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  1. Dream wetting

    I have had a few dream wets,,, but not often enough.
  2. Drinking wee

    Dookey, I have peed on myself in the tub and shower also, if you can get a 6 ft inflatable pool, and place it on a bed, just have several towels for clean up. and be plenty full of pee. lay on your back and enjoy. I am getting a tingle typing this. I have done this before my bed was safe to have such fun.
  3. Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

    I have played in bed (that is well protected) and peed fell stream all over myself. I just imagine it's someone else doing it.
  4. screen name change

    Thanks, I thought I was original with my old screen name. What I think is weird the news reporter said DL was disney land forever. I am really wandering if the parents were diaper users? I haven't seen any news update on them yet it was supposed to be some sort of a school, and the 17 yr old has the mental capacity of a 1 yr old. Thats scary.
  5. Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

    dyprgrl, that doesn't sound weird to me at all, at younger age we were all experimenting to see what things felt like, and that helps us all know what we do like. I would say no different than a kid jumping into a big mud puddle face first just to experience it. My brother and I would have fights and end up peeing on each others beds, I mean standing beside the bed and just taking a leak on it. Then Moms punishment was to make us sleep in it. we were about 4-7 yrs old, when we did that.we probably peed on each other in those fights. I really mostly remember getting in trouble for peeing on the beds.
  6. I had to make a name change, my old name is basically backwards, see screen name in the newbie strand

  7. screen name change

    yes, and we have enough problems with people not understanding that we are different, I don't want to have any connection with a wacko like that.
  8. I want to let you know, I had to make a name change,, I made comments in the new baby part of the site. I made it my old name basically backwards

  9. screen name change

    there is a family that has 13 kids, and the 17 yr old has an iq of a 1 yr old, and they were chained to there beds etc. The news I saw ,, they had a personalized car lic plate that was my old screen name in all caps, and the news said it stop for disney land forever ?? a lot they know but it people start googling that I don't want my screen name to show up and people thinking that I have anything to do with a sicko like that. Thanks I really didn't want to change my name,, so I kept it close enough that I hope the people that have been following me and me them would figure it out.
  10. screen name change

    Hey, I just had to change my screen name, I was dl forever I didn't want it to be linked to the family in the news I am following some of you and don't want misunderstandings Thanks
  11. Wetting until your diaper sags

    I agree never waste it, wet it full and saggy
  12. Wetting until your diaper sags

    I really Love a loaded plastic backed diaper, I don't use washable unless money gets too low, because of the extra laundry But I think its a waste to take it off before its sagging
  13. Something All Of Us Could Use

    Love that onesie, and if you found a T shirt prints shop, or online you can get anything printed on a shirt, we have local shirt print shops, of corse you would need to take in the onesie and the picture or saying you want to have on it.
  14. Thanks, I grew up in Dayton Oh area. So i sometimes forget about the time difference , I am an insomniac and sleep the 10-11 o'clock and i'm up till 2-3am, PC time. I am on now
  15. Glenn63, if you want to start the chat? I looked on chat and didn't see your name