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  1. Cruiser 03

    The thought of a DL or Abdl being near you

    Wellness briefs "Corporate head quarters" are in Brooklyn, being an ICDL Diaper if you stake the place out the diapered will come to you eith no effort. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  2. I use medication to manage my bowels 4 movements a day average ,consistency is a about a 2, soft formed is fine for toilet users but spontaneously disintegrates and fills every nook and cranny of diaper . I suppose being in a harness secured to a positioning dry flotation cushion doesn't give it much room to expand so it basicly goes the only places it can .center back and front I usually know I am or are going when I feel it enveloping my penis and testicles it's like a high pressure stool to left and right of testicles that loses pressure as it has room to spread once past testicles it can then fill the front of my diaper as it needs down near my testicles my harness and cushion restrict it ,I assume that's why it feels high pressure because it doesn't have many places to go until it reaches above my pubic symphysis .
  3. Cruiser 03

    Foley Catheter

    You can have crust form that will kind of glue it in place. With a sterile closed system draining into a sterile bag foleys if indicated are changed once a month .if you have a crust form ,repeated hyper distension of the bladder with warm sterile saline can sometimes unbond it ,use a piston syringe to withdraw the saline from the ballon , then the massive bolus of warn saline with "blow by" the catheter irrigate and moisten the urethra as it seeks a larger route to drain than the limited catheter. If the ball on itself is stuck ,you can over fill it till it ruptures,you will need a urologist to run a cystoscope into your bladder to retrieve any possible shards of ballon at worst they cause massive infection and severe bladder spasms unable to exit the bladder, alot depends on the foley used latex urethane,silicone ,silver coated to inhibit bacteria is part of the equation ways to remove it ,you can always John Wayne it , cut the valve and funnel off with shears and give it a sharp quick pull if that doesn't do it ,your only alternative is an E.D. we have used a larger intermittent catheter to thread the needle so to speak ,but trust me having a telephone pool shoved in you to break the other loose is going to be just as painfull as a hard pull if not worse ( usually its a 30 Fr that can take a foley inside of it as a removal tool . Do not attempt to flush or irrigate with tap water or non sterile saline it will cause a life threatening multi organism infection .you'll end up in hospital on IF antibiotics and have to "come clean" with the doctor to explain how all those little burgers got in there( hint there is no plausible explanation short of enema in wrong hole ,and that's a very odd mistake for anyone including a toddler). I hope this helps in some way. And I suggest you learn the in and outs of catheters and uses before you continue exploring them ,knowing the right way to use them can keep you from playing with them wrong ,I was a Paramedic/ Nurse so i learned in school then went thru the "refresher course" as they say when i began driving a catheter under doctors order 4X's a day.
  4. Cruiser 03

    I posted a diaper pic to my normal Instagram

    Your not missing anything Rusty ,for all the worry and wonder that ABDL have about wearing diapers in public ,they completely miss the fact anything you do inside your diaper is more sanitary than participating in the "social media cess pool" , just look at the number of beligerant keyboard warrior trolls , the annonynmity gives them a voice that in real life they never could or would act or talk like they do behind a keyboard.and people can't wait to participate in this filth, in the early days social media was transformative because you could call out corporate mistreatment or unfairness to a large audience and business felt that threat and responded by making it right with customers they wronged, now companies have "spin doctors" to betray peoples confidences all over again , i dont know s single company who will remedy a problem in public everything is lets go direct privately so the rest of the world doesnt here us try and save our reputation with yet another of the edless people we screwed . Social media died a dishonorable death about 2 years into its life,its nothing but a bloated ,privacy invading ,stinking corpse and companies like Google ,Facebook ,Amazon are only to happy to give and sell the illusion of safety and privacy well the record translate and sell everything you do or say to marketing companies , Google,facebook, etc would be worthless non revenue earning companies if they didnt sell every scap of data they can muster to corporations who want to screw you for more profit.
  5. Cruiser 03

    The thought of a DL or Abdl being near you

    Dude go stake out wellness brief , let them come to you,LOL. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  6. Cruiser 03

    I posted a diaper pic to my normal Instagram

    I would have just said its saint Patrick's day ,in memory of all who pissed themselves at the bar.i am wearing a diaper ,i may fall off my stool ,I may kick somebodies ass ,but I ain't getting up otherwise .you have been warned !
  7. Cruiser 03

    Prunes are magical

    OIC is a bitch ,i have it ,if you take opiates i highly reccomend Movantik ,it doesnt jack with your pain control but it frees the Mu opiod receptor in the bowel allowing you a more normal dump ,unfortunately my normal is still hard and dry constipated so I have to use extra leverage medications to force bowel movements. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  8. Cruiser 03

    Incentiving diaper wearing

    I live not to far from Edinborough university , they host the keltic games ever year , so nobody would think twice at somebody wearing one all year ,during the games theres thousands of people around wearing them. It also greenlights a collection of giant diaper pins ! Membership has its benefits ... Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  9. Cruiser 03

    Diapers at the beach

    Throw a blanket over yourself or if your talking inside a vehicle they make all kinds of signs and stickers / blinds etc to hide the view in but doesn't affect the view out. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  10. Cruiser 03

    Diapers at the beach

    For bladder incontinence it's not a big deal they do make disposable swim diapers that hold a minimal amount of urine and don't "inflate" with water. For fecal IC containment is the name of the game and something like the Discovery Trekking bathing suit is called for , you can put a cloth diaper or booster inside to catch leaks between dips in the water , throw a towel over yourself and pull it out before going in the water ,there are also condom catheters and belly bags but they are rather the opposite of discrete .
  11. Cruiser 03

    Foley Catheter

    In the outpatient setting ,they are changed monthly assuming you are using a sterile closed system to start .if not it has been shown you can have a full bacteria colonization of your urethra/bladder in as little as a week . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  12. Cruiser 03

    Incentiving diaper wearing

    Adopt Scottish as your culture and bang it's kilt time ,dresses/skirts for the boys who have everything . Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  13. Cruiser 03

    One size fits all disposables

    Yes they filled a need back then ,you never know when a family of incontinent ants are going to come to your picnic . We can't fault them back before fill and SAP and all that good stuff, people made due with what they had ,they didn't know better,or aspire for more than they had , today of course is different . As an example I came up in the incredible Attends tri tape era ,yup they were completely bad ass diapers back in the day ! Keep those memories ,if you put one on today ? You would be like what the hell was I thinking ? I have met better tampons? these are pathetic ,etc.... so we can't fault them for the period they existed ,yeah today we pretty much consider them a sick joke compared to what we now have . It's like when I watched the world trade centers being built ,not knowing I would be witness to them fall, let alone a new building go up in the shadow of my brothers lives , we didnt know what we had or what would come down the pipe ,so we were satisfied .and in awe of what wasnt so awesome in retrospect .. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  14. Cruiser 03

    What was your first time in diapers like?

    For me it was after having baptized a hospital room with 5 days of urine ,in my sleep ,after doing that they asked if I would lay on bariatric diaper "and kinda point at it " I said get me one in my size and I will wear it . I am still a legend in that hospital "nobody wears a diaper that easy" yup they do ! I felt horrible literaly ever inch of the bed and a big puddle leading out to the hallway ,either I like majorly wet the bed or I am going to kill whoever set me up & hosed me down ,LOL the nerve of some people .the nurses couldn't beleive ,i was so adult & matter of fact , nurses who take care of me today can't believe I say diaper ,they are trained in euphemisms they literaly can't say the "D" word ,some people get real upset and hostile over it , when they say can we peek at your Attends,depends ,tena, poise, brief,protection ,absorbent underwear ,pull up ,or other nonsense i am like oh common say it its a freaking diaper and why peek, its loaded and collapsing under its own weight or it died in a fight with super soaker as did the sheets . Rub a dub dub 3 bladders of urine and this ain't a tub ,ever the realist ,i hate when people are freaked out over diapers ,and try to be very casual about it ,I think nurses appreciate they don't have to tiptoe around anything with me ,it lightens an otherwise stressful activity ,if people can't admit they wear diapers imagine getting an answer on if there used ,torture! Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  15. Cruiser 03

    Prunes are magical

    I will admit you need something to dip in hummus but my go to would certainly not be prunes! Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk