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  1. Well here as long as the job the Owner of the home that lives in it, is doing is not something structural or something that really requires an inspection then you as the owner will not have to worry about an inspection ..... Heck I did a complete bathroom remodel years ago on an older home, and Never had any inspection done, I sold that home, and had no problems selling it, it passed with flying colors. It will all consider what you are doing and where you live, as I have said.I Still say do a build over the toilet 🚽 table. Just to be safe.
  2. Yes the inspector will come in to check the repairs made, But if he or she walks by the bathroom ?? or asked to use it? they will report it as not passable , They are obligated to look at the house, if they sign the paperwork saying they inspected it and then something goes wrong, they can be liable . I know you sing the home inspection also and who's to say that you did the damage of removing the toilet its there word against yours. But I do agree that different states are different . Like if you have a cabin in the mountains with no plumbing it's your choice . But an open sewer pipe is not safe. I still say build the diaper changing table over the top of the toilet . 🚽 I do also agree that if you own not rent, and you never have any repairs done or any repairmen that ask to use it, you can be just fine.
  3. I need to make a diaper change now, I am pushing it to the max, and a little bit of dribble but , thats ok. I used to try to cut grass, but with my allergies 🤧 I was on the couch for a few hours with meds after every time I cut it. I finally figured out a gardener was way cheaper and easier , than all of it. But if I can be outside doing stuff on a warm day where I am expected to be sweating , then if I leak soo what. I will get all I can out of a diaper if I'm at home. I am cheap and will not waste a diaper... But I wear a baby blanket inside of all my diapers, a small one for day, and a bigger one for night time . So they soak up the first part, and I just keep a 5 gallon bucket in my room, with water soap etc so I can just toss it in when I change my diaper.
  4. Thanks I am sorry you had to go through that. No mine is a dull pain and when it gets bad I almost can't touch that testicle , I am not sure what stirs it up , but I do know it when it's flamed up, but maybe the next day its fine. Thanks for the info.
  5. what caused the leak, did you have any surgeries ? Was the pain a long time thing? or was the pain sudden? Mine comes and goes, but one is and has always had some tenderness since my snip was done.
  6. When I am home I wear till it starts leaking, at nite time I have a pad under me so I don't worry about it leaking. When I am out and about I am a little more conscience of the dripping down my legs. Even though it still feels cool a little naughty ..
  7. Kinda the same as others, I haven't had sex with my wife or anyone since 2009. I do all of mine as self pleasure. I have lots of toys, silicone stuff , I like anal play, I use my silicone torso etc, I play while I am doing my nightly enemas, but I would not do enemas if I could get around it. I have had hemorrhoids for over 30 years , and the surgeries only help for a little while then back for another one, so enema has gotten me empty every night and keeps me from needing to go during the day. But playtime with my toys keeps me from getting STD's etc. I do love all kinds of pee play.
  8. So did she say that the heat of the diaper can cause the testicle pain? I have had pain there for maybe 35 years, and every Dr said nothing about it, but I think it's a little worse with the summertime heat. I also tribute some to my snip snip I had about the same number of years ago. I think all the Dr's are thinking thats the cause.
  9. The cheap paper they use in a disposable diaper? I had to put a thin Soft cloth inside mine, I go to the second hand stores and 50 cents or so, I get the cotton soft baby blankets and use them inside of my cheap diapers. I will use the thicker one for night and the small ones for days . I do use baby smell vaseline on my skin as a coating. Try it, I think it will help. I found my little head getting sore and this is my solution .
  10. I Love to lay on a fully plastic covered protected bed, and pee and play in the pee, it works but if you have an air mattress and inflate it maybe 3/4 full so you will sink in the middle , and just have a thick blanket and maybe some towels on a side of it, to dry off with, But pee and lay in the puddle sleep, till it gets too cold, let the thick blanket soak up pee, then pee more, so as to warm it up. I have done this a number of times. I used to have an old electric blanket and I would use it to keep me warm. Now before anyone makes comments about getting shocked with it, I was an electrician for many years, I know what I was doing , I never got shocked. Now what I did years ago was I had an electric mattress pad, and I put a Good thick zippered at least 6 mil cover on it and heat up the pad beforehand and lay in warm pee all night long now that was soo nice to be on the wet plastic in a puddle of pee and it will not get cold......
  11. I wear 24/7, I started out wearing to bed a lot of years ago just for the soft baby feeling, and I have used my diapers on occasions to masturbate . I have gotten soo used to my diapers that I do pee them at night, But if I wake up and have the feeling to pee, I just let loose. I have dribbling , so I don't want spots, if I and out somewhere and I will be heading home soon I will let it flow. It's exciting to be driving the cart in a store, and pee my diaper with people around . I have had some leaks, small ones, but I figured when driving the cart that others expect person may pee. At home etc I will also just relax in my chair and if it flows it flows. I am DL mostly I like to wear girly silky and leggings more than baby clothing, . But if my wife was into baby stuff I would be shopping for more of the baby clothes than I have. Sorry I got off subject a little .
  12. My favorite picture , I love to have my face in a very wet diaper crotch. Very nice very wet😃
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