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  1. For me it started again about 15 years ago but its off and on. Nothing for days sometimes and then back again.
  2. Why were you put in diapers hours before bedtime? I grew up in a big family where there were four bedwetters including me. One of my sisters who didnt wet the bed used to be very vocal about my and my older brother's bedwetting with her friends and others in the neighborhood. And back then moms including mine often talked about it with other moms in the neighborhood so I was aware of several other bedwetters just by overhearing my mom talk on the phone. And back then few used diapers for overage bedwetting and a lot of people in my area didnt have automatic washers and dryers so I could tell where wetters lived just by driving around on my bike and looking at the laundry on the clotheslines.
  3. I've been at fetish events at gay bars, mainly for watersports or s&m, and you can usually get away with it then.
  4. I got the belt a few times from my father in my teens. It certainly gets the message across.
  5. I think the Israeli stats are probably the most accurate because it's my understanding based on what a guy who lived there one time told me that almost everybody except for those with specific religious exemptions has to register for military service. That gives them a pretty good sample group. As for the 18 to 20 "low point" my guess is that a lot of overage bedwetters get their wetting under control by their mid to late teens are probably less diligent about it when they move out on their own. I had a rubber sheet on my bed until I was 17, although the my frequent bedwetting decreased in my early teens. When I finished school and moved away from home at 19 (I failed a grade so spent an extra year in high school) and started working in construction I also started going out drinking a lot and pretty quickly wrecked a mattress. Then I started using a vinyl mattress cover. I stopped drinking in my 20s mainly because it made it easier on relationships. But the bedwetting started again a couple decades later.
  6. Most of us who have OAB didnt and wouldn't choose it. And nighttime symptoms which is called nocturia and wakes you up three or four times to go to the bathroom even when you dont really have to go is a real drag because it reduces the amount of sleep you get and you feel constantly tired. During the day I can no longer fully control my bladder and that leads to being 'wet down there' more often than you probably want to be. When I go out anywhere nowdays I pretty much have to wear daytime pullups. Hey, Ive had a pee fetish since puberty. But I like the flow to be on my terms and these days thats not always the case.
  7. Wow, that's a lot of pee! More than a litre. I think the most my bladder can hold is maybe 1/4 of that at best and usually I feel like I have to go before my bladder is full. Thats one of the disadvantages of ageing.
  8. I use them for peeing mainly so I don't have to get up at night because I have serious mobility problems. I can wear a wet diaper for quite a while but can't wear for long if I dump into a diaper. Even when I'm hospitalized I make the effort to get up and go to the toilet for No. 2.
  9. When I was living at home I had to wash my bedding and pjs every time I wet the bed. The only thing I'd get in trouble for was not putting them in the washing machine in the morning. My mother would later transfer them to the dryer. Once I got a place of my own I was much less disciplined about it. My first place I got when I was 19 was a small furnished apartment. I didn't take my rubber sheet from home but should have. I ruined the double bed mattress in a few months. I used plastic garbage bags but should have gone out and bought a waterproof mattress cover. Eventually my landlady who was an older Eastern European lady replaced the mattress and bought a fitted waterproof cover that she put on the mattress right after it was delivered and set up. She never said another word about it to me.
  10. My guess is that your fetish started forming in your early teens and that you only acted on them when you had the resources and privacy later on. I acted on my fetish earlier by continuing to wet the bed during and after puberty even when I was usually waking up dry more often by then. But I didnt use diapers for it until several years later when I incorporated them into my fetish.
  11. We're fairly close in age so probably had much the same experiences. Back a few decades ago it was harder to hide bedwetting. There were few if any disposable products (that we knew of anyway) and I grew up in a fairly poor area so a lot of the wet bedding and pjs were just hung out on clotheslines for anybody to see. One of my more vivid memories was having to pick up a box of used clothes from a neighbors place that my mother was going to take to a church rummage sale. The neighbor's husband had died about a year earlier and she had two sons, one, 'Matt', a senior at my high school who I think was 16 and a couple years older than I was and the other who'd entered the military after he graduated at the end of the previous school year. When I got to the house I called through the screen door and Mrs. G., shouted from upstairs telling me to come in and that she'd be down in a minute. I was impatient so I bounded up the stairs and ran into a room with the door open at the top of the stairs. There were football and other sports posters on the walls so I figured it was Matt's room. But what caught my attention was the heavily peed single bed just to the left of the open door. I also noted the crumpled wet pjs that were partially pushed under the side of the bed on the tile floor and the folded clean bedding and pjs that had been neatly placed on the desk to the right of the door. When I looked at the wet bed the outline of the vinyl or rubber mattress protector was pretty obvious. The neatness of the otherwise wet bed was also interesting. The wet bedsheet was barely wrinkled, lying almost completely flat on top of the mattress cover which made me think Matt had to be a heavy sleeper who seldom moved in his sleep. When I heard Mrs. G. come out of a different bedroom I quickly walked back into the hallway and I think startled her. She told me the box for the rummage sale was in the kitchen so I followed her downstairs to get it. But whenever I saw Matt after that the first thing that came to mind was my discovery on that warm spring morning and I always got the feeling that he knew that I knew.
  12. I suspect 'better safe than sorry' is a good approach most of the time. My parents imposed the no liquids after dinner and 4 am waking routines as a response to overage bedwetting that wasnt controlled. They tried other things as well including spanking that didn't work. Eventually, because there was already protection on our mattresses we just had to do our own laundry in the morning once we were old enough to do it which was around 12 or 13. I think that taking reasonable precautions like limiting liquids after dinner in addition to using disposable overnight products is probably the best approach.
  13. Thanks. I had it checked. The problem turns out to be a rare muscle disorder that affects many of my other muscles as well including reducing my mobility. My muscles are spastic and contract and release on their own. At first they thought it was MS or palsy but eventually they found out its a rare gene condition. I take a powerful med to counteract it but its not entirely effective.
  14. rubbersheetmike

    Wet beds 9

    Looks like my mattress when I didn't have a mattress cover or rubber sheet on it
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    wet night

    Looks good. Sometimes it's fun to leave the diaper off.
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