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  1. I have to admit that I do hide it. I share a house and have my own room and wait for my roommate to leave for work before dealing with the wet bedding and getting rid of used diapers. On weekends its a bit more difficult but in general I get the place to myself for a few hours every day. My roommate knows about it but doesn't say anything but I don't feel comfortable being too out in the open about it.
  2. Maybe the problem is psychological? Your a pretty young guy and maybe its a fear of wetting whether conscious or subconscious that's limiting your enjoyment and undermining your ability to ejaculate. When I was your age and still had sex regularly I tended not to 'sleep over' for this reason but this is much more difficult when your living with somebody or married. In one of my relationships we got separate beds even though we slept in the same room. I'd just move over after sex. Role playing can be good too as long as your both open about your needs and fantasies. Another thing I've tried is having morning rather than evening sex. I wish I could be young again knowing what I know now. I'd be a lot more open minded than I was. Hope you work it through. Good luck.
  3. I find that my sexual function varies depending on medications and other health issues. I only take one pain med and I'm not sure it plays a big role but overall as my other medication levels including antipsychotics and heart meds have increased in recent years my libido has suffered. When I was younger, right through my 30s, I had to ejaculate on a regular basis or I'd get "blue balls" which is painful condition resulting from the buildup of seminal fluids. I agree with those who say that ejaculation takes more work as we age because that's been the case for me.
  4. The effects of cannabis products are interesting. I'm not a user of recreational drugs but tried a few things in my younger days. When I was in high school we'd gather at a friends place at lunch because he lived near the school and his parents both worked. We got our hands on a few things and I remember when I first tried "hash" which was stronger than the pot available in those days. Following the lunch period I returned to school with a buzz but shortly afterwards developed perhaps the strongest sense of bladder urgency I've ever experienced.
  5. Emptying a full bladder 20 to 30 times a day suggests that you are or were consuming a lot of liquid. In general the amount you consume dictates the volume of urination. I have problems with daytime urge incontinence but don't tend to urinate more than a 6 to 8 times during the day/evening at most. I try to manage my liquid intake to prevent inconvenient urination. I drink a couple cups of coffee in the morning and not more than a couple glasses of water but no caffeine through the remainder of the day. Pullups are generally effective when I go out and can't make it to a toilet or urinal.
  6. I think if there's any relationship between spanking and incontinence its probably psychological. The young mind is delicate and impressionable and I think depression is under-reported. When I was still wetting the bed during puberty a counselor told my parents to stop spanking for it even though the spanking was light and always administered privately. It was intended to "teach" me that wetting wasn't normal. But I was afraid of wetting the bed and getting punished and was often tense. And I hated getting lectured about it before bedtime: 'You can't have anything to drink dear or you know you'll wet.' My self esteem suffered as well and I was later diagnosed with and treated for adolescent depression. Today's view of overage bedwetting is much more enlightened and is healthier and more effective I believe.
  7. Nappied Dan: I've read that stimulants like coffee and tea can cause bedwetting both due to liquid volume and irritation of the bladder. I've conditioned myself not to drink any stimulants after dinner time but beer is my big weakness when I'm socializing.
  8. I never got to wear diapers until I was an adult. When I was growing up my father thought wearing them encouraged bedwetting by making it more comfortable. I wet my pants until puberty but only a few times in school and then they found out it was probably due to petit mal seizures because I had epilepsy. When I was young I was put in training pants worn under plastic pants to go to school which wasn't effective and I couldn't stand it. We didn't have the kind of products available then that are around today. By the time I got to high school medication had stopped the seizures and accidental pants wetting although it didn't completely stop the bedwetting.
  9. I agree. I was prescribed meds for it a couple times in my life, once in my teens and a couple decades later. I couldn't stand taking the meds, which in one case caused dehydration and made me feel lethargic.
  10. Did you wet your pants during the day when you were in high school?
  11. It's an interesting issue. I was still wetting especially the bed, at puberty. I didn't like it when I was young but came to like it. My mother said my rubber sheet would be removed if I was dry for six months. I had it on my bed until I was 17 but stopped regular wetting about three years before that. I missed that rubber sheet so much after it was removed.
  12. The teacher used to keep him in class at recess and/or lunch, whichever followed his accidents, and presumably the janitor was called in to mop up. We just assumed he was sent to school with a change of pants. Back then we were seldom put in diapers for day wetting. The disposable products that are available now either weren't around back then or weren't commonly used if they were around. I saw several classmates wet their pants during my years in elementary school and I had a few accidents myself, but none as regularly as this particular guy.
  13. I'm not sure enjoyment is the goal for a lot of us. Accepting it and dealing with it are important. I don't psychologically think of myself as a wetter and I'm never really sure if I'm a true DL. Some would probably say I'm in denial but that's okay with me as long as I'm coping. I can seldom go a day anymore without wetting my pants. I'm a bit self-conscious after I've wet in public but I just try to think about it as one of those things in life that I can't fully control.
  14. I figure it's nobody else's business. When I travel I always use protection for the bed and bedding and at home I'm pretty discreet. These days when you buy supplies like diapers, pullups and bedwetting pads few pay any attention. Sometimes a cashier will look up at me and I just say 'it's a medical thing' and nothing further is said.
  15. I sat beside a boy in school one year who wet his pants at school almost every morning. By morning recess there was almost always a puddle on the floor at his feet. When I wet my pants at that age I was put in training pants worn under rubber pants. My mother used to scold and punish me for bedwetting but my father got much more upset about my pants wetting.