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  1. Diaper pail for messy diapers?

    I use the cheap small trash bags, they are very thin. I put my diaper in and squeeze out all the air, twist it up tight and tie a knot in it. I have a baby diaper pail, it will hold 3-4 of my bags. I have the bottom covered first paper towels, then 1-2" of baking soda, and my cheap addition, to mask smell is the $1.00 room air freshener powder or clean linen sent. and I about 2-3 days use a kitchen size trash bag to bag up the bagel diapers as I remove them from that pail. I then put them in the outside trash. Works well for me and keeps the smell almost completely gone. My wife dosen't like the urine orders, I would let the orders arise, if it were just me, I just love the smells of a bedwetters home. So I just keep it smelling better for her.
  2. My wife and I have both gone through cancer, that already had its affect on our sex life. I have worn 24/7 for probably 5 yrs, due to dribbles, and occasional night wet. Its been an adjustment as life is always changing. You don't marry for sex, you marry for better or worst. Her cancer was hormonal so that caused problems and made it very painful for her. I just take care of myself., we deal with it. Diapers really haven't caused anymore issues in that, we hadn't had sex for 5 years before I started wearing diapers. She doesn't like me wearing or wants nothing to do with any of my diaper play. So I use pee, plastic and a lot of etc,,,,, to please myself.
  3. Thats to me an expensive way to go. What I did for a while, before I just decided to put the size 5-6 in my regular disposable as a pad. I used to cut off the tabs from the baby diapers and use them as extenders. you can make it work, I had a few fall off. But using them as an insert, I still get the real feel of the pampers on my skin, and I just reach in the front of my diaper and pull it out, toss it and insert a new pamper. this way I have the full size diaper to back me up when the pamper leaks.
  4. Have you ever dated a bedwetter

    No, but my first wife would accidentally pee during sex. I loved it.
  5. Sleep Apnia Contributed To Bedwetting

    I have been on a CPAP, since 2006, I am a mouth breather, so I had to get used to the full face mask, it took 5-6 months for me. But now I have problems getting to sleep without my mask on, unless I'm in my recliner, LOL. I am on pain pills, so I sometimes don't get tired enough to sleep till 3-5 am. My wife gets quite upset with me, but I don't know what to do about it if you can't sleep you can't sleep. anyhow, I haven't seen any difference with wetting being any easier. I would rather just sleep wet, than wake up 6 times to go to the restroom I do get more rest when I do sleep. I was told without my CPAP I stop breaking once every 3 minutes so I just wake up a little and let it flow, then back to sleep. With diapers I don't have to worry about actually getting up to go.
  6. Waterproof Sheet

    I have 2 beds, my half of our king adjustable is fully covered in the vinyl zip ups, I sleep on the plastic, no sheet, only top sheet and blankets , if I sweat thats ok. I don't sweat due to plastic for some reason. I have always loved to sleep, play on plastic. My second one is a spare twin bed, in another room I have posted pictures in the past. It is a hospital mattress I was able to buy online at a great price, its the blue zip up like they use at hospitals. I can get it as messy as I want.
  7. Dream wetting

    I have had a few dream wets,,, but not often enough.
  8. Drinking wee

    Dookey, I have peed on myself in the tub and shower also, if you can get a 6 ft inflatable pool, and place it on a bed, just have several towels for clean up. and be plenty full of pee. lay on your back and enjoy. I am getting a tingle typing this. I have done this before my bed was safe to have such fun.
  9. Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

    I have played in bed (that is well protected) and peed fell stream all over myself. I just imagine it's someone else doing it.
  10. screen name change

    Thanks, I thought I was original with my old screen name. What I think is weird the news reporter said DL was disney land forever. I am really wandering if the parents were diaper users? I haven't seen any news update on them yet it was supposed to be some sort of a school, and the 17 yr old has the mental capacity of a 1 yr old. Thats scary.
  11. Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

    dyprgrl, that doesn't sound weird to me at all, at younger age we were all experimenting to see what things felt like, and that helps us all know what we do like. I would say no different than a kid jumping into a big mud puddle face first just to experience it. My brother and I would have fights and end up peeing on each others beds, I mean standing beside the bed and just taking a leak on it. Then Moms punishment was to make us sleep in it. we were about 4-7 yrs old, when we did that.we probably peed on each other in those fights. I really mostly remember getting in trouble for peeing on the beds.
  12. I had to make a name change, my old name is basically backwards, see screen name in the newbie strand

  13. screen name change

    yes, and we have enough problems with people not understanding that we are different, I don't want to have any connection with a wacko like that.
  14. I want to let you know, I had to make a name change,, I made comments in the new baby part of the site. I made it my old name basically backwards

  15. screen name change

    there is a family that has 13 kids, and the 17 yr old has an iq of a 1 yr old, and they were chained to there beds etc. The news I saw ,, they had a personalized car lic plate that was my old screen name in all caps, and the news said it stop for disney land forever ?? a lot they know but it people start googling that I don't want my screen name to show up and people thinking that I have anything to do with a sicko like that. Thanks I really didn't want to change my name,, so I kept it close enough that I hope the people that have been following me and me them would figure it out.