get my diaper on before going to bed after ringing in the new year. A little leakage as usual but not a flood like in the pic. Good one though.
  12. Plastic Sheets

    I used to get mine in the bedding section of a department store but now buy at a medical supplies store. Your better off to buy somethings thats a little more durable and more expensive. The cheaper plastic/vinyl sheets can get brittle and crack and split. Staff at med supply stores are usually pretty good with providing advice and are not judgmental because their used to dealing with these issues. The internet suppliers are good too as long as you know what you need and want.
  13. Why cant I go just a little bit

    NotToBigForDiaper: Do you have urge incontinence too like I do?
  14. Have you ever been told you smell because of your bedwetting?

    My experience was more like Dougie 1970s. Although my parents were annoyed by my bedwetting they were more negative about my pants wetting.
  15. ABDLism =/= LGBT

    Im bi and realized this in my early 20s. I think people associate being LGBT with anything else they see as sexually different. Its just an unfair way to categorize things. I get the sense on this site that most ABDLs are actually hetero which would probably surprise many out there.