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  1. I do Agree CPAP used every night for at least 4-5 hrs, is a life saver. I was almost walking dead in 2006, and I was still working full time long hrs, I assumed just tired. ddd's went through months and months of testing, everything was one test after another. Then they sent me to a respiratory Dr, he did his own tests and then he had me do the sleep study, same as rusty pins commented on. I think I sleep a couple hrs that night because of being in a different bedroom. But I left there the next morning feeling like I had slept a week. I could not believe it it was incredible I really did not think I would ever get used to a full mask covering my nose and mouth. Now I almost can't sleep without it. My Dr told me my organs were starting to shut down due to lack of O2 I would stop breathing every 3 mins, Now I have my I think 3rd CPAP machine, I wear one out in about 3 yrs or so, they get noisy, my numbers are much better, I do have other issues, and COPD that makes me use oxygen mostly at night its pumped into my CPAP. I would Highly recommend anyone that snores or feels tired all of the time do a sleep study At a study Place, Not one of the new things that they are offering now a wear it at home device, They can't get enough info that way, they had 30-40 wires connected to me my head, legs all sending signals to the computer to give them the info they need. I commented on this thread back in March about the sexual parts. about diapers. We haven't had sex since we both went though cancer. She has also had a CPAP, and now is on a BIPAP. the difference is it does all the breathing for you in and out.
  2. foreverdl

    Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    I sleep really good in diapers, but if I didn't have to worry about smells of urine in our home, I would probably sleep without a diaper on my plastic no sheets I don't use sheets summer or winter. just the plastic mattress. I do now have a hospital grade mattress so no worries to the mattress itself. Just don't want pee to overflow to my wife's side. We have a split king.
  3. foreverdl

    Wonking in Plastic!

    If you have a nice soft sheet of plastic, put it over top of a mattress and let the water sports start lay on your stomach and let the pee flow out.Thats why my comment was to play on the plastic. Its fun and sexual alone. But even more fun to share with someone, just have plenty of bath towels laying beside the bed, or a floor you don't mind getting wet. To have a partner to play with on a nice piece of plastic,,,,,,,, and plenty of pee ,,,,,,Its Heaven
  4. foreverdl

    Waterproof Sheet

    I was fortunate enough to find a great deal, and to afford it, a while back I found an Invocare soft form Excel, hospital new mattress it was about $220. it is great no worries about leak lotions etc. I had it in my spare room for play until I moved it to our bedroom, we have a split king adjustable bed, so I added to my side of our bed. I love it. That said, I also found a twin waterbed mattress new they had several at a Renew store, I paid $5 and I use it as a top cover on my play bed, its very soft rusty pins is correct, I used to sleep on a waterbed. Because of my bad back I can't anymore, the wave movements are too much for it.
  5. foreverdl

    Waterproof Sheet

    that pond liner is also a good idea, I think it is a lot more expensive but you are correct its really tuff and its a smooth plastic!
  6. foreverdl

    Waterproof Sheet

    10 x 25 leaves a lot of extra and for the cost, al you need to do is cut it the length of your bed, the 10ft wide is plenty for almost any bed. I'm just saying the cost is really reasonable to get someone by till they can get a nice zip up cover. I usually have a partial roll in my shed, to use for temporary covers when I don't want to get the floor dirty etc. A really good bed cover for a twin bed will cost about $25
  7. foreverdl

    Waterproof Sheet

    Cute Kitten, well said, I would use plastic 6mil drop cloth from Lowes its only $10 for a roll of 10 ft wide by 25ft, it makes a little noise when you move around but it will protect the mattress till you can get one from a good supply, Like the bedwetting store.com . or several other stores, I would only look online unless you have a good supply store nearby.
  8. Cruiser 03, what meds did they put you on? I am very interested to see if my ins will cover them, because my answer is still nightly enemas I only do soapy water baby wash, and Drs say if it works ok, except for my hemorrhoid surgeon, he says anything up the but will damage it. But after I followed his instructions and tried to make my body do it, I ended up in the hospital he now agreed with me that if it works and I will just continue with the butt surgery every so many yrs. Butt I am willing to try a med to see if it would work
  9. foreverdl

    Enema Question

    The Fleet type enema is ok for occasional use, But I would not recommend it for any regular use. Its rough on your insides. A good soap Hot water is the safest its been used for years.
  10. foreverdl

    Waterproof Sheet

    I do also love the real rubber sheets panties etc, but when you lay directly on them as I like to, they also loose the nice texture I like, and you need to polish the latex sheets, if you pee on them a number of times unless someone here can let me in on a way to not need to spend time rubbing on the polish. and it seams at least the ones I have bought from eBay they get hard, or sticky etc. I would use them more than plastic if I could find easy way to keep them soft. Keep in mind I do always like to sleep play etc directly on my plastic or latex. I now am using a really nice hospital mattress. It is a , I think combination of latex and vinyl it feels great and can take anything so far.
  11. foreverdl

    Waterproof Sheet

    I have in the past taken a standard zip up mattress cover, and put a blanket inside of it, shake it down to re form it to its full size, and u now have a safe blanket, if you don't like the plastic on your skin, you can use a top sheet between you and the new plastic sheet It will make some people even warmer than it would because of the plastic. But you won't need to wash the blanket. and a good size bath towel, and a good zip up mattress cover to protect your mattress I have used this before, with success . You can look at my threads to see the different ideas if you like. But I like to sleep on the plastic I love the feel of the plastic on my skin all night.
  12. foreverdl

    Enema Question

    I have been using Seeking Health silicone bags from Amazon, for 4-5 yrs and only had one bag go bad, the connector came out of the bottom, and thats a mess, but I do enema every day, and for a few yrs I did them twice a day and my wife has been daily for several yrs, these have been the best I have found, but as long as you use the silicone bag, But I go to the Lowes Hardware and get the $6 a roll of clear hose, 5/16 and a brass valve, the blade type so its easy to control. I use a medical grade silicone probe. It took some time of wasting money on different bags its, to get this combo but I have had very good luck, and just run a cup or so of bleach through the bag and hose a couple times a yr.
  13. foreverdl

    Enema Question

    I have done soap enemas for at least 5 yrs, for constipation I have filled up with a wet diaper on, but don't want the mess it would cause to let it go in my diaper. Some day I will diaper up enough to hold my 2-3 qt water. Maybe. but its really fun to load it up when already in a really wet plastic back diaper, then I can play for 15 min or so, before dumping it in the toilet. I have done a poopie also in my diaper on a few occasions and love the feel, but not the cleanup. I just use baby wash and hot water, the hottest I can stand on my hand works best.
  14. foreverdl

    Have you tried cloth diapers?

    I voted not for me, but there should be another choice, maybe Love the feel of cloth getting wet, but would rather just go what I say is the energy efficient way, Disposables. our summer cooling bills are $500 and more a month for a small home, so we cut the electric bills any way we can. and washing drying cost more than disposables when we pay 21-43 cents a kWh. In the winter time I do use cloth sometimes, I would dry them outside in the summer but not quite ready for my neighbors to see them drying on the clothesline
  15. foreverdl

    Ever forgotten you're wearing ??

    Back in my first year of wearing out of the house, I would go hours sometimes and forgot I was wearing,, and a few times that I saw my wasteband of the pull up that I wear in public, then its ,, oh I wonder if anyone has noticed. I have gotten soo used to wearing that I don't realize I am , and like someone else said if I was not wearing it may be worse if I was not and thought I was wearing. I have worn 24/7 for I don't know 5 years, I don't work anymore, so no excuse not to wear. I do just go automatically