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  1. I'm definitely diaper trained. I peed all I could in the potty( yuk I hate potties) and put on a cheap pull-up(its all that I had) before I left work, I knew I couldn't flood it as it wouldn't hold much, but after a hour of wearing it i just started to go without thinking about it. I tried my best to stop it once I realized I was wetting but it was a little too late as it leaked into my pants, lucky they were black and it hid the spot. By time I got home my pants were soaked from leakage, I guess I better stock up on some proper diapers. 

  2. Im thankful for my thick, wet and poopy diaper.

  3. My wet and messy diaper makes me happy.

    1. diaper1707


      Same here for when I wear diapys!!!!

  4. I went shopping today diaperless :-( and while I

    1. widdlebabyjacky


      Sounds like you need to stock up on diapers. Can't be having messes like that in public.

    2. Txdiapered


      I agree...sounds like you need to be in diapers 24/7.

  5. Feels so good to be back in a wet diaper.

    1. Txdiapered


      Why did you not already have a diaper on?

    2. Bilove2pNp


      I forgot to bring one to work with me.

    3. Txdiapered


      You might have to do like I did back before I became an AB. I would keep a stash hidden everywhere. In my truck. Get inventive on where to hide it. Or in a bag you carry with you. You might already do this, but I had to make it so I had no excuse to not have a diaper on.

  6. I was at the gas pump and it was snowing, I had my diaper under a few layers and was talking to the guy next to me, I was holding it for a while and was trying to wait till I got home, but I couldn't hold it so I just pushed it out while he was talking to me. I don't think he even noticed.
  7. Post when messy.

    Im messy again.
  8. How Did You Get Started?

    I wet the bed a few time when I was 8, so my mom put me in diaper at night. I love the way they felt and started wearing them when ever I could, and thought if I'm going to wear like a baby i might as well use them like a baby. I wore till I was about 13, and I missed it when I wasn't wearing. After I could drive I started buying my own and wearing again.
  9. Messy diapers fun?

    My diapers never stay dry long, I can pee in the potty (And I hate it) first, then put one on and I have to pee again. As for pooping the first time I did it it was by mistake, I was wearing one while shopping and it was wet as usual, I was walking to my car and I suddenly felt like I had to poo. I thought about going back into the store to use the bathroom but before I knew it I couldn't hold it and it just came out. I have to admit I liked the way it felt and I decided to sit in it all the way home so I could get cleaned up in private. Now if I'm wearing and i have the time to clean up I just go, even if I'm out in public.
  10. How many times in one diaper

    Just one as mine tend to be big. I tried to wait for another one one and stayed in it while i worked outside, I got a really bad rash.
  11. What makes you a sissy?

    I feel like a sissy when I wear panties or stockings, or girly clothes.

    Hi Im about 45 min from you, but have to be discreet as no one knows I wear.
  13. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    I don't get easily embarrassed so neither would bother me.
  14. How to poop

    I had a hard time at first also, but after a few tries it got easier.