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  1. Why cant I go just a little bit

    When I lose control I cant go just a little bit. Once I start it comes out in a gusher until my bladder is empty. This is okay if Im wearing a full diaper but no with a pullup. I try to stop it but it never works. Is there a trick to interupt urine stream? If there is I havent figured it out yet.
  2. Banned members

    I havent been on Adisc for awhile but I believe it doesnt have a chatroom. I think thats where the biggest problems are because people sometimes misrepresent themselves on that in my experience. I remember being on an adult site one time and having an lengthy chat with somebody who said they were 18 or 19 and then all of a sudden they said they had to leave because the school bell was ringing. I was startled they were using a chatroom in an adult site either on a school computer or over an open school WiFi network and I strongly suspected they weren't at least 18 even though I asked about it and they assured me they were. Ive been very careful about chatrooms ever since. I'm sure adult sites of all kinds have difficulty verifying age.
  3. Diapered While Having a Test done at Hospital

    A few years ago I wish I had a diaper on when I was getting a CT scan of my abdomen at a hospital. During the scan the technician put some kind of contrast drug into me by intraveneous and it made my whole body feel completely hot. When putting it in he told me it would make me feel like I had to pee, "but don't go even if you feel like you cant hold on" he said. It sure did make me feel like my bladder was going to burst and I would have been a lot more comfortable wearing a diaper.
  4. Embarrassing moments

    The first story on this topic was really sad. You would think nowdays that this kind of thing is from the very distant past. I wet the bed regularly into puberty and it was embarassing. But at least my parents didnt use it to embarass me in front of others outside of the house.
  5. I like your "about me" bio. I think it takes a lot of courage to admit the struggles you went through. For those of us who are 50+ and didnt have the advantage of the internet when we were young we believed we were alone and isolated in our feelings and experiences. If I only knew back then what I do now life would have been a whole lot easier.

    1. Glennie


      thank you mike.. I

  6. At what age were you fully potty trained?

    Did they threaten to use diapers as a form of punishment? My parents only did this for daytime wetting accidents. My dad was opposed to diaper use past the age of 7 or 8 because he believed it encouraged bedwetting. I often longed to wear a diaper at night though.
  7. How to deal with Incontinence on a Low Budget?

    Diapers are a big expense especially if you have a limited income like I do. Rather than use a diaper every night I often just take the risk of wetting my pjs in the bed. Its less expensive to do laundry where I live than buy a full-sized diaper and I have two full changes of bedding so can wait and do one load after wetting twice. I often wear a diaper to bed though after I've had a lot to drink because the result is inevitable. Daytime wetting is another thing. I tend to use pullups but when they're still dry I reuse them and when Im out and have to go I try to get to a bathroom. I hardly ever wet a diaper for recreational purposes (just to do it) although I will re-wet if its already been wet. I try to manage as best as I can on a limited budget.
  8. Wetting In Public

    At least women dont have to worry about the 'pointing' problem. I always try to make sure I'm well tucked and pointing down in the event I wet my diaper when out. As I said in an earlier post on this topic I still find it difficult to wet while walking and I tend to stand still even with many years of experience under my belt, so to speak. Personally I dont have an issue doing it sitting down but I understand the wandering hand concern. I tend to do it too partly to check to see how full the diaper is as Im going to assess the risk of leakage. I suspect people do sometimes notice although Im not sure they realize exactly whats happening. I'm more self conscious that they'll hear the flow.
  9. do you hide your wetting at home

    I think many of us went through that when we were kids. I used to hide the wet pjs behind a shelf in the closet and put a dry towel over the pee spot on the bed although it seldom dried by the evening when I had to bed. And when it was found out I got in more trouble than otherwise often being told 'you'll just have to sleep in your wet bed tonight.'
  10. Is incontinence a disability?

    I think for most IC is more a symptom of a disability rather than a disability in its own right. I doubt that you would get government or private disability insurance benefits on the basis of IC issues alone without a related medical condition. I get disability benefits for underlying serious psychiatric and neurological illnesses. The side effects of these illnesses arent even mentioned on benefits update forms except where they explain the effects on my ability to work or function independently at home. One doctor told me these effects are called "secondary" conditions because theyre secondary to the primary illnesses.
  11. incontinent and a truck driver

    I think its difficult to give advice on this without knowing how the truck cab is set up or how much room is available. I think the best advice is to stash the fresh diapers in a gym bag or knapsack along with necessary creams or ointments you use when changing. Disposing of used ones at rest areas in ordinary plastic plastics is probably sufficient. I never drove a truck but when I was younger I worked in a job where I had to travel quite a bit and usually stayed in motels. I took diapers with me just in case and used a knapsack to carry them in and usually disposed in garbage bins outside the room. At least at motels i could take a shower in the morning. I think that driving a truck what would bother me the most would be not being able to clean up properly. I wouldnt be so concerned about storing or hiding the diapers.
  12. Would You Ever Out Someone?

    You have to wonder why anybody would ever say anything about this to somebody else? As kids it was a way of bullying or put somebody down to point out that they wet the bed. But adults should have a lot more common sense and for other ABDLs there should be a lot more empathy. I'd raise it or joke about it only if i was in an environment where everybody was in the same boat but that would probably be a pretty rare event. I went to a mixed (gay & straight) watersports party several years ago where there was a few people wearing diapers and nobody seemed to mind but havent been at one of those since.
  13. Bedwetting At Bootcamp

    I know nothing about the military but in this day and age you would think there would be a fairly enlightened view of whats really a relatively minor issue. In the old days I believe adult bedwetting was viewed as a mental issue but is that really true anymore? And there are products out there to help deal with it from various kinds of disposable diapers to disposable absorbant pads to put on the bed. I think the biggest issue would be the razzing youd get from fellow enlistees but my guess is that if your an occasional wetter that wouldnt be too severe as I think a lot of guys have experienced an inconvenient accident at some point in their life. I remember wetting the bed at summer sports camp in my teens and it was a huge embarassment but was made easier a couple days later when the most popular jock and best athlete at camp wet his bed. As the counselors said to those doing the kidding or bullying about it, 'it could happen to any of you.' And sometimes it did.
  14. Have you ever been told you smell because of your bedwetting?

    It wasnt that long ago that a lot of people got access to full modern facilities. Even in the house I grew up in 9 of us including 7 kids got by with one full bathroom and one tub and shower. Our showers were restricted to 5 minutes or less every couple days because the hot water would simply run out. One summer after I got into trouble I was sent to live with a great aunt and uncle at their farm for the rest of the summer. Their regular well ran dry during hot summer weather and they had to hand pump and haul water from an old well that was at the bottom of a steep hill so closer to the water table. There were no showers or baths because the water hauled up to the house was used for cooking, drinking and hand-washed laundry, although my aunt and uncle had sponge baths. We couldnt use the toilet in the house either and had to use the outhouse. What I remember most is the slimy feeling I had after working hard on the farm usually for at least 10 hours and especially on days I woke up with a wet bed when the urine smell was intense throughout the day. My aunt wouldn't let me come in for supper, which they ate early at 5 pm, until I went down to the local pond about 20 minutes walk from the farmhouse to bath among the weeds and snakes as I used to complain. 'Then stop peeing in the bed!' my aunt said to me as if it was that simple.
  15. Who was spanked for bedwetting

    When I was a kid it was pretty commonplace to spank for bedwetting and particularly for chronic bedwetting because back then it was viewed as a discipline rather than medical issue. I was a regular bedwetter until well into puberty. I was often although not severely spanked, usually with 5 or six moderate swats that were more embarassing than painful. When I was younger I got it by hand and later when I was older with a hairbrush. Now I have a fetish that associates wetting and spanking and I wonder if its caused by that experience and if others had similar experiences?