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  1. Sorry my friend some how i missed your question till now . For the OIC I use Movantik, it a special form of Narcan that unbinds the Mu opioid receeptors in the bowel but doesnt act anywhere else , so it does not effect my pain control or cause withdrawl. Because of the IBS II have ferociously hard stools ( hemorrhoids, anal fissures the whole nine yards) I use Lactulose ( chroulose ,chronulac has a ton of names ) it's a syrup that is a synthetic sugar derived from Lactose in milk ,it's not actualy considered a laxative or stool softener but it works like one ,it's pretty much the sweetener used in sugar free candy for diabetics . When being broken down in the body it draws water into the bowel thus softening the stool ,and by virtue of bacterial breakdown it causes gas and speeds up bowel transit time , of course how much you take depends on what happens ,i take it three times a day and every night around ten my bowels move,other people take it at the same dose and require diapers ,you just need to find the right dose for your body , you start at the usual dose the doctor tells you and based on your BM your can adjust up or down as needed . The biggest thing to taking it "don't argue " since its not actually a laxative or stool softener those are more or less secodary effects ,it does something that actual laxatives dont do ,force you to go ,an actual laxative promotes using the toilet you don't "have" go , you might be awfully uncomfortable but don't have to go ,with this stuff you can resist going for a little while but it keeps going ,until you either use the toilet or your pants. I have actually had the pharmacy lose my Movantik is the mail ,at that point its either impaction and damage myself or increase how much I take and have zero control over when or where . Before my stroke I used 8 laxatives and stool softeners by mouth everyday , and then every other day two bisacodyl suppositories ( generic dulcolax) after about 4 hours in they would start to help, and then it was struggle and strain for 2 hours to try and get as much out as could . I have a bad heart and then with the stroke my doctors have said absolutely no straining period unless I want to kill myself .for something that isn't a laxative it sure works great , i am not a real fan of the taste it's super sweet with a slight nutty taste ,easiest way i have found to take is to put it in my coffee ,at first I tried an oral syringe but it was so awfully sweet ,it as nasty ,that's when my doctor said put in a milkshake you won't know its there or strong coffee and let it be your sweetener. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  2. Cruiser 03

    Is there such a thing as too many boosters?

    If you want some of the old nut hurting feeling i still have a pack of them . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  3. Cruiser 03

    How can I avoid leaks sleeping on my side?

    I wear super heavyweight night diaper with three boosters ,bloomers and onesie over top .ain't nothing getting away. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  4. Cruiser 03

    how many nappies do you use in 24 hours

    That name always gets me theres the disposable peekabu & babykins has new clear plastic pant called peekabu,it keeps my brain shifting gears . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  5. Cruiser 03

    how many nappies do you use in 24 hours

    I change five times a day my last change is 1am it's at that point I put on my night diaper and bloomers ,take my sleeping pills at 2 AM ,and roll the dice on how much sleep I get or don't get .I change so much because as well as IC my bladder doesn't empty so I cathereirize to remove the residual ,and going thru the effort of un diapering,might as well just change ,this way i dont have to worry about exceeding capaciy ever. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  6. Cruiser 03

    How are nurses and doctors reacting?

    Honestly we might make mention of some weirdness but it tends to be when no one patient or public is around .we do alot of stupid things that if a patient or public over hears nobody violates HIPPA,One old time favorite is someone picks a drug or instrument that is routinely used and give it a better purpose driven name ,we can bat stuff like that around for hours ,take for example "surgilube" (KY Jelly) after several hours and much laughter we renamed "anal slick" or a speculum became "hamster holder" basicly we drew blanks with gerbils , so hamsrer was the closest we could get (i am sure you have heard the rumour about Richard Gere,and yes it totaly was vicious [but funny] rumour).alot more harmless stuff like that ,because the risk of compromizing a patients rights and dignity are to great ,and unless its a private practice and your a regular patient that is memorable for some other reason, by the time the patients and public are out ,all staff wants to is reset the office for tommorow and either kickback over some drinks or get home to deal with your own life ,so saying somebody had a diaper with tedy bears or butterflies on it,is a distant memory with no context ,unless like i say you are memorable for another reason ( like a realy cool tat that everybody loves or some earlobe stretching ring thing) my urologist and I are friends after being together for so long , we have off the record conversations heh emigrated here from Poland someplace where his native language is Russian, so he will ask me how his English is? Or one visit he asked me ,i assume because somebody earlier in the day that he examined had a Prince Albert asked me about the "earing in the penis thing " he didn't understand it, and had never seen it I said it was a unique body mod like anything else from tattoos to breast implants somebody thought it would be cool or different and add something to who they are ,i am sure he opens alot of diapers ,but had never opened one and seen that or had to ask a patient to remove it so he could put the scope up mr.happy, of course he didn't say it was another patient but i imagine at about 63 years old he didn't wake up that morning and decide he wanted one ( i could be wrong ? But ultimately that's not what he asked ) so I didn't read anything into it .I do laugh inside my head when he asks about his English, i have never had a problem with it in 18 years ,i have had other doctors who English was there second language but spoke it like it was there 35th, his Russian accent has never been hard to understand. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  7. I used to use 8 different laxatives daily with 2X suppositories every other night ,it would take as long as 4 hours for the suppositories to help.my stools were the size of rabbit turds and the consistency of potter's clay, bladder and bowel care was my biggest daily activity. I have IBS C & OIC ,after my stroke 2 years ago my doctor was like you should not be doing what your doing with so little result and exhaustive straining( hemorrhoids,anal fissures, bleeding ,impaction was the story of my life ), so they tried something different a drug that blocks the O in the bowel only and another medication that's not actually a laxative or stool softener but it works sorta like one when being broken down in the gut it draws water into the bowel thinking the stool ,creates alot of gas of course both things combined force the bowels into high speed and unlike any actualy laxatives that can be somewhat endured and ignored if neccesary, this stuff doesn't give you a vote ,when the time comes wherever you are and whatever your doing you are having a BM ,if you take it on a fixed schedule you generally know when its going to happen and I can be put on commode and wait for it to happen , yes there are times it will unexpectedly fill your diaper well asleep or I am up in my chair ,but i leave the heavy lifting to my caregiver ,they can clean & change me and start a load of diapers in the wash in like 10 minutes it would take me hours. IBS comes in 2 varieties can't stop it from coming out , or can't get it to come out.its a miserable disease. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  8. Cruiser 03

    HELP Prevail Briefs

    Your better of with a roll of paper towels and scotch tape prevail suck ,if my choice was prevail or be incontinent everywhere the world better hire more janitors ,because i will not fight with a cheap ass diaper as protection ,sorry world .
  9. Cruiser 03

    How are nurses and doctors reacting?

    As a former Paramedic/Nurse generally when we encounter a diaper we have other things to worry about ,stabilization and treatment comes first ,it's not our place to ask about the diaper ,unless you are there for gyno genital urinary issues as the reason for being there and then it's in our way and we remove it to examine or treat ,and then we will put a fresh one on you when done if needed ,but unless that is your primary complaint we don't care why you have a diaper on ,it doesnt concern us ,if you are admitted and sent to a nursing floor or ICU your care nurse will inquire about all systems ,it will be important to know if you can use the bathroom independently ,if you are a fall risk or need a urinal or bed pan or if you have an indwelling catheter (foley) or if you use the diaper. I have been a "guest" in many hospitals as a patient , having arrived unconscious with them not knowing any medical history or even who I am or where i am from,which was a failure on my part thinking they would easily find my medical information ,they didn't (I have since "upped my game" I now wear Id around my neck on my wrist, my ankle, and on my shoe) There are many medications that are commonly used in certain circumstances that i am allergic to ,in saving my life they could actually kill me ,fortunately i was never in need of those types of things and once conciuos I could tell them about it (but having been through that it showed me the holes in my Id plan ,i was relying on old training and common sense ,which isnt so common anymore . If you goto your PCP and have to undress for exam one of three things will happen ,1. Your doctor ignores the diaper assuming you have a urologist consulting. 2. They assume you have minor leaking and your got that taken care of. 3. They may ask is that something you need help/ treatment or would like to discuss it . That's assuming your wearing a plain white medical looking diaper , if your trying to rock a baby diaper or wear something that screams little , that might provoke a conversation .there is so much stigma associated with needing it wearing diapers it's fair to say only an a long time IC person very comfortable in there skin who doesn't care what people think about there need is going to go out of there way to get expensive printed diapers ,they generaly don't think twice about colorfull plastic pants , several of my doctors have commented about my plastic pants (my usual is "blue Ice" but i also have red,purple, orange, yellow, green,gray & black ,the black ones are specifically for use with certain diapers that i will wear if have a rash ,it's my way of protecting my good pants and all my diapers from the evils of petroleum destruction , those diapers and pants are kept seperate and cleaned seperate from the rest of the fleet ). I hope that helped answere your question . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  10. Cruiser 03

    Have you ever desired to be handicapped to be changed?

    Actually I reread that thread and somebody complained about the cost of hearing Aids,anything having to do with accommodating for a disability is a wallet breaker,for the cost of my wheelchair I could be driving a nice new pickup truck , and it's not like the technology is ground breaking, it's existed for 50 years but slap the word "mobility" or "disability" and the price goes up 10K. Capitalism is alive and well and fleecing people out of money .disabilities are expensive ! Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  11. Well i started having to cath will hard rubber catheters that we boiled between uses ,today's hydrophylic are a joy compared to those things,easier in easier out ,i can not imagine something harder than rubber ,anybody that puts metal in has my respect,but damn what is the attraction ,i tell my doctor the hydro's make KY look like rubber cement. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  12. Cruiser 03

    Have you ever desired to be handicapped to be changed?

    Here's some craziness my girlfriend has MS her doctor is dead set against the "evil weed" ,my doctor prescribed it to me to try , there's a whole plethora of drugs I may be able to reduce or remove completely if it helps? Here's were it gets ridiculous the state medical marijuanna program is set up to validate your residency one way thru your OLN ,no other way , i traded in my CDL for a wheelchair , never got a state license or ID I didn't need it , nor is my state yet comparable with Federal rules (not real Id compliant) which technically makes it useless paper outside the state , however I do have several Federal Federal licenses and ID that is kind of a little invasive , if you know what your looking for any browser or search engine will tell you everything about me and give you turn by turn GPS directions from wherever you are to my place, lots more info then most people need to know ,and even though i live in subsidized disabled housing for 11 years non of that is usefull, there is an exclusion that allows caregivers to purchase it if you are considered homebound being in $35,000 power chair qualifies , but once again I am expected to have a useless drivers license ,my caregiver has a state drivers license but thats not good enough , so on one hand being homebound helps you out on the other this whole exclusionary b.s. with drivers license keep the eligible people from accessing the program.its almost like they said let's make it legal but unobtainable so we can have it both ways , just pick your way of not really obtaining it ?There is a huge segment of people who don't drive nor have any need for a license ,and hafe other forms of valid ID that's un usable ,i literaly could buy any opiates and weed on the street easier than going the llegal way , if this isnt the hand of influence of shady big pharma tipping the scales in its favor i dont know what is .and dont get me started on people need to die in some tramatic dramatic way of suicide because we lack any real death with dignity acts that have real benefits, theees a host of european countries i could go to and instanly qualify bt being on there soil, but here in the US I need to mske it look like auto erotic asphyixation or something other than it really is (knowing there is no upside to progressively becoming an infant again) So betty my deepest sympathy on the loss of your friend ,there's no reason anybody should not be able to end there life on there terms surrounded by the people and things they love , it hurts me too know that death with dignity is not a human right , there is so much unfairness in this world to get through only to find there's a ton more in order to leave it on your terms with peace and dignity while keeping your humanity intact . Not to get political but the trump administration is intently screwing whole segments of the populations rights as we speak and that hatefull little man has no reason to exist at this point then too turn society back 100 years as his last desperate acts of his stupidity contribution before he dies. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  13. Cruiser 03

    Have you ever desired to be handicapped to be changed?

    I was born and "normal" 2003 weird paralysis would come and go and my muscles would sometimes not be controlled , i was in basicly perfect health healthy active had to have and pass a physical twice a year ,when I did bring the crazy symptoms up to my doctor ,she wanted to be informed when and what happened ,it was all bizarre and each time she would want to examine me and would open an appointment that afternoon ( sometimes this was 4 or 5 days a week ,each time nothing rang any alarm bells I checked out fine , until I lost control of my entire body and hit the ground like a sack of potatoes and got some serious road rash , that scared the hell out of her and she reffered me to a Ne urologist who checked me tested me and was drawing a blank ,so he sent me to every other neurologist in the state at least once for a consult, they all came to the same conclusion it was fast and and fatal ALS , he pulled the pin on my career and had me retired before i could protest with instructions to hang with friends and family I had less than a year before the big dirt nap , i verbally ripped this guys head off and told him how little he knew , make a long story the transferred me after a few months on the mental health unit to the city to the super freak rare disease specialist , they didn't confirm the diagnosis , basicly everyone who saw me was looking for 1 elegant solution for all the symptoms which 99 out of 100 neurologist would mis diagnose the same way , none of my test were abnormal they all came back with nothing , the super freak NIH Doctor wanted to see "unremarkable" actual test , not take someone else word for it . And what this doctor suspected was borne out by him personally redoing every test I ever had ,what other doctors wrote off as "artifact" or machine glitch wasnt so inconsequentil (there was a message in the "tea leaves" if you new what to look for ,i had two diseases both are considered rare, one of them is so rare I am the only person alive to have it, and a few other serious first time in medical history titles . Doctors have described as everything from a bitch a "catch 22" if i treat the one disease i will shorten my life because it will feed the other disease and kill me twice as fast , so here i sit not dead yet losing nerve and muscle function everday , i went from Rescue swimmer/Paramedic/Firefighter to a high function quad between 2008 and now ,slip slidding away ,never in my mind did i every have any inkling all my knowledge and training were wasting my time , that there was no time for a midlife crisis there would be an opening act "diagnosis" and a closing act, i am in that closing act ,wheelchair dependent, diaper dependant , opioid dependant for pain management living in the shadow of a prognosis 7-11 Years before death, my mind is pretty clear the rest of me tells of my rapid decline if you know what one of these diseases does ,you can read it on my face and head the way my hair is receeding, the way eyelids are the shape and chiseled look of my checks and jaw ,its all there an open book for the poster child of this disease ,it's not invisible or debatable to those who know what they are seeing , it only gets worse fron here , the journey ends in disahility and death unable to voluntrily control my muscles or speak or do anyhing including blink , however doctors dont knoe what exacyly will kill me because until me nowone has ever had both diesases,one of these diseases isnt even taught in medical school in the US because it didnt exist in America until me and now will change the curriculum , people will be studying my life and times for years to, in hope if there ever is another me maybe something can help them, the current odds of another me are greater than 1 in 9 billion which is greater than the current population of the earth. so somethings are out of our control bad things happen to good people with little choice ,obviously my experience isn't typical ,but it is sobering. Peace Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  14. Cruiser 03

    Have you ever desired to be handicapped to be changed?

    Can't say I have ? But that's where my life has gone without my consent ,wanna trade!
  15. If you have a dietary scale aka drug dealer pocket scale weigh the diaper Before you put it on and weigh it when you take it off ,so long as you don't dump a morning bladder into it, it will register and weight change which would obviously be from urine output during the night. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk