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  1. rubbersheetmike

    How much water to drink without overdoing it?

    I never puked from drinking water but I guess its possible. It would have to overwhelm your stomach I think so maybe it should be consumed less slowly. My beverage of choice to get a full bladder quickly is usually light beer (so I can drink more of it) but other things like tea are probably better for you.
  2. rubbersheetmike

    Bedwetting sheet

    I havent done this so maybe I should try. Maybe because Im heavier now than when I was younger it makes a difference too. I gained about 40 lbs over the past decade from meds and especially higher dose antipsychotics so thats probably not in my favor.
  3. rubbersheetmike

    Do catherers hurt?

    Ive been told I might have to use a catheter for medical purposes. Do they use any kind of pain reduction or try to make it more comfortable? Ive had several spinal taps and its not as bad as their reputation indicates mainly because hospital use pain reduction techniques like freezing for it. But Im still afraid of the catheter unless somebody can tell me its not as bad as it sounds.
  4. rubbersheetmike


    I totally agree and might add the time I wasted feeling guilty about being a DL.
  5. rubbersheetmike

    Telling hotels about your bedwetting

    That would be interesting. I think these days with all the disposable products you can pretty much hide these problems.
  6. rubbersheetmike

    Bedwetting sheet

    Thats what I use too. But they do get brittle and crack. How often do you replace it? I do about every 9 or 10 months.
  7. rubbersheetmike

    Wetting way more than usual

    Other than to take meds I avoid drinking liquids after dinner (7pm) and make sure to urinate before going to bed. It sometimes feels like being young again when my parents enforced this kind of schedule on me. It doesnt always work but it helps.
  8. rubbersheetmike

    Small accidents

    I think this issue is somewhat different for women than men as I've heard that women have more daytime bladder leakage issues as they age compared to men. Maybe this is an issue for women after childbirth? I don't know but that might help to explain it. For me as a guy there are other medical issues that impact it. I too find it harder to hold and suffer from urge IC and try to manage it without diapers but do wear pullups as a preventive measure if I think I might need them. Otherwise Ive started to go without even realizing it. So I understand the frustrations involved.
  9. rubbersheetmike

    Diapers in highschool

    Did you need diapers? Like did you have any day wetting accidents especially at school?
  10. rubbersheetmike

    Wetting Yourself Awake?

    Thats true for me. I lose bladder control in one episode and dont wake up during it. I sometimes wet again if I have to go once I wake up if the diaper or bed is already wet. I remember going to a doctor when I was young, maybe 20 or 21, and was constantly bedwetting mainly due to heavy drinking at the time. He was an older guy and kind of chuckled and said "well you could try to quit drinking" but then told me I was perfectly normal except for the 30 to 40 seconds during the night when my bladder emptied. He wrote a prescription for a drug that he said might help but I didnt like it because it made me feel drowsy in the morning and gave me dry mouth and dry eyes. I wasnt a good patient though and was bad at taking it regularly so it didnt help much.
  11. rubbersheetmike

    A personal best/worst

    With using diapers my bed never usually gets that wet. The wet spot on the sheet isn't usually more than a couple feet across. I remember the soaker nights from my youth though especially when I was drinking and wasnt wearing diapers back then. There was quite a mess in the morning.
  12. rubbersheetmike

    Telling hotels about your bedwetting

    I hardly travel anymore but back in the day when I did things were quite a bit different than today because of the better products nowdays. I once had a job where I had to drive from place to place and often stayed at motels for 8 or 10 nights a month. I found regular places on my route and made sure when booking in to ask that the bed was protected. Some of the places got to know me and I didnt need to ask. When Ive traveled to places that I am not familiar with I often took a folded up rubber pad I had but nowdays with good disposable diapers and bed pads things are a whole lot easier.
  13. rubbersheetmike

    Spanked for pants wetting

    My mom wasnt cruel about bedwetting. The spankings were more embarassing than painful too. The biggest embarassment was at the breakfast table in the morning when she asked whether me and my brothers had wet or dry beds. She would shake her head if the answer was yes. If she was really busy or had to work a full day she often got more angry than if she was only working part time. She worked at a job where her hours were all over the map so I guess cleaning up and laundry were a big headache for her. I didnt think about it much back then but now I understand it more I think.
  14. rubbersheetmike

    High and dry

    I can't use it because it makes me feel really paranoid. I already take antipsychotic meds so making an existing problem worse probably isn't a good idea.
  15. rubbersheetmike

    Do gay/bi guys wet the bed more?

    That's kind of my view. I thought the person who told me this who was a neighbor in a rooming house where I was living was stereotyping people and was putting me down. But it did make me wonder because I was put down a lot when I was younger. I guess my real question is whether anybody else was ever put down or negitively stereotyped for bedwetting?