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  1. foreverdl

    Thoughts on Cloth Backed Disposalbes

    I haven't had any luck with cloth back, the mostly leak, I can use a cheap plastic backed that is saturated with a puddle sagging and it holds it if I am standing up. I use a cheap plastic backed for night, with what ever kind of cloth backed inside ( I use a razor knife ti make slits in it so it will leak in the middle of the outer diaper) I also love a baby diaper to be the one against my stuff. If my night is heavy I will get some leakage onto the towel under me. But my bed is well protected. And I am one that sleeps on the plastic wit no sheets, its the only way.
  2. foreverdl

    Vinyl, Plastic or Rubber Pants?

    I wear mostly disposable diapers at least until I can't afford it. I am a lover of plastic almost all plastic vinyl. wet and slippery plastic pants,,, or a bed protected well with vinyl sheet, and just lay down, let it go enjoy. I have an assortment of cloth diapers and plastic and some rubber pants, but as long as I can afford to pay for them, it is much less work.
  3. foreverdl

    Would you sacrifice your kink for love? 

    Going forward I will. I didn't in my marriage and we had a rough period years later when I decided I would have to tell her at any cost. I can say we had a few rough yrs, but its working out. Be honest up front you can't lie to yourself if you want a long relationship.
  4. foreverdl

    How can I avoid leaks sleeping on my side?

    I use disposables, with layers, and I only leak on heavy nights. but my bet is well protected. I do place a towel under my and sometimes it is damp.
  5. foreverdl

    Dream wetting

    I haven't had a dream of wetting in a long time, I really would love to have one. I am sleep wetting more, and I do love soo much waking up wetter than I was when I went to sleep.
  6. With my experiences they don't really care about you wearing diapers. I had to pull my depends pull up down for my skin cancer Dr, to look at a spot on my side several yrs ago. He never said anything, after I experienced that, I was good with it. I wear 24/7 and have now for probably 5 yrs. I am mostly a DL, but I can use the dribbles that I had a few times as my reason. And if I am asked about meds for it, I will say I take way too many now, and the side effects that those meds have scare me, so I will just say no I have it covered. I am in charge in what I let the Dr do, Not the other way around . A lot of people think we have to do what the Dr says but its our body. The problem is do you want to answer questions about diapers if they ask.
  7. foreverdl

    Pubic Hair Removal

    My ingrown hairs are random, with using a blade. But its still not something I like, so I have been choosing lately to use the beard trimer. Works for me, its less important to have it completely shaved a little bit of short hair is ok, it still keeps the urine smells under control.
  8. foreverdl

    Pubic Hair Removal

    I have not tried anything but shaving, I agree the smells of hair and urine, I have to remove it, I have gone from using a razor to now using a new beard trimer a water proof panasonic its about $50, at most stores, and you can get it real short. and with a little stub I don't have the ingrown hair that would pop up and get painful. So to me the trade off is worth it.
  9. foreverdl

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I'm the boring one, I just wear depends pull ups for most daytime, then for night time I do get creative. I always wear a plastic backed for my outer diaper, and the other layers I get sorted diapers from second hand stores and use them, but I like the one touching me to be a baby diaper, a size 4-6 pamper or my latest one I got a great sale on some size 6 Target diapers, I love how soft they feel, and they hold more than an average adult diaper.
  10. foreverdl

    Smell of a soaked diaper?

    If you live with your parents, you didn't say, but they will most likely know what the wet diaper smells like. I know after I soak mine over night, as much as I love the hours old smells. I change it and bag it up to be nice to my wife. After 5 hours its going to smell and where we diaper lovers think its a sweet smell. Others don't see it that way. I am only talking about pee smells, I agree with rusty pins. if its #2 you won't cover it up.
  11. foreverdl

    Diaper pail for messy diapers?

    I use the cheap small trash bags, they are very thin. I put my diaper in and squeeze out all the air, twist it up tight and tie a knot in it. I have a baby diaper pail, it will hold 3-4 of my bags. I have the bottom covered first paper towels, then 1-2" of baking soda, and my cheap addition, to mask smell is the $1.00 room air freshener powder or clean linen sent. and I about 2-3 days use a kitchen size trash bag to bag up the bagel diapers as I remove them from that pail. I then put them in the outside trash. Works well for me and keeps the smell almost completely gone. My wife dosen't like the urine orders, I would let the orders arise, if it were just me, I just love the smells of a bedwetters home. So I just keep it smelling better for her.
  12. My wife and I have both gone through cancer, that already had its affect on our sex life. I have worn 24/7 for probably 5 yrs, due to dribbles, and occasional night wet. Its been an adjustment as life is always changing. You don't marry for sex, you marry for better or worst. Her cancer was hormonal so that caused problems and made it very painful for her. I just take care of myself., we deal with it. Diapers really haven't caused anymore issues in that, we hadn't had sex for 5 years before I started wearing diapers. She doesn't like me wearing or wants nothing to do with any of my diaper play. So I use pee, plastic and a lot of etc,,,,, to please myself.
  13. Thats to me an expensive way to go. What I did for a while, before I just decided to put the size 5-6 in my regular disposable as a pad. I used to cut off the tabs from the baby diapers and use them as extenders. you can make it work, I had a few fall off. But using them as an insert, I still get the real feel of the pampers on my skin, and I just reach in the front of my diaper and pull it out, toss it and insert a new pamper. this way I have the full size diaper to back me up when the pamper leaks.
  14. foreverdl

    Have you ever dated a bedwetter

    No, but my first wife would accidentally pee during sex. I loved it.
  15. foreverdl

    Sleep Apnia Contributed To Bedwetting

    I have been on a CPAP, since 2006, I am a mouth breather, so I had to get used to the full face mask, it took 5-6 months for me. But now I have problems getting to sleep without my mask on, unless I'm in my recliner, LOL. I am on pain pills, so I sometimes don't get tired enough to sleep till 3-5 am. My wife gets quite upset with me, but I don't know what to do about it if you can't sleep you can't sleep. anyhow, I haven't seen any difference with wetting being any easier. I would rather just sleep wet, than wake up 6 times to go to the restroom I do get more rest when I do sleep. I was told without my CPAP I stop breaking once every 3 minutes so I just wake up a little and let it flow, then back to sleep. With diapers I don't have to worry about actually getting up to go.