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  1. I didn't really understand this "no diapers" in the hospital rule. Ive been in the hospital a few times in recent years and at least in the ward or department where Ive been most recently admitted diapers are allowed for any patient who needs or requests them. They had stacks of them in every room. Because lots of patients have mobility problems one nurse told me they prefered patients to use diapers rather than fall trying to get to the bathroom on their own. The hospital beds all had wetting protection as well. Maybe its based on why your admitted to hospital and what kind of ward your in?
  2. Christine Daryleanne: Nice to see that rubber sheets are still around. Growing up my mom used an ivory colored rubber sheet for both me and my older brother. These days I use an off-white fitted plastic sheet but these are not as durable as rubber sheets.
  3. I wish I had a partner to sleep with but I don't and haven't had a regular partner for over a decade. I wonder how many others on here are in the same boat and whether its due to wetting or related issues? For me I just chalk it up to age but that's probably an oversimplification.
  4. I've been really careful in recent years about getting together with people I meet online. I haven't done it in a while but over the years and after a couple iffy experiences I backed off. Some of it was probably my fault. I met one guy who was really into the DL lifestyle and wore 24/7 and at the time I didn't think I was ready for that. I met another guy online a few years ago and he berated me after I wet the bed and my diaper leaked enough to soil his mattress. I told him I thought he was equipped and he told me it was just a new interest for him and he wasn't ready for the whole scene. I think you have to be really comfortable about yourself when you do this and know what you want and clearly let others know what you're into and want as well. Not everybody is at the same stage. Now that I'm getting older though the opportunities just don't materialize that often.
  5. Times have certainly changed right? When I was young my mom hung the bedwetting hairbrush on the wall in the laundry room which was just inside the back door on the way into the kitchen. When a neighbor was visiting one day to bring over laundry that my mother offered to help with because his wife was in hospital and their washing machine was broken I heard him ask my mother what the hairbrush was for. She told him "the boys still wet their beds and need to grow up." I was really embarrassed.
  6. I guess it depends on what "potty trained" means. During the day I pretty much knew to use the toilet by about age 3 but had many daytime accidents after that. When distracted I just wet my pants until about age 10 or 11 although less often as time went on. I didn't stop regular bedwetting until into puberty but to me that's not the same as potty training.
  7. I can sometimes go for weeks without an "accident" and then wet 3 or 4 nights in a row. Who knows why. But I've never aware of going in my sleep more than once during the night. If I wake up wet whether in a diaper or not I just assume I wet once. If I'm already wet and have to go again when I wake up though I just let it flow.
  8. When I was still young and living at home my mother kept a bedwetting log which was really a calendar for me and my older brother. Dry nights weren't marked but wet ones were with little stickers. I got the gold sticker and my brother got the green sticker and at the end of the month whoever got the least stickers got a reward which was usually like an ice cream cone or being allowed a soda after dinner.
  9. I agree the amount of urine doesnt change but I guess the attitude does. If I wear a diaper I just wet in it even if I wake up and then I go right back to sleep. If I don't wear one I toss and turn for a long time and sometimes can't go back to sleep.
  10. bedwetting

    I think its a bit of a debate about the definition of overage childhood bedwetting. Is there an age cutoff? I think that any child who wets regularly or even occasionally up to the age of 7 or 8 isnt really unusual or a problem. In my big family that would be at least 4 of us. For me and my older brother it was until and even beyond puberty. Two other siblings stopped by then. And my parents didnt get exasperated by it until we were around 10.
  11. Youngjay: You say "Same tho I'm a couple years out of college. How did you know your mattress was ruined? Did it fall apart or something? Should probably look into protection. I like the stains and smell mind you." I didnt go to college after high school. I started working right away and got my own place. At first the bedwetting on the unprotected mattress didnt bother me a lot, until I started to 'date', if you know what I mean. Not everybody has a lot of understanding of adult bedwetting or likes the idea of it and I wanted to be able to clean up quickly and avoid the smells. I used to flip my mattress over a lot to try to get it to dry out which often just wasnt effective. And eventually the staining was so bad that both sides of the mattress developed a kind of hardened urine stain crust that wasn't easy to clean. Eventually I had to get another mattress but started using a plastic mattress protector which Ive done ever since.
  12. I wet my skirt - Females are lucky that they have more wetting options than guys without it being to noticeable.
  13. Do you know why your soiling at night? I had this problem several years ago and it turned out to be caused by hyperthyroidism that could be controled by medication. Wetting is a relatively easy issue to live with in my experience but soiling is more uncomfortable and more work to clean up.
  14. When I first moved away from home after finishing school I ruined a mattress too. I quickly leaned to use protection on the bed because mattreses are expensive. Plastic or vinyl mattress covers that can be bought at department stores are a good option. If your bed is comfortable I would consider getting one. But its also useful to use an abosorbant pad on top of the mattress protector to prevent sweating and so you dont feel like your sleeping in a small lake after wetting.
  15. Did you use one of those disposable pads? I sometimes use them when I travel.