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  1. Yes the dreft liquid works well on urine smells without soaking, I have had towels and other things I have used it on, its a little expensive I think. But I do love the smell of it.
  2. Getting old is not for wimps, thats for sure. I have been through oral cancer, 10 years ago it started, had 6-7 surgeries radiation chemo, and the years of what I call the Fall out from the radiation damage, in my neck. But I see it as the Dr's have given me over 10 years so far that I wouldn't have had if the cancer hadn't been found, and yes life is very different after cancer. I'm grateful for a wife that's willing to put up with me for the last 24 yrs. It's been different the last few yrs since I have been dealing with chronic pain, from my body just getting old etc,,, I can't work anymore, I am glad I have good Dr's. But I am on strong pain meds, and I am still glad to be here, another day. Being home a lot gives me more time to wear and use diapers, thats a win win.
  3. I have used a disposable after a lite night, still had more room, and it was an awesome feeling got a rise and,,, well i had a mess to clean up after pee and playing in it. 😀It also busted the seams,, so sap was on my bed, just a wipe up though, I sleep on the plastic no sheets . It did take a min to get warm again. before I ended up playing in it. But if its a day old I would worry about the start of bacteria starting to grow in it.
  4. I have tried several of tricks I know, meds etc. My internal clock is off since I have not worked in a few yrs, I was insomniac before, but its worse now, I can't sleep before 3am, and get up 10-11am. So I get sleep but my wife hates it. we can't do things till afternoon. I will listen to any ideas also. beallucanb, your ideas are very good and I already use the no commercial tv, on my iPad to sleep by. but I use headphones so my wife can sleep. I would not suggest getting into the meds the side effects are not worth it.
  5. I'm no incontinent but I have worn 24/7 for 5 yrs or more, I wear for dribbles, and as I am getting older I have more and more of the in a store were I am pushing the cart as fast as I can to get to the restroom, I don't mind filling my diaper in public so much, I just wouldn't know what I would say if having to go that much all of the sudden my daily Depend pull up will not handle, I really can't afford the price to wear better for daytime. I do wet the bed, (diapers). I was getting up 4-5 times to pee, and not getting sleep. so it was and still is a good solution. I am not sorry I started wearing, I really wish my bladder would just relax completely maybe then I would be able to get help paying for my mental/physical need. Disability might pay with all of those horrible test I have read about on the web and here. I have enough pain with my neck back etc. I don't want to have a Dro make more pain.
  6. Joep, you might think about if you did anything different that day, some people only wet the bed when the drink alcohol . Sometimes it can come out of the blue.
  7. I found the wading pants for about $15 on Amazon several years ago, and it is a really fun play thing, I just turn them inside out so the smooth plastic is on the inside, some of them ore not as smooth, I got lucky
  8. Have you ever tried the wading pants that have feet like a sleeper? I have some that are soft plastic. they have suspenders to hold them up, its fun to wear them nude, and try to walk with your feet swimming in Pee. Then lay down on a well protected bed and let it flow back up your legs etc. But lay back down before your pee gets cold, unless cold is ok. I am a plastic Lover as well as DL.
  9. I answered a DL, but I have played with bottles etc. I really love the soft feel of Huggies, I use them inside my daytime and night time, but I have never had anyone treat me as a baby it would be an experience I would love to experience some day. So I can't really answer a little of both quite yet.
  10. If you can find one of those as seen on tv items that was out 5 or more years ago, it was made to reseal a plastic bag of foods. If you also have a little extra room in your plastic pant. in some situations I had success but I do agree that its just a lot less hassle to just buy more, and I always hand wash and line dry. Unless you have a newer front load washer its much more gentle on them.
  11. When I am out I try to make it to a restroom, to save money, and the hassle of changing in a public restroom. I Love to overfill my diapersI wear 24/7 because age leakage. I do wear several layers to bed. its different every night, but I do Love to wake up with a flood diaper so full I waddle down the hall. I will wear generally 2 adult size and a size 5-6 as the one touching my privates, most adult diapers are not as soft as the Huggies plus are. I feel like I have wasted my money un less it all saturated
  12. I would get a plastic cover and some pads to make up the couch with. and put it under the sheet, he will probably be too drunk to even notice anyhow. since thats the reason he's staying the night. And if he says anything tell him since he won't wear anything you need to protect your furniture If there is any resistance about it. Say its this or pay in advance for a new couch.
  13. Maybe you could have your father get a picture of the police report, I would think they left a copy at your home. the police report # should be enough to start the search through the court system. I grew up in broken homes, so I can relate. One of my stepmoms was eventually committed we never had fun holidays we were 10ish years old and calling the police on our stepmom, over and over. I really hope it goes well tomorrow at court. Keep us updated. Also if you still don't have the court time I would just go to the courthouse when the open, to start checking in someone there is bound to have a court time.
  14. I like to look at profiles to look for people with more things in common, so I feel like I am scanning profiles sometimes, I don't share details much, because its the internet. If I find someone that I think I am able to learn from and share my mistakes with.
  15. I have mostly used disposable, I wear 24/7, and I don't always wet the bed, but since i have on a lot of padding if I wake up I just let loose. I have a well protected mattress, its a hospital mattress. Invocare, its more cost effective than constantly buying the zip up covers at $20 each, we have a split king adjustable bed so its really 2 long twins. I don't like to sleep on sheets. I have always been a plastic lover. I also save on laundry, by not using sheets. But for the side sleepers, I have found an idea,,, There is a pad insert thats in a 30 pack, you need to cut it in to so it 2 separate pads. And use it on the very inside of my diapers, use one on each side for me it soaks up most of the leakage that the disposable diapers don't get. You will need to adjust them to your fit. It works for me. I only wear to bed for my wife. If my wife wet also I would just let it flow at night a lay in it.