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  1. How to get put back into diapers

    The problem with getting what you wish for. I would say to get put back into nappies/diapers full time you may need to get yourself re-assed by a doctor or nurse if you have problems with your bladder this is of cause if your suffering from a medical condition or disability, I have had problems since 2010 when I turned 30 and became partially incontinent due to various factors outside of my control. I have good days and some bad days and can't always tell when I need a diaper/nappy, this doesn't make me feel babyish or ashamed although it did at first seven to eight years ago when I started having accidents seemingly out of the blue. Although having said that I don't feel babyish isn't exactly the whole truth because I am not totally grown up even though I am now 37 years old, this is due to the fact I suffered from severe bullying for most if not all of my life plus the fact that I am severly autistic means that I did not totally mature in my mindset/mentality but who is totally grown up nowerdays?. if I could go back and start again I would do this in a heartbeat although that's another blog for another time unless I were to get a carer who understood me and was kind enough not to judge me so I could regain my lost childhood years so to speak through becoming a baby again only this time as a adult. I am not into any of those fettishes or other sites that promote self harm or porn because I am not that kind of person, If I were to win to lottery then yes I would go and get a place of my own that would be kitted out for my needs as in a giant nursary in private as I would not like to be featured on camera or the internet as I value my privacy. I would also say to those inspiring to become incontinent that it's a bad idea because there is no coming back from it once you begin as once you retrain your body it will react and make things permanantly that way. but going back to the whole privacy thing, it's also for this reason I will not divulge my location other than to say I am somewhere in the UK. This is also for security reasons so you will have to understand if someone asks me were I live I won't give an exact location because I don't want criminmals to know where I am because of obvious reasons to my safety and well being. yours sincerely Teksing888.
  2. Hospital Diaper Policies

    During my last trip to hospital for my foot surgery which went well thank goodness, I did not have to wear a diaper because I was put under before the operation although in future if I have any major surgery which I hope not to although one can't rule it out. Then yes I would ask the nurse or orderly if I could wear a diaper for my comfort and protection if It was going to take more than 3 hours although I would leave this decision to the doctors. I would also inform them of the fact I am incontinent and it would be best if I could wear a diaper if possible.
  3. Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    Yes is the simple awser to that question as I prefer to wear diapers at night time because I am a heavy sleeper and I can't always guarantee that I can wake up if I get the sudden urge. I also tend to be more relaxed because they sooth me and also the fact if I want to take a break from the depressing world of being a adult I can always slip on a diaper and cuddle my teddybear and instantly go back to a time when everything was much simpler. I am a disabled person and whilst I don't consider myself a adult baby although if push came to shove then I could easily adapt myself into that lifestyle. As specially if I were to go into care because of my disablilities because most care homes have a diaper policy for their clients and I would not mind one bit if I was told I had to wear diapers for the rest of my natural lifespan.
  4. As you maybe aware I am going to be in part-time care as a patient from this year due to my on-going disabilities and I am moving out of my relatives house and hopefully am going to get a place of my own and a paid job. And as part of this I will be fully re-assesed bouth physically and mentally speaking and hopefully if I am assesed by a different team of doctors then I might finally get the okay or green light to wear diapers full-time because of my disabilities, obviously I will be fine with wearing diapers for the rest of my life should it come to that because of the fact that I am already partially incontinent due to verious factors that are out for my control. And yes I have worn diapers since 2010, six years ago and I am in the process of retraining my bladder to become more incontinent but this is not because I want it, rather this is because I don't want to fight my body any-longer because I have gotten tired of fighting a loosing battle although this doesn't mean that I have accepted defete but rather I have accepted who I am and am not forcing myself to be something that I am not. Obviously I will keep you updated on my situation as it occurreds because I don't want to have people who don't know me thinking that I am crazy, or something else. Yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  5. For me personally I wear diapers almost all of the time due to verious personal reasons which are mentioned either bellow or in my previous replies. Plus you have to consider to add to that the fact that I just had major surgery on my right foot last sunday on the 11th December 2016 and am still recovering, during this process I have chosen to wear diapers because they give me some dignity in a undignified situation which I mentioned in my earlier blogs. I have been wearing diapers on and off for the past six years because of a weak bladder and minor neurological damage to the lower part of my body caused by past epileptic seizure's that I suffered from when I was 12-13 years of age in 1992/1993 I Can't remember exactly what year it was because my memory of the epileptic seizure isn't that clear. I also wear diapers and have a pacifier which I use at nights to sooth me and help to get over my ptsd which I have also mentioned before. yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  6. Is thick better than thin?

    I already tried that approach many times and had no response, I did nothing wrong I hadn't even made any detrimental comments that day as I had no internet connection for 2 weeks following a super typhoon and pdlt's slow responce in getting the problems fixed. And when I finally did get back on-line then I found out that I was banned for no apparent reason this was far from the first time this has happened to me and that's why I was so angry with the stupid decision to block me out for nothing. finally after 2 months I finally decided not to go to court as I would have gotten nowhere with the case against adisc.org although I still have not had any reasonable apology or a explanation as to why it happened again. where ever possible I always follow the rules and code of conduct and I would report anyone who breached them but since I am very careful as to what I write I can't see why I was censored by moo. hope this explains things yours sincerely chinababy888.
  7. Hospital Diaper Policies

    Thanks for your opinion Hookedondiapers, but I choose the Tykabels diapers because they were the most absorbent diapers and I got them at a reduced price as they usually cost
  8. Hospital Diaper Policies

    I am about to go to hospital for major foot surgery this Sunday on the 11th of December and will be under antithetic gas the whole time, I don't live in the U.S. as I am living in N.W England. I did ask at the pre surgery appointment wever or not I would need to wear diapers but they seid no, however given the fact that I am a bad bedwetter I feel that I had better not take any chances and buy some diapers on ebay.co.uk to arrive this Thursday. I am thinking of ordering a pack of Tykabels Overnights/waddlers and I know of a supplier that has them at a reduced price of
  9. Why Do Adults Want To Baby Diapers?

    like most of you have said it has alot to do with personal preferences. I have tried wearing multiple baby diapers for an experiment either inside my underwear or under a adult diaper but they aren't designed for the needs of an average adult and leak. when I was 6-8 years old I used to be able to fit into pampers toddler plus diapers which was because I was smaller then average for quite a while before I basically out-grew them. I now have to wear adult diapers virtually all of the time because of my disabilities and I don't think I will ever go back to wearing baby diapers unless someone makes a good or decently sized replica of the diapers I used-to wear as a child. although I think people who squeeze themselves into diapers that are obviously too small for them at causing themselves more problems than its worth. but thats just my opinion. yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  10. Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    Yes in-fact I have been in diapers virtually all of the time now for six-seven years ever-since March of 2010 when I started having problems with urinary incontinence 6 months after I had turned 30 years old. I now have to wear diapers for nights and mostly during the day to avoid any potententially embarrassing accidents or something far worse, I have been to see the doctors and hospital for a host of tests on my bladder but when they all came back as negative as to a cause I made the decision to put myself back into diapers and thankfully that was the right choice because I haven't wet my bedding since. Although at times this makes me feel rather babyish, I would rather sacrifice some of my precious manhood to wear them and become a baby/toddler all over again for life if that's what my body is trying to tell me and I suspect that this may have something to do with the fact I was toilet/potty trained too early in my childhood years, but six years later in life at the age of 36 I have no problem with that. And yes I've tried everything for a cure other than surgery to awnser anyone who wants to question me regarding my condition but the meds didn't work because I was allergic to the pills. Yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  11. Lounging around in diapers

    Until recently the idea of lounging around whilst wearing nothing but diapers was something I only drempt about doing but now it's kind of become how I relax each day after a hard days work, or should I say working holiday. I also think that when I am in diapers my whole life style improves because I don't have to worry so much about those oh no moments when I suddenly realise I have that urge to rush to the toilets because alot of times I simply am too late due to the fact I don't feel it until I have a embarrassing accident in public. This has to do with the fact I have permnant neurological damage to my muscles controlling my bladder because of past epileptic seizure's which I suffered from in 1992/1993 and also a bad horse riding accident which happened in 1996 which weakened my bladder to the point it has been ever-since 2010 when I have had to wear diapers virtually all of the time. although since accepting the fact that I will need to wear diapers for the rest of my life doesn't daunt me because I don't see it as a problem. yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  12. Diapers for surgery?

    So I go for surgery on my feet next Sunday on the 11th December 2016, I had the pre-operation talk yesterday and basically asked if I needed protection from incontinence related problems but the nurse assured me that I won't be needing them once I am anicitised but I have ordered some for my post operation recovery period just in case. only sensible reaily given that I wont be able to make it to the toilets on time afterwards because my leg will be in a brace although if I am asked next week if I need a catheter or a diaper following my surgery if I have to stay overnight in hospital then obviously I will choose the latter because I don't want anymore unnecessary pain other than what's going to be expected from the foot. Obviously I am more at ease now than I was a month ago because of the fact that I have been informed that the procedure should only take a day but I can't rule out complications with the surgery but hopefully there will be none. yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  13. Trust your Instincts

    Thanks to everyone who has replied to my post on this subject, next week I have to go to hospital for major surgery on my feet and will tell them that I have to wear diapers for my incontinence related problems and hopefully I will be in diapers for the whole of the time when I am anisitised or under. I will tell them because I don't know how my body will react to being in a controlled or artificial coma as this is the first major surgery since I was 13 years old in 1993, I will also tell them that the medication for my bladder isn't working because it makes me highly allergic and liable to swelling up. obviously if I survive my surgery and am able to write back then I will let you know what is happening with me nearer Christmas and New Year. Yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  14. Have I Been Banned?

    I am always careful to follow the rules on your website, but last month I suddenly found myself banned from accessing the page. I was wondering what the reason is because I can't say I did anything wrong I was so angry with this I threatened this webpage with court action, why was I blocked without reason if this was in error then please can you apologize for your actions otherwise next time I won't be so eager to drop my case against you. This time I will let it slide but if this happens again aI will Sue you for defermation of character. Yours sincerely Chinababy888.
  15. Diapers In Jail?

    I just saw an image on the internet concerning a captured suspected isis terrorist detainee at a jail in Mosil Iraq where he had his hands and feet bound but was clearly wearing a plain white adult diaper. This isn't the first time I have seen images like this one in fact I saw a guy who was clearly crazy on a documentary in a prison in the U.S. who was so violent that he had to be denied the use of the toilets due to the risk to others in the cell block as in the general population which also saddly included attacks on the staff and as a result was permanently separated from the other detainees/inmates and was forced to wear a diaper. Also I have seen prisoners in transfer buses wearing diapers because of the long journey between jails in the same documentary about america's toughest prisons on national geographic. Also know of death row inmates who had been made to wear diapers before their executions and even heard from one guy on a documentary called life on death row who had been falsely accused of murder and had been exonerated after his execution who had accepted the fact he was going to die and that he had to wear diapers because he was incontinent and was also in his late 60's having spent 30+ years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Yours sincerely Chinababy888.