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  1. rubbersheetmike

    camp or camping with friends

    I went to summer sports camp for three years during and immediately after puberty for two weeks each time. They had a special needs cabin mainly for bedwetters and I was stuck in there the first two years. They had vinyl covered mattresses. The last year I begged to be put in a regular cabin because I didn't want to get teased and everything went smoothly for a few days until I did wet the bed. The urine soaked through my sleeping bag and the thin mattress and pooled on the tile floor under the bed. I tried to hide my accident but it was impossible. The cabin counselor was very understanding in helping me and keeping the other boys to keep quiet ("It could happen to any of you..." he said) although among a hundred or so campers news eventually spread. A couple nights later a camper in the next cabin who was older and unlike me one of the best athletes wet his bed and that took a lot of the heat off me. After that he made a point of being nice to me which boosted my confidence.
  2. rubbersheetmike


    I think its important to come to terms with your parents when you had a difficult childhood. My mother died when I was a young adult but my father lived quite a long life and died only a few years ago. He admitted that he and my mother had made mistakes but put it down to things being done differently decades ago. He also admitted that a neighbor had threatened on a few ocassions to contact child services because of my mothers inability to properly cope with her kids particularly I think because she had an alcohol problem. Personally I don't its healthy to let our childhood relationships with our parents permanently define us even though clearly they have big effects. We have to accept that our parents are/were imperfect adults and come to terms with that.
  3. rubbersheetmike


    My mother always changed the wet bedding and pjs when I was young or at least dried them on the line outside in summer. When I got old enough I was shown how to use the washing machine and dryer and it became my responsibilities to clean up from bedwetting. I still got scolded for it especially if I didnt clean up. I learned my lesson on that when she hung my wet sheets out on the clothesline to dry and then after school told me in front of friends to get my dried but stained sheets off the line because it was supposed to rain.
  4. rubbersheetmike

    getting older

    I dont mind getting older is some ways. I dont have to worry about work at this stage mainly because health issues have stopped me from working. And age is an acceptable excuse for wetting. Buying diapers or wetting supplies barely results in any awkward commentary or strange looks these days.
  5. rubbersheetmike

    Peeing uncontrollably

    I have urge IC although its now being controled with a medication. Before going on a med though I would often almost instantly have to go when I stood up after sitting or lying down and once my bladder released I couldnt stop it. Usually before getting up I seldom felt I had to pee at all.
  6. rubbersheetmike

    Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

    Sometimes you just have to experiment to figure out what gets you going. I realized fairly early that I was stimulated by watersports and sought out these experiences. Finding partners who also enjoy it is the trickier part. If both partners share the interest its a lot more interesting and fun.
  7. rubbersheetmike

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    Back in the days before the internet I met a couple DLs although no ABs that I can recall. I wasn't fully aware of the whole fetish lifestyle back then and was probably too judgemental because of that. In retrospective I was probably more the jerk than they were because I reacted negatively which after I came to understand my own interests made me feel guilty. As for the internet I'm very careful because you cant easily know anybody just by communicating online. Its probably best to talk on the phone and if possible meet in a safe place before agreeing to do anything else.
  8. rubbersheetmike

    Is this considered incontinence

    Wearing protection is probably your best bet. Pullups are likely the best solution and are pretty discreet. Seeing a doctor is probably a good idea. Urge and/or overflow IC can be a sign of a more serious underlying illness so you want to rule that out. If not a bigger issue there are meds that can sometimes help control urine issues.
  9. rubbersheetmike


    I was threatened with spanking for bedwetting more than getting spanked for it although was spanked for it several times and more often for pants wetting.
  10. rubbersheetmike

    Bedwetting after drinking, finally caught

    From my mid 20s to my mid 40s my bedwetting was very minimal but returned again in my mid 40s mainly at first caused by increased drinking. I dont know if this is uncommon for people who had bedwetting problems when younger but it might be.
  11. rubbersheetmike

    Waterproof Sheet

    I use a fitted vinyl sheet on my mattress even though my username refers to the fact that growing up my mom used a rubber sheet on my bed. I think either is pretty effective.
  12. rubbersheetmike

    Do you NEED diapers?

    For me I think its more a psychological need for protection "just in case" anything happens. I can usually make it to the toilet and have learned where they are in the places I usually go but don't want to take the chance of being caught short especially now that I frequently feel that my bladder is full even when its not. As for nighttime unless I've been drinking or am really stressed I'm usually safe going without but I think I sleep better using protection.
  13. rubbersheetmike

    Dream wetting

    Lately I've had a recurrant dream during the night that I'm wetting my pants and cant stop. In my dream I look down and see the pee gushing through the front of my pants and running down my legs while I'm in a crowd of people. Years ago I used to have a regular dream that I was peeing into a lake off the end of a dock but was alone and the dream didnt seem distressing like the current one does. I've read that these kind of dreams can be related to a loss of control in real life or a fear of losing control. Has anybody else had these kinds of dreams and if yes do they usually result in bedwetting?
  14. rubbersheetmike

    Embarrassing moments

    So, in my case spanking was probably justified? Thats an interesting question. Did your mother know when it wasnt accidental? If she did maybe punishment was justified. As I got older I sometimes wet on purpose too mainly to keep the rubber sheet on my bed. The incentive to stop bedwetting was that the rubber sheet would be removed after a specified number of 'dry' months but I made sure that didnt happen. Did my mother know? I dont think so. But she stopped punishing for bedwetting anyway when I was in my early teens. I just had to do my own laundry which didnt seem like a huge sacrifice.
  15. rubbersheetmike

    Who was spanked for bedwetting

    This was my experience too. In the past it was often commonplace to spank for many issues even though today that wouldnt probably be the case. We were sometimes spanked for what now seem to be pretty minor infractions like lying or talking back or challenging authority.