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  1. Enjoying a nice soaked and full diaper.

    1. DiaperHappiness


      Absolutely wonderful to hear, even if I am late in reading your update....ūü§£

  2. I haven't been diapered in a week and I normally have one with me at work so I can put it on when I leave, but I forgot I used the last one. I was putting fuel in my truck and I was daydreaming about being in one and how good it would feel against my skin and how great it would feel when I would wet it. That's when I felt my sissy panties getting wet as my body decided to let go. It felt so good I chose to just let it happen (as i was wearing black pants) and not try to stop it. I felt my crotch getting warm and wet as is started running down my leg into my boots. I closed my eyes and envisioned myself wearing a diaper and decided to just let it all go, and I felt my panties getting filled. I don't know if anyone saw me, but I placed my jacket down on the seat and sat and squished my mess, I felt it slide up my butt and forward touching my balls. I felt so good, but it would have been better if i was wearing.  

    1. DiaperHappiness


      How absolutely wonderful for you! I can tell from the way you described the moment that you were in pure bliss!!!

  3. Bilove2pNp

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    I agree that it loses that special feeling when I wear almost 24/7. I too also had an accident or two when I forgot I wasn't wearing. So now I only wear at home a few times a week and out about twice a week.
  4. Bilove2pNp


    Nice and soaked.
  5. Bilove2pNp

    Abdl friends

    I have had 2 friends over the years, one male and one female. We would talk about our love for ADl in private together, and both relationships became sexual in nature at one time.
  6. Bilove2pNp

    Hair, Down 'there'

    I like to be hairy only above my pee pee, but like it when my Mommy doesn't shave at all.
  7. Good thing i put my diaper on before I left work, traffic was bad.

  8. Bilove2pNp


    Do you just like diapers or do you have a Pee fetish?
  9. Bilove2pNp

    Wetting during diaper changes

  10. Bilove2pNp

    public changing

    If I'm wet i will change in public but not if I'm poopy.
  11. I will mess if Im home and I have the time for clean up, or If i'm out and I'm going straight home.
  12. Bilove2pNp

    When did your diaper last leak

    If Im home I will wet till I leak, if I'm out I will wet twice maybe three times before I change.
  13. Bilove2pNp

    my diaper

    Love it!