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  1. NewBee, You are a very lucky person, I have never had the chance to try rears, as they are really expensive , but your spouse will diaper you, my wife wants nothing to do with it and its been years.
  2. foreverdl

    Car accident

    I had that fear for a few years, and they never found out, I wore the pull ups for most of my daily work. But I traveled to work for 2-3 of my last work yrs. So I had more options,, to be away and wear my stuff. I would Pad up for my 2 hr trip on Monday morn, and Friday return. And of course it was on a friday return home trip, after a long week, thats when I had my accident. In my case it would have been much worse than the average worker, I was an electrician and what you wear down to your underwear is what they tell you you can and can't wear. I'm not sure how it would have gone, I may have had a hard time keeping my job. You see they can call almost anything they want a safety issue. And get away with it.
  3. I heard that the regular coffees are processed with different chemicals that are not so friendly in the rectum. It would be nice to know a brand of coffee, thats not very expensive , something over the counter That is cheap and safe to do enema with. Anybody have a brand they have safely used? And how did the caffeine effect you?
  4. foreverdl

    Car accident

    before I became disabled I drove a Ford F350 4 wheel drive, service truck, dully , I wore my diapers to work under my Uniform, it was just a pair of coveralls it was great mine had a slit behind the pockets that went into what would have been a way into my pants pockets. I could feel my plastic diaper when I drove, worked etc, Well I digress. I was in an accident, but the air bags didn't go off, ( another vehicle tried to pass me on the right and slammed into the side of the truck) I was very wet ๐Ÿ˜€, It was very weird to stand on the side of the hwy, and talk to the officer and the other person involved. But I secretly Loved it. Back then I only had dribbles. I wore to work mostly out of pleasure . So my company didn't know. But I will never forget that . Then the really fun scary part, I was required to go to the safety place our company used, To take a pee test, so they made sure I wasn't on drugs, it was a DOT requirement ,,,,, Well I had already peed my diaper full a few miles before. I didn't think about all of this before I wore a diaper to work, what if the person in the restroom heard my plastic making noise, that was scary to say the least. I was told that I had to remove my jump suit,,, I UM I UM,,,,,I had to say to them, well I only had tee shirt and underwear under it, ( I always wear a pair over my diaper) so they had to make an exception and let me pee without removing it, That was an experience. Because She Had to be in the same restroom( Yes I'm man but they didn't have a man in the office at that time) but I had a stall with a a partial door. But then on the test it was very strict they did a 2 part, with a test slip, and another that went off to there testing center 3000 miles away. Well the local test said a non negative for coke. I Was not on coke. one of my meds had triggered a false reading. I did however get 3 days off that they ended up having to pay me for, after the official test came back as negative . Sorry its long but some of the details are needed to explain. It was a milestone in my wearing ๐Ÿ˜.
  5. Plastic backed Depends are back but it seams only in some locations. I have found them in Walmarts, and check Amazon, But its not the same plastic as the older ones.
  6. foreverdl

    Pee fetish

    Yes ,, there a a lot of comments on the water sports thread, from many of us members. Take a look you will enjoy
  7. I have done many many searches over years , when doing a google search you will need to be short and to the point of what you are trying to find out. And also remember that most of the first page of the results ate people or companies that have Paid Google to be first in line. So you may need to scroll down several pages to get some of the answers that are not trying to sell you something. Example: atrophy sphincter muscles
  8. I have been fighting hemorrhoids for 30 years, I had the surgery it was a horrible 6 weeks, very very painful ,,, and now yrs later they are back,, I had the banding about 5 yrs ago, it lasted about a yr. I have done daily enema since then, for my chronic constipation. I have been experimenting for about 3 mos with the glass but plugs and some of the play toys all glass, I do like the stimulation of inserting things in. I have been married 25 yrs, and about 10 yrs ago or so, my wife stoped being able to have sex, because of a hormonal cancer. So that being said, I do it on my own, I do a lot of by myself pleasures and love having something in my butt, when I am playing. It just sends me into much better ending. But when I am holding my soap water I put a glass toy in. and sometimes play a hypnotic mp3. Its really great and makes my boring enema much more pleasurable , By holding the toy in for a good 20 min, it stretches it to help squash my hemorrhoids. I know its only a temporary fix. But it beats the shit out of surgery. I have also used the butt plugs for several hours before on several occasions to see if it helps, and I am not sure if its any better than just using the toy while holding my water in. Well this is jut my experiences hope it helps someone.
  9. You have sphincter muscles in both you bladder and you anus. I have beed told that if not careful you can get more than you want. I personally only want to have pee to be uncontrolled. I am really not wanting both. I have read online that if you retrain relaxing your bladder you can at the same time be relaxing your anus also.
  10. I really Like rusty pins red rye,, thats an awesome idea. unless its an ABDL, then not so much you may lose a possible new future friend. What if you were to drop a big log into a couple of them and see what they do with them? That could be really interesting I would love to hear about what they do with that or a big messy diarrhea could be interesting.
  11. Hey what some of the others have added I should have said also, I assumed you were talking about red blood, because most people that see black stools don't even know its blood. If you haven't had any bleeding before I would see a Dr, because you don't want an infection in that area.
  12. It's a familiar story, sounds like you have hemorrhoids I have lived with them for 30 years, had a surgery in 1995, it made thins better for about 10 yrs, and then blood again, the surgery is very painful, for about 6 weeks, I Mean PAIN. now they have a banding thats not painful, but it's also not as good. I have chronic constipation, thats what is the main thing that causes them. I have over the years learned to do soap water Flush out, Enema. amazon has some bags if you want to try a cheap one first to see if it helps. Then progress like I have, and I buy the silicone bag, and get my hose at Lowes, just make my owners easier to clean . The silicone hose I don't like because you can't see inside, just get the $6 clear hose, when it gets too cloudy from soap, and hard water just replace it. If you have questions message me, I know its a lot of info. Also Vaseline is your friend before and after pooping You can also Google it
  13. I really Love the feel of a thick disposable plastic backed, I have worn 24/7 since about 2013. But daytime is just Depends pull-ups , at night I have 3 layers, inside is a night time baby usually size 6, then a cheap cloth like or a pullup ( because they always Leak) the outer one is usually a ATN Large-Extra Large to cover it all up. If my night was not too wet, I can slide down the ATN, and remove the insides and just pull back up the ATN for several hours while I have coffee and wake up. But when We travel I am usually in my 3 layer, and I carry a bag so I can just reach in and remove the inner baby diaper, bag it up do dispose it on the next stoping , I Love Love the softness of the baby diaper wet and dry on my personal area๐Ÿ˜œ I have had Adult Baby ones that are almost as soft as the Huggies, But Huggies or Costco Night time are The Best.
  14. Welcome to the site,, I can remember the love of plastic pants from very young also, and even in my teen years I used to swipe the baby diapers from family when I could,,, It was such an exciting thing to have a pampers plastic backed, wet and well you know the rest๐Ÿ˜,,, we all have similar stories.
  15. I would have to agree you may have a neighbor that likes your used diapers. There have been people actually asked me to mail them my used diapers, and offered to mail me his?? I forgot who it was but it was someone on this site. I'm not one to use a strangers used diapers. If it was my partner thats a different story, I have saved mine for several hours before and put it back on. You could watch the dumpster and see, you could at least know who it is that way, but they probably come in the dark early morning when no one is around.