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  1. I am living married now 29 yrs, because of past and maybe present health on both my wife and me, we haven't had sex since about 2010. Now she takes care of herself , and I do to, I just Love to have a dildo in my mouth and my butt at the same time and to hump my silicone doll, That's sooooo amazing , I just listen to a hypothesis file while doing it and I imagine I have a few people that are involved . So that is my sex, but I have done it a few times in a soaked and busting open diaper I am humping.
  2. I have had soo many surgeries , mine due to cancer, and I don't care what it is All of them can have serious issues . I am really Glad reddy has made it past all of the major problems . And is working through it . I still am jealous . I am having to deal with my diaper rash due to not drinking enough water, and not changing my diaper enough , that's just me being Lazy. But even though I have to not wear part of the day to dry out. I have had thoughts , of it I guess I would be using a Cath just like you for a few days to keep my butt etc dry...
  3. I Have the same issues about being a little to big for Goodnites, but I will agree they hold much more than a lot of the adult diapers, I think goodnite is filled with the better stuff, can't think of the name?? now. but I wish they made a larger size than the XL and then they would be available here.
  4. I would Love to be stoned, but I am on narcotics , and I signed a paper with my Dr that if the random pee test shows I have smoked etc pot. He will drop me like a rock. I can't afford to pay Ca prices for pot,,,, so I am stuck with my Dr. I smoked 40 yrs ago and I Loved it.
  5. I have tried to be in a church that will be a Bible believing church. AND not twist the Bible to make it say what the pastor or staff want it to say. I do all of the research I can before even going, and even after that I have found Major issues that don't agree with Gods word. All that to say don't give up. But I would say also to do all you can to keep your private life yours, and even be careful not to ever connect with anyone from Church on an online account that can be controversial . Just keep this part of life private .
  6. I have pushed my balls up into my body , but will they stay without taping the bag? Will the pressure of the diaper hold them up inside for the night ? I have thought about it but wasn't sure it would help.
  7. I am on narcotics ,, several every 8 hours . And then they keep me on meds to help me breathe . My COPD, etc. But I can't stop them. I have a new steroid added for my lungs, and the crap list of the side effects are hard to live with. It's like do I want the mega side effects to make me breathe . Or do I want do I want to go crazy with every day seams like a new problem because of it. I do understand what you're dealing with but in different ways .
  8. Hey I have been keeping up with it, following the thread, IT"S SOO cool your there.
  9. Hey why not let a nurse help you shower? it may be fun🤪😁
  10. I have been reading and very glad as well for it to be done and only a few days till you are in diapers. I Will keep following to see how its going.
  11. Sorry I just saw your reply . Yes we are in the same boat. I use toys and some hypnosis files to get my mind in the cool place when I am playing with ,, by myself . MM me if you want to talk. Share playtime ideas 💡 .
  12. You know I can't say you or anyone else here has debated within themselves all that we want to do. We are all soooo different and we are also soo much alike . But just like a sibling we need to agree to disagree on some subjects . We don't have to deal with the outcome of the surgery unless WE are getting it with you. That's what I say. If I could afford to do your surgery I just may have it done, I am older, but to have to live all those years with the pain of wanting to wear diapers with it being a medical condition , Like I did. I wanted to do that almost all of my life. I am now 66, and I have back and forth I can't pee, or I can't hold. I am not wanting to go through all of the testing for some dumb Dr to say it's all in my head...... So if it takes an out of the USA Dr to make you comfortable with your life then that's it. Done And Done ....There are risks in any surgery , I just hope your Dr does it safe and correct . And I want to know the outcome .
  13. I like your reply . I have had to block a couple on here because I got tired of them pushing and being mean towards me . I am here for support and to have someone to talk to that has gone through common things and will Help me . A person can get a point across without being a mean person. The people that are hateful can go to a different site. Thanks for your comments . Your point that advice can turn into Abuse is a good point.
  14. They have been a comfort to me since I started wearing them 24/7. I didn't use them as much as I do now, and I started wearing about 10 years ago. But as I age I use them for dribbling and then also, I will be lazy a lot at home and then want to feel the nice wet warm 😁😁. But I can't make it to the restroom 🚽 as fast as I could years ago. So I just let it go. So my want of them years ago has turned into a nice need. They don't Control my life, they make it much more convenient and I of course still really enjoy wearing. But I only pee in mine. Don't like the mess of poop, I have done that several times and only once was by choice ......
  15. If your partner is ok with the leaking in any part of choice ? all it is , is a little pee it may work as lube or it may make the skin irritated a little raw. I have heard people have it and it works with padding underneath . If you find a person that likes the pee, wet sex you will have a great time, male or female .
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