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  1. rubbersheetmike


    I looked at this survey and couldnt really answer. What counts for abuse today wasnt really the case years ago. A lot of us old timers (50+) got physically punished when we were younger including at home and at school. And some of us had parents who treated bedwetting as a discipline issue which in my case I think did contribute to some of my later fetishes. Now parents I think are more enlitened but there are still a lot of younger people on sites like this so I think that theres a lot more to our fetishes than the way our parents treat us. I dont think its productive to blame others because we have to accept who we are.
  2. rubbersheetmike

    how did you start to like bedwetting or when

    I didnt like it at all when I was young. It wasnt until puberty when I started to like it and want to do it even when I started to have less accidents. A counselor once told me this might have been because I enjoyed the attention wetting got me even if it was negative attention. I also shared a room with a bedwetting brother who was an athlete and a top student in both cases not like me so bedwetting didnt make me feel like there was something wrong with me. I sure didnt want my parents to remove the rubber sheet from my bed. It was like a security blanket and I was able to make sure I kept it late into my teens.
  3. rubbersheetmike

    Recent Anti-Spanking Rants on TV

    If every kid or teen who got spanked turned out to be violent my generation would have filled the jails. I think there might be more likelihood of it where its combined with psychological abuse or neglect but thats probably true with or without spanking. My father apologized to some us later in life for the kind of punishment we received when younger. I guess he had a lot of guilt about it. I wish he would have apologized instead for the fact that we didnt get much parental attention, respect or individual support. We were never encouraged or complimented and most of the attention we got was negative. As I said to one of my sisters recently I cant remember my father ever calling me by my first name. Mostly I got called by names like hippie (because my hair was too long according to him), bonehead or worse. So when I think of any resentments I have about my childhood spanking is well down the list. To be fair my mother was kinder although she had lots of problems of her own. I think kids can be raised without spanking and I also think if it is used it should be done as a last resort.
  4. rubbersheetmike

    Skirt / Dress / Pantyhose Wetting

    Females are lucky its so easy to go this way!
  5. rubbersheetmike

    Strict El Paso,Texas Mother

    Spanking worked on me when I was younger, at least to a certain point. My parents used it as punishment for serious issues like stealing and lying and it probably did cause me to think twice about these things especially when I got older and the punishment was more severe. They also tried it when I got into trouble at school or had bad marks but it had less effectiveness for that. We got it at school too and while it was rough the first few times it was more of a routine later on. I got it sometimes it at home for bedwetting too but that wasnt effective at all. I had little to no control over that and figure all it ended up giving me was a fetish. If only they knew. Times are so different now which is mostly a good thing. But Im not sure that spanking for serious issues like theft and dishonesty was always a bad thing.
  6. rubbersheetmike

    Can you pee your diaper and walk as the same time?

    I can but I have a psychological tendency to stand still when I start to go. I have urge IC and sometimes the flow starts before I even realize Im going. But once Im aware of it I tend to stand still until my bladder empties. Maybe its because I worry about leakage. Wearing a regular diaper isnt so bad for leakage but wearing a pullup is a bigger concern. Once I start to go I cant stop so I try to make sure a flood doesnt end up all the way down my pant legs.
  7. rubbersheetmike

    sleeping in diapers or wetting the bed

    I think that depends (sorry for the pun) on whether you sleep with somebody. Ive slept alone for a long time now and actually for more than a decade. So paranoid issues arent really relevant. Im more concerned about the hassle of laundry and cleaning up if I have an accident without a diaper. But Im not working anymore either so thats not even as big a deal now.
  8. rubbersheetmike

    Last night's pee dream

    I tend to associate wetting more with nightmares than dreams. I do have dreams about peeing and mostly a recurring dream about peeing into a really calm lake at night while standing at the end of a dock. I dont know what this represents. But when Im stressed or have not been on my meds I have really bad nightmares and sometimes wake up shortly afterwards soaking wet. I would rather have the dock dream but dont get to pick and choose.
  9. rubbersheetmike

    friends that wet as kids

    Yes there were lots of big families where I grew up too. But there was also chatter about some of the neighbors particularly among kids. Siblings including my own often spread the news. I had one sister in particular who did this. I remember there was a house down the street with two girls and wet bedding and pjs were often hung out on the line. The younger girl made sure everybody knew she didnt have "that" problem so the rest of us figured it out it was the older sister. At another house one block over it became clear which of the boys who lived there was a bedwetter especially after the older ones left one to go to school and one to the army and wet bedding continued to be hung out on the line to dry. But I already knew the younger one who was actually older than me was a bedwetter because his mother who was friends with my mother didnt keep it a secret. She also didnt hide the fact that the oldest one wet the bed well into his teens. Word got around.
  10. rubbersheetmike

    do you have kids that wet too

    Like you I dont have children which is good because I later became aware of a rare illness I could have passed on. In any case I believe bedwetting was common on my fathers side of the family and I had siblings and male cousins with the problem. Lucky for me and my brother my mother used a rubber sheet on our beds. Later when I was living on my own I started using a plastic one because they were easier to find and cheaper to buy.
  11. rubbersheetmike

    sleeping in diapers or wetting the bed

    I think your right. Ive read that for younger people males outnumber female overage bedwetters by about two to one. I dont know the reason for this but have read that males develop bladder control more slowly and more tend to be deep sleepers. Maybe theres a hormone explanation too like in the amount of ADH produced but I dont know for sure? Interestingly when I recall my years at school decades ago there were more male pants wetters as well. I think that for older people its much more even. It would be interesting to see any studies done about this.
  12. rubbersheetmike

    my wetting

    Once you reach a certain age its not such a big deal. Even buying adult diapers isnt really a big thing anymore.
  13. rubbersheetmike

    friends that wet as kids

    My mother used to discuss it with an aunt who lived near us and with neighbors who also had bedwetting children. I used to get very embarassed overhearing the conversations. In the relatively poor neighborhood where I grew up you could often tell the houses where bedwetters lived because of the laundry hung out on clotheslines. A lot of the neighbors didnt have an automatic washer or dryer in their houses and there werent many products available back in those days.
  14. rubbersheetmike

    telling others you wet

    I guess that most people dont tell a lot of others. Maybe they discuss it with a doctor and certainly with sexual partners who would figure it out anyway. I have no sleeping partner for a long time now so who else really needs to know?
  15. rubbersheetmike

    Bedwetting after drinking, finally caught

    I think nobody should be drinking and driving. I dont have a license for driving due to medical issues including loss of normal eyesight. I see all the stories on the news about people who get hurt by drunk drivers and think about what a tragedy it is. I wish you all the best. Its not a big problem for me these days because I have slept alone for years but I hope bedwetting didn't break up your previous relationship. Its hard to cope with it for many people I think.